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Who Killed Neda Agha Soltan?


The following Notice was published on the back page of the last Official issue of the paper, September 26, 2007 and continues to reflect the current reality.  CONTACT will go back into publication as soon as there is sufficient financial backing to make it possible.

Meanwhile, evidence of EJ Ekker’s malfeasance continues to mount and we appear to be just short of critical mass with regard to complaints from lenders to the legal authorities. When enough of the people who loaned more than $20 MILLION (based on today’s values for gold) demonstrate the responsible behavior of registering their complaints with the authorities, this whole situation will change very quickly.

If you are one of the people who loaned money to “the Mission” in the expectation of return when the price of gold doubled, please do yourself and all of mankind a great favor: contact the Sheriff through Las Vegas Metro Police; get in touch with the Nevada Secretary of State regarding corporate fraud; call up the Securities Exchange Commission and help their anti-fraud personnel document the extent of this fraud.  Or just get in touch with us and we can help you register your complaint.

Publishing Hiatus

We are entirely out of funds and production of the next issue cannot be assured.  We have the TRUTH to offer but apparently there is simply not sufficient interest to support the work or even the valid, legal positions. Oh, well.

It is alright. Over the last 15 issues enough solid information has been provided to undo the actions of Eddyjo Ekker, King Usurper of the Divine Plan, whenever sufficient interest is shown.

Accordingly, publication is expected to cease for a period of time, though hopefully not FOREVER!  Meanwhile, I can still, for now, be reached at the email address ... shown below.

We are “there”.  All that remains is for you to choose the role you will play in the outworking of the Divine Plan.  For my part, I will continue to contribute 100% of my life energies to “The Mission” as put forth by Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn through his scribe, “Dharma”.


Ronald W. Kirzinger
President and Director

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