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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.




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SAT., APR. 9, 1994




TUE., MAR. 29, 1994


DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 9 by Rodney Stich











THU., MAR. 3 1, 1994



Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 10 by Rodney Stich







THU., MAR. 31, 1994

THE DEATH OF CAMELOT Ronn Jackson, Secret Service Agency






FRI., APR. 1, 1994


DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 2 By Ronn Jackson



SAT., APR. 2, 1994













SAT., APR. 2, 1994


DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 11 by Rodney Stich






SAT., APR. 2, 1994

Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 12 by Rodney Stich








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MON., APR.4, 1994

Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 14 by Rodney Stich















MON., APR. 4, 1994

DEFRAUDING AMERICA Part 15 by Rodney Stich








MON., APR. 4, 1994

DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 16 by Rodney Stich












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TUE., APR. 5, 1994


THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 3 By Ronn Jackson























I won't do more than simply salute Gunther Russbacher at this time but I do wish to present the information pertinent to the person, Rodney Stich, as to "who" he is:

"Rodney Stitch has been a government and private investigator for the past thirty years, holding federal authority to determine violations of federal law. His assignment with the Federal Aviation Administration covered the most corrupt and tragedy-riddled airline program in the United States, where corruption and resulting airline crashes were rampant. This experience caused him to embark upon a lifelong crusade exposing hard-core corruption in the three branches of the federal government.

"During the past five years he became a confidant to many former deep-cover people in the U.S. intelligence community who were on the front-lines of serious misconduct ordered by their superiors.

"Well over a thousand hours of deposition-like communications, hundreds of classified documents, and many letters, made the author privy to government corruption far beyond what he had already personally discovered.

"Each of the many whistleblowers who contributed to the contents of the book have been targeted and persecuted, as well as their families, by Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges, seeking to silence them. Many other informants who could have provided additional information were killed or mysteriously died. The author and his confidants are risking their lives in bringing this information to the American public."

May the offerings of these and other daring truth-bringers offer you strength and determination to reclaim freedom and sovereignty in your nation and world for you are in SERIOUS TROUBLE.



SAT., APR. 9, 1994 8:20 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 236

SAT., APR. 9. 1994


This is going to be short because we need to move right on with the ongoing sagas being presented in the daily writings from some critically important authors.

Since it appears that the most of the presentations in this volume are from DEFRAUDING AMERICA by Rodney Stich (Diablo Western Press, Inc, P.O. Box 5, Alamo, Calif. 94507 OR Diablo Western Press, Inc., P.O. Box 10587, Reno, Nevada 89510 [Telephone orders: 1-800-247-7389] we will simply present the information regarding Rodney and the book as presented IN the book. Indeed there is more in this journal volume but let us focus on the real daring citizen patriots of your generation moving on into an age group wherein they have EXPERIENCED these things of which they write so are the literal "insiders" and witnesses to that which we continually present in an effort to get you, the readers, to see, hear and hopefully come to know and understand.

Since the portions we have selected to present to you are regarding testimony and affidavit interrogation of Gunther Russbacher, I will also be dedicating this volume to Gunther Russbacher.

For you who keep up to the best of ability, with Gunther, we do have a report of his whereabouts and health status. Some of our people managed to get him deposited in Austria within the past couple of weeks. I will not be specific. He was immediately taken into custody. The accompanying "travelers" were held incognito in the International Holding Compound and escorted on board a return flight plane to the U.S. being allowed to know nothing of Gunther's status.

Word has come within the past two days of his position but not "location". He is hospitalized, under excellent care, "doing as well as can be expected" but indications are that he "will be fine." Let us put it this way: he needed a full restructuring of the heart quintuple by-pass surgery, attention to the areas from which the vessels for the surgery were removed, a removal of multiple computerized "chips" and microdots and various other health restorations. YOUR NATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOT A VERY NICE PLACE TO BE FOR THESE DARING YOUNG MEN ON THEIR WAY TO TRUTH.

WE WILL GIVE YOU AN ADDRESS FOR CONTACTING GUNTHER AS SOON AS WE HAVE A MAILING LOCATION. You have not heard the last of this gentleman--so don't go away! It is a terrible thing, however, to be forced out of the country in which one has been a citizen accepted and in service to country for almost all of one's life. Will he be allowed to return? Possibly not so he will still need your loving support until the legal complications are cleared. Will his wife and/or family be able to join him? Some of them, as red-tape, financing, etc., are also cleared-up. The man is still a high-ranking officer in the U.S. military so the assumption is that these things can be dealt with in orderly fashion. He will, however, remain sheltered (even if incarceration is necessary in Austria) for protection, healing and ultimate placement. Do not forget these friends in your prayers.


This book is the culmination of thirty years of investigative work by the author, commencing while he was a federal investigator holding federal authority to make such determinations. The author initially discovered deep-seated corruption at a major airline and within the federal government while holding federal responsibilities for air safety at the airline experiencing an inordinate number of corruption-related air disasters.

In seeking to expose and correct the tragedy-related criminality, he encountered epidemic cover-up in every major government and non-government check and balance. His determination to circumvent complicity of cover-ups resulted in a thirty-year crusade against corrupt government, revealing a level of corruption that at first may appear beyond comprehension.

Commencing in the late 1980s the author's activities became a magnet for attracting former deep-cover people assigned to or working with U.S. Intelligence agencies and the Drug Enforcement Administration. They were concerned about the harm caused by the activities they were ordered to perform by their superiors.

The average American has been kept illiterate in these areas by the establishment media, the babel of government officials, and the criminal cover-up by almost every member of Congress. The public's own refusal to read what has been written about many of these subjects has made this condition possible. The resulting state of naivete may cause difficulty believing what is stated.

The author, and those concerned whistleblowers who contributed information found in this book, have nothing to gain, and much to lose, by coming forward; even their lives. Despite the unlawful acts that many of these whistleblowers committed, under orders and knowledge of high U.S. officials, they deserve credit for risking their lives and imprisonment by speaking out.

The charges within this book are supported by hundreds of classified government documents; records of administrative and private investigators; over a thousand hours of deposition-like statements made to the author by many former CIA and DEA personnel; congressional records; circumstantial and anecdotal evidence; and research by others.

Reviewers refer to this information as "a pattern of related scandals that makes the Godfather saga pale by comparison." It covers dirty secrets of the CIA and other government operations.

* * *

If you want to further "curl your hair" I suggest you immediately ALSO get Rodney's book, UNFRIENDLY SKIES--and see if you ever want to fly again!



TUE., MAR. 29, 1994 1:49 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 225

TUE., MAR. 29, 1994


You are watching and waiting for this past weekend to wreck havoc on everything within the realm of economy, money, gold, etc. Oh, it will happen--perhaps the transactions got stopped somewhere as ones broke agreements and vied for "the most" and thus and so. It is a "tricky" game--and it is happening. Watch it happen. Rome wasn't built in a day--nor did Caesar learn to fiddle in an afternoon of burning buildings.

What about the Federal Reserve? Well, what we told you is what was told to our people. We are not going to do better than that nor more specifically. YOU GO LOOK AT WHAT IS NOW THE NAME OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BUILDING!! IT SAYS: CENTRAL BANK!

Could the actual day be the end of the month? How about the beginning of next? Chelas--why don't you get prepared and your nerves will last ever so much longer. First of all--GET PREPARED WITH GOD! AT THIS TIME OF EVOLVEMENT WITH THIS KIND OF CONTROL OVER YOUR VERY BEINGS--YOU HAVE NO CONTROL AT ALL--GET AND REMAIN: PREPARED! Then, as it takes place, things are not in chaos as you effort to "keep on going".

By the way--beware: George Green is now efforting to utilize Jim Cook of Investment Rarities to do radio shows with him--so HE, TOO, CAN BUILD ANOTHER "PHOENIX-TYPE" PROGRAM WHICH HE IS EFFORTING TO DESTROY IN THIS PLACE! Guess what, however, he plans to use the confiscated, thieved gold from here and there to get the collateral to borrow against--for funding for his own personal use and that of his "buddies". Undoubtedly there will be further appeal to all of you citizens to support your local survival groups and patriot groups, i.e., Gritz, Binder, Anderson et al. He claims "inside" connections--well, how about these fine and upstanding "insiders" so far...? Just pay attention. From where did we get this information? RIGHT FROM A VERY HIGH "HORSE'S MOUTH". If you hear that "they" are just "spreading the WORD" or "getting the WORD out" or helping save the citizens--watch out!

Do any of you wonder about the UFO information extended by this person? What about Billy Meier? I think it interesting that George has ended up with over "1,200 or more" photographs from Billy Meier (at least that is what he advertises)--while Billy Meier says that ALL BUT A PITTANCE OF PICTURES WERE STOLEN FROM HIM. I also would suspect Ekker--Ekker might well consider "where" to look for the original copy of the UFO book loaned to them by Gerry Popper, signed by Gordon Cooper, which was taken from their dwelling.

Some people just have very sticky fingers and cannot turn down a good book. I cannot, however, think of much more insipid behavior than to steal from a friend or family member, especially that which was not even theirs. Am I, or anyone here, making accusations against anyone? No, it just seems a bit curious as one ponders sequence, circumstances and happenings, does it not? Masters at deceit usually do not leave so much incriminating circumstantial evidence to give question; but then, perhaps old agents never die--they just botch up the stories while giving a dozen renditions of a happening until the opponent dies of old age.

by Rodney Stich.




I asked details surrounding the helicopter crash that occurred the night before. "Were the naval officers that you had coffee with [at Terminal Island Federal prison], on the helicopter?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied, "I had coffee with one of them."

"What was his name?"

"The first guy's name was Samuel Walters."

"And he was Navy?"

"And that's his true name, too." [Referring to the alias frequently used; Gunther used the alias of Robert A. Walker.]

"What was his rank?"

"He was a captain."

"Did you meet the other two guys that were on it?"

"Yes, one of them was a Rear Admiral, John D. Burkhardt. He was in defense logistics."

"Office of Naval Intelligence?"

"Yes. And his present job was that he was very strongly implicated in NASA and the SDI initiative." Russbacher continued, "Raye called the Chief of Stations at St. Louis, who is a friend of ours. He made some checks and found out who was on board."

"Were they the ones who were to have gone back with you?" "Yes." "Tricky business, Rodney, I don't know if you want to get into this. If I would have been on that helicopter I would be dead."

Describing what his CIA handlers told him, Russbacher said: "The helicopter took off yesterday carrying a rear admiral, two Navy Captains, and it should also have carried myself. Everybody here, including the D of J [Department of Justice], were under the impression that I was going to be on that aircraft. The aircraft took off from Fort Ord with a flight to Monterey, and from Monterey they were going to discharge one of the crew who was going to stay at the FBO at Monterey. And then the aircraft was going on to Santa, Cruz, and land back behind the University grounds. The incident occurred about 6:18 p.m. The original incident, as it was described by the radio at Santa Cruz, the helicopter exploded about 200 feet above the ground. No pieces, just general wreckage. What came out about an hour afterwards--a helicopter went down with two FBI agents on board. There were two FBI agents on board, although they suffered serious injuries, they are ok. One of them suffered very serious head injuries. Somehow or other they were able to cover up for the initial flight. Rodney, they are after every one that has anything to do with these activities."

Russbacher continued: "Someone saved my butt last night. I don't know how many more times in the future they are going to be able to do it." [H: Oh, I would guess as many times as is necessary.]

"You felt that something was put in the coffee. Did it just make you groggy?"

"I went right to sleep, and slept until twenty minutes of ten." "So after you drank the coffee you were supposed to leave right then and there?"

"Within an hour and a half."

"Then you went back to your cell and went to sleep, expecting them to call you?"

"They never called."

"They never tried to wake you up?"

"As far as I know, no one tried to wake me up The first indication I had that it was time to wake up was at twenty minutes of ten, people were screaming at me that I had an emergency call from the Control Center and that I needed to call home immediately."

"I'm surprised the prison officials gave you that personal service."

"Well, you have to also bear in mind that [my status is] a little different."

"Well, the fact that you can get to a phone that is not monitored indicates that you are in a different category than most prisoners."

"Within four minutes of being awakened I was on the phone talking to Raye and hearing your voice in the background."

I asked Russbacher how he ended up in prison. He replied, "That could be a book by itself. It dealt with repatriating some of the arms from Central America back to the United States."

Referring to what was done to silence me, Russbacher stated: "Your case is different. It does not address a single issue. Your case addresses multi-issues. If you create sufficient fires, it is extremely difficult to determine where the fires are and how best to put them out. You pose a significant threat. You pose as much of a threat to their little game as I do to the total administration. You pose a significant embarrassment to the federal government. It isn't quite so easy to shut these people down."


The existence of the Navy helicopter crash was kept secret by the government, as though it never happened. The absence of any report caused me to withhold any further mention of it for fear that reference to a non-reported helicopter crash would discredit the other information Russbacher gave me. However, during a conversation with St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Phil Linsalata, as we developed a friendly dialog, I described the helicopter crash and qualified the information with the statement that I had no evidence to support its occurrence and that I hadn't told anyone else about it, because of that lack of evidence. Lin-salata replied that the Post Dispatch had a reliable CIA source, and that they would contact him for possible confirming that the crash did in fact occur.

Linsalata contacted me several days later (May 4, 1991), advising that the CIA contact confirmed that the helicopter crash did occur, and that a Navy admiral was killed. Linsalata stated that the CIA contact expressed, surprise that the Post Dispatch knew of the crash and the death of the Navy admiral. During another conversation on May 20, 1991, Linsalata again made reference to the statements made by the CIA informant concerning the death of the navy admiral in the helicopter crash. In response to my questions, Linsalata stated:

The guy (CIA informant) seemed shocked that I had access to this information. His shock seemed sincere. You judge the truth of what a person is saying, such as by the tone of voice. He seemed quite shocked that I had access to this information. He also made a comment that he personally knew who the ranking officer was, the brass, the admiral, and that he knew the guy. He was personally shocked that he [the Admiral] had been killed, and that he was a nice guy. He said the Admiral didn't deserve what happened. The things that he said to me made it impossible to rule out that he was simply offering the information that I gave him. The new information was given to me on his own. I didn't flush it out of him in any way. He just made comments reflecting that he knew what he was talking about. He seemed to be sincere.

[H: As you readers sit and exclaim that "this cannot be so...", I ask that you think back to a bit of terminology. "Handlers"!? Is this not a term you use for trained animals who are "handled"? Further, remember some of the tear-jerking statements made by Oliver North that brought everyone to tears as he spoke of the ones who "give everything, even their lives...." and are never even so much as acknowledged to the public. It is part of the game, dear ones, and this is why "they" don't like these important "handled animals" married or, at the least, have them unattached in any serious emotional way. They get around a lot of the problem by hooking up these men with mates "just like them" in emotional status. It is really "bad" when ones do not follow orders and certainly when they DISOBEY as did Gunther Russbacher. It is a fact that his bride, Raye, has caused more heartburn and problems than any one "person" around. She thought she was just attending her husband--oh my goodness!]


Newspaper publisher Harry Martin (Napa Sentinel, Napa, Calif.) called me (July 8, 1991), stating that he had just received a call from Phil Linsalata of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, to deny that he had ever talked to any CIA contact about any helicopter crash at Napa. Martin said that Linsalata sounded very nervous, as if he was under pressure to make that call. It appeared that the intent of the call was to dissuade Martin from making any reference to the recorded transcripts I circulated throughout the United States, especially as it related to the helicopter crash.

Martin had been one of the first media sources to respond (May 1, 1991) to the notices that I had a tape and transcript of a CIA operative who had been part of the October Surprise scandal. His subsequent articles were copied by numerous other papers, and members of Congress requested copies of Martin's articles. There was danger of an exposure if Martin printed the statements made to me by the St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter. Probably to prevent this from happening, Linsalata's publisher probably ordered Linsalata to call Martin and deny that he had ever talked to me or to anyone else about the helicopter crash. Martin asked if I had a tape of the conversation, and I replied that I did, of both the May 4 and May 20, 1991, telephone conversations.


Several days after the helicopter crash Gunther and his wife warned me to totally forget about it, warning me that my life would be in danger if I made any reference to it, or even made any inquiries. As I started to make reference to the crash during a subsequent conversation Russbacher stopped me: "No, Rodney, don't bring that up. Don't touch that with a ten-foot pole."

"Because there is so much coverup in that crash!"

"Rodney, don't even talk about it," Russbacher replied. "I'm telling you. Because there is so much coverup in that crash. Listen to me. Listen closely. Be very guarded. When Raye got a call, she called St. Louis. St. Louis in turn made a phone call and then called her back. There were three people on board and they are all dead. You got that? Stay away from that as far as you can."

I replied, "It would be important to know the details." Russbacher answered: "This is not the time to know. For your own life. I'm talking about personal safety."


After I notified various media contacts that I had declarations of a CIA operative concerning the October Surprise operation, journalists from all parts of the United States were calling me for further information. When these journalists contacted Justice Department and White House officials they were told that Russbacher was a con artist, that he had a long rap sheet, and was not believable. This followed the standard line when CIA whistleblowers go public. [H: Yes, we all know what happened with Victor Marchetti--and still goes on against him TODAY, even to the never-ending bashing by the ADL.]

Shortly after Russbacher supplied me with the first declaration on May 1, 1991, I mailed partial transcripts to members of Congress (Every Senator in the United States and to about 250 Representatives), along with a petition demanding that our testimony and evidence be received. I reminded them I was exercising rights (Right to petition government relating to criminal acts by federal officials, including the First Amendment right to petition government and Title 28 U.S.C. sub. 1361, the right to judicial halting of corrupt acts by federal officials.) and responsibilities (Federal crime repotting statutes, including Title 18 U.S.C. sub. 4.) under federal law and that they had a responsibility under these same laws and under federal criminal statutes to receive our testimony and evidence. I explained that I was a former federal investigator who held federal authority to make these determinations and that I hadn't lost any of my abilities to do that since leaving government.

I mailed certified letters and transcripts to Independent Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, who had the duty to investigate all aspects of the Iran-Contra affair, which started with the October Surprise scheme. I reminded Walsh of his responsibilities under federal criminal statutes to receive my testimony and evidence, and that of the CIA whistleblowers.

Despite hundreds of certified mailings, each containing over fifty pages of data, none responded.

As Russbacher provided me with further information, and other CIA informants gave me supporting data, I sent additional petitions to members of Congress, demanding that they receive our testimony and evidence, and giving them specific facts that would be revealed. Every senator received at least three certified mailings from me between May 1991 and December 1992, and the members of the House Judiciary Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, Oversight and Investigations, Government Operations, and Aviation. Not a single responsive reply was received.


Shortly after I had first publicized Russbacher's sworn statements, the disinformation commenced, trying to discredit him. As a result of publicity generated by my transcripts and reference to Russbacher on my talk show appearances, Russbacher was asked to appear on numerous radio and television talk shows, which he did, from prison.

Even author Barbara Honegger, who authored the first October Surprise book, tried to discredit Russbacher, fabricating facts that I had to address by sending out information identifying the apparent deliberate misstatements. Her tactics tended to discredit the existence of the very scandal that her earlier book sought to expose. It was as if she was being rewarded in someway to discredit the smoking gun in the October Surprise conspiracy.

Justice Department officials sought to discredit Russbacher by stating he had been repeatedly charged with federal offenses and had been frequently in prison. Russbacher stated to me that the charges on the rap sheet were fabricated to assist his acceptance by the underworld and by foreign terrorist organizations which he infiltrated while carrying out CIA assignments.

The charges by Justice Department officials, commencing in 1986, were to discredit Russbacher and minimize the danger to White House and other officials. Russbacher had earlier described the three factions in the CIA as often fighting each other. Faction One was controlled by the Justice Department and the White House under George Bush. Faction Two was controlled by the Office of Naval Intelligence, often at odds with Faction One. And Faction Three was a small number of former Office of Strategic Services (OSS) personnel.


Russbacher's appearances on radio and television from his prison environment threatened many people. Justice Department officials addressed this threat by seeking to deport him.

"They are deporting Russ!"

Upon answering the phone (October 13, 1991) Russbacher's wife exclaimed, "Gunther isn't in Terminal Island. He is on a flight to Oakdale, Louisiana, a federal prison where prisoners to be deported are sent."

In an attempt to prevent the deportation, I phoned Tom Valentine with Radio Free America; Sarah McClendon, a senior White House reporter; Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh; and appeared on numerous talk shows describing the latest attempt to sequester evidence relating to October Surprise.

"I need more information!"

Despite the gravity of criminal activities against the United States shown in the petitions that I sent to Congress, the recipients did nothing. I felt that I needed additional information about additional crimes that would make members of Congress guilty of even worse criminal coverup-type of crimes if they did not respond. I said to Russbacher: "Gunther, I need more information!" If I was going to back congress against the wall with information on still other criminal activities I needed more specifics to force down their throats, so that they risk criminal prosecution for coverup if these scandals ever surface.

"OK, I'll give you more," Russbacher said. For the next few months Russbacher gave me deposition-like answers to questions I presented to him, exposing criminal activities in many areas, and these areas are covered within this book. (There were other areas of criminality, but these have been left out so as to keep this book to a manageable size.)

Russbacher detailed the involvement by CIA factions in the looting of Savings and Loan institutions and insurance companies. He described the CIA's role in drug trafficking throughout the United States. And much more. Russbacher furnished me with blank checks and letterheads of some of the covert CIA proprietary’s he operated for the CIA.

The information Russbacher gave was detailed, and presented in a way that I had no reason to question its accuracy. He never hesitated to tell me when he either did not have direct knowledge concerning a particular question, or refuse to discuss a particular CIA operation that was ongoing. The questions that I asked about highly detailed matters were immediately, without thinking, answered. To double check on his answers I approached the subject from a different slant, months later, and the precise, detailed facts would rarely waver. His precise knowledge of people and events in many areas of intrigue was fabulous, and checked out with facts I obtained from other informants. I was convinced that he was not a con man. He simply could not make up the vast amount of data that he gave me in response to questions that covered such a broad spectrum.

Even when I told him information given to me by others, such as former Mossad agent Ari Ben-Menashe, Russbacher often responded with additional information on the person that checked out, and which had never appeared in print. It wasn't Russbacher who sought attention. I was the one that repeatedly told Russbacher to give me information of CIA corruption so that I could get attention from Congress and the media.

Russbacher described how the CIA was part of the looting of Chapter 11 assets, and how the CIA used crooked federal judges, trustees, and law firms to accomplish this, and how the CIA covered up for some of its looted proprietary’s by placing the companies into Chapter 7 or 11 where the CIA had control of the courts, giving as one example Lendvest. (Lendvest was a CIA operation in the San Francisco area, dealing in mortgage loans, drug trafficking and money laundering. CIA-related trustee Charles Duck was appointed trustee over Lendvest when the CIA placed it into bankruptcy and Duck insured that the CIA involvement never reached the public.) He described the presence of the CIA drug and arms transshipment points in Central and South America, of law firms and their attorneys, trustees, including Charley Duck, federal judges, including Robert Jones, and who receive CIA funds for their role in the racketeering activities. At a later date Russbacher gave me the name of the offshore CIA proprietary that dispenses these funds.

Russbacher described the interrelationships between the CIA and people looting the Savings and Loans. He described how Keating-controlled corporations hid over $300 million of depositors' money in Colorado through secret trusts and other financial mechanisms. When I quizzed Russbacher about the CIA's role with Charles Keating he responded: "It wasn't just Keating. Bear in mind that we are not talking about strictly Keating-controlled corporations. We are talking about a multitude of corporations that were controlled by outside forces. Keating just happened to be one of them."

[H: My, isn't it interesting that we always keep coming back to the same ploys used by our own little adversarial players--who hoodwinked the unsuspecting innocent persons in this local play? Trusts, Colorado trusts and bank accounts with same, or similar names, with illegal capability of check washing, and on and on.... How long will I keep at this unfolding? UNTIL AGREEMENTS ARE KEPT WITH MY PEOPLE AND MY COMMAND! Further, I expect a stopping of the small-time crooks who are using the auspices of the intelligence community for their own GREEDY CRIMINAL ACTIONS. You can somehow get by with serving a "government" under "orders" for the benefit of the "whole"--but I find disloyalty to your own HANDLERS--a bit more impressive that it is tolerated. So be it--to each his own--but the clashing Titans may well become annoyed with your actions and focus shifting to our own work--as well as the underhanded dealings stripping the "agency"! This next is really worthy of your attention, readers, for once "Off-Shore" it is very hard to retrieve anything unless you control EVERYTHING.]


Describing the huge outflow of funds generated by CIA proprietary’s through various financial scams and drug money laundering, Russbacher stated: "It is a systematic removal of funds from US bank accounts. And these accounts that held large amounts of funds were then channeled to off-shore bank accounts and off-shore investment companies." [H: You have to remember something, like "the Panama War". Noriega was about to take over the banks holding the massive assets from laundering and drugs--not to mention that he was going, to take over a whole resort BELONGING TO THE BUSH FAMILY! Still think it was to get this awful little man, Noriega? By the way, George Bush doesn't like either Blacks or Jews--he USES THEM! So, who do you think is on HIS side now? Well, some pretty powerful people!]

I asked, "How are these funds identified--I'm talking about who would be identified as the owner of these funds? Would it be numbered accounts?" Russbacher replied, "It would be numbered or designated accounts, where you have a primary person that is allowed to make transactions. That doesn't necessarily mean that person is the only one."

"I presume that the CIA has numerous operatives who are authorized to place or remove funds from these accounts?"

"There are only ten or twelve people in the whole agency that are permitted to do that. Let's say, no more than two dozen people."

"Are you one of those?"

"Yes I am. Or I was."

Russbacher's statements as shown in these pages are but a minute fraction of the in-depth discussions between Russbacher and myself. These statements were made during late 1990 and to the date of this book's publication in mid-1993. Much of the details were unknown to the general public and had not been in any printed form. Many people confirmed to me Russbacher's CIA position, and statements made to me by Russbacher were only confirmed by statements made by others, including Ari Ben-Menashe, Riconosciuto, Rewald, and other CIA related people.


* * *

Why am I pouring all this on you in such great amounts? Because I find that bringing publicity to ones in trouble tends to keep them alive and well--and these people related to these works--are in grave danger. Evil cannot stand in the glare of LIGHTED Truth! So be it.



THU., MAR. 31, 1994 9:11 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 227

THU., MAR. 31, 1994


I am flooded today with interrogations about what the market is doing. It is doing exactly what I told you it would do. Today is the last day of March and much was planned to happen by the end of March. I am not going to repeat those warnings as we've tried to keep you abreast of happenings. I'm sure that the "big boys" will make every effort to hold to fluctuations through manipulated means--but I am no fortune teller.


Be aware of the information being presented on "national" circuits on the probability of the Northwest Coast having a 9.5 plus quake--"perhaps the largest quake the world has known anywhere this century..." (newscaster's words). This is in SERIOUS consideration as the coastal area is rising now, more than 10 times the normal rate of pressure curve which means if it continues in this incline it must "pop". I can only remind you of the seriousness of the circumstance and ask you to listen and heed!

There are so many things of crisis proportion today that I ask we not attend them and move right on with DEFRAUDING AMERICA as regards Russbacher. We have a crisis situation with Russbacher in Austria and I intend to handle this most carefully. Don't count your chickens, dead or alive, before they hatch, please.

I want to move through this material as rapidly as possible for we need to begin to get the new information started--that which will deal with first-hand eyewitness accounts of Kennedy's assassination. Oh indeed, there are those accounts! There are a lot of things floating around which are TRUE with parallel stories and disinformation which are lies--as usual. Ones come along and witness the truth in action and then construct the counterfeit to match or so closely resemble the original as to do business AS the original. We have pointed out our own situations wherein there is Constitutional Law Center, Inc. and then was created Constitutional Law CentRE Trust (in the same building, yet), to divert funds from the one into the other through deceit. Worse, bank accounts were set up in Colorado with deposit capability of ones using "We The People" as endorsers. Now there is a plan to duplicate the "operations" of the "Phoenix Institute". Yes indeed I am serious.

This same thing happened with a corporation which created such a "far-fetched" name that it was thought NO ONE in their right mind would effort at such a game, i.e., Cosmos Sea Food Energy Marketing, Inc." WRONG! The Big Boys came right in and "took over" the corporation and managed to keep it from the original owners for a very long time--even running money through the entity to establish operations. Well, you'll be hearing again from the "originals" in that instance also. A lot of things are happening and a lot of people are fed-up. It remains to be seen what you will do with the new awareness and possibilities.

I have informed you of things as they have become known such as missile bases, underground facilities, etc. I have told you that there are nuclear devices at the base of every major dam in the U.S. (actually, in the world) and that there are strategically placed nuclear bombs around critical placements. There is now proof that there is one of these incredibly high-yield bombs in the reinforcing steel in the base of a transmission tower between the Capitol and Andrews Base, one is encased in lead, steel and concrete beneath the University of Texas (Austin) and another is five hundred feet inside a mountain overlooking Colorado Springs (actually, the most important placement of these three). I only ask that you attend our writings with an open mind for it is for security of the presenters that push to offer it. Security for these presenters CAN ONLY COME FROM PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE FOR YOU LIVE IN SUCH A 'CONTROLLED' ENVIRONMENT AS TO MAKE INFORMATION NETWORKS ALMOST USELESS.

Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 10
by Rodney Stich



Many hours were spent on what he (Russbacher) saw first hand as a CIA operative [H: By the way, on this subject, there is massive push RIGHT NOW going on to have a "Committee" of a few Judges take total control of the Federal Judicial System!] in Chapter 11 courts. Russbacher described the CIA practice of using Chapter 11 courts for two primary purposes. One was to cover up for its looting of CIA proprietary’s. The other was to loot the assets of small to medium size companies and individuals who filed Chapter 11 seeking time to pay their debts, and who had large equities.

Russbacher gave me names and specifics on how the multi-billion-dollar-a-year looting of assets occurred. What surprised me was that this gigantic looting of assets of innocent people, whose only fault was to trust their government, could continue unabated, with the full knowledge of members of Congress who legislated the Chapter 11 protection and who had a duty to immediately intervene when the hundreds of constituents complained of the criminal activities.

Many of the victims didn't understand the blatant illegality of how the racketeering enterprise stripped them of their life's assets. The very first wrongful act that must be done is to appoint a trustee to operate and manage the assets. Under Chapter 11, the person who exercises these remedies is to remain in control of their assets and business, and the Chapter 11 proceedings are primarily to give the person extra time to meet a loan payment that had become due. If the system worked as clearly required by federal statutes the corruption could not exist.


The scheme follows a standard pattern, violating federal statutes and constitutional protections. The Chapter 11 judge, who almost always is a direct participant in the vast enterprise, orders the assets seized, in clear violation of law, and then appoints a trustee who knows nothing about the business, and who promptly proceeds to loot the assets, forcing the Chapter 11 case into a Chapter 7 liquidation. [H: So NOW do you ones efforting to push the Institute into insolvency and receivership with the input from George Green--ever think that YOU, YOURSELF would ever see another dime of YOUR own money? What is the matter with you? The POINT of the man and his buddies is to squeeze ALL OF YOU--every last ONE OF YOU!! They are NOT working to save your assets--THEY ARE OUT TO DESTROY ALL OF YOU SO THEY CAN HAVE THE CARCASS, STRIPPINGS AND ALL!]

During liquidation, the trustee, his law firm and attorneys, and others who work together, sell the properties at a fraction of their market value. The person who sought relief in Chapter 11 then becomes the victim of one of the most outrageous racketeering enterprises in the United States.

Russbacher gave me details of the racket as seen from his CIA perspective, that dovetailed with what I had discovered as a victim and an investigator.

Much of the media know of this multi-billion-dollar a year racketeering enterprise, and keep the lid on it. Obviously, Justice Department personnel knew of the massive corruption. Frequent complaints were made to Justice Department attorneys by the victims of the corruption, and rarely was anything done to halt the criminal activities. The only time that Justice Department personnel acted was to defuse further investigations, something like a fire-break to limit the damage.

I asked Russbacher if during his CIA activities he encountered the people who played a major role in seizing and looting my assets, and his reply was startling. The federal judge who corruptly seized my assets was Las Vegas Chapter 11 Judge Robert Jones. [H: Could this be WHY George Green and buddies are trying to push the Institute case into Las Vegas????] The record of the seizure, the audio tapes of the court proceedings, and the court records showed the corrupt nature of the unlawful and unconstitutional seizure of assets.

Referring to Judge Jones, Russbacher described how the CIA arranged transportation to Atlantic City for this federal judge, where letters of credit would be waiting at different casinos for him to obtain tens of thousands of dollars in gambling chips. Russbacher described other federal judges that he knew were present at CIA arms and drug or other operations, including Judge Jaroslovsky, a key judge in the Northern District of California, who had repeatedly protected trustee Charles Duck from his accusers, calling the crook a person of integrity.

I asked Russbacher if there could be any legitimate basis for the appearances of federal judges, trustees and law firms at the secret CIA arms and drug trafficking locations in Central America. He confirmed that there was no lawful reason for their appearances at these locations.

Russbacher described flying down to Central America CIA sites in CIA aircraft, accompanied by such people as trustee Charles Duck; the law firms of Friedman, Sloan and Ross (who filed the sham divorce action against me); Goldberg, Stinnett and McDonald (who seized and looted my assets in conjunction with Duck and Judge Robert Jones); and Murray and Murray (who took over when Duck was sent to prison).

Gunther described being at CIA meetings in Central America with Duck, at John Hull's ranch, and at Tegucigalpa (Capital of Honduras), as well as other locations. Referring to Duck, Russbacher described Duck's presence in 1987: "The last time, be apprised of the fact that there were actually three times that I had dealings with him, or came close to having dealings with him. Two times, shall we say, he was there in the hotel room with me."

Describing one of the ways in which the CIA proprietary’s generate money, Russbacher stated:

Most of them were limited partnerships. The funds would have been from the CIA to start with (To establish a net worth from which to seek large loans that were never repaid and never intended to be repaid. The funds were diverted to cover CIA domestic and international uses.). What they did, they allegedly put a private offering together, and the subscribers for the private offerings were already in place, before the offering was even written up. Each one of these people who subscribed to the offering brought in Agency funds.

Russbacher stated that "The corporation or limited partner-ship would issue corporate paper, or whatever, and that's how more funds were created. They used the initial funds for the funding of the limited partnership, strictly as a collateral vehicle for large scale loans." He continued:

If we go in, for instance, with a million or half a million dollars apiece, on a limited partnership, and there are ten of us, let's say we have anywhere from five to ten million dollars in capital assets, in the limited partnership, that, along with a good financial statement, and what we planned to do with the limited partnership, can earn us the right to a thirty, forty, fifty million dollar loan. Do you see what I am saying?

Russbacher described what usually happened after obtaining multi-million-dollar loans; the people defaulted on the non-recourse loans after the money was pulled out. Russbacher stated: "Generally it was strictly default. We pulled money back out and we would end up with thirty, forty million."

Russbacher stated, "That particular company would file Chapter 11 in courts where we had control of the judges."

Referring to the San Francisco law firm used by Charley Duck to seize and loot my Chapter 11 assets, I asked: "You mentioned that you had seen members of the Goldberg, Stennett and McDonald law firm at various CIA gatherings. Is that correct?" Russbacher answered, "Yes, that is correct." The main significance is that the Goldberg, Stinnett, and McDonald law firm was frequently mentioned during CIA meetings. They were the law firm for trustee Charles Duck, who was identified by Russbacher as being present at secret CIA bases in Central America, and on CIA aircraft, trips, and private CIA meetings. Justice Department attorneys repeatedly protected Duck and the Goldberg law firm in various Chapter 11 embezzlements, and especially the two estates filed by Rodney Stich (Oakland Nrs. 487-059741 and 059-751) which were stripped of over ten million in assets.

When I asked Russbacher if he had seen attorneys from the law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross at the secret Central America meetings Russbacher confirmed that he had.

Russbacher stated that Charley Duck bragged about how he looted the assets of Chapter 11 parties. Referring to Duck and the CIA looting of Chapter 11 assets, Russbacher stated: "Duck has basically siphoned off, appeared in different areas where we [CIA] were involved. This is the nexus I have been getting across to you, between the bankruptcy issues, and Agency [CIA] operations. It is one of the funding vehicles for the Company [CIA]. "

Russbacher stated that the worst Chapter 11 corruption was in federal courts located in the San Francisco area, Los Angeles, Chicago, and St Louis. Russbacher added, "Let me tell you like this, Saint Louis is notorious on Chapter 11. What it amounts to is: one of the bankruptcy judges in each one of the districts that you deal with, is, I won't say is on the payroll, but he gets definite remuneration from the CIA."


Russbacher was scheduled to be released December 23, 1991, at which time he would pose a greater threat of exposing October Surprise, Inslaw, and numerous other major criminal enterprises implicating White House and federal officials and ongoing criminal operations. Several months before this release date Justice Department attorneys commenced deportation proceedings against him, shipping him to the federal prison at Oakdale, Louisiana. When I heard about this, I promptly notified White House correspondent Sarah McClendon and Iran-Contra prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, advising them that the Justice De-partment was attempting to get a key witness in the October Surprise scandal out of the country. This appeared to halt the deportation.

Justice Department prosecutors then used another tactic to keep Russbacher in prison. Shortly before Russbacher was scheduled for release Justice Department attorneys notified Missouri authorities that Russbacher had been charged with impersonating a naval officer at Castle Air Force Base, and induced them to revoke Russbacher's parole arising from the $20,000 money charge for which Russbacher had never had a trial and for which he was induced to enter an Alford plea, similar to nolo contendere. (U.S. Attorney David Levi in Sacramento had dropped the impersonating a Navy officer charge shortly after it was made.)

Russbacher was transported to St. Charles, Missouri, for a February 5, 1992 hearing on revocation of his parole due to the alleged impersonating a Navy officer charge. Russbacher was limited in the witnesses he could call, being denied the right to call CIA personnel that could attest to him being a covert CIA operative on assignment from the Office of Naval Intelligence. Russbacher tried to show his official status by establishing that his billeting at Offutt and Castle Air Force Bases was on the basis of official Navy orders.

An Air Force officer testified that Russbacher and his wife did stay for several days in officer billeting and that they stayed there under authority of official orders received by the Air Force. Copies of billeting authorization papers from Offutt and Castle Air Force Bases were introduced into evidence showing Russbacher and his wife billeted at these high-security military bases, with authorization provided as Cincpac (Commander in Chief, Pacific), along with the authorization numbers. This testimony and Air Force papers were strong evidence that Russbacher was on official duty.

Russbacher wanted to have CIA personnel appear, and sought to have classified documents entered into the hearing so as to establish his covert role with the CIA and Office of Naval Intelligence. This was refused, a standard tactic. Missouri Judge Donald E. Dalton disregarded the evidence that Russbacher was a covert intelligence officer. He ignored the fact that there had never been a trial on the underlying money offense charge, and that the original $20,000 allegedly misappropriated had been paid to the alleged victims. The judge revoked Russbacher's probation and ordered that he remain in prison to carry out the 21-year sentence.

Russbacher and I continued our almost daily telephone conversations and deposition-like questioning. As Russbacher became more discouraged he loosened up and gave me more in-formation as time passed. Russbacher's health was rapidly failing due to an urgent need for coronary bypass surgery. Rayelan, his wife, and I, and other people, worked to try and get Russbacher released. I vigorously worked on completing this manuscript with the intent of using the published book as the basis for appearing on radio and television shows. The book would get publicity for Russbacher and other CIA scapegoats. In this way I could stimulate some semblance of interest and responsibility from the public, trying to get them to speak out and do something about this rampant corruption in government.


Initially, Russbacher was my best and primary source of information, giving me answers to thousands of questions that I presented to him over a three-year period in deposition-like questioning. During these hundreds of hours of questioning we talked like old friends, former flying buddies. I often asked the same question in another way, or came from another direction, and his answers rarely changed from earlier answers. When he answered the questions there was no delay to think of an answer; they came spontaneously and in such a manner that I rarely questioned his truthfulness or the accuracy of what he was stating. Over a period of several years other CIA and DEA informants contacted me, and during hours of deposition-like questioning their statements confirmed what Russbacher stated to me.

No con man could have fabricated answers to the diverse questions that I asked, that covered CIA operations throughout the world. Many of the answers that he did give me to matters that had not appeared in any known book on the subject were often confirmed by my questioning of other CIA informants, some of whom did not know Russbacher and who could not have fabricated their answers through contact with each other. If Russbacher didn't know the answer to a question he quickly admitted it. If he was a con artist he could just as well have fabricated answers to those questions.

As time passed and word of my exposure activities became known in the relatively small area of undercover CIA or other intelligence people, I made friends with many others who responded to my deposition-like questioning. Although none appeared to have the varied background that Russbacher had, these other former CIA people had considerable knowledge of covert activities from carrying out orders of their CIA superiors. These other people are found throughout the book.


Adding to the enormous amount of information supporting the bulk of Russbacher's statements was the interesting dialogue between a former Mossad agent, Ari Ben-Menashe, and Russbacher. I arranged for several conference calls between these two intelligence officers and encouraged them to exchange experiences showing them to be what they said they were.

In one instance Russbacher told Ben-Menashe of his friendship with the Mossad's station chief in Vienna, Heinz Toch, a name that would be known to very few people, and then primarily the Mossad. This was one of several examples showing Russbacher's intimate knowledge of covert activities which he would hardly have known unless he was not only the CIA operative he said he was, but an operative in the higher echelon of CIA covert activities.

During the next two years other CIA personnel came to me describing the covert activities in which they had been involved, explaining that they wanted to make the public aware of the immense harms being inflicted upon the public. During hundreds of hours of talking to these other CIA personnel about CIA activities I was able to confirm through frequent cross checks the truthfulness of what they were stating, and to show the falsity of the media, congressional, and CIA statements seeking to discredit them. The hundreds of hours of conversations were with CIA personnel who had been falsely discredited, including Richard Brenneke, Michael Riconosciuto, Ronald Rewald, and Gunther Russbacher.

I talked for many hours to the wives of several of these operatives who stated facts to me as seen from their perspective, that further confirmed the truthfulness of what other CIA people had told me. I was in detailed conversations and frequent correspondence with other CIA-related people, including Michael Riconosciuto, Riconosciuto's wife, Bobbi; Russell Bowen; Trenton Parker; Ronald Rewald; Basil Abbott; Chuck Hayes, Edwin Wilson; and others. I was in contact with law enforcement people whose investigative functions brought them in contact with CIA activities, and especially CIA drug trafficking. These included Jim Rothstein, Ted Gunderson; and others. This vast amount of data, plus what I discovered, developed into a mosaic-like depiction of sordid intrigue, deception, murders, and portrayed the worst pattern of criminal activities ever reported against the American people.

(Footnotes: Riconosciuto was a CIA contract agent for many years who was involved in the October Surprise operation, Inslaw, and other activities.

Bobbi Riconosciuto had a wealth of knowledge of her husband's CIA activities and the actions taken to silence him by Justice Department and DEA personnel.

Bowen was a member of the OSS during World War II and then continued with a small group of OSS people as moles inside the CIA after OSS was disbanded. He was heavily involved in CIA and Mossad drug trafficking and other intelligence agency operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America.

Trenton Parker: a long-time deep-cover CIA operative. More about him in later pages.

Rewald: placed by the CIA head of the Agency proprietary, Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong (BBRDW).

Basil Abott: a DEA pilot who flew drugs from Central and South America to the United States.

Chuck Hayes: A CIA operative who played key roles in the Central America drug trafficking.

Edwin Wilson: was heavily involved in CIA activities in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, who worked with key figures in the Iran-Contra affair, and who was made the fall guy and was sent to prison.

Rothstein: on the New York City vice-squad for many years; he arrested Frank Sturgis when Sturgis arrived in New York to kill a former girl-friend of Fidel Castro. Rothstein had considerable street knowledge of CIA drug trafficking commencing in the 1950s.

Ted Gunderson: a former FBI agent heavily involved in exposing pedophilia.)

My phone was used for hundreds of hours of three-way conference calls between CIA and DEA personnel, their wives, a Mossad agent, and Ross Perot. Often times the conversations were of the nature of one pilot describing to another, events that they experienced, each one knowing that any fabrication would be recognized by the other. My position was like a secret mole inside the CIA covert activities, adding to the discoveries I made while a federal investigator and while being victimized in one of the many criminal enterprises.

As a former federal investigator holding federal authority to reach conclusions based upon the facts uncovered, based upon the fifteen years of book publishing, and based upon what I had personally observed, the evidence was overwhelming that the American people were being systematically defrauded by a well entrenched group in the federal government.

As several years passed, receiving input almost on a daily basis from various CIA, DEA, and other informants that were referred to me, a kind of mosaic developed as individual in-formants, who were not in contact with the others, or who may not have even known of the others, described some even in which they participated that confirmed what others who were part of the same operation or event had stated earlier to me. These constant cross-checks confirmed to me not only the events being described but also the CIA status of the individual.

In early 1991 when Russbacher gradually and reluctantly described to me inner secrets of the CIA, I had mostly my own evaluation of his statements to determine his credibility. Gradually other CIA informants came forward and the wealth of data I received over several years of deposition-like questioning from different deep-cover personnel was prima facie evidence that the facts were true and that people had actually worked for the CIA or other intelligence agency, were truthful.




THU. MAR. 31, 1994 3:42 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 227

THU., MAR. 31, 1994

Ronn Jackson, Secret Service Agency

OK readers, we'll see how good you have become at facing FACTS, looking at the TRUTH of the way the "enforcers" and "security service agents" work and if you have the "stomach" to REALLY look at what goes down....

The following is so bizarre and violent that I do not ask Rick or another at the paper to offer it to you for fear you would simply think the staff of CONTACT has gone complete by "National Inquirer” loony.

As we move into the text I think I should give you some warning that this may well cause you to lose sleep, throw-up or worse and/or DENY it could happen. Since this is being printed BY REQUEST for as large a scattering as we can get, I will appreciate your bearing with us through the gore so that you can find TRUTH.

This is, of course, a subject which has been beaten into shreds by historians, liars and researchers--what actually happened to John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

We shall have to handle this as an ongoing series as the manuscripts are lengthy and, of necessity, hand written. The first volume was sold for a very large fee and was, or was intended, to be made into a motion picture. Therefore the material is written in "novel" format. Probably the best way of introduction is to reproduce that which was written for distribution by another "paper" in November 1992. Perhaps we can simply offer this as presented to us. You must realize that this IS the way of the intelligence services and Secret Service Agency--deadly and violent.

Why would I include the crude violence? Because you readers have got to come to grips with the fact that this is the way your world has become and often times "what really happens" is even worse than the too bloody and violent TV and motion picture renditions. I can clean it up for you into tidy packages with no blood-leaks but I think you need the whole of this story to bring into context what was and is going on in your world of "Camelot Hell". Rather than further discuss the disgusting, let's just move into the story as written by one WHO WAS THERE AND WAS A PARTICIPANT!


by Ronn Jackson, SSA

Today begins a series on America. A series, not in the historical sense, but how events and occurrences were and are. Starting at the "mid-Kennedy era" and coming forward to the present, many situations in the series, you the reader are familiar with and how and why you have been systematically deceived, misled, and in some cases, lied to. This series is not anti-establishment, anti-government or "Anti" anything. It is intended to tell you something; give you additional information so that you can make an informed decision, and then decide how our country really IS. The series is based on the book THE DEATH OF CAMELOT by Ronn Jackson, and contains the full and un-cut version of volume one, of the four volume set. Some of the situations and language are graphic and will dispute what many noted historians and journalists have written. However, there is a difference. The book(s), for the most part, are written in first person singular BY SOMEONE WHO WAS THERE.

[H: Great, but why would we not just ask you to get the book(s)? Because the books are not published even though they were supposed to have been. AND, THE MAN WHO WAS PUBLISHING THEM--IS AS OF WEEK BEFORE LAST--SUICIDED QUITE DEAD!! Therefore, according to our efforts to protect writers of truth--we effort to spread the word and works as quickly and as widely as possible. Ronn Jackson deliberately put himself into prison--JUST TO SURVIVE! Maybe that little explanation will help you understand the seriousness of the subject and also see why we don't have time to "clean it up" for your viewing.]

Editorial: The author has chosen and condensed, two excerpts, which will appear later, in their entirety, so that you, the reader, can understand what he is trying to say. He requests that YOU be the judge.


I had just completed a sanction in South America. Eleven days prior I had landed at the north end of the continent, flown south, back north, back south and ended up in Brazil. When my task was completed, I was on my way to the airport. I was tired, hungry for some American food, and irritated because my subject had a couple of bodyguards that was not mentioned in my "information" package. One had cut me just before I grabbed him and snapped his neck. The other was so startled by my actions, he just stood with his mouth open. They were like most bodyguards, for show only. I dropped him with a crushing blow to the throat. I heard the shot and turned as the principal was falling to the floor. I agreed with his actions--it was easier that way.

When reporting that my task was complete, I was about to mention that I was heading home. My employer informed me that I was going to Europe. The ticket was at the Boarding Gate, not to bother with customs, and my information package was awaiting me at Orly. I had ten minutes to catch the flight. The line went dead.

I was all over the continent for the next thirteen days and, though I accomplished my objective, I was still down about a week in the sleep department. I decided to use a different tactic when I called in. After waiting almost two hours for the operator to put the call through, when she motioned for me to pick up the receiver, I picked it up and "he" was already speaking. He told me I had been working long hours and I needed to get some rest. I didn't say anything. I had a package awaiting me at Kennedy. I told him I was going into Dulles. He said to fix my watch as the flight left an hour ago while I was waiting to get through. How I hate a smart-ass. I could take a commuter to D.C. I asked if he knew my shorts size. He said, "thirty-six".

The Flight Attendant awoke me at the terminal. I looked to the rear of the 747 and it was empty. I didn't remember taking off in France. I think I felt a little better. I pulled my travel bag from overhead, felt for my wallet and left. I was glad for the silver passport. I was in no mood for Customs.

I was on the ground in a little over an hour. My home at the time was in McLean, Va., and that king-size water-bed sure was beckoning me, but I did have a stop to make. I was seeing a lady and had promised to stop by and see her, two weeks ago. She was a news reporter for one of the networks and on my way to the studio I was trying to think of an excuse not to go out that evening. I reached down and pulled out the package I had picked up in New York. I opened it and was thumbing through it when I noticed the cab driver eyeing me in the rear view mirror. I told him it was "counterfeit" and I was with the secret service. He refocused his attention on the road.

At the studio my lady was taping her weekly show. The receptionist told me that it could be an hour before she was through. I sat down in the reception area, picked up a magazine and was just dozing off when I heard the double doors behind the secretary come flying open. My lady was walking towards me and said I had an urgent phone call and that I could take it at the desk or in her office. As I walked to the desk, I looked towards the front entrance. A military police vehicle was pulling up in front. I took the receiver from the woman and the familiar voice said "priority one--A-one." I was awake. This was only the second time I had received those instructions. I kissed my lady, apologized, told her I would call her and was on my way to Andrews Air Force Base. As it turned out I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Wherever I was going it was in a military jet and I didn't like them.

The vehicle pulled up to the plane. Its engines were running and the ground crew pushed ladders up to both sides of it. I couldn't hear anything but a lieutenant gave me a manila envelope and pointed towards the back seat. I was strapped in and an oxygen mask was put on. It felt like we were going straight up for several minutes and then the pilot leveled off. A few moments later the sound just disappeared and it didn't take a mental giant to know we had just exceeded the speed of sound.

The jet taxied to a private hangar and shut off his engines. I still couldn't hear anything nor could I move. I saw the pilot moving around and as the canopy raised up he stood up.

He bent over and pushed a button on my straps, they released and I exhaled. I hadn't realized I was holding my breath. I looked down at my hands. Now those were white knuckles. This was the last time, I thought. But I had said that the last time. After considerable effort and with the pilot's assistance, I was able to get out. For that seat to fit me it would have had to have been twice as large. I looked down at it and it was hard to believe I had just traveled several hundred miles in it.

There was a rental car awaiting me at the side of the hangar. I got in and saw the keys were in the ignition. I leaned back on the seat to relax for a minute and then picked up the manila envelope to see why everybody was in such a big hurry. I glanced through the papers first and then read them in detail. My objective was an agent for an autonomous branch of the Federal Government who functioned in a similar capacity as I, only on like a local basis. Why was I chosen, I thought. But then, I knew the answer for that.

I destroyed the papers with the exception of the map. So it was "Extra's" time. I wondered how I would feel when my time was up. That was a foolish thought. No one was above me, that I knew of, although knowing my employers, there was a contingency plan, I was sure. So the other shooter, "the man on the knoll", had finally cracked. I still remember him from the photos in the hotel lobby in Los Angeles. I wonder who ran the investigation on Bobby Kennedy. He was and still is a prime candidate for one of the nurd movies. Well, there's a chance there was a cover-up. Naw, Hoover didn't like him; he just did his typical government job. If it suited them, okay. If not, just leave the taxpayers hanging.

The address was about an hour from the airport. When I arrived, I just drove into the driveway and parked. I walked to the door and it was open. When I stepped inside I knew it was too late. The door hit me. I walked to my right into the family room and the twisted and mutilated body of a man was on the floor. I walked around it and there was no question about a sick mind. Most of the damage was done after his death. There was no blood around most of them. I walked to the back of the house and found what I guessed to be the man's wife. Her condition was no better. Her skirt was up around her waist. This one--was one sick man. I was not prepared for what I found in the next room. It was a young girl, about twelve or fourteen. The side of her head had been caved in. A glass ashtray laid by the body. She had also been raped. I felt the bile coming up.

I got into the car and pulled out. Several blocks from the house there was a small shopping center. I pulled in and called. I advised my employer I had been too late but I would handle the situation. He asked if I needed any money. I said no and would keep him posted. I said somebody should clean up the mess. He was silent for a moment and then told me to get some distance between me and the house and he would advise the local authorities in thirty minutes. I started to say something and thought better of it. It wouldn't have done any good. I heard the click on the other end.

I'm not sure why but I headed for the airport. I was in a strange city, didn't know anyone, didn't want to attract any attention, and was looking for a rogue agent who could be very deadly. The little girl came to mind and I forced those thoughts from my mind. I saw a large hotel sign ahead and a plane landing. I might as well get some rest and make some calls as I couldn't do anyone any good on the freeway.

I checked in and went to the room. I wasn't sure what I was going to accomplish but I was going to do something. I made several calls and all promised to get back with me. I knew where he lived and that was a couple of states away. All I could do was wait. I laid down and closed my eyes. Five minutes later I was up pacing. I turned on the TV and finally found a channel with some news. They were reporting the deaths and something didn't sound right. I directed my attention to the program as the story was repeated. Two teenage girls had been brutally murdered. Reports were sketchy but the newsperson said they had been raped. Then another person came on announcing the scene I had just witnessed. I watched for about an hour and the program was definitely leaning towards a connection. My first reaction was to go to the other scene and decided against it. I could probably learn more right where I was.

I was on my second pot of coffee when the news coverage was interrupted by yet another person. A similar occurrence had happened in a city four hundred miles to the north. That was too much of a coincidence. I grabbed the phone book and looked up flying services. On my second try I found one with a Lear jet available. I reserved it, giving them my American Express number. I said to have it ready in a half an hour. I changed clothes, threw the room key on the desk and left. I had work to do.

The flight to the city was quick and it took more time to get to the crime scene than it did to fly to the city. The entire block was cut off and I walked up to the remote announcer who was broadcasting live. A statement was about to be issued by the officer in charge. In the distance I could see a gurney being pushed from the house. From the size of it I could tell--I knew it was "him" at work. I didn't wait around for the statement. I knew where he was going--there was no question in my mind.

Back at the airport the pilot was sitting at a lunch counter drinking coffee. I tapped him on the shoulder and said to get me to Stapleton and I wanted his foot in the carburetor all the way. He said two hours. I said a thousand dollar bonus in cash to him if it was an hour and a half. That Lear jet vibrated all the way. As we taxied to the terminal, he said he was five minutes over. I was glad to be down. I put the ten one-hundreds in his pocket.

Aurora was to the east of the airport according to the map that I had checked on the way. My man lived off of Mississippi Avenue which was one of the main streets of the city. I had the map marked and when I pulled off the bypass, the number I was looking for was at the other end. I guessed it to be five or six miles. I started the drive and "Murphy" must have been busy that evening. I think I hit two or three red lights and almost missed the street I was looking for. I made a right turn and his street was six blocks down. I turned left and the street lights were dim. I couldn't see numbers. I drove slowly, looking for anything that was unusual or out of place. Ahead, in the middle of the block, a car was sitting in the driveway. The interior light was on and I could see the driver's side door. It was open. The front door was open, to the house. I slammed the car into park, shutting off the engine. I got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance. A couple of steps later I was running. I took the porch steps in one and stopped just inside. A strange sound was coming from the upstairs. I took the stairway in three or four steps and the sounds were coming from my left. There was light coming from a doorway. I abandoned all caution. I went through the door and the sick agent was standing beside the bed. He had his wife by the hair, holding her with one hand and was pounding her with the other. Her face was unrecognizable. His fist was drawn back, ready to strike again, when I grabbed his arm and hit him in the solar plexus. The normal reaction for someone who had just had the breath knocked out of him was to double over. This guy stood straight up, gasping, and he still had a hold of his wife. I hit him again in the same area, this time burying my fist and using all of my weight behind the blow. This time he collapsed like a rag doll. His wife fell against the wall and I tried to catch her but I was a fraction too slow. I looked around the bedroom and there was light coming from the partially closed door. I reached down and grabbed the unconscious agent by his shirt and dragged him to the bathroom. The room was small and contained a shower. The agent's arm laid across the base which was about six inches. I was looking at a very sick man and he started to come to. I made a rule a long time ago: number one comes first. I stepped over him and brought my foot down on his arm. I heard and felt it break. I pulled him away from the base and he was regaining consciousness. As I said, number one comes first. I put his leg across the lip of the shower and had to stomp it twice before I felt it break at the knee.

I returned to the bedroom and picked up his wife and laid her on the bed. She was one big mess. How one human being could do this to another, and especially a loved one, escaped me. I went back to the bathroom and took a towel off the rack and wet it. I looked down at the agent and had no pity for him. Sick or not there was no excuse for his actions. The wet towel didn't do much good and all I could do was try to make the lady a little more comfortable. He had hit her so hard I could see teeth through the side of her face. I could feel tears swelling up in my eyes.

I started to get mad. I have another rule where I try never to get emotionally involved and, sometimes, that is impossible. I reached down and pulled my knife from the sheath around my leg. I heard a movement from the bathroom. I walked over to it and the agent was trying to get up. As injured as he was, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I kicked him in the face and his head hit the tile floor. He started to move again. I said out loud, "You know what your problem is, pal, you haven't hurt enough." I dragged him around and broke his other arm and leg. By this time he was screaming. I asked him, "Do you know how much pain you've caused?" He continued to scream. I reached over and picked up my knife that was on the sink and he raised his head. He said "why?" I just looked at him and then I stepped over to him and un-did his pants. I pulled them down and I swear, he knew what I was going to do. Somehow he was moving away from me. He was trying to make his arms work to no avail. I stepped over and grabbed his genitals and, in the same motion, cut them off. I stepped back to the commode and told him to watch. He actually raised his head and started screaming again. I dropped the bloody mess into the toilet and flushed it. He passed out.

I looked towards the door and his wife was standing there. I looked down and she had a gun. It was being raised and towards me. I let the knife fly. It buried in her breast-bone, knocking her back into the bedroom and across the foot of the bed. She was dead before she hit. I walked over to her and pulled the knife out. I stood there for a moment and said the only thing I could, "Lady, I am so sorry."



I was in Cincinnati, Ohio. I had delivered a suitcase full of money. The leather bag weighed around a hundred and thirty to fifty pounds. When I looked into it all I saw was hundred dollar bills. I picked up a briefcase to be delivered to a college in Central Indiana and a manila envelope directing me to a city outside of Chicago. I knew the briefcase contained that funny white stuff and the envelope contained information on a government contractor. He was on the wrong side of the wrong people.

I was driving north on highway three and stopped in a small town called New Castle. I had lunch and when I came out of the restaurant I looked over the area. Like so many towns in America, businesses boarded up and people out of work. You could see the look of desperation on people's faces. I wished I had some answers for them. Maybe, one day in the future, I can help.

The briefcase went to Ball State University. I delivered it to a woman. She was an assistant professor, about thirty-five, attractive and had on a wedding ring--not the kind of person that you would imagine having anything to do with this stuff and she showed no signs of using it. You had to hand it to my employer, they sure knew how to run a business. My envelope had the usual amount. I just shook my head. I've heard the term "Recreational users". I thought to myself, "Recreational twits" is more like it. How many briefcases have I delivered? The total weight has to be several tons.

My trip to the windy city area was uneventful. I checked into a motel on the Indiana side. I didn't know the area as the majority of the time I was in and out of O'Hare. When I checked with the room clerk, I found that I had made a good decision. I was less than ten miles from the man's warehouse and five from his office. It was too late to do anything today. Tomorrow would be soon enough to start. I wasn't on a schedule.

I was up by six, showered, shaved, dressed and eaten by seven and was on my way to the warehouse. When I drove into the complex a man was walking up to an office that had a leasing sign across it. I pulled in an he saw me. I parked and walked up to him and represented myself as being interested in some space. That caught his interest real quick and after getting some coffee made we walked out of the complex. It was like any other with more vacant spaces than tenants. After walking down a couple of rows of buildings I saw the name that was on my information package. I asked if I could see some of the occupied spaces to get an idea of the owner's work and improvements. He said no problem, as I was walking towards the contractors space.

Inside, he spoke to the warehouseman and he told me to walk around. The space contained mostly crates with two offices in the center area. I walked around pretending to be interested in the construction and the real estate man stayed with the lone employee. I noticed they went to one of the offices and sat down. I continued walking and wanted a closer look at the wooden containers. I came upon three that were very large and were different than the others. For one thing, the wood was different. It was hard wood. Another item, the supports were on the inside and there was no metal banding on the outside. All were screwed instead of nailed. They just looked out of place. I put my knee against one and it didn't budge. If all three had the same contents--there were several thousand pounds sitting in front of me.

I walked towards the offices and the agent saw me. I told him I had a couple of other places to see and had appointments. I did say this space would suit me fine and I would let him know.

The office was easy to find. It too had several vacancies and was unguarded. That was unusual for a business that made parts for the Government. Maybe the parts were not classified. Maybe it was by design. I drove back towards the warehouse.

I stopped by a restaurant across the street from the complex. I've found in the past that a good source of information was waitresses. For the most part, they were just repeating what they over-heard from their customers and many times that information was useful. This one was no exception. The owner stopped by often and was friendly. She said all of the employees ate there most of the time. I said I was by there earlier and only saw one man. She was sure two or more worked there plus a couple of drivers. She left to take care of another customer and I put a couple of dollars on the counter and left. Those crates were still on my mind.

I drove back to the motel. In the room I sat for a while and made a decision to do something that I never do. I called my employer during a job. He, I think, was surprised with my actions but listened. I gave an over-all estimate of the size and weight and his interest picked up. He told me to call back in twenty minutes. I did so and he asked if I thought it would be possible for me to get those crates to Lake Michigan. I said anything was possible. He told me to pick up some money at O'Hare and take care of the other matter later. I said it may take me a day or two and people--maybe a crane.... He said, "whatever".

I called a couple of rental companies and, without weights, most could only guess. I was nowhere near a solution. Most of what I was told was "a fork lift would be useless." Well, those boxes got in there--they were coming out.

The traffic to the airport was bad. It took me a couple of hours and of course the flight was late. O'Hare was as predictable as sun-up and sun-down. When it finally arrived it took another half an hour to get the package. I could tell I had stumbled onto something for there was a hundred thousand in the package. [Please realize, readers, that I, Doris, am just copying this writing to the best of my ability and I don't know WHAT the "hundred thousand" refers to either.]

I stopped and had a couple of drinks. I didn't want to fight that traffic. When I came out of the lounge, it was getting dark. This would be a good time to go back to the motel and just kick back. I couldn't get a truck until the morning and I don't work if I've been drinking. That causes too many problems.

There was a restaurant down the street from the lounge and I walked to it. The food was good and I ended up sitting at the bar talking politics and the economy. How many times had we all done that? Nothing was settled but sometimes that helps. Of the other four men involved in the conversation, only one had voted. That tells you something. I went back to the motel.

Driving in the direction of the rental agency, I saw a Union 76 truck stop. I pulled in and thought it wouldn't hurt to check around. I saw a big diesel wrecker out in front and I thought to myself that that was what I needed. How to use it would be the problem. I doubted if I could drive it. I went inside and went to the fuel desk and explained what I needed to the guy behind the counter. He just had a blank look on his face. A driver overheard my conversation and suggested I walk out back and talk to some of the drivers. Most of them were empty and just waiting for loads. Somebody could surely help me.

I walked around for a while and didn't see any rig that could help me. I came upon an older guy and started talking to him. He asked if I was the guy looking to have some boxes hauled. I gave him the rundown and to my surprise he said no problem. He motioned for me to follow him and at the back of the lot was his truck. It was loaded with one of those earth moving machines. I asked him how much it weighed and he said "forty tons". That part was fine but I asked about getting the crates out of the building and onto the truck. I would have to hire some people. He looked at me and asked about how legal this thing was. Completely, I said, pulling an "ID" from my pocket and representing myself from the Government. He then asked what it paid and I asked, "What's it worth?" I expected a pretty high figure. He said, two thousand cash and he didn't need any help. It would take about four hours . I gave him the address on Lake Michigan. I countered with five thousand cash and I was holding him to the four hours. I've never seen such a large piece of equipment move so fast.

He followed me to the front and I stopped to make a call. I was betting the driver knew his business and told my employer to have a crane ready in four hours at the docks. He said to get them there.

I told the driver to follow me and stay behind me until I gave him the sign to pull up to the facility. He nodded and we were on our way.

When we arrived I pulled directly in, not stopping at the office. I put the car close to the building and waved to the driver. I went into the warehouse and two men were standing talking by the offices. The one that was there the day before recognized me and came towards me. The other went into the office. We talked for a minute and I asked if I could speak to him privately. He motioned to the other office and when he went through the door I chopped him across the neck. He fell across the desk. I went to the other office and told the other employee something was wrong with the other guy. He looked up at me funny, hesitated for a moment and came flying at me with a knife in his hand. I waited until the last second, side stepped him with the knife going into the plaster board wall. I locked my hands together and brought them down on the man's neck. I felt it snap. I turned around and the driver was standing looking at the prone figure. He said the guy on the floor didn't look like he was going to get up. I told him that that's what you get when you try to pass yourself off as a warehouseman. He pointed in the direction of the crates and asked if those were the ones? I nodded and he was heading in the direction of the truck.

I found some nylon filament tape. As I was rendering the first gentleman useless I heard the truck being backed in. By the time I had finished the driver was pulling cable from a winch. I didn't lift a finger and he had all three crates loaded in fifteen minutes. I told him no weigh stations and he said he was driving this area with horse and buggies. He said he wouldn't use the toll roads into Chicago. I told him to pull into the truck stop and go to the back. I was curious.

The first board revealed a four by four. This thing was heavier than we both thought. I was glad for him having a reversible drill. It would have taken hours to take all those screws out. When the container was open he said , "A new fangled torpedo?" I just nodded. I told him to put on the slats and pull up front. I would call and tell them to expect us.

I let him lead and when we arrived at the dock a crane was there. So were several people in protective clothing. They ran Geiger counters over both of us and the crates. When they pulled their hoods off I breathed easier. The driver asked what was in them. I said nothing, they were just making sure. I paid him. He said it was the easiest money he had made in years. I gave him ten thousand and said to forget what he just hauled. He said he had that office equipment to deliver and then he was going to "hoot and holler" for a while.

I killed a few hours and when I arrived at the office complex most of the cars were gone. My man had a reputation for working long hours and I didn't relish the thought of going to his home. I opened my travel bag and took out the nine millimeter and put the silencer on it. I put a fresh clip in it and injected a shell into the chamber. I locked the door. I was hoping there were no gung-ho employees still at that office.

When I went in, I heard someone on the phone in an office to my right. My subject's name was on the door. No one else was in the office. This was one time the Boss didn't have the advantage. I went into his office and asked if he was who he was supposed to be although I recognized him from my package. He was off the phone in a couple of minutes and when he was, the conversation went something like this:

"Mr. Cullen, I represent a group of people who didn't like what we found in your warehouse this afternoon." I removed my weapon and pointed it at him.

He said nothing and I think what I said had more impact than the gun. I continued with, "We have more problems with other countries. For our own people to turn against us is inexcusable."

"But you don't understand...."

"I understand that I don't have much faith in the people who control them now, why would you be an exception?"

"I' m just the middle man."

I emptied the clip into him.

I walked to the door to the office and locked it. I doubted anyone was coming in but I wasn't taking any chances. I went through some of his drawers and found several invoices in several languages. Several with the "R" reversed. I couldn't read them but I knew where they came from. I threw the Gentleman from his chair and started to set in it until I saw the blood. I sat on his desk and dialed my employer's number. When he answered the conversation went something like this:

"They were thermo-nuclear, weren't they?" "Yes."

"How large were they?"

"Twenty mega-tons."

"Were they armed?"

"Yes, but they were being air-lifted tonight."

"Where to?"

"Middle East."

"I don't understand."

"We don't either. We knew of the devices and they weren't to arrive until next week. Only your observation kept them from being delivered."

"Who's behind it?"

"We don't know but it's being taken care of now. Is your sanction completed?"

"Just before I called you; I'm in his office now."

"You will have a bonus when you arrive home."

Oh yes, my employers now have those three items: one is placed in the reinforcing steel in the base of a transmission tower between the Capitol and Andrews. One is encased in lead, steel and concrete beneath the University of Texas at Austin. The third is five hundred feet inside a mountain overlooking Colorado Springs. [H: How interesting that any one or all can be detonated at the mere touch of a pulse wave.]

Maybe John and Robert Kennedy can rest a little easier now. By the end of this series there will be no more speculation about many things.


* * *

Don't for one minute misinterpret my presenting this information as offering blessings on such a life-sport as is practiced by the "James Bond" killers. However, I don't think you get the picture if I leave out the FACTS. Can you trust this man as to telling "truth" NOW? Unfortunately, yes. He "checks" out. As long as your world is run by and through these types of individuals how much hope is there? How can you tell a "right" murder from a "wrong" murder? What can be left in the souls of these men who are trained to kill without question?

They don't even get a verbal description--just a manila envelope and afterward they are judge, jury and executioner. But, does this make truth--untruth? No--it points out brilliantly the degradation of your world in all levels of despicable behavior and corruption and the EASE with which it is smeared all over you-the-people! Good evening.



FRI., APR. 1, 1994 4:36 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 228

FRI., APR. 1. 1994


I surely am glad that YOU can choose up only ONE DAY to celebrate as "Fool's Day!"--because I cannot tell one from another.

The more pertinent problem facing Dharma and me at this moment is which of the terrible presentations shall we type this afternoon--more of Stich or more of Jackson? I think perhaps we will simply continue with "Jackson" because we really haven't said much YET. The Part 1 was to set a tone of operations that would allow YOU to relate to that which will be coming for denial is no longer an acceptable alternative in your world crumbling down around you. Things are going to be happening that will stretch your imaginations a lot further than the assassination of a president in 1963. In fact, there were major plans to take out Clinton while a candidate--and frankly, there appear to be possibilities of his shortened experience as we write. These are things, however, that I do not want my scribe to know, much the less write. We only have an hour or so left for writing today so let's just go with--

By Ronn Jackson


The Death of Camelot is not intended to be a second ENQUIRER, nor is it intended to be an exposé. It is written in plain, simple, and understandable English with the following purposes in mind. First, I'm tired of Government talking out of both sides of their mouths; of forcing our people into and onto the streets; of partisan politics benefiting only a select and wealthy few; of special interests dictating what I eat, drive, see, hear, feel and buy; of attorneys making laws and spending more time in the dictionary than the drafting of the laws; of physicians telling me how sick I am and their wallets being the primary motivation; of our children coming out of school without the ability to sign their names; of the wanton destruction of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we live on, the trees, wild-life and natural resources. I am reminded of the saying, "The failure of civilization can be detected by the gap between public and private morality. The wider the gap, the nearer the civilization is to final dissolution."

Finally, my former employers--by the end of the series you will fully understand and comprehend the true meaning of the world "conspiracy". You will also be introduced to the term "Darien Socialism". These two words will be the most significant words of our language. No, I am not a soothsayer and I am not predicting Armageddon. What I am saying is that since our beginning this country has been "slapped around" many times and dumped on a large number of times. This time we have been caught with our pants down. Those who are doing the slapping and dumping come from within. We have always risen to the occasion and will do so again. When judgement day comes--you know who you are, so do I, and so will "they". You have been warned.

Ronn Jackson


She was sitting across the desk from me organizing some papers in her brief case. She had just arrived and it was my guess that she was about forty. She was very attractive, well groomed and looked much better in person than she did on television. She also had a trait that was very prevalent in our society today, "an attitude". I didn't say anything to bring it on as I had just met her and wasn't going to give her an excuse for her to get any more surly. I wasn't into the battle of the sexes and I genuinely liked and respected women. Those with whom I associate I treat as equals, listen to what they have to say and am still looking for the "right one".

She looked up from doing whatever she was doing and said, "You have quite a bit of juice."

"I don't know about quite a bit, but there is some in the refrigerator under the bar," instantly regretting my words.

There was fire in her eyes and she responded with, "I was called into the president of the network's office and requested to interview you personally as a result of a call from the President of the United States."

"I met him a couple of weeks ago. He seems like a very nice person."


"We made an agreement."

"How does your agreement affect me?"

"The agreement doesn't affect you. I requested you." "What for?"

"For a story that you can't run for a few days and because I owe you an apology."

"I don't understand. I don't know you and I don't remember talking or interviewing you."

"You haven't."

"What story?"

"In a minute I have one to tell you and it is the reason you are here." I could tell from her expression that she thought I was a prime candidate for the "Rubber Ducky" award. I continued with, "Many years ago I used to get up early and watch this particular news program. I felt that based on looking at the other early morning shows that this one was objective, entertaining and reported the news. One day the host announced that a woman was coming on board, as a member of the staff. I still remember my initial reaction."

"What was it?"

I hesitated a minute and replied, "Oh shit."

That brought a little smile to her face as I went on with, "She came on with a fresh perspective and after a few days I found myself looking forward to her part of the program. Her participation was expanded and she was a co-anchor. The program was certainly the best in the morning and everything was fine until one day she announced that she was leaving--going on to bigger and better things. Then I read in the paper that one of the producers of the show didn't like her and it was his decision to replace her. I didn't like it but there wasn't much I could do about it. And then to add insult to injury, when her replacement came on she had the very same hair-do and in my mind she was trying to be a duplicate. I made up my mind that was the last time for me and that program. I felt so strongly about it that I sat and wrote a letter to the network voicing my opinion and for years didn't watch that network. In case you are interested, I'm giving you a little insight to your viewing public. Anyway, a few months ago I just returned from Europe and it was in the afternoon when I arrived home. I poured myself one, kicked off my shoes, and turned on the television. "Donahue" was just coming on. I didn't pay any attention to it at first and then I heard this "a name". I put down the paper. He had three women on and the topic was about their parts in the early morning shows and the difficulties they were having in a male dominated profession. I listened to the show in its entirety and it became very clear to me that I had made an error in judgement. One of the women demonstrated more style and class than I previously thought possible...so, I apologize...and would like to say, in my opinion, "You have reached a level of professionalism of the person you replaced."

She had a very nice smile on her face and wasn't nearly as tough as she was a few minutes before. I wanted to say the women's movement wasn't working. But a problem I have is with my mouth so I kept it closed. She sat [D: I'm sorry but the next page was only half copied. The entire left side of the page is missing but as nearly as I can piece the story together it only revolved around a pretty "nothing" conversation about restaurants and lunch. I do ask you to bear with me because the next couple of pages are charts which seem to be important but I can't discern what the headings are. I believe, however, that the two pages represent only one "organizational" chart but many of the names "I" recognize so I'll turn them over to the editors and perhaps they can piece them together some way. I am not being a very "good sport" about writing this because I can hardly decipher the writing much less keep continuity. 'There are, I'm told, nearly a "foot" of manuscript pages exactly as the first draft was, hand written. I apologize but some of this is just not going to have continuity, I fear. The story jumps to the next written page but I don't know with whom Jackson is speaking as the writing itself takes up at this point on a different writing date and the page numbers are out of order. I believe the last page I couldn't decipher may have ended that little interview with the newscaster...so, I'll pick up exactly as it reads....]

"Have you all the necessary details?"

"Yes sir. I'm to meet him in the lounge and strike up a conversation. I'm to represent myself as a speculator and investor. After we get to know one another I am to suggest that I might have a part time position available. My former employee recently married and is returning to school."

"Don't be really insistent, he might become suspicious."

"Make him believe he played a part in my request."

"Exactly...lead him or let him lead you but do not under-estimate him. Watch his eyes and keep contact with them. He is perceptive and a very good listener. Be careful of what you say and do not get your wires crossed."

"What do you mean, sir?"

"Don't contradict any of your statements."

"He and his wife are separated."

"Yes, and she is with relatives in another state."

"Any reconciliation in the future?"

"Unknown. Doesn't appear to be anyone else. Incidentally, we have only forty two days remaining, unless the schedule is changed."

"Yes sir, I have been briefed on the security...."

"Excuse me, let me take this call."

"Yes, your honor."

",...it has been re-scheduled to November twenty second."

"That isn't a problem, sir. The Dallas police are on a twenty-four hour notice. The parade route is covered. There are two thousand additional patrolmen downtown. The hotel reservation has been prepaid and a deposit made for all expenses to be on the room with "number" only, per your instructions."

"I have a feeling about this young man, the information provided to him will be sufficient."

"Tell me, sir, did we sustain any losses in Cuba?"

"No, however that entire operation was mismanaged from start to finish. We made an error allowing others to have a free hand in the planning and execution of it. We won't make that error in the future. We have taken care of the leak to the President."

"As in...."

"He has been transferred to another agency."

"Both Secret Servicemen have their instructions."

"We must be careful with them. Do they suspect anything?"

"They believe that it is to be an attempt only."


"Both have their advance payment as we agreed."

"The files?"

"Each receive them upon completion, with final payment. The project went 'up in smoke' is to be the explanation given them."

"Then it won't make any difference. Oh yes, is one in the car?"


[D: Good grief, I don't know about this conversation but I do know that one of the killers of Kennedy DROVE THE CAR SO THIS HAS TO BE RELATIVE TO THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION. Ronn Jackson WAS THERE as I have been told and I guess that before I wade through all this manuscripting we will know the answers. Thank you for dragging along with me because I am trying to make sense as well as put in obviously missing words, etc. I am NOT, however, changing anything…!! I can see that "Sir" is someone in a high-ranking position--probably judicial. The one speaking to "sir" is not, I believe, "Jackson". Thank you Sherlock and Dr. Watson....]

"And the other walking?"


"Make sure he is at the rear of the passenger's side."

"I understand, sir. You do know that our subject's brother is going to be a problem?"

"Not any more than the rest of the family. That situation has been addressed. His entire family has attempted to give the impression that they were running something. I have always questioned the motives of a family of wealth and position so affiliated with the labor movement."

"How many Scotch drinkers are in the AFL-CIO or the UAW?"

"My point exactly. It is a feeble attempt to play both sides. That was the father's influence and he didn't give people the benefit of the doubt. By virtue of him having money he felt that all people with less had to be subservient--or should be. His attitude was also reflected when he was ambassador. Countries complained of his attitude. He was so arrogant; he ignored them."

"There will probably be the most thorough investigation in history."

"We have anticipated that. That is why I will be appointed to be in charge of the investigation. [D: Oh my goodness, guess WHO this one is? Do we dare guess, after all commander's lessons--WARREN?] The Commission shall seek only the truth. You are going to have to excuse me as I have a decision to deliver for the court. Good luck--and success."

"Thank you, Mr. Justice."

Author's note: This conversation was repeated to me in 1974, over ten years after it took place. The entire conversation is in book two along with the location and circumstances. That should interest Mr. David Belin and Senator Stokes. I don't take into account Senator Spector, he was, and is, insignificant.



SAT., APR. 2, 1994 8:22 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 229

SAT., APR, 2, 1994


This subject is as important to the human race as any message ever to be brought to your attention. Please remember that Easter holiday was a long-standing holiday time in the ancient days. To give you a clue as to the choosing of "a" day to "celebrate" and to assure you that it had nothing to do with a "set time and place" of some crucifixion or arising, let it be noted: Easter is celebrated the Sunday immediately after the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21. It WAS also a celebration of "Eastre", goddess of Spring. The facts are, the occasion was staged so that the punishment and public betrayal of this wondrous son of man, the Christed Emmanuel (Jmmanuel, Immanuel) would coincide with this greatly celebrated pagan holiday. It also would be coincidental with the celebration of "Passover"--in those days.

I, Hatonn, do not need repeat the story so beautifully offered by those present, in gospel-like presentation. The truth has been most deliberately removed from your "bibles" and I am not here, nor is anyone else here, to argue with you and your perceptions. The FACTS, however, much as with John F. Kennedy's assassination--ARE BURIED AND THE LIES FOISTED OFF ON YOU. Do the FACTS matter to you if you "believe", are born-again, deny or just don't give a damn? Yes! Why? Because you seem to think that nobody would ever dare or could tamper with such a work of presentation. But already you deny your own belief in the story itself by having a myriad of translations, interpretations and rewritings, updating and more nonsense--ABOUT THOSE “BIBLE BOOKS”. Why don't you TRY THE TRUTH? I suggest that if you desire the TRUTH--get AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL, A PHOENIX JOURNAL. You who already have this volume please take time to re-read it. The presentation of this document is now available from other sources by other translators of whom I have no intent of researching. Usually, however, in the first offerings of material from first translations, the material will be conceptually similar.


The TEACHER came to tell you, honor you of soul progression, and show you that there is no such thing as "death" of soul. He did not COME to die for you but instead, to show you how to LIVE. He did not by his blood-letting offer physical absolution of your responsibilities if you but believed he existed. YOU WILL STAND RESPONSIBLE IN JUDGEMENT FOR ALL ACTIONS AND INTENTS OF SELF! The Master can plead in your behalf if there be "ignorance" present--but he can do nothing FOR you.


The major thing for which you must watch is the total taking into the physical realm through bunnies, baubles and trinkets of candy and other physically pleasing "things"--the meaning of such a time of serious considerations. Ascension? What does “man" know of Ascension? It was said that a place would be prepared for you that you too might know everlasting expression--and so it has been. Now comes the time of preparing a place for a return of goodness upon your physical experience as "man" on a "planet". Have you earned the worthiness to host GOD of total perfection and beauty? Have you served God Creator in care of His wondrous creations? Have you served your fellow-man in honor and love? How about integrity and peace? HAVE YOU PREPARED A PLACE FOR GOD? Well, I'm come back around to see to it that there IS A PLACE PREPARED. Can I do it alone? Yes, but I don't have to do so. The vipers are coming up out of their pits to do battle with selves--one faction pitted against another and in the so-doing God’s children will, by circumstance, be sorted away. Will you be among the frenzied battles or will you be in the shelter of God’s Hosts? The time of decisions is at hand, readers, as things unimagined are coming forth upon your globe. These things are not JUST of upheavals and possible spiritual fulfillment of prophecies of God relationships--but the oppressed shall find sustainment to rise up against the Anti-Christ! A new foundation "CAN" be brought forth upon your lands--IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO. Will you? Man of Earth--WILL YOU? There will be no place remaining for BLAME or further lack of responsibility.


No, I do not speak of the New World Order--I do not speak of some New Age a'comin'. I speak here of, at this time, the new shape of, let us say, North America. There is an outlay of every continent on the globe--but you do not get such from "HERE" for "here" is for the ones "here"--nor will I suggest that you go to this place or that place or, or.... If you want maps and gear--go where there is such offered. I DO suggest that as many of you who can see a map as offered by [Gordont Michael] Scallion, look at it----CLOSELY! Then I want to re-mind you that the Northwestern coastal area of the U.S., for instance, is thrusting upward and northward faster than ever before in history. I also want you to pay attention to the politicians and what they TELL YOU they are going to do as to divisions of districts and states.

One day, and it may well be prior to the turn of the millennia, California and parts west will be greatly altered into oceans and islands. Where will you dwellers of these areas be?

If you can grasp the moment of possible change perhaps you shall not be thrust into destruction. You must understand that you cannot blame Mother Nature for that which MAN HAS BROUGHT FORTH. The ULTIMATE cleansing, however, will be wrought through the hand of God as HIS enemy is put down. And, furthermore, I remind you that there will be no whisking away to the fluffies, no absolution of EVIL ongoing--no purchased tickets--except through intent unto God within HIS LAWS--FOR NO EVIL SHALL BE BROUGHT INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN 'HIS HOLY 'RADIANCE. If the goodly only then progress into evilness--naught is gained.

However, man must always grow into Light for he is given choices of presentation. There are goodly men who are not "holy" men. There are those who will serve in the Light of God in goodly intent who do so because it is the "right" thing to do within the laws of God and Creation. You must have ones to serve the nations and the human aspect as it again grows into that which it will be--into goodness or into, again, evil dominant. And, KNOW, there will be pockets of remaining societies built in positive relationship with GOD and Hosts. God has never left you without teachers and wayshowers. THE WORD shall be the lamp to guide you and by that which has "gone wrong" can you set your course to straight and prevail. But you must have learned to perceive Truth while the lie swirls all about your senses.

If you believe in false teachings, namely that power and spirit do not dwell within YOU, then you will be without knowledge and live in spiritual poverty. Though you will receive, now and then, that for which you will ask in your false belief of alienated sanctuaries, idols and gods, you will receive only because of your strong false belief, without knowledge of the real Truth--and that gain will ONLY BE OF THE PHYSICAL WHILE DIMINISHING THE INFINITE YOU (SOUL). BLESSED ARE ONLY THEY WHO SERVE THE REAL TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE, FOR ONLY THEY ARE TO RECEIVE IN HONESTY.


I remind you of the "false prophets" et al. Be in KNOWING that the "false prophets" will be the ones to strike out at the truth beyond all reasonable actions. You can see it all around you--as with our own work. It is denied, deplored and you are told over and over that it is evil, cast it out and yet--read any portion in context and you will FIND ONLY TRUTH IN GOD'S PERFECTION OF OFFERINGS. GOD IS ON YOUR PLANET--GOD IS YOUR PLANET--GOD IS WITHIN YOU: HOWEVER, THE TEACHERS YOU AWAIT AND THE CHRISTED PERFECTION IN THE SON OF MAN--ARE NOT. HE WELL MAY "APPEAR" BUT HE IS NOT IN HUMAN MANIFESTATION UPON YOUR PLACE. HOW DO YOU KNOW? BECAUSE GOD HAS ORDAINED THAT YE SHALL KNOW OF HIS COMING AND EVEN THE SON KNOWS NOT THE MOMENT OF HIS COMING.

Ones say I am but "dharma". Well, readers, "dharma" is but the bringing into presence the life Truth. Doris is NOT ME nor I she! WE are of God, as are YOU. She is physical--I am etheric with capability of being physical in the choosing. Ah, but it is also said that I claim a label of Aton! Indeed I do--and it would behoove all of you to look up the meaning of Aton for I go back a very, very long, long way. Your Creator would send nothing lesser in your time of peril.

Beware of false prophets and scribes who come in to you in sheep's clothing, but inside they are like raving wolves, and preach to you humility to shrines, false deities and gods, and preach to you of humility to idols and false teachings.

Beware of those who forbid you access to wisdom and knowledge and tell you to not go forth to hear what perhaps is truth, for they speak to you only to attain power over you and to seize your goods and belongings. Always search beneath the coverings to inspect that which they do not tell you and, further, check carefully those things that they extract from you. Truth and wisdom in truth given with no price or treasure or power of force.

You shall recognize these ones by the fruit they bear. Can a person gather grapes from the thorns, and figs from the thistles? Therefore, every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a bad tree brings forth wicked fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth wicked fruit and a bad tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Therefore, by their fruit shall you know them. I urge you readers to JUDGE THE FRUIT WE OFFER!

I would like to offer you some words from the Master Teacher as presented in the book above mentioned. It is a bit off the mark of Easter celebration as such but directly related to your plight this day as well as 2,000 years ago.



Two thousand years ago I told them to go only with those things that are absolutely necessary so that they could eat and sleep on their journey, and so that they could keep clean and have always clean changes of clothing.

Travel was dangerous in those days and I told them not to carry many things with them for they would only be burdened and would become welcome victims for thieves.

I reminded them that "Each good, deed is worth, its pay, and if you diligently preach and teach knowledge, you shall not be in wanting." Now this was meant exactly as laid forth. These men knew their purpose, served those encountered and, further, they were not searching for "self" but serving others. These ones were not going in "search of self" fulfillment and inner light for the individual SELF, or to meditate in another's presence that that one's truth might somehow rub off on them. These were not flower children drifting without purpose, living the lie of lies that they were off helping mankind. These "flower children", as you know them, were the dropouts of society, claiming to search for their "identity" through every loose moral activity available, while wondering and drifting about in groups of booster-uppers and meditation mediums. This, brethren, is the difference in responsibility and irresponsibility. This type of proclaimed "love" is the most destructive one activity to plague humanity. My ones were sent forth knowing full well what was their job and working twenty four hours a day at it--no time off for afternoon energy meditation while they sneaked in a nap and cried later: "energy overload".

They went about on foot, remember? They walked thousands of miles where you can put one hundred fifty envelopes into the mail to cover the same thousands of miles. So be it. You cop-out by saying, "Well, you told them to do this and that and thus and so." When you do as they had to do, then you come and complain to me. And watch it, friends, if you do not do your job well now--that is exactly the way you will find yourselves doing it. And, brothers, you have committed unto the work no matter how you have to do it.

I warned them to check carefully when entering a village; remember, no motels--they had to search out living quarters in private places. So I urged them to take great care and inquire about if there would be someone there who would be worthy and advised them to remain with same until departure, if possible.

I told them to salute a house when it was entered into. And, I tell you: honor (salute) the house into which you enter. It is gracious and imparts love and vibrations of peace and goodness. If the house is worthy, your peace will come upon it. But if it is not worthy, your peace will return unto you and you depart.

If someone does not want to take you in or to hear your speeches, leave that house or that town, and shake the dust off your feet.

I told them then; I tell you now, not to stay in a place where you are not welcomed with openness. Your truth and speeches will not be recognized. Flee from these places for they are selfish and disloyal to nature; they revere not sacred things; they will be honoring false gods and idols of whatever nature they so choose from worldly manifestation; they are not followers of The Creation nor of the Laws thereof. Where a man's thoughts center, therein lies his heart's desires--and rarely is centered on God or The Creation.

I will now just repeat unto you that which I said unto them that you can see the teachings are as filled with TRUTH for you today as it was two thousand years past. I did not lay down these edicts, brethren, these were the edicts passed down from God to a people in disobedience of the very Laws of The Creation and knew not any Christ path of Truth. Herein I speak of Israel, since that was the directed subject material on this morn. I would have it otherwise; it is not otherwise. So be it.

[H: Let us always be in the remembering that the term "Israel" is only representative of a group or place which can now be identified by modern day reference. There was NO “Israel” and there was no term in those days of “Jews”. However, you have come to recognize both these terms and BOTH ARE INCORRECTLY UTILIZED TO BRING FALSE PERCEPTIONS TO YOU THROUGH MISDEFINITION. You must realize that translation errors can be most subtle and deceiving. I will continue to offer this as presented--but YOU must keep the history of happenings and changes fully in mind.]

Flee from those places of false gods and false teachings, for they will seek your life, because they do not want to forsake that which they have and that which they are. This includes the multitudes of false Christians, brethren. The false Christian church CLUBS will be first to effort at destruction of this scribe, as a for instance. The mystics and "new agers" as such are equally as dangerous--watch of your steps and watch out for my scribes, please, I petition you for most ones entering into your places will not realize they are tools of darkness.

....keep your light shields about you...

Flee from these incredulous people, for you shall NOT lose your life for the sake of truth and knowledge. No law demands that of you, nor is there a law which would recognize such foolishness. We need no physically "dead" workers. Do not be foolish in your projects--use your God-given intelligence and found good, solid business concerns and you will be accepted. Truth will follow like sheep to a good shepherd.

Verily I say unto you, however, many will die and shed their blood into the sand, because later my teaching will be made into false teachings which I never taught, and which originate from the brains of scribes and priests set forth for their own gain, power and purposes.

They will thereby bring masses of mankind under their control and through the belief in their false teachings will rob man of his rightful belongings. MAN is God’s temple, he needs no graven images nor ornate building with another man’s name placed thereon.

In all the world, there will be screaming and chattering of teeth when the blood flows of all those who have made my teachings of wisdom and knowledge into false teachings, and when the blood flows of all those who through false belief and through being led astray believe these false teachings and advocate them, teachings that are NOT mine; consequently, many of these heretics will lose their lives, many of these people of Israel, who will never find their peace until the END OF THE WORLD because they do not believe and deny the power of the spirit and of knowledge.

This I said to my people then and it is holding in truth to this day. Now prepare yourselves for I am going to lay a hard one onto your backs. I make no exceptions to belief systems nor do I condemn any man, as such, but the next is directly FROM GOD SOURCE and there is a lot of cleaning up that needs doing.

This has to do with Israel and God.


"Verily, I say to you, the people of Israel were never a tribe of their own and have at all times made a living from murder robbery and fire. Through ruse and murder did they conquer this land, through their despicable predatory wars, whereby they slaughtered their best friends like wild animals." And GOD SAID: "Cursed be the people of Israel until the END OF THE WORLD and it will never find its peace." IS TODAY DIFFERENT FROM TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO? HOW SO? DID I SAY TO KILL THEM, MUTILATE THEM, HATE THEM OR INJURE THEM? NAY, NAY, NAY--IN FACT, WE OF THESE OUTER REALMS ARE SENDING MULTITUDES AMONG THEM TO WORK THE WONDROUS TRANSITION. THE PEOPLES OF THE RACE ARE BEARING OUR VERY OWN CHILDREN UPON YOUR PLACE TO SET THEM FREE OF THEIR. BONDAGE. BUT THE CYCLE WILL COME DOWN AND CLOSE EXACTLY AS WRITTEN! NO MORE: NO LESS. SO BE IT.

I told them (my twelve) and so it is today: "Behold, I am sending you among the unbelievers and those set in their false teachings, like sheep among wolves. Therefore, be as clever as the serpents and without deceit as the doves." No small task indeed.

"Beware of people, for they shall turn you over to the courts and shall scourge you in their synagogues. They will ridicule you, deprecate you, denounce you in every aspect of your life being, and then come running unto you to reap a share of the wondrous gifts ye shall bring." Further: "You will be led before Kings and so called 'great men' because of my teachings as witnesses unto them and light will go forth through thy works and my WORD."

"Take no care if you cannot flee and they shall turn you over, unto the courts, for the power of your spirit will not leave you, and your knowledge will tell you what you shall say and I shall , touch those who represent you in truth. 'For it-is not you who speaks, but the power of your spirit and its knowledge."

I am telling you, dear ones, try not to deal with Israel in your blind desire to assist for it has naught to do with you; it is between God and Israel.

With Israel, you will get nowhere with those peoples until the ending of the world cycle and so be it. It does not mean that ye shall not love your Jewish neighbor for we speak now of an entirely different matter and one has very little connection to the other.

I remind you; the disciple is not above the master, nor the servant above his lord. It suffices that the disciple be like his master, and the servant be like his lord. If they have called the father of the house, Beelzebub, how much more will they call them who live in the house?

Therefore, protect yourselves from that of Israel for it is like a festering boil. But be not afraid of them, because there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing secret which will not be made known. What I tell you in darkness, speak in day-light; and what is whispered into your ears, preach from the roof tops. Be not afraid of evil slander, but be afraid of those that kill the body and take life, eyes for eyes and teeth for teeth--life for life, for there is no God-ness within them. Further, they will eat into your flesh until your joints are frozen and you are too crippled to respond. Beware and sleep not on your watch lest your very lives be lost.


I did not come to bring the world peace at that time, brothers, I did not come forth to bring peace, but rather to bring the sword of Truth and knowledge of the power of the spirit that dwells within man.

I ask that you provoke even your mother, father and thus and so, that eyes be opened and thought be manifest in Truth patterns instead of the continuation of sleep and inertia, walking steadily and deliberately unto your doom. But it must be done in leadership whereby Truth is visual and man wishes to follow for the way is "simply better". Ah yes, your enemies will likely be residing within your very households.

The path of Truth is distant and the wisdom of knowledge will reach it only slowly. I predicted dark ages would, follow, centuries and millennia would pass before the Truth of the spirit could reach unto the people--two thousand years is quite enough, chelas, quite enough, please.

Well, it has all come to pass--so far, exactly as predicted. I walk with you in constant attendance. You need not more. I have come that my Father's kingdom be reclaimed and my ones be put in safety. I also am prepared to meet my adversary on any front he so chooses. And, of course, he will choose the place near Armageddon., So be it. As you are prepared so shall you receive, therefore, please let us move rapidly at preparation for there will be some most irritating times forthcoming.


'This was written on August 2, 1989. This means that a lot of water has flowed under the bridges, my friends.

I would also like to share one more passage before passing on to other things. This is called "The Last Lesson" and comes from Chapter 17 of AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.



When they had all gathered, he talked with them and said, "Behold, I shall talk to you this one last time; then I will leave and never return to this place. My path leads me to India where many of this human race live also, because they left this land in order to dwell there. My mission leads me unto them and to the human race which was born there. My path to that place will be long, for I must bring my new teachings yet unto many countries, likewise to the shores of the great black waters to the north of this place.

"Before I shall depart, however, I shall give you a last lesson. If man lives according to the laws of The Creation, he lives rightly in Truth, but this is the final goal: Everything human has to die in man, but everything creative has to rise and embrace The Creation. Consider the Universe as the place where The Creation abides in the infinite. Everything that man owns has its origin in The Creation; therefore it belongs to The Creation.

"Man shall change his entire spiritual life and perfect it, so that it may become one with The Creation. And if man does a thing, he must do it with the awareness of the Presence of The Creation. But man shall never force Truth onto another, for it would be worthless. First man shall watch his own progress in spirit so that he creates in himself creative harmony. To use 'force' is not of the Creation.

"No greater darkness rules in man than does ignorance and lack of wisdom.” The victory of mans consist at its height in destroying and removing each power opposing the creative, in order that the creative might prevail.

"Man must develop in himself the power to judge over good and evil and the correct perception in all things, so that he may be wise, fair and just while following the Laws of Creation.

"Perception is necessary as to that which is real and that which is unreal, what is valuable and that which has no value; also, that which is of The Creation and that which is not. Man must become a universal unit of oneness, so that he becomes one with the Creation. However great the suffering of man, the power of The Creation, in man, is immeasurably greater, to conquer all that is evil.

"If man lives only in his consciousness, as man, he will remain inaccessibly distant from his spirit and from The Creation, and therefore, from the Laws thereof. The greater man's dedication to the Laws of The Creation, the deeper will be the peace he harbors within himself. Man's happiness consists in that he seek and find Truth, so that he may gather thereof, knowledge and wisdom, and think and act in accord with The Creation. Because only through the conditions of human life can man develop his creative powers in spirit, and utilize them.

"Man must try daily to unfold his powers and capabilities, for only thereby will he obtain experience in their usage. As long as man is not one with The Creation, he will never have the ability to laugh about death of the physical body or the transition which appears to be death. For fear of the unknown is in man, that which only perfection is able to perceive and that of which the spirit is all knowing.

"Instead of being guided by instincts and impulses, man must live in total realization of wisdom and also according to the Law. Man shall not lose his way in the forest of limitations, but shall expand his spirit and see, and find, knowledge and wisdom, so that he may come closer to his life's purpose and goal and recognize the cloths principle in all things. A thousand lights will help man on his path, if he but watches for them and follows them. [H: Anyone care to guess where Bush came up with "a thousand points of light"--to make his evil empire sound like Godliness?]

"Man can, and will, attain all knowledge and wisdom, if he seriously and persistently strives for perfection. The Laws serve all those who are willing to see Truth and wisdom in unlimited measure, in as much as they master themselves in all possible facets and develop their spiritual powers ever higher and higher, and perfect themselves thereby.

"Man should not consider his physical misery, but the reality of spirit and the being which is of The Creation. There is study unreal in man, because he has an inner knowledge that his fate and destination is to be one within Creation. Man may be great, wise and good, but that is not sufficient. He must become ever wiser, greater and better; there may not be any limits to love, peace and joy, for the present has to be unceasingly exceeded."


"Verily I say to you, love that is unlimited, constant and infallible, is without conditions and pure, and in its fire all that is unclean and evil and evil will burn. For such a love is the love of The Creation and of its Laws, also to which man has been predestined since the beginning of time. Since this is the final “goal” of man, he must take care that this must and shall be so, for this is his destiny? As yet man does not understand the wisdom of this teaching, because it is adulterated everywhere on Earth. In his ignorance, man falsified it in all various arts and forms so that it becomes diffused and incomprehensible.

"However, in two thousand years it will be brought forth and taught anew, unfalsified, when man has become reasonable and knowledgeable. A new age and generation will come forth which foretells great changes. In the stars can be read that the people of the new era will be great revolutionaries in Truth and from the stars shall come the Truth thereof; Therefore, a few special people, chosen ones, will teach anew my unfalsified pronouncements. They shall have great courage for they will be persecuted by those of the false doctrines claiming to pronounce my truth. They shall be denounced and accused falsely of all manner of crimes in order to stop the bringing forth of Truth.

"You must go and prepare the way for my teachings and make all peoples its disciples. But beware of false teaching which, because of your own ignorance, you would allow to ascend. Some of you are most inclined to project my teachings in error. I sternly caution you, and warn you, to be careful in bearing forth only the Truth. Teach unto the people everything which I commanded you, lest you falsify my teachings."

[H: In leaving this writing I think I shall continue on just one wee bit further for within it holds so much Truth that I cannot see how you can miss it!]


It happened, that when he spoke to them in this manner, it thundered in the heavens and a great light came down from the sky. Not far from where they were seated, the light alighted on the ground. There was a most beautiful metallic glitter as it reflected in the light of the sun, for the sky was clear and no clouds were present save the one above the light.

Immanuel ceased his speaking, arose and went to the metallic light and stepped therein. It came about, that around us rose a fog all about and it thundered again as a singing began and the flight lifted into the sky once more and the cloud of fog dissolved.

The disciples quietly returned to Jerusalem and described what had happened....


I also believe this is a good place to have an END OF WRITING. I sincerely urge each of you to acquire AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL. I AM SANANDA.

Do not be foolish enough to jump to conclusions as to the term "Sananda" versus whatever YOU believe to be a label for the Christed teacher. "Sananda" is the term for achievement of "God"--as is the final representation of perfection of Christ. Both terms are relative to spiritual stature--not names by which a "man" is called. It is further promised that when the Son of Man shall return HE SHALL BEAR A NEW NAME. HE SHALL BE CALLED SANANDA.

By the way--you shall know and judge by the works and by the fruit--NOT BY THE "NAME" of ANY man. Blessings be upon you ones this "season" for is it not time you stop crucifying that which can bear you up in LIFE? Salu.



SAT., APR. 2, 1994 11:52 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 229

SAT., APR. 1, 1994


I am noted for coming up to and through holidays and burying everyone with work. Since we plan a little gathering tomorrow (Sunday) I have to make up the writing today. However, I find balky finger syndrome. As I see some 13 hundred pages of handwritten papers piled on, over and near Dharma and more at the copy-center, I have to reconsider our approach to Ronn Jackson's presentation. Not because there is lack of information--but because we simply cannot devote this much space and time to the singled-out project. The main point we will want to share is the actual TRUTH of the murders of the Kennedy's. I know that we don't need the bloody details as we have presented thus far, or the stage-settings--or do you? At some point this work needs to be totally organized, presented and then published.

This man in point has had a most colorful (to say the least) background and DOES have the truth of happenings. Also, the work is presented in fascinating manner which would lead to tremendously worthy motion picture making. We will have to consider a bit carefully how to continue the layout to fit his needs, our needs and information presentation so that we can continue with other offerings as well.

While pondering this problem and since no one related to Dharma or the "paper" has read the material we shall have to turn to other material perhaps even more timely.

I refer back to DEFRAUDING AMERICA by Rodney Stich. There is so much material in that book that there is no way to get it to you save suggest you read nearly all our prior journals-- or, get the book! It covers Iran-Contra, Banking, Federal Crimes, fixed legal shenanigans and on and on--with names, places and faces. This is what is valuable--the direct naming of participants in given projects and crimes. This is also true of the Ronn Jackson materials, the Victor Marchetti materials and many, many others. TRUTH IS COMING FORTH, READERS--IF YOU JUST LOOK! I can point it out for your use--but I cannot reproduce the contents of so many worthy books nor do I have any desire to do so. I have already put ones here through the paces of presenting almost every topic covered--in far more brief presentations in order to urge you to follow-up on subjects as you could become comfortable with their probable truth. Also, I have no intent of ever forwarding you blindly to authors who present only partial facts in truth as whole works. Why? Because in the beginning of becoming discerning of probabilities you are confused by my presence and much is lost in the distraction. Also, there are thousands of journals and books available on subjects which are simple mis- dis-information. There are many books whose purpose seems valid only to find that the works presented are ONLY PARTIALLY valid. I can "select" FOR you--I cannot LEARN "for" you. This is why we are moving on to presenting nearly a hundred journals and untold numbers of writings for your input or consideration. We have done this in selectivity for many reasons but the most important one is that you can come to rely on our credibility in spite of the slings and arrows pointed at and shot at us. This is NOT Dharma's chosen task nor is it my mission as such. However, to get on with OUR mission at hand--we must get you informed!

What we have offered prior to this writing is information regarding Gunther Russbacher as far as Rodney Stich's work is concerned.

Since the first printing of the book Rodney has written an additional several pages of more current information. We will get to that. However, it would seem that we are remiss if we do not point out the overwhelming evidence of cover-ups and note a tiny portion of ones who gave their very lives in efforting to get truth to you-the-people. I will ask that we begin with the chapter on "Silencing Whistleblowers" and move onward. We can, later if we have space and time, come back to individual topics such as BCCI, etc. We have offered most of that information prior to this but this would flesh out more players by name and activity and tie up the whole bundle in each instance with its integrated parts. We will do the best we can to offer the most we can and then, readers, it is UP TO YOU.

We have advertised this book many times but here, again, is WHERE you can obtain it: Diablo Western Press, Inc., P.O. Box 5, Alamo, California 94507 or Diablo Western Press, Inc. P.O. Bx 10587, Reno, NV 89510. It appears to be $25.00 (if I read the mark of the beast properly). It is a big book, of some 654 pages plus. Rodney does not under any circumstance pronounce total TRUTH in all instances for he is like the rest--he can only work from the truth of others once he can come to comfort with validity and through research. This is the very way all scientific research and all judicial searchings SHOULD work. YOU WILL HAVE TO DECIDE IN EVERY INSTANCE FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU WILL HAVE PREVIOUSLY HEARD WILL BE OTHERWISE FROM THESE GLEANINGS.

by Rodney Stich



Every one of the criminal activities within these pages, and the U.S. officials implicated in them, were protected by Justice Department attorneys and officials.


[H: It is so hard to keep from distracting and commenting on the death of more recent players such as Vincent Foster of Whitewater/Clinton/Rose Law Firm fame--but let's try to get through this so that we can then move on into the more recent month's activities. You will find that the updated book, DEFRAUDING AMERICA, will have a lot of these incidents of recent happenings because it was not printed until 1994 and is borne in the "update" addition.]

Killing witnesses or informants is nothing new to those privy to intelligence agency activities, but these acts have greatly accelerated with the accelerating corruption within the government of the United States. Even government investigators who blow the whistle on government corruption face dangers, as I certainly discovered from personal experience. Federal inspector Henry Marshall, an employee of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, was killed in June 1961, on a farm in Texas, much to the relief of high federal officials. Marshall had evidence linking a multi-million-dollar commodity fraud to an LBJ aide, and to Lyndon Johnson himself. Alongside Marshall's body was the .22 caliber rifle that had fired the fatal bullets. Texas authorities obligingly ruled Marshall's death a suicide, even though the position of the wounds indicated it would have been physically impossible for them to have been self-inflicted.

An AP article prepared by the Dallas Time Herald reported that convicted swindler Billy Sol Estes secretly testified before a grand jury impaneled at Franklin, Texas, relating to the Marshall death. Estes testified that he was present when Lyndon Johnson and two other men discussed having Marshall killed because Marshall knew too much about illegal manipulation of cotton allotments. Johnson reportedly gave the order to have Marshall slain. Estes identified the two men as Clifton Carter and Malcolm Wallace. Carter was once Johnson's top political aide in Texas and later his White House liaison to the Democratic National Committee. Wallace was a former University of Texas student body president.

The Marshall killing and its relationship to Lyndon Johnson had been the subject of intense gossip and rumor in Texas political circles for years. Estes, who had aged considerably since Marshall was killed, agreed to testify about the Marshall killing at the urging of U.S. Marshal Clint Peoples of Dallas, who had pursued the case for more than two decades.

Other testimony in the grand jury hearings revealed that Johnson approved the killing out of fear that Marshall would give Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy evidence concerning cotton allotments incriminating LBJ. Kennedy was known to have no respect for Johnson.

The deaths of key people in the alleged murder conspiracy prevented further grand jury investigation. Former President Lyndon Johnson died January 22, 1973, on his ranch near Austin, Texas. Wallace died in a car accident in 1971, and Carter died September 22, 1971. The grand jury came to the conclusion that Marshall was killed, but reached no conclusion as to who may have done it.

"You're going to get killed!"

When FAA inspectors warn another inspector his life is in danger by reporting safety violations and related criminal acts, the public might get the impression FAA inspectors are not going to report safety problems! "You're going to get killed," was the warning I received from several FAA employees as I tried to expose the FAA corruption. If other inspectors feared for their lives if they report safety violations at favored airlines, such as United, they could not be expected to report the misconduct.

The CIA was heavily involved in activities surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination and this group, like no other group in the United States, has a long history of assassinations. The death rate of people associated in some way with the JFK assassination was extraordinarily high. [H: Ronn Jackson will shed a lot of light on the players and the deceased in that instance.] A partial list of those who died in the JFK assassination follows, and that list is followed by a partial list of those who posed a threat to U.S. officials because of their knowledge of activities described within these pages.


David Ferrie, a CIA contract agent, died on February 22, 1967, of a brain hemorrhage, a condition that can be induced by drugs, a standard tactic of covert spy or intelligence operators. Ferrie was one of Jim Garrison's main witnesses.

Dr. Henry Delaune was murdered on January 26, 1969, by being shot in bed and then set afire.

Aladio del Valle, a prospective witness for Prosecutor Garrison, was killed in Miami on February 22, 1967, within an hour after Ferrie died. He was one of Garrison's witnesses.

Robert Perrin died from arsenic poisoning. His wife, Nancy Perrin Rich, was a key witness, and a former employee of Jack Ruby.

Dr. Mary Sherman, a close friend of Ferrie, was shot in bed and then set afire.

Clyde Johnson was beaten the day he was to give testimony in the Garrison trial and was later murdered. He had knowledge of the close relationship between David Ferrie, Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, and Clay Shaw.

David Goldstein, who helped the FBI trace the revolver used in the murder of Officer Tippit, died in 1965.

WP Levens, who operated a burlesque theater in nearby Fort Worth and employed some of the girls working for Jack Ruby, died on November 5, 1965.

Thomas Howard, an attorney for Ruby and who had been at Ruby's apartment the night Ruby shot Oswald, died of a heart attack after acting in a strange manner for several days.

[H: Yes indeed I hear you when you say, "But all of these were not whistleblowers." RIGHT, so just sitting around "knowing" is not very healthy either, is it? You don't even "have to know"--just be around!]

Jim Koethe, who was at Ruby's apartment the night Ruby shot Oswald, was murdered as he came out of his shower in his Dallas apartment on September 21, 1964.

Lee Bowers, Jr. died in a one-car crash near Midlothian, Texas, on August 9, 1966. He had witnessed suspicious activity behind the fence near where Kennedy was shot, and from where some of the shots originated. The coroner's report stated Bowers had suffered a strange shock at the time of the accident, suggesting that he was under the influence of drugs possibly administered by others.

Bill Hunter, who was at Ruby's apartment the night Ruby shot Oswald, was shot to death in a police station at Long Beach, California, on April 24, 1964.

Nicholas Chetta, the coroner for New Orleans who had key evidence against Clay Shaw, the person charged by prosecutor Jim Garrison with conspiracy regarding Kennedy's murder, died of an apparent heart attack on May 25, 1968.

Thomas Joyce, husband of a woman hired by Ruby, succumbed as the result of throat lacerations in March of 1964. He reported told friends he was marked for death because of information he had and that he was tired of running.

Dorothy Kilgallen, columnist and TV personality, attended Jack Ruby's trial, told friends in late November 1965 that she was going to expose and break open the Kennedy assassination. In less than a week she was dead of unexplained causes and her death ruled a suicide.

Mrs. Earl T. Smith died of unexplained causes two days after her close friend, Dorothy Kilgallen died.

Marilyn April Walle, stripper for Jack Ruby, whose testimony a week earlier freed Darrell Wayne Garner, the man accused of shooting Warren Reynolds, was found hanged in her Dallas jail cell within an hour after being booked in February 1964.

Karen Bennett Carlin, one of Ruby's strippers, was shot to death in August, 1964, at Houston, Texas.

Earline Roberts, who rented a room to Oswald and had knowledge of Oswald's activities with Dallas police, died on January 9, 1966, of reported heart failure.

Harold Russell, a witness in Tippit's murder, was killed by a Dallas policeman in February of 1967.

William Whaley, the cab driver who reportedly drove Oswald from the assassination site and could have testified as to what Oswald may have stated to him, died in a peculiar auto accident in December 1965.

James Worrell, who witnessed a person run from the Dallas School Book Depository immediately after President Kennedy was shot, died on November 9, 1966, when his motorcycle was hit by a car.

Richard Carr had seen a man on the sixth floor of the Depository before the Kennedy shooting, and saw two men run from the building and speed away in a station wagon. The FBI warned him to remain quiet about what he knew. The FBI refused to believe his statements, even though they coincided with statements made by others. The FBI didn't want to hear any statements implicating anyone but Oswald. Carr was shot at and received threatening phone calls. Dallas police harassed him and his son. He finally moved to Montana. Shortly before he was to testify in the Garrison trial his body was blown apart by dynamite wired to the ignition of his car.

Sam Giancana told columnist Jack Anderson that the CIA's plot to kill Castro may have back-fired, resulting in President Kennedy's assassination. He was killed with a .22 caliber pistol, the favorite for intelligence agency assassinations.

John Roselli was killed under the same conditions, as he gave Anderson similar information.

Karyn Kupcinet was overheard by a telephone operator talking about Kennedy's assassination shortly before it happened. She was killed two days after Kennedy was assassinated.

Rose Cherami reportedly told hospital employees of the plot to kill Kennedy. She was killed in a hit-and-run accident in 1965.

Captain Frank Martin, a member of the Dallas Police Department, died of cancer in June of 1966, shortly after he told the Warren Commission he was afraid to talk.

Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, suddenly developed cancer and died, on January 3, 1967.

Roger Craig was a Dallas Deputy Sheriff who with two other persons discovered the assassination rifle in the Dallas Book Depository, and signed an affidavit stating that it was a Mauser, 7.65 caliber. He testified that he had seen a man run down from the Book Depository and speed off in a car. This testimony contradicted the Warren Commission report. Craig had been driven from his job, he had been shot at, he was threatened, and stripped of his ability to obtain employment. Craig was seriously injured from an explosion occurring when he started his car. Later Craig reportedly killed himself on May 15, 1975.

Hiram Ingram was a member of the Dallas Sheriff's department and a close friend of Dallas deputy Roger Craig. Ingram died suddenly of cancer on April 4, 1968.

George McGann held evidence obtained through his wife, Beverly Oliver, known as the "Babushka lady". McGann was killed in the house occupied by Ronny Weeden, who knew Charles Harrelson, the person convicted of killing U.S. District Judge John Wood Jr. McCann's associates included persons close to Jack Ruby.

Warren Reynolds witnessed the shooting of officer Tippit in Oak Cliff, a Dallas suburb. Reynolds had followed the killer and claimed that he was not Oswald. He was shot in the head in January 1964 but survived.

Edward Benevides, mistaken for his brother, Domingo, who had witnessed the shooting death of Tippit, was killed in February 1964, a suspected case of wrong identity.

Lt. Commander William Pitzer, who had taken pictures of President Kennedy at the autopsy, was shot to death on October 29, 1966, in his office at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Gary Underhill, a former CIA agent, who had told people that the Kennedy assassination implicated a CIA faction, was shot to death on May 8, 1964.

Clay Shaw was a former CIA operative suspected of being in conspiracy to kill JFK. He met death under mysterious circumstances after being indicted by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison for conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination. Shaw's body was embalmed before it could be examined, preventing a determination as to the cause of death.

Regis Kennedy, a former FBI agent, died in 1978 shortly after talking to the Assassination Committee.

William Sullivan, a close assistant to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was shot and killed in 1977, before he could give testimony to the Assassination Committee. A half dozen key FBI figures died within a six-month period in 1977, silencing any testimony that they might have given.

John Martino claimed he had personal knowledge of the plan to kill President Kennedy. He died of a reported heart attack.

William Pawley was involved in the Cuban connection and worked with John Martino. Pawley was shot to death.

Congressman Hale Boggs of Louisiana had been a member of the Warren Commission, and had been critical of the FBI, accusing them of "Gestapo tactics". His plane disappeared in Canada on a flight to Alaska.

Buddy Walthers, a Dallas Deputy Sheriff, had found the bullet on the ground at the Kennedy assassination site and then turned it over to an FBI agent. He was shot to death during a police shootout in 1969.

Albert Bogard was an employee of the Dallas Lincoln-Mercury dealer where Oswald allegedly test-drove a car. He was found dead in his car in Louisiana on February 14, 1966.

George DeMohrenschildt, a close friend of Oswald, was killed on the day that he was to be questioned by several investigators, including a representative of the House Assassination Committee.

Deaths due to heart attacks, strokes, and cancer can be induced and masked by certain drugs, a fact well known to the intelligence community. These drugs, and these tactics, are used routinely by covert operatives.

The London Sunday Times estimated that the odds of sudden deaths among approximately three dozen witness over such a short time span to be 100,000 trillion to one.

Despite the pattern of killings and mysterious deaths of informants within such a short period of time, the investigative committees held that they did not establish any relationship with the Kennedy assassination or constitute a conspiracy to silence opposition to the Warren Commission findings. The pattern of silencing whistleblowers or informants is seen in other scandals described within these pages.

Karen Silkwood, a whistleblower exposing misconduct at the Kerr-McGee plant where she worked, died in an auto accident while driving to a meeting with a reporter for the New York Times. Silkwood was to present documentary evidence that Kerr-McGee violated safety measures and quality controls in the plutonium recycling plant where she was employed. Her death has been the subject of many articles, books, a movie, and television.


The pattern of killings, mysterious deaths, and persecution of informants and whistleblowers continued with the escalating pattern of criminal activities described within these pages. A partial list follows:

Attorney Dexter Jacobson was killed on August 14, 1990, just prior to presenting evidence of rampant Chapter 11 corruption to the FBI. Several months before his death, Jacobson and I had exchanged information on the Chapter 11 corruption each of us had discovered. The conduct of local police constituted a cover-up that aided the killers to escape detection.

Attorney Gary Ray Pinnell was killed on February 11, 1991, in San Antonio, Texas, just prior to presenting evidence of Chapter 11 judicial corruption to the FBI. Judge-appointed trustee Marten Seidler was under investigation by the Grand Jury in Pinnell's murder on the basis that he was associated with Charlie Rummels, a prime suspect in the attorney's death. Many of those who were corruptly stripped of their assets after they exercised the statutory protections of Chapter 11 wanted to testify before the Grand Jury looking into the Pinnell's death, but they were blocked by Justice Department attorneys. Some of those who sought to testify were of Hispanic origin, some coming from as far away as El Paso to testify and, when they returned home, they were harassed by Immigration and Naturalization Service personnel.

Danny Casolaro was killed on August 10, 1991, as he was obtaining evidence of corruption linking Justice Department officials to Inslaw, October Surprise, and BCCI. He was a Washington-based freelance reporter, and was killed in the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia. After Casolaro was killed, his body was embalmed before the family was notified, violating state and county rules and blocking a thorough autopsy, which might have revealed incapacitating drugs.

Alan D. Standorf was murdered on January 4, 1991, and his body found on January 31, 1991, in the back seat of a car parked at the Washington National Airport. Standorf was a source of information for Casolaro. CIA operative Michael Riconosciuto had introduced Casolaro to Standorf. It is believed that Standorf, an electronic intelligence employee for the National Security Agency, was a key source for some of the information obtained by Danny Casolaro, linking the Justice Department to the various parts of the scandals. Casolaro had previously told a friend, Bill Turner, that a key source of information on the scandals that he was investigating had disappeared (referring to Standorf).

Attorney Dennis Eisman was shot to death in April 1991, twenty-four hours before he was to meet with Michael Riconosciuto, who was involved in numerous CIA activities, including October Surprise and Inslaw. Eisman was building a defense for Riconosciuto against the charges filed by Justice Department prosecutors as they sought to silence him. Shortly before Eisman was killed, he was to meet in Philadelphia with a woman who would deliver to him important evidence of corruption by Justice Department officials.

Attorney John Crawford, one of the attorneys who worked with Riconosciuto, died from a heart attack in Tacoma in April 1993. This death raises questions since he was one of several attorneys and investigators working with Riconosciuto to die within a relatively short period of time.

Paul Morasca was working with CIA operative Michael Riconosciuto. He opposed efforts by CIA contract agent John Nichols to have Riconosciuto work on a CIA project located on the Cabazon Indian Reservation in California. Morasca was killed in his San Francisco apartment in January 1982.

Larry Guerrin, a private investigator, was killed in Mason County, Washington in February 1987, as he conducted an investigation for Michael Riconosciuto, obtaining evidence relating to the Inslaw scandal.

Alan Michael May was killed in his San Francisco home on June 19, 1991. May was involved with Michael Riconosciuto in the October 1980 movement of $40 million bribe money to Iranian factions. May had requested that Riconosciuto not divulge May's ties with the Iranian hostage scandal out of fear for his life. Within four days after the Napa Sentinel published Riconosciuto's description of the October Surprise operation, May was killed. The local coroner's report stated death was due to a heart attack. However, a subsequent autopsy revealed that May had poly pharmaceuticals in his system.

Vali Delahanty, disappeared on August 18, 1992 as she was trying to warn Riconosciuto about a plan by DEA and Justice Department officials to set him up on a drug charge. Her body was discovered in a ravine at Lake Bay, Washington on April 13, 1993. Her disappearance and death prevented her from testifying on Riconosciuto's behalf about the Justice Department and DEA charges.

Pete Sandvigen, who resided on Whidbey Island in Washington, was ready to leave from the Navy Air Station on Whidbey Island, as part of further investigation into Inslaw. His body was found on December 2, 1992. The gun that he carried was found without the ammo clip, raising questions. Sandvigen had been part of a 26-man CIA team in Afghanistan during the late 1980s. He tried to help Riconosciuto defend against the Justice Department's amphetamine charges, along with exposing the Inslaw scandal.

Alfred Alvarez and two friends who were part of the Cabazon Indian Reservation, were killed in July 1981. Alvarez had opposed the operations and takeover of the Indian reservation by the Wackenhut Corporation and the CIA.

Ian Stuart Spiro, his wife, and three children were killed on November 1, 1992 in the San Diego area. Spiro's wife and three daughters were killed in their San Diego home with bullets to their heads, and Spiro was found dead in a car parked in the desert. Spiro had connections to the CIA and British intelligence agencies, and had been involved in various CIA operations, including October Surprise, Iran-Contra, and the Lebanese hostage crisis. He was helping Riconosciuto collect documents to present to a federal grand jury conducting hearings into the Inslaw matter when he was killed.

Attorney David Mayer was killed by gunshot on February 6, 1989, in the San Francisco Bay Area. On February 7, 1989, he was to have appeared in the U.S. District Court at San Francisco, before Judge Paul Vukasin, Jr. (A friend of Early Brian, Edwin Meese III, and other parties implicated in October Surprise, Inslaw, Chapter 11 corruption, Justice Department pattern of cover-up, and all part of the Reagan-Bush coterie), defending people in drug-related charges that were reportedly tied in with covert CIA drug trafficking activities. Mayer was an activist seeking to expose the contra-drug connection involving the Reagan-Bush administration, the CIA, Justice Department officials, and others. His investigation and files disclosed links between high federal officials and associates, and a number of major federal crimes.

Abbie Hoffman was reportedly killed in his home on April 12, 1989, just prior to delivering a manuscript on the October Surprise operations to Playboy's Chicago offices.

Wife of DEA drug pilot Basil Abbott, who was killed in Sweden in 1982, after talking to European reporters about the DEA drug trafficking operation into the United States. She sought publicity to obtain the release of her husband who had outlived his usefulness to the DEA.

Robert Maxwell, who died after falling or being thrown off his yacht, shortly after his role in the Inslaw affair was publicized. McKee and other CIA operatives on Pan Am Flight 103 died when the plane was blown apart over Lockerbie, Scotland. McKee's CIA team was returning to Washington, in defiance of CIA orders, to give testimony to Congress on a drugs-for-hostages operation by another CIA faction.

Reported assassination of three navy officers on the evening of April 30, 1991, at Fort Ord, California, including Admiral John D. Burkhardt, Captain Samuel J. Walters, and a female Navy officer, whose first name was Marilyn.

William Casey, Director of the CIA, a key participant in the October Surprise operation and its related Iran-Contra arms and drug activities. He experienced seizures on the morning that he was to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and underwent brain surgery. He died several months later, on May 6, 1987. Friends believe that Casey would have told the truth if he had testified, thereby implicating people in high positions. CIA operatives have told me that the rumor within the CIA is that Casey's medical condition was induced by drugs.

Former Senator John Tower was killed in a plane crash at New Brunswick, Georgia, on April 5, 1991, just as the October Surprise scandal was again surfacing. Towers was involved in the October Surprise and Iran-Contra operations, as was his aide, Robert McFarlane.


We will take up again next time at "Killings Occurring in Foreign Countries". Please realize that these are only a tiny smattering of listings. In most instances, as with one very important player, Francis John Nugan of the Nugan-Hand Bank in Australia, the cover is not even considered. Nugan's "suicide" gun still held THE BULLET supposedly that killed him. The incidents are as much for silencing would-be speakers as for the person suicided.

How will you ever clean up this incestuous gang of cultist intelligence thugs? Well, I would suggest that YOU probably will not--however the services will undoubtedly one day CLEAN THEIR OWN CLOSETS and when that happens--watch out! When killing is the way to hide activities as is abortion to hide and get rid of a problem of immoral activities--you have a real incredible mess on your hands. Worse, you can't tell who is who or who is on which side.

You continue to grieve OR denounce one Bo Gritz. Well, let me warn you about judging. You can do what you will with the information and actions--but don't count out one Bo Gritz. I just don't mind a little flack and Dharma can take it. Nobody ever told you this was going to be easy, a rose petal strewn path--or free of care and pain. To reclaim a world gone mad is a job worthy of GREAT men--may you be "caught" among them for when the house of cards falls--so too shall the evil support system.

By the way--place your prayers and energy beside Bo and ones who have moved into Red Beckman's property in hopes of standing off an eviction by the IRS-ATF forces--RIGHT NOW AS I WRITE FOR THE DATE OF EVICTION IS NOW.

Do I agree with the cause? What "cause"? It is Beckman's stand against what he considers an unconstitutional law regarding Income Taxes. No, I do not agree with this approach--how-ever, he is a citizen, the attack is UNJUST and UNLAWFUL and he has a right to respond as he deems necessary. I would rather see these fine citizens who have so much leadership to offer--remain alive that they might serve another day in the rebuilding and reclamation of that Constitution. It is not my ability to alter the passage, however, for though they CLAIM "Jesus Christ"--they take up arms and invite the enemy within in violence. Yes, man must make a stand--but against the bigger GUNS is only a very temporary, at best, winning.

The laws in point are most certainly "unlawful" under the Constitution but you have no nation which adheres longer to the Constitution. You are a New World Order under One World Government assigned to the New-States and those "new" rules and regulations WILL be enforced by massive show of force--unless the Government chooses to play the game another way on another day. Let us pray that intelligence prevails on BOTH sides of this issue. By the time you read this it will be over so there is no longer need to further the discussion in this writing. If more people took up the demands through ballot and pen--perhaps there would cease to be need of bullets--but first man must KNOW what he is "about". You are a nation under "Executive Order" government and they will not go easily--BUT, the forces will serve blindly WHOEVER is their superior master. Remember this in the days ahead for the example will become the reality. You are going to have to face disappointments as you find that ones such as Ross Perot are NOT on "YOUR" side really. However, chelas, you must have "something" while you rally and come into recognition of players and THE GAME. Salu.



SAT., APR. 2, 1994 3:14 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 229

APR. 2, 1994,

Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 12
by Rodney Stich


Francis John Nugan operated a covert CIA proprietary known as Nugan-Hand Bank in Australia. After the cover was blown on Nugan-Hand by a Hong Kong financial reporter, Nugan was found shot to death, holding a rifle with an unspent bullet in the bolt-action operated chamber. Nugan had information on CIA links to money laundering, drugs, and other criminal activities that threatened to expose a fundamental operational pattern. [H: I had observed in the last writing that he was shot by an unfired bullet--WRONG. This is even worse, however, as this means that he killed himself and then hand operated the chamber mechanism and, dead, got a bullet into the chamber.]

Thomas Wilhite threatened to expose the CIA role in Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham, and Wong to newspaper reporters. He died in a plane crash within 24 hours of making that threat. Wilhite was a friend of Ron Rewald, who was the fall guy when its cover was blown by a Honolulu television reporter.

Houshang Lavi worked with Iranian arms dealer Cyrus Hashemi (now deceased) on covert arms sales to Iran. Shortly after trying to obtain documents establishing arms sales between the United States and Iran through Israel, an assassination attempt was made on his life.

Anson Ng was shot to death a month before Casolaro's murder. Ng was in Guatemala working for Financial Times to interview Jimmy Hughes, who had important information on misconduct relating to murders occurring on the Cabazon Indian reservation. Hughes had fled to Central America to escape the fate of other informants who had been killed, or prosecuted by Justice Department officials.

Jonathan Moyle was a journalist investigating the sale of military equipment by arms merchants in Chile to Iraq as part of a CIA operation. Moyle was killed in April 1990, while in Santiago, Chile.

Arnold Raphel was one of several top officials in the Carter Administration participating in the October Surprise operation. He was killed in a plane crash with Pakistani President Mohammad Zia ul-Haq (August 17, 1988), in which sabotage is suspected.

Mohammed Ali Rajai, a former Iranian official, reportedly met with George Bush and William Casey on October 18, 1980, just prior to their flying to Paris to formalize the October Surprise agreement. Rajai was killed in a bomb blast in his Teheran office.

Cyrus Hashemi was a key party in the October Surprise operation, and was killed after stating to a reporter that his arms sales to Iran were part of the October Surprise operation.

Shahpur Bahktiar, an Iranian living near Paris, had evidence proving the existence of the October Surprise operation. He was killed on August 6, 1991.

Mehdi Hashemi was head of Khomeini's office for export of militant Islamic fundamentalism, and a part of the October Surprise operation. He was executed in Iran on September 21, 1987.

Hassan Sabra, chief editor of the Lebanese weekly Al Shiraa, who had been exposing the October Surprise and arms-for-hostages operation, was shot on September 21, 1987, the same day that Mehdi Hashemi was executed in Tehran.

Sadegh Ghotbzadeh was foreign minister of Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis, who negotiated with the CIA in the October Surprise operation. Ghotbzadeh encouraged Ayatollah Khomeini to go along with the October Surprise scheme advanced by the Americans. In October Surprise, Secretary of State Alexander Haig's aide, Michael Ledeen, tipped off the Khomeini regime to an alleged coup attempt involving Ghotbzadeh, resulting in his death.

Ayatollah Mohammed Beheshti reportedly sent a representative to the October 1980 Paris meeting. Beheshti was killed by a bomb explosion at the Islamic Republic Party headquarters in Iran on June 28, 1981.

Glenn Souham was a business partner of Iranian arms dealer Cyrus Hashemi and Adnan Khashoggi. He was killed, which silenced a possible informant.

Mohammed Zia ul-Hag, President of Pakistan was killed in a sabotaged plane crash on August 17, 1988, following a falling out with the CIA.

John Friedrich was a close ally of Colonel Oliver North and Amiram Nir, and had considerable knowledge of the Iran-Contra operation and the Justice Department's theft of the Inslaw PROMIS software. Friedrich and his body-guard were shot and killed in Sale, Australia. According to CIA-operative Michael Riconosciuto, Friedrich was the third party that he was using to try to set up an interview with Michael Hand of the covert CIA Nugan-Hand Bank for an Australian television station. Friedrich owned a company (National Security Council) dealing in search and rescue equipment. Friedrich's real name may have been Haffenberger before he moved to Australia.

Amiram Nir was involved with Colonel Oliver North in various arms sales and the Iran-Contra affair, and was to be a major witness in North's forthcoming trial. If he had appeared, his testimony threatened to expose President Reagan and Vice President Bush, Oliver North, Israel's Prime Minister Peres, the Mossad, and the CIA, among others. He was reportedly writing a book on his experiences. Israel's Mossad investigated Nir's death and determined that he was killed by a woman friend who he had met earlier, and now was a CIA contract agent.

Houshang Lavi, an Iranian arms dealer, was the target of an attempted assassination shortly after he tried to obtain documents showing arms sales to Iran related to the October Surprise operation. He worked with Iranian arms dealer Cyrus Hashemi on the October Surprise arms sale.


DOZENS of people were assassinated throughout the world by Mossad agents when their activities displeased Israel or its intelligence agency. Even my CIA covert operators feared speaking out against this group. These killings have been described by former Mossad agents in their books, Profits of War, Ari Ben-Menashe; By Way of Deception, Victor Ostrovsky and Claire Hoy.


It is standard practice for Justice Department prosecutors to silence or discredit whistleblowers and informants, especially intelligence agency personnel, by charging them with federal offenses for carrying out what they were ordered to do by their handlers. Their subsequent imprisonment silences them and the felony conviction is used to discredit them. Of course, when it suits the Justice Department prosecutors, they use felons and reward them to testify against someone that the Justice Department wants silenced.

Gunther Russbacher was repeatedly charged with federal offenses after he objected to CIA drug trafficking activities. He was charged with kidnapping, misuse of government purchase orders and fuel, impersonating a naval officer, and other offenses. As with the others who were imprisoned, and more so, he constituted a serious threat to many White House officials and to exposing the criminal activities described within these pages.

Ronald H. Rewald, a CIA operative placed as head of the CIA proprietary known as Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham & Wong (BBRDW). After the cover was blown on the secret operation by a Honolulu television reporter CIA and Justice Department officials set up Rewald to shift attention away from the CIA operation and have him take the blame for the operation and the large financial losses.

Michael Riconosciuto was a former CIA operative who was directly involved in highly sensitive CIA and Justice Department activities, including October Surprise and Inslaw. Justice Department personnel including Peter Videnieks threatened Riconosciuto that if he testified before Congress on the Inslaw matter he and his wife could expect retaliation. Riconosciuto testified, and he was subsequently charged with manufacturing amphetamines.

Bobbi Riconosciuto lost custody of three of her children, charged with criminal contempt of court, held for months in jail on $50,000 bail. Bobbi was arrested on criminal contempt of court charges for alleged child abduction. She had moved from Washington where her former husband had physically assaulted her and while residing in California a State of Washington judge rendered an ex parte order removing custody of her three children to her former husband. Her husband, Michael Riconosciuto, was warned by a Justice Department official (Peter Videnieks) that she would lose custody of the children if he testified before Congress. Washington and California judges ordered her jailed under $50,000 bail, on the basis of a judicial order changing child custody, rendered without her knowledge and without her appearance, and while she was a resident of another state.

Richard Brenneke had been a CIA contract agent for many years and was involved in numerous CIA operations including October Surprise, arms and drug trafficking. Justice Department officials charged him with perjury after he testified in a 1988 U.S. district court hearing on behalf of another CIA operative, Heinrich Rupp, that they had both been CIA contract agents, and that he had seen Vice Presidential nominee George Bush and Donald Gregg in Paris in October 1980.

Stewart Webb was charged by Justice Department prosecutors with making threatening phone calls after he commenced exposing the ties between federal officials and the CIA in the HUD and Savings and Loan scandals. As this book went to the printers Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges had incarcerated him for nearly a year, waiting to go to trial on the charge of making harassing phone calls to a kingpin in the Denver area HUD and Savings and Loan scandals.

Heinrich Rupp, a long time CIA contract agent and pilot, flew a Unocal Gulfstream from New York to Paris as part of the October Surprise operation, was charged by Justice Department officials with fraud relating to the covert CIA Aurora Bank in Colorado.

Imprisonment of over 300 CIA and DEA personnel who posed a threat of exposure to corrupt CIA activities. During the 1980s and early 1990s Justice Department attorneys charged them with federal crimes for having carried out the orders of their handlers.

Scapegoats for the HUD and Savings and Loan scandals. Seeking to shift attention from the kingpins in these scandals, and away from the CIA involvement in them, charges, many of them fabricated, were filed against dozens of people, who then suffered the standard tactics of having their assets seized, depriving them of proper legal representation and investigators, and were left with court-appointed "defenders".

Brett C. Kimberlin made known to the media that he sold marijuana to Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quayle from the fall of 1971 through early 1973 while Quayle was a law student in Indiana. Justice Department prosecutors retaliated by cancelling his 1989 parole date and resetting it for 1994, causing him to be imprisoned for an additional five years.

Rayelan Russbacher: Not content with what they inflicted upon Russbacher, they tried to put his wife in prison. In April 1993, CIA and DEA personnel sought to set up Rayelan on a federal drug charge. This attempt started with a call to Russbacher's wife by a former CIA operative with whom Russbacher worked, Fred Flinter, in the Los Angeles area (714-854-3335). Flinter advised Russbacher that he had something very urgent to tell him and that it could not be stated over the phone, but could be stated to Rayelan. Flinter suggested that Russbacher's wife meet him face to face, and that he would relay the information to her. The meeting took place in a coffee shop, and started out by Flinter attempting to interest Russbacher's wife in a drug operation. There was nothing urgent about the matter, and Rayelan was not the type of person who would mingle with drug traffickers.

Fortunately, Rayelan immediately got up and left, when drugs were mentioned. It was good that she did, as it was a setup. Unknown to Rayelan at that time, Flinter was wired with a microphone and transmitter, and two DEA agents were nearby listening to the conversation, ready to make an arrest if Rayelan engaged in conversations relating to drug trafficking. Justice Department prosecutors have filed conspiracy charges against many innocent people who were merely present when drug sales were discussed.

Edwin Wilson, for whom a life's prison sentence was obtained by Justice Department prosecutors, through having two convicts falsely testify that he threatened to kill witnesses. Wilson carried out numerous covert CIA activities for which CIA and Justice Department officials wanted him silenced. The original charges against him were for carrying out instructions from his Office of Naval Intelligence handlers. The inmates who testified against him, David Vogel and John Randolph, were given pardons in exchange for the perjured testimony. Another prisoner, Bernard Welch, signed an affidavit describing how Vogel and Randolph admitted they falsely testified on behalf of Justice Department prosecutors.


I must be included in the list of those persecuted to silence their exposure activities. To silence me, Justice Department prosecutors and federal judges acted in unison to seize my as-sets, charging me with federal offenses for reporting federal crimes in which they were implicated. As this book goes to press the persecution is accelerating. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker, acting in unison with Justice Department prosecutors (under Janet Reno), seek to send me to federal prison for having filed federal actions reporting the federal crimes described in these pages (and in retaliation for exercising federal defenses).

I am also waiting to go to prison on a charge of criminal contempt of court for having filed oppositions and appeals of the criminal seizure and looting of my life's assets. Orders have been rendered barring me access to the federal courts, preventing me from defending. My assets, looted by the Chapter 11 gang, are in the final stages of elimination, destroying my twenty years of accumulation of valuable properties and businesses. For the remainder of my life I cannot acquire any assets, cannot engage in my normal investment activities. I've been ordered out of my home, and everything I possessed is gone. I am unable to defend myself, with the constitutional and statutory remedies voided for me, which the same courts are using to continually retaliate against me.

[H: Dharma doesn't want to be left out here because she and E.J. were set up by their supposed partner in the form of America West Publishers and American West Distributors, George and Desiree Green, Gary Anderson and others. George embezzled a known $350,000 cash (gold coins), took the journals, tried to take the paper--CLAIMED to have taken "Hatonn" and then, after the Pleiades series was placed under injunction (no decision as to charges has ever been heard), made a clandestine settlement AFTER CONTINUING TO SELL THE "BANNED" BOOKS AND THEN SET UP DHARMA TO TAKE THE CONTEMPT OF COURT CHARGES FOR DOING THAT WHICH HE HAD DONE. It certainly is enough to irritate the saints. But what can you do? While claiming the dragging of feet from the opposition--Green has pulled in every federal agency imagined against the Ekkers--only to find HIM to be the perpetrator. What will happen? It depends on many things, not the least of which is "how much will YOU tolerate." The world is filled to overflow with greedy traitors and betrayers that make "Judas" look pretty good in comparison--but perhaps 30 pieces of silver was worth more in those "good old days"....]


Justice Department prosecutors have standard tactics to silence informants who threaten to expose corruption by federal officials:

* Fabricate charges against the person, or simply charge them with offenses that they committed under orders of their CIA handlers.

* Seize all assets, preventing hiring their own legal counsel, and require them to rely on the usually ineffective court-appointed defender.

* Block them from raising matters relating to their CIA activities.

* Block them from subpoenaing CIA people with whom they worked.

* Deny to them access to CIA documents, or bar the introduction of these documents that may be in their possession.

* Have CIA personnel engage in perjury and subornation of perjury as they testify against the defendant.

* Pay informants to testify against the person, either through money, reduction in prison sentence, or vacating prior criminal charges.

* Put all evidence under seal, preventing public access to the testimony and documents.

* Discredit charges made by informants by claiming they are felons and their word cannot be accepted as true. Simultaneously, the same Justice Department buys testimony from hard-core criminals to imprison targeted informants.


Central Intelligence Agency officials and their criminal operations including, for instance (a) looting America's financial institutions; (b) drug smuggling into the United States; (c) October Surprise; (d) Chapter 11 courts; and many other operations.

Justice Department personnel, who aided and abetted the CIA-related activities, and who persecuted those who threatened to expose the criminal activities.

Federal judges, especially those who were directly involved in Chapter 11 looting and were on secret retainers with the CIA. Also, those who assisted in the persecution of informants and whistleblowers, and those who unlawfully dismissed federal actions and otherwise exposed the corruption described within these pages.

Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. Every Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court was repeatedly informed of these criminal activities, either by petition or appeal that I filed, or by personal letters sent by certified mail. They had a duty to act, especially when the criminal activities were perpetrated by the federal judges, federal trustees, and Justice Department attorneys over whom they had a direct supervisory responsibility, in addition to other responsibilities under federal criminal and civil rights statutes. Instead of meeting their responsibilities, they aided and abetted the criminal acts, making possible the continuation of the criminal activities described within these pages. [H: So, now, how much of a "long-run" chance do you think Red Beckman has of beating this IRS assaulting army?]

Members of the U.S. Senate and House, who aided and abetted the criminal activities by blocking investigations and blocking the reporting of the federal crimes, many of which occurred in their areas of supervisory responsibilities.

Establishment media, who knew of the government crimes and, despite First Amendment constitutional responsibilities, refused to report the serious government corruption that inflicted such great harm upon the American people.

State judges, repeatedly used by federal authorities to take judicial or police actions on targeted individuals, or to cover up for them.


Hours before this book was to go to press (this is the original printing), I learned of another death of one of our small group, attorney Paul Wilcher. Marion Kindig, a friend of mine, expressed concern about Wilcher's sudden disappearance. Wilcher worked closely with Gunther Russbacher, obtaining hours of taped conversations about covert CIA operations, including October Surprise, Inslaw, BCCI, and other covert activities. Russbacher sent me copies of the fifty-five tapes (in addition to the hundreds of hours that I taped with Russbacher directly). In addition, shortly before his death, Wilcher had obtained the names of many U.S. congressmen who had been bribed by BCCI. Wilcher was a threat to Justice Department officials, federal judges, members of Congress and other U.S. officials.

Marion Kindig, a friend of Wilcher, went to his apartment a couple of days earlier, and getting no answer when she rang the door bell, she rang an adjacent apartment seeking to have the person signal the front door to open; she wanted to leave a package on Wilcher's door knob. That adjacent apartment was directly across the hall from Wilcher's apartment. When Marion rang the door bell, it rang into the telephone system, and a recorded message revealed an interesting fact: "This is a government number that has been disconnected." I stated to Marion that it is strange to have an official government phone number in an apartment immediately opposite Wilcher's apartment, and then be disconnected when Wilcher disappears.

Sarah McClendon asked the Washington police to go to Wilcher's apartment to check on his safety, stating that several friends had not seen Wilcher for the past two weeks and that they feared foul play. The police refused to do so. I called Marion late Tuesday night in Washington, suggesting steps she should immediately take the following morning to get into Wilcher's apartment.

The next morning Wilcher was found dead, sitting upright on the toilet. He had apparently been killed elsewhere, tied in a fetal position, and rigor mortis set in. He may have been brought back to his apartment and placed on the stool, to look like a natural death. It was made to look like a suicide, but a body does not freeze into that position when a person dies; the body falls over. Swarms of FBI agents appeared, going out of their way to tell Marion and McClendon that they had no interest in the case.

Simultaneously, the same day that Wilcher's body was found, the printer who was to proceed with printing this book, Consolidated Printers of Berkeley, California, fabricated excuses for not proceeding, even though they had received half the total contract cost. I reminded the printer that copies of the book that they had promised by the following Monday had been requested by numerous national syndicated writers and national networks, and that Consolidated would be suspected of interfering with exposing criminal activities that had reached monumental implications.


Let us leave the board for today. We can pick up with "Federal Government as a Criminal Enterprise" in part 13. Thank you for a very long day of work. Salu.



MON., APR. 4, 1994 8:54 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 231

MON., APR. 4, 1994


As I have already said, I am not going to focus on your market mess. It has not been, lately, or for a very long time--anything but a projection of Elite games. Billions of dollars of the Elite have been poured into the market today to steady it. The news-casters are sounding more like total idiots than is usual (hard to do at worst) and we have talked about it ad nauseam--YOU go watch it for I am not interested. Other immeasurably more important things are taking place which the distractions hide.


Have you EVER seen more ado about nothing than the idiotically stupid thrust of Zionist Bolsheviks against Zhirinovsky? If you ever needed confirmation of the offerings of "Jewish" in-credibility--NOW YOU HAVE IT. I warn you AGAIN, readers, there is no integrity or truth in the One World Rulers. They are planning to win at any cost and there is no limit to the lies or stupid stories--which always "sell". What in the world do "they" mean by, "It looks like Zhirinovsky is partly Jew!" The interesting thing is that to put forth this story "they" have brought into play tampering with the "records" of the State, the archives and now present the documentation to the public--BUT ACTUALLY, ONLY IN THE WEST! What difference could it possibly make if Zhirinovsky is a Jew? ALL OF THE ONES IN POWER IN THE RUSSIAS TODAY ARE JEWS (BOLSHEVIKS). Why? Because Russians are set to overcome the Bolsheviks and clean them out of government. This is simple POLITICS in the same order of misdirection as you have in New York City or London. Would it not be wondrous if the time of Satan were about to be brought up short? "I" KNOW my enemies--will you EVER learn who are yours?

You must understand, if you don't keep up, that Zhirinovsky does not refer to "Jews" or to U.S. citizens in his remarks about U.S. Zionists. He uses the term U.S. Zionists to represent the head of the Soviet (Bolsheviks) and the U.S. as one term!! THAT, America, is the way you are seen in the rest of the world as presented by your government. U.S. Zionists from The Great Satan. Argument? There is NO argument--only quarreling over lie vs. truth.

Now, WHY would this be coming forth against Zhirinovsky RIGHT NOW? Because even with the controlled media, press, et al.--Zhirinovsky is POPULAR AMONG THE PEOPLE and CAN PULL OFF WHAT HE CLAIMS. He CAN bring down the whole of Russian Bolshevism. Worse for America--most of those "head" honcho Bolsheviks are IN AMERICA running your government! AND MOREOVER, ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF THE COMMITTEE OF 300, CFR, TRILATERALS, BILDERBERGERS AND, ABOVE ALL, THE EVIL EMPIRE--THE COMMITTEE OF 17! The "percentage" of controllers is insignificant--but you perceive them to be almost ALL--so, next, you have to get some hearing in the controlled media and press. HOW WILL YOU DO IT? If you wait for Perot--you are going to live in slavery the rest of your generations to come!


I don't want to go into this subject more than to say we spoke on this yesterday when we had a meeting and I think you would gain a great deal from getting the tape. There is a tracking system far advanced of anything you have yet encountered--including the Clintonista "Smart Card"--called Tesseria. It labels and tags EVERYONE and a law requiring you to have it on you at all times is going to become mandatory. Keeping track WORLDWIDE of the Tesserias is a mammoth computer network off-terra (extraterrestrial) which is called MOSAIC--keeping track of everything, everyone and YOU!


Along these lines, once again, I don't want to come on as some kind of fortune-telling guru. The FACTS are laid out over and over for you by writers, experiencers and daring revealers of facts--but you miss it, their works are buried, as they effort to also bury and ban the "journals".

I can share the truth with you but that is all that I can do about it. I also ask that you GET THE BOOKS from which we have access to the pittance of truth available--for the authors involved are, as is Dharma, stripped of every asset including peace of security--and they, too, must somehow survive.

I have pushed Dharma in writing about as hard as I dare because there are so many things which are not attended when her attention is focused only on writing. All of these law cases of harassment against these people and the Institute are mind-boggling timewasters. The intent, of course, is to wear down the "victims" and ruin every one of our resources (while George Green continues to say he has millions of dollars and will never stop the litigation). It was, by the way, George Green who sent forth the word about US&P having $215 million to fight the Ekkers! He also said $250 million at one point. Of course HE IS THE ONE who made the inside DEAL with US&P and set Dharma up for imprisonment by the Federal Court--on contempt charges!

But wouldn't that all show in court at some point? Yes, IF YOU HAD A LAWFUL COURT AND SYSTEM. Will it? I hope so, readers, because what you have is total degradation.

I can't urge you strongly enough to get some insightful books that I continually recommend: Eustace Mullins' RAPE OF JUSTICE and Rodney Stich's DEFRAUDING AMERICA.

Since I am into Defrauding America at present, I shall continue on with that volume--but if you as a people don't open your minds and eyes soon--they shall be shut forever!




Many people in control or in key positions in the three branches of the federal government were either directly involved in the activities described within these pages, or were involved in the cover-up. Their dereliction of duty, their aiding and abetting, caused, and made possible, great harm inflicted upon the American people.

As I stated in my 1978, my 1980, my 1990 editions of Unfriendly Skies, and more so in Defrauding America, at the epicenter of the corruption described within these pages are the attorneys and officials in the U.S. Department of Justice. Without their pattern of hard-core criminal acts, (obstruction of justice, criminal cover-up, persecution of whistleblowers, informants and protecting victims) none of these criminal activities could have been perpetrated and continued.


The heading in the Forum section of the Sacramento Bee (Oct. 27, 1991) read, "Organized Crime in the U.S. Justice Dept", and accurately reflects the decades of criminality in the most misnamed agency of the federal government. The article stated in part: "Indications...point to a widespread conspiracy implicating government officials in the theft of Inslaw's technology." Inslaw, bad as it was, constitutes only the tip of the iceberg.

For twenty-five years Justice Department attorneys blocked every attempt that I made to report the pattern of hard-core corruption by federal officials. Without their criminal cover-up and obstruction of justice the rampant corruption described within these pages could not have occurred. With thousands of investigators in the Department of Justice, the crimes described in these pages could not have escaped detection.

If my reports of the pattern of criminality had received the reaction in the three branches of the federal government and from the media that a properly functioning government requires, there could not have been the epidemic corruption that now exists in government. Even now, the criminal activity continues, and increases in frequency and severity, as the public concerns itself with such trivia as ball games, a whale trapped in the Arctic ice fields, or an endangered species of cockroach being threatened by much-needed development of natural resources.

Thousands of people have been financially destroyed and their lives made miserable by the coordinated theft of their assets in Chapter 11. Many deaths in fraud-related airline crashes would not have occurred if Justice Department attorneys had not engaged in the cover-up. Decades of financial deprivation and financial problems for individuals and the United States itself will result from the Savings and Loan debacle, made possible by the same cover-up.


Under federal law, the responsibility for ensuring that the laws of the United States are properly enforced falls to the United States Department of Justice, which is under the control of the U.S. Attorney General. He or she is appointed by the President of the United States. In practice, the Attorney General routinely misuses the Justice Department to protect the criminal acts of those who appointed him or her.

History has shown that the office of U.S. Attorney General will routinely obstruct justice, engage in felony persecution of informants, and become involved in criminal acts. Obviously, the structure of government is sadly defective and has made possible some of the most obscene and damaging harm ever inflicted upon the United States.


Within the U.S. Department of Justice are numerous divisions. These include the Federal Bureau of Investigation holding the responsibilities to investigate the crimes that I sought to report with the help of my group of concerned people. There is the U.S. Trustee, who is responsible for preventing the rampant fraud in Chapter 11 courts, and who is part of the Chapter 11 racketeering activities. There is the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), responsible for preventing drug violations, and who uses pilots to smuggle drugs into the United States. And there is, would you believe, the division responsible for protecting civil rights. This is the Justice Department that has persecuted me continuously, since mid-1987, retaliating against me for reporting the federal crimes that I uncovered; who retaliated against me for exercising lawful and constitutional protections to halt the barrage of civil and constitutional (and criminal) violations inflicted upon me. Every one of these divisions have been routinely used to commit the federal crimes that they are entrusted to prevent.


A succession of attorney generals have been implicated in corrupt acts and federal crimes, but have escaped prosecution because they held the highest law enforcement position in the United States. Attorney General John Mitchell, for instance, went to prison for his activities. Subsequent attorney generals have committed federal offenses far more serious and were never prosecuted or called to task by the checks and balances in government.

Attorney General Edwin Meese, a former California attorney and Alameda County District Attorney, was prominently associated with an escalation of the sleazy and corrupt activities in government. He was implicated in the 1980 October Surprise scheme that helped bring the Reagan-Bush team into power. As a reward, or to protect the Reagan-Bush team from prosecution in that scandal, the Reagan-Bush Administration appointed Meese U.S. Attorney General. Meese was then used to protect Reagan and Bush from the October Surprise scandal and others that followed.

In addition to the October Surprise criminality, Justice Department officials misused this powerful agency to steal the software from the Inslaw people, showing their corrupt mindset. This was followed by protecting the rampant drug trafficking into the United States by the CIA and DEA. In every area of major criminality implicating federal personnel, Justice Department attorneys and officials have engaged in obstruction of justice and other crimes of cover-up.

When the stench from Meese's activities forced him to resign, he was replaced by Richard Thornburgh, who continued the criminal activities of Inslaw, the obstruction of justice activities, and the persecution of whistleblowers and informants. Thornburgh left the Attorney General position in 1991 to run for the Senate seat vacant by the death of Senator John Heinz in a plane crash in Philadelphia. A Pennsylvania newspaper identified Thornburgh as the "Harrisburg Mafia".

President George Bush, who had a long-time relationship with the CIA, then appointed William P. Barr as U.S. Attorney General. Barr was General Counsel of the CIA while Bush was Director of the Agency. From the very beginning Barr blocked investigations into the major scandals that were surfacing almost daily, including those that directly involved the Justice Department and the CIA.

Barr blocked an investigation of the part played by Justice Department officials in the Inslaw affair, denying the request by the House Judiciary Committee for an Independent Prosecutor (Sometimes called "independent counsel"). Barr refused to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the White House's funding of Iraq's military build-up. Barr refused to appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate the White House's role in the Bank of Lavoro scandal. He refused to appoint an Independent Prosecutor to investigate Inslaw. The House and Senate Judiciary committees had requested the attorney general to request appointment of an independent prosecutor in each of these matters.

Making matters worse, a large percentage of federal judges are former Justice Department attorneys, whose mindset is to protect the Justice Department mentality. As shown in other pages, many federal judges secretly receive money to carry out CIA and Justice Department wishes.


Justice Department attorneys, misusing the power of the U.S. government, have tremendous ability to destroy persons who threaten to expose their dirty games. U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello at San Francisco, charged U.S. District Judge Aguilar in June 1989 with misusing his judicial position in a racketeering enterprise (RICO) and obstructing justice. What did Aguilar do? He allegedly made false statements to an FBI agent who talked to the judge on the beach at Waikiki during a Hawaiian vacation; he suggested to an attorney the use of a defense in the trial of Aguilar's brother-in-law; and he told his brother-in-law not to phone the judge because the brother-in-law's phone may be tapped.

The real reason for prosecuting Aguilar for these relatively minor offenses, compared to the monumental offenses committed by other federal judges and Justice Department officials, was that Aguilar often disagreed with the Justice Department prosecutors in judicial proceedings. Aguilar halted the deportation of refugees that Justice Department attorneys wanted deported. He also engaged in a heated argument with U.S. Attorney Russoniello in open court, threatening Russoniello with contempt of court.

Unlike the Justice Department and judicial corruption described throughout these pages, no one was harmed by Aguilar's acts and he made no money or profited in any way. Compare the alleged offenses charged against Judge Aguilar with the pattern of obstruction of justice and felony persecution of informants by Justice Department personnel; or the FBI's pattern of lying to grand juries and trial juries.

Another judge charged with a crime by Justice Department officials was former U.S. District Judge Claiborne in the Las Vegas District Court (1986), who was noted for rendering decisions contrary to those wanted by the Justice Department. Claiborne's accountant had failed to list the profit made on one of several real estate transactions on his income tax report. Justice Department prosecutors then charged Claiborne with income tax evasion.

The mere investigation by the FBI arm of the Justice Department can cause a member of the U.S. Senate or House to lose an election. The Justice Department can easily fabricate charges, especially conspiracy or misprision of felony offenses, by stretching facts clearly out of proportion to reality. Possibly the fear of what the Justice Department can do was one of the reasons every member of the U.S. Senate from 1991 to 1993 refused to respond to my multi-page petition to investigate the corruption I brought to their attention. But this was no excuse for them aiding and abetting the criminal activities. They had a duty to perform. When they accepted their position, they assumed the responsibilities that went with the pay, the perks, and the prestige.


For thirty years I have been intimately connected with the criminal acts committed by Justice Department officials and their various divisions. Their misconduct in the 1960s, which I initially discovered while a federal investigator, had devastating consequences in the aviation areas that I brought to their attention. Since then, as these pages reveal, the criminality in the U.S. Department of Justice has increased many times over, very possibly making it the key cog in the pattern of racketeering activities against the American people.

If Justice Department personnel did, in fact, do any of the acts described within these pages, these same personnel would have to misuse the power of the federal government and of the Justice Department to block the reporting of these crimes.

These Justice Department attorneys have made it standard practice to misuse Justice Department facilities to falsely charge dozens of informants and whistleblowers with federal offenses to block their reporting of crimes implicating federal officials.

The list is much longer than those mentioned within these pages. They include CIA operative Gunther Russbacher; Trenton Parker, another high-ranking deep-cover CIA operative; Michael Riconosciuto, a CIA contract agent; Ronald Rewald, contract agent; Bobbi Riconosciuto; Richard Brenneke, CIA contract agent; Heinrich Rupp, CIA contract agent; Basil Abbott, DEA pilot hired under the Confidential Informant category; Russell Bowen, OSS and CIA; Stewart Webb, concerned citizen and private investigator.

Compare the prison sentences given to concerned citizens who speak out, or to silence informants, with the hard-core criminal offenses committed by federal officials whose crimes are far more serious because of the positions of trust that they occupy.


[H: As we write along here I get back questions as to so many others who would be on such listings. Remember that we are utilizing one tiny, tiny scope of KNOWN persons involved in such treatment as immediately related to this subject and this particular author. This makes no effort whatsoever to present such as LaRouche or myriads of others who have been persecuted and whose stories are every bit as terrifying and blatant--but our thrust is to always give you what is KNOWN so that there is not the accusation of false-story telling. Further, the size of the volumes presented would be so very large as to prohibit publication and pricing for such publication, would be so great as to prohibit you from having (getting) the work. Most "citizens" have very little more than any of the authors who have been stripped bare so we do what we can as comprehensively as possible and ask you to pick up and integrate the pieces as you can. Thank you. By the way, readers, let it be known right here and now that some of the "patriots" and other "protesters" have, in fact, broken the laws as presented. I have nothing to object to about that action--BUT WHEN YOU EXPECT US TO GO GET THESE ONES OUT OF JAIL AND WE FIND THEY HAD ALSO ACTUALLY COMMITTED ACTS WHICH ARE UNLAWFUL--IT BECOMES ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE TO EVEN GET HEARING! IT IS HARD TO GET SOMEONE OUT OF PRISON WHO IS ACCUSED OF SOMETHING WHEN HE HAS ACTUALLY WIRED BOMBS TO DETONATE, CARRIES ILLEGAL WEAPONS AND THREATENS WITH THEM--THEN, WHEN A CRIME IS ACTUALLY COMMITTED--HOW DO YOU DEFEND THE PARTY?

I can carry this further and discuss the IRS seizure of Red Beckman's property. (Don't give me the old "but you don't like Red Beckman.") I DO have incredible respect for Red Beckman and have honored him from onset of OUR OWN WRITINGS! There are more simple, effective, legal and capable methods of handling IRS problems than to simply thumb your nose and refuse to file income tax forms--when you have had income. Each, however, will learn that which they will.


A federal judge sentenced a young lady to federal prison (1989) for failure to remember details of stock transactions that occurred several years earlier while she was a stock broker for Drexel Burnham Lambert. Lisa Jones, a 24-year-old dropout and runaway who became financially successful at the Wall Street investment firm of Drexel, was one of the first witnesses called by Justice Department attorneys investigating insider trading and other security violations at Drexel. She refused to fabricate testimony requested by Justice Department attorneys, who then retaliated when she could not remember details of the stock transactions. Justice Department prosecutors charged her with obstruction of justice. Lisa Jones was victimized in the battle between Drexel and Justice Department attorneys, and sentenced to eighteen months in federal prison.

[H: Give me another minute here to call your attention to the program 60 MINUTES of last evening. I hope you saw the segment on felon witnesses for the prosecution and how absolutely corrupt and rotten the system REALLY IS! But remember one of the Protocols: "If one of our people should unhappily fall into the hands of justice amongst the Christians, we must rush to help him; FIND AS MANY WITNESS AS HE NEEDS TO SAVE HIM FROM HIS JUDGES, UNTIL WE BECOME JUDGES OURSELVES!]


No we are not finished with this writing segment--but the computer is ready to wipe out today's writing. Dharma, stop and take note of what it is doing. Shut it off and we will start again a bit later. Just hold the sequence, save the document and close it out.



MON., APR. 4, 1994 11:28 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 231

MON., APR. 4, 1994


Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 14
by Rodney Stich


The young woman suffered the indignities accompanying federal imprisonment, including frequent transportation with leg irons, handcuffs, and body cavity searches. Lisa Jones joined the many thousands of citizens who became victims of Justice Department and judicial corruption, and understandably, developed psychological problems.

After all this, Drexel's attorneys sued the young lady for payment of legal fees that Drexel had agreed to pay. In response to Drexel's claim that they would sue Ms. Jones for the amount of money that they had advanced, San Francisco attorney Daniel Bookin stated: "It is inconceivable to me that Drexel would sue Lisa after all that she's gone through, and in view of compassion and decency aside, however, one simple fact seems certain: Lisa has virtually no assets; she could never even begin to repay the cost of her legal representation."


Justice Department prosecutors charged Leona Helmsley with evading income taxes, and sentenced the 72-year-old woman to four years in federal prison, leaving behind her 81-year-old husband, who could be expected to be dead before she would be released. [H: On the other hand Clifford Clark was absolved of ALL possible charges against him in the BCCI scandal wherein these ones had criminally taken billions upon billions of dollars from YOU--because of his age!! A very interesting judicial system indeed!]

Helmsley's accountants had claimed as business expenses, charges that Justice Department attorneys considered personal items. [H: It seems they had claimed some of her underwear. I speak of this because didn't Bill Clinton overdeduct for charitable contribution, some of his underwear? Ah yes, indeed interesting...] Helmsley's income tax forms were made out by professional tax preparers, who determined that the deductions were business related. The accountants who made that determination were never charged with any wrongdoing. Helmsley paid over $4 million federal income taxes in the disputed tax year and the amount owed by the disputed charges was a very small percentage of that amount.

Seeking to show that the judge who sentenced Helmsley to prison did himself commit a serious federal crime, I mailed to the federal judge on April 25, 1992, a list of the criminal activities that my CIA informants and I were trying to report, and demanded that he receive our testimony and evidence. I reminded him of the mandatory requirement that we give our evidence to a federal court and that the court receives it. (Title 18 U.S.C. sub. 4) He refused to receive our evidence, making possible the continuation of the epidemic corruption that we discovered.

While aiding and abetting, and covering up for the serious crimes described within these pages, and sending informants to prison, Justice Department prosecutors found time on December 15, 1992, to indict [Bobby] Fisher for playing a chess game in Yugoslavia, charging him with violating the presidential order barring business relations with Communist countries. Fisher violated a June, 1992 executive order by President George Bush restricting commercial relations with Yugoslavia. The indictment subjected Fisher to ten years in prison and a fine of as much as $250,000. Is it any wonder the United States has the highest percentage of its citizens in prison?


On December 7, 1990, Judge Samuel Conti sentenced a young black girl from Oakland, California, the mother of two infants, to ten years in prison on a conspiracy charge. The young girl had a telephone conversation with another person concerning the sale of drugs. The conversation never went any further but federal agents, monitoring the phone call, charged the girl with conspiracy. She was in tears when U.S. Marshals drove her back from the federal court house in San Francisco to the Dublin Federal Detention Center after Judge Samuel Conti sentenced her to ten years in a high security prison. This same judge played a major role in blocking my exposures of the criminal activities and in protecting the many people that were implicated in the attacks upon me. He, as with many other federal judges named in these pages, should be impeached and sentenced to a long prison term. But this will never happen because crooked federal judges and Justice Department attorneys have a strangle-hold on the justice system.


Justice Department prosecutors charged a Sacramento area real estate developer, Marcel Cordi, with a federal offense for refusing to testify falsely against a bank official whom Justice Department prosecutors wanted to convict. U.S. Attorney David Levi of Sacramento wanted Marcel to testify against a bank official and alter the facts in his testimony. Marcel was willing to testify, but would not commit perjury to enable Justice Department prosecutors to falsely convict the person. In retaliation for refusing to commit perjury, U.S. Attorney Levi charged Marcel with fraud, based upon an incorrect statement on a prior loan application relating to his length of employment.

Levi was the U.S. Attorney who charged me with criminal contempt of court when I filed federal actions reporting the criminal activities implicating federal officials, including his Justice Department employer. In retaliation for reporting the crimes, and for exercising federal defenses, Levi charged me with criminal contempt of court. Levi was appointed in 1992 to a federal judgeship in Sacramento. It is standard practice to appoint Justice Department officials to the federal bench. This plan insures that Justice Department prosecutors are successful in federal court.

Another example of how the public is victimized by the mindset in the Justice Department: a woman in Texas with five children drove her boyfriend's van into Mexico and was arrested at the border when she was returning home, having no idea cocaine had been hidden in her van. The jury, assuming that Justice Department officials would not prosecute an innocent woman, rendered a decision holding her guilty, causing her to receive a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence. She knew nothing about having been used as a "mule".

Making these outrages even worse is the fact that their sufferings are shared by thousands of others who become forgotten victims of corruption by Justice Department attorneys.

Cases have been cited, including a December 26, 1990 article by Harry Hellerstein, Assistant Federal Public Defender in San Francisco, in the Wall Street Journal, where major criminals are not charged by Justice Department prosecutors on the basis of information that they gave relating to other drug operations, often enabling Justice Department prosecutors to obtain many other convictions of lesser figures. There are hundreds of peripheral drug players in prison, facing long mandatory prison terms, while those guilty of far more serious drug offenses are free, primarily because they were able to snitch on others.

Long prison terms for drug offenses become even more preposterous when it is realized that the CIA and DEA have engaged in large-scale drug trafficking operations into the United States for decades.


A frequent charge for sentencing innocent people to prison is charging them with the federal crime, misprision of felony. Anyone who knows of a federal crime and who does not promptly report it to a federal judge or other federal tribunal is guilty of this crime. This statute has no exclusions, and applies to members of Congress, White House officials, Justice Department personnel, the media, all of whom have committed this crime. In practice, punishment for this crime is limited to citizens, and not to those in government who hold a far greater responsibility to act on the crimes described within these pages.

An example of the misuse of this criminal statute occurred when a Memphis aircraft broker sold a used aircraft to a customer, who later used it in drug-related operations. The aircraft broker had no way of knowing how the plane was to be used, nor is he required to become an investigator. Later, when federal authorities were building a case against the suspects, they requested that the aircraft broker fabricate testimony in order to assist in obtaining convictions.

The broker was willing to testify, but refused to lie. Justice Department attorneys then retaliated against him, charging him with misprision of a felony on the basis that he failed to report to federal authorities that the aircraft was to be used in unlawful activities. The aircraft broker was subsequently put on trial with 32 other defendants, who apparently were guilty of drug-related offenses. Without competent legal counsel to protect his interests, the unsophisticated jury accepted the prosecutors' charges as true, and held that he was part of the drug trafficking operation. He was then sentenced to five years in federal prison, even though he never committed a single offense.


Another example of the harms inflicted upon innocent people was related to me by the aircraft broker in the preceding example. The broker was in a county jail near Memphis waiting for trail when he witnessed the fatal consequences of arrogance by federal agents. His cell mate, Mike Scarlett from Texas, had been enticed by federal agents into making the controlled substance "speed." (Speed had been prescribed for years by doctors for weight reduction, by decreasing a person's appetite. It is now a controlled substance for which prison terms are prescribed for its unlicensed manufacture or sale.) Knowing that Scarlett started to make it, these same federal agents arrested him, charging him with manufacturing amphetamines.

While in prison, Scarlett discovered that his wife was sleeping with one of the federal agents who had set him up. Al told me that his cell-mate, Scarlett, was very distraught-looking after phoning his wife. Al described to me how the inmate wrote what was later discovered to be a suicide note, and that Scarlett hung a bed sheet over the prison bars, as if he wanted privacy for sleeping, as is often done. Behind the sheet Scarlett stepped onto the rim of the toilet and tied a strip, torn from a bed sheet, to a grill near the ceiling. Scarlett then stepped off of the toilet and hanged himself.


Justice Department prosecutors sent Allen Kafkaesque to prison for filling in a mosquito-breeding low spot on his 103-acre ranch (Wall Street Journal, Nov. 18, 1992). He allowed two loads of dirt to be dumped in a low spot as a base for a shed. Federal officials then charged him with filling in "wetlands", which has been made a crime by Congressional legislation. Justice Department prosecutors sought to have him imprisoned for 27 to 33 months. When the judge reduced the sentence to six months in prison, Justice Department prosecutors appealed, seeking to have Kafkaesque imprisoned for almost three years, for filling in a low spot on his 103 acres! Simultaneously, Justice Department prosecutors, protecting CIA assets involved in drug trafficking and looting of financial institutions, were themselves involved in the Inslaw scandal, and looting of Chapter 11 assets, among other crimes.


America reportedly has the greatest percentage of its population in prison of any country in the world. Outrageous prison sentences are imposed for often minor offenses, such as filling in swamps on one's own property, or being found with small quantities of drugs. Minor drug offenders are sentenced to twenty or more years in prison for a one-time offense, while vicious killers are often released in a fraction of the time. Often the drug offender is a person simply filling the demand created by a drug-crazed society that may share a greater blame than the person responding to the demand. A person charged with a hand-full of drugs receives a far longer prison sentence than a person who brutally kills another.


A favorite stunt of Justice Department prosecutors is to charge the wife or an aged parent with a crime. They had no part in the offense charged, and an offense may not have even been committed. In this way the brave attorneys in the Justice Department coerce defendants to plead guilty (who may be innocent), or to plead guilty to charges greater than what were committed. Justice Department prosecutors threatened to charge Russbacher's wife with a crime if he did not plead guilty to misusing government fuel and aircraft when he had the CIA Learjet fly him to Seattle and then to Reno in 1989. Numerous inmates described to me how they were forced to plead guilty to something they hadn't done, or to plead guilty to a greater offense than they were guilty of, after Justice Department prosecutors threatened to imprison their parents or wives.


It is well known that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was skilled at obtaining incriminating and embarrassing information on political figures, and had a file on almost every member of Congress. In From the Secret Files of J. Edgar Hoover, by Athan Theoharis, the author describes Hoover's interest and ability in gathering scandalous information about prominent political figures. The book describes FBI reports on John F. Kennedy's affair with Inga Arvad, Robert Kennedy's affair with Marilyn Monroe, Eleanor Roosevelt's affair with Joseph Lash, homosexual activities, and other activities. The CIA does the same thing to exert control over members of Congress. The CIA reportedly threatened Senator Boren in 1981 with exposure of his alleged pedophile activities after Boren initially stated he would not vote for Robert Gates as CIA Director. The book shows that Hoover's activities did not die with him, but continue to this date. Other intelligence agencies have similar activities. The U.S. Army has a surveillance and blackmail program called Operation Orwell, which is described in earlier pages.


Judges, prosecutors and attorneys sometimes buy and sell cases and human lives as if they were commodities. Judges are paid off to rule favorably on particular cases. A clerk can lose a key file or piece of evidence. The court reporter can change the transcript to indicate the reverse of what is actually in the record.

Attorneys often sabotage their own clients, allowing them to be convicted, to satisfy a debt to his adversary's legal counsel, or to placate a judge who may want the other party to prevail. Trading of human life, in court, or in the air safety environment, is like kids trading marbles. Prosecutors will let a defendant go free, in exchange for the life of another man. Criminal attorneys will plead a man guilty just to pay back a prosecutor for not prosecuting another client. Prosecutors will lie to imprison an innocent person, or to cause his incarceration for years longer than the law provides for the offense that was actually committed. Cases are fixed by paying judges, prosecutors, police, and others.

Some Justice Department attorneys justify their lying, using the argument that the defendant lies, so why shouldn't they lie. But a defendant may lie to avoid prison. Prosecutors lie to imprison innocent persons, or to greatly increase the length of sentence for the purpose of making their record look good, regardless of the human tragedy it brings.

The public doesn't perceive this misconduct as a threat to themselves. When the Justice Department prosecutes a party for an alleged crime, the average person, including unsophisticated members of the grand jury, assumes that the party is guilty. Otherwise the accused would not be charged, or so they think. I fell into that trap in the past, until I learned that Justice Department attorneys lie and cheat as a standard tactic. Unfortunately for the victims of this prosecutorial misconduct, as a Wall Street Journal article once stated, the grand jury would indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor told them to do so.

Justice Department attorneys win year-end bonuses and personal-recognition awards for putting people in prison, guilty or not.


A common method for covering up evidence of the ongoing criminal activities described in these pages is to dismiss investigators who report evidence of the crimes. For instance, when the investigative activities of the U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia threatened too many politicians involved in political corruption, President Carter reportedly pressured the Justice Department to remove U.S. Attorney Martson from office.

Speaking before the Washington National Press Club on January 25, 1978, Martson stated:

If a single Congressman can remove his home-town prosecutor who's actively investigating public officials, with a single call to the President--if that can happen, and that's what did happen--our federal criminal-justice system won't work. No amount of rhetoric will ever convince the bagmen and the fixers that they can't pull strings in Washington, because they're sure that strings got pulled in Washington.

The Justice Department--controlled by the United States Attorney General, who is appointed by the President of the United States--investigated President Carter and his political friend, Attorney General Griffin Bell, for possible obstruction of justice. Is it any wonder the Justice Department cleared their boss of any wrongdoing?

The same tactics were used by Justice Department officials against Assistant U.S. Trustee Gregg Eichler in the San Francisco area when his investigations exposed the part played by federal judges and Justice Department officials in the corrupt Chapter 11 courts. I had given Eichler information on the criminal activities I experienced in Chapter 11, implicating federal judges, federal trustees, and law firms. Eichler was dismissed from government service in late 1991 after he had exposed the corruption by CIA-related trustee Charles Duck, and as Eichler was going after the judges.

Justice Department officials fired one of their investigators in retaliation for testifying in the Inslaw affair. Justice Department officials arranged for the removal of Chapter 11 Judge George Bason from the District of Columbia bench after he ruled in favor of Inslaw, and then arranged for the Justice Department's attorney defending against the Inslaw charges to replace Judge Bason. By packing the courts in this manner, corrupt Justice Department officials gain control over the judicial process, wherein they protect themselves.

Investigator Lloyd Monroe quit the Justice Department after he discovered connections between the Savings and Loan scandal and the CIA-related Southmark Corporation in Dallas.

Justice Department officials reprimanded assistant U.S. Attorney Dave Howard in the San Francisco office after he filed a highly sensitive eleven-page report on July 11, 1990, describing the judicial corruption in Chapter 11. Howard recommended the appointment of a special counsel to investigate corruption by federal judges and trustees in Ninth Circuit Chapter 11 courts. Instead of acting on the report, Justice Department officials censored Howard for preparing the report.

Jack Blum, on Senator Terry Sanford's committee, was forced to resign when he pursued the investigation of BCCI corruption when the committee wanted to drop it. After Sanford's committee blocked the investigation into BCC, Blum went to Manhattan's District Attorney Robert Morgenthau with his evidence, resulting in criminal prosecution against powerful attorneys who sold their country down the river for financial wealth. Justice Department officials repeatedly blocked the exposure of BCCI corruption, just as they blocked the exposure of every other scandal described in these pages.

The FBI has its own way of dealing with whistleblowers. The former head of the Los Angeles FBI office, Ted Gunderson stated that he had been harassed by the FBI to suppress his reports of drugs smuggled into the United States in the bodies of dead GI's sent back from the Vietnam War (United Press, Feb. 22, 1986) [H: Still think the possibility of shipping in drugs in a cow's second stomach is far fetched?] Gunderson retired from the FBI in 1979, becoming a private investigator, during which time he obtained evidence of widespread drug dealings at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Numerous CIA assets have given me data confirming this sordid practice. Gunderson told the United Press reporters that the FBI and Justice Department had tapped his business phone and smeared his name.


Mysterious deaths of people exposing Justice Department and CIA corruption have been repeatedly reported throughout these pages. One of the main murders, closely associated with the Justice Department's criminality in the Inslaw matter, was the widely publicized death of Danny Casolaro. The September 10, 1992, Congressional Inslaw report addressed this link, reporting that there was a need for a further investigation into Casolaro's death and the link to the Justice Department officials.


The mindset rampant in the Justice Department has no bounds. Justice Department attorneys have sanctioned and ordered the seizure in foreign countries of foreign citizens, who had never been in the United States, for the Justice Department to have jurisdiction over them. In one instance involving a resident of Mexico, Dr. Humberto Machain, Justice Department personnel paid bounty hunters $50,000 to kidnap him and bring him into the United States to stand trial. He had allegedly assisted in torturing a U.S. DEA agent in Mexico. Civilized international law procedures require that extradition be requested of Mexican officials.

Applying this tactic to other nations, there is far more "justification" for other nations to kidnap American citizens, based upon the crimes inflicted in their country by the CIA and other U.S. dirty-trick squads. Using this reasoning, hundreds of federal officials, especially those in the CIA, could be seized for the crimes that they caused to be inflicted as they invaded the sovereignty of foreign countries.

Iranians could justifiably sneak into the United States and abduct American citizens to stand trial in Iran for having committed crimes under Iranian laws, including interference in Iranian governmental activities, or the shooting down of an Iranian airliner by a trigger-happy U.S. Navy crew that had invaded Iranian waters.

The Vietnamese government could sneak into the United States and abduct American officials for their part in causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Vietnamese in the Phoenix program. [H: That seems like a rather interesting idea to me....]

The U.S. invades Panama, killing hundreds of Panamanian citizens, to capture the head of a foreign country who has never committed a crime in the United States for having trafficked in drugs in Panama [H: WITH YOUR GOVERNMENT AND CIA.]. Making the seizure of Manuel Noriega more bizarre, he was formerly on the payroll of the same CIA, engaging in drug trafficking in partnership with the Central Intelligence Agency's sanctioned operations. [H: Now here is where you could REALLY get some inside information on the whole affair-- FROM ONE COLONEL JAMES "BO" GRITZ. This is not a slam of any kind (I like Bo Gritz more than you might realize) for HE WAS MORE INFORMED ABOUT THAT AND THE ORDER FOR NORIEGA'S ASSASSINATION AT ONE TIME--THAN ANY OTHER ONE PERSON IN SPECIAL FORCES!]




MON., APR. 4, 1994 1:27 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 231

MON., APR. 4, 1994

by Rodney Stich


(Book available: Diablo Western Press, Inc., P.O. Box 5, Alamo, California 94507 OR P.O. Box 10587, Reno, Nevada 89510)

A federal judge in Los Angeles threw out the indictment against Mexican physician, Dr. Humberto Machain. Entered into the court records were the declarations of a Mexican informant that another doctor, Fidel Kosonoy, was responsible for administering the drugs that kept an American DEA agent, Enrique Camarena, alive so that the agent could be tortured for obtaining additional information. Kosonoy was the personal physician of Rafael Caro Quintero, a Mexican drug trafficker. Justice Department prosecutors withheld this declaration that contradicted their charges against the Mexican doctor.

The Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of Justice Department officials to invade a foreign country and seize their citizens in this manner. This is the same group that upheld the right of Justice Department prosecutors to imprison me in retaliation for reporting federal crimes and in retaliation for exercising constitutional and statutory remedies. There was an exception: Justice John Paul Stevens called the decision "monstrous," which it was. The United States has given federal bounty hunters carte blanche to violate a widely held principle of international law, implying that foreign countries can do the same to U.S. citizens.

Chief Justice William Rehnquist upheld this shocking violation of international law on the basis that "the treaty says nothing about the obligations" of the two countries "to refrain from forcible abductions." Using this rationale, U.S. bounty hunters can kill foreign citizens in foreign countries if the extradition treaty says nothing about that issue.

The Supreme Court Justices held that it was legal for American bounty-hunters to invade the sovereignty of a foreign country, use force if necessary, including killing foreign citizens and police of such foreign country, and kidnap them, bringing them to the United States, before our biased and corrupt system, with Justice Department-appointed "defense" attorneys, to be held for trial. These are the same Justices who have obstructed justice when I repeatedly brought the corruption described within these pages to their attention via petitions, appeals, and letters.

Foreign nations and their media strongly criticized the United States Supreme Court for this position. Chile's most important newspaper, El Mercurio, reacted to the Supreme Court's ruling with the heading, "Caramba! they've legalized terrorism." the June 23, 1992, editorial summaraized the arrogance:

The decision promotes contempt for the rule of law and the right of due process, violates national sovereignty and opens the door to acts of reprisal among nations. And what happens if U.S. agents--or people cooperating with the U.S. --clash with police in Mexico, Colombia or some other country, with gunfire that may even injure or kill innocent bystanders?

Chilean Socialist leader Marcelo Schilling said of the Supreme court rule that it was "the law of the jungle in which the weaker countries will lose out." Guatemalan President Jorge Serrano called the Supreme Court's ruling an "unacceptable judicial monstrosity."

When asked what he thought of the kidnapping doctrine, legal adviser to the State Department, Judge Abraham Sofaer, testified before Congress in 1985:

How would we feel if some foreign nation ... came over here and seized some terrorist suspect in New York City, or Boston, or Philadelphia ... because we refused through the normal channels of international, legal communications to extradite that individual?

In 1989 the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Office of Legal Counsel, William P. Barr, held that the FBI could legally seize suspects in foreign countries, even though they had never been in the United States and had never committed any offense in the United States.

The heading in the Mexico City newspaper El Financiero read: "bush and the Culture of Terrorism." The article described the "new world disorder in which the United States ... can kidnap, torture and assassinate citizens from other nations."

On November 11, 1990, the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs came into force, and passed a resolution stating in clear text that a treaty party "shall not undertake in the territory of another Party the exercise of jurisdiction and performance of functions which are exclusively reserved for the authorities of that other Party by its domestic laws."

It was the invasion of Mexico under orders of Justice Department officials that required this restatement of international law. The resolution was introduced by Canada and mexico and approved by the United Nations group. The United States ratified that convention agreement in 1990, and then promptly violated it by seizing a mexican citizen in Mexico in 1992.

In response to the U.S. kidnapping of a Mexican citizen and the U.S. Supreme Court upholding that act, the Mexican senate approved an amendment to the Mexican criminal code imposing a 40-year sentence on anyone who kidnaps Mexicans on behalf of the United States or any other foreign authority who may wish to duplicate America's invasion of a foreign country's sovereignty to kidnap foreign citizens. So intense was Mexican anger toward the United States that the bill was approved unanimously, and then approved by President Carlos Salinas de Gortari. This new law was Mexico's response to the U.S Supreme Court ruling in June 1992 that approved the 1990 kidnapping of the Mexican doctor from Mexico.


At an isolated mountain-top home in Idaho, five hundred heavily armed ATF and FBI agents, U. S. marshals, local law enforcement agencies, military vehicles and tanks, surrounded a small home owned by Randy Weaver, a former Green Beret. Weaver was on the Justice Department's hit list for refusing to cooperate in an undercover operation against a group of local skinheads. Weaver had been asked to infiltrate the group, and after attending a few meetings, Weaver didn't want anything more to do with the plan.

The chance came for ATF and FBI personnel to retaliate against Weaver when he sold a shotgun in which the barrel was allegedly a quarter inch shorter than the law allowed. Justice Department prosecutors charged Weaver with a federal offense and ordered him to appear in federal court at Boise, Idaho. When Weaver failed to appear, due to an error in the reporting date made by the court clerk, six U.S. marshals in camouflaged clothing sneaked onto Weaver's mountain-top property. Weaver's dog spotted the intruders and started barking, after which a family friend, Kevin Harris, and 14-year-old Samuel Weaver went to investigate.

As the dog approached the intruders they shot and killed the animal. The young boy cried out, "You've killed my dog," and then ran back toward the house, at which time one of the U.S. marshals shot him in the back, killing him. Harris, who had gone with the young boy to investigate, witnessed the killings and shot back at the strangers, killing one of the marshals. [H: Actually this is not so--one of the marshal's own comrades killed him.] Back at the house, Randy Weaver, who heard the shooting and seeing his son lying on the ground, and not knowing the trespassers were federal agents (and surely not caring at this stage), shot at the intruders.

The remaining U.S. marshals then retreated, returning with a force of over 500 heavily armed, battle-ready, FBI and other federal personnel, bravely massed to do battle against the father, the mother, a daughter, and a friend. Included in this armada against the family under siege were tands and other weapons of war.

During this siege, the father crept to a storage building adjacent to the house to view the body of his slain son. Huddled in their cabin, frightened by the massive force surrounding their humble home, the mother opened the door and stood in the doorway, holding her infant daughter in her arms. A federal agent shot her with a large caliber rifle, splitting her head apart. Blood spurting from her head, Weaver pulled his wife inside and laid her down on the kitchen floor, as blood drained from the lifeless body. Frightened, Weaver and his children lay on the blood-spattered floor, expecting to die at any moment. Outraged neighbors and people from all over the country converged on the site, protesting the slaughter.

Several members from a concerned citizens group in Hawaii arrived, as did people from throughout the state, including Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz, a candidate for the 1992 presidential election. Their presence may have saved the remaining hostages from annihilation. Gritz arranged for the wounded Weaver to surrender to the federal marshals.

Justice Department prosecutors obtained an indictment against the remaining Weaver family from a rubber-stamp federal grand jury in Boise (September 16, 1992), charging the victims with federal crimes. The indictment against the father, whose son and wife had been killed by federal marshals read in part:

Vicki Weaver and other members of the family did unlawfully, willfully, deliberately ... shoot, kill and murder one William F. Degan.

That indictment, as worded, included the infant whose mother had been killed.

A jury eventually cleared Weaver of the murder charge, but held him guilty of the gun charge.


Another example of the vicious mindset of ATF and Justice Department agents was the shooting death of a wealthy and nearly blind rancher, Donald Scott, near Malibu, California (October 2, 1992). Federal personnel had tried to buy the ranch to expand the adjacent Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. But Scott, a recluse, partially blinded by recent cataract surgery, didn't want to sell.

A multi-agency drug task force of over two dozen heavily armed California and federal agents mounted a military-type assault upon Scott's home. The invaders were from the Los Angeles County sheriff's department, the Los Angeles Police Department, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Park Service and the California National Guard. They were allegedly looking for a field of marijuana they claimed that a federal agent had spotted from a plane flying a thousand feet over the 200-acre property in the hills above Malibu, called Trail's End.

Instead of going to the ranch in a peaceful manner with a search warrant, they conducted a commando-type raid, breaking into Scott's home while he was sleeping, killing him as he came out of his bedroom. No marijuana plants or drugs were found on his property.

There was no reason for this commando-type raid, as there was no need for the element of surprise. If Scott had actually been growing fields of marijuana, he could not suddenly dispose of it down the toilet, and the peaceful serving of a search warrant was all that was necessary.

Investigation showed that the real motive was not a search for drugs, but a desire to seize Scott's ranch under federal forfeiture laws. Scott's wife had been a former user of drugs and if the slightest traces of drugs could have been found on the property, the five million dollar ranch could be seized under the draconian federal forfeiture laws.

Subsequent investigation revealed that federal agents had obtained a property appraisal before invading Scott's home, showing the value of adjoining property, and indicating the desire to seize the property. Federal personnel in charge of the raid advised the attacking agents to look for evidence of drugs so as to justify seizing the property.


The Weaver tragedy received very little press coverage, even though it indicated a very dangerous mindset by ATF and Justice Department officials. By ignoring it, as in every other form of corruption implicating federal officials, the pattern continued and worsened. On Sunday morning, February 28, 1993, about one hundred heavily armed Alcohol, tobacco and Firearms agents (ATF) invaded the residence of a religious group in Waco, Texas, attacking the building with loud shouts as if they were attacking a drug cartel. There were about a hundred people inside the residence, primarily women and children.

The religious group resided in a large building on property known as Mount Carmel, by a religious group known as Branch Davidians. They were a relatively peaceful group, harming no one, wanting to be left alone. As is common in Texas, and to earn extra money, the group frequented gun sales, and had accumulated a large cache of various types of weapons. They also knew about the Weaver tragedy and others, and didn't want the same to happen to them. They were more aware of the government arrogance than most Americans.

Upon hearing the shouting horde of heavily armed para-military group descending upon them, the religious group locked the doors and braced for an attack. ATF agents broke windows and shot into the residence, killing eight people inside, including a two-year-old girl. As agents started entering the building, the people started defending their home by fighting back, killing four of the assaulting ATF agents. Firing stopped, and the para-military force retreated, followed by a nearly two-month stand-off.

The residents placed bales of hay against the gaping holes in the walls and where the windows were knocked out. Federal agents ordered electricity cut off to the compound, forcing the residents to use kerosene lanterns for illumination, creating a high fire risk. Government agents blasted the occupants twenty-four hours a day with loud noised, and shook the building with the movement of huge military tanks. Several of the besieged residents gave up and left the building, at which time they were immediately arrested and charged with conspiracy and murder of the four ATF agents who had invaded their residence.

The ATF agents were joined by FBI agents and National Guard troops, equipped with heavy attack vehicles and tanks, surely the envy of many third-world military leaders. They were brave men, ready to do battle with the frightened little religious group consisting mostly of women and children.

If the besieged residents had any hope that public pressure would bring a halt to the siege, they were sadly mistaken. The government's Wurlitzer-like manipulation of the media sought to make the besieged victims the culprits.

The large building in which the occupants were trapped was an old wooden building and highly inflammable. A fire starting inside the structure could be expected to spread rapidly, especially if the winds were blowing hard, as they often do on the Texas prairie. Once fire started inside, escape would be very difficult. In the MGM Hotel fire in Las Vegas many years earlier, the fire in the football-field-size main casino spread so rapidly that people on the far side of the casino from where the fire started were engulfed in flames before they could make their escape.


Early in the morning on April 19, 1993, while the lanterns burned inside the building, the war-ready heavily-armed military force commenced an attack, using armored vehicles and tanks, knocking down walls that fell inward upon the residents. Inside the building, sections of sheetrock and wood rained upon the frightened occupants, knocking burning lamps onto the piles of hay, causing them to ignite. As if this weren't enough, over 200 tear gas canisters were thrown into the building.

[H: Yes, we DO ALL KNOW that this is but a brief summary of Hell. We are not here to detail incidents of this sort--for the facts are now "out there" for all of you to see. Stich is using this and other instances for your consideration regarding the subject in point--the federal government as a criminal enterprise. We could talk about the stand-in at Red Beckman's TODAY and the fact that "that" was to be a cover for harassment of the Clare Prophet Germain group nearby. Its called diversion tactics and/or distracters. But THAT IS WHY we are bringing as much more publicity to any given incident as possible--THEY HAVE TO RECONSIDER THEIR ACTIONS IN THE FACE OF PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. EVIL HAS TO PULL ITS DIRTY WORK IN SECRET AND 'THEN PAY OFF WITNESSES TO LIE OR THEY CANNOT CONTINUE THIS NIGHTMARE OF DARK OPERATIONS. We aren't offering all this because Dharma likes to type. She has been in the middle of the ATF through the RTC come to call with their big guns--secreted around the hillsides behind and around her home. It is amazing that in that instance Gritz said he would be here to stand with her and E.J. But, as it turns out Green told him that the house instance was a lie and they had actually stolen the property from the Savings and Loan. WORSE-- GRITZ NOW TELLS THE SAME LIE ON HIS RADIO SHOW AND TELL.

Remember, dear friends, when the shake-out comes--you will find that ones you thought to be your blood-brother will have been among the ones set forth to destroy you for their own greed and avarice or whatever else they can claim. George claims he was just working to get out the WORD OF GOD!(???) So far, he like Gritz now, everything they have claimed against Ekkers, in this example, they are guilty of in all respects!! Is this ignorance on the part of some of the players? Perhaps but in these examples THAT IS NO EXCUSE. ALL THESE PLAYERS HAVE ACCESS TO TRUTH IF THEY BUT LOOK AND HEAR. INDEED, IT IS NO EXCUSE!

I think you readers would like to hear the "latest" prattle about Ekkers. This comes now that even Russbacher was told and actually thought, that they and the Institute were deep-cover "Agency" proprietaries. As a matter of fact it was to the extent that thousands of dollars of travel expense were stacked against the Ekkers through a travel agency which was also claimed as a "proprietary" company. IS THERE NO END TO THE INCREDIBLE GARBAGE? However, local worn out players, it may well be WHY Green and et al continue the assault--they may actually believe that there is a bundle of money--simply belonging to the CIA or something bigger. Well, there IS something bigger--but it isn't MONEY!

* * *

Even our beloved John Schroepfer has been kidnapped from his place of institutional incarceration and spirited away to unknown OTHER imprisonment--so he can't see anyone, get attorney advise or "talk". Why? Well, it is now more serious than prior for Eleanor and her son Rod because they appear to have had a joint venture going to bring debilitation to John, steal away his assets, and literally "bump him off'. This is a scenario now brought to the surface for legal consideration as more and more evidence flows to the surface and documents are revealed regarding "plans" laid long ago. John said she hit him on the day of his "accident" and was poisoning him for a very long time. Is this so? My friends, anything is possible and thus you have to consider WHY they continue to do these blatant actions concerning this man. The investigation will not move right on into conspiracy, of the "hospital", the institution, the physicians obviously acting in the conspiracy and apparently the legal personages who were supposed to "represent" him. As nearly as is being admitted, he was spirited away under cloak and demand for secrecy to somewhere in Northern California on Thursday night. This story is too long for this writing and of course at this time it is without documented PROOF as to some of the charges. It does not look good for Eleanor, however, and for her son to place his mother in such circumstances for his own purposes of gaining both estates of John AND Eleanor is unconscionable--it might remind you of ARSNIC AND OLD LACE! It moves into the category of being even worse than Luke Perry in his attempt to simply steal his step-mother's retirement funds.

Yes indeed, the ones here want to just "give up"--but who will be there to help them (OR YOU) when the criminal actions come against YOU? No, this will have to be pursued. For one thing, it is rapidly moving from a civil action of mishandling of conservatorship to criminal assault and conspiracy to deprive a person of his rights and property, including his LIFE. Now, as to the punch-line--THEY ARE IMPLICATING GEORGE GREEN IN THE FOUNDATION OF THE PLANNING. HE ASKED TO BE REMOVED AS GUARANTOR ON ANY OF THEIR NOTES OR TRANS-ACTIONS (EVEN WITH HIM PRIVATELY) AND HE WAS THEIR ACTING TRUSTEE FOR ELEANOR. However, the notes in point were "stolen" from John (he thought). HE IS ALSO THE ONE WHO ASKED THEM TO DEMAND GOLD FROM THE INSTITUTE AND THUS AND SO. IS THIS SIMPLY CIRCUMSTANTIAL? EVIDENCE OF ACTIONS AND DOCUMENTATION OF INTERACTIONS POINT OTHERWISE. It is using Eleanor and Rod along with Leon Fort that George and attorneys continue to push at the Institute for receivership. Interesting…..!]

The leader of the religious group rushed through the building handing out gas masks, and instructing the people to put them on immediately. The wind was blowing at over thirty miles an hour, roaring through the holes ripped in the building by the tanks, fanning the flames. Inside the resident were trapped and scared, and unable to escape. The blackness of the early morning hours, the heavy smoke, the eye irritation caused by the tear gas, and the piles of debris in the hallways, made escape impossible for most of the resident. Eight managed to flee the searing heat, some of them with their clothes on fire.

Once the fires took hold, they spread in firestorm fashion, insuring the fiery death of everyone inside. Many of the frightened women and children huddled in fear, feeling the effects of the searing heat. Suddenly, as the flames reached the butane fuel escaping from a ruptured tank, and explosion sent flames hundreds of feet into the air, an event seen throughout the world on television screens. Possibly never in the history of the civilized world had such an arrogant attack upon a group of people occurred, the horrible consequences watched throughout the world. [H: Still want to argue over "holocausts"?]


The Waco tragedy had the potential for waking up the American public to the mindset of their leaders. This possibility required oiling up the nationwide misinformation network con-trolled by various federal agencies. it appeared to work. While the residence was still burning, President Bill Clinton appeared on TV, stating the residents committed suicide and they were to blame for the horrible outcome. Clinton stated government agents and officials were not responsible because "a group of fanatics tried to kill themselves." U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno echoed his words. Clinton and Reno had other reasons for blaming the victims. The two of them had approved the attack upon the residents BEFORE THE ATTACK STARTED.

The same federal agents who inflicted this terrible tragedy upon the religious group stated they saw the residents starting the fire, basing that statement upon seeing someone bending over. It is very possible that the person bending over was trying to put out the many fires already started. [H: The facts remain that the public, even the news crews were KEPT WELL OVER TWO MILES AWAY--SO THEY COULDN'T WITNESS!]

Federal officials stated many of the bodies had bullet holes in them, implying they were shot by the leader of the religious group to prevent them from escaping the flames. Texas coroner Dr. Nizam Peerwani, heading the Tarrant County Coroner's office in Fort Worth, stated: "There is absolutely no evidence of that, as far as we are concerned at this stage." Interviewed on Good Morning America on April 23, 1993, the coroner stated that because of the condition of the bodies it would be difficult to determine bullet wounds and that the immense fire left very little of the bodies to examine. He added, "When a corpse is exposed to such intensive heat, the head will often explode."

The bullet theory was important, to shift blame to the victims. Later reports stated that there were bullet holes in many of the bodies. Anything stated by government personnel must be considered suspect in light of the long history of disinformation and outright lies.

The establishment media, which had kept the news of the Weaver tragedy from the American people, couldn't hide the Waco tragedy as they did the Idaho assault. But they did repeat as fact, over and over again, that the group had committed suicide; that the blame for the holocaust was upon them and not upon the attacking military force.

Nine members of the religious group escaped the inferno and were immediately arrested and kept separate from each other. When questioned separately by their attorneys, each of them described what happened inside the building and stated the same facts. The survivors described the chaos in the building as the tanks inflicted heavy damage. They described the knocking over of the kerosene lamps by the tanks and resulting fires, the difficulty of moving about the building because of debris from the collapse of the second-story walls and due to the heavy smoke and tear gas. The smoke caused total darkness inside the building. "You couldn't see your hand in front of your face," stated attorney Dick Kettler, speaking of one of the religious group members, Remos Avraam.

Attorney Dick De Guerin stated that his client told him "there was pandemonium, they knew they were trapped. It was difficult to move around even before the fire started because the tank battering had damaged the inside of the compound."

After hearing the facts stated by the survivors, Clinton repeated during an April 23, 1993 press conference what he had stated several days earlier, that the victims were responsible for their deaths. "I do not think the United States government is responsible for the fact that a bunch of fanatics decided to kill themselves." [H: Well, perhaps those Jews in the WW II holocaust were just committing suicide???] Clinton used the disinformation given by Justice Department agents to support his statements, even though they were contradicted by the independent statements of the survivors, and common sense. [H: Now we all know that since the release of this book--the railroading continued right up to trial of these victims who managed an escape and some were actually convicted of various "crimes". However, it is important to note that most were found innocent of any wrongdoing--A YEAR IN INCARCERATION AFTER THE FACT!]


Please bear with me, Dharma, for one more sitting for I think we can finish this chapter for the paper if we stay right with it. Thank you.



MON., APR. 4, 1994 3:50 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 231

MON., APR. 4. 1994

by Rodney Stich


Appearing on the Larry King Live television show within a few days of the holocaust, Senator Dennis DeConcini stated he would head a Senate investigative committee investigating the Waco affair. DeConcini repeated the statements of the Justice Department and President Clinton placing the blame for the deaths on Koresh. This dogmatic statement indicated his pre-judgment of the matter and his determination to protect government personnel who caused the deaths to occur. His statement blaming one of the victims came after there was overwhelming evidence showing Justice Department agents to be lying.


Never at a loss to find people willing to assist Justice Department mischief, a team of "investigators" came upon the scene several days later and defended the onslaught, stating the occupants themselves decided to set the building and themselves on fire. The wife of the team's leader, Paul Gray, worked for the same people who started it all, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Gray taught at the ATF's academy and had been selected by the ATF to conduct the "investigation". Gray stated that "this fire was intentionally set by persons inside the compound."


In response to pressure from groups of concerned citizens, Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen called for an independent review to determine what really happened. In September 1993 the Treasury Department released its report, defending the use of the para-military force on the residence occupied mostly by women and children. The report admitted that there was a pattern of deception by senior officials in the aftermath of the bungled operation. Simultaneously, Department of Justice officials released a report clearing Attorney General Janet Reno and other federal officials (who had given approval to the attack), blaming the tragedy on field personnel. [H: Please don't be forgetting, readers, that both Bentsen and Reno work for a foreign government. Neither are paid by the U.S. They are paid from the International Monetary Fund. How do you like those apples?]


Millions of gun owners who legally purchased guns that were legal at the time of purchase can end up in prison and financially destroyed, solely at the whim of a bureaucrat from the ATF and Justice Department. One gun owner, W.J. Chip Stewart, from Springdale, Arkansas, was charged with a federal offense by the ATF, the same people responsible for the Weaver family and Branch Davidian massacres (and others). ATF and Justice Department attorneys caused him to be sentenced to federal prison for twenty-seven months. As a result of his imprisonment, Stewart lost his business, his wife who didn't wish to be inconvenienced, his credit worthiness, and his money.

What did the bureaucrats in the ATF and Justice Department consider to be a crime? Stewart had legally purchased two semi-automatic handguns, that were legal to own at that time: a small 22 caliber and a 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol from Holmes Firearms Company, similar to those owned by millions of people in the United States.

ATF bureaucrats decided, after many of these guns were sold, that the widely-sold semi-automatic guns could be converted by a gunsmith to become an automatic weapon, and were therefore illegal.

Shortly after ATF agents notified Stewart that the guns that he had legally purchased were now unlawful, he turned the guns over to the ATF. They had gotten his name from the gun manufacturer's registration records. Eight months after ATF notified Stewart that his two pistols were put onto the banned list, and after Stewart voluntarily turned the guns over to them, Justice Department prosecutors obtained a grand jury indictment against him. Stewart, who owned an auto wrecking business and was a relatively permanent member of the community, could have been served peacefully with the warrant for his arrest. Instead, sixteen heavily armed ATF and FBI agents and local sheriff s department personnel converged upon his home, breaking down the door. Fortunately for Stewart, he wasn't home. Otherwise, he could have met the deadly fate of Scott, the Weavers, the Branch Davidians, or the many others who were killed by the "brave" men of ATF and FBI.

With this type of mindset almost anyone can be financially destroyed and put in prison, either because of violating some obscure statute, or by being falsely charged.


The direct and indirect involvement of federal judges in almost every one of the criminal enterprises shown in these pages has already been described. In Chapter 11 courts they were directly involved in the theft of billions of dollars a year. In other pages the mechanism for paying off certain federal judges is described. My impression is that they are as sleazy a group as the attorney group they represent.

Federal judges were repeatedly put on notice through my federal court filings of the criminal activities described within these pages that a group of CIA insiders were ready to testify. (The judges included, for instance, Ninth Circuit Judges including Marilyn Patel, Samuel Conti, Milton Schwartz, Edward Garcia, Raul Ramirez, and each of the Justices of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; District of Columbia judges and justices, including Stanley Sporkin, Green, Silberman; Second Circuit judges and Justices at New York City; Fifth Circuit judges at Chicago.) They blocked the reporting of federal crimes, which made them guilty of federal crimes. I repeatedly appealed and petitioned the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene, as they had a duty to do.


None of these criminal enterprises could have continued without the criminal cover-up by each of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. In the 1970s I brought the corruption to the attention of the Supreme Court Justices as it related to the air safety and criminal violations associated with a series of air disasters and the felony cover-up by Justice Department attorneys and federal judges. In the 1980s I brought to their attention the pattern of hard-core civil rights violations that were part of the California scheme to silence me and the destruction of federal remedies by a gang of federal judges.

As a matter of law, under Supreme Court procedures as specifically provided by Rules of Court of the Supreme Court, a person has the right to petition an individual Justice for relief. Also, under federal crime-reporting statutes, the law clearly provides that a citizen must report federal crimes to any federal judge. Implied in the law, a federal judge must receive the evidence. Every time that I exercised these rights and responsibilities the Supreme Court Justices blocked me.

Only once did a Justice of the Supreme Court make any type of response, and this was highly unusual. In response to my petition addressed to Justice Byron White, which he refused to grant, he stated in an October 28, 1991, letter.

As a single Justice I can be of no help to you. I am returning your petition.

White and the other Supreme Court Justices aided and abetted the persecution of whistleblowers and informants who threatened to expose the criminal activities in which they were involved. The charges of organized crimes involving major U.S. agencies that I brought to their attention left no discretion for any federal official to deny me a hearing, especially when the crimes included judges over whom the Justices of the Supreme Court had supervisory responsibilities.


President Lyndon Johnson relied upon voter fraud to get into the U.S. Senate, as related in the 1964 publication of A Texan Looks At Johnson and Means of Ascent by Robert Caro, published by Knopf. When Johnson discovered that Texas Governor Coke Stevenson had received 112 votes more than he did, Johnson arranged for a "recanvass", of the records. Lo and be-hold, an additional 202 suspicious votes appeared, nicely arranged in alphanumerical order, in a district he controlled. When the matter was taken to the federal district court, the court issued an injunction barring Johnson from claiming victory, and setting a hearing to address the voter fraud.

To circumvent the unfavorable evidence being presented in the U.S. District Court in Texas, Johnson's attorney, Abe Fortas (who was later appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court), filed a petition with Justice Hugo Black of the U.S. Supreme Court to block the federal district court in Texas from taking any action. Black ruled in Johnson's favor, without allowing the evidence of voter fraud to be presented. Johnson later rewarded Fortas as he appointed Fortas to the U.S. Supreme Court. But as the saying goes that "a leopard doesn't change its spots," Fortas' conduct on the Supreme Court was sufficiently outrageous that he was later forced to resign rather than face impeachment.

An editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle (June 30, 1991) titled, "The Pernicious Court", stated the "judiciary is riding roughshod over rights and precedent as it enacts its legislative agenda into law." The editorial stated that "the Supreme Court rode roughshod over traditional constitutional rights, ignoring settled precedents and overturning others that got in its way." If no constitutional outrage was examined other than what federal judges have done to me in retaliation for exercising federal crime reporting requirements and exercising federal defenses, it would be prima facie evidence of a criminal mindset in the federal judiciary.


The Supreme Court Justices in June 1989 upheld the right of state and federal agents to confiscate the assets of a person possessing drugs, or who committed a crime, even though charges may not have been filed (and maybe never would be), and there had never been a trial. This seizure of assets usually deprived the person of funds needed to hire legal counsel to defend against the charges. The Court's fuzzy argument is that the Sixth Amendment right to appointment of legal counsel will insure proper legal representation. The Supreme Court Justices knew that court-appointed attorneys are usually a farce.

Even if the party is never accused, or he is found innocent, the person is usually unable to obtain his or her seized property. The Pittsburgh Press described the seizure laws as a "License to Loot--Victims lose even if charges aren't filed." These and other articles depict how police in the United States can take a person's assets, including their homes and money to pay for legal defenses, even without being charged with a crime. The police need simply charge the person with an offense, which can easily be fabricated. Supreme Court Justices have rendered decisions making police officers and prosecutors usually immune from liability. It is a stacked deck against the people of the United States, and they don't even recognize it.

To get the property back, if it hasn't already been disposed of, the person has to sue the government, and this takes money for legal fees, which the person usually doesn't have.

Simply because small quantities of drugs were found, large ships, airplanes, and buildings have been seized and forfeited, without any regard to the financial relationship between the amount of drugs and the value of the seized property. The person who put the drugs on the seized property may not even be its owner, while the actual owner may be totally unaware and unable to control the presence of drugs.

Property seizure laws permit taking a person's assets on the mere suspicion that the person violated the law. Justice Department officials either violate the law themselves, or protect those government officials who do. Made more preposterous by the CIA and other government agencies involvement in smuggling drugs into the United States in the interest of funding covert CIA activities (many of which terminate in wholesale deaths of Americans such as in the Vietnam conflict), which makes a mockery of the so-called drug wars. [H: How can this "fly"? Because of executive order for one thing. If a "war" is "declared" by a president (on anything or anyone) it automatically invokes "Executive Order" and anything goes....] In December 1993, after much public outrage, five of the nine Supreme Court Justices held that there must first be a hearing before property may be seized. Reno's Justice Department replied, "We will continue to use the forfeiture laws vigorously." With the heavy concentration of former Justice Department attorneys on the federal bench, forfeiture will probably continue as before, as targeted citizens must prove a negative, that they did not violate any laws.


The arrogance of federal judges and justices is reflected by a U.S. Supreme Court decision in which the Justices of the Supreme Court held that a citizen cannot sue a judge for harms inflicted by the judge, regardless of whether the judge acted in error, maliciously, or in excess of authority. In one instance the Supreme Court Justices ruled that a judge who ordered a young woman sterilized was immune from damages. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices have held in such cases as Stump v. Sparkman (435 US 349 [1978]) that the American public has no protection against the renegade judges, over whom the Supreme Court Justices have supervisory responsibilities, who inflict great harms upon a particular targeted person.

This isn't what civil rights statutes read; it is self-made law by judges that violate the statutes and constitutional protections. These self-protective case law decisions conflict with the public's right to seek damages from anyone who knowingly inflicts harms through known and deliberate violations of protected rights. [H: This SHOULD include even ones such as poor John Schroepfer against ones seeking to take his freedom and his property. So far, however, the people in the "hospital" simply bring in the law to KEEP IBM ISO-LATED--EVEN ALLUDING TO THE STEP-SON AS THE CONSERVATOR--AN OUTRIGHT MISCARRIAGE OF LAW.]

The greatest threat to our constitutional protections is with the present group of judges and Justice Department attorneys, who are openly destroying the protections under our form of government. The media and every major check and balance have kept the lid on these outrageous acts, as they have done with every major scandal described within these pages. The implications of this are enormous. The losses of civil rights are all around us but the majority of Americans, kept ignorant of these matters by the mass media, haven't the faintest idea what is actually going on and being done to them.

In 1993 the California Supreme Court held that a citizen could be arrested and held in jail for several days solely on the basis that he or she was not carrying identification. A swimmer walking to the beach could end up in jail, in chains, enduring body-cavity searchers, and risking rape, solely because he or she did not have identification suitable to the stopping officer. [H: Do you now begin to see how happily you will all line up for your inserted chips and tattoos so that you are never "caught" in such a compromising circumstance as not having your identification card?]


The public has a short memory. Scandal after scandal by members of Congress has surfaced, and rarely has a member of Congress been criminally prosecuted. Simultaneously, thousands of American citizens are charged and put in prison for committing some minor offense, or imprisoned or trumped-up charges. Even in the Savings and Loan scandal, the nation's worst financial debacle that will adversely affect Americans for decades, not a single member of Congress, including those who openly solicited money to block regulators' actions, has been sent to prison.

Member of Congress limited their investigation of the Keating-Five to "ethics" violations, which is comparable to limiting the charges against the Murder Incorporated assassins to ethics violations. Even here, Congress couldn't hold that those who aided and abetted the greatest financial debacle had violated any ethics.

People in the CIA, for instance, have reported to members of Congress for years about the CIA and DEA drug trafficking, during closed-door hearings, by letters, and by petitions as I have sent. In every instance these members of Congress have kept the lid on the scandals, and are co-conspirators.


The conduct of Justice Department attorneys and officials, of federal judges, of the CIA, sets a pattern of lawlessness for the country to follow. The people in the ghettos know about this criminality, while the average middle-class American is uninformed. We cannot halt or reverse the escalating lawlessness in the population while the lawlessness exists. And the system in place is so corrupt that it cannot and will not correct itself.




TUE., APR. 5, 1994 10:31 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 232

TUE., APR. 5, 1994


As we attend other duties this morning and "life" itself seems only a myriad of frustrating tasks which seem difficult to culminate in positive ways--let us look into this time of chaos and see that which came before. Only briefly will we linger on the subject--for that which is gone before is only worthy of the lessons harvested and progression learned.

Your scientists today tell you they have "found" another galaxy in your heavens. They say they had missed it while assuming the "stars" to be part of your own. Pray, how do they miss a galaxy?? So be it.

What I would mention here is something to which you can relate a bit more "closely" than that of either your relationship with original "Pan" or "Lemuria" (a much more "akin" civilization). We will speak of Atlantis for it was so much like what your "technical" projections have brought you to this day. We still refer to some of those old places as Poseid. What could have happened that would awash a wondrous civilization such as was Poseid? The same that is nearing your own qualifications.

You have progressed (a very bad term) to the point of breeding out of your generations the goodness of soul "christness" (small letter please, it is simply a "term"). You have technically copied that which has come into your places without any capability to control that power which you now are ready to unleash without capacitors or transformers--energy so great in its recycling as to change the orbit and polarity of your own globe.

Face it, you have reached the level of natural decadence which shall decide your direction and fate as a planet of continents. Some will perish, some may remain aloft to offer a "start" again if man will amend his ways. Just as with Atlantis, the nation came to a greater glory of mechanics, of science, and of physical condition than had been experienced prior to that civilization.

But then, guess what happened? As sequence unfolded the scholars found that those things which had always been possible only through mechanical contrivance, were more easily accomplished by purely psychic means; they learned it was possible to divest themselves of the flesh, and in astral body go wherever they wanted and could appear, instant as an electric current, at any distance. So good so far? Furthermore, if only goodness would have been THE projection--even better. They learned that they could perform material actions when they had thus projected themselves and indeed, yes, I recognize the quality of which I speak! Then, as is the usual evolution of man in dense perspective, next would come the cruder methods of physical expression to be suffered to lapse into the semi-forgetfulness of experience. And guess what--the masses began to rely on others, most especially the priesthood of the day--as they became Earthbound--to direct all things.

Thus it came that only the "few" exalted minds could reach out into that deeper side of nature and the "many" would remain in the lesser places. Inevitably then came corruption of power; the few were masters and the many had no recourse because the master of physics is invulnerable to the laws of physicality when wielded by men less than he.

Then, indeed, was the day come when ripeness was on the land and on the people. The ripe fig cannot keep perfection, but at the heart begins to decay which spreads from center to cortex, and lo, the end! At the core is the "education" of the people. Whenever Earth's nations cease to educate the coming generation, decay begins for the people. The "few" will have attained such exalted knowledge of natural forces that the many cannot over take them--as happened in Atlantis. Then, discontented with the comparative non-education the many had, they allowed all the "marvels" to diminish and weaken.

As you read back in those Hebrew scriptures upon which originally ALL of you based your historical recollections, you fail to realize that the accounts of doom often projected were in fact the same forces "out of control".

Ah, Poseid arose to the heights which the wildest dreams of science have not predicted for the modern world--for you came first to the destructive mechanisms of war and death. She arose, flourished and decayed, in the fullness of cyclic times. Let us consider that perhaps America is Poseid come again--with all the promise of a chosen creation, reincarnated, and shall see its scientific people repeat, but on a higher plane, the attainments of Atlantis. How can this be? Will it be before or after a time of total apparent destruction? I am not a fortune-teller, good people--which do you believe it to be? I will give you insight, however, in that you can be expecting the remnants of Lemuria to rise again, bearing some of her ancient gifts unto human to SEE what it is ye shall do with a final act from God as to reclamation of civilization.

Will this mean ALL persons will have flight into glory and fun and games? No, for the evil shall rise against itself and the clash shall be to the point of total devastation and Mother shall cleanse herself. Man will destroy man to the extent that it shall be but remnants of civilization which shall be ultimately preserved.

In its beauty and harmony shall the Americas rise in consciousness at some point of sequence wherein man shall move back into his relationship with God--by whatever label you call your Source/Spirit. But the "debts owing" humankind are great. The "original" American (and you better look at that term carefully) bore the enfleshment of those souls which in those olden days made that land proud and strong within the Great Spirit in harmony and balance of life force. However, it is upon the face of that nation that man shall "make it" or "break it" for she is the bastion of hope--now dimming in her radiance. Strength and power of "might" has reached a point of urgent importance as to possible restoration.

Are there enough of the Goodly Company to accomplish that which seems impossible? Yes--IT ONLY ACTUALLY TAKES ONE!

You reached a time of near greatness--but you have followed the evil path--taking from the perfection and moving into destruction of your resources and yourselves. You have allowed that which is "physical" expression to bind you to inability to move beyond the physical shackles.

Ones of spiritual expression are come again to show you the way from your darkness but few there will be who see and hear. However, it will be sufficient unto that which IS and shall forever BE.

The point of this little discussion is to assure you that you have gone about as far down that incorrect pathway as you can go-- AND MAKE IT. It is time you turn again into your eternal quest and realization that you can release from the wheel of misperception. Ye are LIGHT and only within light can you "see". Only those things created in the spiritual are eternal-- those which are manufactured in the physical are but passing fancies of the imaginings of thought manifest. You have become trapped in your own thought manifestations and they mostly be evil in intent. Such intentions direct you into the wrong direction of growth.

In those wondrous places of what you call the Pacific whereupon the ancient crystal cities shall find again glory of the radiant sun of your orbiting cycles--shall also come "the way" for therein dwell the ancient dwellers of the many planets--and other dimensions--WHO HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN THEIR TRUTH OR THEIR WAY! They are the guardians of your journey as it takes you down the roads of unfoldment within the physical evolution into regaining of essence expression. They shall come again up out of the depths or from the core of your placement--or they shall join the Hosts as we share this time of expression evolving again into that which can lead you home. Will you welcome them/us or will you effort to kill them/us? It is your own demise which shall come from your evil actions--for these ones are without physical death! We shall see….!



TUE. APR. 5, 1994 1:57 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 232

TUE., APR. 5, 1994


I appreciate the observations made by one of the staff this morning regarding the journals. However, we are not yet ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Until the legal garbage is finished we will have to handle the journals as we have been up to now. We have neither time nor resources to change.

Old editions of magazines remain available--most especially ones such as OR, National Geographic and others with topical subject material. I am not in favor under any circumstances, at present, to disallow readers from getting back issues which have been tied up in George Green's warehouse for two years. As it is, the value is totally reduced to less than printing costs at best--but to fail to reprint much demanded information is not acceptable for I shall not bring it forth--again. If that is a necessity--then we shall simply reprint them at regular intervals. I have no wish to print books as suggested, such as Reader's Digest who review one to three books in their reviews. Our magazines are already "reviews".

Thank you for your suggestions. Perhaps there is, further, a misunderstanding. I have not asked for input on the handling of my writings. I am most lenient about most things except those things for which my mission is aimed and around which my mission revolves. If ones are too busy to pick up old editions for readers then we are doing something very wrong! I realize that everyone wants to tune up efficiency--but until we have some businesses which at least break-even, that luxury is not ours. Neither is our job "just to break even" nor to "make money off God's WORD". Let us not be tossing out the babe with the bath, please.

Perhaps the handling of the printings falls too intently on too few shoulders? I don't want our work to be a burden but I do feel that it is necessary that we not forfeit information for convenience. There are so many subjects covered in back issues and so many new readers seeking that information that I find no easy "solution". We "title" the volumes for reference and perhaps if we can get these first editions indexed, we would be at advantage for finding past information. I repeat--I will NOT be offering the information again as such. It would behoove all--including and especially, ones who live and work here--to go back and start at the beginning and STUDY THOSE RELEASES!

Legally these editions are worthless past dating segments--but information wise--they are priceless as reference and information gathering. I would hope they fit at least into the category of scientific or medically presented material for reference purposes. I don't know how else readers will know what research material to obtain.

I would hope that you would see that you need to intensify the "advertising" of contents of the original editions--not cast them out--for how can our readers know what they have missed if someone doesn't tell them and the CONTACT is the ONLY place they are offered to any great extent.

I do not wish to belabor the point but I do ask for MORE input of featuring older editions of the journals EVERY paper. Perhaps if you have not enough income for needs, there is some-thing being handled ineffectively for I cannot believe the material is not worth the offering. There is not team enough to allow for the lengthy effort of summarizing contents. But perhaps it is a very good idea if the one offering the suggestion would review at least one extra per week and give us a summary for the paper--that is what I have asked for since inception of the work. Perhaps a brief index might be offered as well.

Now, please, back to "Camelot".

I realize the difficulty and tedium with which you have to work, Dharma, to continue to write the material from Ronn Jackson as presented. I also realize that it is time consuming to have conversations repeated, etc., but as we move into the document, especially, you cannot have the impact of the author if you summarize instead of offer his presentation as he has seen fit to offer it.

In this instance you are dealing with a "typical" secret service sanction server. This means "kill" (sanction), my good typist, and unless you can grasp that "job" you cannot understand the magnitude of the story unfolding. I would rather take additional weeks to tell the story than to change it as we present it--at the least, in the beginning. I know you are tired of the long, long days, chela--but we must go on for these people we attend--are in serious danger. Ronn Jackson is in hospitalization within the prison system as we write this day--and that is SERIOUS!! It is better we be weary than our newly awakened brothers be deaded. Thank you for trying a little longer and we will see how it unfolds. Especially as concerns Ronn's work, remember, there is no published book for the readers to get--this is it! Remember, chela, this was written for documentary (movie) and the conversation included sets the scenes for what took place in relationships and sequence.

By Ronn Jackson


I went to the restroom and picked up a couple of towels. I started wiping the coffee off of the desk and the reporter took the second one, apologizing, as she wiped. I told her that it wasn't necessary but she continued to do so. I had a grin on my face and when I looked up she was looking at me. I got the impression she didn't like it. All I said was, "I'm just amused at your spitting all over the place."

"I didn't spit all over the place," she came back, in a very sharp and pointed tone.

I didn't want to run through what I had accomplished this day and, also, I didn't want her to think she was going to have the upper hand. "Look, maybe I should have said what I said differently. I've been trying to figure out just how to word it since I made the deal with the President. Could you tell me how I should tell someone that I have taken the lives of many people?"

"You are serious, aren't you?"


"How many lives?"

I knew the question would come but I wasn't prepared for it. Well, I thought, I asked for this and I may as well get it over. "In twenty some odd years, I've had one hundred three sanctions.”

"You mean you have killed a hundred and three people?"

"I said that I've completed one hundred and three sanctions. There is a difference between assassinations and murder. I did it on the express orders of others and on several occasions more than one person was involved."

"You mean that you've killed more than a hundred and three people."

It was my turn to get hot and I mean I hit the boiling point-- right now. I grabbed the lip around the desk and said, "Lady, you are here because I requested you, because I thought I might have owed you something, because someone was going to get it and I thought you might appreciate it, after you've heard the entire story. I didn't ask you to pass judgement, just listen and ask questions and if you are going to be so thin skinned, hit the door. I will get someone who isn't so judgmental--maybe a man."

My speech was over and I relaxed and leaned back in the chair. I usually don't get this emotional but there was difference this time. My ass was on the line. I was breathing hard.

* * *

I was driving south out of New York City on highway nine. Because of where I was, it was easier to get to New Jersey this way and it was my intent to drive on into Washington, D.C. I was so sick of airplanes, I could scream. The food was terrible and there had been rough weather coming across the Atlantic. I had to take a cab to my destination from Kennedy because the line at the rental agencies were twenty deep. I had to wait three hours to make my delivery and the businessman had a smart mouth. Hell, maybe it was me! I then took a cab to get this thing I was driving and had to wait an hour for it. NO sooner than I had signed the papers one of the tires went flat. I told the attendant that if O.J. Simpson were to walk on the lot I would break his jaw. He reminded me that O.J. worked for "number one" and this was "number two". I agreed with him.

I hit every red light on that cow pasture highway and was about to the boiling point. When the light turned I pulled through the intersection and turned into a shopping center. I knew I need to cool down. While sitting in the car I had noticed a neon sign in the shape of a martini glass and I though that I "might as well". There were alternatives to being miserable in a compact rental car. I walked to the establishment and upon entering I stopped just inside the door. The place was loud and I waited for my eyes to adjust to the poorly lit place. There was a fight of some kind going on in front of the bar so I waited a minute as I wasn't interested in being included.

The bigger one of the two ended up on his back and the crowd went back to their drinking. I walked toward the bar making my way through the tables and the semi-conscious man was in my path. I started to step over him and heard the unmistakable sound of a switchblade. I jumped and felt something on my pants. When I looked down I saw that he had missed me but I now had a gash in my trousers. I looked down at the prone figure and he was just laying there with a sneer on his face, holding the knife in plain view. I thought, "another want-to-be bad-ass," and my survival instincts kicked in. Before I realized what I was doing I moved around to his head, grabbed the hand holding the knife and bent it back which forced him to drop it. I pulled him to his feet and brought his arm down across my knee. I reached down and picked up the knife. Taking hold of it at both ends, I stepped over and broke it on his head. He stood looking at me so I grabbed him by his hair and threw a right to his forehead. He wasn't looking at anybody, now.

Whatever he had in his hair caused my fingers to stick together. My other hand was throbbing and I thought I might have broken a knuckle or even two. I turned to the bartender and told him to pour me a scotch and water, that I was going to the restroom and wash my hands and when I came out I wanted plenty of space at the bar. The more I thought about the guy on the floor the madder I became. I looked around the bar and noted there wasn't a word being spoken.

That gunk that the man had in his hair was something else to get off. There was Boraxo in the dispenser and I had to do my hands twice to get the stuff off. I went back out to the bar and found that most of the patrons had left and two guys were helping that Jerk out. No one was at the bar and my drink was setting alone. I picked it up and took a good long swallow. The bartender noted that the guy I had punched out was "trouble". I finished my drink and wanted to tell him that the man was simply lucky to be breathing. I threw a five on the bar and left.

It helped to have relieved a little steam and I felt things would be a bit better. The first stop-light was green and I was in Jersey in thirty minutes.

My first stop was a warehouse that was owned by "BCCI". Of all things, this place was supposed to contain the substance and base for talcum powder. My employers weren't interested in the material itself but it was what was contained in the bags. I had heard of coffee grounds throwing off scents in drug cases--but in thinking about it I supposed talcum powder would also work.

I walked across the docks and came to an open door. The place was about the size of a small gymnasium and was full of large bags stacked on pallets. I looked over the large room and the walls were of concrete, the roof was metal over steel bar joist. My employer must think I'm Clark Kent, I thought.

There was man on a fork-lift at the rear of the room starting to put the pallets two high.

Must have a shipment coming in, I thought as I walked over to him. I told him that I was from Johnson & Johnson and we had a shipment that was late. He said the shipment was going to be even later as he closed in a few minutes and nothing was moving out until the following Monday. Suddenly I know what my problem was, the people in this area were so diplomatic and had such a way with words. I wondered how he was going to like the unemployment lines. Coming in I had noticed a plumbing riser and as I walked towards the exit I noticed a fairly new retro-fit system that had been installed. It was just outside the door and when I came to it I didn't see anyone around so I gave it a hard turn--breaking the seal that New Jersey's finest had put on. I opened the door all the way and I could hear the results from within as I stepped into the door. It looked like a monsoon had hit and a guy was running towards me at which point, when he arrived, I nailed him cold. I almost doubled over. I had forgotten about my knuckles. If they weren't broken before, they were now.

I drove over to the Jersey Turnpike and headed south. I set the cruise control as the state troopers had a reputation of being quick with the tickets. This freeway was no different than any other in the United States in that if you drove the speed limit everyone passed you. If you speeded up, it was you that got the ticket, so I left the cruise engaged.

My second stop was in a small town where a gentleman had just closed his account at BCCI. Med-seven figures wasn't all that much but my employers were a little upset with his business methods with them. It had something to do with the treasury certificates and his inability to produce the agreed amount and numbers. I hadn't been given all the details....

* * *

I stopped in a fast food restaurant and found myself laughing at the situation that had just taken place. I knew that the water would play havoc on those burlap bags. I also knew that the contents of the bags would be protected and I also knew there was an alarm tied into the sprinkler system. I ordered a cup of ice with my food and while I ate I put my sore hand on ice. I could still move my fingers so maybe I had been lucky. I couldn't remember why I had complained about airline food as this was no better. Somehow nothing seemed to suit me today.

My objective this time lived on the outskirts of the town. It was thought that he was getting ready to make a move and there was little other information about that subject. He was a family man and the information I had on them was that the family was in South Carolina on vacation. He was thought to be joining them in a few days. He had a girl friend and not much was known about her. When I found his home I pulled into his driveway. There was a "Rolls" sitting in front of the garage with the top down. The house was a two-story colonial type and cost big bucks. I checked my weapon and made sure the silencer was right, put a round in the chamber and walked to the door. I knocked and there was no answer. The door was unlocked and I went in. I heard no movement, no sounds. I checked the downstairs areas and no one was around. I went upstairs and it was also empty. I found his office and there was a briefcase on the desk. I opened it and there was the money and the missing treasury notes. There were several pieces of unopened mail and as I looked them over I walked over to the window to see the back of the property. There was a pool with two people there who appeared to be sleeping. I put the mail into the briefcase and took it downstairs. I walked to the rear of the house and found the rear entrance. I put the briefcase on a hall table and quietly let myself out onto the patio that separated the house from the pool. I took out my nine millimeter and stood for a few seconds. Neither one moved so I walked over to the reclining figures and they were asleep. I completed my assigned task, making very little noise, and went back into the house. I started to open the briefcase and looked over the letters and decided to leave as I could do that later. I still had one more stop to make...

Back on the turnpike I turned on the radio. I found a news station and a major drug bust had been made. An industrial accident had led the authorities to the site...our good old boys in blue.

I took the bypass around D.C. and drove to Dulles. I turned the rental car in and rented a truck. I was more comfortable in one and considered that I might have some hauling to do a bit later. I then drove to McLean and checked in at the Holiday Inn. The last part of my job was in our nation's capitol.

In the room I locked the door and put on the safety chain. I closed the drapes and I really didn't expect any problems here because if the vice-president can bring his girl-friend here, there shouldn't be any problem for me.

Back in the briefcase there were several letters and three were from banks. I read one particular one. The letter was granting the gentleman a several million dollar line of credit and it was signed by Clark Clifford. I thought for a minute and then remembered the name. He had been in politics for many administrations and now he owned a bank. Politics must have been good. I then remembered that I had a file on him--in fact the records were in the "Hoover's files" that Casey had given me. Well, I had a little more for Mr. Clifford's file....

This guy I just sanctioned was really connected. There was another bank from the south, BNL, and they had given him another line of credit. He had a tax return check and an offer on a building that he had a commercial lease on. The nicest part of this situation was the case--that was mine! I didn't bother to count it but I was sure that it was the proceeds of his closing his account at the New York Bank.

The last part of my assignment lived in Baltimore. He was a long-time civil-servant and this was around the time that the whistle-blowing was becoming fashionable. Even though he was justified in what he was doing, one of his targets was connected to someone else and you know how the domino effect is. I put plastic explosive in the wheel-well of his car. I had only a short wait and when he was headed home I followed him. I waited until he went through the toll plaza and got onto the road on which he lived and detonated the explosive.

Author's note: I put all of the letters in Clifford's file. I had heard his name over the years but, like so many people, I just didn't pay any attention. When I placed them in the file I examined Hoover's papers on him. He was just as dirty as the others; fifty years in government service? As I sit here and write this I wonder if anyone is clean. (ID:060220)


* * *

This is enough for today. I watch you wondering why we should care very much about the health of Mr. Jackson as life certainly was of no value to him except as it paid him to dispose of it. Ours is not to judge--just to type...! Salu.







The following report on Outcome Based Education was received anonymously in the CONTACT office. No author or publisher was shown in the material received. We reprint it as it is. If someone can provide us with the author's name, we shall be happy to give credit.

Confirmations on much of the information in the article can be found in Dr. John Coleman's Book, Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, Nevada, 89706, as well as Antony C. Sutton's book, America's Secret Establishment. An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones.

John Dewey was a prominent member of Skull and Bones. Mr. Sutton's book can be obtained from Liberty House Press, 2027 Iris, Billings, Montana, 59102. The Freemasonry/Secret Society "connections" of ADL/B'nai B'rith have been researched in the book, Occult Theocracy, by Edith Starr Miller, pg. 73, 465, first published 1933, by The Christian Book Club of America. I quote a paragraph from Ms. Miller's article on the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith: "There is but little doubt now that the B'nai B’rith" seems to be the supreme body, shaping and directing, for the attainment of its own ends, the policies whatever they may be, of all Freemasonry beginning with the Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Orient and Scottish Rites, and ending in the O.T.O. , which is Illuminism under another name. "


The parent or teacher alarmed about Outcome-Based-Education (OBE) today runs into an immediate jungle of acronyms, and institutions, many of which appear obscure or locally based. The reality is quite different: all of these programs are nationally coordinated and come from a nexus of evil, which reaches from the United Nations to the National Education Association.

Officially, the push for OBE began in the early 1980s, and was fostered by the Department of Education, the Carnegie Corporation, the Business Roundtable, the Department of Labor, and now a national agency called America 2000, which set up a national coordinating body. There are innumerable other corporations, like Xerox and RJR Nabisco also involved.

The on-the-ground enforcer of Outcome Based Education and other brainwashing programs now claiming the nation's children as their victims, is the National Education Association. But the NEA itself is the product of a much higher level of social engineers whose self-appointed task has been the destruction of the American democratic republic. Today, these people exist as an invisible army of brainwashers, of psychological warfare experts, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, and social workers who have for more than half a century fought a battle for the control of the minds of the American people. The "mother" institution of this network is the London-based Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.


Since its creation in 1921, Tavistock has served as the psychological warfare arm of the British monarchy, and has benefited from the patronage of that monarchy and other allied oligarchical networks. It has always enjoyed a close working relationship with the highest circles of Freemasonry: Its current chairman of the board of directors is the Duke of Kent, the top Scottish Rite Freemason.

Tavistock, on behalf of its oligarchical masters, seeks to destroy Western Judeo-Christian civilization. At the center of its decades' long fight is the battle to wipe from the minds of men a view of man as born in the image of his Creator, in the unique sense that each individual is endowed with the potential for creative reason. If that power of reason can be destroyed, then men can be reduced to easily controllable beasts.

The man who shaped Tavistock and who developed the brain-washing techniques that are referred to as the "Tavistock Method" was Brig. Gen. John Rawlings Rees, who became the director of the then Tavistock Clinic in 1932. It was Rees who first proposed in various published locations to deliberately induce controlled forms of neurotic behavior and even psychosis, for the purpose of mass psychological control of society. Rees displayed an open hatred for minorities, placing them in what he called the "psychopathological tenth" of the population or the "dullard". Writes Rees, "Aldous Huxley in his book Brave New World was planning to produce a section of subnormal men who do the dull jobs of society; we really don't need to produce more of them, for there are far too many already."

Rees proposed to create an army of "psychological shock troops"--psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and the like--who would become the controllers of a society "where it is possible for people of every social group to have treatment when they need it, even if they do not wish it, without it being necessary to invoke law."

Under Rees's encouragement, teams of Tavistock personnel developed methods to bring about this vision of a fascist world order, including the use of mass media to create what was dubbed a psychologically controlled environment. Carrying on the work of Sigmund Freud and his followers, the Tavistockians paid particular attention to work on the destruction of the family and on child psychology. The point of attack was focusing on "infantile sexuality" and its effect on the development of the personality, and seeking to produce an adult population whose intellectual and emotional development was that of neurotic children.

The Second World War provided Tavistock with a means to test its mass brainwashing techniques under the sanction of Anglo-American intelligence, not only on "enemy" populations, but on both the American and British soldiers and the public. These "tests" tended to corroborate the evil theories of Rees and his followers that both small and large groups of people, under conditions of induced and controlled stress, could be made to become more infantile, and would give up even held beliefs under "peer" pressure to conform to perceived popular opinion. These "outcomes" could be steered by a Tavistock-trained controller or group leader, or as it is now called in our schools a "facilitator."

Throughout this period, Rees remained committed to his project of creating his invisible army of psychological shock troops. That was first done by recruiting directly to Tavistock itself. Then, those "recruits" started fanning out to other institutions, including major hospitals and universities in the United States. In addition, new institutional centers from Tavistock operations were established at such places as the Wharton School of Finance and Business Administration at the University of Pennsylvania, the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, the Stanford Research Institute's Center for Advanced Behavioral Sciences, the Sloan School at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others. In 1947, Tavistock, with the help of funding from its royal patrons, was converted from a clinic to an "institute" to be more capable of directing its now far-flung operations. These new centers, in turn, recruited more individuals to the "Tavistock method" and from them it was possible to launch a larger operation to take over control of major government, labor, educational, and corporate institutions from within.


One of the key institutions established for this purpose in the United States was the National Training Laboratories (NTL). Founded in 1947 by members of the Tavistock network in the United States and located originally on an estate in Bethel, Maine, NTL had as its explicit purpose the brainwashing of leaders of the government, educational institutions, and corporate bureaucracies in the Tavistock method, and then using these "leaders": to either themselves run Tavistock group sessions in their organizations or to hire other similarly trained group leaders to do the job.

The "nuts and bolts" of the NTL operation revolves around the particular form of Tavistock degenerate psychology known as "group dynamics," developed by German Tavistock operative Kurt Lewin, who emigrated to the United States in the 1930s and whose students founded NTL. In a Lewinite brainwashing group, a number of individuals from varying backgrounds and personalities, are manipulated by a "group leader" to form a "consensus" of opinion, achieving a new "group identity". The key to the process is the creation of a controlled environment, in which stress is introduced (sometimes called dissonance) to crack an individual's belief structure. Using the peer pressure of other group members, the individual is "cracked," and a new personality emerges with new values. The degrading experience causes the person to deny that any change has taken place. In that way, an individual is brainwashed without the victim knowing what has taken place.

This method is the same, with some minor modification, used in all so-called "sensitivity groups" or "T-groups," or in the more extreme rock-drug-sex counterculture form, "touchy-feely groups," such as the kind popularized from the 1960 onward by the Esalen Institute, which was set up with the help of NTL.

From the mid-1950s onward, NTL put the majority of the nation's corporate leaderships through such brainwashing programs, while running similar programs for the State Department, the Navy, the Department of Education, and other sections of the federal bureaucracy. There is not a firm estimate of the number of Americans who have been put through this process in last 40 years at either NTL, or as it is now known the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, which is based in Rosslyn, Virginia, or its West Coast base of operations, the Western Training Laboratories in Group Development, or in various satellite institutions. The most reliable estimate is in the several millions.

One of the groups that went through the NTL mill in the 1950s was the leadership of the National Education Association, the largest organization of teachers in the United States. Thus, the NEA's outlook has been "shaped" by Tavistock, through the NTL. In 1964, the NTL Institute drafted the programs for the training of the nation's primary and secondary school teachers, and has a hand as well in developing the content of educational "reforms," including OBE.


The role of the Carnegie Corporation (in an earlier incarnation, the Carnegie Institute) in both dominating and subverting U.S. public education shows how private corporate funds are implanting a one-world New Age agenda in our schools.

Through its virtual monopoly over the Department of Education and its predecessor since at least the 1950s, Carnegie--together with a handful of other elite foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Aspen Institute, the Brookings Institute, and so forth has succeeded in dominating all debate on education curriculum, testing and teacher training in the United States.

An insight as to why Carnegie decided to get into the "education" business can be gleaned from its sponsorship back in 1918 of the Eugenics Record Office in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, which had been set up with a grant from the Harriman fortune as the active center of all organized eugenics research, propaganda and political activity in the U.S.A. The Eugenics Record Office, later known as the Carnegie Institute's Department of Genetics, continued to promote immigration restriction quotas and compulsory sterilization of human beings with "inferior blood" until it was finally shut down on the eve of World War II.

The eugenicists became unpopular in this country after Americans witnessed firsthand the consequences of a state eugenics policy under Nazi Germany. But they by no means disappeared. Instead, they took their pseudoscience into the realm of behavioral psychology, where mad doctors like Kurt Lewin and Hilda Taba were trying to create a new species of man through psychotropic manipulation of the human mind. Kurt Lewin's National Training Laboratories, in collaboration with the National Education Association, went on to spawn many of the New Age monstrosities being foisted on our children today in the name of education.

Hilda Taba, an Estonian psychologist who emigrated to the U.S.A. in the 1930s where she conducted her infamous "reward and punishment" experiments at child guidance clinics and psychological research institutes in California throughout the 1940s-50s, became the mentor of psychologist Ralph Tyler. Tyler went on to become the founder and director of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences in Stanford, California, from which position he was invited to join a high-level education task force under President Kennedy, and later under President Johnson, to craft the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965. The ESEA pumped federal funds into education "innovations", and spawned a series of education "laboratories" which came up with hundreds of psycho-behavioral instructional programs. Those programs in turn, were written and "validated" for dissemination to the schools by educational consultants like Ralph Tyler.

In 1966, Tyler chaired the Exploratory Committee on Assessing the Progress of Education (ESCAPE) under the sponsorship of U.S. Commissioner of Education Francis Kerpel, (son of a Carnegie Corporation president). Financed not by the federal government but by Carnegie Corporation and by the Ford Foundation's Fund for the Advancement of Education, Tyler, together with then Carnegie Corporation President John Gardner, formulated the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), which was formally implemented in 1969.

NAEP's prototype was Pennsylvania state's Educational Quality Assessment (EQA) test, written by Ralph Tyler in 1964 through a contract with a Princeton, New Jersey firm called Educational Testing Service (ETS). The EQA, as of 1989, when it was temporarily pulled in the face of parent opposition, contained 385 "attitudinal" assessment questions, and only 30 academic ones! The ETS, it turned out, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; the ETS and CFAT boards of directors were virtually interchangeable. Tyler was later to become a president of CFAT himself.

ETS had also created and owned the college boards--the Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SATs)--and the National Teachers' Examination'. ETS not only writes most of the country's education assessment tests, on both the state and federal level, but scores and maintains data banks of all test results, down to the micro (individual) record level.

In 1976, President Carter created the Department of Education. Ernest Boyer, an ardent advocate of "globalist education," became the U.S. Commissioner of Education and, by 1983, another CFAT president.

In 1980, the Department of Education's National Institute of Education (NIE) issued a working paper which declared that "along with the work toward a centralized computer bank and the funding arrangement to make it all happen...achievement data are not the primary focus of the studies, which also collect data on educational attainment, student characteristics and attitudes, parent attitudes, and school programs."

The NIE and Carnegie have a virtual "Revolving door" between them, sharing projects and, sometimes, personnel. In 1988, CFAT/ETS's three computer banks of test result data were integrated into one large super-computer, the Elementary and Secondary Integrated Data System (ESIDS), which was brought on line by the U.S. government to meet precisely those guidelines of the NIE.


The institution probably most responsible for the destruction of American education in this century is the National Education Association, or NEA. Although founded in 1857 first as an organization of state teachers' colleges to effect public policy on education and later as a teachers' membership organization, by around the turn of the century it had become the leading purveyor formed of the issues at stake so that much that now is un-thinkable may at least become thinkable.

In 1969, Dewey's student, Arthur Wellesley Foshay, who had held the post of director of UNESCO's Institute for Educational Study, wrote the NEA's "Curriculum for the 70s." It predicted that educators would assume responsibility for children when they reach the age of two; that enforced or mandatory foster homes would be created for children whose own homes were said to have a bad influence; that children would be given drugs on an experimental basis; that teachers would become "learning clinicians"; and that the schools would take on the function of providing "individualized psychosocial ' treatment' for the stu-dent."

The man who drafted the NEA's "Curriculum", is Dewey's student Arthur Wellesley Foshay, who had also held the post of director of UNESCO's Institute of Educational Study. Part of Foshay's proposed new curriculum included the teaching of "self-awareness and self-development." Writes Foshay, future schools would give "full attention to the curriculum of social experimentation": and would "be run by the students."

The document concludes, "education and schools, as they exist today, will change drastically during the 1970s, and will be modified almost beyond recognition by the end of the century."

In 1973, the NEA's Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development published a book titled Education for Peace: Focus on Mankind. One essay, called "Ethical Concerns for the Future," lays bare the underlying philosophy behind the NEA's curriculum. The essay applauds the fact that "traditional beliefs are being questioned, including the notions that: a) scientific progress is automatically good, b) what is medically beneficial for one man is necessarily good for society, and c) scientists know how to improve humanity."

Shortly thereafter, NEA official Sally R. Williams, who also served on the board of directors of the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S.(SIECUS), which introduced sex education into the schools, testified to Congress on the need to use drugs as "useful tools" in "stabilizing the brains of children with learning disorders."


In 1962, the NEA formally took over the National Training Labs (NTL). NTL was directed for years by psychologist Abraham Maslow, creator of "humanistic psychology" and of the term "self-actualization," a concept later used by behavioral psychologist Carl Rogers (1964 Humanist of the Year) to found so-called sensitivity training. Carl Rogers is the intellectual godfather of most of the psychotherapy programs used in public school "guidance counseling" around the country.

In January of 1968, Carl Rogers addressed a symposium sponsored by the NTL-linked Esalen Institute in California, at which he predicted that, by the year 2000, "The teacher or professor will have largely disappeared. His place will be taken by a facilitator of learning...focusing his major attention on the prime period for learning--from infancy to six or eight. [The student's] unhappiness with parents or with other children--all these will be an open part of his curriculum, as worthy of exploration as history or mathematics."

The NEA is also the "enforcer" against those who will not conform to its agenda. In 1971, the NEA's Commission on Professional Rights and Responsibilities proposed "to gather information about the various individuals and groups who criticize or oppose education, and make resumes of their activities."

That same year, in the NEA's "Schools for the 70s and Beyond: A Call to Action," we find that "teachers who conform to the traditional institutional mode are out of place. They might find fulfillment as tap-dance instructors or guards in maximum-security prisons or proprietors of reducing salons, or agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation--but they damage teaching, children and themselves by staying in the classroom."


A review of the enforcers of OBE would not be complete without identifying the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL). The ADL is a freemasonic entity, which was set up to protect "Jewish" gangsters like Meyer Lansky, and to wage war against Judeo-Christian values. This is lawful, since many of the leading ADL/B'nai B'rith spokesmen, of which Sigmund Freud was a representative, served as transmission belts for Communist Party ideology.

The ADL has not only supported the infamous 1947 Supreme Court decision proclaiming the "wall of separation" between church and state, but has brought innumerable other legal actions to drive prayer, and even the Bible and the Ten Commandments, out of schoolrooms. Over 30 percent of the ADL's amicus curiae briefs have been written on this topic.

In 1992 The ADL published a guidebook on "Religion in the Public Schools: Guidelines for a Growing Changing Phenomenon," to serve as a handbook for challenging any religious expression in the public schools. As simple observation shows, the ADL has shown no such concern about pagan religious expression in the schools.

The ADL sees itself in a virtual "holy war" against the "religious right," as it fights for "tolerance" of homosexuality, abortion, and other New Age degradations. Through its infiltration of law enforcement agencies and other government agencies, unfortunately, the ADL may well be in your school already--although you don't know it.

* "preparing for change and evaluating its implications for learning";

* "adapting to change as needed";

* "analyzing conflicts to discover methods of cooperative resolution";

* "using the environment responsibly";

* "expressing insights, feelings, and perceptions through a variety of creative processes, performances or products";

* "functioning effectively within multicultural environments";

* "respecting individual differences, points of view, and the works of others"; and so on.

The underlying concept to these "outcomes" is the belief that many children attending public school cannot be taught academic subjects. One of the top psychological gurus cited extensively in the Ohio Board of Education Vision 21 OBE draft plan is Howard Gardner of Harvard University, who created the racist theory of "multiple intelligences." According to Gardner, most African-American, ethnic Catholic, and eastern European heritage children are genetically unable to learn reading, math, and science, but are genetically gifted at other "intelligences" enabling them to be "singers," "dancers, athletes" (kinesthetic intelligence). No matter which intelligence they are, all children, says Gardner, must develop their "interpersonal" and "intrapersonal intelligence."

Assessment of "learning outcomes", or behaviors and attitudes, requires evaluations that go beyond objective tests: personal interviews, group evaluations, and anecdotal records are all used to maintain electronic "portfolios" on each individual child, a record which follows the child through graduation and beyond. Your child is already being politically "tracked."

What is the difference between such "portfolios" and the files of any Gestapo or secret police? The "portfolios" are psychological profiles which are regularly evaluated and fine-tuned through the administration of state assessment tests like the Bettendorf Survey.

One parent in Pennsylvania who objected to test questions her daughter was required to answer and wanted to pull her child from the program was told it was federally mandated and that there was therefore no "opting out"!


It is frightening enough that a profile of the attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of one's child from pre-school through adulthood can constitute a life-time "report card" that is permanently accessible by the federal government. But already, any child now subject to an OBE curriculum is already in the same position of a captured prisoner-of-war who is forced to undergo brainwashing.

OBE's stated objective is to shape and control attitudes, beliefs, and behavior through state-mandated curricula written by behavioral psychologists! In psychological warfare terms, that is called brainwashing.

According to OBE, one's child can be repeatedly "remediated" by "facilitators" (teaching is no longer an approved activity under OBE, as the onus for learning is now on the child!).

Remediation means that the child who refuses to demonstrate "mastery" of an OBE learning outcome--that is, to conform to the state-mandated goal--can be trapped indefinitely in a remediation loop, despite his/her progress on any other learning goal.

No child can be failed in any subject, since failure is considered damaging to one's "self-esteem." Instead, the child is given an "incomplete" or "not yet" status.

OBE has been accused of "dumbing down" education, forcing the quicker kids to spin their wheels. A Minnesota high-school freshman with a 3.9 average complains that, with OBE, she has to "sit through three or four days of reteaching and reteaching. The content is very basic. We'll go over the same thing day after day....I've become so much lazier this year."

Children who master the OBE goal must either wait for the rest of the class to catch up, or become a "peer tutor" for the others. An elementary school teacher in a Pittsburgh OBE program reports, One of the things were trying to stress is that they (the children) don't ask me for help. They ask their neighbor. We believe there can be a lot learned from their peers." This is called "cooperative learning" in OBE language, but are we sending our children to school to be "facilitators"?

Computers also aid in the "remediation" effort. The computer program used to "remediate" your recalcitrant child will be individualized--tailor made not only to his personal performance data and "learning style," but also on his personal medical, psychological and cultural profiles, information on the family (including income, educational levels achieved, etc.), and non-school activities.

"The computers we have here are not the type where the kids program the computer; they are the type where the computer programs the kids," admitted one employee of the Cleveland board of education on the OBE program.

Teachers are also victims of OBE. According to new laws being passed in Washington state as part of OBE, those who do not demonstrate "accountability"--i.e., whose children are not adequately mastering the OBE goals--are themselves "remediated" by so-called "mentor teachers" placed alongside them in their classrooms. If they resist such "accountability" procedures, their contracts are subject to immediate termination.

Teacher certification procedures are simultaneous undergoing major changes, to weed out those who want to teach from those willing to enforce "politically correct" guidelines being hatched by the psychological gestapo. OBE teachers admit that since their jobs depend upon showing a high outcome mastery rate among their students, their tendency is to lower standards and expectations, also thereby reducing the amount of reteaching and retesting they are otherwise burdened with.

It may not be long before teachers are replaced completely--perhaps in the name of "cost-cutting"? As OBE guru Howard Gardner wrote in his book Frames of Mind: "Still, it is worth noting that among the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the schools are the personal qualities of the principal and the teachers. Despite the promises of a microcomputer alongside (or, in place of) every desk, these individuals cannot be replaced (at least not yet)" [emphasis added].

Don't be lulled into believing that OBE is an overlay upon standard education. It is a revolution against everything America stands for. Why else would it be necessary, in the view of the OBE implementers in Washington, for instance, to repeal all the standard laws on the books concerning education, in order to implant OBE?

As reported by Jed Brown, who is fighting OBE in Washington, 218 laws are now up for repeal in Washington concerning education:

"There is a law on the books that requires all of our students in this state to be taught the U.S. and Washington state constitutions....There is a law that requires the teaching of morality and patriotism in the schools. Let me read it. ' it shall be the duty of all teachers to endeavor to impress on the minds of their pupils the principles of morality, truth, justice, temperance, humanity, patriotism. To teach them to avoid idleness, profanity, and falsehood. To instruct them in the principles of free government and to train them up to the true comprehension of the rights, duty, and dignity of American citizenship. That law is on a list that is targeted for repeal. We were told that these were just the laws that they needed to repeal so that Outcome Based Education would work in this state."

The OBE brainwashers also want to repeal the law that establishes the school year, the law that establishes the length of the school day, and the law that establishes on which days school shall not be taught. Those days are currently listed as: Sunday, Martin Luther King Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day, Christmas, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day. In Puget Sound, there is a proposal that such "traditional, religious holidays will be replaced with seasonal activities or common underlying concepts and values."


Anti-OBE activists be warned: If you find yourselves accused of anti-Semitism, or homophobia, or religious extremism, you should immediately suspect the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B’rith as the source of such smears!

The ADL is not a Jewish organization, nor is it a civil rights' organization. It is a Freemasonic entity which, since its inception, has waged war against Judeo-Christian values through such activities as: promoting the international drug trade, honoring Playboy's Hugh Hefner with one of its First Amendment awards, supporting homosexual and abortion "rights" and using the courts to drive religion out of all phases of public life.

The ADL has now turned its sights on the public school system, where it has become deeply involved in promoting OBE-type programs, as well as such OBE offshoots as the obscene Rain-bow Curriculum, which aims to turn children into perverts by pushing homosexuality and sexual promiscuity.

The ADL is carrying out this filth largely through a program it launched in 1985, called "A World of Difference," which it is selling to school systems, preschools, youth groups, church organizations, police departments and corporations across the country, as a "prejudice reduction" program.

The ADL boasts that A World of Difference has thus far trained more than 100,000 elementary and secondary school teachers, "impacting more than 10 million public, private and parochial school students."


Funded by convicted felon Michael Milken of Junk-bond infamy, "A World of Difference" is a thinly veiled effort to foster vicious racism and divisiveness, under the rubric of multiculturalism.

The vast array of teaching materials which the ADL has produced through its A World of Difference Institute deliberately seeks to emphasize racial and other differences, rather than the idea of a "melting pot" which enabled the United States to assimilate vast waves of immigrants in the past, "Teachers should affirm rather than deny differences, " A World of Difference instruction manual proclaims.

The program's teaching materials, in effect, deny the concept of universal man, a concept derived from the Judeo-Christian belief that all men are created in the image of God, and promote in its place the antithetical view that it is the differences which exist among people that are more important than that which binds them together.

Like all such "multicultural" programs, "A World of Difference" is a prescription for the rapid dissolution of American society.

The methodology employed by "A World of Difference" is a prescription for the rapid dissolution of American society.

The methodology employed by "A World of Difference" bears a striking resemblance to the behavior modification program known as OBE. That is hardly surprising, given that key ADL officials have been deeply involved in developing and promoting OBE in various parts of the U.S.

(In fact, parts of the ADL curriculum were developed by Gordon Allport, a social psychologist trained at Britain's Tavistock Institute, a leading center for the development of various social profiling and brainwashing methods, who later teamed up with the National Training Laboratory, an affiliate of the National Education Association.)

One of the program's basic tenets is that "all of us harbor some biases and prejudices against others." Based on that highly questionable premise, the ADL program encourages teachers to involve their students in all sorts of New Age-style activities, such as "role-playing, video vignettes, and action planning."

Teachers and parents who have been lured into participating in the program are subjected to training sessions in which an ADL "facilitator," employing social engineering techniques such as small-group dynamics, to convince participants that they are inveterate racists if they refuse to bow to multiculturalism.

These efforts are designed to subtly channel participants into thinking of themselves as part of competing sub-groups. In the Minneapolis program, for instance, students are presented with a graph (a series of inter-connected circles), called the "Personal Identity Molecule," and are instructed to write in the circles "the five groups with which you identify."

Through "A World of Difference," the ADL is not only trying to push its own "multicultural" political agenda. It is also attempting to infiltrate the country's school system for the purpose of carrying out spy operations against people it deems to be political enemies: i.e., parents, religious leaders, community activists, students--anyone who opposes the particularly vicious child abuse program known as OBE.

Illegal spying is nothing new to the ADL: it is already under investigation for running a decades-long surveillance and intelligence-gathering operation targeting over 1000 organizations and individuals.

It is a supreme irony that the ADL should be pawning itself off as experts in "tolerance."

Item: The ADL has devoted over 30% of its legal efforts to write amicus curiae briefs on behalf of Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black's infamous 1947 decision proclaiming the existence of an unbridgeable wall of separation between church and state. The ADL has brought legal actions to drive prayer out of the school, shut down Christmas pageants, and even prohibit the posting of the Ten Commandments. According to the November/December 1992 issue of the ADL newsletter On the Frontline promoting "The wall of separation between church and state guaranteed in the Constitution's First Amendment establishment clause has long been an ADL concern. The League believes that any organized religious practice of instruction should take place in the home or place of worship rather than in the public school or other government institution."

Item: The ADL has filed numerous amicus briefs to support abortion rights, and spokesmen have even gone so far as to maintain that abortion opponents are anti-Semites because they are attempting to impose their religious views. This despite the fact many Jews believe abortion to be prohibited by Jewish moral law.

Item: At a conference in Montreal in 1991, the ADL identified "black intellectuals" as main enemies of the Jewish community.

Item: The ADL's 80th anniversary National Commission Meeting this June featured an address by Skip Poreous, president of the Institute for First Amendment Studies, in which he called for a virtual "holy war" against the "Religious Right."

Item: The ADL published a guidebook on "Religion in the Public Schools: Guidelines for a Growing and Changing Phenomenon," last year to serve as a hand-book for challenging any religious expression in the public schools--long a target of ADL activity.

Commenting on the book's purpose, Ruth L. Lansner, chairman of the ADL National Legal Affairs Committee, said: "Compliance with the separation of church and state must be most vigorously enforced in the nation's public schools."


The scene is a ninth-grade classroom in New York City. A young 17-year old woman is writing on the blackboard. She is the "guest teacher" of the day, sent into the schools by the nonprofit Hetrick-Martin Institute, which seeks to aid young homosexuals. This is her ninth peer-training class. She asks everyone in the class to say what words come to their minds when they think of homosexuality. Ninth-graders volunteer such words as "AIDS," "dyke," "homo," "weird," "disgusting." "These aren't nice words, are they?" says the "guest teacher." And such words would not be used to describe African-Americans or Latinos, she says. Therefore, we should not use derogatory terms for homosexuality.

Is this an attempt to break down "prejudice" or is your child being sexually assaulted in the classroom, and actively recruited by sex perverts?

Here are the instructions for the Grade 1 teacher in the Rainbow Curriculum:

"Teachers of first graders have an opportunity to give children a healthy sense of identity at an early age. Classes should include references to lesbians/gay people in all curricular areas."

Under the Rainbow Curriculum and similar mandatory classes on homosexuality, the very idea of the family is being erased from the minds of our children. The textbooks for the Rainbow Curriculum are Heather has two Mommies, and Daddy's Roommate which idealize lesbian and homosexual couples' "parenting" of children.

This filth is now being shoved down the throats of young children, pushed through school boards by the National Educational Association and the Anti-Defamation League.


The Rainbow Curriculum resulted in the forced ouster of New York Schools Chancellor Joseph Fernandez in early 1993, but the curriculum is still taught in many city schools. In May 4, 1993 school board elections, a record high voter turnout of 450,000 gave victory to more than 60 candidates who campaigned on a "pro-family-issues" platform, including returning to the board people who had been kicked out by the perverse Fernandez. A week after the elections, Carol Gressner of Queens, who had cast the swing vote to oust Fernandez, was elected president of the Board of Education.

Opposition to the Rainbow Curriculum's child molestation was led by a coalition of Protestants, Jews, and Roman Catholics, including the New York Catholic Archdiocese. The coalition distributed 500,000 copies of a voters' guide which reviewed the candidates' positions on Rainbow. On the other side were the American Federation of Teachers, The New York Times, the National Education Association, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. A spokesman for the tax-exempt ADL said the ADL supports Rainbow as "Multiculturalism."


Organized Satanism had its hand in the creation of Outcome Based Education, through the United Nations-sponsored Lucis Trust, a.k.a. Lucifer Trust. A special U.N. Design Team for OBE, one of eleven design teams in the country, was active in formulating the program, run through the University of Peace, whose Chancellor Robert Muller, a former deputy secretary of the U.N. was a prominent member of the Lucis Trust. Muller boasts that his 1986 "World Curriculum" is the basis for OBE. The Lucis Trust, which likes to think of itself as a "spiritual United Nations," is headquartered in Washington, D.C. at a so-called "Temple of Understanding," and has been granted an official "meditating" room at the United Nations itself. Prominent Lucis Trusters have included former Defense Secretary and World Bank President Robert Strange McNamara.

The conceptual basis for Lucis Trust interest in education is a book published by its founder Alice Bailey in 1954, Education in the New Age. Ms. Bailey was a member of the Theosophy Society, where the leadership succeeded from Okhrana agent Mme. Blavatsky to British SIS agent Annie Besant. Self-avowed witch Bailey, foreshadowing Marilyn Ferguson's Aquarian Conspiracy, indicates that her education curriculum is designed to usher in the Aquarian Age:

"The Piscean Age dealt with the details of the endeavor to measure up to a sensed ideal. The conquests of science, the conquests of nations, and the conquests of territory are all indicative of the Piscean method, with its idealism, its militancy, and its separativeness in all fields--religious, political, and economic. But the age of synthesis, of inclusiveness, and of understanding is upon us, and the new education of the Aquarian Age must begin very gently to penetrate the human aura."

This emphatically means the eradication of morality as a parameter for human behavior or thought, as Bailey later writes in the same volume:

"It is the older generation who foster in a child an early and most unnecessary sense of guilt, of sinfulness, and of wrongdoing. So much emphasis is laid upon petty little things that are not really wrong but are annoying to the parent or teacher, that a true sense of wrong (which is the recognition of failure to preserve right relations with the group) gets overlaid and is not recognized for what it is. The many small and petty sins, imposed upon children by the constant reiteration of no. by the use of the word naughty, and based largely on parental failure to understand and occupy the child, are of no real moment. If these aspects of the child's life are rightly handled, then the truly wrong things, the infringements upon the rights of others, the encroachments of individual desire upon group requirements and conditions, and the hurting or damaging of others in order to achieve personal gain, will emerge in right perspective and at the right time."

In short, the only discipline children require is discipline that forces them to bow to peer pressure. OBE and its accompanying sex and hypnosis curricula-Rainbow and the Pumsy guidance program--have made satanist Alice Bailey the schoolmarm of America.


Your young son does not return home from school on Friday afternoon. In a panic, you call the police, who initiate a manhunt, which continues throughout the weekend. On Monday morning, when police contact the boy's school, they are informed by a guidance counselor that the child protection authorities removed the boy from school on Friday, and placed him in foster custody. The authorities refuse to discuss the matter with the detective investigating the case, citing confidentiality laws.

Sound like fiction? It's not. This actually happened to New York City resident Carol Rockhead, in May 1993.

What happened to constitutional protection? Due process? The opportunity for the parents to argue their side of the story? The state's child welfare agency rules only require that, when a child is put in custody, the parent be notified by certified mail, return receipt requested.

It's not limited to New York City. In Kentucky and Missouri, pilot projects have begun to assign social workers from birth to families accused of being "at risk" for child abuse or other problems. There are 12 criteria in Kentucky for judging whether a parent is "at risk" for being a child abuser, including: Does the parent smoke? Is the parent overweight? Does the child have too many or too few toys? Did the child have low birth weight? On the basis of criteria such as these the social worker is empowered to remove the child from the home.

Forty states now have a "home visitation" program known as "Parents as Teachers" (PAT). A state-designated "parent educator" comes to your home a minimum of eight times a year to monitor whether or not you are a "good" parent.

According to Bettina Dobbs, R.N., former consultant to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the program "will result in state control of the children and reduce parent to the status of breeders and supervised custodians. The child is given a personal computer code number by which he can be tracked the rest of his life. There are 12 computer code definitions which label the child "at risk." Since the expectation is that every child will be found "mentally ill", there is no code for "normal."

The aim, of course, is to eventually eliminate parental influence altogether. That is why the National Education Association in recent years has dedicated itself to strenuously promoting the concept of in loco parentis--the school replace the parent. They have floated--and are already experimenting with--numerous proposals (modeled, by the way, on Mao Tse Tung's Cultural Revolution precepts) for turning schools into all-day child-rearing center, including pre-school and post-graduate services ranging from daycare and pregnancy counseling to sex-education and drug rehabilitation.


by Ron Ens

This article was reprinted from The Other Side of The News, February 1994 issue, Trinity County--Big Bar, Calif. 96010.

If one analyzes the tactics and procedures of the modern day police force, they will see that the cops of today are selected, trained, and indoctrinated in a very systematic procedure, that is designed to weed out anyone who does not believe in the New World Order doctrine.

The emerging police state (example) the MJTF, Multi Jurisdictional Task Force, the BATF, FBI IRS, the coming police force, etc. These agencies plus all local sheriffs and police departments are all federally controlled. This is to guarantee that the mind-set of the cops on the street is such that anyone who disagrees with the ideology of the New World Order is automatically an enemy of the government.

If you resist the political indoctrination and the cop/government realizes that they are failing in their attempt to obtain obedience through fear, they will then try to create this fear by terror. A few of the methods are surveillance of telephone and letters through censorship. Establishment of an agent and informer net. Lengthy prison sentences, out of proportion to the offense.

I see these things happening. In our county, telephone taps are a common occurrence. This county is full of informers who will gladly turn someone else in, in order to receive a lighter sentence for their own crimes.

Fishing without a license now costs you $675 to $2,000 per offense. That is definitely out of proportion to the crime.

Night arrests increase the sense of terror. People can no longer sleep in peace. Ask Norm and Jean Brown about night arrests.

The actions of the political police (which is all the cops of today) are rough and do not demonstrate any finesse. What they lack in technical ability, they compensate for by increased brutality and cruelty. If you know anyone who has been arrested in Trinity County, talk to them and get their story first hand.

The government will at least partially write off the older generation as being impossible to convert to their ideology and will rely on terror tactics to keep them in check.

The government will, and has, turned to the youth. They are easier to convert. Here are two of the ways they are accomplishing this. Suppressing traditional youth organizations. Example, the Boy Scouts. A few years ago the government threatened to cut off funding if the Boy Scouts didn't allow homosexual men to be Scout leaders.

Eliminate the influence of the family and church and replacing it with the government's own doctrine. Example: alternative life styles being taught in elementary schools. The elimination of prayer in schools. The military type point-system that is used in schools to teach children to police themselves through peer pressure. Example: if one student in 30 commits an act that is against the rules, the other 29 children are punished along with the one by losing their privileges, or by running laps in P.E.

Sheriff Schmidt claims to be a Christian. Yet he failed his responsibility as a Christian by not resisting the misuse of power in his department, and by not reminding the people that children not only belong to their parents, but should be brought up by them. The Sheriff knows that each of God's Commandments will be revenged sooner or later.

In order to consolidate power, the government will attempt to set one group against another. Example: Farmers against the middle class. To divide and conquer is the government's favorite tactic. If you agree to join the game and are shortsighted enough to permit small groups and special interests against your fellow citizens, you are only aiding the government and exhausting yourself. The government will attempt to eliminate certain classes, or individuals they dislike. The government, by labeling certain groups "religious fanatics", and/or "child abusers", etc., create an image about these groups or individuals to justify their actions through media-brainwashing. These are the same tactics Sheriff Schmidt has used against people who disagree with him or his deputies.

Just look at the Branch Davidians and Randy Weaver. The Branch Davidians' only crime was they had different religious beliefs, and they were not afraid to fight for their God-given rights to worship as they saw fit. Randy Weaver lost his wife and son by United States government assassins. His wife was shot in the head while holding her nursing baby in her arms by an FBI agent. The government prosecuted Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris for murder. But they were acquitted by a jury of their peers who realized they were acting in self defense of their home and family.

What does this all mean to Trinity County residents? It means it's time to start using common sense, and to judge critically, the actions of the elected officials and the people that work for them. Realizing that the heads of these departments are responsible for the actions of the people who work for them.

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout time, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in time to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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77. PLAYERS IN THE GAME ISBN 1-56935-022-1


79. MARCHING TO ZOG ISBN 1-56935-024-8

80. TRUTH FROM THE "ZOG BOG" ISBN 1-56935-025-6



83. POLITICAL PSYCHOS ISBN 1-56935-030-2



86. MISSING THE LIFEBOAT?? ISBN 1-56935-033-7

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94. WINGING IT... ISBN 1-56935-044-2

95. HEAVE-UP (PHASE ONE) ISBN 1-56935-046-9

96. HEAVE-HO (PHASE TWO) ISBN 1-56935-048-5

97. HEAVE 'EM OUT (PHASE THREE, PART 1) ISBN 1-56935-049-3





102. SACRED WISDOM ISBN 1-56935-055-8


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