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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION New book by Dr. John Coleman





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FRI., JAN. 21, 1994 2:08 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 158

FRI., JANUARY 21, 1994

What we offer is indeed "shock therapy for awakening citizens". The assaults come so quickly now that we have not been writing regular columns but I note that you have abundance to digest. I must take this "introduction" as opportunity to update you readers on a few ongoing things so bear with us if the subject seems to have no connecting linkage. We work as we can when we can and appreciate your editorial allowances.

This will be one of the more "shocking" but awakening volumes which we have offered so please stay tuned for until we can get all this information to you we are unable to do an intelligent job of sorting and counter-acting.

Russbacher is "out" but being put through the continuing harassment and devilment of trying to simply get well. His leg is painfully necrosing and with dead tissue trapped in a vein channel it is hard to heal. He is seemingly not allowed to simply sit, raise the limb and heal so we do that which we can under the circumstances. He fears total loss of the leg to necrosis (gangrene from lack of blood supply) but I don't think we will allow the enemy to win that round!

Something is afoot, for the local Missouri probation and harassment crew personnel are running into higher regulators when they get impudent and pull the "dirty tricks" but it is not over until he is FREE AND CLEAR. So, in the midst of the terrible weather foisted off on the Eastern states, our friends are pretty ice-locked (which is what we need anyway--the body in a chair or bed with that leg ELEVATED and bearing less work). God did not make Gunther Russbacher to sit on his backsides and dawdle--so we have to work with what we are given even if it means stopping him until he heals. You wonderful friends got him OUT and have kept them able to "live" through your generosity and we are indebted to each of you. (It is good to have God's crew indebted to you, my friends!) All funds which have been sent through this conduit for their rent and help have been forwarded on in useable cash for their help. It has not been nearly enough but the Institute has been picking up the slack and we'll "get there". Gunther has been going to the Air Base to get such as drains placed in the wound--but they have simply come out and it is terror time to have the government do ANY-THING, so, Dr. Frank, who is a superb healer from out of state, has been flown-in to stay with Gunther until we get him up and around. Please keep your healing prayers focused on our brother for he is not out of the woods YET.

As you go through this JOURNAL you will note that you are not even nearly out of peril but incredible information is flowing and through the courts ones are at least making an effort to fight back. This is hopeless at present but when we can draw some unity into the "attacks" through the Law Center and get some funding flowing with which to be able to attain legal help of the proper variety we will make great strides.

Mr. Spence is starting to give intensive lecture classes to lawyers as we write in order to bring together some goodly legal counsel and would-be patriots. Our prayer is to be able to begin to pull from this resource and some even higher up the ladder of notability, and begin to get some power behind the people who have dared, such as Eustace Mullins and the ones who have served the Illinois suit of which we have been writing for the next JOURNAL. When Dharma isn't writing every day, you can KNOW a lot of things are going on with us otherwise.

Eustace Mullins asks that we extend his appreciation to all of you CONTACT readers who have been so gracious to him since our printing of his filed lawsuit. Precious ones, it is through interaction and keeping those mailboxes filled that you will prevail.

As you entertain the Gary Wean material please realize that the "heat" is on him now even more than before as we publicize his information. We must stay right with him and the ones in target lest they be attacked even more than prior to now. The adversary does not fall easily under any encounter--much the less in the death grip. Let us not for a moment have these brave disclosers from our prayers and protection. Until they come to know and "recognize" me they are in limbo security--once they accept that I am real and can respond accordingly, the job becomes far easier. The CONTACT and the JOURNALS shall soon become THE information resource for your nation as revelations unfold and the "great" among you join with us. We have become the big thorn-in-the-side to multitudes of Elite--from George Green to the very top of the worldly "heap". Just keep on keeping on, friends, and you are going to produce your MIRACLES!

Bless you who take the time to share the burden with us--for in the "knowing" you BECOME the FORCE!

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

January 21, 1994



THU., DEC. 9, 1993 10:38 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 115

THU. , DECEMBER 9, 1993





LE: Please hear this my friends, whether you believe it or not; whether you know it or not, your vote has been stolen from you by a Cartel of Federal, National Security, Bureaucrats who include higher-ups in the Central Intelligence Agency, political party leaders, Congressmen, co-opted journalists and the owners and managers of the major establishment news media. They have decided in concert as to how America's votes are counted-- who they want, by whom they are counted and how the results will be "verified" and delivered to the public.

As one of them put it not long ago: "Not a Proper Area of Inquiry". A book, a good book: VOTESCAM, THE STEALING OF AMERICA, that indicts Attorney General Janet "Murder" Reno--is a shocking investigation. Our guest is a co-author of this book, Mr. James M. Collier.

[Mr. Epton continues with greetings and then remarks]: We here in Clark County (Nevada) are aware of how votes are stolen. In our election last year there are more questions than you can "shake a stick at".

JC: I know because I have been talking to people who have called me from Las Vegas and I know some of what's going down--what is happening there--and it is really frightening.

I got started in 1970. It has been a 23-year investigation into how the vote is counted in the United States. I am NOT the only one who is doing this. There are newspaper men all over the country finding this same story--EVERYWHERE. I'm just the first to come out with an in-depth book on the matter. Actually the first guy to come out with a pamphlet was a newsman from the state of Washington, up near Puyallup, a man by the name of Robert Cochran, DON'T GET PUNCHED OUT. It was a little pamphlet on how your elections are being stolen by computer (punch cards). It was a terrific little pamphlet and people all over the country wanted that pamphlet. So we have updated all that and enlarged it into a fully-fledged book on our adventures, my brother and I, over the last 23 years.

It started originally with a book contract from the Dell Publishing Company, during the "Chicago 7" trials which would have been called Running Through the System by Ballots, Not Bullets. We had hoped to prove that the System would work and not lead to riots in the streets. In doing that research, however, we found that it can't. The facts are that almost no one who votes knows HOW their votes are counted. It is in an area wherein the media will not talk--ever. This is because the media is involved in rigging the vote in MUCH OF AMERICA.

LE: In other words, the media is part of the problem?

JC: The media IS the problem. The media is the most powerful entity in the world. In the U.S. it is absolutely THE MOST POWERFUL ENTITY. So, this power has corrupted. We have discovered that over a period of time they have the ability to tap into the main-frame computers in America in every county that counts the vote by computer in a central location. I suspect you people do it this way. Do you have any idea how your votes are counted there?

LE: By computer.

JC: By computer! It is probably taken from the precinct after you vote through a downtown main-frame. Right!

LE: I'll tell you the interesting thing is that any high school kid who knows computers can rig the computer.

JC: Absolutely, they can tap-in. It's that simple. There is no evidence--nothing. Anybody can do it and they know that out there because the computers in most cases are rigged IN AD-VANCE. They will come out with pre-determined answers no matter what happens. It is probably happening like that in Vegas. ...Look at that city...

LE: Well, it's not a "bad" city but it is a politically corrupt city from any viewpoint.

JC: New York and Miami, as well as Cincinnati--well, we write about the corruption in those cities. And how about Chicago?

LE: Between me and thee, I'll tell you, back in 1960 I was back in Chicago covering the election and I literally watched boxes of ballots BEING THROWN AWAY. Obviously they were the ballots from what they called the bedroom communities, or suburbs of the Republican strongholds and the excuses used were absolutely ridiculous.

JC: Chicago, yes, but that's a scapegoat city that everybody knows about because they "stole" the Kennedy election, etc. But what they don't realize is that there is a pattern throughout the US and it's the same in every city. The computer operations are in a back room where the public can't get access. The League of Women Voters is in the system somehow, getting paid by the head, per hour to fiddle with the vote cards if that is what is being used. Do you have punch cards?

LE: Yes, we have punch-cards--and other--in fact, an interesting thing--after the election was done and down there were, I don't know how many, but thousands of supposedly OLD ballots--from the previous election. Now, regulations require that they be destroyed but, for whatever reason, these were not. They were stuffed into sacks when the possibility of vote fraud was brought to the attention of the public. One of our fine people here managed to get hold of a number of those bags of ballots before the trash company picked them up. They were identical to the ballots used in our last election and there is just no way, it seems, of fighting it other than to say, "What are these ballots doing here, they're all punched, how do they figure in?"

JC: I understand that the election rigging in Las Vegas is a MISDEMEANOR! And NOT a criminal offense. This is what I am told from people who have formed a "People's Grand Jury" there. These people have told me that they went to the State Attorney there and were told that whatever the evidence, they "didn't want to get involved" because it is only a "misdemeanor" and they simply didn't want to become involved. Now, I don't know factually if that is true or not--other than if you have listeners who call in, you can ask them.

LE: Yes, that's true, we get a lot of calls on this subject and it wouldn't surprise me. The Attorney General for the State of Nevada is certainly part of THE problem.

[Discussion about several other subjects such as the "Fairness" Doctrine--to cause equal time to all parties in order to shut-down talk-radio.]

JC: Well, I'm an average guy who is a reporter and a business man in Miami who simply ran for election to do a book to find out what it was like to run through the election system. What I found led to this book which has now, 23 years later, come out. The whole book explains how it is done everywhere in the country. It names names of people involved in doing the actual corruption, right up through Janet Reno who should be indicted.

LE: ...On a NUMBER OF CHARGES! The only point on which I slightly disagree is that I think it is all being done by design and I don't like to sound like an off-the-wall-crazy, but there is a conspiracy going on and it is done by the Elitists and Bankers and takes us right to the Bank of England, through the Federal Reserve Bank and more.

[Radio break]

LE: We are back with Jim Collier, VOTESCAM. Jim, you mentioned Janet Reno, we call her "Murderer" Reno and we think she should be brought-up on a LOT of charges. She is a corrupt woman. Please tie her in, if you will, to the votescam.

JC: Alright. In 1970 when we ran against Claude Pepper in Miami, he was a Congressman. Pepper is the "father" of Social Security. He was 70-years old and his birthdate was on election day, September 8th. We ran a campaign and used no money because part of the Dell contract was that we would run as the poorest "any man" in America. We would just shake hands, walk through the Black, Jewish, etc., communities, which is Miami Beach area (Claude Pepper's area). That's where we lived. We would go shake hands, go to Churches, do all the things usually done and when we got to election day, if it was one percent or ten percent, it was alright with us. Our intent was just to know what grass roots was worth, if we did it diligently like nobody else had done it. My brother was a great speaker and he really did a terrific job.

On election night at four minutes after the polls closed (7:04 p.m.) the CBS affiliate in Miami tells us the EXACT percent-ages that every one of 250 candidates IS GOING TO GET. Now, remember, that is in four minutes. At 24 minutes after the hour the NBC affiliate does the same thing but it names exactly the amount of final numbers that those percentages represent, like 2,926 votes. Later when we got the read-outs on the television from the stations that were shown on the air, indeed, all of THAT did happen. They did this on the information from ONE VOTING MACHINE CALLED-IN FROM DADE COUNTY--it said.

So, now, in tracking that down we found it to be ludicrous. There is a formula for doing this that is interesting. If you get the information off of ONE machine, which they stated and testified to (definitely one machine)--how dumb. If there were ten votes, say, on that one machine for my brother Ken, any mathematician in the world would say that now you need to have a formula in the computer to multiply that forward, right? So, if Ken is A, you need times B for whatever the formula is, right? And then it equals how many votes he will get by the end of the night. That's basically the formula if you use ONE voting machine.

Well, in any A times B = C formula, you must know two out of three (A, B or C). You must know the vote before the polls are closed and the final vote and then you get the multiplier or you must know the final vote and the multiplier and then you divide it and you get how many votes the guy is getting. Either way you rig the election if you do it. They held to the "one" in this incident and that was deadly for them.

LE: How about exit polling?

JC: What a fraud. That is the biggest fraud that I have found. Have you ever met an exit poll person or do you know anyone who has ever been polled?

LE: Actually, no. Occasionally you see them shown on TV but that is as near as I have ever seen.

JC: That is what is so mysterious. I asked election supervisors around the country, "Do you know where it's being done"? And they tell me no, they have no idea who is doing it or in what precinct. I asked so I could go and watch it being done. Some people say, yeah, but when we started analyzing nation-wide, the networks, right--they come on at 7:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. and they tell you one minute later how the vote is going to come out, right? They've "done exit polls".

Do you realize how many states would have to be calling back how many numbers to some central point, to pull that off? I also tracked down how that was done and it IS A SCAM. It isn't being done!

LE: Well, there must be samples of it somewhere...

JC: Of these exit polls? But you can't get them! I wish that all you listeners who are mad as hell and won't take it any more would call up all their friends and tell them to turn on this show right now, because I'm going to tell them stuff that is gonna curl their hair. It is REALLY going to make them angry and you shouldn't have to tell it second hand to your buddy.... Also, call the State Attorney's office 'cause I've got something to say to "whoever" that is.

[Time out for calling...]


JC: Recap: I am Jim Collier and I wrote a book, with my brother, called VOTESCAM, THE STEALING OF AMERICA, the book that indicts Attorney General Janet Reno.... It was put out this last Summer and I am now doing the talk-radio thing because it is the only way to get a story out, in this country, that is absolutely TABU by the media.

LE: You mean that we won't read about it in the local papers?

JC: No. I am pushing all these people. We are trying every way to get on Posner, Donahue, Larry King, and all that but the networks themselves are involved in the stealing of this country. They are not sacrosanct--they're not Big Brother--they would like to be and they can be crushed over this very story and that's why they are trying to hide it. They don't want to confront me. I want to face Janet Reno in a public arena over this issue.

LE: A lot of us would like to face her on a number of issues, but go on

JC: In the back of our book, if people get it and it can be ordered through a book store or write to Victoria House Press in New York, there is so much that we got through the years about how the vote is counted in the United States and we will look at the end portion. In the end is how we found out that the television stations themselves, the networks, ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, the two wire services, The Washington Post, The New York Times and the various other clients, belong to a "network pool". This is called "News Election Services". Do you think that the networks compete for the vote on election night?

The "Network Pool" is really that the networks DO NOT COMPETE and haven't done so since 1964. This was right after JFK was shot--within six months following the assassination, the networks took over the vote count in the United States. TOOK OVER THE VOTE COUNT. Anyone who wants to research that information can get Election Administration Reports. Every Election Supervisor pays about $30 a year and they get this newsletter--strictly for Election Supervisors in America. This carried a story in April 1983 entirely detailing this. You can get it from the Library of Congress. That and also a report from the Air Force College in Colorado offers the Bibliography so that people can check where we got our information. I also did my own research.

They formed a "central board" in New York City. It's now on 34th street near 6th Ave. near the Empire State Bldg. All the supposed "exit polls" during the day which are taken are called back to Chilton Publishing in Radner, Pennsylvania. They are like a clearing house. They call back on 67 telephone lines coming in nationwide. You couldn't do one state on 67 lines, much less 50 states. In the field, largely made of representatives of the League of Women Voters, one hundred ten thousand of them on election night after the primary, run-off and final, get paid to be in the field to call back this information to Chilton in Pennsylvania. They get paid very big money to do this. They also get paid by the elections departments of big cities, probably yours too, around America, to be involved with the cleaning of the "chad" off of these cards. They get paid around $25 per person per hour. The persons in point don't get it--it goes into the national coffers.

We have women in precincts, on video tapes, TAMPERING with the vote cards in both Miami and Cincinnati. On video!

* * *

This interview went on for over an hour while going into details about "how" punch cards are utilized and computers simply loaded with pre-doctored information and tallies. We have spoken of this on several prior occasions so I don't want to take any more of Dharma's time in transcribing this interview. However, AMERICA, I suggest you get this book. You will have trouble finding it because it is not allowed to be carried in any book "chain". However, it is listed and any bookstore is obligated to look it up and get it for you.

I believe the price is less than $7.00. I don't have any further inclination to spend more time on it--but if you don't get back to an honest system of voting--the whole present process is totally worthless at best--destructive at worst.

You would have some opportunity to survive the system if you demanded to go back to paper ballots and three or four states have done exactly that just to demand some credibility.

This is EXACTLY what happened in this last major election when Clinton won while actually Perot WON. However, you will note Perot got EXACTLY THE PERCENTAGE OF VOTES PROJECTED DAYS PRIOR TO THE ELECTION--TO THE EXACT PERCENTAGE.

You as a nation of goodly people who are just too nice to think that anyone would do unto you--must wake up and look about you. Then if you can remember that less than 3% control everything about your nation and life--you will begin to see the advantage of awakening, uniting with your brother and stopping this insanity. Easy? No! But what else are you going to do? We can tell you and tell you and now even offer you PROOF and still--YOU have to get the job done or forget freedom in a Republic.

All of the outcomes are pre-entered into the central computer base which is controlled by the national networks of media TV--and you are simply told what they decided would be the out-come. You will find votes being shredded immediately, back-rooms wherein new ballots are being punched and placed in the "black boxes", etc. If you had transparent boxes and paper ballots you would at least have visual monitoring of tampering in front of everyone. YOU have no idea how those boxes are rigged inside. It beats any magician's closet anywhere. Of course, it is now such that a majority of many precincts vote "absentee" and that turns the vote it is claimed. Come on, WHO checks out the ballots? The same committees who tamper the ballots!!!

What of this overview bunch called League of Women's Voters? It is a CORPORATION funded massively by Corporations in amounts of around a million dollars per corporation. It is not what it appears to be, friends. It is THE corrupt tamperers who are ostensibly monitoring the system to keep it clean.


Did Perot know all about this when he was running? It begins to appear that he did! It is certainly CLAIMED that he knew and that was why it was such a "lark" and "dance across Texas". We shall see, won't we.

Perot has off-hand declined any help to Gunther Russbacher-- through his secretary. The CLC is still trying to speak with him personally. We shall certainly see, won't we? "Man" can say a lot of things--but ACTIONS always tell the tale.




The wording of Mr. Dixon's letter from the CLC was such that no "action" other than a phone-call was asked or expected. When a so-called compassionate Patriot will not take less than five minutes to save the very life of a brother in trouble--there is something dirty in the woodpile. If a man is "too busy" to make a phone call for a fellow citizen who is proven to be unconstitutionally railroaded, regardless of factual complaints against him, then is this man the one you want running this nation??? I would rather be called a "Judasgoat" by a genuine "believer" than have a bow and scrape from another impostor after another set forth to dupe you-the-people.

I asked all of you "independents" to vote for Perot--TO OVERWHELM THIS SET-UP "VOTESCAM" SYSTEM BUT NO ONE SAVE MY FEW READERS ACTED IN SUCH MANNER. YOU HAVE TO TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME TO SHOW THE ADVERSARY FOR WHAT HE IS AND ON "CANDIDATES" I HAVE LITTLE ELSE TO SAY--ALL, SO FAR, ARE TOTALLY DISAPPOINTING. WILL "GRITZ" HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO EVER RALLY THIS COUNTRY? I CAN'T SAY--HE IS "CHOSEN FOR LEADERSHIP" AND POSSIBLY HE CAN GAIN SOME KIND OF SUPPORT BUT IT LOOKS PRETTY BLEAK AT THIS POINT. He is certainly going to have to look hard at a few acquaintances and fellow-travelers before he can regain respect and following from ones who marched to his drum in the last election. He is working to rally ones to join him at the White House or Capitol in Washington at some time to make a point. Will enough attend to make a difference? It didn't work with Devvie Kidd as infiltrators were present and the movement fell into disruption. Bo's rally-motto was "Ballots in 1992 or Bullets in '96". At this time in your evolvement--the bullets will all be in the hands of only the criminals--NOT YOU-THE-PEOPLE! Could you do it? Yes. Will you do it? It doesn't look too good from where I sit. You certainly do have enough people to do it if you would but open your eyes and take a stand.

It was stated all along that "Perot was no REAL threat to the Big Boys." Is this true? Looks like it. They probably KNOW something you don't. Readers, a world in translation is a world in distraction and disorder. You DO NOT test a man in a political arena of who can best lie to you--you "test him" pitted against an ordinary problem faced by you-the-people one on one and see WHAT he will do FOR YOU. If he is "too busy" to make a phone call--BEWARE!


I am weary of the harangue and misinformation being put forth regarding the case of Gunther Russbacher. The distractions are almost blinding in their obviousness.


What are you trying to accomplish and why? You are NOT here to judge a man on criminal, or otherwise, actions save that which is presented in the court. THE FACTS ARE, THAT NO MATTER WHAT THE MAN MAY HAVE DONE, CITIZENS, THAT FOR WHICH HE IS BEING HELD IS GARBAGE AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

If, indeed, the man is wanted because he "stole" $15 million from the CIA, how did he do that? Harry Martin of Napa Valley Sentinel paper and Ken Vardon of APFN claim that "that" is why he is actually being held and that there are "securities" to prove it.

AH--BUT------- HE IS NOT CHARGED ON SUCH ACCOUNTS!! If the CIA wants to bring charges now, after lapse of time for same, it proves that 1) Gunther is a CIA operative who was in charge of proprietary corporations of the CIA and 2) the charges thus far are total garbage--and UNCONSTITUTIONAL AT ANY DEFINITION. THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTER IS ABOUT INTEGRITY OF THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. We do not get in the game simply because one man says he is weary of prison and another wants to squash and silence him. The point is to either release the man ACCORDING TO LAW or CHARGE HIM WITH THAT WHICH IS CLAIMED TO BE CRIMINAL AND HANDLE ALL OF THE PROCEDURE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION.

Is Gunther Russbacher a perfect and Godly man? Who knows? God! Has Gunther been a good little boy all his life? Nope! He was (is) a trained assassin, killer and CIA operative as well as a Naval Intelligence Officer from the highest ranks of the intelligence communities. This hardly makes him a boy-scout. However, HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN ARE BEING TROUNCED INTO THE MUD-PITS BY THE SWINE IN POWER. THERE, BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO ALL OF YE ONES.

Should he "plea bargain"? Well, I suppose he has already tried that approach--I don't know--what is "plea bargaining"? It is not a "bargain" for something, it is a cop-out on the charges in favor of something else--and indeed, he has done that. So, plea-bargaining is simply a way for your already corrupt system to do unto a person on charges which have absolutely NOTHING to do with a crime in point. In other words, a man drives while intoxicated and commits murder. He will be allowed to "plea-bargain" for reckless driving (a far, far lesser charge) and it's all over--except for the dead-person at which point it is already over anyway.

You show me one top-level "Intelligence" Special Forces person who hasn't broken just about every law in the world and God's and I'll show you a man who didn't make it far in the Intelligence services. This is THE place where every trick of law-breaking is trained into you until you function like a lawless renegade or get kicked out of the corps.

My intent is NOT TO JUDGE ONE GUNTHER RUSS-BACHER--it is to take special note that his constitutional RIGHTS are violated from the beginning through the ending of this little corruption game of political power. I REPEAT: IF THE BIG BOYS WANT HIM ON OTHER RIGHTFUL CHARGES--LET THEM MAKE THE RIGHTFUL CHARGES BECAUSE WHAT THEY ARE DOING NOW IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It is for the rights of Constitutional Law for each and every citizen that we center our focus--not on a man who may or may not be guilty of something or other. Further, those who would DISTRACT you through other presentations of possible this or that--are nothing save misinformed disinformation outputters. Gunther may well be "guilty" of all the charges ever mentioned in the world--however, "HE IS PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL AND UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY IN A JUST COURT OF LAW BY A JURY OF HIS PEERS!" REMEMBER??????? FURTHER, HE IS IN PRISON FOR NOTHING VALID AND IF THERE ARE OTHER VALID CHARGES--WHY ARE THEY NOT CONSTITUTIONALLY ENTERED AGAINST HIM? ArneriKa, if you miss this important focus--you have missed the entire meaning of freedom.

Moreover, if one such as Perot, who could make a massive difference in this one instance, refuses to do so--then you have no one in point who is dedicated to just law OR THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ONE NATION, UNDER GOD! YOU HAVE AN ELITIST IN SERVICE TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER--EVEN IF HE KNOWS IT NOT.

I shan't even take up those "other" charges now being flung about for they have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. If a man be accused--let him be accused by his accuser in the proper chambers within the LAW. THIS is what we are about and if you forget it, you possibly don't deserve better than that which has come upon you. It is said that there are securities floating around--so, bring them forth and show them that ALL may see and discern. So be it, readers--let Mr. Perot know how you feel about it. Thank you.

You might want to lay off the poor physicians in the responsibility of caring for Gunther--they are feeling harassed and it is not fair. Gunther is doing medically well and they have done a worthy job--let us not make an error of negative pressure--let us make our voices heard in the ears and in the light of the public where the power can be brought under control of you-the-people--CONSTITUTIONALLY!

In closing I would like you to ponder on the following statement until it becomes CLEAR: "He who is not aware of his ignorance will be only misled by his knowledge." Thank you.



FRI., DEC. 10, 1993 12:42 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 116

FRI., DECEMBER 10, 1993


It is time to be the "preacher" for a few minutes for the bombardment is so hard and so constant against God's people as the shroud descends.

We must hold tightly to TRUTH lest we be so distracted by the opinions and perceptions of "others" as to lose perceptions for self.

You can see that which is happening in every facet of your daily lives from all the politicians showing up and speaking at a child's funeral to the massive cutback in the National Guard and Reserves of your nation. I cannot point each thing out to you EVERY day. You have to remember what we told you--the Polly Klaas murder was orchestrated! So too are there other similar scenarios taking place all about your nation. The man who supposedly killed the child--REMEMBERS NOT THE DEED! And why the cutback in the Reserves and Guard? So that you will not have local protectors--you will be controlled by strangers and an International Police Force. It has nothing to do with "money"--it has EVERYTHING to do with CONTROL. But, you WILL come into control--you WILL DEMAND CONTROL to "stop" these heinous crimes such as little Polly endured.


I even have inquiries and petitions to speak on whether or not Michael Jackson is "guilty" of child molestation. YES--OF COURSE HE IS! As to whether or not he is "guilty" of touching, fondling, or actually having physical relationships with children, adults or trees--is of no interest or consequence. The "child" (Michael) had some redeeming qualities in affording his people (race) to see some success--but with presentation of "Bad" and "Thriller" he lost all redeeming grace as to focus and direction. THAT, IN ITS MOST HEINOUS FORM, IS CHILD MOLESTATION--THROUGH THE MINDS OF THOSE WHO WATCHED. THE EXPRESSIONS OF PUBLIC IMMORALITY HAVE BEEN DEGRADING IN HIS PRESENTATIONS EVER SINCE. You tell me how the "child" (Michael) in point could discern a simple act of friendship and caring (actual physical touching) from the horrendous things being portrayed in his concerts and videos and make any RATIONAL definitions of actions? All status of morality, as you have recognized it for generations past--has come to be placed in opposition as far as the controllers thrust upon you through a "more" CONTROLLED media. When you raise MONEY to assist in the carrying on of worse indiscreet behaviors in the "gay" community and then bring down the world on a performer for possibly touching a child no more mentally advanced than the molester--where is your balance? What does Lizzy Taylor offer in support? She pushes AIDS help for the "victims" of a disease thrust upon selves and hides guilt in ones who "have a problem" and what have you? You have chaos, lack of "direction", and societal downfall. You who tell me to "go back to Jesus Christ" had better take a long, hard look at the rest of that "book" in point. You have EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS COMING DOWN AS CAME DOWN AT THE FALL OF EVERY CIVILIZATION AND A DEAD-RINGER (NO PUN INTENDED) AS HAPPENED AT SODOM AND GOMORRAH. How can you know? Because THOSE PLACES were totally destroyed by nuclear explosions!--after the total moral fall into the SAME life-styles as you find today. GOD told you not to do these things and you voted-it-in as OK--so, now the consequences come full cycle wherein you also kill the "messengers" and blame God as always it was.

I, further, find it interesting that you can take one called "Madonna" and she can have a crude and vulgar book published in every nation on your Earth, doing pornographic acts with anything and everything--and call it "art"! Is this a "double" standard, good buddies--OR, it is simply "no standard" of acceptable behavior at all? I cannot see that this female's video run on MTV can possibly be better than that in her "secret fantasy" text-book--AND THAT IS WHAT YOUR CHILDREN WATCH EVERY DAY OF THEIR MODERN LIVES--IN LIVING COLOR!

By the way--I have no patience or acclaim for the ones bringing charges against Michael Jackson--in case you wonder. They cared not for the children in point--only the failure of extortion (blackmail) payoff. The parents of these children KNEW what was going on AS DID THE LITTLE CONSORTS INVOLVED. There are MANY TYPES OF PROSTITUTION!


What exactly is "Christian" behavior? This is another blast often felt around these parts. Why? Because we claim no "group". We effort to set foundations for "business" which will endure through depression and assault with which to preserve as many assets and products as possible through the oncoming upheavals in social, economic and biological arenas. What do YOU think represents "Christian" behavior? Is it living in Truth? Is it having a weekly "potluck"? Is it passing a "collection" plate? Is it a pious countenance? Is it washing thine hands a hundred times a day? Is it to speak as if your mouth is stuffed with sugar and dripping syrup? Is it kissing and hugging constantly? Is it a stoppage of work to face East and chant? Is it a stopping of labor to hold hands and meditate every little while? WHO CAUSES YOU TO "THINK" THESE THINGS ARE SIGNS OF TRUTH AND CHRIST? ON YOUR PLACE--HE DID "NONE" OF THESE THINGS! "HE" WORKED HIS FANNY OFF, SPAKE TRUTH AND RARELY BORE A "PIOUS" FACE! I SUGGEST YOU LOOK AT WHERE YOU COME UP WITH YOUR IDEAS! AND, IF YOU COME UP WITH THEM FROM SOMEWHERE AND SOMEONE PRIOR TO ENTERING INTO "THIS" ARENA AND TRUTH--YOU HAD BETTER LOOK AT WHY AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.


If you think you speak with "Me", Hatonn, what does that mean to anyone here? Simply put--confusion. Why would I or any other guide, teacher or Commander interfere with a mission under-way? Why would you WANT to be "here"? The ones here have PROBLEMS just for the "being here". Dharma and E.J. are literally assaulted by the hounds of hell EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES, while the hounds are PROTECTED by the law enforcers set forth to protect the citizen. Much more, WHY WOULD ANYONE COME HERE TO SIMPLY TELL US TO DO OUR JOB SOME OTHER WAY FOR SOME OTHER SPEAKER? I don't even have a "roll-call" or membership list, no employees or club. Why do you think you have a right to impose your "druthers" off on ones who ask you for NOTHING? Why, moreover, would these ones go forth and form groups to do these persons "in"? What is wrong with you? If, further, you don't like what is happening here--WHY DO YOU INPUT YOURSELF INTO THAT WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU? GO YOUR WAY! THERE ARE ONLY TWO ALTERNATIVES IN FACT--YOU ARE EITHER FOR GOD OR YOU ARE AGAINST GOD AND ACTING, ALBEIT OFTEN IN IGNORANCE, FOR THE ADVERSARY. Mostly you are, however, simply acting out in insecurity that which you have been taught by world brainwashers. If you know so little about us as to not read the books and STILL think you have valid INPUT to our work, whatever that might be--I suggest you think again--most carefully! We serve ONE master here--GOD! If your perception differs as to who that might be--then go find the ones who serve according to YOUR PERCEPTION AND BLESS US WITH YOUR ABSENCE, PLEASE.

Oh, I see--you like "me" but you can't stand that bossy old E.J. and that recluse, Dharma?? Well, you have just said it all, friends, you have just said that you have no trust in MY JUDGMENT OR DISCERNMENT IN MY CHOICES OF RECEIVER OR WRITER--MUCH LESS DO YOU APPROVE MY APPROACH TO EITHER BUSINESS OR MANAGEMENT. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN THIS PLACE TO BE A CLOSE WORKING MEMBER OF MY CREW--HOWEVER, YOU DO HAVE TO BELIEVE IN MY PRESENCE AND POSITION TO BE SO--JUST AS YOU HAVE TO BE IN GODLY INTENT TO EXPECT "GOD" TO DO ANYTHING IN RESPONSE TO YOUR PETITIONS. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DENY GOD AND THEN GET EVERY-THING YOU WANT FROM GOD? WHO ARE YOU?? THE great teachers have told you that you err in such perception. One even told you that if you "...deny me then I shall deny you before my FATHER who sent me."


Am I (or we) politically correct? I certainly HOPE NOT! We ARE, however, totally observant of all laws of the Land and ALL LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION, at all times, under all conditions. So, if you don't like something we do or say--so be it. Don't hang out around us so that we somehow continue in your annoyance. If you don't like what I write--throw out the writing--do you agree with everything in the Enquirer??

I have someone from Utah just writing, again, anonymously, to complain about my approach to Mormonism. What approach?? I have no approach to "Mormonism" or any other religion. YOU are what you are and if you choose this church or that doctrine above another it is YOUR business. I can say, however, that Mormonism, as is Catholicism of today, has been based on a foundation of Freemasonry and Illuminati--secrecy and "pay your way" if you want acceptance in the "religious" sanctuary of the most high. And WHO is THE MOST HIGH? Come again? It is a MAN, good children--GOD IS ONLY "OFFERED THROUGH THE RITUAL" AS "BEING FIRST" BUT "HE" IS NOT! Almost everything in the "churches" is FIRST before the ACTUALITY OF GOD PRESENCE. That, too, is your business; why take up a quarrel with me? I have no quarrel--I KNOW of that which I speak and need no debate or quarrel. Is this narrow on my part? No--because you are WELCOME to go forth and do whatever you want to do. On the perchance I MAY BE CORRECT, however, it MIGHT BE GOOD TO PONDER SOME POINTS IN YOUR "CHURCH" RULEBOOKS! IF ANYTHING BE PLACED BEFORE GOD--IT IS EVIL, GOOD FRIENDS!

Do not give me the Talmud as an example of Holy rules, either, good uninformed so-called Jews. You of today who consider yourselves to be "Hebrew" are not Jews under any circumstances. The "TERM" "Jew" DID NOT EXIST until the 18th century. Moreover, the book in point is WRITTEN SOLELY BY MEN AND IT IS SO-STATED ON ALL REFERENCES, even by the so-called Jews.

I am reprimanded by ones because I often write something out of the Book of Mormon or something--so? So what? There IS TRUTH to some extent in all things--IN FACT, ALL THINGS ARE ALL TRUTH--JUST NOT THE TRUTH OF GOODNESS AND LIFE. I am denounced because I often offer "truth" from the Native American "Ancients" who are "PAGAN". Say what?? "Pagan" is representative of false gods and bunches of them. The Ancients have ONE GOD, good friends--JUST ONE--and still they can honor all the other ideas of truth to allow for focus on that energy through familiar bonding and reverence. If you think they be "PAGAN" in the "Christian" reference--you had better go look again--and see just WHO set such a definition on their beings. Your speakers of authority over such definition show their own ignorance of truthful manifestation of God and singular intent. In other words--you are listening to stupid non-informed hot-air machines with no notion as to what is righteous and/or Truth.

How can I know that this is SO? LOOK AT YOUR WORLD AND CHECK IT OUT. ARE YOU INTO CHAOS AND TROUBLE OR ARE YOU IN THE MIDST OF HARMONY AND BALANCE IN GODLY TRUTH? Maybe your way and "wisdom" didn't work? So what gives you right to pounce and pound on MINE? SO FAR, EVERYTHING I HAVE TOLD YOU IS PROVING TO BE ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND IS CONFIRMED AND I PRONOUNCE NOTHING "ON" YOU. Therefore, why do I seem to bother so many people? I have no group, no force, no money, mind our own business and, still, we seem to be the biggest "botheration" of almost anyone ever set down on your placement!! How so? I find the "books" (JOURNALS) are denounced without so much as holding a copy in hand, much less the reading of such documents. Perhaps it HAS TO BE THAT WAY, however, or the eyes and soul (if one is present) would see Truth?? (???)

I apologize to all of you who wanted ME to be a "little gray" something or other with mirror eyes. I have NEVER SEEN A MESSENGER SENT FROM LIGHTED CREATOR GOD-- WHO IS A LITTLE GRAY ANYTHING! You have been "had", little brothers and sisters of the lies. It is time to grow up and look around you--"TRUTH" is not in those who feed you garbage and excitement just because you prefer to dream of "loving" abductions,', torture and freeloading UFOlogists. THAT IS ALL LIE! So why do you turn and denounce me because I offer you now thrill-a-minute bloodletting?? Worse, I suggest that you aren't' going to get raptured on God of Light's ship passing in the day or night. So, go with YOUR GOD and see who gets off the old terra-firma in the "holocaust"! I am not in some kind of "competition" for YOUR "grace". GOD OF GRACE is my resource--not YOUR opinion through a bunch of "unnamed" groupies from here or there--be it a bunch of Pleiadians ("We Pleiadians") or "Cosmic Awareness" or, or, or. We come, we identify individually, we offer specific truth, no magic or terror and still WE ARE THE ONES DENOUNCED. Why would you ones RATHER believe the LIE than the TRUTH? Ponder it and look within at WHY THIS IS SO? Who puts on the better show? Look again! Go forth on a star-filled night and look around and tell me again--who puts on the BETTER SHOW? You are NOT going to make a safe, physical transition to anywhere, cloud or otherwise, through MAGIC. If you don't like my suggestions--go do your thing and blessings rest upon you--also a lot of sympathy and sadness at such blindness and foolish perceptions.


Am I saying that there are no resources other than myself--take it or leave it? No. I AM saying that My compatriots DO NOT in any way make waves in that which is MY CREW as is happening in several corners of the geographical locations of PERCEIVED central "occupation". For instance, the commanders with whom this mission is most closely affiliated, as to our purpose specifically, DO NOT make even remotely directional changes, presentations or even "what if" without my direct and immediate input. If this is happening--look again! You are being misled as is the receiver in point. Am I saying that somehow a receiver has gotten out of "whack"? I am not saying "anything" except what I just said. Moreover, "private" readings directed at MY PEOPLE are not acceptable--from any of my joint commanders.

Dharma DOES have trouble equating what she experiences with that which is "told" to her. It is not her problem--however, I suppose you need an example. Just yesterday it was stated that Sananda and Soltec "are away" or words similar as if to indicate that there is "NO" writing. Funny thing about it is that BOTH were at her keyboard, in presence, and Soltec was requesting a scribe. Now what do you do? Dharma had pretty much turned over all Soltec "work" to another--who says "he is away" and yet "he" stands waiting for a writer because of URGENT need to get information through.

Further, Dharma has all but refused to accept a job of so much as "reading" information from other receivers--not because she deems it "incorrect" but in the past she has been expected to read and even correct some misperceptions in receiving BY THE ONE "CLAIMED" TO HAVE GIVEN THE ORIGINAL INFORMATION. Ones involved get totally bent out of shape at the results and yet--SHE KNOWS THESE PARTIES INVOLVED AND HAS WRITTEN FOR ALL OF THEM FOR MANY YEARS NOW. DOES THIS MAKE HER THE "ONLY" VALID WRITER AROUND? NO, BUT THIS IS HER RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS PLACE AT THIS TIME AND SHE WILL NOT COMPROMISE HER RESPONSIBILITY TO "PLEASE" ANOTHER ANYBODY SO SHE FINDS IT EASIER TO SIMPLY REFUSE TO COMMENT. This IS causing a lot of problems for her right now because we have some who would like to change positions and don't really know how to give up the tasks assigned and are blundering on a physical Earth level pretty consistently and pretty often now. With intent? Of course not--the adversary doesn't give you that much quarter, my friends--NEVER. Moreover the changes and desires are foisted off on the unsuspecting in such a subtle and indirect manner as to deceive the persons involved almost all the time while in assault.

By the way, when you speak of Sananda, readers--you are not recognizing the oneness of this entity WITH GOD. Sananda is simply a label MEANING "one with God". It is an ancient Egyptian word, translated now, just as was "Aton". Sananda is representative of a state of being and specifically is now recognized as that which indicates perfection in a "state of Christness" which is applied to that being you expect back on your place as "God" of Lighted presence. That means you can call that one Babajee, Maharishjee, Jesus Emmanuel, Immanuel, Jmmanuel or Easter Bunny or Corn Husker as long as you understand WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN INTENT. However, to say that "Sananda is not around" or is "not writing today because HE IS ELSEWHERE" is a WRONG PERCEPTION. HE might not be writing through you or for you or, or, or--BUT HE AIN'T AWAY!! EVEN IF HE WERE "AWAY" IT WOULD NOT INTERFERE WITH ANYTHING HE WOULD HAVE GOING WITH "YOU"! I suggest you place no more limitations on this energy form than you do on GOD because you cannot tell the difference in any way whatsoever--for there is not any difference!

What about me? It depends on what I am doing and where and in what capacity I am serving. I don't suggest you limit my capabilities very much either, however, for I have a very broad spectrum of possibilities. Do I need other speakers? No--I don't NEED this one--YOU DO! We certainly do not, however, need a bunch of them--to confuse you--however, if you find others who claim to speak for me or any of these energies--LISTEN AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR CONFIRMATION.

By the way, to say "The Pleiadians" or something is like going into space and into another galaxy and saying those "Earthians". You have FAR MORE, BY INFINITE COUNT, EVIL ENERGIES ON EARTH THAN GODLY INSTRUCTORS IN TRUTH. To limit MY place, origin or location by saying "he is a Pleiadian" is a FALSE STATEMENT. I come by way of Hatonn planet in training with Earth Humans (because that is your reflected 'sister' galaxy--no more and no less). I COME FROM THE REALMS OF THE LIGHTED EXISTENCE OF GOD--and THAT is not some planet anywhere definable in your vocabularies or dimensional expression. However, I needed, and still need, some recognizable form of IDENTIFICATION which you can recognize--and I USE IT. To refuse to identify myself for your consumption and confirmation--would be as unthinkable as having Charles Manson claim to be an "Earthian Christ Consciousness Abounding". Further, IF YOUR SPEAKER(S) ARE VALID, THEY WILL NOT ANNOY YOU WITH HESITATION AT FINITE IDENTIFICATION IN ALL INSTANCES. Check and see who gains what by failure to do so and especially why would that speaker or witness denounce one who would demand such? You will usually find your TRUTH in the watching--and I can guarantee that "you will most often NOT LIKE YOUR ANSWER".


Number one: The picture of "Esu" which we have would be accepted directly by you IF you were not told from whence it came. Further, the ideological paintings of "Christ Jesus" are that--interpretations of someone long ago invisible to your eyes. Now, we get abundant argument about such things as "pictures"--why? Check within and see "why". We are de-nounced and told that "our" picture is false and represents evil false claims. Oh, HOW DO YOU know so much? WHO TOLD YOU? ON WHAT DO YOU BASE SUCH ARGU-MENT? WHY WOULD THAT SOURCE BE VALID AND MINE NOT? Maybe it has been long since you used REASON, my friends. If you hear or see an image of Clinton on the vidiot box or hear his voice on the airwaves or on a telephone line--do you accept or deny the possibility that IT IS Clinton? Then why is it so hard to accept that GOD and his MESSENGERS just MIGHT be allowed the same possibility? After all--you don't even like Clinton and yet you claim to be awaiting God's return! By the way--the ones who deny ME are the ones who also tell you to not witness this material--"throw it out". You tell ME, how anyone can make judgment or discernment through NOT EXPERIENCING? PSYCHICS? OH I THINK NOT!

Even the ones who CLAIM to hear regularly from God and speak FOR and in the NAME-OF this Christ and pronounce HIS edicts on your heads cannot abide the POSSIBILITY that God may well have sent MESSENGERS JUST AS PROMISED. Why do they object? Because they are going to find that "our presentation" is TRUTH and that means THEIRS IS NOT and IF YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THEM--THEY LOSE ALL POWER OVER YOUR BEINGS AND THIS IS NO SMALL LOSS TO "MAN"' ON YOUR PLANET GEARED TO "POWER" OF PHYSICAL EGO EXPRESSION. WE WANT NO CONTROL OVER ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY YOUR BEINGS. I simply ask you to take note at how many people pronounce edicts regarding our work and word and how many of YOU labor long and hard in trying to change perceptions--when the persons involved have not, nor have any intentions of so much as reading the work and word in point. I am continually amused at how many tell me to "go back to Christ!" How so--I TRAVEL WITH YOUR "CHRIST"!! AND, FURTHERMORE, IF ANYONE BOTHERED TO READ MY WRITINGS--IT CAN NOT BE REFUTED. So, WHO is the fool? Well, perhaps "me" for wasting your time with it for, after all, I have all the "time" in the Universe--and you are VERY LIMITED IN THAT COMMODITY. I would ask you, however, WHAT ELSE ARE YOU DOING THAT TAKES SO MUCH "TIME"?


And--what is it that disturbs you so much about putting your truth onto that of another? You can say to me: "Because I want 'them' to have truth and I want my family to have 'life' in this truth." This may well be worthy--but, friends, as ones reach physical maturity--even if idiots by all accounts--you CANNOT DEMAND THAT A PERSON BELIEVE ANYTHING. Therefore, what is your RESPONSIBILITY? Always it gets down to "responsibility". You can "offer" but more than that--you are efforting to "cause" through one form of coercion or another--your "opinions" upon another and manipulate that "other's" responsibility aspect.

Remember Little Crow's rather "crude" but impressive statement?: "People are too lazy, wanting somebody to help them see the light. Get off your dead ass and look for the light yourself. Find the switch, turn it on..." You cannot do a thing FOR somebody else any more than you can have the right nor the capability to take on another's responsibility.

"This responsibility isn't outside of yourself for somebody else to do. It's within you and it's for you to do in every moment of your life the best you can. Not perfect. Not perfect, but the best you can. Say you don't get it done the best you can this time. What happens? You come back and you do it again, the best you can. That's all." Again, Little Crow. More? "This responsibility that we want God to have is the same responsibility that we should have...for our lives. Not blaming anyone for whatever comes along that seems to not let us do what we want to do." and, "....That is part of the Great Mystery that is left to us as human beings--to be able to get off of our ass and to stand up independently in the face of God, Wakan Tanka, and take responsibility for what it is we choose to think and do and say--because each thought permeates the universe with our energy--and that energy is created from what we think."

So, who do YOU blame if you have not enough of this or that, from money to position? Is your perceived lack somehow Dharma's fault, or mine? Why is not that which comes against THEM, YOUR FAULT? Why do you not create enough for yourself and leave them alone--and/or get ENOUGH for the both of you--it is as much YOUR responsibility to self, nation, and God as it is theirs or mine. We are doing OUR jobs! I am not picking at you--I am inquiring of you. WHY MUST MAN BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR HIS SHORTFALLS AND HARDLY EVER GIVES CREDIT FOR HIS SUCCESSES? Why do you so often ask God for more and more and more--and rarely see the gifts, which you toss aside as chaff in the wheat-field, for that which they are?


You people will come to realize in one split second in "time" that you are all that IS. You can deny that which annoys you and cast "blame" until that split second in "time". But in that moment you will come to know Truth and there will be no one ELSE to blame or upon which to place YOUR responsibilities. All is Sacred--YOU are Sacred and you have a responsibility to all that is for it, too, is SACRED. You are connected to EVERYTHING else in creation and until you recognize responsibility and truth unto the "Creator" of this wondrous romp through consciousness--you have not realized anything--you have simply existed in a non-expression of LIFE by "IMITATING" that motion in mind which somehow "represents" the mechanism of "life" but IS NOT.

If you look upon an acorn and plant this acorn seed--will you get corn? I think not! Who has the responsibility of planting your seed crop? Sad it is for those who care so little of the truth of their own expression to allow another to plant your crops which you must have for sustenance--what if he plants poison hemlock? I see, you will just "blame him for your demise". So be it. Have a nice trip--and it's the tummy-ache that you'll first notice!

I would remind you that no matter WHO tells you whatever--it is YOU who is going to face the "maker". You may josh about it and decide that "all my friends will be there so what difference does it make"? A LOT! To me? No--unless I fail to bring the TRUTH and then it is MY failure. I AM NOT FAILING, FRIENDS--HOLD IT IN YOUR HEARTS!

May I ask that you think on these things very, very carefully for a closed mind is by far and away worse than a closed door. A locked door cannot hold a soul--a locked mind can imprison into eternity.




TUE., DEC. 14, 1993 10:07 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 120

TUE., DECEMBER 14, 1993

IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES--IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES, BUT IT IS ALWAYS THE "RIGHT TIME"! Hatonn. All you need do is sort out the best from the worst and "carry on" without distraction.


You cannot "distract from" our work--everything going, even into the injustice system of the court halls of injustice is OUR WORK, without which you could move in only one direction-- downward into despair. YOU CAN CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS EVEN INTO THE COURT HALLS OF INJUSTICE--IF YOU PERSEVERE AND STAY THE COURSE. IS IT DIFFICULT? NO, NOT REALLY. It DOES mean you have to attend and do YOUR PART. You are going to see, very soon now (perhaps this morning), what you will consider "miracles". NO--not miracles, but rather the results of your focusing power and attention onto the corrupt Elite in stations of insipid use of the power stolen from you. Perhaps I will allow you to watch it unfold. Do you think' Gunther Russbacher would even be "talking" about release this day if it were not FOR YOU? No, give your GOD-joint venture with YOU, total credit and there is NOTHING you cannot accomplish on the face of the Earth! I think it is nice that we are able to SHOW you some "Christmas gifts" which were unexpected 'neath your boughs of holly berries.


Karen put it picturesquely, "Hatonn is the Tidy-Bowl man flushing out the toilet." Well, perhaps--but again--it is NOT ME. You ones are doing two things, 1) becoming observant and realizing you have enemies among you and WHO they are, and 2) the enemies are sorting out themselves.

Some just vacillate back and forth to and from anyone who seems to offer a better "deal" and according to how angry you are with one group--turn cunningly to and integrate within "the other". The problem with this manipulation and lack of discernment as to honor and credibility is exactly "that": you lose all credibility in BOTH groups and will become USED by the adversarial side--EVERY TIME. Does it mean that your "intent" is necessarily "shady"? Yes, why else would you continue to do and repeat that which brings any kind of discord down on the heads of ones you CLAIM to share allegiance?

Do YOU think that God will accept you back following indiscretions? Yes? Oh, you may well be correct about GOD--but you are awfully WRONG about individual missions of messengers sent BY God.

Stories are being funnelled back to ones, Fort, Green, Anderson, lawyers of the above--but who have been so absolutely corrupt and indiscreet as to only do in themselves--from this place to the extent that you must look at the "claims" of those very people named in this paragraph.

Green still claims in a court of law that he gets direct information from (and names them) such as Berger, Sutton, Young (P.), contacts of Dr. Young and on and on and on. It doesn't seem that you ones who are named ever learn to separate yourselves from the elements USING YOU. I don't know where you get the idea that everything is "ok" in fantasy-land. Some of you want to deal with and actually work within the paper, publishing, marketing and literally move within the dwellings of some of the team or within corporations which have no reason to have you present under ANY circumstances. There is no group here through which you have any claim AT ALL. Are you guilty of adverse actions? What difference does it make if you CONTINUE to allow what you say or do to be used? If you "Just ALLOW"--FINE--but go "allow" somewhere else. Rewards for service which pulls down a mission or a company through carelessness OR full intent--is not tolerated--ESPECIALLY IN THE WORK OF GOD IN THIS TIME OF AWAKENING--I don't care who you THINK you are. Besides, I am WEARY of you allowing the adversary quarter and even assist him in his on goings against us while allowing us no opinions, no right to sort, and actually fully "demand" entry and participation in that which continues to HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU--SAVE THROUGH YOUR OWN DECISIONS MADE TO LOCATE HERE. Some "wait" so they can eventually "take" and "be made a place". No--forget it because if you cannot follow the level of fundamental actions and intent within the laws and the Laws of God--leave us OUT OF IT.

Some who attend our little meetings even participate with illegal substances from time to time. Is this wrong? As long as it is against the law--it is WRONG! Is it my business? No--only as it impacts that with which I serve as CEO. If you can't leave pot, etc., to the garbage with no stench or molecule on breath or body, then come around My company offices--then I don't want you around the company offices. THIS is not being nasty and mean--this is purely good sense and respect for both parties. You are WATCHED and if you think the enemy is not working day and night around the clock to CATCH you at so much as breathing wrong--you are mistaken. You have NO RIGHT to jeopardize another--in work or body.

If you, who work here, do not agree and continue such actions--where are the ones who DO HAVE responsibility of the premises and are stewards of the various companies in this place, or elsewhere? Just because you claim to love God and perhaps, almost, "like" me, is no demand on anyone for anything.

Some of you are in the midst of sorting out yourselves--from the adversary or from this working participation. Either is not my business as to "you" personally--but what happens with those who do have full intent in service and petition for insight and discernment--ARE GOING TO GET IT! YOU SHALL BE KNOWN BY YOUR WORKS AND BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP! FAIR? YES, BECAUSE "THAT" IS THE ONLY "JUDGMENT" YOU MAY HONORABLY HAVE. A "test", students, is not a test if you know the questions so you can fudge the answer! Ponder it. If you run hot and cold like the water faucets when you are "put out"--then be elsewhere--for it takes 100% to pass God's testing and you can't HIDE INTENT from GOD!


Dharma petitions me: "But what of friends who have come to share and just can't seem to 'get it together'?" Well, face it, sleepyheads: these are NOT, number one, friends, and two, there is no "group" from which to "drop" out. If you have a "block party supper" or a "neighbor" open-house in the street called a "street party", does this give YOU right to your neighbor's property, business, library or anything else? Then why do you seem to think it right, and even demand, that you have access to anyone's companies or property in our association of enterprises or businesses? Would YOU treat the Tehachapi News, the New York Times, ETC., like you seem to think the CONTACT is open to be treated? If you "volunteer"--look within and see to whom and to what do you "volunteer" service? Do YOU have a "right" to "demand" that you be allowed volunteering? Why? Would you go down to the New York Times and demand that you be in the mailing crew, layout crew or whatever? What would they do at the New York Times if you were caught with a key to their offices and found you in those offices day or night? When you can treat God's property and our business as you would ANY and EVERY OTHER business--then and only then, can you move forward in trusted security of God's stewardship. If you don't "understand" this, then you have NOT STUDIED THE MATERIAL REGARDING ANYTHING TO DO WITH OUR MISSION.

Does this mean that we don't want or "like" volunteers? For goodness sakes, WE COULD NOT FUNCTION WITHOUT THAT WONDROUS GIVING AND SHARING OF OUR FAMILY HERE. "Waiting upon God" is one thing--just "waiting" until you can "get something" is quite another! It is perhaps time EACH moves within and begins to sort out this "waiting" game.


There are a lot of changes coming down RIGHT NOW. I have to have Dharma freed-up and that means I must also have E.J. freed-up. There is plenty of information flowing to keep right on top of things at the paper, in the JOURNALS (regular), etc. I cannot keep Dharma writing and E.J. up into the wee hours every night sorting the writings and running the myriads of tasks for which he volunteers service. I need them both for the next while in altogether different arenas. We have many new plants in our nursery which need planting and nurturing and I will not even leave that information into their minds--we will take one fragment at a time. This will take time, space, and being left alone from other impacts.

It is a "time" when just this Christmas season we have court mandatory hearings, depositions on at least five cases during the days ahead--starting tomorrow (15th), the 17th, two (known) on the 22nd, on the 28th, etc. It never lightens--it just gets so oppressive as to be unable to write and/or attend holiday anything. There is no tree or ornaments around this place--for our ones can't even yet tell if the law is going to somehow force them into the street. It has been this way for SIX holiday Seasons!!

If friends come of which we have awaited--then we will have to pool resources and pots and have a family thing or two which is shared. It will be a blessing--not an adversity.

I am asked to get involved, or at least speak on, subjects which pour in every day. I shall continue to do what we can and more and more depend on the CONTACT crew, i.e., Rick, etc., to fill in the updates. He is receiving and discussing 12 to 18 hours a day.


Our hearts are grateful that Dr. Young has postponed any moves or changes for the interim time of great need here. He is picking up his role as Chief Editor again until the dust settles at the least. The paper and JOURNALS are the voice among our people and are, therefore, more important than any scientific "invention” awaiting attention. God rarely works in his response to your offer to serve by allowing it to be as YOU PERCEIVE IT SHOULD BE.

In the separation of the chaff from what we perceive to be the kernel--we often overlook the magnificent qualities and uses of that "chaff". Even as with grain--the chaff holds the fiber, the elemental substances of LIFE in greater abundance than does the grain kernel. Does this mean that you should EAT ONLY ground chaff? No, it means that you must not overlook the magnificent role you play--for YOU have no way to weight the value of the moment or the task--to self or the greater overall. Moreover, it is indeed a BIG person who can fill the space of teacher by incident, example or full intent--and arise from each and every testing--more worthy, more balanced and eager to move on without blip or self-flagellation. Every incident, every moment must be revelation and recognition of that which IS, and not just what you "think" it represents. God and Truth will ALWAYS stand the testing--into infinity!

I do wish to comment on a couple of things which are actually quite "personal" to many of you--especially in this location.

By Dr. John Coleman

I am asked about Coleman and "our" relationship. To what relationship might you refer? Just about EVERY incident of negative relationship with one John Coleman, John Jr. and Lena were foisted off on the rest of us by one George Green. Even to the computers which Coleman took when he left this place, belonging to the paper and the Institute. George Green GAVE THEM TO JOHN! He had no right to do so--BUT HE DID SO. George Green even kept many, many volumes of John's first book and still takes rights of publication and distribution. Coleman had to go through another publisher just to get his OWN WORK out to you other than through Greens.

Now Coleman has released another book which I feel in its pertinent information exceeds the quality and information content of "The Committee of 300". John has had to all but go underground because of publicity against him and actual revelations about him and his private experiences prior to his assuming the label of John Coleman. Does God care whether or not a man worked (works) for the CIA, British Intelligence or what? NO-- GOD looks into the intent of a person at the current moment of expression. However, if EGO guides the journey, the man falls short and reaps the usual bitterness of return--instead of the sweetness of successful journey.

Am "I" going to help get John's book into your hands? Yes, every way I can--because it is information gathered and presented in such a way as to integrate it. Is the information "out there" elsewhere? Not in integrated format compiled into a reasonable JOURNAL-sized publication. Is it copyrighted? Who knows? You have to realize that only through copyright and/or ISBN numbers can anyone track the work of an author and get the work. The book stores, especially the "chains", are controlled and WILL NOT CARRY MUCH OF OUR WORKS-- BUT THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO A PURCHASER TO LOOK UP THE INFORMATION ON THE MATERIAL AND OBTAIN THE WORK\ FOR YOU IF STILL IN PUBLICATION.

I will share the back cover printing with you to give you a brief overview. I shall not, however, serialize this book without personal permission for it is NOT in any way attached to our work as was the Committee of 300. I congratulate and honor John for persevering and getting this work into print. The very least we can do is "advertise" the work.


This is a true and accurate account of treasonous conduct by the British and American governments: An account of how their citizens are deceived by policies provoking actions that are totally detrimental to the well-being of their citizens. Thoroughly researched, the book provides a great deal of hitherto unpublished information and throws new light on such diverse operations as the Gulf War and the Bolshevik Revolution. The chapter on covert actions throws new light on the murder of Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul 1, and other notables marked for elimination.

The bloodshed that resulted from the creations of an artificial "Saudi Arabia"; the foreign policy making role of the petroleum industry; the rape of Mexico by British and American oil barons; the revolutions they ignited which cost thousands upon thousands of lives; British conquest of India, the pernicious Indian "apartheid" caste system. These are some of the subjects dealt with in this historic expose of how our governments deceive us under the color of diplomacy.

Diplomacy By Deception tells us that the United Nations is a war-making body, not a peace-keeping organization, and how the Rockefellers and Alger Hiss, aided by the top Illuminati Dulles family, got the United States involved with the United Nations. There is a masterly analysis of constitutional roadblocks barring U.S. membership of the United Nations that will come as a surprise and leave no doubt that we are not now, nor can we ever be, a member of the United Nations.

Diplomacy by Deception will forever alter your perception of the two leading governments in Western civilization. This is an excellent companion book to the Committee of 300 by the same author.

Joseph Publishing Co., A Division of Joseph Holding Corp.

2533 North Carson Street

Carson City, Nevada 89706

$20.00 [And, please, tell him Hatonn sent you....]


The next item involves the arrest of Phillip and Marlene Marsh and some members of their company and family.

This has been coming for a long, long time in spite of everything I could do to get ones to LISTEN to me. Do "they" "deserve" such treatment? Of course not--but if you push the river you are going to drown.


Federal agents arrest leaders of Parker-based Liberty Foundation in three-state operation. The "names" may mean nothing to most of you but this is also recognized as the "Pilot Group", etc. These people have been featured in every patriot sheet around and also on such programs as 20/20 and so forth. At first meeting with Gary Anderson, he was a major player WITH these people and was into "Trusts" and other such devious activities as to form a Constitutional Law Centre "trust" in order to steal from the Constitutional Law Center. This latter trick was perpetrated with George Green.

Do I mean that somehow the things they offered were not really "good"? No, I mean that from onset of our offerings we told you that some things would serve briefly and other things would not and if you set out to get rich off the people who trust you to "help" them--you deserve that which the law brings against you. As I see the following information, I have no comment and neither do I think "The Law Center" should hop in there and "do something". If, INDEED, there is abuse of CONSTITUTIONAL rights, that is altogether different. However, you will note a very conspicuous absence of claims about CONSTITUTIONAL items regarding taxes, etc. Please, as you read, NOTE THE CHARGES AGAINST THE PERSONS INVOLVED.

Do I have other observations? Yes, lots, but I will only mention a couple of them--Green and Anderson probably should be included in the arrests for the same fraudulent claims.

Article: Wed., Dec. 8, 1993, Rocky Mountain News.

IRS raids tax-protest group. Federal agents arrest leaders of Parker-based Liberty Foundation in three-state operation. By Ann Carnahan, Rocky Mountain News Staff writer:

Parker--The IRS has crushed the nations' biggest tax protester group, accused of bilking more than 10,000 people and the federal government of at least $21 million.

Federal officials Monday swooped into the Parker offices of the Liberty Foundation, which claims Americans don't have to pay income taxes.

Six people were arrested in simultaneous raids in Parker, Aurora, Utah and California, where the group was based until early this year.

"Their avowed goal is the destruction of the IRS," Steven V. Giorgi, head of criminal investigations at the agency's Sacramento office, said Tuesday. "They have not succeeded."

The group's leaders, Phillip and Marlene Marsh, conduct workshops across the country on ways for taxpayers to "legally and permanently" remove themselves from the "voluntary" tax system. [H: Indeed, a worthy cause but so "against" the "system" that they could not be allowed to succeed. Until you people learn to stop fighting with little guns against the big guns, you cannot "win". You must play within their games and within their laws, even if they are not "Constitutional" because it is the NEW LAW OF THE LAND! These people did not have real "Constitutional" care about your nation and your freedom. They chose a fragment which could be built into a money-making market and sink a lot of unsuspecting participants into trusts, etc., which were destined to do you in.]

They coined the term "untaxing" to describe that process.

The foundation, formerly called the Pilot Connection Society, moved from Stockton, Calif., to Parker after it was raided by federal agents.

Leaders recruited people who "had trouble" with the Internal Revenue Service, Giorgi said.

Members paid between $45 and $10,000 for kits and services to learn how to disappear from tax rolls forever and conceal money in offshore trust accounts.

Giorgi would not rule out arrests of other members. He said that some were "willing participants" in defrauding the government, but that many were simply victims.

"All that many of them ended up doing was delaying the final call with the service," he said.

Phillip Marsh, 69, and Marlene Marsh, 57, who earned between $1 million and $6 million in 1991, according to affidavits, were arrested in Los Angeles.

Their daughter and son-in-law, Jill and Darrell Spencer, were arrested in the Denver area. Darrell, 25, was the general manager, and Jill, 27, was the office manager.

A foundation administrator, Robert Singleton, 59, was arrested in Salt Lake City, and Douglas Carps, 48, the trust producer, was already in prison on another charge. Two other foundation leaders were being sought.

All will be charged with conspiracy, mail fraud and aiding and abetting. If convicted, they could each face seven to 10 years in prison, Giorgi said.

Parker police and Douglas County sheriff's deputies participated in the raid, which culminated a three-year investigation by the California and Colorado office of the IRS.

As he spoke to reporters, Giorgi stood by a large photo of the Marshes.


Oh, readers, my heart hurts for these ones and for you who simply are efforting at every opportunity to save your nation and your property. However, winning comes from the full intent of service unto the "Godly" path. That means that you don't run around taunting the beast and daring him to attack. He is taunting you into thinking you can pull off some of these little accomplishments. Once you are sunk into the trap he will getcha every time. The articles appearing will be geared to destroy you and be filled with inaccurate information--IT IS THE GAME!

If you cannot set ego aside and run your little businesses in the shelter of your own LEGAL methods--you leave selves open for the SAME thing.

Didn't we spend a lot of time in JOURNALS writing on these Constitutional issues and advocating some of these same methods? Yes, when it was feasible to use them and if use of them was for the "right reasons" and not just to EVADE taxes. The Big Boys are not going to let you EVADE taxes. THEY WILL HELP YOU AVOID THEM IF YOU BE SMALL AND DO NOT ANNOY THEM--THEY WILL NOT TOLERATE OUTRIGHT BATTLE--SURELY YOU CAN BE MORE SUBTLE IN YOUR APPROACH TO THIS "WAR".

What will happen here? Well, you can be sure that the government Big Boys will not stop until there "ain't" nothin' left of that $21 Million! If you choose to take these methods of protecting assets and selves--you can expect to get exactly THIS happening to you. Is it right? Readers, there isn't ANYTHING "RIGHT" ABOUT WHAT IS COMING DOWN--BUT IT IS COMING DOWN!

Little companies, corporations, out of Nevada which present no threat to the Big Boys will not be bothered. Investments which represent notes (loans) into use by such as the Institute in projects which do not "compete" in the major business arenas aren't a threat to them. "They" will even HELP you as long as you stay within their guidelines and rules. It is when you try to make a killing off their prey that you are going to get killed. It seems totally simplistic to me. Further, ANYONE who goes out there and tries to get an uprising going to insure "retention" of your property--is going to get squashed. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET RICH QUICK ON ANY OF THESE SCHEMES IN THIS DAY AND AGE, READERS--THEY WILL NOT ALLOW IT. YOU CAN, HOWEVER, SURVIVE NICELY IF YOU USE REASON, LOGIC, AND QUIETLY "CARRY-ON" IN SOLID INTENT WITH GODLY PASSAGE. BELIEVE ME, THE ADVERSARY DOES NOT WANT A CONFRONTATION WITH GOD OR HIS HOSTS! But, it DOES mean that you have to dot every "i" and cross EVERY "t". Don't and you're trapped!


What about that which helps balance the body proper? What about it? We can offer a lot of things to a lot of people but there are so many who will not listen, will not see and cast us aside as absurd and evil that WE ARE NO SEEMING THREAT TO ANYONE IN ANY BUSINESS, RACKET OR EVEN "PRESS". You will, further, find that a "big bunch" of loose money and property is only a sign to them to come and get it from you. A LOT of money is of no value when it is of no value--only a target marker. Beans used for barter will be more valuable and if you have many of those--they too become a target marker. It is going to be a tedious journey and you aren't going to make it unscathed unless you get your "intent" in good positive order. God does not mind "tag alongs" with good intent--but he doesn't put up "for long" with those who hang on to make a buck off the work of another without equal input.

You are going to have to arrive at TOTAL lack of all ego entrapments, leaving off NAMES and focus on selves as persons or credited parties. If you cannot know of worthiness within without signs scattered all over in power structures and prestige alignments--you aren't going to make it. I repeat--if you have to have a "name" on your building--you had better be choosing your enemy's name to splatter up there on the top corner. Are you interesting in "making it" through as a participant in the remnant--or, just in being a "big deal"?


It is in the news today: THE TRUST WILL BE TURNED TO WIPING OUT ALL GROUPS WHICH SO MUCH AS APPEAR FUNDAMENTALIST OR SEPARATISTS AND SUPREMACISTS. Your FBI chief Freeh is working as we write with his counter-part in Germany to formalize a PLAN for shutting down and "wiping" out these "hate" groups. THIS WAS ON YOUR CNN NEWS THIS MORNING! This includes "orthodox" groups, they report, who teach in their churches, anything "hate" oriented, such as disallowance of homosexuality and other "deviant life styles" (their words).

We need to leave this now and attend some other pressing matters. Thank you, each and every one--for even if you intend not to help us learn and grow--you have done so, even to the last nit-picking attack. I have a team now worthy of the Biggest Leagues in the Universe and I am humble in your allowance of me as a teacher-messenger. We each have responsibility and I am overflowed by the loving work of you ones as you struggle to grow and KNOW. You cannot see the level of growth in self for you are blinded by that ego consciousness and world-accepted perception. I can see--and I am humble that I am allowed participation in this great adventure in creation/creating. YOU must "DO IT" for the manifestation is "physical" and you are physically manifest. But the bonding and the power is from that which is invisible to the physical--and from thence comes the TOTAL POWER of CREATION/Re-creation.

To you who are curious about exciting and mysterious things-- keep your eyes peeled (if you are close) to White Sands. We have some pretty interesting "manifestations" taking place there these days ahead--don't miss the show!

In love and appreciation, I am, Hatonn.



TUE., DEC. 21, 1993 8:57 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 127

TUE.. DECEMBER 21, 1993



Mr. Vardon called the CONTACT office yesterday in angry rebuttal to the information I offered about misinformation regarding Russbacher.

I am going to REPEAT something. I shall continue to call the plays exactly as they ARE and not according to "patriot" groups here and there who do not, cannot, or refuse, to recognize facts.

I have only one objection to information being offered as "received" or as "opinioned". I have every exception in behalf of the staff here, that their work should be put down by anyone, especially ones who have received great help, in many ways, from the resource here.


Again: CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF A CITIZEN. I believe Harry Martin is one of the more courageous "freedom fighters" through his paper and I feel that Ken Vardon has greatly, possibly beyond present ability to measure, allowed for information spreading. It is beside the point, gentlemen, as to whether or not Russbacher stole 20 cents or $15 million dollars from the CIA as to Constitutional rights of a man. THE CHARGES AGAINST THE "MAN" WERE NOT THEFT OF $15 MILLION DOLLARS--AND, UNTIL CITIZENS CAN SEE THE "DIFFERENCE", YOU CANNOT RECLAIM YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. IF THE MAN IS BEING HELD BECAUSE OF $15 MILLION CONTROVERSIAL DOLLARS--THAT MUST BE THE CHARGE! I further will tell you right here and now that Barbara Honegger's version of "October Surprise" is INCORRECT. However, Gunther Russbacher was sent forth to distract Rayelan--there are no accidents or coincidental twin-flame meetings in the world of intelligence operations. I would suggest that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you would possibly have a person of that involvement untampered! Until something else comes along, however, you as citizens MUST follow the obvious and realize possibilities but WORK ON FACT--AND THIS MAN WAS, IS AND REMAINS IN CONDITIONS WHICH ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND BARBARIC--WHO HE IS MAKES NO DIFFERENCE AND UNTIL YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS, YOU SHALL HAVE NO FREEDOM.


Now, let us just make reference to the "Waco incident" that now captures all your attention as to "justice" for involved parties. Mr. Vardon is even efforting to move to Texas to cover the atrocities. Yes, the innocents are at stake and THAT is THE point of any justice marches. The Waco project, however, is not, was not and never could be claimed to be an assault against some nice Christian people. Oh, they may well have claimed to be such--BUT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN--ONLY THE HAPLESS "VICTIMS" SUCKED INTO INCORRECT FACTUAL TEACHINGS--FOR COVER.

The Davidians are NOT a branch of some Pentecostal or orthodox "religion". They were established through a fragment group of the MK-ULTRA mind-control project. They are an offspring of a person called "Davidian" and are totally involved and participants of a massive theft ring originating and participating in California. There was a MAJOR theft from an Armory in the general area of Ventura/Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo which involved, to the eyes, one William Clark--and which was pulled off by this man, Davidian. PART OF THAT STOLEN ARSENAL WENT TO WACO, TEXAS AND TO THE LOCATION OF THE WACO MASSACRE.

You are about to move into massive distraction--AGAIN! You will focus on the general injustice to a few survivors--when that may well be "just"--but it certainly MISSES THE POINT!

You are dealing with totally corrupt, ruthless and Godless people who fully plan to bring the entire world under their CONTROL. THEY WILL NOT FALL BECAUSE YOU DON'T "LIKE IT". NEITHER WILL THEY FALL BECAUSE YOU TAKE UP YOUR PRIMITIVE WEAPONS AGAINST THEM--THEY HAVE LASER PULSE PHASERS AS WELL AS IMPRESSIVE HARDWARE FROM STOLEN WEAPONS TAKEN FROM YOUR OWN PUBLICLY OWNED ARSENALS. William Clark, for instance, had a stolen machine-gun weapon mounted in his house in Oxnard. THAT is the point you ones had better begin to attend--and not argument over the insignificant (in this case in point) talents of a hostage, Russbacher.

Are we going to now put Gunther on trial for failure to consistently refer to an L-1011 or a BAC-111 or whatever? I would think that if I were talking to a parole board in effort to "get out alive" I might well tell you my craft runs purely on candle wax--I certainly would not, to please some person from Texas, tell them the formulae for phaser magnetic light thrust. You goodly "PATRIOTS" are going to destroy the nation as surely as goodie-two-shoes would do it. You may well be patriots--BUT YOU FOLLOW THE RELIGIOUS FABRICATIONS RATHER THAN GOD. Further, unless you come back to ONE NATION UNDER GOD--God is not going to offer you much help in recovery through FORCE. Man must come again within Godliness if he expects freedom under and within God.

I HEAR a lot about "Christian" and "truth" and Constitution reclamation and "reclaim our nation"--but I observe VERY LIITLE GOD-INTENT AS TO ACTIONS.

Will one called Russbacher be able to fulfill his commitment to "CAUSE"? It depends upon "which" cause. Further, I find you "patriots" who are pretenders to some throne of knowledge because of your association with intelligence groups--turned Godly--to be amusing. If you have actually served in any capacity of "intelligence" training--you would KNOW the tactics and probabilities and would PROTECT YOUR BROTHER--NOT EFFORT TO DESTROY HIM--WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? I SUGGEST EVERYBODY TAKE A LOOK AND CONFRONT THESE POSSIBILITIES! EVERY PATRIOT GROUP IS NOW HEADED BY INFILTRATORS TO ULTIMATELY ASSIST THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Now one self-acclaimed authority on Constitutional possibilities, Ben White, would come up with another "patriot" group called something like "CIC"--without even describing the group in intent, and make Gunther Chief Officer. Say what?? Sir, you may well be a cannon in this "cause" but you need a few bolts in your gun-stabilizers and cannon mounts!


Why did you, Dr. White, descend on Russbacher at the moment of his release? It doesn't look good, friend. You just wanted to help? Then what is the barrage of inquisition scatterings? Are you so incapable of discretion as to endanger not only HIS life but YOUR OWN TO SUCH GREAT EXTENT? I suggest great care and attention on your "flight" back to Texas when you finish your confusion in Missouri.

I think every patriot exposed to Dr. White might ask a few questions and see how they fly: Is Ben White an "insert" (his term for this Gunther Russbacher character)? He claims to be a physician but he spends more time "patriotizing" than doctoring and how be it he has such assets as to start one group after another, fly personally, attend one on one released persons AND what makes him such authority on aircraft discrepancies? And, if this man (Russbacher) is just an "insert" why would Ben White suggest "keeping him" to "insert" him into a lead position in one of your "groups" of patriots? WHO IS BEN WHITE?? It seems that you receivers of all of Dr. White's information letters and packets--MIGHT WELL BE ASKING THIS QUESTION! It certainly looks more negative for Ben White than for Gunther Russbacher, whoever he might be.

Why should anyone tell a mere doctor from Texas--anything?? "Mere"? Insulting?? If the shoe fits ! I have little, to almost no, respect or reverence for any so-called "doctor" and why would one who entangles himself in almost everything OTHER than medicine, capture my trust AT ALL? You would want an incarcerated, assaulted and almost dead man to prove credentials? How about some of you would-be judges and patriots not be required to PROVE yourselves Godly? What RIGHT have YOU to go about with this garbage--at this time? Some people had better start paying attention to actions of "accusers" and see just what "they" have to gain or lose or show and/or tell from their great observations and authority.

Ben White wants to take Gunther to Texas wherein he can "heal" him. I would rather Gunther remain indefinitely in prison! Is this a harsh evaluation? Possibly, but ones who destroy--even in innocent ignorance--have no place in high-level playing fields.

Does this mean that Ben White will lose trust in one Commander Hatonn? No--he never had any in any point along the way in this journey. You cannot "lose a friend" who NEVER WAS. Moreover, if any of my team follows just any old Tom, Dick, Harry or Ben who drifts along--he will NOT receive commission from Me! I FOLLOW GOD AND SO TOO HAD BEST ANY ENTITY WHO CLAIMS AUTHORITY IN THIS RECLAMATION PROJECT.


Why would I now turn to the subject of "friendship"? Because until and unless you can BE A FRIEND, you cannot expect friendship or leadership or any other place where loyalty and forbearance must be the shield of unbending position.

An author once wrote a small volume called The Art of Living (Wilferd A. Peterson), Simon And Schuster, New York, 1961. I would ask Dharma to reprint a small portion on this subject:


The first step in the art of friendship is to be a friend; then making friends takes care of itself. To be a friend a man should start by being a friend to himself, by being true to his highest and best and by aligning himself with the enduring values of human life that make for growth and progress.

To be a friend a man should strive to be "like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land", to be a source of refuge and strength to those who walk in darkness.

To be a friend a man should believe in the inherent goodness of men and in their potential greatness; he should treat men in a big spirit, expectant of a noble response.

To be a friend a man should strive to lift people up, not cast them down; to encourage, not discourage; to set an example that will be an inspiration to others.

To be a friend a man should be sensitively responsive to the dreams and aims of others and should show sincere appreciation for the contributions others make to the enrichment of his life.

To be a friend a man should practice the companionship of silence and the magic of words that his speech may build and not destroy, help and not hinder.

To be a friend a man should close his eyes to the faults of others and open them to his own.

To be a friend a man should not attempt to reform or reprimand, but should strive only to make others happy if he can.

To be a friend a man should be himself, he should be done with hypocrisy, artificiality and pretense, he should meet and mingle with people in quiet simplicity and humility.

To be a friend a man should be tolerant, he should have an understanding heart and a forgiving nature, knowing that all men stumble now and then, and that he who never made a mistake never accomplished anything.

To be a friend a man should join hands with ALL people who are working for great principles, great purposes and great causes; he should put his shoulder to the wheel to help achieve common goals.

To be a friend a man should go more than halfway with his fellow men; he should greet others first and not wait to be greeted; he should radiate a spirit of overflowing good will.

To be a friend a man should remember that we are human magnets; that like attracts like, and that what we give we get.

To be a friend a man should recognize that no man knows all the answers, and that he should add each day to his knowledge of how to live the friendly way....


The art of being is the assumption that you may possess, this very minute, those qualities of spirit and attitudes of mind that make for radiant living.

It is a philosophy of being today, instead of "'becoming" in a tomorrow that never comes.

It is recognizing that courage, joy, serenity, faith, hope and love are immediately available now, and proceeding to open yourself so these qualities can be expressed through you in everyday living.

It is following the maxim of Shakespeare: "Assume a virtue though you have it not"....knowing that the dynamic power of habit can build it into your character.

It is being great now, being forgiving now, being tolerant now, being happy now, being successful now, instead of postponing positive and constructive living to some vague and in-definite future.

It is knowing that when we move into the future it becomes the NOW, and that now is the appointed time!

It is facing the fact that your biggest task is not to get ahead of others, but to surpass yourself.

It is wasting no time dreaming about the rich life you may live next year, or ten years from now; it is beginning to live at your best right now, today.

It is heeding the wisdom of the ancient Chinese seer who observed: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," and it is taking that step today.

It is beginning today to be the man (person) you want to be.

It is developing an awareness of the infinite possibilities in each magic moment.

It is enlarging the now by pouring into it intense creative energy.

It is immortalizing the present moment that your life may have eternal significance.

It is coming into a full realization that the Master voiced the secret of victorious being, when He declared that the Kingdom of God is not afar off, but that it is within you now!.....

So be it. I also hear most often: "....but I only intended to...." The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!


Why not? What would you expect of a sophisticated New World Order who will slay a friend and colleague such as Vincent Foster, raid his offices and pull out all the Clinton information, seal it and refuse to release it? YOU ARE IN THE DOWNFALL OF A NATION--AND THE BIG BOYS PLAY HARD-BALL--WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?


Now there is widespread casting forth of information from Ben on the possibilities of one Gunther Russbacher NOT being "THE" Gunther Russbacher "originally" in point. Why? Be-cause of discrepancies in story-lines. Further, IS this the Gunther or an impostor, replica, reprogrammed or merely a fumbling, bumbling idiot? YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IN THIS INSTANCE BECAUSE TOO MANY POSSIBILITIES EXIST.

1. There is PROBABILITY of greatly altered mind function following, if nothing else, anesthesia for a quintuple bypass.

2. There is PROBABILITY of having to make concessions and compromises on "facts" in order to get release. Where have all of you been for the past several years?? Do you actually think they are going to turn an ENEMY out on the streets with a pat on the back and a thank-you for uncovering all the dirt and corruption on themselves?

Why would I protect this possible replacement? Because he has made covenant with God and his services are appreciated and recognized by THAT GOD. Don't give me "born again" garbage because you ones who wish to take up AK-47s and storm the White House and the Washington hardware--ARE MISSING THE POINT--AND JESUS CHRIST WOULD NOT HANDLE SUCH A MOVEMENT IN ANY WAY AS PROJECTED BY YOU GOODLY "PATRIOTS".

3. Why do you think this poor man, whoever he is, is paying such a price for survival? He should be, at this time, in recovered top form and you would-be "fixers" are going to end up killing him yourselves and the facts and truth will never be seen as to the culprits.

4. I do not recall Dr. White being summoned to Gunther's bedside for take-over or questioning or anything--much less the discerning of whether or not there MAY or MAY NOT be some discrepancies in Gunther's presentations--to a probation person. Where, Sir, do you get such authority or self-claimed "rights" of invasion? How much does Dr. White REALLY know about any of this? Has this all become his "life experience", so that he has Judgeship over possibilities? For the price of what it is costing Dr. White to be in Missouri--we could hire proper facilities and care for Gunther--WHO APPOINTED DR. WHITE INTO THIS POSITION? I CAN ASSURE ALL THAT IT WAS NOT ME.

Dr. White's statement in a letter to Rodney Stich: "My goal: To 'contain' Russbacher voluntarily at my home to 'prove' and use." "....In my opinion Russbacher's nails were, or could have been, surgically removed. Would like to witness his preflight and pre-take-off check list of...."

"PS: Rodney, can you refute my information that the CIA is the baby of a Soviet Mole inserted into British Intelligence in the early '30s and has, more or less, been under control of Soviet Intelligence since its beginning? [H: Good grief, Ben, where have you been, sleepyhead?] At Yalta, Stalin knew how many A-Bombs we had before Roosevelt told him; he told Roosevelt how many we had. Also, Kennedy fired the CIA director shortly after the Bay of Pigs fiasco; announced to his 'inner circle' his intent to demolish the Federal Reserve, and to withdraw from Vietnam.

"Then, who had him assassinated and had no difficulty pulling the wool over the eyes of The People?"

(The following are Ben White's notes in the margin of a copy of a September letter sent, again, to Stich.)

"WHERE ARE THE NEUTRON WARHEADS?" (Referring to those alledged to be carried aboard the BAC 111 to France October 20, 1980.)

[H: Now, readers, here it says a lot:] "Without his knowing I was on my way, I arrived in St. Charles at 9:00 A.M. on 16 Dec. Called him for immediate visit. He put me off 'til 1300. On his return was a plain clothes 'Navy Commander"."

It would seem to me that the real error made by Commander Russbacher--or whoever he is--was to ever allow this man to get near him at all! How dare anyone intrude uninvited within the space of a sick man just released from prison on whatever circumstances? WHO IS THIS INTRUDER? I SUGGEST YOU ALL TAKE A GOOD THOUGHTFUL LOOK. And, further, by his own words: "My goal: To 'contain' Russbacher voluntarily at my home to 'prove' and use." It would seem wise to me that someone might well need to "contain" and "prove" one Dr. White. This, of course, is just an observation.

Let us leave this for there are other pertinent things to be done, rather than give attention and distraction to such uninformed and uninvited intruders. Partially informed authoritarians are the most dangerous entities on the face of the globe to nation and citizen. Do "I" have a bone to pick somehow with this person in point? No, I don't even know the person in point--I have nothing relative to this person at all; in fact, he is but a superb example of that which is wrong with your nation in an attempt to set things to RIGHT. Is the man in point good or bad? That has no relevance at all: actions are the clues and you need not know a man--save by his actions! So be it.

May you be given to see in the LIGHTED TRUTH of evaluation in all circumstances. Do you not see that you can discern, share and go on forth in open viewpoint and reason? Why secret documents regarding a man's position? Because the ones writing the documents are impostors and do not wish to be "found out". We do not need to JUDGE Gunther Russbacher one way or the other--HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN WERE ABUSED AND DESTROYED--"THAT" IS WHAT YOU, AS CITIZENS, MUST UNDERSTAND--ALL THE REST, AS TO RECLAMATION OF YOUR FREE NATION UNDER GOD AND CONSTITUTION, IS DISTRACTION!



THU., DEC. 23, 1993 3:00 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 129

THU., DECEMBER 23. 1993


Perhaps most of you will never realize what a daring friend you have in Eustace Mullins. He dared to FIGHT and stand strong against the system when the rest of you had never so much as "thought" there was anything wrong. Please send him your blessings and Godspeed. We shall support him any way we can. I have been sent a copy of a Press Release which I would like to share with you readers. Thank you, S.


Dec. 7, 1993 has become an historic date with the filing of a $100 million lawsuit against the most feared group in the United States, the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith. Writer Eustace Mullins, 70, of 126 Madison Place, Staunton VA 24401, author of such best sellers as Murder by Injection, exposé of the Drug Trust; Secrets of the Federal Reserve, exposé of the Money Trust; The World Order, exposé of the Secret Government; The Curse of Canaan, exposé of secret conspiracies; and The Rape of Justice, exposé of the legal monopoly, defends himself against almost fifty years of persecution by the ADL as retaliation for his exposés.

The last living protegé of poet Ezra Pound, a native American curmudgeon who commissioned Mullins to write the history of the Federal Reserve System in 1948, caught the attention of the FBI and the ADL when this work appeared in 1953. They have harassed him ever since. In 1959, Mullins wrote the only authorized biography of Pound, This Difficult Individual Ezra Pound, published by Fleet publishers in New York.

After serving on the staff of the Library of Congress, Mullins became a financial consultant to the American Petroleum Institute in Rockefeller Center. He later became a public relations executive for the Chicago Motor Club. He has been a fulltime writer, lecturer, radio and television personality since 1958. He lectures throughout the United States, and is a guest on many talk shows.

Mullins charges the ADL with inciting racial hatred and hate crimes under RICO statutes and statutes outlawing criminal syndicalism. He says the ADL has consistently denied his freedom of speech and civil rights. The suit has been filed with the United States District Court in the District of Columbia. Mullins looks to the court for a landmark decision on professional hatemongering and the commercial purveying of racial strife.



1.) Plaintiff, Eustace C. Mullins, appearing for himself as Pro Propria Personae, is a citizen in good standing of the State of Virginia, of the United States of America, residing at 126 Madi-son Place, Staunton, Virginia, 24401.

2.) Defendant, the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith, an international intelligence organization and espionage group for the State of Israel, acting as the central intelligence agency for more than three hundred Zionist lobbying groups tax exempted by the government of the United States to illegally represent the State of Israel as unregistered foreign agents, in open violation of the statutes of the United States. Address is 1100 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20036.


3.) This court has jurisdiction over this matter pursuant to USC 18-241, 18-1961, 1963, 1965 (a) (b) (c) (d); 18-241; USC 28- 1331, 1332, 1343; Usc 28-534; USC 42-1981, 1983, 1985, Constitution of the United States, First and Sixth Amendments.

4) Plaintiff respectfully alleges that said defendant has for almost a half century carried out a steady campaign of harassment, intimidation and terrorism against plaintiff, and against members of plaintiff's family. In April of 1953, defendant attacked plaintiff in its publications because he was a protégé of poet Ezra Pound, calling plaintiff "the lowest of the gutter anti-Semites" and other epithets. Defendant then launched a series of nationwide press attacks against plaintiff.

5.) Defendant knowingly and willfully lied in attacking plaintiff as an "anti-Semite", because defendant's surveillance of plaintiff had apprised them that plaintiff was working closely with many righteous Jewish American intellectual leaders, such world renowned figures as Benjamin Freedman, Henry Klein, Myron Fagan, Dr. Emanuel Josephson, and others. The righteous Jews participated in and approved of plaintiff's work, knowing he was not anti-Semitic as defendant falsely claims.

6.) When plaintiff refused to abandon his campaign of exposing defendant's subversion of the government of the United States, defendant ordered plaintiff to be discharged from his position on the staff of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. in 1952. Sen. Herbert Lehman, D-N.Y., of the international banker's Lehman Bros., and national chairman for the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith, wrote a letter to Librarian of Congress Luther Evans, ordering him to discharge plaintiff from the staff, later sending two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents to the Library of Congress to make certain that Evans complied. Today, plaintiff is still the only member of the staff of the Library of Congress ever discharged for purely political reasons. As his reward, Evans was promoted to a sinecure at UNESCO in Paris, where he was given unlimited supplies of Rothschild brandy. He died a hopeless alcoholic.

7.) Under Ezra Pound's guidance, plaintiff wrote the only history of the Federal Reserve System, an abstruse work on banking which defendant promptly denounced as "anti-Semitic" when it appeared in 1953. Defendant then prevented any review, mention or bookstore sale of this book, which continues to the present day. Defendant also has prevented plaintiff from obtaining lucrative speaking engagements, national radio and television interviews and other means of reaching a national audience with his exposes. In contrast, defendant routinely arranges for payments of $25,000 to $100,000 to leaders who obey defendant's political orders for routine non-informative speeches.

8.) Seeking employment, plaintiff went to New York in 1953 and was hired as consultant on toll road finance by the American Petroleum Institute in Rockefeller Center. After one year at American Petroleum Institute, defendant sent agents to their offices and demanded that plaintiff be discharged. The Institute complied, although plaintiff was a valued employee who had been repeatedly promoted.

9.) Plaintiff then went to Chicago and was hired by the Chicago Motor Club, largest member of the American Automobile Association, as public relations consultant. After two successful years in this position, defendant had two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents sent to his office to demand that he be discharged. They denounced him as "a dangerous radical" and employer reluctantly discharged him.

10.) Because defendant has for almost a half century conspired to have plaintiff discharged from remunerative executive positions, plaintiff became extremely impoverished and was unable to marry and have children. Defendant thus committed the crime of genocide against plaintiff. Art II Genocide Act, "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group,....causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, imposing measures intended to prevent births with the group."

11.) Despite his lack of income, defendant had the Internal Revenue Service repeatedly charge plaintiff with tax deficiencies. Defendant regularly sends the IRS hit lists of Americans whom it wishes to destroy; plaintiff was Number One on this list. The Internal Revenue Service, which annually raises ninety per cent of the national budget of the State of Israel, and which is known to Washington insiders as (the Israeli Revenue Service), repeatedly launched lengthy investigations of plaintiff, demanding astronomical sums at times when plaintiff was not gainfully employed. Each time, plaintiff, at great expense, fought back, and the IRS admitted that plaintiff had no tax deficiency. On Jan. 4, 1983, Judge Theodore Tannenwald Jr. of U.S. Tax Court, issued a letter from the bench that plaintiff had no tax deficiency. (see A WRIT FOR MARTYRS, by Eustace Mullins, p. 211, O.T.U. Christ Church 1985.)

12.) Because plaintiff fearlessly continued his work of exposing defendant's international terrorism, defendant now launched vicious attacks against the closest members of plaintiff's family. Agents of defendant posing as Army agents attacked Eustace Clarence Mullins Sr., plaintiffs father, in 1957, beating him savagely when he refused to give information against plaintiff. He suffered a major heart attack from this beating, later dying from its effects.

13.) When plaintiff continued his work of exposing defendant's subversion, defendant turned the attack against plaintiff's mother, an elderly invalid. After enduring months of daily tele-phone threats and visits by defendant's agents, plaintiff's mother, Jane Catherine Muse Mullins, died of a heart attack in 1971.

14.) Plaintiff now assumed the task of caring for his handicapped sister, who had been crippled by a member of defendant's organization, a notorious dope addict who crushed her beneath the wheels of his Pierce Arrow limousine. While plaintiff was out working as an insurance investigator, defendant began to send agents to his home, threatening his crippled sister, and informing her that plaintiff was in jail and would never return. After months of this campaign, Dorothy Louise Mullins also died, of a heart attack, in 1979. Plaintiff has been alone in the world since the murders of his family.

15.) Defendant continued to keep plaintiff at the top of its hit list for fear that plaintiff might investigate and report on its role in the assassination of Martin Luther King. Plaintiff had been one of the principal victims of the ADL-inspired notorious FBI program COINTELPRO, which was directed primarily at black leaders. Defendant decided that Martin Luther King, the leader of America's blacks, was "getting too uppity" according to an ADL official, a "schwarzer", a Yiddish term of contempt for blacks, and who was assassinated to be replaced by the more docile Rev. Abernathy.

16.) Defendant continued to harass plaintiff for fear that plaintiff, who had been invited to write an exposé of the John F. Kennedy assassination, would reveal that defendant was the missing link in the assassination plot. Plaintiff found that defendant was the only group which was in constant communication with the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia, and Jack Rubenstein prior to the assassination. Columnist Dorothy Kilgallen interviewed Rubenstein and learned of defendant's involvement. When she boasted she was going to break the assassination plot wide open, she died suddenly of an "overdose", and all of her notes disappeared from her apartment.

17.) Defendant also continues to harass plaintiff for fear that he will write on its involvement with the Waco Holocaust Massacre in which eighty-four Christian worshippers were burned alive, including twenty-three small children, who had been herded into a basement, doused with inflammables, and set afire by government agents operating under instructions from defendant through the Cult Awareness Network and other defendant groups. The FBI and BATF agents had been ordered to commit this atrocity, the worst massacre in U.S. history, as a re-enactment of the Ludlow Massacre of 1914 by Rockefeller assassins. Forty-five workers were burned alive, including thirty-two women and children. The Waco Holocaust was also a re-enactment of defendants' favorite movie, The Dirty Dozen, in which German army officers and their wives at a recreation center are herded into a basement by special forces, doused with gasoline and set afire. Human torches are a key part of defendants' occult cabalistic rituals.

18.) Plaintiff has made a number of trips to Jackson, Wyoming to establish a Christian university there. At 3:30 a.m. on Friday the 13th, 1990, agents started a fire directly below plaintiff's room at the Anvil Motel. Plaintiff was the only occupant in that wing of the motel. He barely escaped with his life as the motel burned to the ground. No investigation of this arson and attempted murder was ever made. (Exhibit A)

19.) Plaintiff was invited to speak at Freedom Forum at the Greek Orthodox Church, Centerville, Ma. on June 21, 1991. Defendant prepared a hate attack on plaintiff printed in the Cape Cod Times June 10, 1991, falsely charging that plaintiff was "anti-Semitic" although no instance of plaintiff ever participating in an anti-Semitic incident was mentioned. Throughout the article, the reporter cited the source as "according to the Anti-Defamation League". Despite this attack, (Exhibit B) the church refused to cancel the meeting. Agents then threatened to blow up the church if plaintiff appeared. The meeting was then cancelled. Although this was the most notorious hate crime of 1991, no investigation was made by the local, state and federal agencies to whom it was reported. Defendant clearly violated plaintiff's right to freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Constitution.

20.) Plaintiff was an invited speaker to the Nightlink Communications Conference in London at Wembley Arena, January 9 and 10, 1993. Defendant attempted to have the British Government bar plaintiff from leaving the airport for the meeting, but the government found no basis for such action. Defendant then launched a frenetic campaign against plaintiff in the British press, although plaintiff had never before appeared in Britain. Because of this hate barrage, the press termed plaintiff "a sinister lunatic". The unfavorable publicity generated by defendant resulted in low attendance and a disaster for the sponsors.

21.) Defendant's sinister hand can be seen behind many of the most widely reported events in the press. The Washington Post revealed Nov. 18, 1993 that "the Anti-Defamation League was at the forefront of the campaign to prosecute Demjanjuk" (an American citizen falsely accused of killing Jews). The New York Times published lengthy interviews with an FBI agent provocateur who at behest of defendant set up the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York, in order to arouse American anger against all Arab peoples. This is a typical ADL operation.

22.) It is necessary to introduce some background information on defendant before plaintiff is dismissed as a hopeless paranoid inflicting his nightmares on the judicial system. In fact, no statement in any of plaintiffs many books has been challenged or disproven in more than forty years. Plaintiff has the charters of incorporation of both the B'Nai B'Rith Foundation and the Anti-Defamation League. They were founded by Henry Monsky and Philip Morris Klutznick, professional Jewish activists who amassed large fortunes by manipulating Jewish organizations. Monsky, who married Daisy Rothschild, was a delegate to the United Nations Charter San Francisco meeting in 1945, head of the Office of Civil Defense, who died in 1947 while attending a meeting of the American Jewish Conference, of which he was president. He was also chairman of United Jewish Appeal and president of the Supreme Masonic Lodge of B'Nai B'Rith. Philip Morris Klutznick joined the Department of Justice in 1935 to set up the special Zionist secret cell "nesher" which later took over the entire department. A partner of investment bankers Salomon Bros., he was president of the World Jewish Congress and national president of B'Nai B'Rith. [H: I simply can't pass this without noting as a reminder to you readers of CONTACT that Salomon Brothers was also one of the involved parties in Ekkers' property confiscation.] After serving as director of the National Federal Public Housing Project, he amassed a fortune in real estate. These groups are featured in a definitive work by researcher Laird Wilcox, HATE GROUPS IN AMERICA , a Record of Bigotry and Violence, the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith", 1984.

23.) Defendants' criminal activities have been headlines for many months, when officials discovered that the ADL had paid police officials for many thousands of documents stolen from police files to augment ADL files in San Francisco. Tom Gerard of the CIA and a skilled double agent, Roy Buillock, had looted police files for the ADL.

24.) The last survivor of the J. Edgar Hoover stalwarts at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Buck Revell, boasted at a Houston Hate Crimes Conference, (sponsored by the ADL), Oct. 16, 1993 that it has long been FBI policy to encourage the ADL to spy on Americans both as individuals and as organizations. Defendants' longtime subversion of the FBI (ostensibly a national crime fighting force) came about through defendants close Mafia connections. The Mafia gave J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, a free suite each winter at the Mafia winter headquarters in Miami, the Roney Plaza Hotel. Hidden cameras then photographed Hoover and his longtime consort, Clyde Tolson, in indelicate positions. The film was turned over to Mafia boss Meyer Lansky, one of defendant's biggest contributors. Lansky and defendant now blackmailed Hoover into doing anything they demanded. Defendant also subverted the entire Department of Justice, using it to prosecute chosen victims. The present Attorney General is controlled by the usual "panama", that is, possession of scandalous material.

25.) With such power over Director Hoover, defendant used the FBI in harassment of plaintiff as their agents. In 1959, Alex Rosen, Special Assistant Director of the FBI for Jewish Affairs, conspired with Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago office, Auerback, to secretly have plaintiff committed to a mental institution. Forty pages of official FBI documents are reproduced in A WRIT FOR MARTYRS by Eustace Mullins, O.T.U. Christ Church, 1985, documenting this plot. Defendant had the FBI keep plaintiff under daily surveillance for thirty-three years, amassing eight hundred pages of information. Plaintiff was never arrested or charged with anything. This was part of a long list of defendant's "Special Actions" to destroy plaintiff. Defendant's long association with such criminal groups as the Mafia, Mossad and other international criminal groups qualifies this action under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act by their established pattern of behavior towards plaintiff under USC 18-1961, act or threat of murder, arson; USC 18-1952 relating to racketeering, USC 18-1963, criminal penalties relating thereto; USC 18-1961, notes 15,17,19, illegitimate associations; note 117, murder; note 43, overt act; note 51 conspiracy; note 110, conspiracy as a predicate act; USC 18-1963, property is forfeit to the United States, assets to be seized, punitive damages. Hate Crimes Statistic Act USC 28-534, an action which creates anger, fear, alarm or resentment based upon racial, ethnic, gender or religious bias with conduct designed solely to threaten, terrorize or injure others. Exhibit C.

26.) Defendant's criminal reputation was noted by Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, addressing the Schiller Club at Howard University, Washington, D.C. Sept. 16, 1992 as follows:

"The Anti-Defamation League wants to lynch black people. They're for you only if you are a pagan, an ignorant person, but not if you are truly a Jew, or a Christian, or a Muslim." Dr. Muhammad is one of the most respected physicians in Washington, a fact recognized by the Mayor, Sharon Pratt Kelly, when she proclaimed July 11, 1992 as "Abdul Alim Muhammad Day".

27.) The New Federalist newspaper in Washington D.C. headlined the following, "WASHINGTON PRESS CONFERENCE DENOUNCES THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE AS GANGSTERS. The Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith, notorious for its defense of the international drug cartel, and its smearing of political enemies as 'anti-Semites' was denounced at a press conference here as having nothing to do with civil rights, but as being a gangster organization with political motives which should be treated as such. At the press conference, Dr. Muhammad rejected charges that he and the Nation of Islam are Anti-Semitic, and said that the slanders emanate from the World Jewish Congress meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Lawrence Freeman outlined the history of the Anti-Defamation League. 'The ADL was funded in the early part of this century as a public relations front for the Jewish branch of organized criminals. Many of Meyer Lansky's top lieutenants were always among the ADL's biggest contributors. In 1985, the ADL gave its Torch of Liberty to gangster Moe Dalitz, a big shot in the National Crime Syndicate and a close ally of Meyer Lansky.

It is high time that people stop cowering to the ADL for fear of being called Anti-Semitic. It is a bunch of gangsters tied into organized crime and the international drug trade.'"

28.) Plaintiff quotes the following description of defendant from The Campaigner, Dec., 1978, the special issue, "Zionism is not Judaism", page 21.

"The B'Nai B'Rith was a British Intelligence cult dedicated to the destruction of the American Republic. It was an arm of British Intelligence with that chartered purpose at the time of its founding in 1843, and remains so to this day. The founder of B'Nai B'Rith was Henry Lord Palmerston, then British Foreign Minister, who simultaneously created the international Zionist movement, in the period of 1843-1860. Zionism was only one of tens of cults created under Palmerston, some 'Jewish' and some 'Christian' in name, and spread across Europe and America as subversive arms of the British Empire. Each cult was modelled on the Ashmolean Scottish Rite of Freemasonry--of which Palmerston was Grand Master--itself modelled on Ptolemaic Egypt's death cult of Isis."

29.) Defendant not only qualifies to be charged under RICO but also under the statutes outlawing criminal syndicalism by its continuous association with other terrorist organizations, as follows:

"Corpus Juris Secundum 46 462b. Statutes against criminal syndicalism apply to corporations as well as to individuals organizing or belonging to criminal syndicalist society; evidence of the character and activities of other organizations with which the accused is affiliated is admissible."

"Corpus Juris Secundum 22 Criminal Law 185 (10): Conspiracy and Monopolies: Where the statute makes mere membership in an organization formed to promote syndicalism a crime, without an overt act, the offense is indictable in any county into which a member may go during the continuance of his membership, and this is true although such a member comes into a county involuntarily. People v. Johansen, 226 P 634, 66 C.A. 343."

"Corpus Juris Secundum 22A-Criminal Syndicalism; In a prosecution for being a member of an organization which teaches and abets criminal syndicalism, evidence of crimes committed by past or present members of the organization in their capacity as members is admissible to show its character. People v. LaRue 216 P 627 CA 276."

WHEREFORE, plaintiff s civil rights, freedom of speech, and family having been denied and injured by defendant, plaintiff subsequently suffering severe deprivation, emotional shock, intense mental stress, and placed in fear of his life over many years by defendant's incitement of hate crimes against him, plaintiff demands judgment against defendant in the sum of fifty million dollars, ($50,000,000.00) for defendant's knowing and willful acts to injure him, and punitive damages in the sum of fifty million dollars, ($50,000,000.00) for defendant's malicious and intentional crimes and conspiracies to defame and injure plaintiff, and that plaintiff shall have such and other and further relief as the Court may deem just and proper, together with costs and disbursements of this actions.

30.) Plaintiff demands trial by jury.


Respectfully submitted:


* * *

We have copies of the "attachments" but will not take the space to enter them herein.

This was filed December 7, 1993 at 3:17 P.M. and is listed as Civil Action No.: 93-2497.

All I can do is support Eustace and tell him that the Constitutional Law Center is gaining in strength and is becoming a recognized and viable opponent by the would-be Kings and Con-stitutional rights destroyers. AND, the force of the readership of CONTACT is being read more than any other journal or paper in publication. The readers of this paper are now coming into realization in a major way that THEIR VOICE THROUGH THE PEN IS BEING HEARD--LOUDER THAN A AK-47 IN ISOLATED INSTANCES.

The effort, of course, is to disallow you "patriots" any assets with which to fight and, further, destroy your Constitutional Rights by disallowing your defending of self. Well, we shall see. What is going on with Eustace Mullins is the SAME thing going on with Ekkers, Russbacher--any of your patriots who have gone against the system in any way. However, trouble is brewing for these Zionist politicians, PAC's and groupies for they have overstepped their own boundaries and are being seen as that which they are--treasonists without moral asset and corrupt thugs and criminals. At some time, however, you must join hands and stand together as a "voice" and the sooner you do this, the sooner you can begin to reclaim your freedom--step by step.

S.Y. often wonders WHY she was drawn into our brotherhood of friends. I hope the connections are becoming a bit more clearly defined. This person is truly one of the most gracious and beautiful ladies (in every sense of the word meaning) in your citizenry. She has other places wherein she has offered service to our higher cause (which, precious one, is going to come together as a project, soon. Further, it appears we may be able to do it without your needing to take a winter journey to snow country until Spring and Summer come again. It is only the beginning so you who think you are old and dying (and it is fine with you)--FORGET IT, YOU HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN TO GAIN SUCCESS--DON'T BLOW IT NOW BY "CUTTING OUT" ON US. Old? Wait until you meet me--I AM OLD! You are but youngsters romping about in a game of "catch-up". The pieces will FIT if you will but effort to check out the picture.

You are blessed, Eustace, so just pursue your journey and TAKE GOD WITH YOU INTO THAT COURTROOM AT EVERY OCCASION--EVEN IN THE WRITTEN WORD--AND IT SHALL BE REMARKABLE AS TO THE AMOUNT OF GOOD YOU SHALL PRESENT. Note, I did not say "religion"--I said GOD! Remember, the very denial of your petition--speaks louder than any trumpet blasting away--and who knows, perhaps some day your voices will be heard and honored. We can do nothing if SOMEONES OF YOU DO NOT STEP FORWARD AND MAKE THE EFFORT! If we may be of service--CALL.


DECEMBER 24, 1993

Editor's note: CONTACT has been sent correspondence from former Judge, Jason G. Brent, now "Attorney at Law". This is a demand letter for "correction" of statements made in CONTACT regarding Mr. Brent. We will make every effort to properly correct any such statements with full apologies to Mr. Brent for ANY misrepresentation. We are a Nevada newspaper and are honored to find that there is such a reading audience in our neighboring State of California.

I have requested full investigation of all material in this matter, and may write a more comprehensive "correction" or "retraction" at such time as all documentation has been verified. Our full intent is to NEVER print anything that is not true--to the best of our ability. In addition, we will also print what is brought to us, if valid, even if personal in nature, involving any of our staff, writers, or contributors.

I have asked Rick Martin to respond to this letter instead of going directly to Mr. and Mrs. Ekker so that there is less consideration of bias or prejudice presented due to personal involvement.

To you readers who are not familiar with the connections or importance of these persons, I ask your forbearance. We shall further attempt to outline the full documentation of this matter at a later date so that we do not delay in responding properly to Former Judge Jason Brent.

Why the representation of our paper in Tehachapi, California? Because this is where the Ekkers moved to retire and enjoy family and friends. Mrs. Ekker is an internationally recog-nized writer and modern technology allows us the great privilege of rapid communication and diversification. Directly below is a copy of the letter received from Mr. Brent. Following that letter is a response from Rick Martin, our lead Journalist, well recognized by all of our readers. He has been personally present at almost all of the court encounters and was, in fact, a focal point of one of Mr. Brent's pointed outbursts in the courtroom.

--Dr. Edwin M. Young




21030 Mission Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561

(805) 823-1103
FAX (805) 823-1104
(800) 649-1103

December 16, 1993

Contact, Inc.

P.O. Box 27800

Las Vegas, Nevada 89126


Please be advised that this letter is a demand for correction as required by the California Civil Code Section 48(a). You are hereby unconditionally requested to correct your libel of me as set forth in the November 30, 1993, issue of "Contact: The Phoenix Project".

1. You are unconditionally requested to correct Page 26 in that I never met nor spoke with George Green until December 6 or 7, 1993, and I was in no way involved with the purchase/sale of any property to the Church or to the Ekkers. Further, I do not have a "big ego mouth", and I am not interested in getting the Ekkers.

2. On Page 27, I never met Mr. Green, or had him do favors for me, or me favors for Mr. Green, until a short telephone conversation on December 6 or 7, 1993.

3. On Page 30, correct the statement that I am not Jewish--I am Jewish and I do support Jewish causes. Further, correct the statement that I openly slandered and insulted the Ekkers on the record. Also on Page 30, correct the innuendo that the Court record is missing because something improper was done. In Municipal Court there isn't a court reporter for almost all of the proceedings and, therefore, there would be no record of what transpired. Lastly, correct the statement that I was spurred on by Mr. Green.

4. Correct the statement on Page 31 that justice was obstructed by me or anyone else.

5. Correct the misstatement that I have spread the word from "Bakersfield racetrack buddies" to the whole elite of the town-ship.

6. Correct the statement on Page 62 that I have told people that I have the power to destroy the Ekkers.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Jason G. Brent



Jason G. Brent




Editor's note: Firstly, in keeping with the rules of the "controlled media" and in an effort to meet demands--we stand corrected" in each and every instance. We will, however, re-quire that Rick Martin respond in comprehensive detail on each allegation presented here, as "unconditionally requested" by Mr. Brent. Since the letter bore a signature we must assume that the letter is, indeed, from Mr. Brent.

The allegations will be responded to in the order presented, hopefully without repeating. We ask that you refer to the above copy.

-- Dr. Edwin M. Young



12/24/93 RICK MARTIN

[Editor's note: As you CONTACT and JOURNAL readers are well aware, Rick Martin is Senior CONTACT Staff Writer, Independent Investigative Reporter, Journalist and Correspondent, both Foreign and Domestic, and he is recognized as an Authorized Press Personnel in all public forums of court, media and press. --E. Y.]




I, being of sound Mind and fully aware, by personal observation and participation, in the matters in question, do hereby comment for the clarification of the CONTACT readers as to the demands of Former Judge Jason Brent. I shall, therefore, attempt to clarify reasons for having made statements which Mr. Brent now considers to be libelous.

1. If you, Mr. Brent have "never met nor spoke with George Green until December 6 or 7, 1993...." then you shall have to take up that issue directly with George Green. He has told "everybody" (his favorite inclusive statement) that he has been working directly with you and has, in fact, sent parties to you for legal opposition to "close" the Phoenix Institute and "pull down" the Ekkers AND the Institute. There are several names which may be familiar to you: John and Eleanor Schroepfer, Raymond Clark and LEON FORT and friend, Anne Beam. These people were in your office and Mr. Fort tells Mr. Green that you continue to ask about the "case". Mr. Schroepfer states that George Green "insisted we go to Jason Brent for legal action because he knows all about those people and the whole thing." If you have no memory of these incidents then we have to assume lapse of memory and will surely be happy to correct such misperceptions. However, we get almost daily word of the fact that Mr. Green continues to state that you and he are working co-venturers in this matter.

His more recent statements are regarding your participation in obtaining legal counsel in Las Vegas in conjunction with Luke Perry to "pull down, shut down and wipe out the whole bunch"--for libel upon his person. This includes the Phoenix Institute for Research and Education, a solid Nevada Corporation; CONTACT, a recognized State of Nevada Corporation and publication. The list of various and sundry other parties and corporations increases with each "telling" by Mr. Green.

Whether or not you are aligned with Mr. Green, it does seem quite coincidental and circumstantial that when Mr. Green took over $350,000 (gold coins) and absconded with them, along with other property and unknown amounts of other gold stashes belonging to the "Institute" and did, in fact, bury the "loot" in his backyard in Nevada, near Carson City, the Sheriffs department in Tehachapi REFUSED to become "involved" due to being "told" by "someone" that it was not worthy of investigation or charge.

We DO find it interesting that the SAME law enforcement authorities who refused to even "check into" the theft of nearly half a million dollars now bring CRIMINAL charges of trespass against the parties involved (namely the Ekkers) as stewards of that missing gold. The trespass CRIMINAL charges and arrest warrant were served IN PUBLIC AT A MEETING. The Ekkers have a legal easement on that property; they have persisted in trying to get the "Criminal" charge changed to its proper jurisdiction as a "Civil" matter (but to no avail). The legal prosecutors (paid for by we-the-people) refuse to vacate the charges EVEN IF THE LOT IS PURCHASED. The lot is vacant and has been used by the neighborhood since long before Ekkers moved to Tehachapi. This is too detailed to bore our readers at this time.

It is also interesting that Mr. Green always brings your name, Mr. Brent, into his defense as he speaks to ones all around the country, with "not to worry, I have...."

I am, now, however, requesting to know WHY you were in communication with Mr. Green in early December (now). Are we left to assume his statements regarding charges and legal action in Las Vegas are valid and Mr. Green has been offering "truth" of his connections prior to now?

You state that you do not have a "big ego mouth". I find that interesting, to say the least, since you, yourself, at campaign interviews for "re-election to the Bench" did in fact state that "I have a booming voice I like to use to intimidate...." I would also refer to an article in the paper, The Tehachapi News, in which a gentleman from Ridgecrest said the following: "During my 10-year tenure as the Deputy Probation Officer to the East Kern Municipal Courts I was in the courtroom on countless occasions. My experiences with Judge Brent indicate that his actions in the above case were not an aberration. I have heard him threaten to hit a prosecutor of another sex case, shout at and intimidate Small Claims litigants, and belittle and demean Court Clerks in open courtroom...." AND:

"....Nobody was left in doubt as to Judge Brent's stand on gun control, however. After stating that he carries a gun himself, that he owns numerous guns, and that he has a semi-automatic that would wipe us (the spectators) out in a moment, he simply stated, 'I don't believe in it (gun control)'...."

I also was privy to a conversation with someone in Tehachapi who laughed and said, "I asked Brent about his business now that he isn't any longer Judge," and he laughed and responded, "Oh, pretty good, I am just spending my time undoing what I sent people up for." This may be an ill-quoted statement as to total accuracy of wording and we also understand it was probably an attempt at humor. I would guess that it is more humorous to anyone who WAS NOT "SENT UP" in the first place.

By the way, as to re-election. Ekkers' own attorney said that YOU, Mr. Brent, said that you fully blamed Ekkers for failure of your re-election. Well, that seems unfair since I WAS PRESENT when Mr. Ekker, as President of the Golden Hills Property Owner's Association (yes, he did actually at one time have the property), introduced your opponent at a meeting called for the purpose of meeting the "opposing" candidates. Your wife, Mrs. Brent, took the floor and blasted Mr. Ekker IN PUBLIC about your not having been invited also. She shouted that the reason Jason Brent was not present for equal time was that "he had ruled against Ekkers in a case." Mr. Ekker didn't even know who was speaking. This was a local meeting and Mrs. Brent could be considered an intruder, by all definition, being from Stallion Springs and this being a local property owner's meeting. The "Board" had decided which speakers to invite, Mr. Ekker was only hosting the meeting.

Again, in Mojave, the Ekkers and several of us friends, went to an open dinner meeting wherein there would be Jason Brent and Mr. Quinlen speaking as candidates. Neither the Ekkers nor any of us had ever laid eyes on Mr. Quinlen but were unfortunate (in retrospect) to sit near his family at dinner. During the speech by you, Mr. Brent, you turned to the Ekkers and announced that you had never "lost an appeal". (The Ekkers had a legal appeal regarding your lack of allowing a "hearing" and you lost that one.)

As for "getting the Ekkers", it has not been such a long time that you wrote an Editorial Letter stating that in all of your experience at law, you had never witnessed people who could so manipulate the judicial system as the Ekkers. Manipulate? The System? The Ekkers have struggled against all odds through every court in the area, against the Savings and Loan, YOU, and finally had their home confiscated by the Resolution Trust Corporation while still in litigation, the property sold right out from under them--and YOU call this "manipulation of the system"?? You told the Ekkers, in 1988, not to come back to court without a lawyer and to file new documents properly and you would give them five days to do so--ON NEW YEAR'S WEEKEND!!! Gosh, as a public servant, how helpful can you be?

The interesting thing is that the Ekkers were supposed to be finalizing and receiving full funding for a "fabrication" business in Tehachapi--for $33 million. I know, because I had put the package together, MYSELF. YOU nor Mr. Horn, the opposing attorney, would give a "continuance" for the necessary trip to consummate and close the project funding contract. It was mandatory to settle by year's end and in the process we missed the funding. My partners and myself lost over $600,000 personally, in commissions, for Ekkers' inability to perform. There are other parties (local) who can verify this matter for there is an outstanding judgement settlement still against the Ekkers for this failure to perform. This did not, I must admit, Sir, endear you to me, as well as other reasons which I will cover momentarily. However, in the wisdom gained through years of experience, I would never make such statements without documentation, nor will I sit still with my reputation as a Journalist on the line while you work to discredit me as well as others involved.

Further, as to "getting the Ekkers". It seems that you have spoken far and wide, even in the newspapers with interviews in which you blast both the CONTACT and the Ekkers as well as myself. I believe the documents speak for themselves as to validity of your intent. If we have mis-reported your words as to exactness, we apologize and would correct said statement if you will state what you "actually" did say and give us a FULL DISCLOSURE OF YOUR INVOLVEMENT WITH THE MORE RECENT HAPPENINGS INVOLVING OUR PAPER, THE INSTITUTE AND THE EKKERS! We are "told" it is quite interesting and Mr. Green tells "everyone" (his words) of your involvement and how "helpful" you have been. Again, if "he" is not being fully truthful, that is not our responsibility and we therefore ask that YOU take it up with HIM.

Number two (2) STRIKES ME AS VERY INTERESTING, INDEED. "On Page 27, I never met Mr. Green, or had him do favors for me, or me favors for Mr. Green, UNTIL A SHORT TELEPHONE CONVERSATION ON DECEMBER 6 OR 7, 1993. Oops!! Perhaps you would share with us what "until" means? It would seem that the "protest" is self-evident and as a "lawyer/Judge" I would think you would note as much.

3. Well, I suppose I will graciously retract any such accusation as your not being a Jew. The expressed requirements for anyone as to being Jewish in qualification is "anyone who says he is a Jew!" Yes, we also know that you SUPPORT Jewish "causes". We note that you even advertised to gather Jews into a group in the community for the purpose of SUPPORTING JEWISH CAUSES. We are left to consider, since the Ekkers are affiliated with Christian belief, although they belong to NO CHURCH, NO DOCTRINE, OR GROUP, how it would be received if they ADVERTISED IN THE PAPER FOR ONES TO COME JOIN THEIR SUPPORT OF CAUSES GROUP?

Could your pique have anything to do with Mrs. Ekker's writings about possible inaccuracies in the Jewish presentation of the Holocaust and the claim by yourself and others as to their being Anti-Semitic? Sir, you are NOT Semitic! I accept that you may well be acclaimed and self-styled "Jewish"--but you are NOT a Semite. Semites come from the lineage of Shem (originally known as Shemites)--your own claimed people DO NOT come from that lineage ANY WAY you describe it. I suggest you read your own Encyclopedia Judaica. The "term" "JEW" was not originated until somewhere in the late 1700s and, therefore, "Jew" was an unknown word until the eighteenth century. Perhaps what you are referring to in your objections is your recognition of Zionism as related to the New World Order--or, perhaps, a statement of your "anti-christ" position in political stance? We know wherein Mr. Green(berg?) fits but we have no wish to annoy you at all about this, or anything. Therefore, I unequivocally correct the statement in error: Mr. Brent is a Jew.

I would point out, however, that in being so adamant about "being a Jew" points up some interesting possibilities such as the religious oaths taken in that participation. This is of particular interest since it would seem to me, a simple citizen under the Constitution of the United States of America--that "something" is wrong here--especially as befits an honorable Judge and Lawyer who acclaims and causes ones to make "oaths" unto truth, constantly. I would share a brief portion of a historical document: FACTS ARE FACTS, a lengthy letter by Benjamin H. Freedman (A Jew, although not self-styled nor so-called) to Dr. David Goldstein (a well-known Jew, self-styled and so-called); this letter is dated October 10,1954. This is, however, America in which, according to our Constitution, we have rights to practice religious beliefs and speech in FREEDOM. Why do not Christians and other denominations have the SAME RIGHTS as do the JEWS who are neither a religion or a race, but USE BOTH as a badge to attain rights that no other citizens may hold?



To the average Christian the word "Talmud" is just another word associated by them with the form of religious worship practiced in their synagogues by so-called or self-styled "Jews". Many Christians have never heard of the Talmud. Very few Christians [or other doctrines] are informed on the contents of the Talmud. Some may believe the Talmud to be an integral part of the religious worship known to them as "Judaism". It suggests a sort of bible or religious text book. It is classed as a spiritual manual. But otherwise few if any Christians have an understanding of the contents of the Talmud and what it means in the daily lives of so-called or self-styled "Jews". As an illustration, my dear Dr. Goldstein, how many Christians have any conception of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement?

In Volume VIII of the Jewish Encyclopedia on page 539 found in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and libraries of all leading cities, will be found the official translation into English of the prayer known as the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer. It is the prologue of the Day of Atonement services in the synagogues. It is recited three times by the standing congregation in concert with chanting rabbis at the altar. After the recital of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer the Day of Atonement religious ceremonies follow immediately. The Day of Atonement religious observances are the highest HOLY DAYS of so-called or self-styled "Jews" and are celebrated as such throughout the world. The official translation into English of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer follows:


The implications, inferences and innuendoes of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer are referred to in the Talmud in the Book of Nedarim, 23a-23b as follows:

(Book) "And he who desires that NONE OF HIS VOWS MADE DURING THE YEAR SHALL BE VALID, LET HIM STAND AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR AND DECLARE: "EVERY VOW WHICH I MAY MAKE IN THE FUTURE SHALL BE NULL" (1). (His vows are then INVALID, providing that he remembers this at the time of the vow.)

(Footnotes): "(1) This may have provided a support for the custom of reciting Kol Nidre (a formula for dispensation of vows) prior to the Evening Service of the Day of Atonement (Ran).... Though the beginning of the year (New Year) is mentioned here, the Day of Atonement was probably chosen on account of its great solemnity. But Kol Nidre as a part of the ritual IS LATER THAN THE TALMUD, and, as seen from the following statement of R. Huna B. Hinene, THE LAW OF REVOCATION IN ADVANCE WAS NOT MADE PUBLIC.

The greatest study of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer was made by the eminent psycho-analyst Professor Theodor Reik, the celebrated pupil of the famous Dr. Sigmund Freud. The analysis of the historic, religious and psychological background of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer by Professor Reik presents the Talmud in its true perspective. This important study is contained in Professor Reik's "The Ritual, Psycho-Analytical Studies". In the chapter on the Talmud, on page 168, Professor Reik states:


Before explaining to you how the present wording of the Kol Nidre (All Vows) prayer was introduced into the Day of Atonement synagogue ceremonies, my dear Dr. Goldstein, I would like to quote a passage to you from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia confirms the fact that the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer has no spiritual value as might be believed because it is recited in synagogues on the Day of Atonement as the prologue of religious ceremonies which follow it. The secular significance of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer is indicated forcefully by the analysis in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. In Volume VI, on page 441, it states:

"The Kol Nidre has nothing whatever to do with the actual idea of the Day of Atonement.... it attained to extraordinary solemnity and popularity by reason of the fact that it was the FIRST PRAYER RECITED ON THIS HOLIEST OF DAYS."

My dear Dr. Goldstein, prepare for the shock of your life. Compelled by what, you have now read here about the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer you must be shocked to learn that many Christian churches actually "pealed their bells" on the Day of Atonement in celebration of that holy day for so-called or self-styled "Jews". How stupid can the Christian clergy get? From what I have learned after a cursory inquiry I am unable to say whether it was a case of stupidity or cupidity. With what you already know, together with what you will additionally know before you finish this letter, you will be able to judge for yourself whether it was stupidity or cupidity. There is not one single fact in this entire letter which every graduate of a theological seminary did not have the opportunity to learn.

The following news item was featured in the New York World Telegram on October 7th only a few days ago [1954]. Under a prominent headline "JEWISH HOLIDAYS TO END AT SUNDOWN" the New York World Telegram gave great prominence to the following.

Synagogues and temples throughout the city were crowded yesterday as the 24 hour fast began. Dr. Norman Salit, head of the Synagogue Council of America, representing the three major Jewish bodies, had called on other faiths TO JOIN THE FAST.... Cutting across religious lines, MANY PROTESTANT CHURCHES IN THE CITY PEALED THEIR BELLS LAST NIGHT TO SOUND THE KOL NIDRE, TRADITIONAL MELODY USED AT THE START OF YOM KIPPUR. THE GESTURE OF GOOD-WILL WAS RECOMMENDED BY THE MANHATTAN OFFICE OF THE PROTESTANT COUNCIL."

That just about "tops" anything I have ever had come to my attention revealing the ignorance and indifference of the Christian clergy to the hazards today facing the Christian faith. From my personal contacts with the Manhattan Office of the Protestant Council in the recent past I hold out very little hope for any constructive contribution they can make to the common defense of the Christian faith against its dedicated enemies. In each instance they buckled under the "pressure" exerted upon them by the "contacts" for so-called or self-styled "Jews" . If it was not so tragic it would be comic. It was a joke indeed but the joke was on the Christian clergy. Ye Gods! Many Christian churches "pealed their bells", as the Protestant Council reports the event, "TO SO TRADITIONAL MELODY USED AT THE START OF YOM KIPPUR". Just where does betrayal of a trust and breach of faith begin?

The present wording of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer dates from the 11th century. A political reversal in Eastern Europe compelled the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in Eastern Europe to adopt the present wording of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer. That story involves the history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in Eastern Europe. Before relating here as briefly as possible the history of the so-called or self-styled "Jews" of Eastern Europe I would like to quote here another short passage from the Jewish Encyclopedia. In analyzing the course of history which resulted in the present wording of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer the Jewish Encyclopedia in Volume VII, on page 540, states:


You will agree, my dear Dr. Goldstein, that Meir ben Samuel knew what he was doing. The wording of that altered version of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer makes the RECITAL OF THE PRAYER A RELEASE DURING THE COMING YEAR FROM ANY OBLIGATION TO RESPECT ANY OATH, VOW OR PLEDGE MADE DURING THE COMING YEAR. LIKE ANY ONE-YEAR LICENSE OBTAINED FROM THE FEDERAL, STATE OR MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENTS, THE ALTERED VERSION OF THE "KOL NIDRE" PRAYER EXTENDS IMMUNITY IN ADVANCE FOR ONE YEAR ONLY. "KOL NIDRE" PRAYER EXTENDS IMMUNITY IN ADVANCE FOR ONE YEAR FROM ALL OBLIGATIONS TO OBSERVE THE TERMS OF OATHS. VOWS AND PLEDGES MADE IN THE YEAR FOLLOWING THE DATE OF THE DAY OF ATONEMENT WHEN THE PRAYER WAS RECITED. Each year, however, it becomes necessary to renew this "license" which automatically revokes IN ADVANCE any oath, vow or pledge made during the next twelve months., by again appearing in a synagogue or elsewhere, on the next Day of Atonement and reciting the Kol Nidre PRAYER again....


Mr. Brent, it would seem a disservice to do other than point out to you the serious implications of your religion as a direct conflict of interest to a court of law in which the Oath of Truth and upholding of the Laws of the Land are the point. Since this is THE most important prayer and the FIRST recited on the Day of Atonement in YOUR FAITH, it annoys me that you would accuse US of making erroneous statements.

I, Rick Martin, am, as are both Mr. and Mrs. Ekker, MINISTERS, ORDAINED IN THE BODY OF CHRIST--card carrying, if you will. We are certified, legal and serving, holders of Doctorates of Divinity. We hold no prejudice nor bias for or against your beliefs--but do take exception to such oaths against keeping oaths as stated, PREDOMINANTLY and FIRST, IN YOUR RELIGION.

I believe, and would fight Constitutionally, for YOUR RIGHT to practice your religion as you see fit in open freedom--I do, however, take exception that you would use such oaths to practice your claim as a fair judicial servant of the People in the highest seats of the judicial system. This OATH "KOL NIDRE" IS OPEN LICENSE TO LIE, CHEAT, STEAL AND BREAK EVERY RULE AND REGULATION AND YES, INDEED, I MOST STRENUOUSLY OBJECT.

Now, as to the next: "...correct the statement that I openly slandered and insulted the Ekkers on record. Also on Page 30, correct the innuendo that the Court record is missing because something improper was done. In Municipal Court there isn't a court reporter for almost all of the proceedings and, therefore, there would be no record of what transpired."

Judge Brent, YOU KNOW that you did this--of all things in point--you know you did this one! There were at least 15 witnesses present in the courtroom and I will be most happy to refresh your memory of this little fiasco of "booming voice" of intimidation!

You entered the Bench and stated that you had made your decision and "would hear no facts" in the matter. In fact you would not HEAR THE MATTER. There was no court reporter present so A TAPE RECORDER WAS SET UP IN FRONT OF GOD AND EVERYBODY PRESENT AND PLACED ON THE BENCH IN FRONT OF YOU--RECORDING EVERYTHING YOU SAID. We, I was present and referred to by you, sat stunned as you continued the abusive language while refusing to allow hearing from anyone on Ekkers' behalf--including their attorney who continued to "try" to speak.

You concluded your statesmanlike oratory by calling the Ekkers flakes and dead-beats. You accused them of simply trying to rip-off Santa Barbara Savings and Loan; you said they couldn't afford such property at any rate and "nobody" can get away without paying mortgage and/or rent. (Interesting concept since they would owe NEITHER if there had been the lawful sale as advertised TO THEM and handled according TO INSTRUCTIONS BY THAT VERY SAVINGS AND LOAN.) You further said that you did not believe that there was a lender of funds and, further, you didn't "believe there was anyone such as Rick Martin". Well, I think it is interesting that the "opposition" did in fact locate the attorney of the funder (and have said nothing further about Ekkers having no funds with which to purchase at the advertised public auction) AND I, Rick Martin, am right here--alive and well and obviously in your disfavor--AGAIN! Oh, you said a lot more while everyone sat in stunned silence in disbelief as you all but threw us all out of the courtroom.

Then what happened? The parties involved went to the court to get copies of the tape in point. Oh, there WAS a tape, Sir. The Clerks had seen the tape and at least two copies of it. There was a listing in the file of the tape and two copies of it, etc. BUT NO TAPES--NOWHERE--NOHOW!

Next, some weeks later, the Ekkers received a "bill" from their lawyer from the firm of Bunker, etc. and Mr. Hornback, their attorney--FOR' A "RECONSTRUCTION" HEARING. Since this was not known to them, they inquired as to what was "this"? Mr. Hornback told them that YOU had summoned Mr. Horn and himself to "reconstruct" the hearing as it took place since "records seemed to be missing". EKKERS WERE NEVER NOTIFIED OF THIS "RECONSTRUCTION". So, Mr. Ekker said to his attorney: "You did get it all on record, then, didn't you?" Mr. Hornback fidgeted and stammered and said, "...well, no, not exactly--I had to sign a document that said we were all 'heard' and all mention of statements were deleted." Mr. Ekker said: "That is perjury and I hold you responsible, Mr. Hornback, for misconduct." Shortly thereafter the lawfirm withdrew from the Ekkers' case.

There WAS a record of what transpired that day in court-- AND "SOMEONE" REMOVED THAT RECORD. It is KNOWN that Mr. Horn removed "things" from the file as he was SEEN DOING SO IN JUDGE RANDALL'S COURT IN BAKERSFIELD.


Your next demand, "...Lastly, correct the statement that I was spurred on by Mr. Green." I would assume you to know that better than do I so I shall have to assume that you needed no "spurring" on by anyone other than self and perhaps it was more Mr. Horn who spurred you on at the time of the events than George Green. Perhaps you need no "spurring on" with help at any circumstance.

4. I guess I also have to defer to your demand to correct the statement "that justice was obstructed by me or anyone else" and quiet myself. There was NO JUSTICE, so to have it "obstructed" is perhaps a legal term that should have "avoided". I would, therefore, correct the item to read that there was "NO JUSTICE" and forget the "obstruction".

5. I find this one most interesting of ALL. "Correct the misstatement that I have spread the word from 'Bakersfield race-track buddies' to the whole elite of the township." Well, there are only self-styled "Elite" in our village so I retract that "accusation". HOWEVER, I am "the horse's mouth" once again. We have on two occasions had DIRECT word FROM YOU (OR CLAIMED TO BE FROM YOU) about the Ekkers. Once on a golf-course ones of our "so-called" group, which is not, were told to "stay away from the Ekkers because it is dangerous to even be near them or their property and they are going to be 'run out of town' by a group headed by Judge Brent." And, on a day when MY MOTHER, was at a "racetrack" in Bakersfield, a man approached MY MOTHER and said, "I know you--aren't you one of those 'attached' some way to the 'Phoenix' group?" My Mother was stunned by the encounter and said, "No, there is no such group but I do some part-time editing and know the people to whom you must be referring." The man continued, "Well, you better watch out because those people are going to be taken out or run out of town--soon."

My Mother was terrified, Mr. Brent. Now, again, I only have it second-hand but my mother does not take the Kol Nidre, so I have no reason to disbelieve her. Perhaps you just have friends who aren't. Again, I only print what is validated and if this is all figment of wild imaginings, I certainly stand corrected for we would not wish to blemish your credentials nor cause you difficulty among your friends in high places.

Friends in high places? Oh, indeed, we KNOW that you got appointed to the Mojave Municipal Court by Governor Dukemajian, after your (ex)law firm of Shea and Gould put up campaign funds of at least (listed) $50,000 for him. We also know that Shea and Gould were large owners of Santa Barbara Savings and Loan Association who carried the notes on the Ekkers' property. We also KNOW that when the RTC took over--NOTHING CHANGED in the Home Office of SBS except the ones there got a promotion and raise in salary while ALL legal counsel remained the same. We also have proof that there was no legal SALE of the property in which you would allow NO HEARING and, thus, it all flunks the sniff test.

In view of all the evidence and documentation in the matter, to believe that George Green, admitted embezzler of nearly half a million dollars in gold (and maybe more), might well be "finally" speaking truth was too much to hope for, I guess.

We are indeed sorry if we have caused you undue inconvenience in writing this demand notice. I would, however, defend myself and the CONTACT to the last sentence, Sir. We do not have you listed anywhere as a subscriber so we wonder whereby you come with this information?? We have far more readers locally in Nevada and elsewhere than from that small area of California. We simply find it interesting and thank you for your continued reading. Since early editions of CONTACT'S original predecessor, THE PHOENIX EXPRESS were actually ENTERED AS EVIDENCE IN COURT TO PROVE THE EKKERS WERE BIGOTS AND ANTI-SEMITES, WE HAVE TO ASSUME THAT MR. HORN AND YOURSELF HAVE BEEN ARDENT READERS FROM THE START OF OUR FIRST OFFERINGS. It did, however, at the time, seem quite strange since the first case was one of simple "Unlawful Detainer" which should have taken less than 15 minutes to clear up in Court and, at the least, a "resale" set. To find it ongoing into its sixth YEAR is seemingly a BIT OUTRAGEOUS, Mr. Brent. Corrections?? I have a LOT TO BE CORRECTED but it is not within my error-making.

We have a number of public documents, letters to the editors and articles on file. I shall not, however, release any pertinent case information either for or against YOU or Mr. Green. I am a bit shocked that you would see fit to "try" this in the press, even if our "press" is but a tiny and all but unheard voice in the wilderness. Mr. Green was able to conjure fully outrageous statements to utter into the ear of the Associated Press in cahoots with other n'er-do-wells. It is proving most embarrassing to those parties involved. I would suggest that you consider the possibilities of Mr. Green's ability to damage, very carefully--for the one he damages next may WELL BE YOU!

As to your last demand: "Correct the statement on Page 62 that I have told people that I have the power to destroy the Ekkers." I can't do that. If YOU demand and state that this is untrue, I will allow it to show "correction"; however, this has been stated by so many people that I find it hard to believe that you did not "somehow suggest" such an inference. Perhaps ones just went about "saying" that you have the power to destroy the Ekkers and it came back to roost incorrectly. I apologize if ones have misquoted you and I have somehow furthered such insinuation. I find it almost incredible to believe that such a vicious pair of old people reduced to public assistance could upset your apple-cart so completely. The funny thing is, "Judge" Brent, that these ones who are supposed to have cost you two elections--DIDN'T EVEN VOTE!

I herein apologize to our readers and most especially to our staff and Editor, for bringing such affront to this paper. However, I stand on the record and under OATH (for I do NOT take the Kol Nidre) that the above information is true and accurate and first-hand--to the very best of my ability to reconstruct. I, further, take this oath under penalty of perjury that my statements are true and accurate to the very best of my ability. It is obvious from your letter that there is great discrepancy between what you state and that which Mr. Green is "telling everybody" (his favorite phrase). I am a Journalist and confirm my information and resources.

As a servant unto GOD I stand in that Lighted Truth and do not "cop out" by confusion of religious permission to lie, cheat, steal and break vows. This in itself is in no way to be construed as an accusation. I only express that which you have demanded as to your "Jewishness" and goal of support to "Jewish 'causes". It seems hard to have one without the other, i.e., Kol Nidre!

You also said on that "infamous day of missing records" something about the Ekkers having "....a Nevada corporation and we all know what that means….!!" What does that mean, your Honor?? The one they HAD was bankrupted due to local wind-business downfall. You have put down the Ekkers from onset, Sir, and it is KNOWN all around the town and through the papers. I wonder if you realize, Sir, that Mr. Ekker was a high executive in Transamerica Corporation; and, as well, in the wind business, he represented George Sharffenberger (surely you know him since he was one of the most well-paid corporate executives in the U.S., as CEO of City Investing).

I do not believe that the Ekkers did anything to bring your wrath upon them. They even thought you were on their side, and with naive compassion commented to one of the clerks that first day of court, "You must be proud to work for him (Brent)." The stunned silence which confronted them is now far more easily understood for the indication is that you actually abused the clerks and I personally witnessed you heaping abuse, with Mr. Horn, upon them for "losing" documents. We now KNOW that the documents in point resided ultimately in Mr. Horn's private briefcase.

I guess this was not exactly what I would have wanted to do on Christmas Eve, but perhaps Christ might have a bit of visibility herein for our staff who are appalled over this confrontation and demand from you, Mr. Brent. I guess it all is testing my metal as a Christian, Sir, and for that I most certainly thank you.

-- Dr. Rick Martin



by Rick Martin

What you are about to read is an interview between Gary Wean and Rick Martin for CONTACT on November 29, 1993. Who is Gary Wean and why would he have anything to say? He entered the Los Angeles Police Academy in 1946; worked the University Division, Metropolitan Division, and Hollywood Division. He was a Detective Sergeant with the Ventura Police Department; an Investigator with the Los Angeles District Attorney's office; Bureau of Investigation; Criminal Intelligence Unit; Chief Investigator for the Ventura County Public Defender's Office. In a word, I guess you could say that he's seen some things.

This is a story that reads like a mystery novel. Gary Wean has spoken out for years against the illegal activities of the would-be controllers and has paid dearly for doing so.

Regular CONTACT readers are well aware of Ray Renick and his difficulties concerning Judge William P. Clark and the San Luis Obispo Connection. (For those of you wishing to review the Renick material, it was printed in the August 24, 1993 edition of CONTACT, Vol. 2, #9. also PHOENIX JOURNAL #J50, & J51 . ordering information at end of book.)

This is the kind of article that fills in a lot of pieces to the puzzle...questions which have been unanswered suddenly find rest. Still others emerge, as if from the ashes of charred hope.

Gary is like many brave authors who have sacrificed greatly. He has been hounded until he has nothing left, and they keep coming. He wrote a book a number of years ago, and it was HOT! It's titled, There's A Fish In The Courthouse. It just so happens, though, that the power brokers succeeded in even breaking the publisher, Michael Thomas. The publisher, who also happens to be a California State licensed process server, had the unfortunate experience of serving legal papers on a particularly nasty judge only to find himself in a situation not unlike to Rodney King. In an entirely different matter, and upon serving a lawsuit on another Judge, one William P. Clark, at the privacy of his own home at Shandon, in San Luis Obispo, California, Michael Thomas noticed that Nancy Reagan was in the kitchen. Several Secret Service agents were in the living room as Clark strolled into the room. Upon serving William P. with the lawsuit for racketeering, the Judge completely "lost it" with unbefitting expletives . Thomas said it wasn't the shot-gun that William P. grabbed that made him nervous, it was those Secret Service guys with the MAC-10s (machine-guns). William P. was true to his word, however, by sicking the dogs on Thomas, and Wean, both of whom have been financially broken through a chain of legal harassment which seems to be the chosen course of action when wanting to getcha. Well, please read along as you enter the dark and dirty world of the judicial crooks in high places.

* * *

Rick: Ok, Gary, I have not read your book. Some time ago, I did see a copy of several pages from a lawsuit you initiated in Santa Barbara a number of years ago concerning the Kennedy assassination. I've also seen a flier about your book. It looks like real dynamite.

I guess it would be best, so I can get a better sense of what's going on, why don't you just talk to me for a while and then we will go from there. First of all, are you familiar with the newspaper CONTACT?

Gary: Oh yes, I've had several friends send me copies. What's the purpose of our conversation right now?

Rick: Well, I had spoken to Ray Renick and he thought it would be useful to talk to you. His interest, of course, concerns William P. Clark.

Gary: Right.

Rick: But that obviously is very biased because that is his particular focus. I would be interested in hearing about that; on the other hand, I don't want to put you in jeopardy.

Gary: I'm not worried about that because everything I say is the truth. I've got documentation or I wouldn't even be...It's such a long story, Rick, it has to be pointed out, which you did, this guy Ray Renick--I don't know Ray but I had heard of the terrible problems which they are putting on the guy. The thing is, regarding William P. Clark, 1958, or even earlier than that, I was Detective Sergeant of the Ventura Police Department and I came across some people that were involved deep in intrigue in the government, one of whom was William P. Clark and the people that owned a large law firm down there. Judge Berenson who was a Superior Court Judge, and his law partner Ben Nordham, who owned the Bank of A. Levy, were very powerful people. Well, they were mixed up with people like Abe Phillips, who was a bail bondsman in Los Angeles. He's was also a long time friend of Mickey Cohen, a Los Angeles gangster.

While I was with the District Attorney's office doing a criminal investigation, the criminal intelligence section in Los Angeles, we were surveilling Mickey Cohen and he was meeting with a guy by the name of Menachem Begin and they consequently met with, this was just prior by a couple of years, and this was in relation to actress Marilyn Monroe. Mickey Cohen was also mixed up in that. Abe Phillips in the 1950s had come up to Ventura county and was there for a specific purpose. At that time Point Mugu was just getting started. This is such a long story that I'm trying to say it so that it connects and it doesn't sound like I'm rambling, Rick.

Rick: No, that's fine.

Gary: Point Mugu was just starting out, basically, as a missile base and there was a giant mountain behind it and I don't know if you remember the Don Scott killing. That was the man who had a large ranch, a parcel of land where he was killed by deputy sheriffs in his home. And this was in Malibu...

Rick: You mean the recent one?

Gary: Yes, not too long ago. Rick: Yes, I do know about that.

Gary: They said there were narcotics there, and there were no narcotics or anything else. A lot of people think the theory is that they wanted to steal his property.

Rick: Well, they wanted the land is what I had heard.

Gary: Well, they don't care about people thinking that, it wasn't the real purpose. For years Don was a very wealthy man who had many contacts in Europe, Asia and he traveled a lot. He was connected with the CIA, getting information and giving it to them. At that time there was a larger ranch even than his, the Broome ranch in Malibu, a big brush fire and everything else. You've seen the damage those fires in that area can do.

Rick: Yes...

Gary: Well, at that time the entire Broome ranch area burned and this was about in the mid-50s. The purpose behind that burning was because powerful people lived on a high mountain up there and it faced right off the Pacific Ocean, which gave them a range of hundreds of miles for their missile testing, target testing, and everything else.

All of these guys, Edgar Phillips was up there and at that time Ben Nordham, Superior Court's Judge Berenson's, partner was a Federal Commissioner.

Rick: What was that name again, Judge Berenson? Gary: Berenson, Jerome Berenson.

Rick: Ok, thanks.

Gary: Jerome Berenson, and his partner was Ben Nordham. He was of the Levy family that owned the Bank of A. Levy and multimillionaires on top of development of everything else in that area, in Oxnard which was just above Point Mugu. To get back to Abe Phillips who was a longtime--well, even when they were kids in school he was mixed up with a guy by the name of Harry Pregerson, who is now a Federal Judge--very powerful people, a Federal Appeals Court Judge.

My partner and I back in the 40s were working Chinatown narcotics. We connected Harry Pregerson, Mickey Cohen, and Abe Phillips with a guy by the name of Davidian. Now, this is in my book. I wrote this 10 to 16 years ago in my manuscript before it was published and printed in 1987.

Rick: What was the name of that book?

Gary: There's a Fish in the Courthouse. And this part about Davidian, his name was Abraham Davidian and he belongs to the Davidian family which was an international gun running, narcotics gang outfit. Well, shortly after that, he was headquartered up in San Joaquin Valley and Fresno, basically. He was running huge amounts, in those days it was heroin, and some months later we caught him with a big load up over the Grapevine and I was with the L.A.P.D. at that time. This was 1947, he was arrested. We were working in conjunction with Federal Narcotics. They didn't call them DEA in those days, they were Federal Narcotics. One of the top agents was a guy by the name of Howard Jacket. Anyway, the Federal hit was so big that a lot of it was out of their jurisdiction, geographic jurisdiction of L.A.P.D., so Abraham Davidian was twisted. See, this is the same Davidian outfit that is mixed up in Waco and it goes back to what I'm going to say about Abe Phillips coming up through Ventura and, eventually, in those days everybody needed arms. Israel, the Israelis needed arms and they needed them down in Cuba and there was big money in running those. Anyway, Menachem Begin was over here, basically, to get arms and money for Israel. I don't know if you remember who he was.

Rick: Sure do.

Gary: To get back to Abraham Davidian, he was [taken by] Federal Narcotics. We don't know where they took him but they hid him out in a house up in Fresno, as I recall it.

Abraham was going to squeal and he was going to expose real high powered people, politicians and millionaires and everybody else that nobody suspected was in that kind of business. So, one day there were three Federal Narcotics agents guarding him in broad daylight, so Davidian, I guess, took a nap or something and this is the story. They went down to the grocery store to get themselves a coke or beer, whatever, and when they came back, he had a big hole in his head. He was deader than hell. I'm covering a lot of years and a lot of things, so if any questions come up, please ask.

Alright, in 1958 there were National Guard Armories all over the country being burglarized. You would have thought that there were so many of them being burglarized they would have had a couple of men on guard at night, but they burglarized the Oxnard armory which is not too far from Point Mugu, just between Point Mugu and Oxnard. There were a lot of machine guns, 30 caliber machine guns, 50 caliber and everything taken, well, my partner who was--actually, I was with the Ventura Police Department--but Ed Patton was a Sergeant on the Oxnard Police Dept. It was the mid-50s and it was a pretty small county and we knew just about everything that was going on. Anyway, we came up with some suspects and the FBI arrested them but they never recovered the guns.

Then, later on, through some of my informants I found out that William P. Clark had one of the 50 caliber machine guns and he had it mounted in his house in Oxnard and he's kind of a right wing. I don't believe that there is right wing, left wing and all that stuff--everybody is involved in everything. But, the way they would describe somebody like that, he was making statements that when the revolution comes that any Niggers or Mexicans that come around his house he's going to blow them down and statements like this.

So, I plugged into it a little bit and found out that the machine gun came from the Oxnard armory burglary and then a lot of other things tied together and, as I say, the FBI drew some information, I mean, arrested two of the suspects and then later on these two men also turned up down in Florida and Dallas, Texas and that area; this was in 1963, five years later. I suspected they were out of prison by that time. But as I say, these two burglaries were also connected with Abe Phillips. See, this Oxnard armory made it under the Federal jurisdiction of the FBI and the Justice Department. Well, at that time Ben Nordham and Judge Berenson were running their own little deal. Abe Phillips would handle the bail-bonds and make money that way, and then, also, Judge Jerome Berenson and Ben Nordham, who was the Federal Commissioner at that time would put them on bail and they all knew each other. These judges and these top people over there that I've talked about knew more about criminals than the Police Department did--who was capable of doing what, and naturally, when the criminal got in that position he was pretty well under the thumb and control of people who could put him in or out of jail. Naturally nobody wanted to be in jail.

Let's see now, we are talking about William P. Clark. At this time William P. Clark is getting himself pretty well setup in politics. He gets acquainted with, (actually he was duped), Ronald Reagan and did some work and claimed that he got some votes for Ronald Reagan. He was appointed a judge first. They tried to appoint him a judge in Ventura county but he wasn't acceptable. He was a multi- -millionaire, even at that time. This goes back to his father and grandfather who were Marshals, Federal Marshals and Sheriffs and everything else in Ventura County and mixed up in all the old time narcotics and prostitution and everything in Oxnard. They bought up large parcels of land. Well, in San Luis Obispo County, we get back up now to where this guy Ray Renick is. He [Clark] owns thousands of acres in an area up there called Shandon. I don't know if you are familiar with Shandon.

Rick: Not by name but I'm familiar with the area.

Gary: Alright, to get back to Ronald Reagan, they had an opening in San Luis Obispo County, so they brought him up to San Luis Obispo County and made him a Superior Court Judge. This is shortly after Ronald Reagan came to power in the State of California.

Rick: Ah-huh.

Gary: Also, at that time there was another guy by the name of Pete Wilson who was running around with a State Senator, Malcolm Lucas, and of course, Deukmejian. All of these four people, right at the present, are very powerful. They can appoint any judge in the State of California, get any decision that they want. Also, I'm not sure whether you are familiar with it, but this guy William P. Clark is one of the huge holders of the Pacific Telesis Group [which owns as one of its subsidiaries Pacific Bell Telephone Co.]. One of the big projects right now is running a huge cable from Northern California, from the border clear down the entire length of California, which is, I don't understand it too much but its for...what's this kind of cable now, I'm not familiar with it.

Rick: Fiber Optics?

Gary: Yeah, there you go. Yeah, and that's what they got, there's been a lot of Court decisions on it. They're trying to, it's supposed to be a multi-million dollar project right at the moment but to get back, at the time the guy [William P. Clark] didn't have a degree from a university, a law degree but he did pass the bar in some way, shape, or form. There was a lot of stink over that. He wasn't qualified, but then...

Rick: So, there was a challenge to that early on?

Gary: Yeah, an informal challenge by a bunch of lawyers who didn't want to accept him and thought he was--remember he hadn't lived up in Shandon for many years. He moved up there and established his residence in his old home long enough so that Reagan could appoint him to the Superior Court. Well, he was only there for a short while, then he goes to the Appeals Court down in Los Angeles--State Appeals Court--and then shortly Reagan appoints him to the State Supreme Court and this is the way he came up. When Reagan was President he took him back as an advisor, and then shortly after that he became the National Security Advisor. Well, here's a guy, and I also ran across this thing that makes the statement that when a revolution comes, they could have this revolution and riots and everything else through certain organizations that they were going to stir up--like the Los Angeles riots [Watts] in 1965 and across the country. They had them all across the country and they weren't just haphazard. They were well organized and precipitated by these people.

So, now we've got William P. Clark who is the head of the National Security Agency with a stolen 50 caliber machine gun in his house and they're wanting to...At that time, the validity which comes with the National Security Director which doesn't take a Senate or Congressional appointment, I think it takes Presidential appointment. Then, they want to make him [Clark] Secretary of the Interior, which controls all the--and he is in with a guy by the name of Bob Mackonsia an old time friend of his, who was a Federal Congressman at that time and who also comes from Ojai [,CA] area.

Bob Mackonsia, very powerful, and that goes clear up into San Luis Obispo. What we're getting at here is that all the Judges are tied together and all controlled right at the moment by Deukmejian, Pete Wilson and Malcolm Lucas.

Rick: Who is Malcolm?

Gary: Malcolm Lucas is a California State Supreme Court Justice and is the one right now who, because of some of the things that Ray Renick knows, are behind a lot of Ray's problems. They actually drove the poor guy into doing what he did but, be that as it may.

Let's see, William P.--and here we've got the guy who, all of a sudden, becomes the Secretary of the Interior. Well, before he became, and this is about 1987 or something, another man and I, by that time in the Fall of 1987, had my book printed. It was about 700 and some pages and we took a petition.

There were a lot of judges and lawyers, about 10 of them in Ventura County alone who were killed. They and their wives were killed and some of them were murdered in their beds. The husband and the wife were murdered in their beds with their heads caved in, airplane crashes, boat accidents, all kinds of things, all at critical moments in their future careers of being Justices. In other words, there was an underground thing going on at that time to get the people out they didn't want and put their own crew in, because, you can see that if you control the Judicial System, forget the Executive and the Legislative Branches. There isn't a Senator in this country that can put you in jail, Rick, that gets mad at you. The President couldn't put you in jail if he wanted to. He doesn't have the jurisdiction or the power but look at the power a single little judge has.

Rick: Well, it's tremendous.

Gary: A single little judge can destroy your entire life with his power and power of discretion. With discretionary power they can wipe out legislative laws, case law, Supreme Court law. They can do anything they want, they can totally destroy you...

Rick: That's true.

Gary: And with all kinds of little gimmicks, their power of discretion or their power of contempt of court, the minute you don't do what they want they set a couple of things in motion, then all of a sudden, you're in contempt of court and you're in jail from now on. So, anyway, at this time they had Big Plans. There was off-shore drilling in California. There was onshore drilling and there were communications decisions, court decisions that had to be made, big powerful ones, and right now one of the biggest ones, a multi-million dollar cable thing. What was the name of it again? What did you call it?

Rick: Fiber optics.

Gary: There you go. Fiber optics, and this even goes to, it's set-up with new computer stuff where, like your and my phone call right now, just climb a telephone pole or dial the phone company to have them hook in your line. They could be on you immediately and this is what the system is all about. The powerful, I'm not knocking the entire Justice Department or the FBI or any of our agents, what I'm saying is, at the top level the people that control it, all those agencies are controlled through the Justice Dept.

Rick: Yes.

Gary: Which is a terrible power. Whoever is the head of the Justice Department is appointed by the President. So, you can see why you'd pinpoint the power. There are a lot of people in our government agencies and intelligence agencies who don't approve of it, naturally, wholehog, don't approve of what is going on and how the agency is being used against themselves and the people, but they are powerless. The minute they open their mouths, terrible things start to happen to them. It's quite a serious situation.

To get back to William P. Clark and Harry Pregerson and all those people. Harry Pregerson is the United States Federal Appellate Court Judge in the Ninth Circuit. He has been there for years and years, him and another guy by the name of Steven Reinhardt. He was a shyster lawyer that was taken off the street and appointed not even to the District Court, but right up to the Appellate Court and, this may sound funny, but these people are into everything. They're into our professional sports, football, basketball, anything that you could name, these guys have got a hand in it. When decisions come up in front of them, why, what the heck, this is why our country is going down because decisions are being made to benefit them and not our country or our people or anything else.

Now, to William P. Clark, as we can focus on him. Back in 1987, when I got my book printed, I had to print it in a garage with a couple of has-been printers and a beat-up printing press in the middle of the night to keep from getting killed, so they wouldn't know it. I had been writing it, my wife had typed on kind of a pinpoint type, not too good, but it was sufficient to get my point out and I got a cover on it. So, we took this back to a friend of mine (I won't name him right now) and we went back to Washington D. C. with the book. I took 100 of them back there and delivered one to each and every one of the United States Senators along with a petition for them to investigate. It was their duty for the welfare, health, and safety of the people of the United States and California and the Ninth Circuit to investigate the Judicial corruption that was going on there.

It was quite a big deal in Washington D. C. because we were assigned a new plainclothed capitol police officer who had been also with the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms who gave orders and we were taken to a guy by the name of Michael Davidson. I believe he was the lawyer who was in charge of the visual problems of the U.S. Senate, and we were escorted for several days to each and every one of the Senator offices to put this book and petition on the Senators. It explained all these things that I'm telling you and much more and the purpose of this at that time was that we had information on corruption by Senator Strom Thurmond and I had correspondence with him. I've got letters from him, where he was going to investigate the situation that we are talking about. So, when we got back there Strom Thurmond and Joseph Biden and all the rest of them, plus Teddy Kennedy, that were on the Senate Judiciary Committee covered it up. We had conversations with them and everything else, well, we waited until the next year...oh, [remembering] alright, the reason we went back was because the Senate Judiciary Committee was going to vote on investigating William P. Clarks appointment to the Cabinet. Let's see, that was Reagan's Cabinet through the Secretary of Interior. That goes back to all these things I've been saying, off-shore drilling, chemicals and mining and everything. We were trying to get the information exposed of William P. Clark's criminal activities and contacts and the whole works from what we presented. Well, they covered the whole thing up.

Rick: Was this a law enforcement action or was it by you as an individual ?

Gary: This was an individual American citizen petition. Rick: And what year was this?

Gary: November, 1987. And then they covered it up and appointed William P. Clark to the Interior [post in the] Cabinet, and then shortly after that, I worked on it and I got some stuff. Nancy Reagan didn't like William P. for some reason. She didn't trust him; of course there are a lot of people that didn't trust him. Ronald Reagan was nothing more than a dupe for all of these big powerful, high, big-shots from Hollywood on down. I knew him many years ago. But anyway, we got information through the backdoor of the White House, and then it was real strange, shortly after that, on TV and the news, William P. Clark made the announcement that he was homesick for his ranch in Shandon and he left [1984-5]. They were bringing him up the line. You could see all these steps that he went through. They were bringing up the line. He was going to be the next President. Something was going to happen to Reagan. I don't mean they were going to kill him. He was going to become senile or couldn't remember, that sort of thing, and just kind of step down. Of course, the Vice President was the next one in line, but they had some kind-of angle that William P. was going to end up as the next President about a year before the election. Then he would be incumbent and they were sure that they could run him in on Reagan's Administration as the next President.

I know that this is a lot of rambling on but we are... Rick: No, no, this is fine.

Gary: I've got many years of things so, let's see, ah where was I exactly?

Rick: William P.

Gary: Yeah, we got this stuff in through the back door regarding what the Senate Judiciary Committee had done and the next thing you know, as I said, William P. made the announcement that he was homesick. He wanted to get back to his ranch. Very quietly, he left Washington D. C. Nobody could understand why this occurred. He is still very powerful in money and his contacts with the Judges. They're going to extraordinary measures to keep all these things that we know and everything else quiet but, this thing with Waco, well, one of the basic reasons that occurred at all--a lot of the agents, that are going to take the gas for this really didn't know what was going on, what was the main purpose behind it. They were told that these were real bad people and that they were doing their duty, which they do. The point I'm trying to make is that we don't have a whole bunch of bad guys, that we can't even understand why Americans as FBI and ATF would be bad guys, which they're not. I don't know if I'm making my point clear to you

Rick: Yes, you're doing fine.

Gary: Ok. And that's the sad part about it. Then all you read in the newspaper is that these agents are doing these things. Well, this guy Koresh had contacts in Hollywood. He wasn't just some guy that was mixed up in religion trying to make a buck. He had peak contacts in Hollywood and other places and in gun movements. I'm not saying who in his movement was involved in the gun movements or anything else, but anyway they had some of these weapons which should have been recovered from the arsenal when the FBI investigated this. They could never figure out where the weapons went. I know where they went. They went to Mickey Cohen's outfit at that time, which later on was transferred to what they call the ADL, the Jewish Defense League which was led by a guy named Rueben.

Rick: In what city is that?

Gary: In Los Angeles. And then, later on, Harry Pregerson and Mickey Cohen were real good buddies from way back, like I said when I was working on surveying them clear back to 1946, when I was working narcotics on the L.A.P.D. in old Chinatown down in Los Angeles and Mickey Cohen, we'd follow him to the fight arenas. That's where a lot of his money was and his racetrack wire service. A lot of it was over the racetrack wire service and a lot of guys got themselves killed in those days. Anyway--I want to stay a little bit on a level here so we don't go flying all over the place.

Rick: It's interesting. You're staying on track. These things seem to be related.

Gary: Ok. It's the connections of all these people. And then in 1958 and '59 Mickey Cohen, what he was doing, the racket he had going was with Lana Turner. He had some of his Hollywood lover boys like George Miscatelli and Johnny Stampanada. You remember the old deal with Johnny Stampanada, he got himself stabbed to death and killed in Lana Turner's house?

Rick: No, I don't.

Gary: Well that was over one of the acts that Mickey Cohen had his hands in at that time that was very successful, moneywise, for him. He dumped these Italian lovers that he had working for him on Lana Turner and she fell in love with this guy Johnny Stampanada and he "figured" the motels. Mickey Cohen would have it all wired up and make recordings of it and sell them for what was going on in the motel room between Lana and Johnny Stampanada. Then, it developed to a point where he got stabbed and killed in her house.

Well, another one of the Italian boys was a guy by the name of George Miscatelli. George Miscatelli, Mickey Cohen had working on Marilyn Monroe and at that time my partner and I, who was with the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, (he is dead now), we were surveilling this whole thing and that's how we came upon Mickey Cohen and Menachem Begin who used to meet at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. We were taking pictures. We had a man out in the van looking like the flower company florist shop and we took pictures. We had pictures of Mickey Cohen. Well, one night we followed Mickey Cohen and Menachem Begin and they went up to Hollywood off Sunset Boulevard to a house. When we got there and checked it out it was Melvin Belli's house.

Now this is all in my book and all of this stuff was taken to the United States 100 Senators who covered it up and they've got quite a problem with this right now because of things that have occurred. And then we got license plates, and we're talking about 1958, 1959 or maybe 1960 because it's about the time we ran into some other things when JFK came out here in 1960, when he disappeared from the convention down there in Los Angeles.

We had information from a big informant of ours, a madame, that they were going to have a big party out at Peter Lawford's house. We left the convention before JFK did and we drove as fast as we could down to Malibu, ah, down to Santa Monica actually to Peter Lawford's house. By the time we got there, we went down to the beach and we could see JFK had beaten us there. We could never figure out how in the hell he beat us there.

Later on, I met a guy by the name of Anthony Summers. He is a writer for BBC. He wrote, Conspiracy and Marilyn Monroe and very good books, Anthony Summers did, but when he got to the crucial parts he got to me and asked me for a lot of information which I gave him and I gave him the names of people. I gave him the name of a madame, I gave him a couple of other names, one of them being Joey Bishop. I don't know if you have ever heard of Joey Bishop?

Rick: Yes, sure.

Gary: Bishop was in the old Peter Lawford-Frank Sinatra gang. He was the one that set-up the party at Peter Lawford's house with Marilyn Monroe and, contrary to what they all say and everything else, this was the first time JFK ever met her. You can pinpoint that down because that was the night that he disappeared from the convention in Los Angeles. They try to say there was a big love affair and all kinds of crap going on prior to that, but that's not so. We never ran across any of that or anything else, but anyway, one of the crux of the things is that Joey Bishop set-up the whole thing with a madame to have Marilyn Monroe there. There was a bunch of Hollywood girls and that's how we found it out. So, we were there that night and saw what was going on but through certain circumstances, we didn't stay too long.

There was a guy that I went to the Los Angeles Police Academy with by the name of Freddy Otash. Well, Freddy Otash, in 1946 when I was working down in Chinatown, Freddy was working vice. He met a lot of people in Hollywood and everything else and later on he resigned from the Police Dept. and set himself up a Private Detective Agency in Hollywood. Freddy was one of the main participants in an old magazine called CONFIDENTIAL, if you recall that. Freddy knew everybody in Hollywood. He knew everything that went on and he was a good friend of Peter Lawford. And Freddy is the one that claims him and another guy by the name of Don Zanoff, who is a bond expert, well, they always claimed that they bugged Peter Lawford's house and the bedroom and were on TV. I've got my copies of my tapes where they came out on TV and made these tremendous false statements that, like Don Zanoff said, they asked him how he could know that Marilyn and John [JFK] were carrying on in Peter Lawford's house. Well, he could hear the bed springs squeaking.

Well, this is the damndest lie you ever saw because I was living off in the West Valley of San Fernando Valley at the time and when I would go downtown early in the morning, I'd go across Topanga Canyon, I don't know if you are familiar with down there, but from Topanga Canyon you come right down into Malibu. Well, I was getting there early in the morning and I'd come a long distance, with my field glasses, and sometimes Frank, my partner, would meet me there. We'd watch John Banoff and Freddy Otash, not Freddy, who wouldn't go up the pole, but John Banoff would climb these poles and they were up there frantically trying to get hooked into the telephone line. And that was as close as they ever came to having a bugging.

What precipitated that, this was really one of the last things that caused a whole bunch of strange things to happen through rumor and false statements, etc.

Ok, when Mickey Cohen was making these records and bugging the motel rooms and Lana Turner, and then for Marilyn Monroe, at the same time this was shortly after Marilyn Monroe had met John Kennedy down at Peter Lawford's house, which as I recall, was 1960. My memory is clogged up with all these dates, but I'm pretty sure it was 1960. Well, that was when we were following all these people and Menachem Begin was mixed up in it.

We know that Caspar Weinberger was there because of license plates on his vehicle. I read his license plates and it was Melvin Belli's house, which I knew and Caspar Weinberger was there, too. Here's Caspar Weinberger, who at that time was a powerful man with this construction company, Bechtel Construction Company; that one that also Shultz was involved in and I think that billions, up to a half a trillion or a trillion dollars worth of defense work over in Vietnam and everywhere else. So, a lot of that was behind it, and also, when Caspar Weinberger became Secretary of Defense, he knew where all the arms and everything else, were. There was no way that he couldn't know where all the arms and everything else were being shipped to South America and all of that.

But I'll get back to Marilyn Monroe and Freddy Otash and what precipitated this thing. Freddy Otash, for Mickey Cohen, had bugged this motel room where Lana Turner and Johnny Stampanada were and helped him make the record [recording for an LP]. Well, there was a guy that, I can't remember his name right now who was a "bug" man for, who's the labor leader?

Rick: Hoffa?

Gary: Yeah, Jimmy Hoffa. Spindell. His name was Spindell. Ok, the word had got around that Freddy Otash in Hollywood had spread the word, and so did Mickey Cohen, that they not only had these records but, in fact, they were selling them to people for parties and back in New York for a thousand dollars a record [album]. They made millions of bucks off Lana Turner's alone and then they were working on Marilyn Monroe's and they were going to do the same thing.

Well, just as things will happen and all of the rest of the stuff. Menachem Begin and those guys come into the picture and the word got to Hoffa who was having his problems with Bobby Kennedy, and Hoffa wanted something on them real bad. So, Freddy actually tells Spindell, "Hell, I've got tapes, recordings of Marilyn and JFK and I'll get you these tapes very shortly". At that time he gave Spindell one of these big black discs. That's what they were made of. They weren't made on tapes in those days. They were made on the old fashioned type disc. We knew there was a record company down on Santa Monica Boulevard and Crenshaw, down there that stamped these records out on the morning shift. They had a clandestine crew in there that was making these records. They are 12" diameter and they were stamped-off at the factory. Hoffa wanted this information on JFK and Marilyn Monroe's involvement to maybe halt their investigation against his Teamster operations and Freddy lied to Spindell that he was going to have--Freddy was making a lot of money, he was taking big money from Mickey Cohen for doing these things, then he got big money from Jimmy Hoffa for supposedly doing--but he never did deliver because he never had them. Then the rumors got a little bigger because Jimmy Hoffa's anticipating, he's shooting off his mouth that he's about to get these records and he does have them but he never came out with them. Believe me, if he would have had 'em he would have been screaming about it from the roof-tops to get the pressure off him. He was no gentlemen, as he once said, "Well, I'm not going to bring it out because I wouldn't embarrass JFK's wife." That's a bunch of baloney. He didn't care about embarrassing anybody when it come to getting himself out of a problem.

This precipitated a lot of this talk about JFK and Bobby Kennedy and the big love affair. The way this comes in, I believe, was Mickey Cohen and Menachem Begin were to get an in with Marilyn Monroe to pick her brain, so she could find the inside scoop from J. F. Kennedy. You see what I'm trying to say?

Well, the guy that they used that was going to pick her brain was the guy by the name of George Miscatelli. This is what started the whole chain of events and it goes down to the point when JFK was killed and E. Howard Hunt, there was a lot of background stuff. E. Howard Hunt was with the CIA. There's no question about that and they had a scam going where they were going to perform a phony assassination on JFK. This was for the purpose--and this is where Oswald comes in. Oswald didn't kill JFK, no way, shape, or form. They were blind-sided by this organization of Menachem Begin that infiltrated this thing and committed the actual murder. That's why so much cover-up. Everybody was scared to death. They didn't know who the heck had done it.

Well, shortly after JFK was killed, my partner and I had a good friend, Audie Murphy. Audie was a Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel, I can't recall which (we're talking about 35 years ago) in the Texas National Guard and he was going down there all the time. He used to fly on Braniff Airline. He knew Bill Decker who was the Sheriff of Dallas at that time. Bill Decker and Audie used to love--he would give us a lot of information on narcotics and all kinds of things that were going on in Hollywood, and occasionally would ride around with Mike and Me and work cases in conjunction with narcotics and all that. Audie, his friend Bill Deckner and I had met each other when he had come out to Los Angeles on business quite often and Audie, we met with him at the Police Academy and we took them all to lunch. This was shortly after the assassination took place and at that time Bill Decker said he had a friend in Texas who was terrified because he was involved in that thing, in a manner, and that he wanted to know if we would meet with him. Well, we explained that we didn't have any jurisdiction or anything. He said, well, that was better because they wanted somebody from outside who was not personally involved in this thing. We set-up a deal where Audie and Frank and I flew over to a place. We met him half-way, a place called Ruidoso, New Mexico. And Bill Decker came there with this guy. In my book his name is John. I didn't put his whole name because he'd get [killed]--well, John, explained the whole thing about how some lawyers were involved in it from Washington; two of them are now United States Senators. This comes back to why they covered up the whole thing [in my book], and explained how this whole phony assassination attempt was going to be set-up, so that it would look so real. The purpose was because they had been trying to kill Castro with all kinds of crazy things like exploding cigars and crazy stuff. Well, they finally came up with this deal where, just like the battleship Maine was blown up in Cuba harbor and Pearl Harbor--remember Pearl Harbor--well, they began to set-up a deal to get the people behind them. They discovered that you can't really handle a war or really do something successful unless the people are behind it. So, they wanted an attempted assassination on JFK which would get the people behind them. So, then the tale would be that from Dallas down to Mexico City, over to the Cuban Embassy, who would be hiding the perpetrator of this assassination on JFK. This was for the purpose of getting the people all worked up. They had newspapers all ready, headlines and everything else to invade Cuba, which would serve a whole bunch of people's purpose, the mafia who wanted to get back at the Cubans, the Cuban exiles who wanted to get back at their Cuban homeland, also the gambling was mixed up with what I call the--have you ever heard the word mishpucka?

Rick: No.

Gary: That's M I S H P U C K A. Now, in Jewish that means family, just the same thing as mafia means family in Italian. That's the Jewish and Italian crime families. Well, the Jewish crime family was far more influential moneywise and powerwise and sophistication and everything else; be that as it may, they all wanted to get back into Cuba and this was the purpose. Well, some other things transpired involving construction with Bechtel and Vietnam at that same time, billions and billions, they were making more money over there constructing war-time efforts in those foreign countries than they actually were in Cuba or all of their operations put together; so, JFK had made secret plans with Russia, Russian leaders. He was trying to downgrade war and get us to the point of peace and this was totally unacceptable, naturally, to these people that were making billions and billions of dollars. This is why ALDUSEP, another organization that had infiltrated E. Howard Hunt's outfit, changed it all of a sudden; instead of being a fake assassination it becomes a real assassination, and when this occurred, E. Howard Hunt and law enforcement, intelligence and everything just totally came apart because, they didn't know who did it, how it happened. First of all, Howard Hunt naturally thought what's-his-name, Oswald, had double-crossed him. Oswald thought, for crying-out-loud, Hunt had double-crossed him. You see the pandemonium it created? Within all law enforcement.

And then here's Jack Ruby, who a couple of days later, killed Oswald and then the Police Department is suspect. All kinds of rumors come up--it's the Police Department--it's the Sheriff's Department--the CIA--and all of these things. It still goes back to the point of who really did it. how, and why and a whole bunch of questions that I could talk to you all day to show you where it goes someplace else and at that time Mickey Cohen had a girlfriend, Rick. She was that stripper named Candy Barr. She was having an affair with Menachem Begin and Mickey Cohen. Mickey had her stashed away up in a room in a Beverly Hills Hotel and Candy Barr, at that time, was making trips back and forth to Dallas, Texas. Well, my partner and I knew all of these things had happened, but we hadn't put it all together. It just didn't come together until a whole bunch of events occurred later on. Mickey Cohen's contact to Jack Ruby was Candy Barr and then there was a guy by the name of Harry--he owned Harry's Bar--this was during the war. He had a big bar and made millions of dollars down in Los Angeles. Oh, what the heck was his name? He went down in about 1947, well '46 was when I first saw and ran into Mickey Cohen with Jack Ruby out at the Hollywood racetrack. It wasn't the Hollywood racetrack, it was actually in Inglewood, if you know where that is, called the Hollywood Park race-track.

Rick: No, I don't.

Gary: It's in Inglewood. But anyway, I was working out there (I won't go into the details) and I came across Mickey Cohen; actually I was working the University area where I was walking the beat down at the Olympic stadium. I don't know if you know where the Olympic stadium is but that's where all the fights, big fights were carried on. There was the Olympic stadium, the Southgate arena, Hollywood Legion stadium. That's where he did all of his gambling and all of the arrangements were made for big fights. Well, I observed at the Hollywood racetrack that in Mickey Cohen's chauffeur driven limousine, Jack Ruby was in the back seat with Mickey Cohen. And I met him a couple of other times up at Harry's Bar in 1947 when I had gone up to work the metropolitan division and downtown Los Angeles. That's when I was working Chinatown and all of that.

One night we observed Mickey Cohen in Chinatown. We followed him down to the Southgate arena with this guy Abraham Davidian. He was the one guy I didn't know who in the hell he was at that time. We followed him down there and he met with Harry Pregerson, who was a law student, and a shyster, hanging around with Mickey Cohen because they know that, they board up at a place called City Terrace just over the east side of Los Angeles, a big Russian Jew--and at that meeting down at the Southgate arena here was Mickey Cohen, Harry Pregerson, and Abraham Davidian and there was some other guy. There were four of them that night. As I say, there was Mickey. Abraham, Harry and oh, yes, Abe Phillips already sitting down there and holding front row seats. We watched all of these guys meet and Mickey Cohen and Abraham Davidian came back to Los Angeles up to Chinatown and I got a license plate off Mr. Davidian when he left Mickey Cohen's car. He went over to the parking lot and got in his car and I got the license plate.

That's when we first came upon Abraham Davidian and he met with a couple of Chinese guys. One was a man by the name of...I'll think of it in just a minute. No, Wong was working in Chinatown and he was the Chinatown connection for all the narcotics with Abraham, Benny Wong. Later on, I followed Benny Wong up from Los Angeles. He met with Mickey Cohen. Mickey had a cover place, it was in a florist shop. We followed him up to Ventura, to Oxnard, and he went directly to a place called the Colonial House Restaurant and Inn which was owned by a wealthy man who has been involved, whose name is Martin B. Smith or Bud Smith. If you've ever been to Oxnard you've seen those two big highest black tower buildings, glass buildings.

Rick: It's been many years.

Gary: Well, those two buildings are the highest buildings between San Francisco and Los Angeles and they are all owned by Martin B. Smith, (Bud Smith) and he's been involved with Mickey Cohen. Smith was tied in with Judge Berenson, (Jerome Berenson) and Ben Nordham. They were all tied up with William P. Clark. Its quite a chain.

Rick: I'm trying to make a link between the two people we were just talking about and William P. Clark, you said it was a very long chain.

Gary: Oh, Yeah. Martin B. Smith is connected with Judge Jerome Berenson, Ben Nordham, Mickey Cohen and with Abe Phillips. Now here is the strange thing, the point I wanted to get in, when we went back, when I wrote my book, I only described John, the guy that we met in Ruidoso as John because he was still alive and he was scared to death and it could have got him killed, which it did, eventually. John was actually Senator John Tower from Texas.

Rick: That's interesting.

Gary: Now, when we went back and put all of this stuff out somebody will say, well, all of these people are dead. That is true. In 1987, when we put all of this stuff on the United States Senate, they were not dead. John Tower was not dead. I didn't reveal John Tower's name at that time but nobody, they all covered all of this stuff up and at that time I was prepared to give them documented evidence and everything else about the murder of JFK and the involvement of Menachem Begin, Mickey Cohen and these other people and Wiffiam P. Clark. I was ready, willing and able. That was the purpose we went back there for. We would have sat down and we would have done everything we are doing here right now with evidence and this terrible thing would have been off the people's back but...

Rick: Let's move things up a little more current just for a moment. Is there anything going on over the last year in terms of new information or have you been persecuted in any way? Are you hiding? Are you ...

Gary: Why sure, I'm persecuted by this guy Malcolm Lucas. Rick: Who is Lucas?

Gary: Malcolm Lucas is a Chief Judge of the California Supreme Court. He has the power of appointment over every Judge in the State of California.

Rick: Ok, and why are you being persecuted by him?

Gary: He is totally mixed up with William P. Clark, Pete Wilson. You see Pete Wilson was the United States Senator that was one of the ones that we took this petition and the book. Pete Wilson knows the whole thing. [Now governor of California.]

Rick: Please, go into detail.

Gary:..Well, they put a phony lawsuit against me using some lady and everything else. Well, this is the one that you're getting copies of. I didn't know this lady, but she evidently--I found out originally she had obtained all of my lawsuits, my answers, which they immediately--ah, I go into Court, I can't get a lawyer and then the Judge sits there and laughs, orders me to get a lawyer or he is going to put me in contempt of Court, put me in jail, get a Default Judgment against everything that my wife and I own. So, I go out and pay $1000 to a lawyer. The first hearing we have, this lawyer doesn't show up. So, they dismiss my lawsuit, put judgments and sanctions and everything. It's just been a continuous thing like this for 25 years now and it was occurring even before that time but I couldn't connect why in the heck it was occurring. Like I say, in 1987, Pete Wilson who is totally involved in this corruption right now, was a United States Senator. He was served one of the petitions and books on this thing and then the next year when they didn't answer, this friend of mine, at my personal expense utilizing every buck I could get, my wife and I thought we would break the State if there was perhaps an honest man in the Senate, but this proves that there isn't even one.

Rick: Ok, let me get you off track again. Let's talk a little bit about Deukmejian.

Gary: Sure.

Rick: What can you tell me about his involvement in some of this corruption.

Gary: Ok. In 1974, this is when they took over the California State through a little trick of the California State Constitution. Pete Wilson was in on it. He was a California State Senator. Deukmejian was the California State Attorney General and William P. Clark, I can't recall exactly what he was, I believe he was with the State Supreme Court at that time and they were putting all this stuff on this woman by the name of Roseberg, blaming her for everything. This lady had been appointed by Governor Brown as the State Attorney General, Roseberg. They were blaming her and they were doing all the stuff and she wasn't completely blameless but they were putting all this insane crap on her that they were doing. They were going to revise, they got permission through the California State Assembly, the lawmakers, to revise the California State Constitution in this aspect of genderism, you know what I mean?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: Where it says "his" and "man", take that out and instead of "his" it would put a "person" in there, "man" would be "person", and all of that. They were just doing these things, innocuous things supposedly, but, in one section (I can't remember it now) but I took up all the old records. I got them just before March Fong Eu, the Secretary of State, disposed of them. She had them all in boxes. I think they were going to move into another building or something. She had all the old-time records. Anyway, now we got a guy's name by the name of Robert Lagomarcino.

Rick: I know the name.

Gary: Ok, Robert Lagomarcino at that time, I believe, was a California State Senator. And about the same time when Reagan came into power, he ran for the United States Congress and he won that. Now, he is tied up with William P. Clark. They've known each other from the time they were in kneepants, all of them raised up there in the same wealthy crew. Pete Wilson was out in the California State Senate. They put this little one liner into a certain section in there that said that the California State Assembly could change the election code that if an incumbent Judge runs for office, first thing he does is file, correct?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: Ok, at the end of this filing period they can claim him an incumbent. He could just have been appointed a few months prior. Well, the California Constitution, the United States Constitution and everything else says that Judges have to be elected. So, what they put in there is this little one liner that says if the Judge filed and no lawyer (you have to be a lawyer to run for Judge) files to run against him then he does not have to be on a ballot. In other words, you see, through this, a guy can be appointed by the Governor as in a Superior Municipal Court Judge, Commissioner or anything, except the Appellate Court, and suppose he is appointed by the Governor or even Malcolm Lucas the Supreme Court Justice can appoint him now, six months before the election. Alright, then this guy files and if no lawyers run, then he does not have to be on the ballot. Ok, this guy's in there for life and never had be on the ballot, or run for office. This is what our California State Judges are made up of now. They have a California State Judge's pension that is up into the trillions of dollars where they all stay in their offices this long and they make the decisions they are told to make and they can make these decisions. We've got 52 counties in the State of California and they make one in San Diego that goes to this point, etc., and they put it all together and they got what they want, see, but you and I and the citizens, nobody really knows the game that is being played there. Now, all of those big guys, look at the (I can't remember the name) its a big long bunch of names that Deukmejian belongs to, the law firm. They're into everything. People from their office were appointed to the Cabinet members back in Washington D. C. That's where all the big connections are and then ...

Rick: So, you have basically fled for safety?

Gary: No, no, we thought we were, at the time we sold all our property, and gee, we're in our seventies. I wanted to get out of that thing. We decided to sell all our property. We get so much social security and we have our property. We'd get maybe a $1000 a month for that. We wouldn't be millionaires but we could live and maybe do a few things that my wife has wanted to do, I've wanted to do, and all those sort of things. We sold our property but you wouldn't believe that, they persecuted me for five years right straight from Judge Berenson and Nordham's law office. In this respect, they had a guy that was mixed up in narcotics claim that he was injured on our property. Well, they sued us for everything we had, hauled us through the Courts right there in Ventura for five years. We figured at that time we were going to lose everything we had, everything we had invested in, and everything else. They tried to get me to go to arbitration which I knew was a set-up. They were going to put a judgment against us. Well, once they get their hooks into you and a judgment against you, you end up with nothing. They just hound you to death. Well, I demanded and I fought and I screamed right in that Courthouse so they could hear me all over that I wanted a jury. So, because of the way I screamed they finally gave me a jury. Our trial went on for three days and I won hands down. Usually you can win with seven people on a civil trial, right?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: I got a unanimous jury and then the jury came right back and asked the Judge, "did they have the power to give me a judgment against the guys that were harassing me," can you believe that!?

Rick: That's great!

Gary: Yeah, its great but here is what happened. The Judge ordered that I was to get all my expenses and everything else paid but, however after that the Judge or the lawyer or nobody would answer any questions--I never got a dime out of the Court Orders that ordered; in other words., when I win it doesn't mean a damn thing. All I did was get that thing off my back, the guy that was screaming that he was injured, who had harassed us for five years, five solid years. Then, immediately after that we decided to sell and get out. We sold our property and then that's another story how they came in the escrow and they stole certain papers. We had two escrows going, one for the business and one for the real estate. They stole papers out of the business escrow, a $20,000 promissory note that was to be held in there until somebody else would put up $25,000. Anyway, that escrow has never closed. They used this note which my wife had signed and they, we had a little family corporation, as a member of the corporation, a representative of the corporation, they give that to another shyster lawyer over in Simi Valley who files a Municipal Court case against us and runs it in. We got this guy, I want you to remember this name, it is very important. John J. Hunter who is a Municipal Court Judge in Ventura county and he harassed me. Its in the books how they harassed me. I was arrested for having an extension cord in my place of business.

Rick: A what? Can you repeat that? You were arrested for what?

Gary: I was arrested for having an extension cord. A business company had put a neon sign in my place of business and the cord wasn't long enough to go to a plug and I didn't know it. He put a short extension and plugged it in. Well, the Fire Department--they used the Fire Department and the Sheriff's Department and eight armed uniformed personnel and came into my place of business in front of my customers. I was handcuffed and taken to jail for having an extension cord. The reason for this was, convicted in front of a Municipal Court Judge by the name of John Hunter. Well, at that time I was running for supervisor and I'd do something for them to bring up corruption and everything else and it was driving them crazy. So, they came up with this scam and they put me on probation and a few other things which prohibited me from running for office or making any noise again See how they work?

Rick: Yes, I do.

Gary: So, this was John Hunter, the Municipal Court Judge and he's a moron. But that's what they want in there. Anyway, when I came up before him he advised the Jury to get them to convict me on this charge that having an extension cord was a morals violation. Can you believe that? A morals violation.

Rick: How could it possibly be a morals violation?

Gary: You tell me that, too. They put me on probation, so later on, when this shyster lawyer files a $25,000, and we're talking about $160,000 first Trust Deed that we've got on our property and we were supposed to be paid so much a month and we hoped to retire and live on, along with our social security. Well, they took this $25,000 deal; we moved, hoping to retire.

My wife isn't well. She has had cancer operations, breast operation and a kidney removed and here they are harassing a woman like this. Well, the State law in California, they've got community property law, right, so consequently this was in our corporation--part mine and part my wife's--she had signed this note but listen to this: in the Municipal Court, Judge John Hunter was on this thing [described earlier] of never running for office, since nobody ran against him. In other words, the trick is, if it don't go on the ballot how can you comply with the Constitution State or federal Constitution that says you have to run for office. You have to be elected. How can you be elected if you are never on a ballot. So that cancels that out right there.

Now, John Hunter wanted to be a Superior Court Judge. There was an opening and his term in this phony Municipal Court deal was up so he runs for Superior Court. I've got real strong connections with law enforcement friends and old timers from way back. We got not only law enforcement, but we got the citizens that were sick of the corruption and everything else and he lost the election for Superior Court. So, he retired at close to $100,000. This is a fantastic judgment. You should look into this because nobody thinks about it, this California State Judge's Pension Fund. And they will lie so much, you don't know whether the county is paying them and they keep this confusion going because they don't want you to know where their money comes from or how they control it. It is a terrific fund that they've got up there, billions and billions of dollars that Pete Wilson is controlling. Here is John Hunter, retires as a Municipal Court Judge because he cannot get elected to the Superior Court and that's the prerogative of us citizens that we don't want, isn't that right?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: Well, right after he does this, because I had disqualified all the other judges in Ventura for good cause, then Malcolm Lucas, (and I've got copies of the records), assigned John Hunter to the Municipal Court for the specific reason of handling my wife's case of this Judgment. And here he is, in the past I had tried to disqualify him, but here he is getting close to $100,000 a year from his Municipal Court phony retirement. Now he is getting $140,000 a year from the State to sit as a Municipal Court Judge, to handle my case personally. Well, how they did it was, I couldn't get a lawyer and I knew if I did get a lawyer that he wouldn't show up and I would just be spending money uselessly. Being it was community property, it was my escrow on my business and my wife's. They said that they filed the case only against my wife and that I could not appear and represent either myself or my wife, so they just went on up the line and had their hearings and procedures until they got a judgment for $25,000 against my wife. Now, because of the shyster's expenses and costs they billed it up to $35,000. But here is the trick that they used. They did put this Judgment back to Judge Hunter and because he wouldn't let my wife and me appear, they gave this shyster a Judgment and an assignment of my wife's $150,000 first mortgage. These people had stopped paying on the property we had sold. And they are all tied together.

So here we are hoping to retire. My wife can't afford clothes because they had given her First Trust Deed Mortgage that they settled on her to the company that was going to foreclose for us and if they did they were going to sue them. So they stopped us completely from foreclosing on our property which the people weren't paying for, and also had a Judgment against us which is building up all the time, then another shyster who files--alright, what they did was, the people that bought our property without our knowledge went and got a second Trust Deed for $80,000 and the same lawyers for them, then filed bankruptcy. And they horsed us around on bankruptcy for six or eight months until we could show the bankruptcy judge that it was all a fraud and then he dismissed their bankruptcy.

When they dismissed their bankruptcy the shysters with the second Trust Deed, I had a lawyer who was supposed to be handling it for me, fell in with them too. They all fall in together. He horsed us around so that we didn't know it but the people with the second then filed foreclosure on our property and got the title put into their name. So once they had the title put in their name then they filed a document with the Court that we will not give them our mortgage for the amount that they wanted. Then they filed an action in Superior Court to quiet the title on the property. They still will not let me come and represent myself, even though it's community property. This has been going on for 1-1/2 years now and us with no money or anything else. We didn't flee here. We came here to retire and try to live a life but here we are back involved in this.

Now they've got a Superior Court case against us to quiet the title and my wife's mortgage which she cannot do anything about because they've got Court Orders. Now it's in Superior Court. I walked into Superior Court the first time and guess who is sitting there? John Hunter. And he has another, I've got the documents here where Malcolm Lucas, soon as it went to Superior Court, Malcolm Lucas assigned John Hunter to Superior Court on a special assignment with the wording right in there that this is for the specific purpose of handling this case until it's over. Which they mean: when my wife and I don't have any money left or any property, then it is over.

Here Malcolm Lucas appointed John Hunter, his Judge's pension at $140,000 to sit in the Superior Court now. This is totally against the ethics, morals and everything else in this respect that--suppose we vote the President out, just an analogy, and since we voted him to save money the Congress comes in and just overrides the people's election and puts the same President back in office that the people have been trying desperately to get out of there. Is this the Constitutional American way of putting people in office?

Rick: Now, let's talk just for a moment about Pete Wilson, and then, do you know anything about Daniel Lungren, he is the current Attorney General for California?

Gary: Lungren, well this goes into another big thing. The guy who was the District Attorney, Arlow Smith, the District Attorney of San Francisco County. He ran for that office I guess when Deukmejian got--regardless of who it was-- Vandekamp, maybe is who it was, but Arlow Smith was a Democrat from San Francisco County, and basically, he won the election. He was running against Lungren, the one you were talking about, and Lungren was a Republican with Malcolm Lucas and Pete Wilson and William P. Clark, millions and millions of dollars behind him. As I say, Arlow Smith had it won, kind of like a Dewey and Harry Truman thing. And then, they come in with an absentee ballot and the next thing you know Lungren wins by a small majority. And so, Lungren goes into office. Then another thing occurs, Arlow Smith; the District Attorney and the San Francisco Police Department, a couple of Police Officers get involved in this ADL thing and they raided the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith).

Rick: You realize that has all been pretty well swept away.

Gary: Yeah, sure it has. Arlow Smith, now whether the Jews with all their money promised him some kind of political office, maybe the next Attorney General or maybe on the State Supreme Court, who knows what he did to knuckle under to them. The detectives are friends of mine. I've talked to them and everything else. They raided the Los Angeles office and the San Francisco office and they've got all the records and I've been trying to get them. They've got all the records that the ADL has against me, my book, and my history of wrestling Jewish lawyers and Judges down in Los Angeles, Harry Pregerson, and a bunch of others and narcotics and because I've been exposed to their connections. I had one of the biggest files in their Los Angeles office. Arlow Smith let this slip out to a friend of mine in Santa Maria when it first happened. These officers got almost two tons of records of the ADL that shows them how they control the Judicial positions. You check and see how many Judges are Jewish Judges and appointed in that office. Take a look at the San Francisco office or the Federal Department. My God, it looks like a registry of the Israeli Bar Association and you can't defy them. They are just so powerful and deeply entrenched and sometimes you begin to wonder if there is any hope at all that we are going to be run by Americans instead of a foreign country.

The question was Lungren and Pete Wilson. Lungren won by just a small majority and we had put a lot of hopes on Arlow Smith, but it looks like Arlow is no different. Whether the entire raid was just for him to frisk those people and get his own power to negotiate or what, but I know that there are a lot of people in the Arab world--I don't have any connections with their organizations, but I know that they have tried their best to live up to the laws of the land and they get totally defeated in every step, and then a frustration sets-in on you, like Ray Renick, terrible frustration. He had no recourse and this is a sad thing, Rick, that all Americans go on and trust in our Court systems and our recourse, recourse for Justice, let's call it that, but there is no such thing. It just is so terribly distorted and taken over...

Rick: Before I forget this, I'm going to sidetrack you one more time then we'll come back to Wilson and Lungren. You mentioned that the man that was taken out in Malibu was linked with the CIA and that it really had nothing to do with his land. What did that have to do with?

Gary: Don Scott was a very wealthy person and he traveled all over the world. He had connections with powerful people that ordinarily you can't make connection with and they've done this to a lot of people in the name of being an American citizen. Will you help us with this or that. Naturally, almost anybody will do that. Well, Don Scott got involved in that way with helping and he began to learn so much about this organization, because he was closely associated down there in Point Mugu. Now, see, the reason they burned the Broome ranch was because the highest peak right above Point Mugu was very high, in my estimation over 1000 ft. Well, they've got all their equipment, their electronic equipment systems, guidance systems and secret stuff up on that mountaintop.

Don Scott was involved in all of this way back in the old days of getting Point Mugu organized for the Government experiments and all that. I'll go just a little further, when they sent Abe Phillips, who was mixed up with Judge Jerome Berenson and Ben Nordham and William P. Clark, he came up to Ventura County under the guise of being in the bail-bonds business. Well, he immediately joined all the organizations that he could, but he joined a specific organization called the Footfitters. I don't know if you every heard of the Footfitters.

Rick: No.

Gary: The Footfitters was an organization basically of law enforcement officers, to foster good relations and connections with people, to foster good relations in law enforcement to help everybody. Well, in this Footfitters chapter in Ventura County, a whole bunch of business men, powerful business men and another group of people, a bunch of the engineers, military officers and so forth from Point Mugu. Well, Abe Phillips got in real good with all of them and naturally being a fraternal organization they'd have a few drinks and talk to Abe. The guy was an ADL agent and all of these records went to Jerome Berenson, Ben Nordham who was the Federal Commissioner and then on down to Los Angeles to Harry Pregerson. And I'd read something about a lawyer down there and one guy that was powerful, I can't recall his name, who were involved in the ADL and private secret checking accounts where they paid everybody. And this was the purpose of Abe Philips and the mailbox outfit.

The other purpose was arranging for the burglarizing of the National Guard Armory and getting all those weapons. A lot of people thought they went to Cuba and to Israel but they didn't. They stayed right here and went to Mickey Cohen's private armory. Mickey was double-crossed by Harry Pregerson. He wasn't supposed to go to jail for IRS violations, which he did. And the arms and everything else, Mickey had a large secret armory of his own.

Well, through the L.A.P.D. we had one officer that was undercover. He got in. He'd been in the military as a gunners mate, which I was also, and he got in there and convinced Mickey that he should take care of his guns and line them all up, so that if they shot somebody with a pistol then that gun went five miles out in the ocean and over the side, right, never to be seen again. What we were doing was under the guise of checking Mickey's armory and keeping it in good shape. He would fire each and every one of those weapons and keep a bullet out of them. When somebody got themselves killed, we'd start matching up all the bullets even though the gun was gone and we would know that they were killed with a gun that came from Mickey Cohen's armory.

Then some things happened, you can only stay in that capacity so long and you get exposed and you've got to run for your life. But then Mickey Cohen got in his trouble. He was for his purpose getting himself on the front page too much and they liked to keep it as quiet as they can and by that time Harry Pregerson had risen in the Judicial ranks and he took over. He double-crossed Mickey Cohen and Mickey Cohen went to the penitentiary for IRS violations. Then Mickey got so mad because he was double-crossed he started screaming he was going to write a book and expose every God damn one of them! Well, of course, this brings consternation, too, you know and the next thing you know Mickey Cohen is in prison. He is hit in the head with a pipe by another prisoner, caves his head all in. They operate on Mickey's brain and they take the part out where he can't remember no more, took half of his brain out and then they gave him some money for being hit in the head and put him back out on the street. But, the guy couldn't remember nothing. He tried to write a book. He got some guy to help him and came out with nothing. He couldn't remember any of the facts or anything else and then not too long after that Mickey Cohen died. So, he's out of the picture then because he knew the whole story.

Rick: Well, lets talk about William P. Clark and the here and now. Is there any new information about William P. Clark and what he is involved with?

Gary: Sure, one of the biggest things now that they are pushing, like I say, going back to this John Hunter, here the guy is and Malcolm Lucas has got something going against him now, some kind of ethical and morals violations deals with the Insurance Companies that he's been playing games with, but that's one thing. And what he is doing with William P. Clark is another in this Pacific Telesis Group if you can look in your files or anything in some newspaper company that's been writing on it under Pacific Telesis. They're trying to manipulate the State commissions and it goes into the [Federal] Communications Commission and everything else but they're trying to put this giant cable through California, and Pete Wilson is totally behind it. He has got to get in again, they're desperate to get him in, him along with Lungren and Malcolm Lucas but we've got a little push against Malcolm Lucas to expand into the true aspect of what's going on.

Rick: Now does Clark own this company?

Gary: As near as we can determine at Pacific Telesis Group, he has got the major control of it. He has a big office in San Francisco. Its not too far from where that incident happened where that guy took out a machine gun killed a bunch of lawyers there. Then he has got another office in San Luis Obispo. He’s got connections, he is the one that is doing most of the stuff to Ray Renick.

Rick: You are a bit familiar with the Ray Renick situation. Is there any light you can shed on that?

Gary: Oh, sure, just basically, they were taking everything the man had away from him. And as a citizen, when you start experiencing that it's a frightening experience. You go to Court and you lose every time. You cannot win whether you are right or wrong or indifferent, a terrible frustration sets-in on you and there was just a desperation and they drove the poor man into doing things that, he thought his way of thinking then was his only way out of a desperate situation. Now, a real strange thing happened. Now get this. When they voice this killing of Don Scott down there, one of the things that they said was that Don Scott had this .38, I guess up in the air, and that they ordered him to drop the gun. Now, nobody likes to drop a gun because it crosses your mind if you drop it, it will fire. So, he brought it down and when it got down to a certain point they lowered the boom on him and killed him. One of the things that they said was that he tried to kill them because they found a shell in his gun. Now, nobody knows this theory except myself, and I'm expounding it to you right at the moment. And it's no secret if you want to put it out, but they in their ballistics, the sheriff and they covered it up and I got the name of Michael Bradbury who is the D.A. in Ventura who is deeply, deeply, deeply involved in all of this stuff with Malcolm Lucas and John Hunter because they've all got secrets that they have done and I don't want to go into all of that because this is a long story. Now, they claim that they got a bullet out of Don Scott's gun that showed that he'd tried to fire and it had dented the primer except that it was offset or something and didn't fire, correct?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: This is the excuse for them trying to say that he had actually tried to kill them but had been unsuccessful and they were justified in killing him. Alright, now I understand that they have put the same charge on Ray Renick that he threatened and tried to draw a gun and kill them and I guess they wrestled with him but one of the pieces of evidence they got is another shell and they put the same story on it, that he tried to fire but it had misfired. You see what I mean?

Rick: Yes, I do.

Gary: As a point of defense, how can they explain that we killed a guy because he was trying to kill us and that he fired this gun and we have evidence that it was fired. We are so fortunate that we didn't get killed, that the gun misfired. Its strange that this is the defense in both of those cases, correct?

Rick: Yes, it is.

Gary: Because Ray has brought terrible heat down on himself because he is screaming to high heaven, I guess, about William P. Clark.

Rick: Yes, and I don't imagine that's too popular.

Gary: No, it isn't, with William P. or his cohorts.

Rick: Who are his cohorts?

Gary: Malcolm Lucas, Pete Wilson and Lungren. Back in 1987 with my book and petition for each and every one of the 100 Senators to investigate judicial corruption and protect the citizens as they are supposed, we had inside informants. I won't say who they are because they wouldn't have their job very long but, as I say, a lot of people contact me because they don't believe in what is going on and are desperately trying to help the people even though they keep their job. Cause, if they lose their job, just like everybody, you ain't got nothing left. What are you going to do? Get a job at McDonalds? So, anyway, we created deep consternation with the Master at Arms and with Michael Davidson the head lawyer at the Senate. Now, a whole bunch of those Senators were old time buddies, Joseph Biden, Strom Thurmond, even though one is a Democrat and the other is a Republican, they are like one and the same. We've got a one party system. They all band together against the citizens when something terrible starts to come up so, even Teddy Kennedy, and I think that they have told him that what happened to your two brothers will happen to you and your family. And if this is so, the guy should have gotten out of office, because he couldn't operate as a free man.

What we were talking about was the 100 Senators when they read the contents of the book and how William P. Clark and everybody else was involved--Strom Thurmond--naturally, they had secret conferences as to what steps they were going to take to cover all of this up and.. now, one of the people that was there was Packwood...

Rick: Bob Packwood?

Gary: And this information is news from secret sources. I got this information that these events and when they all met to cover up this thing is in Packwood's diary.

Rick: Interesting, interesting.

Gary: People contacted me and I told them I would be willing, if I received a subpoena, to actively testify as to what I knew and to what I could honestly say, at Ray Renick's trial. Bob Packwood and his diary--these things they tried to cover up regarding William P. Clark, and the 50 caliber machine gun and the burglary of the National Guard Armory and all those things because I've got witnesses, several lawyers and I hope it takes place pretty soon and then I can testify as to seeing the actual gun setup in William P. Clark's home. And I was a gunners mate in the Navy and I know what a 50 caliber machine gun can do. It's a pretty good weapon, I'll tell you.

To get back to the fact that the FBI never recovered them and some of these weapons ended up in Mickey Cohen's armory. Well, after Mickey Cohen went to jail and those things happened, another guy had come up the line who was being pushed by the Jews, whose name was Irving Rueben. A psychopathic murderer, this guy, and he got all these arms and he travels all over the country stirring up trouble and everything else. As I said before, Koresh got involved and I'd have to look up the exact records as to the minute point where he got connected with all those people into guns. Now, some of the guns, they figured it would be a good place, these ones that were taken from the National Guard Armory, specifically the one in Oxnard, where better to hide them than in a religious institute. Well, Koresh got his hands on some of them; some of the 50 caliber machine guns ended up in his hands, and that was the reason, one of the guys that is behind all of this thing. this goes way deep, is Lloyd Bentsen. See, Lloyd Bentsen was the--and this was the purpose for them going into Waco and getting these weapons and destroying any evidence because it would lead right back to Menachem Begin, and if it lead back to Menachen Begin and Mickey Cohen, then it would led back to the Israeli government. All these guns had been transferred when Mickey Cohen went to jail, then Irving Rueben got his hands on them. And then some of them, as I say, went to Koresh in Waco. And that was the purpose of them doing what they did to Waco, to wipe out any evidence of this trail back to the National Guard Armories and to other people. See what I mean? Caspar Weinberger--this was a desperation play.

Rick: What was Caspar Weinberger's involvement in that?

Gary: Caspar Weinberger was at this original meeting when Mickey Cohen, Menachem Begin when they went to Melvin Belli's house and...then Caspar Weinberger becomes Secretary of Defense in a powerful position where he can move government weapons and ammunition and most of it came from a place called Concord Naval Ammunition Dump right in Sacramento. When I was a Navy gunners mate, I was there in 1943. I was a second class gunners mate and we were loading ammunition there and through certain events, I can tell you why that place blew up, you know. There were hundreds and hundreds of military personnel there and it blew up the next year after I left there, in 1944. Now, all of that Concord Naval Ammunition Station and another one in connection with it up in Hawthorne, Nevada, a good deal of the weapons that we are talking about going to South America and other places that they wanted them to go was under the direction of Caspar Weinberger and was loaded onto ship in Port Chicago on the Sacramento river. Do you know any of these things I'm talking about?

Rick: No, I don't.

Gary: And some other things were happening. The American Bar was having a big convention in San Francisco and a friend of mine and I, and what they were doing was putting on, they were trying to put out the information that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only single man involved in the murder of JFK, because things were heating up to the point where it was a conspiracy. They were putting on this mock trial as to whether it was a single bullet. We were passing out flyers, yellow and black flyers and other information at this ABA when we were threatened to be put in jail if we didn't cease and desist.

Now, that leads to a guy by the name of Brossnahan who owns one of the biggest law firms in San Francisco. He was appointed by Larry Walsh, the head of the special investigation authorized by Congress to look into the Iran-Contra deal that they were going to prosecute Weinberger. Well, Larry Walsh appointed Brossnahan as the chief prosecutor of Caspar Weinberger and he flew back to Washington and was preparing the case back there when it strikes all those people that were so involved in the dog-gone thing and it would lead back to--this is the reason for Waco and all that, for Bush pardoning Caspar Weinberger so that it wouldn't go any further. Now Brossnahan is a good friend of a guy, (I can't remember his name right now; I'll think of it in a second), who is another powerful lawyer there at that time. And this other lawyer, he was a good friend of Bobby Kennedy. In fact Bobby Kennedy was staying at this other lawyer's house--when the story goes--which is a lie, but that he was supposed to be down carrying on with Marilyn Monroe and maybe having her killed.

They've got another book out here. I can't remember the name. The TV and everything else calls it a magnificent specimen of telling the story about Bob Kennedy and the Kennedys with Marilyn Monroe. Alright, they have in there a story about Bob Kennedy seen driving up in front of Marilyn Monroe's house in a cadillac convertible in the daytime, getting out and going in.

Well, this is the dumbest lie because at that time my partner and I and another informant that we had, were staked out on Marilyn Monroe's house and the guy that drove up in the cadillac that belonged to George Miscatelli was this guy that I was telling you about that was playing around with Marilyn Monroe and trying to get her in a motel and make secret records about what she knew about what JFK was going to do. At this time Menachem Begin and Israel wanted to know in the most dire way what JFK's reaction and relation was going to be to Israel. They were terribly concerned and they were very upset about the fact that he was going to give a lot of money all over the world to this Peace Corps thing and it would be more difficult for them. They wanted to get any information they could from Marilyn Monroe.

We were passing out these brochures and everything else. We had a printing company and everything and we had it all set up to print the book. I've got a letter here from a man, and he has an office, and I'm pretty sure he was a Secret Service agent. Now, you understand, Lloyd Bentsen, Secretary of Treasury, he is the head of the Secret Service. He is the head of ATF. You know that?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: We passed out these brochures and I sent over 3000 to lawyers in Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Sacramento and I never got a single answer to any one of them except one guy and this guy sent me a letter and said to send it to a certain address. Don't put your address on it or anything else because the CIA will stop it. I got with him and I find out he is connected with Brossnahan and I'm sure with the Secret Service and they have an undercover office down by Concord Navy Ammunition Dump. At that time they were working on, either for or against, Caspar Weinberger and there was a whole bunch of records on the ship that was shipping out ammunition and arms from the Navy Ammunition Station there. Both sides of the case wanted these records and Caspar Weinberger wanted them dumped off the pier. It would show what ships were loaded, what guns and weapons, which would show him a liar, [about] him and Bush not knowing anything about Iran-Contra.

Rick: You mentioned Mishpucka. Is that the same thing as Mossad or is there a difference?

Gary: No, no, Mossad is their official intelligence organization like the CIA is our official intelligence service. Correct?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: And that's a government agency. Just look at it like we're talking about the Mafia. We are talking about a bunch of Italian hoodlums, correct?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: And that's not government or anything else. That is what they call "the family". The Mishpucka, if you just look at the hierarchy of them, it's the same as the Mafia. They're far more sophisticated than the so called Mafia ever thought of being. These people are in the government, every aspect of government, every fraternal organization in the United States or in the world, if you want to put it that way.

Rick: Now, are we talking about Jewish Khazars or what are we talking about?

Gary: Jewish what?

Rick: Khazars.

Gary: What's that?

Rick: Well, are we talking about the Israeli element or...

Gary: No, we are talking about Jews all over the country, Russia, Poland, France, you name it.

Rick: Ok.

Gary: China, Japan, Taiwan, they are everywhere, and they infiltrate themselves partially under financial and economical and trade and everything else, into these foreign countries.

Rick: So, what is the essence of Mishpucka?

Gary: The Mishpucka, we are talking about Hollywood producers, top producers, multi-millionaires, billionaires call them, bond dealers and we could go on down the line, the head of the soap company, the head of everything.

Rick: Now when you mention the organization of Menachem Begin were you referring to specifically the Mishpucka?

Gary: Correct, correct, at that time. We are talking about 1958 to 1962 or so, where my partner and I were surveilling his activities in Southern California, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles along with Mickey Cohen, one of the biggest gangsters in California.

Rick: Now, who was Mickey Cohen linked to?

Gary: Everybody. Harry Pregerson specifically. In fact they were raised over in a place in east L.A. called City Terrace where all the Russian Jews immigrated in the early 20's and they set up their own... You see, the Mishpucka doesn't mix with other people to a certain extent. They have their own out there, I call them ghettos, like down at Fairfax and Beverly in Los Angeles. They group and they stay in there and they keep their own closed little thing going and it's my own personal observation that they basically have no loyalty to any country wherein they live. Their only loyalty is to the Mishpucka and their own country and their own ideology. We get that all over like we've got the Chinese and we've got all these other ethnic groups coming in from all over the world right now, Haitians, and whatever. They may tend to do the same thing but they don't have this deep-seated, deep-rooted thing in where they've got to take control.

They played up this holocaust thing until it's just out of every proportion in the world to put this guilt complex on the Christian people. They just literally rule our politicians and representatives by screaming this anti-semitic thing at them. And I have never had anybody, especially a Mishpucka, define anti-semitism. It appears to be anything where you look like you are going to get in their hair, then they drop it on you. But, ah, Mishpucka, you won't hardly be able to get a Jewish person to even say that word. They don't want that, if you notice in all our government agencies we've got a lot of publicity on the Chinese Triad, we've got the Japanese Jaccuza, we've got the Mexican Mafia, we've got the Italian Mafia, but never once do you hear anything about the Jewish Mishpucka and when they talk about a Jew who happens to be a well-known gangster and everybody knows it, they will say he is a member of the mob. In other words, like the guy all of a sudden is an Italian and mafioso. They are very clever at this thing of scapegoating and making phony trails involving a crime, having a phony trail leading to some other poor guy that doesn't know the slightest bit about what is going on. But to get back to what you were getting at, what was that again, what was that point?

Rick: Well, you have covered it. I was mainly asking if the Mishpucka is the same thing as the Mossad and you were explaining the difference.

Gary: Well, there are people, I mean, actually the Mossad has a word for the Mishpucka. The Mishpucka, the family, is your top overlaying hierarchy of the entire thing. The Mishpucka over-rules everything.

Rick: Ok, we'll talk about something else for a moment. Did you have any information on Strom Thurmond?

Gary: It's in my book that Strom Thurmond--in fact, I'm real short of books right now. We've been trying to print some more but we are getting stonewalled, they pull the printing companies out from under us and all sorts of unbelievable things have happened.

Rick: Let's see, we were talking about Strom Thurmond and you wanted to talk about Don Scott, and Malcolm Lucas, and Lungren. And then the name I just mentioned here you mentioned, that in Sacramento they were trying to change the Constitution but you got some old records. You got them just before March Fong Eu, California's Secretary of State, disposed of them.

Gary: Let me give you just a wee bit of a rundown on this anatomy which is real important at the present and it's a multimillion dollar deal that Wilson and Deukmejian, William P. Clark and Malcolm Lucas are all involved in. See, they totally control the Judicial System, and well, until people understand...they worry about senators, legislators, crooked politicians, crooked police departments; ok, but that's still the legislative and executive branches. There is no senator that can walk into your office and put handcuffs on you and throw you in jail, Rick. But a judge can. For the slightest little what they call infraction now, where you don't have the right to a jury. They set up all kinds of things to pound us in the ground. Well, until the people concentrate on straightening out our Judicial System, they are spinning their wheels with all the rest of this stuff. Of course, the knowledge is good to get it out but to fight it, we have got to break up this Lawyer-Judicial System thing. One second now, what we have got is the Pacific Telesis Group. Now that is the thing which William P. Clark controls. I think you know that William P. Clark is a former State Superior Court Judge, Appeals Court Judge, State Supreme Court Judge, National Security Advisor for Reagan and Secretary of the Interior, just to name a few of his contacts and positions and at one time he was tied up with intelligence with the CIA. He was over in Europe and that is where he was working for the military intelligence, basically for the CIA.

Rick: Have you got any more on that?

Gary: Well, he was involved in all of that over in Europe. Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

Rick: You don't happen to have a rough estimation of years, do you?

Gary: I'd say, roughly, because he came back and got involved with the Nordham and Berenson Law Firm and the Bank of A. Levy in Oxnard and Robert Lagomarcino, who was the State Senator at that time. In fact all of these guys, a good bunch of them, Robert Lagomarcino, you've heard of that name, William P. Clark, and John Paft (I'm going to get into that) were all born and raised in a little town called Ojai, California. Their connections go way back, we are talking about multi-million dollar connections with every industry. Laggomasinos were involved in the liquor industry and ranching and banking, real estate, everything you can dream up. Alright, to get the anatomy of this Pacific Telesis thing we can start with the John Paft Electric Company in Ventura County.

Rick: Can you repeat that name?

Gary: John Paft. P A F T. Electric Company. They formed, and this is back when the Courts broke up the AT & T, which is about 10 years ago. Are you with me there?

Rick: Oh, sure.

Gary: Alright, they broke them up into several small outfits, one of them being named Pacific Telesis Group with William P. Clark because he was tied up with Pac Tel.

Rick: How was he tied up with Pac Tel?

Gary: Pac Tel was, wait a moment I'll get you that. Now Paft Electric Company was under William P. Clark's guidance, they formed what they called Paft Telecommunications Inc. You got that.

Rick: Yes.

Gary: Of Ventura. Now, that's tied up with Pac Tel. Pac Tel Mobile Access, which acts as that company's agent for Mobilinx Cellular Telephone Service in Ventura. Now, I will tell you how big this is. This is an extension of the powerful multi-million dollar system that operates in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernadino Counties. Pac Tel Mobile Access is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Telesis Group and Pacific Telesis Group is the parent company of Pacific Bell. Now Pete Wilson our Governor, being a lawyer and in the position that they put him in, his assigned task right now is to see to take care of all the Fiber Optic Cable System to do this thing and stop any interference, we are talking about legal interference, with the Pacific Telesis Group conspiracy to take over all the cable communications. I got involved. Now Malcolm Lucas, you know, used to be a Federal Judge, did you know that?

Rick: Yes.

Gary: Malcolm Lucas was a Federal Judge and just before Deukmejian left office, he appointed Malcolm Lucas to his present position, Chair Person of the California State Supreme Court, a very powerful position.

Rick: When was this?

Gary: Just before Deukmejian left office and Pete Wilson came in. But Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian are just like one and the same person in all their actions and conspiracy and what they are doing.

Rick: Ok.

Gary: Hold on just a minute... I've got a bunch of notes here. I got into investigating Judicial corruption and this goes back to Don Scott. All of this is tied together. It's really strange.

Rick: It is all tied together. It clearly is.

Gary: Take the giant wagon wheel and the rim of this giant wagon wheel, we're running around like ants on the rim of this giant wheel. Then all of a sudden you stop at a spoke. And where does that spoke go? It goes to the hub. This is what we are getting at, the hub of a lot of this power right here is what we are talking about, and George Deukmejian is still powerful. You wouldn't believe it with this giant law office he is tied in with.

Rick: I would like to nail down Strom Thurmond a little bit, Lungren, and Don Scott.' They're all totally unrelated in a way but...

Gary: Ok. Don Scott was a very wealthy person. His fortune was derived from his family. He didn't make it himself. They had stuff that goes way back, they used to [produce a] drink for cough syrup that made them very wealthy and he had all this money and he was a world traveler. He was very well suited to be approached by the CIA. He could walk into Italy, France, Germany, talk to the leaders of those countries and everything and he was an excellent listening post for the CIA and that developed. His ranch property was right in there close with the Broome ranch which overlooked the Point Mugu Naval Missile Air Station--developing all of our missiles, in fact, almost every missile that we've got was developed on the Point Mugu range out in the ocean which was overlooked by the Broome ranch.

Rick: You mentioned that Don Scott was involved with an organization. What organization were you referring to?

Gary: We're talking about the CIA but at that time the CIA was being infiltrated by the Mishpucka, by this guy, by a family called the Abe Phillips and Hy Philips.

Rick: What was that name again?

Gary: His brother Hy, H Y. I don't know what they call him. Rick: Ok.

Gary: Anyway, it was Hy Phillips, and they joined all the fraternal organizations, business organizations and everything in that county and were getting in with the Point Mugu engineers, the Police Department and everything. Well, they were Mishpucka spies. They were working for Mickey Cohen and Menachem Begin and what they were, they had a bailbondsman business. They were born and raised over in City Terrace over in east L.A. with Mickey Cohen and Harry Pregerson, who is now one of the most powerful Federal Judges behind the scenes, in the United States. This guy pulls strings you wouldn't believe.

Rick: Where is Abe Phillips now?

Gary: Abe is dead. Hyman, that's his name, Hyman Philips is still in Ventura as far as I know. The purpose is, I mean, the same thing. This guy Pollard is in Federal Prison right now for spying on us [police] [for the ADL]. They claim that they are good American citizens and they are our friends but why do they spy on us and steal all of our secrets? A lot of these secrets right now have become a problem that this guy Clinton is trying to straighten out with Korea and China. They have been the recipients of all those things because the Mishpucka has sold them to them.

Rick: You mentioned the ADL and private, secret checking accounts. Can you expand on that?

Gary: Oh, yeah...that's all current stuff right now...you see at one time the San Francisco Chronicle was coming out with a lot of this stuff, two reporters, and then all of a sudden...have you got any of the copies of all of the reports that they made on this ADL and how they were spying?

Rick: Yeah, I've gotten quite a few articles on it.

Gary: Ok. Now, all of a sudden this guy Arlow Smith, the District Attorney of San Francisco, who had been instrumental in raiding the ADL and getting all these documents, all of a sudden pulled in his horns and just plain sold out, probably for a few bucks from the ADL.

Rick: What do you think your odds are of getting your own records that the ADL has.

Gary: They have blocked me, they've blocked it every step of the way and the records were being held. Arlow Smith, and some of them, I understand, by the city authorities of San Francisco.

Rick: It's pretty interesting that you have such a thick file.

Gary: Oh, heck, I've got a file from clear back from 1946 and '47 when I was investigating Harry Pregerson. Harry Pregerson was a little Jewish ambulance chasing law student, running around holding Mickey Cohen's hands, doing dirty tricks with his old buddy Abe Phillips and Mickey Cohen. And this starts clear back in 1947 when I was instrumental in getting Abraham Davidian. I told you the story about the Davidians.

Rick: Yes, you did.

Gary: And how they are tied up with Waco.

Rick: Now, do you think there was some actual paperwork and documentation at Waco, as well, that somehow links Menachem Begin?

Gary: I wouldn't be surprised that there was physical evidence of all kinds. Sure. Once they got the machine guns that came through my knowledge and my evidence, once they got hold of a machine gun that came from the Oxnard Armory and it matched up with the machine gun that William P. Clark had mounted in his house, then we would know that it came from the Oxnard Armory. Well, we know who is involved in that, Mickey Cohen. Abe Phillips, Menachem Begin, Judge Jerome Berenson, Judge Ben Nordham, who owns the Bank of A. Levy and had been in that area in the banking business since the late 1800's.

Rick: Ok. Why do you think, exactly, Don Scott was killed? Because he crossed the CIA?

Gary: No, what he was doing was that he was getting wise to the fact that the Mishpucka was manipulating him.

Rick: I see.

Gary: And manipulating the CIA also.

Rick: I see.

Gary: And he just knew too much about the like, A. B and Hy Philips, and the Bank of A. Levy, and he knew Harry Pregerson. He was getting clued in on all that stuff and finding out that a lot of these things that were occurring weren't really occurring to the CIA, but through the Mishpucka.

Rick: I see.

Gary: I want you to understand that by no means do I mean that all of our Intelligence Agencies, Police Departments, Sheriff Departments, are corrupt. That's not so. They have been corrupted up in the upper levels by these business people who are using them and the way things are coming out now, a lot of these officers are beginning to find out that a lot of these missions they are sent on are not for the benefit of the United States but for the benefit of the Mishpucka in a foreign country. And as soon as these honest agents explode this thing, we are going to have the means of breaking this thing, ultimately, when our honest loyal American agents find out how they have been used and twisted and can't figure out how come they are always getting blamed for crazy events that happen, and the overall strategy that, from somewhere, in a mysterious place, is coming. Nobody seems to know where from. You even get with some of the higher level intelligence agents and they don't know where these directions are coming from.

Rick: Lets talk for a minute about Barbara Boxer and the former San Francisco mayor, Diane Feinstein.

Gary: Well, sure, they're Mishpuckas. You see, the thing is you can't be Jewish without being a Mishpucka. You can be Italian and you don't have to be Catholic or believe in all the tenets, but in the Jewish religion you either belong to it, do what you are told or you are no longer under the protection and auspices of the Rabbi and the Jewish religion. It's a terrible thing that they put on Jewish people, but it's there. No matter how you look at it. Getting back to Diane Feinstein, there is documentation where she infiltrated, while she was the mayor, the San Francisco Police Department and ordered them to join hands with the ADL in spying on people. It is a matter of record. The woman can't deny it. And Bobby Boxer, in all due respect to humanity and people, Bobby Boxer doesn't have enough intelligence, experience or brains to be on any kind of a board, small board of a community or anything like that. She is just an agent for the ADL.

Rick: Now, in your experience with California law enforcement you know the legal system and how it works. I am working with people through the CONTACT that are very definitely being persecuted, much like you have been. If you were to find recourse, how would you find recourse? Who would you go to? As a reporter, I have made petitions to not only various public media (granted they are controlled media) but to government officials; and the government officials, of course, that I've gone to are all part of this corrupt system. Who would you, if you were in a bind which you have been, who would you turn to to really get some action and get some results?

Gary: There is nobody. This is one of the reasons why, when Michael Thomas and I went back with my book and a petition to the 100 United States Senators we got nowhere. We thought here is the most powerful, and the Senate Judiciary Committee which is run by a real sick person by the name of Joseph Biden, and Teddy Kennedy is on it, but Teddy Kennedy has been so frightened by the Mishpucka over what happened to his brothers and has been threatened so many times. Of course, he is not too much of a man for character, real character or anything else with the lifestyle he has led, but they have sufficiently pranked him on his own personal safety and his family's safety and that's been proven. Look what happened to JFK and Bobby and-- that's evidence, and then some of the family, younger members involved in narcotics. Who are we going to go to? Well, we went back there at my expense on this one particular time and spent five days going to each and every one of the Senators, putting the petition, you wouldn't believe the arrogant and looked-down-upon attitude that they give you. A citizen in this country is nothing to these bluebloods up there.

Rick: Ok, we have a situation here where there is a local prosecutor and D.A. taking actions against some citizens here, so I've made an appeal from an information standpoint and an investigation standpoint to, of all people, Lungren, and the Governor. Now, within that structure somewhere.

Gary: Even if there was one man honest enough and brave enough, he just wouldn't be able to get through the process. I believe this is what happened to Arlow Smith. He just that, the Mishpucka just brings--just the ADL in San Francisco area is run by a fifty million dollar Jewish budget, did you know that?

Rick; No.

Gary: That's more than the money can fight right there alone. And if he goes to Federal Court, who is he going to fight with? A guy by the name of Alex Kazinski. Alex Kazinski they took him right off the street. He was in Federal Republican politics with Reagan and cronies. So they appointed a Mishpucka, they appointed Alex Kazinski who was born, in Russia and nobody knows where he came from but all of a sudden he is a United States Federal Appeal Court Justice.

Rick: This is in San Francisco?

Gary: Yeah. There is no way you are going to get by him and I can go on and on and name all the rest of the Mishpucka Federal Judges that they have got there.

Rick: So what do you think the answer is?

Gary: The answer is exactly what you are doing. getting to the people. See this is what...and you know it yourself, that you can't get any of this kind of information true, or not, out to a regular newspaper.

Rick: It doesn't work.

Gary: No, you can't get it out on the media, the television. Now, there are some of them on the radio that are getting a little bit braver on these talk shows and coming out, but the larger amount of people don't listen to those late at night. They are asleep by then so that they can go to work the next day and make enough money to keep body and soul and family together. But you asked me a question and after all my study and everything else, everything that we've done, it's getting the word to the people, and also current events. We are going to have hard times financially. There is no question about it. The average person, you can't get the average person to do a dog-gone thing, even though he knows it should be, unless it starts to touch him. Unless it starts to touch them and their family and their pocketbook.

Rick: That's true.

Gary: When this event happens, then the next thing these people do is start running around like a chicken with his head cut off screaming why didn't somebody do something? And here are people in the background like you and me and thousands of others that have been losing everything they've got in the world to try and bring this thing out. But here are these people running around saying why didn't somebody do something? Well, the answer is it's time for these people to start jumping in and doing something too.

Rick: Ok, that's a perfect place to end. Let's end it right there.