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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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RONN JACKSON’S LATEST ‘INSIDE NEWS’ BULLETIN By Ronn Jackson, Bulletin #2, 5/9/94






















TUE., MAY 24, 1994 8:30 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 281

TUE., MAY 24, 1994


Living the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck muscles, and causes you to bump into people not going your way.

Looking back is as necessary as looking forward but while you are doing either--you are often overlooking the “now”! Hatonn....

You must see from past experience and history, tainted and untainted (if you can find it) that which was trying to “getcha”, has come this far and right to the point of “gotcha”--and how, for goodness sakes (not to be confused with “badness” sakes) you can “gettem” so that you CAN HAVE a future to perceive in freedom and LIGHT.


A lot of people are WAKING UP America. I ask that Dharma simply transcribe the following information from today’s message from Fed-Up Americans: “It is time that all of us Fed-Up Americans come face to face with reality and fully understand that government at the highest level desires us to be their sex slaves to the fullest extent.

In the very near future the new ‘Assault Weapons’ bill will be signed into law. ‘Their’ law against We-the-People and, from information received, right after the signing of the weapons gun ban, more house searches will be immediately conducted. The goal of the federal government and all of its supporting agencies who are in total control by the International Bankers, is to disarm totally the non-criminal element of society. This socialist law of disarming the American people is nothing but a ploy to make criminals out of good American citizens. This is the same action that was taken against Christian Russia by the Bolshevik gang in the early 1900s. The local police and army reserves disarmed the masses and after this was accomplished these same police and army reserves were the first to be placed against the wall and SHOT.

It was the same element of international bankers on the East Coast of the United States who were the major financiers of the Communist-Bolsheviks Revolution. And it is the SAME FAMILY members of these same international banks WHO CREATED THEIR UNITED NATIONS AND WHO ARE FINANCING AND SPEARHEADING THE DISARMING OF THE MASSES IN THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA AT THIS TIME.

How do I know these things? Because, Fed-Up American, I have a copy of the 65th Congress’ First Session of the Senate, Document No. 62, before the United States Senate, by Senator Overman, Chairman of the Subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary. Meeting at 10:45 in the morning in room 226 at the Senate Office Building with Senator Lee S. Overman presiding--In investigation of who was responsible in financing the Communist Bolsheviks against Christian Russia.

The masses were disarmed and 30 million Christian Russians were shot and/or otherwise slaughtered.

[H: Of course, readers, this “little Holocaust” was hardly ever mentioned--especially by anyone referring to themselves as Jews. Well, they didn’t get all the Christian Russians, either--and that may well turn out to be a bad oversight one of these very near future days....]


There were three volumes of testimony--you desire ‘Vol. 3’, remember that. Not only did the East Coast Bankers and the United States finance and support the Communist overthrow of Christian Russia but the subcommittee meetings showed clearly that many Jewish individuals from the United States also went to Christian Russia and were the chief agitators in favor of Communism.

I am merely telling you, Set-Up American, what is written in the subcommittee hearings. All of this valuable and important information was hidden under the title of: BREWING AND LIQUOR INTERESTS AND GERMAN AND BOLSHEVIK PROPAGANDA so the masses in the United States would never be aware of these important hearings and the information contained therein.

It is these same family members of international bankers who control and finance the United Nations as well as who control the money supply of the United States by the PRIVATELY OWNED “CENTRAL BANK” in America, called the Federal Reserve Corporation.

Should you desire the entire information needed to obtain these documents and testimony presented before the 65th Congress, submitted pursuant to Senate Resolution 307 and 439 from your Congressman or U.S. Senator, of which they MUST supply you with this information when it is requested by you Fed-Up Americans, submit $1 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to get the information and fully understand the subversion from within. Send to: Fed-Up Americans, P.O. box 24, Noxon, Montana 59853. Thank you for calling Fed-Up Americans. This message changes weekly.”

Indeed the sleepyheads are beginning to stir….! I wanted to share this with you readers because it refers to the SAME PLAYERS IN ALL THE ADVERSARIAL GAMES AFOOT THIS DAY....

It has come around the circle and now “they”, CONSPIRATORS, themselves are starting to lay it on you, brothers, that there has been a “conspiracy” all the time. They will also tell you right-out, now, that yes indeed, it has been a rather easy job but now “they gotcha”. There is no remorse or apologies for actions up to and through, now. Indeed, the only things coming forth from the conspirator’s circle is the next phase of the New World Order--as Satanic and dastardly as it is.

First YOU are going to find it helpful to “heave-up”, then perhaps you can “heave-ho” and then maybe, just maybe, you can “heave the bastards OUT!” So, let’s identify this journal as “HEAVE-UP” (Phase One).

For the following we are indebted to Larry Abraham’s Insider Report. It seems the journal we need is on loan somewhere “else” and we want accuracy in this copy. We find that in Insider Report, last January 1994 there was an excellent reference to a presentation from the January-February 1994, Vol. 73, No. 1, pp. 1-7 of FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The article in point is by Michael Clough, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and co-chairman of the Stanley Foundation’s New American Global Dialogue. The article is entitled: Grass-Roots Policy Making, subtitled, Say Good-Bye to the ‘Wise Men’.

We will take up part-way through the article by Abraham as he likes to think of himself as a leading writer on the “Conspiracy” beginning with a superb book called None Dare Call it Conspiracy. The book was actually written and presented by Gary Allen but Abraham lays claim to joint authorship. So be it.

I appreciate that which we have here because I wanted to utilize the information as “Foreword” for this journal in point for there is so much in these contents which speak of Satanism and the work of these evil dealers-in-power on your place.

Clough writes: “For nearly five decades the complexion and outlook of American foreign policy makers remained constant. In the view of the small, cohesive club of academics, diplomats, financiers, lawyers and politicians that ascended to power during World War II--men such as Dean Acheson, Clark Clifford, George Kennan, John McCloy and Paul Nitze--this was as it should be.

Note the arrogance of the official announcement as Clough continues: “National security and the national interest, they argued, must transcend the special interests and passions of the people who make up America.” In other words, the people are, as Harry Hopkins remarked, “too damn dumb to know what’s good for them.” And so the “Wise Men” had to tell us and lead us and direct us, without regard for what we thought of that leadership or its direction. In this vein, let me remind you that the title, “Wise Men”, is the one they gave themselves, while at the very same time referring to the rest of us as “the children”.

Next, Clough asks, “How was this small band of Atlantic-minded internationalists able to triumph? What enabled them in the postwar period to subdue the isolationist impulses of the hinterland and turn the nation of ‘no entangling alliances’ into both the world’s policeman and its banker?” He responds, “For the most part, the answer is twofold: fear and prosperity. The dangers of the postwar world--the threat of Soviet expansion and the haunting memory of global depression--convinced the public.... It also helped that Eastern internationalists had gained great authority once it was clear that they were right about America’s need to enter the Second World War.”

Allow me to interject (a quote from L.Abraham). “Just as Gary Allen and I documented in our first book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, and as I elaborated in Call It Conspiracy, ‘the threat of Soviet expansion’ was the creation of the Wise Men themselves, as the Great Depression had been a product of their policies, pressed by their mentors at the Royal Institute and the CFR in the late Twenties and Thirties. The truth of this assessment has since been totally and repeatedly confirmed and exhaustively documented by many eminent scholars, some of whom were Wise Men themselves.

Indeed, CFR senior fellow Clough tells how these disasters and managed crises, once created, were used to manipulate the American psyche: The preeminence of the East was reinforced by other postwar developments. The New York Times and, to a lesser extent, TIME magazine emerged as the leading national sources of news and commentary on international affairs. The original big three national television networks all chose New York as the site of their headquarters, and hence their evening news shows. A small number of well-endowed foundations and influential foreign policy institutes were also based in New York and Washington.”

What Clough doesn’t tell us is how all of the cited media operations were initially financed by the Insiders and controlled by them right up to and including this very day. The “foundations” and “foreign policy institutes” of which he speaks are the very same entities for which he is now writing and working, namely the CFR itself and its network of appendages. Clough continues:

And a handful of Eastern Seaboard universities played a critical role in training and employing America’s new foreign policy cadres.

Together, these developments meant that the most reliable, the fastest and often the only way to become a player in the national foreign policy debate was to locate oneself along the Harvard-Manhattan-Foggy Bottom corridor. This reality greatly contributed to the homogeneity of discourse on international issues that characterized the Cold War years.”


A dramatic change is being announced and ordered. A dramatic world-changing policy shift is occurring. It is, as the Insiders themselves love to call it, a “sea change” in process. In order that you may have a clear sense of the “new realities” as seen by the “Insiders”, and what they are doing about them, let me cite a series of disclosures from Clough’s piece.

* “The globalization of American society has greatly increased the incentives for individuals in all parts of the country as well as local, state and regional institutions to become more involved in world affairs. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, developments abroad matter more for local communities. [H: Yes indeed--except that while the bombardments continue--the communities go to pot in a hand-basket.... There are now so few individual “incentives” as to be terrifying!]

* “At the same time, opportunities for local, state and regional actors to influence global policy have also grown. [H: Say what??] Many state and local institutions are establishing direct links with counterparts around the world through technical assistance and exchange programs. Foundations and entrepreneurs are creating new regionally based foreign policy communities to provide the kind of leadership in world affairs that the Eastern establishment once monopolized.

* “The East’s privileged place in foreign affairs has eroded. New York no longer dominates the nation’s economic relationships with the rest of the world, and the share of trade that flows through Eastern seaboard ports has shrunk dramatically. [H: Except, of course, for drugs run by the government and military, and arms....] From Southern California to the Great Lakes, and from the Pacific Northwest to the Texas border and Southern Florida, regions are developing their own economic interests and orientations, and creating the trade offices and other institutions necessary to pursue them. [H: Yep, again--drugs, arms and evil.] In short, regionalization has not only lessened Eastern influence over the foreign policy making process but also helped spawn a new process of global policy making with sources of power far beyond the Washington beltway.

* “More and more foreign countries are beginning to see their ethnic brethren in the United States as natural allies in campaigns to develop more favorable bilateral relationships. This web of societal ties linking American ethnic communities with their homelands is certain to thicken as the information revolution increases the ease and affordability of reaching out and touching previously distant kith and kin.

* “The final factor contributing to the breakdown of the old foreign policy consensus is the emergency of powerful, activist groups organized around individual issues such as human rights, the environment, humanitarian relief and women’s rights. [H: Everybody still with us?]

* “Their most important new challenge is to find ways to merge myriad single-issue pressures into a coherent whole and to do so in an environment of shrinking resources.”

And, finally, the lead article in the world’s most important journal concludes:

* “Only a radically redesigned foreign policy making system, one fashioned to meet the global challenges of the 21st century in the same way that the national security apparatus was created to face the Cold War, would make a synthesis of these competing interests possible. Only an open, decentralized and collaborative system, which encouraged the initiatives of regional actors, ethnic groups and global issue groups, would restore public confidence that Americans’ involvement in world affairs is still consistent with their own values and would improve the security and welfare of all.

[H: Please keep in mind, readers, that the journal, FOREIGN AFFAIRS, IS “THE” journal for the Council on Foreign Relations--this is no wimpy magazine.]


In sum, here’s what it all means. The CFR, as an exclusively American institution for policy making, has outlived its usefulness. It will, of course, continue to be a clearinghouse and gathering place for policymakers of both political parties to rub elbows and schmooze with the rich, powerful, and the academically acceptable. But, the policy making and hyper-exclusivity will now be reserved for the Trilateral Commission, the Institute for International Economics, and the baronial leadership of various regional bureaucracies, i.e., the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Council for Security in Cooperation in Europe, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, and similar such regional entities now being planned for Africa and the Middle East. This hub will direct, dominate, and control a myriad of lesser organizations with racial, ethnic, environmental, and sociological casts. REGIONALIZATION WILL NOW REPLACE NATIONALISM WITHIN THE NEW WORLD ORDER!”

This, of course, is planned to coincide with removal of ALL ARMS AND WEAPONS FROM YOU-THE-PEOPLE. You are supposed to HAVE NO DEFENSE AGAINST THE ADVERSARY, THE “BIG SATAN”.

May you think about this as you pull off your beer tab and sit back on the potato-couch to OBSERVE, not participate, in your canned ball games or stupid sit-com reruns. It is up to you here on in, citizens, as to whether they “gotcha forever” or you heave the bastards out! Bad word? Brothers--you are in BAD TROUBLE and “bastard” becomes a very gentle word as these controllers are sired by Satan himself and one of these days in the near future--YOU WILL REALIZE AS MUCH!

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn




TUE., MAY 10, 1994 1:02 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 267

TUE., MAY 10, 1994


Since I have a bit of anxiety from my CONTACT “team” regarding the danger of some information and personal hazards, I will make some comments of intent to mollify concerns.

When we receive information which is potentially explosive I will monitor it carefully. We are not in the fortune-telling business, the shock and surprise business or in the revealing of deep, dark Elite secrets which will do more damage in the telling than our intent of awakening the citizens unto the problem of their plight at present. Some information simply goes beyond the level of good intelligent discernment and good discretion in the repeating. Note I used the word “repeating”. Just because we have some “assumed” new players--we will not cease our practice of offering ONLY that information which has revelation “somewhere” in documentation, write-ups and/or public presentation. This keeps us within the guidelines of GOOD JOURNALISM, in protections of sources and resources and offers protections to all parties involved. We are not rewriting “history” nor are we in the business of sensationalism even if there are “inquiring minds” who want to know TOO MUCH before its time! The “simply curious” will have to wait while all personages risking their freedom and their necks for YOUR (readers) information and, hopefully, guidance, are carefully placed in security. It is the time to STOP being foolish and efforting to demand “justice” for that about which the Elite have written NEW RULES (other than the Constitutional basis of laws), and are NOW ENFORCING SAME!

Our “Patriot”, John Quade, was arrested, as a for instance, right here in Kern County and man-handled, bound and brought before a Judge. It matters not that the laws were being broken--the persons were simply enforcing that which they were ordered to enforce. Does this mean that you should stop your petitions and actions to have Constitutional Law enforced and returned to your persons and property? No, but you must use your BRAINS. To blatantly cross the “little guys” will just get you hurt or, at the least, end up being costly. There was a time when you could, go with such as Richard McDonald and his groups who demand to be sovereignized as “state” citizens and it would work for a few. It is now a very sore spot and the Elite cannot afford to have you nice people get away with this sort of insurrection. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK WITHIN THE SYSTEM “THEY” HAVE ESTABLISHED IF YOU WISH TO WIN. You must understand, and herein is a very good example: Is it better to have Quade have a driver’s license IN THE SYSTEM--than to have a whole patriot bulletin board NETWORK SILENCED? Can others keep it going? For how long? From whence will come funding to defend and protect the ones in court? The POINT, citizens, is to break you--first into helplessness and then into total helpless financial void. Good luck, John, with such as Gerry Spence. The very ONES who turned you in as troublemakers and to the IRS thugs--work for the thugs while YOU THINK THEY WORK FOR YOU. You had better begin to take a good long, hard look at WHO that might be, good buddies. The only way to GET TO YOU is THROUGH YOU. The “Judasgoat” will always be some “among” you! While you are so busy DENOUNCING ME AND MY TINY TEAM--YOU HAVE MISSED YOUR ENEMY WHO THIEVED YOUR TRUST AND FAITH AND LED YOU DANCING DOWN THE PRIMROSE PATH OF THORNS AND ENFORCERS.

As I witness the latest rebuttal of Leon against Doris and E.J. I am astounded at the blind refusal to SEE. If, Leon, all you wanted back was your money--why did you not demand that George Green give you your funds in the gold which he had stolen and buried? You came in through George, did business, according to you, because of George and HE CONTINUES TO USE YOU. Why did he tell you to demand “gold” from the Institute--WHEN HE WAS THE ONE WITH THE GOLD HE HAD SKIVED AWAY AND WHICH WOULD HAVE PAID ALL OF YOURS AND ELEANOR’s INTERESTS? Neither of you had any “personal” interest or investment with the Institute. There is a corporation in which you seem to have authority and Eleanor has a “trust” which has done some transactions with the Institute. Since Mr. Green was the one who structured the Institute, as well as holding GOLD ASSETS enough to cover both withdrawals and payouts--why do you continue to defend him and the attorney who took many thousands of dollars FROM YOU. IN A TRUST? If your funds are NOW in a trust--they DID NOT START OUT THAT WAY!


It is, however, unfair to continue to blame others for that which is not their doing--the Ekkers did not place you in such a state of jeopardy but you seem to overlook in unconditional love the ones who DID and DO. The ones at the Institute, and yes, the Ekkers, are and have been doing everything in their power to hold the Institute in security so that NO ONE LOSES ANYTHING--YOU HAVE NOT LOST ANYTHING--YET! EXCEPT FOR THAT WHICH YOU HAVE DELIBERATELY DUMPED INTO ATTORNEYS AND FALSE LEADERS. Your family’s funds are completely SAFE--unless you continue this push to destroy the very company which so far has managed to hold the assets in security. If George has been so concerned about your losses and WELFARE, he CLAIMS PUBLICLY to be a millionaire with plenty of funds to continue into infinity--all these cross battles. He and Gary Anderson took untold amounts of money from the Institute AND the Constitutional Law Center (through the Institute) and when he sat in his office telling you to demand your funds and pull down the Institute and invest in his dome business--HE WAS A DIRECTOR OF SAID INSTITUTE AND AN OFFICER (SUPPOSEDLY THERE TO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS AND THE INSTITUTE). HE WAS SITTING ON A MINIMUM OF $350,000 IN GOLD COINS BELONGING TO THE INSTITUTE--HE KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING! Why did he not use those funds which he now claims he kept to pay bad debts, etc? Is not your note worthy of attention? Well, you say the Institute and Ekkers have taken your money and will not honor your NOTE--You FORGET THAT YOU GAVE George Abbott a power of attorney. That gave him the RIGHT to make a binding agreement ON YOU BEHALF and without your further knowledge. He did so but NOW DENIES IT. Perhaps if Mr. Green honored his note and returned the stolen gold the Institute would be more motivated to settle the other opposition’s disputed claims.

I am surprised that all of your so-called “friends” do not help you understand the FACTS instead of pressing you on into accusations which hold no merit.

Who does Doris consider GOD? This disappoints me, Leon--she considers God of Lighted Creation to be God. That which is beyond the “body death” you speak about--and certainly beyond some Space Commander sent forth on a mission to which you may attend or not-attend. If you truly be at peace--why do you show such pain and agonizing unrest? These people here are working as quickly and diligently as possible to resolve all these matters but you are working as diligently as you can to MAKE SURE YOUR LOSSES MEASURE UP TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS! WELL, YOU CAN LOSE EVERYTHING YOU OWN OR MIGHT EVER OWN--BUT ESTHER, AND YOUR FAMILY, SHALL NOT LOSE THEIRS IN SPITE OF YOU OR YOUR COLLEAGUE’S EFFORTS. I would guess that by next week the amount would probably be paid in full--to Esther IF YOU WOULD SIGN A RELEASE--but your attorney, Abbott would then be in a position TO SUE the Institute, and you, if the funds do not FLOW THROUGH HIM! NOW WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT WOULD BE?

You may well believe otherwise; however, these people do not sit around every day trying to simply think up ways to make your life miserable or make you lose everything. You may not THINK that you are a party to attempts at receivership through force (which means forced bankruptcy) of the Institute (after which, how much do you think of your family funds you would regain?) BUT YOU ARE NAMED BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE AS A MAJOR PARTICIPANT--DO YOU NOT GET YOUR OWN ATTORNEY’S PAPERWORK?

There are a lot of people involved here--NOT JUST YOU! They ALL will be protected and if that means “from you” then so be it. To honor your demands and sacrifice theirs while Green continues to tie up assets, is not going to happen. By the way, WHO DO YOU THINK IS “RICK WEBBER”? YOU HAD BETTER CHECK IT OUT! He is a puppet whose strings are attached to George Green’s fingers. He knows even less about magazines and journals than does almost EVERYONE else. Just to look sophisticated in computer jargon and keyboard hacking--MEANS NOTHING!

You further seem to, blame these people for somehow “trapping” you in Tehachapi. I do not remember that they forced you to come here--nor forced you to do anything! I asked some things of you for which, in money, you have been repaid--is it, therefore, righteousness you want--or blood? You will get NEITHER from ME--for both are within self in your own perception and desires. You have been “had”, friend, but not by those upon whom you cast blame. In your total pursuit of “unconditional” love upon EVERYTHING and ANYONE, you have lost discernment and judgment of actions. Within God and Creation--there ARE conditions and if you believe otherwise, it is your privilege in expression but is not very wise in foundation.

It is strange that you can see no facts, hear no facts and therefore can speak few facts and would continue to honor those who would damage you while calling me a Satanic representative. No, I am not! Further, to capitulate in agreement with your invalid perceptions would not make me greater--it would cause me to be that of which you accuse. If you place no “conditions” on any actions--other than on those who would actually SERVE YOU--then perhaps there is no meeting ground.

You would continue to parrot the prattlings of ones about the “loss” of attorneys for “this side”, etc. I wonder if you are EVER told anything other than that which it is desired that you hear in order to keep you restless?? It might well be interesting to you to know that a REPORTER for a newspaper out of Las Vegas who is onto the Associated Press garbage has TALKED TO EVERYONE HE CAN FIND TO INTERVIEW--among them HORTON who, he said, told him that he has yet to find that the Ekkers have been dishonest in any way. Further, he is reported to have said that if it proves to be that George Green has indeed done the things it now appears he has done, he will find no difficulty in working with Ekkers. At this point it matters not one whit what he may or may not think about me.


You continue to ask WHY “you didn’t settle with George?” Of what are you speaking? To bypass this whole encounter there was total willingness to even let George reap benefits from his own theft and you think that this side did not allow the agreement? Well, so be it--when Mr. Dixon made contact and tried to finalize the agreement, Mr. Green “became totally irrational” (according to Mr. Dixon) and ultimately “hung up” on him. Mr. Green has never so much as appeared in any court offering anything of merit and NEVER in the matters of importance in other lawsuits in which, he himself, was FIRST NAMED! Does this not strike you as a bit “strange”? The documents he sends to “everybody” are the very documents HE ORIGINATED! Yes indeed, there certainly is something that smacks of ADL, around--but it is not from this quarter!

I apologize at not doing a worthy job of responding to your letter, Leon, but life goes on while we are all making “other plans”.

You are concerned about your dear mother--yet you make no motion to help John S. who was literally set-up, and locked away so that Eleanor and her son could rob him of everything including himself and freedom. Wherein here, is your unconditional LOVE? Is not this man as worthy of care and loving life as is your own? Is “unconditional love” so filled with conditions that you cannot see the hurt and plight of “others”? How is it that you EXPECT these people to respond?

We must now turn to other urgent matters.


I feel remiss in turning away from personal concerns so abruptly but the world waits in growing deterioration while we ponder upon that which is limited and limiting.

I now ask that the material on the MONARCH PROJECT be pulled out and re-run so that we are not leaving this additional information hanging out in mid-air without backup of what it is we address. Some will have no idea otherwise. Thank you. We can simply add it to the paper with proper reference information and we will exactly reproduce the following input from Ronn Jackson without much ado about it.

You readers will remember that we will NOT give you that which will jeopardize his position in any way. You will find that we have already offered MORE, actually, than he brings herein. I state that so that our “monitors” will realize we are not “spilling beans” out of any bottles before their time.

By Ronn Jackson

The following is a transcription of a conversation between Rick Martin for CONTACT and Ronn Jackson, inmate at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center, which took place in person on May 4, 1994:

Rick: You know we’ve written on Project Monarch. I presume that this is an ongoing series of training programs by the government.

Ronn: Yes.

Rick: How many monarch type-outfits are there out in the public?

Ronn: I can’t give you any specific number but Monarch is the master plan and I saw it many years ago; and there are many phases or programs underneath that and I know that the number of people that are involved with it would number probably into the thousands.

Rick: Is this all underground, in the underground bases?

Ronn: No, absolutely not. Some are right in front of us. I wasn’t sure you were going to ask that question but I’ve been anticipating it for a long time and the reference you made to Monarch in one of your stories in one of your previous issues, I knew it would come about; but, there are those conditions in our society, and conceivably you might even know them as individuals. So, they are not all below ground.

Rick: Who primarily uses Monarch. Should I call them sleepers, operatives, or? I don’t know what word to use.

Ronn: I’m sure that you could use just about any kind of a word and it would be applicable to a number of different circumstances.

Rick: Are these used exclusively by the ADL?

Ronn: No.

Rick: Or used by ordinary power structures for various agendas?

Ronn: Various, many of them.

Rick: A lot of them blackmail related, I presume.

Ronn: Yes.

Rick: You’re making me work for this.

Ronn: Yes.

Rick: Why are you laughing?

Ronn: I knew that this would come eventually. I sort of put it out of mind because I was sort of avoiding it because I place a higher priority on some other things which are nearer to me, only because of my direct involvement to those other subjects. I am not a principal in any way with monarch. I am aware of it and I’m aware of many that are a part of it; however, I am not a part of the decision-making process in any way at all.

Rick: What is the optimum goal? Is it all blackmail, control?

Ronn: Probably control, but it’s in conjunction with a number of different entities and people and there are those who believe in the overall plan, and you probably know some of them.

There would be a lot of information I’m not privileged to be told, not because if I wanted to know the answer to a question I couldn’t find the answer, it’s just I’ve never had an interest in it because I have too many other things I was doing at the time, to tell you the truth. I’ll say this to you, I don’t consider it to be high priority as far as I’m concerned. Other people may have a different opinion of it and I’m not trying to say that a lot of blame should not be placed on the project. Well I started to say, I don’t give it a lot of credibility, but that’s not true. I do know that it is in existence. I think that it may be overemphasized, at times.

Rick: I received a call from a man in, I believe, Naval Intelligence in Hawaii, and he stated that he had proof that Monarch was ongoing at the highest levels of Naval Intelligence.

Ronn: That’s true, but it’s not just Naval Intelligence, it’s all the intelligence agencies and not everybody is aware of it within the infrastructure of these agencies. People are there to do specific jobs.

Rick: Is it all just about finding various people in compromising positions and then having that information to use against them later?

Ronn: If you want to call it...

Rick: It’s an extension of J. Edgar Hoover in the very worst sense of the word.

Ronn: I think that the original plan was to place a ruling Elite, if they ever really came into what we would say power, to give them additional assistance in control. And we are talking about people control. I think a lot of emphasis is being placed on something that may or may not develop its full potential. That’s how I feel about it.

Rick: But it is ongoing?

Ronn: It’s been ongoing for a long time. As far as a person on an individual level, if you ask about specifically, I suppose that if I were to make an effort I could find out. However, I wouldn’t know exactly how far they would go down. Do you realize that there are many people involved that don’t even know what the term “Monarch” means? So, they have been preconditioned and this is over a length of time.

Rick: If I were to line up 10 men or 10 women in front of you, how would you go about identifying that they were Monarch or not?

Ronn: If I had a need to, I could do it.

Rick: Right now, if there were 10 people in front of you do you think you could tell?

Ronn: Yes.

Rick: How?

Ronn: By feeling or intuition. I could tell and I was born in Indiana. I’m from here. I want to explain that to you, and I have no supernatural powers that I am consciously aware of, but if you were to put 10 people in front of me, I could pick ‘em. There are some things I can do that I can’t explain, and maybe the Commander knows what he is talking about. Maybe, we might know one another, but I do know there are some things I can do as I explained yesterday. I can be in a big crowd of people and I can see people and things about certain people that other people can’t see. Even though I may not know the person, I do know the person stands out in a number of ways. If you were to put 10 people in front of me, I would pick out those if they were associated with Monarch. I could walk into a room of people that I do not know and I can tell. I can’t give you an explanation.

Rick: Is there an age group?

Ronn: There was at one time but that’s no longer.

from Ronn Jackson


Attention: Rick Martin

After our conversation of this morning (May 4, 1994), I decided I should get certain information to you regarding “Project Monarch”. Please keep in mind that any documentation that I have is secured and, though I have an excellent memory, because of what is going on right now with me some details may be left out. In the future, I will provide CONTACT with what I have. You and your readers will not like what you are going to read here.

Project Monarch was started in this country (U.S.) and in Canada around 1950. Those responsible for initiating the project were a part of the “Duke (University) Alumni Ass’n.”. This is as I recall but it could be another “like” organization. The basis of the experiment was from some papers captured from the Germans after WW-II. Those papers had to do with mind control and the original subjects were supposed to be patients in mental hospitals. One of the originators of the program had some connections to a mental-health facility in Mexico that contained over a thousand patients and, if my memory serves me correctly, many of those patients were from both this country and Canada and were said to be political prisoners of one kind or another. (People who were too vocal against the money Elite.) I was told that most patients had “drug-induced” mental illnesses.

After a couple of years of compiling records on the subjects and comparing the records with those of the Germans it was found that adults could not be programmed to the degree that the Germans had attained, and the records indicated that many of the German subjects had been carried on for years, indicating the patients in Germany had started their treatment and brainwashing as children. It was agreed that it was too early to evaluate the data. However, it was decided to start a second parallel program and to find younger subjects. Because of the nature of the program, it was decided to transfer the program, (I think) to an agency of the Army (one of the intelligence branches). Note: In the latter 50s and early 60s (prior to my going to work for the Committee), several branches of Government had their own intelligence division and all sought autonomy. There was no cooperation and each thought their own programs were important and each fought for funding. None could give any accountability. Jack Kennedy found out about them and his actions drove them underground.

Project Monarch was phased out over a period of years, ending around 1970. The secondary project, which was named “ULTRA-(something or other)”, is the one that I believe you are referring to, Rick. That is on-going even now.

While I never got into all of the nuts & bolts of either program, my involvement and knowledge of those programs is as follows:

1. Over the final part of 1979, two sanctions involving two members of the secondary program who were eliminated because of a “cult” that they had started which involved “Satanic” practices and they and their subjects and members could be identified by a tattoo of a Monarch butterfly on their lower right forearm (men), and on the upper left arm (women). These were blue in color (See book IV, The Death of Camelot, Hallowed be Thy....)

2. The principals in the secondary program were released into society with pre-programmed instructions for a future time and event and pertaining to an individual or individuals and could include up to genocide on a local or community basis.

3. Those individuals appear to be normal and in most instances marry and have families.

4. In all cases, their back-grounds are a “blank” and those memories of their programming through the use of various kinds of torture are deeply suppressed; several who have had flashbacks have ended up in mental institutions and have gone totally insane.

5. I believe there are records available other than mine and would be found in DOD (Department of Defense) files.

Rick, I was asleep and woke-up and started to put this information down. I’m not sure what or why I feel it is important but I have some impressions that have no factual basis, at least as far as I know. Part of the control of this program is a part of the Hoover Foundation. That Foundation is located at Stanford University. There is a good chance that I might know one or more of the principals. The number of patients released into Society is over 2,000 and they occupy every part of our country. Something is about to happen as a direct result of the “Monarch” Project.

It is imperative that efforts be started now to unify all patriots and conservative organizations. I feel the presence of a Being of a much higher Power. Our country will be returned to the people.

Ronn Jackson

(Also see “Missing Children” article in CHAPTER 14)



WED., MAY 11, 1994 9:04 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 268

WED., MAY 11, 1994



OK, readers, watch, read and listen up, please. You are watching the beginning of the big “sell” job breaching the top of the hill….

Yesterday evening you will have noticed that there was national news talk of changing out currency--to stop the counterfeiting and blather, blather, blather.

I am going to offer you a copy, now, of the “break it to the public” changes. This will simply confuse and stir and avoid the real issues, and solutions--but you can note that what we have been expecting is COMING DOWN IN SOME MANNER OR ANOTHER--AS THE CLOCK TICKS. I am not going to further comment about this, we have covered it over and over and over again. This, however, is what is taking place as we write--they are steaming like mad to get some gold shifted back into your country. Basically, the Banking Committee wants about 60 days, 30 at least, to get paperwork done before a full announcement can be made as to “being back on the gold standard”. Fine, as far as I am concerned they can have it--IF they let my people go and meet their agreements. Am I serious? Do I really expect you to believe that I have anything to do with it? I don’t care whether you believe so or not--the ones in power have been meeting with me almost daily. YOU CAN RECLAIM SOME OF YOUR GOVERNMENT, CITIZENS, IF YOU SEIZE THE MOMENT!

You are, however, going to have to secure selves and choose carefully that which will be so difficult to discern that grave errors can be made if you are remaining uninformed. Does this mean you had better pay attention to ALL OF CONTACT INFORMATION? YES INDEED! HERE IS WHERE IT TRULY IS REALLY “AT”.

The Khazarian Zionist Communists (Socialists) are in control of your government while the Elitist “MONEY” grabbers are in danger of losing a grip on the populace. We are talking about overlapping entities, neither of which belongs to “You-The-People”, but one group having a lot more need to please YOU than does the other. One is a group spurred on by a need to rule the world as “Anti-Christ” types of humanistic power-hungry. .The others are also power-hungry but are not of the same background of total political drive--they are just a Satanic-oriented bunch of criminal power brokers. They have been working together through blackmail, bribes, force, assassinations and total corruption--but one sees the handwriting and will make concessions--OR LOSE. The other COULD BE politically toppled by simply structuring and introducing a government in a different location, an economy based on a value commodity and on the Constitution. “They” don’t plan it to go “that” way--but it gives you a chink in the armor through which you can expand and grow. Easy? Of course not! Why do you always want it “easy” and without challenge? Have you lost all faith in yourselves as a people and a nation? You CAN DO IT THROUGH LAW--YOU CAN NEVER DO IT THROUGH GUNS--“THEY” STILL HAVE THE INCREDIBLE TOOLS TO BLOW YOU AWAY!

Here is a good example of total distraction--right on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Monday, May 9, 1994. It is right adjacent to the article we wish to share on “money” matters. I think you can see the IMPORTANCE of this garbage:



Mike Correll Lines Up Pals For Busy Executive Men Who Are Too Lonely at the Top.

By Anita Sharpe. ATLANTA--Mike Correll, a 54-year-old entrepreneur, has built a healthy business here on a peculiar, if pragmatic, belief: Successful men have little time for making friends--but enough money to buy them. [H: Want to bet?]

That’s right; for a fee that runs as high as $1,200, Mr. Correll will go out and buy you a buddy. Not just any buddy; not for just any buddy. Rather, Mr. Correll specializes in the corner office; matching harried and isolated male executives who claim they can’t find the time to make close friends.

It’s tough to admit,” says John Heagy, a local real-estate executive who hired Mr. Correll, “but men have a very difficult time establishing relationships with other men, other than for business reasons.” He pauses and sighs, “It’s not like the days at the fraternity.”


The article goes on and suggests you can get Philosophers, Jocks and Hell-Raisers. It is a long article which is on the front page and continued to an inside page. Well, maybe it JUST SOUNDS LIKE a pimp organization? But...Atlanta??, home of the media control center of the world???



[H: Now keep in mind that THIS comes on the SAME DAY as the introduction into the national news of the probability of new currency.]

The Wall Street Journal, Monday, May 9, 1994. FRONT PAGE, THE “OUTLOOK” column.


This summer, a private commission headed by Paul Volcker [H: George Green’s old buddy and former head of the Federal Reserve.], the former Federal Reserve Board chairman, will announce an ambitious plan to overhaul the world monetary system. The panel will propose that industrialized countries keep the value of their currencies within a flexible band to limit exchange-rate volatility.

The proposal, which now is circulating as a CONFIDENTIAL DRAFT, would move the world half a step back toward the rigid exchange-rate system that President Nixon ended in the early 1970s. He abandoned the gold-linked monetary order created by the 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement and ushered in today’s system of floating exchange rates. [H: But--don’t forget--the gold-based truth in government money ENDED IN THE BEGINNING OF THE ‘30s!]

Mr. Volcker’s system might avoid the type of volatility that has wracked world currency markets recently, but the plan is likely to face insurmountable political obstacles.

The old system collapsed because it didn’t accommodate rapid economic change and because Presidents Johnson and Nixon didn’t want their economic policies limited by the need to keep the dollar strong. Now Mr. Volcker, heading a group of international bankers, former top finance officials and monetary experts wants to restore some of the discipline that was required under the World War II-era agreement.

The group, called the Bretton Woods Commission [H: Important little groupie.], argues that the world has paid a heavy price for this lack of discipline. “Since the early 1970s, longterm growth in the major industrial countries has been cut in half, from about 5% a year to about 2.5% a year,” the report says. Loss of exchange-rate discipline is partly to blame. Fluctuating exchange rates curb growth, the group feels, by creating uncertainty speculation, misallocating resources and encouraging protectionism. Moreover, floating rates give countries the freedom to run irresponsible economic policies. An example is the U.S. which felt free in the 1980s to run big budget deficits without worrying about the spike in the dollar that resulted as foreign money rushed in to make up the difference.

The Group of Seven industrial nations in the mid-1980s [H: Please note: THIS GROUP HAS JUST MET.] began to concentrate on reducing volatility, but success has been limited. Occasionally, the countries can cooperate to combat exchange-market disorder, as they did in a concerted effort to arrest the fall of the dollar against the yen and mark last week. But, the report complains, “There has been no reliable long-term global approach to coordinating policy, stabilizing market expectations, and preventing extreme volatility and misalignments among the key currencies.”

Mr. Volcker’s panel proposes a gradual approach to reform. First, countries must improve their internal economic policies mainly by reducing budget deficits so that fiscal policy can once again become a tool for stimulating and slowing the economy. [H: “Gradual approach”? Well, maybe--however, remember the “Law of Bureaucracy”? What they tell you they will do will be produced in EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE RESULT. I suggest you get prepared--just in case--there is an abrupt, sudden, stupendously immediate CHANGE IN EVERYTHING!] Then, the G-7 [H: Now actually G-8.] should adopt a more formal system for managing exchange rates” in which currencies could fluctuate within bands that would permit some flexibility but limit excessive volatility. [H:???? Set by whom and for how much?]

Countries would be forced to intervene in the currency markets--or even to alter their domestic policies--to accommodate changing economic conditions. What’s more, the system “will have to define governments’ obligations when exchange rates threaten to break the boundaries” of the currency zones and how to adjust the zones when necessary. The International Monetary Fund, the commission’s report says, “should be given a central role in coordinating economic policies and in developing and implementing monetary reforms.”

Not everyone agrees that there is a need for reform. Robert Solomon of the BROOKINGS INSTITUTION [H: Ah-Hmmnnn...] argues that the fluidity of today’s floating-rate regime, despite its imperfections, generally works well, allowing currency relations, such as the dollar/yen exchange, to adjust gradually over time. Efforts to combine certainty with adjustability inevitably become too rigid, making gradual adjustment difficult. This happened under both Bretton Woods and the European Rate Mechanism, he argues.

Fred Bergsten, director of the Institute for International Economics counters that the U.S. already tries to keep the dollar within broad zones, and that making the ranges explicit would help promote world trade, investment and stability.

In the end, the obstacle to a more stable monetary system may be domestic politics. The Volcker commission’s plan would, in effect, require countries to relinquish some of their economic sovereignty, and put international considerations above domestic political concerns. It would attempt to force the U.S. to reduce its budget deficit, or Japan to stimulate its economy, in response to orders from IMF bureaucrats--even if it infuriated constituencies at home. World leaders aren’t likely to embrace such a plan, no matter what the advantages.


I want you to keep in mind just how powerful Paul Volcker really is--he now represents a major interest in BOTH the Bilderbergers group AND the Trilateral Commission, along with CFR and thus and so. WHY IS HE STILL COMMANDING ANY ATTENTION AT ALL?? IS THIS NOT STRANGE?? I suggest you keep your eyes focused--along with your confused brain (because they WILL confuse you to the point of insanity)--and watch this comedy of stooges apply their public shell game. They plan a much more impressive show-and-tell than David Copperfield, the magician, ever thought of pulling on you-the-people. So be it.

These are the reasons, however, that the threats and potential bribe-offs of such as Jackson and Buckley are taking place--even with pleading for silence until July!! If you think the hounds of hell will give you a “break” out of “goodness” and “light”--FORGET IT RIGHT NOW!

Meanwhile back at the Clintonista sex-ranch you will note the nitty coming forth about, “Clinton’s choice to be Fed vice chairman, Alan Blinder, tried to quell criticism that he is soft on inflation, but said he doesn’t think the economy is in imminent danger of overheating....” READERS, YOU MUST KEEP UP--EVEN WITH “NO” NEWS, YOU CAN SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING IF YOU ARE INFORMED! EVERY ARTICLE IN THIS PAPER IS WORTHY OF TOP LEVEL ATTENTION. Let me just present some topics:

A LUCKY BUST GIVES DRUG AGENTS A LOOK AT SMUGGLERS’ PLOYS. Ring Used ‘Stealth’ Planes [H: Now WHERE WOULD THEY GET STEALTH PLANES?], Some Electronic Trickery--And a Spy at Customs....”

POWER PLAYS: AS COMPETITION ROILS ELECTRIC UTILITIES, THEY LOOK TO NEW MEXICO. Move by Las Cruces to Flee Its High Rates Illustrates The Many Hurdles Ahead. Tangled Transmission Wires....”

And on and on it goes....


Hey, I don’t make up this “stuff”--I just bring it to your attention, readers. I think that until you can get Jackson’s books you had better consider getting a few other ones. Some details may be incorrect in fullness but the general information is excellent in most instances. There is a new book out by a Terry Reed & John Cummings which I believe you would find most informative and thought-provoking. I would even suggest you get a copy for our use if you can find one. It is called: COMPROMISED: Clinton, Bush and the CIA. This will also give you a connection between Clinton and the Iran/Contra “thing”. Yes indeed, readers, Clinton, as governor of Arkansas, was a MAJOR player.

You are going to have to accept the FACTS that your President was working fully in cooperation with the CIA in bringing drugs right into and through, with the CIA, into the Mena, Arkansas airport. Clinton permitted the CIA to use Arkansas factories to make untraceable weapons, and he allowed CIA contract agents to train Contra pilots on rural airstrips in support of the war in Nicaragua, effectively evading the congressional ban on military aid to the Contras. This is the eyewitness account of an author (who was a former high-level contract agent), who became a liability when he refused to turn a blind eye to the agency’s drug trafficking.

I find the following paragraph quite thought-provoking in itself as to possibilities. “....The Arkansas-CIA connection became Clinton’s darkest secret. One shared by then-Vice President Bush, who himself was compromised by his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. Their shared guilt kept them silent and tied their hands as they faced off in the 1992 presidential election, with neither daring to mention the Iran-Contra scandal....”

Clinton was present at meetings which detailed arms arrangements, illegal Contra training and money laundering. Guess what: Involved with Clinton in this cabal were William Barr (Bush’s Attorney General), Felix Rodriguez (Bay of Pigs veteran and Bush’s CIA contact), and CIA contract agent Barry Seal (who used the cover of a high-profile drug trafficker to carry out his missions).

As you might well guess--this author’s life became a precious commodity and of course stupidly false “charges” were brought but also “deals” were made and the man was finally acquitted. I would guess that, as with Ronn Jackson--enough information in the right hands to be dispersed if anything happens to the original “knower” offers some protection.

Where can you find this book? Well, I suspect that it won’t be through the usual Walden Books, etc. I am told it can be obtained through Criminal Politics. If you have one of those plastic rectangles which is valid you can call 1-800-543-0486 and charge off $18.95.

Before I offer you the following, I want you to go back and read the REAL story of Vince Foster’s “suicide as offered in CONTACT (See next paragraph to near end page 28.). Next I want you to read this (starting end page 28):


[Editor’s note: The following two articles are reprinted from the 3/22/94 issue of CONTACT.

7/22/93 #2 HATONN


My, my, you call out for signs and miracles. In disbelief you petition for one more “show”--one more “viewing” from flickering star-craft lights to loss of a headache. Well I think the following will indicate a SIGN to some ones of high level treason. There are several (at least nine [9]) people who should be very, very interested and concerned about the following information which drifted into our hands this morning. As I understand the message--by the time this reaches the printer--here will be only 7 left to worry!

What is this? Well, it is a note received regarding the demise of one Vincent Foster. That nice lawyer friend of the Billaries in Washington--you know, those who “lead” your nation by the ring through the nose and the harness in the hands of Reno and other ones who murder at random! I think I would be most distressed and concerned as the profferers of torment, torture and bedlam murder--note that THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE. Who are they, this other side? I certainly would not want to be the one to give that information so we take what is sent, share it and hope the correct receivers get the right messages. We are in the business of journalism and printing what is brought to us or sent in truth--not in sorting out “who-dun-its”.

Since there will be an obvious question as you read as to “why” “two” shots, in case it misses your sleuthing--I would guess it is to send a loud clear message about “suicide”. A suicide victim does not get “two” shots when the first one kills him dead! I doubt, however, that YOU THE PEOPLE will ever hear about the second shot in this “suicide”.


Re: Vincent Foster

At 4:52, July 20, 1993--at the first exit to Fort Darcy, VA, a grey Ford Econoline van stopped a 1992 Chrysler Sedan. The driver and lone passenger of the Sedan was removed from his vehicle at gunpoint. There was no fuss, as the driver assumed his plight to be a “carjacking” and possibly armed robbery.

The occupant of the Chrysler, Mr. Vincent Foster, deputy Legal Counsel and close friend to B. Clinton [H: I believe this person was a former partner in Hillary’s prior law firm, as well.] was taken to the rear of the car parking area. Three men, all wearing “Federal Black”, told Mr. Foster to kneel on the ground--facing a park bench. At this point, Mr. Foster’s head was pushed forward, a gun pushed against the base of the skull, and within seconds TWO .38 cal. rounds were fired into the skull. Foster’s head was thrown forward as he died.

The men then placed the body upon the bench in a half sitting-half reclining position. The upper torso was bent to the right-reflecting an angle of 15% [H: (perhaps “degrees”)? I never like to correct or change anything not quite understood because the meaning may be exact but not to my scribe.], The Fairfax P.D. was called with the location of the body. The men of the van left the area and returned to D.C. proper where they boarded planes for diverse destinations.

The strike was coordinated and executed by TASK FORCE 151!! It was carried out in retribution for the Wilcher, Parsons, “Piggy” [H: This one may really be a long way off proper identification due to overstrikes on the message.] AND SESSIONS affair. At this time, a force of 32 men, holding a target list with 9 more names is preparing to assemble in a major East Coast City. (By the time you print this, at least two more sanctions will have been carried out.) END.


There is no return identification on this document except 07-22-1993, 11:06. BURN THE MESSAGE, DHARMA.

* * *

7/25/93 #2 HATONN


The next I offer just because YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO VINCE FOSTER, REALLY [see article above]. So, you will simply find this offering most interesting and informative as to “why” Vince.

[QUOTING Arkansas Gazette, July 22, 1993:]

By John Brummett

Arkansas, July 22, 1993.

Washington--President Clinton met with his staff members late Wednesday morning and told them there is more to life than work.

Then en route from the Old Executive Office Building to the West Wing of the White House, he stopped to say twice to a small group of pool reporters, “No one can ever really know why this happened.”

Vincent Foster, Jr., possibly Hillary Rodham Clinton’s best friend, a tall, nice-looking man, had driven the day before--around 6 p.m., apparently--from Washington to a suburban Virginia park. He got out of his car, walked to a spot on the banks of the Potomac River and shot and killed himself.

This was six months after Foster uprooted his comfortable life as a respected senior partner at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock to move to Washington as chief deputy White House counsel.

I last spoke with Foster at a reception at the Hotel Washington a couple of months ago. I told him I wanted to visit with him someday about what was being thought and done at the White House the afternoon the Waco disaster unfolded.

Well, maybe, you can learn something about what goes on in a crisis,” he said a bit combatively, and certainly intensely.

Foster’s good friend from the Rose firm, Webb Hubbell, was facing a confirmation hearing on his nomination to be associate attorney general. I asked Foster if he expected Hubbell to endure a lot of nasty rhetoric.

Of course,” he said, clearly disgusted by the prospect.

The personal chit-chat was more pleasant, and as interesting. Foster was living alone at the time in a little Georgetown apartment.

I can stand and put my arms out and touch both walls,” he said.

His blond, teen-age daughter was with him that evening, and he proudly introduced her. The family would be joining him in a full-fledged new home in suburban Virginia in the summer. He looked forward to that.

Now, unbelievably, he’s killed himself.

The press jumped into action Wednesday morning. I got a call from a colleague in New York who advised, “Get to the crime scene right now before the police screw it up. This has got to be bad. You just know it does.”

Reporters began asking these kinds of questions, and getting these kinds of consistent answers;

*Had Foster appeared unusually stressed or depressed lately? No. He always appeared intense and fretful of the press--most corporate lawyers are--and he had been harried by a run of Wall Street Journal editorials asking who he was. But he seemed generally all right as recently as Tuesday.

*What were the inevitable personal problems? Were they financial? Were they martial? There were none, as best anyone could find or imagine.

*Then why in the world?

The best anyone could offer was that Vince Foster killed himself because he was distraught that things had gone wrong in the White House of his two friends he so admired and who had honored him with their trust. [H: The Billaries??]

Many of those problems seemed to involve perceived or real shortcomings in the counsel’s office where he worked. He seemed incapable of coping with imperfection.

Not too long ago, a man asked Sheila Anthony, Foster’s sister and the wife of former U.S. Rep. Beryl Anthony, how Vince was doing. Oh, you know, he takes all these White House things personally, she said.

It’s sidebar to this tragedy that Foster wasn’t personally implicated in many of the White House failings. He wasn’t the one who advised that Lani Guinier’s writings would pose no political problem. He wasn’t the one who was reprimanded over the handling of the White House travel office. He was, however, the one who coordinated the successful legal arguments in defense of Hillary’s role as chairman of the health care task force. [H: Oops!]

What an incredible waste and tragedy. The White House is a hellish arena. Thin skins need not apply. But, my God, it’s not supposed to produce casualties.

John Brummett’s column appears every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.


The information on this paper’s margin indicates something like (handwritten and abbreviated): Ark. Dem. “Flag” or “Gag”--I, Hatonn, think it may be Gazette?

It would be nice if some of you “inquiring minds” clip the REAL story of Vince Foster and send it to this man struggling in confused information. It won’t help as to “why” but it sure will as to WHO! I would guess there are great “messages” being transmitted in that happenstance “suicide”.

Thank you.

* * *

From Criminal Politics: April, 1994 which states: “Witness says NO GUN found at Foster’s Suicide Scene!” This man just happened to be in a “van” and “Traffic was barely moving, the man recalled, and the temperature was hovering around 100. Stuck in traffic, he felt an urgent need to urinate, pulled off the parkway at the entrance to Ft. Marcy Park and began searching for a secluded spot.

....He came upon Foster’s body, which he first thought was someone asleep. After examining the body, he noticed that the person’s face was swollen. Stepping to within three feet of the man’s head, he looked straight down into his face to see if that was the case.”

Now, guess WHO happened to get information from this elusive WITNESS?? Ah yes, none other than our old buddy, G. Gordon Liddy of Watergate fame.


....The body was bloated in the heat and there were traces of blood around the nostrils and the mouth. The eyes were only partially closed and already glazed. The man described the position of the body: “hands at his sides, palms open and angled upward.” At the bottom of the slope near the body, the brush was trampled as if someone had been walking back and forth at that spot.

....Liddy asked if the man had seen the ABC photograph of what is purported to be Mr. Foster’s hand with its thumb in the trigger guard of a handgun. The witness replied that he hadn’t seen it and appeared surprised, stating he had observed both hands of the body and “neither held a gun.” Why won’t the press reveal this information?


....Soon after the interview, Liddy wrote to Fiske to report he had been contacted by the witness. FBI agents then contacted Liddy. It was, after all, Foster’s tragic death and the White House’s mishandling of it that triggered interest in the Whitewater transactions, the files of which were apparently kept in Foster’s office.

....The transcript of the 911 call to the Fairfax County Public Safety Communications Center states that the caller had been told about a dead body by a “guy that came up to Turkey Run and lit out in a white contractor’s van.” The call was placed by Francis Swan, a National Park Service maintenance worker. According to Award-winning columnist (??) Robert Novak, Mr. Swan is now under orders FROM MR. FISKE to remain silent!


Well, readers--there was already something WRONG with the reports of the “suicide”. The man was shot TWICE and I believe, to the back of the skull. It rarely takes TWO shots to accomplish “suicide” even under the most spectacular of circumstances for a dead man to shoot himself a second time--especially in the same general spot!

....On March 22, Liddy went to the witness’s home to question him. There is a five-page, typewritten account of the interview, which clearly states ‘he had observed both hands of the body and that neither held a gun.’”


Gosh, it begins to not look so good for Mr. Fiske and this open, objective and credible investigation by said Mr. Fiske. He has now had to admit that he has known Nussbaum (who is being investigated) as an OLD FRIEND since the 1970s. As a matter of fact, Fiske is the one who recommended Mr. Nussbaum as a prosecutor in the Iran-Contra case! Further, in this Whitewater case, a Fiske client SOLD THE LAND TO THE CLINTONS!

Fiske is just now barely remembering some of the relationships which obviously had slipped his mind. Another one of those recollections, NOW, is that his former law partner was none other than Lawrence Walsh, the Iran-Contra prosecutor. Oh my goodness!! Go back up this writing and read about Clinton’s connections with Iran-Contra.

I am sorry we have already used “Tangled Webs” for a series of journals because if this doesn’t beat all...!

Now that we are about to the end of this writing, I will ask you what YOU think about a couple of things, the first being this money garbage? What do you think is being efforted at accomplishing? Well, dear ones, you had best look to GOLD! All of this is a magnificent effort to CONTROL GOLD and other precious metals. This is evident all the way from the South African elections entangled with Kissinger--to the shores of the Philippines--and back to Langley, Virginia. If you can control gold you can control the world--set the price and use it as a foundation for every value established.

I believe that you WILL be in some danger of having all gold CONFISCATED again to SAVE something or other--so, again, it may well be that the REAL value might well have to be garnered from wealth through collateralization through the use of gold and then placing your money into projects structured to “save your tummies and wardrobe at some time ahead.” Complicated? No, simple--but shrouded with that which appears confusing and complicated to FOOL YOU AGAIN! When you form a habit of walking a crooked line instead of setting your eyes on a goal with goodness and freedom--you begin to be able to think only in confusion and crookedness--but never well enough to keep up with the kings of deceit and trickery. You must learn to go straight for the intent of the Big Boys and it will ALWAYS be toward gaining power and more wealth. Further, if there is a legal, honorable way to do something--THEY will always choose the complicated, enforced and dishonorable method of accomplishment.

The adversary is NOT GOING TO REGAIN YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OR PRIVILEGES FOR YOU. COUNT ON IT! When you have the players involved who are involved--WORRY!!

Let us leave this please, we have other things to do. Thank you.



THU., MAY 12, 1994 9:36 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 269

THU., MAY 12, 1994


I am hounded these days for input on “prophecies” and, “What is going to happen?” I repeat, readers, I AM NOT A FORTUNE-TELLER AND I AM NOT SENT HERE TO OFFER MORE PROPHECIES--THEY HAVE ALL BEEN WRITTEN AND PLAYED--YOU ARE NOW FINALIZING THAT WHICH WILL BE. The staff is so overworked that I hesitate to ask more of them--however, IF someone here wishes to do so, please pull out the “prophecies”--you will find them in SIPAPU (See end of chapter.). This is just a general outlay of how it will ultimately be as to land and water changes, etc. There are a lot of others in various journals but I do not wish to dwell on those things when so much is now controlled BY MAN.

By the way, friends, CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS AND INTENT--AND WE WILL CHANGE THE ASTEROIDS AND ORBS HEADED YOUR WAY. Yes indeed, we certainly can but unless there is massive spiritual change--it will not be so. A greater number of massive assaults against you will BE FROM YOUR OWN SPECIES AS THEY VIE FOR POWER! Short of total destruction of your globe under circumstances already offered many, many times--we will not intervene in either natural phenomenon or that which man does unto man. I suggest ALL PREPARE and remain prepared for the “worst” and anything short of “that” shall be a great gift.

We are not here to terrify you--we are here to awaken you and, whatever is DONE, YOU will do! We are already in finalization of preparations within our mission--where are YOU with YOURS?

Dharma, I am embarrassed to ask you to repeat things when our load has already been so great, however, for new readers and those who continue to forget or “give up”--we will offer some of the things which have already been given and which do again show up on our work-desk in these current days.

You already have so many claimed prophets who interpret and propose and project that you don’t need any more for you only ACTUALLY ask for a different set of prophecies so you can go back to sleep. I am not here to feed you revelations but I will remind you of that which has been offered so you can ponder possibilities. If the staff wants to really scare daylights out of everyone--they can dig them all up, add to those which we haven’t yet shared and offer an entire paper and journal to the subject. However, we, here, do not have time to do it AGAIN.

There is an excellent book available called DOOMSDAY 1999 A.D. by Charles Berlitz. I don’t know where you can get it; an excerpt from that book will be presented here but we do not have the entire publication. That which we have comes from P.O. Box 58, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland (The Armageddon Letter). It is basically sent as-is for my rebuttal or input, at the least--my comments. No, I will present it exactly as offered and YOU will pull up your own discernment possibilities.

I will tell you, however, when you “judge” or “discern” I remind you to be open and wide in your “possibilities”. We are going to present ones, for instance, WHO HAVE BEEN INTO THE INNER PASSAGES FROM THE POLES--SO WHEN YOU “CANNOT BELIEVE” SOMETHING, I SUGGEST YOU THINK AGAIN!! I also ask Al to please enter by appropriate sequence into the next journal those portions pulled out for this issue of the paper. Thank you.



The end of the world, whether by flood, fire, freezing, cosmic collision or other catastrophic manifestations, has always had a grim fascination for prophets of doom and also for the general population. The makers of such predictions are of several varieties. They are religious prophets of warning, mystic prophets--basically a variant of the former--and seers who seem to dream inadvertently of future events without living to see their prophecies fulfilled. Then there are the scientific interpreters of trends and likely possibilities of doom who frequently indicate, supported by the evidence of astronomy, theology, meteorology, and even economics, an even more complete destruction than many of the prophetic visions from the past.

The scientific prophets of today foresee the pillaging and eventual destruction of the Earth’s potential through uncontrolled industrialization; general famine resulting from overpopulation and food distribution breakdown; disastrous climatic variation and flooding through the hothouse effect of excessive carbon dioxide in the upper atmospheric layers; and the poisoning of the oceans and the destruction of the sea’s ability to renew life. These threats to survival are generally conceded to become acute toward the end of the second millennium of our era--the year 2000 A.D.

There are, understandably, a great number of thoughtful people in the general population who fatalistically expect a possible Doomsday from the results of thermonuclear warfare, with the added possibility of a self-generating chain reaction which, in the opinion of some theoreticians, might possibly turn the earth into a temporary though short-lived sun. These ever-present eventualities, while they may or may not cause the world to end, have nevertheless contributed liberally to the increasing neurosis of human beings. This neurosis may explain the turning of a basically moralistic society into a hedonistic (and increasingly violent) one, acceptable for many individuals but not valid in the long run as the example of the decay and disappearance of the Roman world empire can brilliantly attest.

As nation after nation develops its own nuclear warfare capabilities in a sort of international contest of self-esteem, it is evident that within the next fifteen to twenty years all industrial or developed countries, as well as all developing countries which are striving and being helped to become developed as soon as possible, will doubtless have their own nuclear weapons. And with the testing of such weapons the poisoning of the planet will be hastened, even if war does not come.

And, as if potential man-made dooms were not enough, there is an increasing possibility that the Earth, as it approaches the third millennium of our era, may experience a wandering of its magnetic poles so far away from its rotational poles (the southern magnetic pole is even now rushing with increased velocity into the Indian Ocean) that it could cause a shifting of the [rotational] poles and a reversal of the magnetic fields of the Earth with catastrophic consequences. Those of us who witnessed such manifestations would in effect feel that the end of our world had come, a feeling doubtless shared by many in the distant past when the Great Flood (of which catastrophe the deluge may have been only one aspect) swept over the world, and great inhabited islands sank into the Atlantic and other seas.

The earth‘s weather, either caused by sunspots or the beginning of a change in the magnetic field, has become increasingly erratic and intense. The great Sahel drought famine in Africa has been the worst in hundreds of years; the rising and falling of water levels and coastlines in different parts of the world; the melting of the Arctic ice cap and the rapid building of ice in the Antarctic Continent; and the increase in the number and rating on the Richter scale of earthquakes within the last few years in Alaska, Iran, Turkey, China, Peru, and Morocco, with impressive seismic occurrences expected almost momentarily along the San Andreas Fault of California, are impressive warnings for those who will heed them. Not only the number but also the intensity of earthquakes seems to be increasing throughout the world in a sort of geometric progression, even as seismologists perfect new methods to foretell them. (So far seismologists have yet to improve on earthquake detection methods apparently inherent in animals: when Russian bears leave their Siberian forests in a hurry observers know from experience that an earthquake is sure to follow.)

There may also be more danger from space itself than an occasional falling skylab or space station. The Earth is pitted with enormous Craters caused by meteorite impact, some of them on the sea bottom, other huge ones covered over or partly obscured by growth or settlements, while others are strikingly evident, such as the meteorite crater in Arizona. Other “bombs” from outer space have left huge lakes in Canada like Clearwater Lake, a whole depressed area in Central Europe, the Ries Kessel crater, and, it has been theorized, a crater which filled with water to become Hudson Bay. There is also a circular area of the western Atlantic south of Bermuda which may have received a tremendous cosmic bolide (?) tentatively dated at the alleged time of the disappearance of lost Atlantis. While the Earth’s atmosphere has provided a stronger shield against these voyagers from space than that of the moon or Mars, a certain amount have slipped past Earth’s protective guard to leave great scars, and perhaps when big enough, to cause the shaking of the Earth upon its axis.

Coincidentally with the possible catastrophe by 2000, there exists a planetoid, Toro, some five kilometers in diameter, which orbits between Earth and Venus, making a loop once in every five orbits. While there is no danger to the Earth from Toro in its present orbit, a gravitational pull occasioned by the lining up of several planets and the sun might capture Toro within the Earth’s field of gravity, a situation having results perhaps similar to those caused by strikings of the Earth by comets, planetoids, or enormous meteors in the past. Such an alignment of Earth, the sun, and the greater planets will take place in 1982. [H: We have no information on publication of this material but our first clue appears herein--it was produced some time prior to “1982”. This means you can also see that you are STILL HERE after the possibilities described above. OR, did you have some activity which indeed increased the speed of such other activities as are described? You are so lied to as a planetary population as to not be able to know. When the greater possibility fails to be expressed--you call the whole thing a bunch of garbage and go back to sleep. Warnings are ignored and MAN hops into the void with his own “miracles” and “devastations” and YOU CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE!]

A curious and somewhat disquieting coincidence is becoming increasingly evident as the twentieth century or second millennium draws to a close. This coincidence, rooted in both the distant and the recent past, ties in the prophecies of hundreds and even thousands of years ago with the cosmic theories and scientific realities of the present. Prophecies of the world’s end by fire, ice, water, or explosion, although made in different ages and by different cultures during the past 6,000 years, seem to agree that the age of doom is fairly close at hand, that is, toward the end of our second millennium by whatever calendar or zodiacal calculation used by the prophets.


This is WHY I have no interest save observation and a bit of humor at the intense manipulation of minds as to the reality of prophecies of any sort or other. I KNOW that you are expressing in a world of “thought projection” and “created” manifestation. In more simplistic terms--“illusion”. There is no past or future in reality--ONLY NOW! You have every capability as gifted creation-capable entities of CHANGING ANY PROPHECY!! Those persons aligned with God Creator by whatever name you call HIM, and who express in that relationship--recognize no limitations in ability to change the scenario as chosen and if the scenario of coalesced transition is continued through thought conglomeration in projection--“they” of mine will simply remove themselves from the play when appropriate and create their own security and balance in whatever is remaining from the “changes”. There need be no physical birthing, selection, or expression remaining as such--God has no problem with spirit reproduction or physical establishment according to circumstances--whatever those might be. YOU DO!! And it is within that “need” of limitation binding that YOU MUST ACT OR PERISH ACCORDING TO THE WHIM OR PROPHECY OF ANOTHER.

Is it not obvious that if you are an expressing actor in an illusion--there can be no impact (LITERALLY) FROM ANY OTHER FANTASIZED “THING”?

Yes indeed, I realize that you cannot comprehend this and so we write as fast as twinkle-fingers can type and urge you to get your heads screwed on properly--BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE TO CHANGE COURSE. However, you are going to have to do it WITH GOD CREATOR for all other perceptions and “realities” of that perception are embedded in the cement of the physical evil empire which can only USE THAT WHICH IS ALREADY CREATED AND THAT IS ONLY PHYSICAL EXPRESSION BINDED BY ALL THE PHYSICAL LAWS COMPRESSING THE THOUGHTS INTO OPERATING BEINGS OF IMAGININGS.

Mankind is “cursed” with “senses”. He would rather look forward into the excitement of terror than to accept RESPONSIBILITY and make harmonious passage. He is tempted at every turn of his thought patterns so that the STRUGGLE becomes the only proof of the “livingness” he perceives. Even pain and sorrow become accepted for in most instances those are the only perceptions which some how seem to prove existence. This is WHY ignorance is more appealing than KNOWING because with KNOWING the majority of things which offer FEAR of physical nature--are no longer present and the interests of soul will overlook the perturbations of physical change--except to prepare the body physical for such changes as necessary--depending on the intended journey of the individual soul in transit.

I am not here to give you absolution for ANYTHING. I am not here to SAVE YOU FROM OR FOR ANYTHING. Neither was the great teacher--salvation is a very personal thing--from within wherein GOD DWELLS. YOU, further, are not going to ESCAPE anything--for this is a valid part of your planned expression and experience so it would behoove you to better see what you are about. I can only “lift off” those who recognize my presence, in fact. Why? Because the denials of presence is the key--if you deny my presence--how expect ye to come aboard??

But,” I hear over and over again, “if you are of God and God is Light and Love and all “those” things--YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME!” No, I do not HAVE TO do anything with YOU--and for most, I shall not, for you who deny God, Hosts and Helpers, deny self the very thing which will give you soul security and the choice is made BEFORE ANY LIFT-OFF, GOOD FRIENDS. You who cannot and/or refuse to believe there is greater and beyond--will NOT experience that wondrous fulfillment--you will continue your ,journey in the confusion and ignorance of limitation. Further, your expression will continue in whatever re-experience after re-experience of repeated physical experiences AT A LEVEL WHERE YOU LEFT OFF IN TIME AFTER TIME CLASSROOM--UNTIL YOU LEARN.

With this lesson in mind, let us go back and discuss more of the physical expression unfolding happenings in perception of what you call prophecies. However, I will point out right here and now that I guarantee there are two PROPHETS on your place who are 100% correct EVERY TIME and shall always be correct and they do not call themselves prophets: Dharma and Little Crow!! Why? Because they will BOTH tell you that “It will be exactly as it will be...!” AHO!]

Some of the most fearful prophecies from the past are alarmingly close in content and in time location to today’s pessimistic scientific forecasts, although the prophets of other centuries, in so far as we know, had no access other than their imagination to scientific developments in what to them was the distant (but not unforeseeable) future.

There existed, however, even in antiquity the great time clock in the night sky, which we still share with our ancestors. This is the zodiac, a great turning wheel of twelve constellations making a complete circle every 25,920 years but with each of its twelve constellations in order having ascendancy over the skies of earth approximately every 2,160 years. Observed and calculated even before the development of writing (which may itself have been a result of zodiacal influence) this great celestial cosmic calendar signified certain portents to our most distant ancestors who, like many of their descendants, detected its influence in their lives.

According to zodiacal tradition the ascendency of each new sign every 2,000-odd years is accompanied by catastrophic or otherwise crucial events on the earth. At the change over of the Leo to Cancer cycles the sinking of the great Atlantic islands traditionally took place; the Cancer to Gemini change coincided with the presumed striking of the earth by a comet or the catastrophic arrival of Venus; the appearance of Taurus after Gemini marked the beginning of recommencement of new civilizations in the ancient East; Taurus to Aries brought a new series of floods and catastrophes; while the Aries to Pisces change coincided with the rise and spread of Christianity (it is of particular interest that early Christianity was first identified by the sign of the fish, an early symbol adopted even before the cross). [H: Keep in mind how truly interesting it is that EVEN THE SIGN of the fish is a 100% physical manifestation. Only its “representation” even touched upon emotion or “spirit” mind thought.]

As we pass the cosmic border from Pisces to Aquarius our own tumultuous age has been foreseen as one of materialistic degeneration and maximum destruction, especially at its beginning, which is now. This general tradition has perhaps been colored by many of the world’s ancient as well as by fairly recent prophets.

Nostradamus, the sixteenth-century French prophet (of Jewish descent), abandoned his usually vague and veiled references for a precise date when he stated:

The year 1999, month seven,
From the sky shall come a great king of terror...

Those of us still alive in 1999 will be able to judge the perceptiveness of Nostradamus’ most precisely dated prophecy.

Edgar Cayce, perhaps the most famous of modern prophets, because of his remarkable record of verification, has sketched, in his transcribed dreams, a time of imminent future catastrophic events will be recognized by the renewed volcanic activity of Mount Etna--which has already started.

Religious prophecies of a final end to the world or civilization are frequently predicated on other events which will signal their occurrence. The ancient Jewish prophets foretold that Armageddon would occur after a Jewish state had been reestablished. Speaking from several thousands of years ago their voices seem to ring with the accent of today’s political commentators as they prophesy in the Old Testament that the final battle and the final coming of the Messiah will occur within a generation after the re-establishment of the Jews in their ancient homeland. [H: So, to make sure that you have death and destruction, horror and foolishness--YOU ALL GET OUT YOUR DRUMS AND GUNS AND MAKE SURE THAT THE JEWS HAVE AN ANCIENT HOMELAND (EVEN IF IT BE SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY), GET A TEMPLE BUILT EVEN IF THEY DESTROY THE OTHER’S TEMPLE AND YOU DRUM BEAT AND BANG WITH YOUR GUNS UNTIL YOU FORGE THE VERY DESTRUCTION YOU CLAIM TO DESPISE. “THE COMING OF THE MESSIAH?” YOU HAVE HAD SO MANY MESSIAHS THAT YOU CAN’T TELL ONE FROM ANOTHER--BUT ALWAYS DENY THAT WHICH IS TRUTH--BECAUSE, I SUPPOSE, IT IS SO BORING...! GOOD LUCK!]

The final war of general annihilation according to the Biblical prophets will be occasioned by attacks from peoples living to the north and south of Israel, which will be opposed by Israel and its allies. While we do not know the actual date these prophecies were made they antedate the New Testament by at least a thousand years and perhaps thousands of years.

From other of the world’s religions or cosmic theogonies come indications of doom whose signals have taken place within our own “end of Pisces” time frame. Tibetan Buddhist prophecies that Tibetan Buddhism would end after the thirteenth Dalai Lama would be dethroned (he has been) and the general Buddhist prophecy that Buddhism would last for 2,500 years, a period now ending, both agree that the final world period will be at hand for the coming of the future Buddha, Maitreya. [H: Suppose the CORRECT Dalai Lama is not the REAL 13TH ONE? There was ONE, dear readers, that was buried as to historical presentation for political reasons long, long ago--so the one unseated “above” is NOT THE THIRTEENTH BUT, RATHER, THE 14TH! NOW WHERE ARE YOU? Is it not now bordering on the same thing that happened with your U.S. Constitution 13th (original) Amendment--which disallows, by law, lawyers holding offices in Congress, Judgeships, etc.? It just conveniently got removed from circulation while the very ones intended to be kept out--have taken over total control of your nations!!! I repeat--it is YOU who make the prophecies and YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS YOU ARE EXPECTING OR TALKING ABOUT. “JEW”, THE VERY “TERM” IN POINT WAS ORIGINATED IN 176(?) (the eighteenth century) so how could THEY have had an “ORIGINAL” TEMPLE--ANYWHERE?? Am I just a mean old task-master spoiling your game of fright-night excitement? I certainly do hope so!]

An unexpected prophetic development occurred in the case of the Islamic prophecy that Islam would last until man set foot on the moon, a hyperbole signifying an indefinite period but which caused consternation in conservative Islamic circles when Armstrong and Aldrin finally did so. Islamic traditionalists, however, have argued that the astronauts did not land on the REAL moon--“the lamp of the night”--but on some other heavenly body. Therefore the prophecy has not been fulfilled and, in any case, Islam seems to be affirmatively flourishing.

The pyramid prophecies as interpreted by psychic pyramidologists indicate in the turns and measurements of the inner galleries of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh, Egypt, the end of the world in the year 2001 of our era. The decline is said to have started in 1965, the latter date a finding with which many economists will doubtless agree. Also, the ancient Aztec age cycles as well as the probably connected Hopi cyclic age endings both predict an end to the world at the end of the present period--the sun of fire, Hindu tradition, as expressed in the ancient Puranas, also foretells a possible annihilation of the human race at the end of the fourth or kali yuga (and remember that Kali is the goddess of destruction), the present age now drawing to a close.

Whatever may be one’s scientific theories, cosmological tradition is that cataclysmic doom seems to be generally expected by approximately the year 2000 A.D. Other cultures, while guarding their own religious counts of time, as in the case of the Chinese, Arabs, Jews, and others, have generally accepted the western system of counting years because of the easier common calculations. There seems, nevertheless, to exist a common zodiacal thread--the change of “hour” or era of the dominant constellation of our shared cosmic clock every 2,160 years. This may have influenced the inception of Christianity itself or, conversely, been signaled by it.

It is also perhaps to be expected that humanity may consider that every thousand-year period will be accompanied by earthshaking events. The very word millennium, originally simply a count of one thousand years, has taken on a meaning alternately of destruction, death, redemption, retribution, and--hope.

* * *

Let us break this writing at this point before it becomes too long.

Before we close, however, I have had a dear and precious friend inquire as to whether or not it would be worth it to move to, say, New Mexico, if indeed there is going to be total destruction in July--and she is of an age wherein a move from where she is would be all but intolerable! Dear ones, YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DESTINY. Can you not see it unfolding in TRUTH as we write? YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE LIE--AND YOU WILL BRING UPON YOURSELVES THAT WHICH YOU FOCUS MIND UPON IN PROJECTION. IT WILL BE AS WRITTEN--IF YOU BELIEVE WHAT IS WRITTEN. I CAN TELL YOU UNTIL HELL FREEZES THAT IT IS NOT SO--WILL YOU BELIEVE ME? SO BE IT.

* * *


Editor’s note: The following is a provocative and timely excerpt from pages 46-51 of the very first work by “Dharma” called SIPAPU ODYSSEY. At the time of its writing, it was thought to be a work of Fantasy but, as time passes, it is appreciated for its vivid message from God’s Hosts and its “timing” clues for various events in the major planetary transition now well underway on Earth-Shan.

With pokes and prods and nudges from Little Crow of the Lakota Sioux, Dharma’s public mission of translation for Higher Teachers began with SIPAPU ODYSSEY and continues to this day, some seven years and over ninety journals of information later!

As Commander Hatonn said in the Forward, “We of the Brotherhood of Light, and we who serve in the Intergalactic Fleets and Cosmic Federation Councils, come forth to bring you knowledge for a most eventful and confusing transition....It was decided that we would first bring forth an ‘acceptable’ story....that man in mass can accept of the story as fiction, but the heart will know of the truth....We dedicate this ‘truth’ unto all of you who will pick up the dream and walk with us that we might fulfill our mission.”

See end of journal for ordering information.

By Dorushka Maerd

John explained that their were many Space Brothers here to assist us through the transition and time of tribulation; they could help us, but they could do no more. They would be allowed to help only as requested by Earthlings--with one exception, and this was stressed emphatically: YOU MAY NOT TAKE YOUR WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION INTO SPACE. BEYOND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILES BEYOND YOUR SURFACE YOU WILL BE STOPPED. NEITHER WILL YOU BE ALLOWED TO CREATE THE ULTIMATE NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION OF THE TOTALITY OF THE PLANET ITSELF; THE IMPACT TO THE UNIVERSE WOULD BE TOO DEVASTATING AND THE BROTHERS WOULD BE GIVEN PERMISSION TO PREVENT SUCH AN OCCURRENCE.” He then turned and invited Yeorgos to take the platform. He said Yeorgos would present the teachings from the aspect of Space Brothers and the Interplanetary Councils.

Yeorgos was also accompanied by the picture projections as were appropriate to emphasize points.

He said the Brothers were prepared to work closely with Earthlings as such time as they were accepted and asked to participate. He said their technology is of such magnitude that Earth man would be unable to comprehend the power. He was assuring Earthlings, however, that even though they could destroy us or make slaves of us, etc., they came in love and coexistence within the Cosmos. They would not presume to do anything other than as requested with the one exception as told by John.

He emphasized that during the upcoming period, until Earth moves into her new cycle, she would be belching forth increased disturbances upon her surface. As plates shift beneath the oceans’ floors there would be increased tidal wave activity. The resulting shifts would bring about disturbances of those thought of as “sleeping” volcanos. Those would begin to rumble and spew forth molten lava that would come quickly and with minimal warning. This would increase as the climactic conditions were altered. There would be increased swelling of streams. Riverbeds would enlarge and they would not recede to their pre-existent condition. There would be peninsulas and small isthmuses that were going to vanish most abruptly and quickly.

The geophysical face of the Earth would begin its alteration during this period. Those areas where oceans’ waters have crept in most gradually and quietly would be accelerated, and indeed, sleeping valleys would be filled overnight. And man on Earth would look about and wonder what is happening.

Yeorgos continued: Because of the decrease in the ozone layer about Earth there is an increased heat that is coming from the Central Sun. This is bringing about resultant melting of your polar caps, again with resultant climactic changed.

Man of Earth shall quickly come to recognize that Earth is revolting against the treatment that she has received. This shall be a warning, a preview of what is in store for man if he does not immediately alter his ways.

At this time the vibratory pattern of Earth itself is such that no alteration of her course is anticipated; she has been released from her role as a buffer, and she now BEGINS HER OWN CLEANSING! Man will now be accountable for his own cleansing.

Earth is entering a phase of two seasons, summer and winter, with extreme temperatures in each. Fall and Spring will cease to be recognized. Man should lay up stores and provisions, for seasons shall not be as kind to Earth as man has known in the past. Man’s time of great bounty and food abundance will greatly be altered. Space Brothers stand ready, however, to render help and instructions in that area. Food substances which will suffice for survival will be given to appropriate ones on the planet and, properly prepared, will be quite palatable.

Man must learn to share freely in order to survive. There will be great shortages in food supplies and also proclaimed shortages in your fossil fuels as they are hoarded and usurped for reasons of greed. You will find yourselves without transportation because there will be no fuel to run your machinery. You will need the substitute foods to feed yourselves.

There will be great energy shortages. Electricity will become unavailable for many reasons; therefore, you must learn to minimize your needs. You must begin to rely on those elemental winds and patterns that will bring you those energies that you need. You must make your dwelling places strong, sturdy and well insulated, so that they will serve you well. We will show you methods of using compressed earth which will replace wood and other things as primary structural material.”

We are prepared to teach you methods of health care which will allow you to remain active and energized during this period of time. There will be widespread death from diseases which are currently incurable by your present medical methods.

You must expect gigantic changes within your government structures as your present monetary systems become chaotic. There will be no money for taxes and without taxes there will be a rapid withdrawal of politicians and the chain of events will cause the governmental structure, as it now operates, to fail. There must be those available to fill the void and rebuild with a new and different type of system which brings harmony to the peoples of all Earth nations.”

Yeorgos continued for a long period of time along the same lines of subject matter and then began to make his concluding remarks. He said he wanted to frighten no one and, certainly, all panic must be avoided. He said he would, however, speak of the ultimate evacuation process, should that become a necessity.

He spoke: “We have come to fulfill the destiny of this planet, which is to experience a short period of ‘cleansing’ and then to usher in a new and golden age of Light. I will henceforth refer to that period as the Time of Radiance.

As mentioned before, the Souls of Light are you people of Earth who have lived according to Universal Truths and who recognize GOD as the SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD; THE SOURCE OF ‘ALL THINGS’. The short period of cleansing is IMMINENT--EVEN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR! But, we have been informed of this and have made preparations for that event. I will explain how it will be so that it will relieve any anxieties amongst those present.

We of space have millions of space ships stationed in the skies above your planet, ready to instantly lift you off at the first warning of your planet’s beginning to tilt on its axis. When this happens, we have only a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME in which to lift you from the surface before great tidal waves will lash your coastlines--possibly five miles or more high! They will cover much of your land masses!

These tidal waves will unleash great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and cause your continents to split and sink in places and cause others to rise.

We are VERY EXPERIENCED in the evacuation of populations of planets! This is nothing new for the Galactic Fleet! We expect to complete the evacuation on Earth of the Souls of Light in fifteen minutes--even though they are of a tremendous number.

We shall rescue the Souls of Light first. On our great galactic computers we have stored every thought, every act you have done in this and previous lifetimes. At the first indication of need to evacuate, our computers will lock onto the location of the Souls of Light where they are at that instant!

After the Souls of Light have been evacuated, then the CHILDREN will be lifted off. The children are not old enough to be accountable, so they will be evacuated to special ships to be cared for until they can be reunited with their parents. There will be people specially trained to handle their trauma. Many may be put to sleep, temporarily, to help them overcome their fear and anxiety. Our computers are so sophisticated--far beyond anything on Earth in this age--and can locate mothers and fathers of children wherever they are and notify them of their safety. MAKE NO MISTAKE--YOUR CHILDREN SHALL BE LIFTED TO SAFETY DURING THE EVACUATION.

After the evacuation of the children, the invitation will be extended to all remaining souls on the planet to join us. However, this will be for only a very short time--perhaps only fifteen minutes. There is no question of having enough space on board the ships for you but, because the atmosphere, by this time, will be full of fire, flying debris, poisonous smoke, and because the magnetic field of your planet will be disturbed, we will have to leave your atmosphere very quickly or we, also with our spacecraft, would perish.”

Therefore, he who steps into our levitation beams first will be lifted first. Any hesitation on your part would mean the end of your third-dimensional existence you call the physical body.

Which brings us to the most serious and difficult part of the evacuation: As mentioned earlier, Souls of Light have a higher vibration frequency than those who are more closely “tied” to the Earth and its ways.

Since our levitation beams, which will be lifting you off the surface of this planet, are very close to the same thing as your electrical charges, those of low vibrational frequency may not be able to withstand the high frequency of the levitation beams without departing their third-dimensional bodies. If this happens, then your soul will be released to join our God, the Father. ‘In His house are many mansions.’

If you do not decide to step into the levitation beams to be lifted up, you might be one of the few who survive the ‘cleansing’ of the planet for the NEW GOLDEN AGE. However, during this period of cleansing, there will be great changes in climate, changes in land masses, as the poles of the planet may have a new orientation. This alone will create untold hardship for the survivors who may still not make it to the Time of Radiance.

The most important point for you to remember is this: Any show of fear lowers your frequency of vibration, thus making you less compatible with our levitation beams!! Therefore: Above all else, REMAIN CALM. DO NOT PANIC. Know that you are in expert hands, hands which have extensive experience in evacuation of entire planets! WE CANNOT OVEREMPHASIZE THIS: REMAIN CALM! RELAX! DO NOT PANIC WHEN YOU STEP INTO OUR LEVITATION BEAMS. ABOVE ALL ELSE, MAINTAIN YOUR FAITH!

What is to happen to you if you survive the lift off? First you will be taxied to our “mother ships” anchored high above the planet where you will be taken care of during your great trauma. Some of you may need medical attention. Our expert medical staff will be there to treat you with our highly advanced medical equipment. You will be fed and housed until such time as transfer elsewhere is advisable.

Some of you will be taken to cities on other planets to be trained in our advanced technology before being returned to the planet Earth to start the Time of Radiance.

Your beautiful planet Earth is destined to be the most beautiful star in the universe. A planet of Light! Here, you will rejoin the remainder of the Universe in brotherly love and fellowship with God the Father.

People of Earth: We love you!! Do not scoff at these words. As surely as the Sun shines from the east to the west, so shall these things shortly come to pass!

The cataclysms will begin WITHOUT WARNING! Everything will happen so fast, you will not have time to think! Think on these things NOW!

Think; picture yourself standing with all the havoc around you: people screaming and running, others on their knees praying, automobiles crashing, glass breaking, buildings falling, ground shaking and gaping with huge cracks, debris falling all around you! THINK NOW!! WHAT SHALL I DO?? ANSWER: REMAIN CALM AND WITHOUT FEAR. MAINTAIN AN INNER PEACE OF MIND AND STEP INTO THE LEVITATION BEAMS WHICH FLOW FROM THE UNDERNEATH CENTER OF OUR SPACE CRAFT.

As you are informed now as to what to do, spread the word to everyone you know. Be faithful to God! The time is very short! Perhaps we shall no longer be able to restrain the tilt of the Earth’s axis, as we have been able to do with our energy beams and transmitters for the past several years.

There is still a chance--a SLIGHT chance, that this great upheaval can be avoided. However, it will take extreme cooperation from you people of Earth--co-operation unlike you have ever exhibited before in this age.

1. Avoid giving off negative energy through your distrust, greed, hatred, and begin to help each other. By helping each other, you give off positive vibrations (energy). LOVE GOD! The positive energy in large mass will neutralize the weight of negative energy which has built up around the poles of your planet--this could keep it from tilting, if enough positive energy is received in time. Your planet is a living organism. Send mental positive energy by thanking the Earth for all its bountifulness you have received.

2. By whatever peaceful means at your disposal, put sufficient pressure on your government(s) to permit us to land our spaceships on your planet and meet with your leaders and offer them our assistance and technology. WE WILL NOT DO THIS UNTIL WE ARE ASSURED WE WILL NOT BE TREATED WITH HOSTILITY OR BE INCARCERATED. With the cooperation of your world governments, we can greatly help you in more orderly evacuation of your planet, if indeed it still becomes necessary--which it may! If it does not, then we can work together in the sharing of technology and live in brotherhood.


At the conclusion of Yeorgos’ program segment, Spotted Eagle again took center stage to make closing remarks and leave his special blessings with the group.

He told of the extreme importance of the upcoming Mighty Council Gathering and said elaborate plans had been made for its success. He told those gathered that under the facade of filming a motion picture, the meeting could take place uninterrupted by human interference. He said there would be many such activities taking place at various places on the planet in order to make The Truth known. After the GATHERINGS there would no longer be doubts as to the existence of Space Brothers, and Earth man would know of the consequences he has brought upon himself. He said there would be other happenings which would also confirm the validness of these teachings.

He chanted his appreciation to the group and to the “GRANDFATHER” and the lights were extinguished. The canyon was once again silent.

* * *

Editor’s note: The following is another excerpt, from pages 41-44 (last excerpt is in the 4/19/94 CONTACT), of the very first work by “Dharma” called SIPAPU ODYSSEY. At the time of its writing, about seven years ago, it was thought to be a work of Fantasy. However, as time passes, SIPAPU is appreciated for its vivid message from God’s Hosts and its “timing” clues for various events in the major planetary transition now well underway on Earth-Shan. See Back Page for ordering information.

By Dorushka Maerd (“Dharma”)

It was evening when the groups began to gather up the canyon for holograms and speakers. As Steve and the Earth group joined the audience they noted many people whom they had not seen before. The gathering was situated in a widened area and those in attendance sat clustered facing a sheer cliff wall with an outcropping of rock at its base. As the natural light faded, it was replaced by a “spot-light” from the space craft which lit the “stage” area. It was wonderful as the sky was visible above the stream of light. They could watch the stars take their places in the universe while waiting for the session to begin.

Spotted Eagle climbed to a point near the middle of the rock outcropping and raised his hands to the Heavens. There was the scent of smoke wafting on the air and Spotted Eagle carried some feathered items, in addition to a beautifully decorated, long-stemmed pipe. The audience fell into immediate silence as he took his place and prepared to speak.

Spotted Eagle spoke of the Ancient Ones and of the relationships of every creation on Earth; of the relationship of humans to all of those creations. He spoke of the beauty and harmony of Earth as our mother, and as he spoke the cliff became a huge “screen” upon which was projected a collage of action pictures. He continued to narrate as scene after scene was illuminated before the group.

The projections showed the devastation perpetrated by man on the two beautiful continents known as the Americas. Among those things shown were consequences of acid rain with dozens of examples of streams, rivers, large and small lakes, and oceans being polluted and destroyed; there were pictures of forests being poisoned by pollution, devastated by man for industry and cleared for agriculture. The consequential terrible flooding from the stripped watersheds was shown. He showed pictures of dozens of electric power plants, oil refineries, chemical and industrial plants belching forth pollution. He showed the destruction resulting from mining activities (there were also demonstrations of earth collapse into some of the underground mine shafts as the earth shifted). The examples seemed endless.

Spotted Eagle even showed examples of man’s desecration of Earth’s most sacred areas; the human faces carved onto the face of magnificent Black Hills (one of the Indian’s most sacred spiritual places). Diana was openly sobbing and Bob could not stop the flow of tears from his eyes. Somehow he knew the subject matter would not get easier as the evening progressed. He would be correct in that assumption.


John, too, was accompanied by projected visual holograms which made an individual have the feeling of actual participation within the scene itself. As he spoke, appropriate visualizations moved with his verbal illusions.

He said he would simply be giving a description of things as directly handed down to him, without personal comment. He then launched into his teachings.

And it is said there shall be winds, and there shall be, in the time when it is winter; and the trees shall bow down their boughs, and the winds shall sting with the cold; and there shall be great suffering among the people and they shall fall down and cry for mercy.

And there shall be a mighty earthquake and it shall split in twain the country of North America, and it shall be as nothing the world has known before, for it shall be that there shall be a great part of the great land of the North Continent go down and a great sea shall form within her center part from the Dominion of Canada into the Gulf of Mexico.

And there shall be great ocean liners, liners which shall travel within its waters, which will be propelled by solar energy of the next age. But with this they shall be unable to travel east to west or from west to east, through what is now the Atlantic Ocean, for it shall have a mountain range which has been thrown up from the bottom of the Atlantic; and it shall be extended into the air to the altitude of ten thousand feet and it shall be the City of old, for it was the Light of the world. She went down amid a great shock and a great wave; and it shall be that she shall come up the same way as she went down.

And the west side be as the sheer side of granite, and it shall be without foothold; and the way shall be as the eagle flies from the place which is Upper Virginia three hundred miles due east; and at this point it shall be one thousand and eight hundred feet from the waters; and not an entrance through the land shall there be to the east, for it is not for them, which are to be the remnants, to communicate by water; for it shall be with a new science, and a new method shall be given unto them. For there is not a place which is that shall remain the same in its present state.

And not a person shall be left which is not prepared for that which shall be. And there are many called but few are chosen: for there are none which have been chosen which have not been carefully prepared; and they have been unto themselves true, and they have given credit where credit is due. And now it is given unto them to be the seed of the new Civilization which shall come upon the Earth.

And within the time which is left before this shall come upon the Earth, it shall be that many will be called: and they shall doubt; and they shall fear; and they shall faint; and they shall fall by the way; and they shall be in no wise, for it is given unto man to fear that which he does not understand--and for that does he wait.

And it is said there shall be winds, and there shall be the winds, and they shall be as none the Earth has known; and they shall be as the winds from the sea and from the land all rolled into one great tempest. And they shall be as the winds of the North and the South and East and the West, and they shall tear that which is in their path and they shall be as the reaper who mows down that which is in his path. And they shall sing with the bitterness of the cold. And they shall be as the elements of the Earth, for they shall contain both rain and wind; and the hail shall be as big as bird eggs, and it shall split that which it hits.

And it shall be that the suffering shall be great upon the Earth, for it is given unto man to know suffering. And he has not known such suffering before, and, when it is come upon him, he shall fall down and shall cry for mercy.

And it shall be that the winds too small be great upon the Earth--they shall blow East, West, North and South and not a place shall there be upon the Earth which shall escape the winds which bloweth; and when this tribulation has come upon the Earth, it shall be that there shall be many who have kept within the law.

And with the coming of the winds and belching of fire from within the Earth there shall be--MORE!”

John continued by telling of how things would be. He said that no one would be responsible for the words of another nor would any man take upon himself that which would be done by another. Each entity would be responsible for his own. He said man had lost his identity with the Father God which had sent him and that if he would not awaken and return to the Father he would surely perish.

John spoke on for a very long time giving illustration after illustration. He concluded by saying it was time to talk more about the present.



THU., MAY 12, 1994 12:31 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 269

THU., MAY 12, 1994


DOOMSDAY 1999 A.D., Continued:


[H: Check it out: The “prophets” can’t even agree on a date? What if nothing happens? Well, you can depend on one thing: If nothing of prophecies happens as to destruction of a planet--you can count on the fact that if you do nothing about your social and political problems and with the natural changes set in motion AND those that will be used BY MAN to destroy and terrorize to gain power--it will certainly be a disastrous time of it.]

According to British astronomers John Gribbin and Stephen H. Plagemann (The Jupiter Effect: 1974), an even more dangerous condition will exist in May, 2000 A.D. for those of us who are here to observe it. At this time Mercury, Mars, and Earth will be in direct allineation with the huge planets Saturn and Jupiter [H: But what of Jupiter’s destruction and blast-off in July 1994??], as well as with Pluto and the Earth’s moon. Venus will also be close to Mercury in this cosmic line-up. The effect of powerful earthquakes brought about by this positioning might be strong enough to disturb the Earth’s rotation, causing it to wobble on its axis and perhaps to bring about a magnetic reversal of the poles.

But this “worst case” situation, which is now being commented on with increasing frequency by present-day astronomers, geologists, and oceanographers was also noted and commented on by Berossus, a Babylonian astrologer-historian who lived more than 2,300 years ago. One wonders through what telescopic equipment and what lost techniques Berossus and the Babylonian magicians (then a word for astronomers) arrived at their calculations. The Roman poet, Seneca, related some 300 years later what Berossus originally caused to be inscribed in wedge-shaped cuneiform syllables pressed into wet clay tablets:

....these events take place according to the course of the stars; and affirm it so positively, as to assign the time for the Conflagration and the Deluge. He maintains that all terrestrial things will be consumed when the planets, which now are traversing their different courses, shall all coincide in the sign of Cancer, and be so placed that a straight line could pass directly through all their orbs. But the inundation will take place when the same conjunction of the planets shall occur in Capricorn. The first in the summer, the last in the winter of the year...

Berossus, in speaking of “the year” was referring to the sidereal year, the precession of the equinoxes, which takes 25,827 of our years. (This figure is the time it takes the Earth’s polar axis, which changes in space from day to day, to return to its original position in space in relation to the zodiacal band. The twelve constellations of the zodiacal band as they succeed each other in the night sky have formed a convenient cosmic clock for Earth observers for many thousands of years.)

Was Berossus making a prophecy or merely an educated guess several millennia in advance of his time, based on many millennia of observation and research before his own era? The astronomical observations of distant antiquity, generally connected with prophecy, were often included in legends of the gods or disguised as a code, perhaps to restrict the information to the priestly caste. The extent of the sidereal year can be recognized in the sum of the crossed diagonals of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh which gave a total of 25,826.6 pyramidal inches. How did Berossus know about or the Fourth dynasty of Egypt measure the sidereal year? And this is only one example of cosmic information contained in the Great Pyramid.

Because of the scientific information still being discovered within the Great Pyramid, a belief has grown among psychics that there must be a message of prophecy indicated by measurements of the interior passageways, calculated by pyramidal inches. Measurements have revealed a series of breaks and variations built into the twists, turns, and protuberances of the galleries and inner chambers which are considered as indicative of important events in the past, the present, and the future. Believers in these prophecies have included at least one well known astronomer, Charles Piazzi Smyth, once the Astronomer Royal of Scotland. These predictions in stone are believed by many pyramidologists to have begun on a date equivalent to September 22, 4000 B.C., and will end on September 17, 2001 A.D., the end of the sixth millennium.

While remembering that this is an interpretive prophecy, mainly after the fact, it is still intriguing to observe that certain modern events appear to have been indicated in advance, that is, since the time the key was thought to have been discovered in the early part of the twentieth century--the gallery measurements apparently indicated critical events which would occur at dates corresponding to World War I, the Armistice, World War II, the Atomic Age, and crucial events of the fifties and seventies. But the measurements--and history itself--seem to break off in 2001.

A calculation by Heraclitus of Ephesus, a Greek philosopher of the Ionian school, can be interpreted as a forecast of the next world catastrophe. Ancient Greek cosmic outlook was influenced by a theory held by Plato and other philosophers that there were and would be periodic destructions of the Earth by fire and flood. Heraclitus, who was not influenced by Plato’s account of the destruction of Atlantis, since he predated him, calculated that the world would be destroyed again in 10,800 years, counting from the last time it suffered almost total destruction. If we take Heraclitus’ time span of recurring catastrophes and calculate it from a date in Plato’s account of the sinking of Atlantis (9,000 years before his time) we obtain a date for the next catastrophe fairly close to the end of the second millennium. [H: Ah, but Plato was WRONG in just about everything he presented...including “Philosophy” in which he was supposed to be totally “expert”.] This theory was proposed centuries before our present year count began. It is one more instance of a correlation in time of ancient predictions of catastrophes, kept alive in various world traditions throughout the centuries.

Scientific expertise and cosmic information interpreted through legends mixed with prophecy sometimes occur in remote corners of the world far removed from the advanced cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia.

The Hopi, a small Amerindian tribe of very ancient traditions, apparently knew that the Earth turned on its axis. In the Hopi legend the axis of the Earth was guarded by a pair of cosmic giants who, when they left their positions, caused the Earth to falter in its spin, resulting in the end of a world and the start of a new era, eventually to be followed by still another. The beginning of the end of the present or Fourth World is considered by the Hopi to have already started and will be consummated after the appearance of a now invisible star, rushing toward Earth from space. Strangely, the Hopi concept of catastrophe caused by the Earth fluttering on its axis is a preoccupation among certain scientists of today and yesterday who, attributing the future cause to overloading of ice on the poles, shifting of the inner magma tides of the Earth, a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, or a cosmic collision or near collision, foresee basically the same results as the Hopi prophetic visions--the world’s end in earthquake and fire.

Toltec-Aztec world-ending concepts also prophesied that the present world or sun would end within the present era by earthquakes, a cataclysmic denouement shared by Berossus of Babylon, ancient prophets, medieval seers, and a number of modern astronomers and psychics.

Within the Judeo-Christian religious tradition there exist in the Bible, as expressed by some of the Old Testament prophets, predictions in which, although the years are not mentioned, certain conditions are specified which seem to locate the end of the present world within our own time period, very close to now, the final days being identified as the time soon after the Jews have been established once more in their own land. At this time, as written in Zechariah 14, the Lord declares: “...I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle...” these prophecies are also contained within Ezekiel chapters 36, 37, 38; in Daniel, 11, 12, 14; Joel 2 and 3; and Isaiah 23 and 24.

In the Book of Ezekiel we find a specific reference in the Lord’s prophecy to Ezekiel recalling the scattering of Israel “among the heathen” in the past. But the Lord promises that He will “gather you out of all countries and will bring you into your own land...” and that “...the wastes shall be builded... and the desolate land shall be tilled...” and “...the waste cities shall be filled with flocks of men... I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountain of Israel.”

However, further along in Ezekiel’s prophecy, we find that a great invasion shall come from “Gog” in the north and a great war will ensue when “everyman’s hand will be against his brother.” This prophecy continues with a promise of divine intervention--“with pestilence and with blood... and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands... an overflowing rain and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone... and I shall send a fire on Magog...” and “seven months shall the house of Israel be burying them.”

These predictions have been interpreted by many Biblical students as a direct reference to the final battle of Armageddon, when Jerusalem will be attacked by many nations and the next millennium will be at hand. As this attack and threat of attack is located within the present century, if we link it to the prophesied return of the Jews to Israel, we have the feeling that Biblical prophecy is being corroborated by events in the daily press.

Hal Lindsey, author and theological student (The Late Great Planet Earth, 1970), even suggests a battle plan, based on Daniel’s prophecies such as, “At the time of the end (italics added) the king of the south shall push at him (Israel) and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind... with chariots, with horsemen, and with many ships...” A somewhat free interpretation of the above and the ensuing verses indicates to the author a Russian amphibious assault to the south of Israel, to coincide with an invasion from the northern flank to push down through Israel north to south before the final battle is joined at Armageddon. After this conflict the Day of Judgment will come: “...many of them that sleep in the dust of the Earth shall awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and contempt.”

The prophecies in Joel deal with destruction before a future Day of Judgment as they describe: “...wonders in the heavens and in the Earth, blood and fire, and pillars of smoke--the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great doom, one with cosmic overtones: “...the windows from on high are opened, and the foundations of the Earth do shake... the Earth is utterly broken down... The Earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard... it shall fall and not rise again... The Lord maketh the Earth empty... and turneth it upside down...”

In the New Testament the mystical and frequently obscure Book of Revelation of St. John of Patmos contains vivid descriptions of the catastrophes which will occur during the approaching period of the Apocalypse and the Final Judgment and refers to a final battle, the greatest of Earth’s history. This will be the Battle of Armageddon (Meggido, on the map) in which will contend an attacking army of 200,000 cavalry spouting “fire, smoke, and brimstone”, which is how modern armored cavalry units would appear to a prophet of ancient times. Mention is made and interpreted by some students of the Bible as a recognizable reference to thermonuclear warfare, of the power “to scorch men with fire” and that men were “scorched with great heat and blasphemed the name of God...” and of an earthquake “such as was not since men were upon the Earth so mighty an earthquake and so great,” and that “...every island fled away, and the mountains were not found...”

There is even a passage in Zechariah 14 which, in describing the effects of a future battle, reads:

Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes...

Two phenomenon familiar to observers of the effect of atomic bombs. Also reminiscent of what one hopes we will avoid in the future is a forewarning contained in the Book of Esdras of the Apocrypha which tells of

...great and mighty clouds... shall rise to destroy all the Earth and its inhabitants... and they shall destroy cities and walls, mountains and hills, trees of the forest and grass of the meadows and their grain... no one shall be left to cultivate the Earth or to sow it...

In the Gospel according to St. Luke and also mentioned by St. Matthew there is a prophecy attributed to Jesus Christ which describes a period wherein “Jerusalem encompassed with armies” will be a sign of the approaching Final Judgement:

When you shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified; for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by. Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall be from heaven. And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the Earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

The Biblical prophecies doubtless contributed strongly to the medieval conviction that the world would end with the first millennium. When it did not do so the feeling of relief and thankfulness felt in the European Middle Ages may have encouraged the building of the vast cathedrals which flowered during this era, and no doubt, because of religious fervor, increased the zeal of the subsequent Crusades. Somewhat later, in the early 1350s the Black Death appearing suddenly in Europe and causing the deaths of a third of the population, with resulting breakdown of society and widespread madness, was thought by man, before it abated and life went on, to be the actual end of the world. After this visitation popular belief began to consider that perhaps Doomsday had been postponed, at least until the second millennium.

Some of the medieval European prophets made written predictions, often printed at the time, so that one can be fairly sure that they were not predated, that seem to link themselves to the events of today. Sometimes even the future year is specifically mentioned as in the case of Nostradamus who wrote in the middle of the 1500s:

The year one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, the seventh month, A great frightening king will come from the sky, To raise the great king of Angoulmois, Before and afterwards Mars will reign uninterrupted.

This prediction has been variously interpreted by modern observers, as an atom bomb, a rogue planet, or an air attack, possibly by the Chinese (depending on a cryptic reading of Angoulmois as “Mongol”).

Nostradamus limited the power of the British Empire, before it started, to 300 years. The peculiar ability of Nostradamus in predicting details of incidents hundreds of years in advance is especially notable in his description of the capture of Louis XVI by revolutionaries and his being brought back to the Tuileries (not yet constructed) and puns on the names of two participants, hundreds of years before their births. Because of the almost uncanny accuracy of some of his predictions many persons, other than psychics, are watching with considerable interest to see what will happen in the seventh month of 1999. Nostradamus also indicates several other possible dooms or combinations of catastrophes at the end of this millennium such as:

The world near its last period,
Saturn will come back again, late.

The reference to Saturn is an interesting one as this will be one of the important planets in the planetary alignment of 1990, at which time some modern astronomers have suggested that the influence that the great planets in allineation will have on the molten tides inside the Earth, pushing the rocky tectonic plates together, may set off a series of catastrophic earthquakes, especially on the fault lines. There seems to be an incredible reference to tectonic plates in another quatrain:

The fire at the center of the Earth
Will make the new city tremble.
Two great rocks will contend
Against each other for a long time
And then Arethusa shall color the new river red...

(Arethusa: A classic allusion to a spring coming from the Earth.)

One of the most frequently contemplated dooms of modern prophets concerns the rising of the waters of the sea, since climactically or artificially induced melting of considerable portions of the stored ice at the north and south poles would raise sea levels hundreds of feet. [H: THIS IS TOTAL HOGWASH!] This would have specially catastrophic results for the modern world where so many of the great cities are seaports, and so large a portion of the population is clustered on the coastal plains often only a few feet above sea level. Nostradamus, in a letter of dedication written to his son, Caesar, on March 1, 1555, wrote: “Before the universal conflagration there shall happen so many inundations that there shall scarce be any land that shall not be covered by water....” In the same letter he seems again to indicate the present millennium as an end of this “revolution” for humanity:

We are now in the seventh millinary which ends all and brings us near the eighth which is where the great God shall make an end of this revolution....

His reference to the end of the seventh millennium can be interpreted as the five thousand years between the Biblical Creation and the birth of Christ, with two thousand years added to that to mark the end of humanity as we now know it. He is more definite in his letter to Henry II of France when he specifies the signs by which it will be recognized:

There will be a solar eclipse more dark and gloomy than any since the creation of the world, except after the death of Christ. And it shall be in the month of October that a great movement of the globe will happen, and it will be such that one will think the gravity of the Earth has lost its natural balance and that it will be plunged into the abyss and perpetual blackness of space. There will be portents and signs in the spring, extreme changes, nations overthrown, and mighty earthquakes.

Another seer of the Middle Ages, who lived before Nostradamus and was known to history as Mother Shipton, specialized in writing the future history of England in couplets. She apparently had an unusual ability to foretell developments in countries that had not yet been mapped by Europeans, such as the USA and Australia, and even to foretell and describe the use of products not yet known in Europe, such as potatoes and tobacco.

As to the catastrophic ending of the world, she seems to have placed it 400 years after her time, adding certain feminine details for future identification, when she rhymes:

When women dress like men and trousers wear,
And cut off all their locks of hair,

When pictures look alive with movements free,

When ships like fishes swim beneath the sea,

When men outstripping birds can soar the sky,

Then half the world, deep drenched in blood,


Mother Shipton apparently claimed that the world would end in 1981 but a publisher of the nineteenth century, republishing some of her rhymes, apparently doctored the 1981 to 1881, thereby causing a near panic until the date was past. [H: Still think nobody ever tampers with anything important?]

Others among the world’s great religions also specify in their traditions a fateful time in their history occurring in about 2000 A.D., which of course would not occur in their traditional count although in years it comes out the same as the Western system of counting time.

In archaeological and other scientific terms 2000 A.D. is often referred to as 2000 C.E. (common era) and B.C. as B.C.E. (before common era) in an effort to render the scientific count of years more religiously neutral inasmuch as almost all national units now use the calendar whose identifying letters hitherto have stood for “Before Christ” or “In the Year of our Lord.” It is nevertheless remarkable that religions and traditions with no common starting point coincide in their prophecies of a date in Western count 2000 A.D. which will signify an end or new beginning of humanity.

[H: I am going to interrupt right here to tell you about “2000” and its REAL IMPORTANCE. It is the year 2000 in which THE PLAN of the New World Order and total control of your planet by Satanic influence and massive oppression of all people save the Elite is planned to be in full operation. How handy that the “prophecies” have been adjusted to coincide with that PLANNED EVENT! THE ENTIRE ABSURD FOOLISHNESS IS SET TO DISALLOW ANY QUESTION OF THOSE THINGS WHICH MAN PLANS TO BRING AGAINST THIS PLACE AND YOU OF THE PLANET IN HIS EVIL CONTRIBUTIONS TO DESTRUCTION. You are as sleeping lambs who are manipulated according to the whims of the adversary who KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE IS DOING! GOD gave unto you thinking minds and BRAINS and it confounds my own comprehension that you REFUSE TO USE EITHER! WHY THINK YE THAT WE HAVE FOCUSED ON THE DASTARDLY ACTIVITIES SURROUNDING THE PROJECTION OF YEAR 2000 AND “THE PLAN”? THE ONLY THING SET FOR TOTAL DESTRUCTION IS FREEDOM OF HUMAN SPECIES AND A LOT LESS POPULATION THROUGH ALL SORTS OF INCREDIBLY DASTARDLY ACTS WHICH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD!]

For example, Buddhist tradition placed the end of the present world at 2,500 years from the birth of Gautama Siddartha, the Buddha, at which time mankind will be redeemed by Maitreya, the future Buddha, and Gautama Siddartha, it may be noted, lived 2,500 years ago.

Tibetan and Mongolian Buddhist tradition had long foretold the end of the rule of the Dalai Lamas and a whole way of life after the reign of the thirteenth. This prophecy was fulfilled, as predicted, with the onrush of Communist troops from China. [H: Who said???]

Hinduism calculates the age of humanity as the yuga (epoch) of Kali, the Goddess of Destruction, and this is the age now drawing to a close.

The force for preservation in Hindu theogony, Vishnu, has already saved humanity on a number of occasions [H: Really, and WHO told you THAT?], symbolically appearing as a savior in the form of a fish, tortoise, boar, man-lion, dwarf, Parashurama (Rama with the ax), Rama, Krishna, and Buddha. He will finally appear, soon, as Kalki, a white horse, destined to destroy the present world and take humanity to a different, higher plane. [H: Do any of you see what foolishness is afoot? Good grief, readers...! God needs none of this garbage to relate to man--the facts are that all the drivel is to allow for everything to have an EXCUSE when the predictions are proven to be pure trash. All of you who expect to just be “raptured off” just because you think and believe there was someone who perished at your hands and SAVED you--are full of it...! These concepts are as primitive in perception and reality as ANY ever projected by any insane mind. You are ending up basing everything on the MAGIC of some illusion out there somewhere--when you are the illusion right where you ARE. Why would WE want a bunch of primitive and ignorant savages aboard the perfection of order established from REALITY of universal LAW?? You are planning on a physical human to somehow appear and all your human ignorance be wiped away and you go a place of joy and full KNOWING--out of the depths of a jungle of evil interpretation? Forget it, for there is no magic, no mysticism, and no DO IT FOR YOU. Your enemies, very human in every aspect, fully plan on your foolish mysticism and witchery magic to cover their dastardly deeds right up and THROUGH YOUR DEMISE! NO INDEED, THE SHIPS WILL NOT BE CROWDED THIS DAY!]

In the very heart of Asia, in the deserts of Mongolia and the mountain reaches of Tibet there has existed for many centuries the mysterious and mystical tradition of Arghati and its ruler, the King of the World. Arghati is believed by many to be an actual inner world existing under the high plateau in the mountains of Central Asia, a series of huge caverns with secret entrances to the surface of the Earth through which ancient tribes sometimes entered and there continued a hidden civilization down to the present day. This underground Shangri-la is still believed to exist underneath the Communist-dominated surface and whenever its ruler, the King of the World, makes prophecies the birds and animals on the surface of the Earth suddenly become silent. Hundreds of years ago the King of the World made a prophecy which, counting from the time it was purportedly given, falls, as do so many other predictions, within the latter part of the twentieth century.

Men will increasingly neglect their souls... The greatest corruption will reign on Earth. Men will become like bloodthirsty animals, thirsting for the blood of their brothers. The crescent will become obscured and its followers will descend into lies and perpetual warfare... The crowns of kings will fall... There will be a terrible war between all the Earth’s peoples... entire nations will die... Hunger... crimes unknown to law... formerly unthinkable to the world... The persecuted will demand the attention of the whole world... the ancient roads will be filled with multitudes going from one place to another... the greatest and most beautiful cities will perish by fire... Families will be dispersed... faith and love will disappear... within 50 years there will be 18 years of war and cataclysms... Then the peoples of Agharti will leave their subterranean caverns and will appear on the surface of the Earth.

It is noteworthy that all the ancient predictions of doom, most of them fixing Doomsday within our own era, concern a mixture of final warfare, earthquakes, tempests, worldwide volcanic eruptions, and overwhelming floods. Most of them deal with especially destructive warfare, with perhaps a suggestion that it will be a sign of, or a contribution to, final doom.


* * *

In the next writing we will take up that which is referred to as prophecies of the Gulf Breeze Six [soldiers from the Gulf War]. With everything we have written in the past four years about the actions of your ongoing experiments and such--HOW CAN YOU CONTINUE TO ACCEPT SUCH GARBAGE AS A BANQUET? The Gulf Breeze Prophecies, for goodness sakes, were made through a Ouija board in one of the cutest mind-manipulation experiments of your time linked with total relaying of DESIRED information. You ate it up like ice cream with nothing save absolute awe at such coincidences of happenings as they now unfold. Why do you think these nice children were given “honorable discharges” and turned out onto the public like soothsayers? Oh sleepyheads!!



FRI., MAY 13, 1994 10:04 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 270

FRI., MAY 13, 1994


I realize it is very nice for you to get confirmation of things of which I share, from Earth-level humans from the “inside”. So, in that vein, today is a good day.

You all want to know to the moment when something will happen and I remind you that as long as man can tamper--it is impossible to calculate all the probabilities and possibilities. But let us look this day at the economy and what is afoot and PLANNED for the FIRST WEEK OF JULY, 1994.


There is a terrible confusion as to just “how” to handle a money (currency) shift. It TODAY appears (and this comes from some Treasury Department operatives) that the more simple way to handle the money is back again to the colored currency already printed, dispersed and waiting at appropriate outlet locations. It can later then be shifted into legitimate “dollar” accounting within the Treasury Department of the Government.

That change-out is scheduled for, and I suggest you simply count on the 1st but I suspect it will be offered around your holiday of July 4th which will fall on a Monday.

The gold in amounts enough to cover a gold-standard BASE in the U.S. was received in the U.S. LAST WEEK in massive quantities. There is more where that came from but this is plenty to now finalize plans for change-out. The “bugs” have now been pretty well worked out of the system and it appears there is no reason to change the plans from this point on.

A lot of political “stuff” has been bargained for silencing UNTIL after July one, so you can guess that this is pretty accurate as to probability. Just HOW they will do it is not important at this moment.

How do I know about these things? Because I and mine have been involved in the transactions since before any of your nerds were aware--we set up the scenario and, yes indeed, our people are involved. I can guarantee you that the Phoenix Institute for Research & Education, Ltd., for you participants, WILL NO LONGER BE UNDER CONSIDERATION FROM IMPACT FROM THE “DARK” CRUSADERS!

There are some 150,000 TONS of gold now in the states--ready. The valuation will be at approximately today’s value but I believe you can see that there will have to be a greater incline in value as we move along. It is not necessary for there is more metal but, to base a currency for nations, the value of the metal will need to match the flow. We have spoken of this often so I will not concern with it here.

So what about involvement with a Space Command? Chelas, there have always been at least one Pleiadian on the Com-12 (MJ-12) Council since onset and I am in direct communications CONSTANTLY as is Comte. St. Germaine who would be better recognized as a Phalyr from the Osirus Group than a Pleiadian as such but comes most recently from the Pleiadian system as recognized from Orion as a Physion. I would more closely resemble that which would be recognized as an Arquilion. (Meaning: Arc as in Arch “angel” and “lion” meaning place of the Christ--or Godhead. I represent “the places of the Lion”. Believe it or not--it matters not, to me, whether or not this is reasonable or that you can “believe it”! My TEAM is coming together nicely and they are now becoming aware of what their task is in this reclamation of a nation and humanity. Ones of our “races” who sit to your councils are into the multiple of hundreds (in years of your counting) of age. THE ARQUILIONS have been recognized forever but until now the motivation of presence has been unknown. That is because we are the HOSTS of GOD and THAT IS our motivation. We are the informers (teachers, messengers) to prepare and reclaim in goodness that which has fallen into evil and unbalance. We are the ones sent to bring God’s children home to safety and the security of the Father’s wings. WE ARE THE PHOENIX! WE HAVE RETURNED!

Some who know of the councils and who attends will be asking me who is who and which is which? No, I do not want my scribe to know that information as of yet. Suffice it to say, that things are flowing nicely--and you are seeing the interesting and mysterious way in which God performs HIS WONDERS!


There is still far too much which is too dangerous for Dharma to carry in her consciousness so we will not speak of it--there will be more and more confirmations coming from elsewhere so that the picture will become more clearly seen.

I suggest you be prepared for whichever course the Big Boys set up. This can mean anything from very limited exchange amounts per person to a phase-in of colored paper.

The first approach was to bottom-out the system through total collapse but that can now be averted by the stabilization by gold. This would not save the “market” but the “market” is the Elitist manipulation toy anyway. If you are among my people--I suggest you seriously contemplate getting out of the market, but I have suggested that for some time now. How about buying gold? Well, I can’t speculate for if things go downhill, there may well be a confiscation of excess stored gold to control supply and demand as to value.

Will this “fix” everything? NO, partly because of the outstanding and MASSIVE debts which are legitimate--against the U.S., such as the “Treasurygate” debts, Gold Certificates, etc.

However, it is one reason you can expect a heavy rise in gold prices because of this massive value demand. The Big Boys will tell you this is ALL of the gold available--IT IS NOT! However, there is a great difference in the very low per ounce price paid for the metal and what the new value will reach which CAN bail out your national obligations. I am not talking about the banker’s debts that they have socked you with--I believe you should toss out all the bank’s illegal deals. But, we’ll see what you as a nation of sleepyheads will do about it....

I ask that you not nag me further about this for I will offer suitable bulletins as we move along and I personally am not interested in YOUR personal druthers or game-playing to get the most for the least. We are about God’s work and have no intent to play a game of “get the most”. You who have shared generously will gain reward and this is your message. You who have just wanted to tinker while pulling our work DOWN, had better just watch out because the government is going to be onto everybody like super-glue so, if you have not bothered to learn your guidance lessons--be most cautious, is my suggestion.



SAT., MAY 14, 1994 10:03 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 271

SAT., MAY 14, 1994


As we sit to write this morning, let me first take time to say some things which will be confounding and disconcerting to many of you readers. However, as you ponder upon the REALITY of existence and the things which must be accomplished, you will, hopefully, find insight into the various facets of necessary sequence.

Yesterday I broached the subject of various brother-tribes. I purposely left out those who are just “experiencing” and “observing” because we have neither the time nor space at this point to go into those details at this time.

However, as you are coming into a whirlpool of information and ones are beginning to experience truth in pathway (and most of you who “think” this is happening to you--it is NOT!), we must begin to merge activities. I will NOT give forth information “before its time” but our people need insight as well as the readers who simply dig for the sensationalism, mystic perceptions and/or guidelines. Our thrust in action will always be a shifting off to the HUMAN expression who KNOWS--and I DO NOT speak of spiritual advancement for I find almost no truthbringers scattered about. Almost all those that I experience and observe have tainted their teachings with that which they, as humans, find expeditious and suitable AS HANDED DOWN THROUGH GENERATIONS--AND IS ALMOST ALL INCORRECT.

Our journey today is to open the roadways to Truth in experience through the gifted leaders being awakened to their role. YOU will not agree with almost all of the ones CHOSEN as, in some manner or another, you will find it against teachings you perceived were of God and Creator’s blessings. Remember, as I have told you before, YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF THE REALITY OF GOD, ALIEN SPACE BROTHERS OR, IN FACT, YOUR OWN PROJECTION INTO THIS “PLAY”.

I, for instance, can give you in detail the difference in my Command and that which is generally recognized as “Ashtar’s” command. Why is there difference? Why are there different races and species on your planet? “Ashtar”, itself, in terminology, is “a Command”, not a cute little space being. There IS a Commander and for identification this Commander is recognized by simply, “Ashtar”. I have almost NOTHING to do with THAT Command. It is a tremendously large BRAIN, as in computer system. Your closest thing to this system would be recognized as your computer system called “the Beast”. Is Ashtar a Beast? Well, I guess, sometimes--but that is beside the point. His purpose is to tag every living being and would, at a time of necessary evacuation, have every living thing “wire tapped” for expeditious removal or “rejection”. St. Peter? Perhaps. I suggest you STOP your silly efforting to find secret mysticism in everything. Example? JerUSAlem! This is pure balderdash and a game of distraction. What’s in a name? Anything you want to choose to be in a name.

What we are about these days is early awakening to understanding that in some of these “Committees”, even the perceived “Dark” councils--sit what you call extraterrestrials.. I assure you that on at least one very, very important Council--sit at least two alien brothers who were present among your “Founding Fathers”. Ah, indeed, they are old--but when you are not concerned about ‘AGE’, the expeditious takes precedence over the observed generality.

So, who am I? I am that which represents the Hosts--or the “Wayshowers” of Lighted Grace and expression of goodly portent, intent and perfection in those intentions. This DOES NOT MEAN that the majority of the “visitors” are even goodly sports--most are NOT. Therefore, “a couple of goodly actions and all will be fine and dandy”, is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

You will, however, be given “the method (way) to transfer the basic structure into one of honor, integrity and equality of acceptance” as you move through the passages and activities. God always provides THE WAY if man will but choose that particular passage. Man has never shown any desire to achieve such perfection, so mostly the exercises become more Earth-binding experiences instead of learning Truth into KNOWING soul perfection.

Do “I” have the most “clout”? , YES--but I and mine are not interferers or interventionists. We are here to see to our mission: bringing the WORD, the TRUTH and the LIGHT. In other words, the actions of physical plane will be as “man” allows or structures it to be. We will build places for remnant (ours) passage and lay a foundation of example and production and service while making available the transportation to necessary security of OUR people. Anyone who wishes to BECOME one of OUR people is certainly welcome to join us, and you aren’t going to be able to tell by skin color, size, breed, or anything, who those are. You had best go look into the mirror and then consider your own ACTIONS and you can discern, pretty well, if you are honest. Pretending will not “cut it” longer, good buddies, for it will be your soul intent that brings the final sorting, placement and JUDGMENT of self as projected. It is from WITHIN that the KNOWING of status is recognized--no matter where you are, who you are, or your purpose here. If the response to the “image” is more excuses, a new tale of lies to fool mankind--so be it. If you REALLY believe the lies, you had better take a really good hard look at self--because simple brain function knows when you lie and when you speak truly. “I” don’t care which you are or do--except as to how it affects MY PEOPLE. YOU are certainly most welcome to DENY me or my existence. It is not my business as to what you think about me. More important: WHAT MIGHT I THINK ABOUT YOU? So, to answer that one--basically, I don’t think about you at all if you deny me. Further, if you DENY me before God and Men, I MOST CERTAINLY SHALL DENY YOU BEFORE GOD. Moreover, I shall allow the adversary to do that which he will--with you. This is usually a rather dastardly and mean evolvement of physically negative responses.

When we find ones who involve themselves deliberately and detrimentally within or against my mission or my people, I turn them over to those entities who function in such capacity of game-keeper or warden. What happens with those entities is, again, not my business. Your church doctrines and teachers thereof have so lied to you from their own ignorance as to be amusing if it were not so incredibly dastardly. NO, I do not expect a BIG lift-off or a “RAPTURE” of any sort in transition into GLORY! I do expect a lot of physical deaths and ascension as recognized by “soul’s” infinite ability to continue. There are a lot of souls already departed through migration--both good and bad. You are populated by millions of soulless beings experiencing a physical expression.

As to “Prophecies”, I would say that there are as many possible “endings” to YOUR PLAY as there are ones of you. However, the reason you can count on “prophecies” as written (no matter how written) to be fulfilled is because the writers of the play are already in control--subject to possibilities of “free-will mankind” changing his mind. There will not, however, be a mass turnabout of ALL mankind prior to depopulation of the planet and clearance of the numbers of inbred “animal” life. How do you note “animal” vs. souled man? Sometimes you obviously can’t. However, you can look into that which breaks ALL laws of God and Creation and discern pretty well who you would want to travel in your adjacent seat on the plane. If he advocates illicit, illegal and horrendous behavior while spreading deadly disease with every breath--you would not desire his presence as your mate, now, would you? Spouting “unconditional love” will NOT CUT THE MUSTARD, my good friends. That very spouting becomes the biggest lie of all and dirties the name and the terms: goodness, love and Godliness. GOD IS LOADED WITH CONDITIONS, AND SELECTION AND DISCIPLINE ARE ULTIMATELY HIS!

I always am both amused and astounded that you would think that I, as Commander of a mission, would be a sleazy wimp of some kind. What makes ye think these stupid thoughts? Ah, I thought so--those nice teachers who drain you of your assets while pointing at another, and lead you through the tin rings through thine noses. Tin? Yes, for THEY TAKE THE GOLD and let you blame OTHERS that ye have but sharp-edged tin bindings.

But you disagree? Why? How? WHO CARES? If you want naught to do with me or mine--go thine way! Where did you COME BY YOUR PERCEPTIONS? ARE THEY REALLY BUILT ON TRUTH IN FOUNDATION? Oh, you have read a thing or two that I have spoken? You have even sat in on a meeting or two? And, you didn’t like the discipline and unattachment of myself and my program? I do not have a “church” or “group”, “commune” or “mystical game-playing bunch of acceptors at all idiotic costs!” I HAVE A MISSION! I WILL FULFILL MY MISSION AS WILL MY TEAM! What good does it do to go into groupies and deny, taunt, assault and babble about those who choose to work in God’s vineyards? What gains you in this endeavor?

I am interested in Leon’s notation that he “still shares things from the CONTACT which seem suitable....” So? Good, but am I supposed to be pleased, humble, touched, irritated or??? I do not note the name on the subscription listing! Further, when the next thing you speak is that “the wildlife at Ekkers’ eat better than some of the people...!” Unconditional love? You came, Leon, enjoyed and WERE PAID for whatever work you did around the home that USED TO BE EKKERS. Good grief, you people, the Phoenix Church of Christ is domiciled in Phoenix, Arizona--it is not something belonging to Ekkers!! How dare you ones speak in such total ignorance and lies?!?! as you project around the nation. Do you expect ME to have no anger, no loss of patience? Forget it, good brothers, not only do I respond--in anger, but I am to that very point at this very moment and when the sword of truth falls upon the necks of the liars and cheats--it will be an interesting thing. I DO NOT PROTECT THOSE WHO DENY ME! Creator can do that which He will--NOT ME!




MON., MAY 16, 1994 9:32 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 273

MON., MAY 16, 1994


Am I treading on dangerous water? Yes, and I CAN tread on water! So, how about that? What’s more, good readers, you may as well get busy and bone up--you are going to find that there are some VERY INTERESTING personages around your parts who can do likewise and all those black, ARMED choppers being sent around everywhere to intimidate are going to make the Elite crooks look even WORSE than they aready appear.


Yes indeed, we can’t speak on the more pertinent and officially worrisome incidents at current pressure-bursting buildup without speaking about Ronn Jackson. So, does Ronn Jackson know everything about everything and should you believe him a little bit, not at all--or all the way? Good grief, readers, he CAN’T know everything nor does he present himself to know everything. In fact, the very reason he is going to be so valuable to Constitutional recovery is “that he didn’t know everything!” However, he DOES KNOW that within which he personally worked and integrated. As a matter of fact, he holds positions of high-level “power” wherein he himself did not realize the full portent of such connections. So be it. Bits and pieces are COMING TOGETHER and no man would be given ALL in any circumstance so that such danger and hazard would cause his annihilation. Don’t be foolish in your perceptions.

Ronn is now daily contacted by ones in very high places, as are his attorneys. There are threats, bribes and other blatant show-and-tell tags of a whirlwind of concern within the corridors of the high-levels of your Government. You are going to find, for instance, that over a third of your Congress are drug users and, in turn, by their responses and voting, allowances, etc., ARE ACTUALLY DEALERS! Do they “sell on the corners”? They don’t have to...!


There is a high-level Janet Reno henchman to whom we, through Jackson, have referred to in the past papers, lately. She is the daughter of Dean Acheson, a high-level political and “actual” criminal of sorts. She is objecting to CONTACT and presentations being now offered. Mr. Jackson refers to her as “Butch” and this upsets her, to say the very least.

However, what is really boiling the POT is that Jackson KNOWS all about the involvement of Caspar Weinberger and his cohorts--and has, in fact, already been before a Grand Jury through which all testimony has been withheld. Mr. Bush came along appropriately and gave “Pardon” to same Mr. Weinberger. Well, two things are WRONG with that action--not the least of which is “to do such a thing is UNLAWFUL!” So too, was the “Pardon” Ford gave Nixon!

So, why am I into this today? Because we will be offering direct presentation about this subject in, probably, the next paper but the “assets” are going to be protected in THIS ONE!

I am going to share with you a conversation between Ronn Jackson and Rick Martin following onto which Ronn said he AND, FINALLY, his attorney are getting totally irritated with the actions and threats floating about the Capitol conduits. So, he asked that the information held here, be offered publicly. I CHOOSE TO DO THE OFFERING FOR IT IS ONLY JOURNALISTIC INTENT THAT THE PAPER BE OFFERING SUCH TIMELY INFORMATION. BUT IT IS NOT BEING ACCEPTED THAT WAY AMONG THE THUGS AND CRIMINAL ELEMENTS. AN ARMED BLACK CHOPPER DOGGED MY PEOPLE ALL DAY YESTERDAY. THE INTERESTING THING IS THAT THE “IMPORTANT” ONES TO HAVE BEEN IMPRESSED, I.E., DHARMA AND RICK--NEVER SAW THEM!! I PLANNED IT THAT WAY! You readers may not know ME--but I promise you--the thugs in point KNOW ABOUT ME!

By the way, you UFO buffs: Keep the name Adamsky and, more currently, Lazar in your minds for you will hear them again. If you want some credible scoop on UFO possibilities, I suggest, as I did early, early on--listen to Bob Lazar. Is this valid and are they valid, OR, is this another smoke screen to fake out the goodly crew? Could be either--so don’t worry about it--but as things unfold it will come full circle as to who is who and what is what! I want the unfoldment to come full circle FROM ONES WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED WITHIN THESE ACTIVITIES--SO YOU CAN HAVE YOUR HARD EVIDENCE WHICH YOU HAVE TO HAVE. DON’T THINK FOR A MOMENT THAT WE DON’T HAVE ONES AMONG YOU WHO ARE COMING INTO THEIR OWN REALIZATION OF MISSION AND PURPOSE AND A STUNNING BEGINNING OF REALIZING WHY THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY ARE! REMEMBER?: GOD, TOO, HAS A PLAN 2000!


After speaking about the Weinberger conspiracy I also wish to offer you an article on “THE PHOTON ZONE”. I am so weary of you people who don’t like what we bring you, jumping on the disinformation bandwagon and making hash in insulting my writer. THERE IS a PHOTON BELT and you are into the edge of it as we speak--you don’t listen, you don’t read with understanding and you ridicule and denounce anyone who tells you Truth. I care not that you do this, but a lot of people are going to be, at the least, BLINDED and millions (actually billions) will physically perish from the effects of this one phenomenon. I shall not insist you listen or see nor shall I badger you with piles of new information--however, I will offer confirmations and insight as it conveniently falls available to our people. There is no way we can, nor do we wish to, cover everything from viruses to photons--a simple presentation is our mission--not CONVINCING ANYONE OF ANYTHING!

We do have another direct commission, to assist in awakening you to possibilities of regaining order and freedom--if you will respond timely and properly. In this, too, we shall not interfere but will provide you with ones who KNOW and can and WILL lead--properly. Will they be of God? YES, because he who is not, in these “shutting down” days, will already be showing his colors of darkness in service to the Elite Puppet-masters! They may well NOT consider their actions to be “Godly” but only “RIGHT”--and brothers, it is the SAME THING!


Dharma, just transcribe as we move along with the conversation and I will often simply paraphrase for I don’t want to take time with “he said” and “he responded”, etc. We are in a time-warp of high-speed loss of work-time. This is especially FELT by the paper “staff” who have to stay up all night tonight to get this in the paper by early tomorrow! Grammatical excellence is not in point here. Thank you.


Mr. “X” (attorney [I believe it better to keep his name silent for now]) in New York City, who works for Caspar Weinberger went through the “back way” to make contact with Ronn’s lawyer. It is known that Ronn has known “Cap” (Weinberger) for a long time and both were involved in several “things” for the Government, so with all the revelations coming out of Jackson’s “space” the contact was made because Cap is concerned about Jackson revealing those “things”. He wanted to know from Jackson’s attorney exactly what were Jackson’s plans. Jackson’s attorney responded that he didn’t know what Ronn was going to do. A very good observation--since those intentions and revelations change daily.

There is quite “a little thing about which nobody is aware in our Government, and it involves three different attorney general’s and several government officials along with a couple of presidents. And the action that Bush took to grant a pardon to Weinberger was sort of a ‘catch-all’. Even though it was due to his supposed suppression of some evidence that probably could not have been proven in a court of law--it was for something else. It involved much more--in the decisions pertaining to the movement of drugs.”

Are we concerned about Mr. Jackson’s safety? Yes, but it would be very foolish for those characters involved to do much to hurt Mr. Jackson because to go along with this little bit of publicity, set here for the PURPOSE of protection, comes far more damaging information regarding Caspar Weinberger and his involvements in everything from Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant and Bechtel Corporation, intelligence, and Israeli Briefcase Bombs. We will share a bit of that information, also, to allow you readers and harassment experts to understand that the information is flowing from very human levels--THROUGHOUT A FULL NETWORK. IN OTHER WORDS, THE STUFF IS IN THE FAN! HURTING (OR HOLDING) ONES WHO “KNOW” IS NO LONGER FEASIBLE FOR TOO MANY NOW KNOW!!! DOCUMENTS, KNOWERS, FILMS AND TAPES ARE SCATTERED EVERYWHERE ACROSS THE GLOBE, SO TO DAMAGE ANY INDIVIDUAL SPEAKER OR WRITER ONLY TURNS THE MAGNIFYING SPOTLIGHT ONTO THE PERPETRATORS.


By the way, I want to remind you people that the hidden players are often the more important players--such as within the media structure of network TV, as example. Mr. Ted Turner, for instance, is very, very important--but beyond a Ted Turner is a man named Malone--who walks circles around other players in the media control business!

Back to Jackson and Weinberger: the information which is going to be offered, when we can do it properly, will probably result in a Grand Jury--again.

This will deal, for the most part, with DRUGS. It will slop over into the Legislative branch of Government to a GREAT EXTENT. At the time of the incidents involving public investigation of Weinberger, he was a “Cabinet” officer and, although he didn’t probably split up any drugs, he was aware of it and did participate in the “returns” from the dealings. How would Jackson know? Because HE DELIVERED the MONEY for those drugs. Let it be further known, however, Jackson himself has already given this information to a Grand Jury and that testimony is all on record and on tape and was provided to that Grand Jury.

It is not as simple as involving a handful of persons--at least 1/3rd (estimate) of Congress at that time were what they considered to be “recreational” users of cocaine. One of the persons who was in the Congressional Bank was also very high in the “distribution” of the drugs. Not only was the bank a phoney, which you all must know, but the person who ran the bank was also one of the drug distributors. There are two other “Cabinet officers” involved--AND THE PRESIDENTS WERE AWARE OF THE SITUATION.

There are things which are considered “unwritten law” within the Executive and Legislative branches or government which “are not talked about...!” It is not acceptable to refer to any improprieties with which your people may be involved. But, it is now coming out and ALL OF YOU SHOULD KNOW!

It is important that you all realize that it goes far deeper than just superficial cover-up and “possible” suspected activities in issues of “moral” activities (such as sexual behaviors) as well as these other corrupt dealings. Weinberger was totally involved with Malcolm Forbes and “Jr.” Forbes has already contacted Jackson in an effort to distance Weinberger from the circumstance. However, who is going to distance Weinberger from the STUFF going on at Diablo Canyon and briefcase bombs and total involvement with the entire West Coast gang of Satanic/Political/nuclear devices gangsters?

This is all going to hit hard a well-liked Administration--but readers, they will dump on ones who “get caught” and it will be up to you-the-public to demand that the whole guilty lot be put under the glass. With your injustice department being a PART OF THE CORRUPTION it is difficult--but the more you see the harder it is for them to deliberately cover their illegal actions. There is one thing you must remember about the adversary evilmongers--THEY WOULD KILL THEIR OWN MOTHERS TO PROTECT THEIR ASSETS AND YOU ARE GOING TO SEE MORE TATTLING ON ONE ANOTHER THAN IN ALL OF HISTORY--I ONLY HOPE YOU-THE-PEOPLE DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A LYNCH-MOB RABBLE STANCE. YOU HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO REGAIN STABILITY AND IF YOU TURN THIS INTO A DUPLICATE REVOLUTION OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION AS WAS IN THE FRENCH REVOLUTION--YOU HAVE NOT HELPED YOURSELVES.

Know that there are measures being taken, EVEN AS WE WRITE, to control you who would rise up in arms and you can begin to notice the markings on many freeway signs these days. You have well over a million foreign troops in your nation as we speak, well trained through bases in Texas, and entrance was made mostly through Canada and some through Mexico (depending on expertise) to disperse, pick up trouble makers and follow those cute little markers to the concentration bases! If you are NOT SCARED--you DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION!

I believe this is enough from Jackson on this subject--let us turn to GW’s input. This party called without prior knowledge of the subject in point--this morning. These are the NON-COINCIDENCES you had better be attending because it is in the mental NON-COINCIDENCES where you will find my handprint spread all over the open pages!



I believe, Dharma, the better part of intelligence says to simply transcribe the following portion from the tape as recorded on the phone. It will be several days before the written documentation can arrive and the party involved will be “out of pocket”. I need a bit more coverage of this one for his own protection so let us just put it down to print and we can follow on with any necessary corrections, etc. It will highly involve Caspar Weinberger and is appropriate that we use it here. If names are too much to handle in proper spelling, write them phonetically and let us move quickly forward. If editors can’t correct them, let them go. The subject is more important than correct name spelling for these are well-known individuals and phonetic spelling will be adequate for our needs herein.

TRANSCRIPTION: May 16, 1994, (G.W.)

[Call to Rick:] I want to get this to you now because something is going to happen on it so will you please record it to cover until I can get the documents to you?


In the early ‘60s the owner was a “family”, the Marre family, Louis, Casper, Angela and, I believe, Luiji. The latter is the one who made the original $6-million-deal and ran it up to $12 million. Unocal, Arco, AT&T and Pacific Telesis all have guarded pipelines and communication lines running through Diablo. As regards Ronn Jackson’s date of “Sept. 29, 1963” in Grover City and connected material--in the last few weeks there HAVE BEEN A SERIES OF MURDERS CONNECTED TO DIABLO. One is Rigby Maloney, 39-years, two shotgun blasts to the head. The connection is that he worked for contractors at Diablo and was also involved IN DRUGS. Ricky Conn, about 40-years, allegedly killed Maloney and he was in turn shot and killed several days later by deputy sheriffs. He worked for contractors at Diablo as well and was also involved in drugs. Another person who was killed in the area, also by shotgun blasts (name unknown at this time), also worked for Diablo contractors and he too was also involved in drugs.

Now, several years ago a young woman was killed in Santa Barbara. She worked for SeaWorld and was a marine biologist. She discovered many sea animals mysteriously dying and also shellfish were dying and turning black, in the Diablo area. She was bringing this information public when she was mysteriously shot and killed. At this present time there are numerous dolphins and whales washing up on the beach, dead. Investigators can’t find any cause for it.

Diablo was built by Bechtel Corporation involving CASPAR WEINBERGER. Now, there is another connection with another nuclear power plant called Palo Verde Nuclear Plant in Arizona. It was also built by Bechtel Corporation and CASPAR WEINBERGER. This involves Senators Alan Cranston and Dennis DeConcini and Judge Leon Savitch. Also the Carlsberg Corporation of which Cranston was a Director. You can refer to the index in my book (A FISH IN THE COURTHOUSE). This also involved Judge Berenson, Ben Nordman, Carl Ward. Carl Ward was the lawyer that was involved in the JFK murder and a man by the name of Wayne Reeder. This was mentioned in, I believe, Stich’s documents. They were involved in Savings and Loans and billions of dollars in bond sales. OK, all the bond records for the Ventura Public Utilities Corporation and the Southern California Power Corporation (Edison), which were set up by the same people who were, as well, building the Palo Verde plant, were kept in the First Interstate Bank Building in Los Angeles. It is a high-rise office building which was torched and all the records burned and a man was killed. The Security Agency was Pedes Security--WHICH IS OPERATED BY CASPAR WEINBERGER!

I took all this information to a Los Angeles Deputy D.A. and we sat for some two-to-three hours, with another associate of mine, and we recorded this meeting and any and all evidence given. Ira Reiner was the District Attorney in Los Angeles at the time and was tied up with Judge Savitch and all of those people--and killed the investigation.

(Rick inquired about when all this occurred.) Response: Over several years--going back to 1976 when Don Boles was investigating, supposedly, the Southern California Palo Verde Nuclear plant and also the corruption at Cabazon [Indian Reservation] at the same time. At the same time there was another Indian Reservation in Arizona which had a lawsuit against Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, the construction of it, when Boles was blown up in Phoenix. This was in 1976 when I was trying to stop the Ventura County Public Utilities Corporation with lawsuits. Two days later, after the Arizona incident, “they” tried to kill me in my driveway. This was involving all the SAME PEOPLE. A lawyer in Phoenix was at the scene of Boles’ murder, and was in fact the one who set-up the death. This lawyer was connected with Judge Berenson, Nordman and Savitch in Los Angeles.

Now, Jessica Savitch and her boyfriend were also killed as a result of all of these things. Pedes Security has strong connections to Wackenhut.

Getting back to Diablo: the Fisher Scientific Chemical Division, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, 07410 and a phone number (201) 796-7100, had been shipping to UnoCal at Diablo, (UnoCal is right in conjunction with Diablo at Diablo), a chemical called Unisulf-Solution. As near as can be determined at present, PG&E is, in conjunction with Arco, involved in something a lot bigger than I at first thought. I am not a chemist but I believe they are involved in formulating chemicals, the ingredients of which are used for the “thermonuclear satchel bomb”. This involves Lithium. And, in the processing of all this they are discharging these things out into the ocean which is in turn causing death to these sea animals. This is the only possible thing accounting for these deaths.


These are the latest things in “bombs”. They kill personnel and yet do not destroy buildings. Israel is deeply involved in the development of all types of these things and are deploying them around the world. One of these days a nut is going to set one of these off and it will start a chain reaction of one side against the other and we’ll all be right in the middle.

(At this point Rick inquired as to whether or not the paper might print this material because of the involvement of Caspar Weinberger and Commander’s above subject regarding C.W. Permission was granted, with even more information....)

Well, let me throw this at you, then. This will just come off the top of my brain but know that he is involved in the whole thing.

Caspar Weinberger and, as nearly as I can discern, George Bush, were involved in the murder of Vickie Morgan. There were defense secrets involved in the whole thing and they were terrified that it was going to come out. This was the real reason that Bush had to pardon Weinberger: because if Weinberger was going to go down he was going to pull down everyone else with him.


This is going to tie right in with the Rodney King trial going on right now. They have dismissed Daryl Gates from this lawsuit where it was intended to take him for millions and millions of dollars. The reason they dismissed him was because HE HAS COPIES OF ALL THE VIDEO AND AUDIO TAPES THAT VICKIE MORGAN AND HER BOYFRIEND TOOK OF ALL THE GUYS AND THE SADO-MASOCHISTIC BLOOMINGDALE. At the particular place and incident in point--Alfred Bloomingdale was present and Vickie Morgan was his girlfriend. He used to put on these huge multi-sex (of every kind) parties. He promised Vickie thousands of dollars for the rest of her life. But--he ticked her off and when he died she lost all this. But, she had taken pictures of all the goings-on. Now, CASPAR WEINBERGER, Bloomingdale and, we believe, George Bush, and a couple of more right from Washington D.C. who were involved in defense projects, were involved in these pictures.

Now, Daryl Gates, for his own protection (similar to J. Edgar Hoover’s blackmail files), has so much “stuff” on politicians that when they start giving him a bad time, boom, he drops it on them and it’s all over.... Daryl Gates is now involved with a fellow who was head of the ACLU, Stanley Scheinbaum. Stanley Scheinbaum is totally involved with CASPAR WEINBERGER and Scheinbaum now runs the POLICE COMMISSION WHICH CONTROLS THE ENTIRE L.A. POLICE DEPARTMENT. It just goes on and on, but if Commander is interested in Caspar Weinberger right now--and this is one of the things which has been getting a lot of people killed, right now.


I don’t really have any information about Weinberger’s involvement in drugs in Washington, etc., but it does not surprise me.

Drugs enter heavily into the Diablo Canyon thing--you see, this Diablo Canyon is a really weird set-up. They have an entire area out into the ocean where they are allowed (or do so) to discharge stuff and the area is marked off and no one is allowed within the area. If a boat approaches the area uninvited they are met by machine-gun armed security agents--also in boats. There is a secret dock undetectable from any vantage point on shore. The dock is placed, however, so that boats can come in and offload.

Arco, that’s Atlantic Richfield, have facilities there and so too does UnoCal. Pacific Telesis and AT&T are also all mixed up in the operations there at Diablo. All these outfits, and this goes back to our old buddy, WILLIAM P. CLARK, who is tied up 100% with Caspar Weinberger. It can very well be that William P. Clark was also at Vickie Morgan’s at the same time as these other “big-boys”.

Let us consider just a few of the ones involved, who were actually killed for involvement in this. Jessica Savitch (a TV announcer you should all remember) and in some manner she was directly related to Judge Leon Savitch. Judge Leon Savitch DISMISSED a lawsuit that the citizens had filed to stop this $4 BILLION bond deal. Remember that “bonds” run very heavily through these entire operations. If you’ll check with your Securities Exchange on Wall Street you can see what is happening to bonds on the market right at the present moment. They are being sabotaged and maneuvered and the same thing typical of the old billions and billions of dollars of bonds involved in other projects such as the Washington Power Plant. You see, they make their money on bonds in these big constructions and then they are “gone”. Well, the Washington Power Plant was one of the biggest failures ever--something like 4 or 5 billion dollars were lost and on which the American taxpayers are still paying. THIS ALL INVOLVES THE SAME OLD GROUP OF PARTICIPANTS!

How do I know about these killings? I have been involved for years and years in investigations into these things. I know Judges involved; Steven Stone, who is also known as “Litsberg”. Now, all of them have control of those three counties of which I have written. But it is far more than just that because their control goes so widely spread--as in the case of Caspar Weinberger. One of the people who is ABOVE Caspar Weinberger is HARRY PREGERSON. Harry Pregerson has INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS. He goes all the way back to Mickey Cohen and I suggest you just go look it up in my book where I go into all of this information. It goes right to Menachem Begin.

This Fisher Corporation back in New Jersey bears a lot of checking-on to find out how they are involved with all this because this Unisulf that they are furnishing to UnoCal is at point here because when it is mixed with other things it becomes a serious product. I believe that it is Lithium which is used, even though I repeat that I am not a chemist. A lot of people theorize that it uses Plutonium and that the Russian thing about dismembering all the weapons, etc., is actually to get product far advanced of that which has been used to date. Plutonium, in fact, is all but obsolete in usage. The latest nuclear weapons are far more sophisticated. When a weapon the size of a grapefruit or baseball can wipe out ten city blocks--you have something pretty awesome. It wipes out the people but doesn’t destroy the buildings--but when mixed with other substances and detonated it CAN selectively bring down buildings as in the case of the Trade Center blast. Rick, this is pretty technical stuff we are talking about here.

I’ll check in in a couple of days to see if there are any questions but otherwise I will be staying pretty much out of sight.

Good luck to you guys and stick with God--see you later....


* * *

Readers, we have so much to pass on to you that I will have to back off as to possibility of getting everything into this edition of the paper. For instance, I have information concerning Satanic involvement of THESE SAME ENTITIES and, yet, I want to allow space for such as the “photon zone” also. Please bear with us as our tiny crew works around the clock to get this information to you as it unfolds. I warned you readers it would be interesting--yet I believe you didn’t realize, EVER, just HOW interesting?? Armed ‘copters should give indication--but remember--I have some pretty big “guns” also!

The fact that Washington high-rollers are meeting in RENO, Nevada and have had so many hundreds of calls into the Federal offices of the court system there--about Ronn Jackson that they refuse to EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE A PERSONAGE KNOWN AS JACKSON--TELLS A GREAT DEAL OF THE STORY. Keep up the good work, readers, PLEASE! And, for protection of our little team, if you as a citizen get through--or have information, please contact CONTACT because publicity is your security blanket and our little team has a giant unified stomach full of nervous butterflies! The pieces are now coming together and, just as it SHOULD BE--no one person has all the pieces but the ones gathering NOW will, together, have it.... Stand with your brother because it is the standing together in total unbending Truth--that will give you strength.


It seems that some kind of hearing or trial is set for Gunther in Austria on the morrow (17th). The interesting thing in this scenario, however, is that they don’t seem to have anyone publicly acknowledged by the label of Gunther Russbacher. Well, in this instance I think it is “good news” that the “name” is somehow different. The Navy of the U.S. has also denied any knowledge of anyone by any of Gunther’s prior names as being alive or EVER associated with them. This is THE WAY “sheepdipping” works, good buddies. Let it move its way in security--but keep writing, readers, you have sent hundreds of cards and letters and “they” don’t know what in the dickens to do with them as, obviously, such an outpouring CAN NOT BE BURIED! THIS is example of THE POWER OF THE PEN IN TRUTH. These daring Truthbringers can press forward as long AS YOU STAND BEHIND AND BESIDE THEM IN THIS MANNER--AND SO TOO CAN YOU RECLAIM YOUR NATION.

But, will the old/new revolved Constitutional structure be immediate? No, because there is a great power behind the pulling down of the current players as being brought into your attention as herein offered. I remind you that there is YET THE CLASH OF THE TITANS! Can you survive? Yes, but WILL you survive may well be the more important question!



MON., MAY 16, 1994 3:58 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 273

MON., MAY 16, 1994

by Robert Stanley

The following arrived on a desk here without enough reference material to give a reasonable reference. However, I will make note that it comes from a “UFO” publication which states that it is “The magazine for earthbound extraterrestrials”. That, in itself, is enough to cause me to not pay attention but there has been so much fun and games about the “Photon Belt” as to suggest a need for everything you can get because in the “humor” and false information often lays a lot of truth. I am, however, sad to say that in the study of “metaphysics” is often found the most impressive mass of NON-INFORMATION or B.S. arising from your planet. At any rate, we share this with you:


Many of us that study metaphysics are always hearing about the future shift of Earth’s densities or dimensions. Well, how about some logical food for thought such as the little known or understood “Photon Band”. No, it’s not the latest New Age music group; it was discovered in outer space by satellite-born instruments back in 1961. It has also been called the Manasic Ring, which is a Sanskrit word meaning the faculty of mental perception that receives impressions from the senses and transmits them to the Atman or Soul. Our solar system enters this area of our Galaxy every 11,000 years and then passes through for 2,000 years while completing its 26,000 year Galactic orbit. Described as a cloud of photons that rotate at a 90 degree angle to our horizontal orbit, this is a little known or understood region of our Milky Way Galaxy. [H: Wow, I suggest that this is an even less understood subject--by this author.] These excess photons are being emitted from the center of our Galaxy, which is either a very large star or a super powerful black hole. Both of these generate what are called spiral jets from their polar areas. Pictures are available of other Galaxies such as Centarus A [H: Say what??], also known as NGC5128, that will give you some idea what we might look like from a distance. It has a denser spiral of star clusters in the central area, while also having a more circular glow or halo surrounding it.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the nature of a photon, it is the quantum of electromagnetic energy generally regarded as a discrete particle with zero mass, no electric charge, and an indefinitely long lifetime. It is what we see in our night sky, emitted eons ago by a star that may or may not even exist, like a fossil made of light. Also, there are a variety of photons in the Universe that range from the super powerful gamma-ray or ultra-violet photons, to the less powerful x-ray or infra-red photons. Almost everything around us produces infrared photons, which don’t contain much electric current. According to physicist Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac, each type of particle has its counter-or anti-particle. In 1932, Carl David discovered an anti-electron and called it a positron. Later, in 1956, the anti-proton and anti-neutron were discovered. These various particles collide and the reverse charges cancel each other and the total mass of the pairs formed is converted into energy in the form of photons. This reaction offers an unprecedented powerful source of clean energy.

The photon is about to become our newly enlightened environment. In 1962, we entered the influence of the outer edge of the photon belt, which I believe astronaut John Glenn encountered while orbiting the Earth and referred to as fireflies. It was also a time of great UFO activity. According to scientists, if the Earth was to enter the photon belt first, the sky will appear to be on fire, but don’t panic as this is cold light, so there will be no heat generated. If the Sun were to enter first, there will be immediate darkness. Again not to worry, this is temporary and should only last an estimated 110 hours. [H: If, however, the radiation belt around your planet is ignited during this process the light will be so blinding as to destroy vision--further, massive damage is already resulting from the ongoing exposure to these invisible LIGHT RAYS!] Also, the interaction between our galactic solar radiation (starlight) and the photon belt will make the sky appear as though it was full of falling stars. As the Earth fully enters this radiation, all molecules will become excited, atoms will change, and everything will become luminescent. We will be constantly in the light, even in the deepest cave and within every cell of our bodies. As mentioned in the Bible, “All stars will fall from the sky and the night sky will be no more.”

Some scientists speculate that the rotation of the Earth may diminish due to the reduced level of solar radiation. The temperature is expected to become cooler and the polar caps will eventually extend to about the 40th latitude. World communications centers, fixed satellites, U.S. bases and experimental sites (sorry, the next sentence is missing from the bottom of the page)...design or accident. In a February issue of Newsweek, Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul, admitted that the Cuban government had been digging extensive tunnels and underground bunkers. According to him, they had 10,000 men working 24 hours a day for the past 11 years on this project. This was verified by the Pentagon, and is believed to be a long term project for the survival of this coming period mentioned as the twilight of the gods.

As we enter the photon belt, a normal person can expect to experience a jolt of energy similar to plugging your finger into a light socket, although I don’t recommend trying this at home. I know from first hand experience what it might feel like, like having been struck by lightning twice in five minutes while meditating in the mountains during an electrical storm. [H: Now THIS is a very “bright” person and possibly has addled his circuits just a bit--however, the facts are that there is a photon belt and the “shock” effect may or may not present to you--BUT THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY HAPPENING--SHORT CIRCUITS OR NOT.] My personal advice is to completely relax or this energy transformation could kill you. By resisting the flow you could short circuit your nervous system. [H: I think this person has already short-circuited his own. Gosh, and Sir Gritz ridicules a suggestion that you get and keep DARK goggles handy. Why? Because when you have the sudden burst and then the ongoing intense light (brighter than looking into the sun for a long period of time, say, at an eclipse) you will blind yourselves. The intensity of a photon passage without protection BURNS out the retinal nerves!!] Theologians have written about biblical characters that lived during this period of light that claimed, “Ye shall be changed to immortality without the separation of death in the twinkling of an eye.” The sky and atmosphere were different and apparently it never rained.

The contact of a Swiss farmer named Eduard [Billy] Meier with travelers from the Pleiades star system has given us many interesting photographs as well as thousands of pages of their conversations with him. Sometimes called the Contact Notes, they reveal much about Earth’s true history and mankind’s direct relationship to the Pleiadians. Some of the information tells us that this New Age we are entering will have fully begun by the year 2028. [H: Oh my....] The Pleiadian, Semjase, told Eduard “In respect to the cosmic changes which I have mentioned before about the Waterman’s Age, which is called the Golden Age, in this regard I need to explain the religious interpretations of this age which have become absolutely unreal. A certain irresponsible fanaticism is treating the Watermans Age as the proclaimed final time. By no means is this New Age a final time, because in truth it will bring the real life. The age will bring every ....(sentence missing from bottom of page) ....develop the spirit according to providence. But it will take many centuries to achieve. As usual, the atheistic scientists will profit and grow stronger during the beginning of the new time, while the common people are injured by religious quarrels. The changing of the ages will make it difficult to maintain the popular religious beliefs and people will fall into delusion. False offers of salvation and prophets will boast themselves publicly, searching fanatically for victims and new followers.” [H: Well, I “can” buy this statement!]

Semjase continues, “This is the initial phase of the Golden Age, which will last 184 years. This evolutionary force began to transform Earth on February 3, 1884. The final confirmation of this age will begin on February 3, 2028. [H: Did these notes come prior to or AFTER the announced “death” of Semjase? We can hardly keep up with the “new” notes seemingly pouring forth from said entities. It would behoove you to check it out, readers. FOR YOURSELF. A lot of disinformation passes under and over bridges if your alertness slackens and interpretations of short-circuited writers enter the screen. I have said that you are not expected to move into this traumatic “belt” until around the ending of the first decade of the new millennium. You are, however, like moving into any gradually increasing radiation belt--already experiencing increase in the numbers of the bombarding rays which radiate at very intense and very high frequency--INVISIBLE! “Light” is not always visible. In fact, light is NEVER VISIBLE OR INVISIBLE--YOU CAN ONLY SEE THE REFLECTION OR EFFECT OF LIGHT AND “PERCEIVE” IT TO BE VISIBLE.] The first half of the Earth transition lasted 92 years, from 1844 until 1936, when the Earth reached the outside radiations of the Fishes Age. On the 3rd of February 1937 the essence of the Watermans Age reached Earth. Since that date, rapidly changing events, discoveries, inventions, etc., are everyday standards, which are characteristic of no other age. The beginning of the Watermans Age certifies a new life. The whole Earth’s sun-system and its creatures will live in a New Age. Everything will be influenced by it, for this is a cosmic law. According to this law, Earth human’s origin will become newly constructed and evolved. The origin of these changes are caused by the radiation reaching out of the Galactic Central Sun, around which the Earthly system circles once every 25,860 years, passing through 12 different ages known to you as star circles or zodiacs. The Earth has already touched the outer border of the Golden Radiation of the central sun, which are the strongest evolutionary radiations of the whole universe and which will bring the greatest changes.”

According to Nostradamus, in 1999, “it will rain no more, but in 40 years, all will be normal.” The Aborigines of Australia believe that “Men were different to what they are now, we had a bridge to the stars.” They also say, “We were cast out into the darkness and were much afraid, so the Gods gave us a sun to warm us and a moon to see at night.” In all of their stories when they had a dispute with their Chief or Elder they fled to the sky, as did the Greeks. Could it be that space travel is easier in the photon belt?

When Erich Von Daniken visited a certain South American tribe, they proudly showed him an object given to them thousands of years ago by Sky People. They were instructed to keep it clean and, “When it hums like thousands of swarms of bees, we will return.” It began humming in 1978. Is it a cosmic alarm clock waking us up to the coming of light beings? It is possible that some civilizations’ solar systems may remain in constant orbit within the photon belt. When our planet’s solar system exits the photon belt approximately 2,000 years in the future, will the visitors that we may encounter there return to the light and wait our arrival from the darkness some 11,000 years later? The Mayan culture departed in a hurry promising to return someday, which some scholars believe is now eminent.

If the polar ice caps grow larger during the time spent inside the photon belt, the increase of local solar radiation that we encounter outside of its influence would logically begin to melt the latest Ice Age. This would obviously cause worldwide flooding. [H: Oh? How would that be? Ice is considerably expanded from water and causes almost no displacement when melted! That is simple “physics”. I would certainly ask this most foolish author to explain his reasoning. It is obvious ONLY that if you have water and it is not contained it WILL MOVE TO THE LOWEST LEVEL of its surroundings. This happens if there is a polar shift or rearrangement of land masses in some manner--melting ice will not change your oceans more than fractional amounts. If you readers continue to believe pure balderdash and hogwash--I guess you deserve whatever may strike you for you certainly have no perception of what is ACTUALLY amiss in your lives.] Gilgamesh [H: Who in the world is a Gilgamesh?] spoke of a great flood that occurred 11,000 years before the days of Noah’s flood. History tells us that there have been at least five Ice Ages that have already occurred on Earth that seem to last about 2,000 years.

Having considered the impact on our world’s environment and the effect on a single person, what about humanity as a whole? It is possible that many people will not survive the initial shock if they are not somehow prepared for it. If the ice caps extend as far as the 40th latitude, covering half the USA, most of Europe and Asia, a lot of people will be without a home. Will they be accepted into other countries? With a limited fertile space to grow crops, will it be possible to support all the survivors? I truly agree with what the character in the movie Starman said about us just before he returned home, observing that “You are at your best when things are at their worst.” THE END.

* * *

What in the world is meant by that last statement? You are at a pretty “worst” condition at the moment--and I note very, very few in the overall counting being other than even worse! Many are awakening to your circumstances, looking around and declaring to stop the insanity--but I suggest you look around you very carefully and see what you see. And, moreover, I wonder what, exactly, this Mr. Stanley suggests you DO? And, finally on the back page of this copy there is reference to UNICUS. This must be the name of this publication. I find, also on the back page, a large advertisement for International UFO wherein supposedly you can find all the newest, most exciting facts about aliens, etc., etc., etc. Good luck! What do you expect to FIND about aliens when you don’t even know what your confounded leaders are doing--RIGHT HERE IN FRONT OF YOU?

My wish for you regarding the “photon belt”? Well, I wouldn’t make the mistake of telling you how to protect yourself because you would rather ridicule than listen. However, I would wish you intelligence enough to FIND OUT THE FACTS, stop fantasizing with the misinformation-disinformation meditators who get struck twice by lightning in a storm while sitting outside on the mountain--protect your skin as best you can so you don’t kill yourselves with exposure and cancer AND when appropriate, PROTECT your eyes so that you can see to get around later. One of the intents of your good buddies in high places is to put you at the disadvantage of having a population of blind wanderers like ducks in a frozen pond--for the plucking. My other prayer is that you would open your minds to wisdom and intelligence so that you stop the nonsense and get on with that which is before you in your own pathway--and confront it, get the FACTS and then, tend it. The life you save might very well be your own!


Last Friday I said I would give you a listing of the prophecies called The Gulf Breeze Prophecies. These are from a group of six military personnel who played with a Ouija Board, got the prophecies, got scared and went over the hill, AWOL. I don’t have space in this particular writing to either share what interviews have garnered nor to do much commenting on the plausibility of said prophecies. However, EVERY one of the things proffered are totally capable of presentation by mind-control antics and appear to be exactly that--in that all went unscathed for desertion. Will things come to pass as predicted? I certainly would expect so or there was no point in setting forth the scenarios. I have been given another small excerpt from a manuscript which apparently you can obtain for $25.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling. This particular offering seems to come from Sean David Morton, 2207 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254-2527. It is called THE GULF BREEZE PROPHECIES By Sean David Morton and Vance Davis. Or, they print here that you can subscribe to The Delphi Associates Newsletter for $45.00 for a 12 issue subscription--to the same address. I do not speculate as to what comes with the subscription so if interested call (310) 217-7579. I will perhaps offer a few comments from that which I have been given but I would guess that this particular information is probably copyrighted and I have no intention of impinging. The interviews in point occurred on October 1, 1993. The actual predictions were given between December of 1989 and July of 1990.



Editor’s Note: The following predictions were made between December of 1989 and July of 1990. This is a partial list of the predictions that were given to the US Military, along with nearly 1,500 pages of notes. The Gulf Breeze Six were then given honorable discharges after this information was handed over. These predictions were made in the seven sessions in which the Ouija Board was used. There are far more predictions being made even today which I will give readers updates on and can be seen by everyone who subscribes to my newsletter THE DELPHI ASSOCIATES.

Comments on the predictions in bold type are made by myself, after asking questions of Vance.



These are not in any specific order:

  1. War between the US and Iraq--1990. This will last 100 days if the State of Israel does NOT get involved. (Occurred)

  2. Los Angeles earthquake in late 1993--8.3 or higher.

  3. Riots in Los Angeles in 1992. (Occurred)

  4. An earthquake in Seattle, Washington in the magnitude of 5.4 or higher will lead to the eruption of Mount Ranier.

  5. Mount Ranier will blow and destroy a large portion of Seattle in late 1993 or the Spring of 1994.

  6. The US Stock market will crash in late 1994.

  7. A huge explosion in New York 1993. (Occurred) [H: Sure did and it was caused by an Israeli Briefcase bomb about the size of a credit card!] (Editor’s Note: The World Trade Center bomb could be only the first huge explosion this year. Another explosion caused by a gas line rupture will take out a large portion of Manhattan. This will be caused by a 6.0 quake outside of New York City that will rupture the aging gas mains. This will actually be caused by a continental flux AFTER the 8.3 quake in Los Angeles.)

  8. Destruction of New York City and Manhattan by many disasters, natural and manmade, between 1996 to 1998.

  9. Race riots in all major cities--1993 to 1994.

  10. Martial law enacted in major cities--1994/1995.

  11. Russian earthquake which will kill 1,000. (Occurred)

  12. Government will lose A.W.O.L. Military Intelligence soldiers in Atlanta, Georgia--1990. (Occurred)

  13. European Economic Community will be in power by 1992. (Occurred)

  14. Borders dropped in all of Europe--1992. (Occurred)

  15. Military troops will be controlling Chicago--1998.

  16. Terrorist activity in the United States increases--1993 to 1995.

  17. All U.S. air space will be restricted by martial law--1995.

  18. The Constitution will be suspended for 90 days--1994/1995.

  19. A house will be destroyed in Massachusetts with 140 people killed.

  20. 20 major universities will be shut-down.

  21. 50 of the world’s top scientists will disappear.

  22. An explosion at a supermarket in 1994 will injure fifty persons with no deaths.

  23. Gun laws passed in 1994.

  24. Explosion in space in 1993. (Occurred--satellite exploded.)

  25. Youngest President elected since John Kennedy in 1992. (Occurred)

  26. Shuttle not launched due to fuel leak--1990. (Occurred) (Editor’s Note: This prediction actually stated that another American Space Shuttle would explode just like the Challenger disaster, if the fuel leak was not caught in time. The fuel leak was found seconds before lift-off, a classic example of cause and effect probabilities and dual timelines.)

  27. Terrorism increases in Israel--1993. (Occurring)

  28. Israel declares war on the PLO--1993/1994.

  29. Unification of Germany--1990.

  30. Homeless and social undesirables rounded up--1994.

  31. Systematic marking of Government employees and all general military personnel takes place--1994/1995.

  32. The Rapture occurs--1995/1996. (Editor’s Note: This is one point Vance and I are in vehement disagreement over. This may have to do with the “taking up” of all of those who have been abducted and “marked” in the form of nasal or body probes. Is this benevolent, or is it just the negative aliens’ way of protecting their precious breeding program?) [H: OR, could it simply be more HOGWASH?]

  33. True Spiritual leaders arise--1996.

  34. The hidden keepsake comes forth with the true teachers. (Editor’s Note: This will be a book about the lost true religion of Man. The new teachers of truth will talk about our co-creatorship with God and our own divine intervention. This will be the beginning of the new “True” religion.)

  35. Cancellation of a major UFO conference in Europe--1990. (Occurred)

  36. The Seven Thunders will be revealed. (Editor’s Note: In the Book of Revelation, John The Beloved was shown, on the Isle of Patmos, seven books which were called “The Great Books of Thunder”. They were so awesome that John was not allowed to speak of them. They were to be revealed in the last days, by God’s “Witnesses and Prophets”. The Vatican now possesses two of these books, according to Vance, and the other five will be revealed here in America and around the world.)

  37. Biblical treasures are found--1994. (Editor’s Note: Many great truths about the true nature of the Bible will be revealed that will turn Christianity upside-down. The Lost Ark of the Covenant will be discovered, along with proof that Jesus traveled the world with his father and uncle in his early years and was “taken up” by a starship after his “death” and visited the Americas and the rest of the world to spread the teachings of light. This will prove much of the Mormon religion.)

  38. Earth magnetic tilt--2011. (Editor’s Note: The Earth has already tilted 1.5 degrees on its magnetic axis as it comes into line with the rest of the solar system, and this has caused much of the dramatic earth changes and weather we have seen. My prediction is that the Earth will shift another 5 degrees in 2004, 11 degrees by 2011 and a full flip or polar reversal by 2027.)

  39. Increase in volcanic eruptions--1993 to 1995.

  40. The lost library of Atlantis will be found in Egypt before the year 2000.

  41. Increase in severe weather causes mass destruction--1992 to 1996. (Occurring)

  42. Insurance companies collapse--1993 to 1994.

  43. Admittance of alien life forms by the US Government--1995/1996. (Editor’s Note: Vance says that he sees the President at the time introducing one of the “greys” on television as our “New Friends” who will save us with their advanced technology. They will not be our friends, and they certainly will not save us.)

  44. Quantum leaps in the evolution of Mankind after 2032.

  45. 1000-year reign of Peace.

  46. The United States of America will be the least destroyed by the chaos and earth changes.

  47. Fear of the new religion, the New World Order. (Here now!)

  48. The last Pope will be canonized in 1996.

  49. Peacemaker named to the World Commission.

  50. Vatican releases never-before-seen histories of the world and its religions.

* * * * * * * *

My comments? Long live the Ouija Board!


WED., MAY 18, 1994 8:58 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 275

WED., MAY 18, 1994


There is a particularly important document which has come to our attention. I am not going to take time to reproduce it here on this keyboard but I do ask that a copy of it be placed in the current journal (See Chap. 19.) as well as giving it important placement and notice in the CONTACT. A lot of you will be coming up for review and it can help you--even though the IRS will deny its existence. We thank Al Carter for sharing these priceless documents with us and, perhaps, some day soon we can do more than simply thank these ceaseless alarm clocks efforting to change the prison circumstances in which you citizens now find yourselves. It is through a full network of sharing every tid-bit you get which is set forth through the pen that you shall prevail for therein is your documentation, your confirmation and your power through education and information gathering.

How DARE we put information to press that is dangerous, horrendous and NEVER WOULD SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY ELSEWHERE? Well, number one, it will have seen the light of day in someone’s KNOWLEDGE and perhaps even into print. Just as the Federalist Papers are all but buried, THEY DO EXIST. As long as there is even a shred of hope in your CONSTITUTION our teams will make every effort to offer all they can--and the troops GROW. Perhaps individuals may have direct purpose toward this or that project but as a PAPER this publication has ONE purpose--to make public that which we can for as long as we can, in open forum, always checked out to the best of our ability and always giving credit, as well as responsibility for information truth, to those who share. We will always protect sources as that, in fact, is the DUTY of both paper and journalist. This paper is a voice, like other small and struggling-against-all odds papers who fight daily to simply bring that which is no longer ALLOWED in the controlled media. The controlled media is set up and totally dedicated to protecting the guilty and enslaving the innocent.


I hope you will note that A&E channel is currently running a series of shows hosted by Jack Perkins which are referred to as “CIA FILES”. They advertise that you can acquire a set of the tapes--I haven’t the information but the program is called TIME MACHINE. I bring this up because of the reference to some very SPECIAL persons who are placed in a very dangerous position by being up-front with their information. I especially wish to note Victor Marchetti who wrote THE CIA AND THE CULT OF INTELLIGENCE and John Stockwell who wrote IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES. They have both written many other important works but if you want eye-openers--get these!

Last evening’s program was regarding the “Phoenix Project” called PHOENIX RISING. We have written on this subject several times and devoted several journals to these types of subjects. This, however, was the epitome of a spiteful nation betraying its own CONTACTS and creating horrors beyond speaking upon innocent persons. Was this “ancient” times of inquisition or crusades? No--it was in Vietnam WITH YOUR CHILDREN and the hapless citizens of a nation now being used again by your thugs and corruptors. Vietnam was basically a CIA war, good buddies--and involved France to its eyeballs and other dirty activities unmentioned here.

Well, let it be recognized that the connections certainly didn’t stop--as is evidenced by the influx FROM FRANCE into the United States through WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK of the heaviest trafficking in COCAINE of anywhere--all orchestrated and utilized BY THE COMMITTEE OF 17 (OR SO), THE GOVERNMENT OF THE U.S., ETC. White Plains makes Mena, Arkansas look like NOTHING--relatively speaking.

Ah,” you might say, “but White Plains can’t accommodate large aircraft so you MUST be WRONG!” No, it is that there is also a “NEWFOUNDLAND” CONNECTION. You see, refueling, etc., is done in Newfoundland--also massive transfer of product from big planes to smaller ones which can come in easily into White Plains. “Everybody” KNOWS it--it is just that nobody tells YOU about it--and the government’s “war on drugs” is hardly noticed as being fought in White Plains, New York!! May you sleep well tonight--sleepyheads!

So what? Perhaps it is better that you don’t ever wake-up? Well, some people don’t like what is happening in your nation or to yourselves--especially your babies whom you have sacrificed to the devil as surely as if you were a participant in Satanic murder--the death is more insidious and insipid. But you continue to allow NO accuracy in the media or press or in any form by ones who would effort to bring you truth. It is exampled in every hour of every day in THIS place.

Ones who would destroy the Institute, and the paper, along with silencing the journals as Mr. Green, Mr. Gritz, et al.--have shown their own colors and dedication to self aggrandizement, self-greed, lack of insight and knowledge as to what we offer AND are working for the Elite crime syndicate--even if in total ignorance. They lash out and do everything in their power to cause grief and mischief--so be it. The accomplishment in intent is the same as the most horrendous criminal efforting to cover his deeds and destroy your nation and freedom. If these ones set forth themselves as LEADERS it is their RESPONSIBILITY to know every detail of that which they attack for thus far the FACTS AS OFFERED BY THESE ENEMIES are a pack of garbage and any party reading or studying ANY of our presentations would KNOW AS MUCH!

Will we do anything to force these people to stop their painful misuse of you-the-people? No--except for offering you the Truth to whatever extent we can do so--just as they use whatever methods they have available to destroy us. You must, as well, always realize that no matter where you are or who you join in service--there will ALWAYS BE THE ENEMY AMONG YOU AND HE WILL NOT “GO” EVEN THOUGH DESPISED AND RECOGNIZED--SO WHAT? CONDUCT ALL THINGS IN YOUR “DOING” THAT THERE IS ONLY INTEGRITY AND TRUTH TO BE FOUND, PROTECT THE PRIVACY (I DID NOT SAY “ALL SECRETS”) OF ALL AND PROTECT TO THE EXTENT OF ALL POSSIBILITY THE RIGHTS AND SECURITY OF ALL ONES WITH WHOM YOU ASSOCIATE.

Conduct yourselves within the laws of God AND the regulations of the land, and yet you must utilize to the full extent those laws--that which is provided as security for the ones who make the rules--for those are “laws” set forth for themselves but, BY THE WAY OF THE COURTS, MUST ALSO PROTECT YOU. A bunch of locked-away patriots (or, better exampled: DEAD PATRIOTS), proclaiming “rights” in the face of an army of military suiciding experts--are not “martyrs”; they are useless bodies who can no longer serve freedom.

When the Master Teacher said “Take up your cross and follow me”--he did not mean to hop on the cross and commit suicide by crucifixion! Ponder it.

I am urged to share some miserable, degrading and totally unthinkable truths with you. We have spoken on the Satanic processes of the “Monarch” Project, etc., in the past editions and through those routings we are asked to continue with more input on the subject. Since we wrote at length about this subject in Satan’s Drummers (soon to be reprinted as we are no longer interested in wresting the journals from George Green who holds them hostage) we will offer additions which have been sent to us in response to recent offerings. We have been sent, under (and I agree) plain wrapper, with little identification reference to the AUTHOR, but FROM THE AUTHOR, an article which appeared in publication in September of 1970. It was sent to Dr. Young with a cover letter dated March 13, 1994. We have held it until now where it is most appropriate to recent subjects being considered.

It may well seem strange to you readers, however, that we will also be offering a rather long document on the DESTRUCTION of Freemasonry. Why? Because most organizations begin and ones take up without realizing there is anything at all amiss with them. The “corner” Mason is a benevolent service-club participant. There is no way to realize that what is being actually offered is NOT what appears. The ones who really take the rituals and secrets seriously--KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. This is true of churches, doctrines of any kind which control people, as well as governments and enforcer agencies. However, so many of ALL OF THE ABOVE are based on the fundamental ritual secrecy and anti-goodness behavior of oaths and ritual expression that you need to be able to relate the two--even to the manifestos you claim to detest. These in turn, are based on the original PROTOCOLS of the anti-Christ. In other words, NOT ON A MAN CALLED JESUS--but the ones who live in constant movement toward total HUMAN physical control and soul destruction of individual human citizen. Each individual has full RIGHT to participate in any manner desired--however, YOU ALSO HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND A RESPONSIBILITY IN ACCEPTANCE BY SELF FOR THAT WHICH YOU PERPETUATE!

We are going to offer, with author’s updated entries, an article entitled: SATANISM: A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting. Published in September 1970 in a journal called American Opinion.

We will first run the cover letter:

Dear Dr. Young,

Although I certainly realize that you must be literally inundated by material from your many loyal Hatonn supporters, I thought that maybe you would nonetheless find this old article of mine of some special interest. As you can see, I wrote it almost 24 years ago--but I believe the subject matter is even more important today. I’ve also added some corrections and further information for your edification.

Shortly after publication of this article I not only received numerous death threats from the Satanists but went through several years of severe psychic attacks. There were also several attempts on my life. But with God’s help I miraculously survived the worst. Altogether, over a four year period, I wrote 50 such exposés of many aspects of the Conspiracy we all face.

In another mailing to follow I will enclose some additional articles as well as a large Chart I have been working on covering the Satanic Conspiracy which will trace the very origins of evil on our planet Shan--fully a millennia before the Illuminati was ever heard of. Hope you enjoy the article.

For God, family and country, I am...(signature).

[H: I do not have in my possession the other referred-to documents but perhaps Dr. Young will check and see if he has them. You will find them illuminating. If not, perhaps D.G. will send them to my attention. Thank you.]

A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting
by DEG


While a battalion of tough homicide detectives puzzled over the grisly manner in which the killers had dispatched their victims--using knives, guns, bayonets, and even a fork--the nation sickened to Press accounts of the gory “ritual” slayings. Horrifying reports of multiple stab wounds, hideous mutilations, and bloody hoods left over the heads of the victims added to growing apprehension already heightened by rumors of a practising “witch cult” seeking victims for performance of the “Black Mass”. Such was the fear haunting Southern California in August of 1969 that terrified residents of Benedict Canyon added double-locks to their doors and hired private guards to protect their neighborhoods and homes.

After almost four months of intensive investigation, during which police and reporters were led through a nightmare world of drug cults, Satan worshippers, and “speed freak” emporiums where frenzied dancers cavorted before idols of the Devil, it became obvious to even the most skeptical that a terrifying new underground movement was already well established. It was a movement which stretched the length of the land and which embraced drugs, Devil worship, wanton sex, mutilation for pleasure, and ritual murder. It was a fantastic Twilight Zone inhabited by some of the most monstrous sadists and perverts imaginable. Here was a subterranean movement in which weird sexual aberrations were de rigueur, with Communism and revolution part of the cult.

Eventually police were drawn to a secluded area just twenty miles northwest of Beverly Hills, to the old Spahn Movie Ranch, a crumbling relic of a bygone era of celluloid cowboys and Indians. There, amid a cluster of filthy shacks near the foothills of the Santa Susanna Mountains, investigators picked up the trail of a cadre of drug-cult revolutionaries known as “The Family”. Some months earlier they had moved on--to a heavily-fortified desert stronghold in the vastness of Death Valley. They said they were leaving to prepare for “the coming Revolution”.

Police now knew they were searching for the members of a guerrilla commune, including more than a score of half-nude females, some with small children, and all addicted to narcotics. Here was a veritable harem controlled by an odd little psychopath named Charles Manson. It was now only a matter of time. That December second, the Los Angeles Times reported, “Police believe they have solved the Sharon Tate murder case and that an occult band of hippies...committed the five murders. Members of the band--a mystical, hate-oriented tribe of twentieth-century nomads--also suspected of the LaBianca--or ‘copycat’--killings and at least four other comparably grotesque butcheries....”

Arrested and charged with an earlier torture-murder, a member of the “Manson Family” named Susan Atkins casually admitted complicity in the atrocities and named those of the cadre who had done the actual killing. Susan described how she and the others had carried out a frenzied orgy of torture and bloodshed at the direction of Charles Manson, a self-styled Satanist, hypnotist, and revolutionary. Susan told how Manson--who preferred to be known as “Satan”--had repeatedly warned her: “If you ever decide to leave [The Family], I’ll take you and hang you upside down, and slit your throat, and use you as an example....” He was said to have threatened others of his execution squad with the command: “Follow my orders or meet a horrible death.” Those he kept mesmerized with terror, drugs, acid-rock music, occult “magic”, and rampant sex orgies, obeyed his every command without question.

Charles Manson meant business. He is a hardened criminal who has spent more than twenty of his thirty-five years in prison for such crimes as violation of the Mann Act, pandering, auto theft, etc. He was also somewhat of a musician and song-writer and ran with a rich Hollywood crowd as a friend of the The Beachboys, a well-known singing group. His attraction for them was a curious one. While a federal prisoner Manson became fascinated with the “black rites” and necromancy. Becoming an adept Satanist, he joined a London-based Satanist cult known as “The Process”. Operating in both Los Angeles and Boston (headed by someone named Brother Malachi), this Devil cult has been working to “influence young persons, particularly American youngsters”. Manson’s Hollywood friends treated him as a Satanist guru. (Update note: The full name of this sicko group of perverts was then the Process Church of the Final Judgement, founded in 1962 in London by Satanists Robert and Mary Anne de Grimston. In 1974 it changed its name legally to the Foundation Faith Church after having been repeatedly linked to ritual murders of children. The current leader is one Rafael de Peyer.)

The revolutionary aspects of this business are particularly chilling. When Manson was arrested he called on a battery of well-known attorneys to provide him with legal aid. Among the legal defenders he sought were Lawrence Steinberg and George Shibley, both for many years members of the National Lawyers Guild, an organization cited by the House Committee on Un-American Activities as “the foremost legal bulwark of the Communist Party”. Shibley, in fact, admitted to having represented Charles Manson as early as the mid-Fifties.

In his book The Killing of Sharon Tate Lawrence Schiller relates the experience of a hippy visitor to the desert headquarters of the Manson Family who told how its leader had talked repeatedly of promoting a revolutionary race war between negroes and whites. As commandant of his Death Valley outpost, Manson was said to have planned a guerrilla assault on Los Angeles to foment revolution by killing whites and laying the blame on Negroes. Susan Atkins said a Communist Black Panther, perhaps skeptical about the Manson scheme, was murdered, dismembered, and buried by Manson’s ghouls somewhere on the Spahn Ranch. The hippy informant says Charles Manson told him “he was building a bunch of dune buggies. He said he was going to mount machine-guns on them. He said he would take his army of dune buggies and kill every white mother--every white pig....”

And that last word, of course, is the one that Manson’s assassins left scrawled in blood at the scene of each of their cult murders--“Pig”. It is the term used by Communists and other revolutionaries to describe both policemen and “capitalists”. Manson planned to start the bloodletting, as he said, and then just “sit back and watch the revolution.” He had by then turned his followers into a cell of hard-core Marxists.

On January 10, 1970, less than a month after Charles Manson was captured by Los Angeles police, the revolutionary Communist Guardian carried a lengthy report of a “War Council” at Flint, Michigan, convened by the violent Weatherman faction of the Communist Students for A Democratic Society (SDS). During this important gathering not only were the vicious murders of Sharon Tate and the others praised by the Communists, but victorious chants of “Charlie Manson Power” and “Red Army Power” echoed through the hall. An admitted revolutionary Communist, former S.D.S. Interorganizational Secretary Bernardine Dohrn, then enthused from the rostrum: “Dig it, first they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild....” Comrade Bernardine, currently being sought by law enforcement officers for her role in the Communist riots which rocked Chicago in October 1969, was referring to the Manson cult’s murder of Mr. and Mrs. Leno LaBianca.

To emphasize their solidarity with Charles Manson and Company, the S.D.S. Communists formally adopted “the fork”--or four-fingered salute--as a sign to be given interchangeably with their traditional clenched-fist salute.

On Page 20 of the revolutionary Berkeley Tribe for June 5-12, 1970, we learn of a two-hour visit in May between Communist Jerry Rubin and Charlie Manson in the latter’s Los Angeles jail cell. Manson told Comrade Rubin: “I’m for the revolution. It’s got to take place. The Panthers and the Muslims are part of the revolution. I approve of Weatherman’s latest statement from the underground. The Revolution should tear down all the jails....” After the interview, said the report, Rubin visited each member of the Manson Family commune. The Underground Press, loaded with articles and ads promoting narcotics, homosexuality, Satanism, and witchcraft, has recently devoted front page coverage to the growing Red defense of Manson, proclaiming 1970 “The Year of the Fork.

Rumors of Satanist activity continue to haunt Southern California because of the odd link between the Sharon Tate coterie, the Manson Family, and the whole black occult “bag”. It has been revealed by authorities that all five persons either stabbed to death or shot during the early morning hours of August ninth in the $200,000 estate rented by Sharon Tate and her husband--as well as those found to have committed the grisly murders--were involved in the illegal use or sale of narcotics. All were connected with a much larger cult of Hollywood personalities which is said to have met regularly for “sex-drug rituals”. Found in the Tate mansion were black leather masks, whips, ropes, and chains--the “tools” of the Satanist cults. And in a car at the murder scene police discovered a quantity of cocaine, LSD, marijuana, and methedrine (“speed”). Both the victims and the killers were known for their active interest in “black magic” and other aspects of the occult.

From published news accounts one notes that Roman Polanski, husband of the slain actress, had first come to Hollywood to make the controversial film Rosemary’s Baby, a disquieting picture in which the lead actress (Mia Farrow) is raped and impregnated by the Devil, discovers that her husband, her doctor, and her next door neighbors are members of a “witches’ coven” operating secretly in the heart of New York City and, finally, gives birth to a child of Satan. (Author’s updated notation: Bernardine Dohrn, Jerry Rubin and Roman Polanski are Jews. And Sharon Tate was the daughter of a high-ranking officer in U.S. Military Intelligence, although this was not generally known.)

It is perhaps significant that Roman Polanski, an admitted atheist who attended schools in Communist Poland and became a noted movie director there, still travels on a Communist Polish passport. It is not without meaning that this “genius of the Polish cinema” had, as head of Cadre Films, Ltd., produced two export films entitled Repulsion and Cul de Sac, both of which promoted sexual perversion, sado-masochism, atheism, and witchcraft. Even more telling is the stirring comment on Comrade Polanski’s tragic loss which appeared on August 19, 1969, in the Communist Daily World. He must be very important indeed. [H: If you find it difficult to believe this “old” stuff about good old Roman Polanski, I suggest you go look up his record SINCE this was written--his molesting of young girls, etc.]


* * *

Let us keep the writings to a manageable length. We will continue with the subject of Polanski when we again write.



WED., MAY 18, 1994 3:51 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 275

WED., MAY 18, 1994

I purposely saved this opening copy to allow you to be fresh as you start into a new reading for it will refer of witchcraft and such as a big “thing”. The facts are that most NEW AGE crafters will draw from the craft in one way or another in chanting, rituals and thus and so. I have spoken on this subject several times--each time offending many listeners who believe themselves to simply be reaching “higher consciousness” and other states of ecstasy while piddling about in something they think to be some sort of magic and without cause for alarm. The “white” witches, for instance, will say that they are totally in search of fulfilling goodness. I think you can see by this that is written over and over again and by the fact that “witches” are honored on Halloween and NOT as holy-goodness participants that it lends one to realize that there is danger to the moth who flies into and around this particular flame. Again, it is a practice of spiritual stuff in the most base of PHYSICAL antics.

When I speak on these subjects there are ones taking exception all the time--just as do ones when I say you don’t need a guru or a priest/priestess or an ill-trained religious spouter of the tampered doctrines. And, perhaps YOU will be THE one who does not fall prey to the negative side of the teachings--however, I have yet to find anyone who does not pay dearly for the experiences--at some time, in some way in negative energy assumption needing cleansing or too late smart--in total loss of connection with true spiritual Truth.

The facts are that, when confronted within a setting of non-witchie believers, they will always deny connections--or loudly boast of attachments while deliberately defending the practices as being somehow “Godly”. Sorry, the two things are simply not adjacent in the line of connections--they are at opposing ends of the extremes and, frankly, NEVER MERGE WITHIN EACH OTHER--EVER! So, are you somehow OUT of my little circle if you choose to chant and do rituals? No--but if you cling to the adverse practices--I can’t imagine why you would want to be in my presence at any time--anyway! Do what you will in freewill, but do not lie to self or others by saying it is “fine”, “goodly” and thus and so. Further, there is no need to send up great smoke and fire against me--it is your business so why bother to argue if you are assured you are correct and I be wrong? Righteousness needs neither defending nor, certainly, argument.

Thank you for the delay in starting the copy of the article, “SATANISM”, but this discussion comes up over and over again. I always ask that you not inquire of ME as to your favorite Guru, Guide, Witch, Warlock or GOD. TRUTH will bear its own substance in Truth. If you learn your guidelines and check out these other practices and intents and what is expected of you in time, practice, zeal, input, subservience to another HUMAN PERSON and MONEY requirements (tithes, donations, etc.), you will soon be able to make your discernments pretty accurately. In other words, “What is exacted OF YOU, for what, to whom or what and WHY!” Do NOT, for instance, confuse a newspaper with God’s laws.... Or, God’s workers WITH GOD! IF A THING BE OF PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION ON AN EARTH PLANE--IT IS NOT PERFECTION. GOD IS PERFECTION! IN GOD THERE IS CELEBRATION OF LIFE. IN WITCHCRAFT EVEN THOUGH OFTEN TIMES NATURE IS EXALTED--DEATH IS THE CONSIDERATION AND, IF YOU CANNOT DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE, IT IS PAST TIME THAT YOU STUDIED YOUR LESSONS.

CONTINUATION OF “SATANISM”. An article from American Opinion, Sept. 1970. This is shared directly FROM the author whom we will identify only as DEG. We can consider this to be:

A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting
by DEG



Continuing without review:

And surely it is not without meaning that Polanski chose as his technical advisor for Rosemary’s Baby the much publicized founder and “high priest” of San Francisco’s First Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey--an ardent Socialist and radical. LaVey claims his goal is to so destroy organized religion as to supplant belief in God with worship of Satan. And he is getting plenty of support.

Not since the movie Bell, Book And Candle has the subject of witchcraft received such wild acclaim in the Establishment Press. In fact, since Polanski’s Establishment-promoted “masterpiece” made the rounds, the interest in witchcraft has mushroomed unbelievably. Today, we see on television such popular shows as Bewitched and Dark Shadows; we note advertisements for Vincent Price’s Witchcraft-Magic record album (“An Adventure In Demonology”) released by Capitol Records; we read news accounts of a vicious motorcycle gang in Philadelphia called “The Warlocks”; we see advertisements for such films as Satan’s Mistress; and, on and on. Witchcraft is the rage. As I write, a current song hit is Tom Jones’ ballad, Daughter of Darkness.

Among the more offensive Satanist albums is one released by Mercury Records (Stereo SR61239) entitled Witchcraft Coven: Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls. For sheer vulgarity it has no equal. A complete Black Mass was recorded for the album, in which participants are heard breaking a crucifix and swearing allegiance to “our Lord Satan”. After the solemn oath, we hear the words: “If I ever break this oath, I do now decree to have my throat cut, my tongue and heart torn out...and to be buried in the sand of the ocean that the waves of it may carry me away into an eternity of oblivion.” Finally, the “high priest” threatens: “If you ever break this oath, we shall pronounce sentence upon you in the name of our Lord Satan...that you shall fall into dangerous disease and leprosy, and that in the sign of this vengeance, you shall perish by a terrifying and horrible death....” [H: This is really so bad--go recite the Masonic ritual oaths and if you want a REAL KICKER--YOU SHOULD BE PRESENT AT A SKULL AND BONES PARTY AT YALE WHERE THE BUSHES HOLD COURT! If it were not so deadly serious--it would be totally laughable that grown people could be so stupidly idiotic. These, however, are NOT games, readers, and ones who hold oath and allegiance to these rituals and practices are in control of your globe.]

Another hit album is the Rolling Stones’ Beggars’ Banquet. It includes a song called Symphony For the Devil, which declares: “I was around when Jesus Christ had His moment of doubt and faith; I made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands and sealed His fate.” The Rolling Stones have long been a favorite at Communist rock festivals and rallies. Indeed, the group’s “singer” [and leader], admitted bi-sexual Mick Jagger, earlier this year (1970) scored a motion picture about Devil worship entitled Invocation To My Demon Brother. Starring in the film as Lucifer is Bobby Beausoleil, one of the “Manson Family” arrested for the murder of Gary Hinman, a man who had opened his home to Charles Manson and Company. The lyrics to Midnight Rambler, one of Jagger’s songs in the film, relate what happened to Sharon Tate and her friends. And there is also the odd fact that the killers left words from songs by another acid-rock group, The Beatles, scrawled in blood on the walls of the murder scene. Oh yes, another featured star of Mick Jagger’s Satanist film is Anton Szandor LaVey. (Author’s updated notation: The Rolling Stones and other such British rock-groups were fielded 30 years ago by Gen. John Rawlings Rees, head of the Tavistock Institute for Humanistic Relations, headquarters in London. Their name is a clever takeoff (or put-on) of the name: Rawling’s Tones. Jagger, a graduate of the Fabian’s London School of Economics, is a long-time agent of the subversive Isis Urania Order of the Golden Dawn, an international drug ring controlled from London by Morris Strong, an officer of MI-6 [British Intelligence]. The Beatles were also fronting for this operation. [See Conspirators’ Hierarchy, the Committee of 300 by “Dr. John Coleman”.] In fact, John Lennon was not only a homosexual drug addict--but a member of the Young Communist League of Liverpool, England. Truth IS stranger than fiction...)

Esquire for March 1970 devoted a 26-page feature section to “The Style of Evil” in California, in which it outlined the alarming growth of Satanism and witchcraft there. The authors noted that among the Beautiful People and their hippy retinue along the Sunset Strip it was In Crowd knowledge that the Polanski mansion had been the scene of some pretty far-out “happenings” prior to the tragedy. One Strip affair was described to Esquire’s Tom Burke by a young female singer from Los Angeles who claimed to have attended most of them. She relates how guests “were greeted at the door with a glass of their special hallucinogenic formula,” and continues: “You went in and there were three altars. On two of them, these boys were tied with leather thongs. They were sobbing. These two faggots, dressed as nuns--one had a goatee--were beating them with big black rosaries. On the middle altar there was a very young girl. This guy wearing a goat’s head had crushed a live frog on her privates. When I came in, he had just cut a little cross on her stomach; not deep, but the party had just started. I don’t know how deep the cuts got, because, man, I split from there like Wonder Woman....”

What the singer describes is a version of the Black Mass as practised for centuries by Satanists the world over. She went on to explain how use of such drugs as LSD (acid) introduces weird perversions. When one starts taking daily acid trips, she related, “First you’re Christ, then you’re Lord of the Underworld.” Another habitué of the Sunset Strip added knowingly: “...acid is so spiritual, so, uh, metaphysical, that you are going to be forced into making a choice, between opting for good...and tripping with the Lord Satan. That’s the whole heavy thing about too many people turned on to acid: to most of them, the devil just looks groovier.” He was apparently speaking from experience, claiming to have taken 172 acid trips.

Next was a young Beverly Hills policeman who admitted that it just wasn’t safe to travel his beat alone any longer because of the heavy “influx of Satanist dope fiends”. He was not alone in that opinion. As one deluded and irreverent Californian put it: “The Second Coming has already come. Only J.C. didn’t show up; Satan did. It hit Los Angeles first....” Terrifying as it sounds, that is exactly the way many of the pot-smoking hippies with whom your reporter has spoken feel about the matter. Thanks to their drug cult and an incredibly clever build-up by both the Establishment media and the Communist press, they’re now turning on to what they call “The Lord Satan”.

Commenting on the sudden rise of Satanist activity the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner reported on December 21, 1969: “Tales of witchcraft cults that sacrifice animals and turn humans into ‘slaves of Satan’ are coming out of the mountains that form a bucolic backdrop to the Northern California coastal town [of Santa Cruz]. Police are paying greater heed to these macabre stories in the aftermath of disclosures about the so-called ‘black magic’ practices of Charles Manson....” The Herald-Examiner then quotes a young inmate at the Santa Cruz County Jail who tells about “participating in fire dances and blood-drinking rites at nearby Boulder Creek....” In fact, says the report, “Investigators also tell of teenagers who described witchcraft initiation ceremonies in which participants must eat the entrails of an animal while its heart is still beating. There are also numerous reports of persons being placed under hypnotic-type spells by a head witch who slips LSD into ceremonial wine....”

Concerned about the slaughter of animals in these grisly rites, the director of the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter commented: “Whoever is doing this is a real expert with a knife. The skin is cut away without even marking the flesh. The really strange thing is that these dogs have been drained of blood.” In San Jose, Chief of Detectives Barton Collins notes a horrifying application of this technique to humans. On August 2, 1969, two young girls were viciously stabbed more than three hundred times, says Collins, “Yet there was virtually no trace of blood where the victims’ bodies were found.”

There have been many murders in recent years not unlike the Manson Family atrocities. Describing just one of these, the London Sunday Pictorial of October 5, 1958, devoted several columns to the case of a “respected” citizen of Vineland, New Jersey, named Juan Aponte who, after having been arrested on a minor charge, surprised police by admitting a murder. A longtime student of black magic and voodoo, Aponte was found to have killed a thirteen-year-old boy during a Satanic ritual “by striking him a blow upon the back of the head and then strangling him with a cord....” He buried the body under the dirt floor in his home. Seven months later he dug up the body, cut off the head, and carefully dried it in a stove. Then he performed a hideous ritual with a lock of hair from the woman he desired, placing it within the skull of the sacrifice.

Frighteningly enough, six psychiatrists at the preliminary hearing in the Aponte case found him perfectly sane and rational--and he was convicted of the crime. He obviously knew full well what he was doing and why.

Another such case came to light in late November 1967. The U.P.I. report read as follows: “Two parents practicing black magic dipped their six-year-old son feet first into boiling water every two days during a month of torture, police said... ‘When we recovered him, his feet were just globs of raw and bleeding flesh,’ said Colonel Palma Cabral. ‘The rest of his tiny body had been burned and cut....’”

The child’s mother and father readily confessed to having tortured their son as part of a “witchcraft sacrifice” to the Devil. Like Manson and Aponte, they too were found “sane and rational”. As practising Satanists they were advocates of what, next to Communism, has come to be the fastest growing criminal menace of our time. Indeed, in many instances of record, the two are not at all exclusive. [H: And keep in mind--this was noted a quarter of a century AGO!]

One of the most striking examples of this developed during the early Fifties when Communist Jomo Kenyatta led a murderous band of guerrillas in a bestial rampage of death and destruction aimed at Kenyan blacks. These were the incredibly savage Mau Mau, a “blood brotherhood” which had the full support of Russian and Indian Communists whose goal was to take control of the British protectorate of Kenya. In doing so, Comrade Kenyatta used a foul blend of black magic and jungle witchcraft to influence and control the Kikuyu, largest of the tribes in Kenya. The Communist-led Mau Mau took stomach-wrenching blood oaths and forced unwilling tribesmen, under threat of unspeakably revolting tortures, to do the same. Charles Lefebure notes in Blood Cults (Ace Publishing Co., New York, 1969, Page 23) that Mau Mau ceremonies included “forced cohabiting with animals, the drinking of...blood, cannibalism, eating the brains of disintered corpses, and many other practices.” All who resisted--and even many of those who did not--were brutally tortured and killed, their bodies then mutilated beyond printable description. All in the cause of the Communist revolution. The same process was repeated (unsuccessfully) in Angola where hideous Satanist atrocities were perpetrated against whites and blacks by the drugged cutthroats of Communist Holden Roberto, and again in the Congo where the witch-cult slaughter was directed by Communist Patrice Lumumba--this time with the aid of the United Nations.

During the late Fifties and early Sixties, Satanist cults made headlines around the world, achieving considerable notoriety especially in Europe. Eric Maple notes in The Domain Of Devils (A.S. Barnes & Company, New York, 1966): “In 1959 a society of black magicians was exposed in Switzerland. Under the direction of their high priest, the members of the cult had practised terrible rites and sexual perversions with the object of raising demons. One of the rooms used by the society was discovered to be fully equipped as a torture chamber. Not even the imagination of de Sade could have conceived of such a realistic application of sadistic principles. [H: Except, of course, the Government with its PROJECT MONARCH!] Many of the cult members, young girls, were almost demented when rescued....” Such was the case, you may remember, with many of Comrade Manson’s “slaves”.

In 1962, reports of the large-scale revival of witchcraft in Germany caused a prominent Munich doctor to remark: “Tens of thousands of people now believe in witches.” The following spring, in Bedfordshire, England, “No less than nine graves had been desecrated and the exhumed skull of a girl had been impaled upon a spike during a hideous ceremony akin to necromancy.” That November, pressed to reinstate the laws against witchcraft which had been removed from the Statute Books in 1951, Britain’s Home Secretary said he “refused to turn back the clock to 1735....” Yet the following year, in October 1964, the revival of a particularly grisly form of Satanism called “death witchcraft” caused yet another sensation in the heart of “Witch Country” at Rockford, Essex. Search magazine estimated in January 1968 that there were 12,000 actively practising witch-cultists in Great Britain. [H: So, how many would you “guess” in 1994?]

Why the revival of witchcraft? Upon publication in 1921 of The Witch Cult in Western Europe by Margaret Alice Murray (Clarendon Press, London) the public horror at witchcraft was generally eased. As a respected British Egyptologist and folklorist, the late Dr. Murray did more to influence the growth of modern Satanism than any other author of this century. As an apologist for witchcraft she claimed that those practising “The Craft” were merely reenacting ancient pagan rituals which in no way involved the worship of Satan. [H: Does this sound a bit like “old Salem” today where the witches are THE neatest tourist attractions?] They were, she said, practising the “Wica”, a “religion” as old as man himself. Dr. Murray has been aided in her defense of witchcraft by such authors as Jules Michelet (Satanism And Witchcraft, 1939), Goeffrey Parrinder (Witchcraft, 1958), and Justine Glass (Witchcraft, The Sixth Sense--And Us, 1955).

Numerous other books, of course, have been written by self-proclaimed “witches” pursuing this same line. Some of these include: A Mirror Of Witchcraft by Christina Hole; Diary Of A Witch by Sybil Leek; and Witchcraft Today by Dr. Gerald Gardner. All of these, and many others, are today being pushed in bookstores across the nation. Not only has the largest of these outlets, Brentano’s of New York, recently opened a “Boutique of the Occult”, but practically every other major bookstore has followed--including nearly all of the Communist bookstores! The obvious question is--Why?

The Egyptian occultist, Rollo Ahmed, presents an excellent analysis of Satanist cults in his Complete Book of Witchcraft. He notes that: “Many people famous in history are mentioned as having had dealings with witchcraft....” Ahmed names Sextus (the “decadent son of Pompey”), Benvenuto Cellini, Catherine de Medici, and the Count de Cagliostro. In ancient Rome both Nero and his mother had reputations for sorcery and the sadistic Emperor showed his disdain for Christians by “illuminating his gardens with flambeaus of living men and women soaked in burning pitch.” Many centuries later, in 1440, Gilles de Raiz and his sorcerer, Francis Prelati, were executed for indulging themselves in “the most hideous practises of the black art imaginable, in which the mutilation, torture, rape and murder of little children of both sexes played a large part....”

In 1610, the infamous Hungarian Countess and Satanist, Elizabeth Bathory, was tried and executed after the bodies of some fifty girls were found chained in the cellar of her castle. The noted journalist William Seabrook tells us in his book, Witchcraft, that the Countess had a quirk about bathing regularly in fresh, human blood.

During the reign of Louis XIV (in 1676), a riot broke out in Paris over the appalling disappearance of children. Four years later, a Satanist named Catherine Deshayes (La Voisine) was executed after investigators found her furnace loaded with the remains of scores of children. This woman and her henchman, the Abbé Guibourg, were proved to have sacrificed at least 2,500 children over the years at their abominable black Masses. Police found on the premises rare books dealing with black magic and candles made of human fat. Catherine Deshayes’ own daughter testified to having witnessed some of the hideous ceremonies.

Such was the demonic current of the times, says the authoritative Rollo Ahmed, that “An enormous number of monks and priests gave themselves up to sorcery, and there was no lack of apostate priests to perform the ceremonies of the Black Mass.” A similar observation is made by Ronald Seth in his Witches And Their Craft (Award Books, New York, 1969). Both authors write of the Abbé Lemignan, a vicar of St. Eustace in Paris, who was convicted after having “dedicated and sacrificed children to Satan,” and of Abbé Cotton, who was found to have “baptized a child in holy oil, strangled him and offered his corpse as a sacrifice to the Devil.” Far from being wild imaginings, these cases are carefully documented history. Although many writers quote extensively from such questionable works as Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer Of Witches) written in 1486 by the fiendish Inquisitioners Jacob Sprenger and Henricus Institor, carefully detailed and scholarly proofs can be found in Francesco Mario Guazzo’s Compendium Maleficarum written in 1608, Johannes Nider’s Fornicarius written in 1517, and the Errores Gazariorum published in 1450. Another good source is Bartolomeo de Spina’s Tractatus de Stringibus et Lamiis, written in 1533, which describes how the Witches’ Sabbaths of the Middle Ages--just as the acid-rock Satanists of today--carried on their affairs while “harsh, strident music droned all about them.”


No we aren’t finished with the article in point, but I will break it into manageable portions so my scribe isn’t stuck with this dreary duty too long at a time.

If you are under the impression that I am going to now lecture on the sins and evils of playing in such games--forget it for I am NOT. My job is to present the information--YOURS TO DO WITH IT THAT WHICH YOU WILL. I judge not any man but I take careful discernment with actions as they are projected. I would, parents, keep close watch over your children and selves--for these deeds are being carried out by ones who will shock you into unbelievability and the prime target is, of course, the innocent and untouched child. I repeat, I am not here to argue, debate or deliberate for man of earth physical expression has free-will of choices. However, at some point it may well be that the “normal in action” man will one day rise up against you who perpetuate and perpetrate these grossly evil activities which, in fact, bring harm and damage upon ANOTHER and shall cause you to be drawn and quartered in your own places of evil.

I will, however, again point out that I do not invite you who play in these games to be my table-mate nor my guide. I have no need to invite you within those places wherein I AM nor should any of those who function in attempts at righteousness have need to allow you your practice in their places. I have had ones who rise up in total indignation when they are not “called” to a meeting when we share. We do not have any group, gathering as such or public anything. No one has right in the places wherein ones are working than would anyone have right to come and ENTER YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS and demand entrance, participation or invitation. If you want a “cult”, “commune”, “church” or other--go where that is the point for ye shall NOT FIND IT HERE! There is constantly the enemy among the various places of business and I am amazed at the attitude of those who are in charge of such business facilities in the ALLOWING of any and all to come, to manage, to presume structuring and then demanding attention and graciousness. In any other BUSINESS SETTING OR MEETING--you would call the local police for trespass. So be it--one day your total “allowances” shall rise up to smite you in your own face. God is NOT UNCONDITIONAL--GOD HAS A WHOLE SET OF CONDITIONS! May HE grant you the wisdom to know the difference...!



WED., MAY 18, 1994 5:59 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 275

WED., MAY 18, 1994


If we might just skip this evening’s meal, Dharma, we can get another portion of this article to print and have a head start tomorrow. There simply will have to be enlargement of the paper to handle these increased offerings and urgent outlays. Readers will simply have to keep up or go behind for the reclamation squads are picking up steam and we will be right there to offer the locomotion and locomotive. We have one who has offered to fund the work in full and, since he has the most input these days, we are humbly grateful. All we have to do is get him out of his prison cell wherein he is being kept--hopefully silent--but incredibly LOUD AND OUTSPOKEN. It seems strange to me that the ones who most want silence go about TRYING TO GET IT in such a stupidly insidious way. The thing most overlooked by these bulldozing crooks and thugs is that they forget THAT THERE ARE STILL LAWS....EVEN THOUGH THEY BE WEAK AND OVERRUN.

It will likely come to the point that CONTACT will begin to be published in several places around the country under different logos, etc. Some will be in full conjunction with others and most will be separate AND IN CONJUNCTION to protect BOTH entities. Very informed personages are coming forward having been under the gun for their work for long--to share, join in and begin to bring legal actions. We can go to a daily paper if necessary, with adequate funding, but it would seem wiser to scatter the output so that ALL cannot be silenced as the big boys manage to silence one or some. Already the information is scattered in MANY places in safe-keeping to protect the resources and persons. And, readers, YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT IN SHARING ARTICLES, LOVING ENCOURAGEMENT AND “JUST KNOWING” IS THE GUARANTEE OF SUCCESS AND BLANKET OF SECURITY. For instance, it behooves ones, who are Dharma’s enemies, to secure her to their best advantage in all possibilities--for guess TO WHOM AND WHERE the finger will be pointed should she be damaged. The same with Rick, AND THE SAME WITH JACKSON, E.J., WEAN AND ON AND ON...! Even the Jerry Spences of the nation will begin to see that the ones he has turned FROM at the information given as input by the deceivers, will have to look unto the lamps now burning and SEE! Spence has given some of the best Constitutional LAW observations to his peers (well, he actually has very few “peers” being an outspoken and daring LAWYER in the field). As you see the unfolding and the truth of the ones with the sword of truth and the battering received by these ones--shame will fall upon the ones who listened to the deceivers and refused to take the hand of the needy and walked to the front WITH THEM.

Well, good readers, there are OTHERS and now there will, be funding made available to attend some of these who struggle against all odds and YOU THE PEOPLE SHALL AGAIN BE HEARD! The “few” who have walked this daring mile ask no “attention”--they ask that YOU STAND IN KNOWING AND DEMAND YOUR NATION AND YOUR FREEDOM--THEY ASK NOT HOMAGE--in fact you will note that even “dharma” ceases to appear on the journals and it will be only a short while before her name and the names of these others are but historical mentionings in long-forgotten volumes of discrediting legal forms. The Ekkers, and hundreds like them, want no notoriety--only a regaining of truth and freedom, one nation under God, with liberty and JUSTICE for all out from under the tyranny of the controlling evil Committees of control, deceit and enslavement.

Indeed, many will be remembered by their labels for they will be as the past “important” persons in “history” who can affix their names to that which represents foundation and freedom--AND, he who shall deny Truth unto a brother for his own reward--shall languish in the sea of forgotten persons who, if remembered at all, will be remembered as the treasonists and disinformation-misinformation toads that they ARE! He who holds the WORD of TRUTH hostage or causes it to be removed from ALL mankind shall reap most bitter rewards for their citizen brother will pull them from their self-proclaimed perches atop the podiums of lies and half-truths. I remind you of the French Revolution--it was ACTUALLY a revolt against the JUSTICE SYSTEM OF LAWYERS AND JUDGES AND CONTROLLING POLITICIANS--BY WHATEVER LABEL YOU CHOOSE TO USE--AND THEY CAME DOWN WHEN THE MASSES STOOD UP! WOULD IT NOT BE BETTER TO GAIN TRUTH AND FREEDOM AGAIN, THROUGH THE LAW AND NOT THROUGH THE BLOODY SWORD? I TELL YOU NOW, THAT EITHER WAY--IT SHALL COME TO PASS AND IT WILL NOT BE BY MY HAND--IT SHALL BE BY YOURS!

There are some able and observant speakers and writers already doing all they can to inform and “alarm” you. One of these writers has written an Editorial in a small paper she presents. As in the CONTACT or any other paper, there is much amiss, much personal and some errors and lots of “omissions”--but Virginia Meaves of WISCONSIN REPORT, VOL. XIX, No. 19, Thursday, May 5, 1994, has written an editorial comment: “Why is there so much killing? What are the super planners afraid of?” which bears reprinting. We will do so following this present offering of “SATANISM”. Wisconsin Report continues to rerun the work and offerings of Dr. Peter Beter which in themselves makes the paper worthy of full subscription numbers of every citizen seeking the truth of your conspirators’ hierarchy.

How fortunate to now have ones coming forth willingly hooking up those brave offerings of how it was, only a short while ago, into and through the workings of then and now! I need not be a sooth-sayer or speaker of revelation--IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND NOW YOU SHALL HAVE THE ONES COME FORTH AND TELL THE TRUTH OF IT--AND, YOU SHALL BE GIVEN TO SEE--IF YOU BUT LOOK. THEN, BELOVED FRIENDS, WE CAN MOVE ON INTO THAT WONDROUS STRETCH CALLED SPACE AND INFINITY WHICH IS ALREADY PRESENT BUT HIDDEN FROM YOUR SEEKING EYES AND BENEFICIAL “HAVING”. AH INDEED, IT SHALL BECOME A TIME OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN--IF YE TARRY NOT!

Please now, back to the presentation:

A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting
by DEG


Although the “Holy” Inquisition started by Pope Gregory XI in 1374 was instituted to stop the foul deeds of the witch cults and save children from brutal deaths at the hands of Satanists, it became perverted into the most pitiless and ferocious institution of its kind until the rise of Communism and Nazism over five hundred years later. The Inquisition indiscriminately condemned men, women, and children to the flames after submitting them to the most ghastly tortures. [H: In this manner the “saviours” became worse than the original offenders. Will you, too, cause the same as you turn over the evil-mongers? If YOU are no better than the evil that sets its hand upon you--you too shall perish in like manner as YOU are overthrown.] Not only were practising witches and black magicians burnt at the stake, but also innocent children whose parents had dedicated them to Satan, wandering Bohemians (gypsies) whose clairvoyance seemed suspicious, and even lonely old women whose only crime was that they appeared to fit the popular description of a witch. [H: Again, upon your place it will be a bad show-and-tell for those who proclaim themselves to be Satanists and witches, etc., for the masses of human, ordinary men shall pull you apart in their urge to destroy the demons you have created and represent in yourselves--no matter how tiny the participation or degree. This is the nature of the human--to destroy that which he despises and does not understand. I suggest you who ponder these things in your “unconditional allowances” of all things--give careful thought to this for the “mob” has NO RULE.]

Of course we could go on and on detailing the atrocities committed by both Satanists and Inquisitioners alike. But, the documentation available in over two million volumes on Satanism and witchcraft in public libraries all over the United States, as well as in the countless volumes found throughout the world in such collections as the one in the archives of Bayonne, France, leave no doubt that the actual practise of witchcraft is an historical fact of no small political importance.

The London Times of October 7, 1931, related a modern equivalent of what took place with regularity during the Middle Ages. The Times says a “horrible scandal of graveyards desecrated for black magic” was that fall sending a chill of terror throughout Scandinavia. It reported that police suspected “they were dealing with black magic” when they found more than forty bodies had been exhumed and mutilated by a local mortician named Saarenheimo, a practitioner of necromancy, the raising of dead spirits for evil purposes. Horrified authorities believed, says the London Times, that this Saarenheimo was a member of an immense and secret black magic fraternity--an international Satanic society.

For untold centuries nearly every nation has from time to time witnessed the rise of strange and demented cults whose chief preoccupation was Satan worship and black magic. While some of these groups were holdovers from some dim, pagan past, others were secret political organizations which sprang up around opposition to the powerful Catholic Church and operated in such a fashion as to invoke the wrath of both clerical and secular leaders everywhere in Europe.

Richard Cavendish’s invaluable book, The Black Arts, points out how as long ago as 1184 members of a Satanic cult known variously as the Vaudois were operating in Europe and were accused of cannibalism and Devil worship by the Church. Two hundred years later the Inquisition uncovered members of this same group near Turin who “held religious services followed by orgies and on initiation the candidates had to drink a potion made of toad’s excrement....” Cavendish says, “They acquired such a reputation that sorcery became popularly known in France as vauderie and witches as vaudoises (and this is the origin of the word ‘Voodoo’).” They survive as a sect to this day.

In 1227 A.D. the Pope sent Conrad of Marburg to Germany where “rumours circulated of the hideous Satanic rites practised by a sect...called Luciferans.” In Jules Loiseleur’s La Doctrine Secrete des Templiers (1872) we learn that the Luciferans worshipped a black cat (a symbol of Satan) and “at their horrible nocturnal orgies sacrifices of children were made and their blood used for making the Eucharist bread of the sect.” And in Secret Societies And Subversive Movements Nesta Webster writes: Styria, the Tyrol, and Bohemia, even as far as Brandenburg; by the beginning of the thirteenth century it had invaded western Germany, and in the fourteenth century reached its zenith in that country, as also in Italy and France....” From 1432 to 1440, she relates, “literally hundreds of children disappeared,” because of this movement.

During that same period, Pope Innocent III organized an armed crusade against a mystical group in the south of France called the Cathars, or Albigenses, [H: The author has stricken the following from the article and made comments. I will present the original and add the comments. The original script will be here in italics.] who worshipped the Devil in the form of a goat and slaughtered children whom they kidnapped for sacrificial purposes. The Cathars derived inspiration from a Satanic sect in Russia known as the Bogomiles. C. W. Heekethorn writes in Secret Societies of All Ages And Countries (1897) that the Bogomiles were an early Communist movement. [H: You who have studied and know what and who are the Khazars must also realize that the “Cathars” are approximately the SAME in every detail--from origin BUT WERE ACTUALLY “CHRISTIAN” IN PRACTICE--ONLY TO BE OVERTAKEN BY THE KHAZARS. These Khazars are the ones who, in the 1300s took the religion of the later-to-be-called-“Jews” (1770s). They were not and are not “Semites” (Shemites from the tribe of Shem) and they stole the heritage of a now recognized Middle Eastern people. They are a pronounced and publicly SELF-PROCLAIMED group who are “Zionists” and ACT on the basis of the Manifesto called PROTOCOLS OF ZION--AND--have every intention of becoming monarchal rulers (slave-masters) in a One World Order devoid of GOD! They are your self-proclaimed ANTI-CHRIST! THE “CATHARS” and Bogomiles were caught in the flood, so to speak--JUST AS ARE YOU, OF WHATEVER RACE OR TRIBE YOU CLAIM.]

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: A LONG OVERDUE CORRECTION: The Cathars & Bogomiles were actually underground Christian sects which were opposed to the pagan rites and trappings of the Catholic Church--and were thus ACCUSED of being worshippers of the Devil--by the Pope.

Another such group which later was operative in Russia was the Skoptsi--“The Castrators”, formed circa 1757 among radical so-called Christian members of an earlier group, the Sect of the Flagellants--a people who mutilated themselves as part of their off-beat religion. But they were not actually Satanists. The Skoptsi, please note, are the “tough Christian sect of Russians” which Dr. Beter and Hatonn have told us have finally overthrow the Khazar Bolshevik Jews!) [H: Well, they haven’t YET overthrown them--but they have the POWER and the full technology to accomplish EXACTLY that and they will not be gentle. When you say the “Russians are coming” it may not yet be a gentle overthrown of things you love and desire. Communism itself was started (created) by Jews of the Bolshevik tribes (Khazars) and they have now flooded the world. It is said that the United States is now THE actual home and state of “Israel”--home of the “Jews”. This does not bode well for the populace for I remind you--there was NO SUCH THING AS “JEW” IN HISTORY OR IN BIBLICAL TRUTH UNTIL IT WAS ADDED INTO THE TAMPERINGS OF THE SO-CALLED HOLY BOOKS. MOST “JEWS” HAVE NO IDEA...! It is THIS INFORMATION that the Elite controllers FEAR in revelation--not numbers in a “Holocaust” of some kind. This is why the “hate-crime” LAWS--so that truth cannot be published or spoken! Again, I remind you that I only present historical fact--I have no part in interference or intervention--SAVE TO BRING THE “WORD”. You may take it or deny it for it is your journey and your experience--but I suggest you quit blaming GOD of Creation and Christed LIGHT for your failure or refusal to SEE AND HEAR. Satan, dear ones, is the antithesis (opposite) of the Christed intent and is ruler, if you will, of the human senses of PHYSICAL expression--the passing fancy of a few years of perceived experience. In the reality of existence--GOD WINS! THAT MEANS THAT SATAN LOSES--IN FACT HAS ALREADY LOST--FOR HE IS RESTRICTED TO THE PLACES OF ILLUSION--THE PLANES OF ONLY PHYSICAL EXPRESSION! Soul, however, lost to this dimension of Satanic allegiance--is lost in a Godless, void of darkness--at passage. Would GOD of Light ALLOW SUCH A VOID? Indeed--for each CHOOSES and the absence of God and Light--IS HELL, my friends.

I am not here to preach “salvation”, “rapture” or anything of the kind as relates to “RELIGION” for it is “religion” that has destroyed you--through the doctrines put forth BY MAN and presented as IF they are the rules of GOD--no, sorry, little sheeple YOU KNOW GOD’S LAWS AND THEY IN NO WAY RESEMBLE ANYTHING THAT IS FOISTED UPON YOU IN YOUR “RELIGIOUS” CIRCLES OF “ALLOWANCE” OF ALL ACTIONS, ALL MANNERS OF BEHAVIOR AND ULTIMATELY DONE IN THE NAME OF “MODERNIZING” EXPRESSION. YOU HAVE ABOUT “MODERNIZED” YOURSELF INTO THAT “HELL” EXPRESSED ABOVE!]

In 1307, French and English members of the Order of the Knights Templar came under attack and were formally charged with “stamping, spitting or urinating on crucifixes; homosexual vice; and ritual homosexuality on admission to the Order.” [H: Any of this sound like something out of last year’s inquiries? How about yesterday’s or today’s?] (On Page 273 of Eliphas Levi’s Hostore de la Magie the Templars are described as “those terrible conspirators [who] threatened the whole world with an immense revolution.”) Founded in 1118 at Palestine to protect the Holy Sepulchre, they became extremely wealthy and powerful after their wars with the Saracens. And, as the occultist Manly Palmer Hall noted in 1949 in his The Adepts In The Western Esoteric Tradition, “The knights were...accused of adoring a curious deity in the form of a monstrous head or a demon in the form of a goat. This idol, named Baphomet, the goat of Mendes, has been called the secret god of the Templars.” (Several passages in the Old Testament mention a cult which copulated with goats, their leader being chief of the seirim, or goat-demons. [See Leviticus 18:23 and 17:7.) A similar cult is known to have existed during Plutarch’s time in Egypt where a divine he-goat was worshipped at Mendes as a sex symbol.) One of the best known occultists in the world, Hall, looks favorably upon such groups as these, which he claims are part of a “humanist” movement which has continued down through the centuries and will eventually emerge under one name or another as--and these are his words--“the Invisible Government of the World” .

Pursuing the history of secret societies, Rollo Ahmed tells of a Satanic group “founded in Westphalia and called the Vehmgericht (in France, the Saint Vehme)....” This “terrible and mysterious band of men” operated in an area of Germany known as the “Red Territory” and committed atrocious acts. Founded in the middle of the Thirteenth Century, they eventually reached a membership of at least 100,000 initiates and held tremendous political power in Germany. Sir Walter Scott wrote of the terror perpetrated by this Satanist organization, and Arkon Daraul states on Page 251 of his History of Secret Societies (Citadel Press, New York, 1962): “...even in the nineteenth century it was said that they still existed, though very much underground.” [H: Ah, and they do--but just WHO might they be after?]

In 1453, a sect known as the Brethren of the Cross, which practised flagellation and celebrated orgies as part of its ritual, was discovered in Thuringia. The members claimed to believe “that Satan would regain his lost power and place, and would expel Christ from heaven.” One of the foulest of these groups sprang up towards the end of the Eighteenth Century at Linburg. Known as “The Goats”, these Satanists met at night in secret chapel to perform the Black mass, “after which they put on masks of goats with long gowns and set out in bands to commit rape and murder.... The tribunal of Foguemont over a period condemned four hundred of this society to be hanged, but the Goats were not stamped out till 1780.”

As we have noted, a number of Satanic cults grew to such a degree and achieved such tremendous wealth and power that in time they began to wield mighty political influence in Europe. Such was the case with a Satanic organization, created in 1748 in England, which in later years virtually ran the British Empire.

Founded under the name, “The Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe”, in honor of its creator and leader Sir Francis Dashwood, a wealthy member of parliament, it became known as “The Hell-Fire Club” because of its similarity to a “defunct” Satanist group which had operated in London some years earlier. According to Daniel P. Mannix’s history of that organization, The Hell-Fire Club (Ballantine Books, New York, 1959), it was “an association dedicated to Black Magic, sexual orgies, and political conspiracies....” Anton LaVey claims the author of The Hell-fire Club, Daniel P. Mannix, as a life member of this First Church of Satan in San Francisco. HE MAKES THE SAME CLAIM OF NEWSWEEK’S NICK KAZAN.


The members of the Hell-fire Club were nearly all closely connected with the government and included such influential persons as Sir Francis Dashwood, the Chancellor of the Exchequer; The Earl of Sandwich, First Lord of the Admiralty (one of the most important men of the time, whose control of the English Navy and friendship with the King “exerted a profound influence on the destiny of the British Empire”); the Earl of Bute, the Prime Minister of England (he played a large part in training the boy who became King George III); Thomas Potter, son of the Archbishop of Canterbury (“an ardent Satanist [who] wrote psalms for the Black Mass ceremonies”); and, Paul Whitehead, the “Atheist Chaplain” and Secretary of the Club who acted as sexton during the Black Masses (a composer of blasphemous “hymns,” he was its “brains and backbone”).

Perhaps the most notorious of the lot, however, was a bisexual transvestite known as the Chevalier D’Eton, an expert swordsman who was “an undercover agent for Louis XV of France and conspired with several of the brotherhood...to overthrow the throne.” Other Hell-Fire Club members included the Lord Mayor of London, the Prince of Wales, several of England’s greatest artists (Hogarth) and poets. (Author’s Note: Mannix also stated that Benjamin Franklin [under the name “Brother Benjamin of Cookham] was also a member. It appears, however, that Mannix was lying.)

At its headquarters on Dashwood’s estate at West Wycombe, some thirty-three miles northwest of London, the members of the Hell-Fire Club engaged in depraved sexual rites carried out over a span of more than twenty years. Having outfitted a network of underground grottos for this purpose, Dashwood often presided over Black Masses where the body of a naked woman was used as an altar and the unholy congregation “drank the sacrificial wine from her navel.” During these ceremonies, “The crucifix was inverted and black candles were burned [while]...lamps of lewd design were used.” To summon up the forces of evil, herbs were burned in braziers: “belladonna, hemlock, henbane, verbena, and mandrake--all powerful narcotics”. [H: By golly--sounds a lot like the “Bohemian Grove” children, doesn’t it? This, of course, is the club which meets annually on the West Coast (made up of the most important men in your imaginings). They go to “piss on trees--naked” and such the like. Doesn’t it make you feel secure? These include such as Kissinger, your presidents and on and on and on go the listings----!]

Upon the death of King George II in 1760, and after the 21-year-old son of Prince Fritz had ascended the throne as George III, members of the Hell-Fire Club became all-powerful in Britain.




THU., MAY 19, 1994 8:20 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 276

THU., MAY 19, 1994

A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting
by DEG


During the considerable period that these practicing Satanists maintained their grip on the British Empire, they managed to infect an enormous number of their prominent members and guests with venereal diseases, many of whom eventually died from such infections, The Earl of Sandwich, for example, who later became head of Cambridge [University], controlled the Royal Navy while his mind was affected by syphilis. It wasn’t until 1763, however, that the cult was finally exposed to the public when a curious book by Charles Johnson, entitled Chrysal, Or The Adventures Of A Guinea, laid bare their conspiracies. That same year, an outcast member of the cult named John Wilkes attempted to raise “the banner of revolt against the entrenched classes who were running the nation”--and failed. Although supported by a shocked citizenry, he was declared an outlaw by the members of the Hell-Fire Club in the Parliament and forced to flee to France.

In 1781, after an incredible life of wanton debauchery and Satanist perversion, Sir Francis Dashwood died at the age of seventy-three. The immoral activities and conspiracies of Dashwood and the Hell-Fire Club had polluted an empire.

While all of this was undermining the British Empire, a similar conspiracy was being created in Germany. This was the infamous Order of the Illuminati, among the most successful of all such conspiracies.

Founded in Bavaria on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a young professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University, the secret Order of the Illuminati recruited some of the best-known intellectuals of the day, men of wealth and following. A considerable number of the “Brothers”, addicted to the teachings of Rousseau and Voltaire, were reigning princes, noblemen, prominent educators, scholars, scientists, and men of letters. All pledged blind obedience to their superiors and only knew about the secret Order what their immediate superiors told them. The purpose of the Illuminati--though ostensibly to bring universal happiness to the human race--was revealed by degrees as members progressed through the ranks. As it turned out, the more bold, ruthless, and immoral the member, the faster his rise to the top.

(Author’s note: Weishaupt, a Jew, was born on Feb. 6, 1748, and was most likely a homosexual (according to the evidence). He was born the same year as the Dashwood group was founded. Exactly 100 years later--to the very day--the Communist Manifesto was issued by the League of Just Men--an Illuminati front headed by Horace Greeley, Charles Dana, and Clinton Roosevelt, in New York City. Exactly 100 years after that the Marxist State of Israel began to legally function--as a bloody thorn in the side of the TRUE SEMITES, the Arab peoples of Palestine.)

And what was the purpose of Weishaupt’s Order of the Illuminati? Its purpose was to RULE THE WORLD! The principal sources of information regarding Weishaupt’s Illuminati, which have been all but ignored by contemporary historians, are Professor John Robison’s Proofs Of A Conspiracy, first published in 1798, and the Abbé Augustin Barruel’s impressive four-volume study, Memoirs Illustrating The History Of Jacobinism, published in 1799.

Though trained as a Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt somehow developed a vast loathing for all forms of religion, and his Order followed in the footsteps of the supposedly disbanded Knights Templar. One year following the formation of the Illuminati, Weishaupt joined the Society of Freemasons and was invited into the Lodge Theodore of Good Counsel at Munich. After taking over the Munich Lodge, the Illuminists used Freemasonry as both a cover and a vehicle for their own purposes. Within a few years the Order had expanded far beyond the borders of Bavaria with secret lodges all over Europe. It is even known to have spread to America. On October 24, 1798, President George Washington confirmed this in a letter in which he warned of the “Diabolical tenets” of the Illuminati.

(Author’s note: Contrary to popular misconception, the Founding Fathers of the (u)nited States were NOT Freemasons--but rather were members of the Rosicrucean Fraternity of Beverly Hall, located at Quakerstown, Pennsylvania. Formed in 1614 AD in Germany, then a chapter created in the U.S., its Grand Master was the same “Clymer” that signed the Declaration of Independence. Its President today is one Emerson M. Clymer--and for a good number of years I was a member in good standing. The Rosicrucean Fraternity and AMORC are the complete antithesis of the Illuminati!)

Meanwhile, as rumors of their foul deeds spread--thanks to the irritating habit the Illuminists had of leaving their victims hanging about by their necks from trees--a Bavarian Court of Inquiry was instituted to investigate matters. In 1786 the home of an Illuminati lawyer named Zwack was raided by investigators, bringing to light detailed evidence of the Conspiracy. From captured correspondence it was learned that Weishaupt and his cohorts, far from being upstanding gentlemen as commonly thought, were Satanists, liars, revolutionaries, embezzlers, and debauchers. Weishaupt and the other leaders were banished from Bavaria and their operation forced underground.

According to the report of the Bavarian Government, Nachtrag Von Veiteren Originalschriften Zwi Abtheilungen, the documents seized in the 1786 raid on Zwack’s home at Landshut, Bavaria, included tables of secret symbols, initiation rituals, instructions for recruiting and indoctrinating new members, the conspiratorial objectives and plans of the Illuminati, and a partial list of its members. Also uncovered was proof that Weishaupt’s Order maintained an intelligence service; planned to assassinate Heads of State and replace them with Illuminists; worked to destroy patriotism and nationalism through infiltration of education, administration, and the press; and, had plans to infiltrate both national and international organizations through which they would maintain secret cells--all while posing as promoters of peace and brotherhood.

Sound familiar? It should. This is exactly what the Communists have been doing ever since 1847, when their propagandist Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto at the direction of the mysterious conspirators known as the “League of Just Men”.

In the interim, comments Manly Palmer Hall in his Orders of the Quest (1950), a Lodge of Masons had been established at Paris in 1781 for the purpose of uniting the Illuminism of Weishaupt with the new mystical revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg. This merger added the names of such Satanists as the Comte de Cagliostro, Dr. Franze Mesmer, and the Comte de St. Germain to the secret Order. [H: OOPS!!] Cagliostro, an agent of the Knights Templar, was the infamous Satanist whose machinations kept not only the Cardinal Prince de Rohan in his power but many others in high position as well. He was an adept of that powerful force popularized by Mesmer, the father of hypnotism.

An ardent supporter and defender of Weishaupt and the Illuminati, the occultist Hall nevertheless reveals that in a little-known book entitled Les Societes Secretes by “Deschamps”, published at Paris in 1881, it is established that the Comte de St. Germain was also a member of the secret Knights Templar. He states that “the ritual used in the Theosophical Lodge, which the Comte had established in the castle of Ermenonville, was the ritual of the Knights Templars...” You will remember that this ritual involved the Satanic Goat of Mendes.

In yet another rare book, La Sect des Illumines, first published in the 1790s (author unknown), we find: “The huge chateau of Ermenonville near Paris was one of the chief lodges of the Illuminati. It belongs to the Marquis of Gerardin, who protected Rousseau and later gave him a tomb on his estate. St. Germain, the notable imposter, presided over it. He claimed to be a thousand years old, and to be able to make gold. He was said to be immortal, but died in 1784.” In the pages that follow, we read of the Knights Templar-Illuminati initiation which resembles a Black Mass, complete with blood-smeared crucifixes, black candles and an altar built of human skeletons. Also included in this ritual are the drinking of human blood and grisly oaths to summon evil spirits. A similar account of this initiation can be found in the Marquis du Luchet’s Memoires Authentiques pour Sevir a l’Historie du Comte de Cagliostro published in 1785.

It was from this Satanist base that Weishaupt’s inner circle launched the subversive movement which was to culminate in the bloody French Revolution of 1789, inciting (and paying) Parisian mobs to storm the Bastille, and beginning an incredible reign of terror which lasted six full years. With the aid of such traitors as the Duc d’Orleans (who helped finance the Revolution) and other top officials in the Government, the Illuminists rose to positions of supreme power. Elevated in this manner were such Illuminist conspirators as Mirabeau, Robspierre, and St. Just.

Weishaupt’s program and methodology were a prototype of the Communist Conspiracy operating in the world today. In the realm of ideology, the line from the Illuminati to Marx’s Communist Manifesto is straight and unbroken. As Arkon Daraul notes in his History of Secret Societies, the Illuminati “contributed in no small measure to the development of revolutionary doctrines which eventually culminated in the Russian and other Communist machines....”

It is little wonder, then, that Marx began his Manifesto with the words: A spectre is haunting Europe--the spectre of Communism.” (Author’s note: Marx, the son of a Jewish Rabbi, was also a homosexual pedophile who had been molested as a child by a favorite male schoolteacher.) Both he and Engels knew very well that the Communist movement--steeped in the Satanist occult of Eighteenth Century Illuminism--had been operative for years. It is also interesting to note that the most important holiday of the International Communist Conspiracy has always been May first--May Day--the date of the founding of the secret Order of the Illuminati. As the 1953 Report of the California State Senate Committee on Education put it: “So-called modern Communism is apparently the same hypocritical and deadly world conspiracy to destroy civilization that was founded by the secret order of the Illuminati in Bavaria on May 1, 1776.” (Pp. 169-170.)

In 1875 an intriguing organization called the Theosophical Society was founded at New York by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, editor of a magazine called Lucifer. It is currently said by her followers that Madame Blavatsky wanted her Society to be “unconcerned about politics: hostile to the insane dreams of Socialism and Communism, which it abhors....” Nevertheless, upon her death in 1891, the mantle of the Theosophical Society was inherited by Annie Besant, a prolific writer and occultist who was also a member of another cult founded in England in 1884. This powerful organization was called the Fabian Socialist Society. Its avowed goal was the same as that of the Order of the Illuminati: complete control of the world. Madame Besant founded the Fabian Parliamentary League.

While lecturing widely on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, the Fabian Socialist Annie Besant predicted that Socialism was “the wave of the future”. She was deeply involved in a tax-free foundation of the Theosophists called the Lucis Trust, a vast financial combine which even today supports such Leftists Fronts as the Arcane School, the Lucis Publishing Companies of London and New York, the Triangles, and many unusual “peace” groups of a decidedly crimson hue.

Headed for years by a Fabian occultist named Alice Bailey, the Lucis Trust is now recognized as a non-governmental cooperating agency by the United Nations. And one of the Trust’s avatars is the demonic $5 million Temple of Understanding operated for the U.N. by the United Lodge of Theosophists of New York. Veiled in Illuminist symbology and mystique, the Temple’s list of sponsors includes more than a score of well-known Communists, eight American Ambassadors, and such men as Robert McNamara, John D. Rockefeller IV, Senator John Sherman Cooper, I.B.M.’s Thomas Watson, and others. The purpose of this Satanic Temple, reported syndicated columnist Edith Kermit Roosevelt in 1962, is to create a “spiritual UN” in our nation’s Capitol. She stated that an “international apparatus” of Communists and Socialists “is working to set up a Universal Theocratic State.”

And, of course, no discussion of Satanism would be complete without mention of Aleister Crowley, a Satanist par excellence. A noted English magician, poet, painter, big game hunter, satyric, heroin addict, and homosexual, Crowley was a world traveler of vast wealth. Well-known for his sadistic rampages and his burning hatred of Christianity, he was nevertheless praised by such novelists as Somerset Maugham, who wrote a book about him entitled The Magician.

In 1898 Crowley joined a secret Berlin-based Satanic cult called the Order of the Golden Dawn, attempted to take control of its operations, and was later ousted for his troubles. He then founded his own secret society, the Order of the Silver Star, Argentinum Astrum, and began publication of a weird magazine called The Equinox. In a lengthy monograph by Daniel P. Mannix, we find that Crowley decided to start a new Satanist religion with branches throughout the world, “each branch operating as a secret society with elaborate rituals somewhat like the Golden Dawn.” He envisioned an international conspiracy rooted in Satanism and completely under his control. His followers erected a temple in the Palomar Mountains in California. (Author’s note: An American cult group later linked to Crowley’s Orders in London and Germany was the bloody Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) which has a main headquarters in Southern California, and has been involved in numerous ritual murders. The top member of its National Supreme Council is one William E. Heidrich, and it is linked directly to NAMBLA (founded in 1978.)

Moving to America during World War I, Crowley began writing anti-British propaganda for the Germans and “received the backing of Imperial Germany for his propaganda efforts.” He had several years earlier been invited to join another German Satanist society called the Order of Templars of the Orient, which specialized in “sex-magic”. Crowley was head of the British branch of this cult.

Mannix says that after the Communists, aided by the German General Staff, had overthrown the Government of the Czar and established their Marxist “dictatorship of the proletariat” in Russia, Aleister Crowley “wrote Trotsky, in Russia, offering...to join the communists....” Daniel Mannix continues: “There is a striking similarity between the workings of this group [his religion], as Crowley conceived it, and the operations of modern Communism. Like the communists, Crowley planned on having cells, operated by dedicated agents, whose purpose was to undermine national and religious loyalties and substitute a blind devotion to [Satanism].”

Although there is no record that Crowley ever joined the Communist Party, it is doubtful that the Communists would have refused a man of his skills and wealth.

During the period in which Aleister Crowley was writing to Trotsky, another curious liaison was taking place in Germany. For some years prior to the war there had existed in that country a powerful occult organization called the Thule Society, made up of Socialists whose aim it was to be “masters of the world”. Of nebulous origin, this group worked closely with a similar Satanist organization known as the German Vril Society, or Luminous Lodge, headquartered in Berlin. The Luminous Lodge is known to have also had close associations with the previously mentioned Theosophical Society and the Order of the Golden Dawn. Nesta Webster, commenting on the Order of the Golden Dawn in her scholarly Secret Societies And Subversive Movements, says that “the real directors of the Order were in Germany and known as the ‘Hidden and Secret Chiefs of the Third Order’.” (Page 313.)


Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier note in The Morning Of The Magicians (Avon Books, New York, 1968) that in 1920 a Bohemian playwright named Dietrich Eckardt and an architect named Alfred Rosenberg--members of the Thule Society--introduced a young radical named Adolph Hitler to their organization at Barest, Germany, “and for the next three years they were to be the constant companions of the little Reichwehr corporal, dominating all his thoughts and acts....” In Adolph Hitler, by Konrad Heiden, we note that “Eckardt undertook the spiritual formation of Adolph Hitler.” Herr Eckardt also gave Hitler two levels of instruction during this period: “one being concerned with the ‘secret’ doctrine, and the other with the doctrine of propaganda.” Dietrich Eckardt related some of his private conversations with Hitler, in fact, in an ugly little pamphlet entitled Bolshevism From Moses To Lenin. In July 1923, guiding his new-found pupil, Dietrich Eckardt “became one of the seven founder-members of the National-Socialist Party.”

From the beginning of this liaison between Hitler’s National Socialist Party and the Thule Vril combine, a Vrilist named Karl Haushofer commanded “the magic center” of the Nazi movement. In Jack Fishman’s penetrating history, The Seven Men Of Spandau, we are told that the last surviving member of the secret Thule Group, Rudolph Hess, formally charged that Haushofer was “the secret Master.” Authors Pauwels and Bergier, whose 416-page book devotes considerable space to the Hitler enigma, reveal that it was Karl Haushofer who chose the swastika as the emblem of Nazism. Even more startling, we read that “the theories of Haushofer and the projects of [Alfred] Rosenberg...form the basis for Mein Kampf” Both were leaders of the Satanist Vril Society.

A startling number of Satanist organizations have found their roots in Germany. Indeed, the mythological heart of Communism, Marx’s “Dialectical materialism”, was a marriage of the dialectic of Hegel and the materialism of Feuerbach. And the “Luminous Lodge” does sound suspiciously similar to the Illuminist Lodge of Weishaupt, does it not? This business is all very odd indeed. But, lest one drown in it, let us return to the United States in the Year of our Lord, 1970.


* * *

If we interrupt this at this point I believe we can finish the document in one more sitting. I certainly do realize that all of you are getting an overload of information piled on your plate to digest. It is our job to offer it--yours to discern. If there are portions which disturb you more than others and reach beyond your ability to accept--PLEASE, DO NOT WRITE TO US FOR CLARIFICATION OR MAGICAL WAND WAVING--GO RESEARCH THE TOPIC. WE OFFER WHAT IS AVAILABLE IN ITS BEST FORMAT AND CONTENT AND IT COMES, ALWAYS, FROM ONES WHO ARE WILLING TO DO THIS MASSIVE RESEARCHING.

If these subjects seem just too “far out” and separate from you in your tight little world of limitation--you had better start paying more attention to your NEWS! There is hardly anything other than violence, murder, evil and bloodshed as the world is falling to these very entities who have claimed and worked for generations to acquire--TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. What may seem very innocent and fun, such as dressing up your babies on Halloween as witches and butchers is indeed that which will attract your children as their brainwashing is furthered with each passing day!

Why didn’t you KNOW ABOUT THESE THINGS? Because these things are worked at over the generations TO BE SECRET! This is THE pattern of the adversary, friends, to work in the DARK, DANK AND EVIL PLACES--OUT OF SIGHT--SO YOU WON’T KNOW AND BY THE TIME YOU SUSPECT, THE TALE IS SO VILE AND UGLY THAT YOU WILL REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT “COULD BE”!

Why do you REALLY think there might have been a Jewish Holocaust? Indeed, so that the ones who had stolen the Judean heritage would wipe out the true tribes and there would be no-one left of the original tribes to demand Truth. That has not stopped, my friends; the “Jewish” people are the ones who will finally be obliterated FIRST when the power comes into play--so that no one remaining will ever really know of the heinous evil conspiracy against them. So be it. It is time to put eye and ear to the reception--and go forth and FIND OUT! THE LIFE YOU SAVE WILL BE YOUR OWN!



THU., MAY 19, 1994 11:31 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 276

THU., MAY 19, 1994

A Practical Guide To Witch Hunting
by DEG



In the course of our research on the recent explosion of occultism in the United States this reporter traveled in May (1970) to San Francisco for an extended interview with the Black Pope of the Church of Satan, Anton Szandor LaVey. We had little trouble finding him. Squeezed into a row of brightly-colored houses in the Richmond District--just around the corner from the Golden Gate Bridge--LaVey’s imposing, three-story Victorian home stands in stark contrast to the others, its tightly-shuttered windows and somber color giving it the sinister aura one might expect of such a place. The house is painted silvery black and the mood seemed to complement the ancient hearse sitting at the curb on flat tires and the huge Manx cat sleeping on the stone stairway. Climbing the steps a bit apprehensively I rang the doorbell.

After a considerable time the door was opened cautiously by an ashen-faced man dressed in the flowing robes of a priest. He was clearly not a priest in any good sense, for about his neck hung a silver medallion in the shape of the Goat of Mendes. After a few quiet words of welcome he motioned me inside and led the way through a dark and narrow hallway, past a stuffed jaguar, into a dimly-lit parlor painted deep purple. I was told to be seated, that Anton LaVey would appear momentarily.