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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


The Phoenix Journals includes bibliographical references and indexes.

Contents: [Tangled Webs ] – [Crucifixion Of the Phoenix-- [etc.].

1. Spirit writings. I. Hatonn, Gyeorgos C. (Gyeorgos Ceres) II. Dharma Computer person . III. Phoenix Journals.


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WED., OCTOBER 28, 1992 2:32 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 73


Did you not KNOW that God Creator has a Divine PLAN for the unfoldment into LIGHT? Would HE who cherishes you as self allow you no port unto which to enter and find refuge? Ah, but you thought - - -? No, if you perceived there would be no plan by which that of evil would be put down then you erred in knowledge and must attend, better, your lessons. YOU turn from GOD--GOD TURNS NOT FROM YOU--EVER!

How think you however, that you can understand and act wisely and clearly upon or within a "Plan" when ye are still in ignorance as the babe with experience yet to be unfolded? You must learn that which was in the beginning and understand that which has come to be now, WHICH IS! Although it may seem unclear and the doubts beset your way--in your reason you can know that which IS by its signs and actions all about you--NOW. These things did not come upon you only in the yesterday--these things of today have grown and become the octopus smothering you--since onset of the "play".

It is not that valid information is not present, actually flourishing, all about you from that same "beginning". It is simply that you did not notice when it was changed, tampered, rewritten to gain power and control and then became a deliberate intent to displace all of God--into the physical expression and control of the Evil of the physical dimension. It is that integration of Truth and history which is our intent. Not even in "allness" do we offer the story unfolded unto you--only that which causes you to go and research for your confirmations. We cannot give the "whole" of ALL in but a few JOURNALS, nor do we wish to effort at it--for great beings and men throughout the years have offered Truth--but you failed to grant them hearing as the evil adversary has swept across the globe in the never ending plan of global domination and enslavement, depopulation and sustained ignorance of the soul of man.

Many of the "great" are not honored by my recognition of them--for they too perceive me as a hoax of some kind. How think they that God would present HIMSELF? How do you have promise of the Hosts and then not allow them hearing? It is fine, for those to whom I give recognition will some day understand and recognize that honor for the infinite greatness which it is. It is a "spiritual" transition and, therefore, it shall be through the path of spiritual expression that you will come into KNOWING. This means that it is not through sleight-of-hand, fortune telling and magic tricks of photography or even reality of presence that understanding will come. First must come the understanding in perception and THEN can come the presence in that which you can recognize in your physical expression.

This means, therefore, that you must face the truth of who you are, how you got here, wherefrom you came and began to experience in this place--then meet the "Beast" sent to destroy--and stand in Godness strength to dissolve this entity of destruction. You are given the tools by which to accomplish the mission if and when you recognize them. You are also sent the messengers and the leaders through which to find your way. Did you expect them to look strange and wear placards? You would not accept them if they do so. Why do you not use thine reasoning gift of wisdom and stop hiding in the dark corners of enforced ignorance? You have accepted the bindings into ignorance for so long that you no longer care beyond that ignorance or sham of lies.

Your personality, in fact, has become so engrossed in trying to get rid of or to exchange many of the things I have given you for other things you thought were better, that of course you could not and some still cannot even dream, much less acknowledge, Me or that reflection of your own self, as The Giver. I only represent the I AM which is also YOU. My own expression can only be fulfilled by the very acceptance and recognition of ME as that reflection through the expression of GOD CREATOR in the Lighted KNOWING.

Possibly you do now acknowledge Me as The Giver or the representative of The Giver, as the Inner Essence and Creator of all things in your world and in your life, even of your present attitude toward these things. For you must find in the infinite understanding that I am but a portion, as are you, of THAT WHOLENESS OF SOURCE.

Both are MY doing just as they are YOUR doing, for they are but the outer phases of the process I AM using in the expression of "Idea" of your inner Perfection and calling upon it for attention and recognition. This Perfection is My Perfection and that of our Source gradually unfolding from within you. Not mystically as in a fog--but in reality as in progression into the solving of the mysteries.

As you more and more realize this, will the true meaning and the use of the things, conditions and experience I bring be revealed unto you. For you will then begin to glimpse God's Idea Within, and when you glimpse that Idea will you begin to KNOW Me and He who comes with me in my journey within your own. This is when you recognize your REAL AND OWN-SELF.

Before you can truly know God, however, or the PLAN of GOD in understanding, you must learn that ALL things given you by we of the Hosts and reflection of God are of necessity in perfection of "goodness"--and, that they are for USE. They are not simply for the holding in being, but the movement of the thought projection of that which is ALL--lighted presence of motion and expression in experience. The Truth can be of nothing in value until ye take unto thee and use of it.

God through us, or others of YOU, may be expressing through you beautiful symphonies of sound, color or language that manifest as music, art or poetry, according to human terminology, and which so affect others as to cause them to acclaim you as one of the great ones of the day. However, if you do not use that expression--NONE can ever hear or see that which was meant by God to be their gift THROUGH YOU. The ultimate plan of GOD is the fulfillment of this expression in the reflection of that which HE IS AND YOU ARE!

I dislike the mundane to make a point--but chelas, as with the Prince and the frog-- there are many frogs before comes the Prince. IF YOU CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FROG AND THE PRINCE--YOU CANNOT REACH A GOAL. THE ONLY ONE, IN THIS CASE, THAT I CAN SEE AS BEING IN BENEFIT--IS THE LADY FROG FOR SHE IS MORE APT TO FIND HER OWN "PRINCE" THAN ARE YOU TO FIND YOUR REAL "PRINCE". Mostly, you will find the "toads" take the path to confuse and distract and spew their noxious spittle upon you. Does this insult the "toad"? In no way--for it is through your own lack of knowledge that you would tread upon the toad in the first place. Perhaps it is time you came to recognize a frog from a toad--and the "prince" will come into proper perspective?

Almighty and infinite God Source says unto your brethren:

"You are ONE WITH ME. I AM in You, in Your human personality, in Your body, mind and intellect. I AM in every cell of Your body, in every attribute of Your mind, in every faculty of Your intellect. I AM the Soul, the active Principle of each. You are in ME. You are a Cell of my Body; You are an Attribute of My Mind; You are a Faculty of My Intellect. You are a part of Me, yet You are I, My Self. We are ONE and always have been and so shall always be!"



Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



SAT., JUNE 20, 1992 9:49 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 309



Hatonn present today for some "hard introspection suggestions". I am literally "buried" in influx of inquirers--ALMOST ALL of personal nature and "What to do"? "Should I cancel trips during the period of July 25th to 30th?", "Should I stay home?", "Now that the scientists are saying it will happen on the 15th, what do I do?" and most abundant in the complaint departments is: "HATONN IS SO CONFUSING AS TO NOT ALLOW ME TO MAKE ANY REASONABLE CHOICES!!!" Oh? Hatonn is confusing? Hatonn is sent to attend each one's desires and personal indecisions for some 6-1/2 billion persons? Confusing? I am giving you what YOUR PEOPLE (SCIENTISTS) ARE "LEAKING" TO YOU. I AM ALSO GIVING YOU WHAT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED ABOUT YOUR ENEMY'S PLANS AND CAPABILITIES FOR DECADES! DOES THIS MAKE "HATONN" CONFUSING? Further, how do you expect to get answers to the overall if you require ALL OF OUR TIME in responding to your individual travel dates? I GIVE YOU WHAT INFORMATION I CAN AND MAY--YOU WILL DECIDE THAT WHICH YOU WILL DO WITH IT.



If I tell you NOT to go somewhere and nothing happens--who gets blamed for spoiling your fun? If you are traveling and end up with terrible inconvenience, who gets blamed? You see, chelas--you want to set it up so you can have it BOTH WAYS--- without responsibility for own actions!!


I observe that which you ones plan, including my own "crew", and am appalled. I have also told you that from every direction reports are flooding me from "insiders"--that a major "happening" set up by your own world governments is planned and rehearsed

for your Independence Day(s) of celebration. And yet, our own Motion Picture producer and the one whom all else revolves around at this time--intends to fly from Canada ON THE FOURTH OF JULY.

Well, do you STOP LIVNG? I can't answer that for you--but if you do not take heed of nudges and inner warnings--you very well may do so! Would I stop a "happening" to save one of my own workers?--No! I will however, if need be, save the worker but the "condition" (Physical) may be subject to alteration and not considered to be comfortable. Most often I WILL NOT EVEN DO THAT, FOR IT IS NOT MY BUSINESS WHAT YOU DO! I am a Commander of a fleet of ships--not your guardian angle--you have your own guardian angels. To some of you I serve a major part in that system but with very few indeed for YOU HAVE YOUR OWN APPOINTED GUARDIANS. THE POINT IS TO LEARN RIGHT NOW--LISTEN TO THEM AND HEED THEIR INPUT.

There is no point in quarreling with me about it--those things are between God and you and are none of my business. To deliberately defy the warnings as if some little birdie will snatch you from never, never land is indeed being unwise. You can argue your points regarding "Mary Ann can't get off work except at that time" to " …it's my only vacation time"--if you can't control THOSE things then why should I do it for you? The adversarial troops are indeed clever, chelas, the very King-led troops of surprise and deceit--you are in charge of your choices. Therefore, if I am confusing to your senses--I cannot change it for--while you individually chatter and whim--a world goes farther into the darkness. Darkness is defined in many ways, chelas--you had best check up on all the definitions.

You do not need to ask me about children in stuffy rooms and/or "Will it be cold or will it be hot?" Look at that which is and prepare accordingly. If I take time to respond to Masheewa, South Africa and Henson, Alaska on particular cases--we won't even get to the "next catastrophe which is already taking shape and is far more impacting on your beings than any null-time, dark or light." I simply am not going to do this FOR YOU.

I also have youngsters planning a long trip North during the holidays--with one of my children. Well, they must take into consideration the possibilities and act accordingly. If the worst thing possible is to be stalled out in a distant place, so be it. But it seems to me that you are nearing a time, if nothing more than politically caused, to stay very close to security and HOME. I am not going to make it convenient for you so that you can postpone actions of properness until the last confounded minute for ability to act. Do whatever makes you happy is the only answer I can possibly give you--or succumb to "unhappiness", whichever you choose.


Those bits of military equipment and placement of troops all over the place--especially foreign ones (for "exercises") ARE FOR THE PURPOSE OF MAINTAINING ORDER AT ALL COSTS WITH SHOOT TO KILL ORDERS no matter what takes place for MUCH WILL BE TAKING PLACE, BE IT MILITARY, POLITICAL OR PRONOUNCED "NATURAL". NO, NONE OF IT HAS TO BE, even in the "natural order", for the "natural order" would not happen as it is unfolding and you take so much time on the little tree that you give us NO TIME to point out the trees in the forest!


I cannot deal with your "hurt feelings" which are nothing but EGO manifestations. If you are offended by my writings, then you are not mature in your "judgments". The remainder of the population and species will NOT be pleased to await while you make up your individual vacation and holiday plans.


Dharma, herein is a good place to re-publish a writing by Dr. Peter David Beter on November 30, 1980. It is picked at random and not nearly the better of the choices available--simply the one handy at the moment of this presentation. The "stealth" submarines with missile launchers and "placement" of missiles is "interesting" but we will look at what was then labeled as "The New Age of Warfare by Stealth".

Dharma, this is not going to be on any of the subjects given prior to now so: To the Editors, please just publish it as is in the LIBERATOR and the TANGLED WEBS series and let it go out of placement by "index". We are writing ongoing JOURNALS which means "regular entries of information and/or data" and I choose the subjects according to need and not according to your computer indexes. Mine is not to cause you convenience--it is to get you information in the best and fastest way possible with that which we have with which to work and make presentation. Our people are totally overworked and weary of complaints from readers who object to the WAY we structure "literature". Forget "literature" and think "save your assets!".

The following is from the Dr. Peter David Beter presentation #60, recorded November 30, 1980. It is an interruption of sequence--taken completely out of sequence of presentation--but you ones must understand that information has been available to you in hard copy regarding the subject about which we write for decades. This information in point was made public to all who would hear on Nov. 30, 1980 and wasn't new information on THAT date. This is for example and, I hope, to shake you up a bit.

In dealing with the term "Stealth" let us utilize it as a good word to apply to the century of Planning for a one-world Federation and a one-world church as presented in definition at the Colombian Expo. (1893).


Topic #3--Several months ago there were big headlines about a supposed new American secret weapon. It's called the "Stealthplane". The weapon which is actually involved is a specialized hybrid machine called a "Subcraft". It's the same weapon that I [remember: Beter, not Hatonn] described two years earlier in Audio Letter No. 37. And early this year, January 1980, the Bolsheviks here tried to use it against Russia. The result was a disaster, as I reported in Audio Letters No's. 53 and 54. So now the spectacular sounding Stealthplane has become just a publicity tool to make nuclear war sound less suicidal.

To judge by all the recent publicity, one would think that stealth is a radical new concept in warfare; but stealth, trickery, deception, and surprise have been the prime ingredients in military strategy since ancient times. And today, my friends, we live in an age of stealth--stealth in politics, stealth in economics, and above all stealth in weaponry in warfare. During the past six years or so I have made public many secret developments in weapons and warfare. I revealed the secrets of both Russia and the United States because I believe you need to know, and knowledge is power.

A secret war is raging right now, and already you and I are suffering the consequences; and if it is not stopped, it will soon explode into all-out thermonuclear war. There is only one way to stop the deadly cycle of war now under way. That way is to put an end to stealth and trickery, and replace it with the TRUTH--the truth about America's gold scandal, the truth about stealing of elections and unregulated voting machines, and the truth about a whole new age of secret weapons which are unknown to the public. The new age of stealth in warfare is everywhere today. It makes up a complete spectrum from deep beneath the sea to outer space.

To begin with, consider Submarines. From the very beginning submarines have always been weapons of stealth. Their outstanding advantage has always been their ability to escape detection. The modern age of nuclear submarines was inaugurated by the United States in 1954 and it was America that conceived a ballistic missile submarine, first launched in 1959. Today our leaders still reassure us that American submarines remain second to none. They have to admit that Russia has several times more "subs" than we do, but they gloss over that with stories that Russian subs are noisy, or leaky, or their crews are not very smart. So, in effect, they tell us, "Don't worry. We can handle a submarine war with Russia." There was a time when quality was in our favor but that time is long gone. Today the United States is losing badly in the secret war to control the world's oceans.

New generations of Russian submarines are entering a new era of their own. For example, there are the new Oscar Class Cruise Missile Submarines. These can launch Cruise Missiles to attack our Aircraft Carriers and other surface ships. They can do this while still submerged, far beyond the horizon. And there are the new Alpha Class Attack Submarines which are without parallel in the world. Submariners always say that a submarine's worst enemy is another submarine, and Russia's new Alpha Subs are the worst enemy yet to our subs. Unlike the United States, Russia has mastered the use of titanium for submarine construction. And unlike America, Russia has big supplies of titanium for use in all kinds of new technologies--and Russia no longer sells titanium to the United States. So the new Alpha Subs have double hulls of titanium, and they are now the deepest diving, fastest operational submarines on earth. Its speed has been estimated in the West at 45 knots but, my friends, it is actually well over 60 knots! In most situations it can actually outrun America's best torpedo, the Mark 48; and it can dive almost a mile deep to escape attack and slip away under complex ocean currents.

But the biggest shock so far in Russia's submarine program took place earlier this fall of 1980. It's a submarine launched from a shipyard near Arkangel on the White Sea. When Western Intelligence officials got their first look at it they could hardly believe their eyes. Traditionally submarines have been known as boats rather than ships because of their relative smallness, but not this submarine. It's a giant, a ballistic missile submarine about the size of an American World War II Aircraft Carrier. Western Intelligence officials are mystified as to why it is so large, but I can reveal the reason to you right now. The giant new Russian submarine, code named "Typhoon", is another "first". It's the world's first ballistic missile submarine with a reload capability. It can empty all 20 of its ballistic missile tubes at a target in war, then it can re-load the tubes with 20 more missiles carried aboard. So, if need be, Russia's Typhoon Sub can mount two nuclear attacks. Like the Alpha Subs, Russia's awesome new Typhoon has a titanium hull. It's not as fast as the sleek Alpha Sub but very fast even so, and it can dive extremely deep.

Meanwhile, what does the United States have to answer all that? The answer is America's new Trident Missile Sub. It carries 24 missiles, compared to the Typhoon's 40. It's slower and cannot dive nearly as deep with its non-titanium hull, and it's also three years behind schedule and still slipping--and there are several reasons for that, some of which have been mentioned in the news lately. But one major reason for our crumbling Trident Submarine program is not in the news--it's the widespread use of narcotics among Trident shipyard workers! Many workers are not involved, but many are and, as a result, there is a tremendous turnover in personnel. Another result is defective welds and mistakes in critical piping. When the mistakes are found they have to be done over, sometimes more than once. And, my friends, absolutely nothing is being done about it.


The other side of the coin in undersea warfare is-Antisubmarine Warfare, or ASW. Lately we have heard brave stories that , there have recently been ASW breakthroughs by the United States. These are based on extremely complex computerized sonar- listening networks; but as I first revealed some time ago, all new Russian submarines produce artificial noises in normal operation. That's why the new Alpha Subs are thought to be so noisy--the noise is deliberate. When war comes, the noise-makers called "Cavitators", will be retracted. The American sonar nets will listen in vain for the familiar noises. Instead, Alpha Subs and others will swim at high speed toward America whisper quiet and, as they do so, the Russian subs will strike as submarines always strike--by stealth. [H: Something not mentioned herein are the devices which are attached to the subs which can be released and computerized to give off the "same" signals and totally mislead trackers indefinitely!]

The true condition of America's Antisubmarine Warfare was summed up in the New York Times last month on October 5. A senior American naval officer was quoted as saying: "To find a submarine you need to know where to look. Otherwise you'll have to use a large share of your antisubmarine resources just to find and kill one submarine and in wartime that is not practical. You're better off waiting for him to attack." He explained that then we could more easily detect the sub--but he added that a ballistic missile sub could fire its missiles before being caught, quote: "...so it probably doesn't matter."

My friends, it would still be a standoff in submarines if Russia had the same problem we do in finding subs, but they don't. Five years ago, in 1975, the head of the Russian Navy announced a breakthrough in ASW, and it was not a bluff. He was talking about Psychoenergetic Range Finding, or PRF. I first reported on Russia's PRF in Audio Letter No. 42. It was the key to Russia's destruction of American Subcraft early this year and Russian manned space satellites used PRF to keep track continuously on all United States submarines. When war comes, the positions of our own submarines will be relayed to Russian Attack Submarines. This will be done by means of the world-wide Submarine Communication System, which I revealed in Audio Letter No. 16. Russian Attack Submarines including the new Alphas will be vectored in toward our own Ballistic Missile Subs. Our own subs, older and slower, will be caught by surprise and unable to escape. And without warning, Russian nuclear torpedoes will destroy our Ballistic Missile Submarines.


When I mentioned Russia's worldwide Submarine Communication System in Audio Letter No. 16, a crisis was under way. It was the Underwater Missile Crisis of 1976. At that time the Russian Navy was planting underwater missiles within our own territorial waters and they were using submarines to do it. The missiles involved were small short-range missiles with nuclear warheads. Once planted, these missiles can be launched from their own underwater resting places by satellite command and they were planted very close to their coastal targets. The result would be zero warning time for an underwater missile attack. The missiles were planted in bays and coves along America's shoreline by a special type of submarine. This was the Missile planting Mini-Sub which I described in Audio Letter No. 16. I mentioned in that tape that, quote: "These special submarines are very difficult for our undersea sonar detection nets to pick up because the hull is created in such a way that it absorbs sonar signals instead of reflecting them."

Four years later we hear an echo of this concept in the so called Stealth-plane. For aircraft, the treatment is to absorb radar instead of sonar, but otherwise it's the same idea. Russia was planting underwater missiles along our shores by stealth, and our own leaders were responding with equal secrecy (H: Didn't you see Red October, with Sean Connery? Where do you think these "outlandish" stories come from?] instead of warning you! When I made these things public over four years ago, certain newsletter writers and others went into a frenzy. For whatever reason they did their best to tell their readers not to listen about the missiles. They tried to say that waterproof missiles lurking under water are impossible. Likewise they pooh-poohed the very idea of sonar-absorbing submarines.

But today we are four years closer to NUCLEAR WAR ONE and the closer catastrophe looms over us, the more it casts its shadow. The New York Times article of last month, which I mentioned earlier, is a good example. It mentioned, quote: "Soviet subs are usually coated with a material that absorbs sonar impulses." And as for the underwater missiles, listen to some words from a recent letter "To the Editor". It was published on September 25, 1980, in the Washington Star. The writer is Captain John E. Draim, formerly program manager of the Navy's project "Hydra". He says, quote: "We can easily waterproof missiles such as the MX, and launch them from a vertical floating position. The United States Navy's project Hydra demonstrated this launch technique with test missiles of ICBM size in the early 1960's." And a further quote: "A Hydra-type missile can also be floated up from a submerged submarine to the surface and launched from there, the technique used for Soviet SLBM's."

In light of these words recently published, what I first reported in the summer of 1976 becomes almost routine. The things I reported then were well known to be feasible in Intelligence circles. But out of the sheer ignorance, if nothing else, certain Newsletters and organizations wanted people to ignore my warnings. Fortunately large numbers of my listeners did not ignore those warnings. They applied heavy pressure to the Joint Chiefs of Staff as I suggested, and action was taken for a while to defuse the crisis.

In the letter "To the Editor" I just quoted by Captain Draim, the reference to ICBM- size missiles is interesting because a few months after I reported on Russia's underwater missiles, I learned about our own.


When it comes to stealth in space, the Russians are old hands. About three months ago, on Sept. 1, 1980, a fascinating letter was printed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It was written by A. L. Jones, the director of the Sohio Radio Satellite Tracking Station from 1958 to 1964. He said, quote: "The technology for making aircraft invisible to radar detection is neither new nor is it proprietary with the United States Military. In mid summer of 1962, the Soviet Union made a public announcement that it was launching a Cosmos Earth-orbiting Satellite which would be invisible to radar detection. The satellite was successfully launched and it carried on board a radio transmitter which could be used to confirm that it was in orbit." He mentions that NORAD requested radio-tracking data from the Sohio Station and continues, quote: "Normally radio tracking data is not needed by NORAD unless radar and optical methods prove ineffective. Apparently this was the case. After approximately two months, the radio transmitter in the satellite ceased to operate, and the space vehicle became invisible to all methods of tracking. "

My friends, for more than three years now, Russia has controlled the military use of space. Russia now has many satellites, including manned satellites, which are not even being tracked in the West. For this and other reasons, America's military plight has become untenable, and yet the Bolsheviks here are still bent on nuclear war against Russia! They believe they will survive, as I explained prior to this, but they don't care how many of the rest of us suffer and die. One way or another they are determined to set off an American nuclear first strike against Russia.

In a prior writing last June I revealed one of the keystones of Bolshevik nuclear war planning. It is America's secret mobile missile, the Minuteman TX, the traveling Minuteman. TX Missiles are already deployed along existing railroad tracks in our northern states. Meanwhile the elaborate publicity cover-up for the Minuteman TX program is continuing. This includes controversy over the alleged MX Missile. And now it also includes stories about a possible speed-up of the mobile missile program. On Nov. 18 the New York Times reported that this could include, and I quote: "... making some Minuteman Missiles mobile." As usual, the news is far behind the facts.

I can report that the initial deployment of Minuteman TX Missiles is now virtually completed. Now a second phase is under way. [H: You had best get nervous, readers--what do you think they have DONE SINCE 1980!?!] I have described previously a special mobile-launch car that carries each Minuteman TX. Now, one by one, each TX car is being joined by a second car. On the outside it looks just like the TX car, but the missile inside is totally different. The missile in the second car is an Anti-Cosmosphere Missile, or ACM, and it is armed with a cobalt ionization bomb, which I have also described.

I have described the launch sequence that is being planned for the TX Missiles, but now something extra will also be taking place. When the order comes to launch the TX Missiles, the ACM will go into action first. Without waiting to slow down, the cover will be blasted off the ACM railroad car. That will expose the ACM Missile itself resting on its launcher. The ACM is far smaller than the Minuteman, and its launcher is angled upward slightly, so the moment the cover flies off, the ACM will be launched. [H: My scribe is now in attention for I only write recently of things which are very apt to be happening in your own moment of experience so when Dharma gets insight and nervous, perhaps all of you had best heed the twitching!]

When the ACM takes off, it will accelerate with 100 times the force of gravity-- minimum. Less than one (1) second after launch, the ACM will be traveling more than 1000 miles per hour and, because it takes off almost horizontally, it will be an impossible target for the Cosmosphere overhead to aim at.

Less than 10 seconds after launch, the COBALT IONIZATION BOMB will explode in the upper atmosphere. That is supposed to disable the Cosmospheres briefly and, with the Cosmospheres even temporarily neutralized, the Minuteman TX Missiles themselves will be launched at Russia--at least that is the plan of the Bolsheviks HERE. [H: BUT--today (1992) the Cosmosphere crews can totally disable the tracking devices and nullify the plan. As far back as 1980--you can see what was already underway.)

But Cosmosphere crews have already been given orders intended to nullify the plan. WHEN THE ACM IS LAUNCHED, THEY WILL NOT EVEN TRY TO SHOOT AT IT. INSTEAD, THEY WILL START FIRING THEIR CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM WEAPONS AT THE MINUTEMAN TX RAILROAD CAR. [H: REMEMBER? I already told you all about this plan.] They will have about 10 seconds to destroy it before the Cobalt Ionization Bombs explode, and that should be more than enough time to vaporize every TX and its locomotive. [H: Not to mention everything within MILES around the area involved.) But by that time the kamikaze nuclear first strike against Russia may be impossible to stop and, if it is, the consequences for America will be TOTAL DESTRUCTION. Stealth and secrecy will end in complete disaster. END.


By the way: Dr. Beter was murdered (taken out) following many, many warnings and threats--on March 14, 1987. And--what do YOU do in your spare time??

* * *

Another complaint that one or two have bothered to pay a rather high phone fee for is to effort to "stop Hatonn from using God's name in vain and swearing." When asked what Hatonn says, the response is "B.S." and "damn". All I can respond to this is with the observation that: "This kind of BS is going to get your world damn well blown to dust particles." Swearing and cursing would be represented by my asking God to damn you for your irrational and incredible behavior--I have not yet done this although it HAS crossed my mind! By the way, were I do such a thing--it would not be accidentally "taking the Lord's name in vain"--IT WOULD BE QUITE INTENTIONAL AND WOULD VERY WELL BE HONORED! SO BE IT! And how is YOUR day? Salu.



SAT., JUNE 20, 1992 1:03 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 309



I am not going to buffer wording for you readers--I am not here to quarrel, debate or "straighten up MY thinking". This latter is for you dear ones who in good intent write to "straighten up Hatonn's thinking" and " ... clarify Hatonn's output". My thinking nor my output is shrouded nor "crooked". You want to know about years and what happened, etc., and then set about correcting me when I tell you. That is fine; it would simply seem wiser, to me, to go and look at WHERE YOU ARE TODAY and consider that perhaps I might just be RIGHT. You certainly don't have anything to LOSE by reading my presentations for goodness has never HURT anyone that I know about.

When you consider what happened to Yehwah and Yewah, Yeawow and Jehova as well as Jehovah--I have only this to say to you--WATCH FOR THE CLUES. Speakers who claim to be speaking in the name of these ones and/or disembodied speakers who claim these names in reference--are false! I don't need to carry the argument further but I will, briefly. If these "channels" speaking for these so-named energy forms tell you exactly where to go, what to do and when to do it (specifically and finite)--watch OUT! THIS IS NOT OF GOD IN THESE DAYSI!! These wondrous names given unto God in the Beginning are now utilized almost exclusively by the adversarial troops--you are going to have to get all the information in Truth which you can garner and then measure the output by the guidelines and against the commandments as given by God and Creation. It is total simplicity so I suggest you stop looking for contradictions and follow the guidelines of Truth for they vary not from one speaker to the next. Truth is Truth is Truth and will stand into infinity!

Ask me about this subject tomorrow at the gathering and I shall be happy to further discuss it.


As to creationists of this latter day--they tell you that it appears that "creation" took place some 10,000 or 22,000 years ago. That alone should give you ample reason to suspect error--there is, for one thing, a lot of years between 10,000 and 22,000. But it does indicate that the "cycles" as outlaid have a large part to play in the projections of possibilities. Since you have PHYSICAL PROOF of elders beyond 22,000 years past-- that would take the edge off the "whole truth". However, when one considers the truth of the presentation and "creation" methods of God and projection of manifested experience--anything COULD be possible??!! Therefore we have to look first at probabilities and then take higher knowledge as viewed by elder travelers and work from that perception.

Perhaps in overreaction to this "Creationism", scientists have considered the biblical tale of Genesis as a subject of faith, not fact. And yet, chelas, when one of the rocks brought back from the Moon by Apollo astronauts turned out to be almost 4.1 billion years old, it was nicknamed "the Genesis rock" so who is efforting to fool who? When a tiny piece of green glass shaped like a lima bean turned up in lunar soil samples gathered by the Apollo 14 astronauts, the scientist dubbed it "the Genesis bean". It therefore appears that, in spite of all the objections and reservations, even the scientific community cannot escape the age old faith (or perhaps truth), belief, inner feelings, or perhaps some "genetic memory" of the species called Mankind, that a primordial truth underlies the narrative of the Books considering Genesis.

However the Moon became a constant companion to Earth--the various theories must be examined. It, like Earth, belonged to the same Solar System, and the histories of both go all the way back to its creation. On Earth, erosion caused by the forces of nature as well as by the life that has evolved on it has obliterated much of the evidence bearing on that creation, to say nothing of the cataclysmic events that changed and revamped the planet. But the Moon, so it was assumed, had remained in its pristine condition. With neither winds, atmosphere, nor waters, there were no forces of erosion. A look at the Moon was tantamount to a peek at Genesis.

Man has gazed at the Moon for eons, first with the unaided eye, then with Earth-based magnifying instruments. The Space Age made it possible to probe the Moon more closely. Between 1959 and 1969, a number of Soviet and American unmanned spacecraft photographed and otherwise examined the Moon either by orbiting it or by landing on it. You don't even know about the other "nations" which have likewise visited that orb. Then Man finally set foot on the moon, or so it was stated to you-the- public, when the landing module Apollo 11 touched down on the moon's surface as reported on July 20, 1969. I have no wish to contradict what you have been told for it makes NO DIFFERENCE. You have NEVER been an enemy of the Soviet Union and all information has been shared so that no ONE HAS to go anywhere to get very valid information to push off as "first hand". But we will simply go with the "story". We will remember Neil Armstrong and his announcement for all the world to hear: "Houston! Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed!"


In all, six Apollo spacecraft presumably set down a total of twelve astronauts on the Moon; the last manned mission was that of Apollo 17, in Dec. 1972. The first one was admittedly intended primarily to "beat the Russians to the Moon", but that didn't work either for the Soviets were already there--waiting--along with a lot of brothers from "out there somewhere" and YOU were invited to withdraw and "don't come back!" The missions became increasingly scientific as the Apollo program progressed. The equipment for the tests and experiments became ever more sophisticated (or at least the reports speculated as much); the choice of landing sites was more scientifically oriented, the areas covered increased with the aid of surface vehicles, and the length of stay increased from hours to days. Even the crew makeup changed to include, in the last mission, a trained geologist, Harrison Schmitt; his expertise was speculated as invaluable in the on-the-spot selection of rocks and soil to be taken back to Earth, in the description and evaluation of dust and other lunar materials left behind, and in the choice and description of topographic features--hills, valleys, small canyons, escarpments, and giant boulders without which the true face of the Moon would have remained inscrutable. Instruments were left on the Moon to measure and record its phenomena over long periods; deeper soil samples were obtained by drilling into the face of the Moon; but most scientifically precious and rewarding were the 838 pounds of lunar soil and Moon rocks brought back to Earth. Their examination, analysis, arid study were still in progress as the twentieth anniversary of the first landing was being celebrated.

As an exercise, herein, walk outside your living quarters right now to a place wherein you can touch "earth". This will be far more expressive if you take someone who lives in rural terrain. Simply first look around you--HOW FAR AND HOW MUCH CAN YOU SEE? Pick up a handful of dirt--is it topsoil added to your lawn or natural in location? Now move twenty or thirty feet or even five miles--and look and dig again. Now, let us assume you are in Montana or Texas--have you just learned a single solitary thing about the Grand Canyon? You could utilize a hundred tons of soil from the spot wherein you stand and how much would learn about the Grand Canyon? How about Yellowstone? The Black Hills? The Aegean Sea? The Sahara Desert? If you don't harken up, dear ones, you are going to have come, experienced and perished without knowing a single worthwhile thing about your passage, how you began or why you ended.

The notion of "Genesis rocks" to be found on the Moon was proposed to NASA by the Nobel Laureate Harold Urey. The so-called Genesis rock that was one of the very first to be picked up on the Moon proved, as the Apollo program progressed, not to be the oldest one. It was "only" some 4.1 billion years old, whereas the rocks later found on the Moon ranged from 3.3 billion-year-old "youngsters" to 4.5 billion-year "old- timers". Barring a future discovery of some older rocks, they said, the oldest rocks on the Moon brought its age to within 100 million years (give or take a day or so in either direction) of the estimated age of the Solar System--of 4.6 billion years--which until then was surmised only from the age of meteorites that struck the Earth--and the records of the Sumerians of ancient experience and/or the oral traditional teachers of the "ancients" (aboriginal people).


Who cares? Well, in establishing the age of the Moon, the time of its probable creation, only intensified the debate concerning the question of HOW the Moon was created and "Green Cheese" didn't quite cut it.

"The hope of establishing the Moon's origin was a primary scientific rationale for the manned landings of the Apollo project in the 1960's" (or so they told YOU), wrote a James Gleick in June of 1986 for The New Yom Times Science Service. It was, however, "the great question that Apollo failed to answer."

How could modern science read an uneroded "Rosetta stone" of the Solar System, so close by, so much studied, landed upon six times or so--and not come up with an answer to the basic question? The answer to the puzzle seems to be that the findings were applied to a set of preconceived notions and, because none of these notions is correct, the findings appear to leave the question unanswered.

One of the earliest scientific theories regarding the Moon's origin was published in 1879 by Sir George H. Darwin, second son of Charles Darwin. Whereas his father put forth the theory regarding the origin of species on Earth, Sir George was the first to develop a theory of origins for the Sun-Earth-Moon system based on mathematical analysis and geophysical theory. How many of you readers even knew that Charles Darwin HAD sons? Don't you find this interesting? His, George's, specialty was the study of tides; he therefore conceived of the Moon as having been formed from matter pulled off Earth by solar tides. The Pacific basin was later postulated to be the scar that remained after this "pinching off" of part of Earth's body to form the Moon. Is it not interesting to note that the most unlikely theory--the one of Darwin' s evolution, is the controversial absurdity which took root and flourished?

Although it is "a hypothesis now considered unlikely to be true," said the ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, the idea reappeared in the twentieth century as one of three contenders for being proved or disproved by the lunar reports as furnished by whoever and whatever was out there" issuing the information. Given a high-tech name, the Fission Theory, it was revived with a difference. In the reconstructed theory, the simplistic idea of the tidal pull of the Sun was dropped; instead it was proposed that the Earth divided into two bodies while spinning very rapidly during its formation. The spinning was so rapid that a chunk of the material of which the Earth was forming was thrown off, coalesced at some distance from the bulk of the Earthly matter, and eventually remained orbiting its bigger twin, brother as its "permanent" satellite. Why would it be permanent? How do YOU know that you both are not just pieces of a giant cosmic fire-breathing dragon's dung-bits? Is it any more unspeculative or uninspired?

The "thrown-off chunk" theory, whether in its earlier or renewed form, has been conclusively rejected by scientists from various disciplines, which is also routinely the way it is and for no better reason than just THAT. Studies presented at the third Conference on the Origins of Life held in Pacific Palisades, California, in 1970--so it must all be true-established that tidal forces as the cause of the fission could not account for the origin of the Moon beyond a distance of five Earth radii, whereas the Moon is some 60 Earth radii away from the Earth. All I see proven is that some idiots gave some opinions in the form of "papers" and "abstracts" which have no basis of merit whatsoever--even if they were presented in New Jersey. Also, scientists consider a study by Kurt S. Hansen in 1982 (Review of Geophysics and Space Physics, vol. 20) [eeh-gads, spare us from the other 19] as showing conclusively that the Moon could never have been closer to Earth than 140,000 miles; this would rule out any theory that the Moon was once part of Earth (the Moon is now an average distance of about

240,000 miles from Earth, but this distance has not been constant).


Proponents of the Fission Theory have offered various variants thereof in order to overcome the distance problem, (as well as the truth), which is further constrained by a concept termed the Roche limit (the distance within which the tidal forces overcome the gravitational force). But all variants of the fission theory have been rejected because they violate the laws of the preservation of energy. The theory requires much more angular momentum than has been preserved in the energy that exists to spin the Earth and the Moon around their axes and to orbit around the Sun. Writing in the book Origin of the Moon (1986), John A. Wood of Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics ("A Review of Hypotheses of Formation of Earth's Moon") (this is certainly one of your finer constipated Rockefeller institutions) summed up this constraint thus: "The fission model has very severe dynamic problems: In order to fission, the Earth had to have about four times as much angular momentum as the Earth-Moon system now has. There is no good explanation why the Earth had such an excess of angular momentum in the first place, or where the surplus angular momentum went after fission occurred." My, my, and "Hatonn is confusing?"

The knowledge about the Moon supposedly acquired from the Apollo program added geologists and chemists to the lineup of scientists rejecting the fission theory. The Moon's composition is, in many respects, they say, similar to Earth, yet different in key respects. There is sufficient "kinship" to indicate they are very close relatives, but there are enough differences, as reported, to show they are not twin brothers. This is especially true of the Earth's crust and mantle, from which the moon had to be formed, according to the fission theory. Thus, for example, the Moon has too little of the elements caned "siderophile", such as tungsten, phosphorus, cobalt, molybdenum, and nickel, compared with the amount of these substances present in the Earth's mantle and crust (even in the Grand Canyon?) and too much of the "refractory" elements such as aluminum, calcium, titanium and uranium (even in the Florida Everglades?). In a highly technical summary of the various findings ("The Origin of the Moon", American Scientist, Sept.-Oct. 1975), Stuart R. Taylor stated: "For all these reasons, it is difficult to match the composition of the bulk of the Moon to that of the terrestrial mantle. (Even in the Philippines??--how about the Mojave Desert??)

The book ORIGIN OF THE MOON, apart from its introductions and summaries, is a collection of papers presented by some sixty-two scientists at the Conference on the Origin of the Moon held at Kona, Hawaii, in October 1984 (a better location?? At least for a vacation!!)--the most comprehensive since the conference twenty years earlier that had mapped out the scientific goals of the unmanned and manned Moon probes. In their papers, the contributing scientists, approaching the problem from various disciplines, invariably reached conclusions against the fission theory. Comparisons of the composition of the upper mantle of the Earth with that of the Moon, Michael J. Drake of the University of Arizona stated, "rigorously exclude" the Rotational Fission hypothesis (even in South Africa?).


The laws of angular momentum plus the comparisons of the composition of the Moon with that of Earth's mantle also ruled out, after the landings on the moon, the second favored theory, that of Capture. According to this particular theory, the Moon was formed not near the Earth but among the outer planets or even beyond them. Somehow thrown off into a vast elliptical orbit around the Sun, it passed too closely to the Earth, was caught by the Earth's gravitational force, and became Earth's satellite. Hot-dog- "gotcha" in action.

This theory, it was pointed out after numerous computer studies, required an extremely slow approach by the Moon toward the Earth. This capture process, not unlike that of the satellites you have sent to presumably be captured and remain in orbit around Mars or Venus, etc., fails to take into account the relative sizes of Earth and Moon. Relative to the Earth, the Moon (about one-eightieth the mass of Earth) is much too large to have been snared from a vast elliptical orbit unless it was moving very slowly; but then, as all the calculations have shown, the result would be not a capture but a collision. This theory was further laid to rest by comparisons of the compositions of the two celestial bodies: the Moon was too similar to Earth and too dissimilar to the outer bodies to have been born so far away from Earth.

Extensive studies of the "Capture" Theory suggested that the Moon would have remained intact only if it had neared Earth, not from way out, but from the very same part of the heavens where Earth itself was formed. This conclusion was accepted even by another famous(?) scientist, S. Fred Singer of George Mason University--a proponent of the capture hypothesis--in his paper ("Origin of the Moon by Capture") presented at the above-mentioned Conference on the Origin of the Moon. "Capture from an eccentric heliocentric orbit is neither feasible nor necessary," he stated; the oddities of the Moon's composition "can be explained in terms of a Moon formed in an Earthlike orbit": the Moon was "captured" while forming near Earth. Do you feel like you are in a "B-Grade" movie plot? So be it for these are CURRENT MODERN PROJECTIONS!


These admissions by proponents of the fission and the capture theories lent support to the third main theory that was previously current, that of Coaccretion, a common birth. This theory has its roots in the hypothesis proposed at the end of the eighteenth century of one Pierre-Simmon de Laplace, who said that the Solar System was born of a nebular gas cloud that coalesced in time to form the Sun and the planets--a hypothesis that has been retained by modern science. Showing that lunar accelerations are dependent on eccentricities in the Earth's orbit, Laplace concluded that the two bodies were formed side by side, first the Earth and then the Moon. The Earth and the Moon, he suggested, were sister planets, partners in a binary, or two-planet, system, in which they orbit the Sun together while one "dances" around the other. Would it be a Waltz or a Texas Two-Step?

That natural satellites, or moons, coalesce from the remainder of the same primordial matter of which their parent planet was formed is now the generally accepted theory of how planets acquired moons and should also apply to Earth and the Moon somehow. As reported found by the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft, the moons of the outer planets--that had to be formed, by and large, out of the same primordial material as their "parents"--are both sufficiently akin to their parent planets and at the same time reveal individual characteristics as "children" do; this might well be true also for the basic similarities and sufficient dissimilarities between the Earth and the Moon--at least this does begin to enter the realm of possibilities.


What makes scientists now reject this theory when it is applied to the Earth and the Moon is their relative sizes. The Moon is simply too large relative to the Earth--not only about one-eightieth of its mass but about one quarter of it diameter. This reltionship is all out of proportion to what is KNOWN to be elsewhere in the Solar System. When the mass of all the moons of each planet (excluding Pluto) is given as a ratio of the planet's mass, the results clearly present the anomaly in point. A comparison of the relative sizes of the largest moon of each of the other planets with the size of the Moon relative to Earth shows great disproportion and too much angular momentum in the combined Earth-Moon system to readily support the Binary Planets Hypothesis.


What you now end up in conclusion of the above is that all three basic theories are unable to meet some of the required criteria to the point that you can wonder how Earth ended up with its satellite at all. Such a conclusion, in fact, does not bother some; they point to the presumed fact that none of the terrestrial planets (other than Earth) have satellites: the two tiny bodies that orbit Mars are, all are agreed, captured asteroids. If conditions in the Solar System were such that none of the planets formed between the Sun and Mars (inclusive) obtained satellites in anyone of the considered methods--Fission, Capture, Coaccretion--should not Earth, too, being within this moonless zone, have been without a moon? But there remains the obvious fact that Earth as you know it and wherein you CAN know it at all, does have a moon, and an extremely large one at that. So might it not be wise to effort to account for that?

Well Dharma, we won't "account" for it at this sitting for I need you elsewhere and you need a respite from the keyboard. We need to finish tape 6 please before continuing on with writing today. Thank you for your patience. Don't concern about your getting behind in the work-load. We will take what we can as we can do so. Mankind must also make his priorities listings and "their" priorities are not "your" priorities. Thank you.

Hatonn to stand by. Salu.



TUE., JULY 7, 1992 9:12 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 326



Thank you for your response to the radio stations and hosts for their recent daring interviews. THIS is the way you "fight" the system--my making SURE the ones who are willing to risk and speak out--remain able to do so. I salute them for service be- yond that which most are willing to do for brother and nation.


To you who perceive and are now spreading the rumors that George Green moved from California to Nevada because of his "Intelligence Service" affiliations--NO, NO AND NO! Of course I know that George has attachments to the Intelligence community--if I were so ill-informed and stupid, I doubt that even George would serve with me. He was attached to Naval Intelligence and did, in fact, cross "them". How better can a man find the truth of it than experiencing the incredible garbage that goes on? Further, as he has become more involved with our service he has a great badge of courage due him for the ones who claimed friendship and "intelligence" brotherhood-- DO NOT LIKE HIM. He represents some sort of "traitor" to the Elite cause and inner- group of information, disinformation and misinformation feed-lines.

For his protection, however, we bring separation in some areas of our endeavors to allow him to "build" in other areas than locked into our focus of the WORD. You ones need to become more insightful to another's needs and offerings. What may start out, even, as a "lark" or a curiosity--rarely remains one when truth of circumstances comes full-blown. By the way--once TOUCHED by the brotherhood and visited by same with visible vehicles (craft) the incredible becomes very, very credible and we have several in a state of consternation--right in our midst. Over the years we have made sure of visitation to ones who would later serve--or work in our company and the facts are understood before the journey is too far along.

It is a wise man who hears the voice of wisdom and in spite of hardship, makes changes according to that wisdom rather than simply "wait" hoping the negative aspects will simply "go away".

Do you not believe that many ones come and go through our company herein with intent to pull us down and destroy? Most only gain respect for us and realize we harbor no vengeance nor intent to interfere. They know we have agreements with the Elite to allow for our mission and yet, there are those who override their own Elite masters to effort to destroy our work and our very beings. Ones are wise and diligent to leave that which is great to move to that which is even greater--and to do so without ability to see the ending of the pathway save for goals and expectation of attaining same.

If it seems you do not hear George as much as you "did", it is that he is away--in the Islands (Hawaii) along with Dr. Coleman, giving gatherings, supporting us, the WORD and Col. Gritz. Dr. Coleman continues his overview of the Committee of 300 so that the line of power is revealed as clearly as possible. Are their "truths" greater than that of another? No, for all truth in the matters of actual workings of human and nations--is already "great". Moreover, they only speak that which others have uncovered and they be but among the many now, who go forth to share it with you- the-people instead of lying in the luxury of security of passage.

Yes, you do ask me about "getting out of the intelligence services" and I can only tell you that it is very difficult to do so--ALIVE. If you think it matters to me that ones have served the adversary, I must remind you that the Intelligence Services were those groups most praised and honored for their work--this is WHY it was so desirable for the adversary to gain control over their actions. If you are to grow up through the ranks and into the Light--you need to know the workings and how better than to have been "one of them"? Further, if ones demand to know ALL in the instance of "another", you err for you are simply curious and your curiosity and my lack of discretion can cost another his very life. I shall not stoop to consideration of such. You CAN continue to ask--I shall continue to decline response. Had it not been for George Green and his daring--there WOULD BE ONLY A VERY FEW JOURNALS PUBLISHED AND NO PAPER FOR OUR ONES COULD NOT DO IT ALONE. Nothing has changed in the move of separation of people in proximity--there must be work in the state wherein our business functions for IT IS the security of our work and of the people involved. Ones in the public have brought lawsuits against America West which will probably cause total loss of that publishing company for the impounding of books is but one facet of the loss. There was never intent to "make money" from THE WORD as presented. It has all been expense with no return of profit. I trust that when ones achieve "getting" the company, they also enjoy the debt against it. When George and Desiree' relocated they did so without benefit of the JOURNALS under impounding and ban. They gave the entire lot to others to do with what they chose and regardless of outcome of hearings and court battle--will not reprint the books at America West. This is to protect all other authors whose magnificently important works will not be in any kind of jeopardy. For this we thank, sincerely and gratefully, the ones who press such nonsense upon you-the-public as to so dishonor a man of greatness who gave ALL to serve his fellow-man, to literally bring court action to keep the Truth and Word of God through that Man (long after his passing) from MAN. THE WORD OF GOD SHALL NOT BE STOPPED--BY THOSE OR ANY OTHER! Ones have different purposes and our mission is massive that each must go forth and do that which is necessary, without thought to "preference" and so are they among the most blessed for they ask not for self.

No-one in this place expects ease of passage and they certainly have NOT received it-- but the challenges are exactly THAT--challenges! We have been most careful in our structuring of our work--careful indeed!

Don't concern yourselves too much with who a man IS or what he WAS--for a contract is only that which is between God and individual. Even a most tiny "little gray" robotoid, when touched by the breath of life, IS transformed. We must work WITHIN this system created and how else can you accomplish gain without working arm in arm with that which IS PRESENTED UNTO YOU? This is a primary lesson--you cannot win THIS battle on a physical battlefield--it shall be won through the hearts and intentions of MAN.


Nay--there is no "new" news. Only the "old" re-presented. All ones spend their current days pondering on future days and expected or unexpected things which may or may not happen. You perceive the earthquakes are all off now? Ask the ones in the places stricken--they will assure you that, as of this 24-hour period, the aftershocks in damaging magnitude are still CONSTANT. YOU SIMPLY DO NOT GET ANY "NEWS". When a woman is given coverage for a full two days because she donates her "eggs" because she is Jewish and is getting "... even with Hitler by producing more and more Jews"--your world is sick!! Your nation is collapsing and THIS kind of garbage takes hours of time on the broadcasts while "news" is hidden and squelched.

A tidal wave at Daytona Beach and two nuclear power plant accidents (Penn. and Neb.) on the same day (4th of July, yet) don't even make honorable mention--but a woman's "eggs" FOR REVENGE in an overpopulated, starving world gets two full days of coverage on the half-hour, every half-hour on two channels and all network news--there is SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR VALUE SYSTEM!


May I answer clearly and succinctly: I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR ELITE PLAN TO DO ABOUT THE PHOTON-NULL TIME. They cannot produce the "photon belt" after the null-time so if OTHER things in planning cannot be perfected during the "down-time" there is hardly any point in the exercise--until they are better prepared.

As to revelations of a time of "passage" I can only offer you--again--another outlay of that which will inevitably come as surely as the cosmic presence of cycles.

A precious reader of the paper has sent me something she has held closely for over a decade and now sends it for the sharing with ALL. This is from Grace P. in Oklahoma and I thank her for the confirmation and sharing. New information? No, as old as creation itself!



This gifted message has been circulated among various groups and individuals and purports to be directly from The Christ. It was received by a messenger. We fully realize it is of a controversial nature and present it because so many have expressed interest in material regarding "THE END TIMES", specifically "THE DAYS OF DARKNESS" so many have predicted and which is discussed in the Bible.

This is thy Lord, Jesus Christ. I have spoken of three phases of cleansing. The first is the three days of darkness; the second is the Seven Year Famine; and the third is the Battle of Armageddon, at which time the Children of God will not be on the earth, but will have been evacuated.

There have been cleansings in which there were three days of darkness in the time of Noah; and in the time of the flight of the Children of Israel out of Egypt; and in the time of Enoch; and in the time of Abraham. When Abraham was, the earth had existed twenty-six hundred years, but there was no written history. The history of earth is written in God's Book of Life, where those who can go to the Akashic Records can read it. Atlantis was at the time of Enoch. Lemuria was at the time of the flight of the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

When ye see this writing, the time will be short before the beginning of the first cleansing. When the three days of darkness begin, it is well to think only thoughts of love and kindness to all that cross your mind. This will alleviate the pressure of unforgiven feelings. THOSE WHO ARE NOT ABLE TO COPE WITH THE HEARING OF THESE EVENTS ARE NOT YET RIGHT IN THEIR LOVE RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. When a person knows God is in charge of all things at all times, they can cope with anything God plans for them or the earth. They may be somewhat frightened, but will receive comfort and guidance by looking to God.


When the first cleansing begins, it will be on a clear day, in the middle of the day. The sun will fade away and the darkness will begin to come over the land. There will be several hours before total darkness will be on all sides. This will be time for all enlightened to bring home their family, put water and food out for their animals and birds and obtain supplies of food which does not need to be prepared and clean drinking water where it can be reached in the dark. Have warm clothing and bedding to remain wrapped in for the duration of the darkness, which will last some three days. By the third night stars will again be seen in the heavens. The fourth day the sun will shine again. During these three days of utter darkness, it is necessary that those in the houses do not look outside. It is necessary that they cover their windows with heavy covers which keep out the cold and keep the warmth inside.

The light that can be used for a short period of time has to be a battery operated light. No fires or open flame light is to be used in the first three days. This will use up oxygen which is already low in the atmosphere of the earth. Those who have res- piratory problems will have a difficult time surviving. It is well if the door not be opened to anyone or for any reason. After the first three days, candles may still not be used for two more days; then ye can use any light or heat ye wish. Electricity may be re-established in a matter of time after the sun shines again. You can use whatever light or heat ye wish after the first three days, but are required to stay inside your homes another eleven days without opening the doors or looking out the windows. This is to know only that which is within thy house. The memory of the outside would not be easily removed.

[H: Let me comment at this point that the above cannot be the same as passage through a null-time as presented upon entering the photon band--for the assumption is that batteries would work and there must be the consideration that "something" has happened which has consumed free oxygen from the atmosphere. It further "requires" that there be damaging rays of some kind in the atmosphere from which the being needs protection by remaining inside for protection. It is not mine to comment further so let us continue in the quoting.]

The commodes should flush the entire time. The freezers will be off during the time the electricity is off. Food could be spoiled; test before eating. Not all those who are outside of God's care will leave the body. Some will live through it through sheer perseverance on their part--the will to live. This terrible thing MUST happen because the people have hardened their hearts. At the close of each age a cleansing is necessary. We are in the transitional period between the Piscean Age and the incoming Aquarian Age (age of LIGHT).

Those who will keep their animals inside to protect them will suffer the consequence of disobedience. God is not mocked. There is reason for what He asks of the people of the earth who have gone far astray from His Laws. The animals are cared for by My Beings, who are on earth for this reason. None will die. The cleansing is not for the animals or for little children. The children who are left on earth without their parents are in God's care. The Angels will care for and comfort the little ones. There will very quickly be found loving homes for them. The parents with little ones need not worry how they will be cared for. God's plan is complete.

After the three days of darkness are past, stay inside for another eleven days. This is to re-establish the atmosphere on the earth and give the Space Brothers sufficient time to take the debris the destruction has caused and to remove the bodies of those who are no longer living. When the people come out of their houses on the fourteenth day, they will see no signs of the terrible things that happened. These will have been through a cleansing in their terrible experience and will now accept God into their lives.


When the sun shines on the fourth day, those who are yet alive need thank God. It is not better to be dead than alive when God is carrying out a cleansing plan on the earth. When they are yet alive, they have yet an opportunity to establish a closer walk with God which will assure them a safer place in God's kingdom. By safer, I mean an area where God's Laws are yet obeyed. After the three days of darkness and before the battle of Armageddon, is a time when the people will wish to learn how to obey that which God has said they can do as the Lord Jesus Christ is able to do. When the aftermath of this terrible destruction is past, the world will then be in a famine for seven years. During these seven years the church and the school will be established with the help of Angelic guidance. In the time given for this activity, these lessons will be learned sufficiently that those who come back to earth will bring back the knowl- edge and the talents which they took with them.


After that will follow the Battle of Armageddon. Those who are in God's care are not on earth during this particular time. They will have been taken up with me into a beautiful and peaceful area where they will stay until the aftermath of the last battle on earth is cleared away. Then chosen ones will be returned to earth the same way they were taken. This will be done by our Space Brothers and their spaceships. One phase will go directly into the next. The Children of God will not be brought back until the debris of all the cleansing is cleared away and the earth is fresh and clean. The Children of God will have been in a state of Heaven and will have forgotten happenings on the earth. They will be taken with their bodies and brought back with their bodies. Nothing at all will be left on earth as was. Some things of this civilization will be found hundreds of years from now or even thousands and will be called "artifacts of the lost civilization of Earth."

When the Children of God are again returned to Earth, they will be beamed back asleep and will awaken on earth in an area close to where they were when they were taken up. They will not remember it but many will feel comfortable with their atmosphere, as if they had been there before. They will arrive in comfortable weather and will have nothing with them except some tools which the Space Brothers will leave with each adult. With these tools they will slowly begin to carve out a pattern for life. They will begin to plant seeds which will be left with them. They will carve dishes out of wood. They will build fires to keep warm and to cook food. They will find vegetables and fruit growing and seeds and nuts and things which grew in the area when they were taken away. It will be much like the Garden of Eden.

The Children will have Angels and Space Brothers with them on earth to help them build homes; establish the various systems such as government, financial, education and the system in which people are made well, when something affects them ad- versely. This will not be a medical system in which Doctors use chemicals and other harmful procedures for which they can charge exorbitant prices from the already impoverished patient or the patient's family. This healing system is called 'The Well-- Making by Mental Power'. Each person will learn how to apply his own mental powers to all phases of his life. When a person is too ill to accomplish this, there will be practitioners who will help the patient to heal himself by directing the patient's thoughts.

My thoughts will be picked up by all when I am giving them guidance and comfort. This they will have learned in the interim between the time they were taken and the time they are brought back. When the Children of God are brought back they are no longer called by the name they had when they were taken. They will have forgotten. In time they will think of something to call each other. They cannot read or write. The schools must teach this very soon. The Angels will teach the Teachers and build places to learn in.


There will be animals of other kinds; some were on earth before. There will be no vicious animals. All animals will love each other as people do.

The only supplies people will have will be those they can find around them. They will soon learn to make clothes to cover them up and to keep them warm on cold nights. They will come back with the clothes they had on when they were taken. The weather will not be cold for sometime--that is, until the people have learned to make clothes and bedding for themselves to protect them against the elements. Their God would not bring bad things upon them without giving them a way to protect themselves. The Angels will have similar flesh bodies as they did at the time the Sons of God were upon the earth and found the daughters of men very fair and loved them and had children with them. There will be children born of these attractions, who will be normal children. The fathers will disappear, one after another, when their work is done. The mothers of the children will know their husband was a Son of God and would be leaving again. They will raise the children with love and loving memories of their fathers. The children will be the same in all ways as are the children on earth.

To get this beautiful Garden of Eden with God and the Angels, one must NOW give his or her heart to God to be forgiven and guided by God into a life of service to God.

Those returning will be much wiser and purer in mind and body. They are then given a piece of ground and tools to make their living and to learn to survive with the help of the Angels which God is sending with them to guide, guard, protect, comfort and supply their needs.

The tools and other equipment are not of the earth kind. This is the Age when God is ruling in the hearts and lives of those on earth. They will live closely with their Angels. The Angels will be protectors and companions to them. The people will have learned to communicate with God and with the Angels assigned to them by their Lord, Jesus Christ. The Angels are an ever present help in all things.

Those who return to earth will have no recall of their families or homes. The healing work will have been done in them while they were in the area where they awaited return to earth. People of all ages will return. Those who have family with them will stay with their kinfolk though they will not know they are kin. This will keep family love and ties between them. Those who are without family will be grouped in a way that they can soon become family. Their Angels will be a great help in this area. The Angels will express much love to them and create a feeling of togetherness by a bond.


Space Beings are highly evolved beings of great Light who operate Space vehicles to do the work which God requires in all areas of the Universe. They are involved with this very important work on earth. They live in their vehicles when they are not based doing clean-up work. They wear uniforms which resemble those of an army. The uniforms are not clothing; they are of a substance which is formed over the wearers. The Space Brothers do not have names except when they are assigned to a person or a group who can communicate with them. The name is relinquished when their work with that person or group is finished. The name is given to them by God and usually denotes a status. The Spaceships also have names at that time.

The time is now when those who have the Light of understanding need to heed this message and prepare the best they can. Where there is not enough money because of the economy to buy that which they need and their heart is with God, they can count on their Angels providing that which they need. They will find they need less than they think. Their Angels have many ways to bring necessary things to them. In the wilderness the Children of Israel were given quail when the Children were tired of Spiritual food and were complaining loudly to God. [H: Pretty hard on the quail in exchange for quarreling, complaining and "being tired of". You must be discerning at every turn of the thought patterns, chelas.] Spiritual food is fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, honey and grains. [H: This cannot be factual for "spiritual" indicates "things of spirit" which has no physical substance and therefore cannot be classified as something within only physical definition.] There was plenty of that for them. Before they left Egypt they were eating meat and they THOUGHT they needed meat to have strength to travel. They DID NOT need meat, but God gave it to them because they THOUGHT they needed it. Meat eating is against God's Laws for man. [H: Who said??] In the coming age, God will re-establish this battered law. There will be no eating of the flesh of any of His animal kingdom; neither will their skins be used as clothing for man. This was never the intent of God's animal kingdom. God has permitted it to be until this time because man learned to depend on animal flesh when Noah and his family came off the ark and found no food.

Then God said, "Take an animal and kill it and stay alive". Since that time, man has enjoyed eating the flesh of God's animals, but the time is now when God will reclaim His animals as He is reclaiming His souls. God is staging a final campaign to give the souls who have free will, the choice to come. If the animals had a choice, they would choose not to be slaughtered and eaten by man. They also have intelligence and feelings and emotions as does man. [H: No, "not AS man". Points are mixed up herein and, further, if God told Noah to kill of an animal--what would have happened to the species of animal utilized? If God could produce floods of such magnitude and cause such incredible planning before hand--and supply Quail to the Israelites--could he not also feed these hungry beings?]

With this message which is given by Me, thy Lord, Jesus Christ, THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WARNED. Those who have given their hearts and lives to God are in God's care and are surrounded by His Angels. Only those who are yet outside of God's care have a great worry.


* * *


Ah, the lessons get harder to discern, do they not? Well, this came through a "channel" calling herself "Anna", the prophetess, WHO CONSIDERS HERSELF a messenger of God.

"So, what is different from Dharma?", you might well ask. In the first place Dharma neither considers herself to be, nor is she--a prophet(ess) nor a messenger nor anything other than a translator if I speak and a typist if I dictate for writing. I am the messenger--she but the instrument.

Next, I would consider the resource who pronounces himself to be the Lord, "Jesus" Christ. There are all sorts of ways to identify and The Christ would not identify himself by such a secular label which automatically excludes all beings who are Christ-beings but are not affiliated in a spiritual link with "Jesus"--whose name was not Jesus!

Is the information valid?? This is for your own discernment for I have no right to pronounce my opinion upon your senses. You must look at each and every statement as to valid merit within that which are the laws of God, the Cycles of Universal "Natural Law" and the intelligent reason of the gift of gifts--God's allowance of choices and intelligence. You are created with this innate "knowing"--what says your inner guidance about this message?

I do ask that you ponder the portion that says: "The time is now when those who have the Light of understanding need to heed this message and prepare the best they can. Where there is not enough money because of the economy to buy that which they need and their heart is with God, they can count on their Angels providing that which they need. I would, further, look very, very carefully at the paragraph preceding this one in point, regarding Space Beings. We form "a substance which is formed over the wearers?"??? We do not have names except when assigned to a person or a group who can communicate with them?? "The name is given to them by God and usually denotes a status"?? I have little comment on the remainder of the document--but this portion is pure hog-wash and I doubt the Master Teacher of the Ages, The Christ perfection, would establish such nonsense.

Could these presentations be errors in data translation? Yes! But are they? You see, chelas, you must look carefully with discernment for Truth can always be found within the statements and then "judgement" must be made on the facts presented--NOT THE PERSON INVOLVED. How about the part that says: "The Angels will have similar flesh bodies as they did at the time the Sons of God were upon the earth and found the daughters of men very fair and loved them and had children with them." Angels? Bodies? ".... found them fair and loved them ..... " Could that mean what it sounds like it means?? Angels bedding "fair" daughters? Where were the men and sons?? What were Angels doing in human form having sex with humans? The two are absolutely opposite ends of the definition chain.

"Those returning will be much wiser and purer in mind and body". Well, not if they hop in bed and procreate in the manner stated above! Seems to me you would have the same dreary scenario starting all over again in a different time and a different place-- and ah ha--there is NO time and NO space! And what of those dastardly Angels? They simply take off and leave the mothers to tend the children but, "The fathers will disappear, one after another, when their work is done." Where are the human men?? Still missing!! Does this sound like a logical solution to the ills of MAN from a loving ALL-KNOWING INFINITE CREATOR? Well, to each his own, I suppose. But now for the POINT of sending me the writing in the first place: WILL THERE BE A PERIOD OF DARKNESS AND/OR A PERIOD OF BRILLIANT LIGHT?? YES-- BOTH! Moreover, the instructions are not too bad as a plan for preparation. I would not, however, expect Space Brothers to do all your dirty work FOR you. I suggest you continue to seek inner guidance and knowledge--in reason and balanced logic--for God does not give you "La-la-land" magic fixes. Portions are correct--the majority of the information is NOT but the lessons are wondrous.

I must leave this at this point for I am called elsewhere and "life goes on" while we are making "other plans" and matters must be attended when presented. We are all growing, precious ones, WE ARE ALL GROWING! In your growth in discernment, I am pleased and grateful for, as a teacher, it is important that I give only that which allows the student to thrive and become wise and tempered by experience--not led down the path of primrose bowers which block the view of that which IS. Indeed, I am well-pleased. May that Light of Infinite Wisdom and discernment continue to ever shine upon you.

Hatonn to take leave. I cherish you each and every one as myself, as I watch you come into recognition of that which you ARE. Salu.



SUN., JULY 12, 1992 9:40 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 331

SUNDAY, JULY 12, 1992



Watch for the "hay to be made" during this Democratic Convention--by the Republicans. Bush will be in California and some very good things can come from those travels--which will actually help our own programs. BUT, watch out--some of the things he will be doing will be as "King" through Executive Order. Interestingly enough, Mr. Kemp will be traveling along, also.

We are asked if we "would meet" (my people) with these "leaders"? Why not? We simply bring truth, we have no bones to pick with "personalities" and much good could come though "understanding" of stance. A Godly person has nothing to fear from one with predominantly evil intent for if it be ONLY evil vs. Godly--guess who prevails!


For you who continue to ask me about Perot--why? Can you not see what has happened? He just badly shot himself in the foot yesterday for who among the "minority" groups of, say, Hispanics and Blacks would feel "equal" after his speech within the meeting hall of the NAACP? Did Perot realize what he was saying--NO and perhaps that is even worse for the "condescension" was totally "natural". The poor man was simply talking to his audience but enemies are afoot everywhere to never allow a slip of the lip to pass without making a chasm of it. Facts are, the fact that Perot is a billionaire speaks more loudly than any words can express. He made those billions by doing business and utilizing the system of government. "It is harder for a rich man to enter into through the gates of heaven than for a camel to pass through the needle's eye!" It does not HAVE to be thus--but it most often IS.

Moreover Mr. Perot has been spouting off about the " Hitlerian " tactics of Bush- Quayle for employing "dirty tricks" and "Hitlerian propaganda". Dan Quayle made a statement that Perot would abuse the CIA, FBI and IRS if he were to become President. Mr. Perot says: "The Republicans have had a non-stop saturation bombing to recast my personality." "It is a carefully orchestrated plan to try to damage me at a time when people thought I would announce." So, the White House spokesman comes back with "Mr. Perot's paranoia knows no bounds". Who can WIN in such games and countermoves? Most certainly NOT YOU-THE-PEOPLE. It would appear the most propitious thing anyone could do in behalf of freedom would be to "abuse" unto "dissolution" all three entities named above and include the PAC organizations- starting with total shut-down of the British Intelligence creations such as the Anti-Defamation League (erroneously thought to be Jewish).


This may hold more believability if you take note that "Steinberg" is NOT a South African, Asian or Irish sir-name of typical nature. It certainly points out to me that Khazarians who have stolen the "Jewish" heritage are REAL and not appreciated by those they impoverished in such manner. But this is not the focus--this focus must be on the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and other such organizations.

QUOTE: article by Jeffrey Steinberg, July 6, 1992.

Time to Shut Down the Anti-Defamation League:

The longstanding illicit relationship between the gangsters of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith and the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation has gone on long enough.

For years now, using the guise of "hunting Nazi war criminals" and fighting "hate crimes", the ADL--also known as the "American Dope Lobby", for its role as a front for the international narcotics cartel--has been running federal law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies as its private political police, framing up and in some cases executing "enemies" of the Zionists. The fact that the gangsters of the ADL should claim to be the leading representatives of the decent people--Jews and others--who suffered and died in the Nazi Holocaust--is itself one of the worst instances of anti- Semitism imaginable.

Now, however, as the result of two dramatic recent developments, the ADL's days of riding roughshod over the nation's police and prosecutors may fast be coming to an end. Unfortunately, because of the ADL's decades-long manipulation of the judicial system, a number of innocent people have already been sent to their deaths.

On June 5, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio gave the Justice Department a deadline of July 15 to turn over all the evidence in its possession demonstrating that an innocent American citizen had been sent to Death Row in Israel by Justice Department officials who withheld hard evidence proving he was innocent.

The court ordered the Office of Special Investigations (OSI), the DOJ's purported "Nazi-hunting" unit and a hotbed of ADL subversion, to turn over the documents in the case of John Demjanjuk, the retired Cleveland auto worker who was extradited to Israel in 1986 on charges he was "Ivan the Terrible", a Nazi mass murderer at the Treblinka concentration camp in Poland.

Demjanjuk was convicted in a show trial in Israel in 1988 and sentenced to death. He has been sitting on Death Row in an Israeli prison for four years, fighting to obtain the documents that would prove his innocence--and had been hidden by the ADL and the OSI. Hundreds of pages of eyewitness statements proving that another man (who was killed in 1943) was "Ivan" had been hidden in OSI files since the 1970' s. [H: Indeed, this is the case we speak of in relationship to the Constitutional Law Center. I believe you will note that things are a bit different in that case now as "they" effort to find a way to release this innocent man and save face. Basically they have changed "rulers" in order to cover tactics in Israel. If you cannot see your support in action--try this very case within your heart and place yourself in Demjanjuk's shoes. Congressman Traficant exhausted his ability to be heard as the Israelis would not even accept his calls. This was all orchestrated by the British Intelligence through the ADL. When ones like Marchetti and the Law Center started stirring around in the soup pot--things began to change right fast. THIS is the way you shall have to "change the world"--for you cannot win by a battle of weapons (guns). THE PEN WILL TRULY BECOME AGAIN NOTED AS THE GREATEST OF ALL WEAPONS. THIS IS WHY THE PENS OF PATRIOTS AND GOD ARE EFFORTED TO BE SILENCED.]

Demjanjuk may survive an ADL-orchestrated ordeal which others did not. Karl Linnas stripped of his American citizenship in 1987 and deported to the Soviet Union to stand trial as a war criminal, died in a Soviet prison. Similarly, Ante Artukovich, also charged with war crimes, died in a Yugoslav prison. Artukovich's family has now produced documents showing that he, too, was sent to his death by a Justice Department (USA) and ADL apparatus that had in its possession archival documents proving his innocence of the crimes charged.

Tzerchim Soobzokov, a Circassian-American, was actually able to prove that the ADL and OSI "war crime" charges against him were false. As the result, he won a multimillion-dollar libel suit against the New York Times for pushing the ADL- and KGB-manufactured slanders against him--only to be murdered in a bomb attack in 1985 in which ADL agent provocateur Mordechai Levy was implicated.

Had the U.S. government listened to Lyndon LaRouche's repeated warnings that the OSI and ADL were acting as fronts for the Soviet KGB and Israeli Mossad, pouring counterfeit evidence into the U.S. courts to murder innocent American citizens, all this could have been prevented. [H: Yes, it DID SAY LYNDON LA ROUCHE. Why do you think the Justice Department has Lyndon La Rouche in prison--probably for the rest of his life if you do nothing to set it RIGHT? La Rouche crossed these criminal organizations and they "got him". You must understand it is a very dangerous thing to cross these evil elements of terror. YOU ALL SHOULD HAVE LISTENED AND HARKENED TO WHAT THIS MAN TOLD YOU!]


In addition to the recent Demjanjuk ruling, on June 22, the ADL suffered a second major setback when the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously struck down an ADL- written St. Paul, Minn. ordinance banning certain free speech acts as "hate crimes". Even this Supreme Court, which has the worst record of any high court in decades for trampling on individual constitutional rights, had to draw the line at the kinds of schemes the ADL was peddling to outlaw "thought crimes". [H: Our people are continuing targets of this group and speakers regarding JOURNALS which have nothing to do with Khazarians, Jews or Government are "BANNED" from making "speeches" or "presentations" throughout Canada. Moreover, the one, SATAN'S DRUMMERS, is confiscated at the border along with most all other JOURNALS IN OPEN SHIPMENTS--BECAUSE IT IS CLAIMED TO BE "CHILD PORNOGRAPHY". This one JOURNAL is about the most anti-child abuse document ever written, so do you see how evil works by claiming the opposite of Truth in EVERY INSTANCE AND THEN, WHAT THE PUBLIC IS TOLD IS WHAT THE PUBLIC BELIEVES? My people receive regular death threats, attempt at same, lawsuits and formal Satanic cult curses. But then, chelas, Satan claims the label of "Morning Star" and "Prince of Light"--can you not see HOW IT WORKS? You must always discern by the "energy now" and insight measured against the laws of God and Creation if you will be knowing enough to "know thine enemy"!]

According to its own literature, the ADL has rammed "hate crime" bills through the legislatures in all but four states in the U.S., and has been paid undisclosed amounts of money by the FBI and hundreds of state and local police agencies to "teach" them how to detect hate crimes. Through this latter process the American Dope Lobby has subverted American law enforcement to the core.

The ADL has flaunted its use of gangster money to run its penetration and subversion of the American judicial system. Jailed insider traders Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky were big-time backers of the ADL "hate crime" hoax, as was accused narco- dollar launderer Edmond Safra of the Republic National Bank of New York. [H: Also, for what it may be worth--Ross Perot was a large contributor.] Bootlegger's son Edgar Bronfman, a pivotal figure worldwide in the "Nazi-hunting" drive, for years ran the ADL's fundraising effort in New York. In the mid-1980's, Murder, Inc. mobster Morris Dalitz was honored by the ADL' s Torch of Liberty awarded for his generous funding of the League through his racketeering empire.


In fact, the key to ADL power inside and outside the government is the clout of narco-dollars in the American banking system and economy. Former ADL national chairman Kenneth Bialkin, a bigshot Wall Street lawyer, was the architect of Robert Vesco's Caribbean drug-smuggling and money-laundering empire. [B: Which, of course, with the information outlaid for you, you can trace right to the inside of the White House. No, I am not going to repeat it all herein--get the TANGLED WEB series and the original JOURNALS and you will have it ALL via authentic and confirmed sources. We cannot longer do regular "catch-ups" for we are so very short of time and space in which to accomplish the amount of work yet waiting. I am PLEASED INDEED that some of the past urgent and important "early" writings of the EXPRESS and LIBERATOR will be republished for, if you are a recent reader, YOU ARE FAR, FAR BEHIND!]

The ADL's links to federal, state, and local police and prosecutors must be severed. Given the League's close ties to international drug traffickers, this is an urgent matter of national security. The scandals of the Demjanjuk case and the "hate crime" bill offer the best opportunity to sever those ties and put the gangsters of the ADL behind bars, where they belong.



Is it not interesting that RIGHT NOW the Pope set up by the adversary for the current position is now going to be hospitalized for "repairs" of some sort of "thing" relative to his "assassination attempt" many years past???? Chelas, if you miss "this one" you are blind as salamanders!


Indeed this yesterday earthquake in Mojave, California was IMPORTANT. Recall I warned you about any quakes on or near that Garlock Fault must be watched most carefully! Note further that it was, as were the prior two major quakes, over strategic areas of underground facilities and the side quakes were NOT DISTRACTORS but very, very "on target" such as the massive underground facility at 29 Palms (Marine base), Ridgecrest (China Lake Naval Weapons Center and largest of all the California underground secret facilities) and now, California City (right at Edwards dooryard!). This indicates many things but not the least of which is "terminal" backfeed amplifier contact--well planned and well tested--NOW.

Note other "news" bears a big show and tell of Photon energy and even demonstrates the need for special extra-darkened goggles and intense enhancement of recent photon laser beams--"which are intended for use as aircraft thrust systems." Pay attention and between the lines you will find all the confirmation of truth which you will need. Watch various players and you will even find the culprits by what they are doing and WHERE.


There is one assault against my scribe which I intend to put to rest right now. We are again bombarded by ones "accusing" us of "stealing" Zecharia Sitchin material. What mean ye, readers and discounters? I have not even gotten into the erroneous con- clusions of this author and, typical of the adversary, already the arrows fly? You are showing your own ignorance and readers will not long be intimidated nor impressed by your rantings and ravings.

Thank you M.M.O'L for the following which I shall simply copy for this person went and did some "homework" for YOU:


About thirty years ago archaeologists unearthed the civilization of the Sumarians. Sumaria was located just north of what "was" part of the Palestine bordering countryside. This region then became known as Mesopotamia. Much data more than 6000 years old has been recovered and interpreted as the result of brilliant work by the authors of several books on Sumarians. They were able to decipher and spell out their language. The location of this "find" was at the place of "Sumar" in modern Iraq.

Among the many branches of knowledge that have been enriched by the Sumarian texts was that of astronomy. Answers to questions that astronomers and scientists have been unable to fathom in the course of our civilization were brought to light.

From the Sumarian texts the history, customs, culture and religion have become a known. It has been learned that Sumaria was overcome in battle by the Hebrew tribe from south of their border, they being completely decimated and overrun by the Hebrews. A study of the Hebrew culture and religion and a comparison with that of the Sumarians as revealed in their texts dating back thousands of years before any known history of the Hebrew tribe discloses the unmistakable truth that the Hebrew culture and religion had been taken over from the Sumarians and made the Hebrew culture and religion. In other words, the Hebrews had appropriated the culture and religion of the Sumarians and proclaimed these newly-found Sumarian accomplishments as their own, especially the religion from that time forward. In his book, CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW, the author states that the Galileans were descended from the Sumarians and were different from the Judeans to the south. The people of Galilee were not Hebrew but in the course of time had adapted the Hebrew religion. We might even speculate that they had retained some remnants of the long-forgotten religion of Sumaria, the real origin of the Hebrew religion. The Hebrew religion became known as Judaism, and later, actually only in the early 18th century were the Judeans called "Jews". However, since that time translators of the Bible have used the word "Jew" back to the beginning of the Bible using it in place of Judean.

The early leaders of the Hebrew tribe close to the time of their embracing the Sumarian religion knew what they were about. They wrote their history and Biblical stories to conform to their new-found religion, effectively blotting out the history of Sumaria to whom had been given the knowledge of the true God thousands of years before, that Sumaria had ever existed was wholly forgotten.

It can be concluded that the "Jews" knew in Christ's own time that he was not a "Jew" and have known since then, but it has been a great advantage to the Jewish cause for them to further this belief since it implies a prominent superiority of the Jew over the Christian subconsciously in the minds of Christians, while the Jew himself has continued as a group to despise Christianity.

The Hebrew people were a tribe whose history is known only back a few centuries BC. They were not capable of the high civilization attained by the Sumarians. The religion of Sumaria was akin to Christianity in many aspects.


This above writing was written and sent to me on June 24, 1992, and I thank you greatly for Dharma is totally baffled by the information I give her and after a few arrow piercings she can get pretty upset with the world as it is AND HATONN.

The next is equally informative and eye-opening and you don't have to believe a bodiless voice or writing fingers. However, not to be lessened is the" ... moving finger writes and having writ moves on ... " and the " .. handwriting on the wall by a bodiless, armless hand!" Ponder it, chelas, where there is smoke--there was actually some kind of fire.


From official documents of Historical Records made in the Days of Jesus Christ (the Arckko Volume in the Congressional Library in Washington, D.C.) This eye witness, Pontius Pilote, testified "Jesus" did not LOOK, THINK OR ACT like a Jew. You also have to know if you go and get hands on this document that you will find the label "Jesus" to be "explained" as translated "later". Also were errors made in reference to the "Jews" as translated from "Judeans". I simply want you to note this material IS IN THE CONGRESSIONAL LIBRARY IN WASHINGTON, D.C.! WHAT ELSE HAS BEEN KEPT FROM YOUR EYES AND EARS???

To Tiberius Caesar, Emperor of Rome Noble Sovereign, Greeting:

" ..... Among the various rumors that came to my ears there was one in particular that attracted my attention. A young man It was said had appeared in Galilee preaching with a noble unction a new law in the name of the God that had sent him. At first I was apprehensive that his design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Esu (translated 'Jesus') of Nazareth spoke rather as friend of the Romans than of the Judeans (erroneously translated 'Jews').

One day in passing by the place I observed in the midst of the group a young man who was leaning against a tree calmly addressing the multitude. I was told it was "Esu Immanuel". This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between him and those listening to him. His golden-colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about thirty years of age. Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between him and his hearers with their black beards and tawny complexions.

" ..... Never have I read in the works of the philosophers anything that can compare to the maxims of Esu. One of the rebellious Judeans so numerous in Jerusalem, having asked Esu if it was lawful to give tribute to Caesar, he replied, 'Render unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar and unto God the things that are God's.'

"I wrote to Esu requesting an interview with him at the Praetorium. He came. You know that in my veins flows the Spanish mixed with Roman blood as incapable of fear as it is of weak emotion. When the Nazarene made his appearance I was walking in my basilica and my feet seemed fastened with an iron hand to the marble pavement and I trembled in every limb as does a guilty culprit, though the Nazarene was as calm as innocence itself. When he came up to me he stopped and by a signal sign he seemed to say to me, 'I am here,' though he spoke NOT a word. For some time I contemplated with admiration and awe this extraordinary type of man--a type of man unknown to our numerous painters who have given form and figure to all the Gods and heroes. There was nothing about him that was repelling in its character yet I felt too awed and tremulous to approach him.

"'Esu', said I unto him at last and my tongue faltered, 'Esu of Nazareth, for the last three years I have granted you ample freedom of speech nor do I regret it. Your words are those of a sage. I know not whether you have read Socrates or Plato, but this I know, there is in your discourses a majestic simplicity that elevates you far above these philosophers.

" ..... 'Your blood shall not be spilt,' said I with deep emotion. 'You are now precious in my estimation on account of your wisdom, that all the turbulent and proud Pharisees who abuse the freedom granted them by the Romans. They conspire against Caesar and convert his bounty into fear, impressing the unlearned that Caesar is a tyrant and seeks their ruin. Insolent wretches. They are not aware that the wolf of the Tiber sometimes clothes himself with the skin of the sheep to accomplish his wicked designs. I will protect you against them. My praetorium shall be an asylum sacred both day and night! Esu carelessly shook his head………. " "I am your most obedient servant, " Pontius Pilote"

Thank you M., for perhaps others will now go seek further information and confirmation that we are not here to feed you more lies upon those already bringing you to the point of destruction.

You will note that as the history of "this" time in passage is written, our work will be despoiled and mistranslated--but remaining will be the TRUTH as set to print for later finding. We, too, will cease to bear the mark of "Caesar's enemy" for we are not about "Caesar" and "enemies"--we are "about our Father's work".

I think it appropriate to interrupt the writing at this point to allow you to ponder on the points. We have a meeting this afternoon and I must release Dharma to her tasks.

As we sit to write again, we will probably move back to the clandestine for I have now gained personal permission to publish other material of urgent importance. Then as we continue we need to cover more on this "Divine Plan" and evolvement of Man as you know him and God as you Don't know Him.

Blessings rest upon ye ones of Truth. Salu, Hatonn to clear.



WED., JULY 15, 1992 3:59 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 334



This has been a most interesting day, has it not? Especially for ones around this area. There are all sorts of the most absurd tales coming back from all directions from sand in the fuel for planes at Edwards requiring dumping, cleaning and refueling (of course the funny thing is that no-one even knew about the fuel situation at Edwards--other resources were named from the Hayward Fault area to Bakersfield). Sand in the fuel lines from the "earthquake" we are told! So be it.

But, the one that has me more greatly puzzled is that we have now had a whole flurry of phone calls from radio stations inquiring about "Hatonn' s Photon Belt"! We are told that George Green (who ones thought to be Hatonn at any rate because "George always intimated as much") to "George Green told us it was an exclusive pronouncement and "Hatonn said it would come off right on time,"

I repeat my constant outlay: It is NOT Hatonn's Photon anything. All information I have given you regarding any photon happening in July, 1992 was THAT IT WOULD BE MAN-CAUSED. THE PASSAGE THROUGH THE CY- CLED "PHOTON BELT" IS DUE SOMETIME EARLY IN THE NEW CENTURY AND WILL RESULT IN SOME 2000 YEARS OF LIGHT!

George Green is NOT me and I have one arrangement with Greens and America West--to publish as a publisher, our written JOURNALS. He can promote the JOURNALS any way in which he promotes any other books, I suppose, for he, too, has free-will and is a knowledgeable business person having experienced his own encounters with alien craft and has been involved within the higher workings of the "Elite" society, UFO logists of "every kind", Intelligence Services and thus and so.

I am now somehow being blackmailed in a most subtle way about Sananda's writings and am told that Greens are heavily pushing them and ".. .lately they are seeming to be totally self-serving to the writer personally". I know the games going on--do you suppose the "players" know??

I am not in competition with "other channels", "other writers" and/or anyone. Can you not sort Truth from fiction from the tales of fantasy-land of which I am constantly accused of giving forth?

Now, next question: What does this have to do with Dr. Coleman who is traveling with George at this very minute? I suppose YOU will have to answer that for I have no right to publish such information. I have a most tedious letter which states the problem most succinctly: The writer asks, "How can you push something which is so bigoted and obviously from a bigoted fanatic." This is to America West so I have no input other than to say that I am NOT Dr. Coleman. I pushed the book because it is the best and most current volume on the Committee of 300 (Club of Rome, as most often referred to). I have told you that ALL of the information has been published but this is the best "central" resource available. America West published the document as agreed to with Dr. Coleman and our editors read and corrected typographical errors and structured for printing. This person objects to Dr. Coleman's damnation of homosexuals "who are respected by political and religious conservatives all across the United States." Well, I have nothing but compassion for a person who feels love for another of same sex. I do, however, insist that you must realize it is "homosexual behavior" and "activities" which cause the trouble and those behaviors are no more sanctioned than is any misuse and abused breaking of God's Laws as given. If you confuse the two, you err. One is a physical act of choice--the other is an emotional response to soul.

The other objections are regarding his negation of Freemasonry. Well, here you have me, too! I do not speak of the "John Doe" Masonic club participant but the origin of Freemasonry was as evil as it came and the ones at the TOP know exactly what they are doing. If you don't think it is a rather interesting "secret" club--be honest--have your closest member-person reflect on the wording and secret sayings and projections of the secret rituals and swearings. I care not if you wish to play in that game, but do so with your eyes open and not in dream-land.

Also we are pounded, especially John Coleman, about heavy rock music, etc. You claim that you "are fine" and you "liked that kind of music". Are you? Are your children? Is everything OK in your nation? Your world? So be it. Most of the writers are now objecting on the basis of a seminar advertisement given regarding the COMMITTEE OF 300 book by George Green in Palo Alto also to be attended by Dr. Coleman as speaker. Also, "---the LIBERATOR copy given out seemed interesting but if it is as bigoted we want nothing to do with the material." Oh? You would judge some sixty volumes by one advertisement?

There is one item to put your mind at rest, however, as I am as upset over THAT advertisement as any I have ever seen regarding our participation. In the ad I could find nothing of reference to the JOURNALS. I agree with the majority of ones receiving those ads--I wish to be no part of same. Salu!

Trouble in the "ranks"? No, for there are NO ranks. Would you give up all research of one thing Dell Books publishes because they also publish someone else's writings? Do you discount Bill Cooper because you have heard of Wendelle Stevens? I suggest if you are in a quandary about which way to turn and you can't adjust in balance to Dr. Coleman's work according to George Green and America West--then search a little further through the PHOENIX JOURNALS. And to you who sent "DESIDERATA". Thank you for I, too, recited it in our first JOURNALS and if ones would take this counsel of the wisdom of the years there would be no need for this information being brought to your attention. Blessings rest upon you for the sharing.


It has further come to my attention that an investigator got in touch with John Coleman and he denounced both America West and called Hatonn: Satan incarnate. It seems a bit ungracious to so bite the hand which fed and clothed and provided for the need of self and family for these many, many months. Evil incarnate? Why will these accusers do so in anonymity and refuse, then, to even speak with the targeted one in point?

I can offer you readers nothing more than the admonition to READ and then discern WHO might be spreading disinformation. If you find ones who speak kindly and with flattery to your face and then denounce and injure from behind, then it is not of my task to attend them.

If your searching is beyond the physical and into the spiritual--I suggest you have insight into the PLEIADES CONNECTIONS, THE RAINBOW MASTERS, etc. God will be where you are--and the books are filled to overflow WITH WHAT TO DO and A WAY THROUGH, as so succinctly stated by one searcher. I can only "offer" but I would petition you to look further within the writings before you cast them aside for just perchance they are most valuable indeed!

I, too, would like things in perfection without changing any perceptions or entrained ideas--a bit of blood to absolve me of all responsibility for errors done--but alas, beloved ones, there is no magic cure and no journey into Truth and Light without venturing into knowledge through open minded consideration of possibilities. Most especially you ones who "lead" others--I do not believe you want a closed-minded negation of information on your conscience when, as you look about you, there is ample "signing" that the time is at hand for great and wondrous changes and evolvement. What loss have ye if ye look?


Could YOU repeat in total accuracy some 75 to 80 books? How about 300 newspapers in weekly editions? Please be a bit more kind to George Green for he is doing that which he can to bring you a bit of insight. Could it be that he has been badly USED by ones whom he trusted and served in all possible ways to ease physical problems? Can you not read a book for the VALUE OF THE INFORMATION and put aside personal perceptions?? Truth is Truth is Truth and will stand on its own into infinity--can you not be discerning enough to weed the thistles from the grain? Do you JUDGE GOD by what Rev. Jesse Jackson says about HIM? How about Robert Schuller? How about Ramtha? How about Henry Kissinger? Maybe you like Steven King's version of life on the Lighted side? GOD IS TRUTH AND LIGHT, STUDENTS OF LIFE--AND WILL STAND THE TEST OF INFINITY FOR THE ONLY FEET OF CLAY ARE THOSE REFLECTED IN YOUR MIRROR PROJECTION! I am in hopes that you ones will reflect on these thoughts most carefully before tossing them into the garbage for perhaps you throw away THE PEARL OF GREAT WISDOM.

Dharma, let us add herein the "Supplement" sent by our sharing friend on the subject and history of the Sumarians. I believe that this friend and Nora would form a great bond in common interest and friendship--please share contact information for they both have excellence in research ability. We honor privacy so we shall not print it herein.



The New Testament, the account of the Life of Christ, His teachings and the foundation of His Ecclesia superseded all that was previously recorded.

The Old Testament was compiled by the leaders of the Hebrew tribe and begun a few centuries before Christ's appearance as accepted. It was gradually added to and built up. When the Hebrews overcame the Sumarians and discovered the amazing civilization and the religion of the Sumarians they rewrote their Old Testament to conform to the Sumarian religion attributing all revelation contained therein to themselves as having been given to them. Actually they substituted themselves in place of the Sumarians. However, it was necessary to rearrange the events of their own short history to conform to that of the Sumarians. In so doing discrepancies and vague language appears in the Old Testament.

In the course of time as their history developed more books were added and the order of the books was changed. The story of Exodus was placed second after Genesis and was a complete fabrication. The purpose of the book was the building up of the Hebrew pride in their own race. The Hebrews recognized the superiority of the Sumarians and other races. The way to overcome this difference between themselves and others was to claim direct contact with the Supreme Being.

The Hebrew history did include their sojourn in Egypt which had been evidence of the charity of the Pharaoh who permitted them a refuge in Egypt. Their stay in Egypt was marked by a growing discontent of the native Egyptians because of the obnoxious and arrogant behavior of the Hebrew people. Finally Pharaoh expelled them from his kingdom. When Moses led the people out of Egypt it was an exodus demanded by the Egyptians. They left Egypt with stolen property--jewels and fine raiment. In the account they give in their book Exodus they boast of their theft as one recommended by God Himself because they were of mankind His chosen people. Pharaoh did pursue the Hebrews after they left Egypt in order to recover the jewels and rare raiment they had stolen. These Pharaoh recovered and returned to Egypt.

The author, Jacob Elon Connor, of CHRIST WAS NOT A JEW, tells of the discovery of the tomb of this Pharaoh with his mummified body reposing therein. No publicity was given this event that is not known to the world.

Many books of the Old Testament with their beautiful maxims were taken in their entirety from the Sumarian religious writings. The history of the Hebrew religion subsequently included in the Bible as we know it today was made part of the Christian Bible solely because of the beauty of these Sumarian writings such as the book of Ecclesiasticus and especially the Psalms, all Sumarian, and most of all because of the Prophecies concerning Christ's coming or, as the Hebrew religion called it, the coming of the Messiah, which they still expect as a future event for them.

The history of Christianity then had its beginning in the lost civilization of the Sumarians and their origin of Christianity is now brought to light by God Himself at this critical point in time to expose the duplicity of the so-called self-styled "Jewish" race (which is not a "race") who have foisted on the people of the world several major deceptions--hoaxes--to gain their consuming ambition to rule the world and make all nations subject to them. The hoax of the Old Testament is the major hoax, that Christ was of their own race was another, and now in this century the extraordinarily successful hoax of the Holocaust in the Second World War is another major hoax causing the continuing suppression of the truth of their centuries of deceit.

The New Testament has also been tampered with. The birth of Christ predicted in the Prophecies to take place in Bethlehem was not brought about at the time of census of the family of David. David was not the ancestor of Esu Immanuel (Jesus) through His Mother or by adoption through Joseph. These are untruths introduced into the account of His birth to make His descent from David an absolute fact to establish that He was of the "Jewish" race. His Mother Mary was of Sumarian origin and could not have been "Jewish". The Evangelist writers gave a lineage for Mary that is presumed since there was no record to substantiate it.

The Council of Nicea separated the books of the Bible, discarding books that were obviously false. They retained all the books that were considered genuine including all books containing the prophecies of Christ's coming. The Council of Nicea had accepted the authenticity of the "Jewish" Old Testament. False statements could have been made part of these prophecies. These prophecies can now be read in their original context in the Sumarian writings.

Why, we ask, does God permit such a tremendous contradiction of the truth to become successful for two thousand years? We cannot answer this question except to say that God is infinite in His Wisdom and His decisions to allow evident lies and evil conditions to prevail and grow over centuries upon centuries can only be understood if we realize that time is an element confined to planet earth. God surveys the whole history of earthly time and brings all things together into good over the whole range of human history.

June 30, 1992

Books by L.A. Waddall, A.B. PhD; for reference:





* * *

In view of these texts I want you to ponder that which you continually thrust upon me for interpretation: THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS which reside with the Israelis. I ask you: What do YOU think about them and the possibilities involved with their not being allowed to be brought into public notice EXCEPT AS ALREADY TRANSLATED AND WITH NOTHING AGAINST WHICH TO EVALUATE AUTHENTICITY OF TRANSLATION. SEEMS A BIT TOO SUSPICIOUS TO ME--BUT WHO KNOWS?!

Let us now return to the original subject within "The Divine Plan" and at this time I am utilizing Sitchin's projections for they are valid indeed. Please, readers, get his material for you need this kind of information as given in GENESIS REVISITED. I have no input at this time on other of his works nor on ALL subject material in the book in point.


In addition to priorly mentioned findings of the Apollo is another which also stands in the way of accepting the coaccretion theory. The Moon's surface as well as its mineral content suggest a "magma ocean" created by partial melting of the Moon's interior. For that, a source of heat great enough to melt the magma is called for. Such heat can result only from cataclysmic or catastrophic event; in the coaccretion scenario no such heat is produced. How then can one explain the magma ocean and other evidence on the Moon of a cataclysmic heating?

[H: Now for you who proclaim loudly that "Hatonn only uses information already known!" Indeed, for we write "journals"--then you can go get your confirmation. I am sent to carry out a mission--not do all your homework when able men with integrity and purpose have done a superb job. But how many of you would KNOW this wondrous information if I told you not? I come in competition with no one for I have no interest in your material planet whatsoever, except as it regards my mission which is of spiritual involvement. But you don't know your spiritual status now or ever--you have forgotten as a species and civilization what you were and ARE. The material is being sent forth for God's people so that they might heed the trumpet call. What the remainder of you entities do, who wish not my encroachment upon selves--thank you for not participating.]

The need for a birth of the Moon with the right amount of angular momentum and a cataclysmic, heat-producing event led to a post-Apollo program hypothesis that has been dubbed the Big Whack Theory. It developed from the suggestion by William Hartmann, a geochemist at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona, and his colleague Donald R. Davis in 1975 that collisions and impacts played a role in the creation of the Moon ("Satellite-sized Planetesimals and Lunar Origin," Icaris, vol 24). According to their calculations, the rate at which planets were bombarded by small and large asteroids during the late stages of the planets' formation was much higher than at present; some of the asteroids were big enough to deliver a blow that could chip off parts of the planet they hit; in Earth's case, the blown-off chunk became the Moon.

Well, Hatonn simply requests that you get the book in point and read it for selves for I have no interest in collision theories, etc. I am only interested in the Sumarian projection of truth in the matter and thus you have to go back to Sumarian cosmogony for the answer regarding that "old moon".

The first help it offers modern science is its assertion that the Moon originated not as a satellite of Earth but of the much larger Tiamat. Then--millennia before Western civilization had discovered the swarms of moons encircling Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune--the Sumarians ascribed to Tiamat beyond Mars, which would qualify her as an outer planet; and the "celestial horde" was acquired by her no differently than by the other outer planets.

When the scientific theories are compared with Sumarian cosmogony, it is found that not only modern scientists have come around to accepting the same ideas found in the Sumarian body of knowledge but are even using terminology that mimics the Sumarian texts.

Just as the latest modern theories do, the Sumarian cosmogony also describes the scene as that of an early, unstable Solar System where planetesimals and emerging gravitational forces disturb the planetary balance and, sometimes, cause moons to grow disproportionately.

You have had a scientist, George Wetherill, who updated his calculations of multi- collisions, in 1985. The terms used by this scientist and those of the Sumarian texts are amazingly similar as presented in the Enwna elish. He speaks of "lots of brothers and sisters" moving about, colliding with each other, affecting each other's orbits and very existence. The ancient text speaks of "divine brothers" who "disturbed", "troubled", "surged back and forth" in the heavens in the very zone where Tiamat was, near her "belly". He uses the expression "battle royal" to describe the conflict between these "brothers and sisters". The Sumarian narrative uses the very same word--"battle"--to describe what happened, and recorded for all time the events of Genesis as the Celestial Battle.

You can read in the ancient texts that as the celestial disturbances increased, Tiamat brought forth her own "host" with which "to do battle" with the celestial "brothers" who were encroaching on her:

She has set up an Assembly
and is furious with rage ....

Withal, eleven of this kind she brought forth ....

They thronged and marched at the side of Tiamat;

Enraged, they plot ceaselessly day and night.

They are set for combat, fuming and raging;

They have assembled, prepared for conflict.

Just as modern astronomers are troubled by the disproportionately large size of the Moon, so were the authors of the Enuma elish. Putting words in the mouths of the other planets, they point to the expanding size and disturbing mass of "Kingu" as their chief complaint.

According to this ancient cosmogony, one of the eleven moons of Tiamat did grow to an unusual size because of the ongoing perturbations and chaotic conditions in the newly formed Solar System. How the creation of this monstrous moon affected these conditions is regrettably not clear from the ancient text; the enigmatic verses, with some of the original words subject to different readings and translations, seem to say that making Kingu "exalted" resulted in "making the fire subside", or "quieting the fire-god" and humbling/vanquishing the "Power-weapon which is so potent in its sweep". This would have something to do with the perceived "pull" of gravity.

It turned out, so the story goes, that it was the "sin" of Tiamat, her giving Kingu his own orbital "destiny", that enraged the other planets to the point of "calling in" Nibiru/Marduk to put an end to Tiamat and her out-of-line consort. In the ensuing Celestial Battle, as described earlier, Tiamat was split in two: one half was shattered; the other half, accompanied by Kingu, was thrust into a new orbit to become the Earth and its Moon.

Well, good old Kingu was reduced to the status of a mere satellite, deprived of orbital momentum. The Sumarian observation that Nibiru/Marduk made Kingu "shrink" refers to its reduction in "rank" and importance--not size.

The Sumarians asserted that Kingu was turned into a DUG.GA.E is intriguing. It means "pot of lead". Apollo discoveries suggest that the Sumarian term was not just figurative but was literally and scientifically correct.

Ah, but there remains much unanswered as to your "Moon" such as "why" its crust is so unusually rich in radioactive elements such as uranium. There is also evidence of the existence of extinct radon. These elements decay and become lead at either final or intermediary stages of the radioactive-decay process. This product is also utilized in alchemy of "gold" by extraterrestrial travelers. Gold is the metal of choice for circuitry. It is now obvious that that "old Man in the Moon" was a witness to creation of your planet--to "Genesis".

I would like to end this segment by reprinting a presentation called In the Astronauts' Own Words:

Feeling changes of "almost a spiritual nature" in their views of themselves, of other humans, and of the possibility of intelligent life existing beyond Earth have been reported by almost all the American astronauts.

Gordon Cooper, who piloted Mercury 9 in 1963 and co-piloted Gemini 5 in 1965, returned with the belief that "intelligent, extraterrestrial life has visited Earth in ages past" and became interested in archaeology. Edward G. Gibson, a scientist aboard Skylab 3 (1974), said that orbiting the Earth for days "makes you speculate a little more about life existing elsewhere in the universe."

Especially moved were the astronauts of the Apollo missions to the Moon. "Something happens to you out there," stated Apollo 14 astronaut Ed Mitchell. Jim Irwin (Apollo 15) was "deeply moved ... and felt the presence of God." His comrade on the mission, Al Worden, speaking on the twentieth anniversary of the first landing on the Moon on a TV program ("The Other Side of the Moon" produced by Michael G. Lemie) com- pared the lunar module that was used to land on and take off vertically from the moon to the spaceship described in Ezekiel's vision.

"In my mind," said Al Worden, "the universe has to be cyclic; in one galaxy there is a planet becoming unlivable and in another part or a different galaxy there is a planet that is perfect for habitation, and I see some intelligent being, like us, skipping around from planet to planet, as South Pacific Indians do on islands, to continue the species. I think that's what the space program is all about.... I think we may be a combination of creatures that were living here on Earth some time in the past, and had a visitation by beings from somewhere else in the universe; and those two species getting together and having progeny.... In fact, a very small group of explorers could land on a planet and create successors to themselves who would eventually take up the pursuit of inhabiting the rest of the universe."

And Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) expressed the belief that "one of these days, through telescopes that may be in orbit, like the Hubble telescope, or other technical breakthroughs, we may learn that indeed we are not alone in this marvelous universe."

May I simply leave you now with these thoughts to ponder. Thank you. Salu



WED., JULY 22, 1992 7:20 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 341


I can only hope you are "keeping up" with the non-news with "insight" for there is not time to dwell on each pertinent item. The world situation worsens in relative chaos as the level of impact against the U.S. grows.


As ones paddle from flooded houses in flooded streets and survey irreversibly damaged crops in some parts of the nation, others are still baking in drought. New strains of HIV (AIDS) are presented along with condom use and films of explicit sexual acts (to stem unsafe sex practices); TB is at almost plague levels; mosquitos are bringing uncontrollable malaria; termites which can destroy a home in less than two years have invaded; bees which attack and kill have invaded; troops in battle gear (with machine guns at ready) patrol around your airports in major cities; troops are stationed outside all major cities for riot control; aircraft are being electronically voided and deliberately crashed (with visible light beam); you are planning another go at Iraq because they won't let you into their "Agriculture" building to look for nuclear weapons. They say " ... this won't be a "carpet bombing" like in the war [what happened to the "surgical precision" bombing?]; you are already in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia (along with your "blue helmeted" thugs); Egypt is sending troops into that area because people of "different cultures and nationality can bring and maintain order better if the people are strange and alien"--and ones are going to teach Desiree' and George how to better present themselves on stage (over my dead vapor) to have a "more interesting 'show'" and Dharma and E.J. have had enough of the assaults and accusations from our enemies "from within". And how IS your day?


Let me tell you something which will not be on the news until "after the fact": Within the last two hours the WHOLE of California from above San Francisco to below the Mexican Border is showing activity in CONSTANT motion of approximately a level 2 points and rising—THIS MOMENT! Predictors with sensitive apparatus for measuring (who, by the way, have been "right on" from the past dozen quakes) say this fault "cannot hold" past the 24th and, more likely, will go by the 22nd [that's today!]. Calls are flooding us daily with updates and now anyone in Southern California can "feel" the movement if you just stop long enough to attend it. Is today "your day"? The expectations are of magnitudes of 10 to 12 (or higher) impact. Hun- dreds of thousands are expected to "transition" --will you and your children be among them? While you legalize sodomy and abortion, you also set up death by quakes and volcano eruptions. To each his own, but I would certainly be efforting to get square with GOD, my friends.



Reports are that earth movements are being felt and registered in almost as constant a measure in New York and the full length of the Mississippi River. Remember the preparations of NASA and FEMA for plans for handling tidal waves and rerouting of the Mississippi?

The next article comes from a San Antonio, Texas newspaper via the New York Times, Los Angeles:

Two weeks ago, one of the largest earthquakes in California history slammed through the Mojave Desert, leaving one person dead, hundreds injured and scores of scientists astonished and shaken.

Astonished because this earthquake did weird things, like setting off earthquakes more than 500 miles to the north, ripping across four existing faults to make a single larger fault, and helping give rise to a new tectonic system that is shearing California away from the rest of North America and nudging it toward Alaska.

And shaken because the nation's most dangerous fault, the San Andreas, just got more dangerous.

Having examined their preliminary data, scientists now say the twin earthquakes that struck on June 28--7.4 (upgraded to 7.5) on the Richter scale of ground motion near Landers and a magnitude 5.6 (upgraded to over 6) near Big Bear--significantly increased the likelihood that the south part of the San Andreas will soon generate a magnitude 8 or greater (10 to 12) earth- quake, popularly called the "Big One".


Geological Survey estimated the probability of a huge quake's striking the southern end of the San Andreas Fault at 60 percent in 30 years (they have said this for about 40-50 years). But in interviews last week, most scientists said they expect it to happen much sooner.

"Most of us have an awful feeling that 30 years is wishful thinking," said Dr. Allan Lindh, director of USGS Seismology Branch in Menlo Park, Calif. "Everyone agrees that Los Angeles and San Bernardino should treat this like a final warning. It's like when you clean up camp. It's time to make that last pass through our cities, homes and lives and act as if the damn thing will happen tomorrow. "

Dr. Lucille Jones, a leading expert on the southern San Andreas at the USGS office in Pasadena, Calif., said: "This is a wake-up call. I think we're closer than any 30 years. It could be two years or five years or longer. But that doesn't mean people should panic this week. I ask them: 'What are you willing to do for the next two years? We have a higher hazard.'"

Scientists usually take each other's claims with reserve until they have been reviewed by independent experts and published in a scientific journal. The California seismologists have only just begun to analyze the data from the June 28 earthquakes and have not had time to write any papers. But they at least are taking their results seriously.

Scientists at the agency, Jones said, have bolted down bookcases, put Velcro on computer equipment and double-checked water supplies, batteries and backup power systems.

The southern end of the San Andreas Fault has not ruptured for over 300 years, Jones said. When it does, the shaking will be many times stronger than the Landers earthquake and could last up to three and a half minutes. The Landers quake lasted 32 seconds.

Such a catastrophic earthquake could devastate cities like San Bernardino, Riverside and Palm Springs, which are within 20 miles of the San Andreas Fault, said Dr. Thomas Henyey, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center at the University of Southern California.

But Los Angeles and San Diego, which lie farther west, could also sustain serious damage if the shaking lasted three minutes. Some older structures on soft soils, built before strict building codes were adopted, won't be able to handle that much shaking, Henyey said.

So geologists and seismologists are feeling a sense of urgency as they crawl over the newly ruptured faults to find out what happened and what is likely to happen next.

In the meantime, they are trying to solve mysteries about the recent quakes.

[H: Ah ha--in the final sentence is the meat of the story. There are so many "mysteries" to be solved with absolutely no ideas about how or what happened! Man tampers with "Mother Nature" and, boy, the sting will come back to give pain almost instantly!)



Activity of various magnitudes with some ready to erupt and some are erupting, right now--all along the entire "rim of fire" or "Ring of Fire" as many of you refer to the Pacific circle.


Nothing is changed that I can see, except you are already witnessing "tit for tat" games utilizing pulse beams--in Russia and then in the U.S.

Will "they" pull a full "null-time" on you? Well, they have a bit more difficulty since a good portion of the U.S. equipment satellites have been destroyed--but there is still planned a "show and tell" of great magnitude as a full demonstration of POWER!

Why would a Ross Perot drop out of the Presidency race? Who, in their right mind, would continue such a venture with constant death threats and with no future expectation of being able to change anything even if he could somehow win. Can Gritz win? Probably not but I can guarantee he would make himself known if he was given as much "push" as was given Perot. It is strange to note that, with this suggestion, teams tore into the possibilities only to find that in most instances the Perot contacts had "never heard of anyone named Gritz" while, not shabbily at all, Gritz is on the ballot in some 19 or more states already! Any of you still think there is no control of the media?

Perhaps, since all were impressed with FIRST BLOOD II (RAMBO), you should simply run Stallone for President and he could shoot his way through the government. If I were a "violent warrior" I might think that one pretty good planning. Praise GOD for the keepers of wisdom because "reason" and "sanity" go before the fall. Where are YOU in that line of action?


You ones in the world, in every instance around your globe, have "de facto Governments"--not de jure.

GOVERNMENT: DE JURE: The system of polity in a state; that form of fundamental rules and principles by which a nation or state is governed, or by which individual members of a body politic are to regulate their social actions. A constitution, either written or unwritten, by which the rights and duties of citizens and public officers are prescribed and defined.

GOVERNMENT DE FACTO: A government of "face". A government actually exercising power and control, as opposed to the true and lawful government. A government not established according to the constitution of the nation, or not lawfully entitled to recognition or supremacy, but which has nevertheless supplanted or displaced the government de jure. A government deemed unlawful, or deemed wrongful or unjust, which, nevertheless, received habitual obedience from the bulk of the community.

USURPATION: The unlawful encroachment or assumption of the use of property, power or authority which belongs to another. An interruption or the disturbing of a man in his right and possession. The unlawful seizure or assumption of government to supreme power by force or illegally, in derogation of the constitution and of the rights of the lawful ruler.

The many books and articles in patriot libraries give mute testimony to the definitions of words just given. These definitions as used, came from BLACK'S LAW



The usurpation is not isolated to anyone department or agency only but has saturated the totality of government. But there is a more sinister evil than mere usurpation and the two following words bring that element into clear focus. (Thank you, The Connector, July, 1992.): Page 64

SWINDLING: Cheating and defrauding with deliberate artifice. Usually applied to a transaction where the guilty party procures the delivery to him, under a pretended contract, of the personal property of another, with the felonious design of appropriating it to his own use. The acquisition of any personal or movable property, money, or instrument of writing conveying or securing a valuable right, by means of some false or deceitful pretense or device, or fraudulent representation, with intent to appropriate the same to the use of the party so acquiring, or of destroying or impairing the rights of the party justly entitled to the same.

FRAUDULENT CONCEALMENT: The hiding or suppression of a material fact or circumstance which the party is legally or morally bound to disclose. The employment of artifice planned to prevent inquiry or escape investigation and to mislead or hinder the acquisition of information disclosing a right of action; acts relied on must be of an affirmative character and fraudulent. . . The test of whether failure to disclose material facts constitutes "fraud" is the existence of a duty, legal or equitable, arising from the relation of the parties; failure to disclose a material fact with intent to mislead or defraud under such circumstances being equivalent to an actual "fraudulent concealment." Fraudulent concealment justifying a rescission of a contract is the intentional concealment of some fact known to the party charged, which is material for the party injured to know to prevent being defrauded; the concealment of a fact which one is bound to disclose being the equivalent of an indirect representation that such fact does not exist.

Without going into great detail, the words just shown and defined give one some legal perspective by which to judge those that use such devious tactics to achieve their goals. The acting government of the U.S., certainly, fits those definitions down to the last jot and tittle, almost as though these job descriptions were written just for them.

Fraudulent concealment and swindling touch upon every government transaction in some form or another from entering the military to traveling on the highways. All intercourse with government, commercial or otherwise, involves criminality on the part of government, much of it obvious but some of it more devious and difficult to identify and, of course, most of it is obscenely hidden through "secret" discourses and conspiracy.

As we move on, I would ask that we share a few brief thoughts for if we do not turn unto GOD we shall surely be turned away from his secure placements.

THE GREAT INVOCATION From the point of Light

within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love Page 65

within the Heart of God Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.

May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the

Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little wills of men--

The purpose which the

Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and

Light work out.

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and

Power restore the Plan on Earth.

[Thank you, John]


I think that this next item should grasp you where you live--in your pocketbook/bank.

EXPRESS-NEWS, Saturday, July 18, 1992:


Surprise' theory. [H: Ref. Dec. Surprise in ***recent issue of the LIBERATOR.]

AP: OKOBOJI, Iowa--Strong profits for the banking industry this year have only delayed another round of large failures, the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Friday.

But William Taylor again denied [H: Anytime they DENY, pay attention!] there is a conspiracy to put off the bank closings beyond November's election. Taylor also said Congress may have to increase the $30 billion it already has provided for bank failures.

"Low interest rates may make things look better, but they will not sustain unsound institutions. There are a number of banks that won't survive," he said.

Taylor spoke at the annual meeting of the Iowa Independent Bankers, an organization of community banks with assets ranging from $10 million to nearly $600 million.

Last year, as Congress was acting to shore up the bank insurance fund, the FDIC predicted it would close banks with about $80 billion in assets this year. But Taylor told the bankers that so far banks with only about $22 billion in assets had failed.

"We are behind schedule on this macabre objective," he said.

The brighter than expected performance so far this year has led some economists and politicians to allege a Bush Administration conspiracy to delay bank failures until after the election--a theory popularly known as "The December Surprise". [H: Title gleaned from "October Surprise" in which Mr. Bush was a major operative in the holding of hostages in Iran until after elections.]

"I'm here to tell you that bank failures have indeed been delayed and perhaps a few avoided by low interest rates and other factors. But there has indeed been no effort by the agencies I know to delay the closure of insolvent banks", Taylor said.

A law that takes effect in December authorizing regulators to accelerate bank seizures could raise closures toward year-end.

Taylor said about 80 banks, representing $25 billion to $30 billion in assets, already fail to meet the new standards.

"The 'December Surprise' is like the surprise that comes down the chimney at the end of the year. It may be a surprise to some, but not to those who have been around," he said.

[It shouldn't be a surprise to you either!]


What do YOU think is going on? Do you actually believe that your trouble with Iraq is over the Agriculture building? Could it be that Gonzalez and his committee are getting close to the truth about Banca Nazionale del Lavoro? And what about Saddam and Noriega AND Bush in the BCCI coalition? But--can one nation just simply murder another to keep the dirt under the rug? Still want that One World Government with U.N. troop enforcement? You are watching it at work from the Elite stealing from you- the-people to wars on the basis of a whim and to cover past indiscretions. Do you ACTUALLY THINK Bush can allow Saddam a hearing in all his "mess" of criminal activities? Does this smack of " ... yes, we have some U.S. prisoners in Russia!"? Will you pick up your faded and straggled yellow ribbons and bow down to his majesty again? Well, it certainly looks as if you will have the chance to find out.

By the way, how many of you think maybe the murders in Italy are connected to your U.S. government AND the story in point?? THINK AGAIN!

Let us look at the poor bedraggled "Oliver North" of this fiasco cover-up: Christopher Drogoul. You will hear this name again and again so let us get acquainted.


(Peter Matius)

Headline: The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution, June, 1992. [H: This is a bit outdated but it fits right in with what is unfolding TODAY.]

Christopher Drogoul has the reputation of a man who answers a question with a riddle. But since FBI officials raided the Atlanta bank office he managed in 1989, Mr. Drogoul himself has been the enigma.

Federal prosecutors say the Atlanta bank manager "silently picked the pocket of a major Italian bank" by masterminding $5 billion in secret loans used by Iraq to rearm in the years leading up to the Persian Gulf conflict. Mr. Drogoul, 40, approved the loans while he was manager of the Atlanta branch of Italy's Danca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL).

Today, Mr. Drogoul is expected to plead guilty in federal court in Atlanta, even as Congress convenes a hearing in Washington on whether to seek a special counsel to investigate the administration's prosecution of the BNL case and its policies toward Iraq.

Unambiguous answers may be all that stand between Mr. Drogoul and decades in prison.

But more than his personal fortunes are at stake.

Lawmakers trying to unravel the BNL scandal have raised questions about the Reagan and Bush Administrations secret support for Saddam Hussein before Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990.

Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D-Texas) questions whether those secret policies were affected by personal interests of administration officials. Recently, he released a memo showing that President Bush waived conflict-of-interest rules for 11 Cabinet level officials so they could help set policy toward Iraq in 1990.


The answers to Mr. Gonzalez's questions may lie with Mr. Drogoul, a slender, curly- haired, 6-footer born in New Jersey to a French father and German mother. He studied in France and graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, acquiring several languages along the way.

As a banker he was known more for aggressively seeking new business than for driving a hard bargain. He was considered casual about details and seemed to crave the approval of his subordinates, associates recalled.

Paul von Wedel, Mr. Drogoul's top assistant at BNL, recounts that after signing a particularly important loan agreement, the Iraqis showered him and Mr. Drogoul with gifts. Mr. von Wedel opened one box and blurted: "My kids will love it. A G.I. Joe watch!"

Mr. Drogoul, flushed with embarrassment, quickly corrected his assistant. The face on the Swiss watch was that of Saddam Hussein--not G.I. Joe.

Mr. von Wedel says that during the late 1980's he saw a gentle man turn into "a ruthless, compulsive liar, who cheated and deceived everyone" and has agreed to testify against him.

Often those who speak out about Mr. Drogoul today have something to gain from undermining his credibility, while those who know him best keep their silence.

For example, Bruce Kirwan, a former attorney for the bank, called Mr. Drogoul a con man in court last April and said his insistence on cooperating with the FBI was "the ultimate act of someone who thought he could still con the world."

On the other hand, his public defender, Sheila Tyler, does not return phone calls.


And his wife, standing last week with a toddler on her hip in the front yard of a

$200,000 home in Avondale Estates, would not talk about her husband. Mr. Drogoul recently filed for protection under federal bankruptcy rules to keep creditors from seizing their home.

Mr. Drogoul, who is charged with 347 counts of fraud and conspiracy, told U.S. District Judge Marvin Shoob to expect him to offer a detailed explanation of the loans today. He has no sentencing agreement with prosecutors.

That means Mr. Drogoul is pinning all hopes for leniency on how favorably Judge Shoob, an appointee of President Jimmy Carter, views his statement.

"The fact that he is pleading guilty is not surprising, but it is shocking that there is no sentencing agreement," said Edward Tolley, who represents another defendant who reached a negotiated plea.

In April his bond was revoked and he was jailed, in part for his own protection. Judge Shoob said: "If there are other people involved [in the Iraqi loan scheme], he might be better off in a safe place rather than where he is on the outside."

Mr. Drogoul's road to protective custody in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary began when he was named head of BNL's Atlanta branch in 1984.


Under his direction, the Peachtree Center branch office loaned nearly $2 billion to finance agricultural exports to Iraq.

According to prosecutors, Mr. Drogoul recorded the Iraqi loans on a secret set of books because they far exceeded the official limits imposed by BNL headquarters in Rome.

Until whistle-blowers called in the FBI, it had been a relatively simple matter to fund the Iraqi loans by borrowing money on the world market and paying it back as the Iraqis repaid their loans.

Immediately after the scandal broke, Mr. Drogoul was a model of cooperation with both his superiors and prosecutors.

At the bank's request, he immediately flew from Europe, where he was on vacation, to BNL's offices in New York. Then he hired the law firm that the bank recommended. Finally, with the blessing of that firm, he waived his rights against self-incrimination and told the FBI his role in the scheme.

In an interview earlier this year with Il Manifestor, a Communist newspaper in Italy, he said it was his "impression" that former BNL general director Giacomo Pedde knew of his loans to Iraq. But when asked if Mr. Pedde or others knew the details of his scheme, he said: "Not everything ... but they knew the general direction."

And when asked to comment on the Bush Administration's knowledge of the Iraqi weapons program financed by BNL, Mr. Drogoul said, "I never understood why in Washington they tell us not to do this or that in our relations with Iraq when the State Department and the Commerce Department and even the White House examined all of the licenses of exportation and approved them."

So, what have we here? Could this be the reason the Agriculture Building in Baghdad is THE specific building of choice under siege by the "inspectors"? You have to recall that the massive loans for arms, etc., were funneled out of the United States as AGRICULTURE LOANS! Would it not be likely that very important documents regarding same would be housed somewhere in Iraq's "Agriculture Department" buildings? Ponder it!

I release you now to shore up the loose objects and mat the computers. If necessary, someone should perhaps make a trip into the city to make sure all instruments are latched down. I do not see enough care being taken with our project equipment. Thank you.

Hatonn to clear, please.



FRI., JULY 24, 1992 2:27 P.M. YEAR 5, DAY 343

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1992


This moment is the last of all having gone before! It is also the beginning of all which is yet to come! What will you make of this moment?


Ah, you want to know all the answers? No, you do not or you would study your lessons so that you can see the sequence unfolding before you.

The adversary is the Prince of confusion--there can be no negative input or fear brought upon you except in confusion for how else can you become helpless victims? Confusion is the primary tool of choice and it is utilized with a myriad of distractions. Therefore, let me give you some clues to attend and see if you had noticed and if you can relate each to the others. It is a wondrous game if you but consider it objectively.


Late yesterday evening we had several reports from ones who had contacts within the NASA community--some at very high levels of management. The word has gone out to higher echelons to secretly spread the word of top-secret activities and the terms utilized are: "Tell the people you contact in your families and close circles to NOT panic but on the 26th or 27th there will be a period of total darkness with no electric power and a shutdown of all electrical equipment. The notification is not to go outside your immediate family units." Well, we are close family units, are we not?

This SHOULD mean to you that the government and NASA are on top of everything coming down.


There is a TOP-SECRET "test" of FEMA tomorrow (25th) and this word is straight out of Vandenberg, among other places. There will be a period of at least four full hours where FEMA will be placed in TOTAL control of the nation! Could this have anything to do with "null-time", "no-power", "riot control" and "earthquakes"?? Better look very, very closely. This will be a nationwide sweep of the systems. This is so top secret that when ones were questioned on the "inside" the reaction was one of total astoundment and "... how in hell did you get that information--no one knows THAT!" Obviously secrets don't get kept very well any longer.


Cal-Tech has now issued a formal alert to all participants in the Fire Department, Emergency Preparedness, Rescue Forces, etc., etc., that there must be total alert for the San Andreas is going to "go" at a level of 8 to 12 points within the next 144 days (but expectation is within the next hours or immediate "days"). This is a little less spooky in accepting because one of our own people was one of the ones notified directly.


Iraq's ambassador said emphatically that "there will be no war". He said this twice on Larry King's show last evening. How can he be so sure? Because word is out that it is a personal thing with Bush to bomb the Agricultural building in Baghdad. Therefore, Mr. Bush has to get the other nations of the Council (U.N.) to set it up and make the order. BUT--this won't be so good because Mr. Bush has been informed that if there is war over this--ALL INFORMATION REGARDING ALL BANK DEALS, WEAPONS BUILDUP THROUGH THE AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENTS, ETC., WILL BE MADE KNOWN. RECORDS ARE CAREFULLY KEPT AND INSPECTORS WILL BE DEMANDED FROM OTHER THAN INSPECTOR TEAM MEMBERS--AND THEY WILL BE TAKEN TO THE EXACT LOCATION OF "DUPLICATES" OF ALL TRANSACTIONS! I would guess, therefore, that it is a bit more awkward than simply ordering up a bombing raid. I do note, however, that most of the we-the-people questioned on the street are fully in favor of going back to war to "get Saddam". (sic, sic)


Please note, States, what is happening in California. There is still no budget and banking chits (IOU's) are now going to be refused--starting with Bank of America! This is far more important than that which seems obvious. This coming weekend seems to be heading up to be most interesting if some of the plans don't get botched.


All scientific registers on sensitive equipment--pointed (points) to, within these immediate 24 hours--not 144 days, for this big shaker in California.

I'm sorry, chelas, but we aren't getting much information regarding quakes, etc., from elsewhere than California. We note the rest of the country is being beaten with weather traumas and flooding. The NASA information, however, came straight from NASA headquarters--not California.

If you must go tromping about and wheeling and dealing in the coastal areas of the Pacific and along the coastal areas of the Atlantic--TAKE YOUR EMERGENCY GEAR, FOOD AND CLEAN WATER, WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. If they pull off major shakers on you along with an electric grid shutdown, you are going to be somewhat inconvenienced, I'm afraid. Highways are not expected to remain open--ESPECIALLY WITH FEMA IN CONTROL--FOR THE FIRST THING WHICH WILL HAPPEN IS A CLOSING OF HIGHWAY TRAFFIC.

You ones can argue with me about how ".... and I HAVE to go". So--go. Just expect to be blasted, battered and torn--and probably hungry if you don't prepare. I can see your tendency to "defy God", but FEMA??? I spread "fear"'? I just suggest you be on your good manners and behaviors as you say goodbye to ones who travel tomorrow--like as if it will be the LAST TIME YOU SEE THEM if you be in one of the stricken areas. If vacations won't wait--then priorities are somewhat disordered, I would suggest.

NO--I can't tell you WHEN, then, it would be OK. You are getting what everyone is getting, and more upon which to make your choices and decisions.

You might well say," ... God will warn me--if--" My, my, and what makes you think THIS IS NOT THAT WARNING? I would say that the adversary's plans are working precisely the way laid forth--confuse, fatigue and when you give up--- STRIKE. I note that ones in my own immediate team have already headed into the coastal area for a confounded seminar to push the book, COMMITTEE OF 300. I would note that Dr. Coleman, the author of that book, cancelled his own participation in the conference!! He DOES get inside information and I would take that as a great clue and warning.


I am informed from America West that the book IMMACULATE DECEPTION of which I have recently been writing--should be ready for distribution by the 15th of August. I do, indeed, highly urge you to get this volume for it is equal in high--level information to the "Committee of 300" output. Are there some errors? Indeed--that is why you have been given so much other information against which to sort and discern. Sharing and probing is the only way you will ever find the story taking shape in correctly factual presentation.


No, this is not a backwater "hick's recreational vehicle". This is some stupid label indicating that "they" have developed a nice new retro-virus which will ultimately be more deadly than HIV (all of them). You will find that it will "miraculously and coin- cidentally" match that which the "shuttle crew" was supposedly working on "in space". No, you are just being introduced to the next form of the "Last Great Plague". (Which reminds me to remind you that the PHOENIX JOURNAL, AIDS, THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE is one of the books trying to be banned by the adversary (along with the PLEIADES CONNECTION series) because our colleague Walter Russell wrote a few chapters therein.) By the way, when the "lifelines" go down to the coastal areas--these diseases will contaminate EVERYTHING. I suggest you sit quietly down NOW and get things squared away a bit with GOD. What in the world do you have that is so all-fired important to get done "right now"? You've waited this long--can not your travels and games wait a few more days until at least the official officials give you a bit of an all-clear?


IF your "allies" of the U.N. are stupid enough to bomb that building in Baghdad-- watch out. You will explode some devices which will cause you to rue the day you ever heard of life-forms. You think I jest? Forget it, this is beyond anything to jest about.

Let us look at the things of which only lies have been brought back to you, including "surgical bombing" which is now called "carpet bombing (widespread and at random)" to " ... we have had to go in and destroy the rest of the Scud missiles." Oh? Then why, yesterday, were the announcements made that this " ... need to bomb Iraq 'before

they can launch their SCUDS at Israel' is absolutely mandatory!" hogwash? Is it just another incident of "overlooked" intelligence? Or, are you-the-people in the frying pan again with no way out save by way of the fire?


I can only offer that which is available. We do the very best we can to keep you right up but we only print on Tuesdays for the paper and then there is the mail.... I continue to write even if things are moot issues by the time of receiving the material for you can refer to the date-lines and know that we did what we could. If you are still around to receive this--then might we have a moment of prayer of thanks for being allowed a bit of additional time to serve and restructure?

How many of you could watch Bush as he was booed out of his speech regarding the POW/MIA issue yesterday? Did you notice the response of the audience when he started his old saw and song:"... do you think your Commander in Chief would for one minute let even one man…..???" The group was "older" and "wiser" this time and he finally had to stop his speaking. But what I hope you noted was this man's steel-faced determination to "have his way". Indeed there will be some hard skirmishes before this November fiasco.

You even had an officer of the Korean War KNOW about over 300 men who were taken prisoner and placed in Siberia--from the Korean war. He says that he even suggested the public not be informed and the facts be kept secret. Any of those boys belong to any of you? All of them!


May I share Dharma's conversation with God as we sit to pen and all seems so dreary and hard. She ponders and vacillates in her "wants" and "don't wants" just as do all of you. Fear is no longer among her reactions, however, as I find is the case with all my workers herein. Frustrations and limitations of acceptance are annoying--not earthquakes and null-times. Dharma longs for a few days where things don't work-- especially computers and "radios". Also, our people are often desirous of "having a 'big one'" just to make a point. Well, that is not the way GOD works and so be the higher intelligence devoid of revenge as a cause of action. All of you have been told over and over again--THE ADVERSARY WILL DESTROY HIMSELF--GOD DOES NOT MAIM, KILL OR DESTROY. GOD HEALS, LOVES AND CREATES. May your understanding grow until you find peace in all things.


God IS my shepherd and I know that I need "want not"--but I constantly "do". I "want" until my very being is filled with it and I cannot sort one "want" from another. But I think, Father, that I only want to serve when the straws are loaded and I find my back is stronger now than ever before and my being is strong now that I have shed the entrapment of ego desires as separate from "being" wants. I wonder, Father, however, if I can serve well enough that Your message is received and Your honor served for I care not what is said of me--but my heart is torn when Your voice is so denied and ridiculed. Man cannot know that which he does and I anger and wish to strike-out and it does nothing but worsen the circumstance.

You give me water from Your "still waters" and I seem to appreciate it not--and yet I know You will be there with more when my cup is empty.

I know that we are now walking in the valley of the shadows--and death and misery shall be all about us and I wonder, Father, if I will be strong enough to LIVE in this form for I should surely rather go home and let another--any other--take this cup. There is no bitterness in this cup--only sweet and purely given love but I think I cannot face that which will come upon my brethren and those I perceive to be my own. They see not, they listen not and I cannot seem to reach them and yet I know that I must release it unto Your care for it is Yours that shall be done--not mine.

Please let that which I do reflect brightly upon Your Own Being that others do not see darkness in YOU by looking upon me. I ask only to serve well and receive clearly that I NEVER mislead another or bring sorrow or pain deliberately upon another for I have been given the gift of gifts--to knowingly serve as Your Hands--not greater than any other--only it is that "I know" Your Presence and I do so wish that all could touch that moment as has become my corner of the universe.

I don't understand, Father, but it seems alright that way for I know that at the proper time I will be given all as it comes into its time of unfolding. Survive? I don't wish to "survive"--I only want to get my job done so that I can come home--oh Father, I am so lonely to come home--I don't like it here very much for I couldn't remember how it would be and that the hardest things would be of the heart and soul and not of the physical. I do not understand how WE could take this most perfect and wonderful place and bring such degrading pain and agony upon her being--is YOUR forgiveness big enough for this? I think that mine is not so I'll have to work at that I suppose. I think as I sit here that there is nothing to "forgive" except the asking You to forgive me for not "remembering" and "forgetting" so completely. Could I walk through this again and again and remember so little and learn so little? Must the lessons always be harder and harder and harder? The tasks are nothing--I know that my task is the least in difficulty--for I have not even to "think" and others must do so much to bring the Word to use. I am grateful and cherish my place--I must have done something right along the way--I wonder, Father, what it might have been for I don't remember earning these stars in my crown.

Please look after the lambs, Father, for I know that I cannot nor have I the "right", but I will do that which I can to hold the lamp so that others can see the way as it is shown to us who serve here in this garden overgrown with thorns and weeds--- perhaps we can sort some good from the chaff.

Gyeorgos, what ever are we doing? I can't remember the way and I am weary of the trail--did we actually think we could do this job laid forth? I must rest on Your KNOWING because I try, but I cannot remember enough. My mind is stuffed to bursting with it all and, yet, it seems I cannot remember any of it worthy of reflection. I sit here and stare at symbols following each other across a blue background and marvel at the very daring of such a mission. How came "I" to do

this? I cannot comprehend it and I know that the answer is kept just out of my reach and understanding. I miss Paul today, Father, and I want him to know that I am trying to do my job as he constantly reminded me--in my own lack of understanding of purpose--will the child always lead the parent? How I wish to have him back to find what he saw that I could not see. We write on his grave marker, "He could see too far," and I can now understand at least that much and I missed the diamond for the moment of discontent which I felt needed the "doing" more than "hearing" and the opportunity is lost forever. Please do not let me lose again because of failure to SEE.

I sit here and I can feel the earth quiver and tremble--stretched unto the breaking and I wonder how much more she can take of the pulses before she rends apart. How much more of the pulses can we take before we rend asunder--I think my head will burst--for I feel the time upon us and there is no place to hide and I want it OVER--just let it be over for the waiting is so hard--it is the waiting which seems endless. I hear voices from another time, another place and those from the room next door and I cannot separate them. I've seen the places prepared for us and they are wondrous--I wonder why man cannot see? How came it to be that I can see those things and others cannot? I am blessed but I know not why or how. I know that I, too, had choices--but why does it seem that there were no other alternatives save this one?

I miss Little Crow today--he has kept the Wisdom and still has been human and strong--why can I not be strong and remember always-- Wisdom? He does not always practice in wisdom, however--perfection is so blasted elusive. If we are to walk this path--why then, can we not "save" another? Would it not be rather nice? And yet, how smug of me, I see nothing to save anyone "from", for they do that which they will in any event so why would "my" way be better than theirs? I CAN see THAT one--for I do know the end of my journey and the way to get there--most do not and I am sorry for that ignorance for they only have to look and take.

So much for my prattlings. It seems there is so much and you ones of Your realms are here so much and, yet, I have no "time" or "space" to thank you for the gifts you give to me. It is hard for one cannot even "speak" for another but how great that we can "feel" for another--might this be the point? To truly "feel" with the soul must somehow be the point for I find no other. I further realize, this moment, that I do all this for myself and not magnificently for "others" and I suddenly know that this is the way it must be for there is only the ONE and I have found it. I think, sir, that I can go back to our work now for I am again "still".

Thank You for hearing me, Father, for the days seem short and filled with confusion and I understand why ones write to You through me--for in the writing comes the understanding--the very act of putting thoughts into fabric woven into meaning. I shall look differently at the many letters which flow--for ones simply seek to touch and pen their thoughts and there needs be a receiver-transmitter to share reality. The greatest gift which is given to me, after all, is the acceptance of that greater Source for which I represent a contact. May I always see the writings as the gift and love it is--and never a burden for ones share their hearts with You and I can visit in their quiet places and through that I am blessed. May I never treat it as a burden for it is in Your Hands--not mine. I can only apologize that my limitations, of necessity, become Yours as well. Please just let no one judge You as lacking by that which I cannot do for often I believe it to be that way.

Thank You for Your Patience as we grope our way along and lag with our lessons. Thank You, too, for letting us grow together so that we are not alone for it is not enough to have YOU "there" and us "here" and, yet, it is hard to break the teachings of the eons of time--thank You, Sir, that the soul KNOWS so much more than the facade of physical for therein is the comfort--within in the KNOWING.

I once watched a man speak and he held such intense drive and knowing what he was seeking and his need to achieve. I remember saying to self and others present, that "it would be so wonderful to have such a knowing of direction that NOTHING would be worthy of distraction from that cause nor any price too high to pay in service"--how wonderful to have found it! How wonderful to understand the thrust and drive of a patriot and Godly man such as James Gritz and others who now come into my knowing who will push forward at ALL costs to the physical being or material gain. I now can understand it and I am grateful for that understanding because I see ones seeking, so honestly, purpose and it is so hard to stand by and know they can find no help save God through self in the finding.

Is it alright, Father--I don't like most of the lessons!? I simply do not like almost all of the lessons--but my soul seems to do so--what a strange contradiction of experience. I believe that life is a total contradiction and someday I would like to spend time on that subject with You, please. Ah, yes sir, I do see--the contradictions are sorted through the wisdom gleaned from the lessons--salu. Yes, I think I can handle that bit of insight and would You grant me someday, somewhere--TIME to think upon these things? Thank You for hearing my petition for my heart was truly weary this day and I thank ones for allowing me to take "their" time for self. I know that we all ask the same, Father--to not err and to not miss that which we should be doing as our portion. Please, just always let us see our steps that we miss nothing allotted to our attention and responsibility for that which each of us does--touches so many.

I think back to a time sitting with a friend (a stranger then) in Mt. Shasta--by the name of John--who offered so much and "took responsibility" in a situation because he looked at me and said, "I dare not take the chance that this is not most important." I wonder if he remembers and could he ever know how much those few minutes have touched this journey over and over again. It was an unlikely meeting and yet over the years and only a couple of meetings since--paths have been changed and guidance and protection given and friendship cemented as if in eternal intent. I have been blessed with many of these guides and some who served as teachers which seemed to have adverse consequences--I wonder which gave the best lessons? I know which I prefer--I simply wonder which lessons are greater?

I can discern now, Father, for You have taught me well--I blunder so much less frequently now and the facades cannot stand in the light if they be ill-intended beings within the shrouds. I remember Little Crow sitting and seeing more than I would ever see within myself and he knew me not, only just having met some half hour prior--is it always that others can see that which we cannot see for self? I do see that we must each do our portion or others cannot complete their own. I don't think I like that for it seems the responsibility is great indeed. Please don't ever allow me to cause another to fail in his given task because I did not do mine. I guess we will know when enough is enough and it is finished--but on the other hand, I think that it shall never be finished.

Yes, I see why the ten commandments are only eight in other places of God--because how can one discern the Sabbath for all days should be kept "Holy" and how can we discern when to rest (goof-off)? If nothing is ever "finished", only continuing forever--then some of those "man-made" COMMANDMENTS won't cut it for they place one man superior to another in power and control--ah ha, Father, I am learning quite a bit. I won't take more time, though, for I know that we have work to be done but I feel ever so much better and when I do have time to "think", I believe my thoughts will be more mature for the clearing of these minutes to talk.

I would please take a break to attend the babies needing feeding. May I always remember that it is to be Your Will and not mine so that I do not become distracted. Aho.

Dharma, it is fine, balance comes from chaos only by the taking of time to regain that which is found only in the attachment with Your Source. We all benefit from the one taking the time to reclaim strength and harmony--for we must each remember our responsibility to self as well as to others--for after all, we are but one when the chips are gathered--expressing in our myriad directions and perceptions. Would it not be wondrous to love each aspect of that ONE? We shall learn--indeed, we SHALL learn.

I salute each measure of growth in my students, chela, so the time is not lost--only the gold molded more finely. The cup of knowledge can never be filled--but KNOWING can become ALL--so be it and blessed are the 'seekers' for they shall be given to 'finding' if intent be in Truth. Salu.



WED., AUGUST 19, 1992 8:21 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 4



BY CONTROLLING THE MEDIA IN ALL INSTANCES. We will consider the week-end events in this small town of Tehachapi as good examples.

Keep in mind that the joint gathering for Citizen information and to allow hearing for a Presidential Candidate qualified in some 25 States and lead "write-in" candidate in many others, such as California, James Bo Gritz, was the largest event in the area. We will also note that the only reason there was anything in the Bakersfield paper was because of "return for advertising". This will point out that the papers are controlled by the SAME cartel.

Let us look at local headlines: Radio Station dedicated for wind industry; Sand Canyon bus routes (school) increased; County hikes fee to rent Veterans Hall [Note, however, that for the Gritz meeting NO Veterans' Hall in either Bakersfield or Tehachapi was ALLOWED TO BE RENTED AT ANY PRICE]; Local ostrich ranchers strive for innovation in growing industry; Turn-of-century carriage restored; Boosters continue THS (school) stadium improvements and Soccer is added to list of athletic teams this year; Mountain Festival fun '92. Then on the inside front page: Unsecured property taxes due; Tax revenue for Tehachapi; Thomas announces 1992-93 Judicial Fellows (political) Program; New law is too expensive for Realtor; Walton's story worth reading: "Walton has been hailed as a genius for recognizing the potential in small towns." Then there is a page or so of Public Notices of Trustee's sales of foreclosed property, with a small ad which says: "Legal notices protect your right to know!." There is also a running type of "series" which is "Get ready to again support our troops as they prepare to valiantly serve," but don't see it this week in view of other important information.

Funny thing, when we suggested that the Iraqi war was not such a hot idea--the "town" threatened to drive our people out of town, somebody took pot-shots (with guns) at Dharma's dwelling (and hit it) and put ads and articles in the paper about no "patriotism" (which got printed with no allowance for so much as defense letters-to- the-editor being allowed printing).

At the local airport the only attention given by the manager was to demand that the "pick-up" vehicle "get off the area near the runway--(actually in the edge of the 'parking' area.)


What will Bo Gritz do as President?

* Establish debt free constitutional currency and eliminate the Fed.

* Stop the income tax and get rid of the IRS.

* Balance the Federal Budget.

* Halt runaway spending by Capitol Hill.

* End Foreign Aid (Federal) and the buy out of America.

* Oppose global government and Bush's "New World Order".

* Institute "Workfare" in lieu of welfare.

* Roll back big brother, the Federal bureaucracy and legislative statutes.

* Restore states' rights and personal liberty.

* Secure the American dream.

* Rescue our Prisoners of War.

* Lift the lid on Washington, District of Criminals.

* Cut costs and require contributions from federal officials.

* Initiate "fully informed jury" legislation.

* Bring back high standard of decency.

and the list goes on - -

I note a rather interesting plan in action: To fire and replace EVERY Presidentially appointed government leech. Totally restore Constitutional LAW and the Bill of Rights and thus and so. One of his better suggestions is to cause Congressmen to be the FIRST sent to any "war" encounter and America's youth will NOT be sent to "foreign soil".

I suggest that all of this (which CAN BE DONE IMMEDIATELY UNDER CONSTITUTIONAL LAW makes the bureaucrats PRETTY NERVOUS?!?) I suggest you get right on with electing Gritz, readers, whatever it takes to get it done!


I am faced with a heartfelt cry for input from a reader and he petitions in behalf of "many readers". Yes, I agree, for we get stacks of letters asking almost the same question--often in identical language.


Important, #1:

Dear Hatonn,

your average truth seeker who is in a spiritual dilemma about the good angels and bad angels. The general principles of understanding God's will in love, long-suffering, responsibility for our own actions, faith, etc., I'm not perplexed about. I understand that intentional confusion of the dark forces abound.

I've read several issues of the Phoenix Liberator and OWNER-OPERATOR MANUAL which seems correct to me.

I recently wrote to POSITIVE STEWARDS, 1500 North Texas, Weslaco, Texas out of curiosity to get the rap on their business about how they plan on saving us from destruction. This is what they gave me (attached); I asked if they approved of your literature and work. They answered in a most unexpected manner, since I felt you might be in a compatible situation with them but obviously not! PLEASE!! Give me a better explanation than they did and who are "they"? This kind of stuff is hard on people's spirit. With Love and Respect and seeking to be with the Creator of the Universe in the brotherhood of the REAL "Christ" (Jesus they call him). E.S.

P.S.: You can use this if you want to print it but no address please.

[H: I will now print the small personal response to E.S. from this "A. T .A. Base" and then we will cover highlights of enclosed advertisements accompanying the note--from the same organization. I think I won't have to do much explanation to our readers. However, to E.S.: I can't offer much more than to ask you to get copies of the PHOENIX materials which includes 60 volumes and covers all ways to sort for self, these organizations, accusations and claims. I do disservice to anyone when I pick and choose "sound-bites" and disassociated sentences as response to such a heartfelt and searching inquiry. I will, however, attempt to pick highlights of that which they offer and respond. The present "Armageddon Time Ark Base, Cosmic Corps of Engineers (ODF): 5-D Technology=perfection in full panorama minus experimental research!' By the way, to find out what THEY MEAN by the "stuff"--you spend $50.00 to attend a seminar (after you travel to Weslaco, Texas). Let us continue:]


To: The S. , Alaska

Date: 3-Aug.-92

From: A.T.A. BASE


Subject: Your recent letter and inquiry about PHOENIX JOURNAL.


Expanded answer: Absolutely do not acknowledge, support, or recognize as valid.

TIME FUSION LEAKS FROM ABANDONED PATTERNS---possibly known To you as "demons"---abound Today. Phoenix Journal is merely one contact with abandoned patterns in a somewhat different style Than others, but is NEGATIVE all The same. [H: Editors: do not change spelling and emphasis-this is a direct copy.]

A.T.A. Base absolutely refutes, rebukes, condemns, defies, Totally denounces and Challenges Phoenix Journal as contact with abandoned patterns. Their contact is a lying and deceiving dead devil.

This may be more answer Than you wanted, but we feel strongly about The way people are suckered into contact with "familiar spirits". Abandoned patterns will establish contact with any weak-willed person or any who have not The Positive Knowledge. The A.P. will give sufficient true information To establish Trust, but will always lead away from True Positive Survival, as only YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA can provide.

Just consider how the demon will never identify by NAME who The CREATOR or HIS Positive Son really is. They only use stupid expressions, such as "THE ONE" or "The Great ALL", etc.

Best to you! D.H.

[H: Now we will simply run down the advertisement sheet briefly. In fairness, we will reprint EXACTLY that which is stated on the face page:]



KNOWLEDGE FOR Y O U !: We're duty-bound under Universal Law To inform you about The available 5-D. TECHNOLOGY and your rights To Positive SURVIVAL of ARMAGEDDON into The Millennial HEAVEN ON EARTH. Reject it, or ACCEPT IT!

"OFFERING transportation for The FUTURE, To all Those who qualify with the O.D.F.": IT'S NOT A UFO. IT IS A 4 D.O. TIME ARK!, NO OIL OR GAS! It uses MONADIC GRAVITY!--Stress-free TRAVEL.

THE FIRST STEP YOU MUST TAKE TOWARDS SURVIVING THE DUE ACTIVATION OF SEAL #6 AND ENJOYING THE HEAVEN ON TIME STATION EARTH, is To shift The fulcrum of your intellect, so as To embrace The FULL 5- Dimensional Technology That your CREATOR allotted to YOU!. [H: Right off you can see a pattern of intelligence and education showing through: this Earth "spokesman" capitalizes ALL prepositions (to- "To", etc.). Any sick teachers reading? Didn't catch it? Let us go on for the content surpasses the ill-prepared document.]

Consider the Positive Benefits of 5-Dimensional Technology, as Taken from The MEASURES. For a HEAVEN ON EARTH, Positive Survivors will be able To: TAP The 5-Dimensional TIME BANK for free, UNLIMITED ENERGY (electricity) without Taxes or pollution.

USE MONADIC GRAVITY in ALL Transportation. That automatically cancels out The death-dealing, octopus, outdated highway system with all its frustrating maintenance and skyrocketing Taxation for extending Bondslavery.

BUILD TRANSPORTATION VEHICULE'S with 1,000 year durability. CRASH-PROOF units That gather Their own ENERGY. Family-style model seats 12 plus luggage. Speeds up to 50,000 m.p.h. NO, your money is not good enough To buy one. These vehicule's are PART OF YOUR POSITIVE BIRTHRIGHT! [H: It is the "luggage which interests me--in Dimension 5 there is no physical body expression--why would you need luggage for it would not exist either! 50,000 mph? Why so slow, old friends? Fifth dimensional speeds are at the speed of thought so this "vehicule's" is going to get run-over pretty quickly in its "stationary" seeming non-motion. Further, since fifth-dimensional beings are NOT physical projection in manifested form--why would it only seat a dozen? So much for facts!]

CONSTRUCT THE LABORATORY OF LIFE with its 5-Dimensional TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT for The instant production of M A N N A ----practical by simply bypassing 3-1/2 Dimensions of photosynthetic activity.

This 5-D. MANNA----The same as was provided for the Historical Israelites---will be necessary for EVERY Positive Survivor To rebuild Their body cells TO DYNAMIC HEALTH.


CONSTRUCT AND INSTALL The NATIONAL TOTAL ENERGY GRID consisting of safe, no-moving-parts Units, That will energize The whole continent, yet number far less Than you now have of The DANGEROUS nuclear plants in The U.S. alone. Anyone of These SAFE, FUNCTIONAL O.D.F. units can be camouflaged on a small city lot. They need no servicing and pose no danger To Human Beings or other living Things. This Positive Energy System eliminates all debt-claim service bills and dangerous, unnecessary, stupid high lines. SEE EXHIBIT A FOR MORE DETAILS.

OPERATE your Time Station as a HEAVEN ON EARTH, rather Than your present, willfully-created HELL on Earth, composed of bloodsuckers & Bondslaves.

CONSTRUCT AND USE TIMRASCOPES for communications, replacing The present negative, stupid forms such as Telephones, boob Tubes, radios, computers, etc. You are guilty of ENERGY ABUSE in The use of such negative forms of communicating.

You have SPECIFIC RIGHTS To Life and Survival under: The POSITIVE BIRTHRIGHT SECTION OF UNIVERSAL LAW in This Point #1 of Armageddon. The Cosmic Corps of Engineers can Tell you about These Rights and provide you with your personal Survival Protocol. To learn more, see enclosed slip for INFO- PROTOCOL.

[H: Now, for getting all this wondrous B.S.: "To obtain your Survival Protocol …. TO ENJOY THESE BENEFITS, YOU MUST SURVIVE S. DAY! YOU MUST QUALIFY IN PERSON!" in Weslaco, Texas OR pay expenses for these godlets to travel to your section "after you put together a paying seminar".]


After 6000 years under free moral agency, ending on September 3, 1966, occupants of The Positive Birthright Terrortory of Time Station Earth were found, by The OUTER DIMENSIONAL FORCES, To be abusing Themselves by still existing in The Stone Age, Thereby automatically being MEASURED as humatons.

These humatons did retain some Knowledge of The Circle, shown by use of the Wheel, but have only been employing it in a negative manner by producing friction, and by gathering and distributing Dump Energy for The sole purpose of debt creation against The bondslaves.

This ignorance, by self-restriction of Perfect Knowledge, has produced The End Product of capitalization of costly, deadly, Time-wasting Experimental Research, with its voluminization of material and noise pollution, man-made sickness, disease, and death.

Humatons did go so far as learning how To square The Circle, mainly from The MEASUREMENTS of The Great Pyramid, but have restricted its benefits To The negative use of numbers To satisfy Their perverse greed for The evil power of Man's inhumanity To Man.

The O.D.F. has returned To find That The occupants of The Birthright Territory have degraded Their environment To a Terrortory of Evil. They have de-monadized The soil, water, air, and buffer zone.

Timrascope Tests prove That Homo sapiens is afflicted with That Fatal Armageddon Disease (AIDS II) and is now MEASURED as an endangered species.

For 23 years The humatons of The U.S. have refused To activate The Protocol for The Tapping of The Universal Time Bank for unlimited energy. Page 86

Seal #6 is now in functional position for activation at 6:00 P.M. preceding S. Day for The rendering of Time Station Earth safe for future habitation.

When There is no vision, The humatons perish.

When The original is lost sight of, humatons come To worship a fancy of Their own.

As They have discarded Their ancient Perfect Factual Knowledge, They have substituted and confined Themselves in a juzgado of Ultimate Babylonian Mysteries Religious Philosophy, based upon The restricted limitations of belief and faith.

The jailers who force The humatons To sweat and exist in This Stone Age juzgado (The grat American Dream That has Turned out To be a Nightmare) are The She-Man Devils, who perverfractionated The Perfect Knowledge, The False Prophets of The Many of The End Time, who are preventing you from knowing by restricting you To belief and faith, and The Big Brother Police State--- To insure That you remain in The Dark Stone Age of The Wheel, with its friction, pollution, disease, and Death as a reward for being a good bondslave.

The Slavemasters could not exist without The continued creation and voluminization of debt claims for expansion of The Gross National Product (GNP).

This method has become largely The Capitalization of Calamity based upon inefficiency and poor-quality, short-life products. The achievers who built The nation--- The Efficiency Experts---were necessarily mentally executed by The end of World War II.

If you do not understand This plain English which you are Trying To read, it proves That your mind is constipated by The enforced limitations of religious unreality. In such case, it is not always safe To physic your brains with Too much Knowledge, as it may result in a fatal case of varicose brains. Use Extreme Caution!

Humatons (degenerated mankind) have proved Themselves Totally incompetent as Stewards of The Positive Birthright Territory, and have Turned it into a Terrortory of hate, false love, disease, death, and mutilation of bodies for profit.

The emulate The Chinese Warlord System in That whichever Lord has The most Tax money To hire The most burglars and gunslingers (SWAT Teams and various raiders) Takes The most loot and prisoners To pack The Great American Gulag Archipelago. The great American Dream has become a nightmare of bloodsucking and Terrorism.

The constipated minds of The bondslaves are kept in a state of bumbling with created Terrorism in other nations while solidification of The Big Brother Police State is activated in The Birthright Terrortory.

The Indians are blamed by The white man for mutilating bodies, but The Indians only mutilated because of Their ignorance caused by religious limitation.

The white man mutilates, not only because of being mentally retarded by his Mysteries Religious Philosophy, but more so To intentionally create debt claims Toward voluminizing The Gross National Product.

In This present perverted society, debt claims are created from birth To death, whether you are in The slammer or out.

The hospitals and fake health care fraud have become a vast industry of birth and death factories for creation of debt claims.

In argument, The friendly undertaker puts down The doctor by informing The doctor That The undertaker has To bury The doctor's mistakes, and The undertaker eventually buries the doctor.

Who buries The undertaker is like asking, "Which came first, The chicken or The egg?"

Well, it's all good for debt creation in The bloody religions of fornication with The

Harlot and worshipping The Beast.

After all is said and done, if all The humaton Mattoids and Mentats escaped The self- created consequences of The due action of Seal #6, would you not be in The same Wretched Mess as now???



The very nicest thing this person or group of persons has done for the Phoenix Material is to totally denounce it. Challenge me? There IS no challenge whatsoever. If you feel the above establishes " … trust, gives sufficient true Information, but will always lead away from True Positive Survival, as only YAHSHUA HAMASHIIA can provide"--take your chances! I suggest that perhaps the Freudian slip in the above, i.e.: " but will always lead away 'from' True Positive Survival. " is an informative slip of the lip.

Why do I take time and space to respond to such mailings? Because the seeker seeks in TRUTH of INTENT. The material has now arrived in my attention span some dozen or so times.

I would note, however, that no one is spending $215 MILLION to STOP distribution of these people's material. Could it be - - - - -? Further, I cannot comment intelligently regarding these matters since I haven't the slightest idea what is meant by "juzgado", "terrortories", "Timrascope", "humatons", "Homo", "sapiens" and countless other terms. Neither can I determine what connection eggs and chickens have to do with undertakers, The Birthright Terrortory, Mattoids and Mentats have with the Gross National Product (GNP). I'm afraid, readers, you are on your own. If you are a reader of the Phoenix Material you are bored and/or amused by this "stuff" and if you are not--I can only suggest that you get caught up as rapidly as possible--OR, simply keep supporting as they suggest, "Donations help defray our expenses." and "Collect calls not accepted". If you want more information from them--"send a self-addressed, stamped envelope ..... or call Roger between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. (Central Standard Time)." I don't know what you are to do with our soul evolution during the other 23 hours. Since the MONADIC ENERGY MACHINE has no "moving parts" I suggest you watch the human moving parts--like the hand to pocket maneuver! So be it.

Dharma, please allow for a rest break. Thank you for your service and you readers for your attention.

Hatonn to clear, please.



THU., OCTOBER 22, 1992 1:47 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 67

THURSDAY, OCT. 22, 1992


Boy, am I weary of the attacks against us for the outlaying of information. I am getting more flak from the nice "Masons" than from the nice "Zionists". I do not denounce your work or your godliness. If you are of God, why hit me? Why DOES our work and WORD bother so many who in turn claim that "no one listens to such rubbish and garbage"! Why is the ADVERSARY so upset over that which we write? If it be NOT Truth, WHO WOULD TAKE NOTE?

The following information was compiled by one Irving Stein. I have no further information sent with the information regarding this person or any publication. I wish to honor this person for the incredible research but I do not wish to bring any undue at- tacks upon his person. Therefore, until we hear from him personally, I shall leave identification as is. I also suggest that if there is a better format than I shall use here with Dharma, that you editors are free to restructure the "diagrams".

It is not longer a matter of how you readers WISH to interpret things or accept information--it is simply that the time has come to take the best of that which is interpretation and presentation and compile it for your inspection. It is THE TIME of lifting the veils from the puzzles so that you can function in knowledge and in Truth for ultimately through those routes within the God KNOWING will you make your journey into and within the LIGHTED God Presence--and THAT does become important for HE is returned unto you and THAT FACT must be confronted. I have written on this subject prior to this in JOURNALS so I have to suggest that you get that information for I prefer to make little comment as we share this with you--we will be caught with "our proverbial pants down" if we don't simply move sharply along. (See CRY OF THE PHOENIX, JOURNAL #11, page 142-148 & MATTER, ANTI- MATTER, restricted list JOURNAL #30, pages 118-122.)

It is important that "this" beast of computerized communications and international workings is now under "all stops out" way to have operational THE new international telecommunications system--BY THE END OF JANUARY, 1993. THAT IS ONLY THREE MONTHS--BROUGHT DOWN FROM OVER A YEAR FROM NOW-- REASON? "TO BE ABLE TO STOP ALL MONEY TRANSFERS FROM AND TO ANY NATION IN THE WORLD AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON! INSTANTLY!!" We had not warned you about this prior to today because we wanted several sources of confirmation before springing such a load on you who are in the business of money management, wire transfers and those of you who are in Mutual Funds which will require resolution and/or have off-shore facilities and investment in other national currencies. This indicates that at the very most--you have less than two full months to get those financial arrangements made and finished. A word to the wise is sufficient? I will write more on this tomorrow morning but I feel this is a place to introduce the network capability and intention because of our subject matter which will greatly involve computers, etc.



As we have learned from the Bible the number seven signifies Yahuweh. The number six is the number of man and/or represents Satan. (666). From this we can establish a basis for putting together a system, using the English Alphabet. Using 6 as the base, each letter graduates by 6 (man's number-man's alphabet).


6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72 78


84 90 96 102 108 114 120 126 132


138 144 150 156

Many people have tried to determine who the man is that his name totals 666. The "mark of the beast" is a SYSTEM, and one of the marks ("mark" meaning an impression, influence, power over men or things; effect on the mind, to induce) will have a great effect on man and his reasoning. One such "mark" is the dictionary used by most people. The scribes of the most commonly used dictionary (Webster's) tell us what they want us to believe pertaining to words used in the English language. We accept these definitions and place them in our minds (forehead) and we carry the dictionary in our hand to verify the meaning of given words. Depending on this source of information, we have accepted the word (mark) of the scribes as being the FINAL WORD OF AUTHORITY!

If we use this source to get Bible definitions, we are accepting FALSE INFORMATION with regards to the Bible. BY DOING SO, we have accepted the "mark of the beast".

Let us take the name "Webster's" and see what the number value is:

W 138

E 30

B 12

S 114

T 120

E 30

R 108

S 114

666 WEBSTER'S THE MAN WHOSE NAME IS REVEALED IN REVELATIONS "THE BEAST". [H: At this point Dharma shook her head and said, "Sir, this is not right for I rather think Kissinger would be more likely the culprit." That's right! SO, YOU GO ADD IT UP. KISSINGER'S NAME ADDS UP TO 666 IN MORE THAN ONE WAY. IN OTHER PLACES HE IS BETTER KNOWN BY HIS NAME BEARING THE INITIAL "A" AND "K"ISSINGER-- THAT EQUALS: AN "A"=6 AND A "K"=66 or, "666" as well as totaling "Kissinger" by alphabet. It becomes a band tool--so read on. I let her stop to add it up and perhaps you would like to get your calculator and do that, too, before moving on.]

Using this system, I have discovered that other things, places, names, etc ... total either 6-3-or 9. If we take anything that we know to be evil, and add the number value--then break it down to the smallest number, it will come up 6 .... i.e.:

MURDER = 474: 4+7+4 = 15. 1 +5 = 6

RAPE = 240: 2+4 = 6

SATAN = 330: 3+3 = 6

HATE = 240: 2+4 = 6

Negative things will always come up 6. Positive things will be just the opposite. The "flip-side" of 6 is 9. Therefore, things that are of good as "defined" by Mr. Webster's, etc., i.e. "Yahuweh" will add up to 9.

LOVE = 324: 3+2+4 = 9

TRUTH = 522: 5+2+2 = 9 and so forth, to get the picture.

Some things will add up to 3. This is a NEUTRAL number, meaning that it can be both good or evil, depending on how it is used and its designation:

GOD = 156: 1 + 5 + 6 = 12. 1 + 2 = 3 (WHICH GOD?)

KILL = 264: 2 + 6 + 4 = 12. 1 + 2 = 3 (KILL WHAT? SHEEP-LAMBS- PEOPLE, ETC.)


Webster's says Zeus is the sky god and is also known as Deus (Latin), Dio (Italian), Dios (Spanish), Dayus (Sanskrit), and Zeus Soter meaning Zeus the Savior. "Jesus" is not the correct name of the SON of Yahuweh! [H: Now, take "ATON", 6+120+90+84 = 300. 3+0+0 = 3 (ATON, BEING ALSO MY OWN LABEL--ALSO MEANS THE "LIGHT", THE "ONE" OR THE "SUN", ETC. You can also add up "Hatonn" and you will come out with only a "7" which means nothing either way for it is only an identification symbol and not my actual name. I don't want to belabor the point--just point out what you are doing here in concept. You also must recognize the identification according to language and definition so don't get carried away for we only want a "concept" and not get hung-up on counting and reciting the alphabet. We are only talking "concept" and "concept as in English presentation".] The correct name is more as YAHSHUA (pronounced: ya- who-ah). Therefore, the name "Jesus" would come up a 3, depending on how you are using it.

[H: Dharma is holding her breath so let's see how it adds up. Remember it must be considered "how" a word is being utilized: DHARMA = 24+48+6+108+78+6 = 270. 2+7+0 = 9. I do not, however, suggest you all rush out there and add up your names and fall into a funk because you cannot be sure of the spelling OR the meaning of your labels in almost all cases. Let us take "kali" as example, it could be spelled, Cali, Calee, Kalie, Kali, Kalli, Kallee--etc. We simply happen to KNOW the accurate spelling of "dharma". BE VERY CAREFUL AS YOU PLAY THESE GAMES OR YOU WILL MISS THE POINT.]

The same applies to the word Christ, which comes out to a 3 also. (462 total). Christ means savior. Savior of what? If we join the name of Jesus (444 total) and Christ (462 total) it adds up to 906. 9+6 = 15. 1 +5 = 6. OOPS!

HOWEVER: If you use the Son's correct name (Yahshua) which totals 498 (=3) and the number value of "Lord" (294) we arrive at the correct name and title.

LORD 294


792 7+9+2 = 18. 1 +8 = 9

To illustrate a bit further how this numerical chart works let's take the "mark of the beast" (Webster's Dictionary) and check it out, then also we will take Strong's Concordance:

STRONG'S CONCORDANCE = 1242 = 1+2+4+2 = 9

WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY = 1374 = 15 = 6

Satan has a counterfeit for everything which is good! This not only applies to THE BIBLE DEFINITIONS but also to POLITICAL SITUATIONS. Satan has duplicated the Nation of America also. What we know to be the "United States of America", which is a 3 Branch Republic, has been duplicated and it is known as the District of Columbia. This new (counterfeit) United States was created by a flaw in the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause seventeen, wherein the Congress of the Republic was allowed to fully control Legislative Authority over a body of citizens and a 10 mile area of land known as the District of Columbia, Washington D.C. Not only does Congress have exclusive Legislation over that District but also over ALL LAND OWNED BY THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA which are subdivisions (enclaves) under exclusive Rule of Congress. Every citizen who resides in D.C. or any of its enclaves (territories) are subject to direct rule under Congress and/or the Federal United States. This happened during Nixon's Administration when he established 10 Federal Regions throughout the Sovereign States; 50 States divided into 10 Federal Regions with clusters of 5 States per cluster. Each cluster was numbered 0-9 for all functions of Government, directly connected to the District of Columbia. Anyone (subjects/persons) who lives in one of these Federal Regions are considered to be resident/citizens of the District of Columbia, subject to Legislative Rule. A few years passed and Federal Postal Office introduced the new 2 letter State abbreviation, and the ZIP CODE. Now (the Courts have determined) if a person does not lawfully claim his residence in one of the Sovereign 50 States, he will then be considered as being a resident of the District of Columbia! If a citizen accepts the 2 letter State abbreviation and the Zip Code (rather than using his LAWFUL State abbreviation, i.e., Ark:. , Calif., Wyo., etc ... then he has just informed the Federal Government (also known as "United States") that he is a resident of a Federal Region of the District of Columbia and subject to all of the Statutes of Congress, including the Internal Revenue (Title 26 USC).

This is just another one of the tricks of Satan. This "secret" United States is part of the "BEAST" system described in Revelation 13. The District of Columbia owns "States" such as: Puerto Rico, Guam, District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Pacific Islands. Seven entities termed "States" (HEADS) which make up the system of the Federal Beast (see title 42 United States Code, Chapter 7, Sec. 1301 a, 1.). The 10 "HORNS" described in Revelation 13 are the 10 Federal Regions established in 1972 by Pres. Nixon. The 10 "Crowns" of the Beast are the 10 Chairmen of each Federal Region. Who is the man representing this part of the Beast? It would have to be a man of Satan who has World Wide influence over the Nations being controlled, which makes up the complete System of the BEAST. (H: NOW, chelas, is the time to hold your breath!] The person who has this much Influence with World Leaders (could be) ….KISSINGER.

KISSINGER = 666, on the number chart.

For a couple of decades or more, Kissinger has been meeting with MANY World Leaders putting together the ONE WORLD ORDER. This One World Order is planned to take effect in 1992 or 1993 (H: FULLY OPERATIONAL BY YEAR 2000 WITH DEPOPULATION HAVING ALSO BEEN ACCOMPLISHED! We do not state WHEN this document was scribed.] This explains why the Berlin Wall came down so unexpectedly. Satan is working on a time-table, BUT SO IS YAHUWEH! Satan knows that he and his angels (agents) are running out of time and they must hurry.

Let's check these two (2) separate "United States" with the number chart: United States of America = 1368 = 18 = 9. (The correct "United States" .) "United States" = 942 = 15 = 6. (The counterfeit United States.)

District of Columbia = 1194 = 15 = 6. (Known as the Fed. United States.)

D.C. = 42 = 6.

LAW = 216 = 9.

EQUITY = 582 = 15 = 6.

LEGISLATIVE = 720 = 9.


COURT = 462 = 12 = 3. (What kind of court?)

TRIBUNAL = 582 = 15 = 6. (Article 1 Legislative Court under the District of C.)


COMMON LAW COURT = 1116 = 9. (Article 3 Court under the United States of America.)

[H: You who have followed our work know the concept of "2 nations" and the Judicial terms used above.] Remember: when using Law terms always use a Law Dictionary. When using Bible terms use a Bible Dictionary. When using man's terms use a standard dictionary. They will rarely give the same definition, if at all.


Webster's Dictionary (666 on the Number Chart) tells us that the word "work" means any type of labor, occupation, job, etc... Since the King James version (as well as others) is written into English, most people accept the definition given by the Webster's "fact" book. According to Webster's: the word "work" and "labour" (labor) means virtually the same thing. However, according to the Bible Dictionary (Strong's) they are worlds apart in meaning. The term "work" in the English Dictionary (Webster's) has taken different words from the Hebrew Text of the Old Testament and assigned them to all mean one single meaning!! This is true with relation to "work", "labour" and "servile".

To show how this can affect the average Christian let's take the Sabbath Day Commandment and translate it into its correct meaning.

EX. 20:9,10.

"Shesh (six) yowm (days) shalt thou Abad (labour) and do all thy MeLakal (work), but the SHeBIYiY (seventh) day is the Shabbath (sabbath) of the Lord thy God. In it thou shalt not do any MeLakal (work), ....

Here are the correct definitions for the words (Hebrew) used in the original text:

LABOUR (5647 Strong's) ABAD--aw-bad': to work in any sense; serve, till, enslave, bond service, labour.

WORK (4399 Strong's) MeLA'kah--MEL-AH-KAW': deputy-ship. i.e. ministry. (Also same as 4397--to dispatch a deputy; a messenger; also a prophet priest or teacher);

SERVILE (5656 Strong's) Abowdah--ab-o-daw': work of any kind: act, bondage, labour, ministering, office, service.

Now we can see that Exodus 20:9,10 does not mean what Webster's Dictionary wants us to believe.

The following is a correct translation of Exodus 20:9,10:

"Six days shall thou work in any sense (labour, work, servile work, service, ministry, etc.) and do thy deputyship of ministry (as a messenger-prophet priest or teacher), But the, seventh day is the, sabbath of the, Lord thy God. In it thou shall not do any dutyship as a deputy of ministry all a messenger-prophet, priest or teacher."

The Webster's Dictionary is the final work of definitions used by the general public. If you ask the average person to give the definition of "work" and explain where they got their definition, they will no doubt refer to the Webster's Dictionary! This is the authority. The book (dictionary) is the WORD of the English speaking people. It can also be titled: the "Mouth" of the English speaking persons.

REVELATION 13:5 "And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, ...."

BLASPHEME: To speak irreverently of God; (Webster's)

IRREVERENT. Not reverent; disrespectful. (Webster's)

GOD: A being of more than human powers; a divinity; an Idol; any person honored unduly; any object esteemed as the chief good, false deities, etc... (Note: Webster's definition of God ... are these definitions not of "great things", and Blasphemies? Webster's says that God can be either an "object" of false deities, an Idol, any person honored "unduly".)

Of course Webster's doesn't give the correct name of the Supreme God (recognized here by the simple label of origin as Yahuweh), because this is considered IRREVERENT (meaning disrespectful). Webster's merely places God in the same category as deities, Idols, false deities and persons honored unduly. If this isn't BLASPHEMY I'll kiss your "chamar" or "etham" (chamar: see 2560---etham: see 386 in Strong's Concordance). Both words (chamar and etham) are given the same general word (ass) but these words are different the same way "WORK" takes on different meanings. To find out what I really said I would Kiss ... please locate the correct meanings!

One (1) of the "marks" of the Beast in Revelation is Webster's Dictionary. If you accept the definitions of this book, for your biblical definitions, you have already accepted the MARK OF THE BEAST!


* * *

Dharma, allow us to leave this for this afternoon. I realize this is the most tedious writing you have had to do thus far because of the poor structure of the document in point but I believe as we make it through the maze we will find it most interesting for consideration. Remember that the riddles all must be solved before we get the tapestry finished! Every clue is valuable in both concept and in actual application. This whole deviation from central meaning of "terms" is uppermost in importance for just as with unknowing in that which goes on about you--or moreover in NOT KNOWING TRUTH--you have no basis or foundation upon which to build accurate KNOWLEDGE. So be it. In love and honor I will now clear the frequency and allow you respite.

Thank you,

Hatonn to clear. Salu.



FRI., OCTOBER. 23, 1992 8:52 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 68



Do NOT put out your best porcelain figurines in fault line areas! You aren't finished YET!

Let me point out a few things that you probably will not know!

1. There is a very large "squawk" about launching a monitoring satellite from a multi-billion dollar "shuttle" when it could "... have better been launched from a cheaper rocket"! Oh my, but you would NOT have photon phasers and photo-pulse beam capability from a rocket. Chelas, there is massive evil afloat this day! The shuttle is primed and ready to strike--and, apparently, at many sites about the world, not the least is now the New Madrid Fault! The shuttle is to travel for about ten days in the same orbiting cycles as the satellite "beam bouncer" sphere. Do what you will and condemn if you wish--but you MUST KNOW THAT YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GET THESE THINGS FROM US WITHOUT LETUP--AS THEY SURFACE. We are quite accustomed to the "sticks and stones", and "words" can only help us get attention to the problem.


Many in the area around Edwards Air Force Base (general area) witnessed massive flash after flash of brilliant light in the predawn time this morning. The light came "pulsing" from the ground upward. Indeed, the lasers are being tested with the new receiver "bouncer" just established yesterday! You cannot hide lights of that magnitude--they would have been visible in the daylight hours also and noted by far more people, so the testing was done in the dark. Lower frequencies will be tested in the day hours until the satellite is "tuned". The testing has to be done at appropriate sequence of orbit.

This same routine is being tested from every central phaser-pulse (beam) base of operations within the grid.


There is a full-stage alert and "quake drill" all along the New Madrid Fault system today and running for the current 12 hours. After which, of course, and as in California, the toys go back in their collapsible hovels all neatly tucked away for assured damage, the hospitals go off alert and when no-one is expecting it--like the thief in the night shall come the disasters. You do, however, have to have drills and alerts to allow for movement of equipment, monitoring stations, guard duty and operations run-throughs without note of the public as to what is happening.

That election in the good old U.S. of A. is coming up very, very soon now!


Does anyone take note that Clinton is under gaining attack by the Elite administration "whips". What is worse, they are finding all sorts of nasty little things. Does it also strike you as interesting that you have these earthquake alerts in AREAS WHERE CLINTON IS? First the San Andreas earthquake area and now the New Madrid location? So be it.


Please, you ones who have Pension Plans and intend to do something with them--like withdraw assets--DO IT NOW! THE LAWS ARE BEING MORE STRINGENTLY APPLIED AND NEW ONES PUT IN PLACE REGARDING TRANSFERS AND WITHDRAWALS--IMMEDIATELY IN 1993.


The massive changeover to a central emergency international phone system going into operation (in some areas like California by the end of Dec.) is for the sole purpose of stopping instantly all transfers of money from or to any place in the world. This is given forth for public consumption as a method to "stop another fall-out of the stock market computer system". Well, aspirin is good for you in small dosage too!


New confusion: I am asked if one by the name of Willis Carto is actually Hatonn. The interpretation is that he IS! No, he is not--Hatonn is Hatonn and Willis Carto is NOT an energy speaker at all. If he be human he cannot be ME! There seems to be a national connection being made with this person and the LIBERATOR. No, no and no!


I told you that Queen Elizabeth, head honcho of the world and the richest woman in the world, is of German heritage stemming from the Khazarian background. Today you have it verified: she just "visited the memorial sites of HER RELATIVES IN GERMANY (TODAY)." Confirmations ARE comforting, aren't they? I know you who have been faithful readers and efforted to get others to see and hear have been at great disadvantage for you have gotten such a pile of truth in such a short while that the circuits have shorted-out. The smile shall be coming from your side much, much more frequently now as things unfold and the adversary cannot keep it all under wraps.


Are there POWs alive? YES! This recent show-and-tell is a ghastly and nasty way of lying to you and doing great pain and damage to those ones who survived. Keep up the pressures for old pictures can be produced against this day of reckoning and that is exactly what is happening right now--to, cover whatever is happening now or recently! Perot is correct and he DOES plan to look into it immediately if he gets the bid for "chief".

Let us now turn to our subject in point, The Mark of The Beast. We have so many subjects to cover that you precious readers will have to be patient with us for we hurry as fast as we can and we must bring unto you that which is the most useful as we move along. Recognition of your enemy and his henchmen is uppermost in importance.



FRI., OCTOBER 23, 1992 9:48 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 68



[H: Readers, please be gracious as you read this reprint for it is most difficult to retype. It seems to come from one by the name of "Irving Stien" but as we go along it appears to be that even that name is misspelled as are two/thirds of ALL words. It becomes evident that the material is taken from a recording of a presentation or two and mixed. The fingerprints of one, Howard Freeman, are all over the document so we also honor him for his great contribution to you-the- people. Be kind to Dharma, however, as you read along because she is having great difficulty deciphering correct presentation. She is experiencing a new task of presentation as she is totally accustomed to my redoing and sorting all presentations FOR her. I choose to cause her to have to mentally attend the information in point and it slows us tremendously. Bear with us, Editors, for I realize it is a double load for all of you as you have to check each word for, if nothing else, accuracy of spelling. It allows, also, for discernment on the part of readers. Thank you.]


"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of Blasphemy." Rev. 13:1

This vision describes the Federal System (beast) which has dominated the "once" sovereign United States of America. The seven heads of this system are: District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands--Pacific Islands. These entities are termed "States". To verify this let us go to the United States Code for the definition of STATE.


Chapter 7-Social Security


Sec. 1301.

(a) When used in this CHAPTER--

(1) The term "STATE", except where otherwise provided, includes the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and when used in subchapters IV, V, VII, XI, and XIX of this chapter includes the Virgin Islands and Guam. Such term when used in subchapters III, IX, and XII of this chapter also includes the Virgin Islands. Such term when used in subchapter V and in part B of this subchapter of this chapter also includes American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa ..... (in part)

(2) The term "United States" when used in a geographical sense MEANS, except when otherwise provided, the STATES.


"Words in the plural form shall include the singular and vice versa, and words in the masculine gender shall include the feminine as well as trusts, estates, partnerships, associations, companies and corporations."


Revised January 1, 1961.

When the "States" such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc ... are joined together they are called the "United States" (not the United States of America) meaning the Federal United States. Since these "States" are owned by the Federal Government, Congress can write any LAW for these possessions, and the "laws" passed DO NOT HAVE TO BE WRITTEN PURSUANT TO THE BILL OF RIGHTS! Therefore Congress (acting in behalf of the Federal United States) can pass any statute they please upon the citizens and residents of these "United States". If you happen to reside in one of these entities (including the 10 Federal Regions established by President Nixon) then you become subject to direct rule by Congress.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution gave Congress the Exclusive Rule of Legislation over the District of Columbia and the Possessions owned and/or created by the District of Columbia (also known as the "United States"). If a person merely admits that he lives in one of these Federal subdivisions (enclaves), for example: by using the 2 letter State abbreviation and the Federal Zip Code, then the person is subject to EXCLUSIVE LEGISLATIVE JURISDICTION as being a resident of the District of Columbia! If you don't claim to be a citizen of the United States of America, then it will be assumed that you are a citizen and/or resident of the other: "United States".

America is now (1990) the Federal United States, due to in part, by the "created" citizens and/or foreigners who have been allowed to become U.S. citizens via the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. What Congress creates--Congress controls. If Congress creates citizens they control them under the Exclusive Legislative Power given by Article One, Clause Seventeen of Section Eight in the Constitution. The same applies to Federal regions. Today, people are unaware that they are living under this Rule.

All "Federal" subjects (people who are created citizens, Federal employees, people working for Federal created entities such as corporations, companies) including those persons drawing income from the Federal Government (Welfare) are REQUIRED BY LAW to have a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.


(a) Supplying of identifying numbers….

When required by regulations prescribed by the Secretary


The Social Security Account Number issued to an individual for purposes of section 205(c)(2)(A) of the Social Security Act shall, except as shall otherwise be specified under regulations of the Secretary, be used as the IDENTIFYING NUMBER for such INDIVIDUAL for purposes of this Title.


Any person who works for a corporation (which is created by Government) can not avoid having the Social Security Number, This is a requirement!

REVELATION 13: 16, 17: "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or THE NUMBER of his name."

The Social Security System, and the assigned number to each individual, is the system in which to identify EVERY PERSON who has such a number. Today (1990) the Social Security Number 000-00-0000 is used for virtually every aspect of business, bank accounts, credit cards, drivers licenses, etc ... This number is assigned within a central computer in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) known as S.I.M.S. (Service Information Management System) and referred to by government employees as "The Beast". This gigantic Computer System has everyone who has a Social Security Number, in the memory banks. This computer knows more about you and I than we do ourselves! All government agencies have access to S.I.M.S. and to YOUR personal and business information! Let's now take the word "COMPUTER" and use the number chart.


18 90 78 96 126 120 30 108 = 666. THE BEAST!

All people both small and great, rich and poor, have been caused to receive a Social Security Number in order to work and pay Taxes to the Government.


(a) In general--(l) Social Security numbers and employers identification numbers. There are two types of taxpayer identifying numbers: Social Security numbers take the form 000-00-0000, while employer identification numbers take the form of 00-0000000. Social Security numbers IDENTIFY INDIVIDUAL PERSONS and estates of descendents ..."CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS, TITLE 26 (Internal, Revenue Service) 1985.

The codes written for the Federal "United States" total 50 in number. These are the "laws" and Statutes written only for the Federal United States and NOT for the United States of America (being the Sovereign 50 States under the Constitutional Republic). Included in these 50 Titles are the Internal Revenue (Title 26), the Public Health and Welfare (Title 42), Postal Service (Title 39), National Guard (Title 32), Labor (Title 29), Education (Title 20), Banking (Title 12), Public Buildings, Property, and Works (Title 40), Public Lands (Title 43), Agriculture, Hospitals, Money and Finances, Public Printing and Documents, Telegraphs, Telephones, and Radiotelegraphs, Transportation, etc., etc., etc.... All of the United States Codes control our everyday life! We are living under the Federal Control of the BEAST, without even realizing it! This other nation which is also called the "United States" is a mystery to most Americans, and the codes and language of the codes are confusing to the average person. The Hebrew word for Babylon translates to "confusion".


Most American people have been tricked into believing that they are living under a Constitutional Republic, protected by the Bill of Rights, when in fact, they are living under a LEGISLATIVE DEMOCRACY fully controlled by the Federal Government under the counterfeit identity name: "United States". Our proud flag, RED, WHITE and BLUE has even been changed, to the Federal Flag which has added an extra color to it ... yellow. The yellow fringe which has been placed around the borders of the American Flag, has been in EVERY COURT of our Nation since 1938! This "ensign" is the International Maritime Flag used by the Navy when our ships enter a foreign port, to acknowledge to said foreign country that we are recognizing International law! Our courts, therefore, are telling us (in a most subtle way) that the court is exercising International Law under ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION. Under Admiralty Jurisdiction (Maritime Law) the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are invalid for your defense in a criminal case against you. The so called "national Debt" is actually the Federal Credit Debt of the District of Columbia, owed by the Federal United States to the International Banking Houses (Rothschild Bank of England), and "We the People" ... are paying that said debt (the usury on the credit loan) in the form of taxes. The interest on the credit debt is now over 5 trillion dollars and climbing daily. The Sovereign United States of America has been enslaved to the creditors (International Bankers) who now own and control our Congress and judicial branches of government. We are now under the mark of the beast!

America was the only nation which was founded on Biblical principles and the common law, enumerated in the first ten "Amendments" known as the Bill of Rights. The Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights are God's given laws and rights guaranteed to "We, The People ... " The general public has allowed the government to supersede the natural laws and place individuals under Legislative Law (man's law) thereby controlling the people by statutes of Congress. Things which were once lawful to do under the law of God (Yahuweh) such as marriage have now taken on the State as a partner. Once upon a time two people who wanted to marry simply obtained a preacher and had a church wedding--no license to do something that is lawful under God's law and the common law. People are conditioned to believe that a child born out of wedlock will be a "bastard" and termed an illegitimate child. Most Christians have read the passage in Deuteronomy 23:2 which states: "A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord ... " Most people, accepting Webster's Dictionary as the correct authority on words, use Webster's definition of "bastard":

Bastard (bas'. terd) n. a child born out of wedlock; illegitimate; false; counterfeit.

This leads the average person to believe that without a state license the child will be considered as being not legal by the state, and therefore a bastard, and therefore cursed by the Bible. This compels the couple into accepting a State Certificate of marriage, to assure that all children born will not be "bastards", in the eyes of the State.

As I stated before, when using words of general usage use the standard dictionary. When using words relating to the Bible use a Bible dictionary. Let's see what the Strong's Concordance has to say about the word "bastard".

4464 MAMZER, mam-zare'; from an unused root mean, to alienate; a mongrel, i.e., born of a Jewish father and a heathen mother:--bastard.

What Deuteronomy 23:2 is really saying is: a child who is of the seedline of a Jewish father and any heathen woman (does not say a married woman) is then considered a bastard. The definition of "heathen" is (according to Webster's) "one who is not an adherent of a religious system; an infidel; a pagan; an irreligious person;...."

Now we can see how Webster's Dictionary has tricked people into accepting a completely different definition of a word, thereby giving the state jurisdiction over the marriage and the children born under the state approved marriage.

Since the married couple is now a 3-party contract marriage, all products (children) of that contract are in the interest of the State. Therefore, the State subjects (children) must be protected by the State who now has an interest in the product. This is where Title 42 of the United States Code comes into effect as well as Title 20 (Education). All "State" children are now required to have a Social Security number prior to attending public schools. It is common practice now to give new born babies a Social Security number following birth, and in some cases, prior to birth! When the American public bows to the State for permission to do something that is lawful in God's sight we can understand that some people are worshipping a false god (the State). By worshipping man's law (Legislative Law) rather than God's law (the Common Law and the Commandments), they have become "subjects" of the State.

Another "trick" word is PERSON. Most people think that the term "person" means exactly what Webster's says" " ... a human being, an individual; the body of a human being..."

All Legislative Statutes use the term "person" rather than "individual". Why so? Let's see what the law dictionary (Black's 5th Edition) has to say about person(s).

PERSON: In general usage, a human being (i.e., natural person), THOUGH BY STATUTE TERM may include a firm, labor organization, partnerships, association, corporations, legal representatives…. BLACK's page 1028 - Person.

Legislative Statutes are written for all "persons" and not for all individuals. People under contract with government (including State marriage contracts) become "persons" in the legal term. Instead of being an individual, people have become PERSON SUBJECT(s) of the State/Government.

Understanding Government and Law is a mystery to most. Understanding that there are now two (2) nations both called the United States is even a bigger mystery to most Americans. The counterfeit "United States" is the BEAST of Revelation.


"Come hither: I will shew unto thee the judgement of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters."

"And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth."

In Revelation, chapter seventeen, we are told of the secret religion which gives its power to the beast. This secret religion will be large in numbers of members. Membership will range from the average citizen to the president and leaders of nations. This "HARLOT" has been discovered! Membership is now over 400 million worldwide. Let's review some of their doctrine:

"If your wife, or child, or friend, should ask you anything about your INITIATION--as for instance, IF YOUR CLOTHES WERE TAKEN OFF, IF YOU WERE BLINDFOLDED, IF YOU HAD A ROPE AROUND YOUR NECK, ETC, YOU MUST CONCEAL…HENCE OF COURSE, YOU MUST DELIBERATELY LIE ABOUT IT. It is part of your obligation…"

Each member swears an oath to conceal the signs and secret passwords of this cult/religion. One such "initiation" involves dressing in a two-piece garment made of thin, white material and looks like pajamas, and each new member is given one sandal to wear on the right foot, leaving the left foot bare. Next, the candidate is blindfolded, the blindfold is called a "hoodwink", After the hoodwink is placed over his eyes, a heavy cloth is placed under it to insure that he can not see a crack of light. Then the light cloth shirt is arranged so that his left arm is out of it, and the left side of the shirt is folded back and tucked under, leaving the left arm and left side of the torso bare. The left leg of the "pajama bottoms" are then rolled up high, leaving the left foot and leg bare. Then, a blue rope (called a "cabletow") is tied around his neck. Now he is ready for his initiation. After a speech by the Senior Deacon: "You are received into this lodge of Entered Apprentices upon the point of a SHARP INSTRUMENT PIERCING YOUR NAKED LEFT BREAST, which is to teach you as this is an instrument of torture to the flesh, so the remembrance of it be to your mind and conscience, should you ever presume to reveal any of the secrets of Freemasonry unlawfully."

The "sharp instrument" is actually a large compass with the two sharp points brought together as one, wherein it is jabbed into the bare breast! Following this, he is taken to the middle of the room for prayer. Made to kneel, the Worshipful Master prays a formal, generalized prayer, never mentioning the name of "Jesus", and ending with, "So mote it be." [H: Ever hear any of your so-called extraterrestrial 64,000 yr-old entities say such a phrase? I thought so! More clues perhaps? I thought so!]

Following this prayer, the Senior Deacon instructs him to be led to the "Worshipful Master in the East", then he is instructed: "You will face the East. Take one step with your left foot, and bring the heel of your right foot to the hollow (instep) of your left foot, feet forming the angle of the oblong square." Once this position has taken place the Senior Deacon shouts: "Stand Erect!" Instructions are then given, then the candidate is placed into a kneeling position before the altar, "in due form". This is to kneel on the naked left knee, right leg extended to form the Tau Cross (angle of a square), left hand under the Bible on the Altar (on top of which are the square and compass), his right hand resting thereon and his body erect, he is now ready to take his Oath.

Does this not sound like a lot of fun? The fun has just begun! Now, portions of the Oath which all members swear: "I….do hereby swear and hereon most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, ever conceal and never reveal any of the arts, parts or points of the secret arts and mysteries of ancient Freemasonry which I have received, am about to receive, or may hereafter be instructed in…." (Oath of obligation, Entered Apprentice/1st Degree, and included in all sub-sequent degrees, always on penalty of mayhem and violent death).


Blood oaths on penalty of mayhem and violent death are administered at the end of initiation into all Masonic degrees, binding the initiate to protect the "secrets" of the degrees. These oaths of obligation are considered unbreakable, and are (collectively) the thing that makes a man a Mason. In this way, these oaths are the cornerstone of Masonry. [H: Now, chelas, when you go forth and ask a Mason it these statements are correct and he says "of course not" and "no, that is stupid" remember: HE "MUST ABSOLUTELY LIE ABOUT IT--it is part or his OBLIGATION." But in his heart and soul answerable unto GOD, HE WILL KNOW THE TRUTH OF IT!]

(1) QUESTION: What makes you a Mason? ANSWER: My obligation. (Question and answer from the Entered Apprentice/First Degree)

(2) "….binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut from ear to ear, my tongue torn out by its roots, and with my body buried in the rough sands of the sea, a cable's length from the shore, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours…." (Oath-1st Degree)

(3) "….binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my left breast torn open, my heart plucked out, and given to the beasts of the field and fowls of the air as a prey…." (Fellowcraft/Second Degree)

(4) "….binding myself under no less penalty than that of having my body severed in twain, my bowels taken out and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered to the winds of heaven…." (Master Mason/Third Degree)

(5) "….In willful violation whereof may I incur the fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the center with a three-edged blade, my feet flayed and I be forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile shores of the Red Sea until the flaming Sun shall strike me with a livid plague, and may Allah, the god of Arab, Moslem and Mohammedan, the god of our fathers, support me to the entire fulfillment of the same" (from the oath of obligation). Ancient Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Shriners).

From the above "Blood Oaths" taken, we can now understand why Masons never talk about their "religion" to profane (non-Mason) persons! Who becomes a Mason? Your next door neighbor--the man down the street, City Fathers, Attorneys (most especially Zionists), Judges (most especially Zionists), policemen, school teachers, some preachers, legislators, congressmen, and yes--lots of Presidents! The most common known Masons are the 32nd Degree. These MEN (women are not allowed to join) are usually your average "Joe six-pack" and local businessmen (City Councilmen, lower Court Judges, Mayors, etc.). The men who are allowed to receive the 33rd Degree are Federal Judges, Politicians, Governors, and Congressmen and Presidents!

The "lower" Degree Masons (32nd) are the "do-gooder's" for the community. What happens at the 33rd Degree level can only be imagined! To receive the 33rd Degree the Mason must go to Washington D.C. to be honored. Since most (if not all) Judges and "Prosecutors" are Masons, we can now understand why "brother" Masons are seldom (if ever) convicted of a crime. This can be attributed to the following oath: "You must CONCEAL ALL THE crimes of your brother Masons ... and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to SHIELD HIM ... It may be PERJURY to do this, it is true, BUT YOU'RE KEEPING YOUR OBLIGATIONS." (Ronayne, Handbook of Masonry, p. 183)

There are MANY secret words and hand-shakes used by the Masons. This is for identification purposes.

Let's now take certain Masonic names and match them with the "number chart":

FREEMASONRY = 258 = 15 = 6.

MASONIC TEMPLE = 870 = 15 = 6.


SHRINER = 546 = 15 = 6.

SHRINER'S CLUB = 888 = 24 = 6.

FELLOWCRAFT = 126 = 15 = 6.

SENIOR DEACON = 744 = 15 = 6.


* * *

When we sit to write again we shall take up with the subject of the two types of Masons: Stone Masons and Freemasons.

Are "we just little boys playing at games"??? Perhaps in evidence of the good done through the organizations. However, as the levels get higher in "power", so too do the seriousness of the oaths and obligations and don't ever forget it for a moment! Part of the other side of the coin is that if YOU break an oath (unless of course, you have adhered to the Kol Nidre) you are subject to having a "brother" do the dastardly deeds TO YOU even if you have "changed your mind"! YOU may think you play games--the head adversary IS NOT!

Hatonn to clear please, thank you.



SAT., OCTOBER 24, 1992 9:30 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 69


Since we have a meeting this afternoon and time is short this morning I suggest we move directly into the subject under writing.

I do, however, wish to share a couple of varying ideas with you, regarding Truth--and you determine the "man" in point relative to the projection of ideas regarding "Truth".

Will Rogers: "Nothing makes a man or body of men as mad as the Truth. If there is NO Truth in it they laugh it off."

Nietzsche: "There are many kinds of eyes. Even the Sphinx has eyes--therefore there must be many kinds of 'truths', and consequently there can be no truth."

It appears to me that all save the last three words have VALIDITY (which is also recognized as "truth"). So be it. All your life you live so close to Truth it becomes a most permanent blur somewhere in the corner of your eye and mind, and when something nudges it into outline it is like being ambushed by a grotesque fact one wishes not to see or hear. It is the time for seeing AND hearing AND CONFRONTATION! Now, let us move on to some of those nasty confrontations: (By the way, we have only "warmed up" to the subject of Henry A. Kissinger. A = 6, k = 66 = 666; KISSINGER = 666 also! Just ponder it a bit.)




There are two types of Masons; one being Stone masons and the other being Freemasons. Freemasonry is a secret craft which is unknown to the average person. However, things done in secret ways are to be exposed for God knows ALL. [H: Nothing of GOD is secret--only mystery UNTIL you recognize the answers.] "For there is no man that doeth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, shew thyself unto the world." (John 7:4) "For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret." (Eph. 5: 12)



Secrecy is the essence of Masonry as a "club", necessary for its very existence; protected by blood oaths of mayhem and murder.

(1) "In Masonry, the darkness, which envelops the mind of the uninitiated (non-

Mason) is removed by the effulgence of Masonic Light. Masons are appropriately called the 'Sons of Light'." (Lightfoot's Manual of the Lodge, p. 175)

(2) "Freemasons are emphatically called 'Sons of Light' ... while the profane or uninitiated (non-Masons) who have not received this knowledge ... are said to be in darkness." (Masonic Dictionary, "Light", Consolidated Book Pub: 1963)

(3) Blindfolded ("hoodwinked") and kneeling, half naked and bound by a rope ("cabletow") the candidate for initiation into the Blue Degrees is asked, by the Worshipful Master, "In your present, blind condition, what do you most desire?" His reply, according to the ritual, must be "Light" (First Degree), "Further Light" (2nd Degree) and "More Light" (3rd Degree). (Verbal Masonic Ritual, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degrees)

The Masons are "hoodwinked" [H: Didn't you sometimes wonder where that "term" (hoodwinked) came from? Is this not what has happened to all of your civilization? YOU HAVE BEEN "HOODWINKED"!] into searching for "never-- ending" light. This constant search leads (cabletows) them from the lower levels of Masonry to higher degrees. However, and so sad, they never reach the end of the search! As we "profane" people know ... the Messiah, the Christ, IS the ONLY true Light.

(1) "I am the Light of the World: He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life." (Jn. 8:12)

(2) "This then is the message which we have heard of Him (Christ), and declare unto you, that God is Light, and in HIM is no darkness at all." (1st Jn. 1:5)



The Bible of the Christian is merely one of the "holy books" of man, no better than the Koran, the Hindu scriptures or the books of the Chinese and Greek philosophers. It is not taken literally, for its true meaning is esoteric (hidden from all but a small number of "enlightened" elite leaders); the literal, obvious meaning is only for the ignorant masses. It is right to remove references to Jesus in passages used in the ritual. Masonry, contrary to popular belief, is NOT based upon the Bible. Masonry is actually based on the KABALA (Cabala), a medieval book of Magic and Mysticism.

(1) "Masonry makes no profession of Christianity ... but looks forward to the time when the labor of our ancient brethren shall be symbolized by the erection of a spiritual temple ...in which there shall be one altar and one worship; one common altar of Masonry on which the Veda, Shastra, Sade, Zend-Avesta, Koran and the Holy Bible shall lie ... and at whose shrine the Hindu, the Persian, the Assyrian, the Chaldean, the Egyptian, the Chinese, the Mohammedan, the Jew and the Christian MAY KNEEL,..." (The Kentucky Monitor, "Fellowcraft Degree", p. 95)

(2) "The Jews, the Chinese, the Turks, each reject either the New Testament, or the Old, or both, and yet we see no good reason why they should not be made Masons. In fact Blue Lodge Masonry has nothing whatever TO DO WITH THE BIBLE. It is not founded on the Bible; if it was it would not be Masonry; it would be something else." (Chase's Digest of Masonic Law, pp. 207-209)

(3) "The removal of the name of Jesus and references to Him in Bible verses used in the ritual are slight but necessary modifications." (Albert Mackey, Masonic Ritualist, p. 272)


"Who is a liar but he that denieth the Christ? He is ANTI-CHRIST, that denieth the Father AND the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father." (1 John 5:12)

"I and my Father are ONE." (John 14:9)

[H: The author should be a bit careful in projecting his correctly spelled name and identification before the swine of the "world's Elite" because he is a "former 32nd degree Mason…..defected".

I further suggest to you editors, that you include the drawing as given. (See end of chapter.)

There are a whole bunch of you "hoodwinked" servants to evil out there--some have come to "see the Light" but many play in the circles of the blinding games under the deception that it is fun and games. So be it for by thine "sign" shall ye be taken note--BY GOD!]


Could we now look at further input from Earth interpretation of the mark of the beast? Let us move a ways into a presentation on The Mark of the Beast which was put to paper by some "thoughtful" person. I can't herein give information regarding that person, either, for the request was to not even tell wherein the information arrived "from". It is quite well done and the perceptions are good, if not perfect, for you are working with an untangling of prophecy and visions all the way back to Daniel of the Old Testament and the one major player in point, King Nebuchadnezzar.

This, however, is why I find it difficult to understand how, with Daniel speaking of "space phenomenon" and "craft" that you ones today cannot see that the adversary KEEPS YOU BLINDED AND IGNORANT! Daniel KNEW; Ezekiel KNEW! SO YOU ARE AGAIN "HOODWINKED" BY INTERPRETERS. (MEN) WHO TELL YOU WHAT BENEFITS "THEM" AND YOU SUCK IT IN LIKE HONEY BY THE BEAR. WELL, THIS LATTER HINT IS ALSO GOOD TO NOTE--FOR YOU, AMERICA, ARE BEING SUCKED IN AS HONEY TO FILL THE BELLY OF THE BEAR TO THE NORTH!

BEGINNING OF QUOTING: [This presentation is undated so you can know that it is well over two decades past for the sender has held it for longer.]


... You remember the reference in Revelation to the fact that there comes a time when everyone must receive the mark of the beast in his right hand or in his forehead; otherwise, he is boycotted, he can't buy or sell, and so on. And like most things in the Bible, there has been an awful lot of utter rot preached about it, by clergymen who don't know anything about the subject, but insist on talking about it just the same.

The Book of Revelation, as I think all of you know, is entirely symbolic and therefore, unless you are sure that you get the right key to the symbols, you can't possibly get the correct understanding of what it is talking about. So before we get down to that part of it, it is time that we understand what our symbols are, and then we will know what we are talking about at least a bit better.

The Bible offers the key and it offers the only key to the symbols it uses. [H: This is not unlike a personal "dream" you have to go to the source of the information to find the key. As with your dreams wherein you make the play, play the parts and write the plot--so too, must you look at the prophet, circumstances and prophecy. Since this information (Revelation) is written in the book recognized as the "Bible" then you have to study it for clues and insight even to cast out the invalid and sorting the valid.]

Lots of people undertake to try to decipher the symbolism of the Bible, and they go elsewhere than to the Bible itself for their information, and they are invariably wrong. Sometimes they try to do it out of their own cleverness, but they just can't figure this thing out. Sometimes they take Hindu or Egyptian or other pagan religions as the basis of their starting point, and they are always wrong. There is only one place where you can get the correct key to the symbolism of the Bible, and that is out of the Bible itself.

We are going to talk about a beast, and it is a very odd beast, obviously symbolic of something. The Book of Revelation is at the very end of the Bible, so we are going to have to look earlier into the Bible to find the key. And the first place we find, where it is obviously talking about a very closely related beast, is in the Book of Daniel. And that is very appropriate, because the Book of Daniel is so deeply symbolic. It makes its first appearance in Daniel.

So King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream, and it impressed him so greatly that it awakened him. Then, when he was awakened he found he had forgotten his dream, he remembered only that it was a thing of obviously great importance, and it worried him. This is in the second chapter of the Book of Daniel.

So King Nebuchadnezzar called in the wise men to interpret his dream for him, and they said, "Tell us the dream and we will tell you the significance." When he said, "I have forgotten it, you tell me what the dream was," he punctured their bubble right then and there.

They were pretending of course to be wise men and magicians and to have divine power, and all that kind of thing, and they couldn't make good. So he had them killed. But Daniel said, "Don't be too hasty on this thing now. Give me a little time and I believe God will give me the understanding of it"--which He did.


So Daniel interpreted the dream. He told King Nebuchadnezzar what the dream was, and the interpretation of it. And that dream, you remember, was first of this great statue or image, which had a head of gold, the breast and arms of silver, the belly and thighs of brass, the legs were of iron, and the feet were mixed iron and clay.

Daniel interpreted the dream. He said, "This shows four successive kingdoms, each of which is going to rule the then known civilized world in its turn." The head of gold was Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar. The breast and arms of silver were another kingdom which would come next and would be somewhat inferior in its degree of civilization to Babylon, and we know of course that it was the Medo-Persian empire. Then Daniel said the belly and thighs of brass would be yet another kingdom, and we know that was Alexander the Great's short-lived empire. And finally, the iron legs represented one more kingdom. And there is something in particular that you need to know about the last kingdom, the iron one of Rome, because it keeps coming up again.

In Daniel 2 verse 40, he said, "And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron for as much as iron breaks in pieces and subdues all things, as iron that breaks all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise." And that language is significant because we keep coming back to that.

[H: Whether or not you like it, you are ALSO GOING TO FIND that the same lineage of the adversary, call them what you like (the Khazarians) will be found finally ruling every one of these empires right into destruction--EVERYTIME!]

When Daniel interpreted this vision, the time was pretty close to 580 B.C., within a few years one way or another of this. Babylon was at that time under its greatest king, Nebuchadnezzar, at the very apex of its power and its civilization. Two kings later it came to its end, about 538 B.C. The head of gold, no question, that was the Babylonian empire which was then in existence.

The next one which would come after it, he said, was the breast and arms which were of silver, the Medo-Persian empire: two arms united in one breast; two kingdoms, Media and Persia, united in one empire. Media was the more northwesterly of the two, it came to great power first; later it was in its turn conquered and absorbed by Persia; and the united empire, but under a Persian king, was the one which conquered Babylon.

The Medo-Persian power became very great: it extended from northwest India and Afghanistan across the whole Fertile Crescent, the nations that extend in a great arch, north of the Arabian desert; in other words, from the head of the Persian Gulf, on up through Iraq and Iran, as we call them today. But it also included the Babylonian and Assyrian empires, over into Syria, and down the coast through Palestine. It took in a good deal of Asia Minor, which today we call Turkey, and they even conquered and ruled Egypt for a time.

So, starting this tremendous rise with the conquest of Babylon about 538 B.C., this empire ruled all the important parts of the known civilized world at that time, until it was conquered by Alexander the Great, between 334 and 331 B.C.

The Medo-Persian empire was followed by Alexander the Great. Alexander had been king of Macedonia, which is on the mainland, just north of the peninsula of Greece, and in 336 B.C. he was merely king of Macedonia. [H: Chelas, in past JOURNALS (I hope the editors will give you reference) (See COUNTERFEIT BLESSINGS, sub-title The Ant-Christ by any name: Khazars, Introduction, JOURNAL #26, page 2) we have covered this entire history along with the concomitant rise and infiltration of the "13th Tribe", the Khazarians, who later stole the religion of the Judaists and pronounced themselves first, the "Serpent People" and then, "Jews" and finally "Zionists". They were thieves and liars from the beginning and "truth was not in them"!]

The Greeks had a very high civilization, and one fatal weakness: they could never get along among themselves. They were always fighting among themselves, the various Greek cities, because each one represented an individual nation, as they were then organized, and in their bitter warfare whoever was losing was always ready to call in somebody else as an ally, to keep from losing the war. And when you called in a powerful nation in those days, to help, it simply meant that not only did they conquer your opponent, but they swallowed you up too. And of course that is exactly what happened.

In some of their bitter internal warfare, some of the Greeks called in the Macedonians to their aid, and Alexander had a very well trained and brilliantly commanded army. There are two men in all past history who stand out as generals of ability beyond any other: one is Alexander the Great and the other is Hannibal of Carthage, and it is perhaps a toss-up, which was the more brilliant from a military point of view.

Under Alexander's leadership, the Macedonian army was irresistible. Alexander simply conquered and took over the various Greek cities and incorporated them into his beginning empire, and then went on looking for more worlds to conquer. He conquered Asia Minor, Syria and Palestine by 332 B.C. He conquered the Tigris- Euphrates valleys, which made up the old Assyrian and Babylonian empires, by 331 B.C. And he went on to conquer Media-Persia, which was then called Bactria, and to- day is called Afghanistan. It lies just outside of India, just north of the famous Khyber Pass; it is the gateway to India.

Alexander also went on down into northern India, conquering quite a considerable area in northern India, so that all the then known civilized world, from Greece to India, was incorporated in his one empire. As you remember, before his death, Alexander was mooning around, worrying because there were no more worlds left for him to conquer. [H: Surely now, readers, you do remember that don't you? Well, why not? What happened to your history lessons?] He was a brilliant general, and that is all you can say FOR him. He was a debauched drunkard also, and he finally died of his dissipation in Babylon in 323 B.C.

[H: Since you will, if you will study the other JOURNALS in conjunction with this one--in fact, Editors, please integrate these "Beast" writings into the waiting material on the DIVINE PLAN and lets get on with allowing people to relate to those wondrous "SUMARIAN TEXTS" which were kept in security until this century--at least from your "inquiring" minds. Sumar is in the approximate location of Babylon (Baghdad), only further to the South in Iraq.]


Alexander had built nothing. He conquered and as an individual he ruled the conquered nations, but when he died there was nothing to hold it together. His empire broke up exactly as had been prophesied in Daniel, that his kingdom would be divided to the four winds of heaven and not to his posterity, because his four leading generals under him, each took over approximately a quarter of the empire where they were; and in those few years, between 334 and 323 B.C., this enormous empire was built and fell apart.

So you have Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander's empire; and now the next in line, and the last in this series of gentile empires that was prophesied by Daniel: Rome.

[H: The speed of ascent and descent of nations and dynasties is often questioned in relationship to God and, say, the United States of America. Well, let us say this, the nation was NOT founded by particularly GODLY men--even the signers of your Declaration of Independence and writers of your Constitution were mostly MASONS and that is hardly of GOD OF GOODNESS FULL INTENT. However, and THIS IS IMPORTANT--in-this-place WAS DESTINED TO FALL THE PLACE WHEREIN GOD WOULD AGAIN BRING FORTH THE WORD UNTO HIS PEOPLE AND WHEREFROM GOD AND HOSTS WOULD TAKE THEIR STAND! BE THIS KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE LANDS FOR SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS BEFORE THIS GENERATION PASSES AWAY!]

The city itself was founded, according to the Roman tradition, in 753 B.C. The republic of Rome was organized about 500 B.C., and with organization of the republic began its expansion into a tremendous empire. Macedonia, Greece and Egypt were incorporated into the empire in 168 B.C., and from there the Romans moved on into western Asia, North Africa and on, of course, into a great portion of western Europe. Eventually, the Roman Empire ruled Italy, Spain, what they then called Gaul, which was France and extending very slightly into Germany, Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, North Africa, western Asia Minor, Syria, and Palestine.

The frontiers of the Roman Empire were the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea, the south border of Scotland, the North Sea, the river Rhine, the Danube River, the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, through Armenia to the middle of ancient Babylonia, the Arabian desert, the Red Sea, Nubia, the Sahara Desert, and the Morocco mountains. Those were its boundaries.

The image of course had two legs, and so the Roman Empire broke up into two. It was divided into a western and eastern Roman Empire at about 283 A.D. The capital of the eastern portion of the empire was set up in what had been called Byzantium, and, being rebuilt, modernized, made into a tremendous city by Constantine, had its name changed to Constantinople; and that remained the capital of the eastern half of the Roman Empire.

Now, while it claimed at all times to be the capital of the Roman Empire, you find it generally spoken of as the Byzantine Empire, from the old and well known name of Byzantium for its capital city.

The western portion of the empire, which gradually was losing its hold on Europe, had its capital part of the time, but not all of it, in Rome. For example, the city of Ravenna, in Italy, was the capital for a time. This was broken by the Visigoths who were Israel people on the march, in 410 A.D.

You remember, under the pressure of the invading Visigoths, the Romans pulled the last of their legions of soldiers out of Britain, bringing them home for the defense of Rome in 408 A.D. That year they succeeded in buying off the Visigoth invaders, who had come into northern Italy but had not yet taken the city of Rome. Then the Romans bought them off with a big money bribe. But, by 410 A.D., the Visigoths had spent the money, so they took the city of Rome, looted it, and smashed everything; and, thereafter, there was merely a theoretical pretense of any further Roman Empire existing in the west.

However, the Romans, who were a wily people, suggested to the Visigoths that there was some wonderful lands which had been a part of the old Roman Empire. They said, "Why don't you go and move into them? There is some beautiful fertile country over in Spain. We will give it to you. Only don't stay here." That seemed like a good idea to the Visigoths. Centuries of frightful misrule under the Roman emperors had reduced Italy to such a stage of poverty and general falling apart, there wasn't much worth staying for, there, anyway.

So the Visigoths moved out across southern France, through the Pyrenees and into Spain. And from some time before 420 A.D. until the Moorish conquest in 711 A.D., the Visigoths were the dominant people in Spain. Now they didn't exterminate all the previous inhabitants of Spain, and; in fact, some of the previous inhabitants of Spain were Israel people, for that matter; because the Vandals, a tribe that had moved down there from southern Scandinavia, were already in there, and they were not driven out immediately. They were not very numerous and they later moved into North Africa, where of course they were swept up in the Arab and Moorish empire, later there, and became extinct, that is, they were absorbed into the darker peoples there.

In Spain, then, you had a definitely Israel people, the Visigoths, as the ruling race, and in Portugal also, until they were conquered by the Moors. Thereafter, there was much pollution of the blood lines. That never, however, happened in northern Europe, and for that reason the Scandinavian peoples are today considered "pure" stock. [H: Now for the "shocker"--they are considered "pure Israel stock".] You cannot say, of Italy or of Spain, that as a nation they are "Israel", because they are not; there are too many other people there. But you can say that among them are many who are definitely of Israel ancestry. [H: Again, you have a writer and speaker who cannot find proper meaning in terminology because of the corruption of the languages and the thieving of "titles" and "labels" for given definition--so he is doing the best he can with what he has with which to work and present. I can tell you, chelas, it is a horrendous task to present material to a world in confusion and not simply FURTHER CONFUSE. The term "Israel" is a real problem for all because of its total corruption.]

The western Roman Empire came to its end, all pretense of being an empire was abandoned, by 476 A.D. The eastern or Byzantine half of the Roman Empire was reduced to Asia Minor and the Balkan states by Moslem power, by 650 A.D. The Turks captured most of Asia Minor by 1074 A.D.

Between 1204 and 1260, the so-called Latin empire of Constantinople, made up of the troops of the Fourth Crusade and the republic of Venice, ruled briefly over the remaining territory. But the old Byzantine Empire was restored, at least in theory, actually governing nothing but Constantinople and its suburbs, in the middle 1260's, and the last trace of it disappeared with the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453 A.D.

The first of these visions Daniel, of this series of four great world empires, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Alexander of Macedon, and Rome, was given in the vision of the great statue, the image of the four different metals. This is exceedingly important because the great bulk of recorded history is covered by this series of empires. But the thing was given to Daniel again, in a different vision ....

To be continued in the next segment.

* * *

Let us close this before we run into too lengthy a discussion and forget our time limits for this writing. We need to be elsewhere, Dharma. Thank you.

Hatonn to stand by. Salu



SUN., OCTOBER 25, 1992 9:00 A.M. FEAR 6, DAY 70



Dharma, my very heart goes out to you that you have to serve in the midst of life going on with its slings and arrows hitting the mark. Readers, please allow this next to serve as confirmation of the truth of the collusion and total lack of all justice in the now totally controlled judicial system. The attorney has called this morning to say that the court has denied a stay on the case of the property (dwelling) of Dharma and EJ. This is without cause and none is offered--it simply states that it is "over"--the eviction notice will be legally served within 10 days. After all the struggle and expenses it is too much with which to deal at this moment so let us allow for emotional stability before packing the boxes AGAIN. The world is hard, chelas--and basically evil beyond your imaginings. I remind you regarding your own status in this "free" nation-- you are already "had" and the full intent is to own, hook, line and sinker, ALL property, ALL assets AND YOU WILL EITHER BE DEAD OR ENSLAVED! IT IS THE PLAN, THE EVIL BROTHER HAS CONTROL OF THE COURTS, THE LAW, THE LAWMAKING, THE CONGRESS, THE ADMINISTRATION AND YOUR INDUSTRIAL FOUNDATION IS SHATTERED AND ALL THAT IS LEFT ARE THE FINAL COFFIN NAILS. These people have put everything they had and were able to borrow into OUR work, into the WORD and into the services supporting that job. The sums borrowed are gone as they were against the winning of the house and therefore recourse is minimal to zilch in time to save anything.

I have to tell you this because I cannot ask more of these two and with the problems and untrue concerns of ones who were badly misled, I will not ask them to give more into the "business" for assets of other parties will be assured. I cannot postpone giving you this information for you must realize that at this time publications and/or the Liberator do not even break even. Perhaps there are fewer on God's side than you thought?

Every effort has been made to give service without thought to profits or anything beyond absolute "costs" and we shall continue as best can be done. I cannot see lessening the information flow but we must look at what we must face. It is not lack of love on the part of you readers nor willingness to share--it points out what a good job the adversary has done. You have either been convinced to go with "him" in your investments (wherein you WILL lose it) or you have searched and been drained of your own assets or any number of other reasons, all of which are valid. Many of you changed your support to Bo Gritz and other necessary things and so we have a time of great difficulty which will not likely lessen as the chains bind tighter and tighter. We will certainly go on at the paper as long as we can. And, by the way, other things that seem to stem from here--are NOT CONNECTED TO PUBLICATIONS OR THE PAPER--SO PLEASE, DO NOT BE CONCERNED. ALL THINGS, INVESTMENTS, ETC., ARE TOTALLY SEPARATED AND HAVE NO IMPACT. MUCH HAS BEEN INVESTED INTO PUBLICATIONS, ETC., BUT THAT WILL NOT BE IMPACTED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. IT IS THAT THESE ONES HAVE PERSONALLY BORROWED THROUGH SUPPORTERS ON THE PROPERTY IN POINT AND THAT IS NOW EXHAUSTED FOR ALL PRACTICAL PURPOSES--WITHOUT EVEN RESOURCES TO MAKE A MOVE-- SO WE SIMPLY HAVE SOME HARD CONFRONTATIONS LOOMING IN FRONT FOR MY SCRIBE/SPEAKER. THIS IS NOT COMPLAINT, ONLY PETITION FOR PATIENCE AS THEY STRUGGLE WITH A PROBLEM THAT NEVER SEEMS TO SUBSIDE. SO BE IT. THANK YOU.

TO YOU EDITORS: PLEASE, sometimes I purposefully write thought-provoking statements and questions. I ask that you not change them nor interpret them for the readers. The READERS have a right and a need to think about specific things, even unto the tides of our books--unless "I" choose to make explanation! This is NOT reprimand, just reminder that I often have a far greater reason for much of what I say than will at first meet the eye. This comes to my attention for last evening Ed tried to decipher and rewrite into more clarity, a statement I had just made regarding Truth. Often the errors are present in typographical misprints or deleted words, etc. But I ask that you not decipher that which is intended for EACH to interpret.

As to the label of my book--I did not use the title SEX AND THE LOTTERY because of a cute conversation of you ones in a local restaurant. I KNEW that Madonna was coming out with a major evil disaster and I needed to make a "point". No offense intended herein--but the information of explanation was not accurate, Ed, and never do we carelessly DO ANYTHING from this side of the veil. But yes. I do attend ALL your meetings--even at Brewer's! I suggest you just leave this writing in the presentation for it needs no further explanation. Thank you.

Dharma, it has been such a burdened week-end so far that I suggest we simply continue to write for a while on the subject of the "Beast" and then allow closing for today so that you can visit with your children come to share and the time is limited. Of all ones I need to thank and apologize for such a heavy load--it is to you, precious, and I do not. However, chela, I do not take thee for granted nor without honor and appreciation. I cherish you beyond myself and, although you know as much, it needs to be said into your consciousness. It is hard to even touch the appreciation and brotherhood I feel and experience with you ones who are never from my side and for you who work from afar, seemingly without note or mention save "within". Our tasks are so heavy and "time" limitations and "human limitations" are great. I bend, not my brow, but my knee unto you ones--sometime I shall tell you the difference in meaning. This is a far greater honor than bowing my head for this radiates glory--not shame! So be it.


This is one of those persons who endlessly serve and from such a distance: Doe Hill, Virginia. So what does she, Carroll Eagle, have to do with anything? MUCH SERVICE IN BEHALF OF YOU WHO WOULD GROW (ORGANICALLY) AND SHARE YOUR FOODS IN FRIENDSHIP OR ON THE MARKET. She has struggled against the FDA and vandals, drug dealers and hosts of other problems to continue to serve. She has even come from under her shelter of "individual sovereignty" to keep going in order to obtain a loan to repair damages to greenhouse, etc. But she prevails and continues her task.

The products of her labor are beautiful and perfect and I would ask that any and all of you who effort to grow organically and especially if you "do business" of any kind with that produce--contact her. BUT, contact her with a gift of stamps, return en- velopes, etc., for the price of the phone call or such--for it is too expensive to simply have loads of inquiring mail and not have the wherewithal to respond. She has had to give everything to continue her work--we want to HELP, not further burden. I believe you will find she has a listing of services (products), etc., and I shall not offer to share them herein but I do ask that as our workers get into varieties of greenhouse foods--GET HER INPUT. She needs the assistance--AND YOU NEED THE INPUT FOR YOU ARE NOT SOPHISTICATED IN THE MANNER OF PRODUCTION. THIS is the way we join hands and "make it work"!

Contact her: CARROLL EAGLE


HCR2 Box 134

DOE HILL, VA 24433

Now, for one last comment on supplements, etc: In our meeting (personal) yesterday, we were asked about various things I write about and suggest as possible helps for your use. Hydrogen Peroxide was the first topic and I must again remind you: WE ARE NOT PRACTICING MEDICINE. WE ARE NOT IN THE PRACTICE OF LAW--if I see something that can greatly help you "feel" better and have a bit of better health--so shall I tell you about it. "CURE" is a word we do not use because it indicates we ARE practicing something without licensing, etc. I shall not be "trapped" nor have any of my people "trapped" by some "sting" types of inquiries as to that which we do. WE GIVE WRITINGS ON MANY, MANY SUBJECTS. We do have ones who are willing to give extra service at great savings to you readers who wish to obtain items of which we speak or instructions where you might obtain same. If any of these ones open a "market" for the items, you will be informed. Meanwhile you can get Crystal Life product (at least temporarily) through our people--for the request is either forwarded or a source will be listed in the paper. I do believe that Survival Storehouse DOES offer Chlorella from a resource which will be a major part of the actual growing in this area as the project for same is established. (address: 2810 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite G6723, Las Vegas, NY 89102-1921.) Please contact them or THE WORD for information. I do know that the price at present is incredibly low in comparison to anywhere else brought to our attention. The product is fully approved and excellent--we simply chose not to wait for full production in the local facility (which could take two to three years) for offering you this food product. It is not magic--it is simply a "whole" product which offers good means of storage for survival needs and whole health. The LIBERATOR, as such, is not in any such business--the LIBERATOR is a publication only. Thank you for allowing me to speak of these things--again.


So, back to "THE BEAST":



AGAIN QUOTING: (mostly) [H: Frankly, I am using a lot of "Biblical" stuff here so that you who consider your "Bible" to be your resource can feel more comfortable in my own identity and presence.]


For this we go to the seventh chapter of Daniel (Bible) and here now is where we start getting into these remarkable beasts.

Daniel saw this vision himself. He said four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse from one another. As you know, the sea, as used in the Bible can also mean symbolically, the people in the "great mass", "non-Israel" people. So out of the great mass of non-Israel people, the gentile empires in the true sense, you have four great beasts, different from one another.

The first beast was like a lion and had eagle's wings. Daniel 7 verse 4 says, "I beheld, till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made to stand upon its feet like a man, and the man's heart was given to it."

The word "man" in this particular sentence is the Chaldean word "enash", which is derived from the same root as your Hebrew word "enosh"--which distinguishes the non-Adamic peoples from the Adamic. [H: This is equally as confusing and yet, readers, as I utilize a person's material I am caused to use "his" language and interpretation lest all you readers consider me and our work to represent something it doesn't. I cannot interrupt to explain every disagreement--for it is the "CONCEPT which is in point herein--not the specific wording. I, for instance, would never refer personally to any type of description on my own as "Adamic" vs. "non-Adamic". It is a widely used description (incorrect) but you ones demand man-presented "truth" or you denounce my presentation. I have explained these points earlier in other writings so I cannot take time to pick this presentation to pieces--I want you to get the "picture" in "concept" so that you can understand the "Mark of this Beast", NOT WHO CALLS THEMSELVES "ISRAELITES" "ZIONISTS" AND/OR JEWS VS. GENTILES. THAT IS AN IMPORTANT POINT THAT WE HAVE CLARIFIED IN GREAT DETAIL FOR ALMOST THREE YEARS--YOU WILL HAVE TO GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK, PLEASE.]

[The author explains:] So wherever the Adamic peoples are mentioned, the Hebrew word Adam is used. There is also the word "ish" which means simply a male person of any race, and is used sometimes, sometimes referring to Adamic people. But wherever the word "enosh" is used, it is speaking of non-Israel people and it is speaking generally in a rather derogatory sense. By mentioning this Chaldean word "enash", you remember that the Book of Daniel is written partly in Hebrew and partly in Aramaic. The portions of the book that pertain to non-Israelite peoples are written in the much more widely used Aramaic language, which was spoken everywhere, from Southern Babylonia on up through the Fertile Crescent, through Assyria and Syria. In other words, it was spoken everywhere in Western Asia, other than in the earlier days in Palestine when the related but not quite identical Hebrew language was used.


Daniel's vision of the first of these beasts that came out of the sea was like a lion, the eagle's wings were plucked off, it was made to stand erect on its hind feet like an enosh man, and was given the heart of an enosh man. [H: Can you see the already apparent interpretation? This indicates the "plucking off" or "stripping" of the flight wings or man's own higher beingness into a trapped "thing" without capability of rising into his higher beingness. Right there you have the truth about the coming of man to your planet--as he became separated from his GOD-given capabilities of experience. We call ourselves the "Bird Tribes" for we are your brothers who still have the knowledge of capability of "flight" by whatever label you call it.]

"And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, [H: Important!] and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it; and they said unto it, Arise, devour much flesh. After this I beheld, and lo another, like a leopard, [H: Also very important.] which had on the back of it four wings of a fowl; the beast also had four heads; and dominion was given to it. After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and broke in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns." (Daniel 7 : 6-7)

Remember what was said about that fourth empire of Rome, the iron. "The fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: for as much as iron breaks in pieces and subdues all these things: as iron that breaks all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise." (Daniel 2:40)

Here again this beast had iron teeth, was terribly strong, it devoured and broke in pieces and stamped upon the residue with the feet of it, and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it. So here again is a vision of the same succession of empires and again is making clear that this was Rome, by a similarity of certain identifying features and the symbolism of it. Then the angel explained to Daniel the meaning of this vision. He said these great beasts, which are four, are four kings which shall arise out of the earth.

Daniel said, "Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass: which devoured and broke in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet." (Daniel 7: 19) So the angel explains it.

"Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and shall subdue three kings." (Daniel 7:23-24)

Now you can go into some further symbolism in here, if you need to follow this up, but for the present we don't. We have identified previously these different kingdoms and this succession of empires, so I am not going to bother trying to identify each of the ten horns, and so forth, now. We have other things to cover.

Let us now go back. The first kingdom was like a lion, and you remember, in the vision of the great statue, it was the head which was of gold, superior to the others in its degree of culture. Likewise the power, the lion being the most powerful of the great beasts, it was a great military power with high civilization, but with only the characteristics of the enosh. They lacked in power the spiritual capacity of the people of Israel with all their faults.

The second kingdom, you remember, was like a bear, and it raised itself up on one side. Well, that is the Medo-Persian Empire, originally Media, north of Persia proper, which was the leading kingdom during the first stage of this empire. And as they expanded westward, they first shattered with a sword the empire of Assyria, which was north of Babylon, and that was of course done under the dominance of Media. Then Persia gained the dominance. So it raised itself up on one side. In other words, Media and Persia were not equal, they were the unequal power of two kingdoms in one. It also says there were three ribs in its mouth. It conquered and absorbed three great empires--Assyria, Babylon and Egypt--for identification here is unmistakable. [H: It also "proves" the identity of the "Khazars" as we have given you over and over again.]

The third empire, the third beast that came up out of the sea of these enosh peoples, was like a leopard, and certainly you could not have taken a better symbol, with its swift striking, terrible power. It says it had four wings and four heads. In other words, already, while it was still a single empire under Alexander, it had in it the seeds of this break-up into four parts, and dominion was given unto it. Yes, dominion it certainly had.

Alexander conquered all that the previous empires had ruled. He occupied and conquered Egypt, then he went on to take over all that the empires of Assyria, Babylon and Medo-Persia had ruled, including portions of northern India.

Finally, there was the fourth one, a beast that was dreadful, terrible, strong exceedingly, and he would devour the whole earth. Well, it covered all the then known world, all that was civilized enough to be known at that time, all but the easternmost portion of the earlier empire. Rome didn't penetrate into Afghanistan, or as they called it Bactria then, or Egypt; but it had everything west of that.

Rome also had what the other empires had never had: it had all of Europe except Germany. It had northern Africa, but was excluded from all the principal lands then occupied by the people of Israel. It only overran England where the Israel people were as yet very few in number, because the bulk of the Israel people had not come into England. There was just a tiny handful there, before the withdrawal of the Roman legions.

He said this beast would break in pieces and devour all things. Remember, Daniel 2 verse 40 says, "The fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaks in pieces and subdues all things: as iron that breaks all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise."

Then Daniel said this fourth beast was diverse, or different, from all that went before it. It was. It originated as a republic.

Now remember, while republics were known in Greece before this time, they were small cities, they were not great empires. This is the first time in all history that you had a republic rising to the power of a conquering empire.

As a kingdom Rome kept its identity in force after the death of even its most powerful kings. The others tended to weaken and sometimes even break up, when a great and powerful king died. But in Rome you had a continuity of the empire as such, for these many centuries.

This next vision now obviously concerns the same four empires, but now you have a tie-in with The book of Revelation, because you have these four beasts rising out of the sea. As we shall note when we get to the Book of Revelation, where John was given a vision, it was one beast which rose out of the sea, but the one beast combined in itself the characteristics of the first four. So obviously you have a connection there which can not be overlooked.

By way of more confirmation of this order, in the eighth chapter of Daniel, he was given another vision, of a ram and a goat. He said, "Then I lifted up mine eyes, and saw, and, behold, there stood before the river a ram which had two horns: and the two horns were high; but one was higher than the other, and the higher came up last. I saw the ram pushing westward and northward, and southward; so that no beasts might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great. And as I was considering, behold, and the goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground; and the goat had a notable horn between his eyes. And he came to the ram that had two horns, which I had seen standing before the river, and ran into him in the fury of his power. And I saw him come close unto the ram, and he was moved with anger against him, and broke his two horns: and there was no power in the ram to stand before him, but he cast him down to the ground and stamped upon him, and there was none that could deliver the ram out of his hand. Therefore the he-goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven: (Daniel 8:3-8). So the angel gives him the explanation of this.

Now remember, this is prophecy before it happened. This is while Babylon was still at the apex of its power. The angel says, "The ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media and Persia. And the rough goat is the king of Grecia: and the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king. Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but not in his power ." (Daniel 8:20-22)

This was written some time in the middle third of the 500's B.C.--545, somewhere in there, and the fall of Babylon did not come until about 538 B.C. So this was two centuries before the rise of Alexander the Great. Note again the accuracy of prophecy. The ram had two horns, Media and Persia, both were high but one was higher, and the higher one came up last. Persia was the one that came to power later, absorbing Media. Concerning the rough goat, the cultured Greeks despised all Macedonians as being barbarians. Of course the Greeks despised absolutely everybody else in the world as being barbarians, because they recognized only two classes: Greeks and barbarians.

Anyway, the Greeks looked down upon the Macedonians, maybe more than some of the others, because these were a rough, tough bunch, "And when he was strong, the great horn was broken"--Alexander died at the very height of his power, 323 B.C.

You remember, in the earlier vision of the four beasts that came out of the sea, Alexander had been compared there to a leopard. I take this, that I am going to read now, from the "The History of Nations", published by P.F. Collier and Sons: "Alexander was one of the generals who won by rapid strokes and daring expedience.

His long marches were perhaps the most characteristic part of his career. Urged on by him, his army seemed to be able to annihilate time and space. The rapidity of their motion was almost incredible. He was on the spot when his enemies believed him to be still hundreds of miles away, and when once arrived, Alexander had an eagle eye for seizing the moment to strike. He hardly ever made a mistake. His attacks, however reckless, succeeded to a miracle."

So Alexander is compared to the leopard. The leopard is not a big animal. It is terrifically strong for its size. It is extremely fast, and it makes its attacks in just that way. Now, "four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation, but not in his power". All the members of the family of Alexander the Great were assassinated in the struggle for power.

Egypt was taken over by his general, Ptolemy I. Thrace, the old Macedonia and Greece, was taken over by Lysimachus. Syria and Asia Minor went to Antigonus. And Cappadocia and Paphlagonia, which were Eastern Turkey and the areas inland to the south of it, went to Eumenes. And it says "... not in his power", that is, it was not an orderly division of the empire, but each quarter was simply seized by the local commander as his own independent act. So, the accuracy of Daniel's vision here is beyond question. Now we are beginning to get into what the symbolism of this thing must in probability mean.

Let us turn now to the twelfth chapter of Revelation (Revelation 12: 1-5): "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: and she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne."

That woman unquestionably is Israel, because you have here a repetition of Joseph's dream. Back in the Book of Genesis, it says this about Joseph: "and he dreamed yet another dream, and told it to his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me. And he told it to his father, and to his brethren: and his father rebuked him, and said unto him, "What is this dream that thou hast dreamed? Shall I and thy mother and thy brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee to the earth? And his brethren envied him; but his father observed the saying" (Genesis 37:9-11).

The sun and the moon obviously represented Joseph's father, Israel, and his mother; eleven stars of course, Joseph himself being the twelfth. So now you have a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, upon her head a crown of twelve stars, and probably talking about "Israel". Then you read in Revelation 12:2 that the woman was about to give birth to a child, and it says in Revelation 2:5 "... who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron", a child who was caught up to the throne of God.

Of course that child, it would seem who was to rule all nations is most likely the Christed child you call Jesus (Esus). He was born of course, as we are reminded by Paul; He came, as far as the "flesh" is concerned, of the place recognized as "Israel", of a tribe from that area. And, so far as ruling all nations, we read in Revelation 19 verses 11, 15 and 16: "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and wrath of Almighty God. And he has on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King of kings, and Lord of lords."

As to being caught up to the throne of God, in Hebrews 12 verse 2 it says (considering varied translations), "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God." And as Jesus Himself says, in Revelation as offered in chapter 3 verse 21, "to him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in My throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with My Father in His throne."


* * *

May the peace of GOD go with you, chelas, as the insight comes into thine consciousness for though the way seems hard and cast with barriers--so shall the goal be wondrous.

Hatonn to stand by. Salu.



MON., OCTOBER 26, 1992 8:07 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 71


Hatonn in presence in the Light of the Radiant One. There is great pain in the hearts and "souls" of my people this day--I cannot change, for you, the burden of your own load--however, I can offer strength, support, assistance and clarity of thought in the security of GOD, Creator, through which you can see your way. Hold my hand and I'll take you there, the journey needs a brother and a friend for no man is an island unto self. Ye have no need to "do it alone". Be at peace.

I honor my brother, Michael Silverhawk for a brief explanation and statement in clarity regarding "SOUL" which might give peace and balance to your seekers and students efforting to understand "life" and "experience".


The soul is your akashic. It contains the sum total of all your experiences through time and eternity, ALL your lives, your loves and losses; your victories and defeats, your trials and accomplishments and on and on. In meditation you will begin to "see" all of this come up. You will have flashes of your history and who and what you have been. Things you are particularly struggling with now, have most likely followed you through time. As you invite light and divine assistance and understanding and guidance into your crown and anchor it in meditation and communion, you will begin to experience bursting revelations and comprehensions unfold. You will "see" through the veil and gaze into perfection. You can then begin to replace discord with this perfection of feeling. This is grace. This power heals and completes your karma, so to speak. It is simply resolved and lifted off, freeing you and your karma [H: I do not like the definition now applied to the word "karma", so let us release the burden of assumed penalties and paybacks and other unseemly definitions and simply state that you free yourselves from restriction so that you can, as a student, SEE and UNDERSTAND the LESSON at hand. In the power you hold as creation of GOD in perfection of reflection it means you also have the power to cast aside the "karma" and simply do not accept it.], so to speak. It is simply resolved and lifted off, freeing you and your mind and emotions and allows the true passion of love and life to come forth. This will happen more and more as you go.

All this progress is painfully slow at first. It is the same for everyone that way but the further you go the faster you go and you can fly free for very long periods. Then it is but a matter of fine tuning and flight time experience. You will find that your soul is clean and new and that you suddenly have a great deal of "space" for wonderful things, space that was formerly taken up by conflicts. You have forgiven all and self for all trespass. This is freedom. This is true freedom and you will find yourself having tea with God every day. It is simple. Not easy--simple.

* * *

I thank Silverhawk for sharing with me as the brothers we are. He has done a beautiful treatise called THE WINDS OF GOD, "THE RESURRECTION". He refers to it as the Alpha Omega Medicine for the Genesis of the Fifth World.

He offers me this work in brotherhood and friendship with the following letter:

Dear Dharma & Friends, (10/11/92)

Greeting in the Light of God that never fails. I am a true follower of your great works with the Great Spirit. I am also prompted most relentlessly in my own life, so that is why I have sent this treatise. Nine lodges have received it around the west. I am soon to return out there also as my work here draws to closing. If you find value in my work, then that would be great joy for me. Germain has grabbed my collar to come forth now, as it is apparently the appointed time. Well, here I am then.

I stand with you in intent and purpose and give all I have to it. Let us all stand together unto victory as one. God bless you all. I hope to meet you one day soon and pow wow together. In love with Light, Michael Silverhawk.

* * *

In the brotherhood of Creation we cannot be separate for we are but one thought of God in experience as God brings us into manifestation. We must ever fly free and joyously beyond all limitations within our soul and across forever, and we will cross paths and meet now and then in consciousness as we wish, but always in unity in spirit in the ALLNESS of that for which we strive--and the intimate expression of celebration that can never end. A meeting again, after moments or through lifetimes, is certain for those who are brothers and friends. AHO


I am petitioned over and over again as to why "other" patriot JOURNALS have really pushed Gritz on the front page and we have not lately. Number one, we are NOT a "patriot" journal. I am a Host of God--NOT a politician and, furthermore, I want YOU to see the whole of the picture and make your decisions on REASON and not because of sheepleness. So, let us consider this election come upon you--AGAIN!

I told you the original plan of the Republicans to bring Perot aboard as VP, then allow him to fall into the Presidency--then on health (probably) deterioration Perot would become President, pardon Bush and thus and so. This was first planned to happen with Baker but it didn't get done at the convention so didn't work out. I also told you that Perot was a "very good" man, and you cannot program out goodness when it is predominant in the soul being--so when approached with the overall plan he declined-- and I told you as much. Further, the plans he offers are la-la land fantasies built on the assumption that there is integrity in Congress. There is NOT. So, he petitions you- the-people do the work. Are you willing to do so? It has NOT PROVEN THAT WAY IN THE PAST--PAST ELECTION DAY! So, what do you have?

As I also told you, Mr. Perot was "pushed too far"--THE REPUBLICANS SET HIM UP WITH THEIR DIRTY TRICKS AND HE RESPONDED INTELLIGENTLY AND EMPHATICALLY. What will he do here on in? I can't be sure for in the ending he will do that which serves the nation and his perception of you-the-people in the long-run. He does not understand nor have access to the things Gritz offers and would do through Constitutional channels. THAT CAN BE CHANGED.

Next, then, what would Hatonn suggest? OK--here is what I suggest but YOU are going to make your own decisions--I repeat, politics stink as rotted death and I am not a politician and the governments today ARE MY ENEMIES!

What I urge ones to do IF YOU REALLY WANT TO CHANGE YOUR NATION--IS TO AT LEAST GO WITH CHANGE! You know you get slop and poison from the two parties in point. Can a change be worse? Yes and no. If you push for big change, they will pull the government down. If, of TOTAL destruction of your fundamental national point of cup filled to the overflow in TWO possibilities: one, ELECT PEROT on Tuesday and DEMAND HE WORK WITH GRITZ AS TOP ADVISOR ON THE BASIS OF CONSTITUTION, DEBT PAYMENT, ETC. Perot has PROMISED TO "BE ALL EARS" TO YOUR VOICES--SO VOICE THIS DEMAND! If Perot does not win--YOU START ON THE 1996 GRITZ CAMPAIGN ON WEDNESDAY!

I suggested this very team in the very beginning and I have not changed opinion. Perot has the notability and financial ability to win--Gritz is buried by media blackout and cannot win under any remote circumstances. Perot has had reason to realize that those he honored as having integrity DO NOT. As he experiences he will see more and more and more of the truths and WILL LISTEN AND CHANGE when given reasons to do so--not politically but for you-the-people WITH you-the-people. Do not underestimate that which God provides in His way to achieving His miracles for which you CLAIM to petition. YOU will do it or it will not be done, for no one man can do a thing FOR YOU.

You cannot succumb to the "what ifs", as in "what if we vote for him and we have earthquakes, etc.?" So? You will have those ANYWAY--AND no jobs, no industry-- just a one world ultimate world order. Can you not help this man in service, at least as far as he is willing to go with HIS money? Stop the quibbling and get on with getting him elected and Gritz into that administration. You will already notice Dole spilling the beans about original plans for Perot as he made a nationally televised petition yesterday to elect Bush and "... put Perot in a high administrative position." The facts are dirty and coming out like fireworks; the other two candidates have damaged one another through their lies and subterfuge (both of them) and more will pour forth from the filth of the mongrel's games as this week passes and as other things come down. It is in your hands--a way is shown unto you--it is now up to you! YOU MUST TAKE THE LEMON, NO MATTER HOW BITTER, AND MAKE YOUR LEMONADE-- YOU HAVE ALL YOU NEED WITH WHICH TO DO IT--SO PLEASE, QUIT YOUR DRAGGING AND GET ON WITH IT! I salute you and will walk with you but THIS TIME I cannot CARRY you!



MON., OCTOBER 26, 1922 11:19 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 71


Again, for a bit of calming inspiration I turn to Silverhawk to share and gain stability and purpose, mission and direction before we enter again into the "mark of the beast" in which the very telling bombards the soul with dankness.