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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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Take life as a task; each step of it to be practiced until it can be done perfectly, that is, with patience, with soul harmony, and rest.

Remember the "Christ-ness" of the humble ways is with you. His "Well done, good and faithful servant," is spoken, not to the GREAT of the Earth but to the humble bearer of whatever might flow, be it pain, annoyance, joy, irritation, to the patient worker in life's ways of service.

So even on the quietest day, and in the lowliest way, mighty opportunities are given you of serving the King of Kings, Spirit of Spirits and Creator of Creation. See, beloved Friends, that you welcome and do not resent these opportunities. And, always pray for another--that the reflection of the goodness can overflow yourself.



FRI., AUG. 20, 1993 12:59 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 004

FRI., AUGUST 20, 1993

(Pronounced: Coo-Coo!!)

There is not one thing in your news today that is not as crazy and as thieving as the Cuckoo bird who steals another bird's nest, destroys the babes in the nest and dumps all responsibility on another. You are taken over by the Cuckoo-Cuckoo tribe (flock).

Out of it all, however, in the least expected moment--brilliance strikes in humble form. This time from our friend, Tom Ashley, of South Africa. He has sent more drawings--(that we have been waiting for) and he wraps up his letter to me by saying: "I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you all--now I know that I am not mad. It was good to see my name in the June 22 CONTACT. Please, Hatonn, I don't wish to be under cover--but in the open. Please contact me soon and let me know if what I have here is correct."

I have told you ones that Walter Russell (and Doris' son, Paul) had it right--but only to a point beyond which nothing could be made to "work" without more understanding and knowledge of the "illusion" of thought projection (of God) and Self. My joy is that we are so attuned, Thomas and myself, that he basically enters the conversation in the middle of a sentence. I believe that this is a good place to share this with you. As to the work of Walter Russell--we need it no longer in any form. We can still use the scientific tables, names, etc. But that work now becomes as obsolete as the theory that the "world is flat". Truth will not "go anywhere" so let us just hold our patience and allow this information to unfold.

As we write here on this subject, it cannot be written without harkening to the ongoing charges of contempt of court for my scribe (still being used as a massive guillotine over her head). Neither can it be written without the massive amount of respect and appreciation to this humble servant of God in South Africa. Copyrights? What mean ye--copyrights? You simply have found a new way to CENSOR material, my friends! No one who truly offers TRUTH and FACT to his fellow-man in this time of tribulation who sues over "copyright" on a truthful or scientific fact is YOUR FRIEND! Or, the work is most likely not in full truth and most certainly desires to keep the information for his own gain and/or away from the masses of you-the-people.

You who have read Walter Russell's books continually pour letters in to ask me to "explain" what he means!--Go ask them at University of Science and Philosophy. I will NOT comment on that material lest my own secretary end up in PRISON! May I please share with you a well-done commentary on "Censorship by Copyright" by Malcom Johnson who also offers another wise comment, a Slovenian Proverb: "Speak the truth, but leave immediately after."

Malcom Johnson

One point that needs to be made in any discussion of censorship is that most publications actually engage in a form of censorship.

Right there on page one of every issue is the copyright symbol and the statement that "No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of the Editor/Publisher except for portions used in reviews."

"Censorship" means simply that material is withheld from the public. If copyright laws prohibit you from mass copying and distributing unless you get permission, then this is a form of "censorship". [H: It is even worse and far more difficult when the author is DEADED AND BURIED.]

There are radical "copyright bandits" out there who feel strongly that copyright laws equal censorship and must be fought. These people take material from copyrighted publications and use it to create their own. They look at it as fighting oppression rather than breaking the law.

Editors and publishers may scream that they have to have copyright protection or many of their writers wouldn't submit articles. That's true, but it is a moot point since the discussion here is on censorship, not the ethics and morality of publishing.

By the way, since "All rights revert to the author/artist on publication," you have my permission to steal this article and prevent its "censorship by copyright". [H: Indeed, thank you, sir.]

A second point to be made about censorship is that many anti-censorship efforts are self-serving, publicity gimmicks. Take, for example the annual "First Amendment Rally" at a St. Petersburg, Florida, bar. The bands sing some dirty songs (which they sing anyway), people drink beer, exotic dancers parade around, people drink more beer, some "famous" people show up, people drink more beer (you get the idea).

What is needed are "Anti-Censorship Squads" [H: Indeed, maybe even like the ATF or KGB.] who will respond to local censorship efforts and fight them. In Tampa, Florida, the local public television station censored the national broadcast of Brother to Brother, a film by black, gay filmmaker, Mardon Riggs. A local group fought back by having a public screening of the film on the same night that it was being locally censored. Of course, they didn't reach the same size audience that the television broadcast would have.

To encourage actions like this, it would be helpful to create reproduction centers where copiers, mimeographs, videotape duplicators, etc., can be used to reproduce censored material or material that can't even get a chance to be censored because no printer, etc., will touch it.

Of course, these censored materials will probably be copyrighted. Hey! We're back to paragraph two! (Peripheral Visions, June 1993)



Now we will un-censor a few comments by a respected Brother, Will Loy--who has a whole bunch of "visions" that you all had best start thinking about most seriously.

He has some good observations: "Normal times are over!" "It appears very clear to me that THIS WORLD IS NOW FAST APPROACHING SOME KIND OF UNEXPECTED CON-CLUSIONS. One of the real purposes of this world will soon be reached. In fact, the first changes are now upon us and many more are coming swiftly upon this world and our lives. (This world and your life have very real purposes.)

"I don't ask you to believe in me or anything else. I simply ask you to witness the truth of my visions and revelations. They have come to pass and they are coming to pass. Therefore, I ask you to consider the very real fact that there is much, much more to this universe than we are now able to really understand. Also, there is much, much more to our lives than we are now able to fully understand. This world and universe are NOT as most people now believe.


I have no way to insert the drawings which represent the thoughts expressed--in this Introduction. However, since the "diagrams" used by us, of Walter Russell, are the condemning and convicting fact of that copyright dispute--I believe the intent is to let anyone who can, understand the writing without the picture at any rate. This is the rationale of Elite centers for "higher" study? I am only here to make a point because what I am going to share with you is TRUE--and we need to see how many of you can get it without sharing more conversation and understanding. I am just going to offer exactly what is sent to me. Let us have a little thought about need for teachers who do understand and above all, the RIGHT to have this truth before you pass again into oblivion as a planet and a civilization--with no understanding of self, God or universe. The universe is infinite and yet, as narrow as your mind limits it into being. You will only deal with a very tiny concept of the whole--and still it eludes you in its perceived complexity and yet, total simplicity of expression. I am not in the teaching mode so let us see if you cannot conjure some curiosity for understanding. Then, we will ask this man to send that which he will and we shall correct misperceptions (or enlarge on that which might well at first seem to be a misperception). Our point is to assure you that you need not write and quarrel over the points we offer--BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT KNOW ANYTHING CONCLUSIVE ABOUT THE WRITING AS OF YET. THERE WILL BE A LOT OF "OH MY GOODNESS, THAT'S IT" AND "I KNEW THAT BUT MISSED IT" AND "BUT THIS RUINS ALL OTHER SCIENTIFIC PROJECTIONS ON THE SUBJECT." RIGHT!

Now, you who feel you do WORK for God--I want to point out that this man has not typed or dictated or computerized any of his material. It is all incredibly hand drawn and every word is printed--by hand! I bend my knee in honor to this beautiful son who would labor long and hard that his brother might be given into knowing.


"The visible forms of my nature are eight, earth, water, fire, air, ether, the mind, reason and the sense of 'I'. But beyond my visible universe is my invisible spirit. This is the fountain of life whereby this universe has its being."

The visible electric universe of matter in motion is extended from the stillness of the invisible universe. The universe of motion is continuous. It never has begun nor will it ever end. Each wave continues itself into the next wave and each wave extends itself into the next wave. Every effect in nature is divided into pairs of opposites. Each one of each pair is the reverse of the other. Each one is like a mirror reflecting the other.



The geometric symmetry of matter is a mirror effect of mind. The atom is the only thing there is in the universe. It is the fundamental building block of all matter. The universe does not extend beyond our own galaxy. What we see and think with our senses beyond as other star systems is a mirror effect of our own galaxy which is then, in fact, nothing more than a mirror effect of our inner-self.

There are four triangles and they are the zero curvature. They form the cube from which the gravity fields are formed which is in differing pressures of density. We must understand the triangle as a collection of parts of creative energy. You must look at it this way, when two opposite forces come into balance they CREATE a third. The triangle is not static, it is an expression of a series of emanations. The third force emerges when the first and second force come into balance and when all three are in harmony they become a fourth and invisible whole from which matter is created.


[H: This diagram offered is a perfectly beautiful portrait of a driana (Gaiandriana).]

This diagram is a view along the axis of the double spiral with 12 consecutive nucleotide pairs along the spiral. They are collapsed into a plane. The 12-fold symmetry results from the fact that there are 12 component nucleotides per turn of the spiral. The bases are largely nitrogen.


The three sides of the triangle form the three main meridians in the human body. They are the largest nerves. They form the axis that gives us the East-West or (horizon), the North-South (polar axis) and the ecliptic and the equator, these two being one and the same as the ecliptic is charging centripetal and the equator is discharging centrifugal. The universe is made up of the twelve constellations. The earth has twelve tectonic plates which forms the mantle. [H: Dharma, I need to interrupt here for I see your perplexity as you effort to decipher that which appears to be "code". Yes I do, indeed, correct the spelling of words, etc., as you must realize Tom RECEIVES this directly--just as you did, by hand, and in this type of writing it is just as it is, without punctuation et al. This is the very confirmation of its validity; we can get it sorted.] There are twelve oricle centres--I think of them as the twelve windows or mirrors. They divide themselves into six pairs of equal opposites where they become proportional to each other in their mass. They vibrate in balance with each other in alternate pulses where an harmonic resonance creates a perpetual motion towards their centre. This wave energy then vibrates outwards to create the unified field of motion. [H: Ah, Mother Doris, bless Paul's memory as he "had" it, precious. One can never know from whence will flow the fragments of information gleaned from a simple theory--sent forth. Much less, would you have dreamed it would come from a place like South Africa? Your joys shall also be coming back, chela, and I shall help you catch them in passing.]

Wave motion is the unified field from which all living matter is created. You see the fundamental design of the galaxy which is all. The universe consists of the twelve constellations only and nothing more. They are created from light-waves vibrating through space. These electric and gravity fields are vibrating at right angles to each other and to their direction of motion. The whole is a vortex, a spinning wheel forming a spiral conceived of energy composed of different wave-lengths which produce vibrational rates or colors to become physical matter as we understand it through our "senses". All matter is vibrating in circular motion and all motion is periodic motion. Both centripetal and centrifugal forces depend on the mass of the object and its velocity in their circular motion. A heavy object needs a greater centripetal force to hold it in its orbit, and a greater force is also required for high speeds of rotation. It has been shown in experiment that in addition the required fore; is inversely proportional to the radius of motion and F=MV2/R where 2/R gives the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration. Uniform circular motion is periodic. That is, the events recur over and over again. The time taken for a complete revolution of a given object remains constant. This periodic character is further demonstrated by considering how the object's distance from any fixed diameter of the circle varies with time. If a graph is plotted the resulting curve is one of a uniformly oscillating displacement which resembles a line-wave. Another way to understand motion: an object which is moving in a centripetal direction, its weight is shrinking along its line of motion, its mass is increasing, its speed is increasing--but its time has slowed down. Once its center of mass has been reached it reverses itself in a centrifugal direction. This is periodic motion.

The universe consists of four harmonic waves which are in periodic motion within a perfect circle where the balance of the elements is proportional to their masses divided by the square distance between them. The four waves which divide the four quarters are at 90° and at right angles to each other. If we times three by four we get twelve equal divisions of the circle, being six in each hemisphere and equally paired together.

The Old Testament teaches us about God and Creation but what do the prophets mean by "Creation" for in "creation" there must be a beginning and if there is a beginning there must be an end. If this was the case there could not be periodic motion, could there? Adam and Eve as a story must be a fable only for mankind DID NOT come into being AFTER every other life form had come into being--that is rubbish. If I may use the term "created", then man was created at the same time as every other life form and not man first and woman second--but as ONE divided the same as all other things are in nature. And, the Garden of Eden was not of this Earth and, again, what is meant by the Twelve Tribes of Israelites? Did God have preferences? If HE did, why not also other forms of life? God has never looked DOWN and shed a tear in sympathy for the most beautiful of his creations. Man has based his life work largely upon the teachings of the Bible, but mankind has certainly misunderstood the real meaning of what the great prophets tried to teach us when they spoke of battles of which the Israelites had with other nations and then, what about David and Goliath?--and other very strange events that took place in our distant past?

The TRUTH must be brought to the people of this world and the TRUTH IS COSMIC. If we study ancient mythology [and the oral traditional truths], in depth, we would soon come to know that these GREAT PROPHETS were trying to tell us something very, very important.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you all. Now I know that I am not mad. It was good to see my name in the June 22 CONTACT. P.S. "Please, Hatonn, I don't wish to be under-cover but in the open."

T. Astley

Soon, son--SOON.

Thank you Carol S. for being the necessary go-between. If one link in the chain is missing--do you see, we could not get our work finished!


"As a man thinketh--so he is!" Well, Man's thoughts have digressed into destruction, greed, war, immorality and heinous acts one upon another. You need to understand what happens with "thoughts"--THOUGHTS "CREATE"--or destroy--that is ALL THERE IS IN REALITY. Therefore, you become, the nation becomes and the planet becomes a MIRROR REFLECTION of THOUGHT!

Nature helps every man to the gratification of the thoughts which will most speedily bring to the surface both the good and evil thoughts.

Let a man cease from his evil and sinful thoughts, and all the world will soften toward him, and be ready to help him; let him put away his weakly and sickly thoughts, and lo! opportunities will spring up on every hand to aid his strong resolves; let him encourage good thoughts, and no hard fate shall bind him down to wretchedness and shame. The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colours and waves which at every succeeding moment it presents to you are the exquisitely adjusted pictures of your ever-moving thoughts.

I can only remind you that there is peace in the valley for you who would turn into the path of right travel and look beyond the senses of the physical bindings. Tempest-tossed souls, wherever you may be, under whatsoever conditions you may live, KNOW THIS--in the ocean of life the isles of Blessedness are smiling and the sunny shore of your ideal awaits your coming. Keep your hand firmly upon the helm of thought. In the bark of your soul reclines the commanding Master; He does but sleep; wake Him. Self-control is strength; Right Thought is Mastery; Calmness is power. Say unto your heart, "Peace, be still!" A man cannot be imprisoned UNLESS YOU FIRST IMPRISON HIS THOUGHTS!

May you not be caught with your thoughts given into the dark places that you would remain free. Know TRUTH--and no MAN can take your freedom for freedom is a thing of the mind and, until you know as much--you are trapped.

This is always to remind you that you must know how it "was", how it "is" or you can jolly well know how it will probably "be". It is YOUR LIFE--IS IT NOT WORTH IT?



THU. AUG. 5, 1993 2:19 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 354

THU., AUGUST 5, 1993

EXCERPTS FROM: "COMMITTEE OF 300", by Dr. John Coleman.

This is a continuation taking up with the subject of: "Malthus, the son of an English country parson who was pushed to prominence by the British East India Company upon which the Committee of 300 is modeled."


Malthus maintained that man's progress is tied to the Earth's natural ability to support a given number of people, beyond which point Earth's limited resources would rapidly be depleted. Once these natural resources have been consumed, it will be impossible to replace them. Hence, Malthus observed, it is necessary to limit populations within the boundaries of decreasing natural resources. It goes without saying that the elite will not allow themselves to be threatened by a burgeoning population of "useless eaters", hence culling must be practiced. As I have previously stated, "culling" is going on today, using the methods mandated in the "Global 2000 Report".

All economic plans of the Committee meet at the crossroads of Malthus and Frederick Von Hayek, another doom and gloom economist who is sponsored by the Club of Rome. The Austrian born Von Hayek has long been under the control of David Rockefeller, and Von Hayek theories are fairly widely accepted in the United States. According to Von Hayek, the United States economic platform must be based on (a) Urban Black Markets, (b) Small Hong Kong-type industries utilizing sweat-shop labor, (c) End of all industrial activity and (f) Close down all nuclear energy plants.

Von Hayek's ideas dove-tail perfectly with those of the Club of Rome, which is perhaps why he is so well promoted in rightwing circles in this country. The mantle of Von Hayek is being passed to a new, younger economist, Jeoffrey Sachs, who was sent to Poland to take up where Von Hayek left off. It will be recalled that the Club of Rome organized the Polish eco-nomic crisis which led to political destabilization of the country. The exact same economic planning, if one dare call it that, will be forced upon Russia, but if widespread opposition is encountered, the old price-support system will quickly be restored.

The Committee of 300 ordered the Club of Rome to use Polish nationalism as a tool to destroy the Catholic Church and pave the way for Russian troops to reoccupy the country. The "Solidarity" movement was a creation of the Committee of 300's Zbigniew Brzezinski, who chose the name for the "trade union" and selected its office holders and organizers. Solidarity is no "labor" movement, although Gdansk shipyard workers were used to launch it, but rather, it was a high-profile POLITICAL organization, created to bring forced changes in preparation for the advent of the One World Government.

Most of Solidarity's leaders were descendants of Bolshevik Jews from Odessa and were not noted for hating Communism. This helps to understand the saturation coverage provided by the American news media. Professor Sachs has taken the process a step further, ensuring economic slavery for a Poland recently freed from the domination of the USSR. Poland will now become the economic slave of the United States. All that has happened is that the master has changed.

* * *

Dharma, let us digress a bit at this point in this writing. There is such confusion when we begin to speak of "Bolsheviks and Jews" "Bolshevik" "Jew" and "Bolshevik Jews". I have offered this information prior to this but perhaps it will help you also, chela, if you repeat this rather than look up a prior writing. Don't fret about the form--just copy the material to the best of your ability--sans ability to copy lettering format.

A Challenge and a Reply

SOME FACTS Concerning Bolshevism, Judaism, Christianity and International (Jew-controlled) Finance, Bolshevism and Zionism
by A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C., etc.

* * *

This article, which appeared in installments in the issue of the "Catholic Herald's of the 21st and 28th October and the 4th November, 1933, was written in reply to a challenge issued by Mr. L.F. Hydleman. It was reprinted in pamphlet form in response to a widespread demand for this information, which had been collated from authoritative sources (both Jew and Gentile) to demonstrate the relation between JUDAISM and BOLSHEVISM, and the alliance between INTERNATIONAL FINANCE and its protégées, BOLSHEVISM and ZIONISM.

The Editor of the Catholic Herald repeatedly reserved space for Mr. Hydleman to reply. But, so far as has been ascertained, neither Mr. Hydleman, nor any responsible member of Jewry has publicly denied or disproved these statements of fact.

(Fifth Impression)



At a meeting held at St. Joseph's Hall, Hanwell, in July last, to protest against the Bolshevik persecution of Christianity, the speakers, inter aria, enlightened their audience as to the part played by certain sections of Jewry in the establishment by terrorist methods of the Bolshevist system of Government which is avowedly "Anti-God", and, in its efforts to destroy the present social system of the world, is determined to stamp out Christianity.

Mr. L. J. Hydleman, in letters written to the Editor of the Catholic Herald, has taken exception to the statements made, by myself in particular, at the meeting. To him, and perhaps to many others who are unaware of the facts, Bolshevism and Judaism would appear to be "contradictions in terms"; the association of Capitalistic Jewry with anti-capitalist Bolshevism would seem to be absurd; and the use of Bolshevism, Zionism and International Finance (The Money Power) by a small and powerful section of World Jewry as a means of gaining World Domination are to be classed as "somewhat wild conclusions".


Bolshevism is a Jewish conception based on the teachings of Karl Marx and other revolutionary Socialists. It is characterized by destruction and chaos, and imposes its will and maintains its power by terrorism and murder.

Bolshevism is, above all, Anti-Christian and Anti-Social, for, until the existing order has been destroyed, the so-called "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" in a universal brotherhood of nations, cannot be imposed upon the world.

There are many who would keep the public in ignorance of the part played by Jews, whether Socialists, Communists, Zionists or Financiers,

in the events which have led to the destruction of Tzardom; to the enslavement of the Russian people by terrorism, and to the imposition of the (Jewish-controlled) Bolshevik Regime; to the post-war "red" revolutions in Europe and Asia; to the economic and industrial war on Capitalistic States conducted under "The Five Year Plan"; to the unchecked persecution of Christians by Bolshevists in Russia, Spain, Mexico, and elsewhere; and to the rapid spread of Bolshevik activities throughout the world, in particular in Palestine, the Middle East, India and China.

Within the limits of a short article, it is only possible to give a fraction of the overwhelming amount of evidence (from authoritative sources, both Gentile and Jew) in support of these facts. The following instances, however, should serve to convince your readers that Bolshevism and Zionism are but means to an end--weapons in the fight by a Jewish World Power for supremacy in politics, economics and religion--that is, the fight for Jewish Nationalism, posing as Internationalism, against Gentile Nationalism.


The British Government published a White Paper (Russia No. 1, April, 1919) in which was contained a report from M. Oudendyk, the Netherlands Minister at St. Petersburg, who was watching British interests during the Bolshevik Revolution. M. Oudendyk states:

"I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the War which is still raging, and unless as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread, in one form or another, over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews, who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things."

This report, dated September 6th, 1918, was forwarded by Sir M. Findlay from Christiania to Mr. (later Lord) Balfour. Incidentally, the above passage was deleted from a subsequent abridged edition of the said White Paper.

The following facts demonstrate the part played by Jewry in the furtherance of Bolshevist activities:

1. The hostilities of both Capitalistic and Socialistic Jews to the Tzarist Regime is a matter of history.

According to their own claims (The "Maccabean", New York, 1905) the Jews were the most active revolutionaries in the Tzar's Empire. The Jewish Banker, the late Jacob Schiff, of the powerful banking group, Kuhn Loeb and Co., aided Russian revolutionaries. According to the Jewish Encyclopaedia, 1925, Jacob Schiff financed Japan against Russia in the war of 1904 to 1905.

2. Jews engineered the Russian Revolution of 1905 and 1917.

From statements made by Sokolow, the Zionist leader, in his book, The History of Zionism, and by other Jews, it is apparent that Organized Zionism played an important part in Bolshevik activities in Russia.

The success of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was made possible by the financial support and influence of International (Jew) Financiers. (Vide: The Sisson Report published by the American Committee of Public Information, 1919. The Times, February 9, 1918.)

3. Statesmen representing the Allies, in 1919, endeavored to secure the recognition and representation of the Bolshevik Government at the Peace Conference in Versailles.

Wickham Steed, Editor of The Times, at the period of which he wrote in his book, Through Thirty Years, stated, regarding this move:

"The prime movers were Jacob Schiff, Warburg, and other International Financiers who wished, above all, to bolster up the Jewish Bolshevists in order to secure a field for German and Jewish exploitation of Russia."

4. International Finance (which is Jew-dominated) found abundant credits for the Five Year Plan.

Krassin served as one of the post-war links between Jewish and other finance and the Bolsheviks.

The intrigues by which financial credits apparently made to Germany reached Russia have been denounced in the U.S.A. Congress and elsewhere. The statements have not been refuted by the German-American-Jew Bankers thus implicated.

5. That there is some alliance between the Bolshevik leaders, the avowed enemies of Capitalism, and World's Super-Capitalists must be inferred from the fact that Felix Warburg, in 1927, was given a "Royal" welcome to Russia, in spite of his association with the Federal Reserve Bank of America, and with the Banking Group of Kuhn Loeb and Co!


The Soviet movement was a Jewish, and not a Russian conception. It was forced on Russia from without, when, in 1917, German and German-American-Jew interests sent Lenin and his associates into Russia, furnished with the wherewithal to bring about the defection of the Russian armies, and the overthrow of the Kerensky Provisional Government, which was "pro-Allies". Thus:

1. The Movement has never been controlled by Russians. For,

  1. Of the 224 revolutionaries who in 1917 were dispatched to Russia with Lenin to foment the Bolshevik Revolution, 170 were Jews!

  2. According to The Times of 29th March, 1919, of the 20 or 30 commissars, or leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75 percent are Jews--among the minor officials the numbers is legion.

  3. According to official information from Russia, in 1920, out of 545 members of the Bolshevist Administration, 447 were Jews!

2. The "benefits" of office under the Bolshevik regime had been reaped by Jews:

The number of official appointments that have been bestowed upon Jews during the Soviet Regime is entirely out of proportion to their percentage in the State. [H: This same inadequacy in "counting" seems to be a group problem in all respects--from this instance to the holocaust and on --,]

The population of Soviet Russia is officially given as 158,400,000, the Jewish section, according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, being about 7,800,000. Yet according to The Jewish Chronicle of 6th January, 1933: "Over one-third of the Jews in Russia have become officials."

3. "Anti-Semitism" in Russia is now classed as counterrevolutionary and is punishable BY DEATH.

4. It is significant that the Red Five-Pointed Star, which in former time was the symbol of ZIONISM and JEWRY, is now the symbol of the Russian proletariat.


Bolshevism was enforced in Russia by means of confiscation, terrorism and murder on a scale of unprecedented magnitude. According to Bolshevist figures and other estimates, in the Revolution some 20,000,000 lost their lives, either by violence or from starvation and disease. Of these people some 1,766,118 persons had been executed before February, 1922. [H: I guess when you have a "reverse" "holocaust" it just don't count! Am I some sort of a biased nut? YES INDEED! THESE ARE MY ENEMIES FOR THEY ARE THE ENEMIES OF GOD ALMIGHTY!]

The "Terror" has become a permanent institution by which the Bolshevik (Jewish) Government maintains its tyrannical power over the enslaved millions of Russia and pursues its war on religion.

[H: In case you have overlooked or forgotten something since the beginning of this writing: IT IS FROM OCTOBER 21ST, 28TH, AND NOV. 4TH 1933. So, and where have YOU been?]

These statements may come as a shock to many readers, both Christian and Orthodox Jew, who may have condemned the activities and actions of the Bolshevists without realizing where the true responsibility lay. They will be further disturbed to read from The Jewish Chronicle of April 4, 1919:

"There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

And from the Jewish World of March 15, 1923:


An expression of opinion which is by no means new to the Jewish World, for, in its issue of February 9, 1883, there appeared the following:

"The great ideal of Judaism is...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations---a greater Judaism in fact--IN FACT--ALL THE SEPARATE RACES AND RELIGIONS SHALL DISAPPEAR."

Bernard Lazare (a Jew) in his book, L'Antisemitisme, asserts (translation), p.350:

"The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaises, he destroys Catholic or Protestant faith, he provokes indifference but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins: he works at his age-old task, the annihilation of the religion of Christ."

The wholesale persecution, torture and murder of Christians by Bolsheviks, in Russia and elsewhere, would therefore appear to be the logical and practical application of the above "ideals" as foretold by Wilhelm Marr in 1879 and by Dostoevski in 1880.

Many Jews deplore the participation of members of their race, even though they may be professed Atheists, in the unbridled acts of destruction, cruelty and devilry which characterize Bolshevist tyranny.

In an attempt to explain away the fact that Jews play or played leading parts in the perpetration of the hideous crimes of the Bolshevik Terror, Alfred Nossig, one of the spiritual leaders of Judaism, states:

"Socialism and the Mosaic code are not at all in opposition... all Jewish groups... have a vital interest in the victory of Socialism; they must exact it not only on principle, not only because of its identity with the Mosaic doctrine, but also on tactical grounds. The Jewish Socialist is reproached with playing a leading part... in the Communist terrorist party... this is only explained by two reasons; the complete estrangement of the Jewish terrorists from the spirit of the Mosaic doctrine and the strong mixture of Tartar and Cossack blood. That.... has inculcated in them savage and cruel principles. " (Viconte Poncins, THE SECRET BEHIND REVOLUTION pp . 158-160).

[H: We have waited a while to ask you this question: "Why is the terrorist secret military force of Israel called "Mossad"? Look back at the above and read "Mosaic" (Moses), my friends--a take-off on "Moses". So, when receivers come to me asking that I print something that comes from "Moses", I am most often instantly drawn to attention as to the intent of MY ENEMY! I am accused of being disloyal to "honored receivers"--no, the basic NOAHEDIC AND MOSAIC laws are written for the latter day Bolshevik Jewish Anti-Christians--NOT FOR THE HOSTS OF GOD ALMIGHTY. There are several who still present me with regular documents stated to be by "Moses"--I'm sorry, chelas, they may well be in truth--but the presentation is quite focused in every instance. Be most careful for you are welcome to do that which you wish and that which seems correct TO YOU--but do not demand that I print the material on the basis of "MOSES says that you are to print this in the paper." Number one: This is not Moses' paper and if he wishes to print something in public forum--let him do so--but this paper belongs to this small circle and "you-the-people". Perhaps I would be even more receptive if this fine teacher sent funds with which to publish this paper--instead of sending bunches of "stuff" which literally "says nothing". YOU are in a struggle for your very souls--if you wish to dwell in the past, so there too, shall ye perish. You are in the NOW--the NOW is all there is with which to work--I suggest you quit trying to excuse, debate and find loopholes for imperfection allowances in 2000 year-old scripts. The Master is back in your realm--to show you the way. March along or linger back--it is your preference but you shall not DEMAND anything of these people doing all they can to serve you. "But I didn't realize” IF YOU HAVE STUDIED THAT WHICH WE HAVE GIVEN YOU--YOU WOULD HAVE REALIZED. YOU DO NOT SIMPLY SIT DOWN AND KNOW IT ALL! I am further amused by ones such as Col. Gritz who says, "Follow Hatonn if you wish but 'I' follow only Jesus Christ, etc, etc." and "I don't care what kind of religion you practice...." "Hatonn" is NOT a RELIGION and for goodness sakes, how can you even SPEAK on the subject, KNOWING SO LITTLE? I TRAVEL IN THE COMPANY OF THE ONE YOU LIKE TO CALL JESUS CHRIST! You will not find even ONE contradiction to this statement in all of my work--read it and see and stop the silly speculations and basing your very passage on another's OPINIONS.]

[By the way--when I say "this is my enemy"--I know my enemy! By saying this "is my enemy" DOES NOT MEAN: "I DECLARE WAR." I do NOT declare war on anyone and neither shall my enemy claim that I have so that he can act in a mode of WAR! You who think it cute to go forth with your flags and armies and shout, "I declare war," on this or that, are acting in total foolishness and will get yourself and those around you mired in trouble and often, dead. I am come to show the way and BRING THE WORD--not lead you off into some bloody war and he who would do so is not acting in Godly Truth--no matter WHO HE CLAIMS TO BE OR WHAT HE CLAIMS TO BE.]

(The reader may not be aware that the Eastern European Jew, known as the Ashkenazim or "German Jew", is of Jewish Mongolian-Turkish extraction. The Western European Jew, known as the Sephardim, or Portuguese Jew, is regarded as purely Jewish in origin.)


The European War, and its aftermath, dealt staggering blows to Western (Christian) Civilization. By contrast, however, International Jewry has emerged there from with enhanced financial and political power in all parts of the world.

Through the use of the Money Power, International Jew Finance is now able to direct the internal and external policies of the Governments of the impoverished States of Europe and also of America.

By this power, it has forced Gentile Governments to further the political aspirations of Zionism, and to refrain from protecting the interests of their own nationals from the activities of Bolshevists who are undermining the economic, social, moral and religious systems of all States.

International Finance is not altruistic; it ever seeks its own material advancement and power. Europe is exhausted as a profitable investment. But Russia, Siberia, the Far East, India, the Middle East are awaiting exploitation, and would offer colossal gains to those who could superimpose upon them the mass-production methods of modern machinery.

Bolshevism has opened the way to a Jewish Industrialization of Russia and Siberia; it may deliver India and the Far East into the hands of International (Jew) finance. [H: I suggest, readers, it has happened, hook, line and your sinker!] Its part is to foster World Revolution and the destruction of religion so that the present social systems may be swept away--as in Russia.

International Finance, after the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, which Zionists had aided, realized that it stood greatly to gain by supporting the Zionist Movement, by forcing the Balfour Declaration on a financially harassed British Government, and thereby consolidating World Jewry into a powerful political factor for use in their own interests in world affairs.

The Zionists themselves later, in 1928, realized that their Movement had been exploited by International Finance, and, in 1929, did not hesitate to say so. For, at the dictates of powerful Jew Financiers, the Zionist organization, as the official liaison between World Jewry and the Mandatory Power for Palestine, was superseded by the Jewish Agency, a body containing powerful non-Zionist elements.

International Finance, by its support of Zionism, has obtained the power to exploit the vast resources of oil, chemicals and other substances in the lands to which Palestine is the outlet. By the same means, it has dumped into Palestine, the most sacred country in the world, thousands of Bolshevik Jews who would destroy all religions and who, from this strategic center, are engaged in propaganda, designed to draw Palestine, Egypt, the Middle East, India and the Far East, into the gigantic movement begun in Russia, and to destroy British Imperialism. (Vide Eberlin). [H: Keep holding the idea—THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 1933!!! WHEN DID THE UNITED NATIONS MAKE ISRAEL A NATION?? IF YOU ARE CARELESS YOU WILL MISS A LOT OF IN-FORMATION.]

The part played by INTERNATIONAL FINANCE in furthering Bolshevism is a source of bewilderment to those who do not understand that the MONEY POWER, ZIONISM and BOLSHEVISM are but weapons in the hands of INTERNATIONAL JEWRY. On the face of it, astute Jew Financiers, with their knowledge of mankind, would not be so stupid or so insane as to pour vast amounts of capital into the world-wide activities of Bolshevism, unless they were certain, in their own mind, that their own interests and power were secure, whatever happened to the rest of humanity. [H: Don't go looking overseas to Israel or some other place--LOOK RIGHT AT YOUR OWN NATION RIGHT NOW--TODAY, THIS DAY--AND YOUR CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT. GUESS WHAT, SLEEPYHEADS!!]

The alliance between Jewish Finance and Revolutionary Movements was no mystery to D'Israeli (Lord Beaconsfield), for, just after the European Revolutionary upheaval of 1848, he wrote:

"The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of man and the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments, and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God co-operate with Atheists; the most skilful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure. “LIFE OF LORD GEORGE BENTINCK, p. 497 (1852).

Similar statements have been made by many other writers of eminence and erudition.

History shows that the Jew has always been, by nature, a revolutionary and that, since the dispersion of his race in the second century, he has either initiated or assisted revolutionary movements in religion, politics and finance, which weakened the power of the States wherein he dwelt. On the other hand, a few far-seeing members of the race have always been at hand to reap financial and political advantage coincident with such upheavals.

In the present case, however, (1933-remember) World Jewry may have let loose a force of destruction which International Finance may find itself powerless to control--in fact, another Frankenstein monster.


Dr. Oscar Levy (a Jew) in 1920, in a letter which has been printed as a preface to a book, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, by G. Pitt Rivers, attributes the fact that:

"Jewish elements provide the driving force for both Communism and Capitalism for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of this world to the intense idealism of the Jew.”

However, as he points out, all Jews are not Financiers, Zionists or Bolshevists.

Dr. Levy considers that the Jews have most grievously erred:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (St. John, Chap. 8, Verse 44),

and whose existence in these days has been referred to by Jews of such eminence in politics and finance as Benjamin D'Israeli and Walter Rathenau. This small group of men (Jews) has long exercised a hidden dictatorship over the affairs of Europe, America, and, to some extent, in Asia, by means of the enslavement of National Governments, to what Herzl, the first leader of the Zionist Organization, called "our terrible power of the purse". This method of control could not be applied to Tsarist Russia; therefore the end was achieved by means of Bolshevism, a method which is also being used to bring the East into subjection to them.

The machinations of this group of men have been crowned with so great a measure of success that members of their race have had the effrontery, in their recent representation of Britannia, to attach the Seal of Solomon to her Shield and Judaistic symbol of the Serpent around her Trident. And the descendants of those who rejected Christ have not only joined hands with "Anti-Christ", but also with those who would expel God from His Universe and set up in His place Gold and the Machine as symbols of their gross materialism.

Unless the power of this section of Jewry is checked by human or super-human means, the peoples of the world, whether Gentile or Jew, are doomed to slavery of body and soul.


* * *

Thank you. This booklet, for information, can be gotten from the same resource as The Iron Curtain Over America, OMNI, P.O. Box 90566, Palmdale, CA 93590.

You must begin to sort this information lest the overall not make sense to you as players enter the scene and, even though they have tags, you can't identify them or their purpose. Let us begin to pay careful attention to players and lineage for it IS the game.

This is too full a document to continue with Coleman's material. Let us just close this chapter and take up where we left off in "300". Dharma, I see that you are past weary so just mark the spot, chela, and we will not write again this day--it is not good to spend this many hours suspended without breaks--my apologies.



FRI., AUG. 6, 1993 10:26 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 355

FRI., AUGUST 6, 1993


Dear READERS: Please go back and READ CAREFULLY what I actually SAID about school! I have another several responses to that article. I note several things--no one wants to give me your contact place or your names. I also note that in EVERY instance it is women, not Fathers, who are responding in what I feel, is gross misunderstanding.

There is a note here and I shall again effort at clarity. Let us share it and see what we have. Please remember before we write that Dharma has some 32,000 pages of PERTINENT material IN FRONT of her to read. I am not going to ask her to study a paper by a Taylor Gatto on We Need Less School Not More! We already AGREE ON ALL THE ARGUMENTS AGAINST A SYSTEM GONE INSANE. THAT point is NOT at issue. The point is what to do with YOUR children.


We have heard it now from a Texas student who bore a teenage pregnancy baby and now grandparents are rearing the child--who says that not only did her school offer, but demanded, sex education and had rooms off the lecture room for "on-site" training. ARE YOU ONES UNABLE TO THINK EXCEPT IN THE FAR OPPOSING EXTREMES? I have written almost 80 JOURNALS and almost EVERY ONE OF THEM bashes the Elite SYSTEM. The School (Education System) was one of the original plums to destroy for the New World Order. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE SYSTEM--I SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND UNLESS YOU CLEAN UP THE MESS YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR CHILDREN'S WELFARE TO THE STATE. You who pull your children from the system will be able to do so for a while--as the noose tightens into Socialism/Communism--those children will be TAKEN and placed in the SYSTEM whether you like it or not.

If you teach at home is there any REASON you do not also raise hell with the system? It is NOT "either/or"--it is the life of your NATION--and ALL THE CHILDREN. If you cannot safely send your children into the schools--WHY ARE YOU PARENTS NOT IN THE REAR OF EVERY SCHOOLROOM CAUSING GOOD BEHAVIOR OF ALL PRESENT AND DEMANDING THAT LESSONS BE TAUGHT RATHER THAN SEX?? OH, I see, well, you gave at home?


Aug. 31, 1993

Dear Commander Hatonn,

I have enclosed one of John Taylor Gatto's speeches. Being a New York City School teacher he has first hand experience and knowledge as to the condition of our schools.

Please find it in your heart to print and discuss your opinion on Mr. Gatto's writing. I'm sure there are many readers like myself who don't understand clearly your reasoning for sup-porting sending our children to government schools.

Thank you for your time. I know how busy you are and appreciate whatever input possible.


* * *

So, again: I DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS! I am however, going to dump the inquiry right back in your lap. CAN YOU (YES, YOU!) GIVE YOUR CHILD A FULLY ROUNDED, IN-DEPTH UNDERSTANDING OF PHYSICS, EITHER MY OFFERING OR THE SCHOOL'S, AND CALCULUS? HOW ABOUT CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS AND ADVANCED MATHEMATICS?? Not even ONE parent home teaching, that I know--can offer these things. Perhaps they are not offered in the schools EITHER, but what do YOU do about it?

IF you ones were pulling those children out of school, bonding with other parents doing likewise, getting teachers qualified for REAL teaching, paying them adequately so they are not trapped in the system, etc.--YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD. But that is NOT what happens. The system worsens, you pull away, the child is unbalanced in 9 out of 10 cases and the parent is at wit's end! I tell you AGAIN, the "system" is just about strong enough under the forces of the United Nations to SEE TO IT THAT YOUR CHILD GOES TO SCHOOL OR IT SHALL BE REMOVED FROM YOUR CARE AS "CHILD NE-GLECT" AND THE JUDGE WILL RULE WITH THE PERPETRATORS. YOU NOW have children being forcibly removed from homes BECAUSE THE CHILDREN ARE TOO FAT AND THAT IS NOW CONSIDERED CHILD ABUSE!

I love it, Dharma doesn't have to read these documents (lest you forget) but I will comment on this article in point. There are pages of negative (but absolutely truthful) input. And for solution?? You will note a lot of references to ones such as Bertrand Russell (one of the ones responsible for the mass destruction of your educational system). And how does this person in point wrap up his dissertation on the "bad" system? "Mass-schooling damages children. We don't need any more of it. And under the guise that it is the same thing as education, it has been picking our pockets just as Socrates predicted it would thousands of years ago. One of the surest ways to recognize education is that it doesn't cost very much; it doesn't depend on expensive toys or gadgets. The experiences that produce it and the self-awareness that propels it are nearly free. It is hard to turn a dollar on education. But schooling is a wonderful hustle, getting sharper all the time.

Sixty-five years ago Bertrand Russell, probably the greatest mathematician of this century, its greatest philosopher, and a close relation to the King of England to boot, saw that mass-schooling in the United States had a profoundly anti-democratic intent, that is was a scheme to artificially deliver national unity by eliminating human variation and by eliminating the forge that produces variation: the family----"

OK, is your family STRONG and unified more smoothly through your home-teaching situation and isolation of your children from the system? Do you also withdraw from the WORSE circumstance of "misteachings" in the CHURCH situation? You see, it is now prevalent that ALL CHURCHES ARE SANCTIONING IN FAVOR OF "MODERNIZING" AND "ACCEPTING" ALL LIFESTYLES AS EQUAL! So, WHERE are YOUR children going to encounter their mates, their friends--their ability to balance their experiences? IF you can supply all these examples and all these countermeasures in an isolated system at home--GLORY BE UNTO YOU! CAN YOU NOT TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO ATTEND BOTH? EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE IS DIFFERENT. IF YOU DON'T DEMAND MORE THAN BABY-SITTERS (AND BOY, THE SYSTEM IS HARDLY THAT ANY MORE), THEN ALL YOU WILL GET IS WHAT YOU HAVE GOT!

This author also says "Working for official favor, grades, or other trinkets of subordination; these have no connection with education--they are the paraphernalia of servitude, not free-dom."

I want to tell you something--this very article is an attempt toward "riot" and confusion. HOW DO YOU reward your child for good work and progress? THE WHOLE SYSTEM STINKS! However, if you look and see WHAT is wrong and do nothing to fix it save remove from it--YOU WILL FIND YOURSELVES FORCED BACK WITHIN IT--ON THEIR TERMS WITH NO ALTERNATIVES--TOO LATE TO CHANGE IT AND TOO ENFORCED TO HAVE RECOURSE. Something has to be done BEFORE the fact. Will it be so? Probably not--for it certainly is not one of the PLANS to allow you to change that which has been deliberately structured for your enslavement. So, if you teach at home and you are having success, joy and fulfillment--for goodness sakes, continue--but to deprive your child of KNOWLEDGE because you fear his moral strength is not great enough--the reasons are not adequate. You whose children attend these "classes" you dislike--WHERE ARE YOU WHILE THIS IS GOING ON? WHO ALLOWS THIS KIND OF THING TO TAKE HOLD AND FLOURISH? YOU DO BY YOUR PUSH FOR SAME, OR YOUR FAILURE TO STOP IT.


I know the frustration of doing all you can to help as you can--you get no argument from me--only love and support. But when the task is not fulfilling the need in that dining-room setting--you must consider the future consequences as well as the isolation FROM the life-stream. Your colleges are WORSE! They are totally controlled by the Elite One Worlders. The FACTS are, readers, you are IN THE MESS AND CHAOS--it is NOT "one" or the other--you are going to have to creep your way through as if on glass shards--THERE IS NO WAY OF PERFECTION! Moreover, to FIX anything--YOU must attend your own homework--STUDY what we offer you so that you know what and WHO has done this to you and when you open your eyes you will find that less than 1 1/2 percent of the population has done it ALL while you didn't notice. In that final realization--PERHAPS YOU WILL GET OFF YOUR ASSETS, OUT OF THAT SINGULAR INTENTIONED DINING-SCHOOLROOM AND DO SOMETHING! Unmask the evil traitors--show them for who and what they are and stop accepting OR withdrawing from their clutches. Killing that damned box with pictures would be a good start--except WHERE will you get the news? You see, all you need do is learn the FACTS OF TRUTH IN TRUTH--AND THE NEWS BECOMES EASY TO READ! TRY IT! YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF LIARS AND THIEVES--AND UNTIL YOU GET THAT SQUARELY FIXED IN YOUR MINDS AS TO "CAUSE" OF ALL OTHER EXPRESSIONS--YOU ARE CAUGHT IN THE TRAP.

A heavy burden? Of course--it has been building by this same 1 1/2 percent for eons--and you drifted or focused on only one little facet of a system gone mad. I think it time to again run the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, staff. Education is only a PORTION of the PLAN to be destroyed. It is working--that Plan 2000! It is a bit AHEAD of schedule, as a matter of fact. It is also like your government when you consider education--unless you begin something BETTER you are stuck with what you have--evil and terrible as it might be. You CAN change it--but indeed, IT IS GOING TO BE THROUGH AND WITH THE DIRECTION AND ATTENTION IN GOODNESS THROUGH GOD FOR YOU ARE UP AGAINST THE MASTER DECEIVERS--THE ANTI-CHRIST/GOD IN HIS BILIOUS GRINNING SHEEP'S CLOTH TO EAT YOU ALIVE.

Indeed--run those protocols AGAIN!

My intention is never to lessen any worthy subject. I long for a time of being able to share EVERY small happening in the life-journey of physical domain. But the time is at hand "OF THE LORD" and the sorting, the Truth--ALL--must be confronted--and confronted in the sequence of priorities which CAN ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE THE WHOLE--not put bandaids on the wounds. Until that time is come and all have their lessons learned as to what is what and who is who--you better keep sticking on those bandaids where and when you can. You are going to have to, as parents, simply do that which is suitable in YOUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCE IN WISDOM and God be with you. Further--be most careful that you DON'T ONLY SEE AND HEAR THAT WHICH YOU WANT TO HEAR AND SEE--SMOOTH SPEAKERS SOUND GOOD BUT SILVER-TONGUED ORATORS HAVE BROUGHT YOU ASUNDER. So be it--but PLEASE do not read things into my writings which are NOT there. I am so against your systems as to wish to be in the farthest reaches of the universe--away from the stench which has fallen upon your wondrous and glorious physical planet. I cannot be "there" so I shall hold my responsibility and act accordingly. Wishing will not make "it so"— praying for wisdom and acting within that wisdom--shall!

There is an article about schooling from one of the people I respect most highly on almost every transitional issue, Dr. Arthur Robinson. There aren't any PERFECT solutions--there are not supposed to be--but as you work together and study, a "better" way will emerge--if you are willing to gather yourselves into a unified front to accomplish the goal. No, it is NOT easy--it is all but IMPOSSIBLE--therefore, is it not wondrous to KNOW that with GOD--ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE?

* * *


Dear ones, when you "look back" and "think" you understand that it was somehow "better--back when___ "--know that it was not! Some things may well have been "better" but most WERE NOT, NEVER WERE and the "old times" weren't. What you long for was that time in "memory" when it SEEMED better, life was less confusing, a sleigh ride through the snow to Grandmum's house and Grandpa had nothing to do but take you fishing, and so on and on. That, too, will trap you, my friends, because it is a false dream existing for, if ANY, only a tiny few. There were "simple" times--however, for the majority who had to go forth and work without proper tools, low wages, be in bread lines, etc.--IT WAS A HORROR! Perhaps people ran around in the picturesque autos of long ago--but also there were major wars and no tires or rationed fuel for the gas tanks. The same Picturesque ones who HAD it then--STILL CONTINUE TO "HAVE" IT. You see, even your Cinderella wanted to, and did join, the fairy-tale Prince's house. So the fantasy goes on and on and on. Oh, how I wish I could make it "right" for you precious children--but I cannot--I can only continue to tell you Truth and hopefully show you the way--you who would see. But then, if "I" do not act in wisdom within the LAWS OF GOD--how shall I hope that you will see and hear and act in WISDOM? We all grow from each and every experience and choice or there is no point in the journey through this free-will maze of expression. There are always the positive doors and the negative doors--the red road or the black. (The send the kids to school or teach them at home ) Assuming responsibility after generations of allowing your very enemy to shoulder your responsibility is heavy and difficult. Waking up INTO the nightmare is never easy, precious friends--NEVER.

Dharma, I believe the most valuable thing we can offer our readers is to focus on the Elite Controllers. Here is where IT IS. Until you can squarely face the players in this game of downfall--you don't know what to do. It means you must "unthink" almost all you have been taught and told from scientific garble to players in the form of people, races, creeds and colors. Can I teach it all? Yes, but not in your lifetime of limitations and certainly not through these two human hands growing weary at the effort. As long as you treat that button on your idiot box as if it controls you rather than your controlling it--there is little hope of controlling the BIG SWITCHES. As long as it is better in your expression to pop a beer can lid and vegetate than to take some Gaiandriana and participate in the game--then there is little hope for recovery--YOU HAVE TO WANT RECOVERY--NOT MAGIC FIX-ITS.


Let us go right back to the sentence in "300" where we left off and printed the material on the Bolsheviks, please. We would be taking up on the name and subject of Brzezinski (this is NOT his "real" name). This man is even more dangerous than Kissinger--and THAT is very dangerous.

From Conspirators' Hierarchy--the Committee of 300, by Dr. John Coleman.



Brzezinski is the author of a book that should have been read by every American interested in the future of this country. [H: Please, will someone get this book for Dharma's use--it was all but impossible to obtain and Dr. Coleman promised a copy but it was never forthcoming--I figure that it has been long enough that I seriously doubt his intentions are to send us anything!] Entitled The Technotronic Era, it was commissioned by the Club of Rome. The book is an open announcement of the manner and methods to be used to control the United States in the future. It also gave notice of cloning and "robotics", i.e., people who acted like people and who seemed to be people, but who were not. Brzezinski, speaking for the Committee of 300, said the United States was moving "into an era unlike any of its predecessors; we were moving toward a technotronic era that could easily become a dictatorship." I reported fully on "the Technotronic Era" in 1981 and mentioned it in my newsletters a number of times. [H: Ah, so too, have we--many, many times and I can only offer that you get the material from "back then" before you came into CONTACT or review--OR WAIT TILL WE HIT YOU WITH IT AGAIN--but you are going to have to know about it if you are to make sense of any of this transition toward hell as moving--OR, get on the other "track" with the train headed to freedom.]

Brzezinski went on to say that our society "is now in an information revolution based on amusement focus, spectator spectacles (saturation coverage by television of sporting events) [H: And do you now notice the evolution into violence and criminal acts of your players and the games as a whole?] which provide an opiate for an increasingly purposeless mass." Was Brzezinski another seer and a prophet? Could he see into the future? The answer is NO; what he wrote in his book was simply copied from the Committee of 300's blueprint given to the Club of Rome for execution. [H: You will find the same thing right in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.] Isn't it true that by 1991 we already have a purposeless mass of citizens? We could say that 30 million unemployed and 4 million homeless people are a "purposeless mass", or at least the nucleus of one.

In addition to religion, "the opiate of the masses" which Lenin and Marx acknowledged was needed, we now have the opiates of mass spectator sport, unbridled sexual lusts, rock music and a whole new generation of drug addicts. Mindless sex and an epidemic of drug usage was created to distract people from what is happening all around them. In "The Technotronic Era" Brzezinski talks about "the masses" as if people are some inanimate object--which is possibly how we are viewed by the Committee of 300. He continually refers to the necessity of controlling us "masses".

At one point, he lets the cat out of the bag:

"At the same time the capacity to assert social and political control over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files, containing even the most personal details about health and personal behavior of every citizen in addition to the more customary data.

"These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information. Our existing institutions will be supplanted by pre-crisis management institutions, the task of which will be to identify in advance likely social crises and to develop programs to cope with them. (This describes the structure of FEMA which came much later.)

"This will encourage tendencies through the next several decades toward TECHNOTRONIC ERA, A DICTATORSHIP, leaving even less room for political procedures as we know them. Finally, looking ahead to the end of the century, the possibility of BIOCHEMICAL MIND CONTROL AND GENETIC TINKERING WITH MAN, INCLUDING BEINGS WHICH WILL FUNCTION LIKE MEN AND REASON LIKE THEM AS WELL, COULD GIVE RISE TO SOME DIFFICULT QUESTIONS."

Brzezinski was not writing as a private citizen but as Carter's National Security Advisor and a leading member of the Club of Rome and a member of the Committee of 300, a member of the CFR and as a member of the old Polish Black Nobility. His book explains how America must leave its industrial base behind and enter into what he called "a distinct new historical era".

"What makes America unique is its willingness to experience the future, be it pop-art or LSD. Today, America is the creative society, the others, consciously or unconsciously, are emulative." What he should have said was that America is the proving ground for Committee of 300 policies which lead directly to a dissolution of the old order and an entry into the One World Government-New World Order.

One of the chapters in The Technotronic Era explains how new technology will bring in its wake intense confrontation that will strain social and international peace. Oddly enough we are already under intense strains through surveillance. Lourdes in Cuba is one place where this is happening. The other is NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, where a giant computer designated "666" can store data of every type mentioned by Brzezinski, plus possessing an expanded capacity to take in data for several billions more people than presently exist, if it ever comes to that, but which, in the light of the Global 2000 genocidal report, will probably never NEED to be utilized. [H: And so, what too, do you think of the INSLAW material and that software with endless data keeping capability--stolen by the Elite and put into use through this network--and at the price of murder, death of freedom and your national sovereignty?]

Retrieval of data will be simple in the United States where social security and or driver license numbers could simply be added to 666 to provide the surveillance recording announced by Brzezinski and his Committee of 300 colleagues. The Committee already in 1981 warned governments, including the government of the USSR, and there "will be chaos unless the Committee of 300 takes complete control of preparations for the New World Order. CONTROL WILL BE EXERCISED THROUGH OUR COMMITTEE AND THROUGH GLOBAL PLANNING AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT." I reported this factual information a few months after I received it in 1981. Another item I reported back then was that RUSSIA HAD BEEN INVITED TO JOIN THE PREPARATIONS FOR THE COMING ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

When I wrote these things in 1981, the conspirators' global plans were already in an advanced state of preparedness. Looking back over the past 10 years, it can be seen just how rapidly the Committee's plans have advanced. If the information provided in 1981 was alarming, then it should be even more alarming today as we near the final stages of the demise of the United States as we know it. With unlimited funding, with several hundred think tanks and 5000 social engineers, the media, banking and control of most governments a reality, we can see that we are facing a problem of immense proportions, one that cannot be opposed by any nation at this time.

As I have so often stated, we have been misled into believing that the problem I am talking about has its origin in Moscow. We have been brainwashed into believing that Communism is the greatest danger we Americans are facing. This is simply not so. The greatest danger arises from the mass of traitors in our midst. Our Constitution warns us to be watchful of the enemy within our gates. These enemies are the servants of the Committee of 300 who occupy high positions within our governmental structure. The UNITED STATES is where we MUST begin our fight to turn back the tide threatening to engulf us, and where we must meet, and defeat these internal conspirators.

The Club of Rome also had a direct hand in creating the 25years-old war in El Salvador, as an integral part of the wider plan drawn up by Elliot Abrams of the U.S. State Department. It was Committee of 300 member Willy Brandt, leader of the Socialist International and a former Chancellor of West Germany, who paid for the "final offensive" by the Salvadorian guerrillas which, fortunately, was not successful. El Salvador was chosen by the committee to turn Central America into a zone for a new Thirty-Year War, which task was allocated to Kissinger to carry out under the innocuous title of "The Andes Plan".

Just to demonstrate how the conspirators operate across all national boundaries, the "final offensive" action planned by Willy Brandt came about as a result of a visit to Cuba by Felipe Gonzalez, who at the time was preparing himself for his Club of Rome-ordained role as Spain's future prime minister. Apart from myself and one or two of my intelligence colleagues and former colleagues, no one appeared to have heard of Gonzalez before he surfaced in Cuba. Gonzalez was the Club of Rome's case officer for El Salvador, and the first Socialist to be elevated to political power in Spain since the death of General Franco.

Gonzalez was on his way to Washington to attend the Club of Rome Socialist "get Reagan" meeting which took place in December 1980. Present at the Gonzalez-Castro meeting was the left-wing guerrilla, Guillermo Ungo, run by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the Committee of 300's most notorious Washington-based leftwing think tank. Ungo was run by an IPS fellow who died in a mysterious plane crash while en route from Washington to Havana to visit Castro.

As most of us know, both the left and the right of the political spectrum are controlled by the same people, which will help to explain the fact that Ungo was a life-long friend of the late Napoleon Duarte, leader of the rightwing in El Salvador. It was after the Cuban meeting that the "final offensive" by the Salvadorian guerrillas was carried out.


* * *


I will do that which Dharma dreads most--interrupt this to write on RELATED but different material. We have to go further back than the Committee of 300 as today recognized to see HOW and WHO set up this "Committee" and from what sector they came. We are going to go all the way back to The Tutonic Knights of Germany--for background. It is up to you readers to keep continuity flowing for our editors will do the best they can--but we are going at a "running" pace, I realize--and you are simply about to be out of "TIME" .



FRI., AUG. 6, 1993 12:54 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 355

FRI., AUGUST 6, 1993


In our efforting to give you current input--it is hard to have to stop and move back in history so that you can actually see "roots" sprouting. I would, before we stop, also catch you up to the central resource for your species and that which was known as Sumarian in historical foundation. Therein will lie the proof and TRUTH of your source as from God Creator. You will meet some "lizard"-looking beings and all the things from science fiction--but ones are now making sense of some of the findings and are now sorting that which was the aggressor in effort to snuff out God's people all the way back into those most ancient times. Why? Because in the PHYSICAL PLANE you are are stuck with the adversary having the tools and upper hand with which to divert the intentions of MAN. There were reasons those ancient Khazarian "Jews" called themselves the "serpent people" for the serpent has always been the symbol of evil. It is most unfair to the snake--but nonetheless--fairness has never been a positive action for the adversary.

As we moved along with the writings, I have given you ALL of this information in differing formats and sequence--mostly from beginning up--too. However, now we must integrate the segments into some semblance of order so that you can HANDLE it. You will be stuck with "repetition"--there is no other way and I watch you--you still "don't get it" and bog down in the massiveness of the deception. It is fine, we will get there, "God willing and the creek don't rise" too high!

We are going to turn to discussion of not only the internal decay and the external disaster which threaten the life of your nation, but look at the causes of the growing cancer of which those things are only "symptoms". You have to get beyond that terrible curtain of propaganda and lies, censorship and false input to gain comprehensive accounting of the origin, the scope, and the intentions of the insidious forces working from within, document them, and then point out that which is seeking to destroy America and Western "Christian" civilization as a whole.

I ask to utilize the well-written and orderly layout of John Beaty's The Iron Curtain Over America for, even though it was written a long time ago--it offers HISTORY, IDENTIFICA-TION and brings you right to the CIA (still valid) of today. It simply lays things out as they "are".


For more than a thousand years a fundamental problem of Europe, the source, seat, and historic guardian of Western civilization, has been to save itself and its ideals from destruction by some temporary master of the men and resources of Asia. This statement implies no criticism of the peoples of Asia, for Europe and America have likewise produced leaders whose armies have invaded other continents.

Since the fall of the Roman Empire of the West in 476 A.D., a principal weakness of Western Europe has been a continuing lack of unity. Charlemagne (742-814)--who was crowned Emperor of the West in Rome in 800--gave the post-Roman European world a generation of unity, and exerted influence even as far as Jerusalem, where he secured the protection of Christian pilgrims to the shrines associated with the birth, the ministry, and the crucifixion of Christ. Unfortunately, Charlemagne's empire was divided shortly after his death into three parts (Treaty of Verdun, 843). From two of these France and Germany derived historic boundaries--and a millennium of wars fought largely to change them!

After Charlemagne's time, the first significant power efforts with a continent-wide common purpose were the Crusades (1096-1291). In medieval Europe the Church of Rome, the only existing international organization, had some of the characteristics of a league of nations, and it sponsored these mass movements of Western Europeans toward the East. In fact, it was Pope Urban II, whose great speech at Clermont, France, on November 26, 1095, initiated the surge of feeling which inspired the people of France, and of Europe in general, of the amazing adventure. The late medieval setting of the epochal speech is re-created with brilliant detail by Harold Lamb in his book, The Crusades: Iron Men and Saints (Doubleday, Doran and Co., Inc., Garden City, New York, 1930, Chapters VI and VII).

The Pope crossed the Alps from schism-torn Italy and, Frenchman himself, stirred the people of France as he rode among them. In the chapel at Clermont, he first swayed the men of the church who had answered his summons to the meeting; then, surrounded by cardinals and mail-clad knights on a golden-canopied platform in a field by the church, he addressed the multitude:

You are girded knights, but you are arrogant with pride. You turn upon your brothers with fury, cutting down one the other. Is this the service of Christ? Come forward to the defense of Christ.

The great Pope gave his eager audience some pertinent and inspiring texts from the recorded words of Jesus Christ:

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them (The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter XVIII, Verse 20).

And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life (Saint Matthew, chapter XIX, Verse 29).

To the words of the Saviour, the Pope added his own specific promise:

Set forth then upon the way to the Holy Sepulcher...and fear not. Your possessions here will be safeguarded, and you will despoil the enemy of greater treasures. Do not fear death, where Christ laid down His life for you. If any should lose their lives, even on the way thither, by sea or land, or in strife with the pagans, their sins will be requited them. I grant this to all who go, by the power vested in me by God.

Through the long winter, men scanned their supplies, hammered out weapons and armor, and dreamed dreams of their holy mission. In the summer that followed, they "started out on what they called the voyage of God". As they faced East they shouted on plains and in the mountain valleys, "God wills it."

Back of the Crusades there was a "mixture of motives". The immediate goal of those who made the journey was the rescue of the tomb of Christ from the non-Christian power which then dominated Palestine. Each knight wore a cross on his outer garment and they called themselves by the Latin name Cruciati (From crux, cross), or soldiers of the cross, which is translated into English as Crusaders. A probable ecclesiastical objective of the great international effort was to purify the Church of Rome from the dissension which plagued it and to extend its influence not only in the Moslem world but in areas dominated by the Byzantine Empire with its Orthodox church. Other objectives were the containment of Mohammedan power and the protection of pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Inspired by the promise of an eternal home in heaven, alike for those who might perish on the way and those who might reach the Holy Sepulcher, the Crusaders could not fail. Some of them survived the multiple perils of the journey and reached Palestine, where they captured the Holy City and founded the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (1099). In this land, which they popularly called Outremer or Beyond The Sea, they established the means of livelihood, built churches, and saw children and grandchildren born. The Latin Kingdom's weaknesses, vicissitudes, and final destruction by the warriors of Islam, who had been driven back but not destroyed, constitute a vivid chapter of history--alien, however, to the subject matter at hand.

Many of the Crusaders became members of three military-religious orders. Unlike the Latin Kingdom, these orders have survived, in one form or another, the epoch of the great ad-venture, and are of significant interest in the middle of the twentieth century. The Knights Hospitalers--or by their longer title, the Knights of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem--were "instituted" upon an older charitable foundation by Pope Paschal II in 1113. The fraternity of the Knights Templars (Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon) was founded not as a hospital but directly as a military order about 1119, and was installed by Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem, in a building known as the "Temple of Solomon"--hence the name Templars. Both Hospitalers and Templars are fairly well known to those who have read such historical novels as The Talisman by Sir Walter Scott.

The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem maintained its rule for nearly a hundred years, 1099-1187. Still longer the Crusaders held Acre on the coast of Palestine. When their position on the mainland became untenable, the Templars moved to the Island of Cyprus, which was the seat of its Grand master at the time of its dissolution (1306-1312) as an international military brotherhood. The Hospitalers moved to the Island of Rhodes, where their headquarters buildings still stand in superb preservation facing the waters of the Inland Sea. From Rhodes, the Knights of the Hospital moved to Malta--hence their later name, Knights of Malta--and held sovereignty on that famous island until 1798.

The two principal Mediterranean orders and their history, including the assumption of some of their defense functions by Venice and then by Britain, do not further concern us. It is interesting to note, however, as we take leave of the Templars and the Hospitalers, that the three Chivalric Orders of Crusaders and in some cases the direct ancestors and in other cases have afforded many of the important present-day social, fraternal, and philanthropic orders of Europe and America. Among these are the Knights Templar, which is "claimed to be a lineal descendant" of the Crusade order of similar name; the Knights of Pythias, founded in 1864; and the Knights of Columbus, founded in 1882 and so on. [H: Well, this is where I get less and less appreciative of the false Crusades. You can see that already, the Illuminati and the ritualistic social functioning "clubs" were being set up, orchestrated and foundations laid that would later fully control you as fingers of the Elite Committee of 300.]

The third body of medieval military-religious Crusaders was the Knighthood of the Teutonic Order. This organization was founded as a hospital in the winter of 1190-91--according to tradition, on a small ship which had been pulled ashore near Acre. Its services came to be so highly regarded that in March, 1198, "the great men of the army and the [Latin] Kingdom raised the brethren of the German Hospital of St. Mary to the rank of an Order of Knights". Soon, however, the Order found that "its true work lay on the Eastern frontiers of Germany." Invited by a Christian Polish Prince (1226) to help against the still unconverted Prussians, a body of knights sailed down the Vistula establishing lockhouses and pushed eastward to found Koenigsburg in 1255. In 1274, a castle was established at Marienburg and in 1309 the headquarters of the Grand Master was transferred from Venice to this remote border city on the Nojat River, an eastern outlet of the Vistula.

It was to the Teutonic Order that the Knight of Chaucer's famous Canterbury Tales belonged. Chaucer's lines "Ful ofte tyme he hadde the bord bigonne aboven alle naciouns of Pruce" tell us that this Knight occupied the seat of Grand Master, presumably at the capital, Marienburg, and presided over Knights from the various nations assembled in "Pruce" (Prussia) to hold the pagan East at bay. In his military-religious capacity Chaucer's Knight "fought for our faith" in fifteen battles, including those in Lithuania and in Russia. [H: God have mercy at those things done in the name of Christ and God. People of Earth NEVER could retain God in HIS holiness, loving allowance--MAN seems to have to murder in the name of "something"--for once in the entrapment of the senses of physical expression and in the grip of human ego of third dimension he seems quite unable to simply draw from wisdom--but rather plays at the games of Barbarians and direct tools of adversarial force.]

The Teutonic Knights soon drove eastward, or converted to Christianity, so-called, the sparsely settled native Prussian people, and assumed sovereignty OVER East Prussia. They encouraged the immigration of German families of farmers and artisans, and their domain on the south shore of the Baltic became a self-contained German state, outside the Holy Roman Empire. The boundaries varied, at one time reaching the Gulf of Finland. The hundred years from 1309 to 1409 were the Golden Age of the Teutonic Knights. Young nobles from all over Europe found no greater honor than to come out and fight under their banner and be knighted by their Grand Master. As the years passed, the function of the Teutonic Knights as defenders, or potential defenders, of the Christian West remained unchanged.

Those who founded the Teutonic Order on the hospital ship in Palestine spoke German and from the beginning most of the members were from the various small states into which in medieval times the German people were divided. As the Crusading spirit waned in Europe, fewer Knights were drawn from far-off lands and a correspondingly larger number were recruited from nearby German kingdoms, duchies, and other autonomies.

Meanwhile, to Brandenburg, a neighbor state to the west of the Teutonic Order domain, the Emperor Sigismund sent as ruler Frederick of Hohenzollern and five years later made him hereditary elector. A new era of prosperity, good government, and princely power began with the arrival of the Hohenzollerns in Brandenburg in the summer of 1412.

After its Golden Age, the Teutonic Order suffered from a lack of religious motivation, since all nearby peoples including the Lithuanians had been converted. It suffered, too, from poor administration and from military reverses. To strengthen their position, especially against Poland, the Knights elected Albert of Hohenzollern, a cousin of the contemporary elector Joachim I (rule, 1499-1535), as Grand Master in 1511. Unlike Chaucer's Knight, a lay member who was the father of a promising son, Albert was a clerical member of the Teutonic Order. He and his elector cousin were both great grandsons of Frederick, the first Hohenzollern elector.

In most German states in the first quarter of the sixteenth century, things were not right, there was discontent deep in men's hearts, and existing powers, ecclesiastical as well as lay, abused their trust.

This was the stage upon which Luther appeared when he nailed his ninety-five theses to the church door at Wittenberg on Halloween of 1517. [H: How is THAT for creepy?] The Catholic Church had come on sorry days, and had there been no Luther there would likely have been a successful revolt anyway. But there was a Luther.

The posting of the famous "ninety-five theses" by Martin Luther foreshadowed his break, complete and final by the spring of 1522, with the Church of Rome. Since the church in Germany was temporarily at a low ebb, as shown by Dr. Neill, Luther's controversy with its authorities won him the sympathy and support of a large proportion of his countrymen.

The outcome was a new form of Christianity, known later as Protestantism, which made quick headway among North Germans and East Germans. Its adherents included many Teutonic Knights, and their German chief was interested. Still nominally a follower of the Church of Rome, Albert visited Luther at Wittenberg in 1523. Luther advised: "Give up your vow as a monk; take a wife; abolish the order; and make yourself hereditary Duke of Prussia." The advice was taken.

Thus, since a large proportion of its members and its chief had embraced Protestantism, the Knighthood severed its slender tie with the Church of Rome. Albert of Hohenzollern, last Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, became first Duke of Prussia.

In this manner the honorable and historic heritage of extending Christianity in the lands south of the Baltic passed from a military-religious order to a Germany duchy. Prussia and not the Teutonic Order now governed the strategically vital shore-land of the southeast Baltic, between the Niemen and Vistula rivers.

Proud of their origin as a charitable organization and proud of being a bulwark of Christianity, first Catholic and then Protestant, the people of Prussia, many of them descended from the lay knights, developed a strong sense of duty and loyalty. From them came also many of the generals and statesmen who helped to make Prussia great.

This duchy of Prussia was united with Brandenburg in 1618 by the marriage of Anna, daughter and heiress of the second Duke of Prussia, to the elector, John Sigismund (Hohenzollern). Under the latter's grandson, Frederick William, the Great Elector (reign, 1640-1688), Brandenburg-Prussia became second only to Austria among the member states of the Holy Roman Empire--some of its territory, acquired from the Teutonic Order, extending even beyond the loose confederation--and it was regarded as the head of German protestanism.

By an edict of the Holy Roman Emperor, the state of Brandenburg-Prussia became the kingdom of Prussia in 1701; the royal capital was BERLINE, which was in the heart of the old province of Brandenburg. Under Frederick the Great (reign, 1740-1786), Prussia became one of the most highly developed nations of Europe. A century later, it was the principal component of the German Empire which the Minister-President of Prussia, Otto von Bismarck, caused to be proclaimed in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles (Jan. 18, 1871).

Prussia's historic function, inherited from the Teutonic Order of standing as a bastion on the Baltic approach to Europe, was never fully forgotten by the West. The Hohenzollern monarchy was the strongest Protestant power on the continent and its relations with the governments of both England and America were intimate and friendly. The royal family of England several times married into the Prussian dynasty. Frederick William II of Brandenburg-Prussia, later to be Frederick, first king of Prussia helped William of Orange, the archenemy of Louis XIV of France, to land in England, where he became (1688) co-sovereign with his wife, Mary Stuart, and friend and helper of the American colonies. It was a Prussian Baron, Frederick William von Steuben, whom General George Washington made Inspector General (May, 1778), responsible for the training and discipline of the green American troops. In 1815 Prussian troops under Field Marshal von Bluecher helped save Wellington's England from Napoleon. In 1902 Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of the German Emperor, paid a state visit to the United States and received at West Point, Annapolis, Washington, and elsewhere, as royal a welcome as was ever accorded to a foreign visitor by the government of the United States. The statue of Frederick the Great, presented in appreciation, stood in front of the main building of the Army War College in Washington during two wars between the countrymen of Frederick of Hohenzollern and the countrymen of George Washington, an evidence in bronze of the old Western view that fundamental relationships between peoples should survive the temporary disturbances occasioned by wars.

The friendly relationships between the United States and Germany existed not only on the governmental level but were cemented by close racial kinship. Not only is the basic blood stream of persons of English descent very nearly identical with that of Germans; in addition, nearly a fourth of the Americans of the early twentieth century were actually of German descent.

Thus, in the early years of the twentieth century the American people admired Germany. It was a strong nation, closely akin; and it was a Christian land, part Protestant and part Catholic, as America had been part Catholic since Lord Baltimore founded Maryland and part Protestant since the Cavaliers came to Virginia and the Puritans to New England. Moreover, the old land of the Teutonic Knights led the world in music, in medicine, and in scholarship. The terms, Prussia and Prussian Germany and German had a most favorable connotation.

Then came World War I (1914), in which Britain and France and their allies were opposed to Germany and her allies. Since the citizens of the United States admired all three nations they were stunned at the calamity of such a conflict and were slow in taking sides. Finally (1917), and to some extent because of the pressure of AMERICAN ZIONISTS, we joined the Entente group, which included Britain and France. The burden of a great war was accepted by the people, even with some enthusiasm on the Atlantic seaboard, for according to the propagandists it was a war to end all wars. It was pointed out, too, that Britain among the world's great nations was closest to us in language and culture, and that France had been traditionally a friend since the Marquis of Lafayette and the Count of Rochambeau aided General Washington.

With a courage fanned by the newly perfected science of propaganda, the American people threw themselves heart and soul into defeating Germany in the great war to end all wars. The blood-spilling--the greatest in all history and between men of kindred race--was ended by an armistice on November 11, 1918, and the American people entertained high hopes for lasting peace. Their hopes, however, were soon to fade away. With differing viewpoints, national and personal, and with the shackles of suddenly revealed secret agreements between co-belligerents President Woodrow Wilson, Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Premier Gorges Clemenceau of France, and Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy had much difficulty in agreeing on the terms of peace treaties (1919), the merits of shortcomings of which cannot in consequence be fully chalked up to any one of them. [H: No; it can, however, be chalked up to the upcoming Federal Reserve System, Banker's cartel and Committee of 300. The war was planned and financed by the Elite, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and other of the Bankers of Plan 2000.]

It remains indisputable, however, that in what they agreed to in the treaty made with Germany at Versailles (June 28, 1919) and in the treaty made with Austria at St. Germain (Sept. 10, 1919) the four American delegates, dominated by President Wilson, departed at least to some extent from our tradition of humane treatment of a defeated enemy. The heavily populated German nation was deprived of much territory, including vital mineral areas and a Polish Corridor which, under the terms of the treaty, separated the original duchy of Prussia from the rest of the country. Germany was deprived also of its merchant fleet and was saddled with an impossible load of reparations. As consequence, the defeated country was left in a precarious position which soon produced an economic collapse. The Austrian Hungarian Empire, ancient outpost of the Teutonic peoples and of Western Christian civilization on the Danube Valley invasion route from Asia, was destroyed at St. Germain. The result was the serious general economic dislocation to be expected from the collapse of an imperial government, and the inevitable dire distress to the people, especially in the capital city of Vienna (population over 2,000,000), which was left with little sustaining territory, except scenic and historic mountains. Moreover, although Austro-Hungary was broken up under the theory that its people should be put into small pigeon-hole nations on racial and linguistic considerations, the new Czechoslovak state was given 3,500,000 persons of German blood and speech.

In this treatment of Germany and Austria our leaders not merely set up conditions conducive to the extreme distress of millions of people; they also by those same conditions flouted the recognized principles of sound military and national policy, for the strategic use of victory demands that the late enemy be drawn into the victor's orbit as friend and ally. As one example of the strategic use of victory, our War of 1812, with Britain, was followed by an earnest bilateral effort at the solution of mutual problems by the Monroe Doctrine (1823) in the field of international relations, and by the crumbling of unused forts on the U.S.-Canadian border. As a second example, Britain's war with South Africa, which ended in 1902, was followed by such humanity and fairness that a defeated people, different in speech and culture, became an ally instead of an enemy in the Great War which began only twelve years later in 1914.

The crash in Germany came in 1923, when German money lost its value. [H: OK, sleepyheads, we are getting into YOUR part of this scenario so please pay attention. We can't interrupt at each point and certainly not to integrate everything with everything happening at the same time. You see, right in here you had a Bolshevik Revolution and other most important things transpiring as well. You must see that the PLAN never changes in any major way at all--again the "money" IS ATTACKED. And what is the old Zionists number one rule?: GET CONTROL OF THE MONEY AND THE GOLD!] There was terrible suffering among the people everywhere and especially in the cities and industrial areas. As the mark's purchasing power approached zero, a widow would realize from her husband's life insurance just enough to buy a meal. Berlin in 1923 was a city of despair. People waited in the alley behind the Hotel Adlon ready to pounce on garbage cans immediately as they were placed outside the hotel's kitchen. A cup of coffee cost one million marks one day, a million and a half the next and two million the day following.

In hunger and desperation, many Germans blamed their troubles on the Jews, whom they identified with Communism. The fact that certain Jews, such as Kurt Eisner, Toiler, and Levine, had been leaders of Communist Movements (1918, 1919)...gave the conservatives the opportunity of proclaiming that the Jews were responsible for the national misfortunes and disorders. The German attitude was intensified by the new power German Jews acquired in the terrible year 1923 from using funds derived from rich race-conscious Jews in other countries and by an inrush of Jews from the destroyed Austro-Hungarian Empire and from the East. Some of those Eastern European Jews took an active part in the speculation which was rampant in Germany because of the unstable currency and the shortage of commodities. The influx from the East had also the effect of reviving the viewpoint of certain earlier Germans that Jews were not assimilable but were really invaders. In 1880 the learned but fanatical Professor Treitschke's phrase "Die Juden sind unser Unglück" [The Jews are our misfortune], gained currency all through the German empire. Also, according to Grattenauer's Wider die Juden (1803), the Jews of Germany were, as early as that period, regarded as Asiatic Immigrants.

This fateful German-Jewish tension was destined to have a major role in the history of the United States, and will be dealt with further in subsequent -159chapters.

The immediate result of the events of 1923 was an increase of Jewish power in the Reich. Bled white in World War I, like Britain and France, Germany bent to its economic tragedy without significant resistance, but the resentment of the people at being starved and humiliated (as they believed) by a minority of less than one percent smoldered like live coals awaiting almost any fanning into flame. Our usual helping hand--so generously extended in the Japanese earthquake tragedy of 1923 and in other calamities--was withheld, while this small group increased its control.

After 1919, anti-German propaganda in the United States did not cease, as was strategically desirable, but was continued unremittingly in the press and by the new opinion-controlling medium, the radio. Americans were taught to hate Germany and Germans and to loathe Prussia and the Prussians, not any longer as a war-time psychological attack, but as a permanent attitude.

The task of the propagandists was made easier by the appearance on the world's stage (1933) of the demagogue Adolph Hitler, whose assumption of the combined offices of chancellor and President of Germany, under the alien and repugnant title of "Fuehrer", shocked the sensibilities of the American people who were accustomed to a Republican form of government with the still effective checks and balances of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches. [H: That latter was not to last was it? And who still thinks Hitler was NOT placed by the Elite to pull off the "coup of coups"?]

In 1936, Britain was making efforts to establish workable arrangements with Germany. Symbolically, and with much publicity, a thousand German war veterans were entertained in England by a thousand British war veterans. A naval ration, most favorable to Britain, had been agreed upon. The President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, had in his first year of office (1933) RECOGNIZED THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF RUSSIA, but was otherwise isolationist in his general attitude toward Europe. Then on October 5, 1937, in Chicago, he made an about face in his famous Quarantine speech against Germany. Though his sudden "fears" had no foundation in facts--as known then or as discovered later--our policy was charted, and England, forced to a decision, became a partner in our anti-German action. With no enthusiasm, such as was generated in 1919, the American people soon found themselves (Dec. 1941) involved in a second and even more frightful World War against two of our former allies, Japan and Italy, and against our World War I opponent, Germany. [H: I would guess this very author would turn in his grave if he KNEW then at writing, what we have given you, dear readers. Ah, the insight gifted unto you who would see Truth is magnificent in its greatness. Do you see, even from the reading of this historical research--so MUCH is missing?]

The propagandists against Germany and the German people did not cease, however, with Hitler's defeat and death (1945) and the resultant effacement of his government and his policies. After Hitler, as before Hitler, these propagandists did not allow the American public to realize the strategic fact that a country like an individual needs friends and that a permanent destructive attitude toward a nation because of a former ruler is as stupid, for instance, as a hatred for the people of an American state because of an unpopular ex-governor.

Thus, instead of correcting our error of 1919 and making certain at the end of World War II to draw a properly safeguarded but humanely treated Germany definitely into our orbit, we adopted in 1945 an intensified policy of hate, denied the Germans a peace treaty more than six years after the suspension of active warfare, and took additional steps which could have had no other purpose--concealed, of course, even from some of those who furthered it--than the final destruction of Germany.

Woodrow Wilson, despite the terrible and still largely undocumented pressures upon him, had at least preserved Prussia at the close of World War I. Franklin Roosevelt, however, tossed it from his failing hands to the minority who, with converts to their Marxist concept of statism, had succeeded the Romanov Czars as masters of Russia. With Malta lost in 1798 and Prussia destroyed in 1945, the temporal state-structures of the Crusaders and their successors ceased to exist.

Under the preaching of Urban II, most of the Western World had developed a frenzy of unity; under Roosevelt, or rather under those who manipulated him, it did so again. The goal this time, however, was not the defense of Europe or the rescue of the tomb of Christ; the goal, on the contrary, was a monstrous surrender of the Western heritage of Christian civilization. Yes, it was actually the United States of America which was mainly responsible for destroying the successor state to the Teutonic Knights and for delivering the ruins, with the hegemony of Europe, to the Soviet Union, the new Communist power of our creation.

The facts outlined here have, as will be shown in following writings, a significant bearing on the present century world struggle between Communism and Western Christian civilization.


To you who now say, "Well, but hindsight is always so much more clearly defined when looking back." But how many of you HAVE LOOKED BACK AT THE TRUTH OF HISTORY? HOW MANY OF YOU EVEN CONSIDERED IT POSSIBLE THAT THINGS WERE NOT AS PRESENTED? THAT is the way a world is lost and won! IGNORANCE!! Then, withholding Truth, the inaccuracies are VOTED-IN as truth through legislative laws (as with the holocaust perceptions and propaganda) and you have done-in the citizens of the world. Keep 'em ignorant, barefoot and pregnant is a very valid observation. Enough, let us close this chapter, please.



SAT., AUG. 7, 1993 10:13 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 356

SAT., AUGUST 7, 1993


I am not going to go into current events in any depth today. I could write a dozen papers just on your budget mess, but we KNOW of the soil on your Congressmen and government. I do have a warning or two. There is a massive storm PLANNED for areas of Texas, etc. This is PLANNED for the last week of August. "PLANS" are now slipping through and the only way we may be able to counter some of them is to present the "secrets" right up front as soon as "word" comes. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY NATION, EITHER, WHO IS GETTING THESE BLASTS OF STORMS AND UNUSUAL PHENOMENA--IT IS WORLDWIDE AND MASSIVELY DESTRUCTIVE.

We got a call from a "Crisis Center" in San Antonio, Texas--last night. The Crisis Center has been put on full alert FOR A MASSIVE STORM TO HIT AND DESTROY PARTS OF THE COAST AND SAN ANTONIO IS TO SET UP TO RECEIVE EVACUEES FROM CORPUS CHRISTI....THE LAST WEEK IN AUGUST!" Looks like you now have a warning system even before there is a storm available? How quaint!

Makes the laser-precise tornadoes in Virginia look even more interesting, doesn't it?

By the way, don't be too hard on Congressmen who SEEMED TO DESERT THEIR HONOR TO VOTE WITH CLINTON-the "either-OR" as relative to your government is so massively horrendous that, as presented by one "in the know" of HOW IT IS--the poor souls would be hard-put to do otherwise to America and you-the-people. It IS THAT bad!


As this "case" with its over 110 BOXES of files is studied--I would suggest the following to our crew. The government is ready to collapse the currency and certainly will allow no claim in the "Trillions". Therefore, Gene, I suggest you carefully and quickly turn this case into one of "damages". This will allow the shift of "damages recovery" to WHATEVER SYSTEM THE ELITE CHOOSE TO BASE THEIR ATTACK ON YOU. If you SINGULARLY simply go "for commissions contracted"--they can just wipe you out as invalid actions. "THEY" have a perfected plan in motion to get all property, all currency assets and all "value" assets. YOU MUST BE AS "FLEXIBLE" AS THEY ARE IN CONSTANT CHANGE. You can KNOW by looking at the massive size of this criminal action that THEY KNEW THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE TO FACE THE TRUTH IN COURT--that allows you to ALSO know that the time of collapse is coming up--in order to bury the bodies, the skeletons and all possibility of recovery. Make your "charges" such that you cannot simply be "silenced" by a singular court ruling--make it a charge which MUST BE ANSWERED! You may well never get anything more than public presentation--but it is important--because of the sequence of events and parties in the play--to come after this. Remember you are NOT just dealing with the Bush Boys in naughty dealings to make a buck--YOU ARE DEALING WITH THE WHOLE OF THE COMMHTEE OF 300 AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER. THAT WAS BUSH'S DEAL WITH THE COMMITTEE--TO PUSH AND SHOVE ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER!! The promise in RETURN--PROTECTION AND LOTS OF MONEY AND INDUSTRIES AND A BIG PLACE IN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE ONE WORLD!

So, it is so bad and so imminent, this downfall, WHY BOTHER WITH ANYTHING? Because to begin again you must know what was WRONG or you are destined to repeat the same destructive foundation. For instance--no world can survive in a system run through a Federal Reserve System such as yours and no freedom can be expected IN A WORLD run by the Zionist Elite Committee of 300. These are the antitheses of freedom and pure commerce.


Yes indeed, the ADL is in full alert and is swinging into action as regards JAPAN. Would this seem strange? No, not with massive earthquakes and flooding (this very day). The assault is very, very heavy against the people of Japan and now comes the players into view.

Let me share an article sent to me this morning by Al. Thursday, July 29, 1993. by Times staff writer Leslie Helm:


[H: Hold uppermost the fact that the "Jews" as presented here are NOT SEMITES--NEVER ARE AND NEVER WERE FROM THE TRIBE OF SHEM. They ARE Khaz-arian Zionists who intend to be a major part of World Domination!]

Tokyo--A major advertisement in this nation's leading financial daily drew fire Wednesday from an American Jewish group and revived lingering concerns about Japanese anti-Semitism, particularly in the business world and especially during a time of heightened global trade disputes.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles [H: Hummnnn], demanded that the newspaper Nihon Keizai (Nikkei)--the Japanese equivalent of the Wall Street Journal--publish an apology for printing a one-third-page advertisement trumpeting a startling message.

"The stock crash, the high yen and the political turmoil (in Japan) are no coincidence," screamed the ad's headlines. "After defeating Europe, America and Russia, JEWISH CAPITAL IS NOW AFTER JAPAN." [H: Ah So, what else is new?]

The Tuesday ad sought to sell new books--including a three-volume series entitled The Last Enemy: Shoot Japan--that claims to unveil a Jewish plot to destroy and enslave Japan. [H: God, please let all our readers be paying attention!]

The ad, attempting to show how far the plot has progressed, shows an annotated illustration of a 5,000-yen note. It asserts that the picture that appears to be Mt. Fuji on the back of the bank note is actually Mt. Sinai; THIS, THE AD SAYS, IS EVIDENCE THAT JAPAN'S FINANCE MINISTRY AND THE BANK OF JAPAN ARE ALREADY UNDER JEWISH CONTROL.

A Nikkei official said the newspaper has a policy against running ads that are slanderous but that it did not believe that the notice from Daichi Kikaku, a small publisher of books on economics and stocks, was in that category.

"We don't make any judgments on ideology, opinion, thought and beliefs in advertisements," Shigeaki Umeda, the head of Nikkei, said in a written response to a reporter's question.

Daichi Kikaku declined to discuss its volumes, particularly the work asserting that there is a Jewish plot to destroy Japan. "We are satisfied that the author checked his facts," said Sumkio Furuta of the publishing house.

There have been anti-Semitic books in Japan since the turn of the century, although there are few Jews in this country. The literature has increased in popularity during economic hard times or when Japan has been under foreign pressure.

The Nikkei ad, apparently the most blatant to appear in a main-stream publication in recent years, could mark a resurgence of anti-Semitism in the context of a rise in general, anti-American sentiment, analysts say. [H: And does this not prove what we have told you--that America is simply THE working arm of ISRAEL? WHAT ELSE COULD THEY MEAN? "After defeating Europe, America and Russia, Jewish capital is now after Japan." "Jewish capital?" WHAT "Jewish Capital"??? You Americans ARE Jewish Capital!! How long are YOU going to sleep, America?] "In hard times and in times of political uncertainty, people look for scapegoats," said Cooper, who noted that--only in Japan--has anti-Semitism increasingly taken on the color of anti-American-ism.

Anti-Americanism "is the way [anti-Semitism] keeps its shelf life and its strange acceptability in mainstream areas" in Japan, Cooper said. "It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic." [H: Boy, you might well repeat that again!]

As American pressure on Japan increases and trade tensions rise, there is a strong tendency among Japanese to look for explanations for their nation's seeming global isolation. "The world seems to be against us and people wonder, 'Who are the people behind this?'" said Yshiji Nogami, the Japanese Foreign Ministry's deputy director general for the Middle East. "It is easy to blame Jews."

Nogami, who has launched a virtual one-man campaign to protest the spread of anti-Semitic works, said that opinion pieces he has written and published opposing such material bring in hundreds of angry letters--and almost no support for his position.

Although the Foreign Ministry officially has sought to correct Japan's past bias for Arab countries and against Israel, pro-Arab sentiment remains deep. Most business people say, "Why bother with Israel? We rely on Arabs for all our oil." Nogami said. [H: Does this not make YOU shiver? You must realize that THIS is why JAPAN must be destroyed!?!]

There appear to have been no cases of Jews suffering anti-Semitic attacks, and in a recent survey, only 1% of Japanese said they knew of or had ever met a Jew. Still, the Japanese have a strong attachment to conspiracy theories and stereotypes related to Jews.

Den Fujita, who built the immensely successful McDonald's fast food chain in Japan, once wrote a book called Jewish Business Methods: Controlling the Economy of the World. He liked to call himself the "Jew of the Ginza" and once said he wished he had been born a Jew.

Anti-Semitic writings here lately have taken on a more paranoid tone, blaming Jews for all of Japan's current ills. An article in the popular weekly Shukan Post last July argued that Japan's stock crash was staged by Jewish brokerage houses using futures markets to seek revenge for global inroads by Japanese bankers. [H: "Right-on" so far!]

"When a Japanese enterprise bought the ROCKEFELLER building in New York, which was called the 'JEWISH CASTLE', and Sony/Matsushita bought up U.S. motion picture companies, then Jewish capital with high pride could no longer be quiet," a reporter wrote in the paper.

Nogami of the Foreign Ministry suggested that the Nikkei ad may also be related to the financial hard times faced by Japanese newspapers and the need to take whatever advertising they can get.

* * *


Dharma is a bit aggravated at me this morning. After writing at length on the subject of "home schooling" and problems thereof--along with the positive joys thereof, the very day of this discussion comes in the mail Dr. Robinson's grand dissertation on the subject. To me, right on schedule! To her, a duplication of WORK. Her question to me? "You knew that was coming, why did you put me through the exercise?" Because I need to constantly confirm and reaffirm WHO I AM and THAT I KNOW and we have enough ATTENTION for follow-up WITH attention--full attention. The welfare and growth of the children of your species on your planet is the MOST IMPORTANT ONE THING THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO CHANGE.

Rick will be in touch with Art as soon as contact can be made and we will consider HOW best to get you information enough to get YOU in touch WITH HIM. I am not in the home school business--nor was he--until his wife died and left him with several children.

As you will witness his presentation you MUST consider "his" circumstances relative to your own. Do not just hop into something without FULL RECOGNITION OF WHAT TO EX-PECT. You have, in his circumstance, older children (along with young ones), ones with habits already formed and a desire toward subject materials, including calculus, etc., and resources from whence to get home study courses, who are willing to follow-up on their own interests and behalf, live on a working farm and thus and so. Dr. Art Robinson is the author and lecturer on Fighting Chance--the best volume on need and "how-to" survival in practical terms, that we can find. All others deal a lot with wilderness survival, etc. I'm sorry, chelas, most of you will NOT be in a wilderness when the big bang comes. You cannot just wait until...you must get yourselves prepared with WHAT you have and where you ARE. You can get a more "fleshed-out" version from the JOURNAL #6, SURVIVAL IS ONLY TEN FEET FROM HELL [Other JOURNALS pertaining to the topic are JOURNALS #52, TANGLED WEBS VOL. 8 and JOURNAL #10, PRIVACY IN A FISHBOWL] which list supplies more extensively and how to use them. Of course, since those writings we tell you, and offer you, items such as Gaiandriana and other survival stuffs which can allow a long and healthy survival IF YOU HAVE NOTHING ELSE AVAILABLE EXCEPT WATER--AND A WAY TO PURIFY THE WATER WITH HYDROGEN PEROXIDE WHICH LEAVES IT TASTY INSTEAD OF VILE.

We are not so interested in gleaning the rewards--we are interested in saving a remnant of human. We DO need to break even at some point or our work cannot continue--for this IS a world of hard, cold facts. However, ones such as Dr. Robinson MUST ALSO MAKE IT THROUGH BEFORE, DURING AND MOST ESPECIALLY AFTER WHATEVER HITS YOU--FOR IT WILL BE THROUGH HIM, HIS OFFSPRING AND OTHERS OFFERING YOU "HOW" TO MAKE IT, THAT YOU WILL MAKE IT. You must confront the fact that you will have to probably "start over" and that means everything from leadership to home schooling--and SOMEONE has to have THE PLAN FOR SAME. God will make sure the Truth and the way is shown--but you must use it--we will surely help you find the RIGHT offerings.

AT this time, I would ask that Rick and Paul also find Margot and discuss getting her reading program to Art. Every bit of help in any and all subjects is THE key. And, if you can TEACH the child to READ--the child can gain all other written knowledge--IF you have volumes of print with it within.

You can have a thousand and fifty volumes on say, gravity--but if you do not have the FACTS right, it matters not for the student will not have enough upon which to build--he is stuck with having to repeat discovery. We will get those bits of information to you as we are ALLOWED to write.


In this vein, please pray for the Ekkers on this coming Monday when there is AGAIN a confrontation in the court over the PLEIADES CONNECTION Series and US&P. They (US&P) are asking to "ban" all further "discovery". Our attorney has some 150 interrogatory questions to show cause and evidence of "how" they have been damaged, records, history of the University itself, and thus and so. They find these inquiries unsuitable when, in fact, they have charged these ones with unfair competition, duplication of scientific work, defamation of character and intent, gross income from same and on and on. They have also charged my scribe, Doris, twice in contempt of court from something George Green had personally and knowingly DONE. He now works WITH them, of course.

Isn't it interesting how their attack on just four of our volumes, out of nearly eighty written, coupled with George's personal character assassination, places all of the volumes at risk of discrediting and threatens, constantly, the loss of our scribe. Perhaps our attorneys should be mentioning these things, not only to Mr. Buchanan but also to the Magistrate if there is any merit in their attempting to settle or contain the case. We may be well-advised to sue them for damages very soon now.

If the hearing is before Magistrate Beck, then perhaps I will allow Doris to attend. If it is before Judge Coyle--she MUST NOT attend court, she would likely end up in Federal shackles for perceived and continued contempt. I ask that positive prayer energy be sent to these ones, here and in Fresno, for safe passage and fair hearing on this coming Monday. Please put this message on the phone line.

If we can continue our work, we CAN have the information IN TRUTH that you will need to see you through tribulation, etc. I am depending on horticulturists to gather information on crops and non-hybrid seeds, better ways to farm, irrigation systems which can "make-do" WHEN THE VIADUCTS GO DOWN, etc. I CANNOT, THROUGH THIS SINGLE SCRIBE, OFFER IT ALL. We CAN, however, see to correcting the perceptions stemming from the LIES and misdirections--IF YOU WILL TURN TO THOSE AUTHORITIES ON GIVEN SUBJECTS AS I POINT THEM OUT TO YOU. THANK YOU.


"THOU SHALT NOT KILL." Is there anything about that sentence and instruction that cannot be understood?? Well, we have great input which wants details and "what-ifs" and "but this seemingly Godly man says... ", etc. "Thou shalt not kill!” So be it.

Now, what happens if ones "believe" it alright to kill when necessary, either to make a point or to further a cause, as in war or peace--to "get the bad guy"! WHO IS THE BAD GUY? Relative to WHO and to WHAT? What happens most often is blind fighting half blind and these ones take it upon selves or through orders given--to kill to expedite a "cause". Is this RIGHT? NO. "But this would give too much of an advantage to the murderers in high places already killing." It still does not make it RIGHT--but I note that neither does THAT keep it from happening.

It is a very, very hard job to move from rampant gun-battle to winning through the pen as weaponry. Indeed the battles will cease one day--after much bloodshed and weapons-war. But it will cease in the heat of tribulation when "except these days be cut short" the species would destroy self and planet.

If one who believes killing is an answer and is yet a patriot and seems to fight a battle for peace and Truth--what do you do? YOU CAN KNOW TRUTH--THAT THAT ONE CAN LEARN TRUTH--but you certainly do NOT throw out your worker with the bathwater. Condoning and allowing--are two different words. God does not condone wrong actions--he most certainly DOES "ALLOW". The price of deliberate action, in error or intentional, is levied between God and the Perpetrator of such action and thought. It is not YOUR responsibility to JUDGE! It is your responsibility to ACT in clarity FOR SELF. And remember, in every given circumstance YOU DO NOT KNOW IT ALL. Neither will the perpetrators of action against another--but do you see, YOU cannot have forceful interven-tion?

If you are acting as a Journalist or a Patriot who presents information and truth unto the people--you have a responsibility to PRINT it--either way, if information flows through or "to" you.

I am asked about the mother who shot the molester of her child, in a courtroom. Was this OK? NO! Execution is still "killing" and the trial was not yet even over. In the heat of emotional unbalance it may well be excused by a Judge--but "Thou shalt not kill." You have right to defend self or family in the direct intent of another to slay YOU. Even then you should not KILL if at all possible to defend otherwise. What if the person in point--is, possibly, innocent? The point is, AGAIN,--INTENT! SOUL INTENT!! And, I DO NOT JUDGE--SHOULD YOU??

Now, what is REALLY bothering some is that killing seems to be a suitable solution with some of the more flamboyant readers of, even our, presentations and where does this put "us"? Nowhere. Your "job" is to report on that which happens; do not try to out think GOD or judge in HIS stead. You must allow the map to unfold and in all instances you utilize, to the best of your ability, in the pathway of positive movement, what IS. YOU cannot know of, nor bear for, the guilt or "reasoning" of another.

The goal is that unto which you must cling with responsibility for self and self actions. It would be foolish, if your child be starving, to refuse good food from your enemy or the "perceived" friend. Further, it is not Godly to refuse food to your enemy OR to your friend if he be starving and you have that which can be shared. Neither can you totally forsake a brother because he errs in that which he does while he basks in ignorance. Remember the terms and definitions: "ignorance" is the lack of realization of a thing or action. "Stupid" is the foolish action when in knowing and realizing error--and doing it "anyway". Resolute intent is knowing the error and performing a criminal or unGodly act IN THAT KNOWING. YOU cannot judge the other for any one of these actions within any one of the definitions--THAT IS FOR THAT ONE AND GOD!

Now, a bit of release from "closeness" into objectivity: Would you desert a given person if you did not know of "beliefs"? CAN YOU PROVE FOR YOURSELF THAT A THING OR INTENT ACTUALLY EXISTS? You may well hear a person voice an intent--that does not mean it is valid. You may well have one tell you of a "thing" or "action" which "he" believes to be fact--but do YOU know for self-fact it to be so? A lot of people present that they know more and do more than they actually DO. How can you tell? You can't--usually.

Now you come to the problem of some two-thirds of your population are actually the same as mechanical expressions and, yet, they have gained control. You still do not KNOW who or what or even WHY. This is WHY you are told "do not judge". Keep your actions as clean as you can within the laws of God AS YOU KNOW THEM and YOU will be fine. Teach your children THOSE LAWS and show them a way to live within them to the best of your ability and they will GROW into the WISDOM of actions which are goodly.

You of God who keep up with the instructions and LEARN will come to the day when even if there be adversaries before you--you will have ability to handle them without "killing". You must grow into this, however. You are in the infancy of coming into Godly realization and "Christ" (by whatever name) behavior.

Many persons have been deliberately PROGRAMMED to act and respond in given ways. They are no more to "BLAME" than one in ignorance--for their free-will has actually been bent, removed or comes out-of-control. Many, further, believe it is suitable and are programmed that an eye for eye, tooth for tooth and life for life is of God instruction. After all, it is in THAT (b)ible of yours. You know, THAT BIBLE, that contradicts itself at every chapter! YOU HAVE NO WAY TO KNOW EXCEPT FROM WITHIN THAT WHICH IS RIGHT. Moreover, it is only through study and realization of this Truth of these LAWS that you will come into KNOWING. The journey between "start" and "finish" is varied and great indeed.

What is MY approach? I effort to take every advantage of that which IS. Just as "gold" has no good or bad or actual "value" except that which MAN gives unto it--I SHALL USE THE ASSETS BROUGHT BY GOLD TO FURTHER YOUR JOURNEY INTO THE PROPER SEQUENCE OF EVENTS--TOWARD GOD. If an evil man buys bread with gold and offers me the bread--will I refuse to have it? Silly perception. YOU keep everything that you DO in full view of everyone and God--and you are fine. That which another does prior to you--with his gold is NOT YOUR BUSINESS UNLESS HIS EVIL ACTIONS COME INTO YOUR ATTENTION WHEREIN YOU BECOME A WRONGDOER WITH HIM.

If a man be slain by another and that one was a tool of my enemy--what do I do? I use every advantage offered by the absence of my enemy or the circumstance NOW CHANGED to move ahead. I do not condone any such action--but neither is it MY DOING. I have no right nor commission to attend the values of any other. I can teach that which I KNOW to be right and TRUTH--I can do no more! We must come to the point where MAN chooses through his free-will that which is righteous. Until such time, the movement is not allowed by God--to be a FORCED action. FORCE IS NOT OF GOD. And yet, you live in a society gone insane--and force is all that you understand--but you WILL grow into understanding that FORCE is not worthy--and move on into higher societal structures which have outgrown such behavior. If YOUR soul growth is such that you KNOW this fact to be true--you will NEVER digress into a social order of expression where it is lesser! You might well return as a guide to accomplish positive lessons for the younger experiencing player in the illusion play, but YOU will NEVER be LESSER in the KNOWING. In that capacity, YOU will never know the role or contract of another--even a teacher or a guide! You must discern about beings, judge ACTIONS and effort to UNDERSTAND intent. You of my crew are at such disadvantage--for there are thousands of you, and YOU do not come from places of such barbaric realization or activities. You are back as foundation layers for a new structure in a time of renewal and you are confused, agonized and totally perplexed at the actions of "society animals" who simply "act" and have no fundamental soul footings AT ALL. Every generation is now languishing more into despair than the one before. This is in full intent of adversarial interference. Earth dimension of physical plane is a "classroom" for growth--YOUR GROWTH. YOU ONES SEEKING TO CHANGE THIS INTO GODLY EXPRESSION ARE GETTING YOUR VERY OWN MASSIVELY IMPORTANT LESSONS IN PREPARATION FOR GRADUATION--WHAT WILL YOU DO AND HOW WILL YOU HANDLE IT AND HAVE WE, AS YOUR GUIDES, DONE OUR JOBS WELL? INDEED--OUR FAMILY WILL GRADUATE AND BRING FORTH NEW NATIONS AND A TIME OF RADIANCE--but, you have to make it through the time of chaos and tribulation first so that that which is negative is either removed or you change. So be it.



SAT., AUG. 7, 1993 2:49 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 356

SAT., AUGUST 7, 1993


Yep, here it comes AGAIN! Aren't we ever going to be through with this noxious subject? NO!

This is the next in the series from The Iron Curtain Over America:

Having traced the Knighthood of Teutonic Order from its origin to its dissolution as a military-religious brotherhood, and having noted the development of successor sovereignties down to the obliteration of Prussia in 1945, we must turn back more than a thousand years to examine another thread--a scarlet one--in the tangled skein of European history.

In the later years of the dimly recorded first millennium of the Christian era, Slavic people of several kindred tribes occupied the land which became known later as the north central portion of European Russia. South of them between the Don and Volga Rivers and north of the lofty Caucasus Mountains lived a people known to history as Khazars. These people had been driven westward from Central Asia and entered Europe by the corridor between the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea. They found a land occupied by primitive pastoral people of a score or more of tribes, a land which lay beyond the boundaries of the Roman Empire at its greatest extent under Trajan (ruled 98-117 A.D.), and also beyond the boundaries of the Byzantine Empire (395-1453). By slow stages the Khazars extended their territory eventually to the Sea of Azov and the adjacent littoral of the Black Sea. The Khazars were apparently a people of mixed stock with Mongol and Turkic affinities. Around the year 600, a belligerent tribe of half-Mongolian people, similar to the modern Turks, conquered the territory of what is now Southern Russia. Before long the kingdom [khanate] of the Khazars, as this tribe was known, stretched from the Caspian to the Black Sea. Its capital, Ityl, was at the mouth of the Volga River. [H: I want YOU to know that this information is not only verified by the "Jews" but is presented in the History of the Jews, by Solomon Grayzel, Philadelphia--The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1947. I stress this so my scribe and Nora don't get drawn and quartered by the Zionists of TODAY who claim there are no such things as "Khazars".]

In the eighth or ninth century of our era, a khakan (or chagan, roughly equivalent to tribal chief or primitive king) of the Khazars wanted a religion for his pagan people. Partly, perhaps because of incipient tension between Christians and the adherents of the new Mohammedan faith (Mohammed died in 632), and partly because of fear of becoming subject to the power of the Byzantine emperor or the Islamic caliph, he adopted a form of the Jewish religion at a date generally placed at c. 741 A.D., but believed by historian Vernadsky to be as late as 865. According to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. VI, pp. 375377), this chieftain, probably Bulan, "called upon the representatives of Judaism, Christianity and Mohammedanism to expound their doctrines before him. This discussion convinced him that the Jewish faith was the most preferable, and he decided to embrace it. Thereupon he and about 4,000 Khazars were circumcised; it was only by degrees that the Jewish teachings gained a foothold among the population."

In his History of the Jews, (The Jewish Publication Society of America, Vol. III, 1894, pp. 140-141), Professor H. Graetz gives further details:

A successor of Bulan, who bore the Hebrew name of Obadiah, was the first to make serious efforts to further the Jewish religion. He invited Jewish sages to settle in his dominions, rewarded them royally, founded synagogues and schools...caused instruction to be given to himself and his people in the Bible and the Talmud, and introduced a divine service modeled on the ancient communities.

After Obadiah came a long series of Jewish chagans, for according to a fundamental law of the state ONLY Jewish rulers were permitted to ascend the throne.

The significance of the term "ancient communities" cannot be here explained. For a suggestion of the "incorrect exposition" and the "tasteless misrepresentation" with which the Bible, i.e., the Old Testament, was presented through the Talmud, see below in this chapter, the extensive quotation from Professor Graetz.

Also in the Middle Ages, Viking warriors, according to Russian tradition by invitation, pushed from the Baltic area into the low hills west of Moscow. Archaeological discoveries show that at one time or another these Northmen penetrated almost all areas south of Lake Ladoga and West of the Kama and Lower Volga rivers. Their earliest, and permanent, settlements were north and east of the West Dwina River, in the Lake Ilmen area, and between the Upper Volga and Oka rivers, at whose junction they soon held the famous trading-post of Nizhniy-Novgorod.

These immigrants from the North and West were principally "the 'Rus'--a Varangian tribe in ancient annals considered as related to the Swedes, Angles, and Northmen" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. XIX, p. 712). From the local Slavic tribes, they organized (c.862) a state, known subsequently from their name as Russia, which embraced the territory of the upper Volga and Dnieper rivers and reached down the latter river to the Black Sea and to the Crimea. Russ and Slav were of related stock and their languages, though quite different, had common Indo-Germanic origin. They accepted Christianity as their religion. Greek Orthodox missionaries, sent to Rus [i.e. "Russia"] in the 860's baptized so many people that shortly after this a special bishop was sent to care for their needs.

The "Rus" (or "Russ") were absorbed into the Slav population which they organized into statehood. The people of the new state devoted themselves energetically to consolidating their territory and extending its boundaries. From the Khazars, who had extended their power up the Dnieper Valley, they took Kiev, which was an important trading center even before becoming, in the 10th century, the capital of a large recently Christianized state. Many Varangians (Rus) had settled among the Slays in this area (the Ukraine), and Christian Kiev became the seat of an enlightened Westward-looking dynasty, whose members married into several European royal houses, including that of France.

The Slays, especially those in the area now known as the Ukraine, were engaged in almost constant warfare with the Khazars and finally, by 1016 A.D., destroyed the Khazar government and took a large portion of Khazar territory. For the gradual shrinking of the Khazar territory and the development of Poland, Lithuania, the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and other Slavic states, see the pertinent maps in Historical Atlas, by William R. Shepherd (Henry Holt and Co., New York, 1911). Some of the subjugated Khazars remained in the Slav-held lands their khakans had long ruled, and others migrated to Kiev and other parts of Russia, probably to a considerable extent because of the dislocations wrought by the Mongols under Genghis Khan (1162-1227), who founded in and beyond the old Khazar khanate the short-lived khanate of the Golden Horde. The Judaized Khazars underwent further dispersion both northwestward into Lithuanian and Polish areas, and also within Russia proper and the Ukraine. In 1240 in Kiev the Jewish community was uprooted, its surviving members finding refuge in towns further west along with the fleeing Russians, when the capital fell to the Mongol soldiers of Batu, the nephew of Genghis Khan. A short time later many of these expelled Jews returned to Kiev. Migrating thus, as some local power impelled them, the Khazar Jews became widely distributed in Western Russia. Into the Khazar khanate there had been a few Jewish immigrants--rabbis, traders, refugees--but the people of the Kievan Russian state did not facilitate the entry of additional Jews into their territory. The rulers of the Grand Duchy of Moscow also sought to exclude: Jews from areas under its control. From its earliest times the policy of the Russian government was that of complete exclusion of the Jews from its territories. For instance, Ivan IV (reign, 1533-1584) refused to allow Jewish merchants to travel in, Russia.

Relations between Slays and the Judaized Khazars in their midst were never happy. The reasons were not racial--for the Slays had absorbed many minorities--but were ideological. The rabbis sent for by Khakan Obadiah were educated in and were zealots for the Babylonian Talmud, which after long labors by many hands had been completed on December 2, 499. In the thousands of synagogues which were built in the Khazar khanate, the imported rabbis and their successors were in complete control of the political, social, and religious thought of their people. So significant was the Babylonian Talmud as the principal cause of Khazar resistance to Russian efforts to end their political and religious separatism, and so significant also are the modern sequels, including those in the United States, that an extensive quotation on the subject from the great History of the Jews, by Professor H. Graetz (Vol. II, 1893, pp. 631 ff.) is here presented:

The Talmud must not be regarded as an ordinary work, composed of twelve volumes; it possesses absolutely no similarity to any other literary production, but forms, without any figure of speech, a world of its own, which must be judged by its peculiar laws.

The Talmud contains much that is frivolous of which it treats with great gravity and seriousness; it further reflects the various superstitious practices and views of its Persian birthplace which presume the efficacy of demonical medicines, of magic, incantations, miraculous cures, and interpretations of dreams. It also contains isolated instances of uncharitable judgments and decrees against the members of other nations and religions, and finally it favors an incorrect exposition of the scriptures, accepting, as it does, tasteless misrepresentations.

More than six centuries lie petrified in the Talmud. Small wonder then, that the sublime and the common, the great and the small, the grave and the ridiculous, the altar and the ashes, the Jewish and the heathenish, be discovered side by side.

The Babylonian Talmud is especially distinguished from the Jerusalem or Palestine Talmud by the flights of thought, the penetration of mind, the flashes of genius, which rise and vanish again. It was for this reason that the Babylonian rather than the Jerusalem Talmud became the fundamental possession of the Jewish race, its life breath, its very soul--nature and mankind, powers and events, were for the Jewish nation insignificant, non-essential, a mere phantom; the only true reality was the Talmud.

Not merely educated by the Talmud but actually living the life of its Babylonian background, which they may have regarded with increased devotion because most of the Jews of Mesopotamia [H: Ah--getting very close to "Sumar"!] had embraced Islam, the rabbi-governed Khazars had no intention whatever of losing their identity by becoming Russianized or Christian. The intransigent attitude of the rabbis was increased by their realization that their power would be lost if their people accepted controls other than Talmudic. These controls by rabbis were responsible not only for basic mores, but for such externals as the peculiarities of dress and hair. It has been frequently stated by writers on the subject that the "ghetto" was the work not of Russians or other Slays but of rabbis.

As time passed, it came about that these Khazar people of mixed non-Russian stock, who hated the Russians and lived under Babylonian Talmudic law, became known in the western world, from their place of residence and their legal-religious code, as Russian Jews.

In Russian lands after the fall of Kiev in 1240, there was a period of dissension and disunity. The struggle with the Mongols and other Asiatic khanates continued and from them the Russians learned much about effective military organization. Also, as the Mongols had not overrun Northern and Western Russia, there was a background for the resistance and counter-offensive which gradually eliminated the invaders. The capital of reorganized Russia was no longer Kiev but Moscow (hence the terms Moscovy and Muscovite). In 1613 the Russian nobles (boyars), desired a more stable government than they had had, and elected as their czar a boy named Michael Romanov [H: Oops, I've gone and done it now!], whose veins carried the blood of the grand dukes of Kiev and the grand dukes of Moscow.

Under the Romanovs of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, there was no change in attitude toward the Judaized Khazars, who scorned Russian civilization and stubbornly re-fused to enter the fold of Christianity. [: Ah, staff, please locate my presentation on the Russian Romanovs, please--I promised more and simply haven't found "time" to offer it--it is going to be IMPORTANT IN HISTORICAL HAPPENINGS. (See end of chapter page 86. This was excerpted from the PHOENIX JOURNAL #58 FROM THE FRYING PAN INTO THE PIT OF FIRE.)] Peter the Great [reign, 1682-1725] spoke of the Jews as 'rogues and cheats'. Elizabeth [reign, 1741-1762] expressed her attitude in the sentence: "From the enemies of Christ, I desire neither gain nor profit." With the expansion of Russia in the last half of the eighteenth century, many additional Jews were acquired with the new territory, especially in Russia's portion of divided Poland (1772, 1793, 1795). The Empress, Catherine II [reign, 1762-1796] had no choice but to receive the Jews along with the other inhabitants of the land, but she created out of the provinces taken from Poland a "Pale of Settlement" from which the newly acquired Jews could not move. As before, from that time on the attitude of the government was to hem in the Jews as much as possible.

Under the Romanov dynasty (1613-1917 [Bolshevik Revolution]) many members of the Russian upper classes were educated in Germany, and the Russian nobility, already partly Scandinavian by blood, frequently married Germans or other Western Europeans. Likewise many of the Romanovs, themselves--in fact all of them who ruled in the later years of the dy-nasty--married into Western families. Prior to the nineteenth century the two occupants of the Russian throne best known in world history were Peter I, the Great, and Catherine II, the Great. The former--who in 1703 gave Russia its "West Window", St. Petersburg, later known as Petrograd, and recently as Leningrad--chose as his consort and successor on the throne as Catherine I [reign, 1725-1727], a captured Marienburg (Germany) servant girl whose mother and father were respectively a Lithuanian peasant woman and a Swedish dragoon. Catherine II, the Great, was a German princess who was proclaimed reigning Empress of Russia after her husband, the ineffective Czar Peter HI, subnormal in mind and physique, left St. Petersburg. During her thirty-four years as Empress, Catherine, by studying such works as Blackstone's Commentaries, and by correspondence with such illustrious persons as Voltaire [H: Remember that along with Voltaire's other contributions--he had translated, NEWTON'S PRINCIPIA.], F.M. Grimm [H: Nora has done a beautiful study of "Grimm"], Frederick the Great, Diderot, and Maria-Theresa of Austria, kept herself in contact with the West.

The nineteenth century czars were Catherine the Great's grandson, Alexander I [reign, 1801-1825--German wife]; his brother, Nicholas I [reign, 1825-1855--German wife, a Hohenzollern]; his son, Alexander II [reign, 1855-1881--German wife]; his son, Alexander III [reign, 1881-1894--Danish wife]; and his son, Nicholas II [reign, 1894-1917--German wife], who was murdered with his family (1918) after the Communists seized power (1917) in Russia. [H: And since history has now PROVEN that "COMMUNISM" is a construction of Jewish Zionists and that ALL of the government heads in new Communistic Russia after that Revolution were Jewish Zionists--what do we have to face here, readers?]

Though many of the Romanovs, including Peter I and Catherine II, had far from admirable characters--a fact well advertised in American books on the subject--and though some of them including Nicholas II were not able rulers, a general purpose of the dynasty was to give their land certain of the advantages of Western Europe. In the West they characteristically sought alliances with one country or another, rather than ideological penetration.

Like their Slavic overlords, the Judaized Khazars of Russia had various relationships with Germany. Their numbers from time to time, as during the Crusades, received accretions from the Jewish communities in Germany--principally into Poland and other areas not yet Russian; many of the ancestors of these people, however, had previously entered Germany from Slavic lands. More interesting than these migrations was the importation from Germany of an idea conceived by a prominent Jew of solving century-old tension between native majority populations and the Jews in their midst. In Germany, while Catherine the Great was Empress of Russia, a Jewish scholar and philosopher named Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786) attracted wide and favorable attention among non-Jews and a certain following among Jews. His conception of the barrier between Jew and non-Jew, as analyzed by Grayzel, was that the "Jews had erected about themselves a mental ghetto to balance the physical ghetto around them." Mendelssohn's objective was to lead the Jews out of this mental ghetto into the wide world of general culture--without, however, doing harm to their specifically Jewish culture. The movement received the name Haskalah, which may be rendered as enlightenment. Among other things, Mendelssohn wished Jews in Germany to learn the German language.

The Jews of Eastern Europe had from early days used corrupted versions of local vernaculars, written in the Hebrew alphabet just as the various vernaculars of Western Europe were written in the Latin alphabet, and to further his purpose Mendelssohn translated the Pentateuch--Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy--into standard German, using however, the accepted Hebrew alphabet. [H: How many of you KNEW this? If you didn't know THIS, then I ask that you read on and perhaps find that there are a lot of things you may well have not known. Further, there isn't going to be a "preacher" in any Christian pulpit who will tell you this. Why? Because he will not have been allowed to LEARN this type of information in his "Judeo-Christian" seminary, my dear blind lambs!] Thus in one stroke he led his readers a step toward Westernization by the use of the German language and by offering them, instead of the Babylonian Talmud, a portion of scripture recognized by both Jew and Christian.

The Mendelssohn views were developed in Russia in the nineteenth century, notably by Isaac Baer Levinsohn (17881860), the Russian Mendelssohn. Levinsohn was a scholar who, with Abraham Harkavy, delved into a field of Jewish history little known in the West, namely the settlement of Jews in Russia and their vicissitudes during the Dark Ages. Levinsohn was the first to express the opinion that the Russian Jews hailed not from Germany, as is commonly supposed, but from the banks of the Volga. This hypothesis, corroborated by tradition, Harkavy established as a fact.

The reigns of the nineteenth century Czars showed a fluctuation of attitudes toward the Jewish state within a state. In general, Nicholas I had been less lenient than Alexander I toward his intractable non-Christian minority, but he took an immediate interest in the movement endorsed by the highly respected Levinsohn, for he saw in "Haskalah" an opportunity for possibly breaking down the separatism of the Judaized Khazars. He put in charge of the project of opening hundreds of Jewish schools a brilliant young Jew, Dr. Max Lilienthal. From its beginning, however, the haskalah movement had had bitter opposition among Jews in Germany--many of whom, including the famous Moses Hess, became ardent Jewish nationalists--and in Russia the opposition was fanatical. The great mass of Russian Jewry was devoid of all secular learning, steeped in fanaticism, and given to superstitious practices, and their leaders, for the most part, had no notion of tolerating a project which would lessen or destroy their control. These leaders believed correctly that the new education was designed to lessen the authority of the Talmud, which was the cause, as the Russians saw it, of the fanaticism and corrupt morals of the Jews. The leaders of the Jews also saw that the new schools were a way to bring the Jews closer to the Russian people and the Greek church. According to historian Raisin, the millions of Russian Jews were averse to having the government interfere with their inner and spiritual life by foisting upon them its educational measures. The soul of Russian Jewry sensed the danger lurking in the imperial scheme. Lilienthal was in their eyes a traitor and informer, and in 1845, to recover a modicum of prestige with his people, he shook the dust of bloody Russia from his feet. Thus the Haskalah movement failed in Russia to break down the separatism of the Judaized Khazars.

When Nicholas I died, his son Alexander II [reign, 1855-1881] decided to try a new way of winning the Khazar minority to willing citizenship in Russia. He granted his people, including the Khazars, so many liberties that he was called the Czar Liberator.

By irony, or nemesis, however, his liberal regime contributed substantially to the downfall of Christian Russia. Despite the ill-success of his Uncle Alexander's measures to effect the betterment of the obnoxious Jewish element he ordered a wholesale relaxation of oppressive and restraining regulations and Jews were free to attend all schools and universities and to travel without restrictions. The new freedom led, however, to results the "Liberator" had not anticipated.

Educated, and free at last to organize nationally, the Judaized Khazars in Russia became not merely an indigestible mass in the body politic, the characteristic state within a state, but a formidable anti-government force. With non-Jews of nihilistic or other radical tendencies--the so-called Russian intelligentsia--they sought in the first instance to further their aims by assassinations. Alexander tried to abate the hostility of the "terrorists" by granting more and more concessions, but on the day the last concessions were announced a bomb was thrown at his carriage. The carriage was wrecked, and many of his escorts were injured. Alexander escaped as by a miracle, but a second bomb exploded near him as he was going to aid the injured. He was horribly mangled, and died within an hour. Thus perished the Czar Liberator. [H: Never seems to change does it?]

Some of those involved in earlier attempts to assassinate Alexander II were of Jewish Khazar background. According to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, the assassination of Alexander II in which a Jewess had played a part revived a latent "anti-Semitism". Resentful of precautions taken by the murdered Czar's son and successor, Alexander III, and also possessing a new world plan, hordes of Jews, some of them highly educated in Russian universities, migrated to other European countries and to America. The emigration continued under Nicholas II. Many Jews remained in Russia, however, for in 1913 the Jewish population of Russia amounted to 6,946,000. [H: Still think the "Holocaust" could have happened as the Jews say??? Remember, in 1991 the number of Jews killed in the death camps ROSE (by Jewish insistence) to 6 million 500 thousand!! Now, how do you equate that number with the NUMBER WHO GET RESTITUTION FROM THE GERMANS RIGHT NOW!?! Hey, don't throw stones at ME--this number came directly from Univ. Jew. Encyc., Vol. IX, p.285.]

Various elements of this restless aggressive minority nurtured the amazing quadruple aims of international Communism, the seizure of power in Russia, Zionism, and continued migration to America, with a fixed purpose to retain their nationalistic separatism. In many instances, the same individuals were participants in two or more phases of the four-fold objective.

Among the Jews who remained in Russia, which then included Lithuania, the Ukraine, and much of Poland, were the founders of the Russian Bolshevik party: [H: Finally made it!]

In 1897 was founded the Bund, the union of Jewish workers in Poland and Lithuania. They engaged in revolutionary activity upon a large scale, and their energy made them the spearhead of the party (Article on "Communism" by Harold J. Laski, Encyc. Brit. , Vol. III, pp 824-827).


* * *

This is an excellent place to stop this writing and allow everything to soak in--we are now bringing the circle back around, readers, so you can easily see the path thus far and the players involved. We will, yes, go back into before this all came about--but it is THIS information which will impact you TODAY! I believe it is no wonder that the British Israeli Committee of 300 through its prime arm, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, tries to silence anyone who speaks of Jews, questions the Holocaust and thus and so. Do you now understand the seriousness of the curtain of lies and WHO PRESENTS THEM THROUGH THE MEDIA, ETC.?? WAKE UP FOR THE NEXT HEAD TO FALL--WILL BY YOURS!




WED., NOVEMBER 4, 1992 7:50 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 80



[Editor: This was written the day after Bill & Hillary Clinton were illegally chosen as President.]


What I am going to show you now is sent and I will give it DIRECTLY as is--to you. It comes from the "Bible" of catalog weapons, ships, modern war material, etc. (JANE'S).

THIS COMES FROM JANE'S DEFENCE WEEKLY, Oct. 10, 1992 and strangely enough it comes to me from "GENERAL DYNAMICS" on Nov. 2nd, 1992--as current as you can get!



(TECHNOLOGY: by Nick Cook, Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Russia is working on--and may have already fielded--microwave weapons capable of paralyzing almost all modern Western defence systems. [H: By the way, much of this type of equipment has continued to FLOW INTO IRAQ! DIRECTLY FROM RUSSIA!]

Unleashing intense pulses of microwave energy that would destroy the solid state nerve systems that run throughout NATO radars and C'I systems, such weapons would be devastating if employed in a first strike wave of air attacks.

The existence of Russia's highly advanced microwave weapon capability was discovered by US military scientists on a recent fact-finding mission to the All Russian Scientific Research Institute at Arzamas, near Nizhniy Novgorod, formerly Gorky. [H: Don't be foolish enough to believe this "time" drivel either because your Elite "runners" have known it from onset! It is YOU who is not in the knowing--except if you read the LIBERATOR or perhaps one or two other such journals. So, please take this article as heavy-duty CONFIRMATION of what we bring you, chelas!]

The end of the Cold War and recent East-West initiatives to co-operate on a shield against emerging Third World ballistic missile threats is allowing US and Russian scientists to exchange highly sensitive data on weapons and capabilities relevant to space-based defence. [H: A bit more confirmation as to WHO this is for?]

US officials who have made such trips to Russia admit that it is a double-edged relationship. Although both sides are making overtures--Russia needs the hard currency, while the USA wants advanced Russian expertise for its Strategic Defense Initiative--there is also a marked reluctance to divulge too much.

While US research into high-power microwave weapons is also at an advanced stage--some specialists believe it also has such weapons--the strides made by Russian scientists in one particular field, explosive pulsed power, surprised their US counterparts from USAF's Phillips Laboratory at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico.

Using 'desk-sized' explosive generators--devices that could be incorporated into a weapon--Russian scientists have been able to convert the explosive energy into intense pulses of electrical power, according to US officials.

"Their capacitor technology is not as good as ours," one Kirtland-based military official said, "but they can produce 10 times more energy and current than we can." [H: This is slanted mis-information also! You are simply working together in some areas as blackmail and/or joint ventures for taking the world.]

USAF's Shiva Star facility at Kirtland, which has 864 capacitors and weighs 250 tons, can discharge 10 MJ of energy in milliseconds. The facility is used for a variety of experiments including the development of potential space weapons and satellite survivability issues.

By using high explosives to collapse a solid metallic disc at phenomenal speed--typically 20 km/sec--The Russians have shown that they can generate 'one-shot' 100 MJ power banks for unleashing levels of microwave energy unattainable up until now.

Since the effects of microwave weapons can be negated with adequate 'hardening' measures, secrecy about their existence lies at the very heart of their use. "If people have these weapons, they're going to keep damned quiet about it," one Los Alamos National Laboratories official said. Other sources close to the programme are in little doubt, however, that Russia has fielded, or is close to fielding a first generation of microwave weapons. [H: They are actually into their fourth or fifth generation of weapons and they can blow your planet (from Cosmospheres in orbit or from planetary bases) off the cosmic map. It is you who are working with the primitive throw-offs of the Soviets. However, now that they are infiltrated into and actually control your country--the grids are hyped up to enfold you rather than have to blast you to oblivion. The New World Order will do the depopulation antics from the government level and the binding will close in on you from ground bases. "Bullets" are very definitely NOT the offense or defense of the future, or the present. So to get killed by doing stupid things with toy guns and knives is indeed remarkably outdated. I do remind my people, however, that WE have "stuff" that both penetrates and dissolves and/or disrupts all the toys on the planet. It is not you of God who are worried (I hope)--it is the adversary (OUR ENEMY). So be it for your level of concern had best be riding on your relationship with Christ-God Creator! Just a bit of a hint to the "wise".]

Los Alamos has been working with Phillips on microwave research for both offensive and defensive purposes since the mid-1980s. A new facility at Kirtland, next to the Shiva Star complex, will be capable of housing fighter-sized aircraft to test their resilience to microwave pulses.

The fear is that heavy Western reliance on the microchip may make NATO's armed forces extremely vulnerable to surprise attack if microwave weapons ever fell into enemy hands. [H: Good grief, what are they saying? How much more "enemy" can the hands be??]


* * *

I believe, Brother Wes, that it will now be obvious what those "ships" you have seen ARE and WHY! A MASSIVE center is in the stages of enlargement and will include all the area in that geographic location. It is only a part of the "grid" but a massive one. This is not "NEW" stuff; it is only that we have told you so much that they now have to give you some bone to chew so they don't totally lose face while they perfect the system and get you totally under control as a nation and people.

By the way, these "frequencies" can produce just about any mental response desired for instructions, actions and or physical ability to function. They also can be utilized to PROJECT crystalline viral DNA programmed biological infestation. Ah, indeed, yesterday you voted in DOOM, chelas, if you don't wake up, like today! How much CONFIRMATION do you have to have?????

Oh, by the way--a little aside. The US supposedly refused to make available to Israel, airborne electronic warfare (EW) systems! Bully!??! Good old Litton Systems RWRs are being sold to a "Singapore facility" and through Singapore's Defence Ministry it is intended to buy up Litton Systems RWRs and is requested to give access to the software source, the codes, as part of the "brotherly" deal--TO ISRAEL.

The systems will be fitted to upgrade F-5E/F Tiger IIs. RF-5E Tigereyes and retrofitting capabilities is perfected for the A4SU/TA-4SU Super Skyhawks to enhance self-protection against surveillance, missile and airborne emitters.

In addition to not getting caught (the U.S. top criminals), Singapore will also be able to reprogram the system's threat software. The USA will retain the "original" codes as "defense" control??.... And good old Israel? Well--they HAVE THE CODES ALREADY--RIGHT FROM THE GOOD OLD USA CONGRESS WITH PERMISSION--AND THEY HAVE AGREED TO DISCLOSE THEM THROUGH SALES. Good old Israel--never GIVES anything away--always makes good hay with sales of your product, built with your money and sold to "your money". But then, you are looking for increased jobs? Well this now causes the "industry" to have to build "countermeasures" and systems against the released codes, etc. That sounds pretty good, except that "Oops," the jobs will be in Singapore!!! And--Turkey will get a pretty good deal also--not only did the Gulf War get 7 some odd billion dollars written off but it now has systems being produced for its F-16 fleet (also supplied by the US to them as a good neighbor gesture). But oops again--this will give jobs to the Turks. Well, you good old Americans won't mind--the weapons will, AFTER ALL, be USED AGAINST YOUR ARMIES AND NEIGHBORHOODS! Rest well, America, now that you are finished with that boring, dreary and seemingly unending barrage of political lies on the tubes. Just wait for Mr. Kissinger to explain what ISN'T happening and the White House Gang to be cute and entertaining while explaining it to you and how much better is a guillotine than a cyanide slow death anyway!


You don't remember my writing about this? Funny thing, all the way over to France, it was not missed, chelas--indeed, his name (see 'alias') are very common indeed if you want privacy--He became "Col. Michal Goleniewski", a "Polish Intelligence" officer of high rank and who supplied valuable information to the Western Free World on operations of Communist intelligence agents from which wondrously sensational spy cases resulted. DO YOU BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND WHY THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH NUMBERS TO INCLUDE ALL THE "TANGLED WEBS" SERIES? This person is/was the DIRECT heir to the Czardom of Russia. Oh, indeed, yes--it also explains that dear little story of Anastasia--little missing Anastasia! Empress Alexandra died of a heart attack in Warsaw, Poland, in 1924. In 1952 the Czar, known as Raymund Turgnski died. His identification papers in Poland were prepared through the aid of Marshal Joseph Pilsudski. This young Aleksei went with his family to the Don Basini, central Crimea, Constantinople (Istanbul now), Vienna, and finally to Warsaw, Poland. As of 1966 both Maria and Anastasia were living. Aleksei contracted malaria from infected blood for he had hemophilia.

Now what does all this have to do with anything? You are going to see the arrangement of "sides" in this final "take the world" game. These ones represent the Christians of the Russias. This "Alexei" (Grand Duke of Poland) is/was the ONLY SON OF CZAR NICHOLAS H. NOW, TRY THIS ONE: THE CIA HAS ALWAYS KNOWN OF THE FULL IDENTITY! SO BE IT, CHELAS. AS I SAID: REST PEACEFULLY IN YOUR BLISSFUL "NEW WORLD" POLITICAL SYSTEM THIS DAY!

Hatonn to just "drift off" here and let Dharma have a rest. What she really wants to do is "QUIT", but I don't think that shall come to pass. Salu.



MON., AUG. 9, 1993 11:17 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 358

MON., AUGUST 9, 1993

"He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of Christ will change the face of the world." Benjamin Franklin

* * *

I write this to ALL of you readers, and again, in a special way for Dharma. The pressures never stop, the problems never cease and it gets hard to understand WHY we "effort". The above is WHY!

We have written all morning in confrontation of local problems needing attention--which should not need attention. Why do they get to the point of pulling me from our work? Because ones forget that they ARE targets here and get very, very lackadaisical about everything. In the effort to move ahead, get truth OUT, protect ones in trouble or in prison, foolish actions take the place of good judgment and we frequently must attend it personally.

As you, who get the regular tapes, will know. After we finish--if we ever can keep at it long enough--the subjects under writing right now, we will move on to your "origin" on this planet, your "connections", your forefathers and where they were and WHY they were "there" and major observations and discussions on the tablets of Sumar.

Dharma dreads these writings more than any we have thus far offered for in the TRUTH also lies the denial and the danger beyond that which we have caused her to endure. You are going to have to come to understand the connections with the ancient Aryans and the Serpent tribes prior to the Khazars and thus and so. It is dreaded for just with as much definition as we have given our enemies thus far--the enemy will not like the Light shining on his historical past. Just as with the symbols of the season of "Scorpio" which is represented by the magnificent Eagle and ALSO the lowly scorpion lizard--so too, is a massive separation of the "Bird People" and the "Serpent People" as has sifted in and out of your history books as the enemy has tried to destroy and bury same. At any rate, we do NOT look forward to that work and I will not ask that she handle this task until some of this burden of problems is lifted from her shoulders. A court hearing is going on regarding US&P as we write.

Now I find that in the "patriot" movement are some other enemies come forward and more than that, some most unfortunate political prisoners and tailed persons are set-up to make entry among us and the focus is intended to stop us. NO, I WARN YOU OF THE ADVERSARY'S TEAM--THIS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE--EITHER UPON THE "PAWN" OR UPON MY PEOPLE.

I have to remind my own workers in this location and that of Las Vegas wherein the "business" operations abide--this is NOT a SAFE HAVEN--these are the MOST DANGEROUS PLACES OF ALL PLACES TO FIND YOURSELVES SO INVOLVED! The petitions swamp us for assistance in "patriot" matters, publication help, CIA unraveling, Governmental shadow-government unfolding. OUR JOB IS TO BRING THE WORD OF GOD AND THE MISSION IS TO DO SO WITH AS MUCH HASTE AND ENCOMPASSING MATERIAL AS POSSIBLE ALONG WITH GETTING A REMNANT READY TO "FLY".

The CONTACT will continue to help where it can--that is NOT ME! However, I ask that so much of this burden stop ending with E.J. for I am not going to allow more of this constant drain, decisions or focus anywhere NEAR my scribe. The "enemy" knows your soft-spots, chelas, and the magnificent focus is shifting into a constant pulse surveillance system on my very work center.

This is good attention for the paper and we are happy to help with publication of material when and wherein the business persons with the paper wish to do so. I will be happy to entertain these people with full understanding that I am not trying to convince anyone of anything nor am I in the "searching" business. Ones in the "outreach" crew need some of those contacts and need to follow-up perhaps--Ekkers DO NOT--THEY HAVE ONE JOB--TO SEE TO THE NEEDS OF THIS COMMAND!

Incredibly DANGEROUS material is ending up being sent through here as if it were central CIA headquarters or at the least the opposition faction of the CIA-right or left. It comes with full microdot transmission chips, full focus and sets up these ones for full-cause for RAIDS. Get that stuff out of and totally AWAY from here and do not let it in again. I want no one to go droopy on me and blame selves--I am weary of ones of my crew taking such a blast of load just from efforting to help me in my work. Laurie, you must continue as you are as far as serving where you can--but you may not take on such responsibility as for every picked-up political patriot. These ones are like a glue-pot or tar-baby--they are OUT and/or allowed transmissions, FOR A VERY GOOD REASON--TO BE THE LEAD TO BRING WITHIN, THE ENEMY. Are "they" the enemy? Not usually, just duped into carrying the monitoring equipment in exchange for freedom--or in total unknowing. The results end up the same and if a "network" can be "assumed" on ANY grounds, you will be shut-down and incarcerated yourself. You ones do what you can, I realize--but this is NOW out of hand as far as just "helping" a fellow citizen and patriot. OUR MISSION IS NOT TO DO THESE INDIVIDUAL THINGS--OURS IS MASSIVE AND IS TO BRING NO ATTENTION TO THIS PLACE AT ALL.

We will find someone from the paper who may wish to interview R.R. because you will probably find he is one that the government efforted to bargain with to "rat" on Gritz. It would seem to me that Bo would wish to help him since he ended up in prison because he refused to do so. I am not going to "look up" these people to confirm status or service--THEY ARE NOT OF THIS COMMAND IN THIS PLACE AT ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. I cannot do more--but Laurie and my crew--YOU WILL NOT FURTHER JEOPARDIZE SELVES OR PROGRAM FOR THIS NETWORKING OF BOOK-WRITERS. YES, THEY HAVE INFORMATION--BUT SO TOO, DO I! If the CONTACT in Las Vegas or the publisher wants to be involved, so be it--I want no more involvement of such magnitude with anyone in this place, i.e., E.J. or Doris. I am quite appalled at the Pleiades traits still overrunning the common sense of your human expression. Your phone lines are the most listened to service in the nation. Why do you help my enemy??

If ones wish to send "writings" which may be willingly (with no strings) shared with the reading audience--we welcome them and if, later, they are publishable in book-form such as Defrauding America, then we will see if our readers wish to back the authors. I am not in the publishing businesses save for the paper and the JOURNALS as to interest. We want a well-rounded information base and we welcome ALL resources who share willingly with us--but we are not in the "Writers for hire" business--we can't even get my own scribe off foodstamps. This has gotten totally ridiculous. Again, if there are writings which would be suitable and openly shared with the paper--so be it--THAT represents good JOURNALISM.

This may seem nit-picky to you readers--it is NOT. There is a plan to raid this dwelling, RIGHT NOW UNDER WAY because of some tapes and EXCUSE to do so. The material is now OUT OF HERE AND GONE but it is just another form of being setup without attention to possibilities. A good rule of thumb, crew, IF A PERSON IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO BE IN PRISON--THAT ONE IS A TIME-BOMB READY TO BLOW US AWAY--HERE. We do nothing subversive or even as "demonstration"--we simply sit in a basement room and write--PLEASE STOP THIS UNREALIZED ASSAULT AGAINST US IN EFFORTING TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR BUT PLEASE LEAVE MY STAFF OUT OF IT.


* * *

Let us turn to one of our subjects in point for ongoing outlay of player definitions and scene sets. We were speaking of Bolsheviks as we left Saturday's writing from The Iron Curtain Over America. Let us pick up right there, Dharma, and continue, please:


The name "Bolsheviki" means majority (from Russian bolshe, the larger) and commemorates the fact that at the Brussels-London conference of the party in late 1902 and early 1903, the violent Marxist program of Lenin was adopted by a 25 to 23 vote, the less violent minority of "Mensheviki" Marxists fading finally from the picture after Stalin's triumph in October, 1917. It has been also stated that the term Bolshevik refers to the "larger" or more violent program of the majority faction. After 1918 the Bolsheviki called their organization the Communist Party.


The Zionist Jews were another group that laid its plan in Russia as a part of the new reorientation of Russian Jewry after the collapse of Haskalah and the assassination (1881) of Alexander II. On November 6, 1884, for the first time in history, a Jewish international assembly was held at Kattowitz, near the Russian frontier, where representatives from all classes and different countries met and decided to colonize Palestine. Henceforth a heightened sense of race-consciousness takes the place formerly held by religion and is soon to develop into a concrete nationalism with Zion as its goal.

In Russia and abroad in the late nineteenth century, not only Bundists but other Khazar Jews had been attracted to the workings of Karl Marx (1818-1883), partly, it seems, because he was Jewish in origin. On both paternal and maternal sides Karl Marx was descended from rabbinical families.

The Marxian program of drastic controls, so repugnant to the free western mind, was no obstacle to the acceptance of Marxism by many Khazar Jews, for the Babylonian Talmud under which they lived had taught them to accept authoritarian dictation on everything from their immorality to their trade practices. Since the Talmud contained more than 12,000 controls, the regimentation of Marxism was acceptable--provided the Khazar politician, like the Talmudic Rabbi, exercised the power of the dictatorship.

Under Nicholas II, there was no abatement of the regulations designed, after the murder of Alexander II, to curb the anti-government activities of Jews; consequently, the reaction to those excesses was Jewish support of the Bolsheviks. The way to such support was easy since the predecessor organization of Russian Communism was the Jewish "Bund". Thus Marxian Communism, modified for expediency, became an instrument for the violent seizure of power. The Communist Jews, together with revolutionaries of Russian stock, were sufficiently numerous to give the venture a promise of success, if attempted at the right time. After the rout of the less violent faction in 1903, when Czar Nicholas's train was stopped and he was told that his rule was at an end...Israel, in Russia, suddenly found itself lifted out of its oppression and degradation.

At this moment Lenin appeared on the scene, after an absence of nine years. The Germans, not realizing that he would be anything more than a trouble-maker for their World War I enemy, Russia, passed him and his party (exact number disputed--about 200?) in a sealed train from Switzerland to the Russian border. In Lenin's sealed train, out of a list of 165 names published, 23 are Russian, 3 Georgian, 4 Armenian, 1 German, and 128 Jewish. At about the same time, Trotsky arrived from the United States, followed by over 300 Jews from the East End of New York and joined up with the Bolshevik Party.

Thus under Lenin, whose birth-name was Ulianov and whose racial antecedents are uncertain, and under Leon Trotsky, a Jew, whose birth-name was Bronstein, a small number of highly-trained Jews from abroad, along with Russian Judaized Khazars and non-Jewish origin--such as Trotsky, Zinoniev, Kamanev, and Sverdlov--played a conspicuous part in the revolution of November 1917, which enabled the Bolshevists to take possession of the state apparatus. Here and there in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia other Jews are named as co-founders of Russian Communism [H: Yes, you read that correctly--in THE UNIVERSAL JEWISH ENCLCYCLOPEDIA!], but not Lenin and Stalin. Both of these, however, are said by some writers to be half-Jewish. [H: Not only is this true but BOTH bore Jewish sir-names prior to changing.] Whatever the racial antecedents of their top man, the first Soviet commissariats were largely staffed with Jews. The Jewish position in the Communist movement was well understood in Russia. The "White Armies" which opposed the Bolshevik government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as common enemies. (This also comes from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. I, p. 336.)

Those interested in the ratio of Jews to others in the government in the early days of Communist rule in Russia should, if possible, see Les derniers fours des Romanof (The Last Days of the Romanovs) by Robert Wilton, long the Russian correspondent of the London Times. A summary of its vital passages is included in the "foreword" to the Third Edition of the Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, by Rev. Dennis Fahey, a well-known Irish professor of philosophy and Church history. Professor Fahey gives names and nationality of the members of the Council of Peoples Commissars, the Central Executive Committee, and the Extraordinary Commissions, and in summary quotes from Wilton as follows:

According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State... there were in 1918-1919, 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim, and 457 JEWS.

As the decades passed by--after the fateful year 1917--Judaized Khazars kept a firm hand on the helm of the government in the occupied land of Russia. In due time they built a bu-reaucracy to their hearts' desire. The government-controlled Communist press issued numerous and violent denunciations of anti-semitic episodes, either violence or discriminations. Also, in 1935 a court ruled that anti-semitism in Russia was a penal offense. Among top-flight leaders prominent in the middle of the twentieth century, Stalin, Kaganovich, Beria, Molotov, and Litvinoff all have Jewish blood, or are married to Jewesses. The latter circumstance should not be overlooked that the influence of a certain type of wife--or other closely associated woman--has been of utmost significance and is well written up in many documents. If you want facts for self there are many books on the subject but we especially recommend Section III, 11, entitled Raymond Boyer, Montreal, in the Report of the Canadian Royal Commission. This should be read in full by all who want facts on the subject of the corruption of scientists, and others working on government projects. In the Soviet Embassy records, turned over to Canadian authorities by Ivor Gouzenko, was Col. Zabotin's notebook which contained the following entries (pp. 375 and 397 respectively):


Frenchman. Noted chemist, about 40 years of age. Works in McGill University, Montreal. Is the best of the specialists on VV on the American Continent. Gives full information on explosives and chemical plants. Very rich. He is afraid to work. (Gave the formula of RDX, up to the present there was no evaluation from the boss.)


1. Freda

Jewess--works as a co-worker in the International Bureau of Labour.

A lady friend of the Professor.

In view of the facts furnished as to the racial composition of the early Communist bureaucracy, it is perhaps not surprising that a large portion of the important foreign efforts of the present government of Russia are entrusted to Jews.

This is especially notable in the list of current or recent exercisers of Soviet power in the satellite lands of Eastern Europe. Anna Rabinsohn Pauker, Dictator of Rumania; Matyas Rakosi, Dictator of Hungary; Jacob Berman, Dictator of Poland; D.M. Manuilsky, Dictator of the Ukraine; and many other persons highly placed in the governments of the several Eastern European countries are all said to be members of this new Royal Race of Russia.

Of Eastern European origin are the leaders of the late nineteenth century and twentieth century political Zionism which flowered from the already recorded beginnings at Kattowitz in 1884. Born at Budapest, Hungary, was Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), author (1896) of Der Judenstaat (The Jews' State), who presided over the "Zionist Congress", which took place in Basel, Switzerland on August 29, 30, and 31, 1897 (Univ. Jew. Encyc., Vol II, p. 102). Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the head of political Zionism at the moment of its recourse to violence, was born in Plonsk, Poland. Since these top leaders are Eastern Europeans, it is not surprising that most of the recent immigrants into Palestine are of Soviet and satellite origin and that their weapons have been largely from the Soviet Union and from Soviet-controlled Czechoslovakia.

As a number of writers have pointed out, political Zionism entered its violent phase after the discovery of the incredibly vast mineral wealth of Palestine. According to Zionists Mis-leading World with Untruths for Palestine Conquest, a full-page article inserted as an advertisement in the New York Herald-Tribune (Jan. 14, 1947), an independent Jewish state in Palestine was the only certain method by which Zionists could acquire complete control and outright ownership of the proven Five Trillion Dollar ($5,000,000,000,000) chemical and mineral wealth of the Dead Sea. The long documented article is signed by R.M. Schoendorf, Representative of Cooperating Americans of the Christian Faiths; by Habib I. Katibah, Representative of Cooperating Americans of Arab Ancestry; and by Benjamin H. Freedman, Representative of Cooperating Americans of the Jewish Faith, and is convincing. Irrespective, however, of the value of the Dead Sea minerals, the oil flow of Middle Eastern wells is something unbelievable to those familiar with slow-flowing American wells. Also in 1951, oil was discovered in the Negeb Desert, an area for which the Israeli authorities had so much fervor that they seized it.

The dominance of the motive of self-aggrandizement in political Zionism has been affirmed and denied; but it is difficult for an observer to see any possible objective apart from mineral wealth or long range grand strategy, including aggression, in a proposal to make a nation out of an agriculturally poor, already overpopulated territory the size of Vermont. The intention of aggression at the expense of Moslem peoples, particularly in the direction of Iraq and Iran, is suggested also by the fact that the Eastern European Jews, adherents to the Babylonian Talmud, had long turned their thoughts to the lands where their sages lived and where most of the native Jewish population had embraced the Moslem faith. [H: Oops! Watch it, for now we are getting into ANCIENT history, readers. The enemy has ALWAYS been afoot in "places of the Lion".] Any possible Zionist religious motive such as the hope of heaven, which fired the zeal of the Crusaders, is apparently ruled out by the nature of Judaism, as it is generally understood. The Jewish religion is a way of life and has no formulated creed, or articles of faith, the acceptance of which brings redemption or salvation to the believer.

* * *

Scribe, I need you elsewhere for a little "time" so please close this "chapter". We will pick up a bit later, please, here with the underground overseas efforts of the Khazar-dominated Russia.



TUE., AUG 10, 1993 9:46 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 359

TUE., AUGUST 10, 1993


Who is your friend and who is your foe? Chelas, there is NO way to actually know from where you stand. Worse, I am not going to tell you WHO, in save a very few instances. YOU must learn to function so openly and so cleanly that you are never actually open for direct assault. Is the adversary apt to bring you down? They will TRY and yes they will--if you are not alert at every second of your experience. KNOW, right off--that these trained specialists are GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO and NOTHING IS AN ERROR, NO MATTER HOW IT "APPEARS".

KNOW that YOU are the innocent dupes and it must cease in this location or serious damage can be done to our paper, if nothing else. We have nothing else so you have the picture? George Green still has the JOURNALS up through about number 60 tied up, the "gold" in question sits with the court in Nevada. Subscriptions to the CONTACT are not UP--they are down by almost 300 and still, ones want US to foot the bill for everything from physician's visits to clandestine intelligence work. NO! NO!! AND NO!!!

We will continue to offer the paper with all the fascinating items of the day, all insider reports which will be shared with us, continue to give you WHO is now in trouble and needs support for speaking up or acting under your Constitution, assist (where we can do so openly) patriots who are working in a "national" effort beyond self ego and programmed demonstrations, etc.

This morning my impulse is to protect my people and CLOSE the paper because somehow it has become "leaked" that here is where you get anything and everything to do with secret intelligence work and sucker petitions responded to in full embrace.

These people are beautiful people who would help anyone appearing in need--even if it costs them everything. This is not acceptable for now there is higher responsibility. I don't know how to tell you ones "out-there" that this is not a "money-making" endeavor--it is so far in the hole that this last month with kind donations, it almost paid its own expenses and now we come up with a 100 page edition or thereabouts. We are so very grateful for the help, readers--so humbly grateful.

Court "happened" again yesterday in the US&P case--every point was ruled IN FAVOR of US&P without exception or allowed argument! Even if there was opportunity to speak out--somehow, our legal counsel didn't.

Well, the Judge told E.J., Dharma and the Attorney at the LAST hearing--nicely but firmly--that if there was even one diagram in any of "our" books matching that of the "proclaimed" holdings of US&P that the case would be judged on the most "narrow" (his words) rulings--and "You will not win!" (his words). Now we are in another several thousands of dollars to prove his point. He recognized the involvement of Mr. Green and the lack of prosecution of same and the co-venture with US&P as it "apparently" has happened. I doubt if there is much going on NOW because word comes back from a couple of sources that George is no longer in the publishing business or distribution business. This cannot be true because we KNOW of sales of our own work--within the past two-three weeks. The attorney for US&P still "threatens" further contempt charges against Dharma and CONTACT for continuation of the subject in the paper. This case was LOST in the very first inept representation in court. Merits of the case have NEVER been even remotely considered--but the attorney (after being fired) still is suing for over $10,000 in fees. What can you do? I see very little--and certainly nothing that can gain you anything but wasted time, heartache and more problems.

Do people REALLY want the PLEIADES CONNECTION series? They certainly did not, prior to the squabble and banning. Even the Judge in point had NEVER HEARD OF WALTER RUSSELL BUT HE HAD HEARD OF BROOKINGS INSTITUTE AND TAVISTOCK--ALMOST IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIVING THE CASE. US&P still threatens contempt, liable and defamation by a statement made in the LIBERATOR regarding $215 million available to fight this case. Well, why do they not go sue Mr. Green? He, according to our original attorney, is the one who said that he was told by his "good friend" on the "Board" at US&P that they had just received a "donation" of that much money and were prepared to use it all if necessary--in this case. Of course, our attorney doesn't seem to remember much about that "NOW", either.

As for the information--I have no wish or desire to have those JOURNALS back, friends. It is the material "other" than that of Russell which "I" know to be important as relates to the scientific perceptions. I have no desire to work AGAINST those people--I don't particularly want to work WITH THEM, either. However, everything has been gained that needed to be gained from this confrontation. It is sad that the "guilty" parties are never caught-up in these situations--but YOU may as well KNOW that this is how far into the PITS you have fallen, citizens.

Will our people continue to struggle in the face of the ATF and U.N. Forces? NO! Why should they do so? Because they work for me? Forget it--with a subscription list of only 1,200 people in the whole world--I suggest that "citizens" don't care enough to fight for their own freedom in any manner--even reading. JOURNAL acceptance is even more unnoticeable--without real ability to cover printing costs.

Do we do a service? Indeed, and for that reason and for you beloved 1,200 we shall keep going for as long as there is even a remote possibility of reaching out and having you hear.


I am the Chief Journalist here--not the Chief Editor. However, I take full responsibility for the subject matter choices as are presented. I take the responsibility and therefore, I guess, my secretary has to take the bashing for the Federal Court has ruled that Doris Ekker is but "me". Of course he has READ NOTHING! Not even a portion of ONE book, much less, 80. And, further, he says "God" has NOTHING to do with this case--it is simply whether or not so much as a sentence, style or diagram comes from Walter Russell's work. Nothing of any of it came from anything validly copyrighted and that has been PROVEN but to get it into court is some 3 to 5 years down the road and enough money to break the bank at Monte Carlo! We don't NEED the material--why in the world would we push this thing an inch further?

We would like to have Dr. Binder working "with" us--but not for political reasons--he has a gift of some understanding, though not enough, of Dr. Russell's approach. But, WE DO NOT NEED those or any other books. The only ones who actually NEEDED the INFORMATION attention have, or will have, it when the sequence of events is appropriate. Why would we keep shooting ourselves in all of our collective feet over something as foolish? If THEY perceive damage--then the court will rule that they are damaged in some manner according to the legal decisions regarding "words", not merits or concepts. They are "big"; we are "nothing". Worse, the whole system wants to get rid of us for we cause them to confront the worst traits of humankind. Trust me, beloved ones, the REASON for continuing this confrontation has been accomplished--the TRUTH as historically constructed in open publications IS ABUNDANTLY CLEAR IN ALL RESPECTS. This is simply more evidence and confirmation of how tightly the coffin lids are nailed SHUT and BY WHOM!

I had another friend who has a copy of the manuscript utilized by us, The Universal One. Yes, indeed, to each of you who were drawn to that work, we would appreciate a copy or copies--it is evidence to my people here that there is some approximation of reality in this world.


Already the inpouring objections to my observations about South Africa and reflection of the U.S. is hitting. I get everything from, "I'm not taking your garbage-sheet any longer" to "You are nuts! South Africa is a world away and you have reached too far this time." Ok, let me give you excerpts from articles conveniently, for me, in THIS publication of Spotlight. It is ALL interlocked--AROUND THE GLOBE, readers, and you do not have to see it--you can throw the "garbage-sheet" out (or put it in the bird cage) but it won't change the facts of it.


The U.S. person shot in "Georgia" (Soviet) and now being brought home for burial? What is THAT? Oh, a U.S. person gets killed by a "single" shot while in an auto in which no one else was TOUCHED--was a fluke accident? Good grief, readers, this MAN was a CIA agent. Other CIA agents made sure that body was returned home--BUT THE CIA DENIES ANY INVOLVEMENT. What are you doing in Soviet Georgia with your CIA? This is one of the most important hot-spots in the whole Communist Russia daily happenings calendar. And moreover, why would a small group of CIA agents have to see to it that that man's body is BROUGHT HOME even in the face of denial by your own CIA that they even know about him?

Do we have "agents" working within, without or on the fringes of our group--unwittingly? YES! I told you from onset that agents were working right under your nose and even running a part of your operations--I believe that has turned out to be absolutely TRUE. Did anyone else know who? Didn't seem to, which makes me about as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof--the simplistic innocence of my crew in Satan's domain! Funny thing about this is that the agents, the government, the shadow government, the One World Government, the Committee of 300, the Israelis and it seems, everyone but you who "claim" to "believe" KNOW WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE ARE ABOUT AND GET A LITTLE CRAZY BUT RECOGNIZE OUR MISSION AND KNOW THAT IT IS NOT OVERTHROW--BUT RATHER, INFORMATION TO ANY OF OUR PEOPLE WHO WISH TO HAVE THE TRUTH OF THEIR SECURITY. IT IS THE UNINFORMED WHO ARE THE DANGEROUS ONES TO OUR CREW WITH THE UNINFORMED BLIND "CHRISTIANS" HEADING THE LIST OF DANGEROUS ADVERSARIES.

Remember this, God tests the water continuously and from time to time in a MAJOR way--then HE pulls back and the actions of MAN intent take over while the world spins in orbit. Our contacts are made and every effort is made to insure that our people act in total openness and within ALL laws--ALL LAWS. We support NO armies, no violence, no demonstrations as instigators and bear no FORCE. In exchange--we are recognized as respected opponents who will do what is necessary when attacked or our people attacked. They know that WE KNOW what is going on at all times--everywhere. They know that we know that THEY KNOW everything coming out of this computer, etc. They test their skills against our shields and go blow up fault lines somewhere else. If, however, any person in my protection who demands my absence--GETS IT and THEN, it is dangerous beyond your belief for THEY will "getcha"!


Can they "silence" us? THEY DON'T WANT TO SILENCE US! They would actually help us if they could do so and "not get caught at it". Oh, the fringe "little players" would do any-thing to silence us and our people--but the Elite need the voice going forth to insure ego recognition and power inplay. The Elite would even build you a pocket of security and survival equipment--but the factions who even claim to be our own brothers, even do THAT in. The ULTIMATE "battle" is in the HEAVENS, readers--and don't forget it! The adversary has already LOST THAT BATTLE and he knows it. A world in total destruction and worsening every day--is not winning! HE IS BOUND TO THE PHYSICAL PLANE AS SURELY AS IF HE WERE IN SHACKLES--YOU WELL STAY OR GO ACCORDING TO YOUR SELF. Even the wondrous "new world" of Earth herself spun out in total radiance in 1987. There was a convergence of all harmonic frequencies and there is a radiance and growth on that place "prepared" for God's people beyond your imaginings--JUST WAITING. We have no battle in plans--we need no battles, we simply need to awaken our people. Does that mean no "tribulation"--NO--BIG TRIBULATION for no evil shall be brought onto the radiant planet home. There, further, has to be a mass transition (migration) and a reestablishment. YOU need this paper--WE DO NOT!

So, quarrel if you like, it gives us dandy subjects about which to speak and when you "believe" enough in confirmation--THEN PERHAPS--you may believe the IMPORTANT stories about who you are and possibly accept some instructions as to passage.

From THE SPOTLIGHT, Aug. 9, 1993


Power Behind the Scene. Mike Blair [H: (Bless him). Is he really "good" or what? Let's go with the "what"--he offers you more than you HAD before he writes so he is wondrous--even if bits and pieces perchance be misinformation. It is up TO YOU to discern--not the journalist to spoon-feed you.]

David Rockefeller [H: Uh-oh! Right off the start?], multi-billionaire and leading member of the world shadow government consisting of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg group, has been funding the terrorist African National Congress for 10 years. [H: Choke, sputter, ah-er...]

David Rockefeller, who for a decade has financially backed the terrorist African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa, is now helping its leader, NELSON MANDELA, in a bid to become president of the Republic of South Africa when Blacks are allowed to take over the strategically important nation next year.

On July 5, Rockefeller was the host when 75 U.S. corporate leaders gathered at a dinner at Rockefeller Plaza in New York to honor Mandela and to raise at least $250,000 to aid the ANC's political agenda in South Africa....


The ANC was listed as one of the world's major "terrorist groups" in Terrorist Group Profiles, published by the Department of Defense (U.S.) in 1988 [H: I think you get the point!]



The following information was made available to the author by a former member of South African intelligence. It describes how the United States is directing the Communist takeover of the South African government.

By: Alyn Denham....

The Communist takeover of South Africa began with Jimmy Carter, continued throughout the Reagan presidency and flowered into full bloom when the George Bush State Department appointed William Lacy Swing as U.S. ambassador to South Africa in 1989. (Swing is currently Ambassador to Nigeria, and is succeeded by Princeton Nathan Lyman. Swing, a career Foreign Service bureaucrat since 1963, was a fellow at the Harvard University Center for International Affairs from 1976-1977.--Ed.)

Ambassador Swing's first order of the day was to unite the African National Congress (ANC) and the Council of South African Trade Unions under the flag and direction of the South African Communist Party (SACP). This first development was approved by George Bush personally.

Bush went a step further when he directed the CIA "to spare no expense or manpower" in their assistance to Swing. As a result of this presidential directive, there are currently 58 CIA agents and administrative employees working out of Swing's embassy/fortress. Twenty-seven of these agents are the most accomplished communications and computer experts on the face of this planet.

Their primary mission is the monitoring and recording of telephone, telegraph and fax communications from individual South Africans. Most of these targeted citizens are on the CIA's list of persons that oppose the takeover of the government by the SACP-dominated African National Congress (ANC).

What about the remaining 31 agents? Eleven are monitoring all decisions made at the highest levels of the government, including the offices of President F.W. DeKlerk and those of Foreign Minister Pik Botha. These agents are responsible for approval or rejection of major decisions and determinations. They are also deeply involved in the dissolution of the South African Defense Force (SADF) and the integration of Communist terrorist elements into the leadership and ranks of the South African Police (SAP)....


* * *

Please interrupt this at this point--I need you to write some other important communications. There is a lot more important information to offer on this CIA integration and operations but I believe this will give our hackers and rock-throwers a different possible perception. One of the important points of this article is WHO is writing it: Alyn Denham. Who is he? He is the publisher of a newsletter, Americans for Sane Policy (ASP Newsletter, P.O. Box 150883, Nashville, Tenn. 37215). He is a former soldier who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, the latter as an intelligence operative involved in cross-border operations in North Vietnam. Afterward, he served in the Pentagon as chief of procurement for U.S. Special Forces unit. [H: Humm-nn] He resigned in the early 1970s and worked as an adviser to the Saudi military and other foreign governments in their fight against Communism in Africa, Europe and South America. He enlisted in the Rhodesian army and served as a commander of a special forces battalion, before that country fell to Communist terrorist insurgents supported by the West.

Indeed I believe there may well be some merit to our writings as concern South Africa--but yours is to discern which side is the most deadly in this play for supreme power! Whose side am "I" on? I am on only one side: GOD'S and I don't find much attention to HIM on either of the vying sides for ultimate power in your world--actually on ANY side of the three major players. So be it.



WED., AUG. 11, 1993 11:42 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 360

WED., AUGUST 11, 1993


We are asked often about our old friends who once sent prophecies from Abdu'l-Baha which came through Montana. There was quite a while that no information came after the information regarding the bombing of the New York Trade Center (which, by the way was EXACTLY right-on--SO SAYS THE DOCUMENT SENT TO US). I do not offer dates and places in specific timing--for I do not know exact times as some projectionists wish to share. But, neither do I wish to keep any such information from you readers. Each time there is a "Press Release" it is quite lengthy and is offered via Neal Chase in Montana and brings information from one Abdu'l-Baha the son of Baha'u'llah. This source is not a member of my team. This does not make him either valid or invalid, please understand. There are many missions under way, many messengers sent and now present themselves. Our mission is one of writing the WORD as we now do, seeing to a physical "remnant", etc. I do not make judgments and in this case neither do I effort to discern in your stead. Take what you will from the information and handle it most seriously for you are in the time when many things are happening and forewarning is to be forearmed. These "Prophecies" as presented are balanced against what is presented in the biblical scripts so of course they hold a lot of valid projections as calculations can more easily be determined now that you ARE IN the changing cycle. The point to watch is that these incidents are man-controlled NOW and information release often causes delays or changes in activities--not necessarily representing WRONG INFORMATION.

Our papers have become so large that we have been perhaps a bit negligent in not sharing as much "prophecy" or perceptions by others as we might. We know you weary of hearing just the facts, Ma'am, and not offering possibilities as we offered with the Parowan Prophet. All you need be is discerning and the lessons are most valid indeed in that you MUST BE PRE-PARED. IF PREPARED, the happenings as to exact timing are not of great importance. If you are NOT prepared they become EVERYTHING and I will not allow you to absolve selves of that responsibility by anyone's writings, including my own.

This first "release" is from Neal Chase, 328 Stephens, Missoula, MT 59801, (406)728-4721. I do not know what the following means but we will print it as it appears: BAHA'IS UNDER THE PROVISIONS OF THE COVENANT, MISSOULA, MONTANA 59801.

This was apparently written on August 4, 1993 but pertains to SEPTEMBER 4Th, 1993.


IN OUR PREVIOUS RELEASES we gave you the exact date that New York was to be bombed: November 26th, 1992, the Day of the Covenant, plus the prophesied season of three months of 90 days (Daniel 7:12) brought us to the day, the minute, the hour and the second that the Trade Towers was bombed. We stated that this was just an OMEN of the big one yet to come!

Now we are giving you the date for the big one: November 26th, 1992, the Day of the Covenant, plus 90 days (a season of three months) is February 26th, 1993, the day of the Trade Tower bombing, plus 190 days is September 4th, 1993, the day the UN building and all New York City along with it is to be nuked.

This is given in the Book of Ezekiel three different times, in three different ways, in three different places.

In Ezekiel chapter 4 verse 5 he states that for the destruction of the city there will be 190 days, which from the bombing of the Trade Towers brings us exactly to September 4th, 1993. Ezekiel writes:

Man, take a tile and set it before you. Draw a city on it, the city of Jerusalem (City of Peace, City of the Covenant): lay siege to it, erect watch-towers against it, raise a siege-ramp, put mantelets in position, and bring battering-rams against it all around. Then take an iron griddle, and put it as a wall of iron between you and the city (New York). Keep your face turned toward the city (New York); IT WILL BE BESIEGED and you the besieger. THIS WILL BE A SIGN to the Israelites. Ezekiel 4:1-3, The New English Bible (NEB).

When 'Abdu'l-Baha the son of Baha'u'llah was in New York City, in 1912, he designated New York out from among all the cities of the world as the "City of the Covenant". In Some Answered Questions he explains that Jerusalem signifies "the city of the law". The Law is the Covenant. Thus Ezekiel sees the destruction of the city of New York that is the "old Jerusalem" of the violation of the Covenant where the largest congregation of Covenant-breaking Baha'is recently met on the Day of the Covenant on November 26th of 1992 in mockery of the Covenant. It is the City of the UN building which pretends to be from God setting in stone from Isaiah chapter two in front of its plaza "The house of the Lord" that shall "beat their swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks" thus it is for the fire and the city of New York along with it. Ezekiel gives the exact date:

Now lie on your left side, and I will lay Israel's iniquity on you; you shall bear their iniquity for as many days as you lie on that side. Allowing one day for every year of their iniquity, I ordain that you bear it for ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY DAYS; thus you shall bear Israel's iniquity. --Ezekiel 4:4-6 NEB.

Israel was punished historically for 190 years from 597 BC when Ezekiel was taken captive from the city until 407 BC when the city was finally finished being rebuilt after it had been destroyed. 597 - 190 = 407 BC. Today we only have to bear that punishment one day for each year that they had to bear it way back then. 190 days from the exact day, minute, hour and second from the bombing of the Trade Towers on February 26th, 1993 (which was a season of three months of 90 days after the Covenant-breakers met in New York on the Day of the Covenant) brings us EXACTLY to September 4th, 1993, the day New York is to be destroyed.

Some Bibles erroneously give 390 days in Ezekiel chapter 4 which is in error. Moffat's, the New Jerusalem, the New English Bible and others, all give the correct 190 days, which is historically correct also and is found in the most ancient and accurate of all the Biblical translations from the Septuagint which gives 190 days exact (See Halley's ed. 24:p.327).

Ezekiel gives the date a second time.

In Ezekiel chapter 24 verses 15-18 he states that the date for the destruction of the city will be the same day (three years later) that the wife of the promised one for today passes on from a stroke. Dr. Opal Jensen, the late wife of Dr. Leland Jensen, Knight of Baha'u'llah and prophesied establisher of the Baha'i Faith, passed on from a stroke three years ago on September 4th, 1990, while the Gulf War was fermenting, during the countdown to attack.

The book of Ezekiel is not a history of his life, nor the things he was supposed to do back then, nor what happened to him, but instead it is prophecies for today, the things the promised one for today is supposed to do, and what has happened to him and is happening to him now during the prelude to Armageddon in which we are embroiled at this very moment! Ezekiel marks the very day:

In the ninth year, in the tenth month, on the tenth day of the month, the word of the Lord came to me:

"Son of man, write down THE NAME OF THIS DAY, THIS VERY DAY. The king of Babylon (Saddam Hussein) has laid siege to Jerusalem (New York City) THIS VERY DAY. --Ezekiel 24:2 RSV.

Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq, is restoring the old city of Babylon (digging it out from being buried) which is in Iraq making him the King of Babylon. He is an actual physical descendant of Nebuchadnezzar who was the ancient King of Babylon that destroyed Jerusalem the first time. Now Saddam has vowed to take revenge on New York and the UN for what they did to his country. Here Ezekiel gives us "THE VERY DAY" that this will happen. He goes on to ear-mark this day with a very personal event that happens to the promised one of today of his wife passing on from a stroke. This is in verse 15 of the 24th chapter of Ezekiel in which the destruction of the city of New York is compared to a boiling pot (See also Jeremiah chapter one).

Son of man, behold, I take away from thee the desire of your eyes WITH A STROKE: yet neither shalt thou mourn nor weep, neither shall thy tears run down.... So I spake unto the people in the morning; and at even MY WIFE DIED: and I did in the morning as I was commanded. --Ezekiel 24:15-18 ICJV.

Thus Ezekiel gives the exact day, the very day, twice. Add 190 days to the Trade Tower bombing of February 26th, 1993 and you get September 4th, 1993 and then also in chapter 24 he writes down the very day of the siege of the city as the same day his wife passes on from a stroke. Dr. Opal Jensen passed on, on September 4th, 1990 which will be three years ago this year.

[H: OK, to you who feel this is alright but "can't be trusted" as truth. Ponder this thought for a moment. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE ONES WHO WOULD PRECIPITATE SUCH AN ACTION MIGHT ALSO USE THESE SAME CALCULATIONS??? Right here, readers, is where every wicket gets very sticky! Even if the "prophecy" of the Bible be not correct--but man has so calculated--think you not that the game can be played according to THESE rules, dates and times? You would have to know the perpetrators and what THEY intend and what calculations THEY MAKE to coincide with appropriate background.]

Ezekiel gives the date a third time.

In chapter 24 it states that the same way he lost his wife the people will lose the city. Then it says Ezekiel was made mute.

Thus shall Ezekiel be to you A SIGN; according to all that he has done you shall do. When this comes, then you will know that I am the Lord God.

And you, son of man, on the day when I take from them their stronghold, their joy and glory, the delight of their eyes and their heart's desire (the people will lose New York in which they delight the same way and the same day he lost his wife 3 years later), and also their sons and daughters (that live in New York), on that day a fugitive will come to you to report to you the news. On that day your mouth will be opened to the fugitive, and you shall speak and be no longer dumb. So you will BE A SIGN to them; and they will know that I am the Lord.--Ezekiel 24:24-27 RSV.

Ezekiel was made mute for three years. His wife passed on in the 9th year in the tenth month on the tenth day and he wasn't able to speak again until the twelfth year in the tenth month on the fifth day. That is three years. September 4th, 1993 is the three year anniversary of the passing of Dr. Opal Jensen exactly.

In the twelfth year of our exile, in the tenth month, on the fifth day of the month, a man who HAD escaped from Jerusalem came to me and said, "The city has fallen." Now the hand of the Lord had been upon me the evening before the fugitive came; and he had opened my mouth by the time the man came to me and I was no longer dumb. Ezekiel 33:21-22 RSV.

He is made mute for three years representing the fact that our releases over the last three years have not been published--and to the world at large this message has been silent. At the close of these three years on September 4th, 1993 this message will resound throughout the entire world! New York City will be gone.

The reason this happens five days short of the three years (from the tenth day of the month to the fifth day of the same month) is to show that the working of this will actually start at the end of August when the UN is now scheduled to review lifting sanctions imposed against Iraq beginning at the end of August into early September when the city is to be destroyed on September 4th.

[H: I DO suggest you harken back to the warning of impending disaster along your southern shores. Remember that the "crises centers" (confirmed in San Antonio) are scheduled to be on RED ALERT to receive large numbers of evacuees from the Gulf Coast--different cities will get specific instructions "later" was the information. The as-sumption was a massive hurricane--it COULD be any number of things which would put everyone on "stand-by".]

As for you, son of man, your people who talk together about you by the walls and at the doors of the houses, say to one another, each to his brother, "Come, and hear what the word is that comes forth from the Lord." And they come to you as people come, and they sit before you as my people, and they hear what you say but they will not do it; for with their lips they show much love, but their heart is set on their gain. And, lo, you are to them like one who sings love songs with a beautiful voice and plays well on an instrument, for they will hear what you say, but they will not do it. When this comes--and come it will!--then they will know that a prophet has been among them.--Ezekiel 33:30-33 RSV.

All this is to happen because of the sins and gross atrocities of the United Nations and especially America against all the of the world. The Trade Tower bombing was just an OMEN of what is yet to come as we have already stated previously ("OMEN I: The first bombing of New York", March 5th, 1993). Yet it has served its purpose in showing the American people and news media that they are VULNERABLE to wake them up out of their prejudices, stereotypes and preconceived ideas! Yet for three years they have not informed the people! Thus Ezekiel prophesied that the promised one of today would be "mute" for three years (meaning the people haven't heard this message). This ends with the city being destroyed, New York being nuked, and the world proclamation to all the people that the establisher of the Baha'i Faith is Dr. Leland Jensen, Knight of Baha'u'llah, and that Baha'u'llah, descended from King David and seated upon David's throne, is the second coming of Christ awaited for by all the people of the world.

As America, its leadership and the news media have continually refused to warn the people, and refuse to cease and desist from their abominable atrocities, and refuse to heed our warnings which originate from the Almighty God, they enter into destruction after destruction, calamity after calamity, each wave increasing in its ferocity and forceful intensity, until finally: the great retribution: a fiery thermonuclear blast: New York City is gone!

I the Lord have spoken; it shall come to pass, I will do it; I will not go back, I will not spare, I will not repent; according to your ways and your doings I will judge you, says the Lord God.--Ezekiel 24:14 RSV.


In Revelation chapter 13 and Daniel chapter 7 the United Nations is prophesied of as the BEAST. Daniel sees four separate Beasts: England the lion; America the eagle's wings; and France the leopard; Russia the bear's feet. These Big Four "Christian" nuclear super powers all possess the veto power on the UN and are permanent members of the ruling Security Council. They all meet in New York City where the UN building is located. Revelation 16:10 (KJV) states that it is the "seat of the Beast" (UN building) that is to be destroyed first. Rev-elation 14:20 states that the entire surrounding area of up to 100 miles radius (see note 'i' RSV) will be destroyed along with it. The city of New York is here described as a great "wine press" from which the blood will flow as "high as a horse's bridle", that is, when all those buildings collapse they have people sandwiched in between floors. The pile will literally be that high with rubble and blood.

After the UN building (the seat of the Beast) and New York City along with are nuked, the Beast itself (these Big Four superpowers) is then to be thrown alive into a thermonuclear "lake of fire" (Revelation 19:20) which is the battle of Armageddon that will result shortly after New York is destroyed (Revelation 16:16) in which one third of mankind will be killed in one hour of thermonuclear war.


The sins and pure evil of the United Nations and the country of America against the rest of the world is an abomination of the greatest proportion since the foundation of the world in all its history! Grenada, Libya, Panama, El Salvador, Iraq and the Gulf War, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, the 390 exiled Palestinians...to name only a few are all the fault of the bloodstained United States which rules the UN as a puppet for its "own interests".

Do you think there is no KARMA? Have you not heard that the bread you cast upon the water returns to you? or that what you sow so shall you reap? Indeed all the people of the world shall be judged by what they have done!

They stole the land from the "Indians" in order to establish this country! They systematically killed the buffalo to starve them out, used smallpox as germ warfare to kill them and poisoned them with whiskey. They broke every single treaty that they ever made with the Native Americans. They violated all of them (370). They kept not a one. They deceived and lied and massacred their women and children. Slaughtering the infants of the tribes and beheading the women they had raped after burning the villages to the ground and skinning their babies alive in front of their very eyes!

Then they imported the Black slaves and robbed them of over 300 years worth of wages. St. Louis was the largest slave market in the world where these souls were bought and sold in the open light of day the way the laws are bought and sold on the chopping block of Congress in this very day. They beat and tortured these people in the name of the Christ whose teachings they had perverted and twisted to justify their "own interests" and wicked acts. They broke up their families and sold husbands away from wives, mothers away from daughters, sons away from fathers and have never made any amends in any way, shape or form, even until this very day.

They established the "double standard" of racism and bigotry within the borders of this very country, within the heart of this very continent!

[H: Bear in mind careful consideration of the following for some "facts" are NOT. This is, however, the writing from one Neal Chase, a human speaker, who very well does not know all the actual research, etc. The concept is still the same--the players are incorrect in some instances and the entire observation is based on incorrect assumptions. I am reprinting so I have no right to alter or correct anything. I just suggest that you read with discernment for the comments have little to do with the calculations according to the details of the "prophecies" in point in this writing.]

They were isolationistic and could care less as Hitler murdered the six million Jews for saving them was not "in our interest". After we did enter the war, after Pearl Harbor, it was the Black and Japanese battalions that crested the mound and were the first faces of freedom the Jewish holocaust survivors saw release them from their Nazi oppressors, while back at home Blacks were treated like trash in every city across the land and the Japanese soldiers' families suffered deprivation in American concentration camps like worthless prisoners and traitors while their sons fought abroad! The injustice! The grievous injustice! The double standard! The bigotry, the prejudice, even today like in the Rodney King trial and the senseless massacre of Koresh and his followers in the name of the United States without due process of law!

Moreover, they exported this double standard and bigotry across the nations of the world. Subjugating them and stealing from them their mineral rights, natural resources and raw goods and materials, all in the name of democracy and America, all in the name of "our interest"--a sickness and disease that makes the stomach churn from bile and nausea at the very sight of these evil deeds committed in the name of all America and its citizens! And who can stop it? Who among the people can fight off this Beast?

Thus they have established this double standard across the globe spanning the continents, rushing forward atop the cresting waves of every sea which boils and seethes with their abominations. And war is established in the name of "Peace"! And people are killed and murdered in the name of "Hope"!

[H: You ones are on your own as to discernment for there is much error in the writing as we offer it. I will not take time to correct it for the interpretations of Biblical prophecy are quite well done and I am not here to monitor every writer's material. This should, however, point out to you how important it is to BE INFORMED in FACT(s) because the errors tend to cause people, who know otherwise the facts of "happenings" upon which the mortal man is to make observation, to attend less the prophecy observations. What happens is that man becomes incensed at the "happenings" as perceived and speculates that "these" are THE things precipitating "GOD'S ACTIONS". The facts are--THE WHOLE OF IT WILL BE MAN'S ACTIONS--RIGHT ON SCHEDULE AND IS MORE OF THE CONFRONTATION OF THE "SIDES" OF THE ADVERSARIAL ARMIES AND NOT GOD'S DOING AT ALL. What happens when there are errors in one portion of the projections--one must always question the whole of the projections. Simply to give exacting times and places is not in my parameters of comment--EVER. "Even the Lord knows not the hour of His coming!" Does this mean that no one can know the timing of a happening? Not if it is of God. It can be planned, programmed and orchestrated--but with anything, there is possibility of possibility change and thus a "guide" would not wish to set up expectations which are likely to be interrupted for any reason. If you can find that MAN is planning something, say the Waco, Texas disaster, then you can pretty well speculate that it will come off within a given period of time already arranged.

In efforting to "figure out" in human format that which is God's prerogative is NOT WISE. If, on the other hand, you have calculated a "thing" and it appears valid--to share it in "possibility of happening" is what a responsible person would do. My own problem with this writer is that I do not recognize this 'Abdu'l-Baha the son of Baha'u'llah or Baha'u'llah. Perhaps this is a reference in a language of which I am unfamiliar and Neal does not give us enough in this singular writing to identify exactly what is the status (form) of same. I can, however, take that portion of the writing with which I can find possibility of happening and use it as warning for some expectation and preparation since we have also spoken on these happenings in similar fashion on several occasions. (Where there is smoke there will be found some kind of fire!). Am "I" saying this writer is wrong, lies, fabricates or whatever?? NO--I said there are errors which are likely due to simple ignorance of fact--but he would know these errors if he were a diligent reader of our presentations. Is he? Why does he send us these re-leases? Because we represent the CONTACT which is a paper and he would see no need to read our material in any great depth for he considers his own information to be sufficient. This is error in itself--for the same reason we DO read what is sent to us--to stay informed and the people involved here are reluctant to ever make such great writings as fact when there is no qualification as to "opinion". We continue exactly as given--you shall have to consider issues and errors--it is a good exercise for you who do keep right up to date and THIS is WHY we offer the diversity of information that we do--so you will not make errors in current event or historical reviewing.]

Panama: Operation "Just Cause": Objective: steal the canal back from those people before the contract turned control over to them on January first 1990. Somalia: Operation "Restore Hope": Killing those defenseless and starving people (Muslim people) with attack helicopters and sophisticated weapons after invading their country for dubious reasons. We were supposed to be feeding them! I suppose when there is only one man left they will give him a sandwich! Such is the wickedness of the Beast and the UN building (rebellious House) which is the seat of the Beast and New York City which is the seat of these abominations, the source of this great disturbance and atrocities and injustice: the City of all this blood!

And utter a parable unto the rebellious house (UN building) and say unto them, Thus not gone out of it, bring it out piece by piece; let no lot fall upon it.

For her blood (of the UN of all the murders and crimes against the innocents of the world) is in the midst of her; she set it upon the top of a rock (bedrock of Manhattan Island); she poured it not upon the ground, to cover it with dust; that it might cause fury to come up and to take vengeance; I have set her (the UN's) blood upon the top of the rock, that it should not be covered.

Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, WOE TO THE BLOODY CITY! (New York) I will even make the pile for fire (thermo-nuclear fire) great!--Ezekiel 24:2-9 KJV.

How great is the destruction in store for all the blood shed by this UN ruled by the four beasts and America seated in New York in the UN building!


[H: I suggest you pay even more close attention to these "sins". When, for instance, you get to the part about rape by the "Christian Serbs"--KNOW that the Soviets (by any name at all) orchestrates the whole Serbian "thing" including supplying with arms and weapons--Communist Bolshevik Soviets!! Basically, Khazarian Jews--not "Christians". This is only one example of misinformation in the "sin" observations so just hold onto what you KNOW and you will be fine--there is a lot of this writing which is EXCELLENT--you must simply discern "which part". This is a good opportunity to allow you to balance simple "writing and speculation" against what we offer--Earth-documented back-up for that which we may well seem to give in fortune-telling mode--NO, no fortune-telling or prophecy as such--just what is coming down and how. Be prepared for any happenings of which have been projected--for they WILL happen--but if prepared--then you KNOW and you can handle it.]

Bush went into Iraq, "for our interests" meaning the oil interests of the elite and also to raise his ratings in the polls. But they asked Warren Christopher why we won't help the Bosnian Muslims, he said that that "is not in our interest". So there is a double standard. [H: Oh, but that is such a tiny minute part of it--double-standard is the understatement of the century and has nothing to do with anything.] So they stand condemned as hypocrites and bigots and for this they are to be punished, paid double for what they have done! (Revelation 18:6). [H: These men involved may well be guilty as stated--however, since the accusation is misinformed--is it not possible that the conviction on the charges and sentence might also be a bit "off"--in the NAME of GOD? And, "double" what?? When we ASSUME to state or foretell what GOD will or won't do--that is judging and is usually resultant in egg-on-face disease.]

The UN allowed the rape of over 50,000 Muslim women in organized gang-rape camps by the Christian Serbs that have already given birth to the enemy's babies for "ethnic cleansing" which is really Nazi death camps and genocide. So shall their City of New York and the UN building be cleansed off the face of the Earth for its abominations in the just judgments of God. [H: Oh? And what if it is London or Washington D.C. or San Francisco instead--or the City of Angels? When you speak FOR GOD in condemnation of a specific place, person or thing--you speak very foolishly, whoever you are. I would note that some are turning off to the possibilities of this happening at all just from the judgments assumed by the writer. Please do not do that--yet. Remember, the arrest of ones who were planning to bomb tunnels, buildings etc? This is very serious and, as a matter of fact, the target preferred is NEW YORK CITY. But it will be man-caused and the intent will not be punishment of any bigots, etc. If you misperceive the game and miss the players in the game--you are working on pure hocus-pocus--regardless of whether or not the timing may be correct. There are, further, some excellent observations by this writer so don't just toss the information.]

Then the UN disarmed the Bosnians to begin with when they recognized them as a state but did not disarm the Serbs, allowing the war to start in the first place. [H: Ah, but the UN would have had to disarm the SOVIET UNION to disarm the Serbs. As is they DID drop food and needs to them under the stupid guise of helping stranded people other than Serbs. It was quite nice for the Serbs to have supplies in wait for them so they didn't have to carry same so far.]

Now they say they "want" to "help", but this is only lip service. They say they will have to let the war reach its "natural conclusion", the death of all Muslims. So these four Beast nations of the Christian West which paid lip service to God will be hit hardest as New York is the first to be destroyed and then later at the ensuing Armageddon one third of mankind is to die in one hour of thermonuclear war from amongst these bigoted white Christian Euro-American racist war mongers. [H: No, it is the NON or ANTI-Christians.] America will be hit hardest. Such is the just balance requited by the hand of God in His vengeance for what they have done and are doing still. [H: Man is doing it, I remind you--NOT GOD--IN VENGEANCE OR OTHERWISE!]

The Romanian Ambassador exposed it best when he revealed: "We will never tolerate the establishment of a fundamentalist Muslim state in the heart of Christian Europe!" So God will never allow the establishment of their World Order of Bush with these four beasts in the heart of the planet Earth which God has vouchsafed for Himself, for His Kingdom seated upon the throne of David, for the righteous people everywhere and all the pure in heart from every creed, nationality, race and color. [H: "God will never....(??) You would KNOW what God would "NEVER" do? Are YOU sure GOD needs planet EARTH?--or even wants it? Do you not think perhaps God has a pretty nifty "kingdom" of His own some-where else? "Pure in heart"? Do YOU "ACTUALLY" know ANYONE who is pure in heart--and what does THAT mean? "...from every creed, nationality, race and color." How do YOU know that? God has only referred to "His people"--has not MAN perhaps enlarged upon the facts? I'm just asking.] For HE sees without prejudice, HE knows without bigotry. [H: How do YOU know what GOD sees and knows?] Yet America and the UN have transmitted their double standard to all the nations of the world like a disease, like an AIDS. They have committed the war-crimes! They have committed the genocide! The bigotry, the racism. For this they are judged! By what they have done and are doing even now!

In order to raise his ratings in the polls Bush tricked Saddam into invading Kuwait (Iraq's 19th province) by having April Glaspie lie to Saddam in the name of the President of the United States that this country is not interested in Arab-Arab disputes (Secret Dossier, Salinger, p. 58.). For this the Arabs will trick the United States and Russia into a thermonuclear war over the control of the Arab oil and the occupation of Israel after the destruction of New York City and the bloody building of the gore stained United Nations that feigns to be the prophesied "House of the Lord" of Isaiah chapter 2 (as written in stone in front of the UN building), but is in reality the "rebellious House" which is condemned. It shall be burned! So shall they be judged by what they have done!

Clinton pulled the same trick to raise his ratings in the polls by firing 24 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Iraq to "send them a strong message" according to Eagleburger which was done on an unsubstantiated charge that was unproven and unprovable in any court of law that Iraq tried to assassinate Bush when he was in Kuwait. [H: This was NOT done to have anything to do with polls ratings and think again--WHY WAS EAGLE-BURGER MAKING ANY OFFICIAL STATEMENT AT ALL--FURTHER, WHY WAS SCOWCROFT WITH BUSH WHILE THE ACTION TOOK PLACE? ???! IT IS THESE THINGS WHICH YOU SHOULD GET STRAIGHT FOR THE ASSUMPTIONS OF SUCH ERRONEOUS REASONS AND HAPPENINGS ARE GOING TO DO YOU IN.] Thus Clinton is tinkering with the lives of 30 million people. Those that live in the New York area that are targeted! Instead of making peace with Iraq he is walking in Bush's footsteps. Recently the Bosnian Muslims told the UN to stop the war or they will be forced to use weapons of mass destruction (poison gas) against the Serbs. Clinton has only continued the global terrorism of the World Order of Bush that he inherited, and for this the city will be destroyed during his term, during his office, during his administration and his rating will not be raised but lowered--lowered into the lowest abyss of abysses--for these atrocities he will be a horror and byword for ever more. Such is the Justice of God. They are judged by what they have done and are doing even now!

The result of the Gulf War was horrendous. The massacre and slaughter of 150,000 innocent Iraqi men and women and children. Unjust sanctions imposed against Iraq that caused thousands of infants to starve to death in a single month. The constant barrage of aircraft and cruise missile attacks. Threats and bullying by the world's most powerful country, the United States, against Iraq a small country which has proven to be no match for American high-tech conventional military might. Thus the UN and the United States will pay for the suffering of the children whose orphaned cries sting the air and for the weeping and wailing of childless mothers that reaches upwards to the all highest heaven into the very ears of God! [H: Do you REALLY think God's ears aren't at the very lips of the sorrowing Mother? The "highest heaven into the very ears of God"?? Come now--it is bad enough without this sort of misperception that somehow God is not around--this writing has become a total perception of a MAN who wants you to believe his wisdom and statements come from GOD.] For this, America, your great abominations, your sons and daughters in the city of New York shall perish in the flames. This is the decree of Almighty God [H: It obviously, IS NOT!] who sees the sins of mankind even in the darkness of night and exposes his wretchedness even from behind the locked doors of secret government conclave and intrigue! So they have done! So shall they pay! For what they have done and are doing even now! [H: I might bring up something this writer seems to miss in this great judgment--the UN building is NOTHING. The heart of this "Beast" described is in the Committee of 300 which sits in Basel, Switzerland and is made up ALSO of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Crown of England and the Bankers of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the branch called the Federal Reserve. New York is simply a show-and-tell of NOTHING--a curtain behind which the entire of the world Supremists operate--so to destroy a city just because a "building" is there--would not likely be God's doing--seeing that GOD is JUST. Any act against New York--WILL BE AT THE HANDS AND PLANNING OF MAN!!! This writer may very well be right about "timing" because the head gangsters like to fit their actions to that which can be blamed on God by calculations and "natural' disaster. STOP BLAMING GOD FOR YOUR OWN MISADVENTURES! By the way, to the Elite One Worlders--the nicest thing that could happen would be to blow away the UN--then the Elite would not have to any longer consider the inconsiderate little nations who pretend to have input! I can guarantee that on the day of UN "holocaust" the important players will not be present!]

The weapons and artillery the U.S. used were made of re-manufactured radioactive Uranium waste which the United States gave to military industry free of charge which is now the cause of a rampant Cancer epidemic spreading throughout Iraq afflicting thousands of innocent Iraqi children:

The cores of the U.S.-made bullets are crafted from radioactive nuclear waste produced during the uranium enrichment process required to make atom bombs and nu-clear fuel rods. The hard but otherwise useless DU (depleted uranium) is often given to weapons manufacturers free of charge. According to a confidential report last year by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (AEA), at least 40 tonnes of depleted uranium were dispersed throughout Iraq in the course of the Gulf War. Rich Winkel, Feb. 29, 1993 (IPS).

Therefore, their precious city, the delight of their eyes, their city of New York and the seats of all the nations at the UN and the flowing colorful flags of the world are all to be burned in one blast from the hot furnace of hell! More radiation was dumped on Iraq than during the entirety of the two bombs the U.S. dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in all of WW II. For this Saddam will retaliate and they will be repaid with a thermonuclear device of those that sanctioned this crime against humanity and the genocide of the Iraqi people. They claimed to be the House of the Lord and their injustices, war-crimes and atrocities, are heaped higher than the very heaven. These world Hitlers will pay by the blood, the very blood of their own evil doings. Their end is to be burned! The city vanquished. Their governments fallen. Their oppression over-turned. Their hypocrisy exposed. Their double standard cut down! They will be repaid in blood double for what they have done. Such is the recompense and retribution of the Just and All-Powerful Infinite Invisible God! So shall they be judged for what they have done and what they are doing even now!

Say: Is there any remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praise be God!

He is God! All are His servants and all abide by His bidding!--the Bab.

America is the biggest terrorist nation in the world and through the UN, with the four beasts united together as one, this double standard and bigotry had been exported to all the world. [H: Good grief!]

Like Jonah who gave his message to the city of Nineveh that it would be thrown down and destroyed unless they repented, do you see the United States or the UN repenting? I don't see them returning the land to the Native Americans! I don't see America recompensing the Black man for his 300 years of stolen wages! I don't see justice by the UN for the banished 390 Arabs into the No-Man's-Land of southern Lebanon! I don't see the canal going back to the Panamanians! I don't see the UN repenting for what they did and are still doing to Somalia! America is the greatest terrorist Nation in the world and for this it will pay.

And the word of the Lord came to me: "Son of man, what is this proverb that you have about the land of Israel? saying, 'The days grow long and every vision comes to nought'? Tell them therefore, 'Thus says the Lord God: I will put an end to this proverb, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel.' ...But I the Lord will speak, and it will be performed. It will not longer be delayed, but in your days, 0 rebellious house (UN building), I will speak the word and PERFORM IT, says the Lord God."-- Ezekiel 12:21-25 RSV.

Count the days, your time is up! The piper shall be paid! The reaper puts in his sickle which is sharp and cuts to the very bone! The recompense is due! This day is the day of the retribution of God, the Almighty and the All-Powerful!

The world is in travail, and its agitation waxeth day by day. Its face is turned towards waywardness and unbelief. Such shall be its plight, that to disclose it now (in the nineteenth century) would not be meet and seemly. Its perversity will long continue. And when the appointed hour is come THERE SHALL SUDDENLY APPEAR THAT WHICH WILL CAUSE THE LIMBS OF MANKIND TO QUAKE. Then, and only then, will the Divine Standard be unfurled and the Nightingale of Paradise warble its melody.

Baha'u'llah, Gleanings #LXI, p.118-119.

September 4th, 1993.

p.s. We have warned you. The blood of the people is not on our hands. If you fail to warn them it shall be upon yours! [H: Wow! Do you see what this "Pilote" is doing? He gives us this blast (all who have a newsletter or paper) and then drops the bomb--he is THROUGH--all responsibility is over and WE get to carry the garbage out to the people. Boy, do my team wish for some of THAT KIND OF WASH WATER!] "Son of man... If I say to the wicked, 'You shall surely die,' and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. But if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, or from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you will have saved your life." (Ezekiel 3:17-21; 33:1-9).


* * *

This next is a one-page writing which we have also been asked to offer in the paper. I do not know when it was written but it was received here yesterday. It comes from a Pastor Ray R. Morawski, Fundamental Baptist Church. Sorry, this is all the information given other than the writing itself.



Did you know that the space program has proven that what has been called "myth" in the Bible is true? The following statement is by Mr. Harold Hill of Baltimore, Md., a consultant in the space program and is printed with his permission:

I think one of the most amazing things that God has for us today happened recently to our astronauts and space scientists at Green Belt, Maryland. They were checking the position of the sun, moon, and planets out in space where they would be 100 years and 1,000 years from now. We have to know this so we don't send a satellite up and have it bump into something later on in its orbits. [H: Like tonight's meteorites in this "shower" coming??] We have to lay out the orbits in terms of the life of the satellite, and where the planets will be so the whole thing will not bog down! They ran the computer measurement back and forth over the centuries and it came to a halt. The computer stopped and put up a red signal, which meant that there was something wrong either with the information fed into it or with the results as compared to the standards. They called in the service department to check it out and they said, "It's perfect." The head of operations said, "What's wrong?" "Well, they have found there is a day missing in space in elapsed time." They scratched their head and tore their hair. There was no answer!

One "religious" fellow on the team said, "You know, one time I was in Sunday School and they talked about the sun standing still." They didn't believe him, but they didn't have any other answer so they said, "Show us." He got a Bible and went back to the book of Joshua where they found a pretty ridiculous statement for anybody who has 'common sense'. There they found the Lord saying to Joshua, "Fear them not: for I have delivered them into thine hand: there shall not a man of them stand before thee." Joshua was concerned because he was surrounded by the enemy and if darkness fell they would overpower them. So Joshua asked the Lord to make the sun stand still! That's right--"The sun stood still and the moon stayed...and hasted not to go down about a whole day." Joshua 10:8, 12, 13. The space men said, "There is the missing day!" [H: Please, not "me" kind of "space" men. How many out there know anything about computers?] They checked the computers going back into the time it was written and found it was close but not close enough. The elapsed time that was missing back in Joshua's day was 23 hours and 20 minutes--not a whole day. They read the Bible and there it was--"about (approximately) a day".

These little words in the Bible are important. But they were still in trouble because if you cannot account for 40 minutes you'll still be in trouble 1,000 years from now. [H: Wow, if you swallow this without question, you are already in hot trouble and won't have to wait a 1,000 years!] Forty minutes had to be found because it can be multiplied many times over in orbits. [H: I'd really like to meet these intelligent "space" scientists.] This "religious" fellow also remembered somewhere in the Bible where it said the sun went BACKWARDS. The space men told him he was out of his mind. But they got out the book and read these words in II Kings: Hezekiah, on his death-bed was visited by the prophet Isaiah [H: Yeah, and I bet another one or two cute beings.] who told him that he was not going to die. Hezekiah asked for a sign as proof. [H: Wouldn't "living" be proof enough?] Isaiah said, "Do you want the sun to go ahead ten degrees?" Hezekiah said, "It's nothing for the sun to go ahead ten degrees, [H: Really?] but let the shadow return backward ten degrees." II Kings 20:9-11. Isaiah spoke to the Lord and the Lord brought the shadow ten degrees BACKWARD! Ten degrees is exactly 40 minutes! Twenty-three hours and 20 minutes in Joshua, plus 40 minutes in II Kings make the missing 24 hours the space travelers had to log in the logbook as being the missing day in the universe! Isn't that amazing? Our God is rubbing their noses in HIS truth! [H: Or someone is doing something to someone's nose! May your walk through this veil be ever so interesting in wisdom! But may you never err so greatly in setting your time-piece.]

End of quoting.

* * *

Thank you.



THU., AUG. 12, 1993 4:08 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 361

THU., AUGUST 12, 1993


Since one of the major objections shared by readers and reaching us as complaints is that we hop, skip, don't finish and don't "get back to " Let me make a statement. We are doing the best we can under the very worst of circumstances. And, as new things come into attention we have to re-prioritize constantly. We can only ask you to bear with us. You readers who feel compelled to read this paper and these JOURNALS are in a UNIQUE category whether or not you realize it. And, it is never YOU who give the barrage of suggestions and misunderstandings. We do, however, have to respond to the general reading audience. Our intent is not to simply drop subjects either on you or off you. We are dumping so much onto you that we can only "offer"--you have to decide whether or not it is worth your while to read the information. I am not, at this time, going to go back for regular "catch-ups" on who I am, who my people are, how we got into this or other time-consuming space-taking. We welcome all readers and participants--but we do not have nor ever intend to have a "typical" paper or books.

I ask that you pay TOTAL and undivided attention to the writing somewhere in this paper regarding the legal escapades of Kissinger against Patterson at Criminal Politics and the other VERIFIED INFORMATION OFFERED WITH IT AND NOTE THAT IT COMES FROM VERY HIGH SOURCES WITHIN INVOLVED GOVERNMENTAL BRANCHES. These ARE your confirmations that what we give you is valid and, unless PLANS CHANGE, are right on with that which is intended. It is a VERY SMALL world anymore and what happens in South Africa is more important to you in Podunk than what is happening in the next county. Therefore, I will take the helm as is my responsibility and offer as much as we can as we can do so. You who disagree with our methods or the why of doing this will simply have to make your own decisions. Be careful, however, for if you are "turned off" then you very likely are not noticing the REAL message offered or perhaps the message is intended to another WITH you--who may very well have experienced craft or presence in some manner and has been hushed--you (they) are not alone. It is to these ones we make our call to attention. We are not dabbling in newsprint to entertain or help each and every individual answer every last question of curiosity or self-realization. If we seem to offer a foggy blanket of interrupted bits and pieces--I apologize but will not cause my scribe to do anything about it--at least not now.

The game of "soul" is as local as self--the game of this world in chaos is massive indeed and you shall have to rise above your focused-on-self needs, or let it go until it comes clear. My scribe has ended up carrying "the donkey" to suit people until she is ready to drop from the load. If you don't like us--that is not our business. We would hope each would stay and effort to learn--study ALL the information--not tiny bits--all the way back to the first JOURNAL--even SIPAPU ODYSSEY. I will, however, suggest that you might well want to stick with us a while if you have ever felt a nagging urge to learn more or that things are just not quite as openly given to you. Please understand that we truly appreciate your suggestions but also please understand if we don't stop what we are doing to respond in instant change to them--we are doing the best that we can within a human experience. If you don't understand that statement then you have a LOT of homework study to do.

I would like to complete the article on South Africa with CIA input and the continued article in Spotlight is referenced as "America Helps Communist Takeover". We will take up where we left off with the topic of:


By: Alyn Denham.

Where 10 years ago, crime in South Africa was no problem, today murder, rape and robbery are running rampant. This is part of Swing's plan to create an ungovernable nation wherein terrified citizens will accept any form of dictatorship that promises the restoration of order and stability.

Another scheme cooked up by Swing and his bevy of Marxists involved the release of all Black criminals, including killers sentenced to death, from every South African prison. He and his CIA flunkies, in a meeting on 9 July, 1992, instructed the hierarchy of the SACP [South African Communist Party] to demand the immediate release from prisons of "all political prisoners". The list presented to State President De Klerk included prisoners that had never been considered political prisoners, even by the ANC.

Swing informed De Klerk that this demand would be honored immediately. De Klerk, as usual, obeyed without question or protest.

The SADF and the SACP have been rendered so completely impotent that these released mad dog killers are preying on innocent Blacks and Whites with ostensible immunity. Swing, the CIA, the U.S. State Department and the highest levels of the U.S. government are 100 percent responsible for turning this once beautiful and peaceful nation into a pit of hell, and doing so with U.S. tax dollars.


With former President Bush's approval, the CIA is overseeing the construction of four huge military bases, including air bases. Three of these bases are located just 150 miles from Pretoria and Johannesburg. The fourth is being surveyed at a location close to the Caprivi Strip in Angola and is being developed to refuel and rearm carrier-based aircraft. This is an indication the United States is planning to also utilize carrier planes to put down possible uprisings by non-communist South Africans. [H: Along the same lines, across the seas in your own villages--what is happening to your "closing" bases? Are you aware that in some of those "closing" bases there have been recent refurbishings, upgrading and even now, 2 lane roads being ripped up to be replaced with 4 to six-lane throughways? What do they have in mind? I think you had best pay attention and start finding out. I'll clue in on just one near here--Norton, near San Bernardino, Calif., but later, please.]

Currently, just over $3.5 billion has been spent on the three almost completed bases. They are located in the vicinity of Molepole, Botswana, less than 10 minutes jet fighter flying time from Pretoria and Johannesburg. According to the former intelligence informant, "There are no bases in the world more modern or more capable of waging offensive warfare."

A congressional source reveals the United States is paying the government of Botswana over $10 BILLION for permission to construct and operate these bases on Botswanan soil. [H: And we told you about this years ago. This is not an insult to your reading--or a "I told you so"--it is to point out that if this was under way "years" ago--WHERE ARE THEY NOW!?] To ensure the deal, the CIA has two highly placed members of the Botswanan government on their payroll making big bucks.

The focal point of all these U.S.-initiated conspiracies and pro-communist plots is the U.S. embassy/fortress in Pretoria. Taking up a large city block, this triangular fortress is the most expensive ($800 million to date and climbing) and elaborately designed embassy IN THE WORLD. [H: Please include picture even as poor as it is (See next page.] It has underground facilities that are secure from chemical and/or nuclear attack.


Ten months prior to George Bush's defeat for the presidency, he ordered that a communications satellite be produced, launched and situated in space directly over Pretoria. Today, one of the functions of this taxpayer-funded billion-dollar satellite is the monitoring of conversations and communications between South African citizens, members of the South African government and anyone else throughout southern Africa that becomes an enemy of the state.

Most of these targets have been generated by CIA-paid spies and informers who have infiltrated every level of South African society and government including leaders of the Zulu Inkatha Party, the government and military of the Independent State of Bophuthastswana, and the top levels of the Independent State of Ciskei.

As of 9 January, 1993, the South African-based CIA has made available to U.S. Embassy personnel, and to top-level members of the SACP/ANC, the names of citizens and organizations that oppose the Communist takeover of this nation. Thousands of these courageous South Africans will quietly disappear when the CIA succeeds in installing to power the South African Communist Party-controlled African National Congress.

The Communications, Operations and Planning rooms are located on the lower D-Level of the embassy. The ambassador, the CIA station chief and his assistant and three of the highest level officials of the South African Communist Party have emergency office/living spaces on this level.

C-level is food, water, weapons and general storage area. The master generator is located in the southeastern midsection, with a spare emergency generator in a room located in the southwestern midsection. Another emergency generator is located in the northern midsection of B-level.

Two buried and widely separated fuel tanks supply fuel to these generators through a massive network of pipes and cutoff valves. If one tank is destroyed, it can be quickly isolated from the other. As a point of fact, these tanks are encased in shells of five-foot-thick reinforced concrete and buried so deep it is most unlikely either could suffer damage from any source available to possible attackers.

In addition to the emergency generator, B-Level is made up of offices, radio rooms, an emergency telephone switchboard, meeting rooms, and a projection room that will seat 72 people in comfortable, thickly upholstered seats. The front row of seats is equipped with an internal intercom system capable of communicating with every room, including restrooms and living quarters, throughout every level in the complex.

B-Level is the only level that has no living quarters. There is an express elevator from B-Level to the D-Level Operations Room. There are, in addition to this express elevator, elevators located in each point of the triangle. While there are small kitchens and dining areas on every level, including food and water storage areas, B-Level features the main kitchen and dining area, capable of feeding everyone in the embassy in two shifts.

Every Marxist and Communist political and terrorist organization in Southern Africa, including the Palestine Liberation Organization, has been allotted office space and limited access to the extensive CIA communications facilities and computer networks. They also have access to the CIA database wherein are recorded the names, addresses, acquaintances and personal histories of anti-communists and other individuals and organizations considered to be dangerous to their causes.

It is worthy of note that only members of the ANC/SACP have offices in the U.S. embassy. Members of the anti-communist Inkatha Party are permitted into the embassy/fortress ONLY BY SPECIAL PERMISSION while members of the ANC/SACP come and go at will with special red, white and blue passes. [H: Any readers sick yet? And, would you rather have information of Doris' birthday and Hatonn's whisper vapors--or THIS TRUTH? PUT YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER, PEOPLE. YOUR WORLD OF FREEDOM IS ALREADY GOING DOWN.]

Were Rhodesia, and now South Africa, merely practice operations for the communization of the United States and eventually the world? Has the United States taken up where the old Soviet Union left off? [H: OR, HAS THE US BECOME ONE WITH THE USSR? YOU HAD BETTER LOOK AT THIS CLOSELY IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ZIONIST BOLSHEVIK OPERATIONS.] Will the election of a pro-socialist, pro-Marxist, Clinton administration speed up the seemingly inevitable?

* * *

Now, if you STILL think the Elite One World Order gives a damn about the United Nations building in New York--OR NEW YORK--go back and read this last--AGAIN! The opera-tions set up for your Elite in Australia and New Zealand, swamp as a tidal wave, these South African facilities. Remember--the Elite Plan 2000 has LESS than six years to get all the "takeover" done and the working structure GOING. Pick at my scribe and our way of presentations--all the way to your cemetery--if you have one left!

OK, Dharma, let us turn to The Iron Curtain Over America, "Russia and The Khazars", by John Beaty, for a few pages so our whole day is not lost to the litigation ongoing. Indeed that time-consuming garbage is getting "old" and certainly rotten with age.

Continuation: We were speaking of the underground efforts of Khazar-dominated Russia being entrusted principally to Jews so let us simply take up where we left off and run with it.



The secret or underground overseas efforts of Khazar-dominated Russia apparently have been entrusted principally to Jews. This is especially true of atomic espionage. The Report of the Royal Commission of Canada, already referred to, shows that Sam Car (Cohen), organizer for all Canada; Fred Rose (Rosenberg), organizer for French Canada, and member of the Canadian Parliament from a Montreal constituency; and Germina (or Hermina) Rabinowich, in charge of liaison with U.S. Communists, were all born in Russia or satellite lands. In this connection, it is important to stress the fact that the possession of a Western name does not necessarily imply Western European stock. In fact, the maneuver of name-changing frequently disguises an individual's stock or origin. Thus the birth-name of John Gates, editor of the Communist Daily Worker was Israel Regenstreif. Other name changers among the eleven Communists found guilty by a New York jury in October, 1949, included Gil Green--born Greenberg; Gus Hall--born Halberg; and Carl Winter--born Weissberg. (For details on these men and the others, see the article, "The Trial of the Eleven Communists", by Sidney Shalett, Reader's Digest, August, 1950, pp. 59-72.) Other examples of name-changing can be cited among political writers, army officers, and prominent officials in the executive agencies and departments in Washington. Parenthetically, the maneuver of acquiring a name easily acceptable to the majority was very widely practiced by the aliens prominent in the seizure of Russia for Communism, among the name-changers being Lenin (Ulianov), Trotsky (Bronstein), and Stalin (Dzugashvili), the principal founders of state Communism. [H: How many of you realize this? How many of you ever DREAMED in your wildest nightmares that Lenin and Stalin were JEWS? PONDER IT--WHAT ELSE DO YOU NOT KNOW?]

The United States Government refused Canada's invitation early in 1946 to cooperate in Canada's investigation of atomic spies, but in 1950 when (despite "red herring" talk of the Chief Executive) our atomic spy suspects began to be apprehended, the first was Harry Gold, then Abraham Brothman, and Miriam Moskowitz. Other were M. Sobell, David Greenglass, Julius Rosenberg, and Mrs. Ethel Rosenberg (not to be confused with Mrs. Anna Rosenberg). Various sentences were given. Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg received the death penalty. As of early May, 1952, however, the sentence had not been carried out and a significant portion of the Jewish press was campaigning to save the Rosenbergs. Referring to Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Samuel B. Gach, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the California Jewish Voice (Largest Jewish Circulation in the West) wrote as follows in his issue of April 25, 1952: "We deplore the sentence against the two Jews and despise the cowardly Jewish judge who passed same...." In March, 1951, Dr. William Perl of the Columbia University Physics Department was arrested "on four counts of perjury in connection with the crumbling Soviet atomic spy ring. . . Perl whose father was born in Russia,...had his name changed from Utterperl (Mutterperl?) to Perl" in 1945. For further details on these persons and others, see Atomic Traitors, by Congressman Fred Busbey of Illinois in the June, 1951, number of National Republic. Finally, the true head of Communism in America was found not to be the publicly announced head, but the Jew, Gerhardt Eisler, who, upon detection, "escaped" from America on the Polish S.S. "Batory", to a high position in the Soviet Government of East Germany.

Very pertinent to the subject under consideration is a statement entitled "Displaced Persons: Facts vs. Fiction", made in the Senate of the United States on January 6, 1950, by Senator Pat McCarran, Democrat of Nevada, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Senator McCarran said in part: "Let it be remembered that the Attorney General of the United States recently testified that an analysis of 4,984 of the more militant members of the Communist Party in the United States showed that 91.4 percent of the total were of foreign stock or were married to persons of foreign stock."

With more than nine-tenths of our "more militant" Communists thus recruited from or allied to "foreign stock" and with that "stock" totaling perhaps not more than 10,000,000 or one-fifteenth of our nation's population, a little recourse to mathematics will suggest that the employment of an Eastern European or other person of recent alien extraction or connection is one hundred and fifty times more likely to yield a traitor than is the employment of a person of native stock!

An "authoritative" Jewish point of view toward Soviet Russia is explained in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia in the concluding paragraphs on Karl Marx. According to this source, Jews "recognize the experience of the Soviet Union, home of 6,000,0000 Jews, as testimony of the Marxist position on the question of national and racial equality." The Encyclopedia comments further on the "striking fact that the one country which professes official allegiance to Marxian teachings is the one where anti-Semitism has been outlawed and its resurgence rendered impossible by the removal of social and economic inequalities." In The Jewish People Face the Post-War World by Alexander Bittleman, the affection of a considerable body of American Jews for the Soviet Union is expressed dramatically:

If not for the Red Army, there would be no Jews in Europe today, nor in Palestine, nor in Africa; and in the United States, the length of our existence would be counted in days.... THE SOVIET UNION HAS SAVED THE JEWISH PEOPLE. Therefore, let the American Jewish masses never forget our historic debt to the Saviour of the Jewish people--THE SOVIET UNION.

Be it noted, however, that Mr. Bittleman admits indirectly that he is not speaking for all American Jews, particularly when he assails as "reactionary" the "non-democratic forces in Jewish life--such as the Sulzbergers, Rosenwalds, and Lazarons". In addition to ideology, another factor in the devotion to their old homelands of so many of the newer American Jews of Eastern European source is kinship. According to The American Zionist Handbook, 68 to 70 % of United States Jews have relations in Poland and the Soviet Union.

Quite in harmony with the Bittleman attitude toward the Soviet was the finding of the Canadian Royal Commission that Soviet Russia exploits fully the predilection of Jews toward Cornmunism: "It is significant that a number of documents from the Russian Embassy specifically note 'Jew' or 'Jewess' in entries on their relevant Canadian agents or prospective agents, showing that the Russian Fifth Column leaders attached particular significance to this matter."

In view of the above-quoted statement of a writer for the great New York publication, the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, which is described on its title-page as "authoritative", and in view of the findings of the Canadian Royal Commission, not to mention other facts and testimonies, it would seem that no one should be surprised that certain United States Jews of Eastern European origin or influence have transmitted atomic or other secrets to the Soviet Union. Those who are caught, of course, must suffer the fate of spies, as would happen to American espionage agents abroad; but, in the opinion of the author, the really guilty parties in the United States are those Americans of native stock who, for their own evil purposes, placed the pro-Soviet individuals in positions where they could steal or connive at the stealing of American secrets of atomic warfare. This guilt, which in view of the terrible likely results of atomic espionage is really blood-guilt, cannot be sidestepped and should not be overlooked by the American people.

The presence of so many high-placed spies in the United States prompts a brief reference to our national habit (a more accurate term than policy) in regard to immigration. On December 2, 1823, President Monroe proclaimed, in the famous Doctrine which bears his name, that the American government would not allow continental European powers to "extend their system" in the United States. At that time and until the last two decades of the nineteenth century, immigration brought us almost exclusively European people whose ideals were those of Western Christian civilization; these people became helpers in subduing and settling our vast frontier area; they wished to conform to rather than modify or supplant the body of traditions and ideals summed up in the word "America".

After 1880, however, our immigration shifted sharply to include millions of persons from Southern and Eastern Europe. Almost all of these people were less sympathetic than predecessor immigrants to the government and the ideals of the United States and a very large portion of them were non-Christians who had no intention whatever of accepting the ideals of Western Christian civilization, but had purposes of their own. These purposes were accomplished not by direct military invasion, as President Monroe feared, but covertly by infiltration, propaganda, and electoral and financial pressure. The average American remained unaware and unperturbed.


Let us break right here and then we can finish this portion in one more sitting. Note I said "this portion"--not this subject. Thank you.



FRI., AUG. 13, 1993 10:22 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 362

FRI., AUGUST 13, 1993


What mean I? I mean that the counting of calendar actual, began on August 17th, 1987. This means, in turn, that on Monday of what you would call August 16th, midnight--begins year seven (7).

You might ask, "Who but you nuts and natives of ancient times would use such a ridiculous system??" Your enemy! The adversary--for in the "Plan 2000" it will actually be counted in their terms: 1998. Confusing? Not really--how better to keep secret their time schedules? That will ALSO be represented as YEAR 11! It might behoove you to go back and look at the very serious projections for year 2011!


Some say "yes" and others, "No--you never have it right anyway!" Ah, but I do not come claiming my role as some sort of a "prophet". However, these things prophesied by "prophets" as we share with you WILL come to pass as surely as day now follows night. Goodness yes, we have just dozens of prophets sharing their work and I suggest you pay attention for most are now bringing the "same" message and the news isn't really great.

Who would "I" believe, many ask? I would go with the ones who project through the files of the CIA, Kissinger Associates, the various departments who are headed by the Elite in charge of the documents leaked out in the "Kissinger" investigation and are elsewhere in this paper. At least you can KNOW that they actually DO control things, even unto the weather, and when they "HAD" planned massive and sweeping changes by their own planning documents. Will they now change them? Doubtfully--because these are massive and take time to orderly bring things into play and then on into CONTROL. However, to "fool" you the tendency is to speed up the detonation of a project once it has been made public in any way. It is a time of watching, preparing and BEING ready--no more "One of these days I'll consider doing 'something'. " Kissinger's group plans to get this done while they are AROUND to enjoy their evil conquests.

The actual "father of your country, USA", Thomas Paine, had a most interesting statement about change and causing the "people" to see and hear--much less, act. "It is as to spit against the wind!" I know that you "boys" have other expressions but this one is also the title of a most remarkable book--better than any novel you might find, by Benjamin H. Levin. I do not have time to review it for you.

Comes into our circle the work of one Dumitru Duduman, a Romanian. His visions are VALID and I think you might want to get his little book called Through the Fire. (Hand of Help, Inc., P.O. Box 3494, Fullerton, Calif. 92634. (714) 447-1313.) Do not expect to have ability to act to the minute on these prophecies--that is truly not what "prophecies" are about.


If you cannot see what is happening--even unto the Pope of the Holy Church of Rome--you are sorely blinded. His thrust is for and into the NEW WORLD ORDER and he says so. Moreover, you miss the most important part of the journey about your nation. He is going to a retreat of "some sort" in the U.S. "Rocky Mountains". THAT is a major PLANNING SESSION OF THE ELITE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER--COMMITTEE OF 300 AND IT IS AT ASPEN! Does anyone remember the importance of those ASPEN meetings? Well, you better go back and research things. That place where they meet is called the Aspen Institute and it is one of the places where the top-level meetings are pulled-off for final decisions and actions at top-level for the enslavement of your world.


You readers continue to inquire, refute, complain and mock us as we speak of the TRUTH and what's in it for YOU. It is worth a second look, my precious friends. EVERYTHING is in it for you who would change unto the path of God and hold to our hand at the crossing intersection. Why? Well, here is a notation from Isaiah 43:2&3a (KW).

"When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. FOR I AM THE LORD THY GOD... " AHO!--IT CERTAINLY BEATS THE NEXT BEST THING GOING ON IN THOSE, OR THESE, DAYS!

Dharma buries her head for she refuses to admit, even to herself, that she, too, has seen such visions that have terrified her to the point that she has sought out the comfort and brotherhood of, say, Little Crow--just to regain enough balance to continue our work.


She has seen the Eagle fallen and bound to the earth by the blood caked on its wings and the Christed being of the Standing Bear standing guard. She has seen the small group of "remnant" go forth in individual (but unified) task at cleansing the feathers that the Eagle of God might again take flight. She has seen the devastation of the growing fields--especially California wherein the irrigation systems are gone and the crops and lands burned barren by radiation and lack of water--and that which is present is contaminated.

Ah, and now we finally, after three years or more--have realization of the above. Little Crow continued to query her about that vision and what it meant to her? She finally decided it meant the "Eagle of the U.S." At this moment of MY writing--the two by four hit hard: The WHITE EAGLE is representative of GOD--not a nation. We are cleansing the bloodied and broken feathers of Truth--that God might be shown in total radiance. For you who might not be "up" with a lot we have given--know that Standing Bear is the son of Wakan Tanka (God) in Lakota language and oral traditional TRUTH. WE of these "tribes" out here--recognize Little Crow as the symbol of the "White Eagle" at council. We don't pay much attention to the labels you ones give yourselves in your physical journey--we work with energy recognition of that which you REALLY ARE. So be it. And NO, SHE KNEW NONE OF THIS--NONE OF IT--UNTIL THE SIFTING THROUGH IN LATE 1985-86. She met Little Crow because of the SIPAPU story, as a matter of fact--as strangely as everything else that has happened in their lives. Ah what fun you yet have in store for you as our remnant looks back as your work is fulfilled and the travels lay before you for the joy of seeing the whole of it. AHO.


She has struggled to regain composure for, in 1987 while driving from Los Angeles (home) to Tehachapi, California (new home to be), she was reading a little brochure on the area (they, E.J. and Doris' company, were going to put big wind turbines on the mountains there in Lancaster/Palmdale as well as great bunches with Westinghouse and Mitsubishi in Tehachapi) and she was caused to look up and realized she was trapped in an ocean--only the tops of some of the higher peaks protruded through the entire area to the more distant mountains of the "Tehachapis". In the direction of Mojave ran a shoreline with abruptly rising cliffs. It was devastating before she could regain reality of presence in this time and this space. These are nightmares in broad daylight, readers--and most of you have experienced these very chilling realities and then turn to bury them to allow for what YOU call "sanity". I'm sorry, readers, but THESE ARE the reality--your expression is the illusion of reality.

You ask, though, "But how does Dharma KNOW?" She doesn't--not one iota more than any one of you! She claims nothing--not being psychic, star-teller, prophet or anything. But the "visions" of Truth do not fade--they become more and more detailed and vivid the more the mind efforts to bury them. "But, how does she hold to this idea when all goes so badly, it would seem?" Because she has seen us and she has touched us--and God literally reached out and she could experience her very own creation as HIS hands very carefully pulled her from the void. THIS is an experience, physical beings--beyond any named physical experience of a life-experience. It doesn't mean you "KNOW" all--it does mean that those precious moments are never again to be dimmed in your mind or vision. JUST MAKE SURE, READERS, THE TOUCH IS THE TOUCH OF GOD AND NOT THE TRICKS OF THE ADVERSARY FOR IT IS THE ADVERSARY WHO WILL ALWAYS SUMMON YOU FIRST!


Do you remember the Prophecy of Fatima? Recall that two were shared and accepted--but the THIRD PROPHECY WAS FORBIDDEN SPEAKING AND HAS BEEN THE VATICAN'S MOST CLOSELY KEPT SECRET. However, as with all Truth--it began to slip out and was quite widely "leaked" in the mid-80s. Some of you may well remember or might have read it somewhere to be tucked away again with the document stating the story. These are accepted even by the Church as valid visions and MIRACLES.


We offer here the text of the third prophecy of Fatima:

"A great plague will befall mankind in the second half of the 20th century. Nowhere in the world will there be order, and Satan will rule the highest places, determining the way of things.

"Satan will even succeed in asserting himself at the top of the church.

"He will succeed in seducing the spirits of the great scientists who invent arms, with which it will be possible to destroy a large part of humanity in a few minutes. Satan will have in his power the powerful who command the people and who will incite them to produce enormous quantities of arms.

"God will punish man more thoroughly than with the Flood. There will come the time of all times and the end of all ends. The great and powerful will perish together with the small and weak.

"Even for the church, it will be the time of its greatest trial. Cardinals will oppose cardinals, bishops will oppose bishops.

"Satan will walk in their midst, and in Rome there will be great changes. The church will be darkened, and the world will be shaking with terror.

"A huge war will erupt in the second half of the 20th century. Fire and smoke will fall from the sky. The waters of the ocean will become mist, and the foam will rise to tremendous heights and everyone will drown.

"Millions and millions of men will die from hour to hour. Whoever remains alive will envy the dead. Everywhere one turns one's glance there will be anguish and misery, ruins in every country.

"The time draws nearer, the abyss widens without hope. The good will perish with the bad, the great with the small, the princes of the church with the faithful, the rulers with their people.

"There will be deaths everywhere because of the errors committed by the crazed and the followers of Satan, who will then and only then rule the world.

"At the last, those who survive will at every chance newly proclaim God and His glory and they will serve HIM as when the world was not so perverted."

Not such a good perception, is it?


If you haven't read Dharma's first writing, a fantasy called SIPAPU ODYSSEY (pen-name: Dorushka Maerd [Doris' beloved "Dream"]) then I suggest you DO SO. It was a fantasy; it is being made into a motion picture and it, in looking back, says so much that readers then and now are SHOCKED--NOT THE LEAST OF WHOM IS DORIS. This was before she ever heard of one, Hatonn--and yet, yep--I'm in there too.

The reason I bring it up here is that as long as we are speaking of "prophecies"--let us share with you what she wrote in that little "story" she was urged by fellow-workers to write so "they" could do a "treatment". She didn't know what a "treatment" was and she perceived "someone 'else' needed to write whatever was going to be written". Little Crow kicked her fanny and told her to get busy--write whatever came, how ever it would come through, and then ones who knew what to do with it would take over. The writing of this little story is a massive story in its self. However, the whole thing was done in less than two weeks and she THOUGHT she was through! Oh perish those dreams of idle hands, beloved crew.

I want, here, to show you how "right-on" the mind is in "knowing" if you allow Truth to surface. Within the story on page 43 is a most interesting little insert called "Future Revelations". I am not going to outlay the story but I can promise you will like it--it, alone, changed the course of life for hundreds of people who "happened" on the story and now await the fruition of the movie, the gathering and the "contact". We will just quote:



John, too, was accompanied by projected visual holograms which made an individual have the feeling of actual participation within the scene itself. As he spoke, appropriate visualizations moved with his verbal illusions.

He said he would simply be giving a description of things as directly handed down to him, without personal comment. He then launched into his teachings.

"And it is said there shall be winds, and there shall be, in the time when it is winter; and the trees shall bow down their boughs, and the winds shall sting with the cold; and there shall be great suffering among the people and they shall fall down and cry for mercy.


"And there shall be a mighty earthquake and it shall split in twain the country of North America, and it shall be as nothing the world has known before, for it shall be that there shall be a great part of the great land of the north continent go down and a great sea shall form within her center part from the Dominion of Canada into the Gulf of Mexico.


"And there shall be great ocean liners, liners which shall travel within its waters, which will be propelled by solar energy of the next age. But with this, they shall be unable to travel east to west or from west to east, through what is now the Atlantic Ocean, for it shall have a mountain range which has been thrown up from the bottom of the Atlantic; and it shall be ex-tended into the air to the altitude of ten thousand feet and it shall be the City of old, for it was the Light of the world. She went down amid a great shock and a great wave; and it shall be that she shall come up the same way as she went down.

"And the west side shall be as the sheer side of granite, and it shall be without foothold; and the way shall be as the eagle flies from the place which is Upper Virginia three hundred miles due east; and at this point it shall be one thousand and eight hundred feet from the waters; and not an entrance through the land shall there be to the east, for it is not for them, which are to be the remnants, to communicate by water; for it shall be with a new science, and a new method shall be given unto them. For there is not a place which is that shall remain the same in its present state.

"And not a person shall be left which is not prepared for that which shall be. And there are many called but few are chosen; for there are none which have been chosen which have not been carefully prepared; and they have been unto themselves true, and they have given credit where credit is due. And now it is given unto them to be the seed of the new Civilization which shall come upon Earth.

"And within the time which is left before this shall come upon the Earth, it shall be that many will be called; and they shall doubt; and they shall fear; and they shall faint; and they shall fall by the way; and they shall be in no wise wise, for it is given unto man to fear that which he does not understand--and for that does he wait.


"And it is said that there shall be winds, and there shall be the winds, and they shall be as none the Earth has known; and they shall be as the winds from the sea and from the land all rolled into one great tempest. And they shall be as the winds of the North and the South and East and the West, and they shall tear that which is in their path and they shall be as the reaper who mows down that which is in his path. And they shall sing with the bitterness of the cold. And they shall be as the elements of the earth, for they shall contain both rain and wind; and the hail shall be as big as bird eggs, and it shall split that which it hits.

"And it shall be that the suffering shall be great upon the Earth, for it is given unto man to know suffering. And he has not known such suffering before, and, when it is come upon him, he shall fall down and shall cry for mercy.

"And it shall be that the winds too shall be great upon the Earth--they shall blow East, West, North and South and not a place shall there be upon the Earth which shall escape the winds which bloweth; and when this tribulation has come upon the Earth, it shall be that there shall be many who have kept within the law.

"And with the coming of the winds and belching of fire from within the Earth there shall be---MORE!"

John continued by telling of how things would be. He said that no one would be responsible for the words of another nor would any man take upon himself that which would be done by another. Each entity would be responsible for his own. He said man had lost his identity with the Father God which had sent him and that if he would not awaken and return to the Father he would surely perish.

John spoke on for a very long time giving illustration after illustration. He concluded by saying it was time to talk more about the present.


I would make a comment here: Doris was so upset and distressed by the time she got to the "more" part that we could not go on for quite a while, and then had to change the subject entirely. Remember, this was not a "novel"--it was an intended "movie treatment" which was to be brief (10 or so pages). It took us nearly 80 and still we only tipped on the topics. Will the movie ever get finished? YES--exactly when it is in perfect sequence. It may well be on screen right now if the "enemy" among us had not skived off the gold for it would have gone to our ones working at the time on the picture itself. We have gained in strength, however, we who have persevered and stood the course--and that which is meant to be shall become! This too, is the promise of God for His people.

Have we had enough on "prophecies" for the minute? I know you never tire of the possibilities. I also know that you ones are so weary of the slings and arrows that even my close ones proclaim disappointment when an event does not come off. Stop it--for when these events do "come off" it will be so devastating that ye shall cringe in your bones. Be grateful for each whole day in which you can prepare. Every hour extended is blessed!


Funny little complaint sifts through and it is so piddling, even by the offering person, that I should probably not take time to explain--but it offers opportunity to remind you readers about THE PAPER.

We have a very narrow "printing" window at the printer's. That is Tuesdays. Dr. Young is a physicist and electrical engineer, etc.; Dr. Overholt is a retired Dentist; Dale is an Interior Decorator and on and on it goes. NONE OF US ARE PAPER PRINTERS. Now, next, because the specific question offered is, "Why is Soltec making the front page all the time and you don't?" Well, his writings are as important as anything you will ever get--but that is not the primary reason.

The FIRST page is reserved for the last writing or anything of immediate urgency. Then the story always is of necessity finished up in the rear of the paper. Why? Because that way the rest of the paper can be partially set-up through the week. As is, ones on the paper get no sleep to speak of on the week-ends and most especially Monday night. Further, Thomas is pretty close by but Kali (Soltec's sec.) is in Arizona. Worse, every time the "disc" is shipped there are electronic interferences until sometimes it takes a whole day just to clear the lines enough to get copy.

I understand that many might well do a fabulous job with the paper--but most of you who offer all this advice haven't the foggiest idea of what goes into a paper--much less one of this type. We literally must fight the CIA just to get some information on the computer. Ed will usually lose two or three documents before the computer will function through a full document. I remind you, the adversary wants to stop the paper--and literally KILL the workers.

If you readers have difficulty following stories or finding pages--we apologize--but convenience is not the name of our game. The ones WAITING for the information do not find a problem. We are not here for the "convenience" of everybody nor do we push anything off on anyone but we do like to conform when we can--in these instances, we have no time to attend these points--we must continue as we are. This does not mean that we object to the considerations or comments--it means we are NOT in the paper business--we are in the information/message business. Our teams know this--the rest are welcome to share all that you wish for we represent the alarm-clock for ALL--but the specific messengers to the few--check and see if you are not or are one of those "few" and attend the messages and forget the format. Thank you.

May the Light within guide your steps. Salu



SAT., AUG. 14, 1993 1:30 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 363

SAT., AUGUST 14, 1993


As you walk through the shadows can you not see that if you remain within Truth and within God, you can "see" quite well for in every circumstance if you ask in intent of goodness in the receiving--you SHALL receive that which is needed. It rarely comes packaged as you pre-perceive. Then, you take the information (formulae) and create (originate) an alternative circumstance in which YOU have control and NOT your enemy over you. IF YOUR INTENT BE PURE--YOUR CREATION WILL BRING FORTH THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR IN PLENTY AND IT SHALL BE SWEET. If your intent is in worldly greed--you shall have fruit from your plantings--but it will be indeed BITTER. It may well "appear" your enemy continues to "win" but you deviate not from our purpose, goal and path--it will be you who wins--not your enemy. If "his" (your enemy) had the same Godly intent--he WOULD NOT BE YOUR ENEMY TRYING TO DISCREDIT AND PULL YOU DOWN THAT HE MIGHT HAVE PERSONAL GAIN.

It is important in this journey to not simply say "I have my truth" and "You have yours" and each is valid. Valid indeed, but NOT usually Godly. The surface words may well express "Godly"--while the actions and rock throwing indicate intent otherwise. Remember, also, vineyard toilers--what "appears to be" may well NOT be the whole of the story. Hold to the intent of projects in God's purpose, done in integrity of God-worthiness and the adversary will fall away--but not until THE NECESSARY LESSONS ARE LEARNED AND PRACTICED. Be they ever so seemingly "humble", even the most tiny "lesson" may be THE knowledge which will focus the WHOLE. Does this mean that you may not personally gain? Perish the thought--our major intent here is to PROVE to mankind that in God's garden--each can flourish both in soul growth and abundance to experience within this dimension--even with turmoil, upheaval and seemingly total devastation and evil around you. He who would pull down and damage a brother to gain in "gold" is not in movement toward God--regardless of what he believes in consciousness. The fact that restlessness and "excuses" continue to flow endlessly--proves the lack of peace and fulfillment. When, further, you GIVE to GOD for HIS work and then demand it back with interest--you are bordering on serious reward in troubles. You may well get what you THINK you want--but it will be as bitter in the "having" as is the Hemlock sap. You can fool almost all of the people sometime, a lot of the people all of the time--but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time--AND YOU CANNOT FOOL GOD ANY OF THE TIME! The worst circumstance, however, is when you FOOL SELF--FOR THAT INDEED MAKES YOU THE "FOOL"! THIS ALMOST ALWAYS COMES WITH INPUT FROM ANOTHER IF YOUR PATH WAS TRULY PRIORLY IN THE LIGHT OF GOODNESS. IF YOU THINK I MEAN YOU, I SUGGEST YOU LOOK CAREFULLY AT WHAT YOU DO AND WHO GIVES ADVICE AND HELPS YOU TAKE THAT INCREDIBLY STUPID ADVICE! YOU, PEOPLE, ARE THE MOST FOOLISH AND "HAD" SPECIES. TOO GREEDY TO STAY IN THE LIGHT AND WAIT UPON GOD--AND TOO FOOLISH TO KEEP FROM FOLLOWING THE PIPER WITH THE SHEKELS OF GOLD. IT IS CALLED "FOOL'S GOLD" BECAUSE YOU FINALLY GET IT AND IT HAS NO VALUE AND IT HAS LEACHED OUT EVERY FRAGMENT OF GOODNESS WITHIN. Usually then what happens is the "adviser" takes leave for he would not want to live with a "fool". This, further, usually happens when he has stripped you of all that you THOUGHT was of value. The adversary is indeed UNKIND, my children, and as always--you do it to yourselves.


This is a new low, Mr. Green(berg?) and Miss Annie. Your actions are SMALL and demeaning even unto yourselves in your already "small" actions. You have started an investigation into the Ekker's eligibility for Food assistance? You idiots--they are in the process of taking early Social Security, their home was confiscated by the RTC AND SOLD to people in Arizona! What did you tell these investigators? Well, they are finding exactly what you might expect--THAT THE EKKERS WOULD ALSO BE ELIGIBLE FOR FULL ASSISTANCE WELFARE--THANKS TO YOU! I would further suppose that a few more of your letters in lying intent to damage--to other parties who happen to "believe" and share in our journey--might well make you quite "liable"--especially Annie and L.F. You may just wish to express unconditional love--but what you are doing is lying about your treatment, your funds, your intent and the nasty little network you have going. If you are still an emissary of Mr. Green, Annie--it seems like a good idea to reconsider that stance.

Your letter to Mr. David P. is libelous if David was first a friend of MINE who came to work out his problems with the "system" in use of our suggestions. Assuming David is "just a friend" and was FIRST YOUR OWN CONTACT AND FRIEND, then you certainly have freedom of speech--however, it appears to me that David was efforting to sort Truth and you offered him a plateful of incorrect information and outright lies. The Institute went a long way out on a limb to make things suitable to L.F. It matters not about the Ekkers--but you are continuing to damage the reputation of the Institute and that is going to be less and less acceptable to those who utilize and work with the Institute.

I wonder with this unconditional love stance of L.F. if he would be so happy were Nora demanding her money and suggesting that it be taken out of L.F.'s share so that she would gain--to hell with his loss? Moreover, what if she got the law and demanded Mr. F.'s share be paid to her IN GOLD COINS! You see, foolish chelas--the NOTES are backed by gold--YOU NEITHER PUT IN GOLD NOR BOUGHT GOLD. The Institute did buy gold which is held as security for your loan to the Institute.

What in the world do you want? You are not only "square", you are MAKING thousands and thousands of dollars in excess of your loan. There is NO "investment". L.F. LOANED money to the Institute--which did EXACTLY what they should have done and now are repaying in full, plus! You really begin to look totally GREEDY and hardly "unconditional-love" oriented. Whoever is in charge of YOUR business, L., is about to do you in--credibility-wise and the last demand for MORE AND BIGGER just about got the whole transaction called off. If it be your attorney--you had better check it out. If you are allowing "others" to attend your affairs--YOU HAD REALLY BETTER CHECK IT OUT! And, in the letter you wrote to David you say I, Hatonn, sit up here and demand lawsuits? No, chelas, if I did nothing else--so be it. However, fortunate for you--I don't or I would have them slap a big one against you. I am going to match MY GOD against that one you play with. You can spell "my" GOD with a little "g" (god) and yours with a big "G" and it doesn't mean A THING. You go chase your GOLD and do your rituals--and we shall see. My first mission is to discharge the foolish ideas that you can play with the devil and call him anything you wish and dabble around in New Age and a new "Channeler" every day. If you have a new one every day, my children--you surely haven't found TRUTH in what you ARE doing--you prove that you are either steadfast in the WRONG path or you are still searching! What are you going to do with your money when you get it? Will it sit lightly and wondrously in your stomach or will your heart have a bad case of lead-poison? One of you may be in Truth and openly trying to "just be good"--the other is manipulative, deceitful and a liar and cheat. Which one? Does sucking a "bunch" within to "agree" with you make you RIGHT? No, just a bunch of WRONG ones.

IF your new channelers, etc., are giving you Truth--WHY ARE ALL OF YOU STILL PICKING UP OUR PAPER (WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT--AT LEAST, SOME ARE SEEN GETTING THE SHEET YOU THINK SO FALSE AND MISERABLE) and your letter indicates that you certainly don't miss a word--Or perhaps one of YOU is the new psychic "channeler"? I know your spies and your silly little clutches--who cares? If I were not what bothers you--why do you continue to hang around "my" Truth? Why would you pull me down or even wish to when we have no group and no "power", no "nothing"--why do we seem such a great THREAT to you? IF YOUR WAY BE RIGHT--I SEE NOT "MY" CREW BOTHERING YOU--THEY EFFORT TO DISASSOCIATE AT EVERY OPPOR-TUNITY BECAUSE YOU SEEM TO HATE US SO. You can go light wicka candles all over the mountains if you like--it is your business--why does what I write and "do" bother you so much? By your own words: "New channelers are popping up daily and older ones fading out." What is it that bothers YOU? So, too, George continues to call and play with you ones--so, go play with him--he must be one of YOU, he is not one of "us". He was not even kind to you when he was here--why is he such a "friend" now? You ones CHOSE--why do you not go with that which you chose and leave us be for we thrust nothing off on you. You even know, now, who is receiving reward for demands--perhaps you can now build temples and start your own "channel" drive or coven circle if that be what you want.


Yes, I know you are sick of this garbage--ME TOO! I just want you to know something--THIS PAPER IS FOR INFORMATION. I come in the Highest Cause in service to God Creator--returning. I have come to meet this enemy head on--and he is a trickster--using every hapless person he wants, to harass and harangue. If it appears I confront some poor little human beings along the way it is because the "Big Boy Deceiver" is USING THEM AND THEY ARE TOO BLIND TO SEE.

I am NOT out to get these little tools of my enemy. I AM HERE TO HELP THOSE WHO WISH HELP--IN GOD. If your trip is in full intent of only worldly gain--do that which you will and use whatever you can to assist you. I force NOTHING, I do not know why ones would wish to partake of anything I represent--much less continue to battle, discredit and all other manner of nonsense. What do THEY want? I ask them to GO--they stay like glue. What is this? You ones are going to have to understand a lot of things--I COME WITH A MISSION AND WE ARE DOING THAT MISSION. I do not come here to play in your sandbox or argue a point of prophesy--I come in service to GOD and GOD'S people and most certainly if I annoy you--get thee from me. This little group in point set up their own lit-tle meditation circle and group and channel and chant--fine-why, if yours is RIGHT, do you continue to butt into my affairs.

This is a lesson to every reader--EVERY READER. We are not some cute little dip-slip rag-sheet. If YOU don't enjoy the information or the news--so be it, don't use it. If you subscribe and are disappointed--I'm sorry--how do you feel about the L.A. Times or the Glendale Sun? I do not beat my chest and say "come here and meet God" or "I force you to come here." We write a paper and the WORD OF TRUTH. If you disagree--go your way in peace and leave us ours. I CAN TELL YOU NOW--GUARANTEED--THE GOD "I" SERVE--WINS!--with or without you! He does not pull YOU, push YOU or DRAG YOU. So, if you disagree with ME and MINE--why don't you "get lost"?

I will spend weeks and years in honest debate or lessons if you want MY TRUTH--if you simply wish to argue in favor of YOURS--go get your own paper. I continue at the very boredom and aggravation of readers to be kind and hope that you will see LIGHT--you few whom I adore and yet drift in your sea of silly confusion. I do not cause you to stop your confusion--I OFFER LIGHT. Take your money and your gold and go the way of the world and the Elite Puppetmasters--your choice! I AM NOT GOING WITH YOU--YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU ARE GOING TO BE "HAD"! YOU know I am TRUTH and the WAY--or you would GO YOURS! Almost all of you to whom I speak in this valley--CAME HERE FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE. WHY? JUST TO PICK ON ME AND MINE? Ekkers came here to work with Westinghouse and Mitsubishi and retire. So, if you came from somewhere else--WHY? And, if you found not what you wanted--why do you stay? OK, you like it here perhaps--then why do you continue to play in my garden?? Why? Because some of you KNOW I AM TRUTH AND HERE IS WHERE IT'S AT! YOU CAN BATTER MY SCRIBE AND E.J.--BUT YOU KNOW I AM TRUTH AND YOU THINK YOU WILL "SHOW ME"? GOOD LUCK--YOUR LUCKY CHARMS AND TRINKET RITUALS CANNOT TOUCH ME OR MINE--IF, CUTE ONES, THE MEANEST INTELLIGENCE TEAMS CAN'T ZAP ME--WHO THINK YOU TO BE?

Be careful, further, for many of those teams you thought on your SIDE are actually protecting (physically), OUR SIDE. Would it not be wonderful if we could simply be all on the SAME side? I do not denounce YOU; why is it so important to denounce me?


I even find it interesting that your New World Order politicians and even the Pope of Rome would play such silly, nifty games. Why do they need to DECEIVE? It is the time of the Aspen Institute PUPPETMASTER party. Why don't they just say that the Pope is here for the "Aspen" meeting and why not say Clinton is attending the "Aspen Group meeting"? No, we lie and say, golf, retreat and helicopter viewing and all sort of lies when the truth is known to those who care and the rest of you are simply deceived. This IS when they make their PLANS for things to happen and get and give instructions--so pay attention. Turn these pages quickly and go see WHAT is DOCUMENTED that THEY have planned for you nice folks. Publicity is ALL that will change the plans--uncovering the deceit is all that makes a difference. Things that have to be done in the secret, dark places need to be watched very closely indeed.

Why, for instance, are some of you so upset when I print Truth in the paper? If it be "Truth" and you be "pure" in spirit and intent--why would you not be PLEASED to have your opinions and words SHARED? CHECK WHAT YOU DO IN THE DARKNESS AND HIDE--IT WILL TELL YOU A LOT ABOUT YOURSELF!! If you conduct yourself in such a Godly way that you can present everything you do to the entire of the public--you cannot fall from lies and deceit. If there is something you are ashamed of doing and do not want it public knowledge--I suggest you NOT DO IT.

Ones want to accuse me of being anti-Semitic and a basher of homosexuals. No, I just think some BEHAVIOR is not acceptable in PUBLIC. Your choices in the PRIVACY of your own place is your business--if it be against GOD--take it up with GOD, it is none of my business. As to anti-Semitic--my close workers are all basically from the line of Shem--Semites. How can I be "anti". Color?? You are all made in the image of God--God is LIGHT and that means ALL COLORS. I do not speak behind ones' back--I put it right in the paper for ALL--why does what YOU write and speak bother YOU to have witnessed? If, further, you do not like to be "bashed" then why do you first BASH? But I DO see--you want to "bash" and then pretend you did not or try to pretend it was not YOU who actually DID A THING. God may well turn the other cheek--in the human format--that is an awfully stupid thing to do if the opposition is firing poison darts. You want to throw stones but not have anyone toss them BACK. When they do--then you set up a reason to discredit them while you wash the blood off your hands.

Am I speaking "personally"? If the shoe fits--!!


I wonder how many of you witnessed the show-and-tell on LARRY KING LIVE? It seems the books and biographies "written by" Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, along with speeches, etc., by Oliver North and many, many others were NOT. It turns out that a man, a "Reverend" person (I shall keep his privacy) WROTE THEM ALL! The audience and inter-viewers chuckled at the term used: "ghost writer". We laugh, here, for a much different reason--but so much for that.

Well, after years and years of "Christian" living and believing and living in a lie (this man had lived with a wife for 20 some odd years and now is "married" to a "man" for an additional 9 years)--HE HAS COME PUBLIC WITH HIS SEXUAL PREFERENCE. Oh boy, the hoopla, denial, insults and other tricks. He has been DROPPED like a hot potato--Robertson DID suggest that the man call his "800 number" and they would somehow pray and talk him out of a lifetime of homosexual preference.

Does GOD BASH HOMOSEXUALS? NO! He blesses ALL! He objects to the behavior against the laws of man and God. He blesses the man and "judges" the actions. Who would know if two men shared space and quietly went about their lives? What difference if two friends wish to communally share rent and insurance plans? It is the exhibitionist who brings the house down. It is no better for the pornographic behavior in a heterosexual than a homosexual. Why should a homosexual be blessed for public irresponsible behavior and the heterosexual arrested for the same behavior? With most it is a reaction and response to confusion and DIRECTION given by outside manipulators. It is the same, dear ones, as happened at Sodom and Gomorrah. EXACTLY!! IT IS NOT THE LOVING PREFERENCE AND RELATIONSHIP--IT IS THE ACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS! In other words--THE MANIPULATOR PUPPETMASTERS are orchestrating the masses of YOU exactly as they want you to respond.

What do "I" think about Falwell and Robertson and thus and so? Well, this nice man has done me a favor--for these two are MAJOR "Zionists" by their own description and work directly against the Christ and the people of God--BY DEFINITION AND ACTIONS. It is not my business to condemn, condone, or do anything for or against these ones. They live in free-choice of expression. I will not, however, CONDONE behavior that is against the laws of God and/or Man. I allow it--for it is none of my business--it is not my business to JUDGE. It IS my business to tell you what may well be wrong with the ACTIONS. There is "natural" male and "natural" female. Do I condemn two females who wish to artificially inseminate selves and bear children? No--it seems a bit unwise for there will be great pain and difficulty ahead for the child and it is a most selfish act to put self above the welfare of another--especially a child. Does it HAVE TO hurt the child? No, but it will--because the same women are on the television constantly demanding equal respect and recognition--to what? A family who did not artificially inseminate--and married, bore children and quote, "live a normal family life". There are NO "normal family lives" left on your planet! By the way--AGAIN--"love" and "sex" are NOT THE SAME THING! Any more--they are rarely ever even a part of the same thing.

"Closet" this and "closet" that?? I thought closets were things in which to keep your apparel, etc., when not in use--not your lives! If you need hide your life in the closet--what are you doing that needs hidden? If you go forth, however, and demand that what you closeted be recognized by EVERYONE as RIGHT--WHAT ARE YOU HIDING? You have simply moved from the closet to the street with your guilt-trip and dumped it on someone else.


Neither am I, regardless of what you may be told, a Jew anything. The "Jews" are the very first to be "had" at the hands of these Khazarian Zionists!! They will be the first to be trodden down and put away. They have been sucked dry in effort to keep the "would-be" Kings going in their One World Order nightmare. They have been stripped continually to pay for Israel and every lobby group around--through the LIES. So be it--free will to choose. If you can make a black man an Indian Chief--go for it--but don't bitch about the outcome! Dharma has Cherokee blood lineage--why don't we make her LADY CHIEF OF THE INDIAN NATION OF BIRDLAND? Come on people--what are you doing? And WHY would you do it? To sell tax-free cigarettes and have gambling halls? Is that a worthy cause in the ancient ORAL TRADMON? I doubt it--but SHOULD the nation rise up over such cause and TRY to suck in God's Command troops? Well, I will stand beside any tribe member in honest fight for rights--but for a tax-free cigarette? Nope--sorry, folks. Neither will I STOP you--it is YOUR experience and if THAT be your choice of expression--it is your journey. I do find that the right of the Indian in his "nation" is valid--but the war is over that which is unacceptable to me already! Worse, it makes the honorable tribal thrust fall behind further and further. You must understand that "some" of anything is usually OK but it is as with the Holocaust. The LIE itself detracts from the sacrifice of the ones who DID pay the price. ONE is too many--6 MILLION is a LIE and the giving of the ONE is lost.

One man, Christ, as the myth goes--gave his life. Well, friends, 20 (and maybe as many as 60) MILLION Christians were killed by the Bolsheviks (Communist Soviets) (often called Zionist Khazars--headed in every instance by "Jews"). Where is THAT holocaust listed?? Now "they" have stolen your Christ too--and guess what: "Judeo-Christian"--in other words the goat has conquered the lamb! WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT! SODOM AND GOMORRAH WILL FOREVER STAND AS EVIDENCE OF WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MAN THINKS HE RISES ABOVE GOD AND BECOMES SUBJECT TO SATAN. WILL YOU DO IT AGAIN? YES, YOU WILL. GOD WILL STILL WIN! CHRIST-GOD WILL WIN! It has nothing to do with "Jews", white people, black people, red people, purple people, purple people eaters--or green people. GOD with HIS PEOPLE--WILL WIN! Now, you can call that "Son (Sun) of God" Jesus, Esu, Standing Bear, Buffalo, Flying Eagle, Light of Day, Source, Quetzal Bird, Aton, Black-leaf,--you name it--GOD IS GOING TO WIN THE GAME!


OH? You can't seem to get comfort going with my ideas? I am somehow invisible to you and therefore invalid? How many of you KNOW Mr. Kissinger? How many of you KNOW Mr. Yeltsin? HOW MANY OF YOU KNOW LARRY KING? How many of you KNOW who really heads the CIA? I bring you all this knowledge--but I am not "real"? Isn't it about time you used your brains? WHERE IS INFORMATION AND TRUTH COMING FROM--MR. KISSINGER? HOW ABOUT MR. CLINTON? OH, THE POPE? NOPE!! Ponder it. When a question is asked, "Do you believe the President tells you the truth?" Everyone LAUGHS--the mere thought of it is so ridiculous it brings on fits of laughter. I HAVE NOT ONCE LIED TO YOU--NOT ONCE! I WOULD HOPE YOU WOULD PONDER THAT FACT! WHOEVER I MIGHT BE--I BRING TRUTH--EVERY TIME!

May you think on these things--and for you who feel yourself my enemy--you are NOT. You give me the lessons to present and the minute you wish to stop the fighting--SALU! You say you seek GOD? Then I suggest you start looking WHERE GOD IS. HE is right there within, alright, but HIS messengers and security troops are all around and it's your choice to go into the darkness or into the Light. I bear the LIGHT--how far are you going to get groping around trying to avoid same? I only deal with soul and LIFE. You who wish to deal with conscious physical expression and your gold stores--GOOD LUCK, but it will be taking lots MORE than "luck".

Do I sound like the preacher? Probably not, for most preachers are controlled by their congregation--not a bad reason for not having a congregation! Little Crow has a gathering (not a congregation) and if you want the TRUTH--go listen in Garden Grove--IT MAY SHOCK YOU! This GODLY MAN may utter the words "bullshit", even--YOU HAD BEST GET WITH THE TRUTH OF YOUR PLIGHT OR YOUR FLIGHT FEATHERS ARE NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT IN TIME FOR FLIGHT-TAKEOFF.

In spite of all that comes against you, if you walk within God's wings you shall walk in peace and beauty--may YOU ever walk in beauty! AHO!



WED., AUG. 18, 1993 9:58 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 002

WED., AUGUST 18, 1993


These are items I request that ALL listeners go check out on your NEWS! Check out how you are now being set up to receive the "uncovered" news and the responses to past secret lies and actions by the shadow government. I ask that these things be put on the phone line EARLY so people can check these stories out for themselves from the news itself.


Note that Colin Powell of the Joint Chiefs has been BOUGHT OFF. Not only is he "resigning" BUT, in conjunction with a couple of "Jewish" Israel Firsters he is SELLING HIS MEMOIRS FOR OVER 6 MILLION DOLLARS. The replacement for Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is planned, at present, to be a Polish person (which has to mean Communist-oriented and therefore is in partial service to the Russians [of necessity]). At the VERY LEAST he will be 100% in favor of full UN military control.


How can you tell? Because also today there is an announcement that in all military actions which are under UN Security Council authorization, for the first time in HISTORY, your military troops will not be given orders through or by a U.S. General. They will come under full and DIRECT command of a General of the United Nations force.


Your lobbyists are at full attention and alert (the Israeli Lobby). The Shadow Government and the Israeli Controlled Congress are efforting full-bore ahead to STOP an allowance of Demjanjuk (FOUND TOTALLY INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES AND RATIFIED YESTERDAY BY THE JUDGE'S PANEL) to return, at all, to the U.S. for ANY REASON. It is hoped that this can be overridden by Thursday--but who knows--! So, what is happening in Israel? The Israelis are petitioning for ANOTHER HEARING BY THE FIVE JUDGES (TO RETRY, ESSENTIALLY, THE WHOLE CASE).



This is REAL confirmation for you who have trusted the "Space Program", NASA, etc. You who have said we have "gone too far this time" as to deceit in the Space Program: HARKEN UP.

It is announced in open media TODAY that as far back as 1984 THERE WAS DELIBERATE DECEPTION AND COVER-UP. In one instance a rigged, fixed and deceptive incident occurred (one of hundreds) where a rocket was sent up with a supposedly pin-point accuracy capability to shoot down incoming anything. But, also YOU sent up a self-detonating satellite. So the fake launch took place, the story went that the test was incredibly accurate, the satellite blew up and there you have! Or do you? Weinberger said he approved it because, "IT WAS TO DECEIVE THE RUSSIANS INTO BELIEVING WE HAD ADVANCED CAPABILITY AND 'CAUSE THEM TO SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO COUNTER'." (Yes, indeed, this is the SAME Casper the friendly ghost who was found innocent of all charges, etc., in the Iran/Contra mess.) He went even further in his statement: "It is our total intent and thrust to practice DECEPTION--that is our job!"

The fact that Congress was also deceived is interesting indeed: They immediately voted in an additional $30 BILLION dollars for the program on the basis of that (those) deceptive and fraudulent reportings. The whole thing was a total computer mock-up.



There are other "hot-line" items such as the Gunther Russbacher reminder of second parole hearing results pending, etc. And, Randy Weaver and the Tom Brokaw show. The staff will be attentive to changes.



Isn't this fun? You don't have to get the dirt just from "Old Commander"--and you, who have bothered to keep up and listen--ARE FAR, FAR AHEAD—AND PREPARING, OR ARE PREPARED, FOR THE ECONOMIC DOWNFALL, THE LACK OF ABILITY TO SECURE YOURSELVES, ETC., ETC.(???)

Remember the "Kissinger Papers" with PLANS? Remember that within just a few brief years ALL GUNS OF ALL KINDS WILL BE BANNED! [I can tell you now that when that happens, it will not be an incarceration only, offense--it will be that anyone with a gun will be SHOT--DEAD!]


You can listen to others and you can call me evil, false, a fear monger, a lie--whatever you wish. I AM OF THE HOSTS OF GOD OF LIGHT--AND I SERVE ONLY GOD AND GOD'S PEOPLE. ANY WHO WISH NOT MY INFORMATION CAN CAST IT ASIDE--however, the Reason we have written over 80 Journals in less than the past four years and offer the CONTACT is to bring the Truth in advance of the CONFIRMATIONS so that you COULD begin to trust us. We are not aliens of some nit-wit variety as shown on your "intended to deceive" media, are not "little gray" any- things and WE ARE NOT UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS. IT IS ONLY YOU-THE-PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHO WE ARE AND WHY WE ARE HERE!!! SALU.



THU., AUG. 19, 1993 1:49 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 003

THU., AUGUST 19, 1993


As the days pass and it seems the tasks and burdens are outweighing the wondrous beauty of that which is about you--LOOK AGAIN! The beauty is there--even in the darkest hour there is a beauty of sorts and a wondrous lesson in each moment. As to that which is perceived as "bad"--look more carefully than that and check your perceptions and also the TRUTH of the circumstance. Look and see if YOU might well have allowed or even "arranged" the happening. If it touches you at all then YOU AS WELL AS OTHERS--HAVE INFINITE IMPACT. You may well not be able to control all actions but you CAN decide, totally--HOW YOU WILL PERCEIVE EACH AND EVERY ACTION. Walk alone? Never, for there is no way to walk alone--even if you would be the LAST of your species on the planet--you would not be "alone".

There is a destiny that makes us brothers; None goes his way alone; All that we send into the lives of others--Comes back into our own.

In remembering this one universal law at all times, you will think and respond to each action and thought as to that which you will expect BACK UNTO SELF. When another sends that which is painful and hurtful to you--do not waste time with revenge and hate--HE WILL GET HIS IN EXACT (OR MORE) MEASURE OF THE SAME--WITHOUT YOUR DOING.

How can you know if a "friendship" is false or true? Usually it takes "time" for the deceivers are everywhere to suck you into a trap and then devour you. Openly accept the joyful hand offered--but do not blather your innermost thoughts until friendship has proven itself--against odds which usually cause friendships to fail. False friendship is like a vine such as climbing ivy which decays and ruins the walls it embraces. True friendship, however, gives new life and animation to the object IT SUPPORTS. Always you must leave something of beauty and goodness as you pass your way--for if your focus is on such--you shall not leave any negative evil behind--it cannot be both ways.

Readers, our tasks are varied--our goal ONE. Be gentle with one another for ALL are going to have to "get there" for the picture to be whole. If you live your lives with the thought in mind that when you were born, you cried and others rejoiced--Live your life in such a manner that when you die the others and world cry and you rejoice. MAKE YOUR JOURNEY WORTH THE TROUBLE!


Many believe there is NO GOD! Pity those. Have compassion for those who seek but avoid, at all costs, the finding. Sympathize with those who are finding the light hard to abide within for they are but human--and always, keep unto your own true path toward goodness. Ah, and watch carefully self and others who pray only for self with naught save "I" and "me" in the fine petitions to God and watch more carefully HOW you pray.

To speak to God on behalf of man is like the highest service any of us can render. To sincerely ask that God's WILL be done and that, in behalf of another--is divine and ALWAYS bears fruit beyond measure. The next is to speak to MEN in the name of God in the Christed goodness. And remember that either and BOTH are possible--through HIS Grace!

Let us move directly into finishing this section of The Iron Curtain Over America, "Russia and the Khazars", by John Beaty. This is background that you MUST have if you are to make heads or tails from what is going on about you in your world today.

We were speaking of immigration shifts toward more and more non-Christian newcomers into the United States. These people had NO INTENTION to take up the ideals of your Western Christian civilization and what did YOU do about changing that? Nothing--you backed off even to the point where these have taken over your whole culture. You don't even put "Christ" first in your pledge to religious unity--you say: "Judeo-Christian", etc. The two are mutually exclusive, one is anti-Christ God and the other is pro-Christ God. YOU as a nation have taken up the cloak of the anti-Christ by your voting in that which is against God and natural Creation. Then you come and blast those who wish to remain in the path chosen as goodly and go forth and demand that your children be taught "safe sex" in the first grade. THESE ARE NOT THE RIGHT LAWS OF GOD OR NATURAL CREATION. These are the conjurings of Human beings to render you helpless slaves to the physical plane of which they are rulers! You MUST recognize the players involved.



Among those who early foresaw the problems to be created by our new immigrants was General Eisenhower's immediate predecessor as President of Columbia University. (Remember Eisenhower was a Jew.) In a small but extremely valuable book, The American As He Is, President Nicholas Murray Butler in 1908 called attention to "the fact that Christianity in some one of its many forms is a dominant part of the American nature." Butler, then at the zenith of his intellectual power, expressed fear that our "capacity to subdue and assimilate the alien elements brought...by immigration may soon be exhausted." [H: Please realize that often "Christian" is confused with "Christlike" and herein is where you begin to misunderstand. What you are dealing with in this subject immediately prior is the lack of "Christlike" beliefs and actions--not necessarily "Jesus-like". The U.S. was birthed one nation UNDER GOD-not "one nation under JESUS"! To some of you this is the SAME--no--it is NOT! Christ represents a Godly goodly state of being. "Jesus" by any label was a MAN physical. The important perception is that one is spiritual being, the other is physical manifestation.] He concluded accordingly that "The dangers which confront America will come, if at all, from within."

Statistics afford ample reasons for President Butler's fears. The new immigration was comprised preponderantly of three elements: the Italians, the Slays, and the Jews. The Italians and the Slays were less assimilable than immigrants from Northern and Western Europe, and tended to congregate instead of distributing themselves over the whole country as the earlier Northern European immigrants had usually done.

The assimilation of Italians and Slays was helped, however, by their belonging to the same parent Indo-Germanic racial stock as the English-German-Irish majority, and above all by their being "Christian"--mostly Roman Catholics--and therefore finding numerous co-religionists not only among fully Americanized second and third generation Irish Catholics but among old stock Anglo-American Catholics descending from Colonial Days. Quite a few persons of Italian and Slavic stock were or became Protestants, chiefly Baptists--among them being ex-Governor Charles Poletti of New York and ex-Governor Harold Stassen of Minnesota. The new Italian and Slavic immigrants and their children soon began to marry among the old stock. In a protracted reading of an Italian language American newspaper, the author noted that approximately half of all recorded marriages of Italians were to persons with non-Italian names.

Thus in one way or another the new Italian and Slavic immigrants began to merge into the general American pattern. This happened to some extent everywhere and was notable in areas where the newcomers were not congregated--as in certain urban and mining areas--but were dispersed among people of native stock. With eventual complete assimilation by no means impossible, there was no need of a national conference of Americans and Italians or of Americans and Slays to further the interests of those minorities.

With the new Jewish immigrants, however, the developments were strikingly different--and quite in line with the fears of President Butler. The handful of Jews, mostly Sephardic and German, already in this country (about 280,000 in 1877), were not numerous enough to contribute cultural guidance to the newcomers. These newcomers arrived in vast hordes--especially from territory under the sovereignty of Russia, the total number of legally recorded immigrants from that country between 1881 and 1920 being 3,237,079, most of them Jews. Many of those Jews are now referred to as Polish Jews because they came from that portion of Russia which had been the kingdom of Poland prior to the "partitions" of 1772-1795 and was the Republic of Poland between World War I and World War II. Accordingly, New York City's 2,500,000 or more Jews are sometimes said to be largely Polish Jews.

Thus by sheer weight of numbers, as well as by aggressiveness, the newcomer Jews from Eastern Europe pushed into the background the more or less Westernized Jews, who had mi-grated or whose ancestors had migrated to America prior to 1880 and had become for the most part popular and successful merchants with inordinate interest in politics. In striking contrast, the Eastern European Jew made himself a power to be reckoned with in the professions, the industries, and the political parties.

The overwhelming of the older Americanized Jews is well portrayed in The Jewish Dilemma by Elmer Berger. Of the early American Jews, Berger writes: "Most of these first 200,000 came from Germany. They integrated themselves completely." This integration was not difficult; for many persons of Jewish religion in Western Europe in the nine- teenth century not only had no racial or ethnic connection with the Khazars, but were not separatists or Jewish nationalists. The old contentions of their ancestors with their Christian neighbors in Western Europe had been largely overlooked on both sides by the beginning of the nineteenth century, and nothing stood in the way of their full integration into national life. The American kinsmen of these Westernized Jews were similar in outlook.

But after 1880 and particularly in the first two decades of the twentieth century, immigration to the United States from Eastern Europe increased rapidly. The Eastern European immigrant Jews brought with them the worn out concept of "a Jewish people". Soon these newcomers of nationalist persuasion actually exerted influence over the old and once anti-nationalist organization of American Reform Judaism. In the winter of 1941-'42 the Central Conference of American Rabbis had endorsed the campaign to organize a Jewish Army. The event indicated the capitulation of the leadership of Reform Judaism to Jewish Nationalism. Many American-minded Jews protested, but the voices were disorganized and therefore could be safely ignored. American Jewry had succumbed to the relentless pressure of the Zionists.

With the domination of American Jewry by Judaized Khazars and those who travel with them, the position of American Jews who wished to be American became most unhappy. The small but significant group which met at Atlantic City in June, 1942, to lay the foundations for an organization of Americans whose religion is Judaism, were at once pilloried. Charges of being "traitors", "Quislings", "betrayers" were thundered from the synagogues of America and filled the columns of the Jewish press. Many were silenced or won over by the pressure and the abuse--but not all. Those brave Jews who are persecuted because they are not hostile to the American way of life should not be confused with those Jews who persecute them, as Mr. Berger shows, but should on the other hand receive the sympathy of all persons who are trying to save Christian civilization in America.

Since the predominant new Jews consider themselves a superior people and a separate nationality, assimilation appears now to be out of the question. America now has virtually a nation within the nation, and an aggressive culture-conscious nation at that. [H: Remember, again, this was written about 40 (forty) years ago and every statement is backed up with documentation--mostly from the very works of the Jewish reference books. I am not going to take time to cite them all--but Mr. Beaty has cited them all.]

The stream of Eastern Europeans was diminished in volume during World War I, but was at flood level again in 1920. At last the Congress became sufficiently alarmed to initiate action. The House Committee on Immigration, in its report on the bill that later became the quota law of 1921, reported:

There is a limit to our power of assimilation...the processes of assimilation and amalgamation are slow and difficult. With the population of the broken parts of Europe headed this way in ever-increasing numbers, why not peremptorily check the stream with this temporary measure, and in the meantime try the unique and novel experiment of enforcing all of the immigration laws on our statutes?.... [H: The Jews today have NO TROUBLE AT ALL GETTING INTO THE U.S. AS CITIZENS--NONE WHATSOEVER--QUOTAS ARE IGNORED IN ALL INSTANCES.]

Accordingly, the 67th Congress passed the first quota law, which was approved on May 19, 1921, limiting the number of any nationality entering the United States to 3 percent of the foreign-born of that nationality who lived here in 1910. Under this law, approximately 350,000 aliens were permitted to enter each year, mostly from Northern and Western Europe.

The worry of the Congress over unassimilable aliens continued and the House Committee on Immigration and Naturalization of the Sixty-eighth Congress reported that it was necessary to the successful future of our nation to preserve the basic strain of our population and continued as follows:

Since it is the axiom of political science that a government not imposed by external force is the visible expression of the ideals, standards, and social viewpoint of the people over which it rules, it is obvious that a change is the character or composition of the population must inevitably result in the evolution of a form of government consonant with the base upon which it rests. If, therefore, the principle of individual liberty, guarded by a constitutional government created on this continent nearly a century and a half ago, is to endure, the basic strain of our population must be maintained and our economic standards preserved.

....the American people do not concede the right of any foreign group in the United States, or government abroad, to demand a participation in our possessions, tangible or intangible, or to dictate the character of our legislation.

The new law changed the quota basis from 1910 to 1890, reduced the quotas from 3 to 2%, provided for the establishment of permanent quotas on the basis of national origin, and placed the burden of proof on the alien with regard to his admissibility and the legality of his residence in the United States. It was passed by the Congress on May 15, and signed by President Calvin Coolidge on May 26, 1924. The new quota system was still more favorable relatively to the British Isles and Germany and other countries of Northern and Western Europe and excluded "persons who believe in or advocate the overthrow by force or violence of the government of the United States." Unfortunately, within ten years, this salutary law was to be largely nullified by misinterpretation of its intent and by continued scandalous maladministration, a principal worry of the Congress in 1921 and continuously since.

By birth and by immigration, either clandestine or in violation of the intent of the "national origins" law of 1924, the Jewish population of the U.S. increased rapidly. The following official Census Bureau statement is of interest: "In 1877 there were at least 277 congregations in the country and 230,000 Jews; in 1890, 533 congregations and probably 475,000 Jews; in 1906, 1700 congregations and about 1,775,000 Jews; in 1916, 1900 congregations and about 3,300,000 Jews; in 1926, 3,118 permanent congregations and 4,081,000 Jews; and in 1936, 3,728 congregations and 4,641,184 Jews residing in the cities, towns and villages in which the congregations were located." On other religions, the latest government statistics are mostly for the year 1947, but for the Jews the 1936 figure remains. As to the total number of Jews in the United States the government has no exact figures, any precise figures beyond a vague "over five million" being impossible because of incomplete records and illegal immigration. The Committee on the Judiciary of the Senate, however, accepts the World Almanac figure of 15,713,638 Jews of religious affiliation in the world and summarizes thus: "statistics indicate that over 50 percent of the World Jewish population is now residing in the Western Hemisphere, i.e., at least 8,000,000. Since some three-fourths of a million Jews live in other North and South American countries besides the United States, the number of Jews known to be in the United States may be placed at a minimum of about 7,250,000. Jews unaffiliated with organizations whose members are counted, illegal entrants, etc., may place the total number in the neighborhood of 10,000,000. This likely figure would justify the frequently heard statement that more than a half of the Jews of the world are in the United States.

Percentage-wise this is the government summary of Jewish population in the United States:

In 1937, Jews constituted less than 4 percent of the American people, but during the 7-year period following (1937-1943), net Jewish immigration to the United States ranged between 25 and 77 percent of total net immigration to this country. For the 36-year period, 1908-1943, net Jewish immigration constituted 14 percent of total. The population of the United States has increased three-fold since 1877, while the Jewish population has increased twenty-one-fold during the same period. [H: Note the dates and then think again because during and after the war there were masses of Jews brought in without question. Also, following on with Russian Jews the immigration figures grow exponentially. With such figures showing exodus of Jews from the "War Zones" of Germany, Poland, etc., and starting with less than 6 million in that part of Europe--HOW CAN YOU HAVE LOLLED OVER 6 MILLION OF THEM, EX-PORTED TO PALESTINE, ETC., AT LEAST HALF THAT NUMBER, AND HAVE SO MANY RECEIVING DAMAGES FROM THE "HOLOCAUST" REGULARLY--HOW COULD THE “HOLOCAUST” BE CORRECT AS PROJECTED BY THE ZIONISTS?(???) It simply does not mathematically ADD UP. I don't "knock" anybody's favorite "Holocaust" but this one DOES NOT ADD UP. Especially as compared with the numbers of Christians deaded by the Khaz-arian Jew Bolshevik Communists--SOME 20 TO 60 MILLION!]

The above government figures require elucidation. The figures include only those Jews connected with an organized Jewish congregation and, as corollary, exclude the vast number of Jews, illegal entrants and others, who are not so connected, and hence not officially listed as Jews. The stated increase of Jews by 2100 percent since 1877 is thus far too small because non-Congregational Jews are not counted. Moreover, since the increase of 300 percent in the total population includes known Jews, who increased at the rate of 2100 percent, the increase in population of non-Jews is far LESS than the 300 percent increase of the total population.

This powerful and rapidly growing minority--closely knit and obsessed with its own objectives which are not those of Western Christian civilization--will in subsequent chapters be discussed along with other principal occupants of the stage of public affairs in America during the early 1950's. Details will come as a surprise to many readers, who are the unwitting victims of censorship. After mentioning that the "secret ban" against publishing the truth on "Zionist Nationalism", which ones such as author Douglas Reed holds "to be allied in its roots to Soviet Communism", grew in his adult lifetime "from nothing into something approaching a low of lese majeste at some absolute court of the dark past", Mr. Reed states further that "the Zionist Nationalists are powerful enough to govern governments in the great countries of the remaining West!" He concludes further that "American Presidents and British Prime Ministers, and all their colleagues", bow to Zionism as if venerating a shrine.

The subject-matter of a book can be best determined not by its preface but by its index. It is believed that an examination of the index of The Iron Curtain Over America will show a unique completeness in the listing of names and subjects bearing upon the present period of our country. In brief, The Iron Curtain Over America presents in compressed detail--along with other matters--the problems created in the United States by a powerful minority possessed of an ideology alien to our traditions and fired by an ambition which threatens to involve us in the ruin of a third world-wide war. The next chapter deals with the aboveboard infiltration of Judaized Khazars, and other persons of the same ideology, into the United States Democratic Party.


* * *

I cannot urge you strongly enough to get background information on this subject. We must have written some fine study material by the extent to which the elements under discussion have efforted to STOP our writing. This is NOT something "way over there" or "out there somewhere" or "it won't happen to 'me'." We are talking about "Socialism-Monarchy-Dicta-torship" under the guise of COMMUNISM and it has taken AMERICA!

You can't believe me? LOOK AGAIN! The MEDIA is totally controlled. Every "Advisor" to the President is basically foreign-born and a Zionist Jew from one nation or another. There are more KGB in your CIA than Americans and you are now under total control by the United Nations. The U.N., by charter, is HEADED by a Russian.


Will fame ruin a sweet little Arkansas boy? You poor foolish misinformed and deceived people. Precious ones, Bill Clinton is totally connected to the CIA and WAS WORKING IN AND AROUND THE KGB. He was a Rhodes Scholar (Cecil Rhodes is the FATHER of the NEW WORLD ORDER!) Clinton is a puppet--but a nasty little problem to you-the-people!

This is so touchy and involved with everything coming against "us" that I am going to simply ride the truth coat-tails of the SPOTLIGHT and give honor for daring-do to Michael Collins Piper. This was first printed Nov. 23, 1992 and is now being re-run. Pay attention! What can you do? I don't see that you can do anything--YOU DID IT!


Why did Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton help cover up the investigation of George Bush's CIA-run arms-and-drugs smuggling contra supply base operating at the tiny rural airport in Mena, Arkansas? (There is a full story about that if and when we have time.)

Wouldn't that have been ideal campaign ammunition for the White House-hungry young governor? There's a lot more to the story than meets the eye.

More than a few Washington insiders are surmising that the CIA may have replaced its former director and longtime deep cover agent, Bush, with one of the agency's less senior deep cover agents. [H: You need to recall--BUSH DELIBERATELY BLEW HIS CANDIDACY IN THIS LAST ELECTION AND EVERYONE COULD PLAINLY SEE IT HAPPENING BEFORE YOUR EYES.]

That's right. There are those who are convinced that President-elect Clinton has been a CIA asset since his college days at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Washington, one of the CIA's primary recruiting grounds.

Then, of course, Clinton went on to study at Oxford University in England as a Rhodes scholar. It was at Oxford, insiders believe, that young Clinton first acted on behalf of the CIA.

At that time, the Soviet KGB was active in recruiting undercover agents among Oxford students. It is believed that Clinton's now-infamous trip to the Soviet Union was actually on behest not of the communists, but instead, of the CIA.

"The time that Clinton was supposed to have gone to Moscow was the time when the CIA was very active recruiting American students and other students to go to Moscow and Helinski (E.J. This is exactly what is written--my thought is that it should be Helsinki but I don't know geography well enough to actually "guess") and get involved in peace activities in order to counter Soviet actions," said Victor Marchetti, a former CIA official.

"Without revealing any secrets as to how I come to this conclusion, I would not be surprised to find out that Clinton was actually kind of working for the CIA." [H: As a backup to Victor Marchetti--if you read his newsletter you will find that he is in deep yogurt ALL THE TIME with the Jewish Khazarians PRETENDING to be Jews. There is such a massive number of LIES and deceptions as to boggle the minds of all but the readers who KEEP UP.]

A smart young American internationalist such as Clinton would have been a ripe target for the KGB, and the CIA itself would recognize that, probably having helped smooth Clinton's way into Oxford.


Former CIA director Bush certainly knew the truth when he was hinting that Clinton was a co-opted agent of the Soviet KGB as a consequence of Clinton's college-age journey to Red Russia.

We have no way of knowing, however, whether or not Clinton did or did not turn and go to work for the KGB. [H: Well, you certainly KNOW that he is working WITH THE SO-VIET-COMMUNISTS NOW.]

It is well known that the CIA infiltrated both sides of the conflict over American involvement in the Vietnam War, leading protests for and against it. Clinton, of course, spent much of his time within the anti-war protest movement, both in the United States and abroad.

After finishing his undercover work at Oxford Clinton went on to study law at Yale--another CIA recruiting ground. Three other Yalies believed to have been recruited at Yale for the CIA are Bush, William F. Buckley Jr. and James J. Angleton. It was at Yale that Clinton met his future wife Hillary Rodham.

Mrs. Clinton later went to work for the most powerful law firm in Arkansas--a firm known for its close ties to the Rockefeller interests in her husband's home state.

(A few wags have asserted that Hillary Rodham may be a deep cover CIA asset herself. The young lady lawyer served as a staffer on the congressional inquiry into the Watergate mess, a controversy in which the CIA's fine hand was seen--or not seen--from beginning to end and from top to bottom.)

[H: How many of you STILL think, listening to the media garbage, that the nice legal advisor friend of the Ballades was a suicide? I think our staff better rerun the anonymous information WE GOT! **[See page 192]** Remember--exact time, caliber of bullet and TWO (count them) bullets to the base of the skull!!! Why do you think there is so much damage control and special remarks emphasized like "single bullet" and thus and so? Goodness, chelas, that place is like a swarming hive of hellions. It is so dank that no matter what is revealed to you WE can only touch the tip of that iceberg waiting to sink the good ship Global-Amerika!]


Clinton himself was quickly promoted, after law school, into the highest ranks of the Establishment of his home state. A year out of law school he was named a professor at the University of Arkansas, although he lost a congressional race in the meantime. Two years later he was elected Arkansas state attorney general--at the age of 30. Two years afterward he was catapulted into the governorship.

It will be remembered that even before Clinton was first elected governor of Arkansas in 1978 at the ripe old age of 32 he was already being promoted by the Establishment media as a "future presidential candidate" and hailed as being of "presidential timber". [H: Don't forget, either, that the Trilateralists and Bilderbergers (told by Kissinger) had marked him to be the President in 1992--back in 1990 AND 1991. That means, dear ones, that he was also involved with BRITISH INTELLIGENCE because this was obviously a demand of the Committee of 300 Club of Rome and the choice of Britain (at least the Crown of Britain), the International Bankers and the International Monetary Fund. Bush is destined for bigger and better deceitful things already UNDER WAY.]

Again, this was even before Clinton was elected--even before his governing talents had been tested. Clearly, Clinton had some influential admirers in some very high places.

It will be further remembered, additionally, that the Rockefeller family has long maintained close ties--and hefty financial interests in Arkansas. [H: Plus, little Billy is a DIRECT offspring of the Rockefellers. Go do your homework--we have told you ALL OF THIS!]


Indeed, it was none other than Winthrop Rockefeller, brother of Rockefeller family financial boss David Rockefeller, who served as the Republican governor of Arkansas in the mid-1960s. Clinton, then, essentially, was simply a Rockefeller protégé in the Democratic Party stable.

No wonder then that young Clinton, the governor of the backward state of Arkansas, was not only invited to join the Rockefeller family's Council on Foreign Relations, but also its even more influential Trilateral Commission--this over more senior and more well-established governors of larger, more politically powerful states.

No wonder he was invited to the tightly closed, secret Bilderberg meeting in 1991.

In his ultimate bid for the presidency, though, Clinton had the ultimate "inside" assistance. His chief corporate financial backers were associates of the international investment house, Goldman Sachs, a firm with close ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty and some of the world's richest families.

Other major contributors were members of the powerful New York-based law firm, Willkie Farr & Gallagher. This is the firm in which Kenneth Bialkin, a high-ranking fixture in the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, was long ensconced. Bialkin's ADL, of course, is an illegally unregistered foreign agent for the state of Israel and a prime mover in the Israel lobby in this country.

It might be noted, also, in closing, that just days before the presidential election, none other than David Rockefeller Jr., son of the family boss and heir to the throne, who signed the lead opinion page piece in the New York Times proclaiming "Why I Trust Clinton", and, incidentally, predicting a Clinton "landslide".

Obviously, with the kind of "friends" that Clinton has been assembling since his rather mysterious college days, he certainly didn't need the financial support of the American people--only their votes. That he also achieved. [H: Well, he didn't really need them and, ACTUALLY, he did not achieve them--the fixed ballot machines made sure of that.]

7/22/93 #2 HATONN


Reference from page 190 suicide of Vince Foster

My, my, you call out for signs and miracles. In disbelief you petition for one more "show"--one more "viewing" from flickering star-craft lights to loss of a headache. Well I think the following will indicate a SIGN to some ones of high level treason. There are several (at least nine [9]) people who should be very, very interested and concerned about the following information which drifted into our hands this morning. As I understand the message--by the time this reaches the printer--there will be only 7 left to worry!

What is this? Well, it is a note received regarding the demise of one Vincent Foster. That nice lawyer friend of the Billaries in Washington you know, those who "lead" your nation by the ring through the nose and the harness in the hands of Reno and other ones who murder at random! I think I would be most distressed and concerned as the profferers of torment, torture and bedlam murder--note that THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE. Who are they, this other side? I certainly would not want to be the one to give that information so we take what is sent, share it and hope the correct receivers get the right messages. We are in the business of journalism and printing what is brought to us or sent in truth--not in sorting out "who-dun-its".

Since there will be an obvious question as you read as to "why" "two" shots, in case it misses your sleuthing--I would guess it is to send a loud clear message about "suicide". A suicide victim does not exhibit "two" shots when the first one kills him dead! I doubt, however, that YOU THE PEOPLE will ever hear about the second shot in this "suicide".


Re: Vincent Foster

At 4:52, July 20, 1993--at the first exit to Fort Darcy, VA, a grey Ford Econoline van stopped a 1992 Chrysler Sedan. The driver and lone passenger of the Sedan was removed from his vehicle at gunpoint. There was no fuss, as the driver assumed his plight to be a "carjacking" and possibly armed robbery.

The occupant of the Chrysler, Mr. Vincent Foster, deputy Legal Counsel and close friend to B. Clinton [H: I believe this person was a former partner in Hillary's prior law firm, as well] was taken to the rear of the car parking area. Three men, all wearing "Federal Black", told Mr. Foster to kneel on the ground--facing a park bench. At this point, Mr. Foster's head was pushed forward, a gun pushed against the base of the skull, and within seconds TWO .38 cal. rounds were fired into the skull. Foster's head was thrown forward as he died.

The men then placed the body upon the bench in a half sitting-half reclining position. The upper torso was bent to the right-reflecting an angle of 15% [H: perhaps "degrees"? I never like to correct or change anything not quite understood because the meaning may be exact but not to my scribe.]. The Fairfax P.D. was called with the location of the body. The men of the van left the area and returned to D.C. proper where they boarded planes for diverse destinations.

The strike was coordinated and executed by TASK FORCE 151!! It was carried out in retribution for the Wilcher, Parsons, "Piggy" [H: This one may really be a long way off proper identification due to overstrikes on the message.] AND SESSIONS affair. At this time, a force of 32 men, holding a target list with 9 more names is preparing to assemble in a major East Coast City. (By the time you print this, at least two more sanctions will have been carried out.) END.


There is no return identification on this document except 0722-1993, 11:06. BURN THE MESSAGE, DHARMA.


From Spotlight


A letter of introduction to Vietnamese officials written by President-elect Clinton for an Arkansas businessman has come back to haunt him. Mike Blair

A letter written by President Bill Clinton to Vietnamese leaders before he took office last January becomes potentially more significant in view of allegations that Commerce Secretary Ron Brown has been secretly dealing with Vietnamese leaders to have the U.S. trade embargo against Vietnam suspended.

Brown has been accused by a respected Vietnamese-American businessman of secretly conspiring with Hanoi to have the embargo lifted in return for many thousands of dollars deposited in foreign bank accounts and shares in the monetary gain Vietnam derives from doing business with U.S. firms.

While he was president-elect, Clinton wrote a letter on official State of Arkansas stationery to Vietnamese leaders introducing to them a fellow Arkansan interested in improving relations with Hanoi.

Shortly after Clinton took office, his letter surfaced in Hanoi, and the new president was accused of quietly trying to pave the way for rapprochement with Hanoi. If true, this would have been a potential violation of the Logan Act, which restricts the conduct of the nation's foreign policy to the president. At the time, George Bush was still in office.

Now, with an FBI investigation into Brown's alleged dealings with the Vietnamese government, the letter written by Clinton to the Hanoi leaders raises a question once asked by former Sen. Howard Baker at the peak of the Watergate scandal, which ultimately brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon: "How much did the president know, and when did he know it?"

(This is a good rule of thumb for GUILT)

After the letter came to light, Clinton denied initiating the secret contact between the fellow Arkansan and the Vietnamese leaders. However, the administration has never fully explained the letter. [H: Bill couldn't remember much about his Vietnam SERVICE or lack thereof, either!]

In any case, last December Clinton wrote a "letter of introduction" to top Vietnamese leaders for Clyde E. Pettit Jr. [H: You will certainly be hearing this name AGAIN!] The letter stated that Pettit was "working for the eventual normalization of relations between the United States and Vietnam."

Pettit and Clinton reportedly met during the 1960s while both worked for then-Sen. J. William Fulbright who then served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which held a series of controversial televised hearings featuring as witnesses mostly those who opposed the war in Vietnam.

Pettit opposed the war, as did Clinton. As early as 1965, Pettit was traveling in Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia, filing stories with an apparent anti-war slant for two Arkansas radio stations.

Clinton spent the war years dodging the draft and helping to organize anti-war demonstrations abroad. At the time, he was a student in England, where he fled to avoid military service and to attend college as a Rhodes scholar.


In the mid-1970s, Pettit wrote a book, The Experts, which was about the Southeast Asian conflict. He extensively quoted Vietnamese officials involved in the war to outline history.

Pettit holds an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a law degree from the University of Arkansas.

At the time the letter surfaced in the news, White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers tried to pass it off as a "courtesy" given to Pettit as a constituent of then-Gov. Clinton.

In a telephone interview from Bangkok, Thailand, Pettit told the Reuters news agency that he had delivered the letter to unspecified Vietnamese officials in Hanoi, along with similar letters from ex-Sen. Fulbright and Lee Williams, also a former Fulbright staffer.

Pettit said giving the letter to Vietnamese officials was an attempt to improve relations between the United States and Vietnam.

Miss Myers confirmed Clinton had sent the letter and described it as "a letter of introduction from the governor of Arkansas."

She said, "It's not an uncommon thing, but it's not intended to imply this gentleman was speaking for or representing the Clinton administration."

However, it is clear Clinton was more than just a former governor of Arkansas when he wrote the letter. He had already been elected president of the United States and would have to deal with the problem of lifting the trade embargo and the issue of Vietnam's failure to account for American POWs and MIAs still missing in Southeast Asia from the war.

The allegations of deals being worked out between Brown and Vietnam's Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet during the same time frame as the letter written by Clinton for Pettit raise legiti-mate questions as to whether the two episodes, if accurately portrayed, may have been linked. Brown at the time was Clinton's choice to become secretary of commerce.

"It is ample reason why both reports of alleged impropriety should be fully investigated by appropriate committees of Congress," a source close to the Brown case has said.

* * *

You ones had better stop just looking at that hand writing on the wall and start READING WHAT IT SAYS!

Enough for now, it is late and this is enough of a heavy load. Dear ones, it is not enough any longer to proclaim "I am an American" and have the world bow in honor. You have become the most hated nation on the face of the Earth--you are called "Israel, with headquarters in the U.N. and Tel Aviv!" This is the antithesis of those come in control of your wondrous nation and planet with that which you shall have to do: He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of Christ will change the face of the world.!! Will it be done? It's up to you.


What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout ti me, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in ti me to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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