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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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RE: SENATE REPORT NO. 93-549, Etc. by John B. Nelson


TUE., APR. 19, 1994


PUBLIC LAW 94-564-OCT. 19, 1976 94th CONGRESS


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Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 17 by Rodney Stich








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Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 18 by Rodney Stich



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Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 19 by Rodney Stich























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THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 6 by Ronn Jackson (060220)



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MON., APR. 23, 1994


THE DEATH OF CAMELOT Part 7 By Ronn Jackson


THE DEATH OF CAMELOT Part 8 By Ronn Jackson



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THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 9 By Ronn Jackson


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THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 10 by Ronn Jackson

THE HOOVER FILES (BOOK V) Excerpt KE 001--003



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WED., APR. 27, 1994

THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 11 by Ronn Jackson

THE DEATH OF CAMELOT, Part 12 by Ronn Jackson


I am unable to do other than thank writers for contributions and sharing of such critical and eye-popping information. As will be found in this issue we especially thank and honor:




Please obtain their material "if you can". We are going to assist them in every way we can but you must do your homework as citizens of this world.

Editor's note: Ronn Jackson's book is not yet published as of this writing; Gary Wean's book has been confiscated and is not presently available. FINAL JUDGMENT, The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, is by Michael Collins Piper. To purchase a copy, you will have to either contact the publisher directly, OR purchase it from Liberty Library.

The publisher is: The Wolfe Press, Washington, D.C.

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MON., MAY 2, 1994 8:50 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 259

MON., MAY 2. 1994


I am going to waste no time in blatherings this morning as too much is transpiring to attend the time required for more than brief personal comments.

Recently we have shared information regarding the crime scene in Russia and it comes to my attention that more and more is being seen in your American press regarding such crime. Is it accurate? Well, you have to know about YOUR PRESS and then assume SOME OF IT may be quite accurate. However, as long as you have some members of the journalistic crew of the Associated Press who print total lies to "set people up" as in the Ekker, Phoenix Institute for Research & Education and myself, in the case of the Institute vs. George Green in Nevada, you can't depend on any representation from that resource. However, this article which will now be offered seems to cover a lot of confirmations so we will present it here that you might see things are coming to the surface.

This particular printing comes from ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, Thursday, April 2l, 1994:

By David Briscoe, The Associated Press


WASHINGTON--Organized criminals, from Russia, China and Africa are forging ties with old European and Latin American crime groups to threaten national economies and world security, the CIA director told Congress on Wednesday (April 20, 1994).

R. James Woolsey said a Russian "criminal politburo" could emerge as a powerful adversary with the network and resources to deal in nuclear warheads, while violent drug traffickers and other criminal groups are spreading and coordinating activities throughout the world. [H: Please realize that this is coming forth AND IS VERY IMPORTANT, READERS. This is actually saying that there is a FACTION which is now in competition with that which has been totally controlled by the "COMMITTEES" of power up to this point and now is setting up even stronger "arms" against the traditional power-brokers. You are simply witnessing a rising-up of one of the "Titans" of power who will be confronting the other "Titanic" powers that already "be". It is for this focus and confirmation of that which we have brought you prior to this that causes me to choose to offer this bit of press.]

Woolsey was the first witness in a two-day series of Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearings on what panel chairman Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., said is an "invisible enemy" with vast armies and wealth.

"Its agents have infiltrated tens of thousands of communities on every continent, selling narcotics and deadly weapons of war, gathering intelligence, building networks of influence and power," Kerry said.

Assistant Attorney General Jo Ann Harris, also testifying at the hearing, had harsh words for Colombian Prosecutor General Gustavo de Greiff, who has called for decriminalization of drug offenses. [H: Herein let it be noted that by power and control prior to now--there has not been any power great enough to break into the hold on these crime profits by the Committee of 300 and greater powers. These committees have had TOTAL "legal" reign over such trafficking and cornering of the massive wealth of these crime trades.]

His policies, disavowed by Colombian President Cesar Gaviria, "will result in only minimum sentences upon some of the world's major narcotics traffickers, permitting their organizations to remain intact and their enormous fortunes untouched," Harris said.

She also said that Panama, despite the U.S. conviction of former leader Manuel Noriega, "remains a jurisdiction of choice for the deposit, transfer and shipment of illegally derived monies." [H: This fact alone PROVES what we have told you about the REAL REASONS for your U.S. invasion of Panama and the involvement of your own Administration and Elite. It had nothing to do with goodness, honor or human anything--it was a political armed invasion to protect your leaders and government from losses in the drug trafficking and money laundering.]

Robert Gelbard, assistant secretary of state for narcotics matters, said organized crime is "more serious than we had assumed... We see alarming trends."

Woolsey said the CIA in the post-Cold War era is giving increased attention to the ties among international criminal groups.

Russian crime syndicates have forged ties with both Italian and Colombian criminal operations, with the Russians providing security for drug trafficking networks, he said.

Nigerian criminal enterprises also play a major role in drug trafficking, with 35 to 40 percent of all heroin entering the United States carried in by Nigerians, Woolsey said. Nigerian groups also are involved in carrying South American cocaine to Europe, he said.

Chinese crime groups, called triads, span international boundaries, too, and operate "a host of criminal enterprises" wherever there are sizeable ethnic Chinese communities.

Speaking of all international crime groups, Woolsey said, "We need to understand the complex interplay between their illegal activities, their efforts to forge international criminal links, their money laundering schemes and their impact on local and even national and regional stability."

North America remains the dominant market for South American cocaine, he said, but Colombian traffickers are expanding into Europe, with 11 metric tons seized in Europe al-ready this year, compared to 16 metric tons for all of last year.

Burma remains the leading exporter of opium, accounting for 70 percent of the world market, he said, and half of the refined heroin in the United States comes from Southeast Asia.

Much of Woolsey's testimony focused on the growing threat of organized criminals in Russia. He said they often are tied to corrupt government officials.

He said there are 5,700 organized crime groups in Russia, with about 200 large, sophisticated organizations. Their payoffs have caused widespread corruption among government, police and military officials, and up to 80 percent of privatized enterprises have been victims of extortion, he said.

Russian criminal groups deal in narcotics, antiques, icons, raw materials, stolen vehicles, illegal immigrants, weapons and some nuclear materials. The CIA has not seen significant quantities of weapons-grade materials being smuggled out of the country, Woolsey said, although the danger is growing, and there have been reports of thefts of low-grade nuclear materials.

* * *

I ask you to go back, now, and REREAD this information. IT IS A RUNDOWN OF EVERYTHING BEING DONE BY YOUR GOVERNMENT, ADMINISTRATION AND CIA. THIS IS A FULL TURN-ABOUT TO PRESENT THE EXACT THING BEING DONE WHILE DISTRACTING YOU TO BELIEVE ALL YOUR PEOPLE ARE INNOCENT AND ALL THE "BAD-GUYS" ARE RISING. AS A MATTER OF FACT, NIGERIA'S ACTIVITIES ARE CONTROLLED BY THE KGB AND CIA. I think you had best take this and turn it about and you will see the hard-ditch efforts to cast blame elsewhere as more and more and more corruption comes to the public attention!

Pay close attention these immediate days to see WHEN Bentsen of Treasury is to be on Larry King Live!

May GOD allow you insight and may you awaken in time to PAY ATTENTION!

Gyeorgos C. Hatonn


Phoenix Project



THU., APR. 14, 1994 2:24 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 241

THU., APR. 14. 1994


Why this heading? Because I am asked continually, "How many topics can you have going at once, Commander?" It is through integration of all of the topics we cover that you will find the players who control your lives. We add authors to our presentation list, not by the sequence in which information arrives, but as the next segment relates. To enter a new author into the picture may seem a bit much at the moment but you will see how it all fits into the tapestry. It is time to move to the West Coast of the U.S. to pick up some more key players and remind you about the SLO connections. Some of the very highest level players are puddled on the West Coast. Well, at least they come to the West Coast as necessary.

So who is sharing with us now? A man who KNOWS! He has supplied us with a copy of his work called THERE'S A FISH IN THE COURTHOUSE. His author tag is identified as G.L. Wean. He has been sharing with us for many months but it is just now time to begin to publish his overall information. He needs a lot of protection as the heat is turned up on ALL of our information-bringers.

You will all remember Ray Renick. Cover him in your prayers, please, for he is not doing well. He is still in incarceration and now it is worse--they are giving him drugs continually to alter his mind function. The best thing we can do to help him is to offer backup for the information he has already shared with us so that the adversary KNOWS that the truth is already out there and destruction of the persons in point is not WISE.

Will this be about all of the all-going-at-once volumes? Nope, we have at least two more insiders. One is called John Doe and the other we won't even give initials since he is in hiding, under protection--right now as we write. I am going to leave the daily updates to Rick Martin and Brent Moorhead for the hotline and updates. You are stuck again, readers, with long, long papers for as long as we can stay in print and mailing costs. This is, EVERY BIT, so important that we simply cannot reduce this output for convenience or otherwise. Neither can I keep the "amount" of writing restricted to Dharma in some instances to "measure" the amount of information we feel you can handle because we need, from time to time, to offer Soltec's input and other pertinent information, tapings and materials. Rick's newsdesk can't even begin to touch the piles of pertinent information but we will do that which we can. Please keep up with the hotline [1-805-822-0202] because the economy is moving and changing also as we write. You are at war--it is no ACCIDENT that your own planes shot down the two so-marked, large choppers in Iraq today--YOU ARE AT WAR!

The whole scenario reminds me of the anti-Jewish paper flyers which have been placed in several Los Angeles schools. Readers--the ADL produced the papers and paid to have them placed there--for attention and to raise trouble to accompany the thrust with Spielberg's movie. It is exactly the SAME thing they did by desecrating their own cemeteries and blaming the "anti-Semites". This is SICK and you are all sucked in--and, I remind you that Israel has F-15s and 16s and THEY were the first to bomb Iraq in your last "Gulf War". There were some very important persons on those helicopters that were destroyed today. There is great SHAME upon America this day!

by G.L. Wean


A multi-billion dollar master-plot by a veiled group of local politicians and financiers to defraud the people was about to be exposed. Their indictment through a secret investigation by the Ventura County Grand Jury was imminent.

Treachery by a member of the Grand Jury brought swift orders from the presiding judge of the Superior Court to kill the investigation.

The judge's evil command to subvert the due process of law triggered a succession of murderous, treasonous events: a trail that led to the highest offices of the land....


Evil men and their
total destruction!

[H: This is a TRUE STORY but is written in the same format as that style of Ronn Jackson--as a story and not a factual "listing" of events. I'm sure you will find it as enjoyable in the reading and the realization of the truth of it will hit you as "incredibly" as have the other presentations. Dharma, you will just bear with us please as I know you are totally wiped out from all the writing--but we are doing important work here.]


MURDER!! The paper's headline blared large and black, "BARTENDER MURDERED", Merle Harter, night bartender at the Captain's Table killed...knifed many times and left lying in a pool of blood behind the bar....

There weren't too many murders occurring in the beautiful city of San Buenaventura by the sea, but even so I did not read the entire story because it did not appear to be much different from what was happening every day a little farther south along the coast in the metropolis of Los Angeles.

One thing did pass through my mind...that the police would most likely come up with a suspect and I would get the task of investigating to prove that the suspect was innocent. Since September of 1966, I had been the Chief Investigator for the Office of Public Defender for Ventura County, a new department which had just been formed by the supervisors of the county. After a lot of thought the local politicians had come to the conclusion that it would be far more economical to create the county department of Public Defender than to have the judges appointing private attorneys to represent indigent people. There was a belief that maybe the court was playing favorites in the selection of certain attorneys and law firms and possibly these lawyers were conducting far too many unnecessary courtroom appearances in behalf of their clients. Each separate appearance called for higher fees and expenses.

This would not be the first murder case that I had been involved in through the years, but it sure as hell was destined to be one of the most involved and far-reaching cases to me personally...changing my whole existence and future.

Our offices were on the third floor of a newer building which had been constructed behind the old courthouse. The original and more elaborate building was situated on a site overlooking the older section of Ventura. Walking out the massive front doors you looked down California Street, on across Main to the white sands of the beach and the blue ocean and sky. Usually a fat oil tanker lay anchored out beyond the fishing pier. Indeed, this beautiful view met your eyes as you left the front doors of the stately old courthouse. At least it did before the purveyors of cement and steel decided to build their master-size freeway including exits and on ramps at the foot of California Street. All this within several hundred feet of the white sand and blue ocean. Now all you could see were Greyhound busses and huge smoky trucks hauling their enormous loads of merchandise between San Francisco and Los Angeles interspersed with the Volkswagens and Winnebagos. Progress, what would we do without it?

I parked the county car up on the hillside and walked down to the newer courthouse structure that housed our offices. I decided I would walk up the several flights of stairs thinking a little exercise wouldn't hurt. Starting up the second flight of stairs I heard somebody coming down. Looking up quickly I saw it was Woodruff J. Deem, the District Attorney. I gave a friendly "Hi," and he nodded as he kept going at a fast pace down the steps. I figured Woody was doing the same thing I was by trying to get a little workout. But knowing how he pushed himself with his duties, he probably just didn't have the patience to wait for the one and only elevator to arrive. Woody, as he was known to almost everybody, was of average height and had an athletic build. As I turned to watch him for a moment I noticed that he still had a butch haircut and thought, "Lord, why doesn't he get a new suit."

I had known Woody for a long time, having taken many criminal investigative files to him to read and issue complaints on while I was a Det. Sergeant with the Ventura Police Department and he'd been a Deputy. D.A. He was a shrewd lawyer, extremely fair while considering both sides of a case and whether or not there was sufficient evidence to warrant taking a defendant to court and trying to convict him. You would expect a knowing and extremely long, sharp look, if he felt that you, as the investigating officer had come up with a poor report.

I started on up the stairs while nursing the feeling that Woody didn't seem quite so friendly since I was with the Public Defender's office. On the other hand I had heard rumbles that there was a strong antagonistic feeling being nurtured among the staff of the Public Defender against the District Attorney--this in a loud, boisterous and quite profane manner by Richard E. Erwin, the lawyer who had been appointed to the position of Public Defender by the Board of Supervisors. In fact, Erwin had been appointed in a hurry and under pressure by the Board because the attorney they wanted for the position had decided at the last minute not to take the job. Unless the position was filled in a hurry the courts were going to start using court appointed attorneys and this would create considerable problems with funds and client's cases.

It was early afternoon yet and I could see several of the deputy Public Defenders standing in the large front office discussing their problem cases and hoping for advice and encouragement from their fellow attorneys. Beyond them was a desk where sat Claire Brotherton, the woman that Erwin had selected for his executive secretary. She was an average-height female with mousy blonde hair and apparently at the age where a woman starts getting unwanted bulges in fairly obvious places. She had placed her desk in a very strategic corner of the room where her eyes from behind a pair of powerful glasses could see every object, moving or otherwise, with one swift upward glance from her typewriter. I received one of these upward glances as I entered the main door, only she stared at me for what seemed like a longer period than she gave most individuals, and I was sure I detected a hostile gleam behind the glasses, along with the start of a sneer on her thin, tight lips. Just to the right of her desk was a door and gold letter on it announced, "Richard E. Erwin, Public Defender."

I was about to proceed to my left and go on back to my own office, but I could see Erwin standing inside his door and he was beckoning me to come in with a "right now" gesture of his arm. I changed directions to head for his office and Claire, sensing where I was heading, leaped from her swivel secretary's chair to intercept me before I could enter the sacred chambers. The heavy chair banged loudly against some metal files behind her, and the attorneys who were engrossed in their conversation became suddenly still and turned to observe what was taking place. I speeded up as fast as I could and still not appear that I was running--I passed through the door of the sanctum one breath ahead of Claire. Erwin stood in the middle of his office staring at our maneuvers and I turned to see Claire standing in the doorway holding a bunch of papers--the blood had drained from her face leaving her very pale. This time I could see her hatred glaring at me with no thought of concealment. I had to wonder why she felt like this toward me because I had never tried to be anything but polite and helpful to her as we had struggled to organize the new office of Public Defender.

I was brought back to the present by a loud rasping voice saying, "Sit down, I want to talk to you!" I sat down on the couch and looked at the owner of the voice. Richard E. Erwin was a tall, thin man with graying hair and he combed it in a conventional man's manner except for a strange curly-cue in the front. He was standing there staring out of the window with a paper clip in his hand. He had opened one end of the clip, with the loop end he probed into his right ear, quite fiercely and with an extraordinary depth. Shortly he removed the clip from his head and stepped closer to the window where the sun was brighter. He examined the results of his probe on the loop end of the clip. I thought, what in hell can he be looking at because from that distance I couldn't see anything on the end of the clip. I was feeling squeamish when he suddenly threw the clip in the trash basket and sat down. He said, "I want you to do some-thing for me. I am just getting settled in my new house out in the east end of Ventura and my flowers and grass are coming up beautifully."

I figured I was going to get roped into some kind of a gardening project. A couple of months before I had been invited out to his house for lunch, he wanted me to see what a beautiful location he had picked. It was very nice and was in a cul-de-sac along with six or seven other homes. As I stood on the sidewalk looking at the scenery I heard a powerful truck turning the corner. I saw that it was a large furniture van that had just pulled up in front of Erwin's house. We had a lunch served by Mrs. Erwin, and I finished the afternoon helping to carry five rooms of furniture to upstairs bedrooms. "Yeah! My flowers and grass were coming up beautifully until the people started moving into the other houses. Everyone of those bastards must have at least ten shit-assed little kids and their mothers send every one of them outside to play in my yard. They are killing all my grass and flowers--you have to do something about it. You used to be on the Ventura Police Department and you have friends over there. Get hold of some of your buddies and have them go up there in black and white cars and harass those people, pick up those little bastards, take them over to juvenile hall and make their parents come to the hall to get them."

I noticed that he was really serious and getting madder by the minute as his face was now dark red and his small black eyes flashed behind his gold-rimmed glasses. I could see Claire's shadow on the floor in front of the door and I realized she must be out there listening to every word. I reached over and pushed the door shut. The whole conversation was making me nervous and I was feeling a slight touch of anger when I said, "Christ! Mr. Erwin, I can't go ask men on the Police Department to do things like this--first of all they would think I was nuts, and second, they wouldn't do it anyway. Besides, now I am working for the Public Defender and as well as I know them and they like me, they still don't trust our motives. It's like being friends with a soldier from another country, but your countries are about to declare war on each other." He stood up straight and stared at me. "Alright, goddamn it! Then you take one of our cars with the county emblem on it and go up there in the cul-de-sac and sit there and watch them--maybe they will think you are from the sheriff's office." I was anxious to leave his office and assured him I would do something about his neighbors and their kids.

Retreating from his office I saw Claire behind her desk trying to give an impression of just a normal secretary doing her job.

I continued down the hall toward my own office. On my right were several cubicles which served as offices for the Deputy Public Defenders, and I could see that most of them had returned from their combat duties in the courtrooms and were relaxing in their shirt sleeves. John Russell was in his shirt sleeves, but he wasn't relaxing. He was talking to a young Mexican, trying to interview him and get facts relating to the bust the cops had put on him. John looked up as I passed and yelled "Hey, Gary, come in here for a minute. Meet Jesus Lopez." I looked at Jesus and said "Hi". Jesus just stared at me. John said, "Jesus has a problem and I would like for you to get a police report from Oxnard Police Department, if you will. Jesus tells me the police busted him for nothing. All he was doing was sitting on a dark street about midnight last night smooching with his chick when two cholos came running around the corner and threw a bunch of loot in the back seat of his Chevy and kept on running. About the same time two cops came running around the corner, opened the front door of his Chevy, jerked him out on the street and handcuffed him."

"Yeah, sure sounds like a bum beef. Listen Jesus," I said, "will your chick swear that you were just sitting there smooching and you didn't know anything about the two other guys?"

"Well... man, she wasn't actually there when it happened."

"What do you mean by she wasn't there? You said you were smooching when it happened."

"Naw man, she got mad and left just before the cholos came around the corner."

"You told me you were smooching with your chick when it happened and now you say she wasn't there."

Jesus tensed. "Hey, what's the matter man? You on my side or you one of those cops?"

"Alright, what kind of loot did they find in your car?" "Man, those dirty cops found a TV set, two stereo speakers and a bag of golf clubs."

I looked at John, "Okay, I'll get a police report for you first thing in the morning, but it sounds like you got a bigger problem than Jesus."

John Russell was one of the first attorneys hired by the Public Defender's office and I had investigated quite a few cases for him. I'd found him to be a fine and extremely able trial attorney. Along with a very analytical mind he had an amazing memory for statements which prosecution witnesses made on the stand while being questioned by the prosecuting attorney. Under John's patient cross-examination, if they were telling anything but the truth it was sure to come out in a manner quite devastating to the prosecution's case. The most important thing about him, I found to be, was his dedication to a client if he had determined that the client was indeed innocent. I knew that he spent many hours after getting home at night, studying the evidence, reading technical interpretations of law and preparing his defense for the next day in court.

Beyond John Russell's cubicle I passed into a large room which served as the Bureau of Investigation quarters. At this time there were two desks in the room besides my own and a large file cabinet behind my desk in which I kept investigative files. The only other piece of furniture was a table about six feet long and several hard backed chairs which we used for clients while interviewing them.

James Hronesh, one of the two investigators besides myself, was already at his desk talking on the telephone. He had his back to me and you could tell at first glance that he was quite husky, but when he stood up it seemed like he must have stretched himself to make the height requirements for the Police Department. Jim had been a Ventura Policeman when I first met him. When I was promoted to Detective Sergeant he worked as court officer in the mornings, taking all the misdemeanor prisoners who had been arrested overnight to court for arraignment. He would help me with investigations in the afternoon when his court duties were over. We both said "Hi" as he hung up the phone, picked up some papers and left the room heading for the attorney's offices to give them some information they had requested. As Chief Investigator I was the first investigator hired by Erwin; Glen Kuhn was hired a couple of months later. He was a Los Angeles Police Department officer but had to wait until he had all his time in to retire from L.A. before he could report to Ventura.

After a few phone calls to tie up some loose ends on a couple of minor cases I noticed that it was getting dark outside. When I looked down from the window I could see that the clock watchers were pouring out of the courthouse rear door into the parking lot and were wasting no time getting their cars down the driveway to Poli Street. Looking at my wristwatch it was thirty seconds after five p.m. Heading down the hall to the main entrance of our office I saw Paul Clinton standing by the door of his cubicle.

"Hi Paul, how did things go in court today?"

He nodded, "Well you know how it is--you do your best then you hope for the best." Paul and John Russell had both come to the Public Defender's office about the same time. Paul was an impressive individual, fairly tall and husky, with gray hair and a gray mustache that gave him an aura of distinguishment. Paul, like John, was also a very accomplished trial lawyer. He believed that a client should get the benefit of all the knowledge and effort that he could put forth.

"Paul, I see you've got a new sport coat, that Scottish plaid looks real sharp on you."

He smiled and entered his cubicle to wind up his day's work. Paul was the sharpest and most stylish dresser in the office and he looked the part of a competent attorney which he indeed was. I reached the main door of the office to leave and took a quick backward glance. A number of attorneys and office girls were also preparing to leave.

I saw that Glen Kuhn, the other investigator, had come in. He was sitting back against the wall next to Claire's desk and they were engaged in a private conversation. Kuhn was doing most of the talking. Claire's face was alternating in smiles and frowns in accordance with Kuhn's efforts to inform her of occurrences throughout the day that would surely be their own little secrets. I had noticed lately that this little scene between these two had been occurring with greater frequency, and going down the stairs I was beginning to wonder if this little tete-a-tete had anything to do with Claire's feelings towards me. I thought, no, it couldn't be anything that Glen was telling her.

Glen had called me numerous times and asked me for assurances that I wouldn't hire any other investigator before him and that he was doing everything he could to expedite his retirement with the Los Angeles Police Department so that he could report for duty in Ventura. I had assured Kuhn that Mr. Erwin and I would wait for his retirement and that he would be the next investigator hired. No, it couldn't be that Kuhn would try to undermine me with Claire after I had kept my promise to hire him.

The next morning I left my desk to go into the front office and pick up some crime reports I needed. Coming down the hall directly toward me was Erwin. "Hey, Gary, you're just the guy I was looking for." He lowered his voice to a more confidential tone and took a quick look around him. There was no one else in sight. "Here, take this piece of paper. It has a bunch of license plate numbers on it. I want you to get the owner's names and check them all out for criminal records."

The paper had eight license numbers scribbled haphazardly on both sides.

"Sure, I can check them out for you. Is it one of the cases I have been working on?"

"Christ no," he rasped, and his voice got back to its normal loud level. I could see that he was working himself up over something. "That rotten son-of-a-bitch next door to me is making my life miserable, and goddamn it, I've told you that I want you to do something. His name is Bruce Dodd, he's a bookmaker or narcotic peddler or something like that. He never works, just loafs around his place day and night. Last night there were cars all over the cul-de-sac, it looked like a bunch of hippies come up from Los Angeles to buy narcotics. So I got my dog on a leash and we walked around the houses. When no one was watching I wrote down those license plates."

"Mr. Erwin, if you are convinced this guy Dodd is really bad I'll talk to a detective friend on the Police Department and let them check it out."

"No, goddamn it! I want you to do it. And something else, that friggin Woody Deem is just as crooked as they come. You know Gilliam, the colored guy we just made a deal for and got him second degree murder...?"

I remembered Gilliam, a colored man that had been working in the lettuce fields in Oxnard. He had shot and killed another worker during a late hour argument in the barracks where they lived. Gilliam was a completely illiterate black man of low mentality. His past record disclosed that he had done a long stretch in the state penitentiary in Tennessee for murder. As he had put it, "I done bashed that black man's haid in with a baseball bat." It had happened so long ago that he couldn't even remember why he did it. Erwin always referred to Gilliam as the baseball player, which to him was exceedingly funny to liken our client to Jr. Gilliam, a major league baseball player who was also quite dexterous with a ball bat on the baseball diamond.

"I've told you guys a million times, Deem is in cahoots with a head shrinker up in Santa Barbara. Every time there is a killing Deem calls Dr. Battson down here to Ventura, the doctor talks to the suspect before anybody else does and gets him all screwed up. He then turns in a report to Deem with statements that the suspect made. There is hardly any way we can get around these statements and Deem beats us in court every time. We could have gotten the baseball player off on self defense if it hadn't been for that rotten head-shrinker."

"Well, how do you figure that makes Woody a crook? I have known him for a long time and there has never been even a whisper of such a thing about him. I know that he's very religious and he stands quite high in the Mormon Church."

The mention of Deem's standing with the Mormon's served to set Erwin off into a frenzy of profanity. He was getting louder as we continued this conversation in the hallway, but he suddenly seemed to control himself. Lowering his voice he said, "Woody never calls any doctors in Ventura. He always calls Dr. Battson from Santa Barbara. I know they have been splitting the money the Dr. gets from the County for interviewing the suspects and Woody gets the statements just the way he likes them. I want you to go to Santa Barbara and check this Doctor's past history, see if he is connected with Deem. I also want you to find out how high he is in the Mormon Church. I want to know which one of them is the big pooh-bah in the hierarchy--then I will know who is boss. You get on this right away."

"This puts me on the spot, Mr. Erwin. I have quite a few cases I am working right now and our attorneys need the information as soon as possible."

"Don't worry about them. They will get by one way or another. You just get going on this deal with Woody and Dr. Battson right away."

For several days I'd been doing my best to get some critical work out for the attorneys to assist them in their courtroom appearances. At the same time I avoided Erwin, who I was hoping had forgotten about his orders regarding the District Attorney, the doctor and also Mr. Dodd, his neighbor. I thought, Erwin must have some kind of super-sensitivity that tells him when I am in the hallway...here he comes heading right at me. I could see the look in his small black eyes behind the gold-rimmed glasses. It was a look such as a small child might have on his face when he catches sight of Santa Clause and is waiting for the magnificent gift to be handed to him. "What did you find out? Let me have it," he said.

Christ, how I wished I was some place else. "Mr. Erwin, I spent two whole days here and in Santa Barbara trying to tie Deem and Dr. Battson into something together. There just isn't anything that goes along with your information. In fact, Dr. Battson isn't even a Mormon." Though he was getting red in the face I figured I might as well give him the bad news about his neighbor, Mr. Dodd. "Your enemy moved to Ventura from up north around San Luis Obispo or Santa Maria where he was at one time a city councilman and a successful businessman with a good reputation. The car license numbers you gave me all checked out to be reliable citizens down in Los Angeles."

I could see by Erwin's face that my information was going over like a lead balloon. I knew that he had been waiting for his gift all wrapped up in beautiful Christmas paper. He was sure that it would contain all sorts of goodies that would incriminate Deem, the doctor and Mr. Dodd. The information would put them away in cold dark cells forever, where they could never bother him or his flowers again. His face got redder and his black eyes got smaller. His lips started to move, he said, "Damn it! You're a helluva investigator! You couldn't find anything if it was right in front of you."

I was real glad that he turned around and walked off before I could completely formulate the answer I wanted to give him. Things kind of quieted down with Erwin for the next couple of days. The few times I saw him from a distance he just sort of looked at me and then cast his eyes down at his hands where I could see he had a paper clip that had been opened on one end.

I had been at my desk for a while when I heard Hronesh coming into the investigators' room. My watch said 8:30 a.m. Some of the attorneys had been complaining to me that Jim had been doggin' it and wasn't making decent reports on the information they had requested. Now...here he was walking into the office a full half hour late. "Jim, what's with you being late all the time? Also, the attorneys are complaining about your piss-poor reports or complete lack of them."

Banging a briefcase down on his desk he said, "Shit! I've been up all night over at Erwin's house--me and Kuhn too."

"What in hell happened over there?"

"Right after dinner Erwin called me at home and told me to get over to his place quick, that he needed me. I jumped in my car and dashed over there, Kuhn had already arrived. It seemed Mrs. Erwin had assaulted Mrs. Dodd over the fence, the police had been called and Mrs. Dodd wanted to file a criminal complaint."

"Lord, how bad was it?"

"Oh hell! Mrs. Erwin turned her hose on Mrs. Dodd. For some reason the cops became peed-off at the whole damn affair and I couldn't talk them out of taking a report."

"What in the world was Erwin doing?"

"Everyone was arguing and the cops were coming in and out of the house and that silly son-of-a-bitch sat there playing the piano all through the whole scene. After the cops left, Erwin made Kuhn and me go out into his garage which is attached to the house, and sit in the dark watching the Dodd's place through the window."

"What in hell did he want you guys to watch for?"

"Damn if I know, but his silly-ass daughter kept coming out to the garage with black coffee to make sure we didn't go to sleep."

"Where's Kuhn now?"

"He called Claire and told her he was going to take a sick day off. Erwin told us we could take overtime for all the time we were there, but my wife is pretty sore about it."

"Hell! I've got work stacked up on my desk a foot high, the lawyers are screaming for help and Erwin is using you guys for bull-shit like this--and all you can do is cry about how mad your wife is." I put a pile of cases on his desk, "Here, damn it, get started."


* * *

I realize that you think this could move a bit faster--but Mr. Wean is laying the groundwork for you. Remember these are real people in real positions--and how do you begin to feel about THAT?

How would you feel if you were like Ray Renick and the only hope you had between life in prison, brain alteration and freedom--being innocent--was one like Erwin? Well, that is EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS--RIGHT IN VENTURA-SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY WHERE RAY IS!! Justice system? All you really have, dear readers, is a SYSTEM and it should scare the living daylights out of you. The players get VERY BIG in these counties in California, along with Kern County where Dharma is located. And remember that you also have the NINTH FEDERAL DISTRICT OUT HERE ALSO. But, basically, America--it IS America U.S.A.--anywhere! And THIS story hasn't even yet begun....




SUN., APR. 17, 1994 10:36 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 244

SUN., APR. 17. 1994


I did not say "Russianizing" of America--I said "Sovietization". This is by definition: "Khazarian Zionist Socialistic Fascism"--it is not "Communism"--it was only labeled "Communism" to deceive the masses. It means, literally, degradation of the masses while bringing them under total control and RULE BY THE ELITE. So, how is your day going?

In view of the fact that we wrote about crime in Russia this week and it was obvious that it is simply a reflection of that which has happened to EVERY great nation and also a reflection of that which is in America--even to the SAME PLAYERS. Let us consider a bit of relative comparisons. We have written about it so much that I fear no one pays attention to that which "I" present. Nothing is new and the information is now pouring out through the cracks of the deceiver's armor and evil bastions.

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor has again offered presentation on these topics as reminders to readers who have missed it before. I honor them for rendering reminders instead of simply moving on with more and more advertising for business product. You need confirmation from many sources so that ultimately the ones who refuse to listen to "one" may well recognize the truth flowing from "another". More and more these committed authors are asking for copying and distribution of their work as they come to realize that unity in presentation is the only way to reach the masses--even if our attitudes differ.

America is in the final writhings of downfall as have been present at the decline and fall of all great nations and empires. It is well laid out by McAlvany's writers and himself. He is an economist and financial advisor. He offers an in-depth monetary, economic, geopolitical and precious metals analysis in his newsletters. I often take exception to what is offered in those areas of realization--but that is HIS business venture and not relative to my own. This in itself indicates that you do not have to agree to bring truth of circumstance.


Editor: Donald S. McAlvany

(P.O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071)

March 1994

[H: Is this not one of the ones who seem to belong to a P.O. Box "Phoenix Club"? Yes, but just because there are business antics afoot it does not mean that observations and truth of information are lacking. This man writes over the sign of the "fish" which lays claim to being a Christian and some day we will really dissect that assumption. However, information is the need of the day so we will observe that which we have in common, please.]



"...a wise and frugal government which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government..." Thomas Jefferson.

"Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is impossible that a nation of infidels or idolators should be a nation of free men. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupt public conscience, are incompatible with freedom. " Patrick Henry.


"The strength or weakness of a society depends more on the level of its spiritual life than on its level of industrialization. Neither a market economy nor even general abundance constitutes the crowning achievement of human life. If a nation's spiritual energies have been exhausted, it will not be saved from collapse by the most perfect government structure or by any industrial development. A tree with a rotten core cannot stand." Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

America in the mid-1990s is declining as rapidly as Germany in the mid-1930s or Rome as it was approaching its terminal stages. Morally, culturally, spiritually, politically, and financially, America is now plunging down the slippery slope to collapse. And as with most countries in decline, the great majority of Americans do not recognize the decline and would argue vehemently that America is as great as ever.

Edward Gibbon, the great British historian, wrote (between 1776 and 1788) in his classic six volume History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire about the five primary causes for the collapse and destruction of Roman society:

1) The rapid increase in divorce and the undermining of the sanctity of the home;

2) The spiraling rise of taxes and extravagant spending;

3) The mounting craze of pleasure and the brutalization of sports;

4) The building of gigantic armaments, and the failure to realize that the real enemy lay within the gates of the empire, in the moral decay of the people; and

5) The decay of religion and the fading of faith into a mere humanistic form, leaving the people without a guide.

All of these and much more of Gibbon's great work, as well as much of William Shirer's epic history of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, describe America today in the mid-1990s. We are in moral collapse, with homosexuals and sexual degenerates now running our government, our entertainment industry, and much of our public education system--with free, uninhibited sex outside of marriage now being officially promoted down to kindergarten, and with the largest pornography industry in the world producing, promoting and distributing pornographic filth on a global basis. [H: Note that the author is able to pronounce all of these allegations and general accusations on a "group" without even mentioning the group in point. Why then, is the ADL not after him for "anti-Semitism?" Do you not find this interesting? So, who owns the media, the press, the government, the banks and the big business? How is it that the major lobby in Washington and the major PACs are from the same resource as well as almost ALL advisors to the Administration AND THE COMPROMISE OF ALMOST ALL OF CONGRESS IS FROM THE SAME GROUP--and yet ones MUST NOT MENTION THE LABEL?]

That the family has disintegrated in America is a gross understatement. Over half of all marriages in America (including Christian marriages) now end in divorce, with over half of American children now being raised by a single parent, in a home with a stepparent, or by the state. Over 25% of American children are now born out of wedlock into a single mother family. Teenage crime, rebellion, gang warfare, pregnancy, and suicide is the highest in the world in America, as is domestic violence and physical and sexual abuse against children and wives.

Over 25 years of poisonous women's liberation philosophy directed at two generations of American women is now bearing its ugly fruit as record numbers of American wives are leaving their husbands, children, and families in the mid-90s to "find themselves" or "do their own thing" and record numbers of American women are remaining single or are turning to lesbianism for fulfillment.

Again, like Rome, America is the most highly taxed major country in the world today, with 50-60% of the income of her most productive class now going to income redistribution and to pay for the socialist welfare state. Half a century of explosive economic growth, extravagant materialism, overindulgence and prosperity (since the end of world War II) has now given way to gross over indebtedness, record personal and business bankruptcies, and a declining "real" standard of living for most Americans.

As in Rome, Americans now worship the "god" of entertainment, pleasure, and distraction, whether it is sports (participatory or spectator), travel, television, movies, videos, recreational drugs, or sex, etc.--diversions that preoccupy almost all of Americans' non-working leisure time, leaving little time for reading, thinking, reflecting or observing what is happening to our people, our country, our culture, our families, or ourselves. Anger, brutality and distraction characterized the Roman circuses of ancient Rome and other diversions designed by wicked leaders to keep the masses' minds off of the realities of a declining decadent empire. And the same can be said today of our spectator sports and of television in America.

Today, as in ancient Rome or in the Germany of the mid-1930s, the socialists have captured the U.S. government and are systematically destroying virtually all of the freedoms, traditions and morality of an American people who have forgotten their history, their heritage and their greatness, and whom can no longer even tell the difference between right and wrong or good and evil. As in Rome and Nazi Germany, the American people are becoming slaves and don't even know it.

Their freedoms are being taken from them, and they can't even remember what those freedoms were. Thirty million babies can be mutilated and killed in their mother's wombs, and most Americans can no longer even discern that that is wrong--that that is murder. A man who is an open womanizer, adulterer, drug user, draft dodger, and wartime collaborator with America's most deadly enemy can run for President and be elected by an electorate who know his background but don't really object to it and don't believe that it will affect his ability to govern and improve their own economic condition--which is their primary concern.

And as in Rome and the Germany of the 1930s, America has gone into a spiritual and moral free fall, leaving the people without an anchor, or a compass. America's mainline religious denominations are as immoral, socialist, and devoid of spiritual content and truth as their counterpart state-sanctioned churches in Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Empire. From a social gospel and liberal theology devoid of almost any redeeming spiritual content, to the morality of the day, to homosexuals in the clergy, to most of the tenets of socialism, collectivism, and big government control of the people, America's mainline religions have gone along with or even been in the forefront of the decline. And America's evangelical churches have watered down their message and content over the past 30 years as to be only a shadow of their former selves, offering little or no resistance to America's decline.

And as America has gone into spiritual decline, and substituted the secular humanist gods of man, materialism, pleasure, high technology, etc., for the God of the Bible, His Son, Jesus Christ, and His Biblical blueprint for successful living, America has gone into a moral free fall. Exploding violence, crime, divorce, massive drug consumption, promiscuity, pornography, baby killing, teenage rebellion, gang warfare, homosexuality, etc., are the result. And loss of Americans' freedom is also the result. As Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party, said, if you want to take down a capitalist country and convert it to Communism, first undermine its morality, its culture, and its spirituality--and the subsequent transition to Communism (and slavery) will be a short and easy one.

This issue of MIA (the Intelligence Advisor) will examine the global plunge toward world government, targeted for the end of the decade and the efforts of a socialist government (Big Brother) (and Big Sister) to control the American people via electronic surveillance, a national ID card, a national police force, a financial dictatorship, growing police state tactics, the confiscation of private property and wealth, gun control, socialized medicine and much more.

It will analyze how Big Brother and Sister are educating or programming (i.e., brainwashing) Americans for socialism and the New World Order; how the persecution of Christians, conservatives and traditionalists by the socialist "change agents" now in control of America is approaching; and how the judgement of the righteous God, who, according to the Bible, takes a very dim view of baby killing, homosexuality, promiscuity, pornography, rampant divorce, immorality, and rebellion to His laws could be descending upon America in the 1990s.

Editor's note: You are encouraged to copy and distribute as widely as possible.

* * *

I would like to discuss a few very current topics and let's look at them as they are--not as they SEEM to be.


Two days ago tax-day was upon you. I am not going to discuss "taxes" as you may well be expecting for I do not advocate further disobedience to laws. Once you have filed your "return", citizens, I believe you have signed your own contract and you will be held responsible if you hedge any bets. As to unlawful cause to "file" those returns--yes it is unlawful to force you to file such "voluntary" papers. However, you NOW FUNCTION UNDER EXECUTIVE ORDERS AND NOT CONSTITUTIONAL LAW--so whether or not the cause will stand in court is doubtful--since, indeed, the courts are more corrupt than the IRS private police (and collection agency for the bankers).

What I would like to point out is not so much "taxation" but just what has really HAPPENED TO YOU. As the big day came there were many reporters and mail-box watchers who had all sorts of information which you MUST CONSIDER. Several respected "mouths" counted your taxes for you. One particular lady accountant pointed out that out of EVERY dollar you get--all but 33 cents go to taxes one way or another. Another ended up with less than 12 cents for your own spending.

Now what do you have going on?


"Ah," they say, "we will over tax those awful sinful people and place BIG sin taxes." And, do so. Also, it is proclaimed that tobacco will REALLY be taxed heavily and pay for health costs because, after all, it is so damaging to the health. But what are you going through right now? Indeed, an all-out effort to make smoking ILLEGAL. That means a loss of revenue to the government of incredible sums of tax money. So, are you not concerned as to just WHAT IN HELL those idiots are doing? Next comes booze--there is an opening attack on advertising for liquor.... Please, readers, I am totally "against" both items--but what about income for the government? Who is going to make up the faster growing deficits and pay the bills of your nation? No, not you, citizens--for a large portion of YOU are already on WELFARE, FOODSTAMPS and other payments which come directly FROM FORMS OF TAXATION. Jobs are now a premium and few can depend on having one. As payments from resources available stop being available--WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

I point this out, not to ruin your day, but to encourage you to look at the opposing damage from your pressure to "do good"! Will regulations stop smoking? No, so there will be revenue acquired by lawbreakers but it will not be sizable enough to offset the costs to you as citizens for illegalizing the product. It certainly WILL NOT HURT THE TOBACCO COMPANIES--ONLY THE TOBACCO USERS AND GROWERS! Note, in addition, that legalization of now illegal drugs keeps popping up even as de-legalization of tobacco is brought forth. What kind of games do you suppose are being played on you now?


I don't want to comment on what is going on in the areas where the atrocities are being committed today--I don't have time or space to cover them all. I do find it interesting that as of yet no OFFICIAL list of dead is available. (Concerning the shooting down of two helicopters in the "no fly" zone of northern Iraq, killing 26 people.) The government tells you that they have trouble identifying the bodies because of any number of excuses--and no one even questions? For goodness sakes--those were MILITARY planes with known crews and every passenger IS WELL KNOWN. What are they REALLY hiding? You had better pay attention because, friends, you ARE at war! Believe me--you are at war and NOT just in Kurds'-ville.


Being passed out, delivered to the States as it has to be distributed from the Texas "mint" and European presses and from the stashes in Fort Knox where there once was gold to back your currency. Now it is really "squeezing" the distributors for they are also having to make room for restoration of incoming gold--through the same conduit it LEFT YOUR NATION--through the NAVY. Don't think the delays are the denial for doing these things--for these are BIG PROJECTS and it is damned hard to do it all through deception and in secret. Give Kissinger and crew a break--they are paddling as hard as they can to set up billion dollar industries in China AND change over the world currency--how much can one man do to supervise all this transition into a New World Order? He isn't even the BIG BOY so he about has his hands full bringing full-blown war to South Africa and the Middle East, the Koreas AND keep China just making money for him. Any of you thought YOU were busy? New currency has been staged into a lot of states as trial runs as the "need" for substitution "to keep down counterfeiting" is stressed. Well, that IS a problem because the desire is to have a lot of Federal Reserve notes to trade in PRIOR to changeover. It is a good game--it is too bad they don't let you in on it.

All of you who thought you would wait will be quite sorry you did not avail selves of our program as offered. Gold has to move up, friends, as a basis for the economy is reestablished. Even Mr. Green is starting his OWN version of this "program" which he is still trying to place in "receivership" here. He announced it to hundreds at the last Global Science meeting in Virginia.

Does that mean that Ekkers, after all, will get rich and famous? No--they hold no claim to any funds, then or now. They do, however, hope that one day they can live in security of SOME kind from the hounds of hell. It will not be through any of the Institute's assets. It would be nice, however, if some return from years of labor could be realized by the ones who have given everything they own and are to this work in progress. They have, however, had to LIVE THE INSTRUCTIONS so that they can KNOW of the truth we offer. We are the wayshowers, and the way is often obscured by the assaults of the greed-mongers, thieves and liars. They shall reap their own rewards in the spiral of sequence.

We must close this as it is time for our meeting today. We will discuss some of these items in point. Thank you.



TUE., APR. 19, 1994 9:18 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 246

TUE., APR. 19. 1994


I am going to launch right off into that which I feel is most important today. We may well be offering up the CONTACT as one of the most influential and network-oriented paper in your nation--already begun, but expanding as a forum for sharing. We get so much information to which I can add insight that we cannot fail to get it forth for your inspection, one way or another. If we cannot bring protection here then we will offer you other alternatives.

We are not EVER going to be in the "business" of organizing, disturbing the peace, demonstrating and/or things of that nature. We cannot offer pure journalistic information if we are a major biased participant. This doesn't mean, under any interpretation, that ones here do not have personal opinion or qualify for any or all "actions". It DOES mean that you need a forum which is NOT self-serving other than as a national citizen information resource. Some of what we will be offering will undoubtedly be biased in presentation--WE SIMPLY OFFER IT. Along with those offerings we will certainly continue the SAME measure of guidance as to HOW to discern and judge where appropriate. To do this, we hope to be able to get funding enough to continue to allow ONLY for advertising of that which is offered FROM MY OWN RESOURCES (unpaid) but in constant attention to never fall into the trap of advertising garbage along with truth JUST TO KEEP GOING. This may take a while to accomplish as to resources but I believe that we will move into being able to accomplish this format.

Your government is made of fools, tricksters, treasonists and derelicts and it is time to uproot them and build yourselves a nation based on that which was good BEFORE your Constitution and those parts of equality AFTER AND UPON THE BASIS of that Constitution. The money upheavals continue as they are already in flux and change--a stable foundation of value must be incorporated. Believe it or not at the moment--it CAN be done and mechanisms are under way which WOULD ALLOW FOR SUCH CHANGE--WITHOUT BLOODSHED OR WAR REVOLUTION. BUT, WE HAVE TO CONTINUE TO PROTECT AND DEFEND THE PLAYERS. THIS, AS MUCH FROM INTEGRATED DO-GOODERS WHO ARE ACTUALLY OUT FOR SELVES WHILE PROCLAIMING PATRIOTISM AND/OR GODLINESS. IT IS FINE TO GAIN FOR SELF AS LONG AS INTENT IS FOR THE GOOD OF BROTHER AND NATION. YOU AS CITIZENS MUST BE VERY DISCERNING FOR YOUR VERY MOST DEADLY ENEMY WORKS FROM WITHIN YOUR VERY BODY OF FREEDOM SEEKERS!

I am telling you this up front here today because our journalistic staff is off to gather personal data to present as we move along. We also have PILES AND PILES of such valid information as to boggle the minds of the ones who must sort it and decide what we can offer. I always insist, for clarity, avoidance of all legal confrontations, etc., to NEVER take things out of context and the MANNER in which a "tale" is written is often more important than is the item in topic.

I know that you would have Dharma and me continue with naught but the stories in unfolding by our "James Bond" brothers--as would we, BUT, it is necessary to keep up with the game underway.


You will, when we put some of the players TOGETHER, begin to get such INSIDE INFORMATION as to "blow you away" as we hook up the Colemans, Jacksons, Stichs, etc., etc., etc. Stu Webb, as a for instance, also has "books" to offer on other subjects such as the RTC and S&Ls which is more focused than some of the other authors--but it is the INTEGRATION of this information which makes it so timely and VALUABLE. YOU MUST UNDO THAT WHICH IS--PROPERLY, UNDER THE LAW!

We, alone, have offered you already enough information and background, technical Constitutional truth and basis for taking action--gathered from all manner of resources--IF YOU WILL BUT GET IT CIRCULATED AND THE CITIZENS INFORMED. We have no intention of slacking up on that task even as the bombardment against my people increases DAILY.

I use as example, again: George Green, et al. We have more and more HARD EVIDENCE of the complicity and conspiracy of ones who diverted money (checks) FROM THE CONSTI-TUTIONAL LAW CENTER, sent through George Green and America West to Sacramento, where the checks were taken and (to show deliberate action) stamped with a preprint stamp on the back for endorsement by Constitutional Law Center, and WE THE PEOPLE--signed by Gary Anderson and DEPOSITED INTO ACCOUNTS IN KIRK STATE BANK in COLORADO! I HOPE that Ruby Pimental is watching! I further KNOW that Dr. Coleman can give us much needed confirmation about the University of Science and Philosophy and the hierarchy of that institution, without accusations of "slander" and "defamation".

The Institute is no longer willing to settle the suit against Green and America West just for the books typed by Dharma--although she and E.J. are more than happy to divest themselves of any interest in them whatsoever--AND HAVE ALREADY DONE SO--AT ONSET OF WRITING. These things should have ONLY involved Green and America West in the onset as Dharma has never, never intended to, or ever planned to--receive anything from any of her works as directly applies to any kind of assumed or presumed "authorship" of any of the papers or journals. It appears Ekkers, in fact, will have to AGAIN go through total bankruptcy proceedings to simply set aside such as the some $50,000 to US&P Contempt charges caused BY GEORGE GREEN, outstanding legal fees to a law firm WHO ACTUALLY SET THEM UP WITH A MUNICIPAL JUDGE THROUGH RECONSTRUCTION (ACCORDING TO REARRANGED PAPERWORK AND AUDIO TAPES TO PROTECT THE GUILTY POLITICIANS AND JUDGES INVOLVED) OF SOME $72,000 AND ON AND ON AND ON……

Are my people willing to go through all of this again and again and again? YES INDEED! NOTE PLEASE: OUR PEOPLE GROW STRONGER AS MORE AND MORE LIGHT COMES FORTH AND TRUTH IS ENTERED INTO THE "FIXED" EQUATIONS. These people who bring false charges and ongoing attempts at destruction of God's work shall reap their rewards--IN KIND. It will become more and more difficult for a court to rule against truth on the whims of the politicians, derelicts, alcoholics and greed-mongers. There is a totally deceitful and criminal element FEEDING OFF YOU UNTHINKING PATRIOTS AND CITIZENS. HOWEVER, THOSE INTERACTIONS ARE UP TO YOU AS INDIVIDUALS--WE HAVE NO INTENTION OF DOING ANYTHING SAVE OFFER IN-FORMATION.

So where does one calling himself "Hatonn" come in? Well, let's just note that I can discern truth from lies, fact from fiction and recognize the true bringers of truth and valid information from these priorly mentioned treasonists and thieves bearing false information.

For instance, I can tell you, without wavering, that there are gold certificates--valid, due and owing with interest IN GOLD ONLY as payment, and just ONE of them is more valuable than all the GOLD you KNOW about. Is it not nice that more gold is AROUND than you know about? However, it is not going to be through the hands of the would-be false sellers of this commodity or information.

Is there a "Cosmos….?" (See Journals #60, 61 & 69, & CONTACT 4/5/94.) YES INDEED--BUT NOT THE ONE YOU BOW AND PAY TO…!!! The REAL Cosmos will "stand up" when the time is right and the protection coverage present. In addition to that certificate are many MORE, equally valid but somehow "taken"--now isn't it nice that some of our "bunch" knows where they are and have control of them? Along with that, there are many more VALID ones being held, and hopefully secured--by that which some of you call "Treasurygate" "players" (See CONTACT, 4/20/94, pages 59-60 "Treasurygate", & Journals #59 & 60.). But the government as it now exists will simply deny, toss the players in prison and thus and so. Those days are come to an end as of NOW that it is so easy to deceive and exploit you, the masses.


Does it occur to you readers that your government (Federal) United States players are ALL guilty of treason, all but a tiny, tiny handful of all of your judges and legal counsel are TO-TALLY GUILTY OF TREASON (even to the Bar Association which is the legal club against the Constitutional Laws of your nation) and myriads of citizens ARE ALSO GUILTY OF TREASON! AND JUST WHAT IS THE PENALTY FOR TREASON? HANGING???

Now, what race, creed, etc., makes up the majority of all these participants AND CONTROLS YOUR MEDIA, PRESS, CONGRESS AND THUS AND SO? Ah, indeed. So guess what will come about in its own time as you UNDO that which has been deceitfully DONE TO YOU AS A NATION? I would suspect that when you take action you are going to find that you will be accused of another and much bigger "effort at genocide" and massive "holocaust". Of the so-called "Jews"? I don't care what you call them--they are NOT JUDEANS NOR JUDAISTS. They will be the root of the "anti-Christ" and they will, themselves, represent themselves as Talmudist Zionists. For instance, the evangelist Jerry Falwell--is he "Jewish"? I suspect not but he proclaims to be a "Zionist and proud of it!" This same BUNCH of treasonists are of the ELITE, the Committee of 300, Committee of 17, of the some 17 families, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateralists and Bilderbergers and the roots are in the ancient order of Freemasons bedded and brotheled in Great Britain. FACTS IS FACTS, PIGS IS PIGS (AS IN THE BOOK BY THE SAME NAME) AND ALL THE LIES IN THE WORLD WILL NOT CHANGE ONE IOTA OF THAT TRUTH!!

Does this ACTUALLY make me an "anti-Semite"? NOPE--I repeat something very important: these above named parties ARE NOT SEMITES--I and all of you in Holy God's service by whatever sectarian practice you claim--ARE SEMITES!

Along the POLITICAL lines of this discussion, I will offer you MORE as presented by functioning, acting, citizens who now are reclaiming the truth of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW and rediscovering rights, separations (as in the Federal United States and Constitutional "u"nited States. You will find that all the actions of forming Federal government are against the law, all Executive Orders are unconstitutional and the removal of sovereignty from the States is not only unconstitutional but TREASONOUS!

YOU CAN RECLAIM YOUR NATION IF YOU WANT TO! However, if you do not build in the guidelines--you will allow the same thing to happen over and over again. If you as a nation of people fail to come back into morality, Godliness and political LAW under a guardian Constitution of equality FOR THE CITIZENS--you ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT AND REPEAT THE ERRORS YOU HAVE MADE THIS TIME. Can you accomplish this without international war and destruction? I DON'T KNOW--CAN YOU? WILL YOU?

I CAN tell you this much, those "FAMILIES" which have controlled your world for centuries ARE BEING METHODICALLY EXTERMINATED! It may well not show but the Evil Empire puppet-masters have carefully replaced the main players in most instances and have their puppets spread all around the globe. The scene is not pretty but the vipers WILL be caught in their own dastardly tricks because there IS NO LOYALTY OR MORALITY AMONG THEM!


You are going to find that all these NEW treaties, OLD treaties, Federal Reserve, IRS, NAFTA, BRADY BILL, GUN CONTROL, and every other new thing such as the biggie of them all, FEMA, ARE ALL WRITTEN FOR THE FEDERAL UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--ONLY! These things are the basis of the Ronn Jackson lawsuit that got ruled upon in a positive manner (CV-N-93-401 in U.S. District Court). This is now being denied by the judicial system, including the judge in point who made the ruling. However, the news GOT OUT THERE AMONG YOU THROUGH QUICK THINKING ON THE PART OF CLOSE PLAYERS. PAPERS HAVE BEEN DESTROYED AND ORDERS REWRITTEN AND PUBLICITY OFFERED NEGATING THE ACTIONS--BUT TOO LATE!

Members of the "Congressional Banking Committee" of your U.S.A., Frank, D'amato, even Gonzalez, etc., are in touch with Jackson about the things he is expounding upon--efforting to bribe him, blackmail him, threaten him, pay him off, whatever--if he will just shut up for another 30 days, keeping the information we are spreading everywhere--QUIET! Interestingly enough, Ronn Jackson THOUGHT he knew a lot--and did, from the other "side" in actual participation in many evil actions--however, he is just blinking open his eyes to that which is ACTUALLY happening. But he does present in a position of being able to make a MASSIVE IMPACT on public informing and coordinating of activities--because he knows the "Big" players.


What I am going to offer you here, and I am asking Dharma to type this for I want it on our disc as well as in her data banks, comes from Ronn Jackson but it is done by JOHN B. NELSON. It deals with Colorado BUT IT SHOWS YOU THE WAY to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! We have offered this information in several ways, in several different places and it now becomes necessary to offer and re-offer these integrated actions and information packets again and again until enough hear and see to accomplish the tasks before you.

This is:


DOCUMENT WRITTEN: DECEMBER 26, 1991 [H: Indeed, it said it is not new and yes, we have offered it in detail prior to this but if our own crew and editors cannot remember--how can NEW readers be expected to remember?]

RE: SENATE REPORT NO. 93-549. Etc.
by John B. Nelson


I have chosen Senate Report No. 93-549, consisting of 607 pages, which I believe you will find most interesting. The United States went "Bankrupt" in 1933 and was declared so by President Roosevelt by Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111 and Executive Order 6260, (See: Senate Report 93-549, pgs. 187 & 594) under the Trading with the Enemy Act (Sixty-Fifth Congress, Sess. I, Chs. 105, 106, October 6, 1917), and as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95a. The several States of the Union then pledged the faith and credit thereof to the aid of the national Government, and formed numerous socialist committees, such as the "Council of State Governments", "Social Security Administration", etc., to purportedly deal with the economic "Emergency." These Organizations operated under the Declaration of INTERdependence of January 22, 1937, and published some of their activities in The Book Of The States. The 1937 Edition of The Book of the States openly declared that the people engaged in such activities as the Farming/Husbandry Industry had been reduced to mere feudal "Tenants" on their Land. Book of the States, 1937, pg 155. This of course was compounded by such activities as price fixing wheat and grains 7 U.S.C.A. 1332, quota regulations 7 U.S.C.A. 1371, and livestock products 7 U.S.C.A. 1903, which have been consistently below the costs of production, interest on loans and inflation of the paper "Bills of Credit", leaving the food producers and others in a state of peonage and involuntary servitude, constituting the taking of private property, for the benefit and use of others, without just compensation.

NOTE: The council of State Governments has now been absorbed into such things as the "National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws", whose Headquarters Office is located at 676 North St. Clair Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60611, and "all" being "members of the Bar", and operating under a different "Constitution and By-Laws" has promulgated, lobbied for, passed, adjudicated and ordered the implementation and execution of their purported statutory provisions, to "help implement international treaties of the United States or where world uniformity would be desirable." (See: 1990/91 Reference Book: National Council of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, pg. 2) This is apparently what Robert Bork meant when he wrote "we are governed not by law or elected representatives but by an unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable committee of lawyers applying no will but their own." (See: The Tempting of America, Robert H. Bork, pg. 130)

The United States thereafter entered the second World War during which time the "League of Nations" was reinstituted under pretense of the "United Nations" and the "Bretton Woods Agreement". (See: 60 Stat. 1401.) The United States as a corporate body politic (artificial) came out of World War II in worse economic shape than when it entered and, in 1950, declared Bankruptcy and "Reorganization". The Reorganization is located in Title 5 of United States Codes Annotated. The "Explanation" at the beginning of 5 U.S.C.A. is most informative reading. The "Secretary of Treasury" was appointed as the "Receiver" in Bankruptcy. (See: Reorganization Plan No. 26, 5 U.S.C.A. 903. Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5967.) The United States went down the road and periodically filed for further Reorganization. Things and situations worsened, having done what they were Commanded NOT to do, (See: Madison's Notes. Constitutional Convention. August 16, 1787, Federalist Papers No. 44) and in 1965 passed the "Coinage Act of 1965" completely debasing the Constitutional Coin (gold & silver, i.e., Dollar). (See: 18 U.S.C.A. 331 & 332, U.S. vs. Marigold, 50 U.S. 560, 13 L.Ed. 257) At the signing of the Coinage Act on July 23, 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson stated in his Press Release that:

"When I have signed this bill before me, we will have made the first fundamental change in our coinage in 173 years. The Coinage Act of 1965 supersedes the Act of 1792. And that Act had the title: An Act Establishing a Mint and Regulating the Coinage of the United States...."

"Now I will sign this bill to make the first change in our coinage system since the 18th Century. To those members of Congress, who are here on this historic occasion, I want to assure you that in making this change from the 18th Century we have no idea of returning to it.'! [R.J.: This action alone qualified "LBJ" to be classified AS A TRAITOR. He signed only what CONGRESS WAS INSTRUCTED TO PASS.]

It is important to take cognizance of the fact that NO Constitutional Amendment was ever obtained to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE, amend, abridge or abolish the Constitutional mandates, provisions or prohibitions, but due to internal and external diversions surrounding the Viet Nam War, etc., the usurpation and breach went basically unchallenged and unnoticed by the general public at large, who became "a wealthy man's cannon fodder or cheap source of slave labor". (See: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, TM-SW 7905.1, PGS. 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13 & 56.) [H: Yes, we have offered this (SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS) at least twice but perhaps it needs to be run again, I leave that to the editorial staff.] [R.J.: This "Act" is a part of case #CV-N93-401-DWH.] Congress was clearly delegated the Power and Authority to regulate and maintain the true and inherent "value" of the Coin within the scope and purview of Article I, Section 8, Clauses 5 & 6 and Article I, Section 10, Clause 1, of the ordained Constitution (1787), and further, under a corresponding duty and obligation to maintain said gold and silver Coin and Foreign Coin at and within the necessary and proper "equal weights and measures" clause. (See also: BIBLE: Deuteronomy, Chapter 25, verses 13 thru 16, Public Law 97-289, 96 Stat. 1211.)

Those exercising the Offices of the several states, in equal measure, knew such "De Facto Transitions" were unlawful and unauthorized, but sanctioned, implemented and enforced the complete debouchment and the resulting "governmental, social, industrial economic change" in the "De Jure" States and in United States of America (See: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5936, 5945, 31 U.S.C.A. 314, 31 U.S.C.A. 321, 31 U.S.C.A. 5112, C.R.S. 11-61-101, C.R.S. 39-22-103.5 and C.R.S. 18-11-203.) and were and are now under the delusion that they can do both directly and indirectly what they were absolutely prohibited from doing. (See also: Federalist Papers No. 44. Craig vs. Missouri, 4 Peters 903.)

In 1966, Congress being severely compromised, passed the "Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966", by which the entire taxing and monetary system, i.e., "Essential Engine" (See: Federalist Papers No. 31.) was placed under the Uniform Commercial Code. (See: Public Law 89-719, Legislative History, pg. 3722, also see, C.R.S. 5-1-106.) The Uniform Commercial Code was of course promulgated by the National Conference of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws in collusion with American Law Institute for the "banking and business interests". (See: Handbook Of The National Conference of Commissioners On Uniform State Laws, 1966 Ed. pgs. 152 & 153.) The United States being engaged in numerous U.N. conflicts, including the Korean and the Viet Nam conflicts, which were under direction of the United Nations (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 287d), and agreeing to foot the bill (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 287j), and not being able to honor their obligations and rehypothecated debt credit, openly and publicly dishonored and disavowed their "Notes" and "obligations" (12 U. S . C.A. 411), i.e., "Federal Reserve Notes" through Public Law 90-269. Section 2, 82 Stat. 50 (1968) to wit:

"Sec. 2. The first sentence of Section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.S.C. 391) is amended by striking 'and the funds provided in this Act for the redemption of Federal Reserve notes'. "

Things steadily grew worse and on March 28, 1970, President Nixon issued Proclamation No. 3972, declaring an "emergency" because the Postal Employees struck against the de facto government(?) for higher pay, due to inflation of the paper "Bills of Credit". (See: Senate Report No. 93-549. pg. 596.) Nixon placed the U.S. Postal Department under control of the "Department of Defense". (See: Department of the Army Field Manual, FM 41-10 [1969 ed.])

"The System had been faltering for a decade, but the bench mark date of the collapse is put at August 15, 1971. On this day, President Nixon reversed U.S. international monetary policy by officially declaring the non-convertibility of the U.S. dollar [F.R.N.] into gold." (See: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5937 & Senate Report No. 93-549; Foreword, pg. III, Proclamation No. 4074, pg. 597, 31 U.S.C.A. 314 & 31 U.S.C.A. 5112.) On September 21, 1973, Congress passed Public Law 93-110, amending the Bretton Woods Par Value Modification Act, 82 State. 116, 31 U.S.C.A. 449, and reiterated the "Emergency", 12 U.S.C.A. 95a, and Section 8 of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act of 1945 (22 U.S.C.A. 2860, and which included "reports on foreign currency transactions". (Also see, Executive Order No. 1003.)

This Act further declared in Section 2 (b) that:

"No provision of any law in effect on the date of enactment of this Act, and no rule, regulation, or order under authority of any such law, may be construed to prohibit any person from purchasing, holding, selling, or otherwise dealing with gold."

On January 19, 1976, Marjorie S. Holt noted for the record a second "Declaration of INTERdependence" and clearly identified the U.N. as a "Communist" organization, and that they were seeking both production and monetary control over the Union and People through International Organization promoting the "One World Order". (8 U.S.C.A. 1101(4) also see, 50 U.S.C.A. 781 & 783.)

* * * * *

Let us take a break and then we will take up exactly where we left off with this writing. The sections can be integrated or printed in series or in separation according to the needs of the paper in layout. We will not, however, make notation.



TUE., APR. 19, 1994 12:25 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 246

TUE., APR. 19. 1994


The socio/economic situation worsened as noted in the Complaint/Petition, filed in the U.S. Court of Claims, Docket No. 41-76, on February 11, 1976, by 44 Federal Judges, Atkins et al. vs. U.S. Atkins et al. complained that "As a result of inflation, the compensation of federal judges has been substantially diminished each year since 1969, causing direct and continuing monetary harm to plaintiffs....the real value of the dollar decreased by approximately 34.5 percent from March 15, 1969 to October 1, 1975.... As a result, plaintiffs have suffered an unconstitutional "deprivation of earnings", and in the prayer for relief claimed "damages for the constitutional violations enumerated above, measured as the diminution of his earnings for the entire period since March 9, 1969." It is quite apparent that the persons holding and enjoying Offices of Public Trust, Honor and/or Profit knew of the emergency emergent problem and sought protection for themselves, to the damage and injury of the People and Children, who were classified as "a club that has many other members" who "have no remedy." And knowing that "heinous" acts had been committed, stated that they [judges/lawyers] would not apply the Law, nor would any substantive remedy be applied (checked more or less, but never stopped) "until all of us [judges] are dead." Such persons fraudulently swore an Oath to uphold, defend and preserve the sovereignty of the Nation and several Republican States of the Union, and breached the Duty to protect the People/Citizens and their Posterity from fraud, imposition, avarice and stealthy encroachment. (See: Atkins et al. vs. U.S., 556 F.2d 1028, pg. 1072, 1074, The Tempting of America, supra, pgs. 155-159, also see, 5 U.S.C.A 5305 & 5335, Senate Report No. 93-549, pgs 69-71, C.R.S. 24-75-101.) This is verified in Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5944, which states:

"Moving to a floating exchange rate for international commerce means private enterprise and not central governments bear the risk of currency fluctuations."

Numerous serious debates were held in Congress, including but not limited to Tuesday, July 27, 1976 (See: Congressional Record-House, July 27, 1976.), concerning the International Financial Institutions and its operations. Representative Ron Paul, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, made numerous references to the true practices of the "International" financial institutions, including but not limited to, the conversion of 27,000,000 (27 million) in gold, contributed by the United States as part of its "quota obligations", which the International Monetary Fund (Governor-Secretary of Treasury) sold (See: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5945 & 5946.), under some very questionable terms and concessions. (Also see: The Ron Paul Money Book, (1991), by Ron Paul, Plantation Publishing, 837 W. Plantation, Clute, Texas 77531.)

On October 28, 1977 the passage of Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227 declared most banking institutions, including State banks, to be under direction and control of the corporate "Governor" of the International Monetary Fund (See: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, Pg. 5942, United States Government Manual 1990/91, pgs. 480-481). The Act further declared that: (See end of chapter)

"(2) Section 10(a) of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 (31 U.S.C. 822a(b) is amended by striking out the phrase 'stabilizing the exchange value of the dollar'..."

"(c) The joint resolution entitled 'Joint resolution to assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the United States', approved June 5, 1933 (31 U.S.C. 463) shall not apply to obligations issued on or after the date of enactment of this section."

The United States as Corporator, (22 U.S.C.A. 286e, et seq.) and "State" (C.R.S. 24-36-104, C.R.S. 24-601301(h)) had declared "Insolvency". (See: 26 I.R.C. 165(g)(1), U.C.C. 1-201(23), C.R.S.39-22-103.5, Westfall vs. Braley, 10 Ohio 188, 75 Am. Dec. 509, Adams vs. Richardson, 337 S.W.2d 911 Ward vs. Smith. 7 Wall 447.) A permanent state of "Emergency" was instituted, formed and erected within the Union through the contrivances, fraud and avarice of the International Financial Institutions, Organizations, Corporations and Associations, including the Federal Reserve, their "fiscal and depository agent". 22 U.S.C.A. 286d. This has led to such "Emergency" legislation as the "Public Dept Limit-Balance Budget And Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985", Public Law 99-177, etc.

The government, by becoming a corporator, (See: 22 U.S.C.A.286e.) lays down its sovereignty and takes on that of a private citizen. It can exercise no power which is not derived from the corporate charter. (See: The Bank of the United States vs. Planters Bank of Georgia, 6 L.Ed. (9 Wheat) 244, U.S. vs. Burr, 309 U.S. 242.) The real party in interest is not the de jure "United States of America" or "State", but "The Bank" and "The Fund". (22 U.S.C.A. 286, et seq., C.R.S. 11-60-103.) The acts committed under fraud, force and seizures are many times done under "Letters of Marque and Reprisal", i.e., "recapture". (See: 31 U.S.C.A. 5323.) Such principles as "Fraud and Justice never dwell together" Wingate's Maxims 680 and "A right of action cannot arise out of fraud" Broom's Maxims 297, 729; Cowper's Reports 343; 5 Scott's New Reports 558; 10 Mass. 276; 38 Fed. 800, are too high of a thought concept, as is "Due Process", "Just Compensation" and Justice itself. Honor is earned by honesty and integrity, not under false and fraudulent pretenses, nor will the color of the cloth one wears cover-up the usurpations, lies, trickery and deceits. When Black is fraudulently declared to be White, not all will live in darkness. As astutely observed by Will Rogers, "There are men running governments who shouldn't be allowed to play with matches," and this is as applicable today as Jesus' statements about Lawyers.

The contrived "emergency" has created numerous abuses and usurpations, and abridgments of delegated Powers and Authority. As stated in Senate Report 93-549:

"These proclamations give force to 470 provisions of Federal law. These hundreds of statutes delegate to the President extraordinary powers, ordinarily exercised by the Congress, which affect the lives of American citizens in a host of all-encompassing manners. This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal constitutional process.

"Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens." (See: Foreword, pg. III.)

The "Introduction", on page 1, begins with a phenomenal declaration, to wit:

"A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have in varying degrees been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency.... "

According to the research done in 16 American Jurisprudence, 2nd Edition, Sections 71 and 82, no "emergency" justifies a violation of any Constitutional provision. Arguendo, "Supremacy Clause" and "Separation of Powers", it is clearly admitted in Senate Report No. 23-549 that abridgment has occurred. The statements heard in the Federal and State Tribunals, on numerous occasions, that Constitutional arguments are "immaterial", "frivolous", etc., is based upon the concealment, furtherance and compounding of the Frauds and "Emergency" created and sustained by the "Expatriated", ALIENS of the United Nations and its Organizations, Corporations and Associations. (See: Letter. Insight Magazine, February 18, 1991, pg. 7, Lowell L. Flanders, President, U.N. Staff Union, New York) 8 U.S.C.A. 611. 612 & 613 and 50 U. S. C A. 781.

The Internal Revenue Service entered into a "service agreement" with the U.S. Treasury Department (See: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26.) and the Agency for International Development, pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 91. The Agency for International Development is an International paramilitary operation (See: Department of the Army Field Manual, (1969) FM 41-10, pgs. 1-4, Sec. 1-7(b) & 1-6, Section 1-10(7)(c)(1), 22 U.S.C.A. 284.) and includes such activities as "Assumption of full or partial executive, legislative, and judicial authority over a country or area". (See: FM 41-10, pg. 1-7, Section 110(7)(c)(4)--also see, Agreement Between The United Nations And The United States of America Regarding The Headquarters Of The United Nations, Section 7(d) & 8, 22 U.S.C.A. 287 (1979 Ed.) at pg. 241.) It is to be further observed that the "Agreement" regarding the Headquarters District of the United Nations was NOT agreed to (See: Congressional Record - Senate. December 13. 1967, Mr. Thurmond), and is illegally in the Country in the first instant.

The International Organizational intents, purposes and activities include complete control of "Public Finance", i.e., "control, supervision, and audit of indigenous fiscal resources; budget practices, taxation, expenditures of public funds, currency issues, and banking agencies and affiliates". (See: FM 41-10, pgs. 2-30 thru 2-31, Section 251. Public Finance) This of course complies with "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1, (See Journals #48 & 49) which discloses a declaration of war upon the American PEOPLE (See: pg. 3 & 7.), monetary control by the Internationalists, through information, etc., solicited and collected by the Internal Revenue Service (See: TM-SW7905.1, pg. 48, also see, 22 U.S.C.A. 286f & Executive Order No. 10033, 26 U.S.C.A. 6103(k)(4).) and who is operating and enforcing the seditious International program. (See: TM-SW7905.1, pg. 52.) The 1985 Edition of the Department of Army Field Manual, FM 41-10 further describes the International "Civil Affairs" operations. At page 3-6 it is admitted that the A.I.D. is autonomous and under direction of the International Development Cooperation Agency, and at page 3-8 that the operation is "paramilitary". The International Organization(s) intents and purposes was to promote, implement and enforce a "DICTATORSHIP OVER FINANCE IN THE UNITED STATES". (See: Senate Report No. 93-549, pg. 186)

It appears from the documentary evidence that the Internal Revenue Service Agents, etc., are "Agents of a Foreign Principal" within the meaning of intent of the "Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938". They are directed and controlled by the corporate "Governor" of "The Fund" a/k/a "Secretary of Treasury" (See: Public Law 94-564, supra, pg. 5942, U.S. Government Manual 1990/91, pgs. 480 & 481, 26 U.S.C.A. 7701(a)(11), Treasury Delegation Order No. 150-10.) and the corporate "Governor" of "The Bank" 22 U.S.C.A. 286 & 286a, acting as "information-service employees" 22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(ii) and have been and do now "solicit, collect, disburse or dispense contribution [Tax-pecuniary contribution, Blacks Law Dict. 5th ed.], loans, money or other things of value for or in interest of such foreign principal 22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(iii), and they entered into agreements with a Foreign Principal pursuant to Treasury Delegation Order No. 91, i.e., the "Agency for International Development". (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(2).) The Internal Revenue Service is also an agency of the International Criminal Police Organization and solicits and collects information for 150 Foreign Powers. (See: 22 U.S.C.A, 263a, The United States Government Manual, 1990/91, pg. 385; see also: The Ron Paul Money Book, pg. 250-251.) It should be further noted that congress has appropriated, transferred, and converted vast sums to Foreign Powers (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 262c(b).) and has entered into numerous Foreign Taxing Treaties (conventions) (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 285g, 22 U.S.C.A 287j) and other Agreements, which are solicited and collected pursuant to 26 I.R.C. 6103(k)(4). Along with the other documentary evidence submitted herewith, this should absolve any further doubt as to the true character of the party. Such restrictions as "For the general welfare and common defense of the United Sates" (See: CONSTITUTION (1787), Article I, Section 8, Clause 1.) apparently aren't applicable, and the fraudulent rehypothecated debt credit will be merely added to the insolvent nature of the continual "emergency", and the reciprocal socio/economic repercussions laid upon present and future generations.

Among other reasons for lack of authority to act, such as a Foreign Agents Registration Statement, 22 U.S.C.A. 612 and 18 U.S.C.A. 219 & 951, military authority cannot be imposed into civil affairs. (See: Department of the Army Pamphlet 27100-70, Military Law Revues, Vol. 70) The United Nations Charter, Article 2, Section 7, further prohibits the U.N. from "intervening in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state..." Korea, Viet Nam, Ethiopia, Angola, Kuwait, etc., etc., are evidence enough of the "BAD FAITH" of the United Nations and its Organizations, Corporations and Associations, not to mention the seizing of two daycare centers in the State of Minnesota by their agents, and holding the children as collateral/hostages for payment/ransom of their fraudulent, dishonored, rehypothecated debt credit, worthless securities. Such is the "Rule of Law" "as envisioned by the "Founders" of the United Nations. Such is Communist terrorism, despotism and tyranny. ALL WERE AND ARE OUTLAWED HERE.

I hope this communication finds you well and mentally strong for the occasion. It is quite apparent that the "Treasonous" and "Seditious" are brewing up a storm of untold magnitude. Bush's public address of September 11, 1991 (See: Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.) should further qualify what is being said here. He admitted "Interdependence" (See also: Public Law 94-564, Legislative History, pg. 5950.), "One World Order" (See also: Extension of Remarks, January 19, 1976, Marjorie S. Holt, 8 U.S.C.A. 1101(40).), affiliation and collusion with the Soviet Union Oligarchy (50 U.S.C.A. 781), direction by the U.N., 22 U.S.C.A. 611, etc. You might also find it interesting that Treasury Delegation Order No. 92 (enclosed) states that the I.R.S. is trained under direction of the Division of "Human Resources" (U.N.) and the Commissioner (INTERNATIONAL), by the "Office of Personnel Management". In the 1979 Edition of 22 U.S.C.A. 287, the United Nations, at pg. 248, you will find Executive Order No. 10422. The Office of Personnel Management is under direction of the Secretary General of the United Nations. And as stated previously, the I.R.S. is also a member in a one hundred fifty (150) nation pact called the "International Criminal Police Organization", found at 22 U.S.C.A. 263a. The "Memorandum & Agreement" between the Secretary of Treasury/Corporate Governor of "The Fund" and "The Bank" and the Office of the U.S. Attorney General would indicate that the Attorney General and his associates are soliciting and collecting information for Foreign Principals. (See also, The United States Government Manual 1990/91, pg. 385; also see: The Ron Paul Money Book, supra, pg. 250, 251.)

It is worthy of note that an Attorney/Representative is required to file a "Foreign Agents Registration Statement" pursuant to 22 U.S.C.A. 611(c)(1)(iv) & 612, if representing the interests of a Foreign Principal or Power. (See: 22 U.S.C.A. 613, Rabinowitz vs. Kennedy, 376 U.S. 605, 11 L.Ed. 2d 940, 18 U.S.C.A. 219 & 951.)

On January 17, 1980, the President and Senate confirmed another "constitution", namely the "Constitution of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization", found at Senate, Treaty Document No. 97-19, 97th Congress, 1st Session. A perusal of this Foreign Constitution should more than qualify the internationalist intents. The "Preamble", Article 1, "Objectives" and Article 2, "Functions", clearly evidences their intent to direct, control, finance and subsidize all "natural and human resources" and "agro-related as well as basic industries", through "dynamic social and economic changes" "with a view to assisting in the establishment of a new international economic order." The high flown rhetoric is obviously of "Communist" [H: And WHO invented "Communism"???] origin and intents. An unelected, unrepresentative, unaccountable oligarchy of expatriates and aliens, who fraudulently claim in the Preamble that they intend to establish "rational and equitable international economic relations", yet openly declared that they no longer "stabilize the value of the dollar" nor "assure the value of the coin and currency of the United States" is purely misrepresentation, deceit and fraud. (See: Public Law 95-147, 91 Stat. 1227, at pg. 1229.) This was augmented by Public Law 101-167, 103 Stat. 1195, which discloses massive appropriations of rehypothecated debt credit for the general welfare and common defense of other Foreign Powers, including "Communist" countries or satellites, International control of natural and human resources, etc., etc. A "Resource" is a claim of "property" and when related to people constitutes "slavery".

It is now necessary to ask under which Constitution they are operating. The "Constitution for the Newstates of the United States", which was located at Liberty Lobby, 300 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, D.C. 20003, was the subject matter of the book entitled The Emerging Constitution by Rexford G. Tugwell, [H: We have offered this in the paper and journals AT LEAST three times prior to this. (See Jounals #67, 68 & 81, New States Constitution.)] which was accomplished under the auspices of the Rockefeller tax-exempt foundation called the "Center for The Study of Democratic Institutions". The People and Citizens of this Nation were forewarned against formation of "Democracies". "Democracies have ever been the spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property, and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths." (See: FEDERALIST PAPERS No. 10, also see, The Law, Fredrick Bastiat, Code of Professional Responsibility, Preamble) This Alien Constitution, however, has nothing to do with democracy in reality. It is the basis of and for a despotic, tyrannical oligarchy.

Article I, "Rights and Responsibilities", Sections 1 and 15 evidence their knowledge of the "emergency". The Rights of expression, communication, movement, assembly, petition and Habeas Corpus are all excepted from being exercised under and in a "declared emergency". The Constitution for the Newstates of America openly declares, among other seditious things and delusions that "Until each indicated change in the government shall have been completed the provisions of the existing Constitution and the organs of government shall be in effect." (See: Article XII, Section 3.) "All operations of the national government shall cease as they are replaced by those authorized under this Constitution." (See: Article XII, Section 4.) This is apparently what Burger was promoting in 1976, after he resigned as Supreme Court Justice and took up the promotion of a "Constitutional Convention". No trial by jury is mentioned, "JUST" compensation has been removed, along with being informed of the "Nature and Cause of the Accusation", etc., etc., and every one will of course participate in the "democracy". This Constitution is but a reiteration of the Communist Doctrines, intents and purposes, and clearly establishes a "Police Power" State, under direction and control of a self-appointed oligarchy.

Apparently the present operation of the de facto government is under Foreign/Alien Constitutions, Laws, Rules and Regulations. The overthrow of the "essential engine" declared in and by the ordained and established Constitution for the United States of America (1787), and by and under the "Bill of Rights" (1791) is obvious. The covert procedure used to implement and enforce these Foreign Constitutions, Laws, Procedures, Rules, Regulations, etc., has not, to my knowledge, been collected and assimilated nor presented as evidence to establish seditious collusion and conspiracy.

Fortunately and Unfortunately in my Land it is necessary to seek, obtain and present EVIDENCE to sustain a conviction and/or judgment. Our patience and tolerance for those who pervert the very necessary and basic foundations of society has been pushed to insufferable levels. They have "fundamentally" changed the form and substance of the de jure Republican form of Government, exhibited a willful and wanton disregard for the Rights, Safety and Property of others, evinced a despotic design to reduce my people to slavery, peonage and involuntary servitude, under a fraudulent, tyrannical, seditious foreign oligarchy, with intent and purpose to institute, erect and form a "Dictatorship" over the Citizens and our Posterity. They have completely debauched the de jure monetary system, destroyed the Livelihood and Lives of thousands, aided and abetted our enemies, declared War upon us and our Posterity, destroyed untold families and made homeless over 750,000 children in the middle of winter, afflicted widows and orphans, turned Sodomites loose amongst our young, implemented foreign laws, rules, regulations and procedures within the body of the country, incited insurrection, rebellion, sedition and anarchy within the de jure society, illegally entered our Land, taken false Oaths, entered into Seditious Foreign Constitutions, Agreements, Pactions, Confederations, and Alliances, and under pretense of "emergency", which they themselves created, promoted and furthered, formed a multitude of offices and retained those of alien allegiance to perpetuate their frauds and to eat out the substance of the good and productive people of our Land, and have arbitrarily dismissed and held mock trials for those who trespassed upon our Lives, Liberties, Properties and Families and endangered our Peace, Safety, Welfare and Dignity. The damage, injury and costs have been higher than mere money can repay. They have done what they were COMMANDED NOT TO DO. The time for just correction is NOW!

Sincere consideration of "Presentment" to a Grand Jury under the ordained and established Constitution for the United States of America (1787), Amendment V is in order. Numerous High Crimes and Misdemeanors have been committed under the Constitution for the United States of America, and Laws made in Pursuance thereof, and under the Constitution for the State of Colorado, and the Laws made in Pursuance thereof, and against the Peace and Dignity of the People, including but not limited to, C.R.S. 18-11-203 which defines and prescribes punishment for "Seditious Associations" which is applicable to the other constitutions, and the intents and professed purposes of their Organizations, Corporations and Associations. If the Presentment should be obstructed by the members of the Bar, ARREST THEM.

I could go on but the story is long! I hope this information and research is of assistance to you. Much remains to be uncovered and disclosed, as it is necessary and imperative to secure the Lives, Liberties, Property, Peace and Dignity of the People and our Posterity. Good Hunting and the Good Lord be with you in all your endeavors.

God Bless!

John Nelson, Jure Soli,

Jure Sanguinis, Jure Coronea

c/o 14675 Co. Rd. 35.6

Mancos, Colorado, U.S.A.

Teste Meipso

P.S. In addition, I am yet expecting a copy of the "Service Agreement", (T.D.O. 91). It was located in the Department of Treasury, office of the Assistant General Counsel, (International Affairs), Russell L. Munk, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20220. Efforts are being made to obtain a copy, but so far have been obstructed by the Bar. If anyone knows where and how a copy can be obtained please do so immediately, the documents are necessary and imperative. It ought to be most informative! By the way, it's against the law for an insolvent to make a loan or to try to fraudulently collect thereon. (See: Neal et al. vs. Clark, 251 p.2d 903.) It should be further noted that an "Alien" or "Denizen" cannot sit on a Jury (See: 3 Am. Jur. 2d Sub. 40.) nor hold a Public Office. (Also see: 50 U.S.C.A. 781(9) & 842.)

The "out of court" summary determination upon matters in issue is purely "Administrative" procedure. (See: 1 Am. Jur. 2d Sub. 78.) The jury, if any, is reduced to an "advisory jury" position and is more than likely arrayed as a "homage" jury.

5 U.S.C.A. 701 - 703 should be of interest concerning "Judicial Review" of Agency actions. It can be found in most States under such headings and Acts as the "Administrative Procedures Act" or the "Administrative Reorganization Act".

The de facto Federal/International chartered "Institutions", their Officers, Employees, Servants, Agents and Representatives are subject to and should be turned over to a Court of Law for prosecution, trial, and judgment according to Law. (See: Pope Mfg. Co. vs. Gormully, 144 U.S. 414, at pg. 419, also see, 22 U.S.C.A. 286g.)

"FRAUD vitiates the most solemn Contracts, documents and even judgments." U.S. vs. Throckmorton, 98 US 61, at pg. 65.

§I believe that the statement made in Cohen vs. Virginia, 6 Wheat 264, 5 L.Ed. 257 (1821) is worthy of note:

"We [Courts] have no more right to decline the exercise of jurisdiction which is given, than to usurp that which is not given. THE ONE OR THE OTHER WOULD BE TREASON TO THE CONSTITUTION." (Also see: U.S. vs. Will, 449 US 200, 66 L.Ed.2d 392, at pg. 406.)



"No political truth is of greater intrinsic value...The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, judiciary, in the same hands, whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may be justly pronounced the very definition of tyranny." FEDERALIST PAPERS NO. 47 "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. The functionaries of every government have propensities to command at will the liberties and property of their constituents. There is no safe deposit for these but with the people themselves; nor can they be safe with them without information." (THE WRITINGS OF THOMAS JEFFERSON, Albert E. Bergh Ed., vol. 14, pg. 384.)

One cannot make agreements with Sodomites, Babylonians and/or Satanics. Their words, oaths or signatures are of no meaning or value; their intent and purpose is to deceive [H: Directly permitted and demanded by the very vow of all vows, the Kol Nidre, as practiced annually by the followers of the Talmud as the FIRST OBLIGATION ON THE FIRST OF THE HOLY DAYS OF THE JEWS. (See Journals #25 & 78.)], cheat, steal, lie, defraud and destroy. The seditious covert conspiracy and collusion of certain Organizations, Corporations and Associations to damage, injure, oppress, threaten, intimidate and enforce their fraudulent, foreign, socialist, Communist, "Democracy" and foist their delusions upon the Citizens and children of this Land, and to corrupt the de jure Public Officers established to accomplish the purposes set forth in the "Preamble" to the ordained and established Constitution is cause and necessity enough.

Once again finding our safety, happiness and liberties to be in imminent danger, it has become necessary and imperative to our rights, privileges, immunities, lives, liberties and property and that of our posterity, to declare our separate and equal station, and exercise our Right and Duty to throw off and abolish the form and operation of the de facto, fraudulent, seditious "state". (See: CONSTITUTION FOR THE STATE OF COLORADO, Article II, Section 2, DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE (1776), CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Amendments IX and X, C.R.S. 24-60-1301, Articles IV[h])

Section 2. People may alter or abolish form of government--proviso. The people of this state have the sole and exclusive right of governing themselves, as a free, sovereign and independent state; and to alter or abolish their constitution and form of government whenever they deem it necessary to their safety and happiness, provided, such change be not repugnant to the Constitution of the United States.



* * * * * * * * * * * *

How many will do more than simply READ these passages and pretend to not "quite understand"? The reclamation of freedom rests with each of YOU--not ANOTHER, SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME--IT WILL BE YOU, NOW, OR IT WILL NEVER COME AND YOU SHALL RUN OUT YOUR DAYS WITHIN THE VERY PROPHECIES MADE BY MAN TO MAKE SURE SATAN WOULD RULE THE PLANET FOR ALL YOUR DAYS UPON IT.

God did not WRITE THE PROPHECIES as they are projected to produce destruction and heinous catastrophe. Those things are of MAN. GOD CREATES--MAN PRODUCES THE DISASTROUS DESTRUCTIONS! GOD HAS SENT HIS MESSENGERS--AND YE SLEW THEM! GOD GAVE THE TRUTH IN THE PROPHECIES AS IT WOULD COME TO BE IF THE LAWS OF GOD AND CREATION WOULD BE BROKEN. MAN HAS COME TO THE ENDING OF TIME UPON THIS WONDROUS ORB AS YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED--IF YE CHANGE NOT. So be it and mark these words engraved upon the very soul of man--for if you continue in your movement AWAY from God--ye shall dwell in HELL in the absence of all LIGHT--the darkness--devoid of God. FOR IT IS WRITTEN AND AS GOD OF LIGHT HAS WRITTEN, SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS. Salu.

STAT. 2660

PUBLIC LAW 94-564-OCT. 19, 1976
94th Congress

An Act

To provide for amendment of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Bretton Woods Agreements Act (22 U.S.C. 286-286k-2) is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new sections:

"SEC.24, The United States Governor of the Fund is authorized to accept the amendments to the Articles of Agreement of the Fund approved in resolution numbered 31-4 of the Board of Governors of the Fund.

"SEC. 25. The United States Governor of the Fund is authorized to consent to an increase in the quota of the United States in the Fund equivalent to 1,705 million Special Drawing Rights.

"SEC. 26. The United States Governor of the Fund is directed to vote against the establishment of a Council authorized under Article XII, Section 1 of the Fund Articles of Agreement as amended, if under any circumstances the United States' vote in the Council would be less than its weighted vote in the Fund.".

SEC. 2. Section 3 of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act (22 U.S.C. 286n) shall be amended as follows:

(1) section 3 (c) shall be amended to read as follows:

"(c) Should the provisions of Schedule D of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund apply, the Governor of the Fund shall also serve as councillor, shall designate an alternate for the councillor, and may designate associates. ";

(2) a new section 3 (d) shall be added to read as follows:

"(d) No person shall be entitled to receive any salary or other compensation from the United States for services as a Governor, executive director, councillor, alternate, or associate.".

SEC. 3. The first sentence of section 5 of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act (22 U.S.C. 286c) is amended to read as follows: "Unless Congress by law authorizes such action, neither the President nor any person or agency shall on behalf of the United States (a) request or concent to any change in the quota of the United States under article III, section 2(a), of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund; (b) propose a par value for the United States dollar under paragraph 2, paragraph 4, or paragraph 10 of schedule C of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund; (c) propose any change in the par value of the United States dollar under paragraph 6 of schedule C of the Article of Agreement of the Fund, or approve any general change in par values under paragraph 11 of schedule C; (d) subscribe to additional shares of the stock under article II, section 3, of the Articles of Agreement of the Bank; (e) accept any amendment under article XXVIII of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund or article VIII of the Articles of Agreement of the Bank; (f) make any loan to the Fund of the Bank; (g) approve the establishment of any additional trust fund for the special benefit of a single member, or of a particular segment of the membership, of the Fund.".

SEC. 4. The first sentence of section 17(a) of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act (22 U.S.C. 286e-2[a]) is amended to read as follows: "In order to carry out the purposes of the decision of January 5, 1962, of the Executive Directors of the International Monetary Fund, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to make loans, not to exceed $2,000,000,000 outstanding at any one time, to the Fund under article VII, section 1 (i), of the Articles of Agreement of the Fund."

SEC. 5. The Special Drawing Rights Act (22 U.S.C. 286n-r) is amended by:

(1) deleting "article XXIV" in section 3(a) and inserting in lieu thereof "article XVIII";

(2) deleting "article XXVI, article XXX, and article XXXI" in section 3(b), wherever it appears and inserting in lieu thereof "article XX, article XXIV, and article XXV";

(3) deleting "article XXIV" in section 6 and inserting in lieu thereof "article XVIII";

(4) deleting "article XXVII(b)" in section 7 and inserting in lieu thereof "article XXI(b)".

SEC. 6. Section 2 of the Par Value Modification Act (31 U.S.C. 449) is hereby repealed.

SEC. 7. Section 10(a) of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 (31 U.S.C. 822a(a) is amended to read as follows:

"SEC.10 (a) The Secretary of the Treasury, with the approval of the President, directly or through such agencies as he may designate, is authorized, for the account of the fund established in this section, to deal in gold and foreign exchange and such other instruments of credit and securities as he may deem necessary to and consistent with the United States obligations in the International Monetary Fund. The Secretary of the Treasury shall annually make a report on the operations of the fund to the President and to the Congress.".

SEC. 8. Section 14(c) of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 (31U.S.C. 405b) is amended to read as follows: "The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to issue gold certificates in such form and in such denominations as he may determine, against any gold held by the United States Treasury. The amount of gold certificates issued and outstanding shall at no time exceed the value, at the legal standard provided in section 2 of the Par Value Modification Act (31 U.S.C. 449) on the date of enactment of this amendment, of the gold so held against gold certificates.".

Sec. 9. The amendments made by sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of this Act shall become effective upon entry into force of the amendments to the Articles of Agreement of the International Monetary Fund approved in Resolution Numbered 31-4 of the Board of Governors of the Fund.

Approved October 19, 1976.


HOUSE REPORT No. 94-1284 (Comm. on Banking, Currency, and Housing).

SENATE REPORTS: No. 94_1148 (Comm. on Foreign Relations) and No. 94 1295

(Comm. on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs).


June 22, July 17, considered and passed House.

Oct. 1, considered and passed Senate.


Oct. 21, Presidential statement.



WED., APR. 20, 1994 9:36 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 247

WED., APR. 20, 1994


Bad grammar? Would "more and more curious" make you FEEL better? So be it!


I had not intended to speak much more on the subject of Treasurygate (See Journals #59 & 60.) than we have so done in the past few days because it is NOT at this moment a focus of MY interest. However, I did tell you that the story of Mr. Buckley was correct and there are many outstanding bonds and certificates which YOUR NATION IS ULTIMATELY GOING TO HAVE TO HONOR FOR THEY COME UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. But, your country is Bankrupt and has been since the early 1930s. So--a LOT is going on as we write and it concerns something that may not be discussed here at this time. However, you who have interest in "Treasurygate" and do not have access to SPOTLIGHT might enjoy seeing how entangled things really ARE. Remember the Supreme Court Justice who is stepping down (SUDDENLY)? Well--could it be????

by Tom Valentine


Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser in the case of a Texas man and his suit against the federal government involving bonds said to be worth trillions of dollars. [H: Language on the part of both parties aside, these are only a "few" of the outstanding documents. The "Cosmos" instrument will, in itself, break the banks! When presented to England a couple or so years ago--it caused closure of the banks and about wiped out the market. That same certificate is due and owing FROM the U.S. Treasury, good friends. You are NOW talking about trillions upon trillions of dollars--and some of these instruments are LEGAL documents demanding payment in GOLD! GOOD HARD YELLOW GOLD! I would dare speculate that perhaps somebody does not want Sir Blackmun in the middle of this while sitting on the BENCH of the highest court of your land. But what can a bankrupt nation, city or citizen do? We shall see. These documents pre-date ANY of your more recent debts for anything related to the (u)nited States of America. This is a debt of your nice FEDERAL U.S. and what will you do? I think Los Angeles is about in the same boat with Mr. King's demand settlement by the jury yesterday--the city is bankrupt so how can you possibly pay the amounts ordered by the court? Changing the rules won't help, friends, because the changes to date have been UNLAWFUL and will not stand against the Federalist Government OR under the Constitution of the united States. It is "happening", citizens, and it is going to be most interesting.]

Supreme Court Associate Justice Harry Blackmun is scheduled to be deposed by lawyers for Tommy Buckley of Amarillo, Texas in the case known as Treasurygate.

Blackmun is alleged to be an important witness for Buckley who has sued the U.S. Treasury, Secretary of the Treasury Lloyd Bentsen and the Federal Reserve System in the U.S. Court of Claims for failing to honor Certificates of Obligation totaling trillions of dollars.

In perhaps the most bizarre, yet important lawsuit in history, the plaintiff is alleging the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas, the entire Fed system and central banks in Switzerland, Japan and elsewhere have conspired to dishonor their own certificates which total unimaginable amounts of money.

Blackmun has been an unnamed figure in this case ever since it was first filed nearly a year ago in the U.S. District Court, Amarillo, Texas. His name as a witness was released recently when Judge Diane Weinstein in the Court of Claims denied the government's request for summary judgement and granted Buckley a time extension to take depositions in the case.


Among other key figures to be deposed by Buckley's lawyers are Rep. Charlie Rose (D-N.C.) and Bentsen.

In a letter to his followers dated January 17, Buckley explained Weinstein ruled in their favor by extending the time frame for depositions and discovery and shortened the time frame for the defendants--the Treasury Department and the Fed--to bring forth the Federal Reserve Bank certificates which the Secret Service CONFISCATED FROM BUCKLEY IN JUNE OF 1991.

The defendants quickly filed a "protective order motion" in an effort to prevent the court from forcing the certificates into the light of the public record.

In a nutshell, the Fed does not want to bring the certificates forth. If they are forced to do so, they want to bring only the $278 billion certificate used by Buckley to open the case. They will show the certificates, if forced to do so, only under their stringent conditions--which includes a stipulation Buckley not get near the certificates, and they demand to know WHO the experts are that will be examining the documents "in advance". [H: Ah-humnnnn...]

The judge has not yet ruled on this protective order motion.

Meanwhile, the feds do not want Blackmun deposed in this matter and appear to be taking steps to interfere.

The government's arguments have been inconsistent ever since this unique case that could bring down the globalist central banking house of cards in one fell swoop first came to light.


The Fed and the government claim the certificates are:

* Bogus, 100 percent imagination by Buckley and his associates; and

* Are copies, very poor copies, of the originals. [H: This reminds ME of the argument against the PROTOCOLS OF ZION! Copies of originals? If they are "copies" of "originals" at worst--they can't be "bogus". With the PROTOCOLS it was taken even further, however, while the Zionists, ADL, all Jewish Organizations of the New World Order CLAIMED "forgery". This also indicates that AN ORIGINAL is genuine and valid--somewhere!]

In a January 4 letter to Michael B. Levy, assistant secretary for legislative affairs, Department of Treasury, an attorney familiar with the case pointed out:

"Unfortunately for the defendants in this matter, members of both the Senate and the House have given opinion as to this matter that range from 'the certificates are counterfeits' [H: Again indicating the ORIGINALS would not be counterfeits or false.] to 'the certificates are copies of the originals, and poor copies at that'; What is the truth? If the certificates do not exist, why not say that."

The name of the attorney who wrote the letter to Levy has been withheld at this time.

He also wrote: "If the certificates do exist and the subject certificate is nothing more than a poor counterfeit, then the whereabouts of the original would place to rest 'Treasurygate'.

"What is of concern is the fact that if Treasurygate proves to be fact, then the American people have been subjected to a massive fraud perpetrated on them by the United States Government in collusion with the Federal Reserve System." [H: No-oo, really?]

He closed his letter with:

"If, or when the truth surfaces either the government will be a fraud or Mr. Buckley will be a fraud. Right now it appears that Mr. Buckley has the edge."


It would appear that there is more to the frenzied purchase by the Treasury, or someone, of the Federal Reserve, the panic the of Banking Committee right now, the resignation of Blackmun (Just wait until you see WHY Blackmun is the Justice being deposed!) and other massively HIDDEN operations going on as we write. I can only wish you hope in the possibility of winning anything against the lawyers and judges--placed to stop any Citizen from winning anything! Yes, I think there will be a great genocide/holocaust when America hangs the treasonists and moves on to the rest of the world!

We have so many interesting topics going at the same time that we sort of sit and say: "eenie, meenie, mynie, moe..." but since we have turned attention to lawyers and "justice" let us go with Stich's DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Updated version second edition, (Rodney Stich, Diablo Western Press, Inc., P.O. Box 5, Alamo, Calif. 94507 OR Diablo Western Press, Inc. P.O. Box 105, Reno, Nevada 89510) and his segment on the:

Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 17
by Rodney Stich



[H: Before we enter into the copy itself I would like to make note to you that all funds from Rodney Stich's TRUST accounts have been frozen. The ONLY income he has of any kind at this time is through THESE books. Please help support him--information in truth to YOU rests on your willing desire to see to the assistance of the daring writers. I also ask that you consider each time you read anything on THE LEGAL FRATERNITY that you turn to Eustace Muffins' RAPE OF JUSTICE [To see how to order this book look to p.x]. If you will do nothing to help the brothers willing to risk IT ALL--then you become totally undeserving of freedom for you have shown that you have made your choices.]

The common denominator in the entire sordid mess was the legal and judicial fraternities. I wrote of this in the first two printings of UNFRIENDLY SKIES--An Aviation Watergate in 1978 and 1980, and greatly enlarged upon that in the 1990 Unfriendly Skies. This revised Defrauding America expands upon the sordid and criminal nature of this legal fraternity group.

It was the legal fraternity with the FAA and NTSB that covered up for the air safety and criminal acts which other federal inspectors and I found at United Airlines and within the FAA. [H: If you read carefully Unfriendly Skies you MAY NEVER WISH TO FLY THE FRIENDLY SKIES--EVER AGAIN. AND, it is not just United!] Justice Department attorneys enlarged upon these cover-ups and obstruction of justice. For the past thirty years Justice Department attorneys have blocked every attempt to report the crimes revealed in these pages.


After failing to block the exposure of these criminal activities in this manner, Justice Department attorneys then proceeded to destroy me financially through the cover of the Justice Department and CIA law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross. And when that failed to stop me, they proceeded to repeatedly charge me with contempt of court from 1987 to the present date, in retaliation for reporting the criminal activities against the United States.

Sabotage of my exposure activities in the air safety field commenced with attorneys in the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, especially during the Denver air safety grievance hearing. This was compounded by the Denver attorney whom I hired to assist me in that hearing, J.E. Kuttler. Kuttler either sabotaged my exposure efforts from the very start, or was grossly incompetent.

I sought legal representation to help expose the FAA corruption while residing in Oklahoma City. Several expressed shock at what I told them, and they stated they would get back to me, and then never did. I presume they talked to another attorney in the Justice Department and that ended their interest. I asked Oklahoma City attorney Clyde Watts for help to expose the corruption. He was a former attorney with the Department of Justice in Washington, and stated he would question some of his Justice Department friends when he went to Washington. Watts was defending General [Edwin] Walker, whom the federal government was trying to silence, and who was placed in a federal prison hospital on the argument that he had mental problems. When Watts returned to Oklahoma City, he wouldn't talk to me. When I went to his office to pick up my papers, his associate greeted me, looked at me sadly, and wished me luck. Other attorneys advised that they would check the matter and get back to me. They all then avoided me.

Los Angeles attorney Ned Good contacted me and stated he would use my testimony against United Airlines in a lawsuit against United Airlines concerning a Boeing 727 crash into the Pacific Ocean at Los Angeles (January 18, 1969). The sequence of events suggests that Good simply threatened to use my testimony if United did not agree to a financial settlement dictated by the attorney.

This same problem happened when attorneys contacted me to obtain information on the crew partying and NTSB cover-up associated with the PSA San Diego crash (which was the world's worst air disaster at that time). They advised me that they would publicize my evidence, when in reality they simply used it to extract more money from PSA and its insurance carrier.

Some of the largest law firms in Salt Lake City, and the Utah State Bar, sought to block the introduction of my evidence into the trials relating to the United Airlines crash at Salt Lake City. The same occurred in the new York City and Denver crashes when I sought to introduce evidence that I acquired while I was a federal air safety investigator on that very same program at United Airlines.


The level of integrity at court trials is of the level expected from the legal fraternity. Employing attorneys demand that their expert witnesses slant their testimony in favor of their client, making the expert witnesses nothing more than brokers of disinformation.


The American Civil Liberties Union, the self-professed protector of civil rights, played a key role in the pattern of hardcore civil rights violations judicially inflicted upon me. I repeatedly notified the ACLU of the civil rights violations inflicted upon me, why it was being done, and the damage to the judicial system and our constitutional protections. [H: Now, WHY we are offering you so many topics--for reference! Go get your copy of Coleman's "300" and in the listings of "controlled" and purposefully structured groups, you WILL FIND the ACLU as an operating branch controlled totally by the Committee of 300.] The first contact was 1965 and continued through 1989. They not only refused to provide help, but they upheld and aided and abetted the escalating civil rights violations.

In 1989, the Executive Director of the Nevada ACLU, Shelly Chase, and I appeared on Reno radio station KOA, during which she upheld the right of Justice Department attorneys and federal judges to imprison citizens who report crimes committed by federal officials. She upheld the right of California judges to void divorce judgments rendered years and decades earlier, even though these acts were gross civil and constitutional violations. The Friedman law firm that played a key role in the' ten-year-pattern of civil rights violations was a key member of the ACLU in the San Francisco area.

The ACLU gets large financial donations from the public on the argument that they protect civil and constitutional rights. While some of their stated motives and actions are meritorious, there are many who question whether or not their goals enhance the quality of life. The ACLU often protects the most vicious and seamy side of society, often working to inflict harm upon others by protecting the guilty. Despite the fact that people were dying from aircraft hijackings, they opposed using metal detectors to screen passengers for weapons. Between 1968 and 1973, there was an average of over two dozen attempted air-plane hijackings a year. But after airports commenced using metal detectors in 1973 to screen passengers for weapons, the hijacking attempts dropped dramatically. ACLU argued that the security devices violated the Fourth Amendment protections against "unreasonable search and seizure". The ACLU opposed drug testing of transportation employees, even though studies showed that excessive alcohol consumption was a serious problem among railroad employees. They opposed roadblock stopping of cars in an attempt to reduce the high death rate and maiming resulting from excessive drinking. They argued repeatedly to allow brutal murderers to go scot-free because of some minor procedural requirement dreamed up by the same U.S. Supreme Court justices described in these pages.


Without the cover-up by members of Congress, most of whom are attorneys, the present number of scandals could not have been possible, and would have been nipped in the bud in their infancy, instead of escalating into the epidemic corruption that now exists. Members of Congress proposed legislation in mid-1989 to authorize federal employees in various government agencies to shoot down private aircraft in the drug-interdiction program, and proposed immunity for those shooting down and killing the occupants of the aircraft. They proposed that aircraft should be shot down if they did not respond to signals from an intercepting Customs or other government agency aircraft. The Senate voted to authorize the Customs Service and other federal agencies in August 1989 to fire upon small planes that do not respond to interception. Entire families can be wiped out by gunfire in this manner. [H: Besides, the most drugs are brought in on military aircraft TO military bases and to other bases such as the Mena, Arkansas airport!]


Corruption in the legal fraternity is rampant throughout the United States, but that segment based in California has probably inflicted more damage upon the United States than any other segment. Upon becoming President in 1981, Ronald Reagan brought into the White House many California attorneys, including Edwin Meese (former district attorney from Alameda County near San Francisco), Lowell Jensen, and others. They were all involved in scandal after scandal, using their control of the Justice Department to protect themselves from criminal prosecution.

It was the California legal fraternity who acted as a front in the sham action filed against me in the California courts. It was California judges, up to and including the judges in the California Supreme Court, who aided and abetted the scheme through a ten-year pattern of outrageous civil and constitutional violations.

It was a large group of federal judges in the State of California that enlarged upon the earlier violations; aiding and abetting not only the corrupt judicial actions in the California courts, but blocking the reports of the criminal activities described within these pages. It was federal judges in the State of California and in the largest federal circuit, the Ninth Circuit, who have made it an imprisonable offense to report government crimes, or to exercise federal protections to defend against the civil, constitutional and criminal violations inflicted upon me.

The attorneys that I hired were equally abominable. I finally had to appear without attorney to get the law into the record that barred the actions taken against me. In the sham California action the attorneys refused to raise the defenses in mandatory statutory law and under federal law, arguing instead fifty-year-old case law that permitted judges to do what they please.

My first attorney, Walnut Creek practitioner Douglas Page, jeopardized my defenses by substituting a young attorney right out of law school to argue important matters of law at a critical hearing, contrary to our employment agreement. The substituted attorney knew nothing about the unusual issues arising in the bizarre action filed against me. I fired both attorneys.

I contacted over thirty attorneys during the next few years, seeking legal representation. I knew the law, but recognized that pro per defendants, appearing without legal counsel, usually end up on the losing side, due to judicial prejudice. Refusing to recognize prior divorce judgments and the adjudicated personal property rights, because the parties did not intend to live forever in the prior court's jurisdiction, was barred by the U.S. Supreme Court in the mid-1940s and barred by state and federal statutes. Most attorneys didn't have any knowledge of the law pertaining to the issues. Or, they were deliberately playing stupid to facilitate the scheme against me. Some attorneys admitted that I faced a judicial gridlock, and that their legal practice would suffer if they raised the legal defenses necessary to halt the sham action.

When I decided it was time to exercise federal remedies for the massive civil and constitutional violations running rampant in the California courts, I engaged Sacramento attorney James Reed, who taught civil and constitutional law in the local law school. He wasn't much on California law relating to the underlying action filed against me by the Friedman law firm, but he used the law I researched on the matter, and got it into his federal briefs. It was necessary to sue state judges to obtain declaratory and injunctive relief, something very few attorneys will do, fearing judicial retaliation.

The first federal lawsuit exercising federal remedies to address the civil right violations named Solano County Judges Dwight Ely and Michael McInnis as defendants, along with the Friedman law firm. It appeared that Reed was pressured to drop the judges as defendants, and over my objections amended the complaint, eliminating them. He appeared to panic. This federal action was assigned to U.S. District Judge Raul Ramirez, who quickly dismissed the action, clearly violating many federal statutes and related case law. Reed then changed residence and became county counsel at Mammoth Lakes, causing me to look for another attorney specializing in civil and constitutional rights.

In 1985 I contacted attorney John Moulds who specialized in civil and constitutional law. Moulds, you may remember, was the part-time magistrate who in 1987 sentenced me to prison for filing three federal actions seeking declaratory and injunctive relief, and for reporting the federal corruption I had uncovered. These actions sought a judgment to declare the validity of the five divorce judgments and the personal and property rights established in them. This was a right to which I was entitled, and not up to the whim of any judge. I also sought injunctive relief from the unlawful orders rendered without jurisdiction in the sham California action. After Moulds looked over my papers, he admitted the gravity of the violations committed in the California action, but stated he couldn't represent me in federal court because of his part-time magistrate position. He had known that earlier, and never raised the objection, until he recognized the nature of the problem.


There are problems with the computer so we will close this chapter, please. We will begin at the point of departure when we write again. Salu.



WED., APR. 20, 1994 3:56 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 247

WED., APR. 20, 1994


Word has come back to me from a fairly new reader who has noted that we write a lot of things we shouldn't, that Hatonn must know more than he tells, and that some of the things are not quite correct.

Again, from the top, please. I am helping to write a paper and magazines. I am efforting to integrate information FROM MANY CREDIBLE WRITERS--VS. ONES WHO SIMPLY WANT TO MAKE A BUNDLE ON THE "INCREDIBLE". I will most certainly make every effort to be correct and will often stop and call your attention to items for which extra care should be given in acceptance.


I am now offering VERY dangerous material for which authors have become targets for "sanction", legal fodder for the corrupt courts, etc. THEY have had to get bits of information from here and from there and must reach conclusions. I try to offer work EXACTLY as given to us so that it is not tampered or changed. We are now offering it in more focused portions so that as you readers who DO KNOW can write and correct any misstatements--IF YOU KNOW FIRST HAND OR FROM THE "HORSE'S MOUTH". There is already plenty of "speculation" about things such as Kennedy's assassination--and the assassination itself is only an EXAMPLE of how things have reached the terrible and confused state as now being experienced.

Speaking of Kennedy will bring immediately to mind, Ronn Jackson. Well, we wouldn't expect Ronn to know as much about Stich's lawsuits as does Stich--likewise, Stich cannot know as much about Kennedy's assassination as does Ronn. Coleman couldn't know all the players and changes on various committees but could gather a lot of information. What most of these people are finding out, however, is that it is rare if ANYTHING presented, including names, will be accurate or the same as when each crossed the other's trail. For instance, again, let us take Coleman. He has written a book and states the author is Dr. John Coleman. Who am I to argue. The facts are that most of the special services people who would recognize this person at all will know him as Joseph or "Josef" Pavlonsky or (i). Is he REALLY with MI6? Who cares--he wrote some very good books with a lot of information.

When we write of Gunther Russbacher it is worse, Gunther has had so many alias identifications as to boggle the mind and you won't even know what he is called this very day. We are not trying to give a telephone book and all identifications--we are trying to let you know what a sorry state of affairs has been reached on this globe, in your various nations and with humanity, who now rules it and consequences of actions. It is a must to know the generalization "orders" who wield the power, i.e., CFR, TRILATS, CIA, Mossad, etc. However, it is not of much consequence either as you will note that all humans in POWER places--are basically egotistically based and also straining for CONTROL. YOU are watching an unfoldment of players in such a way that you can pretty well size up the "Titans" that will clash in such a way as to be FELT around the universe.

Much of what I write are MESSAGES and the message may be for only one or two to understand--but in most cases I don't have other resource at present to get the message to the receiver.

If, for instance, I want to get Mr. Jackson's attention I will talk about Hangar 51, craft "skin" and who might have been on board. I might also suggest that he be prepared for some disappointments in his employers--and that goodness is hardly their purpose in life. They will, however, allow the conduit for recovery of, at least, a substantial restructuring of government through financial influence and gold-based accounting. I would also suggest that if he starts seeing 9-1/2 foot reptilians in his sleep, that he understand he is an accepted, incredibly well trained and capable person with "very special" talents and abilities--but HE DOES NOT WORK FOR A REPTILIAN SPECIES OF SOUL-LESS CRACKPOTS.

I also ask that everyone remember that we have written over 30,000 pages of print, thousands of hours of audio tapes AND many, many weekly papers--in only the past 57 MONTHS--just through this source.

Our thrust is to give the PEOPLE something to have as truth and perception-changing information--it is up to YOU-THE-PEOPLE TO SUPPLY THE FACTS, DETAILS AND GET YOUR LIVES CHANGED ABOUT. And furthermore, just as the adversary (my enemy) tries to use everyone and everything of ours to make his game--I use him and his to win mine! In our thrust to follow the Laws of God and Creation and not cross the laws of man--we remain pretty safe and secure. We will also have that which we need to do our work and the "Bigger" players will help if needs be. Relatively speaking, we don't need much so they will have plenty left to pretty much fight their wars. The larger problem is that most players DON'T EVEN REALLY UNDERSTAND THEIR OWN GAME OR EMPLOYERS! And, no, I am not going to take up one-on-one presentations--I can make myself known when necessary. I wield a pretty big stick also.

I also suggest that ones who can't quite come to grips with me, or with what we offer--after you have studied all or most all of our work, be PATIENT! I am not in the business of giving forth great revelations or telling fortunes. Let it suffice to remind you that extraterrestrials have been on YOUR PLACE for a very long time--some good and some bad as you would describe personalities and activities. However, you have no big bad wolves left out in the atmospheric places to do you in--UNLESS OF COURSE, YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF GOD! THEN, I, MYSELF, AM A VERY BIG AND RATHER AWESOME OPPONENT. The majority of the would-be-"kings" fit the "opposition" category--IF they harm my people or give us great difficulty with our mission.

We offer assistance, awakening and A WAY INTO SECURITY but we don't force anyone and we don't bargain with anyone--neither do we BRIBE anyone. We do negotiate but never COMPROMISE in integrity, honor or within the Laws of God and Creation.

You do, however, have some cute players who come from outside your recognition as well. You have abused most of those "creatures" (creations) and you have about cross-DNA'd yourselves out of human ability to survive. In fact, with all your underground SECRET replications and alterations for the purpose of bringing panic and fear to your own people--you have BUILT MY TEAM A WHOLE ARMY (See Journals #46 & 81, & CONTACT 5/11/93.). YOU may well be able to construct a robotic machine that looks very real and acts human in every respect--BUT MY TEAM CAN LITERALLY BREATHE LIFE (SOUL) INTO THE ENTITIES AND WHAT "WAS" AN EVIL WORKER BECOMES GOD'S BEST SOLDIER!


I am totally amused when such as Bo Gritz gets all filled with humor over the "three days of light" that didn't happen. Didn't it? Well, no, you are moving into it, fortunately for you, a bit more slowly than anticipated by the projectors of such an event. I merely gave you what was offered by scientists from your place, specifically Australia. I certainly DID suggest you get dark glasses because the bastards on your place planned to ignite the radioactive belt around your planet and, brothers, it would burn your cute little eyes right out of your head. The higher than recognized ultra-violet rays which are now giving such damage to you nice people are getting more and more intense every day. You can't "SEE" these rays but your world is certainly beginning to feel the results of them--THAT IS WHAT MAKES UP THE PHOTON BELT. [For more information on the Photon Belt please see Phoenix Journal #50, DIVINE PLAN VOL. 1.]

However, you ones had best get your heads on and start paying attention--I said that I did not expect the "big event" even with the Photon Belt until the first decade of the new millennium. Then in about 2011 WATCH OUT, good buddies, because a WHOLE BIG LOT OF THINGS are going to break loose--if you can hold together that long. THAT is why I am here--not to tattle on greedy snitches. Then, if we can make it a bit changed about without destroying everything--we may actually make it with you through that period also but there will be massive changes in the Earth itself--as you are now going.

The speculation of happenings in July when asteroids hit Jupiter are probably also going to be quite interesting. You can't have such massive disruptions without SOMETHING rubbing off in your orbiting system from shock-waves. You may well be a manifest illusion, good friends; BUT COSMIC UNIVERSAL PHYSICS IS INFINITE IN TRUTH AND ALL THAT "IS" IS ELECTRIC WAVES AND THOUGHT EXPRESSION. I would at the least expect some oceanic wave action--like some very large tidal waves--if quaking as expected, occurs. THESE are the things that change the face of worlds!

Are you sure that there will be something striking Jupiter? Come now--if you are thought projections--does something HAVE TO strike anything? Smarten-up! There are Earth-launched Cosmospheres that could blow those little pebbles out of the trajectory path.

The important thing to hold in focus is that at this point you still don't have the "sides" in picture and that makes you helpless pawns in this game.

The word is coming down today from several sources as to "watch" out for as "we move into the reestablishment of the gold-based economy ones with arbitrages ongoing must register them or they won't be paid." Is this valid? Who knows? Do YOU have an arbitrage going? ARE YOU SURE? I can tell you this--all those great manipulations with treasuries and CD's and international computer transfers and big profits from sell-shorts and all that will come to a rather miserable change pretty quickly. All won't go away but there will be some interesting times ahead--IF the rumors are accurate.

Are the rumors accurate? Some of them are indeed completely accurate! You are, as we write here today, unaware of that which is taking place in the federal systems. A gold standard is very much in the works--so what about those gold certificates? Well, what about all the news pouring out about the corrupt players? Who is going to struggle to look good and who is re-ally a good-guy? It is going to be very hard to tell and it is going to be even harder to make you all think it is the "government" good-guys doing the switcheroo. But, it might well save you from total anarchy.

What about the new currency? What about it? It is printed and ready--but why would you not just go back to the previously printed "old" currency. A lot was printed back in the Kennedy era or thereabouts. Either way I would expect you to be hearing a bit from very unexpected sources like the CNN mouthpiece interview show, the King lips, and the International Monetary Fund representative Bentsen of the Cabinet. Is Bentsen a good-guy? Who knows? See what he offers--he is heavy duty but I wouldn't place my infinite journey on his Godliness. He is, however, in a position where he can make a lot of tracks and they may well mean something interesting. There are also SOME who are not happy with the Bolshevik Sovietization of America from anywhere--even England (See CONTACT 4/19/94.). There are still one or two very heavy-duty hitters on Clinton's Cabinet roll-call. Hillary's Hellcats (See CONTACT 3/1/94 & 3/8/94.) aren't the only mates running about destroying the morals of the nation. Some heavy hitters are in very high places and travel the globe! SOME ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS. I simply REMIND you that a nation, a people or a world CANNOT SURVIVE WITH ROT AT THE CORE OF MORAL STANDARDS!

There are several factions which have PLANS 2000! GOD IS ONE OF THEM!

Enough now, I am NOT here to do your work for you, figure out your puzzles or do your homework.

Let us move right back to where we left off in DEFRAUDING AMERICA, in the chapter on "LEGAL FRATERNITY".

This will be a continuation from where we left off:

Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 18
by Rodney Stich



I wasn't doing very well in finding attorneys by referrals, or even on blind calls, so I tried a different approach. I advertised in the San Francisco newspapers for an attorney, receiving a telephone call from an attorney who represented himself as Sid Saperstein, with offices supposedly in San Francisco. I resided in Reno then, seeking to escape the worse of the California judicial tactics. Saperstein stated he would come to Reno the next day. I was unable to visit California because California judge William Jensen, Fairfield [CA], rendered a bench warrant for my arrest. This warrant was issued when I had an attorney appear on my behalf during a hearing in Solano County Superior Court, which was necessitated by my appearance in U.S. District Court in Sacramento in a civil rights action, in which that same California judge was a defendant. Even though appearance by attorney was permitted by California law, and he knew I could not physically be in two places at the same time, Jensen issued a bench warrant for my arrest. The Solano County bench warrant for my arrest was still outstanding, and I wanted an attorney to get that removed.

Saperstein came to my Reno residence on January 23, 1987, claiming that he had connections in the courts and could get the bench warrant lifted. He asked for money and I wrote him a check, and asked him for his calling card. He pulled out a hand-written calling card, stating he had changed offices and that his printed cards had not yet arrived. Sounded strange, but possible.

Several days later, Saperstein called and said that he had succeeded in getting the bench warrant lifted. This sounded fishy, as it normally requires a noticed hearing to have the matter heard. I asked him if he had the judge's order in front of him that vacated the bench warrant, and he said that he did. I asked him the name of the judge who signed the order. "Judge Schwartz", he replied. There was no Judge Schwartz in the Solano County courts where the warrant originated, causing me to ask which court issued the order. "The Superior Court in San Francisco", he answered. The San Francisco courts had no authority over the order rendered by the Solano County courts. Saperstein had a scheme going that obviously smelled to high heaven.

I asked Saperstein to read off the exact wording on the order that he stated a few minutes earlier was right in front of him. He couldn't do this because there was no such order. He stated he would call me back shortly. That was the end of Saperstein. I never saw or heard from him again. I sent a certified letter to the address that he gave me as his office, and it came back with a post office notation that the address didn't exist. [H: My, my--sounds like something out of a lot of personal files--including the Ekkers'. A bench warrant issued by a court with an ex-judge representing a party who claimed "trespass" on a vacant lot on which Ekkers' have easement. There was no court hearing set on the day the warrant stated Ekkers did not appear and it got worse from there--to the extent that the "warrant" was SEALED and no-one, including the Ekker's attorney could even get a look at it. You people are going to have to clean out the ENTIRE RAT'S NESTS, dear friends, or you can't EVER reclaim your nation or get any manner of freedom in your lives!]

What I suspect happened was that the Friedman law firm saw my advertisement for an attorney in the San Francisco legal paper, and got Saperstein--or whoever he was--to contact me for the purpose of giving me false assurance that it was safe to return to California. Then, upon returning to California, Friedman would insure that I was arrested.

I hired a Sacramento attorney, Joel Pegg, to have the bench warrant removed and to file appeal briefs that were due, seeking to vacate the orders rendered in the sham divorce action that had been rendered without jurisdiction and which violated blocks of California and federal law. His services were also needed as U.S. District Judge Milton Schwartz and U.S. Attorney David Levi, Sacramento, charged me with civil contempt of court for filing federal actions to have the validity of the five judgments declared invalid under federal law and seeking relief from the civil right violations. Further, the actions reported the early stages of the federal corruption that I had uncovered up to that time.

Pegg has a prestigious looking office and a charming picture of Rhonda Fleming, supposedly one of his clients, on his desk. He looked impressive, and said the right words, and I felt confident that I could trust him. I paid Pegg a $20,000 retainer, and from that point he started sabotaging me at every turn, which is a common practice.

It was urgent that the attorney file several appeal briefs with the California Court of Appeals that were coming due, but Pegg repeatedly put off preparing and filing the briefs. I was appealing decisions that would overturn the past three years of illegal and unconstitutional orders by the California judges, and which affected the ownership of ten million dollars of property. The California Court of Appeals had already given me a time extension, and the three judges, Donald King, Harry Low, and Zerne Haning, were anxious to find some excuse to dismiss the appeals.

Forty-eight hours before the filing deadline I forced Pegg to give me an answer about the briefs that he had not even started to prepare, and he answered that he had requested a time extension from the court and the court granted it. By this time my opinion of attorneys was about as low as it could possibly get, so I checked to determine if he was lying. I telephoned the Clerk of the Court of Appeals at San Francisco, asking if an extension of time was requested and if it was granted. The clerk advised me that there was no request for an extension and none was granted. Pegg had lied to me. I wrote Pegg a letter and asked him for an explanation, which he refused to give me.

I then had to quickly prepare and file my own appeal briefs. This didn't take too long as I had already prepared a draft for Pegg. Appeals by people appearing without attorneys are usually denied in California courts, which are openly hostile to those appearing without attorneys. The system protects itself.

The briefs were filed, but the three judges in Division Five, District One, refused to even consider the briefs. They fraudulently said that the decisions being appealed were not appealable orders, repeating the misstatement of facts and law that kept the sham California action going for the past six years. I then sought relief from the Justices of the California Supreme Court, but by this time the judicial corruption had progressed to such an advanced stage that it became necessary for every state and federal judge to protect the earlier judicial conduct.

Joel Pegg was to seek removal of the lis pendens placed upon my dozens of properties in the sham divorce action that halted my business operations, and caused loss of valuable properties. He repeatedly stated he would do so and then never did. His refusal to seek this basic relief forced me to seek relief in Chapter 11.

As stated in earlier pages, U.S. Attorney David Levi and Judge Schwartz converted the civil contempt into a criminal contempt, and I now faced prison for having exercised federal remedies to defend against what was being done in the California courts. Pegg represented me in the defense against the criminal contempt charge, but refused to raise the defenses that would expose the scheme by Justice Department prosecutors and the federal judges. Just before the trial commenced, Pegg notified Magistrate John Moulds that he wanted to withdraw from the case. By that time Pegg had my money, and the Chapter 11 seizure of my assets left me without funds to hire other legal counsel. It also showed Moulds that there would be no attorney to file appeal briefs and other post-conviction defenses.


* * *

Let us leave the work for today as it is late and I need your attention on some other things this evening. Thank you.



THU., APR. 21, 1994 12:13 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 248

THU., APR. 21, 1994



In a very short while you'll be getting "stuff" directly from Ronn Jackson as he has offered to share writing in our paper and offers, separate and apart from the "books" (manuscripts), to give us interesting and current topics which you will find even more interesting than the manuscripts if you can believe that to be possible. He assures us all that "the TRUTH will make us very MAD!" Perhaps it's time you all got "mad as hell and refuse to take it any more...." We shall see.

Continuation: DEFRAUDING AMERICA, Part 19:
by Rodney Stich


Continuation of chapter: "LEGAL FRATERNITY"

In 1987 I sought relief in Chapter 11, and obtained other legal counsel. I hired attorney Vernon Bradley of Sausalito, California, who was to represent me both in the California action and in the Chapter 11 proceedings. He then hired Las Vegas attorney Joshua Landish to handle the filing of the Chapter 11 papers in Las Vegas. Both Bradley and Landish agreed before I hired them that they would seek relief from the federal judge in Chapter 11 from the illegal orders of the California judges. But then when they became attorneys of record, they refused to file the necessary papers to obtain the relief.

I was present at the first hearing on the Chapter 11 cases, on September 11, 1987. The two attorneys made a passionate argument on my behalf and, although they failed to raise the civil and constitutional violations that forced me to seek Chapter 11 relief, they argued in my defense. They praised my management style that built up a multi-million dollar equity estate in twenty years. They argued that the sham California divorce action filed by the Friedman law firm caused me to seek relief in Chapter 11, and if federal law was applied requiring the California judges to recognize the five prior judgments, there would be no reason for my seeking relief in Chapter 11. This was the hearing where federal Judge Robert Jones rendered an order that the two cases would be dismissed in 60 days. This was not the full relief I wanted, but it removed the lis pendens and permitted me to pay off the mortgage loans that had come due.

These attorneys then sabotaged my defenses. Attorney John Landish appeared at a hearing limited to the personal Chapter 11 filing and limited to removal of the automatic stay on several mortgages. That hearing took place on September 28, 1987, without my knowledge. The mortgage holder, Robil, Inc., and Superior Home Loans, sought to foreclose on the properties for which the mortgages had come due, and which would have been shortly paid off since Judge Jones ordered removal of the state lis pendens that had blocked the refinancing. Landish, whom I had hired specifically to protect my properties, then requested Judge Jones to vacate the earlier order providing me relief; to seize the business, home, and assets on both the personal and corporate Chapter 11 cases via appointment of a trustee; and then to liquidate the assets, leaving me penniless.

I would later learn that this is a common trick used by attorneys after they recommend to their clients that they seek Chapter 11 relief. The attorneys then strip their clients of all assets! In this manner the attorneys and trustees generate huge fees as they plunder the assets. Through their attorneys the Bank of America was famous for jumping the gun to seize the properties of their clients, ever since the 1930 depression days.

Landish kept notice of the seizure from me until after the ten-day period to appeal passed. I discharged Landish but by that time he had done the damage. I did not learn what occurred at that hearing until several months later, after I obtained taped recordings of the court proceedings.

I hired other legal counsel, and the integrity problems continued. I hired attorney Raymond Goodman of Concord, California, to represent me in the bankruptcy proceedings, and he too agreed to file briefs to remove the illegally appointed trustee. He didn't tell me that the California State Bar had suspended his right to practice law. Also, he didn't tell me that he would turn my Chapter 11 cases over to an associate attorney, William Rubendall, whom I had never seen, and who turned out to be a disaster. He failed to file opposition briefs, and refused to file the briefs to remove the illegally appointed trustee as was agreed before I paid the retainer. He refused to return phone calls. Contrary to my instructions, he notified Judge Jellen that my earlier appeals would be withdrawn. And much more.

I then retained attorney Robert Ayers of Walnut Creek, California, and paid him a retainer. After six weeks of failing to file the required briefs, he then stated he was not my attorney. But he kept the money I gave him. I even had trouble getting my files back.


After attorney Pegg abandoned me, I asked for a public defender to defend me against the false imprisonment. Judge Raul Ramirez appointed Assistant Federal Public Defender Carl Larson, who operated as a puppet for the Department of Justice gang.

Larson refused to perform any of the fundamental legal requirements needed to defend me. He refused to file a motion for stay of my imprisonment pending appeal, which is a right under law. Larson refused to file briefs raising the many fundamental constitutional and statutory defenses that were violated. Larson refused to acknowledge the grotesque violations of law and constitutional safeguards and supported the actions taken against me.

Larson refused to obtain the hearing transcript or the records required to prepare a defense. He refused to file any briefs on my behalf, arguing that he would give a verbal presentation. That was totally unacceptable. Court rules and proper defense tactics require filing a written brief addressing the dozens of statutory and case laws and constitutional protections. A court hearing of this type is limited to a brief verbal argument, and is totally inadequate and not intended to present the dozens of case laws, constitutional protections, and other complex issues. Larson was protecting his employer, the Justice Department, and the federal judges.

I discharged Larson, and requested another attorney. At first this request was refused and I had to present briefs in pro se status. Finally, federal judges appointed another attorney, Sacramento sole practitioner Clifford Tedmon. He too duplicated the prior counsel's misconduct and again I had no alternative but to discharge him. None of them would file motions for my release or raise any of the glaring violations of law. Federal judges appointed still another attorney, Brian DeAmicis, who repeated the tactics of the prior attorneys, refusing to argue the controlling law, and refusing to prepare adequate defenses. It was hopeless to obtain defenses under this pattern of legal misconduct. Finally, I discharged him, and filed my own briefs.


The conduct of these attorneys was hard-core misconduct and I wondered how they would protect themselves from a malpractice action. I learned later that in judicial and Justice Department corruption of this magnitude the legal system bands together to protect itself.

I filed complaints with the California State Bar Association concerning Pegg and other attorneys, and they held the conduct to be proper. I filed a complaint with the Nevada State Bar and the Governor of Nevada concerning the misconduct of attorney Joshua Landish, who sabotaged me and caused the loss of my ten-million-dollar estate. They held that the attorney conduct was proper. When I filed malpractice actions in the State of California against the attorneys, the judges unlawfully dismissed the actions. I was totally gridlocked in every state and federal court, reflecting the cohesiveness of the legal fraternity.

Nevada Attorneys stated to me that I probably could never find a Nevada attorney to file a malpractice action against Landish, as the attorneys protect each other. I contacted at least half a dozen California malpractice attorneys concerning the misconduct by California attorneys, and none would take the case. Most had already heard about the judicial involvement and wanted no part of it. The legal fraternity had me gridlocked in the California and federal courts while simultaneously using the courts to destroy me financially and take away my freedom.

Eventually the California and federal judges settled on two quick responses to strip me of all defenses. They placed a frivolous label upon anything I filed, and then called me a vexatious litigant for seeking relief. In this way they stripped me of all statutory and constitutional protections and protected the legal and judicial fraternities from the consequences of their actions.

[H: In case this is sounding too far-fetched and couldn't be "quite" right, let me assure you that this happens all the time--ALL THE TIME. Ask the Red Beckman's, the Ekkers--anyone that "they" want to "get". This is exactly what they have done with the Ekkers--who simply wanted to save their home and, now, seven years later are still in litigation just for survival. The municipal judge was corrupt and still runs letters in the local paper saying that Ekkers are derelicts, transient rip-off artists and have "used and abused the court system more than any parties he has witnessed in his 32 years of practice." They, the Ekkers, have DONE NOTHING but try desperately TO STAY ALIVE! Every nasty tactic has been pulled from municipal court to Federal court to run them out of legal help by stripping all financial capability, then the municipal judge even ORDERED them to get an attorney and an "appeal" to a higher court panel of JUDGES had to be rendered to simply allow "forgiveness" for "HAVING TO" represent themselves. It is a circus if you don't happen to be the trapped "clown". Once all assets are tied up in court in receivership, bankruptcy, ordered conservators, etc., then you can't get at any assets you might have--Ekkers find it easier to be paupers. Believe me, readers, MOST PEOPLE SIMPLY GIVE UP BECAUSE THERE ARE NO ALTERNATIVES!]


In With Justice for None (Times Books, Gerry Spence) the author and attorney, Gerry Spence, described the power of the legal and judicial fraternities, and that most judges are the lackeys of big-money interests. Mr. Spence spent much of his life representing insurance companies and government contractors and, later, protecting the rights of people adversely affected by injustice, such as the case of Karen Silkwood against Kerr-McGee. He also sympathized with me when I sought his help in 1988, but refused to help, even though the actions taken against me represented attacks upon fundamental constitutional rights and revealed a corrupt judiciary.

In A Feast for Lawyers (Evans & Company, by Sol Stein), the author describes the hacks, vultures and scoundrels in the legal fraternity, and the judges who feed on the public. He describes the mentality of "we against them," the "we" being the legal fraternity, and "them" being the public.


The practice of buying decisions is firmly embedded in the legal fraternity. A typical example was San Francisco Bay Area attorney Suren Toomajian who spent his vacations in Palm Springs and other places, accompanied by California judges whose expenses he paid. In return, the attorney received favorable decisions. One of his clients, a lady friend of mine, de-scribed the tactic of cancelling hearing dates until the court clerk assigned the case to a judge which the attorney controlled. Crooked attorneys leave envelopes containing money with particular judges, or the judge's law clerk, in payment for favorable rulings. Often, when the attorney appeared before a judge that he controlled, there would be virtually no arguments raised in support of the decision sought. The decision had been reached in private conversations before the hearing on the matter.

The legal fraternity has no interest in cleaning up the system that benefits attorneys and judges, even though the public is repeatedly victimized. The charade of standing up when the judge enters the court room, the rhetoric of justice, are deceptions to impress the public.


I discovered that the San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross, who filed the sham California action against me and whom the California and federal judges protected, was a covert Justice Department and CIA law firm, wielding immense control in the courts. The first indication I had of that relationship was when an attorney in Las Vegas told me about it in early 1991 (Jan. 22, 1991). The following year several of my CIA contacts described the clandestine CIA activities in which attorneys, law firms, trustees, and judges, are paid off.

CIA operative Gunther Russbacher described to me in sworn declarations the role played by law firms and attorneys in covert dealings with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department. He described how these attorneys do covert legal work for the two government agencies and how they play a key role in the Chapter 11 corruption. Russbacher described numerous covert CIA locations at which he saw members of this group, and how they received payoffs.

Russbacher described seeing Las Vegas federal Judge Robert Jones at Atlantic City gambling casinos and the method of paying off the judge (and others). Russbacher described the presence of Chapter 11 trustee Charles Duck at secret Central America CIA meetings and his related law firm of Goldberg, Stinnett and MacDonald. This entire cast of characters were key players in seizing and looting my assets in Chapter 11.

Russbacher described the role one of his companies, National Brokerage Company, played in the money trail to the overseas company that serves as the payoff center for federal judges, trustees and law firms, which is described in more detail elsewhere. Shamrock Overseas Disbursement Corporation in Dublin, Ireland, receives and disburses funds for these payoffs. The telephone listing is under Shamrock Overseas Courier Service. The same person who was a CIA asset in the CIA-associated Silverado Bank Savings and Loan is reportedly the Chief Executive Officer of Shamrock, Donald Lutz.


The legal fraternity is deeply implicated in the massive Chapter 11 corruption that is inflicting billions of dollars of fraud upon American citizens every year. Attorneys often encourage their clients to file Chapter 11 to gain a little more time to pay a particular debt that has come due, fraudulently stating that Chapter 11 court will provide the extra time. This is what the law says. But in practice, the fraud starts immediately. The federal judges order a trustee to seize the person's properties, business, and assets. The owner who built up the business and assets is ordered to vacate. The trustee then proceeds to liquidate the assets at fire-sale prices, incurring huge legal fees and losses that usually destroy the assets. It's all blatantly unlawful, but the entire judicial system, including the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, protects the multi-billion-dollar a year racketeering enterprise. It is all part of the vast secret government looting assets of the American people.

After placing their clients in Chapter 11, the attorneys then request the court to appoint a trustee to take over from the person whose competency built up the business. From that point on, fire sale liquidation takes place, and the client usually loses everything. It is a criminal enterprise and one of the best kept secrets in the United States.


The legal fraternity was heavily implicated in the Savings and Loan debacle. In 1992 numerous law firms were charged by various federal agencies with helping to carry out the looting of the Savings and Loans. The law firms associated with covert CIA activities, however, escaped the financial penalties. Despite their key role in the hundreds of billions of dollars in fraudulent transactions, I know of no law firm that was criminally prosecuted.

Blasting the role played by attorneys in the fraud involving Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, U.S. District Judge Stanley Sporkin of Washington, D.C., asked: "Where were these professionals? Why didn't any of them speak up?" Sporkin was involved in the 1980 October Surprise scheme, and his judicial appointment was probably his reward by the Reagan-Bush administration for helping to carry it out, and to block any judicial exposure or prosecution activities.

"Thievery by Lawyers Is on the Increase, With Duped Clients Losing Bigger Sums", headlined the Wall Street Journal article (November 26, 1990). Dozens of articles like this appeared in the legal publications throughout the United States, especially in California. The cases (where attorneys receive large sums of money from estate or litigation settlements and then steal the funds intended for their client) are endless. The Daily Journal legal newspaper wrote (January 9, 1992) about the sharp rise in larceny by attorneys against their own clients. Sporkin's role in treasonous and criminal activities makes him the last person to point a finger. But it was good public relations.


Complaining to State Bar Associations about incompetence or outright thievery by attorneys is usually useless. The practice of attorneys stealing money received for their clients is endless, and when this is reported, the bar association often times will refuse to suspend the attorney's license to practice.


Even in death, the legal and judicial fraternities continue their sordid conduct. Attorneys have turned the probate field into a system to loot the deceased's assets, depriving widows and orphans of money they would receive if the corruption did not exist. In many states the probate system is a means of plundering estates, dividing up the loot among attorneys, judges, and their fronts. Local party bosses often select probate judges who will continue the system of looting assets of the deceased.

An article in the Journal of the American Bar Association described the probate courts as "one of the most viciously corrupt systems ever devised by the inventive minds of the greedy." This is basically true, but the Chapter 11 courts are even worse, and more crooked.

The New York Times reported "the probate procedures in many areas border on the scandalous." A leading professional journal involved in probate reporting, Trusts and Estates, described the routine nature of probate work as being "cut and dried... most of the work is done by the lawyer's secretary...very little of the lawyer's own time is consumed." But the fees extracted from probate estates often consume most of the assets and, in some cases the charges exceed the assets. Attorney fees are astronomical in relation to the time that the attorney spends on the case. In addition, probates that could be quickly settled are dragged out for months and years longer than necessary to inflate the attorney's already padded charges.

Probate judges and attorneys work hand in hand, cooperating in the looting of assets, often forcing the surviving widow or children to go on welfare while the legal fraternity devours the money intended for the surviving family members.

There are cases where the heirs had to go on welfare, while a million dollars or more of assets were tied up in probate by crooked judges and their attorney cohorts. Even when wills have been made, some judges will find fault with them, declare that the person died intestate, and divide the assets as they see fit, increasing even further the attorney charges and kickbacks to the judge.

Attorney fees come from the assets before the heirs receive their inheritance, even when the attorneys appointed by the judges are unnecessary and their appointment results in the heirs receiving nothing. What a system! There is virtually nothing a victimized heir can do as the system protects its own, regardless of how corrupt the attorneys and judges may be.

Connecticut attorneys conspired with their attorney friends in the legislature to pass a law taxing in inter vivos trusts that were circumventing the probate racket. This law requires a person filing an inheritance tax return due on a probate-exempt trust to pay huge fees to the local probate judge, even though that person performed no services in connection with the trust. The legislatures on the state and federal level are controlled by attorneys, who block almost every effort by the public to protect themselves against these parasites. Like sheep, the public remains unresponsive as it is devastated, financially and otherwise.

It has been said that it costs over one hundred times more to probate an estate in the United States than the same size estate in Britain, and takes over ten times longer to do it. [H: Makes nice Nevada Corporations look pretty good, doesn't it? It also points out WHY accountants and lawyers DON'T LIKE NEVADA CORPORATIONS!]

Often times, as in other legal cases, the attorney absconds with all the assets, leaving the surviving widow or orphans penniless. Attorneys and judges lust after the assets people accumulate in a lifetime of hard work.

The public doesn't understand the gravity of this misconduct. During the 1984 presidential campaign of Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine A. Ferraro, it was revealed that her attorney husband, John Zaccaro, had taken $175,000 from an elderly woman for whom he had been appointed conservator. As if the money was his own, he used part of it as a deposit to purchase property for a client of his real estate company and part of it to pay tax and mortgage payments for another client. Confirming that no one can lie like an attorney, Zaccaro stated to a New York Times reporter that no one told him that he couldn't use someone else's money for his own use.

If this was a book on probate it could be filled with horror stories of attorneys and judges stealing money from innocent people through probate fraud that they call legal.


Another example of how an attorney will sabotage his own client occurred during a trial on drug smuggling charges. A federal judge in San Francisco dismissed charges (November 15, 1991) against a person charged with drug smuggling on the basis that the defendant's attorney conspired with attorneys for the Justice Department to get him convicted.

The judge blasted the U.S. Attorney's office for "outrageous misconduct" in encouraging the defendant's attorney to set up his client. "The conduct of the Justice Department in the investigation and prosecution of Steven Marshank was so outrageous that it shocked the universal sense of justice," said the U.S. District Judge. The written ruling by the judge said that the defendant's attorney, Ronald Minkin of Los Angeles, supplied information to Justice Department attorneys about his client and other defendants in order to get them convicted. Through this misconduct the attorney was able to collect thousands of dollars in legal fees and stood to gain millions of dollars when the prosecutor seized his client's properties under forfeiture laws.

Outrageous as this is, I experienced this attorney misconduct over and over again, and learned of many other cases similar to this. It is a firmly established mindset and accepted code of conduct of this sordid group.

An article in the Wall Street Journal (September 11, 1991) said, "Lawyers Who Tattle On Clients Prompt Concern". The article described the situation in Houston where the attorney became a government informant against his own clients. U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes held, however, that tape recordings made by the attorney of his client can be used in criminal proceedings against the client.

"The notion of attorneys as informants, particularly as informants against their own clients, is an area that we've seen sporadically over the years," said Neal Sonnett, a Miami criminal-defense lawyer. "We do not condone the government's use of criminal-defense-attorneys as informants against their clients," said a federal appeals court in Atlanta (1987). However, they allowed the indictment against the victimized client to stand.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Turow in Chicago approved the treachery, saying that the intrusion is justified, "It's obviously a treacherous area for the government to work in, but it's an area that sometimes the government has to work in." Attorneys involved in the profitable sabotage of their own clients have even agreed to keep Justice Department prosecutors informed of their client's future crimes. In the case against Manuel Noriega, Justice Department prosecutors obtained the help of an attorney who formerly represented Noriega and who turned government informant, a profitable change for the attorney.

Attorneys have even killed their clients. An example: San Jose, California attorney Norman R. Sjonborg was charged by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge with being "one of the most dangerous sociopaths that I have ever seen," for having killed one of his female clients. Attorneys taking advantage of their female clients, demanding sex, is so rampant it is hardly news any more.


A standard practice of attorneys is forcing female clients to have sex with them in order to be represented. This practice was so outrageous that New York and California passed legislation barring sex between an attorney and client. But whether this will stop the abuses is questionable. The routine violations of the canons of ethics by attorneys, and the State Bar refusal to prosecute for such violations, leave no hope for reform.


One of the scams used by attorneys is to take a deed of trust on a person's home or properties to insure payment of legal fees, followed by outrageously excessive fees resulting in loss of the property to the attorney. New York State passed legislation in 1993 preventing this onerous practice.


In a full page Newsweek article (Nov. 4, 1991), a former attorney described why he quit the business of law, repeating what has been written in many other articles. Sam Benson stated in a book he wrote:

"I am astounded that I was able to practice law for more than two years of my life. It was not any single event that pushed me over the edge, It was an uneasiness, and uncomfortableness that was always there for me. I was tired of the deceit. I was tired of the chicanery. But most of all, I was tired of the misery my job caused other people."


The Trial Lawyer Lobby is one of the most powerful lobbies in the United States, consisting of over 60,000 trial lawyers. They exert great influence upon politicians through their political contributions or bribes. This lobby has become the Democratic Party's most important special interest group, supposedly more powerful than government unions. Congressmen vote against the wishes of this lobby at risk of being targeted for removal.

Two prominent names on the list of financial recipients of the Trial Lawyers Lobby were Senator Howard Metzenbaum (D-Oh), and Senator Ernest Hollings (D-SC) who received over $400,000 from members of the Trial Lawyers' Lobby (Daily Journal, Sept. 30, 1992). The bundling of contributions from these attorneys and their family members, and the political-action committee, can buy virtually any Senator's votes. So-called public interest advocate Ralph Nader gets a major share of his contributions from the trial-lawyer groups. Attorneys in the trial lawyer lobby control sufficient Democrats to block any vote in the Senate on changing the liability laws.

Studies have shown that less than 40 cents of every dollar paid to settle litigation goes to the person who suffered the injury. The rest goes to the attorneys.

Election of attorney Bill Clinton to the presidency of the United States, with his attorney wife, didn't help the problem, especially with Clinton's role in scandals such as the CIA and DEA drug trafficking into the United States.


In case after case these corrupt practices continued without any corrective actions after people made complaints to the State Bar Associations. My complaints to the California and Nevada Bar Associations relating to the pattern of attorney misconduct resulted in approval of the misconduct.

Major law schools and universities have a responsibility to act when a pattern of judicial activities destroys the rights and protections under our form of government. They have the legal knowledge and the duty to act, but when hard-core corruption is involved that would bring adverse public reaction upon the group, they aid and abet the activities. These legal institutes of learning knew of the criminal activities implicating federal judges and Justice Department attorneys.

I brought these activities to the attention of Professor Ulysses Crockett of the University of California at Berkeley. Crockett had first telephoned me in 1991 when he heard about my contact with CIA operative Gunther Russbacher, and then seemingly took an interest in what I was doing. When I later confronted Crockett with his responsibility to intervene, especially in the nearby San Francisco federal action against me, he referred me to several law professors in New York and Massachusetts that he stated owed him a favor.

I wrote to these professors and only one responded, expressing a lack of interest. Crockett has been a prosecutor in the same Alameda County District Attorney's office as Edwin Meese, who was deeply involved in most of the scandals described in these pages. I wondered if Ulysses was simply trying to find out how much information we had about the scandals in which his fellow attorneys, such as Edwin Meese, were involved.


From this sordid group come state and federal judges who try to present to the public a sense of honor, integrity and justice. Many judges require everyone in the court to stand up when they enter the court room, as if they are someone to be revered. Much of the public is taken in by these charades.

There are thousands of examples of the sordid conduct of state and federal judges. On a lighter vein was the conduct by U.S. District Judge Robert H. Schnacke, to whom I sought to report in 1974 the criminality I uncovered in the aviation environment. Reflecting on Schnacke's personal life, the headline in The National Educator, March 1989, stated: "Kindig fights Pan Am and cathouse judge." The article stated in part:

A judge who has a reputation of siding with the big corporations and who, to say the least, is anything but squeaky clean in his own personal life, having been caught up in a police vice squad raid on a house of prostitution on January 25, 1985. One way or the other, the raid, which took place in San Francisco, did not make the news media until the San Francisco Chronicle finally reported it on March 16th. The federal judge, Robert H. Schnacke, was in the audience of an adult theater on Market Street when the vice squad officers arrested 11 women performers on lewd conduct charges. According to one of the arresting officers, the judge was more than in the audience; he was allegedly "performing" by placing Federal Reserve notes in the private parts [vagina] of the prostitutes.


Famed defense attorney Gerry Spence described during a 90-minute talk to the Montana Trial Lawyers Association (July 22, 1993) his observations of the lying by Justice Department attorneys in criminal trials. He exhorted the attorneys to challenge federal prosecutors and not accept as true anything that they say.

"These are not the good guys," Spence stated, "these are people who do [lie, fabricate evidence] what they believe is necessary to bring about a conviction."

Spence had just finished the trial in which Justice Department attorneys sought to imprison Randy Weaver after they had killed his wife and son as they stormed their humble cabin. Spence stated to the trial lawyers group:

"The siege against Weaver brought in enough [weapons of war] to take over a small country for this little man sitting in this little plywood cabin."

Spence stated that after killing his wife and son, the Justice Department attorneys "charged him with conspiracy, ...and they made the entire family the conspirators. The federal government now has the audacity to say that members of a family are members of a conspiracy, little children are members of a conspiracy."


One of the highest-ranking judges in New York State was sentenced to prison on September 9, 1993. Former Chief Judge of New York's Court of Appeals embarked on a two-year pattern of sending vulgar, harassing, and threatening letters and phone calls to his former mistress and her daughter. Judge Sol Wachtler, who was married, was upset over the ending of his four-year secret love affair with Manhatten socialite Joy Silverman. He disguised his voice while making threatening phone calls to his former mistress, threatened to kidnap her fourteen year-old daughter, sent obscene letters and pictures to the daughter, and other despicable acts. These were obscene and criminal acts, but the many judges and their co-conspirators that strip innocent people of their life's assets, or their liberties, commit far greater harm.


It has always amazed me that more attorneys and judges are not shot by their victims, some of whom have lost through judicial and legal corruption their life's assets and now must face their remaining years in abstract poverty, along with their families. Often, the victims are unaware of the mechanics of how they had been financially destroyed.

The individual attorney or judge who gets shot receives little publicity. But in one case the publicity was nation-wide when a client stormed a San Francisco high-rise office building on July 1, 1993 and shot over a dozen people, eight of whom died.


The endemic corruption with the legal and judicial fraternities, the abominable integrity, infects government and non-government activities throughout the United States. These two groups are at the center of every corrupt activity within these pages. Their conduct has created a mindset of corruption throughout America, destroying the moral fibre of the United States. And these are the two groups most responsible for upholding the laws and Constitution of the United States, and establishing a guideline for acceptable conduct.


* * *

I guess we will all have more appreciation for Gary Wean's There's a Fish in the Courthouse when we get back to more from his book. I also remind you to refer to the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and THE NEW WORLD ORDER--AND YOU MAY BE ABLE TO BETTER JUDGE THE STATUS YOU HAVE REACHED IN THE DOWNFALL OF A PLANET. [To refer back to the PROTOCOLS OF ZION refer to our JOURNAL #68, THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO #68 and THE NEW WORLD ORDER #77, see Back Page for ordering information.]



FRI., APR. 22, 1994 12:02 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 249

FRI., APR. 22, 1994


Before we go further I would like to comment on a couple or three of our people for whom you have cared and with whom you have generously shared.

Gunther Russbacher. He is in Austria and receiving medical care. He is also unavailable to civilians. He is, however, being monitored and calls interrupted and screened by Naval Intelligence of the U.S. forces. This indicates, since he is after all, an officer in the U.S. Navy, that he is being tended.

Rayelan Russbacher. Her address in California remains the same but it is reported back that her phone has been disconnected. She was unable to meet last month's rather large bill but that was attended by a private party, so we have no further reports.

Rodney Stich. The "Trust Officers" holding his assets have arbitrarily cut off all funds to Rodney. He is in difficult times--but he does receive whatever is brought in through his books. Thank you for supporting him with book purchases.

Ronn Jackson. He sends appreciation for the loving correspondence and cards you readers have sent while he has been infirm. His health is improved. He keeps in close touch with Rick Martin at CONTACT so that we have updates. He believes he can arrange to get his freedom soon in order that he can hit the front-line battle for bringing you readers TRUTH--and--see what he can do to spearhead reclamation or revolvement into Constitutional Law for your nation. He has a healthy attitude about "me" but it will be fine as he will realize--quite shortly--that he knows me quite well.

His "former" employers are THE ones who wield the biggest sticks in the negative march ahead into disaster and away from Constitutional Government. However, they are interesting in that they are mostly just "against" the "other" teams now at battle over who gets to be the number one TOP DOG. I hope you will continue to support and appreciate Ronn because he can do a tremendous and incredible job at making a difference in a lot of structuring of your nation.

Ray Renick. He is still very much incarcerated but it is worse for him now, physically. There is, however, legal help for him and it is hoped for some positive changes soon. He is being medicated into a stupor as it is "claimed" that he is being mentally evaluated and other snakepit lies. He has created the worst of all sins--he has nailed the JUSTICE system and especially (Justice) William Clark who is a VERY BIG FISH IN THE VERY BIG POND. He is a powerful man and responsible for incredible damage to your nation, illicit trafficking of all sorts of commodities and also is powerful in this new and totally corrupted JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

Gary Wean. Well, "they" already have stripped him of everything through the injustice system as with all other patriots who have efforted to bring you information. All assets have been confiscated through the system--but he continues to urge us to continue with input into the public domain.

John Doe. This person is not identified otherwise because of the urgently critical nature of his position. We will be hearing a lot more from him with some corrections to other author's work along with insights which have escaped others.

John Coleman. He continues to offer speeches here and there and radio interviews. He sticks mostly to the political matters but I hear he allows as how there is no substantial evidence to indicate there are E.T.s or UFOs. I find that more interesting than you would--since he has worked with me at great length in the past--but I do believe he, at one time, told the world that George Green was Hatonn. I find it amusing for it is that a lot of people get on ego trips and open their mouths and invariably find a foot in it--or a mouthful of very tough "crow". He expresses great appreciation to you readers for purchasing his books and we are happy that we can assist for even though his information is a compilation of a lot of others' information--he has done a superb job of making it interesting and packed huge amounts of information within the book covers.

Russell Herman. There will be a letter of appreciation to you readers (See end of chapter.). Russell was, after all, able to be returned to his home. He was not "supposed" to make it through this last bout of "medical treatment"--but never underestimate the limits of God. These people whom you would identify as being with a "cosmos" something or other, are VALID, with a very valid gold certificate and have asked to be identified in the future as simply CSEML since there are so many "others" who have tried to get the name, the commodity and the corporation.

Michael Coffin Piper (Final Judgment). Well, we have been joined by another author in the person of Mr. Piper who holds the "dubious honor" of having had his books BURNED. Our journals have been banned AND burned in Europe, Canada and the U.S. In fact, it is fully intended by the University of Science and Philosophy to burn 9 different titles of journals--still incarcerated by the Federal Court. So be it. Mr. Piper, however, made the interesting action of writing another book, Best Witness (Liberty Lobby). But, it is about the ADL and Historical Revisionism, etc. He is wondrously happy if we use it also but my, my, do we have you readers about confused enough? We'll have to see as we are able to present more quantity of material. I do not like to simply summarize these books because it becomes like trying to "summarize" history. There is no way to do so and have historical accuracy in either substance or intent.

So, we are going to plug along here the best we can while hoping to integrate the pertinent information into topical subjects under discussion.

There is hope that we will soon have some booster help for the paper's financing. We don't hold our breath--but we do pray a lot. We will effort to keep to the major body of writing being left to Dharma's fingers in order to not BURY you readers. However, we hope to move into different sections of interest so that you have more in-depth information and a sharing column about the Gaia "stuff', spelt sharings, "fat burners" and other things which offer a lot of well-being for little effort. You need constant remindings about these items for if you ever err in considering them medicines or medical advisories we would have to remove them from offering. There is one thing I consider WORSE than being entangled in the legal profession in ANY WAY AT ALL--and THAT IS any entanglement with the medical profession. BOTH are branches of the "control" machines, chemical manufacturers and Khazarian money-changes belonging to select PRIVATE CLUBS. Neither the Medical Association or the Bar Association are what you think--they are private clubs who control all of medicine and the entire Judicial System.


There are others that are the focus of your multiple inquiries but we need to move on. Ekkers continue the daily legal battles and now the opposition has released another Associated Press article from Abbott and Luke Perry, et al., so the phones are busy with the nonsense of E.T.s and UFOs who steal your money.

It is sad because the main inquiries are so interesting and important and deal with happenings around this valley. You must understand, readers, that around Edwards, Northrop, China Lake, Palmdale, Lancaster and all over Nevada--the question is not "whether or not there are UFOs" but rather "what is going on with them and you?" There are so many underground bases and facilities as to cause readers to go back and read about them from our prior observations (See 5/11/93 CONTACT & journals #46 & 81.).

The Associate Press article was so obviously a set-up by Green and buddies, however, that we will let them stew in their own juice as it is about the "gold". The article is libelous in itself, totally incorrect in ALL instances and quite silly and totally stupid. And, of course, the effort has been to run it in every locally oriented paper. I believe "they" have gone a step too far this time--because the Associated Press becomes responsible for false, misleading and open lies regarding many parties. We use the terms Luke Perry and Abbott because the article quotes their input. I am beginning to feel a bit sorry for George Green because he uses this stupid and false information to back up his multitudes of mailings. It makes him look not only foolish but incriminates him. We all find it as interesting as probably would you that an Associated Press International article would find interest in a case being moved on calendar from one date to another??? Since, however, the young writer for the A.P. continues to publish these unresearched revelations--it would appear time to confront the gentleman for the A.P. is going to be held responsible. I don't think there is an attorney (incredible as they are) who can much longer afford the lies being distributed internationally on such a regular basis.

I suggest that all of you who want psychic fortune-telling from ancient astronauts, little E.T.s and or information on the UFO "industry"--go to George Green and/or his UFO community buddies because we simply don't play in such silly prattle. Mr. Green took a KNOWN $350,000 in gold coins belonging to an Institute. He not only took it but he carried it into Nevada and BURIED IT IN HIS BACKYARD. He was also working with others who diverted checks to the Constitutional Law Center into a Colorado Bank AFTER stamping the back and endorsing illegally. The Institute and the Constitutional Law Center are involved in suits with these parties--NOT Ekkers. Ekkers are involved because of the assaults ONLY. The books and the gold are associated with these other entities--which Mr. Green CLAIMED to have originated. There are a LOT of dead, stinking fish scattered all about and not just in the COURTHOUSE. (Mr. Wean, please forgive the pun.)

Then why do I even bring it up here? Because the "release" was sent to every paper, radio and TV station and the calls have flowed in to Ekkers for interviews, etc. It seems someone must have also given out personal phone numbers and told these people to call...! We thank these ones for doing the favor for it allows a lot of setting to straight--FROM proper parties involved--not the Ekkers! Don't you-the-people ever get fed up with the sneaky, deceitful thieves and liars? Your world is crumbling down around your necks and this is the kind of garbage being noted! My own suggestion is to give appreciation for this kind of tactics because at some point even a corrupted, fixed-court system will be too embarrassed to simply rule AGAINST these entities. Ekkers have already lost everything and the other corporations in point have no "damages" to pay--so it begins to be shown up for that which it IS and the comedy gets thicker and deeper. It is nice that the enemy continues to shoot off their own toes and fingers and offers up ammunition for use against themselves. IT WILL NOT ALWAYS BE THAT THIS SYSTEM WILL BE ALLOWED TO DESTROY AT RANDOM! One day enough of you will rise up and clean out the treasonists and it will be a far better world which will be allowed to grow within the "laws" as intended. We find it interesting that Mr. Perry is still trying to get his Mother's retirement "trust" funds for himself. HE NOR HIS FAMILY HAVE ANY INVESTMENT, INVOLVEMENT OR ANYTHING GOING WITH ANY PARTIES NAMED OR INVOLVED! So, you who get the AP releases--I ask that you send copies to the CONTACT. Thank you. We like to ask that both sides of such issues be PUBLISHED.

Now for you patient waiters for the next episode of "Camelot", here we go. I will offer here that there is someone else who is taking the material and will publish the book(s), thus saving Dharma hours and hours of time in efforting to write the script in such a way as to be partially press ready. This way we can simply type it in and not concern with structure. When Ronn is "out" and the material ready, we will see to it that you have access immediately.

by Ronn Jackson (060220)


"Is that all of the agreement?"

"No, that is just the beginning. When I appear before the Grand Jury I'm naming names, events, occurrences, dates and I'm producing irrefutable evidence of a conspiracy that started about seventy years ago, in this country, and exists today. This is affecting each and every one of us. By 'us' I mean all people."

She had stopped writing and was looking at me. It wasn't too difficult to imagine what she was thinking and I said, "No I'm not mad, in the sense of being insane, at least I don't think I am." I quickly added, "I'm doing what I should have done a long time ago. I am going to do it my way, on my terms, on my time, and I am going to carry it through to its conclusion and may the higher authority, if He exists [H: HE DOES!], have mercy on anyone's soul, that gets in my way."

"Why all the secrecy?

"Because I am bringing one of the minor players of part of the conspiracy to the Grand Jury with me."

"Can I ask who?"

"At this time I will only say that he is a leader of another country, who is a 'blow-hard', runs drugs, guns and lays away his own people. He is personally responsible for many, many lives or rather I should say, the taking of those lives, and was part and parcel in the assassination of John F. Kennedy."

"There were rumors."

"But never substantiated," I replied.

"How can you do what you say by yourself?"

"I can't. I have several people who are going to assist me and I will also have the cooperation of the military when it is needed."

"An invasion?"

"No, no, just, shall we say, a little technical support and grunt work."

Sometimes I'm given instructions to do tasks that are not normally within the range and scope of what I have described. As example, I was ordered to Malta and my information folder contained the specifications on a certain catamaran. I was to observe the schedules on the service between Malta and Libya. This catamaran service had been started because of the loss of flights out of Libya. Something to do with the embargo that the United States (I could have said United Nations but the embargo was at the insistence of the U.S.) had put in place.

For a week I played the part of a tourist. I took pictures around the boat as well as from every angle of the unloading zone. I recorded schedules and numbers of arriving passengers and freight both coming in and going out. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing and on the eighth day of my stay there appeared a difference. The vessel was low in the water, some several inches more than it was when it came in loaded. I went back to my hotel and pulled out the drawing of the boat. The scale of my drawing was one inch to a foot and I realized the craft was much larger than I had at first thought in examining the prints. The weight was given and the water-line was shown on the pontoons. Empty the water-line was well below the water--as it now set. So, some weight had been added someplace and based on the prints it was quite substantial.

I looked at the detail on the pontoons and they were large enough to hold something pretty big. But what? Drugs? Arms? Explosives? It could be any number of items or a combination of many. I wasn't, however, there to guess.

My instructions said nothing of going to Libya. Americans weren't welcome there and I wasn't really comfortable in Malta. There was too much activity around the unloading zone for me to take a swim and the only people I knew were the hotel personnel and a few bartenders and waitresses. They wouldn't know what I needed to know. The number of people boarding the vessel from this side was limited and, in observing the treatment of the passengers, I wasn't too interested in getting involved in that.

The schedule I had made showed the unit was to leave the following morning. I intended to do whatever I could and had no idea of what that was supposed to be. It was my guess that something was "inside", those pontoons. I wasn't sure what it was or what I was expected to do about it. I re-read my instructions and there was nothing about what I was there for.

So, I put on my tourist shirt and sunglasses and hung my camera around my neck. I went back to the loading area....

Through the use of sign language and a lot of pointing I was able to get myself aboard the craft. The unit was constructed so that you could see the tops of the flotation units from the inside and on the dome of them there appeared to be some kind of "doors". I walked-off the distance of the doors and mentally calculated that they were some thirty or so feet. I guessed the other measurement at about three-and-a-half to four feet. No wonder the thing was sitting so deep in the water because if there was one of what-ever would go through the door and fill the area, in each side, there could be several tons of something in the thing.

Back at the hotel again, I made a few figures on paper in preparation for a phone call. I then called and made a report in detail regarding all of my observations. I was told to "relax for a day and call back." His (my employer's) response was at the least, puzzling--but, he was the boss. I thought to myself that the mission must not be as important as I had presumed.

I walked through several stores to fill time and since I had had no need to rent a car, as I had no place to go, I made my way, finally, back to the hotel. I had dinner and met a couple from England. We drank for a while and I decided it was time for me to "call it quits". I was bored and wasn't really interested in going' out anywhere. Therefore I returned to my room and showered. I then turned on the TV and couldn't find a station which came through in English so went directly to bed.

I had just dozed off when the phone rang. It was my employer. He said my job was done... I asked him exactly what had been my job? He just laughed it off and asked if I was coming back to the States right way? I told him that I planned on stopping off in Madrid and then going to my place in Austria by way of Geneva. He said for me to pick up my package in Switzerland. His parting words were to make sure of the "pontoon" launching for Libya and to have a good time.

In Madrid I hit a few places I knew and ran into an old acquaintance of mine. This was a lady from Virginia and she was with the Diplomatic Corps. We went to several more places and sometime about three in the morning I was really beginning to drag. I found that when I was inactive I didn't have the stamina that I always had when I was working. She noticed and invited me to her place. We compromised by stopping at her place and then going on back to mine.

I awakened at four in the afternoon. She was gone. There was a note printed in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. It seemed I would have a couple of hours to get the cobwebs out of my head.

The following day I was on an L-1011. Geneva was clear as we landed. The mountains were covered with snow and I was looking forward to a few days of skiing. The helicopter ride to Innsbruck missed the high overcast and we set down after making very good time.

After clearing customs I walked to the area for private parking. I cleared the snow off my trusty suburban but when I tried to start it, the battery was dead. After an airport security officer gave me a battery jump I drove on into town. My own place was rented-out and I told the agent not to be concerned and that I would just get a room. I was getting two thousand dollars a week from skiers who rented my place. Besides that I just didn't want to cook or make beds.

I love that town and its friendly people. The square, you know, the one that you always see on the travel brochures, was one of the most beautiful sights in Europe. One day I planned to retire and I had decided it would be right there.

My first stop as usual was the "watering hole". I liked this place because no matter what time I went in or no matter how long I had been away a drink would always be waiting for me. It was not that I was so anxious to get a drink it was that the people were like that all the time--totally thoughtful. They knew me by name and they were my friends. The waiter had grown up with the place and the town and there was seemingly no request which was beyond his capabilities to fill. He had reserved a suite for me before I finished my first drink. Since business was a bit slow at the time he walked over and joined me. He knew about just about everything going on around the town and that was a lot. There were some thirty to forty thousand extra people in the town during the ski season.

He pointed to a table by a window where four young men were seated. They were the ones staying at my place. We continued to visit as he had a free minute and joined me for a drink. He told me that he owned the place now and I congratulated him. I asked why, then, was he waiting tables? He said nothing had changed, his wife was the "brains" and he had served too long to change jobs as he liked to stay right near his customers.

He brought me the prior day's Wall Street Journal as he turned to his work of seating two couples that had entered. I had been comfortable until I started reading the paper. On page one was a story about Scud Missiles and the problems the government was supposed to be having with other countries getting them. That struck a chord with me. I got up and walked over to the bar and picked up a phone which I took back to the table and plugged it into the jack behind me. I called a contact of mine and asked him to get the dimensions on that particular piece of equipment. I waited for him to get back to me. When he called back he was of course curious. I told him I was pretty sure that I knew where a couple of the Scuds were. He told me to just forget that he had asked anything. He gave me the dimensions and was off the line--hey, I was just playing a hunch.

I sat for a minute and wondered if I should call my employer and report my suspicions. I decided against it. I remembered the envelope in my pocket that I had picked up in Geneva and had forgotten. I pulled it out to check it over and found the standard amount enclosed within a rubber-band which also had a note tucked inside. I pulled out the note and read it. It said, "They are ours." Now he was into reading my mind. (060220)


* * *



April 21, 1994

Contact Inc.; News

Attention; Rick Martin

Fax Hard Copy; (805) 822-9658

Dear Rick, Commander and all others who participated in prayer for the survival and recovery of Russell Herman.

May God Bless all of you who have consistently kept your prayer rings going for Russell Herman all these many months, your prayers have been answered and Russell Herman; against all odds; will be coming home this next week.

The odds against him coming home were 99 01% as he was too weak to fight the "unauthorized invasive procedures of radiation" and other unauthorized treatments suffered while in the hospital in Missouri, whereupon he contacted pneumonia which greatly complicated the existing health difficulties.

We have been told; "Over 60,000 Prayer Rings across the nation have been ongoing in Russell Herman's behalf." Your prayers have been answered, and GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE FOR YOUR PRAYERS.

Also; our thanks go to the "Commander" for his assistance in a request to use his powers which he complied with, and it worked. Thank you Commander for your conscientious acts in and on the behalf of Russell Herman.

From the bottom of our hearts; we thank you, and pray that God keeps you well and safe in order the objectives be obtained.

God Bless each and all of you for your prayers for Russell Herman; as the prayers have worked.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Mr. and Mrs. Russell Herman



MON., APR. 25, 1994 12:02 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 252

MON., APR. 23, 1994


As you walk through this perception of living--in some seemingly limited states of mental direction--you are NOT. These are subjects which are very heavy on the mind of my scribe this day along with other major players in this "play". However, like wine "sold before its time", so too is information before its time a problem and not an asset. It may never be an asset to the population as a whole--only in that you have been deceived and need change for that is what is important to most.

As I have contacted some people within the past few days, Dharma's brain is scattered as she too wants answers. I ask her to back off for the less she KNOWS about many things which will be surfacing--the more secure. We have several jobs to be done and I ask that each of you consider NOT TRYING TO DO ANOTHER' S!


Montauk is simply a small place on the eastern most tip of Long Island so "down" with your aggressive chatterings. Yes there IS something which became referred to as the Project Montauk. It is simply a reference point.

You ones can get completely buried in the multitudes of happenings and "projects" and miss the problems facing you TODAY. You will find references to Rainbow, Phoenix, Phoenix II, etc. These are not for doing your computer graphics homework, readers. We have written about these projects prior to this and they only confirm the Philadelphia Experiment of time-space CONFUSION, warps and actual transposition within and among various perceived aspects of presentation wherein "soul" AND "body" are shifted and become "insane-gathering" material for lock-away.

I have told you that EVERYTHING is LIGHT. However, I have also told you that EVERYTING is "wave" and "pulse"--expressed in sound, light and frequency.

We can speak of radiosondes, transferrence, visibility vs. stealth and you will simply be totally confused. It is not TIME for these massive and incredible things to be revealed to the "whole" for they would have neither meaning nor allow for peaceful nights of rest and relaxation. The PROPER PARTIES are in the knowing and all I want at this present time of evolving sequence is for those ones to recognize and have confirmation of my presence and TRUTH. I KNOW!

At this point in evolution of social impact--you citizens need to know more about the USS Liberty than the USS ELDRIGE.

"Ah," you will ask, "does this have something to do with Al Bielek?" This will come from you who follow the trail of the seminars and speaking circuits. Most of such persons are only fringe participants in something they did not understand nor shall they EVER UNDERSTAND--only give revelations of what they THINK happened in some of those projects.

I ask you to be more patient than to demand full disclosure for we would not more fully disclose for the masses a thing which can more quickly destroy (or save) your world than any other knowledge present. Suffice it to say that the basis of such transition is in the mind control, change, frequency and sound waves of CONTROL OF SPECIES. Further, these major projects were SO LONG AGO that you must realize the momentum of possibilities in the interim time perception called "years". Dharma, I will not allow this to be clarified in your brain data--so just back off, please, and allow my contacts and confirmations to be for the directed energies and not for self--it becomes more and more important that it be handled this way--for as things unfold I shall be communicating directly and continue to maintain your security--what you DON'T KNOW is your safety net. Things will be presented from YOUR SIDE of the curtain as we move along--with safety and security for you participants.

Yes, I agree that what "will be" shared is more entertaining and exciting than that which the authors we offer have shared to date--but you can ruin even a good novel by telling the plot out of context or sequence. You readers remind me of the ones who must read the last chapter, before understanding the first, of any good book. You ALL "think" you want the punch, bottom-line FIRST. But it is like giving the baby calculus before he can perceive numbers. GOD IS SUMMONING HIS PLAYERS--SO DON'T TRY SO HARD TO FIT THE ROLE OF ANOTHER ACTOR LEST YOU BOTCH THE SCRIPT.


We are very happy this morning because the Constitutional Law CentER and the Phoenix Institute for Research & Education have been contacted by a lender willing to loan up to two-and-a-half million dollars to defend the case against George Green and the University of Science and Philosophy. Will Ekkers withdraw or not? It doesn't matter for Doris and E.J. NEVER HAD AN INTEREST IN THE BOOKS BANNED BY THESE ENTITIES THROUGH THE FEDERAL COURT! They will probably be enjoined of necessity because of writing and participation in their conception. At this time Ekkers are in "pro per" because they have no funds available for legal counsel.

The lenders involved believe that recovery can be caused by legal considerations as type of documents are involved, content of scientific focus vs. philosophical attitudes, for which we are adamantly opposed as relates to US&P, and of course it appears George Green simply wants cake and eat it also while protecting all sides of his hopeful little pots of gold. It is his problem and not that of our own. The loan will be exclusively for this single suit defense and nothing further--in case the opposition considers this some new found garden of money. This is being offered through one who KNOWS all parties involved, the information limitations of the productions in point (information), the laws involved with newspapers, magazines and periodicals vs. novels and fictional or even non-fictional scenario type of material.

All the confusion and negotiations can continue into infinity with the legal interchanges regarding Ekkers and US&P--however, since they are on food-stamps and have not yet even been cleared for start-up of Social Security (early draw which is very costly) and are having to probably move into personal bankruptcy anyway--we feel that $42 is absurd much less the $42,000 cashier's check for the full amount, now demanded! We are curious as to the status of Mr. Green's settlement with them--for it is highly unlikely that there is over $100,000 in point of legal fees for the US&P at this time. That is, of course, unless there is triple billing which should raise flags at US&P--to name one other party involved...!

Ekkers are willing and able to give up ALL RIGHTS to all nine volumes in point--but, the facts are that the Institute OWNS those volumes--not Tehachapi Distributing (now defunct) or Rick Martin (he never did) or any other party.

This same lender feels strongly in equal intent about the journals that are now being hostaged by George Green. He does, however, recognize that the volumes themselves are a liability in-stead of asset because they will have to be torn apart for publishing information and now represent only a bunch of old magazines having lost all market value as they are now presented. Further, the storage fees now unpaid will eat up any possible savings in reproduction. Why would ANYONE pay twice the price of new expense just to save reprinting when half the cost is involved in simply repressing the pamphlets? The lender believes he can recover the expenses of the loan by collection on the debt notes from Mr. Green to the Institute. Mr. Green says he has ample funds (being a self-publicized millionaire) to keep this "thing" going into infinity--well, so does the new benefactor who is likewise a VERY GOOD BUSINESSMAN and will take nothing less than a "win" in legal recourse.

This same lender further offers a loan to the Constitutional Law Center and attorneys representing Ekkers in the "property" case for damages for the confiscation of their home and property by RTC, Santa Barbara Savings and Loan and specifically the parties involved, who in conspiracy with the above, FAILED TO HOLD PUBLIC SALE. I can myself see that the lawyers involved are going to finally run the adversary out of funds (as has been the attempt against Ekkers) for such a case as represented by Mr. Steven Horn--who, by the way, seems to lead a sheltered life and has represented EVERY ONE OF THE OPPOSING ENTITIES--IS THAT NOT SOMEHOW LACK OF INTEGRITY?? HOW COULD HE BE THE SANTA BARBARA SAVINGS AND LOAN, HOME FEDERAL MORTGAGE, EVERY INDIVIDUAL INVOLVED IN ALL OTHER COMPANIES AND REPRESENT THE RTC AT THE SAME TIME--RARELY EVER HAVING THE PROPER PARTIES LISTED ON HIS COURT DOCUMENTS? MUCK AFOOT? YES, INDEED, I DO BELIEVE SO.

When asked how much the lender would be willing to provide--the answer was "as much as it takes" to get the best and WIN! The party in point has reached the point wherein he is fed-up with the Elite's ability to destroy every citizen in its path. Our people are indeed grateful.

Is this pie in the sky? No--funding is under way as we write. Can the government block it? They can try but people still have the right to share and invest in this nation and this party believes in the CAUSE in point and is a good enough business man to see the value involved and the return on his INVESTMENT! Blessings rest upon you, sir.

This party is also taking into critical evaluation of legal action involving the Associated Press and writer along with false information printed internationally--via information falsely pro-vided by Mr. Green's boys and Luke Perry, George Abbott and Fort-Schroepfer. Further, he is moving right along with study of the radio-barrage against the Institute, Ekkers, myself, etc., by Gritz, Anderson, Binder and Green! There are now many other "checks" made out to the Constitutional Law Center sent through Mr. Green and ending up ENDORSED by Gary Anderson and We The People Unlimited and deposited in Colorado's Kirk Bank.


In this place it snowed yesterday and is raining today--but I can guarantee that the sun is shining in the hearts of these battered people. If there are to be settlements--it shall be from the opposing sides or this shall be taken to the highest courts of your land--and now that a lender is involved from abroad--the international courts of law as well (in order to protect his own investment).

By the way, you who believe that the Institute is up for "receivership" as is continually threatened--THE LENDER'S FUNDS WILL BE "STORED", BACKED BY GOLD, FOR USE AS NECESSARY--IN THE INSTITUTE! I BELIEVE THAT WILL RENDER IT FAIRLY ATTACK-PROOF! SO BE IT.

In addition, since ALL funds in the Institute are BORROWED, there are no outstanding liabilities against the holdings for all is debt! Further, when Mr. Green HONORS his debt to the Institute--it will be a good indication that other "debts" can be met to "his own colleagues". IF "Greens'" notes are "NO GOOD" then how can a court decide that any OTHER notes are worthy from the same corporation? If Mr. Green as Director of the Institute can pull-down and destroy his own participating company--and get away with it--how can ANY ENTITY BE SAFE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?? If a Director and Officer of a corporation can take a half-a-million dollars in gold coinage and bury it in his backyard in another state and then claim "personal gift" when it is amply proven that it was intended FOR THE INSTITUTE USE--and after two years in court, continue the case and plead innocence--what chance does the world have in recovery?? Greens have merged their efforts into working with the adversarial forces against my people--and I find it unacceptable. The latest assaults have annoyed me.... Thank you.

I ask that the legal "thunderbirds" move forward NOW as the loans are finished in the processing, for it is time we turn to "important" work and matters and put this garbage behind us. You can make it a few days longer on bread, water and Kargosok tea if necessary. GOD IS IN HIS HEAVEN--AND NOTHING IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD--SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW? WHEN YOU TURN YOUR HEARTS AND SOULS INTO CREATING THE WAY--IT APPEARS AND OF THIS, I REMIND YOU OF AS MUCH!

Dharma, take this off the computer so that it can be sent over to the appropriate office. Our CONTACT friends may well want to run this in tomorrow's paper. Blessings, scribe--I SHALL prevail, grandmother, and "GRANDFATHER" may also begin to smile a bit.... Salu.



MON., APR. 25, 1994 2:16 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 252

MON., APR. 23, 1994


Well, I bow to Mr. Jackson whose information is demanded so much more than mine as to make me a bit chagrinned at interrupting for other discussions. We are most happy that someone else is getting the book into print so that "they" can get all that push and impatience.

Mr. Jackson also has much information which corrects assumptions and misinformation in writings by others such as Rodney Stich, etc. This is not ANYTHING negative about information in the original books--only that this is what is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN IN ORDER TO GET FULL TRUTH OF EVENTS TO THE PUBLIC EYE AND MINDS. We will be making sure that all such additions, corrections or observations are shared with you readers AS THEY ARRIVE and in addition will make sure that any writers involved have integrated information, each one with the others. I don't believe any author can possibly imagine the all but impossible task of ferreting out TRUTH in this web of LIES. We are pleased that CONTACT is a part of this journalistic excellence for that is the purpose for which it was birthed. We are in no way in competition with any other paper, author, resource or inside information. We DO hope that other journals, papers and information resources will feel free to both share and USE anything that we print. Much will be denied by ones who "claim they "know"--no, you will find as you seek, research and draw together the facts--THAT WE OFFER TRUTH! We will soon, hopefully, be prepared to allow it to grow as large as it needs to be--until you-the-people can reclaim your own presses and controlled media. You-the-people may have to learn to read more quickly!

With this notation behind us let us proceed to offer a segment or two from Death of Camelot to appease your desires and since we have already written today on other matters we will move right into the subject. Dharma claims that any resemblance to the order of the writings as presented by Mr. Jackson and as typed in these segments is purely coincidental and she claims to not wish to take responsibility so when the question is asked under oath--"who botched the order of the writings?" she will take the"5th". She already finds that "new arrivals" of input "should have" already been shared. Further, it will be obvious that this very segment will have its discussion in the future to great extent but it is next in the order received in the "box". May the "publisher" have a bit of forgiveness, please. We certainly are not efforting to write the book, only share it in serialization of some sort.

By Ronn Jackson


Little did I realize when I met "Bill Casey" for dinner that evening how significantly my life and that of others would be affected. He gave me "The Hoover Files".

The following day when I picked them up I was surprised when I saw them. There were two ordinary looking green, steelcase, four-drawer file cabinets. I'm not sure what I expected to see or find. Maybe I expected something exotic, perhaps something with chains and padlocks all over them--I don't know but perhaps I expected a fire-eating dragon to be separating me and the files. That, however, wouldn't have been any good because I didn't so much as own a sword. I checked them very carefully as I walked around them. I didn't see any wires leading to or from them so I did what comes naturally when you are facing a file cabinet--I opened a drawer. Ah, good, no lightening-bolt came from the heavens so I removed one of the folders. It was an accordion-type folder with several small notes either stapled or attached with a paper clip to the front. Inside were cover pages, memos, reports; all with the heading, "Federal Bureau of Investigation" and bearing the insignia of same. Under it there were copies of charge slips and phone bills; bank statements and photographs; lined paper with notes on them. As I was reading one of the papers I noticed there was something else on those sheets of paper--answers. I carefully put the papers back into the folder and put the folder back into the drawer and closed it. This was not the time, place, or area to be seeing what I was reading on those documents.

* * *

I pulled the roll up door down and replaced the combination lock. I then walked up to the rental office and asked the manager how long the place would be open. Finding it would be open until five allowed me some seven hours to do something. I walked back to the car while my mind was racing a mile a minute. I wouldn't feel comfortable staying in the area and I wondered what I would do with what I guessed to be about a half to three quarters of a ton of paper. I had a place in mind in a Washington D.C. suburb that I might be able to utilize. I figured I could work out something as I headed the car in the direction of McLean.

By the time I arrived at my place I had made a decision to take the files to a place of mine in Colorado Springs. It was out of the way and no one knew about it. Maybe I could get in a little skiing in the process. But the problem reared up at me--how to get them there. Well, twenty-four hours and six thousand dollars later, both cabinets were standing in my family room. I was building a fire in the fireplace.

Over the next several months and in between projects I catalogued the entire contents of both cabinets. As I finished each letter of the alphabet I recorded the data on my computer and sent the actual files off to a safe-place. I made five copies of each disk and sent them off also, for future back-up and safe keeping.

I made the following observations about Mr. Hoover while recording the data and are mine alone. In the future, when I make available the records, others may well disagree with my notes and comments, however, I know what I read and stand behind it.

When Mr. Hoover made entries to what I refer to as his "cover sheet(s)", it was as though he was conversing with the sheet of paper in use. Following each entry there would be a comment which usually would show the conclusion he reached. If there was no conclusion he would appear to be angry. There were several statements entered about the subject until that particular subject was brought to a level of conclusion that satisfied him. On some of the papers in point there was sometimes evidence that he didn't like what he was writing on the papers and there might well be a hole in the paper as though he had stabbed it with his pen.

One of the most obvious traits which really stood out on paper was his dislike for women. He referred to all of them as "bitches". I do not recall him making even one flattering statement about any woman and, as I mentioned, there are over twenty-three hundred separate files and among those are some four hundred female entries.

Next on his "dislike list" were Blacks, followed by Jews, Politicians and people with money. If there were any combinations of the above the file would be much larger.

On many of the notes or reports he received he would make comments. It was easy to see that he didn't trust all of his own people. If the report didn't say what he thought it should reflect he would order someone else onto that particular subject. Many gossip columns were in the files and he actually ordered a couple of offices broken into by his agents in an attempt to locate other sources.

This man was so powerful that he frightened most people and was able to blackmail just about everyone--including two former presidents.

I have not seen Mr. Hoover's death certificate but I do know that his vascular system at the time of his death contained more antibiotics than blood. He died as a result of syphilis AND by being one of the meanest and most cruel S.O.B.s that ever walked on the earth (060220-728943)


Because of the logistics involved I can only give an excerpt per month. The first will be on Mr. Hoover's favorite subject: John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Subjects which will be excerpted will include, probably in book five:

Excerpts from Index:


Acheson, Dean

Adenauer, Konrad

Alphand, Herve

Alphand, Nicole

Alsop, Joseph

Auchincloss, Hugh D.

Auchincloss, Janet L.


Baldrige, Letitia

Ball, George

Bartleit, Charles

Berlin, David W.

Bernstein, Leonard

Bissell, Richard

Boggs, Hale

Bouvier, John V., III

Braden, John

Bradlee, Benjamin Bundy, McGeorge


Castro, Fidel

Churchill, Winston

Clifford, Clark

Constidine, Bob

Cronkite, Walter

Cushing, Richard


De Gaulle, Charles

Dickerson, Nancy

Dillon, Douglas

Douglas, William

Downey, Morton

Dulles, Allen

Dutton, Fred


Eisenhower, Dwight

Evers, Medgar


Fitzgerald, John F.

Forteas, Abe

Fuibright, J. William


Galbraith, John Kenneth

Gavin, James

Giancana, Sam

Gilpatric, Roswell

Goldberg, Arthur

Goldwater, Barry

Gore, Thomas

Graham, Billy

Guevara, Che


Haddad, Bill

Harriman, W. Averell

Hearst, William R.

Hoffa, Jimmy

Hull, Cordell

Humphrey, Hubert


Johnson, Lady Bird

Johnson, Lyndon B.


Katzenbach, Nicholas

Kefauver, Estes

Kennedy, Edward

Kennedy, Ethel

Kennedy, Eunice

Kennedy, Jaqueline B.

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, Joseph P.

Kennedy, Robert

Kennedy, Rose

Krushchev, Nikita

King, Martin L. Jr.

Kissinger, Henry

Krock, Arthur


Landis, James

Lawford, Peter & Patricia

Lemay, Curtis

Lincoln, Evelyn

Lippman, Walter

Lodge, Henry C.

Luce, Claire B.

Luce, Henry


MacArthur, Douglas A.

McCarthy, Eugene

McNamara, Robert

Marshall, George

Meany, George

Meredith, James

Minow, Newton

Moyers, Bill

Murrow, Edward R.


Nixon, Richard M.


O'Brian, Larry


Powers, Dave


Reagan, Ronald

Reston, James

Rockefeller, Nelson

Roosevelt, Franklin

Rusk, Dean


Salinger, Pierre

Sevreid, Eric

Sorenson, Theodore

Stevenson, Adlai

Symington, Stuart

[H: Keep in mind here that there are some 2,309 numbered files so these above listed parties are a very short listing of some pertinent ones which Mr. Jackson plans to expand on later. I would note that some are surely missing from this personal list--as we all know, for instance, what a fear and hatred Hoover had for one Eustace Mullins. The amusing thing is that Eustace had no idea he even HAD a "file" in FBI. It must be somewhat like Dharma who says, "Why in the world would anyone have a file on me?" The things that "miss" happening are stories in themselves as we effort to simply keep you workers ALIVE. I think it is the pure innocence of the questions which are endearing to me.

I am sure that we are going to find these openings of truth and information quite interesting.]


I gave her an overall view of my plan and answered her questions as we moved along. Several of my men came in and I introduced them to her. I gave her some background information regarding them each and stated why they were chosen to assist me. She was leaving shortly to return in a couple of days. I explained that the work is begun in earnest--starting NOW. I explained to her that once she heard what I had to say we were going full blast ahead. If all conditions were accepted she was about to become a part of history.

* * *


In the coming issues you will see references in "Book One" to "Hoover's" files. I am going to be more specific now so that there will be no confusion and/or misunderstandings as we move along. The "Hoover" that I refer to is "J. Edgar Hoover", former and now deceased Director of The Federal Bureau of Investigation. Yes, the same one that you and I know as a part of this country and is and was supposed to "be on our side". There has been speculation as to the existence of these files and this is to inform you that all twenty three hundred of them that reamin are secure and in my control. What prompted me to make this known and to do so in this manner is that the current Director "William Sessions" is under investigation at this very time for "improprieties" and that Agency is again seeking anonymity. If you don't make it clear to your elected officials that you don't wish an Agency of our Government not to be accountable to the electorate, the next time around will be totally disastrous.

REMEMBER: A self-governing and self-policing organization is self-serving and is always "right". A good example, now, is Internal Affairs. George Orwell was a BRILLIANT MAN!

* * *

I was sitting in one of my favorite places, the "Iron Gate" in Belmont, California. The three brothers who owned the place made the best Steak Diane anywhere. The meat was cooked rare and they took an interest in YOU. They always remembered your name and made you feel that your business was really appreciated. One of the brothers cooked at your table and it was a production that "made" your meal. What more could you ask for?

I had finished my dinner and was relaxing with a cup of coffee with a bit of "Baileys" in it. This place added a bit of an extra touch by putting a bit of Kahlua in the coffee also and after I first tried it I stopped having deserts in that place. I didn't pay much attention to the calorie "stuff" as I seemed to get plenty of exercise and there were many times when I went days without eating. I always had far too many other things on my agenda to waste attention on calories.

I had completed a sanction in San Francisco. Normally I'm on my way out of the area immediately but this time when I "called in" I was told to stay in the vicinity. My people always played it close to the vest so I would wait.

The lounge wasn't crowded and I was sitting in a corner booth. The atmosphere was quiet and peaceful and I had seen a sign behind the bar stating that a piano player would start at eight. I checked my watch and it was now seven-thirty so there was half-an-hour to wait. It was apparent the piano player was a lady as I overheard a couple seated close by talking about her. It seemed they lived in the area and it sounded as if they knew what was going on. I was looking forward to a pleasant evening.

I was staying in a motel down the street and had walked to the restaurant. I don't have that many evenings in the Bay area that are free as was that one. I take advantage of such times when there is an opportunity to do so. I wanted some quiet time and I needed it every so often.

I note here that everything doesn't always work out the way you plan. The entertainer appeared and she was attractive. She also had a beautiful voice. She played many of my "old" favorites and when she sang a song "Wind Beneath my Wings" I thought it was about the nicest arrangement of the song that I had heard.

I watched her and noted that she was looking my way so I decided to give her an even closer look. I moved to one of the lounge chairs next to the piano. I put a couple of singles in her glass and she asked if there was something I would like to hear? I wanted to say quite a few things but asked her to just continue what she was doing. The next thing I realized was that it was closing time. It seems that it is really so, time really moves when you're enjoying yourself.

When the place closed she joined me and we found an after-hours place in East Palo Alto. She knew the Group there and we ended up staying until about six in the morning. I was a bit surprised at the place itself as it was in a predominantly Black area but had mostly white people as patrons. I noted the Police Chief of San Mateo was present so that told me something....

When we left that place I asked the Lady "where to?" She took my arm and said that she was with me.

She lived in San Carlos and it was about four in the afternoon when I finally dropped her off. I also told her that I would be seeing her later.

I made a call to my employer at the appointed time and, as I figured, I was told to remain in the Bay area for a few additional days. It seems that a free-lancer in my profession had not fulfilled an obligation. He was black and on drugs and, though he didn't work for the same people I did, someone had sought my people's assistance. My remuneration was doubled. That meant problems for not only did I have to take care of him but I had to also do away with an assistant. I wasn't sure what that meant other than problems. The paperwork would be coming in the next day.

I was back at the same nightclub around eight. I hadn't eaten and didn't know what I wanted as nothing sounded good. I snacked on chips at the bar and the "singer" suggested that I ask one of the owners to fix something special. I did and it was a nice salad. It tasted good but probably the company had a lot to do with it.

The lady played until closing and I then suggested we go out somewhere and eat. Since the only things open were hotel restaurants or fast food places we walked into the first place we found open. I had had enough to drink....

We talked for quite a while and I found out that she was from Missouri, was my age and divorced with no kids and the other "usual" stuff. She said that when she came west it was her idea to just "get here" and the rest would take care of itself. Things don't often work out the way we want them to she admitted. The rest was the same old story. She made a living and had forgotten about being "discovered". She had bought a new car and had started saving for a place of her own. I wondered how many stories were like hers.

We went back to the hotel. I had a phone message that spooked me a bit as no one knew where I was staying. I called the number and found it was from the "Iron Gate". It seems I had left my credit card and they remembered I had mentioned where I was staying. I was relieved.

The information package came in the following day on schedule, airport to airport. I was at San Francisco International to pick it up by ten, then returned to the hotel and carefully studied the package. The person in point was a bad character for sure. Since he was on drugs, however, that made him unpredictable and very dangerous. I could see why the double money allowance. His assistant was his girl friend and she was known to be on drugs as well. Two squirrels, I thought. His last known address was in East Palo Alto very near where we had been--not the best of areas.

The Man's job had been royally screwed up and the police were onto him. I had been cautioned on may occasions that when I come into contact with any law enforcement agency I was to abandon the project and take leave of the area. The reasoning was that there would be other times and other areas. It had never happened to me on a job and for me to be instructed to be this close there was far more involved than I was made aware. I started to make a call and find out the details a bit better. I needed to know more. I figured, however, that my employer's position was about the same and that there weren't any more details with them than they had given to me. I thought probably the extra fee was coming from the other end. I wasn't into outright questioning my instructions, and had to be honest with myself about that point. My employer's judgment is usually right and, even though I didn't always totally follow them exactly, I always stayed close enough to where nothing would come back on anyone.

I called one of my contacts for I was sure I could get more reliable information from across the country than I was going to get locally. I began with, "How do I get in contact with this guy?" The "receiver" was away from the line for several minutes. When he returned he gave me the man's phone number which was not a part of my information packet. The "man" was a former Green Beret with a lot of promise at one time, in the service, and then he killed a guy. He was thrown out of the service and had free-lanced while building a reputation. When he hit the drugs it was down hill all the way.

I was told of his duties while in the service and I wasn't going to underestimate this guy in any way. He was a bad dude and he still might be.

I called the number and there was no answer. I called to make sure the phone and number were in service. It was. I had the addresses of a couple of places that the man frequented. I thought that I might as well get on with my work; it seemed nothing was ever easy any more.

The first address ended up to be a real dive. There were several people having "Port" for breakfast and they didn't care for my color either. The second place as a little better but my being white wasn't really popular. I checked out several places in the general neighborhood and the only thing that I accomplished was getting tobacco juice on my shoes.

I also had an address for a pool hall and went there. One couple was playing and nothing else was going on. I had a list of the man's creditors and I stopped by a finance company where they too were looking for him. His car was financed by Bank of America and there was a "pick-up" sheet out on him. I couldn't get any more information out of them. He was known to frequent a couple of card rooms in Palo Alto so I drove back down the peninsula and that also turned out to be just a wasted trip.

I had in my file the name of a drug dealer that was known to cooperate--for a price. I returned to the motel and tried to call him--no luck. I called another contact in the state and had him run a "DMV". There was nothing there. There was nothing at the Credit Bureau. I figured I would have to start all over from the beginning the next day. I headed back to the "Iron Gate".

The piano player was off and I realized I was a bit disappointed. I had a drink and decided to give her a call. She answered the phone and invited me over to her place. I offered food and liquor and she said to bring both. I love the inhibited women--well, I love them all….

The next day was a duplication of the first--nothing. The following three days were the same, nothing. I was beginning to believe these people were out of town. I had driven by the man's place several times and saw nothing had changed. I had made another loop around his neighborhood and was headed out of the area back towards my motel when I saw his assistant. I made a U-turn and followed her. She went into the house and came out with some clothes. I thought, "thanks lady".

I followed her to San Mateo. She stopped at the jail. In about half an hour they both came out. The guy had been in jail. That was strange for my employers should have known that. Maybe they hadn't run a "scope" on him. He could have been using an alias and a scope would not have turned up correct information. At any rate I followed them back again to East Palo Alto. She remained in the car as he ran inside. A few minutes later he came out carrying something. I was parked too far distant to see exactly what it was. I followed them as they headed toward the Bayshore Freeway.

She next pulled into a gas station. I waited on the street until they pulled out. I then pulled into the station and went inside--with a "twenty". I was able to find out that they were heading towards Los Angeles and San Diego, as well, had also been mentioned. I guessed it was actually going to be Mexico as the destination. I was sure he was planning to skip.

I made some calls and returns came back shortly. There were a couple of cousins in Los Angeles, his drug connection, or the person thought to be his supplier, lived in Chula Vista, right next door to Taco Land. The supplier had a home in "Puerto Viarta". I was sure that I had him nailed.

I was going to pass L.A. I didn't like the town. After all, I rationalized, he was heading for south of the border and he would eventually get there.

For the remainder of that afternoon I did my homework. I had the supplier's home address and the directions to reach his place in Mexico. There was a private landing strip near his home and was forty-four hundred feet of paved convenience. Good old drug money! I made arrangements for a charter plane for two days later. By the time these folks finished fooling around I would probably be there well before they would arrive.

I showered and dressed after deciding on a tie. I noted it had been a while since I wore one but thought I might as well do it right--for one last fling in the area.

In two days my plane took off from San Carlos at five A.M. I was going straight to Mexico.

The pacific was calm and we had a slight tail-wind. We landed in a little over three hours of travel time. The strip was in good shape. All in all it was a good flight.

The strip was owned by a group of people and in a small building at the end of the strip there were some keys hanging on the all. They were for the car outside and the sign said to give the keys to any bellman at any resort with a five dollar bill and the car would be returned to the strip. This was a good idea and it beat heck out of walking.

About twenty minutes later I was checked in for a room. It was good to see the American influence with the paved roads and such. The area was clean and for "Baja California" that was saying quite a lot. MOST of the areas I had been in in Baja looked like Tijuana.

I rented a car from a person in a booth in the resort lobby and after obtaining directions set out to locate the dealer's home. It wasn't difficult and was only about ten minutes or less from my location. Now the waiting started.

I left the car and walked to the beach which was about a block away. It wasn't full of people and most there were Americans. At least they spoke English. The shops for the most part were owned by the resorts and took U.S. currency. The temperature was somewhere in the nineties and the humidity was low. I could really get used to this place, I thought.

I stopped at a small sidewalk cafe and ordered a Scotch and water. Yes, I made sure he used bottled water. I was going over in my mind, the house I had driven by. It was California style, a one story ranch. The grounds were well groomed and I had to consider the possibility of live-in help. The grounds were open and I doubted there were any pets. Because of the climate being semi-tropical I assumed it was well insulated for air-conditioning purposes so "sound" within the house, when closed-up, would be limited. I knew it would be better for me to check it out prior to company arriving for tonight, I knew, would be THE night.

I walked around the area for a couple of hours and talked with some nice people from Minnesota. I met another couple from Long Island and we had a drink together. The bartender was from Denver and I asked him how he came to be "here". He said, "In a beat-up truck with a lawyer on my tail trying to serve divorce papers. The truck made it all the way on five cylinders."

Back at the resort I picked up an L.A. Times and went into the lounge. I hadn't read a newspaper in several days and wondered what the other half was doing. Nothing had changed, rapes, murders and political embarrassments was all there was. I wasn't greatly into sports and my own interest was only the scores. The Financial page had the usual merger talks and takeover plans. Dow Jones had just hit fifteen hundred. I didn't see how it could go any higher--but what did I know?! I put the paper on the bar and the bartender placed it on a stack of others. He told me the management recycled them and he didn't mean paper drives--what a cheap bunch of jerks! I asked him if the liquor was recycled and he said, "Not the first two or three." That management needed a swift kick or two.

I went back to my room and watched the end of a movie and was into a second when I drifted off to sleep. I awoke about eight, showered and put on my working clothes. I opened the drapes, the sun had set. It was time for me to have a sandwich and I noted that it should be dark by the time I finished.

I had one terrible cheeseburger, limp fries and I immediately put this place on my list for "not to return to..." It was nine when I finished and the shift was changing. I saw one of the waitresses and thought that my just-prior-decision might have been a bit hasty.

I went outside and looked toward the direction I planned on taking. The hills were now black. I started walking in that direction. It took me about thirty minutes and when I got there there was no one at home. I found a window at the side of the house that wasn't secure and was inside with very little effort. The place had a musty odor and that was good news. I had seen no lights in any direction when I checked before entering so I wasn't concerned about the pen-light I carried. The furniture was of good quality and the house was about twice the size I originally had estimated. Most of it had that new smell and none of it showed any wear, the furniture or the house.

In the main bedroom I found a safe in the floor of the closet. It wasn't locked and didn't look like it had ever been used. The small room held a few casual clothes and few men's items like belts and ties.

No supplies had been laid-in. The refrigerator was at the lowest setting. In the garage an older Chevy wagon and a few tools were all that were around. The place hadn't been used much.

Everything was as it was. I closed the window and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I saw no traffic in the distance so I started jogging back to the resort.

I was sweaty when I arrived in the room as and I walked in the first thing that I noticed was the phone book. I had purposely opened it and laid part of it across the phone. It was closed! I went down to the lobby and asked to see the manager. When he came to the desk I asked to speak to him in private. He motioned me to follow him and as we passed through his office door I closed it. I followed him to his desk and as he started to turn I took his right arm and twisted it around and up, putting him in a hammer-lock. He didn't struggle too much as I had his arm to the point of, breaking. I told him the next time someone came into my room without my express invitation and authorization I would come back and finish what I had just started. I took a step back and booted him where he sits. He went flying across his chair and went face first into the wall.

For the next few days that I was a guest, my service improved. What really had me upset was this placed was owned by Americans and was run by them. I had in mind to teach them what made their business prosper but I had an idea that they would find out soon enough.

I hated waiting but that was part of what I did. I accepted it as a responsibility and I must admit that I found myself in many pleasurable circumstances as a result of it. It was those times when I was Idle to which I am referring.

I found myself back at the small sidewalk cafe. There was a slight breeze and the tables had umbrellas over them. I took my drink and sat down. I leaned back in the chair and the breeze felt good. I relaxed and soon was actually dozing. I hadn't touched my drink. I'm not sure but that I was in a semi-comatose state but something caught my attention. I opened one eye and two members of the opposite sex were standing looking at me and whispering about something or other. I spoke to them and invited them to join me if they didn't talk too loud. That broke the ice and they accepted. (060220) [This chapter will be completed in the next writing.]

* * *

And we, too, shall finish it in the next writing....




TUE., APR. 26, 1994 10:44 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 253

TUE., APR. 26, 1994


Has anyone ever pointed out to you how incredibly foolish you appear to the world--as a matter of fact--to the universe?


Your U.S. former President, Nixon, was the only president in history to have to resign under fire of corruption. I will give you the easy way out, however, by pointing that his downfall was intentional by his enemies and effectively he was "taken-out" without necessity of another public assassination.

The point I wish to make is that NOW, TODAY, you are burying a dead body and you would think this person is being Beatified as a Holy Saint in the Church of Historical Truth and Integrity. What a bunch of loonies you are! An old political thief, liar and scoundrel made transition and you treat it NOW as if he walked on water in Christness.

Which was right, readers? Was he a dastardly bastard of misbehavior OR was he a blessed Saint like statesman of great stature? I hope you will get the point, dear friends--JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!! YOU ARE ALL VICTIMS OF THE LIE--AND SO WAS HE! Your job is to learn to JUDGE ACTIONS and DISCERN PEOPLE AS TO INTENT. And, no, I haven't seen him around....

Let us not get sidetracked or we are NEVER going to make it through even the first quarter of any of the books we are sharing. We will take up immediately where last segment left off, please. And, Dharma, just please drop the subject of Phoenix Projects and Montauk--perhaps we will all find we are but ongoing participants in BOTH Phoenix Projects--ours and theirs.... That is not the job at hand, scribe, so clear it away so that we can get our own "today's" work done.

by Ronn Jackson


Both were teachers (see Part 8) from northern California and this was their first trip south of the border. They didn't know anyone and were anxious to talk to someone from the States. Both were on the healthy side and talked a mile a minute. I saw no rings on they left hand and guessed they were around my own age. They said they had each saved for a long time to be able to take this trip and both admitted to looking for Prince Charming. I had no idea why they were telling me this. I ordered them a drink. Both were pleasant and had very nice personalities. I found it very pleasant to sit and talk without hitting on someone--or two.

You could discern from their conversations that both were dedicated to and enjoyed their profession and I admit that I was really enjoying myself and thus invited them to dinner. I set the time for nine because I wanted to make a quick trip out by "the" house.

There were no lights on nor cars in the driveway. I thought, "Good", as I had other things on my mind.

From the girls' reactions it appeared neither had had much experience with men or with social outings. They were concerned with the cost and seemed a little embarrassed when they finally ordered dinner. I did my best to put their minds at ease and after a couple of drinks we had become like family.

When we had finished our meal we went out and walked to the beach. The girls on either side of me with each holding an arm. It was nice to be liked. We walked through an amusement park and all of us tried our luck at knocking over milk bottles and shooting basketball hoops. We won a couple of stuffed bears and a giraffe. We had cotton candy which ended up spread all over us as well as in our hair. We decided to walk down the beach where we stopped by a couple of rocks to wash the sticky mess off. We watched the ocean for a while and then walked some more along the beach at water's edge. As we strolled we noted the lights of the resort area were quite distant and it was nice so we just kept walking. The sand felt good on my feet and the night seemed quite perfect. Perfect for what? I didn't know and it didn't matter.

Earlier, when I said the girls were "healthy" I meant that they were not skin and bones but perhaps carried about 140 pounds or so. I most certainly did NOT mean to infer they were unattractive. I guess I'm as guilty as any at type-casting and I found that in the short time that I had known them I really did like both of them. I also have to admit to having other than the purest of thoughts, first about one and then, the other. Well, actually, since they seemed so close as friends--about both. Ok, so I'm a dirty old man! It seems, though, that my thoughts were to be answered and that would be through no effort of my own as it turned out. One of the girls stopped and simply took off her clothes and walked out into the water. The other one looked at me and shrugged. It suddenly seemed quite appropriate so the other did likewise. So, what the hell, what was I to do, sit and be a prude? As I was undressing I told them to take care about the bottom as regards their bare feet.

Naked as the proverbial Jaybird I sloshed out to where they were both standing in the water. When I finally got there they both put their arms around me. I told them that it was difficult to breathe and boy, was it! It wasn't that they were holding onto me so tightly but rather that I had to admit to this being a first for me: a threesome. It was also their first at such daring encounters so we agreed to learn what we could--together or should I say, "among us?".

Next morning when I awakened I noted that I was being held on each side. All thoughts of getting up vanished and if you readers thought I would do such a foolish thing--you're the one who's crazy. I just scrunched down in the sheet.

That afternoon, after making a couple of trips down to buy toothbrushes and combs, the left. We were planning to meet later and they had to go do whatever girls have to do. What a night.

This meant I was back at work and that meant that I needed to take a drive out by the house. I found no changes in the situation. I had time so I drove around for a while and stopped into several of the other resorts. The last one was where, the girls were staying. I was quite disappointed when they were not in their room so I had a seat in the lounge thinking I would just wait around for them.

After I had a couple of drinks I figured they must be out shopping so decided to go on back to my own hotel. I left a message at the desk and left.

When I arrived back at my place I found the girls in the lounge waiting for me. There were two drinks sitting on the table for me and one of the girls said they were paying me back for the dinner to which the second agreed. I assured them that they had already done that the night before. At that point I was informed that that was only the first installment. I reminded them that dinner was really only seventy-five dollars but they assured me that where they came from a dollar bought more quantity and better quality. So, guess where we went....

It was late that night when I drove back up to the hills to take a look at the house and surroundings; after all, this was a mission I was serving. Ah, there was a light on in the house and the car from the landing strip was setting in the driveway. I could only wonder who was there and how many there might be. I would find out tomorrow.

After watching briefly I started my own car and drove back to the resort and put the car in the parking structure. I was on the fourth level and decided to walk to the front as I had thought it would be pleasant to take the stairs down and just walk around a while.

I was just looking over the area when I noted the car from the airport pulling into the resort across the street from where I was. I watched as it was parked and studied the scene as a Black man and woman got out of the vehicle. A second or two later a third person got out and it was the "Dealer". I couldn't get a good look at his face but it had to be "my folks". I was going to request a triple billing anyway so I might as well put another turkey to roost. It didn't bother me one bit. I didn't like these people for their profession and as for the one in my profession, "he" didn't know I was coming. I had the greater advantage and it wouldn't make any difference but he was definitely "history".

I made a decision to get the car and wait until they would come out again. I did so and sat for a couple of hours until finally the Dealer came out of the building. Since I figured I knew where he was going I pulled out in front of him as we left the parking lot. Later I pulled off the road some quarter of a mile on past his house. I had seen the car pull into his driveway. I waited a minute then locked the car and trotted back to his place. I was approaching from the west so was on the same side as the one I had first used for entry on the other night. I could see him through the window and noted that he had raised it. He was on the phone talking and there was no question about the man after I heard parts of this conversation. Yes indeed, I knew exactly who he was. On his desk was a large briefcase and I knew without peeking what it contained. It would have money or drugs, OR BOTH.

It seemed a plane would be due in shortly and he was planning to meet it. I wanted to see if anyone else was there but it was clear. Maybe this customer was well established but I don't trust drug people, ever, as too many things can go wrong. As I waited I found that the school teachers came into mind but I as quickly put them out again. This current escapade was not just for fun and games.

I checked out the airstrip again and noted that there was an "apron" area very near the shack. A plane could stop anywhere but the easiest place with the path of least resistance would be taken and it would be that "apron". I was betting on it. I went inside the shack and perched on a chair and waited. I had put the car off in a ditch off the road quite a way distant. Man, it was so dark in this area that I didn't need to be concerned about being seen. I lit a cigarette and put the flame out quickly; there was nothing to do except sit and wait.

About an hour passed while I waited. Then a car drove onto the landing strip and went all the way to the farthest end. It was the Dealer. He was parked out there for quite a while and then I saw some lights flicker on. I recognized the light as being flares and also at the same time the lights from the parked car flashed on. The car moved in my direction and when I heard it near the shack I looked through the cracks. The Dealer turned the car around facing the flares. He shut off the lights and left the car engine running.

I then moved outside. I went around the building and stopped and waited where I was out of his line of vision. I heard the sound of an approaching plane a bit before I could see it. The driver blinked his lights as a signal and then shut them off. The lights on the plane kept coming. I ran to the rear of the car and again scrunched down and waited. Immediately 'as the plane touched down the pilot shut off the lights as the plane taxied towards us.

The plane was a beautiful twin engine job and as it approached I realized it could well be carrying three or four people. So be it, too late to reconsider anything. There was only one on board, a woman. She opened the door and got out. The Dealer was now moving toward her and I had him in my gun-sight as he reached her. I fired, knocking him into her and both into the plane.

I immediately moved toward them after I had fired. When I arrive at the plane she was crying and struggling to get the limp figure off of her. I emptied the ammo clip into both of them. I played this game on my own terms and by my own rules.

There was a suitcase, two briefcases, and a satchel aboard the plane. I gathered them up and took them to the car the dealer had just vacated. The car's interior light put out just enough light for me to inspect the luggage in point. The suitcase held drugs and the brief cases held money. The satchel held more money and several file folders with "top secret" printed on several of them. I checked the Dealer's briefcase and it also held several files and more money. What the hell was going on? The first thing that came to mind was that this was some kind of a two-way deal. I had a mess of which to dispose so I wasn't going to stand around in that place and try to figure it out.

I next moved the four pieces of luggage to the shack and then moved the car to the plane and pulled it up to where it was touching the plane. I got out of the car and located the fuel cap on the plane wing. I had to work at it a bit before I finally got it open. I searched around until I found a rag which I shoved into the tank opening. The rag almost immediately hit fuel and I thought it strange for the plane must not have traveled very far. I pulled the rag back out and it was soaked with fuel. I put a match to it and ran like scat back to the shack. The damned thing burned for about thirty seconds before it finally blew. I then thought the small shack was going to go too. When the car had caught fire I grabbed up the luggage and tore off toward my own car. There wasn't going to be much left of anything when that fire burned out.

As I drove back I kept expecting to see some kind of vehicles but strangely enough, there were none. I had fabricated a good story but I didn't get to use it. As I parked the car I looked around and then on out toward the distant mountains and noted they were just as dark as they had been the night before--the job was half done!

When I got back into my room I saw the phone light was flashing. It was a call from the girls. I returned the call and excused my absence by telling them I had been out gambling at one of the casinos and that time had simply slipped away from me. I apologized and said I was too tired and was going to shower and get some sleep. I heard them giggling and knew they were on their way over anyway. I knew I should be taking care of business but the sun was rising and I just kicked the luggage under the bed and decided I would just "have to suffer!"

I smiled to myself as I pulled the satchel out from under the bed. I opened it and took out a couple of stacks of bills. I checked them over and found the money was good. There was ten thousand dollars in a stack. The denominations were in hundred dollar bills. I was going to give it to the girls, tell them they had brought me good luck, tell them I hit a jack-pot with a bet for them. They could use it and I noted that it is funny how the mind works.

It was only a few minutes later when they both came through the door....

They both wanted to go for another stroll on the beach and I told them that they both were over-sexed. They agreed, said Okay but I'm not sure what that meant exactly but I was worn out.

At sundown I again drove over to the house. I had heard of the fatal fire and accident and I was sure not too many people would buy that accident crap. The authorities were on their way. At the house it was dark but I calculated the other couple could be inside and that would be a trap, it even smelled like a trap.

I drove on back to the resort and put the car away. I checked at the front desk to see if there was a way to Federal Express things to the States. There wasn't. I would have liked to send some of the goods that I had collected back by that route. There did seem to be a connection by private carrier to Los Angeles so I thought I would take care of the items later as I needed to take things in order.

The first order of business was to get rid of the "junk" in the briefcase. I flushed the bags and was lucky that the plumbing didn't get stopped-up.

I had the money laying on the bed. There was about two and a half million dollars minus the money I had given the girls. I was pleased that they accepted my story about the gambling for it probably was the most cash that either had ever seen and it was time for them to return home and, in fact, were on their way.

I called the airlines at the municipal airport and the flights left at ten, two, and four. I had heard those numbers before! I had quite a bit of cash on me and decided to go by the ticket counter and pick up a ticket. I made a reservation and left it open. I was assured that there would be no problem in passage as the flights were "only booked half way". I started to ask her if that was full or empty but the agent looked like a tackle for the Green Bay Packers and she might not have appreciated my humor.

Back at the motel I decided to get some rest but I found myself too restless to relax. I finally just got up and undressed, stood under the shower for quite a while, dressed and realized it was too late to catch a flight today. I would have to time my business so that I could catch the next available flight if at all possible.

I picked up the car and drove back out to the house. There was a car parked in the driveway but I didn't recognize it. The lights were on. I decided to go forth and play the part of a lost tourist. I pounded on the door but there was no answer. I walked around the house and found no one. I pounded on the door a second time but heard or saw nothing. I tried the doorknob and found that the lock was open. I went in and right there in the living room was the "Freelancer". He was slouched on the couch totally out of it.

One shot in the eye and he was in the land of Happy Drug Dealers forever out of business. His lady was in a bedroom. Same for her!

Don't think I say my business is great but, sometimes, if you are patient, things work out right. These drug people are like a malignant growth and will be stopped eventually. As to my way of thinking: it is a nasty job, but necessary and someone has to do it.... I have no feeling for it and one day I know that I will be "judged". I hope it will be of my choosing.

Author's Note:

The file folders proved to be very interesting. Those marked "TOP SECRET" were from a government project at Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratory. Several unmarked folders came from the FBI office in Los Angeles that pertained to the missing top secret files from the laboratories. I concluded from reading the information that an agent within the ranks of the. Federal Investigatory Agency was in concert with that particular dealer.

I learned the identity of the dealer, in some more detail. Although his name was not familiar the agency of the Federal Government for whom he had worked previously was the Justice Department. This reminded me of a conversation I had had with an agent of the FBI in Las Vegas. He had told me that the U.S. Attorney's office there could not be trusted. They had too many political checks to cash. I wonder how many more are like it throughout the country? That agent's name is Don Hale.

* * *

I think the next segment in appropriate sequence will be Jackson's notation about further writings on the Hoover Files (also known as the Alpha Files). We will treat it as an excerpt because the focus of this volume is not regarding those files as such and he plans to cover them in Book V. We'll try to keep things interesting until we get there....



WED., APR. 27, 1994 8:58 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 254

WED., APR. 27, 1994


As we write this morning our focus will be on a presentation from Ronn Jackson regarding a bit of the "Hoover Files" as regards John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It will be brief and it is taken out of context as to the files but is necessary for notation as Ronn writes on Death of Camelot.

Before we go into that subject, however, I ask that you attend a bit of side-lesson in historical "meanings". This becomes important because some "receivers" THINK they are giving accurate information to certain very important participants in this ongoing play and are most offended when I correct perceptions. Why is it that ones feel a need to be offended if errors are corrected? Wouldst it be more worthy to be continuing in the distortions of "how it was"? Dear ones, the "enemy" will always be so close to truth as to make discernment all but impossible and if "I" correct such misinformation is it not worthy of being "special" instead of offensive?

We have one who has been in acceptance of information brought forth by a friend who says, "You are Atalon, son of Odon." Close? Indeed, but the energy "Odon" as expressed is NOT the "Odin" or prior "Dar" of God accepted label in the antediluvian period of your ancient history. The "O" is accurate as to its reference to the whole or "sun" and fits with the earliest of antediluvian Kings. However, the facts are that label or symbolic title of Odo, Od"I"n, Odo or Odoin represented the first GOTHIC KING and was a carryover from the ancient "first Sumerian King". OK so far--however, the "Gothic" Elite were the first real diverted population FROM the original species.

The first species was indeed Aryan in "race" as to those which first came to the area of what you call the Middle-East in ancient Sumer (in Iraq).

I do not wish to do a history lesson here because this is a very pointed bit of information and I do not wish to use current labels.

The first recognized "leader" or "father" (King) of the Aryan-Sumerians was deified as the Sun-god named "Dar", which is actually in translation Thor (or St. George of Cappadocia as later recognized). He was credited with the "taming", or civilizing, the "Lion" tribes or the "Christ"-oriented Lighted Creator "GOD" tribes (flock, children, herd, gaggle, covey etc.) of human "citizens". Later in your historical "time" this being in presentation of "person" would be recognized as the "sun-God" OR Aton.

Now, if one believes himself to be Atalon the son of Odon--you may well consider this to be a "son of God". However, you had best STUDY CAREFULLY that which you perceive is the Father and how that "father" presents himself. You will find that MOST OFTEN, in an attempt to deceive the "believer" and "practitioner", that ONE will present as a reptilian! That is your FIRST CLUE THAT YOU HAVE PICKED UP YOUR ENEMY--THE ADVERSARY. GOD CREATOR DOES NOT PRESENT AS A SNAKE! HE may well present as a "Phoenix" Eagle from time to time and sometimes as a "Lion" but the symbol of the "lion" is connected with Christed-relationship.

I do not wish to get into the "DRAGON" representation AT ALL AT THIS TIME.

By the time of the Gothic era as to Kings, etc., there came Odin and I don't wish to go into this deeply, either. This is because it is the other clues in the specific relationship, to which I focus this message, that I wish to address.

The person in point told ME that he is Atalon, son of Odon. Well, he isn't! That was information offered by one close to him and very honestly given. However, he went on to say that he came from Obergon which he "said" was in Orion! Ah, now we note the connection with "serpent" symbols and warrior factions of entities. The "son" of "God" of christed Light (Creator) does NOT COME FROM ORION! So, in respect to straightening out the misunderstanding it has to be understood that the person (or soul expressing as person) has to go farther back and realize the relationship of the one, ATONLON (or Atonlan), son of Dar or "God".

Does this separate all others into other categories? No, it is simply a connection which must be made with specific entities connected with THIS MISSION.

Dar would be presented in physical "style" as a predecessor of the Gothic expression so dress, logos and "seals" would reflect that influence as was later more prevalently expressed.

The terms Odo, Odoin, Odin or Thor following "Dar" are representative of the Goodly presentation of God-respecting people. As time went on there was a Woden who became totally confused but Wodan was a non-Goth and also , non-Aryan.

If you people err and mix this all up with "colors" you are going to distract yourselves. Why? Because "Christness" or "God-Law followers" HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH CURRENT RACE OR COLOR. The terms represent "belief and status" within a "spiritual" (soul) structure (emotional expression and intent) and cannot be described by human physical skin color or species.

The point I wish to make HERE is that you cannot simply take a name and decide who or what you are--YOU MUST COMMIT TO UNDERSTANDING THE FACTS AND CATCH ALL THE CLUES.

How do I REALLY feel about names? I repeat, if YOU come to me and introduce yourself as Tommy Peanut, I will address you as Mr. Peanut. It is the "being" in point--not a label.

However, IF you misinterpret your OWN identity, it can actually reverse the direction of your purpose and mission for you will study the wrong courses as to "intent". This is to warn you multitudes who seem to think you have to have cute little "other" names--it is sometimes foolish to accept such from the mouth of another human speaker for YOU do NOT know the source. If you are offered a name of some kind--check out all the clues or you will not be a Phoenix Eagle--you will be a "sitting duck".

Then why does "Dharma" have a label? Because it is simply a mark of identification which has "meaning". Translated from ancient identification it simply means presenter of life truth. No big deal and that is why most of the time, except when we use it as a "name", it is not capitalized. So be it. Along those lines, when we identify "Ranos" it is simply a short term for "Ranostros" which simply means of the "brotherhood of Ra" (brotherhood of God). The same is an approximation of "Rael" which means "Elder of Ra" (an Elder in the Brotherhood of Ra [God]. If you are trying to put a high level hierarchy status on yourself as with a crown of gold and jewels--forget it IF YOU ARE OF LIGHTED PRESENCE for you otherwise err. If you wish to play in OUR game--EGO MUST GO! IF YOU ARE TO SERVE AND FUNCTION WITHIN GOD'S PLACES YOU MUST DESIRE HONOR AND REVERENCE IN HUMBLE ACCEPTANCE--NOT EGO POWER OVER OTHERS.

Please, allow us to move on to the bit about Kennedy as offered in connection with THE DEATH OF CAMELOT.

by Ronn Jackson

Excerpt KE 001-003

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Because of the skepticism and controversy that surrounds the "Hoover Files", also referred to as the "ALPHA FILES", I have chosen the following format to explain their contents. To my knowledge there are two thousand, three hundred and nine (2,309) files in existence. I suspect there are others buried within the infra-structure of the Federal Bureau of Investigation but I have no proof. I also suspect that if others do exist, they are primarily about people of wealth and stature both in the private as well as in government sectors. I base this suspicion on the contents of the files that are in my control.

Although J. Edgar Hoover presented a stoic image to those around him, I believe he was an insecure and pitiful excuse for a man who usurped his position to the "Nth" degree. He was like so many others of our leaders who are placed within a level of authority and have no idea how it should be handled. [H: In common words you will recognize: "Far beyond their level of incompetence!] Hoover, known as a staunch anti-Communist, was NOT. That perception was a facade utilized under the guise of protecting our country. He used and manipulated people. A classic example is Senator McCarthy. Hoover pulled his strings for years and it is all in the Senator's file. Today such action is known as blackmail. It is hard to realize that for several decades this dastardly person was our SENIOR LAW EN-FORCEMENT OFFICIAL. I am ashamed for our country.


The first several pages in the file cover the period of Kennedy's childhood through college. What Hoover wanted with that information is unknown. There are a couple of references to girls during the college portion of the file but no names are given. There are many innuendos offered and all of those are in "JEH's" handwriting. Thousands of others have been involved in more provocative situations. The real "first" impropriety would appear to be JFK's election to the Senate. His father bought and paid for that election with CASH and POLITICAL PRESSURE. There is no question about that fact as bank statements, contributions, accommodations and so on are presented. His father was even more influential than was ever suspected or reported.

JFK's love-life had been allotted two full pages. There was also a "third" page attached to the prior two and it was a copy of a marriage license issued to Kennedy and a Durie Malcolm. I had heard rumors about this but didn't pay any attention to them. I later found the annulment papers in "Joe's" file along with payoffs exceeding five hundred thousand dollars.

Another of his loves was Inga Arvad, a newspaper person who had met Hitler. (She has her own file. Hoover thought she was a bad person and she may well have been.) There was another listing, Mary Alsop but there is not much about her; it appears she was married to a journalist. There is also a Janet des Rosiers who was his personal flight attendant and masseuse and a Letitia Baldrige who was Jackie's Social Secretary and filled in when no one else was available.

Pamela Turnure: Jackie's Press Secretary.

Mary Meyer: She was confirmed in another file on Benjamin Bradlee of the Washington Post.

Nicole Alphand: She and her husband, Herve, have their own separate files. Herve was having an affair with Jackie in New York before "swinging" became fashionable.

There are eleven other women mentioned.

Hoover tried very hard to tie Joe's money to JFK's election win but finally concluded it was the "Nixon debates" that put John over the top.

There were several notations of news items that he ordered to be followed-up. When the "wrong" answer would come back he would then issue new instructions to be handled by a different agent. It will never be realized just how many thousands of man hours were wasted on Hoover's witch-hunts.

The wealth of JFK was reported in the 15-20 million range and several documents showed his assets and trusts. The figures are vague but he never had to concern himself with soup-lines. Rose or Ethel would have written him a check for whatever amount was needed. All the Kennedy family members have their own separate file.

Several pages are devoted to JFK's military records. On one page is scribbled, "I got the S-- of a B----." (Hoover's note.) This seemed to pertain to a venereal disease called "NSU". Why that information would give him a hold over JFK is beyond me--this is grossly referred to as "clap". I know of one supreme court justice who was treated for the clap and he caught it from a congressman's wife. This is in both of their files. You must look further into the family regarding possibilities for in JFK's younger brother's file there is reference to penicillin shots being received while in and around the Washington area.

One section of papers clearly showed Hoover's hold over JFK because whenever Hoover beckoned the President was there! There was a notation to this effect.

There are laws on the books which represent the large influence of Hoover. Some clarification is needed but the original intent is the point herein.

My discernment as "Author" is to note that because of space limitation and because most of the file in point seems to be unsubstantiated garbage that this will be the final reference to this particular file until the book is printed. My memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy are good ones and even with this information and knowledge that perception has not been changed. He was guilty of what half our population is guilty--being a man. (060220-728943)



WED., APR. 27, 1994 12:42 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 254

WED., APR. 27, 1994


There is a great misperception which has arisen that somehow Commander Hatonn and/or his people in the immediate circle are no longer interested in Gunther or Rayelan Russbacher. How could such perception become presented? There is great concern and attention to the circumstances and we are most happy to ask that CONTACT run the information and petitions of Rayelan regarding Gunther. However, not always are things as they "appear to be". Am I going to have my people panic and frantically get involved in something that can only HURT the person involved, in Austria? Gunther was taken into custody by his own doing--he announced on debarking his flight into Austria that he was a "Federal Agent". That immediately set into motion a lot of things among which were that the parties traveling with him were HELD IN THE INTERNATIONAL STAGING AREA UNTIL THEY WERE ESCORTED BACK ON A RETURN FLIGHT TO THE U.S. AFTER HAVING DIPLOMATIC PASSPORTS DESTROYED!

Gunther was in need of medical attention and was immediately taken into custody and then transferred to a hospital setting--still in custody.

I believe the problem stems, at the immediate time, from the inability of our people to assist, in a financial manner, the family left in the U.S., i.e., Rayelan specifically. The lack of for-warding to her Gunther's "active" status Navy pay and support is unthinkable and annoying but not terribly unexpected under current circumstances. I am not going to divulge information which will be harmful to the persons in point in various locations. Further, we hope that within a couple of weeks or so there will be some assistance for her in order that she can maintain self for a bit longer and/or travel, at the least, to Austria to visit--even if it be only for fifteen minutes twice weekly.

So, why am I concerning myself with this? Because Gunther was "reactivated" and "promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral" and it is difficult to believe that Naval Intelligence would not be somehow overseeing his status. He needed a lot of help physically and for his own protection he needed to obtain such--in a custodial and protected environment.

Does this mean that he has no other problems? No, he DOES, in fact, have other "political" problems and, in that arena, you caring writers can AGAIN MAKE A MAJOR IMPACT! WRITE, WRITE AND WRITE SOME MORE.

You can send the cards to him and requests regarding him through (in care of): Social Worker, Mrs. Kirschlag, at Justizanstaltv Josafstadt, Wiccanburgwassa, 1082 Wien, Austria. Also, readers, you may well wish to contact and petition others as has Mrs. Russbacher, i.e.:

Herr Dr. Kurt Waldheim

In Care of:

President Thomas Klestil

The Federal President of the

Republic of Austria

A-1014 Wien, Austria

Postfach 10

President Thomas Klestil

The Federal President of the

Republic of Austria

A-1014 Wien, Austria

Fax: 011-43-1-53-56-512 [This would also suffice for Herr Waldheim.]

Mrs. Dr. Oltnar




1082 Wien, Austria

[This apparently is the "Judge" in point.]

If you also wish to follow-up with Rayelan's contact with Amnesty International and the Red Cross--we only have FAX information:

American Red Cross


Amnesty International, London office

c/o Mr. Butler: 011-44-956-1157

Any mailing needs to go by AIR MAIL or it will not get to Austria for WEEKS. Check with the Post Office for postage will be somewhere between 49 cents and 50 cents per 1/2 oz. for air mail service.

It would be thoughtful and supportive to also remind Rayelan that you remember:

Rayelan Russbacher

6016 Soquel Dr.

Aptos, CA 95003

Tel. and FAX: 408-475-7336

Gunther is a citizen of BOTH Austria AND THE UNITED STATES. We must not let it be "out of sight--out of mind". He has his greater work before him and it will be in behalf of yourselves so let us let him know that he is loved and remembered EVERY MINUTE and that nothing has changed in our support. Thank you.

* * *

[Ed: Following are the latest faxes we have received from Rayelan Russbacher.]

RAYELAN RUSSBACHER 408-475-7336 Telephone and Fax

March 28, 1994

President Thomas Klestil

The Federal President

of the Republic of Austria

A-1014 Wien

Fax 011-43-1-53-56-512


President Klestil,

My husband, Gunther Russbacher v. Esterhaszy, was just arrested at the airport in Wien. I don't know the reasons, other than traveling without documents. If he is detained without medical care, I fear he will DIE. He fled the United States to Austria to GET medical care!!! It is our belief that if he stayed in the United States he would be killed.

Two weeks ago, the Mossad dispatched six agents from Tel Aviv to kill him. I watched them burn to death in front of me. They were killed by agents within the CIA. One week ago, Tel Aviv dispatched seven more agents. My husband, my mother and I went into hiding. On Friday, the 25th of March, we were told by friends within U.S. government agencies that it was safe for my mother and I to return home, but that Gunther was still in danger. He went into hiding with several friends.

I received a call from my husband several hours ago. He told me that he was in Austria. I sighed with relief because I felt that he would be safe there. Now I find out that he has been arrested.

President Klestil, for the last four-and-a-half years, my husband and I both have fought to stay alive. The Kissinger/Rockefeller branch of the United States Government have tried numerous times to kill us. Their last attempt on Gunther was in November of last year when he was forced to undergo emergency open heart surgery...surgery that wasn't needed. It is a miracle that he survived the surgery.

At the moment he is suffering from a kidney infection, possible pneumonia or bronchitis, liver disease, heart disease and unfortunately...he is dependent on alcohol. He became dependent on alcohol because he has been using it as a pain reliever. He was forced to do this because he is violently allergic to the pain pills that have been prescribed for him.

We have tried to "wean" him away from alcohol, but the strain on his heart was so great that his cardiologist recommended not doing anything until we could get him into a treatment center.

And here lies the reason for his entry into Austria. Gunther and the men that were advising him, felt that he would be killed if he entered a treatment center in the United States. And we all felt that he would die if he didn't get help immediately.

I still feel he will die if YOU don't intercede and dispatch someone to the airport and take him to a hospital. He requires alcohol every two hours or he will go into withdrawals. The withdrawals are so destructive to his heart that I fear they will trigger another heart attack. With one third of his heart "dead" from the "botched" surgery, I feel that rapid withdrawal of alcohol from his system would kill him.

Two-and-a-half years ago, when I made an urgent plea to President Kurt Waldheim to intervene and save his life, President Waldheim dispatched the Consul General from Chicago down to Missouri to talk with the Governor. That action saved my husband's life. He was in prison in Missouri and had just been beaten, with nightsticks, by three guards. My husband is a hero in the eyes of many Americans. He was brave enough to try to tell the American people the truth about their government...and our government has tried repeatedly to kill him and me. Austria, and President Waldheim, are heroes in the eyes of these people because they stood up to the corrupt part of our government and saved Gunther's life.

Please...if you don't intervene IMMEDIATELY, I fear my husband will die while in custody in Austria. After four years of fighting the evil United States government to free him and keep him alive, it would be a tragedy if he died while trying to come home IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE!

Please...please help him. The United States Government arrested him two days after we married and for four-and-a-half years I have worked to free him. He was freed in December and sent home to die.

We have only been together for three months of our five year marriage. If you send him back to the United States, I know we will be killed or thrown back into prison and then killed. He is an Austrian citizen; please give him protection, and please get him into a hospital before he dies. His life is in your hands. The eyes of the world are on you. Don't let him die. After all he has endured trying to get home to Austria, please don't let him die in the hands of Vienna security police.

My husband has not been well since his surgery in November, this combined with the alcohol has caused him to say and do things of which he is not aware. He is Very ill, please remember that.

May God bless you for coming to our aid once again.


Rayelan Russbacher


* * *

6016 Soquel Drive, Aptos, Ca 95003
408-475-7336 Telephone and Fax

April 18, 1994

Mrs. Dr. Oltnar




1082 Wien, Austria

Mrs. Dr. Oltnar,

My husband, Gunther Karl Russbacher, is currently in a prison hospital in Vienna. I have been told by his social worker, Mrs. Kirschlag, that you are his judge, and if I wanted any information regarding him or his case that I would have to speak with you.

I have tried many times to reach you at the telephone number Mrs. Kirschlag gave me, but I have not been successful. Mrs. Kirschlag informed me that my husband's ex-wife, Peggy Neel, was successful in getting through to her, and that Ms. Neel represented herself to be his present wife. If you think that you have spoken with me, the present wife, let me assure you, that you have not. Ms. Neel is an FBI agent who is quite successful in getting people to talk to her and reveal things about my husband that an ex-wife has no business knowing.

Several years ago she pretended to be Gunther's current wife and obtained an Austrian passport at the Chicago Consulate. She has also emptied Gunther's bank accounts and lied about it to authorities, causing him to be arrested for passing bad checks. This occurred on the day Gunther and I married and he was arrested two days later. For four-and-a-half years I have fought the United States Government, and his ex-wife, trying to prove that the charges were "manufactured" (a government term for phony charges which were created to incarcerate and thereby silence him).

She has also beaten his children so severely that she was arrested for child abuse, but because of her status with the FBI, the charges were never pressed in court. The physical and mental abuse that Gunther's sons have suffered at her hands is enormous. If she were not an FBI agent, she would be in jail. The abuse goes far beyond physical beatings and mental abuse. I don't know if the boys will ever recover fully from what she has done to them. I tell you this, because I believe the only hope the boys have is to leave the United States and live in Austria with their father. Both boys are Austrian citizens and both want to be with their father.

Gunther and I were successful in getting his 21-year sentence overturned on appeal, but only after he had spent four-and-a-half years in prison. During that time, he suffered horribly at the hands of his jailers. Once he was beaten with night sticks while he was showering. This occurred barely six hours after getting out of the hospital. He was in the hospital because he had suffered a heart attack. During the beating, his leg was broken in three places, and he received a concussion. It was at this time that I first called President Kurt Waldheim and begged him to intervene with the state government in Missouri to save Gunther's life. President Waldheim sent the Consul General from Chicago to Missouri to see the Governor. At the time, Gunther was being held in the oldest prison in the country, just two blocks from the Governor's mansion. As a result of President Waldheim's intervention, Gunther was moved to a secure section of the prison.

It still took another three years to get him released and during this time there were so many attempts to murder him that I lost count. During that same time, my own government tried to murder me seven different times. They tried to kidnap me twice. At one point, the same group who surrounded and burned the compound in Waco, surrounded the house where I was staying. I was warned that I was about to be attacked, and I was able to escape. I have seen cars riddled with bullets and then exploded in front of me. I have seen assassins beaten, shot, run off cliffs and burned to death in front of me. I am not, nor ever have been, an employee of the United States Government. Unlike his first wife, I am not used to seeing people murdered. For most of my adult life I was a wife, married to a senior government official. My former husband, the late Dr. John Dyer, was the nuclear physicist who designed the nuclear warfare program for the United States Navy. As his wife, I lived a very protected and sheltered life.

After the first attempts on our lives, Gunther and I were advised by friends who had been in the same position, that the only way we could hope to stay alive was to begin releasing information on government crimes and corruption. Even after we went public with our story, the attempts continued, but they became more sophisticated. Instead of trying to kill my husband in obvious ways, government officials or their lackeys, tried to cause him to have a heart attack by withholding his heart medicine. God only knows how he survived.

The last attempt to murder him occurred on November 15th, 1993 when he was forced to undergo "emergency" open heart surgery...This surgery was not needed!!! After the surgery, the doctors drained five pints of blood and sent him back to the jail to die. He was placed, just days after open heart surgery, in a cell covered with feces and urine, and forced to clean the cell himself!!! You have no idea what he has endured at the hands of this government.

The only reason that he was released was because our personal horror story had grown so large, and so many people around the world knew about us, that the government of the State of Missouri was being embarrassed. They wanted him out of their state, so they released him from the county jail where he had been sent after his 21-year sentence was revoked. But they still wanted to control him, so they held new charges over his head.

On March 13, 1994 there was another attempt to murder him. We were told by friends within the United States Government that the Mossad had dispatched six agents to kill us. We were warned to get out of our apartment. We were also told that the CIA had sent its own assassins to kill the Mossad agents.

Within an hour of the telephone call, we were contacted and told to return home because the problem had been "neutralized". On the way home, we saw the cars containing the Mossad agents. The cars were on fire, with the agents still inside. The very day that Tel Aviv dispatched these agents, the controlled media in this country dragged up unfounded and totally unsubstantiated charges against Kurt Waldheim. For two days our newspapers and televisions ran lead stories about Herr Dr. Waldheim being a Nazi war criminal. It was not a mere coincidence that these two events happened on the same day!

After a second attempt by the Mossad to murder Gunther, three friends took him to Vienna to put him in a hospital. By that time, Gunther had been fed a government "enhancement drug" used in mind control and programming called trichtomine. I was told that this drug brought on "immediate" alcohol addiction, which in turn caused his liver to swell and his kidneys to become infected. I have no idea what else my government said and did to him while he was under the effect of this drug. I have no idea what he was led to believe or what he was told to do after this drug was administered to him. All I know now and knew then, was that he needed medical care, but he was afraid that if he went into a hospital in the United States, he would be murdered. I did not know that the three men who left with him were taking him to Austria. I had been told that he needed to go into hiding before the Mossad killed him. I had no idea that he was going to Vienna.

When he left me, he was so sick that I knew he would die if he didn't get immediate medical help. It has now been over three weeks since I have seen or talked with him. As you can imagine, I am very worried about him. I have been told that he is in the hospital, but I haven't been told how he is and what has been done to him. I know my government placed devices inside him when he had open heart surgery. I don't know if your doctors have found the "micro dots" which were placed inside of him to track him and to trigger heart attacks. Ordinary doctors would have no idea what to look for, because ordinary people have never even heard of the devices available to the United States Government. Only a doctor who is familiar with how the intelligence communities work would be able to help him. I pray that you have access to such a doctor.

My husband has tried to escape this country and return to Austria ever since he escaped from a prison camp in Laos in the early seventies. He was sent into Laos by our government to free American prisoners of war. His mission was betrayed by Henry Kissinger who was hoping to win a Nobel peace prize for negotiating an end to the Viet Nam war. Gunther's mission would have interfered with his negotiations.

During his confinement in Laos he was tortured so horribly that it was only by God's grace that he survived. His fingernails were pulled out repeatedly until they never grew back. (I have enclosed a color photograph of what his fingernails looked like when he was forced to work in the prison kitchen. After the heart surgery, Gunther was given a shot of interluken to speed up the healing of his rib cage and broken ribs; the interluken caused his fingernails to grow.) During his repeated eighteen months of continual torture in Laos, his abdomen was sliced open and bamboo shoots were planted in his intestines. After they had taken root, they were ripped out.

I give you this information so that you understand what Gunther has undergone at the hands of my government. He tried to leave the United States after he recovered from his torture. But he was immediately setup by the CIA and charged with securities fraud. He was actually involved in a CIA operation to destabilize the Yugoslavian government by introducing millions of dollars worth of counterfeit bearer bonds into the country. The operation went ahead without him, but he went to prison. It was at this time that he was ordered to marry Peggy and his controllers within the CIA arranged his escape and sent him to Vienna.

After his sons were born, our government used them to keep Gunther in line. During the years that we were trying to stay alive by releasing information about government crimes, his boys sometimes paid the price. They were setup, just like their father, and put in jail. We were told that they would be raped and murdered if we continued to tell the truth. We stopped until we could be assured that we could protect them. But we couldn't protect them all the time. They have been beaten, and kidnapped, bones have been broken, jaws and shoulders dislocated, and their wills all but broken.

Gunther is now in your prison. I do not know why. I do not know how he is being cared for. In the last four-and-a-half years, my own government has tried to murder me, commit me to a mental hospital, arrest me and put me in prison. They have accused me of trying to assassinate President George Bush, they have murdered my friend and lawyer, Paul Wilcher, they have bankrupted me and my mother, they have cut off all our funds until we had to rely on our Catholic charities for food. Even today, I don't know where the money is coming from to pay the rent which is due in ten days. I have lived like this for four years while I struggled to free my husband and keep all of us alive. And now that he and I have been successful in freeing him from an American prison, he ends up in an Austrian prison. I am close to losing all hope that he and I will ever be able to live together as husband and wife.

After giving you this background information, I am asking that you review my husband's history and discover how he came to work for my government. He had no choice!!! If he had not gone to work for my government, members of his family would have been turned over to the Jews to be tried as Nazi war criminals. Just look at what they tried to do to Dr. Waldheim! The members of my husband's family, who were used as the pawns to control him, were not as lucky as Dr. Waldheim. These people had been forced, by my government, to come to this country and go to work for various agencies. If they ever tried to leave, their loved ones were killed or incarcerated, or the threat of this was held over their heads. This was part of the price that Austria paid in 1955 in order to become one country again. Many of its leading citizens and their children were forced into exile. This is a part of history that Americans aren't told.

My husband has been controlled by threats, coercion, incarceration and blackmail for over thirty years.

I am sorry that this letter has been so lengthy. I hope you will respond to this letter by telling me what charges my husband is being held on, and what treatment he has been receiving. I would also hope that you can tell me what the length of his sentence will be if he is found guilty. I also pray that Austrian justice is swift and tempered with compassion. In the four-and-a-half years that we have been married, we have only been together since December of 1993...a short period of three-and-a-half months. During that time he was so ill that all my time was spent trying to keep him alive.

Will my husband live long enough for me to ever get to know him? How long will he have to stay in prison in Austria? I worry that I will be held hostage in this country to insure that Gunther never comes back and never tells the truth. Even now I worry that "so-called" friends, who I know are government employees, have set me up in order to have me thrown in prison.

I have been told by the Counsul General in Chicago that Austria will not extradite its own citizens. I pray that this is true. If Gunther comes back to this country he will be thrown back in prison, and in his present condition, he would not live one day in an American prison.

Thank you for your time. I hope you will take the time to answer the questions I have asked. Since it takes over a week to mail a letter, could you fax your reply to the Austrian Consul General and ask Consul General Kreishbaum to fax your letter to me? Their number is: 312-222-4113 fax; 312-222-1515 telephone.

My telephone and fax number are the same, 408-475-7336. I will not have a telephone for many more weeks, because I cannot pay the bill. Gunther made many calls to Vienna while he was here with me. The bill is very high, and since I cannot pay it, it will be disconnected around the first of May. I tell you this because I am hoping you will fax a reply before it is disconnected.


Rayelan Russbacher

* * *

6016 Soquel Drive, Aptos, Ca 95003
408-475-7336 Telephone and Fax

April 26, 1994

Herr Dr. Kurt Waldheim

In Care of

President Thomas Klestil

The Federal President of the

Republic of Austria

A-1014 Wien, Austria

Postfach 10

Dear Dr. Waldheim,

Once more I find that I must write to you and request your help.

It was February of 1992 when I first contacted you. At that time my husband had just been beaten by prison guards and thrown in the "hole", otherwise known as solitary confinement. In American prisons it is well known that men in the "hole" sometimes commit "suicide", and when I contacted you I was afraid that if someone of your stature did not intervene my husband would be found "suicided", a new term in the American language for a political murder victim.

I am sure that you know that my husband has been in the United States Navy for over 30 years, and that his only crime was knowing too much about the illegal activities of the United States Government, specifically the Iran/Contra scandal.

Shortly after I called you at home and asked for your help, the Consul General from Chicago paid a visit to my husband and to the Governor of Missouri. I know that it was his physical presence which saved my husband's life. You will always have my undying gratitude for what you have already done to save him.

Gunther and I were successful in getting his 21-year prison sentence in the State of Missouri overturned on appeal. He was released from incarceration December 15, 1993. While in custody he was forced to undergo open heart surgery (11-15-93). He never really recovered from the surgery; indeed, I am sure that was the purpose for the surgery. His condition continued to worsen, and no matter what we tried to do for him, it only succeeded in making him worse.

On March 13th of this year, we were warned by the CIA that Tel Aviv had dispatched six agents to kill Gunther. We were told to get out of the house while the CIA took care of the problem. About a half-hour later, while we were on the road, we were contacted and told it was safe to go home. On the way home, we passed the three cars which we were told belonged to the Mossad agents. They were on fire, with the agents still inside. The same day the Israelis attacked us, with intent to kill all of us, they also let loose a new attack on you, as I am sure you are aware. You understand, better than I, what the timing of the two events is about.

One week later another Mossad team was dispatched. Gunther, my mother and I were taken by U.S. Government agents and put under guard in hiding. The following Friday I was told that my mother and I could return home, but it wasn't safe for Gunther to go with us. I said good-bye to him thinking that I would see him in a few days, but in a few days the news I heard was very distressing.

I was told that the three men who left with him had decided to take him to Vienna to check him into a hospital.. However, Gunther was arrested at the airport and taken into custody.

For one week I heard nothing from anyone...no matter how hard I tried. Then a woman, identifying herself as Mrs. Kirschlag, a prison social worker, called to tell me that Gunther was in the prison hospital. She gave me the name of the prison: Justizanstaltv Josafstadt, Wiccanburgwassa. She also gave me her telephone number 222-40040 33601. She told me that the judge in the case is Mrs. Dr. Oltnar and her telephone number is: 222-40127 1593 or 1670.

I have tried to reach the Judge, but I do not speak German and no one in her office speaks English. I am afraid that in frustration, her staff has hung up on me. I cannot blame them.

It has now been five weeks since I have heard from my husband. All I know is that he is in the hospital recovering from an earlier surgery. He certainly needed medical help. I'm sure he would have died here in America.

I have heard nothing from my husband, from the Consul General in Chicago, or from the American Embassy in Vienna. All I want is to hear from my husband. I want to know how he is feeling and what his health prognosis is. I also want to know what charges he is being held on and how serious these charges are. I have discovered that the court should have appointed a lawyer for him, but I do not know who this person is.

I pray that you can do one more favor for me and find a way to have my husband contact me. After everything he and I have been through in our short marriage, I cannot bear the thought of him dying so far away, without me by his side. Please, can you help one more time?

Thank you for everything you have already done,

Rayelan Russbacher

* * *

Letter received via Fax

Apirl 27, 1994

To: Mr. Butler 011-44-71-956-1157

Amnesty International, London office

From: Rayelan Russbacher

My friend Dominick, called you today and asked your advice about what can be done regarding my husband who is currently in a Vienna prison hospital.

I have received no word from my husband in over five weeks now. I am very worried.

While he was incarcerated and abused in the Missouri (USA) prison system, I kept your office and the Chicago office fully briefed. I know that the phone calls that were made by Amnesty International to the governor of Missouri helped us in obtaining his freedom.

His twenty-one-year prison sentence was reversed on appeal and he was released from incarceration December 15, 1993. In case you are not familiar with his case, I have enclosed the recent letters which were written to the Vienna Judge and to the President and former President of Austria.

I am trying to find out how he is and why he is in prison. I also wonder why I have received no letter from him.

I have also faxed you the letter which I sent to Dr. Hansak from the Vienna Red Cross. I do not believe that Dr. Hansak will ever receive this information because it first had to be approved by the American Red Cross. In other words, unless the American Red Cross allows the Vienna Red Cross to intervene in this matter, Dr. Hansak can do nothing. Is that really their policy? Is there any way you can fax the information to the Red Cross in Vienna?

Do you have an office in Vienna? If you do, can you fax this information to them? Thank you very much.

Rayelan Russbacher

* * *


April 27, 1994

To: American Red Cross


From: Rayelan Russbacher 408-475-7336

Dr. Hansak, from the Vienna Red Cross advised me that I needed to go through you in order to obtain help from him for an Austrian problem.

He is awaiting the following information.

Please fax to Dr. Hansak as soon as possible. As you know they are six hours later than you. 9:00 AM EST is 3:00 PM in Vienna. I would very much appreciate it if Dr. Hansak received the documents today so that I can call him tomorrow.

Thank you

Ten(10) pages follow this cover sheet
If you do not receive all ten pages
Please call: 408-475-7336

* * *

6016 Soquel Drive, Aptos, Ca 95003
408-475-7336 Telephone and Fax

April 27, 1994

To: Dr. Hansak, Vienna Red Cross

From: Rayelan Russbacher, Mrs. Gunther Karl Russbacher

On Monday, March 28, 1994 my husband Gunther Karl Russbacher was arrested at the Vienna International Airport. I was advised of this by the three men who accompanied him to Austria.

I called the President's office to verify that this was true. President Klestil's secretary informed me that my husband had been arrested and taken to a hospital.

I called the Consul General who told me that he believed the charges were passport related. He said he would get back to me when he knew more.

For one week I heard nothing. Then a social worker named Mrs. Kirschlag called to say that my husband was in a prison named, Justizanstaltz Josafstadt, Wiccanburgwassa. He was in the prison hospital and he was doing fine. Her telephone number is: 222-4040-33601.

Mrs. Kirschlag also told me that his judge is Mrs. Dr. Oltnar. Telephone number 222-40127-1593 or 1670.

I was told that prisoners at this jail cannot make telephone calls. I was told that my husband has written a letter to me, but I have not received it. I was also told that if I go to Austria to visit him I can only visit for fifteen minutes on Monday and Wednesday.

I wish to hear from my husband. I need to know how he is. He was near death when he entered Austria. He had just undergone open heart surgery and was suffering many complications.

I am asking the Red Cross to visit him and make sure that he is alive and well. I would also like to know if he is receiving my letters, if he has written, if he needs any money, and why he is in prison.

The pertinent facts from his United States records show that he was born:

07-01-1944 in Kirchen

Mother: Elizabeth Weissel

Father: Karl Russbacher

His Austrian birth certificate will show that he was born 07-01-1942.

Thank you for your help. It will ease my mind greatly to hear from him or to hear that someone has seen and talked with him.

* * *

Received Via Fax from Ray Allan Russbacher

To: Contact

From: Rayelan Russbacher

April 28, 1994

Dear Contact,

Thank you for your message on the Contact Hotline. Your Readers have already started calling and their loving messages of understanding and support have lifted my spirits more than you can imagine.

I am afraid that my human emotions are getting in the way, and I find myself caught in a continuous loop of worry and fear. Your callers, who felt moved to reach out and "Contact" me this morning, were successful in short-circuiting the loop for today. Thank you, and thank your Readers.

I have also enclosed the reply from the American Red Cross. I am not surprised at their "diplomatic" refusal to get involved. The American Red Cross has consistently stated to me that my problems with Gunther's incarceration and abusive treatment at the hands of the Missouri prison authorities, did not fall under their "mission's directive".

I have often wondered if I would have gotten the same reply if someone other than Elizabeth Dole were the Director of the American Red Cross. Gunther has repeatedly told me of her involvement, through a "blind trust", in a series of real estate and Savings and Loan scams and failures, which, if exposed, could make Whitewater look as serious as "jaywalking."

Thank you,


* * *




FAX: (202) 347-4486



TO: Mrs. Ray Allan Russbacher

ORGANIZATION: 6016 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003

TELEFAX: 1-408-475-7336


DATE: April 28, 1994

Dear Mrs. Russbacher:

Your fax of April 27th was referred by Mrs. Dole's office to the Office of International Services for action.

I have consulted with my colleague at the International Committee of the Red Cross concerning your husband's arrest and hospitalization. Regrettably the protections of the Geneva Conventions do not apply to this situation as it is not involving a conflict; ICRC would conduct a visit if your husband was detained due to war. National Red Cross societies, such as the Austrian Red Cross do not conduct this type of visit.

My alternate suggestions to you to secure the information you want concerning your husband's medical condition and his legal status are the following:

1) You may want to consider contacting the Overseas Citizens Service, U.S. Department of State at 202-736-7430. This office is responsible for securing information on the arrests of American citizens as well as medical reports. You may want to contact the U.S. Consulate in Vienna directly by phone: 011-431-31339 or fax: 011-43-1-5134351. The consulate usually receives reports on arrested Americans but your husband may have been too ill to advise the Austrian authorities of his American citizenship.

2) If you do not wish to use this channel you may want to consider contacting Amnesty International at 212-807-8400.

I regret I cannot offer more.


/s/ Ms. Mary-Lou McCutcheon

Director, International

Social Services



WED., APR. 27, 1994 1:37 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 254

WED., APR. 27, 1994

by Ronn Jackson

[H: I believe the next "Author's Note" refers to Ronn Jackson's "Employers", that which he now refers to, with us, as "The Committee". He will later give you information as to who are these people on this Committee and in Vol. 2 I believe he will present a resume of each. We do not want him in greater danger but that information has already become public so to longer try for secrecy is "too late" at any rate. That revelation is, however, up to his timing and discretion.]


For years I wanted to see them. I didn't need to speak to them, but rather to, physically, in their environment, observe them. If I were to examine my motives about this I'm quite sure it is that I wanted them to know that I knew who they were. When I speak of these as "my employer" I am making reference to "A-5" on the chart at the beginning of the series. [H: Not yet presented to us.] He is the one person that I talk with and it is he who gives me my instructions. It is he who pays me and he who is the chair-person of the "Committee". Prior to what I am going to tell you, it is my belief that the Committee was not aware of my extensive, knowledge. Neither do I believe that it was thought that I was capable of obtaining such knowledge. As you read you will find that from nineteen-eighty-three (1983) to when I made the decision to sever our association, all was not easy with which to deal. I recognize that I am to blame for the strained relationship and the reason for my behavior was indeed simple: Receiving instructions and a large sum of money was not enough. I believe it can be summed up in one word, CONSCIENCE!

* * *

Passing the Air Force Academy, I pulled off of highway twenty-five. It was late afternoon and the cadets were flying the gliders. I guess it was part of their flight training and I enjoyed watching. A Colorado highway patrolman stopped to see if I was having problems and he ended up watching them for a while with me. After several minutes I thanked him for stopping and continued on with my northward journey in progress.

A few miles ahead of me was a small town by the name of Monument. As I approached the town I noted the speed limit was reduced which indicated I would have to drive through a business section or that there was a stoplight ahead. I saw a fast food sign and decided I might as well pull in and have a sandwich as it was time to eat and I was hungry. At the intersection of the off-ramp I noticed, across the road facing me, a huge sign advertising a sale of some kind being held by the Resolution Trust Corporation. The sale involved some condos. After looking at my watch I realized the "resident agent" for the RTC would be on duty for another hour and, since I was curious and had several hundred thousands of dollars in my travel bag--I decided to have a stop-see. My curiosity was more for the part played by the President's son and his involvement. I had also heard you could get some really good buys. I wasn't into dealing in other people's misery and along those lines I noted the sign stated: "New and Unoccupied". I thought it wouldn't hurt to take a look.

The agent said the units had just been refurbished and were released for sale the past week. Several speculators had been by and she (the agent) said she didn't expect the properties to be available for very long. I questioned that pronouncement as the sign had indicated there were some fifteen hundred units of two and three bedrooms up for sale. She further explained that the units had sold for seventy-nine and eighty-four thousand--new.

I asked, "How much now?" She responded, "Fifteen or so..." I bought ten after seeing one.

I gave her a deposit and drove back to Colorado Springs and rented a room. I was going to close this deal as quickly as possible. She had told me that on a sale of this size that the government would pay the closing costs. No wonder the government was going broke, I thought.

The following day I signed my name at least a thousand times and the agent introduced me to her husband who "just happened" to have a management company which took care of renting out such places as mine. For twelve percent he would take care of everything and when he gave me a copy of his bond and I verified it, he had a new client.

I had just completed a project for my employers. It was not a job that I would normally do but then, I have never received a written job description. I am purposely being vague at this time because in order for you readers to understand the whole of the situation you need to know a great deal of information. Much of what was transpiring was leading up to an event which had not yet occurred.

My instructions for this task were to assist another person who was also employed by my people, the Committee, and to formulate a plan of escape. Once the plans were complete, only myself and the Principal involved were to have knowledge of those plans. Once all of the details and arrangements would be instituted I was to walk away with the knowledge and leaving the Principal on his own--in the event it was necessary to implement said plan.

The Principal was from another country and is known to you. He is a person who, when I met him, I did not like him. I met this person once prior to this time and my opinion of him had not changed from then until now and continues to be the same. He is a violent person and has shown that he has total disregard for life.

The plan was in the form of a safety valve. I designed it as follows: His location, the general vicinity, was known. I found a location for him for security in an adjacent country with escape routes, transportation and so on. If the heat at the second location was too great I made a third in Central America, a fourth in Southern Mexico, a fifth in Belize, a sixth in Northern Mexico, a seventh in Baja California. Because of the identity of this person I had to calculate all the resources that would surely be brought to bear in order to locate him. He would need to be totally hidden and yet he would need freedom to move about so that he could continue his business. His main employer was also mine and this was the important point.

The final part of the plan required a lot of thought for he had to have the ability to move freely and yet his pictured face had been plastered all over the damned world. I chose the most logical approach which was simply not to "try" to hide him at all and put him right in open view where he would least be expected. That would be right here in this country working as a field laborer. I had an eighth place in mind as well and that would be in the Imperial Valley, the ninth was on the Central California Coast, and the tenth would be somewhere around Salinas. In that way he would be able to maintain his output. I was not overly optimistic about the latter.

The last leg of the whole operation had just been completed some two days before. That part included a work area and home in a remote area where it would take an army to get him out because of its location. The place is only accessible by air and yet it is all but invisible from the air. My thoughts about an army could very well come to pass.

My stopping off in Central Colorado had been one of those "on the spur of the moment" things for my destination had been north of Denver. Therefore, when my personal business was completed I was again heading west to some skiing.

With that intent I was later on my way up a mountain where I stopped to eat and gas the car. While I was in the restaurant I picked up a copy of the Rocky Mountain News. As you will later learn, one of the methods of contact with me was through a series of "St. Jude" ads which would be placed in the "Personal" column in several newspapers. When I would have been out of contact for an extended period of time and yet not knowing in advance where my travels might lead, it was found that this was a very effective way to summon me.

Prior to going on my previous assignment I had quite a discussion with my Employer about the frequency of my assignments and he had agreed to space them out a bit better and on parting his words were that he would contact me "only in an emergency". However, it seemed to me that everything was an emergency. I was sitting now, drinking coffee and debating whether or not to call him or simply wait for a couple of days. I had some reservations at a resort in Vail but at that time of the year it wouldn't be too crowded. There had been a couple of snowfalls at higher elevations and a lot of people were starting to "think" like me but there would not yet be a big rush of skiers. So, maybe there might be an emergency.

I called in and the sanction was located north of Denver which was less than a hundred miles from my location. That job took two days and in the interim the Rockies had picked up twelve inches of new powder.

I was enjoying completion of my second full day of skiing and I saw the population of Vail increase by some ten thousand people. It appeared to be a very good starting of a good season. With pleasure I thought I would spend a great deal of my time there.

Wrong! It seems I next found myself on the way to France some three hours later. I ended up in England for nine days, also, while completing this particular sanction. I was really "steamed" when I finally went to the airport to return to the U.S. The only field I could get into was Dulles since there was such short notice. I thought to myself that I should go see my Employers and yell at them a little, letting them know how I really felt! I thought better about doing that but did consider stopping by and making an appearance. I wasn't sure what that would accomplish but somehow it seemed that it might make me feel better. I wasn't sure what, if anything, I was ready to tell them but I was soon going to find out.

I checked into a hotel which was three blocks from their location. All manners of thoughts passed through my mind such as whether or not they had separate offices, did they meet in one big office, did they have secretaries, who else knew of their existence, were there guards in the facility? I wondered how much resistance was going to be given to my unannounced entrance. I had no idea but I was going to find out and I was going to find out NOW. I started walking....

I had no weapons on me and after all I was in this country and going to meet, or see, those who employed me. I wasn't looking for problems and from my viewpoint they were my problem, or was it the other way around? Perhaps there wasn't any problem. Maybe this was all in my mind. When I reached the building I pushed open the double doors and entered.

There was no one in the entrance. There was no guard. There were a few potted trees and two large doors directly in front of me I walked to them and opened one and strolled in. In the center of the room was a table with several chairs spaced around it. Most of the chairs were occupied. There were two men who stood at a blackboard and until I walked in all the attention from the table had been directed towards them. I closed the door and the two men standing walked over and sat down. The room was large and along all the walls were charts and graphs. Several other blackboards were in various areas and some two or three deep. There was a desk in the right corner of the room and an older man sat at a computer terminal. He started to get up and I saw a motion from the corner of my eye. He sat back down. Not one word had been spoken by anyone present.

I walked to the end of the table while not taking my eyes off of the man at the opposite end. I started to say "A-5" but for some reason did not. My gaze followed around the table to the other members. I recognized ALL of them. This was the first time I had seen any of them other than in the newspapers or on television. I was, however, certain that every one of them knew me. Still, there was not a word spoken.

I moved around the table and walked around the room looking at what was written in the chalk boards and at the graphs. I kept the men in my vision at all times. No one had made any effort to move. After I had made a full circle I walked back to the table. I then started walking slowly around it until I came to the head. "A-5" had not moved and I don't think his gaze had ever left me. I stood looking at him for a few seconds and then I looked at each of the other members seated at the table. Still, not a word had been uttered by anyone. I turned, then, back to the man at the head of the table. I had not reported in on my last job. I said, "My last project is complete." He stared at me for a moment and then bent over to a satchel. He hesitated briefly and then very slowly reached inside of the bag and pulled out a package. As he did so I thought about how many of those I had seen. He handed it to me, saying nothing. I just stood looking at him. He then reached down and pulled out a manila envelope and handed it to me also. I hesitated for a minute and then took it. I turned and walked out through the same doors, closing them behind me and not looking back. Not one word had been spoken by any one in that room.

Back in the hotel I flopped down in a chair. I still had the two packages in my hands. I surely hadn't gotten much said, I thought, as I pitched the one containing the money onto the bed. I then opened the manila envelope, assuming it contained another assignment. WRONG! There was a deed to twenty more condos at the complex in Colorado. (060220-728943)

by Ronn Jackson


The following chapter contains portions of a letter that I wrote several weeks ago. [H: This segment was penned on 1-29-93 and labeled (3) #11.] Because of the contents I decided to incorporate it into the book. Since the original book was written over two years ago, not much has changed. The publisher was upset when I told him of my upcoming plans. However, after he had read it, responded with, "In the future please give us thirty days notice on any additions you are planning on making." [H: This is now obsolete information as it is evident that person no longer exists and the publishing is being handled through other resources.]

* * *

A couple of weeks ago I sat down and wrote the Attorney General of the United States. I did it mostly out of frustration after watching the "nightly news". The two top stories were of the unemployment situation and the other about the drug King-Pin from Colombia. The latter I am most familiar with as I have more information on him than have all the combined law enforcement agencies on the earth. As I have stated before, I had contact with his products. As you may have noticed, I did my job well and I always had the current information that was supplied by my Employer and then, if needed, the rest of the background I researched on my own. The combination of the two was always adequate and on many occasions it had saved "Number One's" backside.

The context of the letter was for venting my outrage of the country's overall social and economic level and my beliefs of why it is in the shape in which it finds itself today. I summed up my beliefs in two words: WASHINGTON and DRUGS. I also supplied him with the major drug distribution network in this country and made him an offer that could go a long way in solving our country's problems.

Before I go into what I suggested I would like you to know that I didn't expect an answer to my letter. Washington's attitude in general is, and has been for years, that the common man means NOTHING except at the time of voting in elections. One can be on the campaign trail and talk with you and try to show interest in your problems and then when that one goes to the next potential voter he has already forgotten his promise of only a few seconds prior. When he gets into office he has made so many statements and promises that he tries to lump them all together and says that he is for the "common man". So often it is that he has never been in the position of a "common man" that he, himself, has to guess what it might be like to be such and every time he is a long way off course.

Most elected officials do not go into office with any idea of distancing themselves from the electorate but, when they are confronted with the physical limitations and the vast numbers involved, they quickly retreat to the position of self-preservation. They surround themselves with people who are experts and in the most part take the advisor's word on any given subject. That supposed "expert" is wrong in the majority of instances almost all of the time . (Look at Sununu who has an I.Q. of over a hundred and sixty and yet is dumber than an armload of cow-dung.) The officials also take the attitudes that someone who is not within their own circle cannot possibly have any knowledge such as is possessed by themselves. Therefore, anything that is offered "cannot have substance".

In short, the electorate is totally and absolutely disregarded. What I have said has been proven over and over again. The circle goes on and on. Perhaps it is time for more women to enter the political arena. Men seem to have tried to run things since the beginning of all time and history but what has been recorded historically is failure upon failure. [H: As Ronn would look at today's Binaries and Hillary's Hellcats, I wonder if he would repeat this observation?]

My offer to the Attorney General was quite simple. It would involve drugs and the distribution of them. I supplied him with an organizational chart in semi-detail and gave the upper three levels of the network--minus the names. I even went a step further with greater information. The principal country of manufacture is Colombia. Three separate families control the majority of it. The worldwide distribution is controlled by TWO men who are both heads of State. My offer, as I said, was simple. I would deliver all three to the United States for prosecution. Moreover, I would agree to TESTIFY. This would be after certain conditions would be met. If they wished, since this was cocaine to which I was referring, I would throw in a fourth party and include the chief heroin supplier as well. Since this one is in the Far East and I won't have a bunch of bumbling politicians looking over my shoulder, there is an excellent chance of success.

The problem, as I view it, is that Government cannot be all things to all people. They are attempting to do something of which they have no knowledge. [H: Sorry Ronn--they are simply criminals and stupidity or knowledge has very little to do with anything. You may well be sophisticated in some arenas of action--but quite naive in perception of others.] In an effort to curtail drugs, with the media's assistance, we have made the top people in the drug business into folk heroes. They are the very worst kind of criminals and not only are they ruining the moral fiber of our country but they are killing our children while perpetuating their evil way by addicting our unborn as well. [H: But Ronn, the major players and dealers ARE IN YOUR GOVERNMENT! IT IS THE BIGGEST AND GREATEST "BUSINESS" AROUND!] They continually laugh at our efforts to circumvent what they do and charge off what minor inconvenience we cause as an expense of doing business. [H: The facts ARE that those of whom you speak are only PARTNERS of the very ones within the government for whom you worked.]

Another problem I see is in the distribution network within this country. Am I the only one to see that every day people are arrested and sent to prison only to have two more take their place? Does it not strike you as being odd that no matter how many people go out of circulation--the supply never dries up? That can only be because we are not seeking the source. Well, I am going to tell you the source. It is the system that prosecutes the drug people along with the support people with them. Primarily they are the civil servants of one kind or another. Several of these people work for the man to whom I wrote my letter, William Barr. [H: Now it is beloved sweety-pie, Janet Reno!] Well, there is a revolution of sorts in the works and there are many other people involved. This is not some early stages of revolution but rather the beginning of this country's being reverted BACK to how it was intended to be governed, by and for the people.

There won't be any lobbyists involved nor will there be "government" funds. The ones involved will have used their own time and have only asked each other for one thing--assistance. Not one single fact-finding committee was formed and about half are Democrats and a couple such as Perot and some remaining members are still quite faithful to the Republicans and this is in spite of what Bush and Reagan have done. All are heterosexual in orientation and have children, shop at Safeway and Penney's, and some even go to church on Sundays, not to impress voters but because they WANT to and you'll find them driving American cars and so forth... Each will have filed tax returns last year and each and every one paid their property taxes as expected. Of the men concerned, all served in the armed forces and the women are guilty of baking cookies occasionally. One of the things that all have in common is that none have participated in the burning of the American flag, all know the "Pledge of Allegiance" as well as the "Star Spangled Banner" and are sick and tired of the passing of the buck, rhetoric and pure and unmitigated B.S. [H: That of course means Balderdash Sasquatch.]

All of these people believe that a tax increase is probably going to be necessary and would be happy to share responsibility by contributing to our government that which is necessary and that is covered by sufficient funds to insure that help. Each would contribute time in the helping of others. No one with whom I would work is seeking any kind of recognition; enjoy most apple and cherry pie, baseball, football and a little golf perhaps and would drive Chevrolets if General Motors would raise the QUALITY up to Ford's level....

We are just people here--Grass Roots. Remember us, Washington? We are the ones that made it possible for you to vote yourselves a fifty percent pay raise. We are the ones that make it possible for you to maintain a high standard of living while you force people onto the streets with your inept, uncaring, and thoughtless policies. This reminds me of a saying my father used: "People who play with matches and bounce checks, get their fingers burned and broken."

I volunteered to do something for this country because it is doing that which I have been doing for years. If I am not successful then my life will go for something that, under the circumstances, is for the right reasons at the least. I have no special interests other than those of this, my country.


This is the second part of three of a conversation I had in 1974. In part one of this particular conversation I made vague references as I relayed the story to you. The conversation was with Earl Warren. The second party will be discussed later as he was a sanction. This short piece is how it was told to me by Justice Warren, IN HIS WORDS.

* * *

When I arrived at the lounge the time was nearing the hour of five. The establishment was just opening. There were no patrons present and the room was very bright. I stood by the en-trance thinking that someone would seat me. After a few minutes a gentleman emerged from a rear entrance and lowered the lights. He saw me standing and told me to have seat anywhere I wished. I chose the bar. I ordered a cocktail and set in to wait for "the" Gentleman's appearance.

I drank my drink slowly and observed several people coming into the lounge area. Most of them were casually dressed and most appeared to be in the medium income category. I listened to a number of conversations and the topics covered the norm for the area traffic on the Bayshore Freeway, the Giants baseball team and the weather in the Bay Area. From my vantage point I could see the stadium. I believe it's called "Candlestick Park". While looking off in the direction of the stadium I noticed that the lights came on. I overheard one of the patrons mention a game. The traffic on the freeway below us was in five lines, bumper to bumper, and I remember thinking that it might delay "our man", if indeed a game were being played.

When the gentleman did arrive I didn't notice him at first. In fact, if I recall the circumstances of the moment accurately, there was a lull in the conversations and my feelings were that there was a "presence" near me. It is difficult to describe my reason and feelings of the moment. I looked to my right where a man stood, dressed in a suit and tie. He was of average height and weight and wore glasses. I remember the glasses very well as they were the type that you associate with older people. The half-lens style, yet he was a younger person. He spoke pleasantly and the person behind the bar seemed to know him. I listened to them speak and the subject laughed when the person behind the bar said that he had won a baseball pool which he had entered on his last visit. Soon the Bartender brought me a drink that I had not ordered. It was the custom of the winner of pools to purchase a drink "for the house" with his winnings.

I listened to the conversation for several minutes and even joined in a few times. I tried to visualize the subject's character by his voice and from the manner in which he spoke. I found him knowledgeable about a number of subjects and he dominated the conversation, although he did this in a manner which was not offensive.

My interest became more intense when I heard the stock-market mentioned and soon the subject was explaining "puts" and "calls". I marveled at his explanation and found it to be remarkably accurate. The conversation then moved to government and then to the State of California. I remember thinking that if anyone wanted to really know something about a subject that this would probably be the place to get it. The conversation was most substantive and I decided it was time to become involved. I motioned to the bartender to give the bar a "round". I thought that I would purchase a round in order to start a conversation as the subject would make acknowledgement of the offer.

He did so and I stood and walked the distance of the three intervening stools, put out my hand. "I remembered your comment about eye contact with the subject, Sir, have you ever looked into his eyes?"

I had interrupted his telling of a story and added, "What about my eyes, Mr. Justice. There is nothing strange about them."

"I know that, but they do have some sex appeal," he responded.

"Buffalo dung," I retorted.

This was the only occasion on which I spoke with Justice Warren. The balance of the conversation appears later. He died a few months after we spoke. The reason he gave me for having this conversation with me was that he knew, and told me so, that he was near death. He also said that by him telling me about this conversation, I might find it of value one day. Also, he said that I had a right to know. (060220)

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout time, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in time to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



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