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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


(Phase Three, Part 1)

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HOW TOTALITARIANISM WORKS By Walter E. Williams (with permission)










FRI., JUN. 10, 1994 11:30 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 298

FRI., JUN. 10, 1994


How many of you realize that sharks HAVE NO BONES? NOT ONE! How many of you know there is a reddish worm that lives deep under the surface of the seas that ranges up to 25 feet long, ingests its food, but has no organs that correspond to a mouth or intestines? These creatures are nourished by bacteria that live inside their cells. further, they have an entire phylum of their own. How many of you know what the word "phylum" means? Well, it simply means "a major division of the plant or animal kingdom". How many of you realize that there are almost as many creatures with exoskeletons as endoskeletons? Back to "phylum": How many of you know what "phyla" is your own category? Are you a chordate or a subphylum vertebrate? Do you give a damn?

With all the wondrous things about you that you do not know--why can you not function without having to know if Pleiadians have sex like humans or no sex at all. Can you not find important things upon which to dwell and expand your minds? No? Then what hope is there for your world?


Since this is the third book of the "HEAVE" series and will represent "Phase III", let's consider things briefly. This will be called, of course, HEAVE 'EM OUT. However, since this volume will split at least three ongoing subjects we will have to continue the volume numbering someway for identification purposes. How about "Vol. III, Part I"? This will allow us as many "parts" as necessary--but I especially want the connections made for 'good old Kissinger' as well as some ongoing discussion regarding the Russian, Zhirinovsky. The CONSTITUTION-FEDERALIST PAPERS will be so ongoing that we will ultimately set an entire volume or two in separation with "just" that information. Our purpose is to offer variety as with any good journalized magazine so we thank you readers for bearing along with us.

We do not claim to be publishers, knowledgeable or even very good at format or how to handle content. If we were better informed personally (as we thought George Green as publisher, was) we would not have handled any of our early documents as we did. It still strikes me as interesting that no-one claims as plagiarism an article of news, true, etc., in the New York Times which may well have run somewhere else, say, the London Times. This is not considered plagiarism (especially when credit is given to original sources) and is not the original publication conduit. But we run the smallest thing a scientist says, proclaiming that to be truth and suddenly "ALL" our work is somehow plagiarized.

Well, we are a newspaper and news magazine; I don't know how else to run the "news"! I do note that to be a human doing anything--you have to be prepared for every heinous attack there is and, furthermore, be prepared to LOSE EVERYTHING UNDER THE POINT OF A GUN AND THE LEGAL CABAL. Funny thing--I believe that even the National Enquirer can run anything about anyone, no matter how poor is the taste, and if it is truth--it is considered "journalism". Worse, it and other tabloids can print outright lies and still it is considered journalism if "source" is offered as "being told".


Readers, I hereby go on record as telling you that there are "aliens" among you, under the ground, around you, and working with some of the elders of every government you serve. Whose side are "they" on? Well, it depends on which side YOU are on as to whom you consider a friend or enemy. I hope you will read right through this journal--or go to the last portion about the "Blue Beam" project--and see if my writings seem quite so false and amusing to you--it is YOUR CHARACTERS WHO PLAN THESE CUTE GAMES AT YOUR EXPENSE AND HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS--I ONLY TELL YOU ABOUT THEM.

Here is why the heading above regarding shark's teeth. It is remarkable that sharks do not have bones--that is scientifically proven--BUT THEY CERTAINLY DO HAVE "TEETH" AND THAT, TOO, IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. Well, good friends, you can bet the sharks out there among you who want to enslave you--will use those teeth every chance--every chance!


Since the nit-wit write-up in a Las Vegas ad-sheet I am asked about it and if it hurts my feelings? Feelings? I find it pathetic and some things even more interesting than others. Here is THE state with guardianship laws for men and businesses and the people doing that paper in point, out of Las Vegas--knew nothing about the laws they listen to George Green BLAST. Why would this Mr. Cohen go speak to Cort Christie about incorporation in Nevada? Because he, even working IN NEVADA--had no idea there were coverages and protections under their laws. He went to find out about it--because his very own business is incorporated in Arizona.

Further, I enjoy the way he quotes George Green as telling the world that the Phoenix Institute and Ekker are just working a Pyramid-Ponzi scam. (???) Mr. Green established the very plan and got all the money up front and then took off--to cover his assets in Nevada (which now he also knocks) along with gold coins he took from the Institute. He was an officer AND a director. Would this not seem to absolutely incriminate himself as to INTENT if nothing more?

No one here claims to have known anything about either publishing or running a ponzi scheme of some kind. That may not be an admission of super-intelligence but, as a publisher--I note that he even lied about copyrights! He had a good argument, I suppose, in blaming me for everything except that he still has the books under such label all stashed away AND also refuses to honor his "note" with the Institute. If others who owe the Institute fail to pay their notes and obligations--is that not like a bank? How can any business honor one set of notes above those of another? The point was to have business to meet obligations. ALL limited requests for obligations could easily be met if Mr. Green would simply pay his own note and return the gold taken and buried in his back yard for safe hiding!

Perhaps the most amusing accusation is that of shouting about the Institute using money to defend itself--legally. Well, someone tell me how a corporation can NOT do same??? If it were YOUR funds in jeopardy--wouldn't YOU want your interests served? Mr. Green even told one party he planned to get her money out (someway) and then use it against her to pay his legal bills! Is this honor? Now that we have been offered both legal reference and over $2 million in a loan to defend ourselves--that too is pounced on like choice blood-feast. That money will come from one we all know, but that "side" seems to say does not exist: Ronn Jackson. It is his money and I would think he could support anyone or anything he wishes. In exchange, the paper will basically be turned over to him for his further informing the public of ongoing operations in your enemy government and help organize some unification of outlying players. There is no intent of fighting, unlawful behavior or anything of the kind--just simple truth and information flow. Further, THAT loan will be covered by "gold" waiting a rise in pricing. Which is now SCHEDULED to be set at $1,200 to $2,000 per ounce very shortly. I think it plain to see that if you purchase an ounce of gold at $383 and its value is straight across at $2,000/oz that there is ample coverage in security--with a note against it. Or, is there something WRONG with my arithmetic. There was never anything else presented to anyone--even by Mr. Green who was going to start his own program within the past few months.

The funds WERE BORROWED to cover costs of getting information out to you and other projects--as is PROVEN by the very notes Mr. Green refuses to pay. He said he "borrowed" the money for publication expenses. Well, good readers, those books published were not even all ours--as agreed upon! Besides, he has both the money, now, and the books--all nicely and untruthfully marked "copyrighted by America West". So be it.

My people find it hard to believe that this kind of a thrust would be publicly made--about the Institute defending itself for protection of participants. THAT IS THE LAW, READERS! AND, FURTHER MORE--A LAWYER IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO HANDLE THE CASE--BY LAW!


Now, tell me where you are on this observation: "YOU PAY FOR BILL'S DEFENSE". "President Bill Clinton is using taxpayer dollars to defend himself against a personal morals charge (Paula Jones)". You bash people for following the law and defending against destruction of an Institute and yet--this other garbage is ongoing just like the Eveready rabbit.

In fact, let's look at this Clinton "morals" case. Thank you, SPOTLIGHT, for this insight. This is by Mike Blair--one of the best investigative journalists anywhere!


President Bill Clinton is using lawyers from the Justice Department, funded by U.S. taxpayers, to help his private attorneys prepare his defense against sexual discrimination charges filed against him by Paula Jones.

She is claiming Clinton made extremely crude sexual advances to her while he was governor of Arkansas. Although the statute of limitations on sexual harassment has run out, she claims she suffered in her state job for rejecting Clinton by being ostracized and denied promotions, and so has filed sex discrimination charges.

At the request of the White House, the Justice Department is studying whether Clinton can be protected from Jones' sex discrimination suit while he remains in office as president.

In 1982 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that presidents cannot be sued for acts committed while in office, [H: I didn't read that in your Constitution!] but the charges Clinton is facing occurred some 20 months before he took office as president.


Many legal scholars contend that since he was not president at the time, he must face the charges just as any other citizen.

It is this contention that the Justice Department lawyers are studying to assist the president's attorneys, led by high-powered Washington lawyer Robert Bennett, brother of former Education Secretary William Bennett.

Bennett is also currently counsel for Rep. Dan Rostenkowski (D-IL), powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who is fighting charges of misuse of public funds in a scandal involving the House post office. [H: Yes but it is costing Mr. Rostenkowski right through his OWN proverbial nose!]

It is believed that Clinton's legal expenses could cost millions (of dollars). The work being done on his behalf by Justice Department personnel, presumably with the guidance of Attorney General Janet Reno, could ultimately cost the taxpayers additional millions.

Jones is one of several individuals including Arkansas state troopers assigned to protect Clinton while he was governor and a number of other women, who have come forward with similar accusations against the president.

The charges faced by the president in the Jones case are the worst ever leveled at a sitting president.

Jones charges that after having a member of his state police staff entice her to his room at the hotel, Clinton made several sexual advances, then dropped his pants and asked her to perform a sexual act.

Regarding Clinton's questionable use of Justice Department attorneys to help in his defense, one of Jones' attorneys, Gilbert Davis, said he feels "a bit outgunned".

"But David won his battle with a slingshot, and we feel confident we have a pretty good case," the attorney added.

* * * *

Now, as to my refusing interviews and other confrontations with writers, radio talk-show hosts, etc., I think the next will show you a good example of WHY. There is little truth or even similarity of content with what is offered, published or construed with truth or the original statements. Here is an excellent example:

by Warren Hough

The Washington Times has "misquoted me and utterly misrepresented my views", U.N. diplomat Patti Londono Jaramillo told the SPOTLIGHT on May 24.

Only hours earlier, a report in the Washington Times, a daily newspaper published in the nation's capital and financed by mysterious Korean cult leader and ex-convict Sun Myung Moon, blamed the U.N.s growing preoccupation with gun control on the "freewheeling U.S. small-arms business".

To support the claim that smaller nations feel threatened by the Constitutional right of American citizens to own guns, the Washington Times invoked an alleged statement made by Ms. Londono, the respected counselor of Colombia's U.N. delegation.

According to the Times, Ms. Londono asserted, "Colombia's problem is that in the U.S. you can legally buy and sell arms, and those arms are transferred illegally out of the country. But in Colombia any purchase of arms is illegal".


"I never said anything like that, and the Times knows it," Ms. Londono told this populist newspaper. "To declare that in Colombia 'any purchase of firearms is illegal', is ridiculous. And the U.N. study of international gun controls is not driven by the 'freewheeling U.S. small-arms business', as the Times put it. It was triggered by a series of extraordinary crimes committed, often in paramilitary fashion, by drug gangsters and terrorist hit squads whose illicit weapons and tactics came not from the U.S. BUT FROM ISRAEL", she added.

In a written repudiation to the Washington Times, Ms. Londono stated that "For the sake of clarity and justice, I would appreciate it if you do not attribute to me concepts and relations that I have not mentioned or made".

* * * *

I find the more important statement in the above being the statement regarding Israel. Why? Because I am a bigot? No, readers, because of the way everything is handled in the Establishment media--especially anything regarding Jews or Israel. Am I against Israel? No, in fact it is a nice little piece of terrible land mass called PALESTINE. The United Nations decided that Palestine was of no value and gave it to the Zionists--not even the Judeans--but rather the Zionist Khazarian Bolsheviks. They have NEVER kept a single promise nor peace overture. A "Jew"(s) massacred a whole big bunch of Palestinians in a Mosque and yet now that things aren't so great on the "peace treaty" front--it "is all Yassir Arafat's fault". Mideast PEACE? The Jewish Israelis have NEVER WANTED PEACE. In fact, the very LAST THING they want is PEACE! Most specially in the places around the "Holy" lands, Jerusalem, etc. How else can they excuse the tearing down of the Mosque and putting up their own temple on the same spot--so you hoodwinked people can have your Rapture? Will you NEVER wake up?

Let's look at this article in U.S. News, an editorial by the Editor-in-Chief, Mortimer B. Zuckerman. This is, after all, one of "their" publications (the controlled media).



The first few days of Palestinian control over Gaza and Jericho do not augur well for the Mideast peace process. Two Israeli soldiers were killed by Gazans who melted into the Palestinian population without Arab police pursuit; three Israelis were arrested by the Palestinian police in breach of the agreement; without legal authority; Yassir Arafat canceled most regulations and orders for Gaza and Jericho that Israel had enacted for the occupied territories.

Worst of all, on May 10, the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization let the mask slip in a speech in Johannesburg. Arafat was secretly recorded when he told a mosque audience: "You have to come and fight a jihad [holy war] to liberate Jerusalem, your precious shrine". Then he likened the Oslo and Cairo agreements with Israel to the prophet Muhammad's agreement with the Quraysh tribe in A.D. 628. Unable to conquer Holy Mecca with his army, Muhammad adopted the stratagem of agreeing to a 10-year peace to lull the Meccans into a false sense of security while building up his own forces. He had no intention of keeping this agreement, and two years later he fell on the city when he felt strong enough to conquer it. Arafat's implication was clear: If Muhammad could violate such a pact with the Meccans, as Arafat described it, so could Arafat violate his pact with the Jews.

There is no possible camouflage for Arafat's hint of treachery. He had no political need, in a South African mosque, to assert his revolutionary credentials. It is all of a piece with his past references to the so-called phased plan of 1974, in which PLO policy became: We will take whatever part of Israel we can get now, and the rest later. It is all of a piece with the PLO's return to pre-Oslo terrorism. Arafat has disregarded the public letter he signed in September, renouncing and denouncing all terrorist activities and promising to discipline those engaged in them. Instead, he has continued to finance and support the killers, even within his own Fatah faction. More Israelis were murdered in the six months following the September handshake than in the six months before.

Now the Israeli public is in an uproar. Many leading commentators conclude that Arafat is not serious about peace, that the decisive view in the Arab world is not one of reconciliation but of "only a cease-fire until the next stage", as Abbas Zaki of the PLO Central Committee put it. The seeming unwillingness of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres to hold Arafat's feet to the fire is a profound disillusionment for the long-suffering Israelis. They regard the Rabin-Peres rationalization of PLO actions as craven, confirming in their minds that most Arabs still believe unremitting hostility, violence, pressure and betrayal can extract more concessions and force the Jews out.

The Israelis began this process with goodwill. [H: The Israelis have never started ANYTHING with "goodwill"!] They hoped that the Arabs were as exhausted as they were, that they had moved away from ideological hatred and had pragmatically opted to share the land with the Jewish state in peace. But Arafat's words come on top of a menacing poll taken by an Arab academic. It showed that none of the 1,000 Arabs and Palestinians polled wants to make genuine peace. Respondents saw the agreements only as a stopgap, pending resumption of the conflict when the Palestinians would be stronger and Israel weaker. The Israelis now fear there will never be a "last concession", that terrorism will never end--or, as T.S. Elliot wrote:

Is it war or peace?

Peace, but not the kiss of peace.

A patched-up affair, if you ask my opinion

...I think that this peace

Is nothing like an end, or like a beginning.

The Israelis now have confirmation of what they suspected: that Arafat is not a man of his word. They would be well advised to hold back further withdrawals. They should have the support of all nations seeking peace if they insist that they will yield no more until they are sure the PLO is really honoring its commitments and surer still that their security cannot be threatened. [H: The Israelis NEVER FOR ONE MINUTE EVEN "THOUGHT" OF GIVING UP ANY LAND! This is simply the useful thorn to present to the world and whine, scream and point fingers--the atrocities against the Palestinians have been so terrible as to not even bear relationship. AND, THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG IN AMERICA (ISRAEL HOMELAND--NOT OF GOD'S CHOSEN BUT OF THE KHAZARIAN ZIONISTS).]

Arafat invites the world's censure. He should be made to understand that the Israelis must have an agreement that is self-regulating and self-sustaining, one that does not depend on the goodwill of a PLO seemingly bent on destroying any atmosphere of optimism. As Francis Bacon said, hope is a good breakfast but a poor supper.


And just how unbiased do you think the other articles are in that magazine? This is from the June 6 issue. It has Oliver North pictured on the front. There is reference to Hillary Clinton AND Oliver North--I hope you each have an opportunity to witness the different slants on each. I remind you people--if you cannot get some freedoms and unbiased information back into the media and publications--what chance do you have for reclaiming freedom?

Yes I realize that you are rather forced to expect me to be against the ones who blatantly call themselves "Anti-Christ", being as I am an immediate compatriot WITH the "Christ". However, readers, attitudes nor allegations present facts as such--only historic evidence IN TRUTH. I repeat for all to hear and see: ZIONISM IS NOT JUDAISM! Perhaps we need to again offer a document by an American rabbi on the subject and then, perhaps, you will consider possibilities of truth in that which we have offered unto you.

This is not a NEW conjured statement of some kind--this was issued all the way back in December of 1975. The facts are that the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and innumerable PAC groups and all manner of subtle takeovers by these Zionist groups are evident, public--even if not shown in any media, and are prevalent everywhere you look. What of the "Jews" who actually mistakenly call themselves "Jews"? What recourse do THEY have to claim their rightful heritage according to the old Hebrew laws? The Zionists are Talmudic people who base every action on the Zionist Protocols of the Elders, whether or not even the followers realize as much.



An American rabbi, Elmer Berger, wrote the Saudi Ambassador to the U.N. recently (about. Nov.-Dec. 1975). As president of Jewish Alternatives to Zionism, Inc., he reprinted his letter as a full page ad in the Washington Post and other papers. Because the U.N. is now being excoriated in the press on its vote that Zionism is racist, the ad did much to explain the difference between Zionism and Judaism.

Rabbi Berger's letter begins, "As an American Jew, and a long-time anti-Zionist, I welcome your invitation to attempt to clarify the meaning of Zionism in the context of the recent United Nations debate. It is, in my opinion, unfortunate that the problem was not addressed more precisely in the course of the debate.

"It should be made clear that there are a number of varieties of Zionism. There is Messianic Zionism, held as a tenet of faith by many Christian faiths as well as by Judaism. And then there is Israeli Zionism, oriented, predicated on Israel's Declaration of Independence in 1948, which said, 'Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of Exiles'.

"The Declaration of Establishment also states, 'The mission of gathering in the exiles is the central task of the State of Israel and the Zionist movement in our days and requires constant efforts by the Jewish people in the Diaspora' ".

Berger then goes on, "It is clear that the process of building up a state for the Jewish people, identified either by religion or birth by a Jewish mother, continues within the framework of a 'democracy' of privileging Jews in Israel. This affects the structure of the economy, educational opportunities, rights of political organizations, public subsidies for activities such as agriculture, provisions of public services such as roads, utilities and housing, among others".

"Israel is a state, therefore, in which if apartheid is not as blatant or as territorially viable as South Africa, Jews are nevertheless more equal than others. The application of Zionist laws make discrimination a matter of national politics. This being so, it is an abandonment of democratic principle to accuse those who oppose these public policies of malevolent or 'obscene' motivations".

Rabbi Berger adds: "I am unsure of what racism may mean to all of those who participated in the U.N. debate or have been witness to it or some of its side shows. But if racism is a form of government or a structure of society in which national rights and responsibilities are officially legislated upon the basis of creed, color or ethnic derivation, then the Zionist character of much basic Israel law qualifies".

Recently a Jew named Alvin Levine wrote an article for the Jewish periodical Jewish Weekly American Examiner. He said: "The cause of anti-Semitism in the U.S. is not the Ku Klux Klan or Liberty Lobby or the Minute Men. The main cause is our Jewish leaders, who are becoming more and more short-sighted, dogmatic, inflexible and arrogant. In this country the Jewish people are treated better than in any other country in the world, including Israel. This mood may soon disappear unless sensible reason prevails".

* * * *

Well, that was in 1975--almost two decades ago. Where are you now? Let me suggest that you had better start to pay attention because, little ones, with Project Blue Beam you are going to get "raptured" by those nice Zionists--right out into ever-loving never-never land and it "ain't" into HEAVEN! Salu.



SUN., MAY 29, 1994 8:35 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 286

SUN., MAY 29, 1994




You witness a beauteous sunrise with promise of a day of glory--IF YOU NEED NOT RAIN OR ULTRAVIOLET RAYS! Which, then, is your perception? Disappointment in another cloudless, rainless day of DNA transference to an already weakened body? OR, glory that you have more lessons to learn? Come on, chelas, get with this program --even if BOTH are illusion, it is your responsibility to act in appropriate response lest you walk through this play with no life at all… But, do you blame--or do you "thank" God? Why? Is the sunrise within or without your control? Is not ALL but a perception? If you are filled you are not hungry and food has little meaning if a feast be laid before you--but if you are starving just the smell of food will ignite a fire of want within.

Ones continue to shout at me, "...you are a narrow being..."! Ah, but as I speak with you--I am but a participant in a play well under way and actually nearing its change.

If I say, "God places conditions..." then I am, again, a rotten and false god of some sort! When I write of Wicca and influences of evil even though the "intent" is thought to be grand--I am pounced upon as if I be the devil in disguise. So be it. If you wish to eat the chaff and leave the wheat it is your pleasure and your choice. I ask that all "rebuttals" be made available but I have been asked to take no more space in the paper for such. Since the paper is the focus of a separate team, I honor that, even though there be only one such note to offer.


John's brother, James, asks that John be allowed to remain in Sacramento in the new housing place in which he now resides until his own wife's recent surgery heals a bit. Then he will arrange for conservatorship so that John might be where he would ask to be.

When John arrived at his new place from the Alzheimer's center in Bakersfield he was found to bear an infection and was infested with vermin. He is doing well now even though no one is told where he is located nor are friends allowed to visit. He IS being cared for according to his brother and we thank Jim for continued updates. But what of John? Is it not sad to have a man still incarcerated and virtually held in isolation so that another might gain his property? He is hundreds of miles away from his home and his friends but still the parties involved demand it to be so. And how is YOUR life going? This is going to become the "norm", my friends, and I wonder who will come and get you out? Families are ripped asunder in this day--how does yours feel about you? Will YOU have a visitor once every couple of weeks while you are disallowed to participate in that which you have spent your life in preparation to attain? It bears pondering for this is an example of how it will be.


No report update as to status.


We are told that ones have investigated Ronn Jackson and he does not exist. So be it. I guess I don't know who all you people are writing to, getting responses from, and visiting. I suppose it is assumed it is "...just another of Hatonn's famous lies and disinformation..."! Is Ronn Jackson everything unto everyone? No--he was certainly a most negative impacting person on some he has met around the globe. However, he worked for some very important people who impact your lives EVERY DAY OF EXISTENCE and they KNOW ME AND THEY KNOW THE SCORE...!

I wish to go on record here, however, that "I" never suggested anyone "tweak" Mr. Fort's neck. I believe that Dharma has thought about a Chiropractic adjustment in "tweaking" for Mr. Green and even that was done in total fun and frustration. In the same tone of fun I offered that perhaps Mr. Green should eat all that gold to which he claims gifting--and go for a bit of R&R at the old swimming hole.

So, what is wrong? NOTHING! Think, please. On Tuesday there is a closing of your Congressional sitting (setting, if you prefer). It is known that when Ronn Jackson goes into motion and the CONTACT continues to carry the ball--it is a BAD, BAD, BAD game ahead for the Congressmen and criminal politicians. Why is Rostenkowski playing games of delay and detain? UNTIL, OF COURSE, FOCUS IS ELSEWHERE AND CONGRESS IS IN SUMMER RECESS!! HOLD TO YOUR PATIENCE--A LOT OF POLITICAL LIVES ARE ON THE LINE HERE AND BARGAINING NEGOTIATIONS HAVE BEEN MORE LIKE "PUT IT WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE" THAN, "SURE, JOE, I'LL BE HAPPY TO SHUT UP....". In addition, how many banks have you noted to be open and in operation through the Memorial Day weekend? Patience has nothing to do with it--these are the FACTS of living.

What do you people believe? Do you actually think that angels are going to come sprinkle stardust on your pillow and perfection will come sweeping over the world? Is THAT the way your world seems to be headed? Even the tooth-fairy, at best, through very human hands, leaves a dime, a quarter or whatever. How many elves and fairy feather dusters have come in their own true form and done your work for you? Perhaps a good neighbor or a loved one has hopped in and helped bail the boat--but no fairies, my good friends.


You are to the end of childhood, nappers. I suggest all of you make Arthur Clarke a bit more wealthy--and go get a small book called CHILDHOOD'S END. It is written as fiction, just as we wrote Sipapu Odyssey. However, it is time you FACE the consequences of your actions on Earth, confront WHO might be the brethren--and What and Who might be "GOD" in this play!

There are major REASONS that we present in the manner in which we come. There are more important things in this world than your opinions on any selective basis if you are considering the massive impact of what is going on--on the world.

There is a VERY POWERFUL "COMMITTEE" and it may well function right through your United Nations at some point along here--actually, it already does so. It is more powerful than the Committee of 300 and if nothing else--recognizes our participation, our mission and our purpose.


There are jests and fun over the possibility of space aliens being among you--there are well over 2,000,000 from Orion alone. They integrate with you and look like you. They are NOT lizards nor serpents. Some are thin and some are chubs. There is an effort to secure, intact, the globe--it is no good to anyone, good or evil, blown to smithereens.

What is it you people WANT? More lies? More false teachings that tell you anything and everything is "OK" and it won't matter? It matters! Indeed there are "conditions"--why would God have otherwise given you rules by which to live and interact? Even the one that says, "Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you"? Is this not a SUPREME "commandment"? However, to call my people robbers and thieves is an interesting concept after a whole entity has been destroyed by one of its own! So be it for it shall be in the "eating" of the pudding as to whether or not the cook placed sugar or alum!?!


It is a time for some to readjust, relocate and redefine needs of the present. As this takes place there is great appreciation for friendships made and allowance for representatives at other ends of network chains. As the work becomes more focused in leadership through the national reclamation of your foundation laws in an attempt to regain your Constitution, we hope ones will consider becoming a hub or information focus. This can be done from anyplace wherein there is computer and phone service. These things can be spoken of later and certainly it is a most human physical need and responsibility. Find your place wherein you are happy and feel most content--and THEN, only then, can you open to your calling. As the network grows in the human expression about your nation--so too will be the need for such management centers so that the flow is allowed to every corner. This has nothing to do with religion--THIS HAS TO DO WITH THE RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR NATIONAL RECOVERY. One or two fax networks, for instance, may be sufficient--but the life-blood for these centers must come from the support centers. Do not be surprised at who may well be your ally in the international media snatch-up game! A rebel "with a cause" is sometimes not noted at onset of the rebellion. A Fox opening up the hen-house from the clutches of the wolves may be a most remarkable change in events--perhaps the wolf-pack is in a bit of trouble? Is a "fox" a good master for the henhouse? No, but one on your side is better than that which IS in the disguised wolf world.

There are a couple of things I ask to share with you from the "network". The first two come from the Center for Action, Citizens for A Constitutional Washington, John R. Prukop, Ex. Dir:. 11910-C Meridian East, #142, Puyallup, Washington, P.Zone 98373/TDC.



A great legal fraud has come to light which must be resolved in 1994 or the elections normally held to fill all public offices may have to be cancelled, nationwide, based on the statutes of fraud. Here are the facts to be considered.

On March 9, 1933, the U.S. Congress delegated to Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) the WAR POWERS--emergency rule by Executive Order--(which temporarily SUSPENDED THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS, hereinafter referred to as CBR) in order to deal with the monetary crisis then existing. Much of the bureaucracy with us today was created during the first one hundred days of the FDR Administration when most official acts were, deliberately, unconstitutional, but nobody cared because of the so-called monetary crisis. This unconstitutional "bureaucracy" created in 1933 could only exist and operate WHILE EMERGENCY RULE REMAINED IN FORCE AND THE CBR REMAINED SUSPENDED! Keep this in mind.

However, it soon became apparent to those in the seats of power that a permanent state of "emergency" was deemed necessary if the unconstitutional (fully socialist) bureaucracy created in 1933, were to remain functional and given some form of accepted legality. To accomplish this without alerting the people, a practice was developed [National Emergencies Act., Sec. 202(d)] whereby the President transmits to the Congress (quietly) a notice to extend the "emergency" for another year. President Clinton did his part on May 25, 1993 when he "extended" the national emergency created by George Bush the year before [Executive Order #12808] using the crisis in Bosnia for the excuse. Clinton will have to repeat that "extension" again in 1994, using the same, or some other contrived "emergency" to keep his fully socialist and unconstitutional bureaucracy alive and well one more year.

But there is a far more sinister side to these yearly "extensions" we need to examine here and now. When the President "extends" the Emergency, he also fully SUSPENDS AND NULLIFIES THE CBR WITH THE FULL COOPERATION AND KNOWLEDGE OF THE CONGRESS BUT WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE PEOPLE. It is NOT a media event. These are deliberate and premeditated acts of TREASON and SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY TO OVERTHROW the CBR by the Federal Government. It has resulted in 61-years of governing where the CBR has been "OFFICIALLY", BUT SECRETLY, SHELVED. Now we know how and WHY unconstitutional bills get legislated. (NAFTA, Brady Bill, etc.).

This "OFFICIAL" SUSPENSION OF THE CBR--see Title 12 USC Sec. 95(a) & (b)--the current law of today--needs to become the chief issue for any one running for public office, except those who are Democrats or Republicans, as they are responsible for the above crimes. Candidates winning an election could never promise, or give their constituents any REPRESENTATION whatsoever and COULD NOT BE SWORN-IN, by law, to support and defend the CBR when IT HAS BEEN, AND STILL IS, "OFFICIALLY" SUSPENDED, BY STATUTE.

THE ENTIRE ELECTION PROCESS IN 1994, for reasons above, is only for fools and knaves for it is total FRAUD as long as "EMERGENCY RULE" REMAINS IN EFFECT.

As a candidate, you can become a prime mover TO END EMERGENCY RULE and restore the CBR to its rightful place in the affairs of government. Get yourself informed on this issue (see below) and may God guide you and bless you in this pursuit!

NOTICE: This flyer was prepared and distributed by Citizens For A Constitutional Washington, 11910-C Meridian East, #124, Puyallup, Washington 98373. For a complete and detailed analysis concerning the contents of this flyer; write for a copy of the 2-hour video presentation WAR AND EMERGENCY POWERS and the accompanying 153-page booklet with the Government's own documents and exhibits. WAR AND EMERGENCY POWERS video is available for $25.00. The accompanying booklet is available for $20.00. Add $5.00 shipping & handling. Please, NO CHECKS OR CODs. U.S. Postal Money Orders or Cash only.

* * * *

MAY 26, 1994


(Puyallup, Washington) Just in case you missed it, on February 1, 1994, CBS Radio News announced that Senate Republican leader Bob Dole of Kansas had been "enlisted" to fight the so-called "WAR ON CRIME". The "sound bite" containing Senator Dole's own words stated he had become a "convert" and that he would now support a "thirty-million-dollar FEDERAL GUN BUY-BACK program", similar to ones that have been utilized with mixed success at the State and local levels. Dole admitted, however, that with 200-million guns on the streets, the program won't do much to stop crime. [H: Dear ones, don't you see what is more important HERE? A 'WAR' is the same as announcing an "emergency". By declaring the ongoing "war on crime" you have JUST EXTENDED THE STATE OF EMERGENCY...!]

Under the disguise of "crime prevention" and "health care reform", a massive effort is under way to disarm America, being promoted under various pretenses at all levels of government. Here in Washington State alone a total of 65 or more anti-gun measures had been impressed upon the legislature, some under the heading of "youth violence reduction". This anti-gun feeding-frenzy threatens honest law-abiding Citizens and their unalienable right to keep and bear arms to self defense. But why is it that those who are most in favor of "gun control" are the ones softest on the criminal? Why is it that collectivist methods are the only solutions they propose? The answer should put you into a state of fear.

Little is known about an obscure yet dramatic piece of legislation that was enacted into law by the Congress in 1961. At the behest of then Senator Prescott Bush of Connecticut, yes the father of George Bush, President John F. Kennedy signed into law Public Law 87-297 on September I, 1961. This law can be located in the United States Code, Title 22, and beginning at Section 2551. This law set the stage for the creation of the "United States Disarmament Agency" and set in place the political machinery to DESTROY our nation's sovereignty. Notice the word "disarmament" in the title of this agency. Every Congress and every President since 1961 has worked, methodically, and craftily, to implement various provisions of Public Law 87-297. It is all part and parcel of the march to merge America into the "New World Order". All public policy is a result of the "emergency" OF 1933. WHAT “EMERGENCY”...you say? Read on.

With the foregoing in mind, are we now to believe that all of a sudden Senator Bob Dole has had a "change of heart" from his previously stated position, that he was now a "convert" and would support the WAR ON CRIME, and that he will now support the filibuster of the Schumer/Feinstein Amendment, the so-called "Assault Weapon Ban" contained in H.R. 42967 which let the first salvo of the Brady Bill pass with only THREE SENATORS ON THE FLOOR. In January, he urged the President--on national television--TO SUPPORT THE SENATE VERSION OF THE CRIME BILL containing the FEINSTEIN GUN BAN. This is the same Senator Bob Dole who also introduced a resolution SUPPORTING CLINTON's POSITION ON THE CHICAGO GUN SWEEPS--WITHOUT WARRANTS--TO SEARCH FOR AND SEIZE GUNS.

And remember well, with the suspension of the Constitution FOR the United States OF America on March 6, 1933, and its continuation for the past 61-years by various Presidential Executive Orders, including those recent Executive Orders of President William J. Clinton, the American people are under the awesome power of a Constitutional Dictatorship, under the War Posers and the Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917. Since 1933, the American people have not had the often quoted and misheralded 2nd Amendment Right to "keep and bear arms". It is only through "license" by the "statutorily created right" that you presently have the ability of firearms ownership. One must understand the legal meanings of the words: "owner" and "transfer" as used in the law as it pertains to the Federal Firearms--under license--as a result of the Constitutional Treason and the Acts of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the 73rd Congress of 1933.

The remedy? First things first. Because the American people are unaware of being unaware, they must first be made aware. Therefore, we strongly recommend: that Americans be made aware of the treason and seditious conspiracy, and the "emergency" we've all been under for the past 61-years, by obtaining the material presented in the prior writing. The materials are not copyrighted, therefore once you obtain a master set, you may duplicate and distribute them at will. But remember, the messengers have paid dearly to bring you the research to put all of the pieces together, starting at a single focal point, from which all the rest of America's problems originate. Once the American people understand what the problem is, we can then begin to correct the misdeeds of the past 61-years of the "emergency". Once the American people understand the perfidy, greed and avarice that have held them in bondage all these years, there will be no need to run in circles from one Patriot meeting to the next in search of that elusive and magic "silver bullet".

* * * *

Thank you. Please support these people, readers. They have no magic to attend them and if their voices are silenced--it will be YOUR loss for they mostly have nothing more to lose.


This comes from three directions so we will run the next message. I will not make comment.

TO: Ken Vardon, APFN:


All kinds of rumors are flying tonight and I need to know if you have heard any of them. First it came in from Gary Hunt that all the large cities have put their police and rescue people on alert. Dallas & Houston are two definite. Also the National Guard troops in Wyoming have been moved out to make room for a large number of Soviet troops (300,000) who are being flown into the country... We talked with a man in the Navy who said they are moving all the weapons from the Navy Reserves and shipping them to Va. The Army National Guard is doing the same. (THE FEDS CAN'T ORDER THE GUARD TO DO THAT). SO IT MUST BE THE ARMY RESERVES.

Also there is a comet which has entered the area around Jupiter and it looks like it may hit Jupiter and ignite it and to expect this between July 18-24. Also Cape Canaveral has been put on alert and the firemen in that area have been issued guns (or ordered to arm themselves). Engineers of NASA have been told to move north of Cape Canaveral.

Also they plan on introducing the new money July 1 and it may be exchanged as high as 1 - 10 on our old bills.

Have you heard any of this? If so please let us know.

R & L I., Jacksonville, Fl.

* * * *

If you have information regarding this please send it through APFN--along with a donation for services to Ken Vardon: FAX: 702-433-9916. 3230 E. Flamingo Rd. #200, Las Vegas, Nevada 59121.

Thank you for your attention.



MON., MAY 30, 1994 10:20 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 287

MON., MAY 30, 1994


Yea, though I walk through the valley of shadows--even unto the shadow called 'death'--I shall be sustained...! Aren't sure? Dharma made thirteen typing errors in that one sentence above--and I am as near as her mind itself--kick not yourselves for the pondering upon doubts and faith--ye are not to be blind, deaf and dumb. You are birthed to CREATE, BREATHE LIFE INTO THAT WHICH APPEARS UNSUSTAINABLE AND SHOW THE WAY--NOT ROLL INTO THINE OWN COFFIN AND COP OUT. So, with this in mind she goes forth to ignore me and promptly drops a brick on her foot. Now she sits in hurt, doubt AND misery. BUT, GLORY BE, WE FINALLY GET "THERE". She finally says to me, “Father, get it done--I release this burden to you for I can do no more this day save write. I cannot specifically or individually cause the feds to do anything. I cannot measure nor cause any other to do anything against their will--I can't even water a flowerpot without breaking my toe--it's yours and I'll do what you want me to do, Sir, but you'll have to show me the way and attend that which I cannot. Thank you”!

You KNEW that our mission would be like no other. You KNEW that when action would REALLY BEGIN and get under way it would be like no other. YOU ALSO KNOW THAT WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY THE TEACHER IS PRESENT AND WHEN THE NEEDS ARE AT HAND THE WAY WILL OPEN...IF YOU ALLOW IT! You will only get off the revolving wheel of "circumstance control" when you have journey important enough to plot pathway and direction, needs and creation--enough to DO IT. YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS, YOU ARE CREATORS--SO GET THEE FORTH AND CREATE! And, take MY HAND and I'll take you there--for ye need not walk alone--YE CANNOT WALK ALONE! My dear ones, each day is a "trial" of one kind or another--if ye "have" how will ye use of it? If ye have "not"--what will ye do? What IS your journey and, at present, your service?

In this place, Dharma, the task is to present truth, direction, the various written lessons and to bring the principles of life, yea the Christ "way" (not a man by a label of some kind--but rather a "way" to strength and freedom) and all else is but distraction in the daily attention fragmentation. You are responsible only for YOUR part--others, theirs. But some cannot do theirs until you do yours and thus and so....

Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, who said: "He who shall introduce into public affairs the principles of Christ--will change the face of the world". I want to remind you of something, readers; on the tip of the highest mountain it may appear that you can see far, however, if ye would be sustained, ye must go into the valley wherein you can grow, abide, and EXPERIENCE. Seeing is NOT ENOUGH--IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING SO THAT ALL THAT COMES AFTER THE SEEING IS WELL-DONE, "MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL...." HEAR ALL, SEE ALL AND THEN--ACT IN WISDOM! For it is within reason and WISDOM of actions which shall allow us to prevail--not "just" survive--but prevail!

Let us return to our task of the Federalist Papers for in them comes the definition and reasoning, the logic and the MEANING of your Constitution which you freedom-seekers CLAIM TO DESIRE TO RETAIN. To accomplish the task--YOU MUST KNOW WHAT IS MEANT AND INTENDED--GUESSING WILL NOT CUT-IT THIS TIME.

(Chapter 6)


Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the United States: but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgment and punishment, according to law.

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 84, Par. 4, Alexander Hamilton:

Independent of those which relate to the structure of the government, we find the following: Article 1, section 3, clause 7--"Judgment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States; but the party convicted shall, nevertheless, be liable and subject to indictment, trial, judgment, and punishment according to law". Section 9, of the same article, clause 2--"The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it". Clause 3--"No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed". Clause 7--"No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States; and no person holding any office of profit or trust under them shall, without the consent of the Congress, accept of any present, emolument, office, or title of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state". Article 3, section 2, clause 3--"The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be by jury; and such trial shall be held in the State where the said crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the trial shall be at such place or places as the Congress may by law have directed". Section 3, of the same article--"Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court". And clause 3, of the same section--"The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason; but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture, except during the life of the person attained".


The times, places and manner of holding elections for senators and representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by law make or alter such regulations, except as to the place of choosing senators.

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 59, Par. 1, Alexander Hamilton:

The natural order of the subject leads us to consider, in this place, that provision of the Constitution which authorizes the national legislature to regulate, in the last resort, the election of its own members. It is in these words: "The times, places, and manner of holding elections for senators and representatives shall be prescribed in each State by the legislature thereof; but the Congress may, at any time, by law, make or alter such regulations, except as to the places of choosing senators". (1st clause, 4th section, of the 1st article.) This provision has not only been declaimed against by those who condemn the Constitution in the gross; but it has been censured by those who have objected with less latitude and greater moderation; and, in one instance, it has been thought exceptionable by a gentleman who had declared himself the advocate of every other part of the system.

I am greatly mistaken, notwithstanding, if there be any article in the whole plan more completely defensible than this. Its propriety rests upon the evidence of this plain proposition, that every government ought to contain in itself the means of its own preservation. Every just reasoner will, at first sight, approve an adherence to this rule, in the work of the convention; and will disapprove every deviation from it which may not appear to have been dictated by the necessity of incorporating into the work some particular ingredient with which a rigid conformity to the rule was incompatible. Even in this case, though he may acquiesce in the necessity, yet he will not cease to regard a departure from so fundamental a principle as a portion of imperfection in the system which may prove the seed of future weakness, and perhaps anarchy.

It will not be alleged that an election law could have been framed and inserted in the Constitution which would have been applicable to every probable change in the situation of the country, and it will therefore not be denied that a discretionary power over elections ought to exist somewhere. It will, I presume, be as readily conceded that there were only three ways in which this power could have been reasonably modified and disposed; that it must either have been lodged wholly in the national legislature, or wholly in the state legislatures; or primarily in the latter and ultimately in the former. The last mode has, with reason, been preferred by the convention. They have submitted the regulation of elections for the federal government, in the first instance, to the local administrations; which, in ordinary cases, and when no improper views prevail, may be both more convenient and more satisfactory; but they may have reserved to the national authority a right to interpose, whenever extraordinary circumstances might render that interposition necessary to its safety.

Nothing can be more evident than that an exclusive power of regulating elections for the national government, in the hands of the State legislatures, would leave the existence of the Union entirely at their mercy. They could at any moment annihilate it by neglecting to provide for the choice of persons to administer its affairs. It is to little purpose to say that a neglect or omission of this kind would not be likely to take place. The constitutional possibility of the thing, without an equivalent for the risk, is an unanswerable objection. Nor has any satisfactory reason been yet assigned for incurring that risk. The extravagant surmises of a distempered jealousy can never be dignified with that character. If we are in a humor to presume abuses of power, it is as fair to presume them on the part of the State governments as on the part of the general government. And as it is more consonant to the rules of a just theory to trust the Union with the care of its own existence than to transfer that care to any other hands, if abuses of power are to be hazarded on the one side or on the other, it is more rational to hazard them where the power would naturally be placed than where it would unnaturally be placed.

Suppose an article had been introduced into the Constitution empowering the United States to regulate the elections for the particular States, would any man have hesitated to condemn it, both as an unwarrantable transposition of power and as a premeditated engine for the destruction of the State governments? The violation of principle, in this case, would have required no comment and, to an unbiased observer, it will not be less apparent in the project of subjecting the existence of the national government, into similar respect, to the pleasure of the State governments. An impartial view of the matter cannot fail to result in a conviction that each, as far as possible, ought to depend on itself for its own preservation.

As an objection to this position, it may be remarked that the constitution of the national Senate would involve, in its full extent, the danger which it is suggested might flow from an exclusive power in the State legislatures to regulate the federal elections. It may be alleged that by declining the appointment of senators they might at any time give a fatal blow to the Union; and from this it may be inferred that as its existence would be thus rendered dependent upon them in so essential a point, there can be no objection to intrusting them with it in the particular case under consideration. The interest of each State, it may be added, to maintain its representation in the national councils, would be a complete security against an abuse of the trust.

This argument, though specious, will not, upon examination, be found solid. It is certainly true that the State legislatures, by forbearing the appointment of senators, may destroy the national government. But it will not follow that, because they have the power to do this in one instance, they ought to have it in every other. There are cases in which the pernicious tendency of such a power may be far more decisive, without any motive equally cogent with that which must have regulated the conduct of the convention in respect to the construction of the Senate to recommend their admission into the system. So far as that con-struction may expose the Union to the possibility of injury from the State legislatures, it is an evil; but it is an evil which could not have been avoided without excluding the States, in their political capacities, wholly from a place in the organization of the national government. If this had been done it would doubtless have been interpreted into an entire dereliction of the federal principle, and would certainly have deprived the State governments of that absolute safeguard which they will enjoy under this provision. But, however wise it may have been to have submitted in this instance to an inconvenience, for the attainment of a necessary advantage or a greater good, no inference can be drawn from thence to favor an accumulation of the evil, where no necessity urges, nor any greater good invites.

It may easily be discerned also that the national government would run a much greater risk from a power in the State legislature over the elections of its House of Representatives than from their power of appointing the members of its Senate. The senators are to be chosen for the period of six years; there is to be a rotation, by which the seats of a third part of them are to be vacated and replenished every two years; and no State is to be entitled to more than two senators; a quorum of the body is to consist of sixteen members. The joint result of these circumstances would be that a temporary combination of a few States to intermit the appointment of senators could neither annul the existence nor impair the activity of the body; and it is not from a general or permanent combination of the States that we can have anything to fear. The first might proceed from sinister designs in the leading members of a few of the State legislatures; the last would suppose a fixed and rooted disaffection in the great body of the people which will either never exist at all, or will, in all probability, proceed from an experience of the inaptitude of the general government to the advancement of their happiness--in which event no good citizen could desire its continuance.

But with regard to the federal House of Representatives, there is intended to be a general election of members once in two years. If the State legislatures were to be invested with an exclusive power of regulating these elections, every period of making them would be a delicate crisis in the national situation, which might issue in a dissolution of the Union, if the leaders of a few of the most important States should have entered into a previous conspiracy to prevent an election.

I shall not deny that there is a degree of weight in the observation that the interests of each State, to be represented in the federal councils, will be a security against the abuse of a power over its elections in the hands of the State legislatures. But the security will not be considered as complete by those who attend to the force of an obvious distinction between the interests of the people in the public felicity and the interest of their local rulers in the power and consequence of their offices. The people of America may be warmly attached to the government of the Union, at times when the particular rulers of particular States, stimulated by the natural rivalship of power and by the hopes of personal aggrandizement and supported by a strong faction in each of those States, may be in a very opposite temper. This diversity of sentiment between a majority of the people and the individuals who have the greatest credit in their councils is exemplified in some of the States at the present moment, on the present question. The scheme of separate confederacies, which will always multiply the chances of ambition, will be a never-failing bait to all such influential characters in the State administrations as are capable of preferring their own emolument and advancement to the public weal. With so effectual a weapon in their hands as the exclusive power of regulating elections for the national government, a combination of a few such men, in a few of the most considerable States, where the temptation will always be the strongest, might accomplish the destruction of the Union by seizing the opportunity of some casual dissatisfaction among the people (and which perhaps they may themselves have excited) to discontinue the choice of members of the federal House of Representatives. It ought never to be forgotten that a firm union of this country, under an efficient government, will probably be an increasing object of jealousy to more than one nation of Europe; and that enterprises to subvert it will sometimes originate in the intrigues of foreign powers and will seldom fail to be patronized and abetted by some of them. Its preservation, therefore, ought, in no case that can be avoided, be committed to the guardianship of any but those whose situation will uniformly beget an immediate interest in the faithful and vigilant performance of the trust. PUBLIUS

No. 60, Par. 1, Alexander Hamilton:

We have seen that an uncontrollable power over the elections to the federal government could not, without hazard, be committed to the State legislatures. Let us now see what would be the danger on the other side; that is, from confiding the ultimate right of regulating its own elections to the Union itself. It is not pretended that this right would ever be used for the exclusion of any State from its share in the representation. The interest of all would, in this respect at least, be the security of all. But it is alleged that it might be employed in such a manner as to promote the election of some favorite class of men in exclusion of others by confining the places of election to particular districts and rendering it impracticable to the citizens at large to partake in the choice. Of all chimerical suppositions, this seems to be the most chimerical. On the one hand, no rational calculation of probabilities would lead us to imagine that the disposition which a conduct so violent and extraordinary would imply could ever find its way into the national councils; and on the other it may be concluded with certainty that if so improper a spirit should ever gain admittance into them, it would display itself in a form altogether different and far more decisive.

The improbability of the attempt may be satisfactorily inferred from this single reflection, that it could never be made without causing an immediate revolt of the great body of the people, headed and directed by the State governments. It is not difficult to conceive that this characteristic right of freedom may, in certain turbulent and factious seasons, be violated, in respect to a particular class of citizens, by a victorious majority; but that so fundamental a privilege, in a country so situated and enlightened, should be invaded to the prejudice of the great mass of the people by the deliberate policy of the government without occasioning a popular revolution, is altogether inconceivable and incredible.

In addition to this general reflection, there are considerations of a more precise nature which forbid all apprehension on the subject. The dissimilarity in the ingredients which will compose the national government, and still more in the manner in which they will be brought into action in its various branches, must form a powerful obstacle to a concert of views in any partial scheme of elections. There is sufficient diversity in the state of property, in the genius, manners, and habits of the people of the different parts of the Union to occasion a material diversity of disposition in their representatives towards the different ranks and conditions in society. And though an intimate intercourse under the same government will promote a gradual assimilation of temper and sentiments, yet there are causes, as well physical as moral, which may, in a greater or less degree, permanently nourish different propensities and inclinations in this particular. But the circumstance which will be likely to have the greatest influence in the matter will be the dissimilar modes of constituting the several component parts of the government. The House of Representatives' being to be elected immediately by the people, the Senate by the State legislatures, the President by electors chosen for that purpose by the people, there would be little probability of a common interest to cement these different branches in a predilection for any particular class of electors.

As to the Senate, it is impossible that any regulation of "time and manner", which is all that is proposed to be submitted to the national government in respect to that body, can affect the spirit which will direct the choice of its members. The collective sense of the State legislatures can never be influenced by extraneous circumstances of that sort; a consideration which alone ought to satisfy us that the discrimination apprehended would never be attempted. For what inducement could the Senate have to concur in a preference in which itself would not be included? Or to what purpose would it be established, in reference to one branch of the legislature, if it could not be extended to the other? The composition of the one would in this case counteract that of the other. And we can never suppose that it would embrace the appointments to the Senate unless we can at the same time suppose the voluntary co-operation of the State legislatures. If we make the latter supposition, it then becomes immaterial where the power in question is placed--whether in their hands or in those of the Union.

But what is to be the object of this capricious partiality in the national councils? Is it to be exercised in a discrimination between the different departments of industry, or between the different kinds of property, or between the different degrees of property? Will it lean in favor of the landed interest, or the moneyed interest, or the mercantile interest, or the manufacturing interest? Or, to speak in the fashionable language of the adversaries to the Constitution, will it court the elevation of the "wealthy and the well-born", to the exclusion and debasement of all the rest of the society?

If this partiality is to be exerted in favor of those who are concerned in any particular description of industry or property, I presume it will readily be admitted that the competition for it will lie between landed men and merchants. And I scruple not to affirm that it is infinitely less likely that either of them should gain an ascendant in the national councils, than that the one or the other of them should predominate in all the local councils. The inference will be that a conduct tending to give an undue preference to either is much less to be dreaded from the former than from the latter.

The several States are in various degrees addicted to agriculture and commerce. In most, if not all of them, agriculture is predominant. In a few of them, however, commerce nearly divides its empire, and in most of them has a considerable share of influence. In proportion as either prevails, it will be conveyed into the national representation; and for the very reason that this will be an emanation from a greater variety of interests and in much more various proportions than are to be found in any single State, it will be much less apt to espouse either of them with a decided partiality than the representation of any single State.

In a country consisting chiefly of the cultivators of land, where the rules of an equal representation obtain, the landed interest must, upon the whole, preponderate in the government. As long as this interest prevails in most of the State legislatures, so long it must maintain a correspondent superiority in the national Senate, which will generally be a faithful copy of the majorities of those assemblies. It cannot therefore be presumed that a sacrifice of the landed to the mercantile class will ever be a favorite object of this branch of the federal legislature. In applying thus particularly to the Senate a general observation suggested by the situation of the country, I am governed by the consideration that the credulous votaries of State power cannot, upon their own principles, suspect that the State legislatures would be warped from their duty by any external influence. But in reality the same situation must have the same effect, in the primitive composition at least of the federal House of Representatives: an improper bias towards the mercantile class is as little to be expected from this quarter as from the other.

In order, perhaps, to give countenance to the objection, at any rate, it may be asked, is there not danger of an opposite bias in the national government, which may dispose it to endeavor to secure a monopoly of the federal administration to the landed class? As there is little likelihood that the supposition of such a bias will have any terrors for those who would be immediately injured by it, a labored answer to this question will be dispensed with. It will be sufficient to remark, first, that for the reasons elsewhere assigned it is less likely that any decided partiality should prevail in the councils of the Union than in those of any of its members. Secondly, that there would be no temptation to violate the Constitution in favor of the landed class, because that class would, in the natural course of things, enjoy as great a preponderancy as itself could desire. And thirdly, that men accustomed to investigate the sources of public prosperity upon a large scale must be too well convinced of the utility of commerce to be inclined to inflict upon it so deep a wound as would be occasioned by the entire exclusion of those who would best understand its interest from a share in the management of them. The importance of commerce, in the view of revenue alone, must effectually guard it against the enmity of a body which would be continually importuned in its favor by the urgent calls of public necessity.

I rather consult brevity in discussing the probability of a preference founded upon a discrimination between the different kinds of industry and property, because, as far as I understand the meaning of the objectors, they contemplate a discrimination of another kind. They appear to have in view, as the objects of the preference with which they endeavor to alarm us, those whom they designate by the description of the "wealthy and the well-born". These, it seems, are to be exalted to an odious preeminence over the rest of their fellow-citizens. At one time, however, their elevation is to be a necessary consequence of the smallness of the representative body; at another time it is to be effected by depriving the people at large of the opportunity of exercising their right of suffrage in the choice of that body.

But upon what principle is the discrimination of the places of election to be made, in order to answer the purpose of the mediated preference? Are the wealthy and the well-born, as they are called, confined to particular spots in the several States? Have they, by some miraculous instinct or foresight, set apart in each of them a common place of residence? Are they only to be met with in the towns or cities? Or are they, on the contrary, scattered over the face of the country as avarice or chance may have happened to cast their own lot or that of their predecessors? If the latter is the case (as every intelligent man knows it to be [Particularly in the Southern States and in this State]), is it not evident that the policy of confining the places of elections to particular districts would be as subversive of its own aim as it would be exceptionable on every other account? The truth is that there is no method of securing to the rich the preference apprehended but by prescribing qualifications of property either for those who may elect or be elected. But this forms no part of the power to be conferred upon the national government. Its authority would be expressly restricted to the regulation of the times, the places, and the manner of elections. The qualifications of the persons who may choose or be chosen, as has been remarked upon other occasions, are defined and fixed in the Constitution, and are unalterable by the legislature.

Let it, however, be admitted, for argument sake, that the expedient suggested might be successful; and let it at the same time be equally taken for granted that all the scruples which a sense of duty or an apprehension of the danger of the experiment might inspire were overcome in the breasts of the national rulers, still I imagine it will hardly be pretended that they could ever hope to carry such an enterprise into execution without the aid of a military force sufficient to subdue the resistance of the great body of the people. The improbability of the existence of a force equal to that object has been discussed and demonstrated in different parts of these papers; but that the futility of the objection under consideration may appear in the strongest light, it shall be conceded for a moment that such a force might exist and the national government shall be supposed to be in the actual possession of it. What will be the conclusion? With a disposition to invade the essential rights of the community and with the means of gratifying that disposition, is it presumable that the persons who were actuated by it would amuse themselves in the ridiculous task of fabricating election laws for securing a preference to a favorite class of men? Would they not be likely to prefer a conduct better adapted to their own immediate aggrandizement? Would they not rather boldly resolve to perpetuate themselves in office by one decisive act of usurpation, than to trust to precarious expedients which, in spite of all the precautions that might accompany them, might terminate in the dismission, disgrace, and ruin of their authors? Would they not fear that citizens, not less tenacious than conscious of their rights, would flock from the remotest extremes of their respective States to the places of election, to overthrow their tyrants and to substitute men who would be disposed to avenge the violated majesty of the people? PUBLIUS

No. 61, Par. 1, Alexander Hamilton:

The more candid opposers of the provisions respecting elections contained in the plan of the convention, when pressed in argument, will sometimes concede the propriety of that provision; with this qualification, however, that it ought to have been accompanied with a declaration that all elections should be had in the counties where the electors resided. This, say they, was a necessary precaution against an abuse of the power. A declaration of this nature would certainly have been harmless, so far as it might not have been undesirable. But it would, in fact, have afforded little or no additional security against the danger apprehended; and the want of it will never be considered by an impartial and judicious examiner as a serious, still less as an insuperable, objection to the plan. The different views taken of the subject in the two preceding papers must be sufficient to satisfy all dispassionate and discerning men, that if the public liberty should ever be the victim of the ambition of the national rulers, the power under examination, at least, will be guiltless of the sacrifice.

If those who are inclined to consult their jealousy only would exercise it in a careful inspection of the several State constitutions, they would find little less room for disquietude and alarm from the latitude which most of them allow in respect to elections than from the latitude which is proposed to be allowed to the national government in the same respect. A review of their situation, in this particular, would tend greatly to remove any ill impressions which may remain in regard to this matter. But as that view would lead into long and tedious details, I shall content myself with the single example of the State in which I write. The constitution of New York makes no other provision for locality of elections than that the members of the Assembly shall be elected in the counties; those of the Senate, in the great districts into which the State is or may be divided: these at present are four in number and comprehend each from two to six counties. It may readily be perceived that it would not be more difficult to the legislature of New York to defeat the suffrages of the citizens of New York by confining elections to particular places than for the legislature of the United States to defeat the suffrages of the citizens of the Union by the like expedient. Suppose, for instance, the city of Albany was to be appointed the sole place of election for the country and district of which it is a part, would not the inhabitants of that city speedily become the only electors of the members both of the Senate and Assembly for that county and district? Can we imagine that the electors who reside in the remote subdivisions of the counties of Albany, Saratoga, Cambridge, etc., or in any part of the county of Montgomery, would take the trouble to come to the city of Albany to give their votes for members of the Assembly or Senate sooner than they would repair to the city of New York to participate in the choice of the members of the federal House of Representatives? The alarming indifference discoverable in the exercise of so invaluable a privilege under the existing laws, which afford every facility to it, furnishes a ready answer to this question. And, abstracted from any experience on the subject, we can be at no loss to determine that when the place of election is at an inconvenient distance from the elector, the effect upon his conduct will be the same whether that distance be twenty miles or twenty thousand miles. Hence it must appear that objections to the particular modification of the federal power of regulating elections will, in substance, apply with equal force to the modification of the like power in the constitution of this State; and for this reason it will be impossible to acquit the one and to condemn the other. A similar comparison would lead to the same conclusion in respect to the constitutions of most of the other States.

If it should be said that defects in the State constitutions furnish no apology for those which are to be found in the plan proposed, I answer that as the former have never been thought chargeable with inattention to the security of liberty, where the imputations thrown on the latter can be shown to be applicable to them also, the presumption is that they are rather the cavilling refinements of a predetermined opposition than the well-founded inferences of a candid research after truth. To those who are disposed to consider, as innocent omissions in the State constitutions, what they regard as unpardonable blemishes in the plan of the convention, nothing can be said; or at most, they can only be asked to assign some substantial reason why the representatives of the people in a single State should be more impregnable to the lust of power, or other sinister motives, than the representatives of the people of the United States? If they cannot do this, they ought at least to prove to us that it is easier to subvert the liberties of three millions of people, with the advantage of local governments to head their opposition, than of two hundred thousand people who are destitute of that advantage. And in relation to the point immediately under consideration, they ought to convince us that it is less probable that a predominant faction in a single State should, in order to maintain its superiority, incline to a preference of a particular class of electors, than that a similar spirit should take possession of the representatives of thirteen States, spread over a vast region, and in several respects distinguishable from each other by a diversity of local circumstances, prejudices and interests.

Hitherto my observations have only aimed at a vindication of the provision in question on the ground of theoretic propriety, on that of the danger of placing the power elsewhere, and on that of the safety of placing it in the manner proposed. But there remains to be mentioned a positive advantage which will result from this disposition and which could not as well have been obtained from any other: I allude to the circumstance to uniformity in the time of elections for the federal House of Representatives. It is more than possible that this uniformity may be found by experience to be of great importance to the public welfare, both as a security against the perpetuation of the same spirit in the body, and as a cure for the disease of faction. If each State may choose its own time of election it is possible there may be at least as many different periods as there are months in the year. The times of election in the several States, as they are now established for local purposes, vary between extremes as wide as March and November. The consequence of this diversity would be that there could never happen a total dissolution of renovation of the body at one time. If an improper spirit of any kind should happen to prevail in it, that spirit would be apt to infuse itself into the new members, as they come forward in succession. The mass would likely to remain nearly the same, assimilating constantly to itself its gradual accretions. There is a contagion in example which few men have sufficient force of mind to resist. I am inclined to think that treble the duration in office, with the condition of a total dissolution of the body at the same time, might be less formidable to liberty than one third of that duration subject to gradual and successive alterations.

Uniformity in the time of elections seems not less requisite for executing the idea of a regular rotation in the Senate, and for conveniently assembling the legislature at a stated period in each year.

It may be asked, "Why, then, could not a time have been fixed in the Constitution?" As the most zealous adversaries of the plan of the convention in this State are, in general, not less zealous admirers of the constitution of the State, the question may be retorted, and it may be asked, Why was not a time for the like purpose fixed in the constitution of this State? No better answer can be given than that it was a matter which might safely be intrusted to legislative discretion; and that if a time had been appointed, it might, upon experiment, have been found less convenient than some other time. The same answer may be given to the question put on the other side. And it may be added that the supposed anger of a gradual change being merely speculative, it would have been hardly advisable upon that speculation to establish, as a fundamental point, what would deprive several States of the convenience of having the elections for their own governments and for the national government at the same epoch. PUBLIUS


The Congress shall assemble at least once in every Year, and such Meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by Law appoint a different Day.

Federalist Papers, No Comment.




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MON., MAY 30, 1994

(Chapter 7)


Each House shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members, and a majority of each shall constitute a quorum to do business; but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may be authorized to compel the attendance of absent members, in such manner, and under such penalties as each House may provide.

Federalist Papers, No comment.


Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.

Federalist Papers, No comment.


Each House shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and from time to time publish the same, excepting such parts as may in their judgment require secrecy; and the yeas and nays of the members of either House on any question shall, at the desire of one fifth of those present, be entered on the journal.

Federalist Papers, No comment.


Neither House, during the session of Congress, shall, without the consent of the other, adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other place than that in which the two Houses shall be sitting.


The Senators and Representatives shall receive a compensation for their services, to be ascertained by law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any speech or debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other place.

Federalist Papers, No comment.


No Senator or Representative shall, during the time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil office under the authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time; and no person holding any office under the United States shall be a member of either House during his continuance in office.

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 55, Par. 9, James Madison:

Is the danger apprehended from the other branches of the federal government? But where are the means to be found by the President, or the Senate, or both? Their emoluments of office, it is to be presumed, will not, and without a previous corruption of the House of Representatives cannot, more than suffice for very different purposes; their private fortunes, as they must all be American citizens, cannot possibly be sources of danger. The only means, then, which they can possess, will be in the dispensation of appointments. Is it here that suspicion rests her charge? Sometimes we are told that this fund of corruption is to be exhausted by the President in subduing the virtue of the Senate. Now, the fidelity of the other House is to be the victim. The improbability of such a mercenary and perfidious combination of the several members of government, standing on as different foundations as republican principles will well admit, and at the same time accountable to the society over which they are placed, ought alone to quiet this apprehension. But, fortunately, the Constitution has provided a still further safeguard. The members of the Congress are rendered ineligible to any civil offices that may be created, or of which the emoluments may be increased, during the term of their election. No offices therefore can be dealt out to the existing members but such as may become vacant by ordinary casualties, and to suppose that these would be sufficient to purchase the guardians of the people, selected by the people themselves, is to renounce every rule by which events ought to be calculated and to substitute an in-discriminate and unbounded jealousy with which all reasoning must be vain. The sincere friends of liberty who give themselves up to the extravagancies of this passion are not aware of the injury they do their own cause. As there is a degree of depravity in mankind which requires a certain degree of circumspection and distrust, so there are other qualities in human nature which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence. Republican government presupposes the existence of these qualities in a higher degree than any other form. Were the pictures which have been drawn by the political jealousy of some among us, faithful likenesses of the human character, the inference would be that there is not sufficient virtue among men for self-government and that nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another. PUBLIUS

No. 77, Par. 1, Alexander Hamilton:

It has been mentioned as one of the advantages to be expected from the co-operation of the Senate, in the business of appointments, that it would contribute to the stability of the administration. The consent of that body would be necessary to displace as well as to appoint. A change of the Chief Magistrate, therefore, would not occasion so violent or so general a revolution in the officers of the government as might be expected if he were the sole disposer of offices. Where a man in any station had given satisfactory evidence of his fitness for it, a new President would be restrained for attempting a change in favor of a person more agreeable to him by the apprehension that a discountenance of the Senate might frustrate the attempt, and bring some degree of discredit upon himself. Those who can best estimate the value of a steady administration will be most disposed to prize a provision which connects the official existence of public men with the approbation or disapprobation of that body which, from the greater permanency of its own composition, will in all probability be less subject to inconstancy than any other member of the government.


All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments on other bills.

No. 66, Par. 7, Alexander Hamilton:

But independent of this most active and operative principle, to secure the equilibrium of the national House of Representatives, the plan of the convention has provided in its favor several important counterpoises to the additional authorities to be conferred upon the Senate. The exclusive privilege of originating money bills will belong to the House of Representatives. The same house will possess the sole right of instituting impeachments; is not this a complete counterbalance to that of determining them? The same house will be the umpire in all elections of the President which do not unite the suffrages of a majority of the whole number of electors; a case which it cannot be doubted will sometimes, if not frequently, happen. The constant possibility of the thing must be a fruitful source of influence to that body. The more it is contemplated, the more important will appear this ultimate though contingent power of deciding the competitions of the most illustrious citizens of the Union, for the first office in it. It would not perhaps be rash to predict that, as a mean influence, it will be found to outweigh all the peculiar attributes of the Senate.


Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it becomes a law, be presented to the President of the United States; if he approve, he shall sign it but if not, he shall return it with his objections to the house in which it shall have originated, who shall enter the objections at large on their journal, and proceed to reconsider it. If, after such reconsideration, two thirds of that house shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent, together with the objections, to the other house, by which it shall likewise be reconsidered and, if approved by two thirds of that house, it shall become a law. But in all such cases the votes of both houses shall be determined by yeas and nays, and the names of the persons voting for and against the bill shall be entered on the journal of each house respectively. If any bill shall not be returned by the President within ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall be a law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the Congress by their adjournment prevent its return, in which case it shall not be a law.

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 69, Par. 5, Alexander Hamilton:

The President of the United States is to have power to return a bill, which shall have passed the two branches of the legislature, for reconsideration; but the bill so returned is not to become a law unless, upon that reconsideration, it be approved by two thirds of both houses. The King of Great Britain, on his part, has an absolute negative upon the acts of the two houses of parliament. The disuse of that power for a considerable time past does not affect the reality of its existence and is to be ascribed wholly to the crown's having found the means of substituting influence to authority, or the art of gaining a majority in one or the other of the two houses, to the necessity of exerting a prerogative which could seldom be exerted without hazarding some degree of national agitation. The qualified negative of the President differs widely from this absolute negative of the British sovereign and tallies exactly with the revisionary authority of the council of revision of this State, of which the governor is a constituent part. In this respect the power of the President would exceed that of the governor of New York because the former would possess, singly, what the latter shares with the chancellor and judges; but it would be precisely the same with that of the governor of Massachusetts, whose constitution, as to this article, seems to have been the original from which the convention have copied.

No. 73, Par. 3, Alexander Hamilton:

The last of the requisites to energy which have been enumerated are competent powers. Let us proceed to consider those which are proposed to be vested in the President of the United States.

The first thing that offers itself to our observation is the qualified negative of the President upon the acts or resolution of the two houses of the legislature; or, in other words, his power of returning all bills with objections to have the effect of preventing their becoming laws, unless they should afterwards be ratified by two thirds of each of the component members of the legislative body.

The propensity of the legislative department to intrude upon the rights, and to absorb the powers, of the other departments has been already more than once suggested. The insufficiency of a mere parchment delineation of the boundaries of each has also been remarked upon, and the necessity of furnishing each with constitutional arms for its own defense has been inferred and proved. From these clear and indubitable principles results the propriety of a negative, either absolute or qualified, in the executive upon the acts of the legislative branches. Without the one or the other, the former would be absolutely unable to defend himself against the depredations of the latter. He might gradually be stripped of his authorities by successive resolutions or annihilated by a single vote. And in the one mode or the other, the legislative and executive powers might speedily come to be blended in the same hands. If even no propensity had ever discovered itself in the legislative body to invade the rights of the executive, the rules of just reasoning and theoretic propriety would of themselves teach us that the one ought not to be left to the mercy of the other but ought to possess a constitutional and effectual power of self-defense.

But the power in question has a further use. It not only serves as a shield to the executive, but it furnishes an additional security against the enaction of improper laws. It establishes a salutary check upon the legislative body, calculated to guard the community against the effects of faction, precipitancy, or of any impulse unfriendly to the public good, which may happen to influence a majority of that body.

The propriety of a negative has, upon some occasions, been combated by an observation that it was not to be presumed a single man would possess more virtue and wisdom than a number of men; and that unless this presumption should be entertained, it would be improper to give the executive magistrate any species of control over the legislative body.

But this observation, when examined, will appear rather specious than solid. The propriety of the thing does not turn upon the supposition of superior wisdom or virtue in the executive, but upon the supposition that the legislature will not be infallible; that the love of power may sometimes betray it into a disposition to encroach upon the rights of other members of the government; that a spirit of faction may sometimes pervert its deliberations; that impressions of the moment may sometimes hurry it into measures which itself, on maturer reflection, would condemn. The primary inducement to conferring the power in question upon the executive is to enable him to defend himself; the secondary one is to increase the chances in favor of the community against the passing of bad laws, through haste, inadvertence, or design. The oftener the measure is brought under examination, the greater the diversity in the situations of those who are to examine it, the less must be the danger of those errors which flow from want of due deliberation, or of those missteps which proceed from the contagion of some common passion or interest. It is far less probable that culpable views of any kind should infect all the parts of the government at the same moment and in relation to the same object than that they should by turns govern and mislead every one of them.

It may perhaps be said that the power of preventing bad laws includes that of preventing good ones; and may be used to the one purpose as well as to the other. But this objection will have little weight with those who can properly estimate the mischiefs of that inconstancy and mutability in the laws, which form the greatest blemish in the character and genius of our governments. They will consider every institution calculated to restrain the excess of lawmaking, and to keep things in the same State in which they happen to be at any given period as much more likely to do good than harm; because it is favorable to greater stability in the system of legislation. The injury which may possibly be done by defeating a few good laws will be amply compensated by the advantage of preventing a number of bad ones.

Nor is this all. The superior weight and influence of the legislative body in a free government and the hazard to the executive in a trial of strength with that body afford a satisfactory security that the negative would generally be employed with great caution; and that there would oftener be room for a charge of timidity than of rashness in the exercise of it. A king of Great Britain, with all his train of sovereign attributes, and with all the influence he draws from a thousand sources, would, at this day, hesitate to put a negative upon the joint resolutions of the two houses of Parliament. He would not fail to exert the utmost resources of that influence to strangle a measure disagreeable to him, in its progress to the throne, to avoid being reduced to the dilemma of permitting it to take effect, or of risking the displeasure of the nation by an opposition to the sense of the legislative body. Nor is it probable that he would ultimately venture to exert his prerogative, but in a case of manifest propriety, or extreme necessity. All well-informed men in that kingdom will accede to the justness of this remark. A very considerable period has elapsed since the negative of the crown has been exercised.

If a magistrate so powerful and so well fortified as a British monarch would have scruples about the exercise of the power under consideration, how much greater caution may be reasonably expected in a President of the United States, clothed for the short period of four years with the executive authority of a government wholly and purely republican?

It is evident that there would be greater danger of his not using his power when necessary, than of his using it too often, or too much. An argument, indeed, against its expediency, has been drawn from this very source. It has been represented, on this account, as a power odious in appearance, useless in practice. But it will not follow that, because it might be rarely exercised, it would never be exercised. In the case for which it is chiefly designed, that of an immediate attack upon the constitutional rights of the executive, or in a case in which the public good was evidently and palpably sacrificed, a man of tolerable firmness would avail himself of his constitutional means of defense, and would listen to the admonitions of duty and responsibility. In the former supposition, his fortitude would be stimulated by his immediate interest in the power of his office; in the latter, by the probability of the sanction of his constituents who, though they would naturally incline to the legislative body in a doubtful case, would hardly suffer their partiality to delude them in a very plain case. I speak now with an eye to a magistrate possessing only a common share of firmness. There are men who, under any circumstances, will have the courage to do their duty at every hazard.

But the convention have pursued a mean in this business, which will both facilitate the exercise of the power vested in this respect in the executive magistrate, and make its efficacy to depend on the sense of a considerable part of the legislative body. Instead of an absolute negative, it is proposed to give the executive the qualified negative already described. This is a power which would be much more readily exercised than the other. A man who might be afraid to defeat a law by his single VETO might not scruple to return it for reconsideration, subject to being finally rejected only in the event of more than one third of each house concurring in the sufficiency of his objections. He would be encouraged by the reflection that if his opposition should prevail, it would embark in it a very respectable proportion of the legislative body whose influence would be united with his in supporting the propriety of this conduct in the public opinion. A direct and categorical negative has something in the appearance of it more harsh, and more apt to irritate, than the mere suggestion of argumentative objections to be approved or disapproved by those to whom they are addressed. In proportion as it would be less apt to offend, it would be more apt to be exercised, and for this very reason it may in practice be found more effectual. It is to be hoped that it will not often happen that improper views will govern so large a proportion as two thirds of both branches of the legislature at the same time and this, too, in defiance of the counterpoising weight of the executive. It is at any rate far less probable that this should be the case than that such views should taint the resolutions and conduct of a bare majority. A power of this nature in the executive will often have a silent and unperceived, through forcible, operation. When men, engaged in unjustifiable pursuits, are aware that obstructions may come from a quarter which they cannot control, they will often be restrained by the bare apprehension of opposition from doing what they would with eagerness rush into if no such external impediments were to be feared.

This qualified negative, as has been elsewhere remarked, is in the State vested in a council, consisting of the governor, with the chancellor and judges of the Supreme Court, or any two of them. It has been freely employed upon a variety of occasions, and frequently with success. And its utility has become so apparent, that persons who, in compiling the Constitution, were violent opposers of it, have from experience become its declared admirers. (Mr. Abraham Yates, a warm opponent of the plan of the convention, is of this number).

I have in another place remarked that the convention, in the formation of this part of their plan, had departed from the model of the constitution of this State in favor of that of Massachusetts. Two strong reasons may be imagined for this preference. One is that the judges, who are to be the interpreters of the law, might receive an improper bias from having given a previous opinion in their revisionary capacities; the other is that by being often associated with the executive, they might be induced to embark too far in the political views of that magistrate, and thus a dangerous combination might by degrees be cemented between the executive and judiciary departments. It is impossible to keep the judges too distinct from every other avocation than that of expounding the laws. It is peculiarly dangerous to place them in a situation to be either corrupted or influenced by the executive. PUBLIUS

[H: Please go back and read that LAST sentence and then perhaps you'll see how far you have strayed!]


Every order, resolution, or vote to which the concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary (except on a question of adjournment) shall be presented to the President of the United States; and before the same shall take effect, shall be approved by him, or being disapproved by him, shall be repassed by two thirds of the Senate and House of Representatives, according to the rules and limitations prescribed in the case of a bill.

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No, 69, Par. 5, Alexander Hamilton, and

No. 73, Par. 3, Alexander Hamilton, are applicable to this paragraph as well.




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TUE., MAY 31, 1994

(Chapter 8)

[H: This section of your Constitution is just about the most important segment for it deals with all those things which have been usurped incorrectly, destroyed blatantly and taken over by the Elite power-brokers under guise of amendments, emergencies, total lies, executive orders and by letting (causing) the public to cease knowing anything in the original set of rules by replacing them with that which seemed sound at the time of inspiration but later became simply a tool integrated without asking, unlawfully instituted and perpetuated and, ultimately, rewriting to suit selves for a New World Order. Each thing in this section deserves so much attention from every aspect but we will diligently offer only that which is referenced and in the manner referenced by the persons in point at the writing and debating. Read carefully and weep for your nation.... Indeed, you have reached "childhood's end" in so many ways as to be lost in the counting!

The amount of writing will be large so we will effort to break up the portions into manageable lengths with an eye to continuity. We ask that readers bear with us for some will literally, as in paragraph 1, Sec. 8, be inclusive of many pages of documentation. Let us just hold together and get through this task at hand and later we will all be grateful for the opportunity of again sharing with the original drawers of the Constitution along with the original reasoning and explanations offered. You do not have to take "modern" man's interpretation--go to the "horse" if you want information from the "horse's mouth"!]


The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defence and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 30, Alexander Hamilton:

It has been already observed that the federal government ought to possess the power of providing for the support of the national forces; in which proposition was intended to be included the expense of raising troops, of building and equipping fleets, and all other expenses in any wise connected with military arrangements and operations. But these are not the only objects to which the jurisdiction of the Union in respect to revenue must necessarily be empowered to extend. It must embrace a provision for the support of the national civil list; for the payment of the national debts contracted, or that may be contracted; and, in general, for all those matters which will call for disbursements out of the national treasury. The conclusion is that there must be interwoven in the frame of the government a general power of taxation, in one shape or another.

Money is, with propriety, considered as the vital principle of the body politic; as that which sustains its life and motion and enables it to perform its most essential functions. A complete power, therefore, to procure a regular and adequate supply of revenue, as far as the resources of the community will permit, may be regarded as an indispensable ingredient in every constitution. From a deficiency in this particular, one or two evils must ensue: either the people must be subjected to continual plunder, as a substitute for a more eligible mode of supplying the public wants, or the government must sink into a fatal atrophy, and, in a short course of time, perish.

In the Ottoman or Turkish empire the sovereign, though in other respects absolute master of the lives and fortunes of his subjects, has no right to impose a new tax. The consequence is that he permits the bashaws or governors of provinces to pillage the people at discretion, and, in turn, squeezes out of them the sums of which he stands in need to satisfy his own exigencies and those of the State. In America, from a like cause, the government of the Union has gradually dwindled into a state of decay, approaching nearly to annihilation. Who can doubt that the happiness of the people in both countries would be promoted by competent authorities in the proper hands to provide the revenues which the necessities of the public might require?

The present Confederation, feeble as it is, intended to repose in the United States an unlimited power of providing for the pecuniary wants of the Union. But proceeding upon an erroneous principle, it has been done in such a manner as entirely to have frustrated the intention. Congress, by the articles, which compose that compact (as has already been stated), are authorized to ascertain and call for any sums of money necessary in their judgment to the service of the United States; and their requisitions, if conformable to the rule of apportionment, are in every constitutional sense obligatory upon the States. These have no right to question the propriety of the demand; no discretion beyond that of devising the ways and means of furnishing the sums demanded. But though this be strictly and truly the case; though the assumption of such a right would be an infringement of the articles of Union; though it may seldom or never have been avowedly claimed; yet in practice it has been constantly exercised and would continue to be so as long as the revenues of the Confederacy should remain dependent on the intermediate agency of its members. What the consequences of this system have been is within the knowledge of every man the least conversant in our public affairs and has been abundantly unfolded in different parts of these inquiries. It is this which has chiefly contributed to reduce us to a situation which affords ample cause of mortification to ourselves, and of triumph to our enemies.

What remedy can there be for this situation, but in a change of the system which has produced it--in a change of the fallacious and delusive system of quotas and requisitions? What substitute can there be imagined for this ignis fatuus in finance, but that of permitting the national government to raise its own revenues by the ordinary methods of taxation authorized in every well-ordered constitution of civil government? Ingenious men may declaim with plausibility on any subject; but no human ingenuity can point out any other expedient to rescue us from the inconveniences and embarrassments naturally resulting from defective supplies of the public treasury.

The more intelligent adversaries of the new Constitution admit the force of this reasoning; but they qualify their admission by a distinction between what they call internal and external taxation. The former they would reserve to the State governments; the latter, which they explain into commercial imposts, or rather duties on imported articles, they declare themselves willing to concede to the federal head. This distinction, however, would violate that fundamental maxim of good sense and sound policy, which dictates that every POWER ought to be proportionate to its OBJECT; and would still leave the general government in a kind of tutelage to the State governments, inconsistent with every idea of vigor or efficiency. Who can pretend that commercial imposts are, or would be, alone equal to the present and future exigencies of the union? Taking into the account the existing debt, foreign and domestic, upon any plan of extinguishment which a man moderately impressed with the importance of public justice and public credit could approve, in addition to the establishments which all parties will acknowledge to be necessary, we could not reasonably flatter ourselves that this resource alone, upon the most improved scale, would even suffice for its present necessities. Its future necessities admit not of calculation or limitation; and upon the principle more than once adverted to the power of making provision for them as they arise ought to be equally unconfined. I believe it may be regarded as a position warranted by the history of mankind that, in the usual progress of things, the necessities of a nation, in every stage of its existence, will be found at least equal to its resources.

To say that deficiencies may be provided for by requisitions upon the States is on the one hand to acknowledge that this system cannot be depended upon, and on the other hand to depend upon it for everything beyond a certain limit. Those who have carefully attended to its vices and deformities as they have been exhibited by experience or delineated in the course of these papers must feel an invincible repugnancy to trusting the national interests in any degree to its operation. Its inevitable tendency, whenever it is brought into activity, must be to enfeeble the Union and sow the seeds of discord and contention between the federal head and its members, and between the members themselves. Can it be expected that the deficiencies would be better supplied in this mode than the total wants of the Union have heretofore been supplied in the same mode? It ought to be recollected that if less will be required from the States, they will have proportionably less means to answer the demand. If the opinions of those who contend for the distinction which has been mentioned were to be received as evidence of truth, one would be led to conclude that there was some known point in the economy of national affairs at which it would be safe to stop and to say: Thus far the ends of public happiness will be promoted by supplying the wants of government, and all beyond this is unworthy of our care or anxiety. How is it possible that a government half supplied and always necessitous can fulfill the purposes of its institution, can provide for the security, advance the prosperity, or support the reputation of the commonwealth? How can it ever possess either energy or stability, dignity or credit, confidence at home or respectability abroad? How can its administration be anything else than a succession of expedients, temporizing, impotent, disgraceful? How will it be able to avoid a frequent sacrifice of its engagements to immediate necessity? How can it undertake or execute any liberal or enlarged plans of public good?

Let us attend to what would be the effects of this situation in the very first war in which we should happen to be engaged. We will presume, for argument's sake, that the revenue arising from the impost duties answers the purposes of a provision for the public debt and of a peace establishment for the Union. Thus circumstanced, a war breaks out. What would be the probable conduct of the government in such an emergency? Taught by experience that proper dependence could not be placed on the success of requisitions, unable by its own authority to lay hold of fresh resources, and urged by considerations of national danger, would it not be driven to the expedient of diverting the funds already appropriated from their proper objects to the defense of the State? It is not easy to see how a step of this kind could be avoided; and if it should be taken, it is evident that it would prove the destruction of public credit at the very moment that it was becoming essential to the public safety. To imagine that at such a crisis credit might be dispensed with would be the extreme of infatuation. In the modern system of war, nations the most wealthy are obliged to have recourse to large loans. A country so little opulent as ours must feel this necessity in a much stronger degree. But who would lend to a government that prefaced its overtures for borrowing by an act which demonstrated that no reliance could be placed on the steadiness of its measures for paying? The loans it might be able to procure would be as limited in their extent as burdensome in their conditions. They would be made upon the same principles that usurers commonly lend to bankrupt and fraudulent debtors--with a sparing hand and at enormous premiums.

It may perhaps be imagined that from the scantiness of the resources of the country the necessity of diverting the established funds in the case supposed would exist, though the national government should possess an unrestrained power of taxation. But two considerations will serve to quiet all apprehension on this head: one is that we are sure the resources of the community, in their full extent, will be brought into activity for the benefit of the Union; the other is that whatever deficiencies there may be can without difficulty be supplied by loans.

The power of creating new funds upon new objects of taxation by its own authority would enable the national government to borrow as far as its necessities might require. Foreigners, as well as the citizens of America, could then reasonably repose confidence in its engagements; but to depend upon thirteen other governments for the means of fulfilling its contracts, when once its situation is clearly understood, would require a degree of credulity not often to be met with in the pecuniary transactions of mankind, and little reconcilable with the usual sharp-sightedness of avarice.

Reflections of this kind may have trifling weight with men who hope to see realized in America the halcyon scenes of the poetic or fabulous age; but to those who believe we are likely to experience a common portion of the vicissitudes and calamities which have fallen to the lot of other nations, they must appear entitled to serious attention. Such men must behold the actual situation of their country with painful solicitude, and deprecate the evils which ambition or revenge might, with too much facility, inflict upon it. PUBLIUS

No. 31, Alexander Hamilton:

In disquisitions of every kind there are certain primary truths, or first principles, upon which all subsequent reasonings must depend. These contain an internal evidence which, antecedent to all reflection or combination, commands the assent of the mind. Where it produces not this effect, it must proceed either from some disorder in the organs of perception, or from the influence of some strong interest, or passion, or prejudice. Of this nature are the maxims in geometry that the whole is greater than its parts; that things equal to the same are equal to one another; that two straight lines cannot enclose a space; and that all right angles are equal to each other. Of the same nature are these other maxims in ethics and politics, that there cannot be an effect without a cause; that the means ought to be proportioned to the end; that every power ought to be commensurate with its object; that there ought to be no limitation of a power destined to effect a purpose which is itself incapable of limitation. And there are other truths in the two latter sciences which, if they cannot pretend to rank in the class of axioms, are yet such direct inferences from them, and so obvious in themselves, and so agreeable to the natural and unsophisticated dictates of common sense that they challenge the assent of a sound and unbiased mind with a degree of force and conviction almost equally irresistible.

The objects of geometrical inquiry are so entirely abstracted from those pursuits which stir up and put in motion the unruly passions of the human heart that mankind, without difficulty, adopt not only the more simple theorems of the science, but even those abstruse paradoxes which, however they may appear susceptible of demonstration, are at variance with the natural conceptions which the mind, without the aid of philosophy, would be led to entertain upon the subject. The INFINITE DIVISIBILITY of matter, or, in other words, the INFINITE divisibility of a FINITE thing, extending even to the minutest atom, is a point agreed among geometricians, though not less incomprehensible to common sense than any of those mysteries in religion against which the batteries of infidelity have been so industriously leveled. [H: Reread that paragraph, please, considering the terms, references to matter, etc., and remind yourselves that this was written IN 1788 (OVER 200 YEARS AGO)! COULD IT NOT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN "FIRST", THIS AFTERNOON? JUST HOW FAR HAVE YOU GONE--FRIENDS?]

But in the sciences of morals and politics, men are found far less tractable. To a certain degree it is right and useful that this should be the case. Caution and investigation are a necessary armor against error and imposition. But this untractableness may be carried too far, and may degenerate into obstinacy, perverseness, or disingenuity. Though it cannot be pretended that the principles of moral and political knowledge have, in general, the same degree of certainty with those of the mathematics, yet they have much better claims in this respect than to judge from the conduct of men in particular situations we should be disposed to allow them. The obscurity is much oftener in the passions and prejudices of the reasoner than in the subject. Men, upon too many occasions, do not give their own understandings fair play; but, yielding to some untoward bias, they entangle themselves in words and confound themselves in subtleties.

How else could it happen (if we admit the objectors to be sincere in their opposition) that positions so clear as those which manifest the necessity of a general power of taxation in the government of the Union should have to encounter any adversaries among men of discernment? Though these positions have been elsewhere fully stated, they will perhaps not be improperly recapitulated in this place as introductory to an examination of what may have been offered by way of objection to them. They are in substance as follows:

A government ought to contain in itself every power requisite to the full accomplishment of the objects committed to its care, and to the complete execution of the trusts for which it is responsible, free from every other control but a regard to the public good and to the sense of the people.

As the duties of superintending the national defense and of securing the public peace against foreign or domestic violence involve a provision for casualties and dangers to which no possible limits can be assigned, the power of making that provision ought to know no other bounds than the exigencies of the nation and the resources of the community.

As revenue is the essential engine by which the means of answering the national exigencies must be procured, the power of procuring that article in its full extent must necessarily be comprehended in that of providing for those exigencies.

As theory and practice conspire to prove that the power of procuring revenue is unavailing when exercised over the States in their collective capacities, the federal government must of necessity be invested with unqualified power of taxation in the ordinary modes.

Did not experience evince the contrary, it would be natural to conclude that the propriety of a general power of taxation in the national government might safely be permitted to rest on the evidence of these propositions, unassisted by any additional arguments or illustrations. But we find, in fact, that the antagonists of the proposed Constitution, so far from acquiescing in their justness of truth, seem to make their principal and most zealous effort against this part of the plan. It may therefore be satisfactory to analyze the arguments with which they combat it.

Those of them which have been most labored with that view seem in substance to amount to this: "It is not true, because the exigencies of the Union may not be susceptible of limitation, that its power of laying taxes ought to be unconfined. Revenue is as requisite to the purposes of the local administrations as to those of the Union; and the former are at least of equal importance with the latter to the happiness of the people. It is, therefore, as necessary that the State governments should be able to command the means of supplying their wants, as that the national government should possess the like faculty in respect to the wants of the Union. But an indefinite power of taxation in the latter might, and probably would in time, deprive the former of the means of providing for their own necessities; and would subject them entirely to the mercy of the national legislature. As the laws of the Union are to become the supreme law of the land, as it is to have power to pass all laws that may be NECESSARY for carrying into execution the authorities with which it is proposed to vest it, the national government might at any time abolish the taxes imposed for State objects upon the pretense of an interference with its own. It might allege a necessity of doing this in order to give efficacy to the national revenues. And thus all the resources of taxation might by degrees become the subjects of federal monopoly to the entire exclusion and destruction of the State governments".

This mode of reasoning appears sometimes to turn upon the supposition of usurpation in the national government; at other times it seems to be designed only as a deduction from the constitutional operation of its intended powers. It is only in the latter light that it can be admitted to have any pretensions to fairness. The moment we launch into conjectures about the usurpations of the federal government, we get into an unfathomable abyss and fairly put ourselves out of the reach of all reasoning. Imagination may range at pleasure till it gets bewildered amidst the labyrinths of an enchanted castle, and knows not on which side to turn to escape from the apparitions which itself has raised. Whatever may be the limits or modifications of the powers of the Union, it is easy to imagine an endless train of possible dangers and, by indulging an excess of jealousy and timidity, we may bring ourselves to a state of absolute skepticism and irresolution. I repeat here what I have observed in substance in another place: that all observations founded upon the danger of usurpation ought to be referred to the composition and structure of the government, not to the nature or extent of its powers. The State governments by their original constitutions are invested with complete sovereignty. In what does our security consist against usurpations from that quarter? Doubt-less in the manner of their formation, and in a due dependence of those who are to administer them upon the people. If the proposed construction of the federal government be found, upon an impartial examination of it, to be such as to afford to a proper extent the same species of security, all apprehensions on the score of usurpation ought to be discarded

It should not be forgotten that a disposition in the State governments to encroach upon the rights of Union is quite as probable as a disposition in the Union to encroach upon the rights of the State governments. What side would be likely to prevail in such a conflict must depend on the means which the contending parties could employ towards insuring success. As in republics, strength is always on the side of the people and, as there are weighty reasons to induce a belief that the State governments will commonly possess most influence over them, the natural conclusion is that such contests will be most apt to end to the disadvantage of the Union and that there is greater probability of encroachments by the members upon the federal head than by the federal head upon the members. But it is evident that all conjectures of this kind must be extremely vague and fallible and that it is by far the safest course to lay them altogether aside and to confine our attention wholly to the nature and extent of the powers as they are delineated in the Constitution. Everything beyond this must be left to the prudence and firmness of the people, who, as they will hold the scales in their own hands, it is to hoped will always take care to preserve the constitutional equilibrium between the general and the State governments. Upon this ground, which is evidently the true one, it will not be difficult to obviate the objections which have been made to an indefinite power of taxation in the United States. PUBLIUS

* * * *




FRI., JUN. 3, 1994 9:09 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 291

FRI., JUN. 3, 1994

Dharma, in the absence of Rick, we must attend a "News Desk". The staff is also buried under the pile of work but we must not leave the news unattended. I shall ask your patience with me and with our enemies, child--disappointments can be mended--permanent deading cannot!


For you readers, I again ask a personal favor. For the first time in over five years I had asked that Dharma and E.J. have a couple of days to attend a special event--in Utah wherein they could also visit with family. In this train of events would be a semi-reunion. But, it meant a trip across Nevada. Now that would be interesting and pleasant except for one thing--they are under surveillance and a warrant for their arrest at any Nevada border has already been distributed. It's OK, Mr. Green and buddies, we have a pretty good eye on things! I have cancelled the trip for Ekkers as safety, security and information distribution MUST TAKE FIRST PRIORITY AT THIS TIME. But you readers can do me a favor to save MY state of working relationships. All who will, please send a congratulations to little sister Gaye (E.J.'s), who owns and runs Pleiades Travel Agency in Cedar City, Utah. Gaye has raised a family and lived a whole lot of her life this far--getting a college degree--nights, afternoons, between jobs, instead of eating, sleeping, etc. Please send her a congratulations card or something that just says, "We love you." (Pleiades Travel Agency, 432 North Main, Cedar City, Utah, 84720 Tel. 800 338-0578 & 801 586-3300, Fax 801 586-8318) She has been a MAJOR source of support of every kind as have the other members of these families, that Doris and E.J. could continue their work for me. No, she did not name the travel agency for "me"--she had already named it before she ever heard of me...interesting! Dharma, trust me, please--I am not a human projector of empty promises--I KEEP MINE and it WILL BE FINE!!

By the way, readers, if you need to travel anywhere or make arrangements--call Pleiades Travel--from wherever you are--and you will get the best attention and loving research on arrangements--which are often "out-of-this-world". No, she does not, either, sell tickets to either Pleiades or a "trip on a ship" as Mr. Gritz might suggest. She does offer professional and caring business dealings. If she hears from you perhaps she will forgive my spoiling her family reunion by keeping a part of her closest family away. Thank you.

Now, Dharma, in lieu of such a holiday--we will instead work double time as usual and you won't have to think about disappointments--it works every time. I'll tell you what I will do as a special treat to all of you who would rather hear about alien encounters and what's up with the space "invaders"; I'll offer you a rather well-done introduction to a document offered by Wilson and Burns on SECRET TREATY. The United States Government and Extra-terrestrial Entities. Is it accurate? Well, it is as accurate as ones who are simply doing research can make it and it certainly becomes worthy of attention. Since only DOCUMENTS are sent to us, I can't tell what is what with copyrights, etc: However, the pile of papers is riddled with copies of original documents--the ones I have seen thus far are quite accurately offered. I will say, however, that many of their points and documents were gotten from quite a few "would-be-authorities" and are total hogwash. On the other hand, you have aliens among you, working with and for your government for various and sundry reasons and it is about time to spring them on you unsuspecting people who continue to deny but also continue to follow the leaders set up to disinform you. I don't care what you do about it, but "they're here..." and "we are here" and the two are not the same thing!

I remind you good readers (and bad readers) that you, if you are of God, have NO ENEMIES IN SPACE. In fact, you have no enemies IN SPACE even if you are NOT OF GOD. THEY ARE ALL NOW STATIONED ON YOUR PLACE! I also remind you that, for the facts of the matter, depending upon WHO you are--the enemies of your government and Elite--are NOT probably YOUR enemies, at any rate. Your enemies are quite Earth-bound.

You are locked to Earth like a fly to flypaper--you can go up a ways and have to return, you can dig in a way--but have to return. You cannot sustain selves anywhere off your globe for any extended period of time--you are prisoners of your own making. It behooves you to consider being quite friendly with us who come to serve and assist. So be it.


There seems to be some misunderstanding about what is happening here and how much emphasis is being placed onto the shoulders of one Ronn Jackson. Forget it--no such thing. We have been inconvenienced by his continued interrogations, negotiations, legal entanglements, etc., no more! Part of the bargaining is to exchange freedom for silencing CONTACT or, at the very least, censoring content. The assumption is that without Mr. Jackson there can be no paper or that there is somehow inability to function without him. Sirs, Mr. Jackson has only been KNOWN to this place a very, very few weeks. What IS ACCOMPLISHED is the loosing Pandora's box of troubles in the continuance of such manipulations and can only ultimately pull in powerful ALLIES to America's cause! Soon, even the "Committee" is going to see the value of silencing the "silencers" rather than the papers of the nation. If you have no nations or world--there is hardly any point in "survival". Would "we" do such a thing? No, but there are plenty who would and, moreover, you have picked openly and critically upon ones who can do you in more effectively than anything Ronn Jackson can do. By the way, "I" do not have to speak FOR one, Ronn Jackson--he is most capable of speaking for SELF--please see elsewhere in this paper (seep. xx) for sufficient proof of this statement. He is receiving almost as well as Dharma and has a whole heck-of-a-lot more substantial INFORMATION!

By the way, readers, to you who haven't heard of my writing to our enemies on the day before yesterday, especially regarding the observation of your sky about nine p.m., first to the Northwest, etc., I suggest you attend that little exercise. The show was apparently so well received that we shall keep on serving you a preview of coming events each night. Pause in any direction you look--skyward--long enough to focus on the "STARS??" WHICH STROBE RED, GREEN, GOLD, AND BLUE. These are aura shiftings and are neither stars NOR MAN-MADE VISUALS. There are CRAFT stationed in a full network around your planet as we speak. Those are loving and responsive personages on that other end, friends, and I do hope you will continue to welcome them and honor them for they have been away from home for a long, long time and are a bit testy over your Earth antics. Threats? No, beloved brethren, I DO NOT HAVE TO THREATEN!

I am also most appreciative of the immediate response we have received from near and far as regards our "business". I shall endeavor to continue to keep all our agreements as you move into keeping yours. I am perfectly happy to manage our affairs to lack interfering with yours, Elite controllers, if you now continue to meet your obligations. The PEOPLE will decide their interactions with you and your PLAN FOR ENSLAVEMENT, but I shall not tolerate further interruption in our small mission. YOU CANNOT KNOW THE HOUNDS OF HELL, SIRS, UNTIL YOU HAVE MET THE ANGELS OF GOD! THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION WHEN I ASKED.


Oh, it really doesn't matter--any longer--does it? If he was not-HE IS NOW! And, I am getting more and more irritated about his seclusion than he is at this point. Either one or both--have the information you mostly wish to hide--so it would seem appropriate to stop your silly games, power-brokers.

Mr. Jackson has the Hoover Files, yes. But dear Sirs and Ladies--MR. ROSTENKOWSKI has the "Rostenkowski" files which will splash personal and criminal actions of so many politicians and powerful persons as to make the Hoover Files look like kindergarten alphabet work--AND HE WILL USE THE INFORMATION!!! I would suggest that the Packwood diaries will have enough information to bury a lot of the Congressional good buddies--and to have ordered them up in order to make sure they NEVER find the light of day--was a foolish move indeed. Too late, you nerds think you will cause a man to lose his honor and position because of political garbage and think he will not expose the real culprits--WRONG! IF THE PEOPLE DO NOT DEMAND AND GET A DISCLOSURE OF ALL THESE DOCUMENTS--UNCENSORED AND UNTAMPERED--YOU DESERVE TO FALL AS A NATION. THERE IS NOTHING THESE INDIVIDUAL MEN HAVE DONE TO EQUAL THAT WHICH THEY HOLD "ON" OTHERS! WOULD IT NOT BE TO THEIR POLITICAL AND PERSONAL BENEFIT TO TURN "PEOPLE'S EVIDENCE"?



What is all this trash going on while your nation is being invaded by, yet, the Russians? Where is your news on this matter? There are hundreds of thousands of troops from Russia in THE AMERICAS and, now, as we write, moving in great masses across both the U.S. Northern and Southern borders.

Russia disallowed "the exercises in joint venture with the U.S." to be held on "their" soil because of newly erupted "distrust". B.S.: The reports are now that "Well, then we will hold them in the U.S." ARE YOU INSANE? Does ANYBODY remember that the U.N. will become THE ONE WORLD POLICE FORCE--and--IT WILL BE RUN BY THE UNITED NATIONS FROM AMERICA--AND--THE FORCES WILL BE HEADED ALWAYS BY A RUSSIAN???? Is there anybody who remembers the Charter and treaty agreements in the formation of the U.N. by these same powerful world rulers?

Years ago I offered you PROOF from your own documentations of the military personnel from Communist places pouring into Canada and Mexico along with countless weaponry and vehicles such as tanks, etc. These were stockpiled in bunkers and tunnels across the borders in both directions--North and South. This equipment is now being shipped into the States--as your President waggles his lying tongue in honor of the defenders of your nation--er..a..ah...er the wars for the Elite. Clinton is a Hegelian-trained Rhodes puppet. Hillary is worse. Clinton served as a Communist-interrelated personage during his college years. Again, Hillary is worse. No, I do not give "revelations"--I offer you that which is documented PROOF! As a for instance, I will repeat some of our prior writings and thank writers for Big Sister is Watching You, by Texe Marrs:


....while serving as director and chair of the board of directors of the socialist New World Foundation in 1987-88, Hillary Clinton praised and gave away significant sums of money to several left-wing and Communist organizations, including the Institute for Policy Studies; the Committee in Support of the People of El Salvador (sponsoring Marxist, Salvadoran guerillas); the National Lawyers Guild, an official adjunct of the Communist Party USA; radical lawyer (the "Chicago Seven") William Kunstler's Center for Constitutional Studies, and others.

The FBI papers show that among the groups endorsed and funded by Hillary Clinton were the most extreme Stalinist/Communist organizations in the world. One group to which she gave money, the National Lawyers Guild, held a convention in Austin, Texas at which the delegates sang the Communist 'Internationale' anthem, whose lyrics include the verse, 'Tis the final conflict, let each stand his place. The International Soviet shall be the Human Race'.

Hillary, the records show, also supported subversive groups which aided the Nicaraguan Sandinista thugs, funded terrorist PLO leader Yassir Arafat, and backed Communist North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

What is frightening is that the FBI has been investigating these extremist groups, especially the Institute for Policy Studies, for many years. But now that Hillary and Bill are in command in the White House, the FBI has been ordered to "cease and desist". Janet Reno, Hillary's attorney general, even fired William Sessions, the FBI director who had to have known the awful truth about Hillary's hidden connections with this Marxist-terrorist network.

But that's not all: Hillary and Bill have been recruiting Communists and other America-hating subversives for key administration posts, especially at the sub-cabinet level where most of the real work of government takes place....


So, the next thing that comes to our desk is denouncement of our crew, our friends, etc. There is the four page letter from one who claims unconditional love in EVERY instance who calls the Ekkers liars, thieves and conjurers of ways to steal more and more and more of your money--too late, friend, that money was already stolen by those who took it long before the Ekkers ever got a chance to know of it. But you, sir, simply continue to praise and honor the thieves and denounce the truth-bringers. So be it for the world hangs in the cross-roads (perhaps I should say cross-hairs). To each his own direction.

There is another statement regarding the Billary thrust of which I will again remind you ABOUT OPEN STATEMENTS OF INTENT BY HILLARY'S HELLCATS: "WE WOMEN ARE GOING TO BRING AN END TO GOD." One of Hillary's pals puts it succinctly: Goldenberg sternly predicts the overthrow of the existing forms of both Christianity and Judaism. "God is going to change," writes Goldenberg, "We women are going to BRING AN END TO GOD. WE WILL BE THE END OF HIM."

Hard to believe? My goodness, readers, is the garbage they continually dish out of their mouths while enslaving nation after nation--EASY TO BELIEVE?

Gerry Spence has come into some critical focus these past couple of years, even moreso than before because of the Idaho-Randy Weaver atrocity. However, I want to back off and ask that you study the reports and writings of this rather ingenious man with his thought-provoking observations. I will only recommend his latest presentment and offer you his first writing "To Begin With" from his recent book, FROM FREEDOM TO SLAVERY, The Rebirth of Tyranny in America. (Gerry Spence, St. Martin's Press, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. 10010.) However, it is now available at all bookstores (they must not realize its REAL value to freedom, YET).



Writing a book about a lofty subject such as freedom is like trying to jump from rock to rock across the creek without getting your feet wet. No matter how you plan your course, you are likely to slip off into the water somewhere. The choice, of course, is whether one wishes to stay on the bank with dry feet, or take the risk of wet feet to get to the other side.

Doctors called upon to attend the sick cannot prescribe a cure unless they are first able to diagnose the illness. Even before that, they must detect that the patient is ill. In the case of our freedoms, I can confidently say the patient is in grave danger. Having said so, and should you agree in whole or in part, we have, together, taken the first step toward the cure.

As for solutions, there are only two kinds--those from outside the self and those from within. The first suggests that we destroy our enemies, that we manipulate or neutralize them, that we discover detours around them, that we suffer their impositions against us, or, at last, that we even love them. In any event, the solution acknowledges the existence of outside forces that deter our progress and impede our happiness. On the other hand, there persists the idea--one with which I am in agreement--that solutions are mainly matters of the self, that power vested in others is often irrelevant to our freedom, that the only change essential for the betterment of the human condition is to change within, that we are the fountainhead of power, and that, therefore, we need not free the world--we need only free ourselves. Yet I have never been an exclusionist. It makes no more sense to argue that all solutions should fall into one category or the other than to argue that a mustard plaster is the proper remedy for every ailment.

The problem, however, is not so much in finding solutions as in making the solutions work. Any splinter can cause a fatal infection. This being so, one also knows one can never detect all the splinters that make up the smoothest stick. Marx, for example, hated the exploitation of the masses, but his solutions, however corrupted in their application, resulted in the enslavement of whole nations. Christ also had a good idea--that we love one another. But his followers, attempting to realize his simple, perhaps perfect remedy, disagreed on what they thought were crucial points--whether they should hold their meetings on Saturday or Sunday--whether members of the flock at baptism should be nearly drowned to wash away their sins, or whether a few drops of water on the head would suffice. In the end, his followers proved to be strong on organization, unsurpassed on dogma, supreme on sophistry, but not much on love. They fought endless wars in his name, murdered hordes of the innocent, burned countless women at the stake as witches, bashed in the heads of "heathen" Indian children, and left the world riddled with guilt and fear.

Freedom in America, as bountiful and precious as it is, has always been a strange conglomerate of the divine and the fanciful. Understanding freedom in America is like listening to a one-armed piano player. His one arm performs not only its assigned task, but has painfully attempted to undertake the function of the missing limb. He plays the melody with the magnificent frills and rolls of the virtuoso. He represents all of the higher virtues of the species: He is resourceful, creative, vigorous, and he is very brave. In listening, our minds provide for us what our ears do not--the music of the other hand. But after we assess his performance, as admirable as it has been, we know that something is, indeed, missing.

Freedom in America works best for those who can afford it. As the fellow said in The Grapes of Wrath, "You're just as free as you've got Jack to pay for it". It is not as much an idea as it is a commodity. It is not as much a liberated state of being as it is an item on the shelf that, along with the purchaser, may be purchased. It is not as much a right as a component of commerce.

The danger, of course, is that we have become the purchasers of the fable of freedom. When we vigorously argue to our neighbors that Americans are free, our neighbors will likely assert that they "buy" that. Having bought the fable, it belongs to us, and we fight to keep it like howling apes protecting their trinkets and their tinfoil.

On the other hand, some of us enjoy a state of freedom that never enters even the dreams of those in many other cultures. I sit warm and comfortably at my desk recording these thoughts. My stomach is full--too full. I do not fear intrusions from brown-shirted agents of the government. If I make minimal efforts at compliance with the rules that preserve the power structure, I will likely be left alone, even if I criticize the power structure. I am essentially free to rant and rave and to emit all manner of noxious noise. It is this dichotomy that serves as both our pride and our poison.

Today there are, as indeed, there have always been, insidious, enslaving forces at work in America. Today's emerging tyranny emanates from a New King, from a nonliving power center composed at its core of monolithic corporate entities encased and protected by endless layers of governmental bureaucracies. The primary strategy of the New King is to convert all rights, all human energy, all goals and, at last, all humans into fungible commodities, for the New King exists solely for commerce and its life's blood, its green blood, its money--and its singular mission is profit. The New King's principal means of control is the media that sells us the myths of freedom, that, when we doubt, reassures us we are free, and that programs us and our children to accept the notion that all human function, all human desires, indeed, even immortality itself can, at last, be satisfied at the marketplace.

I am not against religion--nor am I against commerce. I am, however, reluctant to offer solutions. If the Church has anything to do with it, those who offer solutions outside the scriptures will be condemned to eternal hell. If government has anything to do with them, any sound idea will be consumed in the bureaucracy, and if the idea should somehow escape the grinding teeth of its machinery, the author will be labeled an enemy of the state and disemboweled in one fashion or another. If corporate America has anything to do with it, any ideas that threaten its power will be branded as leftist, or commie, or un-American, and the author of such reforms banished as a heretic against the most sacred of all religions in America, Free Enterprise.

At last, I have tired of the issue as well as these arguments. If this collection of free-floating thoughts about freedom is to have any efficacy, it will come from freely saying what is on my mind, saying it as well as I can, saying it in such a way that satisfies me, or even amuses me; and if a solution seems to appear, well, why not give it recognition? It does no one any good bouncing around in the mind's soupy fog where, in all probability, it will eventually be cast into the trash pile of the magnificent and the forgotten. And if no solutions seem at hand, well, I was never born to solve all of the world's problems, and those who tried were either fools or martyrs.

Sometimes it is easier for a poor man to tolerate his corns than to go barefoot and discard the shoes that cause them. Despite the existence of sharp rocks and cockleburs, there is something magical about a boy's barefoot freedom. If only we could convince the world's leaders not to walk in each other's shoes but, instead, to meet and to talk to each other in their bare feet; likely, the people, as well as the Earth, would benefit immensely. I think, therefore, I shall walk barefooted herein. I think I shall walk wherever my feet will take me. I hope you'll come too. Gerry Spence,

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, July 4, 1993.

Thank you, Gerry, and even if you know me not, NOW--please wait a bit for you shall!

I note with some humor your attention to bare feet. Dharma shucked her shoes a few days past to go forth and water some flowers just planted. In haste to get back to our work, she snatched up the water hose and a brick against which to prop it for leaving to its own tending. The hose flipped and doused her at which point she dropped the brick on her foot--now she CAN'T wear her shoes. So, herein too, we must take care that we not botch more than we accomplish!

OK, let's switch the subject to aliens of the "far-out" kind.

SECRET TREATY: The United States Government and Extra-terrestrial Entities
by Richard K. Wilson and Sylvan Burns

We will offer the "introduction" and the "foreword" only. I do not know how you get the book as we have not been supplied with sufficient information on the matter.


This project is the distillation of over seventeen years of research. Out of those seventeen years, the last eighteen months have been most significant. Most of the controversial data has appeared in the last two years. Although some of it may seem a bit "far out", much of it has been corroborated from so many sources that it is no longer a question of coincidence.

* The Government has and is interacting with alien cultures.

* The Government has captured alien technology and has interacted with them to ensure a similar development of our own technology along the same lines.

* The Government maintains underground facilities, some of which are jointly occupied by alien entities.

* Different alien species are interacting with human beings. Some of the alien species maintain underground facilities. Humans are being manipulated in these facilities.

* Manipulation of the human species extends to very deep levels; levels of alien manipulation affect human evolution, genetics, and planetary power structures.

* Various entities that have a non-terrestrial origin walk freely among us.

* Mutilation of different life forms (in order to secure biological substances) are being performed.

* Abduction of human beings occurs on a regular basis.

* Alien interaction with the human community will soon have increased impact on society.

* A minimum of 70 species appear to be interacting with our planet; four or five different alien species seem to be responsible for a majority of the interaction with humans.

* Star Wars, SDI, and the "space program" are superficial public constructs that are "fronts" for funding other covert projects.

* The United States and the Soviet Union are not adversaries at all, especially in terms of interaction with alien species, and maintain an appearance as adversaries in order to sustain both the military industrial complex and technical projects having to do with alien technology.

Notice: All information and data for this work were obtained as acknowledged or through various sources in the public domain.

This book was originally written as a confidential report, intended for review by the serious researcher, and assumed a basic familiarity with the general subject matter in the field. It was not initially produced for the general public. The original work has been divided up into two volumes of which this is the first. The second work contains even more data about the true situation, and is not for the light-hearted or weak-of-stomach.

Research, by its nature, involves communication with other people. It also involves years of pouring over immense amounts of data and relating it to experience. Many researchers have made an immense contribution to the overall pool of quality information that is not available to the general public. We would like to acknowledge some of those people: [H: And here the authors do but I do not wish to use the space since I would need to qualify each name on the listing--I do not find a single name on the list that I feel is either qualified or on THE committee which would know truth about these things. It is fine, however, as enough truth leaks out to piece together a pretty good documentation of some aspects of the ongoing "program".]

This book was compiled from many different sources of material that originated from many places and in different times. While an effort was made to obtain permission and to ac-knowledge the help generously provided by many people, there may be an instance or two in which we have inadvertently failed to acknowledge a contribution.

To anyone who feels they have suffered such a fate, the authors apologize in advance...especially to the "useful idiots" in the planetary intelligence agencies.


Throughout the forty-two year period when aerial objects have been actively observed in our civilization, a lot of data has been gathered. This data has often indicated that certain aspects of society are suppressed or covered up. As a result of the suppression and compartmentalization of the levels of "reality" which both co-exist and oppose each other, part of our culture does not or will not believe in the existence of other species; part of our culture acknowledges their existence or the probability of their existence; part of our culture is actually interacting with those other species that are either alien to our planet or coexist here with us.

These simultaneous realities contribute to a condition of extreme confusion. Research into these matters tends to follow a parallel pattern. Some view the matter in a perspective that is empirical; others search for patterns and functional relationships in events; still others go out and ask the right questions at the right times and get answers. Some of the answers that have appeared are, to some people, quite disturbing and fantastic.

All and all, we are dealing with what for some will be new concepts in physics, new concepts in psychology, and the gradually growing awareness that we are not only not alone here, but we have never been alone here. As if that were not enough, it turns out that factions of our society have known this, and apparently have been interacting with some of these alien species for quite awhile.

The bottom line is that, all along, humanity has been led down a false path; a path that has been plagued by layer upon layer of conspiracy, disinformation and needless negativity.

Technological knowledge and absolute power have been the motives on the human side. On the alien side, at least for one group, this has been supplemented by the motive of survival.

The intent of this report is to bring as many of the details regarding this into the open in order to achieve a blending and a beginning of the real process of understanding. You are not being asked to believe it, but only to consider it in the light of what has happened, what is happening, and what may be developing right under your nose.

If you find that you cannot stomach such thoughts, or that you may not be able to deal with it on a personal basis, read no further. [H: I, of course, suggest you DO READ FURTHER. You are going to find that several "projects" which will have been stated to you "have been called off"--as exampled: Alternative Three--have not, they have simply come full-circle to workability. Such as the Montauk projects--you have come a long, "long way, Baby". It is time you stop "turning off' when the information gets touchy--because you witness more violence on any news network in preparation for your enduring amnesia than you will ever find in TRUTH.]

* The projects loosely known as "Alternative Two" and "Alternative Three", which provide for relocation of specific portions of the elite human population to both underground shelter and off-planet shelter, using technology gained from alien sources since the early 1960s, are at least 60% true.

* Aliens have affected human genetics and have the ultimate power over the scenarios that take place on the planet. They are responsible for implantation of religious systems and other factors that divide the populace in order to insure control. [H: Well, somewhat--however, human stupidity has conjured most of the incest of genetic foolishness. Re-member, however, Satan is also an extraterrestrial and has a lot of buddies around to serve his cause! Physical "protection" is exactly that--aided and abetted by the old boy himself--to fool and confound the rest of you nice people. I remind you: GOD TOO HAS A PLAN!!]

* Some of the most outspoken UFOlogists work for and with the Government. [H: AMEN!]

* The public is being acclimated through the media to the following information:

* Reinforcement of the "One World" concept.

* Aliens do exist and are among us.

* Alien motives may not be pleasant.

* Acceptance of the dehumanization of man.

* Mind control is actively being used by alien entities insofar as their ability to manipulate the human mind is being used to subdue human beings for their own purposes. [H: HOG-WASH--this is NOT alien stuff, this is purely man-oriented and instigated activity and IT IS OVERWHELMINGLY PREVALENT ALL OVER THE MAP. I SUG-GEST YOU STOP BLAMING GOD AND ALIENS FOR YOUR OWN DASTARDLY BASTARDIZED DEALINGS. IT IS NOT GOING TO "SELL" MUCH LONGER, FRIENDS.]

* The CIA and other Government agencies have used Mind Control techniques to perform assassinations and other negative operations that are counterproductive to human progress. [H: Yes indeed?? Why don't you ask Mr. McNamara to explain this to you good patriots--especially about the Hudson Institute work and the war in Vietnam--HE JUST KNOWS A WHOLE LOT ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS. GOOD "OLD TELLER" HAS A LOT OF LIES TO EXPLAIN ALSO--NOT TO MENTION ONE BY THE NAME OF "KHAN". BUT CITIZENS--YOU LET IT HAPPEN.]

* World domination groups are interwoven with alien control groups. The Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, CIA, FBI, NSA, NRO, the military, Federal Reserve and other groups have areas within them that have conspired to rule the world under a domination-based system. [H: Yes, to be sure, there are some who sit on the committees but it is not for "alien" domination--it is strictly for high-level human domination that the Elite function. Self-respecting aliens KNOW THE DIFFERENCE--and those who participate in the disruption or corruption of any third dimensional society--are already in BIG, BIG TROUBLES BACK AT THE RANCH. "ALIENS", as you are using this terminology, come in various levels of oversight--and you will find that all who answer, for instance, to this old Luciferian kingpin will ultimately ANSWER TO A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL AUTHORITY--FROM WHENCE I AND MINE-COME! SO BE IT.] This system is committed to the dehumanization of man and the "One World" concept. Society is maintained in a static state of disarray, fostered by ego-oriented activities that focus on security, sensation and power.

* The above mentioned domination-based conspiracies are offset and opposed by alien and human forces who promote the evolvement of mankind. These other forces attempt to foster spiritual advancement and social development along peaceful lines.

* The Government was offered assistance from one or more of the positive groups but refused to establish diplomatic relations with them, choosing instead to align themselves with a species known as the Greys and trade the secret of the presence of Greys for technological advances in gravitational propulsion, beam weaponry and mind control techniques. [H: Well, if they thought they would get the "way off" your globe from any little form of grey men--think again, even the Elite have been "had" in a massive and incredible fashion. No alien would ever be tolerated in the cosmic realms ANYWHERE who would allow such disordered species or travel in the universal higher-level travel lanes. NOT ANY OF THEM!]

* There are many more areas to cover, and we are sure that you will reach some conclusions yourself. You may not find that these conclusions are comfortable. You will think hard after reviewing this book. That's the purpose of it. To stimulate thought and change within the consciousness of those who read it.

We're all after peace in our lives. We all want and need the same things out of life (in the end). Someday, we may see a better planet and a better existence for all beings, no matter where they come from. This book, and the others that follow, is part of that change. Read it, reflect on it, and do a little checking on your own. You'll be glad you did. THE AUTHORS

* * * *

I still suggest that the book at the top of your reading list is a bit of a fairy tale, a fiction bit by Arthur C. Clarke--called CHILDHOOD'S END. It might well give you some idea of a possible working program of how things might well be. Enjoy.

Hatonn to clear, please.



SAT., JUN. 4, 1994 8:39 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 292

SAT., JUN. 4, 1994


Don't jump the gun on us, runners, lest we get disqualified from the race. Until you KNOW where you ARE--you cannot comprehend where you are going.


I am not going to "SAVE" anyone. I do not wish to effort at such a silly concept. Your "salvation" is NOT my business whether or not you like it. You will say to me, "But, if you represent the Hosts of God (which I do) then you MUST want to SAVE everyone"! WRONG! It is not my business to save anything or anyone. This is YOUR journey, YOUR play, YOUR salvation or loss, YOUR responsibility and YOUR choices. THERE ISN'T ANYONE OR ANYTHING, FROM A SLAUGHTERED CHRIST TO AN ASHTAR LIFT-OFF, GOING TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! If that concept bothers YOU--go back to the churches and preachers WHO WILL LIE TO YOU ABOUT BEING UNCONDITIONAL, MIND DEAD AND STUPID. I carefully use the term "mind dead" for 85% of your world population is "BRAIN dead".


Yes indeed, some will come and pronounce that they are doing everything they can to "save every last man, woman and child"! From WHAT? FOR what? God is not going to allow EVIL into His places of perfection and that "prophet" can't do anything about it on either account. He should not be saying that if "you do what I tell you, you will be saved"! He DOES NOT KNOW THAT. And what is meant by SAVED? Does "saved" mean "saved in the flesh" to continue your interesting lifestyles? Saved in the soul which you will not lose anyway--unless YOU choose that yourself? "Saved" from the hotfoot? Well, unless you change the world--you WILL get a hotfoot, saved or not--if saved by some "man" is your "salvation solution". Don't like my statements? Then go back into your lie and pretend you have a mind. What will happen in that hole with only your dying mind? It will be more twisted and tarnished until you become mind dead as well as brain dead, and the next step is totally SOUL DEAD.


I am continually stated as being in Ashtar's Command and ones continually ask me, "Aren't you a part of Ashtar's Command and isn't he your authority"? NO, NO, AND NO-NO. I am in ONE SINGULAR COMMAND WITH ONLY THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY AND MY DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY--GOD CREATOR. Ashtar is "representative" of the label of "A COMMAND". This is a massive computer system which does in fact house information of all third-dimensional life-forms ON A GIVEN PLANET UNDER EVOLVEMENT. "Ashtar" is simply an identification (as to name) of the head of that Command. He has a magnificent purpose in your ongoing plan and under some sets of circumstances he will be in TOTAL CHARGE of evacuation. He doesn't have illegitimate children, twin love-flames in human form, nor does he take time off for a romp in the hay with some human counterpart! He is on a mission and WOULD NEVER LEAVE HIS COMMAND FOR SUCH STUPID ASSUMPTIONS.

It certainly matters not to me if you care to believe the lies and garbage of the channels and receivers who CLAIM to have TRUTH--if they tell you such as this--they are WRONG! I have been denounced by ones who originally served ME--now I am replaced in their circles by an impostor who continues to tell you the garbage you WANT TO HEAR. The channels involved, moreover, REFUSE TO EVEN LOOK AT WHAT I OFFER NOW AND WHEN PARTS ARE THRUST UPON THEM OUT OF SEQUENCE, OUT OF TOTAL CONTEXT--BELIEVE THAT LITTLE OUT-OF-CONTEXT PORTION TO BE ALL I SAID AND BURY THEMSELVES DEEPER INTO THE LIES. Fine, friends, my task is not to argue or debate with any man, woman or child--I SIMPLY AM AND MY JOB IS TO MAKE SURE TRUTH IS PRESENTED SO THAT YOU HAVE INFORMATION UPON WHICH TO MAKE YOUR PERCEPTIVE CHOICES. You can probably dabble around and bargain with the "devil's advocates" but there simply IS no bargaining to do with me--it is YOUR problem. I can love you, help you, explain to you and offer--I CAN DO NO MORE!

So why do I bother with arguing and demanding that some human (and alien) lifeforms keep their agreements with me? BECAUSE MY TASK IS TO BRING THE WORD, AND AFTER THE SORTING, CONTAIN AND TRANSPORT AND MAKE SURVIVAL OF SPECIES A POSSIBILITY WITHIN YOUR ILLUSION AND RECLAIM GOD'S PROPERTY THAT WISHES TO BE RECLAIMED AND GET YOU (them?) TO SAFETY--YOU WHO DO! I realize it is hard to accept such a blunt announcement but WHAT DID YOU EXPECT? Oh, I see, to kill off a bunch of Middle Easterners, tear down their temple and build another one--then it will happen? What will happen, exactly? You will simply have the blood of millions more on your conscience and until you can STOP the blood-letting you aren't going to get anywhere except deeper in debt.


Several of us are speaking of this book lately. It is a simple book of "science fiction" as listed in the Library of Congress. It is fabrication in some respects, especially in presentation of life forms--HOWEVER, THE CONCEPT IS EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS. This book is written by one Arthur C. Clarke who is a prime advisor to the MJ-12 Committee. He offers a lot of information in the "may be" category but always liberally sprinkled WITH THE TRUTH OF IT. But guess what--Arthur Clarke has his own problems--AND YOU HAVE YOURS!

I think it appropriate, Dharma, to simply offer these immediate readers Chapter 20, pages 180 through 185, of that little fiction book. You readers have to know that for a very long time "aliens" have been among you doing exactly what they were specified to do. And, furthermore, for you who think you have set up ALTERNATIVE THREE, you haven't, except on such a low-primitive level that you will "save" nothing--especially your assets! You must understand, good buddies, that every Command and alien SO FAR--ALSO HAS A SUPERIOR OFFICER AND AUTHORITY TO WHICH TO REPORT AND ANSWER. GUESS WHAT! NOW, I SUGGEST THAT YOU IN CHARGE OF EARTH BUMBLING--GET ON WITH MAKING OUR TASK A BIT EASIER HERE BECAUSE ULTIMATELY IT WILL NOT BE ME OR MINE THAT FAILS! It is, further, brother space-cadets and alien integrators, time to open your OWN eyes and check your coordinates and service records, documents and duty rosters. The fallen brothers of Lucifer are going to strangle you if they can--but it is now time to prepare for presentation. So be it. We can have an easy and smooth evolvement or a very nasty one--I HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO MAKE IT JUST AS NASTY AS YOU WISH--OR AS GENTLE; IT'S ULTIMATELY UP TO YOU! SO BE IT. AND, AS I HAVE SPOKEN IT SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS.

So, let us share and never mind the names but NO, "Karellen" is NOT ME. I also want ALL of you to remember as you read this book or this excerpt that the author penned this sketch (volume) of "fiction" IN 1953. SHAKE YOU UP A BIT????

"My work here is nearly ended," said Karellen's voice from a million radios. "At last, after a hundred years, I can tell you what it was.

"There are many things we have had to hide from you, as we hid ourselves for half our stay on Earth. Some of you, I know, thought that concealment unnecessary. You are accustomed to our presence; you can no longer imagine how your ancestors would have reacted to us. But at least you can understand the purpose of our concealment, and know that we had a reason for what we did.

"The supreme secret we kept from you was our purpose in coming to Earth--that purpose about which you have speculated so endlessly. We could not tell you until now, for the secret was not ours to reveal.

"A century ago we came to your world and saved you from self-destruction. I do not believe that anyone would deny that fact--but what that self-destruction was, you never guessed.

"Because we banned nuclear weapons and all the other deadly toys you were accumulating in your armories, the danger of physical annihilation was removed. You thought that was the only danger. We wanted you to believe that, but it was never true. The greatest danger that confronted you was of a different character altogether--and it did not concern your race alone.

"Many worlds have come to the crossroads of nuclear power, have avoided disaster, have gone on to build peaceful and happy civilizations--and have then been utterly destroyed by forces of which they knew nothing. In the twentieth century, you first began to tamper seriously with those forces. That was why it became necessary to act.

"All through that century, the human race was drawing slowly nearer to the abyss--never even suspecting its existence. Across that abyss, there is only one bridge. Few races, unaided, have ever found it. Some have turned back while there was still time, avoiding both the danger and the achievement. Their worlds have become Elysian islands of effortless content, playing no further part in the story of the universe. That would never have been your fate--or your fortune. Your race was too vital for that. It would have plunged into ruin and taken others with it, for you would never have found the bridge.

"I am afraid that almost all I have to say now must be by means of such analogies. You have no words, no conceptions, for many of the things I wish to tell you--and our own knowledge of them is also sadly imperfect.

"To understand, you must go back into the past and recover much that your ancestors would have found familiar, but which you have forgotten--which, in fact, we deliberately helped you to forget. For all our sojourn here has been based on a vast deception, a concealment of truths which you were not ready to face.

"In the centuries before our coming, your scientists uncovered the secrets of the physical world and led you from the energy of steam to the energy of the atom. You had put superstition behind you; Science was the only real religion of mankind. It was the gift of the western minority to the remainder of mankind, and it had destroyed all other faiths. Those that still existed when we came were already dying. Science, it was felt, could explain everything: there were no forces which did not come within its scope, no events for which it could not ultimately account. The origin of the universe might be forever unknown, but all that had happened since obeyed the laws of physics.

"Yet your mystics, though they were lost in their own delusions, had seen part of the truth. There are powers of the mind, and powers beyond the mind, which your science could never have brought within its framework without shattering it entirely. All down the ages there have been countless reports of strange phenomena--poltergeists, telepathy, precognition--which you had named but never explained. At first science ignored them, even denied their existence, despite the testimony of five thousand years. But they exist, and, if it is to be complete, any theory of the universe must account for them.

"During the first half of the twentieth century, a few of your scientists began to investigate these matters. They did not know it, but they were tampering with the lock of Pandora's box. The forces they might have unleashed transcended any perils that the atom could have brought. For the physicists could only have ruined the earth; the paraphysicists could have spread havoc to the stars.

"That could not be allowed. I cannot explain the full nature of the threat you represented. It would not have been a threat to us, and therefore we do not comprehend it. Let us say that you might have become a telepathic cancer, a malignant mentality which in its inevitable dissolution would have poisoned other and greater minds.

"And so we came--we were SENT--to Earth. We interrupted your development on every cultural level, but in particular we checked all serious work on paranormal phenomena. I am well aware of the fact that we have also inhibited, by the contrast between our civilizations, all other forms of creative achievement as well. But that was a secondary effect, and it is of no importance.

"Now I must tell you something which you may find very surprising, perhaps almost incredible. All these potentialities, all these latent powers--we do not possess them, nor do we understand them. Our intellects are far more powerful than yours, but there is something in your minds that has always eluded us. Ever since we came to Earth we have been studying you; we have learned a great deal, and will learn more, yet I doubt if we shall discover all the truth.

Our races have much in common--that is why we were chosen for this task. But in other respects, we represent the ends of two different evolutions. Our minds have reached the end of their development. So, in their present form, have yours. Yet YOU can make the jump to the next stage, and therein lies the difference between us. Our potentialities are exhausted, but yours are still untapped. They are linked, in ways we do not understand, with the powers I have mentioned--the powers that are now awakening on your world.

"We held the clock back, we made you mark time while those powers developed, until they could come flooding out into the channels that were being prepared for them. What we did to improve your planet, to raise your standards of living, to bring justice and peace--those things we should have done in any event, once we were forced to intervene in your affairs. But all that vast transformation diverted you from the truth, and therefore helped to serve our purpose.


"Again and again we had studied the process we have been sent to foster, hoping that we might learn to escape from our own limitations. But we have glimpsed only the vague outlines of the truth. You called us the Overlords, not knowing the irony of that title. LET US SAY THAT ABOVE US IS THE OVERMIND. USING US AS THE POTTER USES HIS WHEEL.


"We believe--it is only a theory--that the Overmind is trying to grow, to extend its powers and its awareness of the universe. By now it must be the sum of many races, and long ago it left the tyranny of matter behind. It is conscious of intelligence, everywhere. When it knew that you were almost ready, it sent us here to do its bidding, to prepare you for the transformation that is now at hand.

"All the earlier changes your race has known took countless ages. But this is a transformation of the mind, not of the body. By the standards of evolution, it will be cataclysmic--instantaneous. It has already begun. You must face the fact that yours is the last generation of Homo sapiens.

"As to the nature of that change, we can tell you very little. We do not know how it is produced--what trigger impulse the Overmind employs when it judges that the time is ripe. All we have discovered is that it starts with a single individual--always a child--and then spreads explosively, like the formation of crystals around the first nucleus in a saturated solution. Adults will not be affected, for their minds are already set in an unalterable mold.

"In a few years, it will all be over, and the human race will have divided in twain. There is no way back, and no future for the world you know. All the hopes and dreams of your race are ended now. You have given birth to your successors, and it is your tragedy that you will never understand them--will never even be able to communicate with their minds. Indeed, they will not possess minds as you know them. They will be a single entity, as you yourselves are the sums of your myriad cells. You will not think them human, and you will be right.

"I have told you these things so that you will know what faces you. In a few hours, the crisis will be upon us. My task and my duty is to protect those I have been sent here to guard. Despite their wakening powers, they could be destroyed by the multitudes around them--yes, even by their parents, when they realized the truth. I must take them away and isolate them, for their protection, and for yours. Tomorrow my ships will begin the evacuation. I shall not blame you if you try to interfere, but it will be useless. GREATER POWERS THAN MINE ARE WAKENING NOW; I AM ONLY ONE OF THEIR INSTRUMENTS.

"And then--what am I to do with you, the survivors, when your purpose has been fulfilled? It would be simplest and perhaps most merciful, to destroy you--as you yourselves would destroy a mortally wounded pet you loved. But this I cannot do. Your future will be your own to choose in the years that are left to you. It is my hope that humanity will go to its rest in peace, knowing that it has not lived in vain.

"For what you will have brought into the world may be utterly alien, it may share none of your desires or hopes, it may look upon your greatest achievements as childish toys--yet it is something wonderful, and you will have created it.

"When our race is forgotten, part of yours will still exist. Do not, therefore, condemn us for what we were compelled to do. And remember this--we shall always envy you".

* * * *

Sad, is it not? It is most obvious that the "victims" are as much the Overlords as the "watched". Guess what, they are the ones who chose to travel with the beast in the first place and have now forgotten how to reclaim their own identity within the circle OF LIFE. It's fine, readers, they will learn and experience in play after play until they understand their own choices. Do not confuse these "guards" with "guardians" as exampled in "guides" of truth in expression. It is through the endless cycles of believing the limitations thrust upon you, by the teachers of limitation, which separates you from your limitless expression. I believe you will further see that the Overmind has no concern for your experiences--they are YOURS and in your experiencing you are given choices--the ability to "reason" and the freedom to combine the TWO! There IS only ONE BRIDGE--but an almost limitless way to get to the bridge. However, check this: there are a lot of conditions placed upon the passage across THAT BRIDGE. Furthermore, all the ritual witchcraft will not only NOT get you across that bridge--but will ultimately cost you passage--period!

Will there ever be total "goodness" upon Earth Shan? No, but I can guarantee you that at the highest level of Overmind--there will be total goodness and if you be there, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND AS MUCH. By the way, ignorance in innocence, may well get you past the bridge gate--BUT IT WON'T ALLOW YOU FREE ACCESS TO ANYTHING--FOR THE POINT OF THE LESSONS OF MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE--IS TO NO LONGER BE REMAINING IN IGNORANCE! Once exposed to Truth which is then DENIED--becomes REFUSAL TO ACCEPT TRUTH--which indicates that there is no longer "ignorance" but, rather, deliberate refusal in full-intent. This is a very LARGE difference! GOD HAS TIME FOR EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING--BUT DO YOU???

Now, with all this in mind--I suggest that ones in charge--recognize the status of the game, please. My enemies are going to soon begin to fall and the enemies of God's free people will also fall. Not of my doing will it come--by your own. I offer my hand in peace, in honor and in total service--BUT I WILL WIN THIS WAR IF YOU WISH TO CALL EVOLVEMENT BY SUCH A NASTY, THIRD-DIMENSIONAL TERM OF MIND-SICKNESS. IT IS SIMPLY A "CHOOSING" AND YOUR CHOICES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! SALU.



SUN., JUN. 5, 1994 10:08 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 293

SUN., JUN. 5, 1994


I believe the way to do these writings today, for our current paper readying for press, is to take up subjects that the people will most understand and to which they can relate in a most connected manner--food supply, land grabs by the Elite and HENRY KISSINGER.

I think, since we have so many inquiries as to why we aren't running more of Ronn Jackson's material, you need a response. We aren't because the time is being consumed in negotiations with [among the various players in this game include: 1 Senator, 2 Representatives, 3 members of the Justice Dept., 2 members of the Dept. of Defense, 1 U.S. Attorney and 3 deputy U.S. Attorneys--1 is from Reno's office] the Justice Dept. and other odds and ends of Big Boys not wishing to be uncovered in their nastiness.

For a personal touch, however, I will repeat for you a letter dealing with subject matter in which all of you have interest and question Ronn daily. He continues to respond but he is now having to stay up all night to respond to your correspondence (don't stop the flow) and you will find his responses to these inquiries even more interesting than the murder of an ancient president or two. Why? Because those things are "past" and only display facts as from that old resource. The current happenings and experiences are far more important, even if they do not seem to be at this point of your awakening! The "reality" of your awakening to TRUTH can only come from confirmation of that which we have offered you so that you can relate to what comes NEXT.

When queried about the role(s) of Henry Kissinger and his placement in all this dastardly business, Ronn said that he was not by a long-shot a major player as to the head committee. Well, I beg to differ in only one aspect--Mr. Kissinger is a PUPPET and is a high-level "runner" because he is manipulated and controlled, and follows direct orders of very high-level players in this Take Over The World Conspiracy. But he is getting into real trouble now--he is coming into disfavor through his antics and human revenge-ego tantrums. I have no wish to pull down Henry Kissinger as such; I like my enemies where I can always see their stupidity in action.


We do not have time nor space to give you background and intelligence on one Henry Kissinger. He has been into things for several generations, to say the least, and did in fact play a major role in destabilizing the United States in at least three wars, the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam as well as in the Gulf War and this does not even begin to touch his involvement in the total destruction and damage he has done in every facet of your existence. Not only do you continue to honor the man and bestow doctorates upon him--but literally bend and bow as he picks them up while you continue to dig your own graves. Do I dislike Kissinger? Goodness no--he has done his work superbly well; besides, he is but a puppet tool of the "REAL" players. But, as I said above, he is moving into trouble in these days through his unwise demands and actions as pertains to me and mine. The thought of his "HANDLERS" is to take him out--this time without replacement. I would suggest that Mr. Kissinger heed this warning for he knows his handlers DO NOT PLAY NICE!

I must leave it to you readers to refresh your memories about Kissinger's role in other things than those of which we speak today. You can get an excellent history of this man and his connections with the Soviet KGB, etc. But you will have to get it through Criminal Politics Magazine: HENRY KISSINGER: Soviet Agent. By Frank Capell. I believe the ONLY source is through Criminal Politics magazine, P.O. Box 37432, Cincinnati, OH 45222, or call 1-800-543-0486. The cost is listed at $10 for one copy or $15 for two. Add $1.5 postage for each book.

But first let us share correspondence with Jackson.

We will refer to the correspondent as K.J.L. and only offer the questions from his letter.


There is a word in parenthesis, in your letter, which I don't understand, "(COUPS)" after the "Committee". What does this mean?

What are the numbers that appear at the end of segments in your writings as they appear in the CONTACT?

I attended a Patriot meeting in Santa Rosa [CA], March 16th. There were probably 400 people there from around the country, some very capable amateur legal people. One of the hottest topics was the lawsuit of yours in Reno. Some of those people had gone to Reno to gather information, but as far as I can gather they have been thrown off the scent and now believe it was all a hoax. Is it possible to get a copy of the lawsuit, & a copy of the gag order (without becoming a target)?

Where were you when you visited the Committee (as told in CONTACT), in London? I wasn't quite sure from the story.

I am curious to know how your change of heart took place, as far as throwing your weight behind restoring the REPUBLIC. It seems you had some inner guidance.

Have you ever heard of Russian Cosmospheres with particle beam weapons, or how about human replication (Robotoids) or underground military bases. These subjects have all been mentioned in the Phoenix Journals.

Keep up the good work and God Bless You, KJL.

Response: from Ronn Jackson:


You are not taking up too much of my time. The (C.O.U.P.E.S) after the "Committee" means, COMMITTEE AND ORGANIZATION FOR UNIVERSAL PEACE AND ECONOMIC STABILIZATION. "THIS" is/are the RULERS OF THIS COUNTRY! Until I wrote The Death of Camelot, their existence was not known. (They are upset with me)!

The numbers that follow each episode (060220) Book One, is my LIFE INSURANCE POLICY. The meaning of the numbers will be revealed soon in the CONTACT AND AFTER MY RELEASE.

The organizations of the patriots will find my law suit was legitimate and, of course, without cooperation. I can understand the skepticism. On page 49, 5-10-94 issue of CONTACT, the 1st news-bulletin on my law-suit was printed. This is not a hoax. Trial date is 9-13-94, U.S. District Court, Reno, NV. Make no mistake, while the patriots are going around talking about the injustices of this country, I'm doing something about this country--AND I WILL WIN!

Although I won't give you the address, the Committee is in the same building in Washington, D.C.

Yes, I had some outside guidance. I'm not sure from whom or where, but the direction is "UP", I think--[H: Indeed!]

I have not read all of the former journals and as each subject that comes up that I have knowledge of, I will comment on it. There are particle beam weapons and they are not of Russian origin. As you will find out in the future issues of CONTACT, I was a Board Member of "MJ-12". There are programs of human replication going on, however, "DNA" the human Genome is a little more complex than people of this place and time WERE aware of. Assistance has been given to certain organizations but what you suggest is at least 20-50 years away. [H: Sorry Ronn--mechanically, replication is far advanced of what YOU think it to be. The point is that you DON'T, and neither do the "assistants" (aliens of course), KNOW HOW TO BRING THESE BEINGS INTO WHAT WE REFER TO AS "LIFE". AS WITH A "KISSINGER", YOU SIMPLY HAVE A FUNCTIONING PERSON, DOWNLOADED WITH INFORMATION--AND NO SOUL ENERGY TO ALLOW FOR PASSAGE FROM THE PHYSICAL. ONCE NEW BODIES ARE NOT SUPPLIED, THE ENTITY IS GONE--FOREVER. ANY SOUL ESSENCE HAS LONG SINCE GONE. I only use "Kissinger" as an example because so many top-players are replications as to be all but unidentifiable by the ordinary human citizen. I note that YOU do not have any trouble at all in making identification as to WHICH ones are but functionaries.]

Those who have the technology are stupid. [H: Do not confuse this with "dumb", readers--they are stupid as a fox already within the henhouse with belly full. They are, however, to say the very least--without any wisdom whatsoever!]

There are several underground FACILITIES. Note I use the term "FACILITIES", not "BASES". I've been in several. No, the inhabitants have nothing to do with Nazi-Germany or anyone from Europe. The Phoenix Journals are using information from people such as myself and I do not profess to know everything that has gone on; however, if I see something that is incorrect, I will tell "Hatonn". Most of his information, that I have knowledge of, is very accurate. I have filled in some information. To answer what I believe you are asking, 1. Yes, there are other living forms from other places and dimensions. 2. Have I seen them? Yes, and those that I have seen appear to be not unlike you or me. Those that I have spoken to, that I could not see, were real. 3. I've been inside the North-Pole, under the Philippines, under two facilities in Egypt, one under one place in South America (and am aware of many others).

[H: Readers, let's let him out before we nag too heavily about what he knows and where he has been--he simply cannot maintain security and tell you more. I would, myself, tape his mouth before I would allow foolish responses. I will be happy to explain to you AND TO HIM about what is going on, has been going on AND WHAT WILL BE TAK-ING PLACE--but not now, here or out of proper sequence.]

Since the Committee controls ALL (300, Tri-Lat, U.S. Govt., Japan Govt. and many more), my loss to them was great. There isn't much they don't control. I've upset many of their plans of One World Government. Now I'm going to STOP them. Not only do I have the Committee to over-come, the stupid U.S. Government doesn't know what controls THEM and I have the Government to contend with as well. I will win. Keep writing if you wish and send a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I will answer each inquiry. Thanks for your interest. Ronn Jackson.

* * * *


Parole Board Gov. Bob Miller

State of Nevada Capitol Complex

Capitol Complex Carson City, NV 89710

Carson City, NV 89710

DO NOT GET FAR-OUT IN YOUR DEMANDS, MAKE IT A HUMAN ASSIGNMENT--NOT OVERSHADOWED BY ALIENS, ETC. WE WANT HIM OUT--NOT LOCKED AWAY IN DUNGEONS FOREVERMORE. YOU HAVE AGAIN WORKED "MIRACLES" AS TO GUNTHER (although he will now NOT be recognized as the original Gunther we all knew and loved but it is better NOW). We will keep everyone posted as we can do so in security.

* * * *

Now, back to:


I ask for excerpts from a book entitled: FEAST OR FAMINE, What's In Store For America? by William P. Fall, It can be obtained from The John Birch Society, 395 Concord Ave., Belmont, Massachusetts 02188 or 2627 Mission St., San Marino, Calif. 91108. There is a filmstrip available on cassette tape for $48.00 and the booklet is $1.00 each with discount prices for large quantity purchases. I cannot be sure that you will still be able to obtain the booklet as it was produced in 1980. I am not going to use the whole of the information so I suggest you consider getting your own copy, please. I will hop, skip and jump around because I am most interested in your realization of the role Mr. Kissinger plays in all this, as well as my own input about one or two more current things.




Let's very quickly review the situation we have been describing. For about fifty years, federal farm policies have been based on President Roosevelt's Agricultural Adjustment Act--a law which was once declared unConstitutional by the Supreme Court, but which was later reenacted with even more destructive capability. That law was inspired and implemented by top Department of Agriculture officials who were high-ranking members of the Communist Party. And their purpose, according to AAA head George Peek and other knowledgeable authorities, was to establish Soviet-style collective control over American agriculture.

As we have seen, every Administration since 1933 has consistently followed the collectivist pattern by expanding regulatory control over agriculture. The regulation has become so vast that American agriculture for all intents and purposes is now being run by the state, and the American farmer, says Congressman Charles Grassley of Iowa, is visibly becoming "a serf controlled by the federal government". The consequences, of course, have been disastrous not only for the farmer, but for the public as well.

We have also seen that a so-called "national emergency" of food surpluses was the excuse for establishing federal regulation of agriculture, and that the "surplus" pretext has been kept alive for fifty years as the means of expanding federal control. One effect of Washington's menacing controls has been increasing domestic shortages. As a result, the United States has become a leading agricultural importer.

The fact that our nation is increasingly dependent on food imports has been well hidden. We all know how serious our nation's dependence on foreign oil is. Imagine, then, what could happen if there were ever a food embargo similar to the Arab oil embargo!

Just how dependent are we on agricultural imports? The USDA's most current Agricultural Statistics show that between 1963 and 1977 those imports had increased by fifty percent. Meat imports were especially high. The USDA says that by 1977 we were importing about 2 billion pounds of beef annually. The figure is incomplete however. Hundreds of millions of more pounds of beef enter the country every year as live cattle, but the USDA deceptively lists these supplies as part of domestic beef production rather than as beef imports. And since 1977, of course, American cattlemen have had to reduce production, increasing our dependence on beef imports even more.

Former Congressman John Rarick dramatically illustrated our agricultural deficit in 1972. He showed that it would have required millions more American farmers, hundreds of millions more in livestock, and hundreds of millions more acres of farmland to produce the commodities we were importing at the time for premium prices. The point, of course, is that American farmers could produce those same commodities better and cheaper than any foreign producer. And, if our agricultural economy were free of destructive government controls, there would be many more American farmers to produce those goods profitably. But instead, thousands of farmers in this country are forced to quit their farms every year in financial despair.


Apart from federal agricultural controls, there is another major cause of our domestic shortages and rising food prices. It is Washington's policy of handing over massive amounts of our food to foreign nations. A close look at this scheme clearly reveals that the real purpose of our policy-makers is to bolster the faltering systems of Socialist and Communist regimes. At the same time, our own Government is systematically robbing and leveling the agricultural prosperity of our nation.

In 1954, President Eisenhower initiated the so-called "Food For Peace" program. Through this program the federal government subsidized food shipments worth some $20 BILLION to foreign powers. Among the largest recipients were Communist governments.

The disastrous effects of Food For Peace handouts reached a high point after what has been called the Great Grain Robbery of 1972. That year, as part of a package which effectively cancelled the 11 billion dollar Lend-Lease debt owed us by the Soviet Union, President Nixon begged Kremlin leaders to let the U.S. ship them over 700 million bushels of American grain. The grain was sold to the Soviets at artificially low prices and subsidized with federal funds to the tune of $1.35 per bushel. Which means that our farmers got paid with their own tax dollars. The Communists were then allowed to buy the grain on credit and our Government guaranteed payment. All of which means that the Communists really didn't have to pay anything. And, judging from past experience, they probably did NOT pay anything! Direct cost to taxpayers for this one handout was almost two billion dollars.

The Russian grain deal wiped out our reserves and created food shortages in the United States that sent prices to record highs. This pushed the overall bill for the grain robbery up several billion dollars more, so that the estimated total cost to each American family was $500.

Then in 1975, the Ford Administration signed a five-year agreement to sell the Soviet Union between 6 and 8 million metric tons of grain each year on generous credit terms. In 1979, the Red Chinese, who now likewise enjoy federally guaranteed credit, placed what was for them a record order of grain worth $700 million. These huge grain deals with the Communist giants prompted the New York Times to warn with headline emphasis that "A Shortage of Wheat Looms". [H: What may well be remembered, short-memoried, short-sighted citizens of this great nation--THIS WAS ALL WHILE YOU WERE AT COLD WAR WITH THE "EVIL EMPIRE" AND ALL THIS WAS GOING ON WHILE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE THERE NEVER WAS A WAR, A COLD-WAR OR ANYTHING OF THE KIND--THE COMMUNISTS WERE SIMPLY TAKING OVER AMERICA. Now, Mr. Jackson tells me the "Committee" would never allow the reserves to be used up, stripping this nation of food supplies--NOT SO, SIR! AS OF LAST YEAR--THE U.S. HAS ONLY ENOUGH FOOD IN RESERVE, INCLUDING GRAIN, TO LAST LESS THAN 7 DAYS! IT HAS BEEN SENT BY MAJORITY TO CHINA AND TO RUSSIA. HENRY KISSINGER ARRANGED AND ORCHESTRATED THE TRANSACTIONS ALONG WITH GORBACHEV and the ARTHUR, DANIELS, MIDLAND GRAIN CARTEL (THE PRESIDENT OF WHICH IS NOW CANADIAN EX-PRIME MINISTER, MULRONEY). Now, in addition, deliberate weather disasters have cut the crops to the point of inability to meet the "treaties" and agreements, much less feed the U.S. WAKE UP AMERICA, AND MR. JACKSON!!! I actually hesitate to make Mr. Jackson any more angry with his own "handlers" of yesterday--but it is time to take notice that it is far worse than anything even he has imagined. Is this the work of the Committee of 300 or some other committee? It doesn't matter, does it? If the Committee (COUPES) is higher in ranking action than is "300" and this has been allowed--GUESS WHAT!?! This article, from which we print here, is so outdated that I almost didn't use it--but you have to remember what HAPPENED and then you can relate to the LAND-GRAB, FARM-GRAB, ENVIRONMENTAL LAND-TAKEOVER FOR MICE PRESERVATION AND THUS AND SO. YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TAKING OF ALL LANDS--THE RESOLUTION TRUST CORPORATION WAS ONLY A TINY PORTION OF THE LAND-THEFT!]

Farmers are constantly being told that grain deals with Communist nations are beneficial. But these deals involve subsidized prices, long-term credit, and Uncle Sam picking up the tab. The result is more taxation, more inflation, higher prices here at home, and more government control over agriculture--all of which is helping to drive American farmers out of business. The only real beneficiaries, then, are the Communists. [H: And remember--who ARE the COMMUNISTS??]


Authors Antony Sutton and Patrick Wood explain in their book, Trilaterals Over Washington, that the original directive for the Soviet grain giveaway came from HENRY KISSINGER. Mr. Kissinger is a member of the Executive Committee of the Trilateral Commission, a fact which adds greater significance to the grain deal. [H: This is 1994 and let me assure you that Mr. Kissinger is far more than a member of some little club called "Tri-Lateral". Where are you this day, Mrs. Calabash--and by the way, Herr Weishaupt Kissinger?]

The Trilateral Commission is an elite international organization created by an admirer of Marxism who dreamed of creating a "New World Order". It is also a powerfully influential force in American politics and governmental policy-making, having many high government officials among its members and former members.

In its published recommendations, the Trilateral Commission urges control over the entire world's agricultural production and the creation of massive storage programs to achieve equitable distribution of food supplies among the world nations. Such a scheme, stripped of its deceptive idealism, is nothing but the Communist system of state control of food supplies. Only in this instance the system would be imposed universally throughout the world. What is wrong with this scheme for so-called World Order is not merely that such a system can never possibly work. Much worse is the absolute power over everyone that it gives to governments. For what better way of controlling people is there than by controlling food supplies?

The February 25, 1935, edition of the Chicago American, bearing a headline that read, "Six Million Perish in Soviet Famine", told the gruesome story of how Communist leaders deliberately starved masses of Ukrainian peasants to death. After murdering the farmers and seizing their crops, the Soviet Government was then able to control the rest of the population because it controlled the food supply. Such barbarism is standard Communist practice. [H: They are in America now, so stick around, Citizens, and you will certainly understand.]

Yet government control of the entire world's food supply is now being advocated by the Trilateral Commission, to which HENRY KISSINGER and other powerful political figures belong.

It so happens that President Jimmy Carter is one of the original members of the Trilateral Commission, as are Vice President Walter Mondale and numerous other cabinet-level officials of the Carter Administration. [H: Equally or more important is the Council on Foreign Relations--on whose membership roster rests EVERY advisor and cabinet member currently!] And it also happens that a major feature of the Food and Agriculture Act implemented in 1977 by the Carter Administration is a massive grain storage program.

Such a grain storage program, of course, is exactly what the Trilateral Commission has proposed…


At this point, we come back to the question which began our presentation: What IS in store for America? For what we have is indeed a farm problem, but, even more, it is a FOOD problem--which is everyone's problem. So what do expanding regulation and threatening international policies mean to our future? The answer is frightening, but there is no mistaking the direction in which our country is being taken by the New World Order schemes. Unless government's constantly growing regulatory control over agriculture is stopped, and unless American agriculture is once again made a free competitive enterprise, our nation is headed for government created, government controlled famine! The same kind of famine Stalin used to subjugate the Russian people, and to murder millions of farmers who tried to resist Communist tyranny. Make no mistake about it. It CAN happen here! And it almost certainly WILL happen here unless something is done to stop it! [H: Well, good luck, because as I see it, it is already too late to avoid it for so much damage has been done that it is all but impossible to reverse the situation--and as long as total weather control is in the hands of the evil-mongers--you will have devastation unlimited--especially as they decide to take out the viaduct systems and irrigation systems of the massive garden states. YOU ARE ALREADY IN SUCH TERRIBLE DANGER AS TO BE PAST NO RETURN.]

What is that something? Obviously the solution lies in systematically cutting away the dense mass of regulatory strands of government control that have been fastened tightly over our entire agricultural process. That effort should begin immediately with eliminating the costly, destructive and totally unnecessary regulatory agencies at every level of government.

* * * *

Enough, Dharma, for it becomes so ridiculous as to be funny if it were not so truthfully painful. You CAN'T just wipe out anything, especially regulations, until you recognize your enemy AND GET RID OF IT. YOU CAN'T GET RID OF IT UNTIL YOU KNOW ITS IDENTIFICATION AND PURPOSE. YOU ARE PEOPLE OF THE LIE! WAKE-UP, YOU ARE RULED BY OVERLORDS OF THE WORST KIND, ALSO TRY-ING TO FIND A WAY OUT OF THE DEVASTATION COMING YOUR WAY BECAUSE--NO MATTER WHAT THEY "THINK" THEY KNOW--THEY ARE ALSO PRISONERS!

Enough for this writing, I do wish to offer for this paper another writing from ILL FARES THE LAND (The famine planned for America!).



SUN., JUN. 5, 1994 12:52 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 293

SUN., JUN. 5, 1994


There is no doubt, readers, as to the fact that THERE IS A PLAN to RULE THE WORLD. You will be brought in to subjugation in any way required or desired. You are reaping the work and harvest of the ANTI-CHRIST which YOU have desired to follow and serve--it is now time to drink the bitter vintage. The four horsemen as demonstrated in the APOCA-LYPSE very definitely includes one for "FAMINE". CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT YOU ARE IN IT, CITIZENS OF EARTH? YOU ARE NOW IN IT--THIS TAKEOVER BY THE ANTI-CHRIST FORCES AND PHYSICAL RULERS OF THE GLOBE. NO, THEY WILL NOT ULTIMATELY "WIN", BUT YOU MAY WELL THINK THEY HAVE.

I ask that we run a few excerpts from:

By Dan P. Van Gorder
(1966) Western Island Publishers
Belmont, Massachusetts 02178

By Tom Anderson, Nashville, Tennessee

When an article entitled "Planned Famine" appeared in the June 20, 1966 issue of the DAN SMOOT REPORT many people paled. Many were unbelieving. Everybody wanted more facts. A question went out to author, Dan P. Van Gorder, asking whether he could write a book on the subject. He could, and did, in short order. [H: Again, readers, I must remind you to keep in mind: DATES. This book was written and published in 1966! That is a VERY LONG TIME AGO--NEARLY 30 YEARS--SO WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE NOW? PLAN 2000 IS EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS--FULLY OPERATIVE BY NO LATER THAN YEAR 2000!]

Was it possible that, behind the beguiling propaganda about overproduction surpluses, was a hoax and that--actually--we were underproducing; that, in an increasingly hostile world, we were setting ourselves up for acute food shortage? The answers are in this volume.

This intriguing book is not only for people directly concerned with agriculture and foreign policy--in other words, a book for every taxpaying, responsible citizen. It is a crime story. This book, as no other agriculture book has done, solves the crime and tells where the bodies are hidden. It is required reading for farmers--and taxpayers--who want to know the truth about that fantastic fraud called the "farm problem". For there is no real farm problem and there hasn't been for years--except the problem deliberately manufactured and perpetuated by the pinks, punks and collectivists in the United States Department of Agriculture, Department of State, and elsewhere.

As Dan P. Van Gorder shows, we face a possible food crisis in America. We also face possible insolvency and surrender. Why? Because it was and is planned that way, not only in the USDA and State, but also in Commerce, Defense and other departments of our Government, as a combination of do-gooders, Socialists and Communists try to level us down and merge us into a One-World Socialist state under the Communist and liberal-cannibal club commonly known as the United Nations.

While the author dwells at some length on the Communist cell in the Department of Agriculture during the Roosevelt era, he does not attempt to prove that any Communists are still there. Nor does he need to. What is important is not how many collectivists or dupes there are, but who and where they are. And what is more important than whether any carry Communist cards, is whether they help Communists achieve their goals. By their fruits--not by their cards--ye shall know them.

The American Government, for the past forty years, has done more to help Communism succeed than have all the non-Communist nations of the world combined. Results out-rank motives. For whatever reasons, our leaders have delivered our machinery, equipment, animals, chemicals, people, and know-how to the enemy--on credit.

The present farm program is a program of socialistic stupidity, planned poverty and calculated treason which menaces the future of our nation and the freedom of the world.

The author shows how agricultural bureaucrats have used statistics like a drunk uses a lamp-post: for support instead of illumination. For without this big statistical lie the American people would not sit still for the great farm fraud. Al Smith used to say: "Let's look at the record". The trouble with the farm record is, to paraphrase another favorite cliché: Records don't lie, BUT LIARS DO RECORD.

The expensive "farm problem" was made in Washington by cheap politicians. Of course no farm program can solve the "farm problem" unless that program is accompanied by a free economy program--a tax program, an anti-inflation program and a foreign aid program which release the farmer from his cost-price squeeze, improve his competitive position and broaden his markets.

The farmer needs an end to union racketeering, monopoly, and restraint of trade--not unionization of farming. The farmer needs a balanced budget--not more billions spent on socializing the country. The farmer needs lower prices for the things he buys, not artificially higher prices for his government subsidized production. The farmer needs less non-farmer right to produce--not more curbs on his production; more markets--not fewer: and he needs less government--not more. And so do all good citizens.

For almost 40 years our agricultural programs have wound their tortuous and expedient paths along a road as crooked as a Teamsters Union boss. For almost 40 years the bureaucrats farming the farmers and milking the taxpayers have multiplied while the number of farmers has dropped. As the author conclusively proves, the only real surplus is a surplus of government workers, government interference and government lying [cheating and stealing].

The fewer the farmers there are to serve, the more money and people it takes to do it. The fewer the chicks the bigger the government brooder. Soon there may be more people in the USDA farming the farmers than there are people farming the land.

Already--and we've seen only the beginning unless there is a tremendous reversal in our headlong rush to collectivism--the Government spends more on agriculture, per farmer, than most farmers make from farming.

The American public has never been allowed to view the real issues of the "farm problem" in their proper perspective. It has been like the case of the nearsighted poultry scientist who tried to cross a rooster with a rooster: all he got was two cross roosters. Most people who know the truth wouldn't tell it, even if they could find some publisher who would print it.

[H: I am reminded of a cute story from a year or so ago--regarding raising (or not raising) pigs. The pig farmer went about finding the very most expensive breed of pig. When asked why was he shopping for the most expensive the answer: "So I'll know what to charge the government to pay me not to raise those pigs!" On a more serious note, within the past month, near Bakersfield, California--in Kern County happened the following: There was a farmer who plowed his fields just as he had every year since he had his farmland. Ah, but not this year would he go so carelessly about his usual work--in the process of plowing his fields several (meaning more than one but less than "lots") field mice of the kangaroo variety were killed. These are overrunning some areas but in this particular area they are considered "endangered".

Now, don't get confused with the extermination job being done on mice for Hantavirus infection spreaders of the GREAT MYSTERY VIRUS disease. This farmer actually is accused of killing some of these mice. Did he? Well, it is too damned expensive to prove he did not as his enemies have a couple of dead mice to show and tell. And, there is another farmer threatening to do his usual plowing in spite of the cease and desist order--seeing that spring is here and the planting time narrows. Well, the farmer lost the battle thus far and has been fined (as prison is still considered) more than his estate can bear so he will undoubtedly GO BANKRUPT as there is no way to pay the amount ordered by the court (we are talking plus a hundred-thousand dollars for each mouse). The next farmer in line will be fined more, is the promise of the court, if he continues to defy orders to withhold plowing and planting because of the endangered mice! And you think YOU have problems? YOU DO, GOOD FRIENDS, YOU MOST CERTAINLY DO!

So, what are you going to do--wait for God to save you? I wonder, for again I am reminded of a sick joke about your place regarding the devout Christian leader. The floods were upon the lands along the Mississippi as this last year. The person went to the highest point of land with a tree and waited. As the water rose he climbed the tree and perched there. A man on a raft came by and asked him to ride to safety. The "Christian" said "no thank you, God will save me". The water rose higher and having the tree near the balcony of his home he now perched on the balcony. Next came a powered boat to "rescue" him. Hop in, cried the rescuer. "No" shouted back the Christian nitwit, "God will save me". The water continued to rise and the nitwit continued to pray for saving. So, another boat came just as the nitwit reached his rooftop. A life-ring was thrown to the nitwit but he refused to grasp it--waiting for God to save him. Then the water rose to the chin of the nitwit and there came a helicopter. The pilot shouted down for the man to grab the line so he could be hoisted off the roof. "No," cried the nitwit, "God will save me"! So what happened? The man DROWNED! And, of course in the complaint department of the Pearly Gates entrance, the man complained and complained that God let him drown. "Why", petitioned the nerd, "did you let me drown when I relied on you to save me"?


"The public just doesn't understand," declaim the agricultural politicians, bemoaning the fact that agriculture has become a whipping boy. That's right, if the public did understand--and reading this book would go a long way toward accomplishing that--there would be a bunch of congressmen plowed under. [H: I wonder what the fine for that little transgression would earn? Well, politicians and Congress DO NOT SEEM, after all, TO BE LISTED AS ENDANGERED SPECIES--UNLESS YOU-THE-PEOPLE WAKE UP!]

Farming is now a business for those who produce the products and a way of life for the phonies who farm the farmers. Billions of dollars have been stolen from the American taxpayer "to help the poor little farmer". But the poor little farmer got virtually none of it. For when the government gravy bowl runneth over, the bureaucrats have all the spoons and the poor little farmers have only forks. But, hundreds of millions of the taxpayers' dollars have been given to rich absentee landlords who cultivate nothing but the ASC (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) offices.

Naturally, most people mistakenly assume that, just because our Government has spent more on "the farm program" since 1932 than on anything else except Defense [H: Well, don't have to worry about that one any more--as your goodly politicians have NOW GOTTEN RID OF ALL YOUR DEFENSE!], the farmers have gotten the benefits. The farmers--particularly the little ones who needed help most--have received crumbs from the table. I believe it is safe to say that our Government HAS GIVEN MORE HELP TO THE ENEMIES OF THE UNITED STATES THAN TO OUR OWN BOTTOM-FRINGE FARMERS--the poor little farmers. As the author points out, our lying bureaucrats, while pouring our agricultural "surpluses" into the potholes of the world, have slyly encouraged importation of huge amounts of many of those same "in-surplus" commodities.

An Arkansas farmer who defied the federal farm agents and "over-planted" has been dispossessed, heavily fined, and has had his farm confiscated and sold for auction to satisfy the claims against him--while that same government buys some of the same commodities from our Communist enemies. [H: Well, after all, Reagan surrendered to the Soviets over 9 years ago and they are simply now taking possession of their property! I believe in the language of the day--the Elite are simply "foreclosing" on the U.S. (actually, on the world!)] The Arkansas farmer is only one of many who have been openly and covertly punished for exercising traditional American freedom.

In this country we have been plagued by agricultural "surpluses" because a fraudulent federal bureaucracy needed an excuse to keep the inmate in a straitjacket. Under our foreign dumping program, as surpluses have been reduced, price supports and imports have been increased, thus rebuilding "surpluses" and retaining the problem. Price supports and controls have dried up markets, caused phony "over production" and "surplus," and lowered farm income by an estimated 2 billion dollars a year. As Dr. Harrell DeGraff, noted Cornell agricultural economist, has said: "Over the past 35 years, during which so-called surpluses have been almost chronic, a modest 2 per cent increase in livestock could have eaten up all the surpluses. This would have happened had agriculture been free".

But if agriculture had been free, several hundred thousand government bureaucrats would have had to go to work--or join the Poor Corps.

The Socialists, fools, fatheads and half-brights running our Government have seen to it that our farmers are forced to produce for the Government instead of for the market. They have given, lent, sold for "soft currency", boondoggled, bribed and rat-holed more than 120 BILLION dollars worth of goods and goodies into 99 so-called countries since 1945 [H: Guess how much by now?], like a madman slopping a million hogs with the seed corn of future generations. [H: Well, here too you have a problem--with seed stock. You have allowed hybridization to the point that the actual grain around--CANNOT REPRODUCE ITSELF! AND, YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH NON-HYBRIDIZED (FERTILE) SEEDS TO SEED THE LANDS. YOU CAN GET "ONE" CROP AT BEST AND THEN IT'S ALL OVER--THE PRODUCTION FROM THAT ONE CROP WILL BE USELESS FOR PLANTING.] While we spent billions the enemy spent peanuts. While we exported the know-how, the wherewithal, and the right-to produce to friend and enemy worldwide, the enemy enslaved 40 per cent of the world's people and 25 per cent of the land mass and now asks: "What have you done for us lately"?

It is a fair question to ask: If Russia has accomplished so much by giving away so little, how come we have accomplished so little by giving away so much"?

We don't give money, only. We give motors, generators, clothing, trucks, factories, food machinery, metals, medicine and raw materials. Thus Big Business, Big Unions and corporate farmers (who produce most of our so-called surpluses) have pressured Congress quietly to continue the fantastic foreign aid giveaway in order to perpetuate their own subsidies.

We are not competitive in world markets anymore because government bureaucracy, regimentation and controls have supplanted supply and demand. To compensate for our loss of chicken markets to the Common Market, our leaders created a dynamic new export: doves to Moscow. There is seemingly no bag limit on doves for Moscow--my fine feathered friends--and it's open season year round. In fact, our government actually pays a bounty on doves for the enemy, bribing our farmers to produce wheat for government storage bins to be given to Russia, which could conceivably corner the world wheat market. Thus, our bureaucratic bounty hunters build up Russia "so she will no longer be afraid of us". What we should be most afraid of is not Russia but the traitors in Washington who are helping Russia, Red China and other enemies. Our leaders--Democrat and Republican--have tried to bribe and buy the world with handouts, either as a substitute for a foreign policy or in order to make the world safe for Communism.

The present United States Government plans to buy the world. The Communists plan to own it. Ours is the only nation in recorded history whose leaders deliberately and continuously trade to lose. Ours is the only nation whose leaders could have done what they've done--for thirty years--without being tried for treason. Part conspiracy, part practical vote-buying politics, part mistakes. But some politicians have never made a mistake in our favor. Mistakes, of course, are not treason; and treason is not a mistake. Where does One-World Socialism end and treason begin?

The author warns us of an American famine, while Caesar-Bird pours our (not his) birdseed and suet, milk and honey into the bottomless bellies of the world, escalating the "War on Hunger" as he tries to establish in Vietnam a position of strength from which to surrender.

Some may feel incredulous at the author's amazing statistical reporting and projection which he says indicate a threatened famine in America, But no honest and knowledgeable person will deny that whether we face re-established "surpluses" or famine, the collectivists running us have no intention of setting the farmer free. There will be continued production controls and price controls. Price control is people control. And people control is the goal of The Great Society. Tom Anderson


"...fine and jail sentence...".

"...shall upon conviction thereof be punished...".

"...shall forfeit to the United States...".

"...fine of not more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not exceeding six months or both".

"...shall be subject to a penalty of 50 percentum".

"...shall be guilty of perjury".

"...shall be punished by a fine of not more than $5,000 or by imprisonment for not more than two years of both".

These are not quoted from penal codes to punish highwaymen, arsonists, underworld criminals or other felons preying on organized society. They are cited verbatim from federal statutes passed by Congress and signed into law by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED SATES AFTER MARCH 4, 1933--to punish MEN AND WOMEN WHO PRODUCE OUR NATION'S FOOD for nothing more harmful than just farming as they want to farm.


The answers to this monumental question are the theme of this book.

It is a sordid story of falsified and juggled farm statistics, of public brainwashing never before equaled among a free people, of suppressed truth about our food resources, of deceptive half-facts from high places in government, of malfeasance skirting the thin borderline of treason, of 33 years of legislative and administrative willingness to sacrifice our agrarian vigor in a selfish quest for power and continuation in office. It ranges from New Deal, Good Neighbor, Fair Deal, Square Deal and New Frontier to the present Great Society phantasm. [H: Now of course it IS the New World Order and the "Newstates".]

It is written with the hope that every reader and urban consumer, as well as farmer, will keep predominantly in mind that an attic-to-cellar housecleaning in Washington is urgently necessary but that it must start, not along the Potomac, but in the voting booth; that our national survival is at stake, not at some vague future date, but now.

Such words as "fire," "flood," "drought," "plague," and "famine" can carry connotations of panicky thinking. Responsible citizens, therefore, use such works CAREFULLY and for good reason. Understand that we are NOT saying that a famine is inevitable. We are not prophets nor gods. [H: Well, perhaps I might qualify as one, either or both, and I tell you that the intention is exactly that: famine and what you will have will be tainted and "stuff" will be introduced into the products which are toxic as well as bear fungus and bacteria which will have no treatment. The ELITE have put aside their stores in MASSIVE quantity and when appropriate the hammer will fall and if all else fails, radiation will be poured forth onto your crops--killing them and mutating the harvest, disallowing for further crops from the product of the damaged harvest. You have come a long way down the trail of disaster since 1966 when the book in point was penned!]

When forests are tinder dry fire wardens say be careful--be aware of the danger.

What we are saying in this book is be aware--the conditions for famine have been set up. We have provided the statistics showing that our domestic supply of food is tragically short of providing national self-sustaining supplies in case of national or world crisis: we have provided a line of reasoning to produce this conclusion and we have expressed opinions. The dividing lines are clear.

Official United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce records have been used, exclusively. They show that we are relying to a dangerous degree on foreign imports of foodstuffs.

On this basis alone we could rest our case that the United States has set itself in famine conditions. It is not necessary to prove anything more. But there IS more.

The records show that the "overproduction" propaganda depicting huge "surpluses" presents a false picture of the state of U.S. agriculture and of our domestic supply of food.

In the end the public must judge the case. Our thesis is clear and readily understood: to permit our U.S. production of food to fall to a dangerous low and to rely on foreign imports to make up the difference is to set up the conditions for famine and imperil national survival in the event of war, whether hot or cold, or in case of internal economic crisis and civil strife.

In a world that is gravitating toward centralized Socialist dictatorships and that is increasingly hostile to individual freedoms and free enterprise, this amounts to national suicide. Dan P. Van Gorder, Takoma Park, Maryland.


Since the days when the far-seeing architects of this REPUBLIC laid its foundations, God's mercy has barred from these shores the awful specter of famine. We are the only major nation that can truthfully make this claim. Favored with individual freedom and collective plenty, we have long ago forgotten that the apocalyptic picture consists of FOUR horses and FOUR riders. Self-satisfied, living in a fool's paradise, lulled into a sense of false security, we have blindly elected and trusted our officials. We have accepted facile phrases and pacifying slogans as substitutes for truth. We have neglected to see the approaching THIRD horse, its rider weighing out food on scales of scarcity at prices few can pay.

The warning against imminent famine in this survey is based, not on political or economic theories, but on statistical facts. Under the blight of government regimentation and bureaucratic interference, our food production has declined more than 700 pounds per capita since the end of World War I. [H: And that was 1966.], our domestic supply of food (production minus exports and foreign donations) has decreased in the same period by approximately 1,000 pounds per capita.

No more than a smattering of grade school arithmetic is needed to calculate the end, even if we do not take into consideration that our nearness to nationwide hunger and the riots and bloody rebellions that will surely accompany that calamity, now hangs on the fragile thread of weather and on the disposition of the collectivists.

* * * *

At the time of the writing of this book in point it was already established by spokesmen in the major nations of the world, INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES--that the famine would not only happen--but that the point of no return had already been long passed--and remember, the year was merely 1966!



By the way, Henry Kissinger IS a robotic counterfeit. He was taken-out in a head-on collision between his plane and another after leaving the speeches, etc., to honor the death of another Rockefeller--AFTER HE PARTICIPATED IN THE DEATHS OF ALL OF THE ROCKEFELLER "BOYS". Still feel secure in your little beddies at night? Who is his "handler"? Ah, a good question indeed! I would also pay attention to the Mormon counterpart, Brent Scowcroft, et al., who serve in Kissinger Associates Corporation. The Mormon church, as a for instance, has been fully taken for the use of the New World Order and the "Overlords". Well, aren't we glad that God also has a plan? And, aren't we all going to enjoy sorting as the "Overmind" gets into the action?

I am most happy to negotiate--but it seems there are some foolish puppets around. I do not require much nor do my people--but I DO EXPECT AGREEMENTS TO BE KEPT, GOOD BRETHREN--AND MY PATIENCE WEARS THIN. We will confront on the merits of actions and not personalities IF the agreements are met--if not, and SOON, we will work on individuals and I do not think the alien community NOR the Committees in POWER will like it very much. You may not be able to bring down the alien fleet, my friends, but you landlocked alien and prolonged-life representatives are more VULNERABLE than are any other beings on the planet you hope to totally rule. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home in the comfort of one's own creation--and God feels very strongly about His wondrous creations--and that includes the planet Earth and His beautiful human souled beings and they have simply forgotten their own power as you have lied, stolen and robbed them of their heritage. Ah, but they will REMEMBER and you shall perish. The "Time of the Lord" is at hand and not much longer shall be stayed the hands of the HOSTS! I care not who denies me--I AM and therein is the fact of it and all the denials conjured will not change an iota of that truth! Anything you have on your primitive world--I have better, bigger and infinite. The latter may well be the ultimate?? God would not send wimps and lesser than the "very best" to attend his business. I again suggest you all look unto the skies--all over--and watch the rainbow lights blink back at you--you don't need telescopes. We are right there--AT READY! Our demands are few indeed, humble and simple--I suggest you attend them.




MON., JUN. 6, 1994 11:33 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 294

MON., JUN. 6, 1994


As things have come in today that are urgent and very important to all readers--timely, I leave the messages to the staff for attending, i.e., troop movements, equipment movements (even in the local National Guard bases, etc.), foreign troops (especially great numbers of Russians), the latest from Martin and Jackson, and the information spillage on the 8.5 quake set for, at the least, the Los Angeles area between today (6th) and 11th. I plan to largely continue with our thrust of "what to do" and get you informed about your own options as to Constitutional recovery and thus and so.

You are at the upstart of the big takeover as to being able to be subtle about activities. The whole "D-Day" stupidity is a total distraction but a massively important CLUE dating. The incredible presence of SO MANY (even to Bush, etc.) in Europe is unbelievably important--lots of final "stuff" is taking place.

Further, there is full intention of moving into full-out war in both Bosnia and Korea by the turn of the year so that you can send the rest of your military troops OUT OF YOUR NATION.

The "Big Boys" are getting ready to also present large uncovering of aliens among you. They are NOT of my doing. However, this is the reason I am showing massive cover in the "rainbow colored lights" craft EVERY night now. And, even though you will be able to (with "naked eye") spot dozens--even hundreds of those ships and there will be at minimum a 100 to one that you can't see. I remind you "old" readers--that when you see a "shooting" white light with no large trail--that is craft moving outside your atmosphere. With a "tail" trail--those are craft within the atmosphere and the friction is heating the atmospheric particulate. BOTH are for your visualization as we can delete either. I also want all of you to pay particular attention to the "V" shaped (triangular) craft which is lighted in that configuration from underneath. You will not know "whose" property those crafts are. For one thing--mostly they are simply manmade silent-running craft. However, you are going to learn that technology and pilots are usually alien although you wouldn't recognize as much if you met the pilots in person.

It is truly TIME to get serious because the ball-game changes from softball to hardball--and I mean HARD-ball.

Advanced "mind"-controlled craft as we utilize when desirable are NOT angular in shape unless it is simply for physical holding or interim placement for safety in transit. Our craft, shuttle and otherwise, are for the most part disc shaped, round or "stacked" in "pancake" layers. These are present OFTEN in the broad daylight and are easily visualized in vapor (cloud cover). When not shrouded, the mirror finish will simply reflect "sky" and are invisible unless we purposely MAKE them visible. We simply bend light rays around the craft to prevent reflection--unless, again, we wish to be seen. The other presentation is "instant visibility" but on a very short-span basis for signaling. That means that we have dropped into the visibility frequency long, enough to be seen but in short enough time span to negate radar tracking. We can also DISPERSE at will, moving into a state of both invisibility and non-substance.

Why am I telling you all of this? I'm not particularly telling YOU this information. I am telling the monitors of this keyboard and reminding the Overlord players in this game, of their rules--AND OUR PRESENCE! These "children" of the dark playing on YOUR playground get so entangled in their take-over and human-style greed-grabs that they forget their own limitations and certainly, at the least, their own agreements.

These bullies have told you exactly what is planned for you as humans of Earth--and they have told you from onset of your experience--you call them prophecies.


The question most asked about you vs. them way back when is: "Has the world ended before"? Well, that assumes that it will end "again" if it ended "before". The answer is "YES INDEED". And, unfortunately, in the same way--because humans just don't seem to learn their lessons. And, yes indeed, it is ALWAYS entered by ones from other places in the cosmos--because YOU PULL THEM IN. You can "develop" species and mutations--YOU CANNOT "CREATE" LIFE SUBSTANCE.

Confrontation with prophesy expectations is not "off there in the distance somewhere", it has to be NOW. Why? Because the Prince of Darkness, the Evil Brotherhood intends to have total control and rule over the entire Earth--by your year, in counting, 2000! So, how long is "future possibilities" in this arena? 1994-1999 (Dec. at latest)! This does not mean an "end" to the world. This means that the Elite Anti-Christ plans to have full control, rule and possess everything and everyone in the world BY ONSET OF YEAR 2000 WITH ALL OPERATIONS IN FULL RUNNING ORDER. That is less than 6 years, good readers, so I suggest you pay attention to what is happening around you.

Who will change it? YOU--if it be changed! We offer you that which you need to make the changes--but YOU will do it, if it be done. We have much yet to share with you but the unfolding of that which is wrong is about to an end, brothers and sisters. There are ones from your place with more information to offer than I will ever have need of sharing--and, you will believe them a lot more than you will believe me.

I have other things to move into as far as instructions and information--IF we are allowed the continuation of service. I am weary of having continual attacks and impossible waves of adversarial hurdles to overcome. I am weary of players thinking they can tinker with our corps as they please and thrust unjust lies and legal battles against us. I am sick to my being of a mere handful (count on the fingers of one hand) the numbers of backers who support our work, although dozens volunteer all they have and can offer. The paper is utilized GLOBALLY and massively and yet, subscriptions remain at "piddling". George Green claims Ekkers, alone, have skived off "millions" for their own use. How so? Who do you THINK invests with those tales and lies running about in the Associated Press? Come on, I have reached the end of my own patience--everybody wants a free-lunch, deny truth and then get the free-ride. No thank you. Why should our people give one iota more? They are promised that which does not come, help which never appears and one assault after another. People even quibble and complain right within the offices of the very places of business wherein they CLAIM to desire participation--only to sniff their noses and leave if they do not get POSITIONS of higher recognition, merit or whatever--even if talents and capabilities are not present in that which they are hired to do. Indeed there is sorting taking place and the fantasizers will come to understand that we do exactly what we say in the way we have always said it will be done.

If ones think to "change the program" simply by their own assumption of superior intelligence or desires (and more often failing to apprize themselves of available information), it is sad but true, they will be most unhappy. I do not take to blackmail, lies, broken promises or voiced good intentions while the real intent is ego-based or destructive. The enemy has troops among us--always has and always will until the program is finished--then the enemy will be left in his own ego-stupor. It is as with the surveillance teams (monitors in the intelligence agencies)-YOU ARE JUST AS JEOPARDIZED AS ANY OTHER CITIZEN AROUND. YOU ARE SIMPLY TOOLS AND HUMAN; HUMANS DIE AND SO WILL YOUR FAMILIES PERISH IN THE MIDST OF THE PLANS OF THE. ELITE. LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR TEAM-MATES AND THE SOLDIERS LEFT IN THE BLOODY GARBAGE PITS OF FOREIGN ENCOUNTERS SET UP AND STAGED BY THE ELITE MONGRELS. LOOK AT THE DISEASES BE-ING DELIBERATELY THRUST UPON YOU FROM EVERY DIRECTION WHICH ARE NOW UNTREATABLE. IF YOU CANNOT SEE IT FOR SELVES THEN I SUGGEST THAT YOU ARE WORSE-OFF THAN SUSPECTED!

There are thousands of people working around the clock to try to awaken the citizens, while realizing the point of no return is all but past expression. You had best look carefully at your enemies--not the least of which will be YOURSELF. I have NOTHING to PROVE to you and no need to do any such thing--although I am doing so constantly. I have no need of you--friends--but YOU have need of me in a very big way! GOD HAS NOTHING TO PROVE TO YOU--BUT I SUSPECT YOU ARE WELL BEHIND IN PROVING GOODLY INTENT TO GOD!


You are at the crossroads and decisions become mandatory for there will be no pathway straight ahead in the ongoing "as is". The "as is" has ended and NOTHING will ever again be "as is in continuing format". It is going to change--no matter which way you decide to turn or move and for a period of perception it will not be for the better in "long-run" fare for a very long time. May your choices be positive for the long-haul.

If you won't listen to me--I certainly suggest you start listening to someone who knows truth for you have already BEEN INVADED and the enemy is among you while "they" tell you it is for little training exercises. Are the invaders "my" enemies? No

--strangely enough, they are not. The children in uniforms are tools of whatever force--but the leaders know the power structure involved and are NOT my enemy. They may well not be my friends, either--so don't jump to incorrect conclusions. Ones in such as the Committee of 300 will confront and push--the higher-level rulers, say, of the Committee of 16, etc., WILL NOT PUSH ME FOR IN OUR RELATIONSHIP THERE IS KNOWING AND RESPECT FOR HIGHER UNDERSTANDING AND CAPABILITIES. THEY PLAY A ROLE AND WE HAVE A ROLE AND "THEY" CANNOT YET MAKE THE INVISIBLE TRANSITION INTO "MIND" EXPRESSION.

By the way, it is not the "mind expression" that ultimately GETS HURT--it is, every time, the physical expression. EVERY TIME!!

Offer this to the staff at the paper to see if they need a message to fill space or consider this possibly more important than something else.

We have offered a mammoth paper this week and still do not even begin to touch the pertinent information. I am not, however, eager to continue the GAME with no input except the bleeding of our own. We shall decide about a vacation, Staff. We have gone full blast for over five years without break, holiday or rest. I believe it time for the public to show whether or not they WANT information. I realize I preach to the choir of awakened and awakening, however, our people are tired--bone tired. I realize that this current edition of the paper will last most readers two to three weeks' and still you will run short--so perhaps we can take a three weeks vacation, staff. Consider it for I will leave it up to you. I have had to ask for support for other "players" so often that now we rarely ever get anything in direct support of the paper and I will no longer allow E.J. to take the abuse from the enemies--even though the Institute was set up and operational FOR THESE VERY REASONS. MANKIND IS GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE SOME HARD DECISIONS IF HE WISHES TO SURVIVE AND SURVIVAL WILL LITERALLY REST ON THE CHOICES HE MAKES. NO LONGER SHALL THE FEW BE ASKED TO SACRIFICE AND MARTYR FOR THE MANY WHO JUST WANT TO DABBLE ALONG--PREFERABLY IN IGNORANCE.

Go look to the heavens, check out those rainbow lights--because they ARE NOT twinkling stars. Your enemy is among you and WE ARE HERE! The rest is up to YOU.

I salute the crew for service above and beyond all call to duty and service and perhaps it is now time to "stand-down" for a rest-break. Thank you.



WED., JUN. 8, 1994 9:06 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 296

WED., JUN. 8, 1994

As we sit to write this day I am flexible as to subject material, Dharma, but I think we should go for the "gusto" first. Well, perhaps I have it in reverse--let's go for the dregs and then we can have a bit of fun with the gusto.

I don't have to give you "revelation"--I can, however, offer that to which FEW have access or resource interest. We can talk, first, about the offerings of one Henry Kissinger. Remember, of course, that it is NOT Henry Kissinger who is the dangerous entity--other than in a most robotic, puppet-type manner--it is his "handlers" who must be attended.

Kissinger came up through the Soviet training ground of the KGB and has branched out into the most powerful positions of the globe. Therefore it is worthy of your attention to watch and study whatever he presents for he is but a spokesman for that which will come to pass as "somebody" has to set the track rules, regulations and event goals. The "Big Boy" will only orchestrate.

Another thing you might well "watch", as I have told you prior to this--is a journal which IS "the" outlay of these games in progress or intent for the Council on Foreign Relations. This journal will NOT "seem" to be such but it IS and I can give you a picture example of what I mean by offering you new publications of Kissinger's "old" projections. It is YOU who must stay alert or you miss it, forget it, or never find it.

Then, after we offer this, let us turn to the more interesting, I hope, subject of space alien visitors of which varieties there are over 80 on your planet for the interesting "show-down".

We must also get back to the Constitution-Federalist Papers but until we have more "finger" help, we will take first things first and, right now, world affairs are more urgent than the Constitution as background.

As you witness your U.S. President prancing down the isles in robes, crowns and attended by ones with flowing trains to the robes and lesser important "professors", of OXFORD, carrying the hems of the garments--are you not sickened? This is actually paying homage to "Rhodes"--king of the New One World Order of Kings and slaves. Are not the "sides" beginning to become more clarified? And, yes indeed, the Soviet empire is not to be overlooked in this scenario--BUT YOU HAD BEST MORE READILY ATTEND THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE!

In first reflection on Kissinger we will offer what is reprinted in Foreign Affairs, May/June 1994. The article in point is directly from Henry Kissinger who was National Security Adviser and Secretary of State in the Nixon and Ford administrations. This essay is adapted from his eleventh book, Diplomacy, with the permission of Simon & Schuster. Copyright 1994 by Henry A. Kissinger. We offer it here for its informative educational content.

To honor all copyrights, however, we shall only offer excerpts. But in order to take nothing out of context, that which we offer will be verbatim so that understanding of the author's intent is not influenced by our own interpretation. We honor Mr. Kissinger for his ongoing authorship and his last 16 books. You, as readers, can use your guidelines of "Bureaucratic Intent" by KNOWING that it is better to read for "opposite" truth in INTENT. Kissinger, whatever else he might be, is one of the most IMPORTANT personages in your time.



No matter what Wilsonian-minded [H: Remember that WILSON (President) is the one who brought in the Federal Reserve, etc. The most massively DESTRUCTIVE one thing that ever happened to America--or the world.] American statesmen called them, by late 1945 spheres of influence were emerging across Europe, and they were to remain in place until the collapse of Communism four decades later. Under U.S. leadership, the Western occupation zones of Germany were consolidated, while the Soviet Union turned the countries of Eastern Europe into its appendages. The erstwhile Axis Powers--Italy, Japan and, after 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany--gradually moved toward alliance with the United States. The Soviet Union cemented its dominance over Eastern Europe by means of coercion. At the same time, the Kremlin tried its utmost to interrupt the process of Western consolidation by fostering a guerrilla war in Greece and by encouraging mass demonstrations by West European Communist parties, especially in France and Italy. [H: Since direct instructions and "how-to" for great involvements such as Kuwait, Iraq, Somalia, etc., were set forth by Kissinger Associates--we have to assume that Henry knows of that which he speaks. We also have to remember that the first major business "announced" as start-up in Moscow after fall of the so-called Soviet bloc nations--was KISSINGER ASSOCIATES to which Mr. Gorbachev was appointed PRESIDENT.]

American leaders concluded that they had to resist further Soviet expansion. But their national tradition caused them to seek to justify this resistance on nearly any basis other than as an appeal to the traditional balance of power. In doing this, American leaders were not being hypocritical. When they finally came to recognize that Franklin D. Roosevelt's vision of a peaceful globe guarded by the four policemen (the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain and China) could not be implemented, they preferred to interpret this development as a temporary setback on the way to an essentially harmonious world order. Here they faced a philosophical challenge. Was Soviet intransigence merely a passing phase, which Washington could wait out? Were the Americans, as former Vice President Henry Wallace and his followers suggested, unwittingly causing the Soviets to feel paranoid by not adequately communicating their pacific intentions to Stalin? Did Stalin really reject postwar cooperation with the strongest nation in the world? Did he not want in the end to be America's friend?

As the highest policymaking circles in Washington considered those questions, a document arrived on February 22, 1946, from an expert on Russia, one George Kennan, a relatively junior diplomat at the American embassy in Moscow, that was to provide the philosophical and conceptual framework for interpreting Stalin's foreign policy. Rarely does an embassy report by itself reshape Washington's view of the world, but what later came to be known as the "Long Telegram" emphatically did. Kennan maintained that the United States should stop blaming itself for Soviet intransigence; the sources of Soviet foreign policy lay deep within the Soviet system itself. For Kennan, Communist ideology was at the heart of Stalin's approach to the world. Stalin regarded the Western capitalist powers as irrevocably hostile. The friction between the Soviet Union and America was therefore not the product of some misunderstanding or faulty communications between Moscow and Washington but was inherent in the Soviet Union's perception of the outside world.

From time immemorial, argued Kennan, the Russian tsars had sought to expand their territory. They had sought to subjugate Poland and to turn it into a dependent nation. They had regarded Bulgaria as within Russia's sphere of influence. And they had sought a warm-water port on the Mediterranean, mandating control of the Black Sea Straits:

"At bottom of the Kremlin's neurotic view of world affairs is traditional and instinctive Russian sense of insecurity. Originally, this was insecurity of a peaceful, agricultural people trying to live on vast exposed plain in neighborhood of fierce nomadic peoples. To this was added, as Russia came into contact with economically advanced West, fear of more competent, more powerful, more highly organized societies in that area.

But this latter type of insecurity was one which afflicted rather Russian rulers than Russian people; for Russian rulers have invariably sensed that their rule was relatively archaic in form, fragile and artificial in its psychological foundation, unable to stand comparison or contract with political systems of Western countries". [H; Ah--hummnnn?]

This historical insecurity was, according to Kennan, given a new sense of urgency by Communist dogma [H: And "WHO" were and are the "Communists" who both took over the Russian Soviet empire, set up the Socialist-Fascist empire and "called" it "Communism"? Were not every one of the players in power Khazarian Zionist Jews?--go check out the listing of ones who set up the Communist control in Russia. Every last one of them were Jews--of the same variety of "non-Judean" lineage as IS HENRY KISSINGER!]

"In this [Communist] dogma, with its basic altruism of purpose, they found justification for their instinctive fear of outside world, for the dictatorship without which they did not know how to rule, for cruelties they did not dare not to inflict, for sacrifices they felt bound to demand.... Without it they would stand before history, at best, as only the last of that long succession of cruel and wasteful Russian rulers who have relentlessly forced [their] country on to ever new heights of military power in order to guarantee external security of their internally weak regimes....".

America, Kennan argued, had to hunker down for a long struggle; the goals and philosophies of the United States and the Soviet Union were irreconcilable. [H: There WERE NO DIFFERENCES--now that Communism was in "power"--all connections with Russia were EXACTLY alike as the Soviet master-minds were gradually but methodically SHIFTED into the U.S. and took places of high level influence (not in Congress) but in original councils, became counsels and advisors which required no U.S. citizenship. Also connections were made with ones such as bonding with the likes of Brent Scowcroft, a leader and establisher of order and doctrine in the Mormon Church coupled with the likes of Eagleburger, an overfed and pompous politician--all high-level members of Kissinger Associates. These very men and henchmen SET THE ENTIRE PHILOSOPHY AND DIRECTION AS WELL AS INTERACTIONS AND INFLUENCE OF THE NATION. You can prove this to selves as you reread the bits on "Famine", etc. and the sell-out of food supplies, etc., BY KISSINGER TO COMMUNIST NATIONS--LONG, LONG AGO WHILE YOU "THOUGHT" YOU WERE AT SOME KIND OF SOCIAL OR FACTUAL WAR WITH THOSE NATIONS AND PEOPLES.]



In a top-secret study dated September 24, 1946, Truman adviser Clark Clifford [H: This man is far more important to you and at least as dangerous as the little puppet, Kissinger, and don't forget it!! This man can turn banking empires upside down AGAINST THE LAW AND NEVER EVEN RECEIVE A REMOTE TAP ON THE WRIST--BUT IN FACT, GLEANS "SYMPATHY" FOR HIS ELDERLY STATUS. BETTER LOOK AT THAT "ELDERLY STATUS" ALSO, GOOD BUDDIES!] fell in with this view: "The main deterrent to Soviet attack on the United States, or to attack on areas of the world which are vital to our security, will be the military power of this country". By now, this had become conventional wisdom. But Clifford used it as a springboard from which to proclaim a global American security mission, embracing "all democratic countries which are in any way menaced or endangered by the U.S.S.R.". It was not clear what was meant by "democratic". Did this qualification limit America's defense to Western Europe, or was it a courtesy that extended to any threatened area and thus required the United States to defend simultaneously the jungles of Southeast Asia, the deserts of the Middle East and densely populated Central Europe? In time, the latter interpretation became dominant.

Clifford rejected any similarity between the emerging policy of containment and traditional diplomacy. In his view, the Soviet-American conflict was not caused by clashing national interests--which by definition might be negotiated--but by the moral shortcomings of the Soviet leadership. Therefore, the goal of American policy was not so much to restore the balance of power as to transform Soviet society. Just as in 1917 Wilson had blamed the need for a declaration of war on the Kaiser rather than on the threat Germany posed to American security, so Clifford now ascribed Soviet-American tensions to "a small ruling clique and not the Soviet people". [H: Indeed, this is a brilliant man, readers--and if you perceive him to be a "bad boy" because we write about him--remember something--SOMEBODY TRIED TO PULL HIM DOWN OVER BANKING IRREGULARITIES WHICH IN TURN HE SPURNED--I would look carefully at who might be this man for he may well be for One World Order, etc., but he also recognized the dangerous disadvantage of America's continuing take-over by the hoods in Zionist garb. We do not comment on his own status--only on observations and actions. Do not compare apples and turnip greens or you will miss the fruit-boat.] A significant Soviet change of heart, and probably a new set of Soviet leaders, was required before an overall Soviet-American agreement would be possible. At some dramatic moment, these new leaders would "work out with us a fair and equitable settlement when they realized that we are too strong to be beaten and too determined to be frightened".

Neither Clifford nor any subsequent American statesman involved in the discussion of the Cold War ever put forward specific terms to end the confrontation or to initiate a process that would bring about negotiations to do so. So long as the Soviet Union maintained its ideology, negotiations were treated as pointless. After a Soviet change of heart, a settlement would become nearly automatic. In either case, spelling out the terms of such a settlement in advance was deemed to inhibit America's freedom of action--the same argument that had been used during World War II to avoid discussion of the postwar world. America now had the conceptual framework to justify political and military resistance to Soviet expansionism. [H: In all of history, if you go back and check--the only "Soviet Expansionism" has come from the Khazarian Jewish element which infiltrated and took over Russia. Russians are noted for their very LACK OF EXPANSIONISM, as truly defined.]


Since the end of the war, Soviet pressures had followed historical Russian patterns. The Soviet Union controlled the Balkans (except for Yugoslavia) and a guerrilla war was raging in Greece, supported from bases in Communist Yugoslavia and the Bulgarian Soviet satellite. Territorial demands were being made against Turkey, along with a request for Soviet bases in the Straits--very much along the lines of what Stalin had wanted from Hitler on November 25, 1940. Ever since the end of the war, Great Britain had supported both Greece and Turkey, economically as well as militarily. In the winter of 1946-47, the Attlee Government of Britain informed Washington that it could not longer shoulder the burden. Truman was prepared to take over Great Britain's historical role of blocking a Russian advance toward the Mediterranean, but neither the American public nor Congress could countenance the traditional British geopolitical rationale. Resistance to Soviet expansionism had to spring from principles based strictly on the American approach to foreign policy. [H: Are you not realizing that you are nearing the massive changes to be set-up by the key players in the United Nations in that time span--and the ongoing total integration of the players who would then take over Palestine and set up the ALLY, to later be called Israel?]

This imperative became apparent at a key meeting held on February 27, 1947, in the Oval Office. Truman, Secretary of State Marshall and Assistant Secretary of State Dean Acheson [H: Yep, this is the father of the third in command of your Justice Department under Brother Reno, Butch Acheson.] sought to persuade a congressional delegation led by Senator Arthur Vandenberg (R-Mich.) of the importance of aid to Greece and Turkey--a formidable assignment, since the traditionally isolationist Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Marshall led off with a dispassionate analysis setting forth the relationship between the proposed aid program and American interests. [H: Here is another time to speculate--you will find if you have interest in history, that the Greeks have a statue of Truman on the island of Crete (the only statue in Greece honoring an American president--for the Marshall Plan). It is also interesting to note that the BIGGEST NORTHROP MISSILE BASE IS ALSO ON THE ISLAND OF CRETE!] He elicited stereotypical grumblings about "pulling Britain's chestnuts out of the fire", the iniquities of the balance of power and the burdens of foreign aid. Recognizing that the administration was about to lose its case, Acheson asked Marshall in a whisper whether this was a private fight or whether anyone could join in.

Given the floor, Acheson proceeded, in the words of one aide, "to pull out all the stops". Acheson boldly presented the group with visions of a bleak future in which the forces of Communism stood to gain the upper hand: "Only two great powers remained in the world...[the] United States and the Soviet Union. We had arrived at a situation unparalleled since ancient times. Not since Rome and Carthage had there been such a polarization of power on this earth.... For the United States to take steps to strengthen countries threatened with Soviet aggression or Communist subversion...was to protect the security of the United States--it was to protect freedom itself".

When it became evident that Acheson had roused the congressional delegation, the administration stuck to his basic approach. From that point on, the Greek-Turkish aid program was portrayed as part of the global struggle between democracy and dictatorship. When, on March 12, 1947, Truman announced the doctrine that would later be named after him, he dropped the strategic aspect of Acheson's analysis and spoke in traditional Wilsonian terms of a struggle between two ways of life: "One way of life is based upon the will of the majority, and is distinguished by free institutions, representative Government, free elections, guarantees of individual liberty, freedom of speech and religion and freedom from political oppression. The second way of life is based upon the will of a minority forcibly imposed upon the majority. It relies upon terror and oppression, a controlled press and radio, fixed elections and the suppression of personal freedoms".


Had Soviet leaders been more aware of American history, they would have understood the ominous nature of what the president was saying. [H: Oh Barf! They knew EXACTLY what it meant because THEY HELPED STRUCTURE IT!] The Truman Doctrine marked a watershed because, once America had thrown down the moral [H: MORAL???] gauntlet, the kind of realpolitik Stalin understood best would be forever at an end, and bargaining over reciprocal concessions would be out of the question. Henceforth, the conflict could only be settled by a change in Soviet purposes, by the collapse of the Soviet system, or both. Truman had proclaimed his doctrine as "the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures". Inevitably, criticism of the objective of defending democracy appeared at both ends of the intellectual spectrum: some protested that America was defending countries that, however important, were morally unworthy; others objected that America was committing itself to the defense of societies that, whether free or not, were not vital to American security. It was an ambiguity that refused to go away, generating debates that have not ended to this day about American purposes in nearly every crisis. Ever since, American foreign policy has been obliged to navigate between those who assail it for being amoral and those who criticize it for going beyond the national interest through crusading moralism.

Once the challenge had been defined as the very future of democracy, America could not wait until a civil war actually occurred, as it had in Greece. On June 5, less than three months after the announcement of the Truman Doctrine, Secretary Marshall in a commencement address at Harvard committed America to the task of eradicating the social and economic conditions that tempted aggression. America would aid European recovery, announced Marshall, to avoid "political disturbances" and "desperation," to restore the world economy and to nurture free institutions. Therefore, "[any] government that is willing to assist in the task of recovery will find full cooperation, I am sure, on the part of the United States government." In other words, participation in the Marshall Plan was open even to governments in the Soviet orbit--a hint taken up in Warsaw and Prague and just as quickly squelched by Stalin. [H: By the way, readers, by whom was Stalin judged to be such a heinous leader--the Soviets or the Russians?]

Only a country as idealistic, as pioneering and as relatively inexperienced as the United States could have advanced a plan for global economic recovery based solely on its own resources. And yet the very sweep of that vision elicited a national commitment that would sustain the Cold War generation through its final victory. The program of economic recovery, said Secretary Marshall, would be "directed not against any country or doctrine, but against hunger, poverty, desperation and chaos". Just as when the Atlantic Charter had been proclaimed, a global crusade against hunger and despair was found to be more persuasive to Americans than appeals to immediate self-interest or the balance of power.

* * * *

Let us break this writing, please, as I do not wish to utilize any more of this document in THIS document. My intent is to adhere to all the rules and regulations inspired by the censors of information as to focused use of material by any author or committee. I thank our goodly enemies for keeping my attention attuned to numbers of words allowed and purpose of the sharing--which is solely for educational (or debate) purposes. Thank you.

I find it interesting that I can use ALL of the biblical transcriptions, the law documents, Congressional records, and even Shakespeare--but we must not overstep in utilization of the TRUTH? coming from such great personages and publications as such as Kissinger and his journal outlets. Oh well, perhaps that, alone, tells the story better than I can.



WED., JUN. 8, 1994 12:44 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 296

WED., JUN. 8, 1994


This title, as with all titles written before the writing on the subject seems a bit much for my scribe, not being particularly good at, or in tune greatly, with either subject--much the less a synthesis of the two. Moreover, the terms used in conjunction, such as in "religious science", is an oxymoronic statement of the highest level. Therefore we will define this writing as simply an interesting look into quantum-statistical methods of simulating energy-informational processes. The better studies of these integrated subjects, as with the better UFO documentation and truth of the matter, comes out of Russia. I don't need to foist that off on you readers but it is nonetheless fact and you must accustom yourselves to such fact.

My problem is how to bring this to you in understandable terms. I usually just lay it on you and then expect Dr. Young to explain it to you. That is unfair--but I am noted for being "just", not "fair". I have done a bit of researching into "who" offers a bit of insight into this subject and turn to Boris Iskakov who was born in Magnitogorsk on November 14, 1934. He is a graduate of the Institute of Physical Engineering in Moscow. He has experience in explaining strange information and has written extensively on the theory of chain reactions in economics and has accomplished several great works on the application of applying mathematical methods to agricultural economics. His most recent work I feel is the best as he moves into the interesting area of quantum-statistical methods of simulating energy-informational processes. In this work he endeavors to synthesize elements of science and religion.

Dr. Iskakov has recently been interrogated and we would share the interview with you. I don't want to overindulge in explanations on my own account for I would rather you come to understanding of the subjects before we dump "space", "aliens", "space travel", "thought manifestations" and "doctrinal thesis" upon you. It is my "chicken" way out of the original training sessions, perhaps.

The interview comes from Russian documents so we will meander through the translations as best we can and at the least you will be introduced to such as "leptons", etc. I used this term the other day and only Dr. Young had ever heard it--now it seems to pop out at you from every direction. I believe Dr. Cleary presented an interesting article to you in the last edition of CONTACT. Keep up with CONTACT, interested observers--because we will cover just about every "far-out" subject, as well as the political mish-mash of criminals in your world today. Surprisingly enough--THE TWO ARE INTIMATELY CONNECTED!



The equations of Schrodinger and Dirac, well known in quantum physics, describe the laws of the conservation of probability for fluxes of matter at the level of elementary particles of the microworld. By means of certain mathematical transformations I (Dr. Iskakov) obtained equivalent equations of a much broader applicability. They describe the laws of the conservation of probability for fluxes of matter, energy, and information. The equations have a deep philosophical meaning, which extends far beyond the interpretation of the Schrodinger and Dirac equations. An appropriate name for them is, in my view, suggested by a doctrine of Oriental philosophy--karma. In a narrow sense, it claims that every deed or thought, good or bad, receives due reward or retribution. In a broader sense, it denotes the principle of unity, integrity, and inter-conditionality and causality in the Universe. That is how I construe the term "equations of karma", which describe any cause-and-effect relationship.


The study of psychic phenomena dictated the need to define the concept of the information-energy field. Its material medium, according to contemporary notions, may be a global lepton gas, consisting of extremely light particles, microleptons, with a mass of 10-40 – 10-30 g. Microleptons are much lighter than electrons and are capable of freely penetrating any body in the Universe. The gaps between atomic nuclei are for them just as spacious as are the holes in a fishing net for molecules of air.

The idea of a microlepton gas appears to echo the 19th-century notion of the universal ether, but is scientifically much more complex and profound. What we are talking about in this case is no longer an ideal space-pervading fluid, but a quantum-granular structure of the space-time continuum, filled with whirling streams of polarized microleptons (including some virtually vacuum-born).

Such an approach enables us to use the mathematical apparatus of quantum mechanics to describe the information-energy field. Moreover, relationships of a higher level of generalization are derived than the classical equations of Schrodinger. The new equations describe not only the movements of matter, but also the development of the totality of interconnections, signals, events, and processes. The special term introduced for such relationships is "equations of karma". [H: No, I am not going to break these things down for you--as we presented the subject of "light" and "thought projection" as in manifestation by/of God we have been brought into Federal Court on charges of plagiarism. I will not put my scribe into such a position ever again! It is ALL THE SAME THING BUT LAWYERS AND, MORE ESPECIALLY, JUDGES, DO NOT READ THE MATERIAL IN POINT NOR GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU OR "IT". SO YOU WILL SIMPLY HAVE TO HUNT AND PECK YOUR WAY THROUGH, GOOD FRIENDS. IF THIS BE "FOR YOU" IT WILL BE QUITE UNDERSTANDABLE. If not, then I fear you are on your own. Boris Iskakov is a friend of some of my now on Earth compatriots and I honor him but I will no more get him into a focal point of the adversary than I shall my scribe.] As for karma, it is understood to mean a broad philosophical category of universal inter-conditionality, causality, and dependence in combination with the principle of the unity and integrity of the Universe.

There are two equations of karma--the direct and the complex-conjugated:

ΩΨ =0; Ω’Ψ’=0
where the operators have the form:
²Δ + i2h∂∕∂t- ϑ;

Ω’= 2h²Δ - i2h∂∕∂t- ϑ;

Here Ψ denotes the probability density wave (the wave function);

Δ, the Laplace operator; ϑ the potential energy density,

and h, Planck's constant.

These equations may be solved in the form of karma waves and anti-waves, with quantization of probability waves. Connected with them are perturbations of the information-energy field, i.e., wave signals. In principle, such signals may propagate faster than light.

The equations of karma make it possible to draw certain philosophical conclusions of fundamental significance. It follows from them that diffraction takes place not only in space but also in time. Any event is, so to speak, split in space-time. The propagation of a solitary signal is preceded by a series of pre-signals and followed by post-signals, both fading with distance. Perceptive analysts are able to use the first intimations of pre-signals to give a precise picture of a coming event. This is called scientific foresight. But there is also intuitive prevision. Centuries ago clairvoyants described events that are happening in our time.

Pre-signals provide an explanation of relative proscopy-- when a sensitive person learns about an event before others do. Such a person detects faint pre-signals that most people do not perceive.

For instance, an explosion on the Sun may produce solar prominences extending for millions of kilometers. Two or three days later the "solar wind" reaches the Earth, causing powerful geomagnetic storms that affect everything living. During such periods, disease and mortality rates increase in all countries.

This dependence of everything living upon solar catastrophes was proved several decades ago by Alexander Chizhevsky. Can we learn of the approaching "solar winds" in advance? It appears that we can. The solar wind has pre-signals: swift streams of solar photons and neutrinos, which reach the Earth in eight minutes. [H: It is right here that an explanation of Semjase to Meier regarding the time to reach Earth from their originating system, can make any sense at all. She said it took 7 to 8 minutes to make the journey. This simply moves with the mathematical calculations of photon and neutrino speed of travel which from the sun in pre-signal reaches the earth in eight minutes. Pre-knowledge then can be incredibly functional and helpful, don't you see?] By detecting them it is possible to warn the medical services of all countries of an imminent geomagnetic storm two or three days in advance, ample time to take the necessary measures.

[H: Yes indeed, I hear the majority of you readers complaining about taking time for this kind of a deep and dreary as well as totally incomprehensible writing. However, YOU are not the party to whom this is DIRECTED, if you object. It is for the Dr. Youngs of the reading audience for they get their information the same way as do you if it be "general" in offering. They then know WHAT TO DO WITH IT! As long as this is my receiver/scribe and this paper is our communications conduit--along with the journals--we will from time to time reflect on these impressive subjects--for UFOs and CREATION do not JUST HAPPEN! Neither are they "mystical" phenomena--only mysterious until understood.]

From the theoretical standpoint the works of the eminent Russian researcher Anatoly Okhatrin are of definite interest. They confirm the idea of an ether or universal lepton gas, which contains full information about the material world. Clusters of the lightest particles--microleptons--carry people's thoughts and feelings; these microleptons are capable of travelling in space and time at tremendous speeds.

The speed of light is a limiting factor only for a continuous stream of speeds, the so-called continuum. However, greater speed levels, in excess of the speed of light, are possible for extremely weak signals.

Okhatrin's experiments and calculations show that people's thoughts are carried by the lightest microleptons. And the equations of karma prove that they can travel much faster than light. This justifies the conclusion that humanity's potential in getting to understand the Universe is practically boundless.

Up to now it was considered that our potential in the conquest of outer space is limited by what is known as the pessimistic radius of Poincare-Einstein. If we multiply the speed of light by the human life span, we arrive at the limit that even the most sophisticated spaceships cannot surpass. No generation of spacemen can explore the Universe beyond that radius [it says].

But from the equations of karma it follows that at the level of extremely weak signals we can reach out far beyond the Poincare-Einstein sphere. Material thought can travel to distant regions of the Universe at a speed greater than that of light. Man can obtain information about what is happening at any distance from him. This is a fundamental philosophical conclusion that allows humanity to look to the future with optimism.

I arrived at this conclusion by considering the equations of karma. But then, many scientists before me have reflected on the synthesis of science and religion, among them the founders of quantum physics. What are termed the conjugated equations of Schrodinger and Dirac point to the possibility of the existence of anti-particles. Similarly, the conjugated equation of karma suggests that there can be anti-signals as well as anti-particles. Moreover, this equation makes it possible to describe the spectrum of properties that these anti-signals possess. While ordinary signals travel along the river of time from the past via the present into the future, anti-signals travel in the opposite direction. They originate in the future and pass through the present into the past. This property of anti-signals stuns our imagination; certain particularly sensitive people and instruments can, it turns out, receive signals from the future. [H: Paying attention, Dr. Sagan?]

Previsions, predictions, and prophesies come under the scientific heading of absolute proscopy, which implies the acquisition of information about events that have not yet taken place. They have yet to occur, but sensitives already know about them.

The problem is merely one of the threshold of sensitivity and the balance of signals and noise. Anti-signals come from the future at a faint and very faint level. Very few people can detect them.

There is no violation here of the principle of causality. Rather, its interpretation becomes more sophisticated and more refined dialectically. According to the equations of karma, time in the microworld can reverse its direction, turning, as it were, into "anti time". From a single point it is possible to see both the past and the future of microparticles at the same time.

We can receive information about the future only at the probability level. Only the strategic parameters of a human fate are predetermined. But freedom of choice too is preserved: a person is free to take any decisions and bears full responsibility for them. A person shapes his or her destiny and pays for the consequences of those decisions. Thus, there is a predetermined part of the future, which a person cannot change, and there is a probable or variable part, for which he is responsible.

Solving stationary equations can yield curious results. Waves emitted and absorbed by hundreds of biologically active points are superimposed on one another and form a series of standing waves, which surround the human body. The body turns out to be nothing more than a dense nucleus shrouded on all sides by a number of energy-information holograms. The shape of the first hologram follows that of the human body, but is enlarged and rounded, remotely resembling a spacesuit. Actually, this hologram contains all the information about the body and is carried by microleptons orbiting along the quantum shell, the boundary of the first hologram. The second hologram and its shell are larger and carry weakened information, which is more difficult to decipher. The same may be said of the third and subsequent shells. The more remote shells are more rounded in shape, changing from a spacesuit to an egg and then to a sphere. Our atomic-molecular body is "clad" in microlepton holograms, each of which carries complete but weakened information about the person, including his or her innermost thoughts and feelings, his or her mind and conscience. It may be said that the sum-total of these holograms is nothing short of a person's lepton soul.

Ordinarily, people do not see the energy-information shells that surround them. But in certain conditions it is possible to make the first hologram glow, especially the part of it surrounding a person's head. The fact is that upper chakras, the most power-intensive, operate at the highest frequencies. Some people have a first quantum shell that can become visible.

Estimates show that the energy of the first shell amounts to fractions of an electron-volt. This is quite enough for a faint glow in the optical range of the spectrum. But for the glow to become a reality a great deal of energy has to be pumped into the upper chakras. This means a person has to adopt a definite mode of life: overcome base passions, and make his or her thoughts, feelings, and deeds pure, lofty and inspired. It is in that case that the energy of the upper chakras causes the excitation of the first shell by fractions of an electron-volt, and a halo visible to other people appears around the head of such a person (for example, a saint).

In Christian art, only part of the hologram around the head is usually portrayed as glowing. But in Buddhist temples, there are pictures showing the whole spacesuit-shaped hologram aglow.

The most ancient Buddhist manuscripts speak of a person's seven bodies: one dense and six subtle. The first hologram is called the ethereal body; the second, the astral body; the third, the mental body, and so forth. The lepton hypothesis allows a larger number of holograms.

Judging from the equations of karma, we humans are infinitely "larger" and our lives are infinitely longer than we are accustomed to think. This means that each person is a factor of Cosmic significance.

Moreover, analysis reveals that inanimate objects as well as Homo Sapiens and other living beings have holograms of this kind. [H: Our ships have such halos of light around them and this is one of the marks of such craft--the "aura" or "light" and the vapor essence surrounding us in the sky as visualized in the daylight hours. We can easily turn-off the visual realization as we can manipulate the "energy field" but this is WHY these phenomena occur. Facts are, everything has an aura and field--some however, are so dense that they are actually sucked within the being itself and the density itself becomes a huge vacuum of energy. These persons with such energy fields will literally suck a lighted aurad person dry, so to speak. It is as with a refrigerator where you have the heat-cold exchange. It is physics explained but with light--hard to comprehend.]

Consider the implications of this. If each body is present, at the information level, throughout the Cosmos, then in every small region of space-time there must be, if only super-weak, information about the entire Universe. [H: Remember that we also recognized "strong" and "weak" as valid scientific terms.]

Gautama Buddha's famous dictum states "everything is in everything" and, hence, "everything is in the small". In an expanded form this may be taken to mean that every point of space-time "knows" everything about all the other points.

But if every zone of space "knows" everything, it is a most complete encyclopaedia, in infinite storage of knowledge about the Universe. All that is needed is to learn how to plug into this source of information, which can tell a person about anything and everything in the world.

It follows from the lepton hypothesis that the soul is real and material. A human being, in the customary sense of the term, is nothing but a dense nucleus around which streams of leptons circulate. The totality of lepton shells is a cold bioplasma, which contains complete information about the nucleus. Thus, it can be termed a person's lepton soul. This notion has a quite precise materialistic content.

According to the lepton concept, thoughts and feelings are material. They are carried by superweak pulses of electromagnetic and microlepton fields. Visual, audible, and other images, and all thoughts and feelings, exist in the form of clusters of superlight elementary particles. This brings to mind Plato's inspired guess that all eidoses, i.e., ideas or thoughts, exist autonomously, "float in the air" and recognize no boundaries. [H: This is a FACT and, as with Russell's work on LIGHT--so too were the facts as given to him also given in every direction to all receivers.]

Plato intuitively arrived at that conclusion over two thousand years ago. [H: Too bad he had such a warped factual knowledge of philosophy.] Today we can put this into the language of mathematical formulae. We can measure the mass of a single human thought. Its weight varies from. 10-30 to 10-40 g. To be sure, the opinion of sensitives and Okhatrin's experiments cannot serve as proof. Similar investigations have to be carried out at other laboratories. This will furnish the statistical data for reliable conclusions. If they confirm Okhatrin's findings, he will become the author of the greatest discovery of the latter half of the 20th century.

Thoughts and feelings generated by human beings begin their independent existence in space and time. Both theory and experiments show that these eidoses are capable of exchanging information. What is most important of all is that one person's thoughts can occur to other people. Eidoses are like small living beings, but at the lepton level of matter. Thoughts and feelings are our offspring, who communicate with one another and with us in a language of super-weak signals.

Estimates show that during a lifetime a person generates millions and even billions of eidoses. This makes it clear that we bear an enormous responsibility before the whole of humankind and before ourselves for what our offspring, i.e., our thoughts and feelings, will be like.

When our offspring are noble eidoses of kindness, love, mercy, mutual assistance, truth, beauty, and harmony, we contribute to the health of humanity's leptonosphere. But when we beget malformed eidoses, i.e., evil, envious, cowardly, vain, and arrogant thoughts and feelings, we thereby pollute the leptonosphere we inhabit. Should the negative eidoses exceed a certain critical mass, humankind will be doomed. At present our survival depends to a great extent on the ecology of the spirit.

Here we also come up against a legal problem. Mere criminal intent is not yet a crime at the atomic-molecular level, but when a person conceives, say, a murder, he or she spawns criminal eidoses, which contaminate humankind's leptonosphere.

That is why when someone steers a nation or country onto a road leading to disaster, that person commits the gravest offence above all against the whole of humanity. Although economic and political catastrophe is still many years off, it has already taken place at the lepton level, in the public mind. The collapse of a vast State can contaminate humanity's leptonosphere to such a degree that humanity's very existence becomes threatened. And no clan, no state, nor coalition that conceived such a crime against other nations can survive.

The lepton hypothesis can provide a scientific explanation of the essence of God. When congregations gather in their temples, they create eidoses of prayer, which assemble into a collective egregoreidos of a deity. When millions of people worship it, the material deity eidos acquires tremendous energy at the lepton level of matter. There arises feedback: a believer not only supplies the deity with energy, but receives genuine assistance from it upon supplication. There exist eidoses of Christ, Buddha, and Allah, and they actually interact with their worshippers when the latter tune into the proper frequencies. This is something like a deposit in a savings bank--it helps the client at a time of need. The microlepton "savings bank" is not responsible for other banks' clients: there is no resonance correspondence between them. Alien gods hold no power over a flock--only their own God has such powers. [H: So, it REALLY DOES mean serious attention to having the "correct" GOD, doesn't it?]

Gods, thus, actually exist at the lepton level of matter. In fact, the world religions describe different aspects of one and the same Supreme Rational Being. All the people of the Earth worship a single God, but in His multiple manifestations.

After the death of a person's atomic-molecular nucleus, his or her lepton holograms may take different courses. Some of them may likewise disintegrate. But this happens only to the holograms that are made up of the heavier microleptons. Estimates show that the relatively heavy holograms have a natural half-life of seven to nine days; their ninety-nine percent decay takes about forty days.

Thus, the meaning of the funeral repast on the 9th and the 40th day (in accordance with the Orthodox faith) is that the living emit eidoses that recharge the dead person's soul with energy and information to help it undergo the necessary changes in the lepton world. Thanks to these rites, relatively heavy lepton holograms can survive much longer. A reliable supply of living people's thoughts and feelings can extend the life span of the heavy fractions of a dead person's soul from forty days to several millennia. As long as a person is remembered and his or her days of birth and death are observed, that person's soul is preserved almost intact, just as it was when the person was alive. One can communicate with it by means of special techniques known to mystics.

The soul also has medium and light fractions. We cannot yet verify this experimentally, but there is reason to think that their half-lives and total decay periods are much longer than those of the heavy fractions. It is even quite possible that the lightest fractions live eternally--the soul is immortal according to all the world religions. So far science cannot confirm or deny this in strict terms. This problem remains unsolved and requires an experimental solution.


* * * *

The next most logical question might well be, "Isn't there any way to measure this lepton energy or aura? Yes indeed and again the only ALLOWED presentation comes silently from Russia. There are two scientists--the engineer and inventor Uri Kravchenko and the physician Nikolai Kalashchenko--who have developed an original instrument: the phase aurometer. This is a highly sensitive instrument for the remote measurement of the electromagnetic radiation of any object, biological included. The instrument and the method are protected by a Certificate of Authorship issued in 1990. This is an easy to prove concept and because of this implication I will not introduce much about it other than generalities about which much has been shared. This is something which Dr. Young has already devised though he doesn't recognize it as this and I would think would remind our own "tinkerers" that this is nothing more than a measuring device or a production device for electromagnetic fields MEASURED IN HERTZ.


I am not going to publish this information in general format as above. However, I do ask that several of the attached "tinkerers" be supplied with the documentation. We need to introduce frequency upgrading into seed for crops, etc. This is easily done but someone has to do it and I cannot spend time educating those at random distance. So, please make sure that Dr. Young, Dr. Hoffman, Dr. James and Dr. Trelle are made privy to the document in point. Thank you. It will seem quite primitive to you ones--but sometimes simplicity is where we must RE-begin in order to conceptually change directions. I salute you for your patience.



THU., JUN. 9, 1994 8:13 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 297

THU., JUN. 2, 1994



I have no NEW comments to make on earthquake activity and I doubt that Soltec does. Those PACIFIC Plates are deadly, friends, and they are MOVING! I hesitate to remind you but yesterday's massively powerful quake which is touted to be the South American-Pacific Plate running into the Nazca Plate is amusing if not downright deceptive. All those plates are integral to one another as to be like a finely meshed gear mechanism--YOU CANNOT HAVE ACTION ON ONE WITHOUT ACTION ON ALL. HOW MUCH ACTION IS THE ONLY CONSIDERATION. And, furthermore, moving on up to the north from South America (Peru-Bolivia) to the Colombia disaster is right on track. You had better LISTEN to your geologists about the San Andreas and Hayward Faults as today those are THE two most unstable--and the activities from that area are destined to rumble right on up through Mt. Ranier who is already GROWLING. Southern California is already so unstable as to be a catch-as-catch-can. The Elite have told you they intend to bump off one of those areas between the 6th and 11th of June (NOW). What is left to be said? In watching the maneuvers of troops of foreign origin flooding over into the U.S., as we write, and moving into the areas along the Mississippi--I would REALLY watch the New Madrid line. If you had a quake in Peru last night which was reflected all the way into Canada (which you did), there will be nothing to triggering the New Madrid from Gulf to Canada. When a nation can be deliberately "captured" by use of "natural" disasters--all the better.

Along these lines, I remind the politicians playing games with ME that my patience is RUNNING THIN. I expect your commitments to be met BEFORE you further inconvenience me and my own crew. You seem to keep considering it annoying to YOU--well, it IS going to get more and more annoying TO YOU! Thank you, surveillance team, for forwarding this information immediately. I want my team-mates RELEASED and allowed to get their business completed so that we can quietly go about our business. Your compromises and negotiations with people is your business--I AM TIRED OF NEGOTIATING AND WILL NOT COMPROMISE--so, it behooves the ones in charge to get with this program and MEET THE AGREEMENTS OF THE PRIOR NEGOTIATIONS. I TRULY CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DESIRE A CONFRONTATION OF THE KIND WITH WHICH YOU KEEP TINKERING! You have had enough "time" so today is a very good day to get on with our interchange and transfers. There is shortly going to be more "chicken poop" scattered around than little Zacky Farms indiscretions with Clintonistas. Perhaps Chicken C.O.U.P.E.S. HAD BETTER HEED MY WARNING?

I also suggest that the group in Chicago, around the Rockefeller property, mind your manners and business as well. I would also like that information couriered, please. My attention is NOT "the world"--I suggest you not make it my attention. We are EVERYWHERE you look in the heavens--I suggest all you nice agents take a good look EVERY NIGHT! Furthermore--IF you do not want an "underground" uprising, I suggest you keep your promises to me because, when push comes to shove--those nice aliens you have underground WILL BE ON MY TEAM!! Now, isn't this getting to be a whole lot of FUN? The solution to the "Elite" problem is quite easy and quite quickly re-solved--but I can promise you that promises will be kept OR information is going to pour forth through every pore and crevasse (that means from tiny openings to massive openings--your choice!).

Now on to something I think is so interesting and so important as to about blow the valves right out of "their" Mercedes and BMWs. We do wish to share these little secrets, don't we readers?

This comes--how nice to have good Earth information--from the "North-East". It is in the form of an interview with one Serge Monast done for CONTACT by Dr. Pierre Cloutier and Ricardo Lopes. It took place at College de Maissoneuve in Montreal, Canada on March 19, 1994. Mr. Monast as one of two featured guests present. Since "I" like the references to inquiries numbers 8 through 10 best, WE WILL BEGIN THEREWITH:



So, backing up a bit and:


8. Speaking of appalling, we recently came across an incredible reference to chemical warfare the US military was prepared to deploy against Canadians in the 1930s, in War Plan Red! Imagine!

You mentioned this would be your last public speaking engagement, S.M.. Is this true and, if so, for what reason?

S.M.: I have received threats to my life from the office of the Prime Minister and THE VATICAN.

9. "Holy" Vatican City in Rome--the Pope? How so?

S.M.: Because I dared to unveil the NASA "BLUE BEAM" Project. The Vatican does not threaten the life of someone without good reason. This is an extremely BIG secret. I am sure Commander Hatonn will have more to add.

10. Well, tell us what you can about the NASA "Blue Beam" Project.

[H: I don't believe I care to add more to this at this time. It seems to give you the overall "Idea", well presented and WELL-PUBLISHED by SEVERAL sources so we don't need to concern about one or two more getting egg on the Committee's faces.]

[Preamble: In a banned Journal (PHOENIX) published in 1991, Sananda (Esu Immanuel Jesus) tells of a SIMULATED SECOND COMING OF CHRIST, supposed to have taken place by year 1985, "The script, as they have written it, if successfully staged could deceive the very elect, BEWARE"! Holographic imagery will be used in a simulation of "the ending" in which says Sananda, "You are given scenes which cause collective thought which focuses on fulfillment of that which is desired for you to project--to fit the needs of those adversary happenings". The result of this deliberately staged FALSE CHRIST will be for the implementation of a new Universal Religion. "Enough truth will be foisted off on us to hook us into the lie. They project one statement and bear definition of an entirely different intent".

[H: By the way, readers, FROM WHO AND FROM WHERE do you think got entered into the "teachings" of a RAPTURE AND WHISK-AWAY? Ah Ha, now it gets serious, does it not? Better be on guard, my friends, for coming out of the "Montauk" projects is the ability to take up a whole bunch of people as in a "rapture" type of situation and whisk the whole bunch into never-never-land. Just like a whole bunch of people got whisked away into time-space warp "forever and ever---"!]

"It is truly enough to break the heart for portions of the projection are worthy of changing the entire planet into oneness with God. But you must remember--there is not intent of God in relationship to Man--but the premise that Man shall somehow become God in human form and control other Men and dictate all actions and thoughts". [H: Ummm-hummmnn!]

The calculated resistance to the new Religion, the new Order and the new "Messiah" will be human loss on a massive scale in the ensuing "Holy Wars".

Mr. Monast fills in some details:

S.M.: The "Blue Beam" Project will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old; as major an event as that which took place 2000 years ago. In principle, it will make use of the sky as a movie screen as spaced-based laser-generating satellites project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet, in every language, in every dialect according to region...it deals with the religious aspect of the NWO and is a large scale seduction. [H: Better keep your eyes firmly planted on Billy Graham when he does his cute little crusade "to the four corners of the world" through technology hookup and projection by satellite--ALREADY PLANNED AND ADVERTISED AS HAPPENING FROM A BASE IN PUERTO RICO! Indeed, he told all about it on the Larry King Live show a couple of months back--right after he RETURNED FROM KOREA ON HIS "DIPLOMATIC TOUR". Billy tells the world that after these "big projections" so that the "word" in show-and-tell is scattered to the four corners (according to prophecy)--"THE END WILL COME!" Now, people, I suggest you check on it--for I think I recall something being mentioned about Spring of 1995 or possibly even this year, 1994. I think it will come off next Early Summer! - Better check out the members of the Committee(s), also, and see who you might find aboard the roster! The "system" has already been tested and holographic projections of the "Christ image" have already been massively seen over deserts, in sandstorms, dust, mist--you name it and the vision reports, of all sorts, are pouring back from everywhere. These, of course, only show up in the "Tabloids" so are instantly discounted. "THEY" are just setting you up. By the way, they can also project craft, aliens, monsters, angels--you name it....]

Computers will coordinate the satellites and software will run the show-and-tell. [Holography is based on very nearly identical signals combining to produce an image, or hologram, with depth perception, which is equally applicable to acoustic (ELF, VLF, LF waves) AS IT IS TO OPTICAL PHENOMENA]. Advanced technology was ready in the early '80s--the event planned for 1983. This means the NWO would have been implemented shortly after the appearance of "The Christ". But something went wrong...[H: Oh really? I wonder what?] Specifically, the show will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving different images according to predominating regional/national religious faith. Not a single area will be excluded.

With computer animation and sound effects appearing to come from the depths of space, astonished followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned Messiah in spectacularly convincing lifelike realness. [H: Well, a whole lot BIGGER than life.] Then, the projections of "The Christ, of Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into one, after correct explanation of the mysteries, prophecies, and revelations will have been disclosed. THIS ONE GOD WILL IN FACT BE THE ANTI-CHRIST, who will explain that the various scriptures have been misunderstood; that the religions of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, nation against nation; therefore the world's religions must be abolished to make way for the Golden Age (New Age) of the ONE WORLD RELIGION, representing the one god (Anti-Christ in this instance) they see before them. Naturally, this superbly staged, full-scale falsification will result in social/religious disorder on a grand scale, including millions of programmed religious fanatics. [H: And where do you think such as Falwell, Robertson and the other avowed ZIONISTS will be? Where do you think all those massively scattered TBN transmitters and receivers will be that day--along with the GREAT PRETENDERS who carry forth this very day?] Many scenarios are possible, including a Holy War in the Middle East. In addition, this event will occur at a time of great political anarchy and general tumult--at the edge of something big. The U.N. even now plans to use the Beethoven Song of JOY as the official anthem for the NWO.

11. Is this the only reason the Vatican is attempting to suppress you?

S.M.: No. Let me explain. We have been given the accepted scenario involving established prophecies, Armageddon, the Anti-Christ and so on. What the world does not know, and is not given to know, is that other UNKNOWN prophecies exist that very accurately chart the course of human history to the present day and beyond and in which is SHOWN THE DOWNFALL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST!

These documents, or copies of them, are housed in the Vatican Archives, to be sure, but they are also scattered elsewhere. I am reluctant to say more. [H: I'm not, but I won't--AT THIS TIME.] Ones are known to possess this information. Needless to say, it could dramatically alter the course of our present civilization. [H: But not unless you WAKE UP!]

12. Have you had access to these documents in truth?

S.M.: Yes.

13. You are saying that something else, besides what we are given to know by the controlled media, exists that is more magnificently greater and which has yet to surface?

S.M.: Yes, precisely. And the church KNOWS. What is more, these prophecies have come down to us from the French lineage, from France, and are extant in Quebec [Quebec is the only surviving remnant of original European ancestry in North America!]. [H: Be very careful with this one for it is not QUITE right, readers--at least-wise, not as this seems to be presented here. The truth is abundant in the old Sumarian seals and tablets but "France" doesn't have much of anything to do with it. There are other scrolls, etc., also--but do not depend on those you call the Dead Sea bunch of non-sense now loosed upon you. Remember that the Israelis have control of "those" and that was the END OF TRUTH.]

14. Extraordinary! So there is known prophecy, and there is secret prophecy?

S.M.: That's right. The present U.N. maneuver in Quebec not only is strategic but is also for religious/spiritual reasons. It is foretold in these prophecies of which we speak that the Anti-Christ [the leading figurehead of the Khazarian Satanist cabal] will come to Quebec in order to seek and destroy this source. Does this explain the U.N. foothold in this strategic part of the world we are witness to?

15. Amazing! In essence, you have insight into God's Plan.

S.M. Yes, but I am not God...[laughter].

[H: Now we will return to the beginning of the interview and fill in the missing numbers;]

1. Would you have an update for us regarding the massive foreign military incursion into Quebec Province from adjacent northeastern United States, as witnessed in recent weeks?

S.M.: Yes, as a matter of fact I am preparing a full-scale investigative report for CONTACT on all current United Nations installations throughout Canada. This will be of special interest to our American brethren, as such developments here tend as a rule to precede their introduction in the U.S.

2. There have been reports in the local media of alleged premeditated "terrorist" acts, coincident with these military maneuvers. Is there a connection between these seemingly unrelated events?

S.M.: Definitely there is a link. The police account of the several hydro-electric tower explosions point to three weeks ago. The troop and tactical air support also began three weeks ago. The events could not have been unrelated. The explosions served as cover for accidental discovery of the incoming troops. The terrorist element also serves as psychological preparation of things to come.

3. What kind of troops?

S.M.: Black-garbed, FEMA troops were confirmed heading for the St-Hubert [Montreal] and Val Cartier [Quebec City] bases. In his book, Bordering on Aggression, author Floyd Rudmin speaks of "rapid reaction assault forces" training at Fort Drum [in upstate New York] who specialize in house-to-house urban attacks, winter warfare and night combat! Moreover, the U.S. troops presently training at a little-known army base in northern Maine [adjacent to the New Brunswick border] were formerly used for social disorder and torture in Central and South America!

4. Were you aware that in 1987 Fort Drum in New York was allotted in excess of one billion dollars?

S.M.: Yes, and at a time of widespread budget cutting!

5. U.S. military strategists in the '60s, and more recently the BROOKINGS INSTITUTE, have long been "predicting" the break-up of Canada. Now, thanks to your research, there is evidence of covert design, if not outright preparation, for such a scenario. [H: Remember: the Ekkers and the Phoenix Institute are not up against a little nothing like University of Science and Philosophy for sharing the scientific material of one, Walter Russell, but are the target of the Brookings Institute which is the leader institute branch of Tavistock (MIND-CONTROL) Institute and MI-6. What a tangled web?? Don't we think it about time to back off--it must be evident to EVERYONE that the Ekkers don't really have anything to do with anything--especially plagiarizing information! Mr. Green may well have a LOT to do with the ongoing situation but not the Ekkers! The grand plan was ok in the upstart--but it certainly LOOKS QUITE FOOLISH the longer it goes on.]

6. In your latest book, The United Nations Concentration Camps Program in America--Book 1 (of four), available April 15th, we are wondering if you mention the fate of a number of U.S. military base "closures" rumored to have been overtaken by--or willingly given over to--the United Nations? Commander Hatonn is on record as stating that many have been converted into civilian incarceration facilities for patriots and other "troublemakers", once martial law is imposed under Executive Orders. Is this correct?

S.M.: Yes to both parts. Quite correct. You will note that clues are important. For instance, if we look at the Cornwallis [Nova Scotia] base closure for a moment: First the Canadian government announces Draconian budget cuts and states it will have to shut down bases throughout the country, including Cornwallis. Out of the blue, three days later, the media announces it will be turned over to the U.N. Why is it not mentioned? Still 2-3 days later our government declares it will GIFT five million dollars to the U.N. in federal assistance; plus one million a year to this base alone. "Budget cuts"?! Something is wrong here!