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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.




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I dedicate this work to my ENEMIES. Without them I would be nothing and have no cause. I respect you, my foe, for through the lies and distractions I am able to focus on my mission. You shall fall, my respected adversaries. You shall fall for as the army of God gathers in Truth--you shall collapse and wither in the LIGHT of day.



FRI., AUG. 6, 1993 3:45 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 355

FRI., AUGUST 6, 1993

We give these volumes "names and titles" because we don't know any other way to identify and separate. There is actually NO separation--just ongoing information outlay. Therefore, it is impossible to index everything. It becomes mandatory that you as readers keep ongoing connections one with another for we are simultaneously integrating several subjects within one another as we also effort to keep current on events. We will be covering The Club of Rome, the other conspiracies and also the price of gold. Now, you might wish to help me figure out how to label these books for we are at a loss. We also speak a bit about "gold" of which probably the Puppet-master's shackling strings are woven--but however it SHOULD be, we simply present this for your use as you find opportunity and interest.

We set it up for OUR use as a daily log entry in JOURNALS. We reference the exact time of writing and date of writing (in two ways). We write down that which we speak and write about in a day, no more and no less. We realize it is not suitable to you as readers and remains confusing--but whether it be visible yet, or not--it is the only way to identify in REALITY as to the lessons offered.

I ask that you go back and read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion from time to time as you read these JOURNALS because everything in your conscious world is revolving around those Protocols and the Plan 2000 One World Order.

I can only urge you to not hop to conclusions and cast aside the book because you "hear" it is biased and bigoted, and other anti-words. It is not. We do not offer that which is NOT PROVEN BY THE DOCUMENTS OF HISTORY! It is simply, readers, that you must realize as much when you find the truth of history and face it instead of dancing around in front of a curtain of lies. Pleasant? No, but exciting at the least--wondrous at its growth. As you get informed the answers come, the problems isolate themselves in focus and solutions for those problems begin to take form. You must consider this much like the woodcarver who will use different tools to shape different woods. First, you have to know what you want to do with the wood--then choose the wood and then the proper tools for the cutting. There is a "beginning" to every problem and you must reach it in full recognition before you can formulate a worthy solution. Bandaids are worthy for scrapes and scratches--deep and lethal wounds require exacting surgical precision. If you eat the egg before the chicken--then ye shall have no chicken to renew your supply of eggs. Find first the cause, purpose and source of the battle and then, only then, can you fashion your weapons of both defense and counter-assault.

The enemy depends upon the fact that you will likely EAT your SEED-GRAIN and have no crops to harvest in the future. This will make you totally reliant on him to feed you, clothe you and allow you to live or die. If you can save the seed and learn the Truth--you shall live to harvest another day. March to the drumbeat of this physical moral decay--and you shall be swept away in the chaff. More likely, you will be blown away in the "suiciding" through nuclear war--for at some point the stand-off Puppet-Masters will make that ultimate vie for power supreme! This will only be a "battle" in the presence of God--for the WAR is the FINAL confrontation with that adversarial "survivor".

There have, however, always been the secret places of the LION and the waiting at stand-by of the Bird-Tribes in winged chariots. God would not leave you destitute--but He will leave you in ignorance if that be your choice. That also means, however, land-locked!

God instantly accepts "ignorance" but it is most unwise to take your conjured ignorance and refusal to learn, and go forth and thrust it upon others so that they become even more ignorant. Why? For that one who misinforms or keeps Truth from another shall face the piper and pay the bill. The ignorant one of the two will also pay a price--that one shall not find himself in the places of Radiance even if his lot be not loss of soul. He shall be destined to learn his lessons one way or another in TRUTH. "Forgiveness" is NOT "forgetting". He who forgives is divine--he who forgets is stupid.

We effort to offer you the view of the consequences of that which set forth through the lies of the generations of planners working for dominance and New World Control. Perhaps we shall just refer to this JOURNAL as a trip into TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES.

May you be diligent in seeking understanding and protection within LIGHT as you read these passages, that you may SEE and KNOW.




THU., JULY 22, 1993 2:40 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 340

THU., JULY 22, 1993

The following is from People's Rights Association and since we deal so much with lawyers, courts, and "The Law" we will offer it here:


July 20, 1993

A Private Organization has admitted in Print that it has "TAKEN OVER" complete control of all state courts.

All "JUDGES" are lawyers.

All lawyers are given a "MEMBERSHIP I.D. NUMBER". They misrepresent this private member number as a "LICENSE". The fact is that NO lawyer (or judge) has a license to practice law, as issued by the government of "the state" government, its "secretary of state" office, or its "department of licensing and inspections".

All lawyers (and pretender 'Judges') are "PRACTICING LAW WITHOUT A LICENSE". They only have a "MEMBER NUMBER" from their private club--not a 'license' from the state.

Therefore, the "BAR" or "BAR ASSOCIATION" has "TAKEN OVER" all the courts as "PIRATES" and "PRETENDERS".

The people are led to believe that the "MEETINGS" held in the county courthouse are "COURTS OF LAW". But the fact is--there are NO courts in existence in the state, only PRIVATE CLUB meetings of the state lawyers' club, titled "BAR" admitted lawyer number members.

That is the reason a person is not charged with violation of a state law or statute. The "CODE" is merely a reference or index for the "BAR" club of the "STATE LEGISLATURE'S" laws and statutes.

A person might as well be charged by the Elk's Club with violation of the Elk Club's "Code" by the head elk (Judge) while he wears a black elk robe, in the Elks meeting, in the court room rented from the courthouse. There are no courts of the state presided over by people "licensed by the State" to practice law, to administer state law, or elected by "The People" to be judges of "The People".

All "COURT ORDERS" signed by (pretender) lawyers/judges are in fact "LEGAL NULLITY". This is TREASON and OVERTHROW OF THE LEGISLATURE. Until the state legislature general assembly in the state capitol takes back the court system from the private club of "PIRATES" there is anarchy in the state. State police/national (Federal) guard, obey the "Pirates"--NOT the Legislature.

Until the local state media speaks--then, and only then, will the anarchy and piracy be set right. Until then, the state's people are held hostage by pirates in absolute tyranny control of state courts, and subsequently the entire government structure (a secret).

For further information contact:


c/o 1624 Savannah Road

Lewes, Delaware

(Not Federal Possession DE) no IRS zone number exempt American (NOT Federal Domestic US)

302-645-8253 + FAX

* * *

To continue these thoughts, there is a just received "flyer" called the NEW WORLD ORDER.

It is very difficult to get a small "flyer" out which covers so much information--so well! The best I can offer is as with other information which comes; pass it along:

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force and like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." George Washington.

"If the American people ever allow private banks (i.e., the Federal Reserve System) to control the issue of our currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson.

"The American people are not intelligent enough to spend their own money; Therefore the government should take it away from them (through taxation) and spend it for them." John Kenneth Galbraith.

"The single greatest threat to our freedom, the Constitution and the American way of life is not the Soviet Union or Red China--it is the IRS and the tax code." Michael Minn (Author of the "Underground Lawyer").


The "New" World Order is hardly new. Utopians from Plato to Hitler have claimed that with enough power and money they, in their god-like wisdom, could impose order upon a world ravaged by war, poverty, and disease. The charred bodies in Waco, Panama, and Iraq are stark testimonials to the vigor and ruthlessness of present day Utopians who of course always claim they have our best interests at heart. Sort of a "We had to destroy the village in order to save it," mentality on a world scale. These Utopian Globalist have clubs--The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The World Federalist, The Bilderbergers, etc.--whose goal is to bestow the beneficence of their wisdom upon the grubbing rabble. These "wise men" as they often call themselves envision a two class world-- them, the ruling plutocracy and the other 97% of us, the serfs whose simple goal is to follow orders and not make waves. These self-appointed gods despise The Constitution and Bill of Rights, viewing them as inconvenient, nationalistic, out of date obstacles to their goal of World dominance.

The trouble with these elitists is that they never had to work a day in their lives, their wealth is mostly inherited, mostly gained by legalized theft, and they live in magnificent ivory towers of isolated splendor. Consequently their view of reality is highly distorted. Their patriarchal, hierarchical, militaristic, authoritarian world view and methods are still the OLD world way of doing business, and is totally unsuited for creating a world order based on equality, truth, sharing and respect for all life--plant, animal and human.

Our government, our economy, our day to day lives have been largely perverted by these elitists, especially since they murdered President Kennedy in 1963. One branch of the New World Order--The Council on Foreign Relations has comprised 90% of the executive branch since the 1930s. That's why it makes no difference whether you vote Republican or Democrat--you get the same--massive spending, massive deficits, massive taxation, massive government and subsequently, more and more erosion of personal freedoms. The last presidential election was typical in which we had CFR member George Bush "opposing" CFR member Bill Clinton. Just another grand show to preserve the illusion to the rabble that they still live in a democracy.

What is the "Council on Foreign Relations"? The CFR, established in 1921, is a collusion of the most powerful people from the most powerful spheres of our society--the news media, the government, the biggest corporations, the banks, the military, the colleges, etc. People like Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, etc., etc. Their common goal--the establishment of a one world totalitarian dictatorship wherein individual freedoms are obliterated.

You can't expect to hear about the CFR--our secret government within a government. If all the major news media also are part of the club, ABC, NBC, the New York Times, Time, Life, Newsweek, etc., corporations own the news media so that is all that we are getting--corporate news! The goal of corporate news is to, as Noam Chomsky says, "Manufacture consent" to preserve and enhance corporate interests. Emphasis, selection, deletion, distortion, and outright lying are standard tools of the trade for mind control. With such warped information, true democratic decision making is impossible and it removes any mystery why this country is in the shape that it is. We have a news media and government of, by and for the corporations.

What fuels these elitists, what gives them their power base is the biggest scam, the biggest theft ever perpetrated upon a people--income tax! The income tax in one fell swoop guts the Bill of Rights. Forget about being secure in your person, privacy, or property. Forget about fair trials, protection from self-incrimination and speaking freely. The income tax gives BIG BROTHER carte blanche to peer questioningly into every aspect of our lives and then to rob us with impunity. The impossible complexity of the tax code leaves all of us wide open to both prosecution and persecution. The income tax directly opposes and contradicts every principle of the law and all the spirit of liberty that this country was founded on. The income tax is deliberately designed to destroy personal liberty and property by institutionalized slavery. Consider it your patriotic duty to do whatever it takes, legal and "illegal" to not pay your income tax and thereby keep as much money as is possible out of the hands of the white collar thugs, the robber barons, who have taken over the government.

[H: Whoa! STOP! Do not speak in these terms lest you find yourself as I did after saying in stress terminology, "beg, borrow or steal a copy….." That has come back time and again from the mouths of George Green's legal absurdities. So, reflect and remove the term in quotes above, "illegal", and replace it with "find every legal alternative available" (and there are lots if you read the JOURNALS and CONTACT which will have eluded your notice most likely by their "appearance" of something for only the "wealthy" few. No, there are good alternatives in management--but you have to do your homework.]

Hand in hand with the income tax is the hoax called the "Federal Reserve System" which is a private bank with no reserves and which is not a system but a syndicate, just like the Mafia. The FRS was also set up in 1913 by the same self-serving elitist crooks who brought us the income tax. They have used their position of power and privilege to loot untold billions from the common people. People are working more and more for less and less and can't understand why they can't keep up. Look no further than our bogus money system, customized to keep the squirrels franticly running while their keepers get rich. They accomplish this by inflating and deflating the money supply to suit their needs. Our present dollar is less than a dime of the 1913 dollar. Therefore, we need to abolish the FRS, re- establish the gold standard and take back our looted wealth from these FRS crooks. With that money we could pay off the national debt and get this country back on a solid financial course.

[H: NO! You do need a "standard" but whether or not "gold" is the choice is beside the point. The facts are that when you refer to "paying off the national debt" I get a bit queazy--WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING? TAKE BACK YOUR WEALTH, YES--BUT THEY ARE YOUR NATIONAL DEBT. Simply announce that your debt is PAID AND IN FULL and get rid of the bounders! Let the ones with the stolen money-- pay themselves and whoever else they have robbed! Right here is where YOU HAD BETTER GO BACK AND CAREFULLY LISTEN TO COL. BO GRITZ!!]

Another very crucial point must be understood, how the Globalists have used socialism and socialistic concepts to further their agenda for world dominion. Socialism is not so much about sharing the wealth as it is a plot to consolidate power to control the wealth. Why have the Globalists sunk billions of dollars into a movement that supposedly would take away their wealth? They have no fear because they intend to be in charge of their utopian one world socialistic empire. There is nothing wrong with socialism (sharing) as long as it is non- compulsory and power truly resides in the hands of "all" of the people, and not in some huge, dictatorial bureaucracy. Before the state can distribute the wealth, it first has to take the wealth and in that power structure no one is safe from the state. Therefore, all forms of state welfare, foreign aid, social security, farm subsidies, food stamps, etc., should be phased out and left to private organizations and be 100% voluntary. Rampant, unchecked socialism is every bit as dangerous as rampant, unchecked capitalism. In both instances power has been removed from the people and put into huge, authoritarian power structures that end up crushing the very people they are claiming to serve. [H: One major problem is that neither Socialism, Capitalism OR COMMUNISM is practiced according to original definition given each term in truth and fact. This is just more doublespeak and I would ask that you read all these documents with this in mind. True capitalism is excellent for it indicates truth in reward for effort, supply and demand, people's choice of product and quality and thus and so. Neither is "democracy" a way to live--for this simply means that the ones with the most VOTES get what they want even if it be your necks!]

Our present government has failed because unchecked capitalists bought up the government (via subsidized elections and lobbyists) and the news media, because we the people, through ignorance and apathy allowed it to happen. The price of freedom is more than eternal vigilance, it is eternal effort as well. Unless very many of us get very busy very soon, this brief experiment in democracy will soon be completely over and the Globalists will have their way with us.

Ultimately, our political and economic values spring directly from our spiritual values. If you believe there is no God, that humankind is just an accident of nature, and that we are merely, as Karl Marx says, "Mass in motion", then there is no right or wrong and you are free to do anything you want to people--move them, manipulate them, murder them, whatever you can get away with. If on the other hand you understand that the universe is of divine creation, then you also understand that ALL people have certain "unalienable rights", that no government can either give or take away. The Marxian philosophy of the Global Elitists frees them--in their own minds only--to do anything they want with us, and that is exactly what they are doing.

So, what can YOU do? You can support ones efforting to make a difference:

* Citizens for an Alternative Tax System 1-800-767-7577

* Fully Informed Jury Association 1-800 TEL-JURY.

* For the People (radio) 1-800-888-9999.

It is still not too late to take back this government without bloodshed. Far better the ballot today than the bullet tomorrow. But it won't happen if you keep waiting for someone else to do it. No one of us alone can do enough. Just because you can't do everything doesn't mean you should give up and do nothing. It is going to take each one of us in our own small way to do what we can. Let's get moving within and without, because we will have the kind of government, nationally and globally, that we merit.

* * *


Let us leave this now for a rest break. Thank you. Salu.



SUN., JULY 25, 1993 10:24 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 343

SUN., JULY 25, 1993

This is Doris Ekker, to speak in my own behalf, please.

Yesterday a very strange thing happened to us here at our "used to be" home.

We had just been speaking with Stew Webb, which will be a great relief to you readers-- just to know that he is alive "somewhere". He and a "friend" will now be sending "incredible" documents to the CONTACT in preparation for publishing "their" books.

For you who do not know of what I speak, Stew was a political prisoner in Colorado-- until late day before yesterday afternoon. In the morning of the 23rd he was told by a couple of "people" in the prison that he was to be "thrown out" of the prison THAT afternoon. Surely enough toward late afternoon he was "thrown out"--literally!

He was brought into the offices and released and told to "get out". He was allowed NO phone calls and was given NO CLOTHING. He was literally pushed out of the prison, physically, in prison garb.

This has to be as "terrifying" as it can get?? He had no clothes, no personal property, no driver's license I.D.--nothing.

He made his way to several phones only to find the place of business closed or disallowed from using the instrument. At one place the police showed up and he thought for sure he was dead (of course, for escape or running fugitive) but, the police knew ABOUT him and ordered him off the premises of that place and said to "get out of here". Now, where could he go or do? He finally made his way to a place where he could make a phone call "collect" and called E.J. for lack of ANYONE ELSE TO CONTACT.

As the play unfolded we wish to thank ones in Denver for offering help and cover while E.J. could do what he could--which was little enough. We aren't "even" the paper but he had managed to get our number from somewhere and we are grateful that he asked for, if not us, WHO? Do we want to be involved with political prisoners and such? NO, I must say that I live in terror as these things deepen and unravel but how else can we bring freedom and security back into our lives? E.J. is much, much braver than am I--I just pray a lot--but it seems to work, we are still alive and serving as best we can. I so much appreciate the kind words and support of you readers for I am a coward when it comes right down to "it"--I look at these things as not having "other alternatives". I suppose we do--but we can't seem to find them. At any rate, thank you, staff, for getting that on the phone-line and the follow-up--THIS IS OBVIOUSLY THE ONLY WAY WE ARE GOING TO KEEP THE PEOPLE ALIVE WHO HAVE THE EVIDENCE TO STOP THESE MAD ELITE--OUT OF CONTROL!

Are "we" just being "used" as a communication's tool? We don't know, but if it is right with God and open in content as presented--WE WILL CONTINUE TO PRINT WHAT IS GIVEN. WE DO NOT ANALYZE--WE, AS "HOPEFULLY", good citizens, patriotic Americans under the intended Constitutional Law, as are the majority of our friends and readers (all but the infiltrators who work directly AGAINST us) must do that which we can or our beloved world is lost! I am in KNOWING of that fact. Perhaps I am more blessed than most in that I have direct recognition and contact--but it differs not one iota in purpose.

The subject just prior is joyous for we have since heard again and Stew is "safe" for the moment--(interesting side-note, I right now am picking up the tones of the monitoring device on our incoming "lines" which records this computer, CUT IN WITH AN ADDITIONAL SIGNAL. I suggest the listeners and watchers take notice for I call on the higher Command for scrambling and protection--it always WORKS!). No indeed, I AM NOT either brave or aggressive--but I know from whence comes my protection and SO DO THESE SURVEILLANCE TEAMS. In fact, now that I monitor the "tones" I realize the "cut in" was our own teams monitoring the monitors! Good grief, what happened to sewing rag dolls and baking cookies??

The reason I took this space is to ask information on identification of someone who called us yesterday afternoon. We had just hung up the phone from Stew's call so that the room was still full of people here AND the phone was still on "speaker". A woman in a very nasty voice demanded to speak to Mr. Eddy Tehachapi! E.J. responded and she called him Mr. Tehachapi. At first we thought her to be a friend being teasing or something--but she came on like an inbound freight train. She started to yell and accuse and demanded that we NEVER use her name again in ANY writing, FAX, paper, book or anything. She said we had sent out FAX after FAX about her and a friend of hers, whose name we missed and had never heard before. When asked, she said she was "Virginia McCullah" (I'm confident this is misspelled) and we forget from where. She was about ten octaves high in decibels and I interrupted and asked who she was and what did she "mean"--how did she get our phone number (as this was at home) and the wrong name, etc. She shouted her name and again blasted us with shouting and said she was going to sue us and "all those others who had written about her". She mentioned a "Jim Vassilos" (or something) and continued to talk about the "FAXES". I thought perhaps the "Fax Network" but that name was not stated. She said she was an "Investigative Reporter" and was "the best of the Investigative Reporters"--she was going "to sue us and everyone connected with us." Interestingly enough--I should have left well enough alone for she would have been suing somebody named Tehachapi and a paper seemingly called the PHOENIX LIBERATOR (so this has to be a very OLD complaint at best--or something).

When she finally ran out of part of her venom I spoke up and identified myself as Mrs. Ekker, Doris Ekker. Then it got really interesting: She said "Oh, the UFO lady?" I said "I don't know a lot about UFOs but I do know something about the paper--and I do not recall ever hearing or seeing either of the names you report!" She was now in a fury and said she was the best of the "Investigative Reporters" (no mention of where, what, how, or why) and repeated that she was going to sue us!

I asked her if she had "read the paper?" This is quite interesting; she replied, "No, I try never to read that thing!" I was ungracious and said that I felt she certainly "must be a superb 'investigative reporter' if she refused to read and kept distance from anything which might give her proper insight. She simply screamed that she was now really "going to sue me". I suggested (as loudly) that she go right ahead and do so. E.J. offered that, however, she had better hurry (for we have ones in line to sue us for this or that). Before we could get any more information she slammed down the phone so hard you could hear the receiver break.

There was more but this is about all I can accurately repeat. If we have written something about this person that is hurtful, I apologize if the facts we presented are not correct (I have never found Hatonn to make errors) and if someone is using our "Fax machine at the mail- room" I am shocked. I do not know of anything about which this woman, Virginia McCullah (probably again misspelled), speaks or spoke. I do know that this paper or these writings are NOT disinformation, misinformation or any of the accusations. I do welcome her "suit" because I wouldn't want anyone out there who wants to sue us to be disallowed from doing so--I am really getting pretty used to being in Court and might miss the experience of the day!

As a "writer", I also know, however, that in public newsprint--we can mention any name we like if the story be TRUE or "as given". We have no reason to believe this woman is or is not whatever may have been written or shared on the "FAX" by other parties but as a "best" "Investigative Reporter"--THIS WOMAN IS NOT!

Whoever this woman is, and one of you out there may well be able to help us locate such a person, the Commander would be quite happy to converse with her. I would, however, suggest she catch up with what we write in both the paper and the JOURNALS--or she may get her nose tweeked! He is a bit ungracious when ones come claiming absurd things AND HAVE NOT SO MUCH AS LOOKED AT THE MATERIAL! THAT is grounds for getting my own ears and nose tweeked if I personally complain about something to which I have access and was too lazy to research or listen to.

I suppose I can expect a "suit" from her because she did say that If we so much as "run her name" she WILL sue. Is there nothing that people won't do to stop the flow of money into the coffers of the lawyers? Good grief, what a business racket! I am perfectly happy to speak to this person at any time and I'm sure that our people will be MOST HAPPY to never mention her name anywhere, anytime--ever again (if we did so in the first place). It does seem to me she protesteth much too loudly and insultingly to be RIGHT!--she was really ticked off at something or other and we were second or third down her list of callees. I am most curious how she got such "incorrect" calling information--but did have our phone number--from where did she get it? It's OK, we are just curious as to resource. She inferred she was with a "large" GROUP of some kind and was speaking out for all of them somehow. You see the only reason we share this with you and ask you readers about this is that WE HAVE NO FAX NETWORK! WE EVEN CLOSED THE BULLETIN BOARD BECAUSE IT GOT INFILTRATED. WE HAVE A PHONE MESSAGE LINE BUT NOT MR. TEHACHAPI-- OR EKKERS (IN ANY WAY) AND HER REFERENCE OVER AND OVER REGARDED "FAXED" MATERIAL! WE HAVE NO "PHOENIX LIBERATOR"--for months now, so this is quite confusing--but the blow-up was pointed and nasty enough to consider serious in intent. This was a most "threatening" phone call, witnessed by at least five adults and we DO NOT take threatening phone calls lightly--we are often "shot at" and have the bullet holes to prove it. Certainly NO "good patriot" or one "searching and researching Constitutional FREEDOM" would use such tactics?? Or, even UFO misinformers surely wouldn't blast, finally, the TRUTH BRINGERS. I FIND IT MOST INTERESTING THAT WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF CONTACTS AND COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE SPACE COMMAND AND YET ALL THOSE "EXPERTS" AND SO-CALLED "AUTHORITIES" AVOID US LIKE THE PLAGUE ON BLACK SUNDAY!

Friends and readers, you may find this amusing--but even "I" am beginning to find "purpose", "direction" and faintly begin to "see the Light". This has ALL been a most remarkable experience to me and one which I do not understand--but I can well assure you, this is not a game of show-and-tell--we are in a run for our planet--and "people" are losing!

I do know that the Elite through Bush's brush thicket is beginning to come apart and that means a lot of the Administration as it is. I am given to KNOW nothing more than the farthest reader--but it is coming down and it is coming down HARD--NOW!

I would not speak of the above at all if there didn't seem to be some need to see further WHO these people ARE! Nasty letters and phone calls are not alien to us nor are threats--but this one was highly uncalled for, unprofessional and if this is the representative "Best" "Investigative Reporter" in a "group" of "Investigative Reporters"--then we are IN SERIOUS TROUBLE, PEOPLE!

I do know one thing--the name Jim Vassilos came up several times. If Jim V. is using our resources to do his insipid work--I demand that he cease and desist. This one man has personally cost us several thousands of dollars, gotten himself arrested, damaged Russbacher beyond recovery in a business sense--and is now putting out absurd information, crediting our people with it and asking that "stuff" be run in the paper, on the FAXES, etc., that are totally without conscience! He passes out requests and demands upon one who barely can continue in service to the incarcerated political prisoners and it is hard for me, Doris, to longer wish to participate in ANYTHING with which Mr. Vassilos is involved. I do not speak FOR this paper--only myself, but I have had enough of this particular "helper"! He may well be a most aggressive PATRIOT but he appears to me to be a loose cannon with synthetic ammunition, conjectures and total lack of documentation or effective effort. He seems to be another "Dare Schout" of some kind who offers to "help" but never HELPS! I do not longer lend my participation to this person. If "Commander" tells me otherwise, so it goes--but for me personally, I have had enough of this distraction and self-styled "helper" in "authority". People mean well but the results are something like a late-fire on the Fourth of July--the wrong thing happens and people get hurt--simply through misrepresentation and total blunder--OR, IT HAS TO BE ASSUMED THE FOOLISH ACTIONS AND STATEMENTS ARE INTENTIONAL!! WE ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER AT JUDGING "WHICH" IT IS AFTER THE UMPTEENTH TIME THESE "ERRORS" OF JUDGMENT HAPPEN.

Thank you for allowing me a few personal minutes for a LOT of things are coming through which we cannot sort and our Editor in "Big" Chief says some of them are DANGEROUS and will get you citizens on LISTS that will destroy you post-haste. One arrived this morning. He perused it and got out his two-by-four attention-getter. He asks me to write the "Background Information" as sent (with a thick packet of many pages of forms and petitions for return of funds, etc.,) to the government, et al.

I perceive that IF the whole thrust is DECEITFUL--then to think we are going back on some gold standard whereby all the little people get PAID BACK for all past injustices--we are DREAMING--especially in view of the fact the RESOURCE which would back such a payback is said by the "holders" to simply be going on the auction block to the world in August--to the highest bidder. Even "I" with my vague recognition of "what might be" feel all sorts of black and red flags waving us "goo'-by". Sounds TOO good! Who knows?

* * *

Editor in "Big" Chief?? Have your fun, scribe, I shall make your fingers pay!

Let us remark that this following information came to Brent and the person sending it said she had seen the "new seal" which would be brought into play through the banks after switching to the "new gold standard". I simply remind you ones that if it were this easy, the Elite would not still be in power! Dharma, "save" your document--I see our "friends" are ready to wipe out your writing! Thank you.

Just copy what was sent as background and then we can consider what else may be appropriate to offer as contact resource for information.



The Constitution of the United States provides for our money system to be based upon gold and silver. In 1933, all United States banks were declared bankrupt by the government because there was not enough gold to back the U.S. Treasury gold certificates at full value. All bank charters were declared null and void.

The Federal Reserve Banking System (FRB) took control of the banks and issued federal reserve notes. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was established to insure deposits and give value to the worthless paper money. This banking system is illegal under the United States Constitution, and therefore, all loans and mortgages from any institution under the FRB system are also illegal. Charging interest for the use of worthless money is fraud. To foreclose on a loan of worthless money and take the assets of the borrower as Page 22 payment is double fraud, and to take the insurance money securing the loan is still worse. This is the problem facing the American public today.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was established to collect taxes. Both the IRS and the FRB are privately held corporations and are not agencies of the United States government, as is commonly thought. Over the years the IRS has collected federal income tax, channeled it to the FRB and from there to bankers in England, who owned the FRB. These bankers in turn bought assets in the United States with this money. Today England is the foreign country owning the greatest amount of our assets, with Japan number two.

The change back to a gold-standard banking system is now in process. This is being accomplished through pressure from the patriotic group called the "Cosmos" [H: OOPS! ALERT, ALERT!!], patriots in general, the United States military, and the United States Supreme Court. The work is being done by General Norman Schwarzkopf, Roy Swasinger and other retired military personnel, the Rangers, the Delta Force, Attorney General--Janet Reno, various federal judges, and the National Guards of all 50 states. [H: How does THAT line-up sound to you?]

A banking change is difficult because the FRB is under the control of the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, etc., who are powerful "One World Order" people and who control the world monetary system.

Some banks have changed to the gold-standard system as evidenced by the new gold seal they display. The seal has a golden eagle in the center with 50 black stars around the outside. It shows the deposit limit and states that money is now insured by the government of the United States of America. In such banks information about the FRB and FDIC should have been removed.

There will be no devaluation of the dollar. The worthless federal reserve notes will be exchanged dollar for dollar for the new treasury gold certificates over the next 12 months or so.

At some point after the bank change-over has been completed, the American public will be told that the FRB and FDIC are no longer in existence, their loans are invalid, and no further mortgage, loan, and credit card payments need be made. People will be essentially debt free. This will be the year of Jubilee.

The same will be true for the IRS. The IRS has no function without the FRB and no further income tax will need to be paid. A new tax system will be established. Under the Constitution income tax is illegal. Excise tax is legal, and it is probable that a 5% excise tax on everything that is purchased, exempting food and clothing, would be adequate to run the entire government.

If you file the attached forms, you will be paid by the United States Treasury for any lost assets you may have incurred due to the FRB system. You may claim principal and interest plus damages for any loan you now have or may have had since 1933. This includes loans from any entity of the FRB, such as house mortgages, car loans, credit cards, credit unions, GMAC, Ford Credit, Chrysler Credit Corp., insurance companies, S.& L. banks, Federal Land Bank, Production Credit Assn., Consumer Credit Corp., etc.

You may also claim all state and federal income tax you have paid as well as property or real estate taxes you have paid since 1933.

It will cost you $300.00 to file your claim with the office in your state. The second spouse must also pay a $300.00 filing fee. You may file your children under your claim with no additional cost. To do this follow the attached example for a child.

At some point soon all Americans will be debt-free of the FRB system, but only those who file will be reimbursed for their lost assets.


You must be able to document or prove in some fashion everything you claim as lost income or lost assets. Use present-day replacement costs for any property you have lost, and give supporting data on prices of new equipment and buildings and land values. You need verification of illness caused by stress over financial troubles such as doctor's statement and hospital and doctor's bills.

Most people will need to complete only a portion of the attached forms. Follow the "Average Joe" example. Farmers and business people will need to complete the forms in their entirety.

Each time a note is renewed, it becomes a new contract and you may list it again in total. This is also true of those credit cards which carry a credit limit. Each monthly billing creates a new contract with the stated credit limit as the loan principal.

Names and addresses need to be listed on the arrest warrant and subpoena sheets for all those who have caused you harm. This includes bankers, collection agents, IRS agents, law enforcement agents, etc. UCC's are used only for immediate foreclosures. Each UCC costs $100.00.

Build a file of supporting documents and keep it in a safe place for future reference should you be asked to support your lost assets claim.

Send your completed forms and $300.00 (or $600.00 + $100.00 per UCC) to your local area contact person. You may need to call them to answer any questions you have.

* * *

I am not going on with THIS! This is NOT even the group who has control of ANY gold certificate and the one who claims to have the gold certificate in point upon which the Cosmos bases its ability to fund this--ABSOLUTELY DISCREDITS THIS "COSMOS" "THING".


Let us show you "what" information you are going to pay THEM to have against you--you "troublemaker"!


  1. Summary letter--a short explanation of what took place. Be very detailed in an outline form.

  2. List all financial institutions with which you had business dealings. List all officers of the institution, & the board of directors.

  3. List all lawyers, judges, clerk of courts, recorders, and any collection agency. Include your inquiry of the lawyer, judges, you make with your Secretary of State of your state to see if they have registered either privately or by Corporation, or trade name.

  4. Original Notice of Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy Papers.

  5. Corporation papers, charter, stock.

  6. Closing balance sheets.

  7. Closing income statement.

  8. A list of accounts receivable, out-standing or collected.

  9. Any documents to any rating of your business standing to verify its worth. (Example": Dunn & Bradstreet)

  10. Original projection of business.

  11. Inventory, of all assets which were taken, both business and personal.

  12. State sales tax records.

  13. State withholding tax records.

  14. Federal withholding tax papers.

  15. Federal income tax if filed.

  16. State income tax, if filed.

  17. List of your accounts to whom you sell.

  18. If you use a computer, a list of computer account codes.

  19. File on SBA, application, or loan application you filed.

  20. Instruction or letters from the courts, if in bankruptcy.

  21. File on any letter, instruction, or nasty letter from the SBA.

  22. Files of any law suits settled or outstanding in separate files.

  23. Files on banks, lending institutions you dealt with including all copies of notes, or loan papers.

  24. Files on all correspondence from any lawyers, judges, or collection agency in separate files.

THIS IS JUST A GUIDELINE. IT IS NOT IN AN ORDER WHICH YOU MAY WISH, NOR DOES IT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWED. These files pertain to a business, not a farming operation per se. All information should be put in files, and labeled and in some order. THANK YOU


My own "nerves" will not allow me to go on with this. Note that in addition to all the above, you will have given EVERY bit, to the most tiny detail, of ALL information about yourself, location--RIGHT DOWN TO YOUR FAVORITE INCARCERATION CAMP! THIS IS BAD NEWS!!

You will not know it but there are at least six major typographical errors in the above listing which have been corrected from "seperate" to "per say", "Dun Bradstreet" to "delt with".

This would appear to be one of the most obscene and vile con-schemes I have ever witnessed. And who is behind it? Well, let's just say that a lot of innocent ones have become a fantasy-land, tooth-fairy part of it.


Another heinous thing these ones have done is to include Don McAlvany's newsletter on the "Waco Massacre" and "Emerging American Police State". This would "INFER" that McAlvany is a part of this scam. Is he? That is not my business! But--ones entangled in this master-blacklist scheme should be possibly "drawn and quartered"! If the innocents are involved--then they are hardly capable of leading this nation into anything save eruption of disaster!

On second thinking I will leave it to the editorial staff to decide whether or not to list the contact points--this should be SHUT DOWN AND ANYONE PAYING MONEY TO THESE APPARENTLY SCANDALOUS PEOPLE MUST DEMAND RETURN INSTANTLY! This is, again, Satan preying on the innocents in the most tantalizing manner possible--THIS WILL NOT GET YOU ANYTHING BUT MASSIVE TROUBLE AND EVENTUAL DESTRUCTION. THIS IS REALLY BAD NEWS!

Enough, for this will probably push this paper into an all-time high page count at best. I don't really know what to do about this paper, readers, there is so much untouched information and, yet, we cannot keep going as is, without support--we are breaking the backs of the ones here and subscriptions do not increase--just distribution! This is fine for "truth" but it WILL cost the source of the Truth to possibly close. This very paper of such size will negate any gain by not printing for a week. The staff is exhausted and "broke". Remember--these ones GIVE of their services, the Institute is still in "hold" mode for assistance and I guess it is exactly what the Adversarial team has hoped for. To give these ones a "break" means nothing but doubled load and no way to afford "vacations". We have to give very careful consideration to this predicament. It is so sad when the disaster-artists can cause ones to send $600 for their own sealed fate of "the pits" and we have to consider closing the source for information in these incredible times--my people are worn out with the struggle as the enemy NEVER seems to run out of funds or resources of all kinds!

Beloved ones, walk softly and SEE what is afoot for it sounds "so good", the presentation of these adversarial vipers. May you always ask GOD within that you can SEE and KNOW. May you surround yourself with the TRUTH OF GOD--that your Lighted protection will not fail.

I have a couple of follow-ons which need to be in the paper this week to be timely. Please, staff, bear with me a bit longer and we shall "pray for a miracle".


(AP), Whitefish, Mont. July 23, 1993.


Defense attorney Gerry Spence says federal prosecutors routinely manufacture evidence and tell lies to win convictions, adding: "These are not the good guys."

In a 90-minute talk to the Montana Trial Lawyers Association on Thursday, Spence exhorted defense lawyers to challenge the government.

Spence was fresh from his victory in the Idaho trial of Randy Weaver, a white separatist acquitted of a charge that he murdered a deputy U.S. marshal as law enforcement agencies laid siege to his mountain cabin.

During the trial, it was revealed that some photos submitted as prosecution evidence were staged, while other evidence was improperly withheld from the defense.

Spence, whose national reputation was built on victories over Kerr-McGee Nuclear for Karen Silkwood's children and the acquittal of Imelda Marcos on criminal charges, said that manufactured evidence is common in federal cases.

"I've never tried a case with the federal government in which there wasn't a problem," he said.

"These are not the good guys. These are people who do what they believe is necessary to do to bring about a conviction," he said, adding that if he were to manufacture evidence, "I'd be disbarred."

In the Weaver case, he said, "They had months and months of lies that they fed to the press, and you'll find it in case after case if you have the courage to attack them, and to make them prove their case."

Spence said he thinks white supremacists are misguided, but added: "That doesn't mean that they're not entitled to their opinions, and if they can't have their opinion I can't have mine.

"That was the underlying philosophy of my taking the Weaver case. That's what trial lawyers are ultimately all about, is preservation of our rights as American citizens," he said.

"The siege against Weaver brought in enough power to take over a small country for this little man sitting in this little plywood cabin," he said.

"They charged him with conspiracy, ... and they made the entire family the conspirators. ... The federal government now has the audacity to say that members of a family are members of a conspiracy, little children are members of a conspiracy," he said.

Spence drew a standing ovation from more than 200 lawyers and guests.

AP-WS-07-23-93 1159 EDT.

* * *

My goodness, friends--my people, the Institute and Ekkers could really use a few "like- thinking" lawyers--we have only ONE--and he was referred by Spence's firm. As the RTC case on this property unfolds and so does the information regarding the RTC from the lineage of corruption and intrigue which we will present from "ground" up--I think this would be a nice financially sound investment for any even "half-good" attorney willing to check the system. This tells you something, children--get the thing OUT of Federal Court and hit them hard with NAMES THAT THEY WILL UNDERSTAND SUCH AS SPENCE--I SUGGEST IT WOULD PROBABLY HAVE EAGER "SETTLERS" AND TAKE VERY, VERY LITTLE TIME AWAY FROM SPENCE'S LITIGATION. GET HIM!! HE COULD SHORE UP HIS FINANCIAL FOUNDATION BY THIS CASE TO HELP CARRY HIM THROUGH THE NON-ABILITY TO PAY CASES HE'LL ACQUIRE. I PETITION YOU READERS TO PETITION MR. SPENCE, PLEASE, IN OUR BEHALF!


The next I offer just because YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO VINCE FOSTER, REALLY. So, you will simply find this offering most interesting and informative as to "why" Vince.

By John Brummett

Arkansas, July 22, 1993.

Washington--President Clinton met with his staff members late Wednesday morning and told them there is more to life than work.

Then en route from the Old Executive Office Building to the West Wing of the White House, he stopped to say twice to a small group of pool reporters, "No one can ever really know why this happened."

Vincent Foster, Jr., possibly Hillary Rodham Clinton's best friend, a tall, nice-looking man, had driven the day before--around 6 p.m., apparently--from Washington to a suburban Virginia park. He got out of his car, walked to a spot on the banks of the Potomac River and shot and killed himself.

This was six months after Foster uprooted his comfortable life as a respected senior partner at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock to move to Washington as chief deputy White House counsel.

I last spoke with Foster at a reception at the Hotel Washington a couple of months ago. I told him I wanted to visit with him someday about what was being thought and done at the White House the afternoon the Waco disaster unfolded.

"Well, maybe you can learn something about what goes on in a crisis," he said a bit combatively, and certainly intensely.

Foster's good friend from the Rose firm, Webb Hubbell, was facing a confirmation hearing on his nomination to be associate attorney general. I asked Foster if he expected Hubbell to endure a lot of nasty rhetoric.

"Of course," he said, clearly disgusted by the prospect.

The personal chit-chat was more pleasant, and as interesting. Foster was living alone at the time in a little Georgetown apartment.

"I can stand and put my arms out and touch both walls," he said.

His blond, teen-age daughter was with him that evening, and he proudly introduced her. The family would be joining him in a full-fledged new home in suburban Virginia in the summer. He looked forward to that.

Now, unbelievably, he's killed himself.

The press jumped into action Wednesday morning. I got a call from a colleague in New York who advised, "Get to the crime scene right now before the police screw it up. This has got to be bad. You just know it does."

Reporters began asking these kinds of questions, and getting these kinds of consistent answers;

* Had Foster appeared unusually stressed or depressed lately? No. He always appeared intense and fretful of the press--most corporate lawyers are--and he had been harried by a run of Wall Street Journal editorials asking who he was. But he seemed generally all right as recently as Tuesday.

* What were the inevitable personal problems? Where they financial? Were they marital? There were none, as best anyone could find or imagine.

* Then why in the world?

The best anyone could offer was that Vince Foster killed himself because he was distraught that things had gone wrong in the White House of his two friends he so admired and who had honored him with their trust. [H: The Billaries??]

Many of those problems seemed to involve perceived or real shortcomings in the counsel's office where he worked. He seemed incapable of coping with imperfection.

Not too long ago, a man asked Sheila Anthony, Foster's sister and the wife of former U.S. Rep. Beryl Anthony, how Vince was doing. Oh, you know, he takes all these White House things personally, she said.

It's a sidebar to this tragedy that Foster wasn't personally implicated in many of the White House failings. He wasn't the one who advised that Lani Guinier's writings would pose no political problem. He wasn't the one who was reprimanded over the handling of the White House travel office. He was, however, the one who coordinated the successful legal arguments in defense of Hillary's role as chairman of the health care task force. [H: Oops!]

What an incredible waste and tragedy. The White House is a hellish arena. Thin skins need not apply. But, my God, it's not supposed to produce casualties.

John Brummett's column appears every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

* * *

The information on this paper's margin indicates something like (handwritten and abbreviated): Ark. Dem. "Flag" or "Gag"--I, Hatonn, think it may be Gazette?

It would be nice if some of you "inquiring minds" clip the REAL story of Vince Foster and send it to this man struggling in confused information. It won't help as to "why" but it sure will as to WHO! I would guess there are great "messages" being transmitted in that happenstance "suicide". Thank you.



MON., JULY 26, 1993 10:15 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 344

MON., JULY 26, 1993


You may find it coincidental that I wrote yesterday on "Cosmos" and company and their latest activity. We have had several calls now, asking if we have been merged in with or taken over by the "Cosmos group"? Heaven forbid! NO, NO AND NO! "IF" there is some way to assist that which is the legitimate "Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing Co." we would be happy to run information--THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY CONNECTIONS WITH THAT WHICH TOOK THE NAME, TOOK ALL POSSIBLE SELLING ATTENTION TO USE--AND SET UP OPERATION. YOU ARE WELCOME TO DO ANYTHING YOU LIKE WITH THEM--BUT NO, I DO NOT ADVISE IT. WE ARE NOT, NONE OF US, IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER CONNECTED WITH THAT GROUP. If valid information comes in, say, on Treasurygate, etc.--we shall be happy to PRINT it as information in good journalistic press.


OK, you always want your "two minute warning" having usually put off action until too late--LOOK AT RUSSIA THIS VERY DAY!!!

What is happening, readers, is that currency exchanges and pullouts will come first where there is TOTAL control of the masses and no alternatives save do that which is "ordered".

Russia is doing EXACTLY what is planned to have happen in the U.S. and around the world--one by one. You will note that Russia is IN the throes if changing out the currency TODAY. It has been going on for a few days.

A very short period of time was given, and limits set, for the turn-in of ALL old currency. The PANIC was too much so the time was extended and the turn-over amount raised IN SOME INSTANCES. The time limit, however, was extended for only a FEW DAYS! ALL old currency (from year before last) is being phased out (all other was phased out at that time). ONLY dated (current) notes will be issued in exchange and if exchange amounts do not suit the "big boys" then the difference will be confiscated. No arguments, no exceptions (except for the Elite) and no fringes. IF YOU CAN'T SEE WHAT IS COMING AND IS LONG PAST DUE, then I cannot help you.

You will notice a couple of things--"corporations" have entirely DIFFERENT rules as they rarely handle "actual currency" anyway--and IT IS A WAY OF PROTECTING THOSE THAT ALREADY "HAVE". Next, with this can come the final and total dissolution of money. Note that funds will be adjusted so that anyone "lucky" enough to have "credit" will be allowed enough extra funds (into special accounts) TO PAY OFF LENDERS-- ESPECIALLY IF THEY BE BANKS! They have already stripped the people of any gold stores or valuable exchange for barter or of monetary value as in "gold". These turkeys are working hand in glove with the International Monetary Fund in bringing this "worldwide" post-haste!

Do you have a day, a week, a month,--a year? It will hit you when you are DOWN (which is already underway as a nation) and it will be abrupt.

We can still offer you secure "loan" value through the same system as the Institute--only now the Institute is SECURED so that nothing flowing in will be in any way, shape or form attached to that which is priorly inputted. Remember the guidelines for we are not in the gold investment business, the money business or any other such "plan". The money is placed in collateral GOLD and, for projects, money is borrowed against that gold. If you need interest payments, you get it--if you need some of the "loan" back for operating--you get it--but I don't see that we can offer more since the assaults by ones already named. I do not know if there is a so-called "minimum" but I believe that it may well be a thousand dollars. Of course several persons can "go together" to pool funds of lesser amounts and allow ONE person to be responsible. This is ONLY acceptable if YOU have put aside a bit for emergency living in a form that you can consider liquid value. The funds from small amounts (or regular input) can be "added up" against the final amount. Perhaps E.J. can explain whatever I have missed. I am reluctant to even ask him for participation--his service has been so bashed by our enemies--but the Institute is SOUND and it is the only way left, that I can see, wherein you get value for input and some measure of security of the remainder--being that they will not theft collateral from their own banks--probably and surely, not at first. Of all the assaults against these precious people who shoulder the responsibility of this "service"--the assault against them and the Institute has been both the most painful and by far the most fruitful.

When George Green set up this plan he must have something else in mind--FOR HE DID IT AND YET HE NOW, IN COURT, CALLS IT A PONZI SCHEME. Well, it HAS NOT been run that way; it was right away taken out of George's control except as a Board Member AND HE COULDN'T DO ANYTHING WITH THE FUNDING. It has been hard and the Institute is still in a "hold" pattern so a mechanism of separation of input is structured and the service continues even stronger in safety than before. The assault has caused attention from the highest to the lowest "commissions" and legal groups--IT HAS PASSED MUSTER IN EVERY INSTANCE THUS FAR. MOREOVER, TO BE "RULED AGAINST" IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER--WILL REQUIRE A TOTALLY "FIXED" COURT SYSTEM. YOU DO HAVE THAT POSSIBILITY BUT IT IS DOUBTFUL IF IT WOULD COME TO THAT.

This doesn't mean the adversary won't TRY--because George Green is even pushing the "quashed" case against Mr. Martin into an appeal with the Supreme Court of Nevada--after having the lower courts deny it twice. Nuts? Well, YOU be the judge of the actions!

We have to face the fact that your renowned "Constitution attorney", David Horton, is NOT! He HAS TO KNOW about the lies and deceit and continues to press even when George does not. Luke Perry, likewise, continues his badgering and harangue in an effort to thieve his stepmother's meagre life resource. This is something you just HAVE TO FACE for it is what has become of your world. "THEY" PLAN TO HAVE IT ALL! "They" actually HAVE IT ALL--they are just allowing you to squirm and wallow in confusion until they get fully ready to pull it down completely.

Through the Federal Reserve System, the International Monetary Fund and International Banking Elite have managed to destroy the European Community currencies. It is all, again, part of the working orchestration for total control.

You can even have a "name" to put on the biggest orchestra leader of this little programmed symphony, George Soros.

But, the Federal Reserve System has been caught red-handed participating in an illegal scheme to prop up the bankrupt Anglo-American financial system by looting the economies of your allies. They have also looted what is left of the productive sector of the United States--and look now what is happening to your growing fields and destruction of your food supplies. Who will benefit from this flooding? EVERY BIG BUSINESS EXCEPT YOU! Archer, Daniel, Midland (who already sold away all your grain reserves) is the biggest winner--by the time those slick Willies take over the seed, fertilizer and crop lands and industry--you will be begging for all the crumbs they will give you. However, the crumbs will first go to their subsidiaries (most homeofficed overseas somewhere) and the land will be simply absorbed into the coffers of these grabbers--aided and abetted by your own Administration and Congress offering interest "loans" and "help" which will be the final coffin nail.

The EC currency fraud, however, can prove anew WHY the Fed, which is illegal under the Constitution, must be abolished, citizens--but right now, I see no way to pull that off unless you get really busy really fast!

George Soros is a pirate and a world renowned "financier". There has been an extraordinary collaboration between the Fed, Citicorp and Soros, along with other BIG U.S. banks, to prop up the derivatives market through currency warfare against sovereign nations.

How can one like Soros do this? Well, he runs a number of incredibly powerful investment funds, including such as the Netherlands Antilles-based Quantum Fund, which has played the leading role, publicly, in the destabilization last fall of the European Monetary System's Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). For his efforts, Soros won the misleading title of the "The man who broke the pound (remember?)." He also just happened to have made somewhere between one and two BILLION dollars in profits for the investors in his funds, and for himself personally.

Citibank is the main subsidiary of Citicorp and is one of two custodians for the now $7-9 BILLION Quantum Fund. Citibank provides a wide range of administrative services for Quantum, including preparing the paperwork for investors and preparing the filings for various federal agencies.

Now comes the loop--they also provide massive funding to Soros and that has been admitted openly. They won't reveal the lines of credit for customers (which they shouldn't) but let me assure you--this silly "fund" is peanut butter money--the REAL HIDDEN TURNOVER is so massive through those banks as to boggle your thinking. These are just the little publicly seen transactions. Only Mr. Soros can reveal his own line of credit. But:

Citicorp has had "consistent foreign exchange revenues: in the neighborhood of $200 million to $300 million A QUARTER over the last several years and it is increasing "during the period of volatility of the EC currencies". In other words, the Elite cleaned up and are rolling in wealth while the people of the world are being devastated!

But what about the Fed? Well, readers, the Fed could have shut down Mr. Soros and the whole scheme in the blink of an eye but you look deeper and find that all the "Fed" banks are massively involved--J.P. Morgan, Bankers Trust, BankAmerica, Chemical Banking, Chase Manhattan and First Chicago.

Good luck America--Mr. Gonzalez is trying to get some attention focused on the conspiracy-- but you know how that goes! This could, alone, lead to TOTAL CATASTROPHE that will eclipse the capital of your largest banks and will bring down the deposit insurance fund and totally bury it!

If you cannot see that you are IN THE DOWNFALL of everything you ever thought of as being secure and goodly in your world--then you are surely BLIND and DEAF beyond recovery.


The World Elite ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! If you think you are singularly involved and, by putting bandaids on this or that, that all will be rosy light and happy ever after-- LOOK AGAIN AT THE MISSISSIPPI AND HOW HARD INDIA, NEPAL, ETC., ARE BEING HIT IN THAT SECTOR [flooding].

"They" are going to start THIS WEEK "blasting" the equivalent of a 2.5 quake at intervals along some of the California faults near Los Angeles. Are YOU CRAZY? What are they covering and what are they readying you for? Watch it if that shuttle goes up--they put the final necessary link up on that last Atlas launched. But unless something "manmade" happens that rain along the flooded part of America and over India--will continue--at least until that shuttle is up--IF THE RUSSIANS LET YOU LAUNCH IT AT ALL!

Since there has been mail stacked up asking for help and update on the Institute and possibility of using that "security" plan I think, Dharma, that you might want to get this to Ed for the paper since we won't have a paper next week. I am delinquent in responding to the urgent requests of those seeing this coming down and so it should be highlighted in the "Index" or someway given reference as many have petitioned and are WAITING--AND I NOW SEE IT HAPPENING QUICKLY AND SOONER THAN YOU WILL BE PREPARED TO HANDLE. IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE ABOUT IT--CHECK WITH SOME OTHER "VALID" WRITERS--BUT IT IS MOVING QUICKLY NOW. THANK YOU.



THU., JULY 29, 1993 6:13 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 347

THU., JULY 29, 1993


Our Crew is "sort-of" smiling at the way things work out. With things breaking so quickly on so many fronts, we couldn't lapse a paper--for a couple of reasons. The first being that information MUST get to you readers and secondly, the paper following would be too unwieldy to handle.

We did get Rick and Princeton off on a short respite and insist that Dr. Young take a few days to attend other badly needed things. The rest of us will get the paper out and you, as readers, will please bear with us if explanations and continuity are missing in some areas.


I feel the "gold" situation bears attention calling--it was trading at well OVER $400 today and closed out the day trading at $400. It is hard to tell just what "they" are going to do but I would be remiss if I failed to remind you that you may well not see lower prices for a long time in that commodity and many of you continue to petition me to tell you when it hits certain levels. This is the only way I have to do so. So, if YOU aren't interested in the Institute OR Gold--please just overlook it as we give you an almost day by day comment for the next little while. Every dollar gain on the market settles the Institute into better stability.

George Green is back on a "calling people" circuit--all the way to ones in Canada to tell them that there will now be four new attorneys to insure he gets his rightful gold and "receiver" the Institute. This WILL NOT HAPPEN! George Green and Gary "Ray" Anderson are in DEEP Yogurt! Green is in Bozeman, Montana at the time of phone calls on Monday. He is going to push his "luck" until the point arrives where other problemed people are going to do something--and I fear it may well be quite unpleasant. No, it isn't me--these "citizens" have far bigger and harder fish to fry than a "Guardian Angel Ghost Writer"! If there is more by the first of the week I will inform you readers. If this isn't brought to an immediate halt there are many who plan to file separate corporate and personal legal proceedings against George, Perry and Fort within the next few days. The original letters said as much and yet those letters of demand have been ignored by EVERYONE. Ones petition me to ask what do they do now as they do not hear anything back from anyone. The whole thing was being handled through the Constitutional Law Center as I understand it so I will relay the inquiries. Things will be "tied up" until the issue is settled and this is terribly inconvenient for you ones who are needing to make settlement in your own right. Just know that as gold increases so does the value of your participation. To work through the red tape and obscene judicial system is INCREDIBLE and the legal point is not "justice" or who is right--it is which attorney can sell the biggest lies--it is a standing joke within the "profession". I personally think it is despicable and the cartoon quips are getting old. The lawyers doing a good job are all but overwhelmed.


The following article will seem a bit "much" to a lot of you readers but I want to urge you to read it, technical as it may seem. You are still at such risk this very day, the 29th, that "I" can't see how it is going to go even as we write.

We are working into the night here to get this to you for you will note that references will be coming out within the week regarding "Tidal Wave" danger far beyond anything imagined along the West Coast. I could give you an overview and you would shake your head and say, "Well, there he goes again!" I think you should get it as given by the top scientists in their field from SCIENCE, Vol. 261 p.433-438, 1993 (hardly off the press and not yet even to subscribers). I asked that this document be tracked down and Dr. Oppenheimer was kind enough to personally FAX the paper to us so that we can share with you immediately. The reason I take the time to possibly "bore" a lot of readers with this information is BECAUSE quite a few scientists are waiting for it and this is the quickest method of reaching them. I think you readers have no idea WHO reads CONTACT! Since it is a technical scientific paper I wish to recognize the scientists involved, D. Oppenheimer, G. Beroza, G. Carver, L. Dengler, J. Eaton, L. Gee, F. Gonzalez, A. Jayko, W.H. Li, M. Lisowski, M. Magee, G. Marshall, M. Murray, R. McPherson, B. Romanowicz, K. Satake, R. Simpson, P. Somerville, R. Stein, D. Valentine. I have further asked Commander Soltec to "hold up" on this subject until after I sprinkle it all over your heads. It is too important to await general discussion on the subject because the "Big One" was "planned" for today, readers! The hold-off revolves around the shuttle launch or non-launch as the case may be-- but you are skating on ice so thin as to already be in the water to your ears and no one seems to pay a bit of attention.

D. Oppenheimer, J. Eaton, A. Jayko, M. Lisowski, G. Marshall, M. Murray, R. Simpson, and R. Stein are with the U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA 94025. G. Beroza and M. Magee are in the Geophysics Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. G. Carver, L. Dangler, and R. McPherson are in the Department of Geology, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 95521. L. Gee and B. Romanowicz are at the University of California, Seismographic Station, ESB 475, Berkeley, CA 94720. F. Gonzalez is with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA 98116. W. H. Li with Geological Sciences, AJ020, University of Washington, Seattle WA 96195. K. Satake is in the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 45108. P. Somerville is with Woodward-Clyde Consultants, Pasadena, CA 91101. D. Valentine is in the Department of Geological Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93108.

I ask that this paper be reprinted as near as possible to the original. You ones MUST start listening to what your own scientists are telling you. I simply feel that you ones have grown numb to the facts and that is fine--but to ignore warnings and then blame your inaction on ignorance--is not acceptable. I remind you--there will be very, very LARGE quakes along the faults across the nations--and very, very BIG ones along the West Coast areas of the Americas--please, consider ALL ramifications as you prepare and take stock.



The 25 April 1992 magnitude 7.1 Cape Mendocino thrust earthquake demonstrated that the North America-Gorda plate boundary is seismogenic and illustrated hazards that could result from much larger earthquakes forecast for the Cascadia region. The shock occurred just north of the Mendocino Triple Junction and caused strong ground motion and moderate damage in the immediate area. Rupture initiated onshore at a depth of 10.5 km and propagated up-dip and seaward. Slip on steep faults in the Gorda plate generated two magnitude 6.6 aftershocks on 28 April. The main shock did not produce surface rupture on land but caused coastal uplift and a tsunami. The emerging picture of seismicity and faulting at the triple junction suggest that the region is likely to continue experiencing significant seismicity.

[H: I want you READERS and tape "getters" to remember back--Commander Soltec told you all about the seriousness of this particular quake activity AT THE TIME.]

On 25 April 1992 at 18:06 (UTC), a surface wave magnitude (M) 7.1 earthquake occurred near the town of Petrolia, California (Fig. 1). The main shock was followed the next day by two M 6.6 aftershocks at 07:41 and 11:41, located offshore about 25 km west-northwest of Petrolia. These three earthquakes and more than 2000 recorded aftershocks illuminated the configuration of the Mendocino Triple Junction, where the Pacific, North America, and southernmost Juan de Fuca (Gorda) plates meet. The occurrence of a M 7 earthquake is not unusual at the triple junction; over 60 earthquakes of Modified Mercalli intensity +/-VI (1) or M +/-5.5 have occurred there since 1853 (2). However, this earthquake sequence may have provided the first direct evidence of interplate seismicity and thus impacts regional hazard assessment. In this article, we describe geophysical and seismological observations and discuss implications for seismic hazards in the Pacific Northwest.

Damage estimates ranged from $48 million to $66 million, and President Bush declared the region a major disaster area. Much of the damage resulted from the main shock; however, fires triggered by the first large aftershock destroyed most of the Scotia shopping district, and both large, off-shore aftershocks caused additional structural damage. The relatively low incidence of injuries and structural damage caused by this sequence is primarily the result of low population density and the predominance of small, wood-frame structures in the epicentral area. The sequence caused 356 reported injuries, destroyed 202 buildings, and caused damage to an additional 906 structures primarily in the towns of Petrolia, Ferndale, Rio Dell, Scotia, and Fortuna (Fig. 1) (3). It also triggered numerous landslides and rock falls and caused widespread liquefaction in local river valleys. Analysis of 1296 surveys in the north coast area indicate that the Modified Mercalli intensity peaked at IX in the Petrolia region and decreased in approximately a radial pattern around the epicenter (Fig. 1). Both of the two large aftershocks produced peak intensities of VIII, although the pattern was somewhat different from the main shock.


The Cape Mendocino earthquakes are a response to ongoing plate motions between the Gorda, North America, and Pacific plates at the Mendocino Triple Junction. The Gorda plate is converging on the North America plate at about 2.5 to 3 cm/year in the direction N-50°-E to N-55°-E (4). The seaward edge of Gorda plate subduction is marked by an abrupt change in sea-floor topography and by the western limit of the accretionary prism imaged in seismic reflection profiles (5). Active folds and thrust faults in Franciscan Complex and Cenozoic rocks and sediments of the overriding North America plate are parallel to the seaward edge of the Cascadia subduction zone (6).

Rigid-plate theory predicts oblique convergence of the Gorda plate with the Pacific plate at 5 cm/year in the direction N-115°- E (4). Translational motion occurs along the east-west- trending, vertical, right-lateral Mendocino transform fault, whereas the convergence results in internal deformation of the Gorda plate. The attendant Gorda plate seismicity recorded in the 17 years before the Cape Mendocino sequence (7,8) (Fig.2) has been concentrated in two parallel zones with a combined thickness of approximately 15 km. In the region of the Cape Mendocino earthquake, most seismicity has originated at depths greater than 17 km; the hypocenter zone dips about 6° eastward between 124.75° and 123.25°W, at which point the dip increases to about 25° (9). Most M > 5 earthquakes within the Gorda plate exhibit left- lateral motion on steep northeast-oriented faults (7,10) that relieve convergence between the Gorda and Pacific plates through slip on preexisting planes of weakness inherited at the Gorda Ridge (11).

The San Andreas fault marks the principal Pacific-North America plate boundary south of the Mendocino Triple Junction. Triangulation data and observations of ground cracks indicate the fault ruptured as far north as Point Delgada in 1906 (12), but its location farther north is uncertain. Some studies place it immediately offshore (13), but others suggest that it merges with onshore faults at the triple junction (5). Geometry requires that the Pacific plate is also in contact with the North America plate along the Mendocino fault above the subducting Gorda plate.

Until the Cape Mendocino earthquake, few earthquakes were recorded with focal mechanisms that indicated slip on the Cascadia subduction zone. However, comparisons of the age, spreading rates, physiography, and seismicity of the Juan de Fuca-Gorda plate system with other subducting plates suggest that it does not subduct seismically but instead is locked and capable of generating MAJOR earthquakes (14). Paleoseismic evidence of large, late-Holocene subduction earthquakes is present along the subduction zone in submerged and buried wetlands (15), raised marine terraces (16), and surface displacement on thrust faults that may be genetically related to large subduction events (17). Radiocarbon dating implicates that at least three episodes of seismicity of similar age are represented in the stratigraphy from central Washington to northern California in the last 2000 years; the last episode occurred at about 1700 A.D. (17).


Seismicity. The hypocenter of the 25 April 1992 mainshock was 4 km east of Petrolia at a depth of 10.6 km (Fig. 3). A focal mechanism determined by the invention of teleseismic mantle Rayleigh waves and aftershock locations indicates nearly pure thrust motion on a N-10°-W-striking fault plane that dips 13° to the east-northeast (18) (Table 1). The location of the hypocenter at the southeast end of the aftershock zone suggests that the fault ruptured unilaterally to the west (19). Most aftershocks < 12 km deep (Fig. 3, open circles) occurred within 10 km of the coast in a region bounded on the east by the main-shock epicenter, on the south by the Mendocino fault, and on the north by a west-northwest trend of earthquakes. The location, depth, and orientation of the rupture plane are consistent with the absence of surface faulting onshore.

The two M 6.6 after shocks were 30 km west of the main shock at depths near 20 km, and their mechanisms indicate right-lateral strike-slip motion on planes striking to the southeast (20) (Fig. 3 and Table 1). The slip plane of the first aftershock is unknown because of the paucity of aftershocks. However, the second aftershock was within a trend of smaller aftershocks at depths of 14 and 30 km on a southeast-striking plane that dips about 80° to the southwest (Fig. 3B, ee'); this orientation is consistent with the focal mechanism. The depths and mechanisms of the two large aftershocks provide evidence that rupture took place on faults in the Gorda plate, distinct from the main-shock fault.

Although no large shocks ruptured the Mendocino fault during this sequence, many aftershocks occurred on the eastward projection of the fault (Fig. 3). The aftershock activity was bounded on the south where the distribution of hypocenters is near vertical and extends to a depth of 25 km (Fig. 3B, bb'). If this marks the boundary between the Gorda and Pacific plates, then the lack of any aftershocks in the Pacific plate suggest that the main shock represented strain release between the Gorda and North America plates. The mapped location of the Mendocino fault in this region is uncertain (5), and this east-west trend of seismicity may define the position of the Mendocino fault.

Source properties. The mechanism and location of the two aftershocks were similar, but the second aftershock exhibited a strong variation of amplitude with azimuth (Fig. 4). The seismic moment of the second aftershock was approximately twice that of the first, but amplitudes of the P wave for this event were as much as 10 times as large near an azimuth of 130°. This variation is most easily attributable to enhancement of the amplitude in the direction of rupture, known as directivity (21). Directivity in P waves is surprising because it requires rupture velocities that are a large fraction of the P-wave velocity. The high amplitudes and strong high-frequency content associated with the second aftershock may explain some of the differences in the intensity patterns for the main shock and two aftershocks. Although the second aftershock had 25% of the moment of the mainshock, it has larger velocity amplitudes at stations to the southeast, such as ISA. The difference in both Modified Mercalli intensity and broad-bank velocity records between the main shock and the second aftershock was probably enhanced by rupture propagation to the west during the main shock as inferred from the location of the hypocenter at the down-dip and of the rupture plane.

The strong ground motions of the main shock and two after shocks were recorded on 14 instruments at epicentral distances of 5 to 130 km (Fig. 1), and the peak accelerations were some of the highest ever recorded (22). Recordings of the main shock at Petrolia and Cape Mendocino (Fig. 5) at epicentral distances of 5 and 10 km, respectively, have absolute time, facilitating the analysis of rupture evolution on the fault. Modeling of the large, long-period pulse that occurred 1 second after the main shock began (Fig. 5, Ep1 and Es1) with generalized ray theory indicates that this pulse originated from slip that occurred about 5 km up-dip from the hypocenter, beneath Petrolia. This result is consistent with the arrival times and polarities of the vertical P waves and horizontal S waves at both stations. In addition, the P-wave first motions were upward and northwestward at Cape Mendocino. These motions indicate that the source was southeast of the station. This source location is consistent with the west- southwest direction of rupture determined from teleseismic surface waves (19), although that study inferred that the rupture initiated offshore. A large, high-frequency pulse (Fig. 5, E2) followed the long-period pulse at Cape Mendocino and exceeded 1 g on both horizontal components. This pulse was not discernible at the neighboring Petrolia station; thus, it cannot be explained simply by source effects but may represent motions that were generated or amplified locally near the Cape Mendocino station. [H: Facts are that there is a reason that this cannot be explained by ordinary means. The thrust pulse was from the atmosphere which accounts for the "booms" heard just prior to and during the quakes themselves. This is why we are bothering to write all this--for the disbelievers, chelas, who continue to say we simply tell you things which do not make sense and spread fear and panic. Well, I don't see anyone in a panic enough to change very much of anything even in the daily routine when you have one of the most important scientific documents as a guideline--right here. Every fault is being "pulsed" intentionally and some of the areas such as THIS are so dangerous as to make even the angels faint of heart. You have like manipulations going on at the areas of concordance of the Whittier Narrows fault and the Tehachapi side of the Garlock fault. The government covers the actions by giving you super-sonic SR-71s to watch. Well, readers, that "Tehachapi" bubble is holding and I want a few of you to "breathe" again, please.

The worst thing going on at present is this same "pulsing" going on along the New Madrid fault which can wipe-out the entire mid-section of your nation along that mighty Mississippi River! It is very definitely "breath-holding" time, readers. THIS paper is for you self-claimed "scientific minds" who totally denied this information when Soltec and I gave it to you at the time of those quakes in point. You are ALL on borrowed time because you CANNOT have such massive assault against the North American Plate without it slipping somewhere and it will be at a weak-score point and you end up with a "longer" Grand Canyon--like from Sea to Shining Sea!]