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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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This volume is dedicated to all Humanity who would KNOW TRUTH. You have forgotten your way and you have been fed the lie instead of Truth so that you march to your death as the blinded lambs to slaughter. May you be given into seeing. May the WORD rest upon you as the cloak and shield that you may travel in the Universal places of God.



SAT., DECEMBER 21, 1991 8:11 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 127



I am not going to take any time for "Today's Watch" except for reminding you that you must watch closely, now, for confirmations. You are simply watching the unfolding of the Old Order as it evolves into the "New World Order".

Confirmations of our little insights: Yeltsin has "reportedly" relinquished the military command into the hands of a KGB nightmare and the "party line" has been stated regarding Gorbachev: "Gorbachev's job will be 'suppressed' and he has been given assurance of financial reward and continued status living facilities if he will 'gracefully’ step aside. He is also promised a major role in the evolvement of the government in another capacity". This is your confirmation of what we gave you days ago as to Baker, etc., delivering a brief case with some $2 million and a contract for continued living in the style of wealth as well as placement in a high political position elsewhere. It is now announced on the news (without the truth of sources, etc., as is usual--in other words, they forget to tell you nice Americans that YOU are paying for it in every way possible!). Merry Christmas! Happy New Year? I doubt it!


This Commander is officially in the race for President. Within days 900 telephone lines will be established and you can get in the race with him. This is so that the opposition cannot block his phone lines and run up horrendous phone bills. This is as "grass roots" as you will ever find again in the U.S.A., Americans. He will be listed in your state, on the ballots, in any way he can get on the ballot--in most instances as "Independent". I have met with him and his running partners and I am speaking bluntly and frankly to you-the-people. It is time to rise above the chattering and "what if's". The "most horrendous what-if's" have already happened and now you are going to have to hit the deck at full-speed ahead.

It has been figured out HOW to change your political lives by a thorough house cleaning of hang-on politicians who move in with the President as well as a total recovery of the currency and dissolution or removal from any interaction with the Federal Reserve. Impossible? NO--IT IS VERY POSSIBLE BUT I SEE NO OTHER MAN INVOLVED WHO WILL DO IT. THIS IS A "CHOSEN SERVANT" AND THIS MAN WILL GIVE YOU HIS LIFE IF YOU BUT SHARE THE JOB TO BE DONE, WITH HIM. I CAN PROMISE YOU READERS AT THIS MOMENT--GOD WILL BE ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL WITH THIS MAN SENT FORTH TO LEAD YOU, A CHOSEN NATION, UNDER GOD, INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. BUT--YOU HAVE TO DO IT!



If you cannot accept the story of your plight from me--I suggest you "Christians" take a look at that which Pat Robertson is presenting to you now. Full agreement with his approach and all he projects? No, for there will be no "rapture" as presented in the orthodox Christian "faith", nor did the murder of a wondrous manchild of God absolve you of your responsibility and "sins". He only came forth to give you Truth and knowledge so that you could find your way home and through him, be acceptable into the mansions of your Father--no more and no less--a man without label (in fact) and come forth to ALL for ALL in many ways and by many names. I have given unto you the Truth and proof of your ENEMY. I have outlaid the fact of the "anti-Christ" and I tell you again: The story of this civilization's experience on Planet Earth DOES NOT HAVE TO END AS THE PROPHECIES ARE LAID FORTH--BUT YOU WILL BE THE ONES TO CHANGE IT!




Denial of TRUTH will not change one iota of it!

In the next JOURNAL I shall give you full information regarding "Zionism" right out of the Zionist's Encyclopaedia Judaica and speak of this Man-written set of rules for same, called the "Talmud", but I haven't space remaining in this volume.

Children, you must recognize your enemy before you can stand against him in any manner whatsoever. If you continue to pronounce the TRUTH as LIE and cover and hide, protect and allow your own destruction in your DENIAL, then I cannot help you. If you will open your hearts, eyes and ears and take a look within the dark places of "black plans" then you shall find your freedom from this bondage. The choice must be yours for I shall not further trouble you. You see, facts are facts and pigs is pigs and all the "wishing" will not change a hair of it.

I KNOW who I am and I know that which I serve. That means that I KNOW my enemy and it is the anti-Christ/God of Light. I can show you the path "home" into the mansions of God in the wondrous Universe or I can leave you to your games and fantasies--that choice is ONLY yours. Moreover, I am sent forth to provide THE WAY into those mansions for the children within HIS flock. God patiently awaits to see which road ye shall take--ponder it most carefully indeed.


If a man would sell you iron and lead and he has pronounced it "gold"--would his pronouncement make it be gold? Of course not--you would simply be deceived and hold iron and lead with a shiny covering. If a man buys the substance and ASSUMES it to be gold and then turns about and SELLS IT TO YOU--does THIS make it gold? Certainly not--you have just accepted and assumed the substance to be gold while, in fact, it is but iron and lead--regardless of whether or not the speakers intent was pure or false. Will you buy pig-iron or gold? The facts are that the "gold" is free and the pig-iron is costly indeed.

The banquet table is laid forth for you--which will you choose--the pig-iron or the gold? The choice is but yours alone! If you cause your "wife" to choose and she chooses the shiny pig-iron--does that make your share to be gold? I think you can see through all the pretending at great wisdom. Pretended "wisdom" is but the facade of fools!


It is time you look into the errors of the teachings of those who came before you--for, as with the iron and gold, if the fathers bought the bullion as "gold" and it is "not"--you shall be eating of the pig-iron, too! The iron will not turn into gold simply because your daddy said he believed it to be gold. So be it.

May your eyes be given into seeing, your ears be given into hearing and your mind into receiving and discerning. If ye walk with God ye shall never be in the walking alone for the physical expression will pass and after it all--all ye shall have is God, but it be wondrous indeed. Adonai.




SUN., DECEMBER 1, 1991 9:26 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 107



In the glory of this first day of December, 1991--day 107 of the year of your Lord, five--may we look upon the TRUTH that the lies may be lifted from your eyes. The sole motive for your searching must be to quest for TRUTH for in TRUTH IS FREEDOM. Blessed are you who have begun the "Phoenix" journey from our upstart just a couple of years back. The first JOURNAL was written in July, 1989 and I believe that America West had about half a dozen in print by your year end. This book will be the forty-sixth. SIPAPU ODYSSEY was written in January-February, 1986, by Dharma-- then writing as Dorushka Maerd. Each had a purpose and each had a "time" for the unveiling so that as the "Hosts" become participants in your visual "range", the groundwork would be laid.

Miracles for proof? Dear ones, you overlook the miracles--46 books overflowing with facts on every subject from the Holocaust to the way to protect your privacy, to the Source of Creation and the absolute Universal Laws must represent some kind of "miracle". These were all put to print, save one, almost entirely--by ONE SCRIBE. I, Hatonn, have not authored them all. You have been blessed with the Cohans of God and God Himself. I, as Hatonn, am but the "physical" liaison connection with that physical plane of manifestation and the higher dimensions of experience. I and my compatriots are your connection with God. I did NOT SAY--"go-between". We are the messengers with command to set the lies to Truth and show you the way into your rightful heritage. We are not even "mediators"--we are only wayshowers--guides.

Each being is an aspect of God Himself and there can be no "go-between" for God is ALL and that means that all else is only a "part-of" and, therefore, lesser in the "whole". You are on your own with God and when you come before God on that confrontation and evaluation of self and Knowledge--you will find the measure to be that which you have "learned" in Truth and the actions of the manifested physical experience. Where will YOU fit? It is up to you for God is total allowance and you will do that which you will. If you choose to remain in the bondage of physical limitations--so be it. I think you can look around and see that which you will experience. By the way--death of the body means nothing except change of expression--the transition will only be into another experience of equal "knowing". You do not magically go to "Happy Ha-Ha-Land".


Why, you might inquire, do I center upon the "poor Jews". I don't! The "poor Jews" are exactly THAT--poor misguided victims of the anti-God. And so, who is this "anti-God/Christness"? That which is against God! That which is manifest in physical aspect--born of deceit, evil created by MAN in greed and desire for power. The "Antichrist", as you refer to this entity, is that which dwells only in the physical, who plans to rule all things physical and "capture your souls" and keep you devoid of your relationship with God of YOU (which is your eternal self). Evil is not "good" or "bad" except in perception--"evil" is that which distracts you purposefully from your self-fulfillment in soul-Truth and oneness with your Creation. Evil limits you to physical experiences without possibility of growth into the higher experiences of infinity. You cannot even be given into experiencing the expression on other far-distant planets and the joy of soaring technologically through the spaces of the Universe. This evil limits you to narrow expressions of enslavement unto the physical and requires that you be servant to that evil.

The only way in which evil can bind you is to disallow your vision of Truth for, if you experience Truth, you will see the adversary for that which it is--a slavemaster of deceit and clever tricks upon your humanness. Truth lifts you above your humanness and into KNOWING which can allow you the expression of the universe as the wondrous creation which you ARE. You are not binded by anything physical in that circumstance nor are you binded by foolish religious dogmas, race, creed or colors--you are given freedom in your own value and manifestation as a projection of God--which is ALL.

This King of Evil presents himself in many, many ways to lead you down that "Primrose" path into his trap. At this turn of the clock of experience--he presents as the Zionist Communist. Oh, he calls himself "democratic" and pretends Godliness and speaks "in the name of God", etc. He is the Prince of Liars and Deceit. He blinds the eyes and mind and then takes the heritage from under the noses of his victims. He calls himself by their very own name so that he cannot be seen apart from the flock in which he kills and destroys.


So why does Hatonn spend so much time on the "Holocaust" of the Second World War? Because it is the most obvious LIE of your generations to which you can see and relate for many of you live who experienced the circumstance. This is also why we spend time on the Protocols for you must see the connections of the same names and the same practices as have come to limit your existence and enslave you. Your nations are falling apart and you are enslaved by these "masters" of deceit and LIES. YOU ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIES.


This adversary has great groups formed in his name and they attack and bind slowly and carefully. Every human "right" is taken and placed in the bindings of "laws" which the adversary enforces and makes. It is as if you are in a tub of warm water which is slowly heated--you are boiled before you realize the water is hot.


Organizations of the Zionists and spokesmen for the other deceitful organizations attack George Green because he brings the Truth and it must be "stopped". They do not attack Hatonn directly for they KNOW THAT IF THEY DO SO THEY INVOKE MY PRIVILEGE OF MAKING MY OWN APPEARANCE--YOU SEE, THE ELITE KNOW ME AND WHY I AM HERE! THEY DARE NOT CONFRONT GOD FOR THEY CANNOT EXIST IN THE LIGHT OF GOD--AND I REPRESENT THAT LIGHT! It will only be in total stupidity that the Elite will denounce openly--Hatonn. You see, little sleepy-heads, the Elite KNOW WE ARE HERE, WHY WE ARE HERE AND WHAT WE WILL AND WILL NOT DO. THEY KNOW THAT IF THEY OVERSTEP THE RULES OF THIS PARTICULAR GAME, THEY HAVE US IN THEIR DOORYARD AND THEY ARE FINISHED. UNFORTUNATELY FOR YOU WHO DAWDLE, THE HOTFOOT COMES BEFORE THAT INTERJECTION.

Therefore, you must realize it is the human counterpart in service who must be debunked and the human author which must be stopped--for THEY know that they cannot nor will they, stop God's Hosts. In other words, the only way they can stop the TRUTH from you--is to keep you from reading or hearing the Truth. We have now presented too much and given you other resources for confirmation from your own Earth activities (which are obvious) and authors who have brought Truth for a century and you ignored them; the WORD can no longer be stopped.

As each experience in physical manifestation reaches this point of capability of the entity experiencing, to destroy the very essence of life (soul), as you have--the play must be changed or stopped. You, as have other generations and civilizations upon your place, have reached that point where things will move into total catastrophe or you will turn again unto balance and harmony with Creator/Creation and move back within the bounds of brotherhood in goodness. The planet as manifested cannot stand more.

Your enemy plans to annihilate you and in the so-doing will destroy capability of life-forms upon your orb. You cannot seem to understand--evil only works through destruction. The full intent is to keep a "soul" from fulfillment in God of Light. The very definition of "Hell" is "absence of Light"--ignorance and devoid of knowledge. A soul captured by evil exists in that state of God absence--in that dark, hard and primitive perception, for self will punish self for its refusal to fulfill its one goal--movement toward, growing and regaining of ONENESS with Creator. WE ARE ALL "GRADED" BY OUR ACTIONS.


You must be given to KNOW so that you can understand the lies foisted off upon you and, therefore, our only need is to show you TRUTH in the LIGHT of revelation. This is WHY I can tell you without debate--anything secret and hidden is NOT OF GOD. GOD HAS NO SECRETS, NO MYSTICISM AND NO "HIDDEN" PLACES. ALL IS THERE FOR YOUR SEARCHING AND FINDING--THE MYSTERY IS ALL REVEALED AS YOU ACCEPT THE TRUTH WITHIN.

And so, we shall continue to reveal the lies as quickly as we can give you information and resource for more. I will have to give you less and less in these writings as YOU GO AND CONFIRM THROUGH OTHER'S WRITINGS. I am given to have to repeat them unto you for most have been destroyed and the authors put-down to keep the Truth from you-the-masses. You are deprived of education which allows reading and comprehension. The history books change the truth of history and you give THAT to your school-children. We even tell you WHO and WHEN these things came to be and still you miss the point. You ARE the mesmerized masses who have lost your way because the deceivers led you into the dark places and have caused you to give your own POWER into their hands.


I am going to have to, again, lay out the Holocaust--hopefully in synopses which give the correction to the "overall" events.

Then, I shall relate the history of Zionism TO THESE EVENTS and show the interaction between Herzl's movement and the rise of Fascism and Nazism in Europe. Know that "Zionism" is a rather "new" term stolen by these adversaries. "Zion" once meant "city, or place, of God". Do you see the subterfuge and usage of proper definitions being turned for evil purpose into a "new language"? You are deceived by the lack of realization that there are "new" meanings to that which you say and do--the "new" language and events having been manufactured to gradually "deceive" you for if you hear a thing often enough, you will believe it.

The Elite have taken your places of government into their own control through blackmail and bribes. Then, it is easy to change laws and divert from Constitutional laws. All that is required is getting enough to "vote" in or out a thought or action.

We will move through the Zionist record--and find evidence that it sought the patronage and benevolence of avowed anti-Semites and, ultimately, the collaboration of the Fascists and Nazis. Remember that these Zionists are NOT Semites but are in fact, the "NAZIS"-- i.e., recognized by their OWN LABEL OF ASHKENAZI!

You will find that from the beginning Zionism's leaders were prepared to go to almost any length to achieve the goal of a separate Jewish homeland from which they could project into and ultimately gain control of the world.

Dealing with this issue brings with it great difficulty and problems, one of the most traumatic being the emotions evoked by the so-called "Holocaust". Zionism, however, is an ideology. It is not now, nor was it ever, co-extensive with either Judaism or the Jewish people, and its chronicles must therefore be examined with the same critical eye that readers should bring to the history of ANY political tendency. Nevertheless, because of its fundamental challenge to Zionism's bona-fides, this thoroughly documented history is a basis upon which to build your own understanding and insight.

I ask only that you read in open mind, reason and logic. Then, and only then, can you see that which has been dumped on you in an attempt to literally BURY you.

At the beginning here, I am going to simply outlay information which has been thoroughly researched and give you, actually, documentation already made available to the public. There are so many great authors who have brought Truth but as you can see by the attempt to make it a law "TO NOT ALLOW ANY EXPRESSION AGAINST THE ORTHODOX VERSION OF THE HOLOCAUST", THEIR WORK HAS BEEN BANNED AND BURIED. We shall bring you those listings later when it is TOO LATE FOR THEM TO STOP THIS WORK!


Dharma, we will go right down the document please and I shall effort to keep comments to a minimum. Know that what I allow to be placed into print is valid or it will not appear--or, it will be given and then discussed. I have but one intent--to gather valid information for your consumption and you can get your confirmation from the documentation. I want no aspect of hidden magic in information--you must deal with "reality" as it is manifested in your circumstance.

There is now half a century of research by revisionist authors and over two decades past the facts were known and presented. In the past twenty years, however, has come the constant barrage of "keep the lie alive". It comes in the form of "We must never allow the world to forget..." and new and bigger lies are put to paper, books, the big and little screen and thus and so. Now, ones pronounce personal experience from lies of the older generation in the telling and in the imaging. To you who want me to soften the blows to keep the Jews, Christian, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, Catholics and Pentecostals, happy--let me say something very, very important. You are asking a direct aspect of God to continue the lie! No--just as you have a term "the buck stops here", ah, so too--"THE LIE STOPS HERE"!


* The "Hitler gas chambers" never existed.

* The "genocide" (or the "attempted genocide") of the Jews never took place. In other words, Hitler never gave an order nor permission that anyone should be killed because of his race or religion.

* The alleged "gas chambers" and the alleged "genocide" are one and the same lie.

* This lie, which is largely of Zionist origin, has made an enormous political and financial fraud possible, whose principal beneficiary is the state of Israel.

* The principal victims of this lie and fraud are the German people (but not the German rulers) and the entire Palestinian people.

* The enormous power of official information services has, thus far, had the effect of ensuring the success of the lie and of censuring the freedom of expression of those who have denounced the lie.

* The participants in the lie know that its days are numbered; they distort the purpose and nature of revisionist research; they label as "resurgence of Nazism" or as "falsification of history" what is only a thoughtful and justified concern for historical truth.

The above was written and published in April (25), 1979 by a skilled and respected historian and researcher from "le Monde" Paris (over a decade past). We are going to utilize that time frame for the present is speaking for itself and we comment on it daily--let us see what was already known and present over a decade ago. This is not to make you "feel bad" or foolish--it is to show you how easy it is to "fool all of the people some of the time"--rejoice that you couldn't fool all of the people ALL of the time as is presented in point herein.

In reading these pages, some might well interpret this author's research as an attempt at an apology for National Socialism. In reality, however, for reasons that need no explanation, Hitler, the person, as well as his ideas and politics are as unattractive to the author as those of Napoleon Bonaparte to a knowledgeable Frenchman. He refused to believe the propaganda of conquerors for whom Napoleon was the "Ogre" whereas Hitler was "Satan" or "Amalec".

It must be everyone's understanding that the only motivating force behind his research was the quest for Truth; he, the author, called "Truth" that which is the opposite of error and falsehood.

He regarded any charge or insinuation of Nazism against him as defamation. Consequently, he challenged anyone, individuals or associations, who by their statements, speeches, writings or actions would compel him to have recourse with the law.

Copies of these pages as he wrote them were sent to legal and administrative authorities, as well as to newspapers, groups and associations--along with a heartfelt request that they be copied and reprinted.

He took no responsibility for the political views of those who would publish these articles. On the other hand, he did take responsibility for that which he wrote and appeared in le Monde and for the conclusions given above which appeared in the magazine "Defense de l'Occident" ("Defense of the West") in June of 1978. He took this responsibility in his capacity as Associate Professor at the University of Lyon-2.

He further contended that not a single "gas chamber" to kill human beings existed under the Hitler regime. This he firmly believed and maintained.

This author in point (whom I shall continue to protect for this interim period) affixed his signature, Lyons, France, April 25, 1979.

I, Hatonn, utilize this author because of his comprehensive but concise outlay of information--gathered closer to the location and action confronted. This does not negate nor lessen the outstanding work of other authors whom I shall later give for reference.

I will write this in respect for this "first person" accounting and we shall give initials as R.F. (because those are his initials). With that stated, let us move into the document. Where appropriate we will insert "footnotes" in the text. These will suffice as references for the document in progress.



No one disputes the use of crematoria in certain German camps. The frequent occurrence of epidemics throughout Europe during wartime necessitated the cremation of the bodies of, for example, typhus victims.

It is the existence of "gas chambers", veritable human slaughterhouses, which is disputed. The expression is that used by Olga Wormser-Migot (THE NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP SYSTEM 1933-1945, French University Press, Thesis, 1968). Since 1945 that dispute has been growing. The great media of information are well aware of it.

In 1945, official historical science affirmed that "gas chambers" had functioned in the former Reich as well as in Austria, in Alsace as well as in Poland. Fifteen years later, in 1960, it revised its judgment: "gas chambers" had been in operation only in Poland. KEINE VERGASUNG IN DACHAU (NO GASSING IN DACHAU) by Dr. Martin Broszat, member and since 1972, director of the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich (DIE ZEIT, Aug. 26, 1960, page 14).

That excruciating revision of 1960 reduced to nothing the thousand "testimonies", the thousand "proofs" of the alleged gassings at Oranienburg, at Buchenwald, at Bergen-Belsen, at Dachau, at Ravensbrueck, and at Mauthausen. Before the judicial apparatuses of England and France, those responsible at Ravensbrueck (Suhren, Schwartzhuber and Dr. Treite) had confessed to the existence of a "gas chamber", the operation of which they had even described in a vague manner. A similar scenario was followed for Ziereis regarding Mauthausen, and for Kramer regarding Struthof. After the deaths of the "guilty" persons, it was discovered that these gassings had never taken place--the frailty of testimonies and confessions!

The "gas chambers" of Poland--eventually, it will also be admitted--had no more reality. It is to the Polish and Soviet judiciaries that we owe the essentials of our information about them (see, for example, the amazing confession of Rudolf Hoess, commandant at Auschwitz).

The present-day visitor to Auschwitz or to Majdanek discovers, as regards the "gas chambers", some building where any gassing would have ended in catastrophe for the gassers as well as their entourage. A mass execution by gas, supposing that it is even feasible, is not the same as a suicidal or accidental gassing. In order to gas a single prisoner, feet and hands tied, the Americans use hydrocyanic acid in a sophisticated process, and that in a limited space, from which the gas after its use is carefully withdrawn and neutralized before being vented. How could one then, as is claimed in connection with Auschwitz for example, hold two thousand (or even three thousand) men in a space of 210 square meters(!), then dump upon them some granules of the commonplace but violent insecticide called Zyklon B, and finally, immediately after their deaths, send into this place which had just been saturated with cyanide gas, a team of workers charged with the task of extracting the bodies which had been penetrated with cyanide?

Some documents that are too little known show: first, that the room in question which the Germans allegedly blew up before their departure, was only a morgue ("Leichenkeller") which had been covered with earth to protect it from the heat and had been provided with only a single door for entrance and exit; second, that the cyanide gas could not be readily withdrawn even by means of forced ventilation, but rather, its complete evacuation required at least twenty-one hours. Although there are thousands of documents on the crematoria of Auschwitz, including invoices which are in detail nearly to the pfennig, one cannot find such regarding the "gas chambers", which supposedly flanked those crematoria, either an order for construction, or a study, or a command, or a plan, or an invoice, or a photograph. Throughout the hundreds of trials (Jerusalem, Frankfurt, etc.), nothing was ever produced. Even in the evidence that the current Pope from Poland was a "gas salesman" to the camps--it is noted that the "gas" was an insecticide.

"I was at Auschwitz. There was no gas 'chamber' there". Only rarely does one ever hear defense witnesses daring enough to pronounce that phrase. Such witnesses are prosecuted. Even in 1978, anyone in Germany who testified in behalf of Thies Christopherson, the author of "The Lie of Auschwitz", still risked conviction for "defaming the memory of the dead".

[H: Remember, readers, today in 1991 (Dec. 1) there are many nations who by law cannot refute or speak about the possibility of there not being an "orthodox Holocaust". For instance such denial is already illegal in France, Germany, England and other European nations as well as in Canada and the Soviet Union. There are others also, but the important thing is that there is a bill before the U.S. legislature to make it illegal to "disagree" with the "orthodox version of the Holocaust as presented by the 'Jews'." Where are you, America? Did you not note that it was David Duke's rejection of the "orthodox" version of the Holocaust which caused great uprising against him politically? The KKK participation was thrust forward to try and convince you-the-people of the lies being told about him. The Zionists DO NOT WANT their lies uncovered and the more who KNOW THE TRUTH OF IT--the quicker they will be unshrouded for what they are and what they have done against you.]

After the war, the International Red Cross which had done an investigation on "the rumor of Auschwitz", the Vatican which was so well informed about Poland, the Nazis, the collaborators, all declared with so many others, "The 'gas chambers'? We did not know". [INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE RED CROSS, DOCUMENTS ON THE ACTIVITY OF THE RED CROSS ON BEHALF OF THE CIVILIANS DETAINED IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN GERMANY (1939-1945), second French edition, Geneva, June, 1946, series II, No.1, reproducing partially (a complete confidential text is in the author's possession) document No. 9925; Visit to the Commandant of the Auschwitz Camp by a Delegate of the International Committee for the Red Cross (September, 1944), pages 91 and 92. An essential sentence of that document has been cleverly reduced by three words in the book of Marc Hillel, "The Archives of Hope", Fayard Publishers, 1977, page 255, and the most important sentence ("The detainees themselves have not spoken of them".) has been completely excised.] But how could they have known about things which had not even existed?

Nazism is dead as projected in World War II by one called Hitler, and good riddance, with its Fuehrer. What remains today is the truth to unfold for the culprits did not die with the "movement" but remain functional by another label. Let us dare to proclaim it--this truth. The non-existence of the "gas chambers" is good news, world, for poor mankind--good news which one would be wrong to longer suppress. [Among the twenty or so authors who deny the existence of the "gas chambers", noteworthy is Paul Rassinier, a former deportee (THE REAL EICHMANN TRIAL, Institute for Historical Review, P.O. Box 1360, Torrance, Calif. 90505) and especially, the American A.R. Butz for his remarkable book THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, 1976, distributed by Noontide Press, P.O. Box 1248, Torrance, Calif. 90505, 2nd Edition, 1978.] [H: These are references given by R.F.]

R.F. continues--Until 1960, I myself believed in the reality of the gigantic massacres in "gas chambers". Then, in the process of reading Paul Rassinier

[H: I used this reference extensively in the prior two volumes on this subject.], a deportee, former member of the Resistance and author of THE LIE OF ULYSSES, I began to have some doubts. After fourteen years of personal reflection, followed by four years of eager investigation, I became convinced, as had some twenty other authors before me, that I was in the presence of a historical lie. I have visited and revisited Auschwitz where one is shown a "reconstructed gas chamber" (presented to tourists as being original) (Auschwitz 1) and some ruins of "crematoria with gas chambers" (Birkenau). At Struthof (Alsace) and at Majdanek (Poland) I have examined buildings which were supposed to be "gas chambers in their original state". I have analyzed thousands of documents, particularly at the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris, as well as archives, stenographic copies, photographs, and written testimonies. I have tirelessly pursued specialists and historians with my questions.

I have searched, but in vain, for a single deported person capable of proving to me that he had really seen, with his own eyes, a "gas chamber". I certainly did not want an illusory abundance of proofs; I would have been content with one proof. I have never found that proof. On the contrary, what I have found are a great many false proofs, worthy of a witch hunt but not worthy of those judges who accepted them. And then, I have also found silence, embarrassment, hostility and, finally, calumnies, insults and violence.

Concerning the letters or reply which have so recently been aroused by my short article on the "Rumor of Auschwitz" (le Monde, Dec. 29, 1978, page 8), I have already read them more than once in my eighteen years of research. I do not question the sincerity of the authors of these letters, but I do say that these replies abound with errors, which have for some time already been pointed out by authors such as Rassinier, Scheidl, and Butz.

For example, in the document which is cited of January 29, 1943 (a document which does not even bear the usual designation of "Secret"), Vergasung does not mean "gassing" but "carburetion". (The German word for "carburetor", as in an automobile, is "Vergaser"). "Vergasungskeller" means the place, underground, where one made the "gaseous" mixture which was fed to the crematory ovens. These ovens, with their apparatus for airing and ventilation, were manufactured by Topf and Sons of Erfuty, (NO-4473).

"Begasung" means the gassing (fumigation) of clothing in sterilizers. If the gas which was used was Zyklon B--a preparation of "blausdeure" (that is to say, prussic or hydrocyanic acid)--the expression "blue gas chambers" was used. This terminology had, however, nothing whatsoever to do with the alleged "gas chamber slaughterhouses"!

The diary of the medical doctor Johann-Paul Kremer should be cited correctly. If one does so, it will be apparent that where it speaks of the horrors of Auschwitz, it does so only by allusion to the horrors of the typhus epidemic of September and October 1942. For the third of October, Kremer wrote, "At Auschwitz, entire streets are exterminated by typhus". He himself contracted what he called "the sickness of Auschwitz". Some Germans died of it. The sorting out of the sick from the well, this was the "selection" or one of the forms of "special action" of the doctors. These selections took place either in the interiors of the buildings or on the outside. Kremer never wrote that Auschwitz was a "Vernichtunslagers", that is to say, according to terminology invented by the Allies after the war, an "extermination camp" (meaning: a camp provided with a "gas chamber"). His actual words were: "It is not for nothing that Auschwitz is called the camp of the extermination ("das Lager der Vernichtung")." In the etymological sense of the word, typhus exterminated those whom it struck.

Another grave error in citation, for September 2, 1942, the Kremer manuscript states: "This morning at three o'clock, I was present outside, for the first time, at a special action". Historians and judges traditionally delete the word "outside" ("draussen") so as to make it appear that Kremer was speaking of an action which was performed inside a "gas chamber". Finally, the atrocious scenes before the "last bunker" (concerning the courtyard of Bunker No. 11) are executions of persons who had been condemned to death, executions for which the doctor was obliged to be present. Among the condemned were three women who had come in a convoy from Holland; they were shot. [AUSCHWITZ SEEN BY THE SS, edited by the Auschwitz Museum, 1974, page 238, note 85.]


The buildings of the "Kremas" (i.e., crematoria) at Birkenau were all perfectly visible. [A football field "is located close to the crematoria of Birkenau". (Tadeus Borowski, according to Langbein, "Men and Women at Auschwitz", Fayard Publishers, 1975, page 129.] Many of the plans and photographs prove it, and likewise, also prove the absolute physical impossibility for these "Kremas" to have had "gas chambers".

If, as regards Auschwitz, I am shown one more time, some confessions, some memoirs or some miraculously rediscovered manuscripts (all documents with which I am already quite familiar), I wish that someone would show me in what respect their imprecise preciseness differs from the imprecise preciseness of all those other documents which were presented at the Allied military tribunals to prove that there had been "gas chambers" in places where it was eventually conceded that there had been none: as for example, in all of the former Reich (i.e., Germany before October, 1939).

I have already referred to the industrial documents NI-9089 and NI-9912. These documents should be read before anyone tries to refute me with the "testimonies" of Pery Broad and Rudolf Hoess, or the "confessions", after the war, of J.P. Kremer. The industrial documents establish that Zyklon B was NOT among those gases which were described as "ventilatable"; on the contrary, its manufacturers were obliged to admit that it was "difficult to ventilate, since it adheres to surfaces". Into a place which had been cyanided with Zyklon B, one could enter with a mask which had been fitted with a "J" filter--the strongest of the filters--ONLY after some twenty hours had elapsed from the time the gas was introduced and then, only for the purpose of performing a chemical test for the disappearance of the gas. [The French regulation concerning the use of hydrocyanic acid is as draconian as that of the Germans: see the decree 50-1290 of Oct. 18, 1950, Ministry of Public Health.] Afterwards, mattresses and blankets still had to be beaten in the open air for a period of one to two hours.

But, according to Hoess's confession ["Kommandant in Auschwitz", Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, Stuttgart, 1958, pages 126-166.]: "Half an hour after having released the gas, they opened the door and started the ventilation machinery. They began immediately to extract the bodies"--immediately ("sofort")!! Furthermore, the team of workers assigned to remove the two thousand cyanided bodies entered the building (still full of gas, was it not?) and removed the bodies "while eating and smoking", that is to say, unless my comprehension fails me, without even wearing gas masks.

This would have been impossible. All of the testimonies, regardless of how vague or conflicting they may be on other points ("Justiz and NS-Verbrechen" (Justice and the Nazi Crimes), University Press, Amsterdam, Vol. XIII (1975), pages 134 and 135], are in accord on at least this point: the team of workers would open the place either "immediately" or "a little after" the deaths of the victims. It is my contention that this point alone constitutes the touchstone of the false testimony.

In Alsace, a visit to the "gas chamber" of Struthof is very interesting. There one can read the confession of Josef Kramer. It is by means of a "hole" that Kramer supposedly poured "a certain quantity of hydrocyanic salts", and then "a certain quantity of water"; together, the two released a gas which killed in approximately one minute. The "hole" which one can see there today was so clumsily made by means of a blow from a chisel that four squares of tile had been broken around it. Kramer supposedly used a "funnel with a simple stop-cock". I do not see how he could have prevented the gas from escaping through this rough hole, nor how he could have prevented the portion of gas which would have escaped through the chimney from then spreading from the windows of his villa.

If one enters one of the adjoining rooms, perhaps someone can explain to me the allegation of the bodies preserved in "vats of formaldehyde" for Professor Hirt, which are in fact, nothing more than tubs for sauerkraut and potatoes, fitted with simple flaps of wood which are not even airtight.

Even the most commonplace weapon, if it is suspected of ever being used to kill or wound, becomes the object of judicial expertise. One is surely surprised then, that the "gas chambers", such allegedly prodigious weapons of crime, are never the object of judicial expertise (judicial, scientific, or archaeological) about which one can examine a written report.

If by misfortune the Germans had won the war, I suppose that their concentration camps would have been presented as re-education camps. For disputing such a presentation of the fact, I would undoubtedly have been accused of objectively playing the game of "Judeo-Marxism". Neither objectively nor subjectively am I a Judeo-Marxist or a neo-nazi. Today, when I affirm that the "gas chambers" did not exist, it is because the difficult duty of being honest obliges me to say it.

My arguments have been evaded, especially those dealing with the physical impossibilities of gassing. As to the opposing arguments, the revisionists have proved the inanity of them: the confessions of Hoess or Gerstein, the manipulated statement of Kramer, words used contrary to their meaning in context, extermination orders without any documentation, gas chambers built for pilgrims and tourists, etc. These alleged proofs are as valid as those which "demonstrated" the existence, in all the former Reich, of "gas chambers"; they are, in fact, fictitious. Just recently, the aerial photographs of Auschwitz-Birkenau (the Brugioni and Poirier documents) [THE HOLOCAUST REVISITED 9ST 79-10001, 19 pages) Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service, Washington, D.C., USA.] have given the final blow to the extermination legend: even in 1944, no human funeral pyres, no crowds near the crematories, no suspicious smoke.

I have been insulted and physically attacked. I am no longer permitted to give any courses at the University. Some historians condemn me as if I were a heretic. [Thirty-four French historians (including only one specialist on the Second World War: Leon Pllakov) have published in le Monde on Feb. 21, 1979, page 23, a declaration against R.F. That declaration concludes as follows: "There is not, there cannot be any debate on the existence of the gas chambers". In past centuries, the Sorbonne condemned heretics in the same manner.] The LICA drags me into court. [The LICA is the "International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Jewish)". It is directed by Jean Pierre-Bloch. It has just (late 1979) brought a legal action against the articles published by R.F. in Le Monde. It denounces R.F. for "falsifying historical truth".] But no one dares to engage fairly in the debate I have proposed [H: They never do!].

I thank the growing number of those who, notably among the youth, lend me their support. Jean-Gabriel Cohn Bendit [Jean-Gabriel Cohn-Bendit is the brother of the famous Daniel Cohn-Bendit. He is Jewish and is of the left. He has taken up the defense of R.F. in the name of freedom of expression.] has written: "Let us fight in order that they will destroy those gas chambers which they show to the tourists in the camps where one knows that there had been NONE". He is right. Let us end the war propaganda. The real horror is enough. It is useless to add anything to it.


And since it is now totally and absolutely illegal for this voice to be heard for the French bowed to the Zionist demand to cause speaking out against the lies--to be a "hate crime"--punishable as a felony offense, we must be the voice of the criers of Truth--and so shall it be that in honor of them, we shall speak loudly on the airwaves of the Universe!

Allow us a respite, Dharma. That which we send forth into the knowledge of the minds--cannot be erased. Once Truth is known it cannot be ever again "unknown". Do not work in "fear", chela, for the hand of God in "justice" rests upon your head and blesses your hands. Salu.

Hatonn to clear--ever in service unto God and unto you of the higher-universal brotherhood of Man. Salu.



SUN., DECEMBER 1, 1991 4:43 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 107


The next portion is going to be a bit harder for the Zionists to cover--but nonetheless, the blatant lies ARE maintained and foisted off on you unsuspecting populace. Any of you who suffer guilt and actually PAY damages for ones who are faring better than you "ordinary" "alive" people may actually get a bit angry--I certainly hope SOMETHING can make you angry in this pile of lies.


No, you won't like this next story but we shall present it anyway. You must keep in mind that the Zionist Jews DECLARED WAR AGAINST GERMANY. This, in fact, was WHY any Jews were brought into custody. America had already incarcerated into internment camps all Japanese and Japanese-Americans before a single "Jew" was put into a camp or isolated into a "ghetto".

There are several pictures made public of the "rounding up" of Jews. We will present these pictures if duplicates can be made in any degree of clarity. One picture, especially, is important for it focuses on a small boy who was purported to be "killed". Not so, he lives very well...and rich... in a luxurious London apartment. He not only "lived", he has continued to "live" very, very well. One such "dead person" became French Minister of Health and later took over a European Parliament. This latter was a female "victim".

The world is going to wake up to the fact that the incredible claim that 6 million Jews were "gassed" is a total fabrication--a lie set forth in full intent of gaining great strides in the actual take-over of the world. Many of those "gassed" Jews are still walking around quite comfortably.

Authors and historians such as R.F. have been hauled into court by hoax promoters, almost exclusively Jewish, to try to shut down the stories of truth. Some of the "trials" scheduled are abandoned just before hearing to keep the story silent. Threats and acts of physical violence have failed, and with respect to R.F.'s harassment, historians in America and Europe united to get the case against him dropped. It is hard to realize whether or not this was "good".


Propaganda is as important a weapon as guns when the Establishment wants a war, which accounts for "air raid drills", films showing "Hitler dancing a jig" and news reports of the German leader "chewing a carpet" during tantrums.

It also accounts for the more dramatic illusions generated by the Establishment, that Pearl Harbor was a "surprise attack", that the U.S. faced destruction if Germany prevailed in the war in Europe, and that a 13-year-old girl wrote a book called THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK.

The goal, of course, is to get America's young cannon fodder to die in a "holy war"--exactly as just happened in Grenada, Panama and the sands of the Persian Gulf. Thus you were told Hitler was "butchering Jews and using the skins for lampshades". The imagination of the propagandists can be ghoulish. Moreover, the Zionists (as shown again in the Persian Gulf charade) are the perfection of deceit and lies. They control the media and press and therefore give you the only information you receive.

Time places a merciful mist on the public mind, and such innocent fabrications as the jig dancing and carpet-chewing can be laughed off as "good fun during wartime". You know, sort of like "dirty tricks" in elections and political circles. It's not enough to hate your enemy--a bit of contempt keeps morale high. How could you have gotten your young men to bomb women and children and bury 12,000 soldiers alive in trenches without this deceitful contempt for some man called Saddam? It never seemed to occur to anyone that Saddam was the ONLY one telling the truth! You were fighting one more war for British Israel and nothing short of the goal was acceptable. Your politicians now tell you all about that "decisive victory" but you didn't have a decisive anything except terror and war crimes against humanity and Israel's enemy.

It's interesting to see how well-intentioned people are used for such purposes. The "carpet-chewing" story first surfaced when a reporter in Berlin accurately described how an officer came from a briefing room and, figuratively describing Hitler as being in a state of anger, said, "He's really chewing the carpet" ("Er hatte vor Wut in den Teppich beissen knoone"). This is a familiar phrase in German.

The reporter was surprised and chagrinned to see his own story recycled around the world to make you believe that Hitler literally flung himself onto the floor, peeled back the carpet and started chomping on it.

The photographer who produced Hitler "dancing a jig" like the lead man in a minstrel show knew what he was doing. By his own account, he used endless amounts of film of Adolf Hitler, reversed some of it and spliced portions of it together to produce a "jig".

Because a war has to be popular with the taxpayers as well as the men who must fight and die, it's important to have a busy "home front" with a pinch of melodrama.

Thus, school children in Washington and other "target cities" had air raid drills. Children living within 10 minutes of the school were "squad leaders" who led their young troops to their homes to cluster in basements until the "all-clear" siren sounded.

Once, when authorities tested the kids by making them think the drill was "for real", a teacher was crying hysterically as the second-graders marched calmly to their posts.

The home-front fun included dramatic "blackouts". The air-raid warden was the block hero with white helmet and license to patrol the darkened streets. And skywatchers scanned the heavens for years vainly trying to see Nazi planes.

The government never ruined the fun by telling you that German planes could not cross the Atlantic, hit U.S. targets and return. They lacked the fuel capacity. And, unlike the Japanese, Germany had no suicide squads.

"Anne Frank" came along after the war to help heap guilt upon future generations of not only Germany, but America and other Western nations--by romanticizing the "holocaust".

The book, presented as the actual "diary" of a 13-year-old girl, was read by millions. More millions were deeply moved by a touching film based on the book.

Dr. Arthur Butz, Dr. Robert Faurisson and the Jewish scholar Alfred Lilienthal believe that the book is a total fake. We know that there were legal allegations proving that it was written by a third party and presented in Hollywood. No one has actually inspected THE "diary", which is said to be in a bank vault in Basel, Switzerland (how handy--right there in the center of the Zionist Banks and One World Rulers). Portions of it which have been displayed appear to show different samples of handwriting.

Still, the book continues to be sold with no disclaimer on the flyleaf. In 1978 the film version started to be presented in an annual event as a "warm-up" to prepare, or psych up, the audience for the "Holocaust" docudramas and miniseries on the subject. (This, too, is a total hoax). The same one-two "Diary"-"Holocaust" with at least one new docudrama is laid on you annually now--or even more often as the hype is necessary to put down talk of lies and deceit. These are now shown regularly when Israel wants more money from your American coffers.

This "diary", which "holocaust" promoters refuse to produce (like the Dead Sea Scrolls), is as mythical as the so-called "Atlantic Charter" supposedly signed by FDR and Churchill on August 14, 1941. It, too, was a hoax.

The Establishment embraces these frauds. Establishment politicians know if the unwashed multitudes are marched off to war, they must make it fun. After all, what if they gave a war and nobody came?


How can Jews say 6 million (reduced from former claims of 12 million--as reviewed in the prior two volumes of the JOURNALS) of their number perished in Nazi gas chambers?

"Truckloads" of allegedly gassed Jews were pure fabrication by postwar Jewish propagandists. Now the lies of the propagandists have literally come back to haunt them. The speakers of truth must be silenced lest the massive "rip-off", if in nothing more than money, will rise up to slay them.

A case in point is Mrs. Simone Veil--nee Simone Jacob--who today is listed among the "gassed" at Auschwitz, Poland. Presently, Mrs. Veil is president of the European Parliament. Now, I suggest it is difficult to "die by gas" on April 16, 1944 and later become head of the European Parliament in 1979. You ones want "magic" and "miracles"--I suggest that might be one. Before Mrs. Veil became president of the European Parliament, she was the French Minister of Health.

Another case, more ironic, is that of the famed "ghetto boy" of Warsaw, Poland, of which we spoke earlier.

This youngster was elevated by postwar propagandists to be the "symbol" "poster-boy" of the so-called German genocide attempt. He was the Jewish lad, photographed wearing a cap, with hands raised above his head, reportedly hustled off by armed Germans in 1943 to later join other Jews at the "death camps".

The picture depicting his arrest has been circulated worldwide by Jewish propagandists, and still is, to generate sympathy for their race.

However, this "ghetto boy"--like Mrs. Veil--is also alive. He was arrested for stealing and then released, unharmed, to his mother. Today he is wealthy and resides in London. He, after the war, resided with both parents (who were also "gassed"). He has a wife and his name is now Israel "Izzy" Rondel. He, further, collects annual payments from the Germans and receives other funds for his participation in the myth.

"Too many people had begun to mine that bonanza, however, notably in the state of Israel, and bragged about having been buddies of the ghetto boy. Thus, the party had, in the long run, to remind the world of his existence and of his identity".


"Exterminationists", as historians like to call the Jewish propagandists, had good reason to create and nurture the "6-million" myth. The deck had to be irreversibly stacked against the "German fascists" to obtain easy indictments for their alleged war crimes.

Afterward, the "6-million" myth enticed the United Nations to create the illegal state of Israel on May 14, 1948. Today, American money and policy fuel that state, and so it is no surprise that efforts outside Israel to preserve the hoax are strongest in the U.S. Indeed, the minds of American school children are stamped early with the "Holocaust". Their teachers and parents are already brainwashed into not questioning the myth. This very day a drive is on throughout the U.S. to have special classes dealing with perpetuation of the lie into accepted historical data. The school history books are riddled with the lies and now "Keep the Holocaust Alive" counselors give special classes in "handed down" stories supposedly of participants and family members. One of the worst lies is the one regarding the German soldiers tossing babies into the air and using them for "target practice". No-one ever SAW IT--but still the stories are pushed forward and become worse and worse with each subsequent telling.

The historian owes it to himself to verify, case by case, all the roles of heroes and "victims" of the so-called "holocaust". He must receive only with circumspection such statements as "all my family has disappeared". He must demand full identification of those missing and verify, case by case, whether the Germans are at fault or they are not.

With the means available for the past decades and, in particular, with computers, that research job is quite feasible. Now that "officially" listed victims of the much-publicized "genocide" are turning up alive, verification of "exterminationist" claims is imperative.

Do you not see how necessary it is for the Germans to be legally disallowed from questioning the "holocaust"? Each "victim" receives 5,000 Marks annually for the "damage". Funny thing happens here, however--there are more claimants for the 5,000 Marks each year than lived in Germany at any time before or after the war. That makes it a bit hard to justify 6-million exterminated if you end up with more than the number present when you began. But the West German government is obligated, WITHOUT ABILITY TO QUESTION, to pay the sums to these cheats and liars. These cheats make the forfeiture of the precious ones who did die--wanton and useless.

Even without the aid of computers, historians have exposed how slipshod record editing and the imaginations of Jewish propagandists wrote off Simone Veil as "gassed". Using "hefte von Auschwitz" ("Auschwitz Records"), it was easy to cross-reference the edited lists of "pseudo-gassed" reported in "The Memorial of the Deportation of the Jews of France" (1978, ed. Beate and Serge Klarsfeld).

By this means it was discovered (among other things) that the propagandists conveniently "assumed" that Jews deported from France "en route to Auschwitz" were going to gas chambers. By checking the "Records", and "Memorial", it is learned that it was quite different indeed. Attentive reading of both publications reveals that scores of Jews supposedly on their way to Poland were, in fact, routed to other destinations. This fact has been verified through many other sources.


Ones ask how can it be that these ones change their names, etc., and still can collect "damages"? Easy--all they have to do is place a claim, give their name and state that they are a Jew and zip, it's done and the Marks start rolling in without question for the Germans are not allowed to question. This is why you nice new Jews must pay attention for all you need do is say "I am a Jew" and that instantly makes you a Jew--legal and instantly usable.

It was also found that Jewish propagandists recorded truckloads of Jews on their way from France to Auschwitz that were never entered into any of the "Auschwitz Records" which were carefully kept. They were simply fictitious deportees.

The Jews who did arrive at Auschwitz were listed as camp internees and given identification numbers. Those who left France for Auschwitz whose names did not appear in the "Auschwitz Records" were the ones propagandists claimed had been "gassed". Remember, Auschwitz was one big industrial complex with most of the industries being Jewish-Zionist owned.

To give some semblance of verification to their weak assumption, the propagandists allowed Jews deported from France 7 months from the war's end--May 8 to December 31, 1945--to show up and declare themselves "alive" to the French War Veterans Ministry. Interestingly, anyone arriving after the deadline date under this system remained listed as "gassed".

Not only that, the ministry did not search surrounding countries to locate "survivors" deported from France. Indeed, most of the Jews deported were not French citizens and would not likely return to the country "that had turned them over to the Germans".

Consequently, Simone Veil was listed as "deported from France to Auschwitz", and since she was not listed among the camp internees, was subsequently recorded as "gassed". She later apparently failed to declare herself "alive" to the War Veterans Ministry before the deadline, and so it has become "official" that she was "murdered" by the Nazis at Auschwitz.


"On page 519 of THE MEMORIAL OF THE DEPORTATION OF THE JEWS OF FRANCE, one discovers in the left column the name of Simone Jacob, born on July 13, 1927, in Nice, France.

That young girl was part of the convoy of 500 Jews--men and women--which left Drancy, France, on April 13, 1944. To know what officially happened to that convoy, it suffices to refer to the "Auschwitz Records".

Those records have been edited by the authorities of the State Museum of Auschwitz in Poland. Those authorities have worked, in the case of the Jews of France, with the CDJC (Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris), whose main scientific editor is Prof. George Weller (a staunch exterminationist as you might well guess!). He is among the ones who managed to get all this "restitution" for damages for the "damaged" Jews.

The "official" fate of Simone Jacob (Veil) reads like this: "Transport (Central Security Office of the Reich) from the Drancy Camp. 500 Jews. After the selection, 165 men have been turned over to the camp as inmates; they have received the numbers 184-097-184-261. The others have been gassed".

Therefore, young Simone Jacob has been gassed whether or not she lives and reigns supreme over the European Parliament and tells her own story as such--off the record, with great seeming humor at her accomplishment of the lie. If on the other hand, one refers to what your official historians have written about the gassing operation, it is possible to further ascertain that Simone Jacob was gassed on the very day of her arrival, that is to say on April 16, 1944, most precisely at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The indisputable fact that Simone Jacob (Veil) is alive speaks loudly against propagandists' claims. Her high visibility as a French public official underscores this. Yet the public remains saddled by "holocaust" rhetoric. Her camp number was 78,651 and can be easily enough checked out.

You must, herein take note, that FRANCE is also a nation wherein there can legally be NO DISCUSSION OTHER THAN THE "ORTHODOX VERSION" OF THE HOLOCAUST AS PROJECTED BY THE JEWISH ZIONISTS!!! To speak out against the orthodox version is a felony "hate crime" punishable by imprisonment and loss of citizenship rights.

Simone Veil has done much to get the horror-and-propaganda film "Holocaust" shown in France. The guilt-garlanded "Holocaust" has already worked its magic for Zionist propagandists in the U.S. So much so that many Americans forget that U.S. troops helped defeat the alleged "Nazi threat".

There is another connection which I find that all of you nice readers overlook. We have referred to the AshkeNAZI relationship of the Zionists to the "Nazis" but you must take the entire name a bit further--"Ashke" is a prefix used by "burgs" and townships such as "AUSCHwitz". Chelas, you have been fed such a plateful of poison mush that I am embarrassed for you.

Thousands of lives were lost in the war against the Germans (which was financed and structured by the same Banksters who funded the Russian Bolshevik--Zionist--Revolution and the First World War). The same Elite Rulers have planned, orchestrated and caused you to finance all these wars which entrench them more solidly against you. The "exterminationists", however, have rammed the "holocaust" down your throats so hard, you would think you were oppressors of the Jews. Americans were the liberators--REMEMBER!?!? IS IT NOT ABOUT TIME THAT YOU BEGIN TO TELL THESE MOURNERS OF THE SO-CALLED "6-MILLION" THAT THEIR SUPPOSED "HOLOCAUST" IS NOT YOUR FAULT--BUT HAS BECOME YOUR COSTLY BURDEN?

Well, I have a message contained in a letter regarding the "holocaust" that I will have to bleep out in portion--but it does seem to say it all quite well in modern American vernacular--if you pay attention at all: "...'s funny, none of it seems to make much of a dent in the population explosion...but to say there was no holocaust...phhhsh..the f----' holocaust never f----' ENDS!!!"

I apologize for the crudeness of the quotation but it seems to sum it up pretty succinctly. This man goes on: "...It is sad and depressing that people are using their energy and intelligence to try to disprove the thing rather than focus on WHY it might have happened and how people can become so inhuman to each other, etc... The hideous human phenomenon of IDEAS turning people into such cold-blooded, efficient murderers of the helpless and innocent... And that includes the 5 million Poles, maybe 10 million Russians, etc., etc.,--most of them peasants in villages--or the umpteen millions killed and/or sent to Siberia by Stalin's Government, and all the millions upon millions killed by governments around the world since then for political reasons---".

Indeed it IS confrontation time, little sheeple.

May we end this segment herein. Thank you for your attention, readers. May the Light begin to flicker on in the minds of humanity. I find myself amused at your use of the term "inhuman" for it is used always in gross error--it is the "human" behavior for no other of Creation acts in such brutal and evil manners--NONE.

Salu and good-evening.



MON., DECEMBER 2, 1991 7:48 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 108




Response to the inquiry about the Conference argument: The Israelis do not want to meet in the U.S. on Dec. 4th because they do not want to be in America on Dec. 5th!


Why home early? The stage was already set and this gives more distractors. The "satellite" was not launched from the shuttle but from a rocket launched from the shuttle. The stage was being set for Dec.5th maneuvers.

They tell you the flight was to place a sensing satellite for incoming missiles? Who would send missiles at the U.S.? You are disarming due to this wondrous "peace" with Russia--why would you be concerned?


Who might be concerned about Israel? They lied to you and you have paid for a "Holocaust", you pay the government costs to operate Israel, they have a full arsenal of nuclear weapons which they have denied and disallow any inspection of their nation or weapons or nuclear facilities by any "outside" parties. They have a "contract" out on Bush's head and still you prefer to denounce me and fiddle "while Rome burns"!! So be it.


This is the most deadly plague in history and you treat it like a "right to vote" issue. Please note the hype movies in play on your controlled media such as ANDROMEDA STRAIN and the upsurge in "Alien" movies as well as the increased hype about suffering Jews, the war and the Holocaust. Today is the first day of Hanukkah celebration--another gross and stupid lie based on magic. It is geared to come along with the hyper-gift giving season where you exchange things you wanted for things someone else wanted (or didn't want, as the case may be). Don't blame this blasphemy on Christ! A gift to share and show love and caring is one thing--a gift to purchase a portion of your soul with "things" is quite another matter. WHY DO YOU GIVE? APPRECIATION OF ANOTHER? BECAUSE IT IS EXPECTED OF YOU? WHY DO YOU CHOOSE THIS HOLIDAY TO DO SO? CHRIST CAN'T USE "THINGS" AS A MEASURE OF YOUR VALUE! IT IS "HOW" YOU USE YOUR "THINGS" THAT IS VALUED AND MEASURED. IS THERE A "SANTA CLAUS"? OH INDEED THERE IS--HE REPRESENTS THE "GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING" CULT OF THE PHYSICAL. THIS "CHRISTMAS SEASON" IS JUST ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY FOR PREDOMINANTLY, ZIONISTS, TO GET YOU INTO THEIR MARKETS AND SEPARATE YOU FROM YOUR ASSETS. NOTICE WHO OWNS EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY THE MAJOR DEPARTMENT STORES.

Of course it is fine if you go with "tradition" and trappings of the "season" for you are reminded therein of the love and fellowship which it once represented. Why do you think cards are measured by the snow scenes and the old-time gathering of family, etc? Because man longs for his heritage. Note, however, that Jerusalem and Bethlehem are not exactly the Currier and Ives picture of winter-wonderland and sledding scapes. And from what race do you suppose comes Currier and Ives? Ah Ha!!

Oh, you just send cards for the "annual contact"? Then why don't you send a note in the middle of the year if you love those receivers so much? Well, you "just don't love them THAT much"? I see. Do you see how easily a lie becomes a habit? How could "shepherds from afar" follow a star? How did they know where to go? Do you ever feel "silly"? So be it.


With the millions of ones who claim to have been damaged in the WW II Death Camps, is it not likely that at least ONE PERSON would have actually witnessed the chambers--or at the very least--the BUILDINGS!?

Was there a "holocaust" in which 6 million Jews were exterminated or have most people been believing the biggest hogwash lie in human history? A group of scholars, authors, educators and historians met in late 1979 and concluded that the "holocaust" NEVER HAPPENED. How can it be that a decade later the story is even more heinous and presented in ever increasing horror--TO A WORLD WHO IS NOW UNDER LAW TO NOT SO MUCH AS DISAGREE WITH THE LIES.

Let us look at another situation which is equally stupid: AIDS! You make laws upon laws, have demonstrations and make quilts and have total lack of attention to a deadly killer. It is the same thing--make a law that AIDS is not contagious and co-mingling with condoms will cure everything! Why don't you make it a law that anyone who ob-jects to the "orthodox" story be hanged? At the least, given felony imprisonment? You are actually coming to that, chelas.

I want you to take note of something else on the controlled media: Most of the quilt squares shown for sympathy--bear Zionists names. This is to garner sympathy and money for "the cause". Look who defends the "rights" of these infected persons who spread the disease to the undiseased! Contagious killer diseases rarely have selective infection directives--although they have done pretty well so far with AIDS HIV. You had better look at these things because the intent is to get rid of confronting "Jews" first so that there is no rebuttal against the Talmudists. You "Jews" who think you know what you are doing by accepting "Talmudism" without studying the Protocols and the Talmud itself--err greatly for you have no idea what is within those pages. The Torah is that book which guided the original Judaists--right or wrong. The Talmud is a book designed and written by Zionist MEN. There is not even argument about that fact--the point is to clear the planet of every "original Judaist" on the planet. Israel is the most unGodly State on the globe! I suggest you look it up for self.


LOS ANGELES--The 1979 Revisionist Convention, sponsored by the Institute for Historical Review, met at Northrup University and heard the evidence. It can be summed up in the words of Robert Faurisson, a French professor who flew from Lyon to attend: "There were no gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I stake my reputation and career".

At the close of the three-day conference, during which massive evidence was presented, the institute formally offered a reward of $50,000 to anyone who can prove that the Nazis operated gas chambers to kill Jews.

Said Lewis Brandon, executive secretary of the institute: "So many 'holocaust' witnesses have told contradictory stories, reneged on their testimony or been proven to be liars that we believe that the reward will lie unclaimed for a very long time. To make sure that the proper word of the offer is disseminated among interested parties, including claimed 'survivors of Hitler's gas ovens', we intend to forward our offer to all publishers of so-called 'witness books' with the request that the alleged witnesses step forward to have their evidence examined by a panel of academics." (The Institute for Historical Review can be contacted by writing to P.O. Box 1306, Torrance, California, 96505).




The convention--the first of its type ever held anywhere--attracted scholars from Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Mexico and the United States. In addition, 70 laymen and students attended who paid $100 to observe the historic proceedings. The university provided board and room. Guests and speakers ate in the university dining hall and met in the library auditorium. A second convention was planned for the following year.


Dedication of the convention to the memory of Harry Elmer Barnes, the greatest revisionist scholar ever produced in America, was made by his lifelong friend,

Dr. Martin A. Larson. We often have spoken and given honor to Dr. Martin Larson who still writes with great vigor and insight although attempts have been made against his life as late as year before last. Larson extolled the intellectual powers of Barnes, who during his lifetime wrote hundreds of books and pamphlets, many of them revising the official view of the causes of the First and Second World Wars.

Barnes began his career in the fields of sociology, economics and criminology. Because his great intellect was in the early days applied to liberal causes, he was very popular and became prosperous. When he began recognizing the influence of political Zionism in history, he began to suffer the same fate that befalls everyone who ventures into this area.

Barnes was too honest to back down, even when he saw that continuing to tell the truth would badly hurt his career. It was controversial enough for Barnes to prove that Hitler had no intention of invading Britain, much less America, (you must understand that Hitler did not know the British Zionists Banksters controlled both Britain and America), but when he ventured even further into the mass of historical lies which had been pumped out as wartime hate propaganda and began openly questioning the 6-million myth and the part that political Zionism played in the war and in the modern world, things started to happen to him.

Soon, Barnes was being smothered by the well-known "blackout tactics" that the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith is so expert at applying. The usual personal, anonymous rumors and smears which always attack anyone who questions Zionism began to circulate, spread by cowardly colleagues and Zionist agents. We are, in this place, fully aware of these tactics since we encounter the threats at every turn of our experience--from death threats to closing of Radio and TV stations if they allow our speakers on the airwaves. Many people have lost their positions as a result of the bombardment and threats of the ADL. Herein I am speaking in present tense: US!

But Barnes kept going. By the time he died his income had shrunk to royalties he earned from his previous books because no Establishment journal would print any more of his writings.


It is indeed wise to ask God's protection as you embark on this work against the evil adversary--for you don't have any protections to counter those pulse beams and WE DO. BUT--YOU HAVE TO ASK!

"Let this convention be a memorial to this great and courageous man," said Larson. "And let his great spirit, which never was daunted by obstacles or threats, permeate our own work while we are here".


Larson's words were in the minds of the speakers and guests the following day, Saturday, Sept. 1, when the Jewish Defense League (JDL) telephoned the university and threatened to close down the campus "unless those filthy Nazis and anti-Semites are thrown out", to quote the words of Iry Rubin, a JDL leader. Jewish hoodlums were seen circling the university in cars. The following day another JDL terrorist telephoned the university and said that a bomb had been planted close to the auditorium where the convention was taking place. Police were called. They searched the building but not even a booby-trapped bagel was found. Meanwhile, the convention proceeded. The speakers and guests put as much credence in the JDL's threats (there was not even a demonstration) as they did in other Zionist propaganda. You see, these ones will WAIT as long as necessary to REALLY MAKE THEIR POINT.


The equanimity of the attendees of the convention is easy to understand because they are not the type to be intimidated by threats. Each of the speakers at one time or another has been threatened with murder or other physical violence and all of the speakers have suffered tragic professional setbacks because of their unwillingness to capitulate to the forces of Establishment mendacity.

The first speaker, Prof. James J. Martin, alluded to some of his experiences over the years trying to break through the wall of media and academic suppression and distortion. Martin--a protege of Harry Elmer Barnes--had his major work, the two-volume "American Liberalism and World Politics", published in 1964 (by Devin-Adair). This painstakingly-documented work shows how American liberals followed the Communist Party line before and after the German-Soviet peace pact prior to U.S. entry into the war.

After that, Martin wrote and published other valuable revisionist books, such as "Revisionist Viewpoints" and "The Saga of Hog Island". He next wrote on the little-known Rafael Lemkin--the inventor of the "genocide" concept. Martin was certainly considered to be the dean of revisionist scholars after Barnes's death.

Martin pointed out a number of little-known facts in regard to "holocaust" propaganda. "There are two '6-million' atrocity stories," he said. "In Soviet Union propaganda the gassed 6 million are Slays, not Jews. The Kremlin uses the myth to buttress the Soviet policy of keeping Germany divided and disarmed".


Dr. Arthur Butz, author of the highly important work, THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, reviewed highlights of his book and recounted some of the efforts that have been made to keep it off the market, to suppress news of it and to keep him from speaking.

"It's not really a complex subject at all", he said. "I wrote a long book on a simple subject. The Jews in Europe were still there after the war. It's easy to prove; what is difficult is getting people to think--to accept the plain facts. Their minds are set and they don't want to be confused with the facts ".

During the question period which followed, Butz was asked why he wrote the book, which has brought him so much hate and vituperation at Northwestern University, where he is a professor. "I read some books by authors who endorsed the 'holocaust' thesis," he said, "and found so much that was contradictory that I went deeper into the subject. These contradictions bothered me--I couldn't get the subject out of my mind until I had enough facts to form an opinion. After I finally got that far I had so much material that I decided that I might as well make a book out of it, and the result was THE HOAX OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY.

"I've never been able to understand the hostile reaction from Zionist groups", said Butz. "Jews should be elated to discover that large numbers of their people were not deliberately destroyed".

The ADL has stifled the sale of the Butz book; consequently it may only be obtained by mail, unless you can have your bookstore procure it for you. In some places, however, civic groups are putting it in public and college libraries.

I believe George Green can concur with all of this writing--he has received calls recently, telling him that "...you have really done it now, with this new information on the Zionists and the holocaust"! WELL, CHELAS--YOU CAN GO FOREVER AS VICTIM OF THE LIES AND LOSE YOUR FREEDOM--OR YOU CAN STAND TALL AND BRING THE BEAST INTO CONTROL--IT RESTS IN YOUR HANDS AND ACTIONS. THESE JOURNALS ARE NOW BEING "BURNED" BY THE ZIONISTS IN EUROPE AS WELL AS IN AMERICA. I, Hatonn, do not mind the attention because the perpetrators are in a panic at the recognition that GOD HAS SENT FORTH HIS HOSTS AND THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!! I most certainly suggest that you "put your hand in the hand of the man" who has come to show the way!!


From Germany came Udo Walendy, a publisher who has himself authored many books on history and wartime atrocities. Walendy has made a study of "atrocity photographs" and his findings are amazing. He found that in each case the "photo" is either mislabeled, a composite or actually a painting. In one of the most famous cases, for many years a photograph of bodies piled high on a rack was alleged to show victims of the gas-ovens of Dachau. However, two things happened. First, it has been so well established that Dachau never had any gas chambers THAT EVEN THE ZIONISTS NO LONGER TRY TO CLAIM THAT THERE WERE--AND SECOND, THE PICTURE WAS ACTUALLY OF CORPSES OF GERMANS WHO DIED IN THE HORRIBLE SATURATION-BOMBING OF THE UNDEFENDED ART CENTER OF DRESDEN WHEN AT LEAST 200,000 WOMEN, CHILDREN AND OLD MEN WERE SENSELESSLY BURNED TO DEATH OR SUFFOCATED IN THE FIRESTORM CREATED BY ENGLISH AND AMERICAN BOMBERS.

Walendy demonstrated that often light and shadow are contradictory in atrocity "photographs". Often there are two or more versions of the same "photograph" showing minor--but devastating--variations. For instance, a "photograph" showing an alleged pile of shoes is described as taken at Auschwitz. However, a nearly-identical "photograph" has two German soldiers added to the pile. This one is said to have been taken at "the Lublin extermination camp". The photographs are obvious forgeries and probably paintings. Somehow the "originals" or "negatives" are never found or produced. If one questions in the slightest manner the authenticity of this information as it appears, he is immediately labeled "anti-Semite bigot" followed by a refusal to discuss the matter or allow debate of any kind.

"What would one expect from the people who operate Hollywood"? asked Walendy. "They have the means, the ability and obviously the will to confuse and lie to the world with their faked 'evidence' which has brought hundreds of billions of dollars to Zionist coffers".

This is why it is so important and strategic that the PROTOCOLS and MANIFESTO be followed in sequence. To pull off this mass lie--the media and press, as well as the educational centers--MUST BE UNDER TOTAL CONTROL AND GIVEN EXACTLY THE INFORMATION DESIRED FOR THE MASSES. IT HAS WORKED TO NEAR PERFECTION.


From the University of Lyon came Robert Faurisson, a professor of classics who had literally taken his life in his hands since he became interested in exposing the biggest lie of all time. For 19 years prior to this Convention, Faurisson made a detailed, on-the-spot study of the gas chamber myth and categorically states that gas chambers did NOT exist in wartime Europe.

Faurisson pointed out that until 1960 it had been maintained that all of the internment camps (such as Oranienburg, Buchenwald, Dachau, Mauthausen, etc.) had gas chambers. But in that year the "holocaust historians" were forced to admit that NO CAMPS in Germany had gas chambers; "only the ones in Poland did". The falsity of even this reduced claim with pictures has since been proven beyond debate, with pictures from the national Archives of Auschwitz, located in Poland, as well.

This lecturer, who speaks excellent English, discussed the nature of Zyklon-B, the gas allegedly used for the killings. Actually, the gas has been standard in the German Army for more than 70 years as a "delousing" agent. If the Germans had wanted to gas Jews they could have used some of the deadly gas they had stored for retaliation if the Allies had used gas. This human-killing gas is so deadly that a brief exposure on the skin brings instant death. Why do you think you worry about Saddam? Well, it all started through the "allies", funded by the Zionist Elite.

Faurisson explained in detail the problems the Germans would have faced and procedures they would have had to use if they had actually had a program to gas 6 million Jews. The so-called "gas chamber" at Auschwitz is an obvious fraud because it is made of wood, not steel; it has no adequate ventilating devices and it is far too small. It was constructed after the war, not during it. This is even admitted by the Zionists and Communists. IF THE GERMANS HAD TRIED TO USE SUCH A "GAS CHAMBER" THEY WOULD HAVE KILLED THEMSELVES AS WELL AS ANY JEWS.

Faurisson showed a picture of the evacuation of the inmates from Auschwitz on Jan. 17-18, 1945: 60,000 well-fed and healthy prisoners were removed and sent to other camps while some 7,000 other inmates sick with typhus were left behind for the Allied troops. It was these sick and dying prisoners who were photographed by publicists as being the "typical inmates of Auschwitz. Many of the worst pictures were actually from the "Eisenhower" "death camps" after the war when over a million people were starved to death deliberately. Mainly, however, at the onset it was these sick and dying prisoners.

Auschwitz, you must remember, was an important manufacturing center for Germany; it was there that Buna rubber was made from coal--vital for the manufacture of tires. With a great shortage of labor in wartime Europe, the Germans were far more interested in producing material for Hitler's war machine than in gassing potential workers. No people were ever gassed at Auschwitz or any other German internment camp, and there was never any policy of extermination of Jews. The industries, I remind you, were owned by Zionists of the Elite Bankers who were also financing both sides of the war.


Louis FitzGibbon, English author of KATYN--the definitive book on the cold-blooded murder of 14,000 Polish officers by the Soviets--spoke next. FitzGibbon made a deep study of this atrocity, which the Communists tried to blame on the Germans and even tried to convict them for it at Nuremberg. Thanks to the efforts of English and American Stalinist and Communist apologists, the Soviets have ONLY RECENTLY BEEN ISOLATED AS THE PERPETRATORS--HALF A CENTURY AFTER THE FACT. COULD THERE NOT BE OTHER ERRORS IN PROJECTED STORIES? This was, in fact, only a repeat of other Soviet mass-murders inside Russia ever since the Bolshevik takeover in 1917--financed by your own Bankers and Zionists. The picture is not so pretty, is it? I'm sorry--I do not make history--I just bring it to your attention.

During his address, FitzGibbon referred to the Soviets at Vinnitsa, Ukraine, in 1937. Here, some 10,000 Ukrainian leaders were killed in cold blood and buried in a mass grave. The killings at Katyn and two other Polish prison camps followed the successful scenario at Vinnitsa. Do you see how practical of the Soviet Zionists to blame the Germans? Strange thing, is that the German Zionists were basically the AshkeNAZI so-called Jews, also. This is, however, WHY the story could be so well orchestrated and the lie a blanket success. Your own military rulers and Elite politicians were all part and parcel of the whole scenario.

The Establishment anxiously keeps proven Soviet atrocities hidden from the people of the West whereas, on the other hand, the atrocity-propaganda against the German people is kept at full blast even though it has not a grain of truth.


Dr. Austin J. App, for years a tireless writer and scholar who chronicled the truth about the vindictive aftermath of the war, gave the final lecture. He pointed out that no German has ever planned anything as atrocious as the Morgenthau Plan--Roosevelt's official plan to starve 30 million Germans--or numerous other bloodthirsty plans urged by "Talmudists" against Christian Germany. He cited the wartime crime of the expulsion of 14 million Germans from the German Sudetenland (3 million died on the road) as the worst war crime, exceeding even the firebombing of Dresden.

App branded the "re-education" of Germany as unique in history but necessary to make the energetic Germans a slave nation for the support of postwar Communism and Zionism, neither of which can survive without German support. App estimates that Zionist blackmail of Germany has produced about 100 billion German marks for Israel in aid of all sorts, including the entire telephone system of Israel, the rail system, diesel locomotives, boxcars, 59 ocean-going ships, a dry dock, a copper plant, all electrical plants and many other gifts, including a generous pension for every Jew who says he or she "escaped Hitler's gas ovens"--including those who left with all of their property and others who have NEVER EVEN BEEN IN GERMANY! It has been the greatest theft in recorded history--a theft which should be of intense interest to all taxpaying Americans because you, too, are captives of Israeli aggressors--thanks to such hate-mongering organizations as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL).


The ADL is an arm of the state of Israel, illegally operating in the United States as an unregistered agent. Each year it spends millions and also coerces others into doing its bidding free in order to keep the American taxpayers obediently lined up for shearing. Working with the Mossad--Israel's spy network (a part of the Soviet KGB), the ADL operates its own spy-and-dirty-tricks department above the reach of the American government.

The ADL has established iron control over the editorial policies of every daily newspaper, every weekly news magazine, every radio and every television network through its active members who control companies or agencies which buy advertising. The ADL sees to it that American advertisers, many of them unwittingly, are used to blackmail all of the media in America by threatening to withhold advertising unless the desired pro-Israel views are forthcoming. It is easier today because the media is totally controlled and nothing against the "orthodox" views of the Zionists are allowed on the air. Just enough "fringe" data is occasionally "allowed" to be immune from total and obvious control--but it is "shown" at unreasonable times, against other more-viewed showings and/or totally reduced to "no comment" or "allowed follow-up".

The ADL also controls the views of public and political organizations (certainly including politicians and political organizations who are considered "conservative") and candidates for office by making it well known that anyone who dares to take a stand for the taxpayers and against American meddling in the affairs of the Mideast is immediately branded an "anti-Semite" or "Nazi" or "Fascist". Why do you think that the Establishment media and Establishment press continually referred to Saddam Hussein as another "Adolf Hitler"? It is to keep the lie of atrocities dumped on the non-offender and away from the light of day as to just WHO was committing atrocities. I repeat--Saddam Hussein was the ONLY one telling the truth of the Iraq War.

This universal terrorism has silenced all but a very tiny few. In 1979, for instance, there was a lawsuit against the ADL by Liberty Lobby for forcing the Mutual Broadcasting Network to take the Lobby's radio program off the air. Evidence is abundant showing the un-American, police-state methods used by the ADL in its aim of controlling the U.S. and you ones simply seem to refuse to see it.


Leading off the plenary session, where the guests and speakers discussed many of the specific issues relating to the need for dissemination of historical truth, was an Aussie, John Bennett. Bennett is the secretary of the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties which, in Australia, is comparable to the original American Civil Liberties Union before it was swallowed up by the Zionist League groups. Once convinced of the integrity of the "holocaust" myth, Bennett's thinking was reversed.

Bennett allowed as how in Australia as in America and Europe no one will debate the issues but instead will attack the truth-seeker personally. By the way--Australia also now has a law against any question raised against the "orthodox" view of the Zionists. This is called "hate crime" and is a felony and is punishable as such. Even with this in mind, however, Bennett points out that press suppression is worse in the U.S. than in any other country. The only prayer of surviving this dilemma is that Truth is on the side of the "People".

Devin Garrity, president of the noted publishing firm, Devin-Adair Co., traveled from New York to attend. He has been cited as being "indispensable" in the survival of revisionism and truth bringing. His firm, which published books in many areas, has published some of the best books on recent American history, including the uncovering of the lies about Pearl Harbor--an event you are ready to celebrate again--as the LIE. PEARL HARBOR WAS PLANNED AND ORCHESTRATED BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT!

I, and Garrity, point out that international peace is impossible without Truth. Peace "anywhere" is impossible without Truth, no matter how difficult it may be for courageous individuals to stand against official lies. He gave personal memoirs of the great revisionists, including the much-maligned Joseph R. McCarthy, who gave a devastating, book-length speech in the Senate concerning George Marshall. The speech was later published by Garrity as AMERICA'S RETREAT FROM VICTORY.

It is time, dear ones, for the Truth to come forth and, finally, in spite of the seemingly omnipotent opposition of the totality of the Establishment, will be generally accepted and all Americans--including Jews--will be free from the bondage of a ghastly and vile lie which is too onerous to continue to bear.

This is a good place to break this chapter. I will remind you of how those "confessions" were obtained from the German officers for the Nuremberg trials. If you don't get a clear picture of the truth of history--YOU ARE DESTINED TO REPEAT IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN--THIS TIME, HOWEVER, THERE WILL NOT BE AN "AGAIN"! SALU.



TUE., DECEMBER 3, 1991 7:28 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 109



In the wondrous beauty of another gifted day in which to share growth and lessons, may we attend our brothers who may be totally without. There, but for the grace of God, go YOU, my brother! When will you be without? Today? Tomorrow? Or, will you perhaps find insight to walk with God and use that which we are given to bring unto you to see you through this transition and collapse.


I do not single out God's children, one above or below another--for ALL ARE EQUAL AND ALL ARE PRECIOUS. I have, however, been petitioned in desperation and hopelessness, from ones who share a great responsibility and burden of bringing relief unto a shadowed people and a broken land filled with broken dreams and unanswered dances. I ask that this paper go in the very next edition, or, in a special mailing. We must now turn our sharing unto our brother who is in pain in that which is truly "charity", for it must first be recognized "at home" and only then, can it be given beyond.

I am going to petition for the Native American brethren, specifically this day, for those in the Dakotas of North America. Are they "worse off" than others of the tribes? Yes and No. No, because all are suffering, alcohol has swept through the tribes and winter is upon the nation. You who have local tribes--TEND THEM, PLEASE, GIVE OF YOURSELF IF YOU HAVE NAUGHT ELSE. LET US BRING THESE BROTHERS OF OURSELVES BACK INTO OURSELVES FOR WE ARE ALL BUT "ONE"--ALL RELATED WITHIN CREATOR, AND THESE BROTHERS HAVE BEEN GIVEN INTO THE RESPONSIBILITY OF NURTURING OF THAT WHICH IS OUR MOTHER'S (NATURE). They have lost their way and most have forgotten tradition and now, they, like you, are helpless and worse, are freezing and starving. Hard times are upon your lands and people of all creeds and colors. There will only be YOU to tend of one another and God returns that which is given in love and Truth, a hundredfold.


For you who will recognize that Little Crow comes from the Sioux, I hasten to state that what I offer herein is NOT FROM LITTLE CROW NOR DOES HE KNOW OF IT. I DO, HOWEVER, FULLY INTEND TO ASK PERMISSION TO UTILIZE THE MAILING BEFORE I ASK PRINTING IN THE LIBERATOR. If you are reading this then you can know that we have received his permission--we tread not on another's tradition. However, I cannot wait to speak with him lest the mailing not be ready for the printing and ones perish from our dawdling. I shall also ask Little Crow to share with us a message for brothers, it is time that God's ancient ones will rise again and show you the way again into balance for they bear the oral tradition of that balance and harmony which the visitors (most of you) to the planet have long forgotten and cast aside. Now, you have abused and cast aside the very brothers who can show you the path, and called them "Pagan" (heathens). Shame is your cloak for so-doing for they are not "pagan", they revere each fragment of God's gift of Creation and give honor unto each as a "relation" as meaningful as self. They do not "worship" water, wind, rocks or air, stars, sun or moon--THEY HONOR THOSE PROJECTIONS OF CREATOR. Yes, ones have taken the tradition and dishonored it--but, who has not may well be qualified to "cast the first stone". I ask you to think upon these things and then when enough of you are ready to "receive" and "hear"--we shall make available Truth of the ancient tribes as brought down through the oral tradition by one who is given the task of making the recording for this time of passage, a responsibility beyond all--to give only TRUTH for this ending/beginning cycle of Mother/Father Creator/Creation. So be it, Mitakuye Oyasin and AHO!

Dharma, please reprint the letter from the American Indian Relief Council. I can do no more than offer it unto your hearts. Please let it be a reminder of sharing and that which the brotherhood of this Season is "really" about and may you be prompted to reach out a hand unto those who suffer and have no place unto which to turn for they have been imprisoned by the very ones who now come to imprison YOU and YOU didn't realize it. They have no limits as to a "Christmas Day"--their need is now until - - - -!

Then, I ask that a council be formed with the brothers of the brown man, red man, etc., and see how and where we can utilize the newly designed "dome housing". It shall be perfect for our brothers who already form their hogans to honor the directions of manifestation. I ask that Little Crow and Cesar join with the builders and let us demand help in return from those who have "taken by the gun" that we might bring shelter unto as many as we can cause to be built--we must start with that first step and then we can move into bringing esteem again unto the people of this nation and then other nations and so on--. It can only begin with YOU!



P.O. BOX 6200

Rapid City, SD 57709-9979

(David G. Myers, President), and,

(Alex "Little Soldier" Lunderman)

My Good Friend: [H: I am honored for this is truth—not the dishonor of one, North, who lies in order to USE me.]

Will you consider sharing your family Christmas celebrations, in spirit, with the people of the Sioux Nation this year by placing the enclosed Family Prayer Card in your midst when you sit down to Christmas dinner? [H: I am sorry that there is no card included, for none got as far as this desk of my scribe. However, I shall ask Little Crow to give us a message which will join us in spirit as we "gather" or sit for a silent moment to share petition unto Grandfather Creator for our gifted blessings.]

I've had [for those who received an original petition] inscribed on the Prayer Card in recognition of the fact that you are one of the most loyal friends the Native American people have today.

Sadly, very few non-Indians out here in "Indian Country" would ever invite a Native American to share a holiday gathering in their home. It "just isn't done".

Even if only in spirit, I ask that you would ask and welcome the Native American Friends at your table even if only in spirit of brotherhood.

I am asking you to do that, please.

Please place the message at the center of your table when you and your family gather in your Christmas sharing.

Please say the little prayer on the card to untie your family, in spirit, with the thousands of Native families who have so little, in the material sense, but who share with you the same peace and joy that you and your family are celebrating. I ask especially this day for the Sioux and the Northern tribes for many shall not make it through this winter.

If a child or grandchild should ask you what it's all about...please tell them what you know about the Native Americans, what a noble and dignified people they are, and about the obligation to help and share with those less fortunate than selves and how these blessed ones have not had the gifts available to rise above that which has binded them. That would really be a "Christmas" lesson with meaning.

My wife Bernice and I will have a Family Prayer Card on our table when we sit down to Christmas dinner, or any meal, at the little apartment we've just moved into in Rapid City, South Dakota.

We've moved out here to be closer to the Native American People we serve through the American Indian Relief Council. Our daughter won't be with us for Christmas. She is still working "back East". But she will be with us "in spirit", just like our "adopted family" will be--all the friends we've made on the Sioux reservations and among the "City Indians" here in Rapid City.

We'll pray for them, because we know that most will not share our good fortune in enjoying a hearty Christmas dinner in a warm apartment.

The winter winds are already blowing strong out here across the Native Country. It is bitter cold right now, and it's going to get even colder as we move into December and January.

Temperatures 20 and 30 degrees below zero are common during the winter months. Some nights it goes down to 70 below! We have already had snow this year. It will probably stay until April--often 2 or 3 feet deep for weeks upon weeks at a time.

Here in Rapid City, a lot of the Indians have no home at all to go to in this weather. They come to the city looking for work and a better life and they find themselves homeless and hungry. You can see whole families, including little children and elderly Grandmas and Grandpas, huddled up in their blankets in doorways and under bridges--anyplace they can find a little shelter from the cutting wind--like hoboes in the Great Depression.

I'm old enough to remember something of those days. Tragically, for a lot of Indians, living conditions like the Great Depression aren't a memory--they're an everyday reality.

And almost worse than the cold is the "third class citizen" treatment the Indians still get so often.

A hundred years ago, the Sioux were a proud people living free on the Great Plains. Today they're welfare dependents, exploited in so many ways--the "welfare" does not cover the bare needs to sustain life in most instances.

I've seen stores in "Indian Country" where they double grocery prices on the first of the month because they know that is when some Indians get their meager government checks! This is also true in all the "ghetto" communities where the need is greatest for the discount markets--and yet there are none, no choices.

What an eye-opener! When I started the American Indian Relief Council I was sure we could make a big difference because, once they knew the facts, everybody would want to help.

But I was wrong! Not very many are generous and caring. I guess a lot of people just don't want to admit to themselves that some people could be as bad off as the Indians, in the midst of our prosperous society.

I wish some of those people could just spend a couple of days with me on a Sioux Reservation. If they visited right now, I'm sure they wouldn't believe the cold--bone-chilling cold day and night for weeks on end without relief. There are no shelters to move into even temporarily--there are not even heat escape vents for there are no sidewalks, train stations, cardboard boxes or even grocery store carts to hold your possessions.

We take central heat and warm clothes for granted. The Indians can't. Many houses on the Reservations have NO HEAT AT ALL. One of the most beneficial things the Council has ever done was when we purchased some chain saws and log splitters for a group of Sioux who wanted to go into business supplying firewood. Now we can turn a $15 donation into a whole cord of firewood for a family that might otherwise freeze if they didn't have it...because they can't afford the $80 to $100 per cord for government-subsidized firewood!

In fact, a lot of Indian families can't even afford to buy their children reasonably warm winter clothes to wear to school. I've seen Sioux children on the street in mid-winter without shoes. They outgrew the last pair they had and their parents have no money to buy new ones.

I've been through hard winters, and I know you have, too. But have you ever watched a mother burning the last of her furniture to keep her children from freezing? That happens in the Sioux Nation.

Please help me. Please--help me! To most of us, the winter holidays means home, warmth, family and love. Christmas means sharing and all the things of joy and "having". It means the same to the American Indians! Even though most of them don't even have a warm home to go to this Christmas. This is the hardest winter remembered, to our people.

Please use the prayer reminder because in the long run it is our prayers for one another that will make the most difference. If you can help in a material way, we are humble in our thanks but it will be the prayers that will bring unity and hope and finally, dignity.

Please, I beg of you to look into your heart and stretch your generosity to the limit and a bit beyond, to assist us with at least the children and the elderly. The young and the elderly. The babies and the old folks. They're always the hardest hit by a cruel winter.

[H: I am not going to print more of the letter--you will help or you will not and I cannot ask a man to beg for that which should flow in love and abundance. I will close this with a statement from Alex Little Soldier, who speaks in behalf of the integrity of Dave Myers. I would only ask that you all remember the horror of Wounded Knee so recently ill-conceived and blatantly bashed upon these honorable people by the government. If you do not start HERE--where shall you begin?]


Alex "Little Soldier" Lunderman

Ring Thunder, South Dakota

Dear Friend:

When I was President of my Tribe, I came to know Dave Myers very well. I don't know of any private organization that has done more for the Sioux people than the American Indian Relief Council.

From major projects like distributing turkeys at Thanksgiving or giving three ambulances to the Emergency Medical Service...to everyday needs like getting firewood to an elderly widow's cabin in the middle of Winter...Dave Myers and the A.I.R.C. have always been there when the Sioux people have needed help.

The Holiday Season is upon us and for most Americans, it is a time of celebration, peace and joy. But for many of us Indians, it's hard to celebrate when the snow is falling, it's 20 or 30 below zero, and you can't heat your house or give your children a decent meal because you have no job.

This is the time of year when the A.I.R.C.'s help is needed most by the Native American people.

Please help Dave Myers help us. I know how careful Dave is with every penny. And, believe me, I know how desperately needed your gifts are, both among the "City Indians" as well as for us here on the Reservations.

May the Great Father bless you,

Alex "Little Soldier" Lunderman



If you have a coat, a tool, a blanket, tarps and rope--anything that can help even ONE make it through the winter, send it. Funds can be received and I shall also ask that Little Crow accept funds in behalf of the Sioux and he can direct them personally. Please, however, do not send packages intended for the Dakotas to him, for it is far too costly to forward them. There is need, however, in his own gathering circle so most certainly, I place no limitations upon you and your own choices. I shall ask him for a statement regarding this matter.

Thank you, chelas, for allowing me to share this message and petition--for when a brother comes in honest petition as unto a "friend" there IS NO GREATER HONOR UPON YOU--AND IT IS TIME TO COME BACK INTO THAT "KNOWING" AS MUCH.

Dharma, take this from the machine and allow us to get on with our work. Blessings are unto all who see and hear. Salu.



TUE., DECEMBER 3, 1991 10:01 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 109


I believe that today is a good time to begin to speak of the "trials" of Germans who were executed for that which they DID NOT DO. In the name of "revenge" a massive movement became the show of the day at Nuremberg. But the "Holocaust" lies never stopped nor did the haunting and incredible atrocities against innocent people who were "fingered" as villains from that "holocaust".

I am going to write about this matter now and ask that this portion be placed in the paper as well because it speaks for itself.


I ask you to take careful note of this information for it will not be run on the front page of your Establishment newspaper or make CNN's Special Report. These false accusers have now destroyed another innocent life without even an apology for the action. Retired Cleveland autoworker, JOHN DEMJANJUK, deported to Israel to face execution as a "war criminal", was framed by the Soviets and Israelis, and those defending him have been smeared as "anti-Semites". NOW THE TRUTH CAN NO LONGER BE SUPPRESSED, AND THE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA IS ADMITTING ITS "MISTAKE"!

I have been sent a publication article regarding this matter and I think it better to have it reprinted. I spoke on this particular case at great length long ago and said the man was innocent and a heinous crime was in committing and now you have truth finally flowing from under the cracks in the doors of the liar's dens. I see not how you people can do this to each other nor how you can sit by and allow of it!


Since the start of the tragedy that has engulfed John Demjanjuk, there has been little truth in reporting. No one, save a small paper or two, printed anything regarding the serious deficiencies which existed in the case brought against him by the state of Israel. Now the Establishment press has suddenly discovered those same flaws.

The Washington Post reported on November 17 (1991) that NEW EVIDENCE uncovered over a year ago in the files of the Soviet KGB secret police shows Demjanjuk is just what he claimed: wrongly accused of being "Ivan the Terrible", a brutal prison camp guard in Poland during World War II.

Demjanjuk is the retired autoworker from Cleveland whose naturalized American citizenship was stripped from him by a Justice Department eager to do Israel's bidding, and which shipped him to the Mideast State for trial in 1986, even though it was clear a death sentence was already planned.

Demjanjuk is specifically accused of having been a sadistic camp guard at the German-run Treblinka camp during World War II. However, long-suppressed interviews of 21 Treblinka guards conducted by the KGB between 1944 and 1961 found the guard was another man altogether, named Ivan Marchenko. And a 1940's photograph identified by one of the guards as being that of "Ivan" is CLEARLY NOT DEMJANJUK.


Even the Post concedes Demjanjuk's conviction in 1988 by an Israeli court of "crimes against humanity"--and his death sentence--were fallaciously based on largely circumstantial evidence that was itself contradictory. For example, one key document was a German identity card showing he had worked at two other camps; the other was the claim by five elderly former inmates of the Treblinka camp that Demjanjuk was stationed there as a guard.

But despite the revelation of new evidence, at least one longtime Demjanjuk supporter doubts the retired autoworker will ever see justice prevail.

"They had all the proof that in a normal, humane society would be needed to exonerate the man", said Jerry Brentar, who has served as an investigator on the Demjanjuk defense team for more than a decade.

"The man is 100 percent innocent," he added. "The only thing the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations has to hang their hat on is Damjanjuk put down on immigration papers in 1948 that he was never in the army", hardly a capital crime.

Demjanjuk's credibility was damaged, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled, because he had denied having worked as a camp guard and because he had used the name Marchenko when he applied in 1948 for a U.S. visa at Stuttgart, Germany. Not surprisingly, Demjanjuk believed he would be denied entrance to the United States by admitting he served in the German army, no matter that he was a captured Soviet army soldier who might not have had a choice in the matter.

As to the visa issue, Demjanjuk was told to list his mother's maiden name, but said later he had forgotten it. So he used Marchenko, a common Ukrainian name, not realizing this would come back to haunt him.


Demjanjuk's Israeli defense attorney, Yoram Sheftel, presented the KGB files to Israel's Supreme Court in August, and the justices have promised to issue a ruling in the case this month. However, prosecuting attorney Michael Shaked told the court how Demjanjuk could still be found guilty (and executed).

Shaked said, in essence, that even if Demjanjuk were not Ivan the Terrible, he should be found guilty, instead, of war crimes for being stationed at German camps at Trawniki and Sobibor. There was no evidence submitted to show the now 71-year-old Demjanjuk had done anything more than guard the facility, as did many other Soviet soldiers taken prisoner and later pressed into service by German authorities.

The Post report on Demjanjuk's three-year-long wait for execution conceded Israel's Supreme Court could face serious problems by authorizing a hanging in the face of such contradictory "evidence". However, the Post also quoted Tom Segev, identified as a journalist who covered the Demjanjuk trial for a Tel Aviv newspaper, as saying the original guilty verdict handed down "was more a part of the literature of Jewish lamentation than a sober legal document".

Brentar said the Israelis clearly are NOT interested in justice.


Today the Ukraine seems to become a "free" nation but here you have a Ukrainian-AMERICAN ready to go to death for a crime he COULD NOT HAVE COMMITTED --at the hands of the Zionist Israelis. AMERICA, HOW CAN YOU SIT BY AND ALLOW THIS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE TO ONE OF YOUR OWN CITIZENS? HOW CAN YOU BEAR THIS ON YOUR CONSCIENCE?

I can only ask that the Constitutional Law Center and/or the Common Law Service Center find out what you can, and at least we can make objection and loud outcry--we cannot sit and do nothing! The prestige of the Constitutional Law Center bears gaining of attention. The family of this man has struggled about as far as they can go. This has already happened to another of your countrymen and the effort did not come in time. May God have mercy for you have so long been blind.

Will anyone reading this document who knows anything of this case, please contact Rick Martin at the America West address. If something is not done to STAY this action, the results will be deadly and after this month will be too late in all probability.


Now let us turn our attention to another heinous killer at loose--this one is High-Tech ammunition which is yet another legacy of the Persian Gulf War; high-tech ammunition left behind by U.S. forces, fashioned from spent uranium, is slowly poisoning the region.

The spreading contamination of the radioactive debris, left behind by U.S. forces after the Gulf War, keeps on killing civilians in the region, with an estimated 500,000 additional deaths expected by the end of the decade. This comes from a "top-secret" scientific report leaked by an insider.

A senior UN diplomat who represents a major nation of the Arabian peninsula stated, "Our air, our water, the soil, the food chain--everything--has been poisoned. My government supported the military intervention against Iraq, but now many of us wish we had opposed it".

The concern voiced by this veteran foreign affairs official and numerous of his UN colleagues, who always go "unheard" and certainly "unpublished", has been prompted by a recent top-secret study of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) distributed to Gulf diplomats with high security clearances in mid-November.

The study, researched and compiled by an IAEA task force of largely British and French scientists, reveals intense artillery, armor and air attacks last February by U.S.-led coalition forces using so-called subatomic ammunition left behind some 50,000 tons of radioactive and toxic rubble in Kuwait and Iraq.

The Bush administration is, “desperately trying to suppress this survey” asserted an Arab UN delegate. "We cannot let that happen; our nations face genocidal catastrophe unless we sound an alarm". To break the cover-up of the IAEA report, Middle Eastern diplomats arranged access to a copy of the study, on the understanding that the identity of these sources would remain protected, and that no duplicates of the highly sensitive text were made.


Estimates are that during the brief but intense combat phase of the Gulf War U.S. ground forces fired between 5,000 and 6,000 advanced, armor-piercing shells known as depleted uranium (DU) rounds. (And all the while you didn't realize you were already IN A NUCLEAR WAR--YOURS!)

In addition, American and British aircraft on anti-tank and combat support missions launched "perhaps 10 times as many" rockets and projectiles made of depleted uranium at enemy targets.

DU ammunition, developed in tightly guarded secrecy by U.S. and British defense contractors during the mid-1980's, contains an exceptionally hard, dense core of U-238.

These projectiles are "the best tank killers we've ever seen", said Lt. Col. Vincent Macchi, a combat commander in the Gulf campaign who now works as a Pentagon operations analyst.

"The trouble is, we've never used DU ammo before, and we had no idea what the aftereffect would be", Macchi added.

To determine the long-range impact of this new war-fighting technology, physicists and decontamination specialists from the Royal Atomic Energy Authority, the British affiliate of the IAEA, conducted a series of secret field tests and surveys in the Gulf during August and September.

They found shell fragments, uranium dust and other debris left behind by the "firestorm" of high-tech shells fired during the February campaign are generating enough radiation to present a "serious, and ultimately lethal health hazard" to large population masses in the region.

A computer analysis of these field tests and "on-site" findings by the Radiological Protection Unit of the IAEA has come up with the grim estimate "at its present level, the contamination, radiation and other health hazards generated by shell fragments and similar debris is sufficient to cause some 500,000 deaths among the civilian population of the region" within the next few years, 10 at most.

This is a stunning forecast, chelas. This has prompted the IAEA to add an appendix to its findings urging all bomb removal and cleanup crews in the affected areas be provided with protective clothing and other anti-radiation safeguards "before they commence another day's work". It also prompted a "top-secret" designation on the information.

But the Bush administration, though "shocked and staggered" by the IAEA's findings, views them as a "dangerous challenge", one White House source interviewed privately--has disclosed.

The reason: Any public admission about the long-range threat presented by DU ammunition may lead to a call for international treaties banning such genocidal sub-atomic armaments from future warfare.

For the moment, Bush and his top advisers are simply trying to "sit on the IAEA report and play for time" until they "come up with a way to circumvent it", related this knowledgeable observer.

This, however, may not prove an acceptable response for the masses of civilians who face deteriorating health, cancer and kidney failure along with other ailments, and in the end untimely death, until the Bush administration finds the courage to face the consequences of its military intervention in the Gulf.

Now, let me give you some pretty bad news regarding this "accidental" genocide. The morals as projected by this part of the world is not suitable for the spread of AIDS, etc., as readily as in other places where depopulation is desired. This is just more form of weakening the population of your globe to more easily cause all to come within the One World Elite. You are going to have to face this nightmare, dear ones, lest you all perish in the whirlwind. Salu



THU., DECEMBER 5, 1991 10:39 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 111



As we sit to pen--late this day--I am awash in what's, why's and wherefore's, which, I shall not allow you to "get away with"! Must you be blown away in order to see what is happening to your world? I shall give you a few "behind the scenes" facts and then you may, rather, sit and be thankful that your eyes see and your ears still hear.

You can check "this one out" if you have some high-ranking military personnel on your "insider listings". WE HAVE THIS ANNOUNCEMENT CONFIRMED BY OUR INSIDE SOURCES WHO SEEM TO BE BLOWN AWAY THAT WE WOULD HAVE THE INFORMATION! Uh-humm-nn! YOUR MILITARY HAS BEEN PLACED TODAY ON THE HIGHEST STATE OF ALERT--EVER!!! I suggest you walk most gently, friends, with your denials and denouncements--because you are in REAL TROUBLE!


First, however, I am going to thank my crew for I am touched warmly as I watch you. For you readers: The ones here have already set into motion a warm clothes gathering center for our Dakota brethren. It comes at a time when, chelas, the area of the Dakotas and Minnesota are having the coldest weather the regions have ever remembered. God blesses you richly for that which you share for it shall come back unto you many, many-fold.


This message has nothing to do with the above but I want to share it with you right here before we go further in the uncovering and alerts.

GREETINGS: Never before have we seen or experienced such powerful examples of the natural balances of the universe. It is what is referred to as the process of "duality" in the oral traditions of the Dakota/Lakota people.

Looking around the world, our sensitivities are shocked by the continuing inhumanity of human against human. Racial hatreds submerged and colored with the paints of fear, logic, greed and ignorance.

I encourage you who seek the essence of your spiritual paths and self-fulfilling realities, not to forget or detach from the present. Your energy, faith, and hope are needed now more than ever. Be steadfast in your inner Truths with the realization that your “joys” and "pains" are the same--just in a different form. In changing one's self we will see others differently for they are just a reflection of ourselves.


Little Crow



Note the interesting story going along with yesterday's news--for today the incident is old--and wasn't even "due" until today. The reports will be so confusing that you won't know what you've witnessed even after you have a report. There are several stories rampant regarding that "thing" due in at 10:30 a.m. your Earth time--today, the 5th. This public discussion of it came forth yesterday which seems strange to me. Next, the times have changed some three times and one predicts the incident next Tuesday. Officials and scientists still do not know WHAT IT IS other than it is "not of Earth" (such as a rocket booster as first predicted) but, rather, has to be from outer space--small and now in Earth ORBIT and "really moving", is the way one reporter described it. But not to worry--they say "it won't strike Earth or the Moon" and it "must be a meteorite". Moreover, "next year there will be a much bigger one". Good grief, chelas. Pay attention.

The Israelites postponed their visit to the Council until next Monday or Tuesday! The Russian element--who doesn't want Israel to participate--has the cosmospheres and can control those "UFObjects". Do you think the Hostages "were just simply released?" Chelas, the lies and hidden workings are so intense that I realize you can't keep up--nor do you need to keep up to the minute--just don't be foolish about the mega-scenes.


There were at least two warning quakes down south in California--toward San Diego where you don't have many quakes! This is a far longer day for we who see the happenings than it obviously is for you ones--so please just stay alert, this day is far from over.


Here is an Associated Press writing which didn't make it to your news desks or papers in its full intent and facts. I think you had better read it carefully and check "between the lines".

MOSCOW: AP 12/03 ('91) 09:19 EST V0903--President Mikhail Gorbachev issued a dramatic appeal Tuesday for preserving the nation, warning of possible warfare and a "catastrophe for all mankind" if the Soviet Union disintegrates.

"Without the union, there will be an eternal erosion of our society as a whole", Gorbachev said in his written appeal, portions of which were released by his spokesman, Andrie Grachev.

The statement was distributed to lawmakers across the nation who are weighing approval of the Union Treaty, Gorbachev's plan to hold the nation together.

The appeal came the day after officials in the Ukraine announced that voters in the key republic had overwhelmingly approved a referendum on independence.

The Ukraine's newly elected President, Leonid Kravchuk, has said he will not sign the Union Treaty. Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin has said that if the Ukraine does not sign, his republic won't sign either.

Gorbachev was scheduled to read his appeal on national television later tonight. It represented one of his last-ditch attempts to save the union and what little remained of his dwindling authority.

Legislators must approve the treaty without delay because "time is precious" according to the appeal.

Gorbachev warned that the disintegration of the Soviet Union has gone beyond "any reasonable limits and has become destructive in its character".

Not signing the Union Treaty will lead to "dire consequences", his statement said. "The disintegration will even be fraught with wars".

"This could be a catastrophe for all mankind," Gorbachev said.

"The distance between the republics will grow wider and wider and the economic situation will get worse and worse".

But Gorbachev took pains to point out that the Union Treaty would not mean a return to the old Kremlin-style of central authority.

"I'm not speaking about a revival of the old center. ...We cannot go back to that", his statement said.

He said he was talking about a new state, one in which "we will be partners and we will cooperate and help each other. I am for a new, confederative, democratic union of states".


I am now flooded with input regarding the Khazars as well as historical data and "integration with Zionists", etc. I still receive total denial of such a group as well. Therefore, I shall ask Dharma to reprint a letter (in part) from a Canadian friend who simply went to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol 13, page 362. It seemed to be a brief way to establish whether or not these people existed and approximately when. There was shock to find that there was actually quite a write-up, and it is herein shared with all. After all, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is Elite-established and controlled so it becomes even more interesting at what is said herein. It is also the Elite of the Encyclopedias.


KHAZARS (Known by many names but predominantly as Chozars, Akatziroi, Khazirs, Khwalisses, and Ugri Bielli). An ancient people who occupied a prominent place amongst the secondary powers of the Byzantine state-system. They were the organizers of the transit between the Black Sea and the Caspian, the universal carriers between East and West. The area under their control varied greatly, but the normal Khazaria may be taken as the area between the Caucasus, the Volga, and the Don, with the outlying province of the Crimea (Little Khazaria).

History--Amidst the white race of the steppe the Khazars can be first historically distinguished at the end of the 2nd Century A.D. They burst into Armenia with the Barsileens, A.D. 198. They were repulsed and attacked in turn. The pressure of the nomads of the steppe, the quest of plunder or revenge, these seem the only motives of these early expeditions; but in the long struggle between the Roman and Persian empires, of which Armenia was often the battlefield, and eventually the prize, the attitude of the Khazars assumed political importance. Armenia inclined to the civilization and ere long to the Christianity of Rome, whilst her Aracid princes maintained an inveterate feud with the Sassanids of Persia. It became, therefore, the policy of the Persian kings to call in the Khazars in every collision with the empire (200-350). During the 4th century, however, the growing power of Persia culminated in the annexation of eastern Armenia. The Khazars, endangered by so powerful a neighbour, passed from under Persian influence into that remote alliance with Byzantium which thenceforth characterized their policy, and they aided Julian in his invasion of Persia (363).

Simultaneously with the approach of Persia to the Caucasus the terrible empire of the Huns sprang up among the Ugrians of the northern steppes. The Khazars, straitened on every side, remained passive till the danger culminated in the accession of Attila (434). The emperor, Theodosius, sent envoys to bribe the Khazars to divert the Huns from the empire by an attack upon their flanks but there was a Hunnic party amongst the Khazar chiefs. The design was betrayed to Attila, and he extinguished the independence of the nation in a moment. Khazaria became the appanage of his eldest son and the centre of government amongst the eastern subjects of the Hun (448). Even the iron rule of Attila was preferable to the time of anarchy that succeeded it. Upon his death (454) the wild immigration which he had arrested revived. The Khazars and the Sarogours (i.e., White Ogors, possibly the Barsileens of the Volga delta) were swept along in a flood of mixed Tartar peoples which the conquests of the Avars had set in motion. The Khazars and their companions broke through the Persian defences of the Caucasus (457). They appropriated the territory up to the Kur and the Aras, and roamed at large through Iberia, Georgia and Armenia. The Persian King implored the Emperor, Leo I., to help him defend Asia Minor at the Caucasus (457) but Rome was herself too hard pressed, nor was it for 50 years that the Khazars were driven back and the Pass of Derbent fortified against them (507).

Throughout the 6th century Khazaria was the mere highway for the wild hordes to whom the Huns had opened the passage into Europe, and the Khazars took refuge (like the Venetians from Attila) amongst the 70 mouths of the Volga. The conquering Turks followed in their footsteps (560-80). They beat down all opposition, wrested even Bosporus in the Crimea from the empire, and by the annihilation of the Ephthalites completed the ruin of the White Race of the plains from the Oxus to the Don. The empires of Turks and Avars, however, ran swiftly their barbaric course, and the Khazars rose out of the chaos to more than their ancient renown. They issued from the land of Barsilia, and extended their rule over the Bulgarian hordes left masterless by the Turks, compelling the more stubborn to migrate to the Danube (641). The agricultural Slays of the Dnieper and the Oka were reduced to tribute, and before the end of the 7th century the Khazars had annexed the Crimea, had won complete command of the Sea of Azov, and seizing upon the narrow neck which separates the Volga from the Don, had organized the portage which has continued since an important link in the traffic between Asia and Europe. The alliance with Byzantium was revived. Simultaneously, and no doubt in concert, with the Byzantine campaign against Persia (589), the Khazars had reappeared in Armenia, though it was not till 625 that they appear as Khazars in the Byzantine annals. They are then described as "Turks from the East", a powerful nation which held the coasts of the Caspian and the Euxine, and took tribute of the Viatitsh, the Severians and the Polyane. The khakan, enticed by the promise of an imperial princess, furnished Heraclius with 40,000 men for his Persian war, who shared in the victory over Chosroes.

Meanwhile the Muslim empire had arisen. The Persian empire was struck down (637), and till the decay of the Mohammedan empire, Khazaria, with all the other countries of the Caucasus, paid an annual tribute of children and of corn (737-861). Nevertheless, though overpowered in the end, the Khazars had protected the plains of Europe from the Mohammedans and made the Caucasus the limit of their conquests.

In the interval between the decline of the Mohammedan empire and the rise of Russia, the Khazars reached the zenith of their power. The merchants of Byzantium, Armenia and Baghdad met in the markets of Itil (whither, since the raids of the Mohammedans, the capital had been transferred from Semender) and traded for the wax, furs, leather, and honey that came down from the Volga. So important was this traffic held at Constantinople that, when a portage from the Don was endangered by the irruption of a fresh horde of Turks (the Petchenegs), the emperor, Theophillus, himself despatched the materials and workmen to build for the Khazars a fortress impregnable to their forays (834). Famous as the one stone structure in that stone-less region, the post became known far and wide amongst the hordes of the steppe as Sar-kel or the WHITE ABODE. Merchants from every nation found protection and good faith in the Khazar cities.

[H: ok, pay attention now!] The Jews, expelled from Constantinople, sought a home amongst them, developed the Khazar trade, and contended with Mohammedans and Christians for the theological allegiance of the Pagan people. The dynasty accepted Judaism (c 740), but there was tolerance for all, and each man was held amenable to the authorized code, and to the official judges of his own faith. At the Byzantine court the khakan was held in high honour. The emperor, Justinian Rhinotmetus, took refuge with him during his exile and married his daughter (702). Justinian's rival, Vardanes, in turn sought an asylum in Khazaria, and in Leo IV (775) the grandson of a Khazar sovereign ascended the Byzantine throne. Khazar troops were amongst the bodyguard of the imperial court; they fought for Leo VI against Simeon of Bulgaria; and the khakan was honoured in diplomatic intercourse with the seal of three solidi, which marked him as a potentate of the first rank, above even the pope and the Carolingian monarchs. Indeed, his dominion became an object of uneasiness to the jealous statecraft of Byzantium, and Constantine Porphyrogenitus, writing for his son's instruction in the government, carefully enumerates the Alans, the Petchenegs, the Uzes, and the Bulgarians as the forces he must rely on to restrain it.

It was, however, from a power that Constantine did not consider, that the overthrow of the Khazars came. The arrival of the Varagians [H: Remember, Varagians is one of the names attached to the Khazars.] amidst the scattered Slays (862) had united them into a nation. [H: Do you now begin to see WHY in Russia it was pronounced that the holocaust consisted of the exterminations of "Slavs" and not "Jews"? You see, the point is that the Zionists are the Khazars and hated for their evil ways all over the European continent as they absorbed into and usurped everything and nation they became integrated within. Believe me, chelas, this dissertation is absolutely as mild as they could possibly make it and yet, even so, it confirms the points I have given you. It is not to say "I told you so"; it is for the purpose in writing such whitewashed historical data which was unable to be totally erased, so that you will become more comfortable with the "hosts" as we come forth with the WORD. We do not come to scare, rattle bones, fear-monger and/or terrify you--we come only to awaken you to your circumstance before it is beyond the absolute point of NO RETURN.]

The advance of the Petchenegs from the East gave the Russians their opportunity. Before the onset of those fierce invaders the precarious suzerainty of the khakan broke up. By calling in the Uzes, the Khazars did, indeed, dislodge the Petchenegs from the position they had seized in the heart of the kingdom, between the Volga and the Don, but only to drive them inwards to the Dnieper. The Hungarians, severed from their kindred and their rulers, migrated to the Carpathians, whilst Oleg, the Russ prince of Kiev, passed through the Slav tribes of the Knieper basin with the cry "Pay nothing to the Khazars" (884). The kingdom dwindled rapidly to its ancient limits between the Caucasus, the Volga, and the Don, whilst the Russian traders of Novgorod and Kiev supplanted the Khazars as the carriers between Constantinople (Istanbul) and the North. When Ibn Fadlan visited Khazaria 40 years later, Itil was even then a great city, with baths and market places and 30 mosques. But there was no domestic product or manufacture; the kingdom depended solely upon the now precarious transit dues, and administration was in the hands of a major domus also called khakan. [H: It has always been that these people support themselves at the expense and extortion of others just as they do this day in 1991.] At the assault of Swiatoslav of Kiev the rotten fabric crumbled into dust. His troops were equally at home on land and water. Sarkel, Itil, and Semender surrendered to him (965-969). He pushed his conquests to the Caucasus and established Russian colonies upon the Sea of Azov. The principality of Tmutarakan, founded by his grandson, Mstislav (988), replaced the kingdom of Khazaria, the last trace of which was extinguished by a joint expedition of Russians and Byzantines (1016). [H: It is so very important to recognize that these ones do not and did not "just vanish". They simply took up new names for selves which would deceive the "neighbors", changed the name of the government but not the practices thereof and under new "cover" continued in the same deceitful manner as they had for eons.]

BIBLIOGRAPHY: KHAZAR: The letter of King Joseph to R Hasdal Ibn Shaprut, first published by J. Akrish, Kol Mebasser (1577), [H: From whence comes "Kol" in vows such as "Kol Nidre" and also just about a century later was when the term "Jew" was created to label these people.] and often reprinted in editions of Jehuda ha-Levi's Kuzari. German translations by Zedner (1840), and Cassel, Magyar, Alterth. (1848); French by Carmoly, Rev. Or. (1841). Arabic: The Account of Ibn Fadlan (921) is preserved by Yakut, ii. 436 seq. Frachn, "Veteres" Mem. de St. Pet. (1844); Dufremery, Journ. As. (1840); Russian: the Chronicle, ascribed to Nestor.

Modern: Klaproth, "Mem. sur les Khazars", in Journ. As. Ist series, vol iii; ib, Tableau hist. de l'Asie (1823); ib, Tabl. hist. de Caucases (1827); memoirs on the Khazars by Harkavy: and by Howorth Congres. Intern des Orientalistes, vol ii; D'Ohson, Peuples du Caucase (1828); S. Drauss, "Zur Geschichte der Chazaren", in Revue orientale pour les etudes Ourals-altaiques (1900).


Thank you "Canada". I certainly understand the request to keep your name and address unprinted for the Khazarians are the same as the Zionist Jews and speaking out about the deceit will only bring charges of anti-Semitism and "hate crime" against you if intercepted in the mail--and by the way, mail IS intercepted for this very purpose. You see, readers, in Canada to speak about "Jews" and "Zionists" is a "hate crime" felony offense. You are next, America!

Dharma, I have another paper to write but I think we had better leave it until next edition so that this can be gotten into the proper hands hastily. Thank you.

Please, all of you, stay alert for these few days right now are indeed treacherous. Thank you for responding promptly. It is difficult to see if verbal negotiations and capitulations will postpone actions or not. We will have to remain prepared for either event. Salu.

Hatonn to stand-by. Please remain at ready, Dharma, for contact and receiving. Salu.



SAT., DECEMBER 7, 1991 7:52 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 113




As your nations head for (set up) Nuclear War I--WW III, I am appalled at that which I witness. All attention focused, or efforted to have it be, on Pearl Harbor where men memorialize their comrades and even the "President" goes to inflict his cheap rememberings. Will he remember the men trapped in his burning plane when he abandoned it--in that war of wars--this plane called the "Barbara"? What will happen this day in more strategic parts of your globe while you celebrate the past LIE?

The best write-up of Pearl Harbor, in my humble estimation, is given quite briefly by one Dr. John Coleman. The LIBERATOR, I believe, has already printed portions of it a while back. Since the greatest, in my estimation, complement I can offer a man is to have the Hosts of God choose your material for the annals of history--I ask to give another's outlay. This will give honor to a good writer/journalist who gets plenty of respect from his own "paper" but not nearly enough in the overall presentation unto mankind. His name is Mike Blair and he writes mostly for The Spotlight. In fact, copies of that which I am going to have Dharma reprint can be obtained in individual segment form from The Spotlight. I ask that we reprint this with full acknowledgement to Spotlight for two reasons: 1) I honor any paper or any man who will speak truth in the face of death threats and closure; 2) there are some errors in the story and I do not wish to take the time or space to set them to "right" because they are of no overall intent to be misleading by the authors.

Before I do this, however, I am going to ask to have printed a letter from the General Manager of Sovereign Press, Washington state, Mr. Kirk Damman, to the Chief Executive Officer, PHOENIX LIBERATOR. I take this time because I have in my possession several documents which knowingly have been printed by this "press" and have received some documents from readers who evidently received their information from this press. I have become aware of many of you trying to call this business and cannot seem to locate these individuals, although by mail--most have had response in a most efficient manner. The letter will speak for itself and then I shall respond. Thank you.


SOVEREIGN PRESS, 326 Harris Rd., Rochester, WA 98579



Chief Executive Officer [H: I believe that I shall accept that title for the moment!]

THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR has repeatedly published extensive plagiarisms from our publications and attributed them to Hatoon, whom you represent as being an alien from Pleiades.

In the October 1991 issue you also illegally made extensive direct quotes from our publications without permission and without identifying the publication from which quoted. After one of these you implied a totally false source by following the quote with: "THE JEFFERSON BIBLE, THE LIFE AND MORALS OF JESUS OF NAZARETH, Beacon Press, Boston (any good book store)".

The cited Beacon Press 1989 publication of the JEFFERSON BIBLE is in direct commercial competition to our 1982 publication, AN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN BIBLE, extracted by Thomas Jefferson.

Referring to our publications you make the statement: "Finding the books is the problem but I think you might be able to find them at the same Press as mentioned earlier: Sovereign Press, 326 Harris Rd., Rochester, WA 98579". Since 1968 we have maintained a mail order business that is unexcelled anywhere for promptness and efficiency, and you, having ordered books from us, are well aware of this.

You filled up the major portion of 13 pages out of your 40 pages October 1991 PHOENIX LIBERATOR with direct quotes and plagiarisms from our publications, scrambled in such a way as to give a confused impression. Included in the midst of the confusion, you pointedly, falsely, and emphatically implied that we had requested you to do what you were doing.

Your paper contains the statement: "Reproduction of the newspaper for private non-profit use is expressly encouraged", thus, not only have you extensively plagiarized and directly quoted without permission from our publications but you have actively encouraged others to illegally reproduce our copyrighted works and to perpetuate the false impression that you have created of Sovereign Press and our authors.

We are now engaged in assessing the harm you have done to Sovereign Press and to the authors we publish as a basis for establishing our course of action.

Please do not increase the harm you have already done by continuing your illegal actions against our interests.


Kirk Damman

General Manager



"HATOON" to respond:

Dear Sir(s):

AMERICA WEST has absolutely nothing to do with the material that I present for publication in the THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR. Furthermore, simply because a segment bears my "by-line" does not mean that the source is not of Earth. I effort to give every possible Truth from Earth if at all possible and sources are available for you are a sleeping mass of humanity! I sometimes ask Dharma to utilize documents of hard copy--most often I dictate the information for I do wish to edit as I go through the documents--she has no way of discerning which I am doing. I can now see why ones send me information from your press as a sharing input and refuse to print the source information--for they would likely get sued by your press. This is indeed sad, from ones who up-front claim to bring only TRUTH unto a sick humanity. How can you do that, sir, if you disallow the sharing of "TRUTH"? OR, PERHAPS YOU DO NOT PRESENT ONLY "TRUTH"? IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR OWN PUBLICATIONS TO BE "TRUTH" THEN HOW CAN YOU HONORABLY PRINT LIES? "TRUTH" IS NOT "COPYRIGHT" PROTECTED, AS YOUR LAWYER SHOULD BE IN THE TELLING YOU--IF CONCLUSIONS ARE DIFFERENT FROM THE MATERIAL UTILIZED--IN ALMOST ALL INSTANCES, MY CONCLUSIONS ARE 180 DEGREES IN OPPOSITION TO THAT WHICH YOU PROJECT. THAT, SIR, IS WHY IT MIGHT APPEAR CONFUSING TO YOU AS A GREEDY BUSINESSMAN.

As to the JEFFERSON BIBLE, I will read the information from the "press" page and you can see for self that Dharma holds a book called THE JEFFERSON BIBLE, Beacon Press. It reads: THE JEFFERSON BIBLE: THE LIFE AND MORALS OF JESUS OF NAZARETH. Thomas Jefferson, with an Introduction by F. Forrester Church and an Afterword by Jaroslave Pelikan.

Beacon Press--Boston, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108. At the moment I am most relieved that I did not utilize your material, sir. I have, just today, been brought a copy of the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN BIBLE, Extracted by THOMAS JEFFERSON with a "New Declaration of Independence for Today's Americans", by Erik Holden. Sir, you need no "New Declaration of Independence nor Constitution--YOU NEED TO RECLAIM AND HOLD RESPONSIBLE THE ONES YOU HAVE!

I, Hatonn, take great exception and different conclusions to that which you print. That is not necessarily the opinion of America West but then, I absolve America West of all responsibility because their agreement is that I be responsible for that which I do and they shall only be responsible for that which they do. Further, I am waiting breathlessly to have just one of you sue God for His presentation of Truth to you sleeping sheeple. Whether or not you like it, Mr. Damman, the Hosts are here--sent of God--and you are in that which you all tout as the "ending times".

As to finding the books of which I speak--I find it strange that you do not like the advertising! I seem to have a few readers of this material and I efforted to give you business, sir, for the work that you have done in honor. (I find most of the publications offered by your press, outrageous and confounding as to worthy time-consumption as YOU RUN OUT OF "TIME"). I see not how "you also illegally made extensive direct quotes from our publications without permission and without identifying the publication from which you quoted. After one of these you implied a totally false source by following the quote with...."

Now, sir, you cannot have it both ways. I rarely "imply" anything. If, however, a statement is "true" and valid and makes a point--I WILL USE IT! "TRUTH" is not a property of anyone, sir. If man doesn't soon get TRUTH, your planet is destined for destruction--and that will be very, very SOON. I have offered information prior to this as regards your press and I have received most aggravated response from would-be purchasers for not being able to get your phone number, etc. You see, our readers consider information critically urgent and "get right with the program". If you cannot supply the reading public with information, I cannot do it for you nor do I feel it worthy of their time--if, as you indicate, you certainly do not wish their business.

If I filled 13 pages of a 40-page document with material from your press--how strange that you would take notice! I am most happy that you are a "subscriber?" to our material? I have to assume so if you are so diligently reading every word of our presentation--thank you, sir. I hope and trust you will reprint, spindle, fold, mutilate and pass on the information--I can verify the "truth" of the contents for I diligently effort to discuss everything I write as to probable harmlessness. I find most writers quite willing to have God do a bit of advertising of their work. God has a name you know, not just Deity or God--it is "ATON" and it is most surely--MY NAME!

I do, herein, suggest that readers of the LIBERATOR cease and desist from annoying this press with your petitions for press material and I will cease and desist ever again referring to the business in point. So be it. I am most sorry if we "implied" that you had requested anything from us or we of you--I find you with total lack of care regarding your readers and I wonder at any who give business unto you with such attitude for you are either against your brother or, you are for him. I find you interested only in self and certainly NOT the spreading of Truth so that man can turn his path about into the proper direction unto "TRUTH THROUGH THE WORD". ARE WE TO ASSUME THAT AS "GENERAL MANAGER", Mr. DAMMAN, YOU SPEAK FOR THE OWNER OF THE PRESS? YES, I MUST ASSUME AS MUCH.

You state that you are now engaged in "assessing the harm" we have done to Sovereign Press and to the authors you publish? Good luck--for if you find "harm", I will most surely believe you have admitted to your false intent to bring "truth" unto a confused and terminal world. I believe you will find that YOU have just PRESENTED TOTAL HARM AND DEMISE OF YOUR BUSINESS, SIR.

Now, as to "Hatoon" being represented as being an alien from Pleiades. My name is Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton. I pass by way of Pleiades which is the place from whence comes the lineage of your Planet, primarily. I am not an "alien", sir, you are an alien planet, filled with aliens in MY SPACE. You are, further, ready to wreak havoc in MY SPACE and it will not be allowed. The Command in which I serve and "head" is directly from Pleiades and I am in Command. I choose to serve as a "commander" so that I can better analyze the circumstances within which you of God find yourselves. You who serve the adversary are not my primary concern at this particular moment. If you do not believe me, sir, I suggest you go forth and read your own in point, Bible. I care not whether you like me and/or my work. My commission is to "BRING TRUTH AND THE WORD" as long-promised by God unto MAN in preparation of his "closing days". Whether we write instructions for radiance or doom is up to you--absolutely and totally--for you have freewill choice in all matters of actions. GOD WAITS, BUT NOT MUCH LONGER WILL HE WAIT!

Now, as to increasing the harm we have already done by continuing our illegal actions against your interests--I have no comment except: Go ahead with whatever you wish--MAKE MY DAY! So be it. I bring instructions that MAN can use to get through this time of travail and it works, solidly and substantially in a most physical expression. Please, allow us to allow you to do that which you wish--but be prepared to PROVE of that which you accuse for "Truth" has no copyright for God IS Truth AND The Word! I come in command of the Hosts sent forth to assist you. I suggest you "look around you". I, sir, do not even like the name with which you label self: "Damman" i.e., "Damn Man?"??? At this point, I hope you do not speak for the owner of your press. "Man walks where Angels fear to tread"? Ah so! This is not so; it is projected by the adversary so that MAN will not "think" nor "act" for self in Godliness! YOU, NOR ANYONE ELSE ON TWO LEGS SHALL SHUT DOWN THIS PRESS, MY FRIEND--NO-ONE! EVEN IF GOD WERE NOT INVOLVED--FOR THIS DAY AT LEAST, THERE IS STILL FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IN AMERICA AND ONES SUCH AS YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF THE DOWNFALL OF THAT PRECIOUS FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS CALLED THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION. I SUGGEST YOU ARE AGAIN DEALING WITH ONES WHO HAVE FAR MORE EXPERIENCE FROM THE LIBERATOR OF GARRISON TO THE LIBERATOR OF "AMERICA".

Most cordially yours,

Gyeorgos C. Hatonn, Commander



Is this an important day? Indeed--it is my grandson's birthday remembrance! Historically? It is a day of shame and lies which cost thousands of lives--deliberately.

Dharma, please reproduce this article as nearly perfectly as you can without a scanner because I desire this man have full credit--although I wonder if the people who worked so diligently with him as resource, will have the same honor. Most have to work "unknown" for protection--those are the ones I so greatly honor; those who serve silently because it "is the right thing to do and the cost simply must be paid for truth". Blessings are unto those ones.

Is THIS the most important thing we could write about today? NO, NO AND NO. But it is something we must again present to you because you get lost in the hoopla of the celebrations and forget the TRUTH!




Capsule prolog: As the nation pauses to recall the 50th anniversary of Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, it is now more important than ever to examine how the United States was finally plunged into World War II. Even Establishment historians now concede Franklin Roosevelt had been actively scheming to involve America in the conflict, despite the clear-cut view of the American people they wanted their country to remain at peace.

Now, in this special SPOTLIGHT OVERVIEW, investigative reporter Mike Blair provides evidence not only of FDR's secret machinations to provoke a Japanese attack on the United States, but of the fact that lives of American servicemen had been sacrificed to the "cause" before the first bomb began falling on Battleship Row.

Truth, the "infamy" occurred long before that sleepy Sunday morning in Hawaii.

At about 7:50 a.m. on December 7, 1941, the first of 350 Japanese carrier-based dive bombers and torpedo planes slipped through Kolekole Pass, the picturesque, saddlelike trough through the Waianae Mountains west of Pearl Harbor, and commenced their attack on the massive U.S. naval base nestled in the deep water of the harbor.

Thus began what President Franklin Roosevelt had wanted since his friend Winston Churchill and the British government had gone to war with Germany in 1939--a reason to place in harm's way the lives of 16-plus million young American servicemen during what would become World War II.

Nearly four bloody and ghastly years after Pearl Harbor, Europe and much of the Far East lay in ruin and millions were dead, including 407,316 of those young U.S. military personnel.

Most Americans alive today were not yet born that Sunday morning in December, when our nation learned Pearl Harbor had been attacked. But everyone is aware of "Remember Pearl Harbor", the slogan that launched America into the war through books, magazines and such Hollywood epics as Tora! Tora! Tora!

The statistics of the attack are clear: 2,403 Americans dead; another 1,178 wounded in varying degrees; 188 aircraft destroyed on the ground and 18 U.S. warships destroyed or gravely damaged, including eight battleships.

Two of those dreadnoughts, Arizona and Utah, still rest in the mud at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, memorials to those who lost their lives.

Every year, an estimated 1.4 million people visit the Arizona Memorial, taking a seven-minute voyage across Pearl Harbor to gaze down at the wreckage, where 1,177 young American sailors still remain entombed. Oil from the ship's fuel bunkers still discolors the blue Pacific waters as it oozes to the surface.


This December 7 is being called the "50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor". But this really isn't the case. Anniversaries are days for celebration; this December 7 is a day to, yes, "Remember Pearl Harbor", but now, 50 years later, it is also time to put this tragedy in its proper context.

There are many stories about American heroism at Pearl Harbor that should be remembered.

It is unfortunate no one can remember the name of the young engineer on the cruiser San Francisco, who rushed topside during the attack, telling an ensign, "Thought I'd come up and die with you".

Nor can anyone seem to recall the name of the young bridge commander on the Ramapo, who shot at Japanese airplanes with his .45-caliber Colt pistol, or the boatswain's mate, who, without any sort of firearm available to him, threw wrenches at low-flying aircraft.

Nor, after the archivists have now revealed the truth, should it be forgotten the Army and Navy at Pearl Harbor, were each at their lowest level of alert when the Japanese struck. Only 25 percent of the base's anti-aircraft guns were manned.

One-third to one-half of all naval officers were ashore. Radar was only operated from 4 to 7 am. American bombers and fighter aircraft were conveniently parked in bunches at Hickam and Wheeler airfields, making them easy targets for the attacking Japanese bombers.

It should be remembered, as recalled by James G. Stahlman, a close friend of then Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, what Knox had told him: that he--along with Secretary of War Henry Stimson, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George C. Marshall, Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Harold R. Stark, FDR's top aide Harry Hopkins and the President himself--spent most of the night of December 6-7 at the White House.

They were waiting for what they knew was coming, as the military command at Pearl Harbor unwittingly stood at its lowest level of alert.


"Did you receive our dispatch the night before the attack?" Knox asked Adm. Husband E. Kimmel, the U.S. naval commander at Pearl, when he (Knox) arrived at the devastated base on December 10. Kimmel replied he had not.

Knox wrote in his original report to Roosevelt: "The Army and Navy commands had received a general war warning on November 27, but a special war warning sent out by the War Department at midnight (Eastern time), December 7 to the Army was not received until some hours after the attack on that date".

Noted historian and author John Toland asked in his book about the Pearl Harbor attack, Infamy, "Had someone in the White House intercepted that midnight warning to Hawaii without Knox's knowledge"?

Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer, a staff officer of U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George C. Marshall, told Toland that at a meeting in 1943, Vice Adm. Conrad E.L. Helfrich of the Royal Netherlands Navy expressed wonder at how the American military could have been surprised at Pearl Harbor. The Dutch officer told Wedemeyer the Dutch military had broken the Japanese military codes and knew Pearl Harbor was to be attacked.

"[Helfrich] seemed surprised I did not know this," Wedemeyer said, "and when I explained I doubted seriously this information was known in Washington prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, Adm. Helfrich was skeptical because it was his clear recollection his government had notified my government".


British historian John Costello relates in his book THE PACIFIC WAR that Churchill and Roosevelt were engaged in deliberately provoking the Japanese to attack.

A Churchill cable to Roosevelt warned of "irrefutable proof of an impending attack"--"timed", according to Churchill, "for the first week in December".

A follow-up cable from Churchill queried, "Should we act or react"?

Was there still indecision among FDR and his advisers at the White House the night of December 6-7?

Costello noted that at a meeting in Argentina in August, 1941 Roosevelt had told Churchill he intended to become more provocative in his relations with the Japanese. "If the enemy doesn't like that, they can just attack American forces", Roosevelt told his British friend, and thus, the Japanese, FDR said, would be "forcing the issue".


A few days before Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt told Churchill that America and Britain "should obviously all be in together", and it "might be just a few more days until our support is given" to Britain's war effort.

Elsewhere in this OVERVIEW, FDR's attempts to provoke Japan are noted.

Even the New York Times, which has participated in many historical cover-ups and disinformation campaigns, in an article in its Sunday news magazine of November 3, concerning Japanese recollections of Pearl Harbor, noted that while Japan was engaged in a war with China the U.S. government in "a series of ever tighter economic sanctions...banned sales to Japan of high-octane aviation gasoline and then iron and steel scrap".

"Finally, Washington froze all Japanese assets in the United States, making it impossible for Japan to pay for American oil imports and resulting in a cutoff of 80 percent of Japan's oil supplies".

If any further evidence were needed, the recent war with Iraq over the security of the oil flow to Western nations from the Persian Gulf is adequate evidence of the importance governments place on oil supplies.


Could Japan have been provided its final provocation to attack when its leaders read a faked U.S. War Department "Victory Program", a blueprint for "total war" in Europe AND Asia, in the December 4, 1941 edition of the Washington Times-Herald.

A banner headline blared "FDR'S WAR PLANS". Beneath it was: "Goal is 10 Million Armed Men: Half to Fight in AEF. Proposed Land Drive by July 1, 1943, to Smash Nazis".

"I could not have been more astounded if a bomb had been dropped on Washington," Wedemeyer related. "Here was irrefutable evidence America was preparing to enter the war, and soon. President Roosevelt's promises to keep us out of war were interpreted as campaign oratory".

Wedemeyer had been the U.S. Army General Staff officer responsible for preparing the "Victory Program".

It is a well-known fact that the go-ahead for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had not been certain even after the strike force had set sail for the Hawaiian Islands. The final decision rested upon then ongoing negotiations, in which the Japanese were attempting to get the Roosevelt administration to ease its economic stranglehold on Japan.

Could "FDR'S WAR PLANS" have been the final motivation for the Japanese to strike first?

In any case, a visitor at the White House on December 7, 1941, found Roosevelt idly passing the time at one of his favorite hobbies--working on his stamp collection.


Dharma, allow us a rest-break please. There are several segments to this writing and we need to cover them all and then we will give information as to how to get reprints for both SPOTLIGHT will carry them with ability to get extras, and probably so should America West. There are several authors who have written excellent proof of this actual and deliberately set-up crime but I cannot give them all and I will not leave any out deliberately or accidentally. We shall simply stick to this writer. Thank you.

Hatonn to stand-by. I ask that you stay alert and responsive to my summons, scribe, for if the Elite have their way this day--you will have another day of infamy to add to the "beginnings of war and how they happen". So be it. Salu.



SAT., DECEMBER 7, 1991 12:35 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 113


Segment 2, Mike Blair

The reason these articles are in separate writings is that they were not all written as a single document but now appear as an "OVERVIEW". We shall effort to keep them in the same "order" as originally presented.


In his perfidious efforts to get the United States into a Pacific war with Japan and thus involve millions of American servicemen in Britain's European war with Germany and her allies, President Franklin Roosevelt burned the lights late at the White House, concocting wild schemes.

Roosevelt called a top-secret meeting at the White House on December 1, 1941, to discuss means to induce the Japanese to initiate hostilities against the United States.

The meeting was reportedly attended by key presidential adviser Harry Hopkins, Secretary of State Cordell Hull, and Adm. Harold Stark, Chief of Naval Operations.

Years later, Frederick Sanborn, a noted historian of FDR's war years, stated the key issue discussed was how to create an "incident", in which the Japanese would attack a U.S. warship and thus provide Roosevelt a pretext for asking Congress for a declaration of war.

Stark was tasked with carrying out the decision made by FDR at the meeting. The following day, December 2, the Department of the Navy dispatched the following top-secret message to Adm. Thomas C. Hart, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Asiatic Fleet:

President directs the following be done as soon as possible and within two days, if possible, after receipt of this dispatch. Charter 3 small vessels to form a "defensive information patrol" Minimum requirements to establish identity as U.S. men-of-war are command by a naval officer and to mount a small gun and one machine gun would suffice. Filipino crews may be employed with minimum number naval ratings to accomplish the purpose which is to observe and report by radio Japanese movements in West China Sea and Gulf of Siam. One vessel to be stationed between Hainan and Hue, one vessel off the Indo-China coast between Camranh Bay and Cape St. Jacques and one vessel off Pointe de Camau. Use of Isabel authorized by president as one of the three but not other naval vessels. Report measures taken to carry out president's views. At same time inform me what reconnaissance measures are being regularly performed at sea by both Army and navy whether by air, surface vessels or submarines and your opinion as to the effectiveness of these latter measures.


Sanborn noted that "on December 1, 1941, Mr. Roosevelt very secretly issued the needless order to send the cockleshell warships to their appointed positions of destruction".

The entire deplorable episode of how FDR planned to bait the Japanese into firing upon three almost defenseless U.S. vessels and thus provide him a reason to ask for a declaration of war is detailed in a book, Cruise of the Lanikai: Incitement to War, which was published in 1973 by retired Rear Adm. Kemp Tolley who, as a young lieutenant, had been assigned the task of commanding one of the "cockleshell warships".

Tolley's "man-of-war," a two-masted sailing ship with a top speed of seven knots, had been commissioned the USS Hermes in 1914. It was decommissioned in 1926 as being unfit for naval duty.

In 1937, the sailing ship had been used by Hollywood producers for the film Hurricane starring Dorothy Lamour and Jon Hall.

On December 6, 1941, the day before the Pearl Harbor attack, the old Hermes was recommissioned the USS Lanikai, a man-of-war, in line with the definition required by FDR, complete with a Spanish-American War three-pounder deck gun and two Lewis machine guns of the World War I era.


For those who believe the little ship was meant to just spy on the Japanese and send back reports of what it spotted, it should be noted that the Lanikai was not even equipped with a radio, according to Tolley.

The Lanikai sailed from Manila to Corregidor, where it was waiting for dawn to begin its mission when word reached the Philippines of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The mission was scrapped, and Tolley was ordered to sail his ship to Australia and never to discuss the mission with anyone.

Arriving in Australia in March, 1942, Tolley was subsequently awarded a Bronze Star for heroism in bringing his ship to safety, while the Philippines fell to the Japanese.

Tolley, who went on to a distinguished career of naval service, later had the opportunity to discuss his mission with Hart, who had been directed by Stark to carry out FDR's orders involving the three little ships.

Hart told Tolley that, yes, he had been intended as bait. "And I could prove it", Hart said. "But I won't. And don't you try either".

"As a war measure", Hart later told Rear Adm. John Heffernan, the director of naval history, the project was very ill advised. Pickets in such locations could not be useful because the Japanese were bound to have them marked down which would mean no chance to let them see anything of value".


One ship, the Isabel, actually was dispatched on December 3 with Lieutenant John Walker Payne Jr. in command.

Two days later the ship's crew spotted a Japanese aircraft, No. Z126, which circled the Isabel several times, prompting Payne to order battle stations.

However, the Japanese seemed interested only in taking photographs, and the ship's crew did the same. Some hours later, the coast of Indo-China was spotted about 22 miles away. A scant 10 minutes afterward, the Isabel, which was equipped with a radio, received a message to return immediately to Manila.

Upon arriving at Manila on December 8, the Isabel crew learned of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

There are no records available indicating the third "cockleshell warship" was ever selected for FDR's suicide missions to involve America in World War II.


Japan might never have attacked Pearl Harbor and December 7, 1941 might not have become, as President Franklin Roosevelt originally described it, "a day of infamy" in American history, if a once top-secret plan of the president had been implemented.

Research into the archives by a number of respected historians has recently revealed that months before the Japanese attack on America's giant naval base in the Hawaiian Islands, FDR had planned some "sneak attack" plans of his own--to bomb Tokyo with American-built and piloted aircraft bearing the insignia of the Nationalist Chinese Air Force.

Roosevelt conspired with then-Col. Claire Lee Chennault, later to achieve fame as the commander of the legendary "Flying Tigers", and Chinese leaders, at least as early as 1940, to bomb Tokyo and other Japanese cities. At the time, Chennault was an adviser for the Chinese Air Force.

Roosevelt personally ordered 18 Lockheed A-29 Hudson bombers be assigned to Chennault for the surprise attacks. When the Japanese hit Pearl Harbor on December 7, the American Hudsons were in Burbank, California, the site of Lockheed Aircraft's major production facility, awaiting shipment to the Far East.


Had Roosevelt had his way, the attack would have been made with heavy four-engine Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses instead of the Hudson light bombers.

On the day of the Pearl Harbor attack, 49 ground crewmen for the Hudsons, including mechanics, were aboard a ship bound for the Far East. The vessel was diverted to Australia when it was learned the Japanese had struck the U.S. naval base and other military installations in Hawaii.

Apparently the bombers' aircrews had been in China about a month, awaiting delivery of their planes and the arrival of the ground support personnel.

The Lockheed Hudson was built primarily for export to Britain under the so-called U.S. Lend-Lease aid plan, which provided weapons and munitions for the British and other nations at war with Germany and the other Axis powers in Europe.

The aircraft was a light twin-engine bomber with a top speed of about 275 miles per hour and a bomb load capacity of about 1,400 pounds. The version intended for Chennault's attack force was believed to be the advanced Hudson MKIIIA, which was equipped with powerful 1,200-horsepower Wright Cyclone engines and extended-range fuel tanks in the wings.

Actually the Hudson was a derivation of the famous Lockheed Electra transport plane.


Ironically it was a Lockheed Electra that famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart had used on her ill-fated around-the-world flight in 1937. There has been considerable speculation, and some evidence, Miss Earhart was really on a spy mission for FDR targeted against the Japanese mandated islands of the Pacific (former German possessions turned over to the Japanese at the end of World War I) when her plane went down and she disappeared. [H: This is indeed true and it is, further, why any reasonable information has been totally blotted out and direct investigation refused.]

Chennault, a rugged Texan known as "Old Leather Face" due to his rough complexion from years of flying open-cockpit aircraft, joined the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War I and later commanded a squadron of open-cockpit pursuit planes in Hawaii. He studied pursuit tactics, particularly those of World War I German ace Oswald Boelcke, and had written a textbook on the subject.

In 1937 Chennault, suffering from partial deafness, resigned his captain's commission in the U.S. Air Corps to accept an invitation from Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, wife of the Generalissimo and Chinese Nationalist leader, to train and organize the Chinese Air Force. He was given the Chinese rank of colonel.

In the fall of 1940, Chennault and Chinese Gen. P.T. Mow flew to Washington to get help for the Chinese Air Force, which was no match for the powerful Japanese air armada that was hammering China.


Chennault, Mow and Chinese Foreign Minister T.V. Soong asked the Roosevelt administration for U.S. ground crews, training planes, parts and field equipment and advanced schemes for purchasing arms and combat aircraft. Soong proposed a joint British and American loan of up to $300 million to set up the Chinese Air Force, including B-17 bombers "to sink the Japanese navy".

The details of the proposal are well documented in a little-known report of the Historical Division, Department of the Army, written in 1953 by researchers Charles Romanus and Rile Sunderlane.

Through Thomas Corcoran (Tommy the Cork), one of Roosevelt's original "brain trusters", Chennault was put in touch with the president. With the help of Corcoran, Chennault and Roosevelt reached an agreement to organize the American Volunteer Group (AVG) for China.

Under a secret executive order signed by Roosevelt on April 15, 1941, which circumvented the wishes of the Congress, U.S. military personnel were authorized to resign from the U.S. services to join the AVG, which eventually evolved into the famous "Flying Tigers".


Corcoran, who was one of Roosevelt's two top executive assistants at the time, left his White House job, at FDR's request, and took up a private law practice. China quickly became his biggest client.

Until now, the part played by another American friend of Roosevelt has missed the attention of historians.

However, Bob Fausel, a demonstration and test pilot at Curtiss-Wright Corp. during the early 1940's, recently detailed the efforts of his friend, Bill Pawley, U.S. Ambassador to Peru and Brazil.

Fausel broke the air speed record in June, 1941 by flying a Curtiss P-40 fighter in a vertical dive at 661 miles per hour. The P-40 became legendary as the fighter aircraft of the "Flying Tigers", its well-known gaping tiger's mouth emblazoned on its engine cowling.

Fausel recently related in an issue of the Winter Park (Florida) Observer the mysterious part played by his friend Pawley in setting up the AVG.

In 1938 I accepted an assignment to demonstrate two Curtiss aircraft in China. One was the Hawk 75-Q designed to carry two 23-mm Madsen cannon Col. Chennault wanted for sinking Japanese riverboats bringing their logistic supplies up the Yangtze River. The plane also carried two .50-caliber machine guns. The other was the CW-21 interceptor. Bill Pawley was president of the Intercontinental Corp. at that time and was the agent for Curtiss-Wright airplanes and engines in China.

Pawley had talks with Col. Chennault, Gen. P.T. Mow (Mme. Chiang's adviser who later absconded to Brazil with millions of Nationalist Chinese dollars), Gen. Chow (chief of the Air Force), Dr. H.H. Hung and T.V. Soong.

Pawley had an office in Hong Kong and one in New York. He spent a lot of time commuting from Hong Kong since he was building a new plant, Central Aircraft Manufacturing Corp., in Loi Wing, where a runway had been built to my specifications.

Actually the armaments were sold to China through a front, China Defense Supplies Inc., a purchasing group set up at FDR's suggestion. It was headed by William Youngman, again at FDR's direction. Roosevelt asked Youngman to leave his post as head of the Federal Power Commission to take the new assignment.

Since the United States was not yet at war with Japan and therefore could not deal openly with China as a co-belligerent, it was decided all arrangements would be made by an unofficial agency, which would also help to ensure secrecy. Pawley's Central Aircraft Manufacturing Co. was therefore set up and given authorization to hire the air and ground crews to "operate, service and manufacture aircraft in China".

The Japanese, however, saw through the scheme and called it "a hostile, provocative act".


Fausel relates that in June, 1939 he had taken the same Pan-American China Clipper flight back to the United States from China with Pawley, Pawley's secretary and a Dr. Buck, whom he identified as an "economist and financial adviser on Chiang Kai-Shek's staff".

"He (Buck) said his business involved groundwork for getting financial support from the U.S.A. for China," Fausel said.

Under the rules of the Geneva Convention, U.S. pilots were not supposed to be fighting in China; and they were instructed; "You'll be agents for the Chinese government. In other words, we don't want to have it known, or at any rate advertised, you're going over there to fight against the Japanese or, for that matter, that you were in the U.S. forces. In no way must it be known you're even in China with the official knowledge of the U.S. government".

Fausel related that a "friend" told him of Pawley's part in the recruitment of pilots.

"He (the friend) was a second lieutenant in the 6th Pursuit Squadron at Wheeler Field, Hawaii in the fall of 1940 (more than a year before the Pearl Harbor attack)", Fausel said. "While taking a walk along the beach at Waikiki he saw a small group of fellow pilots from Hickam and Wheeler Fields listening to a man addressing them under the old banyan tree behind the Moana Hotel. It was Bill Pawley".

The friend explained Pawley was indeavoring to recruit the fliers for the AVG.


The air and ground crews were assembled in secret in San Francisco in the summer of 1941. Special passports were arranged by the State Department, and the men were listed as salesmen, teachers, actors, etc., even as undertakers.

The pay was exceptional by 1941 standards. Pilots would get $600 per month, flight leaders would get $675 and squadron leaders would get $750. A $500 bonus would be paid for each Japanese plane shot down.

When Roosevelt first heard of the proposal to bomb Japanese cities with American planes bearing Chinese insignia, he was elated.

"Wonderful!" he exclaimed. "That's what I've been talking about for four years"!

FDR's Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, was also enthused by the proposal.


"I wanted so much to give those poor men, who have been fighting so hard for four years, everything we can," Stimson wrote in his diary, the entry dated November 6, 1941--one month before the Pearl Harbor attack.

Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr. also detailed the plans in his diary. [H: Now this is the same Morgenthau who worked out the plan with Eisenhower for the starving and killing of the millions of Germans at the end of the war.]

Morgenthau wrote FDR Secretary of State Cordell Hull was "a bundle of fervor and vitality" on the bombing project.

"What we have to do, Henry," Hull confided and Morgenthau in turn related in his diary, "is to get 500 planes to start from the Aleutian Islands and fly over Japan just once... That will teach them a lesson... If only we could find some way to have them drop some bombs on Tokyo".

Fausel related that Pawley was responsible for selling "the idea of the AVG to Secretary of State Cordell Hull and also to President Roosevelt. He worked out the arrangements with Generalissimo Chiang's staff, and I am sure he knew Gen. Henry (Hap) Arnold who had to approve the plan as well as the other top officials of the War Department".

Robert Schriebman, an attorney for veterans of the "Flying Tigers," who represented them in their efforts to obtain veterans benefits from the U.S. government, had unearthed a secret memo dated August, 1941, five months before Pearl Harbor, from Arnold. It notes the creation of the AVG "has the approval of the president and the War Department".

Morgenthau, according to researchers, confided to Lord Lothian, the British Ambassador to the United States, that he (Morgenthau) was going to try to get "four-engine bombers" and U.S. crews for the Chinese "with the understanding these bombers are to be used to bomb Tokyo and other big cities".

Morgenthau told his diary Lothian agreed the bombing "might change everything", meaning, it is presumed, getting the U.S. involved in hostilities with Japan and thus dragged into Britain's war with Germany, an ally of Japan.

However, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George C. Marshall tossed cold water on their plans to use B-17 heavy bombers, explaining that neither the planes nor trained crews were available for such an undertaking at that time. Thus the Lockheed Hudsons, available in large numbers, were selected for the task.

In any event, their purpose was not to flatten Tokyo and other Japanese cities but to spark war with Japan.

How strong is the evidence FDR conspired to get the United States involved in World War II through the use of air power before Pearl Harbor was attacked?


Last July 7, the Associated Press reported the Pentagon had ruled the supposed "volunteers" of the AVG were in reality on "active duty" in their battles in 1941, months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Ellwood P. Hinman III, according to AP, "announced the group of 'volunteers' was on 'active duty' and thus entitled to veterans status".

Armed with a secret report prepared by U.S. Army intelligence in 1942, which stated that in order "to avoid a breach of international law, the entire project (AVG) was organized as a commercial venture", columnist Patrick Buchanan noted three days after the Pentagon admission.

"Does not this secret, illegal dispatch of U.S. pilots to fight Japan constitute an impeachable act? Does it not confirm what many historians have long argued: That FDR deliberately sought to goad Tokyo into war, to embroil the United States in the Pacific, as the 'back door' through which to take us into war in Europe, a war FDR and Churchill concluded we had to fight, even though Congress voted, and the American people wanted, to stay out"? Buchanan asked.


Let us interrupt the writing at this point and take a respite. We have another segment but it will be more easily structured if we break it into these segments due to the length of the compiled material. I then would like to continue by sharing the "EDITORIAL" comments regarding this particular issue of the paper, SPOTLIGHT for it is indeed worthy of taking note. It is not so much the happenings which are heinous enough to take your breath away--but the half century of continuing cover-up is without ability to imagine. Alas, however, it is the fact of your life-streams as the adversary has laid an ever more tightly woven web in which to entrap you unsuspecting sleeping morsels for the black widow's bite. Salu.

Hatonn to stand-by. Dharma, please monitor the news for I want all of you to get saturated with the lie so that you can better accept TRUTH.



MON., DECEMBER 9, 1991 10:02 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 115



Hatonn present in the Light of Radiance, in service unto God and Man. I am come with the Hosts sent to set records to straight in correctness and to offer assistance as petitioned--within the boundaries laid forth for Cosmic participation--never in intervention.

I could write for the remainder of this day on the subject of the critical plight in which you find yourselves as a planet this day but I shall not do so for it will become self-evident as the hours and days pass in sequence. The critical situation in the "Russias" is far beyond anything that you are being shown or told. Names and labels are being changed to delude the nations and people within the breaking UNION called "Soviet". The label will be changed to some English type of title such as "commonwealth" or "common union" or as I said prior to this--a "democratic" something or other. NOTHING will be changed; the military under the KGB (whose label will also be changed) will become a more horrendous factor against the people as a dictatorship falls into the slot of "government". If the factors at play continue as is--there will be full-scale revolution (again, financed and guided by the Elite Zionists). This can, and probably will, turn into nuclear war. Remember, the military controls--no matter what appearance is fronted to you ones. The point is to bring the world into ONE WORLD CONTROL. The cosmospheres still remain in the control, largely, of the Pamyat and Soyuz faction. This bodes well for you-the-people but not for the Elite and you-the-people are the first forfeited so nothing they do in the Russias will be to your benefit. I suggest that this time it will be impossible to simply "buy your way out" because you have been blackmailed into billions upon billions of dollars ransom and you still haven't made a dent in the plans.

If you can get through the initial thrust of this monster you may find yourself with some time in allowance but it looks slim indeed. There is much interrelated activity going on right in your United States in connection with this "move" and you are going to be greatly displeased before it shakes out into a settled bloodbath.

What do I suggest you do? STOP STUPIDLY ACCEPTING EVERYTHING AND LIE FED TO YOU--NOW. DEMAND THE TRUTH, STARTING WITH THINGS SUCH AS PEARL HARBOR AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION--REQUIRE THE SECRET GOVERNMENT TO GIVE YOU TRUTH--IN THE MEDIA AND IN THE PRESS. THE MEDIA IS TOTALLY CONTROLLED AND NOW YOU WILL NOTE THE PRESS IS COMING INTO TOTAL MONOPOLY. LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE DAILY NEWSPAPERS OF VARIOUS MAJOR CITIES. Note that in Dallas just this weekend the papers become united into the Establishment ONE paper. This has happened in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. The evidence is right in front of you even if presented differently by your controlled media.

Note also the speculation of the folding of two more airlines, both of sizable impact. This is a major thrust at controlling ALL travel.


Let us go back, Dharma, and continue with the ending writing of the Pearl Harbor affair so you have adequate information and facts upon which to work, then we can move back into the methodology of Zionism as relates to dictatorships. You have to know how the "system" works, its wonders to perform.

Dharma, we will simply begin again at the heading which we had begun on the yesterday as we were interrupted. It will only require brief repetition and is not worthy of the interruption for retrieval.


You must understand herein that you no longer have this problem as will be outlaid here because you have not since had declarations of war--you have only had wars (without declaration--but rather, through Presidential Order). Don't fool yourselves into believing the Congress finally declared war in the Persian Gulf--THEY DID NOT!

Again, honoring Mike Blair, writer for SPOTLIGHT:

There were 2,403 American servicemen who died 50 years ago, on December 7, 1941, when a strike force of 350 carrier-based Japanese aircraft struck Pearl Harbor and other U.S. military installations in the Hawaiian Islands.

They were not, however, the first American military personnel to lose their lives in World War II. There were 141 others who died prior to the Pearl Harbor attack and before a declaration of war by the U.S. Congress which brought America officially into the bloodiest, most costly war in the history of mankind.

Congress, under pressure from President Franklin Roosevelt, enacted the Selective Training and Service Act on September 16, 1940, and in just one month some 16.4 million young Americans were registered for the draft.

At about the same time, Roosevelt, while campaigning in Boston for an unprecedented third term in the White House, stated: "I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars".


History has recorded, in American blood, that those words, declared by an American president seeking reelection, represent the biggest lie ever uttered to the American people by an American candidate for the presidency.

While stating this colossal lie, FDR was making plans to do just the opposite--to in fact involve those 16.4 million young American men registered for the draft in the war raging since 1939 in Europe.

In fact, an American had already lost his life. On April 21, 1940, Capt. Robert M. Losey, an Army Air Corps Weather Service commander, had been killed in a German air raid in Norway.

Not only was Roosevelt plotting ways to drag America into World War II through the back door--by baiting the Japanese to attack America or planning attacks upon Japan--he was in fact already planning to involve these young Americans in an undeclared war against Germany.

FDR created the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet on February 1, 1941, and a month later American warships were detailed the dangerous task of escorting arms-laden cargo ships bound from Canada and the United States to Britain.

The fleet's Support Force, or convoy protection group, included 45 destroyers, 51 patrol aircraft, one destroyer tender, 10 minesweepers and minelayers and three aircraft tenders.

The mission of Rear Adm. Arthur L. Bristol, as commander of Task Force 4, as it was known, was to provide armed escort for convoys to Britain and to conduct anti-submarine warfare operations. This was nine months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.


In early 1940, Britain ordered from the United States 50 twin-engine PBY-5 patrol-reconnaissance flying boats, which became more popularly known as "Catalinas".

The first of these valuable aircraft were delivered to Britain in late 1940 and early 1941 and were intended by the Royal Air Force for use as reconnaissance aircraft and bombers. At the time, the British were just becoming aware of the grave dangers the Royal Navy faced from German U-boats and surface raiders. They faced a serious lack of long-range reconnaissance aircraft capable of tracking the German submarines and surface ships.

However, the arrival of the American flying boats presented a new problem. British airmen were unfamiliar with the operation of the new aircraft, which needed to be put into active service immediately.

Roosevelt, however, who was by then already pouring thousands of tons of vital war material into Britain under the Lend-Lease program, had a ready solution to the problem. Seventeen American naval aviators, familiar with the Catalinas, were sent to Britain to "familiarize" the RAF fliers with the seaplanes. [H: Doesn't this sound familiar? You also sent your beloved SERVICEMEN into Israel to "familiarize" the Israelis with Patriot missile launchers--which were already in Israel. How handy to have another nation fight and die for your own!] However, it soon became apparent their roles were far more than mere instructors.

Sir Frederick Bowhill, the commander-in-chief of British Coastal Command, on May 26, 1941 dispatched two Catalinas on a patrol mission to help locate the German battleship Bismarck. The Catalina crews included both American and British airmen.

On May 20, the German battleship, accompanied by the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, had sailed out into the North Atlantic to attack British shipping. Four days later, the two powerful German vessels encountered the British battleship Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser Hood.


Overconfident, the British felt their two ships could outgun the German warships. However, in the ensuing battle, the first salvos from the German ships struck the Hood, which literally disintegrated, with only three of its crew surviving. The Prince of Wales suffered severe damage and was forced to withdraw from the engagement.

Since the Bismarck had suffered some damage, including the contamination of one of its fuel cells with seawater following a hit from the Prince of Wales, it separated from the Prinz Eugen and set a new course for St. Nazaire, France, for repairs and refueling.


At 10:30 am on May 26, the German battleship was sighted by Catalina Z-209, piloted by U.S. Navy Ensign Leonard B. "Tuck" Smith, one of the 17 American pilots sent to Britain to help with the flying boats.

After the Bismarck had been sighted, its exact location was radioed to Coastal Command, and later in the day the battleship was attacked by bombers from the British carrier Victorious. The warship's steering gear was damaged and the vessel sailed in circles, out of control.

On May 27, the damaged Bismarck was sunk by a British force of two battleships and several cruisers and destroyers.

The 17 Americans continued in other engagements for the British and two ultimately lost their lives.

On September 12-13, 1941, 13 U.S. Coast Guard men were dispatched to a remote fjord on the shores of Greenland after reports had been received of suspicious activities along the coast. They captured three German radio operators, who had been landed by submarine. This took place months before Pearl Harbor was attacked and war was declared by America, but the three Germans were taken prisoner and were interned in Boston.

In the North Atlantic, the U.S. Support Force escorted 2,500 cargo ships halfway across the ocean, where they were met by British escort vessels. They lost only eight cargo vessels to German U-boats.

It was not, however, without cost.

On October 17, 1941, five American destroyers of Task Force 4.1.4. found themselves involved in a full-scale battle with German U-boats.

A torpedo from U-658 struck the destroyer Kearny, nearly cutting it in half. Eleven American sailors were killed, and 24 were wounded.


On October 31, 1941, the American Reuben James, a World War I-era four-stack destroyer, was blown in two by a German torpedo from U-552.

The U-boat's commander described in his ships log, "Wreck atomized by powerful detonation of her own depth charges".

A total of 115 members of the 159-man destroyer crew perished as the warship went down in less than five minutes. Floundering sailors watched helplessly as their shipmates sank beneath the surface.

Adm. Harold Stark, chief of naval operations, stated: "The situation demands our people be fully informed of the issues involved, the means necessary and available, and the consequences of success or failure.

"When we go in we must go to the full extent of our resources. To tell our people anything else is to perpetrate a base deception which can only be reflected in lackadaisical and half-hearted prosecution (of the war)".

But the dying was not over.

Early in November, 1941, Patrol Squadron 73 took off from Skerjafjordhur in Iceland to escort a convoy. One of the planes failed to return. Its remains were found on a hillside near Reykjavik. ALL 12 crewmen had died in the crash.

"I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars".

That is what Franklin Roosevelt had promised the American people. [H: Read my lips?]

*****Special reprints of the special OVERVIEW marking the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor will be available from The SPOTLIGHT, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003, at the following prices: eight copies for $3. 25 copies, $6.50; 70 copies, $12; 200 or more, 15 cents each.*****


I am truly weary of discussion spent on "Sovereign Press". I will, however, respond to this one: "How could the SP state openly that you 'imply' their request for you to do what you were doing [using material from their press]"? Ah, quite simple indeed--I heed all requests as presented in the information regarding any document wherein I can find instructions regarding use of any material. The "instructions" read that any information utilized for any purpose must print in full, the information (document). I can assure you that, otherwise, MOST of the document would have NOT been included.

It is interesting to note that only presses who do not give fully the truth are the only ones who object to usage of material. Without exception I find this to be true. Most do not even pause and ask how they can be of further service--i.e., the only request as in the instance of direct reproduction from the paper as with Bo Gritz, we only had to request and the paper supplied us with a good copy for reproduction. This happened to be the SPOTLIGHT, as with this series of articles--a blanket permission with only a request that source be given of original publication. Often, however, we get bundles of reprints and often the cover pages are missing and or, articles separated from source and other information. I will not decline usage of the material if it is correct and pertinent any more than would any public publication (paper). That is what "news" and "freedom of press and information MEANS, chelas". Consider us "JOURNALISTS" who refuse to print anything from first resource unless it is qualified and will protect to all ends the resource if that is requested. SO BE IT. If a story be false--you will not find it under my listing as the Journalist in point. My whole mission is to give you Truth--not perpetuate any degree of falseness. If you do not wish TRUTH then I suggest you not read the LIBERATOR. If you wish to confirm the truth found therein--it is available, usually from many resources for my intent is to keep my crew in safety. If YOU cannot come to grips with this mode of transmission, that is your problem and not any of mine. I do suggest you consider your narrow views by asking yourself from whence came your "Holy Books" which you acclaim as having come from God/Christ, etc.! Further, with all the false information coming forth from and about E.T.'s and Higher Beings--I suggest where there is that much smoke there must somewhere be a fire. If it were not KNOWN that this is the method of original communication intended by and from God--you would not find the New Age Movement and the Spiritualists and Mystics giving you such a load of rubbish.

I further doubt that the information would be so hard to bear while it is proving to be correct. This is not the typical outlay of information which is given by the hyper-channels to soothe your brow and get you a perfect "soulmate" to share your physical needs and desires. GOD IS UNBENDING ACCORDING TO HIS LAWS AS GIVEN AS WELL AS THOSE OF THE CREATION. IN OTHER WORDS, LAMBS OF THE PLANET, HE WILL TELL YOU WHO IS THE WOLF IN YOUR FOLD AND THE TRUTH OF IT--NOT TELL YOU WHAT IT IS YOU WANT TO HEAR! WE ARE SPEAKING OF YOUR ETERNAL JOURNEY, BELOVED ONES--NOT A DAY AT THE HAIRDRESSER TO MAKE YOU MORE "SEXUALLY" MAGNETIC! I SUGGEST YOU GIVE GREAT THOUGHT TO THIS MATTER.


Because the Editorial from this recent edition of SPOTLIGHT is so exceptional, I am asking for reprinting herein also. Again, I do so without editing. I "assume" the comment is from the Editor, Ryan, but find no verification.


You shall know the truth and the truth shall give the Establishment a migraine. Surely December 7, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy; but not for the reasons the Establishment--media, historians and academics--would have us believe. Our OVERVIEW of Pearl Harbor, beginning on page 10 in this issue, sets the record straight.

What is most perfidious about Pearl Harbor, however, is not the act of betrayal itself. It is, rather, the continued cover-up of the truth. It's not unusual that politicians and Establishment journalists would participate in the 50-year-old lie. Lying is their stock in trade. But professional historians and academics, on whom people depend to take a hard look at events free of the emotions of the moment and to present the truth in proper perspective, eagerly validate the deception.

These intellectual whores continue to write books and articles, produce specials for television and so forth that perpetrate the lie Pearl Harbor was the "surprise attack" President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it was. These presentations are then lauded by the same Establishment media ultimately responsible for their production. It's sort of like Tweedle Dum being the only judge in a beauty contest in which Tweedle Dee is a contestant.

This situation points up the importance of the


to history. If Establishment-approved historians are so dishonest as to knowingly cover up the true story of Pearl Harbor, one must conclude they are doing the same thing with other issues.

Another Establishment-generated cover-up is the murder of President John F. Kennedy. The politicians, journalists and obedient academics pushed the Warren Commission conclusion--that there was one assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. Today hardly anyone believes that, so the Establishment has gone to its fall-back position--that we'll never know what happened.

But then along comes attorney/author Mark Lane, in a blockbuster new book Plausible Denial [H: I recommend this book very highly!] [Hardback, 393 pages with index, is available for $25 (post. and hand. incl) from Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.], to set the record straight. And he shows how the politicians and media colluded to keep the truth from the public.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the small group of intrepid investigators in the United States and throughout the world who are rooting out the truth despite the best efforts to keep it hidden. These efforts and the people making them are often the target of vicious attacks by the Establishment media--and no wonder.

Now, thanks to the truth we know about Pearl Harbor and JFK, it makes it very easy and clear for us to see the truth about President Lyndon B. Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin incident. Both Pearl Harbor and the Gulf of Tonkin were efforts to get the United States involved in a foreign war. Both employed the willing connivance of the Establishment media. Both were successful.

And speaking of cover-ups, don't forget the deliberate, unconscionable attack by our favorite ally--Israel--on the USS Liberty. The Liberty was sailing in international waters and was clearly identified as a U.S. vessel. It was attacked by air and sea forces of the state of Israel in what was subsequently described by the White House and the Establishment media as a "tragic error". Israel even gave a few thousand dollars of foreign aid BACK TO THE UNITED STATES as "reparations".

That attack happened in 1967. In 1976, The SPOTLIGHT exposed the incident for what it was--a deliberate, cold-blooded attack intended to kill everyone on board and sink the ship, to keep secret Israel's war plans. Now, in 1991, the truth is finally filtering into the Establishment media.

Then there is the


of the events leading up to Operation Desert Storm. Iraq's Saddam Hussein was deliberately misled to believe the United States would stand aside if he decided to invade Kuwait. Then, when he did, George Bush was "shocked" and launched a war in the desert. The result can only be described as calculated genocide. The SPOTLIGHT's coverage of the president's duplicity, his "bush-whacking" of Saddam, won an award as one of the top 10 most-censored stories of the year.

Did the Reagan-Bush campaign make a secret deal with Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini to keep Americans prisoner so Jimmy Carter would be defeated in the 1980 election and Ronald Reagan elected? Knowing you have been routinely lied to in the past helps to bring historical events such as this so-called October Surprise affair into clearer focus. Any establishment that is so deceitful and dishonest as to hide the truth about the Kennedy assassinations, Pearl Harbor and the USS Liberty is going to be capable and willing to cover up a "minor" event such as the October Surprise.

No wonder FDR was Reagan's favorite president. No wonder the Establishment--media, historians and academicians--must continue to perpetrate the lie about Pearl Harbor. If the American people ever realize the extent of the perfidy of the government-media axis, who knows--they might vote intelligently. That would be the death knell for the manipulators.

Thank you.

No, they would NOT cause the death knell for the manipulators for the manipulators will NOT BE CAST OUT BY SIMPLE ELECTIONS--NOT ANY MORE--FOR IT HAS GONE TOO FAR TO BE SIMPLY "VOTED IN" OR "VOTED OUT". The point is in the "uncovering" of the lies.


Hatonn to move to stand-by--in appreciation unto the brothers who dare to speak out because the blows against them are indeed heinous. But their light shall be given the uncovering and I am honored to recognize their achievements. I salute them.



TUE., DECEMBER 10, 1991, 7:28 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 116



Hatonn present in the Holy Light of Radiance--that which is Creator/Creation. I, an Elder Brother, having walked longer than you have walked upon earth Shan, no more and no less am I than ARE YOU. It is only my vision which is given to move farther into the reaches of the cosmos and recognize the whole of the plan.

As today, there are the passages of sequence in which I would gather you within and give you freedom from your responsibilities as the father would the son or daughter who has damaged self by wrong choices. As the pile of physical petitions grows we are staggered under the load of physical inability to instantly respond in symbols from a keyboard and yet, it is, after all, ONLY the connection of soul to God which has importance in the infinite picture of expression. KNOW that when you have "expressed" the petition the response is given and you have but to be patient in your waiting upon the Lord for the message to become clear. It is the expression which has importance--for the answer will come in its proper perception.

Please know that I loathe, as badly as you, the constant pressure to write only that which seems wrong and "bad". Know that these are only experiences--a game if you will--in which you can excel and prevail if you gain skill and knowledge.

One, D.K., has sent a most brief note to my attention which holds few words but infinite response. So many of you fit within the problem description of his plea and being "within" a relationship, it is too personal to see and the pain too great in perception of separation from attachments. Let us look at the petition and then we will share some thoughts for there is no ONE answer save the ONE WITH GOD. It is the "journey" for which we come to share the burden.

First, I ask only that you sit in quietness, move within your own mind and define God. I want no repetition of another's opinion or rantings and projections--what is your definition of God? You will find the answers, by the way, in the PLEIADES CONNECTIONS series. Within those pages is total outlay of the very substance of God. However, definition cannot be anything within limitations for God is without limits and therefore Man, himself, cannot define God for God is as personal as the fingerprint on your hand. The definition of God IS the fingerprint (thoughtprint) of the soul--does it match the Godliness or the adversary's in the physical perspective?

The note to me: "Could you please address the balanced relationship of man and woman in marriage? I, and so many I know, experience great confusion in this area.

"Can you also give guidelines regarding how to handle a situation where one party in the marriage is actively involved in our work, while the other only 'tolerates' it?

Indeed a worthy inspection and the simplicity of the answer may well appear flippant and sarcastic--neither of which I wish to project.

A balanced relationship in the physical is never achieved for the physical desires, limitations and choices are too varied and responsive to the senses of the physical. The limitations and expectations are ever prevailing as that which is projected by the teachers within the physicalness--i.e., from the television, the lectures by "authorities", personal demands and pure selfishness.

Within the higher radiance and at the level of the soul, there is only ONE and therefore you can only find "balance" when the two again become the one in goal and thought. All experience is expressed in a duality as each of the pair seeks either action or rest--always longing and seeking the "void" which is the total balance of ONE-NESS within Creator. This is not the void which is expressed often as "Hell" or the total absence of God of Light. It is the total balance of "voidance" which is ONE WITH GOD--THE EVER PRESENT SPIRAL OF PROJECTION.

To even begin a response which can mean anything "personal" I have to ask that each look carefully within--for it is only self which YOU can change in any manner whatsoever. There is no giving of 10% or 50%, etc. It is a total GIVING of 100% and only when BOTH give of 100% each in the total giving to the other can there be balance. This is not likely on an earthly level of physical expression. Man is structured with these wondrous/horrendous "senses" which control him by the perceptions and desires of those senses and, until each learns enough to control those senses, you will be controlled BY THEM. Unfortunately, marriage on your place of experience is ONLY a physical expression in most instances. A soul love in truth is hardly ever found for in the physicalness ones are always seeking agreement, physical exchange, "do it my way", "you must or you don't love me" and thus and so. Ones move into relationships seeking fulfillment through and from another and you shall never find it. It is like seeking the eternal Truth of God in the local bar after a quart of whisky.

There have only been a few totally perfect projections of perfect balance in ones manifest upon your planet in the physical form and--were circumstances different for those ones from that which they actually experienced--theirs was not fully balanced either. The "balance" is at the level of soul expression--never in the physical experience.

The only way that a near expression of balance can be achieved in any relationship is the loving acceptance of that other being and the allowance--even of the errors--of actions. That IS God expression. God, even though He is your Creator--His blessing for each is that He allows and loves through all expressions of your choices for He can separate the physical expression from the soul perception. Can you have wisdom enough to do likewise? Indeed, but few achieve the ability for the "other" will not participate unless the "goal" was the same at onset or a direction was plotted in love of such depth as to refocus in "truth".

Look most carefully and HONESTLY at what is seemingly "out of balance". It is usually your own projection of what you "wish" a thing to be--rarely is it a desire to "allow" another to be. Each wants the "other"to somehow fit his own mold in eagerness to achieve as one--when it was not even that "thing" which caused a coalition in the first place. Usually the "first place" was totally selfish and totally physical.

Your old saying, "You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear," is relevant here. Why would you be so foolish as to try? Would it not be easier to get silk to make of the purse and leave the sow her ear with which to hear? Why must man continually effort to make out of another that which he usually least likes in self?

Does your enlightenment demand the enlightenment of the other? Why? Can you not see that to allow that "other" to become enlightened (or remain blinded) according to their level of perception--is far wiser than to push?

Let us look at a river which flows gently along its path. Let us say that it is physically bound by the lack of incline or plugged by great boulders--does it help to push and shove with buckets of water? No, if the incline is increased or the boulders removed it allows the water to flow more freely--and faster!

Only through your honest "allowing" can the other come to witness the better way. As one practices balance within self the other can be relieved of the pressure and/or attention gained through the "tolerating" or total "denial" of "your" opinions or insight. The foundation is already in place and if one or the other changes the foundation to suit of self, the other cannot feel secure in the ruptured foundation of expression.

When the differences come to the point that there is no beauty in the "together" experience then it is surely time to evaluate the possibilities and establish the foundation of LOVE upon which the relationship is based. If it was based totally on the physical with a little "spiritual" ritual thrown in and you now become spiritual with a little "physical" thrown in--you are going to have a chasm which may not allow bridging. You cannot, however, move backwards. If you succumb to acting without Truth after knowing Truth--you both lose infinitely. The "other" will then eventually bear such guilt for actions that the problem is compounded and multiplied and peace can never come.

When you have total refusal of the "other" to participate or even read material of differing possibilities--you have a great problem for it is now blatant narrow refusal to find possible truth. It is always through FEAR that a person reacts thusly for if you bring the lie for perusal, it will show itself to be a lie soon enough. The other "fears" change and loss of the security of the limitation given through the lie to which it adheres. How do I know it is the LIE which holds the "other"? BECAUSE I KNOW TRUTH AND THAT WHICH YOU EXPERIENCE IS THE LIE.

As to suggestions? Ah yes, I have great and unlimited suggestions but the first is to find COMMUNICATION. YOU must take the initiative and ask conference--refusal to conference has said it all and you are likely fighting a battle which YOU will not win. If the "other" is in fulfilling truth in willingness to share a life in marriage then that one will be most pleased to sit and communicate. If that "other" will not--there IS no marriage of proper relationship! Can YOUR ego take such a confrontation? IF YOU ARE ALIGNED WITH GOD--MOST DEFINITELY YES. IF YOU STILL CON-SIDER THE BLAST AND PERCEIVED POSSIBLE LOSS TO THE PHYSICAL EGO--THEN NO. UNTIL YOU GET TO THE "YES" RESPONSE--YOU WILL CONTINUE IN THE "TROUBLE".

Each will invariably find that when you are able to release the ego "strings" from the "other" and function as a whole on self because you know the "truth" of your expression--the rest will follow in proper sequence and expression. The "refusal to communicate" tells the whole of it and YOU must face the truth of it in any event. Then it is YOU who must decide for self the value of the relationship. To "tolerate" is often better than total denial--but very little. This conjures martyrdom on the "tolerator" who "puts up with" the other's unacceptable behavior and is total prostitution of self. Prostitutes are more active IN MARRIAGE than ever without! You continually bargain, sell, give and exchange exactly as a prostitute--usually with the same tools of the trade. LOVE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PHYSICAL EXPRESSION--LOVE IS SPIRITUAL AND IF YOU ONLY HAVE PHYSICAL EXPRESSION--YOU DO NOT HAVE LOVE!

You must understand that if one gives 100% and the other simply "takes the 100%", you have no love. Love is always in the giving and never in the taking for to take implies "grabbing and garnering for self"--receiving through accepting is that which is necessary on the opposite end of giving for it also indicates the need to regive unto that one who gave in love and the spiral cycle is endless.

It is truth to say that actions speak far louder than words. It is through actions which the worth of a man is judged. Words without action in like kind are worthless and void.

By the way--CONFUSION is the prime number one tool of your adversary! The "master of deceit and lie" IS the "master of confusion". Only in gaining knowledge in truth can you sort into order that which is in chaos.

Let me example the perception of the higher dimensions; in fact, allow me to example self, Hatonn. I cannot ever consider myself prior to you for YOU are why I am come to this place and into this commission of experience. If you get on your knees unto me, who only serves YOU, then you cause us both to be handicapped and/or totally crippled from efforting to work from our knees rather than from intelligent, reasoning foursquare standing. Now, understand that, no matter how I place you before me in all actions, I must use discipline as the Elder with the more information and therefore the discipline must BE but I can only project it in the totality of ABSOLUTE LOVE for YOU are ABOVE MY OWN INTENTION--SAVE IN ONE RESPECT--GOD AND THE CREATION . I WILL NEVER BEND THAT WHICH IS GOD/CREATION TO FILL ANY PHYSICAL NEED OF ANY BEING--INCLUDING SELF! When you understand the magnitude of this statement--then we can begin to change that which is perceived evil.

The reason that ones refuse to share and participate in this information and Truth is that they fear Truth for it allows no "living in" of evil selfishness or greed. It casts out the false teachers, be they from the pulpit, the publican forum or any "physical" projection. The intent becomes based on reason, logic and knowledge and recognition of that knowledge within which IS your eternal soul--all knowing, all being.

How do you "live" in this duality of expression wherein one separates from another? If your journey be intended in Light and Truth--then you must release and go your way as diligently as you can. The other will show self for the narrow personage actually presented and will either change or move away. You help neither by hiding from Truth and it needs no argument, bantering, debate or force. Force is not of God and only reinforces the negative response precipitated in bitterness which is also not of God. You can only act for self and the other must act for self. Look most carefully at the "need" (not spouted "love") of self for the "other" and you will likely have your own answer most clearly laid forth. If your intent is in "love" you will allow at any rate--YOU must discern need, love, emotion, desire and demand, lest you forever miss the point.

If the "other" refuses" because..." or ...well, so and so says..." then you have a right to demand a response as to "why" for it impacts your experience--only you can judge the value of your joint or singular experience and what you can negotiate. Negotiation is always proper--compromise of values IS NEVER A VIABLE CONCLUSION.

YOU do not need ever effort to "sell" God and/or His Hosts—our Truth will stand alone into infinity. Neither do you need "proof" in the manner of miracles or magic--for that is the game of the adversary to entrap you. Life projects and proves its LIES of physical conclusion--GOD NEVER CHANGES INTO INFINITY. EXAMPLES? LOOK AROUND!!

Moreover, you must realize that "love" is reflected by "respect" and "reverence"--never "worship" or "compromise". If there is no, or very little, respect and reverence for the being of your attachment--you are not in "LOVE" and if you are not in "LOVE" you have bondage--not a marriage. You simply have some sort of marriage contract which you have already broken. If one brings rightful disrespect upon self--so be it, it is up to the two to consider the possibilities of forgiveness. If there can be no forgiveness in the relationship then you are destined to choose other routes of manifesting experience--God does not recognize "divorce", only lack of responsibility. YOU ONES CONTINUALLY CONFUSE SPIRITUAL GODNESS WITH THAT WHICH IS PRESENTED (FALSELY) BY MAN. MAN PROJECTS "RULES" AND "MUSTS" AND THEN PRONOUNCES THEM TO BE "GOD'S" TO ENFORCE THE FOLLOWING THEREOF. GOD HAS A MOST SUCCINCT AND LIMITED SET OF "RULES" BASED ON RESPONSIBILITY AND CHOICES. EXCUSES AND IRRESPONSIBILITY ARE THE CHOICES OF MAN.

I assume I have battered this subject sufficiently for this sitting. Blessed are the ones who can SEE prior to the marriage for that is when the attention must be given and the stage set--not at the divorce. However, man is not gifted in this day's societal structure set to disrupt and divide man prior to his worst errors--therefore, you take what you have with which to work and confront it with wisdom in response and not ego reaction. What brings YOU into acceptance and curiosity? Then, try it on other! If you force another you have not accomplished anything except compromise and despisement for your intrusion. This was the example of the Master Teacher. Every moment of experience is a "choice"--from whether or not you will breathe to where you will sleep--you perceive limitations which are non-existent. EVERY THOUGHT--EVERY ACTION IS PURELY CHOICE! THE POINT IS HEREIN--WHICH CHOICES DO YOU AND WILL YOU MAKE? SO BE IT.


What do you mean by "safe"? How can you be other than "safe" if you are in intent within God? What portion of self do you want "safe"? Why, for instance, would you wish to be "picked up"? Would it be to continue service unto God or to save of your assets? If you are in alignment with God, you are already in His Hand which also indicates--without argument--your placement in the security of his "pick-up". If you have to ask, you need to ponder a bit more within in intent for it is only between you and God within where and what will be your journey. If your intent and expression are openly unto "truth" then there is no question to be asked--for YOU ARE!

Don't misunderstand or accept this as a chiding for inquiry. I know that the physical needs reaffirmations of Love from God for the physical is so blastingly hard and the teachings have been so diligently applied to delude you.

The churches tell you that you must - -. The government tells you that you must - -. This movement and that movement tells you that you must - -. Then God comes and "allows" and you have built no support system to function for self without the "harpers" and dictators of your circumstance. Well, you must build that support within for the days are coming when it shall be that very support and undeniable foundation which shall see you through the tempest. But you must also learn to be clever as the serpent and gentle as the dove. "Wisdom" must be your guide and Love your foundation. Stop thinking of God as a wimp in pious robes--lest you be nothing save a wimp in pious robes. I, for instance, am most certainly not a wimp in pious robes--I AM a teacher with KNOWLEDGE which I am wanting to share that you might be strong and write your life story in worthiness and KNOWING--above and beyond the confusion and chaos of the crowd, rituals and physical compression.

If you challenge God to "prove it to me"--you shall never find Truth or proof. If you COMMAND GOD TO SHOW YOU THE WAY IN HIS PERFECTION--YOU SHALL HAVE BOTH! Contradiction? Indeed!

What is it that Hatonn gives you that causes you to deny me? What do we bring that causes you to turn away from this pronouncement of the "word" and "truth" as we are showing, sharing and PROVING unto you? Most who deny have not so much as opened a JOURNAL or know anything of that which they speak in opposition! So be it; if ye set out to bake a cake and use salt instead of sugar--I dare say the cake will be most untasty.

We bring the Word for that is our commission according to God's promise that man might have "Light in Truth" for his judging. We bring it for all who would see and hear--we are not to force nor shove it into your beings--for you have all rights of acceptance or denial. I would say this, however, if your denial is through REFUSAL TO INSPECT--that is the very same as denial through deliberate intent! In other words, refusal by choice and/or no decision at all--is already having made the decision against God, for you will have chosen another path. And, except through the path of the "Christness" (goodness according to the Laws of Creator/Creation) you will not come into the Kingdom of that Creator/Creation! It is time you ones be a bit more discerning in possibilities regarding your TEACHERS and WHO it is you give unto--your power.

At this time you have given your power unto the Elite of the human experience and have rendered yourselves enslaved to the physical aspect of your existence just as it was projected that mankind would do. You are only trapped, however, if you choose to remain trapped and give away your power! He who retains and commands his POWER will not be sorely blighted by the adversary for the physical has no valid control over the Spirit in Truth--only the perception of such. This is why you must come to understand that God has already "WON"--evil cannot and will not exist in the Light of God's presence--where there is even the most tiny spark of light--there is not darkness for darkness is NOT in the presence of light.

When you can act in the knowingness that what you need shall be forthcoming as it is needed--if the needs be Godly in intent--then you shall have abundance as the tidal wave. If you live in the fear of "not having" so shall it come to be that you will be without! God gives harvest according to your planting! We of the Hosts are come to prepare the garden--you will plant the seeds and the harvest is yet to be shown! Which will it be? How will this story episode conclude? What are you planting? The harvest will be in "kind"!

Salu. May wisdom be given as your reward for the seeking and may your seeking in TRUTH never fail until the "finding". It is all within thine very space of breathing for God IS your breath of life and you have forgotten.

I am but a reflection of that which you are and shall come again to remember. God, too, is that self beyond your limitations--that wondrous reflection of His image. Do you make the reflection worthy or unworthy? The choice is always YOURS and ONLY YOURS.

I salute you in your journey for it is always how you handle and receive your lessons which is the measure of MAN. Will you pass your graduation examinations or will you need further tutoring? You will not learn if you cast aside the Tutor sent for your lessons.

Worse, if you accept only the teachers who come to suck you into the morass of physical expression, you will only forfeit your treasures. The treasures perceived upon earth are forfeited at the end of your physical expression, and that is most worthy of consideration. What is it that you hold that is of worth and value--that the Elite and more powerful physical controllers will not take from you? Indeed, these are worthy matters to think upon. If you have denied God's Hosts who come in silver ships--why think yourself a welcome guest on the trip to anywhere of safety in the realms of ones who follow only the path of balance and harmony? Evil will not be allowed or brought into the realms of balanced experience. This does not mean "except for you" or "except for that one over there..." It means exactly that which it says--EVIL WILL NOT BE BROUGHT INTO THE HIGHER EXPERIENCE OF BALANCE AND HARMONY WITHIN THE RADIANCE OF TRUTH AND THE LAW! The deciding of each path is left into the choosing of the one in point.

I offer my love, my hand--everything that I AM--but I cannot do it for thee. Adonai.



WED., DECEMBER 11, 1991 8:42 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 117




On this day as you grow closer and closer to encounter and holocaust, I shall attempt to respond to a couple or three major inquiries which pile Dharma's desk. The number one question, as might be expected, is "Who has USSR's nuclear arsenal"? As the lie of the "breakup" comes I ask you to harken back to FACTS. The entire scenario in the Soviet Union has been planned for decades and you are seeing the actors go through their lines right on cue. The point is to smother, freeze, starve and generally bring down the "Russian" people. Gorbachev was on his way out anyway--even I told you that. He has never been the central player and all of the subterfuge and shrouding and play-acting was for its purpose which has worked to perfection.


I am giving you "headings" so that later it becomes easier to find subjects and connect your own pieces so that I can write and not "repeat". We now have ones working on indexing but it is slow and expensive so we work with that which we have. I appreciate your indulgence and patience but our little squad can do no more. Even though we gain more expertise in the area of computer use, etc., all of the expenses are still funded right out of this central nucleus so we continually go behinder and behinder. All I ask of you is patience and, please, if you make suggestions as to additional changes and more desirable production--also give us a solution to the "shortages" for at present our crew can do no more. There is already no rest in this crew!

Perhaps if I share something with you in just one isolated case--THE reason that Ekkers go on and place themselves at such disadvantage and expense over the property in conflict is to hopefully attain title so that they can borrow fully against the property and keep this work flowing as long as necessary for the support to flow from other product outside the immediate--i.e., Law Center, etc. Then the prayer is that there can be "damages" enough to put the Law Center on an unshakable foundation. You see, we do not mix the operations except through labor so that there is never opportunity for accusations of misuse of anything. Do we receive accusations? Of course--we have enemies upon our heads and backs like flies to a dying carcass.

There is something you must learn as we move into and along with our presentation and association. We are not a cult, group, church--etc. We are the Hosts of God come to prepare the "way". These ones here are workers efforting to fulfill committed missions--individually and unified only in production--each does what each is qualified to do and, in the interim--licks stamps and sweeps floors (whatever is to be done). GOD DOES NOT BEG! GOD TAKES NOTHING! GOD ONLY GIVES AND REGIVES, IF YOU REMEMBER YOUR PLEIADES LESSONS. THEREFORE, THOSE WHO PLACE A "PRICE" ON YOUR "SALVATION" ARE FALSE TEACHERS AND PREACHERS OF GOD. GOD DOES NOT BEG!


Why do I take your time to speak of these things? Because the perception is that we have some sort of massive, hyper-wealthy "operation" and some sort of a NEW(?) cult confounding the innocent victims called people. I periodically have to set straight the record.


I don't pick on the "Jews" as defined by Hebrew Judaists. I pick on the Khazarian Communist Zionists who are actually Socialists working toward and within dictatorships--void of Holy God and breakers of EVERY LAW of God and The Creation.

I am accused of even picking on the "Star of David", symbol of these beloved "Jews". No, I simply set the record to straight--who do YOU, good Judaists, think the Star of David is honoring? That beloved of God, David? Perish the thought and allow me to interrupt at this point and set the FACTS to print:


This also requires a bit of background history, which I realize bores you into stupor, but it IS necessary, even if you quickly forget it for all is relative to all.

Let me start without backing up further than the twelfth century and I ask you to do research from the JOURNALS if you desire more historical facts.

We will start with the group about that time which were referred to as "Kazarians" and the place, Kazaria. You will find that name readily referred to, especially in Italian historical documents.

By this century the group of barbarians were pretty well quieted as to political power but the influence turned up everywhere and in the most unexpected places--this of these Khazar-Jewish influences. Their manpulation and influence continued to disrupt and suppress a large variety of people.

Among these so-disrupted were ones called the "Seljuk", who may be regarded as the true founders of Muslim Turket. Towards the end of the tenth century, this other off-shoot of the Ghuzz had moved southwards into the vicinity of Bokhara, from where they were later to erupt into Byzantine Asia Minor and colonize it. They do not enter directly into this story, but they do so through a back-door, as it were, for the great Seljuk dynasty seems to have been intimately linked with the Khazars. This Khazar connection is reported by Bar Hebraeus (1226-86), one of the greatest among Syriac writers and scholars; as the name indicates, he was of Jewish origin, but converted to Christianity, and ordained a bishop at the age of twenty.

Bar Hebraeus relates that Seljuk's father, Tukak, was a commander in the army of the Khazar Kagan, and that after his death, Seljuk himself, founder of the dynasty, was brought up at the Kagan's court. But he was an impetuous youth and took liberties with the Kagan, to which the Katoun--the queen--mightily objected (a real "oops" in fact); as a result Seljuk had to leave as he was banned from the court.

You can find another contemporary source, Ibn-al-Adim (History of Aleppo), who also speaks of Seljuk's father as "one of the notables of the Khazar Turks", while a third, Ibn Hassul, reports that Seljuk, "struck the King of the Khazars with his sword and beat him with a mace which he had in his hand...." There was already present a most strong ambivalence of attitude of the Ghuzz towards the Khazars. This has been outlaid excellently by Ibn Fadlan's writings and experiences of first hand encounter.

Thus there was an intimate relationship between the Khazars and the founders of the Seljuk dynasty, followed by a break. This was due to the Seljuks' conversion to Islam (while the other Ghuzz tribes, such as the Kumans, remained as they were).

Nevertheless, the Khazar-Judaic influence prevailed for quite some time even after the break. Among the four sons of Seljuk, one was given the exclusively Jewish name of Israel; and one grandson was called Daud (DAVID). These names, friends, were given because of the great influence of the leading families of the Ghuzz of the dominant Khazars. The house of worship was a "synagogue".

Jewish names were at that time becoming popular, for instance, the sons of a Kuman Prince Kobiak were called Isaac and Daniel.


The Primary Russian Chronicle was compiled by monks; it is saturated with religious thought and long biblical excursions. But parallel with the ecclesiastical writings on which it is based, the Kiev period also produced a secular literature--the so-called bylina, heroic epics of folk-songs, mostly concerned with the deeds of great warriors and semi-legendary princes. The bylina were transmitted by oral tradition and were still chanted by peasants in remote villages of Northern Russia into the beginning of twentieth century--and secretly--to this moment.

In striking contrast to the Russian Chronicle, these epics do not mention by name the Khazars or their country. Is this not strange? Not really, when you consider that this is the modus operandi of these adversaries to humanity and God. What did they do with them then? Ah ha!--instead, they were referred to as Jews and their place of abode--"country of the Jews". Moreover the inhabitants of the land of Jews were often referred to as "Jewish heroes" who ruled the steppes and fought the armies of the Russian princes.

One such "hero" (not necessarily "good" hero but rather, in meaning, lead character), was a giant Jew, who came from the Zemlya Jidovskaya to the steppes of Tsetsar under Mount Sorochin, and only the braver of Vladimir's generals, Ilya Murometz, saved Vladimir's army from those Jews. There are several versions of this tale readily available for your perusal if you wish to investigate.

The point to be remembered herein is that in the eyes of the Russian people the neighboring Khazaria in its final period by that name (like "Soviet Union") was simply the Jewish state, and its army was an army of Jews.

Funny thing--the legends which circulated among Western Jews in the Middle Ages provides a most curious parallel to the Russian bylina. The popular Jewish legend does not remember a "Khazar" kingdom but rather, a kingdom of the "Red Jews".

The Jews of other lands were most flattered by the existence of an independent Jewish state. Popular imagination found here a particularly fertile field. Just as the biblically minded Slavonic epics speak of "Jews" rather than "Khazars", so did Western Jews long after speak of those "Red Jews", so styled because of the slight Mongolian pigmentation of many of the Khazars.


The Khazars survived into modem times, and in fact, friends, so fascinated Disraeli that he used it as material for a historical romance: The Wondrous Tale of Alroy.

Now here we come to the point a bit more closely: In the twelfth century there arose in Khazaria a Messianic movement, a rudimentary attempt at a Jewish crusade, aimed at the conquest of Palestine by force of arms. [Still with me?]

The initiator of the movement was a Khazar Jew, one Solomon ben Duji (or Ruhi or Roy), aided by his son Menahem and a Palestinian scribe. They wrote letters to all the Jews, near and far, in all the lands around them... They said that the time had come in which God would gather Israel, His people from all lands, to Jerusalem, the holy city, and that Solomon Ben Duji WAS ELIJAH AND HIS SON THE MESSIAH.

These appeals were addressed to the Jewish communities in the Middle East. Not too much happened at the time but about two decades later the young Menahem assumed the name DAVID AL-ROY, AND THE TITLE OF MESSIAH. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Though the movement originated in Khazaria, its center soon shifted to Kurdistan (ever heard of the Kurds?). Here David assembled a substantial armed force of local Jews, reinforced by Khazars--and succeeded in taking possession of the strategic fortress of Amadie, north-east of Mosul (surely you have heard of Mosul--like a LOT in the Gulf War?). The plan was to take this conquering army to Edessa, and fight his way through Syria into the Holy Land.

The whole plan was a lot less quixotic than it may appear now, in view of the constant feuds between the various Muslim armies, and the gradual disintegration of the Crusader strongholds (the crusades were no better a movement). Also remember, wars are dandy ways to keep people busy and occupied with distractors. A lot of Muslim commanders welcomed the prospect of a Jewish crusade against the Christian Crusaders. You must realize that you people LOVE WAR AND DESPISE PEACE!

Among the Jews of the Middle East, David certainly aroused fervent Messianic hopes. One of his messengers came to Baghdad and--with excessive zeal--instructed its Jewish citizens to assemble on a certain night on their flat roofs. Remember that the Sheejewples lead very easily by the ring in the nose, put there by the Elite Elders of great wisdom. If you tell them they are persecuted, they will insist upon magnificent persecution and hoodwinking and form armies against the "offender" even if the offender be their saviors. Nothing has changed except the names--the Plan has never changed one iota.

So assembled, there they awaited "rapture", whence they would be flown on clouds to the Messiah's camp. A goodly number of Jews spent that night on their roofs awaiting this miraculous flight into la-la land.

But the stuff hit the fan and chaos ensued. The rabbinical hierarchy in Baghdad, fearing reprisals by the authorities, took a hostile attitude to the pseudo-Messiah and threatened him with a ban. I think you won't find it hard to believe that there followed an assassination of David al-Roy. His own father-in-law killed him while he slept--you see, he was bribed and a good Khazarian will never refuse an adequate bribe under any circumstances.

Through the act, however, David's memory was totally venerated and a new symbol was set in cement. When Benjamin of Tudela travelled through Persia twenty years after the event, the people still spoke lovingly of their leader. But it did not stop there--THE SIX- POINTED "SHIELD OF DAVID" WHICH ADORNS THE MODERN ISRAELI FLAG, BECAME A NATIONAL SYMBOL WITH DAVID al-ROY. Ever since, the six-cornered "shield of David", theretofore mainly only a decorative motif or a magical emblem, began its career toward becoming the chief national-religious symbol of Judaism. Long used interchangeably with the pentagram (the Satanic symbol) or the "Seal of Solomon", it was attributed to David in mystic and ethical German writings from the thirteenth century on, and appeared on the Jewish flag in Prague in 1527. By the way, the two stripes on that same Israeli flag represents the taking of all the lands between the Nile and Euphrates Rivers.


The situation is so critical in the Soviet sector that even your new CIA Director is scared sillier than he already was. "It will be a bad winter for the Russians", he says. Indeed--and for America who is next for the identical treatment--no work, great depression, famine and total hardship. The Khazarians have landed and things are very bad indeed!

Well, who has the nukes? Where is all the expertise which created those wondrous nuke-weapons? Oh my--didn't you know? Working now with Israel and other nations while you good tax-paying Americans pay their salaries. I thought that surely you knew! Your government wouldn't lie to you, would they? Just what do YOU suppose will happen to that more than 27,000 nuclear weapons?

Guess WHO only has ONE GNP? That's right--Israel! Weapons and armaments paid for by you-the-people. They do not, however, honor any treaty, etc., which prevents them dealing with anyone-anywhere--and they do so. A major interrelationship with the Soviet Union has been under way since "forever". So--smuggled Soviet atomic armaments and technological secrets have found their way into the freewheeling global munitions market--like the CIA/KGB/MOSSAD group (not plural). How is this dangerous nuclear threat going to be stopped? Well, what you didn't know because you were not told--is that the priority issue at the NATO summit conference in Rome in November was exactly this issue.

On November 7, President George Bushwhacker held private talks with the leaders of major West European nations in the Italian capital. The topic was the growing evidence that Soviet asset sell-offs were leaking nuclear designs and military devices into the booming international arms trade. They have not, however, leaked any of the information that would give any nation ability to dent their supremacy in "space" and/or pulse systems.

Ah yes, you were told that all this "collapse of communism" would lift the specter of sudden nuclear holocaust from mankind--but alas, Khazarians, being what they are--have made it quite plain that even the Third World conflicts have all been fought with atomic contraband weapons--and the world ignored it. You have whole nations in the process of dying from radiation and nobody noticed!


So, now you move to this day--the "brains" behind the nukes now find themselves conveniently unemployed and, desperately seeking a livelihood in the only field they know, are offering themselves (coincidentally) to the highest bidder. Recruitment attempts by Third World countries are in high-gear and just lots and lots of "stuff" is going to Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc.--THROUGH ISRAEL!

Now you might say, "...that's insane--Israel will perish also!" Dear ones, the point is to GAIN THE WORLD and they do not care who perishes!! YOU CONTINUE TO MISS THE POINT!

You now have, however, an international disaster. But they are NOT through with you good American taxpayers--you are going to foot the bill to dismantle the weapons already produced--or so you will think! No one is going to dismantle anything. Look to Iraq where they show the destruction of all those weapons. They show the same "three" (3) over and over and over again.

Look at the folly: For decades, NATO has confronted a single rival--the USSR--with a strategic stockpile of megaweapons kept under so-called firm central and closely guarded control.

That "evil empire" has now proliferated itself to infect every nation on the globe and now has the capability of containing all free nations into the prison of terror--while it looks like a flailing, dying lamb at slaughter. No, the slaughter will be yours--they have only changed the name to protect the criminals. In just this Union breakup facade, the Russians have created four of their own terrorist nations, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Byelorussia and still show the controlling power in places such as Croatia. There never was--nor is there now--any intent for a freeing of nations nor peace nor security. You have eaten the bait and now you find it poisoned--and YOU WANT GOD TO FIX IT FOR YOU! NO THANK YOU! YOU HAVE HAD ONES TELLING YOU THE TRUTH OF IT FOR GENERATIONS--OUTLINING THE VERY DETAILS OF THE WORKING "ORDER" AND YOU PERSECUTED AND KILLED THE MESSENGERS--INDEED, NO THANK YOU. GOD ISN'T GOING TO FIX ANYTHING--HE DIDN'T BREAK ANYTHING.

These newly independent republics are in a total state of flux and conflict--or so it appears. Only the "people" are confused, in flux and conflict--the "Order" is in total control and the conflicts are nonexistent--the unity is more demonstrated than ever in history of the globe--it only LOOKS chaotic.

An interesting point to watch is what is happening with the deluded wealthy Soviets as they see the net closing. This vast bureaucracy is frantically selling whatever it can--gold, diamonds, oil leases, warehoused furs--everything--in an attempt to launder the money into foreign accounts and hidden deposits--JUST WHAT THE BANKSTERS ORDERED!! Part of the point is to be "without" when the "revolution" starts--you don't get killed by the "have-nots" if you can convince them that you are also a "have-not".


Weapons sales lead the list in this Bolshevik so-called bargain bazaar. The Soviet Union led the world in military exports for most of the last twenty years. A good average year is 1987 where proof is available in the record books--Moscow sold over $19.4 BILLION worth of armaments to Third World countries. This compares with U.S. exports which publicly stated a sales of $5.75 BILLION to those little Third World "backward" nations.


Guess what: Many of these sales are known in the trade as "lead-ins" for nuclear weapons. I think a parable is more suitable here than would be simple numbers and statistics to demonstrate the method of deceit.

Let us look at Zimbabwe. They have a "hard-fisted" government and in recent years they bought some 21 MIG-29 Fulcrum jets from the Soviets, for a whopping $700 million. (For some of you "inquiring minds"--look up your foreign aid to Zimbabwe! Perhaps it will show you WHY so many suffer from famine and disease from lack of aid and resources).

Poor nations like Zimbabwe pay for such advanced fighter-bombers largely with barter goods and Western (American) aid. Next, look what happens--suppose the head of the Soviet trade mission--who is about to be fired anyway, along with his communist boss--tells them for an extra $5 million in cash they can have twin racks of nuclear-tipped air-to-ground missiles for those planes. Zimbabwe leaders will certainly be tempted, don't you suppose? Such super weapons would make them the most feared power in their part of the world, they will be told (and sold).

Similar back-room bargains will be offered by some of the new republics, my doubting friends. Let us just example Kazakhstan, which now finds itself with an incredible arsenal of atomic weapons inherited from the Soviet Union but is desperate for hard currency earnings instead of such doomsday bombs.

There are well-connected traders offering deeply discounted Soviet nuclear ordnance in the black market. Algeria, Ghana and even your old friend, Germany, have received many such under-the-table proposals--hardly even hidden by the tablecloth.


In Germany (you know, that nation which had that big extermination program against those nice Jews?), federal police seized an entire cargo ship just last month (November, 1991). It was loaded with high-tech Soviet armaments DESTINED FOR ISRAEL.

Do not act surprised: Israeli salesmen brokering Soviet military exports is the run-of-mill business venture in Israel. This is openly known throughout the world--'tis only YOU who have been sleeping, America. They are the outlaws who let the genie of nuclear proliferation out of the bottle. After conniving with this tiny country's secret super-bomb buildup for decades, the United States has no moral--and little legal--authority left to prevent other small nations from doing the same.

NOTE: Remember that cute little friendly treaty drawn between Shamir and the Soviets after the Gulf War? Do you remember the world cheered that after all these years the Soviets and the Israelis would "recognize" each other and have "relations" again? Remember that? Well, you witnessed the signing of treaties which bind them together like blood-brothers and you, America, are only a side fringe-benefit to the conspiracy--hook, line and sinker.


I can only ask that we reprint the document sent to us yesterday by one who didn't know "what else to do with it". I DO expect the Constitutional Law Center to get onto this immediately. I also want a copy sent to Little Crow--we cannot do this work without Native American unification and input. You ones will STOP the bickering among tribes, creeds, colors and accusing groups or you will perish as a nation. It is simple and factual. You as a nation have gone beyond all bounds of moral and Constitutional boundaries. I hope the following sickens you as much as the freezing, dying Dakotas' Sioux of the last writing. This heinous criminal activity of the so-called federal government has no areas or boundaries of activity in behalf of the Elite Money-mongers. America--WAKE UP!


NATION, NASP Newsletter, page 9. (Oct-Nov-91)



Special thanks to Kicking Eagle

for submitting this article for our publication.

It is with great honor that I accept the challenge to help the Western Shoshone Nation to defend their homelands from unlawful U.S. Government actions.

Since the coming of the first white man, the Indians of America have had to fight for their survival. The "Indian Wars" which took place, but were never declared, were mostly over land. the "Indian Problem" was that the Indians had the land and the Whites wanted it. If they couldn't obtain the land one way, they'd try another. The practice continues to this day.

The U.S. Government has plans to round-up over 500 head of livestock which belongs to the Dann Band of the Western Shoshone. The livestock is on the Dann Band's ranch in Crescent Valley, Nevada, where the Danns have grazed livestock for generations.

The Danns have had a self-sufficient livelihood for generations and are now being confronted with the destruction of their self-sustaining culture and way of life through the U.S. government's seizure of livestock.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is attempting to focus attention on grazing issues that became an issue after generations of the Danns had grazed livestock on the same land. The basis for the Danns Bank's resistance is the legal issue of land title. During the final court hearing in the 17-year battle with the BLM, the Danns rejected the concept of individuals and original title and advocated Tribal title on behalf of the Western Shoshone Nation. They thereby jeopardized their personal livelihood as individuals in order to defend the Western Shoshone as a nation. The Danns believe that Western Shoshone Tribal rights must not be allowed to be broken down to individual rights by the United States.

The Western Shoshone Nation sees the U.S. Government actions as an act of genocide and is filing a formal complaint in the Federal Court. Council is also a plaintiff in a suit filed with the U.S. District Court, charging the government with negligence for failing to protect the Indians' rights and properties "from unscrupulous white men arbitrarily taking, encroaching, trespassing and inverse condemnation by the BLM". The lawsuit seeks to reclaim millions of acres of ancestral lands and more than $100 billion in damages. [H: I believe you must realize that without something such as the Constitutional Law Center behind this work--it cannot succeed. To even hope to prevail, you must bring down the Constitutional Law without errors and it must be supported by POWER within that Constitution. If freedom and law cannot begin with the very Natives within the nation--you have no hope nor "right" to survive as a nation of people. You must go right back to the beginning of your nation and set things to "right" and then, only then, can you rebuild your nation into freedom and sovereignty.]

Is it a coincidence that the land used by the Dann Band is surrounded by mine claims for massive exploitation of gold? [H: It does begin to make more sense, does it not?] Raymond Yowell, Chief of the Western Shoshone National Council asks the question: How did the U.S. obtain title to the lands? IT HAS NEVER BEEN OBTAINED THROUGH PURCHASE, EXCHANGE, ACT OF CONGRESS OR EXECUTIVE ORDER! "NOR HAS THE TITLE QUESTION BEEN LITIGATED IN ANY U.S. COURT", he said.

The Bureau of Land Management is gearing up to impound the Danns' livestock. Armed federal agents will be arriving at the ranch from California and Nevada to assist a private contractor with confiscation (theft) of the livestock. This will likely set the stage for an intense confrontation between the BLM and its hired cowboys, and the Western Shoshone Nation. [H: Is anybody harkening back to Wounded Knee? I warn you, Americans, this will be far bloodier than anything you have witnessed on a local level of confrontation for desperate people do desperate things.]

The Western Shoshone National Council is calling for direct and meaningful negotiations with the U.S. Government. Chief Yowell says: "The Western Shoshone Nation vows to protect and defend our inherent rights as an indigenous nation against the U.S. Government". [H: When will the rest of you Sovereign united states citi-zens do as much?] He added: "In our long history of dealing with the U.S. Government, they have continuously ignored the treaty of Peace and Friendship signed with our Nation. It is called the Treaty of Ruby Valley and was ratified by Congress in 1896. Treaties are the Supreme Law of the Land, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. The Dams are members of Western Shoshone Nation and are running their livestock within territory defined and described in this treaty.

I ask each of my readers to respond to this article. Write or call your congressional representative. Demand that the U.S. government stop its attacks against the Western Shoshone People. Ask that they investigate the injustices against the Western Shoshone Nation. [H: I ask you, now, do you think the Alan Cranstons, Solarz, Bidens and such-like will do a whole lot in protection of the Indians? The last laugh is going to be on you-the-people if you don't stand up and STOP this insanity and lawlessness!]

The basis for Indian existence, tradition, culture, and survival of the people is in the land. If the U.S. Government can do this to the Shoshone, they could subject the land to local taxation.... and take it over. This cannot be allowed to happen!

For America,

Kicking Eagle.

END OF QUOTING--Please don't let it also be the end of action.

This will cause you ones to do investigation because I have given you all that was made available. The point of my not simply giving you all you need to track this, is that you are going to find such wondrously horrible other tales as you uncover the rat's nest and the clowns in the game. If you can have a government purposely giving forth offices of confiscation and criminal robbery as the Resolution Trust Corporation, think nothing of the Bureau of Land Management--they have been at criminal activities far longer than the renamed RTC. Is anyone having any "fun" yet? Come on, citizens, it is a glorious time of experience for you have such a wondrous challenge facing you. Life has reached this ebb of gloom through boredom and depression--let's get off those backsides and use the wondrous God-gift of "brain" and "fix" this broken planet. YOU CAN DO IT "IF" YOU WANT TO!

Salu, Hatonn to clear, please.



WED., DECEMBER 11, 1991 2:45 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 117



America West is sending out a very large mailing to our brothers in the "healing" profession and I desire to focus the edition on the subject in point. I shall not write most of the material for you need to realize that the problem is under your noses and I need not come through with hocus pocus from any other resource. I can only give my observations regarding that which is available to you. I must note, however, that if you continue in the so-called direction of orthodox medicine--you will all end up dead far sooner than as if the profession never existed. Long ago the "healing science" ceased to be. You are now controlled to your very lives and wholeness of function by that Cartel made up mostly of Elite-connected moneychangers. Your illness makes them wealthy--surely you cannot expect good health from those who would commit suicide by offering you such.


How many of you listen now and watch people scampering to get "flu shots" for the children and elderly first, because you are "short" of vaccine. I have never witnessed a deeper pile of you know what. By their own admission, the medical profession tells you that the flu strains are not the same as is the vaccine strains. So what are you doing? They also tell you that you will probably have some side-effects--so be it. This is the same lies they give you in almost every intensive drive to fool you-the-people.

I believe that one of the most costly (to health) and obscene things perpetrated on your children are immunizations. Long since has the intent of immunizations ceased to be curative OR SAFE! But you are over a barrel, aren't you? The children are not wanted in the schools unless they are vaccinated and thus and so and worse, sometimes things are deliberately introduced in epidemic form to insure that you dare not miss those "shots". I do not mean to infer in any way that it is easy to decide which path to take with your babies or selves.

I am going to start this subject off with a portion from Eustace Mullins--indirectly. It is from an article which is no longer available, having been published in August of 1977. I liked the heading of this publisher--"HE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH AND DOES NOT SPEAK OUT, IS A MISERABLE CREATURE". Further, I ask that you hear me for if I tell you Truth does it make me LESS YOUR FRIEND? Ponder it.

I choose this writing to reprint herein because it is so applicable to today for it dealt with the GREAT SWINE FLU MASSACRE WITH SIXTEEN HUNDRED DEAD at the time of the writing prior to August of 1977.

Eustace titles his exceptional work, and the book on the subject: MURDER BY INJECTION. You can get the book from several sources as well as America West. I hope you will consider getting the book because you will certainly save me a lot of work and time. We do not need to reinvent "the wheel"; we need to fix the one we have.

Keeping the above in mind, let us just reprint:


A long line of tense, and fearful, people had formed outside a local "health clinic". The line slowly inched forward, into a small room where white-coated "technicians" injected each person's arm with a virulent chemical poison. As the chemical hit their bloodstream, some of the victims slumped over and died immediately. They were quickly dragged into another room, while the "technicians" assure the nervous crowd. "There's nothing to worry about. They've only passed out." [H: I might personalize this by stating that Dharma was working at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles in the organ transplant, dialysis and kidney transplant division. ALL employes of that hospital were forced to take the injections or be discharged. She, herself, along with many--became very sick indeed. The ones who reacted in sickness were simply told the "shot" was too late to "stop the flu".]

This shocking scene is familiar enough. We have watched endless movies of these atrocities, produced by victorious Jews who claim that these acts were really carried out by Nazis in Germany. The above scene, however, is not Germany in 1944. It is the United States, anywhere in this country, during the Great Swine Flu Massacre of 1976. Only the warped mind of the Khazar Zionist could have conceived such a horror as celebrating the Bicentennial Year of the United States by carrying out a national campaign of genocide against its citizens, and by enlisting the President of the United States, Gerald Ford, to personally lead this campaign. [H: Mullins refers to these ones as "Jews" but I do not for the term, though absolutely correct, has long since become a "bad word"--so let us take away their ammunition to fire back at us! We shall call them Khazarian Zionists (KZ). In addition, I desire to make it plain that there are wondrous Judaists in the other healing arts, as well as medicine--who have no connection to this brood of false-Jews. Calling me an "anti-Semite won't cut it, brothers, for I am a Semite! If you like, I will even answer to the addressing to me as Ceresberg Hatonnstein. A rose by any name is still a rose--remember it well. Also, lately, I and most of our readers have become card-carrying "Jews" demanding equal rights as (i)sraelites (God's chosen).] Ford's Folly, as it was later known, cost him reelection to the White House, as the suppressed information about the hundreds of victims slowly leaked out, but the true purpose of the campaign was a test run for a much more comprehensive national plan of "eliminating" "non-productive" citizens, which will be carried out at some later date. [H: Getting nervous? Well, relief must surely be spelled "vaccine" for AIDS!]

The national program of swine flu injections was hardly under way before alarming "rumors" of sudden death and of terrible side effects such as various forms of paralysis began to alarm the American people. They were "rumors" simply because they were suppressed by the nation's press, and they were publicly denounced as "lies" by every public health official in America. After some weeks, during which the officials desperately tried to complete their announced goal of inoculating every person in American with this poison, they finally admitted that "one or two" people had collapsed and died of acute heart failure after having been administered the poison. In the ensuing weeks, this figure continued to be revised upward until the officials admitted that just over two hundred persons had died after being injected with the vaccine. The actual figure, which has never been released from Washington, is sixteen hundred persons who died immediately after being injected. Despite these casualties the officials continued the program of injection until Dec. 16, 1976, when public outcry became so great that it was officially stopped.

In the crucial period when the officials refused to abandon their program of mass murder by injection, one public health official in Pennsylvania, a bearded hippie type with the accepted "Mad Commissar" appearance which is now de rigueur for the members of our Marxist bureaucracy, made his contention on national television that the victims "would have died anyway". The cynicism of this statement would have done credit to the commandant of any Soviet so-called death camp in Siberia.


No Nuremberg Trials have been proposed for the officials who planned and executed the Great Swine Flu Massacre of 1976, nor has the Washington Post's prize winning teams of "investigative reporters" shown any interest in the murders. The explanation probably is that they are still too busy writing further "revelations" about Watergate, which they still term "the crime of the century", and which lacked all of the conventional ingredients of sex, death or money, and which consisted solely of a few stooges being lured to break into a Washington office with the promise that convincing proof of the Democratic party's connection with Castro's Communist regime was to be found there. This “proof”, which has never been made public, has now become stale news because of Jimmy Carter's desperate campaign to accord Cuba full diplomatic recognition, with the inevitable subsequent billions of dollars worth of aid to be lavished on its Communist thugs, to the soothing background of George McGovern's continuing eulogies to the purity and the beauty of Castro's great soul.

[H: Before we go further, I remind you that this was written in 1976--fifteen years past. If bits and pieces disagree with current writings as I present them--KNOW that there would be far more facts and tid-bits than was available to Eustace Mullins at the time of this writing. More remarkable is that in the sequence of writings--each one has become far more insightful--but the basic foundation of the "Order" and the people of the Elite are all the same in every area of writing from banking to religion. The ones who are the tools of the adversary are in every area of experience on your globe--working EXACTLY ACCORDING TO THE RULES LAID FORTH BY THE ZIONIST PROTOCOLS OF THE TALMUD.]

The American public has been led to believe that the swine flu massacre was a bipartisan political effort, as leaders of both the Democratic and the Republican parties joined in the campaign to herd the victims to the death offices of the "health" officials. Some supposed that it was merely another "big money" deal perpetrated by the Zionist biological parasites in their unceasing efforts to find new ways to milk their unprotesting host people. However, the entire swine flu program amounted to a mere $135,000,000, which is hardly peanuts to the rampaging KZs who regularly mount billion dollar raids on the United States Treasury. This sum represents only one tenth of the sum contributed by the American taxpayers to the State of Israel EACH YEAR! The ramifications of the swine flu massacre cannot be truly measured by the $135,000,000 windfall for the drug company executives who had picked up Gerald Ford's bills for twenty-five years in Washington, nor by the misleading figure of sixteen hundred dead Americans.

The real story behind the swine flu murders is one of genocide and of a slow-acting poison which may take years after the injection to bring on death by cancer or heart failure. This story begins in the ironically named Federal Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia (yes, the same city which produced our present leader [Carter]). First, the federal scientists in this rat's nest invented a new disease, which they named the "swine flu". To this day, there has never been a single case of "swine flu" positively identified in any person in the United States! [H: You had better be thankful, for had the inoculations gone as hoped and planned--your nation would be dead and gone NOW from that sneaky little hand-made, Elite weapon, the HIV virus. Someone should take a very close and careful look at that "swine" vaccine. You may find a bit of sheep visna virus and bovine leukemia sprinkled among the injectables.] To trigger their demand for a national campaign of inoculating their new poison, the scientists claimed that a young soldier at Ft. Dix, New Jersey had died of the "Swine Flu". Now the disease was ready to ravage the entire population of the United States, with a projected death toll of from sixty to one hundred million victims! The scientists claimed that this disaster could only be avoided by the inoculation of everyone in the United States.

The fact was that there was not then and has never been the slightest possibility of any such epidemic. The young soldier at Ft. Dix had been suffering from exhaustion after a forced march. He was given some sort of injection, probably the swine flu vaccine, and then died. This death was then claimed as the "first victim" of swine flu. For many years, some of our young soldiers, as well as many political prisoners in our prisons, have been subjected to "medical experiments" by mad scientists of the type which the KZs claim were carried out by the Nazis. Although thousands of pages of testimony were taken down at the Nuremberg Trials from Jews who claimed to have been the subjects of the Nazi experiments, their sole purpose in testifying to these "atrocities" was to lay claim to lifelong payments of benefits, which they have subsequently collected from the captive German people. In the United States, thousands of victims of these medical experiments have never been able to collect anything, including the family of the young soldier at Ft. Dix. Nevertheless, his death set off an overwhelming national "demand" for an immediate swine flu vaccine program. The press, as usual, was only too glad to cooperate in this atrocity. Every public health official in the United States leaped into the campaign with their knee jerk conditioned reflex as soon as they received their orders from Moscow-on-the-Potomac. The campaign was given its final blessing by the less than regal figure of the then President of the United States, Gerald Ford. The fact that he was condemning hundreds of American citizens to death bothered him not for a moment, but retribution came in the public fear and dismay created by the revelations of the many deaths of the swine flu campaign. This fear provided the last straw which sent the delicate balance of an undecided electorate tipping over to Jimmy Carter. One of his principal aides, who later disappeared amidst revelations of bad checks and fraudulent deals, publicly said. "We would never have made it without the swine flu victims".

In retrospect, is this so strange, when we recall that the entire plan for the massacre originated in Atlanta, Georgia, as the base of Carter's entire Presidential effort? And does this explain the desire of the Jewish television industry to pay off Gerald Ford with millions of dollars for the story of his life as a "public servant", which of course will exclude all mention of the swine flu massacre, the years in which he lived in luxury in Washington on five dollars a week, or his malfunctioning nervous system which causes him to fall on his face when he has nothing to hold onto?

To this day, no one has commented on the fact that all of the victims of the swine flu massacre were elderly white Americans. Apparently the Negroes received some warning against taking the injections, because the technicians reported that in Negro neighborhoods, they found practically no one willing to take the shots. (A more likely explanation is that the health officials were afraid to get out of their vans.) It is now obvious that the swine flu massacre was a dress rehearsal for a mass "elimination" program of "non-productive" citizens, those elderly white people, who, having worked forty or fifty years, might now expect some leisure in their Golden Years. A crucial aspect of this extermination campaign is the frantic national press demand for the Right to Die and for death with dignity. This campaign is intended for the thousands of elderly white people in hospitals and nursing homes staffed by KZ doctors and Negro nurses. Forms have been prepared which state that these people have refused any further care and that they "wish to die". Whether they sign or not, we may be certain that after their elimination, there will be produced for each victim a properly signed and witnessed form attesting to their willingness to die, another factor in the nightmare world of Jewish Khazarian Marxism in 1984.

[H: I'm sure you can add and subtract, so considering the overall happenings, this above projection was right on schedule as to genocide. It is intended that AIDS get rid of the blacks and homosexuals, abortion eliminate the babies and so on it goes...)


We have stated that every public health official in the United States ritually declared himself in favor of the great swine flu massacre, as though the order had come down from the Great Stalin himself. However, in this sorry melange of bloodthirsty Marxist maniacs who have devoted their lives to the massacre of their fellow citizens, one white patriot emerged. He was the famed microbiologist J. Anthony Morris, the leading expert on viral diseases at the National Institute of Health in Washington (Parade, 3-11-77). Despite his eminence in his field, Morris remained on a modest salary because he had never made proper overtures to the big drug dealers, nor did he wish to. For more than twenty years, he had been attempting to warn the American people about the dangers of the vaccines endorsed by the public health officials. He had discovered, after years of patient research, that there is NO WAY to measure or control the potency of any batch of vaccine. Any given batch might be a hundred times more potent than the next batch, with possibly fatal results to the person to whom it would be administered. To this day, the federal government has methodically suppressed this information. One of the purposes of the swine flu campaign was to provide computer input data on variations in the potency of the vaccine, and to project probable fatalities in future use of swine flu campaigns. The insurance industry had paid some officials for information on the swine flu vaccine, and with this factual material on its dangers, they refused to provide any insurance coverage on its use!

It is difficult for the layman to realize that the insurance industry, which is in the business of taking risks, would decide that any substance was so dangerous that it would offer no coverage on its use, or that federal officials, after seeing the insurance industry refuse to provide any coverage, would still insist on its being administered to the entire population of the United States!

Not only did the federal officials suppress the results of Morris' researches on the uncontrollable potency of the swine flu vaccine: they also suppressed proof in his later researches that the vaccine did not, as the mad scientists had claimed, produce antibodies in the human system which would prevent the flu. Morris proved that the vaccine produced NO antibodies in the system and therefore it was worthless as a vaccine. In fact, it was biologically impossible to produce a vaccine composed of dead "swine flu virus" when no such virus existed! Continuing his research on the vaccine, J. Anthony Morris found that the vaccine actually increased one's susceptibility to side effects of flu. The victims who had been exhorted by the federal officials to take the vaccine actually were exposing themselves to even worse effects of the flu.

By this time, his fellow officials were doing everything possible to suppress the results of Morris' work. He later said, "There is a close tie between government scientists and manufacturing scientists. And I was hurting the market for flu vaccine". The federal government maintains strict regulations for handling such poisons as strychnine and cyanide, but these same officials concealed the fact that the swine flu vaccine and other federally recommended medicine are well known poisons. Morris was now relieved of his official title as influenza control officer. His research material was hauled away and disposed of and thousands of test animals on which he had proven his results were destroyed. [H: Animal humane groups: where were you when you were really needed?] However, Morris still continued his desperate struggle to save the American people from this disaster. He warned that public use of the swine flu vaccine would result in serious neurological damage. [H: Have you looked at an "Altzheimer's" victim lately???] Since then, hundreds of people who took the injection have been afflicted with a form of paralysis called the "Guillain-Barre syndrome", a rare disease which had been almost unknown in the United States. Federal officials then released "studies" of the victims claiming that most of them had not taken the swine flu vaccine! Subsequent lawsuits by some of the victims revealed that these "studies" were entirely fictitious. They had been invented by the federal officials. However, Morris' final warning was the most shocking of all. His researches proved that the swine flu vaccine was carcinogenic! It had caused cancer in his test animals. This meant that every person who took this vaccine faced the strong probability that at some later stage, he would develop a malignant cancer somewhere in his system! The people who had had the injections and who were now congratulating themselves that they had not had a heart attack or that they had not been paralyzed by the Guillain-Barre syndrome now faced the danger of a future death by cancer. At this revelation, the National Institute of Health fired Morris for "insubordination." They had ordered him not to release the results of this tests. The subsequent history on this patriot is a sad commentary on the plight of a public-spirited man. Penniless and unemployed, he has found it almost impossible to sue the entrenched Marxist bureaucrats. The millions of Americans whom he fought to save have not one dollar to contribute to him in his plight, as all their savings will go to doctors to fight the paralysis and cancer induced by the vaccine which he fought to ban.

Like the swine flu, the famous "Legionnaires disease" also was the product of Carter's henchmen at the Disease Control office in Atlanta. A group of elderly white American ex-soldiers had gathered for a reunion at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. Some KZs needed the famous old hotel to put together a "package" for a new real estate development. What better way than to drive it into bankruptcy by a fatal disease among its patrons? A Negro employee of the hotel, a charter member of the Communist Party in Pennsylvania, agreed to test a new "crowd control" weapon developed by the mad scientists in Atlanta. A batch was sent to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds nearby, where it was picked up by the Negro. It was decided to test the weapon on the Legionnaires for a reason which many will find incredible, and which dates back some thirty years. In the late 1940's, a few World War One veterans attempted to turn their local American Legion chapters into active anti-Communist organizations. The Communist Hollywood Ten, a group of KZs who had publicly flaunted their allegiance to Moscow, quickly churned out a number of movies in which the American Legion members were caricatured as fat, drunken boobs, a slander which remains a cliché of the KZ controlled movies and television. This prompt reaction by the Communists was due to their terrible fear of any native, uniformed group which might oppose them. When one such group appeared in the South a few years ago, the Columbians, the FBI spent five million dollars to infiltrate and destroy it, and sent its leader to prison on perjured testimony. The Communists remembered the veterans in Russia who fought the Bolshevik regime, and the loyal German veterans who formed the National Socialist Party to defeat the Communists in Germany. Every weapon of hate had to be turned against any uniformed American group which opposed Communism, and for a few brief months in the late 1940's, the American Legion seemed to be such a group. It was quickly infiltrated, and its anti-Communist stance became a fading memory, but the Communist hatred for the Legionnaires remained as intense as ever. For this reason, it was decided to test the new murder weapon on the Legionnaires. The idea behind the new weapon was prompted by the development of urban warfare techniques, to gain control of a large building held by opposing forces, without destroying the building. The mad scientist came up with a derivative of nickel carbonyl which could be fed into a building's cooling or heating system, and which would kill everyone in the building. They would collapse with irreversible damage to their hearts and respiratory systems. The Negro fed a fairly weak concentration of nickel carbonyl into the air conditioning system of the Bellevue Stratford Hotel during the meeting of the American Legionnaires. Because it was a test, the scientists had made a weak concentration. They did not wish to kill everyone in the building, but to discover if it would, as promised on test animals, have a potentially fatal effect. A number of the Legionnaires sickened and died. The health officials then released the story that they had died of a form of respiratory infection. [H: I will discuss this at the end of the quoting because you will be left with the incorrect conclusion from this immediate writing--the lethal cause of most of the sickness WAS VERY DEFINITELY A VIRUS.]

However, to this day the officials claim they have no idea what caused the "Legionnaires disease". The fact is that, as the patriot J. Anthony Morris tried to warn us, the federal government is dangerous to your health. Every citizen must become aware that the federal public health officials, stoned to the ears, with their long Trotsky type hairdos flying in the breeze, have successfully carried out one massacre after another in the United States. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


Let me inject (no pun intended) herein that the book MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins is "The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America" and was published in 1988 so you will find it much more "timely". You can also find much information in the JOURNAL: AIDS, THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE.

The facts are even more noxious than the above dissertation on "Swine" flu. In the case of Legionnaires disease it will be found, and we attested to it prior to this--that the infecting organism was man-created and was "blown" across the street where there was a Parade in front of the hotel in point. The "bad" air was to take the blame for the deaths which ensued. The organism in point was an edition of that which the Russians were working on in 1978 for biological warfare. This was also under development in the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia (oops). It is a brother to the disease known now as Lassa fever, which will kill 35 out of every 100 people it strikes, Ebola fever, which kills 70 out of every 100, and the deadly Marburg fever (Green Monkey Disease).

Dharma, you are weary from such a long day so let us have respite. We will take up the structure of the hierarchy of the "Drug Trust" tomorrow for you need refreshing as to just WHO controls and owns those pharmaceutical monopolies--and you may as well prepare selves--it comes back the doorstep of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. So be it and may you live to see the truth of it.

Hatonn to clear.



THU., DECEMBER 12, 1991 7:43 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 118



Hatonn present in the Light of Radiance. Thank you for responding at the wee-hour time I signaled. You must become familiar with the signal for things become more and more urgent as the power brokers vie for control.

What, specifically, leads the list of happenings this day? It is not that which is on your news (which is bad enough in itself). The pressure point is on the "hot line" and taking place at Edwards Air Force Base. This is a day planned to "blow" the San Andreas fault, chelas. This would be for the purpose of showing power as the Commonwealth of Soviet nations is ratified and the Israelis move into portions of Jerusalem. So, what is happening? Wrangling and capitulation as what remains of your nation is given away (promised away) to the Banksters who now control the massive nuclear arms stashes.


All the speeches are perfection, i.e., Yeltsin says Minsk is only an operations center (not a capitol). Ah, yes indeed, the speeches are wondrous but look upon the faces of those in parliament--there is no joy this day in either side of the issue of the Soviet Union disuniting. The people of both sides WILL be brought into total compliance with whatever the Elite decide to do with them--from starvation to iron-fisted control.

LOOK AT RUSSIA TODAY! It goes beyond Gorbachev resigning, as the polite term is utilized. Everything is running exactly as scheduled and the "actors" do not even have to do a good performance. The "Soviet Union" may well be abandoned but the central rulers are in stronger control than in any time in the history of the globe. Moreover, you in America are seeing the reflection of EXACTLY what will happen to you while disasters, trials of nonsense, depression, etc., distract you from the issue in point.

Note that the only thing required to pull down Russia into capitulation was to cut off the supply of OIL. The airlines are grounded until Gorbachev and the government capitulate. The depressed state is horrendous by plan for you have sent billions of dollars of aid to Russia and yet the people are claiming hunger, no food and no heating fuels. The game is finished except for the revolution which can't amount to a lot because the people have no guns (banned); the people are in chaos without leadership and the Elite will do that which they choose.

Do you see correlation in America? If you can shut down the oil supply (easy to do), cause depression and distract the people into their misery--you can pull down the nation. The world oil supply is run and controlled by the Elite One World Order whether it be Britain, Russia, Slobovia or the United States and Canada. It matters not for the currency is controlled, the banks are now a total monopoly in the waiting of merging into a single entity. Already the branches are nothing but paper processors--a good bank robbery nets only piddling amounts--banks have to "order" money in advance if a customer wishes more than a hundred or two dollars. This is, in addition, after giving everything including fingerprints and request forms.

Note what is happening in employment--TRW: about 10,000 lay-offs today. (Aerospace branch), along with two other major industries along the same lines with 2 to 4 thousand (also today), one being General Motors. The nation (U.S.) has less than a week's supply of reserve foodstuffs, the airlines are closing weekly, every major industry is in "restructuring" which translates to "bankruptcy". The Elite like to call things by cute names to fool the people--just like the Khazar Zionists instead of One World Dictatorship--total Socialist Marxism. You now fully function under Marxist-Fascism. Can you not see that by noon this very day all airlines could be closed, all banks shut and total armed force set up against you? While you have hostage parties and light Christmas trees--the noose tightens and the biological assault is in its midstage of devastation, along with pure radiation poisoning in your atmosphere.

Note that you are shown hardly any personages in public media other than Khazar Zionists. This is to make sure you ones of the masses think that they are already in total control by sheer numbers--no, they are still less than 5% of the total population but they have followed the rules laid forth in the Protocols and Manifesto and have gained control of the masses through total deceit while you forgot to pay attention. Nothing mattered to you-the-people other than the "good life", leisure, luxury and entertainment. Now you are soft, incapable of functioning except in some inept manner for skills are lost and families shattered in the grabbing of the brass ring for SELF. The adversary knows what he heads for and ceaselessly pursues it--you want 4 day weekends to pursue your pleasures.

You are on the eve of nuclear war and you should have known it the instant the "Elite physicists" turned back the "doomsday" clock because the "threat is lessened" and "we have come so far"!

What do "I" expect of you this day? Nothing, but I might ask what is it that YOU will do?


While the farceful meetings take place in the U.S., Israelis have moved into the Palestine portion of Jerusalem. Dozens of "Jews" took over the very living places of the Palestinians--throwing the resident's very belongings out into the street--in the rain.

Under heavy police guard the Israelis took up residency. Oh yes, it has now been ordered that the interlopers remove themselves and a deadline was given but at last notice no-one was moving except the gun carriers. These Israelis say they WILL have ALL of Jerusalem and "we will have it NOW"! They also proclaim it to be "God's will". If you remain blind, especially you Hebrew people, YOU ARE DOOMED for these Israelis are NOT YOUR PEOPLE, YOUR FRIENDS OR YOUR HERITAGE--THEY ARE PRESENT TO SLAY YOU OF THE TORIAN TRADITION--TURNED TALMUDIST. You can continue to hide from the truth of it but it will only bind you tighter and tighter until you are destroyed.


Go ahead and celebrate the death of "communism" and the "Evil Soviet Empire" if you like. Look unto the beast lying there and then look beyond at the dragon beast who slew it! From the ashes of the one comes the massive beast set, orchestrated, computerized and now fully ready--TO TAKE CONTROL OF THE WORLD!





Dharma, we shall continue writing of the control upon your very lives through the pharmaceutical houses of the Elite Zionists.

I recognize Eustace Mullins for the information I am going to use because if you cannot recognize the earth connections, we are wasting our time and efforts. I am going to speak of your very lives which you entrust to physicians totally controlled by humanity's destroyer. I ask you to get material for backup for I have neither the time nor inclination to write more on the matter in this dissertation. You will take responsibility for your own self and those entrusted into your care or you may continue in the suicide at the hands of that enemy.

I want you to remember something as I recite names, dates and places of these controllers and you will note, if you have read our disclosures, that the NAMES are the same in every facet of your life. The adversary has all but won the "war" as it has moved far beyond the "skirmish".

In the PROTOCOLS it is mandated that the children become doctors and lawyers, etc., so that total control can be accomplished as all industries, banks and pharmaceutical houses become Khazarian-Zionist. GO READ AGAIN, CAREFULLY, THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION AND MANIFESTO WITH ACCOMPANYING LETTERS OF INSTRUCTION. "THEY" HAVE PULLED IT OFF, WORLD!

The instruction for doctors becomes more blatant: "...become doctors so that you can go into the houses and kill the Goyim". Now, I ask you, how can a doctor do that? By drugs, of course, and murder by surgery and injection.

Remember that the symbol of a physician is a staff with serpents. The Khazars are "serpent people" by their own definition and before I move into the Drug Trust, I wish to write again a short reminder of that "Serpent" group. Remember also that PROTOCOL III opens with a reference to the "Symbolic Snake of Judaism" and the following account is given of this symbol:


According to the records of secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish learned men already, in 929 B.C., thought out a scheme in theory for a peaceful conquest of the whole universe by Zion.

As history developed, this scheme was worked out in detail and completed by men who were subsequently initiated in this question. These learned men decided by peaceful means to conquer the world for Zion with the slyness of the Symbolic Snake, whose head was to represent those who have been initiated into the plans of the Jewish administration, and the body of the Snake to represent the Jewish people--the administration was always kept secret, EVEN FROM THE JEWISH NATION ITSELF! As this Snake penetrated into the hearts of the nations which it encountered it undermined and devoured all the non-Jewish power of these States. It is foretold that the Snake has still to finish its work, strictly adhering to the designed plan, until the course which it has to run is closed by the return of its head to Zion and until, by this means, the Snake has completed its round of Europe and has encircled it--and until, by dint of enchaining Europe, it has encompassed the whole world. This it is to accomplish by using every endeavor to subdue the other countries by an economic conquest.

The return of the head of the Snake to Zion can only be accomplished after the power of all the Sovereigns of Europe has been laid low, that is to say, when by means of economic crises and wholesale destruction effected everywhere, there shall have been brought about a spiritual demoralization and a moral corruption, chiefly with the assistance of Jewish women masquerading as French, Italians, etc. Thee are the surest spreaders of licentiousness into the lives of the leading men at the heads of nations.

A map of the course of the Symbolic Snake is shown as follows: Its first stage in Europe was in 429 B.C. in Greece, where, about the time of Pericles, the Snake first started eating into the power of that country. The second stage was in Rome in the time of Augustus, about 69 B.C. The third in Madrid in the time of Charles V., in A.D. 1552. The fourth in Paris about 1790, in the time of Louis XVI. The fifth in London from 1814 onwards (after the downfall of Napoleon). The sixth in Berlin in 1871 after the Franco-Prussian war. The seventh in St. Petersburg, over which is drawn the head of the Snake under the date of 1881.

All these states which the Snake traversed have had the foundations of their constitutions shaken--Germany, with its apparent power, forming no exception to the rule. In economic conditions England and Germany are spared, but only till the conquest of Russia is accomplished by the Snake, on which at present (i.e., 1905) all its efforts are concentrated. The further course of the Snake is not shown on this map, but arrows indicate its next movement towards Moscow, Kieff, and Odessa.

It is now well known to us to what extent the latter cities form the centers of the militant Jewish race. Constantinople is shown as the last stage of the Snake's course before it reaches Jerusalem. (This map was drawn years before the occurrence of the "Young Turk"--i.e., Jewish--Revolution in Turkey).

Remember also, that the term "Goyim", meaning Gentiles or "non-Jews" is used throughout the PROTOCOLS.



Don't be comforted that as I outlay the next portion for you that you will find the major workings within the U.S. That only means that you have been under control for a lot longer than you can imagine.

Now, where, you ask, "is the head of this Zionist Snake"? Ah--but you KNOW! The head snake comes right out of the English Crown and the Committee of 300 who already rule your world--the U.S. has only gone back hook, line and sinker into the British Commonwealth. These people in charge do not ever act as "Christians" and never have--they serve (by their own statement) Lucifer--SATAN! I told you long, long ago that the ones calling themselves "JEWS"-- ARE NOT! THEY ADORNED THEMSELVES IN "JEWISH SHEEP COSTUME", CHANGED THE LANGUAGE TO SUIT THE NEEDS FOR DECEIT AND HAVE NO CONNECTION WITH THAT WHICH YOU PERCEIVE TO BE "JEWS"! THEY ARE NOT HEBREWS, THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE TORAH (THEY ARE PURELY HUMAN-ORIENTED TALMUDISTS), THEY ARE NOT JUDAISTS, THEY ARE NOT SEMITES, THEY ARE PURELY SATANISTS--THE ANTI-CHRIST OF REVELATION! THEY SERVE THE BLUE TURBAN (FLAG) OF THE SERPENT PEOPLE AND THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING, INCLUDING TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE PLANET, TO GAIN CONTROL OF THE PHYSICAL GLOBE AND ALL MATERIAL "STUFF" WITHIN AND ON IT--INCLUDING YOUR VERY SOUL!

Back to the "Drug Trust"


I will mostly be quoting but since I have not the time nor space to fully quote all, I shall simply acknowledge source and write. I shall not CHANGE anything from the original document and I will comment within brackets ([]).

In 1987, the eighteen largest drug firms were ranked as follows:

1. Merck (U.S.) $4.2 billion in sales.

2. Glaxo Holdings (United Kingdom) $3.4 billion.

3. Hoffman LaRoche (Switzerland) $3.4 billion.

4. Smith Kline Beckman (U.S.) $2.8 billion.

5. Ciba-Geigy (Switzerland) $2.7 billion.

6. Pfizer (U.S.) $2.5 billion (Standard & Poor's give its sales as $4 billion).

7. Hoechst A.G. (Germany) $2.5 billion (Standard and Poor's lists its sales as $38 billion Deutschmarks).

8. American Home Products (U.S.) $2.4 billion ($4.93 billion according to Standard & Poor's).

9. Lilly (U.S.) $2.3 billion ($3.72 billion Standard & Poor's).

10. Upjohn (U.S.) $2 billion.

11. Squibb (U.S.) $2 billion.

12. Johnson & Johnson (U.S.) $1.9 billion.

13. Sandoz (Switzerland) $1.8 billion.

14. Bristol Myers (U.S.) $1.6 billion.

15. Beecham Group (United Kingdom) $1.4 billion (Standard & Poor's gives $1.4 billion in sales of the U.S. subsidiary--$2.6 billion pounds sterling as overall income).

16. Bayer A.G. (Germany) $1.4 billion (Standard & Poor's gives the figure as $45.9 billion Deutschmarks).

17. Syntex (U.S.) $1.1 billion.

18. Warner Lambert (U.S.) $1.1 billion (Standard & Poor's gives the figure as $3.1 billion).

Thus we find that the United States still maintains an overwhelming lead in the production and sale of drugs. In the United States, the sale of prescription drugs rose in 1987 [H: The book was published in 1988.] by 12.5% to $27 billion. Eleven of the eighteen leading firms are located in the United States; three in Switzerland; two in Germany; and two in the United Kingdom. Nutritionist T. J. Fry notes that the Drug Trust in the United States is controlled by the Rockefeller group in a cartel relationship with I.G. Farben of Germany. In fact, I.G. Farben was the largest chemical concern in Germany during the 1930's, when it engaged in an active cartel agreement with Standard Oil of New Jersey. [H: By the way, how many of you realize that British Petroleum OWNS Alaska, USA?] The Allied Military Government split it (Farben) up into three companies after World War II, as part of the "anti-cartel" goals of that period, which was not unlike the famed splitting up of Standard Oil itself by court order, while the Rockefellers maintained controlling interest in each of the new companies. In Germany, General William Draper, of Dillon Read investment bankers, unveiled the new decree from his office in the I.G. Farben building. [H: Please do not forget that I.G. Farben had the largest industrial business in the Auschwitz prison camp. It was and always has been a "Jewish" (Zionist) company.] Henceforth, I.G. Farben would exist no more; instead, three companies would emerge--Bayer, of Leverkusen; BASF at Ludwigshafen; and Hoescht, near Frankfort. Each of the three spawned is now larger than the old I.G. Farben; only ICI of England is larger. These firms export more than half of their product. BASF is represented in the United States by Shearman and Sterling, the Rockefeller law firm of which William Rockefeller is a partner.

The world's No.1 drug firm, Merck, began as an apothecary shop in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1668. Its president, John J. Horan, is a partner of J.P. Morgan Company, and the Morgan Guaranty Trust. He attended a Bilderberger meeting in Rye, New York, May 10-12, 1985. In 1953, Merck absorbed another large drug firm, Sharp & Dohme. At that time, Oscar Ewing, the central figure in the government fluoridation promotion for the Aluminum Trust, was secretary of the Merck firm, his office then being at One Wall Street, New York.

Directors of Merck include John T. Connor, who began his business career with Cravath, Swaine and Moore, the law firm of Kuhn, Loeb Company; Connor then joined the Office of Naval Research, became Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy 1945-47, became president of Merck, then president of Allied Stores from 1967-80, then chairman of Schroders, the London banking firm. Connor is also a director of a competing drug firm, Warner Lambert, director of the media conglomerate Capital Cities ABC, and director of Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank. Each of the major drug firms in the United States has at least one director with close Rockefeller connections, or with a Rothschild bank. Another director of Merck is John K. McKinley, chief operating officer of Texaco; he is also a director of Manufacturers Hanover Bank [H: the two banks just merged!] which Congressional records identify as a major Rothschild bank. [H: Surely you can see the mad merging of Rockefeller and Rothschild happening all around you!] McKinley is also a director of the aircraft firm, Martin Marietta, Burlington Industries, and is a director of the Rockefeller-controlled Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute. Another Merck director is Ruben F. Mettler, chairman of the defense contractor TRW, Inc.; he was formerly chief of the Guided Missiles Department at Ramo-Wooldridge, and has received the human relations award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews--he is also a director of Bank of America.

Other directors of Merck include Frank T. Cary, who was chairman of IBM for many years; he is also a director of Capital Cities ABC, and partner of J.P. Morgan Company; Lloyd C. Elam, president of Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN, the nation's only black medical college. Elam is also a director of the American Psychiatric Association, Nashville City Bank, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which gives him a close connection to Rockefeller's Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, heiress of the New York Times fortune. She was married to Orville Dryfoos, the paper's editor, who died of a heart attack during a newspaper strike; she then married Andrew Heiskell in a media merger--he was chairman of lime magazine and had been with the Luce organization for fifty years. She is also a director of Ford Motor. Heiskell is director of People for the American Way, a political activist group, chairman of the New York Public Library, and the Book-of-the-Month Club. Also on the board of Merck is a family member, Albert W. Merck; Reginald H. Jones, born in England, formerly chairman of General Electric, now chairman of the Board of Overseers, Wharton School of Commerce, director of Allied Stores and General Signal Corporation; Paul G. Rogers, who served in Congress from the 84th to the 95th Congresses; he was chairman of the important subcommittee on health; in 1979, he joined the influential Washington law firm and lobbyist, Hogan and Hartson. He is also a director of the American Cancer society, the Rand Corporation, and Mutual Life Insurance. [H: Could you conceive of a "possible" conflict of interests here?]

Thus we find that the world's No. 1 drug firm has two directors who are partners of J.P. Morgan Company, one who is director of Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank and one who is director of the Rothschild Bank, Manufacturers Hannover; most of the directors are connected with vital defense industries, and interlock with other defense firms. On the board of TRW, of which Ruben Mettler is chairman, is William H. Krome George, former chairman of ALCOA, and Martin Felstein, former economic advisor to President Reagan. The major banks, defense firms, and prominent political figures interlock with the CIA and the drug firms.


[H: I am only going to go through a few of these for the players are the same in all instances. I only want to get your attention--if you want more information--GET THE BOOK MURDER BY INJECTION.

The No. 2 firm is Glaxo Holdings, with $3.4 billion (yr) in sales. Its chairman is Austin Bide; deputy chairman is P. Girolami, who is director of National Westminster Bank, one of England's Big Five. Directors are Sir Alistair Frame, chairman of Rio Tinto Zinc, one of the three firms which are the basis of the Rothschild fortune; Frame is also on the board of another Rothschild holding, the well known munitions firm, Vickers; also Plessey, another defense firm which recently bid on a large contract with the U.S. Army; Frame is president of Britoil, and directors of Glaxo are Lord Fraser of Kilmarnock, who was deputy chairman of the Conservative Party (now the ruling party in England) from 1946 to 1975, when he joined Glaxo; Lord Fraser was also a member of the influential Shadow cabinet; B.D. Taylor, counselor of Victoria College of Pharmacy and chairman of Wexham Hospital; J.M. Raisman, chairman of Shell Oil UK Ltd., another Rothschild controlled firm. Lloyd's Bank, one of the Big Five, British Telecommunications, and the Royal Committee on Environmental Pollution; Sir Ronald Arculus, retired from Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service after a distinguished career; he had served in San Francisco, New York, Washington and Paris; he was then appointed Ambassador to Italy, and was the UK Delegate to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which sought to apportion marine wealth among the have-not countries: Arculus is now a director of Trusthouse Forte Hotels, and London and Continental Bankers; and Professor R. G. Dahrendorf, one of the world's most active sociologists and a longtime Marxist propagandist. Dahrendorf, a director of the Ford Foundation since 1976, is a graduate of the London School of Economics, professor of sociology at Hamburg and Tubingen, parliamentary Secretary of State at the Foreign Office, West Germany since 1969, and has received honors from Senegal, Luxembourg and Leopold.

The Rothschilds apparently appointed Dahrendorf a director of Glaxo because of this emphatic Marxist pronunciamentos. The European of the Ford Foundation, he claims, in his book, MARX IN PERSPECTIVE, that Marx is the greatest factor in the emergence of modern society. Dahrendorf's principal contribution to sociology has been his well-advertised concept of the "new man", whom he dubbed "homo sociologicus", a being who has been transformed by socialism into a person whose every distinctive feature, including racial characteristics, have disappeared. He is the modern robot, a uniform creature who can easily be controlled by the force of world socialism. Dahrendorf is the apostle of the modern faith that there are no racial differences in any of the various races of mankind; he denounces any mention of "superiority" or of differing skills as "ideological distortion". Dahrendorf is a prominent member of the Bilderbergers; he attended their meeting at Rye, New York from May 10-12, 1985. [H: Remember that the Bilderbergers, CFR, Trilateralists, etc., are but fingers of the Committee of 300 who rule your globe, control all of the banks through the Bank of International Settlements (Basel, Switzerland) and frankly the rest of everything of material value--as well as your brains and actions.] He is professor of Sociology at Konstanz University as well as his other previously mentioned posts.

Thus we find that the world's No. 2 drug firm is directed by two of the Rothschild's family's most trusted henchmen and by the world's most outspoken explicator of Marxism.


The world's No. 3 drug firm, Hoffman LaRoche of Switzerland, is still controlled by members of the Hoffman family, although there have been rumors of takeover attempts in recent years. The firm was founded by Fritz Hoffman, who died in 1920. The firm's first big seller was Siropin in 1896; its sales of Valium and Librium now amount to one billion dollars a year; its subsidiary spread the dangerous chemical, dioxin, over the Italian town, Seveso, which cost $150 million to clean up in a 10 year campaign. His son's widow, Maya Sacher, is now married to Paul Sacher, a musician who is conductor of the Basel Chamber Orchestra. Hoffman had added his wife's name, LaRoche, to the family company, as is the custom in Europe; the Hoffmans still control 75% of the voting shares. The Sachers have one of the world's most expensive art collections, Old Masters and modern paintings.

In 1987, Hoffman LaRoche tried to take over Sterling Drug, a venture in which they were aided by Lewis Preston, chairman of J.P. Morgan Company; he also happened to be Sterling's banker. In the Brouha-ha, Preston decided to retire. Eastman Kodak then bought Sterling, with backing from the Rockefellers. The chairman of Hoffman LaRoche is Fritz Gerber, a 58 year old Swiss army colonel. The son of a carpenter, he became a lawyer, then chairman of Hoffman LaRoche. Gerber is also a director of Zurich Insurance; thus he is associated with Switzerland's two biggest firms; he draws a salary of 2.3 million Swiss francs per year, plus a $1.7 million working agreement with Glaxo holdings.

Hoffman LaRoche received a great deal of publicity in April 1988 because of unfavorable revelations about its acne drug, "Accutane" after the Food and Drug Administration publicized figures that the drug had caused 1000 spontaneous abortions, 7000 other abortions, and other side effects such as joint aches, drying of skin and mucous membranes, and hair loss. Hoffman LaRoche was faulted by FDA for purposely omitting women, and particularly pregnant women, from the studies on which it based requests for approval of Accutane. The company was aware that Accutane caused serious effects when taken during pregnancy.

Hard on the heels of the Accutane revelations, Hoffman LaRoche made new headlines in the Wall Street Journal with Congressman Ted Weiss's demand, reported on May 6, 1988, that a criminal investigation be launched of the forty deaths, recorded since 1986, caused by taking Versed, Hoffman LaRoche's tranquilizer which is a chemical cousin of its best selling drug, Valium.

Dharma, we need a break and I shall decide whether or not I need to outlay any more of this or if the readers see the handwriting yet. It is going to continue through all 18 about the same, i.e., the No. 4 drug firm, Smith Kline Beckman, banks with the Mellon Bank. Its chairman, Robert F. Dee, is a director of General Foods, Air Products and Chemicals and the defense firm, United Technologies, with interlocks with Citibank.

Perhaps one of the most important things you readers must know is that your FDA, who approves drugs, foods, etc., for your safety is made up mostly by these Pharmaceutical firm's personnel. Do you still think you have much of a chance for "good health"?

Can you also see WHY any alternative form of healing is illegal and/or so restricted as to be all but ineffective? You have a few groups who have pulled themselves up out of the morass by sheerly meeting the rigid requirements of the AMA for licensing and thus can practice their art somewhat. Chiropractors are gaining in respect but are still called "quacks" by the Medical groups. It will be, however, through these groups that truth will be made seen or there will be no "health"--good or bad. If the "death" industry controls the "life" industry--which do you think will win? I will leave you with these thoughts to ponder.

Thank you,

Hatonn to clear.



FRI., DECEMBER 13, 1991 9:22 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 119


Before moving into the next subject of Zionism and Dictators, I will give appreciation to a reader who read my intent of subject matter and has sent a portion of a document regarding Hitler and the Jews. The original document (book) is entitled ZIONISM IN THE AGE OF THE DICTATORS by Lenni Brenner. Lawrence Hill & Co., 520 Riverside Ave., Westport, Conn. 06880 (ISBN:0-88208-164-0 Pb) and in the United Kingdom: Croom Helm Ltd., Provident House, Burrell Row, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1AT (ISBN: 0-70990628-5 Pb). Thank you as this makes it far easier for Dharma and gives you confirmation at the same time. I will comment in my usual form, in brackets ([]).

I shall ask Dharma to take up scribing on page 79 of the document. I am only interested in that portion specific to the subject in point in this JOURNAL. You would enjoy the whole of the book but I do not wish to consider it herein for I am not interested in "books"--only in subject.


(Editor's Note: This is an "English" book; no attempt has been made to conform the spellings, punctuation and grammar to "American").

Hitler's view of the Jews and the Jewish problem is sharply expressed in Mein Kampf. He goes to great lengths to demonstrate that his Jew-hatred was quite reasonable, that it flowed from experience and the logical inferences to be drawn from clear evidence. He always insisted that his first thoughts towards the Jews were all benign. His father, "the old gentleman", looked upon anti-Semitism as a left-over religious prejudice and so, we are told, did the enlightened young Adolf. It was only after his mother died, and he moved from provincial Linz to Vienna, that Hitler found occasion to question the glib assumptions of his youth. For there he wandered through the old inner city and encountered a Galician Hasid, "an apparition in a black caftan and black hair locks. Is this a Jew? was my first thought". But the more he thought about what he had seen the more his question assumed a new form: "Is this a German"? It is in the context of his earliest ruminations on what was, for him, the central question of existence that introduced Zionism into his opus.

And whatever doubts I may still have nourished were finally dispelled by the attitude of a portion of the Jews themselves. Among them there was a great movement, quite extensive in Vienna, which came out sharply in confirmation of the national character of the Jews: this was the Zionists.

It looked, to be sure, as though only a part of the Jews approved this viewpoint, while the majority condemned and inwardly rejected such a formulation. But...the so-called liberal Jews did not reject the Zionists as non-Jews, but only as Jews with an impractical, perhaps even dangerous, way of publicly avowing their Jewishness.

There is no better proof of Zionism's classic role as an outrider to anti-Semitism than Hitler's own statement. What more, the reader was to ask, could any reasonable person need? However, before 1914 Hitler had no need to concern himself further with Zionism, as the prospects of a revived Jewish state seemed very remote. It was the Balfour Declaration, Germany's defeat and the Weimar revolution that made him think again about Zionism. Naturally he rolled all three events together. The treacherous Jews showed their true colours in the way in which they welcomed the Balfour Declaration, and it was the Social Democrats, those servants of the Jews, who brought down the Kaiser; but for them Germany would have won. In 1919 Hitler joined the tiny National Socialists and became their inspired beer-hall rabble-rouser, but the dominant ideologist on the finer points of the Jewish question was the Baltic German refugee Alfred Rosenberg, who had developed his theories while still in his native Estonia. By 1919 Rosenberg had already explained Zionism in his book, Die Spur des Juden im Wandel der Zeiten (The Trace of the Jews in the Wanderings of Time). It was just another Jewish hustle; the Zionists only wanted to create a hide-out for the international Jewish conspiracy. Jews were, by their racial nature, organically incapable of building a state of their own, but he felt that Zionist ideology served wonderfully as a justification for depriving Germany's Jews of their rights and that, perhaps, there was the possibility of future use of the movement for the promotion of Jewish emigration. Hitler soon began to touch on these themes in his talks, and on 6 July 1920 he proclaimed that Palestine was the proper place for the Jews and that only there could they hope to get their rights. Articles supporting emigration to Palestine began appearing in the party organ, the Volkischer Beobachter, after 1920, and periodically party propagandists would return to the point, as did Julius Streicher in a speech given on 20 April 1926 before the Bavarian Landtag. But for Hitler the validity of Zionism only lay in its confirmation that the Jews could never be Germans. In Mein Kampf, he wrote:

For while the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organisation for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.

Jews lacked the essential racial character to build a state of their own. They were essentially leeches, lacking in natural idealism, and they hated work. He explained:

For a state formation to have a definite spatial setting always presupposes an idealistic attitude on the part of the state-race, and especially a correct interpretation of the concept of work. In the exact measure in which this attitude is lacking, any attempt at forming, even of preserving, a spatially delimited state fails.

In spite of any early musings about Zionism's efficacy in eventually promoting emigration, the Nazis made no effort to establish any relationship with the local Zionists. On the contrary, when the Zionist Congress met in Vienna in 1925, the Nazis were among those who rioted against their presence.


Did Hitler always plan to murder the Jews? He set down some early thoughts in Mein Kampf:

If in 1914 the German working class in their innermost convictions had still consisted of Marxists, the War would have been over in three weeks. Germany would have collapsed even before the first soldier set foot across the border. No, the fact that the German people was then still fighting proved that the Marxist delusion had not yet been able to gnaw its way into the bottommost depths. But in exact proportion as, in the course of the War, the German worker and the German soldier fell back into the hands of the Marxist leaders, in exactly that proportion he was lost to the fatherland. If at the beginning of the war and during the War twelve or fifteen thousand of these Hebrew corrupters of the people had been held under poison gas, as happened to hundred of thousands of our very best German workers in the field, the sacrifices of millions at the front would not have been in vain.

However, these thoughts were never the basis of the Nazis' popular agitation prior to the 1933 take-over. Instead, the Nazis primarily focused on denouncing the Jews, rather than explaining what they would do about them after they won. However, for decades "Kikes to Palestine"! had been the slogan of European anti-Semitism, and the Nazi propagandists used it in their own agitation. In June 1932 the centerpiece for one of their largest anti-Jewish rallies, in Silesian Breslaw, was a huge banner telling the Jews to "get ready for Palestine"! During the anti-Jewish boycott on 1 April 1933, pickets at the department stores handed out an imitation "one-way ticket to Palestine" to Jewish-looking passers-by. The official Nazi manifesto proclaiming the anti-Jewish boycott declared that anti-Nazi feeling abroad was due to international Jewry's "trying to act on the program announced in 1897 by the Zionist Leader Herzl" to stir up foreign states against any country that opposed the Jews. However, none of this was very serious; it was just another expression of rabid anti-Semitism. Until he achieved power, Hitler hadn't given any serious thought to what he would do with the Jews. Beyond his statement in Mein Kampf, there is no evidence to prove that he told even his closest subordinates what he ultimately planned. After all, as he always privately complained, the average SS man was, at bottom, soft--and a blabbermouth. If you talked about killing Jews, he was sure to make excuses for his own "good Jew" and then where were you? Besides, the capitalists had their Jewish business connections abroad, and there were the churches and their scruples about murder. Hitler solved his problem by just ignoring it, leaving every department in the party and government to feel its way to a suitable policy. There were inevitably conflicting schools. Straight terror always had its devotees, but these were more than countered by others who saw the Jews as deeply rooted in the domestic economy as well as having many contacts abroad. Immediate imposition of a ghetto had its partisans, but this was met with the same objections. Emigration was the obvious solution, but where to? Not only would wholesale Jewish emigration make Berlin unpopular among other capitals, but what would happen after the arrival of large numbers of Jews in any of the major cities of the world? They would incite others, and not just Jews, against the Reich and the effect they could have on Germany's trade might well be devastating. It was within this context that the Zionists, Sam Cohen of Ha Note'a and the ZVfD in Germany, first appeared with their proposals.

Ha'avara had several obvious advantages to the Nazis. If Jews went to Palestine, they would only be able to complain to other Jews. In fact, they would even be a moderating influence there, since the fear of worse consequences for their relatives in Germany, if anything were done to make the Nazis cancel the Transfer, would make them reluctant to agitate on a large scale. But the most important use of the Ha'avara agreement was for propaganda. The Nazis now had something to show the foreign detractors who said they were incapable of any policy toward the Jews other than physical brutality. In a speech on 24 October 1933, Hitler crowed that it was he, not his critics, who really was the Jew's benefactor:

In England people assert that their arms are open to welcome all the oppressed, especially the Jews who have left Germany... but it would be still finer if England did not make her great gesture dependent on the possession of 1,000 Pounds--England should say: "Anyone may enter"--as we unfortunately have done for 30 years. If we too had declared that no one could enter Germany save under the condition of bringing with him 1,000 Pounds or paying more, then today we should have no Jewish question at all. So we wild folk have once more proved ourselves better humans--less perhaps in external protestations, but at least in our actions! And now we are still as generous and give to the Jewish people a far higher percentage as their share in possibility for living than we ourselves possess.

Nazi Germany regarded the will of the Fuhrer as having the force of law, and once Hitler had pronounced, an avowedly pro-Zionist policy developed. Also in October Hans Frank, then the Bavarian Minister of Justice, later the Governor-General of Poland, told the Nuremberg parteitag that the best solution to the Jewish question, for Jews and Gentiles alike, was the Palestinian National Home. Still in October, the Hamburg-South American Shipping Company started a direct service to Haifa providing "strictly Kosher food on its ships, under the supervision of the Hamburg rabbinate". Jews could still leave for any country that would have them, but now Palestine became the propagandists' preferred solution to the Jewish question. However, Zionists were still just Jews, as Gustav Genther of the German Education School very carefully spelt out:

Just as we now have friendly relations with Soviet Russia, though Russia, as a communist country, represents a danger to our National Socialist State, we shall take the same attitude toward the Jews, if they establish themselves as an independent nation, although we know they will always remain our enemies.

If this was not enough, a children's game, Juden Raus! (Jews Out), left no illusions as to how the Nazis saw Zionism. The pieces were little pawns wearing pointed medieval Jewish hats; the players moved them by rolling dice; the child winning was the one whose Jew first scurried out, "off to Palestine"! through the gates of a walled city. Zionism was despised in Nazi Germany, but the Zionists desperately needed Nazi patronage if they were to get the capital they required in Palestine and they allowed themselves to believe that the Ha'avara and all the Palestinian talk that followed it would lead to a statesmanlike pact.


By 1934 the SS had become the most pro-Zionist element in the Nazi Party. Other Nazis were even calling them "soft" on the Jews. Baron von Mildenstein had returned from his six-month visit to Palestine as an ardent Zionist sympathizer. Now as the head of the Jewish Department of the SS's Security Service, he started studying Hebrew and collecting Hebrew records; when his former companion and guide, Kurt Tuchler, visited his office in 1934, he was greeted by the strains of familiar Jewish folk tunes. There were maps on the walls showing the rapidly increasing strength of Zionism inside Germany. Von Mildenstein was as good as his word: he not only wrote favorably about what he saw in the Zionist colonies in Palestine, he also persuaded Goebbels to run the report as a massive twelve-part series in his own Der Angriff (The Assault), the leading Nazi propaganda organ (26 September to 9 October 1934). His stay among the Zionists had shown the SS man "the way to curing a centuries-long wound on the body of the world: the Jewish question". It was really amazing how some good Jewish boden under his feet could enliven the Jew: "The soil has reformed him and his kind in a decade. This new Jew will be a new people". To commemorate the Baron's expedition, Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star.

In May 1935 Reinhardt Heydrich, who was then the chief of the SS Security Service, later the infamous "Protector" of the Czech lands incorporated into the Reich, wrote an article, "The Visible Enemy", for Das Schwarze Korps, the official organ of the SS. In it Heydrich assessed the various tendencies among the Jews, comparing the assimilationists quite invidiously with the Zionists. His partiality towards Zionism could not have been expressed in more unmistakable terms:

After the Nazi seizure of power our racial laws did in fact curtail considerably the immediate influence of Jews. But...the question as he sees it is still: How can we win back our old position... We must separate Jewry into two categories...the Zionists and those who favor being assimilated. The Zionists adhere to a strict racial position and by emigrating to Palestine they are helping to build their own Jewish state.

Heydrich wished them a fond farewell: "The time cannot be far distant when Palestine will again be able to accept its sons who have been lost to it for over a thousand years. Our good wishes together with our official good will go with them".


The Nuremberg Laws of September 1935, the finishing touches of Germany's pre-Second World War anti-Jewish legislation, were defended by the Nazis as an expression of their pro-Zionism. They had at least the tacit approval of the wiser heads amongst the Jews themselves. As it happened--and naturally it was more than mere coincidence--every nationwide Jewish organ in Germany was under temporary ban when the laws were promulgated--except the Rundschau. It published the codified restrictions with a commentary by Alfred Berndt, the editor-in-chief of the German News Bureau. Berndt recalled that, only two weeks before, all the speakers at the World Zionist Congress in Lucerne had reiterated that the Jews of the world were to be correctly seen as a separate people unto themselves regardless of where they lived. Well then, he explained, all Hitler had done was to meet "the demands of the International Zionist Congress by making the Jews who live in Germany a national minority".

One aspect of the laws, now long forgotten but which attracted considerable attention at the time, was the fact that from then on only two flags were to be permitted in the Third Reich, the swastika and the blue-and-white Zionist banner. This, of course, greatly excited the ZVfD, who hoped that this was a sign that Hitler was moving closer to an accommodation with them. But for many foreign Zionists this was a searing humiliation, well-expressed in the anguish of Stephen Wise's own organ, the Congress Bulletin:

Hitlerism is Satan's nationalism. The determination to rid the German national body of the Jewish element, however, led Hitlerism to discover its "kinship" with Zionism, the Jewish nationalism of liberation. Therefore Zionism became the only other party legalized in the Reich, the Zionist flag the only other flag permitted to fly in Nazi-land. It was a painful distinction for Zionism to be singled out for favors and privileges by its Satanic counterpart.

The Nazis were as thorough in their philo-Zionism as in other matters. Now that the Jews were established as a separate people with a separate soil, should they not also have a separate language? In 1936 they added a new "nach Palastina" ingredient to their repressive measures. Jewish Frontier had to inform its readers distressfully that:

The attempts to seclude the Jews in the cultural ghetto have reached a new height by the prohibition to rabbis to use the German language in their Chanukah (6 December) sermons. This is in line with the effort made by the Nazis to force the German Jews to use the Hebrew language as their cultural medium. Thus another "proof" of Nazi-Zionist cooperation is seized eagerly by the Communist opponents of Zionism.


[H: Is anyone sick yet? I have chosen to not intervene with my comments because this is such a perfectly wondrous historical outlay of factual sequence. Is there backup information? Indeed--well over 50 confirmed references! Anybody in desire of doing so can check them all! The truth has always been there available if you looked--it is that so few awakened enough to care to look.]

In spring 1934, Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the SS, was presented with a "Situation Report--Jewish Question" by his staff: the vast majority of Jews still considered themselves Germans and were determined to stay on. Since force could not be used, for fear of potential international repercussions, the way to break down their resistance was to instil a distinctive Jewish identity amongst them by systematically promoting Jewish schools, athletic teams, Hebrew, Jewish art and music, etc. Combined with Zionist occupational retraining centers, this would finally induce the recalcitrant Jews to abandon their homeland. However, this subtle formula was not enough, for whenever pressure against them began to subside the stubborn Jews would start to dig in again. The Nazi policy was therefore to increase support for the Zionists, so that the Jews would plainly see that the way to ward off worse troubles was to join the movement. All Jews, including Zionists, were still to be persecuted as Jews, but within that framework it was always possible to ease the pressure. Accordingly, on 28 January 1935, the Bavarian Gestapo circularized the regular police that henceforward: "members of the Zionist organizations are, in view of their activities directed toward emigration to Palestine, not to be treated with the same strictness which is necessary towards the members of the German-Jewish organizations (assimila-tionists)".

The Nazis created complications for themselves with their pro-Zionist line. The WZO (World Zionist Organization, sister to the Anti-Defamation League) needed German-Jewish capital far more than it ever wanted German Jews. It also operated under the immigration quotas set by the British. Its largest following was in Poland, and if it gave out too many certificates to Germans, there would not be enough for its support base in Poland and elsewhere. Therefore the Zionists gave only 22 per cent of the certificates to Germans throughout the 1930s. Furthermore the WZO were not interested in the vast majority of Germany's Jews, since these were not Zionists, did not speak Hebrew, were too old and, of course, did not have the "right" trades. Either Jewish emigration had to be organized to other countries as well, or Germany would be stuck with the Jews neither it nor the Zionists wanted. Nazi discrimination against anti-Zionists led to problems for those world-based bodies like the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, which tried to provide havens for Jews in countries other than Palestine. Yehuda Bauer, one of Israel's most widely known Holocaust scholars, has written of a discussion of the ensuing difficulties between two leading officials of the Joint Distribution Committee:

(Joseph) Hyman thought that a statement should be made by the German Jews that Palestine was not the sole outlet which of course, frankly speaking, it wasn't. (Bernard) Kahn agreed, but explained that the Nazis supported Zionism because it promised the largest emigration of Jews from Germany; hence German Jewish leadership could not make any public statements about other outlets. Still less could they mention the decision to maintain Jewish institutions in Germany. The Nazis had dissolved one meeting in Germany simply because the speaker had said "we have to provide for the people who go away and for the Jews who must stay in Germany".

In practice, the Nazis' concern about where the Jews should go disappeared with the Austrian anschluss, which brought so many Jews with it that further attention to their destination would have crippled the expulsion program. In October 1938 the Nazis discovered that the Poles were about to revoke the citizenship of thousands of their Jewish citizens resident in Germany. They therefore decided to deport the Jews to Poland immediately so that they would not be stuck with thousands of stateless Jews. It was this cold pogrom that led to the massive violence of Kristallnacht in November 1938.

The story was told, many years later, on 25 April 1961, at the trial of Adolf Eichmann. The witness, Zindel Grynszpan, then an old man, was the father of Herzl Grynszpan who, in despair at the deportation of his father back to Poland, had assassinated a German diplomat in Paris and provoked the Nazis with the pretext for their terrible night of broken glass. Old Zindel told them of his deportation from his home in Hanover on the night of 27 October 1938: "Then they took us in police trucks, in prisoners' lorries, about 20 men in each truck, and they took us to the railway station. The streets were full of people shouting: “Juden raus! Auf nach Palastina!”

The significance of Zindel's testimony was utterly lost in the welter of detail in the Eichmann trial. But those Jews where not being sent to Palestine, as the Nazi mob cried; the prosecutor in the courtroom in Jerusalem never thought to ask the elderly Grynszpan a question that we would think to ask: "What did you think, what did the other Jews think, when they heard that strange cry coming up from the savage mob"? Zindel Grynszpan is long dead, as are most if not all the others who suffered there that hellish night; we have no answer to our query. But what really matters was what was shouted, rather than what was thought about it in that police van. However, we can reasonably suggest that if the ZVfD had resisted Nazism's rise, if the WZO had mobilized Jewry against the New Order, if Palestine had been a bastion of Jewish resistance to Nazism, the Nazis would never have told the Jews, and that mob, that the place for a Jew was in Palestine. Perhaps, then, that Friday night in Hannover the cry would have been "Jews to Poland", even a straight "kill the Jews". The sombre fact is that the mob screamed what had been screamed at them by Hitler's minions: "Jews to Palestine"!


That the Nazis preferred the Zionists to all other Jews is a settled point. Even though Joachim Prinz may have winced when he wrote his 1937 article, he was only being honest when he sorrowfully had to admit that:

It was very difficult for the Zionists to operate. It was morally disturbing to seem to be considered as the favoured children of the Nazi Government, particularly when it dissolved the anti-Zionist youth groups, and seemed in other ways to prefer the Zionists. The Nazis asked for a "more Zionist behavior".

The Zionist movement was always under severe restriction in the 1930s in Germany. The Rundschau was banned on at least three occasions between 1933 and November 1938, when the regime finally closed down the ZVfD's headquarters after Kristallnacht. After 1935 the Labour Zionist emissaries were barred from the country, but even then Palestinian Zionist leaders were allowed to enter for specific meetings; for instance Arthur Ruppin was granted permission to enter Germany on 20 March 1938 in order to address a mass indoor rally in Berlin on the effects of the 1936 Arab revolt in Palestine. Certainly, the Zionists had far less trouble than their bourgeois assimilationist rivals at the CV, and it was nothing compared with what the Communists had to face in Dachau at the same time the Rundschau was being hawked in the streets of Berlin.

However, the fact that the Zionists became Adolf Hitler's "favoured children" hardly qualified him as a Jewish nationalist. Even von Mildenstein, for all his Hebrew records, accepted the party line when it turned to outright murder. Throughout the period, the Nazis toyed with the Zionists as a cat would play with a mouse. Hitler never thought he was letting anyone get away from him because he was encouraging Jews to go to Palestine. If the Jews went to far-away America, he might never be able to get at them and they would always remain the foes of the German Empire in Europe. But if they went to Palestine instead? "There", as a Gestapo agent told a Jewish leader, "we will catch up with you".

The Zionists could not even claim that they were duped by Hitler; they conned themselves. Hitler's theories on Zionism, including the Jews' alleged inability to create a state, had all been there, in plain German, since 1926. The Zionists ignored the fact that Hitler hated all Jews, and that he specifically condemned their own ideology. The Zionists were simply reactionaries, who naively chose to emphasize the points of similarity between themselves and Hitler. They convinced themselves that because they, too, were racists, against mixed marriage, and believed that the Jews were aliens in Germany; because they, too, were opposed to the left, that these similarities would be enough to make Adolf Hitler see them as the only "honest partners" for a diplomatic detente.


I actually do not believe I need to make any comment at all at this time--facts speak for themselves more brilliantly than anything I could use for enhancement.

I will simply move to stand-by. Salu, Hatonn to clear.



SAT., DECEMBER 14, 1991 8:42 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 120



Hatonn present in the Light of Holy God. We will briefly refer to the "today" section of the writing which you must not miss and then we will move on in assuring that in the events of the Soviet Union, the old German Nazis and the current Zionists and Zionist Israelis--you are speaking of the very same thing.

"Well, OK," you might say, "so the Zionists and Nazis were in cahoots--but the Soviets?" Indeed--what is the housing money demanded FOR, by Israel? Yes, to settle Soviet “Jews”!

You have been paying for the entire Israeli nation and people as the leeches they are--now you take on the Soviet Empire! Today you will note that your government is paying a billion dollars (your money, when you are in the worst depression known to your nation) directly to the Soviets. Another 7 hundred-million dollars worth of medical aid and supplies IS ON THE WAY TO RUSSIA (How much free medical care have YOU received lately?) I even see the massive welfare assistance shutting down around you--but the Zionist physicians will DONATE almost a billion dollars to the Global Government effort in the Soviet/Israeli take-over. For every Soviet homeless person you have thousands, and hundreds of thousands will be homeless before the end of mid-year 1992 in America--if you still have an America.

Your government has sold you out, little chelas--it is already DONE! While you piddle and prattle and suggest that you will get around to reading about Truth "when you have time", but I'm too busy running this political campaign or this "freedom from income tax business" or, or, or - -, Rome (U.S.) burns to a cinder. YOU HAVE NO TIME FOR GOD AND THE INPUT HE SENDS? WHY THEN, WOULD GOD MAKE TIME FOR YOU? I CAN LEAD YOU TO THE WATER OF THE LIFE SPRING--I CANNOT MAKE YOU DRINK THEREFROM.


Dharma, the crew would like a meeting this afternoon to discuss these things--so be it. I do warn all that I will expect security and I will NOT allow the usual "slippage"--as long as you act as children, you shall be treated as children for I shall protect my people. Neither will you expect me to TELL YOU what you WILL DO. I leave all decisions of your actions unto you as with all of God's children. The point of our commission is to project the WORD and that is what I shall do, it is not to make your decisions for you. Don't simply ask ME what we are doing--I ask you--what are you doing? This IS YOUR JOURNEY!


Right along with the shutdown of your nation, you will soon dump another 700,000 released (fired) military people onto your bankrupt economy. The strategic defense bases are closing. I promise you that the Soviets (Commonwealth of Republics or whatever the label) is NOT CLOSING BUSINESS. THERE IS NO INTENTION OF DISMANTLING EVEN ONE WEAPON! YOU WILL SEND $400 MILLION TO ASSIST IN THE TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT OF A PLANET--RIGHT ON SCHEDULE! I tell you now, to a "physical" "Commander"--it looks indeed bleak! I must remind you of the prophecies: "There will be a time on the planet Earth that evil shall reign in total"!


So, what will Hatonn do when it worsens? My commission is to bring the WORD and be available to remove God's people as the time becomes appropriate and the choosing and sorting have been done--no more and no less. I do not overstep my bounds and when my ones are confronted with the tank and the AK-47, I expect you to cease and desist--I expect no martyrs from my crew. We MUST HAVE A REMNANT IN SURVIVAL! FOR THAT REMNANT IS MY ATTENTION IN FOCUS.--IF YOU FIT INTO THAT CIRCLE OF LIGHT--THEN YOU MOST CERTAINLY ARE IN PROTECTION. I ASK NOT MORE OF MY WRITERS, ETC. FOR THEY HAVE GIVEN ALL THERE IS TO GIVE AND WILLINGLY GO WHITHER HE GUIDES AND ASKS. OTHER ONES CLING TO THEIR "THINGS" AND WANT "SALVATION" FOR NOTHING--THERE ARE NO FREE-LUNCHES WITH GOD. THAT OLD "DO-NOTHING BUT BELIEVE ON A MURDERED MAN'S BLOOD SPILLAGE" IS OF SATAN--NOT OF HOLY GOD!


Thank you, J.B. (Fla). You ask me to print this material so that all might see and so I shall. The following will not be in grammatical structure but rather a collection of notes. I want to move swiftly so I shall not greatly elaborate--I do, however, expect you ones to go study those great prophets and their projections and the locations of these various places of prophecy.

By the way, for you who do not attend instructions for security, I suggest you think on Pillars of Salt instead of fleeing humans. Your Biblical scholars had best forget the nonsense--the "Pillars of salt" were "stone" images of ASH from an incredible nuclear detonation and the instructions "do not look back" was what you face this day--blinding light--light so bright that it blinds totally.

Many questions flow back unto us as you face Gog and Magog and realize they are THE clues to WHO is the anti-Christ and who is the Evil-doer. Who are the ones to be "saved" and who will perish. I leave the perishment to you ones but the facts of geography and groups of participants are openly obvious--but, we shall share herein some excellent clues for your own discernment. I asked for input and I got it--here is a portion which I suggest you study most carefully.



Being in America most Christians have been beguiled by our Establishment Churches and its agent. The Truth is, in the latter days there should be two different people in Israel when the anti-Christ takes over, before the Messiah comes--one is the Edomites, today called Sephardic Jews--non-"Jews" [as labeled by the Zionists], de-scribed in Malachi:4 Edom sayeth: "We shall return and rebuild the desolate places, these people (Edom) for whom the Lord has indignation forever".

The other people who would be in today's Israel in the latter days is GOG who come from Russia--now get that: "who come from Russia", but their descendents from Japheth, NOT Sem (Shem), the father of the Semites. The People we call Russians today originally were Swedes and Danes of Europe, from Sem (Shem), the father of the "white race". They became known as Ros, Rus, and Rosh which in Hebrew means "blonds".

To find who GOG is today after a number of name changes, since Ezekiel wrote about them in his book about 580 BC. In Ezek. 38:2 it says, "Set thy face against Gog from the LAND OF MAGOG," the Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him. See the enclosed map [H: Map is not good enough to reprint.] to locate where Meshech and Tubal is. Now, most of our Establishment Churches' agents say Meshech and Tubal are Moscow and another city. This is another lie exposed, that we have been programmed with: Tubal is the area under the Black Sea in "Turkey", and "Meshech" the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, these two (2) areas were hundreds of miles south of Moscow. When Ezekiel wrote his book, it's possible no people lived in the area called Moscow today. To know who real "israel" is today, we have to bear in mind they are the decendents of "Sem" (Shem), the father of all the whites AND Semites. [H: Be careful in interpretation for skin color no longer has meaning as the cycles close--it is only a clue for the upstart.] In older Bibles his name is spelled SEM, but to confuse us the reformation in the King James Version changed it to SHEM so that it wouldn't rhyme with Semite--the re-formation made a number of modifications in the King James version. Why? For Who? The offspring of Jacob were all white Semites, even Esav Edom, today called sephardic Jews, were "white", being that they were both fathered by Isaac.

But, back to who Gog is today--the answer comes by deductive reasoning. Just who is this elusive "Gog" who is going to be buried in today's Israel at Homon-GOG--who is not Semite but from Japheth, Noah's other son?

Being as how I believe Hatonn is right when he says “You, America, are Israel. Why do you believe they are trying to take your guns away”? And who are “they”? They are also ones of which some are in “Israel”, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, etc., as in the “Great multitude who followed King Darius who let captured Israel free. The actual burying of Gog will be by the European military forces [H: By whatever label. The next portion of the letter is incorrect and therefore, J.B., I shan't publish it. The concept is correct but there is indication that "God" destroys and that "burying" is physically done at the instructions of God--nay, nay--the evil ones shall devour (bury) selves and I shall give no credence to terminology which can be misconstrued. You quote Ezek. 39:13 in which it indicates that that horror would be "glorified saith the Lord God". No--God does not "glorify" evil by any "side". It is for the linear sequence that I publish this information for the "Evil Empire" is giving you HIS PLANS!]

[Back to quoting] And after this "purification of Israel", Europe next, then So. Africa, New Zealand and then Australia. This will happen after israel is purified, men will go continually about "to seek them out" Ezek: 39:14 that remain on the face of the Earth, that they may cleanse it". [H: Again and again I must caution you--these are written words to throw you off from your intent in Godness. MAN HAS NO PERMISSION TO "CLEANSE ANY MAN" FROM ANYTHING OR ANYWHERE! THEREFORE, THE SLAUGHTER WILL NOT BE FROM GOD'S DIRECTION NOR WITHIN GOD'S COMMAND. WHERE INTERPRETATION BREAKS DOWN IS IN THE ACCEPTING OF WHAT MAN "WRITES" AND DISTRACTION INTO FALSE INTENT. GOD DOES NOT "NEED" TO CLEANSE ANYTHING--NATURE WILL CLEANSE ULTIMATELY AND GOD HAS SENT THE HOSTS TO "LIFT UP HIS PEOPLE" AND THE REMAINING OF PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE SHALL CREATE HELL AS THEY SEEK TO DEVOUR AND DESTROY AND "THEY SHALL DO IT BRAZENLY USING THE NAME OF GOD"! Please realize that I am using this for discussion purposes as to GEOGRAPHY and PLAYERS. You must realize that force and war, killing and damaging another is NOT OF GOD AND IT SHALL NOT BE EVER ACCEPTABLE. MAN MAY DEFEND SELF AND FAMILY--HE MAY NOT BURY NOR KILL AND REMAIN WITHIN THE INTENT OF GOD! EVIL SHALL DESTROY OF SELF!]

[H: Let us take up again where the writing is in point.]

....who's various name changes keep eluding us--the conclusion comes by deductive "reasoning". After extensive research, the answer is very revealing. Gog's operating area was the land of Magog which was between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which at that time was called the SEA OF KHAZARIA.

Now as it says in Ezekiel: those who dominate the area called Magog are called "Gog", the leading tribe. In Ezekiel's time the rulers of Magog were called "Gog" and they "shook-down" the people they dominated by getting tributes from them, but this ended in 1016 when the Russians and the Byzantine Greeks slaughtered them in battle and stopped their greedy operations. They then looked for "Greener Pastures" and descended on Poland and Germany. At the peak of their power, they extracted tributes from over 25 countries and tribes over which they had control. Now get this: The Khazars are Turkish people, are not Semites, but are from Noah's son Japheth. They have predominantly brown eyes and their complexion has a golden hue. These Turkish Khazars adopted Judaism as their religion in 740 AD, putting them on a par to be called Jews like the Semitic Sephardic (Edom); they would be the first Talmudists.

It is believed that the Six Pointed Star of David was a Khazar creation which today comprises the flag of so-called Israel. [H: We just covered this subject thoroughly and the "Shield of David" comes from David al Roy who pronounced himself the "Messiah"--yes, a Khazarian.] This symbol was also known to Medieval Jews as the "Shield of David" but was the symbol of King Solomon. Note that the Shield of King Solomon had five (5) points, not six. David's was also called the Seal of Jacob.

[H: Dharma has great trouble with deciphering the words at this portion of the letter for the space is reduced and the writing is very difficult to read--I shall attempt to place it into order for the information is fairly accurate as to isolation of different groupings. Know that this is one person's opinion after reasoning and researching--which ALL of you must do and in the various presentations will come the outlay of truth in whole. Disagreement with conclusions are fine--I invite disagreement with my presentation--IF you research for self for, after all, this is the point of "lessons" and the only means of true growth. You ones must come into informed conclusion--not "just because 'somebody said'". This very important perception in this writing is important because to the "Jews" who are NOT Khazarian--rests your very existence.]

What today, is Gog called? Who was to be in Old Israel in the last days? Who was to come from the North of Israel, from the Land called Magog? Who, today in Israel, comes from this area? Gog was to be the tribe that ruled over the area called Magog. I told you they were Turkish people called Khazars--not Semites. And the flag or banner of these Khazars of the land was the 6 pointed hexagram called the "Star of David". But King David's seal had only 5 points, so they both are different like apples and oranges. Who, today, is in Israel that comes from the South of Russia? The people known today as the Khazars! Ask the Sephardic Jews in Israel today if the Khazars have ANY historic roots in Judah or Israel?

Today the Sephardic Jews whose roots go back to Herod and beyond are treated as second class citizens, and are under the domination of the Khazars from the Land of Magog.


These Khazar Turks are being called "God's Chosen" by our Big-Name, Christian ministers. Have they got it made in the next world-- "Ghena"--Hell for lying to the flock. [H: Again, I urge you ones to cease your "judging" for you do not KNOW. I suggest these ones shall reap a perceived "Hell" long before all get to a "next world".]

In closing, the Bible says Gog will come over the mountains to invade Israel. But instead they came by car, ship and planes in their invasion--the thing that greased the skids for this was "The Balfour Pact".



Yes, J.B., you ARE under surveillance as is anyone who has figured out the "plan" and speaks out about it. One reason that you are allowed freedom of expression, however, is that you perpetuate some of the "fear" tactics as expected by the adversary, i.e., the misperception that "God blesses and rejoices in murder and 'cleansing'". As long as you have flaws in the writings, you will be allowed voice pretty openly. You give valuable insight and wisdom by your other presentations to publications which are objective and true. Be most careful in "spoiling" that acceptance by appearing fanatic and/or a war-monger. I use now as example, some of your letters to Editors, etc., for they are excellent and most worthy in thought provoking fact.

I ask that you please not be offended in correction of perceptions but, as a teacher, I cannot let errors pass for the very civilization rests on correct premise and valid conclusions. You would not have written did you not expect as much from me so I remain in your debt.

Dharma, please take the four writings in the order presented for they are excellent.



Twin City News, 7-26-89: Dear Editor, Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackman said a Nativity Scene violated the Constitutional separation of church and state.

Article 1 of the Bill of Rights says: Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religions or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Now, how can the nativity or other religious symbols violate church and state separation--when in America we don't have a state church? You see, church and state is when the government sanctions one religion over all--as in England or Iran. (Note: Israel was also listed but the paper removed it from the published letter).

As Rabbi Sholomo Ezagui of Chabad House of Lubavitch, Palm Beach said: "The government should not be involved in any one religion, but should support all denominations". I must concur with the Rabbi. J.B. , Oakland Park.


The New Federalist, 12-28-90: "ISRAEL"

To the Editor: In view of the one-sided poison put out in the media regarding the slaughter at the Temple Mount.... With two UN agencies already working in the occupied territories, why is there this pulling of teeth, about checking out the Temple Mount massacre?

Mr. Adnan Husseini, director of the Islamic religious authority for the Jerusalem areas, said "I was here--I saw everything", AND I SWEAR ON THE KORAN, we were not responsible. "No stone was thrown UNTIL the Israeli soldiers started shooting. After that the stones started flying on those 60 feet below at the Western wall--after the Arabs were shot at.

It is my belief that there was collusion between the military and the "Temple Mount Faithful", an extremist group, to open fire on the Arabs, so they would be routed and an attempt would be made to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque, by the extremists who were waiting in the wings for the go-ahead, but it backfired. J.B.



[No publication or dateline given]

I was appalled to read where Israeli Cabinet minister Rehaven Zeevi had the gall to call President Bush an anti-Semite and a liar.

I think of the billions Israel has shaken the United States down for, and a brazen statement insulting the president. This is a sad testimonial from a country that calls itself our ally. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

In America the Israel lobby claims the Zionist state has "repaid" all loans and never defaulted. The truth is the vast majority of the loans have been forgiven. Now who do you think picks up the tab? One guess. Standard and Poor's rates Israel's long-term creditworthiness, for loans not backed by U.S. taxpayers, as "triple B", the lowest rating on their investment index, while the Export-Import Bank gives Israel's economy a "D" in a range from "A" to”F”.

Israel's only interest is to bleed the taxpayer. J.B.

and lastly,


SPOTLIGHT, 8-19-91: Under the heavy-handedness of Israeli Housing Minister Ariel Sharon, the Israelis continue to accelerate settlements in the Occupied Territories--contrary to UN Resolution 242 to which Israel promised to adhere. The reason for this foot dragging is the Zionist dream of a Greater Israel, a dream nurtured by Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, former Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Sharon.

Israel is trying to wear out the UN, the Western nations and other Middle East countries waiting for them to pull out.

Israel's true position in the Occupied Territories is revealed by former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Haim Cohen, who said, "We hold the West Bank as trustees only".

It is elementary that a trustee who takes from the trust property is stealing in one of the ugliest ways. J.B. [Aho!]

In the same vein I MUST share with you, more insight from Earth example. I want you to read this next with open eyes and mind. I want you to now see the full CONNECTION with the "new" Soviet empire and its relationship to Israel in which the full intent is to bleed the world. It becomes obvious that the coalition was always present in fact and in intent. Settlement of Soviet Jews is the cry for more and more and more! Why and from where? I think you better reconsider your first perceptions and you will see things a bit differently now as "hindsight".


From: New American View, Dec. 1, 1991.

"The first two installments of immigrants are already here, so $4 billion is already OWED to us. I can't understand the fuss. It only calls for a little generosity and humanity. IT'S NOT A BUSINESS CONSIDERATION."--Yitzhak Moda'i, Israeli Minister of Finance.

Well, there is one thing you can say for the Israelis. They've got chutzpah. And they are tenacious, and amazingly clever. But most of all, they've got chutzpah. They won't take "no" for an answer. Not when it comes to demanding U.S. foreign aid--which they seem to think is their God-given right--even when the American taxpayer is going broke trying to keep the U.S. afloat.

One of the several reasons Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was miffed during his recent visit to Washington was that he couldn't get President Bush or Secretary of State James Baker to talk about the $10 billion in loan guarantees Israel is demanding to help with the resettlement of Soviet Jews. All that Bush and Baker wanted to discuss was the Middle East peace process--another sore point with the diminutive Israeli leader.

To make matters worse, Shamir was told by the Jewish pro-Israeli stalwarts that support for U.S. aid to the Zionist state was fast eroding on Capitol Hill. The friends of Israel on the conservative right were making themselves scarce, mumbling about the message Sen. Harris Wofford (D-Pa.) and David Duke in Louisiana had delivered to the American people. Meanwhile, that dreadnought of traditional American conservatism, Pat Buchanan, has appeared on the horizon, threatening to make a run for the White House next year.

Even more disconcerting, the bevy of pro-Israeli co-conspirators on the liberal left are making like they're about to fly off. Their constituents are troubled and growing angry over the state of the economy (recession or depression, take your pick) and are in no mood to hear that their elected representatives are throwing big bucks Israel's way.

In the Senate, a sneaky amendment to the 1992 foreign aid bill approving the $10 billion in guarantees for Israel "ran into a presidential ambush", says Forward, the Jewish national weekly. Even though some 70 senators, enough to override a threatened veto by President Bush, claimed to support the measure, it died a natural death. Many of the lawmakers agreed to be included on the list only with the understanding that the amendment would not be put to a real vote.

In the House, where the 1992 Foreign Aid Bill failed to pass, there is more trouble looming. The bill will come up again early next year, and shortly thereafter the 1993 foreign aid package will start in motion. On top of this, the pro-Israelites will begin agitating to pass the $10 billion in loan guarantees measure. But with the elections, spring primaries and the big one in November, bearing down on them, "They are not likely to buck the new anti-foreign aid atmosphere", says Forward.

Meanwhile, the Israelis have come up with a new gimmick to squeeze more money out of the American taxpayer. Finance Minister Yitzhak Moda'i proposed last week that the U.S. adopt a three-year timetable for eliminating economic assistance to israel by the end of the decade. You remember Moda'i. He's the fellow who presented us with a $13-billion dollar bill--in the middle of the Persian Gulf War--to compensate the Jewish state for its costs and losses relating to the conflict.

Well, the Zionist lunatic is at it again. He has a new plan for President Bush. It goes like this: "Give me the guarantees, and we will draw on them only as we need them to finance the immigration. If you give us the guarantees over five years, after those five years we will accept that you reduce economic aid by one-third each year for three years". (The U.S. gives Israel over $3 billion in economic aid [cash] annually--but only $1.2 billion is considered by the Israelis to be "aid").

"After three years (and he actually meant and wrote, eight years), Israel will have economic independence--aside from defense aid", Moda'i promises. (We give the Jewish state more than $1.8 billion a year in military aid).

Moda'i says Israel needs $50 billion to absorb the million Soviet Jews it predicts will immigrate to Zion by 1995. Where are they going to get the rest of the money? And how are they ever going to pay it back? Oh, says Moda'i, we are going to have a roaring, high-tech economy in a few years.

I can't stand to go further with the writing because it continues with stupid outlay of needs and promises and meaningless mouthings of lies.


Let us close this as you are going to be late for the meeting. One of these days, Dharma, I am going to give you a couple of hours vacation. Hold strong, chela, for God's voice is being heard in the wilderness--even though you ones cannot hear--GOD HEARS!

SALU, Hatonn to clear.



SUN., DECEMBER 15, 1991 9:40 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 121



Hatonn present in the Light of the Radiant One. I first desire that you all (each) LISTEN WITHIN for guidance as things move headlong into turmoil. You do not run helter-skelter without preparation to anywhere from anything. Always be "prepared" and timing as well as all other instructions will be given for your action. If I say "some" does that mean "all"? You ones make it all but impossible to give instructions for you respond like a school of fish or a flock of migrating birds and then you promptly give the world information which denies the efficacy of initial "purpose". I am not going to tell you details into a gathered grouping which will make it to our enemies before the words are finished. Do you believe your enemy got so far in the perfection of deceit by telling everything he knew to everyone he saw? There is a time for speaking and a time for silence and you ones have not learned the difference and it endangers more deeply, my ones in target.

There are only two things which would be merited by imminent relocation--just two areas of function and I expect you to "think" and "respond", not "react".


The most important World-watch today is the flooding in Hawaii and the eruption of Mt. Etna in Italy. Keep an eye on both--they do not "mean" the same thing but both indicate major manipulation and thrust of "power". These things will increase because it is time that the fragments be brought into the bundle of the Elite Plan 2000. It is a time of sorting and reorganization and foolish actions will merit you only destruction while actions within reason will ultimately win the encounter. God does NOT win by His people being as bad or worse than the adversary for in such actions--the players become adversary! Ponder it carefully.

I wish to pass on, now, to a personal subject in response to one who has written me a most urgent, yet wondrously thoughtful, letter. This comes from a man who served what he thought to be, his country in the Viet Nam War. He is plagued by stress syndrome, Agent Orange damage and total emotional upheaval--made both better and worse by insight into TRUTH.

This fits more of you than you wish to admit, whether you have never left the home-farm or have identical symptoms of this young man or if you are in business or entertainment--TRUTH is shocking and painful when the lies have ruled for so long, and deliberately, a time segment of generations.

Dharma, I see no better way to respond than to lay forth the writing exactly as it is received, for this person speaks for the multitudes who are efforting to "sort" and confront the bastard of evil liars. As with any problem--you MUST KNOW the problem and then the answer can be sought and found in REASON, KNOWLEDGE AND INTELLIGENCE. I appreciate the letter, Terry (Ariz.), for you give opportunity to both myself and your brother. You KNOW the answers for you speak them as well or better than I. You simply needed to voice them and be heard that your own self might have hearing. Anger is proper--reaction in distemper to that anger is improper, so let us look at the situation as enlightenment comes and perhaps together we can make this a worthy journey in the proper sequence and direction.

This is dedicated to EVERY READER--EVERY READER!


I want to wish all of you "God's Love" and blessings during the traditional Holiday Season, even though we now know that Jesus (Immanuel) was not born at this time of year, on behalf of my wife and for myself. We acknowledge and appreciate your efforts and dedication, in the very face of ADVERSITY, to bring TRUTH and a knowledge of the "real" God and Christ to people before it's entirely too late. I admire and respect all of you. I saw lots of courage in the jungles, rice paddies, and "Iron Triangle" of Viet Nam but admit that the courage and dedication all of you exhibit may exceed that.

When I first started (barely) reading the Phoenix material, having just seen the Green's video tape, I wrote a short letter expressing my reaction to some "traumatic" new ideas (Truths) and the profound effect it was having on me. That must have been some 3 or 4 months ago.

Since then, I have read a great deal more. I was so "captured" by my new experience that I have bought every JOURNAL and all "back-issues" (so-to-speak) of Expresses, etc. available, and a few other books you carry (like Mullins' CURSE OF CANAAN) as well. Up to now I have read some 8-10 of the books and Expresses. Though this is a small percent of the total I have, all will be read in the future. I "hunger" for more knowledge, more "Truth". My wife thinks it is an "obsession", although she shares my total "belief" and "trust" in the source and the material.

It has already changed my life. I used to watch TV programs with my wife every night. Now, we have reduced that drastically, and ,I "read out loud" to her from the "JOURNALS" and/or Expresses and "Liberator" every night for 2-4 hours. That way we get the new knowledge simultaneously and can "discuss" it on the spot as we move along.

I must admit, however, that, at first, I had some agonizing doubts, even "anger" at some (very few) new Truths. You see, I started with the Journal covering the Gulf War because I am very heavily interested in military affairs. And, since I had fanatically supported the war, emotionally totally supported my "Comrades-in-Arms" (especially the Infantrymen of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division because I had been a combat Infantryman in that unit in Viet Nam), hated Iraqis because of their stupid threats and insults of American soldiers on TV, was staunchly "Pro-Israel" all my life because of the "myth of the Holocaust" and my admiration of their military, and because I believed George Bush. So Hatonn said things that--at first--I resented and even got angry about (a "biased God", I think I said at times). Specifically, I deeply resented the statements regarding "atrocities" committed by U.S. Forces, my "Comrades-in-Arms". This is a sensitive subject to me because as an "Honorable" Viet Nam Veteran who neither perpetrated nor witnessed any atrocities (or crimes of any sort) I have always been "red-hot" infuriated at Oliver Stone's and other Hollywood phony movies impugning the honor and character of those of us who fought in Viet Nam. I go "ape" over that characterization. My emotional ties were strong to the Armed Forces in the Gulf. I doubted that "we" buried alive 12,000 Iraqis and, even if true, I said every time I read it (over and over again) that "they deserved it" since they were trying to kill our troops, weren't they!? This was war! "Kill or be killed." I was also reluctant to believe we bombed so many civilians (I watched CNN, etc., 16 hours a day during the war and since, as I am a 100% disabled veteran, I cannot work).

Now I tend to believe that Hatonn always tells Truth so we must have done these things. Yes, I still get a little "annoyed" when Hatonn denounces the TROOPS themselves for these things as I blame the Generals and NOT the GRUNTS [H: Yes brother, and so do I, Hatonn!] but GOD ATON has a higher, different perspective than I. He is "objective" while I am emotionally tied to the "Grunts" who are ordered to kill or die "for their country".

At the beginning I was so upset by the "anti" "bias" (my false perception of the information) that my wife urged me to write to ask, "Why are you so insulting to the troops who have very little real choice"?--but I didn't because I did not want to BOTHER any of you and infringe/impose on Dharma's precious time since even then I knew how overworked she was, due to people writing in so many inquiries. I decided to continue reading to resolve the "dilemma" myself.

Well, I now believe Hatonn speaks Truth and is righteously angry at the U.S. Armed Forces but I still blame the Generals, not the Enlisted Men.

The other major thing I wanted to share is that I have been a nonprofessional Military Historian for two decades and a "History Buff" for 30 years since in High School. My degree was in History. I know more Military History than most professional Military Historians and more History than most PhD's who teach it. I now have come to the traumatizing conclusion that I knew more LIES than most people, is all! I feel BETRAYED both for Viet Nam--where I nearly died--and for my LOVE OF HISTORY which I was so devoted to. [H: Just a tiny interruption right here, for I want you, Terry, to ponder the prior statement and may you please discern that this is "WHY YOU"! It requires that "some" KNOW what the accepted "History" is given--so that through intelligent vision the lie can be uncovered. Anyone can believe a "new" concept if they have no notion of that which was error from geographical location to fact of incidents and encounters. Of course it is painful to be deceived and worse, intentionally--but "striking out" in blind anger is NEVER an "answer". Revealing the rascals for that which they are and causing them to face their actions and lies in the Light of Truth--is that which is needed. In this manner the evil-doers are caught in their own warped trap.]

So where do I stand now? Depressed, angry, bitter (I was always bitter over Viet Nam; now I have more reasons) and a lot of other "negative" emotions. [H: I ask you to change a couple of words herein. You are distressed--not actually depressed as incapable, you are angry but controlled with reason, and forget "bitter" altogether for bitterness and hate are almost synonymous in meaning and neither merit valid positive movement. These are tools of evil to keep you helpless and confused while focused on a very damaging negative element. We will later discuss what happened to you young people in that period of the Viet Nam and ending Korean Wars. Those were the beginnings of mass mind-manipulation in a circumstance never declared as war--to test their tools of taking over the planet. It will make more sense as we discuss it more in depth but I don't want to interrupt the thought-line herein.]

My wife is concerned and upset. She shares my "new" beliefs (she had always believed these things; she was reluctant to tell me) and the "New Truths" but doesn't like my ANGER toward the MASONS--ZIONISTS--COMMUNISTS--SECULAR HUMANISTS--BUSH & THE GOV'T--ISRAEL--THE BANKERS--THE ELITE--THE "CONSPIRATORS"--ALL OF THEM! It's really "HATRED" she says. She feels (rightly?) that I "help them" by my intense anger and hatred toward ALL of them (my reaction to BETRAYAL); that my negative (strong) emotions give power to the ADVERSARY even though it is directed AT THE REAL EVIL ones now, not the ones I formerly hated. I don't understand. She has tried Hypnotherapy (she is a certified Hypnotherapist but can't find a job using it; she is a clerk for near-minimum wage) but my "resistance" is too strong.

I now am ANTI, not PRO Israel. I am now "neutral" regarding Arabs (Iraqis and Palestinians) instead of hating them. I am 100% ANTI-George Bush and our entire Government! I am now "neutral" regarding our military, instead of "PRO". I now believe F.D.R. & Marshall and Eisenhower and Churchill planned Pearl Harbor and World War 2 and also committed huge atrocities in it. My thinking has changed so much that it is a very emotional and confusing time for me to deal with. I have had to change 180 degrees in many areas! (In just 3 or 4 months). But, unfortunately, I STILL get FURIOUS AT FEMINISTS, BLACK ACTIVISTS, HOMOSEXUALS (major liberal activist secular humanist distractors and fragments of society). Now I have added JEWS (95% ZIONIST-ASHKENAZI), doctors, lawyers and lots more of the people at which I get extremely angry.

Is this a common occurrence for people like me in my changing ("rebirth") ideas and beliefs and Truths? Will it last long? Or is the fact that I was devoted to (obsessed with) History (and most of the villains were my former "Heroes") and feel BETRAYED; and am 100 % DISABLED FOR POST-TRAUMATIC DELAYED STRESS and--therefore--"UNSTABLE" emotionally (and was in several V.A. Psych wards and attempted Suicide on Memorial Day, 1979 and again around another "Veterans" occasion and was also HOMICIDAL at times and have a TEMPER problem and have been on very strong V.A. Psych medication for 12 years) going to take me longer than most to reduce/cease my ANGER (Hatred?) at EVIL CONSPIRATORS trying to KILL OR ENSLAVE US??? [H: Son, first I want you to STOP!!! STOP giving your POWER to these beliefs in restriction of self. You have more than adequate reason to be angry and look at yourself. You say you never experienced any atrocities in Viet Nam? Precious, you are riddled with atrocities within your very being and you have simply given your power into the hands of your enemy who keeps control of you. Handicapped? 100%? No, you are simply not utilizing your emotional strength and anger in the proper manner. It is OBVIOUS that you can WRITE. I am going to leave out of this public document your personal past experiences--for that needs to be in your own BOOK of TRUTH. YOU WRITE IT, SON, I WILL GET IT TO THE PEOPLE. YOU ARE THE VERY EPITOME OF THE EXAMPLE OF ONE WHO IS DARING ENOUGH TO SPEAK UP AND OUT--FOR YOU KNOW INNATELY THE BASTARD'S GAME OR YOU WOULD NOT HAVE ATTEMPTED TO END YOUR JOURNEY. THE FACT THAT YOU DID NOT, SHOULD TELL YOU MORE THAN ANY WORDS I MIGHT SPEAK--FOR YOU HAVE ONLY "FORGOTTEN" YOUR MISSION AND PURPOSE WITHIN THIS JOURNEY AT THIS TIME OF AWAKENING! YOU HAVE THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF BROTHERS (GRUNTS AND OFFICERS) OUT OF THAT OVERALL TOTAL "ATROCITY" OF EXPERIENCE AWAITING LEADERSHIP FOR A MAN CAN BE HEALED IF HE CAN SEE TRUTH OF THAT WHICH MAKES HIM ILL. PONDER IT MOST CAREFULLY, TERRY. WRATH AND RIGHTFUL RAGE GIVES A MAN THE POWER TO ACT BEYOND SELF AND LIMITATIONS--IS IT NOT TIME YOU PUT YOUR TRUTH WHERE YOU CAN HELP YOUR BROTHER? BLESSINGS REST UPON YOU, SON, FOR IN SPEAKING FROM YOUR HEART, THE INTENT IS HEARD--THE CALL RECEIVED AND THE COMPELLED ANSWER GIVEN!]

I believe my "heart (Soul) Intent" is GOOD but I am programmed by the ARMY TO HATE and WANT TO KILL so I get too angry at Evil People!

I am also "scared"--I have no guns (my wife disposed of my Sniper Rifle out of fear for others) [H: Bless her and honor her for "reason" and "caution" for violence cures nothing--it only inspires retaliation and plays directly into adversary hands to deprive all of protection and defense. You must change your intent and take up a sword more powerful than the largest cannon--the PEN OF TRUTH! It is obvious that you, as James Gritz, have no fear for self and that allows "daring" adventure--but you must be cautious in that you always "serve" where the gain can be compounded beyond that which can be thrown against you!] and a Viet Nam Vet without guns is unusual. I am in POOR HEALTH (AGENT ORANGE effects, etc.) and have no idea how to defend us without Arms against either marauding gangs turned loose on us by the Gov't or the Communist Armies in Mexico and in the U.S. or the Mossad-trained ruthless, sadistic Security Forces. My wife says I "obsess" (one of the major problems of "Delayed Stress" is obsessive-compulsive behavior) over these "threats". But it worries me. If I buy guns, they'll just be confiscated. If I bury them, metal detectors will find them. It seems like a "No-Win" scenario if we lose our fight for the Second Amendment. So I worry. (I am a big worrier) [H: Here's another deletion to your vocabulary, son--"worry", let us guide that "worry" into constructive "thinking" with the goal intent to "solution through alternative to violence" measures. What will hurt your enemies the most? Revelation of their actions and truth of their actions--you cannot kill them all and moreover, YOU do not know WHO TO KILL TO RID THIS PLACE OF THE EVIL-DOERS FOR THE ONES YOU SEE ARE BUT PUPPETS!] My wife says "obsessing", "worrying" will attract those threats if they become real and I should quit worrying and trust to GOD to protect us. But so far I have read nothing in the literature that says the Space Brothers--Hatonn--Sananda--will do that should the worst happen. Besides, a Viet Nam Vet likes to "trust" to his Weapon! [H: Ah so now we finally get there--good man! YOU just put your trust in the WRONG WEAPON, son, although I honor you for respecting your wife in her efforts to bring balance. You must realize that the intent, training, medications, and control instilled in ones in "Your" war was directly to keep you focused on violence so that you would be NO PROBLEM as the curtain would descend and the shackles be applied. You would be acting out in ways which would allow their control of you through force and thus, leaving the masses defenseless. As you read you will find those deliberate actions against you, identified. You ones who served in that war were LITERALLY injected with computer pulse-responsive programming CHIPS so that you can be triggered at will to function in most heinous manners--with those guns that most of your brothers still have at their shoulders. You are controlled into doing that which is happening to YOU. THE REASON THE ENEMY WOULD LIKE TO SHUT DOWN OUR "TRUTH-BRINGING" IS THAT YOU ONES WILL WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRUTH--AND AGAINST THE TRUTH OF THE PLIGHT, YOU COME INTO THE ONLY BLOCKING FREQUENCY ABLE TO NEUTRALIZE THE CONTROL. YOU CAN REGAIN YOUR POWER WHEN YOU FIND THE TRUTH AND IN THAT POWER YOU CAN HENCEFORTH ACT IN REASON AND RESPONSE--NOT REACTION IN IMPULSE. YOU BECOME "THEIR" ENEMY AND NO LONGER THEIR "TOOL". DO YOU SEE? Will the "Higher Command" protect you? If need be but I suggest that you will be given into knowing how to protect selves by that time of need. God most surely has full intent of bringing His ones into security for you are the keys to that "Kingdom" through the service of your present placement. All you are doing, son, is awakening unto your mission.]

....my wife sees "faces" so to speak when I get ANGRY--I picked some up in Viet

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Nam and they seem to be discarnate beings. This makes it difficult for me to foresee victory (eg. 2nd Amendment vs. Gun Control; TOTAL POVERTY, LOSS OF EVERYTHING or GANGS or MILITARY DICTATORSHIP or NUKES; DEATH or ENSLAVEMENT, etc.) against such daunting odds. It looks HOPELESS with only a few thousand people "AWAKENED" out of 245 MILLION. This depresses me. I'd prefer to take up Arms with others, fight a Revolution, probably get killed, etc. That I UNDERSTAND! But Hatonn says NO! to that. I wonder if I no longer have the courage, fortitude, stamina, determination, etc., I had in Viet Nam 23 years ago!? Right now I WANT to do something really ACTIVE to help you or Bo Gritz, etc., but either lack the PHYSICAL ENERGY or the MORAL RESOLVE. It is painful to analyze these things. I have the "guts" to fight these EVIL B-----S on the Battlefield but am IRRESOLUTE AND CONFUSED fighting them your (Hatonn's) way. Perhaps I need to get into BALANCE, to read more and more and more, to meditate SANANDA's real teachings, to practice calm, objective, unemotional analysis of my enemy's plans (as I must have done countless times in armies fighting them in the past) and calm, unemotional counter-actions. I ADMIRE all of YOU WHO DO THIS!!!

[H: I have to stop here and address the above. I shall also tell you a story (out of school) regarding your "leader", Bo Gritz. He said to me, Hatonn: "Can we just go in there and 'take-out' the responsible bastards"? I simply asked him: "Who would you take out"? You see, that is never the answer in God's terms--It is always the answer in the human aspect. It may work if you have the most men and the biggest gun--neither of which you have, even if the plan were valid in moral rightness. The facts remain that you cannot reach the REAL culprits and therefore can only render yourself "dead" in the fray and lessen all chance of change in the overall. You ones think in human "earth" solutions and "force" will not "cut the mustard" this time. It is only through knowledge and KNOWING in the proper service to Command of God that will prevail in "winning" this particular war. A Sniper Rifle will only set the "army" back and get the "sniper" killed and misery piled upon misery for the loved ones remaining--that is NOT protection of the innocent--it is the selling of the innocent into "hell". You think in terms of "violence" through deliberate intent--EXACTLY ACCORDING TO THEIR PLAN THAT YOU DO SO. THEN, DO YOU SEE, IT IS ONLY REASONABLE THAT THEY MAKE EXAMPLE OF YOU.]

Forgive my lengthy and probably excessively personal (soul-searching) ramblings. You can see what I mean. One good thing: I usually "smell" the deceptions/ distractions/lies/upcoming conspiratorial moves by observing the nightly news (I watch all 3 networks) with a NEW EYE. They NO LONGER "SUCKER ME", "PULL MY CHAIN", etc. The bad thing--I GET ANGRY!

The only TRUTHS I feel I can trust now are AMERICA WEST's publications. Please tell people never to buy anything from INNER LIGHT PUBLICATIONS (Beckley--Cooper "NEW AGE CONFERENCE" etc). I was cheated out of $260 by them just before real exposure to your (Hatonn's) Truths.

Once I establish a "Balance" and finish the rest of the material I hope to be able to do something to help. Anything. Right now, I'm just able to help myself (barely). But that New Truth keeps coming in and staying in!

Despite things I've mentioned, I feel I'm a BETTER PERSON now for reading your material. When I think of the Elite stopping your dissemination of Truth (and explanation of current events--very, very important to me!) I get a little "scared" (worried). Right now I'm "new", so I'm pretty "dependent" on your newsletters and worry when they are late. But, whatever happens, I have ALL of your In-print published works and will bury them if I have to, to keep them from being confiscated by Security Forces "searches".

I have tried to provide your TRUTHS to my son who is in the military. He "believes" ("most of it", he says) but I worry what would result if found with Phoenix material in his barracks. It also seems to have affected him emotionally as he now hates the Military (to whom he is indebted for 3 more years of indentured servitude) and is "in trouble" as a result and possibly headed for disciplinary action. He feels that the "truth" (conspiracies, collapse of economy, invasion, nuclear war, enslavement, etc.) makes his situation POINTLESS & INTOLERABLE. Already, he has been denied Christmas leave as a punishment. At his age, perhaps these REALITIES (DANGERS) are harder to deal with than at mine? Did I do him a DISSERVICE? He, too, thinks I am "obsessed" over the JOURNALS etc., although he says "Yes, they are right". I felt I owed it to him to give him the OPERATOR/OWNERS MANUAL, all current Newsletters and PLEIADES CONNECTIONS to try to "save his Soul" if the worst case scenario happens soon--was I right? I nor his mother can "Save him (soul)", only he can do it! His mother worried that it would DESTABILIZE him EMOTION-ALLY, and it has, but agreed he had a right to KNOW THE TRUTH!

[H: This is a hard one for parents and loved ones to balance in wisdom. You must, however, remember that an adult is only a "tall" child for the brain is the same--only the "experience" is more extensive--though not necessarily wise. The "disservice" and "unforgivable" would be to continue the LIE--most especially IF you know a thing to be lie. It is not the "TRUTH" which shall make his way unstable--it is as with all things, the wisdom or folly with which he handles the Truth vs. the lie. If he has the wisdom and capability of handling, "literally", the books it means nothing if they are found in his keep. All he has to do is shrug and suggest that they are simply reading material sent to him--"most of which seems to be pretty 'far-out'". If he gathers a group and trouble comes forth in the "name of those books" he has not acted in wisdom for he has put the material and himself at great disadvantage for future action.

If he holds quietly strong in his insight, he can utilize the forthcoming "shedding" of some 700,000 military personnel to his advantage. He can associate himself with a "conscientious objector" affiliation for validity and begin to process papers. If he chooses to stay in the service and gain wisdom and confirmation of TRUTH (an excellent place to prove the TRUTH) then he must be "clever as the serpent and gentle as the dove". Military discipline of self is good if you never give that POWER WITHIN away to that commanding officer. You can participate without giving away your power of God. These young people are now here for a magnificent purpose and THEY NOT ONLY HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW TRUTH--THEY MUST COME INTO THAT KNOWING SO THAT THEIR OWN PURPOSE CAN BE SERVED. Patience must always be the watchword for you can NEVER out "strongarm" the "rulers". It is patience in wisdom which shall allow prevailing. Truth will never harm for it can only strengthen for you MUST KNOW THINE ENEMY! WISDOM IN ACTIONS ALLOWS YOU TO RISE ABOVE YOUR ENEMY.]

I am not yet able to obey and keep all the "LAWS" (especially the ones on anger/hate, etc., or the one on Marital Sexual Relationships beyond the age of child-creating) but am trying to. [H: oops! I can offer you a lot of relief of the conscience. Few can whip these emotions into line immediately--especially the desire for ful-fillment. Just always look at why you do a thing or "feel" a thing and evaluate it carefully. If you share equally in all instances--the intent is correct. If y