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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a “real time” commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of “energy” and that even physical matter is “coalesced” energy, and that all energy emanates from God’s thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the “end times” (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the “sorting” period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is “fiction”).

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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CONTINUATION: THE ZHIRINOVSKY THREAT, Part 2 by Jacob W. Kipp as presented in FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Vol. 73, No. 3:







SAT., JUN. 11, 1994

CONTINUATION: THE ZHIRINOVSKY THREAT, Part 3 by Jacob W. Kipp as presented in FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Vol. 73, No. 3:





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SELECTIONS FROM EDGAR CAYCE (Arranged by Grace Sybil Huffman)



SUN., JUN.. 12, 1994

Cont'd: THE TIME AND TIMES AND HALF TIMES by Edgar Cayce Excerpted by Sybil Huffman


MON., JUN. 13, 1994



Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 41, Par. 21, James Madison:

No. 56, Par. 6, James Madison.


No. 42, Par. 11, James Madison:

No. 45, Par. 8, James Madison.


No. 32, Par. 2, Alexander Hamilton:

No. 42, Par. 17 & 18, James Madison:


No. 42, Par. 14, James Madison:


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This, as is all our work, is dedicated to you who would seek and find TRUTH. Recognizing the LIE and sorting away the "magic" are worthy of your efforts to become informed. May your cup overflow with WISDOM, not bitterness.



MON., JUN. 20, 1994 9:11 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 308

MON., JUN. 20, 1994


As the days pass and you get closer to the time of the operative fulfillment you will witness the frantic efforts to "save" you in the name of this one and that one. The evangelists, especially those having gained recognition through multiple books, TV, Radio, etc., will be in almost panic expression--to get you SAVED for your RAPTURE (as now used). This, they will tell you, is to keep all goodly (but you must believe on Jesus) Christians from going through the TRIBULATION.


I don't care WHO tells you the Bible is filled with promises of lift-off, raptures and such. It is NOT SO. "RAPTURE" is not even a word in the Bible. That has been conjured by those who would want you to believe them that you will be stupid enough to line up to be whisked into never-ever-land and GET RID OF GOD'S POTENTIAL PEOPLE FROM THE EARTH PLANET. Where do you think might have come the IDEA of some kind of a RAPTORAL DELIGHT? You had better get your feet and your definitions under you.

I am going to give you some definitions to consider so that you might hook a few words together and get a better description of what is going on here.

RAPTURE: 1. Ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy. 2. (raptures) an expression of joy or ecstasy. 3. [H: Now comes the NEW definition for you:] The carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence. 4. ARCHAIC: The carrying off.

RAPTORIAL: 1. Preying upon other animals; predatory. 2. Adapted for seizing prey. (As in raptors.)

These definitions are from your old friend, Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1989. (With updates of accepted terminology.)


As with Ezekial--space craft:, (Wheels within wheels, wheels of fire--etc.) Now, HOW did the evangelists come to BASE THEIR DEFINITIONS OF SUCH AS RAPTURE ON THE OLD TESTAMENT WHEN THEY WILL CLAIM YOU MUST FOLLOW THE NEW TESTAMENT IF YOU ARE TO BE SAVED? Is this not strange? If, further, the evangelists of the CHRISTIAN "faith" base everything and need on the NEW TESTAMENT and utilize the "Jewish" (misnomer) tradition (who did not believe Jesus was the Christ or Messiah) how do they come up with WRONG answers? Because they are desperately offering YOU A WAY OUT OF YOUR MESS SO THEY LOOK GOOD! AND, WHO ON EARTH WILL BE LEFT TO COUNT THEM WRONG? WELL, LOTS OF PEOPLE--STANDING AROUND SNICKERING AT YOUR STUPIDITY.

Will there be some kind of a lift-off, possibly? Yes, probably--but it will not be like you are told here--it will NOT BE A RAPTURE. Rapture by its definition means a state of emotional beingness. It does NOT mean physical lift-off to another sphere of wondrous delight with God--unless, of course, you are DEAD--which you WILL BE, in physical consideration! Dead as the proverbial doornail!! The point is to get you God-respecting, Christian believers OFFTHE PLANET SO THERE IS NO FURTHER CONFRONTATION WITH THAT WHICH IS TAKING YOUR WORLD--IN OTHER WORDS, KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE GET RID OF USELESS FEEDERS AND TROUBLEMAKERS.

It is your privilege to believe anything you wish, good brethren--ANYTHING YOU WISH. I am, however, grossly remiss in my own task to refrain from telling you TRUTH about it. The evangelical team is being put in place RIGHT NOW AS WE WRITE--to pull this dastardly deed off--they too being mostly in ignorance. THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO DO THIS JOB!


This is what they are really working toward. It will have two meanings to you. If it is interrupted--they will tell you those nasty space cadets (the bird people) have done this to you. If not, and something goes wrong, you will be told the "aliens" did it. Next, if it goes right--the evil merchants of death and preying upon you-the-people will kill you and pick your bones. The magic show-and-tell will not be so entertaining AND it will be TOO LATE.

Will the plan be changed? Perhaps--but obviously the only thing that will be changed is the interim magic show--because what is planned is not a human physical exchange to another place. It will be a physical changeout into particle form into another time/space warp--not God's wondrous place of continuing life of perfection. You will, however, be "perfectly" out of the way.

Do I mind if this happens? NO--if that is what you wish--go for it. I am only telling those who will have WISDOM--that it is another lie of the adversary. A physical body cannot remain atop a cloud--friends. It is heavier than the cloud formation--and will FALL immediately upon release from the power structure holding it there. It will fall back down to Earth in search of its own density in "matter". Then, being that you might well have soul, the soul is released the same as in any other MURDER situation.



Is he a murderer? He says he "did it". Oh, but he also says he was somehow insane?? How is it that two people are brutally stalked and MURDERED and the only attention is given to the party who is claimed to be guilty? Even the good Reverend Billy Graham is in touch to ENCOURAGE this man. How many of your own, even in the case of total innocence, are treated so well? Did he do it? That, people, is for a jury (even in your unjust system) to decide AFTER A FAIR TRIAL ON ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

People wept WITH O.J. yesterday as he "wished" he could be with his children for Father's Day. (???) WHO DEPRIVED HIM OF THAT OPTION? It is NOT O.J. that SHOWS INSANITY--it is you-the-people. This is another testing of your readiness to take whatever is dished out at you without even the ability to THINK rationally about it. Whatever happened, the man was totally and absolutely PROGRAMMED to do exactly what he did--or had done. He was brought into the "service" of "intelligence cult" from high school and he has been trained to accomplish the heinous circumstance that would be presented. It is the same as the young man who goes onto a school ground and kills. "They" did flub, though--he did not use a "gun"!

But how would "the handlers" KNOW a circumstance would happen in this way? They didn't have to--all they had to do was precipitate the circumstances and "ring the bell". Was he, if he did it, temporarily insane? OF COURSE--he likely does not even REMEMBER THE INCIDENT. Just as the killer of the Klaas child--the perpetrator cannot so much as remember the action AT ALL. YOU ARE IN THE FINAL STAGES OF TOTAL MIND CONTROL, CHELAS--DO YOU NOT HEAR ME? THE SUSCEPTIBLE MASSES WILL MARCH TO THE BROADCAST INSTRUCTIONS AND EACH INDIVIDUALLY TRAINED AND CONTROLLED BEING WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT HE/SHE IS TOLD TO DO. IT IS THROUGH PULSED FREQUENCIES WHICH BEAR INSTRUCTIONS WHICH THE MIND HEARS AND TRANSLATES.

You wonder how Dharma "hears" and "translates"? The same basic method of frequency signals. The DIFFERENCE IS that I am in service ONLY to God of Light--CREATOR. It is up to her to keep her space CLEAR and through the understanding of the shielding BY GOD of self and reception--we have protection. Let us just say, for simplicity, that I have the higher signal network. But, if YOU wish to have that protection, you must ASK and you must accept that our mission is of goodness for we do NOT SERVE SATAN.

Now comes the punch-line: "Well, I don't like that. Moreover I will not do what you want, whoever you are." Fine--it is YOUR experience, not mine. What IS mine, I control and protect and I can offer the same to ones who choose my path. No sweat--go your way with my blessings if you will. Not only do I bless you to go your way--but I petition you to go your way and leave us be to ours.


"But," the practical person asks, "isn't it a good way to cut down on the population?" Yep, and what a nice world it will be--you who are left and are pretty good guys will get to serve the masters (who are NOT very nice). And, as the seeming sands of time pass--the head-honchos of each of the remaining adversarial parties of physical expression clash for the status of OVERLORD--it will get nasty--VERY NASTY! Remember that "tribulation" that the goodly evangelists promise the Chris-tians and believers to MISS?? In other words, go in the "blastoff" or the "blast-out"--your choice, sleepy-head.

Well, good buddies, I DO NOT WISH MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO DO EITHER--so, we stand the flack and offer you TRUTH. It is your RESPONSIBILITY to act on that Truth--or do whatever you choose elsewise.

Dharma, get Gerry Spence's book, FROM FREEDOM TO SLAVERY, turn to page 128 and let us offer a few thoughts.


This may seem so out of context as to be isolated thought--it is not:


Although the human males' evil may have been chemically induced, it was also the product of culture. Women's domination by men began with the birth of civilization, with man's-departure from Nature. As man took up agriculture and established himself in villages instead of wandering and gathering, as he domesticated animals instead of hunting them, indeed, as he separated himself from Nature, man began to see himself at odds with the earth. Such early isolationism created the forces of "them and me"--man against the earth, man's village against other villages, man's territory against other territories, man against other men, and, of course, man against woman. As man became fixed in village and field and abdicated his place in the natural order, his separation created for him a new and wholly defective vista of the world.

Dissociated from the natural whole, and estranged from his mother earth, man, once free and easy, became paranoid and delusional. Where once he saw himself as part of the earth, now he saw the earth, his mother, and all her inhabitants as dangerous and hostile. By his separation from Nature, he was also separated from other members of his species with whom he now competed for food, for shelter, for territory, for women, and for power.

Where once man enjoyed a perfect wisdom because, as part of Nature, he shared Nature's perfect knowledge and abided by her laws, now, ignorant and foolish and panicked, he did as ignorant and foolish men do when panicked--he struck out against all that lived, bringing war and starvation, suffering and death.


I just wanted to share a thought or two about "what went wrong" and how the circumstances have increased in pressure to bury you in the entropy of experience. It is not "good" or "bad"--it simply IS! You can make of it that which you will for God gave FREE-WILL unto man ALONG WITH THE CAPABILITY OF "REASON". Therefore, "man" is allowed (IS ALLOWED) to do that which he will--guided by whatever set of rules he chooses--BUT, the downside of "wrong" choices will merit him great success in "wrong" things. I don't have any definition for "right" or "wrong"--for in all things the GOAL of accomplishment is the only deciding factor. For instance, if O.J. did in fact brutally murder his wife and her friend--he may well be considered to have done the "wrong" thing--IF HE WANTED TO REMAIN FREE, HAVE HONOR AND FANS BOW IN RESPECT, ETC., ETC. However, if he wanted to be in prison, fighting for his own life--he certainly did the "right" thing to accomplish as much. If you consider "right" and "wrong" by legal definition--he did the "wrong" thing. If, however, he lived with the tribes who murder in legal approval an unfaithful wife and her lover--he would be honored and applauded for his actions as a husband. Chelas, IT IS ALL, EVERY BIT OF IT--CHOICES!

Why didn't "God stop him"? He was not acting according to God's laws so why would you drag God into his corrupted behavior? God has given you rules, instructions and LAWS. HE allows you to break every one of them--BUT FRIENDS, THE PIPER WILL BE PAID FOR THE BREAKING OF THEM. O.J. was not acting WITHIN OR FOR GOD as (if) he brutally stabbed repeatedly the two people--[thou shalt not kill--sayeth the Lord].

Next you ask God to, well, "have mercy on him". Why? God has always had mercy on him and made available all rules, instructions and consequences of such action. The "man's" actions now merit the judgment and discernment of MAN. Whatever is between the man and God--is not your business. By acting against the laws of God in a human setting--causes a human to be thrust upon by the activities of MAN human. Still, in all things--have no judgment upon the man in point--only compassion--BUT JUDGE THE ACTIONS IN INTENT AND ACT UPON THE LAW--IN JUST-NESS. These are your own testings, my friends--YOUR OWN. I CAN promise you that this one "case" will be an interesting testing of every element of your "society" and your own measurement of "You've come a long way, Baby."

Yeorgos Ceres Hatonn

June 20, 1994



SAT., JUN. 11, 1994 8:16 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 299

SAT., JUN. 11, 1994


If you are annoyed with me over the hop, skip and jump way in which we write, I apologize. There are a couple of good REASONS for doing this:

1. I must get information regarding a specific "subject", "player" or "event" to certain ones who get the writings for SPECIFIC instructions or information.

2. If I am utilizing any information other than that of my own team or presentation--even if it be simply for reference--I refuse to further bring down the wrath or the accusations of wrongdoing upon any head. I don't mind the personal assault--but it hurts my human counterparts.

And, indeed there are more:

3. I just wish to call attention and ask you to do your own follow-up. As with the Zhirinovsky overview from FOREIGN AFFAIRS, the CFR journal, I want you to READ THE INFORMATION WHILE CONSIDERING THE SOURCE, THE PUBLICATION AND THE PURPOSE OF SUCH INFORMATION IN BASHING A MAN WHO IS VERY POPULAR TO THE PEOPLE IN THE RUSSIAS BUT VERY UNPOPULAR WITH THE ELITE-ONE-WORLDERS. With Kissinger, I just want you to see what is being used as guidelines and treated as authoritarian-expert counsel and instructions to the various Committees, disinformation and working material for the Council on Foreign Relations, et al. You do not, in these instances, need an entire article to GET THE POINT! NEITHER DO WE HAVE THE TIME OR THE SPACE TO PRESENT IT ALL--WE ARE AT BEST A REVIEW SERVICE TO POINT OUT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE ATTENDING.

I do, however, feel the Zhirinovsky material is important enough to repeat most of the article because it is already "public" and if you read it carefully according to the rules you have now learned--you will learn a lot about the man who will be very important in Russia. The Elite continue to back Yeltsin so you can have continuity of One World Government but the ones you DON'T hear about are the IMPORTANT players in a thrust for a FREE world.

Why do authors "COPYRIGHT" information which is simply public, supposedly, truth? Because it is NOT truth and it is not desired that any of US take the information and discount it with REASON. COPYRIGHTS ARE THE HIGHEST FORM OF CENSORSHIP!


Is it fair to make this statement regarding copyrights while speaking of an article on Zhirinovsky by one Jacob W. Kipp? Actually, no--because we find no copyright registered in print on the material.


by Jacob W. Kipp as presented in FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Vol. 73, No. 3:


The economic program of the Liberal Democratic Party could be described as a return to state capitalism under the banner of a highly efficient, socially oriented economy that would embrace privatization and even private property. But it is a program designed to protect the state structure and promote stability. State-directed Crimean War and Stalin serve as the models for building a national economy and catching up with the West. This position, which owes more to Friedrich List than Karl Marx, rejects shock therapy in favor of state-directed development in order for Russia to avoid becoming an economic colony within the world market--supplier of raw materials and importer of industrial goods. Friedrich List was a nineteenth-century German advocate of state-directed economic development. His ideas strongly influenced Sergei Witte, minister of finance under Alexander III and Nicholas II, in his drive to industrialize tsarist Russia. [Mr. Kipp blasts this as something terrible but I ask YOU, what do YOU have? Does not the commercial economic Elite CONTROL your government which in turn controls EVERYTHING?? Do you see how--by calling something by a different name and shouting "free", "democratic" and other non-meaningful terms--you present an entirely different picture through the total "distraction"?]

One model for such a course is imperial Japan, where the state directed the gradual transformation of the country into an industrial superpower. [H: WHO directed it into a super-power? The "Committee" controls Japan, hook, line and sinker!] This has led S.F. Dergunov, one of the LDP's (Liberal Democratic Party) key ideologues, to posit the following thesis regarding Russia's economic transformation: the transitional economy must operate on the basis of state programs that create competitive sectors, modern infrastructure and the structural transformation of the economy. Moreover, "an obligatory element of these programs is a plan for gradual organized curtailment and transfer of state property into market structures."

For Dergunov, there are two key reasons why this program of state capitalism would work. First, it is true to national traditions: "For our country, state programs are natural." Second, it would require minimal retraining for the industrial managers of the Communist era. The model of state capitalism invoked here assumes "tough mobilization methods" like those used in the relocation of industry in 1941. In this manner the LDP's program combines the supposed benefits of Communist enterprise managers working under state direction with personal enrichment through state-directed privatization. The program promises to take privatization out of the hands of bureaucrats and put it into the hands of citizens. [H: Sounds very good to me.] It calls for a three-year process that converts most enterprises into "self-financing" ventures, a leasing arrangement with funds used to cover social programs, and financing for the privatization fund run by the Russian State Bank. In the first year, resources would be divided evenly between the three efforts. After that, more would go to the privatization fund to finance state privatization certificates on which an annual dividend would be paid. The ownership of such certificates would be confined to Russian citizens and Russians living abroad in order to avoid the injustice of "foreign or shady capital" buying up enterprises cheaply.

Playing on the economic chaos created by hyperinflation, the LDP blames declining production and the collapse of many enterprises on the Yeltsin government's "slavish" behavior in the face of the demands of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The LDP's program calls for a state-regulated program to stimulate production by gradually converting the monetary system to a "noncash, convertible ruble" [H: Well, YOU guys in high places are planning to turn not only the U.S. but the WORLD into a noncash, convertible currency!] that would exchange at one ruble to one dollar. This would be achieved by restoring state control over trading in foreign currencies via the state bank, which would control the buying and selling of noncash, convertible rubles and would effectively restore state control over exports and imports. [H: Do you actually think the state does NOT have control over exports and imports--and everything else--NOW?]

Nowhere is Zhirinovsky's reliance on a particularly Russian version of state capitalism more evident than on the issues of land ownership and the peasant question. [H: Watch it here--remember: Zhirinovsky IS A PEASANT!] Stability and order are viewed as paramount, and their genesis lies in the link between Russian national consciousness and the village. Russians are, in this view, a colonizing people, and their forms of landholding, especially the commune, are ways to preserve order and prevent the emergence of a rural proletariat. It is not an argument about economic rationality or efficiency, but a social policy of stabilization, reflecting the interests of the collective and state farm managers. Thus the interests of the industrial and agricultural managerial elite are served in Zhirinovsky's state capitalism. [H: Say what?? Have you ever before heard such doublespeak and meaningless drivel? Yes, you have...! CONSTANTLY AND PERPETUALLY.]

The LDP views capital as objectively "anti-national" and will use state control to limit such tendencies by controlling investments and profits. This system of political economy would seek to exclude the possibility of foreign trade "tricks" stemming from the difference between internal and world prices. In short, this would be a state dedicated to national self-sufficiency of a statist and militarized nature: "Of course, all enterprises necessary for the functioning of the state structures must be state property. For example, defense industry enterprises, railroads, major enterprises under the contol of republics." This position, of course, rejects the economic reforms of Yeltsin's democrats, which the LDP blames for bringing inflation, unemployment, poverty, chaos and disorder. [H: Right so far--THE NEW WORLD ORDER!] By rejecting Communism and democratic reform and using them as scapegoats, the LDP ideologues have positioned themselves as saviors with no responsibility for past failures or current problems.

[H: Why do we bother to continue this dialogue? BECAUSE THIS IS THE CFR WE ARE TALKING ABOUT--"THE" BIG OLD COMMITTEE WHO DOES THE BIDDING OF THE HIGHER AND MINISCULE COMMITTEES--THIS IS THE SUBSTANCE OF WHICH TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS ARE POURED INTO "BEATING" POLITICALLY SUCH A "RASCAL" AS ZHIRINOVSKY AT BAT. IN OTHER WORDS--HIT HIM WITH THE BALL INSTEAD OF PLAYING THE GAME WITH HONOR. Next you will find the HANDS of the dirty crew at work, the Khazarian Bolsheviks (the Jews) as we make this old boy an anti-Semite. Funny thing, though, is that the Jews use it either way--they find possibility of "Jewish bloodline" in this terrible man--and use that against him too, in propaganda. YOU SHOULD REALLY PAY ATTENTION TO THIS NEXT SEGMENT! I wonder if you German PEOPLE will ever get weary of this garbage dumped on you deliberately. It reminds me of the executioner causing you to pay for your own execution equipment.]


Along with small bands of overt Russian fascists, such as A.P. Barkashov and the Russian National Unity movement, Zhirinovsky takes a revisionist view of Adolf Hitler and national socialism. [H: Again I ask you--is the revisionist the one who FIRST changed the truth from actuality in fact to a story that suits the Elite Khazarians OR is it ones who try to change history BACK INTO THE TRUTH OF THE HAPPENINGS? UNTIL YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE--YOU ARE REMAINING PEOPLE OF THE LIE. Do YOU know anything about A.P. Barkashov? Have YOU ever heard of A.P. Barkashov--how about Aleister Crowley? Anybody heard of Aleister Crowley? He is one of the most important parties you will EVER hear of--if you ever do. Do you see how someone can present something in authority and you just go along with it--as if? Well, Aleister Crowley IS--I don't know much about a A.P. Barkashov and almost NONE of you know anything about either one so you are easily kept the fool and ignorant--or at the least, touting the incorrect story while becoming a "revisionist".] While noting that some of Hitler's "extreme" measures did harm Germans, Zhirinovsky concludes that "in general, his ideology does not contain anything negative in itself." [H: No idea, ideal or ideology contains one iota of power, negative or positive--UNTIL ACTED UPON!] Ideologues of the Liberal Democratic Party have gone further in claiming ties to Nazi German and Hitler. LDP theorist Igor Minin has said that national socialists form the "third force" in Russian politics between communists and democrats, both of which have discredited themselves by their hostility to the national idea. "The true carrier of the ideals of national socialism is the national-patriotic movement," of which the Liberal Democratic Party will assume leadership. In this fashion Zhirinovsky's party intends to co-opt and militarize the Russian right. The national-patriotic movement will require its own paramilitary formations, called the druzhina (guard) and organized into "agitation and propaganda groups" and "protection-assault groups" for street operations during electoral campaigns. These groups are to be organized by district, block and factory and be composed of "10 to 15 persons, including one or two experienced activists and several military."

Anti-Semitism is an organizing tool for Zhirinovsky as it was for Hitler. At home it results in the LDP's persistent caricature of former Finance Minister Gaidar as Yeltsin's "ideological Jew". Gaidar the democrat became Gaidar the thief, the court Jew, using his position for personal gain. Abroad, the LDP seeks to build connections through an international anti-Semitic alliance. The chief source of anti-national forces is Zionism. Minin has asserted that "Zionism has as its final goal the estab-lishment of the economic and political supremacy of Jewry in all the leading countries of the world and is a direct result of the basic features of the national character of the Jewish people." The LDP claims that it will practice a "humane" policy toward Jews and confine its version of the final solution to Zionists. Viewing the governments' of the United States, France and Great Britain as tools of international Zionism, the LDP ideologues want to reduce contact with those governments. They would also accelerate the emigration of Jews from Russia and reduce the influence of Jews in the mass media by imposing proportional representation on such positions. [H: Is this bad? It seems to me that you remained in a "Cold" war situation with Russia for YEARS because they would NOT ALLOW JEWS TO LEAVE--NOW IT IS BAD TO ALLOW THEM, EVEN ENCOURAGE THEM, TO GO TO WHERE THEY WISH TO BE?] They view proportional representation as the vehicle for maintaining Russian hegemony in a centralized, multiethnic state. [H: Please note that the author, Jacob W. Kipp IS a Khazarian Zionist Jew--regardless of what he will tell you!]


[H: Along these lines it is time to interrupt at this very point to MAKE A POINT to you who aren't yet back to sleep. Wake up! From Gordon "Jack" Mohr, 113 Ballentine Street, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (can't read the zip code's last digit "3952?") comes the following. I offer the name and address because from him you can get 100 of these papers for $5.00 or, per copy, 30 cents. postage paid.

We have run this for you prior to this, it is not new--it was an update sent to Jews throughout the world IN 1956, ALMOST 40 YEARS AGO! Where do you think you might be on the "gotcha" scale TODAY?]



In 1956, the following WORLD PROTOCOL was sent out to Jews world-wide. It was a confidential notice which went to orthodox, reformed, non-religious and "Christian" Jews:

"We are about to reach our goal. World War II furthered our plans greatly. We succeeded in having millions of Christians kill each other and returning other millions in such condition that they can do us no harm.

"There remains little to be done to complete our control of the United States.


  1. Continue to enlarge our control over radio, TV, newspapers, movies and magazines.

  2. Educate our sons and crowd the Gentiles out of the practice of law, medicine, pharmacy and all retail trades.

  3. Make their schools and colleges training camps for our Red Revolution.

  4. Bring ridicule upon their Christian faith; divide their people; weaken their churches.

  5. Demoralize their women and children.

  6. Corrupt their courts and bring them into contempt.

  7. Turn class against class. The Negro against the White.

  8. Buy politicians and continue to corrupt their local, state and national governments.

  9. GET the Fascist anti-Semites, one way or another.

  10. Use willing tools in government; they will do our bidding.

  11. Plan unlimited immigration of our persecuted people.

  12. Continue our control of their money through the Federal Reserve System.

  13. We MUST destroy the Republic and replace it with a Democracy (Jewish-governed state Socialism).

  14. Continue to place Jews in key positions in the Government, Army and Navy.

  15. Continue our control over labor; agitate unrest, strikes and violence by any means or schemes.

"Especially through these methods shall we plunge this country into destitution, demoralization, bankruptcy, and civil war, further lessening the numbers of our enemies.

"The Bolshevik Revolution made us masters of Russia.

"The last war made us rulers of all Europe except Spain.

"Let this next war make us MASTERS OF AMERICA!

"For the preservation of our race, you are warned to renounce, abjure, repudiate and deny any of this information if questioned by the Gentiles, even under oath, AS DIRECTED BY THE TALMUD.

It is needless to caution you of the terrible consequences that might follow if these instructions should fall into goyim hands." [H: OOPS!]


* Col. Mohr: Now it's very possible that some of you who read these words are going to say: "Well, I don't believe that!" But if you are a normally intelligent individual, and are willing to look around and see what is happening, you will have to admit, if you are honest, that all the aforementioned things are happening to this country. Do you honestly believe they are happening by accident?


Almost without fail, when I (Mohr) come up with some documented facts concerning the hatred of Jews towards Christianity, some naive Christian will say: “But our Lord Jesus Christ was a Jew!! So we must love the Jews.” This “big-lie” technique has been "brainwashing" Americans for a long time and in no place has it received such a strong foothold as in the evangelical and fundamental church world. The "so-called" Jews of today have been very successful in causing Christians to believe that Jesus Christ, who called them "liars, hypocrites, poisonous snakes and murderers", was "King of the Jews". This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testament, centuries before the Jews "hi-jacked" the word "Jew" in the 19th Century. They have spent millions of dollars trying to convince Christians that Jesus Christ was a kin of theirs, while calling him an "illegitimate bastard". Very strange, isn't it? On one hand, they claim Him as one of them--when it benefits them with the Christian world--while on the other hand their TALMUD curses Him and consigns Him to all kinds of terrible suffering in hell.

The alleged kinship of Jesus with those who call themselves "Jews" comes from a myth of their common ancestry with the "so-called Jews" of the Bible in Old Testament history and is fiction based on fable. In Tim. 1:14, the Apostle Paul warned Christians about "giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, which turn from the truth." In verse 10 of that same chapter, He identifies these as "unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, SPECIALLY THEY OF THE CIRCUMCISION." He goes on to say that these Jews "subvert whole houses teaching falsehood for money's sake."

Very few Christians realize they are being brainwashed twenty-four hours every day by television, radio, newspaper, magazines, movies and books; by political leaders in office and seeking office and by religious leaders who have become subservient to those who are the worst enemies of the one they call "Lord".

Gordon "Jack" Mohr.


[H: So, allow us to take up where we left off in the "Zhirinovsky" article:]

In seeking to create an alliance motivated by anti-Zionism, the LDP ideologues look to capitalist countries that have retained a government with a "national," as opposed to cosmopolitan, character. Not surprisingly, this leads to a rather a historical interpretation of contemporary German and Japanese societies and a search for nationalist allies in those societies. Igor Minim writes:

We are speaking first of all about Japan and Germany. Everyone knows the patriotism and faithfulness to national values of the Japanese people. The Japanese government maximally, to that degree allowed by capitalism, has used the features of Japanese national character and in its turn has adapted to them as much as possible. Now it feeds off the fruits of its correct strategy.

Germany has had a different fate. It is located in the very center of Europe and that means in the very epicenter of subjective anti-nationalist forces and, as a consequence, 150 years of its history have taken place under the influence of the continual struggle of the German nation against these influences. We will not discuss the details of this struggle or the mistakes made by the Germans. What is important is that this struggle did not end with the unification of the German states but entered a new phase.

National socialism supports the maximum widening of cooperation with the most nationalist governments, in particular Japan and Germany. Only this cooperation can bring good to our nation and help in the matter of constructing a national government. (Author's footnote: Minin, "Teoreticheskie osnovy natsional-sotsializma." "German radical right parties share this view of the world. Gerhard Frey of the German People's Union attended the Third Congress of the LDP and is quoted in the LDP newspaper, Liberal, as speaking with admiration of the LDP's program and saying that his organization 'stands opposed to America's supremacy in the world and seeks that Russia should be powerful and occupy a deserved place in the world' .")

In short, the foreign policy objectives of Zhirinovsky's movement can only be achieved by overthrowing the existing world order [H: There you have it.] and undermining the position of the United States. In December, at the end of the electoral campaign, Zhirinovsky penned and then signed his own map of a new Europe and gave it to Rolf Gauffin, the former Swedish ambassador to Russia. The map shows two great powers dominating Central and Eastern Europe. The first is a re-vived Russian empire that reincorporates Ukraine and Belarus. The second is a Grossdeutschland that includes Austria, Bohemia-Moravia and Poland's western territories. Poland would be compensated by getting the Lvov region back from Ukraine. Slovakia would go to Russia. Russia would give up Kaliningrad to Germany and compensated by getting back the Baltic states, except for Tallinn, which would be turned into a city-state "like Luxembourg or Lichtenstein." Lithuania would disappear and be replaced by a special zone around Kaunas, its capital during the interwar years. Yugoslavia would be partitioned between Croats and Serbs. Zhirinovsky would sanction the creation of a "Greater Bulgaria," which would include Macedonia and Thrace. Romania, it would appear, is to gain at Moldova's expense.


Race figures prominently in LDP foreign policy. LDP ideologues speak of the yellowing, reddening and blackening of the world's population and even use the metaphor of a white Fay Wray in the hands of King Kong to describe the threat facing the white race. To avoid such a fate and preserve the white race's civilization, "which gives more than it receives," the LDP would challenge the dominant cosmopolitan order represented by the United States. [H: Read that again---! Do you think this is a statement by a bigoted Zhirinovsky or a planting of poison hemlock seeds by one Jacob Kipp?] In its place, the LDP wants an international order of "parallel civilizations", the development of each being directed by a dominant regional power.

Zhirinovsky predicts the United States will collapse because of the internal contradictions stemming from its cosmopolitan character. [H: If not stemmed--IT WILL!] This crisis will force a weak and divided America to give up its leading role in defending the current world order and lead it to adopt its own version of the final thrust to the south, bringing Latin America under its authority. [H: Want to try to repeat or explain that one?]




SAT., JUN. 11, 1994 11:16 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 299

SAT., JUN. 11, 1994

by Jacob W. Kipp as presented in
FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Vol. 73, No. 3:



Zhirinovsky views the army as a potential ally in restoring order if it can be won over to the LDP. "I see such a Russia: she will have the most powerful army in the world, strategic rocket forces, our missiles with multiple warheads. Our space combat platforms [H: COSMOSPHERES], our spaceship Buran and our Energiya missiles--this will be the missile SHIELD of the country."

Zhirinovsky's approach to winning over the army is to mobilize the nation around a shared image of a "foreign enemy". For all practical purposes the enemies are the United States as a power and ZIONISM as an ideology. He is holding out future glories to the army through which it will be reborn. At the LDP's Third Congress, many speakers addressed the military and its fate. The LDP set out to use the politicization of the military to its own ends, seeking to discredit the government and the current military leadership. It played on the loss of prestige felt by the officer corps. K.N. Popov, a spokesman for the military in the LDP, talked about the collapse of discipline, tanks rusting in Siberia, warships that were not seaworthy and planes that could not fly. He criticized the current military commanders as mere businessmen. The only hope, he argued, was to spread the party's ideas among the "mid-level officer corps, where many are sympathetic to our ideas." The party's propagandists were instructed to take their message into the barracks and academies to gain support against a compromised military leadership. The implications of this position were made clear in another speech, when a naval officer spoke of the party's efforts to organize its own detachments within the armed forces.

In the election campaign for parliament the LDP, more than any other party, recruited candidates from the military--a total of ten candidates were listed as military servicemen or members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. While some other parties recruited star candidates from among the established military leadership, the LDP chose mid-level officers, the strata that the LDP had identified as the military's center of gravity. [H: Superb observation.]

The LDP's efforts in the military paid off in the December elections for parliament. President Yeltsin attributed one-third of the vote within the military to the LDP. At a press conference he said, "We are worried about this and appropriate measures have been taken." These measures included a shake-up of the military leadership. The significance of these developments for Russian political stability should not be underestimated. Zhirinovsky and the LDP have penetrated the army from below to mount a challenge to the president's authority as commander in chief.


While the ideology and program of the Liberal Democratic Party are important guides to the popular appeal and intentions of the LDP, Zhirinovsky as a leader and symbol has much to do with the movement's success. There is no shortage of radical Red-Brown opponents to Yeltsin, but Zhirinovsky has been able to steal their thunder and emerge as the undisputed voice of the opposition. [H: Yes, and that IS IN SPITE of being refused any MEDIA recognition or time--AT ALL.] He cultivates the clown image to attract media attention, which he skillfully uses to his own ends. In an age of sound bites and shallow coverage, he is a powerful orator who speaks simply and persuasively to his constituency. [H: You patriots who are only discounted, disallowed hearing, disallowed judicial hearing and thus and so--probably should take lessons because you have it every bit as bad as it possibly could be in Russia--the suppression of all FREEDOM--HAS STARTED AND WILL CIRCLE RIGHT BACK TO GOOD OLD U.S.A.]

Zhirinovsky's propagandists present him as a man of the people, who understands their suffering and longing. As a Russian in Kazakhstan he found his path blocked by what he called "colonialism in reverse", so he had to develop his skills as a fighter and expend his energy in the process of entering into the political arena. He is depicted as the continual victim of distorted press reports: unfounded charges that he is a fascist, communist, drug abuser or KGB spy. Reading this propaganda, one is struck by the utter naivete of these representations and by his calculated image as a cult figure, whose power and appeal are vested in the masses themselves, who see in him the embodiment of their collective experience. [H: Doesn't that sound EXACTLY like an Anti-Defamation League B'nai B'rith use of insightful terms? Cult figure? Because Washington (George) said things about freedom and nation--was he a "cult" leader? Perhaps American Patriots might do well to become a cult--but do it one by one or something--because you certainly cannot just have churches and patriotic leaders. If you can't see what this writer and this writing is about, then I think we may as well stop trying to understand the TRUTH.]

The difficulty of containing threats such as those posed by Zhirinovsky has been poignantly captured by the Polish writer Adam Michnik:

Today Russia stands before a dramatic dilemma, to which no one has yet given a reasonable answer. What is better: Disrupt the rules of democracy and chase out the totalitarian parties while they are still sufficiently weak? Or respect the democratic order and open to these parties the road to power?

Russia, burdened with a young, weak democracy and staggering economic and social problems, does not have the capacity to resolve Michnik's "dramatic dilemma" alone. Nor does it stand alone as a potential victim of the Zhirinovsky threat. [H: Readers, if this last paragraph doesn't scare you to death--nothing can. These are the foundations upon which ALL LAW, LEGISLATION, WARS, FOREIGN ASSISTANCE FOR YOUR OWN ENEMIES, ETC., IS BASED! IT HAS BEEN MADE SURE THAT THE RULING CLASS OF PEOPLE IN YOUR U.S.A.--ARE IN THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS WHICH TAKES ITS ORDERS FROM THE BASTARDS SET TO RULE THE WORLD--AND YOU SIT AND HONOR THE NERDS FOR THEIR HONORABLE PARTICIPATION IN SUCH A CLUB. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY!]


Is this not all a lot like the movie, Schindler's List? How? Well that movie IS TAKEN FROM A FICTIONAL NOVEL--IT IS NOT A DOCUMENTARY. I note, however, that it immediately became not only a Zionist version of "truth" but a demand is now afoot .and being enacted to CAUSE EVERY SCHOOLCHILD TO HAVE THIS "HISTORY" SHOWN IN HIS SCHOOLROOM AS PART OF HIS HISTORY LESSONS! IN OTHER WORDS, READERS, AS YOU ARE CAUSED BY LAW TO TAKE OUT ALL TRADITIONAL REFERENCE TO "CHRISTIAN" FROM YOUR SCHOOLS--YOU ARE NOW ORDERED BY LAW TO SHOW SOMETHING THAT IS ADMITTEDLY TOTALLY FICTIONAL TO YOUR CHILDREN. EVEN THE "JEWS" ARE MAD-AS-HELL and are trying to do something about it--but to come against the World Zionist Organization, The Jewish Leagues, the Politocrat One Worlders, ADL B'nai B'rith and a Zionists controlled Congress--what prayer does a little group of non-recognized "Jews" have?

That movie was done with managed deception utilizing a handheld camera technique and filmed in black and white--TO GIVE IT A "FEEL" OF A WARTIME DOCUMENTARY. People, you are feasting on hog-swill as is dished out to you by the Elite perpetrators. Why don't you stop apologizing for yourselves and stop this insane madness? You don't take up ARMS--you take up your pen and TRUTH--and bring it forth for the world to see. The evil-mongers CANNOT BEAR TRUTH! THEY ARE THE LIE AND CANNOT SURVIVE IN THE PRESENCE OF LIGHTED TRUTH--THEIR PLACES ARE IN THE DECEIT PITS OF LIES. I DO NOT "ASK" YOU TO BELIEVE ME--GO GET THE PROOF--IT ABOUNDS ABOUT YOU.

While we are at "lies", I am accused of lying, deceptive practices and outright thievery of stories and information. How can TRUTH be thefted? However, if you desire a bit of thought-provoking information--go for the "gusto" readers. The TRUTH was coming forth from one Peter Beter before the "big boys" threatened to kill his family and finally did get him.

I tell you there are "doubles" and "robotoids", "aliens" and Elite rulers? Yes indeed! Now they are all AMONG you and head up some of the neatest and meanest and most powerful committees on your planet.

Oh, but I said Mr. Kissinger "just isn't his original self!"?? Yes I did. Henry and Nancy Kissinger were killed in a mid-air explosion over the Atlantic ocean on February 5, 1979. So WHO is that natty ruler of nations running about looking like Henry Kissinger? Indeed, World, you have some REAL problems.

Want a taste of others who AREN'T WHAT THEY "SEEM" TO BE? A nice person has bothered to take documents, research and historical information and offer the following. This person just couldn't believe what his eyes and ears were telling him so he went and investigated--moreover, he shares a few "death" dates with us and I would like to share the information with you--just as it appears here. If, further, you wish the full information on things from aliens, shuttle take-outs, planned nuclear wars, etc., I suggest you get Dr. Beter's information. He got a whole lot of it directly from insiders--and ALIENS who KNEW. If you still CAN'T BELIEVE--I suggest you go back and read about Montauk, Monarch, MK-Ultra, The Phoenix Project in Vietnam, Blue Beam and other "cute" operations whereby there is total genetic, DNA alterations, alien (as in "space") sellouts by your government and on and on. It will certainly cause you, I HOPE, to question just WHO MIGHT BE PULLING STRINGS IF SO MANY OF THE RECOGNIZED PLAYERS ARE DUPLICATES. THERE IS SOMEONE PULLING THE PUPPET-STRINGS, GOOD FRIENDS--EVERY TIME.

[I don't blame him.]


The pabulum of the major media, T.V. and radio is certainly a very poor version of honest reporting and actually amounts to a form of traitorism for the citizens of this Republic.

Just who is "minding the store" these days?

From Dr. Peter Beter's audio tapes I have learned the following of which not a line has been in the newspapers or broadcast to my knowledge. If Dr. Beter is telling lies WHY HASN'T SOMEONE COME FORTH TO DECRY THEM?

Tape No:

42 Nelson A. Rockefeller--shot in head. 1-26-79

43 & 44 David Rockefeller--shot. 2-9-79

43 & 44 Laurence Rockefeller--shot in nape of neck. 2-17-79

38 John D. Rockefeller III--?? auto accident. ?

44 Dr. John Knowles--shot in head. 3- 6-79

43 Hugh Morrow--shot between the eyes. 2-13-79

39 Pope John Paul I--shot in back of neck. 10-13-78

41 Pope John Paul II—poisoned. 11-20-78

43 Megan Ruth Marshack--shot in forehead. 2-8-79

43 & 44 Ponchita Pearce--shot in head. (Date missing)

46 Zbigniew Brzezinski--died in crash of Air Force II: 4-20-79

46 W. Michael Blumenthal deaded 5-13-79

46 Harold Brown deaded 5-13-79

46 James Schlesinger deaded 5-13-79

46 Pres. Carter--shot between eyes on 4-21-79 in Plains, Ga. died in Bethesda Naval Hosp 4-22-79

46 Rosalynn Carter--shot between eyes while under heavy sedation at White House. 4-22-79

46 Walter Mondale--shot in forehead. 4-20-79

44 Henry & Nancy Kissinger killed in mid-air explosion over Atlantic ocean. 2-5-79 (Soon after giving a moving eulogy for Nelson Rockefeller.)

33 Leonid Brezhnev--died and replaced. 1-19-78

Cyrus Vance 4-'79

Anwar Sadat 4-'79

Menachem Begin 4-'79

Dr. Beter:

Most of the above have been replaced by some human doubles and lately by "Russian Robotoids". See: Tape #47, of June 1979.

Our base on the Moon was wiped out by the Russians on 9-27-77 and they made their 1st Moon landing on 10-16-77. (Letter 42) Charged particle beam weapons now are operational from many bases. Cosmospheres are used.

Re: DOUBLES, ROBOTOIDS AND REPLICAS, SEE Phoenix Journal Express, Feb. 1, 1991, pages 14 and 15.

The regeneration of Robotoids is done at Camp David.


Camp David is NOT, BY A LONG WAY, the only place where there is robotic regeneration. A lot of set-up is taken at Bethesda Naval Hospital and many other "ports". It is simply that Camp David is SO OBVIOUS I DON'T SEE HOW ANY OF YOU CAN MISS IT. Even Andy Rooney (last Sunday's 60 Minutes) tried to get in, get pictures or even just talk to somebody about Camp David. He ended up being the one under interrogation and all but got arrested. It still isn't as good as Area 51 and a few other prime vortex centers. Citizens--you are still living, mentally, in the DARK AGES! It is truly sad to witness.

I think you need a lunch-break, Dharma, before we go on. I think we need a rest because I think the audience may not be ready, nor do you have the stamina to speak on things like duplication, DNA-reproduced cloning, surface-barrier transistors and the like. This is so much more interesting and entertaining than simple old transistors, is it not, Dr. Young? Salu.



SUN., JUN. 12, 1994 10:35 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 300

SUN., JUN. 12, 1994


I have already written about "changes", how it IS, and on more subjects than we can name. I shall not focus on revelations or fortune-telling--now or ever. I have also given you the possibilities of finding very good information and speculation persons to attend. Why do I say "speculation"? Because information is given to receivers which is valid, timely (even seeming to be prophetic and often IS) and worthy of extensive attention. Why would ONE person at this keyboard be the ONLY set of fingers to offer such insight? Dharma doesn't even claim to be anything, not psychic, not anything save a typist. Well, she is more, but she remembers not and it is fine for she does her job and others are supposed to do theirs.


I have told you before to pay attention to his offerings--he is valid to the extent he can be. He does not input man-controlled properties into his projections to any great extent so he does what a good receiver should do--he projects what he sees and is told and allows the time to fulfill the expectations. No one is going to know the moment of such massive upheavals as he can see coming. I do not focus on the one with him for that is not MY task--to evolve or chart courses for all psychically-gifted humans--or for that matter, aliens or robotoids.

If you have not been made privy to Scallion's map after projected upheavals (of the U.S.), I suggest you avail yourselves of a copy and study it carefully. Then I suggest you go back and read SIPAPU ODYSSEY. Doris thought herself to simply be writing a dialogue for a movie script--but I think you will find it most interesting relative to other "reports". I will always effort to give you insight as presented to me as to urgent warnings but I remind you--the time for preparation against all things expected is NOW since you can't do it yesterday, if indeed you did not. Yes, readers, the major thrust beyond writing here in this location is for later circumstances as expected--to establish good business of a major VARIETY of talents and product--for both survival beyond major changes of the Earth itself and against a need to sustain during and after upheavals of political change.

There WILL BE change--even if only toward more negative circumstance. But "HERE" the job is not to chart human maps and predict individual places of either physical safety or maturity. We do this as we can do so--but guidance must be an individual feeling of truth and thrust--not based on what Jr. is doing or Mary Jones is doing down the street--unless, of course, they have kept informed and you haven't bothered! GET PREPARED FOR WHATEVER IS PROJECTED AND EX-PECTED IN YOUR LOCATION. IN COASTAL CALIFORNIA IT IS OBVIOUSLY FOR MAJOR EARTH SHAKINGS AND YOU HAVE HAD WARNING AFTER WARNING AND THAT IS THE BEST ANY BEING CAN DO FOR YOU.

Our job here is to offer you myriads of pieces of insight as quickly as possible and then offer you confirmation of those truths as they become available--either before or after the fact of a given incident. That which in the past "seemed" to be outrageous science-fiction is now becoming evolved FACT but YOU had to grow enough to see and hear. Every day, now, the confirmations flow in to the point we have hardly time to offer them to you and the paper would swell to ten times its already overwhelming size. We shall attend that also, as we can, but meanwhile--we do that which we CAN.

Along these lines in this writing I will share some things which arrive to my attention this very morning. Many, just like YOU, find some things to be so outrageous when we offer them to you that it is often months, years even, before confirmation can be found and then "shock" sets in. Even in this one day's receivings of mail there is too much to even consider all for sharing, but I believe the one regarding the Noahide Laws as having become U.S. LAW is worthy of first note. This has received more denial than almost all other subjects other than "Jesus" references--of which we have another lengthy diatribe about our lack of biblical knowledge. I respect and honor this person who has researched and written many pages "proving" the Jesus story and us to be New Age. The only source, of course, for his most eloquent dissertation is from the book called Bible as he is a minister of the Christian Faith. Please, I do not denounce your choices--I only ask that if you can be open enough to hear other truth--that you pay attention to possibilities of usurpation of your texts for other than Godly purposes. I AM NOT NEW AGE! This one statement of that writer proves he has not availed himself of my dictations for I have said many, many times that this which you call "New Age" will be the death of your planet as it is the basis (quite physically and humanistically oriented, even though you hug trees, etc.) upon which the ONE WORLD RELIGION WILL BE BASED--AND THAT WILL BE, IN TURN, TOTALLY ORIENTED TO WHAT YOU MIGHT NOW CALL "ANTI-CHRIST". Unfortunately, unless integrated in the infinite realization of the infinite soul being--there CAN BE NO BALANCE IN YOUR EXPRESSION. It is God expression in thought energy which allows for CREATION and it is SOUL ENERGY WITH GOD WHICH ALLOWS FOR INFINITE LIFE.

A discussion of that correspondence in bit-by-bit consideration would be the most important offering of the day and, yet, because of pressures, we will need to first consider these other inputs while hopefully the spiritual correspondence will not be lost to the entropy heap.

I may well offer spiritual teachings--but I am not intended as your SPIRITUAL TEACHER as total focus any more than "Jesus" was your total political teacher. It is the "Christ" knowingness and consciousness which is in focus here--not a man--and THIS is the part which is hard to accept or understand--even though your BIBLES will tell you as much.

I am always interested in those who disclaim the possibility of your experiencing more than "once"--when the man Jesus, himself your guide for so many, said he would be back and you expect him to do so. He also said, "All these things I do you can do--and more." Must you be so selective as to exclude one while touting the other? Just as with the Master Teachers, however, if you fail to attend ALL of the offerings in teachings--how can you base knowledge on the fragmented out-of-context bits and portions you CHOOSE to look at? It is fine if you do otherwise, but it is not my business. And, have I not the RIGHT to "interpret" a passage the same as you?--in any book including the Bible? Why am I discounted when another is "accounted" as valid? Because I claim, somehow, to come from "out there" somewhere? Well, where is this Master Christ Jesus you await? You do not recognize his presence WITHIN at all times as you are perched on an assumed location Earthbound--OR YOU WOULD NOT BE EXPECTING HIM "BACK" FROM "SOMEWHERE" "OUT THERE"! Furthermore, if you READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS, it will CLEARLY present to you from these teachings you continue to quote to me as if I know them not--that HIS messengers, his angels, etc., would return to make ready a "landing place" (to paraphrase). I also have the right to paraphrase as ALL YOU PREACHERS DO! Further, God accounts for HIS angels and messengers--how is it that YOU CANNOT? How did YOU think it would be? Where did YOU perceive it would happen? WHEN did YOU think these things would be fulfilled as to prophecy? HOW DO YOU KNOW SO SURELY THAT I AM NOT VALID?--FOR I AM! If, further, YOU read and study all that I have offered with my brethren--it is THERE and you will find nothing lacking in my presentation. God's enemies recognize me for the valid being I AM--but those who CLAIM to be the followers of "Christ" cannot?? Why might this be? I think it might be wise to ponder upon this circumstance.


FROM: "Sincerely, kindly don't mention my name as I have enough trouble already."

Dear "Sincerely", we understand your "trouble already" and thank you for sharing with us. We, in same reference, have so MANY troubles already that one more is not going to matter much!

The correspondence:

May 29, 1994

Dear Sirs:

I have some information to share with you that throws considerable light on the "seven Noahide Laws religion" whose enactment as the "law of the land" you mentioned earlier in CONTACT. When Congress voted that resolution endorsing these laws as the "highest moral standard", etc., you reported this as an attempt to make Judaism the State religion. That didn't quite ring true to me as I saw no follow-thru on this. There was no attempt to teach these laws in school or impose them on Christian Churches. The Laws seemed to be a "dead letter" and no more, a resolution to please a special group but meaning nothing.

But this is not the case. I found the answer to this mystery in the Nation of Islam's book: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews on page 202. This page starts the chapter on "Slavery in the Jewish Law" and summarized the TALMUDIC laws regarding slavery.

A Jew is permitted to enslave a non-Jew. Indeed, in another part of the TALMUD it specifies that the reason GOD created non-Jewish humans was so that the Holy Race (Jews) would "not be served by animals only". [H: Interesting since the very term "Jew" was not conjugated until the 18th century and along with it came "Zionist" to be used widely in the 19th--and especially--in the 20th century. The possibly more interesting point, however, is that the TALMUD is not and never was a supposedly GOD-GIVEN document--it is written by and touted as the laws of the Elders of the "Jewish" faith. So you have a man-made book of rules and sume whatever they wish as to race, creed and color and proclaim themselves to be non-Christian in every manner possible--THE ANTI-CHRIST! Why am I or any man considered a heretic, hate-monger or otherwise to restate WHAT THEY HAVE ALREADY STATED? They claim us to be hateful "anti-Semites" at every political turn. Anti-Semite?? I AM A SEMITE AND MOST OF YOU ARE LIKEWISE. THIS GROUP OF TALMUDIC ZIONIST JEWS--ARE NOT OF THE SEMITES--NEVER WERE! THEY SIMPLY TURN LIES AND PRESENT THEM AS TRUTH--AND WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU GOOD PEOPLE--IT BECOMES ENFORCED BY LAW, ACCEPTED--WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.] However, a Jew is required to convert a slave to the Jewish religion. If the slave refuses to convert, the Jew is required to sell him after a year. Then comes the sentence: "In order to keep an uncircumcised slave, the slave must agree to obey the seven commandments of the descendants of Noah." This is what we agreed to do when "our" representatives in Congress voted to make the seven Noahide Laws the Law of the Land! This resolution, far from being a dead letter, is the religious, legal and moral basis for the Jews to keep the American people as their slaves!

Another interesting bit of religious symbolism is the six pointed star and the Israeli flag. [H: Please think back, HARD, readers, and see how many of you have heard me tell you this several times.] The latter (flag) looks like a towel. It has two blue stripes with the six pointed star of Zionism in the middle. What this refers to is the promise from Genesis that the seed of Israel shall be given all the land "from the river of Egypt unto the Euphrates". The two blue stripes on the flag represent the Nile and Euphrates Rivers. The Zionist star between the rivers is self explanatory. The Israeli flag is a claim to most of the Middle East: Syria, Lebanon, much of Iraq, Jordan and the whole Arabian Peninsula!

The six pointed star is NOT the "Star of David". Its first appearance is on the coins of Herod the Great who built the great Temple and it is a symbol of his Empire WHICH WAS THE GREATEST JEWISH EMPIRE SINCE DAVID. IN THE 9TH century it was painted on the shield of DAVID EL ROY (DAVID THE KING), a KHAZAR JEW who led a failed Zionist crusade to recapture the holy city of Jerusalem. The six pointed star is thus not the symbol of Jewry, rather it represents one faction of Jewry: the Zionist heresy.

Since the above was written, Khalid Mohammed was shot, in California, with the heads of major Zionist organizations in New York cheering on the crime. Jews believe in free speech only for themselves and cry foul whenever anyone exposes their crimes. It was from the book above that Khalid Mohammed was quoting when the Jews accused him of "hate" rhetoric. [H: Now THAT is interesting because when speaking the portion about the slaves, etc., HE WAS QUOTING FROM THE TALMUD! THE REST IS WELL-KNOWN TO HISTORIANS.] "Hate" to "Jews" is "...anyone revealing their crimes to the public." The insane Jewish hatred of humanity is never called "hate" in THEIR press--and THEIR press IS THE MONOPOLY press in America--[H: And NOW, around the globe!]


I cannot strongly enough urge you to get this volume--I don't care what creed, color, race or even if a "pretend" being you might be. It ranks in information and interest right up there with history books of the highest calibre. How do I know? Because it is fully referenced and almost all the information comes directly from JEWISH RESOURCES!

Title: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. One.; P.O. Box 551, Boston, MA, U.S.A. 02119. 1-800-48-TRUTH. [H: And please tell them CONTACT sent you and give them our address and phone number. YOU feel alone? How do you think the black brothers FEEL?]

I will ask the staff to reprint the "resolution" if they can easily locate it in the volumes of text we have accumulated. Thank you. (See next page)


This article is excerpted from THE BEAST AT WORK, Journal #67. For more on the Kol Nidre see that journal.

The present wording of the "Kol Nidre" (All Vows) prayer dates from the 11th Century. It seems difficult to say there has been no opportunity for people to "get informed". A political reversal in Eastern Europe COMPELLED the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in Eastern Europe to adopt the present wording of the "Kol Nidre". You had best harken back right now to that public law your bunch of criminals enacted (by voice vote in 1991) which brings your nation in direct opposition to your First Amendment--they voted in a public law making the "Jewish" Noahedic "religion" your national religion. It seemed just a "nice" gesture? You had best look again!

There is, however, an interesting thing about the Talmudic version of the Kol Nidre. The original stated: "From the last day of Atonement to this one". Some cute group of self-centered tamperers (there ALWAYS are some) changed it to "from this day of atonement until the next". This makes it all inclusive and in advance so a good reciter (and he doesn't have to be in a synagogue, he can be on his own balcony or in his Mercedes or BMW--anywhere) is always "safe" from having to tell the truth. And the bigger "funny" is that "they" KEPT THE THING SECRET AS TO THE CHANGES.

Well, I have belabored this one enough, I suppose, but I thought it might clear up some quandaries as to just HOW so many could so blatantly lie, cheat and steal and never blink an eye! It is because they have made an oath that any oath they make OF ANY KIND is ALWAYS INVALID! It is the same old game of lying wherein it is not a lie if you cross your fingers! Does it upset old Ceres 'Atonn? YES! It proves that there is NO MORALITY REMAINING! You have made a man's word worthless and with pealing bells chimed in total corruption and lack of moral honesty (in the least) into the very circulatory system of the government judicial system. This has destroyed your Constitution and all righteousness.


This Resolution was titled "A JOINT RESOLUTION to DESIGNATE MARCH 26, 1991 AS EDUCATION DAY, U.S.A." It was introduced in the House of Representatives by Robert H. Michel (R-IL) and co-sponsored by Richard Gephardt (D-MO). It was then co-sponsored by 224 more Congressmen. Congressman Bob Stump (R-AZ) was one of the 224 co-sponsors. [C: Indeed this is one of the ones where I asked you to write and demand to know how this "voice vote" could have come to be. I have received copies of many of the return letters which indicate: "It is none of your business"!]

The real meaning of this law is not spelled out within the law itself but it is very strange that it was introduced, passed and signed by the President in a country whose laws ostensibly originate in the Common Law which comes from the Laws, Statutes and Judgments (Mosaic Laws) of the accepted "Holy Bible". As you will discover the Resolution has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with "Education Day".


105 STAT. 44 PUBLIC LAW 102-14--MAR. 20, 1991

Public Law 102-14

102nd Congress


Mar. 20, 1991

__________To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, USA.

[H.J. Res. 104]

Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;

Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serous peril of returning to chaos;

Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

Whereas Rabbi Manachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, "the rebbe", this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of "education and giving", the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled: That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as "Education Day, U.S.A.". The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

Approved March 20, 1991.





Mar. 5, considered and passed House.

Mar. 7, considered and passed Senate.


Now that the Seven Noahide Laws are the law of the land it should behoove each of us to know and understand what the Seven Laws actually are [C: You WOULD want to know if the Methodists or Pentecostals passed a public law of the land, would you not?]; what the penalties for disobeying them are and; last but not least, by whom are they to be enforced. Yours truly is still waiting for the "governmental" answers to this most important issue from his written request to both Congressmen Michel and Stump. While waiting for their answers I tried to find out on my own what this "Public Law 102-14" is all about.

If you are curious and inquisitive I'd like to share with you what I found. The following is not easy or light reading. It actually requires a totally different mind-set than that to which we are accustomed; e.g., to catch a thief one must think as a thief; or, put oneself in their stead.

The following spells out the Seven Noahide Laws; the Lubavitch movement; the 'rebbe'; and Rabbi Schneerson. It was all gathered in context from the Judaica Encyclopedia, a Jewish publication. I could find but a mere mention in a few other publications but not enough to properly answer the question.

May your discernment prevail and, as you read, continuously ask yourself WHY did our "government" pass this law so swiftly and with only a voice vote??

You will notice in the Whereases above it states many times ethical values and principles. This is very important because in the sixth "Whereas" it states unequivocally where they were fostered and promoted. You'll also notice it is NOT from Common Law or Christian principles and Biblical Laws. In essence, you'll discover, if you are in complete honesty with yourself, that Public Law 102-14 legally and POLITICALLY JUDAIZED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WITH A BABYLONIAN TALMUDIC RELIGION KNOWN AS JUDAISM AND IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO OUR CONSTITUTION WHICH STATES: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,....." This is what the media, and all anti-Christian proponents want us to believe is "Separation of Church and State."

You'll also notice in the ninth "Whereas" it is to go international with other heads of state signing. Is this just coincidental with the Messianic Age (One World Government under Zionism) that Jewry is zealously waiting, or was it deliberately planned that way? Consider the removal of The Ten Commandments from our so-called public schools. If all this doesn't total up for cause of concern for all of us then we definitely deserve what they (the oneworlders) have planned for us.


"NOAHIDE LAWS, The seven laws considered by rabbinic tradition as the minimal moral duties enjoined by the Bible on all men (Sanh. 56-60; Yad, Melakhim, 8:10, 10:12 [Babylonian Talmud]). Jews are obligated to observe the whole Torah, while every non-Jew is a "son of the covenant of Noah" (see Gen. 9), and he who accepts its obligations is a ger-toshav ("resident-stranger" or even "semi-convert") (See Av. Zar. 64b; Maim, Yad, Melakhim 8:10.) Maimonides equates the righteous man (Ihasid) of the [gentile] nations who has a share in the world to come even without becoming a Jew with the gentile who keeps these laws. Such a man is entitled to full material support from the Jewish community (see ET, 6 (19540, col. 289 s. v. ger toshav) and to the highest earthly honors (Sefer Hasidim [1957], 358). The seven Noachide Laws as traditionally enumerated are: the prohibitions of idolatry, blasphemy, bloodshed, sexual sins, theft, and eating from a living animal, as well as the injunction to establish a legal system (Tosef., Av. Zar. 8:4; Sanh. 56a). Except for the last, all are negative, and the last itself is usually interpreted as commanding the enforcement of the others (Maim. Yad, Melakhim, 9:1). (Ed. Note: For an in depth discussion please see the PHOENIX JOURNAL: MARCHING TO ZION.)

Now I am going to turn to:


In 1944, Friedrich A. Hayek wrote one of the most thought-provoking books of our time--The Road to Serfdom. Hayek warned that Great Britain and the United States were abandoning their heritage of liberty and adopting the economic principles of the Nazis, fascists, and socialists. It was not a message which the politicians, bureaucrats, and social planners of that time wanted to hear. Hayek, who would later win the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, was vilified as an old-fashioned reactionary.

What I am going to use here in major presentation is by one whose name you might find interesting in view of the above outlay of information for it is superb and by a beautifully patriotic "Judaist", Jacob G. Hornberger. He would call himself a "Jew" but now that WE KNOW THAT TERM IS ACTUALLY ONLY FOR THE KHAZARIAN ZIONIST ELITIST NEW WORLD ORDER GLOBALISTS--WE SHALL SIMPLY CALL HIM A GOOD AMERICAN!

No one today can seriously dispute that Hayek was right. Although Americans, for example, continue to operate under the delusion that they live in a free-enterprise nation, for the last sixty years they have traveled the same moral, philosophical, and economic road as their enemies--the road to the welfare-state, regulated-economy way of life--the road to serfdom.

Hayek was also a lawyer. In fact, some of his greatest contributions have been in the area of law. Among his finest books are The Constitution of Liberty and his three-volume work Law, Legislation, and Liberty.

Two of the most important legal concepts that Hayek underscored were, first, the nature and purposes of political constitutions and, second, the legal principle known as "the rule of law".

Few Americans today understand the true idea and purpose of the U.S. Constitution. They have been taught to believe--and do believe--that their rights emanate from the Constitution.

Hayek pointed out the true nature of rights and the Constitution. He observed that our American ancestors subscribed to the most radical principles of individualism and liberty ever known to man. They truly believed the ideas set forth by John Locke and Thomas Jefferson--that people have certain fundamental and inherent rights--life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness--and that these rights have been endowed by "Nature and Nature's GOD", not by government.

To protect themselves and their property from the violent acts of others, and to provide a means by which people could peacefully resolve their disputes, our ancestors established a national government. But there was one overriding concern: what would prevent this government from becoming destructive of the very ends for which it was formed?

The goal, then, was to institute a government which could be kept within a very narrow purpose: to protect, not regulate or destroy, the natural, God-given rights of the people.

So, while the Constitution instituted government, it also straight-jacketed it. The Constitution set forth a very specific list of enumerated powers, as well as express prohibitions on the powers of the national government. As Hayek observes, the Constitution did not give the people rights. Instead, the Constitution was a law--a higher law--imposed on the officials of the national government to prevent them from interfering with preexisting rights.

In a series of judicial decisions in the 1800s and early 1900s, the concept of "substantive due process" came to be an established judicial doctrine. It held that life, liberty, and property were extensions of each other. A person has the fundamental right to sustain and improve his life through labor, engage in any economic enterprise without political interference, enter into mutually beneficial exchanges with others ("liberty of contract"--WITHOUT THE KOL NIDRE), AND accumulate unlimited amounts of wealth from these endeavors. The courts held that the exercise of these rights were beyond the reach of the majority--beyond the constitutionally granted powers of the government.

Equally important, the legal concept of "the rule of law" was incorporated into our judicial system. As Haye explains, the rule of law means that people do not have to answer to the arbitrary decisions of government, they believe that government can rightfully regulate or take them away. Thus, since the 1930s, the American people have lived under a political order in which governmental officials have omnipotent power over their lives and fortunes.

Moreover, unlike their ancestors, Americans today believe that politicians and bureaucrats can be trusted with unlimited political power. "We should elect the best people to public office and trust them to do the right thing," is the prevailing attitude, for example, in the War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Illiteracy, and so forth. Americans don't even KNOW THAT THESE "WARS" KEEP THE EMERGENCY REGULATIONS IN FORCE UNDER ENFORCEMENT BY THE FEDERAL TROOPS. It results from a cute little Kol Nidre type of clause that lets a President through Executive Order or Emergency Regulations "DECLARE" "war" and while that "war" is still in action--he has full control! Americans believe that the constraints of the Constitution should be curtailed, if not ended. The idea that life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness are fundamental, pre-existing rights with which no governmental official can legitimately interfere is an alien notion to our fellow Americans. The belief is that Caesar--the state--should have the power to regulate and take away that which he has given. The interesting thing is that the "Caesar" arranges to have a fully orchestrated "welfare" state so that all the people all the time--HAVE TO HAVE HIS HANDOUT TO SURVIVE.

And, unfortunately, the rule of law is also now considered an outdated legal concept. Today, people must answer to hundreds of thousands of arbitrary, unclear edicts from the politicians and bureaucrats rather than to clearly defined laws. For example, take the rules against "unfair business practices". If a businessman sells his product at a price lower than his competitors, he is subject to being prosecuted for predatory business practices. If he sells his product at the same price as others, he can be prosecuted for antitrust violations. Thus, since every businessman is always subject to a criminal prosecution which inevitably entails hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, he must always kowtow to his political and bureaucratic masters. He must answer to them rather than to a clearly defined law.

And the tax code is no different. Once a person bypasses the "standard deduction", he enters into the nether world of potential prosecution for tax violations. That is the beautiful thing (in the mind of the governmental official) about hundreds of thousands of rules and regulations--there is no way that a person can ever be in full compliance with all of them. Thus, each person who works his way through the maze of the IRS Code is always subject to criminal prosecution for violating one of the myriad of rules and regulations.

Let's look at a couple of real-world examples. Michael Milken, now serving jail time, is a good example of the hazards of abandoning the rule of law. Despite all the years that Milken worked on Wall Street, and all of the billions of dollars with which he dealt, the government was able to get him for violating only a few ridiculous and inane regulations. Another example--Leona Helmsley. Although paying several millions of dollars in income taxes, she supposedly committed the heinous crime of taking some improper deductions on her income-tax return, thereby depriving the politicians and bureaucrats of their milk; and so now she must serve four years in a federal penitentiary. Yes, I wonder WHERE AND WHY OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CENTER IS NOT IN HER CELL WITH HER--GETTING HER OUT!?! I find it hard to believe that a person with so many natural assets (money) wouldn't be HAPPY to pay a bit for freedom! It would be nice if she could spend a few days with her husband before he translates.

And WHY Milken and Helmsley? Two reasons. First, they make good "victims", for they are rich--and Americans are taught in their public schools to hate the rich and covet their wealth. Second, wealthy people are the best vehicle by which the government can send its not-so-subtle message to you regular people: "Listen up, you little people--if the wealthiest and most influential among you cannot stand against us, then certainly neither can you. And if you try, we will smash you, just as we have smashed them--only a little faster. Obey and pay--or suffer the consequences."

Thus, even though they will never admit it openly, the American people live their lives filled with fear and terror. In public, they say, "I'm proud to be an American." In private, they shudder at the thought of having their doors bashed down by IRS agents or of having to defend themselves in court against the mighty power of the U.S. government.

What will it take to abandon the road to serfdom which Americans have traveled during the last sixty years? The first step is for people to pierce through to reality--to realize that what Hayek said was true--that the U.S. has, in fact, adopted the Nazi, fascist, and socialist economic principles of regulation of property and redistribution of wealth. The second step is to lose what the Russian people have lost--the terrifying and paralyzing fear of politicians and bureaucrats. And, third, since our government has become destructive of the ends for which it was formed, to alter or abolish it and implement new government designed to protect, not destroy, our lives and fortunes. Herein lies the road to freedom.

Since I have wandered about here and there I note I have filled up this segment. I like to have them no longer than this for I find readers don't have great attention span--especially for dry information concerning their very lives and survival; therefore, let us close this and move on. I wish to continue, however, with information about Hayek for he was one of the greatest economists and political philosophers of the 20th century--especially considering that with which he had to work.

* * *

Let's move on now to information which even I find most interesting. I have NO information as to who sent this so the best I can do is document resource exactly as it appears--and HOPE it will keep us out of the court!

[Quoting:] [H: I shall really "try" to keep out of this because it comes from Edgar Cayce and he did quite well before I came along to play in the word-games.]

(Arranged by Grace Sybil Huffman)

FOR: Sponsoring Members of the ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH AND ENLIGHTENMENT, INCORPORATED. Virginia Beach, Virginia, April 1957.

[H: Keep this in mind as you read along. This compilation was done a-way back in Spring 1957 but the readings are all the way back to the early 1930s. That in itself should shake you up--LOTS!]


294-D-70 6-30-36

These CHANGES IN THE EARTH will come to pass, for the time and times and half times (Rev. 12:14) are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments. For how hath He given? "The righteous shall inherit the Earth."

Hast thou, my brethren, a heritage in the Earth?

* * *

364-Sc-3 6-28-32

Q-10. He said He would come again. What about His second coming?

A-10. The time no one knows. Even as He gave, not even the Son Himself. Only the Father. Not until His enemies--and the Earth--are wholly in subjection to His will, His powers.

Q-11. Are we entering the period of preparation for His coming?

A-11. Entering the test period (1932), rather.

* * *

262-49 7-9-33

Q-3. What is meant by "the day of the Lord is near at hand"?

A-3. That as has been promised through the prophets and the sages of old, the time--and half time--has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation, and that soon there will again appear in the Earth that one through whom many will be called to meet those that are preparing the way for His day in the Earth. [H: Hummnnn-nn!] The Lord, then, will come, "even as ye have seen Him go."

Q-4. How soon?

A-4. When those that are His have made the way clear, passable, for Him to come.

* * *

5749-4 8-6-33

For, He shall come as ye have seen Him go, in the body He occupied in Galilee. The body that He formed, that was crucified on the Cross, that rose from the tomb, that walked by the sea, that appeared to Simeon, that appeared to Philip, that appeared to I, even John.

Q-7. When Jesus the Christ comes the second time, will He set up His kingdom on Earth and will it be an everlasting kingdom?

A-7. Read His promises in that ye have written of His words (Holy Bible), even as I gave. He shall rule for a thousand years. Then shall Satan be loosed again for a season.

Don't think that there will not be trouble, but those who put their trust wholly in the Lord will not come up missing--but will find conditions, circumstances, activities, someway and somehow, much to be thankful for.

* * *

3976-15 1-19-34

As to the changes physical again: the Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America.

The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.

The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye.

Land will appear off the East Coast of America.

There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the Torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles--so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical and moss and fern will grow.

And these will begin in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His Light will be seen again in the clouds. [H: Hummmnnnnn--rainbow lights maybe?]

As to times, as to seasons, as to places, alone is it given to those who have named the Name--and who bear the Mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.

Q-1. What are the world changes to come physically?

A-1. The Earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the West Coast of America.

There will be open waters appear in the northern portions of Greenland.

There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and dry land will appear.

There will be the falling away in India of much of the material suffering that has been brought on a troubled people.

(There will be the reduction of one risen to power in central Europe to naught. The young king son will reign.)

In AmericaCayce readings breaking up of ruling cliques, in the political forces, we see a re-stabilization of the powers of the peoples in their own hands--a breaking up of the rings, the cliques, in many places. [H: This should give you joy!]

South America shall be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off the Tierra del Fuego land, and a strait with rushing waters. [Funk & Wagnalls New College Standard Dictionary, 1947: Tierra del Fuego. An archipelago south of South America, belonging to Chile and to the Argentine Republic; separated from the mainland by the Strait of Magellan.]

Q-2. To what country is the reference made regarding the young king?

A-2. Germany.

A-4. Explain the relation between the information just given regarding Germany and the changes for this year (1934), and the information already given through this channel on Hitler.

A-4 Read that, my children, that has been given: that there was, the destiny for the man, if he did not allow imperialism to enter in--and it is entering--hence must be called into question.

* * *


Q. What great change or the beginning of what change, if any, is to take place in the Earth in the year 2000 to 2001 A.D.?

A. When there is a shifting of the poles. Or a new cycle begins. [H: Please, thoughtful ponderers--there is, after all, the word "or" in the preceding.]

* * *

270-B-26 1936

Q-20. What is the primary cause of earthquakes? Will San Francisco suffer from such a catastrophe this year (1936)? [H: Boy, you guys surely don't change much, do you? Still are wanting fortune-tellers!]

A-20. We do not find that this particular district (San Francisco) in the present year will suffer the great material damages that have been experienced heretofore. While portions of the country will be affected, we find these will be farther east than San Francisco--or those south, where there has not been heretofore the greater activity.

The causes of these, of course, are the movements about the Earth, that is, internally--and the cosmic activity or influence of other planetary forces and stars and their relationships produce or bring about the activities of the elementals of the Earth, that is, the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water--and these combinations make for the replacements in the various activities.

If there are the greater activities in [Mounts] Vesuvius or Pelee, then the southern coast of California--and the areas between Salt Lake and the southern portions of Nevada--may expect, within the three months following same, an inundation (caused) by the earthquakes. But these, as we find, are to be more in the Southern than in the Northern Hemisphere.

* * *

311-MS-7 4-9-32

Q-12. How soon will the changes in the Earth's activity begin to be apparent?

A-12. When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea (that's South Pacific, to be sure), and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that which is almost opposite to it, or in the Mediterranean, and the [Mount] Etna area. Then we may know it has begun.

Q-14. Will there be any physical changes in the Earth's surface in North America? If so, what sections will be affected, and how?

A-14. All over the country we will find many physical changes of a minor or greater degree. The greater change, as we will find, in America, will be the North Atlantic Seaboard. Watch New York!

Q-16. What, if any, changes will take place around Norfolk area, Virginia?

A-16. No material, that would be effective to the area, other than would eventually become more beneficial--in a port, or the like.




SUN., JUN. 12, 1994 1:17 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 300

SUN., JUN. 12, 1994

by Edgar Cayce
Excerpted by Sybil Huffman

311-MS-8 8-6-32

Q-29. Are there to be physical changes in the Earth's surface in Alabama?

A-29. Not for some period yet.

Q-30. When will the changes begin?

A-30. Thirty-six to thirty-eight.

Q-31. What part of the State will be affected?

A-31. The northwestern part, and the extreme southwestern part.

* * *

311-MS-9 11-19-32

Q-14. Are the physical changes in Alabama predicted for 1936-38 to be gradual or sudden changes?

A-14. Gradual.

Q-15. What form will they take?

A-15. To be sure, that may depend upon much that deals with metaphysical as well as what people call actual or in truth! For, as understood--or should be [understood] by the entity--there are those conditions that in the activity of individuals, in line of thought and endeavor, keep oft many a city and many a land intact through their application of the spiritual laws in their associations with individuals. This will take more of the form here in the change, as we find, through the sinking of portions, with the following up of the inundations by this overflow.

Q-16. When will the physical changes start in Norfolk and vicinity?

A-16. This would be nearer to '58 than to '38 or '36, as we find.

* * *

5541-2 7-27-32

With the years that are to come, conditions that are to arise, as we find, eventually--and this within the next 30 years (1932-62)--Norfolk, with its environs, is to be the chief port on the East Coast, this not excepting Philadelphia or New York; the second being rather in the New England area.

[H: Right here I want to stop and REMIND YOU OF YOUR LESSONS! Why does it appear that these "prophets" or "seers" are "OFF"? They aren't. What happens is that YOU don't understand "time" or "space" except as you count it in some calendar measurements. A person, such as Cayce "sees" and he DOES NOT "see" in calendar pictures. A receiver--sees what is happening--and it is ALWAYS connected to sequential happenings. If the questions were different such as "how and when do you see this happening?" you would get more generalization and "descriptive" responses. However, a direct question in YOUR vocabulary is voiced and the energy is obligated to effort to respond AS ASKED. This is exactly WHY I will not answer, longer, your questions as to exact time of anything. I will offer what others seem to see or think and if it is in the general area of what I see and expect--we'll offer what we can. The point, readers, is the general concept and ongoing sequential events--and IT IS THOSE FOR WHICH YOU MUST PREPARE. At the least, you will have some supplies on hand and can feel a bit of comfort every time your geologists tell you to expect the "Big One".

I "personally" do not even care what "John" was given for it only gave others a chance to have their own versions of the "visions". I suggest we simply go with the promises of GOD! Then, and only then, can you have valid expectations. And, furthermore, you can CREATE a different and far more pleasant and beautiful changeover.]

Q-3. What is the future of Virginia Beach?

A-3. This, as we find, would require a great deal of speculation on the part of individuals. As we would find, and as we would give, of all the resorts that are in the East Coast, Virginia Beach will be the first and the longest-lasting of the increasing of the population, valuation, and activities. Hence, as we would give, the future is good.

* * *

1152-MS-3 1941

As to conditions in the geography of the world, of the country, changes here are gradually coming about.

Many portions of the East Coast will be disturbed, as well as many portions of the West Coast, as well as the central portion of the United States.

In the next few years, lands will appear in the Atlantic as well as in the Pacific. And what is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean. Even many of the battle fields of the present (1941) will be ocean, will be the seas, the bays, the lands over which the new order will carry on their trade as one with another.

Portions of the now East Coast of New York, or New York City itself, will in the main disappear. This will be another generation, though, here; while the southern portions of Carolina, Georgia, these will disappear. This will be much sooner.

The waters of the lakes (Great Lakes) will empty into the Gulf (Gulf of Mexico), rather than the waterway over which such discussions have been recently made....

Then the area where the entity (1152) is now located (Virginia Beach) will be among the safety lands, as will be portions of what is now Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, and much of the southern portion of Canada, and the eastern portion of Canada; while the western land, much of that is to be disturbed, in this land, as, of course, much in other lands.

Q. Virginia Beach is to be safe, then?

A. It is the center, and the only seaport and center, of the White Brotherhood. [H: VERY IMPORTANT POINT!]

* * *

948-3 6-28-40

Before that the entity was in the Atlantean land during the period of the second breaking up, when the islands--or Poseidia--became the main portion of the activities....

In that experience the entity was among the children of the Law of One who accepted and forsook much of those activities because of its close associations and companionships with one of the sons of Belial.

This brought consternation to the entity, and also those influences the application or use of which brought destruction to the land.

And Poseidia will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in sixty-eight and sixty-nine.

* * *

364-3 2-16-32

The position as the continent Atlantis occupied, is that as between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco on the one hand; British Honduras, Yucatan and America upon the other. There are some protruding portions within this that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies or the Bahamas, and a portion of same that may be seen in the present--if the geological survey would be made in some of these--especially, or notably, in Bimini [Funk & Wagnalls New College Standard Dictionary, 1947: Bimini. Either of two small islands of the Bahama group, fabled to contain "the fountain of youth" sought by Ponce de Leon.] [H: Also around the general area of what is recognized as the Devil's triangle. You have not the remotest idea what is going on "down-there" under the sea so I suggest you not mark this one off just because you didn't "see" a continent rising out of the sea.]

* * *

587-4 7-1-35

Q-5. Could the well in Bimini be promoted and reconstructed?

A-5. There has been much given through this source as to how that particular portion of what was the Atlantean period might be developed. While it would make for much outlay in money, as ordinarily termed, there are certain interests that would join in such an undertaking. For it could be established as a center for two particular purposes--a regeneration for those with certain types of individual ailments (not only from the well, or water from same, but from the surrounding waters--because of the life in same) [H: That "Life" happens to be cells we call "drias" from which is derived Gaiandriana (drianas) and (drios) along with other such adaptable and frequency-alterable life-forms. Because of the totally negative reasons for searching these places for greedy purposes of total humanistic expression--the presentation of such assistance has come through other channels than that area. The search for the gold is all but legendary and many a wanton group has been lost to the "devil" in those waters.] and a center for archaeological research. And, as such activities are begun, there will be found much more gold in the lands under the sea than there is in the world circulation today!

And as to how, this should be considered seriously from many varied angles that exist. For, as understood, there are those conditions as related to the varied powers that are "in power" or in affluence as respecting activities of any nature there. And as they exist in the present there are some complications for agreements, contracts, the lettings of this, that, or the other.

But this should not be left alone; it should be considered from many angles. Also aid may be induced from the varied societies that have been formed for the study of geological and archaeological activities, or such. For much will be found.

And, as may be known, when the changes begin, these portions will rise among the first.

* * *


Remember that those principles inculcated in the Declaration [of Independence] are eternal, and in them lies the HOPE OF THE WORLD. All men must recognize them if they are to remain together as brethren. In that they all need be of one mind, but they must all be of one purpose, one hope, each loving his neighbor as himself.

* * *

June 22, 1944

In Russia there comes the HOPE OF THE WORLD, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; NO. But freedom; freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystalized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit, "In God We Trust." (Do ye use that in thine own heart when you pay your just debts? Do ye use that in thy prayer when ye send thy missionaries to other lands? "I give it, for in God we trust." Not for the other fifty cents either!)

* * *

April 28, 1941

Strifes will arise through the period. Watch for them near Davis Strait (between Greenland and Canada) in the attempts there for the keeping of the life line to a land open.

Watch for them in Libya and in Egypt, in Ankara and in Syria, through the straits about those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

Ye say that these are of the sea; yes--for there shall the breaking up be, until there are those in every land that shall say that this or that shows the hand of divine interference, or that it is nature taking a hand, or that it is the natural consequence of good judgments.

But in all of these, let each declare Whom ye will serve; a nation, a man, a state, OR THY GOD?

For to Him ye must look for comfort that ye know that comes. All that is of a temporal nature--this, too, must pass away; yet there remains the comfort for those who declare themselves, "Let others do as they may, for as for me, I will serve the living God."

In the period, too, there will be the breaking of agreements, the declaring of stands by groups will be known, and bring--to some--consternation.

But FEAR NOT ye that influence that may destroy the body. Rather give praise and glory to Him who may SAVE BOTH BODY AND SOUL to everlasting joy.

* * *

3976-15 1-19-34

As to those things that deal with the mental of the Earth, these shall call upon the mountains to cover them. As ye have seen those in lowly places raised to those of power in the political, in the machinery of nations' activities, so shall you see those in high places reduced and calling on the waters of darkness to cover them.

And those that, in the inmost recesses of themselves, have not awakened to the spiritual truths that are to be given, and those who have acted in the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light and turmoil and strife shall enter.

And, as there is the wavering of those that would enter as emissaries, as teachers from the throne of Life, the throne of Light, the throne of Immortality, and wage war in the air with those of darkness, then know ye that the ARMAGEDDON is at hand.

For with the great numbers of the gathering of the hosts of those that have hindered and would make for man and his weaknesses stumbling-blocks, they shall wage war with the spirits of Light, that come unto the Earth for this awakening, that have been and are being called by those of the sons of men into the service of the living God. For He, as ye have been told, is not the God of the dead, not the God of those that have forsaken Him, but those that love His coming, and that love His associations among men--The God of the living, the God of LIFE! For, HE IS LIFE.

* * *

2780-1-1 12-11-43 (Male, 10 yrs.)

....there has come--now--and will come at the close of this next year (1944) the period when there will be no part of the globe where man has not had the opportunity to hear, "The Lord, He is God."

And, as has been indicated, when this period has been accomplished, then the NEW ERA, the NEW AGE, is to begin. [H: This does not mean: THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT AS RELIGION. This MEANS a new portion or phase of cycle changing.] Will ye be a part of it, or will ye let it pass by and be merely a hanger-on, or one upon whom your brother--the Lord, thy Christ--may depend?

....(Atlantis?).... [H: "Atlantis" is NOT my insertion, readers. Do not forget that we are simply copying as the author of same excerpted from original readings or whatever. People had to take notes FOR Cayce. My insertions will always appear in bold print within brackets.] In the land of the present nativity, during those early periods when there were the diverse changes, as would be looked in the present, that will come again. In portions of what is now Ohio, the entity was a sun worshipper but one who worked in cloth, wearing of camel's hair and those things having to do with creating of clothes from the long-haired animals in those particular periods. The name then was Ekl.

* * *

3648-L-1 1-24-44 (Female, 27 yrs.)

Changes are due to be wrought in the Earth through the period of the entity's sojourn.

[H: Please, also, remember that these are individual readings and are certainly taken out of context herein. It is fine but if you fail to realize the intent of the speaker--you may well misinterpret the intent.]

* * *

3653-L-1 1-7-44 (Female, born 6-19-15)

What an unusual record--and one of those who might be termed as physically the mothers of the world! For the entity was one of those in the Ark....

For as has been given from the beginning, the deluge was not a myth (as many would have you believe) but a period when man had so belittled himself with the cares of the world, with the deceitfulness of his own knowledge and power, as to require that there be a return to his dependence wholly--physically and mentally--upon the Creative Forces.

Will this entity see such again occur in the Earth? Will it be among those who may be given those directions as to how, where, the elect may be preserved for the replenishing again of the Earth?

Remember, not by water--for it is the mother of life in the Earth--but rather by the element, fire.

....The entity--as the wife of a son of Noah--became among the eight souls in the Ark, in the preparation and in the endurance thereof, and in whose experiences gained in the activities through the Earth's influence. The name then was Maran.

* * *


Yet, as time draws nigh when changes are to come about, there may be the opening of those three places where the records are one, to those that are the initiates in the knowledge of the One God: The temple ... will rise again; also there will be the opening of the temple of records in Egypt; and those records that were put into the heart of the Atlantean land may also be found there. The records are one.

* * *

3209-L-2 (Female, 51 yrs.)

Before that the entity was in Atlantis when there were the periods of the first upheavals and the destructions that came to the land--as must in the next generation come to other lands.

2329 5-1-41 (Female, 43 yrs.)

....Apply self, then, to know much of those records written upon those tablets, that were a part of the entity's experience [in Egypt]. For these were records made by the entity itself--preserved with the physical being of the entity. Make them practical, though, in the experience of individuals in the occidental thought, and not from the oriental. But there are the needs for the purging of body, of mind, so that--through the mind and the laying on of hands--the entity may bring to others that of health, hope, and understanding.

Q-7 Where are those records or tablets made of that Egyptian experience, which I might study?

A-7. In the tomb of Records, as indicated. For the entity's tomb then was a part of the Hall of Records, which has not yet been uncovered. It lies between--or along that entrance from the Sphinx to the temple, or the pyramid--in a pyramid, of course, of its own.

Q-8. Through what channels of the A.R.E. may the most?

A-8. As it begins its further preparation and through those channels for guidance--as it is needed; or begin with the interpreting of the remember, there are 32 of these plates!

Q-9. Is it indicated as to when, approximately, these tablets may be discovered, or uncovered?

A-9. By 1958.

Q-10. How may I find those records, or should I wait--or must I wait?

A-10. You will find the records by that channel as indicated, as these may be obtained MENTALLY.

As for the physical records--it will be necessary to wait until the full time has come for the breaking up of much that has been in the nature of selfish motives in the world. For, remember, these records were made from the angle of WORLD movements. So must thy activities be in the present of the universal approach, but as applied to the individual.

Keep the faith. Know that the ability lies within self.

As ye were then the offspring of, and the helpmate to, that one who bore such an influence upon the movements of mankind through that period, so may thy power, thy might, thy love, thy faith, thy abilities do much for mankind in these dark hours again.

Hold fast to the faith of thy fathers.

* * *

3575-L-1 1-20-44 (Female, 43 yrs.)

Before that the entity was in the Egyptian land when there were those periods of discussions among the peoples from Atlantis and the Natives, regarding those conditions which arose.

The entity was of the Atlanteans who set about to preserve records, to make for the variations that were a part of the activities especially assigned to the peoples of Atlantis. For the entity came with those groups who were to establish the Hall or House of Records, and the entity directly or indirectly may be among those who will yet bring these to light--when the present disturbances (World War II) through those particular areas have again given privilege for the searching for the sacred records of the Atlanteans. The entity may help. The name then was Acmelwen.

* * *


The base of the Sphinx was laid out in channels; and in the corner facing the Pyramid of Gizeh may be found the wording of how this was founded, giving the history of the first invading ruler and the ascension of Araaraart to that position.

* * *


From the right forepaw [of the Sphinx] there runs a passage to the entrance of the record Chamber, or Record House, where the records are still to be uncovered.

This may not be entered without an understanding, for those that were left as guards may not be passed until after a period of their regeneration in the Mount, or the FIFTH ROOT RACE begins.



....This building on the Pyramid lasted for a period of 100 years, as now termed. It was formed according to that which had been worked out by Ra-Ta in the Mount, as related to the position of the stars about which this particular solar system circles in its activity--going towards what? That same name to which the priest was banished, Libya--or the constellation of Libra.

Is it not fitting, then, that these must return?

This priest Ra, now Edgar Cayce, may develop himself to be in that position or capacity of a liberator of the world, in its relationships to individuals in those periods to come. For he must enter again at that period--or in 1998.

* * *

294-D-70 6-30-36

On the night of March 3, 1936, while returning to Virginia Beach from Detroit on the train, Edgar Cayce had the following dream:

He had been born again in 2100 A.D. in Nebraska. The sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country, as the city where he lived was on the coast. The family name was a strange one. At an early age as a child he declared himself to be Edgar Cayce who had lived two hundred years before.

Scientists, men with long beards, little hair, and thick glasses were called in to observe the child. They decided to visit the places where he said he had been born, lived, and worked--in Kentucky, Alabama, New York, Michigan, and Virginia. Taking the child with them the group of scientists visited these places in a long, cigar-shaped, metal flying ship which moved at high speed.

Water covered part of Alabama. Norfolk, Virginia, had become an immense seaport. New York had been destroyed either by war or an Earthquake and was being rebuilt. Industries were scattered over the countryside. Most of the houses were of glass.

Many records of Edgar Cayce's work were discovered and collected. The group returned to Nebraska, taking the records with them for study.

On June 30, 1936, a reading was given in which an interpretation of Mr. Cayce's dream-experience was requested. The answer follows:

These experiences, as has oft been indicated, come to the body in those manners in which there may be help, strength, for periods when doubt or fear may have arisen. As in this experience, there were about the entity those influences which appeared to make for such a record of confusion as to appear to the material or mental-minded as a doubting or fearing of those sources which caused the periods through which the entity was passing in that particular period.

And the vision was that there might be strength, that there might be an understanding, that though the moment may appear dark, though there may be periods of the misinterpreting of purposes, even these will be turned into that which will be the very proof itself in the experiences of the entity and those whom the entity might, whom the entity would, in its experience through the Earth plane, help, and those to whom the entity might give hope and understanding.

This then is the interpretation. As has been given, "Fear not." Keep the faith; for those that be with thee are greater than those that would hinder. [H: Dharma, do you think you could please hold to this thought also? How about the rest of you who are set upon and each day such changes and assaults come about as to cause you to live in a whirlwind? God is with you, chelas of HIS Brotherhood. WE who serve HIM shall prevail and within this knowledge and Truth ye must hold firm within your faith within HIM for in that way, ONLY, can we serve ALL who have need in this changing adventure.] Though the very heavens fall, though the Earth shall be changed, though the heavens shall pass, the promises in HIM are sure and will stand--as in that day--as the proof of thy activity in the lives and hearts of thy fellow men.

For indeed and in truth ye know, "As ye do it unto thy fellow man, ye do it unto thy God, to thyself." For, with self effaced, God may indeed glorify thee and make thee stand as one who is called for a purpose in thy dealings, in thy relationships with thy fellow man.

Be not unmindful that He is nigh unto thee in every trial, in every temptation, and hath not willed that thou shouldst perish.

Make thy will, then, one with His. Be not afraid.

That is the interpretation; that the periods from the material angle, as visioned, are to come to pass matters not to the soul, but do thy duty TODAY! TOMORROW will care for itself.

These changes in the Earth will come to pass, for THE TIME AND TIMES AND HALF TIMES ARE AT AN END, and there begins those periods for the readjustments. For how hath He given? "The righteous shall inherit the Earth."


* * *

Rev. 12:14 "....where she [Earth] is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time...."

Dan. 7:25 "....until a time and times and the dividing of time."

Dan. 12:7 "....it shall be for a time, times, and a half... all these things shall be finished."

Dan. 12:13 "But go thou thy way till the end BE: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days."

* * *

I don't know how old this paper might be so I can only suggest that you order from the Edgar Cayce Publishing Co., Virginia Beach, Virginia. (This obviously came prior to "ZIP codes" and the price would have been back then: 50 cents. So, all I can suggest is that you be generous--please.

Do I sanction everything from Edgar Cayce's records? NO. But remember, ones came AFTER Cayce and before he "left" he had the same pressures upon him as do all of Gods "chilluns"--survival!

Thank you for another long day and, please, I implore you again: hold the faith for the time is at hand for these things to come to pass--and that means we shall garner SUCCESS from our labors. "The righteous shall inherit the Earth!" Surprise! Surprise! For "Be it ever so humble--there is simply NO PLACE LIKE HOME!"

Salu, precious friends. And to our enemy (we have only one): Thy days are numbered in thy goings and in thy comings. The infinite is ever more durable than the finite wherein the absence of Lighted God lays claim.



MON., JUN. 13, 1994 1:54 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 201

MON., JUN. 13, 1994

(Chapter 9)


Continuation from Chapter 8, [5/31/94 #2 Hatonn writing] Federalist Papers No. 41, Excerpts:

No. 41, Par. 21, James Madison:

....The power of regulating and calling forth the militia has been already sufficiently vindicated and explained.

The power of levying and borrowing money, being the sinew of that which is to be exerted in the national defense, is properly thrown into the same class with it. This power, also, has been examined already with such attention, and has, I trust, been clearly shown to be necessary, both in the extent and form given to it by the Constitution. I will address one additional reflection only to those who contend that the power ought to have been restrained to external taxation--by which they mean taxes on articles imported from other countries. It cannot be doubted that this will always be a valuable source of revenue; that for a considerable time it must be a principal source; that at this moment it is an essential one. But we may form very mistaken ideas on this subject if we do not call to mind in our calculations that the extent of revenue drawn from foreign commerce must vary with the variations, both in the extent and the kind of imports; and that these variations do not correspond with the progress of population, which must be the general measure of the public wants. As long as agriculture continues the sole field of labor, the importation of manufactures must increase as the consumers multiply. As soon as domestic manufactures are begun by the hands not called for by agriculture, the imported manufactures will decrease as the numbers of people increase. In a more remote stage, the imports may consist in a considerable part of raw materials, which will be wrought into articles for exportation, and will, therefore, require rather the encouragement of bounties than to be loaded with discouraging duties. A system of government meant for duration ought to contemplate these revolutions and be able to accommodate itself to them.

Some who have not denied the necessity of the power of taxation have grounded a very fierce attack against the Constitution, on the language in which it is defined. It has been urged and echoed that the power "to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts, and excises, to pay the debts, and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States," amounts to an unlimited commission to exercise every power which may be alleged to be necessary for the common defense or general welfare. No stronger proof could be given of the distress under which these writers labor for objections, than their stooping to such a misconstruction.

Had no other enumeration or definition of the powers of the Congress been found in the Constitution than the general expressions just cited, the authors of the objection might have had some color for it; though it would have been difficult to find a reason for so awkward a form of describing an authority to legislate in all possible cases. A power to destroy the freedom of the press, the trial by jury, or even to regulate the course of descents, or the forms of conveyances, must be very singularly expressed by the terms "to raise money for the general welfare".

But what color can the objection have when a specification of the objects alluded to by these general terms immediately follows and is not even separated by a longer pause than a semicolon? If the different parts of the same instrument ought to be so expounded as to give meaning to every part which will bear it, shall one part of the same sentence be excluded altogether from a share in the meaning; and shall the more doubtful and indefinite terms be retained in their full extent, and the clear and precise expressions be denied any signification whatsoever? For what purpose could the enumeration of particular powers be inserted, if these and all others were meant to be included in the preceding general power? Nothing is more natural nor common than first to use a general phrase, and then to explain and qualify it by a recital of particulars. But the idea of an enumeration of particulars which neither explain nor qualify the general meaning, and can have no other effect than to confound and mislead, is an absurdity, which, as we are reduced to the dilemma of charging either on the authors of the objection or on the authors of the Constitution, we must take the liberty of supposing had not its origin with the latter.

The objection here is the more extraordinary, as it appears that the language used by the convention is a copy from the Articles of Confederation. The objects of the Union among the States, as described in article third, are "their common defense, security of their liberties, and mutual and general welfare". The terms of article eighth are still more identical: "All charges of war and all other expenses that shall be incurred for the common defense or general welfare and allowed by the United States in Congress shall be defrayed out of a common treasury," etc. A similar language again occurs in article ninth. Construe either of these articles by the rules which would justify the construction put on the new Constitution, and they vest in the existing Congress a power to legislate in all cases whatsoever. But what would have been thought of that assembly, if, attaching them-selves to these general expressions and disregarding the specifications which ascertain and limit their import, they had exercised an unlimited power of providing for the common defense and general welfare? I appeal to the objectors themselves, whether they would in that case have employed the same reasoning in justification of Congress as they now make use of against the convention. How difficult it is for the error to escape its own condemnation. PUBLIUS.

No. 56, Par. 6, James Madison:

....Taxation will consist, in a great measure, of duties which will be involved in the regulation of commerce. So far the preceding remark is applicable to this object. As far as it may consist of internal collections, a more diffusive knowledge of the circumstances of the State may be necessary. But will not this also be possessed in sufficient degree by a very few intelligent men, diffusively elected within the State? Divide the largest State into ten or twelve districts and it will be found that there will be no peculiar local interests in either which will not be within the knowledge of the representative of the district. Besides this source of information, the laws of the State, framed by representatives from every part of it, will be almost of themselves a sufficient guide. In every State there have been made, and must continue to be made, regulations on this subject which will, in many cases, leave little more to be done by the federal legislature than to review the different laws and reduce them in one general act. A skilful individual in his closet, with all the local codes before him, might compile a law on some subjects of taxation for the whole Union, without any aid from oral information, and it may be expected that whenever internal taxes may be necessary, and particularly in cases requiring uniformity throughout the States, the more simple objects will be preferred. To be fully sensible of the facility which will be given to this branch of federal legislation by the assistance of the State codes, we need only suppose for a moment that this or any other State were divided into a number of parts, each having and exercising within itself a power of local legislation. Is it not evident that a degree of local information and preparatory labor would be found in the several volumes of their proceedings which would very much shorten the labors of the general legislature, and render a much smaller number of members sufficient for it? The federal councils will derive great advantage from another circumstance. The representatives of each State will not only bring with them a considerable knowledge of its laws, and a local knowledge of their respective districts, but will probably in all cases have been members, and may even at the very time be members, of the State legislature, where all the local information and interests of the State are assembled, and from whence they may easily be conveyed by a very few hands into the legislature of the United States.


To borrow money on the credit of the United States;

To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 42, Par. 11, James Madison:

....The defect of power in the existing Confederacy to regulate the commerce between its several members is in the number of those which have been clearly pointed out by experience. To the proofs and remarks which former papers have brought into view on this subject, it may be added that without this supplemental provision, the great and essential power of regulating foreign commerce would have been incomplete and ineffectual. A very material object of this power was the relief of the States which import and export through other States from the improper contributions levied on them by the latter. Were these at liberty to regulate the trade between State and State, it must be foreseen that ways would be found out to load the articles of import and export, during the passage through their jurisdiction, with duties which would fall on the makers of the latter and the consumers of the former. We may be assured by past experience that such a practice would be introduced by future contrivances; and both by that and a common knowledge of human affairs that it would nourish unceasing animosities, and not improbably terminate in serious interruptions of the public tranquility. To those who do not view the question through the medium of passion or of interest, the desire of the commercial States to collect, in any form, an indirect revenue from their uncommercial neighbors must appear not less impolitic than it is unfair; since it would stimulate the injured party by resentment as well as interest to resort to less convenient channels for their foreign trade. But the mild voice of reason, pleading the cause of an enlarged and permanent interest, is but too often drowned, before public bodies as well as individuals, by the clamors of an impatient avidity for immediate and immoderate gain.

The necessity of a superintending authority over the reciprocal trade of confederated States has been illustrated by other examples as well as our own. In Switzerland, where the Union is so very slight, each canton is obliged to allow to merchandises a passage through its jurisdiction into other cantons, without an augmentation of the tolls. In Germany it is a law of the empire that the princes and states shall not lay tolls or customs on bridges, rivers, or passages, without the consent of the emperor and the diet; though it appears from a quotation in an antecedent paper that the practice in this, as in many other instances in that confederacy, has not followed the law, and has produced there the mischief’s which have been foreseen here. Among the restraints imposed by the Union of the Netherlands on its members, one is that they shall not establish imposts disadvantageous to their neighbors without the general permission.

The regulation of commerce with the Indian tribes is very properly unfettered from two limitations in the Articles of Confederation, which render the provision obscure and contradictory. The power is there restrained to Indians, not members of any of the states, and is not to violate or infringe the legislative right of any State within its own limits. What description of Indians are to be deemed members of a State is not yet settled, and has been a question of frequent perplexity and contention in the federal councils. And how the trade with Indians, though not members of a State, yet residing within its legislative jurisdiction can be regulated by an external authority, without so far intruding on the internal rights of legislation, is absolutely incomprehensible. This is not the only case in which the Articles of Confederation have inconsiderately endeavored to accomplish impossibilities; to reconcile a partial sovereignty in the Union, with complete sovereignty in the States; to subvert a mathematical axiom by taking away a part and letting the whole remain.

No. 45, Par. 8, James Madison

....If the federal government is to have collectors of revenue, the State government will have theirs also. And as those of the former will be principally on the seacoast, and not very numerous, whilst those of the latter will be spread over the face of the country, and will be very numerous, the advantage in this view also lies on the same side. It is true that the Confederacy is to possess, and may exercise, the power of collecting internal as well as external taxes throughout the States; but it is probable that this power will not be resorted to, except for supplemental purposes of revenue; that an option will then be given to the States to supply their quotas by previous collections of their own; and that the eventual collection, under the immediate authority of the Union, will generally be made by the officers, and according to the rules, appointed by the several States. Indeed it is extremely probable that in other instances, particularly in the organization of the judicial power, the officers of the States will be clothed with the correspondent authority of the Union. Should it happen, however, that separate collectors of internal revenue should be appointed under the federal government, the influence of the whole number would not bear a comparison with that of the multitude of State officers in the opposite scale. Within every district to which a federal collector would be allotted, there would not be less than thirty or forty, or even more, officers of different descriptions, and many of them persons of character and weight whose influence would lie on the side of the State.


To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 32, Par. 2, Alexander Hamilton:

....The third will be found in that clause which declares that Congress shall have power "to establish an Uniform Rule of naturalization throughout the United States". This must necessarily be exclusive; because if each State had power to prescribe a DISTINCT RULE, there could not be a UNIFORM RULE.

No. 42, Par. 17 & 18, James Madison:

The dissimilarity in the rules of naturalization has long been remarked as a fault in our system, and as laying a foundation for intricate and delicate questions. In the fourth article of the Con-federation, it is declared "that the free inhabitants of each of these States, paupers, vagabonds, and fugitives from justice excepted, shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of free citizens in the several States; and the people of each State shall, in every other, enjoy all the privileges of trade and commerce," etc. There is a confusion of language here which is remarkable. Why the terms free inhabitants are used in one part of the article, free citizens in another, and people in another; or what was meant by superadding to "all privileges and immunities of free citizens," "all the privileges of trade and commerce," cannot easily be determined. It seems to be a construction scarcely avoidable, however, that those who come under the denomination of free inhabitants of a State, although not citizens of such State, are entitled, in every other State, to all the privileges of free citizens of the latter; that is, to greater privileges than they may be entitled to in their own State; so that it may be in the power of a particular State, or rather every State is laid under a necessity not only to confer the rights of citizenship in other States upon any whom it may admit to such rights within itself, but upon any whom it may allow to become inhabitants within its jurisdiction. But were an exposition of the term "inhabitants" to be admitted which would confine the stipulated privileges to citizens alone, the difficulty is diminished only, not removed. The very improper power would still be retained by each State of naturalizing aliens in every other State. In one State, residence for a short term confirms all the rights of citizenship in another, qualifications of greater importance are required. An alien, therefore, legally incapacitated for certain rights in the latter, may, by previous residence only in the former, elude his incapacity; and thus the law of one State be preposterously rendered paramount to the law of another, within the jurisdiction of the other. We owe it to mere casualty that very serious embarrassments on this subject have been hitherto escaped. By the laws of several States, certain descriptions of aliens, who had rendered themselves obnoxious, were laid under interdicts inconsistent not only with the rights of citizenship but with the privilege of residence. What would have been the consequence if such persons, by residence or otherwise, had acquired the character of citizens under the laws of another State, and then asserted their rights as such, both to residence and citizenship, within the State proscribing them? Whatever the legal consequences might have been, other consequences would probably have resulted of too serious a nature not to be provided against. The new Constitution has accordingly, with great propriety, made provision against them, and all other proceeding from the defect of the Confederation on this head, by authorizing the general government to establish a uniform rule of naturalization throughout the United States.

The power of establishing uniform laws of bankruptcy is so intimately connected with the regulation of commerce, and will prevent so many frauds where the parties or their property may lie or be removed into different States, that the expediency of it seems not likely to be drawn into question.


To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures;

To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States;

To establish post offices and post roads;

To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries;

Federalist Papers, Excerpts:

No. 42, Par. 14, James Madison:

All that need be remarked on the power to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, is that by providing for this last case, the Constitution has supplied a material omission in the Articles of Confederation. The authority of the existing Congress is restrained to the regulation of coin struck by their own authority, or that of the respective States. It must be seen at once that the proposed uniformity in the value of the current coin might be destroyed by subjecting that of foreign coin to the different regulations of the different States.

The punishment of counterfeiting the public securities, as well as the current coin, is submitted of course to that authority which is to secure the value of both.

The regulation of weights and measures is transferred from the Articles of Confederation, and is founded on like considerations with the preceding power of regulating coin.

No. 43, Par. 1, 2 & 3, James Madison:

The fourth class comprises the following miscellaneous powers:

1. A power "to promote the progress of science and useful arts by securing, for a limited time, to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries."

The utility of this power will scarcely be questioned. The copyright of authors has been solemnly adjudged in Great Britain to be a right of common law. The right to useful inventions seems with equal reason to belong to the inventors. The public good fully coincides in both cases with the claims of individuals. The States cannot separately make effectual provision for either of the cases, and most of them have anticipated the decision of this point by laws passed at the instance of Congress.


Enough for today, dear Scribe, we can begin here at the next writing. Salu.



TUE., JUN. 14, 1994 8:43 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 302

TUE., JUN. 14, 1994


Let us set aside the Federalist Papers as relate to the Constitution of the United States of America for this interim period of time awaiting the disc bearing the "papers". We are becoming too far behind with other pertinent and interesting information needing to get out in the paper and journals. We can pick up the load later or solicit help as with putting the Federalist Papers to disc. It remains magnificently important to integrate the two because there seems to be no way to get the public to relate the two and unless there is relationship and "explanation" there is no way to realize the full intent of the Constitution itself.


C.M. has sent us some material from a publication called The Freedom Networker, 42015 Ford Road #107, Canton, MI 48187. Ph: 313-454-9977 (Mr. Ralph Barnes). Judging from the examples sent to us--it is a highly interesting journal worthy of attention. The rates are quite reasonable ($3.00 per single issue: annual subscription in the U.S.A. is $24.00, Canada and Mexico: $30.00; and other areas: $36.00.) They DO accept advertising and rates can be obtained. Are we in the business of advertising for other publications? EVERY TIME WE GET AN OPPORTUNITY AND FIND ONE WORTHY OF NOTE!


From upstart there has been a focused effort to break the backs of the paper, CONTACT. The PHOENIX LIBERATOR WAS destroyed as was the PHOENIX EXPRESS. Do we expect this one to "fold"? We don't know--that remains up to you as readers. However, we NEVER expect to, or longer hope to, be able to more than break-even with expenses. We long ago gave up hope of that as a goal. We have allowed no advertising through commercial parties other than our own monitored products and recommended product uses. This has been to negate any measure of "priority" for advertisers. Any book gets advertised on its MERITS and authors are supported on their TRUTH IN PRESENTATION TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITY. If you are able to get copies of books from this resource--it is because the author has already been paid and it is for your convenience. We effort to always have you as readers go to either the author personally or to whatever source the author asks--or from wherever we can get information regarding acquisition. Will this change? We are always open to the need for change but it will be indeed sad if the voice for the people must be closed or open to any and all advertising for immediately readers of a paper look to the type of advertising to JUDGE THE PAPER. This is unfortunate but true. And yet, readers, survival is necessary for patriots and God's people as well as Satan's bands of thugs. We simply do not have ability to have staff to monitor so the best we can do at present is to offer the articles and present all the information as to the publication from which it is obtained and hope the parties involved, from the publication itself to the friends and readers who clip and share, continue to allow and share.

Loving and overburdened hands put this paper together and totally through devoted volunteers is it shipped to you each week. Dr. Young, and editor-copy people DO NOT GO TO BED ON MONDAY NIGHTS and volunteer handlers and mailers work into each Tuesday night to get the paper off to you ASAP. You want proof through miracles? Every TUESDAY with CONTACT! The recent 88-page paper pushes the "miracle" just about into impossibility for even miracles.

I take the time for this for I have little opportunity to attend our loving crew here and less opportunity to thank the readers who faithfully and regularly share information, updates, network news-breaking "scoops", etc. Believe me, readers, YOU DO NOT WANT MAGICAL REVELATIONS--YOU WANT TRUTH OF WHAT IS! Any so-called "psychic" or "channel" will feed you tons of information and you STILL don't know what to believe if it differs one iota from another--this is even true for here. My own scribe constantly has to be given confirmation--AND THAT IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. I will later offer you a good example of this fact: an offering from some"one" calling itself Sanaka re: World Ascension Day--12:12. A beloved and long-time reader asks "my" comments. I have little to offer--there is some truth and much total garbage. I can only ask you to read such with great care according to the guidelines I have taught you and you will know enough. The first warning is the absolute offering of DATES and, furthermore, if you don't know about what "ascension" actually means--you have no way to sort such information. BEWARE! Especially beware of such "similar" labels as are offered in such documents and the use of other parties long respected for truth. Does this mean the information or the young man who brings information from Sanaka is invalid? No, it could mean "anything" from "misled" to "it will happen" to "some truth, some garbage".

It is simply easier to take that which is shown before you and look at that which has been hidden from you--and discern for self the possibilities. YOU have enough before you to begin your journey into TRUTH because the PROOF of these things is continually being uncovered from under the rocks where the Elite Adversaries have buried them FROM YOU.

First of all though, I am going to offer the three separate subject articles from The Freedom Networker.



[H: This becomes more and more important to ALL OF YOU--EVERY DAY THAT COMES! What can be done about it? Get your Constitution back into operation and DEMAND truth in JUSTICE and CLEAN OUT THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM OF CORRUPTION AND SELF-MADE RULES AND REGULATIONS!]

There seems to be much confusion surrounding the terms ATTORNEY and LAWYER. A lot of people misconstrue these terms to mean the same. To determine the meaning of an "attorney" we looked to Black's Law Dictionary. Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Edition defines "attorney-law": "to turnover; to transfer to another money or goods; to assign to some particular use or service. To consent to the transfer of a rent or reversion. To agree to become tenant to one as owner or landlord of an estate previously held of another, or to agree to recognize a new owner of a property or an estate and promise payment of rent to him." [H: Emphasis is mine. Do you see anything in that definition that reflects on almost anything you find happening in the courts around your nation on a daily basis?]

"ATTORNEY-FEUDAL LAW": "to turn-over; to transfer to another money or goods; to assign to some particular use or service. Where a Lord aliened his seniority, he might with the consent of the tenant, and in some cases without, ATTORNEY or transfer the homage and service of the later to the alien or new Lord."

Attornment": "In feudal and old English law--a turning over or transfer by a Lord of the services of his tenant to the grantee of his seniority. (Lordship-Title: Seignior, Sir) the doctrine of an attornment grew out of the peculiar relations existing between the landlord and his tenant under the feudal law, and the reasons for the rule never had any existence in this country, and is inconsistent with our laws, customs, and institutions."

We need to take a very close look at these words in order to understand the rule of an "ATTORNEY" where the setting is old England and the aristocracy held the land. The lower class tilled the land as tenants. When the land changed hands from one aristocracy Lord to another aristocracy Lord, a treaty was made between the tenants and the new Lord: so that Civil War would not break out between the tenants and the new Lord. This transfer of power with treaty was called ATTORNMENT.

Attornment was the method of peacefully passing land from one aristocrat to another aristocrat without disturbing the class structure. It consisted of a peaceful method of maintaining a noble class of citizens acceptable to the common people. This does not mean that the common people liked the situation, but they suffered evils while evils were sufferable and made their "Treaties of Attornment". Therefore an English law "ATTORNMENT" was a method of guaranteeing UN-EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW for the rich and the poor. But it was one which was tolerable for the poor. It was a "peaceful" maintenance of the class structure.

An "ATTORNEY'S" role in this system was to provide the ceremony of the acquiescence or giving of the poor along with the land to the new land-Lord, and to do so in such a manner (modes operand) as to preserve and maintain the class structure, this so called peaceful transfer is "UNEQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW." It is crystal clear THAT AN ATTORNEY'S ROLE TODAY HAS NOT CHANGED. "Attorneys" practice "Attornment".

LAWYER": "A person learned in the law. One who understands and who loves the law for its capacity to rectify the evils of society. One who professes and practices 'liberty and justice for all' and therefore the 'EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW." "Lawyers" practice "law". The U.S. Constitution provides over thirty guarantees of the "EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW". A lawyer supports those provisions of guarantee, an attorney opposes those provisions. In America, a lawyer obeys the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land. An "ATTORNEY" does NOT obey the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, on August 31, 1990 in the case of Freed v. Martin, in a Kalamazoo County circuit court, Judge Phillip Schaefer ruled "that ALL Michigan attorneys have only "De Facto" licenses to practice law." Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition defines: "DE FACTO" as "ILLEGAL" or "illegitimate". REF: 416.


In substitute of a legitimate license from the Executive Branch of Government, "attorneys" have a BAR CARD/BAR AFFILIATION. Through this affiliation they are agents of the court and work FOR THE COURTS' INTERESTS. The courts' interests are FIRST and the client's interest is SECOND. They all are operating in a "conflict of interest"; all are without a LICENSE. One thing Judge Phillip Schaefer conveniently failed to mention is that ALL MICHIGAN JUDGES HAVE "DE FACTO" LICENSES. (Judges also have a "BAR" versus a legitimate "LICENSE".)

Article VI

Section 19: "....Justices and judges of courts of record, must be persons who are licensed to practice law in this state."

A requirement to run for election to be a judge is that an "affidavit" must be signed under penalty of perjury. On this "affidavit" a person swears under penalty of perjury that they "have a LICENSE to practice law." ALL Michigan judges have committed perjury by signing this "affidavit". One may confirm this by questioning a judge to view his "license"; NOT HIS MEMBERSHIP CARD TO HIS LAW PERSONS FRATERNAL ASSOCIATION--Bar.


Please see that this is immediately gotten to the Constitutional Law Center.

The next is a short little message about all those "BLACK" helicopters which are both seen and denied. Very interesting.



Sightings of black and olive drab helicopters without markings are coming from many areas of America.

Many are reportedly moving troops from secret base to secret base. Many are cargo haulers moving military equipment and supplies to these bases from supply points.

In Michigan, these helicopters have been seen during daylight hours but their favorite flying times seem to be well after midnight.

Some of these black helicopters are the property of a de facto [H: There's that term again, "de facto" (illegal-illegitimate)] police organization called Wackenhut Security Services. When you learn that Wackenhut is run BY EX-CIA, FBI AND OTHER HIGH LEVEL INTELLIGENCE PERSONNEL AND THAT ITS PRINCIPAL STOCKHOLDERS ARE PEOPLE LIKE THE ROTHSCHILDS AND THE ROCKEFELLERS, you know that it, too, is very much a creature of the New World Order. Already, Wackenhuts operates prisons under contract to several states. Undoubtedly, they'll be engaged to operate CONCENTRATION CAMPS too!

Military officials disclaim these helicopters as being theirs though the U.S. Air Force has now confirmed that these mysterious helicopters are classified operations not subject to revelation.

In short, these helicopters' mission here is SECRET. It seems logical to assume that they are preparing for the role of military backup for the occupation and desecration of America and Americans.


Not too comforting, is it? Please note that the reason for the specific mention of Michigan so often is that is where The Freedom Networker is located.

The third article is another one you should pay SPECIAL ATTENTION to. We offer these articles and call special attention because these people are located across the nation from CONTACT and yet, TRUTH is "everywhere".



A totalitarian tyrannical dictatorship is being imposed on America from without and from within!

Know those who are foresworn to destroy your family, your beliefs, your health, your religion and your freedoms!

Did you know there is a secret society within our country that has more than three million members whose secret goal is the conquest and enslavement of America? That most of the machinery for our total subjugation is already set in place? That these members of a Luciferic order will be worse than the Nazi SS elite troops which terrorized Germany under Hitler?

Sounds incredible? Can't happen here in America? How long have you been asleep at the helm of your ship, my dear fellow American?

Did you know that most of our courts are staffed with major and minor members OF THIS SECRET ORDER? Did you know that most sheriffs and many of their deputies belong to this diabolical cabal? Did you know that most top law enforcement officers belong to this clandestine order? Did you know that a substantial number of our legal profession belongs to this order and virtually all seriously uphold it or refuse to oppose it?

Did you know that most of our higher echelon government officials belong to this or equally satanical secret orders? (Like the unprincipled and ruthless George Bush who is a member of the demonic Skull and Bones.)

Did you know that America's and Britain's wealthy elite are either members of and/or support this unheralded secret society and a number of other secret societies as vehicles to effect our enslavement because they are presently translating their wish and blueprint for a One World Government (called the New World Order) into reality?

Why do you think they're secret? To hide their good intentions? Or hide their evil intentions?

To be sure, most of this order's membership in America are at the lower levels and not in on the conspiracy and actions to debauch America. They merely learn to blindly and unquestioningly obey orders from their superiors. The lower levels are commanded to do good deeds, yield selfless service and perform acts of philanthropy. As they rise in the ranks of the order, their service leads to dastardly plots and acts! Any high level member who betrays their oath "to follow and commit Satanical acts" in contravention of orders usually meets with mysterious death.

[H: I wish to interject a point at this juncture of the article in point. It will offer the "oath" of a 32nd degree "Mason". The above must be considered in order to understand HOW a man can go from a nice Christian-like community person into a dastardly organization. It is simply not done in abrupt stages and even, as with the Masonic Orders, it is not until you move BEYOND the 32nd degree of attainment that the REAL BIG STUFF hits the brain and it is too late for the allegiance is already implanted by the "system". You will note that higher than 32nd degrees are held only by HIGH-LEVEL POLITICIANS, JUDICIAL SYSTEM HEADS, ETC. IN OTHER WORDS, VERY IMPORTANT PERSONAGES--WHO ALSO CAN AND DO CONTROL THE MAJOR NUMBERS OF UNDERLINGS. I always appreciate that we can be offered these revelations from elsewhere so that ALL parties who are involved and might have been involved are protected and can remain in their silence. Ours is never to get MORE trouble upon unsuspecting heads--but LESS.]

This is the oath as administered to the elite arriving at an illuminized state of this secret order, that is, the 32nd degree and higher: "Brother thou has finished thy instruction as a chief of Freemasonry. Pronounce thy supreme oath. 'I swear to recognize no fatherland but that of the world. I swear to work hard everywhere and always to destroy frontiers, boundaries of all nations, of all industries, no less than of all families. I swear to dedicate my life to the triumph of progress and universal unity and I declare to profess the negation of God and the negation of the Soul.' And now Brother, that for thee, fatherland, religion and family have disappeared forever in the immensity of the work of Freemasonry, come to us and share with us the boundless authority, the infinite power that we hold over humanity. The only key to progress and happiness, the only rules of food are thy appetites and instincts."


This is but the end product of a succession of oaths they take upon initiation in degrees that become progressively more Satanic or Luciferic. Masons are so secret that members are forbidden to write anything down--all must be committed to memory.

Women and wealth are the objects of their appetites and instincts. As they realistically control the machinery of "justice", they commit heinous crimes rather freely.

Of course the female equivalent of Freemasonry is the Order of the Eastern Star.

You can never trust a Freemason of the higher orders! Likewise, Freemasons only trust other Freemasons and are warned not to trust anyone who is not a Freemason! They are unswervingly committed to the satanic ideals of the order. Most who are nonMasons are regarded as inferior people--the scum of the earth.

Know the Freemasons and other secret societies for what they are--evil organizations bent upon our subjugation and degradation of the bulk of the American people in mind, body and Spirit.


I suggest you QUESTION ANY AND EVERY "SECRET ORDER". I do not refer to simply "privacy" in relationships--I am talking about SECRET ORDERS. I do indeed mean any and EVERY RELIGIOUS ORDER who keeps its rituals and sanctuaries SECRET! WHAT IS ONLY PERFORMED IN THE DARK AND SECRET PLACES--ALWAYS HAS A REAL BIG REASON FOR DOING SO! If the organization cannot stand the light of day--ON ITS INTENT--it is hiding something from you-the-people.

Again, I do not refer to PRIVACY of personal participation or security of business operations--I AM TALKING ABOUT THE MORALISTIC, RITUALISTIC, INTENT OF ANYTHING. For instance--WHY doesn't your Government want you to know that they allowed the actual murder of POWs and KNEW IT? Because that is a "secret policy" they KNOW YOU WOULD NOT TOLERATE AS CITIZENS! This has nothing to do with anything validly security-worthy--it is a reach for power, money and World Control which covers the SECRET DEALINGS. You KNOW the difference--so debate is not worthy here regarding this message. Further, I do not tell you to "drop out" or anything else--I SIMPLY TELL YOU TO REALLY LOOK AT WHAT GOES ON (OR WENT ON AS YOU PARTICIPATED) AND ARGUMENT HAS NO VALUE AND NEI-THER DOES DEBATE.


George Green continues to write to and complain to "everybody" about the Institute not opening all records to him and the public. Why? The Institute is a corporation based on valid corporate law! People participated with the guarantee of PRIVACY as should be the business relationships of EVERY BUSINESS IN THE WORLD. The INTENT, the operations, method of operations and the actual circumstances are PUBLIC TO EVERYONE AND CONTINUALLY RE-RUN PUBLICLY. IT IS BOTH UNLAWFUL AND IMMORAL TO BREAK THE "PRIVACY" AGREEMENTS OF INDIVIDUALS BY GIVING "THEIR" ENEMY THEIR PERSONAL RECORDS. There is no intent or workings to so much as bypass the IRS or any land-legislated laws. What was set up originally by Green to later "getcha" has fallen away as his dealings (and dealers) have been isolated.

So, in this area, what is "secret subterfuge"? The physically taking of $350,000 in gold coins which were sent to the Institute for use and diverting it SECRETLY to his own personal hiding place, moving it to another state (still in secrecy) and burying it in his backyard! THAT IS ILLEGAL and IMMORAL.

Now if you are a 32nd degree "Mason" or higher--you have literally taken an oath which includes "...negation of God and the negation of the Soul." You have also sworn under oath to "....destroy frontiers, boundaries of all nations, of all industries, no less than of all families." What is there to argue or debate? You didn't realize...? Ah, so be it! But, friend--be honest with self even if never ye be honest with another. It is as with the Jewish Kol Nidre. Most, by far, "attorneys" are both Jewish AND Masons. Where does this leave you-the-people? So are judges! We now have ones taking oath against all that stands representative (you thought) of YOU and in addition the Kol Nidre is the "Vow of all Vows" taken FIRST on Jewish Atonement annually. It is an oath that negates ALL OATHS and, under Talmudic law, a Jew is to lie, cheat and steal if necessary against the Goyim-- which is everyone except a Jew! This also indicates that there is NO OATH OF OBLIGATION TO TRUTH IN A COURTROOM OR LEGAL BINDING FOR MORAL TRUTH IN ANY JEWISH, PRACTICING MASONIC ATTORNEY!


Do you actually think GOD will sort this out for you? Prayer after prayer flows to GOD to fix it, etc. No, YOU allowed it or did it and YOU WILL FIX IT OR IT WILL REMAIN BROKEN UNTIL YOU ARE BROKEN! Ask God to show you the way, give you truth and THEN, ONLY THEN, can YOU cause the mess of broken tatters to be reconstructed upon the foundation of truth and honor. No "brothers" from space-cadet school are going to whisk you away and no angels are going to RAPTURE you away--you are going to confront that which is yours to confront--IN TRUTH--or you are going to pay dearly the price which will be exacted from you--UNTO THE NEW WORLD KINGS!

Good morning.



TUE., JUN. 14, 1994 2:56 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 302

TUE.. JUN. 14, 1994


I promised, in the prior writing today, to share a writing of prophesy with you. We ran out of space so we will offer it here first.

The article itself seems to be a portion of a tape by the same title but we have not been supplied with ordering information. As nearly as we can discern the receiving is from someone called "Sanaka" who, it is stated, is the third son of the Kumara who came from Venus to start the White Brotherhood. Among his past lives were Aaron, Elijah and John the Baptist.

I already see one glaring error in that the White Brotherhood was NOT started by any "Kumara" and, more especially, not from Venus.

Their receiver appears to be Steven Otero who has been a "student of the Light for many years". In April 1991 he was awakened by Master Serapis and Merlin through Bob Fickes. Steven is available for group and private sessions, and house blessings. Contact him at: 3 Fair Acres Road, Central Nyack, N.Y., 10960. The only other information I have is that the article shared here was published in a publication called Connecting Link and is from the issue 23.

I ask that this be published because the request for comments comes from a long-standing friend, Grace B. She does not lightly presume upon our time and has been with us since the early onset of our own work some four to five years ago. I don't have many "comments" and she has actually answered her own questions but it is an interesting article and we are happy to share it.


I come to speak to you of the 12:12. There are those of you who participated in the 8:8 and the 11:11 and now there is the completion--the 12:12. [H: I'm sorry, I don't know what this means so any information would have to come from this person in point.] That is coming on the 12th day of December, 1994. Yes, that is World Ascension Day, the time when all the 144,000 will ascend into the 4th dimension. And when those of you of this sacred number ascend then all of your brothers and sisters on this Earth will ascend as well. [H: Well, unless that is the planned "ascension" program of Project BLUE BEAM, I wouldn't hold my etheric breath, but perhaps this party knows more than do I--and certainly since I don't know anything at all about this--it is reasonable that he knows more than do I.]

I have spoken to you previously, of a secret organization known as the "Illuminati". In truth, those were the former high priests of Atlantis, the initiates of Thoth Hermes. We wish to report to you that this order is transforming. There was a meeting which took place in the etheric plane between my brother Sananda and the souls of this organization. There was a great illuminating light which came directly from the Great Central Sun itself, and these souls became enlightened and realized that they, too, were merely players in a game. Your Earth has been a school of learning for many souls from many parts of the Galaxy who come to learn, to experience. Now these souls have truly become illuminated. And as they continue to strive for enlightenment, they will release control of this world and it will be transformed. [H: Now this part is not nearly as farfetched in possibility as it might at first appear.]

Merely 60 years ago, the prophesy was made by the great Master St. Germain and recorded by one who is known as Godfre [Ray King]--that all would transform upon this Earth when those who were in control would release. I come to say to you now that this prophesy has reached fruition. You will see that transformation in 1994. [H: This sort of obviates the "freewill" but it would be rather nice if this would be so.]

As St. Germain spoke through this channel on the 4th of July, 1993 [H: We have to assume this to be Steven Otero because Godfre has been gone from your place for quite a long while.] the key to transforming your economy would be the takeover of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the elimination of the IRS. This has occurred--those forces which control the Federal Reserve Bank have turned its assets over to your government. This action will eliminate your national debt. Soon there will be more announcements of the illegality of your 16th amendment and you, the people, will demand the dissolvement and it will be the end of the IRS. And that which has been taken away will be restored to you. The monetary sums which you have paid into your systems will be restored to you.

This will start the transition in your form of government--for this will lead eventually, with the 12:12 of 1994 and into the year of 1995, a transformation where you no longer will be in a system of federal government but in a system of community.

Transformation and ascension into the fourth dimension means that there can no longer be conflict upon your world. There will no longer be competitiveness--there will no longer be the system of capitalism--there will be the system of community and communalism. [H: I don't think this will be very popular with the gangsters of the New World Order NOR IN THEIR PLANS! Perhaps there is misperception here as to meaning but the facts are that Earth physical plane is for the very purpose of conflict in one way or another so to expect NO CONFLICT will be unlikely in its definitive meaning as accepted in current translation. The further confusion may well come from some assumed misperception that somehow the removal of "the" 144,000 ascending into the 4th dimension (whatever that means) will take away conflict from Earth 3rd dimensional plane. This is not feasible if you understand the original meaning of "the" 144,000 beings.

This could, however, mean that the 144,000 having ascended into the 4th dimension would no longer have conflict in "your (their?) world". The larger problem, however, is HOW does one JUST ASCEND? Ascension itself means becoming lighter in weight and frequency as to allow for passage through the density of Earth into higher and less-dense atmosphere or space. This means reaching the point and frequency of "at the least" invisibility throng!' dispersement OR the frequency of illumination (light) or faster than a speeding bullet and only slightly slower than the speed of thought! To become one WITH light means you must be able to have a frequency of no less than light itself--at which point in that dimension there is NO CAPABILITY OF CONFLICT BECAUSE THERE IS NO PHYSICAL EXPRESSION.]

Much of your federal government will be dismantled. Only the three branches will remain so that you have a group system of laws, of justice and a council of elders who will assist in ad-ministration. But the vast majority of responsibility for your land will be within the local states and local communities, for that is where it should be. Local councils of elders will be established and they will be built around the sacred number of 12-6 males and 6 females. They will administrate by your consent and your total awareness of situations. Blessings to you, beloved ones, for by your will, by your decrees and calls, it has come about. So I say to you: meditate daily, fill yourself with Light and you will accelerate.

This great event on December 12, 1994, has been planned for eons. [H: Oops--there go the short-term plans of any Blue Beam NASA operation. Unless, of course, it was called by some other name.] There are four means of Ascension. Three have been demonstrated on your Earth. [H: Wait a minute--I think I would like to see those demonstrations!] The fourth way, group Ascension, will now be demonstrated on your Earth. On only two other occasions in this Solar System has this form of Ascension been accomplished--on my own world of Venus and on Mars. [H: Now you've gone and done it--it's back to sounding like Project Blue Beam where you just get U.S.S. Eldridged right out into a time warp of time and space--and not into some nice fourth dimensional world of perfection and balanced truth.] And so it will be done upon your Earth as well. [H: Done "UPON"?? The very word "ascension" assumes "off your world"--as used here.. Or, are you going to ascend like a hot air balloon? No, it says:] All will go forth into the Light at once. [H: Then what? It sounds like the old "fluffy cloud" syndrome to me. Is it not important to know about some interim stop-offs or anything--just up, up and away--OK with you?]

These events I have spoken about will trigger reactions in those of Earth who have not actively worked for their Ascension. But, there will be an event of such proportion that will convert even the most skeptical. This will take place before the 12:12. This will be the [H: Oh my gosh...!] landing of ASHTAR, the coming of the Pleiadians, the Zeta Reticuli and others under the auspices of Ashtar and with the blessing of Lord Sananda. [H: Well surprising as it may be to the bunches of "channels" who tout good old Ashtar as a dashing whiffer-awayer--HE WILL ONLY BE INVOLVED IF THE WORLD IS SET TO TOTALLY DISINTEGRATE AND DISPERSE SOULED ENERGY. ASHTAR IS "A COMMAND"--A COMPUTER CENTER CONNECTION--WHICH COMES INTO PLAY ONLY. IF FINAL EVACUATION HAS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED. YES, THERE IS A COMMANDER OF THAT "COMMAND" BUT HIS NAME IS NOT "ASHTAR". ASHTAR is simply used for entity identification. As to Lord Sananda's "blessing"--I travel with this being and I am not aware of any such program plans--but then, I do not advocate "dates" of whisk-away either, so you will have to check it out for selves. I personally, if I were a human physical manifestation, would not care to take off without more destination plans than just into some light beam. Please note that I am NOT discounting this person in any way--I simply am not aware of any such happenings and I would think that possibly I would be. There are already many of both Pleiadians and Zeta Reticuli among you.]

You will be prepared for this event. In the early part of 1994 your federal government will finally admit to the existence of the extra-terrestrial life forms. [H: Well here is a clue as the author refers to early 1994 as "will finally..." which indicates that this paper was received some time prior to 1994.] The secret council known as MJ-12 has been dissolved. [H: MJ-12 dissolved? Hummnn.] Your government will admit to cooperating with the Zetas for the last 40 years. [H: Well, they haven't yet done so, no matter how many times they have gotten caught at dirty tricks. I am not sure "cooperation" would be the word of choice at best and most of the cooperation or otherwise has been with other galacnalities than dear little Reticuli.]

This will be a time for the healing of the abductees. [H: Healing of WHAT abductees? Do you mean the ones of ongoing interaction with your own governments? Random hijacking of people is not a part of ongoing experiencing for the heck of it with aliens who already have the smarts to do the cross-DNA and other replications. Whoever is doing this sort of "stuff" is not now coming from the stars, my friends--THEY ARE LOCKED TO YOUR EARTH RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU IF THEY HAVE INSTIGATED THESE ACTIVITIES. THESE TYPES OF BEHAVIORS ARE SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE IN THE COSMOS NETWORK OF LIGHTED BRETHREN. GOD SIMPLY PUTS A LOT OF CONDITIONS ON HIS COSMIC PLAYERS.] It is time for you who have had these experiences to call the Light into you to release all fear; to know that you have participated in the event--that the fear has been a way for you to transmute it from your bodies. You will be healed and recognized for the service you have rendered. [H: Good grief--what service and by whom? Will the next suggestion be to go hop aboard the next available light-beam and go to never-ever land? USE THOSE WONDROUSLY GIFTED MINDS, READERS!]

[H: You had best pay close attention to this next offering. Why? Because, be prepared in advance. Watch out for anyone named "Thoth", any repeat of the bastardized dastardly technology that cost you your world at Atlantis and why would ANY alien give you technology that could destroy his own civilizations? You had better start THINKING.]

When Ashtar and your Pleiadian cousins, the Reticuli and other races land, they will offer you technological assistance--great technology of the fourth dimension. In truth, that technology is not of the Stars, for it was born of the Earth, in Atlantis. This is the technology of Thoth Hermes and they are coming to return it to you. This will be done PRIOR TO 12:12:94.

Then, after 12:12:94 into 1995, your higher centers of understanding will be awakened and you will remember how to use the technology again. [H: Who, the 144,000 or the ones left who were not on the ball enough to get to GO? What, exactly is being said here? If you can't figure it out--it is intended that way--KNOW IT.] Your culture, your civilization will advance into such as you have only dreamed of before. [H: Let's consider a different word--like "nightmare". You couldn't even hang on to your Constitution--do you REALLY think you will ADVANCE into perfection?] Atlantis and Lemuria will rise again and this time it will be purified, for there will no longer be the ego--the desire to control and manipulate will be gone from your world. [H: Wow--no ego? When? This year? Do you see signs of this transformation? This very young man will be in a complete ego fit attack just because I question some of the information. Earth is not perfection and it IS a place of ego manifestation. Man may well bring his ego self into CONTROL at some time--but it is as much a part of the physical plane 3-dimensional WORLD as you can get. THIS IS THE VERY TESTING OF MANKIND.]

We say to you at this time, a full 97% of you have chosen Ascension. [H: Say what? 97% of you haven't even been able to choose your own favorite breakfast cereal.] We have spoken before of those who wish to continue with karma. I CRY OUT TO THESE SOULS TO LET GO--TO RECEIVE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH AND JOIN US IN FREEDOM NOW!

It is time now for the Light workers to begin to focus on this event with all of your Light, might and love. I call on all those who are channels to release NOW all thoughts of Earth changes, Earthquakes, tidal waves, of land masses sinking, of economic disasters and wars. All of this is the illusion of Maya and shall be transformed. [H: But this character just said a minute ago that Atlantis and Lemuria will rise again!?!? Where will all the mass go? Will it just slide and slither away with no quakes--what about the ones on top of the "slide"? This may well be an illusioned dream--but what happens when a dream is ended? YOU WAKE UP and face the facts of your expression IN REASON. If a thing is UNREASONABLE--it probably is NOT DO-ABLE! AND, MOREOVER--WHO IN THE DICKENS IS "MAYA" AND HER SINGULAR DREAM? IT IS YOUR DREAM THAT HAS MERIT--NOT MAYA'S.]

When you have entered the fourth dimension you will be immortal. [H: YOU are already immortal--what does the fourth dimension have to do with that? Oh, bodily immortal? Well you lost that in your ascension! Sorry, you can't have it BOTH WAYS!] Your bodies will transform [H: Watch out--here it comes...]--the masses of bone will dissolve into silica. You will be the essence of superfluidity. [H: ?????] But this is only the BEGINNING. In the year 2000 your planet will ascend into the fifth dimension. At that time your planet will be an etheric world, truly a world of Light.

There has been much talk upon your world about the three waves of Ascension, but this has been misinterpreted as three groups Ascending at different times into the same place. I say to you that the first wave will be a group Ascension from the third to the fourth dimensions--this will be the 12:12:94. [H: How dare this, whoever he is, nerd use the counsel of the three migrations to interject you turkeys onto the aboriginal calendar of evolvement into the great elders and Ancients of their progression. Most of you are primitive in soul learning and to assume to usurp the TRUTH to prattle about groups and lift-offs is unacceptable. You ones cannot seem to learn-EVER--to respect the truth of oral KNOWING and continue to try to turn the sacred into the mundane, tampered with dark ignorance. Hatonn has passion? I AM PASSION and some of you had better get some of that "passion" for respect, truth and lighted knowledge or you are going to be waving good-bye after the last ship has gone!] The second wave from the fourth to fifth dimension, will be in the year 2000. The third wave will be from the fifth to the sixth dimension. The sixth dimension is the level of the Christ. [H: What a bunch of hogwash garbage!] That is yet to come. We share with you this knowledge for the first time to inspire you. [H: How inspired do you feel?]

In the year 2000, your world will become etheric; you will no longer have a physical body as you know it now. Those of you of the 144,000 will go forward at that time and, eventually, all of you will go. Your bodies will be pure Light. The Earth will be restored to the Lemurian vibration. [H: Heaven help us, please. That was a sorry vibration if there ever was one--especially when it left for the deep also.] Beginning in the year 2000, although you will have the great technology for five years (1995-2000), it will no longer be needed. You will no longer need machines to create--you will simply create! [H: Maybe we are just not talking about the SAME year 2000?]

At that time, the great enlightened ones will walk among you again. Sananda will return, not as your king or messiah, but as your teacher. [H: That's ALL he EVER WAS!]

Blessed ones, I have laid it out for you. Now it is for you to seize the moment and go beyond. Meditate on this daily and prepare yourself for this date: December 12, 1994. [H: I sure do wish I knew what didn't happen on 8:8 and 11:11!] Think about that date, that time, that number and FEEL it flowing through your body. Blessings to you.

* * *

Let me give you another idea: "...Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket--save it for a rainy day..." "and what a nice world that will be..."

Before closing may we hear from the circle of migrations, please:

Little Crow on "Transition", 1/5/92:

Ain't none of us going to hell, ain't none of us going to heaven. What we are doing is going into the infinity of our being, the infinity of our creation, which is energy--energy and that's it. Energy has always existed, always shall exist and always has existed and will continue to exist whether we have that realization or not....


In my culture there is no hell, which is a plus. There is no damnation, which is a plus, and there is no salvation--only life. You transist and you live it again and you transist and you live it again and you transist and you live it again and you transist and you live it again, until one day you don't have to transist anymore. [H: Please read that: "ascension"!]


...."So what's the greatest thing you ever did that you think is a self accomplishment?" I said, "Get out of my own way. " ....I died. I got out of my way so I could get on and do what I had to do..."


Thank you, brother Eagle [Little Crow]--you have kept my scribe going when there seemed to be no way to rev the engine. I am honored, Sir, to serve with you and equally humble for the allowance, for I am gifted to be able to see beyond and into the reality of YOUR responsibility and indeed, I am honored. Aho.

May my brethren come to recognize truth in reality and stop this dabbling in the break-down of illusion.




WED., JUN. 15, 1994 9:03 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 303

WED., JUN. 15, 1994


The question continues to flow in this direction as to the status of "Whitewater", the Clintons and will they survive the political thrust, and what are the details of their activities? Well, readers, I have no reason which could be considered valid to spend such time and space REPEATING what other people have found to be valid information--or some invalid information balanced against other and conclusions drawn--validly or invalidly. Being connected with the CIA and political intrigue and players--you can be sure the hidden truth is both WORSE THAN GUESSED and WILL BE UNCOVERED SOMETIME, SOMEWHERE--FOR TRUTH WILL ALWAYS "OUT" SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE--WHEN THE "BUCK STOPS"!

Each one who comes with information to reveal is gathered up and brain-drained until it presents quite open hostility by those searching for and willing to use ANY METHOD TO STOP THE SHOW-AND-TELL. Can "WE" overcome? I already have done so--now it is up to you to make that decision.

There are trigger words, however, which I will not permit associated with anything from my WORK. They are the words that attract the enemy in great swarms--subversive, insurrection, racketeering, patriot, IRS protestor, etc. "I" certainly have no need to use such terms nor intend any such deeds--even if lawfully permitted in the Constitution.

As a "paper" the CONTACT must NOT use such advocative terms. We intend to INCITE NOTHING except to hope that you will seek, research, consider personal actions--and find! We serve information that we hope our enemy will find worthy as well as our friends--in this way TRUTH causes the enemy to become the friend. My allowance as a "judge" is to never judge the players--only their acting within the play--BUT I CERTAINLY MUST JUDGE THE PLAY AND DISCERN THE CHARACTERS' INTENT TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY.

As to Whitewater--it is only a symptom, a happening--even a distractor in the overall. Now, you want me to give you "connections", etc. Well, how can you rule out one connection because it "appears" to be a whole different play? THERE IS ONLY ONE PLAY--everything is connected. To find that Bush, for instance, is connected with Clinton (even two different political parties) may seem remote--BUT, WHEN YOU HAVE CONNECTIONS WITH THE CIA, WHICH BUSH HEADED--IT BECOMES DIFFERENT???

I suggested you acquire a book a couple of weeks back for an in-depth look into this very specific situation. The discussion is so pertinent that the book has subsequently arrived on this desk. I will again suggest you get it even though it is quite costly compared to a journal but cheap at any price for the contents. Is it absolutely correct? No, for no one can have all--but these authors have done a very good job on this subject. The book is: COMPROMISED, Clinton, Bush And The CIA, The bigger story behind Whitewater. By Terry Reed & John Cummings: SPI BOOKS/Shapolsky Publishers, Inc., 136 West 22nd St., New York, NY 10011. 212/633-2022--Fax 212/633-2123.

Is this the most IMPORTANT subject for today's need for information? NO, it most certainly is NOT--but it is a distractor upon which myriads of you are focused--so let us handle it and you can follow up.

I want to discuss other topics so I will simply give you what is published in the April Executive Intelligence Review. The review is written by Edward Spannaus and he captions his review with:



[H: Yes I am quite confident that Ronn J. will have a LOT to say about these operations--but we do not heap and pile our eggs into any one basket--just as we ask you NOT TO DO. I choose to use this review because you will see a familiar name or two which may well SURPRISE you as they are "referenced". There is no way that YOU can know all--especially the ones who play in the global intrigue at every turn of the world. This is WHY you must study all presented at all times--upon less you cannot base reasonable conclusions.]

From at least 1986 on, allegations were circulating in Arkansas that the state was being used for Contra support operations which involved shipments of guns and drugs, and also involved money-laundering operations. During the 1992 presidential election campaign, such stories began to a limited amount of national circulation.

The story was revived on March 25, 1994, when CBS News ran a major feature on allegations that western Arkansas had been a base for Contra support operations involving guns and drugs in the mid-1980s. CBS's story was that Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) informant Barry Seal had set up Rich Mountain Aviation in Mena, Arkansas in 1983, and had used the Mena airport to smuggle guns to the Contras and to bring cocaine into the United States. [H: I want to remind you right here: WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. IS A FAR MORE IMPORTANT SITE THAN IS MENA, ARKANSAS.] CBS also reported on various unsuccessful efforts to have the matter investigated.

Unmentioned by CBS was the recent publication of the new book on the Mena operations written by Terry Reed, a pilot who was directly involved in the operation, and by Newsday investigative reporter John Cummings.

No such hesitancy was shown by the London Sunday Telegraph two days later. It featured a photo of the jacket cover of the Reed-Cummings book with its title Clinton, Bush and the CIA quite prominent, with a caption reading: "This book could topple the President." The kicker on the article read: "After the troubles of Whitewater, the White House faces even more damaging charges that Arkansas' former governor was a CIA stooge." [H: Read that again, please--most of you didn't believe me when I SAID AS MUCH!]

After reviewing Reed's allegations on Mena, money-laundering, Clinton's ties and disputes with the Central Intelligence Agency and so on, author Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote: "If the book comes to be accepted as broadly true, President Clinton may be walking the plank within months."

To anyone familiar with the Reed-Cummings story, Evans-Pritchard's distortions of the book are hilarious. Pritchard assiduously avoids mention of the central thesis of the book: that Clinton permitted these secret CIA operations to operate in Arkansas at the request of the Reagan-Bush Administration. The truth is that the Reed-Cummings book is far more damaging to George Bush than to Clinton; in fact Reed reports that Bush attempted a "coup" against President Reagan.

No wonder that CBS--up until the April 20 Wall Street Journal, as we shall see below--has been the only major national media to touch the Mena story. Where are the neo-conservatives, who have been so quick to jump on every imagined scandal about Clinton? Where are the Republicans in Congress, who have been demanding hearings to bring every detail of the Whitewater affair into the circus atmosphere of a televised inquisition on Capitol Hill?

Is it because Terry Reed's story, if seriously investigated, would do what the official Iran-Contra investigations never did: show that the Contra operation was a major source of drug-running into the United States, run under the direct supervision of George Bush? Is it because Reed's story shows that the very least of Lt. Col. Oliver North's offenses was what he was officially charged with: lying to Congress? Is it because Reed's story could destroy George Bush, once and for all?


Reed was trained in Air Force Intelligence in the late 1960s, and served on secret projects in Southeast Asia from 1969 through 1975, after which he went into the machine tool manufacturing business in Oklahoma.

Around 1980, Reed was asked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to monitor his Hungarian business partners in the machine tool business. Then in early 1982, Reed was handed over to what he was told was the CIA. He was introduced to a "John Cathey", who identified himself as working for the CIA. Cathey first asked Reed to gather information on the company believed to be exporting sensitive technology to the U.S.S.R.

Then in March 1983, Cathey briefed Reed on something called "Project Donation", which involved private citizens "donating" airplanes and other items to the Contra support operation, by declaring them stolen and then filing insurance claims. Reed says he turned down the offer. When his plane was stolen from its hangar in Joplin, Missouri a few weeks later, Reed says he didn't make the connection. In August 1983, when Reed and his partners decided to move their machine tool company to Little Rock, Arkansas, "Cathey" again contacted Reed and told him that the CIA had a project in Little Rock, and directed Reed to contact one Barry Seal.

Reed did so. Seal told him that Arkansas was being turned into a CIA "proprietary". A major legitimate arms manufacturer had moved to Arkansas to produce weapons for the Contras. Other companies were being used to provide the critical parts to convert AR-15s to fully automatic M-16s, which had to be done without federal inspection or end-user certificates.

When Seal learned that Reed had experience in flying and conducting air drops in Southeast Asia, he brought Reed into a second operation, which involved training Nicaraguan Contra pilots in precision air-drop techniques. Two classes of Contra pilots were "graduated" from the training program, conducted at Nella, in a remote area near Mena in western Arkansas.

Seal told Reed that he himself was flying weapons from Arkansas to Central America, and was bringing large amounts of cash back. Weapons were shipped into Mena by barge on the river system controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers to Fort Smith, and then into Mena for shipment to Central America. Many of these weapons originated with the Army and the Arkansas National Guard.

According to Reed, the Arkansas Development Financial Authority (ADFA), which has figured in many recent Whitewater stories, would issue low-interest loans to other companies involved in secret military and CIA production. Reed says that the CIA was bringing in about $9 million a week (!) into Arkansas. Much of this money was "laundered" through the ADFA, to provide the basis for industrial development bonds issued by ADFA.


Because of Reed's familiarity with manufacturing processes, he was asked by his old friend William Cooper, who was working for the CIA proprietary Southern Air Transport (SAT), to draw up a business plan to build a machine tool manufacturing plant in Mexico, which could be used as an intelligence front and a vehicle for arms shipments worldwide. [H: I asked that "William Cooper" be emphasized here because this article was sent to us by a reader of CONTACT with inquiry as to whether or not this is the "UFO"-focused Cooper. Duplication of names in your world are prevalent but I don't need to respond to that question. Why? Because if you want to find out--it is very easy and then you have documentation. Check to see if there is evidence of anything like this in Cooper's businesses or seeming potential contacts. It is always hard to be specific in questioning with so little input--however, this can easily be established. It is much like asking me what connection Bo Gritz might have in a business circumstance with Khun Sa of Shan. How many of you knew that Khun Sa's country is called "Shan"? Am I making my point? We simply do not need any more conflict or confrontation with ANY "William Cooper". He has already early, early on threatened George Green and then turned and threatened the Ekkers and referred to them as "slimy little pukes" and he would "get them with every fucking thing the law allowed"! I simply am not going to get into such discussions, please. As a further example of how misunderstandings happen, I would suggest that the name above, "John Cathey", is actually a false identification. Certainly it is not, as asked, Bruce Cathey of Australia.] Reed found that the CIA was particularly interested in his KGB-linked Hungarian business contacts who were already operating in Mexico. To Reed's surprise, when he discussed bringing in a company with East bloc ties, his handlers, including "Cathey", began panting.

In August 1985, Cathey arranged for Reed to meet a CIA agent named "Max Gomez" in Mexico. Gomez told Reed that he had been hand-picked by the White House to set up an operation in Mexico which could be used to transship weapons to the Contras. Gomez admitted he didn't know anything about manufacturing, so he needed Reed's expertise.

("Gomez", as Reed later learned, was actually Felix Rodriguez, a longtime CIA agent who bragged of his close ties to Vice-President George Bush. Rodriguez's boss in the old days in Southeast Asia was the CIA official whom Bush brought in as his national security adviser, Donald Gregg. It was Gregg who brought Rodriguez into the White House/National Security Council apparatus which became known as "The Enterprise".)


A few months later, Barry Seal told Reed that the "CIA" was getting ready to pull the plug on the Arkansas operation. Seal also told Reed the Agency wanted to expand his Mexico plan to include the actual manufacturing of weapons there for sale to Third World countries.

Seal took Reed to a meeting in Panama in December 1985 to plan out the Mexico project. Gomez had Reed's Mexico business plans in his hand, as well as Reed's correspondence with one "Robert Johnson". (Johnson had called Reed a few months earlier, identified himself as a lawyer with Southern Air Transport, and said that he would be reviewing Reed's plans for the Mexico operation. Only years later was Reed to learn that "Johnson" was actually William P. Barr, a "former" CIA employee who later became George Bush's attorney general.) [H: Does Gunther Russbacher, Ronn Jackson, etc., KNOW all this? OF COURSE! Isn't it dangerous, then, to be working with them, and them with us? OF COURSE! Are we going to just continue to work with them? OF COURSE! Won't they eventually do us in? OF COURSE NOT! THE MAJOR PROBLEM WITH THE ADVERSARY'S PLANNING IS THAT HE/THEY ARE SO FIXED ON THEIR OWN PLANS AND GOALS AS TO ABUSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SERVED THEM. MOREOVER, THEY ARE NOT PRIVY TO JUST "WHO" IS ON A MISSION "ALREADY"--FOR THE HIGHER-BIG BOYS AND ARE JUST IN TRAINING TO GET TO THE BIG PARTS OF THEIR MISSIONS. IF YOU THINK "GRANDMA" HERE KNEW HER MISSION WHEN SHE TYPED THE FIRST TWO PARAGRAPHS OR THE FIRST TWO DOZEN BOOKS, YOU ARE WRONG. SHE IS STILL WAITING FOR HER PURPOSE--AND, EACH IS WAITING FOR INSTRUCTIONS TO SEEP THROUGH ABOUT WHAT IN HONKERS "WE ARE DOING". If things seem vague in your own mission--wait, but check talents and training and SEE WHERE YOU MAY SERVE! There is nothing more dedicated to truth than a man coming into vision and comparing his past with that which needs doing. He already HAS THE PROOF which we are still having to funnel through TO YOU.]

Another participant in the Panama meeting was "a possible foreign investor" identified as "Pat Weber"--who Reed later learned was Amiram Nir, an Israeli counterterrorism officer who figured prominently in the Iran side of the so-called "Iran-Contra" affair.

Flying back to Arkansas from Panama, Seal told Reed that he had been blackmailing many people, including, he suggested, the CIA. Seal claimed to have gotten information from the Medellin Cartel that Bush's sons were involved with drugs and were in the dope business. Seal went on to say that he could prove this, that he had "names, dates, places", and even tape recordings and "surveillance videos catchin' the Bush boys red-handed."

Seal then explained that the Republicans were trying to "neutralize" some of the Democrats in Arkansas, and particularly the Clinton crowd, before they could use the information against Bush. Seal's assignment, he said, was to "dirty up" some people close to Clinton, which he did by delivering drugs to Little Rock bond dealer Dan Lasater; this resulted in drug charges being brought against Lasater and Roger Clinton, the governor's brother. Seal had told Reed that his own dirty operations were part of the plan to shut down the Arkansas secret project, and move part of it to Mexico.

About two months later, on Feb. 19, 1986, Seal was shot to death in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Reed believes this was because Seal knew too much, and that he had become a liability to Bush and the CIA.

Shortly after this, according to Reed's story, there was a showdown between Clinton and the White House/NSC/CIA gang. This meeting took place in an ammunition bunker at Camp Robinson near Little Rock, and included Cathey/North, Gomez/Rodriguez, and "the man in charge", Robert Johnson, who ran the meeting as William Casey's personal representative. Johnson's purpose was to extricate Washington from what was becoming a messy situation in Arkansas. There were widespread rumors all over the place about the dirty operations; too much was becoming exposed. Johnson promised to fix any federal investigation, but he informed Clinton that the operations were being pulled out.


As the Arkansas projects were phased out, Reed was put in charge of the Mexican manufacturing project, code-named "Operation Screw Worm", and he moved his family to Guadalajara [Mexico]. Although Reed had a CIA controller on the scene, the individual who seemed to be actually running the operation was Bush's man "Gomez"--Felix Rodriguez.

The project was much bigger than the Contra operation. The intention was to create a global arms network which would expand its ties with East bloc arms dealers and intelligence agents.

But on Oct. 5, 1986, the Contra supply operation came in for some unwanted exposure. A C-123 cargo plane being operated by Southern Air Transport was shot down over Nicaragua. Eugene Hasenfus, the "kicker" who pushed the cargo out of the plane, was the only survivor; Reed's friend William Cooper, who was flying the C-123, was killed along with two other crew members. (It is not mentioned by Reed, but it is documented through later testimony, that the first notification of the missing plane came to Bush's office from... Felix Rodriguez.)

After the downing of the SAT flight, Operation Screw Worm in Mexico was temporarily put on hold, but it was soon started up again on an accelerated basis. In early December, at a meeting with Rodriguez and "Pat Weber" (Amiram Nir), Rodriguez said they had the go-ahead to immediately jump from Phase 1 of the plan (setting up the machine-tool manufacturing plant) to Phase 2 (weapons manufacturing).

Nir said he could expedite matters in Mexico. "Max and I both have friends in high places in the state of Michoacan," Nir said, and he directed Reed to go to the resort town of Zirahuen for a meeting with the governor of Michoacan, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas. Rodriguez told Reed that Cardenas "is in our pockets and I am personally paying him a lot of Agency money to make this project happen." Reed did meet with Cardenas and explain his requirements, and Cardenas did make things happen.


The true identity of "Pat Weber" was disclosed to Reed by his KGB-linked Hungarian business partner, who also told him that it had been from a Soviet KGB agent that Barry Seal had obtained the compromising video of Bush's children's involvement with drugs. About this same time, because of the publicity around the "Iran-Contra" hearings, Reed also learned the true identity of Cathey/North and Gomez/Rodriguez.

These were only a few of the surprises in store. In late Spring 1987, Reed and his partner discovered that unauthorized shipments were being shipped from their plant to the United States. They then found that the shipments in the warehouse in Guadalajara contained large quantities of cocaine. Through his contacts, Reed confirmed that Felix Rodriguez and the CIA were trafficking in drugs, and that the KGB was also well aware of this.

Then, one day in July 1987, Nir showed up at Reed's warehouse, very frightened, and claimed that the entire CIA operation was out of control.

Nir told Reed that he believed that Rodriguez was a double agent. Rodriguez was compromised years ago in Southeast Asia. Reed already knew that it was common knowledge that the Communists were trying to lure Americans into the narcotics trade in order to compromise them and convert them into double agents. Nir confirmed this, and said that when the CIA found that Rodriguez had been compromised, they decided to use him as a triple agent. He was investigated, but then released. The reason was that Rodriguez and his supervisors were all trafficking in drugs out of the Southeast Asian Golden Triangle. [H: Oh my goodness! Doesn't this open a can of worms in possibilities?]

To Reed's shock, Nir then said that he was convinced that Rodriguez was responsible for the downing of the C-123 with Hasenfus, Reed's friend Cooper, and others on board. Months before that, Rodriguez had boasted that he was also responsible for the killing of Barry Seal. Nir said in fact the C-123 was not shot down. Cooper and Sawyer were dead before it crashed. It was probably blown up after crashing, and after Hasenfus bailed out. Conveniently, the plane had lots of CIA classified documents on board. Hasenfus had "confessed" about his work for the CIA; he was convicted and then released a few months later. What was the purpose? TO SHOW THAT PRESIDENT REAGAN WOULD BREAK THE LAW, AND TO FORCE HIS IMPEACHMENT.

Why get rid of Reagan? Here's where Nir's story, as retold by Reed, gets really interesting. "We think your country has had a quiet, internal coup," said Nir. The problem, he said, was that Reagan was "hell-bent on destroying Communism". This might seem like a good idea. "But if you look deeper, as we Israelis have, destroying or even crippling the U.S.S.R. is not a good idea. As we know in the Middle East, you need a balance of power. Two rival countries, or even more than two, are much easier to manipulate and control than one. It is not intended for either the U.S. or the U.S.S.R. to dominate completely."

Reagan is therefore a threat to world peace, Nir continued. The Israelis see it this way, but they think they are being set up. Bush is now in charge of the United States, and he is trying to overthrow Reagan. It's a coup, plain and simple. If Reagan succeeds in destroying the U.S.S.R., Nir went on, the world will be a much less stable place. Instability, such as exists in the Middle East, will spread. Bush understands this. The CIA is aligned with, and agrees with, Bush.

Along comes a President who is a Hollywood cowboy, determined to kick the Communists out of Nicaragua. The CIA and Bush recognize they have to stop this madman. This is why the shoot-down of the C-123 was staged, to prove to the world that Reagan will violate the law and lie to Congress.

But, something has gone wrong, Nir continued. Reagan has not been impeached. Attorney General Edwin Meese and Secretary of State George Shultz have been able to contain the scandal. People close to Reagan are trying to drag the Israelis in, by tying the Contra operation to the Iran operation, calling it "Iran-Contra", which puts the media spotlight on the Middle East and Israel.

Nir was very worried that the CIA was continuing Operation Screw Worm in Mexico as if nothing had happened. "And we're afraid we'll now be exposed as an accomplice in all of this. That wouldn't appear kosher to the world for Israel to be conspiring with elements of the CIA, KGB, and DFS (Cuban intelligence) to arm the Third World."

This was Reed's last contact with Nir, who was mysteriously killed in a plane crash in November 1988.

Soon after, Reed fled to the United States with his family. Once back home, he contacted Oliver North, who told him to lay low and not to come to Washington as Reed wanted to do. In July 1988, he learned he and his wife Janis had been indicted by the federal government on charges of mail fraud. Two days before he was to go to trial, the federal government invoked the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) as a result of subpoenas he had issued for the CIA, FBI, DEA, FAA Intelligence Division, etc., as well as Oliver North and other individuals.

At a hearing on June 1, 1990, the prosecutor outlined areas of classified information which were potentially involved in responding to Reed's subpoenas. This included information from the FBI, FAA Intelligence, DEA, and "information potentially that would be brought out on direct or cross, particularly that of Oliver North, Jack Blum, and Robert Johnson."

On this basis and after a review of all the evidence, the judge entered a verdict of acquittal for Reed, saying that no reasonable jury would have found him guilty.


It is impossible to vouch for the accuracy of everything in Reed's account. But if one applies the test of consistency--that is, if what Reed reports is consistent with known events of that time period--it holds up. Furthermore, Reed's story is consistent with a lot of what was going on in the Bush-North-Secord "Enterprise" which is not well known.

Unlike many journalistic accounts of the "Iran-Contra" affair, Reed does not buy into the myth that Oliver North was the mastermind of the whole operation. For Reed, North was an operative running certain projects on behalf of others in the CIA and the White House. There is never any suggestion here that North took any of these initiatives on his own.

The Reed-Cummings account also draws a sharp distinction between Ronald Reagan and George Bush--which is entirely accurate. In Amiram Nir's view, as related by Reed, Oliver North probably fell closer to Reagan than to Bush--which may be true on the ideological issue of bringing down the Soviet Union--but in reality, what North did, including his collaboration with East bloc arms dealers and with Central American drug runners--puts him in the Bush camp.

North himself has enjoyed perpetuating the myth that he was in charge of the Iran and the Contra operations, and that he "took a dive" on behalf of his President, Ronald Reagan.

The myth of Oliver North, the "lone cowboy", was deliberately put into circulation by Meese in his Nov. 25, 1986 press conference in an effort to protect President Reagan. It was at this press conference that Meese linked--for the first time--the just-exposed illegal Contra support operations, with the Iran arms-for-hostages scandal. Meese linked the two operations by revealing that money from arms transactions between Israel and Iran had been "diverted" to the Contras. (This is what Amiram Nir had been complaining about to Terry Reed.) "The only person in the United States Government that knew precisely about this," Meese declared, was Oliver North. From that point on, the ever-gullible news media jumped pack-rat style onto this newly-coined "Iran-Contra" scandal.

Meese may have thought he was protecting Ronald Reagan, but the real beneficiary of this "diversion" was George Bush. It was Bush who sat on top of the secret "crisis management" structure within the White House, of which North was merely a staff officer. This structure was continuously built up and expanded from 1982 to 1986, so that it ultimately controlled most of the counterterrorism operations and many of the "black" programs within the government.

And this is where the Reed-Cummings book presents a real dilemma for this crowd. They want to use it to bring down Clinton, as Ambrose Evans-Pritchard declared on March 27; but it is very dangerous ground for the Republicans and neo-cons in the United States to wander around on.

Therefore, the Wall Street Journal put out the word on April 20: Keep away from the Mena story. In a signed commentary by Edward Jay Epstein, using the CBS broadcast referred to at the beginning of this review as a pretext, Epstein contended that although there may have been illicit activity going on at Mena in the 1980s, Barry Seal was the only one who knew all about it, and he is dead. [H: OH NO, HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE!] "So why waste resources?" It is no wonder that the Journal wants to bury this one.

* * *

No, you will not find "new" news in this book--but it will corroborate the information you should have already gotten [in the CONTACT] from Rodney Stich, Russbacher and several others--who go into such side-trips as "Monarch", "Rainbow", Phoenix and Phoenix II, MK-Ultra and on and on goes the listing. You will also come to realize that two of your newfound friends were ALSO VERY GOOD FRIENDS OF BILL CASEY--WHO GOT VERY DEADED OUT OF THIS OPERATION IN DISCUSSION. WHEN THE BAD GUYS START KILLING THEIR OWN BAD GUYS THE OPERATIVES GET RESTLESS AND I CAN GUARANTEE YOU IT WILL NOT BE GOOD FOR THE ONES WHO ORDERED UP AND CARRIED OUT THOSE MURDERS--SUCH AS CASEY. YOU CAN "HOLD YOUR BREATH" ON THAT ONE!


Now for you who still think I am a figment--the next picture you will see, bad as it is--is my "intermediary" shuttle craft (See next 2 pages). I care not who believes this and who does not-- for I am not in the "prove-anything" business. Craft are witnessed every day in this location in every form from solid as this picture to "vapor" cloud in a CLEAR sky, as in the second picture. It is about time some of you "intelligence" personages get some of the more intelligent "grand wizards" to smell the toast burning. You are up against the "anti-Christ" and the "anti-Christ" is UP AGAINST ME AND MY FLEET--I AM GOING TO WIN! WHEN YOU CHOOSE UP FINAL "SIDES" I TRUST YOU WILL KEEP THAT IN MIND--SAY, CARL SAGAN, ET AL., AS WELL AS SOME 16 "HOLD-OVERS".

Have a nice day--please.