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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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November 1993

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Advertisement to get Jewish holocaust survivors to apply for compensation.








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To all who would learn Truth, use Truth and WIN this game of chance and challenge on this stage of physical expression, we dedicate these bits of information for your knowledge "banks" so that you are armed with TRUTH and FACT as you meet your enemy set to bring you DOWN.


"....It is where we have emerged. We have come to the top of the Earth. We are to be here. We are to remember our responsibility. We are to take care of our responsibility. We are to take care of it in such a way that is will not be necessary for us to go back through the hole to escape the destruction which we allow to happen if we do not speak on behalf of those who shall come after us, if we do not act on behalf of those who shall come after us. If we do not do something to change the course of history, first within ourselves, we will then note the change of history outside of ourselves. For it is the seventh direction, the direction within ourselves, which must be mastered."

The SILVER-GOLD IMPERIAL EAGLE, my brother: LITTLE CROW, whose way is far more difficult than is mine.

(November 25, 1990)



MON., NOV. 8, 1993 9:30 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 084

MON., NOVEMBER 8, 1993



"Trying" to keep to a given subject so that we can identify the major points in each JOURNAL for library reference is as difficult to accomplish as is the word itself, "trying". Trying "deliberately" usually indicates intent on "failure". We have no INTENT to fail but the things of which we speak come along with "living" and "Life is that which happens while you are making other plans."

These volumes are coming off Dharma’s keyboard in about bi-weekly offerings. I can’t urge you enough--to really effort to keep-up because it is all but impossible to catch-up once fallen very far behind. Is the information worthy of extra attention? YES!

I hear complaints about our production and the most frequently used terms are "scan" and "xerox". The accusation being that Dharma just scans in through a device, directly into the computer and/or "they just ‘xerox’ stuff and we have to catch up." NO--EVERYTHING THAT IS OFFERED THROUGH DHARMA IS OFFERED WORD FOR WORD, WITH COMMENTS--BY ME OR BY ANOTHER AUTHOR. IF THERE IS REPETITION OF SOMETHING SHE HAS WRITTEN PRIOR TO THE MOMENT--IT IS REPEATED, BUT READ CAREFULLY FOR SUITABILITY. I must remind you readers that this is an important part of our work. It is a gauge for that which a person CAN accomplish. If one person can write--then another person can find time to "read". We make no splash in the publications as to being "pushy" for the time will come when it will be more suitable to have wider range of presentation.

It IS hard on our staff for always the work-load runs "behind" because of inability to have enough staff because of funding shortages. But, NO, we are not in the publishing "business" nor in the "making a killing on book sales" business. We are efforting to get as much information to you the public as we possibly can from any valid resource. We must then depend upon YOU to get the materials for backup and confirmation from the direct resources. FOR INSTANCE, if you do not have Rodney Stich’s DEFRAUDING AMERICA, you are really behind! I trust that information is run regularly in the paper regarding this volume [See end of chapter for information.], but I do urge you to avail yourselves of this information. We will be excerpting chapters from the book as we find space and time to do so--but we cannot, nor do we wish to, do your homework for YOU. Just let it be KNOWN--The truth is "out there" if you but accept it and obtain it.


Indeed we are MAKING BIG ANNOYANCES among the Elite. After every issue of CONTACT we can expect an outburst of half-truths and admissions springing forth from the media--either in denials, party-line controversy or "late-breaking research which tells you the truth of what we offer". For instance, today (11/8/93), the news is filled with back-up confirmation of what we offer you:


What do you have today from the "real" world of medical "break-throughs"? Three things from CNN this morning: "1) Alzheimer’s is a GENETIC malfunction. 2) Heart disease is NOW LINKED TO GENETIC MALFUNCTION and, 3) Breast cancer is linked to GENETIC problems." Interesting?!? So, what will be the next step in this unfolding drama of life and death? Yes indeed--years of RESEARCH and NEW DRUGS to further alter the genetic structuring, along with outrageous surgeries ad nauseam. WOULD IT NOT BE BETTER TO SIMPLY TAKE GAIANDRIANA, LET THE BODY SORT ITS PERFECT GENE-DNA STRUCTURE AND RECLAIM AND RESTRUCTURE ITS OWN PERFECTION?? IT SURELY SEEMS MORE REASONABLE, INEXPENSIVE AND PROBABLE IN PERFORMANCE THAN MUTILATION, DEAD-BLOOD-GIVING AND POISONING THE ENTIRE SYSTEM TO RECALL ONE OR TWO GENETIC FRAGMENTS! That, too, of course, is up to you.

I am not told when an updating of product availability is being offered. I had been told that by the end of October a "program" would be available. There were slow-downs because of need to properly "clear" facilities and that meant remodeling, reflooring and rebuilding facilities. It also meant the investment of MOVING into new quarters for same at expense unavailable. Thank you for being patient--because I believe that with the next "batch" of GaiaLyte the basic "program" components will be available. I do not push rivers, readers, but I do urge you readers to carefully consider the potential for well-being of that which we offer. You are in a time when "they" are out to depopulate and bring you, in addition, into economic slavery. I suggest, therefore, that you "get" while you have some health left to improve and some income with which to acquire the means. GET HEALTHY and you can stay healthy for a long, long time.


YOU, of God, are given great gifts with your birthing onto this stage of experience. You are given "reason", "choice in freewill" and ability to CREATE. You can create good health or allow your enemy to destroy it. You can act in such ways as to cause the adversary to have no power over you or your nation--OR YOUR GLOBE. But do you remember "how" to Create? Creation is never violent, forceful or negative to any God-Creation. GOD CREATES NEW AND BETTER WAYS--SATANIC FORCES CAN ONLY USE THAT WHICH IS ALREADY CREATED AND FUNCTION IN TOTALLY PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS.


November 8, 1993 (Day 84, Year 7 and counting--)



TUE., OCT. 26, 1993 12:59 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 071

TUE., OCTOBER 26, 1993



It has been brought to my attention that I need to give you a few more instructions on Gaiandriana. Dharma handles a lot of the research experiments with the "mother" cells and she got a real shocker today. Yesterday was too busy to attend much work on the Gaiandriana so all she did was add the additional water I told her to use to "hold" it. Today is a beautiful, clear and "sun intense" day at this altitude. By mid-afternoon the cells had grown and "crystallized" to the point that the entire 3 gallon container was acting as a giant refracting magnifying glass. She has 12 of them and every one was focusing such an intense laser that there are actually etched burns ready to flame on the wooden tables. These were smoking and moving in a line at the speed of the orbit, smoking and ready to burst into flame.

The reason I tell you readers this is to warn you who would think you can "upgrade" your own drianas--be careful for if you put the liquid into a crystal container (as in hand blown, uncut, crystal) and place in the sun--you can very well start a fire and burn your house down. Treat it EXACTLY as you would a high-quality magnifying glass. This has burned into the wood and therefore ruined the surface finish of the furniture and might very well scorch formica if not attended. I would not expect this to happen but these are large three gallon containers and the power is tremendous. It is nice, however, for confirmation reasons that this happened--for it proves beyond doubt that you have active crystals reproducing so quickly that the replication frequency measurements are "off-scale".

I always have her temper the solution with other ingredients and color to gage "readiness" and prevent this from happening. It is a good experience, however, to SEE the results and life reproduction right in full eye view. If you think this will not raise those frequencies within a body cell to such an extent as to rapidly dispatch a foreign form (virus, etc.), then think again. These people (four of them) literally watched the cells line up in solution, into "stands" to intensify the laser. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF GOD IN CREATION nor what God will make available if HIS people would but accept the gifts. HE would never leave His creations without messengers or that which you need to make transition--unless His own turn from HIM. In that instance HE has NOT denied--HE has BEEN denied.


I find it most amusing to watch and receive the input from the past week’s revelations in the "news". Cloning?? Twins, triplets or more? Come children, these are NOT NEW capabilities--it is simply that this technology is now being made public to counter the revelations and happenings to come which would overwhelm the senses. We thought it especially amusing in that the releases of cloning news came from the same journalists who covered a large meeting which Rick attended and all but four or five speakers were clones--some now without the original. Cloning is EASY, RAPID and downloading "memory" even more easily accomplished than down-loading a computer program.

I have been asked to make a detailed discussion on the subject. No thank you--we have had detailed discussions on that very subject over and over again for five years.


We have made ourselves very unpopular with our recent writings. Well, so be it. I can offer you a few clues as to who is who and WATCH the overview and you will begin to be able to focus on who is the most dangerous.

In the Moscow showdown of burn the building and waste the people in a stupid show-and-tell of violent power that the populace could SEE throughout Moscow every day--other facts have come out which should interest you. I find, however, the most "telling" FACT came from a patriot inside the Parliament Building as it was burning and troops were rousting everyone (you still don’t have death figures anywhere nearly accurate). The tank had done its thing, the others roamed about to terrorize and the Soviet version of the BATF was at work. There were "KGB-Mossad-CIA" personnel there ALSO (don’t be fooled, this was orchestrated and technology and help sent from Washington) all around and some cornered patriots on one of the higher levels of the building with smoke billowing behind them cried down to the troops: "You are giving our country to the Satan Jews." I made this up to impress you? NO--It was on the Ted Koppel Nightline show in the re-hash of "events". Ponder it as you lose everything from freedom to your economy to these New World Order criminals and treasonists.

The other thing you should monitor closely is the lack of information on valid persons like Shevardnadze of Georgia, et al. Focus, however, on what they are telling you about nuclear warheads and missiles in other former Soviet block areas and the dickering going on over the goods in Siberia and the Ukraine, etc. Watch the scanners as they show you that there is OIL in them thar hills and flatlands--and Chevron and Texaco (among bunches more) are already there and in operation.


A "Red" Chinese satellite is falling from orbit later this week and may well hit land??? Oh, and just WHERE ARE YOUR MISSING SATELLITES AND ROCKETS WHICH HAVE "JUST" SOMEHOW DISAPPEARED?? Billions of dollars are now "missing" just from Vandenberg Base alone. But then, I guess your scientists who can’t seem to even properly launch a missile or rocket--seem to have total identification of a breaking up satellite among the thousands "out there"? Come on sleepyheads--will you forever believe the garbage dished out to you?


A major complaint from you readers is that I don’t know what I am talking about with such as suggesting that "man" can control weather, create earthquakes and above all--would or could plant bombs or laser detonate bombs which would cause earthquakes. Well, you believe what you like (which you will do anyway) and I will offer you a front page item from the current Spotlight and I can promise you--it is NOTHING relative to that which IS!


SPOTLIGHT, Oct. 25, 1993, Mike Blair: Underground Nukes Pose Hazard to Earth. Are Iran and the Red Chinese working on bombs capable of creating earthquakes? [H: The interesting thing about this statement is that the Big Boys have already saturated most of the globe with devices with this capability--but IRAN? China will be an ultimate MAJOR player in the Armageddon world series--is it also now probable that so shall Iran? Don’t just read what is stated--READ WHAT IS NOT TOLD TO YOU!]

Iran may be continuing work on development of an "earthquake bomb"--the use of an underground nuclear explosion to create an earthquake--that was being conducted by scientists in the Soviet Union BEFORE its breakup. [H: Ah, the magic of the lie about the breakup of the Soviet Union and what they WERE doing. Do you actually think ANYTHING at all is different in the Soviet hierarchy? Why do you think I spell America "Ameri(k)a"?]

According to a report in the Sunday Times of London, former Soviet KGB (secret police) Gen. Oleg Kalugin has revealed that Soviet scientists had for years conducted underground nuclear tests looking to the possibility of developing a bomb that could be detonated beneath the Earth’s surface to create a quake.

Kalugin made headlines in 1991 when he became the first former Soviet official to reveal American prisoners of war had been confined in the Soviet Union.

Soviet scientists have revealed an underground nuclear test on the island of Novaya Zemlya in the Barents Sea, near the Arctic Circle, in 1988 may have caused an earthquake in the then-Soviet Captive Nation of Armenia, 2,000 miles away, which resulted in the deaths of 45,000 people.

In addition, according to Alexei Nikolaev, a scientist at the Institute of Geology in Moscow, Soviet nuclear tests at Semipalatinsk, located in the former Soviet Captive Nation of Kazakhstan, caused quakes in neighboring Tadzhikistan and Uzbekistan and possibly even in Iran.


According to Ikran Kerimov, the deputy director of a geology institute in the former Soviet Captive Nation of Azerbaidzhan, he first learned of the Soviet military’s interest in developing a seismic bomb in 1989 when his request to purchase from Britain a large amount of seismological equipment was hurriedly approved.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the independent republic of Azerbaidzhan, Kerimov said links have been established with the republic’s neighbors, and that the seismological equipment is being shared with Iran.

Iran is known by Western intelligence agencies to be proceeding aggressively with the development of a nuclear weapons program.

According to Kalugin, the Soviet military was spending enormous sums of money in the late 1980s to develop a seismic weapon, at the same time that former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was working with the West to end the Cold War era.

Kalugin claims to have discovered Soviet work on the project in 1988 when he became the KGB overseer of top-secret research at the Soviet Academy of Sciences. He said he found scientific papers at the academy that described in detail how nuclear blasts could be engineered to jolt the Earth’s tectonic plates, the movement of which causes quakes.

"The idea," Kalugin told the Sunday Times, "was to be able to cause earthquakes in America as devastating as any NUCLEAR BLAST."

"The advantage was that we would NOT BE SEEN AS THE INITIATOR OF WAR," Kalugin explained. "Only nature could be blamed."

The Soviets were apparently casting an eye upon California in particular, which would be most vulnerable to such an attack since it straddles fault lines that are linked to the Pacific tectonic plate.

According to Kalugin, the idea first emerged in the 1960s when Soviet seismologists learned underground nuclear test explosions were sometimes followed a few days later by quakes, some hundreds of miles away from the test sites.

Subsequently, scientists detonated 32 nuclear bombs at various sites around the vast Soviet Union to test the seismic effects.

After the Soviet military learned of the possibility of underground nuclear blasts creating shock waves that might be harnessed to create a seismic weapon, civilian geologists were heavily funded to further investigate the possibilities.


"Officially, these explosions were carried out in the interests of a better understanding of the Earth’s geological structure," said Alexei Yablokov, an adviser on ecological issues for Russian President Boris Yeltsin. "But everyone suspected the military was looking for a seismic weapon, even though it seemed like science fiction."

"At first, people were dismissive of the idea that explosions could in some way be connected to earthquakes," Nikolaev said. "Even today, no link is officially admitted. But the probability of an earthquake in Hindu Kush of Tadzhikistan is two or three times greater after a test nuclear explosion at Semipalatinsk."

Nikolaev claims his team found that even small underground nuclear tests caused strong jolts up to 1,600 miles away. [H: I hope you realize this is true. We covered this potential wave action of increased power in the PLEIADES CONNECTION series. [See 9/21/93 CONTACT, VOL. II, #13, pages 30, 31] I hope I covered it elsewhere but this is WHY nuclear testing in Nevada, for instance, is so DEADLY A POTENTIAL to all fault lines in California--even if nothing else would happen to stimulate the movement of those faults. Perhaps, I can only hope, that hearing this from a Russian General, Oleg Kalugin, will make more sense to you readers than all we (Cmdrs. Hatonn, Soltec, Korton, et al.) have told you over and over again. Perhaps you will see and hear better from Alexei Nikolaev, a scientist in Moscow, Ikran Kerimov, geologist, and others--from more closely related resources? I would, however, consider it worthwhile reading to go back and STUDY what we have offered for your information. (See pages 30 & 31 of CONTACT Vol. II, #13)]

Some scientists speculate disclosure of the Soviet efforts to develop a seismic weapon may have moved Red Chinese scientists to recently resume underground nuclear testing, perhaps with the thought of continuing where the Soviet scientists left off.

In addition, the Red Chinese have been long suspected of aiding Iran in its nuclear development program. [H: Indeed, "they" don’t like the Khazarian Zionists who now control most of your world!]

Until the suspension of U.S. underground nuclear tests by President Bill Clinton [H: B.S.! The testing has NEVER stopped--just the names and pretense changed!], hundreds of nuclear blasts were detonated beneath the desert floor of Nevada. There are no known studies of any relationship between these tests and quakes in the United States. END

Connections? There may have been "no studies" BUT, there have been thousands of top media declarations that "the underground testing blasts HAVE NO EFFECT ON THE FAULTS!" This is not just a comment--ALL of you not in the "dark ages" yet--HAVE HEARD IT YOURSELVES.

How about a few other observations from here and there--just in case you have missed something during the ball games:


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) offered to help Vietnam in debt reduction negotiations with Western governments [H: They ARE the Western Governments!], creditors and Russia. IMF Managing Director Michael Camdessus made the offer in talks with Vietnam Foreign Minister Nguyen Manh Cam. [H: Goodbye POWs/MIAs!]


Bell Atlantic Corp. the regional telephone company serving the Mid-Atlantic states, said it will invest up to $1.04 BILLION to acquire 42 percent of Grupo Iusacell, which owns the cellular phone license for the MEXICAN REGION ENCOMPASSING MEXICO CITY.


Rep. Henry Gonzalez (D-Texas), chairman of the House Banking Committee, has introduced a bill that would subject the presidents of the Federal Reserve’s 12 regional banks to presidential appointment. [H: Good grief, wouldn’t mean a thing different, would it?] They are now elected by boards of directors which are dominated by local bankers. President Clinton said he was "disinclined" to support the proposal. [H: Dear Henry, please wake up--you were sort of a last bastion of "hope"--this must be concluded as blind naive gullibility OR innocent ignorance of the system--EITHER IS UNACCEPTABLE!]



The Congress of Russian-American Inc. has declared November 7 as "The Memorial Day for Victims of Communism". November 7, 1917 is recognized as the official beginning of the "October [Bolshevik] Revolution" in the Russian empire. Russia follows the Julian calendar, which is why the "October Revolution" began in November according to the Western calendar.

[H: October or November means NOT A THING--the fact that there is attention to such a date in "America" means that A LOT OF ATTENTION WILL BE GIVEN IT IN THE "RUSSIAS". PAMYAT IS THE GROUP OF FREEDOM FOR THE WORLD(ERS). PAMYAT IS ONE OF THE LAST BASTIONS OF HOPE FOR YOUR WORLD! Salu.]


As "the World turns" and information is offered up on various subjects often under discussion herein, we again find George Green the object of attention--in background and programming. Let us not overlook the importance of OUR mission with the thought that WE WOULD BE OVERLOOKED! Dharma looks around at her piles of entropy with everything "lost" and marvels that "she" is a notice, much less a bother, to ANYONE. Chelas, this is usually the way of the sincere worker within a mission--no one is greater or lesser than another--only the jobs are different. But what of ones such as George Green who come along and then turn like screws in the torture chamber? I don’t have a lot of comment--I WILL, HOWEVER, offer you readers that which has been offered to our people--still taking care of the protection of the information bearer. Is the information true? Oh, indeed--at least enough so that it is worthy of "mention" and identification of players and "how they fit".

This comes from a rather elderly man who lived (very close) to one, George Green (Indeed, THE George Green). He said:

"George Green was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father made millions in the pork business, I think it may have been called ‘Pig in a Sack’ or something (George was, with his father, in the meat business and shipped all over, their products.) and He (George’s father) was one of the original Committee of 300 and George was ‘GROOMED’ to be a part of that Committee of 300. George went to college for engineering and then joined the Air Force. Then the Committee of 300 taught him how to make millions of dollars through their system of real estate. Somehow George really made one of them (Committee of 300) mad. He was busted (broken financially) then until he came across the PHOENIX material. Then the Committee of 300 wanted to use him for a tool!" The writer of this information went on to say (from his conversation) that it is probably that the Committee of 300 actually financed printing and publishing. George met with agents regularly--like a dog on a string--with secret journeys and secret meetings of which he would lie about contacts and purposes.


This conversation all took place at a Colorado "Expo" which I will also leave unidentified for the present "cover" on the writers. This same person in point, above, went to speak with Bill Cooper (also attending). He said to Bill: "Well, guess old Hatonn isn’t speaking much about you any more." Cooper replied: "He better not or I will go over there and wreck his booth."

My booth? Oh well! The fact that I don’t HAVE A BOOTH--ANYWHERE--is beside the point I suppose. When we can get out of business and into TRUTH--it shall surely be a better world! I just received several other urgent messages telling us Bill Cooper was murdered? Was he? Why don’t YOU find out instead of asking me? When you get your own researching done--the world will take note of your input--it will never be accepted on a wide scale from the mystical hearsay! YOU MUST PROVE YOUR POINTS BEFORE THE PEOPLE AND THE LAW--ON PHYSICAL FACT--SO WHY DON’T YOU STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT MY LACK OF FULL DETAIL--AND GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO US SO WE CAN PRINT IT AND ALL HAVE ACCESS TO OPEN INFORMATION? THE "ABOVE" IS WHAT STANDS IN A COURT OF LAW--NOT WHAT AN INVISIBLE SPACE CADET WHISPERS IN YOUR EAR.

A duplicate of a mailing from Dec. 15, 1992 was again sent to our attention (because of the recent publications) with a request to "please run". It was received today, 10/26/93--as a reminder that we had not acted on the request--and with the same cover-letter (originally sent).


Dear Sir:

Enclosed is a research paper entitled, THE GREAT SECRET. Because of its nature I wish to remain anonymous! I wish no recompense nor recognition for writing it. My only desire is to get the word out, unaltered, as soon as possible!

I hope you will see fit to publish the paper! Please make NO additions nor leave ANYTHING OUT of it!

Thank you for your part in helping....


Indeed it is a subject germane to our immediate writings and NOW is a suitable time to share the information. There always has to be "education" before people are willing to see and hear Truth--last year was too early and still, it may be too early--but some will pay attention and possibly more will attend it next year. Our mission is one of eternal HOPE in your perceived future experience in a positive and reclaimed existence. This insight can only flow through the shared research and historical truth by writers willing to do the research and write for the sharing of information and not for the "dollar in the pocket" for the "moment". The Elite CONTROL the presses and therefore when Truth is OUTED it is because you ones care enough to do it yourself!

I am most pleased to offer the information and we will effort in the re-typing onto the computer--to change NOTHING. It is, however, quite EASY to keep confidential all references to the sender--THERE IS NO INFORMATION ON THE DOCUMENT!



Research on genetics with regard to race was going well in the 1930s, until in 1937, Russia put a stop to it saying, it was "anti-revolutionary"! Race-genetics research came to a halt world-wide! It was proven at that time, with rabbits, cows, and horses, that a female retained the DNA or genes of all males she had mated with previously, and that the offspring of a later sire retained all the characteristics of a former mate! This was the case even though the later sexual union was many years after the first sexual union with the first mate! This science was given the name of "Telegony", which means the "influence of a previous sire upon the progeny of a subsequent sire from the same mother!"

Telegony appeared in the 1911 edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica with its reference to the effect of Negro slaves on the white population of Portugal. In the 1966 edition, all references to the Negro had been expunged and replaced with generalizations! Information on the cause of the downfall of the Portuguese people had been removed. It was considered necessary to hide the fact that it was Negro blood which caused the demise of a once great people.

Mixing with the Negro, or "Canaanite", as the Bible puts it, was the cause of the downfall of every great nation on record, and is fast becoming the cause of our own downfall in America! [H: Ah,--but author--this is where an error in the research is flawed--it is ASSUMED that it was "Negro" in racial terms for the cross-breeding that was essential in the equation--this is NOT so. The "dark races" as presented in your biblical stories WERE NOT "BLACK" AS IN "NEGROID", and certainly they were (the Negroes as you recognize the race TODAY) NOT the Canaanites. "Canaanites" were of the "now called" Jewish lineage. We will, however, read on to see how this author will handle this discrepancy, please.]

There are two ways the "Canaanite curse" is spread. One is through blood-mixing, or being born with Negro blood. The other way is through seed-mixing. Seed-mixing works like this: At innercourse there is an exchange of body fluids which contain the DNA. Both partners absorb a part of the other partner. Everyone has a part of anyone with whom they have had sexual innercourse--forever. It can’t be removed! Married couples grow more alike both mentally and physically as the years pass. This is because they are absorbing each other’s genetic DNA fluids.

If a white man has sexual innercourse with a woman with the slightest drop of Negro blood, the man now comes "under the same curse", as the Bible calls it. [H: I must interrupt here to tell you readers that this "researcher" has just put his "foot into mouth" for he represents himself as a learned scholarly researcher but misspells "intercourse" by continually spelling it "innercourse"--THIS IS A MAJOR CLUE, READERS. IF YOU DON’T WATCH THE CLUES, YOU WILL BE CONTINUALLY MISLED. I point it out because you do not have the "original" document with the misspellings.] He now, through seed-mixing, becomes a Negro or Canaanite also! Then if he has "innercourse" with his white wife, she after mixing with a Canaanite, also becomes Canaanite, and so the "Curse of Canaan" is passed through seed-mixing! Then if this couple have any children after mixing, the children are born Canaanite. Thus the Canaanite genes or DNA are passed just like a virus, but there is no cure! Thus many people have Negro genes or DNA in them and are Canaanite and don’t know it. [H: Oh my--does this also mean that if a person receives blood transfusions (which I deem totally "dead" input and worse than blood-letting) and it be across racial lines--one becomes the other? I can guarantee that receiving anything from a Negro into another racial humanoid sub-species WILL NOT MAKE THAT PERSON A CANAANITE--nor, for that matter--Negroid, as this writer assumes.]

The Canaanite seed is passed both physically and spiritually. [H: Good grief! Spiritually? As in "God" spiritually? GOD IS LIGHT and therefore there is no physical connection to physical "passing" of anything!] At the same instant when the seed is mixed at "innercourse", a Canaanite spirit enters at the top of the head, and thus a former white person will have a subtle change of personality. There will be a change in their beliefs as well as a rougher, cruder personality. [H: How so? Perhaps he/she would end up with a much "finer", less "crude" personality. This writer assumes the Negro Canaanite to have a "rougher, cruder" personality than the White? What if the transfer is from a highly refined Tibetan Teacher to a "lesser" refined white Caucasian? What I really think is that this author is not what he appears to present himself to be, perhaps. I suggest that he leaves off all recognition information because he is ignorant of facts and the portions of truth involved here are lost in bigotry, foolish misinformation and total stupidity (if in fact, he is unaware of his misadventures into the land of intercourse, seed-mixing, DNA transfer and genetic alterations). If he is not informed, then he has no business writing and providing further misinformation and surely he should never have sent it to ME FOR SHARING FOR I SHALL ALWAYS SHARE THE FACTS AND TRUTH EVEN IF IT OFFENDS THE SENDER. "THAT" MUST BE THE "ASSUMPTION" WHEN SENDING ANYTHING TO ME! YOU ONES ARE GOING TO USE HISTORY AND LINEAGE FOR FACTUAL INFORMATION ONLY--FOR IT IS SO OBVIOUS THAT YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE TRUTH OF GOD AND UNIVERSAL CREATION AS IT REALLY EXISTS. THESE "ASSUMPTIONS" AND "PROJECTIONS" (AS) TRUTH ARE BUT OPINIONS AND IN THIS INSTANCE REFLECTS ALMOST NO FACTUAL INFORMATION.]

[H: Boy, it really gets sticky-wicket now.] There are only TWO RACES, the black and the white race. By mixing the two, you only eliminate the white race. The Orientals, Arabs, and Indians, from India, all have Negro blood mixed in way back in their early history. Thus they are of the dark Negro race. The Native American Indians are decended ("descended"?) from the white race, and their skins turned brown by a different method, as related in the BOOK OF MORMON. At the time of Columbus, the American Indians were not mixed with the Negro race, but since then, many are now mixed with the Negro. [H: This is the biggest bunch of hog-swill I have seen this week! "If" this is stated in the BOOK OF MORMON then I certainly think you know what I think of the Book of Mormon! If, further, this is a research paper--how did those Native American Indians turn color? I would really like to know.]

The Negro and the white race have many differences beyond appearance. The Negro has been shown to be inferior mentally as well. Scientists have proven that the brain of a person with one drop of Negro blood, has one less electrode than the brain of a white person. [H: Well, who knows--it appears to me that this writer (research authority) has a LOT OF MISSING ELECTRODES.] It’s been stated by Alex Haley, a black man, that every Negro in America has white blood in him [H: Poor people.] and may have living white relatives. [H: More sympathy to the possible poor chap.]

God’s word [H: Now comes the worse part--] in the Bible is definitely against race-mixing of any kind! Cain who killed his brother Abel, became the first Negro and the first conspirator also. His main goal became to cause everyone on earth to also become Canaanite through blood-mixing or seed-mixing! [H: When you know the TRUTH of your lineage and how you are created and how you got into the physical expression on Planet Earth--you will realize that the whole story here is not only impossible but totally stupid. I repeat--Cain was not a Negro--IF HE WERE A NEGRO OR ANYTHING DIFFERENT FROM ABEL--GENETICALLY SPEAKING, IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE. Of all things God IS, HE is POSSIBLE--not such DNA foolishness in flexibility of body-hopping through bed-hopping.]

Noah was told that he and his family were the only ones on earth who had not mixed their seed! After the flood, Noah placed the races on different continents to separate them.

The law of Moses proclaimed death to anyone who mixed their seed!

At the time of Jacob and Esau, Esau married Canaanite or Negro women, and their descendents married back into the tribe of Judah. Thus many Jews today have black or Negro blood. Even the Jews themselves don’t know who is a black-Jew and who is a white-Jew. The black-Jew has created much trouble for the Jewish nation as a whole. The black-Jews are a big factor in the Illuminatti or great conspiracy today! [H: Barf--barf!!] They especially want to mix every person with the Negro, either through blood-mixing or seed-mixing!

King David, King Solomon, and Samson, all mixed their seed with Canaanite women, and thus brought about their downfalls!

At the time of Jesus Christ much of the known world was mixed with the Canaanite! The Jews cried "Crucify Him", not because he proclaimed he was the son of God, but because he told the Jewish Sanheidren ("Sanhedrim?" possibly?) that they had all mixed their seed with the Canaanite, and were all black-Jews.

You will find that every evil dictator in history has mixed his seed with the Canaanite!

In 1952, Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich leaked information that the Jewish conspiracy was trying to mix everyone on earth with the Negro. Then they hoped to rule over a world of dark peoples. At this time they claim that 97% of the world are mixed with the Canaanite! Only 3% of the world are of the pure white race!

When the black and white races are mixed, a mongrel, or hybrid race is created! This unfortunate person is weaker physically and mentally than either the pure Negro or the pure white! There are some 30-odd diseases that the mongrel is subject to that don’t affect the pure races, either black or white! Just as all hybrids, both plant and animal, are weaker than the pure strains. [H: This is not true--some are much stronger--the reproduction is the only thing in consideration from hybrid productions.] We are producing a generation of mongrels and misfits! [H: Yes? Well, I think this writer qualifies.]

With the New World Order in control, it may become illegal to be pure white and unmixed! They could pass this law in the interest of "relieving racial tension"! According to Rabbi Rabinovich, it will be illegal for whites to mate with whites. The whites will be required to cohabit with the black races. Thus they hope to cause the white race to disappear, and rule undisputedly over the world of dark peoples!

As America becomes more and more saturated with the Canaanites, it’s moral, social, and political structure drops lower and lower; until finally the demise of our great nation is enevitable! ("inevitable?") [H: No, Dharma, you don’t have to correct all the words. The "demise" of your great nation has nothing to do with Negroes or any other race as such--it has to do with such ignorance as is presented here. I hope, writer, that this is not a "thesis" upon which a doctorate is dependent on accuracy.]

As the Lord states in the Bible, all of mixed seed will be destroyed, leaving neither root nor branch! It seems as though God’s law will not be mocked. [H: Surely, sir, you jest!] We now have two good reasons to live the "Law of Purity", which is, "no sex except for reproduction"! [H: Good idea--WRONG reasons!] Those two good reasons are: 1. to avoid AIDS and other disease, and 2. to be sure of the race and history of those we mix seed with!

It is hoped that this word will be spread throughout the land in time to save the white race from total extinction!

[H: I am almost embarrassed to give the references as presented because most of the authors of utilized material will surely rise up in arms. Or, if they believe the "above" to be accurate--they certainly deserve to flunk "Truth" and/or accuracy of conclusions from their own research endeavors. There are so many "half"-truths and "perceptions" which do not reflect actuality that it is hard to continue; although some authors have presented these same ideas as truth--they err! The true error in this presentation is total lack of integrated work so that reflection from the original authors is inaccurate. Intent? Well, the person, in his letter (where we put dots) said "....helping to save the white race"! We are not efforting to SAVE the white race or any OTHER "RACE"! This is perhaps the greatest error presented herein in this idiotic presentation. It is time ALL of you stop prceiving truth and authority simply BECAUSE A "THING" IS WRITTEN AND PRINTED! THAT IS OFTEN THE BIGGEST MISREPRESENTATION OF ALL!]


Betrayal of the White Race, 1965, Erst LaFlor

Encyclopaedia Britanica, 1911 edition, 1966 edition.

Heridity and Environment, 1965, Amran Shanfield and Henry Cooper.

Telegony With Genetics, W. Finlay.

The Curse of Canaan, 1987, Eustace Mullins.

Who is Esau Edom? 1992, Charles A. Weisman.

Our Nordic Race, 1958, Richard Kelly Hoskins.

Race and Reason, 1961, Carleton Putnam.

The Birthright or the Right to Govern, William Koerner.

Textbook of Human Physiology, Dr. Austin Flint.

Holy Bible, King James Version.

Book of Mormon, translated by Joseph Smith Jr.

[H: Why have I caused you to go through this? Because you have to "wake up" and begin to discern Truth from fantasy for "fiction" is only a "tale"--fantasy is that which is orchestrated in the mystical ideas of action experience and not "actual" experience. Much history is going to present these same ideas as possibilities or probabilities as presented by the conclusions of various students of history and research conclusions pulled from great consideration of writings. A "true" historian or research scientist of any kind will present his facts but will refrain from such opinionated conclusions as are presented herein. I, for instance, will often give my "opinion"--but it must be backed up by "fact" at some point or it is SIMPLY opinion--good or bad. There are, however, so many "holes" in this presentation as to leak as the proverbial sieve. GOD CREATOR is not a bilious seed-exchanger, readers, nor interested in your bed-time fantasies of human exchanges. HE is interested in your soul intent as expressed through actions. This kind of presentation becomes dangerous in its misinformation-disinformation potential and I suggest that you read carefully these offerings--for discernment of beings and judgment of "things" and "actions" are very important if you are to survive as a species and civilization.]

[H: This author goes on to offer a speech made by Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich as given in copy to Eustace Mullins, as stated by the author in point.]


Speech Made by: Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich, Jan. 12, 1952--in Budapest, Hungary. Copy of speech given to Eustace Mullins by a former Bulgarian diplomat who broke with the Communist regime and reached Budapest, Hungary, where he hid out with anti-communist friends. He was smuggled to Hamburg, Germany and then to the U.S.A.:

Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich:

"We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa! I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born! Our "control-commission" will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of dark races, and the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory.

"We shall embark upon an era of ten-thousand years of peace and plenty. The Pax-Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the Earth! Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over the world of dark peoples." [H: I think this is a true representation of such a speech from the Rabbi--I do not see the word "Negro" or "Negroid" mentioned, however. This is "mild" compared to what is truly intended from this "One World Order" restructuring so it behooves you to PAY ATTENTION.]

Note: "Pax-Judaica" means "Jewish-Conspiracy"!

Note: The Black-Jewish Conspiracy has forgotten about Ephriam! We are assured from the Bible that every Black-Jew or the seed of Esau, will be destroyed, leaving neither root nor branch! The white-Israelites of Ephriam will prevail, even through extremely few in number! The white-Israelites of Ephriam, along with the white-Israelites of the other tribes of Israel, will carry the white race into the millennium and save the white race! Praise the Lord!


* * *

Whatever you are "thinking" I might feel about this material--it matters not. What do YOU think about it? I certainly do not blast this person for sending this work--it is a blessing and it shows that the person in point is trying to understand a very complex set of values and understandings. You can gather several things from this writing: 1. The person is NOT Negroid. 2. The person does not understand the difference in Negro and "dark race". 3. The person in point is efforting to maintain his/her own perception of self-superiority, and 4. He does not wish to think of himself as "Jewish", although he/she is totally ignorant that he/she is NOT possibly referring to "Jew" in actuality because the term "Jew" was not used until approximately 1765 (or so) A.D. (18th century). If you have totally CORRECT information without mistranslation or misinformation or simple misunderstanding from your Bible, perhaps you might draw valid conclusions--but no one in this generation, or from the past generations for that matter, CAN UTILIZE THAT SOURCE AS ACCURATE ENOUGH TO BASE CONCLUSIONS OF FACTUAL TRUTH--MOST ESPECIALLY FROM THE "KING JAMES VERSION" FOR THE KING FORCED DELIBERATE ALTERATION TO SUIT HIMSELF. That is what is meant by "version".

The really serious errors, however, are those based upon deciding GOD’s reasoning or possibilities according to YOUR perceptions. As long as you base everything on the physical of race, creed, color, religion, or other MAN-MADE criteria--you WILL MISS TRUTH.

I am sorry, scribe, for such a long session--but it was both entertaining and, I hope, informative for the thought processes. I thank the one who sent the material and I would hope that this one would re-study the works as presented for reference and reconsider conclusions. LEARNING is an ongoing process of open-mind allowances of information flow. Perhaps, after all, "conclusions" are for the very purpose of "changing" as new and valid information is offered into the equation. From the misperceptions shared and other perceptions offered in knowledge gained, can be discerned TRUTH and KNOWING. Once a sighted person discerns a "color" to, say, be "blue"--"red" will never again suffice for description of "blue". So be it.



WED., OCT. 27, 1993 2:46 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 072

WED., OCTOBER 27, 1993

It is sometimes embarrassing to come to write and in sorting and searching for a document--to find others that you had fully intended to share--and there they are--under the piles of entropy. This is another document which is so well done as to have all accompanying computer information--but in total separation from anything remotely like a receiving envelope or name and address. It is obvious, however, that this is to be shared and great care was taken to insure we "could" use it easily.

As we speak of nations and governments and falls of empires we are always brought spiraling back to the realization that so much is already accomplished in the pull-down, take-over and even a new and secret Constitution written and already into subtle realization.

We have presented the "New States Constitution" prior to this--in fact--more than once. However, someone has now sent a booklet covering this "new" Constitution with a review and commentary on Rexford G. Tugwell’s Book The Emerging Constitution as reviewed by, now deceased, Dr. PETER DAVID BETER. At first glance we find no date of the review but from other "clues" I believe it to be done in about 1975. It is for this reason that I insist on at least 2 date-lines on every document we present--for ease of classification, clarity and ability to reference "time". Some documents are NEVER outdated--but sometimes "timing" of writings are very important relative to happenings.

I am going to speak first, however, on the subject entitled "Organizing the New Nation" as offered (referenced above):




Philip Freneau: Rules for Changing a Republic [into a Democracy, then] into a Monarchy.

Those who had opposed the Constitution thought that their fears were justified by the conduct of the government that began to function in 1789. Under the aggressive leadership of Alexander Hamilton, the secretary of the treasury, economic measures were taken that favored the few, while an effective party machine was organized and the army strengthened in such a way as to suggest an intent to control rather than to represent the many. The whole tone of Washington’s administration as aristocratic, favoring as it did the educated, the wealthy, the clergy, and the press, who were fearful of "mob rule" and preferred to see what Hamilton called "gentlemen of principle and property" in command. As Hamilton had at his service a newspaper--John Fenno’s Gazette of the United States--to support his policies, his opponents, led by Jefferson and Madison, decided to establish a rival newspaper, the National Gazette. Philip Freneau, an experienced journalist of known democratic leanings, was chosen to edit the paper. The editorial, reprinted here, is typical of those in which Freneau criticized the Hamiltonian program from 1791 to 1793.

Source: American Museum, July 1792: Rules for Changing a Limited Republican Government into an Unlimited Hereditary One.


Rules for changing a limited republican government into an unlimited hereditary one:

1. It being necessary in order to effect the change, to get rid of constitutional shackles and popular prejudices, all possible means and occasions are to be used for both these purposes.

2. Nothing being more likely to prepare the vulgar mind for aristocratic ranks and hereditary powers than titles, endeavor in the offset of the government to confer these on its most dignified officers. If the principal magistrate should happen to be particularly venerable in the eyes of the people, take advantage of that fortunate circumstance in setting the example.

3. Should the attempt fail through his republican aversion to it, or from the danger of alarming the people, do not abandon the enterprise altogether, but lay up the proposition in the record. Time may gain it respect, and it will be there always ready, cut and dried, for any favorable conjuncture that may offer.

4. In drawing all bills, resolutions, and reports, keep constantly in view that the limitations in the Constitution are ultimately to be explained away. Precedents and phrases may thus be shuffled in, without being averted to by candid or weak people, of which good use may afterward be made.

5. As the novelty and bustle of inaugurating the government will for some time keep the public mind in a heedless and unsettled state, let the press during this period be busy in propagating the doctrines of monarchy and aristocracy. For this purpose it will be particularly useful to confound a mobbish democracy with a representative republic, that by exhibiting all the turbulent examples and enormities of the former [merited loathing], an odium may be thrown on the character of the latter. Review all the civil contests, convulsions, factions, broils, squabbles, bickering, black eyes and bloody noses of ancient, middle, and modern ages; caricature them into the most frightful forms and colors that can be imagined, and unfold one scene of horrible tragedy after another till the people be made, if possible, to tremble at their own shadows. Let the discourses on Davila then contrast with these pictures of terror the quiet hereditary succession, the reverence claimed by birth and nobility, and the fascinating influence of stars, and ribands, and garters, cautiously suppressing all the bloody tragedies and unceasing oppressions which form the history of this species of government. No pains should be spared in this part of the undertaking, for the greatest will be wanted, it being extremely difficult, especially when a people have been taught to reason and feel their rights, to convince them that a king, who is always an enemy to the people, and a nobility, who are perhaps still more so, will take better care of the people than the people will take of themselves.

6. But the grand nostrum will be a public debt, provided enough of it can be got and it be medicated with the proper ingredients. If by good fortune a debt be ready at hand, the most is to be made of it. Stretch it and swell it to the utmost the items will bear. Allow as many extra claims as decency will permit. Assume all the debts of your neighbors--in a word, get as much debt as can be raked and scraped together, and when you have got all you can, "advertise" for more, and have the debt made as big as possible. This object being accomplished, the next will be to make it as perpetual as possible; and the next to that, to get it into as few hands as possible. Then effectually to bring this about, modify the debt, complicate it, divide it, subdivide it, subtract it, postpone it, let there be one-third of two-thirds, and two-thirds of one-third, and two-thirds of two-thirds; let there be 3 percents, and 4 percents, and 6 percents, and present 6 percents, and future 6 percents. To be brief, let the whole be such a mystery that a few only can understand it; and let all possible opportunities and informations fall in the way of these few to cinch their advantages over the many.

7. It must not be forgotten that the members of the legislative body are to have a deep stake in the game. This is an essential point, and happily is attended with no difficulty. A sufficient number, properly disposed, can alternately legislate and speculate, and speculate and legislate, and buy and sell, and sell and buy, until a due portion of the property of their constituents has passed into their hands to give them an interest against their constituents, and to ensure the part they are to act. All this, however, must be carried on under the cover of the closest secrecy; and it is particularly lucky that dealings in paper admit of more secrecy than any other. Should a discovery take place, the whole plan may be blown up.

8. The ways in which a great debt, so constituted and applied, will contribute to the ultimate end in view are both numerous and obvious. (1) The favorite few, thus possessed of it, whether within or without the government, will feel the staunchest fealty to it, and will go through thick and thin to support it in all its oppressions and usurpations. (2) Their money will give them consequence and influence, even among those who have been tricked out of it. (3) They will be the readiest materials that can be found for a hereditary aristocratic order, whenever matters are ripe for one. (4) A great debt will require great taxes; great taxes, many taxgatherers and other officers; and all officers are auxiliaries of power. (5) Heavy taxes may produce discontents; these may threaten resistance; and in proportion to this danger will be the pretense for a standing army to repel it. (6) A standing army, in its turn, will increase the moral force of the government by means of its appointments, and give it physical force by means of the sword, thus doubly forwarding the main object.

9. The management of a great funded debt and an extensive system of taxes will afford a plea, not to be neglected, for establishment of a great incorporated bank. The use of such a machine is well understood. If the Constitution, according to its fair meaning, should not authorize it, so much the better. Push it through by a forced meaning and you will get in the bargain an admirable precedent for future misconstructions.

In fashioning the bank, remember that it is to be made particularly instrumental in enriching and aggrandizing the elect few, who are to be called in due season to the honors and felicities of the kingdom preparing for them, and who are the pillars that must support it. It will be easy to throw the benefit entirely into their hands, and to make it a solid addition of 50, or 60, or 70 percent to their former capitals of 800 percent, or 900 percent, without costing them a shilling; while it will be difficult to explain to the people that this gain of the few is at the cost of the many, that the contrary may be boldly and safely pretended. The bank will be pregnant with other important advantages. It will admit the same men to be, at the same time, members of the bank and members of the government. The two institutions will thus be soldered together, and each made stronger. Money will be put under the direction of the government, and government under the direction of money. To crown the whole, the bank will have a proper interest in swelling and perpetuating the public debt and public taxes, with all the blessings of both, because its agency and its profits will be extended in exact proportion.

10. "Divide and govern" is a maxim consecrated by the experience of ages, and should be familiar in its use to every politician as the knife he carries in his pocket. In the work here to be executed, the best effects may be produced by this maxim, and with peculiar facility. An extensive republic made up of lesser republics necessarily contains various sorts of people, distinguished by local and other interests and prejudices. Let the whole group be well examined in all its parts and relations, geographical and political, metaphysical and metaphorical; let there be first a northern and southern section, by a line running east and west, and then an eastern and western section, by a line running north and south. By a suitable nomenclature, the landholders cultivating different articles can be discriminated from one another, all from the class of merchants, and both from that of manufacturers.

One of the subordinate republics may be represented as a commercial state, another as a navigation state, another as a manufacturing state, others as agricultural states; and although the great body of people in each be really agricultural, and the other characters be more or less common to all, still it will be politic to take advantage of such an arrangement. Should the members of the great republic be of different sizes, and subject to little jealousies on that account, another important division will be ready formed to your hand. Add again the division that may be carved out of personal interests, political opinions, and local parties. With so convenient an assortment of votes, especially with the help of the marked ones, a majority may be packed for any question with as much ease as the odd trick by an adroit gamester, and any measure whatever carried or defeated, as the great revolution to be brought about may require.

It is only necessary, therefore, to recommend that full use be made of the resource; and to remark that, besides the direct benefit to be drawn from these artificial divisions, they will tend to smother the true and natural one, existing in all societies, between the few who are always impatient of political equality and the many who can never rise above it; between those who are to mount to the prerogatives and those who are to be saddled with the burdens of the hereditary government to be introduced--in one word, between the general mass of the people, attached to their republican government and republican interests, and the chosen band devoted to monarchy and Mammon. It is of infinite importance that this distinction should be kept out of sight. The success of the project absolutely requires it.

[H: Is anybody out there? Sick yet? And YOU continue to ask me "Where have you been?" I ask you: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, CITIZENS? THIS WAS 1784!! TWO CENTURIES AGO! Sounds like a plan laid forth last week doesn’t it?]

11. As soon as sufficient progress in the intended change shall have been made, and the public mind duly prepared according to the rules already laid down, it will be proper to venture on another and a bolder step toward a removal of the constitutional landmarks. Here the aid of the former encroachments and all the other precedents and way-paving maneuvers will be called in of course. But, in order to render the success more certain, it will be of special moment to give the most plausible and popular name that can be found to the power that is to be usurped. It may be called, or example, a power for the common safety or the public good, or, "the general welfare". To oppose the power may consequently seem to the ignorant, and be called by the artful, opposing the "general welfare", and may be cried down under that deception.

As the people, however, may not run so readily into the snare as might be wished, it will be prudent to bait it well with some specious popular interest, such as the encouragement of manufactures, or even of agriculture, taking due care not even to mention any unpopular object to which the power is equally applicable, such as religion, etc. By this contrivance, particular classes of people may possibly be taken in who will be a valuable reinforcement.

With respect to the patronage of agriculture there is not indeed much to be expected from it. It will be too quickly seen through by the owners and tillers of the soil, that to tax them with one hand and pay back a part only with the other is a losing game on their side. From the power over manufactures more is to be hoped. It will not be so easily perceived that the premium bestowed may not be equal to the circuitous tax on consumption which pays it. There are particular reasons, too, for pushing the experiment on this class of citizens. As they live in towns and can act together, it is of vast consequence to gain them over to the interest of monarchy. (2) If the power over them be once established, the government can grant favors or monopolies, as it pleases; can raise or depress this or that place, as it pleases; in a word, by creating a dependence in so numerous and important a class of citizens, it will increase its own independence of every class and be more free to pursue the grand object in contemplation. (3) The expense of this operation will not in the end cost the government a shilling, for the moment any branch of manufacture has been brought to a state of tolerable maturity the exciseman will be ready with his constable and his search warrant to demand a reimbursement, and as much more as can be squeezed out of the article. All this, it is to be remembered, supposes that the manufacturers will be weak enough to be cheated, in some respects, out of their own interests, and wicked enough, in others, to betray those of their fellow citizens; a supposition that, if known, would totally mar the experiment. Great care, therefore, must be taken to prevent it from leaking out.

12. The expediency of seizing every occasion of external danger for augmenting and perpetuating the standing military force is too obvious to escape. So important is this matter that for any loss or disaster whatever attending the national arms, there will be ample consolation and compensation in the opportunity for enlarging the establishment. A military defeat will become a political victory, and the loss of a little vulgar blood contribute to ennoble that which flows in the veins of our future dukes and marquesses.

13. The same prudence will improve the opportunity afforded by an increase of military expenditures for perpetuating the taxes required for them. If the inconsistency and absurdity of establishing a perpetual tax for a temporary service should produce any difficulty in the business, Rule 10 must be resorted to. Throw in as many extraneous motives as will make up a majority, and the thing is effected in an instant. What was before evil would become good as easily as black could be made white by the same magical operation.

14. Throughout this great undertaking it will be wise to have some particular model constantly in view. The work can then be carried on more systematically, and every measure be fortified, in the progress, by apt illustrations and authorities. Should there exist a particular monarchy against which there are fewer prejudices than against any other, should it contain a mixture of the representative principle so as to present on one side the semblance of a republican aspect, should it, moreover, have a great, funded, complicated, irredeemable debt, with all the apparatus and appurtenances of excises, banks, etc., upon that a steady eye is to be kept. In all cases it will assist, and in most its statute books will furnish a precise pattern by which there may be cut out any moneyed or monarchical project that may be wanted.

15. As it is not expected that the change of a republic into a monarchy, with the rapidity desired can be carried through without occasional suspicions and alarms, it will be necessary to be prepared for such events. The best general rule on the subject is to be taken from the example of crying "Stop thief" first--neither lungs nor pens must be spared in charging every man who whispers, or even thinks, that the revolution on foot is meditated, with being himself an enemy to the established government and meaning to overturn it. Let the charge be reiterated and reverberated till at last such confusion and uncertainty be produced that the people, being not able to find out where the truth lies, withdraw their attention from the contest.

Many other rules of great wisdom and efficacy might be added; but it is conceived that the above will be abundantly enough for the purpose. This will certainly be the case if the people can be either kept asleep so as not to discover, or be thrown into artificial divisions so as not to resist, what is silently going forward. Should it be found impossible, however, to prevent the people from awaking and uniting; [H: Well, they surely have managed to pull this last one off very well indeed.] should all artificial distinctions give way to the natural divisions between the lordly minded few and the well-disposed many; should all who have common interest make a common cause and show an inflexible attachment to republicanism in opposition to a government or monarchy and or money, why then…..

* * *

Readers, if you still fail to see that this "planning" for your loss of freedom has been in the final stages of perfection for many decades--then we have nothing to further speak about. As you go BACK through the above PLAN--check it out--everything has been accomplished AND MORE! Friends, it is not as if it all has struck you this morning--for goodness sakes, you own capitol city layout is filled with symbolism of the Secret Orders attached to the Crown. Most of the so-called "founding father" leaders WERE VERY ACTIVE FREEMASONS--IN THE SECRET ORDER! It is NOT new and my people weary of the labors of information-bringing which is two centuries old--unto a world of ignorance as if you are herded as sheep by the slaughter-house owner/operator. How easily YOU ARE FOOLED--YES, DUPED--IT IS EVERY DAY IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER THAT YOU ARE MADE THE FOOL.

How? Well, let us just look at a tiny fragment of historical events--say, Ferdinand Marcos’ burial. Was the body a "body" or was it a wax figure? You never thought about it? I thought not--but some did think about it and "it was!" Yes, it was a duplicate--not the old worn out original which had been pictured before your eyes in his "last days" in your country! Let us pause a minute and read an article from the Philippines at the time of the burial event:


BATAC, Philippines--"He looks so handsome," people muttered as they filed past the glass coffin containing the body of Ferdinand Marcos. Some thought the body looked too good to be true.

Pictures of the president’s preserved body taken before it left Hawaii last week showed a bloated face whose features had deteriorated during the four years since his death in exile at age 72.

But when Marcos’ widow, Imelda, threw open the doors of the stone mausoleum after his funeral last week, the body lying there looked like a vigorous man in his late 40s or early 50s.

This has produced speculation that the figure in the coffin is actually a wax replica, similar to the more than 30 on display at the nearby Marcos Museum.

Mrs. Marcos insists it is the body of the deposed strongman.

* * *

So--will the real Marcos please stand up? Does it matter? It does to Marcos--he might well be up and running around trying to get his fortune into security somewhere--who knows? "De shadow do!" If, however, you pay no attention to the small clues--how do you expect to pull off the reclamation of a nation and planet in a couple of weeks? Oh, you want GOD to do it? Well, He won’t!

I am going to offer one more thought as we close this writing--what about the Olympics in year 2000? Australia? Well it figures! Why? Because that is the culmination of PLAN 2000 and in Australia is where the Elite of Elite have their most luxurious safety facilities--WAITING. THEY INTEND ON HAVING THE CAPABILITY BY YEAR 2000 TO FORFEIT THE ENTIRE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE TO NUCLEAR DEVASTATION AND TAKE UP LUXURY SURVIVAL DOWN-UNDER. The choice, however, truly fits into an "Orwellian political maneuver".

Let’s see what Spotlight has to share on this subject--we have been speaking and laughing about this "subtlely" (like a two x four across the skull) for weeks and here it is--well done in the able presentation of that paper. This is by "Australopithecus" Yes, we assume that to be a name.


The selection of Sydney, Australia over Peking, Red China as host of the 2000 Olympics is a strange choice considering that the Aussie human rights record is at least as bad as the Communist Chinese. Its selection highlights the hypocrisy of the Political Correctness brigade.

Australia has the distinction of having perpetrated the complete and absolute genocide of an entire race--no other nation can make this claim. The genocide was perpetrated against the Tasmanian population, a unique race of which today there is not a single survivor.

Tasmania is of course a large island to the southeast of the Australian continent.

On the mainland, Australian aborigines were routinely shot to make way for British farmers. The fortune of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was based on vast tracts of land where his not-so-distant forebears laced aboriginal drinking ponds with arsenic. The natives drank the poisoned water and died, which gave the Frasers more land for their sheep to graze.

The surviving Australian aborigines are still victims, but in a more perverse way. Epidemic alcoholism--fueled by welfare payments--promises to wipe out what is left of the race.

In addition, aboriginal paintings and artifacts have become the rage among collectors. Shyster "art" dealers are taking the profit without any benefit to the original artists.


In a rather Orwellian move the government has appointed itself "champion" of aboriginal land rights.

The aboriginal industry bureaucrats regularly herald their keen interest in protecting and preserving "aboriginal burial sites" as the main thrust of their land rights policy.

Some of these extend hundreds of square miles in all directions. This had puzzled aborigines and archaeologists alike since in most cases there were no signs of any graves or artifacts to be seen in these sites.

The mystery was solved when it was revealed the so-called burial sites were in fact diamond-bearing land which the De-Beers diamond cartel of Harry Oppenheimer had told successive prime ministers it wanted frozen, for fear of flooding an already bloated market.


Another irony seldom mentioned is Australia’s role in the Boer Wars waged in South Africa at the turn of the century. Under color of "defending the [British] empire", Australian troops were dispatched to South Africa to dispossess Boer farmers of their land for the benefit of the Rothschild-Oppenheimer gold and diamond cartels.

Ever zealous to prove its fealty [loyalty] to the Establishment, the Australian government gave its troops orders to shoot to kill all "Boer savages including females and children" whenever they met.

The British troops, slightly less bloodthirsty, invented the original concentration camps where Boer women, children and old men were herded to die of hunger and exposure. Chronicles of the time show records of Australian troops shooting the unfortunate prisoners in drunken orgies of rage and hatred.

The Australian government hated the Boers in 1900, and hated them still in 1945 after the Boers won majority rule in South Africa in an election that rocked the British Establishment and the Oppenheimer cartels.

The new Boer government had modestly asked that the mineral wealth of South Africa should not benefit only Oppenheimer. The world fury orchestrated against South Africa for the last 45 years was triggered by that modest request.


From genocide in Tasmania to ethnic cleansing in South Africa, the Australian government has mutated into the dread enforcer of an Orwellian society. It has more police per capita than any other Western-type system.

The population is under constant surveillance by the largest computer in the world, located in Canberra, the federal capital.

Every banking transaction is recorded, analyzed, cross-referenced with salaries and any other form of income and with individual tax returns. Telephones are routinely tapped by different government agencies and police. [H: Golly, sounds like "home", doesn’t it?]

This stripping of all privacy is done in the name of catching tax cheats. With an income tax of 62 cents on the dollar, it would not be surprising that many would be tempted to cheat a little, but the system allows little play.


More ominous, however, for the present state of human rights and civil liberties in Australia is a new awesome array of thought crime laws. Australians do not have the protection of a First Amendment and therefore are at the mercy of laws restricting free speech.

Arrests are made if one is overheard mentioning the race or religion of a convicted felon. The thought police have wide discretionary power to arrest anyone deemed to "express hate".

In addition to the thought police, there is a specific "Nazi-hunting" police force with a multimillion budget whose task it is to ferret out alleged death camp directors who supposedly slipped into Australia after World War II. One Nazi-hunting prosecutor said with a straight face in an Adelaide court that "only Nazis would try to leave Communist countries."

A half-million Eastern European immigrants have their telephones tapped, their mail intercepted and in some cases their homes bugged by the zealous Nazi hunters. So far the anti-Nazi hunt has cost the taxpayers more than $1 billion, but has not resulted in a single conviction in court.


Another violation of human rights can be found in the government’s hunt of economic criminals. These criminals do not steal, but violate the rules of a jungle of government bureaus. Recently, an Italian egg farmer in Sydney was thrown in jail for six months for selling a dozen eggs to an elderly pensioner who could not make it to the shops.

The farmer’s crime was selling to a private party instead of the omnipotent Egg Board.

Australian producers are required under penalty of jail and heavy fines to sell their products to a multitude of government boards such as the Apple Board, the Milk Board, the Meat Board, etc. These boards all have a vast staff of informers and enforcers on the lookout for free enterprise "criminals".

Another freedom denied Australians is the right to bear arms--either to overthrow a tyrant or simply to defend against criminals. The criminal class is armed to the teeth, but the defenseless citizen is left totally unprotected.


* * *

So, what’s the big deal? This was just a bit of background to allow you to understand "human rights" a bit better and WHO and how it is decided about "human rights". Who would be at the top causing the OLYMPIC COMMITTEE to make this choice in September last? Well--here we have him AGAIN: HENRY KISSINGER heads the list! He deals all over in international influence, intrigue and criminal activities in EVERY nation on the globe! Then there is Malcolm Fraser who is himself hardly removed from genocidal ancestors--and of course--good old Harry Oppenheimer’s henchmen. And WHERE was this decision rendered? Monaco! Interesting? I think so.

More interesting, however, is that Red China was double-crossed--by of all people--ISRAEL! So, let us try on this next article and we can perhaps find some insight into these decision-makers’ dark corners.


Again--by "Australopithecus". This actually is the pen name of a Washington figure with wide international experience.

The decision of the International Olympic Committee not to select Peking, Red China as the site of the duomillennial Olympic Games had nothing to do with democracy or human rights. It was the culmination of an intensive four-year extortion campaign against Red China by ISRAEL and its Zionist and allied political correctness lobbies in the United States. [H: This is NOT a good enemy to have, readers.]

MONTE CARLO, Monaco (Oct. 11, 1993): Red China was double-crossed by Israel, which, after years of working in the United States on behalf of the Communists, betrayed them by having them knocked out of the running as host for the Olympics.

Israeli agents have for years ingratiated themselves to the Red Chinese government, starting with Henry Kissinger. They have appeared as influence and access peddlers to the U.S. government, vote manipulators at the UN, media Merlins to create favorable press, purveyors of high-tech military secrets courtesy of Zionist spies such as Jonathan Pollard and informers of CIA and Anti-Defamation League surveillance reports.

The Israeli lobby has totally monopolized access to Washington politicians and bureaucrats for all foreigners. Washington access had become a huge and lucrative industry operated largely by the Zionist lobby. Any foreign government wishing to deal with the "center of world power", as the Zionist lobbies mystically label Washington, must first go through the appropriate Israeli agents and pay a formidable price.

Red China, with the help of the Israel lobby in the United States, moved from being labeled the worst threat to world peace to a brave emerging democracy and desirable industrial site, with the blessings of Israel.

Although the Red Chinese readily availed themselves of Israeli services, it was never a comfortable relationship. First the Red Chinese chafed under the exorbitant demands of the Israelis. They found it humiliating to place the fortunes of the Middle Kingdom into the hands of Israeli influence pedlars and always looked for the opportunity to jettison what they regarded as parasitic leeches.

When those influence pedlars beat the drums to have President George Bush cancel the most favored nation trade status for Red China in reaction to the slaughter at Tiananmen Square, the Israelis extorted $300 million from the Red Chinese to avoid such a possibility. Bush did not cancel the status.

The Israeli lobby, whip in hand, had assured the Red Chinese that so long as they remained cooperative they would be given a clean bill of health in the family of nations.

The position of vassal to "foreign devils", particularly to a newly manufactured state like Israel, has always been loathsome to the Red Chinese. The Red Chinese leadership saw the Olympic Games of 2000 as a way to shake off the unwelcome yoke.

Red China had over the years maintained an amicable relationship with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which they believed to be relatively free of Israeli interference.

The Olympic Games originated in Greece in 776 BC and lasted until AD 394. In 1894 a genial sportsman, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, reintroduced the games in their country of origin. Coubertin made sure that the IOC’s charter reflected true sportsmanship by amateur athletes from all countries, free of politics and commercialism.

Several attempts were made by Western liberals and Communists to politicize the games following World War II. In 1946, for example, there was an attempt to "denazify" the games since the IOC had picked Berlin as the site of the 1936 games.

The IOC survived the liberal witch-hunt thanks to the leadership of men like Avery Brundage, an American "populist and nationalist", and later Juan Samaranch, but relentless efforts to politicize the games finally paid off when certain countries were excluded for lack of political correctness. The expulsions were totally arbitrary, based only on the whims of the liberal Establishment.


Red China was the front-runner with the 80 members of the IOC to host the games. There was still a majority, it was believed, inclined to select Red China regardless of the politics.

The Red Chinese felt they were entitled to have their turn and felt confident of winning. In the meantime, the Israeli lobby demanded Red China cease selling arms to Israel’s archenemy Iran if it still wanted to host the Olympiad.

After the Red Chinese made a commitment to curtail new arms sales to Iran and also acceded to demands to free certain political prisoners, Israel claimed to be satisfied and indicated Peking could count on being selected for 2000.

However, hard-liners in the Rabin government maintained the Red Chinese could not be trusted. This bloc was determined to stop the IOC from selecting Peking. To that end they marshaled all of their U.S. and Western lobbies to pressure members of the IOC.

In the end, certain members caved in, in favor of Sydney, Australia, which until a week before the vote was given little chance of winning the games.

* * *

Oh well, readers--not to worry about Red China--they will be TOO BUSY DURING THE 2000 OLYMPICS TO PAY MUCH ATTENTION TO BALL GAMES AND GYMNASTICS--GOOD LUCK, WORLD!



THU., OCT. 28, 1993 11:42 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 073

THU., OCTOBER 28, 1993


I have great fun with you of "our" people as you effort from your vantage point to qualify, disqualify and align selves with other things or beings or energy forms--from where you sit. Please, precious ones, it matters NOT. We use identification references to indicate locations and JOB.

We chuckle a lot at "who is a crow", "who is an eagle" and even "who WAS this or that?" YOU ARE! NO MORE--NO LESS!

So, why might I share some "reminders" with my scribe, say, and Little Crow, etc.? Because THEY are caught having to receive and translate from Grandfather, myself, etc., etc., and the WAY IS CLUTTERED AND DIFFICULT--they may seem to get a lot of the fun--but they also GET 99% OF ALL THE FLACK AND POISON ARROWS!

Don’t worry about it, students and seekers, be that which you choose and "like". We will continue our mission and identifications according to our needs and the confirmations of necessary contacts and input. For instance, George Green is telling "everyone" or so he says (his term "everyone") that Little Crow has totally denounced Doris Ekker and ALL WORK FROM HATONN. He tells "everyone" that Little Crow tells "everyone" to not get JOURNALS, DO NOT subscribe to CONTACT (only he still calls it LIBERATOR). "...BECAUSE THOSE ARE CULTISTS IN A BLACK CULT." My, that is a heavy load to swallow right after Little Crow tells Dharma that she remains at the top of his "prayer list".

It does not make a whit of difference what ANYONE down there on your platforms say or do--these two energies are BROTHERS in the most important manifestation around--direct and directed SERVICE TO GOD THE GREAT SPIRIT. All else is of no consequence.

"I" personally recognize Little Crow as the WHITE EAGLE in service directly to Creator/Creation with the responsibility, ultimately, of providing guidance to you sheep of the "fold". Dharma is recognized as the "golden" eagle but not as you ones perceive the "Golden Eagle". The fact is that BOTH are considered THE Golden Eagles--but in your Earth language and identification it is the IMPERIAL Eagle which is, by us, called the Golden Eagle because it is the rarest of Eagles--akin to the Phoenix itself and often referred to as THE PHOENIX. Also, it has iridescent reflecting feathers which causes it, in the sunlight, to appear to be a metallic golden bird. Little Crow and Dharma will ALWAYS be in range and in immediate attention of at least two (a pair) of these Imperial Eagles. Markings on the juveniles are similar to the Golden Eagle of your identification--and most people will never notice a difference.

To further consider "Little Crow", let it be known that many recognize the Raven and Crow as being about the same in species actions and color. The Raven is one of the most sacred symbols of your earth--for the story is that the Raven brought the "people" to the planet--so, therefore, you become Raven’s child. This may not be important to YOU, but it is important to US. Just as "Aton" is represented as the "Sun" so too was His servant recognized as the "Golden" Eagle (your Imperial eagle). Now, isn’t factual "history" fun if you study it carefully?

In practical application of EVERYTHING which appears "real" to your viewing physical eyes I like the way Little Crow sums up this journey and its evolvement:

January 5, 1992, Little Crow on "Transition":

Ain’t none of us going to hell, ain’t none of us going to heaven. What we are doing is going into the infinity of our being, the infinity of our creation, which is energy--energy and that’s it. Energy has always existed, always shall exist and always has existed and will continue to exist whether we have that realization or not…..

* * *

So, from the "sublime" back to the things of Earth and the "ridiculous".


What Southern California is experiencing this week is a Holocaust. I suggest you look it up in the dictionary and you will find it defines the fires of destruction--NOT THE HAPPENINGS IN ANY CONCENTRATION CAMPS--BE THEY GERMAN, RUSSIAN OR JEWISH. I do remind you people that when the great quake hits Southern California it will be a thousand times what was in Laguna Beach this day! GET PREPARED--PLEASE, GET YOURSELVES PREPARED FOR SELF CARE FOR A WHILE BECAUSE YOU WILL NEED IT.

I suggest YOU LOOK BEYOND THE FIRES, however--NOTE THE STATE OF EMERGENCY declared by both the California Governor and the President!! This means, little ones, that you are under full FEMA regulations and control. Your "old" emergency regulations [from the L.A. riots] were about to "expire" so just in the very nick of time--a nice new disaster to prolong the regulations. Uncle Big Boy is "always thinking of you", dear ones.


Before we move into commentary on the "Newstates Constitution" I want to honor a man who brought the most revealing and accurate information to the forefront of all people of your century. Most of YOU readers will know of him but, as with Tesla, Russell, etc., the name has been all but banished from public availability. This makes him one of the very MOST IMPORTANT men of your, or any, generation on your planet. I will offer a writing on this person so that you will recognize his important input on any subject.

Dr. Beter is now deceased (from your place)--murdered by the Would-be-Kings, March 14, 1987. Again, readers, I must tell you that information of truth has been around for a very LONG TIME--you have simply not become aware--for you didn’t search--and/or the Elite buried it so deeply you wouldn’t know where to look for such "unbelievable" truth.

Dr. Peter David Beter was famous as "the man who opened Fort Knox" in September 1974, through Congressional testimony and still-unanswered public charges. He was also well known for accuracy in spotlighting major events ahead of time. Years ago, for example, he warned of our present economic woes and coined the now familiar word "stagflation" to describe them. The forced resignations of V.P. Spiro Agnew and Pres. Richard Nixon was forecast many months beforehand in lectures and radio shows by Dr. Beter, who also stated a full year in advance that Nelson Rockefeller was scheduled to become your second non-elected Vice President. Those who have heard his warnings since early 1974 that southern Africa was on a 3-year timetable for conquest find events in that area increasingly ominous.

This was the track record that gave Dr. Beter’s ongoing warnings of planned economic breakdown, dictatorship, and war such significance. Dr. Beter was no perennial "doomsayer" but a professional with an international financial and legal reputation at stake. He simply stated that certain things were being planned--and carried out--by very powerful people, whom he often named. He said that those plans would succeed unless you knew about them. They have and ARE!

Dr. Beter was counsel for six years (1961-67) with the Export-Import Bank of the United States in Washington, D.C., and before that Dr. Beter was General Counsel for the American Gold Association for three years (1958-61).

In 1951 he became a member of the District of Columbia Bar--but we won’t hold that against him.

Dr. Beter was a member of The Bankers Club of America, The American Judicature Society, The Royal Commonwealth Society (London), and was listed in "Who’s Who in the East" (USA), and "The Blue Book" (London). Do you get a queasy feeling that you have heard this all before? Ah, indeed, there is always an effort to capture these "important" persons into the Elite CLUBS--and it WORKS! They march to that drumbeat like any other mortal man to an "ego" tune. THAT does NOT make the truth they bring--LESS! It DOES MEAN, however, THAT I HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFUL IN OFFERING YOU THEIR INFORMATION FOR THE REASON THE ELITE SOCIETIES GET CONTROL OF THE "WORK" OF THESE PEOPLE--IS TO SILENCE THE TRUTH AND KEEP IT HIDDEN FROM YOU-THE-PEOPLE!

If I handle information from Dr. Beter more carefully than Germain did Russell’s, perhaps we won’t get in trouble with the Elite power brokers. E.J., at my request, contacted directly "THE" person through whom Mrs. Beter is reached to offer to help her (Mrs. Beter) with publication possibilities, etc. He was told emphatically that it was being taken care of and they didn’t want any help. The last word was that this person would have Mrs. Beter "call". Well, that was a couple or three years ago! This material does not fall into the same qualifications as Russell’s work but, frankly, I am weary of dealing with your Elite greedmongers. Therefore, I am going to offer everything except Dr. Beter’s underwear size and perhaps the power brokers will accept it as "recognition" and "appreciation".

Dr. Beter was the author of The Conspiracy Against the Dollar: The Spirit of the New Imperialism, a non-fiction best seller published by George Brazilleer, Inc., One Park Avenue, New York, New York, 10016, and by Doubleday Canada, Ltd., 110pp., (1973).

Lawyers, how am I doing in "cleaning up my act" in preventing the illusion of plagiarism?? I must manage politics before Truth, it seems, to keep my scribe out of Federal Prison. George Green, as a matter of fact, told a BUNCH of people last week that the Federal Judge was going "to throw Doris into prison" THIS WEEK. Oh my--it doesn’t "make Dharma’s day" to hear that. But George should KNOW--he is the one who committed the contempt of court contempt and laid it all on her. He also says that Doris told the Judge to "go ahead and put me in jail". HOW WOULD HE KNOW WHAT SHE TOLD THE JUDGE? HE HAS NEVER APPEARED ANYWHERE NEAR THE FEDERAL COURT WHEN THE CASE (AGAINST HIM) IS HEARD OR CONVENED. DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK MY SCRIBE WOULD BE SO STUPID?? What does George say to ones who say "oh no!"? He says "Well, they put Helmsley in prison so they certainly can ‘throw’ Doris Ekker in." George must be terrified of my scribe to do such foolish things. Worse pain for Dharma, however--he gets his original input from spies STILL IN OUR MIDST! However, the information offered and used BY HIM comes from CONFIDENTIAL (BY COURT ORDER) DOCUMENTS--WHICH HE HAS SCATTERED LIBERALLY ABOUT THE COUNTRYSIDE FROM THE EAST TO THE WEST COAST! This is very costly to the "spies" in point, my friends! Don’t we (she) know her own enemies? Not ALL of them--but the facts are she conducts herself in such a way that the spies can ultimately ONLY HELP US!



Dr. Beter’s critical analysis and comments:

Certain powerful forces hope to celebrate our nation’s Bi-centennial by replacing the freedoms guaranteed in our present Constitution with their own dictatorship--a cleverly disguised dictatorship. It has been made to superficially resemble the government that we have now, so that we will not recognize it for what it is--until too late. They are using every propaganda trick at their command to make us lower our guard, and they are about to put us all in a condition of economic desperation to persuade us to accept their cleverly disguised dictatorship.

Our U.S. Constitution, according to the Preamble, is intended to provide for justice, domestic tranquility, common defense and general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty not only to ourselves, but to our posterity. These were the goals that shaped our Constitution. And this is the Constitution that enabled America to become a great nation of free people.

The Newstates of America Constitution has a Preamble, too--but it mentions not one of the objectives of our present Constitution. Instead of "justice and domestic tranquility", the new constitution seeks only "good order" without defining what that means. The very first words are "So that we may join in common endeavors"--and the body of the new constitution makes it clear that this means an end to individual endeavors. This new constitution is expressly stated to be good only for a prescribed period of 25 years: our posterity are left to fend for themselves. No reference is made in the Preamble to our defense or general welfare. Worst of all: the matter of liberty--so central to our present Constitution--is totally ignored in the Preamble of the new one, which seeks only, "an adequate and self-repairing government". The emphasis throughout their new constitution is on the government--not the people. "Adequate" turns out to mean: too powerful to be challenged. And "self-repairing" means that the laws and governmental structures can be continually changed and shifted to permit anything our rulers wish to do.

Before I explore some of the details of their secret new constitution, let me give you a bird’s-eye view: Article I is divided into two parts defining "Rights" and "Responsibilities". It turns out that some of our present rights disappear outright, and practically all of the rest become conditional and fragile, able to be terminated on the whim of the government. The responsibilities, however, which are obligations of the citizen to the government, are absolute and unconditional.

Article II defines what are called the "Newstates". [H: These "newstates" are already depicted for your children on the backs of some cereal boxes so pay attention.] The 50 states we have now are merged into a few large "Newstates". [H: This is already in functioning use for all the United States is divided into these categories which are now called Federal Districts.] It is no accident that our federal government for the past several years has managed its outlying activities through ten federal regions. These 10 new states will be completely subservient to the federal government and creatures of it.

Articles III through VIII of their new constitution define the independent branches of government and their powers and duties. Under our present Constitution, the federal government is divided into three co-equal branches--The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. They were carefully set up according to a system of checks and balances in order to protect our freedoms from arbitrary government. But under their new constitution, there would not be three, but six branches, so structured that our present system of checks and balances are totally destroyed.

The counterparts of our present three branches will be greatly changed, and would be joined by a Regulatory Branch, to control our everyday affairs: a Planning Branch, to plan our nation’s economy: and, an Electoral Branch to oversee, monitor, finance, and regulate all elections throughout the country.

Article XI provides new procedures for constitutional amendment which are totally different from and more dangerous than those which now exist.

Finally, Article XII provides for transition from our present representative and republican form of government to the new, cleverly disguised dictatorship under their new constitution.

Every word of their new constitution has been chosen carefully and for a purpose. Its basic nature and provisions are very revealing.

First, consider the matter of individual citizens’ rights. One right which is under powerful attack right now (1975), and which disappears in the new constitution, is THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Instead, "The bearing of arms OR THE POSSESSION OF LETHAL WEAPONS SHALL BE CONFINED TO THE POLICE, MEMBERS OF THE ARMED FORCES, AND THOSE LICENSED UNDER LAW." Regardless of what you may think about the ins and outs of the controversial "Gun Control" issue, you should be aware of the historical fact that disarming of the populace is always a part of ANY totalitarian scheme.

Another right which disappears is that of trial by jury. Instead, as defined in Article VIII on the Judicial Branch, a presiding judge may decide whether a trial is to be of the investigatory or adversary type. An investigatory trial is the type used, for example, in the Soviet Union: you are presumed guilty and must prove your innocence before a panel of judges. If an adversary trial is chosen, the judge is to decide whether there is to be a jury, and how many jurors there shall be. There is no provision to prevent your jury, if any, from being a jury of one, who as easily as not, could be your bitter enemy.

As for how you might wind up in court in the first place, the section on "Rights" provides that "Searches and seizures shall be made only on judicial warrant." That sounds reassuring, until you discover that nowhere in the new constitution are there any criteria given for the issuance of a judicial warrant. In other words, it could be completely arbitrary.

The practice of religion is said to be "privileged". That is not the same as freedom of religion, legally. A right is something which cannot be revoked. A privilege, however, is something you hold only at the pleasure of the government, which can revoke it at will.

Or consider the matter of property rights. Their new constitution states "No property shall be taken without compensation." But it does not say "just" compensation. The omission of that little word "just"--after 40 drafts--cannot be accidental. It would leave the government free to seize your house, give you $1.00, and say, "We gave you compensation."

The preoccupation with declared emergency is prominent with respect to rights. In Article VI of their new constitution, the reasons and procedures for declaration of emergency are prescribed. Among other things, it states that emergency can be declared for no better reason than "if an extra ordinary advantage be anticipated". It does not say, advantage to whom, but obviously it means advantage to the government.

With this in mind, observe that Article I of their constitution says that freedom of expression, of communication, of movement, of assembly, and of petition are abridged in declared emergency. Peaceful public gatherings to discuss public issues may also be interrupted or denied. Writs of habeas corpus are also suspended in declared emergency, which means you could be locked up and held indefinitely without the proffering of any charges.

With respect to the so-called "Responsibilities" defined in their new constitution, the potential dangers tend to be more subtle: "Each citizen SHALL participate in the process of democracy, assisting in the selection of officials and in the monitoring of their conduct in office." Several points even in this one sentence would merit comment, but simply consider the word "shall". THIS IS A COMMAND. You shall participate, not that you have the discretion to participate. And if you do not do so, you would be violating the most basic law of the land, the new constitution. Compare the constitutions of all communist-led countries.

The Newstates are simply puppets of the federal government. "If governments of the Newstates fail to carry out fully their constitutional duties, their officials shall be warned, and may be required by the Senate on the recommendation of the Watch-keeper, to forfeit revenues from the newstates of America." You have no doubt already heard of various cases in which certain localities have been forced to forfeit their REVENUE SHARING funds because of failure to comply with federal "guidelines", so-called. [H: TODAY there is big flapping going on about mandatory rules and regulations which are to be enforced by the federal government upon the states but NO FUNDING FORTHCOMING FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO COVER COSTS. This is a full-view showing of strength in that this is already accomplished.]

Turning to [another of] the six new branches of government under the new constitution, which in the constitution is simply called "The Presidency", in Article V. This is entirely appropriate under their constitution: The President is a "strong man", able to call all the shots. He is to serve for a single term of 9 years. You may have noticed the "single term" idea popping up, and even the 9 year length has been suggested by some in print and speech. Their secret new constitution is where the idea came from.

There are also two Vice Presidents--one designated for "General Affairs", first in line of Presidential succession in case of disability; the other designated for "Internal Affairs", and second in line. [H: You already have this in current play--but simply missing the name. How much more do you hear from MRS. CLINTON than you do about V.P. Al Gore?--think about it--it will never be "announced" without first hooking you into the fabric so you don’t realize a "change"--it simply "becomes" the rule AND THEN the law.] There are detailed provisions for Presidential and Vice Presidential disability, with appointment playing a key role as in our present 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Note especially that Section 5 of Article V provides that "Candidates for the presidency and the vice-presidencies shall be natural-born citizens." The key word here is "Candidates". All a foreign-born person need say is, "I am doing nothing to become a candidate"; or, "I said I was not a candidate"; or, "I am not even a candidate, so therefore I cannot remove myself as a candidate for the vice-presidency." Under this section, therefore, a foreign-born person could well become president once he is nominated by a president in the event there is an office vacancy in one or both of the vice-presidencies, followed by succession when a president becomes disabled for any reason. [H: In other words--Henry Kissinger, Maggie Thatcher--anybody can become your President and Vice-Presidents.]

A provision which exemplifies the power of the president is: "Treaties or agreements with other nations negotiated under the President’s authority shall be in effect unless objected to by a majority of the Senate within 90 days." Here is a pattern which permeates the new constitution, wherein all sorts of actions take effect unless objected to by a majority, instead of resulting from positive approval by a majority. This even applies in the matter of constitutional amendment, in which amendments generated by the Judicial Branch take effect unless turned down by the majority of the people. [H: Most of "the people" don’t even know when these things are up for discussion much less know about majority voting.]

Under the Presidency, there is also to be a new official called the "Intendant" whose powers are potentially those of the commander of a nationwide Gestapo. The actual wording, of course, sounds relatively mild to the unwary; the danger lies in what is NOT SAID and the limits that are not imposed. He is to supervise offices for Intelligence and Investigation, as well as an Office of Emergency Organization. His role here reflects a pre-occupation with emergency that crops up again and again throughout the new constitution. The word "emergency" appears 13 times in the new constitution; it does not even appear once in our present Constitution. Constitutional provisions for declaration of emergency, of course, have been used time after time in recent years to terminate freedom in other countries.

The Intendant is also given the authority to charter tax-exempt foundations or corporations that are "determined by him to be for useful public purposes". There is no check whatsoever on his authority to do this. This only reflects the unbridled authority of the President himself under the new constitution, however. It does not provide for accountability of an unscrupulous President.

Their constitution gives the President all the tools he needs to establish unchallenged authority during the transition period from our present to the new constitution, as described in Article XII. This open invitation for him to assume any and all powers he deems appropriate speaks for itself.

Furthermore, with respect to the replacement of present governmental functions by those defined by their constitution, "The President shall determine when replacement is complete." Since only the President is given this power, there is really nothing to prevent him from freezing the process partway through, for example, after abolishing our present Congress and before appointing a new one. It is very possible that these two very short passages are the real crux of their secret new constitution. But just to round out the President’s guarantees of invulnerability, their new constitution also affords a remarkable license to lie in Article IX. Of the three exceptions noted therein, "treason" is of no force and effect, since it is nowhere defined in their new constitution.

Given the power of the President under their new constitution, the rest would really have only whatever status their President allowed it to have. However, the Legislative Branch would consist of a Senate and House of Representatives, as now, but there the similarities end. Senators would no longer be elected at all; instead they would be hand-picked appointees of the President, plus former Presidents and Vice Presidents, and would serve for life. The House of Representatives would have 400 members, but there would only be 100 congressional districts. Each district would elect 3 representatives, who would serve for 3-year terms. These could be expected to compete with one another instead of speaking with one voice, so this device would effectively undermine local representation at the national level. There would also be 100 representatives elected "at large", from the nation as a whole instead of individual districts. The "at-large" members would form the backbone of what little is left to the House: they would serve for 9-year terms, and would be the only ones eligible to become committee chairmen.

The Judicial Branch would be presided over by a Principal Justice, chosen by the President’s hand-picked or rubber-stamp Senate. He would be a judicial "czar", controlling the entire judicial system of the nation with the aid of a Judicial Council and Judiciary Assembly. The Judicial Council would be the originator of all constitutional amendments, and would have the duty to consider amending their constitution to legalize unconstitutional steps taken by the government from time to time.

The new Regulatory Branch is foreshadowed by many current developments. But, the most notable feature of this Branch, aside from its grip on the nation’s enterprises generally, is the blessing given to cartel arrangements called "Authorities". It states, "Member enterprises of an Authority shall be exempt from other regulation." But as for the "little guys", who do come under the government’s regulation, it says, "Nonmembers shall be required to maintain the same standards as those prescribed for members." The "Standards" prescribed would be those agreed upon by the cartel members, and nonmembers would not be allowed even to exceed those standards if they wanted to for competitive reasons.

The Planning Branch is foreshadowed by the increasing clamor for "economic planning"; by the present Domestic Council of the White House; by the national land-use Planning legislation, and so forth. It would consist of a 15-member board appointed by the President. They would prepare 6 and 12-year plans and budgets to reflect the desires of the President, who would submit the budgets to the House of Representatives for their rubber-stamp approval each year.

Finally, the Electoral Branch is also on its way piecemeal, through public financing of election campaigns, quota systems, and now the newly operational Federal Election Commission, whose regulations do not apply to the present vice presidency office....

Under their new constitution, there is to be an electoral "Overseer" in charge of the Electoral Branch, chosen by the President’s hand-picked Senate, and he is to "supervise the organization of national and district parties, arrange for discussion among them, and provide for the nomination and election of candidates for public office." All electoral processes are to be paid for out of tax money, and no party can run candidates if it is not "recognized" by the Overseer. There are quota systems for apportionment of public funds that clearly would help drive out small parties and tend ultimately toward a one-party system. Furthermore, the Overseer is to monitor, supervise, and regulate the election process completely. All the power necessary to convert elections into a meaningless exercise is provided the Electoral Branch under their secret new constitution.

To sum up: I can only observe that their secret new constitution is not new at all. It is actually a prescription for the oldest kind of government of all: ONE MAN RULE. It is the slippage backward into the bad old ways of the past that we have seen increasingly during our lifetime, brought about by increasingly ignoring our own Constitution, which is still the newest idea in government.

Are we going to celebrate our 200th anniversary as the rebirth of our nation or as the death of our free republic? Our Constitution was the product of distilling the experience of 5000 years of civilization. Less than 200 years old, it is still practically brand new--especially since we have not used it much lately. If God will grant us the option of doing so at this late hour, there is truly a NEW START we can make with full confidence in the results.

This NEW START is to pick up our present, unique Constitution, and start using it again. It would be the first time in your lifetime or mine that this was really done. And I am convinced we would all be pleasantly astonished at the results.


* * *

OK, readers--note above: "If God will grant us the option of doing so at this late hour, there is truly a NEW START we can make with full confidence in the results……."

This was written almost two decades ago--what have you done? God granted you "longer" and where are you? How much "longer" do you require to show signs of BEGINNING? The only thing we witness is a more progressive shove from the "Controllers"--not a return to Constitutional government! You have a President’s wife bringing in Socialized medicine and your government riddled with foreign agents and homosexuals who laugh at your ideals and moral digression.

I suspect GOD WILL STAY RIGHT ON TRACK as is and allow us only some hope of getting a remnant through this upheaval in HIS NAME. You who are WITH the Adversary shall do whatever comes along at the whims of that Adversary.

We have complaints enough about our presentations, from those of you who would be do-gooders. You criticize that which we effort to do--when we see naught save further bogging in the mire from you would-be patriots--WHO HAVE NOT THE SLIGHTEST IDEA OF WHAT IT IS YOU ARE DOING OR WHAT YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH. We ask at random, among our own workers, and THEY CANNOT RECITE THE BILL OF RIGHTS--MUCH LESS THE CONSTITUTION! HOW WILL YOU KNOW WHEN THE NEW CONSTITUTION IS YOUR BINDING LAW? IT IS ALREADY YOUR "LAW"--AND YOU DIDN’T NOTICE!

We shall continue to the best of our ability for those of you who wish to read and KNOW--to offer TRUTH and the hidden agendas of a World Conspiracy. We have no intent whatsoever of doing a single physical thing to stem the tide of downhill flow for ours is not to interfere nor intervene. If intervention is offered it will be at YOUR PETITION--UNTO GOD. Will "I" tend my flocks? YES INDEED--BUT NOT THE FLOCKS OF THE ADVERSARY, MY ENEMY! Man "cannot live by bread alone"--but at the present time it will surely allow him to live a bit longer than planned by the "Kings". I suggest you store that which will give "life" and stop arguing over the shiny particles of metal shavings which shall, at best, be confiscated.


You continually ask about "life" and its meaning, its journey, its presentation. You also effort to distort Truth by claiming that there is "no experience after this physical one". The facts are, ALL perish from this physical existence--OR DO THEY??????? WHY DO YOU THINK THE PUPPET-MASTERS FEEL SO SECURE IN THEIR LONG-TERM CLAMORING FOR POSITION?


Now, this may seem pretty good news to you who think you wish to prolong this physical journey--HOWEVER, take note of your ticket books. How many of YOU have a ticket to the underground shelters in Australia? How many of you have had the PRIVILEGE OF EXCHANGE? Have YOU been given the gifts which indicate prolonged anything? As the world goes into disaster after disaster, famine after plagues at the Elite hands of injustice--how much FUN is that experience and expression going to be? How will you enjoy seeing your own seeded offspring slain by the mad-men enforcers of terror? Indeed, my good readers, the choices are YOURS. The choices are also AT HAND. God may well wait and allow until the 12th hour--but it is now a quarter past 11:00 or later. And when the ending arrives--God WILL go! HE WILL GO! You shall effectively be left to endure WITH whatever is left in the PIT for the definition of "HELL" is the "ABSENCE OF LIGHT (GOD)".

We will take up the new constitution as we can get to it because it cannot be offered often enough--you are all but too late to matter at all, but you may as well become familiar with your NEW LAWS so you can exist a bit longer--alive. May you think upon these things and be given some way to rest in peace--for I hardly think you are headed for the rest of angels and small children. Salu.



FRI., OCT. 30, 1993 10:15 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 075

FRI., OCTOBER 30, 1993

In whatever radiance can be seen in the midst of a Halloween celebration of evil portent and prophecy, I give caution to you as the celebration anniversaries come more and more often--because more and more celebration days are set awash upon you. I think, however, that in many ways I honor the celebration of "All Satan’s Days" more than that which has become of your "Christmas" celebration. Christ has been effectively REMOVED from your Christ-mass. Trinkets, bills, depression and tinsel replace the humble thoughts of celebration of "life birthings"--at least at the Satanic Days there is honesty in the corruption of things wondrous and beautiful.

Each year, as with the "Holocaust", the myths and tales get more and more outrageous. Did these things happen? Yes, but they were disdained in older times--except at times of great civilization collapses--and certainly NOT told in such a way as to take 2/3rds of news bulletins.

The theme this very day is one of: "....and they used to dig up bodies and mutilate them in an effort to destroy spirits….." IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO LEARN? The horror and terror is incredible to the small mind just starting to unfurl his wings and fly into a great and frightening world. It is the time of banning some "bad" costumes from the schools, etc., because they are too "evil". BUT, look what happens in the media--the more horrible ones are shown--as example! Where is the most deadly influence? Ah so, little Jimmy in a vampire costume is not nearly so terrifying as is the real life examples they show on TV which is his teacher and programmer.


But, you say, it is only once a year! No, it is almost every hour of every day! Think about it. What has "Christmas" become for your youngsters? I thought so--"What do you want?" "I want…..", "I don’t like THIS one." "Susie got one more package than I did." "Gimmy another one...." Does this mean that you should not celebrate the days of holiday and giving, receiving and gathering? No--it means that you must be prepared to undo the damage such things do--it means PARENTS must take responsibility for the games they play for the child will only play the games the parents and society teach him. How many of you dress your children up as angels and take them to the same houses you visited at Halloween, at Christmas--to GIVE and TREAT (the reverse of "trick")??? How about on Halloween?

Speaking of "Holocaust" of the "survivors" variety--look at this ad placed in The JEWISH PRESS, AUGUST 19, 1993. Does this represent "trick" or "treat" to you? I remind you--there are more Jews collecting this very kind of rip-off blackmail than there were Jews in Germany at the time of the so-called "Holocaust" and the Germans, BY LAW, cannot even voice an opinion about said event.

Was there a "Holocaust"? Yes, this week in Southern California--intentionally set to bring the power of extension of "emergency regulations". It is not proven--the media and government KNEW the fires were going to be set! Is this sort of like the new FBI findings about the intentional, KNOWN, bombing of the Trade Center in New York? Well--"TRICK or TREAT", Amerika.

What of other cute little "new discoveries"? I offer this in case you think WE ARE NOT MAKING AN IMPACT ON THE POWERS THAT "WOULD"-BE!