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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


The Phoenix Journals includes bibliographical references and indexes. Contents: [Tangled Webs] -- [Crucifixion of the Phoenix -- [etc.] -- Pleiades Connection (8 vol's).

1. Spirit writings. I. Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. (Gyeorgos Ceres) II. Dharma, Computer person. III. Phoenix Journals.


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1992--A KEY YEAR


















This writing is dedicated to E.J. Ekker and George Green, who serve consistently and persistently in all hours of every day and night--and in myriads of diversified areas of work-kind. Names written in the history of this Earth Journey shall bear these ones along with the others of the Remnant. There are no human terms to express my appreciation and love unto these ones. I am pleased to work in your service. The slings and arrows shall be deflected and your legacy unto the generations to come shall be so-recognized.



WED, FEBRUARY 5, 1992 9:40 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 172

MATTHEW 24: 29,30:

"Immediately AFTER the tribulations of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give off light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will be shaken; THEN WILL APPEAR THE SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN IN HEAVEN, and all the tribes of the earth shall mourn, AND THEY WILL SEE THE SON OF MAN COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN WITH POWER AND GREAT GLORY".

* * *

It is with anticipation of distress on the part of readers, that we pen these current volumes. There is such denial--both deliberate and passive--that it is hard to avoid bringing pain to almost ALL readers. If, however, you don't put aside willful refusal to listen and see, you are destined for a most difficult journey in continued misled traps.

Ones pick a book from the JOURNALS, read a bit and bring the book back and blast the one who loans the material. They will read a few pages and then come back with inconceivable responses. For instance, one who began the book, RAINBOW MASTERS, was totally absorbed and positive and then suddenly there was mention of the Bible and the book was slammed shut and the following interchange took place: "This is Satanic material and I won't read any more--he tells us not to read the Bible any more". Now, come, come--if anything, I have gone to great lengths to TELL EVERYONE TO READ EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET THEIR EYES ON. NEVER WOULD I, NOR WILL I, EVER TELL YOU NOT TO LOOK INTO ANYTHING AND/OR EVERYTHING.

The most important fact, however, is that I care not whether or not you read or become informed. If you choose to continue in ignorance--then the choice is most certainly yours and you are welcome to it. I believe, however, that if you look around at what you deny you may well be wrong in your discernment.

You can't believe in God presenting in this manner? You can't accept that you have been lied to? Come now, again--look around you for it is unfolding at breathtaking speed and you are caught in the whirlwind of chaos. The adversary certainly KNOWS who we are and is at breakneck speed trying to discount and bury the information. There are books confiscated at all entries into Canada under "hate crimes" and "child pornography". George and Desiree' were under total assault by a superbly planned attack on them during this month's visit into Canada. From terrified hotel managers to outright "tailing". In Canada the citizens are sick at heart for they lost their "rights" and didn't know it. In Canada, any mention publicly regarding speculation as to different possibilities of the German Holocaust is grounds for incarceration in prison. The Greens are called "hate-mongers" and "racists" because they handle material that mentions the words "Jew", "Zionist", Holocaust and others deemed "hate" by the very groups who openly call themselves Jews, Zionists, etc. If that is not "hate crime" and "racist", I cannot imagine what you would call it, and yet no protections come from the law and/or government. Ah yes, the adversary knows he has been nailed and he is going to do anything under the sun in criminal activities to squelch you-the-people.

Your President has just told you the rules under which he is going to play. He cares not for position of President--he will be a leading head of the UN Global Government. He is functioning under total blackmail tactics for his prior criminal activities--of which I share many in this book so will not present here in an introduction.

Just as with the JFK cover-up, the CIA and government are involved in assassinations, drug running and total corruption in concert with the criminal Mafia--now flowing openly into your country from Russia.


The world is flooded with hundreds to thousands of doctrines and religions. None bear the CHRIST-ianity as proffered by the Christ. We are going to set them to straight whether or not you enjoy the reading thereof. You are misled intentionally and the most powerful tool to your destruction was the gaining of total control over your religious faith.

We will consider the New Age group to which we have been linked and thrust about. WE ARE NOT! New Age, as a cult movement, will be the final destruction of your globe. I use this broadly for ALL the OLD doctrines are actually NEW AGE. The Talmudic Cabalistic Elders have thrust the Protocols of One World Control, by year 2000, upon the nations and people and you swallowed it completely.

Although the rainbow seems to be only a colored arc of light refracted through raindrops, to both Christians and New Agers it has very deep meanings--and this is only an example of the lies sent upon you.

According to the Bible, which has much of validity in its pristine state--but written for your blueprint to downfall into the trap--the rainbow is symbolic of God's everlasting covenant that he would never again destroy the earth by flood. The facts are, He never destroyed the Earth by flood--check out Noah--he landed quite safely upon the Earth after the floods.

However, in another direction the New Age Movement uses rainbows to signify their building of the "Rainbow Bridge" (antahkarana) between man and Lucifer who, they say, is the over-soul. Now if that doesn't hook you right in with the Conspirators Plan 2000, then you can't read. Lucifer is the god of the Conspirators--and sweet ones, He is the anti-Christ by any name. The groups abounding now place Lucifer, (the fallen son) into the place of the Christ--the risen son. He lies to you and promises you that which will never happen for he is of the physical manifestation--restricted now to that level of existence through evil. Christ is the glory of that dimension yet to manifest.

Then, ones who simply want to be good and forgiving people play into the hands of the deceivers. The rainbow decals, for instance, are signs to other members within the "Movement"--but some simply find the symbol a nice, friendly and warm decoration of brotherhood. In this are the hidden meanings and promises of entrapment, for it "marks" or "brands" you.

Paul, the so-called apostle, could make his predictions about the "falling away" as laid forth in the Bible--for he set it up for you to use as a blueprint of action. Furthermore, if you do not awaken unto Truth--you shall march right through the destruction as laid forth for your demise.

I and my Hosts are come to bring you the WORD--not force it down anyone's throat. If you are not in the awakening into Truth of actions and intent--you are not of the lambs to come aboard God's places prepared for God's people. It is simple and succinct. This is the WORD, the instructions and the facts. You don't have to read them, see them or believe them--but you may well come to wish you had done so.

If you base "your opinion" on another's interpretation or limitations--woe may well be yours for you will have given away your own God Power into the hands of others who can do naught for you on "judgment day"--alone will a man stand in judging actions of his manifested journey--none can do it for you and "excuses" are cast aside.

You don't believe in Hatonn/Aton or any of this material? So be it and spare me the time of adjusting to your argument. I do not come to argue, debate or concern with those who do not wish participation. I do, however, suggest you reason carefully and with logic even according to the word you do trust and then you may see the contradictions presented by those who call themselves Christians and leaders.

You have no proper concept of God or existence and you refuse to listen to Truth as you prefer the lie which locks you into physical and total limitation. That is yours to accept or deny--it is simply that it makes not one iota of difference in the Truth of the circumstances.

I know that these Truths as given have shocked and startled the apathetic who may still be unaware of your greatness that is giving way to Humanism to the extent of demise of the nation itself. You must look at metro-government controls, Socialism and Communism, as being right in your living rooms now. But authors were warning you about these coming losses of freedoms in America for decades. You have been told long ago: "This nation sometimes appears to be no longer governed by the desires of the majority but rather by the minority who flaunt the laws of the Nation. Why these actions are condoned and are allowed to continue, is beyond all reasonable comprehension. The APATHY of the law abiding citizen is alarming and in due time will be the determining factor in the COMPLETE AND FINAL DECADENCY OF THIS COUNTRY...and God has a deaf ear for those who are not vigilant and who slothfully relinquish their divine freedom".

The above was written by Frank A. Phillips in an article entitled, TELL IT AS IT IS and is at least as far back as 1970 in repeated projection.

Those of you readers who have availed yourselves of the writings in series of David H. Lewis, you would have come to the conclusion that there are those on the "not-so- great" planet Earth who are in Knowing that man's final destiny must be in a place of retreat and refuge as the remnant of your civilization. The place is not important nor the challenge--the time is at hand in the physical evolution to face the need of survival of this remnant.

The Holy Remnant as well as the human remnant must prevail through these pressing tribulations...and you must fight for America's survival as well as your own. Now is the time to reverse your declining direction lest it never have opportunity to be reversed. You have, actually, only one weapon which shall allow you passage--God. I suggest you ponder it and then get as informed as you can. Obviously, since you are in still downward motion--you have not been in seeing the direction necessary through the veil of lies.

I am going to relay some information given forth in 1980 by one called David Lewis. I find it appropriate to share a bit of his "Introduction" with you readers. I do not agree with much that he writes but by and large truth is scattered in unmeasured resource in his work. Let us just quote and give honor for I only want to draw you an already painted picture through his pen, so that you can vision some probable happenings even if war does not tear the planet apart in sudden demise.




In the grim years ahead, the time is 2000. The place: Earth,---now a desolate planet slowly dying by its own accumulated errors and follies. Its dying is the end result of man's wasteful years, his growth of technologies in the wrong direction, his fear of being conquered and his inability to cope with the reality that people are a human entity of God and not to be used or misused as a tool of whimsical temperament to deprive, starve or destroy at will.

By man's own choice, the earth in Global 2000 lies barren of its forests while sand dunes rapidly spread over the fertile farm lands that once served us so well.

Nearly two million species of plant life have withered on the burned stalks; birds, insects and animals have vanished from sight; the once sparkling rivers that gave life to the world are now dried and the river bottoms are likened to the skin of the crocodile. The fertile valleys, the golden wheat fields, citrus groves and millions of acres of vegetables are now only a faint recollection of the past. Aircraft no longer fly over our cities and the traffic congested streets are the silent ghosts of an era past. Sidewalks are no longer the foot paths for hurried feet for, although they barely remain, the memory is now lurking in the shadows of the blackened fog of radioactivity that shrouds the atmosphere.

Nearby and far off structures that once housed a metropolis of activity has changed from the architectural splendor into a dreaded nightmare of man's stubborn attempts to defy God and nature as he changes the atom into weapons of destruction. Yet with this aforehead knowledge firmly planted in the minds of most intelligent men, knowing that this era will come to a close, he is still propagating so rapidly that his momentum is carrying him even faster to a civilization demise.

This bleak and solemn scenario is not science fiction to any degree but a detailed study of the real world's future in Global 2000, which is a prophecy that is merely waiting to be played out. Global 2000 could grow into an even darker picture prior to this great historical event if we continue to speed up the intricate acts and threats of wars, thus painting an absolute shocking picture of the world fifteen years from now.

God did not plan our future but knowing man as He does, his prophecies will ring true on that day of Global 2000 and 2001. Man has insisted on his own follies and has learned little by his mistakes, thus he has paved his own road to the abyss of hell-- taking with him--all of mankind.

Today we live in a era where nearly everything is geared toward armament and destruction. Our guns are in readiness, our attitudes are tense, faces grim with the progressing news of world events. Frustration mounting and nerves frayed to near short circuits. We have approached that time in our society where it is now fashionable to burn all candles at both ends, outwardly demonstrate our greed and selfishness, stimulate riots and discontent and scoff at those who still show some Christian background.

To our deepened regret, government officials throughout the world have planted the seeds of deceit, spoken unforgivable words in their constant wrangling, prepared many guises in order to cover the actual intentions, led the masses to complete ig- norance and have aided the communistic parties where they in turn can begin to take over our freedoms within this great nation. Yet in a war of nerves to the American people, they lead us to believe there will be no impending dangers--while they silently proceed with their plans toward a One World Government, a One World Order, a One World Religion, and for a money control--a One World Bank. Is this the freedom promised you under our Constitution?



You are now dealing with and within that "tomorrow"--it has arrived! It is based on the truth of man's great follies and how you can survive those later days. What you cannot do is back away from the conclusions as we present the scenarios unto you one after another. You can no longer sidestep and deny the conclusions of Global 2000. The stakes are now far too high for the United States and for all mankind.


I suggest you clearly attend the following projections given in your long distant writings--especially you good, but misguided, Christians. What has been prophesied WILL HAPPEN, for man has brought these tribulations down on himself. It is common knowledge, and all experts on the subject will have to agree, that it is only a matter of time before you have a malfunction on the "safety systems" controlling the magnificent weapons, beam projectors, thermonuclear weaponry or some politician who has a terminal case of "belfry bats" unleashes a Holocaust by a direct or accidental means. Whether the "Big One" Holocaust comes by accident or design matters little to the victim.

By the way, how is it that ones take my material and "assume", as with the Case of the Anti-Defamation League Zionist Jews, that the JOURNALS SPEAK OF A JEWISH/NAZI HOLOCAUST? BY THEIR OWN WORDS THEY "...HAVEN'T ACTUALLY READ THE HEINOUS LIES IN THE JOURNALS". THERE IS A FAR BIGGER HOLOCAUST IN STORE FOR MANKIND THAN A BIT OF "SHOW AND TELL" IN NAZI-LAND. Further, Zionism once meant God's children finding God in God's city (home). "Zionism is simply a deceitful POLITICAL PARTY and actually has far fewer "Jews" than any other race involved. The "true Jews" are destined and planned for exclusion as soon as it can be arranged by the British Zionists through the Committee of 300.


There is an interesting bit of information which may be of great interest to you--for IF you don't see that you are playing into the blueprint of the ones who wrote your demise in the book--you are going to experience it as surely as night follows day.

Biblical Prophecy, other Holy Scriptures and competent military estimates all confirm that approximately ONE THIRD of the world populace, within the bounds of a "ground zero" will be executed in the initial set of explosions; an additional ONE THIRD will die of the after effects: radiation poisoning, contaminated food and water, the lack of proper medical supplies, neglect and above all--exposure to the fallout. The military actions that will certainly follow such a devastation--will take advantage of the final ONE THIRD, who in turn will be drafted into total slavery, either by your own government or by the systems of the invading forces! You can verify these predictions in the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 5: verses 7-11.

I suggest you stop trying to figure out if God may or may not be serious in His projections--but pay attention to that which is evident before you.

"Therefore thus says the Lord God: Because you are more turbulent than the nations that are around you, and have not walked in my statutes to the ordinances, but have acted according to the ordinances of the nations that are round about you; therefore thus says the Lord God: Behold I, even I, am against you; and I will execute judgments in the midst of you in the sight of the nations. And because of all your abominations I will do with you what I have never done, and the like of which I will never do again. Therefore, Fathers shall eat their sons in the midst of you, and sons shall eat their fathers; and any of you who survive I shall scatter to the winds. Wherefore, as I live, says the Lord God, surely, because you have defiled my sanctuary with all your detestable things and with all your abominations, therefore I will cut you down".

I believe this speaks for itself. This too, without acknowledgment of all of the other atrocities perpetrated upon this wondrous Creation and His other creatures. In this matter you stand WARNED and thy warnings are run out. So be it.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton on this day counted 172, in your year 5 of the Great Cycle and time of Migration, do affix my seal. May you give heed to the call for the hourglass has been turned--by the adversary--in fulfillment of his planned takeover of that which is God 's.

Since it is already KNOWN and so WRITTEN that GOD WINS, I suggest you give ample thought to your plight and on whose side is your service. Salu.



SAT., JANUARY 18, 1992 7:58 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 155



Dharma, the heart and mind are often bewildered and overwhelmed. You, like all readers, must simply keep going. You were never told that it would be an easy snap to reclaim freedom and your Constitutional "rights" as citizens. Nothing has changed since yesterday except that today "you know". Oh, I see--you would rather NOT know! Precious, that is simply not true or you would not be at the keyboard now for you know that when we sit we ARE going to write of these things. This is our mission.

Know, dear ones, that as the going gets tough but the tough get going--you have far more help than you can possibly dream about--unless, of course, you are already dreaming of God! You don't know, for your world is so confused and chaotic, even who attends the Cosmospheres. Russians? Are ALL Russians terrible KGB operatives? Are ALL Americans in the same CIA as deals drugs? Of course not. In every nation there are patriots struggling for freedom and human rights to live worthy and happy lives within God's balance and freedom. Do not discount your enemies--but neither discount your friends and allies. You know NOT the contract of God with another brother.


You who read and effort to "act" are frustrated and abashed because it appears hopeless and overwhelming in scope. Yes, it is large but you must remember the world is run by a Committee of only 300 and "they" must solicit assistance from ones who expect something very large in return.

Let us example David Duke and the Dallas Morning News today. There was a typical biased interview but the answers were good and the challenges met quite satisfactorily. Remember that the paper is one of the leaders of the organized Establishment press. The front page story was splashed in bold outline across the paper and all contents were cut and slashed and it appeared that Duke was still a cross-burning torture-monger.

Then go to the next story presented for the day: "Mort Sahl hits another target." Then Mort Sahl presents on stage and in interview an Oliver Stone bashing. Dear ones, FACTS are that the movie is correct. Either way--right or wrong--Oliver Stone made a motion picture which only presented an alternative aspect of "A" STORY. If, indeed, the story is so unreal and so false--what difference?? Oliver Stone made a motion picture which is business-wise doing well. He claims to be a movie maker--not a politician. Why the fuss from the Established media and Zionist masters?

Let me tell you if you don't know. There is a lot you don't seem to understand even after I tell you and tell you and tell you! The Zionist movement with homeland is a fabrication--not of "Hebrew Jewry" but of, hold your breath: British Intelligence--MI6 and J10. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the head of the fact-finding committee of the ADL is one Irwin Suall, also known as John Graham. Oh yes indeed, you will get all sorts of denials--GO FIND OUT THE FACTS; IT IS WELL DOCUMENTED! Suel is, in reality, the James Bond of the ADL.

If you can't remember the story of Iraq and Kuwait, I suggest you put down your yellow flag and start studying your world situation. YOU; AMERICA, FOUGHT A WAR IN THE MIDDLE-EAST PURELY AND SIMPLY AT THE ORCHESTRATION OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300 AND THE BRITISH CROWN. Great Britain has been controlling your nation since your war of 1812 and now totally controls you. Wherever you find war and unrest--you will find Great Britain sneaking behind the scenes utilizing the Zionists, the Americans, the CIA and any of their other arms of operations. You are literally pawns of the British Crown--with operations instructions from the Committee of 300 with the major ranking control club—THE CLUB OF ROME.

I believe you DO want information and rather than go back and read 48 JOURNALS and still have missing pieces in this particular area of action--you must have Dr. Coleman's book which I believe will be entitled: CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300.

Please, do not go forth and announce that this author or that author already wrote "all that stuff". They have not and the ones who have done so have utilized Dr. Coleman's intelligence information. You are being provided, readers, with Truth--most of it totally "original" from the "horse's mouth". Yes there is some excellent resource for information and many good volumes. I tell you, however, as to the hierarchy of the controllers--THIS IS THE BOOK. I urge you spell-checkers to move in your preparations--that book needs to be out NOW. We care not if words are out of order or misspelled--GET THAT BOOK PUBLISHED WHILE YOU STILL CAN DO SO.



Why would I cover one man's name and then advertise another's? Because I have a purpose in the first as well as in the latter.

I am compiling the integration of that which went wrong in tidbits enough to cause you to pay attention--THEN, you must move on for self and glean Truth as to your plight NOW and know the players. John Coleman knows me and comes under my direct protection. The authors in point regarding the CIA document I am utilizing do not realize, yet, that they are working with me. They will be quite surprised as they note that there are no coincidences.


For the Constitution Law Center, please: Gene Dixon, please take note that as you work on the illegal activities in taking away Demjanjuk's citizenship arbitrarily, with malice and illegally--you have now contacted those who KNOW ALL THOSE LAWS BY HEART. Rubino, in the Noriega railroad set-up, knows all there is to know about the subject and will be most happy to share with you. Utilize every avenue made available to you for you will find the instructions in ALL of these various and sundry cases originate right back to the White House as a functional being of this Committee of 300-Club of Rome. Many of these cases are balloons to see how much the public will allow and I believe you note that the public will allow any- and every-thing. Not only will they allow it but they will feast upon the blood of the victim and trample the path to the Elite door in bended homage to the beast. Do they love to bend to Caesar or evil? No, they just don't know any better for the Truth has not been given them so that they can understand the total control of practiced brainwashing.

You who have been following my work know of the Protocols and Manifesto wherein the blueprint has been laid for generations. I shall undoubtedly have to publish the list of actions again soon but let us assume you remember the one, two, three order of world take-over.

Now, I am going to take the liberty of utilizing a small section of Coleman's treatise as presented in a form easily perceived. The goals of the secret elite group which calls itself the "Olympians" (these are the Elite in the Club of Rome/Committee of 300). These individuals sincerely believe that they hold the Royal right of Divine action through their god, Lucifer, and the other legendary gods. There is no humming and hawing--they will tell you right up front that Lucifer is their God. I tell you that Lucifer is the fallen god kicked out of the places of Holy God. These Olympians believe they have been charged with implementing the following by that divine right. Well, they have! The only problem is that it is the Dark God of physical dimension who intends to claim all which is YOURS by the divine right of Lighted God of Hosts. They intend to control all material physical things and your SOUL. By the way--THE intelligence arm of this group and, actually, all groups of secret intelligence organizations except formerly in Germany, is the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIF). You will need to know this so that the understanding comes quickly when you get your hands on the well-written and organized operations manual for the group from Dr. Coleman.

So, let us look at the list following as I brief it down for I am not going to give this book in parts as I have others for it is necessary that you have the information as laid forth and in proper order of outlay. You will not be bored as it reads more like a Who's Who of James Bondsville. This outlays the present working blueprint for the taking of your world--the operations manual for the Protocols/Manifesto of Global Conquest

One World Government--Plan 2000.

Thank you, Dr. Coleman:


(1) A One World government-New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction. Not many people are aware that the One World Government began setting up its "church" in the 1920's/1930's, for they (Editors: please do not correct s's to z's as John writes in the "King's English" and spells thusly) realised the need for a religious belief inherent in mankind to have an outlet and, therefore, set up a "church" body to channel that belief in the direction they desired. [H: The changing of spiritual impact and thrust into the physical "blood" "death", crucifixion", "no responsibility for actions" and "rapture", "mysticism", "astrology" and "Jewish homeland at all and any costs" is a direct offshoot of this "new" religion. In other words, a shifting of goals from the spiritual into the physical display and actions for achievement.]

(2) The utter destruction of all national identity and national pride.

(3) The destruction of religion and more especially the Christian religion, with the one exception, their own creation mentioned above.

(4) Control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Brzenzinski call "technotronics" which would create human-like robots and a system of terror beside which Felix Dzerzinski's Red Terror will look like children at play. [H: This won't make a lot of sense at the moment but I intend to break down the Brzenzinski book which he wrote as a mandate from the Club of Rome. I have given you the breakdown of "technotronics" but I fear you won't put it together with this scenario. You are shocked each time I write of duplicates and robotic duplicates and synthetics. YOU HAVE THEM NOW AND THEY ARE PRESENT IN MASSIVE NUMBERS AND HAVE BEEN VERY FUNCTIONAL AND PROGRAMMED FOR DECADES. THERE WERE A HALF DOZEN "OSWALDS" RUNNING, AROUND DALLAS AND PLACES THERE-ABOUTS AT THE TIME OF THE KENNEDY MURDER. You must catch up with the story for you have been deliberately kept in the darkness and ignorant of these things by telling you it is not technically "possible". Ah, it is possible and it IS NOW! You are NOW IN THE FUTURE!]

(5) An end to all industrialisation and the production of nuclear generatedPage 20 electric power in what they call "the post-industrial zero-growth society". Exempted are the computer and service industries. United States industries that remain will be exported to countries such as Mexico where abundant slave labour is available. Unemployables in the wake of industrial destruction will either become opium-heroin and or cocaine addicts, or become statistics in the elimination process we know today as Global 2000. [H: If you think this is also far-fetched, then try this fact on for size: The Global 2000 Plan annihilates a minimum of 100 million Americans alone, by year 2050. They HOPE to have it accomplished by year 2000.]

(6) Legalisation of drugs and pornography.

(7) Depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot's genocidal plans were drawn up here in the United States by one of the Club of Rome's research foundations. It is also interesting that the Committee is presently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia. [H: Remember that there must be a trial run on any tactics and notice that you will find global chaos as focus or distractions as they are being tested. The impact is always one of total horror (as with the Vietnam test on individual and total control of troops) so that the very image of having to face such monsters prevents the citizens of the world from taking a stand against the Elite. Please note that in the nations where the pressure and control have been worst, however, many are willing to fight and die for the prevention of the return of the beasts.]

(8) Suppression of all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Committee. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments presently being scorned and ridiculed by the Committee and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Committee's conception of "limited natural resources" right out of the window. A fusion torch properly used could create unlimited untapped natural resources from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion and would benefit mankind in a manner which is as yet not even remotely comprehended by the public.

(9) Cause by means of limited wars in the advanced countries, and by means of starvation and diseases in Third World countries, the death of 3 billion people by the year 2000, people they call "useless eaters". The Committee of 300 commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how best to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title the "Global 2000 Report" and was accepted and approved for action by President Carter, for and on behalf of the U.S. Government, and accepted by Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of State. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the United States is to be reduced by 100 million by the year 2050.

[H: Dr. Coleman will tell you to make a list of members as he rolls them off to you so that you can begin to study the news as they keep coming to the forefront.

Some will be names you don't recognize only to find them popping up everywhere and always serving and presenting a lie of goals. Cyrus Vance is a good one to watch as a for instance for he is constantly running around in the East Bloc nations in the name of the UN peace keeping forces. "They" have their people in all political power places, dear ones.]

(10) To weaken the moral fiber of the nation and to demoralise workers in the labour class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post- industrial zero-growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, demoralised and discouraged workers will resort to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard The Committee of 300 commissioned Tavistock Institute [H:Tavistock Institute for Human Relations--a part of Sussex University; Britain's Psychological Warfare Bureau.] to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research (Institute) [H: Getting close to home is it not?] to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harmon. This work later became known as "The Aquarian Conspiracy".

[H: Ed Y., please take note for you will be hearing much more about SRI and I thank you for the information just sent to me regarding the Institute. There are incredibly dangerous beams being sent from that installation and there are no "countering" stations in the area save my own. People have to wake up and some day they will realize how (literally) lucky they are to have various ones of our people in the vicinity where these games are played.]

(11) To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then "managing" such crises. This will confuse and demoralise the population to the extent where, faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the United States, an agency for crisis management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence I first disclosed in 1980. There will be more on FEMA as we proceed.

(12) To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock "music" gangsters. [H: For instance you will find the group, Rolling Stones, favoured by European Black Nobility--and, too, remember they were favorites of the Reagans. The "rock" groups which began with "The Beatles" were created by Tavistock.]

(13) To continue to build up the cult of Christian fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company's servant, Darby, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist state of Israel through identifying with the Jews through the myth of "God's Chosen People" and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity. [H: Zionism, remember, is not "religious"--it is a POLITICAL PARTY!]

(14) To press for the spread of religious cults such as the Moslem Brotherhood, Moslem fundamentalism, the Sikhs, and to carry out experiments of the "Jim Jones" and "Son of Sam" type of murders. It is worth noting that the late Ayatollah Khomeini was a creation of British Intelligence Military-Intelligence Division 6, commonly known as MI6, as I reported in my 1985 work, "What Really Happened in Iran".

(15) To export "religious liberation" ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions but more especially the Christian religion. This began with "Jesuit Liberation Theology" which brought about the downfall of the Somoza family rule in Nicaragua and which is today destroying El Salvador, now 25 years into a "civil war", Costa Rica and Honduras. One very active entity engaged in so-called liberation theology is the Communist-oriented Mary Knoll Mission. This accounts for the extensive media attention to the murder of four of Mary Knoll's so-called nuns in El Salvador a few years ago.

The four nuns were Communist subversive agents and their activities were widely documented by the government of El Salvador. The United States press and news media refused to give any space or coverage to the mass of documentation in possession of the Salvadorian government, documentation which proved what the Mary Knoll Mission nuns were doing in the country. Mary Knoll is in service in many countries, and played a leading role in bringing Communism to Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa.

(16) To cause a total collapse of the world's economies and engender total political chaos.

(17) To take control of all foreign and domestic policies of the United States. (18) To give the fullest support to supranational institutions such as the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions of lesser effect by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the mantle of the United Nations.

(19) To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of nations represented by them.

(20) Organise a world-wide terrorist apparatus and negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place. It will be recalled that it was Bettino Craxi who persuaded the Italian and U.S. governments to negotiate with the Red Brigades kidnappers of Prime Minister Moro and General Dozier. As an aside, General Dozier is under orders not to talk about what happened to him. Should he break that silence, he will no doubt be made "a horrible example of" in the manner in which Kissinger dealt with Aldo Moro, Ali Bhutto and General Zio ul Hag. [H: In this book you will also find the line of ascent of one Henry Kissinger and how he is into everything, real or robotoid. You are already noting, I hope, that Henry Kissinger is into EVERYTHING--EVERYWHERE!]


[H: If you can't see the results in perfection of this attack then I suppose we have nothing to discuss for the blindness may be terminal. This is a demand in the Blueprint of the Protocols and it has not only been attempted--IT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED!!!]

***** THANK YOU, JOHN *****

If the foregoing seems a thrust on my part to "advertise", then indeed, I have made my point. I realize that I give you suggestions as to books to obtain, constantly--this is a "MUST" if you wish to be informed. Others have written and I give great honor to ones such as Eustace Mullins who writes from research which is incredible and easily confirmed by documentation. Others write from experience such as the story in point on the CIA. It is that "experience" backed by the documented "confirmation" which gives you the unequivocal proof you claim to seek.

If you will do your homework, Hatonn can get back to the wondrous and glorious things of the Universe which await you who will choose the Lighted Path. I do not like the blasts and denials and the destruction any more than do you, but I will serve in my mission as long as there is a breath of life on your planet wishing to find TRUTH. So be it.

Now since, again, I have filled the document with other subjects than the one on the CIA cult, I shall offer one more bit of insight.

We received a letter from one in Sedona who signs his work, Elysian Dawn and Lanto. Sananda relieved me of the duty to respond for which I am most appreciative since it seemed pointed at Sananda (Esu). I have my own response but somehow, as my mission is centered right now on physical and very clandestine matters, I will simply present the letter and the response as shared with me. Dharma did not receive the response--again, I am most grateful for she is extremely pressured and Sananda regularly transmits to both Thomas and Druthea. Without the sharing of this load of work, we have no hope of getting enough information out to serve the need. Thank you.

First just copy the letter as presented:



Don Barnebey

General Delivery

Sedona, AZ 86336

[H: I publish this information since he has published ours and challenges me to a meeting with his Elysian Dawn and Lanto. I wonder--so far, channels who DO show up, never seem to produce their speakers!]

Dear Folks –

Have enjoyed many of the investigative reports of the Phoenix Liberator.

Even if there does seem to be an element of paranoia in it and a right wing agenda against racemixing, feminists and gays, for instance as you stated in the Dec. 30 issue. Also holocaust revisionism.

You have a right to your half truths and cosmic error like everyone else. I try to use discernment so can separate some of the wheat from the chaff.

At least you're not afraid to tackle subjects and material that most establishment media won't touch with a 10 foot pole.

Have also read RRPP (JOURNAL) and found it interesting. Especially the matter that dealt with Sister Charlotte. Just horrible. Intend to research the matter further--have already alerted 2 people to the issue.

I take my hat off to Commander Hatonn but there are times, it should be said, that he sounds more like hate-on.

As an example, against gays. It is easy for him to pontificate, being an ET in some other dimension, perhaps.

Maybe he should ask Sananda what it was like in ancient Greece when he (Sananda) incarnated as Socrates* and participated in the general culture of that time. Which included anal and oral sex among men.

*(Both in my personal communion with Sananda (where he shared some lessons of that lifetime) and the Mark-Age group (which is the general hierarchal board group appointed to serve as liaison between old age and new) confirm that one of the life- times of Sananda was as Socrates. Of course both anal and oral sex are common (particularly the latter) among heterosexuals also).

[H: I believe you will all take note that the Greek Empire also FELL. If a thing is not "right" for any number of very good reasons, then it was not "right" at any time--then or now. Neither do I care about your so-called "sexual preferences"--I only pronounce the practice of behavioral actions to be against the laws of Creation/Nature and God's Laws for maintaining balance. However, that which YOU do is none of my business and I neither judge, coerce nor intentionally "pontificate". I am sent to bring the Truth and if you care not for it--continue to do it YOUR WAY and we shall see who, in the end, might have been correct! By the way, Elysian, I think the Mark-Age group would likely prefer that you NOT bring them into your nonsense. I do not wish to comment on the Mark-Age topic at all--if you realize the Truth of "New Age" you will find response is unneces- sary. I do suggest that the ones of "Mark-Age" do not wish, to confront me personally--either!]

Is Commander Hatonn anti-sex? Is he repressed? Does he suffer from "emotional plague" that Wilhelm Reich alluded to? [H: Wilhelm Reich??? Where have you gotten all your learned information? It is a bit ghastly to blame poor Elysian Dawn for such correlations. What I may or may not be in regards to ET emotionalism is NOT that which has gotten your planet in such a mess and perhaps that should take precedence over my presentation.]

Sex is a part of human experience. [H: Wrong--half truth. Sex is an experience of ALL THINGS--even the rock or sand. Sex as you use it means "the act of sexual intercourse--for self power and pleasure, lust and self-service". It does not even bear the stigma longer, of "love"--just the phrase, "making love", meaning degradation and prostitution of the partners involved in almost all instances. The very duality of manifestation and projection of God into physical form bears the projection of two "sexes". I suggest you have Elysian Dawn gather the Germain material of the PLEIADES CONNECTIONS.] Hypocrisy is also, apparently (and perhaps common to ET's as well). [H: I don't spend a lot of time exploring the number of "ET's" who might be in Hypocrisy. However, if you are progressed in learning and KNOWING enough to be in this Command--you have long since shed a physical, earth-projection called Hypocrisy. I am appalled that Elysian Dawn didn't realize that it takes quite a lot of KNOWING to get to your place and experience from the distant places of the Cosmos. We simply don't have a lot of interest in your type of Hypocrisy--we give the laws as given and we abide by the laws as given. Since it is our place of experience--not yours--then it shall remain that way. If you care not for our laws and practices--then stay where you are and don't clutter our spaces. You have freedom of will and action and your planet is sick unto death from your willful self-indulgent physical expressions. I don't have any intentions of interfering with your experience but neither will I tell you lies to hopefully garner your praise and agreement. If I be so weak as to practice in Hypocrisy at a time of massive change in your very existence--then I am embarrassed for you, child of misuse--for any Host Speaker for God, as you claim is Elysian Dawn--would know as much and not goad you into foolish projections from your mouth in New Age bantering.]

The entire "Christian" religion has been anti-sex since its inception (as in Paul, the Apostle). [H: Paul was "Saul- of Tarsus"!! and was never a Christian as in "follower of Christ". I, further, care not about his sexual interests. Since there are so many so-called "Christians" I suggest someone must have been interested in Sex. The act has been more badly abused than has the "religion", if possible.]

Perhaps, to an extent, it is the shadow that Sananda casts. To, be anti-sex is to be anti- life and anti-truth and anti-joy: [H: WHO told you so? WHO gave this wondrous pronouncement? What happens to "life", "truth" and "joy" in the abortion room? Sex is the gift given to man and woman that procreation might be accomplished. It was given forth with instructions regarding responsibility of the act and all that accompanies same--in the Commandments. If you cannot read, Elysian Dawn, then I suggest you may have a wrong counselor.]

Why else would one have a church on the one hand (as in Catholic mentioned per Sister Charlotte's account) which is anti-sex and anti-abortion yet in some cases at least, perpetrates rape and the most brutal of abortions. [H: Beats me!]

Why do you have, among Protestants, such as Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart who are so against sexual "immorality": but how they themselves practice a whole smorgasbord of tabu sexual liaisons? [H: Beats me! But I would surmise that they are not actually followers of the Christ path and lead very, very physical lust- filled lives of lies. They are set forth to pull down Truth into the garbage bins. Obviously you question their integrity but claim rights to practice in any manner you choose from homosexual anal/oral lust fulfillment (which it never does) to expectations of perfection according to those laws you deny--by others. Can't have it both ways, Elysian Dawn.]

Hypocrisy. A hypocrisy that has been part of the legacy and shadow of Sananda himself. [H: oooops! Pardon? Sananda's (Christ's) legacy? It is certainly obvious, Elysian Dawn, that you know not the Sananda who is come into oneness with God as Co-creator and in Christness by whatever name. You underestimate the Captain of this ship, my friend--there is no Hypocrisy aboard the Phoenix and I suggest you check carefully wherein you might have come up with such information!]

Commander Hatonn, I give you a new and extended mission. To ferret out the hidden truths and lies also of even the most sacrosanct of the Hierarchal Board. [H: I already am doing as much--for you see, dear heart, and if you were of God you would know as much--there are no sacrosanct hierarchies in the realms of God and Hosts. Those councils and sacrosanct organizations are of physical projection and you should know as much, chela. Why would man need go to another and higher level of joy and life if there were such horrendous lies awaiting him? Ah so--could the place you bring to point--be "the other place?"]

"As above, so below. As below, so above". If you would expose darkness to light on this planet, (which is good work) I suggest the need to do so even more with some of the ancient distortions, lies, deceits and convoluted concepts of those of the Spiritual Hierarchy. [H: OK, we shall start with YOU. YOU are representing a deceitful lie of convoluted concepts and if you claim to be of the Spiritual Hierarchy then I believe we both know from which side of the lamp you come from. Who told you "as above, so below"? That is purely nonsense to make a very foolish speaker sound wise and mystical. IT IS NOT ABOVE AS BELOW--AND FOR THAT WE ALL BE MOST THANKFUL INDEED.]

It is an entire universe and age that needs cleansing. The earth has been a testing ground and way station for those of many dimensions and star systems. Indeed this planet has had to bear (along with the denizens on it) with much of fallout from the Lucifer* Rebellion and the Hierarchy's inability to acknowledge any error of its own and seek any kind of reapproachment with those of the Lucifer point of view.

*(Lucifer, by the way, is not the same as Satan.) Satan was a "lieutenant" of Lucifer-- both are separate cosmic entities as the Urantia Book clearly states).

[H: Whew, Elysian Dawn, you are showing such lack of wisdom in thusly speaking. Without comment as to the URANTIA BOOK, I would suggest that the author would rather you not project his opinions in such manner. However, I care not from what BOOK you quote or argue--if the information is incorrect it is incorrect. Me thinks you protest too loudly regarding your friend Satan and Lucifer. I care not who is a lieutenant to whom or which. I do not say he has no place in your world--I do not, however, have to accept him or his disciples into mine. YOU have no control over my places, chelas--NONE! How YOU wish it to be according to YOUR opinion of things--has absolutely nothing to do with either Truth and/or my placement with God. You may sit on your physical placement and play Gin Rummy with this nice Lucifer if you like--it is purely your choice, I simply suggest you realize your position in this matter. If Elysian Dawn wishes to take on the Host Command I am sure something can be worked out suitably--but how are you dear speakers going to get into this dimension--ascend??? Have you earned purity marks worthy of such ascending into the places of perfection of God? So be it--if so, welcome aboard. Unfortunately, I do not welcome either Satan or Lucifer into my living room. So far each thing you have thrust at me is of physical MAN markings and interpretations and you know nothing at all of Spiritual Awareness.]

If there is a degree of chaos on this planet it is due to the degree of chaos and ignorance/arrogance that reigns at higher levels of universe. [H: That cannot be true in fact, for there is no chaos in these realms and, further, ignorance and arrogance are both solely traits of human physical experience. Therefore, it must be assumed that the projection as written into this letter is of human physical penning and projection. A higher being of TRUTH and higher experience would know as much.]

I would suggest to all to remember the parable of the Prodigal Son and to understand, that when the final outcome and resolution is in--many of those who presently occupy high positions will be out and many of those who had previously been spurned and outcast will be "in". Perhaps even Lucifer himself. [H: I believe your last sentences said it ALL.]

As it is, so be it.

Elysian Dawn

Commander of Joy

Pioneer of the Eternal

Champion of the Real

Wayshower to the Beyond

Child of Love.

P.S. This whole business of blaming everything on Satan is puerile [H: Childish?-- come, come--who blames poor old innocent Satan--put the responsibility where it belongs--on each of you experiencing beings. I certainly do NOT blame Satan-- that one has done his job most well indeed.] projectionist, escapist, repressionistic and deceitful. [H: Satan usually only utilizes four letter words--we are most impressed with the growth in vocabulary, all of which is totally balderdash drivel double-talk to express that you do not know of that which you speak. Further, I see that you are now going to blame one of the finest Cohans of the Seven Rays, Lanto, for your remarks. You have chosen the wrong one, Elysian--indeed, the wrong Cohan to claim expression. Lanto expresses in the energy of the Second- Ray who gives special gifts of the Word of Wisdom and the Word of Knowledge. This great Master is much akin to the one who experienced in great wisdom on your place, Confucius. Lanto bears the ray of gold--i.e., the very tonal frequency of the "golden light" of that of the sun (Christ-ray). I suggest you have Lanto, your speaker, investigate the JOURNAL called RAINBOW MASTERS. He will be expressing right here again, on the subjects of the lost continents, their demise--causes and effects: Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, etc. You have chosen to express in great foolishness instead of wisdom as Lanto only would. You sir, are an imposter with evil intent and I deny your validity as speaker in this correspondence or with/through this speaker.]

Those of the spiritual Hierarchy must come to deal with their own pride, self- aggrandizement, hypocrisy, repression, arrogance and ignorance without foisting all of their negative traits on the demon called Lucifer or Satan. (And the two are different cosmic entities, I assure you.) [H: And which one are YOU, speaker?]

Come on guys--this is a time of cleansing for you (us) also--not just those residing here on earth plane. [H: Barf!]

"Ever fresh and ever new, I am God and so are you".

Why doesn't Sananda come out and acknowledge this more openly--we are all children (sons and daughters) of God. Not just one called Sananda.

The Term Christos was used long before the Hebrews in both the Greek and ancient Egyptian cultures. Both Osiris and Adonis for instance were referred to as Christs. Osiris also, it is alleged (as many an ancient prophet and savior) was born of virgin birth. [H: Does what MAN "alleges" make it so? I find it most often makes it pure fabrication.]

Sananda is always alluding to his oneness with the Father. (What happened--did you kill Mother sometime in the long ago?) We all have union in the divine to one degree or another--even Lucifer and Satan do or they could not exist. [H: Dear sir, is there some reason that you must protect and defend Satan and Lucifer? Have you some problem which might be attended a bit more carefully? Wherein do you get all this information projected as being from Sananda for if you get it from these resources then you are badly misinterpreting and if you get it from elsewhere, then you should say so for you get none of this garbage from this place.]

Sananda, you are unique--but not uniquely unique. Everyone is unique in their own manner. Each has their own role to play, mission to unfold, archetype to embody and flower. Sananda is just one of the 7 cohans of the Rays. He is only one of the Council of 12 and 24 that govern this local system. [H: He is none of the above and if you don't realize it then you are in very serious circumstances with your projections, especially if you have ones on Earth who listen to your prattling. I am, however, going to disclaim the next statement and then allow you to finish your prattle for Sananda responds as befits his position and authority. You are going to say some inane thing about Maitreya (Lord) who has attained at least one level of cosmic initiation above him. I know not this Lord Maitreya of whom you must surely jest. I suggest you, sir, check your connections for you have a most uninformed and unwise pronouncement. It is self-evident that you cannot disconnect from your totally physical experience and wish to bring the Hosts and God into your worldly experience with you--it simply will not work, Lucifer, and I suggest you try another avenue of attack for you have herein met your match, sir!]

I understand that his master teacher (guru or god) is Lord Maitreya who has attained at least one level of cosmic initiation above him.

So why all this mystification* and obfuscation--pretence. Acknowledge your limitation [as you do in Mark-Age channelings where you, Sananda state that there are some on earth who are more advanced at soul level--tho' not necessarily in outward manifestion--than you] and acknowledge also the degree of dependency/ interdependency in the Greater communion of Being we're all part of.

*(Talk about Masonic secrecy and conspiracy. What about hierarchal? Two positive Masonic conspiracies by the way were the French and American Revolutions or are you folks Royalists? A good case can be made out that Jesus' role as messiah/savior was an Essene conspiracy as both Mary and Joseph were high Essenes).

[H: Not so--read the JOURNAL, AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL. The name "Jesus" was not appended to Esu Emmanuel until after he was no longer in the "Holy Land". That is a totally fabricated label given (historically authenticated) by Saul of Tarsus (Paul) during his travels in Greece. Sic, sic, you should have known "that". Further, Esu did not take time with the Essenes but did, in fact, say that he purposely did not stay with them because "they would later claim that their teachings were His and they were not". Neither Mary nor Joseph were high Essenes!]

[Sananda: I do not even acknowledge Mark-Age channelings much less my limitations. I have no limitations except as I choose to utilize such to relate better unto you who are in my care. There are none on Earth place more advanced at soul level than myself and I am not either on your place. You are filled with foolishness which is most deceitful unto your fellow brethren and that self- judgment shall rest most heavily upon you when the Truth is confronted. You further suggest that I "...acknowledge also the degree of dependency/ interdependency in the Greater communion of Being we're all part of." I am not dependent nor is there interdependency as you so assume. I am functioning "one with" and dependency has nothing to do with it. As to the Greater Communion of Being of which we are all a part--wherein have I ever expressed through this source--anything other?]

Accentuate the roles of others in the Plan, rather than over-emphasize your own, drawing so much attention to yourself. [Sananda: I suggest that I cannot overemphasize my role in this "Plan". It is not my being which has any merit--it is my oneness with Creator which is represented in your language as "Christ Knowing"--the label makes no difference be it pronounced differently in all and every language. I repeat something that you perhaps missed in your following of incorrect information givers. EXCEPT THROUGH ME (CHRIST ACTIONS AS GIVEN IN BALANCE; THE LAWS OF HARMONY AND BALANCE OF THE GREAT SPIRIT AND MOTHER/FATHER CREATION/CREATOR), SHALL YE PASS INTO THE PERFECTION OF THE SO-CALLED HOUSE OF GOD. You may tout and preach anything you wish--but I SHALL DECIDE, WITH MY BRETHREN OF THE LIGHTED BROTHERHOOD--WHO WILL COME ABOARD "MY CLOUD".]

Hatonn, also, I would ask that you not overly identify with a particular role or mission--detachment has its place. [H: No, sir, only those who know not of that which they speak and know not their mission make such foolish lack of identification. I know who I am and I know my mission--I suggest you check into yours!]

A commander of 1,000,000 craft needs a great degree of humility to go along with it. [H: Humility, or indecision and worthlessness to better serve my own adversary? I rebuke you for your misrepresentation of your identity!]

(Signed) Lanto,

Resting in the Word

that goes beyond

the infinities of

languages and scriptures

into the formless,

unconditioned, cosmic awareness.

PPS: I'll be glad to meet with Hatonn and/or Sananda on any field of their choosing and face them truth to truth, joy to joy.

[H: I think we can manage that encounter any time you wish to come here. We have great burden of work to do but we shall certainly be happy to meet with you. I do, however, demand that the meeting be with ones called Elysian Dawn, Don Barnebey and/or Lanto. I am weary of you channels who supposedly speak for the higher energies of perfection (except Elysian Dawn of whom I have never even heard) coming into and interrupting our work to simply annoy and irritate. It is the time of sharing WITH those energies and if they are of the Light--YOU WILL BE SOON INTO THIS PLACE TO SHARE THAT GREAT COMMUNION. SALU. HATONN]


Dharma, please reprint the response from Sananda to Mr. Barnebey as was given to Thomas.

You are a most foolish man. You know not from whence you come nor from whence your light is sustained. You limit God and you taunt God and dare God...you either have an infinite degree of misunderstanding or truly none at all. I am in service to Holy God/ATON, NONE OTHER!! You say that you have had counsel with me as I shared experiences of old...I tell you surely that we have not had counsel and the one that you had counsel with has sorely misled you. It is the very use, abuse, misuse, and horrendous exploitation by man (and woman) of the very gift of creation...the procreative act of sex...that has brought your planet to the very eve of destruction. And you would say to me, "If it feels good, do it"?! And I would say to you, foolish, foolish, blinded man. I will not stand aside as you cast stones at my workers and at my commander and myself. You say that you would meet us on any field of our choosing... COME AHEAD IF YOU DARE TO PRESENT SUCH A CHALLENGE... GOD DOES NOT BACK DOWN NOR DOES HE BOW TO ANY!!! Evil and darkness will not stand in our radiance. Be most careful of that which you project for you do not know with whom you are dealing. For too long we have patiently allowed man his foolishness. The sorting is upon you and it is man who will come into the TRUTH of it and once again in the WHOLE AND BAL- ANCED LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION or he will experience the most severe consequences of those decisions.








Oh, friend--by the way: Hatonn is pronounced ATON about the cosmos--just in case you are interested!!! It might be worthy of note.

Another writing and no CIA--well, Dharma, oft-times there is more important work to do for the discernment of Man.

Let us take rest. I shall stand aside. Thank you. In love and humble service I honor you of our most precious brethren. Adonai. (Adonai--by the way number two--means "One with/in GOD").



MON., JANUARY 20, 1992 8:24 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 157



Hatonn present in the Light of All Divine God, the Light. May we share that you might be given into seeing and hearing with clarity.

Two things to watch and KNOW as you attend news and (just sit quietly a moment, Dharma, we will take care of the problem). [For you readers--when we have these interruptions it needs to be noted that when we are writing, this is also the way Dharma receives her communication. The individual attacks upon her through the route of the electronic equipment, i.e., this computer, are lessening considerably for the surveillance has not been able to break our code for some time. The efforts don't stop and occasionally in the "scanning for breakthrough" they manage to get a "hit". Since the military grid system became operational you will note a lessening of individual attacks to great extent. That, however, is not the main reason--the facts are that we have taken far more control over the situation and our people. You will note, further, in this area of almost daily and numerous blasts to the shield, that you have had a peaceful time since New Year's and the final "hookup" at Edwards. This is neither good nor bad, just different.

You will all note the massive "receiving installation"--$100 million at Mojave. That is part of the above mentioned system but it also is to monitor our direct transmissions. They still cannot decode our pulses but can now take direct "dictation" onto their equipment without having to keep destroying Dharma's computer. But much more important for us--they have to stop destroying Dharma:

The reason Spielberg and other notable private citizens were asked to participate is to allow you to think this installation is a private enterprise for seeking contact with possible ET's. It has been in all the news. Funny thing, however, it was up and op- erational before anyone told you-the-public. Further, it was brought into Edwards in massive pieces aboard six squadrons of four each of your largest transport craft. Don't be foolish, chelas--the point is to monitor all of you from specific coordinates throughout the "grid". The major receiving--station (Soviet) in Cuba can, with proper relays, have me whisper in California and it is monitored in Cuba on that equipment. By the way--it has been there and operational for decades.

But, they are getting ready to make ET's known to you and are laying the groundwork for your next big misadventure--so be it. They are looking for ET's (other than US, be assured) for the Elite have also been misled by their own leaders and they fully expect there to be a back-up fleet coming to their assistance and "rapture". WE simply utilize your already present equipment and are therefore discounted. No one from the Cosmos, in evil actions, is allowed through OUR shield to get to you. If you have ones in the airspaces now, they belong to the Earth attachments and are totally restricted to your own galaxy and specifically away from Earth! GOD DOES INTEND TO WIN THIS LITTLE ENCOUNTER WHEN YOU ARE READY TO CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!]

We are all-clear so let us continue. I was going to speak of the receiving system at Edwards as we started to write and now, I believe we have covered it sufficiently to move on to more urgent attentions.


This is a most urgent and potentially deadly circumstance unfolding in Israel. It is all orchestrated and, unfortunately for the world, is a nuclear war potential--like in a matter of days or weeks.

Shamir will undergo a "confidence vote". He is not supposed to win. Note that the two groups pulling away from the government are more hard-line than Shamir's group remaining. They walked out because Shamir insisted on continuing "Peace Talks". Shamir had no alternatives remaining to him and, as always, the plans were laid and the blueprints are in fine order. Shamir is supposed to lose--Sharon is supposed to take control.

At this time, remember, Sharon as "Housing Minister" IS THE ONE putting settlers by the hundreds into the "no-no" places. The blueprints have been worked out at the direction of the British Crown and are INTENDED TO WORK. The lines are being established to move right along into small wars (nuclear), pull down the Moslem world and present "the" temple of Solomon to the neighborhood. That is THE temple and, therefore, all the misdirected religious Christian leaders will be whooping, supporting and bowing to the "chosen ones" while your planet surface is rendered totally incapable of sustaining life. Mark my words--you are watching the death of a planet and her people, IF YOU OF GOD FAIL TO TAKE NOTE AND ACT. TIME HAS RUN OUT IN THAT HOURGLASS. IT LAYS UPON ITS SIDE AWAITING YOUR AWAKENING OR CONTINUED SLEEPING. GOD IS PATIENT--HE HAS ETERNITY IN PERFECTION--DO YOU???

It would appear that this is a "Jewish religious scheme". No, it is orchestrated, as are all of the adversarial actions, right out of the Committee of 300 with headquarters in the British Crown.


The other activities scattered about this morning are simply distractors. Iran is ready to take on Israel and has now acquired billions of dollars of equipment with which to do it--right into Tehran. Along with each hostage released, went billions of dollars in military equipment to Iran and $2 million for each released person--in CASH. Remember, Iran still has the cream of the Iraq military flying resource. Further, the reason Bush wants to go back to war with Iraq is because they are again capable of a major war and, this time, they won't wait for the fun and games.

Saudi Arabian "coalition leaders" (from the Gulf War) are, right now, asking more defense and military presence from the United Nations--they know they are in SERIOUS trouble. HELL IS JUST ABOUT READY TO HAPPEN. Do not look to old buddy ASsad, either. Syria will always go to the highest bidder and you will never know from day to day WHO made the highest BID.

The United States is committed to go to war on the side of Israel and there you have it, America. Doom and Gloom Hatonn has struck again!!!

In recognition of the fact that I have just been speaking of Israel, I shall go ahead and write for the next edition of the LIBERATOR and then we can get back to the CIA.


Hatonn again pushing this Dr. Coleman? Ah, indeed. Do you want information or do you simply want to pick around in half-truths and "other peoples' reproduced information"? Dr. Coleman is not NEW, chelas, he has been writing intelligence material for decades--The Insider Report, The World Intelligence Review, the John Coleman Report, etc. Others utilize his material constantly--mostly as "their own". When this happens--especially without credit-line--there is truth to be gleaned and you had best pay attention.


You don't like God's choices? Then continue with YOURS and allow us to see which ending is more wondrous and glorious.

As things unfold according to the pre-planned blueprint of the Global Plan 2000 you will not be liking that which will become upon your place of habitation. There is full intent to depopulate the planet by those One World Kings. You then, in turn, petition God to be merciful. You look to the wrong direction. It is not of "God's" doing and I promise you that the one unto whom you turn IS NOT MERCIFUL!

I continually must remind you that God of Light is infinite in Love, in Law and in allowance: The ultimate decisions and choosing will be from SELF--GOD WAITS! BUT NOT TOO MUCH LONGER WILL HE WAIT FOR YOU WHO MAKE NO CHOICES IN HIS BEHALF--IF YOU MAKE "NO" CHOICE--YOU HAVE MADE YOUR CHOICE! AND SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS IN THIS GENERATION UPON THIS PLACE OF EXPERIENCE.

Dr. Coleman has graciously granted offering of a Special Report he revised in 1990. (Just to show you that these things are not conjured to fit in with a particular discussion). He has written more, long prior to 1990 but this is the most suitable to insert at this time of evolution in the Israeli cause.

If you don't already get John's newsletters, etc. I can only suggest you carefully consider doing so with claiming of prior writings as well. At my request he is efforting to push through his books which will integrate the evil octopus into and under its head of operations. To do this, it is difficult to stay right on top of all correspondence and regular documentations. I thank him for sharing. Will the Publisher please give instructions as to how to contact or subscribe to his work? His location is fully covered for reasons of protection but Mr. Green will be able to direct you for general ordering information. America West Publishers, P.O. Box 986, Tehachapi, California 93581, Tel. 1800-729-4131.

As is my system of comment, as we write and I need comment, I shall utilize brackets, i.e. [H:].


Dr. J. Coleman

(revised 1990)

Jerusalem is a holy city for millions of Christians and Moslems, as well as for Jews. At the center of Jerusalem stands the second most holy site of Islam, the Dome of the Rock Mosque. The first is the holy city of Mecca, where the prophet Mohammed is buried, a city to which millions of Moslems make a pilgrimage during Hai. [H: Yes, I am aware that I have covered all this information very carefully in the JOURNALS; however, we have thousands of new readers who will not have any exposure to this information without hours of researching into the books. If you can't recite names, places, dates, actions and intentions--please be kind for it is important for YOU to refresh yourself. These are the incidents and locations which will focus your very existence and infinite journey.]

For the past two years in Arab lands occupied by the Israelis, there has been a concerted drive to take away the land from its rightful owners without compensation, and the occupation of the West Bank is being solidified by "creeping" methods, as more and more militant Jewish settlers take Arab property by force and without compensation for its rightful owners. The de-facto leader of the movement to annex the West Bank rapidly and run the Arabs off is Ariel Sharon, a powerful figure with reputed links to the German Mafia, and until recently, he was the Israeli Defense Minister.

Sharon destabilized the Middle East with his invasion of Lebanon, after he secretly received the go ahead "green light" from Alexander Haig, behind the back of President Reagan. Haig was Secretary of State at the time, a former NATO official and a serving member of the New York Council on Foreign Relations. Haig is also a low-echelon messenger for the Club of Rome headed by Aurelio Peccei. When copies of the illicit telex traffic between Haig and Sharon were given to President Reagan, he allowed Haig to resign instead of publicly firing him. At that meeting the President also got information implicating Haig in activities on behalf of the British, which showed that Haig favored the planned attack on the Falklands, about which the President had been kept in the dark. (For details please see the PHOENIX JOURNAL, SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET).

President Reagan, like all of his predecessors, was a prisoner of the Zionist lobby in Washington. He did not dare to do anything which might be construed as "anti-Zionist" so he did not fire Haig, who at the very least should have been placed on trial for treason. The President could not very well punish Haig while allowing Sharon to cut a swath of death and destruction through Lebanon so he demonstrated his importance by failing to do the one thing which would have sent the Israeli army back to Israel; he refused to cut off military aid and money to Israel. Instead the President of the world's most powerful country was reduced to pleading with Begin to save his face and call his army back to Israel. Begin flatly refused. Then President Reagan wasted the time and money of the people of this country with useless diplomatic missions to Israel, missions which succeeded only in making him look more and more impotent and weak. Because of his failure to act decisively against Sharon, Reagan was perceived by the Arabs as a leader who was unable to lead. Behind the scenes, just as it is with everything involving U.S. foreign policy, was the Black Nobility and the British aristocracy.

I have explained many times before that the British have controlled the course of events in the Middle East for centuries, acting through a number of Arab specialists like Sir John Glubb Pasha, T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), Lord Cuzon, Lord Cromer, Wilfred Blount, Arnold Toynbee, and perhaps the greatest Arabist of all time, St. John Philby. It is the British who began the agitation inside Israel between the Sephardics and the Ashkenazim, which is manifesting itself by acts of open hostility between the two strains of so-called Jews. The Sephardics have always been second class citizens in Israel and they are being taught how to develop a strong dislike for what they call the "European" Jews, meaning those Jews of Ashkenazim descent, who of course are not of Europe but are eastern, being of Indo-Turk origin. [H: Khazarian. Please also understand, readers, that Dharma, my scribe, has had to work in blindness as to acceptance in writing some 50 books and it is through these very writings (from Earth-place by research and historians) that she may have some confirmation for the days and long work hours and without reward. It is hard to name names, places and events and have no notion of any background or input except an envisioned resource from a Spacecraft. Keep in mind that it had to be given in this manner for verification of our own work--for 49-50 full books on a myriad of subjects in 30 months required no allowed time for "checking" or investigation. That is not only for HER confirmation—but for your own as well, as readers.]

Rioting erupted in Jerusalem on December 27th, 1988, between the two groups. The Sephardics painted slogans on the walls which read "Send the Ashkenazim to Treblinka and Auschwitz," and "The Sephardic revolution has begun." Swastikas were also painted on many buildings owned by Ashkenazim Jews. The Sephardics support Sharon; whom they view as the ―new king of Israel. Most of the Cabinet members of the Israeli government are afraid of Sharon so nothing has been done to discourage such sentiments, and the Sephardics hailed Sharon as a hero, following his excursion into Lebanon. But no Ashkenazim leader will ever upgrade the "colored" Sephardics above their present level; in this way he does pay attention, he makes periodic tribal calls and appeals for unity to them.

High on the list of priorities of the Sephardics is the open and forced annexation of the West Bank. Sharon has endeared himself to their cause, and has suggested as a way to get rid of the Arabs, that the testicles of every male Arab on the West Bank be torn off. The fact that the West Bank is being slowly but surely annexed is not enough for the Sephardics, they want it done immediately and with force used to drive off the Arabs. [H: It gets very hard to discern as to who is behind what for you will find one group being prodded by the Elite and they fall into ranks and step with that which they do not even understand. You have "religious" fervor unlimited pushed by the pressure of the Elite evil controllers. In this way you end up with a people totally without "reason" or "compassion"--it becomes blind passion with any means being justified in the name of "religion" even if it be genocide against others of God's creations.]

The Sephardic claim to the West Bank Arab land is being supported by over 40 million Christian Fundamentalist cultists led by Jerry Falwell; Billy Graham and a number of other preachers. Israel has been able to keep a chokehold on the USA with the help of this group, who support the holocaust story and the belief that the Jews are the people of the Old Testament, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Moses. Perpetuation of this misleading doctrine by Falwell and other "fundamentalists" is what keeps them on the TV screens of America and ensures the Israeli government of a large pressure group which will always support it, no matter how it acts, as we saw in the case of Lebanon. It is a pressure group which can be counted upon to tell any U.S. President not to stray too far off the pathway of support for Israel. Unfortunately for the Arabs, they have no such force in the U.S. which is available to them. [H: Do not "poo-poo" this information. I wrote in great detail about this movement and WHY Jerry Falwell headed the "Moral Majority" in Washington at the White House. You note he is no longer there since Bush (but that is another story and not necessary herein). Just note that Falwell made an announcement on TV to the entire world---"I am proud to say that I AM A ZIONIST!" Keep in mind--Zionism is actually a POLITICAL PARTY--not a religious order.]

The most effective ambassador which Begin has in America, is Jerry Falwell, backed up by Copeland, Van Impe, Bakker, Robertson and the powerful Billy Graham. These are the "mullahs" of America with a following of 40 million fundamentalist cultists. They are being trained to lead America into a holy war, in an alliance between Zionist extremists and Christian extremist-cultists against Muslim fundamentalist cultists. The spark to ignite the conflagration is the conspiracy of the Dome of the Rock Mosque, hatched by the Temple Mount Foundation run by Terry Reisenhuver. Even the Kimche brothers of Israeli intelligence do not pose as much a threat to the Arab nations as does Reisenhuver's crazy scheme. [H: Please do not embarrass yourselves by claiming, "This is Christianity". There are NO actions involved herein that even remotely smack or smell of Christ-like behavior or a reflection of any one, much less all, of the commandments of God. Remember also, God supposedly gave THOSE VERY COMMANDMENTS UNTO MOSES! How is it that they no longer seem to have any merit or value to either the Hebrew Jewry or to the so-called Christians?? YOU HAVE BEEN HAD, WORLD!]

The money which leaves this country (USA--not to even mention others) each year for Israel should be a cause for concern to everyone in America and the Arab world, and those abroad who have a genuine interest in peace and stability for the Middle East. Huge Sums of money flow into the coffers of Zionism from America each year. Take a note of the following figures and it will become apparent that there is no government in the world which would PERMIT such financial depredations to go on, other than the U.S. government.

According to a report by Don P. Levin in the British mouthpiece on Wall Street, the Wall Street Journal: "Jewish charities raise huge amounts of money in the U.S". Levin tells the story of one university professor who is accustomed to giving $10,000 to Israel every year. Levin says "fund-raisers for Israel have become a way of life". He goes on to say that the "United Jewish Appeal umbrella organization for a number of Jewish charitable projects domestically and abroad reported that last year (1982) the UJA received pledges for $567 million which is up from $542 million in 1981". [H: The sum, in face of the current events and Desert Storm War, is astronomical.] The UJA's annual budget is about one-third of the nationwide United Way's, even though the Jewish population in this country (the USA) amounts to less than 3 percent of the total population and is not very popular in general. The UJA raises more money each year than the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the Muscular Dystrophy March of Dimes and the National Easter Seal Society COMBINED. Can you imagine that? Over $1 billion dollars collected for Zionism in two years? [H: Can you still assume that there can be no link in the "new modern born-again Christians" with new non-rules of behavior, voted-in morality and "raptures" for nothing more than simply believing that a man existed 2000 years ago and the world will have its glory when the Temple is built?? You who have fallen into this "fundamentalist" trap in your searching for truth had best do some "thinking" and "reasoning" about the Laws of the Commandments and the final day of confrontation you call "judgment". You want to tout the truth of your Bible AS WRITTEN while right under your noses in full-view and touted daily on TV--IT IS BEING REWRITTEN TO SUIT YOUR SATANIC ADVER- SARY--RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES WITH YOUR FULL CONSENT AND ASSISTANCE.]

Now you must add to this staggering sum the mind-boggling sum of money given by you-the-taxpayer to Israel through our supine and spineless U.S. government every year. The amount for the current fiscal year was recently set at $3 billion by the Congress a few weeks ago! Add to this the efforts of Israeli Bond Agents, which this year sold some $80 million worth of bonds, and you get an idea of the magnitude of the problem of money flowing into Zionist coffers! [H: This is far worse a disaster and rip-off than any junk-bond operation and you don't even seem to take notice!] Then you can add the estimated $70 million dollars which Falwell separated from the pockets of his gullible sheep-like flocks last year (1989), and which also went to Israel; I wonder just how much the Reverend Falwell has sent to Lebanese Christians to relieve the misery and suffering inflicted upon them by the rampaging out-of-control Israeli military machine under the direction of the "Butcher of Lebanon", Sharon? Yet we, the majority of main-stream Christians, are actually to blame for this state of affairs, because we allow it to continue, year after year, without a whimper or a smidgen of protest! [H: I am embarrassed to simply quote OLD figures and sums for each year the demands and outlays become absurd and overwhelming in magnitude--but are paid with very little hesitancy. How blind can a population be? Well, in this town of "Little America" letters and phone calls to this publisher for publishing this material brings threat of death and "...the Christian community will be calling and drive you out of town--YOU WILL NOT LAST IN THIS TOWN, you anti-Semitic traitors". Why the attack? Because we said ones should look carefully at the Gulf War and we outlaid the plans. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (Jewish ADL) went into full swing to block any information onto the media airwaves. The ADL, remember, is an organization set up to make lists of problem people, etc., for the British-- structured right out of the Committee of 300 through the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). Does that sound holy to you???]

Mr. Levin continues with his explanation of why the Zionists are so successful in feeding the insatiable appetite of the cuckoo fledgling deposited in our nest. "Underlying altruism rooted in religion, (which does not extend to any other religion) to community leaders and fund raiser professionals are deep-seated emotions--pride in Israel". It is a pity that such deep-seated altruistic emotion does not extend to the victims of the U.S. supplied and equipped Israeli Air Force, which bombarded Beirut, Tyre and Sidon without mercy, in a manner not seen since the Tavistock war criminal Winston Churchill ordered the destruction of Dresden. [H: Remember, this was written prior to the Gulf War.] The senseless savage barbaric exercise of air power took the lives of thousands of Lebanese and wrecked property, including hospitals and schools, with damage running into the billions of dollars. Where is the Reverend Falwell when it comes to that side of the coin? Is he preaching out in condemnation of the Zionists? No! He is actually exhorting his "fundamental" cultist sheep to support the barbaric actions of the Zionists!

When Americans and even Jewish people began to protest, Mr. Begin did not turn to the Kimche brothers or to Moshe Arens; no, he phoned the Reverend Jerry Falwell and got him to tell the White House to back off! Falwell did more than that, he actually approved of the Zionist's activities in Lebanon, and told his shorn flock to do the same thing! According to the reliable magazine Action, 19,085 civilians lost their lives in Lebanon, yet Falwell and the 80,000 "fundamental" cultists' preachers raised no word of protest. This is all in accordance with the word of God, according to them!

The figure I have given does not include the Palestinian refugees slaughtered in the Shatila refugee camp outside Beirut. No doubt the Reverend Falwell places such barbarity in the realm of God's will. I would like to ask Falwell how much money he has collected for the Christian Palestinians who lost father's and providers in the horror of Shatila. Perhaps he doesn't consider them as Christians, since they don't belong to his "fundamentalist" cult. [H: They only follow that one called Jesus Christ and HIS messengers.] On November 11th, 1982, more than 400 Christian fundamental cult preachers gathered at the Silver Springs, Maryland Synagogue. The Jewish Week reporting from Washington said that "Enthusiastic applause greeted Dr. John Walvoord and Pastor Randy Sager's call to 'support Israel'. Sager emphasized Israel's right to the land of Palestine". The Jewish Week reported that part of the two-day event was a "joint-worship of Jews and Christians at the Washington Heights Hebrew Congregation". If you did not realize that the Christian "fundamentalist" churches have become thoroughly Judaized, this report should convince you. [H: THINK back--the Jews denied the Christ as you call Him. They are still awaiting their "messiah" (Christ). Therefore, they proclaimed themselves "anti-Christ". Do any of you remember what that term means? You cannot be Jewish anti-Christ and Christian (pro-Christ) for the terms are mutually exclusive and total "opposites" in meaning. The term Judeo-Christian was formulated to lead you down the primrose path to a very evil lost cause. At the end of that very expensive path comes a mysterious and mystical "rapture", to some fluffy clouds and some kind of salvation of your physical being along with, I suppose, a part of your soul. There is no explanation offered and you seem to demand none! If it feels good and sounds good--you do it and take it! I can promise you that on the basis of the effort to silence our work--WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! The adversary is getting very, VERY uncomfortable as truth pours forth. In fact the groups are working faster and more in a frenzy to sucker you in BEFORE YOU REALIZE TRUTH. YOU are the target of the trap, brethren.]

The theme of the "worship" was that evangelicals (the fundamentalist cult) have been finding a lot of common ground with the Jews. The Christians invited Prime Minister Begin to address an "evangelical" meeting of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, an appointment Begin wasn't able to keep owing to the death of his wife. The Silver Springs gathering drew participants from Texas and California. Another speaker was Azariah Rapaport, billed as an "advisor" to the Israeli Embassy in Washington. He urged the fundamental cultists to "go back and counter the lies being spread about Israel (he was talking about the atrocities in Lebanon) while also spreading the word of the Lord from Zion". The conference issued a declaration stating: "Fundamental evangelicals are committed to the security of Israel, oppose anti-Zionism and anti- Semitism, and see the establishment of Israel as an undeniable fulfillment of Biblical prophecy".

An astonishing declaration was made by the Reverend Adrian Rogers, past president of the 14 million Southern Baptist Conference, "I love the nation of Israel", he declared. This confession of love for Israel was made at a meeting of 12 "evangelical" cultists and 12 rabbis held at the embassy of Israel in Washington D.C. It was billed as a "dialogue, the first meeting of its kind" by the Rabbinical Council of America. But it was not to discuss the new found "common ground". It discussed how best to put pressure on the White House not to stray too far from support for Israel because of criticism over its policies and its military in Lebanon. For the Christian fundamentalist cult, Edward McAteer of the Religious Round Table (a Heritage Foundation funded front for the Club of Rome and a Fabian strong-hold), John Cummuta of the National Religious Broadcasters, and the Rev. Adrian Rogers of Memphis bent over backward to express loyalty to the Zionist cause. Rogers said "Some of the misconceptions we have inflicted toward the Jews and the Jews toward Christians will now be erased". I am left to wonder whether Rogers has ever read the Jewish bible, and if so, how can this square with what it teaches about Christ? [H: The entire Jewish Bible, Zionist Protocols and Manifesto are blatant instructions for KILLING OFF AND GETTING RID OF THE CHRISTIANS! Please, go read it.]


Dharma, allow us a rest break, please, after I give you readers a little homework assignment--to see if you actually have any interest in garnering truth for selves.

I suggest that all (each) of you simply pick out several of these so-called leaders who preach Christ and God' s instructions and ask them a couple of questions.

1.What they think of the information sweeping the world called the Phoenix material.

2. Demand that they tell you whether or not they have read ANY, ALL OR NONE of the material itself. The ones who report to me after writing and sending accompanying material is "This is of evil and you had better turn back to Christ Jesus." This is most difficult since I travel and serve WITH THIS CHRIST BEING.

3. (For you) LISTEN CAREFULLY to that which they outlay from the podiums and airwaves and balance it against the LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION. Listen with an open mind and then read all that you can get your hands on of their work and reasoning on subjects such as Israel and Zionism and see if it actually fits with that which even you have been given in past lessons as to the actions of "Christ".

Evil ones will always direct you to pull away from things and cast aside such information without reading or question of "their" authority as a "speaker" of the WORD. Well, just "wherefrom" do they claim to get this "word"? I can promise you it is NOT FROM GOD NOR CHRIST BUT I BELIEVE YOUR BEST LESSON IS TO GET IT IN DIRECTNESS FOR SELVES.

Hatonn to stand aside. Thank you.



TUE., JANUARY 21, 1992 3:21 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 158



Hatonn present with a bit of thought provoking inquiry for you.

We have a nice new attack going on in most disagreeable form--from Canada. Do not misunderstand me--I think the advertising is extremely helpful and attention getting. George and Desirée (America West Publishers) are on their way to Canada to have some interviews and have a seminar or two. I am embarrassed for Mankind and the foolishness projected in ignorance.

The ADL and other Jewish League "clubs" have the press, stations and hotel in a state of terror over the visit. The newspaper headline reads like something out of the KKK-- referring to ET's and Anti-Semites, etc.


In speaking with reporters and ones from the hotel, etc., it became very clearly recognized (by them) that no one even knew what they were talking about. Further, we are not interested in taking on any political party and that is what the World Zionist Organization is: a political party.

If everyone wants to be completely "Hung-up" on such things as space-cadets and political party arguments--then I suggest ones don't truly desire ANSWERS to current, past or future inquiries. I can't communicate at all if you refuse to look at problems and are already predisposed to not believe anything anyway. I do suggest, however, and especially in Canada that you THINK MOST CAREFULLY--YOU HAVE ALREADY ALLOWED LAWS TO BE PASSED TO MAKE IT ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO SO MUCH AS QUESTION ANY PRESENTATION REGARDING THE HOLOCAUST OTHER THAN THAT WHICH ISRAEL PRESENTS TO YOU. THIS, OF COURSE, IS FROM AND THROUGH GREAT BRITAIN WHO PASSED THE LAW IN ENGLAND FIRST. WHY? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? AREN'T YOU CURIOUS TO NOTE THAT THERE ARE MORE "JEWS" RECEIVING RESTITUTION THAN WERE EVER IN GERMANY? THIS IS BY "THEIR" COUNT--NOT MINE, BUT IF 6 MILLION (NOW THIS YEAR: 6.5 MILLION) WERE KILLED IN CAMPS--HOW CAN IT BE? THE NUMBER IN POINT IS MORE THAN WERE IN ALL OF EUROPE AT THE TIME OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR--BY THE COUNT OF THE JEWISH COMMITTEE. I have no notion about the facts other than it seems to me mankind would like to have those numbers justified and as long as you in the Americas are providing full funding for these people in Israel that you should have a bit more clarification. I would expect it myself--but it is your business what of your questioning rights you are willing to toss out the window. I can only say that for Greens or myself to be anti-Semitic is like saying the Canadian white Englishman is Anti-White!!! It has absolutely no meaning-- NONE! It cannot be relevant because we both have lineage from both the Shem Semites and Judaeans. It appears that the ones beginning these wars of hate-mongering have not bothered to find out the historical truth involved here and, therefore, it has to be assumed--the INTENT IS TO CAUSE CONFUSION AND DISCORD--NOT GLEAN INFORMATION ABOUT POSSIBILITIES OF YOUR SPACE BROTHERHOOD CONNECTIONS.

No one is going to find "magic" attached to Space Command--we are more REAL than are you and our communications systems far more advanced--not strange nor mysterious.

I can only remind you that in MY command we come as Hosts within the Brotherhood of Lighted God to get HIS people into safety when it becomes necessary and the information we bring is for your input to do with what you will. You are people of a massive lie and it would seem logical and reasonable to me to find out about it. I would start with WHY WOULD ANYONE BOTHER TO STOP YOUR PRESENTATION IF THEY WERE NOT IN KNOWING OF THE TRUTH YOU BRING????

Jews and ADL members are most welcome to come and make full presentations to our people any time they wish to do so. I am, further, as Commander of this fleet, ready, willing and able to meet with them publicly but I am at this time restricting my presence to and through translators. I have been shot at too many times to make stupid errors and/or put any of my Earth crew members at risk.

It is most important to note, however, that it is not the alien connection which causes ones to want to stop America West from speaking--IT IS FOR EARTH-BOUND REASONS. There are many publications at the level of OTHER LOSSES by Bacque, for instance, which had to be published in Canada to get published at all. It is the information brought forth from the dark hidden secret places (such as the cover-up of the murder of President Kennedy, etc.). The information is already available to the public now and it would seem most wondrous to be among the KNOWING citizens.

To you who discount what I say about our purpose and our presence as being "evil" because we come from "space" and you are so-called "good Christians" and deny our presence--WHO IS THIS CHRIST?? IS HE AN EARTHLING HUMAN OR AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL?? HOW IS HE RETURNING?? OH? And can he just take all 6 billion of you on his feathered wings? Do you have feathered wings? How are YOU going to fly? To where will you ascend? To where will you fly? To the clouds? Is that what you believe? What are you going to do then? Now I hear--"God went to prepare a place for me! And, He will take me where I need to go!" Oh? And what about Us? We are sent to get you home to those "places" safely without losing you through the vaporous clouds! Where do these preachers and "authorities" say you are going? I think I would find out a little more, if I were you. There would seem to be a great deal missing from the presented story and yet we bring reason and logical answers as to how we plan to help you and we are called Satanic! You can have it either way you personally want it--BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. If you, however, are going to work with physical bodies and beings--wouldn't it seem worth-while to have some help in that same format?

There are some real big problems facing the humans of Earth and it would seem only logical that if the Elite "enemy" is going to depopulate the planet and has started to do so--that you need to find out how to get some help and stop playing in fantasy-land.

Now all of you readers can deny, stomp the paper, throw it out, scream and rant--even shoot the publisher--but I suggest it will be you who is the fool for denial will not change one iota of the truth of it. My job is to bring Truth unto you who desire it and that is exactly that which I shall do to the best of my capability--which, by the way, is quite sufficient. 'Tis not Me who will be the "fool", my foolish and uninformed critics.

I "offer", I do not "force" and I don't "have-ta" do anything to you or for you. I need prove NOTHING; I need do no miracles to suit YOU--you are the ones at disadvantage in every aspect of my perception--denouncing me or my friends will not change any of it--NOR GET YOU CLOSER TO SAFETY OR FREEDOM. FURTHER, IF YOU HAVEN'T READ ALL THE MATERIAL OFFERED--HOW CAN YOU JUDGE IT? HOW CAN YOU EVEN HAVE AN OPINION AT ALL IF YOU HAVE NOT PERSONALLY STUDIED IT ALL? Does this seem logical to you, this judging and denouncing without any knowledge at all? Is that not how you have gotten into this mess on your globe in the first place? Is your life exactly like you want it?

Do you not see economic problems? How did they get so bad? Did Space Command do it to you? How about the so-called Anti-Semites? How about the Establishment Government? How about the international big business and banking interests? Seems to me that just this day there was a major announcement about Dow Chemical closing plants--in Canada as well as in the U.S.A.--did Space Command do that to you? Did George Green? Did the Anti-Semites? How about the Khazarian Elite from right out of your new Ally--the Soviet Union? I ask you again--are the anti-Semites, as you call them, and Space Command your friends or your enemies? Who told you so? Might it not be wiser to look at who is throwing the rocks?? Who continues to cover the Kennedy murder? Ah yes, the same ones involved in the cover-up and conspiracy to assassinate in the first place. Evil always calls his opponent that which HE IS!

There is great contradiction which might well be put to clearing. There are by far more funds going out to produce this information for you the people than is brought back within. But, there is something you ones should know about God and His Hosts. Our mission is to offer information according to HIS promise--not stuff it down your unwilling throats--in other words, "Here it is, do with it what you will"! George presents it to you and that is all that is asked of him by God and/or the Hosts and Command. The fact that he is willing to risk his very life and Desirée hers, speaks the truth--they are dedicated and committed to their mission and love you greatly-- BECAUSE THEY DON'T OWE YOU. THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING AND/OR SPEND ANOTHER FIVE MINUTES BEING INSULTED AND BATTERED BY THE MYRIADS WHO HAVEN'T ANY IDEA THERE ARE OVER 55 BOOKS (WHICH HE PRESENTS,--49 OF THEM FROM HIGHER COMMAND) YOU NEED TO READ--MUCH LESS HAVE READ THEM.

If a man says, "I don't want to pay for Canada's government or military," and he comes from Texas, U.S.A., is he necessarily anti-Canadian? Perhaps, like many Canadians, he has no job and can't feed his own family! Then what is this incredible blaming and accusing when the same man says he is tired of paying Israel and setting Israel up as one of the major nuclear nations--who threatens the entire world's peace? How have these foolish accusations flourished? Do the Canadians want to foot the bill for the entire U.S. Government, school system, damages for losses during the Gulf War-- and go fight the next one? Well, that is what the U.S. has to do and, if it might seem anti-Semitic to object, then I wonder JUST WHO is complaining??

Perhaps you are Catholic or Baptist--how about Methodist or Mormon--do you get the same as Israel? The "Jews" say Israel is a Jewish State and Jew means religion. This is what "they" say, not me. Every cent donated to the cause of Israel is tax exempt as a "religious" organization and yet I don't hear about a State of Baptist or United States of Methodist. Would the Israelites pay the Baptists? Do they make huge donations to the Catholics and Methodists? Then why are ones who object to paying a foreign state more than claimed by selves--made out to be horrible anti-Semites? What exactly does the term mean? It is time you ones stop your frothing and rock-throwing and use some reason with these questions. Further, is it not time that you-the-people started finding out WHO--EXACTLY "WHO"--is behind the demonstrations and street problems--who sets these things into motion to CAUSE all the chaos? It would be wise to find out and, worse, you are going to find it to be the SAME GROUPS over and over and over again. This is why--ONLY KNOWLEDGE IN TRUTH CAN BRING YOU FREEDOM! YOU MUST KNOW YOUR ENEMY!

Dharma, enough of this for we must get on with our work. Please, readers, be reminded that I am giving you information from Dr. Coleman's CONSPIRACY TO CREATE A HOLY WAR. I will not repeat so I have to ask you readers to get the prior material. We are going to pick up exactly where we left off yesterday--on page four of his bulletin.

I further remind you that this is several years past in the original writing and was partially updated in pertinent portions in 1990. Therefore, if it appears to have errors, realize that fact in consideration. We haven't time to update to current, all numbers, etc., for it is the overall plan and concept which is important. Thank you. I promise you that it will be name, dates, places and numbers updated in his forthcoming book, CONSPIRATORS' HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300. I can only suggest you contact America West right away because, when that comes into print, it will be extremely hard to find a copy. He has been kind enough to share with us some timely commentary and it gives you ones confirmation of that which I bring which seems so difficult to accept from unseen resources--but then, how many of you have ever SEEN John Coleman? I thought not!

I also have inquiry regarding the medical/surgical facilities and other military and M.A.S.H. types facilities which are being placed at various places around the globe, several of which are in the Aleutian Islands. Well, chelas, I don't know how to tell you other than that which I have already given you. Plan 2000 is under way in full blossom. You are GOING to have war and you are going to have very large internment camps where you-the-people will be placed. I witnessed you ones watching "60 Minutes" on this past Sunday and didn't know whether to laugh or cry at your shock at equipment, food, shoes, medical supplies, etc., being stockpiled (I believe in Pennsylvania). This shown and used as example was literally covering miles of huge warehouses and hundreds of thousands of tires and such things--including baby diapers. Some of the over-supply was from 1952. The military refuses to cut back--new "stuff" went to the war and, yet, the question was asked over and over again-- what for? What do you need all those unneeded supplies for? Dear ones--they need it for the internment camps in which you-the-people are going to be placed! I do not know how to cause you to comprehend the truth I bring and yet you are destined for a very unholy year this year. Eight years to pull-down world nations and gain total working control is not very long--indeed, you are in serious trouble NOW. There is going to be a war in the Middle East and it WILL BE NUCLEAR! NOW, YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU WILL, BUT YOU ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE AS A PLANET.

Israel is already planning, openly, a war. She pushes and plunders and bombs and "takes" in occupation that which is world recognized as not hers to take but denouncing does not stop the pain and misery. Iran is ready and ably matched militarily to Israel and it is awaiting the ignition process. The U.S. is by treaty agreement obligated to fight the war FOR Israel and that is simply the way IT IS. To you who denounce us--GO LOOK AT THE FACTS FOR THEY ARE NOT EVEN HIDDEN--THEY ARE OPEN AGREEMENTS IN YOUR CONGRESSIONAL RECORDS AND SOME ARE PUT RIGHT INTO YOUR CONTROLLED PRESS.

In protection of a correspondent I shall only refer to a story regarding "beer" being sent to Russia. Since the person resides in the North East fairly close to New York, I must take a bit of care in relaying the story--but you will enjoy it and I will comment on the "purpose" in point at another time. You readers might well take note for what seems quite frivolous is in fact, very deadly serious.

"….. on a transportation contract to move a certain American Beer product to a shipyard in New York for shipment to Russia. The shipments are so large that it is estimated that it will take at least a year before the entire quantity of beer can be moved: truckload upon truckload moving every day for a year to load onto ship after ship. If the people are starving, what is this urgent need for excessive amounts of beer"? Well, at this point a bit of humor is not what you requested but just accept that it is in part--grain payments. I jest not! A large portion of the so-called "grain" agreement is being handled in this manner so that no-one will realize it is beer. It is simply processed through the brewery and disguised. The Soviet Union promised to take America without firing a shot and they could and would if Israel would leave the Middle East alone. It is also planned to set up a massive introductory push for the product. I would not like to drink very much of that brew, myself. The recipe is quite interesting indeed. I have to leave this subject now for we are so late to begin our writing this evening.



Speaking in Congress, Senator Rudy Boschwitz said that defending Israel was a real bargain in terms of the money it costs! We always thought a bargain was supposed to have something in it for both parties. What is at the heart of this sudden "coming together", this "finding common ground" between the Zionists and Christian fundamental cultists? First, let me remind you that some time back I did a special report which discussed the agenda for the Inter-Religious Peace Colloquium at Bellagio, Italy in 1975, under the auspices of Philip Klutznick, Sol Linowitz and Cyrus Vance. For those of you who have not seen that report, the conference was ordered to devise ways and means of using fundamentalists of all religions to destabilize targeted countries, more especially, the Middle East countries.

Iran was the outcome of the Bellagio conference, and what we are witnessing today between Zionist fanatics and the Christian "fundamentalist cultists" is also an out-growth of policies laid down at Bellagio. What the new-found alliance will do, or what it is expected to do, is support the crazy Temple Mount take-over by Zionist extremists. Under the direction of millionaire Terry Reisenhuver of California, every effort is being made to extract $100 million from Christians to finance the building of "Solomon's Temple" on the present site of Islam's second holiest place, the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem. Allied with Reisenhuver are the Christian fundamentalist cultists. [H: I suggest you not get up in arms as with anti-Semitic when the term cultist is used. It is a very good English word meaning "group" or "church" of a specific indoctrination.] Tied in with this is the British plan to destabilize the Saudi Royal family through another "oil price shock". The price of oil, once it falls to the British-Iran price level of $20 per barrel will be a disaster, not only for the Saudis, but for U.S. economic and political influence on Saudi Arabia. Even if the price of oil goes to $25 per barrel, the Saudi deficit would immediately hit $22 billion. Libyan oil is already being dumped, recycled through refineries in Jamaica, and sold in the U.S. as "spot market" oil. [H: Please bear with us as we move along here. There was a "Gulf War" called Desert Storm just last year and since this document was written. Surprisingly enough, as with all political wars, the facts of the elements involved, as with oil pricing, does not change. You are watching the bank foreclosure of a world and perturbations only occur as politically designed-- as with the phony coup in the Soviet Union. The design and blueprint does not change in the least bit. The real subject in point is the massive assistance to the Israeli cause from the U.S. fundamentalist "Christians".]

Rank and file "fundamentalist" Christians and Moslems alike do not realize that they are the dupes of international forces which care little about their beliefs. They do not realize that they are being set up to bring about a Khomeini-style revolution in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria, and that the catalyst to precipitate these revolutions (which could very well lead to the third world war) is the Dome of the Rock Conspiracy hatched by the Temple Mount Foundation.

In Israel, Interior Minister Josef Burg is strongly opposed to what the Israeli press calls the "Temple Mount crazies". Burg is opposed to messiahism becoming a part of the official policy of the Israeli government, for which he is much hated by the Jewish "fundamentalist" group inside Israel. Burg's son was the intended target of a grenade attack on a crowd of "Peace Now" demonstrators who were demanding the resignation of Sharon following the Shatila massacre. Burg's son was wounded and a man was killed in the attack, said to be the work of Kahane's Kach party of the JDL. Its leader, Rabbi Kahane, fled to New York following the issue of an arrest warrant for his part in the grenade attack. He was not detained by U.S. Immigration officials on arrival in New York, and is walking around New York without any attempt so far having been made by New York D.A. Morgenthau to arrest him on the Israeli warrant. (Editor's Note: Kahane was assassinated in New York City).

In Israel, as I mentioned, several newspapers have picked up on the Dome of the Rock story, which I first disclosed in November 1982. As far as I am aware, no national paper has yet printed the full story. Nehemiah reincarnated is what Reisenhuver says he discovered he is some twelve years ago. Since then he says he has devoted his life to the cause of rebuilding Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem. He says this is strictly in accordance with the Christian Bible. The Christian "fundamentalists" are showing the same kind of blinkered reaction as the Moslem fundamentalists in Iran. I have long warned that Christians would be used as a destabilizing force, for which I was severely critized by some of the fundamentalists. The Israeli press reported on the Greater Israel Jewish Fundamentalists, and its connection with Sharon. It has confirmed what I said last November (1988), that the plan is to annex the land upon which the Dome of the Rock Mosque stands. Unfavorable press coverage was given by the newspapers Kol hair Maa'riv, and Davar Yediot, while in the U.S. the Yiddish language Algemeiner Journal, also picked up the story. Although none of them said anything about the complicity of Haig and Kissinger in it, (in fact the Jerusalem Post denied it) there is a strong suspicion that they are. Reisenhuver had close ties to the Begin government, through Haim Druckman and the nuclear physicist, Yuval Neeman.

The "fundamentalist" movement was exported to America from England, following the Bellagio conference. Queen Elizabeth was involved in this plot against Christianity. The whole project is being run by British intelligence, just as it ran Iran's mullahs. Tavistock Institute is closely involved through Stanford, which has persuaded Christian fundamentalists to fall for its "zero growth" ideas for U.S. industry. The U.S. steel, auto and housing industries have been shut down by the same people who planned the destruction of Iran's industries and nuclear power station using Moslem fundamentalists, which they are now doing to America's industrial base using Christians. Iran's fanatical Moslems did close down the Iranian industrial plants and development projects, and Aspen hopes to achieve the same results here in the USA. [H: If you think this is outrageous and that NO FOREIGN nation could do such a trick or a thing--look out! You are "shocked" that a Japanese industrialist and government person would make snide and insulting remarks about American business and workers--WHY? WHY ARE YOU EITHER SHOCKED OR EVEN SURPRISED? YOU HAVEN'T THE PRODUCT AND YOUR OWN PEOPLE DON'T BUY YOUR CARS BECAUSE OF PRICE, ETC. IF YOU CAN'T SELL THEM AT HOME--WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU EXPECT ANOTHER COUNTRY TO BUY THEM? Let us say that the Japanese build Honda, like Honda and want to sell Hondas to you. Keep in mind that the Honda is more expensive than, say, Ford Mustangs. Now you like Ford Mustangs, you build Ford Mustangs but the government and Japan says you now have to buy Hondas. What would a good American like you say in this case? Further, let us say that America exported and Japan imported so many of your American cars that Hondas stopped selling--in Japan. Would you stop shipping Fords to Japan? I thought not. You cannot enforce morality nor fair market business in a truly demand-basis capitalistic society. Besides, chelas, the cars in point are the ones you might be able to afford in the depression--but you won't have jobs and neither will you have access to the less expensive autos. It is truly a very hard challenge. Indeed, indeed--the Japanese were truly laughing at your visitors to Japan. Worse, a major, major incident was planned--like assassination of your American President and that really angers the Japanese. It was a most foolish trek in the first place.]

As a result of ideas formulated by Aspen and executed by Moslem fundamentalists, Iran is in the Dark Ages. Fundamentalist cult preachers are telling their flocks that the apocalypse is at hand; Gog and Magog will soon launch their assault in Israel and, at that point, all of the Jews will be converted to Christianity. And do you know that millions of fundamentalist cult Christians actually believe it? Doesn't that place them on the same level as the peasants of Iran who were misled by the mullahs?

There are some who doubt that Begin would have had anything to do with Christian fundamentalism [H: As with Shamir and Sharon--but he knew exactly where to go to get what he needed--support, support and money!] Begin has had a long time PERSONAL friendship and working relationship with Falwell. Isn't that long-time friendship with Jerry Falwell sufficient proof? [H: Remember, also, that Mrs. Begin had huge holdings in property and bank accounts in the U.S.A.--at the time of Begin's power in Israel. You didn't seem to like Imelda Marcos having holdings in the U.S. Is there not something unfair about this? In fact--YOU send all the money to Israel--Marcos at least did not use your taxpayer dollars for her special and secret accounts.] Of course it appeared that Begin was cooperating with the Christian fundamentalist cult, but it was for strategic short-term gains, in exactly the same way that he cooperated with Khomeini against Iraq, and why Sharon was cooperating with certain radical elements in the PLO. Sharon was the de-facto leader of the Zionist fundamentalist faction which was clamoring for open annexation of the West Bank, while Begin was quite happy to annex the West Bank, piece by piece. In 1987 alone, over 30,000 Arabs lost their land on the West Bank. It is this Zionist land- stealing faction in Israel which the Christian fundamentalists support; the same lawless faction with its witchcraft that caused trouble for ALL Jews in Spain during the 12th century, whether or not they were part of it.

Although the American Christian fundamentalists will have it otherwise, there is nothing of the Old Testament in the crowd around Sharon, who is a false leader. The Christians are just as wrong as was Khomeini, who killed and murdered while doing it in the name of Moslem fundamentalism; yet Khomeini is not a true Moslem, in fact he was against many of the teachings of the prophet Mohammed. [H: Sharon is intended to come to power in Israel very soon now as Shamir is pushed aside--you will very soon be in war! Sharon was a terrorist in the Stern Gang and he fully intends to build in all occupied territories with or without permission of any United Nations and he has flatly told you so.] I would like to touch very briefly on the similarity of conditions in Israel in the last few years, and those just prior to the Six-Day War in 1967, and what was taking place in a general way in the mid-1980's. In 1967, then KGB leader Andropov worked with Eshkol and Dayan to upset Nasser and dump him. The British worked on the Arabs doing all they could to provoke them into acts which would give the Israelis reason to retaliate. Both the British and the KGB worked through Kim Philby, son of St. John Philby, perhaps the greatest of all Arabists. Just as later, the Soviets shared Philby with the British. The famous Dayan victory in the Six- Day War was the outcome of a joint British-Soviet enterprise backed by the Israeli government.


With this information in hand we can understand just how important is the Dome of the Rock conspiracy in the plan to destablize the Middle East. Any provocation by the new Christian fundamentalist-Zionist alliance will bring instant retaliation from the whole Islamic community.

Sharon was supposed to resign from the Israeli government. So afraid of him was the government that he was allowed to stay on without a portfolio. Israel knows that American influence in the region is a spent force. That is why Sharon met secretly with Andropov and the British, as both were working to edge the Americans out of the area--except for the support money. Begin had also been making approaches to Moscow, using Edgar Bronfman and Armand Hammer, plus direct contact through Foreign Minister Shamir and Gromyko. Andropov had been stepping up contacts, not only with Israel, but with the Gulf States as well, because the Arabs became willing to talk after the U.S. failure to stop the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The U.S. lost a tremendous amount of face over the invasion, and if Andropov could have had his way, the U.S. would never have regained the lost prestige it once had.

The Arabs were saying that the U.S failed to act like a superpower because it could not contain Iran and Israel. The U.S. was completely discredited because not only could it not get Begin out of Lebanon, it had demonstrated that it was unable to stop the creeping annexation of the West Bank and Gaza. Begin had already started to make contact with the Soviet Union through Shamir and Gromyko who met at the United Nations. It was one of the reasons why the Israelis had defied President Reagan. When President Reagan sent his well publicized letter telling Begin to "get the hell out of Beirut", it was simply ignored, and the Soviets let the fact be known all over the Arab states. [H: It was well known that the Israelis not only knew of the planned bombing against the U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut but actually planned the entire event.]

Another factor which caused loss of face for America was the British alliance with Andropov. Philby, although a General in the KGB, was shared by British and Soviet intelligence. The British were using the Soviets and the Israelis to destabilize the Middle East. The prime spy scandal was a case in point and it caused a serious rift in British-U.S. relations which never healed. This was reflected in statements made by Francis Pym, Foreign Secretary, and the Soviet leader in which both criticized U.S. Middle East policy in strikingly similar terms. In fact, the magazine Middle East said openly that the British had staged an intelligence coup against the U.S. in the Middle East. According to Reuters there were other signs that Israel and the Soviet Union were rapidly mending fences. On April First, 1983, Begin said that he felt sure that restrictions on Jews who wished to emigrate would soon be lifted for "religious reasons".

Andropov had promised Israel, and Sharon particularly, a big slice of the "New Yalta agreement pie", when the Middle East would be carved up after the big battle would be over. America would have been eliminated from the area, and be the big loser. That is the scenario against which the Dome of the Rock Mosque conspiracy must be viewed.


Dharma, I'm sorry chela, but we are going to have to leave this writing. We will try to get at the subject more quickly in the morning.

Due to the immediate crisis in Israel and the probability of Sharon regaining "the throne" I feel we must continue with this topic prior to moving on with the CIA subject. Things are simply happening so rapidly in your world this day that projections cannot be made accurately in all arenas. You must have what backup information, names and places as we can lay on you. You must begin to know the players. You must realize your own political players--i.e., remember I told you the other day-- "Clinton" is a member of the Bilderberg Group, CFR, etc. A full blown puppet of the Committee of 300 One World Group. The ones put up for election in both parties are wholly orchestrated and hand placed by that Committee of 300. You are between a rock and a very hard place. If you watched "Larry King Live" just yesterday with Tip O'Neal you would have heard a statement from Tip saying that Clinton, "for some rea- son is picked by the press", and, "I don't know why". Well, I just told you WHY.

By the way, Tip also said that he had direct input proving that the Assassination of Kennedy was a conspiracy and the FBI told various ones to not testify as to what they knew and saw. You are working your way pretty close to the top of the line with Tip O'Neal--are you not? He said he could not watch the JFK motion picture by Stone--not because of the contents but rather, because he simply could not watch it for, "Jack was my close, close friend and he had told me that he was going to wind down Vietnam". It is time to pay attention, America!

I ask that you make time this evening to witness BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY by Stone re: Ron Kovic. You will be working with these people and you had best get familiar with their human aspects, Dharma. Thank you. I also remind you to keep those dark (with darkener shield) goggles at hand all the time now as these horrific political conflicts in Israel unfold. Iran is ready, willing and able to go to war today and the ground is very, very shaky. Just stay "ready" and you will be fine. Good evening.

Hatonn to clear, please. Adonai



WED., JANUARY 22, 1992 8:11 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 159



Hatonn present in the Light of Holy God, sent in service to you at this time of change that you might have insight beyond that which is visible in the physical expression.


Before we move into the subject in progress of Israel, I want all readers to know that the hotel in Canada which had contracted to hold George's seminar--has cancelled for the police have instructed them that they are afraid they cannot maintain order. Can this be? A man (publisher) is asked to speak to a small group and is so dangerous to the adversary that they will face constitutional law to meet the Elite demands? Thousands of dollars have gone into meeting staging and notifications--damages must be confronted on a CONSTITUTIONAL basis. It is time to counter EVERY attack and effort to silence freedom of presentation. If you cannot speak of possible aliens coming in friendship--I think you know what MUST be afoot in the information you are being served up on the golden platter of lies.

Eustace Mullins faced this identical scenario--and brought charges which were thrown out of court. I suggest you ones join together and stand forth in strength under the protection of the Constitution. It happens to others and as word spreads--come forth brothers--and in unity there is strength. It would be good to give the family tree of the ADL, for instance, to the Supreme Court--you cannot be heard until you have a platform high enough to be heard to the fringes of the crowd. You cannot be seen until you stand forth on that platform high enough to reach above the crowd with a microphone louder than the dissenter's chanting. So be it. As you are given opportunity--seize the moment!

I hope all of you in the immediate area watched BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY last evening. If not and you have a VCR--go rent a copy. You MUST begin to SEE the consequences of your "allowing" and "kowtowing" to this monstrous octopus of control.

Now let us continue with our subject for we have picked up two new MUST additional subjects. In fact I shall probably interrupt this immediate writing for the more focused interest response about the role of Nixon and Bush in the assassination of President Kennedy. Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of John Kennedy--all entangled in the Cuban involvement--Bush's CIA job was to organize the Cuban community in Miami set for the Cuban invasion.

As a matter of fact, Dharma, this is more important to get to the public than the subject of the conspiracy relative to the "holy war" planned and ready to burst. Interest at present is focused on JFK and we should offer this more deeply hidden "secret". So be it, chela, let us write this document for the next LIBERATOR and return to the other subject this afternoon if time permits.


I give credit and appreciation to a daring Editor, P. K., who has dared to bring this CIA information to be brought public with confirmed documentation to back up the matter. Remember, readers, our thrust is to get TRUE INFORMATION into your hands in the least mystical method possible and the BEST SOURCE is from that which is presented which already bears Truth and confirmation. WE are not ABOUT mystical readings but, rather, about getting that which is covered--uncovered so that you can come into comfort with our presentations. Thank you.

What I wish to utilize as basis for this writing is a reprint of a reprint so I won't give details as I wish to make my own notations--as is usual will make my comments in brackets: "[H:]".

The Role of Richard Nixon and George Bush In the Assassination of President Kennedy (Information originally by P.K.) [I use initials because efforts have been to take-out this writer.]

A newly discovered FBI document reveals that George Bush was directly involved in the 1963 murder of President John Kennedy. The document places Bush working with the now-famous CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting right-wing Cuban exiles for the invasion of Cuba. It was Bush's CIA job to organize the Cuban community in Miami for the invasion. The Cubans were trained as marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Texas. Hopping from Houston to Miami weekly, Bush spent 1960 and '61 recruiting Cubans in Miami for the invasion. That is how he met Felix Rodriguez. [H: The thing to hold uppermost in mind this minute in reading, is what I told you some two to three months ago regarding the planned invasion (again--now) as a distractor, of Cuba. One of George's boys is heading the group working on that project now.]

You may remember Rodriguez as the Iran-contra CIA agent who received the first phone call telling the world the CIA plane flown by Gene Hasenfus had crashed in Nicaragua. As soon as Rodriguez heard that the plane crashed, he called his long- time CIA supervisor, who was THEN Vice President, George Bush. Bush denied being in the contra loop, but investigators have obtained copies of Oliver North's diary, which documents Bush's role as a CIA supervisor of the contra supply network.

In 1988 Bush told Congress he knew nothing about the illegal-supply flights until 1987 [read my lips], yet North's diary shows Bush at the first planning meeting Aug. 6, 1985. Bush's "official" log placed him somewhere else. Such double sets of logs are intended to hide Bush's real role in the CIA; to provide him with "plausible deniability". [H: A very valid term utilized in the intelligence "community".] The problem is, it fell apart because too many people, like North and Rodriguez, have kept separate records that show Bush's CIA role back to the 1961 invasion of Cuba. This was even published in The Washington Post, 7-10-90.

That is exactly how evidence was uncovered placing George Bush working with Felix Rodriguez when JFK was killed. A memo from FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was found, stating that "Mr. George Bush of the CIA" had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President Kennedy. (The Nation, 8-13-88).

On the day of the assassination, Bush was in Texas, but he denies [read my lips] knowing exactly where he was. Since he had been the supervisor for the secret Cuban teams, headed by former Cuban police commander Felix Rodriguez, since 1960, it is likely Bush was also in Dallas in 1963. Several of the Cubans he was supervising as dirty-tricks teams for Nixon, were photographed in the Zapruder film. [H: There were several films run at the assassination but this is the one in point in the movie "JFK". I sincerely hope that this writing gets to George Green, Gritz and Stone. Stone will already have the information but he needs to receive it with comments from everyone who will send it. A heavy load rests on Oliver Stone-- SUPPORT HIM!]

In 1959 Rodriguez was a top cop in the Cuban government under Batista. When Batista was overthrown and fled to Miami, Rodriguez went with him, along with Frank Sturgis and Rafael Quintero. Officially, Rodriguez didn't join the CIA until 1967, after the CIA invasion of Cuba (in which he participated) and the assassination of JFK. But records recently uncovered show he actually joined the CIA in 1961 for the invasion of Cuba when he was recruited by George Bush. That is how Rodriguez claims he became a "close, personal friend of Bush".

Then "officially" Rodriguez claims he quit the CIA in 1976, just after he was sent to prison for his role in the Watergate burglary. However, according to Rolling Stone reporters Kohn and Monks (Nov. 3. 1988), Rodriguez still was going to CIA headquarters monthly to receive assignments and have his blue 1987 bulletproof Cadillac serviced. Rodriguez was asked by a Rolling Stone reporter where he was the day JFK was shot, and claims he "can't remember".

George Bush claimed he never worked for the CIA until he was appointed Director, by former Warren Commission director and then President Jerry Ford, in 1976. [H: Read the lips because they lied as much then as when he was running for President later.] Remember that Bush has a sworn duty to the "company" to deny being in the CIA according to his entrance instructions. [H: REMEMBER THAT THE CIA IS A SECRET ORGANIZATION AND NO-ONE IS TO ADMIT BEING A MEMBER UNLESS SO SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED FROM THE TOP.] The truth is that Bush was a top CIA official since before the 1961 invasion of Cuba, working WITH Felix Rodriguez. Bush can deny his actual role in the CIA in 1959, but there are records in the files of Rodriguez and others involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba that expose Bush's role. The corporations would not put somebody in charge of all the state secrets held by the CIA unless he was experienced and well trained in the CIA. (Source for confirmation: Project Censored Report, Feb. 1989, Dr. Carl Jensen, Sonoma State College)

According to the biography of Richard Nixon, his close personal and political ties with the Bush family go back to 1941, when Nixon claims he read an ad in an L.A. newspaper, placed by a wealthy group of businessmen, led by PRESCOTT (SHELDON) BUSH, the father of George Bush. They wanted a young, malleable candidate to run for Congress. Nixon applied for the position and won the job. Nixon became a mouthpiece for the Bush group. (Source: L.F. Prouty) [H: Very important name to remember and connected likewise, to the JFK movie information loop for Stone.] In fact, Prescott Bush is credited with creating the winning ticket of Eisenhower-Nixon in 1950. (Source: George Bush, F. Green, Hipocrene, 1988)

Richard Nixon was Vice President from 1956 until 1960. In fact, Nixon was given credit for planning Operation 40, the secret 1961 invasion of Cuba, during his 1959 campaign for President. After Batista was kicked out by the starving people of Cuba, and Fidel Castro came to power, Castro began telling American corporations they would have to pay Cuban employees decent wages. Even worse, Pepsi-Cola was told it would now have to pay world market prices for Cuban sugar.

Pepsi, Ford Motor Co., Standard Oil and the Mafia drug dealers decided Fidel had to be removed since his policies of requiring corporations to pay market wages was hurting their profits. So the corporations asked then-Vice President Nixon to remove Fidel. Nixon promised he would, just as soon as he won the 1960 election against some "undergod", an unknown Democrat named John Kennedy. It would be an easy victory for Nixon, it was said. All the polls had Nixon winning by a landslide. Besides, Kennedy was a Catholic, and Americans would no more elect a Catholic President than they would elect a woman, a black or a Jew. This was 1959.

Nixon told Pepsi, Standard Oil and the other corporations who lost property, given back to the farmers of Cuba, that if they would help him win, he would authorize an invasion to remove Castro. To further impress contributors to his campaign, then- Vice President Nixon asked the CIA to create Operation 40, a secret plan to invade Cuba, just as soon as he won.

The CIA put Texas oil millionaire and CIA agent George Bush in charge of recruiting Cuban exiles into the CIA's invasion army. Bush was working with another Texas oil man, Jack Crichton, to help him with the invasion. A fellow Texan, Air Force General Charles Cabell, was asked to coordinate the air cover for the invasion.

Most of the CIA leadership around the invasion of Cuba seems to have been people from Texas. A whole Texan branch of the CIA is based in the oil business. If we trace Bush's background in the Texas oil business we discover his two partners in the oil-barge leasing business: Texan Robert Mosbacher and Texan James Baker. Mosbacher became Sec. of Commerce and Baker became Sec. of State, the same job Dulles held when JFK was slain. (Common Cause magazine, March/April 1990)

On the Watergate tapes, June 23, 1972, referred to in the media as the "smoking gun" conversation, Nixon and his Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman, were discussing how to stop the FBI investigation into the CIA Watergate burglary. They were worried that the investigation would expose their connection to "the Bay of Pigs thing".

Haldeman, in his book The Ends of Power, reveals that Nixon always used code words when talking about the 1963 murder of JFK. Haldeman said Nixon would always refer to the assassination as "the Bay of Pigs".

On that transcript is found Nixon discussing the role of George Bush's partner, Robert Mosbacher, as one of the Texas fundraisers for Nixon. On the tapes Nixon keeps referring to the "Cubans" and the "Texans". The "Texans" were Bush, Mosbacher and Baker. This is another direct link between Bush and evidence linking Nixon and Bush to the Kennedy assassination.

In the same discussion Nixon links "the Cubans", "the Texans", "Helms", "Hunt", "Bernard Barker", Robert "Mosbacher" and "the Bay of Pigs". Over and over on the Watergate tapes, these names come up around the discussion of the photos from Dallas that Nixon was trying to obtain when he ordered the CIA to burglarize the Watergate. Frank Sturgis stated that "the reason 'we' burglarized the Watergate was because Nixon was interested in stopping news leaking relating to the photos of our role in the assassination of President John Kennedy". [H: Ah ha, now it begins to make more sense why a break-in above and beyond some silly gaining of lists of voters and election plans for political speakers, does it not?]

After Nixon's landslide victory in 1972, he knew he had to centralize all power into the White House to keep his faction in power. Not only to hold power, but to prevent the media from digging into how he secretly shot his way into the White House, just like Hitler shot his way into control of Germany. The first thing Nixon did was to demand signed resignations of his entire government. "Eliminate everyone", he told John Ehrlichman about reappointment, "except George Bush. Bush will do any- thing for our cause". (Source: Pledging Allegiance, Sidney Blumenthal)

The reason why Bush would "do anything" was because his hands had so much of Kennedy's blood on them as did Nixon's, Hunt's, Sturgis', Felix Rodriguez' and Gerald Ford's. That White House gang feared that if the public ever would realize how they shot their way into power it could set off a spark that would destroy their fragile fraud and land them all in jail.

Other famous Watergate members of the CIA invasion that Bush recruited were Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker and Rafael Quintero. Quintero said publicly that if he ever told what he knew about Dallas and the Bay of Pigs, "It would be the biggest scandal ever to rock the nation".

Meanwhile, in 1960, Prescott Bush was running Nixon's campaign. Nixon was sent to South Vietnam to assure the French-connection government there that if France pulled out, the U.S. would step in to PROTECT THE DRUG TRADE FROM THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE. (Source: Frontline, 1988, "Guns, Drugs and the CIA"; S. F. Examiner, Feb. 2, 91; The Politics Of Heroin In Southeast Asia, Alfred McCoy, 1972) [H: I believe this should also bear confirmation from one Col. James Gritz who found himself on the wrong end of the guns in these criminal hands after he stumbled into the rat's nest of intrigue in that "Golden Triangle".]

In 1959 Vice President Nixon was flying all over the world, acting just like presidential material. It was an easy race for Nixon. Congressman Jerry Ford was doing a great job fundraising for Nixon, as was George Bush. The rich loved Nixon. The media picked up every bone Nixon tossed out to them. The biggest problem was that Nixon was afraid to speak openly of this plan to invade Cuba. The plan was a secret. No sense in alerting Cuba to the coming invasion. But Kennedy was taking a harder line on Cuba than Nixon, because Kennedy was not aware of the corporate/CIA planned invasion.

Nixon lost the 1960 race by the smallest margin in history. At first Bush, Nixon, Cabell and Hunt decided to just go ahead with the invasion, without informing President Kennedy. Then, at the last second, at 4 a.m., just two hours before the invasion was set to go, General Cabell called JFK and asked for permission to provide U.S. air cover for the CIA invasion. Kennedy said NO.

The CIA was furious with JFK, but decided to go ahead with their private invasion anyway. Due to poor intelligence, the CIA landed at the worst possible beach. A swamp. The invasion failed. The CIA lost 115 of its best men, killed, with another 1100 in Cuban prisons. It was the worst single blow the CIA ever suffered. (Source: E. Howard Hunt, Give Us This Day)

Bush, Nixon and Hunt blamed Cabell for asking Kennedy, and blamed Kennedy for saying no. They were livid with anger. Nixon's corporate sponsors ordered JFK to make any deal necessary to recover the 1100 CIA agents imprisoned in Cuba. JFK did. Once the CIA had its well-trained Cubans back, they decided to continue the invasion of Cuba just as soon as they could get rid of that S.O.B. Kennedy.

The 1964 election was fast approaching. Nixon was running against Kennedy again. Bush, Ford and Nixon knew that they had to get rid of JFK now, or else the Kennedy clan, with Robert and Ted in the wings, could control the White House until 1984. They decided not to wait until '84 to get back in the White House. The Cuban teams of "shooters" began following Kennedy from city to city looking for a window of opportunity to shoot from. They came close in Chicago, but couldn't get the cooperation of Mayor Daley.

But in Dallas they had an ace. The mayor was the brother of General Cabell, whom the CIA blamed for the failure of the invasion. The general prevailed on his brother, Earl, and the motorcade was changed to pass the grassy knoll at 3 m.p.h. [H: Answers your questions about who changed and arranged the motorcade route, from a couple of writings back, doesn't it?] Hunt and Sturgis shot JFK from the Grassy knoll. They were arrested, photographed and seen by 15 witnesses. But the media turned a blind eye to the photos, and for 25 years the world has been searching for truth--and what happened to the photos. [H: Keep in mind, also, that one shot was fired at Kennedy from his own "secret service" driver.]

On the day JFK was murdered, Nixon, Hunt and some of the Watergate crew were photographed in Dallas, as were a group of Cubans, one holding an umbrella up, like a signal, next to the President's limo just as Kennedy was shot. The Cubans can be seen holding up the signal umbrella clearly in the Zapruder film and dozens of stills taken during the assassination. After the murder they can be seen calmly walking away.

Nixon denied he was in Dallas that day, but new photos and stories prove he was there. Nixon claimed to the FBI he couldn't remember where he was when JFK was killed. Bush, too, claims he can't remember where he was. Jack Anderson did a TV special in 1988 proving beyond any shadow of doubt that two of the tramps arrested in Dallas behind the grassy knoll were Hunt and Sturgis. [H: Further, if you pin Tip O'Neill down to revealing his source of information regarding those grassy knoll shots--he, too, knows they were fired and who fired them!]

After the murder, former Vice President Nixon asked President Lyndon Johnson to appoint Nixon's friend, former FBI agent Jerry Ford, to run the Warren Commission. Nixon also asked LBJ to appoint Nixon's long-time supporter, Judge Earl Warren, to head the Commission. LBJ agreed. Ford interviewed all the witnesses and decided which ones would be heard and which ones eliminated.

It is no coincidence that Nixon selected Ford as his Vice President after Spiro Agnew was ousted. When Nixon himself got busted in the Watergate scandal, Earl Warren offered to set up another special commission if it would help get him out of trouble again. Ford, of course, pardoned Nixon for the Watergate burglary, but Nixon was still not out of the woods. There are some 4000 hours of Watergate tapes. On the June 23, 1972 discussions with John Dean and Haldeman, there is clear evidence that Nixon was openly "confessing" to hiring Hunt to kill JFK. That is why the Watergate "investigation" went into secret session after Congress heard some of the tapes. That is why only 12 hours of the 4000 hours have been released to the public. [H: Do you think you will actually do better in release of CIA tapes regarding the assassination? No--but there will be some clues which will slip through if the investigators are indeed careful.]

Did Congress realize that Nixon and Bush had openly discussed killing JFK for stopping the air cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba? Remember, Nixon taped virtually every discussion he had with anyone in his inner circle, including Bush, in order to blackmail people later. There is a photo of Bush reporting to Nixon in the White House in 1968. It will be most interesting to see what they were talking about on that day, when and if the full 4000 hours are released and if they are released un- reconstructed. The key to unlocking the secrets behind the 1963 murder of JFK is hidden within the 3988 hours of unreleased White House tapes.

[H: Bush was also just happening to be in Dallas the day Reagan was shot--isn't that interesting?]

The point is that there was such a massive conspiracy to take-out Kennedy that it is impossible to consider only one without including the whole. Kennedy planned to close down the Vietnam War, he was a massive cog in the Cuban invasion, he was on the edge of botching the Golden Triangle government cover-up and integration within the drug trade and he was going to take back Constitutional production of "money" and take out the Federal Reserve System. Indeed, he was a target of targets. Oliver Stone has only just begun his work--I repeat, PUBLIC, SUPPORT THIS EFFORT FOR NOW THAT IT IS OPENED, YOU CAN GLEAN SUCH TRUTH IF YOU BUT ALLOW THE CONTINUATION OF THE LIE UNFOLDMENT. IT IS THROUGH THE COVER-UP OF ALL OF THESE INSIDE CRIMES WHICH HAS CAUSED YOUR NATION TO FALL PREY TO THE INTRODUCTION OF YOUR MORE VERSATILE ENEMIES OF YOU-THE-PEOPLE. SO BE IT.

May insight be given into your reading--if no more than to give action into your writing to encourage the daring few who stand in the line of fire. North may call it "under fire"--I am interested in the ones "in the line of fire"--bravely offering your nation a chance to reclaim greatness. I salute these ones with whom I am most humbly honored to serve.

Let us close for this segment, please. Hatonn to stand-by.



THU., JANUARY 23, 1992 10:54 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 160



In Israel the leader of the Jewish fundamentalist cult is an ex-Lehi leader, a left- over from the Stern gang. He built an elaborate base in Israel from which the assault on the Dome of the Rock Mosque can be launched. He is supported by Yuval Neeman and the Gush Emunim party. But there are others in Israel who see the plot as a danger to Israel, and in an interview with Le Nouvel Observateur, Navon, the president of Israel, said that the activities of the Temple Mount group could bring on "civil war" and that the possibility increased since the death of a "Peace Now" demonstrator. The Israeli Mapam party in parliament was seeking to ban Kahane's Kach party which was blamed for the grenade attacks on the "Peace Now" demonstrators at that time.

[H: I see the continuing question marks regarding the Stern Gang and ex-Lehi leader??? Let me give you an interruption and note some information. First I want you to realize that your Henry Kissinger's mother's name was Stern so Henry came by his devious and terrorist tactics quite naturally. As to the Stern Gang, it (Avraham Stern, pronounced Abraham) is the one to note first. His underground name was Ya'ir. He was born in 1907 and died in 1942. He was the leading underground fighter in Palestine, founder of the organization later called "Lohamei Herut Israel (Lehi). He was born in RUSSIAN POLAND (Sulvaki). He studied at the Hebrew high school there. In 1925 he went to Palestine and continued his studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Active in the "Ingun Zeva'i Le'ummi (IZL) from its formation in 1931, he collaborated with David Raziel in compiling a Hebrew manual on the use of the revolver and wrote underground poetry, including Hayyalim Almonim (Anonymous Soldier, 1933).

All of you would recognize it if you heard the music accompaniment, which became the anthem of IZL and later of Lehi. When IZL split in 1937, he did not join the Haganah, but became a member of the IZL command. He went to Europe to acquire arms and to establish contact with the Polish authorities for the organization of courses for IZL instructors in Poland. In August 1939 he was arrested together with the other members of the IZL command and was imprisoned until June 1940. While in prison, his opposition to a suspension of the anti-British attacks for the duration of World War II caused a new split in IZL and the formation of a separate group, which, after his death, called itself Lohamei Herut Israel (and which was also known as the STERN GROUP). He composed a manifesto for the new organization entitled Lkkarei ha-Tehiyyah (The Principles of Revival). Early in 1942, the authorities offered a reward for his capture, and on Feb. 12 the Palestine Police traced him, forced an entry into the house in Tel Aviv in which he was hiding, and killed him outright. The house now contains an archive in his memory established by ex-Lehi members.

Stern was notable for his fanaticism in the armed struggle for Jewish independence, which, he contended, could succeed only if conducted by an underground force independent of all "legal" bodies (even that of Jabotinsky and his movement). Because of his doubts that the Allies would win World War II, he tried to establish contact with the Italians and the Germans and to persuade the Axis to adopt a pro-Jewish policy in Palestine.

This was a notoriously ruthless terrorist group from which Begin, Sharon and Shamir were launched. It was, and in some places still is, considered the most brutal terrorist organization in the world--and from it comes the larger "Mossad". I apologize for the interruption in story in presentation but it is most important that you have facts with which to back up information given herein.]

On March 6th, 1983, the Jerusalem Post, which is partly-owned by U.S. labor leader Lane Kirkland through family connections, confirmed, "Christian fundamental sects working together with Jews seek to rebuild the Temple of Solomon". It scorned the idea of Kissinger being involved. Stanley Goldfoot, Temple Mount Foundation's Israeli representative, was quoted by the paper as saying, "The real Zionists in the U.S. are not the American Jews but the Christian evangelicals, since these Christians feel that we are coming closer to a critical period in history, and they want the Jews to fulfill prophecies and thus hasten the second coming of the messiah. The evangelicals affect 20 million people a day in America. They are a great asset and must be used as such". [H: Their words, not mine! But as to Kissinger not being involved is a more humorous story--Kissinger became an operative in the very branch of the KGB which included the radical Zionist "Stern Gang" agents and operatives in coalition which has now become recognized, eventhough not labeled--the KGB/Mossad/CIA. It is only you-the-people who don't know that!]

To those with any intelligence training, the whole scheme smacks of the handiwork of British intelligence, is a typical Tavistock plan, in fact is a carbon copy of the successful operation which toppled the Shah of Iran. Stanley Goldfoot actually confirms this, although he does so inadvertently. Goldfoot said, "Reisenhuver is in the oil business and believes there is enough oil in the U.S. to dispense with Arab oil (which would then of course pass to the control of Israel and the British). [H: i.e. British Petroleum owns Alaska. It is also mandatory for you readers to go back and read what I gave you on "British Israel" because you are going to find that the manipulation of the world in the name of Zionism and Anti-Semitism is di- rectly from the British Committee of 300. In fact, this very day, Greens are in Canada and are being, by Law, forbidden to even respond to public questions about the Jews and/or any reference to the Holocaust. They are warned that "the Jewish Zionist have a strangle hold on the Canadian Government and Business community and the laws are stringent and totally enforced". U.S.--pay attention, this law is already in force in all British colonies and YOU ARE UNDER THE GUN RIGHT NOW TO HAVE THOSE IDENTICAL LAWS RUN THROUGH CONGRESS--THEY ARE ALREADY PASSED IN THE UNITED NATIONS!! It doesn't have ANYTHING TO DO WITH JEWS--IT HAS EVERYTIHNG TO DO WITH FREEDOM AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!]

The most remarkable of the American evangelicals (and one who is not as well known, for instance, as Copeland, Falwell, etc.) is Lambert Dolphin, a senior scientist and archaeologist at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). [H: Ah yes, I see the bells ringing--thank you.] The paper also mentions a certain tax exempt foundation run out of Santa Ana by the Rev. Ray Stedman and Chuck Smith as working very closely with the Temple Mount Foundation.

[H: How many of you remember the Protocols? Do you not recall that instructions, among other professions, was directly given to Jews to "---go forth and make our people clergy in the "Goyim" churches and religious places whereby we can bring down all other religions into our own control. We can gain totally control of the nations by controlling their religions and thereby they will destroy themselves". In the "addendum" to the original Protocols (manifesto of Adolphe Cremieux) it states three major intents: 1. that the Jewish Nation is the enemy of ALL nations; 2. that Jews claim that they are a people "Chosen" to dominate the whole earth, and take possession of all the riches of ALL peoples; 3. that the power of all nations is already in their hands, and that Jews think they are on the eve of their complete conquest of the rest of the human race. This portion of the Protocol was released publicly in 1860. You will please check for selves where you might be now in this scheme of things to come.]

Of course none of this important information is disclosed in what passes for the "nightly news" on TV. Not even the March 10th arrest of 40 armed men belonging to the JDL who were seized as they tried to tunnel into the Dome of the Rock Mosque was reported, not even when Kahane fled to New York. The Jerusalem Post stated on March 13th that it was, "An act of terror by religious national fanatics which could have resulted in international disaster. The very idea of trying to take over the Temple Mount in the heart of Jerusalem on the eve of Friday's Moslem prayers, is so crazy and objectionable that it defies understanding".

Stanley Goldfoot tried to purchase some land in Jerusalem from the Armenian church. When the Israeli press let the cat out of the bag, the Armenian church backed off in a big hurry. Apparently it did not know with whom it was dealing, and for what purpose the land was to be used. There is a strong suspicion that Henry Kissinger Associates had a big hand in the deal. Kissinger has been deeply involved in land grabbing on the West Bank, which is netting him a very large amount of money. Perhaps there are some who doubted that he could be involved in something so shady. [H: Oh, I think now that you can KNOW that Henry Kissinger and Associates Corporation has just opened a branch in Moscow and put Gorbachev into the seat of President--that you might begin to be able to accept possibilities a bit more easily.] Many of you doubted it when I (John Coleman) told our readers that Kissinger was charged by Aldo Morro's wife and a close political associate of the late Morro with threatening him, and that Guerzoni had given evidence to this effect in a Rome courtroom and reported on TV there. Then recently, the newspaper Spotlight confirmed the story. So it is with this in mind that I am again mentioning Kissinger Associates' land grabbing on the West Bank and its possible connection to the Armenian land sale.

There are indications of high-level persons inside the Israeli government being involved in the Dome of the Rock Mosque affair. Doug Kreiger, one of Reisenhuver's inner circle, said as much. I myself know that the Foundation is in touch with the Gush Emunim sect, which has members of the party in the parliament. According to the Jerusalem Post, Kiryat Araba Yeshiva is part of the Temple Mount fundamentalism, in the person of Rabbi Dov Lior, a man who was fully protected by Begin. The Jerusalem Post refers to the rabbi's followers as "Itinerant terrorists, with full and free access to all sorts of weapons and military equipment, apparently without any control".

It is such self-styled settler followers of Rabbi Lior who have been shooting up West Bank Arabs. Seven Palestinians were wounded at Beit Sira village near Ramallah. They were trying to protect their homes against a group of "settlers" who arrived on bulldozers to make a road through the middle of their village. It is to such acts of terror which the Jerusalem Post was referring, and it is the kind of action which American fundamentalist Christians are defending! According to the Jerusalem Post, most of those arrested in the tunnel to the Mosque came from this group of followers of Rabbi Lior, from the Kiryat Araba settlement. Rabbi Dov Lior is a close friend of Ariel Sharon which might account for his brash behavior.

One of the fanatics of the fundamentalist Jewish sect is the same man who was a colleague of one of Khomeini's fundamentalist Moslem terrorist, Mustapha Chamroun, as we told our readers in our special report on Iran, and our tape report in March 1983. I am referring to Yuval Neeman, the "father" of Israel's nuclear bomb project. Neeman called for the Israeli government to pass a law allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount. This is the type of provocation which the British were so good at engineering prior to the Six Day War which, then as later, British Freemasonry is directing. Neeman also called upon the government of Israel to embark on a "massive settlements policy" on the West Bank and other occupied Arab lands. Neeman is the main backer of the Jewish fundamentalist movement involved in the Dome of the Rock Mosque conspiracy in Israel. But as I said, he is a Massada Lodge member of British Freemason activity, which is typified by the highly secret visits by members of the Royal family to places such as Israel and Saudi Arabia in which publicity is totally absent. The royal representatives will usually be other than the most prominent family members; for instance, a lot of these "business" trips are handled by ones such as Michael, Duke of Kent, cousin to Queen Elizabeth and head of the Scottish Rite Freemason lodges.

To return now to those directly involved in the day to day affairs of the Jewish-Christian fundamentalist cult conspiracy against the Moslem holy place. A real extremist is Rabbi Goetz, as is Moshe Arens, Israel's ex-ambassador to Washington. Moshe Arens is a hard-line Zionist who favors complete annexation of the West Bank--preferably sans all Palestinians. He is alleged to have said that the Arabs should be threatened with the "Bomb", unless they get out of the West Bank immediately. Arens was careful to keep a very low profile while he was his country's ambassador in Washington, but that did not convince those who knew his past. He has always been an extremist, ever since he joined BETAR, the youth brigade of the Irgun terrorist gang, whose ex-leader became the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Begin. It was Arens who taught Meir Kahane all the tricks of the trade. So now you know just what kind of a diplomat Moshe Arens is! Yet Arens was accepted by the Reagan administration without questions about past activities. One wonders where Reagan got the nerve to call the Libyans "terrorists" while allowing people like Arens diplomatic status [and total freedom of movement without legal repercussions of any kind].

Let me now expand my comments on the role of British Freemasonry in the Temple Mount Foundation. Ever since I began my series and special reports I have never failed to mention by name the British agents and institutions, both here in the USA and elsewhere, which were directly involved in the downfall of the Shah and the return of Iran to the Dark Ages. I have explained in some detail the chokehold which the British have always had on the Middle East through such Arab specialists as Sir John Glubb Pasha, T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), Lord Curzon, Bulwer Lytton, Lord Cromer, Wilfred Blount, and of course, the top man of them all, St. John Philby and later his son, Kim Philby. Another name which I would be remiss to exclude is that of the famous historian Arnold Toynbee. Philby is said to be the "third man" in the "Cambridge Apostles" spy affair when Burgess and McClean were tipped off and fled the country to live in the Soviet Union.

I have explained how the British, acting through such diverse organizations as the Arab Bureau and the Oxford Group, set out to "neutralize" the great teachings of the prophet Mohammed, and how the Freemasons established the Sufi and Bahai movement, using particularly the Oxford Group to spread the Sufi "gospel". I have explained how the Scottish Rite Freemason lodge was involved in diverse projects in the USA such as the MK Ultra LSD experiment, Rock and Roll "music" (introduced by the Schizophrenia division of the Scottish Rite of North America. This same group funded Hinckley's psychiatrist). It is nearly impossible for me to repeat the information previously given in reports, yet for the serious student of Middle East affairs, it is a "must" to have this information.

And so it is that the British Freemasons are involved with the Dome to create provocations which will spark off a war over the Dome of the Rock Mosque when the Temple Mount Foundation tries to take it over.

There is no doubt that a war will begin if Israeli-Christian sects attack this, the second most holy of Moslem places. The conspiracy of Temple Mount is ongoing, even though Reisenhuver has taken to a low profile. The conspiracy reached into high places and continues to do so, and may well be the catalyst which will sweep the world into the Third World War [Nuclear War I].

The Dome conspiracy is the work of the Grand Mother Lodge, the Quatuar Coronati Lodge of London. Not even the most knowledgeable students of Freemasonry know this name, the most secret of all lodges. It is a name to note and remember always. The name came to light through lengthy investigations which were carried out in the British Museum in connection with the cult murders in London's East End, the Jack the Ripper murders. One of the founders of the Quatuar Coronati Grand Mother Lodge was Sir Charles Warren, who was Chief of Police in London at the time, and the Freemason who "failed" to solve the cult murders. [H: No! You don't suppose there to be a connection between this "Warren" family and your own Justice Warren? Do not be "slow", chelas!] More about Sir Charles Warren later. Quatuar Coronati is said to be involved in the execution of Roberto Calvi, as a Masonic ritual; his pockets were filled with bricks before he was hung on Blackfriars Bridge in London. British Prime Minister Thatcher made a special trip to Italy to plead with the Italian Prime Minister not to publicly involve the name of the Duke of Kent with the matter, which the investigating magistrates were bent on doing.

The Grand Mother Lodge Quatuar Coronati backed the publication of an article "Where was Solomon's Temple--New Evidence Where it Stood" which was to be published in a magazine called Biblical Archaeology Review. Supposedly it was written by professor Asher Kaufman. This is standard practice for Tavistock, since the work is actually that of Sir Charles Warren, who prepared it while he was British Administrator of Palestine in the 18th century. The principal is the same as that which was used by Ferguson and "her" book, THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY, which was the work of Dr. Willis Harmon of Stanford Research Center under the title CHANGING IMAGES OF MAN, Contract Number URH (489) 2150, Policy research Report NO. 4/4/74. It is a time-honored procedure, but the gullible Christian fundamentalist cultists can be counted on to fully accept the account as Kaufman's original work.

Professor Kaufman is not an archaeologist, but a nuclear physicist in the plasma field. One of his mentors was Professor T. Allibone who was one of a number of scientists who worked on the "Manhattan Project"--the Atom Bomb--the secrets of which were then transferred to the Soviet Union through an airlift out of Great Falls, Montana under direct supervision of Alger Hiss. (The spy story of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg was simply a cover story, although of course the Rosenberg's did pass secret papers to the Soviets. But they were only the second string, back-up team in case everything wasn't included in the Montana airlift, which even shipped out 1000 pounds of uranium salts, which the. U.S. was desperately short of at that time).

Professor Allibone is also a trustee of the British Intelligence Center in London, the British Museum. The Head of the Quatuar Coronati Lodge is the Reverend B. Cryer of the Church of England. Recently Cryer expressed the view that a war would break out if unrestricted access at all times for Moslems to the Dome Mosque was in any way interfered with. Such a war is, of course, the aim of the conspirators. Billy Graham preached a sermon on television at that time which was actually interpreted as a call to take over the Dome of the Rock Mosque addressed to the Jewish-Christian fanatics in the Temple Mount Foundation. Graham is leading his fundamentalist followers to the slaughter without even realizing it and can only be compared with Khomeini in his ignorance of the truth of what he does. [H: Let us assume he simply knows not that which he does for he bears truth in so many instances only to move into the pit with the vipers. Use perception and discernment for these ones become tools without their knowledge. Actually, Graham blew his own cover during his visit to the Soviet Union.]

The war over the Dome of the Rock Mosque will prove to be genocidal for the Arabs, and millions of Christians and Jews will also perish. Moshe Arens will probably get his chance to witness the dropping of the H Bomb on a few Arab capitals. In the aftermath, the U.S. will have lost all credibility, but as far as the Arabs are concerned it will no longer matter, since they will have ceased to exist as nation-states if the Israelis have their way. Please do not doubt that the same organization and the same people who were so successful in bringing down the Shah of Iran, have declared their intention to restructure the Middle East and they are determined to carry out their plan, no matter what the costs. Richard Faulk, who as you now know through my report on Iran as the executor of the Iranian plan, said recently that people and religion is the mix which will bring about the necessary changes in the Middle East.

The first country to be destabilized will be Saudi Arabia. As mentioned earlier, the Duke of Kent paid a visit to Saudi Arabia and now, look what happened with the Gulf War. Saudi Arabia is still in dangerous destablization. The British visit of course was to undermine U.S. influence so that Britain would have more control over events which were intended to unfold later--such as the Gulf War.

The Queen herself is paying very, very close attention to the Dome of the Rock conspiracy.

[H: This is becoming very tedious because the contents of the writings are so outdated as to events which have recently happened (within the last couple of years). The players remain the same. So, too, does the point of the writing--the fundamentalist Christians, so-called, are the very ones giving the most fuel to the fire of massive conflict and world control. The Israelis know this and fan those flames. Begin even stated: "I would rather have the 40 million Christian fundamentalist cultists as a political force along with Jerry Falwell than the American Jewish population working with me--but we have BOTH".]


To make the above point as to relationships, be it noted that the Zionists have long ago recognized that Christian fundamentalists are a valuable asset. World Zionist member Jacques Torcyner said, "We have first of all come to the conclusion that the right-wing Christian fundamentalist reactionaries are the natural allies of Zionism". Dr. Falwell was presented with the Jabotinsky award at a most sumptuous banquet in Falwell's honor by Dr. Samuel Cohen who, in a laudatory speech said, "We are glad that you are such a staunch supporter of the state of Israel".

* * *

Mainstream Christianity does not subscribe to Falwell's views but few speak out just as few speak out to stop the insanity going on in the moral degradation of your nations.

Do you realize that it is now shown on TV that the use of condoms --with explicit pictures of wearing and using--HAVE MADE IT TO MANDATORY CLASSES IN GRADE-SCHOOL IN MANY PARTS OF YOUR COUNTRY. IN L.A., NOW, CONDOMS CAN BE OBTAINED FREE FOR THE ASKING.

It is so sad for Mainstream Christianity does not subscribe to Falwell's anti-Saudi, anti-Arab position. It recognizes it as fanaticism and cult worship which has no place in the teachings of Christ, any more than the Moslem Brotherhood has a place in the true teachings of the prophet Mohammed.

Be it known, however, that infiltration into the Moslem mainstream has also taken place with its head infiltrator being a fanatical Moslem cultist, Maarout Dawalibi (who, by the way, has ties to the Saudi royal family). Dawalibi is head of the World Muslim League and is associated closely with Islam-in-theWest, an organization founded by the Club of Rome.

Fahd, of Saudi Arabia, came under massive pressure because the Kohmeini followers had a plan ready to overthrow the Saudi royal family if Fahd would fail to ally himself with radical Moslem fundamentalists in a holy war against the Zionist-Christian conspiracy to take over the Dome of the Rock Mosque.

British Freemasonry is still doing everything it can to provoke the extremist elements of Moslem fundamentalists to react strongly against the Zionist-Christian fundamentalist conspiracy aimed at the Dome of the Rock Mosque. Why? Because if anything happens to abrogate the rights of the Moslems in Jerusalem, it may well be the spark which will start the planned conflagration. Much of what happens rests squarely on the input of the fundamentalists in the U.S. who blindly push forward without any notion of how or why.

The British have a strong hold on the Middle East affairs through the Palestine Exploration Fund, and the British Foreign Bible Society. On the Israeli side, they have the Massada Lodge which is connected to Yuval Neeman. In the U.S.A. what is called, by Dr. Coleman, the Armageddon-Apocalypse group is working very hard to persuade Christian fundamentalist cults that the hour is at hand through Hal Lindsay's work. The Religious Round Table and a host of fundamentalist preachers are saying that the final battle of Armageddon is due to begin any day now, and that it will be fought out over Jerusalem just like the Old Testament says. They say it will be the Zionists AND Christians on one hand against the Communists and the Arabs on the other hand. Fortunately they also said it would be in 1984 that this would happen. I make no further comment about possibilities but I assure you that this is the very way fortune-tellers work. If enough people believe the lie--they will cause it to become truth no matter how heinous the outcome.


Dharma, I think we have beat this subject sufficiently to even cause John some discomfort. It, however, needed to be laid forth as foundation for more current information. When we write next we shall take up the players in the Temple Mount Conspiracy which will give you the participants up to and into 1990. You need to look at the happenings in Israel to better understand what was happening with Israel in the so-called Desert Storm war.

Then, I guess we may be backed into a corner in needing to run a separate JOURNAL which bears nothing but the Zionist Protocols with addendum Manifesto update in addition to the Benjamin H. Freedman document which bears so much fundamental historical data--documented. Perhaps if we had that special volume we could save our readers a lot of repetition by simply suggesting that they obtain that selected volume.

It does not mean, however, that I shall stop repeating the Protocols for they are the blueprint which has been followed and almost ALL things in the plan have been completed! Plan 2000 is intended to finish the gaining of total control over the globe. Facts are facts and wishing it to be different will not change an iota of the Truth of it. We of the Hosts extend our hands to awaken you and pull you through the darkness-- but it is all that we can do. The rest is up to you.

Hatonn to close this portion. In love I take leave. Salu.



FRI., JANUARY 24, 1992 10:30 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 161



Again, I wish to thank Dr. Coleman for allowing us to use his document on the above subject. I need confirmation for my scribe--that she is not alone in the outlaying of intelligence information. I make careful efforts to prevent her being targeted by making unwise revelations.

We are going to move forward from the prior writings of the past few days and on to material written in 1990 and consider the shooting deaths of Palestinians at the Haram- al-Sharif on October (8th).

Again, we will quote and my interjections will mostly be in brackets ([H:]). I say "mostly" because sometimes I simply forget to distinguish self from the writings. The author is most generous with my liberties. In fact, if allowed to simply update, it will save us all a lot of time--especially you in your reading and Editors in their correcting punctuation, etc. Thank you.

With the shooting deaths of 22 Palestinians at the Haram-al-Sharif (Noble Sanctuary) on the grounds of the Dome of the Rock Mosque Al Aska on October 8, 1990, by a large force of Israeli border guards, police and soldiers, Temple Mount (the Israeli name for Haram-al-Sharif) became the focus of world attention. The Temple Mount massacre placed the government of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir under severe pressures and for the first time in decades, the U.S. joined in the demands for a full and free investigation into the events of that October day.

Why the sudden seemingly about-turn in U.S. policy toward Israel? It was not a genuine change of policy--but merely a subterfuge to force Mr. Shamir from office and get him replaced with the "King of Israel", former defense minister Ariel Sharon--now Housing Minister. The U.S. administration is persuaded that when the time comes to attack Jordan and force the Palestinians out of the West Bank and Gaza, Mr. Shamir would not be strong enough to carry out the task. Hence the ongoing efforts to undermine his government.

Although responsibility for the deaths of almost 700 Palestinians since the "Intifada" (resistance) began rests with the Israeli Government, there are other players in this drama who need to be exposed for their role in fomenting discord which threatens the lives of Palestinians and Israelis alike and promises to plunge the world into a most dangerous war.

Thus far these players have gotten away with their crimes which have brought the world to the brink of catastrophe in Kuwait and Iraq, a catastrophe which President Bush appears to be determined to make happen. We shall share the identity of those who are the string-pullers of their front men. Never before has there been such a compelling urgency for you to know truth and begin your regaining of freedom from the propaganda mills grinding out what passes for "news" in the electronic and printed media.

Ah, but you continue to deny that such things can exist--how so, chelas? Let me just give you a tiny portion of the beginning of a prominent first-page article of The Wall Street Journal (Established media press) of Monday, January 20, 1991: The Money Trail. U.S. FIRMS ARE LINKED TO AN ISRAELI GENERAL AT HEART OF A SCANDAL. Funds for Defense Contracts were Diverted, but Why? Investigations Broaden--Bundles of cash (found) in a Mercedes: TEL AVIV:--A young star in Israel's Air Force, Rami Dotan, came up fast--and went down the same way.

Last spring, the brigadier general was stripped of his rank and packed of to prison for getting caught skimming millions of dollars in U. S. military aid. His confession to theft and fraud was the biggest scandal in the history of Israel's elite military. [H: Also most unusual. The facts are that the unraveling came from the United States corporations working with him--who got nailed for participation.]

But the Dotan Affair will prove to be as much an American scandal as an Israeli one. An investigation by The Wall Street Journal has traced more than $11 million diverted from General Electric Co. contracts and then passed through an ob- scure New Jersey front company to bank accounts across Europe.

Aircraft engine division of United Technologies Corp. and General Motors Corp. also complied with some of Gen. Dotan's demands concerning the use of favored subcontractors or distributors. And smaller U.S. firms that got military business from Israel paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a trio of Panamanian shell corporations in the general's enterprise.

I believe that is enough of the article. Does it not smack of Noriega and/or Oliver North tactics? A real one man crime ring of duping and stealing and clandestine "demands". Come, come--check out the "innocent" file.


Thus far those players got away with their crimes which brought the world to the brink of catastrophe in Kuwait and Iraq, a catastrophe which President Bush appeared to be determined to make happen and surely enough DID! So who are those main players in that Temple Mount Conspiracy? Well, like the broken record repeating and repeating: They are British Freemasonry, (whose origins go all the way back to before the Crusading Templar Order) and who run and control Jewish fundamentalist fanatics such as Gush Emunim; British intelligence, drafted into the arena to instigate religious wars and block all peace efforts between Arabs, Jews and Palestinians. The non-Zionist Jews will be as much a victim, however, of the plotters as the Muslims and Christians. In fact, as I, Hatonn, have said over and over again: They will be the first to be throttled and trampled.

Beginning with the Crusades, the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon occupied the al-Aska Mosque in the year 1099. To understand the Temple Mount conspiracy to create a holy war, one must examine the history of the eight (8) Crusades. We haven't time to do more than take a brief look for background information. In spite of Christian overtones in the Crusades, it was always obvious that commercial gain played a far bigger role than did any kind of religion or doctrine--and surprisingly enough--VENICE keeps popping up over and over again in the historical documents of events.

The two Orders who had controlled Jerusalem were the Knights of St. John (the Hospitalers), whose uniform was (and still is) a black mantle bearing a white cross. The Order of St. John was always an arm of British Intelligence and remains so to this day. The Order (Masonic) of the Knights of St. John was founded in Jerusalem in 1070 by a group of Amalfitan merchants. Only men of "noble blood" were allowed to join the Order. Dr. Coleman herein speculates that the ACLU would have filed a racial discrimination suit against the Order had it existed at the time.

The Knights of the Temple (Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon-Knights Templar) were more militantly Masonic than the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. The Templars uniform was a white mantle with a red cross. It was founded in 1120 by Hugh of Pajens. Its job was supposed to be to guard and protect pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, but everywhere was found dedication to Masonry. Bernard of Clairvaux drew up their rule based on the canons regular. They took vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. Only men of "noble blood" could join the Order. Organization was by commanderies under a grand master.

With the advent of Guy de Molet, the Knights Templar became an openly Masonic Order whose members took anti-Christian oaths and vows of the vilest nature. The Knights Templar became a prostituted Order carrying out commerce for Venice. By the time Philip the Fair, King of France, destroyed the Order and had Guy de Molet arrested, the horrible excesses of Knights Templar and its open Gnostic Masonry posture had disgusted most of Europe.

Starting out as penitentiary pilgrimages to the Holy City of Jerusalem, the eight Crusades turned into a scramble for positions that would bring commercial gain. As mentioned earlier, the Black Nobility of Venice and the Guelphs were in the forefront of this unseemly trading, using pious Christians as a pretext to further the commercial position of Venice. Now please don't go crazy--GO, INSTEAD, AND READ HISTORY--EVEN THAT WHICH IS TAMPERED WITH WILL GIVE YOU THIS INFORMATION.

In fact, by 1087 AD they had captured African coastal cities and gained command of the Western Mediterranean. The Venetians were even able to persuade Pope Gregory VII (Hildebrand of Soana) to launch a "holy war" against Constantinople. This was a classic example of all wars being economic in origin; the Venetians were bent on crushing their rivals in trade with the Orient.

In the Second Crusade, commercial gain and greed played a leading role. The Norman, Roger of Sicily, made a fortune by seizing the Greek islands. In the Third Crusade King Richard I of England seized Cyprus which he sold for a small fortune to Guy de Lusignon.

This is seen throughout the Crusades, starting perhaps with Peter the Hermit and his tales of Moslem atrocities (reminds ones of George Bush and James Baker III and their tall tales of Iraqi "atrocities" in Kuwait). It is quite safe to state that it was these utterly fabricated accounts of Moslem atrocities that militarized the pilgrimages to Jerusalem, and made the Crusades largely a French affair. (Lorrainers under Godfrey of Bouillon, the Provencals under Count Raymond of Toulouse (1096-1099) and so on). Men were recruited to join these armies by promises of great profits to be made.

Actually the Moslems were not an organized force at the time. The Seljuks only garrisoned Syria and were religiously divided (Sunni and Shi'ite). The Fatimite capture of Jerusalem was carried out in 1098 by Shi'ites. Stories of Moslem "atrocities" sprang forth from violent incidents between these rivals and were grossly blown out of all proportion, as continues to this day, by ones such as Peter the Hermit of Lorraine, France.

The REAL AND MOST HORRIFYING atrocities occurred when a Genoese- Venetian backed Crusade led by Godfrey of Bouillon laid siege to Jerusalem, captured and sacked it with indescribable horror. In the face of such barbarous conduct, Bouillion's title "King and Defender of the Holy Sepulchre" was totally inappropriate. The role played by the Knights Templar in these atrocities is well recorded. The Knights Templar lived near to the alleged site of the Temple of Solomon and stabled their horses within a very short distance of where the south wall of the Temple allegedly had been. The Templars were devoted and loyal to the oath they had taken to Hiram, the alleged builder of Solomon's Temple (a purely Masonic oath).

What Hiram had to do with Christianity, which the Templars were supposed to be defending, has never been made clear. It was the Templars who occupied the Al Aska Mosque in defiance of the long-standing rule of equality between Christians and Moslems in the Holy City. Perhaps the Israelis who attacked the Al Aska Mosque on October 8, 1990, had a very definite precedent. Jerusalem became a feudal kingdom.

(Ed. Note: A loud "boom", complete with concussion enough to shake the house and really rattle the windows interrupted the writing at this point. Two jets, side-by-side, with attendant contrails had made a U turn over Tehachapi and headed back toward Edwards; a black helicopter was seen just leaving the immediate area.)



SAT., JANUARY 25, 1992 9:48 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 162


Dharma, in view of the earlier writing today from Aton, I suggest we simply take up with the subject in point. Thank you. Rest assured, chela, that as with yesterday--I am never away from you even though the terrorists seem so unrestricted.


As we begin where we left off, I remind you that we were speaking of Hiram who was thought to have built the Temple of Solomon according to the Freemasonry projections.

There is ample proof, however, that--as with David al Roy and King David--so are Hiram and Hiram different people. The Hiram so beloved by Freemasonry is NOT the Hiram who was involved in building Solomon's Temple, but rather Hiram of Tyre, king of the Sidonians whose kingdom stretched from the Euphrates in the northeast to the Gulf of Aqubah in the southeast, a great commercial empire. It was with this Hiram that King David made a treaty. King David (1000-961 BC) was Israel's most successful ruler. Again, note that due to evolving terminology, we find it necessary to use terms such as "Jews" and "Israel" although at the historical time in point--NEITHER TERM EXISTED! We are caused to utilize that, however, to which you readers can relate in order to make distinctions in groups and locations.

He did however breach the neutrality of Jerusalem, which he made his capital. It was during his reign that literary activity flourished. You can include "JUDGES" in this category which was in collected form from the "Yahwistic source" in the Pentateuchal tradition.

When David died (see, everyone does), his son Solomon turned Israel into a genuine Oriental monarchy. He built the dynastic temple, which was a copy of Canaanite temples in decoration and design. Of course there were no cult statues; the Ark in the cella replaced that. Solomon's Canaanite-style temple was destroyed in the first three months of the reign of Jehoiachin. Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem, which fell to him in January 588 BC. Note the use of the term Canaanite--this does not even SOUND like Shemite (Semite). The lies were poured upon you so long ago that you are totally blinded if your mind refuses to remember truth.

The KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM, (which had the most complete feudal laws ever devised) FORMED AN ALLIANCE WITH VENICE, GENOA AND PISA, the motive being to tap the Red Sea trade; this being facilitated by the country of Edessa, the principality of Antioch and the county of Tripoli, all fiefdoms of Jerusalem set up by Baldwin, Bohemund and Raymond of Toulouse. With the departure of the Franks, the city was recaptured by the Moslems in 1187, and Jerusalem ceased to be an organized state.

The role of Venice as a commercial power and a spoiler appears again and again throughout the eight Crusades, particularly in the Fourth Crusade 1201-1204. A glaring example of the power of Venice (which it retains to this day) came at the Meeting of Hagenau, where feuding Crusaders were supposed to come to an agreement under Pope Innocent III (Lotario de' Conti di Segni). Now, doesn't this just smack of "Honest Dude" the used-car salesman?

Instead of carrying out the agreement reached by all parties to the Hagenau Meeting, Venice demanded 85,000 marks and that the Christian city of Zara be attacked. (Personalities don't change a lot over the generations do they?) In spite of Innocent's unbridled opposition, Zara was taken and sacked. Venice gained materially, while the Crusade was excommunicated, which of course had no effect on Venice. The Crusade was then diverted to Constantinople which was taken and sacked in 1204 in horror and unsurpassed brutality.

So all you so-called Christians cannot point the finger at anyone; in fact President Bush's lies about Iraq sacking Kuwait, even if they might have been true, which they most certainly are not, would pale into insignificance next to the horrors of the sacking of Constantinople. A Venetian, Morosini, replaced the Greek patriarch. Venice got possession of more than a quarter of Constantinople, plus Adrianople, Galiopoli, Naxos, Andros, Euboea, Crete and the Ionian Islands. Pope Innocent was powerless to stop the Venetians, notwithstanding his outraged opposition. It reminds one of Pope John Paul II who appears to be powerless against the Venetian Black Nobility steering the Catholic Church in the wrong direction. You who doubt all this, that is--you who still have capability of reading, GO LOOK UP THESE THINGS FOR THEY ARE THERE IN THE HISTORY ANNALS FOR THE ENEMY KNOWS SO FEW WILL BOTHER THAT IT ISN'T WORTH THE EFFORT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING--THAT MIGHT MAKE YOU SUSPICIOUS. IT IS EASIER TO BRING FORTH IGNORANT AND DEGENERATE PEOPLE TO GIVE YOU LIES. JOHN JUDGE, OF "JFK" RESEARCH SAID IT MOST SIMPLY ON WEDNESDAY OF THIS WEEK--GO LOOK UP THESE THINGS IN THE RECORDS! THE IMPORTANT PIECES ARE THERE FOR YOUR SEEING.

Herman Von Salza, of the Teutonic Order, was the first and only Crusader to deal fairly with the Moslems. He established relations with the Moslem leader, Malik al Kamil and, in the terms of the treaty agreement they signed, Von Salza was able to secure a corridor from Jerusalem to the coast for Christians. Unfortunately he was undermined by the Venetians (non-Christians), and forced to return home, after which Moslem mercenaries took over Jerusalem in 1244.

British Army General Allenby recaptured Jerusalem in 1917, using the celebrated Lawrence of Arabia to marshal Arab support to defeat the Turks, in exchange for which the Arabs would gain complete autonomy, especially in the land of Palestine, where there was to be no more Jewish immigration. Allenby totally betrayed the Arabs and Lawrence was murdered.

Henceforth the flow of Jews to Palestine was accelerated according to the treasonous Balfour Declaration drafted by the Freemason Arthur Balfour and signed by Lord Rothschild without consultation with the Arabs and without their consent. In spite of the gross betrayal they had suffered, Moslems and Christians as well as non-Zionist Jews shared Jerusalem without much friction until the Israeli-Arab wars which started in 1946. Jerusalem, up until the time of King David was always regarded as a neutral city, but major violations of its status occurred throughout its history.

The role of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon throughout the Crusades was marked by treachery and violence. Because of their Masonic-type oaths and initiations, they were ordered disbanded by Pope Clement V (Raymond Bertrand de Got) in 1312 and declared heretics.

From the Knights Templar sprang modern Masonry and, in 1717, the United Grand Lodge of England was founded. It became the Lodge of British royalty. Its present Grand master is Edward the Duke of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. George, appointed to his post by Queen Elizabeth II in 1967. Edward takes the position of Counseller-of-State whenever Elizabeth is out of the country. He received this position the same year that he was appointed to head the United Grand Lodge of England, thus publicly establishing the link between Masonry and the royal family.

The United Grand Lodge of England, the "Mother Lodge", established the Scottish and York rites of Freemasonry, the former so named after Robert Bruce, the son of a Venetian merchant banking family who went to Scotland following a family quarrel, and once established there, usurped the throne. It is important to note the connection between Venice, the Scottish rite of Freemasonry and Jerusalem. [H: If you don't know your enemy you cannot hope to ever set your path about.]

The Scottish and York rites are taken directly from the Templars whose leader, Guy de Molay, was executed for his satanic beliefs and anti-Christian heresies which included Rosicrucianism and Gnosticism. (Go look it up! Throwing stones at these historians won't change anything--it is YOU who have been "had"!) Queen Elizabeth and the entire royal family put Gnosticism far above Christianity. In fact even loosely related TRUE CHRISTianity is in no wise respected nor followed. The practice of that which is called "Christianity" in England is but a ritualistic charade of Christ-teachings turned into acceptance of all the broken laws of God.

The United Grand Lodge played a leading role in the "rediscovery" of Solomon's Temple. It is strongly believed by intelligence circles that the United Grand Lodge of England was deeply implicated in the attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II. This is absolutely true--but not for the expected reasons for the Elite elements set him into power. However, the world situation was getting out of control as factions within the Elite organizations were in serious conflict. The Lodge was completely involved in events that led up to the Temple Mount massacre and the temporary closing of the Al Aska Mosque by the Israeli military on October 9, 1990.

It is a well established fact that Edward the Duke of Kent had strong links with the notorious Italian P-2 Lodge through its Grand master Lucci Gelli. The Masonic-ritual hanging of Roberto Calvi in London remains intentionally unsolved to this day, but intelligence sources know the purpose of Calvi's flight to London was to meet with Edward the Duke of Kent, a meeting which was not allowed to take place and instead, Calvi met with death.

One of the most important assets of the United Grand Lodge of England was its British Arab Bureau which played a key role in deceiving the Arabs under the command of Colonel T. E. Lawrence. Its most important Arabists were St. John Philby, the father of the notorious spy, Kim Philby; Wilfred Blount, T. E. Lawrence and John Baggot, "Glubb Pasha". With the exception of Lawrence, all were wittingly involved in setting up a Jewish homeland in Palestine. All were Freemasons of the Scottish Rite.

The Temple Mount Conspiracy had its origin in the United Grand Lodge of England. Perhaps its most important member was Sir Charles Warren, holder of the Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. George, Knight of Justice of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, founder of the Grand Lodge of Israel, and a founder member of Quator Coronati Lodge Number 2076, which lodge has always played a leading role in fomenting the Temple of Solomon plot.

Warren was a member of the Palestine Exploration Fund established by Edward, Prince of Wales (a Freemason). In 1862 Edward led a British delegation on a tour of the Holy Land, ostensibly to establish links between Solomon's Temple and the Bible, but in reality to start the project of rebuilding the Third Temple of Solomon.

One of the most prominent members of the Palestine Exploration Fund was Sir Moses Montifiore from the ancient family of court Jews of the same name. The Montifiore dynasty is old Venetian Black Nobility. Montifiore was the instrument used to get a toehold for Jews on Haram-al-Sharif. Queen Elizabeth II is the present head of the fund.

It was Warren who wrote RECOVERY OF JERUSALEM based on the Knights Templar essays, UNDERGROUND JERUSALEM and THE TEMPLE AND THE TOMB, which contains a lot of spurious "data" about the location and purpose of the Temple of Solomon. From this point on the Freemason "bible" contained 20 or more pictures of Solomon's Temple.

The most powerful families of the Venetian Black Nobility joined in the plot to rebuild Solomon's temple. Among these were the Luzzattos, Byzantine Jews, headed by Moses Haim Luzzatto, who moved the family from Venice to Safad in Palestine in the 18th century.

In the 19th century, part of the Luzzatto family moved back to Padua in Italy, where they established the first of many rabbinical academies teaching Judaism. One of its teachers was Rabbi Samuel David Luzzatto. The Volpi di Musurati family are ancient Black Nobility from Sicily who settled Venice, and they also joined the plot to rebuild Solomon's temple. The Luzzatto's powerfully supported Theodor Herzl, their choice to head Zionism. Count Piero Foscari, head of yet another powerful ancient Black Nobility family of Venice, got very much involved in Freemasonic plans to rebuild Solomon's Temple. These families were committed cabalists who embraced Freemasonry.

The Quator Coronati Lodge number 2076 is very important in that you note the role played by this super-secret lodge in the Solomon's temple plot which began with the Knights Templar. Quator Coronati Lodge is the home of the "Nine Men", also known as the "The Nine Unknown Men", believed to be the originators of the "cycles of disturbances" which result in wars, plagues, famines, weather disasters and so on. Does this sound something like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse? So be it.

Dharma, allow us to close this portion as I need you to be elsewhere. May the Light be given to penetrate into the dark recesses that you of Light may be given into seeing for your time of renewal is so very short. In love and care I move to stand-by for I am never from ye ones.

Hatonn to clear the circuit, please.



SUN., JANUARY 26, 1992 10:57 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 163


Dharma, allow us to interrupt herein and print the article from yesterday's Los Angeles Times which was just presented to you. It is appropriate that you share this material for it is exactly that of which we were speaking above. The right of free speech. The case in point has been ongoing for so long that it is all but forgotten but it is most

important. The point is always to run the victim out of funds for court battles and thereby win by default. You ones MUST SHARE THESE EXPENSE BURDENS SO THAT YOU ARE NOT LOST TO FREEDOM BY DEFAULT. Oberli, make sure this information gets to Dixon and Tips immediately.

QUOTE: Los Angeles Times, Sat. Jan. 25, 1992: Court Approves Suit in Holocaust Issue. Civil Rights: Man who claimed the genocide never happened contends that Jewish organizations and Los Angeles denied him his right to speak at a library convention. By Henry Weinstein, Times staff writer.

A federal appeals court Friday ruled a man who charged that the Holocaust never occurred could sue Jewish organizations and the city of Los Angeles for allegedly preventing him from speaking at a library conference.

The decision of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals--which brought passionate dissents from four of its 28 judges--reaffirms a November ruling from a three-judge panel that allowed the lawsuit, filed by the late David McCalden, to proceed. [H: This just about says it all, doesn't it?]

In doing so, the full court said alleged threats by two Jewish organizations to disrupt the 1984 California Library Assn. conference in Los Angeles was not necessarily protected by the free speech rights of the 1st Amendment.

Judge William Norris, writing for the majority, said that although some of the defendants' protests were constitutionally protected, they were not immune from liability for the alleged threats.

McCalden asserted in his 1986 suit that the American Jewish Committee had contacted representatives of the library association and told them that if they did not cancel McCalden's contracts to speak and mount an exhibit "the conference would be disrupted, and the CLA would be 'wiped out'".

He also alleged that the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, headed by Rabbi Marvin Hier, approved of the threats.

Both groups denied making such threats. [H: This is very typical of these operatives--everything is denied and hidden.]

McCalden, the self-described Holocaust revisionist, charged that as a result of pressure and threats from the Jewish groups, the library association canceled his exhibit at the Bonaventure Hotel. McCalden died of AIDS last year and his widow, Viviana, is continuing to press the suit. [H: How strange that he would die of AIDS??? Surely the enemy would not arrange for more discounting of the accuser!]

Four of the court's 28 members issued a blistering dissent that evoked the horrors of World War II's Holocaust--[H: And do you still think that the judiciary system is not overcome with unConstitutional law enforcers? Is it not logical that if truth is present in the now 6-1/2 million Jewish deaths that it would be proven in all documents and would make an even greater impact on the revisionists and public when false accusations are made--i.e., that there could not have been that many slain on any account? WHY MUST THERE BE LAWS THAT NEGATE YOUR VERY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO HIDE ALL SPEAKING OF POSSIBILITIES? PUBLIC--YOU MUST THINK!WHAT IS THIS INSANITY? IF TRUTH IS ON THE SIDE OF THE JEWS--WILL NOT THAT TRUTH COME OUT IN THE QUESTIONING? TO NOT ALLOW THE QUESTIONS PRESENTS THE TRUTH, DOES IT NOT? THE TRUTH, MUST THEREFORE BE, THAT THE ORTHODOX PRESENTATION OF THE HOLOCAUST BY THE JEWS IS A LIE!]--during which Nazis killed 6 million Jews. [H: It doesn't say perhaps, probably, maybe or allegedly--it says "killed 6 million Jews", without documents, proof, wincing or thinking.] The dissenters also charged that the court majority was stifling the Holocaust survivors' free speech and that, by allowing the suit to go forward, the majority was threatening the 1st Amendment rights of an array of individuals and groups, particularly the news media. [H: Funny thing--I don't recall the Jews standing up for the rights to be heard of the White Supremist groups, the KKK, the Holocaust revisionists or any other group who speaks out against so much as supporting $10 billion to Israel to build houses in Palestine. In fact, it seems to me there is a great outcry to those ones as Anti- Semitic and great denouncing and rabble-rousing. Further, how is it that this group in point can call themselves Jews, Zionists and other things such as "chosen of God" but when another speaks the terms or claims the right to participate--it is against the laws of the land! You had better wake up, world--it is too late in Canada, Australia, England, New Zealand, the Soviet Union (well they don't count in the new downfall), Germany and many other nations. WELL, IT IS UP TO YOU, AMERICA--WHAT WILL YOU DO? IT IS YOUR CONSTITUTION OR YOUR ENSLAVEMENT! IT ACTUALLY HAS VERY, VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH JEWS OF ANY NATIONALITY, RACE OR RELIGION.]

"I had thought it inconceivable that one could be held liable for planning and organizing a political demonstration", wrote Judge Alex Kozinski. He wrote for himself and three colleagues who contended that the case should be reviewed by an 11-member panel of the appeals court.

Kozinski said threats to hold a political demonstration are clearly constitutionally protected. He said no one should be surprised that people would mount a militant, perhaps disruptive protest, in response to McCalden's claims. [H: What if Mr. McCalden simply said "The world is flat"?]

"Those who carry the mark of Auschwitz tattooed on their forearms, or who survived Treblinka, Dachau or Buchenwald; who were hunted down like animals in the streets of Warsaw; who saw loved ones perish during Kristallnacht or in frozen boxcars on their way to the death camps that are the shame and horror of modern times--they cannot be expected to react calmly, with deliberation, with gentility to one who would tarnish the memory of those butchered in the Holocaust by pretending the whole thing didn't happen", wrote Kozinski, who is Jewish and came to this country from Romania when he was 12. [H: If this doesn't make the point of intended world control without recourse--I haven't seen another so blatant. IF THESE ATROCITIES ALL DID OCCUR--WOULD NOT RECORDS STAND ON THEIR OWN TO DENOUNCE THE STUPID DENOUNCERS? WHAT HAVE WE HERE? THERE IS NO ALLOWANCE OF EVIDENCE, RECOURSE, LAW AND ORDER, DATA--JUST DENIAL OF ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW ALLOWING ANY AND ALL ACTIONS WITHOUT EXPECTATION OF ONES TO ACT WITHIN CONSTITUTIONAL BOUNDARIES.]

Kozinski also said it was ludicrous to characterize the center's threats to hold a disruptive demonstration as extortion. The center's statements, Kozinski said, "were aimed at achieving a political objective, not exacting protection payments".

Appeals Court Judge Stephen Reinhardt wrote that demonstrations from the Boston Tea Party to the Vietnam War protests were often disruptive but served the important purpose of bringing important issues into the public spotlight.

The dissenters approached the case in a sharply different fashion from the majority. Norris' majority opinion described the issue facing the appeals court as a technical legal question of whether McCalden had made allegations sufficient to move his case beyond the first hurdle--a motion for dismissal filed by the defendants.

He wrote that federal pleading rules are quite liberal and a motion to dismiss the case has to be evaluated in the light most favorable to the plaintiff. Norris' opinion, joined by Judge Dorothy Nelson, said McCalden's claims merited hearings on his charges of interference with his contract and civil rights violations.

But Reinhardt said that in cases where free speech rights are threatened, the plaintiff's pleadings must be subjected to greater scrutiny than in an ordinary civil case. [H: Does it not strike you as strange that a "Maplethorpe" exhibit of pornographic material (by statements of the artistic group in point) was alleged Constitutional and yet one lonely man wishing to express doubts and possibilities that the Holocaust might not be completely as stated--is unCONSTITUTIONAL? You have some serious dirty-work at hand here, chelas!]

"The majority's routine treatment of the plaintiffs complaint--as if the action involving nothing more than a dispute over a bill of lading--is at odds with the last 30 years of 1st Amendment jurisprudence", Reinhardt wrote.

The Jewish organizations had been involved in a long-running political battle with McCalden by the time the library association controversy arose.

During the course of the dispute in 1984, they convinced the Los Angeles City Council to unanimously pass a resolution urging the library association to remove McCalden from the conference and to end the city's participation in the conference.

Soon after, the association canceled McCalden's contracts to rent exhibit space and to present a program entitled "Free Speech and the Holocaust". McCalden had frequently charged that Jewish groups had suppressed discussion of the Holocaust.

In 1986, McCalden sued the Jewish organizations, the library association, the city and the Bonaventure Hotel, where the convention was held.




The lodge, Quator Coronati Lodge, was founded by nine Masonic brethren in 1884. The direct connection with Masonry and the Temple of Solomon is found in the number nine. The Templars or Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon was founded by nine men, all of whom practiced an early form of Egyptian Rite of Misraim.

The Order of the Knights Templar was a decadent organization which became sated with plunder from the Crusades. Their money power made them a state within a state (what else is Freemasonry?) and threatened Philip the Fair, King of France. An inquisition was used against them.

Those who escaped fled to Scotland and joined Robert Bruce--the beginning of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Order of the Templars was abolished by the Synod of Vienne in 1312 and its property scattered. Pope Clement V was never forgiven by the Templars for his support of the Synod of Vienne, said to be the basis of the well- established hatred of Christianity by the hierarchy of Freemasonry.

Besides its secret work, Quator Coronati is the top research arm of the United Grand Lodge of England, as well as its intelligence arm. The power of British intelligence is believed to come from this lodge. Its intelligence agents are said to have penetrated every intelligence service in the world, including the KGB and the Vatican security, in itself a remarkable feat.

The Jerusalem-based office of Quator Coronati deploys religious fanatics and political agents of influence among Jews and Arabs. It is the principal backer of the move to make Ariel Sharon "King of Israel". Sharon is in control of the settlers project responsible for bringing Russian Jews to Palestine which began with Lord Balfour in 1915 and culminated in the Limmasol, Cyprus agreement between top-ranking KGB officials and Ariel Sharon.

Quator Coronati was responsible for "finding and grooming" Theodor Herzl, the "father of Zionism" for his role as the leader of world Zionism whose main task it was to give Jews an identity with Palestine. Many Jews do not like what is happening in Israel and disapprove of what the Zionists have done. We should at all times take note of this. Not all "Jews" are Zionists.

The Quator Coronati's Washington office deploys agents of political influence. President Bush, a member of the secret Masonic Order of Skull and Bones, Secretary of State James Baker III, Kissinger, Cheney, and puppets of a lower order such as General Alexander "I'm in charge," Haig are frequently used by Zionist propagandist Larry King ("Larry King Live") to give a totally unbalanced, lying and distorted view of the reasons why the U.S. military is in Saudi Arabia. Quator Coronati Lodge has a whole slew of agents of influence in the House and Senate, not the least of whom are Dole, Lugar, Lantos and Solarz. All the above are referred to as "Circle of Correspondents" (of Quator Coronati). [H: Scared yet? You should be!!]

Quator Coronati is behind the agitation to build the Third Temple of Solomon on a bogus site of the old temple near the Dome of the Rock Mosque in Jerusalem. This is actually the spot where the Knights Templar stabled their horses during the Crusades. This dirty trick started 100 years ago, and it is one of the reasons (there are many others) why President Bush and his satraps refuse to link the return of Israeli-occupied land to the Palestinians with Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait.

A Scottish-born Jew, Asher Kaufman, is a tool of Quator Coronati's Temple of Solomon hoax. He was deployed to East Jerusalem in 1967 hot on the heels of the Israeli occupation to "find" archaeological proofs and support for the Third Temple of Solomon project. Kaufman's cover was a teaching post at the University of Jerusalem.

The "evidence" Kaufman allegedly uncovered subsequently proved to be an elaborate hoax. Kaufman wrote a number of articles about the Third Temple of Solomon project in "Ars Quator Coronati", the lodge journal.

The most compelling of Kaufman's articles was the one published in 1963 in the Biblical Archaeology Review, entitled "Where was Solomon's Temple?" It was not by accident that Kaufman chose a Christian forum to spread his lies, which explains why he didn't publish it in the usual way, i.e., in "ARS QUATOR CORONATI".

Claiming that he had new evidence to support the claim that Solomon's Temple once stood on the site now occupied by the Dome of the Rock Mosque al-Aksa, Kaufman's "proofs" were discredited by officials in the Cairo Museum--but it was enough to completely fool Christian fundamentalists in America, who flocked to support this fraud. Kaufman is a physicist who is not trained in archaeology.

Kaufman's unsupported claims were backed by Barbara Ledeen, wife of Michael Ledeen, a one-time consultant employed by the National Security Agency. Christian fundamentalist leaders still support this aberration, the ultimate goal of which is to drive both Muslims and Christians out of Jerusalem and out of the holy land altogether. Kaufman has turned out to be one of the most important "Circle of Correspondents" for Quator Coronati.

Kaufman's controller was Professor T. E. Allibone, the well-known atom bomb scientist and member of the Grand Mother Lodge of England, a leading member of the ultra-secret Quator Coronati Lodge and an expert on British royalty. Allibone and Kaufman were the direct contact points of entry by Quator Coronati into the Temple Mount project.

Another Quator Coronati operative was the late Alex Horn, a 33rd degree member of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and head of the Northern California Research Lodge (Grand Masonic Lodge). Horn wrote a book, assisted by Harry Carr, a former secretary of Quator Coronati in Washington D.C. The Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite in Washington D.C. promoted the book, which it considered a very important work.

While the book contains many elaborate hoaxes, it is clear that building the Third Temple of Solomon has NOTHING to do with Christianity, a fact which Pat Robertson and his fellow Christian fundamentalist leaders ought to explain to their followers. If ever it was made clear that Freemasonry (in which Solomon's Temple features so prominently) is a NON-CHRISTIAN enterprise, Horn's book KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE IN THE MASONIC TRADITION, leaves readers in no doubt of its purpose.

In an indirect, but no less important a manner was Avigdor Eskin, the son of a GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) colonel. Eskin is presently living in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba and sometimes does special speaking tours in the U.S. on behalf of the Temple Mount plotters, speaking tours which are aimed at Christian fundamentalist leaders and members of the U.S. Senate. Eskin is credited with turning Senator Helms around, which led to a meeting between Senator Helms and Ariel Sharon.

Eskin is a polished speaker as he demonstrated in an "Americans For A Safe Israel" meeting in April of 1984. The thrust of Eskin's message was that Israel must support the New Right in the U.S., including prayers in school, oppose abortion and homosexuality, and above all, be "Biblical Israel". It is easy to see how the Christian fundamentalists were taken in by this sophistry. Jesse Helms was very impressed by the seeming sincerity of Eskin. Apart from Helms, Eskin was a big hit with the Heritage Foundation, Paul Weyrich, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Richard Vigurie. To them he stressed that Jewish immigration to Palestine was an absolutely vital component to bring Israel "back to Biblical glory".

What Eskin didn't say was that the "Biblical Israel" he meant was the Temple Mount project to build the Third Temple of Solomon on the site occupied by the Dome of the Rock al-Aksa Mosque and thereby light the fuse for a "holy war" to erupt. On a visit to Washington, Eskin told a group of fundamentalists that it was necessary to blow up the Mosque and that erecting the Third Temple of Solomon on the site was a religious and political necessity.

Eskin, it must be noted, was not speaking for Jews but rather, as a KGB-planted agent of influence in Israel. I, Hatonn, wonder if ones such as Falwell and Robertson would be as willing to demolish the U.S. Capital, White House, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial and simply place the new Solomon's Temple in its rightful placement--right there! I further wonder if they will be happy to simply have their belongings tossed out into the rain and onto the streets and have the priests of that Temple simply take possession of their dwellings? Why is Temple Mount so valuable? It is not where the other temple was placed!! The Zionists of Israel and the British Orders already have possession of your governments, your media, your press and all major industries and operations--why not just put the Temple in downtown Washington and end the war in Palestine? Let the Israelis simply have and annex all of America and Canada--they don't want Mexico because it is too poor. Already ones tell George Green: "When we finally get control--we'll show you who is who"! This, by the way was a "partner in business" who objects to George presenting anything about the Khazars and/or Holocaust. America is already referred to in the European Community as "Little Israel" so why do you not make it easy on the Palestinians and simply rename your own country NOW, instead of waiting for the United Nations under orders of the One World Government to do it for you? All you are doing is offering the Royal Crown of Britain a hoarding place for weapons and arms in the Middle East. You have and always will, fight the battles FOR Israel AND THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND (BRITAIN).

One of Eskin's colleagues who works with him in the U.S. is Robert Jacobs whose self-appointed task is to build a strong bridge between the Temple Mount project and the New Right-Christian fundamentalists in the U.S. The New-Right Christian fundamentalists must share the blame for the attack on Arabs and Palestinians on the grounds of the al-Aksa Mosque on October 8, 1990.

The Biblical language used by proponents of rebuilding the Temple of Solomon had a powerful effect on Christian fundamentalists. Here are some extracts: "The main pillar of our revivalism is based on a deep-seated hope of old to see once more the Priests and the Levites performing their rites will certainly be fulfilled very shortly". Rites? You mean those "blood sacrifices and burnt offerings"? Those are the rites which are from the temples. What do you animal and human rights promoters and protestors think about that? I guess it is alright to slaughter or burn alive, chickens, doves and lambs--if it be in the name of the God of the Jews? The Jews certainly don't say: God of the Christians--THEY SAY: GOD OF THE JEWS! SO HOW IN THE DEUCE DID YOU GET INTO THE ACT ANYWAY? OH I SEE, YOU PAID FOR THE RIGHT BY SUPPORTING ISRAEL AND BELEAGUERING PALESTINE!!! THE FULL, AND PROJECTED OPENLY, INTENT OF THE JEWS IS TO GET RID OF ALL CHRISTIANS ANY WAY THEY CAN! That means, dear Judeo-Christian so-called "Christians" either are NOT CHRISTIANS IN THE NAME OF CHRIST JESUS OR ANY OTHER--BUT ARE IN FACT ZIONIST IN THE WORSHIP OF BURNT OFFERINGS AND SACRIFICIAL BLOODLETTING. AS ALWAYS-- THEY MAKE THE RITUALS AND SOMETHING ELSE DOES THE SACRIFICING--SOUNDS A LOT LIKE GOVERNMENT TO ME!

This bunch of ignorant so-called Christian fundamentalists know nothing about the wheeling and dealing carried out between the KGB and Ariel Sharon which took place in Limassol, Cyprus which culminated in the "return to the land of Israel" of 400,000 Russian Jews, nor about the Sharon-Drobles plan to populate the West Bank with 1.5 million Russian Jews by 2010 or sooner (preferably in total by year 2000 to coincide with the Plan 2000 completion). It is most doubtful whether God approved of these plans which include driving the Palestinians out of their homeland in complete abrogation of the Balfour Declaration which was, in itself, as blatantly heinous as anything you have had presented to the new world order citizens. I petition people in my Command of Hosts traveling with your Christ--and I find no condonement of such behavior--so WHOSE GOD MIGHT BE SERVED HEREIN???

Her Majesty's government, far from doing anything to preserve the rights of the Palestinians as guaranteed by that Balfour Declaration, is actively engaged through the United Grand Lodge of England and the Quator Coronati Lodge in assisting Sharon and his backers to the detriment of the Palestinians and will do nothing to prevent mass deportation of this hapless nation which will come in the near future.

Just as Captain George Hill, a top British Secret Intelligence Service agent was appointed to oversee Bolshevik plans for the revolution in Russia, so will British agents oversee plans to erect the Third Temple of Solomon. Hill was deployed to Salonika where he worked for 10 years to assist the Bolshevik high command. It is interesting to note that Hill's father had been a high-ranking Freemason in Russia. For those who may want to learn more about how Hill operated, Dr. Coleman recommends Hill's book, GO SPY THE LAND. I am not familiar with the document but accept the evaluation as being worthy.

As for the Christian fundamentalists, they will most probably regard the massPage 90 deportation of Palestinians from Israel as yet another fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Which is why Christian fundamentalist leaders like Pat Robertson and New Right spokesman William Buckley are so essential to Sharon and his backers. Using then special assistant to the President Morton Blackwell to make contact with Buckley in 1981, the Temple Mount Foundation people have received a lot of support from both men since then.

Pat Robertson, a member of a wealthy old Virginia family and a Yale Divinity graduate has been a boon to the Temple Mount planners. Robertson apparently believes in the restoration of Solomon's Temple even though, as we have pointed out, the original Solomon's Temple conformed in every detail to Canaanite temples. Perhaps Pat Robertson is unaware of this fact? Or, is he anti-Christian? You cannot have it both ways, friends! Robertson's belief in the restoration of the Temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock Mosque is carried by approximately 1500 radio and 100 television stations.

Another group who would dearly like to see Palestinians forced out of their homeland are the Alawite Moslems of northern Syria, led by President Hafez Assad and his family. Assad has long conspired with Sharon to bring death and destruction to Palestinians and Christians in Lebanon. But for the timely intervention by Pope John Paul II, it is very likely that Assad would have succeeded in wiping out the PLO when he had its armed forces trapped in Lebanon.

The Christians have not been that fortunate. The recent massacre of Christians by Syrian army units in Lebanon (if you have forgotten--we wrote in detail about this atrocity and you should go back and refresh your memories). This massacre was carried out under the direct gaze of the United States State Department and with the full knowledge of President Bush, who felt that it was more suitable to get Assad as an ally against Iraq than protect any Christians in Lebanon. This is truly in keeping with the secret agreement reached between Syria and Israel that any war in the region in the future would result in a "great Syria" and a "great Israel" (Eretz Israel).

I do not wish to get into the various breakdown of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewry because the factions are so hate-filled against one another that I truly do not wish to add fuel to the flames. Somewhere in the cracks have become lost the true Judeans who walked with and followed God of Truth and Light. Yes, there were some--for they followed a man called Christ--which indicates that there were ones on the path in seeking goodness and not political greed and power, theft and massacre of brothers.


I can't, however, find a way to get around a discussion regarding this perceived "greater-Sephardic Israel". These are the really "second-class" Jews in Israel and this has created a massive groundswell of hate among the citizens. We must look at this circumstance so that you have some idea of what factions are involved.

The hero of Israel's Sephardic Jews is Ariel Sharon. Levantine Jews are closely allied with Sharon in his bid to turn Israel into a full-blown Sephardic state, an Eastern Byzantine state in the manner of King Solomon when he succeeded his father, King David. The Sephardics are more concerned about rebuilding the Third Temple of Solomon than are Westernized Jews from the U.S. and South Africa, for example.

Soviet Sephardic Jews now flocking to Israel and the Sephardics already there will forever alter the "mix" of Israel. Douglas Kreiger, one of the chief fundamentalists operating in the U.S. on behalf of the Temple Mount project said: "What we are doing here is creating a whole new Jew. Most Western Jews, especially those in South America and South Africa, are going to be so far removed from the Israeli Jew that it will be a hard bridge to cross".

"Soviet Jewish emigration will fundamentally alter the complexion of Israel. We have to find an authentic Jewish culture. Judaism is Semitic. We weren't given the Torah in Europe, we were given it in Sinai. The Middle Eastern influence will come in and we will be Levantines". Then, further, the Torah is only followed as to setting--the Talmud is the book of rules which all Jews now are required to follow. This ties in with the thinking of the Assad family. Hafez Assad told Sharon that he does not fear Oriental Judaism, but he hates and fears "the New York Jews". Do any of you find that statement interesting? Are you getting a better vision of what Armageddon just may be like? Oriental Jews? Your education has been most limited, has it not?

The Temple Mount project run by Quator Coronati knows that Israel will change from the Westernized society to an Oriental society. The change meets with Quator Coronati approval because it will make the selling of the Third Temple of Solomon that much easier. As Alibone once said, "King Solomon was an Oriental king". This is another reason why Shamir is in the process of being ousted in favor of Sharon, who is being hailed by his Sephardic followers as the "King of Israel".

While British Freemasonry runs the Temple Mount project, the day-to-day hands on control is run by the Israeli Government through funding of the "Temple Mount Faithful-Atteret Cohanim" controlled by David Levy, at one time Israel's Foreign Minister. The ultimate goal of Atteret Cohanim is to drive Greek Orthodox-Roman Catholic and other Christian denominations out of Jerusalem and the holy land.

Coordinator of the "Temple Mount Faithful" is Stanley Goldfoot, the man suspected of master-minding the blowing up of the King David Hotel, an event which gave the British an excuse to abandon Palestine and leave the Arabs to their fate. Goldfoot stated that he believes Israel "must ruthlessly crush Islam". Former member of the terrorist Stern Gang, Yitzhak Shamir, supports the Temple Mount project.

On October 9, 1990, following the shooting deaths of the 22 Palestinians near the Dome of the Rock Mosque, Shamir stated quite falsely that "Jerusalem has been a Jewish city for 3000 years." Shamir can't count well nor has he studied his history books, bad as they might be. He apparently simply chose to ignore the fact that the Israeli military who took East Jerusalem have been told by the U.N. no less than 67 times to give up the occupation of Jerusalem.

Most directly to blame for the violence was Minister of Religious Affairs, Avner Shakti, who called for a mass turn-out of Jews at the Wailing Wall. His full-page newspaper ad caused 36,000 religious Jews armed with machine guns and pistols to parade through the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem shouting insults in which Shakti joined, screaming, "They should learn that Jerusalem is indivisible". Apparently Shakti is another one who could use a lesson or two on the history of Jerusalem which has been "divisible" for many centuries.

Although Christian fundamentalist leaders have not condemned the October shooting deaths of so many Palestinians, Cardinal John O'Connor called it "a conspiracy against Christianity". The cardinal was talking about the way in which Palestinians were set up in this Quator Coronati plot. Enraged Palestinians began to gather on the grounds of Haram-al-Sharif, after members of Temple Mount Faithful (with strong connections of Christian fundamentalist leaders in the U.S.) started distributing flyers that there would be a ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the Third Temple of Solomon on October 8, 1990. Quator Coronati has plenty of experience in stirring up Arab feelings which it got through Lawrence of Arabia and Glubb Pasha. How would you ones feel if a bunch of British Monarchists marched in full-blown intent of taking down your National Capital Building and laying a foundation stone for their Ruling Palace? Would it not annoy you just a little bit, especially if you were still under the false impression that you are a Constitutionally Sovereign Nation?


So here we go as to how it is done: By teaching that Islamic holy sites desecrate Judaism, Temple Mount Faithful guaranteed that not only Arabs, but also Jews are incited to violence. Surreptitious videotapes smuggled out of Israel showed that Israeli police and border guards made no effort at all to stop the provocative flyers from being handed out. No doubt they were acting on "orders" which, while undoubtedly local, had their origin in the Quator Coronati Lodge in London which must bear full responsibility for that which followed.

The secretly taken videotape discounted Israeli police claims that they were obliged to shoot at Palestinian youths who were throwing stones at Jews praying at the Wailing Wall. In fact, a very large number of Jews who had been praying there were told to vacate the area BEFORE the rock-throwing began.

Those of you who saw the "60 MINUTES" CBS documentary of the massacre cannot doubt that the stage was deliberately set for the sole purpose of creating dissension between Arabs and Jews. Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem, said as much. It is as with the pictures of the assassination of Kennedy and the pictures of his head blown away; do they leave any doubt for the need of questioning? Further, it is also as with the numbers in point in the Holocaust--THEY SIMPLY DO NOT ADD UP PROPERLY!

Who master-minded this dastardly affair in Jerusalem? Well, it will, as usual, go right back to the Crown in England and the British Intelligence, working on behalf of the Quator Coronati Lodge. The intent was to create sympathy for religious Jews and show how urgently necessary it is to level the al-Aska Mosque and build the Third Temple of Solomon on the site.

The Catholic magazine 30 DAYS stated that the Temple Mount project is designed to drive Moslems and Christian out of Jerusalem. It would seem that I protect the Catholic Church in this instance but I would make note that Cardinal O'Connor and 30 DAYS spoke out and condemned the massacre of unarmed Palestinians. In contrast, dear ones, Robertson, Falwell, Crouch, et al, remained totally mute when they should have spoken out in the name of humanity if nothing else.

So it appears that now we have new thrusts and accusations added to our other tauntings. This now of "anti-Jewish" and "anti-Christian Fundamentalist" and so, let me say that the vast majority of Jews do not agree with what is happening in Israel under the auspices of Sharon and the United Grand Lodge of England. Jews are by rabbinical law forbidden to pray on Temple Mount. I am certainly not opposed to Christians who genuinely believe in fundamentalism, but note that is because I have no intent of interference in that which you choose to believe or in which you participate--however, by and large the followers of these leaders are being sorely misled in ignorance--both on the part of the leaders and selves.


Perhaps we need to examine the origin of this Christian doctrine. It was the decadent British East India Company who established Christian fundamentalism in the U.S. through its servant, the Reverend John Nelson Darby. Darby, besides being an Anglican priest, was also an agent for the Andre family of Switzerland. The Andres are top-ranking Freemasons. One of the Andres was hanged during the American War of Independence as a spy for the British Army. Today the Andre family runs a giant grain business and are in the forefront of grain exports to the Soviet Union.

Darby's sermons were based on "secret knowledge" which he said had been imparted to him by God. Funny thing about this statement--God doesn't keep secrets--WE JUST RIGHT OUT AND TELL IT ALL EXACTLY AS IT IS! THIS KNOWLEDGE WAS BASICALLY DISPENSATIONAL PREMILLENNARIANISM. Darby said that a modern Israel would arise to its original Biblical glory. When this point would be reached, it would be time for the Apocalypse and the Second Coming of Christ followed by the Millennium. An essential condition of this is the restoration of the Temple of Solomon. When the Temple of Solomon was restored to its former (Canaanite) glory, a Biblical Israel would become the target of an attack of Gog and Magog, which battle would take place on the plains of Megiddo in the Middle East; the Battle of Armageddon as told in the Book of Revelations, which would be preceded by famines, pestilences--all signs that the Second Coming was at hand. Now I suggest this may all be quite true in personal interpretation--but the one thing missing from the outlay is that the projection is in no wise from GOD! IT IS FROM MR. DARBY! THEREFORE, THERE ARE SEVERAL VERY SERIOUS FLAWS IN THE PERCEPTION--ONE MAIN ONE BEING THE TEMPLE OF SOLOMON--HOWEVER, IT IS RECOGNIZED THAT IF THE WORLD ALLOWS THIS HEINOUS ACT OF VIOLENCE AND EVIL--TO OCCUR--THE REST WILL FOLLOW AS SURELY AS NIGHT FOLLOWS DAY.

Darby manipulated Christians into believing that those Christians who shared his "secret knowledge" would have nothing to fear from the disasters as they would be taken up directly into Heaven and thereby spared the horrors of what was going to happen. This "secret knowledge" teaching has strong links to Gnosticism, which is an essential part of Freemasonry. How many of you beloved "Christians" realize this historical truth? Go look it up! Don't sit around and throw stones at your children or loved ones and/or Hatonn because YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR HISTORY FROM YOUR EXPECTED RAPTURE TICKET!

This deceiving Darby abused the trust of Christians, who were not aware of his true intentions: namely to create an atmosphere whereby Zionism would flourish under the pretext of a "restored Biblical Israel". By this means Darby was able to create the impression that moral issues (like the shooting of the 22 Palestinians) mean little and should not be allowed to obscure the vision of "the New Jerusalem". All events in the Middle East are understood by Christian fundamentalists as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, a belief upon which the Zionist mercilessly play.

This accounts for the seeming lack of Christian Fundamentalist protest over the massacre of Christians in Lebanon, both by Sharon and Hafez Assad, although I am sure that individual Christian fundamentalists condemn it--surely, please. Perhaps this is because Christian fundamentalist leaders believe that Lebanon is going to be part of a revived Biblical Israel. This view is drawn from the fact that Lebanon is mentioned 72 times in the Bible, nearly always in close conjunction with Israel. The rationale for failure to condemn Sharon and Hafez Assad appears to be that events in Lebanon are part of biblical prophecy.

Another intent of Quator Coronati was to stir up animosity between Arabs and Jews which would prevent any peace plans from coming to fruition. This is not the first time that such tactics have been used. At one stage, Sharon directed "Unit 101" who killed Palestinians with the intention of derailing peace talks being conducted. Boy, does this sound familiar in the immediate circumstances? I warn you--in Britain, the Crown and the Freemasons in London, Assad in Damascus or Sharon in Israel, there is no wish for a peaceful settlement to the Israeli-Arab conflict over Palestine. Great Britain is looking out for the interests of number uno: Great Britain. How can you tell? Because, as graciously given me by Dr. Coleman, the following more important backers of Sharon are:

Lord Harlech (David Ormsby-Gore)

Lord Carrington

Sir Edmund Peek

Nicholas Elliott (Top-ranking British SIS agent)

Charles Douglas Home

Rupert Murdoch (Publishing magnate)

Lord Nicholas Bethel

Alexander Haig (Liaison to Bush administration)

There are more but this must suffice. Without this kind of powerful support, Sharon would never have been able to pull off his West Bank land grab and the emigration of Jews from Russia to settle on it. Remember also, that every one of the above mentioned are in the top echelon of Freemasonry whether you like to face it or not. So, before you pass judgment solely on the Israelis or through misguidance fail to RECOGNIZE ALL YOUR VARIOUS ENEMIES--YOU MUST GO TO THE HEART OF THE BEAST FROM WHICH THIS EVIL HAS BEEN BIRTHED AND NURTURED--MUCH MORE, FACILITATED.

This too, is why-Israeli flags fly side by side with the American Flag on the podiums of the Trinity Broadcasting Network conferences--in equal status with your own nation's importance and allegiance. It is also why the golden ribbons adorn everything and further explains the stunning failure of Christian fundamentalists to criticize Bush for going to war with Iraq--after all, just a little sacrifice, burnt offerings and blood ritual. How many of you noticed last year, Crouch taking the Presidential Seal ornament and wearing it like a medal of honor at the Holiday Season--sent to him from Bush through a personal envoy?

Iraq was desired destroyed by the British Crown and Israel--no more and no less--and YOU paid the price in both honor, integrity and finances--LOST.

You must, therefore, also look in this context at the tragedy of Haram-al Sharif. It must be regarded as an elaborate pre-planned and orchestrated movement to bring on a conflagration in the Middle East that will leave Israel the supreme power in the region, an Israel bereft of Christians and Muslims alike. There will be other massacres in the West Bank with continuing frequency which will cause Arabs and Palestinians to flee and seek safety--ultimately, in Jordan--thus making Sharon's dream of an Arab-free Israel a reality.

Ariel Sharon confirmed the facts that the massacre of Haram-al Sharif was pre-planned as he told reporters: "Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people for 3000 years" (an absurd claim under all circumstances). Sharon ignored the fact that Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem is illegal, as it has been since 1967. Bush and his new- found masters at the UN do not seem to see this in the same light of Iraq's right to be in Kuwait. To keep the matter dormant to some extent, Bush continues to use the personal assault against Saddam in point of focus.

Yes, chelas, there will be wars and rumors of war and the plans are to get the big one under way soon. If you cannot learn from history you are destined to repeat it--over and over and over and over and over - - - .

Thank you Dharma, for the long hours of work this day. I release you now, chela. God walks with you beloved ones.

Salu, Hatonn to clear.



MON., JANUARY 27, 1992 1:55 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 164



Ah, what a tangled web ye weave - -! Hatonn present. I'm not going to cover much today as to "news" as we run so short of time for necessary documents.

I would allow you a few hours off, Dharma, but since court was only postponed to Thursday morning I feel we must work today instead.

I do want the matter noted to documentation. Another "harassment" type of situation for which I ask that the Law Center pursue when the time is appropriate for counter- filing on the matter of the diesel tank. I do not believe that expenses incurred to bring two attorneys down this great distance for court only to be told that the Judge hadn't taken time to review the case--is sufficient cause for two hearings. Typical? Yes. Correct and lawful procedures? No. Not according to the Constitution. We will speak of this at a later time.

I do ask that the contacts be followed up by Gene and the Constitutional Law Center-- within the week--with Leona Helmsley, Imelda Marcos, John Judge at the "Open the Files" place in the Kennedy matter and/or Oliver Stone directly. Judge is the most knowledgeable of the group who have written and investigated the incidents. Then move right on to Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. Robert's death was another "magic bullet". The prestige of the Law Center will open doors otherwise SHUT. In the matter of opening the case files--Gonzales of Texas is also an excellent contact.

When the extent of the involvement of Bush and Nixon are revealed, there will be total chaos. It is that no one has had strength enough to get heard--I believe the Constitutional Law Center is strong enough to do nicely.


The noose is getting very tight now that the One World Government is on the table. I have had hundreds upon hundreds of petitions to speak on the matter of Christianity, Church, Zionism, etc., in this thrust for final power. Then I come and say to you that you no longer even recognize the TRUTH in "CHRIST"ianity. Your most fundamentalist so-called Christian leaders are in favor of "just wars" and how does this all equate with that which GOD IS?

Dharma has sorely dreaded these days when we would confront the facts of religions for it causes such uprising in the blind followers of emotionally packed evangelical Pentecostalism. Moreover, what IS this church vs. state matter? Well, any more it is simply that the Zionists can say and do anything and you (all the rest) cannot speak back.

The facts are that George Bush's New World Order has been the finalized modern creation of the Tower of Babel. The conspiracies are so great that they well may reach unto the very heavens except the direction is quite incorrect in conception. And, as before when the Tower of Babel first came about--the people were scattered about and abroad from the place of God unto the face of all the earth. Genesis tells the tale quite nicely. The ones who pronounced themselves "chosen" and "of God" and built the Tower of Babel were, in fact, Godless. So today is the New World Order/One World Government--Godless. The facts are being laid forth most clearly to the very Christian leaders who object in any way to Bush's ruling party. Oh, he keeps ones like Falwell, Graham, Crouch, etc., on the line--but they are fundamentalists who have set their churches and doctrines upon the story given forth by your very enemies. The conservatives have no sails and their boats are sunk. From a "Christian" perspective, there is no role to be played in this so-called New World Order because it's godless, i.e., the Tower of Babel. It is going nowhere. It's totally humanistic. It is without faith and is foredoomed to failure.

But how can this be? Bush continually invokes God's help and before the war in the Gulf he loudly proclaimed his own faith not only in the New World Order but also in God. He said he prayed to the Lord and the Lord told him to strike at Saddam Hussein. Why do you say the New World Order then, is Godless?

What you see is NOT what you get! You have to remember some things--Billy Graham also showed up at the White House with the President before you struck Iraq.

The way this false kind of faith alluded to works is that a president decides what he is going to do and then he calls upon God to bless what he has already decided to do.

This is having a form of the faith but without any substance. It is all eyewash and lip service, and it's quite frankly the kind of thing God most hates and despises. In fact, I believe you also find the words representing God's position in the matter of this type of misrepresentation: "I will smash them with a rod of iron like they are potter's vessels".

So, please know--when you have bits of prayers at the White House and mention the "G" word--as it should be called--that is, "God" and you have someone like Billy Graham, a noted leader with an "in with God" along, then that's not really the faith at all. That is something that is totally disgusting.

You are living in remarkable times where some of the liberal church groups--not really Christian groups, just religious groups--are against every military action in the history of the world--but certainly are liberal in every other aspect of breaking the ten commandments. Then you have some who will change with the apparent flow of "Godliness" in action and what is politically proper for the time being. Even a blind pig can see that a stopped clock is right at least twice a day and keeps right on rooting. Usually these ones who were right about hating the Gulf War in point--were right for the WRONG REASONS.

But then you get it: "Just war--this is a Just war!". To cover their own ignorance as to what the war was about, because we don't expose our congregations to any of this type of information because they consider it Heinous and Satanic--no indeed, it is far better to mumble "just war".


Now here is where the boys got separated from the men in the "Christian" blood-lust. The Jerry Falwells of the fundamentalists queued up right quickly to support the war. These preachers have allowed their religion to become politics. War is not of God. Defense is acceptable--going to war is not. I would suggest that if war were suitable you would send 100,000 troops into Washington D.C. and actually defend your nation and people. That, of course, would not be virtuous--but send them 10,000 miles away to put down a dastardly Hitler-like somebody seems to be OK. Now, no one ever showed that Saddam was a Hitler-like man--Bush certainly showed that HE IS.

You went to war for the British and to put a vile pig with 80 wives back on a monarchial throne. I think that anyone who sits to simply read the commandments will find several things amiss in the Gulf War.

At any rate, I have just been espousing the truths about the fundamentalists and the connections with Masonic Orders and the British Crown.

I have permission to utilize more of Dr. Coleman's fine research and am most happy to share it with you. The time appears to be right to draw attention to the lesser known activity of the Washington-Moscow partnership in the religious theater of operations. You must remember, religion control IS the primary rule for takeover. I'll just cruise along herein and sort some things that you might well forget to look at closely.


You have been led to believe that the Bolsheviks are opposed to anything of a spiritual and religious nature. In fact this is NOT TRUE at all. Mt. Athos remained the center of religious instruction for decades and indeed retains that position to this day. The Bolshevik's hatred of religion was directed solely at Christianity.

The revival of the Fellowship of Faiths is a sign of the times; barriers are allegedly down in Europe and the nations of Europe are said to be uniting in one big happy family. As long as diverse religions remain a force, the advent of a One World Government will be delayed. Bertrand Russell once put it succinctly: "...religion is a nuisance, if we cannot take control of it, then we must get rid of it."

So having failed to "get rid of it", other tactics are being employed, using the shop- worn relativistic idea that all religions are the same and of equal value. Proof that the onslaught against Christianity has not diminished is to be found in the attack upon the U.S. Constitution, which is being mounted in increasing intensity by Lloyd Cutler who was recently joined in this effort by Attorney General Richard Thornburgh and today it is all-out free-for-all, especially through the Zionists/Holocaust proclamations.

The same type of zealous denouncement came about with the Native Americans. Oh, you went out and you made them religious all right--religiously hate the very sight of you so-called Christians. You see--they never lost Christ. They lived in balance and harmony with God (Great Spirit) and the Creations of God. Yes, there were some "unGodly" Indians but, brothers, nothing to even begin to compare to unGodly Christians.

But why the massive effort to put aside this great document called the Constitution? The U.S. Constitution is second only to the Word of God and would not work unless based on Christian LAW. It has ceased to work because you have always seen to the breaking of the Laws and not to the required enforcing of them. There is a Constitutional Law that REQUIRES BALANCING OF THE BUDGET THROUGH THE STATES EVERY YEAR! It has NEVER been honored.

This political tyranny will sweep the land if you do not have the protection of the Constitution. It is one of the desired goals of the conspirators to bring the people of your country to heel under a tyrannical government to then be shifted under the rule of Britain through the UN. You will have a Soviet-run military force to see to its working. Only unrestricted private gun ownership is standing between the American people and those seeking to enslave them--right now. Yes, God does allow the defense of one's family and property.

The spirit of evil, that hatred of the right to freedom embodied in the Constitution is gaining ground, and grows stronger with the passage of time. Spiritually wicked men in high places abound; they are everywhere at work to enslave men, not only physically, but spiritually also. A frightening example of how successful they have become confronts you in the largest slave empire the world has ever known, to whit, the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Don't act surprised, please--they proclaim to the world to be Atheistic! That does not mean that the spiritually Godly people ceased to be Godly. Remember that in the ending times of the world, as you know it--the evil would be more evil and the holy would be ever more holy. Be thankful of that in the Russian people for they often ride "white" horses.

You are supposed to believe that the Soviet Union is disintegrating and that, as a system, it will soon be archaic. There is no more cold war and on and on ad nauseam. "Communism" is also a LIE but THEY call it Communism so I call it Communism. Communism as the Soviets practiced it will never change. It may do so on the surface but at the core there will be very little change. Remember that all of the men on the Lenin government--Communism government--roster were and still are "Jewish" in origin. Some, like Lenin--in fact most--simply have changed names to hide origin. We have written about this at length so spare us the time of argument herein. No one has torn up and scrapped (really) the Constitution of the USSR. There are still well over twelve million political and religious prisoners still incarcerated in those Soviet prisons. Some of them--yours! Men as far back as the Korean War.

Note, too, that Bush has not made this a condition of any of the treasonous treaties he agreed to during the Gorbachev's "summit" meetings. When you should have been able to "read his lips" Bush was silent. The fact is--he is not in control in any way whatsoever. The Communists and Zionists are pulling all the strings--all moving back as a unit to the Committee of 300.


What is this "term" and how does it fit in? What political events could be impacted? You will have to go first into the history of the One World Government movement. Remember the blueprint according to the Protocols, etc.?

The idea of a unified religious faith is certainly not new. It seems to sound good until you consider that the Baptists can't even get along with the Methodists and neither can get along with the Catholics, much less the whole group melding in with the Mormons who have a SECRET ORGANIZATION to match only the Vatican. So, whose doctrines will you use? None follow the rules of the Great Spirit Creator--so whose will you choose? Well--so, you will democratically "vote-something-in". The concept of unified "religion" is as old as Christianity itself and even prior. You will find as you investigate the matter THAT THE OBJECTIVE IS TO DESTROY THE WHOLE CONCEPT OF CHRISTIANITY BY WHATEVER NAME.


And what is Kedranath Das Gupta? Is it some kind of Amaranth goop? No. Who were the men behind a fellowship of faiths? The movement was the idea of Kedranath Das Gupta, who was a member of the Executive Committee of the pro-Communist War Resisters League which advocates armed proletarian revolution. There is no need to argue with me--GO LOOK UP THE INFORMATION.

The formal first session of the Fellowship of Faiths in America was held in Chicago in 1933 (at least by that title) and the true nature and intent of the movement was soon declared by Sir Rabindranath Tagore, the founder of the pro-Communist school in India (British) that bears his name and underscored by Bishop Montgomery Brown, an Atheist-Communist keynote speaker. Montgomery closed one of his speeches with the following admonition to the delegates who wildly cheered him:

"There will exist a complete World Fellowship of Faiths only when the Gods are banished from the Skies and the Capitalists from the Earth". Now is that not a beautiful thought, for you nice Americans especially? It is further interesting that Sir Rabindranath Tagore, a man whose ideas were so at odds with the beliefs of the British, was knighted by the very people he was allegedly railing against. Isn't history fascinating? Where were YOUR teachers of history?

Sir Rabindranath was a great believer in sex education for very young children and so, I suppose his impact lingers on in your controlled society today. One would tend to think of this plague upon your children as a new thing, wouldn't you? Something that you could say is "new" and therefore "untried" and having failed otherwise---. Well, forget "new", it had its roots in the Cult of Dionysus (another name for Satan) so all of you who tout and tell me that you know this or that because Dionysus speaks to you-- spare me the offense of having to set you straight. Some will say, "Oh, I have a guide 'Diomanalo', etc. Look again--because the lamp they bear is interesting (to say the least) and it was firmly established among the priests of Baal and the Egyptian priesthood of Osiris. Before you ones own up to "speakers" supposedly of the Heavenly realms--I suggest you do a lot more work in your history books.

Well, but what of Hatonn? It is spelled and pronounced "Aton" and I think most of your "speakers" will quite quickly deny me, denounce me and finally threaten to "hang up on you" if you continue to use my name.

It would be most surprising to have found Christian priests and leaders actually accepting the idea of a fellowship of faiths and actively working together with haters of Christianity back in 1910, if you did not see the very same thing happening right before your eyes as you enter the year AD 1992 in stepped-up measure.

In 1910 a Sir Francis Younghusband (yet another Knight of the British monarchy) made the following statement:

"The idea of a World Friendship of Faiths originated with an Indian and an American. Kedranath Das Gupta was a native of Chittagong in Eastern Bengal, a town whose inhabitants are composed of four of the great religions of the world".

"The idea occurred to Mr. Das Gupta that a fellowship for the union of East and West might be formed for the mutual appreciation of each other's standpoint". Forget that either one or the other might be correct but that both could not be totally correct as shown by the fact of four separate entities, each differing. "He has worked for 25 years on this idea and latterly found a cordial co-operator in an American, Mr. Charles F. Weller, who had for years been working hard for a League of Neighbors".

"When they spoke to me a few years ago about forming a Fellowship of Faiths, the idea made an instant appeal. In America a Parliament of Religions assembled in 1893. In Paris in 1904 commenced a series of sessions of the International Congress of the History of Religions, other sessions of which were held in Basel, Oxford and Leiden".

It is not by accident that these cities were chosen, for especially in Basel, Oxford and Leiden, are found the organizations who promote Liberation Theology. The violent anti-Christian ideas generated there were nurtured and then turned into action throughout the world. Leiden today is THE center of revolutionary ideas, and some consider it to be the home of Liberation Theology.

It was out of Leiden that the traitor Heissewitz came, the son of a Jewish Rabbi who succeeded in dividing the Christian church in South Africa and thus opening the door to the heathen black hordes of the African National Congress to swarm in. If ever there was a case of treason against the Christian faith, that dishonor belongs to Professor Heissewitz, alias Professor Heynes, a dedicated spiritual enemy of Christendom.

To return to the statement made by Sir Thomas Younghusband:

"In London in 1924 a Conference of the Living Religions of the Empire (the British Empire, that is) was held. And in 1933 in Chicago, continued in 1934 in New York, a Congress of the World Fellowship of Faiths was convened under the presidency of the Honorable Herbert Hoover and Miss Jane Addams". Oh, you are appalled--England wouldn't treat us like that, you might object: DOES ANYONE REMEMBER A REVOLUTION? REMEMBER A REVOLUTION CALLED THE "AMERICAN REVOLUTION"? WHO DID YOU WAR WITH? WHY? DIDN'T YOU LEARN ANYTHING AT ALL FROM THAT WAR? BECAUSE OF THAT WAR DIDN'T YOU WRITE A CONSTITUTION FOR FREEDOM PROTECTION? FROM WHOM? IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?? YOU FOUGHT YOUR VERY WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE AGAINST ENGLAND--THAT IS "GREAT BRITAIN" AND THE QUEEN. PLEASE SPARE ME THE MOANING AND GROANING--THEY HAVE ONLY COME BACK WITH MORE SEVERE PENALTIES AND TAXES AND YOU HAVE ALLOWED THEM IN BY YOUR OWN DOING.

What think ye, that makes today "DIFFERENT"? At each turn of eras--all things are possible--AGAIN--for you never finish in truth the wonders before you. You are given gifts of pearls from God and you cast them back into the path of the swine. Why would God "rapture" YOU--YOU who deny HIM??

"The Maharajah Gaekwar of Baroda was elected International President; it is now proposed to hold in London in 1936 a second such congress".

The most striking objection to such a "meeting of religious minds" comes from the words of Christ who asked, "...what communion doth darkness have with light"? In those few profound words lie the death knell of ideas of people who have long sought the demise of Christianity by merging, or better yet, submerging it in a floodtide of other religions. You think YOU would stand up as a Christian? NO--the fact that it is being discussed indicates that YOU WOULD NOT!


Please allow us a rest break and allow ones to ponder the words for that which we bring forth now is the basis for man's journey through this veil of expression. Be most careful as to your "druthers" for "druthers" don't count.

Hatonn to stand-by, please.



WED., JANUARY 29, 1992 10:56 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 166



In the midst of that which seems the total darkness is the most brilliant of insight for in the darkness the distractions are few if there also be silence. Hatonn present to share in Light and Loving care.

The truths are hard to accept, as the training is long and well-prepared in the darkening of your world. It does not mean that potential for vision is gone, only that the picture is not clear.


As with all things--two sides in minimum counting--exist and even in your dimension of locking into time and space restraints--you will find three.

You cannot listen to a thing, say, Yeltsin saying that all is well and no longer will missiles be pointed at U.S. targets. It means NOTHING--for there is no longer need of the missiles in any type of war. You are locked into a new grid system with different types of weaponry.

How can it be, then, that Hatonn can say Russia is your enemy and turn about and say that from Russia will come your help? Because evil is the enemy of goodness and, therefore, one facet of the Russia of which we example will be that which works with your portion of Godly people--but the U.S. Government may well be the deadly Russian enemy--that means that in taking down your government the perception and actually action will probably be to take out major portions of the nation. God's enemy has taken possession of the nations of the world. Who, for instance is your (God's child in Truth) deadly enemy? Your government which has fallen to the Elite evil and the intention is to enslave you ones of "the people".

The worst news that you can get and yet, the most obvious show and tell, is Yeltsin coming to spend time with Bush at Camp David--that should send chills into thine very life center. However, it means that Yeltsin has no control over the events of most importance in his own nations.


The state of your Union is horrendous. Did Bush give you anything upon which to base attitudes of change? He even told you that there would come more and more deviations from the Constitution--specifically in Freedom of Speech--using "anti- Semitism" with the same abandon as the Zionists. If you really listened to the speech-- it is all quite clear in intent. Moreover--he was simply announcing that you are going to be sucked along exactly as the plans run and you haven't anything to say about it.

You are disarming America because you have been ordered to do so. The assumption is that you can be brought under control easily now and you have sufficient weapons for little interim nuclear wars in the Middle East, etc. The toys are of no use or value as you recognize the weapons to be--the ones you are shown are totally obsolete.


Don't come to me and say, "We had no way to know!" That is not so--for a century there have been ones bringing total truth. Just this past couple of weeks a series has been shown on cable network (public) on the Secret Intelligence. Perhaps it is not totally detailed but I promise you that there is enough information to have awakened the entire world if anyone had listened. The series was done in 1988, so yes, there are changes but it took your CIA through and into the SOD (Special Operations) and into the massive fingers of "Black Operations" and code-named projects. John Coleman, Eustace Mullins and dozens of others have been pleading with you to listen and you have turned from them and persecuted them or allowed their persecution. But it is now time, for you have gone about as far as you can go on the planet as is.

Dharma is brought into awakening this morning with fourteen new projects needing tending and three different subjects to be penned into JOURNALS along with enough information needing sharing on an immediate basis--that we blew all the fuses and circuits. I had to call a central meeting to personally prioritize and hand out jobs. Please, readers, we are in receiving of so many wondrous things from you ones that we are slow to respond in just the sorting of them. We will get to them as quickly as possible and we have turned one or two superb writings over to readers to evaluate. Not that I can't evaluate but, rather, some things are intended for insight assistance for the human receiver and must be looked at through human eyes. One is a summary of information for those who refuse to listen and refuse to effort to look at the material because of sheer magnitude of the job in point. Another is giving actual seminars on the eight PLEIADES CONNECTIONS, as are several--and this material is the most important section of material as regards manifestation and soul progression. Please accept that I receive all this information and am responding directly to the best of our communications exchange. Since there is a central focus here, I appreciate your sharing for I cannot allow misperceptions of our material to be spread about if receivers are incorrect. Keep it to the "in my opinion" category always, and you are safe. Time passage is bringing back ones who have actually attacked us personally either through Thedra's group and/or opinions given by others about our work on the basis of mis- and dis-information from totally ignorant personages. There is never intent to actually gain knowledge of the work if the point is to deceive or tear you away from you utilizing this material. If "they" study the material, they find it to be Truth and there is nothing available for the discounting. Therefore, to serve their own dark gods--ignorance must be maintained.

A good rule of thumb to get over such encounters is to simply ask the denouncer: "Have you personally even read the material?" and "ALL OF IT??" "Every line of it?" "From where do YOU get your authority to critique the material" and "WHO TOLD YOU?" If they give you the old, "I've been bringing material for Sananda, Hatonn and God (Aton) for 45 years and thus and so--" see if they speak as ones speaking FOR GOD or allowing God to speak for self. The clues become man focused and the argument will cease to be of God projection but defense is totally of physical level of protest. Then, I suggest you tell them quite succinctly and directly that "Hatonn claims to speak in direct authority from Aton and will speak with any energy form available to any human spokesman". See what you get for a response. I stand totally on the word of the Laws for I brought them, sent them and now bring them again. I come again with my people of the Hosts and with my spokesman of TRUTH in reclamation of that which is MINE. For those fragments who choose to travel with the dark energies--so be it.



Dharma, again I believe that we shall speak on "Christianity" because we come close to the time of choices within each and the misperceptions far outnumber the correct assumptions. I want, as you ponder our recent writings of fundamentalism, that you harken to last evening and one present WITH the Presidential family as a confidant and advisor--Billy Graham. Be cautious indeed, for you must realize that the Billy Graham you see is not that which WAS. Moreover, you can KNOW that for self--easily. Billy Graham had surgery for cancer years ago which would have left him virtually speechless. I believe you will note that he speaks a lot--all over the world. You again, are victims of the terrible lie against God and Christianity. There are no "JUST WARS" friends--for if only one side be "right" then obviously it is not a "just war" for the other. GOD CHOOSES NONE ABOVE ANOTHER AND THEREFORE ANY HUMAN PROCLAIMING A THING TO BE "JUST" ONLY SEES FROM THE SIDE OF HIS OWN PERSPECTIVE AND THE VERY VISIONING OF SUCH NARROW SIGHT--IS NOT OF GOD--FOR WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE GIVEN IN JUSTNESS!



Christianity is unique; it stands alone; it is the basis of the economic system you call Capitalism. Shocking? Why? It is because since the turn of your century, at least, Capitalism has had no real meaning in "fact". It has been totally and completely prostituted and abased by the Conspirators of the One World Government--just exactly as has been the term and realization of "Communism". Without Christianity, the world would plunge into a New Dark Age, such as overwhelmed it during the 15th century. Why? Because true Christianity takes in ALL creeds, all colors--ALL who function in the human form of knowledge and thought reason. It is a state of being or progression of consciousness toward the Christed workings of God of Light, according to the balanced guidelines and guarantees given by God through the LAWS for your species and orderly growth. The remainder of natural creation work within the Natural Laws which simply ARE and cannot be changed--only brought into imbalance and disharmony. This state of affairs in the physical manifestation is always accomplished through the human projection according to his chosen direction. At some point in each "stage play" comes the point of total imbalance wherein balance shall be returned in natural sequence regardless of what the "human" does. He will bring self into balance or he shall be given lessons through the imbalance and ultimately Mother Nature will work it all out in very proper sequence of events.

Bring MAN into balance and harmony and the rest follows as surely as the balanced order of the universe. So, it is MAN out of control for you have called your way "Christian" and yet moved directly in opposition to the Christed teachings and State of Being. All the arguing and voting will not change an iota of the fact of it. Until the direction and intent of man changes, things will further deteriorate.

I get petition after petition asking for input and interference for "I am asking" are the pleas and "don't I count"? Indeed, indeed--and if asking in serious and honest intent-- YOU are in great shape, aren't you? Remember, however, that you cannot change another--only self. So yes, yes, your petition is heard and honored and you will find your path to be quite clear as YOU learn to release those who are blinded and deafened. Offer and then allow, is all you can do. Then WAIT UPON THE LORD. You cannot force and be of God. Each must desire the change and it is part of your coming into KNOWING to recognize as much and yet, continue constantly to call upon the Hosts for assistance for it keeps you attached and prepared for service in your own purpose. Remember that prayers are rarely ever answered as YOU BELIEVE THE RESPONSE TO BE--because you know not another's contract nor the purpose of that which already IS. YOU, in honest intent will not be given more than you can bear--even if it seems otherwise. There are some wise words which the Master Teacher brought you--"To save your life you must give up your life"! Now how much are you willing to give up of the physical to save that of the infinite? All save sex on Friday nights? All save my security funds? All save talking badly about my neighbor and hating him just a little bit? What are you ACTUALLY willing to give up to save your own infinite soul? I didn't say you had to even give it up--I said what are you honestly willing to give up?

You remind me of the monkey with his hand in the narrow-mouthed jar. He can grasp the peanuts within but cannot remove them in clenched fist. Yet if he unfolds his hands he drops them all. Wouldn't it be higher intelligence to reason out the problem and simply turn the jar into another container? That is for the monkey--for human of higher reason--if that be all the peanuts on the planet--you had better eat one, save one and hopefully have one or two to plant. THERE IS RESPONSIBILITY IN BEING IN THE HIGHER REASONING MANIFESTATION OF MAN! Further, you must understand that every action bears a reaction--cause and effect. If you eat all the peanuts the consequences are that you won't have any for later and none to grow. If YOU chose to eat them all--why do YOU then blame GOD for your consequence of reaction/effect? You of mankind have made some miserably poor and horrendous choices and now the consequences are upon you as effect. NOW you want God to make it all nice and shiny new for you while you dump your load on the blood of a murdered man of 2000 years past and most of the world never believed in that particular entity in the first place. Does that mean that the majority do not have equal Christ presentation? No--ALL DO, for GOD IS JUST! IN OTHER WORDS--YOU DID IT, NOW YOU ARE CAUGHT IN THOSE CHOICES OF ACTION OR INACTION. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND INACTION REPRESENTS AS MUCH ACTION AS DOES ANY OTHER CHOICE. I CAN'T HELP IT IF YOU CHOOSE TO DISBELIEVE ME OR MY PRESENCE--THAT IS SIMPLY ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR CHOICES AND IN THE ENDING WE SHALL SEE WHO HANDLES INFINITY TO THE BEST ADVANTAGE. ULTIMATELY YOU SHALL HANDLE IT, YOU KNOW, AND YOU SHALL DO IT IN "MY" WAY. IN THE MEANWHILE DO THAT WHICH YOU WILL FOR I HAVE NO CAUSE TO JUDGE ONE WAY OR ANOTHER--I SHALL GATHER THOSE WHICH ARE MINE AND WANT TO COME AND YOU MAY DO WHATEVER THE ADVER- SARY OF THE PHYSICAL PLANE HAS TO DEAL OUT TO YOU--WHILE YOU LAST. DO I THREATEN YOU? NO--THIS SIMPLY IS THE WAY IT IS.

The Christian creed was not appreciated by Sir Thomas Younghusband nor Sir Thomas Youngblood of recent writings. It is not appreciated by the legislators of your country. The Fellowship of Faiths sought to merge Christianity with other religions and so cause it to lose its unique identity, and the legislators of your country have carried forward Youngblood's ideas. You can easily see it in the falsely vile doctrine of "separation of church and state". What is really meant by this term? It simply means the total suppression of CHRIST-ianity. The point in focus was the intent to turn a "State of Being" into a State of Religion so that the workings within the Laws of God would not need be noted.

Youngblood did not explain the nature of the Threefold Movement and the League of Neighbors. No wonder, when it becomes known that both the foregoing stood for the unbridled revolution against Christianity and the Western ideals which rest upon it. "But", you say, "...we are talking about something called the Church of Christ and/or Christian and ChristIAN Baptist, Methodist, Catholic ad nauseam". No, you are talking about MAN doctrines according to his opinion of how a "thing" SHOULD be structured--not according to the teachings nor state of being of Christ.

As mentioned, the founder of the "Threefold Movement" was Kedranath Das Gupta, a real fundamentalized Communist revolutionary. Other notables who joined with Das Gupta were as follows:

Keith Harkie: A Communist member of the British Labour Party.

Felix Adler: A notable Zionist and founder of the leftist Ethical Culture Society in New York.

H. G. Wells: Oops--ah er, "...you said, Hatonn, to go watch the Time Machine, etc". So? I certainly did and I hope you did so. You had better start seeing how its going to come out if you allow the Planners to complete the story.

Representing Bertrand Russell and the pro-drug league headed by Aldous Huxley, Wells was an ardent socialist and a member of the Socialist International Society founded in 1919. Wells was also a member of the secret Masonic society Kibbo Kift Kindred (KKK). By the way, KKK as you recognize it is simply more of the same type of secret actions from the very same source. You just kid yourself into some blathering about "white supremecy", etc. It is simply hate-mongering right out of the dark secret societies begun by the Satanic organizations of Freemasonry. Actions are used as tools to continue hatred and chaos--it certainly can have nothing to do with the CHRIST state of being. The Kibbo Kift Kindred and "Clarte" histories are very hard to dig up but ones have done so and shared with you.

KKK-"Clarte" had its headquarters in the Grand Orient Nine Sisters Lodge in Paris, the same Freemasonic lodge which played a major role in the bloody French Revolution, of which Moses Hess, one of the most virulent Communists the world had ever known, was a member.

Hess and Wells actively supported the offspring of Clarte; the Society for Cultural Relations with Soviet Russia. It was in the confines of the sinister Nine Sisters Freemasonic Lodge in Paris where Wells made the statement that set him in opposition to Christianity and which later appeared in his book, THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: "Henceforth the new world government will not brook the competition of rival religious systems. It will have no place for Christianity. There must henceforth be only one faith in the world, the moral expression of the world community".

Annie Besant. Besant was a notable member of the Fabian Society established in London by Sydney and Beatrice Webb as a leftist club for the Elite of Britain, the sole purpose of which was to foment a climate in which Communism would become acceptable.

Besant was the spiritual successor to Madame Blavatsky, founder of Theosophy. Besant was head of Co-Masonry and was allied with Clarte and the Grand Orient Nine Sisters Lodge. Besant was very active in promoting what she called "social democracy", one of the forerunners of Willy Brandt's "Socialist International".

You shall come to see the great harm done by all of these people, and I shall mention the organizations they represented at the time, and whose successors now befoul this great land, the United States of America.

Miss Jane Addams. Addams founded the Women's International League in conjunction with Mrs. Pethwick Lawrence. Notice these are big "society" names, not the types one associates with the mad bombers who were attacking the Czar and his family in Russia. Addams was a confidant of several American presidents, which is interesting because of the fact that she also belonged to the KKK-Clarte and Co-Masonry.

Addams was an enthusiastic backer of Wall Street investment in the Soviet Union and a stockholder in Nicolai Lenin's Russian-American Industrial Corporation and the Communist Federation Press.

Apart from Lenin, another close friend of Addams was Rosika Schwimmer. Schwimmer is interesting because she was a close confidant of Count Karolyi, the man who handed Hungary on a plate to the Red terror directed by the beast, the foul murderer, "Bela Kuhn" (real name: Cohen). It was Addams who arranged a lecture tour of America for Count Karolyi. Addams was a member of the Federal Council of Churches.

Among her closest friends were the Freemasons Dr. Glen Frank, Dr. John Lapp and Dr. Newton Baker (all Communists).

Mrs. Pethwick Lawrence. Definitely Mrs. Lawrence was a member of the British "upper crust" and a notable society figure in London in the early 1900's. Mrs. Pethwick was co-founder of the Women's International League along with Jane Addams. Like Addams, she was a member of Co-Masonry and a leading member of Blavatsky and Besant's Theosophical Society.

Mr. Charles Weller. Mr. Weller was a Capitalist-Communist millionaire at a period in history where the term really meant something. He was not a Donald Trump type of millionaire. The task of organizing the American Chapter of the Fellowship of Faiths was given to Weller, who quickly obtained the blessing of Samuel Untermeyer, a leading American Jewish Zionist and one of the controllers of President Woodrow Wilson.

Untermeyer received Weller's proposal with great glee and immediately took it to Woodrow Wilson who endorsed it on the instructions of another of his controllers, Mr. Justice Brandeis. In fact the controllers of President Woodrow Wilson, Baruch, Untermeyer and Brandeis made no secret of their blackmail powers over President Wilson.

A close associate, Mr. Samuel Landmann of the New Zionist Organization, said: "Mr. Woodrow Wilson, for good and sufficient reasons, always attached the greatest importance to the advice of a very prominent Zionist". He should have said, "to three prominent Zionists". Oh, are we going to get back to the Zionists? Yes indeed, you will find it all started in the highest inner-sanctums of the British anti-Christs. By any name they are your enemy on this planet--the anti-Christ, as you like to refer to the adversary. WHY DO YOU THINK THEY WANT TO MAKE LAWS THAT YOU CANNOT SPEAK AGAINST NOR DENY THEM? USE YOUR GOD-GIFTED BRAINS, LITTLE EARTH-DWELLERS--THEY ARE ABOUT TO BECOME YOUR PRISON- MASTERS FOR THE REST OF PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE ON THE PLANET EARTH-SHAN. Bigot? Dear ones, there are not strong enough words in your Earth Languages to express the extent of my loathing of this representative of the highest adversary of goodness in the dimension of physical man. I respect my enemy--AND I KNOW MY ENEMY. LIKEWISE THIS ENERGY FORM KNOWS HIS LIMITATIONS AGAINST ME AND MY HOST AS WELL AS MY CHILDREN ALREADY IN CHOICE. If you are not concerned about the evil about you--then I suggest you are going to be most unpleasantly awakened one of these days very soon. YOU HAVE MET YOUR ENEMY AND YOU HAVE CAUSED HIM TO "BE". PONDER IT CAREFULLY.

The "good and sufficient reasons" referred to by Mr. Landmann were the packet of love letters written by Wilson to Mrs. Peck who, in exchange for considerations for her embattled son, handed them over to Untermeyer and Baruch.

"Oh come on, Hatonn," you retort, "...don't try to sell us on illicit affairs all the way back to Wilson". No, I won't, for it goes much, much farther back than Wilson. We shall simply deal with Wilson for that is the subject in point. Woodrow Wilson had a magnificent passion for affairs with women--married women, the Peck "romance" being one such particularly torrid one. Most foolishly (as is the usual case of such disregard for public attitudes), Wilson expressed his love-lorn sentiments in writing to Mrs. Peck. Peck was an "indiscretion" which crippled Wilson's Presidency and your nation along with him, and brought about America's entry into the First World War. Hard to accept, is it not?

Both Wilson and Harding supported the League of Neighbours whose influence and input into the Paris Peace Conference almost carried the day for the One World traitors, and we shall also further consider the Fellowship of Faiths in sequence herein.

Rabbi S. Wise. Wise succeeded Brandeis as Chairman of the Provincial Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs. Wise was also a member of the pro- Communist Emergency Peace Federation and 19 other inter-connected Socialist/ Communist organizations, including the Fabian Society.

Many of these organizations are quite well, alive and kicking in the U.S. under other names today in 1992, and are just as much of a menace to your "Republican" United States of America as they were in 1919.

Wise was the leading light of the Jewish World Congress in Geneva in August of 1936, from which Congress wholeheartedly approved the Samuel Untermeyer plan for war against Germany--this being three years prior to the actual declaration of war by Britain and France.

Upton Sinclair. Sinclair was a member of the International Revolutionary Writers and a member of a number of affiliated societies along with Wise. Sinclair gave outright support to the Fellowship of Faith idea which would eventually unify and bring about a single religion. Sinclair gave Christianity a minus in this equation.

Madame Sun Yat Sen. Madame Sun Yat Sen was the wife of a Red Chinese Communist who rose to become the first Communist President of China. Madame Sun Yat Sen was a staunch supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union.

It becomes clear from the membership of the League of Neighbours that this was no organization devoted to peace, stability and religious freedom. On the contrary, its revolutionary activities showed exactly what the League intended. The following "poem", called After the Order of ***Melchizedek (OOPS!!) became part of the manifesto of the Fellowship of Faiths:

"I have no temple and no creed.

I celebrate no mystic rite,

The human heart is all I need.

Wherein I worship day and night.

The human heart is all I need.

For I have found God ever there—

Love is the one sufficient creed,

And comradeship the purest prayer".

This so-called prayer appears to be quite good on the surface, but the human heart is not noted for generating true inspired love, which is why Christ's Blessed Incarnation and Blood Passion became a necessary presentation and expression. It is this type of humanism, inherited from the Fellowship of Faiths, which is so prevalent today.


By 1926 the Fellowship of Faiths was a well-established friend of revolution. A group calling itself Rosicrucians, dominated its executive boards and committees. It had also formed an alliance with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, whose members in 1932 voted for the Communist ticket in elections of that year, particularly in New York and Chicago. Please, let us not get sidetracked onto "Rosicrucians" at this writing. We get a lot of inquiries about every known social club and I simply cannot cover it all in this document.

The Threefold Movement started by Charles Weller and Das Gupta in 1924 held meetings all over Britain and America. By 1925 they had held 253 meetings, one of which was in London under the Presidency of Dr. Norwood of the City Temple. Thinly veiled attacks on Christianity were usually delivered at these meetings, although some of them had as their theme "What Christianity means to me".

Among the leaders and organizers of the Threefold Movement were to be found the following religions and respective people:

Represented by S. N. Malik of India, a member of the Beni Israel sect.

Represented by Dr. A. D. Jillia of the Parsees.

Represented by Rabbi A. A. Green of the Hempstead, London synagogue. As with Rabbi Green who changed his name to be more acceptable, I have a suggestion in great humor that perhaps George's problems would diminish somewhat if he called himself Green"berg". All through the centuries ones have changed names to a suitable asset as needed. It doesn't change ANYTHING--but gives the appearance of change. You had best hold close to your "sense of humor" for it is sometimes the only visible link to the soul.

Represented by M. A. Dard.

Represented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Please note that this was the first time Spiritualism was held out to be a religion, a belief which continues to this day.

Represented by Angarika Dharmapala.

Represented by Annie Besant.

The important point to remember, of course, is that all of these religions are essentially anti-Christian (oops!!?). Well, so too are the Christians! There are continuing contradictory signals sent out by the Fellowship of Faiths which are intended to lead to confusion and obscure the true mission of "Christ".

It is noteworthy that literature published by the Fellowship of Faiths was to be found in Communist bookstores all over America, Britain and Western Europe.

One of the distributors of such literature was the American Society for Cultural Relations with Soviet Russia. The First World Congress of the Fellowship of Faiths in the U.S. was organized by Jane Addams and held in Chicago in 1933.

One of the principal speakers at that very Congress was Bishop Montgomery Brown, an Atheist and National Chairman of the Communist Workers International Relief and a member of fifty other Communist organizations. Bishop Brown was a keynote speaker and coming up we shall share extracts from at least one of his speeches.

Dharma, allow us a break at this point. We will take up right here when we sit again. Thank you.

Hatonn to clear and give appreciation for the assistance and sharing of ones who already bear such heavy loads as purpose bursts forth. Lay your foundations well, chelas, for when the purpose is unfolded--the load can be mammoth. Be patient in your unfoldment so that your roots are true and strong and choices well-made and stable. In love and communion I remain ever constantly with you--NEVER DO YE WALK ALONE!



FRI., JANUARY 31, 1992 8:38 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 167



In the beauty of the morning comes the illusion of proper sequence and seasons and I am in such longing to simply speak of wonders and wondrous things which can be yours for the accepting. However, our journey through the veil is not yet complete. Even Dharma petitions me to "...please, not more, oh God, please, no more. Can I not be allowed to dream of sugarplums and fairy-godmothers and a world in order (as they tell us it will be)? Can't we rest a bit for the mind is in overload and the sadness great." I watch and my own longing for your peace and contentment overwhelms my own senses for I feel your anger, resentment, frustrations and hopelessness. But I come to wipe away the hopelessness for in Truth and understanding there is naught save HOPE. No, I cannot allow even one day of malingering for what if this be the day of your transition? What if any one of you makes transition this day from this physical plane? Your work, if not finished, goes unfinished into the space of infinity.

Sandy asks as she reads early writings of this week and is stunned by the use of "hate and despise" and "I shall strike them with an iron rod and shatter them as potter's pots..." and she cries out: "Does God of Total Love have such feelings"? Indeed! Perhaps the terms be ill-advised for your balanced understanding of intent but the blind assumption that God is only a positive, passionless and passive entity of some sort is to only blind selves further. You have no language terms to describe the perception and/or Love of God. Let us, however, speak in parable:

If you have a child of God, say Dharma, and she has followed faithfully and trustingly within our circle of care and she serves to the best of her ability--along with being one to bring forth the WORD as given and she is stricken by the evil brought against her-- what think ye?

Let us further note that the evil ones have come and lied as to the intent of God and in her innocence she believes them and the lies presented. Say, she has pain and stiffness in her joints to the extent of being unable to write, which is coming to be in fact. Now, ones come whom she trusts and says to her: "God told me that if you allow us to have a scorpion sting you, the venom will act as a antidote and you will be healed"--and she accepts that. Now, the liars bring forth a thousand scorpions and set them upon her-- WHAT THINK YE GOD OF LIGHT WOULD DO? Let me tell you--he would hate and despise the actions and callous emotions which precipitate those actions and he would strike them as a crystal goblet 'neath the hammer. When God has taken leave of a being and they serve only evil--they will be left to the fate of the evil planners and they will be stricken as surely as night follows day in your perception. Evil is the total opposite of Love and if you are unwilling to stand against evil actions and loathe and despise (yea, even hate them) then you are not in total service unto God. IT IS THAT WHICH YOU DO WITH THOSE EMOTIONS WHICH IS THE TEST OF A BEING AND STRENGTH OF A MAN. You ones perceive only one avenue of action in the "sense" of, say, hate: REVENGE. God allows; revenge is not present. Further, He respects His own enemy and KNOWS HIS ENEMY--but nonetheless--the enemy is real in opposition to the Godliness which must be attained in order to turn about the steady march to doom of a planet and civilization.

What you ones desire is the father who allows you to GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU DO--EVEN IF IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO THE LAWS OF GOD. NO--YE ACT, WHICH IS "CAUSE" AND THE EFFECT OF THAT ACTION WILL COME AGAIN UNTO YOU AS SURELY AS YOU EXPERIENCE THE THOUGHT OF EXISTENCE--IN KIND. Remember, chelas, as the sequence comes to pass and the migrations are complete--God shall move on with His people in check and security and the place of experience shall be left to those choosing of the evil ways to live out their experience. You have been given the lies to keep you imprisoned by those projections of "MAN" which confuse, confound and mislead to keep you helpless as the lambs to slaughter. You further forget--the very adversary is God's rod of iron! YOU JUST DON'T YET RECOGNIZE THE INFINITE GOD!!


I need to ask you ones who wrote to us almost a year ago and have had no response as to subject nor inquiries--you must know that mail from farther back than a year past has been held by the Post Office. There is, for example, urgent information regarding the Ekker property case, etc., and Tom Valentine of Radio Free America in the pile of unreceived letters. I mention this because the dear ones who sent information that Valentine was looking for these people feel that their efforts are unappreciated. No-- our people were not in the receiving of the correspondence. We retrieved a large packet of such material only yesterday. Both the correspondence and the circumstances will be turned over to the Constitutional Law Center. A most valuable document was the cause of the holding but I am not free to speak of it openly.


We are plied with inquiries regarding John Coleman and his circumstance. As the word has spread forth of his death ones seem to feel it appropriate to inquire of America West. Well, if you use your thoughtful reasoning--you will not do that, please. I have asked them to cease and desist speaking of his situation. He was brought into protection in order to write information for you-the-people and beyond that--YOU WILL NOT BE TOLD MORE. It matters not if he writes from your placement or MINE. He will be presented where it is appropriate. The security of a person often entails that little time is actually spent on your dimensional plane of experience. You will come to know as much.

More important--you who receive such calls and interrogations will be silent lest you be considered among the enemy.

There is so much clandestine activity in the Area of Tehachapi, Edwards, Northrup and such places that there will be recurrences of actual military soirees against our people just as there were against Dharma Friday last. I speak now of deliberate military attack by laser weaponry.

Linda, who asks about sounds from the "bowels of the earth" in your location.--You are near natural caves and will note more and more closure of public access to the public area in point. What you are hearing are the tunneling machines making open travel grid connections. If the park service takes your living facilities--you will not be able to stop them, chelas--don't be foolish for town meetings will not stop it, in this instance for very long and it becomes very dangerous for you ones abiding there.

Hear me, Chelas: IT IS OVER! YOU MUST NOW COME UP THROUGH THAT WHICH ALREADY HAS BEEN EFFECTED FOR YOU WILL FIND THE POWER ALREADY IN THE HANDS OF YOUR DEADLY ENEMIES--RIGHT IN YOUR OWN NATION. YOU MUST REALIZE THAT BY MY TELLING YOU THIS OR THAT OF THE ENEMY'S "SECRETS" WILL DO NOTHING EXCEPT MAKE YOU DISCOUNTED! You are simply experiencing personal and specific assault and the overall scenario must be considered and not just your local and isolated circumstance. Use this for your confirmation and you gain strength for when you ones take back your GOD POWER, you can prevail but you have reached the time of "either"-"or".



I cannot wait for you to simply stumble into important points of his subtle two-sided speech in point on Tuesday last. I wanted you to ponder the total seriousness and finality of his information to his own groups.

He referred to his "program" already being accepted and approved by "30 states". He also simultaneously referred to "Constitution", etc. That point was missed by you-the-people: HE WAS SPEAKING OF THE "NEW STATES" AND THE "NEW STATES CONSTITUTION"--ALREADY IN PLACE AND IN EXPERIENCE BY FEDERAL DISTRICTS. (Go read RAPE, RAVAGE, PILLAGE AND PLUNDER (RRPP).)

The "announcement" was projected to the "inside Elite" that things would be according to his planning--soon. He further told you bluntly and succinctly that he was in control and that you will do whatever you are ordered to do through Executive orders. Now, how do you know this:?


TODAY IS THE OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY OF GLOBAL NEW WORLD ORDER BY FORCE AND COALITION. TODAY BASICALLY BECOMES THE DAY THAT YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT HAS FALLEN AND THE NEW HAS TAKEN OPEN AND PUBLIC CONTROL. THINGS WILL NOW GO TICK, TICK, TICK ACCORDING TO THE NEW WORLD ELITE. Today in America at the UN is the first official meeting of the NEW GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. You will notice, also, that the presiding personage is Majors, OF BRITAIN! You will also note that there are 15 nations attending but only five involved actually.

Now note further what Yeltsin talks about, along with new agreements, etc., missiles and nuclear weapons. The intent is to form a coalition through the UN to: "have a shield about the planet which blocks and contains all missiles". That, dear ones, is the system just hooked up and now totally operational with U.S. headquarters right at Edwards Air Force Base and areas attached. These alien "listening stations" are nothing but total monitoring stations to monitor every last one of you constantly. The guillotine has fallen. Fall on your knees and thank your God, chelas--that Yeltsin is a nothing and the higher POWER is above that grid shield and not in his control--YET!


Another airlines bites the dust? TWA goes under? NO--total control of the airlanes is underway. Planes from these defunct airlines are stockpiled right at places such as Mojave airport--where they are totally controlled and orderly in arrangement by the Elite One Government. This is a remarkable method--already successful--for monitoring and curtailing citizen travel. There will soon come the time when you will not be able to travel across state lines, district lines and/or national boundaries.

Your right of free speech is also now on a time schedule of extinction--you heard it from the horse's mouth: Bush insists on a New World Order "without racism and/or anti-Semitism being allowed"! "Crime will now be brought under control"--but what of his "war on drugs"? No mention? How strange?!?

Major demoralization and depopulation are now under way as the mandatory immunization programs are stepped up. New types of weapons will be issued to the new police forces of the UN whereby you will be brought under control and weapons will be retrieved without your even realizing it. Soon there will be no effort to conceal the defiance to your Constitution--for you now have a new form of Government and it has NONE of your old Constitutional RIGHTS.

Today is filled with subtle projections which might well bring chills unto your very central beings if ye be of God and for nation and freedom. You are seeing it being unfolded in your very presence and still, you seem to see it not. Peace through uniting, the Puppet-Masters will shout to you and raise their glasses in celebration over "peaceful" coexistence and neighborly coalition.

Please note, too, that Kissinger has surfaced with his robotic grunting and gravel speech to tell you that China will surely be brought into compliance, he is quite sure. Of course he is sure--but the entire group undersells the Chinese. The puppet at the meeting is only in exampling what will happen to dissenters EVERYWHERE--not just in a square in China. Your nations are set to go to war.


One of the letters received from the P.O. contains a copy of an advertisement from the New York Times of April 22, 1991. (One of the reasons the mail was NOT DELIVERED!). It was run in the paper by Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews. It is worthy of reprinting and scattering about your nations like chaff in the winds. You of the "Jews" are first and most fiercely targeted for destruction and, yet, you seem blinded by the false information. Dharma, please copy the writing:



We Jews became a nation on Mount Sinai where G'd (written correctly) gave us the Torah. Only the Torah and its believers constitute the Jewish nation. Only those who scrupulously observe the Torah and serve as spiritual guides can qualify as leaders of the Jewish people. The founder of Zionism, AN ATHEIST, abhorring and rejecting Judaism, wrote in his Diaries that first he planned to convert all the Jews. Later he decided to change the identity and belief of the Jewish people by inventing Zionism. By creating a state the Jewish religion would be downgraded and non- observance of Jewish law would not only be encouraged but even forced. Notable is the abduction in the early fifties of Moroccan, Yemenite and Teheran children and the brainwashing of these and other observant Jews lured by the Zionists.


Zionism denies that a Jew is a Jew by virtue of the Torah and that G'd gave us the Holy Land and sent us into exile because of our sins. Zionism says that Jews are a nation like any other nation and the reason they were exiled was because of a weak army. Even if the Zionists advocated religious observance, it would still be an ATHEIST state because our belief is that only G'd alone without any human effort or intervention will redeem us from exile. At that time there will be universal peace. This will be after the coming of Moshiach and the prophet Eliyu'. We have been foresworn by G'd not to use human force to bring about the establishment of a state, not to rebel against the nations, not to leave exile ahead of time (Talmud Tractate Ksubos III).


* Creating anti-Semitism as a rallying point.

* Shedding blood. Their slogan has been "only by blood will we have the land."

* Brainwashing, bribery, deception, pressure tactics, trickery, threats, provocation.

* Assassination, notably the murder 67 years ago of the dedicated Jewish statesman, Professor Jacob DeHaan, the right-hand man of Grand Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld (Yiddish symbols have had to be deleted due to inability for printing), the greatest fighter against Zionism in Palestine at that time.






Rabbi E. Schwartz

P.O. Box 1030, New York, NY 10009




George, it is time to contact these brothers and see if there is workable coalition possible. You will have to go through the Box number "probably" for in the long run it will be faster than tracking the location. You who have felt the attacker's knife in your back can appreciate the plight of your brothers who speak out in Godness.

As our own new book is here and available: DESTRUCTION OF A PLANET-- ZIONISM IS RACISM, we, too, come under heavier attack. I am sorry, chelas--ye were never promised the bed of rose petals.


This is simply to acknowledge receipt of the letter regarding the subject in point. I cannot take time to respond and, further, I would not give direct information regarding other researchers without further input. I only herein wish to acknowledge that the letter has been received and was among the documents held by your Post Office. For your own confirmation, the inquiry came from Florida and was written on May 8, 1991.

I can tell you, however, that capability of developing images on the new film is deliberately negated. The company involved, of which you speak, is totally in the control of the adversary. There will be ways around the problem but not with that available film and I cannot speak of it herein. Thank you.


Confirmation time, please. The following is from a very recent Wall Street Journal.


"Boris, Give us Bread"! reads the headline of an article in the December issue of Ogonek. Boris Yeltsin assured Russians that they would not starve this winter. The West has chipped in with large-scale food aid, both from government and private charities. But there is significant evidence that the former Soviet Union is flush with grain, if only Mr. Yeltsin can get at it.

On Nov. 30, the daily newspaper Izvestia published a table listing Western credits received over the previous 11 months for the purchase of food. The U.S., the European Community and Germany, separately from the EC, provided almost $8 billion; six other countries gave $2 billion more. Ivan Silayev, then chairman of the Inter-Republic Economic Committee, announced that those funds would buy some 50 million metric tons of grain from the West as well as much more. In addition, ac- cording to the same source, the government purchased 42 to 43 million metric tons of domestic grain during 1991, which amounts to approximately eight or nine million metric tons above annual consumption by the population in all 15 republics of the former Soviet Union.

There are even more compelling reasons to believe that Russia may be overflowing with grain. The "granaries of the motherland"--the state storage facilities-- may hold huge quantities. According to some calculations, storage capacity exceeded 240 million metric tons in the early 1970's and increased to 290 million metric tons by 1981, with a target of 362 million metric tons by the end of that decade. MOST OF THAT HAS COME FROM WESTERN IMPORTS, ABOUT HALF OR MORE FROM THE U.S. A LARGE PART IS STORED IN UNDERGROUID SHELTERS DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND A NUCLEAR BLAST AND FALLOUT. University of North Carolina economist Steven Rosefield has asserted that these supplies could feed the entire population of the former U.S.S.R. for three years; It may actually be four. [H: But your silos are empty, you have food reserves for less than a week and YOU HAVE NO SHELTERS AT ALL.]

Then there are special military-related peacetime stocks. Mr. Silayev revealed the existence of a Centralized Food Fund. Last year it added almost 14 million metric tons of grain to a stockpile that is large enough to feed the armed forces, Moscow and the so-called closed cities--where nuclear weapons and their components are manufactured--in case of war. There are 87 such closed cities in Russia alone, each guarded by a regiment of Interior Ministry troops.

According to the most recent Soviet Military Encyclopedia, edited by former Chief of Staff Marshal Nikolai V. Ogarkov, state reserves include--apart from food-- fuel, materiel, capital equipment, spare parts, and other supplies to fight and recover from a war.

Vitaly V. Shlykov, deputy chairman of the Russian Defense Council, revealed on American television last fall that the military-industrial complex also stockpiles enough supplies to last at least three months. These can be opened only on orders from the highest authority. Mr. Shlykov was quoted by the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun on Oct. 25 to the effect that, if all materiel were transferred from such state reserves to defense plants, industrial production would increase by 50%. This could mean that the stockpiles of materiel for the military-industrial base total more than 200 million rubles, or one-fourth of the current GNP.

As Commander in Chief, Mikhail Gorbachev, must have known about these vast expenditures for backup supplies, which had grown from 4% of annual national income after World War II to 5% or even 6% today. Such huge reserves would have permitted the Red Army to fight 90 days in Western Europe and 180 days in China.

.The existence of these stocks may well be the reason why Mr. Yeltsin seems so certain that Russians will not starve….



We get so many inquiries about Lyndon that I am stymied as to how to answer you. Inquiry after inquiry comes as to how much and "should I" continue to support his campaign, etc., etc. I can't tell you what to do. I only point out that he is in prison because the big-boys want him there. Do you really think that they are going to allow him out--much less run for, and possibly win, a Presidency? I make no comment as to the man in point--I DO suggest you think about what you are doing and how apt it is to be the best and most useful focus of your support.

Would it not possibly be better to give support to the Constitutional Law Center and get him first, OUT? Then, and only then can consideration be given to his position if indeed there is to be one. The push is misguided as it is now directed and only further divides and dilutes voters who might otherwise contribute to unification of voters.

I am amused and appalled at what is happening with the Republican Party and David Duke. It, again, has nothing to do with candidates--do you not see the total negation of Constitutional Law? So why struggle against the monster--go unify and all support a central candidate (preferably one with NO EXTENSIVE OR EXTREME POSITIONS TO DISTRACT), go with an Independent Party and get SOMEONE ON YOUR SIDE--ELECTED! The only one strong enough to pull it off is Gritz, at this time.

This becomes obvious by that which the adversary is doing. He is being denied even "900 numbers" and every effort is being thrust forth to stop him even entering any state ballot. In other words--if you ones can't find him to support, you can't do anything. He is the only "unknown" in the crowd and therefore becomes the most dangerous to the Establishment for they can't bury him in lies and controversy. I believe America West is working with James at a very fundamental level so you who inquire of me as to how to find "Bo" are speaking to the wrong individual--I am not the proper contact. However, if you wish to participate--the Phoenix Institute can accept and redirect your participation correspondence. I, Hatonn, will not give forth information nor targeting. My people, will however, forward anything you send--to him.


You wonderful friends who have buried us in letters and appreciation to Terry (Vietnam veteran). I have permission to give a P.O. box whereby YOU CAN CONTACT HIM DIRECTLY. I am asking him to come to visit with me at his earliest convenience so that we can identify possible service. Terry's father translated and serves with me, at the time of our first contact. Please be as gracious, readers, and send your letters to him directly, for 'tis so much more meaningful to realize your gift of simple sharing--personally. I think each would be astounded at what gifts of understanding are gleaned from the simple act of sharing of self. It is a time when your enemy has divided in order to conquer--more of you have identical and lonely feelings than you can imagine. It is through this kind of love by which this world can be turned about--and it shall be far more easily accomplished than you can imagine. He can be reached by addressing to Terry (I choose to not list his last name--he may share as he chooses): P.O. Box, Sun City, AZ 85372.


Your letter and information have been received. I honor your opinion and you may do that which you wish; however, please do not consider me to be one of your group in any manner whatsoever. I realize that is not likely since you feel my opinion and writings regarding the Zionists and Israelis is of "very little value". Your accompanying literature and projections are as nearly those which can be considered "hate mail" and "hate crime" as I have ever seen in one claiming to enlighten free Man. The point, friend, is to inform the people, not shout insulting and horrendous distortions upon a beloved people.

You suggest that your information might "enlighten" me as to the insidious behavior of the Israel/Zionist conspiracy. So be it. I am already quite informed and consider you to be a most dangerous tool of the adversary you claim to assault. You ask me to join in your "CRUSADE". I JOIN IN NO CRUSADE OF ANY KIND--THE VERY TERM INFERS ASSAULT AND WAR BASED ON NOTHING SAVE "OPINION" AND BIGOTRY. THOUGH YOUR INFORMATION IS PERHAPS CORRECT IN CONCEPT--THE MODE OF PASSING KNOWLEDGE IS QUITE DASTARDLY AND DAMAGING.

You, for instance, have inferred a quotation by Shamir: "All you Stupid American Goy better give Israel our $10 Billion Plus or I am going to blow you away just like I have blown away over 1,000 unarmed children.. HEIL! The greater eretz Ysrail. We are the Chosen Ones and it is our destiny to rule the world". The facts are bad enough--to state such a thing as being a statement from one such as Shamir is most unfortunate-- he is not foolish enough to utter anything so sinister publicly wherein you could get at it. If you deceive and project hate instead of information--then you become no better than they. Further, when you invoke God as your bedmate in terror--you deceive your brother, self, and insult God of Light. You have such a gift of sharing truth that I would ask that you consider bringing outrage into control and work within "reason" that you would be heard. What you are sending out is representative of a group "out of control" and this is exactly what your enemy wants of you. Ponder it.

Dharma, allow us to close this so that it can be placed in the paper at the earliest possible time. Hatonn to clear, thank you.



SAT., FEBRUARY 1, 1992 8:12 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 168


May you have the courage and the faith to pursue your hopes and dreams.

May you dare to change with an inner willingness which truly reflects your spiritual center/core.

May your fear of being vulnerable dissipate with your taking of risks.

May your sacredness and the difference you make, never be more evident to you--than it is with every breath we're given.


Little Crow


STOP!! Stop this nonsense of reading a passage, a sentence or a word and making foolish conclusions. I am Hatonn, and I bring you that which I have to offer--no more and no less. Thank you for reading all with an eye as to personal input--HOWEVER, remember that the writings ARE THE WORD and are written for over 6 billion individuals. I am in receipt of many letters wherein the author demands to know why I am interested in your money to how dare I say I know what happens to a soul. I know because I AM. We write on all subjects--especially your security and privacy-- BECAUSE THAT IS THE MOST REQUESTED. YOU ARE STILL IN A TIME WHEREIN THE WISH TO SAVE A THOUSAND DOLLARS IS MORE IMPORTANT TO YOU THAN AN ETERNITY OF SOUL EXPERIENCE. THE CALL COMPELS THE ANSWER! If you find information that annoys or distracts you--consider it any way in which you wish. Then, I suggest you take up another subject which DOES answer YOUR petitions. If, however, you have seen fit to read a particular JOURNAL relative to a particular subject in point--I suggest that you WANTED that information or you would not have chosen the book--there ARE 50 (fifty) NOW FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE. Thank you.


You who continue to be honestly irate regarding Zionism. I suggest you study carefully ALL the information on the subject along with outside confirmation. Then, remember--Zionists are usually NOT JEWS! In fact the Elite controllers-- ESPECIALLY THE ZIONISTS--were "birthed as a concept" from the Committee of 300 headed by the Crown of England--(hardly Jewish). If you cannot be open enough to deal with these possibilities and investigate, then I have nothing to offer you. I will not, however, cease nor desist in bringing the WORD for it is my mission and your privilege to deny it.


This is the only subject I shall take up in today's projections for I want it documented as to event and date. Then we shall move on with the subject of "Christianity" and on to the CIA cult.

You will please recall that I told you it is about time to introduce "the touting of extraterrestrial hostilities" from your governments to unite you as nations into this One World Government--opened yesterday. You will further recall that in about 1987 Reagan made a petition to Soviet Russia to join in a venture to secure the planet by a defense system worldwide to PROTECT YOU FROM EXTRATERRESTRIALS. The speech got buried instantly--but we wrote about it often in 1989-90--for the purpose of THIS DAY, Feb. 1, 1992. You have now heard it announced and Yeltsin and Bush are meeting this weekend to further decide restrictions on you-the-people. The statement is that you will join together to form a defensive shield around your planet--and then in small print--from outside attack. This is IT. You will note two things, please.

1. The summation will be that it is to protect you from hostile extraterrestrials. That means in fact: From the hosts of God come to reclaim God's people. You of God have no enemies in space--only those who deny God and serve Evil have enemies out here.

2. The Russian Cosmospheres are a real threat to your planet's evil coalition and now that there ARE capabilities of bringing the spheres down if found "in time"--the shield will give warning.

THE NETWORK (SHIELD) is now in place--hooked up and tried for efficacy on January 1, 1992. You will be able to see the connecting towers all over your landscape. As a note of attention--to ones in this immediate area, there is one at the cut-off to California City and another as you approach Bakersfield--to the left, headed into Bakersfield--off "58". These towers are easily recognized for they are of metal web some 150 feet tall with short antennae on a triangular platform-appearing installation on the top and, just below, an attachment that looks like the sign of a fish, sans tail. Signals run through the air, off satellites, across waters and within the Earth itself.

Bush and Yeltsin are at Camp David with their Puppet-Masters this very day, and weekend, to get instructions completely straight--from the Committee of 300. Majors is the British puppet sent to call the meetings as you noted yesterday.

You will also note that three-quarters of the people questioned in New York didn't even know there was a Summit meeting--even as they were stranded in the stoppage of traffic. Shudder now and get it over with--for there is no more time for cowering in the fear bubble. You ones are going to have to act now or you will forfeit your time of actions.

Just as Bush is going to send the Haitian refugees back to Haiti and to death--so will you be ending up in internment camps if you speak out. This is planned to come down soon so you will act while you can--in the name of the Constitution or you will be caused to accept the consequences of your non-actions.




I haven't time to pursue this subject again, on this day. Just KNOW that The Defense Department lists 2,267 U.S. servicemen as officially missing from the Vietnam War, more than 8,100 from the Korean War and nearly 75,000 from World War II, some of whom were released from Nazi prison camps by Red Army soldiers at the end of the war but never returned to the United States. This is because they would have risen up against the government because they KNEW the terrible lies and conspiracy.

Declassified Pentagon records also indicate that, from 1950 to 1953, U.S. prisoners were shipped in trains to Siberia from battlefields in Korea. Further, as information continues to leak out of the fractured former Soviet Union, more disturbing stories are being reported.

I promise you, chelas, that what is making its way to you is very minimal and grossly on the low side of counting.


It is now EXPOSED that U.S. and British Intelligence investigators who linked Libya to the terrorist bomb that downed Pan Am flight 103 in 1988 were following a trail laid down by the Israeli Mossad. Israeli government sources are THE ones that, after the transatlantic airliner was disabled by an on-board bomb and crashed into Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people, fed a stream of secret "memoranda, documents and other information on Libyan terrorism" to the CIA and its British counterpart, known as MI-5.

Yes, I will write of this as we move on to the subject of the CIA--however, it bears mention herein because it is a blatant example of the "BLACKMAIL" abounding to coerce your government to capitulation with Ariel (The Butcher) Sharon. The case in point, however, was set up and orchestrated by British Intelligence working through MI-5.

The cover-up and blackmail is running back to the feet of Bush and Nixon and involves set-up for downfall of these two for their major part in the assassination of your John Kennedy.

You are experiencing the final take-over plans unfolding of the ADVERSARY OF GOD--TO TAKE TOTAL 100% CONTROL OF THE PLANET AND ALL THINGS ON IT.


Dharma, allow us to move on with the subject of Christianity and other "false" doctrines--made false by the continued lying and deceit of evil adversaries of God and God's people.


Bishop Brown (an Atheist and National Chairman of the Communist Workers International Relief in 1933) wrote a number of works including one entitled "The Teachings of Marx for Boys and Girls", and seventeen short works on sex for children which were widely distributed. A survey of those who attended the First World Congress of the Fellowship of Faiths reveals that all of the organizers and speakers were Freemasons. We do not simply make such a statement--they are listed on rosters and membership lists open for YOUR inspection.

The Fellowship of Faiths, established as a Freemason front, formed a new organization called the League of Nations Union which played a profound role in the influencing of the outcome of the Paris Peace Conference which, more than anything else, guaranteed that there would be another major war, the Second World War.

As Sir Francis Youngblood stated, "It (the Fellowship) is here to provide a firm spiritual basis for the League of Nations". We can best judge what KIND of spiritual basis was provided simply by looking at the United Nations, successor to the League of Nations. It is within the confines of this body and its religious executive committee, the World Council of Churches, that a revival of the Fellowship of Faiths as a One World Government RELIGION is taking place.

CHRIST vs. CHRIST-ianity--Christianity

You in the West cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this revival, which is gathering momentum as the falsehood that Communism is dead in Europe takes hold. Either you believe that the CHRISTian religion is the basis for your Constitution and stand by that, or you will perish.

It is time that you take your stand on Christianity and make it central to the political and economic future of your nation. It is also time you fully recognize that that which is touted as "Christianity" by the so-called "Christian leaders" is NOT CHRIST-ianity.

Christ is God Incarnate, who brought to your world a perfect system of economics and politics, but which have both become so prostituted as to be virtually unrecognizable today. The teachings of Christ in your spiritual, political and economic life were at onset an immediate remedy, nearing perfection as a way of existing in coalition with the Commandments of God--IF followed. They are of extreme and unequaled value.

Christ remains without peer. I said "CHRIST" in whatever form presented within the Laws of God and Creation. Christianity, in Truth, has no equal and no rival--by whatever label that "Christ" was called. Christ's enemies and the enemies of the Christian church would have you believe otherwise, hence the revival of the Fellowship of Faiths as a One World Government entity.

This is not a religious issue only, it is a matter of the survival of your nation as a REPUBLIC based upon the laws of God, and NOT a democracy based upon the voted- in laws of MAN. It is also a perfect economic system which your forbears did all they could to protect, for they knew full well that once Indian Babylonian "Capitalism" gained ground, it would be but a short time before the United States of America, the greatest and most civilized country the world has ever known, would perish. So be it.


Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy were two U.S. Presidents who were assassinated for the cause of justice. They knew what Babylonian "Capitalism" had done and was doing to the country. Were these "perfect" men?--NO--but they did see beyond the immediate greed.

Abraham Lincoln wrote... "We gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had--their own paper money to pay their own debts. These were called 'Greenbacks'."

Lincoln caused to be printed $449,338,902 of these dollars and shortly thereafter the London Times said that Lincoln's action "was a mischievous financial policy" and called for the destruction of his government.


President John Kennedy also knew that the Federal Reserve Board was the absolute ruination of the nation so, on June 4, 1963, Kennedy signed a presidential document called Executive Order 1111, which further amended Executive Order 10289 of September 19th, 1951.

This gave Kennedy as President of the United States, legal clearance to create interest- debt free money that would belong to the people, and by-pass the Babylonian Federal Reserve Banks. On record is the fact that $4,292,893,825 of cash money was issued. For this (and some other, perhaps lesser reasons) Kennedy was brutally and mercilessly gunned down. He had become an enemy of the Elite "higher cabal" who run the United States of America.


It is in this light that you are duty-bound to regard the emergence of a "new" One World Religion, which seeks to destroy the Constitution and then Christianity itself.

Today, a strenuous and deliberate war is being waged against Christianity and that means against the foundations on which the institution of the Republic of the United States of America rests.

The forces supporting a One World Government seek to replace Christianity with "isms" of all kinds, including Deism, which they want to establish as a world religion. The facts remain that it is not "religion" which is at point herein, it is Christianity at stake. History reveals that when Christianity begins to wane, civilization goes into a steep decline. True CHRISTianity extends well beyond the portals of any Church. If you simply "allow and watch" your own destruction in the name of "non-bigot", "non anti-Semite" and "vote anything in as OK" then you are simply NOT CHRISTian--you cannot have both--CHRISTianity and that which you tout are mutually exclusive terms and opposites in definition.

The "anti-Christian" crusade will pick up speed as the big lie that Communism is on the wane spreads throughout the world. With it will come a renewed cry for "equality, liberty and fraternity" and brotherhood. To achieve this goal you will be told it is necessary for you to give up "old ideas"--to establish a "fellowship of faiths"--and you will have to give up Christianity.


This most serious of all revolutionary attacks is the ongoing process started with Weishaupt which has continued unbroken ever since 1776. 1776 was a significant year indeed. Leading the revolutionary assault is the World Council of Churches (WCC), formerly the Federal Council of Churches (FCC), whose activities in the political field have resulted in profound changes in both politics and economics. The WCC is not so foolish as to believe that CHRIST-ianity belongs in the portals of the church.

The Federal Council of Churches was run totally by radical anti-Christian groups-- which its very constitution mandated, many of the radical groups being members of the Third International. The aim of the Third International was to destroy Christianity. The Federal Council of Churches was run by totally militant revolutionaries.


The Federal Council of Churches claimed 20 million members in its heyday, a claim which is a total lie. The Federal Council of Churches, further, was financed through carefully disguised Communist front organizations.

The FCC was active in setting the stage for the plague of homosexuality and lesbianism which has descended upon your lands. The FCC published explicit sex instruction of an abominable kind. It is from this beginning that the WCC picked up on "homos" and "lesbians" and promoted this filth, and have ever since fully supported same. Again, it goes beyond any measure of "preference" and into a direct negation of the NATURAL LAWS OF CREATION. Sexual preference has nothing to do with anything. IT IS THE "ACTIVITY" ASSOCIATED WITH THAT PREFERENCE THAT IS THE EVIL SHROUD OF CONTROL OVER AN INDIVIDUAL. Sharing the emotion of "love" does not spread fatal disease--THE PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES PRACTICED UNDER THAT PROCLAMATION ARE WHAT IS "WRONG". A man "LOVING" another man is not the point at issue for love is always abundantly wondrous--it is the intentional debasement of all that is holy about an individual in his most wondrous ability to create--which is "wrong". "Well, Hatonn, we have a right to do anything we please", you say. I respond: YOU MOST CERTAINLY DO AND LOOK WHERE IT HAS GOTTEN YOU AND YOUR CIVILIZATION!

What was the objective of this push? It was the destruction of Western morals as epitomized by 90% of the filth turned out by "Hollywood". And WHO runs Hollywood? Look again!

The FCC was backed from upstart by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Anyone of substance who attacked the FCC and the Fellowship of Faiths, soon found themselves in trouble in the courts. The same holds good today, and any patriot who openly conflicts with ACLU ideas will soon find himself on the receiving end of lawsuits of all kinds.

The Fellowship of Faiths in its revived and revised form is concentrating on making and consolidating opinions for the Christian Church worldwide. One of the strongholds of the Fellowship of Faiths is the Bahai Movement.

Let us stop here, for those of you who are not familiar with the "Bahai Movement".


The movement was started in 1844 in Persia (Iran), by Mirza Ali Muhammad. He was also known as "Bab" or "Gate". Unfortunately for Muhammad, in 1850 he was shown to be quite mortal and was shot at Tabriz for his "revolutionary activities".

Bahaism teaches that Zoroaster, Buddha, Confucius and Jesus Christ were leaders who prepared the way for the coming of the Mighty World Educator "Baha u'lla (The Glory of God). Abdul Baha, his son who died in 1921, taught Bahaism.

The Bahai Movement is very strong in Iran, Australia and Britain. What is worthy of attention is that Bahaism is merely FREEMASONRY WEARING A DISGUISE, AS IS, LET US SAY, MORMONISM AS PRACTICED IN THE SECRET INNER- SANCTUARIES, and since Masonry and Theosophy are virtually indistinguishable, it is no wonder that the Bahai religion became a world force with which to be reckoned in such a short time.



I speak of the "doctrines and rules" of ANY so-called group. Who makes the rules and who has to follow them? God speaks equally unto ALL--so who has right to decide the rules FOR you? I care not whether ye are in the I AM group, the Mormon, the Baptist or the Church of England. If MAN makes the doctrines and rules--it is MAN'S cult. If GOD is within the group--the rules are for ALL, totally JUST--and follow the Commandments. Look, therefore, at that which you espouse as your "faith and belief" and see how it measures up to these simple guidelines. If YOU have given your power, assets and faith into the hands of MEN then so shall ye perish at the hands of MEN. STOP BLAMING GOD FOR THAT WHICH YOU HAVE CHOSEN.


In the United States of America and spreading into the global realms, the ecology shock troops who will be unleashed in an all-out war against industry, has thousands of Bahais in its ranks. It is here where the revived "Fellowship of Faiths" will take greater hold. The ecology shock troops will be used in much the same manner as the Dantoon-Marat Paris street mobs were used in the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution. The major thrust of the ecology movement is NOT to bring balance unto the planet but rather, power unto the Elite, get rid of industry and glean material wealth unto selves.

The Bahai Movement claims to be the perfect unity of all religions, an idea which Freemasonry projected in the past and continues to do, although you will find not as openly as it once did in its articles in the American Freemasonic publication, The Builder. As for the Bahais, they say that Masonry sprang from their religion--so there you have it by their own disclosure. Factually, it is not accurate but it points out even more blatantly, the direction of thrust.

Madam Helena Petrovna Blavatsky greatly favored the Bahai Movement, so it is worthwhile to include a short statement of facts concerning this woman in point, probably the most remarkable charlatan in recent times.


Blavatsky got her start through Herbert Burrows who promoted her through the Society for Physical Research which was a select club for the aristocracy, the rich and politically powerful of Victorian London. She was later described by H.G. Wells, a member of the Society for Physical Research, as "one of the most accomplished, ingenuous and interesting imposters in the world".

Madam Blavatsky was initiated into the Carbonari by Mazzini, a leading Freemason in Italy who claimed he received information from the "Mahatmas". Blavatsky was a close associate of Garibaldi and was with him in the battles at Viterbro and Mentana.

She was greatly influenced by Victor Micahl and his circle which included Rivail, all of whom were revolutionaries and Freemasons of the Grand Orient. She is reported to have greatly influenced the degenerate Scottish Rite Master Mason Albert Pike who was one of Mazzini's advisers and probably Mazzini's closest confidant. Blavatsky ran the Theosophist Society up to the time of her death in 1891.


Her mantle was picked up by Dr. Annie Besant. Mrs. Besant was Co-Mason under the control of the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris, which made her a Vice President of the Supreme Council and Grand Master of the Supreme Council for Britain. It is here where the convergence of Freemasonry, Theosophy and Fellowship of Faiths is clearly recognizable.


Shortly before the close of the First World War it became virtually indistinguishable from world Zionism and following the close of that war, emerged as the League of Nations. Then just before the Second World War it surfaced in the Bahai Movement, and in England as the Oxford Group, which was succeeded by Moral Rearmament.

Following the close of the Second World War, it played a major role in the formation of the United Nations and penetrated the American political scene through the liberal left, where it was allied to student revolutionary groups and a number of political organizations such as the following:

* The League for Industrial Democracy.

* Social Democrats U.S.A.

* Institute for Policy Studies.

* NATO, Political Wing.

* Club of Rome.

* The Cini Foundation.

* Cambridge Policy Studies Institute.

* Anti-Defamation Fact Finding League.

* Committee for a Democratic Majority.

* The United Nations.

* The Lucis Trust.

* New Democratic Coalition.

* War Resisters League.

* The Aspen Institute.

* Stanford Research Institute.

* Greenpeace.


The Fellowship of Faiths is a project of the "Olympians", or if you prefer, the Committee of Three Hundred. This ensures that spokespersons for some of the richest and most powerful corporations in the world will actively promote the Fellowship of Faiths' aims.

The Tavistock Institute will do its share by promoting a new breed of rock singers whose lyrics will bring the message of a universal religion--and I believe you will already find that prevailing. This has been in the works for the past two years as the next step in the take-over and Global domination moves forward. It will be used to quiet the wave of resentment sweeping through America over the horrifying and explicit rock lyrics promoting sex, drugs, suicide, murder and the worship of Satan.

Tavistock is owned by the Eagle Star Group, so it is assured of unlimited funding for the "Aquarian" assault on Christianity. The Canadian and British Broadcasting Services, under the direction of the Queen of England, will throw their considerable weight behind the Fellowship of Faiths. You will see hundreds of Christian ministers who should know better get sucked into the Fellowship of Faiths, or whatever its new name will be to shroud Truth.

The interlocking families of giant companies owned by the "Olympians" can be verified by paging through Standard and Poors, Dun and Bradstreet and the American and British WHO'S WHO.

This has been explained many times but you can't seem to integrate it into fact-- Everything that happens in the political wing, even of NATO, is controlled by the "Olympians". Thus you can expect the reorganized NATO to continue being used to promote the Fellowship of Faiths, as it rapidly gains the upper hand of the military wing.

Everything can be traced back to the founders, corporate officers and board members and owners of the multinational banks and companies of the Committee of Three Hundred in the London centered bankers, traders and international drug traffickers.

As this includes the BBC, ABC, NBC and CBS, it can be fully expected to have a mushrooming of religious programs which will be used as trial balloons to test support for the idea of a One World Religion--and, I can promise you NOW--it will be picked up and touted in wonderment by the Trinity Broadcasting System throughout the world. This will be in full support of a "rapture" and One World Religion.

The same Madison Avenue propagandists who sold the American public the idea that Gorbachev is quite different from his predecessors, have almost completed their draft of how the media will handle the onslaught against Christianity.

Just as the American people were sold the idea that it was better to let Lithuania go to the wall rather than upset the good relations between Moscow and Washington, so too, will you be sold the idea that it is better to sacrifice Christian principles if it means that peace will descend upon the world.

The Social Science new scientists and the theologians of Liberation Theology will be trotted out, one by one, to convince the skeptics that this is indeed a step forward for humanity. They will be backed by Judeo-Christian ministers who will jump on the bandwagon in haste to join the "modern" movement.


Only it is not a modern movement, but the revival of ancient ideas whose origins are lost in antiquity. The "ecology" movement will feature prominently in coming events, under the direction of Atlantic Richfield company chairman, Robert O. Anderson, a protégé of Robert Maynard Hutchins, probably the closest collaborator whom H.G. Wells ever had.

Anderson went to school with Mrs. Katherine Meyer Graham, mistress of the Washington Post, and you can expect to see a flurry of articles appear in that paper, all in support of the Fellowship of Faiths or whatever it is decided upon by which to label it.

Anderson is the controlling light behind "Earth Day", whose shock troops have already launched a series of attacks on industrial targets and has extensively funded "Friends of the Earth" and the United Nations Conference on the Environment. Anderson is a high ranking inner-core member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Anderson's influence reaches far beyond the shores of the United States. In 1976, Anderson bought the Observer Ltd. newspaper and installed Club of Rome members and One World Government officials Thorton Bradshaw, David Astor, Sir Mark Turner and Frank Stanton to run it.

Allied with this group of "environmentalists" is a powerful dope (drug) hierarchy which includes Kleinwort Benson. Turner is on the board of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and chairman of Bank of America, the Toronto Dominion Bank and the National Cash Register Company.

These facts are offered to give you a very clear understanding of the forces arrayed on the side of the Fellowship of Faiths in the coming onslaught against Christianity.

In the Soviet Union, Mrs. Risa Gorbachev had been coordinating unity with the Russian Orthodox Church and her so-called Cultural Society and is linked to many of the above organizations through Armand Hammer and David Rockefeller. Thus the stage is set for the renewal of the Fellowship of Faiths.

During the historic meeting between Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II, it was Gorbachev who proposed a religious "summit" between the Eastern religions in his country and the West. This was enthusiastically received by the Pope. Does not the entire scenario smack of total deceit as the two proclaimed "religious" beliefs are totally opposing in nature and fact?


What Pope John Paul II has in mind differs from what Gorbachev and the Fellowship of Faiths expect to achieve and, as there are at least 120 high-ranking Masons in the Vatican, it is the Fellowship of Faiths which will infiltrate and dominate proceedings of the Synod.


What happened to good Pope John Paul I? He lost his life (death by murder) because he gave orders to Cardinal Vilot, the then Secretary of State, to immediately rid the Vatican of Masons. Pope John Paul I was poisoned the same night he gave the order to Vilot.

Cardinal Vilot died a short while later under very suspicious circumstances as well. When Pope John Paul II took over the papacy, the long tradition of carrying out the wishes of the previous Pope was dropped. Vatican Freemasons remain more firmly entrenched than ever before.

On the advice of one of these, or perhaps even a number of Masons, the Pope chose Velehrad in Czechoslovakia as the site for the Synod. Velehrad is where the tomb of St. Methodius lies, who, along with his brother, St. Cyril, Christianized the Eastern regions.

A significant comment was made by the President of Czechoslovakia, Vaclave Havel, also a Mason, who stated: "I dare say that in this moment I am participating in a miracle. The miracle is that, in the country devastated by the rule of the ignorant, arrives a messenger of love."

Speaking to students at St. Charles University, Pope John Paul II said: "If Europe's historical memory does not reach beyond the ideals of enlightenment, its new unity will have superficial foundations." This is exactly the situation the Fellowship of Faiths hopes and expects to create.

Continuing, Pope John Paul II said, "Christianity, brought into this continent by the Apostles and penetrated into various parts by the actions of Benedict, Cyril, Adalbert, and countless hosts and saints, is at the very roots of European culture." Whew, I don't think I recognize any of them as among God's Hosts.

Now the Pope was not talking about ANY OTHER RELIGION. Pope John Paul II was explaining how Christianity had made it possible for a European civilization to grow. He did not say that this growth was due to the Albergensians or the Cathars; it was Christianity alone that had brought about the development and civilizing of Europe.


It is now the destruction of this once unifying force that the Fellowship of Faiths has determined to destroy. This is a movement identical to the one in America that led Henry Steel Olcott and George H. Fell to form the Theosophy Society of America as a force to counter the spread of CHRIST-ianity. This force is again at work in full-force and intent.

The new "club name" will be changed at an appropriate time to push you off the track--so watch for the underlying intent of what you are given.

1992--A KEY YEAR

This year is a very crucial and critical period in the road toward the One World Government. KNOW that this thrust under the guise of peace and religion is in no- wise a "religious" matter. The ramifications of this are so vast as to boggle the mind and it will affect every facet of your lives and the lives of generations to follow. It is actually THE key factor as to whether or not your nation will survive!

Dr. Coleman has graciously given us a chart of organizations, past and present, allied with the Fellowship of Faiths. It follows.

I am in great appreciation to this beloved right arm of God who shares irrefutable information and research--in proof for you readers. It will be ones such as he, to whom the legacy of freedom upon your globe shall be owed.


Hatonn to clear, please. In love and communion I take leave.