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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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1/22/94 By Rick Martin

















THE ABORIGINE TREATY (Australia, 1993)
























NEWS FROM SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS A BRANCH DAVIDIAN TRIAL SIDELIGHT Gladys Ottman--Menace To Society Protected by the Government and The Salvation Army




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To all you who vacillate between recognition
of TRUTH and those who search, seek and ponder.
May you be given to see and find--IN TIME.






THU., FEB. 3, 1994 10:03 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 171

THU., FEB. 3, 1994


As the "front" heats up in confusion and time for "takeover" of the New World Order I wish to offer thanks and appreciation to those who work diligently and unendingly to PROVE MY PRESENCE. I specifically wish to take note and offer appreciation to ones, Col. James "Bo" Gritz, George Green, Gary Anderson (known under so many names as to be unable to list appropriate or current label), and all those participating in their nest of co-workers.

Mr. Green, for instance, gains ability to lie and have the courts back him up by his unending stream of "connections" (such as: "Ask Bo Gritz," and, "I'm just an 'agent' smoking out these cult operators...." etc.). Gary Anderson goes forth with their costly and DANGEROUS plan for sucking you nice people into "trusts" which will be confiscated and a full-out effort to see to it that you "patriots" do all the right things TO GET YOU DEADED IN THE UPCOMING CLOSE-DOWN OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Mr. Green took over $350,000 plus at least an additional $200,000 in GOLD COINS sent to the Phoenix Institute for use in purchasing collateral gold to cover all debts and loans made to that entity, the funds of which were KNOWINGLY set forth for publication of the paper, information and legitimate and ongoing projects for food growing, storage facility industry and safety, fabricated housing utilizing safety materials against natural hazards AND, should it happen, blasts and atomic accidents and fallout. To retain the gold which resided buried in his back-yard in Nevada and now in the "court" he has fabricated other great and wondrous tales.

Green's most recent (last week) is that Capt. Russbacher agreed and is in pay-off position from the Feds, in exchange for his release, to "pull down the most notorious and dangerous cult leaders in America--THE EKKERS"! He goes on to tell "everyone" (his favorite term) all about it as well as to "...uncover other massive subversive activities of these two dangerous criminals...." (The Ekkers). Well, I have to repeat, if these "criminals" and this "cult" are in point it is the most unsuccessful operation in the history of MAN. It is amusing to find EVERYTHING coming under the most intense investigations available to conjure by Green and buddies--passing and nothing amiss--especially the fundamental operations of the Institute--in spite of being set up BY GREEN as a rip-off deal, apparently. He set up the program--EKKER JUST MADE SURE IT WAS RUN WITH INTEGRITY AND ABSOLUTELY ACCORDING TO BOTH THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE LAWS OF THE LAND--which Green, by the way, has been efforting to break down ever since. As to cult? This is also the smallest "cult" in the history of man--two elderly people who have tried to simply retire after having lost every physical item of value to such as Green and the "system".

With these kinds of "enemies", my good friends, why worry about the elements of Constitution destruction or the rioters, looters, thieves and gunfighters??

Do not think for one minute that I am "against" these goodly teachers for they serve the most impressive jobs on the globe--that of disinformation, deceit and legal manipulation--which expresses the very epitome of that which has GONE WRONG in your nation and world--AND PERSONAL VALUES.

Bo Gritz comes forth with his "bible" and tells you he is "born again" and "trusts only and wholly on Jesus Christ". There is NOTHING in his behavior which reflects the slightest LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST! These gentlemen in point are in the business for the money and to set-up the unsuspecting audience for their gain and your loss. The survival programs teach you that you can do things WHICH, IN FACT, WILL GET YOU KILLED OR INCARCERATED! They overcharge on "supplies" and "offerings" and could not serve better, the adversary of your free nation, than if they sold handguns which fire atomic warheads--they just get you killed in a more dastardly manner while insuring the loss of everything you hold dear and precious in TRUTH and freedom.

I, Hatonn, am exactly who I say I am. I am in charge of the HOSTS OF GOD come in preparation for the return of your Brother, the Christ--and YOU will not limit this being by labels of YOUR making. IS IT NOT SAID THAT THOSE WHO WOULD CLAIM RIGHTEOUSNESS WOULD MAKE ALL EFFORTS TO DISCREDIT AND DECEIVE THE MASSES TO PREVENT THE TRUTH FROM FLOW? Do you not see it happening right before you?

Why would "I" be an enemy to ones efforting to help your nation and people?? I am NOT running around professing to BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHICH I AM and I am NOT running around ANYWHERE on your place and have never stated any other. Now, WHY would I be such an annoyance to ones such as Col. Gritz?? You had better think about this carefully. I advocate only the most simple Laws of God in both heart and action--and insist that WISDOM and KNOWING are the important tools through which you will reclaim ALL of that which is Godly and Right. So, WHY does my presence cause such objection from these others who bother to make ridicule and focus on a couple of harmless old people? Well, I think you-the-people are far more valid and intelligent than to bite on such absolute drivel as is now being presented by Sir Gritz on his radio-waves.

It has been reported and now, checked out, that he is indeed saying that this woman, Doris, IS Hatonn and by signing up and paying in the hundreds you can get an interview AND by paying in the thousands (dollars) you can get a ride on "his" spaceship, etc., etc., and for further information on the subject call Gritz's 800 number and get the information. (800 476-0685)


What could we be doing or telling that terrifies the thieves and deceivers so greatly?? What are we telling of GOD which shows them to be that which they are--at the least, ignorant and deceitful. You see, it PROVES that I represent no small-time "little ‘gray’" or a small hitch in their get-along come to argue over the orthodox offerings of misspoken instructions from the "good book". No indeed, my friends, they simply PROVE my Truth BY THEIR foolishness. You can be sure with all that is going on around my activities, musings, offerings and my people, that I AM EXACTLY WHO I CLAIM TO BE for otherwise two little elderly people who have nothing, go nowhere and simply "write" as would any ministers in any subject material or authorship, would NOT get a first glance from such important "experts", much less radio time to consider the point. If I am NOTHING save a big buffoon--who would bother with me--i.e., WHO WOULD GO ABOUT KICKING A DEAD DOG? Worse, for their purposes of cleaning their hands of the blood, they go for destruction of two elderly people who simply continue to defend the integrity and stability of the business in point and reclaim the stolen property--not even for the Institute but FOR THE PERSON ORIGINALLY MAKING THE ERROR OF ROUTING THE GOLD THROUGH GREEN!

How do I know they are all working together, these ones above? They claim to be--they advertise products as offered by the other AND they even feature the expert authority one for the other.

These presentings, such as Gritz made last evening and suggesting his 800 number calls, are obvious, are they not? They play upon the ignorance of the receiving public and effort to plant the "IDEA" OF SOME CULT OR OTHER ACTIVITIES TAKING PLACE HERE. Sorry, there is NOTHING--not even a tiny group AND THEY KNOW IT. It is only you who do not know it. I suggest that if any one of you read five articles or JOURNALS BY ME that you would "rotten egg" them off the podiums for their stupidity. When TRUTH is put forth--the adversary, when he cannot pull it down from other attacks, always resorts to setting LIES into play for deceit and trickery--just as do your less obvious media orchestrators and other totally controlled outlets. In other words, tell the lie often enough and the "simple" people are suckered.

Well, friends, there is nothing to hide here and it must make you all wonder WHY there is such effort to discredit on a personal basis--ME? I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT?

Why would they use one Bo Gritz? Because I endorsed him early on and you will never know whether I did so to pull him out of his baseboard or if he indeed had or has potential to SERVE GOD. I did not say "Hatonn"--I SAID GOD. This is the task of the Hosts--to prepare and sort and ready a place for the return of the Godly being.

We have NOTHING to do with RELIGION or POLITICS. We serve ONE MASTER--GOD OF LIGHT and no other--although all OTHERS will be left to their own salvation or loss thereof. I have a job and we are doing it--what YOU do with the information and offered guidance in this arena is purely and strictly up to you.

I'm sorry, I shall repeat for the thousandth time: YOU CANNOT PURCHASE YOUR WAY TO INTERVIEWS, TRIPS OR SILLY GARBAGE TOURS. I DO NOT GIVE INTERVIEWS--AND DORIS EKKER HAS NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVEN ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY CONNECTED WITH "INTERVIEWS". DORIS EKKER CLAIMS TO BE NOTHING and perhaps that is why these ones are so bastardly about it--they claim great expert authority and Doris CLAIMS NOTHING, asks no focus and I have a statement to make--anyone who sits with us in any so-called gathering--does so openly without offerings, donations, may participate and cannot help but see that there is nothing of church, group or any other operations going on. Bo Gritz has sat with us, Gary Anderson has sat with us and of course, Green set up what he could to make this a focus as a UFO sort-of nut-group. I will say that Gary Anderson owes the Institute a KNOWN $90,000, Bo Gritz at the least, personally, $19,000 plus, and Green, of course, over half a million dollars. Now, do you still think there is no PURPOSE in siding together and working a sham-scam attack on Doris Ekker and Hatonn??

They are welcome to continue these interesting statements, but as with other lies, they shall be caught up in their own tricks. If Doris Ekker would be all that she is accused of--she would have been running the entire world by now, don't you see? If SHE has all the human power and capability as offered by these "mouthing experts" why don't you run HER for President--she obviously would be as good at filling the role as is Clinton Billaries.



Again, I urge you to call Mr. Gritz and inquire about this terrible Doris Ekker and how you might get a ride beyond. The RIDE you will experience is the idiocy of such characterizations. At the first calls this morning to the 800 number the caller received great humor and laughter from the answering party, a lady--I doubt the humor will be so appreciated as the days wear on and YOU DO YOUR OWN INQUIRING. So be it.


I will let you readers in on a private recognition from Doris (Dharma). This type of assault gives confirmation to her for the TRUTH she writes--for as the "dead dog" in suggestion--why would her worst enemies go to such lengths to discredit her--she has nothing to get or discredit. It is a bit like assaulting Mother Teresa--what are you going to discredit and claim, her place in the street for a bed or her load burden of work among the sick and wounded? The OBVIOUS becomes recognized--THE POINT IS TO DISCREDIT HER SPEAKERS OF TRUTH--AND IN THAT SHE GETS HER OWN CONFIRMATION THAT SHE SERVES IN TRUTH AND LIGHT. This is usually hard to handle in the human confrontation--but not on the spiritual level--it proves the truth of the mission.

I once called Bo "son" and, as a pained father, I must sit while the integrations of lies absorb him. I am no different from any of you who perceive selves to be parents as the children go about tricks in evil gaming--we are all hurt and disappointed by the loss of the most tiny being. So be it.

Indeed, do you miss the lifeboat God sends while waiting for a rapture, a whisk-off, or a bloodbath either by Jesus or a planet at war? You had best check WITHIN--because you CANNOT PURCHASE A SINGLE THING FROM GOD!



SAT., DEC. 25, 1993 11:34 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 131

SAT., DECEMBER 25, 1993


In love without ending I am in thine presence, child--in this celebration of beginning, never ending, expression of infinity manifest.

Who might I be? I AM that which can be you, a song on the breeze, a captain at the helm--a swallow in flight--I AM.

I am Esu Immanuel, the one they called Jesus as my days were faded from your expression. They say, "This is His Day", this Holy Day which, even in its "darkness" of forgetfulness and commercial wrappings, fills the hearts of MY PEOPLE with loving thoughts of that which you might be in the oneness with our Father Creator. Take not other with you in the lost truth of celebration or you will miss the goal of the journey in which you experience.

I care not of celebration for some useless body lying somewhere decayed and lifeless for I, like you, need it not when passage is made unto the presence of "reality" as you cast off shackles and finally say, "I too have done well that my Father may be well-pleased". This day, my brothers of this Lighted Truth, God our Father is well-pleased for we tarry not and neither do we turn from HIS guidance in this, our mission.

I see the loving message in your candles lit in memory of me--a reminder on the night hours of faith and life and caring for the brother either close or distant.

Why do I not come more often into the writings of you, my own, in cherishing and recognition? Because you would pay dearly for the presence and YOU NEED IT NOT! NO MAN SHALL TRULY COME UNTO ME AND OUR FATHER THROUGH THE MAGIC OF SO-CALLED PRESENTATIONS OR MIRACLES--you will only RECOGNIZE the "miracle" BECAUSE YOU ARE ALREADY WITH ME.

Dharma welcomes me as a "youngster" in our Father's tribe--and sometimes as an "oldtimer" lost in infinity by the many faces of our coming and going, our remembering.

I come not this time, my friends, to either whisk you away from your responsibilities of growth and learning or to teach the lengthy messages of God in this "contact". The cycle change is GREAT in this sequence of manifestation and the Messengers must prepare the way for the evolvement, the sorting and the teachings which must be set to "right". I am, as you wish to say, "Captain" of this ship of passage. Not, however, am I come by any translated "name" or label to suit some finite being of YOUR perception. Neither am I a figment of mental acrobatics--I AM THAT WHICH IS "REAL" IN THE TIME OF RETURN UNTO GOD IN THE SPACES OF HIS HOLY PRESENCE.

Blessed friends and family, I am neither a pious donkey nor a figment of some illusion--elusive to touch and vision. I am "real" and I am awaiting my instructions just as are you. By the authority of our Creator Father am I returned--not to some who CALL themselves "Christian" but to my brethren in brotherhood of Light and Truth.

I am the spirit within the babe--NOT THE BABE! I have experienced in many ways, just as you, and I have matured in KNOWING--just as shall you--each in the fulfillment of that which is your tradition and message. You must not turn unto any ONE focus of man or even nature--for ALL is THE ONE and if you do not see the WHOLE you cannot find THE ONE.

There is nothing "greater" about myself. Am I special? No more than are you--only older and wiser, having been tutored in my lessons by the Great Spirit and groomed by the Eagles of my dimension that I might show you the way IN TRUTH. My lessons of physical manifestation I had to learn exactly as have you--the "hard" way--through experience which leaves the heart faint and the soul terrorized--wanting to believe ENOUGH and fearful that somehow you are not of enough strength to endure--always longing for that which seems the easy way but is NOT. It was hard for me, too, to allow the unfolding in properness--for I wanted ALL to see and hear and my heart would break and bleed with the denials and refusals for I could see that which would come upon the species in their blindness.

I had to LEARN that only unto MYSELF could I be true and ultimately realize, students, that it was enough--for even in the ability to do all the things of a spirit--I could not cause the human expression to see TRUTH--I could only offer and BE Truth. Do you not see? You cannot do that which is the soul expression of LIFE itself individual, to be other than IT IS with its myriads of lessons and unique theorems.

So, what was Bethlehem all about? It was the recognition of new life which COULD represent the change of soul unto that which could bring Light and passage into eternal joy and balance. The world itself was no better nor worse 2000 years ago--or a hundred million years ago. Man comes into physical experience to learn, grow, sort, and BECOME. A child represents "HOPE" in that God trusted you enough to perhaps change your pathways and allow the child to become his ultimate perfection--EVEN THROUGH THE HARD LESSONS. Few make it in fullness, brothers, FEW indeed. Will YOU? Only YOU know--but until YOU DO SO, NEITHER CAN I REACH THE ULTIMATE PERFECTION! I come again and again and show you Truth--but you will make the journey and, yet, there is ONLY "ONE" so, too, must I teach, guide and lead in such a way that you come with me--for I may not force ANYTHING upon you. YOU MUST RISE ABOVE AND BEYOND THAT WHICH ABOUNDS ABOUT YOU--ONLY THEN CAN YOU SEE THAT YOU ALREADY "ARE" THAT WHICH YOU SEEK TO BE BUT HAVE NOT YET ACCEPTED IN RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility? Yes. You may well select a "job" and do it well--but you must grow to accept the responsibility to CREATE THE WAY!

Well, you ask, can't Little Crow or Dharma draw us a map? Yes, but they can only walk the roads for themselves--just as I must only draw the map, show the way and "be there" when you demand your KNOWING. Will I, or messenger Hosts, whisk you to security or safety? No, you will BECOME that which makes the journey and the simplicity of "being" will open unto you like the morning sun on a cloudless day.

The "clouds" and "ships" are not for us who have been sent back and come willingly as messengers and truthbearers. We need not ships nor physical "stuff'. These things are tools with which we can CREATE that which will allow perceptions to find possibilities out of a darkened recognition. The human mind must be able to physically, consciously, relate to that which it perceives POSSIBLE.

Is it important to us as higher brothers and guides that YOU as a remnant make this journey? Yes, but not for the reasons you perceive. We know that YOU MUST SERVE AND GROW--MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR THE REALITY OF GOD TO BECOME MANIFEST WITHIN HUMANITY. YOU can't, nor should you, be smug enough to assume YOU CAN SAVE ANYTHING. It is not your prerogative to even assume such status. You can only SAVE SELF. However, in the opening of the "way" you allow others to also find TRUTH and in that finding, comes wisdom and KNOWING if the entity be willing to follow the WORD, which is GOD. If GOD will not snatch up and SAVE all of His own--what right do YOU have to assume such status? Have you right to take a child from kindergarten and graduate him from college without any lessons in between?

Why can you not stop tending God's business and attend your own? You ones have grossly overstated your perceptions that YOU somehow know more about everyone else's business than you apparently know about your own. If YOU become perfection--the rest will follow--for the "perfection" is in accepting that which others do. If you see a "better way" then mention it--but do not assume yourselves to be perfection enough to pass orders for ALL. If you WERE and ARE THAT PERFECTION--you would have harmony, love and joy in your physical experience RIGHT NOW.

It is also the "time" of coming into recognition of your blessings--for you ARE blessed indeed. Chosen? I'm not sure what YOU mean by such a term--ONLY YOU CAN CHOOSE. WE can only ACCEPT. These are simply plays on words which can be construed, misconstrued and mal-defined. Do NOT depend on words--for GOD DOES NOT. HE KNOWS FROM THAT INTENT WITHIN--AND KNOW THAT MOST OFTEN, YOU PRECIOUS LAMBS--THAT YOUR INTENT IS EVER SO MUCH BETTER AND PURE THAN YOUR EXPRESSION IN WORDS. YOU have need of words--WE DO NOT! If we only depended on Dharma's "words", she would have resigned before she got started--so please, cherished extensions of ourselves, do not despair when the mind plays its conscious tricks on you--HOLD THE COURSE IN THE SOUL AND YOU SHALL BE FINE.

How can Dharma and E.J. spend a day "working" and miss the family and trappings of a "Christmas Day", etc? Because that is what the rest of experience IS--the "trappings"--not the reality. You can "miss" the presence or traditions without being LONELY. You can be ALONE but, within GOD, there is no ALONE! Dharma is LESS ALONE at this keyboard than in any moment of her experience other than when she is in our presence in reality of manifestation--all others about you AND the illusion of all around you--is but for your "creating" material. If YOU ARE LONELY--it is only to yourself you owe "blame". If you feel alone this moment on this "gathering" day--it is your singular problem for self--there are others you could be sharing with in places less than yours--or more than yours--and not be alone. Aloneness is a choice, just as separation from God is a CHOICE. Often the loneliness is "guilt" for not being or doing that which is HIDDEN by the facade of great "occasion" and "hoopla" which deadens the senses and leaves emptiness as not quite filling the holes in the heartplace.

My son, Gunther, and child, Rael, are finally in a moment's precious "aloneness". You have provided them with the ability to have a room with a kitchen and Rael has already burned their first breakfast--I think that is progress--for food is only the sustenance of physical "making it". The joy of unity is the ultimate expression of being ALIVE. I do not speak of physical unity as such--but "just being" there without bars betwixt--for a brief moment in time of simply BEING.

I must tell Rael and remind both these children--that much is going on and Gunther will have to spend some time with US--OVER HERE. It is frightening and even terrifying to the one who must watch and fears separation. Let the heart guide actions--but KNOW that this MUST BE. If you will keep in the PRESENCE and within the shield, you can recognize your ENEMIES and still remain in their presence--utilizing that which is provided for your opportunities. Bless the gifts brought by thine enemy--for those will be the tools to your FREEDOM. Do not try to outmanipulate them nor effort to SAVE them from themselves for only through example and growth can that be accom-plished. Watch the children that they may witness the whole and can SEE without the tales, etc. The enemy CANNOT touch you if you remain shielded BY GOD. He can hurt you and pound upon you--but he cannot pull you away--if you cement the linkage. And, until these children can provide for themselves, I must ask that you ones of our flock, help them--this is true brotherhood and I promise that an "investment", in this pair, shall reap rewards beyond that which any of you know or guess. Do not, however, think you can "do this" for show-and-tell--for the testing is of YOUR heart and direction--NOT THEIRS!

The Beast is beginning to nibble away at its ownself. He will writhe and scream in his agony of dismemberment and he will blast flame and destruction everywhere he can--BUT HE CANNOT HURT THE TEAMS OF GOD. He CAN and WILL massively destroy the misled followers of doctrine instead of TRUTH--so be it. You can offer TRUTH, it is the choice of each fragment to discern, judge and choose.

The Beast will eventually totally consume self to prevent "giving" even unto parts of itself. It will take out the unwitting "followers" of the lies and misperceptions deliberately--BUT GOD'S TEAM WILL BE LEFT MOSTLY ALONE--FOR THE BEAST DOES NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ONES WHO NEVER BEND FROM GOD--NOR BRING FORCE OR DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION UPON HIM. The adversary knows that within God is protection and when he takes on God's body--he takes on God. The point is: ARE YOU STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND FOR GOD? I did not say, "fight or war for God with arms and armies"--I said "stand", which means that you can "take a stand" and no one save self need ever know--just YOU and GOD. It means that you cause not undue focus on self or brethren, abide by the LAWS and the laws and keep on going....

You of our team are scattered all about the places of your globe--in waiting readiness. We do not miss the messages, precious family--not a one.

Dharma and E.J. are overwhelmed at the loving messages which have come and most from "old" friends who have stood the badgering of Greens and other things and ones who would test the metal of the steel. Still our team stands strong--and yes, WE GET THE MESSAGES AND PETITIONS. Yes, indeed, you can send a "thing" which touches the heart--but you have sent into my keeping your very hearts in Love and offering--and I and our messengers will hold them gently--but steadfastly in our keeping. Let the world laugh at you but within thine hearts KNOW that we are here and we accept your challenge and trust. Please, however, KNOW also, that God WILL choose the "better way" for most of you have now learned HOW TO PRAY and you are asking for strength in service, growing, and wisdom while petitioning that God use you and show you the way as HE DEEMS BEST. In this release from expectation of that which may not ever be "best", you can bless each thing, each happening, as prelude to THE BEST. When I say unto our Father, "THY WILL", I must mean it exactly in that petition--not "MY WILL" and this becomes the hardest task of all. Remember, when the student is ready the teacher will come. So too, when the preparations are laid, the Master will come and when the groundwork is prepared the crop can be planted and the seeds will come. This means, further, that when the moment is right the substance necessary shall also come. Patience while acting in wisdom is ever thine guideline--it MUST be, for if you do not "wait upon the Lord" you may well destroy the opportunity at your door. You may not, however, sit upon your backsides WAITING--and the contradictions are great.

I am often amused at ones who recite the old adages and use them so incorrectly. I example the one that says that there is no greater gift than to lay down your life for a friend. No, that is incorrect--there is no greater love than to be WILLING to lay down your life--but more important: WILL YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR SAME? AND WHO IS YOUR FRIEND? IF YOU ARE WORKING ON PERFECTION--YOUR FRIEND WILL BE PROBABLY WORTHY OF YOUR EFFORT. IF, IN GROWING, THE SEPARATION OF FRIEND FROM FRIEND BEARS WITNESS--WHY AND WHO BRINGS SEPARATION TO A "FRIENDSHIP"? It is necessary to redefine "friend". It is no "friend" who denies your sharing--in preference to his own opinion. He can cling to his opinion but a "FRIEND" will hear yours with open mind and heart that he might learn or at the least reach "appreciation". Also, just because you are "family" in NO WAY means that you are necessarily FRIENDS! You can remain congenial acquaintances and relatives but "friendship unlimited" is an emotional state of being in loyalty and honor--EVEN IN DISAGREEMENT. It is imperative that in marriage, for instance, there must be respect but FIRST OF ALL, there MUST BE FRIENDSHIP!

I give my LOVE unstintingly and infinitely--I GIVE MY FRIENDSHIP MOST CAREFULLY for there is no greater love than to call a being, "My Friend". And, friendship must be a two-way circuit. You can admire, love and cherish a person--but "friendship" is a two-way hookup and BOTH must be giving and equal--or you simply have an unbalanced USING of another. The worst pain of all, in all instances, is betrayal by one who claimed to be "friend"--we have each and all walked that path. Have you betrayed a friend? Fix it if you can--for that guilt on the soul is unlimited in its "adhesive" capability.

Dharma, I thank you for allowing me to share a bit of your time in this way on this Christmas Day--for we are bringing many things into finalizing and beginning upstart of new perceptions of growth in very visible ways.

I shall come more often as the "teaching" comes more opportune for in the outcome it is only that soul KNOWING which is important--but we have to walk through this phase of experience in the meanwhile and cannot focus solely on the soul journey--for in this instance the physical must "get there" too.

May GOD wrap us ever in his PATIENCE as we stumble through the way into LIGHT--for I, too, am sharing--again--that recognition of your expression and WE must accomplish these things if we are to reclaim our Father's estate and come back into HIS oral truths of expression.

Take my hand for I am not some "stranger in paradise"--but I know the way.

In love greater than you can perceive except by being one within it--I AM!



WED., DEC. 29, 1993 9:53 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 135

WED., DECEMBER 29, 1993


We have had so much urgent personal and local material to attend that we are terribly behind with "public" writing. Forgive us but please be patient as we have to attend most carefully things such as moulds on culture dishes as well as our other tasks and it is time consuming.

Since we are in the cutting-down of material run in the paper and turning the full contents into JOURNALS for your use, we are up against a hard one today. We have something so important as to need every word shared and UNDERSTOOD by you readers--but it is a couple of hundred pages in content without attachments. I ask that Dharma just plug along and allow us to retype it so that she experiences the content and allow us to get it set on discs for future workability. I then ask that someone, perhaps Nora, take the typing and give us some highlights of each writing to place in the paper as we move along.

This information, contained in this lawsuit filed in 1991 in Illinois, bears the most comprehensive information on the largest number of participants in the downfall of your nation that we have come across. It needs to be integrated fully into the other offerings we continue to bring, i.e., "300", etc. We have to leave it to you to do this for we are simply buried in paperwork and other tasks which continually interrupt our work-flow.

This comes anonymously to us in copy form but is public domain as to information for it is a copy of a lawsuit filed in January (16th), 1991 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division.

It is case number: 91C 314. The "demand" is for a Jury per restrictions as set forth below.

Plaintiffs: MARK SATO, FRANCIS L. HARRIGAN, RAYMOND F. NOWAK, DONALD P. THIBODEAUX, and all others similarly situated.


THE FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY, as used as a RICO enterprise; JULIUS W. BECTON, JR, individually, in his capacity as FEMA Director, and his predecessors and successors, if any; and all other FEMA/NSC operatives, whether known or unknown; the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, as used as a RICO enterprise; etc., etc., etc. There are three pages of Defendants and I will not take space herein to present them all. I do request that the full listing be placed in the JOURNAL because it includes such as the Federal Reserve Bank and other related parties. The remainder of the document will be presented exactly as written to the best of our ability in the JOURNAL with excerpts extracted for information in CONTACT. For purposes of space conservation we will use single-space type instead of legal double-spacing. It is very important to get your "players" lined up and a reference point so I ask that the first few pages be included in both publications. Then, please hold on to the first segments for reference.

This will be recognized as Segment I:


COMES NOW Mark Sato ("Sato"), Francis L. Harrigan ("Harrigan"), Raymond F. Nowak ("Nowak") , and Donald P. Thibodeaux ("Thibodeaux"), Plaintiffs pro se, pursuant to Rules 23 and 60(b) (6), F.R.C.P., and any counterpart in equity, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, complaining against Defendants Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA"), as used as a RICO enterprise; Julius W. Becton, Jr., and all other FEMA/NSC operatives, whether known or unknown; Internal Revenue Service ("IRS"), as used as a RICO enterprise; Fred T. Goldberg ("Goldberg"), Commissioner of Internal Revenue ("CIR"), his predecessors and his successors, if any; Richard S. Wintrode ("Wintrode"), IRS District Director ("DD"), his predecessors and his successors, if any; the Office of the United States Attorney ("USA-ND"), Northern District of Illinois, as used as a RICO enterprise; Fred Foreman, individually, in his capacity as a RICO enterprise; James B. Moran, individually, in his capacity as RICO co-conspirator, and as a FEMA operative, but not in his capacity of U.S. Attorney, and his predecessors and successors, if any; the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois ("ND"), as used as RICO co-conspirator, and as a FEMA operative, but not in his capacity as judge, and his predecessors and successors, if any; the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit (7th Circuit"), as used as a RICO enterprise; William J. Bauer, individually, in his capacity as RICO co-conspirator, and as a FEMA operative, but not in his capacity as judge, and his predecessors and successors, if any; the United States Bankruptcy Court, ("USBC-ND"); Jack Schmetterer, individually, in his capacity as RICO co-conspirator, and as a FEMA operative, but not in his capacity as judge, and his predecessors and successors, if any; the United States Tax Court ("TC"); Arthur L. Nims III, individually, in his capacity as RICO coconspirator, and as a FEMA operative, but not in his capacity as judge, and his predecessors and successors, if any; Ilana Diamond Rovner ("Rovner") and Dr. Richard N. Rovner ("Dr. Rovner"), individually and jointly, in their capacities as Federal Reserve System RICO co-conspirators, and in their capacity as RICO co-conspirator/successor operative for the Mossad, but not in her capacity as a judge; Paul E. Plunkett ("Plunkett"), individually, in his capacity as Federal Reserve System RICO co-conspirator, and in his capacity as Northern District bagman, but not in his capacity as judge; Walter J. Cummings, Jr. ("Cummings"), individually, in his capacity as Federal Reserve System RICO co-conspirator, and in his capacity as 7th Circuit bagman, but not in his capacity as judge; Eugene R. Wedoff ("Wedoff"), individually in his capacity as a Mossad operative, but not in his capacity as judge; Erwin I. Katz ("Katz"), individually in his capacity as a Mossad operative, but not in his capacity as a judge; Laurence Whalen ("Whalen"), individually in his capacity as FEMA operative, but not in his capacity as judge; Joel Gerber ("Gerber"), individually in his capacity as FEMA operative, but not in his capacity as judge; George Marovich ("Marovich"), individually in his capacity as FEMA operative, but not in his capacity as judge; Mayer, Brown & Platt ("MBP"), a law firm partnership; Stanton A. Kessler ("Kessler"), a senior partner of MBP; Jenner & Block ("J&B"), a law firm partnership; Jerrold Solovy ("Solovy"), a senior partner of J&B; the Federal Reserve Bank ("FRB"), a private, foreign-controlled corporation; Silas Keehn, president of the FRB of Chicago; William J. Benson ("Benson"); Lowell "Larry" Becraft ("Becraft"); Norma Davenport ("Davenport"); Jeffrey A. Dickstein ("Dickstein"); Andrew B. Spiegel ("Spiegel"); Robert G. Stift ("Stift"); Sheldon Waxman ("Waxman"); David Brown ("Brown"); James Babowice ("Babowice"); Robert J. Lepri ("Lepri"); Harry Zaidenberg ("Zaidenberg"); Citicorp Savings ("Citicorp"); the First National Bank of Lincolnwood ("FNBL") & all of their agents, of-ficers, representatives, attorneys, employees, and servants, whether known or unknown; & all other unnamed co-conspirators similarly situated, past, present and future, including, but not limited to, John Does #1-10000 and Jane Roes #1-10000, and each of them, demanding the cessation of the below described acts and doings, and further demanding to have the wrongs incurred in such acts and doings rectified immediately, declaring such acts and doings treasonous and wholly in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the underlying Social Com-pacts, and further demanding damages, liquidated, punitive and exemplary, as follows:


1. This Court has only limited ministerial jurisdiction of this controversy because of the invocation of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, U.S. Constitution, and of the Social Compacts under-girding the Constitution, including, but not limited to, the Magna Charta, i.e., pursuant to such invocation this Court has no power to enforce any provisions litigated herein unless and until specifically granted by Plaintiffs.

2. Plaintiffs have a right to file this action in federal courts without fear of waiving their right to an impartial tribunal, which they cannot obtain in this District from any judge corruptly supervised by the "judges" of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ("7th Circuit"), or of the 7th Circuit.

3. The Defendants have engaged in an enormous conspiracy to commit treason against the People, including, but not limited to, the Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated; thus, this action is a class action, modeled after Rule 23, F.R.C.P.

4. The United States was founded upon a Compact, the leading principle of which is that individuals can never be trusted with governmental power without tight restraints upon the exercise of that power, i.e., that power corrupts individuals wielding such power and every presumption must be against the innocence of the individual wielding delegated governmental power; the Constitution is evidence only of the provision for governmental service with appropriate restraints, and does not represent the entire Compact, nor all the instruments of restraint.

5. The Bible and the ancient nation of Israel were used as a model for English royalty, as well as a basis for English common law; the Compact is Christian in nature and has, as its documentary foundation, the Magna Charta and the Bible.

6. The Sovereignty of the People is both explicit and implicit in the Compact.

7. The required oath of office from all governmental servants, federal, State and local, is a pledge of allegiance binding all such servants to a contractual relationship wherein they must serve and protect the People and their rights, individually and collectively, under the Compact, and, as such is a waiver of basic citizenship rights in favor of such service to each of the Sovereign People; anyone who does not so waive his/her citizen rights cannot serve the People.

8. The assertion of immunity by any governmental servant is an attempt to assert a Title of NOBILITY, a grievous and treasonous violation of the oath given to the People.

8. The People, as Sovereign, are not required to take an oath or give a pledge of allegiance to the servants, to the Constitution or to the Compact and, thus, retain all their rights, privileges and immunities without reservation.

9. The Compact is binding on the parties, both the People and their governmental servants, unless abrogated by the servants, at which point the People may invoke supra-Constitutional powers to restore the Compact.

10. ONLY the People may invoke supra-Constitutional rights which were intended to ensure that the People retain and reserve all powers not specifically delegated and those rights may not be denied by the servants, otherwise the servants are guilty of treason by criminal usurpation of powers.

11. The perversion of "The king can do no wrong" maxim led to the modern legal theory of sovereign and judicial immunity.

12. The main instrument which is currently being used by the Defendants and each of them, individually, severally, jointly and in concert, to commit the grievous and massive treason against the People, is the Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA").

13. Defendant FEMA and all of its officers, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, attorneys, operatives, affiliates, confederates and co-conspirators have committed treason and genocide against Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated by usurpation of powers not granted or delegated.

14. In complete and total violation of the Compact, Defendant FEMA and its secret team of clandestine operatives and co-conspirators, under sham and pretense of federal authority and various unlawfully and treasonously declared "national emergency type situations" but without actual authority, treasonously have been planning to impose, and have imposed, martial law, or "martial rule", upon this Nation and its People and have staged a seditious, silent coup on behalf of enemies of the People of the United States.

15. The IRS, under the control of the FRS and FEMA, has evolved into an organization which has only three major functions, namely:

a. to insure the collection of interest, disguised as tax collection, on the national debt of the United States;

b. to act as the overseer of the Federal Reserve money laundry;

c. to act as a provocateur agency, entrapping all FEMA "undesirables" into violations of secret IRS "laws".

16. the Defendants, individually, jointly, severally and in concert with each other and with other confederates, have knowingly and intentionally violated the Compact to the detriment and damage of the named Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated, thereby committing treason against the named Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated.

17. Intelligence-gathering federal agencies engage in illegal and treasonous counterintelligence activities; under sham and pretense of authority but without actual authority, such counterintelligence activities, as they pertain to certain of the named Plaintiffs, have been implemented against Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated.

18. The IRS, through its various divisions, such as IRS Intelligence, has become the primary federal intelligence agency.

19. The ultimate use to which IRS Intelligence puts its information-gathering apparatus against individuals and groups is the implementation of FEMA program testing, i.e., the enforcement of alleged "tax laws" in this country is "criminal" and treasonous.

20. The Plaintiffs, and all others similarly situated, have been damaged by a joint IRS-Intelligence/Mossad covert operation, treasonously perpetrated in concert with other federal, State and local officials.


COMES NOW Sato, Harrigan, Nowak, and Thibodeaux, Plaintiffs pro se, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, complaining against Defendants FEMA, Becton, all other FEMA/NSC operatives whether known or unknown; IRS; Goldberg, CER, his predecessors and his successors, if any; the ND; Moran; the 7th Circuit; Bauer; the USBC-ND; Schmetterer; the USTC; Nims; Rovner and Dr. Rovner; Plunkett; Cummings; Wedoff; Katz; Whalen; Gerber; Marovich; MBP; Kessler; J&B; Solovy; the FRB; Keehn; Rockefeller; Benson; Becraft; Davenport; Dickstein; Spiegel; Stift; Waxman; Brown; Babowice; Lepri; Saidenberg; Citicorp; FNBL & all of their agents, officers, representatives, attorneys, employees, informants, servants, contractors and sub-contractors, whether known or unknown, whether predecessors or successors, if any; and all other unnamed co-conspirators similarly situated, past, present and future, including, but not limited to, John Roes #1-10000 and Jane Does #1-10000, and each of them, demanding the cessation of the below described acts and doings, and further declaring such acts and doings to be both treasonous and unconstitutional, as follows:

A. Jurisdictional Statement

1. The matter in controversy exceeds the jurisdictional minimum exclusive of interest and costs.

2. This Court (as hereinafter always distinguished from the FEMA operatives disguised as judges of this Court) has limited ministerial jurisdiction of this controversy under:

a. the Ninth Amendment, U.S. Constitution;

b. the Tenth Amendment, U.S. Constitution;

c. the Social Compact ("Compact") existing between the successors in interest, including, but not limited to, Plaintiffs herein and all governmental servants, including, but not limited to, all officers, employees, representatives, attorneys, etc., of the United States and of each of the States, such Compact being evidenced by the contractual principles contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutions of the colonial States, the U.S. Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, and other seminal federal documents, including, but not limited to, the Magna Charta;

d. the invocation by Plaintiffs of all other ancillary and pendent rights pertinent to this case.

3. The Ninth Amendment prohibits any judge from entering the premises of this case with any discretionary power to either deny or disparage the non-enumerated rights invoked herein.

4. Under the Tenth Amendment, the Plaintiffs reserve all non-enumerated rights invoked herein for themselves, for all others similarly situated and do not intend to waive any such rights by filing this Complaint.

5. This Court has limited jurisdiction of this controversy, as limited by the provisions of the preceding sections 2., 4., under:

a. Article I, Sec. 9, clause 8, U.S. Constitution [prohibition against granting Titles of Nobility];

b. Article III, Sec. 3, U.S. Constitution [pertaining to treason];

c. the First Amendment, clause 1 [prohibition against infringement of freedom of religion], clause 2 [prohibition against infringement of freedom of speech and press], and clause 3 [prohibition against infringement of right to peaceable assembly and for redress of grievances], U.S. Constitution;

d. the Fourth Amendment, clause 1 [prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures], and clause 2 [requirement of issuance of warrants only upon probable cause], U.S. Constitution;

e. the Fifth Amendment, clause 3 [prohibition against forced self-accusation], clause 4 [deprivation of life, liberty or property without due process of law], U.S. Constitution;

f. the Eighth Amendment, clause 2 [prohibition against excessive fines], clause 3 [prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment], U.S. Constitution;

g. the Thirteenth Amendment, Section 1 [prohibition against involuntary servitude], U.S. Constitution;

h. the Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1, clause 3 [prohibition against any State depriving any person of due process], and clause 4 [prohibition against any State depriving any person of equal protection of the laws], U.S. Constitution.

For illustrative purposes only, this Court has limited jurisdiction of this controversy, as limited by the provisions of the preceding sections 2.-5., under:

a. the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 18 U.S.C. 1961 et seq. ("RICO");

b. 28 U.S.C. 1331 [federal question];

c. 28 U.S.C. 1340 as it pertains to 26 U.S.C. 7214, formerly known as Section 4047, 1939 Internal Revenue Code;

d. case law precedents arising under Bivins v. Six Unknown Federal Agents, 403 U.S. 388 (1971;

e. 28 U.S.C. 1343(3) & (4) [abuse by IRS in proceeding under sham and pretense of State statutes providing for seizure of property];

f. 28 U.S.C. 1346(1) [pertaining to allegations for the recovery of wrongfully collected internal revenue taxes]; i.e., this Court has no power to enforce such provisions unless and until specifically granted by Plaintiffs.

B. Venue

1. Plaintiffs have a right to file this action, a case of first impression, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois ("ND"), but do not intend for this action to be heard, adjudicated or administered by any current, past or future district judges of the ND or of any other district court which are corruptly supervised by the "judges" of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ("7th Circuit"), or of the 7th Circuit, for the reasons set forth in the attached Motion Pursuant to the 28 U.S.C. 291 & 292, the substance of which is incorporated herein by reference, and summarized herein as follows:

a. Plaintiff Mark Sato has filed Petitions for Writs of Mandamus and/or Prohibition in the 7th Circuit along with similar Motions Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 291 & 292 which made allegations of the corruption of every judge who sits either in a District Court of the 7th Circuit, especially of the ND, or in the 7th Circuit itself;

b. Such allegations of corruption directed at judges themselves and not to the Court as an institution nor to the United States, went unanswered for between 10 to 15 months even though such charges were made directly at the judges involved;

c. Therefore, Plaintiffs have a right to take those charges as admitted as to each and every judge of the 7th Circuit, such charges involving:

i. the taking of bribes from officials, such as Gov. James R. Thompson, in concert with the past U.S. Attorneys for the ND, including, but not limited to, Anton R. Valukas, Dan K. Webb, Samuel Skinner and Thompson;

ii. the taking of bribes in offshore accounts set up for 7th Circuit judges in which deposits are made by certain influential law firms, such as MBP and others;

iii. other corrupting influences upon or by 7th Circuit judges, including, but not limited to:

(a) past and current Mafia corruption of certain judges, such as Chief Judge William J. Bauer, District Judge Ilana D. Rovner; and of various U.S. Attorneys, such as James R. Thompson, Anton R. Valukas, Dan K. Webb; and other judges, prosecutors and governmental officials;

(b) corruption of the clerk's offices by, e.g., the concealment and/or alteration of files and/or documents, at the behest of entities such as Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith ("ML");

(c) blackmail of 7th Circuit judges by certain of the Defendants and/or their agents, officers, representatives, attorneys, employees, operatives, assets, con-tractors and servants, for all the corrupt circumstances set forth herein in which such judges and prosecutors have been involved;

(d) the cooperation by the Defendants via numerous predicate acts in the criminal RICO enterprises described below.

d. Furthermore, for the reasons stated below, Plaintiffs have a right to consider those Defendants who claim official status to be absolutely stripped of any claim of immunity.

e. Under the common law, 28 U.S.C. 455, the Judicial Code of Ethics and Sec. 33-3(c), Ill. Criminal Code, no man may be a judge in his own case; in this case, any ND judge, any 7th Circuit judge or any other judge under the influence of or controlled by such judges would be judge in his/her own case if they were to attempt to preside over this case.

f. In any event, any individual purporting to preside as a judge over the proceedings in this action can only act in the most limited fashion pursuant to the Ninth Amendment claims made under the Magna Charts below.

g. For the purpose of unearthing the massive fraud, corruption and treason of which the Defendants, each of them, individually, severally, jointly and in concert, with their co-conspirators, are guilty, Plaintiffs intend to either name as defendants or unnamed co-conspirators, or to call as witnesses or demand documents from each and every individual claiming to have been or masquerading as, a judge, past (living) or present, of the ND or of the 7th Circuit.

2. This Complaint is not submitted for hearing either in secret, ex parte, or in camera, by any corrupt individual posing as a judge presiding over the proceedings, nor by any committee of corrupt individuals posing as judges inserting itself into the premises; insofar as any corrupt individual posing as a judge or corrupt individuals posing as a committee of judges would seek to adjudicate this controversy in secret, ex parte, or in camera, Plaintiffs hereby give notice that they will withdraw this Complaint from their jurisdiction and declare such a judge or committee of judges to be a knowing usurper in the premises, by reason of a violation of the Compact which prohibits such secret, ex parte or in camera hearings in the nature of Star Chamber proceedings.


* * *

I do not wish the segments to get longer than this, Dharma. We will take up with No. C. The Plaintiffs, when we turn to this document again. Thank you.



THU., DEC. 30, 1993 12:43 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 136

THU., DECEMBER 30, 1993


C. The Plaintiffs

1. All Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated are not aliens and consider themselves residents and citizens of the State of Illinois, a State of the United States, or of other States; however, the Defendants consider Plaintiffs to be United States citizens, thus, subject to their jurisdiction which contention the Plaintiffs vigorously deny.

2. Because of the nature of the allegation as explained in the background allegations made below, this Complaint is appropriate for designation as Multi-District Litigation, or MDL, to be administered in the ND with out-of-7th-Circuit judges, in order that other Plaintiffs similarly situated from other areas of the United States may join as members of the class and participate in the claims for relief from damage.

D. The Defendants

1. By and through Defendant CIR [Commissioner of Internal Revenue] (and his predecessors in each of their respective regimes) and others, Defendants FEMA, Becton, and all other FEMA operatives, whether known or unknown, have supervised, directed, controlled or substantially influenced, the actions of all other Defendants, named or unnamed, who are, or have been, agents, officers, representatives, attorneys, employees, operatives, assets, contractors and servants, of the IRS, including, but not limited to, Intelligence Division agents, officers, and undercover or special operatives, contract agents provocateurs, contract informants, and "moles" (see below), all over the country, or who are or have been acting in concert with said Defendant in any manner, all for the purpose of a fraudulent and treasonous takeover of the federal administrative apparatus, widely called the "federal government".

2. By and through Defendant DD (and his predecessors in each of their respective regimes), Defendants FEMA, and other unknown FEMA operatives, have supervised, directed, controlled or substantially influenced the actions of the Defendants, named or unnamed, who are or have been agents, officers, representatives, attorneys, employees, operatives, assets, contractors and servants, of the IRS in this IRS District within the jurisdiction of this Court, including, but not limited to, Intelligence Division agents, officers, and undercover or special operatives, contract agents provocateurs, contract informants, and "moles" (see below), working in this District, or who are or have been acting in concert with said Defendant in any manner, all for the purpose of a fraudulent and treasonous takeover of the federal administrative apparatus, widely called the "federal government".

3. The federal agency Defendants and each of them have acted severally, individually, jointly and in concert with said FEMA Defendants, acting by and through the IRS Defendants, in damaging Plaintiffs, each of them and all others similarly situated, and have used their offices under color of authority for corrupt purposes, all for the purpose of a fraudulent and treasonous takeover of the federal administrative apparatus, widely called the "federal government".

4. The private Defendants and each of them have acted severally, individually, jointly and in concert with said FEMA Defendants, acting by and through the IRS Defendants, in damaging Plaintiffs, each of them and all others similarly situated, all for the purpose of a fraudulent and treasonous takeover of the federal administrative apparatus, widely called the "federal government".

5. The class of Defendants and various unnamed confederates, such as Manuel Noriega, Khun Sa, George Bush and various Bush family members, the Herrera family, the CIA, the FBI, and confederates, operate nationwide and internationally, further necessitating MDL designation, centered and administered in the ND with out-of-7th-Circuit judges.

E. The Necessity for Class Action Certification

1. This pleading is a class action, modeled after Rule 23, F.R.C.P. for reference purposes only and not as a waiver, brought by Plaintiffs, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated who are affected and have been affected by the acts and doings of the Defendants and their co-conspirators and all others similarly situated, because:

a. The class of parties damaged by the acts described below is too numerous for practical joinder;

b. The issues of law and fact, as described below, are typical of the claims of the class;

d. The defenses of Defendants, null and void ab initio, pursuant to the assertion of the Magna Charta, as explained below, will, of necessity, be typical of the defenses of all unnamed Defendants and those of their class;

e. Plaintiffs Mark Sato and Thibodeaux are self-educated in law and can adequately represent the class even though said Plaintiffs are not members of the bar; said Plaintiffs are, in fact, better qualified than members of the bar for the purposes of the Complaint because of the Ninth Amendment claims made under the Magna Charta and because they cannot be threatened with loss of a license as would be a certainty because of the need in this Complaint to assert the absolute, utter corruption of the individuals claiming to be and/or masquerading as federal judges sitting in the ND, in all other districts under the influence of the judges of the 7th Circuit, and in the 7th Circuit itself.

f. The class of persons affected by the acts and doings from which Plaintiffs seek relief have been summarily and arbitrarily, without hearing or due process, labeled, by the IRS Defendants, "illegal tax protesters" ("ITP" per IRS documents) and/or "tax protesters" and, thereupon, subjected to unequal treatment by the Defendants, each of them, individually, jointly, severally and in concert, with cooperation of their various agents, officers, representatives, attorneys, employees, operatives, assets, contractors, subcontractors, informants, and servants, under color of the statutes of the United States and of the individual States ("ITP" is hereinafter used for convenience to generally describe the class with the understanding that Plaintiffs do not agree with the unconstitutional application of said term).

g. IRS Intelligence operatives under the guidance and direction of the Defendant FEMA, et al., acting by and through IRS officials and others:

i. have engaged in an ongoing program to destroy the antitax movement and individuals espousing such political philosophies, by (i) employing undercover operatives to infiltrate ITP groups, and (ii) using such operatives to take over leadership positions in such groups, all for the purpose of leading members of such groups to their individual and joint destruction, either through civil or criminal attacks or both launched with the aid of said operatives;

ii. have engaged in such programs in concert with Mossad operatives seeking to destroy alleged anti-Jewish groups or individuals.

2. MDL classification under the circumstances set forth above, as shown by the facts set forth in the Complaint below and in the attached Appendices, is a further contributing factor to the necessity for action being brought as a Class Action.

F. Summary Background Necessary to Understanding the Jurisdictional Foundation, the Nature and Significance of the Complaint.

1. Despite the propensity of judges and lawyers to willful blindness when the basis and motives for their crimes are publicized, the named Defendants and those of their class are generally not ignorant of the background and background allegations set forth below in summary form.

2. The United States was founded upon a Compact which has as its basis the principle that individuals can never be trusted with governmental power without tight restraints upon the exercise of that power; i.e., that power corrupts individuals wielding such power and every presumption must be against the innocence of the individual wielding delegated governmental power.

3. The Declaration of Independence pronounced the abrogation of the effect of the existing compact between the American colonists and King George, nullifying allegiance to the Crown.

4. The U.S. Constitution ("constitution") is evidence only of the provision for governmental service with appropriate restraints, and does not represent the entire Compact, nor all the instruments of restraint.

a. The 9th Amendment is a Constitutional admission that all rights are not set forth in the Constitution; some of the other rights "retained by the people" are set forth in a wide variety of documents, including, but not limited to:

i. The Declaration of Independence;

ii. The journals of the Constitutional Convention;

iii. The seminal English law document, the Magna Charta;

iv. The Bible

b. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments eliminate the need to prohibit each and every conceivable abusive or criminal act which governmental servants might commit against the People; otherwise, the Constitution would have been an endlessly long document.

c. Judges may not "construe" any non-enumerated rights and are, thus, without any power or jurisdiction to interpret such rights and cause them to be of no effect; therefore, when non-enumerated rights are invoked by the People, individually, severally, jointly or in concert, the judge's duties to enforce those rights as propounded by the People, e.g., Plaintiffs herein, is ministerial, not discretionary.

5. The Bible and the ancient nation of Israel were used as a model for English royalty, as well as a basis for English common law.

a. The maxim "The King can do no wrong" is Biblically-based and means that the King, that is God, cannot abide wrong and, therefore, his servants in administering government are not permitted to do wrong and must be cast out of office for violation of governmental responsibilities; Leviticus 10:1-2, I Samuel 15:23.

b. After the Israelites elected to have an earthly king, they were made responsible for impeachment; I Samuel 8:18, II Samuel 7:14.

c. In olde England, consistent with the Biblical view, the maxim "The king can do no wrong" meant that the king was not privileged to commit illegal acts; see Ehrlich, Proceedings Against the Crown (6 Oxford Studies in Legislative and Social History 1921, at 127.)

d. Thus, the English king was amenable to suit for damages; in Oliver Cromwell's view, the king was amenable to much more.

e. The Magna Charta provided an extraordinary remedy which allowed the people to deal immediately with renegade rulers and their judges, i.e., whenever the governmental administrator or the judges fail "in any circumstance" to protect the rights of "any person", or violate those rights and either the administrators or the judges, upon being duly notified of the offense via petition for redress of the grievance, fail to redress the grievance within forty days of said notification, the citizens "shall distrain and distress [the administrators and the judges] in all possible ways, by seizing [their] castles, lands, possessions, and in any other manner [the citizens] can, till the grievance is redressed according to [the citizens'] pleasure" and without hindrance from the administrators and the judges;

f. Under the foregoing provisions, Oliver Cromwell caused King Charles to be beheaded and the Star Chamber judges routed.

g. Similarly, following the War for Independence, Americans distrained the property of the Crown under Magna Charta principles.

6. The founding of the Compact in this country is Christian in nature and has, as its basis, the Magna Charta and the Bible.

a. The Sovereignty of the People is explicit in the Compact.

i. Declaration of Independence, Par. 1--"[I]t is the right of the People ... to institute new Government ..."

ii. Preamble to the U.S. Constitution--"We the People of the United States ... do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America".

iii. Gettysburg Address--"Government of the People, by the People and for the People"; cf. Afroyim v. Rusk, 387 U.S. 253 (1967), at 257.

b. The Sovereignty of the People is implicit in the Compact.

i. A Christian people are "kings and priests unto God" (Revelation 1:5-6), who shall "reign on earth" (Revelation 5:10).

ii. As governmental officials are servants, the People are unavoidably the Masters, Sovereign in relation to said servants.

c. "The King can do no wrong" principles, as Biblically asserted herein, are fully applicable to governmental servants under the Compact, as partially set forth in the Constitution.

i. Art. I, Sec. 2, clause 6, and Sec. 3, clauses 6 & 7, U.S. Constitution, describe the impeachment process which carries the implication of criminal wrongdoing.

ii. Art. II, Sec. 4, makes provision for removal of all Article II civil officers "on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors", the latter being the threshold of misbehavior, but does not provide for the impeachment of Article III civil officers, that is, for judges.

iii. Art. III, Sec. 1, sets forth the threshold level of behavior for which federal judges may be allowed to hold office, i.e., "good Behaviour".

iv. 28 U.S.C. 372 is null and void in that it attempts to evade Constitutional provisions for impeachment and is indicative of the de facto abdication of the impeachment duties of the U.S. Senate, servants of the People, which, therefore, cedes the impeachment authority back to the People, the masters of the governmental servants.

d. The Ninth Amendment preserves all other rights related to the removal of governmental servants.

i. Under the Magna Charta, Ch. 61, those who are governmental servants are presumed guilty, i.e., governmental servants, when accused under an invocation of the Magna Charta, are not innocent until proven guilty, and are not even guilty until proven innocent, i.e., they are not entitled to Constitutional rights (see Par. 7, below). [H: I suggest all of you go back and read number i.]

ii. No governmental servant may prohibit the People, individually or jointly, from invoking Magna Charta relief against them; to do so, amounts to treason.

iii. Art. III, Sec. 1, makes no specific provision for the removal of judges, a right which is retained by the people and cannot be denied or unknowingly waived per the Ninth Amendment.

7. Article VI of the Constitution requires an oath of office from all governmental servants, federal, State and local, who hold office in this country.

a. The oath is a pledge of allegiance binding all governmental servants giving such an oath to a contractual relationship wherein they must serve and protect the People and their rights, individually and collectively, under the Compact.


b. The oath is a waiver of basic citizenship rights in favor of service to each of the Sovereign People to whom the oath is given and, because of Article VI, anyone who does not so waive his/her citizen rights cannot serve the People.

c. If a governmental servant fails to do his or her contractual duties or does not do them according to contractual specification, he or she is presumptively in violation of the Constitution, and, when more serious violations are involved, such failures are in violation of the Compact itself, i.e.:

i. when the Magna Charta and the Compact are invoked, the offending official, having waived his ordinary citizenship position through the giving of an oath of office, is presumed guilty and subject to the penalties thereunder;

ii. the offending official, as the representative of Government (which cannot do wrong) is presumed guilty, since such a representative cannot have been acting as a governmental official when he committed the wrong doing and is, therefore, amenable to recovery for damages and immediate distraint without further legal procedure.

d. Assertion of sovereign or judicial immunity by any governmental servant is a violation of Art. I, Sec. 9, cl. 8, U.S. Constitution, which prohibits the grant of a Title of Nobility, since it represents a grievous and treasonous violation of the oath given to the People, i.e.:

i. The assertion of sovereign or judicial immunity against litigation brought by the People upon violations of duty by governmental servants is greater than any protection actually granted by the People to themselves.

ii. Governmental servants cannot assert a greater shield than that granted by the People; since governmental servants as oath-givers have waived their ordinary citizenship protections, they cannot possibly enjoy greater or even the same immunities as each of the People enjoy.

iii. Thus, to claim sovereign or judicial immunity is an attempt to vault a governmental servant over the People, a treasonous usurpation of power.

iv. Judges, as well as the other officials, only hold their delegated trusts pursuant to the Compact and cannot annul the authority delegating it, such an attempt being a usurpation and treason against the People, the final authority under the Compact.

8. The People, as Sovereign, are not required to take an oath or give a pledge of allegiance to the servants, to the Constitution or to the Compact and, thus, retain all their rights, privileges and immunities without reservation, including, but not limited to, "the ultimate right of the parties of the Constitutional Compact, to judge whether the Compact has been dangerously violated must extend to violations by one delegated authority as well as by another; by the judiciary as well as by the executive, or the legislature"-- JAMES MADISON.

9. However, the Compact is binding on the parties, both the People and their governmental servants, as follows:

a. Where the governmental servants faithfully, honestly, diligently and strictly carry out their duties under the Compact, taking great care not to abuse the delegated powers, nor to usurp powers not delegated, per their oath, the People are bound to acquiesce in that exercise.

b. Where governmental servants become unfaithful, dishonest, lazy and/or disobedient to their masters, at any time, the contract has been broken and the People may invoke any non-enumerated rights through the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to restore the Compact as they see fit:

Whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void and of no force; that to the contract (the Constitution) each State acceded as a State and is an integral party; its co-states forming as to itself, the other party; that government created by this Contract was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself, since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers. But, that as in all other cases of compact among parties having no common judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself as well of infraction as of the mode and measure of redress.--Resolution of the Kentucky Legislature, November 19, 1799

10. Only the People may invoke supra-Constitutional rights, as shown by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments which were intended to ensure that the People retain and reserve all powers not specifically delegated and those rights may not be denied by the servants, otherwise the servants are guilty of treason by criminal usurpation of powers. The people retain all their rights, privileges and immunities without reservation, including, but not limited to, "the ultimate right of the parties of the Constitutional Compact, to judge whether the Compact has been dangerously violated must extend to violations by one delegated authority as well as by another: by the judiciary as well as by the executive, or the legislature"--JAMES MADISON.

a. The Ninth Amendment was intended to preserve all rights of the People which existed prior to the establishment of the Compact, including, but not limited to, the following:

i. The principles embodied in the Magna Charta, Ch. 61, which provide for swift punishment meted out by the People themselves.

ii. Biblical Law, both Old and New Testaments, upon which is founded valid English legal principles.

iii. Such common law remedies available pursuant to the Magna Charta, not specifically repealed by validly legislated State or federal statue, i.e., all attempts to dilute the non-enumerated rights are treasonous and, therefore, void, e.g., Ch. 1, Sec. 801, Ill. Rev. Stats.

b. The Tenth Amendment was intended to preserve a strict boundary against encroachment by federal servants on the rights of the People, by the following means:

i. Careful restriction of the delegation of any governmental powers--Declaration of Independence and Tenth Amendment.

ii. Careful restriction of the exercise of delegated governmental power by anyone taking office--Articles I through VII.

iii. Strict prohibitions against the exercise, in derogation of God-given rights, of any governmental power--First through Eighth Amendments, Bill of Rights.

iv. Strict prohibitions against the usurpation of any power not delegated--Tenth Amendment, Bill of Rights.

v. Strict prohibition against the violation or denial of rights not otherwise specifically set forth in the rest of the Constitution--Ninth Amendment, Bill of Rights.

vi. Avoidance of the pitfalls of the English monarchy--Declaration of Independence, Pars. 3-30, including, but not limited to:

(a) lack of an apparatus to force governmental administrators to obey the Law, i.e., a system of accountability which is a right retained by the People under the Ninth Amendment;

(b) lack of an apparatus, both convenient and accountable to the People, to obtain necessary legislation;

(c) the concentration of governmental power, i.e., a system of checks and balances, both horizontally (legislative, executive, judicial) and vertically (the People, the States, the federal administration);

(d) the potential for the obstruction of justice by perversion of judicial power;

(e) the potential for a bloated bureaucracy;

(f) the potential for a military dictatorship usurping all power;

(g) the vulnerability of national sovereignty to attacks from foreign powers;

(h) the supposed monarchical prerogative to undermine all law;

(i) the supposed monarchical prerogative to appropriate property and lives;

(j) the lack of an effective system of petitioning for redress of grievances.

c. Where such violations of governmental servants are denied by the perpetrators, the act of resisting the assertion of Magna Charta solutions is, in and of itself, an act of treason, e.g., King Charles' resistance to Cromwell.

11. The perversion of "The king can do no wrong" maxim led to the modern legal theory of sovereign and judicial immunity.

a. Bradley v. Fisher, 13 Wall. 335 (1871), is a case of judicial fraud upon the court.

i. Bradley was a collusive effort to frustrate the Congressional intent to make judges liable for civil damages under the Civil Rights Act of 1871.

ii. The judicial immunity theory advanced in Bradley is not constitutional nor statutory in origin, i.e., the assertion of judicial immunity is a usurpation of power.

iii. The effect of Bradley was the treasonous importation of the Star Chamber into the United States, fraudulently and unconstitutionally attempting to grant titles of nobility to judges in complete violation of the Compact.

b. The alleged justification for claims of sovereign immunity for governmental officials, that of the alleged need for an independent and fearless mind, is also antagonistic to the intent of the Compact, i.e., governmental servants are supposed to be afraid of their masters and those servants who serve well are supposed to be amply rewarded and protected by their masters and cannot presume that they won't be, necessitating an artificial protection called "immunity".

c. The assertion of immunity is also in violation of seminal Magna Charta principles:

i. The early practice under the Magna Charta voided official capacity whenever a wrong was committed by a governmental officer; see Ehrlich, supra, at 111.

ii. Such justice was only possible where the judges acted independently without the corruption of the treasonous principle of official immunity.

d. Thus, where the judiciary is corrupted, Magna Charta principles cannot and will not be asserted by judges, but must be asserted by the People acting on their own behalf under First Amendment principles, as in this case.

i. According to early English cases, the higher law, the moral law, the law of nature, where "written by the finger of God in the heart of man, [specifically] the people of God"; see 2 Bacon (Montague, 1825) at 166, 176.

ii. The sole redress against widespread tyranny, as shown below, is reliance upon divine vengeance, which operates, in this age, through human agency, e.g., the People; see Bracton, De Legisbus et Consuetudinibus Angliae, at 369; I Samuel 8:18, II Samuel 7:14.

iii. The success and survival of the Compact rests on the assertion of the rights of individuals by individuals; see Fortescue, De Laudibus Legum Angliae, at 41.

iv. The independence of the individual was an outgrowth of Martin Luther's doctrines of the priesthood of the individual, e.g., an individual who is a believer may rightly assert the dominion of God, based upon Revelation 1:5-6 and 5:10:

[Jesus] hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father.

v. The assertion of the dominion of God is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God; see Matthew 24:14:

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations: and then shall the end come. [H: I SUGGEST YOU, EVERY ONE, TAKE A GOOD, LONG AND HARD LOOK AT THIS STATEMENT!]

(a) The Kingdom of God, synonymous with Kingdom of Heaven, is the only "gospel" ever preached by Jesus.

(b) The concept of the Kingdom of God, as preached by Jesus, is based upon the understanding of the function of Israel, namely, to rule with God as a nation of priests. [H: Now, here again, don't jump to erroneous conclusions. This is, again, where "Israel" has pulled the hood over your heads. "Israel" MEANS: body of Christ (God). It doesn't even mean body of "Jesus"! This is NOT some self-styled, self-claimed group of people somewhere, somehow acclaiming themselves into such position or labeling themselves with false labels to deceive the People.]

(c) The assertion of the Gospel of the Kingdom necessitates an assertion within political realms, i.e., "in all the world" refers to worldly political realms in which the Gospel of the Kingdom must be asserted "for a witness unto all nations", that is, as testimony to every political entity of the complete, utter failure of each to conform to Kingdom standards.

12. The main instrument which is currently being used by the Defendants and each of them, individually, severally, jointly and in concert, to commit the grievous and massive treason against the People, is the Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA").

a. As shown below, the creation of the FEMA was an ultra vires act absolutely forbidden by the Compact, wholly in violation of the Compact, wholly in violation of the restraints built into the Compact forbidding absolute governmental power from being concentrated in the hands of a few individuals.

b. Furthermore, because the Defendants, each of them, individually, jointly, severally and in concert, have implemented FEMA programs during a time in which no national emergency existed, they have committed treason.


* * *

This is quite long enough. We need to have you be able to break these into segments and really study the contents. This is one of the more important documents you will ever have brought to your attention--please don't flunk the course.

May you read with constant attention to attaining wisdom.



THU., DEC. 30, 1993 3:04 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 136

THU., DECEMBER 30, 1993


Dharma, we'll have to interrupt history to speak on some things that are taking place. We are deluged with inquiries about the incidents taking place in Russia with elections, Vladimir Zhirinovsky and thus and so.


This is truly a "super-star", readers, and no amount of wheeling and dealing can take it away from what IS. You will only hear things in "passing" from your network media, controlled press and the government and administration of the United States NOW IN CHAOS. It may not show, my friends--BUT BIG THINGS ARE COMING DOWN EVEN AS WE WRITE. Yes indeed, we are running around in the middle of it and we will keep you posted as is suitable for security.

Let me just offer you what the SPOTLIGHT is printing. It is close enough and safe enough for us to present without calling undue attention to possible non-confirmed resources. The attack against my crew is so heavy right now that we must be very careful to assure only "news" already circulating. I may well comment but I will NOT put Dharma in further jeopardy, much less our recently released Gunther, et al. He will get some credit for some things which do not involve him and he will get blamed for a bunch of things which do involve him and somewhere in between the truth and the total lie will rest the workings of the "Truth".

There are some very tedious things going on with our friend so we will have to refrain from speaking on the subject. He is, however, in touch with ME; his people and arrangements are working as quickly as possible. He was, right up to release, under attempts to kill him--WE DIDN'T ALLOW IT ALTHOUGH HE MADE SEVERAL "JOURNEYS" OVER TO THIS SIDE OF THE SCREEN FOR RETROFITTING, ETC. I BELIEVE QUITE A FEW "POINTS" HAVE BEEN MADE AND THAT SHALL HAVE TO SUFFICE FOR THIS IN-TERIM PERIOD OF TIME.


Is Gunther important? Yes, and especially so since the death of Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff. Aren't all of you wishing you had had better access to truthful history? Well, be patient--it will all be revealed in its proper time.


THE SPOTLIGHT, December 27, 1993, By Martin Mann:


A new political superstar has taken front stage in Russia with an appeal to populism and nationalism. His win in the recent elections has the internationalists reeling. [H: Gosh, and I bet you thought the troubles of Clinton revolved around his cast-off underwear!]

NEW YORK--The surprise victory of Russian nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky--the first populist candidate to sweep the national elections of a major power since World War II--has sent the White House into a "tailspin" and the Establishment media into a "deluge of misinformation", Russian delegates at the UN headquarters here assured the Spotlight's diplomatic correspondent.

Zhirinovsky, whose one-man campaign rolled over President Boris Yeltsin's well-oiled political machine when voters went to the polls across Russia's 11 time zones on December 12, is neither an "extremist" nor a "warmonger", said the delegates. [H: You see, they are not as "advanced" as are you nice computer-driven people. The polls reflected the election because of lack of "fixed" equipment. You could do this too, Americans, if you demanded back your paper vote and kicked out the tinkerers and computers which have the election results fixed long, long before election day.]

"Most of what Americans are told about this historic event is wrong or intentionally misleading," asserted Yevgeni Torogin, a veteran political reporter from Moscow who now covers the world forum. "Zhirinovsky is not a demagogue. You can call him a 'radical' only in the sense that he makes us confront the root causes of our troubles".

The nationalist candidate's willingness to address the reality of the lives led by ordinary Russians--beset by poverty, social disintegration, run-away inflation, rampant corruption and systemic gangsterism aided and abetted by ruthless exploitation by Western banks--has won him at least 25 percent of the popular vote, well ahead of the Yeltsin bloc, according to early ballot counts still in progress as this issue of the Spotlight went to press. Interestingly, the army units that backed Yeltsin during the recent parliamentary crisis voted overwhelmingly for Zhirinovsky.

The U.S. media's denunciations of Zhirinovsky as "antidemocratic" or "neo-fascist" sound laughable to most Russians, Torogin said.

"We already live under a president [Yeltsin] who has sent tanks into the streets, burned parliament, censored the press and seized dictatorial powers--and did it all with U.S. support", he explained. "I don't see how you can be more anti-democratic than that".

Zhirinovsky was reportedly ignored or dismissed as a maverick by the Western megabankers, corporate lobbyists and currency speculators who provided lavish campaign financing for Yeltsin's supporters.

Their favorite newsmagazine, the weekly Economist, did not even mention Zhirinovsky among the 10 leading candidates in its pre-election issue.

Zhirinovsky is a critic of Israel, and he favors imposing "limitations" on the growing power of the ministate's lobbyists and promoters in Russia. "That was enough to make him a 'non-person' in the U.S. media", says British newsman Andrew Rowe, an old Moscow hand.

On December 16, Vice President Albert Gore denounced Zhirinovsky's views as "outrageous, reprehensible and offensive" [H: Boy, that's enough right there to get me on Mr. Zhirinovsky's side!] while on a quick damage-control trip to Moscow. "Well, that should help explain why ordinary Russians prefer Zhirinovsky over Yeltsin", Rowe commented wryly....

* * *

The dominoes are about to start their fall, readers. There is much going on and changes are soon to begin taking place. Some things will appear awful while they are NOT--others will be awful as the "Kings" effort to devour and destroy each other's KINGDOMS and YOU will be caught somewhere in the middle to within the whirlpool as the house of cards fall. I sug-gest you stay alert--FOR IT IS INTENDED THAT THE ECONOMY BE COLLAPSED!! THAT, FURTHER, IS NOT IN THE TOO DISTANT FUTURE, DEPENDING ON WHO GETS CONTROL OF WHAT. THE ADMINISTRATION IS BEING SET UP (IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED) TO TAKE A DIVE! SOME OF THE FOXES ARE ALREADY TAKING LEAVE OF THE CHICKEN COOP THAT THEY HAVE BEEN INHABITING WHILE DIRECTING THE EXECUTION OF THE CHICKENS. You might want to be checking on the locations of some of the key players up to now, like Kissinger, Scowcroft, et al.

I don't think I want to talk about more "current events" here. You can read up on those things--between the lines. We need to move right on with the Illinois suit vs. FEMA et al.


G. Summary of Background Allegations, Made upon Information and Belief, Necessary to Understanding Allegations of Individual Members of the Class Against Defendants.

1. Defendant FEMA and all of its officers, employees, agents, representatives, contractors, attorneys, operatives, affiliates, confederates and co-conspirators have committed treason and genocide against Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated by usurpation of powers not granted or delegated.

a. Terms, such as "national emergency", "national security", and "the public good" among others, have been used by traitors, such as the named Defendants and their unnamed co-conspirators and confederates, to:

i. Usurp powers not delegated to them;

ii. enforce "laws" not legislated or, in some cases, even announced to the People;

iii. commit genocide against the People of this nation and the people of other nations, e.g., by knowingly setting in motion disasters which kill thousands and threaten mil-lions (see Appendices O, Q & R; other appendices to follow);

iv. deal in the "allocation, distribution and ... the replenishment of Government stockpiles of narcotics drugs" (see par. G.2.a.iii.(e)(2), below) for their own benefit and in conspiracy with enemies of the People of the United States (see Appendices N & O);

v. steal billions of dollars of property from the People (see Complaint, below, and Appendices);

vi. carry out a silent coup against the People via:

(a) "the threat or use of violence for political purposes by individuals or groups, whether acting for, or in opposition to established government authority, when such actions are intended to shock or intimidate a large group wider than the immediate victims" (definition of the CIA), e.g., "against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives" (definition of the FBI);

(b) cooperation with and/or employment of international terrorists, such as Muammar Qaddafi and the Ayatollah Khomeini (see Appendix O); organized criminals, such as the Mafia and the IRS (see Appendices N & O); and drug dealers and gun-runners (ibid).

b. "[O]ne who is called upon to enforce the orders of the President would look to the Constitution and be guided by it. Otherwise, he would suffer the penalties of Nuremburg"; e.g., those who usurp power, even under color of authority or "under the color of constitutionality", violate universal prohibitions against genocide--quoting retired Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark.

2. In complete and total violation of the Compact, Defendant FEMA and its secret team of clandestine operatives and co-conspirators, under sham and pretense of federal authority and various unlawfully and treasonously declared "national emergency-type situations" but without actual authority, treasonously have been planning to impose, and have imposed, martial law, or "martial rule", upon this Nation and its People and have staged a seditious, silent coup on behalf of Defendant FRB and its foreign owners and controllers.

a. FEMA is the successor to the various cover agencies for bogus "national emergency" activity perpetrated since 1933, e.g., the Office of Emergency Preparedness, the Office of Defense Mobilization, the Office of Emergency Planning, the Economic Stabilization Agency and the Civil Defense Administration, all of which have been made to appear powerless and underfunded as part of a deceptive cover story; however, in complete and absolute violation of the Compact, FEMA's major functions were, unconstitutionally and in violation of the Compact, delegated under the sham and pretense of a series of so-called Executive Orders but without actual authority, including, but not limited to, the following, all of which have been implemented, under the sham and pretense of "national emergency" authority but without actual authority:

i. Executive Order Number ("EON") 10480, entered August 18, 1953, 18 F.R. 4939, and amended several times since then, which provides, in a wholly unconstitutional and treasonous manner:

(a) The Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency shall, on behalf of the President, coordinate all mobilization activities of the executive branch of the Government, including all such activities relating to production, procurement, manpower, stabilization and transport. Every officer and agency of the Government having functions under the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended, delegated, re-delegated, or otherwise assigned thereto by or under the authority of the President after the date of this order (whether heretofore or hereafter acquired, or acquired by this order) shall perform the said functions subject to the direction and control of the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency". Par. 101.(a); 50 USC App 2062, 2071.

(b) FEMA will be able to alter any existing contract; cf. par. G.2.a.iii.(a), below;

(c) the FRS will provide financing in times of such alleged emergencies and each regional FRB will become "fiscal agent to the United States", with virtual dictatorial power over the economy of this Nation, with the FRS Board of Governors acting as the ultimate economic dictator in conjunction with the Director of FEMA; see, e.g., references to Continental Illinois National Bank, Appendix N, par. 6. et seq, & references to Chase Manhattan Bank, Appendix 0, par. 5., et seq.;

(d) The Treasury and the Export-Import Bank will be authorized to make loans under the direction of FEMA and the FRS;

(e) I.e., during a time of "national emergency", the President, an elected official, would be stripped of his presidential functions (see references to Iran-contra, Appendix 0, par. 27., et seq.;

ii. EON 11179, entered September 22, 1964, 29 F.R. 13239, and amended several times since then, which provides, in a wholly unconstitutional and treasonous manner:

(a) "There shall be in the Executive Branch of the Government a National Defense Executive Reserve ["NDER"] composed of persons selected from various segments of the civilian economy and from government for training for employment in executive positions in the Federal Government in the event of the occurrence of an emergency that requires such employment" (see, Iran-contra, supra); such NDER personnel are cultivated by FEMA "with the appropriate non-governmental sectors", i.e., NDER required funding of "nongovernmental" personnel, e.g., from the S&L scams, from drug profits, etc. (see Appendices N & O);

(b) "The President is further authorized to provide for the establishment and training of a nucleus executive reserve ('NER') for employment in executive positions in Government during periods of emergency," 50 USC, App. 2160(e), e.g., 1300 State and 4800 local planners and 1000 military reserve officers on standby, CD39 also requiring funding of "non-governmental" personnel;

(c) Such reservists have also been treasonously exempted from certain provisions of the federal criminal code and may be employed "without compensation", e.g., shanghaied or blackmailed into service, if deemed necessary.

(d) The rules, regulations and orders pertaining to the EONs and related provisions of Title 50, Appendix, discussed here had a tentative termination date of September 30, 1989, which was extended to August 10, 1990, i.e., the deadline for completion of the NDER and of the NER has passed and the NDER and NER are either fully staffed and operative or nearly so;

(e) i.e., there is an alternate and unelected administration, recruited, organized and trained since the issuance of this EO, which has already taken over for the elected Presidential administration because, as it was well known to the author of this EO, this nation has been under various declarations, public and clandestine, of alleged "national emergency" and/or "national emergency-type situations" continuously since 1933.

(f) although the reservists discussed here are not technically considered federal employees or officers until "mobilization" has been declared by a President, they are already in position in most instances.

iii. EON 11490, entered October 28, 1969, 34 F.R. 17567, and amended several times since then, which provides, in a wholly unconstitutional and treasonous manner:

(a) in conjunction with EONs 10995, 10997 & 11005, for seizure and/or control of every major national asset, public and private with the exception of such intelligence functions as the CIA, under the treasonous declaration of alleged, and undefineable, "national emergency type situations";

(b) by virtue of the hysteria enveloping the Nixon administration, a plan to provide for national security by attempting to "assure continuity of government, at every level, in any national emergency type situation that might conceivably confront the nation"; i.e., "national emergency type situation" is not only NOT defined, it can't be defined by virtue of its vagueness;

(c) for consolidation of "the assignment of emergency preparedness functions to various departments and agencies", i.e., every single major federal department and agency, under the Director of FEMA;

(d) "the heads of the departments and agencies ... shall: (1) prepare national emergency plans, develop preparedness programs, and attain an appropriate state of readiness with respect to the functions assigned to them in this order for all conditions of national emergency; (2) give appropriate consideration to emergency preparedness factors in the conduct of the regular functions of their agencies. Particularly those functions considered essential in time of emergency, and (3) be prepared to implement, in the event of emergency, all appropriate plans developed under this order".

(e) that the Department of Justice shall:

(1) "[d]evelop emergency plans and procedures for the administration of laws governing the import, manufacture, and distribution of narcotics," i.e., do anything it wants relative to narcotics since the term "emergency" purports to eliminate all "law";

(2) "[c]onsult with and render all possible aid and assistance to Director, FEMA, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the General Ser-vices Administration in the allocation, distribution and, if necessary, the replenishment of Government stockpiles of narcotic drugs," i.e., take over organized crime's drug rackets and manage those rackets; par. 501(8).

(f) "The purpose and legal effect of the assignments contained in this order do not constitute authority to implement the emergency plans prepared pursuant to this order. Plans so developed may be effectuated only in the event that authority for such effectuation is provided by a law enacted by the Congress or by an order or directive issued by the President pursuant to statutes or the Constitution of the United States"; see Sec. 105;

(g) i.e., because of the allegedly ongoing, continuing "national emergency" condition since 1933, FEMA has, under sham and pretense of authority but without actual authority, been given an imaginary power to declare martial law at any time, and has done so secretly, clandestinely and treasonously on several occasions;

(h) parts 2-29 provide for the takeover, by FEMA, of virtually every department of the federal administration, placing all seized functions under FEMA control.


* * *

Dharma, I hesitate to abruptly interrupt in an awkward place in the document but I need you elsewhere, now. Readers will simply have to pay a bit of attention and perhaps go back to the prior segment for the proper sequential numbering. It is fine. Thank you.



MON., JAN. 3, 1994 9:47 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 140

MON., JANUARY 3, 1994


You CAN get a good overview of the "state of the globe" by simply watching. For instance, an airline crash in Russia might be assumed to be only an airliner crash--but is it? Of course not--and you have to generalize! This morning's crash was OBVIOUSLY no accident and, in addition, had many "international" travelers aboard. You can tell by the way the engines caught fire that it was intentional and the plane was full of fuel which would ensure incredible fire and attention. This is the second crash of an Aeroflot plane in a week--so KNOW that some big interference is taking place in Russia--and I mean BIG!


If, as so many inquire, there are so many things going on and it looks hopeless--WHY GO ON WITH SUCH MUNDANE THINGS AS CATCHING THE CROOKS IN OFFICE AND ATTENDING SUITS, ETC? Because you can't do anything about the plane crashes but your input CAN change the course of information output, media control and lawsuits! YOU MUST FUNCTION WHERE YOU CAN FUNCTION!

If YOUR INPUT can help uncover the George Greens, Jason Brents and US&Ps of the game--then YOU have accomplished your task--CAN YOU SEE? The journey requires the first step and the next and next--while, indeed, the FIRST one may be the most difficult or ACTUALLY, the easiest, but most committing to the trip. You cannot "fix" the "whole" by simply stopping the lying of one George Green--but when you get ONE you begin to see that you can, one by one, GET THEM ALL! Why? Because as you move into the upper levels you have a situation of more power, control and ego involvement--demanding reliance on one another as fools and brotherhood of deceit --but, as one falls and the "big boy" seems to remain untouched, this sets off a whole new ballgame of "why should I take the heat when I am but a bit-player?" This is WHY truth in actions is so important--THERE ISN'T ANYTHING TO "UNCOVER". THIS IS ALSO WHY I CONTINUE TO REINFORCE THE FACT THAT YOU MUST HAVE GOALS AND NEVER DIVERT ATTENTION FOR EVEN AN INSTANT--THEN MAKE SURE ALL ACTIONS AND INTENT ARE TOWARD THAT GOAL THROUGH INTEGRITY--AND THE WAY AND MEANS OF PROVING WILL BE MADE EVIDENT!

Why, for instance, would Leon Fort's ATTORNEY demand a confidential settlement (which his own team, through George Green, broke?)??? Because he wanted to take the funds to great extent and depend on Leon never finding out as much. It is a simple game played every day. At some point, don't you see, the courts get into the subterfuge too deeply to continue to play in the deceit and have to rule with the goodly to keep selves from FALLING! BUT IT MEANS: YOU HAVE TO KEEP UP AND KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON! THE ADVERSARY IS NOT GOING TO ROLL-OVER, CONGRATULATE YOU FOR A GOOD JOB OF GOODNESS AND GO AWAY! You who expect GOD to step in and do miracles for you are not going to witness any --because the adversarial brats are praying far harder to GOD than are you--FOR MIRACLES! The difference is, they will continue to WORK in every devious way possible to hold their evilly acquired assets--from their rear-end to their gold pieces of treason and betrayal acquired.

But why continue to struggle with these adversaries? Because it becomes important that YOU ONES QUIT LETTING THE EVIL BEARERS WIN! THEY HAVE ALL BUT DESTROYED THE ENTIRE PLANET WHILE YOU LET THEM DO SO AND SLEPT YOUR DREAM OF RESTLESS LUST. So, why would I ask Dharma and E.J. to continue on and on when it becomes easier to let it all go, having lost all assets anyway? Because the actions and manipulations are WRONG and the wrongs must be brought into the LIGHT OF DAY if goodness is to be again brought forth. IF A 'THING' IS DONE IN SECRET--LOOK CLOSELY AT "WHY"! And, furthermore, do not come to me and say, "but you did this or that in secret!" Indeed, THAT is called "privacy" because you mouth-rattlers will destroy anyone efforting to do a job--through your indiscretions. Indeed, my little teams may well get even smaller--I am sorry, it is not of my doing. I will, however, protect my brother--NOT MY ENEMY! I am about ready to start blasting my enemies right out of existence. There are many ways to destroy an enemy without violence! You ones had better get straightened around within the LAWS of GOD and start paying attention. You who felt you needed no lessons, no readings, no education of what is GOD--are going to be waving goodbye in most instances. Hard? Possibly, but TRUTH is not EASY--it simply IS!

On this note, Dharma, allow us to take up Segment 4 of the Illinois Suit vs. FEMA, et al. Start directly where we left off--readers will pick up the tale or not, as they wish, for we will not take time longer in "catch-up" of new or missing readers.

Our immediate discussion is that regarding the Executive Orders taking command of your society:

* * *


(1) Part 7 provides for the takeover of all potable water by the Dept. of the Interior;

(2) Part 8 provides for the takeover of all food production by the Dept. of Agriculture;

(3) Part 10 provides for the takeover of all labor resources by means of lists already prepared by the Dept. of Labor, i.e.:

[a] "specialized personnel" ... "possessing specialized competence or aptitude in acquiring such competence";

[b] "essential civilian activities".

(4) part 13 provides for the takeover of all forms of transportation by the Dept. of Transportation, assisted by the Civil Aeronautics Board, Part 15;

(5) Part 14A provides for the takeover of all nuclear facilities by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission;

iv. EON 12148, entered July 20, 1979, 44 F.R. 43239 (in conjunction with Carter's Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 1978 and EON 12127), and amended several times since then, which provides, in a wholly unconstitutional and treasonous manner:

(a) for the transferrence by President Carter of authority over emergency functions, such as the functions vested in the President over the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, Department of Defense; the Federal Disaster Assistance Administration, Department of Housing and Urban Development; the Federal Preparedness Agency, General Services Administration; and in the Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act, to FEMA.

(b) THE DIRECTOR OF FEMA "shall be responsible for ... the coordination of preparedness and planning to reduce the consequences of major terrorist incidents";

(c) i.e., FEMA, under sham and pretense of authority but without actual authority, has been given a motive to instigate "major terrorist incidents" or to define acts protected under the Compact as "major terrorist incidents" in order to trigger the related provisions of the Executive Orders described above, making it possible, under sham and pretense of authority but without actual authority, for FEMA to coercively and/or clandestinely regiment the People in preparation for the FRS silent coup.

b. Since 1933, the People of the United States have continuously been subjected, unconstitutionally and in complete violation of the Compact, to a treasonous application of Executive Orders under alleged "national emergencies" and/or "national emergency type situations"; under the pretense of provisions of EONs 11490 and 12148, FEMA has been using the automatic triggering contained in said EONs by having FEMA operatives create and/or provoke "major terrorist incidents" in order to justify the implementation of an FRB silent coup under the sham and pretense of Executive Order authority but without actual authority.

i. In 1942, EON 9066 was used to perpetuate a silent coup exercise (see references to REX-84 Bravo, Appendix 0, par. 27.j.ii.(b), et seq.) by suspending the Constitution, in complete and utter violation of the Compact.

(a) The ruse employed in EON 9066 was the declaration of certain areas to be military reserves and, thereby, under sham and pretense of authority but without actual authority, cause American citizens to be removed from their homes and imprisoned without trial under the pretense of racial differences, but for the actual purpose of implementing a precedent for a treasonous program of "national emergencies";

(b) Similarly, such outrageous behavior has been unconstitutionally and treasonously codified in 18 U.S.C. 1383, which provides that any military commander (NDER/NER) can specify, under color of a "national emergency", any area he desires as a military reserve and can designate anyone living in such a military reserve to be a criminal; in that clandestine "national emergencies" are being treasonously declared with regularity by the various Defendants, upon the creation of "terrorist incidents" by said Defendants and their co-conspirators, such FEMA operatives have usurped power to divest anyone, anywhere and anytime of their liberty and of any real estate completely without due process, constituting a gross violation of the Compact.

ii. Since that time, FEMA and the Pentagon have divided the country into 11 regions, generally corresponding to the federal judicial circuits, to be controlled, if necessary, from fallout-resistant, nuclear-blast resistant bunkers modeled after Mount Weather near Berryville, Virginia, the "special facility" designed to be a nuclear war command post, i.e., a Dr. Strangelove underground hideaway for federal officials.

(a) By and through "federal regional councils", located in the eleven regional "capitals"--Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans--operating under the sham and pretense of authority but without actual authority, FEMA has treasonously implemented the FRB's silent coup by superseding State and local administrations via FEMA operatives masquerading as judicial officers, prosecutors and other court officers (see, e.g., Appendix N, pars. 3.a., c., et seq., & 7.f.); [H: I need to make a statement here at this point. If you consider ONLY that this is a BAD DEAL, then you are not thinking correctly. What you have here "appears" to be so against you in separating you into groups that you will not THINK beyond that one point. No, readers, IT IS EASIER TO REGAIN BIT BY BIT BY BIT, THE WHOLE THAN TO GO AGAINST A GOVERNMENT LOCALIZED AND POWER STRUCTURED TO MANIPULATE THE LAST ONE OF YOU. You must take that which IS and utilize it.]

(b) Under the sham and pretense of the authority of FEMA and the EONs described above but without actual authority, various committees for Economic Development develop "public policy" for the NDER/NER, e.g., the abolishing of local elective offices in favor of pseudo-judicial administrative dictatorship.

(c) The major region for such treasonous activity is Chicago, headquarters for the regional "government" scheme of Defendant Laurance Rockefeller.

(1) The area allegedly under the jurisdiction of the ND is without an emergency plan;

(2) The Defendants and their co-conspirators have illegally, unconstitutionally and in complete and utter violation of the Compact, attempted to implement their own emergency plan to the great detriment and damage of the Plaintiffs and all others similarly situated, via:

[a] the FEMA operations of Defendant Rockefeller, located at 1313 East 60th St., Chicago;

[b] ND and 7th Circuit FEMA operatives, under sham and pretense of authority but without actual authority, who claim to be and masquerade as federal and State officials and judges, federal prosecutors and defense attorneys, to oversee and implement various FEMA functions.

c. With the end of the so-called Cold War, FRB, by and through FEMA, has already ordered the implementation of FEMA programs clandestinely, or to provoke a national emergency for their rapid implementation, e.g., according to Arthur Liman, lawyer for major oil interests and the Senate committee counsel who investigated Oliver North, the Iran-contra affair revealed "the whole secret government-within-a-government, op-erated [from the Executive Office Building] by a lieutenant colonel, with its own army, air force, diplomatic agents, intelligence operatives and appropriations capacity" (see references to Liman, Appendix 0, pars. 4.j.iii. & 27.j.ii.(b). (NOTE: this paragraph was written prior to the sham Iraqi "crisis", the fulfillment of the implementation of a precursor to Armageddon). [H: Now I ask you "thinking" parties: would it not be easier to RECLAIM using that which "they" have set in place than to effort to build and support such a countering movement? Use your brains--that is what God gave them to you for!]

d. Never, in the history of the modern world, has absolute power, such as that detailed herein which FEMA operatives believe that they hold, ever been used in a benign and beneficial fashion by those to whom such power could be seized, as Defendants, each of them, individually, severally, jointly and in concert, with all of their co-conspirators, etc.

i. FEMA's plan to effect the FRS silent coup provides that the Constitution be suspended and that all "undesirables" be imprisoned, incapacitated or assassinated; [H: I don't have any problem with incarcerating the BASTARD TEAM members into their own facilities--DO YOU? P.S.: Those foundationless rascals will "change" to your side so quickly your eyes will cross.]

ii. FEMA's various treasonous operations include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) The Iran-contra affair (see references to Iran-contra, Appendix 0, supra);

(1) The purpose and intent of the Iran-contra affair was not the transfer of arms or hostages, such nonsense only being a cover story for the vast majority of Americans;

(2) The actual purpose and intent was the disabling of President Ronald Reagan, ostensibly to test out FEMA programs for such an eventuality in a time of alleged national emergency, but actually to aid in the rapid installation of NDER/NER officials in furtherance of the FRS silent coup; President Reagan was disabled, as intended, to the extent that he was mentally and emotionally unable to perform his Presidential functions, as reliably reported elsewhere.

(3) The disabling of Reagan enabled others within the administration and in the NDER/NER to clandestinely proclaim a "national emergency";

(4) One benefactor of said "national emergency" was then Vice-President George Bush (see references to Bush, Appendix 0, par. 26., et seq.);

(b) The S&L/junk-bond scandal (see references to the S&L/junk-bond scandal, Appendix N, pars. 4.a., et seq., & 5., et seq.):

(1) The actual purpose of the S&L/junk-bond scandal involved the embezzlement by FEMA/CIA operatives of hundreds of billions of dollars from the S&L industry, using CIA/Mossad operative Michael Milken's junk bond scheme as its main weapon, in order to effect FEMA programs for consolidation of control over major financial institutions and to aid in financing the NDER and NER;

(2) FEMA officials determined that the S&L industry, not otherwise specifically mentioned in EON 11490, must be placed under the control of the FRS through the FDIC;

(3) FEMA/CIA plans involved the placing of billions of dollars of junk bonds in S&L portfolios, using various schemes involving those junk bonds to siphon S&L funds out of the S&Ls, thereby causing a "national emergency type situation" requiring a radical solution, namely, the creation of the Resolution Trust Corporation, under the control of FDIC Chairman L. William Seidman, a flunkie of the FRS;

(4) Thus, the FEMA plan for financial institution control consolidation was accomplished insofar as it related to the S&L industry.

(5) One benefactor of said "national emergency type situation" was George Bush's son, Neil (see references to Neil Bush, Appendix N., par. 4.a.i., et seq.).

(c) The commodity-trading scandal (see references to the commodity-trading scandal, Appendix N, par. 4.k., a se :

(1) the actual purpose of the commodity-trading scandal involves the entrapment of mostly Jewish commodity traders by Interpol (a haven for former Nazis) acting as FEMA/FBI operatives, in order to effect FEMA programs for consolidation of control over major financial institutions and to aid in financing the NDER and NER;

(2) FEMA officials determined that the commodities industry, as controlled by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC"), not otherwise specifically mentioned in EON 11490, must be placed under the control of the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC");

(3) FEMA/CIA plans involved the October 1987 stock market plunge, for which blame, instigated by FEMA/CIA operatives, was placed on the stock market index futures, and from which billions of dollars in profit were made by FEMA/CIA operatives, thereby causing a "national emergency type situation" requiring a radical solution, namely, the instigation of the entrapment schemes directed against Jewish commodity traders;

(4) Thus, the FEMA plan for financial institution control consolidation is being accomplished, insofar as it relates to the futures industry, under the auspices of the pseudo-judicial officers of FEMA in the ND and 7th Circuit.

(d) The Iranian hostage crisis (see references to the Iranian hostage crisis, Appendix 0, pars. 11., et seq., 19, g & 20., et seq.):

(1) the Iranian hostage crisis was instigated by the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger in order to implement the treasonous provisions of EON 12148, issued in July 1979, by triggering a "major terrorist incident", which was then used as justification to implement various other FEMA plots;

(2) In order to ensure that the Iranian hostage crisis would last long enough to provide for the election of Reagan, FEMA/CIA plans involved the payment of a bribe, consisting of $40 million cash plus $5 billion in weapons and spare parts and facilitated by the Saudis, from George Bush and William Casey to the Ayatollah Khomeini and the CIA/SAVAK operatives controlling him (see references to said bribe, Appendix 0, par. 23.b.vi., et seq.);

(3) Said bribe was transported through Chicago conduits, via Defendant BCCI.

(e) The invasion of Panama (see references to the invasion of Panama, Appendix N., Par. 7.g.):

(1) The invasion of Panama was necessitated by threats made by various members of CIA, not aligned with Bush, to expose Bush's role in drug-running through Noriega and his role in the Iranian hostage crisis;

(2) The invasion was merely the latest in a series of attempts by Bush and FEMA to cover up their criminal acts, such other attempts having included, among other acts, the airplane crash over Gander, Newfoundland, in 1985, and the crash over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988;

(3) The drug-money-laundering activities of Bush have two main pipeline termination points:

[a] Panamanian banks;

[b] Chicago banks, under the protection of FEMA's pseudo judicial officers in the ND and 7th Circuit.


* * *

This is a good place to break segments for we will move into AIDS next. We don't wish these segments to get too unwieldy for the ones trying to shorten into summary for the paper. Thank you.



SUN., JAN. 16, 1994 9:57 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 153

SUN., JANUARY 16, 1994


As we run through the entanglements of each day there is always a tendency to question definitions of terms. In this mode of experiencing you often find yourself stopping "action" in your distorted perception that somehow "patience" is "inaction". Further, you express everything in your realm of control by your "having". If you expect no more than that which you have--you will NEVER HAVE MORE. Every phase of lifestream has expectations toward which you must work and plan--AND, also there will be the ever ongoing need to be and utilize to the best of stewardship --that which you have "as if" there would never be more. He who finds a way to achieve goals by the decisions and plans FOR MORE--will surely have it. This does NOT MEAN "by the means of another's toils".

As decisions and harangues are thrust upon Dharma and E.J. in these recent days--BEFORE THERE IS ANYTHING TO DIVIDE OR MULTIPLY, I find an interesting response from Dharma of, "Leave me out of it, Father, and take it all away from me for I can labor, I cannot bear the greed and duplicity of my brothers". Well, it is the time of sorting and before the good shall always come the demands and choices of those who feel that simply by their "knowing you" there is somehow right of passage and, at the least, right of control and riches. "MY" abundance is something which shall not be handled lightly or by ones who do not serve God as I serve God--without reservation. For those who would serve in this manner and WORK in positive action while being PATIENT, so shall come the JUST rewards of such service and patience. Responsibility required NO FUNDING!

I have noted ones now planning and sharing up that which is not yet even present. Some of you who have talked too much and promised too much will find me an angry steward when the toys are passed out on receiving day. I have ones who actually think they will garner great positions and places of wealth and power by simply showing up or supporting ones who work in my service. Nope, each one of whom I speak at this writing has had opportunity to attend every meeting, every lesson and have every bit of instruction--choosing not to partake except in the abundance. NOTHING HAS CHANGED FROM DAY ONE--WE HAVE A MISSION, A GREAT MISSION BUT LIMITED TO NEEDS, AND I HEAD THAT MISSION. ONES WHO PRODUCE AND DO NOT FOLLOW ME OR THE TRUTH I BRING SHALL GARNER ONLY THAT WHICH IS REWARD FOR DIRECT SERVICE. HE WHO SHALL TAKE AND GO FORTH WITH GREAT EGO CHEST-POUNDING AT A NEWLY FOUND POSITION WILL BE SORELY DISAPPOINTED. Everything in my mission will be handled according to the highest and best purposes and totally in silence as to "greatness" or status beyond that of a "barely making it" survivor. If you cannot stand the heat of THIS kitchen and the recipes required--get out of MY kitchen--NOW.

You all expect to SEE MIRACLES and expect this one or that one to present you with those miracles. You await wondrous things from one Gunther Russbacher--WHY? Gunther was imprisoned and reduced to pure poverty by the ones he served. You have gotten him freedom--if we are able to maintain it, but some spread the word that somehow he is the resource for great riches, etc. No, what in the world is the matter with you--we seek no focus or attention and you ones bring great speculation upon us. Some of you who "chat" too much are from services wherein "chattering" will get you, and your brother, deaded. If we cannot handle "business" as business in responsible confidence--then we shall not be given of the Father's chattel and there will cease to be business.

This message is for the "few" and not the many who serve every day in shortage of everything save abundant joy and sharing but there are some who expect to "gain greatly" during refusal to accept the TRUTH of presence. How can we bring persons necessary into a nest of "takers" and "thieves"? I do not like game-players in high places of any control whatsoever--for they earn nothing except disrespect. I can work with ones who "doubt" and are willing to be shown--I have no interest or expectations for those who simply have ongoing games for good advantage. There is no group here in which to have hierarchy of importance.

I am asked as to "why" we then do not at least have some spiritual gatherings such as a church? Why? Can you not find spiritual Truth without another's opinions? Why can you not gather into social groups of friends and LIVE YOUR TRUTH OF GOD?


Do I become a legendary "bigot" of sorts in my projections of that which I say are God's LAWS? YES, if that is what you wish to describe my stance as being. I make every allowance for soul presence and even ignorant opinions to a point wherein I find refusal to consider possibilities. I KNOW THAT OF WHICH I SPEAK--and I respect your "opinions"--that does not mean I "have to" consider your approach, your opinions as to actions taken, or your "druthers" in anything that I do--save being in total service to God Creator.

The battle of my people in this place has been one of great pain and assault--from ignorance of ones perhaps, intentionally from others. At times I present petition to the Council to place our mission elsewhere because of the continuing harassment and demands. We shall wait patiently until such time as directions are better seen and presented to my mission. I do state one thing for Dharma and E.J.--I shall begin to lessen your load in the constancy of such as the JOURNALS and the paper for my needs are great in the human realm for other needs--and you have served incredibly under the worst of times, my friends. I do not relinquish my Command nor YOUR COMMISSION. There is yet to confront the many dangling assaults of legal attacks and security of operations.

Do you think that the adversary would not attack the hand-persons of God? Why do you somehow think that "YOU" are free of concern and that somehow "you" are not able to be "had"? It is THAT very attitude which INSURES THAT YOU SHALL BE "HAD". We can have great sport and fun over such as calling me a "nine-and-a-half-foot reptile"--but is it really "funny" in actuality? That is totally insulting to YOU OF GOD! It is amusing; it is not "funny" and I have great compassion for the ones who play in that game for it is a game of loss at all levels of possibilities. YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE ONE LIGHT OF CREATOR--HOLY IN YOUR PERFECTION AND REFLECTION EVEN IF YOU NOTE THE FALLING SHORT OF HUMAN PERFECTION. GOD IS NOT A REPTILE SO IN ACCUSING ME OF BEING A REPTILE--IS TO CALL GOD A REPTILE AND THUSLY, YOU.

These ones who make great public humor of this approach are the VERY ONES WHO OFFER THEIR AUDIENCES LIES OF SURVIVAL. These are the very ones who work with, closely with, ones who offer BAD business advice and intersperse themselves with common thieves and criminals. It will all be there for you to see and know, my friends, for some of them are the very ones who have efforted to bring destruction upon you as my small team members. For instance, our egotistical Gritz is now being openly ADVERTISED as working with (by) one Gary Anderson et al. in "trusts" and other financial protection ploys as outlaid by him and his buddies. Well, a lie from a liar is but food of fools. I could not conjure better lessons by example than that which these ones are giving unto you. Anyone who would steal from a partner as did Mr. Anderson FROM ALL OF YOU RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, is that which has brought disgrace and destruction on the places and "man" created. These ones who take from a brother to bring gain unto selves are worse than the reptilian vipers--for in the snake is no deceit--he is what he is and nothing more. A man in that stature is less than anything presented in development of environment and physical consciousness. To do these things under the deceit of claiming "Jesus Christ" IS MORE DESPICABLE THAN ALL OTHER CHARADES.

Do we go do battle with these darkness dwellers? Certainly not--we simply place the LIGHT OF TRUTH and discovery before them and upon them at every turn of their slithering pathway, respond as required and MOVE ON in positive service unto GOD --judging not, discerning all and acting in constant presence of LIGHT and open truth. Evil will not move into the revelation of LIGHT--for it must be fed and nurtured by deceit and hidden agendas--ever fearing discovery by ye who dwell within the circles of Light.

E.J. has pointed out that you ones who believe to move in this valley somewhere "out from the others", deceive selves. You are sitting ducks for attack and capture--right to destruction and loss of position within the realms of our service. If you do not remain close to one another while the assaults are afoot (which will ever be henceforth) then there is no way to protect you--for you have chosen to relinquish the protection whether or not you are in realization of same. If you choose to do these things in spite of my warnings--you PROVE that you do not serve me nor believe me--and I will tell YOU--you will NOT BE PROTECTED. It is time you each make your decisions and choices of service OR physical human "druthers". You become involved with persons and things and lose your ability to remain within the circle of protection and unless your "example" is one of truth according to perception of God's Laws and Truth--you are NOT OF GOD--you are only a broken reflection of how you "want it to be". Hard? No, just required. I do not simply ask or demand that you live as I "say"--I REQUIRE THAT IF YOU SERVE WITH ME--YOU LIVE AS I LIVE--TO THE VERY BEST OF YOUR CAPABILITY--YOUR CAPABILITY BEING FULL PERFECTION SAVE FOR YOUR UNWORTHY THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS. WITH YOU OF MY TEAM--THOSE ACTIONS ARE DELIBERATE IN EVERY INSTANCE--regardless of that which your lips present for the others to see and hear. If you would take from another that which is not yours--it is against God. If you bed another man's wife, it is against God. You ones can make any "claims" and "bend rules" all you wish--IT DOES NOT MAKE THE EXAMPLE UNTO OTHERS THE ONE TO FOLLOW AND IF YOU CANNOT FOLLOW YOUR OWN EXAMPLE--YOU BRING EVIL INTO THE PERCEPTIONS OF OTHERS WHO WATCH AND EFFORT TO DISCERN.

What another does is not "your" problem but one who will not live that which he claims to be, is not worthy of anything save censure. YOU KNOW OF THAT WHICH I SPEAK--EACH SEPARATE ONE. IF YOU TAKE NOT THE WHOLE OF THAT WHICH IS OFFERED IN WISDOM--LOOK NOT WITH LONGING AT THAT WHICH IS THE SUPREME GIFT FROM GOD--FOR YOU ARE IN REFUSAL.

In all this message I have not said--wear a pious face or movement--that is LIE! Human is EXPRESSION OF LIFE--and if you cannot express in God's open manifestation without lying and wearing a falsely pious appearance--forget my brotherhood--for you have refused the lessons of God. Look carefully at your own "track record" and that of another with whom you share or would share your very existence--how do you add up in the "wisdom" and "success" departments?? If you are married, how is your relationship? Is it Godly--or convenient for the physical expression? If it be Godly it will be ALL. If you dupe another or be duped by another --you need a lot of learning and expressing before moving into contractual idiocy. If you want more from a mate than from a friend--you have the WRONG NEEDS AND INTENT! THIS KIND OF RELATIONSHIP REQUIRES NO VOWS OF MARRIAGE, NO PHYSICAL CONNECTIONS, NO PAPERS OR DEMANDS--JUST THE ALLIANCE OF TRUTH IN SPIRITUAL MUTUALITY. I FIND THIS NOT AMONG MY OWN SMALL TEAM.

Would this mean that I would move away from you who might "fall short"? No, it does, however, mean that you who continue to deliberately "fall short" will probably move away from me--some remain in my circle to "show me" right now. It is sad for it does "show me" but I think what is "shown" is not what is intended by the sender in the game of "get Hatonn" or Hatonn's agents.

I am going to ask you something very bluntly: IS DHARMA PERHAPS HATONN? Is Gunther Russbacher perhaps actually myself in presentation of acceptable form? Is it that I am Eustace Mullins or E.J. Ekker? HOW DO YOU KNOW? WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER I BE IN PRESENTATION? SOMEONE YOU KNOW OR DO NOT KNOW? "HOW" DO YOU KNOW? FOR EXAMPLE: HAVE YOU TREATED DHARMA IN EVERY WAY AS IF SHE HOLDS ALL KEYS TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND WOULD WANT TO OFFER THEM UNTO YOU FOR PASSAGE AND REWARD? HOW ABOUT ANDY? HOW ABOUT LUKE AND TYLER, ALYSSA AND OUR UNBORN BABES. HOW ABOUT "PEANUT"? DO YOU TREAT HIM WITH THE RESPECT AS IF HE WERE "ME"? Why not? You expect me to treat each of you "as if" and without demand of presentment. Remember, you who might be in a room with me or simply reading a message as typed and presented--my words are for the multitude--NOT THE ONE! If you be without error in action and perception--you have nothing over which to be annoyed in this statement--DO YOU?

Well, be glad I am not Dharma as such for without me in differentiation, she would simply call a halt to this old game and go home and you ones could go struggle with George Green. I am constantly interested to note that you who hear so graciously from this liar and thief, do not respond to him! Why do you not respond to him! Do you somehow believe his assaults and lies? Do you wish no responsibility? Why should Ekkers longer deal with this dreary thieving cheat?

I am not bringing this always into the conversations for confrontation to reprimand, demand or otherwise--I WANT YOU TO LOOK WITHIN AND SEE WHY YOU DO NOT PUT A STOP TO THE LIES AND THEFTS! YOU!! This is not for Dharma and E.J.--they are the ones who have provided that which can give you life and abundance. They have asked for and gotten, nothing save headaches and a joy of mission served--in worthiness. You have allowed my very books of Truth to be held in hostage for years--by the adversary who would have all silence on Truth. Why do you not, as a team circle of worthy receivers, GO GET THOSE BOOKS AND ASSETS THAT THIS MAN HAS STOLEN FROM YOU? Dharma and E.J. gave away the assets TO YOU--must they pay and repay and give and regive and then go solve all the riddles and puzzles ALSO? WHY WOULD I MAKE MORE AVAILABLE FOR YOUR USE WHEN YOU DO NOT ATTEND THAT WHICH I HAVE MADE FOR YOUR USE AND PURPOSE? PONDER IT FOR IN THESE DAYS--THESE SHALL BE THE JUDGMENTS OF ACTION WHICH I AM REQUIRED TO ATTEND IN THE PLACING OF MY TEAM IN RESPONSIBLE POSITIONS.

Is it not enough to attend the courts as the assaults continue against the Ekkers? No, it is not, for if you would act in responsibility of information and writings, demands and confrontation as "CITIZENS", it would never have come to such confrontations in "fixed" courts. But YOU have to do--you have to act and follow through--for what do you wait? This, too, is not for ALL; I have been offered by ones to actually purchase the lot which causes the confrontation--but the purchase of the lot IS NOT THE POINT, can you not see? It may come to that to allow our work to get done but IT IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Until you go after the ones who are the problem and reveal their evil--you will have no rest in the garden, my friends. Paying infinitely to lawyers will not do it--for therein lies the assurance of evil's success. But from the "law" can you know your actions which will give success. HOW LONG WILL YOU WAIT? Oh, you think you have no important ideas or power? FORGET THAT OLD DRIVEL--YOU GOT GUNTHER RUSSBACHER OUT OF PRISON AND HE WAS WANTED BY THE ELITE TO REMAIN IN PRISON OR IN DEATH FOREVER! THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD, MY FRIENDS, AND UNTIL YOU ARE WILLING TO PUT YOUR NAME ON A LINE AND TAKE UP THE PEN--YOU SHALL FOREVER BE IMMOBILIZED BY THE THREAT OF THE EMPTY SWORD! YOU WANT GOD TO PUT HIS NAME ON THE LINE FOR YOU--WHEN WILL YOU PLACE YOUR FOOT AND NAME TO THE LINE FOR GOD?

You claim to want spiritual input and less dreary and terrible focus on worldly blight? Really? Are you sure? If you think I am harsh on matters of evil and earth-ways--just wait until I tell you how it IS in spiritual TRUTH!

Gritz said that you can "buy a ticket aboard"! Well, if that is the perception of Col. Gritz, get on your knees and thank GOD THAT THERE WAS WISDOM ENOUGH TO TAKE HIM OUT OF THE RUNNING FOR LEADERSHIP! He'll have to use the "cheap seats", he said; well, it's "my" ship and he may well find NO SEAT AT ALL AS HE IS GOING ABOUT HIS WORKINGS. As he lives one example, claims another and thwarts goodness while backing evil actions at the expense of God's people--he presents actual manifestation of the LIE that has destroyed the spiritual TRUTH for mankind. I ask that all of you remember something--man is mortal! I don't care what man to which you refer! Jesus Christ was MORTAL. HE PROVED IT TO YOU! SOUL IS IMMORTAL and I suggest that when a man begins to think that he is immortal in his conscious adventures--he had best be most careful for that which preserved his life for later use by God--may well have been removed. Two things happen in that instance, the physical body is vulnerable to death and destruction--AND the soul essence must pick up activities in "learning" where the body dumped it out! In some instances of further expression of soul it would be more COMFORTABLE if there was actually death of the soul also for it is the failing of soul which brings infinite sorrow or glory--the physical expression is nothing! "Deny me and I shall deny you before my Father", said the Lord God Christos. It is worthy of note.

Gritz further says to his listening audience that "God is a she---Doris Ekker." Oh? Well, then, all of you better go back to the early paragraphs of this writing, had you not? However, to rest Mr. Gritz's foolish showing of ignorance, I would remind all of you that GOD IS ALL--THAT MEANS "ALL" Whatever Dharma (Doris Ekker) may claim in her work--IT IS NOT THAT SHE IS GOD. From whom do your preachers, and even Mr. Gritz, claim to hear in spirit? Oh, is it that if you hear Jesus or God within that you somehow CLAIM TO BE GOD OR JESUS? How ignorant can a supposedly self-styled authority be?? In fact Col. Gritz AND Mr.Green, Mrs. Green, et al. claim to receive messages and instructions, speakings and sharing from this "Jesus Christ". Do I suppose that Gritz IS Christ? By his own words, then, he MUST consider that HE IS JESUS, IF HE CLAIMS CONNECTIONS. I do not, however, blame Sir Gritz, Green or any of those who toss stones at my messages--WHY DO ONES CONTINUE TO ASK SUCH QUESTIONS OF THEM? If people cannot discern and recognize TRUTH--why would the opinions of "ANYONE" make a whit of difference? You cannot judge my being on anything less than the WHOLE and if you have no time to find the truth in that which I bring forth--YOU HAVE NO BASIS UPON WHICH TO JUDGE OR DISCERN ANYTHING--MUCH THE LESS--GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MERIT SUCH JUDGMENT? FROM WHOM? IT IS MOST EVIDENT THAT THOSE WHO SPOUT SUCH AUTHORITY WITNESS ONLY LIES AND IF ANYONE LISTENING AND KNOWETH GOD--SEES AND HEARS THE LIE. FURTHER, IF ANYONE HAS READ ANY WRITINGS OF MY OWN--THE LIES PRESENTED ARE EVEN MORE EVIDENT AND BLATANT. I AM NOT IN HUMAN FORM--I TRAVEL WITH JESUS THE CHRIST--AND TO SAY I HAVE CLAIMED OTHERWISE IS STUPID INDEED. SOMETIMES THE ELEVENTH HOUR IS TOO LATE!

Ones such as Col. Gritz have diarrhea of the mouth in authority of God's coming, God's experiences, the end being at hand, and on and on ad nauseam. HOW DO YOU THINK HE THINKS GOD IS COMING? WOULD GOD COME WITHOUT WARNING? AH INDEED? NO, HE WOULD NOT! HE HAS PROMISED THE HOSTS AND ANGELS OF THE WARNING AND "MAN" AND MR. GRITZ HAVE DECIDED HOW IT WILL BE--WELL, IT WON'T BE THAT WAY, GOOD BUDDIES. So, will you travel with me who offers Goodness as the ONLY pathway to sure survival and passage--OR, will you go with the "authority" of self-styled know it alls, who practice not even that which is presented as the laws of God? These ones do not even live their own toutings but deceive their listeners for their own comfort and gain. So be it, citizens of man, for the clock of evolvement is ticking.

May the remainder of your days of manifestation hold WISDOM and REASON--for therein lies the path within TRUTH. So be it--to each his own. I offer my hand in giving--I can do no more and I shall not ask more of my people. Salu.



FRI., JAN. 28, 1994 3:31 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 165

FRI., JANUARY 28, 1994


Dharma, I write this to you but for ALL for you ARE all, you know--we, within the ONE are the ALL.

As the pain of confusion and assault come upon you over and over again, I watch you search elsewhere for that which might lift your own spirits in a detached (from me) way so that you can find the balance of which others of your enemy say you are unbalanced.

It is fine to seek and attain solace and reassurance in the handwork of another that you can more objectively see and relate that which overflows your own senses--but you need it not for your hands write the Truth of GOD and in the senses of a human expression--YOU need no other.

Precious child, the work which shall be your greatest is not yet written in this experience. It will not be tales of explosions and physical relationships which shall be the greatest stories ever told--it will be the Truth of the spiritual passages within the Creation of which we are each destined to express our individual manifestations and service.

I see you look upon the faces in the paintings of great artists who efforted to catch the soul of the Son of Man, as a for instance, and you see great compassion, humor, and above all you see the sadness of a soul in pain for that which HE sees about HIM in his vision of greatness. I watch you now look into the mirror and beyond the seeming reflection you are beginning to recognize the deep, deep sadness of your soul as you confront a task of awakening, not just the brothers--but self in realization of Truth.

I watched you weep at the printed photograph of Little Crow as he embraced a person at one of his gatherings and the recognition of the sadness reflected in his eyes was so painful to your own soul as to bring tears. This, child, is "compassion", "recognition" and the reaching out in inability of self to carry the burden of that other for whom you care so much. This can be friend, enemy or blood relations--it is all the same as each must bear his own and you must bear yours--while ever searching for ability to SHARE that which can support but never take from that "other". This very expression IS THE BEAUTY AND GIFT OF GOD--THAT YOU MIGHT EXPRESS THAT SOUL OF SELF MAY KNOW.

For man of Earth in a time of crisis, as with your world today, and even unto the things which happen--it must be that man be given confirmations and that which others have presented so that he can find something recognized upon which to base “belief”. When we come to soul, spiritual being--we must share, but only share. We can be a light, a guide if accepted, and we can reflect the Truth--but each will come into recognition according to his own time and journey. We can only "be" that which is GODLY (not pious and affronting in great authority of perceived expertism) in example. This will not always (perhaps rarely) match the picture drawn by the ungodly religions built by man. Man has efforted to draw away from the Truth of God to his best ability to do so. However, it is through THESE perceptions and opinions that ones must question themselves--not according to the LAWS and KNOWING within God. Why? Because it will cause you to see that the rules and foolishness of man rarely match the TRUTH OF GOD.

Do I, Hatonn, go about with sad expressions upon my countenance? NO! The reflections you witness are the expression of soul THROUGH THE PERCEPTIONS OF THE HUMAN PHYSICAL wherein there is effort to express that which is non-expressible. Further, you are seeing that aspect of a given entity expressing in the shackles of human consciousness wherein the total evil is an unconceivable affront to righteousness of soul in knowing. Complicated? Perhaps to those who do not have understanding but totally reasonable and understood to those who seek and struggle and cannot come to total peace in the journey.

Ones look for a "Heaven" upon Earth--WHY? If "heaven" were upon earth--what have you? You have no earth--only HEAVEN! This is the same as darkness. When you light the darkness you no longer have "darkness". There are places wherein you have the presence of God at varying levels of understanding and presence. These are the fragments for which you must seek and ever diligently effort to attain. In the tasks, passage and expressions you CAN become one with that entity in progression--but you shall not become THE ENTITY for "that" is of another experience and expression. This does not mean that elements of perfection cannot be accomplished while upon a third dimensional placement such as "Earth". It means that man will ruin his own expression by always seeking that which "was", or may be--rarely REALLY seeing that which IS. If you choose a path that allows yourself to express SEPARATE AND APART FROM SELF AND THAT WHICH IS GOING ON ABOUT YOU--you err! You err because unless YOU ARE PRESENT in the moment--you are but an observer and that is of no more value to "action" in changing than is a nighttime dream in which you DO NOTHING.

Am "I", Hatonn of Command, perfection? No, but getting pretty close but not so much that you cannot relate to our ongoing expressing relationship that our work may be accomplished. In my status as Aton--YES INDEED I AM AT A LEVEL OF PERFECTION BY WHICH ALL OTHER PERFECTION IS MEASURED. WOULD YOU DESIRE LESS FROM YOUR TEACHER AND GUIDE? When I ask that you "trust" me I do not ask it frivolously nor do I allow you to just say, "To heck with it; I'm tired of sorting...." I expect you to designate, qualify and identify EVERY time. Your "trust" shall be based on solid evidence--not wishful fantasy. This is hard to achieve for the dream is reality and the fantasy which was once "escape" becomes a lost unreality of the "child". KNOWING is that which brings the deep abiding sadness to the eyes of the soul--for in KNOWING, there is no escape into fantasy land--only the recognized reality of that which IS.

By the same tokens of truth that which may well be considered "ugly" in a physical observation--becomes beauty so great as to shock the senses for beyond the facade of the physical lies the bare beauty or ugliness of the soul in its progression. An "ugly" person is but a reflection of the evil reflected upon the physical expression--just as is the darkly sick aura about a person versus the Lighted energy formed about the Lighted soul. I need not make example for even in the perception of the "darkly evil" being--HE KNOWS IT HIMSELF AND HATES HIMSELF!

Why is it, then, that in your own passage you cannot always be "in love" with that which is self? Because you understand not differences. "In" love and "within" love are two different states of being. You can "love" self and still wish to improve or balance that which is YOU. Let us take physical persona as example. If you are truly overweight and you look in the mirror--you do not have to "hate" self to change self. You can observe, make a choice and then accept that choice. If you wish to be thin --GET THIN but you MUST accept and love self, fat or thin. The physical expression of "YOU" is only vaguely reflected in the body you wear. When you come to realize as much you will cease to be attentive to anything so unimportant--within balance. If you are a hundred pounds overweight--you are working to hide from living and committing a form of suicide. This is true of any addiction or misplaced unbalance. Can you see the difference? It is important that you see and KNOW the difference. God has no objection to your changing your house and always urges you to clean up your soul. What we speak of here is the absolute focus on a body or consciousness out of unbalanced DESIRES. You should NEVER change FOR ANOTHER--only for self. If you choose to "improve" this or that--so be it but be ever sure your "reasons" are orderly and correct. The man with no feet certainly has no interest in the color of your new shoes! Think about it. Does this mean that you should not wear shoes upon your feet because that man has no feet? Folly from onset of such thought--for if you neglect your feet they too may be lost to frost or fire. When choosing the protection for your feet with which you remain blessed--why would you not also cover them in something beautiful if your earnings allow for same. To go without shoes in honor of the man with no feet is indeed STUPID. If, however, the man you observe has feet but is in sorry plight of no cause of his own (perhaps an earthquake took everything) and you are going to get new expensive shoes for your own feet for ego gratification--could you not get two less expensive pairs of shoes and BOTH have protection? You must learn the TRUTH of charity and love of brother. It is not enough to go dish out spoonfuls of soup if you be a celebrity--if you are able, you should PROVIDE the soup as well.

I can give you other example. When you stop taking your life-recovering supplements with an announcement that "they don't help anyway"--whose fault is it that they do not work? Further, it PROVES that you are enjoying infirmity MORE than wellness for whatever reason you conjure. When "I" provide you with that which will make you whole and you refuse to accept the gift--WHY SHOULD I THEN DO MORE? I WON'T; I WILL SIMPLY LET YOU DETERIORATE IN YOUR OWN FREEWILL MARCH TO SUICIDE--"DEATH" IS ALWAYS "SUICIDE" AND ONES LOVE THEIR INFIRMITIES BEYOND REASONABLE EXPLANATION. THEREFORE, IF YOU ENJOY YOUR INFIRMITIES SO MUCH, WHY SHOULD "I" RUIN YOUR DAY BY "HEALING" YOU? WHAT IS SAD, INDEED, IS THE ANNOUNCEMENT SOMEHOW THAT THAT WHICH I OFFER IS OF NO VALUE. FUNNY THING--IT IS PROVING TO BE OF INCREDIBLE VALUE TO OTHERS--SO, WHY NOT TO YOU? Ah, is it possibly "YOU" and not, after all--ME?

Is this attitude "wrong"? No, there is no "right" or "wrong" in such matters. It simply IS. What becomes WRONG is your expressing of your non-expert opinions upon others who prefer to believe you--THAN TRUTH. It is time to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Well, it is long past time you ones take responsibility for selves. However, you are running out of opportunities in the experiencing of which you are expressing.

How many of you readers, right now, have read Will Loy's Special Report: Surviving The Terrible New World Order. ? What do YOU mean by "who is Will Loy?" or "I never heard of it" or "...why didn't YOU offer it to us?" and on an on ad nauseam. Well, good friends, it is riddled with TRUTH; it is available for even "I" have spoken of the truth coming from that resource. Oh, you haven't had time to even read the CONTACT, so what of all that other stuff? So be it--you have no "right" to impose your objections and lack of interest upon another in OPINION if you don't go wherein there IS TRUTH. You will not get truth from Larry King Live without really knowing what to look for, and then, in KNOWING--you can get pails and tubs filled with absolute fact of what is taking place and coming down.

You want "Me" to be some kind of fortune teller and if a thing does not come to pass--you can cast me off as invalid. Nope, no such luck. For instance, it is so blatantly obvious what has happened, why it happened and where it is going to happen next--as to even the earthquake of recent days in Los Angeles. Don't you REALIZE that more devastating quakes have and will happen, along the Mississippi River? Why don't you KNOW? There is a far more incredibly destructive quake planned for Los Angeles on an almost unrecognized "loop" of faults under the city, than will ever be caused to the same area by a 10 point San Andreas break. WHY DON'T YOU KNOW? Why haven't I told you about it? I HAVE and, moreover, we no longer have the time to preach to the winds over and over again because you "don't have time to read all that stuff".

I noted an interesting thing this very week. A friend, whom I adore, brought "back" some JOURNALS of the old printing and turned them "back" for "others to enjoy". This is a close and personal friend and yet this means that there could have only been five at most in her possession--unread. That further means that some 83 are not even known about, much the less read and studied and understood. This person would have my opinions and guidance in business matters and such--but why should I turn to deliverance into goodness when that one will not partake of my banquet? Do not misunderstand me, beloved ones, I think no less of this dear one--it is choices, always choices for GOD FORCES NO MAN TO DO OR BE ANYTHING. I want to tell you something else, however, NO MAN WHO UNDER-STANDS THE VALUE OF THE TRUTHS WE PRESENT UNTO YOU--WOULD TURN THEM BACK FOR ANY PRICE. THE WORD OF GOD IS BEYOND PRICE!

As we bring this to a close I hear such as, "Well, where is the Will Loy stuff"? Sorry, readers, I am not going to print it for you and some of you will be annoyed and put-off by it anyway--but for you who wish, you can get it from Burchette Brothers, P.O. Box 363, Lakeside, CA 92040-0363. You are welcome to please tell him Hatonn sent you --however, he probably won't recognize the label. Tell him, therefore, that GOD SENT YOU THAT YOU MIGHT FIND TRUTH and you will get the document for, you see, labels have no importance and the sooner you bring this into realization the sooner you will come into KNOWING. You don't have to worry over titles for in "titles" you must always be wary--just go with GOD AND ALL ELSE IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE. So be it and blessings be unto my children who serve without demand to "have" for in their time shall they have abundant reward. Hold to me, chelas, and to you, Dharma, who is weary and frustrated in this journey, we KNOW the way and ye ones shall be given into that which is needed for I AM AND I AM WITH YOU FOREVER.



We are combining the varied writings that are in the CONTACT with the JOURNALS so as to keep a more permanently bound and sequential one source record of what we publish for your convenience and your libraries, and for the libraries of the future.




This year of 1994 has begun with several major, visible assaults by "the crooks in high places" to bring the people of this once great nation under submission into the New World Order.

For most people, what is happening is simply regarded as random "natural disasters (as in the case of the devastating Los Angeles earthquakes) or just plain "Mother Nature acting up" (as in the case of the unprecedented cold weather crippling the life and economy back East).

However, readers of CONTACT know better than to view these kinds of goings on with such breathtaking naiveté. In fact, more and more of our readers are well past the stages of simply being fooled by the cruel shenanigans of the Elite crooks, or being shocked by realization of THE TRUTH. Many have moved on into the stage of positive action--of bringing the Light of Understanding to other seekers and aiming the spotlight of exposure directly into the dark places where the Elite crooks run to hide.

This week's CONTACT is exceptional in that regard. The uncoverings are happening faster and deeper, and these exposures are being made by ever more daring citizens, come forward to share with us that which THEY KNOW ALL TOO WELL.

What we-the-people DO with this information is the great spiritual test that is underway.

Or, as geophysical Commander Soltec reminds us in the middle of a serious earthquake warning, starting on Page 148 "You are in a time of accountability for actions, and it shall be up to EACH and EVERY individual to be accountable for self....You want freedom and liberty, yet you continue to run to the very ones who would have you under control to bail you out of a bad situation. Your nation was built by those who were willing to pull themselves together and take a stand. They were tough enough to get going when times got tough, not stand around and wring hands and cry out for the Government to help them. Fear is the only thing that is standing in your way....Your strengths are your greatest weapons against the bondage".

Of course, behind ACTION is the need for INFORMATION to guide that action with Wisdom and Intelligence. Yes, THE TRUTH ought to set you free--but even more, it first ought to make you mad, as we say in the masthead above.

So, as Commander Hatonn sums it up in a writing, "What we offer is indeed 'shock therapy for awakening citizens' ....The CONTACT and the JOURNALS shall soon become THE information resource for your nation as revelations unfold and the 'great' among you join with us. We have become the big thorn-in-the-side to multitudes of Elite....Just keep on keeping on, friends, and YOU are going to produce your MIRACLES"!

--Dr. Edwin M. Young, Editor-In-Chief Of CONTACT



1/22/94 By RICK MARTIN

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and Nature's God entitles them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security". [Declaration of Independence -1776]

"Article 1: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

"Article 2: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

"Article 4: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

"Article 6: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed... " [Bill of Rights]

We as a nation have been witness in recent months to a very dangerous trend. That trend is tyranny by law enforcement agencies, who now are not bound by the U.S. Constitution but rather are headed by the Treasury Department which falls under the scrutiny and instruction of the United Nations. The individual's rights under the Constitution are being trampled, buried, and outright ignored. We have been witness to a corrupt judicial system that is a 'good-ole-boy' network that looks out for its own rather than holding each accountable for the deeds carried out under the banner of The Law.

Compiled herein are a series of articles which, when seen together, contemplated together, should blow the awakening horn of warning across the land... beware. Herein are examples of average people; indeed, it could be you who are next victimized by an illegal search, a false 'tip' against you. Yet even within the corruption and evil that is so very prevalent in our dying society, the power of the individual remains above even the laws which are on the books. Let me explain what I mean by that statement. "The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided". [Harlan F. Stone, 12th Chief Justice. U.S. Supreme Court]

"The pages of history shine on instances of the jury's exercise of its prerogative to disregard instructions of the judge... " [U.S. vs. Dougherty, 473 F 2nd 1113, 1139 (1972)]

"As an additional reminder to a generation who has not been taught about our rights under law: 'Life is the immediate gift of God, and a right inherited by nature in every individual. '" [Evans. v. People, N.Y. , 1 Cow. Cr. R. 494, 501]

"Life... includes all personal rights and their enjoyment embracing the use and enjoyment of the faculties, acquiring useful knowledge, the right to many, establish a home, and bring up children, freedom of worship, conscience, contract, occupation, speech, assembly and press". [Rosenblum v. Rosenblum, 42, N.Y. S. 2d 626, 630, 181 Misc. 78.]

We include here, for your thoughtful consumption, a series of documents. First, you'll read a summarization of the Treasury Department's official version before Congress on Waco. Following this governmental summary are portions of a letter written to Attorney General Janet Reno by, now dead, Attorney Paul Wilcher. Next are excerpts from current articles concerning the trial of the Branch Davidians [Waco], which, admittedly, has been extremely underplayed or hidden in the media. It is only through the thoughtful efforts of one of our readers that we are able to bring you information about the trial, which we've not received for several days now since national attention is focused on the recent earthquake activity. You will then read about a raid which took place in September, 1993 against a family in Montana, near the Canadian border. And finally, law enforcement legend Gary Wean provides two letters which detail still further the extent of Judicial corruption within our boundaries.

It is, additionally, extremely interesting to note that there is no mention in the [traditional] media of the $20 million dollar [per plaintiff] lawsuit filed by the Cause Foundation [P. 0. Box 1235, Black Mountain, NC 28711 - Kirk David Lyons, Attorney] on behalf of Oliver Gyarfas and Elizabeth Gyarfas, and Startle Summers [Case #W93CA334 filed September 29, 1993 in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, Waco Division] against President Clinton and the United States Government, Janet Reno as Attorney General and individually, and a very long list of other involved government officials.

Whenever a Ruby Ridge or Waco can occur while these God-given [unalienable] rights, supported by LAW, are in place, it sends up a red warning flag and should, by all means, give sober cause to ask the question: What is happening to the United States of America?


What follows are portions of testimony from Ronald K Noble, Assistant Secretary of Enforcement for the Department of the Treasury before the U.S. House of Representatives, House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government on October 22, 1993.

"I would like to thank the committee and you, Mr. Chairman, for the support and patience you have extended to the Department of the Treasury while we conducted our lengthy and searching review of the events leading up to the assault on the Branch Davidian compound outside Waco, Texas.

"The investigation produced a report that is more than 500 pages long. It reflects the hard work and dedication of many individuals. The day to day direction of the investigation was directed by the project director, H. Geoffrey Moulton, Jr., a former federal prosecutor who earlier was a law clerk for Chief Justice William Rehnquist. With me here today are the two assistant project directors. David Douglas, also a former federal prosecutor, is on leave from private practice at Wiley, Rein & Fielding here in Washington. Special Agent Lewis C. Merletti, the other assistant project director, is presently a deputy assistant director with the Secret Service. He has been with the Secret Service for over 19 years. Special agent Merletti coordinated the activities of the 16 experienced treasury investigators assigned to the review from all of our law enforcement bureaus except, of course, ATF.

"To assure the American people that the report would be an uncompromising examination of the events leading up to the tragedy on February 28, we reached beyond the Treasury Department. We consulted 6 non-Treasury experts in tactical operations.

"To examine the issues arising from Koresh's stockpile of weapons, we also called upon two experts in firearms and ammunition.

"Finally, to review the implications of shipping invoices documenting the receipt of explosives materials and components we utilized the services of two experts in explosives and the manufacture of improvised explosives devices.

"The investigation and report were guided by three independent reviewers of national prominence and unquestioned integrity.

"Each of the independent reviewers has provided to Secretary Bentsen a letter assuring the secretary that the review was thorough, fair and impartial. With your permission, Mr. Chairman, at the conclusion of my remarks I would like to make those letters part of the record of these proceedings.

"In addition, Mr. Chairman, the office of the inspector general for the Department of the Treasury monitored the investigation to ensure that a reasonable investigative plan was formulated, that it was properly implemented, that all reasonable leads were pursued and that the final report adequately addressed the material issues. With your permission, I would also like to make that opinion part of the record.

"I would be remiss in not mentioning one final group without whom we could not have carried out the mandate of President Clinton to conduct a 'vigorous and thorough' review of the events in Waco--the ATF agents. We received unqualified cooperation from the hundreds of line agents we interviewed. They wanted the truth to be told. And to ensure that it was, they not only subjected themselves willingly to protracted and no doubt painful scrutiny--they welcomed it. Without their support of our efforts and their professional commitment to effective law enforcement, a difficult task may have been rendered impossible. In sum, Mr. Chairman, while the events outside Waco led to a tragedy unequalled in Treasury law enforcement, I believe the effort undertaken to learn from these events demonstrated the exceptional professionalism of Treasury's law enforcement bureaus. The men and women involved in the Waco inquiry and report should make all of us proud.

"The review found that there was ample justification for investigating David Koresh and his followers and that the investigation was properly and professionally conducted. Make no mistake: David Koresh had committed numerous felony violations of federal firearms and explosives laws and he presented a danger to the community. Before the raid, the investigation revealed that David Koresh had received explosives, assault rifles and ammunition. He also had the means and material to convert those assault rifles to illegal automatic weapons--weapons that were used against ATF agents on February 28.

"Koresh was investigated based on the evidence that he was violating federal firearms and explosives laws. He was not investigated for his religious beliefs. Those religious beliefs however should not have been--and were not--allowed to shield him from complying with federal law.

"As you all now know, we found that the tactical plan developed to serve the warrants was seriously flawed in several respects. However, four of our tactical experts concluded that the plan could have succeeded had the intelligence on which it was based been accurate. But all six experts identified serious deficiencies in the plan and ultimately challenged the wisdom of conducting a raid under the circumstances presented. Although we cannot prejudge all future situations, we must be open to the possibility that a dynamic entry as ATF confronted exposing agents, innocent persons and children to gunfire, may simply not be an acceptable law enforcement option.

"The report details the actions taken and statements made by some ATF field supervisors and national managers after the raid. The report concludes that statements were made to the public and the review team which were less than accurate. Indeed, it is difficult to characterize them as anything other than lies.

"As important as finding out what happened in Waco and why, is ensuring as best we can that similar tragedies do not occur again.

"Law enforcement will always be dangerous and at times deadly. Nonetheless, we owe it to those who risk their lives, as well as those whose lives may be put at risk, to ensure that each operation is thoroughly planned and executed with the utmost regard for safety.

"Mr. Chairman, in closing, I would like to thank the hundreds of people who assisted us in our review including this committee and your staff. We must learn from the past and our mistakes if we are to improve the future. I hope that our efforts at Treasury since that fateful Sunday in February will contribute to greater safety for our officers and better law enforcement".



What follows are excerpts of a [101page] letter written by Paul D. Wilcher, Attorney, now deceased [suicided, approximately June 20, 1993; see pages 19 & 44 of the 7/6/93 CONTACT and page 23 of the 7/13/93 CONTACT], to Janet Reno on Friday, May 21, 1993 concerning WACO.

"The meaning and significance of this new information--particularly with respect to the Justice Department's ongoing Waco investigation, and future indictments and prosecutions-i.e., you are headed in the wrong direction--because Bush Administration holdovers in the Justice Department, along with others tied to the CIA, are preventing you from ever learning the truth about what actually happened in Waco.

"[I bring to your attention] the extreme sensitivity of this information, and my specific proposal as to how you should handle it. The lives of key participants, other witnesses, and even myself are now in grave danger as a result of my passing this information on to you. If you let this information fall into the hands of the wrong persons, some or all of those who know the truth about Waco and are now prepared to come forward and testify could well be "silenced" (i.e., murdered) in the very near future.

"...and the extreme importance of this information to the overall quality of justice under the Clinton Administration, to your own place in history as Attorney General, and to President Clinton's very life and personal safety. This information, if handled in the manner I have spelled out in detail below, presents you and President Clinton with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expose, confront, and hopefully root out much of the system-wide corruption which has been at the core of the federal government for at least the past 30 years.

"The purpose of this letter, and of my meeting with you (whenever that occurs), is for me to deliver to you extremely sensitive information about the deaths of the 86 men, women, and children who perished at the Branch Davidian compound on Monday, April 19, 1993, and the truth about how it all happened.

"On the principles that the Justice Department must be administered with honesty and integrity, that no man or woman is above the law, and that the government itself must never be allowed to become the chief law breaker (rather than the chief law enforcer), you stated in your April 6th address: 'As we deal with the issues of violence and crime [such as the Waco incident and other matters which are the subjects of this letter], we must never forget the awesome power of the federal government. And we must harness that power to make sure that innocent people are not charged, or even tainted, by our actions, and that the guilty are convicted--according to principles of strict due process and fair play, and with adherence to our Constitution'.

"But the action I am undertaking here--blowing the whistle on the truth of what really happened in Waco on April 19th, putting that ugly truth into its broader context, and presenting to you a detailed, comprehensive plan as to how that underlying system-wide corruption can finally be exposed and rooted out--this is something far more serious than I have ever done in the past. For in presenting all this to you, I am, quite literally, laying my life on the line.

"However, let me hasten to add that at the conclusion of this presentation, I have set forth in specific detail a procedure under which some 16 or so men, each with extensive 'intelligence' and covert black operations backgrounds, over the past 30 years or so, many of whom do have direct, first-hand knowledge of what occurred in Waco on April 19, will come forward--if given full immunity and federal protection for themselves and their families--and will testify, under oath, at length and in specific detail, concerning not only all of these events surrounding this tragedy near Waco, but also concerning numerous other highly illegal and criminal black operations.

"In other words, David Koresh may have been what most people would consider a thoroughly disgusting, and mentally disturbed, megalomaniac. But he was the CIA's megalomaniac--or at least someone there was all too happy to use [him] for their devious right-wing purposes if and when the opportunity ever presented itself.

"Indeed, David Koresh and these six (6) other men in his inner circle had apparently been preprogrammed by the CIA to become, on cue, Manchurian Candidate-type robot assassins.

"This is one of the most crucially important pieces of information concerning this entire scenario. Koresh and his six (6) fellow sleepers were apparently preprogrammed by the CIA to become 'wind up, use once, then throw away' robot-type assassins

"The CIA has apparently been able to produce Manchurian Candidate-type robot assassins ever since the late 1940s, using methods reminiscent of the 'brain washing' we have all heard about in Soviet (and American) prisoner-of-war camps and prisons...

"One of the most important features of this kind of mind control programming or 'brain washing' is the fact that critical segments of the subject's memory--including most or all of the programming experience itself--are erased (or at least suppressed and deeply buried), with new false 'memories' implanted into the subject's unconscious mind in their place. Indeed, all of this mind, behavior, and memory alteration is done at the subconscious or unconscious level.

"Indeed, once the CIA's programming has been completed, memory blocks are installed into the subject's subconscious mind to make it next-to-impossible for him ever to recover these critical mind-and-behavior-altering experiences from his internal memory bank.

"Therefore, since he is unable to remember what was done to him--or when, where, how, or under what circumstances it happened--he is also virtually helpless to confront and overcome what his CIA programmers have done to him. He is thus at their mercy from then on--though, of couse, they have no mercy.

"Wet Ops: Such 'dirty work' is generally referred to, among 'black' operatives within the Agency, as wet operations--operations where one or more persons are to be killed, where human blood is to be spilled.

"Debriefings After CIA WET Operations--The normal procedure is that after each black or wet operation, all persons participating in or connected with the operation are totally debriefed by a special debriefing team sent from Agency headquarters--including a psychiatrist skilled in the various mind control and memory block techniques we have been discussing.

"In this debriefing, each member of the wet team is required to recite to the debriefing team exactly what happened during the operation, in a precise, step-by-step, detailed manner. Each member's recitation is generally repeated several times--once normally, once under hypnosis, once with a polygraph, and once under scopolamine--and only when the debriefers are fully satisfied that they have gotten all the details and that there are no glaring inconsistencies between these different recitations, is the debriefing brought to a close.

"Part of the reason for this debriefing process is to provide detailed records and feedback to the Agency concerning all of these top-level black or wet operations--i.e., precisely what was done? Was the operation a success? Did it go off as planned? What mistakes, if any, were made?

"Then, at the conclusion of the debriefing, once the debriefers are confident they have gotten all of the factual details, each operative is put under deep hypnosis, and the psychiatrist in the team implants memory blocks into his subconscious memory, to block many of the gory details as to precisely how each of the persons targeted for elimination was 'taken out'.

"The importance of this point cannot be overstated. For, this means that deep within the bowels of the Central Intelligence Agency--if you only know where to look--you can find the detailed debriefing records of all of the black and wet operations carried out by the CIA over the past 30 years or so.

"You should subpoena these records immediately, Attorney General Reno. And once you get them--if you ever get them--you should put them under the tightest security imaginable to protect them from being tampered with or destroyed.

"Second, to alleviate the guilt which would otherwise be associated with these memories...

"Comments on wet operations: When such wet operations are used instead to take-out citizens of this country who do not pose a legitimate threat to the society at large--like David Koresh and the other 85 men, women, and children at the Branch Davidian compound--and whose only real threat is that if they were given a legitimate trial before an honest judge and jury, they might expose some of the CIA's dirty business concerning its top secret mind control operations and the murderous purposes for which they are used--i.e., where these wet operations are used merely for the purpose of covering up and burying the truth, along with the innocent victims, in order to protect the guilty--then such wet operations have clearly gone way out of bounds, and absolutely must be exposed, so that those responsible can be held accountable...

"Returning to David Koresh and his 6 fellow 'sleepers' in Waco: The point to be made here is that David Koresh and his 6 fellow sleepers were low-level Manchurian Candidate-type programmed robot assassins--who were scheduled to be used at some point in the future, but who had not yet been used for their preordained secret missions.

"Whereas the wet team that went in to take them out were some of the CIA's top professional killers, the term sleeper in this context connotes:

"(a) that the mind control programming which had been done on Koresh and his inner circle had probably been done a number of years earlier;

"(b) that the secret instructions implanted deep into their subconscious memories had lain dormant over the intervening years;

"(c) that the CIA now had to arouse Koresh and the other 6 from their 'sleep'--i.e., to reactivate the secret conditioned responses implanted into their subconscious memories--in order to get them to perform their secret missions on cue, whenever the CIA deemed it appropriate;

"(d) that the CIA could also activate the secret self-destruct signal, to cause the robotic suicides of Koresh and his inner circle, once they had performed their secret mission, or at any other time the CIA decided they were no longer of any use to the Agency.

"The primary purpose of this enormous arsenal was to allow Koresh and his 6 fellow sleepers to carry out whatever secret assignments they were to be given by their CIA 'handlers', if and when those handlers felt the time was right to activate the CIA's prior secret mind control programming of these 7 robotic assassins.

"Apparently, one of the factors which strongly influenced the CIA to initiate the original BATF raid on February 28, in the first place, was that Koresh and his 6 fellow sleepers were said to be resisting the attempts by their handlers to prepare them for that secret mission.

"Therefore, one of the principal reasons for the initial February 28 raid was to chasten Koresh and his fellow sleepers--to frighten them, and to whip them into shape.

"The truth is that these incessant loud and obnoxious noises--the acid rock music, Tibetan chants, Christmas songs, etc.--were merely the cover or mask for what was really bombarding the compound and its occupants--20 gigahertz microwave transmissions, designed to be as stressful and destructive to the human physiology, inner ear, psyche, and mental stability as possible.

"In short, the CIA has perfected the use of such high-intensity microwave transmissions on human subjects to such an extent they are absolutely certain that over time, such transmissions are beyond the ability of most human beings to endure, and that sooner or later, they will drive any normal person crazy--literally--or provoke him or her to suicide or murder.

"The members of The Delta Force were to bring everyone out alive--except for David Koresh and his six fellow CIA sleepers. Those 7 men were to be killed--no questions asked--period.

"For under no circumstances were these 7 ever to be allowed to testify in a Court of law or otherwise to reveal to the public what they knew about the CIA's secret mind control programming or its Manchurian Candidate-type robot assassins.

"In other words, this Delta Force plan, had it been allowed to proceed, would have been a CIA wet operation--carried out by some of the CIA's top professional killers, fittingly dressed in all black garb, to 'take out' these 7 CIA sleepers once and for all, so that their potentially explosive testimony concerning the CIA's secret mind control program would be silenced forever.

"What was actually propelled into the compound was a nerve reagent--a neuro toxin--nerve gas--a virulent poisonous substance, like curare--which instantly paralyzed and rendered totally helpless and defenseless all of the 95 men, women, and children inside the compound--except for those 9, later rescued, like David Thibideaux, who were on the 2nd or 3rd floor with their windows wide open on both sides, and who were thus spared the deadly effects of this tear gas/nerve gas combination.

"For all the others, they could no longer coordinate their muscles in the effort required even just to get up...

"This is an extremely serious matter, Attorney General Reno. For it means that here the U.S. military, the FBI, and the Justice Department--all directed by the CIA--used nerve gas on innocent men, women, and children in our civilian population--and then proceeded to murder them in cold blood.

The remaining task for this wet team--after the multiple murders had been carried out--while they were still inside, was to place 3 or 4 canisters of Willie Peter (white phosphorus) in strategic locations throughout the compound in order to start the fires.

"These canisters were all equipped with delayed timing devices, all set to go off simultaneously".

* * * * * * * *


The following information was faxed on 1/9/93 to the CONTACT office by the American Patriot Fax Network. It has been retyped for inclusion here.

U.S. District Judge: Walter B. Smith Jr., of Waco, Texas who has been presiding over the case since the "gun-fight" of 2/28/93. He moved the trial to San Antonio "because of extensive Media coverage in Waco".

Prosecuting Attorneys:

W. Ray Jahn Bill Johnston

LeRoy Jahn John Lancaster

Defense Attorneys:

Douglas Tinker, Corpus Christi

E.G. Morris, Austin

Richard Ferguson, Waco

Tim Evans, Fort Worth

Steven R. Rosen, Houston

Stanley Rentz, Waco

Dan Cogdell, Houston

John F. Carroll, San Antonio

Jeff Kearney, Fort Worth

Joseph A. Turner, Austin

Chadwick R. Richardson, Fort Worth

Terrence W. Kirk, Austin

Mike DeGuerin, Houston

The 11 Defendants:

Brad Branch: age 34, left Branch Davidian compound 3/19/93. Visited compound off and on for several years; lived in San Antonio in early 1980s.

Kevin Whitecliff: age 32, Hawaii. Left with Brad Branch. Says, "It's God's government versus...our government".

Jaime Castillo: age 25, survived last-day fire, was forcibly dragged to safety.

Clive Doyle: age 52, badly burned in fire that destroyed Branch Davidians' home and ended the siege 4/19/93.

Livingston Fagan: age 34, British. Left compound March 23. Wife and mother died in the fire.

Paul Fatta: age 35, California, He was not home Feb. 28. Accused of being a main procurer of firearms for sect.

Norman Washington Allison: age 29, Jamaican. Arrested in fields near the compound after skirmish with federal agents late Feb. 28.

Woodrow Kendrick: age 63. Was with Allison, arrested later. Resident mechanic, joined original sect in 1940s.

Leonard Craddock: age 32, Australian. Survived fire with minor injuries.

Renos Avraam: age 29, British. Survived fire. Was with Koresh one year. Testified before grand jury day after fire.

Ruth Ottman Riddle: age 30. Survived fire. Mother left compound during early days of siege.

(Keep these names handy for reference as the trial unfolds.)

The eleven defendants are charged with conspiring to murder federal agents, (which carries a penalty of up to life in prison); and in aiding and abetting the murder of federal agents (which has a penalty of up to 20 years). The charges stem from a 2/28/93 shootout between Branch Davidians and ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm) agents. Defendants are also charged with various weapons violations.

Kenneth Vardon, of the American Patriot Fax Network advises that a Dr. Gregg Sali, notified APFN on 1/8/94 that a MEDIA BLACKOUT for the Davidian trial is planned.

* * * * * * * *


In an article by Jeff Brailey, "SAN ANTONIO--January 10, 1993--Around three dozen demonstrators greeted the panel of prospective Branch Davidian Trial jurors as they arrived at the U.S. Courthouse in San Antonio this morning. The 84 men and women from 14 counties in South Texas arrived on three buses. As each bus deposited its passengers near a courthouse entrance, the demonstrators, standing about forty feet away, shouted for them to vote their consciences.

The activists, who began picketing at around 7:30am, came from as far away as California. They were mostly made up of members of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) and Libertarians. Four Branch Davidians also were present. They were Catherine Mattson, Edna Doyle, Myrtle Riddle, and Janet Kindricks. David Koresh's grandmother, Jean Holub, arrived later in the morning.

Nearly 200 media representatives were accredited by the U.S. Marshal Service and most were present for this first day of jury selection. The Times and The Sun of London were present as well as media representatives from Australia and all major news networks, services, and agencies from the United States.

Ken Fawcett of Dallas, reporting for Radio Free America, was selected to be part of the five-person media pool that was allowed into the courtroom to view the proceedings. The only others who were present were the defendants, attorneys from both sides, and a few visitors. None of the family members were seated in the courtroom and the Branch Davidians and Mrs. Holub also were refused entry.

During the jury selection, journalists not allowed in the courtroom listened to the proceedings from a press room in the building next door. The sound system was very faulty in the morning, but improved during the afternoon session.

Larry Dodge of the FIJA presented a motion to the court asking that it reconsider its decision to keep the jury wheel secret. He said that Judge Walter C. Smith made the jury anonymous not because of any threat to the jurors, but because his group was planning to distribute leaflets to potential jurors.

Jack DeVault, local activist, stated that the judge's action constitutes "Prior Restraint" and is illegal.

When the judge briefed prospective jurors, he listed three reasons why he ordered them to be anonymous. First, he said he wanted them to make sure their decisions were based on the evidence and not outside pressure. Second, he didn't want the jurors concerned about anyone contacting friends and neighbors. Third, he didn't want the jurors in the Branch Davidian Trial to be confused with another anonymous jury being selected in the same courthouse this week in a "Mexican Mafia" Drug Trial.

Interestingly, at least ten of the 29 jurors questioned today admitted in their pre-selection questionnaire that they didn't believe people should be allowed to own firearms. Upon further inquiry by Judge Smith, each one said they specifically oppose handgun ownership by non-law enforcement officers.

A large percentage of the jurors questioned today stated they either were affiliated with law enforcement or had close relatives or friends who were. Several were either in the National Guard or Reserves.

After the judge recessed for the day, several defense attorneys were questioned by journalists. To a man, they all agreed the judge had performed in a fair manner. To reporters listening to the proceedings, including Ken Fawcett, the judge also seemed to be trying to be as equitable as possible.

Jury selection continues at 9:00 am tomorrow.

* * * * * * * *

In an article from the Jan. 9 edition of the MODESTO BEE, written by Chip Brown, SAN ANTONIO--"The confrontation that ended last spring in hellish fire and the deaths of religious leader David Koresh and more than 80 Branch Davidian devotees moves Monday into a federal courtroom.

"Eleven surviving followers are left to defend themselves against murder charges stemming from the botched raid on the Waco compound by agents of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms last Feb. 28. Gunfire killed four ATF agents and six Branch Davidians.

"A 12th follower charged with the others last August in a 10-count indictment pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for her testimony in the murder trial.

"Prosecutors will try to prove the defendants murdered the agents as part of a conspiracy to fulfill Koresh's doomsday vision that the world would end after a cataclysmic clash with the government.

"Defense attorneys intend to show the government was to blame for the gun battle by going ahead with a poorly planned raid even after losing the element of surprise. The defense plans to call U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, former ATF Director Stephen Higgins and former FBI Director William Sessions as witnesses.

"Inevitably, lawyers say, freedom of religion and the right to bear arms will be central themes in the trial which is expected to last two months".

* * * * * * * *

In an article taken from the Jan. 9 edition of THE ORLANDO (FLORIDA) SENTINEL, "Because the defendants remain committed to Koresh's beliefs, some of their lawyers have indicated they will try to avoid blaming Koresh in court.

"The Branch Davidians were devoted to God, the Bible and each other,' said Mike DeGuerin, a Houston lawyer who represented Koresh during the 51-day standoff that followed the ATF raid and ended April 19 in an inferno as the FBI tried to force a surrender with tanks and tear gas.

"'They believed sincerely that the world was going to end, and end in catastrophe', DeGuerin said. ’They believed that they were going to be attacked and they were right. Unless the religious issues are given a full and fair airing in the court, then it's not going to be a trial, it's going to be a sentencing’.

"According to court motions and interviews before [Judge] Smith's order [not to discuss the case with media], defense lawyers intend to fight the murder charges by showing the Branch Davidians:

*Were merely defending themselves against excessive force used by 100 ATF agents seeking to arrest Koresh on weapons charges.

*Were educated people simply studying their religion and minding their own business out in the country.

*Had the right to bear arms as provided by state and federal law".

* * * * * * * *

In an article from the Jan. 11 edition of THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, "Prosecutors said Monday they plan to call more than 140 witnesses as jury selection began in the trial of 11 Branch Davidians...

"More than 80 prospective jurors were called for consideration by U.S. District Judge Walter Smith, who has ordered that jurors' identities be kept secret".

* * * * * * * *

In an article from the Jan. 12 edition of THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, "A jury was selected Tuesday in the murder and conspiracy trial of 11 members of the Branch Davidian sect, with opening arguments set to begin today.

"In a trial expected to last at least two months, the defendants face potential life imprisonment if convicted in connection with the deaths of four federal agents in the government's Feb. 28 raid on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco.

"The selection of the jury, which includes two alternates, lasted two days, with 43 potential jurors questioned about their views on guns and tolerance of religious ideas different from their own.

"Citing the bloody raid, the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Rifle Association joined forces Monday to accuse federal agents of using deadly force without cause and conducting illegal or ill-advised searches".

* * * * * * * *

In an article from the Jan. 13 edition of THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, "The government Wednesday opened its case against 11 Branch Davidians by telling jurors that David Koresh expected disciples 'to kill for God'. The defense blamed a faltering agency that 'declared war on its citizens'.

"Members of the Texas Rangers were the first witnesses called...

"He [Assistant U.S. Attorney Jahn] said the cult had prepared for a giant fire so they would be 'sucked up to heaven'.

"Ten defense lawyers took turns telling the jury and a packed courtroom that their clients were forced to retaliate as victims of an ill-conceived raid designed to pump life into a faltering government agency.

"These people, if they killed anyone, it was in self-defense,' said Douglas Tinker, lawyer for Brad Branch.

"'We will show that the ATF declared war on its citizens', said Steven R. "Rocket" Rosen, who is representing Kevin Whitecliff and Livingston Fagan".

* * * * * * * *

In an article from the Jan. 14 edition of THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, “Prosecutors added two .50-caliber rifles Thursday to dozens of charred weapons presented as evidence that 11 followers of David Koresh stockpiled firearms while plotting to murder federal agents.

"The rifles fire bullets that can pierce tank armor but can be purchased legally, Texas Ranger George Turner testified. He said there is no limit on the number of legally purchased civilian guns someone may own.

"The government's evidence includes at least 100 guns and gun pieces, mostly civilian makes. The evidence also includes ammunition, silencers, military-style helmets and clothing, fuel cans and a homemade bayonet-type weapon.

"Prosecutors want to prove that Koresh and his disciples had prepared for holy war against the government".

* * * * * * * *

In an article from the Jan. 15 edition of THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, "Testimony Friday in the murder and conspiracy trail of 11 members of the Branch Davidian sect focused on something that's missing: the front door to the sect's compound near Waco, Texas.

"Prosecutors introduced as evidence one-half of a set of double metal doors they said were at the entrance of the compound when it was raided by federal agents on Feb. 28, 1993.

"But the Texas Rangers state law officers testified that they were unable to find the other half of the set of doors, which could be crucial in determining which side shot first in the shootout that followed the raid.

"Prosecutors say the heavily armed cult members shot first, while surviving Branch Davidians argue that members of the sect acted in self-defense after federal agents opened fire on them.

"Among the biggest issues in the case is who shot first, defense attorney Tim Evans said during a trial break".

* * * * * * * *

In an article from the Jan. 22 edition of THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, "A defense attorney grilled a federal agent Friday on the decision to go ahead with a raid on religious leader David Koresh despite a plan to abort the raid if the element of surprise was lost".

Latest update on WACO news is later on in this JOURNAL.

* * * * * * * *


Sanders County, Montana

1775 - Another Settler is Raided – 1993

At 12:15 p.m. September 23rd, 1993 Andy Peroni got on his motorcycle to get his mail. He travels down his driveway, across Trout Creek up a private road at least a mile where it connects to the local county gravel road. As he approaches the intersection he sees a late model red Ford pickup carrying a white camper. The two men in the cab wave as he passes. As he approaches his mail box an older model white Ford pickup carrying a white camper approaches him from the opposite direction.

Suddenly men come at him from all directions, all in various civilian clothing, none displaying a badge or identifying themselves. As he stood in utter amazement he was slammed face down to the gravel as one of his assailants screamed at him, "get down on the ground mother f ", while shaking his gun at him. He was cuffed very tightly and thrown into the rear of the white on white camper then hauled somewhere just a few miles away and kept there for hours, still not knowing who his assailants were or what their motives were. His assumptions were that this was a hit and he would soon be dead.

Eventually he was taken 20 miles down Hwy 200 to the county jail where he was put in leg irons and belly band with cuffs. The local jailer asked Andy, "who are these men"? Andy replied, "I don't know". Andy then informed the agents that his wife was pregnant and that they would be held responsible if anything happened to her or the children. Andy was then escorted to the local airport by town police (#T-2) and county deputy (#35-5) where he was placed in the custody of three unknown men, placed aboard a dark colored helicopter and flown directly to Missoula, Montana. Upon arrival he and his escorts were driven to a holding cell by a woman named Jackie using a Forest Service vehicle.

Meanwhile at home his wife and children are holding lunch awaiting dad's return. Everyone was expecting grandma to show up at any time but no one knew what she would be arriving in. So at 2:45p.m. when a light green pickup carrying a white camper was noticed coming up their driveway, they did not feel overly concerned even though Andy was way overdue.

As the pickup approached their home, Judy Peroni went out on the porch and could see two men in the cab with a woman seated in the middle, none of whom she recognized. As the three got out and came towards the house the woman had her hands in her pockets, just as Judy asked "who are you and what do you want"?, the rear of the camper burst open and at least seven men rushed towards her and the children. Most of them rushed right past her into the house, all with their guns drawn; finally one of them shoved papers at her. As she watched in total shock, up to fifteen more vehicles came roaring up their driveway. At least five were light green Forest Service vehicles, some with patrol lights on top. As the agents stormed through their home, with the family still at gun point, a large dark green helicopter landed in the pasture in front of their house; six men, one woman and two dogs exited the helicopter. They proceeded to place the family dogs into a penned area, then started combing the grounds with the two dogs. The search continued on both inside and out.

That evening the helicopter left without its cargo. After intense questioning, the children were relocated to a neighbor's home by county deputy (#35-4). Even though Judy was suffer-ing great pain with her pregnancy, she refused to leave her home unattended and totally at their mercy. However, by the next morning she was forced to seek medical attention because of the pain and bleeding. On the way she lost the baby.

The search and seizure continued all through the next day, as observed by a neighbor on a nearby mountain top through his hi-powered telescope. When Judy arrived back home later that afternoon, she was forced to stand outside in the cold for questioning for one-and-a-half hours in spite of her condition, as witnessed by a retired lawman and her mother-in-law.

The raid was orchestrated out of the Kalispell, Montana Forest Service office by agent Lorney Jay Deist. The warrant was signed on or about September 20th, 1993 by the Honorable Leif B. Erickson, Federal Magistrate Judge, Missoula Division, P.O. Box 7219 Missoula, Montana 59807-7209. (For correspondence, Andy's case # is MCR-9358).

In addition to the Forest Service, the F.B.I., B.A.T.F. and U.S. Marshals, D.E.A., Fish and Game as well as the local Sheriff's Department participated in the raid. There were an estimated minimum of 75 agents involved. However the Sheriff himself was not. Both Andy and Judy's names appear on the warrant to be seized, yet only Andy was seized. Items to be seized were: (1) marijuana: both growing plants and processed marijuana ready for distribution. (2) All equipment used in the cultivation and distribution of marijuana, including but not limited to grow lights, timers, fans, watering systems, fertilizers, potting soil, scales, plastic bags and associated containers. (3) All written and printed materials dealing with the cultivation of marijuana and all written materials generated regarding status and growth cycles of cultivated marijuana. (4) All articles of personal property tending to establish the identity of the person or persons having possession of or dominion and control over the previously described property including but not limited to rent receipts, utility company receipts cancelled mail envelopes, keys. (5) U.S. currency, precious metals, jewelry and financial instruments including but not limited to stocks, bonds, which are evidence of proceeds of drug trafficking. (6) A brown horse with a white stocking on the left hind hock. (7) An orange or light red nylon horse halter. (8) A bridle with thin leather head-stall and a straight or curved bit. (9) A light colored canvas or cloth bag with a drawstring top. (10) A chocolate brown western styled hat. (11) A green camouflage coat. (12) Boots with an air bob type tread, round air bobs on the sole and square air bobs on the heel. (13) Motorcycle with a heavy lugged v-pattern tire tread.

Dear reader, think about it, how much of the above list is in the average righteous home in America? Please be patient and study the above with the foregoing list so you may learn before it's your turn.

On 9-23-93 (day of the raid) only one receipt of items was issued and that from the B.A.T.F. for ten rifles, handguns and shotguns plus small quantities of various ammunition. None of these items were listed on the warrant yet B.A.T.F. agent Brad Farnsworth saw fit to steal them.

Andy served 2 1/2 years for blowing up a swimming pool in a bar and receiving stolen goods. It all happened 23 years ago in California. I am told that in Montana after four years you get your Second Amendment rights back. I am also told that if California does not notify their former felons of a felon's opportunity to regain their Second Amendment rights, such possession charges can not apply.

On 9-24-93 in the absence of anyone from the Peroni family, the agents produced three more lists of items, the B.A.T.F. list had only five lines and signed by agent Brad Farnsworth. The Forest Service lists were signed by agent Billy Stewart and read as follows: One green plastic bucket containing soil (boy am I in trouble), one black duster coat oil skin 3/4 length outback (fits child), one list of firearms written in blue ink (B.A.T.F.. list), one hand painted note on rapid-gro plant food can (on kitchen counter almost empty, used for flowers in the house). Assorted bank statements, deposit slips and checks (he is a rancher, what do you expect?), assorted papers including savings deposit slip, owner's manual for a Marlin rifle and a list of gun numbers, one brown felt cowboy hat with light colored band, one black baseball cap: Miller racing team, (purchased by mom for son J.R. to wear to school). Assorted cartridges, shotgun shells, shotgun shell primers and primers and magazine, five tablets: 3 1/2 xanax 2 (for Judys heart condition), one address book, one ad-dress book from Mrs. Peroni's purse, (what's in your address book?), one pair of combat style boots taken from Mr. Peroni at his arrest, one six point elk rack with 1992 Montana hunting tags (Andy has purchased a hunting license from Montana for at least the last 13 years), brown cowboy hat suede (the custom of this area), owl feet (two from his pet that died), address of seed exchange (most of us grow our own gardens), two maps: one of Kootenai, one of 97299Montana (most country folk around here have maps of their backyards), five canvas panniers (bags for pack horses), one bit and bridle (won't fit the horse they took), 1988 atc 250es 200 Honda 3 wheeler????(warrant said motor cycle children's toy), 32oz. plant fertilizer (given to Judy by neighbor Brock and Linda for house plants), two black plastic pots, planters (selected out of several shapes and sizes and colors from plants that perished from birthday and anniversary gifts, etc.), blue address book, one horse black gelding/black appy, (the warrant differs, this horse has two white socks and is black). So where was the marijuana and all the support equipment as alleged and why were the agents going between Andy's property and the neighbor's with Andy's ladder during the raid?

This writer believes the Peroni family is being set up to make room for big business; after all he is former Special Forces and look at how many of them are dead, missing or in prison, The local Forest Service Marshal (Jerry Robbins) of Trout Creek, Montana has been quoted as saying, "there is ore up their valley." This writer has discovered that this whole region is one of the richest uranium finds in the world. Many strange things have happened here including the Weaver murders which is located only 1 1/2 hours from here and is also rich in uranium ore.

Andy has been battling the Forest Service for years in the courts over the use of the local citizens' private road for big business, i.e., logging and mining. He believes that erosion caused by the above will force them from their land.

In mid July, 1993, a man named Brian Kahn (whom Andy has had problems with involving Andy's cattle) was arrested farther up Andy's narrow valley and charged with a felony possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell. Acting Sheriff Perry Mock (#35-5) and Deputy Jesse Gascon (#35-4) handled the entire situation all by themselves. Just two men, not 75 plus! Game Warden Mark Soderling and Forest Service Jerry Robbins were on Forest Service property.

According to the local paper, The Ledger dated Thursday, July 22, 1993, "Robbins transported the bulk of the marijuana plants back". Back to where? Everyone around here knows it's open range, meaning if you don't want the neighbors' cattle in your backyard, you must fence them out, not the other way around. So, for Andy to take care of his cattle he had to ride right through the trap that Robbins and his co-conspirators had set up with cameras, etc., knowing that it was just a matter of time before the Peroni family would be out of the way.

On August 28th, for son J.R.'s birthday the entire Peroni family went on a horseback ride to celebrate the occasion. Much to their surprise, they came across marijuana plants on adjacent property. According to Judy, pale green, sickly looking plants were hanging on to the edge of the creek and other strange rocky locations. Video tapes have been taken by private parties, also certified surveying to prove entrapment by certain agents. Andy has been brought before the Honorable Leif B. Erickson twice so far. The Forest Service has been caught lying on the stand. Private citizens are ready to testify as to the agents' lies. In the meantime Andy is looking at 180 years behind bars.

In all the years this writer has known Andy and his family I have never smelled, seen or heard of marijuana while in their company. Please keep them in your prayers.

Respectfully Submitted

John Trochmann

Noxon, Montana 59853

* * * * * * * *


December 24, 1993

Letter [all exhibits mentioned herein are on file in the CONTACT office] from Gary L. Wean To:

Det. Andrew T. Standley

Major Crime Detail

Santa Barbara Sheriff's Dept.

4434 Calle Real

Santa Barbara, Calif. 93110

Det. Standley;

Per our telephone conversation Friday, December 10. 1993, approximately 5:15 p.m.:

You asked me if I was in Ventura or Santa Barbara County three weeks prior to 12-10-93, and if I had an old rusty motorhome.

The answer to both questions was no. You also stated you had been looking for me as a possible witness, not as a suspect and the reason you were questioning me was regarding threats or some sort of action that had taken place against alleged Judges Slater and Adams of Santa Barbara County.

However you would not advise me of what had happened other than to state that a very serious crime of major proportions had been committed and that an official, formal crime report containing accusations had been made by the judges and filed with the Santa Barbara County Sheriffs Department.

But I subsequently learned that a force of four detectives from the Santa Barbara Sheriffs Department had gone to a specific neighborhood in Ventura where a relative resided (but I had never lived) and knocked on people's doors on the street asking questions about me.

The demeanor of the four detectives had left the residents of that neighborhood with the definite impression that I was a desperate, dangerous, wanted person rather than simply a witness who might have information regarding an incident.

Also the fact that you stated all my lawsuits involving the alleged judges Slater and Adams were being closely examined for evidence and proof of something I had done.

Regarding my whereabouts three weeks prior to our conversation on Friday Dec. 10. 1993:

In late October. 1993, I appeared in Ventura Superior Court and at that time was in California two or two-and-a-half days.

My records, gasoline and other credit cards, telephone calls, bank deposits, documented meetings with Josephine County, Oregon, and Oregon State employees, etc., document that I never left Oregon between the last of October 1993 and the 10th of December 1993, at which time I first learned that you were looking for me and I immediately called and cooperated with you, and gave you my telephone number and address.

However, there are far more evil, sinister reasons for the alleged judges, Slater and Adams to make their phony accusations and false crime report (which is a Penal Code Felony).

This is a vicious criminal conspiratorial set-up, the same as in 1989 when Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas ordered judges in Ventura and Santa Barbara County to 'lie in wait' and severely beat-up my process server, Michael A. Thomas in the public hallway of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, (supposedly for trespassing).

On December 17, 1993. 1:30 p.m. my wife was scheduled to appear in Department 48, Ventura County Superior Court for a jury trial in Civil case No. 126048.

At 12:45p.m., Friday. December 17. 1993. I went to Department 48, forty five minutes early, the hallway was empty and the doors were locked. Adjacent to the courtroom doors a board was attached to the wall on which a two page calendar schedule for the day was pinned.

I was reading the schedule when a man appeared beside me.

He said, "Hi Gary; listen, I want to tell you something, you should get out of here as fast as you can, they are going to arrest you and throw you in jail on trumped-up charges, supposedly for threatening judges. With you in solitary confinement they'll force your wife to give them the documents they want. They won't let you out of jail until they get them".

The man left hurriedly--I seemed to recognize him from sometime in the past as being in law enforcement.

The two page schedule had fallen from the wall onto the floor. Picking them up I read the front page, on the top it had the words, 'Judge' but no name. EXHIBIT 'A'.

The second page at the top stated, 'Ventura County Municipal Court'.

I realized that the man who had warned me was telling the truth because at the top of page two it said, "Ventura County Municipal Court Calendar, Commissioner John H. Pattie." EXHIBIT 'B'.

They had switched to another phony judge because Malcolm Lucas, State Supreme Court Justice knew he did not have John J. Hunter handle the case any further because he had never, from the very beginning been a legitimate, authorized judge with jurisdiction to act in an American Court of law.

John H. Pattie is a 'low-life' petty shyster associated with Randolph Joyce and John Brown, two more shysters who are involved deeply in the use, supply and sale of cocaine with Slater and Adams and other Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County shyster lawyers and judges.

Realizing that the 1:30 p.m. court scheduling which was supposed to be a jury trial of Superior Court Civil Case No. 126048 was only an evil sham and a trap to falsely arrest and put me and my wife in jail, I left the Ventura County Center property.

At 1:30 p.m. John H. Pattie conducted a phony judicial hearing which he called a "trial without a jury" and ruled and made decisions and a judgement against my wife and myself.

Based on this judgement which is claimed to be a trial in an American court without the presence of the plaintiffs who, frightened and terrorized for their lives and welfare and property were afraid to even set foot in Ventura, Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo Counties.

At this time it is not even known if it is safe for my wife and I to even be in another state. There is a terrible fear across the land among God fearing, law-abiding loyal American citizens, not of street gangs, drive-by shootings, etc., but of being put in jail and their families destroyed and everything they have worked for all their lives taken away from them with no legal, due process of law by cocaine-ridden shysters running around in black robes posing as American judges and making life-destroying decisions and judgements. EXHIBIT 'C'.

EXHIBIT 'C' consists of:

1. A threatening letter dated December 20. 1993, from a shyster lawyer, Charles J. Conway, Jr. This letter from Conway threatens that shyster Pattie's non-jury Judicial Decree on December 17. 1993, 1:30 p.m. is an "affirmative court order, ordering that Dorothy J. Wean hand over (surrender) her property (documents) to Conway or else it can ultimately result in her being jailed".

2. A Notice of Entry of Judgement, dated December 17. 1993, 1:30 p.m., Courtroom 48. Signed Charles J. Conway, Jr.

3. A Judgement on Complaint, dated December 17. 1993, 1:30 p.m. Courtroom 48, signed by "The Honorable John H. Pattie, presiding, without a jury, and was actually tried on that date".

This trial without a jury, which we were entitled to, was held 45 minutes after I had been warned that if I was in the courtroom at 1:30 p.m. I would be shackled and jailed in a frame-up supposedly for threatening alleged Judges Slater and Adams in Santa Barbara County which I did not do and of which acts (if they indeed did happen) I had no knowledge of whatsoever. The court, John H. Pattie, a Commissioner, a shyster that the other judges picked off the street and gave a black robe Decreed that, "he reserved Jurisdiction to make further order", whatever they would be no one knows, but weighs heavily on us with their threats of now jailing us for contempt of court, another terrible entangling escalation of their insanity.

This document has been sent to the Sheriff's Departments of Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Copies have been sent to newspapers, talk-show hosts, TV media, etc. Copies of Municipal Court Case No. 114526, and Superior Court Case No. 126048 as conducted and adjudged by John J. Hunter have been reviewed by numerous lawyers from 2 states other than California. These lawyers have expressed profound astonishment, and grave concern, scarcely believing their eyes at the outright judicial corruption in California.

Amazed, they ask as one, how can this actually be happening in a United States Court of law?

It is with information and the firm belief of the below signed parties that these shyster lawyers in California will contact Oregon authorities and fill them with lies, orchestrating false stories that Gary L. Wean has engaged in some sort of threats or actions against judges and convince them to make a Swat Team type of raid on him and with the chance that he would be killed in the process.

Senator Robert Packwood, Oregon, is enmeshed in this same judicial conspiracy of destruction by the secret machinations of the same person as I [am harassed by]. This person, a member of a criminal organization, has planned and schemed and conspired for many years to ultimately become President of the United States.

It is a complicated, evil scheme, for this person, being a high-ranking Democrat, must also arrange to dispose of Clinton which they are in the process of now.

It has to do with Senator Packwood's Diary and what they fear in it. They must gain control of it.

These events involving Senator Packwood began in November 1987, when I along with another person flew to Washington, D.C. and hand delivered to all 100 U.S. Senators a 773 page, name indexed report, my book, (There's A Fish In The Courthouse) along with a Petition from the people asking and pleading with the United States Senate to investigate Judicial Corruption (murder and theft of the people's property) in California and the U.S. Ninth Circuit.

In my 773 page report it detailed how William P. Clark, President Reagan's National Security Director was involved in 1959 in a burglary of the Oxnard National Guard Armory in which many machine guns were stolen, one of these 50-cal. machine guns was mounted in Clark's house and he made remarks that, "when the Revolution comes I'll kill every Mexican and nigger that comes near". This revealed that Clark knew of and was involved in a conspiracy of up-coming riots and revolution.

At this time William P. Clark was up for confirmation for the cabinet position of Secretary of the Interior before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senator Strom Thurmond had been advised by me previously of William P. Clark's criminal violations and had stated in letters to me that he would investigate this matter involving Clark.

However, Thurmond, Joseph Biden and the other Senators on the Judiciary Committee met in conspiratorial secret meetings and discussions and agreed to cover-up these criminal acts of William P. Clark and confirm him as Secretary of Interior.

Senator Packwood having been present at some of these secret meetings it is believed and feared by others that these meetings and acts of concealment of gangsterism were recorded by him in his diary.

Several months after serving a second petition from the people on the 100 Senators and having no response, I, along with Michael A. Thomas personally served a Federal lawsuit on each of the 100 Senators charging RICO and Civil Rights violations against them.

Before serving each of the Senators in their offices it was necessary to make arrangements with Michael Davidson, the Senate Legal Officer. Davidson pressured both myself and Michael Thomas to make an illegal 'deal' with him and he would make it much easier for us to sue the remaining Senators. Michael Davidson did everything in his power to get us to remove Jewish Senators who belonged to the ADL from the suit, which we refused to do. This was witnessed by a Capitol Police plainclothes officer who was assigned by the Senate Sgt. at Arms to assist us in serving the senators.

Michael Davidson is still Senate Legal Officer and is presently savagely attacking Senator Packwood. Davidson is an ADL member and close associate involved with the high ranking California Democrat who conspires to be the next U.S. President. This high-powered person is also a ranking ADL member who while an elected government official conspired to spy on and sabotage the San Francisco Police Department and harm and destroy innocent loyal American citizens.

When Andrea Ordin was the U.S. Attorney General for the Los Angeles District I handed her documented evidence and facts of judicial corruption and crimes which she suppressed and destroyed because the judges involved belonged to the ADL. Ordin is married to Robert Ordin, a Federal Judge who is also a high level ADL agent.

This evidence was also sent to the Justice Department in Washington, where it was destroyed by David Margolies, a top level Atty. Gen. lawyer and ADL member. Margolies is the Justice Department agent who, while in Vince Foster's office, slipped in the phony suicide note.

If Senator Packwood and the other Senators had done their duty to protect the country and its citizens in 1987 instead of covering it up, many lives and billions of dollars of property would have been saved.

If the conspiracy of riot and revolution had been exposed, the Rodney King affair and the resulting riots and death would surely not have happened.

And the Waco holocaust with heavy cost of life would not have occurred had the past crime history of narcotics and gunrunning by the international criminal Davidian family been investigated.

Former Senator John Tower, who had given my partner and me (Los Angeles District Attorney Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Intelligence Section) vital documents at a meeting in Ruidoso, New Mexico, shortly after President JFK was murdered, would still be alive and able to testify to secrets that would reveal who actually committed the assassination. At this meeting with John Tower, two other persons were also present, Dallas, Texas, Sheriff Bill Decker and Audie Murphy [WWII hero/movie star]. John Tower was killed in a mysterious plane crash almost identical to Audie Murphy.

Untold thousands of honest, loyal Americans would not have suffered horrifying indignities, incarcerations, destruction of their families and loss of everything they had worked for all their lives if the 100 Senators had done their bounden duty and listened to the 'petition' of the people.

What Vice Pres. Gore pushes as the 'Highway of Information' (fiber-optic cable). Under the conspiracy of Pacific Telesis Group (controlled by William P. Clark) they will control Paramount Entertainment, the entertainment world. They will control gambling, Indian Reservation gambling, State Lotteries, world banking connections involving Bank of America and its satellites, this will be accomplished through converted computer programs originally stolen from Inslaw-Promis.

The same people, Carl E. Ward, Jr., an associate of William P. Clark is involved in the Cabazon Indian Reservation gambling and murders, Portland gambling, and JFK assassination. All of this was revealed in the report and petition given to the 100 U.S. Senators in 1987 but covered-up by them. Carl Ward's brother Robert Ward, at the dedication of Pres. Ronald Reagan's Library, a short distance from the Rodney King trial, was arrested in a conspiracy to assassinate Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, all former Presidents and their wives in what was to be a lazer weapon attack.

Now Senator Robert Packwood himself faces the same terror that the people in 1987 begged him to save them from--judicial corruption and murder, total destruction of his entire career and inevitable conviction and incarceration in a Federal Penitentiary for harassing women and altering congressional documents and will be replaced by a handpicked person by the powerful Democrat in California who fully intends to be the next U.S. President. This person will then control, not only California but also Oregon.

In the future no other Senator in the U.S. will dare stand up to this dominating power in the face of the destruction of Packwood knowing how it was done and that the very same can happen to him.

But it can be turned around; Packwood can come out for the people, and if he showed that he was sincere the people would rally behind him. With the people behind him he could expose the terrifying Judicial corruption--instead of becoming a miserable low-life convicted felon spending the rest of his life in abject humiliation, constantly held up to scrutiny and recorded in history as nothing more than a crooked bum.

From the last paragraph of my book, There's A Fish In The Courthouse, a copy of this in 1987 was handed to each of the 100 Senators, I quote, "Only the U.S. Senate led by the Constitution is powerful enough to save America. Of the one hundred Senators, 'the treasonous, corrupt and cowardly will desert the people'. The small group remaining will have to stand fast....".

Now Senator Packwood, facing the same terror the people face, can prove that he is a bonafide, brave, courageous leader and come to the front--expose and destroy this insidious judicial corruption--many of the silent, timid but knowledgeable Senators will eagerly respect and follow an American leader, destined to be a hero of the same magnitude as the great American battlefield hero, Audie Murphy, who gave everything.

Do not fear the ADL's vicious weapon where they scream Anti-Semitic to high heaven right in your face--not only can this be blunted, its evil can be totally destroyed--just look them right in the eye and demand, 'Are you an American first and a Jew second'?

The effectiveness and result of this demand for them to declare themselves is demonstrated by a Jewish Beverly Hills lawyer, G.B. Fleischman, who was representing Andrija Artukovic, an 85 year old Croation accused by the Jews of alleged World War II crimes. Powerful political Jews attempted to get Fleischman, a Jew, to sell out Artukovic.

Refusing to do such a vile act, Fleischman gave them an amazing answer (direct quote), "I am an American lawyer first and a Jewish lawyer second, if these people cannot understand that then there is not much I can really do about it". Refer to chapter 41 of my book There's A Fish In The Courthouse that was delivered along with the peoples petition pleading with the 100 U.S. Senators to safe-guard them from murderous, corrupt gangster lawyers who have seized and usurped the American Judicial System.


November 26, 1993

Chronicle Staff Writers

William Carlsen

Harriet Chiang

San Francisco Chronicle

901 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94103 - 2988

Your Special Report on the 'Decline' of the Court is excellent, very interesting, but;

Malcolm Lucas is much deeper into Insurance Industry and Judicial Corruption than appears on the surface. His top criminal accomplices are George Deukmejian, William P. Clark and Pete Wilson, etc., and their connections and involvement go back over twenty years.

It is a far more encompassing, vicious conspiracy than Watergate and a greater opportunity for Pulitzer Prize investigative reporting than Bob Woodward or the Washington Post ever dreamed of. Lucas, Wilson, Deukmejian and William P. Clark's criminal acts are destructing California and its financial structure.

The Modus Operandi is to use Malcolm Lucas' power to setup and appoint phony judges to control Municipal and Superior Court cases and terminate them in the Insurance Companies' favor before they ever reach the Supreme Court level where Lucas would appear to be involved.

Most of the Judges and Lawyers involved were insurance claims adjusters while going to law school, they learned all the corrupt tricks of fraud, intimidating and siphoning claims and expense money and had made all their political connections long before they passed the bar and became lawyers.

I am sending you two exhibits of how Lucas appoints phony judges to make the corrupt decisions that these crooks want made.

Anatomy Of A Phony Judge

No. 1. John J. Hunter was a Municipal Court Judge whose term was running out. He wanted to become a Superior Court Judge; he ran for office but all the law enforcement and honorable citizens of Ventura County knew John J. Hunter was a crook, a thief and incompetent, so, the American people through the election process turned him out of office. He retired at close to $100,000 a year plus all the assets he had plundered from the people while he was on the bench.

Outside of Malcolm Lucas' involvement in Insurance Company fraud his biggest scam at the present involving billions (almost to the trillion mark and getting people murdered) is the Pacific Telesis Group which is controlled by William P. Clark (former Superior Court, Appeal Court and State Supreme Court Judge, National Security Advisor and Secretary of Interior) who is involved with the Taft Electric Co., and its subsidiary, Taft Telecommunications Inc. of Ventura. They are tied in[to] the PacTel Mobile Access which acts as that company's agent for Mobilinx cellular telephone service in Ventura. This is an extension of the powerful multi-billion dollar system operating in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. PacTel Mobile Access is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Telesis Group and is the parent company of Pacific Bell.

Pete Wilson's assigned task at the present is seeing to it that fiber-optic cables and any and all interference with Pacific Telesis Group's conspiracy to take over all cable communications are not hindered in any manner.

The writer of this communication was and is involved in exposing Judicial corruption involving Malcolm Lucas, Pete Wilson, George Deukmejian and William P. Clark, etc.

Back to the Anatomy of a Malcolm Lucas phony judge and how they get their 'Black-Robes.'

No. 1. John J. Hunter had been removed from the bench by the honest citizens and voters of Ventura County via the electoral process to prevent Hunter from harming them further. Or so they thought, because;

William P. Clark, Governor Pete Wilson and George Deukmejian needed John J. Hunter to sit on the bench to make illegal, criminal decisions to financially destroy this writer and render him incapable of further exposing them and their cover-up of their criminal acts.

In order to accomplish their cover-up, Chief Justice Malcolm M. Lucas assigned "The Honorable John J. Hunter, Retired Judge of the Municipal Court to sit as a judge of the Municipal Court of Ventura County, from July 1. 1993 to December 31. 1993, and until completion and disposition of all causes and matters heard pursuant to this assignment".

Dated June 2. 1993, and signed Malcolm M. Lucas, Chief Justice of California and Chairperson of the Judicial Council.

Exhibit A.

In other words John J. Hunter receiving approximately $100,000 a year retirement benefits is now making another $120,000.00 of taxpayers money to sit as a Municipal court judge on a special assignment to destroy me with a phony Municipal Court lawsuit, Case No. MC 114526.

After Judge John J. Hunter had destroyed me and my wife in Municipal Court with his criminal rulings and decisions they then filed lawsuits against us in Superior Court, Case No. 126048.

At the first Superior Court hearing I walked into court and who was sitting on the bench but John J. Hunter, who immediately recommenced his criminal rulings and decisions against us on the Superior Court level. One of his first rulings was to repeat his Municipal Court order that I could not represent myself or my wife in court under penalty of contempt of Court and being jailed if I tried to do so.

Again in order to accomplish their 'cover-up' of their judicial crimes Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas had now assigned John J. Hunter to the Superior Court bench.

Now, retired Municipal Court Judge John J. Hunter (who had been removed from the bench by the voters) receiving approximately $100,000,00 retirement and making $120,000.00 as a Municipal Court Judge is making $140,000.00 as a phony Superior Court Judge.

I was able to obtain another of the 'confidential orders' of Chief Justice Malcolm M. Lucas to Ventura County Court Clerk Sheila Gonzales, it was another 'Special Assignment' for John J. Hunter.

"The Hororable John J. Hunter, Retired Judge of Ventura County Municipal Court is hereby assigned to sit as a judge of the Ventura County Superior Court, from July 1, 1993 to December 31, 1993 and until completion and disposition of all causes and matters heard pursuant to this assignment".

Exhibit B.

From the date of the first Superior Court hearing Hunter has refused to allow us to defend ourselves in court, sometimes ordering as many as four uniformed, armed deputy Sheriffs into the courtroom to insure that we are not allowed to say anything.

The Judges Pension Fund is a multi-billion dollar entity, a very mysterious operation. It is impossible to determine from where judges receive their paychecks. When asked they will say they are paid by the county wherein they are assigned. When pinned down they then claim they are paid by the state. It is even more impossible to determine how much money the taxpayers are forced to contribute to this mysterious fund and who is in control and administers this vast, huge pile of money which is being used to finance phony judges to make criminal judicial decisions and rulings to cover-up the corrupt California Judicial System.

To bring the California judicial corruption into focus at the dollar level of how much the taxpayers are being bilked, multiply the John J. Hunter, phony judge Anatomy by at least five hundred throughout the fifty two counties of the state.

And this does not take into consideration the trillion dollar amount these merciless gangsters steal from the people with their illegal, unauthorized decisions and rulings.

This particular reign of Judicial System usurpation was set-up approximately twenty years ago when State Senators Pete Wilson, Robert Lagomarsino and State Attorney General George Deukmejian and State Supreme Court Justice William P. Clark, etc., etc., under the guise of an amendment to 'de-genderize' the State Constitution surreptitiously slipped an un-Constitutional 'one liner' into the Constitution.

This 'one-liner' was to the effect that the Governor could, "appoint a lawyer to the Municipal or Superior Court and at the first election this appointee must file to run for that position of Judge, but if no other lawyer files to run against him the appointee does not have to appear on the ballot. This means that John J. Hunter can remain a judge for twenty years and never once be on a ballot or elected by the people. But he is under the domination, the complete control and must make any and all decisions and rulings he is ordered to make by the Chief Justice of California and Chairperson of the Judicial Council, Malcolm M. Lucas.

This was the real purpose and reason behind the removal of Rose Bird because she could not be controlled by the herein, above named conspirators.

Not only is this 'one-liner' and the related statute they inserted into the Election Code unconstitutional it is in direct violation of the United States Supreme Court decision of Chisum v Rohmer wherein it states, "Judges are representatives of the people the same as a District Attorney, Secretary of State and other elected officials and as such they must be elected".

If a candidate for the position of judge does not appear on a ballot it is totally impossible for him to get even one vote much less become a winner to the office.

Lawyers who are running around in Black Robes will go to any lengths to protect Malcolm M. Lucas' corruption and to perpetuate their fantastic salary and retirement thefts and all the assets they loot from their victims who are forced to appear in court before them.

For example read the drivel appearing in the San Francisco Chronicle in the guise of a Letter to the Editor on December 1, 1993. Written by E. Mac Amos Jr. President, California Judges association, San Francisco, and Patrick J. Morris, Immediate Past President.

Exhibit C.

Ingest one particular paragraph in this letter, Exhibit C, wherein these famous, noted jurists Amos and Morris claim that Malcolm M. Lucas, "Encouraged the coordination and consolidation of our Municipal and Superior Courts into a (single-level) trial court through Judicial (cross-assignments) and unified trial Court management".

Attempt to unravel this drivel in the context of an Anatomy of a Malcolm M. Lucas, Specially Assigned Judge, John J. Hunter.

An exhaustive criminal investigation by the California State Attorney General and the U.S. Federal Justice Department and Attorney General must immediately be commenced and indictment of these gangsters handed down under the U.S. Civil Rights and RICO statutes, etc.

All illegal judges, both acting and retired must be stripped of all salaries and pensions obtained illegally. The Judges Pension Fund must be investigated and analyzed as there are enough billions involved in this fantastic conspiratorial judicial scam to cancel out California's total debt.

Gary L. Wean





In an article from the Jan. 5/16 (LONDON) FINANCIAL TIMES, written by Jurek Martin and John Lloyd, "President Bill Clinton wrapped up a successful Moscow visit yesterday by signing agreements to dismantle Ukraine's nuclear arsenal and to end the targeting of U.S. and Russian missiles at each other after May 30.

"The U.S. president rewarded Mr. Yeltsin's renewed commitment to economic reform by announcing that he had earmarked an additional $900 million in assistance in next year's U.S. budget...".


In an article from the Jan. 16 edition of THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, "They may be imperfect fruits and vegetables, but they make a perfect meal for the hungry.

"Farmers are donating tons of blemished fruits and vegetables to a program in Florida City called Farm Share for statewide distribution.

"Green beans, squash, eggplant, corn, tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables that would have been dumped by farmers will be distributed...".


In an article from the Jan. 16 edition of THE ORLANDO SENTINEL, "Slowed growth in world food supplies provides real evidence that the planet's biological limits may have been reached, an environmental group says.

"Among the signs: a three-month doubling of world rice prices, millions of acres of rangeland chewed down to uselessness, spreading water shortages and an $80,000 tuna.

"'As a result of our population size, consumption patterns and technology choices, we have surpassed the planet's carrying capacity', Worldwatch said in its 11th annual State of the World report on global environmental and social conditions.

"Its report points to several trends:

* Fish harvests from the world's oceans have leveled off at about 100 million tons a year, which may not be exceeded. Seafood prices are rising rapidly, and a bluefin tun can now bring as much as $80,000 (or more than $100 a pound).

* Water bodies are increasingly polluted and fresh water shortages are occurring in the United States, Mexico, China, India and the Mideast.

* Grain production has slowed dramatically in the last few years, with per-capita output of rice, corn and wheat falling 11 percent since 1984. Worldwide stocks of rice are at 20-year lows, and the price on the Chicago Board of Trade has doubled since August 30.

* Fertilizer use has dropped 12 percent since 1989, evidence that maximum yields may have been reached for many crops.

* Cropland has increased only 2 percent over the last decade worldwide, with topsoil disappearing and some areas such as China rapidly losing farmland to industrialization.

* Overgrazing, deforestation and agricultural mismanagement have ruined 5 million acres since 1945".