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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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To all the crooked crooks--we intend to "straighten out".




SAT., APR. 16, 1994









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FINAL JUDGMENT Part 1, by Michael Collins Piper



































THU., APR. 7, 1994

THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 4, by Ronn Jackson


THU., APR. 7, 1994


FINAL JUDGMENT: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, Part 2, by Michael Collins Piper

Chapter 2





IF IN 1991, WHY NOT IN 1963?



















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Continuation: THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 5 by Ronn Jackson


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DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION, Part 1, by John Coleman



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DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION, Part 2, "Dr. John Coleman"







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DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION, Part 3, by John Coleman








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THE RUSSIAN 'MAFIYA', by Stephen Handelman











ALBERTA TALKNETWORK With host, Dave Rutherford



SAT., APR. 16, 1994 9:26 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 243

SAT., APR. 16, 1994


Crooked men walking crooked roads using crooked tactics enforced by crooked sticks and thus and so...!

In the wondrous beauty of each new day the mind is awakened from sleep to view that which is about it--it matters not at which hour begins your "day".

In protection against mental assault many will deliberately turn FROM any input which will somehow spoil the perceptions of things being "OK" or cause thought processes to spin around "doing something" which will interfere with personal "plans" of work or recreation. In fact, the psychiatrists will tell you to do this--"do not watch that which upsets your calm state of being". So what do you have? You have a society walking around in the continuation of dreamland. However, the mind will "out" its truth in "knowing". So the continuation is not of "dreamland" as in the calming data-handling of truth--it is a turning from the nightmares of reality. One place or the other --the mind will process that which IS and in the so-doing will often render the person bearing that mind to become disturbed, depressed and ultimately "mad". Balance comes from squarely FACING that which IS and dealing with it. Fulfillment comes from dealing with that which IS in a manner of goodness which elevates soul and self-worth. You cannot legislate morality and neither can the mind, body and soul PRETEND that morality exists when indeed it is not present.

It is good to know when to "take a break" but it is better to confront those things which oppress and not allow them to come into power. What would you have this day if some two centuries ago the citizens of the U.S., as a for instance, said each morning, "I will check and will not allow anything to arise this day which will curtail freedom, the Constitution or man's rightful application of living"? However, now you awaken to the dirty deeds having been done while you pursued the trivia of the moment in protection of self from any assault of that which "doesn't feel good"--the exact opposite of "if it feels good--do it"! There is magnificent difference in the soul "feeling good" and one or more of the "five senses" feeling good. Ah, but if something can be achieved which makes BOTH feel good--you have touched on Glory!

I promise you that if you will LEARN TRUTH and what is planned in the takeover of a world--YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE TRUTH IN THE NEWS TO GET THE NEWS!


Why do we deal with the subjects presented in the journals which would seem outdated and quite disturbing and, now, only appear to be novels for movies and scripts for TV? Because you have lost ability to tell one TV "story" from another--as to reality. If you show a war underway and bloodshed with bodies lying about and the next hour comes forth a "Miami Vice" with bodies laying about in pretend--THE MIND WILL SOON BE UNABLE TO DIFFERENTIATE DIFFERENCE!

I have been presented with a copy of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor for March 1994 with a couple of petitions to "put it in the CONTACT". Well, the CONTACT has responsibility to present these types of things unless I choose to use them but we will consider portions of same for the points are well-taken. If you don't unify in presentation of truth--you will NEVER have THE truth, only opinions of this writer or that writer--including myself.

Mr. McAlvany, Mr. Patterson of Criminal Politics and lots of others, when questioned about CONTACT will tell you not to read that rag-sheet as it is filled with plagiarisms, evil presentation from a being we deny exists and on and on and on--. The facts are that none of these people so much as read our material for they DON'T WANT TO FIND OUT TRUTH and have to come to grips with the fact that although they tell you the "time is at hand"--THEY CANNOT BELIEVE GOD WOULD SEND MESSENGERS AND BRING TRUTH AND "THEY" MIGHT HAVE TO COME TO TRUTH INSTEAD OF MISPERCEPTION--AND TO TRUTH REGARDING GOD AND TRANSITION.

Does this make "our" truth or "their" truth less truth? No, not in the realms of what is happening on your place in your human experience. It does represent that "someone" is WRONG in the perception of how GOD works, the "messengers" work and how the evolvement will come about. Well, if you are going to go by some words in a book whose information is sent by ones, invisible, some 2,000 years AGO--why is it not possible that someone equally invisible can bring you some updated information--since "that one" is on "his" return visit right on schedule? Remember the prophecies?

Moreover, why would our information distress these so-called "Godly, born-again Christ'ian' men"? If they bothered to read our presentations they would find that we absolutely adhere to all of the LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION--they fabricate what is allowable and what is possible and give you lots of fluffy clouds to rest your minds and souls upon. The only thing wrong with that presentation is that it will get you dead not saved. Ours is to bring the facts about these things--not whisk you away--nor make you a bundle of money on gold, bonds or tiddle-de-winks. We will offer that which we SEE to help you "make it" TO THE POINT OF TRANSITION AND THROUGH THAT PROCEDURE--THE REST, CITIZENS OF EARTH--IS UP TO YOU!


We have written over and over again about Plan 2000 and thus and so; however, as with Mr. McAlvany and other presenters--it does require presentation over and over and over again. This is because continually ones are waking up to the probabilities involved and won't go BACK AND GET INFORMATION ALREADY PRESENTED. So be it.

In an effort to respond in some measure without totally abandoning our projects from other authors and eye-witnesses to such as the Kennedy murder, etc., we will offer reminders and do, in fact, give appreciation for the able writings offered. There is a clause in this particular document asking that we copy and send far and wide to inform the people. Well, we have no resources for doing that in our particular circumstances and we need not waste our funds on total re-presentation of that so well covered prior to this. However, we will offer some of the pertinent topics and I will effort to keep that which we do reprint--accurately repeated and totally "in context".


"When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government or another, and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated." Thomas Jefferson. (In this instance read: New York as well as Washington).

Both the New World Order and the New Age Movement proclaim that their world government will be in place by the year 2000--the dawning of the Age of Aquarius! Elitist groups (such as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Socialist Internationals) which have staffed most of the key positions in the Clinton Administration (and prior to it in the Bush Administration) and most of the major European governments, have written very openly for years about their plans for world government by the Elite.

People who deny these groups' power and influence in the world's major governments have simply not read their writings, studied their membership rosters, and considered that most of the key positions in the U.S. and top governments of the world (from President, Vice President, Prime Minister, or Chancellor on down) are staffed from the groups.

For almost 50 years (since the end of World War II) the globalists have systematically (and secretly) been building the edifice or superstructure for this world government. Most major developments over the past five decades, including wars such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars, Desert Storm (described by George Bush as "a major stepping stone to the New World Order"), which is designed to economically, and then politically merge the U.S.. Mexico and Canada; the massive Western financial/industrial/high tech aid to the former Soviet Union (now Russia); the Western betrayal of South Africa; America's present gun control and environmental movements; and much more have all been part of an elaborate, long-term strategy or agenda by the elitists to move the world toward one giant world government--which will be an Orwellian socialist dictatorship (a giant global Tower of Babel).


Over thirty years ago, in a study known as Memorandum No. 7 entitled A World Effectively Controlled By The United Nations, written by Lincoln P. Bloomfield of the Council on Foreign Relations (and delivered to the State Department on 3/10/62), the elitist wrote: "A world effectively controlled by the United Nations is one in which 'world government' would come about through the establishment of supranational institutions, characterized by mandatory universal membership and some ability to employ physical force. Effective control would thus entail a preponderance of political power in the hands of a supranational organization... The present U.N. Charter could theoretically be revised in order to erect such an organization equal to the task envisioned, thereby codifying a radical rearrangement of power in the world".

The Bloomfield Memorandum was commissioned by the State Department, then headed by Secretary of State Dean Rusk (CFR), to study how disarmament could be used to usher in "world government". The Bloomfield memorandum wrote: "The principal features of a model system would include the following: 1) power, sufficient to monitor and enforce disarmament, settle disputes, and keep the peace--including taxing powers; 2) an international police force [Ed. note: Now openly called NEW WORLD ARMY], balanced appropriately among ground, sea, air, and space elements, consisting of 500,000 men recruited individually, wearing a U.N. uniform, and controlling a nuclear force composed of 50 to 100 mixed land-based mobile missiles and undersea-based missiles, averaging one megaton per weapon; 3) a government divided among three branches; and 4) compulsory jurisdiction of the International Court".


"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn". Proverbs 29:2

The strategy of the Liberal Eastern Establishment regarding the American people is to control the people and to confiscate their wealth. Their people-control agenda is now moving into high gear in the second year of the Clintonista regime.

The government is moving to control private property; to nationalize the family; to monitor and keep the public under surveillance from the cradle to the grave; to replace old standards of merits with affirmative action and quotas; to force banks to loan based on race instead of merit; to tax and regulate business (especially America's 5.3 million small businesses) out of existence; to license all U.S. gun owners as a prelude to total gun confiscation; to control all aspects of the American medical system; to put a condom in every child's pocket; and on and on ad nauseam.

Over 2,500 new laws were passed in 1993, to be implemented by 86,000 pages (in very fine print) of new regulations in the Federal Register in 1993, at a cost to the American economy of over $800 billion. Most of these thousands of new laws and regulations carry criminal (as well as civil) penalties, including property seizure and forfeiture provisions. The FDA is now talking about a total ban on smoking in America. This writer hates cigarette smoke and is allergic to same, but if the Federal government can arbitrarily ban cigarette smoking today, then why not gun ownership tomorrow, political dissent the next day, etc. [H: By the way, don't be feeling sorry for the "tobacco companies" and how "broke" they are going to be. The tobacco industry has had years to phase out of tobacco and into myriads of other major business concerns as they took over cookie manufacture's, millers--hardware, nuclear industries and you name it--they now own it! It is only the middle-man, the small farmers, etc., who will dearly pay--along with you in higher taxes and on and on. How can you pay for that health program out of cigarette taxes if you can't have cigarettes? It is all hooked firmly together and you will PAY dearly--even to becoming CRIMINALS and subject to imprisonment for "just lighting up"!]

Ron Paul recently wrote in his Survival Report of an example of Federal controls on the people: "Up to 30,000 home, seamstresses operate illegally in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Hundreds of thousands of similar workers do sewing in their homes nationwide. Since World War II, this wonderful form of work for mothers, the elderly, the disabled, etc. , has been illegal thanks to labor union-induced laws. Recently the U.S. Department of 'Justice' issued 35 injunctions against companies who use these home sewers. Criminals roam the street, in BATF uniforms and otherwise, and the government is worried about women sewing at home".


"Our aim is nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the world economy as a whole. Freedom and choice will be controlled within very narrow alternatives by the fact that every man will be numbered from birth, and followed as a number, through his educational training, his required military or other public service, his tax contributions, his health and medical requirements, and his final retirement and death benefits". Carrol Quigley (Bill Clinton's mentor) in Tragedy and Hope.

Totalitarian societies are surveillance societies. To control people, a government must be able to watch people, to know their every move. In a democratic society, the only way for Quigley's plans to be implemented is to create a sense of crisis so that the citizens demand more surveillance. So, crises, real or contrived, such as the "drug crisis", the "crime crisis", the "Social Security crisis", the "budget crisis", the "child abuse crisis", etc., become the excuse for greater government surveillance interference in our lives.

THE NATIONAL ID CARD: The congress is presently passing laws imposing mandatory surveillance over our financial transactions, monitoring firearms purchases, requiring registration of children at birth, increasing the power of the IRS, the EPA, the FDA, the ATF, of OSHA, etc. The newest "crisis" is health care; so, in response, the Clintonistas have introduced legislation (S-1757 and HR 3600) mandating that every American be issued a tamper proof "Health Security Card" (HSC) through which medical data on each citizen can be collected, catalogued, and transmitted to a federal computer center. Failure to register for the card will be a criminal offense, punishable by jail, heavy fines, or both.

As Mark Nestmann wrote in a recent issue of Low Profile, "Clinton's plan doesn't call for HSC to be a 'smart card' (capable of recording health care 'transactions' on its own), only a 'dumb' card that only verifies the patient's identity when treatment occurs. But the HSC could still be involved in a federal plan to impose nearly continuous electronic surveillance over the population.

The centerpiece of Vice President Gore's 'Report on Reinventing Government' is to establish a state-of-the-art nationwide electronic transmission network. Thus the 'information highway' for which Gore has been seeking funding for more than a decade, his 'Reinventing government' idea, and the Health Security Card are part of the same plan. Their common de-nominator: linking government computers capable of collecting, transmitting and analyzing massive amounts of personal and financial data". In other words, the government will soon have access to total financial data (all computerized) on every American”.


We do not have space in this "Introduction" segment to continue with this topic--but it deserves repeating as does the remainder of the presentation. Suffice it to say that a lot of caring, good writers now have access to the "way it IS" and they, remember, can only offer it to you--you must process it and do that which you choose. I want you to remember--as the days and weeks pass--that these "crooked" hoodwinkers are after you--and through the crooked pathway--you can find yourself "straight" into the pits! May you be given into straight thinking and away from the crooked miles of crooks' planning and map instructions.

Gyeorgos C. Hatonn



WED., APR. 6, 1994 1:11 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 233

WED., APR.6. 1994


"When there are so many 'new' things daily to talk about, sir, why are you dragging up old dirt"? Because you don't have, the RIGHT dirt yet, good buddies!

I know that you "think" you have enough of it and if we will just move on like the New Age groupies tell you to do and not bother your sleepy little heads with MORE, then you can just turn your world around and live happily ever after--right after, of course, God gives you enough money to do it!

No thank you. We told you how the assassinations "were" and we even got rebutted by Bo Gritz--good gracious, readers, my team is made of humans also!

So you are sick of CIA, Mossad, KGB, Romanoffs and Secret Service writers. You are also sick of ADL, WJL, WZO and other parts of the "world" and especially the ongoing strife in the Middle East. Well, readers, the parts of the puzzle that affect YOU are not in OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD OR MIDDLE EAST--THEY ARE IN YOUR DOORYARD, HAVING TAKEN OVER YOUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT.

Now, you can get more upset with me because I am going to bring in ANOTHER reference book for you to GET! This one IS in print but it is published like the other honorable documents--by unknown presses--no major publisher will touch it with a 100-ft pole. It is called FINAL JUDGMENT, The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy. It is by Michael Collins Piper and if you want a copy you will have to get it from the publisher directly OR Liberty Library.

Publisher: The Wolfe Press, Washington, D.C. But I suggest you go right to Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. You can use Visa or MasterCard through 1-800-522-6292.

I would also like to point out something here. Yes indeed we offer some of the stories in point--from these book reviews--so that YOU can know what is valid and worthy of expense and time. It is important, however, that YOU SUPPORT THESE AUTHORS--it is most often the last shred of income they are allowed to receive and that is usually done in "hiding". The book is $20.00 but worth twice the sum. So why is it so important? Aren't there dozens of good books on speculations regarding the Kennedy family problems? This one tells you the truth of WHO were THE major players behind the plots and you aren't going to like it. Eustace Mullins will like it, Marchetti will like it and the rest will accuse everybody involved of Anti-Semitism! I am going to offer the "PREFACE" here for your consideration and then we will integrate a bit of the contents along with the ongoing thriller of Ronn Jackson--WHO WAS THERE! ISRAEL HAS BEEN TAKING OVER THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ALL POINTS OF THE HEMISPHERE FOR A VERY LONG TIME NOW, READERS, AND IT IS SOMETHING YOU MUST FACE. IT IS WISE TO KNOW THINE ENEMY! For simple reference today, while awaiting Rick to contact the author, we will refer to this writing as "Part 1". There may never be another "part" but we have to have identification relative to the other ongoing materials so we shall use this in the interim for once off the computer screen Dharma has no reference system.

by Michael Collins Piper



The Unspoken Truth:
Israel’s Central Role in the JFK Assassination

Where in the world could anyone come up with the idea that Israel's Mossad had a hand in the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Well, there's more to the story than meets the eye. All of the information which, taken together, proves this contention has already been committed to print. This book, Final Judgment, brings all of these facts together for the first time in a frightening scenario that makes sense.

Considering all of the theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy that have been circulating for years, how could anyone ever suggest that Israel's Mossad was involved?

This was the reaction of more than a few people when apprised of the thesis presented in the pages of this book. Yet, I believe that when you read this volume you will reach the same conclusion: that Israel and its spy agency, the Mossad, did indeed play a critical role in the JFK assassination conspiracy and its cover-up. The evidence, you shall see, is there.

It was several years ago that I first stumbled upon a hint that this was indeed the case. I came across a strange reference in the pages of a controversial work about the JFK assassination which alleged that the CIA had been the prime mover behind the president's murder, A.J. Weberman and Michael Canfield's Coup d'Etat in America, first published in 1975. The reference, simple as it was, appearing on page 41, read as follows:

"After the assassination, an informer for the Secret Service and the FBI who had infiltrated a Cuban exile group and was in the process of selling them machine guns, reported that on November 21, 1963 he was told, 'We now have plenty of money--our new backers are the Jews--as soon as they take care of JFK'. This man had furnished reliable information in the past".

I barely noticed the reference, but it did intrigue me. Who did this source mean when he referred to "the Jews"? This was the question I needed to answer. My immediate conclusion was this: the source meant Jewish gangsters--such as Meyer Lansky [H: This name SHOULD be becoming well known to you readers by now!]--who had a stake in reviving their Cuban gambling interests that they lost when Fidel Castro came to power. This was the logical answer.

Frankly, I laid the reference aside. It was just one lone remark out of perhaps millions of words written about the JFK assassination. It was nearly a year that went by before I came across the quotation again--while re-reading the same book. I pondered, the quote for a moment, thinking, "This IS interesting".

However, I once again cast those thoughts aside. I had already reached my own conclusions about the JFK assassination long before: The CIA was primarily responsible, working hand-in-hand with certain elements in "the Mafia" and also in the anti-Castro Cuban movement.

However, in the subsequent year that followed, I began to stumble across some interesting information.

In David Scheim's book, Contract on America, which contends that "the Mafia" was solely responsible for the JFK assassination, I saw a variation of the same quote referenced in the Weberman and Canfield book.

However, Scheim's rendition of the quote had deleted the reference to the alleged Jewish backers of the Cuban plotters. I began to think that there might be something more to the story after all, whatever the accuracy of the story allegedly told to the federal authorities.


It was around this time that I learned that a new biography of organized crime figure Meyer Lansky had been released. It was entitled Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life. The book--prepared in cooperation with Lansky's family--was little more than a puff piece for the deceased thug. Gossipy, full of inside information, and even entertaining at times, the book still somehow seemed to be missing a lot.

It was then that I returned to my library and pulled a book off the shelf that I hadn't re-read in perhaps fifteen years. It was Hank Messick's biography of Lansky. Re-reading this important book I began to see that Meyer Lansky was not just another gangster. He was "the chairman of the board" of organized crime.

All of the Mafia figures that had been repeatedly implicated in the JFK assassination were, in fact, Lansky's front-men--his subordinates, his underlings. In short, if "the Mafia" had a hand in the killing of JFK, then Lansky had to have been one of the key players. Yet, as I quickly began to see in reviewing many of the works which allege that "The Mafia Killed JFK", Lansky's preeminent role was being ignored or otherwise underplayed.

I was aware of Lansky's close ties to Israel. After all, Lansky fled to Israel when the heat was on in the United States. But how deeply did the Lansky-Israeli connection go?

My research into that question began to turn up some interesting facts relating to an Israeli connection to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (All of this and more appears in the pages of this book).


Why would Israel have an interest in participating in the JFK assassination conspiracy? That was the burning question.

It was just about the time that I had begun to take a second look at the Lansky connection to the Kennedy assassination that several new works about the covert relationship between the United States and Israel were released providing never-before revealed information.

[H: I believe you will now begin to see why a Zionist-run Hollywood story such as "JFK" by Oliver Stone would be allowed to be made--it was, after all--STILL THE WRONG STORY AND ONLY THE WRONG STORY WOULD BE ALLOWED!!! I can guarantee you that THIS story WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED THE MAKING!]

These books, cited extensively in Final Judgment, made it all too clear that John F. Kennedy--before his death--was in a pitched battle with Israel. In fact, Kennedy was at war.

This was something that long-time JFK assassination researchers had no reason to know about. Much of the material had long been classified. It was a secret--a deep, dark secret.

Some of JFK's communications with then-Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion are still classified. Not even top-level intelligence officials with special security clearance have been allowed access to these potentially explosive documents.


The long and close relationship between Israel and JFK's foes at the CIA is something which is becoming more and more known to the general public. JFK's own war with the CIA is common knowledge.

At the time of the president's assassination, however, the depth and breadth of the CIA's relationship with Israel's Mossad was not so commonly known.

What's more, as I began to discover, Israel's allies in the Lansky Syndicate had much deeper relations with the CIA than most researchers have realized.

And while the stories of CIA-Organized Crime assassination plots against Castro have been told time and again, the evidence I began to discover told an even bigger story.

The pieces of the puzzle were all there. They simply needed putting together. As the research continued, I repeatedly found myself stumbling upon new facts and information that continued to verify what was initially in my mind just a theory, but which I now believe to be the truth.


It is the little-discussed Permindex connection to the JFK assassination which is the tie that binds--the final proof that Israel's Mossad was at the center of the assassination conspiracy.

In the Permindex connection we find all of the critical elements which tie Israel's Mossad, the CIA and organized crime together in close-knit intrigue linked directly to the murder of President Kennedy.

Although researchers, over the years, have devoted much time and energy to pursuing a wide variety of questions relating to the JFK assassination controversy (focusing on controversies that will never be resolved) they have steered clear of the Permindex connection.

Those who have made any reference to Permindex have described it as some sort of "neo-Nazi" entity--even a remnant of Hitler's SS--but, as we shall see, nothing could be further from the truth.

To understand the forces behind the Permindex connection, which we examine in detail in this volume, is to understand the answer to the biggest mystery of this century: the question of who killed John F. Kennedy.


Just before I began the book I mentioned my theory to a rather well-known former United States congressman. He surprised me when he said, "I think you are on to something. I've believed for years that the Mossad was involved in the Kennedy assassination, but I never really took the time to look into it. I'm glad you're doing it, though. It will be an important book. It's a book I would have liked to have written myself".

Then, just after I finished the book, I sent a copy of the manuscript to another former U.S. congressman, thinking that he might have some interest in the subject. His response was perhaps a bit astonishing.

After the former congressman received the manuscript he wrote me a surprising letter in which he said, "I will tell you this: A retired Western European diplomat and intelligence officer with whom I've been in correspondence (and who has had disastrous experiences with Israel and the Mossad) has been urging me for the last four years to write the book that you have written".

He passed the manuscript on to the Frenchman who in turn wrote me a fascinating letter providing further information confirming my thesis.


The fruits of my labor appear in this book. I owe so much to all of those JFK assassination researchers who made this book possible. Their pioneering efforts laid the groundwork for the construction of a framework which I firmly believe proves Mossad complicity in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

All of those who sought the truth--and sometimes risked their reputations (and even perhaps their lives) doing it--cleared the way for a final judgment:

Israel was the driving force behind the conspiracy that resulted in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is the Israeli connection that pulls all of the pieces of the puzzle together into one complete picture. The role of Israel in the JFK assassination is, indeed, the until-now "missing link".

This is a controversial suggestion, but for the sake of history, it is a story that needs to be told.

Michael Collins Piper

Washington, D.C.

January 20, 1994


Let's just sample a tid-bit more for I really do want you to obtain this book, readers--for you see, I DO KNOW MY ENEMIES!



Who killed John F. Kennedy? That question has plagued the world for a generation. What is it that we do know about the JFK murder that ties all of the differing theories together? What is it that all of the theories have in common?

The blame for the assassination has been placed on numerous power groups, perhaps working independently or together. Most often named have been the CIA (or rogue elements thereof), organized crime and the anti-Castro Cuban network.

Yet, one power in particular--Israel and its spy agency, the Mossad--links all of these forces together. Israel, however, is the central player whose role has been consistently ignored.

"Everybody on Earth on November 22, 1963, it sometimes seems, was involved in a plot to assassinate JFK. If all those alleged conspirators--all of whom have denied the allegations--were there, it's lucky anyone got out of Dealey Plaza alive".

These were the words of one journalist, Terry Catchpole, reflecting on the controversy over Oliver Stone's Hollywood all-star extravaganza JFK and of widespread interest in the JFK assassination in general.

Catchpole cites groups often alleged to have been involved in some way with the JFK assassination--although this summary by no means is complete (ignoring, in particular, the CIA as an institution):

* Cuban Communists

* Cuban Anti-Communists

* Military-Industrial Complex

* A Renegade CIA Clique

* Organized Crime

* Soviet Communists

* The FBI

* The Mastermind

This final theory, according to Catchpole, is that "the Mafia had actually taken over the Howard Hughes organization from the bedridden recluse, and it was run by a "Mr. X", possibly [organized crime syndicate boss] Meyer Lansky.

Each and every one of these theories, of course, has its own advocates. Each and every one of these theories, additionally, has been intertwined with one or more of the others. And now, the advent of Stone's film, coupled with the subsequent release of several new books on the assassination--most notably Mark Lane's Plausible Denial, which proved CIA complicity in the president's murder--has brought new interest in the controversy.


Perhaps some day there will even be a book which places the blame for the assassination on, as New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison used to say, "retired circus clowns". However, it was not retired circus clowns who killed John F. Kennedy, at least so far as we know.


This book contends that Israel's Mossad was a prime player alongside the CIA in the complex web of conspiracy that resulted in the assassination of President Kennedy--perhaps even the driving force behind the conspiracy.

It is clearly Israel and its Mossad--as we shall document--which is the one force which ties all of the most frequently mentioned alleged conspirators together: the CIA, the anti-Castro Cuban forces, organized crime and, most specifically--and more significantly than the so-called Mafia--the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate.

The connections are far more sinister and go far deeper than most might imagine. In Final Judgment we will examine all of this in detail.


Israel, as we shall see, had a very distinct motive not only to orchestrate Kennedy's removal from office but to also elevate his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson into the White House. As did, of course, many of those other elements in the conspiracy that resulted in Kennedy's murder.

Never once, however--at least in standard assassination research--has the suggestion that Israel had a hand in Kennedy's murder even been uttered. Yet, the evidence is there--evidence that has lain dormant or has otherwise been ignored or gone unrecognized for its significance.

Indeed, virtually all of the facts brought together in Final Judgment have been drawn from recognized volumes in the field of JFK assassination research and in other standard sources.


One former member of Congress, Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) himself has publicly suggested that Israel indeed may have had a hand in the JFK assassination. In the March 1992 issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Findley points out: "It is interesting--but not surprising--to note that in all the words written and uttered about the Kennedy assassination, Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned. And yet a Mossad motive is obvious".

Findley lays out the motive--a motive that we outline in detail in the pages of this book: "Israeli leaders never trusted the Kennedys. They were aware that when President Kennedy's father, Joseph Kennedy, was ambassador to Great Britain, he frequently praised Nazi Germany.

"During John Kennedy's campaign for this presidency, a group of New York Jews had privately offered to meet his campaign expenses if he would let them set his Middle East policy. He did not agree... As president, he provided only limited support to Israel.

"On the other hand, Lyndon Johnson had demonstrated his strong support for Israel throughout his political career. The government of Israel, therefore, had every reason to believe that its interests would be better advanced with Johnson as president. And indeed they were. After Kennedy's death, the United States, for the first time, began large-scale shipments of arms to Israel....

"Certainly, the Mossad possessed the resources to carry out an assassination almost any place on earth".

Findley concludes: "Am I accusing the Mossad of complicity? Absolutely not.

I have no evidence of such. My point is simply this: on this question, as on almost all others, American reporters and commentators cannot bring themselves to cast Israel in an unfavorable light--despite the obvious fact that Mossad complicity is as plausible as any of the other theories".

In these pages we will provide Congressman Findley and the readers with the evidence. We will let the readers make the final judgment.


One leading assassination investigator, Carl Oglesby, recently summarized his own decades of personal research. "It was an inside job", he said, “something on the order of the enterprise which we discovered in the Iran/Contra scandal”.

"At the same time", he added as a caveat, "I cannot bring myself to believe that an institution such as the CIA [for example] could in any formal and regular sense decide to kill the president”.

"So what I am talking about is an off-the-shelf, off-the-books kind of action that must have been put together by some subterranean association cutting through not only the CIA, but to a certain extent the FBI, the Dallas police and the military-intelligence agencies themselves".

Final Judgment suggests that it was Israel's Mossad that was indeed the very "subterranean association" that did cut through the various entities which found themselves brought into the JFK assassination conspiracy.

In a recent interview another respected JFK assassination researcher, Peter Dale Scott, perhaps lends further credence to the theory we are about to present. Scott believes that there were a variety of forces at work behind the JFK assassination. He specifically fingers "Lyndon Johnson's backers--particularly those who had a stake in the military-industrial complex" and "an intelligence-Mafia connection that included members of the intelligence community who were involved with military-industrial corporate backers of Lyndon Johnson, who in turn were involved with Mafia people. At a minimum", according to Scott, "you have to consider this triad of forces". Note Scott's words: "at a minimum".

This, of course, suggests that other forces were indeed involved. Final Judgment not only suggests that it was, in fact, Israel's Mossad, but also clearly pinpoints the Mossad connection.


Scott himself goes one step further, but without naming the Mossad. He says, "In my research, the most suggestive clues have emerged from a relatively restricted circle within what I call the dark quadrant of suppressed relationships or deep politics: a circle within the tripartite world of first, CIA, defense, and other intelligence networks; second, the underworld of organized crime and anti-Castro Cubans; and third, corporate interests with links both to the intelligence and defense communities and also to organized crime.

"The key", says Scott, "is that all those in this dark quadrant would have resisted its exposure whether or not they were key plotters". Final Judgment concurs with Scott's judgment. Again, note Scott's words: "CIA, defense, and other intelligence networks".

As we demonstrate--and which is not really so very secret--it is Israel's Mossad--above and beyond any other intelligence network--foreign or domestic--that has been unusually close (almost incestuously so) to the CIA.


What's more, we go one step beyond Scott's conclusions. Final Judgment points out the prime role of the American media in its role in the cover-up. The cover-up of the JFK assassination conspiracy could never have succeeded without the support of a willing media.

The fact is that Israel and its supporters in the American media have a long and intimate relationship. Until recent years--but even still today--criticism of Israel and its misdeeds have been verboten in the Establishment media, as noted previously in the comments by Congressman Findley.


We will illustrate, by several notable examples, how primary friends of Israel in the American media have been key players in floating "false leads" (or "false flags" in intelligence jargon) that have directed attention and suspicion elsewhere. This is a phenomenon never before examined in studying the JFK assassination and which explains, in large part, why the real truth about the assassination conspiracy has remained hidden for so long, all of the research notwithstanding.

(In Chapter 3 we will examine numerous instances wherein Israel's Mossad itself utilized "false flags" to cover up its own role in a wide variety of assassination conspiracies and crimes around the globe).


Professor Scott, like many JFK researchers, has long focused on the change of policy toward Vietnam that took place as a result of John F. Kennedy's assassination. He also points out that there was, additionally, a change of policy toward Latin America. However, in these pages, we demonstrate beyond question that the most profound--and, in retrospect, probably most lasting and unusual--reversal in the conduct of American foreign policy was in the arena of U.S.-Israeli relations. These facts, unfortunately, have been neglected by even the most serious researchers into the JFK assassination.


The purpose of Final Judgment, you see, is not to prove, once and for all, that there was indeed a conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy and to perpetuate a cover-up of that conspiracy. That has been proven, time and again, in an endless array of books, monographs, magazine articles--even in the pages of several novels.

Instead, in Final Judgment, we present a theory that, in the free market of ideas, deserves consideration--controversial though it will be.

John F. Kennedy himself put it best: "A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people".

What all of the commonly-alleged conspiracies are tied together by is the one strand that has been consistently ignored--and that, of course, is the ISRAELI CONNECTION.

In Final Judgment we will consider this (unfortunately) long-ignored hidden aspect of history. [H: When this is PROVEN--what think ye that this will do to the liars and lies regarding the "holocaust"?]


What Final Judgment proves is not only that Israel had reason to conspire against JFK, but that Israel was in a central position to not only coordinate the assassination scheme itself, but the subsequent cover-up--all of this in close collaboration with its co-conspirators in the CIA and organized crime--most specifically those elements intimately linked to syndicate boss Meyer Lansky.

Israel--as much as the Mafia or the CIA, for example--stood to benefit greatly from the death of America's 35th president--and did. JFK's assassination set the stage for Israel to become a major power.


Research into the Kennedy assassination is most difficult, if only because the literature is so immense, the web so tangled, and the surfeit of theories and potential conspirators so seemingly unending. What's more, some assassination researchers have latched onto their own unique theories and, as a consequence, have failed to look elsewhere--in the direction of Israel, for example. With all of this in mind, let us proceed on the basis that there are certain areas of agreement.


Our final judgment--outlined in these pages--on a foundation composed of the following generally accepted conclusions about the nature of the JFK assassination conspiracy.

* That there was a conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy;

* That the conspiracy itself involved elements of the U.S. intelligence community, the CIA in particular;

* That Organized Crime figures played a major part in the conspiracy;

* That anti-Castro Cubans were actively participating in the conspiracy, at the urging of and/or manipulation by the CIA and elements of Organized Crime;

* That somehow Lee Harvey Oswald (wittingly or unwittingly) was brought into the conspiracy and that the conspirators planted false evidence to link Oswald with Fidel Castro and the Soviets;

* That Oswald was directly involved in some manner of U.S. intelligence community activities and that he was a knowing participant in those activities;

* That Jack Ruby was either an active participant in the assassination conspiracy itself or was used in some fashion to manipulate Oswald prior to the assassination of JFK;

* That Ruby was actively involved in organized crime activities and that he was, as a consequence of that involvement, also linked with organized crime activities that operated in conjunction (or ran parallel) with U.S. intelligence community activities;

* That the Central Intelligence Agency was cognizant of the activities of both Oswald and Ruby and certainly manipulated both;

* That Oswald was executed by Jack Ruby for the purpose of silencing Oswald forever;

* That a major cover-up of the JFK assassination conspiracy was undertaken following the events in Dallas;

* That the cover-up involved elements of the federal government (including the CIA);

* That the Warren Commission and the House Assassinations Committee were deliberate participants in the cover-up;

* That the cover-up conspiracy was conducted for a wide variety of motivations--both ostensibly "patriotic" and otherwise--including--but not limited to:

a) burying intelligence community connections to the assassination conspiracy;

b) protecting Organized Crime elements involved;

c) preventing hostilities between the United States and foreign nations (whether it be the Soviet Union or Castro's Cuba); and

d) resolving questions about the assassination in the public's mind, both here and abroad.

* That the Controlled Media actively encouraged and/or participated in the cover-up due to its links to the CIA, the intelligence community in general, and Organized Crime.

This is the basis upon which the research for this volume was undertaken. Thus, upon this foundation Final Judgment ties together all of the facts and shows how the State of Israel and its spy agency, the Mossad, collaborated with not only the CIA but also key elements in Organized Crime and in the anti-Castro Cuban community in order to orchestrate the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up.


Some of the facts presented--while not necessarily "new"--have been available to researchers for decades.

However, many researchers, regrettably, have not been looking in the right direction. That, of course, is not their fault.

Additional information--particularly in regard to Kennedy's difficult relations with Israel and how U.S.-Israeli relations changed drastically as a result of JFK's murder--has really only recently come into the public forum. In Final Judgment we will explore this information in detail.

It is this information--long unavailable to even the most dedicated researchers--that ties all of the previous data together.

The remarkable scenario presented in Final Judgment logically incorporates all of the commonly-accepted theories into one broadly encompassing theory that not only makes sense but which brings the diverse elements in the conspiracy together full circle. It is for this reason that Final Judgment truly lives up to its name.

The theory presented in the pages of Final Judgment may be greeted with the charge of "anti-Semitism"--a standard attack directed upon any utterance even vaguely critical of Israel and its misdeeds.

However, the author leaves it up to the basic honesty and open-mindedness of the readers to determine whether or not the theory presented in this volume makes sense.


Here, in essence, is the basis of the theory presented and documented--sometimes in excruciating detail--in the pages which follow.

* That during his presidency, John F. Kennedy alienated three major international power blocs: the American CIA, Organized Crime, and Israel and its American lobby.

* That in each case, Kennedy's continued tenure in the White House was perceived by each of these power groups as a threat to its very existence.

* That each of these major international power blocs was closely intertwined with the other, often on several levels.

* That when Kennedy's presence in the White House became so intolerable that these forces came together in a wide-ranging conspiracy that resulted in JFK's murder.

* That the power of these forces, together, over the American media played a vital role in the assassination conspiracy cover-up.

Final Judgment explores in detail the little-known behind-the scenes war between John F. Kennedy and Israel and documents how U.S. policy toward the Middle East underwent a drastic reversal upon JFK's assassination.

This book also documents the long-standing and intimate collaboration between not only the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate and Israel, but also the similar incestuous relationship between the Lansky syndicate and Israel's allies in the CIA. Our study will also focus on the singularly important role of Meyer Lansky's positioning in the joint Israeli Mossad-CIA-Organized Crime nexus that came together in the JFK assassination.

Lansky's own role in the JFK assassination conspiracy has been continually ignored or otherwise suppressed--even by those very "authorities" who claim that "the Mafia Killed JFK".

As we shall see, Meyer Lansky was, in fact, the real "overlord" of the international crime syndicate; many of the so-called "mafia bosses" who allegedly masterminded the JFK assassination were, indeed, Lansky henchmen, front-men, underlings.

The facts have all been published in previous works on the JFK assassination and in other studies on the subjects of U.S.-Israeli relations, international intelligence intrigue, and organized crime.

It is only now, however, that all of the facts have been finally placed together in a neatly-constructed jigsaw puzzle that presents the whole picture in its rather simple entirety. It is not, as we shall see, as complex as it might at first appear.

However, the bottom line is this: it is clear that not only did Israel have a motive for participating in the JFK assassination, but that it indeed did play a critical part in the conspiracy.


The conspiracy outlined here was a criminal enterprise involving power politics in its highest--and lowest--forms. This volume:

* Presents international intrigue above and beyond the then-crumbling U. S.-Israel relationship;

* Examines the tragic reality of American involvement in Southeast Asia--which Kennedy sought to prevent--the final result of which guaranteed:

a) Israel's dominance in Middle East affairs as the United States became bogged down in Asia;

b) Southeast Asian drug profits for Meyer Lansky's global drug racket (operating in conjunction with the Mossad's ally, the CIA); and

c) Multi-billion dollar profits in arms production for the backers of Israel's ally--Lyndon Johnson--in the military-industrial complex;

* Explains how the CIA--so closely tied to Israel--was able to continue its subterranean covert activities in Southeast Asia and elsewhere after the elimination of JFK;

* Illustrates how certain special interests (the anti-Castro Cuban movement and Organized Crime) could be manipulated by another special interest--the CIA-Mossad alliance--in pursuit of a mutual goal: ending John F. Kennedy's presidency;

* Points out why the various elements involved in the conspiracy were working in conjunction with one another in covering up the facts about the assassination;

* Details how the Controlled Media--long a primary collaborator with the Lansky-linked pro-Israel lobby in the United States--promoted the Warren Commission's "lone nut" solution of the JFK murder and sought to silence critics of the "official" explanation;

* Reveals how the anger and disgust of one powerful man--in this instance, David Ben-Gurion of Israel--could result in a vendetta carried out by means of a far-reaching conspiracy orchestrated through his own sphere of influence:

* Describes how key American political power brokers--such as J. Edgar Hoover and, most particularly, Lyndon B. Johnson (both connected to the Israeli-linked Lansky Crime Syndicate)--were able to maintain their influence--and expand it correspondingly--upon the death of John F. Kennedy and

* Demonstrates how low-level operatives such as Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby--both with a diverse array of strange connections--were utilized by conspirators at the top.

All of this taken together makes the conspiracy outlined here one that is not only logical, but one that ties all of the most prominently mentioned conspirators together in a package that is all too uncomfortably neat.


In order to outline the conspiracy described in the pages of Final Judgment, it is necessary, from the beginning, to consider that conspiracy in its historical context.

A wide array of players were involved and their integral links with one another and with the diverse forces behind the conspiracy make it prudent, at this juncture, to provide the reader with an overview of the material about to be presented.

What follows here, however, is a summary overview of the chapters which follow and which presents the necessary outline of the approach we take in laying the groundwork upon which we reach our final judgment.


Chapter 2 explores the accusation that Israel's Mossad did indeed consider assassinating an American president perceived hostile to Israel--in this instance, George Bush--and ponders the likelihood that the Mossad did, in fact, previously collaborate in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Chapter 3 reviews the Mossad's historic use of so-called "false flags" in its worldwide acts of terrorism and assassination, leaving others (such as "the Mafia", "right wing extremists", and "Arab terrorists") to take the blame. The point driven home is that the Mossad could have done likewise in the JFK assassination.


Chapter 4 examines the historic alliance--and then enmity--between John F. Kennedy and his father Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy not only with the Israeli lobby but also the Israeli-linked Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate.

Chapter 5 reviews, in depth, the growing conflict between President John F. Kennedy and the state of Israel--facts which have never been seriously examined by students of the JFK assassination.

Chapter 6 outlines how the assassination of John F. Kennedy permitted the Lansky Crime Syndicate--and Israeli-lobby linked Lyndon B. Johnson (a favorite of Israel's allies in the CIA) to assume the presidency and begin an incredible reversal of JFK's Middle East policies, thereby strengthening Israel's global hand.

This important chapter also demonstrates how Israel, the CIA and the Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate stood to benefit from American involvement in the Vietnam War--a little explored aspect of that unfortunate period.


Chapter 7 is a comprehensive biographical sketch of organized crime figure Meyer Lansky, covering his preeminent role in global criminal enterprises and his links to not only Israel and its Mossad, but also American intelligence.

Chapter 8 explores the close working relationship between Israel's Mossad and the American CIA, and particularly the important role of the Mossad's chief ally in the CIA, James Jesus Angleton, the CIA's chief of counterintelligence.

Chapter 9 reviews the conflicts between the administration of John F. Kennedy and Israel's primary link in the world of international intelligence, the CIA. Also considered are the connections of a number of key CIA figures (linked to the JFK assassination) with Israel.


Chapter 10 sheds important light upon Meyer Lansky's ties with New Orleans Mafia chieftain Carlos Marcello (often fingered as a key conspirator in the JFK assassination) and upon Lansky's preeminence over the Italian Mafia in organized crime activities.

Chapter 11 continues in this vein, reviewing Lansky's involvement with Mafia figures Johnny Rosselli and Santo Trafficante Jr., and with the anti-Castro Cuban underground and the CIA in assassination plots aimed against Cuba's communist dictator, Fidel Castro.

Chapter 12 is a detailed exploration of Meyer Lansky's predominant role in the international drug racket and how his criminal syndicate worked hand-in-glove with the American CIA in these international ventures.


Chapter 13 considers a little known angle in the JFK assassination conspiracy: the role of Lansky's West Coast henchman, Mickey Cohen. It was Cohen's close friend and attorney, Melvin Belli, who later emerged as the attorney for Jack Ruby, the Lansky-linked crime figure who murdered JFK's alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

This chapter also documents Cohen's close working relationship with the Israeli underground and also connects the murder of JFK's mistress, film actress Marilyn Monroe, with Cohen's pro-Israel activities--an aspect that has been too long ignored.

Chapter 14 is a review of the career of Jack Ruby as an errand boy for both the CIA and the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate and his activities connected with the JFK assassination.


Chapter 15, aptly entitled, "The Twain Shall Meet", demonstrates that it was through the little-explored Rome-based intelligence operation known as Permindex that the Israeli MossadCIA alliance and the Lansky Crime Syndicate came together and utilized their joint resources to orchestrate the JFK assassination, bringing about the conspiracy documented in previous chapters full circle.

Chapter 16 is, in part, a review of attorney Mark Lane's book, Plausible Denial, which documents a little-known libel trial in which a jury concluded that the CIA had a hand in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

This chapter also examines the critical role that CIA man James Jesus Angleton, Israel's number one contact in American intelligence, played in manipulating the JFK assassination cover-up.

Also examined is the oft-mentioned (but little-understood) so-called "French connection" to the JFK assassination conspiracy which was, in fact, also the Israeli connection.

Chapter 17 is a critical examination of the role that the media played in distorting the public's perception of the JFK assassination conspiracy and how the media pointed the finger of blame elsewhere.

A special analysis exposes how one widely-publicized conspiracy theory (blaming Fidel Castro) was the product of a powerful newspaper columnist with close ties to not only the Israeli lobby in this country but also the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate.


Chapter 18 is a new look at the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy and how RFK's murder ties together not only the CIA, Israel's Mossad, and the Meyer Lansky syndicate, but also the Iranian secret police, SAVAK (itself a creation of the CIA and the Mossad). RFK's assassination was, in fact, an integral part of the JFK assassination cover-up.

The concluding chapter constitutes an overview of the previous chapters and ties together the various aspects considered, outlining the likely nature of the conspiracy that resulted in the assassinations of President Kennedy and his younger brother.

A special appendix considers the covert CIA career of George Herbert Walker Bush and examines his integral links with several of the key players in the JFK assassination conspiracy, examining that critical question, "Where Was George"?

Our after word reflects on the nature of the continuing cover-up and of how the truth may never really be told. [H: Oh, I beg to differ--it most certainly WILL BE TOLD!]

All of this, we believe, is a logically constructed recitation of the facts in the JFK case that leads us to conclude that Israel and its Mossad did indeed have a major hand in the JFK assassination.


You be the judge.

You have heard all of the other theories time and again.

This is the one and only book which ties all of those theories together in a comprehensive summary which makes ultimate sense.

Read this book and reach your own final judgment.


* * *

Good grief, don't you wish you already had this book in hand?? Well, more than that, it is going to tie into what we have been giving you to the point of being quite, as you would say, "mind-blowing".

As we were writing here I had asked that Rick make some contacts so that we would have permission for use of this volume. He came back in a bit of shock in that one of his callers "just happened to be studying this book in point". Ah, but it gets better: this person has been around with incredible under-cover information for several months now and he is all turned-on again--as this all unfolds.

He (and I think it better that I leave the name blank for this moment) had a bit of other information on the Robert Kennedy circumstance. Let me just offer, without names for security, exactly what Rick has handed Dharma:

Conversation 4/6/94:

XXX (a law enforcement officer who worked with ZZZ, and later became the Captain of the ------ Police Dept.) and ZZZ met privately (in an alley in ------) with Bobby Kennedy to advise him that they had proof there was a telephone call made approximately 15 minutes prior to JFK's assassination to the FBI to advise them of the assassination. Word of the assassination was overheard by CCC in the law offices of Berenson (Jerome) and Nordham, which also happened to be where William P. Clark was practicing law. Upon hearing of the assassination plans, CCC was fearful and phoned her husband. The phone call was overheard by the telephone switchboard and the phone company notified the FBI. The reason XXX knew about this call is that he was the head of security for the phone company. XXX and ZZZ advised Bobby of this specific information that the FBI knew in advance, which really shook him up. He was strongly advised by XXX and ZZZ not to tell anyone under any circumstances until giving the matter some serious thought.... Bobby, at that time, was staying in the home of the man who led his Democratic campaign, AN "ADL" JEWISH LAWYER BY THE NAME OF PAUL ZIFFERIN (phonetic spelling) XXX and ZZZ believe that Bobby told Paul Zifferin of this information he had just received. THE NEXT NIGHT BOBBY WAS DEAD.

Its a small world isn't it?

By the way, do you think Billary knows that Diane Feinstein is behind all their problems? It's that the ADL agenda has been, and is now, to get Feinstein into the Presidency--within the next two years!! She apparently is also behind all of Packwood's problems--in order to get into power, Vira Katz from Portland.

Have a good day!!



THU., APR. 7, 1994 11:35 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 234

THU., APR. 7, 1994

by Ronn Jackson

"Do you think we should start again?" I asked as I returned to my desk.

"You have coffee on your shirt," she responded.

"I have several clean ones in the closet--for emergencies". "What is your definition of 'emergencies'"?

"Is that part of the interview"?

"Just curious".

"Before we begin", I said as I walked to the closet, "let me give you a little information". I put on a clean polo shirt and returned to my desk. "The reason you have to withhold this story for a few days is that it's not complete yet". She had a puzzled expression on her face but was silent. "My deal with the president, in part, is to give you the story. The part that isn't complete is that you are going to be there. You are going to witness and document it, and have full and exclusive rights to it". She continued her silence. "Last year a movie was released and because of the content of that movie I made several decisions, one of which was to complete a book that I had started. The second is to put to bed something that was started many years ago that will bring several people before the American People for judgment".

"You sound like some kind of a crusader".

"Please don't be judgmental. Just listen and when I'm through if you are not interested, walk. I only ask that, if that is your decision, you be quiet until I've completed what I've set out to do. As for being a crusader, most of them are just talk.

I intend to complete what I am starting and there will be very little conversation.

"To what movie are you referring"?


"The assassination of John F. Kennedy"?

"I was involved and that is a part of the story".

* * *

My profession certainly has its risks but that part has never phased me. I've lived it and I think it's attitude more than anything. Sure, when you watch TV there's action and shooting. It happens, but never the way I see it portrayed. During my career of over twenty years, I've been shot twice and cut once. The knife wound required seven stitches and happened so long ago that the scar has all but disappeared. The first time I was shot it was from a long distance and the bullet only nicked my elbow. I was uncomfortable for a few days and I soon forgot about the incident. The second time--well, I'm here to tell you about that one....

I was in Dallas and had just received the "data package" on my objective. I didn't know at the time that this particular sanction was to have a significant impact on my life and, in later years, on the United States, and yes indeed, on history. The sanction was unusual in that it was "qualified". In the past, the bottom line was the bottom line--total, fatal and irrevocable--end of story. I've done a lot of work in Texas but I'm not from there and wouldn't like to live there. I have met some of the most beautiful women there and had some of the most memorable times, good and bad, there. This is not an ambiguous statement, just fact.

I had flown in the day before and had rented a pick-up. It wasn't selected because I needed a truck, it was because I thought I would fit-in better. Those were my thoughts and that's what counts here. I had located the business and warehouse complex with no difficulty. This was a few years ago when Texas had a lot, of money and oil wells were decorating the downtown areas: It was a time when Texas was giving "foreign aid" to Oklahoma. It was the era when the terms inflation and depression were used to refer to the thirties and pan-handlers were being investigated by the "IRS" and forced to file tax returns. Things were pretty good and, as always, were better in Texas!

That night I circled the block a couple of times. There was a guard just inside the locked main entrance and a chain link fence surrounded the complex. The entry didn't look really difficult. I parked across the eight lane roadway at the rear of the property. I sat in the truck studying the facility and something kept gnawing at me. I brushed it aside and stepped out of the truck. I had some metal cutters in my pocket and this tool had gotten me out of many a tight situation. I trotted across the street and when I came to the fence it hit me exactly what was bothering me--the height of that fence. It was at least fourteen feet high and had three strands of razor wire in a "Y" shape stretched across the top. My plan was to climb the fence and cut the razor wire. All I could think about, however, was the drop on the other side. The interior was paved around the buildings and it was clean. There weren't any obstructions but that asphalt was hard.

I climbed the fence near a four inch round post and when I reached the razor wire I cut the bottom strand and waited. It was stretched tightly but the noise it made from cutting was negligible. The second strand was a little more difficult because of the angle required. Again, the noise was minimal. There was enough room for me to climb onto the top of the fence and at the top of the post was an angle iron welded on and was strong enough to support my weight. I cut the third strand on the street side and rested for a minute.

There was no traffic and no lights on the streets and none on my side of the complex. I reached over and cut the other three wires one after the other and waited. Again, there were no sounds. I looked down at the dark surface again and then jumped. As I landed I thought I heard something and attempted to freeze. My momentum carried me forward and I caught myself with both hands. I was now in a most awkward position but I managed to hold up and listened. Hearing tends to be magnified when you are excited and after what seemed an eternity, I decided that my imagination was just playing some tricks. I flexed and rubbed my knees as both had taken punishment but at least I was still in one piece.

The side of the building that I was facing was some twenty feet high and I guessed it to be some two hundred feet in length. I could see it was clear and so I ran along the side of the wall in a crouched position as I didn't want to make any more of a target than I already presented. When I reached the corner I stopped short just shy of the turn. I listened and heard nothing. I stood then and edged towards the corner. As my angle of vision increased I still saw nothing. The building I was going to was forward and to the left of me. My greater concern was the open space that I would have to cross. I was moving forward by only inches as the front of the building was approximately the same size as the side wall. There was still nothing. I had noticed on my drive-by that there were two loading ramps on the front of the building and they were just now coming into my view. I didn't know if anyone was in the building and the place did appear deserted. However, I wasn't taking chances. When I was even with the corner of the building I saw motion from the corner of my eye. I froze and as I slowly turned my head I saw a lone figure about ten feet from the center of the building. This would be about a hundred feet from my position. The person seemed to be interested in the front of the complex but in his hand was the unmistakable shape of a gun. It appeared to be large even from my vantage point. The barrel appeared oversized and even in the dim light I could tell it bore a silencer. He took several steps in the direction he was facing and I was satisfied that I was outside of his peripheral vision. I began running along the front and wishing I was on the other side of the wall. I snuggled the wall almost to the first dock and began angling direction towards the man. I was then about twelve to fifteen feet from him and I remember hearing a sound after which I found myself tumbling head over heels. Coming up I grabbed him, spun him around, and clamped my hand over his mouth. His back arched as though he was about to yell; I snapped his neck. The gun fell to the pavement. I continued to hold him until he quit convulsing and then I lowered him to the paved surface. His upper torso rolled over and he laid there, not moving other than an occasional spasm. I then sat down to catch my breath and also reached over and grabbed the weapon he dropped. It was a silenced three fifty-seven magnum and it was hot. I wondered where he was going to hunt elephants at this time of night. I reached over and pulled him to me. I felt his jacket pockets and there was some loose rounds. I laid them by the gun. His shirt pockets had something in them and I pulled it out. It was cash which I put in my jacket. His front pants pockets had some keys and change. I rolled him over and pulled out his wallet. I put it in with the money in my jacket. I picked up the gun and put it down the back of my pants and got up.

I tried to move towards the building and fell down. My right leg had given out and it felt like it was on fire. I also felt it with my hand and found it warm and sticky; it was also starting to hurt. That turkey had shot me. I pulled out my knife and reached out and dragged the figure over to me. I cut his jacket and wrapped a strip around my leg while not bothering to attempt to dress the wound. I stood up and it was painful but I could take a couple of steps. It hurt but it seemed to be working so I jogged to the building.

I checked the entrance door and both sides of some sliding doors. It would take a torch to get through any one of them. I then walked around the building and found those two entrances to be the only ones--at least that I could determine. I glanced over at the prone figure and remembered that he had keys in his pocket and, well, I had nothing to lose in checking them out. I didn't like where he was laying but I walked back over to where he was and picked up the keys. I picked up the body then and carried it to the side of the building. I pushed it flush to the wall. I took the keys and none of them worked in the locks. I went around the building again and still found no additional entrances. I stopped at the body and noticed his arm was laying across a drain pipe. I took a good hold on it and it felt like it would support my weight and even though I didn't know what I was going to do if I was on the roof it seemed like it might be better than walking around on the ground where I was.

It was a painful climb but I finally made it. In the center of the roof there was a small building. It was a structure that held heating and air conditioning systems. I walked over to it and there was a door. It was not locked and inside it was quite a bit darker than outside. Since there were no windows I took out my lighter and went inside while closing the door behind me. I lit the lighter and could see, on the floor, a sliding ladder which was on top of a door that opened downward. It didn't make any sense that it would be locked from the inside so I pushed on it. It was on a spring arrangement and when it gave way there was light coming up from below. I straddled the opening. Here goes, I thought, as I jumped on the last step on the ladder. The springs were heavy and the device was very well balanced so when it stopped I was about four feet off the floor. I jumped the final distance and, yes, I surely did feel it. My feet, my leg, both knees and my hands hurt--I hurt all over.

There were a couple of lights on the walls and I knew the building had to be sealed for them not to be visible from the outside. There were row after rows of wooden cases. They were six high as I could count and unless my thinking was out in left field somewhere, the qualification on my sanction was about to become unqualified. If those boxes contained rifles I was to complete my job as given.

Each box that I opened contained rifles. There were M-ls, M-14s, M-16s and in the last box I opened, M-60s. Each had cosmoline and were wrapped in water-proof paper directly from the manufacturer. They were on their way south! For Americans to do this was beyond my thinking. I wondered how many of our people died from arms supplied from their own country, supplied by people in it.

I didn't bother to close the crates as it made no difference whether they were open or closed.

It was quite a bit more difficult climbing back up and I had to suppress a groan or two on the way. I closed the small room and found that going back down the drain pipe was equally as difficult. I was tempted to let go and then remembered my feet and knees and took my time. When I finally reached the fence all I could think about was how I had come in. I pulled out the cutters and started cutting as the fence would have no further importance to the owner.

I headed towards the airport traveling along on Highway ten. There wasn't much traffic as it was a little past one a.m. The turnoff I was seeking was well marked and shortly I was headed south. The "man's" road was about twelve miles distant and I was headed westward again. His home was further about a mile. Calling this place a "home" was some kind of understatement. This was definitely not a middle-class area. I must admit that, as hard as I try to do my job and keep my personal feelings out of it, it was surely difficult in this case. Though there was nothing in the information package that I had been given on this gentleman, I knew him--not personally, but I knew all about him and you will understand shortly.

I circled the block and it was about five miles, for twenty houses. Like I said before, this was not a middle-class neighborhood. When I was in front of the "man's" property I turned around and shut off the truck motor. I pulled out my knife and started walking the two hundred yards to the house.

Inside I saw that there were night-lights in all of the rooms and so it didn't take long to locate the master suite. The man's wife, or some woman, was in the adjacent bedroom and the door was closed. I hoped at the moment that I would never live to be that age.

As I entered his room I could see that he was sleeping. I closed the door and walked to the side of the bed upon which he was sleeping. There was a light on the night-stand and I turned it on. He didn't move. In one motion I straddled him while placing one hand over his mouth and the knife to his throat. His eyes came open and he stiffened. He didn't move and his eyes were the size of softballs.

I said, "I'm going to remove my hand in a minute and I am going to ask you some questions. If you give me a wrong answer this session will be terminated and you know where that leaves you".

He nodded and I removed my hand while putting a little more pressure on the knife. "The rifles--who are they for"?


"Who made the Connection"?


"That's a bunch of crap, there's no connection. He hated Castro"

"John, our attorney".

"Who was in Dallas".

"We heard Langley and Hoover. We don't know--probably Hoover".

I saw red. I was furious. All of these years and all of the deceit--why? What for? What purpose?--and then it came to me.... I knew the answer to all my own questions. My life was finally together with the pieces.

I looked down and my hand was again over his mouth. I had rammed the knife upward--he wasn't moving. The anger that flowed through me was difficult to contain. I stepped off the bed. I was shaking and I wanted to strike out at something or someone but no one was there but I vowed that I would have my "pound of flesh".

As I left the bedroom I picked up his wallet which was laying on the dresser.

I didn't try to be quiet and when I reached the truck I got in and drove away--burning rubber.

I realized that I needed to get control of myself.

To my right I saw a truck-stop and pulled in. I just sat a few minutes. Later I realized I was truly uncomfortable and that my leg was really starting to hurt. I reached down to rub it a bit and found that my pants were stiff where the blood had dried. I laid my leg across the seat and unwrapped the cloth around the wound. I noted the wound didn't look like a gunshot wound. I decided that I had best get to an emergency room and get professional help along with a Tetanus shot. With a bit of sadness I realized that the jump I had made would have been easy even for kids--I definitely was not as young as I used to be.

The nurse who attended my leg had a personality like my former drill instructor in the Marine Corps. She made no offer to deaden the pain and I didn't give her the satisfaction of complaining. When she finished I stood eye to eye to her and told her that if she had been a man she would be needing the services provided here. I thought she was going to hit me.

I still had a lot of anger built up and I hadn't called in. I chose to not get myself all worked up again so decided to cool down a while longer. I stopped by the front desk and paid for the medical services out of the money I had taken from the man who had shot me and I still had eight thousand. Life is cheap for some people. I wondered if he would have taken it if he knew there was a chance he wouldn't get to spend it. Probably. I didn't even know what he looked like. I knew the man didn't know me or of my coming. Why was he there? I had no difficulties with my employers. Then, however, I started thinking. I had no connection to the gun-runner and conspirator.

I was lied to once, what would prevent them from doing so again? Hell, I didn't know that I was lied to and I thought that I probably was just making too much out of this incident. Or was Perhaps everything that I had done was a lie! I really didn't know any more and I was in no frame of mind to sort out the situation at that particular time.

I went back to my hotel room and stripped down. I set the water for as hot as I thought I could stand it and then just stood under it. I felt myself begin to loosen up a bit and I felt the bandage on my wound coming off--it felt good to have the hot water running over the wound. I thought it might be better for healing so left it. Later I put on clean clothes and noted that some of the soreness was gone so I went out to make my necessary calls.

I had two numbers and I dialed a "202" area code first. It was answered on the very first ring. I found myself shouting and was using several expletives--against my employers and also their mothers.

"Wait a minute," came an abrupt response, "who would have believed us"? It was at that moment that I knew I wasn't working for the government but some of the people I did work for worked for the government. That LBJ had been used, just as I, and duped. The man continued with, We sent no one for you or anyone else...." That is the first time since my employment that he had actually talked to me. "You are the only one we employ in your capacity".

"The job is complete", I shouted, "and you had better get those weapons out of the warehouse. The guy that shot me is laying beside the building and I don't want to be disturbed for a while. Also, my fee--double it and I want no more surprises...and the next time we speak, I want to know who that shooter was". (060220)

Authors note: My next sanction was "Extra".


"Does the President know?"

"He knows everything. I think he is 'CYA' about now".

"What does he have to hide"?

"For someone in the heart and breath of America, you are incredibly naive".

"I think I am but I didn't until I met you".

"What you are about to hear may mean the end of this country as you know it. Are you prepared to accept that responsibility"?

She looked at me for quite a while and then said, "I am a professional and I will do whatever is necessary".

That's what I figured she would say, a long time ago. Oh women--I love them all.

'Author's note and addendum:

I am going to comment on several people who were involved with the assassination of John F. Kennedy and also on the ensuing events up to the current time. Some of the principals I have met and others I was included in their manipulation. Some, I have no desire to meet or know and consider not worthy of my time. Some I have corresponded with and all are but victims, but to a lesser degree than our former president.

FRANK ROGANNO: He represents himself as a former Mafia lawyer. As a man he was shunned by his faith and by those who came to him for legal advice, including organized crime. He was and is a failure and someone I pity. He does have one thing in common with the Mafia--I have never seen him without dirty finger nails or wearing white socks. He was not involved in any way with the assassination itself nor were any of the people he claims to have represented.

JOHN ROSELLI and SAM GIANCANNA: Both are included in Book Five, "Hoover's Files". My only contact with organized crime was on an unrelated matter. Both of these Gentlemen are finally functioning as a useful part of our society--they are fertilizing a field near the State Police Sub-station and behind a rundown truck-stop off of highway off-ramp number twelve, in New Jersey, R.I.P., "Jimmy G" and "Sal R".

JEMMY HOFFA: Mr. Hoffa's son recently made a statement pertaining to a movie that's being released about his father. He said it was about time his father was exonerated and the public was told the truth about his approaching "Sainthood". Okay, I will do my part to contribute to those ends. In the late sixties and early seventies, on the central California coast, a retirement high-rise was built and financed by the Teamsters' Pension Fund. The original winning bid was for $5.2 million dollars. When the contract was awarded it was for seven point two million ($7.2 M). Over the next three months the builder padded his billings for the extra two million and converted the funds to cash. The disbursements were as follows: A member of the City Council where the seven story building was constructed, 500 K; the owner of the property where the building was constructed, 500 K; the local union official who originally submitted the loan application and Mr. Hoffa, 500 K EACH. This information came directly from Mr. Hoover's files. (Mr. Sessions is building his own dossier(s)). Mr. Hoffa was NOT involved in the assassination. He wasn't smart enough.

VICTOR MARCHETTI: Throughout our political system there are positions created for accommodations. You know, the "Pork" kind. Mr. Marchetti learned more about the "Central Intelligence Agency", from newspapers about the CIA and from TV than he ever could from working there. Neither he nor the "CIA" were involved in any way with the assassination of the Kennedys.

BEVERLY OLIVER: She was easy to manipulate. The morning I left her place, she was still asleep. I assume she knew what the two thousand I laid on her nightstand was for. Then again, maybe I'm better than I thought. The end result was the same. Ms. Oliver knows only what she saw from various media sources and was suggested by her interrogators.

AL MADDOX: Mr. Maddox was a tool and was used quite successfully.

ANN SILVER CONWAY: I understand why Ms. Conway was brought in. What I don't understand is why wasn't a fortuneteller or a Ouija Board utilized.

ROSCOE WHITE: Mr. White's life expectancy would have been in the ten to fifteen second range had we met. He was killed over non-payment of a thousand dollar debt.

WILLIAM BAILEY: Mr. Bailey is frequently called upon to add credibility to a talk show or a news program. Granted, he and the Federal Bureau of Investigation spent thousands of man hours on the assassination and they are no closer to a solution now than they were on November 22, 1963.

WARREN COMMISSION: I have a suggestion for Mr. Paul Belin. Perhaps the twenty seven volumes compiled on the assassination could be used as were the old Sears and Roebuck catalogs.

AL THOMAS: At Lyndon B. Johnson's request he called President Kennedy and asked him to speak--in Texas. Mr. Thomas was, at the time, the voice on the House Appropriations Committee and had a hell of a lot more power than the President. A trip to Texas couldn't hurt it seems because Goldwater was ahead of Kennedy in the polls, at the time.

LYNDON B. JOHNSON: A CONSPIRATOR. There will be details further along in this book and book 2.


SYLVID OSVALDO TOMAYO REYES: Deceased September 29, 1963, AKA Carlos the Jackal.


The "Alpha Files" were also used as a source for this information. [D: There are a lot of notations in the margin by each of the names relating to other involved parties such as Oswald and Ruby but I cannot read them as they are simply author's notations. Since working with Final Judgment AND the other resources, I guess we have to simply go further, readers, to sort any kind of sense out of all these theories. Ronn says he was a part of it and others who knew him "'back when" say he is exactly who he claims to be and would know. They think he is accurate enough that they have severed all inter-communications even to talking about "old times". It seems that I, and perhaps you readers too, are learning a lot about things I never wanted to know anything about. Too much curiosity has always been a pretty dangerous thing as far as I can tell but then, nobody asked my opinion. I guess it will all make sense as we move along. It does seem that if Connally was a "conspirator" that he just about got suicided himself. Also, there are a lot of CIA players in the game to be totally innocent--however, who knows...?] I will not insult the reader's intelligence by adding the names of either Jim Garrison or Clay Shaw. Mr. Garrison sought notoriety by using his elected office for personal gain.




THU., APR. 7, 1994 3:13 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 234

THU., APR. 7, 1994


My hope is that by offering that which these authors have concluded in many of the same incidents we can form some connections among them. It is obvious that reams of paper have been filled with nonsense about all happenings as to truth. However, until you can locate the underlying cause of, not just one or two, but see the threads running through them all, you are getting nowhere. In every instance you will find a few connections--but it is now time to begin to see the "one" that is underlying them ALL.

Mr. Piper, author of Final Judgment, has been contacted and he is very generous in the sharing of his material--as is always the attitude of genuine truth-bringers. He does ask for recognition and book information. My own hope is that by offering several inputs heretofore unnoticed we can start a dialogue among these writers and insiders. For instance--Ronn Jackson just stated (see our writing prior to this) that the CIA had nothing to do with the assassination. What does he mean by that statement? Obviously some members of the CIA had to have known even if they were not actually participants--come on, the CIA has been notoriously involved with the Mossad and all other intelligence services. I agree that Victor Marchetti, being a member of the Intelligence Cult, had nothing to do with the assassination. So who did? You are going to find out that OBVIOUSLY the immediate Secret Service Agency did have "something" to do with the "job" and had a gunman and driver IN THE CAR.

I don't think, however, that Dharma is going to be a good enough sport to rewrite through 1300 pages of Jackson's adventures to find the mandatory clues; however, we will offer as much as we can. Unless, however, you have the surrounding stories and sequence--nothing makes sense or has any logical reason to it.

The best approach is to offer a bit of each as we move along and see where the chips fall. I also wish to continue with updates from Rodney Stich's DEFRAUDING AMERICA. It is almost too big a task for the "one" writer and the tiny staff we have available.

The next question then becomes, "Why do THIS story again"? Because it has never been done truthfully and it is a MAJOR sign of the world order taking power. When you have powerful Elite criminals it is hard to tell one from another but evil does come in several directions OF INTENT and purpose of gain. Therefore, even though the driving force behind individual instances may vary--the high-level players are always among the same small few and until you recognize those few--you cannot clean up your nation or even yourself for you will simply be boxing at shadows.

Let us offer more on Mr. Piper's book so that we can appreciate his observations regarding key forces involved and the reasoning behind the conclusions as offered.

Again I am asked why I don't just take a synopsis or summary from the books in point and not spend all this time and effort-and--"Then you can tell us what is what". I have no intention of telling you "what is what" and I no longer find it suitable to TAKE ANYTHING FROM ANOTHER--OUT OF CONTEXT. The ONLY way to leave the writing and meanings IN CONTEXT is to offer EXACTLY what the author wrote. These authors ask that YOU make final judgments on the activities--NOT HATONN! I offer it word for word as we can so I can interrupt and remind you of past information for your puzzle-solving AND to cause you to go back and reference what we have already offered in the some 89 volumes we have presented. I want to get past these incidents and on to "where you are headed" and "HOW". I have no interest in these murder escapades of one criminal against another--but YOU MUST. We can change our format when and if we need to.

I am a bit like Little Crow in that he just wrote on the fact that total strangers to his gathering and his work come to ONE meeting and go away to present back to him all the changes he should make in his presentations, yak, yak, yak.... I have been around for a very long time, readers, and you are welcome to make suggestions, or just go away--but IF YOU KNEW THE ANSWERS AND KNEW BETTER--WHY HAVE YOU NOT TURNED AROUND YOUR WORLD INTO SOME SEMBLANCE OF DECENCY? Stick around and GO READ WHAT WE HAVE OFFERED UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND IT--AND THEN, ONLY THEN, WILL I CONSIDER YOUR EFFORTS TO BE WORTHY OF ATTENTION. THIS IS NOT AN INSULT--THIS IS WHAT IS EXPECTED OF THE PROFESSOR BY THE REST OF HIS STUDENTS!

Next, if I am going to present so much of a book--why tell us to go get it? Because I don't have any intention of giving you all of anything--you can do your own homework and you can also honor these authors. However, the most important point is that people who WILL NOT SO MUCH AS LISTEN TO ANYTHING OUT OF MY MOUTH OR THIS PAPER--WILL READ THE BOOK AND SUDDENLY "SEE THE LIGHT"--MAYBE! SPIRITUAL TRUTH IS MY GAME--BUT WE CAN'T TURN TO THAT SUBJECT UNTIL YOU GET CONTROL OF WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR REALIZATION RIGHT AROUND YOU. THE BOOKS IN POINT ARE THE CONFIRMATION AND QUALIFICATION AND THE RESOURCE FOR YOU TO GET OTHERS TO SEE AND HEAR!!

FINAL JUDGMENT: The Missing Link In the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, Part 2
by Michael Collins Piper

The Wolf Press, Washington, D.C.

or, Liberty Library

300 Independence Ave., SE

Washington, D.C. 20003

Phone: 1-800-522-6292


Chapter 2


Would Israel's Mossad actually consider assassinating an American president perceived hostile to Israel? A former Mossad agent says "yes". According to ex-Mossad man Victor Ostrovsky (BY WAY OF DECEPTION), the Israeli spy agency hatched a plan to kill President George Bush.

Was President John F. Kennedy killed by a conspiracy orchestrated--at least in part--by Israel's spy agency--the Mossad? If so, this would not be the last time that the Mossad planned the assassination of an American president.

According to former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, elements of the Mossad were plotting an attempt on the life of President George Bush. The reason: according to Ostrovsky, Bush is hated by the Mossad and considered an enemy of Israel. [H: Then I guess the man can't be all bad.]

This amazing revelation was published in the February 1992 edition of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. The author of the report was former Congressman Paul Findley (R-Ill.), himself a prominent critic of Israel. (Findley's best-selling book, They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israel's Lobby, is a classic exposition of the way Israel's lobby has worked to silence American critics of the foreign nation).


Findley reports that Ostrovsky had learned through his sources in the intelligence community that because of President Bush's seeming intransigence toward Israel's demands, the Mossad had begun coordinating plans for the assassination of the American president.

Ostrovsky relayed this information to several members of the Canadian parliament, indicating that the Mossad, and not Israel's elected leadership, is "the real engine of policy in Israel".

One of those attending the meeting with Ostrovsky passed the information on to another former Republican member of the House of Representatives, Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey of California. (McCloskey, like Findley, has been a forthright public critic of Israel and is associated with his fellow former lawmaker on the board of the Council for the National Interest, a Washington-based organization that promotes America's interests in Middle East policy-making).

Upon learning of the potential threat to President Bush, ex-Congressman McCloskey himself flew to Canada where he met with Ostrovsky. According to Findley's account, here is what transpired: "Ostrovsky impressed McCloskey as a patriotic Zionist who believes the Mossad is out of control. Ostrovsky told him the present leadership of the Mossad wants 'to do everything possible to preserve a state of war between Israel and its neighbors, assassinating President Bush, if necessary'.

"He said a public relations campaign is already underway in both Israel and the United States to 'prepare public acceptance of [vice president] Dan Quayle as president'. After lengthy discussions during which he became convinced that Ostrovsky was 'real' and telling the truth, McCloskey took the next flight to Washington.

"There he relayed the information to the Secret Service and State Department, receiving mixed reactions to Ostrovsky's reliability. An officer of the Navy Department dismissed him simply as a "traitor to Israel".


Findley points out that in his controversial book, By Way of Deception, the aforementioned Ostrovsky documented a Mossad action which was "especially shocking to American readers". [H: In case you have forgotten--the ADL almost got the Ostrovsky book banned in the U.S. and did manage to get it off almost all book-shelves. The copy sent here came smuggled in from Canada. That seems strange to us now since our own books simply discussing the Jewish problems and the holocaust (and we didn't even say it didn't happen) are stopped by Canada at the border and held as hate material. There was a lot of attention and SPOTLIGHT did some exceptionally good work at bringing the information to public attention.]

In that instance, 241 U.S. Marines were murdered by a terrorist truck bomb that plowed into the Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983.

Although Israeli agents learned that the attack was impending, the Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv ordered its agents to ignore the threat and to not alert the American servicemen to the danger.

"We are not there [in Beirut] to protect Americans," the Mossad leaders explained. "They're a big country. Send only the regular information". According to Ostrovsky, the "regular information" was "like sending a weather report, unlikely to raise any particular alarm".

"Is it conceivable," asks Findley, "that Israel's Mossad might assassinate George Bush in order to put a more sympathetic man in the White House"?

"It is well to remember two earlier occasions when Israeli authorities were willing to sacrifice American lives to serve their own national interests".

Congressman Findley points out two other occasions where Americans died or otherwise faced extinction at the hands of Israel:

* On June 8, 1967, naval and air forces of Israel deliberately--and without provocation--attacked the American spy ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 171 others. It was an attempt to destroy the ship and its entire crew.

* During the October 1973 war, Israeli pilots were ordered to shoot down an unarmed U.S. reconnaissance plane that was overflying Israel's secret nuclear bomb development site at Dimona. The plane, however, flew too high for Israel's would-be assassins to reach.

Assessing the potential threat to President George Bush, Congressman Findley concludes, "The U.S. Secret Service will be wise to assume the worst".

Incredibly enough, at almost the same time Findley's provocative report appeared, several unusual events occurred that seemed to give credence to the allegation that there might indeed be a plot afoot to eliminate George Bush--if not physically, at least politically. Each of these threatening incidents took place during President George Bush's January 1992 trip to the Far East.

The most notable incident, of course, was the President's bizarre public seizure while dining in the company of the Japanese premier. More than a few people speculated--privately--that the president might indeed have been poisoned. This, of course, is speculation, but it is based in reality.

Interestingly, it was while the president was on his Far Eastern junket that The Washington Post--the daily newspaper of record in the nation's capitol--inexplicably reversed itself and began publishing a lengthy and glowing seven-part series hailing Vice President Dan Quayle. Obviously this seems to be a confirmation of Victor Ostrovsky's claim that preparations were being made in the United States to make a Dan Quayle presidency palatable.

The Post's unusual flip-flop was made all the more potent when the news arrived that the president had been stricken. Quayle, evidently, already had the Establishment's support if he had been unexpectedly thrust into the presidency. Oddly, prior to the Post's turn-about, the Washington daily had been one of Quayle's most persistent critics. However, something quite alarming also took place during that eventful week.


For two days, during President George Bush's visit in Seoul, South Korea, top-secret information regarding the president's personal arrangements was inexplicably made available to the public.

Incredibly enough, this was during a period when terrorist alert status was already high. Security experts believed that if potential presidential assassins had such action in mind, the security breach would have assisted them tremendously. According to Robert Snow, a spokesman for the Secret Service, "it wouldn't be stretching it" to suggest that the security lapse could have put Bush in danger.

Blame for the lapse in security was laid at the hands of the U.S. Information Service (USIS), a branch of the State Department. For their own part, officials at the State Department were unable to provide an explanation of the bizarre security breach. The White House refused to comment.

The USIS published a list of the names and hotel room numbers of the president's traveling party, which numbered 471 people. (The fact that the president was staying at the U.S. Ambassador's residence was part of the information revealed.) Included on the list were the names and room numbers of 122 Secret Service agents, eight Marine guards, four presidential stewards and six military aides. Also revealed were security control room locations in the hotel where the president was staying as well as the names of the 10 Secret Service agents heading security at the various locations that the president visited while in Korea. The room assignments of top administration officials accompanying the president, as well as those of the thirteen corporate executives along for the trip were also published.

This incredible revelation caused suspicion that perhaps there were those in positions of power who may not necessarily have been concerned for the president's safety. The tentacles of Israel's Mossad do reach far and wide--even into the depths of the U.S. State Department.

Was this breach of security a first step in an assassination attempt--perhaps one to be carried out by some obscure Korean terrorist group acting as a "false flag" for the Mossad?

Retired Air Force Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, himself an acknowledged authority on covert operations--including assassination planning--says that one of the primary necessary measures in any assassination plot is the process of removing or otherwise breaching the intended victim's blanket of security. Prouty, who worked in presidential security with the military, knows whereof he speaks. [H: Ah--hmmm, better take a VERY close look at this!]

According to Prouty, "No one has to direct an assassination--it happens. The active role is played secretly by permitting it to happen.... This is the greatest single clue... who has the power to call off or reduce the usual security precautions that are always in effect whenever a president travels"?

IF IN 1991, WHY NOT IN 1963?

The lapse in security during Bush's trip to the Far East may indeed point to something bigger than we might even want to imagine. Congressman Findley's report on the alleged Mossad plot against Bush is thus most provocative. If the Mossad actually considered killing George Bush in 1991, why wouldn't they have considered killing John F. Kennedy in 1963? As we shall see in Chapter 5, JFK's relationship with Israel was strained, to say the very least. Indeed, Israel's then-Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, considered JFK a threat to Israel's survival. Thus, with this in mind, let us move forward and examine the hard evidence which will lead us toward a final judgment.


Researchers in the JFK assassination controversy have repeatedly pointed out the false leads that continue to appear. Most believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, was indeed what he claimed to be--the patsy--and that false clues had been laid by the real conspirators to make it appear as though Oswald was an agent of the Soviets or Fidel Castro or both.

The use of such "false flags" by Israel's Mossad to cover up its own role in worldwide assassination conspiracies and other criminal activity has been documented time and again. "Arabs", "the Mafia," "right-wing extremists", and others have repeatedly taken the fall for crimes committed by the Mossad or carried out under its coordination.

The use of "false flag" operations by Israel and its Mossad has been documented repeatedly since the Jewish State first came into being.

This book contends that Israel and its primary collaborator, the CIA, utilized insidious "false flags" in orchestrating the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up: "the mafia", "anti-Castro Cubans", "the Soviets", "Castro agents" and even "right-wing extremists" have all been fingered as those responsible for the JFK assassination. But the real hard evidence points in another direction entirely.


One major JFK assassination researcher, Professor Peter Dale Scott, has described what he called "the brilliance of the assassination plot".

This was, according to Scott, "that the conspirators had forged trails to induce a cover-up". Scott cites a number of instances: "There were, for example, trails that potentially linked Oswald to Fidel Castro or to the KGB and Khruschev--a trail that might lead to war.

"Moreover, there was false evidence given to the Secret Service that led to a group of anti-Castro Cubans in Chicago whose operations had been authorized directly by Bobby Kennedy himself.

"This is just one of several trails that might have led in directions that no one wanted to investigate".

That Israel has had a long and proven record in planting "false flags" is the subject of discussion in this chapter.

In preparation for our consideration of Israel's role in the JFK assassination conspiracy, it is worthwhile to first review some of the more notable instances in which Israel orchestrated criminal ventures--most especially murder--and pinned those atrocities on innocent parties--"false flags".

In Chapter 2 former Congressman Paul Findley was quoted as having cited two cases in which Israel indicated a willingness to sacrifice American lives for its own interests: (a) the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty in June of 1967 and (b) the intended attack on an American reconnaissance plane that was overflying Israel's secret nuclear bomb development site. These incidents are particularly intriguing in light of what we will ponder in this volume.

The attack on the Liberty--it is generally acknowledged by everyone but Israel and its defenders--was a deliberate attempt to destroy the Liberty and its crew and to sink the vessel to the bottom of the Mediterranean. What is most interesting, however, is the reason behind this bizarre and brutal attack.


Israel, in fact, hoped to pin the responsibility on a "false flag"--Egypt--and draw the United States into the impending 1967 war on the side of Israel. It is only because the Liberty did not sink and instead was rescued that the history books don't tell us today that "the Arabs" sank an American spy ship and sparked another "Lusitania incident" that forced America to go to war.


The second instance to which Congressman Findley referred is of special interest inasmuch as the intended attack on an American air force reconnaissance plane was designed to protect Israel's secret development of nuclear weaponry.

It was Israel's nuclear offensive that led President John F. Kennedy into the "secret war" with Israel that he was conducting during the three years of his short-lived presidency. As we shall see in Chapter 5, it was the very issue of Kennedy's intransigence and his opposition to Israel's nuclear development that became a central part of his standoff with Israel and its Mossad.

It was this conflict indeed that played a critical part in setting in final motion the assassination conspiracy that ended John Kennedy's life.

What follows is an overview of some other notable instances in which Israel utilized "false flags" in its international criminal endeavors.


Perhaps the best-known instance in which Israel used a "false flag" to cover its own trail was in the infamous Lavon Affair. It was in 1954 that several Israeli-orchestrated acts of terrorism against British targets in Egypt were carried out. Blame for the attacks was placed on the Muslim Brotherhood, which opposed the regime of Egyptian President Gamul Abdul-Nasser.

However, the truth about the wave of terror can now be found in a once-secret cable from Colonel Benjamin Givli, the head of Israel's military intelligence, who outlined the intended purpose behind the wave of terror.

["Our goal] is to break the West's confidence in the existing [Egyptian] regime.... The actions should cause arrests, demonstrations, and expressions of revenge. The Israeli origin should be totally covered while attention should be shifted to any other possible factor. The purpose is to prevent economic and military aid from the West to Egypt".

Ultimately the truth about Israel's involvement in the affair became public and Israel was rocked internally in the wake of the scandal. Competing political elements within Israel used the scandal as a bludgeon against their opponents. But the truth about Israel's use of a "false flag" had come to international attention.


A shadowy "right wing" group known as "Direct Action" was accused of the attack on Goldenberg's Deli in Paris on August 9, 1982. Six people died and 22 were injured. None was Jewish.

The leader of "Direct Action" was one Jean-Marc Rouillan. It turned out that Rouillan had been operating in the Mediterranean under the cover name of "Sebas" and had been repeat-edly linked to the Mossad. All references to Rouillan's Mossad links were deleted from the official reports issued at the time.

However, the Algerian national news service--which has ties to French intelligence--blamed the Mossad for these activities. Angry French intelligence officers were believed to have leaked this information to the Algerians. Several top French security officials quit in protest over this intra-intelligence community scandal.

This is just one of many such Mossad-orchestrated crimes in which others took the blame. There are others.


On October 3, 1980 a synagogue on Copernicus Street was bombed in Paris. Four bystanders were killed. Nine were injured. The media frenzy which followed the incident was worldwide. Reports held that "right wing extremists" were responsible. Yet, of all of the "right wing extremists" held for questioning, none was arrested. In fact, all were released.

In the upper echelons of French intelligence, however, the finger of suspicion was pointed at the Mossad. According to one report: On April 6, 1979, the same Mossad terror unit now suspected of the Copernicus carnage blew up the heavily guarded plant of CNIM industries at La Seyen-sur-Mer, near Toulon, in southeast France, where a consortium of French firms was building a nuclear reactor for Iraq.

"The Mossad salted the site of the CNIM bomb blast with 'clues' followed up with anonymous phone calls to police--suggesting that the sabotage was the work of a 'conservative' environmentalist group--'the most pacific and harmless people on earth' as one source put it".

Other Mossad-orchestrated "false flag" operations also took place on French soil.


On June 28, 1978, Israeli agents exploded a bomb under a small passenger car in the Rue Saint Anne, killing Mohammed Boudia, an organizer for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Immediately afterward, Paris police received anonymous phone calls accusing Boudia of involvement in narcotics deals and attributing his murder to the Corsican Mafia. A thorough investigation subsequently established that Mossad special-action agents were responsible for the terrorist killing.


In October, 1976 the same Mossad unit kidnapped two West German students named Brigette Schulz and Thomas Reuter from their Paris hotel. Planted "clues" and anonymous phone calls made it appear that a Bavarian "neo-Nazi" formation had executed the abduction. In fact, French intelligence established that the two German youths had been secretly flown to Israel, drugged, tortured, coerced into a false "confession of complicity" in PLO activities, and then anonymously incarcerated in one of the Israeli government's notorious political prisons.


In February 1977 a German-born, naturalized U.S. citizen named William Jahnke arrived in Paris for some secretive business meetings. He soon vanished, leaving no trace. Paris police were anonymously informed that Jahnke had been involved in a high-level South Korean bribery affair and "eliminated" when the deal went sour.

A special team of investigators from SDECE, the leading French intelligence agency, eventually determined that Jahnke had been "terminated" by the Mossad, which suspected him of selling secret information to the Libyans. Along with other details of this sordid case, the SDECE learned that Jahnke had been "fingered" to the Mossad by his own former employer, the CIA.


One of Israel's most outrageous "false flag" operations involved a wild propaganda story aimed at discrediting Libyan leader Muamar Qaddafi--one of Israel's favorite enemies. In the early months of the administration of President Ronald Reagan, the American media began heavily promoting a story to the effect that a "Libyan hit squad" was in the United States for the express purpose of assassinating Reagan. This inflamed public sentiment against Libya and there were repeated calls for blood.

Suddenly, however, the "hit squad" stories vanished. In fact, it was ultimately discovered that the source of the story was one Manucher Ghorbanifar, a former Iranian SAVAK (secret police) agent with close ties to the Mossad. Even The Washington Post acknowledged that the CIA itself believed that Ghorbanifar was a liar who "had made up the hit-squad story in order to cause problems for one of Israel's enemies".

The Los Angeles Times itself had already blown the whistle on Israel's scare stories. "Israeli intelligence, not the Reagan administration," reported the Times, was a major source of some of the most dramatic published reports about a Libyan assassination team allegedly sent to kill President Reagan and other top U.S. officials... Israel, which informed sources said has 'wanted an excuse to go in and bash Libya for a long time', may be trying to build American public support for a strike against [Qaddafi], these sources said".

In other words, Israel had been promoting the former SAVAK agent, Ghorbanifar, to official Washington as a reliable source. In fact, he was a Mossad disinformation operative waving a "false flag" to mislead America.

This was yet another Israeli scheme to blame Libya for its own misdeeds, this time using one "false flag" (Iran's SAVAK) to lay the blame on another "false flag" (Libya). (In Chapter 18 we shall see yet another SAVAK crime carried out on behalf of Israel and its allies in the CIA).


Israel's Mossad was almost certainly responsible for the bombing of the la Belle discotheque in West Berlin on April 5, 1986. However, claims were made that there was "irrefutable" evidence that the Libyans were responsible. A U.S. serviceman was killed. President Ronald Reagan responded with an attack on Libya.

However, intelligence insiders believed that Israel's Mossad had concocted the phony "evidence" to "prove" Libyan responsibility. West Berlin police director Manfred Ganschow, who took charge of the investigation, cleared the Libyans, saying, "This is a highly political case. Some of the evidence cited in Washington may not be evidence at all, merely assumptions supplied for political reasons".


On April 18, 1986 one Nezar Hindawi, a 32-year-old Jordanian was arrested in London after security guards found that one of the passengers boarding an Israeli plane bound for Jerusalem, Ann Murphy, 22, was carrying a square, flat sheet of plastic explosive in the double bottom of her carry-on bag. Miss Murphy told security men that the detonator (disguised as a calculator) had been given to her by her fiance, Hindawi. He was charged with attempted sabotage and attempted murder.

Word has leaked that Hindawi had confessed and claimed that he had been hired by Gen. Mohammed Al-Khouli, the intelligence director of the Syrian air force. Also implicated were others including the Syrian Ambassador in London. The French authorities warned the British Prime Minister that there was more to the case than met the eye--that is, Israeli involvement. This was later confirmed in repeated reports in the Western press.


In 1970, King Hussein of Jordan was provided with incriminating intelligence that suggested the Palestine Liberation Organization was plotting to murder him and seize power in his nation. Infuriated, Hussein mobilized his forces for what has become known as the "Black September" purge of the PLO. Thousands of Palestinians living in Jordan were rounded up, some of the leaders were tortured, and in the end, masses of refugees were driven from Jordan to Lebanon.

New data, coming to light after the murder of two leading Mossad operatives in Larnaka, Cyprus suggested that the entire operation had been a Mossad covert action, led by one of its key operatives, Sylvia Roxburgh, who was also known as Sylvia Rafael and is believed to have been born Esther Paltzur.

Miss Roxburgh contrived an affair with King Hussein, known for his weakness for beautiful women, and served as the linchpin for one of the Mossad's major "cover and deception" coups designed to destabilize the Arabs.

In 1982, just when the PLO had abandoned the use of terrorism, the Mossad spread disinformation about "terror attacks" on Israeli settlements along the northern border in order to justify a full-scale military invasion of Lebanon. Years later, even leading Israeli spokesmen such as former Foreign Minister Abba Eban admitted that the reports of "PLO terrorism" had been contrived by the Mossad.


It is also worth noting that the attempted assassination--in London--of the Israeli Ambassador to England, Shlomo Argove, was initially blamed upon the PLO. The attempted assassination was cited by Israel as one of its excuses for its bloody 1982 incursion into Lebanon.

Yet, ironically, the diplomat in question was considered one of Israel's "doves" and inclined toward a friendly disposition of Israel's long-time conflict with the PLO. He was the least likely target of PLO wrath. What's more, one of the suspects in the crime was found carrying a "hit list" which actually included the name of the head of the PLO office in London.

In fact, it appears that the assassination attempt was carried out by the Mossad--under yet another "false flag"--for two purposes: (a) elimination of a domestic "peacenik" considered friendly toward the Palestinians, and (b) pinning yet another crime on the Palestine Liberation Organization.


These instances cited here are but a handful of Mossad-orchestrated "false flag" operations blamed on a wide variety of alleged "suspects".

The evidence suggests that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was yet another "false flag" conspiracy by Israel's Mossad and its collaborators in the American CIA. In the JFK assassination, the "Mafia" and the "anti-Castro Cubans" were set up as potential fall guys. Even Castro and the Soviets have been implicated. Everybody, it seems, has been fingered but the Mossad.

It was the Mossad and its allies in the CIA and in the controlled American media who have been doing all the fingering. Everybody being blamed by the Mossad and its CIA allies were implicated--one way or the other--and everybody, as a consequence, had a stake in the cover-up.


To achieve the presidency in 1960, John F. Kennedy was forced to cut secret deals--behind the scenes--with a variety of powerful forces intricately linked to Israel. In Chapter 4 we shall examine the history of those deals and how they played a part in the JFK assassination conspiracy.


* * *

Thank you and good evening.


SAT., APR. 9, 1994 10:42 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 236

SAT., APR. 9, 1994


The status report on Ronn Jackson is that he has indeed been in medical treatment. For unknown reasons he began to swell, become massively edemic and moved on into congestive failure. He was put into a clinic, given heavy diuretic treatment and lost 27 pounds of fluid in 48 hours. If you would be kind enough to give him some loving support for his generous sharing of top-secret information--please send your loving cards and letters to:

Ronald L. Jackson,

#33866 Nevada State Prison,

P.O. Box 607-8A5,

Carson City, NV 89702.

He is now receiving some of the journals and some selected papers supplied by Mr. Martin, Journalist in Chief. I will share with you a letter received from Ronn on the yesterday but dated April 2. I will not, however, sort the references offered by Ronn as pertaining to his responses. I want you to realize, however, that he acknowledges TRUTH in that which we had already been offering to you. You who are readers for a period of time will, I hope, have retained the papers and the journals and can do your own reference work. I will simply offer the letter AS IS:


Re: JULY 27, 1993 ISSUE.

I would like to make several comments on the back issues of your paper that you have provided to me.

1. I will confirm the existence of the "ISA". However, that agency was not a part of government (page 44, Cl. 2). "Mr. Bo Gritz" is like many people in this country who makes incorrect assumptions.

2. "Khun Sa" was and still is employed by the same people that Lyndon Johnson (and myself) were employed by (Page 50).

3. Nhommarath, Laos and the ensuing report IS NOT what Mr. Gritz believes it to be.

4. "Judge Philip Pro" of Las Vegas did only what he was told to do--nothing more. Mr. Gritz, in this case, was a victim.


The federal agency "FEMA" may be viewed in different ways, however, I believe history will show that agency as being the beginning of the end of the federal government as we now know it. I mean this in a positive sense.


"William Sessions" is mentioned briefly. When he was a judge in Texas he administered a loyalty oath to me, [and] required of others, on a project. He was a "country bumpkin" then and has continued to be one throughout his career. He was not dismissed for what the media told us--he was too vocal about accessing social security records for the FBI. They have had access for years but he didn't know it until after the fact and shot off his mouth, drawing attention to his department. NOTE: The original Bill authorizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation is non-positive law. Item #4 of the Declaratory Judgment covers all non-positive law and the "FBI" jurisdiction is only applicable in the FEDERAL United States. Care to speculate HOW MANY UNLAWFUL ARRESTS have been made by that agency?


While President Clinton and his good friend, Derek Shearer are openly advocating socialism, they and others are in the background practicing the theories of "HEGEL". Thesis: THESIS; ANTITHESIS; SYNTHESIS. Strobe Talbot is one of the foremost experts on HEGEL. Mr. Talbot will quite probably replace Ms. Reno.


Mr. Hatonn quoted Lenin. Another one of his quotes is directly applicable to my case. It is "confuse the meaning of words and you will confuse the minds". Subtitle "A" of Title 26, U.S.C., (The Income Tax Law) is over 2,000 pages long and has nothing to do with taxes. The many segments define the terms of an "agreement" that has been adhesioned to.

Although there are many attorneys that can be classified as State or USA citizens, under 7CJS4, Page 802, it states: "An Attorney's first duty is to the courts". My preference is "to God and the Constitution". I may well die with those preferences; however, if that is what I must do to get my country back, then so be it.


My purpose in sending you the manuscript on Book One of THE DEATH OF CAMELOT is best explained by a passage from Luke 12:3-4: "For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever that ye have spoken in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops". Please feel free to use that information that will be helpful. I will make available to you, in the near future, the other four manuscripts. Of primary interest will be "Book Five", THE HOOVER FILES. I have in my "control", 2319 individual "Alpha Files" that were supposedly destroyed by the FBI in the latter part of the eighties. These files alone will act as a dose of "epsom salts" on Government--just by themselves. For example, Senator McCarthy of Wisconsin was only a dupe for J. Edgar Hoover on his witch-hunt for Communists. Hoover was black-mailing the Senator because of child-molesting of a former partner's nine-year-old daughter. All copies of papers are unaltered and the handwriting is a very simple matter to authenticate.


BLACK PROJECTS do exist and require no congressional accountability other than a fifteen member joint-committee's approval. BLACK ON BLACK PROJECTS can be initiated by a committee composed of the president, vice-president, and the speaker of the House. No accountability is required. BLACK ON BLACK PROJECTS do not necessarily mean the funding is used for military or National Security Projects. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a good example of the end result of a Black on Black Project.


I would ask Mr. Hatonn to verify who the principal stockholders are of the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Financial Institutions as listed by Forbes magazine, all of which are In Japan and compare "that" ownership with the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM OF THE SOVIET UNION, FRANCE, AND BRAZIL. Two are principals in our own Federal Reserve System. This will explain several things to him (and you). First: Why the Japanese "exchange" not too long ago was around 35,000 Yen and now is around 20,000 Yen. Three members of Germany's Central Bank are on our stockholder list of ownership in our CENTRAL BANK. [H: This is very important, readers. It is important because the Federal Reserve has been "sold" and the plans are to move back onto a gold standard--as you will have heard from the Contact "hot-line" TODAY!]

Next, I would ask Mr. Hatonn to take the hand-drawn chart of the "Committee and Organization for Universal Peace and Economic Stabilization (C.O.U.P.E.S.) and place some of those names at the bottom of the chart. He will KNOW who directs the CFR, TLC, COMMITTEE OF 300 and the NEW WORLD ORDER.


It is not my intent to refute anything that I have read in your papers--only to fill in some gaps of which you may not be aware. Many of the subjects that I have read about in your paper, I can confirm, although you have answered many questions I have had over the years and didn't have the time or motivation to really find out the truth.


Finally, I cannot confirm the connection of former President George Bush's connection to "Porn". However, I am familiar with and know his former mistress. When he was vice-president, the Secret Service would take him to the Mariott Hotel in Tyson Corner, Va. He would sit and drink while one of the agents would go to the Holiday Inn (outside the entrance to Dulles. There are two Holiday Inns in McLean, Va.) and rent 3 rooms. She (the mistress), would go into the center room and the agent would go back and pick up Bush and drive him there. This was a bi-weekly ritual until Bush was elected president. The only person who didn't know was Mrs. Bush--and I'm not sure about that.

Although I cannot say that I knew everything that went on around the Georgetown area, I could fill several hundred pages of information about our pillars of virtue that run our country. I realize your publication is for knowledge and I commend you for what you are doing. It is refreshing to know some part of the media is being honest.

Please feel free to print any or all of the contents of this letter and thanks again for truth. It is the only chance our great nation has other than God. Perhaps HE will start playing a larger role in our destiny. Someone has been motivating me recently and I'm not sure, I, as a person, would be capable of doing what I have done to date without the help of a Supreme Being. R. Jackson.

Thank you, Ronn, and so be it!

It is also a bit easier for my "typist" to reprint the work provided with a bit of grammatical checking. It will make it far easier to print these volumes later if there is a disc foundation upon which the publishers and editors can work. Our comments and such can be either edited out or left in, as Ronn chooses when he has an opportunity to choose. This is, however, Dharma, WHY we are going to struggle along with the manuscripts as presented. I'm sure that our readers ARE NOT FINDING THEM BORING!

Before we move on into PART FIVE, let me speculate a bit, readers. Who do you suspect is the "lady reporter" involved in this story? Who would you think would have come from a morning news show about the time in point? Could it be a lady called Jane? Has she made any real contribution to anything regarding such incredible inside information? No?? Well what about her husband--[Gary] Trudeau?? I think you can see smatterings of inside "stuff" being' presented in almost every satirical subject the cartoonist takes up! Let us not be naive as to HOW ones must work to AWAKEN you and still be able to function in this controlled, manipulated and sick society!

Along those lines--are you watching his cartoons now, regarding the tobacco industry? What about the news now inundating with the revelation of additives, etc., to tobacco? What we have offered you about additives to tobacco products and to the opiate-processed papers is no longer so far-fetched, IS IT?

Indeed Mr. Jackson is going to have a LOT of fun the more he reads of our work!! Welcome aboard, Sir. And readers (and Dharma), please do not try to out-guess GOD and the needs and services rendered and accepted. IF YOU CHOOSE TO JUDGE YOU SHALL HAVE GREAT BLOBS OF EGG-ONFACE, VERY, VERY OFTEN! I REPEAT: “GOD CARES”. NOT WHAT A MAN WAS--GOD CARES WHAT A MAN IS"! "Remember number 2": WE UTILIZE OUR ENEMIES--ISN'T IT TIME YOU ONES DO LIKEWISE--PROPERLY, IN THE SERVICE OF GOD? WHY DO YOU INSIST THAT THE ADVERSARY (YOUR ENEMY)--ALWAYS WIN? PONDER IT!

Continuation: THE DEATH OF CAMELOT Part 5
by Ronn Jackson


We spent up to sixteen hours a day for three days, talking. Her notes were spread across the front of my desk, all over the floor, on the bar and around every other place that was free. She sat down and said, "I have to go back East and tape my show for next week. Is that a problem"?

"Not for me as my time is yours".

"Can you give me the details on your agreement with the President"?

"As long as it guarantees not to be told until after the fact".

"Okay, you have my word",

"Condition number one is that I want a full and absolutely unconditional PARDON".

"Number two"?

"That I appear before a Federal Grand Jury and it is convened in an open forum with all networks and reporting agencies present and that it be telecast live, that I write the script for the first two hundred questions and that I be allowed to choose who prosecutes the case".

"Why do you want to choose the people who prosecute the case"?

"Because of the legal system and into what it has evolved".

"Explain that please".

"Because our system is too concerned about being either liberal or conservative--they have forgotten one very important item...."

"What's that"?

"The truth."


With the exception of the location, the description of the following events are almost as they occurred. The reason that I wasn't more specific is that the lady referred to as "the Retirement Lady" is living in the Western U.S. She is aware of this book and intends to come forward at the appropriate time. As to the following sanction, this event was only the beginning of many which pertained to this particular subject. For years I thought my actions were directed to the "drug traffic". On these particular occasions they were not. They were for removing competition.

My plane had just set down at O'Hare. I was in a phone-booth now and Chicago was colder than a "well digger's posterior". Naturally there was a problem with the phone line and all I had on was a jacket. I was on my way to do "my thing" and the instruction packet said I was to call in upon my arrival at O'Hare. I had no idea why but it was their dime. Usually the instructions were short, to the point, and the execution, both literally and figuratively, was left to my discretion. Based on what I knew of my employers, something BIG was brewing.

One item always in the back of my mind was "back-up". Although I had never failed to complete a project that I had started I knew my employers were not stupid. And yet, for several years while in the field, I had the feeling I was alone and on my own. I would have objected if someone had been assigned with me, however, as I thought myself capable. Besides, my well-being was my priority and I didn't want anyone in the way. More specifically, I wanted no witnesses.

For years I had taken extraordinary precautions. I worn flesh colored surgical gloves and, as far as I knew, my finger prints were on record only as a result of my being in the service. Whenever I was in strange surroundings, which was most of the time, I attempted to simply blend-in. I was a postman, a delivery person or I even trimmed shrubs. I've been a cook, florist, a utilities worker, and worn a suit. I've driven delivery "panels" and wore a uniform in many capacities. Though my reputation was for the most part fictional, one thing stood out: In investigations by many agencies world-wide and stories by investigative people, my existence was thought to be, but never proven. I found that when many law enforcement agencies had a case that drew attention, if they were unable to solve it, my name would pop up. Probably from the agency itself, even if I happened to be halfway around the globe. One thing that I found amusing were the authors that characterized and fictionalized me. Would they be in for a surprise!

I now found that my sanction had not been much changed. It had been expanded. My employers knew that, depending on circumstances, I would take care of business. Most situations were within my range and scope and what made this sanction unique was that the "additions" were both women. My initial "subject" was a very prominent businessman and was not known to be a womanizer. The employers have always known what they were doing, in the past, and yes, over the years I've made it my business to know. Contrary to what you might believe, I do have a conscience and prior to my completion I do have all the facts. This is the account of my first variation in my instructions. Reading THIS will be "their" first notification of my actions.

In the curiosity department I am no different than anyone. When I checked into my hotel the first item was the information on the Principal. He was an investment broker and banker with sticky fingers. A couple of his recent deals involved the Southern Hemisphere and had caught someone's attention. Although the minute details were not given it was fairly easy to see the pattern emerge. The dollars that were involved were out of my league and though I was being paid in the mid-six-figure range for my services, that sum wouldn't even pay the interest on the sums I was now viewing.

One of the women owned and operated a beauty salon. The other one was a consultant to retired people. She invested for them and I thought that might be a connection but then discarded that idea when I looked at the amount of money being talked about. She appeared, on paper, to be just an average person squeaking out a living as did the other female. The women didn't seem to know one another and I could see no connection to the Principal. Yes, I did my job well but I never did anything until I had all of the answers--no exceptions.

As I have previously stated, at no time was I given instructions. No time limits were given or any "How to's" in any way. One of the most frequent statements that I will make is, "the bottom line". It was that, and it means that to date I had no disagreement with what I had been instructed to do but I had to be satisfied and that is the "bottom line"--every time.

I stopped for a bite to eat and then headed west. The Windy City earned its reputation that day as the chill-factor was something like minus thirty degrees. There was a forty mile an hour wind and it was definitely NOT pleasant.

The "Retirement Lady's" office was in the Senior Citizens Complex of the suburb in which I now arrived. There was a guard in the lobby of the complex who was obviously more for window dressing than anything to do with security. He asked if he could be of service and I used the old stand-by about looking for office space. He told me the facility had a non-resident manager but he could show me any available space. He said that there wasn't much going on around the place what with all of the old folks around. He had to be eighty himself, if he was a day. I looked at the directory on the wall and requested to see space on the ground floor since I saw the Lady's name on the directory. As we walked through the complex he talked about the tenants and how the place had been really taking off. It was his theory that retired people didn't want to be isolated and that made sense to me.

We passed the Subject's office and adjacent to it was a partially empty space. He said that the current tenant moved to another part of the facility for some reason or other. I asked to see it and requested his permission to speak to some of the other occupants. He said to take all day if I wanted. He walked back towards the front of the complex.

I walked around the space to make an impression just in case someone was watching and then I went out onto the common patio area.

There was a customer in the Lady's office and when he left, I went in and introduced myself. We talked about the weather and traffic and of my tentative "plans". When we first started talking she had been a little distant but warmed up by the time I was leaving. She seemed like a very nice person but I had her pegged as someone with "something" on her mind. I wondered if it was connected somehow to why I was there.

I spoke to the guard for a minute or two and said I would be asked if I could make a decision as to space. As I was getting ready to leave, the Lady came to the desk and requested the guard go down the street and pick up some coffee. I jumped into the conversation and said I was going to stop for coffee and since I didn't know the area, would she care to join me. I could return her if she wished for me to drive or I could follow her if she drove. She smiled and agreed. This would give me an opportunity to get to know her.

Our coffee break ran into over two hours and, yes, she did have a problem, but she hid it well. She was a very attractive woman and I found myself with a warm feeling when I was driving her back to the complex. I took a chance and asked her out for that evening. She accepted. I thought that a little more prying wasn't going to hurt and to be honest, I was looking forward to our outing. I had by no means formulated any kind of a plan about anything.

It took me an hour or so to find the beauty shop. It wasn't in a very good area but looked very professional from the outside. The sign in the window read, "Barber on Duty" and since I needed a haircut it gave me a good reason for going in. If these places were like the barber shop I went to I should get some information and not have to work hard to get it. There were a couple of women having their hair done and they didn't pay any attention to me. Just like home.

The Second Lady was quite an extrovert. By the time the haircut was finished I had learned that business was good and that she was thinking about adding two more operators. She also had a date for the evening with a fellow she had her eye on and even told how she had maneuvered him into asking her out. Her over-all attitude told me that she had no idea she had a problem.

When I was back in the hotel I laid across the bed for a couple of minutes. Why the women? I kept asking myself. I could take care of the Principal any time as I had quite a bit of work to do before I moved on.

The dinner was pleasant. I had purposely put the business card from the salon in my pocket and when I pulled out my cigarettes after dinner, it was stuck in the cellophane and was clearly visible--but received no apparent notice from the Lady. She had commented on my haircut and so I showed her the card--I still saw no sign or recognition on her part. So much for that idea.

I took her back to her apartment and she invited me to come in. We had a couple of cups of coffee and I thanked her for joining me. We had a good time and I found myself suggesting we do it again. She hadn't any kind of move in mind, nor had I. My mind was still focused on my task ahead.

The next morning, under the pretext of purchasing some hair spray, I stopped in the beauty salon. There were several ladies inside and all were talking but it immediately became silent with my entrance. The owner spotted me and came over.

I bought the product and asked how her date had gone. She smiled but gave me a thumbs down. That said it all and so I figured I'd give those girls in the place something to talk about as I asked the owner out to lunch. She accepted and I said I had to run downtown first so we made the date for one o'clock. I turned my attention to the Principal involved. I parked under the "EL" and paid the ridiculous parking fee. Boy, when they had you, you were had! I now had about a two-and-a-half-block walk and when I arrived at his business I stopped and took a good look. His place of business was in one of those glass buildings that seemed to go all the way up into the clouds. It was very impressive, I thought. I still didn't care for the city and was glad I didn't live there.

He wasn't at his desk when I found his office and it really didn't make any difference whether or not I saw him because when I would be ready--I would see him. I glanced at my watch and it was still early enough to give me a couple of hours or more. I walked back to the parking lot and saw a bar on the other side of it so I thought, "Why not"?

It turned out to be a mistake. The place was filthy and when I saw the patrons drinking wine I should have walked out. I didn't. The second clue came when I ordered a scotch and water and the bartender had to wipe the bottle off twice and couldn't get the liquid to pour out of the pour-spout. I took one taste of it and knew it was made out of the lake so I paid him and was gone.

I walked into the salon about an hour early. She was finishing a customer so I had a seat and took a magazine. After my second time through it I looked up and she was walking towards me. I hadn't paid much attention before but she was good looking.

She said we would have to drive about ten minutes to get to an area that had decent restaurants or lounges. But the lunch was fun and she had to call back to the shop as time got away from us. I didn't find out a thing. We made plans, however, for the evening.

The evening was a continuation of lunch as she talked all the time and was a very enjoyable person and good company. She mentioned that she had been on a cruise. That jarred my memory as the First Lady had said she had been on a cruise. As I pondered it I thought maybe it was entirely possible for two people to live close together and not know each other--and even on a cruise and not meet one another. There were a large number of people on those cruise ships. I questioned her about the Caribbean where she went, saying I had thought about going there also. Shortly I knew quite a bit including the name of the cruise-line and the very date she had taken her cruise.

We danced for the rest of the evening and when I took her home she invited me in for a night-cap. It was obvious after a few minutes that she had more on her mind and, frankly, so did I.

The next morning I was back at the First Lady's office building. The guard remembered me and I asked to see the space again. I saw the First Lady. She had a couple with her but she waved as I passed her office. The office had been cleared and was clean. The guard went back to the front after telling me to just wander around. I was doing so when I heard the entrance open and noted I was being invited to lunch. Good, I thought, as she had saved me the effort of asking her. She was also very attractive and I found that I was looking forward to being with her again. Both women were sharp and I wasn't sure just what I was going to ultimately do. I decided to just go with the flow for the time being.

After an excellent lunch I dropped her off. She gave me her home number and asked me to call. I was now on my way to the travel agency that sold both women the tickets for their cruises.

It seems that there were some fifty six people from the Chicago area on that ship. What made these two women so special, I wondered. I asked about the banker and the agent had not sold him a ticket. That didn't mean he wasn't on the ship, however, so I would need to find out if, in fact, he might have been on board.

That information turned out to be pretty easy to get. I called the cruise line and gave the man's name and asked when another cruise was going to take place to the Caribbean. The operator left the line a moment and came back on line quite shortly.

I was asked if I wanted the same accommodations and the same stateroom? Also she said that I was entitled to a discount as a frequent passenger. The cruise in point would be departing the following week. I told the operator that I would be calling back. Now I had to find out about the "connections".

I called back the First lady. She was still at her office and we made plans for me to pick her up at her place. I wanted to get the job done, but on my terms. I pulled in the reins. I was not going to get into a hurry. She probably needed to freshen up a bit and I decided to go back to my hotel and shower and freshen up also.

I called room service and had them pick up my cleaning and laundry as I figured I would be staying for a while.

When I arrived at First Lady's apartment she came out and she was stunning.

I made a comment on her appearance and what she was wearing almost took away my breath. I told her as much and she allowed that it could be the company. I agreed with her. She also said that the perfume she was wearing was a gift from a gentleman she had met on the cruise. She said he was a banker from here that she had met and with whom she had shared dinner. The perfume was delivered the next morning to her stateroom. She said she didn't get a chance to thank him for the gift.

We drove to the tallest building in town and dined a quarter of a mile above the street. The meal was excellent and I didn't want to distract her attention back to the cruise. I just let her lead the conversation. She was very bright and I thought to myself that if I was in the market for a long-term relationship I would want that person to be like her.

I was convinced that she was in no way involved with or connected to the banker Principal. It was only a guess as to how she might have become involved in this situation. The trip to the islands would be the key. This was one of the aggravating parts of my job. My employer told me only the absolute essentials. I believed the First Lady's version of the meeting and she had placed no special emphasis on the encounter. I think she would have slipped if otherwise and given herself away somehow. Besides, I liked her company and soon put aside my primary purpose.

The following day I called the Second Lady, the beauty operator. She had taken the day off and the party answering the phone, asked my name. I told her and there was a message left for me along with a phone number. It was very nice to know that you are wanted.

When I arrived at her place and was invited in the same odor hit me and that was just too much of a coincidence. I made a comment on the fragrance and her story was very similar to the other lady's. The Principal had made a very good impression on Second Lady and she did see him as she got off the ship. She had also ridden to the airport in Miami with him and that he had gone on to New York. He had told her that the perfume would retail for about two thousand dollars a bottle and this was a "sample". He said it was a tax write-off. She had really been impressed by the guy--or so it would seem. She also said that "you meet some awful nice people on a cruise". She mentioned the name of the fragrance and I made a mental note of it.

We left her place and ended up at my hotel. I took her home on Sunday afternoon and even though we had had an excellent weekend I was glad to be again alone. That evening I began calling my contacts because I needed to know more about that perfume.

The calls started coming back early as they originated on the East Coast. A copyright had just been applied for and all of the legal work had been completed. Everything so far looked above-board. I'm not sure why I was placing so much stock in that fragrance but so far it was the only common denominator which gave me any indication of being on the right track.

My phone rang again and the salon owner, Second Lady, was inviting me to lunch. I told her that I had a meeting at one-thirty but that I would call her when I was finished. That pacified her and I knew then that I was becoming involved--not once, but twice and I knew better!

Five minutes later the phone rang again and it was the other lady, First Lady. I told her that I had to go to Detroit and would be back on the following Wednesday and would call her when I got in. I called back the beauty operator and gave her the same story. I had better be careful, I thought, for I was getting myself into some kind of a trap. I hated to lie to people and especially to those for whom I care.

Several more calls came through and the Banker (Principal) was the company, the bottler, the exporter, the wholesaler, and the chief executive. That wasn't Kosher.

I again reviewed his background. He had been with the same company for twenty-eight years and coming up to his present position through the ranks. There was nothing to indicate he had knowledge of anything else. The perfume was right, I knew it now but what about the connection to the two women--it had to be there.

I made a decision. That banker didn't know me and he was about to get a visit from a, potential client". He needed a little crap flung at him because I was now sure he was a putting a bunch out--I needed some of that perfume.

I played my role pretty well. I had him convinced that I had money and was looking for something that had a very high return for my investment. And, guess what he suggested. Yes, I now had my bottle of perfume. I said that the "little lady" had a birthday coming and there were export rights involved...you know, the regular type of nonsense. People wouldn't ordinarily fall for such a story if they were honest. This guy certainly had his day coming.

I took the bottle to a laboratory that had been referred to me by one of the contacts. I told the lab people that I was really in a rush and emphasized the rush by laying a thousand dollars beside the bottle. Twenty minutes later, boy, did I have a surprise--HEROIN. I had the reason for the primary objective. But now, the two women?

I had most of the answers but before I would act I would have the rest of them. I called the First Lady and invited her to the hotel. I explained that I had had a change in plans regarding my Detroit trip. She allowed as how she could be there in an hour.

When she arrived she was even more stunning than on our previous date. When I stepped back to let her in I closed the door after her. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She said I should make travel plans more often and returned my kiss with much more feeling. We stood there for a good five minutes while we had other things on our minds.

Around ten o'clock I called for room service. They offered only sandwiches and that didn't sound good to either one of us so I suggested pizza. She said it was her favorite and I ordered two extra large--I liked it cold and so did she.

She fell asleep around twelve thirty and for some reason I couldn't sleep. I got out of bed and took a shower first hot and then cold, thinking it would do something for me. It did for now I was really wide awake. I stood by the window for quite a while and then got dressed as I decided to just walk around for a while. Nothing was open but I was restless and perhaps a bit of exercise would help. A little more, I mean, exercise.

I let myself out and put the "do not disturb" sign on the door. I walked around for a couple of hours and found myself letting myself back in the room. My lady was still out of it and the light was blinking on the phone. She didn't look as if she had moved so I picked up the phone. I tried to be as quiet as possible. The operator said she hadn't rung the room as she had just seen me come in and had simply turned on the message light.

The call was from one of my contacts and when he answered he apologized for calling me so late. But he said he had some important information for me. He had located the facility where the perfume had been shipped to and that the facility was on the west side and was owned by a beauty salon. I asked what was the name of the owner. He didn't have that information yet so I told him to get it and call me back the minute he had it. I wanted it to be one hundred percent--he understood.

He did call back shortly and the name of the property was titled to the sister of the banker, the owner of the beauty shop. So, it was a "family enterprise", I thought.

I sat there and tried to figure out if I had been compromised. I knew I wasn't known and I had to figure out how much they might have spoken to each other about me. Maybe there was nothing to it but I had to assume otherwise, that they had.

I hung up the phone and as I did so the Lady touched my hand. It surprised me a little and she was immediately in my arms. Hey, oh well, I could work later.

In the morning I was up by six. While I was in the shower, again, I was made an offer I simply couldn't refuse. It took us over an hour before we got out of that shower and I was squeaky clean!

We had breakfast in the dining room and then she left for an eleven o'clock appointment. I told her I would call and by now I had business on my mind. As much as I hated to admit it, I didn't like what lay ahead of me. I was sure that this lady wasn't connected to the banker and thought back to her attitude when I first met her. She might be connected in some other way. I called my contacts and said I wanted her life history. It was now her turn to be squeaky clean--AND SHE WAS!

I went out and walked through a few stores and bought some clothes. At dusk I was pulling away from the hotel and headed south. The banker was very predictable and he had maintained the same routing for years. When I pulled up to the lounge that he stopped by, for years, his car was right there parked to the side. I checked his license number that was on his data sheet and I had to wait only a few minutes until he came out. I timed our meeting at his car to be at the same time. I came from a direction so that he couldn't see me and as he sat down behind the wheel I pressed the nine millimeter behind his ear and fired....

When I knocked on her door, it was a couple of minutes before the light showed under the door. I stood at the center of it so she could see me through the peep-hole.

I saw movement and when the door opened she had a gun in her hand and it was pointed right at me. She stepped back and lowered the gun as she let me in. I closed the door while keeping my eye on the weapon. She noted me looking at the piece and said there had been recent problems in the neighborhood. She said she couldn't be too careful. She laid the gun on a small table and turned to put her arms around me. As she did so I took her left arm and spun her around--it was over in a split-second....

I carried her to her bedroom and placed her out on the bed. Her neck was angled in a strange position so I straightened it. I stood and looked down at her and felt a twinge of regret.

The location of the storage facility wasn't difficult to find. The sun was now coming up and the building was a stand-alone. I had taken keys and one of them let me in. There were windows in only part of the building and a partition separated the front part from the back. I found some invoices and there were some sixteen hundred boxes with each box containing forty-eight bottles. Somebody was losing a fortune. I poured gas over as many of them as I could and saved a bit of gas for several parts of the wooden framed building. It wouldn't take long for this building to go up, I realized.

As I pulled away the entire building was engulfed and smoke was going straight skyward--so where was all that wind this morning?

The next stop was the apartment complex. I removed my gloves and put a match to them as I dropped them in the gutter. I watched them melt. I took the wallets I had taken and put them into the car glove compartment and locked it. I had been running over and over in my mind just what I was going to say and, of course, most of it was B.S. As I walked to the door I made up my mind to be as truthful as possible and then let her decide if she could accept what I said. I still wasn't sure what were the alternatives but I would have to cross that bridge when I came to it...there was quite a bit riding on our conversation. (060220)




SUN., APR. 10, 1994 9:41 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 237

SUN., APR. 10, 1994


I understand your confusion and accept your inquiries as to "why?" regarding the diversification of material we are now using to "bury" you. I realize that all you want is a bit of spiritual upliftment and a few lessons in Ascension--however, we are unfolding the intrigue of a planet which has now moved its way into the galaxy as regards your orbiting system around the little planet Earth Shan. THAT brings your actions and foolishness into OUR realm of concern. You are a world which is ruled and those rules enforced by totally evil beings. You as a society are now caught up in the aftermath of great wheeling and deal-ing, death and destruction to allow holding of the commodities which destroy civilizations and control the masses.

You are fed a steady feast of controlled viewing and information seepage and NEVER THE TRUTH. If, after you read the sequences of writings which are now integrated into a flow-stream by willing writers (authors) who care more about the information to you and less about the advantage to themselves, you don't begin to blink open your eyes, then I feel little hope for your renewal of civilization.


Because it happens that you can know the players at the top, the use of masses at the bottom--but unless you can "conceive" the magnitude of the power, control, manipulation and total programming of the teams that ENFORCE the regulations of the big dogs--you miss the point. The covert operations forces have become the blind but well-trained wardens. They wipe out those who rise against the Elite rulers and they take out Elite rulers who shy away from the evil movements. Now these forces have literally taken on a moving force of their own throughout the world. If you could swing the intelligence forces into an army for good--you could take your world back in about half an hour. Back that action with the resources to rebalance the barter basics and you would have a chance at world "salvation". However, you now have to have an overriding factor included in the equation--that of removing the functionability of computer chips and microdots infused into EVERY agent--and a large majority of the masses, most especially the prison community. You are into a time of technological mind-control beyond anything you can imagine.

What can override these signals? GOD! I am not playing games with you readers--I MEAN GOD! In the LIGHTED truth of information and facts the mind is created to be able to decipher the differences and will not accept the technical frequencies which are destructive--IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE MECHANISMS INVOLVED. Why? Because once in KNOWING--without total brain damage of a physical nature--you cannot ever again UN-KNOW. This is also recognized in higher realms as SOUL LOCK-IN.

Why is this important in a time of such confusion and possible annihilation of a planet? Because it is stupid thinking to assume the "Big Dogs" want to annihilate that which is so valuable to them that they would destroy a civilization AND it is a time of sorting by the Godhead to salvage His souled expression. I did not say "save" nor did I use a term "savior"--I said "SALVAGE".


Where else are you going to get the information? However, a single covert operator may well "hear about" other streams of truth in operations and puppet-masters--but just as it takes many streams of knowledge to have proper conclusions--you MUST HAVE input from varied sources to enable sorting of THE facts. For instance, if integrated information (our ONLY purpose in offering presentations) is present from ten or twenty "insider participants" and information gatherers and it comes from a myriad of locations and directions--it is not simply a collusion of writers--it becomes a route for assumptive conclusions based on INFORMATION--not speculation.

I have no intention whatsoever of becoming a great novelist on your plane of experience--I already KNOW the answers. Dharma does not want to even write these things we present--she wants, like you, to do her work and retire into the wonder of physical expression and move on into higher expression--IN TRUTH. She has NO desire to be a psychic, fortune-teller (for unfortunately she knows how the story is going to go), prophet or do-gooder. She has accepted a "job" and is going to see it through to the best of her ability--no more and no less. I could name hundreds of others, you readers among them--who are exactly the same in intent. YOU are why it is necessary to present TRUTH--that YOU may find the proper sequence and routing of self and events.


The heading here is a bit bold but I think I get the question clearly thought, if not spoken. In our own "having" do we not indeed "help" our very adversary? Yes! But you must hold to the knowledge that there are two diverse and opposite ends of the evil vs. good pole. In "goodness" there is positive ability to CREATE. In "evil" there is only the ability to utilize that which is already physically manifest. Why? Because "evil" only has existence in a manifested physical conscious dimension. Evil is a manifestation of physical manufacture. Therefore, it will only be used of itself in that dimension of participation and is locked to the dimension of human-physical experience--it cannot CREATE--ONLY USE! Therefore, in any circumstance wherein there is, let us example, abundance of resource for trade--creation of good industry, jobs, expression, etc., will come about through the use of the commodity of that expression.

The opposite is that indeed much will be taken through force or theft--but it will be hoarded, turned into destructive activities and devastation will result.

The majority of the population as you sense it to be will perish! They will perish in the crossfire, the devastation and destruction unleashed by the willful controllers in service to physical power and expression. "They" will eventually destroy of selves. However, there is no way to preserve the "masses" for the clash is too encompassing. The only way to "salvage" the goodly soul expression is to show you the way into creating that which will allow passage and then reclamation. This is a basic fundamental time of CHOICE of destiny from this experience.


Who else are you going to believe? Who is the more evil--the one who snaps the neck or the one with power to order the neck snapped? Does it make a difference? Only in KNOWING! What you ARE may well not be what you WERE or even what you may yet BE! This, however, is not the point at present as to information resources. How are YOU going to ever find out what goes on in these organizations and groupies IF YOU DON'T HAVE SOMEONE FROM THOSE EXPERIENCES? Already you deny ME because I don't run about on discs and pat you on the po-po! You WILL begin to believe me when I produce enough confirmation from your PLACE to give credence to that which we write. Even then the avid denial buffs will simply sue Dharma for using a few words out of someone or another's book. This is, of course, representative of either of two things--or both. This is obviously a thrust and effort to KEEP TRUTH FROM REACHING YOU--OR, THE PRESENTATION OFFERED BY THEM IS IN FACT, NOT TRUE AND THEY LIE ABOUT INTENT OF AWAKENING HUMANITY. OTHERWISE THE STORIES ARE WRITTEN, COPYRIGHTED AND PRESENTED AS FICTION.


There are many lessons to be learned along the way, little seekers, and I have yet to appreciate the unending input from even my closest participants, such as our motion-picture producer, our brethren in the distribution business, the hosts of ones who attend our most inner circle--who still find the most excitement in the local fortune-teller. It is one thing to enjoy those things as the fun they represent--as when the fortune cookie has a good verse. However, to go forth and project actions and beliefs on such as "sometime in the future I see W. with a reptilian…" is unthinkable to me. Let me give you a good rule of thumb, readers--WHEN A REPTILIAN BEING SHOWS UP IN ANY VISION AS A PARTICIPANT IN ONGOING CONSIDERATIONS AND POWER--IT IS NOT A GOOD SIGN--IT IS A SURE, EVERY TIME, PRESENTATION OF INPUT FROM THE DARK SIDE ENERGIES. IF THE FAITH IN YOUR OWN QUALIFICATIONS AND DIRECTION OF CREATING VALUE IS SO LIMITED AS TO REQUIRE A PSYCHIC'S READING--YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO FULFILL A CREATOR'S ROLE. GOD IS NOT A SNAKE OF ANY SHAPE OR FORM--A SERPENT IN ITS VERY PRESENTATION IS THAT WHICH IS BOUND MOST CLOSELY TO THE EARTH PHYSICAL IN ITS INABILITY TO COME UP EXCEPT TO SLITHER UP A LEAN-ING TREE. TO SEE SELF AS GETTING ANYTHING OF DIRECTION FROM A "REPTILIAN" BEING IS TO SEE SELF EITHER NEGOTIATING WITH, COMPROMISING WITH OR TAKING DIRECTION FROM--SATAN FORCES.

There should be NO difficulty at all in the making of our motion pictures--most especially the first one. I intend to be there and that in itself will negate any participation of reptilians. The next question is always: "Then why don't YOU get the money so we can start"? I respond: WHY DON'T YOU GET THE MONEY AND THE HEAD SCREWED ON CORRECTLY AND THEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT LONGER TO START"!

What these encounters with psychics--and wishing for confirmation or denial of presentations through me--mean is that you actually only possibly believe in a being called Aton/Hatonn THROUGH one Dharma--even though you do not necessarily believe in one called Doris. I am as close to YOU as I am to her! Why is it her problem as to what YOU believe? I am not being testy or hard--I am wanting you to realize your own POWER and relationship with CREATOR that you may CREATE that which is your destiny of presentation in human format.

It is disappointing, however, that after years of lessons in discernment and guidelines for that discernment that I still am over-flooded with requests for opinions about this guru or that one, this psychic astrologer or that one, this channel or that one. If you have studied all we have offered and you still have no way to sort--you are in serious trouble and my opinion regarding this one or that one is of no further value to you. Information comes from ALL sources and moreover ALL IS TRUTH IN SOME FASHION--even if it regards the LIE. There is only ONE TRUTH--but infinite truthful roads to arrive at the ONE.

I remind everyone--YOUR task and purpose is NOT, for instance, Dharma's and she will NOT BE GIVEN YOUR ANSWERS! I shall again remind you of her most frequent, and heartfelt thought: "I am not a writer. I am simply serving in this typing capacity until I am given my purpose and mission". This always brings laughter as ten people are buried around the clock in that which comes out of her keyboard. Is she lying to others and self? No--she is, like you, looking for the balance and harmony of performing HER ultimate mission in perfection WITH GOD. AND, trying to make it through this journey experience of shaded clarity and hazy direction. She, too, is working around the clock--to find reality and REMEMBER!

Until the sequence into understanding comes within your perception we will continue to offer what we can from any reference bearing truth toward THE factual stories and players.

I ask that Rick, Ed or Brent please write Coleman and ask permission to utilize his volume, DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION. I have hoped for a response from him but have none. [Rick spoke with Dr. Coleman and he was very gracious in giving unqualified permission to utilize this material. Thank you, John.] There are some "insiders" beyond those which he can recognize which would greatly enhance his insight and he, theirs. This is the time of unveiling the liars, cheats and thieves of human dignity and grace.

In the meanwhile I am going to offer a chapter from the above volume, on "Covert Operations". I can only again suggest and appeal to you to support the authors and get the books directly from them when you can do so. In this case: John Coleman, WIR, 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706. In trying to decipher the code of the "beast" I believe the cost is $20.00 [this price has been confirmed and shipping is included] and it is offered through Joseph Publishing. [If you have Mastercard or Visa you may also order the book by calling (800) 942-0821]. Both entities bear the same mailing address. Thank you. Let us move on to our work, please.

Again, for the sake of keeping computer writings identified we will have to utilize "parts" as if we were running a "series". It is too difficult for our editors to have reference without some mode of identification nor can we give proper credits to authors and resource information without some identifying method. With that explanation please realize that by listing this as "part 1" it does not indicate beginning of the book. In this case "part 1" is actually from page 127, Chapter VII of the book.

The following is taken from:

by John Coleman


Covert operations--that stuff that "James Bond" was made of. As I have often said, James Bond was a fictitious character, but the organization portrayed in the movie series is very real, only it is known as "C" and not "M." Britain's Secret Intelligence Service and Security Service was what "James Bond" portrayed. These are known as MI-5 (internal security) and MI-6 (external security). Together they are the oldest of the world's secret intelligence agencies. They also lead the world in the development of techniques and new technologies of spying. Neither service is responsible to the British people through Parliament, and both operate in the utmost secrecy behind a wide variety of fronts.

The beginnings of these agencies date back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I, the founder being recognized as Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth's Secretary of State, and have existed since then under different names. It is not the intention to write a history about these supersecret espionage agencies, but merely to give a background to the main thrust of this chapter, which is covert action and assassinations for economic and/or political reasons.

The cardinal thing to remember is that, in almost all cases, covert actions are forbidden by international law. Having said that, I should also point out that it is one thing to have laws against covert actions but it is another, very difficult thing to enforce such laws because of the extreme lengths which the parties will go to keep the operation secret. America is no exception when it comes to disobeying laws. President Gerald Ford's executive order banning "engaging in, or conspiring to engage in political assassination" is largely ignored by the CIA.

The excuse that Bush didn't know what was going on in the Iran/Contra covert operation cannot be sustained because of the Hughes-Ryan Amendment, which was tailor-made to knock the supports out from under such a defense. The amendment was meant to make the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies accountable: "...unless and until the President finds that each such operation is important to the national security of the United States and reports in a timely fashion to the appropriate committee of the Congress, including the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee", the covert operation would become unlawful. So if either President Reagan or President Bush knew about the Iran/Contra operation, or, if they did not, then those who engaged in it were acting in an illegal manner.

In the Iran/Contra covert operation, Admiral John Poindexter was the "fall guy" for President Reagan and President Bush, both of whom claimed to have no knowledge of it. This is shocking, because it implies that here are two presidents who had no control over their military and intelligence departments. Had Poindexter not taken the stand to say that he never informed Bush about the specifics of the Iran/Contra operation, impeachment proceedings would have followed, which Bush with all of his powerful protection would not have been able to avoid. In this, Bush was ably assisted by Congressman Lee Hamilton, whose investigation of the covert action was so poorly carried out as to amount to a total whitewash of the guilty parties, including Reagan and Bush.

Apart from "James Bond," perhaps the best known MI-6 operatives were Sydney Reilly, Bruce Lockhart and Captain George Hill, who were seconded to Russia to help the Bolsheviks overcome their enemies and, at the same time, secure vast raw material and economic concessions for the British Black Nobility, with a slice of the pie going to the Wall Street financiers. Perhaps the least known MI-6 agent (but one of its most effective), was Somerset Maugham, the distinguished British author, well known in the literary world by this "sheepdipped" name.

Like most MI-6 officers, Maugham's real name was not disclosed during his service years, and indeed remained undisclosed up until close to his death. Sydney Reilly had 3 secret names, and eight others (he had eleven passports), his real name being Sigmund Georgievich Rosenblum. [H: Hummnnn...]

Setting aside all the diplomacy by deception of name tags such as Bolshevism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Fabianism and Trotskyism, the fact is that the Bolshevik Revolution was a foreign ideology forced upon the Russian people by the Committee of 300 for economic gain and the control of Russia.

It is that simple, and when stripped of all the rhetoric and terminology, makes the whole concept of "Communism" easier to understand. We should never, ever, lose sight of the fact that, as Churchill put it, before he was irretrievably turned and lost, "Russia was seized by the hair of its head", and dragged kicking and screaming into a dictatorship straight out of hell, set up primarily to exploit and control its vast resources which, even today, far exceed those of the United States, not to mention Great Britain which, apart from coal and some North Sea oil, has none worth mentioning.

Just as in the days of Queen Elizabeth I, when the Cecils, her controllers, set up Sir Francis Walsingham in a spy system to guard her assets in England, and to watch over trade in the far corners of the world, so did the modern kings and queens of England carry on the tradition. One might say that these spy organizations were motivated first by economics, and then by national sovereignty. Nothing much has changed in the intervening centuries.

That was what Sydney Reilly's now legendary mission to Russia was about; it was to secure a lock on Russia's oil and its other huge treasures of minerals for the British Black Nobility, led by Lord Alfred Milner; the City of London's merchant bankers and the American Boston Brahmins, Wall Street financiers and tycoons, among the better-known of whom are the Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan and Kuhn Loeb. Sharing Britain's plunder, gained through diplomacy by deception and backed by military might, became a tradition during the golden era of the vast, unbelievably lucrative opium trade with China.

The oldest American equivalent of "noble" families were up to their eyebrows in this unspeakable trade. Today, one would never know this as they are judged on their outward facade of attending the best schools and colleges, joining the finest private clubs, becoming leading lawyers and bankers, philanthropists, religious leaders, and of course, leading politicians, that this brood is smeared all over with, and mired in the stench and filth of the China opium trade, which brought death and misery to millions while filling the banks they owned with obscenely vast wealth.

The rogues gallery of China opium trade reads like a page out of the American social register: John Perkins, Thomas Nelson Perkins, Delano, Cabot, Lodge, Russell, Morgan, Mellon. Hardly a single one of our "elite" families is not tainted by opium riches.

Lord Alfred Milner sent Sydney Reilly of MI-6 to secure the Baku region oilfields for British investment and for the Rockefellers. Bruce Lockhart was Lord Milner's personal representative who controlled Lenin and Trotsky. "Hansard" of the time, which is the equivalent of our Congressional Record, is filled with expressions of outrage and frustration as Parliament began to glean a little information about the exploits of Reilly. There were furious exchanges in private between Prime Minister Lloyd George (Earl of Dwyfor) and his cabinet colleagues, and in open debate with members of Parliament on the floor of the House. All demanded that Reilly be brought back and forced to give an account of his doings in Russia.

But to no avail--Reilly remained untouchable and unaccountable. For perhaps the very first time, the British public became dimly aware that some unseen force was above Parliament. The British public did not know, and could not know, that Reilly represented MI-6, which had a much greater power than that of their elected representatives in Parliament. Those who were trying to break down the wall of secrecy got nowhere, so they waited for Reilly's return to England, which came only after it was all over.

Reilly and his close friend, Count Felix Dzerzinsky, (they both came from the same part of Poland) head of the dreaded Bolshevik secret police terror apparat, staged Reilly's death by shooting as he was allegedly trying to escape across the border. The cover story was that Reilly's name was discovered among the papers of a group of Latvian officers who planned to assassinate Lenin. Reilly lived in secret opulence and splendor in Soviet Russia until, to round out the plan, he "escaped" aboard a Dutch freighter. Reilly was recruited by Sir William Wiseman, head of British MI-6 in Washington, in 1917. Reilly was described by his superior, Sir Mansfield Smith Cumming, as "a sinister man I felt I could never really trust".

Somerset Maugham's mission to Petrograd on behalf of MI-6 in 1917 was a classic example of diplomacy by deception. Lockhart was dispatched to Petrograd to back the provisional government of Alexander Kerensky, who was supposed to run the "interim" government opposed to the Bolsheviks. (DeKlerk, the South African turncoat leader has quite properly been described as the "Kerensky of the Whites in South Africa, because his task is to form an 'interim' government which will allow Mandela and his gang of murderers to take the country").

What neither the British Parliament nor the public knew was that the government of Kerensky was programmed to fail; its job to make it look as if real opposition to a Bolshevik government was coming from Britain and the United States when, in fact, the opposite was true. In an elaborately stage-managed plot, Maugham, who was also selected by Sir William Wiseman, went to meet Kerensky, traveling via Japan with $150,000 (yes, in mainly American money) to spend on Kerensky. Maugham left on June 17, 1917, and met with Kerensky on October 31, 1917.

Kerensky asked Maugham to deliver a note to Prime Minister Lloyd George which contained a desperate appeal for guns and ammunition. It is interesting that Kerensky completely bypassed the British Consul in Petrograd who, having sniffed out that something was going on behind his back, fired off angry complaints to Lloyd George, but got no apology or explanation. As Captain Hill himself once said, "Those who believe that the Bolshevik Revolution was Zionist-inspired and run, may have had some truth on their side". Wiseman, Maugham, Hill and Reilly were Jews; but Lockhart was pure Anglo-Saxon.

The British Prime Minister's response to Kerensky's note was a very brusque, "I cannot do that". Maugham never went back to Russia and Kerensky was overthrown by the Bolsheviks on Nov. 7, 1917. Capt. Hill was drafted into MI-5 and then to MI-6. He was sent to Petrograd to advise Trotsky on how to set up an airforce, although Russia was still technically an ally of the British.

The object lesson in this diplomacy by deception maneuvering was to ensure that Russia remained at war against Germany, which Britain wanted defeated because of its great commercial and financial successes. At the same time, Russia was to be weakened to such an extent that it would not be able to resist the Bolshevik hordes for long. As we know, the deception worked perfectly. Capt. Hill played a big role in helping to set up the CHEKA, the dreaded Bolshevik secret police apparat and military intelligence, forerunner of the GRU.

One of Hill's exploits was the "transference" of the crown jewels of Rumania. Hill, a weapons and training specialist, was very active in diplomacy by deception in aiding the grand design to make the world believe that Britain and the United States were really fighting the Bolshevik takeover. (Only France, of all the nations, was not deceived.) In documents I read years later, Allen Dulles, head of the OSS, was denounced by De Gaulle, who bluntly reminded him of the great diplomacy by deception successfully pulled off against Czar Nicholas II and the Russian people.

An integral part of the deception was to land a combined British, French and American force at Murmansk on June 23, 1918, under the command of American Major General Frederick Poole, ostensibly to help the Russians in their struggle against the Bolsheviks. The French truly believed that they were there to attack the Bolsheviks, when the allied force moved into Archangel on August 2nd, in which there was some fighting. Actually, the expeditionary force had three objectives: (a) to make it look as if Britain and America were battling the Bolsheviks (b) to protect the large cache of Russian Army weapons and munitions in the region, and (c) to help convert a doubtful populace to support Lenin by making it look as if he was the savior of the motherland, struggling to repel a foreign military force.

In reality, the British-American force was actually there to help Lenin, and not fight the Red Army. The allied troops were to see that the munitions dump was turned over to the Bolsheviks, and to prevent it being taken over by the advancing Germans. Years later, Secretary of State George Marshall repeated the trick against China's Marshal Chiang Kai Shek, leaving a huge arsenal for Mao Tse Tung to use in the struggle to turn China into a Communist nation. The third objective was to convert those Russians wavering in their support of Lenin into full-blown supporters. Lenin used the Murmansk landing to tell the Russian people, "Look, British and American imperialists are trying to steal Russia from you. Join us in our struggle to defend Mother Russia"!

When White Russian Generals Denekin and Wrangel were having sweeping successes against the Red Army, pushing it out of the Baku region and threatening the work done by Sydney Reilly for British and American oil interests (especially Rockefeller oil interests), the same Lloyd George who in 1917 plotted with Kerensky was joined by a "private American citizen", William Bullit, actually an emissary for Rockefeller and the Wall Street bankers. Together, they committed treachery and treason against their respective countries.

In January 1919, Gen. Peter Denekin defeated the Bolsheviks in Georgia, Armenia, Arzebaijan and Turkestan (the oil regions), and later that month drove the Bolsheviks right out of the Caucasus, advancing almost to the gates of Moscow. Thereupon, Bullit and Lloyd George pulled the rug out from under the White Russians, cutting off supplies of arms, munitions and money. Upon a signal from Lloyd George, sent through MI-6 in September, the American-British force abandoned Archangel and sailed from Murmansk on October 12, 1919.

Please note the perfect timing of the operation. The only thing the expeditionary force had done, apart from slight fighting at Archangel and some other skirmishes against the Bolshevik forces, was march through the streets of Vladivostok in support of Lenin's contention that here were British and American imperialist soldiers bent on taking over mother Russia. By Nov. 14, 1920, it was all over as the last White Russian forces embarked for Constantinople.

One of the greatest pieces of diplomacy by deception had been successfully pulled off without the American and British people having the slightest notion of what was going on. A more or less similar procedure is being carried out in Russia today with "ex-Communist" Boris Yeltsin being touted by the West as a sort of a Russian folk hero, trying to "save" Russia from a revival of Communism. As it was in 1917, so it is now: the American public has no inkling of what is really transpiring in Russia.

There is much more to the plot: the attempted assassination of Lenin, when he began kicking over the traces controlled by Bruce Lockhart; Lockhart's arrest and later exchange for Bolshevik Maxim Litvinov, complete with a sentence of death in absentia handed down by a Bolshevik court in Moscow. In this manner, MI-6 plays its games in the most masterly of fashions, even as it still does today. Incidentally, Lenin died of syphilis of the brain, and not from wounds received at the hands of Dora Kaplan.


* * *

Let us take a rest break, please; I would suggest that you, Dharma, get away from this location for a few hours. You are in a low pressure status and this is why the frequencies are too debilitating. This will not greatly improve for a while so you must consider the action yourself as the interference will soon affect the computer. Thank you.



SUN., APR. 10, 1994 1:42 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 237

SUN., APR. 10, 1994

"Dr. John Coleman"



It might be in order to expand upon the doings of Capt. Hill. Documents I was able to examine in the archives of Whitehall, London tell a great deal about the activities of Hill, a second generation MI-5 officer. Hill's father was apparently very active in Jewish merchant circles with connections to Salonika in the time of Czar Nicholas II.

Hill's son, George, who lived in London, was an MI-5 courier for Wall Street and the City of London financiers backing the Bolsheviks; the money was channeled through Maxim Gorky, the darling of the theater set in London. In 1916, he was promoted to MI-6 and sent to Salonika by MI-6 chief, Sir Mansfield Cumming. From Salonika, Hill reported intelligence information to Cumming on the progress of the Bolsheviks plotting for the coming revolution--already 10 years in the making. On Nov. 17, 1917, Cumming ordered Hill to Moscow, where he at once became a personal aide to Leon Trotsky, on the recommendation of Parvus (Alexander Helpland). Hill drew up a plan for military intelligence which was accepted and became the basis of the GRU, with Hill and Trotsky as its founders.

The CHEKA remained under the control of Dzerzinsky. In later years, according to Whitehall documents, following a request from Jerusalem, Hill was sent to the Middle East where he set about organizing and training the Jewish Irgun and Stern gangs, with the vast majority of officers and rank and file coming from Bolshevik Russia. The intelligence service Hill set up for the Irgun was later adopted by the Israeli secret service, which became known as the Mossad.

The British Secret Intelligence Service is the most expert at covert operations. Sir Steward Menzies, MI-6 wartime chief, once described Allen Dulles as lacking the necessary acumen to really understand covert operations. Be that as it may, MI-6 formed and trained the OSS, forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Covert operations may be described as perhaps the most sensational part of intelligence work which, generally speaking, includes fairly routine activities like monitoring economic activities all over the world, preparing reports which go to national policy makers who are allegedly that part of government which decides what course of action, if any, should be followed.

MI-6 and the CIA are, by law, not allowed to meddle in domestic affairs or spy on their citizens, their duties confined to foreign matters. But in the past three years, these lines have become very blurred, which ought to be cause for serious concern, but, unfortunately, no positive action is being taken to curb this phenomenon. Covert action walks a tight-rope between diplomacy and deception and sometimes, when the walker slips, the results can be very embarrassing if the covert action is not deniable, as was the case with the Iran/Contra affair.

Covert action calls for an intelligence agency to draw up a program to achieve a particular foreign objective. This often impinges on foreign policy, which is outside the realm of intelligence. A good case in point is the paranoia expressed by President George Bush in his desire to literally destroy Iraq's President Hussein, covert action taking both economic and military avenues.

A total of $40 million was wasted by Bush in his failed endeavor to kill Hussein, in which every trick was tried, including sending HIV viruses in vials to be secreted into the headquarters of the Revolutionary Command. In the end, Bush, overcome by his hatred of Hussein, unleashed 40 cruise missiles against Baghdad and Basra, under the flimsiest pretext of attacking "nuclear arms plants" and anti-aircraft sites, both patently absurd.

One cruise missile was deliberately programmed to hit AlRasheed Hotel in downtown Baghdad, where a conference of the heads of Moslem states was in progress. The idea behind the Al-Rasheed attack, (the missile was tracked by Russian satellites from the moment of launching until it hit the target area) was to kill several of the Moslem leaders, thereby turning their countries against Iraq and helping through a backlash against President Hussein to topple the Iraqi leader.

Unfortunately for Bush, the missile fell 20-30 feet short of the actual building, shattering doors and windows up to three stories, killing a female receptionist. None of the Moslem delegates was hurt. The feeble and childish excuse made by the Pentagon and the White House that the missile was "knocked off course by Iraqi anti-aircraft gunners", was so absurd that DGSE (French intelligence) was highly skeptical about whether the report was genuine or the work of some crackpot private agency.

The Russian military, secure in the data provided by their satellites, told the U.S. government its explanation was false--and that they had the evidence to prove it. At $1 million per missile, Bush's paranoid behavior cost the American taxpayer $40 million dollars--on top of the covert price tag of $40 million. It is apparent that some mechanism is urgently needed to curb future presidents who, in their last days in office, might seek to follow the shocking example set by Bush.

Covert action can often be taken by a government against its own people. Take the case of Alger Hiss and Rockefellers. As the petroleum companies said, they "owed no special obligation to America". This is true in the context of the arrangements made with the Bolsheviks by David Rockefeller and British oil companies. The United States ended up promoting Socialism and Communism to reward the Bolsheviks for oil concessions given to Rockefeller and Armand Hammer. Certainly that proved their contention that the petroleum industry was not necessarily loyal to the United States.

In 1936, Alger Hiss was invited by Francis B. Sayre, Woodrow Wilson's son-in-law, to enter the State Department. The RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs) and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) decided Hiss was a good man who would do what he was told, regardless of whether it was good for America or not. Actually, Hiss was Rockefeller's first choice, not Sayre's, but Rockefeller stayed in the shadows. At that point in 1936 when Sayre made his approach, Hiss was already deeply involved in espionage for the USSR, and the fact was well known to his law professor at Harvard.

When Hiss was promoted to the position of assistant supervisor on political relations in the State Department, Chambers and a man named Levine blew Hiss's cover reporting that he was active in working for the Soviet Union. The man Chambers went to with his allegation was Marvin McIntyre, who failed to give the information to Roosevelt who was his boss. Instead, he sidetracked Chambers to Adolph A. Berle, who at the time was Assistant Secretary of State in charge of State Department Security. Berle went to Roosevelt with the story, only to be abruptly dismissed by the President.

Undaunted, Berle took his information to Dean Acheson, but exactly nothing happened to Hiss. He was not called on for an explanation; instead he was promoted by Roosevelt, a Rockefeller-CFR puppet, as was Roosevelt's entire staff. In 1944 Hiss received another boost with a promotion to the post of special assistant to the Director of Far Eastern Affairs, where he was well placed to serve Soviet expansionist plans in Asia.

To demonstrate the arrogance of Rockefeller, all the time Hiss was a rising star at State, the FBI had a file on him. He was denounced by Soviet defector Igor Gouzensky, who worked in the office of the GRU (Soviet military intelligence) in Ottawa, Canada. The State Department heads knew all about Hiss and his Soviet connections, as did President Roosevelt, but made no move to oust him.

While Rockefeller was planning the United Nations, he and Stalin agreed on a deal in which the U.N. would not interfere in Russian affairs in exchange for Soviet oil for the Rockefeller oil companies. Nor would the Bolsheviks meddle in Saudi Arabia, and make no further attempts to get into Iran. The man nominated to represent Rockefeller at the U.N. was Alger Hiss. His immediate superior was Nelson Rockefeller, who gave orders to John Foster Dulles. Roosevelt, Dulles, the FBI and Rockefeller all knew that Hiss was working with the Soviet Union.

Following the modem of Standard Oil, the mechanism for controlling the United Nations was taken out of American hands. The Secretary General was given the power to appoint whomever he pleased. For his treason, Hiss received a special staff appointment to the Carnegie Endowment Fund for International Peace at a salary of $20,000 per annum, a very good income for those days. The idea was to place Hiss above the law.

In fact, Hiss was above the law, because he got away with treason and treachery. Hiss was not charged with treason, but with perjury. However, powerful people immediately rushed to his defense. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter gave Hiss a clean bill of health and Rockefeller paid his legal expenses to the tune of $100,000.

At the time he was confronted by Chambers, Hiss was working as a member of the executive committee for the Association of the United Nations, chief executive for the Institute of Pacific Relations, and was a leading member of the CFR as well as president of the Carnegie Foundation. The House of Hiss was built on the petroleum industry and never was there such a recorded case of abuse of power by the petroleum industry than as with Hiss. The petroleum industry showed no fear of the government when Hiss was brought before the court; indeed, the petroleum industry almost pulled their man out of harm's way and would have done so had Hiss not tripped himself up. The Hiss case is a good example of diplomacy by deception by government against its own people.

In Iran, the United States is currently engaging in covert action against the government, using local groups inside the country and working with others in exile. The United States has become alarmed at the increasing arms buildup by the Iranian government and has placed a special watch on arms shipments destined for the country.

In addition, there remains a large reservoir of ill will between the two countries over the activities of Hezbollah, and Iran's willingness to give sanctuary to groups regarded as hostile to Israel. Therefore, a danger to the stability of the Middle East has arisen. Iran is becoming increasingly hostile toward the U.S. and its Middle East allies: Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. That there is trouble brewing for these countries is a foregone conclusion which may be why Israeli intelligence is claiming that Iran will be a nuclear power at a much earlier date than was predicted by the CIA. The Iranians, for their part, say this is just another ploy by Israel to get what they call "its big brother to attack us like they did with Hussein".


The Iranian government now has a network of agents all across Western Europe, and is particularly strong in Germany. These agents are also active in Saudi Arabia, where the royal family is regarded with the utmost contempt by Teheran. The Iranian government is the principal financier and logistical backer of ten Islamic fundamentalist camps in Sudan, about which Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak complained to the U.S. State Department in December of 1992. The complaint has not been made public.

The ten training camps in the Sudan are as follows:

Iklim-al-Aswat. This is the most important of the ten camps, run by Colonel Suleiman Mahomet Suleiman, a member of the Command Council of the Revolution. Fundamentalists from Kenya, Morocco, Mali and Afghanistan train here.

Bilal. Situated at Port Sudan on the Red Sea, the camp is an important training base for Egyptian fundamentalists opposed to Mubarak's regime. At the last count there were 108 men in training, including sixteen Egyptian doctors, under the command of Jihad emir of Tendah.

Sowaya. Located close to Khartoum, it was reorganized in 1990 and now trains fundamentalists from Algeria and Tunisa under the title of the Popular Defense Militia.

Wad Medani. This camp houses African fundamentalists from Kenya, Mali, Sudan and Somalia under the command of Col. Abdul Munuim Chakka.

Dongola. Situated in northern Sudan, it is the main camp for Egyptian fundamentalists from. Al Najunmin, a group founded by the late Majdi As Safti, who was obliged to flee Egypt in 1988. Also at the camp are members of Egypt's Shawkiun and 40 Algerians from the Al Afghani group.

Jehid al Hak. Here the PLO, Hamas and Jihad train under the command of Lt. Colonel Sadiq al-Fadi.

Omduran. At this camp 100 to 200 Egyptian fundamentalists belonging to the Islambuly group train and are considered to be more militant than other groups determined to end the regime of Mubarak.

Aburakam. This camp is a training base for up to 100 Afghanis, Pakistanis and Iranians.

Khartoum Bahri. This is probably the largest of the 10 camps, housing 300 Tunisian, Algerian and Egyptian fundamentalists of the Expiation and Immigration group, who train under the command of Capt. Mahomet Abdul Hafiz, of the Popular Defense Militia.

Um Barbaita. Situated in the south of Sudan, it is the base where the military elite is trained in the use of explosives and arms by Iranian and Sudanese experts.


These camps are coordinated at the offices of the Arab Popular Islamic Congress, very close to the Egyptian Embassy in Khartoum. It is a very modern facility with the latest communications equipment that allows the Congress to be in contact with leaders of the Islamic fundamentalist movement in other lands. It is known that GCHQ is monitoring communications of this important office from Cyprus, among them communications to the mufti of the Egyptian Jihad, Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman.

Sheik Rahman was found not guilty of conspiring to murder the late President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, and on his release, moved to the United States where he coordinates fundamentalist activities from a storefront mosque in New Jersey. [H: Well, we know this is no longer true as "time marches on".] Sheik Rahman is said to have funded several hundred Arabs who were forced out of Pakistan by the United States, which in both overt and covert activities, pressured the Pakistani government to crack down on Islamic fundamentalists in the country. The covert action against Pakistan took many forms, but bribery was the key element.


One of the wildest covert actions going on is centered in the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. Involved are the CIA, Hamas, Syria and Iran. Hamas is the fundamentalist group making life difficult for Israel. Teheran has taken up where Riyadh left off. In a well-established covert action using diplomacy, the United States persuaded Saudi Arabia that Islamic fundamentalist zealots could and most probably would threaten them in the future.

Using the techniques taught to the late Ayatollah Khomeini by MI-6, the Iranian government has adapted the techniques to suit Hamas, which are proving very effective. Accustomed to being able to penetrate the PLO without very much difficulty, Israeli intelligence found it was up against something different with Hamas. The case of Israeli border guard Nissim Toledano illustrates the point. Toledano was murdered on Dec. 14, 1992, and the Shin Beth, Israel's internal security agency still has no clues as to who was responsible.

Then there is yet another unsolved murder, that of Haim Na-ham, a Shin Beth agent who was killed in his apartment in Jerusalem on Jan. 3, 1993. According to Beirut sources, Israeli intelligence is baffled, and is privately admitting that the expulsion of 415 Palestinians suspected of being Hamas leaders has not stopped Hamas from operating at the same level as before the deportations. The Israelis have found that Hamas is based on the Iranian-MI-6 model with widely scattered small cells without any organized links between them, presenting a tough front to crack.

The most likely person at the heart of Hamas is Azzedine al kassam. According to intelligence sources, there are approximately 100 cells, each with five members. These cells all have autonomy, but a group of seven men, one of whom is Tarek Dalkamuni, may help in coordinating activities. It is believed that Dalkamuni replaced Sheik Ahmed Yassine, who has been in an Israeli prison since 1989.

The rise of Hamas came about through covert action sanctioned by the Iranian government, operating under diplomatic cover in Damascus, Syria. In March of 1987, a meeting was held in the Gaza strip, attended by Iranian and Syrian personnel, at which meeting the Intifada uprising was born. The Islamic Majlis as-Choura (consultative council), sent Mohammed Nazzal and Ibrahim Gosche to meet with the Iranian ambassador to Syria, Ali Akharti.

Also in attendance was the head of Syrian intelligence, Gen. Ali Duba. This is a fairly good example of how covert operations are conducted, using diplomatic channels and private parties.

Following a successful meeting on Oct. 21, 1992, the Majlis delegation traveled to Teheran accompanied by Abu Marzuk, a leading fundamentalist, where they met with other fundamentalist leaders from Ahmed Jabril's PLEP, Lebanese Hezbollah, Al Fatah and Hamas. Discussions were held with representatives of the Iranian government, which ended in an agreement that Iran would provide financial, logistical and military personnel to train fundamentalists in the camps in Sudan.

A 12 man leadership council was established which included Mahomet Siam (Khartoum), Musa Abu Marzuk (Damascus), Abdul Nimr Darwich, Imad-al-Alami, Abdul Raziz al-Runtissi (Gaza) (one of the 415 Palestinians expelled by Israel), Ibrahim Gosche and Mohamed Nizzam (Amman), Abu Mohamed Mustafa (Beirut). This group was trained in MI-6 methods used to bring down the Shah of Iran and, to date, it is proving to be a tough job trying to penetrate Hamas.

Iran stepped up an active phase of opposition to what the Teheran government perceives as United States pro-Israel policies when the agreement reached at the time of the hostage crisis was allegedly broken by Washington. Using Hezbollah in covert actions against the United States, was to pressure public opinion in America and make it turn against Israel. Here Iran used the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations methodology handed down to those who overthrew the Shah of Iran. [H: Confused yet?]


Tavistock founder and brilliant technician, John Rawlings Reese, then adapted "Operation Research" military management techniques so that they could be applied to "controlling a society, from an individual unit right through the millions of such units, i.e., people and the society and nation they collectively make up". In order to accomplish this successfully, rapid data processing was necessary and it came with the development of linear programming in 1946 following its invention by George B. Dantzig. Significantly, 1946 was the year that Tavistock declared war on the American nation. This set the stage for total people control.

The Teheran government of the Ayatollah Khomeini permitted the establishment of a covert action organization known as Hezbollah. Later, using Hezbollah, a number of American and other foreign nationals were kidnapped in Beirut and other areas of the Middle East and held in secret locations. The 5-man cell system worked to perfection. Neither MI-6 nor the CIA were able to break Hezbollah codes and the hostages languished for years until the United States was forced to admit defeat and enter into negotiations with Hezbollah.

An agreement was reached which said that shortly after the release of the last hostage held by Hezbollah, the United States would unfreeze Iranian bank accounts and financial instruments amounting to an estimated $12 billion. The United States would also release military equipment ordered and paid for by the Shah, that it had not delivered, believed to be worth $300 million. In addition, Iran would be allowed to join the Gulf Cooperative Council so that it could join in deliberations about Israel. In addition, the U.S. undertook not to engage in covert activities against Iran inside its national boundaries, nor seek to punish Hezbollah kidnappers who were given sanctuary in Teheran.

However, Teheran said that Washington acted in bad faith, keeping not a single one of its promises [H: So what else is new?] The bank accounts were not unfrozen, the military equipment paid for by the Shah was not returned to Iran, the CIA actually stepped up covert activities inside the country, and Iran still remains frozen out of the Gulf Cooperative Council. Teheran points in anger to increased terrorist attacks in Teheran, attacks which began in 1992 after the last hostage was handed over.

The commander of the Pasdarans accused the CIA of building a network of royalists around Massoud Rajavi, leader of the Mujahedines, and Babak Khoramdine, and master-minding attacks on Pasdaran barracks, public buildings--including a library--an attack on the funeral cortege of the late Hachemi Rafsanjani and the desecration of the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini. These attacks have not been reported by the U.S. news media. Officially, diplomatic relations between the United States and Iran are described as good.

To get back to Hamas. Using diplomatic channels, Iran and Syria tried to influence France to secretly back Hamas. Lebanese millionaire, Roger Edde, who served as a go-between for France and Syria, approached Foreign Minister Roland Dumas. Syria put pressure on Dumas about buying a new radar facility which Damascus said would go to Thomson, the giant French conglomerate. It was indicated that payments of Syria's debts to France might be delayed in the event Islamic fundamentalists causes were not seen in a favorable light by the Elysee Palace. However, the French government officially stayed adamant: no support for Hamas. The radar contract was switched to Raytheon, an American company. Debt payments have been held up with great inconvenience to France. Outwardly, diplomatic relations between Syria and France remain cordial.

Iran has an old score to settle with British and American intelligence that dates back to 1941 and 1951, when gross covert actions were carried out against Iraq by MI-6 and the CIA to bring about the fall of Dr. Mohamed Mossadegh. Although it properly belongs in this chapter, the account of how Acheson, Rockefeller, Roosevelt and Truman subverted Iran is to be found in the chapter about Rockefeller's oil dealings in the Middle East.

The CIA and MI-6 had a second go around with Iran when the Shah began to dig his heels in against barefaced robbery by American and British oil companies with concessions in Iran. The petroleum companies then entered into a conspiracy with President Carter, and a carbon-copy of the Mossadegh operations was launched. Sixty CIA and ten MI-6 agents were dispatched to Teheran to undermine the Shah and bring about his downfall and subsequent murder.

Covert action does not always mean intelligence operations and terrorist groups with support of their governments. It can, and does, take the form of technological cooperation, especially in the areas of surveillance, and monitoring of communications. Because they are unspectacular, as a rule, this type of "snooping" does not arouse a lot of interest, but it is one of the clearest examples of diplomacy by deception.


* * *

This would seem to be a good place to break this segment. I don't wish to overload the circuits. The facts are that it is really quite amusing that the spies go spy on the spies and the spies spy back and you can't really tell who is spying on who. There seems to be little integrity on any part of any one group--perhaps that is because anyone or group who is using terror and killing as its basis for operations actually HAVE NO INTEGRITY. However, in these days of high technology a whole city or nation can be blown away by the cute little spy "stuff" the spies cart around with them. Therefore, the whole game, at some point, has to be brought into focus or you simply have a bunch of lawless Clouseaus running about perpetrating mischief in the name of anything available who pays a good salary--leaving the damned to rot if discovered. The evolvement, however, comes when at some point the operatives lose the starry-glasses and realization of the total evil overwhelms the senses. It usually requires mistreatment by the master-puppeteers and the agents with insightful souls get a belly-full. It goes along with the old political leader's ploy and rhetoric of: "We must all sacrifice", but meaning: "You sacrifice and I'll lead". Most people accept that with great applause and simply pin on a yellow ribbon and go for it.

Readers, it is going to take more than yellow ribbons THIS TIME!



TUE., APR. 12, 1994 9:41 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 239

TUE., APR. 12, 1994


I wish to express my appreciation and thanks to both Dr. John Coleman and Rick Martin. Mr. Martin was able to contact Dr. Coleman who has offered us permission to use anything from his book DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION or other items which we may yet have from his sojourn here. We are grateful for he has done one of the best jobs in the integration of the British within the world ruling systems. This in turn is a total linkage with the British-Khazarian/Zionist power/Bolshevik system.

There are now some massive movements by ones separated out from these groups which will ultimately rise against the established system. Are these going to be friends or enemies? How can you judge? Only by actions and intent--neither side will particularly be solely on the "side of God"--only struggling for greater power over what will be recognized as the anti-Christian forces. The NATIONS involved will be efforting to return power and control to nations and citizens through efforting to topple the massive physical, through political and economic means. There will be a restoration of efforts to reclaim goodly and balanced morality and open information outlets. If you are practicing or support such controlled elements as you now experience--you will perceive the reversal effort to be an invasion and revolution.

If you are of the reclaimers, you will consider it wondrous and for freedom. It most directly depends upon which side and who's side you claim alliance.

Through the evolvement of a return into free choices, however, you will at some point be able to again flourish in places now become all but dead. THAT includes that which you still wish to claim as the greatest power on the globe--the United States of America. If changes do not come soon--you are headed for the trash heap. The reclamation will not be an easy go of it; on the other hand, if you look through the LIES, you can see that it is disaster as we speak.

Again, I wish to honor and thank John Coleman for his gift of sharing. I also wish to thank John (Jr.) for the work presented in the published work and Lena (John's wife) for being supportive through these incredible times of hardship.

It may well appear to these people that I am also an enemy as one ponders past expression. No, I found it necessary that attachments and coalition WITH MY ENEMY BE BROUGHT TO ATTENTION--most specifically for the ones USED. There DOES come a time, in addition, when ego gratification MUST BE PUT ASIDE so that unity in action can be accomplished. THE TRUTH OF GOD SHALL STAND, ALONE IF NECESSARY, INTO INFINITY--THE SMOOTH-TALKING SALESMAN WITH HIS LIES WILL FADE AWAY. IT BECOMES OBVIOUS AS YOU MOVE ALONG AS TO WHICH IS WHICH. I SALUTE (HONOR) HIM WHO CLEARS HIS VISION AND COMES TO "UNDERSTAND" TRUE ENEMY FROM FRIEND.


Dharma noted on the yesterday (carried on CNN) that an interesting justice was dealt to a businessman in China. He was executed!! Why? Because he was participant in a business and he had taken less than $400 from the company. It is quite a contrast to George Green who took $350,000 in CASH (gold coins), moved it to another state and buried it in his yard--while still an active DIRECTOR of the corporation in point--and is still fighting to HAVE IT, even with the sender saying he has it illegally AND unlawfully, not to mention without morals. The sender, in fact, says that the letters Mr. Green is using for his proof of ownership of the gold and the one George stated came with one of the boxes of gold--DID NOT COME WITH ANY BOX OF COINS. Mr. Overton says he NEVER sent any correspondence WITH any of the coin boxes. So, again, Mr. Green--where art thou forked tongue?

But what happens here in the good old Justice system of the U.S.? Mr. Green was ordered by the court to produce the gold for the court--to be held for trial. No police organization has investigated because the parties in POWER in the jurisdictions ordered the investigation to be stopped. Now it resides with the court for security and Green's attorney is petitioning delay of any hearing until at least November because he "has a trial" which he claims need of two to three months to "just" "hear". Everyone else involved in the above mentioned trial--claims there is no way under the sky to take more than two weeks--even by doing a lousy job of it.

Green has tied up the books until January, 1995 before a hearing is established. Good! That will certainly justify the claim that the books in point ARE OF NO VALUE BUT ACTUALLY A BURDENSOME EXPENSE TO THE INSTITUTE. The Institute will go for the full "note" from America West(s) and Greens for there is no value in the collateral!

Indeed it is that we believe Mr. Green would be rubbing his neck quite lovingly and nervously if he were in CHINA!

We have just offered "Parts 1 & 2" of Diplomacy by Deception, choosing the segment on "Covert Operations" because that is the topic of our intense input from other resources at present. I urge you readers to avail yourselves of the book in point for the entire volume is priceless and you need the information. I do not yet know how much of the volume we will offer and, again, I ask that you SUPPORT these daring authors who literally have to live without public recognition, address, phones or any semblance of "typical" lifestyle with open friendships, travel or participation in community--for literal fear of death. Dr. Coleman's work can be obtained through: W.I.R., 2533 N. Carson St., Carson City, NV 89706.

Let us continue with this segment under way before we integrated other authors into the information bank.

Dr. John Coleman



Two of the biggest and most comprehensive listening posts in the world are located in England and Cuba. Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, England, is probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to snooping. Although the U.S. Constitution forbids snooping on its citizens, the National Security Agency (NSA), meshes tightly with GCHQ and deceives the people of both nations in their ongoing overall surveillance operations. The U.S. Congress is either unaware of what is going on (unthinkable), or else, very possibly, too intimidated to put a stop to such illegal acts which occur every day at NSA.

In addition to its Cheltenham facility, the British government eavesdrops on the telephone conversations of its citizens out of its phone-tapping facility in Edbury Bridge Road in London. Some agreements were made on a diplomatic level which did not, however, make them any less of a deception upon the people of the countries who signed. UKUSA is one such agreement. UKUSA is allegedly working only on military intelligence levels, but my source says this is not true. Originally a diplomatic agreement between the United Kingdom and the USA, the pact was broadened to include NATO countries, Canada and Australia.

However, over the last few years it also includes Switzerland and Austria, and now there is evidence that traffic to and from commercial companies is being monitored, even Britain's EEC partners, Japan, South Africa and Iran. MI-6 has a separate department for economic intelligence gathering, called the Overseas Economic Intelligence Committee (OEIC). In fact, the expansion of this division is what made it necessary for MI-6 to move from the Broadway Building, which backed on Queen Anne's Gate, to Century Building, near the North Lambeth underground station in London.

The United States now has a new intelligence gathering agency called the Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO), which cooperates with its British counterpart concerning industry, trade, and also industrial security. ISOO works with International Computer Aided Acquisitions and Logistic Support Industry Steering Group of the United States. Its business concerns the regulating of commercial technology.

The Committee of 300 controls these organizations and is the powerful unseen force behind the decision to make British and Swiss mobile cellular phones of the next 256 byte algorithm generation comply with "snooping requirements" of the British and American security services. It is almost certain that only the ASX5 version, with a 56 byte, easier to listen in on the phone, will be allowed. This is one of the methods used by governments to secretly control their people.

In January of 1993, representatives of NSA and GCHQ held a conference at which it was made known that the less complicated ASX5 version only would be allowed. No discussions were held with the U.S. Congress, no open forums, as demanded by the U.S. Constitution. Where A5 hard-to-penetrate phones are already in existence, they are being recalled for "technical adjustments". The technical adjustment consists of replacing the AS 256 byte chip with an A5Z 509 byte chip.

By this means is illegal snooping becoming increasingly easier to carry out, the American people hoodwinked through diplomacy by deception at many different, yet interconnected levels.

Even public phones have come under a lot of scrutiny by security agencies. In New York, for example, under the guise of allegedly "fighting crime", the pay phone system was rigged so that phones could not receive incoming calls. The New York police department felt it could stop public pay phones from being used to transact business, in dope for instance, or prevent organized crime figures form conversing with each other, in private. It didn't work out too well, but there were also successes.


The latest technology is to give all public call phones a special number. In certain countries in Europe, pay phones end with 98 or 99. This allows a quick "fix" on the location of pay phones when they are used for "secure" conversations; only calling from a pay phone is no longer "secure." [H: This is WHY I tell you to be cautious in your conversations and ALWAYS FUNCTION AND SPEAK WITHIN THE LEGAL BOUNDARIES OF EVERYTHING YOU DO AND SPEAK. BRAIN WAVES CAN NOW BE MONITORED AND SO "THINKING" IS NO LONGER A PRIVILEGED ACT EI-THER. If, however, you act always within that which is functioning around you--AND ALWAYS WITHIN THE TRUTH AND PROOF OF GOD'S, CREATION'S AND MAN'S LAWS, you have a better chance of "making it". As long as you are rabble-rousing--it is sure that sooner or later "they" will catch you and bring down the heavy arm upon you.] In genuine cases, such as where a crime is in progress, or kidnappers call to demand ransom money, this is indeed a very useful tool, but what happens to the privacy of the individual in cases where no crime is involved? Do innocent citizens get their phone conversations snooped on? The answer is a very definite "yes".

The public is unaware of what is going on in America, and Congress appears to have fallen down on the job. None of the potentially damaging surveillance going on over a wide front in this nation is legal, so deception continues unchecked. The Congress seems slow to act when it comes to overseeing spy activities abroad, and is not at all inclined to act against the proliferation of snooping on citizens at home.

This apathy by Congress toward the right to privacy guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution contrasts strangely with concerns whenever external problem areas come up for discussion. CIA director James Woolsey Jr. gave Congress a "threat analysis list", consisting of an evaluation by the CIA of nations who have such items as advanced surface-to-air missiles. Woolsey told Congress that Syria, Libya and Iran have operational cruise missiles capable of detecting "stealth" aircraft and threatening U.S. naval forces in the Gulf.

Pakistan is also known to possess such cruise missiles and is the most likely to use them against India, if war should break out. The U.S. government has long sought a diplomatic ploy whereby India and Pakistan are played off against each other. The United States fears that Pakistan might use its rocketry to help Syria and Iran against Israel, and this is very likely to happen if a "Jihad" should erupt. The United States is using every diplomatic deception and covert action to persuade Pakistan not to think about joining forces with Iran in a "Jihad" in which Pakistan would use its nuclear weapons.


Covert Action moves intelligence from a passive to an active role, closely related in nature to the use of force, often times under the cover of diplomacy. In either case, it means action against a foreign government or a group within its borders. The definition of covert activities or special activities set out in Executive Order 12333 is meaningless and valueless for two reasons:

"Special activities means activities conducted in support of national foreign policy objectives abroad which are planned and executed so that the role of the United States is not apparent or acknowledged publicly, and functions in support of such activities, but which are not intended to influence the United States political processes, public opinion, policies or media, and do not include diplomatic activities or collection and production of intelligence or related support actions".

In the first place, executive orders are clearly illegal, as they are proclamations, and proclamations can only be made by kings. There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that allows executive orders. In the second place, it is impossible to stay within the guidelines set out above, even if they were legal. Only the very ill-informed would, for instance, believe that the United States was not behind the downfall of the Shah of Iran, or that the CIA played no role in Iran to influence the United States political processes. In today's world, the CIA would be out of business if it observed Executive Order 12333.


But there are other secret weapons available to the CIA and MI-6, to which we referred earlier, which can get around any written restrictions at whatever level they are proposed. The system developed at Tavistock is the most widely used one and, as indicated earlier, is the best weapon for mass social control and mass genocide, the ultimate objective of people control.

Assassinations are a part of covert activities, although no government will ever admit to countenancing murder as a way of solving foreign and domestic policy problems deemed not possible to be solved by any other means. It is not my intention to list all the assassinations that have occurred as a direct result of diplomacy by deception; that would take a book on its own to accomplish. I shall therefore limit my account to recent and well known murders in a diplomatic or political context.


The shots that killed Archduke Ferdinand and his wife at Sarajevo echoed around the world, and are generally accepted as the cause of the First World War, although this is not the case, but a prepared perception for public consumption. [H: Do you not find it interesting that Sarajevo is AGAIN such a hot spot of confrontation?] Tavistock now does "prepared perception" well. British and Russian intelligence were heavily involved in the shootings. In the case of Great Britain, it was a desire to start a war with Germany that was the motivation and, in so far as it involved Russia, the object was to get Russia into such a war, and thereby weaken it for the coming Bolshevik Revolution.

The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Negro civil rights leader, is a case worthy of further examination for it reeks to high heaven of covert activity and diplomacy by deception. The American nation, and more especially, the population, are convinced that James Earl Ray fired the shot that killed King. This is "prepared perception". The trouble with that is no one has yet been able to put Ray in the motel room at that window with the rifle in his hand at 6:01 pm on April 5, 1968.

Ray maintains his innocence, having been set up, he says, by Raoul, a mysterious figure whom Ray had met in Memphis to sell guns. On April 5, at about 5:50 pm. Ray says Raoul gave him $200 and told him to go and see a movie so that he, Raoul, and the arms dealer, when he arrived, could talk more freely than if he (Ray) were present. In examining Ray's claim that he is the "fall guy", let us note the following, which when taken together would appear to support Ray and weaken the King "prepared perception" case.

1) Memphis police officers who were keeping a watch on King stood under the balcony of the Lorraine Motel on which King appeared. One of the officers, Solomon Jones, said he observed a man with his face covered by a white sheet in a clump of bushes opposite, and directly in front of, the balcony. The man was also seen by Earl Caldwell, a New York Times reporter. Caldwell stated: "He was in a stooping position. I did not see a weapon in the man's hands...." Neither Jones or Caldwell have ever been questioned by any police agency about what they witnessed.

2) Willy Green, a mechanic who Ray asked to fix a low tire on his Mustang, clearly recalls talking with Ray a few minutes before King was shot. The gas station where the incident took place is four blocks from the apartment house on South Main in Memphis where Ray stayed. Ray could not possibly have been in two different locations at the same time.

3) The entry angle of the gunshot was consistent with a shot fired from the clump of bushes referred to by Jordan and Caldwell. It is inconsistent with a shot fired from Ray's window.

4) The alleged rifle used to kill King would have had to have been jammed into the bathroom wall if it was fired from the window. The bathroom was not wide enough otherwise, yet when the FBI examined the bathroom, there weren't any marks on the wall, let alone damage which would have been caused by the rifle butt.

5) When sheriff's deputies ran to the apartment from where they thought the shot had come, there was nothing outside the entrance doorway. Deputy Vernon Dollohite was at the door in less than two minutes after the shot rang out. He told investigators there was nothing lying by the door. Yet, in the few seconds while Dollohite went into Jim's Grill, right next door to the apartment, someone left a bundle containing a pair of undershorts--the wrong size for Ray--a pair of binoculars and the hunting rifle wiped clean of prints on the sidewalk near the door.

Ray is supposed to have been able to jump out of the bath in which it is alleged he stood to fire the shot, clean the binoculars and the gun of finger and palm prints, drop them in a bag with some cans of beer (also clean) rush 85 feet down the hall, run down a stairway, get into his Mustang which was parked some distance away--all in the space of the less than the 20 seconds Deputy Dollohite was gone from the apartment door. [H: Stay with us for Ronn Jackson and others will ALSO TELL YOU ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION OF REV. KING.]

6) Ray was somehow able to travel to Canada and England only on the $200 he says he got from Raoul, yet when apprehended, Ray had $10,000 in cash on him. One of the names assumed by Ray was Eric Starvo Galt, a Canadian citizen who bore an amazing resemblance to Ray whose name came up in a top secret file. Ray said he found Galt in Canada on his own; no one instructed him or gave him money. The other names that Ray used were the names of people also living in Canada; George Raymond Sneyd, and Paul Bridgman.

7) The register for the rooming house in Memphis vanished and has never been found. The only witness who could connect Ray to the King murder was a drunkard, Charles Q. Stephens, whose wife said her husband was in a drunken state at the time of the shooting and saw nothing whatsoever. At first, Stephens said he saw nothing, then later that evening, he switched to a second version:

"I saw who done it was a nigger, I saw him run out of the bathroom...." Cab driver James McGraw says Stephens was drunk on the afternoon of April 5. Bessie Brewer heard Stephens change his tune and said, "He was so drunk he didn't see anything". A press photographer, Ernest Withers, said Stephens told him that he hadn't seen anything.

No notice was taken of Stephens by any of the investigating agencies, until he suddenly had his memory refreshed after being shown a photograph of Ray by the police. At that point, Stephens said Ray was the man he had seen running from the rooming house. The FBI put Stephens in a hotel at the cost of $31,000 in order to "protect" him, but did not say from whom. However, Grace Walden, the common law wife of Stephens, was mysteriously and forcibly taken to a mental institution in Memphis by an unidentified employee of the Memphis city government. Could it be that Walden could have wrecked the testimony of the government's only witness against Ray?

Walden was held in the institution and her attorney filed a suit against the FBI, the Memphis police and the county prosecutor charging a conspiracy to deprive Walden of her civil rights. Walden has stuck to her story, even under intense pressure to change it; she says Stephens was about to pass out from drinking when the shot rang out. She says she saw a white man without any weapon in his hands leave the bathroom in the rooming house soon after she heard the shot.

8) That Ray's trial was a mockery cannot be disputed. His attorney, Percy Foreman, in the opinion of many expert lawyers, and in my opinion, turned Judas and got Ray to plead guilty. Foreman had defended 1500 people charged with murder and won nearly all of these cases. Experts say that had Percy not coerced Ray into pleading guilty, due to the lack of evidence, Ray would have been found not guilty. By getting Ray to plead guilty, Foreman accomplished the unthinkable, Ray forfeited his right of appeal for a motion for a new trial; appeals to the Tennessee Court of Appeals, appeals to the Tennessee Supreme Court and finally, a review of the case by the Supreme Court. No thinking person would disagree with the verdict of Foreman's peers, viz., Foreman did Ray a total disservice.

The whole truth about who murdered King will probably never be told and, in this, it has powerful similarities to the murder of John F. Kennedy. There is just too much doubt surrounding the death of King and even the late Jim Garrison, former New Orleans district attorney, said he believed there is a connection between the King and Kennedy murders, based on what he learned from Rocco Kimball, who made many phone calls to David Ferrie. Kimball says he flew Ray from the U.S. to Montreal. Ray denies this. The other similarity between the Kennedy and King murders is that both were covert operations, most likely sanctioned by very high-level government officials.

9) Ray says he met Raoul in Montreal, Canada after escaping from the Missouri State Penitentiary. (How the escape was accomplished is also something of a mystery). Apparently Raoul induced Ray to work for him in a number of areas and then enticed him back to Alabama. While in Montreal, Ray was looking for false identity papers, and was introduced to Raoul who claimed to be able to meet Ray's need, provided Ray would carry out some assignments for him. Ray says that after a number of meetings, he agreed to work for Raoul.

After several cross-border trips (one such trip was to Mexico), Ray says Raoul wanted him to go to Alabama. After a long discussion, in which Ray says he expressed grave reservations about going to that state, Ray eventually went to Birmingham. Ray did several jobs, delivering packages of unknown content and phoning Raoul from Birmingham quite frequently to get new assignments.

According to Ray, Raoul then told him that his last job was coming up, for which he would be paid $12,000. Again, according to Ray, he was instructed to buy a high-powered deer rifle with a telescopic sight.

10) Ray says Raoul accompanied him to buy a hunting rifle at Aeromarine Supply, and Ray says Raoul later returned alone to the store to exchange the rifle for a Remington 30.06.

11) The Memphis Police mysteriously withdrew King's protection about 24 hours before he was shot, and the seven-man unit stood down. Memphis Police Director Frank Holloman denies ever having given the order for this and claimed that he wasn't even aware that such an order had been issued. On the morning of April 5, 1968, four of the Memphis Police special units were ordered to stand down. No one in the Memphis Police Department knows where the order came from.

In one of the most mystifying episodes in this unsolved mystery, Edward Redditt, working as a detective in the Memphis Police Department, was lured away from his post by a series of radio messages that subsequently turned out to be false. According to Redditt, he was watching the Lorraine Motel from a vantage point across the street from the Lorraine Motel, where King was staying, when he was contacted on his radio by E.H. Arkin, a lieutenant in the Memphis Police Department. Arkin told Redditt to stop his surveillance and return to headquarters.

On arrival, Secret Service agents ordered Redditt to check in at the Holiday Inn in Rivermont, because there was a contract out on his life. Redditt balked, saying he was the only police officer who knew by sight all of the local klansmen and members of King's entourage.

However, he was overruled by Memphis Police Chief Frank Holloman and, accompanied by two police officers, Redditt was driven home to collect his clothes and toilet articles. In a most unusual departure from police procedure, the two officers sat in the front room of Redditt's house, instead of in the car outside. Redditt had not been home for more than 10 minutes when a special emergency radio broadcast announced the murder of King.

12) The Galt wanted poster said that he (Galt) had taken dancing lessons in New Orleans in 1964 and 1965, when in fact Ray was in the Missouri State Penitentiary at the time. [H: Hummnn, that Missouri prison system does do a lot of interesting business doesn't it??] Attorney General Ramsey Clark, arriving on the scene after the FBI had pushed all other law enforcement agencies off the case, declared "all the evidence we have is that it is the work of one man". Why the unseemly haste to announce such a far-reaching conclusion, when the investigation was still in its infancy? Readers will agree that there is just too much working against the belief that Ray shot Martin Luther King.

President George Bush also deserves a special mention. Probably Bush is the most accomplished president ever to conduct diplomacy by deception, and there are many case histories to prove that statement. The problem with Americans is that we believe that the United States Government is more honest, moral and open about its dealings than foreign governments. We have been taught this since childhood. George Bush proved this is a one hundred percent wrong perception.

The scenario for the Gulf War was actually drawn up in the 1970s. This was almost blown wide open by several newspaper articles in which James McCartney reported "A U.S. Secret Agenda". According to McCartney, the secret government of the United States decided early in 1970 to base its policy for the Middle East on the control of oil in the region being wrested from the Arabs. A pretext had to be found to establish a substantial U.S. military presence in that region--but not in Israel.

Robert Tucker, writing in the Jewish magazine Commentary of January 1975, said that the United States must overcome any reticence about armed intervention in other countries and he specifically mentioned the Persian Gulf region in this context. Tucker said what was needed was a preemptive strike to establish control of Middle East oil and not wait for some crisis to pop up before acting.

Apparently one of the architects of this brazen notion was Bush, who followed the beliefs of James Akins, U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia from October of 1973 to December of 1975. Akins' views formed the basis of the Reagan-Bush administration policies and it is interesting to note that the script, ostensibly written by Akins, was followed exactly by George Bush when he engaged America in an illegal war against Iraq.


Subsequent investigations turned up the fact that Akins had merely been reading from a Henry Kissinger script, which Kissinger wrote under the title Energy Security. Kissinger at first advocated a direct assault on Saudi Arabia but the plan was modified and a smaller nation was substituted for Saudi Arabia. [H: Ah yes, but this better suited the British needs and deposited a LOT of oil and mineral rights directly to the private BUSH clan.]

Kissinger reasoned that seizing Middle East oil as a preventative measure would be acceptable to the people of the United States and was an idea that could easily be sold to Congress. According to my source in Washington, the idea was accepted with alacrity by Bush, who had plenty of experience in deception and his stint at the CIA sharpened his appetite for what some say is his natural bent. The Kissinger Energy Security plan was taken up by Bush and applied to Iraq. There is a strong belief that the quarrel between Iraq and Kuwait over the Al Sabah's theft of oil from the Rumalia oilfields, and the sabotaging of Iraq's economy by underselling the stolen oil below the OPEC price, was worked out by the CIA in conjunction with Kissinger Associates.

[H: And guess what?! Right on cue, Kissinger is this day meddling in the mess of South Africa. Stay alert!]

By pushing Iraq into an open conflict through the treasonous conduct of April Glaspie, Bush saw his plans coming to fulfillment. April Glaspie should have been tried for lying to Congress, but this is unlikely to happen. Just when Bush thought he had the game in the bag, King Hussein of Jordan almost threw a spanner in the works. According to my intelligence source, and subsequently confirmed by Pierre Salinger of ABC Television, King Hussein believed that the United States was acting in good faith and would welcome a settlement of the Iraq-Kuwait crisis by peaceful means rather than by armed conflict.

Proceeding on the basis of his belief in the integrity of the Bush administration, King Hussein called Baghdad and asked President Hussein to submit the quarrel to the Arab nations for arbitration. King Hussein assured Saddam Hussein that he had the blessing of Washington for such a move. On August 3, the Iraqi military advance toward the Kuwait border was halted so that the proposed arbitration could be given a chance. But Saddam Hussein had one other condition: Egypt's dictator, Hosni Mubarak would have to agree to the arbitration proposal.

King Hussein called Mubarak, who readily gave his assent to the plan. Next, King Hussein called President Bush, who took the call in Air Force I while in route to Aspen to meet Margaret Thatcher, who was sent to deliver the Royal Institute for International Affairs ultimatum that U.S. military forces attack Iraq. According to intelligence sources, partly confirmed by Salinger, Bush was enthusiastic about King Hussein's initiative and promised the Jordanian ruler that the U.S. would not intervene.

But once King Hussein terminated the conversation, Bush called Mubarak and told him not to take part in any inter-Arab arbitration discussions. Bush is reported to have called Thatcher and advised her of his conversation with King Hussein. Like Chamberlain at the time of Munich, King Hussein was going to find out that a peaceful settlement of the Iraq-Kuwait dispute was the last thing that the American and British governments wanted.

After getting approval from Thatcher, Bush reportedly called Mubarak again and ordered him to do everything possible to derail the Arab mediation effort. The payoff, as we now know, came later, when Bush illegally "forgave" Egypt's $7 billion debt to the United States. Bush did not have the constitutional authority to forgive Egypt's debt. With Mubarak violently denouncing the mediation proposals, Bush began making threatening noises against Iraq. It was only a few hours after King Hussein told President Hussein that they had both been deceived, that the Iraqi Army crossed the border with Kuwait.

The role of the United States and Britain in starting the war against Iraq is classic diplomacy by deception. While talking peace in the Middle East, our government that we so unwisely trust, had been planning for the war against Iraq since the 1970s. The Gulf War was deliberately contrived in accordance with Kissinger's policy. Thus while Kissinger was not a government official, he still exerted great influence over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. [H: Now if you new readers are doubting this information--go back and re-read the journals as presented, along with the references in SPOTLIGHT and a few other presentations--THIS IS NOT NEW NEWS!]

The bombing of Pan Am Flight [103] is another terrible example of covert activity. All the facts are not yet in and, indeed, may never be, but what IS known thus far is that the CIA WAS INVOLVED and there were at least FIVE top CIA AGENTS ON BOARD, carrying $500,000 in traveller's checks. There are reports that the CIA actually videotaped the loading of the bag containing the bomb but thus far these reports have not been confirmed by other sources.


* * *

This last statement is not still true. There is ample PROOF of the Pan Am Flight 103 downing, and EXACTLY who and why it was destroyed, available and more coming forth as ones who "know" are starting to feel protected enough to come forward. Coleman printed this book a year ago, in addition, and every DAY now great insights and revelations are coming forth. You as readers will simply have to keep updating yourselves constantly.

I ask that CONTACT makes sure that Coleman gets regular copies of the paper. Further, I would suggest you offer him a "hearing spot" in same if he would wish to offer comments along the way. His place of living will not be revealed through any sources HERE. I cannot vouch for "others". We are interested only in TRUTH--not the invasion of a man's privacy.

Thank you, I salute you for your inquiring minds which must remain open unto the Light.



WED., APR. 13, 1994 9:41 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 240

WED., APR. 13, 1994


The information is pouring in upon us like chaff from the winnowing fields as we offer the inner workings of the intelligence services and get on with the nitty-gritty of presentations from ones whose work is so dangerous as to be shocking even to those who know real danger. As we move along, however, there are ones who surpass our work in some areas but by and large even in individual instances we HAVE the information, in detail, prior to almost all others. We simply cannot find funds or space to offer it all.

As we speak of covert operations, intelligence involvements in almost every criminal activity and effort to connect these operations with people you recognize--we can't get it ALL to you. We are hoping that by our following three or four authors who KNOW and have accurate information and yet need some of their own missing details filled in, we will give you a background of confirmations enough to help you through that which is coming--even as we write, with the Federal Reserve, the monetary system, the ongoing Zionist takeover and even the involvement of the Russian Mafia.

Rick Martin, Nora Boyles and, today, Soltec are helping us out so that Dharma and I can stay focused on our subject as well as possible. We have people overseas who are under direct threat of murder and this gives cause for interruptions which negate ability to stay right on the subjects at hand. Readers "IT" is under-way! I can only urge you precious readers to remain without panic in all circumstances--there are no major changes--only the realization of the happenings.

You MUST not stop paying close attention to signs and happenings of natural appearing instances. Every time you have a claimed Shuttle in orbit--WATCH IT! Today you in the U.S. sent up a satellite which had been delayed for two years (really??) and things are heating up in man-made activities. You are mapping by radar and sonar? I don't think so, readers! Now, you have Krakatoa erupting and this has the capability of blowing out the entire island structure around it. The monitors and publicity agents are again talking about the "Big One" on the San Andreas along with possible total destruction of major parts of the West Coast--is any of this possible? YES! Moreover, to bring you all into line is easily accomplished if YOU are completely helpless. These are, however, only CLUES and SIGNS of the overall. Note that the big dog, Kissinger and a bigger wig from England are in South Africa passing out ultimatums.

It is an unfolding time of attending carefully through introspection your own choices and handling your public involvements and activities most CAREFULLY.

There are a few things I wish to share with you today before moving on to the work regularly under way these days. One is reference to another book which again confirms positively the involvement of CIA and politicians in criminal activities such as financial frauds and theft and drugs. The book itself was signed for, similar to Ronn Jackson's material, by a big publisher--for the express purpose of burying it. It has been published, however, and I can't advise you as to where you can get it "generally" but I do know that you can get it through Criminal Politics Book Club for $23.95, shipping and handling included. (1-800-543-0486). It is called THE MAFIA, CIA & GEORGE BUSH, By Pete Brewton. I would share with you a write-up about the volume in an advertising of CRIMINAL POLITICS. The short review is presented by a prize-winning journalist.

Why do I not just tell you to get some of the early Journals and save your money because we wrote of things like Zapata Oil (Bush) moving drugs in through off-shore rigs, etc., several years ago? Because somehow I seem to represent a threat to you readers--you have difficulty making anyone pay attention to my presentations. So, you have wasted some three to seven years and finally when it is all but too late to take action, WHAM, "new" evidence is presented. I don't care, readers, if someone else can reach through to your sensitive eyes and ears--we will push the work as hard as we can. Will there be errors in each presentation? OF COURSE! You are unfolding history--each one will not have ALL--it requires a coalescence of the many and from that you will have ability to discern truth and through that truth--you will be able to decide action.

I still push volumes such as The Conspirators' Hierarchy (300)... by Coleman, however, because it goes further back up the line to the BRITISH and the East India Company. Do plan to work on your homework, readers--the time for letting "someone else do it...." is long since past.

by Pete Brewton


Historically, the Central Intelligence Agency has been involved in drug movement with connections in the highest levels of the agency. In a shocking new book published by SPI books entitled The Mafia, CIA & George Bush, the story of exactly how drugs were brought into this country is told. [H: These new editions from "inside sources" will only confirm that which Mullins and other daring outspoken ones such as Ezra Pound and, yes, Coleman--have already given you. But YOU seem to need endless confirmations before you can accept possibilities.]

....As director of the CIA, George Bush was well aware that drug money was the primary source of money to fund CIA covert or clandestine operations. Of course, he was not briefed on the specifics of most missions, but he still knew the overall operational methods for the CIA. After all, Mr. Bush did rise through the ranks from the CIA field agent to become director in 1976.

Along with benefiting from the drug money, many influential individuals such as George Bush and Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, both from Texas, also received ill-gotten gains from the greatest financial disaster since the Great Depression--the Savings & Loan crisis. It happened very quietly, without any fanfare or attention. It happened before our very eyes, and we didn't even know it.

A small cabal of conspiracy-connected businessmen realized that S&L's were going the way of the dinosaurs. They recognized the institutions couldn't survive under rapidly increasing inflation and high interest rates, so they decided to exploit the situation for their own purposes.

These men believed themselves to be invulnerable because of help from the CIA and--their favorite politicians. They figured that the insulation and protection of powerful institutions and individuals, in addition to all their endemic protections within the financial, judicial, political and journalistic systems would conceal their crimes. In most cases they were probably right. Unlike Watergate and the Iran Contra scandal, this was a bipartisan scandal. There WAS no opposing party to push for an independent investigation. [H: I will refer later to these "independent", and otherwise, investigations as set up by the very perpetrators.]

It is interesting to note that much of the borrowed S&L money went to the St. Joe Paper Co. owned by the Du Pont empire, one of the richest and most powerful bastions of wealth in this country. [H: Gosh, do you think the Du Ponts could have any association with the Committee of 17?]

The evidence uncovered is clear, convincing and compelling that the CIA participated in the nation's S&L debacle. Some of the richest and most powerful people in the country did business with the participants and profited from the S&L crisis. I will name many of them in my book.

These S&L's were also used to launder drug money, which was brought illegally into this country. One of the guises used was real estate schemes. Money could be placed into an S&L by a middleman broker, who could then secure loans to people based on deposits. Not only was the money laundered, but many high-ranking CIA and government officials received loans for their personal ventures at very low interest rates. I name them!

I was surprised to learn the drug story even touches CRIMINAL POLITICS Magazine's home base. A famous Cincinnati billionaire by the name of Carl Lindner has some interesting connections to this puzzle of drugs. Although allegations of CIA connections to Lindner waft around him, nothing has ever been proven.

What I do know is that Lindner owns the Ocean Reef Club, which is on the north end of Key Largo. On March 10, 1984, four U.S. representatives, Thomas Foley (D-Wash.), Dante Fascell (D-Fla.), Edward Boland (D-Mass.) famous for the Boland Amendment, and Jim Wright, (D-Texas) and Speaker of the House, MET AT LINDNER'S CLUB IN FLORIDA. Oliver North was also present at this meeting and noted in his diary that President Bush WAS THERE, along with another man with the initials of H.A.K. THE ONLY PERSON LISTED IN THE IRAN-CONTRA CHRONICLE WITH THE INTHALS H.A.K. IS HENRY KISSINGER! No friends of Reagan were present!

Of the congressmen that met together, all would later serve on the House elect committee to investigate arms transactions with Iran. Boland became the chief sponsor of the Boland amendment, which prohibited the CIA and U.S. Government agencies from providing military support to the Contras. James Wright would later resign under a cloud of improprieties relating to the Savings and Loans and other matters.

Cincinnatians may be interested to know--that during the presidency, George Bush often went fishing off the coast at the Ocean Reef Club. Carl Lindner was one of George Bush's largest donors. During the 1980s, the Lindner family contributed nearly $850,000 to Republican coffers....


I do believe you would find this an interesting book. You must also realize all along this pathway that Bush and Bentsen are two peas from the identical pod and, being Secretary of the Treasury, Bentsen wields tremendous POWER--remember--HE IS PAID BY THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND--NOT THE U.S.!


Well, THAT is a good one because it is all entangled with the government, the CIA and DRUGS! Even your FBI has charged the CIA with cover-up from the mid-80s when the Ameses so-called, defected. There is no question as to how and what the Ameses were doing--they were getting incredible amounts of money (cash) from drugs and it had nothing to do with espionage. Wake up sleepy-heads.

CIA work shifted to "narcotics" in the 1980s and it is time you realize it.

What is even more interesting to you who pay taxes and do without--there is an unimagined amount of money held by the Ameses and yet there has been no interest from the IRS--WHO KNEW ABOUT THE CASH DEPOSITS AND NEVER DID A THING. So what do you REALLY have out of the Ames mess? Well you will have another incredibly larger set of scandals because your laws don't make it automatically OK to launder money or deal in drugs for anyone--not even the CIA.

But maybe Clinton is NOT involved? Perish the thought because if you are naive enough to think Billy is innocent--better check out Hillary! When the Whitewater disclosure hits truthville--Whitewater itself will be the least of any of Clinton's troubles.


The same ones who perpetrate the crimes! Robert Fiske, the independent prosecutor in this little play is deeply involved in cover-up politics. Specifically, Robert Fiske is a law partner of Lawrence Walsh, the individual who ran up over $30 million in bills for the American people investigating Iran-Contra--to no avail other than to find that Bush was uninvolved in October Surprise and such other cute two-stepping lies.

Get this one, though: It so happens that Mr. Fiske represented Clark Clifford, the leading Democratic power broker who worked for the CIA, drug-laden BCCI. Mr. Fiske was able to get the venerable Mr. Clark Clifford off without so much as a hand-spank or a scratch, in spite of obvious violations in, if nothing else, banking statutes.

The Democratic Party therefore owed a debt of gratitude and let him receive the publicity and whatever fees are generated for his law firm in connection with Whitewater. Don't we just wish we had some lawyers on OUR side, like that? He won't have to DO anything except work with the other insiders and allow nothing to happen.

A retired Supreme Court Justice in Arkansas has laid it all out and has gone public through video tape [along with Larry Nichols who is a former marketing director of Arkansas Development Financial Authority {ADFA}] regarding the criminal activities of both Bill and Hillary [to order call Clinton's Circle of Power 1-800-253-8273]. He is Judge James Johnson. He has given PUBLIC testimony which was instantly buried.

You think I jest? Well, Mr. Fiske proves his loyalty to the criminals in point. The Dow Jones organization openly charged Mr. Fiske with a massive cover-up in its editorial of March 14, 1994. The Wall Street Journal said Fiske is doing "all he can do" to block legitimate inquiries from the press and Congress. Well, they are in it also so I'm sure it is far more political on the part of "DJ" than meets the eye. The editorial did cite a lawsuit which can be checked out, Dow Jones vs. the Department of Justice. The suit is to obtain reports on the death of Vince Foster under the Freedom of Information Act. You see, people, even nice people who might work for the Wall Street Journal are getting suicided all over the place--along with Vince Foster. This, readers, is a DIRECT VICTIMIZATION BY THE WORLD ZIONIST CONSPIRACY! IT IS NOW PUBLICLY RECOGNIZED REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE ADL TRIES TO PREVENT COMING FORTH.

To add to the recognition that Fiske is a cover-agent it is noted that Bentsen was caused to testify, and what were the results? Mr. Fiske's response to this lawsuit has been to simply stonewall--across the board--and refuse to release anything. Mr. Fiske's crusade against congressional hearings has become an all-purpose shield for the president's staff. When the subject was raised at a House committee hearing, the WSJ reported that Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen replied--"On the advice of Mr. Fiske, the special counsel, I refuse to answer". So guess what this is technically? It is nothing more than the entire staff, Clintons and the Cabinet members are taking the Fifth Amendment on instructions of this "independent counsel". Moreover, Mr. Fiske himself refuses to answer any personal questions AT ALL. Thank you, Janet Reno, for another superb job of criminal action!

Is Hillary guilty of something or other or is it just "mean" politics? Hillary ORDERED ALL THE PAPER SHREDDING and started the shred-mill going all the way back in 1992! She is simply going to find that other "criminal politicians" are not stupid in the blackmail game--MOST OF THE STUFF WAS NOT "ACTUALLY" DESTROYED AND WILL COME FORTH TO GIVE A BAD HEADACHE.

The things being talked about are the mere tips of icebergs so don't get upset over commodities income, etc. There are some REALLY BIG "KEATING 5" TYPES OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES IN THIS BOX OF WORMS.


It is a guarantee that Fiske will allow nothing uncovered: His own law firm represented the International Paper Co., which originally sold the property to Whitewater Development (Oops!). This in itself should have put Fiske OFF the consideration list--by his own integrity (of which he has none). This, with being a law partner of Lawrence Walsh, the independent counsel in the Iran-Contra matter is twice reason enough.

So what happens to ones who "know something"? Well, it is pretty simple--suicide them. We have here a paper which was sent which was put together by Chuck Harder (radio) with Linda Thompson and we offer it to you readers as you might well find it quite interesting.


  1. July 30, 1992, Victor Razor, 52, Alaska, Nat'l financial Co-chairman of Clinton Campaign, and his son, Montgomery Razor, 22, also very active in the campaign, were both killed in a private plane crash in Dillingham, Alaska. [H: Perhaps it is wise that George Green didn't take the job of financial chairman for the Carter campaign as he claimed he was asked to do. It seems the Carters and the Clintons are relatively unsafe PARTNERS.]

  2. September, 23, 1992, Little Rock, Ark. Paul Culley, a Clinton campaign aide, Democratic Nat'l Committee political director. He was the architect of Clinton's strategy which allowed him to be competitive in the electoral voting. He was found dead in his hotel room of unknown causes. He was 48. Heart attack speculation. But nothing known.

  3. Dec. 9, 1992, Monticello, Ark., Paula Gilbert, 36, travelled with Clinton as governor and during campaign. She was killed in a one car accident and the police said there were no witnesses and no reason for the accident.

  4. Dec. 21, 1992, Aspen, Colo., Jim Willhite, Arkla executive, 54. He was a close friend and bus. assoc. of White House Chief of Staff and a friend of Clinton. He supposedly ran into a tree while skiing and died. Mat McCarty used to work with Clinton at the Rose Law Firm along with Bubble and Hillary. McCarty was the last person to speak to Jim W. and was also an executive of Arkla, a multi-state natural gas co. and had dealings with the same banks that are now being investigated in Ark.

  5. Bonn, Germand. Major General Jarrett J. Robertson, 52, deputy Commanding General of V Corps died when his UH-60 Blackhawk copter crashed as it tried to land at Weisbaden, Germany Air Base. Also killed was William J. Ginsburg (chief of ops), Col. Robert Kelly (chief of intelligence), and crew chief Gary Rhodes. Robertson was responsible for the First Armored Division which played a key role in the Bosnia peace-keeping plan along with the carrier Roosevelt. He was an opponent of the Bosnia "plan". Several people that are dead were Clinton's escorts on the carrier, the only time he was there. Five people are dead who were associated with Clinton's only visit to that carrier. His escorts and the people involved with the planning of the troop movements. Five of the escorts, Navy aviators, were killed when their ETUC Hawkeye early-warning plane crashed into the sea. They were waved off because of a supposedly rough sea and pitching deck and then "somehow" crashed.

  6. 4 agents killed in the Waco were Clinton's bodyguards: Conway, Bleu, McKeen and DeWillis. They often use ATF agents as bodyguards during campaigns. All of these were out of the Little Rock, Ark. area, and had guarded Clinton when he was Gov.

Each of these agents had one wound to the left temple that blew out the back side of their heads, just like an execution. Each one of them had an identical wound to the left temple.

  1. 4 presidential helicopter crewmen, Marines, Sgt. Haines, 32, Major Barclay, Sgt. Sable, Capt. Reynolds. These 4 did not usually fly together. They were the four that flew Clinton TO THE carrier Roosevelt.

  2. June 22, 1993, Paul Witcher, DC lawyer who was investigating many of the same things that Linda Thompson was investigating. He had talked to the same people. And people who talked to him then sought her out. Some of these were gov't. agents and not very good guys. He also talked to a producer who also talked to Linda T.

He was found in his apartment, no known cause of death. He had written a 99-page letter to Janet Reno some 3 weeks earlier detailing CIA drug running, mind control used on Branch Davidians. He was concerned about the death of reporter D. Casolaro, who was investigating the theft of a computer program [Inslaw] by the DOJ. He was also murdered but not in relation to the Clinton body count. [H: Forget this old hog-wash. And someday, some of the self-styled reporters are going to realize WE DO HAVE information which might save them egg-covered faces. Gunther Russbacher had just sent [to Witcher] a full set of disclosure tapes, video tapes, etc., of the Bush escapades--and they certainly DID relate to the drug trade, CIA involvement and other "goodies". This was a close personal friend, as well, of Russbacher.]

  1. In July 1993, the death of Vincent Foster. [H: ALL the representations of Foster's death are erroneous except the one offered right in CONTACT by one who KNEW the details right from the horse's (gunman's) mouth.]

  2. The Health Reform Committee Chairman and its attorney. Stanley Heard, a chiropractor from Hot Springs, Ark. had met Clinton playing pinball years ago. Steve Dixon, the lawyer, was the advisor on the health reform issues. Both were killed on a plane. The men had rented a plane which developed mechanical problems on the way to DC. They rented another one in St. Louis and it crashed. Shortly after takeoff he said there was a fire on board; that was the last heard. You have to work to crash a small plane in such circumstances.

  3. Nov. 30, 1993, Ed Willy, Clinton fund raiser, a prominent real estate lawyer and land developer, a hunter, sportsman. He was found dressed in a suit in the deep woods with no suicide note. He had a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound to the head just like V. Foster's. His wife works regularly for Hillary. He had substantial debts for some time and the news connected these two items as excuse for his "suicide". This is not true.

  4. Hershel Friday, an attorney from Little Rock, Ark. He too had been a Clinton fund raiser. He was killed in a single-engine plane accident. Details not known.

  5. Jerry Parks, Clinton's director of security in Ark. He was found dead, riddled with bullets, alongside a road in Jacksonville, Ark. Suicide? How did he shoot himself multiple times? There was some effort on follow-up to make it appear to be a random-crime shooting.

So there appear to have been at least 29 confirmed deaths with 12 of those being Clinton's body guards.

Thank you, Chuck and Linda.

* * *


Since we have in the past written on the possibilities of China involvements I want to leave you with a serious and sobering thought regarding human rights, favored nation trade, etc.

Know that Christopher's China visit was prearranged well in advance.

You must be very clear about who is in charge of the foreign policy of your nation--especially as regards China at this moment. Henry Kissinger, Brent Scowcroft and Lawrence Eagle-burger are going to sink well over a BILLION DOLLARS into China THIS SPRING. This is being set up and orchestrated through Kissinger Associates and these three PLUS Christopher meet weekly at Kissinger Associates. The trade conflicts between China and the U.S. are fully orchestrated. Believe us when we suggest that the New World Order WILL NOT WANT HUGE TARIFFS ON THEIR IMPORTS!

So what will be reflected? Long, long-time Kissinger associate Maurice "Ace" Greenberg, chairman of American International Group, is set to take full advantage of the depressed prices now emerging as seen from the Hang Seng Index from sharp sell-off in prices in the Hong Kong stock market (which actually represents the Chinese mainland). What is going to be done? Along with other things there will be set up a new billion dollar closed-end investment fund established to make equity investments in INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS IN CHINESE-RELATED MARKETS.

Readers, make no mistakes here--it is going to be very, very difficult to topple this Zionist New World Order. The vipers have a tooth-hold in your very carotid arteries and are pumping in the venom. May you somehow come to your senses before the final act is over. May God have mercy as you stumble around trying to light your candles that you may be able to see.

Let us close this writing and we will return to our other projects under way. Thank you.



WED., APR. 13, 1994 12:54 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 240

WED., APR. 13, 1994


I said some time ago that I would share with you a reprint from FOREIGN AFFAIRS, March/April 1994 issue. Why would it be important? Because you have no REAL idea of what is actually going on in Russia these days. You are handed stories on silver platters according to what you are supposed to see and hear and you can't tell one end from the other in Russia. The Government is still run by the Bolsheviks (Khazarian Zionists--"Jews" by "their" terminology). This is the same "group" that also runs your nation and many, many other nations. There is, however, upheaval and a desire on the part of the "freedom" seeking Russians to again effort to overthrow that Bolshevik element. Along with that comes the high-riding criminal elements which are also networked across the nations--the so-called Mafia (In Russia called the Mafiya).

In a time of supposed terrible hardships on the Russian people from all of the old East Bloc nations--comes the fact that well over $25 BILLION have been brought out of Russia and into Western Bankster systems. This is no small patty-cake dealing, readers, THIS IS BIG TROUBLE AND IT IS CONNECTED TO YOUR OWN BIGGER TROUBLE!

The article we will offer here is very good in explanation value. It has been sent to us by a reader in Missouri. I am going to give credit to the publication and to the author of the article in point. We are told that since this will be placed in a valid "newspaper" that we can use the material--IF we present it in full so that "context" is not subject to our own interpretation. We are very pleased to do so as it would detract from the investigating journalist's own summary to try to simply offer tid-bits of some sort. I SIMPLY CAUTION YOU TO READ THIS WITH ONE EYE OPEN TO THE FACT THAT MUCH OF IT IS NOT ACCURATE BUT IT IS THE TREND WHICH IS NOTABLE. YOU ALSO MUST REALIZE THERE IS A MAJOR PROBLEM WITH CHINESE MAFIA AS WELL--THE POINT IS THAT IT IS NOW WORLD-WIDE, OUT OF CONTROL, CONTROLLED IN MANY INSTANCES BY THE AGENCIES SET FORTH FOR CONTROL AND, THUS, YOU WILL ALL PAY DEARLY.

The article is entitled: The Russian Mafiya. It is presented by Stephen Handelman. Mr. Handelman is a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University's Harriman Institute. He was Moscow Bureau Chief of the The Toronto Star from 1987 to 1992. He is in the process of completing a book on the subject of Russian crime so this is but a token of his work. He states: "I have spelled "Mafiya" using its Russian phonetic translation in order to distinguish it from its Western counterpart. All figures cited in this article, except where otherwise noted, come from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since facts about organized crime are still largely unpublished, much of the material presented here is based on private interviews with leading police officials, politicians and gangsters themselves".

To subscribe to FOREIGN AFFAIRS: U.S., $38.00, Canada $47.00, other countries via air $68.00 per year. Write Foreign Affairs, P.O. Box 420235, Palm Coast, FL 32142-0235.

by Stephen Handelman



Organized crime is the most explosive force to emerge from the wreckage of Soviet Communism. The so-called Russian Mafiya has undermined reform, spawned extraordinary levels of violence in major cities, and helped fuel a growing ultranationalist backlash. Although it is considerably less organized than its Western counterparts, and for that reason often misunderstood or underestimated in the West, Russia's crime syndicate constitutes a serious threat to post-Soviet democracy.

The "Mafiya", Russian-style, is a hydra-headed phenomenon that feeds on the emerging market economy. Between 3,000 and 4,000 gangs operate in Russia, including several hundred whose activities span the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States and cross the old Soviet borders in Central Europe and the West.

The definition of Russian organized crime is sometimes stretched for domestic political purposes. Police and politicians still fall into the Soviet habit of ascribing Mafiya connections to anyone who possesses what seems an unreasonable amount of money. Total active gang membership in Russia is estimated at less than 100,000 people. Nevertheless, the hazy boundary between criminal and legal business activity has allowed Mafiya groups to penetrate most areas of the Russian economy, giving them disproportionate influence.

According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), organized crime controlled as much as 40 percent of the turnover in goods and services by 1993. Few entrepreneurs can expect to remain in business for long without being asked to pay money or provide shares in their companies to gun-toting "protectors". In the absence of government regulation, criminal cartels have infiltrated banks, real estate markets, stock exchanges and even the rock music industry. Meanwhile, more traditional criminal pursuits have transformed the economy of regions like Central Asia, which is fast becoming the newest hub of the world narcotics trade. Most unsettling of all, perhaps, is the involvement of organized crime groups in the marketing of stolen Red Army weapons, which then turn up in the ethnic quarrels on Russia's southern borders.

What makes the Russian Mafiya distinctively menacing is its connection to key sections of the government bureaucracy. No criminal enterprise of this complexity could have succeeded without the support and encouragement of officials at every level. According to government investigators, more than half the country's criminal groups in 1992 had ties to government. A number of cartels are fronts for the former Soviet elites--the "nomenklatura capitalists", who have shed their party cards en route to becoming wealthy monopoly financiers. Mounting evidence indicates that nomenklatura capitalists use organized crime groups as instruments in the fierce struggle over the spoils of the former Soviet Union: the industries, banks, defense facilities, ports and factories once exclusively controlled by the Communist Party.

In one notorious 1992 case, Chechen mobsters were intercepted in an attempt to swindle about $350 million from private banks in Moscow and other cities by using promissory notes, a form of interbank transfer inherited from the Soviet era. [H: Could the "Chechen" actually refer to the CHEKA which is that incredibly vicious and dreaded Bolshevik secret police apparat and military intelligence which was the forerunner of the GRU? Do not be naive enough, readers, to believe that just by the change of a name or initials that much of anything ACTUALLY changes.] Four employees of the Russian State Bank were later accused of supplying the false promissory notes to the Chechens in return for a cut of the profits. Profit may not have been their only motive. The president of the country's largest commercial banking association believes the inspiration for the swindle came from senior Finance Ministry officials determined to undercut private commercial banking activity. Crime in the post-Soviet era, in other words, is often a continuation of politics by other means.


To understand the Russian Mafiya's role in the nation's political wars, a brief look back is useful. Russia's criminal underworld has an impressive history. Societies of smugglers, thieves and highwaymen existed on the margins of national life for centuries. In the late tsarist era, outlaw bands were glamorous symbols of struggle against landowners and the oppressive state. The traditional gang structure, fortified by a code of honor and rituals that discouraged outsiders, became a model for the early Bolshevik clandestine organizations.

The future founders of the Soviet state not only admired the gangs' antiestablishment ethos. They also secured employment for them in the revolution. Bandits were recruited for so-called expropriations--bank heists and kidnappings--carried out in order to raise funds. The young Josef Stalin counted gang leaders among his closest associates, eventually recruiting some of them into his secret police. After the establishment of Soviet power, members of the criminal underworld were used as enforcers and informers against political dissidents in the gulag prison system.

But the most profitable form of cooperation emerged in the 1960s with the rise of the black market. Soviet gangsters acted as unofficial middlemen in the "gray" and "black" economies, circulating privately produced goods or state materials with the tacit cooperation of factory managers and apparatchiks. At the same time, the archaic structure of the old Russian gang began to change. Large criminal organizations surfaced in many Russian cities, led by mob chieftains known as vory v zakonye (thieves in law), who ran the equivalent of territorial monopolies in trade. As traditional underworld proscriptions against involvement with authorities weakened, many mob leaders began to operate in tandem with government officials in their regions. By the close of the Soviet era, more than 600 vory populated the length and breadth of the Soviet Union.

Communist authorities themselves, however, took second place to no one in criminal behavior. During the 1970s and 1980s, scandals such as the Cotton Affair, in which party bosses in Uzbekistan raked in huge profits by falsifying production reports, revealed a previously unsuspected talent for larceny beneath the puritanical exterior of the Soviet leadership. Russians first began to use the word "Mafiya" in those decades to describe the vast networks of corruption lurking inside regional and central ministries.

Perestroika did little to break the power of these networks. In fact, it brought various criminal strands of Soviet life together. "Perestroika was the real beginning of organized crime in our country," said one senior MVD investigator, a comment others repeated dozens of times. The secret wealth accumulated by underground tycoons and party barons found a legitimate outlet when the government expanded the permissible area of private commerce. Black and gray money poured into the stock exchanges, joint ventures, cooperatives, banks and joint stock companies that were otherwise celebrated abroad as harbingers of economic reform. At the same time, party bodies (and the KGB) quietly siphoned funds to trading companies and export-import firms that were being positioned to take advantage of the widely anticipated new era of "market socialism". Russian entrepreneurs who tried to operate by the rules found it impossible to survive in the face of both official and criminal competition. By the late 1980s, according to Russian analysts, the majority of small cooperative businesses established during perestroika was either controlled by or heavily in debt to criminal elements.

The stage was thus set for the shifting alliances and violent struggles that have come to characterize modern Russian organized crime. Russian mobsters have been as unwilling as their political counterparts to abide by the rules of compromise and consensus required of large organizations. This diffusion of Mafiya power across the country has had a devastating effect. Gangland murders, bomb explosions, kidnappings and gun battles have become part of daily life in dozens of Russian cities. This increased violence has been the most visible sign of underworld competition for a stake in the new economy--and of a criminal sophistication beyond anything seen before in Russia.

The Russian gang is arguably the only Soviet institution that benefitted from the collapse of the U.S.S.R. Once the powerful party machine that administered the old empire fell apart, the 15 new nations that emerged represented easy pickings for criminals who perceived the entire Eurasian continent as their natural domain. For instance, the smuggling trade flourished as enormous quantities of copper, zinc and other strategic metals were shipped from central Russia in unmarked trucks or military aircraft to Baltic ports and then to Scandinavia or Western Europe. The smugglers took brilliant advantage of the Commonwealth clash of sovereignties: products stolen from a Russian factory were regarded as legal goods the moment they left Russia's borders. So much illicit metal from Russian defense factories passed through Estonia on its way overseas--an estimated half a million dollars' worth a day in 1992--that the tiny Baltic republic earned the distinction of being one of the world's largest exporters of finished metal without operating a single metal plant.

Smuggling profits have formed the foundation of postcommunist Mafiya wealth and the basis for the working cooperation between criminals and the nomenklatura. By the time Commonwealth governments awoke to the dangers created by their porous borders, and hastily began signing (largely ineffective) customs treaties, the income from the illicit trade in Soviet resources was being plowed into real estate, privatization vouchers and financial institutions. It soon became difficult to separate the gangs from their government patrons.

Russian authorities readily acknowledge that the mixture of unbridled capitalism, organized crime and official chicanery had produced a crisis of governance. A frustrated Boris Yeltsin said last year that mob activity had "acquired such scale and character" that it threatened the future of the Russian state. He complained it was destroying the economy, destabilizing the political climate and undermining public morale. "Crime", he concluded, "has become problem number one for us". It was impressive rhetoric. But it sounded, unfortunately, like an admission of defeat.


There has been much bluster in the Russian Parliament about crime prevention but, since casting aside communist rule in 1991, Russia's new leaders have failed to adopt any significant measures to curb organized crime. What's more, the reformers' most substantial achievements--demolishing the last vestiges of the police state and lifting most restrictions on private ownership--have had the perverse effect of creating the perfect environment for Mafiya growth.

Russian policymakers committed a fundamental mistake: they tried to develop a free market before constructing a civil society in which such a market could safely operate. As a result, businessmen, politicians and law enforcement agencies suffer at the mercy of the lingering ideological prejudices of Soviet jurisprudence. Many activities that are required for a market economy to function remain illegal or unprotected by legislation; other activities that are considered unlawful according to Western norms, such as organized crime, are not specifically prohibited.

Under the existing system, police may arrest a group of felons caught in a criminal act, but the lack of Western-style conspiracy laws means police cannot prosecute the mastermind if he or she stays off the scene. Under Soviet law, "racketeering" was considered a capitalist concept and therefore inapplicable to Soviet reality. [H: I wonder how long it will take for you-the-U.S. citizen to come into REALITY that you will have been shattered into typical Soviet type areas wherein no typical laws of any Constitution will apply as you have known them. Some states within the U.S. are really making an effort to regain sovereignty--but it is hard and you should look to Colorado this day as to how you might be going about reestablishing such sovereignty. This will not even begin to guarantee that you will survive intact but it will give you some kind of a pattern for action as other things come to the surface.] On the other hand, making a profit--"speculation," a serious offense under the old Soviet criminal code--remains an ambiguous area for post-Soviet law enforcement. Provisions for settling disputes between private companies have yet to be clarified, and no guidelines yet exist for establishing contracts or declaring bankruptcy. Russia has no independent judiciary and no way of tackling more sophisticated varieties of white-collar crime. Current laws offer no means of impounding the records of fraudulent companies or checking the criminal provenance of bank accounts. Even if such provisions existed, their enforcement would be doubtful. Russian policemen are so poorly equipped that some pursue criminals by bus and taxi. In such an environment, it is no wonder that crime flourishes.

Several ambitious plans to increase spending on police and security forces and replace the old Soviet criminal code languished in the last parliament. The new Russian constitution, approved by a narrow margin last December, establishes some important principles for reforming the justice system, such as an independent judiciary and the right to private property and business. But it remains to be seen whether those principles and plans will be translated into law. [H: Good grief, wherein is the author's head? Why would you establish laws which would then have to be hidden and overridden by the criminals in power? You would not have such problems in such as Singapore, would you? Or how about in China where they just executed an executive for taking money from his company? You have let the criminals take CONTROL and now there will be an entire World Order to insure their staying in power and control. And who do "they" control and take FROM? YOU! Are you beginning to understand?]

The greatest obstacle to a coherent anti-Mafiya policy remains perceptual. Many Russian policymakers (and some foreigners) believe that corruption and crime are the price that must be paid for Russia's experiment with free enterprise. They argue that other nations (including post-1917 Russia) also experienced high crime rates during periods of acute social and economic change. Today's smuggling tycoons and shady entrepreneurs are often compared to the robber barons of nineteenth-century America. Perhaps, too, it is only reasonable for those whose notions of order were shaped by Soviet authoritarianism to wonder whether the cure might not be worse than the disease. But arguments for accommodating the Mafiya break down at a critical point. It is one thing to tolerate the excesses of future Russian Carnegies, Vanderbilts and Morgans; it is quite another to grant them free grazing rights in the political system. [H: Please don't forget this author is a traditional "journalist", a "visiting" scholar at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY'S HARRIMAN INSTITUTE. These are as ELITE as you can get, dear readers, so don't expect other than the "party line" of the ELITE. Yes indeed, these are the SAME ELITE that set up the whole criminal plan!]


[H: The key word in all this may well be "democracy". A democracy is a terrible way to function--as BAD as you can get. What a nation and people of the nation must acquire is a WORKING, EQUITABLE REPUBLIC!]

The Russian Mafiya's connection with government, born of its symbiotic relationship with the former communist establishment, makes organized crime a dagger pointed at the heart of Russian democracy. The danger is especially apparent outside the urban centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg, where local crime lords and their government allies have filled the vacuum created by the departure of communist authority. These alliances are joined for political as well as economic reasons. As regional leaders seek more power over resources, they share a common interest with black-marketeers and underworld figures in resisting central control. [H: Can you see WHY so many in the Russias and other freedom-seeking nations of the world who once flourished even under Czars and Kings WANT BACK THEIR SOVEREIGNS? THERE WAS TOTAL UNDERSTANDING OF FUNCTION AND THERE WERE NOT RAMPANT GANGS OF THUGS--EVEN THOUGH THE KING HIMSELF MIGHT WELL BE A BIG THUG. WHERE, HOWEVER, NATIONS ARE RUN BY LAWS ENFORCED--WITH EQUAL PUNISHMENT FOR EACH OFFENDER--EVEN IF IT BE FOR GUM (AS IN "CHEWING") VIOLATIONS, THERE IS ORDER AND JUSTICE. ALL KNOW THE LAWS AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF BREAKING THOSE LAWS. AS IT HAS BECOME IN YOUR "FREE" NATIONS--ONLY THE CRIMINALS ARE FREE. However bad you may believe the players in your government and judicial system may be--IT IS FAR WORSE!]

Organized crime has infected the central nervous system of Russian politics. Throughout 1993, successive corruption scandals paralyzed the Yeltsin government. No institution was left untainted: senior commanders of the Red Army were caught in smuggling rings; cabinet ministers and police officials were discovered working for shady commercial firms. In the most celebrated case, members of the ill-fated Supreme Soviet, led by then Vice President Aleksandr Rutskoi, forced several reform ministers out of office over charges of corruption. Government officials, in retaliation, released documents attempting to prove that Rutskoi and his political allies were guilty of money laundering and weapons smuggling. In February 1993, Russian Defense Minister Pavel Grachev announced that 46 generals and top officers were to be court-martialed on corruption charges and that an additional 3,000 officers were to be disciplined for "illegal business deals" ranging from smuggling weapons to black-market sales of military equipment. A few months later, Grachev himself was hit with corruption charges related to the acquisition of official cars from Germany.

The burlesque of charge and countercharge politicized even the slender efforts the state was making to halt corruption and further reduced the government's credibility. Russians could easily remember how corruption cases during the Soviet era coincidentally affected only the losers in political battles. While Yeltsin himself was not linked to any scandals, the president plainly found it awkward to deal with evidence of wrongdoing among his political allies. Several of his top anticorruption investigators quit in disgust. As the euphoria of August 1991 faded, most people concluded that hardly anything had changed except the faces in power. "To tell you the truth", one prominent Moscow journalist admitted to me, "if someone staged a new coup tomorrow, I would not know what or whom to defend".

To suggest to an increasingly disillusioned populace that crime is an unfortunate but unavoidable by-product of political and economic transition is an insult. The rising cost of living might be politically acceptable to ordinary Russians who, as they are the first to inform foreigners, have endured tough times before. But when economic discontent is joined to anger over official corruption, and criminal violence, it becomes a potent political force. The sight of the country's newly rich emerging from luxury restaurants and gambling casinos, of Western cars jamming the roadways, of gunmen strutting down the streets, intensifies the nationwide sense of betrayal and, more significantly, the loss of personal security.

Rising crime rates have turned what was once an ordered, communal society into a land of fearful strangers. In a 1992 survey, three out of four Muscovites admitted they were afraid to walk the streets at night. [H: So what else is new? Do you get the feeling this REALLY IS just a VISITING scholar?] And in 1993 another opinion poll found that 49 percent of Russians rated crime higher on their list of concerns than unemployment. In the first year after the fall of Communism, the Russian public prosecutor reported 2.7 million crimes, an increase of 33 percent over 1991. The rates for murder, rape and aggravated assault continued to climb during the first six months of 1993, along with categories of crime that had been negligible during most of the Soviet era, such as drug trafficking, embezzlement and theft of government property. [H: My, my--that good old Western democracy has really helped out those abused Russians, hasn't it? You have just spread wonders and miracles upon these poor hapless victims through the Bolshevik Khazarian Zionist commercial capitalistic system haven't you? Well, good friends, the Zionists developed Communism and now you are but a reflection of, already taken over by, this system and most of you still don't even see it.]

The strong support for the neofascist Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the December 12, 1993, parliamentary elections owed at least as much to the backlash against crime as to economic populism. The continuing appeal of both ultranationalist patriots and neocommunists is largely based on their invective against "Mafiya" (read "Western") values. Zhirinovsky, like many opposition candidates, campaigned on a harsh law-and-order platform. In his last television appearance before the election, he advocated a return to Russian civil war-era decrees ordering the shooting of criminals on sight.

Draconian solutions to the law-and-order crisis are now part of mainstream political thinking and will probably dominate the agenda of the new State Duma. [H: Sounds pretty bad to you? Why? If you are not a criminal doing unlawful acts and you are serving within the laws of God at all times under a just legal system of constitutional LAW--why would YOU be concerned? ONLY THE CRIMINALS WOULD BE CONCERNED, CITIZEN! My people think that sounds pretty good because they wouldn't ever again have to worry about being shot! YOU PONDER IT.] Having failed to develop a society guided by the rule of law, the first post-Soviet government is reverting to the habits of its predecessors. Retrograde attitudes emerged in the aftermath of Yeltsin's battle with Parliament during the crisis of October 1993. Shortly after the assault on the Russian White House, the government imposed a curfew on Moscow and sent squads of soldiers and police to patrol the streets. Not surprisingly, crime rates plummeted. [H: They did in Watts, also!] The incidental success of these temporary measures strengthened the advocates among police and politicians for a Soviet-style war on crime. Yeltsin ordered police to drive "unregistered aliens" out of the capital in an effort to cripple the powerful crime syndicates who move easily between Moscow and other cities across the Commonwealth. The measure was targeted primarily at gangsters from the Caucasus. Chechens and Azeris in particular are responsible for a large percentage of drug trafficking. [H: And who is the big dealer in the rest of the "Free" world? Enforced by who?] But the blunderbuss approach resulted in the expulsion or beating of thousands of otherwise innocent traders. Such violence indicated growing racial intolerance among Russians as much as any serious determination to root out crime. [H: NOW, who does this sound like writing this article? We would be speaking about "anti-Semitic" racial intolerance, would we? What garbage--it is EXACTLY the same way in the U.S.A. and I would guess the Russians and most of the world have ample reason to call you the "Great Satan".] And, as some observers noted dryly, most of the Russian crime lords welcomed the move as a way of eliminating their biggest competitors.

There are also signs that the government is preparing to take a harder line against entrepreneurs, conforming to right-wing prejudices that identify private business with crime. The Ministry of Internal Affairs dusted off a KGB tactic used in the last year of the Soviet era--the search of commercial enterprises and confiscation of property without a warrant--and proposed it as part of an anticrime package. [H: No! Really? Readers, any of you sick to your stomachs yet? You've had this going on for a long, long time already, haven't you? Go back and read our video transcription of "America in Peril" which appeared in CONTACT Jan. 4, 1994, p. 10 and Jan 9, 1994, p. 2, about the troops coming over from the safety of Canada to raid and confiscate property in the U.S.] Yeltsin rejected the proposal after it was leaked to newspapers. But it surprised no one that the idea received sympathetic attention from nomenklatura capitalists and the right wing. [H: Right wing? Capitalists? And "Yeltsin rejected the proposal..?" ONLY "after it was LEAKED TO THE NEWSPAPERS"??]

A reversal or slowdown of reforms is the goal of the former Soviet establishment, which prefers a subsidized, corporate capitalism to the unlimited expansion of private property. [H: Whose private property? Who is actually getting all the property in your own nation? Please, readers, give us a break...!] It also happens to be the goal of the larger criminal syndicates, which are eager to transform their wealth into political influence. Gangsters ranked among the staunchest defenders of democracy during the August 1991 coup, partially because of their traditional antipathy toward Communists. But several have since confided that they no longer support reforms because of the "disorder" in the Russian economy. "In this kind of environment, who can do any business"? said one gangster without a trace of irony.

During the December campaign, some opposition candidates in the regions were believed to have received campaign contributions from Mafiya groups, and there are reliable reports that ultranationalist parties have used gangs to harass Caucasians and other ethnic minorities. Whether or not such reports can be believed, the maneuvering room of the Yeltsin government has already been narrowed.


Westerners underestimate the extent to which organized crime and corruption have hampered Russian political and economic reforms. Early assumptions that the introduction of free enterprise would smooth the way for democracy failed to take into account the lingering power of the former Soviet establishment. Organized crime has reinforced the old structures in their battle to retain control over key sectors of the economy and strengthened popular hostility toward the free-market democratic policies pursued by pro-Western reformers.

The West should take Russian organized crime far more seriously than it has up until now. The current situation poses a double dilemma to policymakers in Western capitals. While internal Russian developments have moved once again to the top of the international agenda, the West has increasingly less influence over Russia's domestic affairs. Western advice and financial assistance, albeit limited, have been discredited by Russia's bruising encounter with the chaos of the marketplace. Nationalist and authoritarian remedies are now ascendant. But important areas of influence remain unexplored.

The first area requires a conceptual change in economic aid policies and in strategies for developing the Russian market. [H: Oh, good grief, could this man mean to pattern it after your unsuccessful system?] Until recently, the West concentrated on helping Russia meet its international debt load while discouraging it to carry on with austerity policies. Since the December elections, opinion has shifted toward providing more overt support for social safety-net programs as a way of easing economic discontent. But these policies still do not address the central problem: the legal vacuum at the heart of the Russian economy. Western advice and assistance in creating a commercial infrastructure, including a viable banking system and regulatory agencies, and in developing a legal framework for business activities would go far toward meeting the security concerns of Russian and foreign investors.

If the obstacles in the Russian marketplace hamper Russian entrepreneurs, they have a chilling effect on foreigners, for whom the nexus between organized crime and politics exacerbates with cultural barriers between the ex-socialist East and capitalist West. [H: It certainly hasn't been a barrier to such as General Electric and Kissinger Associates (the first major mover-inner into Moscow following the so-called break-up!) Gorbachev was made President of Kissinger Associates' Moscow branch!] Bribery was always a hidden cost of doing business in the Soviet era. Today, the hapless foreign businessman can find himself the target of extortion demands or worse. And he finds little sympathy from already overworked police and courts. [H: B(alderdash S(askwatch)!]

International assistance in bringing Russia's justice and law enforcement system into the modern era is therefore crucial. This task involved more than familiarization courses in the principles of Western jurisprudence and police exchange programs. [H: Yes indeed--it requires total destruction of any goodness left in their system in copy of your own!] Russian police are deficient in just about every area, from police cars and computers to techniques of crime detection and prevention. Aid in reforming the hoary machinery of Soviet justice, with its bias toward prosecution and disregard for individual rights, would go a long way toward removing a principal factor behind the widespread Russian contempt for law. [H: As you might surmise--I am having one big problem just going on with this outright drivel and stupidity.]

The Western police establishment, for understandable reasons, has been gun-shy about working closely with its Russian counterpart. The recent decision by the FBI to open a liaison office in Moscow is a step forward, [H: Right here I want to point out the total stupidity of this prior statement. This little town in Kern County, California would be a good example RIGHT NOW! From this little tiny township in California have gone SWAT team members, who have received honors and public pictures in the local paper, for GOING AND CROSS-TRAINING IN MOSCOW! There is a full exchange program going on and ones from 'their' police come and train in Los Angeles' academy--what is this disinformation nut trying to do? Well, I think we all know what he is trying to do, don't we?] but several agents admit that widespread corruption inside Russian law enforcement has kept relations less than congenial. However, the West has more than an academic interest in forging a collaborative relationship with Russia's police agencies. [H: Yes indeed--and just wait until you find out the truth about that statement.]

The old rhetoric of the "evil empire" has been replaced by fears of Russian Mafiya penetration of Western economies. Those fears are well grounded. Russian gangs have been responsible for a wave of violent crime in Central Europe and Germany. The smuggling of Russian resources abroad has depressed world prices for commodities such as aluminum. Weapons-grade uranium and other by-products of the Soviet nuclear arsenal have turned up for sale in West European capitals. [H: Well, you sell the stuff! Is this just a toss-up at trying to prevent that "competition"?]

Russia's criminal syndicates are also attracting unsavory partners in the West. [H: Oh my goodness--the government, do you suppose? By the way, your national debt number is not in the 4 or 40 TRILLION DOLLAR area, good buddies--the U.S.A. debt is now well over $140 Trillion and rising!] Gang leaders from Moscow and the Baltics have held "summits" with members of the Italian Mafia, and Russia's growing importance as a drug transit [H: Oh oh--getting close now, aren't we?] corridor has aroused interest from Colombian cartels. Post-Soviet gangsters have become active in the United States, as suggested by the growing number of murders, interceptions of smugglers and evidence of substantial capital transfers. The MVD estimates $25 billion was transferred from Common-wealth states to Western banks by organized crime structures in 1993. [H: Yes, and more--all of which was facilitated by the governments and enforcers of the New World Order!] The sobering possibility that the former communist establishment, through its mob allies, could become a major investor in Western economies reinforces the need for closer attention to the West's own economic security. [H: What security? Did this man actually say "economic security"?]

Russia's internal conflicts have dampened the triumphant mood of the post-Cold War era. The turmoil of the past two years has shaken several assumptions made by the West after the fall of the Soviet Union: that the communist establishment has lost its grip on politics, that Russians would eagerly grasp democracy with both hands, and that capitalism would provide the engine of Russia's transformation. The uncertainty surrounding the third assumption is the most troubling. As Russians increasingly identify free-market democracy with organized crime and corruption, they will turn toward much less congenial forms of governing. Unchecked economic chaos and gang violence could well foster the rise of hostile, authoritarian power on the Eurasian continent, instead of the prosperous partner the West requires for a stable 21st century world.

END OF ARTICLE [H: Thank goodness.]

Now what do I REALLY think about this author and the message itself? I think that if you study FOREIGN AFFAIRS articles you will find the CFR written within EVERY MESSAGE and it will give you hints as to exactly WHAT IS COMING DOWN. It may be presented in its actual OPPOSITE (AS IN BACKWARDS) FORMAT BUT YOU CAN CERTAINLY SEE THE NEXT STAGES AS PLANNED BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER--SETTING YOU UP!

Let's get out of here, Dharma--enough already! Oh, I see--you thought it enough before we even began? Well, so much for another long day. Thank you.





Editor's note: The following is a transcription of an audio tape sent in to the office by a loyal CONTACT reader in Canada. This is an incredible interview in which you will hear about some of the more outrageous shenanigans which went on concerning the shaping of the so-called Free Trade Agreement by a career bureaucrat who was involved with the matter from the Canadian side of the dance floor. In the larger picture, the revelations are universal.


With host. Dave Rutherford

We have here Shelley Ann Clark with the Federal Civil Service. She has some information from behind the scenes of the Free Trade Agreement. She was asked by her boss, she says, to do some very secretive midnight paper shredding, clause altering, skullduggery. She says the provinces were basically lied to. Her story hasn't reached the West, yet. I see it in one bit of media in the East, but so far very few media have picked up the story, so you are going to hear about it today, probably for the very first time. The free trade charade, she says.

We are finding out from somebody who was a career bureaucrat, who was indeed inside government, right there. Her name is Shelley Ann Clark and Shelley Ann Clark is joining me right now.

D: Hello, Shelley Ann.

S: Good afternoon, Dave.

D: Well you were indeed inside. Tell us the role you played, the positions you held in the federal government at the time of the free trade negotiations.

S: I was the executive assistant to the third in command, Germain Denis, who was the one reporting directly to Brian Mulroney, which was most unusual because the chain of command in federal government at those levels should have been Mulroney to Reeseman directly, which he did at times; but, the secrecy of the phone calls between the third in command and Mulroney made it possible for me to realize that something was going on that wasn't quite kosher right from the start.

D: Ok, so you know, Simon Reeseman, for those of you who have forgotten, chief negotiator for the Free Trade Agreement. Germain Denis was also on the negotiating team, was he?

S: Yes, he was the third down the line of command but he had the major areas of agriculture and subsidies.

D: Ok. In what department did you work for?

S: The Department of External Affairs, which is presently known as Foreign Affairs.

D: Ok, you're in external affairs. You're in the trade negotiation role. What was your job?

S: I was principally the main liaison between the trade negotiations office and the Prime Minister's office and the Privy Council. [A select group of individuals with more power than the Prime Minister and which functions as the Queen of England's direct means for controlling Canadian Parliament].

D: Did you speak with the PMO [Prime Minister's Office] and Privy Council people?

S: Yes, I did, indeed. They would come to me for directives at all times or any complaints they received from the provinces.

D: You couldn't get any closer to the heart of government. You were right there!

S: I was right there. Dead center. Yes, that's correct.

D: Now, some of what you've said about the free trade negotiations at this time back in the late '80s and '88, of course, in the election year when free trade was shown to us, given to us, rammed down our throats whichever way you want to perceive it. At that time what were you asked to do that you didn't like doing.

S: I was asked to come in at midnight to prepare the briefing books for the provinces. The first time around I didn't understand the midnight business until I got there and I was asked to bring up the text from what had been negotiated in Washington and create an entire different file on the computer and asked to delete certain paragraphs, especially where energy was concerned and our water supplies and subsidies. I was asked to delete entire paragraphs and to alter the figures. If we had given away 50% to the Americans, I was asked to show only 10% to the provinces.

D: Ok. Now you are dealing with...

S: I'm dealing with a computer screen and I've created a second file stemming from the main negotiating file which had been used in Washington.

D: So Simon Reeseman and his negotiators meet with the Americans. They agree to a certain section, bring it back, type it up.

S: They bring it back and give it to Germain Denis and we pull it up on the screen. And Germain Denis, who would be briefing particular members of each province, would ask me to create a separate briefing book. To create that separate briefing book which was presented to the provinces, I had to create a second file on the computer, make the changes, delete the paragraphs, change the figures, then promptly erase it from the network. That second file was always deleted from the network completely, so all I had left would be one version which I would then photocopy ten times for the ten provinces, which were presented to the provinces. I had total control. Each book was numbered. Alberta would have number one, New Brunswick number two, etc., etc., so that if any book would have gone missing after he had briefed them, we would know exactly who would have the book. These people were never given the time to photocopy anything. They were given the book five minutes before the briefing would start. The books would be picked up immediately afterwards.

D: Shelley Ann, this is deliberate deception of the provinces.

S: Absolutely, extremely deliberate plus what I took out to the...I was asked to sneak out the material to Germain Denis to the trunk of his car and all of this was reported to the Public Service Alliance on July 22, 1988. I put forth a complaint using them as the vehicle in order to bring it to someone's attention safely as to what had been done. My report is dated July 22, 1988, to the Public Service Alliance and in there it reports the entire story of everything that

I carried out to this official's car and I had to sneak out through a period of between 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m. at night at particular intervals. Amongst the documents that went out to the trunk of that car was a particular document that is the one that is totally disastrous for this country. It is the one showing the implementation scheme to arrive at a point where Canada would have to "sell out" to the United States.

D: What do you mean "sell out"?

S: "Sell out", in the sense that they are, the first step that would have to occur would be that Quebec separates. That is why Lucien Bouchard is in place. The second was the Grand Canal project keeping all of our, containing all of our, damming the James Bay, keeping the water in such a way that it was rerouted through to the states and from there we would be short of water. So, if you take away all of our minerals and resources and separate Quebec, Canada would be in a very desperate economic situation and we would have to send an SOS to the United States for them to come and help out.

D: Shelley, I'm going to stop you there for a second. What you have said, we are going to take a couple of minutes to absorb this because there are so many questions springing from this. I'll take a commercial break and come back. Shelley Ann Clark is my guest. We are going to find out where you are now, what you are doing, and who else knew about this whole scenario. We are talking about her involvement,--she saw it happen, inside government, the heart of government during the free trade negotiations and what was told to the public in the provinces, and what really happened. We're back after this.

D: Good afternoon. I'm Dave Rutherford. My guest is Shelley Ann Clark who has a story to tell. about her involvement in free trade negotiations. I say "involvement" like you were some sort of criminal. You actually did blow the whistle in July, 1988. What happened after that? Where is that report today at the Public Service Alliance?

S: The report was returned to me with a covering letter by the Public Service Alliance telling me to destroy this document immediately because, should it fall into the wrong hands, it would be highly dangerous. The document was returned to me and this is the document that was sent out and disclosed to the media and to all the premiers of every province across the country by my lawyer, Mr. Harold Funk, who was my lawyer at the time of the disclosure last June. So there have been several disclosures. On May 26, 1993, there was a first disclosure to the Prime Minister of Canada, Kim Campbell at the time, and to all the ten provinces and to the media across the country by my lawyer. Then on June 3, 1993, our local radio and television station CJ AWAKES, Charlie Greenwell's Insider's Report, was given a disclosure which they aired for approximately 45 seconds and after that I have been disclosing using the vehicle of the National Party and the last election.

D: Alright, I'll ask you about your political involvement in a second but I want to go back to what creating these separate files now, and the negotiator, Simon Reeseman, etc., bringing back what they had agreed to do with the Americans and you creating a secondary file, changing numbers, changing information, virtually destroying the original agreement and deceiving the provinces. At that point, who do you think knew about that?

S: I would have to say from what I observed that Germain Denis was in on it with Mulroney and perhaps, Gerald Shannon, who was the Deputy Minister of International Trade at the time.

D: The Prime Minister was aware of it?

S: Oh, yes, because there were conversations directly between Germain Denis and the Prime Minister.

D: Was it organized and engineered by the Prime Minister's office?

S: I'm sure that it was organized and engineered by Mulroney and whoever was instructing him.

D: Who do you think was instructing him?

S: Well, I guess it would be the, it would have to be the bankers who give all the money to support Mulroney in his campaign. They would have complete control over him.

D: You are suggesting, though, that the potential for virtually destroying Canada was there and agreed to and Mr. Denis had a copy of it that you spirited out to his car, this implementation agreement. Why would they do that?

S: They could not possibly afford to let the provinces see any of what had been done because the provinces, even though we didn't need the act governing all of this does not require the signature of the provinces to get the Free Trade through, they still needed the agreement of the provinces because it meant the provinces would have to change their trade rules to begin with. Indeed, they would have certainly made a humongous fuss at our having to sell out to the U.S. by the year 2005, which is when the implementation scheme is geared for.

D: 2005?

S: Yes. That's what is on the chart.

D: Those agreements on oil and water that you altered, do you remember what the originals said?

S: Well, I wouldn't remember exact figures at this point in time because, as I repeated many times to the (garbled) as they were investigating, I never, even though I had every opportunity, knowing the penalty for stealing a government, document, I never did take a copy for myself even though the opportunity was there.

I am going by what I wrote to the PSAC in 1988, plus memory, but I don't remember exact figures. I remember approximate figures but the year 2005 is something that is major and that I am not guessing at. That was an accurate figure on the chart.

D: There has been much concern about water in the Free Trade Agreement. People who don't like the free trade deal always raise water as this secret thing that's going to happen and the Americans are going to suck all the fresh water out of Canada.

S: Well, they are absolutely right. I have saved every article when we are talking about water and every study that I have read and all their assumptions are absolutely correct because water is one of the major things that they are planning to deprive us and to let the States have and then we would have to purchase it from the States.

D: Shelley, I want to talk a little more about you and your background because the reaction some people will say is, "You're a nut. This woman is a total nut and why should we believe her"?

S: Well, I guess I have been with the Department of Foreign Affairs since 1961. I've had a top secret clearance and to obtain a top secret clearance, which I still have to present day and which has never been removed, and I've been an employee.

I would have to say that the investigative work and all the investigation carried out by CESUS and RCM before you can obtain a top secret clearance should take care of any assumption that I am nuts or unbalanced. They even research back into almost 100 years of your family background when you get top secret clearance to see if there has been anyone that has been mentally ill in your family. And if your grandmother had been mentally ill in your family, they would hesitate before giving anyone a top secret clearance. The fact that today I am an employee of the Department of External Affairs still and that nothing has been removed speaks for itself.

D: Where are you now? Are you working in government anywhere now?

S: I have been on paid leave for exactly one year, right up until December 23. After the new government was in place on December 23, I received a call and I'm in a high profile position within the Department of External Affairs.

D: Does the change in government then...

S: Yes, I would say that it had an impact because before we had a change in government

I was staying home on full-paid leave.

D: Shelley Ann, I want to talk to you some more about this. Frankly, it is chilling. There are huge repercussions to what you say.

S: The repercussions are just so enormous. That's why I tried to use the Public Service Alliance to submit, to disclose, believing that I would get their protection because I know the enormity of what I am saying. Unfortunately, they left the decision with their number one as to whether to report it or not and the number one decided not to say a word.

D: Shelley Ann, stay with me please. We are talking about the free trade negotiations and Shelley Ann Clark's knowledge of what really happened.

D: I'm Dave Rutherford of the Alberta Talknetwork. My guest is 32-year veteran of the Civil Service, Shelley Ann Clark, who is telling us the story that has tremendous proportions. I'm going to have to say if true, Shelley Ann, because there is no way we can really verify this ourselves until something happens, and then we can say, "Oh, my gosh, she was right"! What about the RCMP, [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] what is their role? They looked at it. Are they going to fully investigate?

S: No, they're not. They officially decided that because I didn't have any documents to back it up and that it did not require the signature of the provinces, that there wasn't sufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation. But I must say that I have written a letter to the Liberal ministers imploring them to have the canisters opened up where the Free Trade Agreement is locked up outside of Ottawa. The Free Trade Agreement, all the negotiating documents should have been in the archives for the Canadian public to view but they are not.

D: They are not now.

S: They are not now and even if a person or anyone, even someone like myself--I went there with a researcher and asked if I put in an access to information request, exactly what would

I get. I was told that the act governing the access to information had declared the free trade negotiation documents, approximately 95% of it, a threat to Canada's national security.

D: You mean revealing them would be a threat to national security?

S: Yes, to Canada's national security. That I have evidence of: that I was told by the person, a Mr. Paul Marsden, that is the person in charge of all the free trade negotiating documents said to me, in front of a witness, a Mr. Bruce Campbell, who is a researcher and wrote the book, TAKE BACK THE NATION with Maude Barlow, who is the chairperson of the Council of Canadians. He was with me and he heard it also. I was told that approximately 95% of the documents could not be released because they had been declared a threat to Canada's national security and when we asked, we both asked immediately the same question as to when Canadians would get to see the document, we were told in approximately 30 years time.

D: Ok. If, in fact, and I'm not that familiar with how computers work, if you were there and were revising documents and made a hard copy, you printed it, is it not saved somewhere in that system electronically?

S: No. We had the key word that would delete everything even though someone has come forward, there is a newspaper that was carrying and following my story every single month. Apparently at Christmas time on December 22, they put out a further story on me and someone came forth, who would not reveal their name, but apparently this person, who was transferring material from the computer files to the archive stated to this journalist that I was telling the absolute truth and that he or she had seen what I was talking about.

D: So the revised documents then are somewhere.

S: This is what this person is saying. This person is saying that somewhere in the computer files she (he or she) has seen exactly what I'm talking about.

D: Ok. I guess that must mean that they have seen the original and the revised ones, which are the ones that are in the hands of the provinces, in fact, are fraudulent.

S: Everything that's in the hands of the public or the provinces is totally the incorrect version. Two versions came out. The first version that came out which I personally carried and gave to the Prime Minister in his hands was carried by me. On October 4, 1987, I brought to the Prime Minister of Canada the 33 paged summarized version of what had been agreed to on that famous weekend of October 2 and 3, 1987, in Washington. This was the weekend where Reeseman was left out in the hallway and the negotiations went on with James Baker all by himself in the star chamber but with Carney, and Wilson, and Derrick Burney from Canada. That version that came out was delivered to the Prime Minister on the Monday morning after that famous weekend by me. Now the second version that came out was the legal version. Then there is a third version that's the real version.

D: Now the one you gave the Prime Minister is not.

S: That was just a summary. What I gave to the Prime Minister was a summary and that is what he tabled that Monday morning at the House of Commons.

D: Are you saying that summary two is fraudulent?

S: Well the summary has absolutely no details. It's 33 pages compared to the legal version that is 1500.

D: Shelley Ann, stay with me. I need one more break. We have to take a newsbreak from the newsrooms here in Alberta and we'll come back with your story, Shelley Ann Clark. If you are on the phone lines waiting to talk to her, I know many people are. They'll have questions I have not asked. We are talking about the free trade negotiations, the paper work that is different. In external affairs in her role, you have heard her tell her story and it really is a chilling story, if you think of the ramifications of what this means. Shelley Ann has told us there is the legitimate, the real agreement between Canada and the U.S. for the Free Trade Agreement from 1987, '88. The real one has some very, very scary implications in it including the wholesale, is it sale or giveaway of our water, Shelley?

S: We'd be giving it away and we would have to purchase it back from the States.

D: The water has been a key concern of critics of free trade. Before I get to my phone calls are you motivated by--you mentioned Maude Barlow, the Council of Canadians which have been anti-free trade for a long time and Maude Barlow has been in the studio talking about her objections to free trade, or are you motivated by the fact that you saw illegal subversive things going on?

S: Illegal subversive things which are destroying the country because I have children who are part of this country, who will be severely affected by the time this is in place.

D: The RCMP won't pursue it any further because you don't have hard documentation. Do you think that's the real reason?

S: No, I don't believe that that is the real reason. I know that the commissioner of the RCMP was a Mulroney appointee. Surely, that has affected the decision to an enormous degree. Perhaps, we'll have more hope when his term is up.

D: What have you heard, or have you heard anything from the provinces, the recipients of the doctored version?

S: I have heard from the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan who thanked us for the documentation and said they would carry out an investigation.

D: Nothing from those yet, that you know of?

S: No, nothing at all. What I am counting on is that Canadians would start calling or writing to the Prime Minister's Office requesting that they break into the cannisters and have a look at what's there.

D: These cannisters are containing what?

S: These cannisters, apparently, all the negotiating documents are in sealed cannisters 16 miles outside of Ottawa.

D: Where are they held? In a bunker somewhere?

S: I have to assume that they are in our bunkers that are out there and I have already put in a request to our federal Liberal ministers that something be done about entering those sealed cannisters. But, I think it would be far more effective if instead of just me asking, that the rest of the country started writing in to the Prime Minister demanding that they get into those sealed cannisters.

D: Even though this was negotiated under the Mulroney government, the Liberal government has proclaimed it. I mean it's a done deal. What motivation is there by the Chretien govern-ment to open things up again?

S: Because if Chretien means it, that he cares for this country, he should want to have a look at what I'm saying is the truth because if he can find the evidence that I'm telling the truth, perhaps he can do something about it before we are sold out to the States. Or perhaps Chretien wants us to be part of the U.S. It all depends on how he feels personally. I have no idea. Does Chretien want us to be part of the U.S., therefore he won't open the cannisters?

D: Well some would say he proclaimed North American Free Trade rather quickly. We were the first country to endorse it so I don't know. We don't know what the motivation of either of these governments is at the moment.

S: Exactly. Especially since they are funded by the same people. So one has to have a serious concern about that.

D: Shelley Ann, my listeners want to talk to you. Is that alright?

S: Yes, absolutely.

D: Ok. Let's go to phone calls from across the province. First to Steve. Hi, Steve, go ahead.

Steve: Good afternoon, Dave and Shelley. I was just wondering. There are a couple of things you ought to be aware of. It's amazing that you are not a hit-and-run yet, Shelley.

S: Absolutely amazing, you are right.

D: But, on that point. Obviously, we've all thought of that, Shelley Ann. Are you taking protective measures?

S: No. I have not taken any protective measures even though I have had my life threatened twice, because I feel that it is in the hands of others and if I am meant to die, I could die crossing the street tomorrow, so if they want to get to me there are no protective measures that I could take that would guarantee my safety. I have learned to accept the fact that they could get me at any time.

D: And your family.

S: Yes, absolutely.

Steve: Ok, Shelley. What about the generation of jobs or the actual job loss in this country. Has some paperwork been manipulated on that as well? I'm just wondering that if--like the way we have to increase our company productivity in this country, we have to buy new equipment which would automatically displace all kinds of workers. I'm thinking of, like a backhoe. Every time the city company buys a backhoe it probably displaces 20 or 30 ditchdiggers, let's say.

D: Are you concerned about the information that comes out of the government generally, Steve?

Steve: Yes. Is that correct that we are going to get more jobs or are we actually going to lose a whole pile of jobs?

S: Oh, you are not going to get more jobs. Absolutely not.

Steve: I'm aware of that. I'm just wondering why the media and a lot of the government keeps pushing that we are going to get more jobs than we can shake a stick at. I can't buy that as truth at all.

S: Ok. Well, the media, first of all, are owned by several of Mulroney's friends, therefore, the media is controlled. That's why here in Ottawa no one has printed up on the Free Trade story.

D: Shelley, let's be clear. When you say the media, primarily, do you mean the print media?

S: Yes. I'm talking about the print media plus, of course, CBC, [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] which is owned by government.

D: Has the CBC done anything with your story?

S: Absolutely not. They won't touch it.

D: Private television has CJOH in Ottawa.

S: CJOH did one month's worth of investigation and the lawyers cleared that they could go ahead.

D: And obviously, we're doing it today. Have you done many of these interviews?

S: I've done Montreal. CJAD, a main radio station in Montreal, and I have done many other private interviews for secondary newspapers.

D: Steve, thanks. I've got to move along. There are a lot of questions about this. But the media, generally, has not picked up the story, sensational as it is. Had this been in the U.S. you'd be on the front page of every newspaper in America.

S: Exactly, because I was interviewed by a major radio station in New York City in November.

D: So the control, you think, the arms of the political and financial control reach into the media so deeply your story is being ignored.

S: Absolutely. There is no shadow of a doubt about that, especially that the Ottawa Citizen here, our main newspaper. People were putting extreme pressure on them to write up on Shelley Ann Clark and after several months of pressure they came up with a story on a Shelley Ann Clark that was blind and was a social director for the John Howard Society. So now when someone says you haven't written up on Shelley Ann Clark, they can say they have.

D: Alright, we'll go to Dan. Thanks for waiting. Go ahead.

Dan: Good afternoon. First I'm going to assume that everything you are saying is totally true. Now, I'm going to make a few comments. You are saying Quebec is going to be leaving. Well, first of all, the people of Quebec have to vote in referendum to leave. Let's say they vote to leave. Now, financially, the rest of Canada would be much better off if Quebec left because all those billions and trillions of dollars that we've been pouring into their economy to keep them afloat wouldn't be going in there anymore. Now, another thing that you mentioned, that sounds totally absurd is the damming of James Bay. Why would they dam James Bay when just a few hundred miles to the south you have five Great Lakes. The only areas of the United States that actually need water is Southern California, parts of Arizona and eastern Texas. This is absurd.

S: If it seems absurd, then I have to ask you why Simon Reeseman was the head of that project in 1985 and was making plans for it already two years prior to, one year prior to becoming the ambassador for the free trade negotiations. Simon Reeseman was already discussing the project of the Grand Canal and secondly, by re-routing the water from James Bay out into the Great Lakes and out into the ocean beyond that would provide you with only salt water at this end and we would have to purchase our fresh water.

Dan: Ok, now the water in James Bay is practically fresh water. There is very little salt in there and it would probably cost at least a trillion U.S. dollars to build it and...

S: But Canada is planning to do this.

Dan: Well I don't think that we could afford to do that. We are talking at least, this is about 150 kilometers across at least.

S: I have the plan. I have the plan. I know exactly about the cost.

D: But Shelley, what do you mean you have the plan?

S: Well there is a map showing exactly where this Grand Canal will be built. I have a copy of that.

Dan: Ok, you may have this, but I think it is in somebody's deluded mind that they can realistically do this.

S: Well then you should be speaking to Simon Reeseman because he was the one selling the idea.

Dan: Well, fine. He may try to sell an absurd idea. Anybody can do that but what is driving me crazy is that this is a typical Canadian attitude that my God, we have these resources, let's keep them in the ground forever. Let's not sell them.

D: But, Dan, despite your agreement or disagreement about the sale of water, that really is secondary. It is whether or not you and I were told the truth about what's in the Free Trade Agreement.

Dan: Now, that's the only thing that bothers me. But, everything really sounds so absurd if it was totally true.

S: That's why they have labeled those negotiations a threat to Canada's national security, is because what they have done is absolute treason.

Dan: By disguising documents, I would agree.

D: Thank you for your suspicions because we should be suspicious of what Shelley Ann is telling us, but based upon everything you've said so far, it's impossible for us to verify one way or other. You were inside, we weren't, and that's the story. Larry, go ahead.

Larry: Shelley Ann, first of all, I think you are a very brave person and the epitome of a patriot. I'm wondering, on the Access To Information Act, when you say that 95% would be declared for national security, is there any way to expedite it so that you could re-list it to them and have it made available for the court's eyes only? Surely, the judges are...

S: The judges are Mulroney appointed judges, most of them.

Larry: Surely they can't say the judges are a threat to our national security, and thereby they could look at it. We wouldn't have to or you wouldn't have to. If I were a judge and they refused to let me look at it, I would be pretty upset.

S: Well, somebody would have to take this to court to demand that the judges take a look.

D: Based on that, who would you trust to look at it?

S: Exactly; there is no one I would trust to look at it.

Larry: But, in order to get the cannisters out, you are going to have to go through the courts to do it.

S: Exactly, but can you imagine the sums of money it would take from me to take this to court! I don't have that kind of money to take it to court myself and that's why I have been appealing, even though I could be appealing to the wrong government to do something about it. If the Chretien government refuses to do anything about this, it should tell Canadians where they stand because if I did not ask them you would never know where the Chretien government stands.

D: Thank you, Larry. What about the other side of the deal, the American side? Are they as secretive, have they done the same thing to states and to other people?

S: Well, I was told by some people in my writing, some researchers that have gone into Washington to try, when I first brought out the story, to try and locate some documents, thinking that there they would find something but, they did not. They've been just as secretive.

D: So is there then a public version and the real version in the U.S.?

S: That's correct.

D: Nancy, go ahead. This was related to me by these researchers that went down to Washington.

Nancy: I will but please don't cut me off because I've got some juicy information about this too. I really appreciate what Shelley Ann is doing. We were working with David Orcheck against the Free Trade Agreement and the little version that Mulroney was dragging around during the campaign was just for the public. The other is supposed to be a secret one. Now I have one of these and you know what I heard ...

D: You have one of what?

Nancy: The Free Trade Agreement. The original one, the good one and the short one, too.

D: Ok.

Nancy: But you see, when the fellow was talking with Mr. Chretien, Mr. Chretien demanded he see some revision of, you know, NAFTA, but the American guy on TV said, "No. Everything's good". And I knew why, because this about the water is what Chretien was worried about. It didn't have to be in NAFTA because it is in the Free Trade Agreement. It was made and I've got that in my book. It says Canadians are obliged to provide U.S.A. with water, ice, and snow. I wish they'd come and take it today from Edmonton. They are sup-posed to provide it and even at the same cost or even lower than the Canadians.

D: Ok, but the people who interpreted that would say that's bottled water. That's not free-flowing rivers.

S: That's not free-flowing, that's correct. That is bottled water.

Nancy: Why snow? Why snow?

S: Because that can be self-contained.

Nancy: I see, but, anyway I took this out when Mr. Mulroney didn't know about it. I duplicated that and I wrote to him. I wrote a letter. It applies to the energy as well. Even if the United States got into war, Canada is supposed to provide energy for them even if it is short in Canada.

S: That is part two because the energy chapter was only included on the famous weekend of October 2-3, 1987. Before then they were refusing to include it as a separate chapter.

D: But Nancy, you've got the NAFTA agreement, North American Free Trade, not the original Free Trade?

Nancy: No, I haven't got that one. But I'll tell you what I did. I duplicated copies and I sent copies about this energy to Mr. Chretien, personal, I wrote. I sent it to Paul Martin, the Finance Minister. I sent it to Mr. Manning and the leader of the Party of the Reform Party,

all four of them and months ago, and now on the first one I hear that Mr. Mulroney's government accepted the Free Trade Agreement as is, God have mercy on us.

D: No response from anybody, no response from any of the leaders of the party?

Nancy: No response from any of them.

S: I believe her! I believe her!

D: Nancy, thanks.

Nancy: You're doing an awful good job and we'll protect you 100%.

S: Well, thank you very much.

D: Shelley Ann Clark is my guest. We are talking to you about the Free Trade Agreement and what Shelley Ann has seen going on behind the scenes. We're back with your calls after this quick break on the Alberta Talknetwork.

D: Good afternoon. I'm Dave Rutherford on the Alberta Talknetwork. My guest is Shelley Ann Clark who has a story of incredible intrigue, subversion, a conspiracy theory. Shelley Ann, the people who'd know about this must be quite extensive on the inside of the core of power. You're the only leak, is that it?

S: Yes, that's correct. I'm the only leak.

D: Shelley Ann, to be perfectly blunt, I don't know why you are allowed to walk around.

S: I don't know, either, except that there must be people who are against it and I am convinced that certain things were done in order to put me in a position that I would indeed leak the information for them.

D: Alright. The conspiracy is even broader then. There are those working behind the scenes controlling you as you leak the information, in opposition to those behind the scenes who are controlling the other side.

S: One is assuming that I have been put in position to do such a thing and that's why nothing has been done to me. You have to assume that there are many who have found out about this that wanted it out. That I was the person to do it, because there has to be a reason why nothing has happened.

D: Yes, there does have to be a reason. Stan, hi! Good afternoon.

Stan: Good afternoon. Very, very interesting. I've studied things like this now for a number of years. I was wondering if Shelley Ann could tell the people of Alberta who actually controls the government. We always assume that the people vote the politicians into power and that they're the ones that control what's going on but in her position she actually knows that it's big money, it's business, the shadow government that controls the politicians. If she could just kind of maybe enlighten the Albertans about that?

S: Yes. The government, whatever government is in power is controlled. We will take the Conservatives and the Liberals as an example, that they are both being funded by the same bankers. The leaders are being controlled by the same bankers. They are funded, there is a funding for the PCs [Progressive Conservative Party, also called Conservatives and the PCs] and the Liberals and all the funds are being provided by the same people.

D: But you're saying this is not money that is obviously reported to anybody.

S: No, this is secret money and by having that kind of control they are able, they pull the strings like it's the leaders' republic, they tell them what they want and what to do.

D: Alright, Stan, thanks for questioning. I have to move along to one more quick call. I know our time is short. It goes by so quickly. Barbara, hi!

Barbara: I wanted to thank you, Dave, for having this program. I also wanted to thank Shelley Ann. She must be a very brave and courageous lady.

D: This is Barbara Baxter, Council of Canadians. Barbara, Good afternoon.

Barbara: And what Shelley Ann is saying fits with much of what we know about the Free Trade Agreement, and as I understand, of course I didn't hear the whole program, but what she is really saying is, "Don't take my word for it but have it checked out".

D: But even checking, though, we're not going to find out anything, Shelley Ann, are we?

S: No, not unless those cannisters are opened. I can't believe that the documents that I saw are not somewhere. They must be.

Barbara: Or there should be other people who could verify that they saw what you saw.

S: See, there is already one person who saw it in the transfer of the files to the archives. That's from sources without a name.

Barbara: Of course, I didn't hear everything that you and Dave discussed earlier. Have you written a book?

S: Well, two people are writing a book. There is a journalist from Montreal and one right here in Ottawa that are writing a book and someone else is coming forth from Montreal, a producer who is thinking of a movie.

D: (Chuckle) I don't want to see the movie. Barbara, when I know about it I will tell you and I'll tell everybody on the air. Thank you very much, Barbara.

Barbara: I wanted to add one thing that I know in talking to Dennis Mills, who is an MP [Member of Parliament] from Toronto, is that he has a copy of a 600 page thesis written by Crayton Yoiter, who was the American chief negotiator, Reeseman's counterpart, describing how water could be re-diverted within North America.

D: Barbara, thanks for the call. Shelley Ann, do you have to go, or can you stay for a little bit?

S: Shelley Ann, I can stay for a little bit, no problem.

D: I'm overtime now. I have to go to a newsbreak across the province but I'm going to come back with you. Shelley Ann Clark, my guest, if you want to talk to her. I'm going to keep her for the next few minutes because it's an incredibly interesting topic. David Cox, the Canadian Center for Global Security on Bosnia, also standing by and we'll get to him briefly. * * * Good afternoon, I'm Dave Rutherford on the Alberta Talknetwork. My guest is Shelley Ann Clark and we are going to continue our discussion with Shelley Ann past the time we had allotted because of the incredible interest expressed by you, obviously, and by all Canadians in what's going on. My scheduled guest, David Cox, the Canadian Center for Global Security. We are going to be talking about our peace-keeping efforts in Bosnia and it's time to get us out of there. We just have to come home. We'll talk to David Cox in just a few minutes. But, I do want to give you some more time to talk to Shelley Ann Clark about her story. Let's go to Peter. Thanks for waiting, Peter, go ahead.

Peter: Hi! First of all, congratulations! You are doing much more than what any soldier could do in the very front line of a war. You are jeopardizing not only your life like the soldier, but also your family. You are really, truly a super Canadian citizen. God bless you! Your forecast is very very true. I've been saying this for ages. The States want Canada more than anything. And if Quebec is broken and the rest of Canada is separated, etc., Canada is a wounded and an easy prey. Water deprivation disaster will finish Canada in no time and it is happening with our gas. Look: we are sitting on gas and we are paying twice as much for the damn thing as what U.S. citizens do.

S: That's correct.

D: Yeah, but we are in contracts that we apparently control that price, though, in the delivery of that natural gas.

Peter: We are being told to get rid of it by the bankers. It's all arranged. It's George Orwell. The Indians are being killed already in Mexico and it will be just a short while that the war,

I wouldn't call it free trade, I'd call it slave trade.

D: One of the difficulties of the name of it, it should not be called free trade, but anyway, you say it's slave trade, Peter...

Peter: But regardless whether we agree or not, we can't resist. It's not even whether we agree or disagree on the free trade. The point is that there were gross injustices happening and unless we can somehow reveal this in front of the world, not only to Canada and the States but the whole world, the U.N., we are dead ducks! I came to Canada 40 years back believing in freedom, in justice, and liberty but George Orwell is doing it all. He stole it all.

D: Shelley Ann, listen, what is happening and Peter is maybe on the leading edge of that, it's this belief that the entire country, the world being run by this grand conspiracy. We've resigned ourselves to the fact that the bankers are running the world. Have we given up, if we succumb to that kind of thinking?

S: Yes. We have given up if we stop doing anything about it. If you keep living with the illusion that you are under control and that we are under control, then you are giving up.

D: But is it that grand, is it that immense, is it that broad?

S: I can only speak for what I know because I've only seen what's happening here in Canada and I can only assume that the same thing is happening elsewhere, in Europe, etc, etc. Whether it is a worldwide scheme, I have no way of knowing and I wouldn't even want to pronounce myself on that but I do know that we used to have freedom here in this country, freedom of the press, freedom of choice and that is something that we no longer possess.

D: How do we know that? How do we know we had freedom, I mean, at some point this conspiracy began. I'm sure it's long...

S: Oh, I mean, there's been corruption going on in politics for hundreds of years, sure, but it never has controlled our freedom to the extent that it does now. I remember in the '80s I was the executive assistant to Doris Anderson, who was the president of the Status of Women and she and I uncovered a major story with one of our Liberal ministers and certainly the freedom of the press was existing because at that time, Doris Anderson and I were in every major television station and newspaper in the country for eighteen months solid. Nothing was hidden from Canadians. I believe that there was more freedom at that time.

D: Ok. Joanna, go ahead.

Joanna: I think my question might have been answered. I was going to ask if past Prime Ministers like Pierre Elliott Trudeau were controlled to this extent and if the populist elected Prime Minister, maybe like Manning or someone, in the future would be controlled also if they were elected by a populist movement?

S: From what I know I would say that with Trudeau it was to a certain extent but with Manning it would be the same as it is with... His hands would be tied.

D: Well, don't take that as gospel, Joanna. That's an assumption.

Joanna: That's right. I just wanted an opinion.

D: George, go ahead. Hi, George. (No answer.) Let's try this one.

Ken, go ahead.

Ken: Yes, hello Dave. Thanks for having Shelley on this afternoon. I'm stunned at what she's revealed here. Shelley, I'm wondering whether this disclosure document is going to be made available publicly by you?

S: Yes, it has certainly gone public and anyone who wishes to have it can certainly have it to confirm what I'm saying, that indeed the disclosure was made in 1988.

Ken: And where can it be accessed from?

S: By simply writing to me.

D: Well, I guess if people want to do that, Shelley Ann, we are not here to promote your book or your potential movie but tell us where to write anyway.

S: You can write to...

D: Do you want to put it on the radio?

S: Yes. The Canadian Institute for Political Integrity, P. 0. Box 1634, Station B, Kax, Quebec K8X 3XF

D: I have the address here so if the caller misses it I have it.

Ken: Dave, one last question. It is obvious that this story needs greater circulation and exposure. Is the Talknetwork planning to make a tape and a transcript of this interview available?

D: Tapes and transcripts are something that we really haven't gotten into in a large way yet. It is an expensive process to distribute transcripts and tapes so the short answer is, no, we don't have them available. The procedure itself, though, is always being examined as to whether we will do it but, no we won't be making them available.

Ken: Sorry to hear that.

D: Yes, so am I but it is such a labor-intensive costly business to do it that we haven't got the resources at the moment to do it unless we can find somebody that's in the business doing it cheap but I don't know. But thank you.

Ken: Maybe things will change with this story.

D: One more break. Thank you for staying with us, Shelley Ann. * * * Good afternoon. I'm Dave Rutherford on the Alberta Talknetwork and my guest is Shelley Ann Clark. We're talking about the free trade charade as it has been billboarded in one publication called THE MIRROR which we have. What town is that from, is that from Ottawa?

S: No, that's in Montreal.

D: That story about you in August is what I'm referring to. Let's go back to our calls, Shelley Ann. Leticia, go ahead.

Leticia: Hi there, Shelley Ann. I have to congratulate you on bringing this. For those people who are probably a little bit skeptical about how any of this happens, there is a more recent author who wrote a book, CAPTAINS AND KINGS by Taylor Caldwell. I think if people read this they would find they have far more insight as to the major conspiracy that Shelley Ann is talking about and thank you so much for bringing this out.

D: Alright, thanks Leticia. Let's go to George. Are you there?

George: Yes, I agree with what the callers have all said that, Shelley Ann, it is a tremendously brave thing you are doing. I can't believe and yet I can because you are probably aware of the crusading that Glen Keeley does against this very thing too. He was in Edmonton a while back and we heard a lecture and he revealed some of the things you are telling us at that lecture.

S: Yes, because as a matter of fact he was asked to market the Grand Canal Project at the time that it was brought forth. So, I am very well aware of Mr. Keeley's...

George: He reiterated the importance of Quebec being removed from the confederation so that the James Bay water would be much more easy to negotiate through Dontel.

D: For those of you who are interested, Glen Keeley is going to be on my program next week, so, we will talk to him then.

George: A lot of the people who were at that meeting poohooed it as being crackpot, you know, but look how politics have unfolded.

S: Hey, that's why I have been able to confirm that what he has said is accurate.

George: Oh, I'm sure it is. But it's one thing that bothers me, Shelley Ann, that shouldn't bother me knowing the capabilities of some of these elected politicians we have, how could a man like Mulroney do what he did in full knowledge of what he is doing, what does it take to commit treason? What is the definition of treason?

S: A stream of money, I would say.

George: Well, I suppose we are all--Glen Keeley also told us about the homes that Mulroney owns and how did he get the money to own these homes, the beautiful home in Florida.

S: Exactly, because where he began it would be absolutely impossible.

George: He couldn't do it with the money he earned. No, we know that. Does anyone actually know 55 O'Conner Street? I think it's 50 O'Conner Street in Hull, Quebec and the goings on in that place?

D: What is that?

George: That's where a lot of government offices are. That's where a lot of the contractors are domiciled. That's also where the BCCI bank was that was revolving money that was going to Luxembourg. He told us all this stuff. Nobody believed anything he told us.

D: Alright, George, we've got to thank you. Let's go to Mike.

Mike: Hey, Dave. I'd like to ask your guest one question pertaining to the Free Trade the original, the first one. What about the six-month clause that we can get out of the deal if it is not to our satisfaction?

D: Alright, Shelley Ann, what about the six-month clause?

S: That clause expires this month and that's why I've been pushing so hard to see if the Liberals would do anything about it.

D: But, it expires this month. It was a five-year duration and it's over this month?

S: That's right, at the end of the month, to my recollection.

D: So there is no more out, from the Free Trade Agreement.

S: Yes, if it goes beyond the end of January, that's correct.

D: I don't know if the five-year time limit was as well known as you say it is. You know, I don't know if we knew it was expiring in five years. We thought it was always in existence.

S: No, there is an expiring date to that, which is January 30, 1994.

D: Jerry, hi, go ahead.

Jerry: Hi, Dave, how are you?

D: Well, I don't know yet.

Jerry: Thanks for extending the program. I only have a couple of things I want to say. Shelley Ann, I want to ask you one quick question. Is this type of documentation and stuff you are talking about here, is it available to all the Members of Parliament?

S: What documentation exactly are you talking about?

D: You mean the original one, the real one?

Jerry: Yeah.

S: Well, the real version...

Jerry: Wouldn't the opposition have had a chance to see this?

S: No. I would have to say "no" because I'm sure that even within the Mulroney ranks there would have been desertion.

Jerry: I guess, Shelley, I hope you don't mind me being skeptical. I’m not going to call you a dishonest person or anything like that and credibility is one that I've got to say the whole story is lacking a little bit of credibility because you don't have the evidence and I understand that so I think you are very articulate and well educated; I believe in you. I'd like to mention this to you and the rest of the listeners that I did stop by Grant Hill's, my MP, and I told him to tune in and I believe with the Reform Party being as strong as it is now in the government and I’ve also made a call to Preston Manning and I'd like the rest of the callers in Alberta to do the same thing. Phone your MP and demand them to research it and get to the answers.

S: I agree completely and I thank you for doing that.

Jerry: Ok. As the people of Canada, this is what these people are there for and if the pressure is put on the Reform Party--I believe in the Reform, I voted for them and they've got to get this thing out in the open.

S: There was certainly belief in me at the all-candidate meeting this past election. There were a lot of Reform people that came up to me and had no shadow-of-a-doubt about what I was saying.

Jerry: I hope Preston gives you a call. I asked him to, and I also asked Grant Hill to give you a call.

D: Jerry, that's a good note to end it on. Your right about going to your MP. That's the way to go even though I think that Shelley Ann, I think, is on the other side of the spectrum.

D: Ok, Shelley Ann. Thank you for being here. It has been a compelling story and, you know, I hope it's not true.

S: Yes, well, there are a lot of people--I hope that it has disappeared somewhere and can't be reinforced but I'm afraid that is not the case.

D: And Shelley Ann, we will keep track of you and will talk to you very soon.

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout time, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in time to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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