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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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By Theodore R. Thoren



The Phoenix Program Comes to America



By Cal Thomas







WED., MAR. 23, 1994 1:55 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 219

WED., MAR. 23, 1994

We continue to call these first writings of a journal an “Introduction”. It is misnamed just as many things are mislabeled in your daily progress. I am not “introducing” anything to you in actuality. It is simply a way to “end” a journal. Yes, I said “end”. As the days pass in the writings, we end up at “chopoff” point and herein I am given a last chance to comment. Due to the type of our writings it would more accurately be called “Editorial Comment”; however, even that doesn’t fit because I’ve made so many “comments” as to be totally dull and boring.

Dharma is WAITING--waiting for the next phase, hopefully a better phase, to begin in our work. She is tormented by lawyers, courts, frustrations, personal “withoutness” in a worldly perception, and another journal goes to bed with need of “Introduction” and title. Dedication becomes all but obsolete as I now dedicate everything to the persevering and resolute ones of TRUTH--that you may ever be in opening to that Truth as GOD ordains. Worst of all, however, is the “waiting upon the Lord” so that proper sequence can be the structure of that which we present. The Spirit is willing--the human aspect impatient and often worn for all of you.

You can witness as you go through these journals that the weakness, and the strength, of any society is dependent upon the level and quality of its spiritual life. You can have great industrial wealth and much abundance but you have NOTHING without that which is moral and Spiritually sound. Your WORLD, not just a nation here and there, has become buried in the LIE and Spiritual TRUTH is buried around the corners of the graveyard of a dying moral civilization. All the signs of a perishing civilization are at hand--visible and rolling upon you as a tidal wave washing all that WAS in goodness into the ocean of forgetfulness. It is the awakening which now brings the growing pangs, the heart wrenching pains of hopelessness--but readers, GOD is infinite--only the perception of TIME holds you bound to that which is projected in prophecy or revelation. This too is tampered so that you EXPECT destruction without capable recourse. Within GOD all things ARE--and all is POSSIBLE. Change your minds and you can change the entirety of the world. You who choose to follow Satan’s Drummers--are destined to end up in Satan’s chaos. Follow GOD and TRUTH and you shall cease to march in the band of human deception or in the army of the incarcerators.

* * *

Patrick Henry: “Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is impossible that a nation of infidels or idolaters should be a nation of free men. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupt public conscience, are incompatible with freedom.”

* * *

How do you change? What do you ask of GOD that you might bring reclamation again unto your lands? You stop praying for your own selfish greed of “please God, give me…..!” Can you not humble yourselves in your ignorance and ask that God oversee to the needs of which you aspire? Is there no way to turn within-without and ask God that HIS WILL BE DONE? YOU know so little in this time of so much to know. Even you who would seem to have the answers--cannot have them all, for the world has become the “secret” domain of Sir Evil. Have you forgotten your lessons on how to pray? Did you EVER understand what the great teachers taught in the guidelines of prayer and petition? Shall we make another stab at that which allows God to respond? Shall we remind you that GOD HEARS SOUL--not lip service unto YOUR special needs? Ah, indeed, He hears the personal petition--but only if it coincides with soul desire in giving and regiving. You can only expect that which is good to come unto you IF YOU FIRST SEND FORTH GOOD.

My beloved Father which is Creator of all, please dwell with me in Your omnipotent glory. Your name is Holy, that mine might be recognized within YOU. In that way may I ever be such that Your realm is incarnate within me. May Your power reveal itself unto and within me, on Earth as Yours resounds throughout the heavens AND the earth. May my presence upon the physical journey of life be a reflection of Your WILL, not mine. I need, this day, my daily bread--that substance which sustains me in Your service as You wish me to serve, and thus, let me see and recognize my transgressions and errors as I also come into the recognition of TRUTH. Let me not “judge” any other and allow forgiveness for myself as well, as only YOU can see my soul and guide my feet and heart within Your LIGHT.

Please do not let me fall into temptation and confusion through the putting aside THY WILL in favor of my human ego wants. Yours is the realm within me and Yours is the POWER and the KNOWLEDGE forever--if I but seek it. For, Thine promise is that if I seek diligently in Truth--so shall I find!

Please allow me to reflect YOUR light into the dark corners of the shadowed valleys in this journey. May I example my ways that I show unto others that which You have shown unto me and may I only act unto others as in the gentle and wondrous giving which YOU offer unto me--if I but accept Thine gift.

Be ever constant within me, Father, that I may ever see Your will and serve in Your way for I would live for You if You but show me my path.

May all the Creatures and Creation be blessed by Your Grace and may I ever revere and respect that which is put into my care and stewardship and in this way I shall KNOW that Your will IS--everlasting and infinite as I am allowed, also, to become everlasting and infinite in Your LIGHT, not just within Your universe.

Give unto me the ability and desire to serve my brother and think FIRST upon his needs before my own--but let me know the difference in giving and assuming responsibility for self that I do not give of Thine great gifts into the places of the carnal consciousness. Let me learn clearly how to “receive” that I turn not away that which You have sent unto me. Abundance is Thine; Truth and Love are YOU and I humbly ask that I discern well and reflect each as it is given unto me--in glory and use, not in greed for self.

Please strengthen my commitments that I do not fail in Your generous commissions placed in my care for I AM the reflection of Yourself as gifted unto me--that I may BE, may grow and may BECOME.

I place no “Amen” upon this prayer, Father, that I may be a continuing reflection without beginning and without ending--but residing ever WITHIN Your Grace.

In my impatience let me ever be mindful that “impatience is only brought about by my lack of FAITH”--so, Father, please allow me the KNOWING that my FAITH can sustain me in the waiting upon my journey. Let me understand that the delays are NOT the denials--but only my own perception--for the greater wisdom resides with YOU.

So be it, Dharma, for the soul is restless for its progression and completion and fulfillment of our tasks. Ask not that the way be EASY--only that you be sustained to walk it in any condition which presents itself. If necessary, chela--I am broad of shoulder--enough to carry you ALL upon my own Wings and how much greater are the Father’s WINGS, Creator of all things UPON THE EARTH AND IN THE HEAVENS. You who walk with God and keep HIS covenants--shall FLY WITH US, HIS HOST MESSENGERS, SENT FORTH TO PREPARE HIS PLACE.

As the unfolding words pour from every corner and unto the papers of history--so too is the Spirit daunted by the massive perception of overwhelming structure of the “enemy”. But even that which is perceived as “enemy” is but “teacher” for the earning of your passage as the lessons are learned. There can be no “good” or “bad” in absolute judgment--but there IS “right” and “wrong” as guided by the rules of God and Creation. It is the discipline and KNOWING, without hesitation, those rules in action which merits your “grades”. It is the time of “remembering” of what you are and who you are--a time of remembering your way HOME!

The masses are great, the conspirators few--but your perception only allows you to experience what comes into your consciousness. Can you not allow the allness of GOD to become the power of YOUR expression? No THING physical can begin to so much as touch the tiny-most hem of GOD’s garment if the “greater” would but turn unto the LIGHTED WHOLE.

Will this happen? No, not for long in sequence passage--for so many do not WANT to see and hear. And, you cannot know who is with and who is without--the breath of soul life as offered forth by Creator. Yours is not to change of ANOTHER--ONLY TO CHANGE OF SELF--AND THE REST WILL NOT BE OF YOUR DOING. This is why we offer THE WORD, the Truth--that ones can take or leave of the offering--for ours is not to push--only offer. You search for your friend, your compatriot, your ally--chelas, it matters not if you serve GOD for HE is ally enough. The secrets will “OUT” and the deceivers will deliver themselves if you but be patient and do not stoop to their level of deception. You are SEEING it happen before your consciousness.

Little Crow said, on April 14, 1991: “....Have the bravery and courage to dream your dream in the midst of non-dreamers. Have the courage and conviction to state your principles in the midst of those who have no ears. Have the courage and conviction to draw or to paint and to create for those who have no eyes. Because unless you are doing what you want to do, you are a captive.” My suggestion, however, is that you always WANT to do that which is worthy in the accounting.

By that I mean--may we do that which serves ALL OUR RELATIONS and, in that way, we are truly serving self. Let us never reach a point of insisting that we “die” for a cause--God asks that you LIVE for HIS CAUSE. Are we strong enough to do this? In the answer lies the WHOLE.

You each and together FEAR for your selves, your civilization, your own society, your nation, your world of nations, your planet.... No, chelas, concern over the direction of self, act within the LAWS OF GOD in EVERY action taken, KNOW THE WAY and act upon that KNOWING--and there shall be RADIANCE! FEAR is also a lack of FAITH. FEAR IS A LACK OF LOVE--LOVE IS GOD--SO IF YOU BUT HAVE FAITH WITHIN THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS, AND NOT THE LIE, YOU WILL COME TO BALANCE WITH THE IMPATIENCE OF THE HUMAN. God will show the way to transformation; you need not the lessons of the gurus as to “how” to ascend. How many have YOU seen ascend?? Leave go of it--TRUTH IN GOD GUARANTEES THE PASSAGE!

The bottom line, readers, is that of accepting responsibility, discernment and not “argument”, gaining knowledge and not JUST information, and ultimately taking action in the KNOWING. What you are looking for, you already ARE. What you are seeking, you already own. What you would like to find out, you already know. YOU SIMPLY HAVE FORGOTTEN AND YOU HAVE ALSO FORGOTTEN HOW TO “DREAM” WHILE BEING MORE AND MORE DEEPLY MIRED WITHIN THE NIGHTMARE.

You are presented with a grand and wondrous “challenge”. Are you worthy of the gift? We shall see....


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Servant unto God according to HIS Will.



THU., MAR. 10, 1994 11:52 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 206

THU., MAR. 10, 1994



This first little “story” is about a man known as “Kurt Hirsch”. He is important for many reasons but the fact that he has been arrested is of the utmost notice. It may be interesting, also, as he has been related to the ongoing attacks against one you know as Lyndon LaRouche. You will have to do your own work on who Lyndon is, if you are new to this reading. I just want to remind you that the U.S. Government has done everything in its power along with the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’ nai B’rith and actually, British Intelligence MI6) to keep this man incarcerated for the remainder of his life. However, it is mainly through intervention from overseas that enough pressure was brought to bear to get him released. That is only a small portion of the importance of this information.


I am going to use a write-up from EIR News Service by Jeffrey Steinberg. This is stressed (author) because the ADL is NOT representative of the large majority of original Judaists and those of Hebrew lineage.

Feb. 7 (1994)--One of the biggest slanderers of Lyndon LaRouche inside Germany has been arrested on charges that he was a longtime spy working for the disinformation branch of the former East German State Security Service (Stasi). On Feb. 2, Kurt Hirsch, an editor of the so-called “anti-fascist” newsletter Blick Nach Rechts (A Look at the Right) was arrested in Munich on spy charges.

According to the indictment handed down by the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karisruhe, documents seized from Stasi archives show that Hirsch spied for the East Germans from at least 1976 to 1987, working for Department X (disinformation). During part of that time, Hirsch served as a top aide to the late Willy Brandt, a former German Chancellor of the Social Democratic Party (SDP).


The Hirsch arrest has significant trans-Atlantic implications, which intersect the ongoing U.S. spy scandal involving the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL). The ADL has been under investigation for the past year for its espionage activities in collusion with the governments of Israel and South Africa, and has been implicated by convicted spy Jonathan Jay Pollard in the latter’s Israeli-Soviet espionage activities.

The original source for many of the slanders that Hirsch put out through his supposedly “independent” news service, Pressedienst Demokratische Initiative (PDI), against the LaRouche movement was the ADL. Beginning in the early 1980s, Hirsch’s PDI was the most frequent peddler of the smear-line that Lyndon LaRouche was a “neo-Nazi” and “anti-Semite”.

One crucial intersection point between the ADL and Hirsch cases is another former Brandt aide, Klaus-Henning von Rosen. Following Hirsch’s arrest last week, von Rosen was interrogated by federal German prosecutors, based on evidence that he was a key source for information Hirsch passed on to the Stasi. Von Rosen denied that he wittingly helped Hirsch, claiming he cut off contact with Hirsch in 1987 after he became suspicious of Hirsch’s collusion with East Germany.

However, von Rosen continued to work with the PDI press service, and eventually PDI was formally absorbed into an SPD think tank and its publication revived under the new name Blick Nach Rechts.

And, back in 1986, while still in close contact with Hirsch, von Rosen himself was in the middle of an East German-orchestrated disinformation campaign attempting to link associates of Lyndon LaRouche in the European Labor Party (ELP) to the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. At the time, von Rosen, by his own admission, worked closely with ADL operator Irwin Suall, who traveled to Europe to spread the phony story about the LaRouche ties to the Palme assassination.

Years later, evidence surfaced that the entire “LaRouche killed Palme” hoax fanned by Suall et al., was designed by Soviet bloc intelligence services and executed by the Stasi Department X. In August 1992, the Swedish newspaper Journalisten published an interview with former Stasi disinformation specialist Herbert Brihmer in which he admitted that he led the effort: “At my desk, I drew up the outlines of how the ELP theory would be conduited into the Swedish police investigation.” The plan was to disrupt the police hunt for Palme’s killer by forcing the police--through planting of disinformation--to the conclusion that the only possible authors of the Palme assassination were “rightwing extremists”--exactly the line Hirsch, von Rosen, and Suall were peddling against LaRouche and the ELP!


[H: THIS IS IMPORTANT.] At the very moment that the East German Stasi’s Department X was deploying Hirsch and orchestrating the disinformation campaign to pin the Palme assassination on LaRouche associates, a top executive of the ADL, millionaire gangster Edgar Bronfman, was cozying up to East German dictator Erich Honecker. According to archives of the East German Foreign Ministry, Bronfman emissaries began meeting with top East German officials in 1986, leading to several trips to East Berlin by Bronfman himself in 1988 and again on the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Whatever services Bronfman rendered to the Communist dictator in East Berlin must have been substantial because the whiskey magnate was given the highest civilian medal the East German state had to offer.

Clearly, one feature of the Bronfman-East German collusion was the “Get LaRouche” drive, which was defined as a strategic priority by the late Soviet Premier and KGB chief Yuri Andropov in the spring of 1983, within days of President Ronald Reagan’s March 23 speech embracing LaRouche’s proposal for the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). The Andropov demand for LaRouche’s scalp was seconded by Andropov protege Mikhail Gorbachev, who, through the pages of the Soviet press, demanded LaRouche’s elimination as a quid pro quo for East-West “peace”.


The international kidnap-for-hire ring that in the United States goes by the name Cult Awareness Network (CAN) has also been peripherally implicated in the Hirsch Stasi-gate scandal. Father Haack, the leading figure within the German affiliate of CAN, was a longtime board member of Hirsch’s PDI news service, and was a prominent peddler of the disinformation against the LaRouche movement within the Evangelical Church of Germany, the EKD.



This harangue just keeps on going while the very ones who are the most incredibly bigoted continue to tear down the Nation of Islam--the thrust by the ADL.

I want to share this one other article from this paper and add my hearty endorsement to these daring people who continue to stand against the ADL in this moment of full attack. We have had it, our insignificant journals are even being confiscated as hate-literature, anti-Semitic and illegal under hate-crime laws in CANADA!! Still think YOU don’t have any problems with your government, nation and world?? What is happening, however, in the confrontation of the Nation of Islam and the ADL is so TYPICAL of how the ADL Zionists operate that I feel compelled to take the time to reprint this article. The MO is to bash, harass, degrade and assault a given entity (in this case Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam) and then, when someone stands against the assault, scream bigot, hate-crimes and anti-Semitism in a deafening roar carried through the “controlled media” and controlled government and police corps. So let us present this for your consideration as to HOW this thing comes to be a mountain from ashes.

Feb. 7, EIR News Service, Lawrence K. Freeman (another “Jew” against the garbage??)--On Feb. 3 in Washington, D.C., before hundreds of members of the nation’s press corps, Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, responded to weeks of criticism by the national media and leaders of the black community by blasting the Anti-Defamation League B’nai B’rith (ADL) as the guilty party.

First, Minister Farrakhan dismissed Khalid Muhammad from his post as Minister, Representative, and National Assistant for the controversial remarks he made last November at Kean College in New Jersey--remarks which Minister Farrakhan asserted were inconsistent with the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Having done that, Minister Farrakhan went on to say that the real question at issue was the aim and purpose of the ADL when it reprinted Khalid’s speech in a full-page ad in the New York Times almost two months after the speech was given. Minister Farrakhan told the packed room of reporters, “Their aim was and is to destroy the reputation and character of Louis Farrakhan in the eyes of the world, and to ultimately destroy the Nation of Islam itself.” [H: You see, meeting the original demands NEVER does any good and these anti-Christs will do ANYTHING to twist that very act into a weapon to destroy a bit more and more and more....]


Then he turned the tables on the ADL by revealing that he had in his possession a just-released internal report from the ADL’s Civil Rights Division titled MAINSTREAMING ANTI-SEMITISM: THE LEGITIMATION OF LOUIS FARRAKHAN. This 12-page report says that the ADL’s National Executive Committee will be discussing at its upcoming meeting HOW TO STOP THE RISING INFLUENCE OF THE NATION OF ISLAM.

In his remarks, Minister Farrakhan pointed out that “The ADL has a history of spying not only on black leaders, but on all those leaders and organizations that have popular support--black, white, Arab, and even other Jews of whom they disapprove.”

These targets of spy operations include the NAACP as well as the movement associated with Lyndon LaRouche, and new information is surfacing that may implicate the ADL as well in spying on Dr. Martin Luther King in conjunction with the FBI. Farrakhan indicted the ADL as “anti-black and anti-American” [H: RIGHT ON, BROTHER!!]; charges which are documented in a 150-page book released last year by Executive Intelligence Review and titled [H: HOLDING YOUR BREATH??] THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT THE ADL. [H: The WORD is powerful if you make sure it gets around in TRUTH to the proper parties with the support and backing of YOU WHO ARE INFORMED!]

That book also demonstrates that the ADL is a criminal organization involved in promoting drugs throughout the United States.


Farrakhan’s press conference has already caused the ADL leadership to blow its top. ADL National Director Abe Foxman went on television that same night to denounce Farrakhan as an anti-Semite and a bigot, despite Farrakhan’s dismissal of Khalid Muhammad and his denunciation of any kind of anti-Semitism and racism.

By exposing the ADL for its own racism and for trying to control with whom the Congressional Black Caucus can associate, Minister Farrakhan has also challenged the leadership of the African-American community to break with the ADL. At the press conference he asked, “Why have these [black] leaders not called on Abraham Foxman and the board of directors of the ADL to denounce their spying activities and to distance himself and the organization from this illegal practice? The silence of black leaders on this issue is deafening.”

Threatening the ADL’s considerable apparatus of control over various black leaders and organizations, Farrakhan called “on the Black Caucus, the NAACP, Rev. Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition, black churches, and black leaders to review their relationship with the ADL in view of its wickedness against our people. I am calling on the black community to alienate this spy organization and establish proper relationships with Jewish organizations and leaders who are not as self-centered and malicious as the ADL.”

The ADL and the national media are wild with rage that Minister Farrakhan did not back down under massive pressure, and that many leaders in the black community still support the Nation of Islam and the good work they do in many urban centers. Now that Minister Farrakhan, like Lyndon LaRouche many years earlier, has publicly exposed the ADL for being the real hatemongers, the ADL’s international criminal organization can begin to be dismantled, and in its place can be built a meaningful ecumenical alliance among Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


I have offered this for foundation upon which to suggest a couple of other thoughts. It is time for REAL help to come to ones like Eustace Mullins in his suits against the ADL on a personal basis. To bring these fragments together into a strong force, you need to be able to bring these parties into joint effort through a central focus such as the Constitutional Law Center (the Real one--not the criminal “Trust”). To stop this massive international group heading the takeover of the world will not be easy--but there are a lot of people and a LOT OF LEADERS for the “cause” of right-ness if you can get them into alliance. The media is set up to block all ability to allow the parties to learn about each other--much less be able to “work” together. Well, readers, I said it before and I shall repeat: GOD ALSO HAS A PLAN-2000! AND, THERE IS LITTLE DISPUTE--THAT GOD WINS! WHY DO YOU WASTE SO MUCH PRECIOUS TIME? I ALSO REMIND YOU THAT GOD HAS A “PLAN”--HE WILL NOT DO IT FOR ANYONE--EVEN YOU!

If you are working on an assumption that the ADL is Judaism you are ill-informed. The ADL of B’nai B’rith is a deliberately set branch of British Intelligence. It is from the British-Israeli anti-Christ legions. This is a massive humanistic legion of Zionist Khazarian New World Order would-be KINGS. Their entire thrust is through and backed by the Satanic Order of Lucifer in direct opposition to the GOD OF LIGHT CREATOR/CREATION. It and its offspring IS THE LARGEST SATANIC CULT AND YOU HAD BETTER TAKE NOTICE AND STOP PLAYING THE GAME OR YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE DEARLY.

Now I am going to confuse a lot of you--but confirm a lot of things to “some” of you. Some years back I began to write on the subject of H.I.H. ALEKSEI NICHOLAEVICH ROMANOFF, the heir to the All-Russian Imperial Throne, Tsarevich and Grand Duke of Russia, Head of the Russian Imperial House, etc. At the time I promised to offer MORE, and I am sure that you ALL have forgotten what I said then--but, you will have to look it up for in my own fashion I take up in the middle so that you will have no excuse to NOT GO LOOK IT UP!

Aleksei was ALIVE at the time of those writings--HE IS NOW TRANSITIONED--ALONG WITH OTHER VERY IMPORTANT PERSONS IN SOME OF THE MOST IMPORTANT “HOUSES” IN THE WORLD. THIS makes those parts and parties of Russia from the old Czars and the Austrian “Houses” of royalty--about the most important final segments of “freedom” in your world today!

I think it is important to mention this point and also to digress a bit prior to moving into the Romanoff matter--by offering a writeup on the new Russian President that is giving everyone in the governmental circles of your world--heartburn. Is this dude for “real”? Well, if your government doesn’t like him and the head Bolshevik leaders such as Yeltsin don’t like him--HE MUST BE DOING “SOMETHING” RIGHT! At the very LEAST, these entities and the movement toward reclaiming nations and GOD intent is worth SOMETHING?!?

Once again, I will NOT focus on Dharma as we are efforting to bring both the focus of you-the-readers and the other elements involved--to the SUBJECT IN POINT--NOT THE WRITERS, VISIBLE OR INVISIBLE. With that in mind, I ask that you turn your attention to this article from SPOTLIGHT, March 7, 1994.



[H: As we present this I suggest that you put aside all the garbage and stupid mis-dis-information foisted off on you from media interviews, etc. If you don’t stop falling prey to the trash burying you how can you possibly ever see truth?]

According to the Establishment media here and abroad, Vladimir Zhirinovsky is a deranged would-be dictator bent on attacking countries all over the world. But a recent interview published in the German magazine NATIONAL ZIETUNG presents a different picture of the popular Russian leader. Following are excerpts from that interview.

The article was translated for the SPOTLIGHT by Alexi Erlanger. NATIONAL ZEITUNG’S questions are in bold type; Zhirinovsky’s answers in regular type.

How do you view the situation [in Russia] now?

Our party represents the Russian people. We are now the leading power. We champion the vital interests of Great Russia and at the same time those of the little people. We stand for another foreign policy and we are for private property.

We differ from past parties in that we stand absolutely on a pro-Russian platform and strive for a strong and rich Russian state and Russian culture. We too favor reforms. But we will not destroy the government economic sector. We will not destroy the collective farms, but will create equal conditions for all kinds of commerce and farming. We don’t like to disturb and even less to destroy, but we need good conditions for all citizens.

The Communists allowed only social forms of property ownership, and the previous government parties relied only on the public sector. We would like to unite both. In the first stage, the government economic sector will perhaps dominate.

After your surprising success in the election, a campaign of defamation against you increased. On one side you are classified as a Communist.

Contrary to many people [associated with] previous parties, I was NEVER a Communist and have also no thought of Communism. We affirm without reservation a multiple party system and we maintain that a mixed economy is the best solution.

On the other side, they reproach you for “Fascism”.

This kind of fiendishness is already known to me. I have nothing to do with Fascism of any kind, as you well know. Political adversaries constantly use this cudgel in order to eliminate those who think differently. To them it is clear that they use a blatant lie and vile slander. My model is [Prince Otto von] Bismarck.

The primitiveness of the baiting against me surpasses everything when they portray me, of all people, as an enemy of Germany. I am a friend of Germany and of the German people and see us as friends forever. This was also the theme of [my] speech at the rally of the German Peoples Union in the Nibelung Hall in Passau last October. Dr. [Gerhard] Frey [editor of the National Zeitung] is my friend and the German Volks Union is our partner.

Our relations will be based on self determination in all domains and close cooperation politically, culturally, commercially and also militarily. He who would serve peace and prosperity of peoples must support this course of German-Russian rapprochement and friendship. This policy serves the stabilization in Europe and in the entire world.

I promise that under the influence of our faction in Parliament all will be done in order that this new direction in Russian foreign policy will be achieved. A durable, eternal union between Russia and Germany is the greatest blessing for Europe and the whole world.

Every reasonable person should consider well these lessons of history. Peace on our continent is best ensured when the two great powers, Russia and Germany, draw the lessons after two murderous world wars brought terrible disaster for our peoples, and return to our close, traditional friendship which brought to both sides happiness and blessings for centuries.

We should never again allow ourselves to be incited, one against another. Nobody should have an opportunity to poison our relations. We must put a stop to the anti-German and anti-Russian activities by SECRET SERVICES.

You know our position toward Konigsberg. [The statement refers to a region of Germany taken by Josef Stalin following World War II and currently called Kaliningrad. It is a major ice-free port on the Baltic and is isolated by the new Polish border, also established by Stalin.]

The region around Konigsberg should never become a bone of contention between Germany and Russia. We will find a formula which will completely satisfy Germany. Nothing should divide us.

Today I repeat what I have said at the different organizations and press conferences [sponsored by] the Deutsche Volksunion: the so-called Oder-Neisse Line is not the last word of history. Fair solutions serve the peace and can be translated into reality by way of talks. [The Oder-Neisse Line was established by the Allies following World War II to establish the borders of the conquered Germany. It eliminates about one-fourth of traditional, historic Germany.--Ed.]

Westerners [NATO, etc.] consider you a skeptic.

Western politics is often false-bottomed. It is hardly aligned for reasonable and normal conditions in Russia. Even in Germany they have supported the Bolsheviks and Lenin when it was considered profitable. America and England later furthered Stalin with their utmost commitment. We and our true friends want Russia to remain Russia, and be a strong Russia, not a satellite of the West.

Contrary to the opposition party, you have supported from the beginning the new constitution which was accepted by the electorate.

We have a new Parliament and a new constitution. In reality there was no true Parliament, because the council, which later was transformed into the Supreme Soviet, was an appendage of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and all questions were decided by one party. This will be the first Parliament in which different political forces will be represented and this will have sound results upon the political life of the country and help to achieve significant reforms more quickly in the interests of the people. At the same time, the power of the president has been strengthened by the new constitution. That is good. Russia needs a strong president so that the country and its economy can recover.

[Boris] Yeltsin is blamed for the ruin of the country.

Yeltsin makes mistakes but he does not ruin the country. He errs in some areas, but in his innermost self he stands on a patriotic platform.

What does Russia expect in the near future?

There will be no explosion. There will neither be penetrating social shocks. Inflation will slowly diminish. The year 1994 will be difficult, but in the next year economic improvements will be felt. The triumphant showing of my party in these parliamentary elections will bear beneficial fruits.

Politics will normalize and Russia will normalize. He who relied on a break-up and dissolution of Russia is completely mistaken. I trust that your readers will not let themselves be deceived by calumnious propaganda. I am a sincere friend of the German people. I repeat what I said on election night on TV: I cordially salute my friend Dr. Gerhard Frey and the Deutsche Volksunion, with which we will collaborate closely in the future.

The military is still a mighty power, especially in Russia. It evidently stands behind you.

Yes, that is evident. I like to have a healthy military capable of the defense of Russia and I also represent the interests of the army. No one can be more for peace than I. But it also cannot be in the interests of Russia and Germany and, for that matter, of almost the whole world, if Russia is deprived of power. Then the world will have to dance to the tune of the world policeman.

My policy is, and this is in the interests of everyone, that Russia remain a superpower, whereby I support close military cooperation with Germany.

By the end of August the last Russian troops will leave central Germany.

Germany does not really need foreign troops and I cannot see any rational reason to have foreign troops stationed on the territory of the Federal Republic and on the other side to put German soldiers under foreign command. Germany is not a protectorate, but an important power.




On January 5, 1966 the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee made public Part #10 of “State Department Security 1963-65”, containing the testimony of John R. Norpel, Jr. who had been with the FBI and State Department Security Section. In it is mentioned the name of Michal Goleniewski. Much has been written about the mysterious Col. Goleniewski who had been in Polish Intelligence at a high level and who supplied valuable information to the Western Free World on the operations of Communist intelligence agents from which sensational spy cases resulted.

Very little has been written about the man known as Col. Goleniewski personally, his true identity, operations and motivations. We wish to present such information in this strange case.

It has been generally accepted as historical fact that Czar Nicholas and the Russian royal family were murdered by Bolsheviks at Ekaterinburg, Siberia, on July 16, 1918. Investigations made thereafter supposedly confirmed the execution, but much of the information came from questionable sources. Through false claims made by pretenders the world came to accept the stories of the murders as accurate.

Evidence exists to prove that the individual known as Michal Goleniewski is Aleksei Nicholaevich Romanoff, born at Peterhof, Russia, August 12, 1904, the son of Czar Nicholas II. Confidential records of the CIA would confirm this if made public. To prove that he is actually the Tsarevich and Grand Duke, two things are necessary--first to show that the alleged assassinations never took place and then to establish his identity.


The N.Y. Times of December 19, 1918, on page 3, column 2, in an Associated Press dispatch from Warsaw, Poland, stated: “The mother of former Emperor Nicholas of Russia, who is living near Livadia in the Crimea, has been receiving letters every ten days purported to come from the former ruler, according to Polish officers who have arrived here from Sebastopol.”

The N. Y. Times on Dec. 28, 1918, page 4, column 5, stated, “Says Czar and Family Are in Neutral Land--Nephew of Skoropadski Asserts Their Whereabouts Is Known To Allied Government--Warsaw, Dec. 21” (Associated Press). “There is no doubt that the Czar and his entire family are alive. I am positive of this,” was the declaration made to the correspondent today by Michael de Tehlhatchef, a nephew of General Skoropadski, who has just escaped from the Ukraine after a recent trip to Petrograd, Dynisk, Vilna, and Rovno.

“‘I cannot reveal where the Czar is because he does not wish it,’ he added. ‘He does not care to be bothered and he wants to be left alone.

“‘His whereabouts is known to allied government. It is in a neutral country. Accounts of his murder at Ekaterinburg were manufactured by Trotsky and Lenin for propaganda purposes.’”


The N.Y. Times on Jan. 9, 1919, page 3, column 1, stated, “Again Report Czar To Be Still Alive--Grand Duke Cyril Given As Authority For Story That Officer Was Shot Instead--His Family Also Living--News Said To Have Been Conveyed In Letter From Ex-Autocrat’s Daughter Tatania.”

On March 16, 1919 the N. Y. Times ran a story on page 10, column 2--“Believes Czar Lives--Russian Prince Thinks Royal Family Is Hidden In Northern Russia--Rome, March 14--According to an interview with Stefania Turr, a daughter of a noted Hungarian General, printed today in the Giornale d’Italia, the belief still exists that Emperor Nicholas and his wife, as well as some of the Russian Grand Dukes, were not put to death by the Bolsheviki.

The interview quotes a conversation between Miss Turr and Prince Obolensky, former Captain of the Russian Imperial Guard, in which the Prince expressed his firm belief that the Russian royal family is still alive. He is reported to have refused to give any details as to the basis for his belief, except that the former Emperor and Empress were, perhaps, hidden in northern Russia.

The North American of Philadelphia, Pa., dated July 21, 1918, quoting from Bolshevik wireless dispatches, stated, “Shooting Of Ex-Czar By Order Of Soviet Council Confirmed--Execution Followed Discovery Of Plot To Rescue Him--Wife And Son, Former Heir Apparent, Are Taken To Places of Safety.” As we have read in the N. Y. Times article, an officer was reported shot in place of the Czar; so that would make the whole family safe.

Czar Nicholas was in correspondence with Kaiser Wilhelm after his alleged death, copies of the correspondence being in the possession of a committee checking on the case. The handwriting is reported as being authentic.


After being rescued, the Czar and his family settled in Poland as did many other Russians. There the Czar was known as Raymund Turgnski. His identification papers in Poland were prepared through the aid of Marshal Joseph Pilsudski, who had Col. Alexander Pryston and Col. Waclaw Szalewicz prepare them. In 1924, for security reasons, the Czar changed his name to Michal Goleniewski. Young Aleksei went with his family to the Don Basin, central Crimea, Constantinople, Vienna and finally to Warsaw, Poland.

His mother, Empress Alexandria, died of a heart attack in Warsaw, Poland, in 1924. His father died in 1952 at the age of 84 in a village near Posen in Poland. The Grand Duchesses Olga, Maria and Anastasia are still living. Aleksei suffered from malaria which he contracted in Siberia and from hemophilia. From 1918 to 1928, while living in Poland, he was sick much of the time.

In 1930 Aleksei was taken into the Imperial All Russians Anti-Bolsheviks Underground which had been established by his father and from then on worked continuously as a secret underground member of this anti-communist force. In 1944 he was poisoned and almost died. This prevented a planned family move to Portugal. In 1945 the Red Army moved in and sealed the borders. Aleksei entered the Polish Army in 1945 as part of his anti-communist work and in 1948 was assigned to Polish Army Counter Intelligence.

He held posts in the technical and scientific branches and also in the analysis and inspection sections of Polish Army Counter Intelligence. From 1953 to 1956 he held positions as Deputy Chief and Vice Director of these counter intelligence branches, and by February 8, 1957 he headed a branch of military intelligence where 65 staff officers were employed. He had access to a tremendous amount of intelligence information which included data on the operations of Soviet and satellite intelligence networks and agents, as well as their programs, methods of operation and traitors in the Western World who worked with them.

In 1917 Emperor Nicholas II had established by a secret ukase, #22-1917, signed at Tobolsk, what was termed “The Obligations of the Russian Orthodox Christians to Fight in the Underground the Bolsheviks Anti-Christ”. Another secret ukase was entitled “The Russian Orthodox Church in the Underground”. Aleksei received the protection of this underground in Poland.

Having reached a high position and having accumulated much intelligence data, Aleksei made contact with the West. From April 1958 until December 1960 he voluntarily served the United States at great personal danger. He personally prepared 160 pages of typewritten secret reports and sent them through to the West. He also sent over 5,000 pages of top secret documents on microfilm having to do with Soviet-satellite espionage, Polish and East German intelligence services and agents in Western Europe and the U.S. Army--military, economic, political, intelligence and counter-intelligence matters regarding the Soviet block. He also sent over 800 pages of Soviet and Polish intelligence reports which showed the results of their intelligence operations in the Free World, 80% of which were found to have come from secret Free World sources.

As a result of a particular discovery by the KGB Aleksei and his wife were forced to flee to the West in January 1961. On January 12, 1961 they arrived in the United States on a Military Air Transport plane, accompanied by Homer E. Roman of the CIA. From this date until December 14, 1963 (almost three full years) Aleksei was briefing U.S. authorities on the reports and microfilms already sent through. He also brought with him complete data on 240 persons, their names, identifications, assignments, locations and operations. These individuals were intelligence agents of the industrial, scientific and technical bureau of the Polish Secret Service and were located in Western Europe and the United States.

Aleksei also worked with U.S. Intelligence authorities here on over 2,000 cases of new matters involving agents of Polish Military Intelligence, East German Secret Service, the KGB-GRU, etc. He detailed for U.S. authorities many secret items regarding Soviet army mobilization, location, structure, political and other plans having to do with their operations throughout Eastern Europe and the satellite countries.

His disclosures included naming spies and agents throughout Western Europe and in U.S. Government Departments and Agencies. Information supplied by Aleksei was of great importance to the United States and the Free World and resulted in the breaking up of spy rings in several countries and the arrest and conviction of a number of Communist intelligence officials and agents.


The illegal resident of the Soviet GRU in England, Soviet Col. Melody alias Gordon Lonsdale, and his four agents Houghton, Lee, and Peter and Helen Kroger alias Cohen, were uncovered through Aleksei’s information. From this case developed, through Houghton, the case of KGB (copted) agent Vassal of British Naval Intelligence.

From Aleksei’s information was developed the case of Col. Beer alias Bieber who was the military adviser to the Israel government. Also was developed the case of Col. Wennerstrom of Sweden who was actually a KGB General. (He had been in the United States for five years as a spy undetected.)

Aleksei’s information caused the unmasking of hundreds of White Russian nationalists who had been supporting the West but who were enforced into involuntary service for the KGB. Another case was that of George Blake, a very high British intelligence official connected with MI-6 in London. Through Blake the U.S. CIA lost 1,200 intelligence cases in the anti-Soviet sector due to his being on a high level access to secret information.

Aleksei’s information resulted in uncovering Felfe, Clemenz, Fuhrmann and others in West German intelligence who were actually working under KGB orders and who for ten years threatened the security of England, West Germany and the United States. Their activities neutralized the activities of the CIA in thousands of cases.

In Denmark the case of Blekinberg and in France the case of Bitonski resulted from Aleksei’s exposures, as did details of KGB penetration which uncovered part of Aleksei’s efforts in the East and fully uncovered Col. Oleg Penkovskiy in the Soviet Union in 1961. This is the same man whose experiences are detailed in the book, THE PENKOVSKIY PAPERS.

Aleksei exposed the supposedly anti-communist Polish Nationalists as having really been created, inspired and directed via the MGB by Stalin personally in 1948 to 1952. The CIA financed $1,180,000 of this organization’s activities. This money was actually used to support MGB and KGB penetration into the CIA and other American intelligence groups. Over one thousand genuine Polish nationalists were entrapped and imprisoned. Among those jailed were an additional hundred members of the All Russian Nationalities Underground, all of whom had been fighting against the Stalin regime after World War II.

While still in Poland Aleksei transmitted full details of a Communist-Nazi underground movement created prior to 1944 by Martin Borman and other high Nazis who realized Germany was going to lose the war. It had started as Nazi but became an instrument of KGB and GRU. Aleksei gave details of officials of this group who included Martin Borman, Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller and SS Chief Gottleib Berger, and stated that they are all still alive and working in this Nazi-Bolshevik underground movement. [H: Readers, when the term “now” is used don’t get so absorbed in the story as to forget this was written in Feb. 1966 and I am here to tell you that it was WRITTEN DIRECTLY BY ALEXEI ROMANOFF. However, it will be obvious that many of the persons named herein will not still be living.]


As to how accurate Aleksei’s information was, there are the actual cases cited, plus statements made by U.S. officials in the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee Hearing, State-Department Security 1963-65. We find on page 624 where Chief Counsel Mr. Sourwine is questioning John R. Norpel who had been in the FBI and State Department Security.

Mr. Sourwine: Do you know whether any information furnished to the U.S. Government--I will put it another way: do you know of any information ever furnished to the U.S. Government by Goleniewski which turned out to untrue or inaccurate?

Mr. Norpel: I do not; no, sir.

Mr. Sourwine: Do you know whether the information which has been furnished by him has been checked out in all or in a substantial part?

Mr Norpel: Substantial....

Mr. Sourwine: I would have to make that with respect to the portion of it that you know about.

Mr. Norpel: Yes, sir; it was checked out.

Mr. Sourwine: And it proved true in every case?

Mr. Norpel: Every case that I am aware of.

Over one hundred people in U.S. Government, in the FBI, CIA, State Department, etc., know either all or part of the Goleniewski story, and most of these know his true identity.

What is involved here is more than just the identification of the legal heir to the throne of Russia. A sum of some four hundred million dollars held in Western banks would belong to Aleksei upon proper identification. He has stated the money would be used for the most part in combatting the International Communist Conspiracy and freeing the one billion people held in the most tyrannical rule the world has ever known. Once his identity were established he would rally to the anti-Communist cause millions of people who would take new hope and start liberation movements and intensified underground resistance. He would definitely be the focal point of the anti-Communist cause. This could be the reason that, although proof enough to satisfy even the most skeptical person exists, those who are in possession of the documents remain silent.


The Washington Daily News of Jan. 19, 1965, published a United Press International dispatch which stated, “A former Central Intelligence Agency official challenged the agency today to disclose evidence that a Polish spy who defected to the West in 1960 is actually the son of the last Russian Czar.

Herman Kimsey, who was chief of analysis and research for CIA and more recently was assistant chief of security for the Republican National Committee, said the agency has made exhaustive tests to establish the true identity of Col. Michal Goleniewski.

He said he is convinced the tests proved the mysterious Pole is Grand Duke Alexei, only son of Czar Nicholas II....”

“‘I do not know why the CIA has withheld the necessary proof of identity from a person who has done so much for this country and who only wishes to live under his own name and claim what is rightfully his,’ Mr. Kimsey said...”

During the months of 1961 when Col. Goleniewski’s antecedents were under CIA scrutiny with the aid of information from British Intelligence, Mr. Kimsey was head of CIA’s research section...”

Mr. Kimsey said he had knowledge of comparisons of fingerprints, sole prints, and dental charts of Col. Goleniewski and the Czarevich.

Dr. Alexander S. Wiener, co-discoverer of the RH-blood factor, ran blood tests on Col. Goleniewski and found he suffers from hemophilia, as did the Czarevich. Col. Goleniewski limps from a hemophiliac leg malformation. So did the Czar’s son.”

On the December 23, 1964 CBS Television Network’s afternoon program, To Tell The Truth, Cleve Backster, Chairman of the Polygraph Research Committee of the Academy for Scientific Interrogation, 165 West 46th St., New York, N.Y. shocked thirteen million viewers by announcing that the Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaevich of Russia is alive and his identity has been verified by scientific evidence which includes fingerprint and dental comparisons. Because of their disappearance, history has inaccurately assumed that the last Russian Tsar and his family were massacred in 1918.

Mr. Backster, who founded the polygraph section of the Central Intelligence Agency and trained the initial polygraph staff for the National Security Agency, was introduced to the TV show panel in several of his capacities including that of Chief Investigator on the reappearance of the Romanoffs, the Russian Imperial Family.” (from an authorized release of the Academy for Scientific Interrogation, dated Dec. 23, 1964)

Cleve Backster has been a consultant to the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, French Surete, West German Army and the Japanese Police among many others. One might say he is an “expert”.

To sum it up, there is evidence of Aleksei’s identity consisting of fingerprints, sole prints, bloodtests, dental comparisons, physiognomy comparisons, series of photographs, affidavits, investigation reports, intelligence information and more, all of which could be made available so that he might prove his identity and legally assume his rightful name. The anti-Communist movements and the Free World would have much to gain in finances and morale by seeing that the truth in this case is made public. Members of Congress should be urged to demand that the CIA release the facts.


Thank you for a long day of work at the keyboard. The subjects covered may at first glance seem disconnected--but remember, chelas, NOTHING IS DISCONNECTED! SALU.



SAT., MAR. 12, 1994 9:51 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 208

SAT., MAR. 12, 1994


I am asking that the editors bypass this resource in entering some very urgent information into the paper. I do not need to comment at this time--just allow the readers to understand the urgency in the information offered. I also ask that a stress be placed on getting Serge Monast’s Journals. Why more urgency? Because in the Canadian instance (Serge Monast, Canadian Journalist) the time is at hand to publicize and support for his life is under threat NOW! For instance, the information regarding the Military College which has just come under full United Nations control in St-John (Que.) is of “express” material. This institution in point is urgently important, is less than 40 miles north of New York state and is a JOINT-VENTURE which will train, almost exclusively, ones to attend citizen concentration camps.

Mr. Monast also shares with you that there are large troop transports making regularly “international” flights across the Canada-U.S. borders INTO Canada. This is obviously a major position move staged prior to the upcoming Provincial election and Referendum concerning the Independence of Quebec. This whole confrontation can end up in a Canadian civil war so all measures will be taken to prevent such an outbreak. Some of you just don’t roll over and “go dead”.

I ask that information be given regarding the obtaining of Monast’s books, so that he gets support for them IMMEDIATELY on print-shop release. Thank you.

Serge Manasts books:

A series of 4 books on The United Nations Concentration Camps Program in America:

* Coup D’etat And War Preparations In America, BookI; $12 U.S.

* Birth Of A Police State In Averica, Book II; $12 U.S.

* The Concentration Camps’ Program, Book III; $12 U.S.

* The United Nations’ Medical Conspiracy And The Slave Labor In America: Book IV; $12 U.S.

All prices are postage and handling included. Donations are more than welcome to help spread these writings.

For those interested in obtaining each book after each printing, send postal or bank money order to:

Mr. Serge Monast, P.O. Box 359, Mansonville, Que., Canada JOE IXO


I am asked time and time again to specifically comment on the things of Canada. I simply cannot spread my people so thin as to take up political and revelation as represents separation--especially of these two particular countries. YOU ARE NOW BASICALLY ALL THE SAME “ONE” UNDER ONE WORLD ORDER AND U.N. GOVERNMENT. I MUST CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON ROOT CAUSES AND IMPLICATIONS. For instance, if you consider the JOB now held by Mulrooney of Canada with ARCHER MIDLAND (U.S.-America’s world’s largest Grain Cartel) you will see that there already are NO BOUNDARIES except in your “minds”--the political limits are already surpassed long before any NAFTA bargains.


The second thing that comes to me for comment this morning is the ruling by Judge David Kagen, of the Federal District Court in Reno, Nevada, March 4, 1994, who issued a DECLARATORY JUDGMENT that:

  1. The 16th Amendment [income tax] was and is invalid;

  2. Federal Reserve Act of 1913, is declared Unconstitutional as it was and is applied to State Citizens,

  3. Gold Reserve Act of 1934, to be fraud on its surface and to be declared Unconstitutional.

  4. Title 26 USC [The Internal Revenue Code] to apply to the Federal United States, (not to the Citizens of the fifty States) and all other implications to be fraud and declared Unconstitutional.

The Case is known as:

Ronald L. Jackson vs United States, et al.

Case No: CV-N-93-401-DWR

I have to decline to comment on the case in point since on March 9th the Ninth Circuit Court of San Francisco, has placed a Federal Gag Order on Ronald Jackson and all parties involved with that case. I will, however, ask the editors to make sure information regarding finding out further actions and plans be placed in this paper.

You, as a nation, are up against a very LARGE Judicial System now structured to delete all Constitutional Law. You are now functioning under the New Order NewStates rules and regulations so I can’t see that unless you unify in great masses that you can do much to actually thwart the Big Boys. However it can be a “beginning” of a demand to stop this gagging of TRUTH and precipitate HEARING. I can only suggest you get as informed as possible and then act in GOOD conscience and according to capability. God bless you who take action without waiting for another to do YOUR share.


This next is a personal message to me from a beloved friend in South Africa. I need not comment as it is pretty obvious that the perceptions about ongoing circumstances in Africa are very much “on target” and whatever deviation from critical interpretation is totally unimportant in the overall realization of that which is taking place. Things of very similar nature are taking place around your globe as the Adversary World Order takes possession of the globe--we simply have to “share” that which is offered to us for sharing by eye-witness accounts, when ones are daring enough to get the information “out” and to us. I will always demand protection and cover for the individuals involved.

I am weary of the nit-picking accusations and threats against my people and myself. It doesn’t matter who they are or who I am. If you want Truth, then why do you continue to harangue over resource? If YOU have information of TRUTH and you contain it hidden behind your EGO while your nations explode, you are worse than the Evil being in the action against humanity in freedom. I am sick of your “copyright” garbage that disallows presenting of fragments of truth that allow you to become informed. We are not interested in YOUR MATERIAL--we are determined, if your material be worthy--of GETTING THE READERS TO OBTAIN YOUR MATERIAL--WE OFFER BUT JOURNALS REVIEWING THE INFORMATION AS IS NECESSARY FOR YOUR CURRENT INPUT.

We receive piles of material every day--EVERY DAY. Not surprisingly, many senders DO NOT WANT TO BE IDENTIFIED AND ALSO REMOVE ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION FROM THE “DOCUMENTS”. If we print something without credits, I expect you readers to get it for us--Col. Gritz may wish to suggest that if I be who I say I am--I already have it. Well, so be it, MY having it is NOT your having it! Further, if you expect NEW REVELATIONS--AND THEN REFUSE THE “NEW” REVELATIONS--and claim they are not as the “Old” and therefore invalid--where lies the “reasoning”?

Col. Gritz, for instance, rejects the possibility that “I” (Hatonn, etc.) am who I claim to be and am but “Doris and E.J. Ekker and maybe even George Green”. This is quite sad for he claims to be a Mormon by “current” “faith”--who is Joseph Smith? Who was the angel Moroni or Gabriel? Were “they” Joseph Smith? Moreover, Doris does not nor ever has so much as suggested she is even “psychic”--much less a “Prophetess” as Gritz points out. He only suggests she doesn’t “put on a very good ‘show’”. WE ARE NOT HERE TO PUT ON A SHOW OF SOME KIND SO WHY WOULD THERE BE A “SHOW” FOR SUCH AS GRITZ? He also wanted the whole of the secrets of the spiritual “revelations” of individual self--a difficult thing for an already BLIND MAN TO SEE! His “concern” SHOULD have been measured by the garbage usually tossed in upon the unsuspecting listener in the goings on of “show and tell”. So, in his own type of non-statement: If Col. Gritz is such an informed and enlightened being--he certainly chooses a strange way of exhibiting it and, his choice of co-workers is far MORE THAN INTERESTING. I would further suggest that he go and CAREFULLY study everything that “I” offered, and still do, on the PHOTON BELT and glasses for protecting eyes--and perhaps he will appear less a FOOL to the ones who HAVE.

He also states that as far as “Hatonn is working in behalf of the Constitution, he will go along....” B.S., for as long as ones work in behalf of the Constitution, FALSELY, while USING THE CITIZENS--I DO NOT SUPPORT THEM! GOD HAS ONE FACE--THE FACE OF LIGHTED TRUTH AND HE CHANGES NOT HIS FACE AS TO THE WISHES OF THOSE WHO INDIVIDUALLY PERCEIVE ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL EGO. LET IT BE KNOWN.

I now ask that we offer, as is, the document from South Africa:

11th March 1994

Dear Commander Hatonn,

And thus and so begins the beginning of the END for S. Africa. As I’m sure you have seen, the situation in Bophuthatswana is chaotic as Marxists and outright hooligans storm though this tiny fragmented INDEPENDENT country burning, looting and destroying as far as they go--tacitly backed by the de Klerk sell out (to the Adversary) “government of SA”, and to so-called, Transitional Executive Committee (TEC) comprising ANC members and sympathizers.

Sadly, sadly those desperately trying to stem this horrendous tide of anarchy on moral grounds, are promoted and being perceived, the enemy ... of “democracy”--needless to say, when they mean, “DEMON-ocracy”!

Meanwhile the life of Pros. Lucas Mangope (of Bop.) is in great danger, and if the Seer, Credo Mutwa (“Indaba My Children”, fame) is anything to go by, Mangope will not physically survive this insurrection. ...Whilst Credo himself, living in Mafakang/Mmbatho, capitol of Bop, is also on the line for warning, as he has.

Pray for us here in SA, and for those who’ve fought hard and long to bring TRUTH. Give help, comfort and insight that they may have the strength to remain beacons for Almighty God/Aton, in this darkening Land.

We, ourselves (personally) are currently surrounded by some 2,000 “squatters”--presumably positioned by the ANC to overwhelm the vote in the up and coming April 27th “Democratic” Elections. Every night of our lives over the past 6 weeks odd, we have been kept awake by our dogs barking at prowlers (intimidators!), but obviously one can’t call in the police every time your dog barks. Theft and rape, come to be the favoured form of intimidation, with the odd murder thrown in for “good measure”.

As far as SA is concerned in the End Times scenario as seen by Nostradamus--SA, a state then unknown in the C16th, in v.8/95 of the Book of Centuries, speaks of a “deceiver” (Mandela??) held in the dungeon for many years who seeks to seduce the world and sway opinion in his favour. Certainly, aided and abetted by KGB colonel, and SA Communist Party Chairman, Joe Slovo and his Kremlin-trained henchmen. Communism--Stalin & Mao-style, is on the loose in SA right now, this very moment, today!: 11/3/1994 [March 11, 1994], with more than just a little help from the U.S. Government and your State Department--and their World Order manipulators!

In the same breath (verse) Nostradamus refers to, “le Clerc” (de Klerk) as the “chef” (headman or chief--State President?) of “the Land of the Elephant”, who carries a staff with his emblem--joining forces (with the above?). Certainly by his sellout actions since assuming power, Mr. de Klerk fits the bill, and the entire of SA is in extreme jeopardy of a genocide of an order yet to be seen.

As I understand it, this verse is the penultimate warning to the globe of the intentions of the diabolical “Adversary” for mankind. ...And, from our perspective, our getting off the Planet (and as I feel right now, hopefully) once and for all!

Love and Blessings from Righteously (?) angry S. African, ...and PLEASE, CONTACT READERS, let this serve as a WARNING ALARM!

[D.E.: I apologize if the names and places are mispronounced or misspelled--the FAX is so poor in quality and I am so ignorant about these names and places that I must surely have erred with those SA names. I do, however, find my own problems a lot less bothersome after this message...!]



SAT., MAR. 12, 1994 1:44 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 208

SAT., MAR. 12, 1994

As we sit to write this next, it comes following many interruptions, changes of duty stations and other inconveniences in which my scribe has thrust the following notice in my vision:


I stand advised that the next subject is distasteful and totally terrifying. AND--suitable to the “notice” in point.

All is “old”--all is “new” for in the heavens and in the span of experience there is no then or when--only NOW. For those of you who have dwelled on many planets, many experiences under your sequential travels--you now become basically ones dwelling on “two” planets--as the old will merge with that which is perceived as “new”. Moreover, your attention will have to occasionally turn back to the experiences which were flourishing at the times of major changes prior to this “great” cycle conclusion and conceiving. You shall have to be reminded of that which was taking place in the societies and scientific quarters of, say, old Atlantis--to be able to comprehend that which is upon you as planetary citizens of this day.


We must return again and again to the “Light” realization and true function of “mind”. For one is the source and the other the “projection” of God’s thought as manifest. As this evolvement into realization comes into your consciousness there will be much repeated and brought within, again, your consciousness, i.e., “This is before the coming of a new Heaven and a new Earth, in which shall reign the Prince of Peace for ever and forever, as the Old shall be passed away, for lo! on Earth there is nothing great but man; in man there is NOTHING GREAT BUT MIND.Riddle? Perhaps--but only until the answers become awareness. Of GOD there is nothing “mystical”--only great mystery. As with all “mysteries” it is only mystery until there is KNOWING! So I urge you as in the warning of Apothegm of Narada, “Never utter these words: ‘I do not know this, therefore it is false.’ One must study to KNOW; know to understand; understand to judge.” It is as I WARN ones who judge my own presence and that which I AM--ETERNALLY IN SERVICE UNTO GOD OF HOLY, CREATIVE LIGHT, HIS MESSENGER WITHIN THE HOSTS IN PREPARATION OF PLACEMENT FOR HIS FOCUS UPON THE PERCEIVED STAGE OF HUMAN PHYSICAL PERCEPTION.

My scribe offers not to be “me” nor the “Christ” nor any other than what she IS. I am NOT “on” your place for I spend my energies in the bringing forth in fulfillment of a major final promise of GOD--to deliver Truth into your hands for your “learned” decision-making. I do not have further attention to your matters for my purpose is to bring that WORD, make sure a remnant of God’s creation of perfection, MAN, be brought through a time of travail and into-within LIGHT for the expansion and progression of soul in its infinite journey. If God does not pronounce his ‘TIMING’ for those of us in his travel-chariots, why would we be “guessing” at fortune-telling to repeat that which is UNKNOWN? I do not claim prophecy or profit--I AM, and therefore, I KNOW and because I KNOW--I AM THAT YOU MIGHT BECOME! For those who choose to disregard me and any of that which I bring--so be it for “your” journey is your own and your purpose your own.

What, however, is going on in the deep places under your perceived world of tinkering and experience is going far beyond the acceptable limits of God’s allowable expression for in some of the crossing of DNA blueprints--that which is totally destructive and unacceptable to both man, plant and beast is being brought forth.


Are there reptilian presentations? Yes, but the most “weird” and pathetic are those crossed from higher intelligenced beings by your own Satanic (serpent) vipers.

Do these ones come from Orion constellation? Some, yes. But you do not understand the transition and that is not the purpose of this writing so please allow us to take that up at another time. Orion DOES represent an intermediary resource from whence came some of the travelers caught in the exchange of LIGHT and DARKNESS.

You ones who read these words must understand that while you have not been given the ability to see that which has unfolded that you have sequenced actions to the point that in many of the considered “modern” facilities of your own underground laboratories and cities--you are into the third and fourth GENERATION of people. Indeed I mean YOUR people INVOLVED IN THE EXPERIMENTS IN COALITION WITH THE ANTI-CHRIST FORCES OF WOULD-BE WORLD RULERS.

Philosophers have speculated and cannot even begin to comprehend the narrowness of their perceptions. I think quickly of the philosophy as presented, say, by such as Lao Russell of the University of Science and Philosophy, or the Mormon Church, newly “revised” church denominations, the Catholic as separate from the (c)atholic church and more particularly the NEW AGE MOVEMENT. (How many of you realize that in Japan, as a for instance, the word “Mormon” is not used for in that oriental language “Mormon” means “Satan”?) Does this mean that I pronounce “Mormon” to be Satanic? No, you must be the judge of ACTIONS of ANY group (cult) or “church”. “Cult” is not a BAD label--IT SIMPLY MEANS “CHURCH” OR FOLLOWERS OF AN IDEA OR IDEAL. It has been turned by definition change into something “Occult” and no longer representative of its original meaning.

Do “I”, Hatonn, have followers as Gritz, Green et al. project? NO, not by any doing of my own or my immediate crew. In fact my demand is that there shall be NO GROUP SET UP IN MY OR ANY OTHER NAME! OUR HOMAGE AND SERVICE IS SINGULARLY WITH GOD--AND NO MAN SHALL INTERJECT HIMSELF/HERSELF INTO THAT PLACEMENT. Neither shall there be “church” or “group” to outline doctrines as voted-in by “man”. Our honor and allegiance is to ONE--CREATOR/CREATION--GOD. Each individual energy MUST have his/her OWN relationship with that one God because the final judgements will be made by those seeming “two” individuals and no other.

There came, lo those eons ago, a dividing of “the way”. During the times of radiance there is no one above another nor saviors, just a monotheistic realization of acceptance. I believe if you could again remember the experiences on such as Atlantis in her day of radiance you would find the realization, which I suppose today you would call religion, to differ very little from that which began as the Hebraic civilization dominant at the time of realization of that particular experiencing humanity. There was no recognition of a divine “trinity”, nor any Christ-spirit, neither any “savior” except the endeavor to do “for self” the best we knew in the sight of that which was labelled Incal at the time--a simple language translation of “God”. All of mankind were recognized and considered as the “sons of God”--not any ONE mysteriously conceived person as “HIS” son.

Miracles were a “no” thing--an impossible perception for all things were deemed rationally referable to uncontravenable law. So YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY, BABY--INTO THE DARKNESS OF EXPERIENCE AND FORGETFULNESS. YOU as a consciousness presentation of physical society literally fell back into the perceptions which restrict you now and keep you separated from God. Then when you allowed “death” to enter again into the sum of human reckoning, and until the WORD be observed, no man would be able to know a “deathless” condition in his consciousness. On this TRUTH, you see, DEPENDED ALL KNOWLEDGE; no occult law is so great as this. In the consummation of KNOWING you will again recognize a surprising reversal of truth as that which is in, say, “faith” which would seem the opposite of “Knowing”--but “faith” shall become “knowing”. Belief shall be the equal reflection of its mirror of science--through manifestation of “knowing” giving scientific basis for judgement. And, in that day the WORD shall blaze through as it is, the sun of glorious new meaning. If we would use the term “religion” it would become recognized as the “binding together” without beginning or ending--or, a seeming “cross” with no closed ends.

As we speak of that which will be and that which is, we must consider the confusion of progression and the deviant behaviors of the manipulators of the human realm. In TRUTH it is ONLY identity of thought which makes “nearness” of souls. As the grand march of souls following after Christ (a state of goodly beingness in God expression) draws nearer unto God, those planes as recognized, where all souls are together in the thought and concept, will be the planes mainly occupied by humanity, till at the glorious last none shall be apart from any other, or from the Father. Therefore it MUST BE CONFRONTED--THERE SHALL BE THE CERTAIN SEPARATION, SORTING AND CLEANSING.


If you be soul-bearing (not a mechanically conjured structure of human development only) it is certain that one day God, creator of all things whatever, shall enter into thee. Then your spirit, which is a ray of His Spirit, shed into the darkness of life by Him, shall reunite with HIM. And because He creates by constant Logos all things and state of Being, and is immanent in it ALL, knowing it ALL, so when He enters your soul, you shall know all things likewise, and, in less measure, truly, also create. You shall know that, in the chemical sense, only ONE element exists, operated upon by FORCE. Then all “elements”, as you know them, will be seen to be but different speeds of the molecular formation of the One Element by varying degrees of the One Force--and LIGHT, heat, sound and all solid, liquid and gaseous substances will be seen to be different NOT IN MATERIAL, BUT IN SPEED ONLY.

That KNOWLEDGE underlies all life--physics, chemics, sonants, calories, chromatics, electrics and all and every possible aspect of nature. Such is the supreme law of God, and He is nature, though Nature is NOT “conversely”, God. Another law is that of compensation; and I might continue my digression to speak of it here for it has been told to you many times before and the information basically buried in the writings doomed to the archives of secrecy by the Adversarial forces to God.

Let us call it “law”. This law, then, not only governs all matter, but that of which matter is the reflection--Spirit, and the soul realm. I need offer but a single brief instance in material nature--the screw plane. As the plane of a screw is greater or less in its inclination, so will its action be either rapid or powerful, but NEVER BOTH AT ONCE. If the thread be slight in pitch, the screw-bar will progress through its nut very slowly, but--as exerted in a screw press--the crushing force will be enormous. Vice versa; if the pitch be steep, the screw-bar will progress rapidly as to-wit: the screw nail, which may be driven into wood with a hammer, and revolves as it goes within.

Now let us look at the soul realm: If a human being is content with the gradual, easy pitch of the God-ward ascending plane of pure daily life, daily temptations to work in error, and too often fall, progress upward will be slow, but very sure. But, on the contrary, if eager to learn rapidly, it must meet in a few hours all the crushing force of temptations to err and to sin which the ordinary man meets distributed through many, many incarnations, covering ages, aye, aeonian time. In the one case the Father gives sufficient of the daily bread of strength unto men to enable them to progress very slowly, but with certainty. In the other, all the splendid reserve of resistant force of a very God is needed, for all the power of “Lucifer”--that high nature spirit who was incarnate in the planet which disrupted into the solar asteroidal belt, upon the lapse, the failure of its Soul--all of his glorious power sufficed not to carry him to victory, so he fell.

God-Christ in you can alone win this struggle. Truly, no mere human, so long as he remains Man, can have such a temptation; not yourself or any other presented to and subjected to such a severe testing as underwent that originally sublime world soul, Lucifer--except in relative perception. I use “relative”, for consider this: that if a fly or an ant be subjected to all it can endure, then its pain at that point is as severe as that of a man at his own breaking strain.


There is but ONE “guide” in actuality; follow and WIN; follow not, and fail.

This is a new conception if you understand not the concept of God THOUGHT in creation of YOU, expressing. But learn you must that there is an “animating” ego, a world spirit, inmateriated not just within “you” but within each and every star, each planet, every stellar body--just as there is an individual soul in each human, animal or plant body.

Spirits of MEN will progress, will face the supreme ordeal and, if they pass victorious, will enter that long rest, heaven, devachan--call it as you will, but “Nirvana” will serve the definition purpose here.

So what do I suggest herein? That just as the GREATER beingness underwent the TRIAL OF TRANSFIGURATION, you too shall come to confront this lesson and “trial”. My task, among others, is to allow you to understand the actual meaning of ASCENSION so that you are not distracted by the great “conclave” givers who would somehow teach you to physically “ascend”--how totally absurd. You will find, in addition, that the great “conclave” presenters--fail to mention GOD in the equation of ascension OR THE PURPOSE OF SUCH TRANSFIGURATION. It saddens me greatly that ones of such human limitation will, in addition, call these ridiculous conclaves and seminars, FOR A GREAT PRICE, OF COURSE, in the wondrous name of such as Germain, Lord Michael, etc. Do you not realize, beloved readers, that it is Lord Michael that enforced the departure of Lucifer from the heavenly realms of Light AND CAST HIM INTO THE SEA OF PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE WHEREIN HIS ACTIONS ARE LIMITED TO THAT OF THE PHYSICAL?? Be very, very careful upon which you bite and chew.

In this instance I fully, totally agree with those projections of Col. Gritz--KNOW, study and know, for in this time of cycle change--shall be presented many false teachers, prophets and claimers of christness. It is simply too sad that the speaker practices not his own lessons! As to such open judgment? WHATEVER ERROR YOU PROJECT UPON ANOTHER IN JUDGMENT--SO TOO ARE YOU IN DANGER OF THE COMMITTING!! In fact, you will find that the judgmental accuser is most often GUILTY of that which is projected in judgement!

Judge not, lest thou be judged,” is a pretty good rule of thumb in practice. You must come to have placed a light from God within the inner self--but let it shine, do not bury it. But do not egotistically dump it all over those who are blinded. Hide it not, but let it so shine that it gives light to the erring ones who have no light. Pity them, deplore their errors, but if you condemn them you shall not follow HIM who said, “neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

Before going into the subject of underworld transgressions, let me remind you: in addition to being non-judgmental, you must always be alert to the answering of your petitions unto God. If you knock, beloved ones, it SHALL be opened unto you. But I suggest you knock with the will of the Spirit for, although the mind knocks forever, the WAY shall not be opened unto it in its ego-limitation of “self-ness”. Ask, and it shall be given. But although the “animal” man asks, no answer shall be given except unto SPIRIT within the “man” for the request must be made by the Spirit in you for the Truths of God, and not for earthly things; these last follow as shade follows the sun.

Whatever is asked of the Father in the Christ’s name and by his will, shall HE grant. So, it behooves to consider carefully those things for which you ask in the NAME OF CHRIST--THEY NEED BE REPRESENTATIVE OF THAT WHICH IS HIS KINGDOM--not your “druthers” or daily luxuries. Those things of physical manifestation are but tools for the use of the soul in its progressive journey.

Then, in the final analysis of that which is proper in behavior: Do unto others as you would be done by and as you do unto the least of your fellow creatures, in that manner and measure is it done unto your God Creator, and so shall be done unto you again. Remember always: Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

Keep God’s commandments for in that keeping shall WISDOM prevail and in WISDOM shall you become “everlasting” wherein is ALL wisdom.

So with these remindings in mind I am asked again and again, “But what will become of this or that--nation or planet or whatever….?” Dear ones, you do not re-write the script and therefore as you proceed upon your physical expression of destruction of that which is creation--you must pay the price of that indiscretion of lack of wisdom. Shall America, say, the Glorious, together with the rest of the world, meet similar ends to those ancient civilizations and places long cycled? Yes, only in this conclusion it shall be worse--it shall be by unquenchable “fire”, not as Atlantis, Pan or Lemura--it shall be through the total ignorance and deceit of mankind bringing the devastation upon himself and his civilization. I am not the creator of such scenario but I can bring you, in remembering, the words offered by ancient ones, Isaiah and Malachi--and the brothers of the ancients: The day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come nigh” ... “Behold, the day...that burneth as an oven.”

In this hour as it strikes there is yet no mystery, no supernatural penalty or capricious infliction by an offended personal God. Therefore it behooves you attend your lessons of TRUTH well indeed, for it is only of YOUR choosing--that which is THE WAY. If it be centered in the doctrines or presentment of MAN--it will merit you great headaches and hot feet. GOD IS SPIRITUAL TRUTH IN BALANCE AND HARMONY--WHICH INTERPRETS INTO: “LOVE” AND “LIGHT”. BY FOLLOWING THE DARK TRAIL HEADED BY DARK AGENTS OF YOUR OWN ADVERSARY--YOU SHALL COME INTO DARKNESS FOR THERE IS NO OTHER AVAILABLE PHYSICAL OUTCOME OF THE PHYSICAL JOURNEY. “MAN”, READERS, IS HIS OWN JUDGE--AND HIS OWN EXECUTIONER!


I am going to offer you a writing from a “friend”. I must protect more carefully than usual this source and this party’s source for it is critical to the safety of the offering informant. The material was not brought “out” to stir new confusion. The information is backed by “notes” scribbled on papers which were hidden and smuggled to the surface and, through a long rope of individuals, came to rest in my keeping. I will offer those notes, as written, without explanation in a bit, but first I will share the correspondence. We were asked to share the information but asked to not give identification. We are most happy to oblige and thank the presenters for the sharing.

The story is all but unfathomable but in view of what you are seeing on your vidiot-boxes and dis-, mis-, and quasi-true- information, you will, I’m sure, have to consider the TRUTH in the documentation. This particular offering comes from Utah, U.S.A., but I assure you, it could come from any number of dozens of locations. The EXPERIMENTS are getting totally out of hand and control, readers. Your Elite misfits have created literal “monsters” and “goblins” which can destroy you if unleashed and I see not how you can much longer PREVENT such unleashing.


Feb. 28, 1994

Greetings from Salt Lake, my friend. Things are getting stranger and stranger all the time. I received some very interesting information last evening that confirms much of what Commander has been telling us about underground facilities, genetic experimentation, clones, reptilian beings, etc. I had a meeting with a woman who lives out in Magna. Magna is a small mining town southwest of Salt Lake. It lies at the base of a small mountain range we call the West Mountains.

We will call this woman “Jane” for now. Jane is a casual CONTACT reader and has lived in this area for some time. She has had several strange experiences on her property over the last several years. She recently came in contact with a “man”, through a third party, who gave her the handwritten notes that are enclosed. Jane, who is quite psychic in ability, sensed that this man was very different. After conversing with him for about an hour, he gradually started opening up to her. He told her that he lived inside the West Mountains, in a ten-level underground facility, and that he was a third-generation resident of the facility. He, along with many others, was trained from birth and was only allowed out occasionally to get fresh air and some sunlight.

When Jane asked him why he was telling her these things, he told her that he cared for Jane’s friend, and that he needed to tell someone about all this. He also told her that he heard a voice within himself, but that his “trainers” had instructed him to suppress that voice. Jane asked him if he believed in God and he replied that he did not. Jane admonished him to start listening to the voice, as it might well be his “higher self” seeking to guide him. He told her he “would try”.

He told her about genetic experiments in the mountain that had been started many years ago by the Orions. [H: Readers, in case you wonder HOW this could go on as to digging and construction, etc., without realization of what was going on on the outside, I remind you--a lot of “mining” goes (went) on in the area AND much has been covered by the Mormon Church’s focus on underground or cave security places for storage of archives and such. Add this to the ongoing experiments at places such as Tooele and Dugway Proving Grounds and you have EASY opportunity to work without notice of any particular activities. Remember, there can be major activities of building, digging, trenching, etc., right under your noses and all you do is wonder “what that is for”. You are an easy lot to keep in silence and ignorance for you do not question the rule-keepers and regulators--you just ACCEPT that you’re not supposed to “know” or you could actually not care less! The “easiest” hiding place is directly under your noses, eyes and ears.] Golden Retrievers (canine) were being mixed with human beings, and could actually speak. Reptilian beings were also held there. Every conceivable cross-breed was being attempted, sometimes with horrible consequences. Jane was offered a job as an “animal trainer” because sometimes the animals would get out of control. Jane told of many eyewitness reports of strange animals by residents in her community. Her son reported seeing a coyote that hopped like a deer. Huge insects have been reported in the area.

One of the strangest reports was a small dark man that kept appearing and disappearing at various times to her son. This “man” would occasionally talk to him as well. When Jane described this to Mr. X, he told her that this was a holographic projection of a human that had been created inside the mountain and that there were many others like him.

Jane had found out a year ago from another source that many of the homeless people in Salt Lake were missing and that there were reports of blue trucks picking up the street people and taking them away. Mr. X confirmed this, and told Jane she had better keep her mouth shut about it. He told her that he was one of three “plants” inside the homeless community and that he had heard that her friend was spreading the information about the blue trucks. He warned her several times to keep quiet about this.

He said that they are taking these people to detention camps (locations named in handwritten notes) and using them for all kinds of heinous experiments. He told her that 90% of the street people were infected with HIV, and that nobody cared about them, and that was why they were chosen to be used like this. When I heard about this, I became very sick inside. This is not right. These are human beings, with feelings and emotions just like us. I don’t know how we can stop this kind of vile activity, short of exposing it in the CONTACT, etc. You have permission to reprint this, if the Commander agrees, without our names, of course. Maybe this information may get someone in trouble if it is printed, I don’t know.

He also confirmed that the grid system is fully functional and that was (is) one reason why people were walking into supermarkets and restaurants and shooting people. Many other horrible things were taking place in those underground facilities. None of this will come as a surprise to regular CONTACT readers, but it is good to get confirmation from other sources now and then. Copies of the handwritten notes are enclosed. You will notice that he not only names the black projects, but also gives them numbers. It appears that this man is for real.

Keep up the good work at the CONTACT. We all appreciate your courage and dedication in exposing the dark deeds of the Elite and bringing forth the light from the Hosts. We are just hoping and praying that the Elite’s reign of terror will soon come to an end. God bless Dharma and E.J. and all of the CONTACT staff. We’ll be in touch.

Sincerely yours.


The following now are simply a sampling out of what could be called a type of diary of information and events. I ask that the information be offered EXACTLY as presented without comment or interpretation. We will simply number according to “pages”.


1. Ft. Detrick, Maryland--U.S.
Army Bacteriological & Chemical Warfare
Experimental Labs.

2. Langley, West Virginia: CIA Headquarters
“The Shop”--Experiments in Biological Weapons,
Psychological Warfare, Psychics.

3. Indian Springs, California--U.S. Air Force Base
“Shut down in 1978 due to budget cutbacks!
Way station for the homeless. Experimentation in humans.

4. Dugway, Utah--U.S. Army
Biological experimentation taking place.
Biogenetic Engineering Experiments
Biological Warfare Experiments
Headquarters of D.E.R.O.

5. Battle Mountain, Nevada--U.S. Army.
Warfare Storage Facility.

6. Thunder Mountain, Nevada--U.S. Air Force
Headquarters of Project Rainbow.
Storage Facility of U.F.O.’s & Alien Space Base.


26 April, 1978: Dugway, Utah

Leak of chemical warfare gas.” Killed several sheep & other livestock--people made sick. “Transport truck overturned while disposing of nerve gas” was the story given to the public.

Field experiment #13417-T-137
Nerve gas released to determine range of open air dispersal & effects of weather on potency. 417 people died. Gov’t hushed up the press.


11 Aug., 1978: Field Experiment #13481-A

Test Sites:

New York City, New York

Miami, Florida

San Francisco, CA

Chicago, Illinois

Detroit, Michigan

Goal: to determine the extent of artificial virus in decreasing homosexual & drug-user populations.

Methods of Dispersal: 20,000 kilos of heroin is infected with HIV virus & distributed to federal agents posing as drug dealers.

Expectations: With 5 years--should make epidemic amongst homosexual population & force them back out of general population. Within 10 yrs. should have rid U.S. of most homosexuals.


14 June, 1973: Tazewell [sic probably Roswell--can’t read original], New Mexico 13:17

Code Name--Fallen Rainbow, Project Rainbow-U.S.A.F.

Description: UFO crashed & recovered WITH survivors.

387 people witnessed the crash. All disappeared with their families. “Anthrax” epidemic blamed.

Area cordoned off within 1/2 hour.

D.E.R.O. activated. Some survivors near the crash & witnesses shot on sight.

First time extra terrestrial life contact was made.

Moved to Coonty Mtn. on 15 June, 1973.

Moved to Battle Mtn. on 21 July, 1974--still there.


18 July, 1981: Coonty Mtn, Utah.

Project: Beastmaker

Moved from Ft. Detrick, Maryland due to security reasons.

Description: Genetic manipulation of different species of animals for uses in warfare. Several experiments have went wrong due to severe aggression or inability to cope with training.

Success rate: 14.37% of test subjects perform to ideal.

Best cases--Experiment 1787-P

Code name: “Outsider”

Description: Animal created from the genes of human, baboon, crocodile, lion, and dog. Physically linked with 1593-GR.

Experiment 1593-GR

Code name: “Einstein”

Description: Golden Retrievers with the intelligence of humans. Bred for spy mission in foreign countries.


PROJECT: “Homeless”

Started in 1979--

Due to needing human subjects for experiments, the U.S. government decided to use the most expendable type of people. Could no longer use criminals due to publicity, so started to experiment with people no one cares about. Test biological, chemical weapons on them. Also used for psychological tests, experimental drugs, and as a bargaining point for extraterrestrial life.

Indian Springs Air Force Base is the main terminal for dealing with them. To get them there, they are abducted from the shelters, streets and other hangouts. No public outcry due to most people not caring about them.



#13481-A: “AIDS Project”

#1787-O: “Outsider”--genetic manipulation to create perfect killing machine.

#1593-GR: “Einstein”--genetic manipulation to see how many different species can be melded together

#01961-A: “Chaera”--genetic manipulation to see how many life-forms--stored in Thunder Mtn., NV. Learned to communicate with outer space.

#3186-JC: “Christ Project”--cloning of Jesus Christ. Scrapped due to failure of subject control in 1981.

#3186-JC-A: “Christ Project”--cloning of Jesus Christ. Renewed in 1986--children raised in controlled environment.


How,” you might well inquire of selves, “did we let this happen?” Ignorance? No--unwillingness to turn from self interests into the demand of honorable Government and Constitutional openness. It sneaked up on you as the thief in the night--who now simply comes forth and is protected, from you the homeowner, by the law. The “Law” and Government are the forefront runners in the robbery division of the servants of you-the-people. The facade remains but the TRUTH is that of treason, deceit, thievery and collusion against all that is decent and honorable.

Dharma now offers to go back to the “robotic” status--for today she doesn’t like humanity very much. You see, the efforts are literally to do unto the “least” that which is also intended to be done unto the Christ “person” representative himself--TO DECEIVE YOU-THE-PEOPLE! Can “that” duplication be perfected? NO--for the evolved entity would take on the form of a reptilian and have NO SOUL. Without “soul” there can be no “Christ” replication--and the “Spirit” of the intent of the “fabricator” will take on the image of its maker! YOU SHALL NOT CREATE GOD IN YOUR IMAGE, MY FRIENDS!--SO BE IT.



TUE., MAR. 15, 1994 8:50 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 211

TUE., MAR. 15, 1994

Doris’ observations: I, Doris, am asked again and again for my own observations about what happens to us in the ongoing sagas of “SOAP”. I usually HIDE and turn over anything to my bosses because I find when I get “involved” very much--I become a bit crippled in ability to do my job. My “job” isn’t as important as almost everyone else’s--but I guess in a lot of instances it does come “first” in necessary sequence. I really want you readers to know, however, that I could (no, would) not have gotten through some of these attacks over these last couple or three years without your support. Every encounter seems worse than the last--until you study them a bit--and then you realize that your own enemy sets himself up over and over again. If I feel for George Green, for instance, at all any more--it is with PITY. Even those attorneys who work in opposition to us do us incredible service--most especially with the University of Science and Philosophy case. The stuff is in the fan and blown all over everywhere.

Mr. Gritz’s radio indiscretions, along with those of George Green, Timothy Binder and Gary Anderson, have made it to New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Canada (played on national radio), France, Austria and goodness only knows where else--these are just places “I” have heard from.

Yesterday we had to go to court again on the matter. E.J. and I cannot afford an attorney so we are having to struggle along without official help--only that which is “allowed” from the CLC and crew. We don’t ARGUE well--and our habit of telling the truth without “oath”, under “oath” and to the magistrate, finally begins to stand us in good stead--at least with the magistrate--because the adversarial attorney is making seriously bad blunders with his fabrications.

It has become OBVIOUS that Mr. McDonald (our former attorney) sold out to the opposition--and did actually SELL our records to them--or representatives “of” them. He failed to appear yesterday as ordered by the court, but did call-in with “I am with my sick father in the hospital.” There is NO sick father! That is number uno. The next was a second call at the insistence of the Judge and this was WORSE. He hedged, lied and it was incredibly obvious to even the Judge that these were LIES and this was happening before his own court. US&P’s attorney, either uninformed or playing a “double role” made a hard, hard play in behalf of Mr. McDonald and the Judge could see through the collusion (even if there was none--it sure appeared to be A LOT).

Then in a final attempt to blow us out, after I had explained that our attorney, Mr. Methven, was no longer our attorney--Mr. Buchanan shouted out that Mr. Methven “was NEVER an attorney for the Ekkers”. He said, “Mr. Methven served and represented ONLY MR. GREEN! IN ALL APPEARANCES.” Perhaps NOW we know WHY we were deliberately fed to the hounds of Hell?! Funny thing though, EKKERs (us) JUST GOT SERVED WITH A COURT JUDGEMENT--SAYING WE OWE MR. METHVEN ALMOST $6,000 FOR UNPAID SERVICES. This had taken court time, arbitration hearings and finally the Judgement. Mr. Methven, however, joined forces with George Green, possibly in ignorance of ongoing processes, by writing a totally false statement in a legal letter stating that “the Ekkers had AVOIDED SERVICE” in his matter. NO, again! Ekkers collect “Service” papers like some people collect stamps. We graciously entertained the “server”, in fact, regarding the papers in point--it was the Christmas Holidays. The next OBVIOUS thing is that Mr. Methven not only lied regarding the matter to our “adversary” but had botched service of HIS OWN ORIGINAL PAPERS AND HAD TO ASK FOR HIS OWN “CONTINUANCE” IN THE MATTER. HE HAS STATED THAT ALL COURT DEALINGS HAD BEEN DELAYED THROUGH THIS [our] “AVOIDANCE”. FUNNY THING--the enemy gets all the documentation regarding the case from OUR OWN attorney (past) and on radio claims WE refuse to get on with the case demanding delay after delay. Good grief, no matter what we do we can’t seem to force any action at all!

The point of yesterday’s confrontation was an effort on the opposition’s part to make sure we could have NO “DISCOVERY” and, with no records, we would most certainly LOSE anything in court. No records, no legal counsel, a Judge who had already impounded the books AND ruled ME in contempt of court--what would be left in a courtroom? Well, for one thing--A JURY! And now, a LOT OF EVIDENCE OF CONSPIRACY.

The interesting thing comes forth in all this wading through the mud: Doris Ekker NEVER published ANYTHING! George Green published. Doris Ekker NEVER distributed ANYTHING! George Green distributed! Doris Ekker NEVER received anything--GREENS received EVERYTHING. It even becomes more obvious and damaging to Mr. Green. He has done the same thing to at least five other writers and/or associates. Now, please don’t lose sight of my point: Mr. Green was originally FIRST named in this suit. After SURVEILLANCE (which US&P CLAIMS they did not make), there is correspondence of threat to us--that they (US&P) had found through “investigation” that Tehachapi Distributing was but an alter-ego operation of “AMERICA WEST”. Somehow NOW that is changed to “an” “alter-ego” OF Doris and E.J. Ekker. Poor Rick lost everything he had in that business at the hands of Green, et al. And surely enough--NO CONNECTIONS TO EKKERS!

I ask all of you readers to understand something: Bo Gritz said that I, Doris, am surely “insane”. He said I was surely building a case for “Justified Paranoid Insanity” to be accurate. I agree! What kind of “justification” does one need at the hands and mouths of these incredible hounds?

I don’t know how it will turn out--they will find that the Ekkers have nothing so a judgment or “win”--is what? They made their settlement with Green who claims to still be a millionaire, owner of a bank, an expert on business, etc., etc. He writes to “everybody”, and we must have a dozen copies of the letters, and tells them he has bunches of money as does US&P (he says), and will use it without limit, to destroy the Ekkers and the Phoenix Institute. Why so? How so? He stole from the Institute, was a Director with banking privileges (PROOF ALL OVER THE PLACE), now calls this NO-thing place here a CULT (over and over again as if it will somehow become true) AND SOMEHOW DORIS GOT HIM IN TROUBLE WITH THE WRITINGS--WHICH ONLY HE HAD CONTROL OF PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTING. HE EVEN SAID COMMANDER HATONN WENT WITH HIM TO NEVADA WHILE ABANDONING DHARMA. Now, somehow Ekkers are supposed to be charging $400 a session for “readings” and $1,200 a “ride”, or something, for space rides--OUT OF MT. SHASTA? Mr. Gritz has spread THIS STUPIDITY all over the nation!

We found it interesting in Federal Court yesterday that Mr. Buchanan said that Ekkers totally control and own the CLC! Another “funny” about that focus is that George Green went about the nation saying that he personally set it up and controlled it. Further, he and his buddy Gary Anderson, liked it SO MUCH, apparently, that they created a SECOND entity in the same office, called The Constitutional Law Centre Trust. Why? Apparently to divert funds into “that” entity from the Constitutional Law Center.

Yes indeed, to you who think I am a sane receiver for information--just remember the fact that obviously Doris Ekker, must be quite “nuts”. BUT I CAN PROMISE YOU SOMETHING--WITHOUT HESITATION: I KNOW THAT THE AUTHORS OF THE INFORMATION I AM ALLOWED TO TYPE--ARE NOT NUTS AND EVERY DAY, IN EVERY WAY--I SEE THAT CONFIRMATION PLAYED OUT BEFORE MY EYES.

Moreover, I would share HOW I know. Just this weekend, as impossible as it may seem--a very important someone (not here) was TOLD to do certain things and “go” certain places--immediately. Before the hour in point was up, six MOSSAD agents were dead in a three car “accident” in which all three cars exploded. The person in point, now being “safe”, was released, etc., SAFE AND SOUND! Did “Command” create such negative havoc? No, YOUR intelligence and police services did. However, it does indicate that the persons involved are VERY important in that they are KEPT ALIVE AND WELL. I don’t know about you readers, but that is confirmation enough for me for today, at least.

I don’t know what our good Col. Gritz will say about this incident--as we (Ekkers) were not involved--but “Insanity” will likely be one of his statements.

Another strange thing has come to light--there is now another and “new” contact with CONTACT whose stories not only “check out” BUT PROOF IS AGAIN EVIDENT. This person even states that one of his last duty “contracts” as an intelligence agent--was on Bo Gritz. The “caper” was “scrubbed” just before the dirty deed was consummated! Yep--insanity is the name of my game! But--why was the Big Boy team faction trying to get a take-out on Bo Gritz? It appears it had to do with his escapades in Southeast Asia, the drug trade (Golden Triangle) or the “Panama” incidents. It could possibly even be the setting up of a training camp to supposedly go in and pull out more POWs--funded by families of the suspected POWs which fell apart and the only ones making anything, especially money--were Bo Gritz and crew. A lot of fellow “special forces” teammates lost a lot of love for the schemers in that one. Did it happen? Gosh, we don’t know--I just “write”--and we receive every approach to a given situation. I note, however, Cmdr. Hatonn ALWAYS SEEMS TO PICK THE CORRECT STORY!

So, back to the subject: What was the bottom line of yesterday’s court encounter? I “think” we won something (never can be sure)--however, the Judge is allowing us “discovery” time and will not set the case for jury trial until November--and hopefully we can obtain a legal counsel. Yes, indeed, Mr. Buchanan (US&P attorney) objected (that is the ONLY way we could realize we must have “won” something). I had to ask the Judge what they wanted and what is the case about for I literally can’t understand it. It went from a case against Green (who NEVER showed up) into a full-assault by all parties, including Green, against us! That, in turn, has moved directly into a full-assault to literally destroy the Phoenix Institute--basically it appears, so George Green could keep the gold he embezzled from same.

Now, you will note that Gritz, Green, Anderson and Binder have lately joined forces to establish a “cult?” called Christian Covenant Community in Idaho! I don’t know ANYTHING about it--except all the stuff sent to us from the Associated Press, what Gritz advertises in SPIKE courses and on his National Radio Program (now international).

I had never heard of Walter Russell or University of Science and Philosophy until around the time we moved [here] and I started writing on Dr. Russell’s scientific presentation on Light (all of which was given to Princeton University long ago). What I had been exposed to was perhaps two conversations with two friends, Al and John (John provided the original documents published long before copyright and someone provided a document which was stated even by Lao--“would never be published” so had NO mention of copyright). However, it would appear to me that by Binder’s own words on that National radio program of Gritz’s--the information had been basically “unknown” for the past 50 years. Should we countersue or something?--for such advertising? Gritz had never heard of him either and neither has anyone encountered in the court system! Certainly the Brookings Institute or British Intelligence were NOT advertising for them!

So I ask YOU--what is the big deal here? We are two old people, bankrupt and the books in point are BANNED!--until a court trial can determine if there has even been any form of infringement! So far the investigations of researchers have found that according to rules covering dated material (journals and magazines) and newspapers there COULD be NO infringement. Moreover, scientific information is not copyrightable and truth (especially in science) is not copyrightable. Further, the claim of US&P is that Russell received HIS INFORMATION FROM GOD (EXTRATERRESTRIAL)--but somehow Doris’ God is not permitted--even though it BE THE SAME GOD!

Gritz says that a court ruling said we were “guilty”? Oh? There has NOT been any hearing whatsoever! There was an injunction (perfunctory, pending decision [trial]) AND a contempt charge against me with literal threat of imprisonment, because Green sold the impounded books! (Green, of course did not appear--and somehow used the services of the US&P attorney as well as “ours”! Obviously, the “settlement” contracts were already under way.) By the “timing” involved it is obvious that Mr. Methven was already serving Mr. Green as well as US. We NEVER gave him a “release” to represent Mr. Green. Oops? Somewhere in that old document called “Constitution” is this not some infringement on our “rights”? Possibly?? It is, even if not unconstitutional--against the ethics rules of the Bar Association.

By the way, for you nice people getting documents from George Green. THOSE are HIS original documents. Those are charges he is presenting as fact--in his own garbage bin. They have NOTHING to do with fact, reality or actual happenings--they are created by him and “his” to present a trail of false information to lay a belief that there is validity to it. He presents these filings of his as if they are court decisions.

Using the same technique, he calls us the “Ekker Cult”. You must understand “cult” is a high-level code word the same as “anti-Semite”. He and Binder both use “that one” also. Well, E.J. is not even a member of my “cult” and neither am I so there isn’t anything here to “follow” (as in “cult”)--much less, form an international or intergalactic “group church”. There is nothing “occult” either--just information of a very earthly factual presentation--hardly even mysterious--and nothing “mystical”. Further, Rick Webber, the party so often quoted by Green, and author of the booklets passed out, etc., was IN THE EMPLOY OF GREEN (this aka “Rick Webber”). IN FACT, AT MR. GREEN’S PAYMENT, HE DID RECITE ONTO AUDIO TAPES SEVERAL OF THE BOOKS I PENNED. I find NO PERMISSION CONTRACT ANYWHERE! That “same” party works part time for Green’s attorney--Horton! At least this is the information brought back to me from supposedly “knowing” parties who were “close friends” of the person in point.

What do I think of Mr. Green? I think he is most interesting! I also find it totally inconceivable that I would have any importance in such matters--AT ALL. There must have been a whole big lot of “something” PLANNED on his part that we somehow “botched” for him--to gain this much animosity.

But what do I find the most dreadful in ALL the goings-on? Is it trying to lose “everyone’s” money in Green’s (and now his partners) own scheme for greedy purpose? No--it is the incredibly insipid and sordid fact of John Schroepfer’s incarceration in an Alzheimer’s (which he DOES NOT HAVE) Institution, with inability to have visitors, legal counsel or anything--while he has been totally abandoned by his wife and her son--to the prison--WHILE THEY TRY TO BREAK EVERY LAW TO GAIN ACCESS TO EVERY SHRED OF ANYTHING, INCLUDING DIGNITY, OF JOHN’S. THIS, MOREOVER, IS CONSTANTLY UNDER THE TUTELAGE AND COUNSEL OF ONES BROUGHT INTO THE SHOW BY GEORGE GREEN! And I have problems? No, I don’t have problems--I have GOD and I believe these greedy, miserable impostors of humanity--have problems.

What does the psychiatrist/neurologist say about John? That he needs “some” “help” in caring for self but has no Alzheimer’s disease, only dysfunctional memory disorder or “syndrome”, or something of the sort. John is now near 80 but even the people at the “center” of his “jail” say he certainly does NOT belong incarcerated there. However, they have been paid handsomely. It doesn’t really look good that they claimed NO ASSETS and NOW are claiming hundreds of thousands of dollars of HIS. Me nuts? Yes indeed! And why “Me”? I don’t know--it all starts with George and ends with George for I couldn’t even begin to “think” up all this intrigue, conspiracy and business hoopla. Worse, if I did--I am a full-blown FAILURE! So, I guess as long as God will let me serve here at this worn-out keyboard (almost all the alphabet letters are worn off) and you wish to receive what comes--for I shall never allow anything save God’s teachers (MY GOSH, I WOULDN’T DARE--I’D BE DEAD IN A SECOND), we will keep right on keeping on. I can tell the truth in a court, on my own, and I guess I NEED nothing beyond that.

Does this speak for E.J.? No, although he would write about the same thing with far less complaints. He catches all the dregs of the work-load and confrontations. We have help, though, and not JUST from God. Of all the things we DO HAVE HERE it is loving friends who will totally volunteer their time day or night to help sort out the material, research the claims and files and, like Nora, research the details of everything from the Romanoffs to Green’s files--AND TO BE FAIR AND HONEST--OURS AS WELL!! There are going to be some REAL SURPRISES FOR MR. GREEN! I find it remarkable that one such as Green equates “FRIENDS” with being a “CULT”. Is this truly what we have come to in this world? I don’t really have many enemies--I think the ones attending John’s last court encounter (Friends of John) were amazed when I sat down WITH Jason Brent, ex-enemy, (also waiting in the hall) and we had a very nice chat. Am I “Pollyana”? No, I just can’t seem to carry grudges--I appreciate whatever these ones are doing “for” me--and at this time, it is but disagreeable for they are building OUR CASE while beginning to destroy more and more of themselves--how can you be more than annoyed at them? Am I weary of the hassle? Completely bone tired of it because it is so hard to get on with that which I await--the remembering or unveiling of the mysteries of existence. I know we have to wait for the physical problems to be resolved or, at the least, confronted, so that we can work in proper balance. Yes, it is hard--BUT, PLEASE KNOW THAT IT IS NO HARDER NOR AM I MORE PATIENT THAN ANY OF YOU. I am impatient, annoyed and restless to get beyond the garbage and into the glory of the revelations. At least I, too, hope it is glory--that seems to be our ultimate PROMISE.

Every day that I have to do “this” I am annoyed by impatience for I too want to learn about our creation, our journey and our next step, and the next and next--and the adventures ahead--especially if we but do our work well. I know that that which will be unfolding is magnificent and exciting--and not just in a spiritual way--but also in a grand and wonderful action play--but within our SPIRIT is where the secret miracle lies. As I unwind the Truth of WHAT IS--I know that I cannot play longer in the dense darkness of this side of the veil--for I will perish. So, each step into the lighted corridors of possibility--there is more radiance and more unveiled truth of our beingness. THAT rose seems worth the puny stickers along the way--especially in the afterglow of HIS security blanket. I just don’t expect it “my way” any more for I have come to KNOW it is not “my way” which counts at all--not a farthing! It is HIS WAY or it will be the “wrong” way--every time.

So, what do I do when the going gets rough and I calm down from the moment and the humanness? I pray that I CAN SEE HIS WAY AND RECOGNIZE THE INSTRUCTIONS, TRYING TO LEAVE NOTHING OUT IN THOSE INSTRUCTIONS BECAUSE OF PERSONAL “WISHES”. IT WORKS BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER, EVERY PASSING DAY--ALSO A LOT EASIER! Well then, does that mean I am reaching “perfection”? Yes, I am usually a “perfect” fool, a “perfect” female basket-case and a “perfect” imperfect! I am also a perfectly awful typist (very fast at making errors) and all the editors, especially E.J., wishes I were perfectly accurate. But isn’t it lovely?--God doesn’t seem to mind my imperfections--or yours!

Thank you for the time to read this. I haven’t even thanked you beautiful friends for the wonderful remembrances at CHRISTmas. Perhaps it is suitable to wish you a wondrous “Easter”. Not for the ritual of the time but for the ongoing assurances we are getting that LIFE is INFINITE! This is certainly a “greedy” way, taking room in the paper, to answer the ongoing questions--but it DOES get to the VERY people I owe the explanations. I am so sorry if something we do or say brings pain or bother, or even irritation, to any of you--but we are really doing the very best we can under the circumstances and we appreciate every one of you. Sometimes I long for a “cult” of some kind--not for any of us to “lead”--but to simply “follow” so we could commune and play TOGETHER and not have to accept such responsibility--for self, but alas, it shall not be--EVER--and in HIS INFINITE WISDOM, HE SHOWS US WHY! If we ASK, HE always shows us WHY and then HE shows us HOW! In that order, the who, what, where and when doesn’t seem to longer matter. Gosh, friends, I watch the mess with the Clintons and I even feel sorry for them for how could they ever begin to realize the spiral which would bring the indiscretions back to eat them alive? In our ignorance of following the WRONG master--there but for the GRACE OF GOD, go we! I SIMPLY HOPE GOD KEEPS HIS WONDROUS 2” x 6” HANDY BECAUSE WE MUST BE VERY HARDHEADED MOST OF THE TIME AT GIVING ATTENTION. And on that closing note: Thank you “Two-by-Six” in Florida for the endless flow of clippings and information you pour upon us. Maybe soon God will begin to unfold the next phase of our work and journey.

Somehow in this time and age, to use the word “love” seems trite and false. But I have no other. We are so filled with appreciation and love, from and to, you each who would bother to read our presentations, for whatever reason. We are grateful and as our purposes unfold I know that we shall have more touch and sharing with you. I am stunned at how far we have been able to reach and touch--while having and starting with “O”-zip, save GOD and YOU. And, again, thank you for allowing me to share a bit of personal unloading. Doris.



WED., MAR. 16, 1994 11:17 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 212

WED., MAR. 16, 1994

Part 14

We have had such a long interruption since our last sharing from Dr. John Coleman’s book, CONSPIRATORS’ HIERARCHY: THE STORY OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300; WIR, 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706, that I am feeling remiss in the interruption of such a well laid-out format for the piles of information. My hope is that you ALL were able to see that in that which we offer “in between” from many sources--are but continuations and integrations into, and of, the whole. The names actually do not vary and neither do truthful FACTS.

We were speaking last from this particular work on the influx of Chinese laborers for the railroads and other installations such as dams, viaduct systems, and thus and so. We were last speaking of the opium supply ring, Lord Inchcape and British and American families’ involvement. This “group” of co-partners became what you would know today as the “Eastern Liberal Establishment”. These “members” were under the careful guidance and direction of the Crown (British) and subsequently its foreign policy executive arm, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). This group has CONTINUED to run the United States--from top to bottom--through their secret upper-level, parallel government, which is tightly meshed with the Committee of 300, the ULTIMATE secret society. Remember now, the Anti-Defamation League is out of British Intelligence and therefore the hold over America by the B’nai B’rith organization is terrifying if not more, if you understand the connections in TRUTH.

Since our recent writings on the ADL and implications and connections, we are buried in material sent from every direction--even Algeria--then on to the very selection of your Secretary of Defense Strobe Talbott after “they” got rid of Bobby Inman.

Dharma is weary of the nasty threats so we will give her a day or so before we launch back into the current can of snakes. We will simply offer a bit more historical fact regarding the “whole” of the adversary’s line of assault against humanity. If you can dig up the back issue in which we last wrote from the book in point, please do catch up your memory as to reference. If you have the book in point, we will pick up near the mid-page paragraph beginning “By 1923...” on page 135.

by John Coleman

I am not going to be further party to the quarrels over Dr. Coleman’s information. It came from many, many sources whom I deeply respect. I feel totally free to use this material directly, however, for OUR crew did all the typing, editing, readying for printing, printing, etc. George Green then TOOK the book and as a matter of fact arranged a “falling out” with Coleman and managed to rip-off Coleman along with everyone else with whom he does business. Coleman has a large part in the play as regards US&P (Coleman claims to be an MI6 agent) and was partially efforting to do-in George Green--but the culprit slipped the snare. I would suggest that Coleman contact someone at the CLC as a lot of other “upset” authors are now coming forth to recognize the REAL source of their problems from “these parts”.... Don’t you all think it about time to STOP blaming and arguing over “extraterrestrials”? GOD IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL, GOOD BUDDIES!



By 1923, voices were being raised against this menace that had been allowed to be imported into the United States. Believing the United States to be a free and sovereign nation, Congressman Stephen Porter, Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced a bill which called for the British to account for their opium export-import business on a country-by-country basis. The resolution set up quotas for each country, which if observed, would have reduced the opium trade by 10%. The resolution was passed into law and the bill accepted by the Congress of the United States.

But the Royal institute of International Affairs had other ideas. Founded in 1919 in the wake of the Paris Peace Conference held at Versailles, this was one of the earliest “foreign policy” executors of the Committee of 300. Research I have done on the Congressional Records, House, show that Porter was totally unaware of the powerful forces he was up against. Porter was not even aware of the existence of the RIIA, much less that its specific purpose was to control every facet of the United States.

Apparently Congressman Porter received some kind of an intimation from the Morgan Bank on Wall Street that he should drop the whole affair. Instead, an enraged Porter took his case to the League of Nations Opium Committee. Porter’s total unawareness of who he was up against is demonstrated in some of his correspondence to colleagues on the House Foreign Affairs Committee in response to open British opposition to his proposals.

Her Majesty’s representative chided Porter and then, acting like a father toward an errant son, the British delegate--on instructions from the RIIA--presented Her Majesty’s proposals to INCREASE opium quotas to account for an increase in the consumption of opium for medicinal purposes. According to documents that I was able to find in The Hague, Porter was at first confused, then amazed and then enraged. Joined by the Chinese delegate, Porter stormed out of the plenipotentiary session of the Committee session, leaving the field to the British.

In his absence, the British delegate got the League to rubber stamp Her Majesty’s government proposals for a creation of a tame-tiger Central Narcotics board, whose chief function was information gathering, the terms of which were purposely vague. What was to be done with the “information” was never made clear. Porter returned to the U.S. a shaken and much wiser man.

Another British intelligence asset was the fabulously rich William Bingham, into which family one of the Barings married. It was stated in papers and documents that I saw that the Baring Brothers ran the Philadelphia Quakers and owned half of the real estate of that city, all made possible because of the fortune the Baring Brothers had amassed from the China opium trade. Another beneficiary of the Committee of 300’s largess was Stephen Girard, whose descendants inherited the Girard Bank and Trust.

The names of the families, whose history is intertwined with that of Boston and who would never give us ordinary folk the time of day, were wrapped in the arms of the Committee of 300 and its vastly lucrative BEIC [British East India Co.] China opium trade. Many of the famous families became associated with the notorious Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank which is still the clearing house for billions of dollars that FLOW FROM THE OPIUM TRADE IN CHINA. [H: And what think ye that all the big hullabaloo is about over the China trade status RIGHT NOW? What comes down is highly impactful on the schemers, Kissinger (Associates), Scowcroft (of Mormon fame), and Eagleburger of State Department fame! I suggest you pay attention to what these THREE mouths are saying TODAY!]

Such famous names as Forbes, Perkins and Hathaway appear in the records of the British East India Company. These genuine American “bluebloods” created Russell and Company, whose main trade was in opium, but also ran other shipping enterprises from China to South America and all points in between. As a reward for their services to the British Crown and the BEIC, the Committee of 300 granted them a monopoly in the slave trade in 1833.

Boston owes its celebrated past to the cotton-opium-slave trade granted to it by the Committee of 300 and it is stated in the records I was privileged to see in London that Boston’s merchant families were the chief supporters of the British Crown in the United States. John Murray Forbes is mentioned as the major-domo of the “Boston Blue Bloods” in India House records and in bank records in Hong Kong.

Forbes’ son was the first American allowed by the Committee of 300 to sit on the board of the most prestigious drug bank in the world--even today--the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. When I was in Hong Kong in the early 1960s as “an historian interested in the British East India Company”, I was shown some old records, including past board members of this notorious drug bank, and sure enough, Forbes’ name was among them.

The Perkins family, so illustrious that their name is still mentioned in awed whispers, were deeply involved in the nefarious filthy China opium trade. In fact Perkins the elder was one of the first Americans to be elected to the Committee of 300. His son, Thomas Nelson Perkins, was Morgan’s man in Boston, and as such also an agent for British Intelligence. His unsavory--I would say disgusting--past was not in question when he richly endowed Harvard University. After all, Canton and Tientsin are a long way from Boston, and who would have cared anyway?

What helped the Perkinses a lot was that Morgan was a powerful member of the Committee of 300, which enabled Thomas N. Perkins to rapidly further his career in the China opium trade. All the Morgans and Perkinses were Freemasons, which was another tie that bound them together, for only Freemasons of highest rank have any hope of being selected by the Committee of 300. Sir Robert Hart, who for almost three decades was chief of the Imperial Chinese Customs Service (read the British Crown’s number one agent in the opium trade in China) was subsequently appointed to the board of Morgan Guarantee Bank’s Far Eastern Division.

Through access to the historical records in London and Hong Kong, I was able to establish that Sir Robert developed an intimate relationship with Morgan operations in the United States. It is worthy of note that Morgan interests in the opium/heroin trade have continued in an unbroken line; witness the fact that David Newbigging is on the advisory board of Morgan’s Hong Kong operation run in conjunction with Jardine Matheson.

To those who know Hong Kong, the name of Newbigging will be familiar as the most powerful name in Hong Kong. In addition to his membership of Morgan’s elite bank, Newbigging doubles as an advisor to the Chinese government. Opium for missile technology, opium for gold, opium for high-tech computers--it is all the same to Newbigging. The way these banks, financial houses, trading companies and the families who run them are intertwined would perplex Sherlock Holmes, yet somehow they must be unraveled and followed if we are to understand their connections with the drug trade and their membership in the Committee of 300.

The two-track entry into the United States of alcohol and drugs were products of the same stable occupied by the same thoroughbreds. First, prohibition had to be introduced into the United States. This was done by the British East India Company heirs who, acting upon experience gained through the well-documented China Inland Mission records found in India House, set up the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, supposedly to oppose consumption of alcohol in American


We say that history repeats itself and, in a sense, this is true, except that it repeats itself in an ever-upward spiral. Today we find that some of the largest companies, allegedly “polluting” the earth, are the largest contributors of funds to the environmentalist movement. The “big names” send forth their message. Prince Philip is one of their heroes, yet his son Prince Charles owns a million acres of forested land in Wales from which timber is regularly harvested and, in addition, Prince Charles is one of the largest owners of slum housing in London, where pollution thrives.

In the case of those who railed against the “evils of drink”, we find they were financed by the Astors, the Rockefellers, the Spelmans, the Vanderbilts and the Warburgs who had a vested interest in the liquor trade. On the instructions of the Crown, Lord Beaverbrook came over from England to tell these wealthy American families that they were to invest in the WCTU. (It was the same Lord Beaverbrook who came to Washington in 1940 and ORDERED Roosevelt to get involved in Britain’s war.)

Roosevelt complied by stationing a U.S. Navy flotilla in Greenland that spent the 9 months prior to Pearl Harbor hunting and attacking German U-Boats. Like his successor, George Bush, Roosevelt thought the Congress a confounded nuisance so, acting like a king--a sense he felt strongly since he is related to the British royal family--FDR never sought the permission of Congress for his illegal action. This is what the British are most fond of referring to as their “special relationship with America”.

The drug trade has a connection with the murder of President John F. Kennedy, which foul deed stains the national character and will continue to do so until the perpetrators are found and brought to justice. [H: I stress this statement because we now have PROOF that one of the shots that killed your President--WAS INDEED (IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT COL. BO GRITZ TELLS YOU) FIRED FROM INSIDE THE CAR, FROM THE DRIVER’S SEAT, ETC. WE WILL BE OFFERING THIS INFORMATION VERY SOON NOW FOR YOUR OWN CONFIRMATION.] There is proof that the Mafia was involved in this through the CIA, which brings to mind that it all started with the old Meyer Lansky network which evolved into the Irgun terrorist organization, and Lansky proved to be one of the best vehicles for peddling cultural warfare against the West.

Lansky was, through more respectable fronts, associated with the British higher-ups in bringing gambling and dope distribution to Paradise Island in the Bahamas under the cover of The Mary Carter Paint Company--a joint Lansky-British MI6 venture. Lord Sassoon was later murdered because he was skimming money and was threatening to blow the whistle if he was punished. Ray Wolfe was more presentable, representing the Bronfmans of Canada. While the Bronfmans were not privy to Churchill’s massive Nova Scotia Project, they were and still are nevertheless an important asset of the British royal family in the business of dope peddling.

Sam Rothberg, close associate of Meyer Lansky, also worked with Tibor Rosenbaum and Pinchas Sapir, all king-pins in the Lansky drug ring. Rosenbaum ran a drug money laundering operation out of Switzerland through a bank he established for this purpose; Banque du Credite International. The bank quickly expanded its activities and became the principal bank used by Lansky and his mobster associates for laundering money garnered from prostitution, drugs and other Mafia rackets.

It is worthy of note that Tibor Rosenbaum’s bank was used by the shadowy chief of British Intelligence, Sir William Stephenson, whose right hand man, Major John Mortimer Bloomfield, a Canadian citizen, ran Division Five of the FBI throughout the Second World War. Stephenson was an early member of the 20th Century Committee of 300, although Bloomfield never made it that far. As I revealed in my series of monographs on the Kennedy assassination, it was Stephenson who master-minded the operation which was run as a hands-on project by Bloomfield. Fronting for the Kennedy assassination was done through another drug-related front, Permanent Industrial Expositions (PERMINDEX), created in 1957 and centered in the World Trade Mart building in downtown New Orleans.

Bloomfield just happened to be the attorney for the Bronfman family. The World Trade Mart was created by Colonel Clay Shaw and FBI Division Five station chief in New Orleans, Guy Bannister. Shaw and Bannister were close associates of Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of shooting Kennedy, who was murdered by CIA contract agent Jack Ruby before he could prove that he was not the assassin who shot President Kennedy. In spite of the Warren Commission and numerous official reports, it has NEVER been established that Oswald owned the Mannlicher rifle said to be the murder weapon (it was not) nor that he had ever fired it. The connection between the drug trade, Shaw, Bannister and Bloomfield has been established several times, and need not concern us here.

In the immediate post-WW II period, one of the most common methods used by Resorts International and other drug related companies to clean money was by courier service to a money laundering bank. Now all that has changed. Only the small fry still use such risky methods. The “big fish” conduit their money via the CHIPS system, an acronym for Clearing House International Payments System, run by a Burroughs computer system centered at the New York Clearing House. Twelve of the largest banks use this system. One of them is the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. Another is Credite Suisse, that oh so respectable paragon of virtue in banking--until the lid is lifted. Combined with the SWIFT system based in Virginia, dirty drug money becomes invisible. Only wanton carelessness results in the FBI getting lucky now and then, if and when it is told not to look the other way.

Only low echelon drug dealers get caught with drug money in their hands. The elite, Drexel Burnham, Credite Suisse, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, escape detection. But this, too, is changing with the collapse of Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) which is likely to expose a great deal about the drug trade if ever a proper investigation is carried out.

One of the largest assets in the portfolio of the Committee of 300 companies is American Express (AMEX) [H: On whose board sits Henry Kissinger!]. Its presidents regularly occupy positions on the Committee of 300. I first got interested in Amex when I was carrying out an on-the-spot investigation that led me to the Trade Development Bank in Geneva. Later, this got me into a lot of trouble. I discovered that Trade Development Bank, then run by Edmund Safra, key man in the gold-for-opium trade, was supplying tons of gold to the Hong Kong market via Trade Development Bank.

Before going to Switzerland, I went to Pretoria, South Africa, where I talked with Dr. Chris Stals, at that time the deputy governor of the South African Reserve Bank which controls all bulk dealings in South African-produced gold. After several discussions over a period of a week, I was told that the bank could not supply me with the ten tons of gold that I was authorized to buy on behalf of clients I was supposed to be representing. My friends in the right places knew how to produce the documentation which passed without question.

The Reserve Bank referred me to a Swiss company which I cannot name, because it would blow cover. I was also given the address of Trade Development Bank in Geneva. The purpose of my exercise was to find out the mechanics of how gold is moved and traded, and secondly to test bogus documents which had been prepared for me by ex-intelligence friends of mine who specialized in this kind of thing. Remember “M” in the “James Bond” series? Let me assure you that “M” does exist, only his correct initial is “C”. The documents I had consisted of “buying orders” from Liechtenstein companies and supporting papers to match.

On approaching Trade Development Bank I was at first greeted cordially but, as discussions progressed with more and more suspicion until, when I felt it was no longer safe for me to visit the bank, without telling anyone at the bank I left Geneva. Later the bank was sold to American Express. American Express was briefly investigated by former Attorney General Edwin Meese, after which he was quickly removed from office and labeled “corrupt”. What I found was that American Express was and still is a conduit for laundering drug money and, thus far, no one has been able to explain to me why a private company has the right to print dollars--aren’t American Express travelers checks dollars? I subsequently exposed the Safra-Amex drug connections which upset a lot of people, as can be imagined.

Committee of 300 member Japhet controls Charterhouse Japhet, which in turn controls Jardine Matheson as a direct link to the Hong Kong opium trade. The Japhets are reportedly English Quakers. The Matheson family, also members of the Committee of 300, were king-pins in the China opium trade, at least up until 1943. The Mathesons have appeared in the Queen of England Honors List since the early 19th century.


The top controllers of the drug trade in the Committee of 300 have no conscience about the millions of lives they ruin each year. They are Gnostics, Cathars, members of the cult of Dionysus, Osiris, or worse. To them, “ordinary” people are there to be used for their purposes. Their high-priests, Bulwer-Lytton and Aldous Huxley, preached the gospel of drugs as a beneficial substance. To quote Huxley:

And for private everyday use, there have always been chemical intoxicants. All the vegetable sedatives and narcotics, all the euphorics that grow on trees, the hallucinogens that ripen in berries, have been used by humans since time immemorial. And to these modifiers of conscience, modern science has added its quota of synthetics. For unrestricted use the West has permitted only alcohol and tobacco. All other chemical Doors in the Wall are labeled DOPE.”

To the oligarchs and plutocrats of the Committee of 300, drugs have a two-fold purpose, firstly to bring in colossal sums of money and secondly, to eventually turn a major part of the population into mindless drug zombies who will be easier to control than people who don’t need drugs, as punishment for rebellion will mean withholding of supplies of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, etc. For this it is necessary to legalize drugs so that a MONOPOLY SYSTEM, which has been readied for introduction once severe economic conditions, of which the 1991 depression is the forerunner, will cause drug usage to proliferate as hundreds of thousands of permanently jobless workers turn to drugs for solace.

In one of the Royal Institute of International Affairs top secret papers, the scenario is laid out as follows (in part):

...having been failed by Christianity, and with unemployment on every hand, those who have been without jobs for five years or more will turn away from the church and seek solace in drugs. That is when full control of the drug trade must be completed in order that the governments of all countries who are under our jurisdiction will have a MONOPOLY which we will control through supply.... Drug bars will take care of the unruly and the discontent, would-be revolutionaries will be turned into harmless addicts with no will of their own....”


This is a good place to pause and relook at this drug PLAN. Note how far it, along with the direct mind control methods, is already a long, long way toward having been completed.

It would also seem an appropriate place to insert some thoughtful information and speculation about your own government top puppets, the Clintons. The following is offered by Ron Paul in his most recent newsletter and is WELL WORTH NOTING:


SURVIVAL REPORT, March 15, 1994 Vol. I, Number 3, page one.

[H: I ask that someone look up the writing we received at the time of Foster’s death. Perhaps it has already been represented to you, but if not, please get it in the next edition of the paper. It is for your recognition that WE do not lie to you and resources are pretty accurate from the inside point of view. I do not wish to belabor Foster’s position but, good grief, how long does it take “everybody” else to catch up with the old CONTACT? We are continually charged with plagairism--why doesn’t someone use their noggin and start getting with the program timely?]

In a famous scene from the movie The Godfather, Michael Corleone explains to his wife Kate that Vito, his father, is not unlike a U.S. Senator. Kate responds, “You’re so naive, Michael; Senators don’t have men killed”. Michael answers, “Who’s being naive, Kate?” The comment comes to mind, with all the continuing speculation about the death of Clinton attorney and White House aide Vince Foster.

Foster was found dead in an obscure D.C. park on July 20. After we went to press last month, the New York Post reported that forensic experts on the scene were skeptical that this was suicide, yet the White House claimed this within hours of the body’s discovery. [H: Now, you can take a lot of “this” with a grain of salt, also, but Ron Paul is just offering exactly what others offer--what they are told, so don’t be too hard on him. The facts are that TWO shots were fired into his skull to make sure the “suicide” could not have been called a suicide!]

In a suicide of this nature, the body is twisted, blood is everywhere, the head and jaw are disfigured, and the gun, filled with blood and tissue, is thrown far from the body in a spasm. Yet Foster was lying flat on his back with only a slight trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, the gun was in his hand, perfectly positioned, and there was no bullet. [H: So you see--BOTH stories are total B.S.]

Was Foster killed elsewhere and his body dumped in the park? It seems all too possible. And another theory has surfaced from sources at the Wall Street Journal. This version involves the existence of another suicide note, one not yet released to the public. It supposedly reveals the criminal role Hillary--Foster’s ex-paramour--played in the Whitewater Development Corp. scam. If true, it raises the possibility that the original note, the one supposedly found by White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum in Foster’s briefcase on July 26, was a fake.

Even if there is no other note, there are reasons to be suspicious of the original note. Nussbaum says he found the note in Foster’s briefcase. But a Park Police detective says that’s not true. The same detective also reported that Nussbaum obstructed the investigation on July 22. Additionally, there were no fingerprints on the note even though it had been torn into tiny pieces. And the piece that would have contained his signature was missing.

There is another story that has gained some importance in the upper reaches of Washington, D.C. It alleges that Bill Clinton has long used cocaine, and that Foster was his “connection”. [H: Oops, guess he “inhaled” something, after all!] Foster’s death, in this view, either his killing or his suicide, was related to official fears that this information would get out and destroy the presidency. I (Ron Paul), am reminded about all the stories of CIA-Contra cocaine smuggling through the Mena, Arkansas, airport when Clinton was governor, and his supposed protection of the racket.

The cocaine speculation would explain certain mysteries. During the campaign, Bill never released his medical records. The press secretly chalked this up to herpes, and never challenged him, although before, releasing one’s medical records had always been considered a tenet of democracy. But could the reason for his reticence be DOPE? Clinton has perpetual troubles with his throat and voice, which could be related to the nasal drainage a cokehead experiences. He is also an insomniac, which dopers are. None of this is conclusive, of course, but it sure is interesting. (SURVIVAL REPORT ordering information: 18333 Egret Bay Blvd., Suite 265, Houston, Texas 77058. Sub. Info: 1-800-766-7285.)


Yes, I’d agree that it is most certainly “interesting”. We know that Hillary and her Hellcats are to their eyes in such dealings hither and yon. Well, perhaps we can just mark it all up to “anti-Semitism” and never mind the future of the world! Maybe it’ll all just go away! Try “ascension”--because a lot of people are going to learn INSTANT ASCENSION technique when the blow-out happens!! So be it. I guess you who are standing around afterward, if you aren’t OF GOD, will BLAME GOD? That too, is up to you. Salu.



WED., MAR. 16, 1994 2:18 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 212

WED., MAR. 16, 1994

Part 15
by John Coleman


There is ample evidence that the CIA and British intelligence, specially MI6, have already spent at least a decade working toward this goal.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs used the lifetime work of Aldous Huxley and Bulwer-Lytton as its blueprint to bring about a state where mankind will no longer have wills of their own in the One World Government-New World Order of the fast-approaching New Dark Age. Again, let us see what high priest Aldous Huxley had to say about this:

In many societies at many levels of civilization, attempts have been made to fuse drug intoxication with God intoxication. In ancient Greece, for example, ethyl alcohol had its place in the established religions. Dionysus, Bacchus, as he was often called, was a true divinity. Complete prohibition of chemical changes can be decreed but cannot be enforced. (THE LANGUAGE OF THE PRO-DRUG LOBBY ON CAPITOL HILL.)

Now let us consider another type of drug--still undiscovered, but probably just around the corner--a drug making people happy in situations where they would normally feel miserable. [H: A form of, possibly, PROZAC?] (Is there anyone more miserable than a person who has sought and been unable to find work?) Such a drug would be a blessing, but a blessing fraught with grave social and political dangers. By making a harmless chemical euphoria freely available, a dictator (read Committee of 300) could reconcile an entire population to a state of affairs to which self-respecting human beings ought not to be reconciled.”

Quite a dialectical masterpiece. What Huxley was advocating and which is official policy of the Committee of 300 and its surrogate, RIIA, can be quite simply stated as mass mind control. As I have often said, all wars are wars for the souls of mankind. Thus far it has not dawned on us that the drug trade is irregular low-intensity warfare against the whole human race of free men. Irregular warfare is the most terrible form of warfare which, while it has a beginning, has no ending.

Some will question the involvement of the British royal families, past and present, in the drug trade. To see it in print appears on the surface to be preposterous, and it is being seen in print more often these days to make it appear exactly that, preposterous. The oldest maxim in the intelligence business is, “If you want to hide something, put it where everyone can see it.”

F.S. Turner’s book, BRITISH OPIUM POLICY, published in 1876, shows how the British monarchy and its hangers-on family relatives were deeply involved in the opium trade. Turner was the secretary of the Anglo Oriental Society of the Suppression of the Opium Trade. He declined to be silenced by Crown spokesperson Sir R. Temple. Turner stated that the government, and therefore the Crown, had to withdraw from the opium monopoly, “and if it takes any revenues at all, take only that which accrues from taxation honestly meant to have a restrictive force.”

Turner was answered by a spokesman for the monarchy, Lord Lawrence, who fought against the BEIC losing its monopoly. “It would be desirable to get rid of the monopoly, but I myself am disinclined to be the agent of change. If it is a question of moderate loss that we could afford, I would not hesitate to undertake it.” (Taken from the Calcutta Papers 1870.)

By 1847 the war against the British monarchy and the aristocracy over its deep involvement in the China opium trade was getting heated. The Society for the Suppression of the Opium Trade violently assailed the aristocracy of the day and pressed home its attacks in a fearless manner we would do well to emulate. The society said that the Treaty of Tientsin, which forced China to accept the importation of enormous amounts of opium, was a dastardly crime against the Chinese people.

There arose a mighty warrior, Joseph Grundy Alexander, a barrister by profession who, in 1866, led a strong attack on British Crown opium policy in China in which he openly mentioned the involvement of the royal family and the aristocracy. For the first time Alexander brought India, “the Jewel in the Crown”, into the picture. He laid the blame squarely where it belonged, on the monarchy, the so-called aristocracy and its servants in the British government.

Under the direction of Alexander, the society committed itself to the total destruction of the cultivation of opium poppies in Bengal, India. Alexander proved to be a doughty opponent. Through his leadership, the drug aristocracy began to falter and, in the face of his open denouncements of the royal family and its hangers-on, several Members of Parliament began siding with him--Conservatives, Unionists, Labor. Alexander made it clear that the drug trade was not a party political issue; it was for all parties to join together in helping to eradicate the menace.

Lord Kimberly, spokesman for the royal family and the entrenched oligarchists, threatened that any attempts to interfere with what he called “the commerce of the nation will run into serious opposition from the cabinet.” Alexander and his society pressed on in the face of innumerable threats and finally Parliament agreed to appoint a Royal Commission to enquire into the opium trade, with Lord Kimberly, who was Secretary of India, as its chairman. A more inappropriate person to head the commission could not have been found. It was akin to Dulles being appointed to the Warren Commission.

In his first statement, Lord Kimberly made it clear that he would rather resign from his august position than consent to a resolution that would surrender Indian Opium Revenues. It is worthy of note that “Indian Opium Revenue” implied money shared by the nation. Like the idea that the people of South Africa share in the enormous profits from the sale of gold and diamonds, this was just not the case. Indian opium revenues went straight into the royal coffers and the pockets of the nobility and the oligarchists and plutocrats, and made them billionaires.

Rowntree’s book, THE IMPERIAL DRUG TRADE gives a fascinating account of how Prime Minister Gladstone and his fellow plutocrats lied, cheated, twisted and turned to keep the astonishing truth of the involvement of the British monarchy in the opium trade from being exposed. Rowntree’s book is a treasure house of information on the deep involvement of the British royal family and the lords and ladies of England and the huge fortunes they accumulated from the misery of the Chinese opium addicts.

Lord Kimberly, secretary of the commission of inquiry, was himself deeply involved in the opium trade so he did everything in his power to close the proceedings to all who sought the truth. Finally, under a great deal of pressure from the public, the Royal Commission was forced to open the door to this inquiry just a crack, so that it became apparent that the highest in the land were running the opium trade and receiving huge benefits from it. But the door was quickly slammed shut again, and the Royal Commission called no expert witnesses, thereafter sitting for an absurdly short period of time. The commission was nothing but a farce and a cover-up, such as we have become accustomed to in the 20th century America.

The Eastern Liberal Establishment families of the United States were just as deeply involved in the China opium trade as were the British, indeed they still are. Witness recent history when James Earl Carter toppled the Shah of Iran. Why was the Shah deposed and then murdered by the United States government? In a word, because of DRUGS. The Shah had clamped down and virtually put an end to the immensely lucrative opium trade being conducted out of Iran by the British. At the time that the Shah took over in Iran, there were already one million opium/heroin addicts.

This the British would not tolerate, so they sent the United States to do their dirty work for them in terms of the “special relationship” between the two countries. When Khomeini took over the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, arms sales by the United States, which had begun with the Shah, were not discontinued. Why not? Had the United States done so, Khomeini would have cancelled the British monopoly of the opium trade in his country. To prove the point, after 1984, Khomeini’s liberal attitude toward opium had increased the number of addicts to 2 million, according to United Nations and World Health Organization statistics.

Both President Carter and his successor, Ronald Reagan, willingly and with full knowledge of what was at stake, went on supplying arms to Iran even while American hostages languished in captivity. In 1980 I wrote a monograph under the title, What Really Happened in Iran, which set out the facts. The arms trade with Iran was sealed at a meeting between Cyrus Vance, a servant of the Committee of 300, and Dr. Hashemi, which resulted in the U.S. Air Force beginning an immediate airlift of arms to Iran, carried on even at the height of the hostage crisis. The arms came from U.S. Army stockpiles in Germany and some were even flown directly from the United States with refueling stops at the Azores.


With the advent of Khomeini, who was put in power in Iran by the Committee of 300, opium production skyrocketed. By 1984 Iran’s opium production exceeded 650 metric tons of opium per annum. What Carter and Reagan did was ensure that there was no further interference in the opium trade and they carried out the mandate given to them by the oligarchical families in Britain in this connection. Iran presently rivals the Golden Triangle in the volume of opium produced. [H: Anybody surprised yet?]

The Shah was not the only victim of the Committee of 300. William Buckley, CIA station chief in Beirut, in all his lack of experience on who is behind the opium trade, began conducting investigations in Iran, Lebanon and even spent time in Pakistan. From Islamabad, Buckley began sending back damning reports to the CIA in Langley about the burgeoning opium trade in the Golden Crescent and Pakistan. The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad was firebombed, but Buckley escaped the mob attack and returned to Washington because his cover was blown by forces unknown.

Then a very strange thing happened. Contrary to all procedures laid down by the CIA when an agent’s cover has been blow, Buckley was sent back to Beirut. Buckley was in effect sentenced to death by the CIA in order to silence him, and this time the sentence was carried out. William Buckley was kidnapped by agents of the Committee of 300. Under brutal interrogation by General Mohammed el Khouili of Syrian intelligence to force him to disclose the names of all field officers of the DEA in these countries, he was brutally murdered. His efforts to expose the huge opium trade developing out of Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran cost Buckley his life. [H: Bet you were never told this?]

If the remaining free men in this world believe that single-handedly or in small groups they can smash the drug trade, they are sorely mistaken. They could cut off the tentacles of the opium and cocaine trade here and there, but never the head. The crowned cobras of Europe and their Eastern Liberal Establishment family will not tolerate it. The war on drugs which the Bush administration is allegedly fighting, but which it is not, is for TOTAL legalization of ALL types and classes of drugs. Such drugs are not solely a social aberration, but a full-scale attempt to gain control of the minds of the people of this planet, or as the “Aquarian Conspiracy” authors put it, “to bring about radical changes in the United States”. THIS IS THE PRINCIPAL TASK OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300, THE ULTIMATE SECRET SOCIETY.


Nothing has changed in the opium-heroin-cocaine trade. It is still run by the same “upper class” families in Britain and the United States. It is still a fabulously profitable trade where what seem to be big losses through seizures by the authorities are written off in paneled boardrooms in New York, Hong Kong and London over port and cigars as “merely the cost of doing business, old boy.”

British colonial capitalism has always been the mainstay of the oligarchical feudal system of privilege in England and remains so to the present day. When the poor, untutored pastoral people in South Africa who became known as the Boers fell into the bloodstained hands of the British aristocracy in 1899, they had no idea that the revoltingly cruel war so relentlessly pursued by Queen Victoria was financed by the incredible amounts of money which came from the “instant fortunes” of the BEIC opium trade in China into the pockets of the plutocrats.

Committee of 300 members Cecil John Rhodes, Barney Barnato and Alfred Beit instigated and engineered the war. Rhodes was the principle agent for the Rothschilds, whose banks were awash in cash flowing in from the opium trade. These robbers, thieves and liars--Rhodes, Barnato, Oppenheimer, Joel and Beit--dispossessed the South African Boers of their birthright, the gold and diamonds that lay beneath their soil. The South African Boers received nothing out of the BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars derived from the sale of THEIR gold and diamonds.

The Committee of 300 quickly took full control of these vast treasures, control which it even now maintains through one of its members, Sir Harry Oppenheimer. The average South African receives $100 per annum per capita from the gold and diamond industry. The BILLIONS which flow out annually go to the bankers of the Committee of 300. It is one of the most foul and vile stories of greed, theft and the murder of a nation ever recorded in the annals of history.

[H: How many of you can bring yourselves to realize that a good quality Cubic Zirconia (Diamonique) is actually WORTH MORE than a diamond? Diamonds have synthetic value placed on them through a world-wide cartel which keeps the product OFF the market, takes the world market fully, and convinces YOU that a “diamond is forever” and almost “a rarity” which causes you to pay through the proverbial “snout” for NOTHING.]

How could the British Crown have succeeded in pulling off this stunning fraud of gigantic proportion? To accomplish such a Herculean task requires skilled organizing with devoted agents-in-place to carry out the daily instructions passed down from the conspirators’ hierarchy. The first step was a press propaganda campaign portraying the Boers as uncivilized barbarians, only slightly human, who were denying British citizens the right to vote in the Boer Republic. Then, demands were made on Paul Kruger, leader of the Transvaal Republic, which of course could not be met. After that, a series of incidents were staged to provoke the Boers into retaliation, but that didn’t work either. Then came the infamous Jameson Raid where a certain Jameson led a party of several hundred armed men in an attack on the Transvaal. War followed immediately thereafter.

Queen Victoria mounted the largest and best equipped army that the world had ever seen at that time (1898). Victoria thought the war would be over in two weeks, since the Boers had no standing army and no trained militia and would be no match for her 400,000 soldiers drawn from the ranks of Britain’s underclasses. The Boers never numbered more than 80,000 farmers and their sons--some were as young as fourteen--Rudyard Kipling also thought the war would be over in less than a week.

Instead, with rifle in one hand and the Bible in the other, the Boers held out for three years. “We went to South Africa thinking the war would be over in a week,” said Kipling. “Instead, the Boers taught us no end of a lesson.” That same “lesson” could be taught to the Committee of 300 today if we could but muster 80,000 leaders, good men and true to lead this nation in battle against the gargantuan monster threatening to devour everything our Constitution stands for.


After the war ended in 1902, the British Crown had to consolidate its grip on the unimaginable fortune of gold and diamonds that lay beneath the barren veldt of the Boer Republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State. This was done through the Round Table of the legend of King Arthur and his Knights. The Round Table is strictly a British MI6 intelligence operation established by the Committee of 300 which, together with the Rhodes Scholarship program, is a dagger in the heartland of America.

The Round Table was established in South Africa by Cecil Rhodes and funded by the English Rothschild family. Its purpose was to train business leaders loyal to the British Crown who would secure the vast gold and diamond treasures for the British Crown. South Africans had their birthright stolen from them in a coup so massive and all pervading that it was apparent only a central unified command could have pulled it off. That unified command was the Committee of 300.

That this was accomplished is not in dispute. By the early 1930s, the British Crown had a stranglehold on the biggest supplies of gold and diamonds ever found in the world. NOW THE COMMITTEE OF 300 HAD AT ITS DISPOSAL BOTH THE VAST FORTUNE COMING FROM THE DRUG TRADE AND THE EQUALLY VAST FORTUNE OF THE MINERAL AND METAL WEALTH OF SOUTH AFRICA. Financial control of the world was complete.

The Round Table played a pivotal role in the coup. The express purpose of the Round Table, after swallowing up South Africa, was to blunt the benefits to the United States of the American War of Independence, and once more bring the United States under British control. Organizing ability was essential for such an enterprise and it was provided by Lord Alfred Milner, protege of the London Rothschild family. Using Scottish Rite Freemason principles in selecting members of Round Table, those chosen underwent a period of intense training at Cambridge and Oxford Universities under the watchful eyes of John Ruskin, a self-confessed “old school Communist”, and T.H. Green, an operative of MI6.

It was Green, the son of a Christian evangelical cleric, who spawned Rhodes, Milner, John Wheeler Bennet, A.D. Lindsay, George Bernard Shaw and Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s finance minister. I pause here to remind readers that the Round Table is only ONE SECTOR of this vast and all-encompassing Committee of 300. Yet the Round Table itself consists of a maze of companies, institutions, banks and educational establishments, which in itself would take qualified insurance actuaries a year to sort out.

Round Tablers fanned out throughout the world to take control of fiscal and monetary policies and political leadership in all countries where they operated. In South Africa, General Smuts, who had fought against the British in the Boer War, was “turned” and became a leading British intelligence, military and political agent who espoused the cause of the British Crown. In the United States, in later years, the task of boring away at the United States from the inside fell to William Yandell Elliot, the man who spawned HENRY KISSINGER and who was responsible for his meteoric rise to power as chief U.S. advisor to the Committee of 300.

William Yandell Elliot was “an American at Oxford”, who had already served the Committee of 300 well, which is a prerequisite for higher office in the service of the Committee. After graduating from Vanderbilt University in 1917, Elliot was drafted by the Rothschild-Warburg banking network. He worked at the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco and rose to be a director. [H: Please note as I am here reminded, that the Federal Reserve Bank is NOW REFERRED TO AS THE “CENTRAL BANK”. NOTE SUBTLE CHANGES OR YOU WILL MISS THE BOAT, READERS. YOU SHOULD ALSO BE NOTING THE OFTEN REFERRED TO, NOW, NAME OF “WARBURG”. I REMIND YOU THAT THE FAMILIES AND NAMES DO NOT CHANGE UNLESS DELIBERATELY CHANGED TO HIDE FROM YOU-THE-PEOPLE!] From there he acted as a Warburg-Rothschild intelligence officer, reporting on the important areas of the United States he was overseeing. Elliot’s “freemason” talent spotters recommended him for a Rhodes Scholarship and, in 1923, he went to Balliol College at Oxford University whose “dreaming spires” hid a network of intrigue and future traitors to the West.

Balliol College was, and still is, the center of recruiting for the Round Table. After a thorough brainwashing conducted by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations representative, A.D. Lindsay, who had succeeded Master of Balliol T.H. Green, Elliot was received into the Round Table and sent to The Royal Institute of International Affairs to be given his assignment, which was that he return to the United States to become a leader in the academic community.

The Round Table’s driving philosophy was to have Round Tablers in positions to formulate and carry out social policies through social institutions whereby what Ruskin called “the masses” could be manipulated. Members infiltrated the highest levels of banking after undergoing a course at the Tavistock Institute. The course was drawn up by Lord Leconsfield, an intimate of the British royal family, and later run by Robert Brand who went on to manage Lazard Freres. The Royal Institute of International Affairs was and remains totally interfaced with the British monarchy.

[H: Please be aware of the great numbers of your U.S. citizens who are being “knighted” (Sir this or that) by the Queen of England. Bush, movie actors, Kuralt just yesterday, Hitchcock and BUNCHES of others. You must understand that with the “knighting” comes promises, a turn at the brainwashing centers and LIMITATIONS against ever expressing an individual opinion--ever again! EXPECT SPEILBERG TO GET “KNIGHTED” IN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR HIS OUTRAGEOUS SHINDLER STORY. WHAT HAPPENED IN SHINDLER’S ACTUAL ORGANIZATION WAS THAT IT PROVES THAT “THAT” PLACE WAS NOT AN EXTERMINATION CENTER. JUST AS WE HAVE PRESENTED BEFORE--MOST OF THOSE CENTERS WERE FACTORIES which utilized workers to build products and for war machinery, etc. Speilberg has made it look like some goodly-two-shoes saving the masses--no, just exploiting workers! The Chinese do it every day with their own citizen prisoners.]

Some of the spinoffs of the Round Table are the Bilderbergers, set up and run by Duncan Sandys, a prominent politician and son-in-law of the late Winston Churchill; the Ditchley Foundation, a secret bankers’ club which I exposed in my 1983 work, International Bankers’ Conspiracy: The Ditchley Foundation; the Trilateral Commission; the Atlantic Council of the United States, and the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies [H: A pretty close fourth to the University of Science and Philosophy as referenced to “Humanistic studies”.], whose well-hidden, behind the scenes founder was Lord Bullock of the RIIA for whom Robert Anderson fronted.


The way in which Henry Kissinger, the RIIA’s chief asset in the United States, came to power is a story of the triumph of the institution of the British monarchy over the Republic of the United States of America. It is a tale of horror, too long to be included here. Nevertheless, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention just a few of the highlights of Kissinger’s rise to fame, fortune and power. [H: PLEASE PAY ATTENTION--IT IS STILL HENRY KISSINGER WHO RUNS THE U.S.A.! I ALSO URGE YOU, IF YOU YET HAVEN’T: GET A COPY OF THE HENRY KISSINGER-KGB BOOK FROM CRIMINAL POLITICS. CRIMINAL POLITICS’ Patterson has some hate-grudge going on against “me” so I won’t run the information on ordering. However, I am sure that the CONTACT staff has available the information. I am continually astonished, as well as I know human, that you will play such silly and petty games while your world goes down in flames--A REAL HOLOCAUST TO END THEM ALL!]

After a stint in the United States Army, beginning with the job of driving General Fritz Kraemer around war-torn Germany, thanks to the Oppenheimer family, Kissinger was picked to attend Wilton Park for further training. At the time he held the rank of private first class. In 1952 Kissinger was sent to the Tavistock Institute where R.V. Dicks took him in hand and turned him inside out. Thereafter there was no holding Kissinger back. He was later drafted to serve under George Franklin and Hamilton Fish of the Council on Foreign Relations’ New York office.

It is believed that the official nuclear policy adopted by the United States was delivered to Kissinger during his stay at Tavistock and further shaped by his participation in “Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy”, a Round Table seminar which brought forth the doctrine known as “flexible response”, a total irrationality, which became known by the acronym MAD.

Thanks to William Yandell Elliot and under the tutelage of John Wheeler Bennett, top intelligence director of the Round Table and chief of MI6 field operations in the United States, Kissinger became Elliot’s “favorite son” as he explained in his book, THE PRAGMATIC REVOLT IN POLITICS. Kissinger was coopted into the Round Table to push monetarist policies he studied at Harvard International Seminars.

Kissinger avidly absorbed Elliot’s teachings and was no longer recognizable as the man General Kraemer once described as “my little Jew-boy driver”. Kissinger was inculcated with the spirit of the Master of Balliol, becoming an ardent disciple of decadent British aristocracy. Adopting the philosophies of Toynbee, chief intelligence director for MI6 at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Kissinger used its papers to write his undergraduate “dissertation”.

By the mid 1960s Kissinger had proved his worth to the Round Table and the RIIA, and thus to the British monarchy. As a reward and a test of what he had learned, Kissinger was placed in charge of a small group consisting of James Schlessinger, Alexander Haig and Daniel Ellsberg. The Round Table was using them to conduct a series of experiments. Cooperating with this group was the Institute of Policy Studies chief theoretician, Noam Chomsky.

Haig, like Kissinger, worked for General Kraemer, albeit not as a driver, and the general found a number of varied openings in the Department of Defense for his protege. Once Kissinger was installed as National Security Advisor, Kraemer got Haig the job as his deputy. Ellsberg, Haig, and Kissinger then set in motion the RIIA’s Watergate plan to oust President Nixon for disobeying direct instructions. Haig played the lead role in brainwashing and confusing President Nixon, and in effect it was Kissinger who ran the White House during the softening up of the President. As I mentioned in 1984, Haig was the White House go-between known as “Deep Throat”, passing information to the Washington Post team of Woodward and Bernstein.

The Watergating of Nixon was the biggest coup yet pulled off by the Round Table as an agency and an arm of the RIIA. All the tangled threads led back to the Round Table; from there to the RIIA, and right back to the Queen of England. The humiliation of Nixon was an object lesson and a warning to future Presidents of the United States not to imagine they could go against the Committee of 300 and win. Kennedy was brutally murdered in full view of the American people for the same reason; Nixon was not considered worthy enough to suffer the same fate as John F. Kennedy.

But whatever the method used, the Committee of 300 made sure that all would-be aspirants for the White House got the message: “Nobody is beyond our reach.” That this message remains just as forceful as it was when Kennedy was murdered and Nixon hounded out of office, is evidenced by the character of President George Bush, whose eagerness to please his masters should be cause for grave concern among those who worry about the future of the United States. [H: Not to even give mention of the Billaries!]

The purpose of the exercise was made clear in the Pentagon Papers episode and the drafting of Schlessinger into the Nixon Administration to act as a spoiler in the defense establishment and a counterforce to the development of atomic energy, which role Schlessinger carried out from the shelter of his position in the Atomic Energy Commission, one of the key factors in deindustrializing the United States in the planned Club of Rome Post Industrial-Zero-growth strategies. From this beginning we can trace the roots of the 1991 recession/depression which has thus far cost the jobs of 30 million Americans.


It is virtually impossible to penetrate the Committee of 300 and the oligarchical families that go to make it up. The camouflage they pull over themselves as a protective covering is very hard to rip off. This fact should be noted by every freedom-loving American: The Committee of 300 dictates what passes for United States foreign and domestic policies and has done so for over 200 years. Nowhere was this more strikingly portrayed than when a cocky President Truman had the wind knocked out of him by Churchill ramrodding the so-called “Truman Doctrine” down the throat of the little man from Independence, Missouri.

Some of their former members, whose descendants filled vacancies caused by death, and present members include Sir Mark Turner, Gerald Villiers, Samuel Montague, the Inchcapes, Keswicks, Peases, Schroeders, Airlies, Churchills, Frasers, Lazars and Jardine Mathesons. The full list of members is presented elsewhere; these people on the Committee ORDERED President Wilson to go to war against Germany in the First World War; this Committee ordered Roosevelt to engineer the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the object of getting the United States into the Second World War.

These people, this Committee, ordered this nation to war in Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. The plain truth is that the United States has fought in 5 wars this century for and on behalf of the infamous Committee of 300. It seems that, apart from just a few, no one has stopped to ask, “WHY ARE WE FIGHTING THESE WARS?” The Big Fraud of “patriotism”, martial music and waving flags and yellow ribbons, it seems, caused a great nation to become bereft of its senses.

[H: On that note let us close for today. Thank you.]



THU., MAR. 17, 1994 9:33 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 213

THU., MAR. 17, 1994


As we sit to write this morning I have some requests of you in response to requests TO US. We will effort to cover everything we can but the little paper can’t handle the load. I am told that perhaps within the next month, if some commitments flow through as dedicated, the paper will be able to at least stay in business. I am further assured, however, that no chickens shall be counted before the hatching!

I bother to bore you up front with this information because, in addition, there are some subjects making the rounds of press, radio, and other resources which “I” shall not jeopardize Dharma’s position, or that of other parties, by making comment of a personal nature.

Since Col. Gritz’s radio barrage against the Ekkers, myself, CONTACT, (the “ragsheet of lies and distortions”), George Green’s assaults against the “Truthfuck Ekkers” and other such endearing terms, and the Constitutional Law Center (not to be confused with “their” Constitutional Law CenTRE Trust with the same address, etc.), I feel it far wiser to not comment on all the “stuff” pouring in to the CONTACT. Dharma appreciates the “confirmation” of “dirty tricks” going on--but we have far too much information of quality “difference making” than to play in a game of guns and robbers. I ask that CONTACT personnel use discretion in offering the reprints and only offer those from public resources such as newsletters, press, etc. “Information” must always be the name of our game with TRUTH to the very best of our ability to offer it. I believe what you are seeing is the spiraling BACK of that which is sent FORTH--the universal law is that unto self will return the fruits of the crops planted. Deceit will bring unfoldment of that deceit and thus and so.

I will also, at another writing however, offer another of Dr. Carlson’s (Hawaii) admonitions to representatives and senators--excellent guidelines for you-the-people everywhere. He and some of his friends study the ongoings of legislatures and planned legislation and then hit IT with TRUTH. It is making far more DIFFERENCE than are gun-toting Supremists. The ongoing scenario may well cause some separation of species of human--on a very superficial and political level--HOWEVER, GOD MADE MAN IN “HIS” IMAGE WHICH IS LIGHT--A COMPILATION OF ALL. Yes, there ARE differences in the races of “man”--but YOU have no right to judge cause, effect or, somehow, tout superiority of one above another. Since GOD has a purpose for each and every creation--I think you can leave the reasons for differences to Him--and you clean up the actions taking place as man turns against man--of any and all colors.

If you think that a handful of you can stand against a nuclear equipped army of totally mind-controlled entities--with your weapons--please forget it. If you hole up somewhere as in Idaho in the Gritz planned community, you shall simply be holocausted from the air side. Remember, there are FOUR directions predominantly with infinite variations in-between. You could be reached through tunnels and from the air far more easily than one on one at the camp gate. Intelligence and knowledge is what will get you through this time of tribulation. You WILL need survival sessions--that is, preparedness. To FIGHT with your perceived enemy is stupid--you don’t yet KNOW your enemy as to identification, much less recognize him in a battle called WAR!

I would like to point out to you some interesting information (classified for selective use ONLY and protected by the Copyright Law, Title 17 USC 107 [so YOU can’t have it]). The cover is entitled FIRE OFFICER’S GUIDE TO DISASTER CONTROL. Now, don’t think “they” have singled out the Firemen, as this is simply a part of the overall REQUIRED STUDY course. There is an interesting chapter in this small portion sent to us, ENEMY ATTACK AND UFO POTENTIAL. The constructors of the book (many out of such as Naval Intelligence) are quite clever in that the chapter in point is numbered “13”. Still think I’m bluffing when I tell you “they” are setting you up for a grand show-and-tell? When you run out of people to BLAME for your plight and to unify the world into a massive terrorist army--you are going to have to bring on the “unknown”, are you not? Well, where you gonna get that kind of show? Right underground where you have “built” the cast of thousands to panic you out of your wits--while Space parties are attempted to be laughed off the map. Will it work? Indeed--the panic part. Will it succeed? NO! Your counterparts from SPACE are far, far advanced of such evil and trite little games. However, we don’t have any intention of butting into your games. Those of evil who live by the sword shall perish by that sword. You who live within God shall survive within that GOD! I DID NOT SAY “CHURCH”--I SAID GOD!

One of the most interesting bits of informative literature, however, comes from a reader in Missouri. It comes from FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Vol. 73 No. 2 and is titled: THE RUSSIAN ‘MAFIA’. The second article from same is titled CULTURE IS DESTINY, A Conversation with Lee Kuan Yew (patriarch of Singapore). I have suggested several times that the CONTACT should subscribe to this journal in point as it offers great insight into the CFR and other “Foreign politics” which simply RUN YOUR WORLD! IS THERE DISINFORMATION IN IT? OF COURSE, THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES TO “FOOL” ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE! HOWEVER, YOU CAN ALWAYS GET THE DRIFT OF THE TIDE AND WHERE THE KISSINGERS OF YOUR WARDEN CREW ARE HEADED.

In an effort to get you informed better, we are not going to interrupt for these subjects in coverage. Let us move right on with a continuation of “300” so you get the outline of the skeleton of the entity against you, nation, world and TRUTH IN FREEDOM. Why? Because you will THEN know who to watch. It will remain very difficult because the name of their game is SECRET ENCOUNTERS and YOU are not supposed to know other than that which they allow you to find out. However, it IS enough if you pay attention.

Part 16
By John Coleman

CONTINUATION: CONSPIRATOR’S HIERARCHY: The Story of The Committee of “300”. By John Coleman. WIR 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706. By the way, for you who follow Coleman’s writings, he has another book released since the printing of “300”. It is entitled: DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION, An account of the treasonous conduct by the governments of Britain and the United States. The publisher in both cases is JOSEPH PUBLISHING CO. (America West is no longer any LEGAL participant in Dr. Coleman’s works.) I ask here, as always, PLEASE GET YOUR BOOKS FROM THE AUTHOR OR ACCORDING TO THE PREFERENCE OF EACH AUTHOR IN POINT! THANK YOU.)


On the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, a new “hate Japan” campaign is being waged, not by the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR), but in the most direct and brazen manner by the Bush Administration and Congress. The object is the same as it was when Roosevelt inspired the attack on Pearl Harbor, paint the Japanese as aggressors and wage economic war, then ready our forces for the next phase--armed aggression against Japan.

This is already in the works; it is only a matter of time before more of our sons and daughters are sent off to be slaughtered in the service of the feudal lords of the Committee of 300. We ought to shout from the housetops, “It is not for freedom nor for love of country that we are going to die, but for a system of tyranny that will shortly envelope the entire world.”

So tight is the grip of this organization on Britain that 95% of British citizens have, since the 1700’s, been forced to accept as their share, less than 20% of the national wealth of the country. This is what the oligarchical feudal lords of England like to call “democracy”. These nice, proper English gentlemen are, in reality, utterly ruthless--what they did in India, Sudan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Turkey will be repeated in every country under the New World Order-One World Government. They will use every nation and its wealth to protect their privileged way of life. It is this class of British aristocracy whose fortunes are inextricably woven and intertwined with the drug trade, the gold, diamond and arms trades, banking, commerce and industry, oil, the news media and entertainment industry.

Apart from the rank and file of the Labour Party (but not its leaders), the majority of British political leaders are descendants of titled families, the titles being hereditary and handed down from father to eldest son. This system ensures that no “outsiders” aspire to political power in England. Nevertheless, some aliens have been able to squeeze their way in.

Take the case of Lord Halifax, former British Ambassador to Washington and the man who delivered Committee of 300 orders to our government during the Second World War. Halifax’s son, Charles Wood, married a Miss Primrose, a blood relative of Lord Rothschild. Behind such names as Lord Swaythling is hidden the name of Montague, director of the Bank of England and adviser and confidant of the majority stockholder of the Shell Oil Company, Queen Elizabeth II. All are members of the Committee of 300. Some of the old barriers have been broken down. Title is today not the only criteria for admission to the Club of Rome.

It is appropriate to provide an overview of what the Committee of 300 hopes to achieve, what its aims and objectives are, before we proceed to its vast, far flung interlocking interfacing of banks, insurance companies, corporations, etc. The following information has taken years of investigative research to put together from hundreds of documents and sources of mine who gave me access to some of the papers in which the details are hidden.


The Committee of 300 consists of certain individual specialists in their own fields, including cultus diabolicus, mind altering drugs, and specialists in murder by poison, intelligence, banking, and every facet of commercial activity. It will be necessary to mention former members since deceased, because of their former roles and because their places were given to family members or new members considered worthy of the honor.

Included in the membership are the old families of the European Black Nobility, the American Eastern Liberal Establishment (in Freemason hierarchy and the Order of Skull and Bones), the Illuminati, or as it is known by the Committee, “MORIAH CONQUERING WIND”, the Mumma Group, the National and World Council of Churches, the Circle of Initiates, the Nine Unknown Men, Lucis Trust, Jesuit Liberation Theologists, The Order of the Elders of Zion, the Nasi princes, International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the United Nations (UN), the Central, British Quator Coronati, Italian P2 Masonry--especially those in the Vatican hierarchy--the Central Intelligence Agency, Tavistock Institute selected personnel, various members of leading foundations and insurance companies named in the lists that follow, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, the Milner Group-Round Table, Cini foundation, German Marshall Fund, Ditchley Foundation, NATO, Club of Rome, Environmentalists, The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, One World Government Church, Socialist International, Black Order, Thule Society, Anenherbe-Rosicrucianists, The Great Superior Ones and literally HUNDREDS of other organizations.

What then are we looking at? A loosely-knit gathering of people with weird ideas? Certainly not. In the Committee of 300, which has a 150-year history, we have some of the most brilliant intellects assembled to form a completely totalitarian, absolutely controlled “new” society--only it isn’t new, having drawn most of its ideas from the Clubs of Cultus Diabolicus. It strives toward a One World Government rather well described by one of its late members, H.G. Wells, in his work commissioned by the Committee which Wells boldly called: “THE OPEN CONSPIRACY--PLANS FOR A WORLD REVOLUTION”.

It was a bold statement of intent, but not really so bold since nobody believed Wells except the Great Superior Ones, the Anenherbes and those who were what we would call “insiders” today. Here is an extract of what Wells proposed:

The Open Conspiracy will appear first, I believe, as a conscious organization of intelligent, and in some cases wealthy men, as a movement having distinct social and political aims, confessedly ignoring most of the existing apparatus of political control, or using it only as an incidental implement in the stages, a mere movement of a number of people in a certain direction, who will presently discover, with a sort of a surprise, the common object toward which they are all moving. In all sorts of ways, they will be influencing and controlling the ostensible government.”

Like George Orwell’s 1984, Well’s account is a mass-appeal for a One World Government. Summarized, the intent and purpose of the Committee of 300 is to bring to pass the following conditions:


A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages. In this One World entity, population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until 1 billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined, remain as the total world population.

There will be no middle class, only rulers and servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist. The system will be on the basis of a welfare state; those who are obedient and subservient to the One World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.

Only one religion will be allowed and that will be in the form of a One World Government Church, which has been in existence since 1920 as we shall see. Satanism, Luciferianism and Witchcraft shall be recognized as legitimate One World Government curricula with no private or church schools. All Christian churches have already been subverted and Christianity will be a thing of the past in the One World Government.

To induce a state where there is no individual freedom or any concept of liberty surviving, there shall be no such thing as republicanism, sovereignty or rights residing with the people. National pride and racial identity shall be stamped out and in the transition phase it shall be subject to the severest penalties to even mention one’s racial origin.

Each person shall be fully indoctrinated that he or she is a creature of the One World Government with an identification number clearly marked on their person so as to be readily accessible, which identifying number shall be in the master file of the NATO computer in Brussels, Belgium, subject to instant retrieval by any agency of the One World Government at any time. The master files of the CIA, FBI, state and local police agencies, IRS, FEMA, Social Security shall be vastly expanded and form the basis of personal records of all individuals in the United States.

Marriage shall be outlawed and there shall be no family life as we know it. Children will be removed from their parents at an early age and brought up by wards as state property. Such an experiment was carried out in East Germany under Drich Honnecker when children were taken away from parents considered by the state to be disloyal citizens. Women will be degraded through the continued process of “women’s liberation” movements. Free sex shall be mandatory.

Failure to comply at least once by the age of 20 shall be punishable by severe reprisals against her person. Self-abortion shall be taught and practiced after two children are born to a woman; such records shall be contained in the personal file of each woman in the One World Government’s regional computers. If a woman falls pregnant after she has previously given birth to two children, she shall be forcibly removed to an abortion clinic for such an abortion and sterilization to be carried out.

Pornography shall be promoted and be compulsory showing in every theater of cinema, including homosexual and lesbian pornography. The use of “recreational” drugs shall be compulsory, with each person allotted drug quotas which can be purchased at One World Government stores throughout the world. Mind control drugs will be expanded and usage become compulsory. Such mind control drugs shall be given in food and/or water supplies without the knowledge and/or consent of the people. Drug bars shall be set up, run by One World Government employees, where the slave-class shall be able to spend their free time. In this manner the non-elite masses will be reduced to the level and behavior of controlled animals with no will of their own and easily regimented and controlled.

The economic system shall be based upon the ruling oligarchical class allowing just enough foods and services to be produced to keep the mass slave labor camps going. All wealth shall be aggregated in the hands of the elite members of the Committee of 300. Each individual shall be indoctrinated to understand that he or she is totally dependent upon the state for survival. The world shall be ruled by Committee of 300 Executive Decrees which become instant law. Boris Yeltsin is using Committee of 300 decrees to impose the Committee’s will on Russia as a trial run. Courts of punishment and not courts of justice shall exist. [H: Well--there you have it!]

Industry is to be totally destroyed along with nuclear powered energy systems. Only the Committee of 300 members and their elitists shall have the right to any of the earth’s resources. Agriculture shall be solely in the hands of the Committee of 300 with food production strictly controlled. As these measures begin to take effect, large populations in the cities shall be forcibly removed to remote areas and those who refuse to go shall be exterminated in the manner of the One World Government experiment carried out by Pol Pot in Cambodia.

Euthanasia for the terminally ill and the aged shall be compulsory. No cities shall be larger than a predetermined number as described in the work of Kalgeri. Essential workers will be moved to other cities if the one they are in becomes overpopulated. Other non-essential workers will be chosen at random and sent to underpopulated cities to fill “quotas”.

At least 4 billion “useless eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races. The population of Canada, Western Europe and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.

From time to time there shall be artificially contrived food and water shortages and medical care to remind the masses that their very existence depends on the goodwill of the Committee of 300.

After the destruction of housing, auto, steel and heavy goods industries, there shall be limited housing, and industries of any kind allowed to remain shall be under the direction of NATO’s Club of Rome as shall all scientific and space exploration development, limited to the elite under the control of the Committee of 300. Space weapons of all former nations shall be destroyed along with nuclear weapons.

All essential and non-essential pharmaceutical products, doctors, dentists and health care workers will be registered in the central computer data bank and no medicine or medical care will be prescribed without express permission of regional controllers responsible for each city, town and village.

The United States will be flooded by peoples of alien cultures who will eventually overwhelm White America, people with no concept of what the United States Constitution stands for and who will, in consequence, do nothing to defend it, and in whose minds the concept of liberty and justice is so weak as to matter little. FOOD and shelter shall be the main concern.

No central bank save the Bank of International Settlement and the World Bank shall be allowed to operate. Private banks will be outlawed. Remuneration for work performed shall be under a uniform predetermined scale throughout the One World Government. There shall be no wage disputes allowed, nor any diversion from the standard uniform scales of pay laid down by the One World Government. Those who break the law will be instantly executed.

There shall be no cash or coinage in the hands of the non-elite. All transactions shall be carried out by means of a debit card which shall bear the identification number of the holder. Any person who in any way infringes the rules and regulations of the Committee of 300 shall have the use of his or her card suspended for varying times according to the nature and severity of the infringement.

Such persons will find, when they go to make purchases, that their card is blacklisted and they will not be able to obtain services of any kind. Attempts to trade “old” coins, that is to say silver coins of previous and now defunct nations, shall be treated as a capital crime subject to the death penalty. All such coinage shall be required to be surrendered within a given time along with guns, rifles, explosives and automobiles. Only the elite and One World Government high-ranking functionaries will be allowed private transport, weapons, coinage and automobiles.

If the offense is a serious one, the card will be seized at the checking point where it is presented. Thereafter that person shall not be able to obtain food, water, shelter and employment, medical service, and shall be officially listed as an outlaw. Large bands of outlaws will thus be created and they will live in regions that best afford subsistence, subject to being hunted down and shot on sight. Persons assisting outlaws in any way whatsoever, shall likewise be shot. Outlaws who fail to surrender to the police or military after a declared period of time, shall have a former family member selected at random to serve prison terms in their stead.

Rival factions and groups such as Arabs and Jews and African tribes shall have differences magnified and allowed to wage wars of extermination against each other under the eyes of NATO and UN observers. The same tactics will be used in Central and South America. These wars of attrition shall take place BEFORE the take-over of the One World Government and shall be engineered on every continent where large groups of people with ethnic and religious differences live, such as the Sikhs, Moslem Pakistanis and the Hindu Indians. Ethnic and religious differences shall be magnified and exacerbated and violent conflict as a means of “settling” their differences shall be encouraged and fostered.

All information services and print media shall be under the control of the One World Government. Regular brainwashing control measures shall be passed off as “entertainment” in the manner in which it was practiced and became a fine art in the United States. Youths removed from “disloyal parents”, shall receive special education designed to brutalize them. Youth of both sexes shall receive training to qualify as prison guards for the One World labor camp system.

It is obvious from the foregoing that much work remains to be done before the dawning of the total New World Order can occur. The Committee of 300 has long ago perfected plans to destabilize civilization as we know it, some of these plans were made known by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his classic work THE TECHNOTRONIC ERA and the works of Aurellio Peccei who founded the Club of Rome, especially in his book, THE CHASM AHEAD.


This is enough for this sitting. I ask that you readers go over these writings several times--until TRUTH sinks into your minds. THIS is what you are headed for and each day that passes brings you ones more limited capability of recovery.


A bleak picture? Magical cures? How about some miracles? Then why don’t YOU start redrawing and creating a different picture? Why don’t YOU present some magical cures--GOD will provide the substance, and, moreover--WHY DON’T YOU PRESENT THE MIRACLES (I DIDN’T SAY MAGICAL TRICKS)? IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY--NOT MINE! SALU.



SAT., MAR. 19, 1994 12:34 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 215

SAT., MAR. 19, 1994


What am I? Who am I? And “let’s get to the bottom of ‘this feud’ with Gritz et al.”

First of all, I have no feud with ANYONE--THE VERY LEAST, BO GRITZ. This is much like having a debate with a professor of advanced nuclear physics and a party who has never had science. THERE IS NO DEBATE FOUNDATION AND CERTAINLY NO MUTUAL GUIDELINES FOR SUITABLE ARGUMENT.

Now that Mr. Gritz has given us some notoriety there comes the inquisition of myself and my speaker/scribe, et al. No thank you. I have presented my credentials over and over again and I shall not longer place my people in embarrassment and/or ridicule. TRUTH OF GOD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF and in THAT context, it simply doesn’t matter “who I am”! I CERTAINLY AM NONE OF THE THINGS ACCLAIMED BY BO GRITZ AND HIS CLANSMEN. NEITHER DO I ADVOCATE ANY OF THE ORCHESTRATED METHODS OF SURVIVAL, GUNMANSHIP OR COMMUNAL COVENANT COMMUNITIES. IT IS MY DISAGREEMENT WITH HIM WHICH HAS BROUGHT THE ONSLAUGHT OF AIRWAVES DISSERTATIONS AND DISCOUNTING. I TAKE GREAT EXCEPTIONS TO THE PARTNERS IN HIS OPERATIONS--FOR INSTANCE, HIS CHIEF SPIKE COORDINATOR IS A FELON-CRIMINAL, FROM ALL ACCOUNTS BOTH WITHIN AND WITHOUT THE “INSIDER” PLAYERS, WHOSE OWN PARTNER OFTEN REFERRED TO IS SYLVIA, A CLANDESTINE PARTNER FROM THE “DIVERT FUNDS CAPER” AT THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTER, INC. AND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTRE TRUST. SHE IS NOW A PARTNER IN THE RIP-OFF THE PATRIOTS GAME WITH MR. ANDERSON AFTER HAVING ESTABLISHED THAT RELATIONSHIP WHILE IN HER OWN MARRIAGE AND A TRUSTED ADMINISTRATOR/SECRETARY FOR THE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTER, INC. SHE, IN FACT, FACILITATED THE FUNDS DIVERSION. One of their latest capers was in Paradise, Calif. where they live and where Bo Gritz had a training seminar (SPIKE) which was somehow inadvertently agreed to by the high school principal to be held in the school. The training was off-beat at best and they raffled off a rifle which the papers equated to an “assault” type--IN THE SCHOOL where any type of gun is forbidden under any circumstances. It will probably cost the principal his job. Poor planning or simply “I don’t give a damn about the rules”? At best it is not so good in public visibility.

This scheme was worked by and in some manner involved George Green--for the absolutely reconstructed, endorsed and mailed checks are by and through George. George also, by his own stories (six or seven different ones), OBVIOUSLY and KNOWINGLY embezzled funds from the Phoenix Institute for Research & Education, Ltd. Anderson used checking arrangements through Colorado and an account called WE THE PEOPLE. (Ah-hummm...)

Now some good reporters want “to get to the bottom of ‘this’”. It seems Mr. Gritz advertised $400 interviews and $1,200 ship rides and pick-ups from Mt. Shasta for me. Sorry folks, not this old boy and crew! When research was done in the publication stated carrying such nutty garbage it was not to be found. I cannot imagine why I would give $400 interviews in Southern Calif. and cause you to have to travel to Northern Calif. for a ride--at any price. Nope, y’all have the wrong “Cap’n”, sir.

Mr. Gritz also claims me to be a 9-1/2 ft. “reptilian lizard”. Wrong again! I don’t know who he talks to but he sure is 100% incorrect SO FAR!

THERE IS NO “BOTTOM” TO GET TO! His whole presentation is GARBAGE and if there were not ongoing litigations involving the other people in his crowd over PROPERTY taken unlawfully, there would BE NO ENCOUNTER AT ALL WITH ANY OF THESE CONSPIRATORIAL “NON-PATRIOT” KL-ER--CLANSMEN.

By the way, good readers, please recall from a few days past writing--the KKK is a formed branch of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith!

Is Bo Gritz a “white supremist?” No, Bo Gritz is an opportunist and a self-styled Mormon. I say self-styled for he is not an orthodox doctrined member of that sect “cult” (church group). The Mormon doctrine and secret rituals are based on Freemasonry of which Gritz is about a 32nd degree member, I believe. The Mormon church itself is anti-black and until recently (within the past decade or so) a black could only be a “general” member and hold NOTHING in the Priesthood or participate in any organizational role. That became unpopular politically so the “revelation” came to the church president and the “rule” was somehow changed. There is much doubt about the GOD followed as the revered party for information was Joseph Smith and the ruling hierarchy seems to be a panel of 12 MEN. “Jesus Christ” is in the label of the organization but the church itself is not widely accepted as a “christian” church. So--you got me, good friends--the facts are that all church structures do more SECRET-keeping THAN SPIRITUAL GODLY INTERCHANGE.

We don’t have a group or anything like “church” meetings, fundamentalist or otherwise. We do sometimes gather in simple friendship. There is not even “donation” for coming. I have efforted at giving interviews on the radio, etc., and have had my speaker bashed, ridiculed and totally insulted. Why would I ever do that again? I did have several beautiful programs with a couple of respected radio personalities--and I’m sure that one of them no longer has a job because of his graciousness to me. Dharma (Doris Ekker) NEVER has nor shall give interviews of any kind to anyone for ANY PRICE. By the way, readers, TEACHERS COME TO GIVE UNTO YOU--NOT TAKE! You should carefully look at that which is REQUIRED of you for participation in these groups such as SPIKE to and through the local preaching house group. I do not have any interest in proving anything, taking anything, proselytizing, convincing anyone of anything or giving interviews--and I think purchased ticket rides are out of the question. If there are others promising such things--you had better be most careful--but you should be even more careful of ones such as Gritz coming in sheep’s clothing while enveloped in the wolf suit underneath. You here have gun-totin’ “hawks” shouting “peace”--and there is no peace.

Do they have a right to do this? As long as they get away with it--who am I to discount them? I come with and bearing truth of your journey and “the way it IS”, no more and no less. As Little Crow promises in his own gatherings, I offer no naming ceremonies, no sweat lodge coeducational excursions or vision quests. Most of the information is a “downer” because your world is a downer about to destruct. I am helping where I can--in spite of such characters--to assist in turning around some of the directional march to total destruction. I charge nothing, force nothing and have wonderment at how, under these circumstances, we cause so much harangue and discounting. If we be the “bad guys”--why all the commotion? But, remember--the Evil Adversary cannot bear the presence or illumination of the LIGHT OF GOD. Deceit and lies cannot bear the continuing presentation of truth and MY TRUTH shall stand into infinity--long after the pop-guns are rusted and the bones rotted. I don’t play “games” but I am quite recognized as having a sense of humor and being gracious when graciousness is in order--or sharp when discipline is required.

I have a mission here on your place and it is NOT to SAVE the world somehow, from yourselves. If you want salvation--YOU will find your salvation. I will correct your thinking; however, there is a big, big LIE going about that somehow you dump your evil sins on the back of a MAN called by ANY name and claim your purification by HIS SACRIFICE--and you have a going bunch of terrible consequences in store for your ill-conceived thoughts and actions. And, where are you going to go AFTER THAT RAPTURE as advertised? To the clouds? Human is heavier than “cloud” material and you are not going to bounce well! God’s Kingdom is a SPIRITUAL realm--have you even earned a right to get into the suburbs?? Why think that ye can come from murder to lighted glory in one fell-rapturous sweep into the Pearly Gates? YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE LIE--and that is what my mission is all about--TRUTH and the WORD! I am not trying to convince anyone of anything--I have no wish to have anyone in my presence or crew who doesn’t agree with intention of goodness; I am not a “goody-two-shoes” and accept no liar who claims to be such in worldly perfection. I cannot abide NEW AGE garbage of ANY KIND--that becomes attached by and absorbed into the Wicca movement of pure Satanism as it moves along and matures. I offer no religion, no guru and no MAGIC. I don’t even say, “Hey, come follow me....” You can go anywhere you want to--as long as you can get away with it...! The very LAST thing we here want or need is a gathering of some kind. This is not some order of communal safety half-way place or “save the world” congregation. You can interview me until Hell freezes and you will find NOTHING tangible--only a messenger of Truth in preparation for higher purpose--in service ONLY to God and my brethren.

Now, to ones who want to “get to the bottom...”, I suggest that there are now some 87 journals and nobody can count the papers nor the tapes available documenting word after word after word and integrating that from your place already presented and valid as well as worthy of consideration. I can only “touch” on the tips of the truths available if you but knew the resources and were willing to attain the knowledge. We offer “journals”--not revelation.

You have already been given your revelations and prophecies and what have you done other than wait and ask for more revelation and prophecy?

Now, this non-remarkable 62 yr-old lady here, Doris, isn’t nor does she claim to be--ANYTHING. Certainly not prophet, not prophetess, not revelator--nor clan leader or follower. She is not a good entertainer because she does not offer entertainment nor theatrics. This obviously bothers ones such as Gritz--but we make no apologies. If God’s or messenger presence requires unbalanced whooping and Texas two-stepping, we don’t find it here. When the “connection” is made it is in total quiet, total balance and the other garbage is exactly THAT--garbage for dramatic theatrics--usually to get you to pay incredibly for the entertainment. So, you may not get much from us--but it doesn’t cost you anything, either. However, you cannot begin to purchase the gifts we offer.

Interviews? NO--if anyone wants to speak to me they are welcome to come when I am having communication already with whoever might be present. I will no longer abide the stupid distortions and out of context quotations from anyone thinking themselves clever and journalistic. I am not trying to PROVE anything and neither are my friends. I do, however, suggest it is time that YOU world citizens start proving your worthiness unto GOD CREATOR or it is going to be a most uncomfortable journey “home” to the next stop-over.

I hope this will not offend ones who are trying to arrange and set up interviews and show-and-tells. We simply are not, and never have been, in the business. It would be nice if man could find his way to peace and righteousness--but that is up to each individual and until each decides that which he will do and follow--he is going to be in confusion. You can continue in the way of the world physical and sacrifice SOUL or you can live through this physical experience in such a way as to bring “soul” into glory and the physical will follow nicely. THAT IS WHAT I HAVE TO OFFER--THE TRUTH OF LIFE! So be it.

Back, now, to the idiocy of WHAT IS. Let us continue as rapidly as we can move along with:

Part 17
by Dr. John Coleman (see prior references).


As we speak the Committee of 300 is in flux as other incredibly strong adversaries of their evil tricks are at play/work! Many changes are under way behind the scenes and in open confrontation. All is NOT going well for this little Elite group of thugs and criminal banksters. However, the job is massive and who knows if it can be accomplished without mass destruction as the TITANS CLASH. It is all we can present at this time--the truth of the structure of the Elite hierarchy.

Continuing directly from where we last wrote. As we go along please remember that this book was written in 1992 so current political figures may well be different--but the system up until now in THE PLAN is the same. Names and places are changed simply to deceive you-the-people into thinking there is a difference some way.


In THE CHASM AHEAD, Peccei spelled out Committee of 300 plans to tame man, whom he called THE ENEMY. Peccei quoted what Felix Dzerzinski once said to Syndey Reilly at the height of the Red Terror when millions of Russians were being murdered: “Why should I concern myself with how many die? Even the Christian Bible says what is man that God should be mindful of him? For me men are nothing but a brain at one end and a shit factory at the other.”

It was from this brutish view of man that Emmanuel The Christ came to rescue the world. Sydney Reilly was the MI-6 operative sent to watch of Dzerzinski’s activities. Reilly was allegedly shot by his friend Felix while attempting to flee Russia. The elaborate plot was devised when certain members of the British Parliament raised a hue and cry and began to loudly demand an accounting of Reilly’s activities in Russia, which threatened to expose the role of the Committee of 300 in gaining control of the Baku oilfields and its major role in assisting Lenin and Trotsky during the Bolshevik Revolution. Rather than have the truth dragged out of Reilly, MI6 thought it expedient to stage his death. Reilly lived out his days in utter luxury in a Russian villa usually reserved for the Bolshevik elite.

Arguing that chaos would ensue unless the “Atlantic Alliance”, a euphemism for the Committee of 300 ruled post industrial America, Peccei proposed a Malthusian triaging on a global scale. He envisioned a collision between the scientific-technological-military apparatus of the Soviet Union and the Western world. Thus the Warsaw Pact countries were to be offered a convergence with the West in a One World Government to run global affairs on the foundations of crisis management and global planning.

Events unfolding in what was formerly the USSR and the emergence of several independent states in a loose federation in Russia, is exactly what was envisaged by Peccei and the Club of Rome and this is clearly spelled out in both the books I have mentioned. A USSR thus divided will be easier to cope with than a strong, united Soviet nation. Plans that were laid down by the Committee of 300 for a One World Government, which included the prospect of a divided Russia, are now approaching a point of rapid escalation. Events in Russia at the close of 1991 are all the more dramatic when viewed against the 1960 long-range planning by the Committee of 300.

In Western Europe the people are working toward a federation of states within a one government framework with a single currency. From there the EEC system will be transferred bit by bit to the United States and Canada. The United Nations is being slowly but surely transformed into a rubber stamp of One World Government, with policies dictated to it by the United States as we saw in the case of the Gulf War. [H: Actually, do not confuse the meaning here--the “United States” as spoken herein does not mean what you think it means as “the good old U.S.A.”--it is the NewStates under Elite Charter control--this just happens to be headquarters of that branch of thugs and enforcers. Note that you have not had a REPUBLIC since the change-over TO THE CONSTITUTION. Readers, it was a black day when the convention was called and the old Republic guidelines were supplanted with what you recognize as the Constitution. The Constitution as it became at that fateful changeover was built by predominantly servants of Freemasonry, etc. Indeed you had higher brothers present and there was a structuring of the document to later include AMENDMENTS which gave some measure of equality--but all your prior documents have been but documents for the intended and continuing rule by the Elite--that same Committee of 300! ALWAYS!! Go forth and ask the Native Americans (Indians [they couldn’t even get their name straight]) and the enslaved Blacks. And who brought those first commercial slaves to your country and then sold them to these fine upstanding “Father’s” of the Constitution? Ah, indeed, the Khazarian Zionists at their best--in the role of commercial marketeers. One Nation Under God... is the biggest lie of all--you were ordered to follow some sort of “doctrine” as laid forth by the more powerful “denominations” CLAIMING a given status with GOD and a presentation of “mistranslated” mandates of behavior as “Christians”--not CHRISTness!]

Precisely the same thing is happening with the British Parliament. Discussion on Britain’s participation in the Gulf War was kept to a ridiculously minimal level and belatedly took place only during a motion to adjourn the House. This has never happened before in the ancient history of Parliament, where so important a decision had to be made and so little time was allowed for discussion. One of the most noteworthy events in Parliamentary history has gone virtually unnoticed.

We are close to the point where the United States will send its military forces to settle any and all disputes brought before the United Nations. Departing Secretary General Perez de Cuellar, heavily laden with bribe money, was the most compliant U.N. leader in history in granting demands of the United States without discussion. His successor will be even more inclined to go along with whatever the U.S. government places before him. This is an important step along the road to a One World Government.

The International Court of Justice at The Hague will be used in increasing measure in the next two years to settle legal arguments of all types. It is of course the prototype of a One World Government legal system that will supplant all others. As for central banks, essential in the planning of the New World Order, this is already very much a fait-accompli with the Bank of International Settlements dominating the scene at the close of 1991. Private banks are fast disappearing in preparation for the Big Ten banks that will control banking the world over under the guidance of BIS and IMF.

Welfare states abound in Europe, and the United States is fast becoming the largest welfare state in the world. Once people come to depend on government for their subsistence, it will be very hard to wean them away from it as we saw in the results of the last mid-term election held in the United States, where 98% of incumbents were returned to Washington to enjoy the good life in spite of their utterly deplorable records.

The abolition of privately owned firearms is already in force in three quarters of the world. Only in the United States can the populace still own guns of all types, but that legal right is being chipped away at an alarming rate by local and state laws which violate the Constitutional right of all citizens to bear arms. Private gun ownership will have become a thing of the past in the United States by the year 2010.

SIMILARLY, EDUCATION IS BEING ERODED AT AN ALARMING RATE. PRIVATE SCHOOLS ARE BEING FORCED TO CLOSE BY A VARIETY OF LEGAL STRATAGEMS AND LACK OF FUNDING. The standard of education in the United States has already sunk to such a deplorable level that today it can barely be classified as education at all. This is according to plan; as I described earlier, the One World Government does not want our youth to be properly educated.

Destruction of national identity proceeds apace. It is no longer a good thing to be patriotic--unless it is in the cause of some One World Government project such as the war of genocide being waged against the nation of Iraq, or the impending destruction of Libya. Racial pride is now frowned upon and deemed to be an illegal act in many parts of the world, INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES, BRITAIN, WESTERN EUROPE AND CANADA, ALL COUNTRIES HAVING THE LARGEST CONCENTRATIONS OF THE WHITE RACE.

Led by the secret societies in America, destruction of republican forms of government has proceeded apace since the close of WW II. A list of such governments destroyed by the U.S. is long, and it is difficult for the non-informed to accept that a government of a country allegedly wedded to republicanism under a unique constitution would engage in such conduct, but the facts speak for themselves.

This is a goal which was set over a century ago by the Committee of 300. The United States has led the attacks on such governments and continues to do so even as the United States republican base is being steadily undermined. Starting with James Earl Carter’s legal counsel, Lloyd Cutler, a committee of constitutional lawyers has been working to change the U.S. Congress into a non-representative parliamentary system. Work has been in progress since 1979 on the blueprint for such a change, and because of his devotion to the cause, Cutler was made a member of the Committee of 300. The final draft for a parliamentary type of government is to be presented to the Committee of 300 at the end of 1993.

In the new parliamentary system, members will not be responsible to their constituents, but to parliamentary whips and will vote the way they are told to vote. Thus, by judicial and bureaucratic subversion will the Constitution vanish as will individual liberty. Preplanned degrading of man through licentious sexual practices will be stepped up. New sexually degenerate cults are even now being set up by the British Crown--working through the SIS and MI6 services. As we already know, all cults operating in the world today are the product of British intelligence acting for the oligarchical rulers.

We may think this phase of creating a whole new cult which specializes in sexual degenerate behavior is still far off, but my information is that it is due to be stepped up in 1992. By 1994 it will be quite commonplace to have “live shows” in the most prestigious clubs and places of entertainment. This type of “entertainment” is already in the process of having its image cleaned and brightened.

Soon the big names in Hollywood and the entertainment world will be recommending this or that club as a “must” for live sex shows. Lesbianism and homosexuality will not be featured. This new socially acceptable “entertainment” will consist of heterosexual displays and will be written up in reviews as one finds in today’s newspapers about shows on Broadway, or the latest hit movie.

An unprecedented assault on moral values will go into high gear in 1992. Pornography will no longer be called “pornography”, but adult sex entertainment. Sloganeering will take the form of “why hide it when everybody does it. Let’s take away the image that public displays of sex are ugly and dirty.” No more will those who care for this type of unbridled sexual lust have to go to seedy porno parlours. Instead, the upper-class supper clubs and places favored by the rich and famous will make public sexual displays a highly “artistic” form of entertainment. Worse yet, some church “leaders” will even recommend it.

The voluminous all-pervading and enormous social psychiatry apparatus put in place by the Tavistock Institute and its huge web of related capabilities has been under the control of one single entity, and that entity is still in control as we enter 1992. That single entity, the conspirators’ hierarchy, is called THE COMMITTEE OF 300. It is a power structure and a power center that operates far beyond the reach of any single world leader of any government, including the United States government and its Presidents--as the late John F. Kennedy found out. The Kennedy murder was an operation of the Committee of 300 and we shall return to that.


Let us take a break please. If there is time today we shall continue with a notation of who heads this Elite Club.



SUN., MAR. 20, 1994 8:45 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 216

SUN., MAR. 20, 1994


The heart LONGS to simply turn unto and into the Spiritual aspects of expression and especially as the seeming years pass, more and more is longed for: the answers, peace, fulfillment, realization and quieting of chaos. More and more the soul aches for the “hand in the hand” and the “soul within THE soul”--only seemingly to be thwarted at every turn of the physical journey. Ah, and so it is! For it is the physical journey that allows the soul to grow as the consciousness is confronted barrage after barrage with choices, decisions, confusion and outright lies.

What happens to the great and “true” gurus? What happened with the “Rainbow Masters”? Where are they and why do they not come presently and set the classrooms to order? Because it would become again “their” mission and this journey upon which YOU have set forth--IS YOURS! So, you sit to your lessons, both in Truth and in total falseness. The HUMAN ASPECT always chooses the preference of the physical ease, luxury and satisfaction of the physical senses. Ah, but these are but illusion as to that which will bring peace, balance and harmony WITHIN SOUL. And, the problem becomes that SOUL is the infinite--PHYSICAL BUT THE PASSING....

You each, with soul, are blessed at onset by KNOWING the laws of God and Universe. Then the lessons of MAN are thrust upon the senses and the forgetting takes place. You literally FORGET who you are and what was your journey about in the first place. Most never recover memory and drift further into the mire of disposition.

But,” you say, “it is too hard to stay to the path of God and do that which is righteous. And, I can’t be sure....” No, that is NOT so--you KNOW every time you so much as “fib”. You know every time you advantage another--YOU KNOW! THIS is why the secret societies of the darkness--to join with others of like deceit so YOU don’t feel alone. Further, the “club” can set the prices of dues and fines and you can pay them to the physical aspect of the “leader of the pack” and feel exonerated and given absolution. The very spiral of secret behavior, unacceptable to the LIGHTED PATH, becomes THE normal behavior. YOU MADE AND MAKE THE CHOICES IN CONSCIOUS DECISIONS WHETHER IT BE TO “LIFT” A FINGERNAIL CLIPPER FROM THE MARKET OR TO JOIN THE DARKEST SECRET SOCIETY OF THE SATANIC CHURCH OF THE PHYSICAL REALM. You KNOW--you simply CHOOSE.

Evil” can only HATE! And above all, Evil (let’s use it as an entity name for this purpose) hates the image of himself which YOU create from the perfection of GOD. Mr. Evil plows the furrows deeply in order to plant firmly the “idea” of humanistic “reality”--but there is no “REALITY” within that realm of experience--only chaos of consciousness. Worse, when the human journey is interrupted by whatever cause--the effect then is to dump the released energy “soul” into an abyss of limbo-land AT A LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS HOUSING THE MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE. So, you may well have a Satanic killer who, when murdered himself, still bears the direction of Satanic level growth--to represent entity at receptivity of greater expression of Evil. On the other hand, at each re-presentation there is the CHOICE of change. In every physical manifestation of expression there will ALWAYS be both Evil and Goodness--dark and light, unknowing and knowing.

When, however, you CHOOSE to journey and serve within the LIGHT expression--then comes the “CREATIVE” POWER offered by the substance of ALL life. The limitations are torn away--leaving only, once again in lessons, the “choices”, confound it. But the choices become easy if you follow the “path” and the lessons in recognition and knowledge with WISDOM. What seems the EASY way of humanistic spirals--is DEAD END. You can learn everything a human teacher can tell you and show you about, say, ascension--BUT YOU STILL WILL BE TOTALLY UNABLE TO ASCEND TO ANYWHERE--NOT EVEN LEVITATE! Why? Because the PHYSICAL cannot do that which only the SOUL can do. If both the physical and soul be in complete atunement--BOTH CAN ASCEND--but will still be functioning in the physical consciousness and you certainly will not be free in that ascension to express within the realms of soul freedom. Masters do not LIKE to come back within your bindings of physical expression--FOR ANY REASON. They do, however, present themselves in many ways because of service unto God and SOUL and LOVE. The fact is that there is only ONE SOUL in perfection--therefore, I, for instance, am not WHOLE in my own being without my fragmented parts being again brought into the ONE. There is a void within my own soul perfection until I recombine with you who are missing from myself. Creator ALLOWS us those diverse experiences of HIS THOUGHT that we might return home in PERFECT regiving and acceptance--in KNOWING.


Because you ARE expressing in PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION--in forgetfulness, confusion and UNKNOWING. You are making choices without wisdom or intelligence--much less, knowledge. I cannot tell you EVERY detail of every experience to give you knowing--so I must choose those things hidden from you which CAN GIVE INSIGHT AND ALLOW CHANGE THROUGH CHOICES MADE IN WISE RECOURSE. You must come to KNOW your enemy! It helps not if only “I” know YOUR enemy--it is enough for me that I know my own enemy--but you are experiencing in YOUR journey and what I know is not that which you focus upon. MY JOB is to bring into focus SOME of those things upon which you MUST ATTEND if you are to reclaim your SELF. I do not have the task of ALL teachings--and you must come to understand the falseness of almost all teachers at this time of chaos. If the teachings require physical aspects of yourself to serve a HUMAN CAUSE or CONSCIOUSNESS OF PHYSICAL--IT IS INCORRECT! YOU MUST JUDGE THE TEACHINGS AND THEN THE TEACHER BECOMES IMMATERIAL--99.99% OF ALL THAT SATAN TELLS YOU IS TRUTH! IT IS THAT TINY FRAGMENT IN LIE THAT “GETSCHA”.

Mr. Evil will boggle your mind with “insider reports”, tinker over hours on the clock and dates as does a barrister in a vapid court of non-law. Mr. Gritz will, for instance, say that “if Hatonn is so hot why didn’t he just know I was out of town....” What difference does it make what Hatonn may or may not know--YOU DON’T KNOW and “YOU” is where “it’s at”. If I ask someone to respond to a message offered through this routing--THESE PEOPLE IN FLESH AND HUMAN EXPERIENCE HAVE TO HAVE A HUMAN RESPONSE “THEY” CAN UNDERSTAND. What you deal with in the “former instance” is magical gamesmanship, not realistic interchange. If the commanding officer sends a radio message to a Delta player in the jungle and asks for acknowledgement--does this mean “Oh well, the General knows where I am!” No, the “argument offered” is even less smart than “stupid”. When you succumb to such idiocy--you have just been rebitten by the serpent dwelling around your intelligence center injecting venom at every spark of “light”. This is why the description of any of God’s troops will come from these ones as “serpentine”, reptilian, etc., for it is the deceit of the Evil empire--it is THEIR symbol of existence--be it in old Lemuria, Pan, the Garden of Eden, the Khazarian choices of symbol (Serpent People) or whatever--THEY create the image of GOD in their own IMAGE! GOD CREATED YOU IN HIS IMAGE--RADIANCE! THEREFORE, YOU CAN ONLY PERCEIVE GOD IN THE IMAGE “SOLD” TO YOU. It is so unfortunate for the tiny creature presenting as a “snake” for these in manifestation are but creatures now bashed and battered “just for being”.

My “responsibility” is NOT to those who pull away from God and have made choices of separation and service unto Evil (knowingly or unknowingly). My job is to attend the fragments who HAVE NOT PULLED AWAY FROM GOD AND SEEK JOURNEY HOME IN RADIANCE AND SECURITY OF HIS WINGS. Mine is a task of bringing you that information in integrated form, already provided you at some place, some time, and to record events and entities for historical archives of the eons of experience--for another place and another time in the screenplay. This is to allow you to reconsider or “firstly” consider your path as the spiral narrows and the cycle completes itself.

That which remains with GOD shall be gathered unto God in HIS manner of gathering. That which is worthy shall be gathered and brought into radiance of expression (a time of radiance) and that which is negative in service unto low-wisdom lifeform will be separated out to continue in a most dank environment devoid of God’s lighted presence. THAT is the definition of HELL--DEVOID OF GOD! GOD REQUIRES NO PERFECTION OF HUMAN--HE ASKS ONLY INTENT TOWARD HIS OWN PERFECTION WHICH ALREADY IS!

I know, Dharma, you long for more and more of THIS Truth that you may rest from the duty board. No, you must know the manifested players and scenarios set forth to ensnare you as a civilization--then and only then, can you see far enough to reclaim that which must be reclaimed upon your planetary experience. You do not need abide by the prophecies of some ancient play--but you must get together the God consciousness in order to SEE HOW TO CHANGE.

Am I but a “chess” player manipulating puzzle pieces against an opponent recognized as “satan”? Perhaps--so, WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE WIN THE CHESS MATCH? Well, either way--GOD WINS! Now, it remains for you to choose--WHICH GOD?! In the REALMS OF GOD there is no question--only at your level of unknowing is there even such a game as this. How can YOU participate in a “chess” game wherein only your enemy knows the rules and who the pawns ARE? You have the ultimate advantage in that you of God can pull forth CREATIVE POWER--if you come to know what you are about. At present the adversary has the lead in the game because you have refused to learn the game plan. It is not a difficult concept to understand--he who knows the game is GOING TO WIN! REMEMBER, HOWEVER, “GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000!”

The Story of the Committee of 300
Part 18
By John Coleman

Let us return now to the most timely lessons as regards “players” in the game.

THE CONSPIRATORS’ HIERARCHY, The Story of the Committee of 300. By John Coleman who compiled an excellent volume from the myriads of presentations of ones such as Eustace Mullins and other major presenters of truth regarding these matters.


The Committee of 300 is the ultimate secret society made up of an untouchable ruling class, which includes the Queen of England, the Queen of the Netherlands, The Queen of Denmark and the royal families of Europe. These aristocrats decided, at the death of Queen Victoria, the matriarch of the Venetian Black Guelphs that, in order to gain world-wide control, it would be necessary for its aristocratic members to “go into business” with the non-aristocratic but extremely powerful leaders of corporate business on a global scale, and so the doors to ultimate power were opened to what the Queen of England likes to refer to as “the commoners”.

From my days in the intelligence business I know that heads of foreign governments refer to this all-powerful body as “The Magicians”. Stalin coined his own phrase to describe them: “The Dark Forces”, and President Eisenhower, who was never able to get beyond the “hofjuden” (court Jew) grade, referred to it in a colossal understatement as “the military-industrial complex”. Stalin kept the USSR heavily armed with conventional and nuclear forces because he did not trust what he called “the family”. His ingrained mistrust and fear of the Committee of 300 proved to be well-founded.

Popular entertainment, especially the medium of movie making, was used to bring discredit upon those who tried to warn of this most dangerous threat to individual liberty and freedom of mankind. Freedom is a God-given law which man has constantly sought to subvert and undermine; yet the yearning for freedom by each individual is so great that, up to now, no system has been able to tear that feeling from the heart of man. The experiments that have gone on in the USSR, Britain and the USA, to blunt and dull man’s yearnings for freedom, have thus far proved to be unsuccessful.

But with the coming of the New World Order-One World Government, far-reaching experiments will be stepped up to drive man’s God-given yearning for freedom out of his mind, body and soul. What we are already experiencing is but nothing, a mere bagatelle, when compared with what is to come. Attacking the soul is the thrust of a host of experiments being readied, and I regret to say that institutions in the United States will play a leading role in the terrible experiments which have already been carried out on local small-scale levels at such places as Bethesda Naval Hospital and Vacaville prison in California.


The movies we have seen thus far include the James Bond series, the Assassination Bureau, the Matarese Circle and so on. They were make-believe movies, designed to hide the truth that such organizations do exist and on a far greater scale than even Hollywood’s fertile idea-men could dream up.

Yet the Assassination Bureau is absolutely real. It exists in Europe and the United States solely to do the bidding of the Committee of 300 to carry out high-level assassinations where all other remedies have failed. It was PERMINDEX which ran the Kennedy assassination under the direction of Sir William Stephenson, for years the Queen of England’s number one “pest control” operative.

Clay Shaw, a contract agent of the CIA, ran PERMINDEX out of the Trade Mart Center in New Orleans. Former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison came very close to cracking the Kennedy assassination plot up to the level of Clay Shaw until Garrison was “dealt with” and Shaw was found not guilty of involvement in the Kennedy assassination plot. The fact that Shaw was eliminated in the manner of Jack Ruby, another CIA contract agent--both died of induced quick-acting cancer--speaks volumes that Garrison was on the right track.

A second assassination bureau is located in Switzerland and was until recently run by a shadowy figure of whom no photographs existed after 1941. The operations were and probably still are financed by the Oltramaire family--Swiss Black Nobility--owners of the Lombard-Odier Bank of Geneva, a Committee of 300 operation. The primary contact man was Jacques Soustelle--this according to U.S. Army-G2 intelligence files.

This group was also closely allied with Allen Dulles and Jean de Menil, an important member of the Committee of 300 and a very prominent name in the oil industry in Texas. Army-G2 records show that the group was heavily involved in the arms trade in the Middle East, but more than that, the assassination bureau made no less than 30 attempts to assassinate General De Gaulle, in which Jacques Soustelle was directly involved. The same Soustelle was the contact man for the Sendero Luminosa-Shining Pathway guerrilla group protecting the Committee’s Peruvian cocaine producers.

When all of the best that the assassination bureau could do had failed, thanks to the excellent work done by DGSE (French intelligence--formerly SDECE) the job was assigned to MI-6--Military Intelligence Department Six, and also known as Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), under the code name “Jackal”. SDECE employed clever young graduates and was not infiltrated by MI-6 or KGB to any measurable extent. Its record in tracking down foreign agents made it the envy of the secret services of every nation, and it was this group that followed “Jackal” to his final destination and then killed him before he could fire on General De Gaulle’s motorcade.

It was the SDECE who uncovered a Soviet mole in the cabinet of De Gaulle, who also happened to be a liaison man with the CIA in Langley. In order to discredit the SDECE, Allen Dulles, who hated De Gaulle, (the feeling was mutual) had one of its agents, Roger De Louette, caught with $12 million worth of heroin in his possession. After a great deal of expert “interrogation”, De Louette “confessed” but was unable to say why he was smuggling drugs into the United States. The whole thing stank to high heaven of a set-up.

Based upon an examination of SDECE methods in protecting De Gaulle, especially in motorcades, the FBI, Secret Service and the CIA knew exactly how to strip President Kennedy of his security and make it easy for the three PERMINDEX shooters to murder him in Dealey Plaza in November 1963.

Another example of FACT disguised as fiction is the Leon Uris novel, TOPAZ. In TOPAZ we find a factual account of the activities of Thyraud de Vosjoli, the very KGB agent uncovered by SDECE and denounced as the KGB’s liaison man with the CIA. There are many fictionalized accounts of the MOSSAD’s activities, nearly all of which are based on fact.


The MOSSAD is also known as “The Institute”. Many would-be writers make nonsensical statements about it, especially one writer who is much in favor with the Christian right wing, which are accepted as truth. One can pardon the offender because he has no intelligence training, but that does not stop him from dropping “Mossad names” all over the place.

Such disinformation exercises are routinely run against American right wing patriotic groups. Originally the MOSSAD consisted of 3 groups, the Bureau of Military Intelligence, the Political Department of the Foreign Office and the Department of Security (Sherut Habitachon). David Ben Gurion, a member of the Committee of 300, received some considerable help from MI-6 in putting it together.

But it was not a success and in 1951 Sir William Stephenson of MI-6 restructured it into a single unit as an arm of the Political Department of the Israeli Foreign Office, with a special operations group of espionage and “black job” operations. British intelligence gave further assistance in training and equipping for service the Sarayet Maktal, also known as the General Staff Reconnaissance unit, in the format of Britain’s Special Air Service (SAS). This service unit of the MOSSAD is never mentioned by name and is known simply as “The Guys”.

The Guys” are merely an extension of British intelligence’s SAS unit who continually train and update them in new methods. It was “The Guys” who killed the leaders of the P.L.O. and kidnaped Adolph Eichmann. “The Guys”, and indeed ALL MOSSAD agents, operate on a war-time footing. The MOSSAD has a tremendous advantage over other intelligence services in that every country in the world has a large Jewish community.

By studying social and criminal records, the MOSSAD is able to pick agents among local Jews it can have a hold over AND MAKE THEM WORK FOR IT WITHOUT PAY. The MOSSAD also has the advantage of having access to the records of all U.S. law enforcement agencies and U.S. intelligence services. The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) ELINT services the Mossad at no cost to Israel. Citizens of the United States would be shocked, angered and dismayed if ever it was discovered just how much the MOSSAD knows about the lives of millions of Americans in every walk of life, even those who are not political in any way.

The first head of the MOSSAD, Reuben Shiloach, was made a member of the Committee of 300, but it is not known whether or not his successor enjoyed the same privilege. Chances are that he does. The MOSSAD has a skillful disinformation service. The amount of disinformation it feeds to the American “market” is embarrassing, but even more embarrassing is how it is swallowed hook, line and sinker and all.


What we are actually witnessing in the microcosm of the MOSSAD is the extent of control exercised by the “Olympians” over the intelligence services, entertainment, publishing, opinion-making (polls) and the television “news” media on a global scale. Ted Turner was recently given a seat on the Committee of 300 in recognition for his “news” (making) CNN broadcasts. THE COMMITTEE HAS THE POWER AND THE MEANS TO TELL THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD ANYTHING, AND IT WILL BE BELIEVED BY THE VAST MAJORITY.


Here is a good place to break this segment. We will move on into more discussion on the players when we again take up the subject. Thank you.



SUN., MAR. 20, 1994 1:16 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 216

SUN., MAR. 20, 1994


Today I am barraged with questions about Oliver North’s plane crash and what “was it about?” You KNOW what it was about--one of two things. His enemies knew he had been dropped off and the crash is a meaningful warning to him--or--it was thought he was aboard at which point he would be DEAD! You are far enough in your lessons, readers, if you have kept up, that you pretty much KNOW what these happenings are about. IT IS A DIRTY, FILTHY PLAN, GAME AND WAR ALREADY UNDER WAY--FOR A LONG TIME ALREADY UNDER WAY. IF YOU GET HUNG UP ON “ONE” OLIVER NORTH RUNNING FOR THE SENATE--YOU WILL MISS THE FLAGSHIP BEARING THE WARRIORS. THE “TITANS” HAVE BEGUN THEIR CLASHING AND SKIRMISHING IN READINESS FOR THE BIG-TIME CONFRONTATIONS. STOP PLAYING SO MUCH WITH THE NITTY-GRITTY TO SUCH GREAT EXTENT; WATCH THE ONGOING EVIDENCE SHOWING THROUGH IN THE MEDIA, EVEN IF NOT TRUTHFUL, AND YOU CAN SEE THE SCENARIO UNFOLDING. I ADVISE YOU TO WATCH CAREFULLY EVERY MOVE NORTH MAKES FROM THIS POINT!

I would discuss a minute a question that keeps dropping on me: “What and who is THIS Coleman and why should we trust his work?” Well, I guess you can only go with the unfolding of TRUTH--never mind Coleman--or for that matter--“me”. When enough facts get out into the ether then the truth begins to come together with each new piece of the puzzle “that actually fits”. Coleman could be the greatest disinformation-giver of MI-6 that ever existed--that does not make the truth he brings, false!! IF he be of God and simply misunderstood his respite in my camp--so be it--he will come again within the shelter. He was badly USED by George Green under the appearance, as usual, of it being ill-use by Hatonn and those who served, both me AND HIM. This book from which I quote is remarkably well-done and he wrote with great insight into truth. It matters NOT from whence came information--each past author contributing should be pleased that “his” work was chosen to repeat. Why were some of the other “mouths” NOT CHOSEN FOR RESEARCH? You ones have reached the point of denying your own destiny--deliberately through your silly antics and ego trippings.

In total ignorance of his own intentions, John Coleman (alias) has served me well. He knows about US&P and although he claimed and touted that George Green was Hatonn--John NEVER thought as much. Perhaps if any of you contact John’s attention--suggest he “call E.T. at home”. He is in dire need of protection for both himself and his family, as he presented them--emotionally and healthwise. God only asks a man to leave his personal “ego” outside HIS door and you can come inside, dirty shoes and all...! Around these parts we honor our “crows” and play with them--WE DON’T EAT THEM!

Part 19



On every occasion that a researcher happens upon this astounding central control group, he is either successfully bought off, or else he undergoes some “specialty training” at the Tavistock Institute after which he becomes a contributor to more fiction, of the James Bond type, i.e., he is derailed and well rewarded. If such a person as John F. Kennedy should stumble onto the truth about who directs world events, and cannot be bought, he is assassinated.

In the case of John F. Kennedy, the assassination was carried out with great attendant publicity and with the utmost brutality to serve as a warning to world leaders not to get out of line. Pope John Paul I was quietly murdered because he was getting close to the Committee of 300 through Freemasons in the Vatican hierarchy. His successor, Pope John Paul II, was publicly humiliated as a warning to cease and desist--which he has done. As we shall see, certain Vatican leaders are today seated on the Committee of 300.

It is easy to put serious researchers off the track of the Committee of 300 because Britain’s MI-6 (SAS) promotes a wide variety of kookery such as the New Age, Yogaism, Zen Buddhism, Witchcraft, Delphic Priesthood of Apollo (Aristotle was a member) and hundreds of small “cults” of all kinds. A group of “retired” British intelligence agents who stayed on the track labeled the conspirators’ hierarchy “Force X”, and declared that it possesses a super-intelligence service that has corrupted the KGB, the Vatican Intelligence, the CIA, the OM, DGSE, U.S. military intelligence, the State Department intelligence service and even the most secret of all U.S. intelligence agencies, the Office of National Reconnaissance.

The existence of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) was known to only a handful of people outside of the Committee of 300, until Truman stumbled upon it quite by accident. Churchill had a hand in setting up the NRO and he was reportedly livid when Truman discovered its existence. Churchill, more than any other servant of the Committee of 300, considered Truman His-Little-Man from Independence “without any independence at all”. This referred to Truman’s every move being controlled by Freemasonry. Even today, NRO’s annual budget is not known to the Congress of the United States, and it is responsible to only a selected few in Congress. But it is a creature of the Committee of 300 to whom its reports are routinely sent every few hours.

Thus the fictionalized spoofs one sees about the various branches and arms of control of the Committee were designed to take suspicion away from the real thing, but we should never doubt that the real thing does indeed exist. Take another example of what I mean, the book THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, from which a highly successful movie was created.

The events related in the book are factual. Although for obvious reasons the names of some of the players and the locales were changed, but the thrust of the story, that a single MI-6 operative was assigned to get rid of General Charles De Gaulle, is absolutely correct. General De Gaulle had become unmanageable, refusing to cooperate with the Committee--whose existence he knew very well since he had been invited to join it--came to a climax when De Gaulle withdrew France from NATO and immediately began building his own nuclear force--the so-called “force de frappe”.

This so angered the Committee that De Gaulle’s assassination was ordered. But the French secret intelligence service was able to intercept “Jackal’s” plans and keep De Gaulle safe. In the light of the record of MI-6, which I might add is the Committee of 300’s main resource when it comes to intelligence, the work done by French intelligence borders on the miraculous.


Military Intelligence Department Six dates back to Sir Francis Walsingham, paymaster of Queen Elizabeth I for dirty tricks operations. Over hundreds of years, MI-6 has established a record which no other intelligence agency can come near to duplicating. MI-6 agents have gathered information from the four corners of the Earth and have carried out secret operations that would astound even the most knowledgeable if ever they were to be made public, which is why it rates as the Master service of the Committee of 300.

Officially, MI-6 does not exist; its budget comes out of the Queen’s purse and “private funds”, and is reported to be in a range of $350-$500 million per annum, but no one knows for sure what the exact amount is. In its present form MI-6 dates back to 1911 when it was under the leadership of Sir Mansfield Cumming, a captain in the Royal Navy who was always identified by the letter “C”, from which “M” of James Bond fame is taken.

No official record of MI-6’s failures and successes exist--it is that secret, although the Burgess-Maclean-Blake-Blunt disasters did great damage to the morale of MI-6 officers. Unlike other services, future members are recruited from universities and other areas of learning by highly skilled “talent scouts” as we saw in the case of Rhodes Scholars inducted into the Round Table. One of the requirements is an ability to speak foreign languages. Candidates undergo a rigorous “blooding”.

With the backing of such a formidable force, the Committee of 300 had little fear from ever being exposed, and this will go on for decades. What makes the Committee incredible is the incredible secrecy that prevails. None of the news media has ever made mention of this conspiratorial hierarchy; therefore, as is to be expected, people doubt its existence.

The Committee of 300 is for the most part under the control of the British monarch, in this case, Elizabeth II. Queen Victoria is believed to have been quite paranoid about keeping it secret and went to great lengths to cover up MASONIC writings left at the scene of “Jack the Ripper” murders which alluded to the Committee of 300’s connections with “experiments” carried out by a family member who was also a highly-placed member of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. The Committee of 300 is filled with members of British aristocracy which has corporate interests and associates in every country of the world, including the USSR.

The Committee’s structure is as follows:

The Tavistock Institute at Sussex University and London sites is owned and controlled by the Royal Institute for International Affairs whose “hofjuden” in America is Henry Kissinger. The EAGLE STAR GROUP, which changed its name to the STAR GROUP after the close of the Second World War, is composed of a group of major international companies involved in overlapping and interfaced areas (1) Insurance, (2) Banking, (3) Real Estate, (4) Entertainment, (5) High technology, including cybernetics, electronic communications, etc.

Banking, while not the mainstay, is vitally important, especially in the areas where banks act as clearing houses and money launderers of drug money. The main “big name banks” are The Bank of England, the Federal Reserve Banks, Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. American Express Bank is a means of recycling drug dollars. Each of these banks is affiliated with and/or controls hundreds of thousands of large and small banks throughout the world.

* * *

[H: I interrupt here because at 1:21 there was an earthquake in Los Angeles which was well over 6 (six) points in magnitude. No, I don’t recognize the numbers that are given to you so please don’t argue--just LISTEN! That area is in serious trouble. This particular quake was triggered BY UNDERGROUND PULSE BLASTS. This is far more dangerous to the geophysically abutting strata than overhead blasting OR natural slippage. Why? Because the blast itself is resultant of a magnificent buildup of resonance with no capacitors and it can recycle itself over and over--ever building without ability to “transform” the frequencies. The pulses themselves feed on themselves.

There are tremendous political upheavals going on in that area right now along with confrontation with all the adversary’s play-puppets. Many dispositions within the banking machinery are taking place for the changes under way. The Academy Awards affair should not be overlooked, good friends! A real show of strength is being made and you nice people in the area are going to get caught in the mouse-trap along with the rats. If you would, in that area, simply go lie upon the ground and put your ear to the earth--what do you hear? What do you feel? Hmmm Hummm, sounds like a far-off train coming on tracks doesn’t it? The actual “triggering” location (inside or above) is of little consequence for the “triggering” of the resonance mechanism (frequency pulses) can be set from “anywhere”. Some of you are going to have to make some serious decisions pretty soon. What’s more, we of the Lighted Brotherhood have not much longer need to hold the terrain. Some are going to have to choose between what “seems” of value but actually is NOT. Sometimes to “lose” in perceptions is actually a “gain” in literal meaning.

Then, is this something Command is doing? NO! It is your own PUPPET-MASTERS.]

* * *


Banks large and small in the thousands are in the Committee of 300 network, including Banca Commerciale d’Italia, Banca Privata, Banco Ambrosiano, the Netherlands Bank, Barclays Bank, Banco del Colombia, Banco de Ibero-America. Of special interest is Banca del la Svizzeria Italiana (BSI)--since it handles flight capital investments to and from the United States--primarily in dollars and U.S. bonds--located and isolated in “neutral” Lugano, the flight capital center for the Venetian Black Nobility. Lugano is not in Italy or in Switzerland, and is a kind of a twilight zone for shady flight capital operations. George Ball, who owns a large block of stock in BSI, is a prominent “insider” and the bank’s U.S. representative.

BCCI, BNL, Banco Mercantil de Mexico, Banco National de Panama, Bangkok Metropolitan Bank, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim, Standard Bank, Bank of Geneva, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Scotland, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Banque Paris et Pays Bas, British Bank of the Middle East and the Royal Bank of Canada to name but a very small number in a huge list of “specialty” banks.

The Oppenheimers of South Africa are much bigger “heavyweights” than the Rockefellers. For instance, in 1981 Harry Oppenheimer, chairman of the giant Anglo American Corporation that controls gold and diamond mining, sales and distribution in the world, stated that he was about to launch into the North American banking market. Oppenheimer promptly invested $10 billion in a specially created vehicle for the purpose of buying into big banks in the U.S., among which was Citicorp. Oppenheimer’s investment vehicle was called Minorco, which set up shop in Bermuda, a British royal family preserve. On the board of Minorco was to be found Walter Wriston of Citicorp and Robert Clare, its chief counsel.

The only other company to rival Oppenheimer in the field of precious metals and minerals was Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa, but Oppenheimer took control of it with a 28% stake--the largest single stockholder. Thus gold, diamonds, platinum, titanium, tantalite, copper, iron ore, uranium and 52 other metals and minerals, many of them of absolutely vital strategic value to the United States, passed into the hands of the Committee of 300.

Thus was the vision of one of the earlier South African members of the Committee of 300, Cecil John Rhodes, fully realized, a vision which started with the spilling of the blood of thousands upon thousands of White farmers and their families in South Africa, whom history records as the “Boers”. While the United States stood by with folded hands as did the rest of the world, this small nation was subjected to the most vicious war of genocide in history. The United States will be subjected to the same treatment by the Committee of 300 when our turn comes, and it will not be long in coming.


Insurance companies play a key role in the business of the Committee of 300. Among these are found such top insurance companies as Assicurazioni Generali of Venice and Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta, the largest and second largest insurance companies in the world, who keep their bank accounts at Bank of International Settlements in Swiss gold francs. Both control a multiplicity of investment banks whose turnover in stocks on Wall Street double that of U.S. investors.

Prominent on the board of these two insurance giants are Committee of 300 members: the Giustiniani family, Black Nobility of Rome and Venice who trace their lineage to the Emperor Justianian; Sir Jocelyn Hambro of Hambros (Merchant) Bank; Pierpaolo Luzzatti Fequiz, whose lineage dates back six centuries to the most ancient Luzzatos, the Black Nobility of Venice, and Umberto Ortolani of the ancient Black Nobility family of the same name.

Other old Venetian Black Nobility Committee of 300 members and board members of ASG and RAS are the Doria family, the financiers of the Spanish Hapsburgs, Elie de Rothschild of the French Rothschild family, Baron August von Finck (Finck, the second richest man in Germany is now deceased), Franco Orsini Bonacassi of the ancient Orsini Black Nobility that traces its lineage to an ancient Roman senator of the same name, the Alba family whose lineage dates back to the great Duke of Alba, and Baron Pierre Lambert, a cousin of the Belgian Rothschild family.

The English companies controlled by the British royal family are Eagle Star, Prudential Assurance Company, the Prudential Insurance Company, which own and control most American insurers, including Allstate Insurance. At the head of the list is Eagle Star, probably the most powerful “front” for Military Intelligence Department Six (MI-6), it is also a front for major British banks, including Hill-Samuels, N.M. Rothschild and Sons (one of the gold price “fixers” who meet daily in London), and Barclays Bank (one of the funders of the African National Congress-ANC). It can be said with a great degree of accuracy that the most powerful British oligarchical families created Eagle Star as a vehicle for “black operations” against those who oppose Committee of 300 policies.

Unlike the CIA, British law makes it a serious crime to name MI-6 officials, so the following is but a partial list of “top brass” of MI-6, who are (or were) also members of the Committee of 300:

Lord Hartley Shawcross.

Sir Brian Edward Mountain

Sir Kenneth Keith.

Sir Kenneth Strong.

Sir William Stephenson

Sir William Wiseman.

All of the foregoing are (or were) heavily involved in key Committee of 300 companies which interface with literally thousands of companies engaged in every branch of commercial activity as we shall see.


Some of these companies include Rank Organization, Xerox Corporation, ITT, IBM, RCA, CBS, NBC, BBC and CBC in communications, Raytheon, Textron, Bendix, Atlantic Richfield, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, Marine Midland Bank, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, General Electric, Westinghouse Corporation, United Fruit Company and a great many more.

MI-6 ran a large number of these companies through British intelligence stationed in the RCA building in New York, which was the headquarters of its chief and Sir William Stephenson. Radio Corporation of America (RCA) was formed by G.E., Westinghouse, Morgan Guarantee and Trust (acting for the British crown), and United Fruit, back in 1919 as a British intelligence center. RCA’s first president was J.P. Morgan’s Owen Young, after whom the Young Plan was named. In 1929 David Sarnoff was appointed to run RCA. Sarnoff had acted as an assistant to Young at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference where a fallen Germany was stabbed in the back by the victorious “allies”.

A network of Wall Street banks and brokerage houses takes care of the stock market for the Committee, and prominent among these are Blyth, Eastman Dillon, the Morgan groups, Lazard Freres and Kuhn Loeb Rhodes. Nothing happens on Wall Street that is not controlled by the Bank of England, whose instructions are relayed through the Morgan groups and then put into action through key brokerage houses whose top executives are ultimately responsible for carrying out Committee directives.

Before it overstepped the limits laid down by Morgan Guarantee, Drexel Burnham Lambert was a favorite of the Committee of 300. In 1981 almost every major brokerage house on Wall Street had sold out to the Committee, Phibro merging with Salomon Brothers. Phibro is the business arm of the Oppenheimers of Anglo American Corporation. By this control mechanism, the Committee of 300 ensures that its members and their far-flung business corporations turn their investments on Wall Street over at a rate of double that of the “non-insider” foreign investors.

Remember, some of the richest families in the world live in Europe, so it is natural that they should have a preponderance of members on the Committee. The Von Thurn und Taxis family who once owned the German postal franchise, make David Rockefeller look like a very poor relation. The Von Thurn und Taxis dynasty dates back 300 years and generation after generation of family members have had seats on the Committee which they occupy to this day. We have already mentioned by name many of the most wealthy Venetian Black Nobility members of the Committee of 300 and other names will be added as we come across them in their various fields of endeavor. Now we shall include some American members of the Committee of 300 and try to trace their affiliations and connections to the British Crown.


* * *

When we next take up this book and the people about to be named I want it known that it is difficult to get listings of these families as to lineage--i.e., “a” Walter Russell or a “Lao Russell” whose trail is deliberately clouded by new and important changes in purpose and direction of that which follows a given “person” in this association to the British “Crown”. Please refer to Nora’s writings as pertains to “just” the “Russell” family, coat of arms (crest), etc. Then, you can begin to associate players and “why’s” of operations at such as the University of Science and Philosophy and its “silent” management by the Brookings Institute and direction under MI-6. It will also make more sense to you who think “Doris Ekker” could not possibly have anything of interest to such an organization (including one, Doris Ekker). However, if you see the OVERALL, it is obvious WHY full assault would be launched against such a bringer of information and namer of the players in their game of cover-up. The interesting thing is that we do not care. We are not here to “pull-down” anything, nor compete with anything. I find it very interesting to note the full-scale battle to sink our ships, hide the truth, ban the books, etc., taking place. WHY DO THEY KICK AND KICK AND KICK THE DEAD DOGS?? COULD IT BE THE DOGS ARE NOT DEAD?? EVEN IF THE DOGS THEMSELVES THINK THEMSELVES TO BE OF LITTLE MORE TROUBLE THAN A LUMP OF DEAD DOG. THAT WHICH IS ADVERSARIAL TO GOD OF LIGHT--CANNOT BEAR TRUTH IN FULLNESS TO COME INTO THE LIGHTED REALMS OF DAY--NO MATTER WHAT THEY ARE DOING. I HONOR THE SCIENCE ONLY, OF ONE, WALTER RUSSELL. THE PHILOSOPHY IS THAT OF HUMANISTIC NEW AGE--AND IS THE DOWNFALL “RELIGION” IN CONSTRUCTION IN MIND-CONTROL--OF YOUR WORLD. IT IS BUT A SMALL BRANCH OF SAME, BUT BY “HAPPENSTANCE” IS THE ONE RECOGNIZED BY THE PARTIES INVOLVED IN CONFRONTATION. You will note that ALL confrontations with any entities--have come from the New Age, UFO Bull-shippers groups. THE ADVERSARY DOES NOT WANT YOU TO RECOGNIZE GOD! I did not say “Space Cadets”--I SAID GOD!!

I can promise you that before we are finished you will realize that the lineage to the University of Science and Philosophy leads DIRECTLY from the Committee of 300. If one Timothy Binder doesn’t know it, why does he bash us so? Why would that be something to hide--would not they be PROUD to hold such royal honor? So, why are the books ripped off the public shelves? To keep YOU from finding out that WE OF GOD, directly, denounce the PHILOSOPHY as FALSE while pronouncing the scientific realization of Walter, to be valid. They at the center of the group--DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW EITHER ONE.

Now, I ask you--how is this construed to be defamatory? Is there no room in your “FREE” world for expression of opinion? To speak out in opinion seems to somehow equate to their accusations of “ANTI-SEMITE”! How come we turn to such a full-blown hate word for thrusting out at “Doris”? Because WE are the Semites and we certainly are not against ourselves--AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH “JEWS”. “THEY” will always accuse the opponent of being THAT WHICH THEY ARE! And, the story will change with the winds suitable to the circumstance--note George Green’s no less than seven stories about how he has the “gold”. Now Rick Webber (ALIAS), unfortunate young man, offers another--if George Green did in fact hold stock in the Institute as owner--then the gold should be his anyway. HAS ANYONE ON THAT SIDE OF THE CONGREGATION EVER HEARD OF CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY AND STRUCTURE--WHAT GEORGE GREEN DID IS FELONY EMBEZZLEMENT!! What young “Rick Webber” is doing is aiding and abetting FELONY CRIMINAL ACTION! This seems unwise to me to take such a course of action for by involving self with the inner workings of the legal counsel and directly offering misinformation--you are setting yourself for some serious legal repercussions. Your computer talents aside, son, you are playing into the hands of the parties at fault. No matter what your feelings might be about any issue in point--the FACTS are not those which are presented by YOU as being FACT. George Green is using your work as if it were the GOSPEL of St. Truth, when it is worthy of NOTHING. Anyone can have an opinion and snatch bits of documents and present them as if they are original court rulings--but the facts will catch up with you. I repeat something to you ones who tinker on George’s side about the “gold” “gift”. I remind you and question: “If there were four ‘unopened’ (George’s claim) how could he have “watched Ekker count the loot” as once claimed (one of his stories) and furthermore, how did the letter “happen” to be in the ONLY opened box?? This letter that he claims GIVES HIM AND DESIREÉ THE GOLD. So, if there is reference to the “fourth” box with letter--WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER THREE???

In addition: Note the LETTER used to prove ownership of the gift--I believe it says to: Aton/Hatonn/America West, or something similar. I am the representative of the FIRST TWO NAMED and I am attached to the Institute. If you, Rick W., are going to get into such silly representation--please attend WHAT IS SAID LEST YOU LOOK THE FOOL YOU BECOME.

George Green and Tim Binder, as well, say they have plenty of money to fight this thing (whatever it is) forever if necessary. George says he is a millionaire and threatens ones of the Institute Board with this information: “...I have plenty of money and will use it, do you?” And, “I will take your money and use it against you...!” Hardly sounds a REASONABLE approach to me.

They are fighting someone (Ekkers) who have nothing--AND an Institute that they say has nothing to the point of receivership which they continually effort at accomplishing--SO WHAT ARE THEY DOING? DO ANY OF YOU ACTUALLY THINK THAT THEY ARE DOING THIS FOOLISHNESS TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC INTERESTS OR “YOUR” RESOURCES? COME NOW!

Enough, scribe, for now. I know that you need to go check on your family and loved ones already in the damage from the bigger quake. Yes, it is time to reconsider locations. For one thing, the unknowing and insecurity of parents being away is terrifying to children in fear of being ALONE when the “Big One” comes--and RIGHTFULLY SO! It is time for all you parents to consider values and priorities.




MON., MAR. 21, 1994 9:32 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 217

MON., MAR. 21, 1994


With the world falling apart, five years of work piled up to be done, no time to even hold a grandchild--and Dharma begrudges us the time for such inquiries? Well, growing children need input on subjects thrust at you as “the way to go!”. I don’t think you are going to LIKE my responses, however.

This finally needs discussion because ones around the family campfire continue to ask about these subjects as if they are somehow missing out on Ascension, finding God and/or healing (saving) the world. Well, no world is going to be “saved” by anyone so we can discard that focus. As to the rest of the list as applies to individual growth: Balderdash! What are you TRYING to do? Keep in mind that “trying” is “lying”! If you are “trying” to do something you are waiting to NEVER get anything done. You are either “doing” something (efforting) or you are just going to “try”, “try” and never make a move. CONTACT WITH GOD DOES NOT NEED MEDITATION--ONLY COMMUNICATION. Since God resides with His circuits within--you don’t have to take “time”--HE IS! Instant connection! So, what are you ACTUALLY DOING WHILE “TRYING” TO GET IN TOUCH OR WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING? Wasting time and copping-out on action which will get something done.

How selfish of anyone who sits in constant meditation while his/her brothers do his work in FACT. Then what next happens? This one now “efforts” at convincing others that “his” routing, teacher, guru, preacher, etc., “is the BEST”! There is no BEST! There is only Truth and manifestation in ACTION.

What about those wonderful teachers who proclaim “meditation” at great length is the way to go? They are making a bundle off of your blindness. They are succeeding in keeping YOU from doing ANYTHING in God’s behalf. If that is what YOU want to do--fine, but why would you urge others to pull away from their own duties and go sit in lotus position and wait for the magic? You are the miracle and it has never materialized by sitting on your backsides chanting.



The next question to take up work time is: “But you said so and so and this and that are valid!” EVERY ENTITY UNDER THE HEAVENS, AND WITHIN, IS VALID. It is up to YOU to understand the journey and sitting in a mosque or facing East or puffing on weed, or plucking flower petals is a cop-out on your journey to purpose and God. Go hug a tree? Fine--but the tree will be bored with you, my friend. A tree is a perfect creation of God--not there for your hugging but for your acknowledgement--TO GOD!

I cannot ‘work’ today; I must go to my teacher!” OK, someone else can pick up your WORK and you can come back all self-fulfilled? The NEXT thing that happens is that you miss your REAL lessons because you were off meditating or serving an Earth-bound self-proclaimed SPIRITUALIST.

I find it amazing that you actually think that you are doing something GODLY to go exercise at exercise class. “Ah, but I’m learning to breathe.” Oh, don’t you KNOW innately “how to breathe”? “Yes,” you say, “...but this way I learn to breathe hard and quickly, speeding my heartrate and cleansing myself.” Oh, again--IF YOU PICKED UP A MOP AND BUCKET OR A PAINT CAN AND PAINTED YOUR DWELLING OR THAT OF A NEEDY FRIEND--OR PUSHED A LAWNMOWER WITHOUT MOTOR--OR JOGGED ALONG A ROADWAY PICKING UP TRASH--WOULD YOU NOT ALSO BREATHE HARD?


But,” you repeat, “you tell ones it is fine to go to this one or that one...” What do you wish me to say? Do you wish me to start an argument and spoil their day? If you have not learned your lessons enough to know that there are two important beings (both being the same in actuality--only differing in presentation) YOU and GOD. HOW you get that connection is YOUR business--NOT MINE. I do, however, watch while another’s “guru” is being “sold” to ones who are quite content with action in Truth. Why would you drive into dangerville to “experience” another’s teacher who is offering misperceptions? So you can come home and say--“I don’t believe ‘everything’ that one says, but I sure do like the drifting in trance of meditation a whole lot--why doesn’t Hatonn recommend that?” I do--but not with an empty mind to match the empty soul longing for the “doing” of fulfillment. If that is fine and enough for “Joe”, fine--perhaps he need not “make a living”, or present a paper, or dwell in the everyday world of simple, ordinary “reality” of responsibility. There is, but will not always be, the luxury of ritual and dosy-doeing around the mulberry bush. What of the camps in which “sweetgrass” is disallowed for the “Indian”? Well, I think they (if they are REAL) can find connection with the Great Spirit without the sweetgrass if the soul wishes to connect with God! BUT IT WILL NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED THROUGH AN EMPTY MIND. AND, YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT OF THE PITS THROUGH THE USE OF AN EMPTY MIND--DO YOU NOT SEE--THAT IS EXACTLY YOUR PROBLEM, MY FRIENDS.

Further, so many of you demand that I heal your body--SO YOU CAN CONTINUE TO GO AND EMPTY YOUR MINDS. No, go let that great and wondrous teacher to empty minds--heal that body for you. HE CAN’T--because only GOD and YOU can heal self.

To you who flourish in the Far Eastern drift of “religion”—Chelas--“religion” will get you NO-WHERE! Spiritual (GOD) PRACTICE IN ACTION, will get you EVERYWHERE! Do you need a Far Eastern teacher in the West to get you “there”? Has the “religion” SAVED the masses in those incredibly backward places--or do the sheeple simply exist to escape the reality of their circumstance? IF YOU ARE NOT IN INDIA--WHY DO YOU EFFORT SO HARD TO BE AS ONES IN INDIA? Is it possibly not just a cop-out to prevent your having to DO ANYTHING in your own work environment location? I have bad news for you who think you were put here just to “find self” in a selfish refusal to SERVE. You will find self, ok, but you won’t like the place in which you find self. God presented “man” in a perfect form of body, reasoning mind, capability of motion/action. You ARE the thought of GOD in MOTION/ACTION. Why can you not “meditate” on all or any thing(s) in the midst of mopping the floor? Why can you not “think” on grand and wondrous evolvement while building a windbreak or planting a garden? THAT IS WHERE GOD IS--NOT IN A DREARY ROOM EMPTYING YOUR MIND--GOD HAS WORKED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF PERCEIVED TIME--TO FILL YOUR MINDS--NOT EMPTY THEM!!

The most important thing about this conversation, however, comes next: You will do that which you will do? You obviously do not find Whole Truth for self from the simple teachings of truth. You are in search of something “else”, bigger, more magical, hoopla, without “work”, nirvana in a non-nirvana experience and on and on. If THAT OTHER TEACHER is totally fulfilling--why are you asking ME ANYTHING? If THAT ONE is ALL--then I have nothing to offer you. AND, A TEACHER IN TRUTH--DOES NOT COME TO RECEIVE, LITTLE MISPERCEIVERS--THEY (WE) COME TO GIVE and REGIVE! So, what are you doing in your running back and forth? Picking out the things you LIKE from each--and AVOIDING as much of the real TRUTH as possible while hoping to insure a trip to radiance. Well, the bad news: The trip into radiance is a self-earned transport and trying to live in a state of rapture and radiance in another dimension simply takes the valid “time” from your work purchasing your ticket to the REAL THING. Perhaps what you really need to DO is sit and FILL YOUR MIND with that which will merit action and get on with the journey so we can ALL get into that wondrous state of radiance.

Ones who present their whole experience in physical dimension to becoming proficient at religious mind-emptying and nirvana floating--are successful at ONE THING ONLY: FAILURE. For one thing--you CANNOT consciously empty your mind! The more you consciously try--the more you can’t! And, look at the goodly time wasted that you MIGHT have done something worthy for mankind to make your journey worth your journey here.

So why the physical gurus? To fill their role in pulling you away from ACTION which can actually re-CREATE a civilization! You CANNOT FOCUS ONLY ON THE SELF--AND MERGE AGAIN WITHIN THE WHOLE. You must first come to harmony and love within self and then act in example so that the whole can be melded within the ONE. Sitting in a museum of “other’s” presentation--IS NOT “IT”!

I have always told you to read, study, practice ALL--if you can. TRUTH stands infinitely secure in the face of ALL TEACHINGS FROM ALL GURU’S. However, if you become trapped within a “doctrine” you are about “done for”--because “doctrines” are of MAN. FREEDOM IN TRUTH IS OF GOD!

Am “I” displeased when ones ask and take “time” with these inquiries? No, for this is a part of learning as is anything and sometimes the MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS OF ALL. You all have teachers and guides--why would I not utilize them as do you? They are not, however, to DO YOUR WORK FOR YOU--only offer the “way”. And moreover, if the “way” be geared to solely physical-mind interaction in another dimension--why be HERE? By “here” I mean--physical realm? If you simply WANT to be in perceived perfection of another realm--why do you not go blow your head off and ascend quickly? Why? Because you KNOW that on the other side of such action--is not the place you REALLY want to be! So why not just start NOW and get on with “getting on” and stop the foolishness--especially the foolishness of pulling ones along with your journey into basic inaction?

You must come to KNOW your connections with GOD and then you will not ask “me” or be embarrassed by my answers if they cross you. KNOWING is THE key. If you GO to perceive beauty, music, peaceful rest, etc.--THEN CALL IT THAT! QUIT LYING TO SELF!

I urge you who wish to find SOCIAL interchange--to go where it is. If it be in church-building and you attend, can you not take the wheat from that experience and cast off the chaff? If it be in a “bar”, which it won’t be--go there. Do you HAVE TO DO THE THINGS OF THE ADVERSARY? THEREIN LIES THE REAL QUESTION--AND THE ANSWER! Even Mother Teresa WORKS in the slums and gutters--but not with an empty mind meditation on her mantra! WHO may be closest to achieving goodness? God does not want dead martyrs. GOD DOES NOT ASK MAN TO DIE FOR HIM--HE DEMANDS THAT MAN LIVE FOR HIM! MOREOVER, AN EMPTY MIND IS AN EMPTY MAN--ALREADY DEAD UNTO GOD!

But, can’t you have a teacher AND serve in other ways, other teachers and guides? Of course--but if you have to ASK ME about those teachers and effort to gain my “permission” for such sojourns into their presence--YOU ARE NOT EVEN SURE OF YOUR OWN DIRECTIONS! Of course you can share all manners of wondrous adventures--a sojourn with those serving the Great Spirit is wondrous, fresh and sacred. But if you have to ASK--within you KNOW there is something MISSING from that offering.

I ask nothing of you save a flexible, open and receiving mind--to balance that which I offer against that which you perceive otherwise. Mine is not a “teaching” JOB as such--only a mission to offer what is THE WORD as sent forth. Moreover, we have no “church” and no “public” forum--so why would YOU impose upon my work if you be not in atunement with that which we offer? If you feel no need to study our work in favor of that of another teacher--why clutter our spaces or your time? But can’t you just share both? Well, friends, ONE is going to be lacking in WHOLENESS. Would you wear a suit of clothes with half of it missing? Perhaps some of those missing parts may be in most undesired spots of the anatomy!!!

Meditating in my definition is only the connection of mind in thought exchange with God--or whatever--and usually it is the “whatever”! It is also called prayer or “thinking on” with receptivity to the responses--not empty mind!

Meditation to the New Age and Old Age is the sitting while usually pondering nothing but getting an empty mind--for long periods of time to drift in and out of living while calling it rapture and ecstasy. Well GOD IS ECSTASY--so he doesn’t need any more of your perfection at doing-nothing.

Astral travel? Sure--it can be an experience of LEARNING or it can be as worthless as an expensive trip of hang-gliding--exciting, expensive and worthy of NOTHING. By the way—hang-gliding with an empty brain/mind is pretty dangerous, tinkerers. When you “crash” it is usually the “Big One”.

I’d like to share with you a very entertaining press column by Herb Benham, on the subject in point. It is simply for a bit of light humor; I do not speculate nor am I interested in your meditation habits. If it fulfills YOU--then you are not going to change at any rate, I presume, so why debate the issue--WHAT IS--IS, AND NO AMOUNT OF ARGUING THE POINT WILL MAKE IT OTHER.



This morning I sat in the big yellow chair and meditated. I thought about Thomas, who the day before had bitten Sam on the thigh, and also bloodied his nose. I wondered if I should have yelled at him more, less, or not at all.

I have been meditating since high school. I’d heard about Transcendental Meditation from the Beatles, thought the guy with the beard looked pretty cool and one day we signed up as a family. All eight of us.

It wasn’t cheap but we got the family rate, which worked out to probably one chrome wheel on the guru’s Rolls. A junior maharishi came over to the house, bringing flowers, a clean white handkerchief and prayer beads.

After some basic instruction, he took each of us aside and gave us a mantra. This is a little sound that is supposed to unlock the secrets of the universe.

This is your own private mantra. You must NEVER reveal it to anybody,” he said sternly, his turban shaking back and forth on his head like a beehive. “You can’t even discuss it with your fellow meditators.”

So we didn’t. For years we talked about everything else--the Vietnam War, boyfriends, girlfriends, money, Watergate--but we kept our mantras to ourselves. It was only after my Dad got sick a few years ago, and the family had shared all our innermost secrets, that one day Courtney asked, “Was your mantra ‘a-ing’?”

It was! Rhymed with spring, fling and ding-a-ling.

We all had the same mantra. That was the family plan. It’s a discount if junior maharishi doesn’t have to conjure up eight different mantras.

Dad meditated for about a week. My sister, Hope, less than 10 days; Derek maybe a fortnight. The problem in our house was not space, it was privacy.

Meditation required a quiet room. You’d be sitting there meditating your brains out and somebody would walk in eating a Popsicle and say, “What are you trying to do, meditate?”

Then they’d blast out the latest Led Zeppelin album, or sit next to you and unfold the playmate of the month. Pretty soon your curious little eyes would be peeping out from behind your eyelids, wanting to free themselves from their delicate prison.

Whew,” you’d finally say, eyes wide open, torturing yourself no longer. “I feel great. I am so relaxed and centered.”

Actually you were so glad that the 15 minutes, the allotted time for TMers, was over that you would have driven a load of Titanium over the Himalayas in a chicken truck.

Now I am the sole meditating survivor in the family. People aren’t dead, they’re just not interested. Early on I realized there were benefits. It was very relaxing, in fact sometimes it was so relaxing that I would begin a meditation at 9 p.m right before bed and not conclude it until 7 a.m.

When we started having kids they couldn’t quite figure out what I was doing in the yellow chair with my eyes closed. “Why doesn’t Daddy just go to bed?” Sometimes they’d climb on me, a challenge for any meditator.

Now I sit in the morning before anybody’s up. It’s my time to try to get in touch.

With what, I often ask myself. The heartbeat of the universe? That seemed an original thought several weeks back until I remembered that it sounded pretty close to Chevrolet’s “Heartbeat of America”. All I needed was the car being helicoptered over the cliff.

As I sit, I hear the noises in the house, the chiming of the small brass clock. I wonder what I am supposed to see. Is enlightenment like a long, slow train? Or is it a flash of light? For crying out loud, I have been meditating for 20 years, when can I expect Nirvanaville?

Maybe I am doomed because I went public with my mantra. If so, I am sorry and I take it back. It really wasn’t “a-ing”, it was “a-ring”.

Most of the time I think about the kids, my wife, work and what I could have done differently. It’s good for examining conduct. And if I should get a couple hours sleep out of it, so be it. (Herb Benham, Staff Columnist, THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN.)


I denounce NO “religions”! I denounce almost ALL “religions”! The very word in definition of “religion” sets it into the HUMAN PHYSICAL EXPRESSION OF MAN’S DICTATES. You are headed for a ONE WORLD RELIGION--which will be based on EXACTLY that which we have just presented--call it whatever you wish.

Just as you must face that Falwell and Roberts had their AUTOBIOGRAPHIES (Autobiography MEANS self-biography) written by an (now) open Gay and the religious presentations were indeed falsely presented--just as by the same man was written dozens of other autobiographies (except his own), including Nixon, North, etc.--you must face that there is a false face presented through RELIGIONS--and all other facets of human living. This makes it a deception and deception and lies are of the ADVERSARY of God. Why cannot you just come to grips with being in LIGHTED service of actions? This puts you right into connection with God and, after all, that is where you CLAIM you wish to be! But is it really? No, you want to do it your own “human” way. So, go for it! But don’t tell the world that “Hatonn said it was ok!”

I tell you without hesitation: There is ONE thing which is OK with me--KNOWING WITHIN GOD OF LIGHT, ACTION WITHIN THAT TRUTH and FULL INTENT OF LIVING THAT LIGHTED TRUTH WITHIN ALL THE LAWS OF GOD AND THOSE OF UNIVERSAL CREATION! “Perfection” in these matters is not required--intent to perfection is acceptable. Ignorance is acceptable unless given the opportunity of learning--refusal after KNOWING is totally unacceptable--so don’t dump your dirty laundry in my trail, brothers, because I will not pick it up for you! So be it. You innately KNOW what is “right” and what is “wrong”--do with it what you will but don’t say “....he said it is ok!” OK?? It is NOT “OK”! OK? SALU.



MON., MAR. 21, 1994 1:31 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 217

MON., MAR. 21, 1994

Since this is the second writing today and the prior was regarding totally unassociated material with this continuation of “300”, we shall move directly into Part 20. We have been speaking of “banks” and since the Federal Reserve has served (unconstitutionally) as one of the major money printers in the world--we need to discuss the monetary status of the world. However, I don’t want to do that again, so I ask that a more recent observation, sent to us Friday, be inserted appropriately in this writing. I do not wish to be distracted from the “players” in THE PLAN, along with the facts of the organizations themselves. Thank you.

I do ask that the presentation not be delayed greatly for your nation, as is the world, is about to undergo massive changes in which you may well see the end of the Federal Reserve BY THAT NAME. In the changes, however, may well come the total collapse of currency. There IS enough gold, etc., to take care of return to gold backing--but I wonder if there will be enough of you who wish to--to bring back value to anything in your physical realm? It would have to be a totally monitored situation or gold, itself, would have NO VALUE at all. However, you have to have some stepping stones to rebalance for abrupt destruction of government breeds only anarchy and total dissolution of order.

You are being hit with everything possible as distractors from wars to recurrence of tuberculosis. It is going to require insight, knowledge, action and wisdom if you are to reclaim selves. You cannot go do “it” in Korea or Southern Slobovia--it begins and ends with YOU in YOUR location and YOUR nation, etc. GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES--I WONDER “IF” YOU WILL SEE AND HEED?

Part 20

CONSPIRATORS’ HIERARCHY, The Story of the Committee of 300. By John Coleman.


How can these facts be verified? Actually, some of them cannot be verified because the information comes straight out of intelligence files but, with a lot of legwork, there are many sources which can verify at least part of the facts. [H: You must remember at all times: THESE FACTS WERE AND ARE NEVER INTENDED FOR YOU-THE-PEOPLE TO VERIFY AND/OR KNOW! THE SECRECY “IS” THE NAME OF THE GAME!] The work would involve a diligent search of Dun and Bradstreet Reference Book of Corporations, Standard and Poors, British and American “Who’s Who” with long hours of hard work in cross-referencing names with their corporate affiliations. [H: And still you would not find that which is not to be found--as silent corporations are formed all over the world and alias persons and corporations are prevalent. You will have to consider that which is offered, validate what you can, consider connections and other prior writings, etc., and recognize the diligent efforts to KEEP ALL THIS INFORMATION FROM YOU.]

Committee of 300 corporations, banks, and insurance companies operate under the unified command covering every conceivable matter of strategy and cohesive action. The Committee is the ONLY organized power hierarchy in the world transcending all governments and individuals, however powerful and secure they may feel themselves to be. This covers finance, defense matters and political parties of all colors and types.

There is no entity the Committee cannot reach and control, and that includes organized religions of the world. This then, is the all powerful OLYMPIAN GROUP whose power base is in London and the City of London’s financial centers with its grip on minerals, metals and precious gems, cocaine, opium and pharmaceutical drugs, rentier-financier bankers, cult promoters and founders of rock music. The British Crown is the control point from which all things radiate. As the saying goes, “They have a finger in every pie.”

It is obvious that the communications field is tightly controlled. Going back to RCA, we find that its directorate is composed of British-American establishment figures who feature prominently in other organizations such as the CFR, NATO, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, Freemasonry, Skull and Bones, Bilderbergers, Round Table, Milner Society and the Jesuits-Aristotle Society. Among them was David Sarnoff who moved to London at the same time Sir William Stephenson moved into the RCA building in New York.


All three major television networks came as spinoffs from RCA, especially the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) which was first, closely followed by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in 1951. The third big television network was Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) which, like its sister companies was, and still is, dominated by British intelligence. William Paley was trained in mass brainwashing techniques at TAVISTOCK Institute prior to being passed as qualified to head CBS.

Thus, if we the people of the United States but knew it, all our major television networks are subject to British oversight, and information they provide first goes to London for clearance. It is interesting to note that the Tavistock intelligence paper written by Stanford Research Institute, commonly named “The Aquarian Conspiracy” was funded by donations from all three major television networks.

All three major networks are represented on the Committee of 300 and are affiliated with the giant of the mass communications business, the Xerox Corporation of Rochester, New York, whose Robert M. Beck holds a seat on the Committee. Beck is also a director of the Prudential Life Insurance Company, which is a subsidiary of the London Prudential Assurance Company Limited.


Others on the board of Xerox are Howard Clark of the American Express Company, one of the main conduits for moving drug money through “travelers checks”, former Secretary of the Treasury William Simon, and Sol Linowitz, who negotiated the Panama Canal Treaties for the Committee. Linowitz is important to the Committee by virtue of his long standing expertise in laundering drug money through Marine Midland and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.

Another Xerox board member is Robert Sproull, who is of real interest because, as president of the University of Rochester, he allowed the Tavistock Institute, working through the CIA, to use the university’s facilities for the 20-year MK-Ultra LSD experiments. Some 85 other universities in the U.S. also allowed their facilities to be misused in this manner. As giant-sized as Xerox is, it is dwarfed by the Rank Organization, a London-based conglomerate fully controlled by members of Queen Elizabeth’s immediate family.

Notable members of the board of Rank Organization who are also members of the Committee of 300 are the following:

Lord Helsby, chairman of the drug money clearing house, Midland Bank. Helsby’s other positions include a directorship in the giant Imperial Group and the Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation.

Sir Arnold France, a director of Tube Investments who runs the London underground train service. France is also a director of the BANK OF ENGLAND which has so much control over the Federal Reserve Banks.

Sir Dennis Mountain, chairman of the mighty Eagle Star group and a director of English Property Corp., one of the rentier-financier companies of the British royal family. One such member is the Honorable Angus Ogilvie, “Prince of Companies”, who is married to Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandria, sister of the Duke of Kent, leader of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and who takes the place of the Queen when she is outside of Britain. Ogilvie is a director of the Bank of England and chairman of the giant LONRHO conglomerate. It was LONRHO that ended the rule of Ian Smith in Rhodesia so that he could be replaced by Robert Mugabe. At stake were Rhodesia’s chrome mines which produce the finest high-grade chrome ore in the world.

Cyril Hamilton, chairman of the Standard and Chartered Bank (the old Lord Milner-Cecil Rhodes bank) and a board member of the Bank of England. Hamilton is also on the board of the Xerox Corporation, the Malta International Banking Corporation (A Knights of Malta bank), a director of the Standard Bank of South Africa--the largest bank in that country, and a director of the Banque Belge d’Afrique.

Lord O’Brien of Lotherby, past president of the British Bankers Association, director of Morgan Grenfell--a powerful bank, director of Prudential Assurance, director of J.P. Morgan, director of Bank of England, a board member of the Bank of International Settlements, a director of the giant Unilever conglomerate.

Sir Reay Geddes, chairman of the giant Dunlop and Pirelli tyre companies, director of the Midland and International Banks, director of the Bank of England. Note how many of these powerful men are directors of the Bank of England which makes control of American fiscal policies simple.

Many of these organizations and institutions, companies and banks are so interfaced and interlocked as to make it an almost impossible task to sort them out. On RCA’s board sits Thornton Bradshaw, president of Atlantic Richfield and a member of NATO, World Wildlife Fund, the Club of Rome, The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, the Council on Foreign Relations. Bradshaw is also chairman of NBC. The most important function of RCA remains its service to British intelligence.

It is not generally known how powerful was the role played by the Committee of 300 in stopping the investigation into the CIA which Senator McCarthy almost succeeded in pulling off. Had McCarthy been successful, it is very likely that President John F. Kennedy would be alive today.

When McCarthy said he was going to summon William Bundy to appear before his commission of inquiry, panic swept Washington and London. Bundy, had he been called to testify, would most probably have cracked and opened the door to the “special relations” that existed between British oligarchical circles and their cousins in the United States Government. [H: I wonder how many of you recognize the name “Ted Bundy” and never heard of “William Bundy”? That in itself is no accident--there are ALWAYS distractors!]

Such a possibility could not be entertained. The Royal Institute of International Affairs was called in to put an end to McCarthy. The RIIA chose Allen Dulles, a man who was totally enamored of decadent British society, to attack McCarthy head on. Dulles put Patrick Lyman and Richard Helms in charge of the McCarthy case. Helms was later rewarded for his services against McCarthy by being made head of the CIA.

General Mark Clark, a member of the CFR and a well-liked military man in London circles, was appointed by General Eisenhower to turn back McCarthy’s full-fledged attack on the CIA. McCarthy was preempted when Clark announced that a special committee was to be appointed to examine the agency. Clark, on instructions from the RIIA, recommended a Congressional watchdog committee to “periodically examine the work of government intelligence agencies”. The whole thing was a super tragedy for America and a victory for the British, who feared that McCarthy would accidentally stumble onto the Committee of 300 and its control over every aspect of United States affairs.

Lehman Brothers-Kuhn Loeb’s former chairman, Peter G. Peterson, served under former MI-6 chief Sir William Wiseman and as such was no stranger to British royalty. Peterson is tied in with Aspen Institute, yet another arm of British intelligence.

John R. Petty is president and chairman of the Marine Midland Bank--a bank whose drug trade connections have been well established long before it was taken over by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, probably the number one bank in the opium trade, a position it has held since 1814.

But the best proof I can offer of the existence of the Committee of 300 is the Rank Organization which, in conjunction with Eagle Star, IS THE BRITISH CROWN. It is also the black operations center of MI-6 (SIS). Between them, these two Committee of 300 companies control Her Majesty’s Dominion of Canada, using the “hofjuden” Bronfman family to carry out their orders.

Trizec Holdings, ostensibly owned by the Bronfman family, is in reality the main asset of the Queen of England’s in Canada. The entire Southeast Asian opium trade interfaces with the Bronfman empire and is one of the means whereby heroin is brought to America. In a sense, Canada is like Switzerland, pristine snow-covered landscapes, big cities, a place of great beauty, but underneath lies a deep layer of filth and dirt arising from its massive heroin trade.

The Bronfman family are “cut-outs”, what is known in MI-6 as “front men”--controlled from London by MI-6 “deskmen”, intelligence jargon for controllers at headquarters. Edgar Bronfman, the family leader, was sent to “Moscow Center”--cover name for the KGB headquarters at 2 Dzerzhinsky Square, Moscow, on a large number of occasions.

At a low level, Bronfman was probably very useful as a contact man with Moscow. Bronfman was never at any stage a contract agent for MI-6 and so never carried the title “Paroles”, a key intelligence word for mutual identification between agents, which greatly disappointed the eager Bronfman family head. At one stage when it was thought that some of the family were acting suspiciously, “watchers”--intelligence jargon for intelligence officers keeping persons under surveillance, were put on the Bronfman family, but found only that one of the Bronfmans had been bragging to the United States “cousin” (the word MI-6 uses for the CIA) who was unaware of the role of Edgar Bronfman. This was quickly corrected.

Two Eagle Star directors, who were also the two top MI-6 operatives, took control of the Bronfman family about six months after the war ended. Sir Kenneth Keith and Sir Kenneth Strong, whom we have already met, legitimized the Bronfman family by setting up Trizec Holdings. There is no one in the w