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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.




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This Journal is dedicated to E.M. and M.M. of California. Without their incredibly generous and loving support, this mission of Life would have been brought to a standstill. We are in humble appreciation for their unyielding efforts to keep the Light of Truth shining in this world where darkness is so prevalent. May God bless you both who have honored Him so greatly.

We breathe, we move--but we are DEAD--UNTIL--WE CHOOSE TO LIVE! AHO!



FRI., JUL. 15, 1994 10:02 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 333

FRI., JUL. 15. 1994


We are thankful to announce that John's new attorney has obtained a court order allowing a shifting of guardian until all the sordid details can be worked out for John. This will also allow him to remain with friends outside the institution wherein he was incarcerated. It will be, undoubtedly, a long legal battle but he seems to be MORE THAN ready, willing and quite able to handle the confrontation.

It is obvious that John has suffered brain cellular-compromise to some extent but is gaining so rapidly that he is in full memory of what happened to him and his confusion only rests with the prior knowledge he retains regarding circumstances and time sequences.

We are truly grateful to his brother, James, who apparently, turned "state's evidence" against the plotters and delivered John from his incarceration. This is as far as can be verified through reports and investigator's notes. We have no proof, YET, but documentation is on its way. The guilty parties might well be starting to make arrangements for cooperation for John is NOT feeling at all "gracious".

John has FULL MEMORY AND DETAILS of his "call" to visit Green in Carson City at onset of Green's thrust to hide the stolen gold and destroy the Institute. He, John, said he "went there" to find out "what in the world was going on". George had quite a plan!

Rod McBroom, Eleanor's son, acquired Green's attorney selection, Abbott (also Leon Fort's), to further that which is against John to strip him of every asset including his pensions AND anything at all that he might hold in corporate assets. HIS house was even put into a personal Eleanor Trust and (according to John looking at his signature) says it is a forgery. The old saying of "Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus" might well fit here: "Yes, Virginia, there IS EVIL lurking in the minds and actions of men (and even within the minds of elderly women)".

By the way, to Leon: you claim that there has been no money "used" by Abbott and that he is your good old and true friend? Then, you say--the funds originally paid are being held in a trust?? Come on Leon--YOU were supposed to HAVE THE MONEY--BETTER CHECK THE CASH IN THAT TRUST OF ABBOTT'S! The DAY he got the first LARGE traunch--the draft was CASHED AND MR. (AND WE ASSUME, MRS.) ABBOTT' LEFT ON A EUROPEAN HOLIDAY. Is the money safe in a trust? Fine!! Then the Institute people have not treated you badly, after all--HAVE THEY? They honored the "intent" of the agreement and GEORGE GREEN broke it. It is strange to this day--THAT GEORGE AND HIS ATTORNEY ANSWER COURT CASES AND DOCUMENTS WHICH PERTAIN ONLY TO YOU AND ABBOTT! How does this come to be? George Green answers YOUR business before you know about your business! Is this not a bit strange?

John is not interested in a push to find JUSTICE as that seems all but impossible under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. He only asks for opportunity to file his "freedom" papers and get back a meager sustaining pension and retain his personal property--he does not even have a toothbrush! (Well, he does NOW!, because you friends of John have provided it.) He is perfectly happy to have someone appointed by the court to act as manager and when he gets back some of his income and vehicles--he does not even plan to drive until such time as his medical condition is in perfection. This is not an OLD man--he is in his early 70s, good readers, and was a vital person until his enemies pushed forward their plan of destruction.

I want to point out, once again, it is over "gold" in various forms. Is this not the sickest reference you can offer? This is also, according to what we are finding in investigations, focused around George Green. In addition, it comes to light that Gene Dixon of the CLC has also been set up TO ACTUALLY TAKE THE FALL FOR KIDNAPPING OF JOHN. I think NOT! I will say, however, a lot of very important and urgent choices ARE GOING TO BE MADE or these adversaries will "getcha" and there will be no mercy nor quarter given by them.

At this point John is frightened and asks that his location not be shared with anyone--and in that wisdom we honor the request. CONTACT will forward any mail, cards, etc. through John's attorney if you wish to contact him.


Along those lines I would like to share a letter from a reader who wishes to offer his thoughts about freedom. He writes from Missouri:

July 4, 1994

Dear Friends:

You and I know that millions have died for freedom. And we appreciate beyond all human understanding the efforts and lives they gave so we could enjoy a certain measure of freedom. We will carry on now to regain those freedoms stealthily stolen from us by those who were supposed to watch out for our interests. Instead they have looked after their own selfish interests ahead of the common man. Way ahead. Let us now take up the pen, which is mightier than the sword, in the singular struggle to regain our constitutional rights.

Let this be your clarion call if you have not heard one yet. This is it. Take effective action now in your own sphere of influence and keep at it. The battle of words and wits has only begun. With God the Creation backing those who struggle for freedom there is only one outcome: Victory! Take action now.

Your inner self will urge you what to do. Do it as long as it follows God's rules. Of course, you all (readers) are doing the best you can. This is meant for the fence sitters. Pass it on, if you please.

Thank you.

A fellow truth seeker--


* * *


This may seem a strange place to add this next but then, I don't need to account for my placement of information and insight--we just put it where we have space.

This is going to be Chapter 3 of Gerry Spence's book FROM FREEDOM TO SLAVERY.



The sides of the grave are lined with blankets of that stiff artificial green, green grass undertakers use to hide the sight of hard earth, of grass roots and tree roots chopped through by the gravedigger's shovel. The green grass blankets distract the mourners from the cold fact that the body will be lowered into six feet of dirt and gravel, that it would be buried--buried and at last forgotten.

Inside the coffin the smell of the undertaker's cheap perfume covers the acerbic odor of formaldehyde. Although the corpse does not breathe, although its heart is still and stiff, the blood coagulated in its veins, the arteries collapsed and sunken, although the long, stainless-steel trocar has been inserted into the stomach and the contents sucked out and replaced with chemicals, still the corpse does not know that it is dead.

At the funeral parlor the corpse had put on quite a show. Shortly after the organist had begun playing "The Requiem", the corpse suddenly rose up from the satin and opened its eyes. What it saw cannot be known, for the corneas were wrinkled and the eyes dull and empty. Although the jaws had been wired shut so as not to permit the mouth to sag open, the corpse then began to emit long, flat sobs through its clenched teeth.

"Do not shut the lid," the corpse cried. "I do not want to die".

"But you are already dead", the attendant replied politely.

"How can I be dead"? the corpse cried back. "I have never lived".

"Of course you have lived. And your time has come. Now be nice. Don't cause trouble. Let us shut the lid".

Then the corpse began to ululate (howl)--an endless, breathless wail as if a thief had entered its body and the alarm had sounded. And to stop the horrid noise, the attendants rushed up and slammed down the lid. Even then, the muffled screams escaped through the pores of the coffin. The lead attendant turned to the mourners and smiled a sad but reassuring smile.

"Don't be concerned," he said. "We often encounter deceaseds who are unwilling to accept the fact that they are dead. It happens all the time. We apologize for the disturbance. But once we get them buried, it will be all right. In fact, that is why the dead are buried". He gave another tiny, mirthless smile and then quickly joined the attendants, who lost no time in rolling the coffin out of the room and into the waiting hearse.

More chilling is the scene we observe every day--the breathing dead who believe they are alive. Year after year these breathing dead get up at the same time every morning on the same side of bed, trudge to the same kitchen, swallow the same brand of bacon and style of eggs for breakfast, drive the same route to work, and wearily enter the same door of employment where automatically they punch the same time clock and perform, like machines, the same mindless task until the same bell goes off at five o'clock. Then by rote they return home in order to open the same brand of beer, and to watch the news on television that informs them of the same murders and violence, which are balanced against the same insipid sitcoms evoking the same canned laughter. Ha. Ha.

The breathing dead emulate machines. Their work is mechanical. They relate more to the simulated life on television than to their own species. It's safer to love the electronic image, safer to engage a nonbeing. Moreover, the control of their television sets provides a power they do not possess in life, the power of the thumb that clicks from electronic life to electronic life and the power to extinguish such life at will. The bargain seems fair. By relinquishing their own lives, which can be petty, puny, and powerless, they acquire a nonlife over which they can exercise complete and final power.

I would rather visit with the corpse than exist with the breathing dead, with those who have never considered a new idea, who worship the same God and vote the same party of their fathers, whose friends believe the same, act the same, look the same, and say the same things that they say. I would find a conversation with a corpse more engaging than one with the breathing dead, whose next words are as predictable as the liturgy of the priest and who, on pain of death, cannot recall the last book they read. All creativity is dead. All discovery is dead. Feeling is dead. Yet, as we observe, they breathe.

Mankind strikes an unholy bargain at birth. The contract reads: "Give me life and I will agree to death." The first freedom, therefore, is the freedom to live in the face of the fear of living and the terror of dying. But such freedom extracts a severe price. The price is pain, the pain of fear--fear of failure, of rejection, fear of abandonment, of loss and of sorrow, and the terror of death. We awaken to find ourselves trapped on a boat floating down an unchartered river with its horrible falls at the end. We possess no map to tell us where we shall face the falls. But we know the falls are there. We know no one ever survives the trip. We are afraid. Yet we cannot get off the river. We can only, moment by moment, attempt to avoid its treacherous rapids, its hazardous back currents, and despite the river's exquisite beauty and its placid bends, often we fail to enjoy the trip, for we know, just ahead, perhaps around the next bend, we shall face the falls, the horrible falls.

Life is the invisible trap. And the invisible tyrant is fear. To many, escape is death. Living death. The trap of the breathing dead is worse than the trap of the coyote whose foot is caught in steel jaws, for the coyote can escape. He need only chew off his foot. But the trap that ensnares the breathing dead tortures beyond endurance, because the trap cannot be seen or touched or even understood. Such traps have no measurable dimensions. When the breathing dead cry out that they are trapped, they are assured that all they need do is work harder, be smarter, compete harder, make more money, and they will, at last, be freed. [H: And, as with John Schroepfer (and there are billions of "John Schroepfers") there is FORCE to keep you DEAD and confined within the coffin of another's choosing--of another--even more DEAD!]

Who are these breathing dead? The farmer can be trapped on the farm, trapped by the mortgage that renders him the slave of the banks. The housewife can be trapped behind lifeless, monotonous walls, reduced to slavery to husband and offspring and repressive community mores.

The poet, trapped by anonymity, the small-town artist trapped in obscurity, the parent trapped in mindless labor, the child trapped in ignorance and stifled in the great negative mind mill--all can die in their traps before they have lived.

For all creatures who are caught in traps, a sense of hopelessness prevails. At the workplace the breathing dead are not heard, not acknowledged. They are digits on the balance sheet, and digits are dead. Despite what they think, what they say, what they do, or how hard they work, they remain digits. Their protests are like screaming into the void. At the polls they are digits as well, for no matter whom they vote for, nothing changes. They cannot be freed. At last the trap becomes synonymous with life.

But the state of nonbeing in being becomes the supreme pain, for eventually it embodies the realization that one has been cheated of his bargain. The breathing dead witness the murder of themselves. The breathing dead live within their own corpses, a horror beyond description, a horror that bears the agony of both murderer and victim and suffers the indescribable pain of the last rejection, of the self against the self.

Alcohol becomes the palliative of choice for the breathing dead. Beer is associated with happiness and is subliminally marketed in place of friendship, as a substitute for love, for sex, especially sex, so that those who thereby escape life through the brown-bottled bubbles are delivered a replacement for genuine joy, and by dulling the senses are delivered a certain quantum of pseudo death. It provides an escape from what appear to be the inescapable traps of life. But the escape is not into the experience of life but the experience of nonlife. So, too, with drugs.

The deadly consequences of food, the most widely abused substance of the breathing dead, are visible in the bloated bodies of the masses and reflect a nation of the entrapped. For centuries we have herded geese into tight pens, held them immobile, and by use of specially devised rods, stuffed rich grains down their helpless gullets until their bellies bloated and their livers swelled, after which we pulverized the livers to produce a delicacy called pâté. In the same way we force-feed geese, the breathing dead force-feed themselves and their children until their guts are distended and their limbs made heavy and stiff like the dead.

Yet many do not so easily succumb. Many strike out in desperate fury. Many strike at anything and everything. They abuse those closest to them, their wives, their children, their subordinates. If they are employers they abuse their workers. If they are police officers they abuse the weaker citizens. If they are judges they exercise their power not in furtherance of justice, but in response to anger, abusing the lawyers who practice before them and the accuseds who plead for mercy.

Hawking substitutions for living has become a massively profitable megabusiness in America. We are provided a love affair with Murphy Brown in order that the sponsor's goods may be subliminally sold in the process. At the same time, we are sold sports cars for sexual potency, shaving lotion for sexual appeal, and shampoo for beauty. Spectator sports provide a substitute for our involvement with our own bodies. Pornography provides an alternative for living relationships, and the pornographic experience mimics necrophilia, since the coupling is with nonliving images in nonliving pages on nonliving screens.

Any commodity that separates people from their lives is in great demand. Television removes the audience from reality. There the mind is redesigned by the electronic god that teaches false wisdoms--that human worth is measured by the amount of money each possesses, that human fulfillment is measured by the numbers of dead objects, gadgets, and things money can buy, most of which are manufactured by the breathing dead themselves in hideous places, called factories, where the breathing dead labor with the same low groans and monotonous motions of the machinery. At last, the breathing dead sell their lives an hour at a time to acquire the means by which to buy the stuff of their living death, and when the breathing dead are worn out, like the machinery they mimic, they are written off, cast out, and replaced.

The offspring of the breathing dead are also trapped. Taught by the dead, they learn to say no, not just to life, to say no, not yes, to self-expression and exploration. At school, "good" becomes synonymous with "dead". At school most children are not permitted to laugh out loud or cry or make a commotion because, too often, dead teachers despise any expression of life.

The children's primary experiences, those experiences by which they will make their life's choices and establish their life's values, are not related to clear fishing streams meandering through pristine woods, but to the blood and death and emptiness of life they experience on television. Mindless encounters on the screen waste their lives and dribble away their opportunity for growth. They are forbidden to explore their feelings, for feelings are too dangerous. Their language is not the language of poets but the lexicon of computers. Their heroes are machines and robots and those who emulate the same. They relate more to machines than to peers--to video contraptions that suck in quarters and simulate killing, to driving machines that suck in vast quantities of fuel and carry them endlessly up and down the same streets in a compulsive search for Lord knows what, and to sound machines that in quadruple stereo and exploding subwoofers destroy the ears and deaden the senses.

As are their parents, the offspring of the breathing dead are trapped in the decaying concrete bowels of the cities. The species is not genetically engineered to live where metal machines belch and blow in concrete canyons and fill the air with gases that smart in the lungs, and where the eyes are hurt by the sight of buildings protruding upward like angry stakes. There these concrete children, like rats stacked three deep in a concrete shoe box, begin to strike out. They hurl themselves against the walls, but they cannot escape. At last, desperate to escape, the concrete children can only break out through their fragile selves. Like the coyote in the trap they begin to gnaw on themselves. Crack! Cocaine! Violence! Escape is everything. Freedom is everything. In their madness the concrete children attack their neighbors. The regime calls it crime. But it is only the concrete children searching for freedom.

In a vicious, ever-widening cycle that will surely destroy us, the regime punishes the children by imprisoning them in even smaller, viler boxes of concrete called penitentiaries. We witness a true revolution. It is a revolution against the dead, the living dead. It is a revolution being waged against a dead regime--dead, for its core is composed of a conglomerate of dead corporate and governmental bureaucracies. Included in the regime are those who have become attached to the core, its obsequious functionaries, its glazed-eyed human cogs, it mobs of nodding minions, the endless captured hordes who suck their sustenance from the back of the nonliving beast.

Worse than the living dead, the regime has never taken a breath, never taken a first step or felt a fly on its nose. These bureaucracies are symbiotic and are so similarly structured that if one were to petition the board of directors of General Motors and the governing authority of the Department of Transportation, the responses would be disturbingly similar. What is lacking is the sense that anyone or anything alive--with intelligence--abides within, that there are any living responses buried in any of the vast machinery. The decisions made by the regime could as well have been made by the attendant at the corner Exxon gas station as by the chief executive officer of the same corporation, for the decisions are made by "the book", and the book, of course, is dead. But if "the book" is followed, no one can criticize the decision maker, who in the end makes no decisions at all. Machinery, of course, does not care. Machinery does not think. It does not create. Like an enormous malignant glacier, the regime blankets the Earth, consumes the landscape, and leaves its ugly, fatal debris as evidence of its irresistible force.

A dead regime fears its living subjects, for the dead cannot control the living. Only religions have such power. But when the living become the living dead, the equation is placed in balance, for, indeed, the dead can control the dead. Thus freed, the regime may pursue its purpose, namely, to convert all that is living to the dead, to convert clear skies to poisonous dead skies, pristine forests to dead clear-cuts, sparkling rivers and emerald oceans to deadly ooze and toxic silt. When the equation is in balance, the regime can tear down mountains and cut down forest and rip up prairies, transform that which was once of bud and bloom into trainloads of cement, shiploads of lumber, megatons of plutonium, and endless horizons of automobiles and trinkets and junk. The regime characterizes its action as "progress". But the regime's progress is its malignant magic--to transform all that breathes, all that grows, all that is green into dead green--dead green money.

In its insatiable quest for dead green, the regime has punctured the ozone and left the outer layer limp and gaping like a blown-out tire. On a typical day the power regime will destroy 116 square miles of rain forest, about an acre a second. Another 72 square miles will be lost to encroaching deserts. Every day the regime will witness the loss of 40 to 100 species, each of which has been "a pilgrim of four billion years of evolution", and no one seems to know whether it is 40 or 100. Every day the human population will increase by 250,000. Every day the regime will burden the Earth's atmosphere with an additional 2,700 tons of chlorofluorocarbons and 15 million tons of carbon. Tonight the Earth will have become a little hotter, its waters a bit more acid. By the end of the year the total loss of rain forest will be equal to an area the size of the state of Washington and the expanding deserts will equal an area the size of the state of West Virginia. The Earth's human pollution will have risen by more than 90 million. By the year 2000 as many as 20 percent of the life-forms on the planet that were in existence in 1900 will have become extinct.

Fearing the living, the dead regime seeks to confine the concrete children in concrete. But the regime cannot build enough prisons. In the great cities, cities too bombed and broken to fix, the masses swarm. There a bursting discontent, a swelling anxiety, maddens the alienated hordes. Anger is as thick in the air as the heavy, noxious gases. The people breathe in angers and spew it out. They no longer kill each other out of hate. They kill each other because life has been reduced, life is nothing--theirs or their neighbors'--and therefore killing is nothing. Killing has become a non-act.

The concrete boxes in which the children are imprisoned will explode. Already the explosions have begun in Detroit and Los Angeles and in murderous prison riots across the land. They will explode again and again until those trapped within are freed. Nothing can stop the revolution. It is not driven by ideas about good or evil. It does not bow to political axioms, to economic religions, to Marx, or Christ, or money. It is a revolution at the nucleus of being that seeks to free mankind. The genes, in their irrepressible search for life, control. Like a weed chopped down and then chopped again, life continues to force its way upward. Yet for weed and man alike life is painful.

In the cities, where the concrete children terrorize us and themselves, we observe the species now reverted to its raw state of predator and prey. But it is a living predator against a living prey. The dead regime cannot say as much. Under its power the dead consume the living. In the cities the concrete children are both the hunters and the hunted. Despite their envelopment in this desperate meaninglessness, only the living can eventually care for the living. Once more the dead regime cannot say as much, for under its power the living are and always will be but lifeless expendables. In the concrete jungle life is vibrant, pulsing, grimy, painful and dangerous. FEAR is the predominant human experience, but the concrete children experience a life that denounces living death even more than death itself.

As the great cities collapse, the children, without choice, without plan, without direction or purpose, will flee. In the same way that an antebellum population migrated from the cotton fields and the plantations of the South to the northern cities in search of freedom, so too the species will return to the countryside still in search of freedom. Small villages will again prosper. Once more families will know each other. Neighbors will become as tribal members and will again care for each other. There, as with primitive man, the issue will not be death, but life.

Already the inevitable drift from the cities has begun. Millions wishing to escape the war zones have retreated to smaller towns and to the beckoning countryside. The affluent have led the way. It is easier for them. A New York investment banker moves his office to Jackson, Wyoming, and stays attached to the urban body by the umbilical cords of telephone, fax, and modem. A builder abandons his business in Los Angeles and begins anew as a carpenter in Missoula, Montana. A teacher retreats from the rat race and crime in New Jersey and opens an eight-stool diner in Orem, Utah.

The bridge from death to life is built on two tracks. One is the awareness that life is there to live. That life is. The other is the courage to live it--to feel fear, to accept pain, to set the fear of dying against the joy of living. Once life has been slightly perceived, once vaguely experienced, all the boxes, all the concrete, cannot extinguish man's quest for it. That critical, irrepressible yearning, the longing to be free, to be, is at the heart of all that live. The late-blooming bluebell hugs the ground. It grasps the Earth's warmth in order to bloom and seed before the winter's freeze sets in. We are touched by the courage of the tender flower. But freedom is born of courage.

In the end, life demands the same courage for living as it does for dying. Every soul who has occupied space upon the face of the Earth, no matter how fearful of death, at last musters the courage to die. The courage to live and the courage to die are opposite sides of the same hand. Fear and joy are the opposite sides of the same hand. The hand is life and the hand is death. It is the hand of freedom. It is our hand, the hand that at last can spring the invisible trap.

* * *

Where are YOU among the breathing dead?



SAT., JUL. 2, 1994 7:45 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 320

SAT., JUL. 2, 1994


Will there be another Fourth of July? Indeed! How do I know? Because all that is--was, and shall for ever be. In the perception of time--once labeled--moves forever into the infinity of perception. The question, then, remains simply--what will another Fourth of July represent? Even that question on the second of July (today) has no meaning--for all is only speculation as to the 4th.

I have been asked to again run information, even if repetition, on the "Monarch" project which is so closely akin to the "Delta Force" training. However, I first wish to speak of the State of your Nation.


These are neither the best nor the worst of "times". These simply ARE THE TIMES. It is what you do with "these times" that makes them great or terrible--God provides the "times" and YOU must provide the perceptions.


You stand, as a nation, at the brink of the downfall of freedom in any recognized form. You also stand at the crossroads whereat moving in one direction will reclaim a chance at recovery--or in the other direction, crushing enslavement and pathetic depletion of your wondrous "chosen" nation. Which will it be?

The confusion to cover actions is so brilliantly scoped and activated by your clever manipulators that you notice not what is REALLY taking place. You ponder O.J. Simpson in confusion as to "what in the world are they doing"? Well, let me assure you of some things. "They" HAVE established and perpetrated this horrendous crime as we have told you. Why, then, does it look so bad for O.J. and why does he not more fully defend himself? Because it is SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY-- RIGHT INTO PUBLIC FRENZY. O.J. Simpson is simply a set-up of RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES used with professional manipulations. How do they keep him in line? He KNOWS his children will be NEXT IN SOME HORRENDOUSLY TERRIBLE DISASTER AT THE ENEMY'S HANDS.

YOU are being tested; how will you, as a society, react? Will the constant focus cause you to miss everything else going on right now? Indeed it will--IT HAS!

There is "socialized medicine" (but YOU won't get ANY), there are new Executive Orders which are pure TREASON, there are national emergencies and State of Emergencies. Why such a buildup? Because the "big boys" know that there is also the element which can STOP THEM! This would be an ARMED army of both citizens and military "Minutemen".


Goodness no, readers. You want the government criminals to FACE JUSTICE--not chaos, riots and a nation out of control allowing for WORLD INTERVENTION. You want to bring this atrocity against freedom and sanity to a halt in a sane and orderly manner. This means "in reason and in wisdom of actions". Anarchy is NEVER an answer for that always plays into the enemy's hands.

Are there ways to do this, then, in reason and sanity with wisdom? Yes. It is being worked on as we write. Dharma is not the only person with whom I communicate and I would never give her that which will halt the flow of information--just to satisfy curiosity within awakening humanity.


I dedicate our work during this season to our beloved Violinio St. Germain. I also bow to our beloved Michael and Gabriel in honor and salute. I will speak more on the associations at another time. Just KNOW that they are important and shall impact your journey greatly--even as they have always done.

Germain has given many, many speeches on behalf of his beloved United States, the Light unto a Free World, on hundreds of celebration days called the Independence Day. He has warned and reminded you that you DID NOT GAIN INDEPENDENCE--YOU SIMPLY BECAME FURTHER ENTRAPPED IN THE MUCK AND MIRE OF THE HAPPENINGS AND DECEIT OF THE PRINCE OF LIES AND DECEIT. While you wave flags and shoot firecrackers in celebration of that which is gone--I remind you of as much. Honor those flags and renew your stance and RECLAIM YOUR NATION UNDER GOD OF LIGHT OR YE SHALL BE DESTINED TO PAY DEARLY IN THE ANNALS OF HISTORY DEDICATED TO THE RISE AND FALL OF GREAT NATIONS AND CIVILIZATIONS.

I would like, instead of inviting Germain to speak--for we are caused to not ask Dharma to write for Germain until the US&P case is finished--and the games and assaults are getting more and more nasty--not over information--but of course, over MONEY and politics. US&P is a British Intelligence and Brookings Institute mind-control institution. I don't care what the US&P staff may "think" they are doing--they are a New Age seminar-giving mind-control center. Is this "bad"? Good? It is neither good nor bad--it IS. It has always been used as a tool of B'nai B'rith as well and the Royal Family of England. Some would refer to that aspect with great pride and publicity--so WHY do they bring suit against ones who suggest this as truth? They even deny any "Jewish race" people on their board or staff--on national radio, yet. Why? Is that not bigotry and racism in today's accepted society? It has further been suggested that US&P has some association with some of the PROJECTS such as "Monarch". Is this true? Well, if "actions" do actually speak louder than words, there is some suggestion that something goes on that is preferred to be kept a bit SECRET.

I am continually interested in what goes on in the "case" itself between Dharma and US&P, the interchange with Green and his buddies and even the exchange with Col. Bo Gritz and Timothy Binder who heads US&P. A hundred magazine journals have now been typed and printed--by Dharma. Strange that some 9 (but actually only four had very much of any reference even to Walter Russell's work) are in legal ensnarement but our entire work is denounced, taken up in the Associated Press, EVERYTHING taken from the Ekkers including their reputations and goodly names--and the games get ever increasingly more entangled with the Federal Court system.

US&P claims great DAMAGES from these "false" writers. They claim in court "unfair competition in the market" and a dozen other things--while playing legal checkers against two in-pro-per people who have neither attorney nor funds.

US&P has seminars, libraries, classes, lectures, tours and a "university" with classes. Ekkers have NOTHING, have never received a dime for any of the work--and not even meetings. The only ones from this place who have made anything--are the Greens of America West--nice ones who share a common butterfly heritage. How so? Well, we'll offer you more on "Monarch" and some players in a bit.

I also want you to look carefully at the letter from Maynard Campbell elsewhere in this paper. This man was in Idaho and wrote on the Ruby Ridge "massacre". He was then targeted for death--he also watched Bo Gritz's actions then and now--a nice Monarch product. This one man [Gritz] could be the GREATEST leader your nation has ever known--or go down in the ANNALS of history as the worst betrayer. He cannot help that which he is--UNTIL HE ALIGNS HIMSELF WITH GOD OF LIGHT AND STOPS THIS GARBAGE OF MISPERCEPTIONS AND FALSE DOCTRINES. So be it. I want to talk about the State of your Nation this morning, please. I will try to respond to your other multiple inquiries as we can. To keep our noses clean and to share the focus of work well done--we will offer from Robert D. Newcomer his writing: "WHERE HAS ALL THE FREEDOM GONE"?



America's birth began with the American Revolution when thirteen very fragile, dissension-ridden colonies challenged the most powerful monarchy on Earth to rid themselves of taxes and tyranny. This was a war of common folks thrust into the turbulence of battle; ordinary citizens who never studied a newspaper because they could not read and never petitioned the government because they could not write. These ordinary people shed their blood from April 19, 1775 to the bloody victory at Yorktown in 1781 to provide us with the basis for the American dream and the cornerstone of freedom from oppressive taxation and tyranny. Is it possible that through complacency and apathy, we have squandered the American dream that was acquired for us with the sacrifice of human life, turmoil and anguish? Is it also possible that we have left our children bankrupt, exposed to tyranny and totally uninformed as to their future circumstances? Let's review taxes, tyranny and the Constitution to establish where we have progressed in 219 years since the Revolutionary War.

Taxes: The Revolutionary War was fought over repressive taxation (10% at the time). Today we pay 80% of our wages in taxes without challenge or outcry. We pay direct taxes which are evident, hidden taxes which are imposed on us under altered names to conceal them, and disguised taxes which are very difficult to detect. DIRECT federal, state, local and social security taxes remove 44% of our income from our paychecks. We labor until June every year just to pay these direct taxes. HIDDEN taxes such as licenses (car, boat, trailer, business, drivers, liquor, hunting, fishing, dog, marriage), gas tax $.43/GAL, permits, vehicle, liquor tax, fees, duties, excise, and interest consume three more months of our wages. When we purchase any product we pay numerous disguised taxes. For example, when we buy an automobile, the company that builds the vehicle passes all of its costs onto us, the buyer of the car, to include all taxes paid by the company. This includes social security taxes, workers compensation tax, state unemployment tax, federal unemployment tax, franchise taxes, corporate income taxes, property taxes, etc. The company is responsible for these taxes but we pick up the tab the day we purchase the product. In addition, we pay a sales tax on the entire price of the car, therefore, paying taxes on the tax with money that has already been taxed before we got our paychecks. Like a slave who works 12 months for nothing the average American now works 9.5 months for nothing more than taxes. More taxes (health care) are on the way.

Every aspect of our life is now taxes. We can't pick up a paycheck, buy groceries, drive a car, own a home, save money, or go fishing without someone demanding payment in the form of taxation for those rights. How has this happened? Wright Patman, former congressman and former chairman of the House Banking Committee, explained it as follows: "In the United States we have in effect two governments...We have the duly constituted Government... then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution". At 6:00 pm on December 23, 1913, while most of Congress was at home, a few representatives took it upon themselves to pass, by voice vote, the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. That day was the beginning of the end of the American dream. On that date our Congress compromised the efforts of our founding fathers by relinquishing its control over the monetary system of the United States to a private corporation, with international stockholders, known as the Federal Reserve Bank. Since that date we Americans have been subject to unnecessary interest on loans entered into by our government with this highly profitable, private, international banking cartel. In addition, our government has allowed this private corporation to fleece unconstitutional income taxes from us to pay for these unnecessary interest charges which will be approximately four hundred billion dollars this year. Look at the back of your cancelled checks paid to the IRS for federal taxes and note that they were deposited into the coffers of the FRB (Federal Reserve Bank), not the United States Treasury. Lewis T. McFadden, former Chairman of the House Banking Commission and past member of Congress was quoted as saying, "The Federal Reserve Bank is a private monopoly which preys upon the People of the United States for the benefit of themselves". McFadden died mysteriously after three attempts on his life. [H: Let us not allow him to have died in vain--please run this speech AGAIN. (It is in the previous journal, #100). Why should we toil for our daily bread and allow an international banking cartel to eat it? This is the identical question faced by our founding fathers just before they fired the "shot heard round the world".

TYRANNY: Could WACO be the keyhole to our future? Eighty men, women and children were blatantly murdered by federal law enforcement agencies. The media dubbed them a religious cult so as to justify mass execution of innocent citizens without due process of law. Did you note that the compound was burned to the ground on the EXACT DAY THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR BEGAN (APRIL 19TH)? The second shot heard round the world could well have been the one fired at the innocent victims of Waco. On May 21,1993 Paul Wilcher, an attorney, sent a 101-page document to Janet Reno detailing why Koresh was silenced by the federal government. [H: This man was also an attorney for Gunther Russbacher and held incredible evidence regarding October Surprise and other incriminating evidence.] Wilcher was found dead in his apartment shortly after sending the report to Reno. The Randy Weaver incident in Idaho, is another prime example of tyranny. Federal agents shot Weaver's 13-year-old son in the back and then shot his wife in the head as she emerged from a cabin holding her baby. This family, living in a remote cabin in Idaho, must have posed a serious threat to national security. All the media had to do in this case was label them white separatist to condone to the public their execution, by federal agents, without due process of law. Who will be next? There are numerous other cases, such as Scott and Kahl, that clearly signify Police State executions.

We should question why so many elected officials are working so diligently to disarm Americans of guns as quickly as possible in violation of our Constitutional rights. Our government justifies this action by pointing to crime. Is crime the actual rationale or could crime be the engineered catalyst to premeditated and deliberate anarchy in America? Most Americans have never lived through Anarchy so we might not recognize the signs even if they were conspicuous. The use of anarchy to attain dictatorial power is as old as civilization itself. Anarchy has historically been used when a diminutive minority wants to secure control over the majority. The result of successful anarchy is a police state. If our type of government is decided by crime in the street, an autocratic ruthless dictatorship is inevitable because the people will demand it. This is actually very simple. You create a perceived problem in the minds of the people, such as crime, then offer the solution such as changing the U.S. Constitution or gun registration and organizations, such as, the MJTF, FINCEN, FEMA, and the new Federal Police force all staffed with special types of men. The same type of special men who can murder women and children, with no remorse at WACO, the same type of special men who can shoot the young Weaver boy in the back and then his mother in the head. What is the truth behind the formation of these new forces? What are they currently being trained for? Why are they comprised of many non-American combat-trained individuals? Why have we turned many of our military bases and personnel over to the direct control of the United Nations? The United Nations. "Peace keeping forces"--is a myth. The United Nations is controlled exclusively by fascist leaders of the bloodiest regimes on the globe who never in their history stood for anything other than killing, violence and tyranny on a global scale. Where was this noble "peace keeping group" when hundreds of churches were being burned to the ground in Bosnia, [H: And where were your own protective forces--after all, THIS IS THE NATIONAL SECURITY EMERGENCY THAT KEEPS THE U.S. IN A STATE OF MARTIAL LAW--RIGHT NOW, JUST EXTENDED BY CLINTON ON MAY 23, 1994!] thousands of religious citizens were being tortured and killed in detention camps and the civil rights of innocent, independent, religious citizens were violated?

* * *

Ok, just one more topic and then on to "Monarch".

This writing is an EXCLUSIVE TO THE AMERICAN'S BULLETIN and we certainly do not have any intention of taking any credit for other than having it brought to our attention. This [above] paper struggled along and almost had to close down because of the hardships encountered as do ALL free-speech papers. Support them if you can--they DO take advertising so if you have a product perhaps you can purchase space and keep them publishing.

We present this material here without comment and to allow the message to go a bit further into homes and minds that might not have access to The American's Bulletin, c/o 3434 N. Pacific Hwy., Medford, Oregon 97501. How worthy it would be to be able to combine some of these fine publications into a united VOICE OF THE PEOPLE.


Robert (Bob) Lewis, sui juris

This exclusive report was researched by 25-years criminal investigator, Robert (Bob) Lewis, sui juris.

It is December 21, 1988. A Pan Am international flight takes off from Frankfurt International Airport heading to London Heathrow International Airport where, after a stop-over, it will proceed on to New York. All goes well for the passengers as they enjoy the leisure of their flight. Soon they are in the air again and heading to New York and all is well. As they are passing over Scotland enjoying the view of a beautiful landscape and music in their ears and movies and drinks, thoughts of Christmas plans float through their minds. Kids, 87 to be exact, chat, play around, giggle and anticipate the presents they are in hopes of getting. Then, in a moment, the flight ends with a boom and a flash. The plane plunges to the ground along with all the hopes and aspirations of all 259 aboard and 11 on the ground.

As the debris falls to the ground and settles in to wait for the inspectors, so too did the answers of why and how. Now, after 5 1/2 years, some of these haunting questions get their chance to be laid to rest.


According to Western Intelligence sources, three American CIA Agents were shot to death in a Hotel room in Berlin in February 1991. They were there to interview the chauffeur from Beirut, Lebanon who had driven the car to the Frankfort Airport that carried the suitcase lined with plastic explosives that destroyed flight #103.

Their mission was to obtain information about the four CIA Agents who, it is believed, died aboard Flight #103 because they were the target of the bombing as they were carrying some intense evidence on the BCCI international guns-for-drugs operation's Syrian connection out of Beirut, Lebanon to the Senate Sub-Committee on Narcotics and Terrorism. One of the Flight #103 CIA Agents was Major Charles McKee, the other three are unknown as their identity has been covered up by the CIA. Source--the London Guardian, August 2, 1991.


Pan Am's insurance company, The United States Aviation Underwriters Insurance Co., knows who had prior knowledge to the bombing and it is the suppressor of this information, required by the CIA and most willingly abided by, that keeps them from having to pay the 14-Billion-Dollar libel suit owed to the victim's families.

It goes as follows:

A crew member of Flight #103, who goes unnamed, over-heard two unnamed U.S. State Department Officials, who are taking the flight, talking about a note slipped to them from an unnamed CIA Agent. The contents of the note essentially warned them to deplane in London and not continue the flight to New York. Possibly including, but it is not known, that it would not arrive at its destination.

During the flight to London the crew member confronted the officials about the conversation and the officials denied any such thing and told the crew member nobody would believe it. When the officials deplaned in London and did not return the crew member notified the Captain who in turn notified Pam Am officials. The Pan Am officials ordered the flight to continue. At this point the crew member claimed to be sick and deplaned also. To my knowledge all of the players in this episode, except the pilot, are alive today and could be called to witness to the facts. At least 10 Government Agencies have or had this information but have suppressed or destroyed it.

Other people were warned to deplane also and did. During a holiday rush season the flight mysteriously became only 2/3 full while other flights were over-booked. One person who deplaned was the son of the Head of International Intelligence for the FBI, one Oliver Buck Revelle, whose son was on his way home for military leave. Others who left the flight are believed to be some of Major McKee's team, suggesting a setup.

The crew member involved wrote an official Affidavit witnessing to the facts. To my knowledge they are still alive today.


Major McKee's team was bringing back evidence of the CIA-Syria Guns-for-Drugs connection but they also had been investigating the whereabouts of the American Hostages, some of whom were U.S. Agents and one was a U.S. General. It is generally believed they had uncovered another horror story which we now believe to be a system of eliminating Patriotic American Agents using the PFLP-GC (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command), who have a long notorious record of aircraft bombing, to take agents hostage and eliminate them. The CIA could not afford to let this information return to the Senate and still cannot and thus we still have the Government and the Media purporting the Libyans did it.

Now a Terrorist caught in Lebanon claims he did it and he even tried to tell the Judge and Prosecutor but they too tried to suppress it. Now we expect the spin doctors to discredit this claim because both the Bush and Clinton Administrations have suppressed the truth. [H: It has already been done.] Bush started the operation and Clinton has maintained it.

On November 19, 1989, the Toronto Star published this:

The French Government had loaned two of their top chemists to Syria's International Drug Operations, headed up by a Syrian named AlKassar, to help with the production and refining of the Bacca Valley Opium in the Village of Taraya. Syria controls this valley and it is known that the operation is Government protected if not controlled.

You put this together with Bush's long standing friendship with President Assad, even when he's killing his countrymen and openly supporting world terrorism, and you begin to see the Guns-for-Drugs and hostage connection with Bush makes a lot of sense. You also see why the US Government doesn't want to blame the Syrians for Flight #103.


Guns for Drugs and Drugs Smuggling, sound familiar? How about Mena, Arkansas? How about Hillary, Vince Foster, The Rose Law Firm and BCCI buying First American Bank?

While Bush, the initiator of the Guns For Drugs, was in operation in the White House, Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas. George and the CIA needed Bill's nod to start, or at least continue, the operation out of Mena, Arkansas and Bill needed the Globalist to further his own aspirations of living in the White House. This explains why Bush and Clinton did not significantly attack each other during the election run in 1992. We know the CIA runs drugs through Mena Airport, and Clinton refused to allow the Attorney General funds to investigate it; the question is, what else does he know?

Scribe, let us close this Chapter and begin here when we write again.



SAT., JUL. 2, 1994 10:30 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 320

SAT., JUL. 2, 1994


The Guns for Drugs deals with Syria-Lebanon-CIA-Mena could not function without a Bank or two to launder the money. Thus comes the CIA operatives' BCCI-Bank of America-Rose Law Firm-Hillary-Foster-Hubbell-First American Bank.

The Rose Law Firm employed Hillary Clinton, Vincent Foster and Webster Hubbell. These three were the ones who transferred the stocks of BCCI needed to acquire First American Bank, the largest bank in Washington D.C. [H: Does anyone find it interesting in OUR READING AUDIENCE that so far there has been no mention of one of the most important men in the world, Clark Clifford?] This bank provided unlimited secured loans to the Senators and Congressmen. This is part of the reason why Congress lacks interest in investigating this. When Bill became President he brought all three lawyers with him.

When Foster was killed there was a clean sweep of his office by people not involved with National Security, which was the excuse for the sweep. What wasn't told to you was that Foster had information on the activities with BCCI and none of the guilty parties could take a chance in a leak of this nature, thus Hillary's secretary was needed for that task, among other things, and no evidence was found that we have been told of. It is these files that link the International Guns For Drugs Money Laundering Operation and Mena and President Clinton. The Rose Law Firm probably wasn't as interested in shredding of the White Water files as they were interested in eliminating the Stock Transfer files.

NOTE: It is amazing how many files turned up missing when Foster died. The BCCI files, White Water files affair memorabilia with Hillary, and the Hansen files (a 13.26 BILLION dollar law suit) are just a few known to me.


Money and Power are the name of the game. If anyone is naive enough to think an operation as big as the CIA-Drugs for Guns-BCCI-First American Bank could be run without the approval and or oversight of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers INTERNATIONAL Banker Associations just ask yourself why no one received any real punishment to date in the BCCI scandal and/how come Bank of America held a solid majority (approx. 60%) of the ownership but went virtually untouched and unaffected by its closure.

Now, what else ties this one big sick family together? Abnormal Sex habits. Intelligence organizations for years have known this was the best way to control people. This group of Globalists is involved in an International Child Kidnapping and Pedophile Network. With these kids they easily pull in the kinky politicians and high ranking Government Officials. This operation was started by the precursor to CAN (Cult Awareness network) and run by the CIA group MK-Ultra AND CALLED PROJECT MONARCH. One more point needs to be made on the banking subject. The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by these International Bankers. The Fed (Federal Reserve) has Government oversight powers over banking in the United States. It is inconceivable that the Federal Reserve did not know all about the transfers between the CIA and BCCI and Bank of America and First American Bank. To be more specific, wire transfers were done through the Federal Reserve. Not one mention of this has been made public to my knowledge. For sure they are exempt from the laws that forced BCCI to be closed. It is a fact that no Government Intelligence Agency is not under their sway if not out and out control. They control the World's money and money systems. No Intelligence Agency can operate without money and the free use of it. Thus we might as well call it The World Organized Crime Network, starring the International Bankers.


The understanding of Mena and the drug smuggling for money and guns would not be complete without dishonorable mention of Ollie North. George Bush was appointed as Director of the CIA during the Vietnam Conflict. It was at this time that a fluent pipeline was established from the "Golden Triangle" or "Bamboo Triangle" to the USA. Servicemen, killed in a political war, were gutted and desecrated by drugs being put in them and then being shipped home to be sold to kill yet more people on the streets of America.

There was an Army Intelligence team sent in to investigate the CIA control of this operation. The team was relocated to combat duty in hopes of elimination and no report was filed. When the drugs being cultivated in Lebanon's Bacca Valley began to appeal to the CIA and the competition could not be overlooked, North was called in to set it up and organize control of it. The Terrorists wanted guns and the Globalists wanted control. Some Freedom Fighters and hostages looked like a good excuse to use to pawn it off on the American public. There was a problem though, the Bolland Amendment, and how do you get public support for such a gross operation if they find out about it?

The answer is, the standard Mode of Operation for Politics in Washington. Every one points the finger at someone else while claiming they know nothing but yet support it while yet probably voting against it. See the book COMPROMISED: Clinton, Bush and the CIA for more.

When things started to get out of control and the operatives harder and harder to control (power corrupts) North had to clean it up and take the fall if necessary. After all it was his baby, right? Anyone who is naive enough to believe that a lowly Lt. Col. would be the impetus behind such a large International Globalist Operation involving the President and a Governor and the CIA and the International Bankers... well, I won't say it.

The evidence of the Globalist involvement is also seen in the way the media is pushing North's bid for election in Virginia, the CIA Headquarters State.

In 1989, a CIA source informed the Toronto Star that they were doing an internal investigation to find the secret cell that was running the Drugs For Hostages deal. This team found out that all of the background information on Flight #103 was mysteriously erased from the computer database in Langley, Virginia.

Then along comes Major McKee on what is to be a whitewashing mission and something goes wrong. He turns out to be much too ambitious and unerringly resourceful. A few rogue agents turn him onto some incredible evidence and before you know it 270 people are wasted. I guess the most galling aspect of it is that it was nothing to them to kill the innocent victims, they were just happy the lid was not blown off their gig.


A very sophisticated detonator was required for the precise timing and atmospheric complications involved and needed to direct the precise blast that downed Flight #103.

Only one person possessed the talent to manufacture such a detonator. The scientist's name is withheld for the sake of his family. He stated unequivocally that he had no previous knowledge what-so-ever that the detonator he made would be used for such an evil purpose.

He has signed an Affidavit declaring himself as the source of the detonator and that it had been given, along with many others, to the CIA.


All of the above information was made available to the US Government as well as Pan Am's Insurance Company, United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc. through the Law firm Windels, Marx, Davies & Ives, including their lead attorney James M. Shaughnessy, who was assigned to the defense of the insurance company regarding Flight #103, yet NONE OF IT WAS USED IN ANY COURT PROCEEDING IN THEIR DEFENSE! Instead they depended on a deal they cut with the Government to avoid payment of the liability.

So the Federal Government is really the main reason why there is a cover-up. The other reason is the International Bankers don't want to give up the billions of dollars to the serfs that serve their purpose as slaves. To them it is unethical.

I am not one to end a problem without suggesting a solution, so try these:

1) Stop the Politicians who are desecrating our Constitution. Throw them out NOW, not later. Vote first and if that doesn't work stop financing them.

2) Do not play along with the game of the: Clinton Administration, International Bankers, Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the American Liberal Media, International Child Kidnappers and Pedophile Networks, CIA's drug running, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, etc.

But wait a minute, Bob, are you telling me I am a party to all of these evil devastating groups? You are if you acquiesce and empower them and do not demand your Representatives bring an accounting and an end to their lawlessness. The official job description of the Congressman or Congresswoman is "Representative". They represent YOU.


From the Jack Anderson Article "Helsinki Warning",

July 28, 1989.

"But the most explosive evidence in a lawsuit against Pan Am may (was) found on a desk in Frankfurt, West Germany, the day after the crash.

A young West German (Oliver Koch) (Wackenhut Security Inc.) who worked in Pam Am baggage security reportedly testified that the State Department warned the airline in early December about a possible terrorist bombing, but that he didn't see the warning until December 22, the day after the Crash.

Koch, looking down on Werner Schlutz's desk and seeing the warning letter states, "How can I forget it, this is a warning of a potential bomb. IT IS MY JOB".

Testimony Reversed: "A few days later the FAA was supposed to arrive, and in Koch's presence Weber takes out a date stamp, back dates it to December 9, which is when he received it.

Pan Am therefore had prior knowledge to a 'POTENTIAL' bombing! Lives could have been saved that day but politics, corruption, drugs and death are an integral part of the New World Order.

And last, in a letter to the Honorable John Adams, Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1821': "The flames kindled on the 4th of July have spread over too much of the globe to be extinguished by the feeble engines of tyranny. On the contrary, they will consume these engines and all who work for THEM"!

* * *



[H: Since we have run this information several times, bear with us as we present a different resource and perhaps you can once again overcome your aversion to TRUTH and HEAR how it IS!]

One of the best kept secrets in history is the Monarch Mind-control programming which uses trauma-based mind control along with state of the art mind control to create humans who are totally controlled by a "handler" without even knowing that they are controlled. This is accomplished by sophisticated use of the brain's ability to disassociate, which is used to the extreme to create structured multiple-personality-disordered minds.

For an extremely technical definition of what the Monarch program was: it was used as US Department of Defense code name for a subsection of the CIA's Operation Artichoke which is also known as Project MK-Ultra. However, this technical definition is misleading because the Monarch programming under various names such as marionette programming has been going on since the Nazis.


The basic component of the Monarch program is the sophisticated manipulation of the child's mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorder. The most inhumane severe torture is used on children to create extensive MPD. Then the various alters (personalities) are found and programmed using state of the art mind-control.

Harmonics and sound waves are used to manipulate the RNA covering of neuron pathways to the subconscious. Harmonic generators code named "ether-wave" are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible triggers. This is one of the standard features of the Monarch program. It allows the slaves to be controlled by trigger words which make no sense or seem to carry no negative connotation to outside listeners.

For instance the words, "Mr. Postman wait and see" might set off an access sequence so that a slave living away from its master goes to its master (also called a handler).

Some slaves are turned into sleepers. They live normal lives but perhaps carry out an assignment 40 years down the road at a prearranged date or a prearranged trigger. Some of the Illuminati hierarchy have been turned into sleepers so that they can be available when the AntiChrist begins ruling, to train the large influx of new people into the Illuminati and Satanism.

Another basic component of the Monarch program is lots of electro shock. Stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves. Electroshock is used to create MPD in the creation of the slave, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instill fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. Slaves generally carry horrible body memories of excruciating electro-shock tortures to their entire bodies. As the slaves begin a therapeutic deprogramming process they will recover these horrible memories, not to mention many other painful memories.


Every Monarch slave has thousands of Internal safety devices (programs, etc.) to prevent anything from freeing the slave of her or his programming. IF YOU DISCOVER A MONARCH SLAVE--BE CAREFUL NOT TO TELL THEM WHAT YOU KNOW OR YOU MAY CAUSE THEM TO COMMIT SUICIDE. If any of the readers of this article do find a Monarch slave I suggest they call and talk to me about any steps they plan to take. Suicide programs are attached to all types of things within a Monarch slave. Do not mistakenly think you can tamper with the programming. Do not think that you can merely tell the slave that you want to free the person, and expect that they will automatically want your help. Working with Monarch slaves (also called Marionette survivors) is touchy, like handling ticking bombs. It also calls for extreme dedication and patience. [H: It appears the first part of this writing comes from someone called Fritz Springmeier and at this point we only have some extracted pages from a document regarding or issued by this person. I have no further information, yet, to offer about him. However, the other parties (and from whom this information also comes) are Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien (to name two) and we will have information on them a bit later in the writing.]


In the summer of 1991, I decided to put out a chapter I had written on a book I was putting together on Mind Control. This chapter was Chapter 3 and concerned the Monarch project. I put out this chapter in its rough form as a monograph about the Monarch program, and have mailed out hundreds to people free of charge. Everyone who subscribed to my newsletter at that time got one. [H: Ah, still no address but we have a clue; this came from A Newsletter from a Christian Ministry, Dec. 1993]

In the summer of 1993, I began getting information from Mark Phillips concerning the Monarch program. Mark's information dovetailed with what I knew and his information gave me a greater perspective on things. Mark Phillips has been deprogramming Monarch Mind-controlled slaves. He and Cathy O'Brien, who was a presidential model slave, have written over 76 papers on various aspects of the Monarch program. I have some, but not all of those papers, and I am now going to make the inventory lists available to my newsletter subscribers. At the end of this article I will reprint Mark's Information Inventory List. Those who are interested can either write Mark or contact me. Both Mark and I are extremely busy--so I don't know which of us is better to contact. Mark is currently working with at least six Monarch slaves to deprogram them, and I am working with about the same number on more of a friendship level to try to be supportive in any way for these people.

A book with excellent documentation exposing the Monarch Project is on the drawing boards and, when this book comes out, I and others will distribute it. Plans are to provide all readers of this newsletter a copy. [H: Our prior information regarding Mark and Cathy came from them directly to us so I will suggest you contact them and obviously they will be in touch with this party.]


The present day trauma-based mind-control is an outgrowth of practices that the Mystery Religions practiced in deep secrecy. Satanism has been alive and well for many centuries but has remained unexposed behind its religious fronts due to the ability of generational satanists to create MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). Many of the European kings were Satanists who had MPD. The royal families of Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and England are all involved with the occult and satanism. The Romanov family which had branches in Prussia and Russia was also deeply into the occult. An examination of the jewelry that the Romanov family had while they ruled Russia is an eye opener. Their jewelry was very occultic, even though they had a good Christian front for the public.

Unless a satanist has MPD they will go insane due to the horrifying things that high level satanism is involved in doing. Only satanists with MPD can survive. It goes without saying then that people in the higher levels of the Illuminati have MPD, but that does not mean they are highly structured MPDs such as the Monarch slaves. Monarch slaves have their MPD structured so that they become human computers or human robots--human zombies in a sense, except that they have front alters that can look and act like most everyone else.

The name Monarch does not derive from its royal heritage, but rather refers to the Monarch butterfly. Children who are traumatized have their legs tied and are electroshocked and tortured so that alters (personalities) form that think they are butterflies. This was the original reason for the name Monarch being attached to this trauma-based mind control.

Under the Nazis, the satanic use of MPD was refined. After W.W.II, the CIA smuggled into the U.S. German and Italian scientists and specialists who were developing the Monarch programming.

The Monarch programming is also referred to as Marionette programming. A marionette is a puppet and Nazi German psychologists were working hard at creating the perfect human puppets. The end result of all the hard work put in by German, Italian, American and British researchers was the creation of an almost fool-proof impossible to detect human mind-controlled slave.

Over the years since the 1940s, over 1 million Americans underwent Monarch programming; however, only 40,000 have extremely detailed records kept on them, and are also entered on a computer data base. Only privileged people have access to that data base. Reprogramming centers have been set up around the country to insure that any Monarch slave which might escape can be reprogrammed. The chance of any Mind-controlled slave escaping is exceptionally small due to the fact that the programming is so powerful and is so difficult to counteract.

[H: We may as well pause right here and let you in on a "biggie" which some of your regular readers might have forgotten as well--the WACO fiasco was just that--a fiasco. That whole project at Mt. Carmel was an MK-Ultra (Monarch) programming set-up. There were "sleepers" involved--only these guys got to working with God and when the programming said "wake up"--most of the player puppets DID NOT! IT IS A SMALL WORLD ISN'T IT?]


Not all Monarch slaves live with their masters. Monarch slaves who live and work apart from their masters must be accessed, which is done by the use of cryptic keys. I have begun to identify various localities which are being utilized to access the slaves. I will now discuss some of these cover activities.

The entire country western music industry is a cover for drug running and the Monarch program. Many of the country western songs are tailored to be utilized for programming. In recent years, "Karoke" singing has become popular in the U.S. Karoke singing is just one of several ways that Monarch slaves can be taken away from their homes for accessing, reprogramming, and for assignments. Various Monarch slaves are becoming acquainted with each other via this method. If anyone examines the pioneer Karoke version of such songs as White Rabbit you will easily see that this film with its song is a tool used by select Karoke spots for triggering Monarch slaves who have "Alice in Wonderland" programming. Alice in Wonder-land programming and The Wizard of Oz programming are two popular base programs still in use today. Walt Disney productions have played a major role in the Monarch program and some of their children's films are being deliberately constructed with Monarch triggers and keys.

Besides using Karoke Bars as a place to secretly bring Monarch slaves in for accessing, the Illuminati uses fraternal meetings and churches. Some churches have lights and other items which reinforce and interact with the programming the Monarch slaves have. Church leaders will say buzz words and use hand signals to interact with the Monarch slaves who have been ordered to attend these churches.

In the Portland area, we have a man in his twenties who is named Rex who has the job of accessing Monarch slaves and bringing them into one of the five reprogramming centers. I have been in the process of identifying where these centers are located. I have had the opportunity also to identify two of the programmers in this area, one is a middle-aged man named Ed, who uses his sales work with meat as a cover.


The most important duty of the Monarch slaves is to perpetuate the horrible secret satanic activity of the Illuminati. Much of the horrible deeds of the Illuminati would be impossible for a normal person to do, but someone who is Monarch programmed and who is so controlled that they will not even have the most common human feeling of self-preservation, these slaves can be gotten to do the evil dirty work. Bear in mind that "snuff" films and other gross things are being made daily and Monarch slaves can help with this type of stuff.

Slaves are also used in the regular entertainment industry because they have no moral barriers to orders and because they have photographic memories to learn their lines. Slaves are used in professional, college and high school sports, such as baseball and basketball. Slaves are used in the military as hard core soldiers (and they can't be beat for suicide missions), and by the intelligence agencies as spies. Slaves are used for drug running, money laundering, prostitution, pornography and acting. The slaves are also good for shooting up people and places to insure stiff anti-gun legislation is enacted and that the public is scared and dysfunctional.


Bo Gritz is just one of several male Monarch slaves who have been used to infiltrate the opposition to the NWO.

The newer slaves that I am seeing have got various kinds of Alien programming, so that they believe aliens are communicating to them in their heads. The various alien programs appear to be part of a vast scheme to create a strong belief in aliens and to create a mock alien invasion to provide justification for a strong One-World-Government.

[H: Moreover, these aliens will be represented as LIZARD-SERPENT-LIKE BEINGS! God's hosts NEVER appear as such! EVER!!]


Because the public has suffered so many atrocities from Monarch slaves who have gone berserk or who have carried out horrendous assignments, the CIA launched a secret COVER-UP project called Operation Armageddon to convince people that the Monarch slaves are demonic possessed people who are merely the result of an influx of evil supernatural forces in the end times. Although Christians realize that Satan is working overtime in these last days, the world is not undergoing an in-flux of new demonic forces, so much as it is simply coming under the stronger domination of evil forces.

The CIA has also targeted psychologists who are trying to advance therapies to help Monarch victims. So far American psychologists are losing about 95% of the Monarch victims who come to them for help. Only a few of the over 1 million people programmed have ever been successfully deprogrammed. That is not to say that efforts are not underway to rectify that, but the solution is hard enough to apply even without the interference of the Illuminati and the government intelligence agencies which work for them.

One of the most interesting items for me to observe is how professional and smooth the secrecy that covers the Monarch programming has been. Very little over the years has been done to arouse suspicions. Monarch slaves carry out their assignments and are accessed right under the noses of ordinary people. Even when ordinary people observe Monarch slaves, they are incapable of accessing what they are seeing because people interpret events from their own frame of reference.


People in the Illuminati, even some of the neophytes at the lowest levels are allowed the privilege of owning a Monarch slave. The various smaller occult groups have learned the basics of Monarch programming and are now carrying out their own programming. One of the these is the KKK, which is covered in a previous article in this newsletter.

An owner of a slave will ordinarily carry a stun gun (up to 200,000 volts DC) to erase the memory of his slave, and they will also carry a black or grey spiral book with all their own slave's access codes, triggers, cryptic keys and programs. All this will fit into a briefcase. A working knowledge of hypnosis is helpful to understand how to deal with the slave in certain instances. Because the slave is under the most powerful combinations of mind-control and is so divided against his or her own self, it is almost impossible to have many problems with the slave if the handler does what he is supposed to do. However, some handlers get drunk or loan the slave to inexperienced people, etc., and problems do develop. Of course the slaves always end up taking the blame for everything that goes wrong.

In other words: a briefcase with the programming book and stun gun are basically all that is needed to control a Monarch slave for the rest of his or her life.

Some of these stun guns are only a few inches long and look like boxes.


Kittens and cat alters are frequently the sexual alters. Sexual alters and sexual slave models are frequently labelled Betas. The Illuminati found out how to create women with insatiable sexual appetites. This is done via torture and rape early in the child's life. After the initial personality splits, using rape and electro shock, the father figure (called "Daddy" by many Monarch slaves) carries out repeated sex (incest) to develop the sexual desire. Experts in sex will often give "finishing lessons" to the slaves so that the sexual alters can perform incredible sexual feats with which normal prostitutes are not likely to be able to begin to compare. Marilyn Monroe was a Monarch Sex slave. It is public knowledge that she was sexually abused as an orphan, but it has been skillfully kept from the public that she was a Presidential Model Monarch Slave. President Kennedy found her more entertaining than Jackie, which is no surprise.


* Monarch victims have structured MPD. Their MPD may be detected through a whole range of clues. It is not within the scope of this paper to give all the many clues and indications of MPD, but the following might be tip-offs:

a. the person changes tastes and behavior and is self-contradictory in what they say they like.

b. the person believes that aliens are talking inside their heads.

c. the person is not able to comfortably watch certain films such as the Wizard of Oz, or Alice in Wonderland or some other particular non-horror movie.

The list of clues could go on for a long ways on how to detect structured MPD.

* Older ones may have tattoos with a Monarch butterfly. (This applies to CIA and Government Models especially). Since the 1970s most Monarch victims have no longer been tattooed but wear butterfly barrettes, large butterfly ear rings, pins, necklaces, bracelets, or embroidered insignias.

Illuminati Monarch slaves often do not have any tattoos because their bodies have to be blemish free to be qualified for the higher ranks within the Illuminati.

* Victims will have scars of various kinds on their bodies, including multiple electric prod scars or the resultant moles on their bodies. The type of scarring that these victims have is a long subject just in itself.

* When the victims get memory most if not all victims have participated in weird sex and pornography.

* Monarch victims suffer all types of problems, including confusion, fears, headaches, program-induced medical problems, hurting feet, dizziness, seeing black and white spots, etc., etc.

Men who are active in the programming will often have multiple marriages and will most often then marry a woman of striking appearance and who is much younger--but with little show of emotional attachment.


This is a very brief look at the Monarch programming. This Mind-control is a very serious threat to survival of civilization as we know it. There are many more sophisticated mind-control techniques such as using microwaves hooked to a computer, and brain stem implants, and still other methods, but the Monarch type of trauma-based Mind Control programming is likely to be around for a long time. Today this programming can be carried out in a house or other small facility, making it a highly possible cottage industry of the 21st century.

Following this article, I will have a question-and-answer section on commonly asked questions on the Monarch programming, and then that will be followed up with an article about a specific Monarch slave being used as a spy against us.

Directly following this is a list of material Mark Phillips (a deprogrammer) and Cathy O'Brien (a deprogrammed ex-slave) have written on the Monarch project.


Q: Are many of the random killings, assassinations, and murders actually caused by Monarch programmed people?

Yes, mind-controlled slaves are often the culprits to these seemingly "random" events. The reason I can give that answer is that I know to some degree what the insiders are planning. But when a person is very familiar with how Monarch mind-controlled slaves act one can also pick tiny clues that would tend to support my yes answer. When I listen or read about current murders there are frequently clues that would often point that direction.

An example of a case which a brother recently brought to my attention is Mark Chapman who killed John Lennon. The book Who Killed John Lennon by Fenton Bresler shows that Mark was put under some type of CIA mind control. On pages 174 and 221 of the book one gets some glimpses of Mark's fascination for the Wizard of Oz. The lyrics of the Beatles' songs (also used for Monarch programming) were also important to him. (Remember how Charles Manson--also a Monarch program victim--liked the lyrics of the Beatles music in his own weird way?) Bresler writes about Mark Chapman (p. 220-221), "...Mark did a strange thing: he set up, on a bureau in his room, a display of his most treasured possessions... They were designed to show the police the "real" Mark when, as he anticipated, they later entered the room after he had accomplished the murder... there was a movie still from The Wizard of Oz showing the young Judy Garland as Dorothy wiping away the Cowardly Lion's tears with "To Dorothy" written on it in Mark's own handwriting." Basically, all the Monarch Mind-controlled slaves I have worked with have set up displays with memorabilia/knickknacks of items associated with the type of programming they have had.

Q: How many Christians know about this?

Rebecca Brown in her last book talks about someone who has escaped from the Temple of Set. Her description of the person indicates that the person was a Monarch slave. Whether Rebecca Brown knows about the Monarch program she has at least tried to work with one of its victims.

Bob Larson on a recent show had a Monarch person call in. This Monarch victim had different alters speak to Bob on a couple of different days. How much Bob Larson knows is hard to pin-point--but he was saying various things on the show that indicated to me that he knew some of the treatment process that psychologists are offering to victims of MPD.

Bill Schnoebelen, who has a Christian ministry and who had written several informative books on the occult, and who was not from a generational satanic family but who was allowed to reach the neophyte level of the Illuminati is familiar with the Monarch program. I will be sharing more with him about it in the future.

Christians who are in ministry where they deal with Satanism are going to encounter Monarch victims, whether they realize what they are working with or not.

Christian psychologists who have bumped into the Monarch program's victims are under professional standards not to talk about their clients, and they by-and-large have only spoken to their peers about what is going on. My guess is that there are only around 100 Christian psychologist nation-wide who specialize in disassociative disorders such as structured MPD.

In summary, although there are some very knowledgeable people who know about the Monarch program, knowledge of it has not reached people in general. Percentage wise perhaps 1 Christian in a thousand knows about the program. When one considers how dangerous this Monarch project is and yet how it is still a secret, then one realizes that our work is cut out to inform the public while there is still a chance.


Q: Isn't MPD really demonic possession?

No, MPD has been clinically proven. Anyone can look up in the DSM-3 or DSM-4, which is the standard work for mental health professions, and you will see that MPD has been scientifically identified and recognized.

Anyone who really gets to know what they are working with--that is if they really get into working with Monarch victims for a long period of time--then he or she will realize that the MPD is for real, and that it is not demonic possession. That doesn't mean demons are not attached, because demons are certainly attached to Monarch slaves. Illuminati Monarch Slaves likely had Moon Child ceremonies done for them when they were yet a fetus in order to demonize the fetus.


After my last article in my January '94 newsletter exposing Bo Gritz as a Monarch slave, I got wind through the patriot "grapevine" that Bo Gritz was planning to come to Portland and make a big production in confronting me. Supposedly by confronting me unexpectedly he could make me look bad. Afterwards I got further news that he had decided not to come but simply to confront me with a phone call. [H: Yes, Dharma has had the same good old offers! You will note, however, that Col. Gritz avoids ME at all costs! THAT IS ONE WAY YOU CAN KNOW FOR SURE THAT HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHO I AM!] That has not happened, so I imagine his handler and the CIA are trying to make sure they have his programming protected before he confronts someone like me. Depending on what the situation is, I might feel obliged to try to shake up his programming. [H: It's easy, friend, I already HAVE!] Anyway, I would like to go easy on Bo, because he is only following orders and his front alters do not know what he is all about. Further, I do not suggest readers of this newsletter confront Bo with too much because, like many Monarch slaves, the exposure may lead to his death. Still it's hard to feel too sorry knowing that the names of patriots Bo has gathered is going to cause the suffering of a lot of people. [H: It is also hard to let something like "Wolfgang" go unrewarded.]

Bo Gritz lives in Nevada. He has an airport and an airplane in his yard at Sandy Valley, NV. He flies all over the country. Bo got a temple recommend from the local Mormon bishop, EVEN THOUGH HE DOESN'T EVER ATTEND CHURCH THERE. That is unusual, and smacks of CIA pull. Although Bo and his wife, Claudia, have joined the Mormon church (on orders from his handler), Bo Gritz went to Pastor Pete Peters' church in Colorado and was also baptized into Pete's Christian church. This double-mindedness may simply be the result of Bo having Multiple Personality Disorder, or it may be due to instruction given to some alters by his handler. Bo never told Pete that he was a temple-recommend Mormon when Pete was baptizing him.

When Bo speaks to Seedliners he is supportive of the seedline doctrine which believes Eve's sin was copulation with Satan thereby producing a race of unredeemable half-demon "jews".

America West and its tabloid Phoenix Liberator were supportive of Bo's presidential campaign. IT IS KNOWN BY SOME OF US THAT THE CIA IS PROMOTING SPACE RELIGION, SO THIS WHOLE AREA NEEDS INVESTIGATION. JUST WHAT WENT ON BETWEEN AMERICA WEST, BO GRITZ AND THE CIA? [H: Yes indeed and a lot of the ones who no longer associate with any of those people--would certainly like to know because America West's George Green (and wife) have stolen, outright, around half a million or more dollars directly from the ones he lied to, thieved from and pretended to work with. But I CAN tell you what happened--he could NOT BEAR THE PRESENCE OF CHRIST ENERGY in his presence so he ran away from California to Nevada as rapidly as his big Chrysler would take him when it was going to get tight for him. Who are his handlers and how about his wife? Well, he gets a bit confused in his stories and even if just telling a story his facts will not match twice out of ten times. The LIGHT OF TRUTH will always back-off the bastard adversarial workers. Did George KNOW? Well, he certainly DID when he skived the gold and now argues into infinity that he somehow bought it from himself, was given it as a secret gift, bought it from The Ekkers and on and on ad infinitum. The cases in legal ongoings also seem to go on into infinity as he accumulates ones who work the system without morals or integrity. He made his own bargains with the evil adversary--he also made his own dealings, while selling out everybody who passed this way, and bargains with those who would share his program--including Bo Gritz. Why was this allowed?--SO YOU WOULD SEE AND KNOW AND REALIZE THAT THERE IS A WAR AGAINST GOD, MY GOOD FRIENDS--AND HIS HOSTS. THE ADVERSARY WILL SEND HIS WORKERS AMONG YOU EVERY TIME--AND THEN LET PART OF THEM DESTROY THE OTHER HALF OF HIS OWN TEAM WITHOUT SEEMING TO CARE AT ALL--ALL THE WHILE USING THEM, TWISTING THEM, TAKING FROM THEM WHILE THEY CAN'T FIGHT BACK OR UNDERSTAND! IT IS A DIRTY GAME, READERS, AND YOU ARE IN IT! WELL, THE GREATEST JOY I HAVE IN A DAY OF YOUR COUNTING IS WHEN "I" PULL AWAY KEY PLAYERS FROM MY ENEMY! OH INDEED, I HAVE--AND DO; JUST STICK AROUND A WHILE LONGER.]

Bo has been noted to not remember people from one setting to another. This is simply his MPD. Bo has also been noted to speak differently at different places. In eastern U.S., Bo tells people he is a born-again Christian and that they should "forget about your guns, just love the Lord Jesus Christ". But in Utah, Bo Gritz speaks as if he were a die-hard Mormon. Bo Gritz has been teaching people self-defense training which he calls SPIKE training. However, at a SPIKE training around Oct., '93 Bo Gritz was teaching people how to break into all kinds of locks, and sold people illegal lock-smithing tools at a discount. What is behind this?

Bo Gritz has been strongly denying to the people he leads that "there is no such thing as black, unmarked helicopters, UN troops, handcuffs, shackles, and guillotines, or concentration camps". These things do exist, a great deal of witnesses have reported these things.

Bo Gritz denies in his newsletter that he is a CIA agent. Linda Thompson and Bill Cooper, who are two people exposing the NWO, both claim to have proof that he is a CIA agent. I don't know that that is any secret. I heard Bo say on a radio interview here in Portland, "I am an intelligence agent". He's said it himself, at least one of his alters said it. When Bo gives a speaking engagement, people who attend have been videotaped. When asked about this Bo has told people not to worry about it.

Again, as a final note, I have learned about Bo Gritz from the best of sources. People simply need to be aware that a civil war is going on in the CIA, and some of the CIA are trying to dismantle the NWO from within. They know exactly what Bo Gritz is, and if you have read last issue of this newsletter or this issue, then you know too.

* * *

Well, I'm glad that there is no listing of this author's address, etc. I don't think we want to make his life any more miserable. I would still be most happy to share with ones such as this Springmeier, Thompson and yes, indeed, my old debate person, Bill Cooper. I can't say too much for George Green and his confrontation with Bill but I can promise him that Doris and E.J. Ekker are NOT "slimy little" pukes out to hurt, steal or damage him in any way whatsoever.

I would offer one more observation about Bo, however. He took the most insulting approach to my people in quoting the most stupid and garbage material from a set-up story by the Associated Press--and used it on his radio program. However, when an Associated Press series of articles about him were run--he was indignant and spent days on his radio talking about the controlled and lying media. To what type of article do I refer?

LOS ANGELES SENTINEL, Thursday, Feb. 24, 1994


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP)--Former presidential candidate James "Bo" Gritz is establishing a center for white supremacists in central Idaho, a human rights group said Friday.

Gritz and some ultra-conservative Christian leaders has purchased about 280 acres of land near Kamiah, Idaho, according to a report issued by the Coalition for Human Dignity. [H: This coalition involves several of the major players in the "Wolfgang" Project. His SPIKE training sessions involve one who offers "trusts" and yet have given information to the IRS, etc. It involves one who sets up his scheduling (or did do so) called Gary Anderson who used to SELL THESE TRUSTS and also set up a genuine Constitutional Law Centre Trust in the same building with the Constitutional Law Center and he and George Green managed to bypass the intended receiver with checks, etc., and directly deposited them into a bank in Colorado. George denies involvement even though the checks bear his name and signatures and involvement--along with Gary's. Some of the sidetracked money even came from the same beautiful person, Dave Overton of Texas, from whom George stole the $350,000 in gold coins. But no one in the Sheriff's Department--or in the court system, seems to think this is unusual--perhaps IT IS NOT UNUSUAL IN THEIR CIRCLES??

There may, further, be denial of the intent of the place in point here, in Idaho. I find it remarkable because the place is called, PER GRITZ, the CHRISTIAN COVENANT COMMUNITY.]

The land is held in trust by the Oregon-based Almost Heaven Properties and the Western Development Trust, headed by Jack McLamb, a former Arizona police officer and associate of Gritz, according to the report.

Jonathan Mozzochi, the coalition's research director, said the move is "perhaps the most significant development in the white supremacist movement in recent years".

Efforts to reach Gritz, who reportedly has a home in Nevada, were unsuccessful.

Gritz ran an unsuccessful campaign for president in 1992. He also served as an intermediary in the surrender of white separatist Randy Weaver after a deadly firefight with U.S. marshals in northern Idaho in August 1992.

Gritz conducts paramilitary training in Oregon called SPIKE sessions, or Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Events, the coalition said.

The training grew out of his role in the Weaver case, which ended in Weaver's acquittal last year on all charges related to the shootout and ensuing 11-day standoff.


I leave it to the paper to check out running the listing of information provided by these two people but it seems like a worthy cause. It would be good if everyone at the paper had a copy of everything they offer and perhaps we could share more of their information as they would choose. (See next chapter).

I would give the last paragraph as accompanies the listings:


A key to my Survival, among others, has been the careful dissemination of information such as is listed on the Available Information Inventory List. Due to the sensitivity of some information, particularly as pertains to programming, I must request that you fill out this form in its entirety. Like most involved in bringing the New World Order out of the shadows and exposing government mind control, my finances have been thoroughly depleted. I am not a poverty stricken person in pursuit of justice against the Shadow Government; I am poverty stricken BECAUSE I am in pursuit of justice against the Shadow Government (aka the Secret Government, Pandora's Box, Octopus, US Government Criminal Conspiracy, etc.). Therefore, I must require that minimum copying and postage costs (15 cents per page) be met by you. If you're in the same condition financially as I am and can not cover the copying and postage costs, but can contribute to our cause through personal expertise or valid referrals through some applicable way.... I will forward your requested information as quickly as I can afford to.





What like information for reciprocation do you have:

What is your agenda/purpose for obtaining information:

Call or Write:

Mark Phillips/Cathy O'Brien

P.O. Box 158352

Nashville, Tn. 37215

Notice: To those of you NOT familiar with MIND CONTROL issues a Reference List of OVER 325 BOOKS/REFERENCES has been compiled for your edification and is available upon request.

* * *

Thank you and may the LIGHT be given to shine all about you that you might find peace and security within the shelter of GOD. Salu.


List of their publications

Excerpt from
7/2/9 #2 HATONN

[Editor's note: The following comes from a document called "A Newsletter From A Christian Ministry" for December 1993]


I leave it to the paper to check out running the listing of information provided by these two people but it seems like a worthy cause. It would be good if everyone at the paper had a copy of everything they offer and perhaps we could share more of their information as they would choose.

I would give the last paragraph as accompanies the listings:

Leading Edge Number 69, May 1994

Organizational Structure
as documented by Cathy O'Brien

1. Conspiracy Overview: 3 pgs. describing CIA/DIA US GOVERNMENT CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY a.k.a. The Secret Government.

2. Freedom Train: 7 pgs. of Project Monarch mind control enslavement in white slavery referred to by Conspirators as "Freedom Train".

3. Conspiracy Operations: 8 pgs. of cocaine and pornography routes, codes, methods, tactics.

4. Drug Distribution Outline: 9 pgs. detailing national/international distribution and importation.

5. Sumner County: 3 pgs. country music industry, corrupt local Tennessee politics, murder, drugs.

6. Wayne Cox Cocaine: 6 pgs. occult level (Temple of Set) Distribution in Louisiana by this serial killer.

as documented by Cathy O'Brien.

7. U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd [D-WV], President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, Appropriations Chairman: 5 pgs. personal enslavement as "his" prostitute, drug mule, messenger. Exposes his brutality. Role as Conspiracy leader.

8. Byrd Specifics: 3 pgs. listing his personal and physical quirks, some of his friends, list of tortures and results, includes vaginal mutilation.

9. U.S. Army Colonel Michael Aquino, DIA Psychological Warfare Division, founder of Temple of Set: 3 pgs. brief outline of his role as mind controller programmer, as "Satanist" trauma base; 1 pg., military bases.

10. Dick Cheney [ex-Secretary of Defense] & Reagan's "Hands On" Mind Control Demonstrations: 5 pgs. outlining my initial exposure to Cheney, his role as my "commander" for covert activity, his sexual brutality.

11. Ronald Reagan's American Dream; a Pandora's Box of Nightmares: 7 pgs. outlining my tenure as Reagan's sex "Kitten", his role in Iran/Contra/Afghanistan, "Uncle Ronnie's" pornography.

12. Michael Dante, "Chief" Pornographer: 7 pgs. pornography victimization under Reagan's orders for funding covert activity, Mafia ties, his friendship with Reagan, mind control.

13. "Poppa" Philip Habib: 5 pgs. outlining my experience with Reagan's personal "attaché", new meaning to "Diplomatic Relations", Habib's role in Iran/Contra, drugs, arms, programming.

14. My First President, Gerald Ford: 3 pgs. outlining my enslavement in Project Monarch in 1975 after sexual trauma in MI with Ford a.k.a. Leslie King, his friendship with my father, Mafia porn.

15. My "American" Pop, my Pedophile Father, Earl O'Brien: 8 pgs. defining my earliest memories of incest, child porn, selling me into Project Monarch for military contracts, how he has used fortune against us since rescue.

16. Occult Serial Killer Wayne Cox: 5 pgs. pertaining to my trauma base and first mind control handler, biological father to my daughter Kelly, occult ritual/murder/dismemberment/cannibalism; he remains free.

17. Cox for Law Enforcement: 3 pgs., 2 maps for investigation purposes.

18. Alex Houston, A Profile in Perversion: 6 pgs. of control under my CIA Operative handler's mind control maintenance during Reagan Administration, his violations of Conspiracy rules.

19. Dick Thornburgh, ex-U.S. Attorney general: 5 pgs. outlining my sexual experience with Thornburgh, his involvement in cocaine; betting and proliferation of mind control in baseball.

20. BoxCar Willie: 2 pgs. written on behalf of my institutionalized daughter who seeks justice for his yrs of raping her, his shared pedophile perversions with Houston, conspiracy involved.

21. U.S. Congressman Gary Ackerman [D-NY], Congressional Ethics Committee: 3 pgs. on his Queens, New York heroin/cocaine importation operations, utilization of mind control slaves and cocaine, conspiracy leadership.

22. U.S. Congressman Guy VanderJagt: 2 pgs. outlining my prostitution to him by my father prior to age 9, ties to Mafia porn, Ford, Project Monarch, my CIA Air Force Intelligence Uncle Bob Tanis, pedophile sex w/Kelly, sisters.

23. U.S. Congressman Jim Traficant [D-OH]: 2 pgs. pertaining to porn, cocaine, Mafia, conspiracy activity, his role as "Lurch" at Youngstown "Charm School" slave training operation.

24. "Governor" Seward Prosser Mellon: 1 pg., outlining his role as "Governor" of Charm School, money laundering via his Mellon banks, government ties, conspiracy, operations.

25. Fate Thomas/Richard Fulton: 1 pg., Nashville Sheriff and Mayor team that permitted conspiracy operations, corruption, drugs, porn, white slavery to permeate Nashville's country music industry and society.

26. Lorrie Morgan: 5 pgs. her role in Keith Whitley's death, how it launched her career, occult activity, participation in conspiracy operations, cocaine, she is not a victim.

27. Ernest Ray Lynn: 2 pgs. Loretta Lynn's son and victimizer, occult slavery, cocaine importation/distribution and use, his "charming" ability to "get away with murder" and stay above the law.

28. Ken Riley: 2 pgs., pedophile Neo-nazi mind control handler of Loretta Lynn as her road manager, his co-conspiring with Mooney Lynn to perpetuate Loretta's mind control enslavement.

29. Loretta Lynn: 5 pgs. outlining Loretta Lynn's government mind control victimization, touring country music industry with her, her political ties, murder of her son.

30. Additional Co-Conspirators: 3 pgs. Irby Mandrell's victimization of his daughters Barbara, Louise, Irene, plus details of Tommy LaSorda and Dodger/baseball mind control, Jimmy Dean and more.

Reports by Mark Phillips,

31. Monarch Project: 15 pgs. description of classified CIA mind control, its history, uses, abuses; includes Alpha, Beta (sex), Delta (spy), programming and successes and failures of Theta (psychic) programming. Victims, ID of Monarch victims, and formula in this comprehensive report.

32. Mind Control Out of Control: 12 pgs. of mind control history, classified uses and purposes, US utilization, abuses, exactly what mind control is, how it works, why it is escalating out of control and censored by media from the masses, who, in their ignorance became targets and victims. Report sheds light on Top Secret subject in effort to wake up general public to the reality of its widespread use.

33. FBI Cover-up with Proofs: 4 pgs. outlining the FBI investigation Cover-up attempts and why victims of mind control and CIA covert operations are refused justice and rehabilitation under the "excuse" of national security. Includes threats made to our lives, how the Cover-up was orchestrated, activated, and ultimately exposed and uncovered. Proofs.

34. Multiple Personality Disorder Treatment Modality: 9 pgs. of the successful procedure used to reintegrate Cathy O'Brien's personalities within 28 months, how fusion was accomplished in less than one year, documents the process as to be understood by psychologists and psychiatrists while addressing the average reader.

35. Physical Indicators: 1 pg., documentation detail of prod marks (stun guns) and various electrical devices used by perpetrators for programming and trauma purposes.

Setian Philosophies
documented by Cathy O'Brien

36. Political Set, Common Threads: 2 pgs. overview of international parallels of superstitious beliefs used for mind control purposes, conspiracy operations, Set, Santeria, PaloMayombe, etc.

37. Political Set, Mind Set: 3 pgs. of "justifications" and occult philosophies as told by Byrd.

38. Catholic Connection: 3 pgs. explaining satanic reversals of Catholic mass, Catholic involvement in Project Monarch.

39. Mormon Connection: 5 pgs. outlining why the LDS church was targeted by Set, CIA, cocaine distribution.

40. Mormon Bishop Pace's Inner Office Memo: 10 pgs. admissions of occult and mind control in the church.

documented by Cathy O'Brien

41. Oz Programming: 5 pgs. of Wizard of Oz military Monarch Project DIA programming, how and why theme is used to perpetuate drug/porn operations (used by Cheney, Aquino, "The Wizard" Reagan, others).

42. Over the Rainbow: 2 pgs. from "both ends" of the rainbow according to program.

43. Rivers of Blood/DC Ritual: 5 pgs. sophisticated death programming used to conceal, "compartmentized" secrets, espionage use, Washington DC human sacrifice ritual (on Cuban spy) performed by Aquino.

44. Programming Samples: 3 pgs., Insanity programming as delivered by Houston, Monarch programming.

45. Charm School: 2 pgs. briefly outlining Youngstown, Ohio slave training operations.

46. Triggers and Scrambles: 2 pgs. those most commonly used in mind control, books, music, movies, etc.

47. Hank Levine: 4 pgs. personality division, ranked under Aquino for initial mind control in 1980-81.

48. The Most Dangerous Game: 1 pg. rules and regulations for "hunt" of human prey, military style.

49. Aquino Sex Programming: 5 pgs. specific verbiage for various acts and how it is instilled.

50. How To Divide a Personality and How to Create a Sex Slave Videos: 4 pgs. on Aquino's mind control training films I was forced to participate in that precipitated Reagan's "Hands On" Mind Control Demonstrations on various military bases to select personnel.

51. Deliberate Scrambled Abberaction: 3 pgs. Aquino's deliberate cryptic and scramble methods of distorting memory to make recall difficult and/or to erode credibility.

52. Masonic Ritual: 1 pg. Warren, Ohio to "celebrate" Mexican/Juarez drug route success, occult sex ritual.

53. Alabama Ritual: 1 pg. outlining ritualistic sex with/by music group Alabama in Franklin, Georgia.

documented by Cathy O'Brien

54. Multiple Personality Disorder: 5 pgs. describing what MPD is like, how fusion/reintegration feels, what process entailed from my perspective.

55. Childhood Abuses: 3 pgs. of abuses that created my MPD, incest, political exposure, mind control.

56. Vaginal Mutilation Carving: 1 pg. Description, how it was performed, photos available to physicians.

57. Co-Conspiracy: 3 pgs. outlining initial pursuit by handlers/abusers upon our 1988 rescue/escape.

58. Systems of Manipulation: 5 pgs. how conspirators prevent mind control victims from obtaining justice and rehabilitation through their manipulation of justice and mental health systems.

59. Operation Shell Game: 10 pgs. covert operation involving drugs/arms as pertains to Iran-Contra, includes Manual Noriega, Presidents Ford and Reagan, US Senator Alan Simpson [R-NY], Dick Cheney, the White House, the Pentagon, and the military involvements.

60. Operation Carrier Pigeon: 12 pgs. covert operation involving drugs/arms as pertains to Iran-Contra, includes President Reagan, his personal attaché Philip Habib, Saudi Arabian King Fahd, Manual Noriega, Norwegian Caribbean Lines, Dick Cheney and Nashville, Tennessee.

61. Frederick, Maryland Fair: 1 pg... Reagan's 1984 campaign tour through fairgrounds, my involvement and presence beside him before the crowd.

62. America the Beautiful: 1 pg. Reagan's obsession with changing our national Anthem, sexual encounter, includes government input into Sesame Street, Jim Henson, his death.

63. "Silence": 1 pg. Wizard of Oz programming instilled with an electronic bark collar to train me to be silent "no matter what" upon command, routine Oz programming used by Cheney.

64. Any Palomino is a Pal-O-Mine-O: 2 pgs. incident involving Reagan, his passion for beastiality perversions, my experience at Camp David among his horses, beastiality pornography.

65. No More Beating Around the Bush: 10 pgs. George Bush's role as leader in establishing the New World Order through mind control, his "alleged" pedophile sexual abuse of my daughter, his role as DC "Vice".

66. George Bush's Neighborhood: 3 pgs. a list of who is who in Bush's "Neighborhood" in the establishment of the New World Order internationally, includes "stepping stones" such as Noriega and Hussein.

67. "You Are What You Read", Programming: 5 pgs. George Bush's mind control theme and a verbatim account of his elaborate and traumatizing book About Faces that he read to Kelly and I both.

68. Elmer Fahd and the Wasskily Wabbit: Saudi Arabian King Fahd's role in the New World Order, Iran, Iraq and his relationship to Bush...Habib's Alice in Wonderland programming role as the rabbit.

69. A Key to My Survival: 1 pg. outlines how I stayed alive through dissemination of information and Mark Phillip's expertise in embarking on the Most Dangerous Game of pursuing justice.

70. Clinton Coke Lines: 2 pgs. outlining my encounter with Bill Clinton in 1982, 1984 in Arkansas, his knowledge/involvement with the CIA cocaine operation and Near Death Trauma center in Lampe, Missouri, his use of cocaine (I saw him "inhale").

71. Hell Missouri: 2 pgs. pertaining to CIA trauma center in Lampe.

72. NAFTA: 6 pgs. pertaining to the North American Free Trade Agreement and the corruption that it is rooted in, including "free trade" of cocaine, heroin, pornography, and our nation's children/white slavery for New World Order.


Much additional detailed uncorroborated testimony with actual locations of evidences/ proofs, identities, and/or descriptions of potential witnesses (for prosecution), victims, and perpetrators, plus site locations of government (CIA) currently operated trauma centers equipped for programming maintenance of "active" drug mules, sex slaves, sports and entertainment figures, terrorists, etc., etc., etc., in addition to our knowledge of active actual drug routes with drop and pick-up points/methods is available. This is valuable information never before released and WILL BE made available to investigators who can provide us with proof of their genuine intent to investigate for prosecuting and/or public exposure of conspiring perpetrators whose involvement is or can be proven.


Documented by Cathy O'Brien

Ll. Names and addresses of co-conspirators and their roles, 12 pgs.

L2. Victims I know who need help and can collaborate, 5 pgs.

L3. Sumner County Perpetrators--totally corrupt county, cocaine, country music.

L4. Monarch Project experts--those who know in mental health & law enforcement.

L5. Clean & corrupt law enforcement encounters, fed, state, and local, 7 pgs.

L6. Trusted professionals--agencies, PIs, journalists, law, mental health, etc.

L7. U.S. Politicians, DC intelligence/justice officials aware of conspiracy.

L8. Intelligence Agencies--includes few not listed in "books", for victims.

L9. Confiscated porn titles/tape descriptions--Kelly's and my film experience.

L10. Who has porn tapes: 4 pg. list of perpetrators I know who have tapes.

L11. Pictures of Kelly and I for porn ID, w/various personality faces.

L12. Vaginal mutilation photo for porn ID, ID of similarly carved victims.

L13. Irrefutable proofs/evidences--partial list hard evidences.

L14. Where evidences are located: 4 pgs. outline for investigators.

L15. Business cards, telephone bills, receipts, notes substantiating testimony.

L16. Lengthy list of Alex Houston's national/international bank accounts.

L17. 77 murder facts as detailed for law enforcement--Cox's murder/MO.

L18. Houston's address book of drug lords, pornographers, pedophiles, CIA, etc.

L19. Houston's coded/uncoded diary, transaction amounts, cryptic codes, keys, triggers, "blackmail" info he retained to "protect" himself.

L20. Kelly's & my medical and psychiatric records substantiating abuse.

L21. Places and perpetrators for collaboration of international experience.

L22. Johnny Lee Picnic--Guntersville, Ala. promotional brochure.

L23. F.O.P.--Mobile convention brochure, cocaine, porn, after J.L. Picnic.

L24. Cuban Contact--description highly political double agent, places met.

L25. Co-conspiring customs agent--description of female working for conspiracy.

L26. Maps and detailed descriptions for investigators.

L27. Ohio drug drop--one of most prolific CIA cocaine drop sites.

L28. Caribbean cocaine--NCL (cruise lines) involvement in cocaine running.

L29. Coast to Coast, Juarez--resort operation linking drugs, porn, CIA.

L30. Gusto Records--2 pgs. Nashville cocaine packaging in entertainers' cassette.

L31. Arkansas, Lord's Chapel--Billy Roy Moore's cocaine "missions", murder.

L32. Typical Drug Run--2 pgs. detailing account of one cash/drug exchange.

L33. Details of perpetrators--12 pgs biography of non-political criminals.

L34. Weak Links--7 pgs. describing "perps" who have reason to talk/cooperate.

L35. Letter Copies--to and from U.S. and State Politicians, law enforcement, mental health; examples: The White House, DOJ, FBI, CIA, National Institute of Mental Health, etc. Over 1000 that clearly depict the current virtual "break down" of the state/national mental health and justice systems (includes verified cover-ups) to favorably respond to survivors' pleas for justice and rehab on state and fed levels as a result of the so-called threats to "national security" and select industries. This information also addresses the overall reasons of inadequacy of many mental health professionals to diagnose and treat poly-fragmented Multiple Personality Disorder in children and adults..i.e., money and time.


A key to my Survival, among others, has been the careful dissemination of information such as is listed on the Available Information Inventory List. Due to the sensitivity of some information, particularly as pertains to programming, I must request that you fill out this form in its entirety. Like most involved in bringing the New World Order out of the shadows and exposing government mind control, my finances have been thoroughly depleted. I am not a poverty stricken person in pursuit of justice against the Shadow Government; I am poverty stricken BECAUSE I am in pursuit of justice against the Shadow Government (aka the Secret Government, Pandora's Box, Octopus, US Government Criminal Conspiracy, etc.). Therefore, I must require that minimum copying and postage costs (15 cents per page) be met by you. If you're in the same condition financially as I am and can not cover the copying and postage costs, but can contribute to our cause through personal expertise or valid referrals through some applicable way... I will forward your requested information as quickly as I can afford to.





What like information for reciprocation do you have:

What is your agenda/purpose for obtaining information:

Call or Write:

Mark Phillips/Cathy O'Brien

P.O. Box 158352

Nashville, Tn. 37215

Notice: To those of you NOT familiar with MIND CONTROL issues, a Reference List of OVER 325 BOOKS/REFERENCES has been compiled for your edification and is available upon request.

* * *

Thank you and may the LIGHT be given to shine all about you that you might find peace and security within the shelter of GOD. Salu.



SUN., JUL. 3, 1994 10:30 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 321

SUN., JUL, 5, 1994


There always comes a time of sorting. There comes a time when WORDS are not enough. There comes a time when greater good of brotherhood of human in relationship to GOD is greater than is your attention to SELF! There comes a TIME when each individual must THINK for self--and then ACT!

The people under Dharma's nose will be the first to get a blasting of thought-provoking (I sincerely HOPE) and they who work around the clock, who have given everything they have to give, including themselves, will again take the message within and feel inadequate and that they are not giving enough. That is as it must be for even Dharma, who spends ALL her time CAN DO MORE! I know it and she knows it. I use "her" because she is NOT offended and every other one to whom I say this IS! I get the myriad of EXCUSES poured back at me from every direction and the final is, "I'm waiting for YOU to tell us so we don't make mistakes".


I also hear, "Well I subscribe to CONTACT and I am doing what I think I can do". Do you? Nobody around Tehachapi subscribes to CONTACT. I hear complaint after complaint that since the local restaurant (where the free copies were) closed, the "very enemy" has to get his copy via someone ELSE coming in to snitch a copy. So it ends up the ones who have to make and get out the paper have to also pay for the paper, do the work, make contribution for stamps and then YOU can get a free copy somewhere. I repeat: this is the most widely read piece of public print in the world and the very least subscribed to. "But I'm afraid", I hear you say, "'they' might trace me and somehow hurt me". Oh? How so? Have you already tossed out your Constitutional RIGHTS? Do you not realize that if you did not play their games YOU WOULD STILL HAVE FREEDOM? So, if you don't want your name on a list, could you not just send a subscription to someone ELSE? What are you going to do when you REALLY ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE A CHOICE? Well, I'll tell you what the most of you will do--and your New World Order counts on it--you will DO nothing except bitch and moan because "someone" took your stuff.


"But God will do it if HE wants it done"! Then you better be assuming that God is happy to see YOU live in poverty, enslavement and a dictatorial government which feeds on war and sends you, your children and your grandbabies off to die in wars, testings, mind-control and WITH NOTHING to your names except that which they dish out--TO THOSE REMAINING AFTER SOME 6 BILLION PEOPLE ARE "DEPOPULATED" BY HORRENDOUS MEANS OF SEVERAL KINDS. GOD WILL NOT DO "ANYTHING" FOR YOU, ESPECIALLY SAVE YOUR ASSETS, FOR YOUR SELFISH, COWARDLY REASONS.

"But I thought..." WHAT, exactly, do you THINK? That God somehow comes on a white horse and "saves" everyone who says, "Oh, I believe..."! WHAT do you "believe"? In whom do YOU REALLY BELIEVE? Do you REALLY think that somehow out of heaven will come soft fluffy clouds and all who said, "Oh, I believe there was a man named Jesus (or anyone)", and you are going to be whisked away before your toes even get wet or warm? Forget it, foolish lambs--FORGET IT AND TURN TO TRUTH LEST YOU PERISH IN SATAN'S UNGODLY PLAN TO DESTROY YOU AND ENSLAVE YOUR VERY SOUL. YOU WILL NOT STAND UP TO SATAN-- SO HE LIES TO YOU AND SHOWS YOU AN "EASY WAY" THAT REQUIRES NOTHING OF YOU--AND THEN, MY BELOVED BRETHREN, HE WILL LAUGH AS HE DESTROYS YOU IN THE TRAP.


WHO is going to save your nation and Constitution? Oh? I see, you heard Ronn Jackson, or Buckley, or Thompson, or Kidd, or Gritz, or, or, or, say, "I'm going to save our Constitution"!?? How are they going to do THAT? Ronn Jackson can't even GET HIMSELF OUT OF THE INFIRMARY IN THE JAIL IN WHICH HE RESIDES. RUSSBACHER EXCHANGED ONE PRISON FOR ANOTHER HALF A WORLD AWAY! THOMPSON WILL BE ARRESTED AND INCARCERATED THE MINUTE SHE SHOWS UP IN SEPTEMBER WITH A GUN, AT THE CAPITOL IN WASHINGTON! WHO is going to save your nation? WHO IS GOING TO BE IN THAT CITIZEN MILITIA? WHO IS GOING TO SAVE YOU? Oh, these ones might well be able to turn the entire mess around but you know what? It is going to be because there will be ones in HIGH PLACES WHO SEE THEIR OWN NEED TO GET IT DONE--THIS WAY! BUT THE ONES WHO HAVE CONVINCED THEM OF THIS PRACTICAL POSSIBILITY-- HAVE PAID WITH THEIR VERY LIVES, FREEDOM AND LOSS.

And you here (locally)--you are going to do it? You haven't even gotten John Schroepfer's address! A year and a half this FRIEND AND BROTHER has been in isolation and they still use him against you while he is incarcerated in a house with three other old men in Sacramento in the summer with nothing to cool him save an 8-inch fan to blow around the 115 degree heat. His brother LIES to you and YOU DO NOTHING! You got Gunther released and you have made such hell for the State of Nevada and the Feds that Ronn WILL get out--when it is safe to allow his release. DO YOU NOT THINK YOU CAN DO SOMETHING FOR JOHN? He is in a convalescent placement--not a prison. What do YOU want--E.J. to go get him? Would that make you feel better? What about the suits already against E.J.? Do you think such an action would "help" Ekkers? WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHO OF YOU ARE WILLING TO GO AND GET HIM?? CONSEQUENCES? THE ONES WHO CONTROL HIS VERY EXISTENCE--HAVE NOT HAD PROBLEMS--FROM YOU OR ANYONE ELSE! THEY STILL GET HIS MONEY, DON'T HAVE TO VISIT-- AND WOULD (AND DID TRY) TO KILL HIM TO GET HIM OUT OF THE WAY! OR, WILL YOU JUST TALK ABOUT IT UNTIL HATONN DOES IT?? I ASKED YOU TO HAVE HIM OUT FOR LAST THANKSGIVING! HE IS DESPERATE, ALONE, ISOLATED AND HIS LETTERS ARE NEITHER MAILED NOR DOES HE HAVE ALLOWANCE OF FRIENDS KNOWING HIS ADDRESS.



I do not even accept that you "don't know" what to do or how to do it--WHO DO YOU THINK DOES? No, you don't REALLY think I do--or you would have gotten the mass of burden of ones such as Green, Gritz, Binder, US&P, Brent, Fort, Perry and thus and so OFF THE BACKS OF MY WRITER. FOR WHAT DO YOU WAIT. THE ATTORNEYS THAT SO FAR HAVE DONE NOTHING SAVE TAKE MONEY AND "OH WELL" WE LOST THAT ONE BUT WE MAY HAVE ANOTHER CHANCE--IF YOU HAVE SOME MORE MONEY!? Oh, I see, you will wait until the returns of Ekkers' investments in the past come to "you"--for you know that they will give it to YOU. If you will not stand against the small-fry of the little courts against little cases--WHO DO YOU EXPECT TO CLEAN UP YOUR COURTS--THE ONES IN PRISON FOR TRYING?




NO: WHY WOULD I DO SUCH A THING? IF YOU WILL NOT EVEN GET A BROTHER OUT OF A PUBLIC CONVALESCENT HOUSE--WHY WOULD I WANT YOU ABOARD AS MY CREW? Hard to accept? "Hatonn sounds like a nasty parent?" So be it; I certainly can ALLOW and LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY--but brothers, I DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. GOD IS THE WHEEL--THE SPIRAL-OF-LIFE. What YOU send forth is that which is returned unto you. If you allow freedom to be taken FROM YOU--YOU SHALL LIVE WITHOUT FREEDOM. It will NOT simply return on its own good measure!



Even those who count me out because they believe somehow that Ekkers are bad--so?? What have YOU found in my presentations which is not truth? Or, will you stand before God and say, "Well, I just don't think I believed the Ekkers", and therefore "I want to come in now..." Ekkers never have offered to be your salvation, your guardians or your mind. They do their task to the best of their ability and yet YOU allow the enemy to tear at them like the hounds of hell print garbage and will still not even stand and say. "God is good and I KNOW HIM". You will say, "Well, I don't know--but...!" WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW? WHEN GOD FIXES EVERYTHING THROUGH HIS TEAM? GOOD LUCK!


YES! But a lot of you don't need it! Your "future" is here--NOW. The time of the Lord--IS AT HAND. Your nation and planet is only a fragile thought away from destruction--for you STILL DON'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THE GAME IN PLAY!





Great, for I have NO RELIGION! I am of God, I follow to the smallest most tiny detail EVERY law of God. I am not YOU. You must do that which is TRUTH unto you--not because someone comes and announces a "new religion". Beware ones who claim otherwise. There are millions of ways to dupe you, good brothers--perhaps billions! There is only ONE TRUTH--BUT MYRIADS OF WAYS TO REACH IT. TRUTH IS!


Have you not heard that the "battle" is for man's souls? What does that mean to an experiencing physical person? It means that the battle is to see WHO can cause the physical man to move one way or the other. IF you can get man to forget and forfeit his soul in the consciousness of living in the physical illusion--the entity will move on into progression of experience in a downward spiral--for all is a spiral of energy experience. If man finally forgets and locks himself into the only seeming reality (that which he thinks through his physical senses he experiences) he has nowhere to go or be on higher planes of expression. He is locked to a physical expression--and yet the PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION IS LIMITED--VERY LIMITED! It continues into infinity to be LIMITED. It is only there for the ability of learning to move beyond the limitations--there are rules, conditions and perceptions which must become a part of your soul manifestation--integrated into KNOWING from LEARNING.


I will begin to turn more, in my meetings with you, to these subjects for it is through the expression of your actions now which will offer conditions upon which WE make our own decisions. It becomes now necessary to make choices--you are either with God or against HIM. I am simply the representative messenger as HOST to invite you "aboard". But I will tell you something, little brothers and sisters--if you deny me before man--I shall deny you before our Father. I am NOT some alien lizard from outer space--I AM COME/SENT AS THE MESSENGER IN ACCEPTANCE OF RETURN UNTO THE MANIFESTATION OF CREATED PLACEMENT--OF OUR CREATOR/FATHER--GOD, YOU CALL HIM. HOW DID YOU THINK IT WOULD HAPPEN? HOW DID YOU "THINK" IT WOULD BE? Glory is unto those who see and hear and know, FOR THEIRS SHALL BE THE REWARD OF TRUTH! IF YOU CONTINUE TO ACCEPT THE LIE--THERE IS NO ROOM FOR TRUTH. PONDER IT.



MON., JUL. 4, 1994 8:45 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 322

MON., JUL. 4, 1994


As you study, if you do, the circumstances around your world it must be rather saddening to realize that on this, your U.S.A. Independence Day--that there is not much "independence" anywhere. Neither is there FREEDOM for which there have been fought war after war in the "name of". These are the "changes" brought about; the illusions birthed from these encounters which allow YOU to somehow think you have gained freedom and that good has prevailed above evil. War itself is EVIL--so what can be birthed from evil save more evil? Man gains or regains freedom in birthing from the seeds planted in GOODNESS. But is there goodness anywhere? Of course there is goodness for there is GOD and where there is God there MUST BE goodness. The struggle is, of course, in the perceptions of thought and the intent within soul. This is NOT some "tangible" acquisition that you may hold as you can hold a piece of metal or a statue or a book--it is the "thought" within the folders which gives a book life and so too is the "thought" within living and experiencing which gives manifestation in "life". "Freedom" like "Christness" or "goodness" is a STATE OF EMOTIONAL (THOUGHT) BEING. Once the mind is enslaved--there is no freedom. This is why weapons of physical force may well win a battle--but it has nothing to do with "soul freedom".

The foundation of intent is guided by communication. Communication, however, can be clearly explicit or it can be totally implicit--or, it can be that the entire thrust of information exchange is intentionally guided to attain a given conclusion. This is WHY a person must have information in TRUTH to come up with conclusions OF truth. There is a rather amusing cartoon which explains the confusion far better than I can in words. (See below) This is the story of "gossip", "leaks", rumors and thus and so. But to have valid information upon which to work you must have truth in knowing players, circumstances and ability to generalize. You must be able to mentally and literally link everything to everything--for the PLAN is GLOBAL--not isolated little non-connected "cells".

The Fourth of July is certainly easily celebrated with firecrackers, hot dogs and a great pretending of "freedom" and "independence". But what of June 26th? And so YOU ask, "What about June 26"? Does anyone know what is important about June 26th? Dear ones, it is the day of the signing of the charter of the United Nations--that which took away all freedom in independence. You have come from "winning" independence and freedom into global slavery as citizens in less than a couple of centuries.

JUNE 26, 1945

On June 26, 1945 the charter of the United Nations was signed by 50 countries in San Francisco. The TEXT of the charter was in five languages: Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. AND JUST WHO RUNS THE UN? WHO ARE PERMANENT MEMBERS OF THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL? HUMMMNNN HUMMNN.

And the debate goes on--and on--and on. However, the take-over and New World Order simply also go on--and on! It is interesting to note that bunches of years ago a person by the name of Voltaire observed that a long dispute means that both parties are wrong. I suggest that it means you have a corrupted system whereby the one who is right is not given hearing and conclusion, much the less, recognition.

We will leave the celebration to the wisdom of the celebrant for, again, that which is the focus is the mind-set of the participant. You have a flag which represents the "heavens" and stands for a nation birthed under God, with liberty and justice for all. DO YOU HAVE IT? SO BE IT! The United States is only one of many countries about your globe--I suggest that it will not be long if things continue, that June 26 will become an international holiday--and celebration will be MANDATORY.

But is it wrong that nations live in harmony? No--it would be wondrous! Do you see freedom and harmony? I see NO PEACE and NO HARMONY! Perhaps my vision is blurred by TRUTH?


* * *

Back now to The Usurpers:

by Medford Evans

Western Islands (publishers), Belmont, Massachusetts 02178, 1968.


The victims of Lyndon Johnson fall into two classes: those who stood in his way, and those who stood for aggressive anti-Communism. The first class is, the world being what it is, the more numerous; but the second is especially interesting. Admiral Lewis L. Strauss, a member of the original Atomic Energy Commission, later chairman of the Commission, and after that Eisenhower's appointee as Secretary of Commerce, is quite a different manner of man from Joseph Raymond McCarthy. The adjective that comes to mind first in thinking of Admiral Strauss is urbane. He meets admirably the revised version of Cardinal Newman's definition of a gentleman, as one who never unintentionally inflicts pain.

During the Hickenlooper investigation into the management of AEC under David Lilienthal, Admiral Strauss was asked point-blank what he thought of Lilienthal's judgment, and then the interrogator remarked to the Admiral that he seemed to hesitate in his reply. "I hope", said Strauss, "that you will permit my hesitation to remain a matter of record". Now you may or may not like that sort of thing, but there is nothing crude about it. Lewis Strauss is every bit as smooth as Joe McCarthy was rough.

Nevertheless, he got himself tagged as an anti-Communist, and the "Liberals" hated him just as they did McCarthy. The Senate under Johnson's leadership ganged up on him just as they did on McCarthy, and in this case you couldn't blame any of it on Eisenhower. Strauss was Eisenhower's appointee, in the Fall of 1958, to the Cabinet post of Secretary of Commerce. He had every qualification for it--possibly the best qualifications of all who ever held the job. At any rate, a President is usually privileged to have whom he likes in his Cabinet. John Kennedy had Bobby as Attorney General--nobody liked it, but almost everybody thought it was the President's business. There was nothing, nothing at all derogatory in Admiral Strauss' record, except from a militantly partisan point of view. He had, as a member of the AEC, opposed Lilienthal several times, and he had as AEC chairman fought Julius Robert Oppenheimer, with the decisive result that Oppenheimer was declared a security risk and his clearance was revoked. In hysterical reaction to this, the Alsop brothers; fancying themselves as Zola and fancying Oppenheimer as Captain Dreyfus, put out a tract entitled We Accuse! They predicted, direly, that the forces so reprehensibly represented by Admiral Strauss would "break their teeth" on the Oppenheimer case. If being harassed for years by New Mexico's Senator Clinton Anderson, and finally robbed and insulted by Lyndon Johnson's Senate Majority, constitutes "breaking your teeth"--or having them broken--then Strauss did eventually get what the Alsops said was coming to him. They got something that was coming to them, too. Their idol Oppenheimer gave the lowdown to Mrs. Dorothy Schiff--of all people--in mid-March 1955. Said the New York Postmistress:

I was amazed when twice Dr. Oppenheimer denied his excited champions, saying that the only trouble with the book was that it just wasn't true! (Quoted from Nora de Toledano in The American Mercury, July 1955.)

The Strauss-confirmation case was a severer test of Lyndon Johnson's ability to deliver something the Communist Party wanted than even the McCarthy-censure case. Eisenhower had helped him with McCarthy, but in this case, Johnson had to get Strauss over Eisenhower's protest. Further, the press had never really gone after Strauss as it had McCarthy. The AEC chairman, Secretary of Commerce, financier, and philanthropist had never been the kind of popular celebrity the Irish, former Marine, Communist-flushing Senator from Wisconsin had so justly become, and therefore was not vulnerable (or so one would have thought) to the same kind of whipped-up emotionalism of mass psychology. Finally, Strauss, unlike McCarthy, was endangering nobody's political base--not influencing nor threatening to influence any constituency against any Senator. Strauss had been appointed to office previously by both a Democratic and a Republican President, had been confirmed by both Democratic and Republican majorities in the Senate. Though generally identified as a conservative Republican (he was a personal friend of Robert Taft's), he was far from being considered "Old Guard" or "Neanderthal". He had been before his first AEC appointment a partner in Kuhn, Loeb; after leaving AEC, he had been a consultant to the brothers Rockefeller. Lewis Strauss stood for national security in the atomic energy program, and he had made the decision which was at first, to humble Oppenheimer. This was enough. It did not matter that Strauss was at other times and on other accounts quite agreeable to them. Like McCarthy, he had a good press before he ever did anything anti-Communist.

In the Fall of 1946 The New Republic looked favorably on Lewis Strauss' appointment to the then new Atomic Energy Commission. Even after he had shown his hand as one of the "security-minded", he gave the Liberals, in the Eisenhower-sponsored "Atoms for Peace" program, which he promoted, a tremendous windfall.

None of that mattered. Because of the Oppenheimer case, Strauss had to be removed, and Lyndon Johnson was the one to do it. The "second most powerful" politician in the United States in 1959 had to find himself a Senate majority to buck "the most powerful"--i.e., a popular President--in an appointment which was the latter's natural prerogative. Even Johnson couldn't have done it, and probably wouldn't have tried, if Strauss had not been previously branded as an anti-Communist.

The cold-bloodedness of Operation Strauss is well illustrated by Evans and Novak:

Lyndon Johnson had no particular interest in Strauss as a public official, as a conservative ideologist, or as a person. Moreover, all his instincts favored giving a President, any President, unlimited choice in picking his Cabinet, particularly when, as in the case of Strauss, there was no hint of corruption or malfeasance.

...Johnson dispatched Bobby Baker to do a hard head count, making sure that each Senator realized the Majority Leader himself had no position. The result of the head count gave Strauss an edge. But the margin was so close that whichever way Johnson would go might well decide the matter. By now... that Strauss confirmation hearing had become a liberal witch-hunt....

Johnson... dispatched Bobby Baker on a head count a second time. Baker informed fence-sitting and pro-Strauss Democratic Senators that 'we' are going to go against the nomination. When word of this startling development seeped into the cloakroom, the tide turned against Strauss. Two liberal Democrats who had been for Strauss, John F. Kennedy and Richard Neuberger, now were against him. (Lyndon B. Johnson: the Exercise of Power, p. 214.)

Arthur Schlesinger Jr., in A Thousand Days, doesn't attribute Kennedy's switch to Johnson's influence. Reminiscing about a dinner on Harvard Commencement evening in June 1959, Schlesinger writes:

What stands out from the evening was a discussion of the confirmation of Lewis Strauss, whose name President Eisenhower had recently submitted to the Senate as Secretary of Commerce. It was politically essential for Kennedy, as a liberal Democratic aspirant, to vote against Strauss. But, though he had no use for him, he had a belief, with which I sympathized, that any President was entitled to considerable discretion in naming his cabinet. In addition, though this mattered less, his father, an old friend of Strauss's, strongly advocated confirmation. My impression was that Kennedy was looking for a respectable reason to oppose Strauss. At this point, Mac [McGeorge] Bundy, whose ancestral Republicanism had survived Dewey and Eisenhower, suddenly spoke up for rejecting the nomination. The backing of Harvard's Dean of the Faculty may have somewhat reassured Kennedy, who voted against Strauss a few days later (pp. 13-14).

It was well known that Lyndon Johnson was in charge of the get-Strauss operation in the Senate. The instigation seemed to come from Clinton Anderson, but the organizing and directing came from Johnson.

Admiral Strauss had pointed out in his own restrained review of the case, in his book Men and Decisions, that Johnson, "whose opposition to the nomination, though not publicly expressed, was known to his colleagues", on Wednesday, June 17, 1959 left an impression in the minds of certain Senators who were for confirmation that the matter wouldn't come to a vote before Monday, June 22. Three pro-Strauss Senators had speaking engagements in the West that weekend, and accordingly left Washington. Thursday, June 18, the Senate agreed to vote before the close of business. Two of the three got back in time to vote (Eisenhower sent fast planes from the Air Force to bring them), the third was "paired" with an anti-Strauss Senator. The outcome was not determined, though the character of the operations was indicated, by these maneuvers. When nearly all the chips were down, Johnson still needed two Republican votes to beat Strauss. He got them from his old friend Margaret Chase Smith, and Wild Bill Langer of North Dakota. The vote (taken shortly after midnight, it was now June 19) was 49 to 46 against the anti-Communist Strauss. Evans and Novak summarize: "...it was for Johnson a victory in the old style: dramatic, close, secretive--but somehow joyless".

Well, not entirely joyless. Pravda was jubilant. Moscow Radio broadcast the victory cry of the bull ape:

Long before the discussion of his candidature in the Capitol, Lewis Strauss aroused the hatred of all honorable Americans. The United States Senate has torn the down and feathers from Strauss and he has appeared before the public stark naked as a dyed-in-the-wool reactionary and an inveterate enemy of peace.

The hatred of all honorable Americans! Clinton Anderson was an "honorable" man. Lyndon Johnson was an "honorable" man. So were they all--all 49 of them--honorable men. All except Maggie. She was a woman. But I'm sure she wouldn't want anybody to discriminate. She was as honorable as the others.

The condemnation of McCarthy and the rejection of Strauss were, from the point of view of polite liberals and timid conservatives, two very different events. Evans and Novak, for example, think of the McCarthy "censure" (as they insist on calling it, thought they know very well, and the thing was made a point of at the time, that technically it was not a censure) as one of the high points in the "public service" of Lyndon Johnson. The rejection of Strauss, on the other hand, they think of as a "cause... in question".

But to the hard core on either side, Left or Right, there was no question. To the hard core the Strauss case and the McCarthy case were just alike. Wayne Morse laid it on the line. He told the Senate on June 18, 1959 that Lewis Strauss was "an enemy of the people". That is the standard form of a Soviet indictment. Here, for all their differences in style, were two anti-communist figures--McCarthy and Strauss--who had to be prosecuted. In both cases the Vyshinsky of the Senate was Lyndon Johnson.

* * *

Let us begin a new chapter.



MON., JUL. 4, 1994 10:33 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 322

MON., JUL. 4, 1994

by Medford Evans

Western Islands (publishers), Belmont, Mass. 02178, 1968.


The last victim of Lyndon Johnson to be considered here--the only one after Dallas--was not purely a victim. He helped to de-feat himself. Lyndon Johnson did not simply defeat Barry Goldwater in an election where the latter had--in a sense--campaigned against himself. Lyndon poured it on with an effort described by Evans and Novak as the "Anti-Campaign" (AC). The purpose of this was to "get under Barry Goldwater's skin, thereby achieving Johnson's overall goal of winning by the biggest possible margin".

Why was it such an obsession with Johnson "to win by so large a margin that the consensus he sought as the means to power would be ratified by an unprecedented electoral landslide"? (Lyndon B. Johnson: The Exercise of Power, p. 465.) Well, if you had first come to Presidential power following the assassination of a popular President wouldn't you worry about a consensus? Goldwater's motivations are obscure. Most obscure are the motives of those behind both Johnson and Goldwater. Not that the same individuals backed both rival candidates.

The Establishment has its own consensus, and that consensus in 1964 was that Goldwater should run against Johnson, and that Johnson should win. This can hardly have been a matter of preferring Johnson as a person over Barry. The Establishment is, in any case, remarkably indifferent to personalities for their own sake. What seems to have been the point was that certain issues should be disposed of as permanently as possible, issues which an incumbent President would not logically bring up, issues which Goldwater could be counted on to pitch to Johnson, and which Johnson could be counted on to knock over the left-field bleachers. That's exactly the way it worked out.

The two issues that counted were (1) use of nuclear weapons, and (2) the Negro Revolution, or, as it was then more widely known, Civil Rights Movement. Both those issues were of tremendous intrinsic and political importance; both were raised by the Goldwater candidacy; and both were politically resolved to the decisive advantage of Lyndon Johnson. The Goldwater position--that nuclear weapons could conceivably be used to American advantage, and the Negroes were not a privileged caste--was violently attacked, poorly defended, and at last practically abandoned. All of this resulted in a mandate after November 3, 1964, by which the Johnson Administration could consider the United States unilaterally disarmed of the nuclear weapon, and could recognize the Negro as released from legal restriction, financial responsibility, social obligation, or moral inhibition. These results--disarmament and revolution-by-plebiscite--were evidently contemplated in advance by the Establishment, for reasons ultimately inscrutable but about which we might speculate.

Issues not planned in advance were not allowed to develop. I have in mind the issue involved in the Walter Jenkins case, which in an uncontrolled contest might have--in effect--cleared the decks of many other considerations. Granted that the American public has become relatively blase about almost everything relating to sex, and granted that the virtue of tolerance and the vice of cynicism resulted in the shrugging off what might have been one of the most odious of scandals; nevertheless the Walter Jenkins case would not have remained a matter of indifference to the American public if it had been publicly discussed, and Lyndon Johnson would not have emerged unscathed from the discussion.

Nowhere is homosexuality approved--except in the sick set. In general, it is condemned as anything from a capital crime to a pathetic aberration. It excites horror, disgust, ridicule, or pity. For the most part, people are reluctant to discuss it. That Barry Goldwater refused to discuss the Walter Jenkins case can be credited to his own normality and decency, but also his refusal constituted to some extent an evasion of responsibility. Walter Jenkins was one of Lyndon Johnson's very closest associates throughout most of his career. Jenkins' arrest in a public men's room on October 7, 1964 on a "morals charge" was not his first for a similar offense. It requires sickening sentimentality or repulsive hypocrisy to treat seriously Lady Bird Johnson's attempt to infuse the police blotter with saccharine and religiosity: "My heart is aching today for someone [Walter Jenkins] who has reached the end point of exhaustion in dedicated service to his country. I know the love of his wife and six fine children and his profound religious faith will sustain him through this period of anguish". Now nothing is more obvious than that the anguish to which she refers was anguish not just of getting caught--Jenkins had been caught before--but anguish at getting caught and not being able, in the midst of a Presidential campaign, to hush it up. Lady Bird said, in her rationalization and extenuation of Jenkins' misconduct, that he had "been carrying incredible hours and burdens since President Kennedy's assassination". She did not say what his hours and burdens had been before his similar arrest in 1959. She said, "He is now receiving the medical attention which he needs". She did not say whether he had received medical attention after committing the same offense in 1959, but it is self-evident that if he did the treatment was unsuccessful. It is interesting to note that the principal burden of defending Jenkins was left to Lady Bird, who was of course above suspicion. Johnson kept severely silent on the Jenkins affair, though by so doing he did risk censure from the Liberals for hardheartedness. Tough as a boot, Johnson followed the motto: Never complain, never explain. Not that he always follows that motto to be sure. He will complain by the hour, explain ad infinitum if it seems to serve an important purpose. But when the Jenkins case broke, the wheel went momentarily out of Johnson's hands; fate, or someone, had to save him.

Partly it was fate, partly it was Barry Goldwater. What fate did was to give the news media, within twenty-four hours, the story of Khrushchev's ouster from the Kremlin, and the next day the report of Red China's alleged explosion of its first atomic bomb. It is interesting to remember that Jenkins was actually arrested October 7 and that through the efforts of various persons, notably Abe Fortas and Clark Clifford, the publicity was delayed for a week, and when the thing finally did break it was within reaction distance of the Chinese and Russian news-busters. Theodore White has summarized:

...the nation, in mid-campaign, had to face the fact that the President's closest personal assistant, an attendant at National Security Council meetings, master of the inner chambers of the White House, was a sexual deviate.

For twenty-four full hours Republicans and Democrats alike held their breath to see how the nation would react. And perhaps the most amazing of all events of the campaign of 1964 is that the nation faced the fact fully--and shrugged its shoulders. (The Making of the President, 1964, p. 368.) [H: You have come "a long way Baby"! YOU would now make the "deviate" President and incarcerate the citizens who might refer to him as "deviate"!]

Well, it wasn't exactly like that. The nation did not have Theodore White, for one, putting it to them quite so clearly, before the election. Brief exposure in the press--even the widest-- makes slight impression on the public mind. Most of us assume that if a news item is important we'll hear it again, many times, and if we don't hear it again, we're likely to feel that it must not have been important--maybe not even true. All propagandists know this. In the Spring of 1953 a little group of publishing people whom I met in Washington asked me what "fallout" was, and I was rather vain about being able to tell them. In a way, too, I was gratified that they didn't know, for I regarded it as evidence that the propaganda of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, to which I was strongly opposed, had failed, since the Bulletin had been trying for some time to impress the public with the dangers of fallout. But determined propagandists with sufficient resources never give up. It was actually four years later, in the Spring of 1957, when Norman Cousins got a statement signed by the late Dr. Albert Schweitzer, that the world--suddenly, it seemed--began to seethe with conversations among the politely well-informed about the dangers of fallout. There was really nothing sudden about it. They had scratched that match a thousand times before it ever ignited.

Nobody followed through on the Walter Jenkins thing. Nobody explained to "the nation" that Jenkins really had been picked up by the police for misconduct in the men's room--not just writing on the walls. Nobody impolitely emphasized that this was not a first offense. There was no reportage in depth on the long and intimate association of Walter Jenkins and Lyndon Johnson. No one wrote a column pointing out that there is no demonstrated cause-and-effect relationship between "exhaustion in dedicated service to [one's] country" and homosexual acts.

I think the essential thing about the Jenkins case is that it was just not in the original script, so that when it happened--like a stray dog running on stage in the midst of Hamlet's soliloquy--you just get him off as quickly as possible and try to forget it. Except this one wasn't funny.

Two issues were in the script: (1) nuclear weapons, (2) "Civil Rights". Two objectives of the Establishment were these: that the United States might be prevented from ever using the atomic weapons on which were spent so many billions of dollars and on which nearly the whole strategy of our defense depended; and that Negroes might be free to riot in the streets of major cities of the United States. To attain these objectives two things were required: (1) the election of Lyndon Johnson, (2) the annihilation of Barry Goldwater. Of course, both Johnson and Goldwater were subordinate to the attainment of the objectives. Johnson's replacement of John Kennedy on the fateful date of November 22, 1963 had promoted the objectives.

For the script, John Kennedy was not typical of the American people as a whole. He was meeting resistance. In popular opinion, he was suspected of being an Eastern intellectual, known for being soft on Communism, and for being overcommitted to Negroes as a group. It seemed one could hear "popular opinion" saying:

'Good ole Lyndon, he's a tough redneck, and might be a little bit rough and even a little bit crooked, but he shore wouldn't be pro-Russian, and he shore wouldn't be pro-Negro.

'Yeh, good ole Lyndon.

'Jack Kennedy had all those wonderful qualities of charm and idealism and gallantry and humor. And good ole Lyndon, he's loyal to Jack's memory and he would do all the wonderful things Jack had dreamed of, but you come right down to it and Lyndon is more practical and he knows better how to get along with Congress--you know how close he was to Mr. Sam Rayburn--and taking everything into consideration it is just remarkable how with Lyndon we can have all that international sophisticated peace-loving atmosphere, and still keep our feet planted right in that good ole Texas dirt, with no danger of being flimflammed by a bunch of slick foreigners or uppity Negroes.

'Now this Goldwater sounds kind of dangerous. I know he's against Communists, and he doesn't think the Negroes ought to riot in the streets--but, shucks, everybody feels that way. Ole Lyndon will sure take care of that, but this Goldwater he wants to go too far'.

Well so it seemed. Goldwater put himself in the position of always trying to prove that he had not gone, was not going, would not go too far. The great flaw in this defensive strategy was that it seemed to concede that Johnson, who was presumably not going far enough, was at least going in the same direction. Goldwater never made the point that whether he was or was not going too far, Lyndon Johnson was going the other way! Whether Goldwater did or did not have an itchy finger for the atomic trigger--and, of course, that was an important question, about which in due course he would have to take a stand--Goldwater, as matters stood, and still stand, did not have any kind of finger on the atomic trigger. Lyndon Johnson had the atomic gun in his own holster, and the fact was that he was not ever going to use it. It was of no more use than a water pistol.

The Strategic Air Command, and the missiles, and the Polaris submarines, and the Army's tactical nuclear weapons such as Honest John and Davy Crockett are fearsome and wonderful weapons. They cost a fearsome and wonderful amount of money, and the ground, sea, and air forces of this country are so geared to their use--or, more accurately, their hypothetical use--that, if they are never to be used, the ground, sea, and air forces will be impotent. Without the option (to adopt McNarmara's word) of actually using nuclear weapons, the United States of America, which is spending fifty billion dollars a year on national defense, hasn't really got any national defense--a sad fact which we have demonstrated negatively in Cuba and positively in Vietnam.

While Johnson was talking about his own wonderful restraint in not pushing that nuclear button--and, of course, the way things are now he couldn't push it if he wanted to--bragging about how he loved peace and was saving the world from nuclear holocaust, he was already escalating a non-nuclear war in Vietnam, a conflict which has resulted in nothing from the American point of view except a sort of ritualistic sacrifice of our sons. [H: The author obviously did not know or believe about the testing and training of those "sons" in mind-control manipulated marionetteism OR the value of that war as pertained to the DRUG TRADE FOR THE USA. Johnson DID KNOW ENOUGH to manage to filch a bunch of U.S. gold stash and let his cute little "bride" trade it in Mexico.] Something of that sort--all of which is true--is what Goldwater should have said. Instead, he tried to prove that particular suggestions he made, such as using atomic weapons in Vietnam, or giving NATO commanders authority to use tactical nuclear weapons, were sound suggestions. It happens that they probably are sound, but technical considerations are involved on which the public cannot possibly have an informed opinion, and these are not matters that should be injected into a political campaign.

What should be injected into a campaign at this time is the broad charge that the Johnson Administration has been and still is engaged in a program of depriving this country of any kind of effective military defense. We have talked and negotiated ourselves into a position in which, partly for diplomatic but largely for psychological reasons, we cannot use nuclear weapons. At the same time, we do not have any other kind of weapons with which to defend the country in a nuclear age.

The doctrine that we must develop "conventional" or "guerilla" warfare because nuclear war is unthinkable has had no practical result but to eliminate our capacity to make nuclear war. If there are answers to these charges, then we should hear the answers. Goldwater did not make the charges. He was too busy trying to show that he was really a reasonable man, and had not gone too far. The public concluded that there was no use taking a chance on a man who might be going too far so long as you had a solid man like Johnson who would just stubbornly hold the line--who would, as a matter of fact, be conservative about the thing. The public was never told that Johnson and the Johnson Administration were unilaterally disarming America, while still charging the taxpayers fifty billion dollars a year for arms.

There is general agreement among post-election analysts that the nuclear issue killed Goldwater in 1964. The nuclear issue was a trap, set by two decades of propaganda from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, propaganda which by 1964 had achieved dizzying success among the scientific and cultural amateurs who are the professionals of the upper business and political world. But the propaganda still needed ratification by some kind of plebiscite.

There was an uneasy feeling among the intelligentsia that the man in the street was proud of the American military success at Hiroshima, that he agreed with Winston Churchill that only the atom bomb in American hands had prevented the Soviet conquest of western Europe in the decade following World War II, and that he was on the whole fully prepared to back a President who would not only threaten but actually impose massive retaliation on imprudent foreign aggressors.

While the nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963 was an important step toward United States nuclear disarmament, it was too much concerned with technical matters to have much direct psychological impact on the dangerously chauvinistic attitude of the average United States citizen.

Now if a Presidential candidate who was associated in the public mind with a readiness to use nuclear weapons could be decisively defeated by a candidate breathing apocalyptic prophecies of nuclear holocaust at the first touch of "the button", then the intellectuals and the Establishment would have their popular mandate to dismantle America's atomic defenses!

Since the Fall of 1948, when publishers and high government officials met to discuss the Berlin situation at the home of Washington Post publisher Philip Graham (as reported in The Forrestal Diaries) there has been uneasy "agreement that in the event of war the American people would not only have no question as to the propriety of using the atomic bomb, but would in fact expect it to be used."

The announcement in 1949 of an alleged Russian bomb, and three years of Korean War in which the United States lost face tremendously rather than use the bomb, had given the intelligentsia hope that popular insistence on use of the bomb might be weaker than previously supposed, and in any case not governing. But, for the Establishment it would still be an enormous relief to have in the record some apparent repudiation of nuclear "brinkmanship" by the American masses. The atomic scientists, the media, and the Johnson Administration were set to overwhelm Barry Goldwater in 1964 with genuine scorn, phony erudition, simulated humanitarianism, and artful advertising. Barry Goldwater was not wily enough to match wits with the Establishment on the nuclear issue.

Establishment Republicans at the Republican Convention in San Francisco in 1964 devoted far less intelligence to stopping Goldwater from receiving the nomination than they did to making sure that when he did receive it he would have to run as a hawk on nuclear weapons (the word is of a later vintage, but it fits) and as a copperhead (older vintage) on Civil Rights. They further made very sure that on both these issues at least half of the Republican Party would not be with him. In consequence of that, the candidate would inevitably take a half-hearted stand, which would discourage and alienate voters who agreed with him on the issues, voters who had long ago taken their position voluntarily and firmly. During the campaign of the Autumn of 1964 these voters would see Goldwater taking their position hesitantly and under pressure. There was no victory in this prospect.

Theodore White tells how at San Francisco, on the eve of the convention, a resolution sponsored by candidate William Scranton, denouncing Goldwater's position on use of nuclear weapons, was so managed in the lobbies and corridors (without ever reaching the convention floor), was so obtrusively bungled in its processing (with former President Eisenhower in and out of the picture) that in the end it could not possibly help Scranton or hurt Goldwater as far as getting the nomination was concerned, but would inevitably linger in men's minds after the convention to hurt Goldwater badly in the campaign. White says:

As the Eastern Republicans debated their strategy... [one of them] with a foretaste of what they were doing to Goldwater, summed up their efforts thus: "What we were looking for was something that would put the nation and the rank and file of the Party on the alert to the fact that our leading candidate was impetuous, irresponsible and slightly stupid" (The Making of the President, p. 197).

Sarcastic irony, no doubt. Yet it is a fact that what beat Goldwater so badly in November 1964 was the financial and publicity power of the Establishment. And two things about the Establishment should be remembered: (1) it includes the top "Eastern Republicans", and (2) it has long been on the friendliest of terms with Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson's victory and Goldwater's defeat, important as they seemed to the candidates and 70 million voters, were incidental compared with the effective outlawing of the use of nuclear weapons which was accomplished by the campaign and election results of 1964.

Barry Goldwater was a victim of the 1964 campaign not because he lost--somebody has to lose in every Presidential campaign--but because he was selected to lose, selected to be tied to the nuclear weapons issue and to take it down to oblivion with him. In more normal campaigns domestic issues are raised against a candidate to hurt him and his party. In the campaign of 1964, Barry Goldwater was nominated and deserted by his party (every state he carried, except Arizona, is normally Democratic) on an international issue. And the Anti-Campaign was waged in such a way as to create a popular consensus, or an illusion of popular consensus, matching the long-standing consensus of the intelligentsia, against American use of nuclear weapons. Goldwater, a man of disciplined military intelligence wanted, says White, to "put the issue to rest". He put it to rest all right. By getting less than 39 per cent of the popular vote, he--and those who contrived such an outcome, of whom Johnson was certainly more important than Barry--insured that no prospect of military debacle will ever provoke any U.S. military commander to demand of the Johnson Administration or its successor permission to use nuclear weapons in defense of the United States. Moreover, by this reverse effect, he paved the way for that disarmament of the United States which seeks to assure the enemy that we will not use nuclear weapons in retaliation even if they are used against us.

During the campaign Goldwater insisted on speaking of the nuclear weapons issue, tentatively, honestly, probing as a citizen should for answers, not being sure that he had them--when politically he would have fared better either to attack ruthlessly the Johnson-McNamara unilateral disarmament program (a job that badly needed doing) or else--implying high discretion in all matters involving national security--to maintain on the nuclear question a knowing silence. On the other great issue of the campaign--Civil Rights--it would have paid Goldwater in political coin of the realm to speak long, loud, and often. Instead, he insisted on silence.

On the nuclear issue Barry Goldwater spoke, but defensively; forgoing an occasion for merciless attack on the Administration he threw that issue away. He tried even harder to throw the race issue away, but won five states on it in spite of himself. The only other state he won at all was his native Arizona.

Goldwater was a victim in the course of Johnson's career. He was selected, not to be personally punished like McCarthy and Strauss, but to be a symbolic lesson--putting the thing in Liberal lingo, to show what happens to even an agreeable sort of fellow when he gets in the way of "history". With Barry Goldwater, it was thought that we should have heard the last in the United States of both nuclear warmongering and reactionary race prejudice. Under the benign and far-seeing leadership of the beatific Johnson we should enter a promised era of peace and brotherly love in which we could labor joyfully to perfect the Great Society. Sharp escalation in Vietnam and Black Power were just around the corner.

* * *

I suppose most people would agree privately that the out-standing personal characteristics of Lyndon Johnson as seen publicly are meanness and hypocrisy. I am not saying that he is mean or hypocritical, for I do not know him that well; I am just pointing out that this is the way many people, probably most, feel about it these days if you come right down to it. Picking up beagles by the ears, bawling out people that work for him in front of strangers--these are not the actions of a kindly man. Theodore White quotes an observer of Johnson in the White House: "It isn't that he's mean to important people--he's mean to servants". You understand that the observer did not mean that Johnson was not mean to important people--anecdotes abound to show that he is. The observer may well have meant, it appears, that it is more detestable to be mean to the humble than to the high and mighty. It seems particularly detestable in a President who never misses an opportunity to preach the virtues of humility and compassion, who like a hippy exhorts us to be led by love.

But perhaps--perhaps--some of the anguish of the American people concerning Lyndon Johnson as President has been relieved.

On March 31, 1968, Lyndon Johnson announced that he would neither seek nor accept his Party's renomination for a second full term as President of the United States. Whether this announcement was just another shrewd political maneuver, or something forced upon the President by those who wield great influence over him, makes little difference. The power clique which now controls Washington and the United States is so firmly entrenched that only an aroused American people, fully aware of the continuing nature of the power this clique exercises can possibly make a real difference.

The purpose here is to help the reader reach decisions--not on any one political leader, or Presidential candidate, for any one election--but on the deeper and transcendent issues of our times. To do this we must first examine, at some length, important aspects of the Johnson Administration and certain key Administration, and career men.

* * *

Let us end this chapter here.



WED., JUL. 6, 1994 1:14 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 324

WED., JUL. 6, 1994


I want to move right into THE USURPERS today but I am confronted with so many arguments about Communism vs. Zionism as to be worthy of a moment of response. The question comes up in obvious order of sequence, "Are all Zionists Communists?" and the reverse. Of course not--at least not moreso than "Are all Mormons Communist Zionists?" Mormons declare themselves to be "Zionists". Zionism is based on Communism and the early Mormons WERE IN THE MOST EXPRESSIVE SENSE OF THE TERM, COMMUNISTS--AS IN "COMMUNAL CARETAKING". In the Mormon Church you have the GREAT SECRET RITUALS and the RESTRICTED TEMPLE and thus and so--all evidence of a base upon Freemasonry. So, are all Mormons bad, good or in-between? None of the above--THEY ARE WHATEVER THEY CHOOSE TO BE.

Ah, but going back to the "first" observation and question--the one REALLY being asked is: "Are Jews Communists?" That becomes more difficult to answer for if you take the absolute defined term "Jew" you must come up with the fact that the term itself was made to FIT THE LABELING OF THE CATEGORY OF KHAZARIANS CALLED ZIONISTS. The facts are that there has NEVER been a true circumstance recognized politically as "COMMUNIST". That which is practiced as "Communist" is only a severe form of "Socialistic Fascism" or at the best, Socialism. So, it is factual that this form of POLITICAL PARTY called COMMUNIST is a construction of Zionists, calling themselves and being self-styled Jews moving into Russia (the Bolsheviks), who STARTED Communism.

In discussing this question let us look at it briefly, and someday as we have time we will take up the subject of "What is Behind Communism". At the moment we will refer to it briefly so that we can turn our attention back to our subject of recognizing some of the usurpers of your nation in the U.S.A.

To fully understand the breakdown you have to go back to the competitive movements around the 1880s and remember that Communism and Zionism took hold among the Jews of the Pale of Settlement as a competitive movement. I do not wish to go into that subject again just now.

When the Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917, they sought to impose their way of thinking on the entire Jewish population. As Jews, the Bolsheviks adhered to the belief that Jewish nationalism should be preserved, but they believed it should be oriented toward Communism. The Communists regarded Zionism as an impractical scheme, wedded to British Imperialism, and impossible of achievement . The Zionists, consisting of the more religious and orthodox Jews, stubbornly resisted this concept [OF NON-ACHIEVEMENT]. As a result, the Communist Party established a special Jewish section to deal with the Zionists. They attempted, with only partial success, to win over the children of the Zionists by prohibiting the teaching of Zionism to children under twenty. Now, before labeling this as "anti-Semitism", it has to be remembered that the "Zionist" Jews are NOT SEMITES but even in the "accepted" terminology it was that there were measures imposed by one section of Jewry upon other Jews, and it must be remembered also that Christians received no such preferential treatment.

This fight between Communists and Zionists has lasted right down to today wherein it isn't even longer understood or recognized as being different one from another.

When the state of Israel was established, tens of thousands of Zionists were permitted to emigrate from Russia and satellite territories to Palestine, in a move which continues. Communist authorities have been pretty reluctant to permit young Jews to emigrate and in many cases permission has been denied--but it is political in cause. WHAT YOU HAVE TO KNOW, READERS, IS THAT THIS IS A BATTLE BETWEEN JEWS! Whether Communists or Zionists, they retain their Jewishness as accepted in description, and they stand somewhat united against all non-Jews. Facts or truth of the matter have long since ceased to be considered.

Here, however, is the fact of the bad news for ALL factions: both Communism and Zionist Jews have the same common goal--domination of the world. Both work and plan for the day when the self-labeled "chosen race" shall "inherit the Earth".

The separation of factions has long since become impossible to define, just as is the "Holocaust" difficult to historically prove. The historical TEACHINGS do not bear truth--and the truth is lost in the replacement by the LIE. The RUSSIAN people are neither Jewish, Zionists, nor Communists in any true definition of the terms.

Let us turn back, now, to the ongoing writings shared from:

by Medford Evans

Western Islands (publishers), Belmont, Mass. 02178, 1968.

Names to keep uppermost in mind as you read: DEAN RUSK, WALT ROSTOW, ROBERT McNAMARA, CLARK CLIF-FORD, ABE FORTAS, N. deB. KATZENBACH.

Since portions of this book have already been offered in prior papers and journals I have to ask that you readers refer "back" to those writings for we will move right directly ahead with:


In an America where power now has changed hands by coup d'état, where the "Vietnam nightmare" is not just terribly real, but is Administration policy, one is forced to ask: Who's running this country anyway?

Is anybody running it? Or is it just drifting? The answer seems to be that its direction is too consistent to be the result of drift. Since the end of World War II in August 1945, our position in the international power scale relative to that of Soviet Russia has moved steadily down. This has occurred while our economy has maintained unprecedented vigor for over twenty years, and while our military and diplomatic expenditures have far exceeded anything ever spent before, in such a period of time by any nation. Since the end of World War II, and especially since the beginning of the Korean War, it could be said of the United States, never has any country had so much power to do itself so little good.

[H: As you read along here I am pushed to offer all the pertinent writings of this author so that you can see the amount of work and attention which is given these players and circumstances. I fear, however, that what will be lost is the CONNECTIONS and REAL REASONS for actions which were being taken back in 1968 of which there is no way this author could have much realization of the drug running, the mind-control programs, etc., already well under way and being TESTED at the time. You, as readers, are asked to keep these things in mind as we have shared them heretofore--we do not have time for such repetition as to offer it all again.]

To find out who is really running the country, we have to begin by looking at those who are supposed to run it.

This means, most prominently, besides the President himself, members of the President's cabinet, certain heads of independent agencies, leaders in Congress, and Justices of the Supreme Court. Congress, which should be primus inter pares--first among equals--of the three branches of our government, has abdicated much of its responsibility. Only a rarity like Louisiana's Rarick undertakes to represent his constituents [H: And I bet that not more than three of you readers have any notion as to who was "Rarick".]. The weakness and timidity of the Congress are balanced by the audacious effrontery of the Supreme Court. Theoreticians of conspiracy could have predicted that the Court would grow in power while the Congress declined; first, the Court, being numerically smaller, would more readily succumb to takeover by hard-core conspirators, and second, what difference does it make what the law says if you can control what it means? Congress determines what it said, the Supreme Court what it means. Chief Justice John Marshall established the doctrine of judicial review early in the life of the Republic, but it remained for Chief Justice Earl Warren [H: By the way, this Justice Earl Warren, you will find, was on the Committee of 16 and was privy to the assassination plans (helped make them) of President Kennedy. It was prior preparation and planning that set forth the Warren Commission--so I guess you can now see how the results of the crime study would be WHATEVER THE COMMISSION DECIDED IT WOULD BE.] to establish in our day the now accepted practice of the Court in (1) construing legislation without reference to the normal meaning of language, (2) issuing what amounts to executive orders for the carrying out of the Court's decrees.

The outstanding example of the Court's independence of the English language--which of course, means indifference to any written Constitution--is its adherence to the principle of "one man, one vote". Nothing could be plainer than the language of the U.S. Constitution in direct contradiction of any such principle. Consider Article V, which provides that no amendment can be made which would deprive any State, without its own consent, of equal representation in the United States Senate--as provided by Article I, Section 3. Of course the establishing, through the "Great Compromise", of equal representation in the Senate for all States, regardless of population, provided the cornerstone of the Constitution. There is no argument about that. It is a universally recognized fact of American history. The Supreme Court does not deny it. The Supreme Court very evidently just doesn't care. The Supreme Court has its own reasons for asserting that the formula of "one man, one vote"--which first began to circulate as a Mau Mau slogan in Kenya, Africa, in the early 1950s--is somehow part of the Constitution of The United States, Articles I and V of that document to the contrary notwithstanding. I think we are due to hear from the Supreme Court that the Constitution is un-Constitutional! That would be no more cynically contemptuous of the common sense of mankind than have been a dozen decisions of the court since 1954. The crowning irony is that this court is not elected. Still, the Supreme Court on its own cannot make its rulings stick. Andrew Jackson's comment, "John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it", still applies, mutatis mutandis. The Executive Branch carries out the Law.

It is practical wisdom when the man in the street calls a policeman "the Law". The Law operates most obviously when somebody arrests you. If you have never been arrested, you don't really know what the Law is. Historically, the most powerful preservative of local self-government in the United States has been the lack of any national police. Nothing else so adorns the career of J. Edgar Hoover as his statesmanlike refusal to permit the Federal Bureau of Investigation to become a national police force. Liberals such as the late Bernard De Voto who complained of a "Gestapo" quality in the FBI knew they were far from the truth, for if the FBI had been a Gestapo the Liberals would not have dared say it was. To be sure, many of them now evidently hope that it may become one, and with this end in view they wait somewhat anxiously for Hoover's removal or retirement.

Nothing more seriously marred the reputation of Bobby Kennedy than his efforts, as Attorney General of the United States, to make of Federal Marshals a national police force. But even with the deterioration of traditional Americanism that we have seen, it still remains true that if you get arrested this year you will probably be arrested by a city policeman, a county sheriff or his deputy, or a State Policeman (and the last named will be after you for a traffic violation).

The United States has not yet reached the point where the ordinary citizen has to fear arrest--the knock on the door at midnight--by a Federal police officer. Indeed, there are only three areas in which the ordinary citizen has to give much thought to punitive Federal laws. These are the areas of: (1) national defense, notably draft laws, (2) the Federal income tax, (3) alleged racial discrimination. With the power of the Federal Government growing as it is, however, how long may we expect to retain the freedom we now have? America is in a transitional era, when things can still move either way. We may see a further development of central authority until every man is "afraid for the terror by night", or we can deliberately revert to the principle underlying the whole Constitution--the principle of checks and balances--according to which the power of the Federal Government is not only apportioned and limited within itself--among the three branches--but is also limited in its totality by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments and by the informing principle of the whole Constitution. Of course, the basic reason for any nation to have a written constitution at all is to put a permanent restraint on the power of the government.

That power in any case remains formidable. A government which is not formidable cannot operate. Any government that operates is formidable. John Locke, America's philosophical progenitor, defined government as the power to kill people--which rather graphically reminds us why government ought to be limited. Of course the definition is true. Two kinds of killing are essential to any government: (1) capital punishment, (2) war-making. People who categorically oppose capital punishment and war are categorically, whether they know it or not, anarchists. And anarchy, on the record, results in more killing than does government. As Jefferson said, Government is a necessary evil. And as someone else has said, it is like fire, a valued servant but a fearful master.

Who, in this year of Our Lord 1968, are the public servants who--through growing usurpations of power--show every sign of straining to become fearful masters? They are primarily: the President and the heads of his main executive departments. Article II of the Constitution establishes the importance of the executive departments by taking their existence for granted. "The President", says Section 2 "...may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officers in each of the executive departments..."


The details of the President's cabinet are not specified in the Constitution, even the word cabinet is not used and the makeup of the cabinet has changed from time to time during the history of the Republic. Four officers, however, are essential, and have been from the start. George Washington's first cabinet was composed of Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State; Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury; Henry Knox, Secretary of War; and Edmond Randolph, Attorney General.

The War Department is now subsumed under the Department of Defense; otherwise, these same four officers still determine, or indicate, the direction of national policy, though the cabinet as a whole now comprises eleven officers, and the executive branch as a whole includes a bureaucracy so vast and so "automated", one fears it would operate a century at least even if the President and all cabinet officers died in their chairs and were never replaced.



It is the executive branch in all its plenitude which imposes upon the citizen the weight and power of the Federal Government. The Bureau of Internal Revenue, in the Treasury Department, takes the tithes of the citizen's income; the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in the Justice Department, keeps the dossiers on his private life; special troops of the Army, in the Department of Defense, ever alert nowadays to potential counterinsurgency, operate against the citizen--as they did in Mississippi with success unattained in Vietnam. Defense, Justice, and Treasury restrain, watch, and tax the citizen.

* * *

I am going to leave this writing short--I ask that you study these last two paragraphs or so very carefully. You can see that the author is not informed. The IRS, for instance, is unlawful and the taxation is unConstitutional at best. The Federal Reserve uses the IRS. The IRS, BATF, etc., answer to the Treasury Department AND the Attorney General--BOTH SECRETARIES IN POINT ARE "FOREIGN EMPLOYEES". That means that the Attorney General and the Secretary of Treasury (to mention two) are not even paid by the United States--THEY ARE PAID FROM THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND! Your Secretary of State RIGHT NOW, TODAY, "CHRISTOPHER", IS NUMBER 5 HONCHO ON THE COMMITTEE OF 16 (17). So, where does this leave YOU Americans? Not too comforting is it?

* * *

Dharma, I need you elsewhere. John Schroepfer took himself out of the prison holding house where he was being held hostage after he was kidnapped from the Kern County facility. For 14 months the poor soul has languished in one place or another without contact with ANY OUTSIDE PEOPLE OR FRIENDS--AND FAMILY, (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF 3 VISITS FROM A BROTHER) HAVE REFUSED TO CALL OR VISIT HIM. HE WALKED OUT, FINALLY, AND GOD WILLING HE MADE IT BACK HOME WITHOUT HARM. Readers, he LITERALLY had begun DIGGING A TUNNEL for escape. It is not just the ones incarcerated in prison who are patriots that are in danger of total destruction by this heinous system. But if someone wants your assets--note that they will kill you for it. There is hearing now precipitated, on the morrow. Will love and care win out over the insipid greed of the "handlers"? I guess we shall see. This man sits and weeps just to be free, for he could not understand how anyone could do this to him--"for I have never done anything to anyone..." he says. Ah, yes, dear readers--Jesus still weeps for his lambs. Can goodness overcome evil? Yes, but YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT SO!






By Rick Martin 7/10/94

John and Eleanor Schroepfer began visiting Tehachapi in the spring of 1988, and finally moved here in the summer of 1988. They moved to this quiet valley to retire. John had worked for years as an engineer for Lockheed in the San Francisco Bay Area. John and Eleanor were a couple with "property and substance". They purchased a home in the foothills--spacious, quiet, and pleasant. John was an experimenter, spending hours in his garage. He had many tools and engineering "things".

I first met John and Eleanor in, I believe, October 1988. They were nearby neighbors at the time. Eleanor was very sickly. John tended her with great care and patience. She, most frequently, needed help getting in and out of chairs. Her joints, and more specifically her hips, gave her pain which caused her to be very irritable at times. This was most obviously reflected in the mimicking, loud and screeching call of "JOHN! JOHN!" by their elderly and very large parrot.

Eleanor kept mostly to herself. It was John who got out more frequently and was generally more interactive. They both, but particularly John, had many friends in Tehachapi. I include myself as one. They were very interested in the information which was being presented here and read the PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS and PHOENIX JOURNALS as they were printed. This, of course, lead to the open sharing of ideas. Early on John became aware of Nevada corporations and initiated efforts to form one. John would frequently come into the offices of America West Publishers, Inc. and speak with owner/president George Green. When George Green first structured The Phoenix Institute For Research & Education, Ltd., he was a licensed securities broker. George, during this same period, spoke with John. The subsequent notes were signed by George Green as a Director and Trustee of The Phoenix Institute For Research & Education, Ltd.

At approximately the same time (early 1991) the Nevada corporation which John was affiliated with agreed to loan the Nevada corporation I am affiliated with the funds necessary to purchase a company car. A note was written and signed for the loan. (This is in contradiction to the statements by George Green that the Institute bought a car for me).

I may speak with impunity about George Green and his dealings at this time because I shared the same 15'x15' office with him for over a year, and that was no picnic. During this time George was extremely aggressive and assertive with John--"Don't worry, John, I'll take care of it". Whatever "it" was at the time. George knew that John and Eleanor were vulnerable and he worked diligently to penetrate that vulnerability. The one thing that George did not count on was that E.J. Ekker, as one of the Directors of the Institute, was a man of total integrity.

Some time after the notes from The Phoenix Institute For Research & Education, Ltd. were signed by George, John came into my office very, very distressed. Things were missing in his house. Some documents were missing, including some tax records and the notes from the Institute. Some coins were also missing. John did call the Sheriff of Kern County, who came to his house to file a report. Eleanor, who it later became clear was a conspirator in John's systematic terrorization, assisted in the shifting and removal of various property of John's. Eleanor assured the Sheriff that John was mentally "losing it" and not to pay any attention. Well, John was not losing it.

When it was discovered that notes from the Institute were indeed gone, E.J. Ekker immediately replaced the missing notes with new notes legally signed on behalf of the Institute.

Hatonn writes (3/7/93): "Greens are the ones with the secreted-away gold sent for the Institute.

"My people are continually amazed that you ones in the public cannot see what has happened in all this. Well, mankind is confused and concerned because you still wish to place this operation in the category of a Texas cult or something. We have nothing except good, stable corporations with men of integrity in charge. This blows out the competition every time. No one has put a cent into any fly-by-night operation here--except those who listened and now place funds with George Green. Do you not find that interesting"?

After George Green moved to Carson City, Nevada, he phoned Eleanor Schroepfer to ask her and John to remove the funds invested with the Institute and invest those funds in his new program. John and Eleanor contacted two others, Leon Fort and Bud Clark. The four of them then drove to Carson City to meet with George. The Schroepfers and Bud Clark later decided against investing with George. The meeting in Carson City, however, constituted a conspiracy to harm the Institute and a lawsuit was, of necessity, then brought against George Green, Leon Fort and Luke Perry. Luke Perry, as regular CONTACT (and before that, PHOENIX LIBERATOR) readers may remember, is the man who is spreading all of the disinformation to the Associated Press wire service about the Institute--all the while really trying to grab his step-mother's money, which remains well out of his reach.

Again, Hatonn (2/28/93): "We are shocked at that which has happened, as are you. But, our people are finding responders, now to investment loans of large size having been made with George Green (against gold "he claims he has"). The loans were made under the request: "...don't tell Ekker anything about this as the gold is mine"! And again I ask: And how is your day? It isn't so hot for the Ekkers and the other participants of the Institute--who can see a deliberate plan to divest and lose everything gained through work, investment, projects and total bankrupting of the Institute. Well, it won't happen. The Institute is corporately sound and nothing will be issued to anyone at any expense to any other--under any circumstances from this event onward.

"If everyone demands takeout in full with interest from any institution, foundation, bank, or S & L--all lose instantly.

"We do not have some little stash of someone else's gold in the garage--the gold collateral rests in vaults of the two largest gold storage facilities in this hemisphere. P.S.: The gold in Green's possession is the property of the Institute but [he, George] 'kept it a secret from the Ekkers'! Just let them lose everything along with all the blood, sweat and tears of all of you beloved friends and go to jail for 'whatever' George deems suitable to pay for his ego errors. He objected to my term greed--good grief, that seems like a rather gentle word compared to those I might now use!

"To John and Eleanor Schroepfer, I must name you, precious ones, for I have no other way to impress upon you the seriousness of what is now happening. Corporate responsibility and the integrity of our work rests greatly upon what my people and the Institute do in counteraction to that which you have joined unwittingly.

"I realize that you have structured a letter and signed it stating that you would not at this time remove your funds from the Institute. But, it is insufficient for the needs of relieving you of conspiracy as George is telling everyone he contacts that you are a major player in uncovering the awful actions of Ekkers and the Institute. The original demand written by Leon [Fort] and signed by you two [John and Eleanor] and Bud Clark, along with your request (also signed by both of you) demanding resignation [of Doris & E.J.] as officers of your corporations, along with the letter from the Institute saying that you have no funds in the Institute and asking that you consider corporate possibilities, etc., is all being sent to Green's mailing list and all corporations which even might have been set up with Ekkers acting as officers for the establishment in privacy of your corporation founding.

"With great joy and glee, they [Doris and E.J.] resigned--but you must also know that it will not be with joy that they longer serve you when you need further help with taxes, corporate records and/or information and business help. They have volunteered those services because they believe in justice, brotherhood and reclamation of this nation under God.

"Eleanor was heard loudly and clearly bleating that the only reason she participated was because 'Hatonn said the banks were in trouble' and 'I just want my money'! This reason was never an accepted reason for my people to do anything for anyone! I told you over and over again why we even bother with the added burden of service in this area of business. To gain in greed and get your money held from the government and banks is not among any of the listed reasons for helping you in any way whatsoever. We do not shelter you in any way whatsoever against the laws of the land--and the banks are certainly not out of trouble!

"What you can now do to prevent full retaliatory response from the Institute and Board of Directors and Advisers as mandated by law under the rule of fiduciary responsibility, is limited at best.

"I would guess the only way to avoid the major blast is a full retraction and cause of action against your conspiracy director, George Green and/or America West, claiming your own damages with a minimum amount of whatever you have in the Institute which he fully intended to get from you, or lost to you, whichever came first. It would appear that each of you who unwittingly joined his conspiracy is in the hot seat legally for coalition to 'blow up and wipe out' the Ekkers and 'shut down the Institute'. [These are Mr. Green's directly quoted words to two people immediately after your departure from Carson City and his meeting with you.]"

During this same period, I witnessed Eleanor's condition begin to deteriorate and her general demeanor went from bad to worse. She became very abusive to John and downright insulting. She would move things of John's just to cause him to think that he was losing his mind, which he was not.

Let me quote from the filed Declaration of Nora Boyles, "I am a retired Branch Manager of the Adult and Family Services Division of the Department of Human Resources for the State of Oregon. I have known Eleanor and John Schroepfer for over three years and have been friends with both John and Eleanor during that time.

"I observed considerable conflict in the Schroepfers' relationship. It appeared that Eleanor did not want to live in Tehachapi and I am aware that it was John's idea to move here. Eleanor required a great deal of John's attention due to her incapacity and John always appeared very patient with her".

From the Declaration of Reverend Edward J. Cleary, "During my 33 years as an active priest, and since, I have counseled with many thousands of people for many thousands of hours. My parish, Saint Paul Parish in Memphis, Tennessee, had over 10,000 parishioners. My remarks and observations are those of learned experience that have held true over these many years.

"I have been a frequent visitor to the Schroepfer home which has given me significant opportunity to observe John and Eleanor's relationship and behavior toward one another. Until John's injury he cared for Eleanor both emotionally and physically. John was far more patient and loving than I have witnessed others being in similar circumstances.

"I would basically describe Eleanor as being chronically ill, very unhappy, and extremely demanding. Eleanor's relationship with John was among the most negative and overbearing that I have seen compared with the many hundreds of couples that I have counseled. Eleanor treated John like a worthless servant. She seemed to delight in regularly berating, screaming at, criticizing, and demeaning John, especially in the presence of his friends. Under the circumstances, it was embarrassing and humiliating to witness Eleanor's attacks on John's character.

"From my assessment, John basically put up with, tolerated, ignored and suffered through Eleanor's abusive personality and actions. At John's request, I counseled him on several occasions about divorce".

From the Declaration of Audrey Johnston, "Beginning in 1987, I made numerous visits to Tehachapi, California, where I first met John Schroepfer and his wife, Eleanor. By the spring of 1990, when Eleanor Schroepfer had hip surgery, I had moved to Tehachapi and I was working for a home health agency as a Certified Nurse's Aide and Home Health Aide. I have worked in the health care industry for over 20 years and I have worked full-time exclusively with elderly people since 1987.

"When Eleanor came home from the hospital I visited her three times a week for several weeks to help her with bathing, grooming and dressing. This gave me ample opportunity to observe the interaction between John and Eleanor Schroepfer.

"I have often seen irritability as a result of pain, but while she was polite to me, Eleanor's treatment of John far exceeded anything I have experienced before. It was very apparent to me that she loathed and despised John.

"John had been her caregiver for a very long period of time. He bathed her, dressed her, fed her, drove her, and pushed her around in a wheelchair. John was extremely attentive and caring in his treatment of his invalid wife.

"Eleanor ordered John around as if she were a queen and John was her slave-servant and if her orders were not executed perfectly, she would unleash a stream of verbal abuse in a high-pitched scream that would have caused Leona Helmsley to blush. She seemed vicious and relentless in her demeaning and sarcastic screaming at John. Even the family parrot mocked and screamed at John and sounded very much like Eleanor".

Alfred J. Overholt D.D.S. (Retired) is one of John's "closest and best friends". He too knows Eleanor and has had ample opportunity to observe their marital relationship. He "cannot accurately express the words that describe the terrible manner" in which Eleanor had always treated John. However, the words he does use are compelling. She seldom missed an opportunity to, with impunity, heap invective on John. She would frequently "scream and yell" at him "in everyone's presence, at the top of her lungs, and hurl insults and obscenities at him of a totally demeaning nature".

In mid-May 1993, John had an "accident". A year or more earlier, John had hit his head near his right eye on the garage door. Eleanor and [her son] Rod McBroom were both in his presence. His eye had been bothering him for some time after that and, finally, John had laser surgery performed. The accident in mid-May was more serious. John had a concussion thought to be from hitting his head when falling at the time. The question is, why did he fall? Did he fall as the result of a blow to the head?

John was taken to the hospital for observation and care. This was the beginning of the end for John.

Quoting from a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus which was never filed with the court, Dr. Alfred Overholt, a close personal friend of John's says, "On or about May 19, 1993 John Schroepfer, who is in his mid-seventies, fell in his backyard and was injured. He was hospitalized for approximately two to three weeks as a result of this fall. Immediately upon his release from the hospital, his wife Eleanor placed John into Hearthstone Alzheimer's facility in Bakersfield, California. [He remained in that facility until about April 1, 1994, almost a full year, at which time he was removed from the facility to an unknown location by his conservator, Eleanor Schroepfer, or more likely, Rod McBroom. The Order appointing Eleanor as conservator was signed on August 19, 1993 by Commissioner Colleen Ryan. She was appointed as conservator for John's person and John's estate.] Eleanor was appointed guardian [conservator] for John by and through her attorney. I am informed and believe and thereon allege that Eleanor herself was not present at that hearing and that had she been, the court would not have appointed her because Eleanor is herself a semi-invalid and barely able to take care of herself. In fact, at the time of John's fall in May, Eleanor was not able to get outside to help John and inexplicably failed to even telephone for help although she was within easy reach of a telephone. It was not until neighbors heard John's cries for help that assistance was obtained.

"Prior to his confinement at the Alzheimer's facility, John had significant personal assets. However, on a petition filed with the Superior Court, Eleanor, as conservator, has sworn that John has no personal assets, no income and no real property. Moreover, soon after his confinement, Eleanor and her son Rod [McBroom], who is John's step-son, brought trucks to their residence and stripped the residence of everything of value". [Almost all asset stripping by Rod occurred prior to any conservator being appointed. This included a coin collection valued at over $100,000. In legal terms this is known as Felony Grand Theft!]

Still quoting from the Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (which was not filed on John's behalf), "The legal authority for this petition is Browne v. Superior Court 1940) 16 Cal.2d 593, which states that the unreasonable restraint of the personal liberties as a conservatee may be an appropriate ground for habeas relief. Specifically Browne held that where a guardian...took the ward away from her home to unsatisfactory place of residence, or unjustifiably confined or imprisoned her so as to deny her the pleasures of visiting her family or friends,...these restraints might, in the absence of another adequate remedy, be the subject of inquiry on habeas corpus. (Id., p. 600.)

The Browne court continued: "The guardian has the custody and care of the ward, but the ward is not his prisoner. He may limit her activities in a reasonable manner, for her own benefit, but cannot, without good reason, deny her such freedom as is essential to her welfare." Id., pp. 600-601).

On December 23, 1993, a Petition for the Removal of Conservatorship of the person and estate of John Schroepfer was filed by Dr. Overholt and Rev. Cleary. Quoting from that document, "Eleanor Schroepfer, as Conservator of the person and estate of John Schroepfer, should be removed as conservator because: A. She is not using ordinary care and diligence in managing the estate as required by Probate Code Section 2407 and 2650. B. She is continually failing to perform routine duties on behalf of Conservatee and has diminished capacity to perform those duties: She is allowing these normal routines to be administered by her son, Rod, who is a step-son of the Conservatee and a stranger to the estate and the person. C. In any other situation in which the Court, in its discretion, determines that removal is in the conservatee's best interest.

"Conservatee is not in need of a conservator and is capable of taking care of himself and his estate".

In opposition to this motion, James A. Schroepfer [John's brother] states in his declaration, "This petition is frivolous and is being done to protect assets of their organization; namely, monies that have been loaned to them and they have signed the unsecured notes. John and Eleanor need this money to live, in their separate ways. These notes are from the Phoenix Society [there is no Phoenix Society] signed by E.J. Eckers (sic) and the above are a party, also.

"That John is not capable of caring for himself or his assets. He is very easily influenced by groups of people: Minutemen, outer space probes, communications with Stalin (USSR) mentally. He worked to resist Mexico's invasion of the United States. He (in Descanso 1975?) built or started building, a bomb-proof shelter, amassed food and supplies for survival, not only food but guns had been purchased.

"That they (John and Eleanor) loaned George Green, a book-store owner, $150,000 and he went bankrupt. Under whose undue influence were they told to invest in this type of investment. A loan broker? Poor counsel? [Right, George Green's counsel.]

"That Eleanor has had hip replacements, wears a pace-maker with other physical problems and under duress from this, plus the ongoing influence of the Phoenix Society on John's thinking and financial security by investing in their organization. A public conservator should have been appointed a year ago before these cajolers and devious schemers raised their ugly heads".

On Feb. 9, 1994, Declarations in Response to Reply of Conservator were filed with the court. Included with the Declarations is a Petition on Behalf of John Schroepfer submitted to the Probate Investigator, John C. Carillo. The petition was signed by 42 people who have known John for years. Quoting from that petition, "We the following signing parties have been close friends and acquaintances of John Schroepfer for as long as the last six years. We deplore his present placement with persons having advanced Alzheimer's Disease. John does not have Alzheimer's Disease. John's continued confinement with persons who are in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's Disease is a terribly depressing atmosphere and a major impediment to his recovery.

"John is presently recovering from some confusion caused by a fall in which he suffered a blow to the head. Otherwise, John's condition is simply a normal result of aging (senile dementia).

"We urge and implore you to meet with us to arrange a placement for John in a healthy and invigorating atmosphere with people who love him and are able to care for him before he begins to act like an Alzheimer's patient also".

On Feb. 9, 1994, an Amicus Curiae Brief was filed on behalf of John Schroepfer by Attorney Scott C. Tips.


In this matter, Petitioners on behalf of Conservatee John Schroepfer, for reasons of improved condition and breach of fiduciary duty, seek to terminate the Conservatorship of his per-son and his estate for which his wife Eleanor is the only appointed Conservator. In the alternative, should the court decide it in Conservatee's best interests that some form of conservatorship continue, they request that the Court appoint a new conservator according to his designation. In either event, Petitioners request that Eleanor be removed entirely as his Conservator, that the assets be surrendered to Conservatee, and that an account and inventory be filed with the court. The interests of the Conservatee of course are paramount and conduct of the Conservator is always determined by what is in the best interests of the Conservatee, which is the only issue properly before the Court. This Amicus Curiae brief supports petitioner's position.

Eleanor Schroepfer had a plan. All that was necessary were the right time and circumstances. In May of 1993, the time and circumstances arrived. John Schroepfer, her husband, fell and had to be hospitalized. For quite some time their marital relationship had been disintegrating. Eleanor would frequently unleash a stream of invective at John if his performance of his duties was less than perfect. Eventually they had both decided to get divorced. John was not poor. A creative and successful engineer by trade, and now retired, he had accumulated substantial sums in savings over his life. That wealth had been saved in various forms: gold and silver coins, money in the bank, a Mercedes Benz, and other automobiles. Upon dissolution of course most of it would go to John as his separate property acquired before his more recent marriage to Eleanor. The small remainder would be divided as community property. Eleanor saw herself getting the short end of the stick and she was not happy about it; nor was Rod McBroom (her son from a previous marriage) happy at what he perceived to be a fat inheritance slipping through his fingers.

Then, John fell. When he went to the hospital for 21 days the opportunity for a systematic looting of his wealth and savings presented itself. Why not have John committed to an Alzheimer's institution? After all, he was already nearly 80 years old. Most people that age suffer memory losses of some sort or another. No one would know better and surely some doctor somewhere would say so for a fee. To support their claim, Rod and Eleanor pointed to John's "eccentric views": His belief in the biblical prescription that a family should store food away against lean years and hard times; his belief in extraterrestrials; and that bomb-proof shelters could be useful in the event of war. That Eleanor, his Conservator, shared these views for many years was of course conveniently forgotten. Instead, John was labeled as "different" and, in a frightening replay of Soviet psychiatric practices, Rod and Eleanor got John committed to an institution. They got a one-sentence medical diagnosis and mouthed the necessary words of concern for John's "well-being" and health. Eleanor's devotion and concern for John's health and well-being are such that during the six months of his confinement, she never visited him even once or even bothered to call or even to write him. She has delegated her duties as Conservator to her son Rod who permits John no visitors from amongst Conservatee's closest friends. Eleanor could now forget about her husband and get on with her life, secure in the belief that she was rid of the inconvenience of his presence.

Eleanor and Rod had a plan and this Court played a pivotal role. To avoid the necessity of posting a bond, or having to provide the Court with an appraisal and inventory of the estate assets, and to prevent any interference with her plan, Eleanor falsely represented to the Court that there was no personal or real property in the estate, that all property was community property or held by them in joint tenancy. Since John was not then represented by independent counsel things went rather smoothly. With crocodile tears in their eyes, Rod and Eleanor immediately got down to the real business at hand: the systematic looting of John's wealth. Woodpiles were moved and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gold and silver coins dug up. Bank accounts were emptied and disappeared. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in promissory notes "vanished." The Mercedes was removed. Thousands of dollars worth of stored food were unceremoniously left to rot in a pile on the property. The theft completed, Eleanor then fled the County to live close to her son in Northern California. Like that storage food, John also was left to rot. Fortunately he has friends who now petition this Court to stop this injustice and outrage, stop the looting, the theft of John's property and, most importantly, of his life.

John may be "different," but he does not have Alzheimer's nor is he senile or crazy. He can take care of himself; indeed, he took care of both himself and his wife until recently. The facts are best detailed by a summary of the declarations submitted in this matter. Indeed, even the declarations Conservator proffers in support of her objections are shocking in their revelations.

When john's friends visited him at Hearthstone, Eleanor "did everything she could to restrict visitations". But those who did get to visit him reported that he was "healthy and lucid" and appeared recovered enough to be released to an environment where he could be cared for by his many willing friends. Reverend Cleary himself remains available to provide whatever assistance John needs.

After John was taken to the hospital he too observed that Eleanor and Rod wasted nary a minute to strip the residence of almost everything and were so wasteful and careless that they allowed thousands of dollars of stored food supplies, and other personal property to be left exposed to the harsh weather and destroyed.

For months after John had been admitted into Hearthstone neither Eleanor nor Rod ever visited and, would not even have been recognized as family by the staff to whom they were utter strangers. Conservator had made no efforts to supervise John's care or assure that he was being provided even the barest of necessities. He was little more than a kenneled dog merely to be fed and watered. At one point, when Dr. Overholt came to visit John an official at Hearthstone actually asked Dr. Overholt (an apparent stranger) if he was family because Hearthstone needed $300.00 for John's personal needs, which Dr. Overholt "gladly gave". (Clearly, months after John's commitment, the Hearthstone staff wouldn't have known a family member if they saw one).

But good deeds do not go unpunished. And in return for his kindness, Conservator completely barred the good doctor from visiting his friend in the future. A gesture no doubt "sharper than a serpent's tooth". That decision was apparently made by Conservator's son Rod who is not the appointed Conservator. Before being barred from visiting John, Dr. Overholt observed that he is "lucid", "greatly improved" and appeared "able to take care of himself ". Dr. Overholt, like the Reverend Cleary, remains available to provide John whatever assistance and care he may need upon release from Hearthstone.

Conservator asserts that the Petitioners herein are only interested in termination of the conservatorship because they want to take control of John Schroepfer for their benefit, "particularly as to his money". Conservator not only shoots herself in the foot, her foot was in her mouth as she pulled the trigger, for that remarkable statement demonstrates that the original Petition for Appointment of Conservator was induced by a fraud on the Court. In her original Petition, Eleanor Schroepfer testified under oath that there were no assets, and that there was no personal or real property; but she now comes into Court representing that there are significant assets she heretofore denied existed. The reason she made such false representation and omitted such material facts is because she wanted to avoid the necessity of posting a bond, or filing an inventory and appraisal with the Court as she would otherwise be required to do under the Probate Code. Conservator also falsely represented that all existing property was either Community Property or held in Joint Tenancy. No inventory and appraisal was ever filed to clarify the amount of Conservatee's Joint Tenancy interest, or to determine which property was Separate and which Community. Petitioner's main concern is that the Conservatee had significant Separate Property assets, which the Conservator now loots. These are the assets the Conservator fears she will lose if John again has power over his own life.

James A. Schroepfer declares that he visited his brother on November 10, 1993, and that he was "well taken care of "clean and well-fed". While any conservator's fiduciary duties extend significantly beyond merely keeping the Conservatee "clean and well fed", the statement is remarkable when the chronology of undisputed facts is scrutinized.

The Declaration of James A. Schroepfer also raises serious questions as to whether the Conservator is herself competent to act even on her own behalf, much less the Conservatee's. She does not appear physically or mentally capable of caring for him or even supervising those with whom she has contracted. He [James Schroepfer] admits that she has had hip replacements, that she wears a pace-maker and that she "suffers from other physical problems". Although she has been appointed Conservator, and though her son Rod clearly was not so appointed, she has clearly abdicated and delegated her authority to the step-son Rod who effectively acts as Conservator. James A. Schroepfer is probably most correct when he opines that "a public conservator should have been appointed over a year ago".

John Schroepfer may entertain some beliefs that might raise the eyebrows of "rational" men; however those beliefs are absolutely protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution. We like to think that "enlightened" men have moved far and away from the insidious mentality that burned Galileo in the Inquisition merely because his beliefs did not square with conventional wisdom; but then we find men like John Schroepfer cast into an abysmal "snake pit" of mental incompetents by the thankless people he previously tolerated, cared and provided for. John Schroepfer's purported beliefs in extraterrestrials, his religious conviction that prudent men should, in the good years, shore up against the calamity and adversity of the lean years, are no more delusionary than those of an attorney, judge, or com-missioner, who believes in the notion of "fair play and substantial justice". To jaded conventional minds, these are mere fictions and delusions; but to the visionary, to the prophet, and indeed to ordinarily prudent people they are notions eminently worthy of faith, belief, and even investment and life-long dedication. While this tribunal has the power to determine his competence (after a thorough examination of fact and competent opinion), it does not have the constitutional jurisdiction, nor the judicial authority, to pass judgment on his beliefs. The United States Constitution permits him, like Don Quixote, to charge whatever windmills he deems worthy of his attention. The question of course is not whether his decisions prove to be prudent or his investments bountiful (hindsight is always 20/20); rather, the question is whether his decisions are competent--that is, whether he knowingly and voluntarily assumes the risks attached thereto.

John Schroepfer didn't merely fall through the cracks in the system, he was pushed through and stuffed in after the cracks were pried opened by lies, deceit, fraud, misrepresentation, omission of material fact and the insidious intent of thankless relatives, by the one-sentence scribbled medical opinion purchased in the marketplace, by pettifoggery, and a court system too burdened to verify the validity of a box in a form that was checked off with an "X." Kafka dreamt of no less a darker nightmare. In view of the self-interested and self-serving statements of declarants who display their true persona with unwitting Browning-esque revelation, one can only wonder "if there be but one" who would open their door and provide shelter against this stranger's adversity. In fact, not one but many have come forward to do so. These additional declarants with personal knowledge, have no personal interest whatever. They are friends and have served as health-care providers in the Schroepfer household and now step forward to inform this Court. Their pleas are likewise compelling.

(Please remember, readers, this Amicus Curiae Brief was actually filed with the Superior Court on John's behalf).

Still quoting: The relationship between conservator and conservatee is that of a fiduciary. Therefore, the conservator must act prudently and in good faith. (Probate Code 21201) Her standard of care requires good faith and fair dealing. (Probate Code 2101, 16000-16105) As conservator of the person she has a duty to provide "comfortable and suitable support and maintenance". (Probate Code 2420) In her capacity as Conservator over the estate she is required to control and preserve the estate property (Probate Code 16007), to segregate the estate property from conservators personal assets (Probate Code 16009), and to avoid using or dealing with the estate property for personal benefit (Probate Code 16004), to use ordinary care and diligence in managing and controlling the estate (Probate Code 2401(a)). It is expected that a conservatee's estate will be used for the support and maintenance of the conservatee. (Probate Code 2420) Pursuant to Section 2650, the Conservator may be removed for her failure to use ordinary care and diligence in managing of the estate as required by Probate Code 2401. [Probate Code 2650(a)] She is required to exercise her power to the extent that ordinary care and diligence require that such powers be exercised and must not exercise that power to the extent that ordinary care and diligence require that it not be exercised. (Probate Code 2401) While she may sell conservatee's tangible personal effects only to the limit of $5,000 per year (Probate Code 2545), it appears that this limitation has been vastly exceeded. Nor may she waste assets through spoilation.

She may be removed for failure to file an inventory or an accounting within the time allowed. (Probate Code 2650(b)). Here, Conservator hid the true character of assets to prevent the court from ordering such accounting. She may be removed for her continued failure to perform duties, or incapacity to perform duties suitably. (Probate Code 2650(c)). In fact, the Conservator has failed to supervise Conservatee's care, delegated her nondelegable decision-making authority to another, failed to provide for his bare necessities, failed to visit the Conservatee, and even prevents others from doing so.

She may be removed for having such an interest adverse to the faithful performance of duties that there is an unreasonable risk that the conservator will fail to perform her duties faithfully. (Probate Code 2650(f)). Conservator's interest in and use of Conservatee's separate property is adverse to the interests of Conservatee. The court may also order removal in any other situation in which the court, in its discretion, determines that removal is in the conservatee's best interests (Probate Code 2650(i)). Because of this fiduciary relationship, additional grounds for removal also exist and she may be removed on the grounds that she has breached her trust, that she is unfit to administer, that she fails or declines to act, or for other good cause. (Probate Code 15642).

Also, the Letter of Conservatorship at 3.a in this matter does not grant the Conservator the power to place the Conservatee in a mental-health facility. She only has the power to consent to medical treatment. The Petition for Appointment at 8.a indicates that there is no form of medical treatment for illness which the Conservatee suffers. But Hearthstone is exclusively a mental health treatment facility. Pursuant to Probate Code 2356(a), no conservatee may be placed in a mental-health facility against his will. And such an act requires a separate proceeding pursuant to the Welfare and Institutions Code. (See also. Welfare and Institutions Code 5350-5370.) Obviously, if Conservatee suffered diminished capacity at the time he was moved into Hearthstone any consent was not willful, informed and voluntary and he may then have lacked the capacity to so consent.

Finally, where, as here, the conservatorship is no longer required because of the conservatee's improved condition, such improved condition is separate grounds for removal of conservator. When the conservatee is able to care for himself and his property and able to resist fraud or undue influence, the conservatorship is no longer necessary. (Probate Code 1861b).) Such determination of improved condition may arise indirectly from Petitioners' testimony or the report of the investigator assigned by the court. (Probate Code 1851.)

While the Commissioner may be understandably reluctant to interpose herself in family affairs, it appears that there is not much "family" to protect and the only issue properly before the Court is the best interest of the Conservatee. If he is competent, then he has the absolute right to spend his money on any legal venture. If he is not competent, then his hard-earned assets should be protected to assure that he is properly cared for, that his care is properly monitored and humanely supervised, and, most of all, that his heart-felt need to be amongst normal loving and caring friends not be denied. If, after the hearing, the Court remains concerned about John Schroepfer's competence, it may grant conservatorship of his person to his friends while granting the conservatorship of his estate to a court appointed administrator in the interim.

Whatever the ground for termination of the conservatorship, the Court may appoint an interim conservator until the successor is qualified. (Probate Code 2250(e)). And if (as here) the conservator is not one of the Petitioners and the court orders termination, the conservator must account to the Court to secure a discharge, and notice of the hearing is required. (Probate Code 1863(c)). The Court also has discretion to appoint one or more conservators of either the individual's person, his estate, or both. (Probate Code 2105(a)). The Court, of course, is always guided by what it considers the conservatee's best interests.

In this case, the evidence demonstrates that John Schroepfer is able to look after himself and conduct his own affairs, no conservatorship is necessary. Accordingly, and for the foregoing reasons, Petitioners pray that Conservatorship of John Schroepfer be terminated, or at the very least a new Conservator be designated according to John Schroepfer's preference. [End of quoting.]

At the March 7, 1994 hearing on the Petition for the Removal of Conservatorship, Attorney Papst [on behalf of Dr. Overholt and Rev. Cleary] states:

"So, I believe the issue is she [Eleanor Schroepfer] is to be relieved as the conservator of Mr. Schroepfer on her own accord; and then there is an issue of who is to be appointed as the successor conservator".

Responding, opposition Attorney Gudin states, "We intend to petition for a change".

The court: "On the issue of whether it should be, there should be a removal, you are asking for a deadline on this hearing".

At the same March 7th hearing, Hon. Robert Anspach presiding, Mr. Papst: "Your Honor, I am only asking. Mr. Gudin has represented that he intends to petition for the appointment of apparently a new conservator, and to have Mrs. Schoepfer removed as the conservator currently.

"That was the second part of the original petition by the petitioners who filed in pro per at the beginning.

"What Mr. Gudin recommended at the last hearing was that for reasons that may or may not be related to the petition, and certainly for reasons that were apparently related to what were rep-resented to be a pending divorce action between the two parties, it would be inappropriate to have Mrs. Schroepfer continue on as the conservator.

"We would then ask the court to ask Mr. Gudin what time period he feels would be appropriate for him to file that, given his representations at the last hearing three weeks ago.

Mr. Gudin: "Within the next 30 days, Your Honor".

The court: "That will be fine. I don't know that I can make that an order. It's his representations to the court and counsel that that is what his intentions are.

"In the event that he doesn't act within that time period, I doubt the court would have the authority to impose any sanctions or otherwise. So, I think it's more advisory".

Again quoting from the unfiled Writ, "At a hearing in the conservatorship action on or about March 7, 1994 a court-appointed psychiatrist found that John does not have Alzheimer's disease but is in need of a conservator due to an organic brain condition which causes him to be occasionally disoriented. Nevertheless, because of delays in the conservatorship proceedings, John continued to be detained in the Alzheimer's facility, surrounded by seriously mentally disabled patients".

When John was secretly moved from the Bakersfield Alzheimer's facility, the only word that the Friends of John received was that John's new facility was much better, cleaner, and John was very happy. John's brother, James, informed the Friends of John that he was covered with fleas, body lice and crabs from the Bakersfield Hearthstone facility. Although it was requested, no location of John's new whereabouts was ever offered.

On June 27, 1994, Gene Dixon of the Constitutional Law Center, independently found the new location of John Schroepfer. Mr. Dixon went to personally visit John in this new, clean, better facility. What he found was shocking. Gene reported to the Friends of John that he was being housed in a very small residential home. The room in which John was sleeping was approximately 10' x 10', shared with another adult. The home had no air conditioning and in the sweltering heat of summer the only cooling facility provided for John was a small 8" fan. John gave letters to be mailed, but the mail was not sent out by those in charge of the Sacramento home where John was placed. In addition to this, John's movement was restricted within the small dwelling. While Mr. Dixon did visit with John at the Sacramento location, no name or address of the location was provided to anyone in Tehachapi.

I am informed by several sources, whom shall remain confidential, that from the moment Gene Dixon found John's whereabouts, George Green and attorney cohort George Abbott sprang into action to lay a trap to set-up John's friends in Tehachapi. This conspiratorial plan was further developed through Green's meeting with his Beverly Hills Attorney, Michael Pratter. Pratter and Green met in Beverly Hills on Saturday, July 2 (possibly Friday, July 1). There were others present at this meeting. At the open meeting with Hatonn held in Tehachapi on Sunday, July 3 [see The Word on p.11 for ordering information], there were a number of individuals 'sent' into the meeting on Green's behalf. Through some words spoken by Hatonn at that meeting, somehow, the Green conspiratorial plan to set-up the Tehachapi people was foiled. I do not fully understand the manner in which the plan was disrupted, but I am told through my sources that this did, in fact, occur. George, in his plan to be exempt from any complicity, flew (or said he was going) to Costa Rica.

Please remember one thing: John Schroepfer is a witness to George Green conspiring to bring down the Phoenix Institute. Green, absolutely, does NOT want John to be able to testify to that fact in a court of law. Also remember, there is a case pending on this very matter.

On July 4, 1994, a friend and I went hiking at Tehachapi Mountain Park, a beautiful, mountainous wooded area. We hiked all day and it was hot. We returned to the office at approximately 4:00 p.m. and we both began some of our respective office work. At 5:30 p.m. the phone rang and I answered it. The voice at the other end of the phone was John Schroepfer. I had not spoken to John for over a year, as I had not been allowed to see him at the Alzheimer's facility. John knew the CONTACT well and it was one of the first places he would reasonably try to call. I was later told by John that he had first tried, unsuccessfully, to phone his nephew, Terry. John was in Bakersfield at Marie Callendar's Restaurant and asked if I would give him a ride to Tehachapi. I told him I'd be right there. Knowing the complexity of this entire matter, I asked my friend if he would ride along as a witness. He agreed. When walking out of the office we saw another friend. When asked if he would like to join us, he did.

We arrived in Bakersfield at approximately 6:15 p.m. and John was standing, alone, outside of the restaurant. He was very happy to see us. When we asked how he got there, all he said was, "I finally escaped from that place". He kept mentioning his younger brother. He kept saying, "This is my Independence Day! I finally got out of there. I've been planning this for months". We never did get a definite answer from John about how he got to Bakersfield. As near as we are able to determine, John hitchhiked. John was extremely happy to be with friends and just wanted to go home.

In the report filed by the facility where John had been held in Sacramento [which appears following this article], John was quoted as saying that the visitor who came to see him was "my younger brother". I didn't know John had a younger brother, but I am told the only known person who meets the description as given, is John's son.

John had only the clothes on his back, literally. Before returning to Tehachapi we stopped and purchased some pants, shirts and a few personal items. Upon returning to Tehachapi, I took John to my place to get cleaned up and to rest. I then informed others that he was here.

On the morning of July 5, the Constitutional Law Center, on behalf of the Friends of John, immediately phoned Robert Gardner, John's court appointed attorney, to advise him of John's presence in Tehachapi. The Law Center also phoned John Carillo, the Probate Investigator, and Richard Papst, attorney for the Friends of John.

With others present, John shared many things since his arrival in Tehachapi. Among them, John finally was able to say that he had not fallen when he had the head injury/accident. What he explained was that Eleanor had actually struck him over the head with a fire extinguisher by dropping it onto his head from the back porch balcony. In the REAL world this is known as ATTEMPTED MURDER. John further confided that Eleanor and Rod both had actually, in two other incidents, sprayed him directly in the face with the fire extinguisher. The fact that there were two "spent" extinguishers in the house has been confirmed by others.

On July 5th a document was filed with the court by the Constitutional Law Center on John's behalf titled "Intervenor Ex Parte Application of Constitutional Law Center, Inc., as Intervenor For An Order To Appoint Terry Schroepfer Interim Conservator for John Schroepfer." Terry Schroepfer is John's nephew and has been the only family member of John's to attend each of the hearings thus far. Terry, while concerned, has been somewhat reticent.

The court did not hear this application until July 7. On July 7 the Friends of John all appeared in court, including me. Immediately retreating to chambers were: Commissioner Ryan, John's court appointed Attorney Gardner, Dr. Overholt and Rev. Cleary's Attorney Papst, Eleanor's Attorney Gudin, and the court reporter. It did not take long for them to come out of chambers. Commissioner Ryan, with a friendly and smiling demeanor prior to going into chambers, emerged a different per-son. With vehement consternation on her brow she issued the statement that Terry Schroepfer was strongly opposed to being appointed as conservator for John and, therefore, the court was going to recommend that Rod McBroom be appointed as conservator. That's right, the same Rod McBroom who stole John's coin collection, guns, gold and silver, Mercedes Benz and trucks and much, much more. The same Rod McBroom who never visited John. The same Rod McBroom who prevents all letters from reaching John by those who love and care for him and keeps John a virtual prisoner in solitary confinement, with not even the rights of a prisoner.

Commissioner Ryan, then, in a very angry tone, said, "And you people. I want you to know that the Sacramento police are looking into charges of kidnapping of John Schroepfer and their primary suspect is Rick Martin. Now, whoever brought John down here is ordered to return John forthwith to the Sacramento facility. We are at recess for two weeks"! And down came the gavel with crashing force. Immediately John Schroepfer stood to his feet, in the audience, and vehemently announced to the Judge: "I will NOT go back." The bailiff approached, as if to remove John from the courtroom. The hearing was over.

The Friends of John left the courtroom, stunned. And no, when reading the following report, I don't own a pair of Reeboks.

In the past few days we have received many offers of assistance for John. John is now receiving financial help; he will have to go through a lengthy and expensive divorce to regain control of his assets. If you would like to assist John, you may do so by sending funds to CONTACT. Please note in the memo portion of your check or money order, "Friends of John". Send your cards, letters, loans or donations to: Friends of John, c/o CONTACT, P. O. Box 986, Tehachapi, CA 93581. Those contributions marked "loan" will be returned at such time as John regains control of his assets.

The story continues to unfold. It now appears that John's escape was only minutes ahead of his intended removal to places unknown by his brother James, probably on the advice and urging of George Green and George Abbott, whose attempt to force the Phoenix Institute For Research & Education, Ltd. into receivership would be foiled by John's testimony. One last thought--why do you suppose George Green needed to establish an alibi by going to Costa Rica?

Date: July 6, 1994

Time: 11:15 P.M.


To: Rod McBroom

Fax: (510) 490-7352

From: Elizabeth Peters

Fax: (916) 391-8960

Number of pages including cover sheet: 4

Comments: Rod, if you need any other information please let us know and we will fax it to you as soon as possible.

July 6, 1994

To: Rod McBroom

RE: John Schroepher

Dear Mr. McBroom:

The following information concerns two separate incidents: the first is the actual withdraw of Mr. John Schroepher on July 4, 1994; the second description is concerning a visit by a Mr. Dixon on June 27, 1994.

On July 4, 1994 our temporary facility manager Debra Ann Griffith (here forward she will be referred to as Deanne which is the name that she uses) was in charge of the facility. Mr. Schroepher was just sitting down to eat lunch, the time was approximately 12:00 noon. Deanne was giving Mr. Schroepher his lunch, when the doorbell rang.

Deanne went to the door and a man was there. He said "Hi, I'm John's brother. Are you Debbie?" Deanne told the man that "Debbie no longer is employed with the company". She introduced herself as Deanne.

The man walked into the kitchen; John did not at first see the man. Deanne said, "John you have company". Mr. Schroepher stood up and Deanne asked John, "Who is this?" Mr. Schroepher responded, "This is my younger brother". Then both men retired into John's bedroom. Both men were in the bedroom about five to ten minutes and then came out.

Mr. Schroepher said, "Could my younger brother take me to lunch?" Deanne said, "How long will you both be gone"? The visitor said, "Well, I'll make sure I'll have him back by five". The visitor said, "John do you feel like eating some B.B.Q."? John responded, "Sure".

Deanne told the visitor that he would have to sign out in the visitor's log. Mr. Schroepher said, "make sure you sign out". The visitor went to the book and signed out. The visitor said, "O.K. John are you ready"? Deanne took Mr. Schroepher's lunch off the table, which was uneaten, turned around and the visitor and Mr. Schroepher began to leave. Deanne walked them to the exit. The visitor said, "See you later" and walked out the door... Deanne noticed them walking east down Florin Rd. Extension, there was no car parked in the facility driveway.

The visitor signed in his name as Paul Watson

Description of the Visitor

Height: 6'

Reddish Brown Hair/Short Cut

Age: late 30's

Wore: Prescription glasses, round shape, clear or white frames

Eyes: Blue

Clean shaven

Gray Pants, White T-shirt

White reebok tennis shoes


On June 27, 1994 at approximately 5:00 P.M., Mr. Dixon called Cape Cod Guest House and spoke to, our temporary facility manager Debra Ann Griffith, asking for directions to the facility. Deanne gave Mr. Dixon the facility address. Deanne told Mr. Dixon to call Elizabeth Peters, the facility owner, to get exact directions to the facility. Mr. Dixon never called Mrs. Peters.

Mr. Dixon appeared at the facility approximately at 5:30 P.M. He rang the bell and said to Deanne when she answered the door, "I made it!" Mr. Dixon had accompanying him a boy of about twelve years old.

Mr. Dixon greeted Mr. Schroepher, and he returned the greeting in a friendly manner. Mr. Dixon introduced the boy to Mr. Schroepher as his grandson, instructed the boy to shake Mr. Schroepher's hand and said, "feel my grandson's grip"!

Mr. Schroepher offered to speak to the visitor's in his bedroom and they were there approximately 20-25 minutes. Mr. Dixon signed out on the visitor's log at 6:00 P.M., with a notation stating: "Friend".

Cape Cod Guest House has a daily log which keeps records of remarks and happening by the clients. If you would like copies we will be happy to give them to you. Also, if you need to have Deanne make positive identification of the man who came to the facility on July 4, 1994 Cape Cod Guest House will transport her to any police of court necessary to help conclude this matter.


/s/Elizabeth D. Peters


* * *

From Doris Ekker 7/11/94

I am given a few minutes before writing to express a few things on my own account. It is so difficult just to walk through some of these days and then something happens that brings such joy, such hope and such expression and verification of God and Life that the soul sings. Perhaps it is the brief moment by moment presence of God that finally allows one to KNOW the journey is in purpose and that hope resides in our work--not "mine"--"ours".


I'm sure there are so many prisons that I have not experienced that I cannot know what hell lurks within them all. The worst kind of HELL must be to have family of which you have tended, nurtured and loved--turn away and actually set-you-up for the very bastard hounds of that Hell. Then there are the bars of mental "prison" which might well be the BEST or the WORST. If a person is insane--then there is no hell, for nothing has truth or meaning. It is the imprisoned being, whose mind is desperate for freedom, who suffers. It is that being who will finally, in desperation to preserve sanity, move within and "accept" while planning ultimate freedom in some manner--either within the mind or flight for freedom.


Rick Martin has offered a long and detailed write-up about John in this paper [see p. 44]. As I read it the memories came surging back of the hopelessness as we were turned away under threat of jail and police enforcement from simple visits to this ailing brother. There is no "group" here--we are friends bound by humble belief in God, age progression, common problems of aging, seeing our nation, our families and all of our security drained away from us inch-by-inch by the Angels of Hades who have gained control of our very existence, destroyed the moral fiber of our children and USURPED our nation and selves for their greedy acquisitions of wealth (all) and POWER (all).

I have been before the Federal Judges whereat I am told, personally, that if I don't stop my work, pay off the demons, etc., etc., that I will be put in prison. This is a sad state of affairs, readers. I am almost 63 years of age, hardly ever leave this house (when I am lucky enough to be allowed to remain in it-- from eviction) and write or do other things as asked to gain some semblance of order or advantage of health or mind. We have NOTHING to our name EXCEPT GOD AND FRIENDS! Abbott, Green, Perry, Fort, McBroom and Eleanor Schroepfer have joined with the very adversarial enemy and there are arrest warrants issued if E.J. and I should even pass through Nevada. THIS is set up by fragments of the Intelligence Agencies, the Judicial System and these people in point working for the New World Order.

Perhaps because I have spent these past almost-seven-years on this particular precipice of hell, I can better express what I think Rick Martin felt as the Judge, without hearing, without question--announced that he was the lead suspect for KIDNAPPING. Readers, "kidnapping" is a major Felony crime. I think it is obvious WHY he would be the one to be set up for this ill-begotten action. Please read most carefully his writing about this subject.

Picture yourself as being John, also. John stood up in the court and shouted to the Judge that he would not go back--he would go to Mexico, New York--anywhere--but he would not go back to the imprisonment of the holding bars. The bailiff, under orders, told him "It would be better, Sir, than jail". Would it? I don't think so!

Then from the Judge, "You people out there (some 30-35 friends in the court room), whoever took him--get him back forthwith! The case is in recess for two weeks"!



Rick has offered what was available of the "opposition" "plans"--but it more fully unfolds as facts are researched. Note that the report offered in reprint is NOT to the police but to Rod McBroom--the criminal in point.

It says that a younger brother signed out for John, and without knowing WHO was present priorly, John IDENTIFIED THE VISITOR AS "MY YOUNGER BROTHER".

Set up? Get this, readers:

It is now claimed by those people that someone called identifying himself as John's brother and he would be coming a bit after lunch to visit and take John to supper or at least for a bit of outing.

Was it his brother? John is not saying. However, he also had promised secrecy, so denies any real involvement from the brother and still insists that he "got away" and somehow got to Bakersfield from Sacramento.

On the "other side", it begins to appear that the plans were to have the brother pick John up and have John vanished from the face of the Earth--while referring to Commander's urging to get John's freedom. NEVER HAS COMMANDER EVEN SO MUCH AS HINTED AT "TAKING" ANYONE ANYWHERE. THE COMMANDER'S FRUSTRATION HAS BEEN WITH LEGAL FOOT-DRAGGING, FAILURE OF LAWYERS ON FOLLOW-THROUGH AND EVERY LEGAL STALL POSSIBLE.

We cannot discern as to whether or not john's brother, James, did in fact have a change of heart and, being unable to do much himself (having a sick wife at his own home) actually delivered him to where he could get help--OR, worse yet but looking more provable, was working for the "Green Brigade" and the plans got thwarted by John's escape en-route.

Mr. Gudin, Eleanor and Rod McBroom's lawyer, told the Judge the whole set up by his very running down the list of how the "job" was supposed to have happened--right to naming Rick Martin. READERS, WHAT HAVE WE COME TO??

It is easy to see VVHY "they" don't want John in freedom--he is bright and remembers everything--right down to how much money in coins was stolen from HIM. He remembers Eleanor hitting him across the head with a fire extinguisher while screaming and cursing him. SHE HAD TOLD MANY PEOPLE THAT SHE WAS GETTING A DIVORCE FROM JOHN BECAUSE SHE HATED HIM BECAUSE HE WOULDN'T LET HER HAVE ALL HER MONEY--(AND HIS TOO!)

What money? She had sold a piece of inherited property and some of the payments had been loaned to the Institute.

John said that HE WAS being poisoned and nobody listened. But guess what--he was!


As things unfolded it was pointed out by the step-son that they could get it ALL--EVERYTHING--and not have to split everything in a divorce settlement. It was realized that, EVEN THOUGH JOHN DIDN'T FOLLOW THEIR PLAN AND DIE, THEY COULD LOCK HIM AWAY FOREVER AND HE COULDN'T DO A THING ABOUT IT--AND THEN THEY COULD GET IT ALL!

Through attorney Abbott and the "Green Brigade" they have tried to destroy the Institute and they are trying to get everything John has--EVEN FROM A PRIVATE NEVADA CORPORATION.

Does TRUTH actually "OUT" ?? Well, it sure is here and the ugly becomes the incredibly terrible.

Will WE ever know what has really gone on here? Probably not but we surely are learning ENOUGH that there may end up being some prison times served--but, prayerfully, it will not be by John or we, who love him.

My own son, and later a daughter, lived directly across the street from the Schroepfers--and the grandchildren loved John like a grandfather. They called him "Big John" (he is BIG and substantial, and to a child he must appear the loving protective giant) and he took them on his garden tractor and shared science experiments with them. He showed them how to seal up food for storage and paid them (they were very little guys) to carry and stack firewood, etc.

I struggle with my own soul feelings at this time--or perhaps it is, hopefully, only my CONSCIOUS feelings--for I would, without remorse, see these thugs rot in Hell. My reasoning with myself over these feelings is that they shall receive what they have given forth. Leon has claimed, over and over again, while trying to destroy my credibility--an "unconditional love". When Leon was asked about what was happening to John and, "How could he do this?" he retorted that that was between him and John, and none of my business!! None of my business?? Whose business is it?? Whose business is the life of a FRIEND--is THIS action "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AS PROCLAIMED BY AND THROUGH AND WITHIN GOD"? I don't think so!

I think God, just as we have been told--puts a LOT OF CONDITIONS and GUIDELINES on our actions.


We have gained a copy of a psychiatric evaluation which was marked "Confidential" so no one could get it. We are supposing it must be under "national security" like the Government does when they are dealing dirty tricks.

It stated John's stories in such incredibly laughable ways as to make him look, not just insane, but on some kind of a comedy trip. When John said his stepson "tore up his house looking for and thieving all of his valuables" and that "they had stolen everything," the record said that "...John stated he had a house until his (step)son tore it down"! I think every man and woman around has looked for something and either "tore apart" or "up" the garage or the kitchen searching for something.

After Rod literally stole John's prized car, John, from his place of incarceration, said, "I wish I had one of those pop-guns and I'd shoot him in the foot!" Would YOU have been so kind?


We don't know but Mr. Dixon at the Law Center has made contact with a reputedly good lawyer who seems to know what to do to keep John secure. John had nothing save the threads on his back which needed washing. He was taken--with NOTHING, no identification, no way to make calls for he did not even have "change". He claims someone gave him enough money to call CONTACT.

Is this not about as lowdown and scum-sucking as George Green can stoop to keep his stolen gold, books, and pull down an Institute--of which he, at one time, was a Director?

Well, I don't know what to do--E.J. and I have this ongoing weekly series of court battles with all of Green's buddies--EVERY WEEK--EVERY WEEK! We have lost our property and, in a monetary sense, our lives, to the SAME THUGS--the SAME players!

If it had not been for you wonderful supporters who have been like the Rock of Gibraltar every step of this way--I think E.J. and I would now be insane in our own right. Sometimes a little rest-home looks REALLY GOOD. But what of our families and our nation? What of our world? We CAN'T allow these things to continue and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP IT! NO MATTER WHAT WE DO, IT DOESN'T SEEM TO EVEN BRING HONORABLE MENTION FOR THE EFFORT--ONLY MORE AND MORE LEGAL GARBAGE HEAPED HIGHER AND HIGHER.



I felt a real need to write this so that YOU KNOW FACTS and in the very publicity in numbers of readers who KNOW--John can be protected, to some degree, until the LAW is forced to step forward and protect him properly.

Did a brother seek to "do him in" or "save his life"? I pray that it be the latter, for I cannot comprehend the former.


Almost as bad as that which affects us--is the plan which would destroy the home in which John was being kept. The plan was to leave them stranded as well, having allowed someone temporarily in charge to be responsible. There seems to be no end to the string of lies, deceit and crime involved here. What of the caretaker who went through her proper procedure and asked the visitor the right questions and had him identify? Then she went into another room and got John and asked him, "Do you know this man?" Answer: "Yes, he is my younger brother". You must understand, readers, that THIS is proper procedure--this was a "retirement" place, not A PRISON for criminals! The employee was a "temporary", covering for the holiday--so how would she know? However, the "Green Brigade" would destroy her career, her credibility and her very livelihood. Leon calls "us" "evil" and "Satanic"? I think not--I believe that I am finally becoming able to discern evil and judge evil actions. THIS WAS BOTH!


I ask for just one more minute or two to thank God and friends.

We have heard this morning, directly from Austria, and we are quite sure Gunther was standing by the person making the call. We can't be sure but the things requested show that some real activity is taking place--THANKS TO YOUR CONTINUED INPUT.



I don't want to sound gushy, like a female water fountain, but Ronn has gotten TWO attorneys to collect our court cases all about Nevada and California--and I would guess that we will be able to expect some changes. I HAVE TO BELIEVE IT--BECAUSE I JUST CAN'T FACE A LOT MORE OF THIS KIND OF HEINOUS INTRIGUE.

YOU are going to get Ronn's freedom, readers! The government of Nevada is in horrendous circumstances--they have received over 100,000 pieces of mail demanding Ronn's release.

We don't know the "when" but even the Son (Christ) doesn't know of the moment of his coming forth--either. I DO KNOW THAT IF WE KEEP DOING OUR PART AND KEEPING OUR AGREEMENTS--GOD WILL KEEP HIS!

Thank you for the time and space for personal expression. I know the space is so precious for learning that which we must come to KNOW--but perhaps it is this kind of personal recognition of WHY we must change this system that allows us to comprehend, on our own level of individual relationships, what has come to be. And, that God does not desert us EVER, if we but hear his call.

I feel so humbly blessed--to be allowed to share in this journey-- it surely is NOT boring!

* * *


The World Affairs Council's Press Conference with Henry Kissinger, at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in Beverly Hills, on April 19, 1994, coincided with the just breaking news of Richard Nixon's stroke.

Perceptions Magazine, L.A., covered the event and asked one of the only six questions to be answered.

Perceptions: "Dr. Kissinger, is it fair, in your opinion, to say that a New World Order is being created, and if so, how will it affect the United States"?

Dr. Henry Kissinger: "It cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change its perceptions".

* * *

Excerpt from REC #1 HATONN

THU., JUL. 14, 1994 10:03 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 332

THU., JUL. 14, 1994



Why does John continue to dwell on such as Carbon Dioxide and fire extinguishers and thus and so as related to his incapacity? I am going to take time right here to give you nice people some LESSONS IN FACTS!

John claims there were "spent" carbon dioxide based fire extinguishers in places such as his bedroom during the time that Rod was visiting Eleanor. He further states that "they sprayed me in the face until I couldn't breathe" and "they kept spraying me in the face until I can't remember..." GO LOOK UP THE SYMPTOMS AND ACTIONS OF CARBON DIOXIDE POISONING AND THE DESCRIPTION OF CARBON DIOXIDE GAS. It is easily obtained and easily USED to incapacitate a person after which it can be administered as easily as through the use of "dry Ice" under the nose for extended periods of time--thus causing total confusion and TOTAL LOSS OF INCIDENTAL MEMORY! IT CAN CAUSE DEATH BY SUFFOCATION!


CARBON DIOXIDE: USP. CO2. A colorless gas, heavier than air. Produced in the combustion or decomposition of carbon or its compounds. It is the final metabolic product of carbon compounds present in food. The body eliminates CO2 through the lungs, in urine, and in perspiration. It is also given off by decomposition of vegetable or animal matter or formed by alcoholic fermentation as in rising bread. It is necessary to all plant life and is absorbed directly from the air.

In small quantities (up to about 5%) in inspired air, it stimulates respiration; in greater quantities, it produces an uncomfortable degree of MENTAL ACTIVITY WITH CONFUSION. Although not toxic in low concentration, IT CAN CAUSE DEATH BY SUFFOCATION. Great amounts are added to the atmosphere daily, but because it is used by green plants, the air content is kept down to about 0.03%. Approx. one sq. meter of leaf surface can absorb the carbon dioxide from 2500 L of air in one hour. It is estimated that an acre of trees use 4-1/2 tons (4082 kg) of CO2 a year.

CARBON DIOXIDE POISONING. CO2 gas is most commonly used in carbonated drinks. Commercially it is used in its solidified form to make dry ice. Poisoning is rarely fatal unless the patient is in a closed space. It is a profound respiratory stimulant.

SYMPTOMS: Extremely deep breathing; sensation of pressure in the head; ringing in the ears; acid taste in mouth; slight burning in nose. Within a short time, respiration almost ceases and patient become unconscious.

Ref: Tuber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

* * *

John's story of being "somehow" pushed down or being caused "to slide down or something--AFTER BEING HIT IN THE FACE WITH THE FIRE EXTINGUISHER" not only MAKES SENSE, now, but accounts for the failure to remember or even recall what was originally known about the carbon dioxide mix in the past experience. This is WHY John dwells over and over on something so "weird" and "crazy" as to be able to cause everyone to have no belief in his prattlings. Carbon Dioxide MURDERS are almost untraceable--EVER! The biggest error I see happening here in this instance is the hitting John over the head, as he claims--with the empty extinguisher!

Why am "I" telling this? Because John has pleaded with ME FOR HELP IN HIS PLIGHT. He, nor I, wish to even search for final JUSTICE--only to be left alone for the remainder of his journey, recover his clear thinking and attend himself with his retirement funds set for his old age. WILL I HELP HIM? YES INDEED! EVERY CHANCE I GET!

How do you "treat" this? You allow him good nutrition, oxygen and that can be in the form of chelation or oxygen therapy (or time with Gaiandriana and extra H2O2. Also make sure there are ample supplemental vitamins but most especially Vitamin E and anti-oxidants! John is showing amazing recovery daily--he can recover fully if given care in an environment of loving mental stimulation and a bit of physical exercise. Get him onto the herbal (trim) program. He needs to lose excess cellular fat to reduce weight on his unexercised legs and it will assist in controlling appetite.




Editor's note: The following fax just arrived in our office from Gary Wean. Gary couldn't resist responding to both Ronn Jackson and Linda Thompson concerning the militia and the march on Washington (from p.2 of last week's CONTACT). Simultaneously, interestingly enough, comes a fax from a very highly placed intelligence source who paints the following scenario concerning O.J. Simpson: "The ADL knows O.J.'s schedule and relationships and looks to trigger white & black hate. ADL assassin Goldman calls O.J. to meet at Nicole's. When O.J. shows, Goldman kills Nicole and O.J. will be implicated. O.J. flees. Another ADL assassin kills Goldman and further implicates O.J. with planted evidence. Just a wild guess on my part, but highly possible. Why don't we focus on the positive aspects of our Earth experience? Let's get on with reversing the Protocols of Zion and regain our freedom". Indeed, let's get on with our nation's reclamation!

July 11, 1994

To Commander Hatonn, Rick and Brent:

In regard to Ronn Jackson's letter to Linda D. Thompson, Acting Adjutant General, published in CONTACT, Volume 6, Number 2 of Tuesday July 5, 1994:

Instead of an "Armed" march on Washington, D.C. Capitol where Linda D. Thompson will be confronted by a phalanx of military units, (also armed) Federal Marshals and Capitol Police who will, in "short order", disarm, hog-tie and throw in jail (or hospital) her militia--she should consider, as a tactical (popular) strategy, a march with her 5 million militia to the headquarters of the ADL of B'nai B'rith in New York: seize all their secret records and plans for sabotage and assassination which they have compiled in their horrendous, evil plots to destroy American Christians and the U.S. Government.

The militia would have legal standing, as the ADL B'nai B'rith is an illegal criminal organization and subject to attack by loyal Americans militia.

Linda could even pick-up large units of cognizable New York Police Department and National Guard soldiers who in the name of America's safety and welfare would join and assist her.

If Linda seizes the ADL B'nai B'rith headquarters and takes under control their files and equipment the scum in Congress will capitulate, die a natural death on the vine, as the evil brain directing them and the fluid (money) nourishing them will have been cut-off. This would obviate the dangerous and most certainly unsuccessful march on the Capitol wherein Linda's militia would be destroyed and any future hope of our country to fight off the enemy could be so discouraged that it could presage the end of us and all the terrific momentum we have built up to destroy the mongoloid hordes of Khazars (fake Jews) who are preparing momentarily to destroy us.

Linda should appoint Lieutenants and divide the 5 million militia men and women into squads, platoons and battalions and assault the ADL headquarters simultaneously in every city in the U.S., particularly Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In San Francisco, Linda should also arrest and incarcerate incommunicado the infamous traitor and treasonous coward Arlo Smith. As the District Attorney, Arlo Smith had the evidence, power and duty to expose, prosecute and totally destroy the evil ADL once and for all. Instead Arlo Smith, for a few pieces of silver and promises of future higher political office, treacherously sold out the people to the most vicious enemy ever to attack America. In the same instant Arlo Smith destroyed the brave and dedicated police officers who had courageously raided the sinister ADL's Los Angeles and San Francisco headquarters and confiscated over 2 tons of records exposing the horrendous ADL's crimes against the people of America. Smith's treachery was a terrible blow to police officers and a terrific set-back to police departments across the land.

At this time, as far as is known, Arlo Smith has even given back the 2 tons of files on loyal American citizens to our deadly enemy the ADL B'nai B'rith.

(NOTE:) The San Francisco Police Detectives who raided the ADL Los Angeles office had asked the LAPD to assist them.

Willie Williams, the new LAPD Chief, received his orders from Stanley Schienbaum, the head of the Los Angeles Police Commission: "Do Not assist the San Francisco officers in any way to raid the ADL office".

Stanley Schienbaum is a high ranking ADL agent and member of the ACLU.

Now, to my present information, two, only two San Francisco officers without any back-up entered this den of assassins and removed over a ton of files and records that the ADL had compiled and were using as blackmail against American citizens and politicians.

RE: Further information on Stanley Schienbaum: refer to CONTACT, Volume 5, Number 11, June 7, 1994, page 31.


/s/ Gary L. Wean


July 7, 1994

From: Rayelan Russbacher

I have been informed that Gunther was transferred to a better hospital. His social worker told me that Gunther's lawyer, Dr. Hans Schallabock, expressed concern that the heat on the top floor of the prison was detrimental to Gunther's precarious health.

The new facility is in a part of Vienna that is wooded and cool. It is much smaller. At this point, I do not know if it is a prison, a military installation, or a hospital. When I finally contacted the new facility, I was transferred to "The Commander". Since I speak no German and he speaks no English, we could not communicate.

I was given the address and transferred to one of the doctors. All he would offer in the way of information regarding Gunther's health was: "He is fine". I questioned him further, asking specific questions about Gunther's pancreas, which is working again; his liver, which is damaged from hepatitis; his kidneys, which are now functioning; and his heart, to which the doctor replied: "He is receiving his medication". You may draw your own conclusions as to his health status.

On June 28, Rick Martin and I faxed the former President of Austria, Dr. Kurt Waldheim. We expressed our fear that the primitive conditions of the prison where Gunther was held would prove fatal. On July 4, I received this reply from Dr. Waldheim:

"....referring to your fax of June 28, I wish to inform you that I have forwarded your request to the competent Austrian authorities asking them to look into the matter urgently".

Evidently Gunther was moved almost immediately after Rick and I took action. I believe we have both Dr. Waldheim and Dr. Schallaböck to thank for Gunther's new, much cooler and better quarters.

/s/ Rayelan Russbacher

[P.S.] Gunther will be sentenced August 9, by Judge Karl Fisher.

Gunther Russbacher

Post Code 3021


Wilhelm's Höge

Tullnerbach, Austria

Dr. Hans Schallaböck

Stephensplatz 6/3/7

1010 Vienna, Austria

Dr. Kurt Waldheim

League of the U.N.

Anna Gasse #5

1010 Vienna, Austria



By Ronn Jackson

1. While I will not say I am an expert on California's financial condition, I've lived in and out of California for the past 30 years and have seen some disturbing trends that are at the root of their problems. California is like all other States with the problem of "unfunded mandates" from the Federal Government. The three most costly are: Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and Aliens from not just Mexico, but from the Near & Far East.

Then, several years ago, California obtained the status of being the 9th largest economy in the world and this went to the State Legislators' heads, believing they had something to prove to the world.

Then, there is the State Supreme Court and their liberal attitude and "jet setting" decisions attempting to be role models for other States and countries, but especially to other courts including the Supreme Court.

To sum up all of California's problems: there is the attitude of indifference and complacency by the voters and the "pseudo-intellectuals" that they put into office. Where much of the State citizens' motivation comes from, Commander Hatonn writes about frequently: the ownership and control of what comes from Hollywood. No, I am not suggesting "brainwashing", I'M STATING IT, UNEQUIVOCALLY.

2. Brazil just issued its 6th new currency in a little over eight years. What will be the end result of this action is, the "inflationary float" (2500% last year) will devastate the overextended private banks. Brazil's national debt and the owners of it (Committee of 16 [17] C.O.U.P.E.S., and the "Dart" family), are laughing all the way to the bank. Note: I put $10,000 cash, in American currency (notice, I didn't say dollars), in a savings account in Brazil in 1979. Would anyone care to speculate what that account is worth today?

3. "REITs" (Real Estate Investment Trusts), I would compare to "fad foods" or "fad vitamins". You are being sold a "bill of goods" by some of the finest marketing "hustlers" in all of history. "Wall Street", take your $30,000.00 loss and consider yourselves fortunate; there are no free rides unless you are married to the former Governor of Arkansas.

4. Pat Buchanan writes for PJB Enterprises, Inc. and is distributed by Tribune Media Services, Inc. and is printed in several newspapers. I read the Conservative Chronicles and you can subscribe to it by calling 1-800-888-3039. I do not know of Mr. Buchanan's intentions and no, I would not vote for him as he is no different than any other politician. He says what he thinks you want to hear and then does what partisan politics dictates. No, I'm not being cynical; I know the truth. Watch the State of Texas. Recently, the State elected a man by the name of Tom Pauken. State employees in Texas just surpassed the total numbers in New York. Yes, I'm for women in public office but when they rubber-stamp what men have done, Pass. Ann Richards should & could join the Republican Party.

5. Do you ever have a surprise coming: "United Airlines" does not own a single airplane. Their planes are primarily leased through Bank of America. Airlines pay their insurance on a monthly basis and the premium runs between $80,000 to $200,000 a month, depending on how many passengers can be carried on that specific unit. "Times earnings" are figures given out by Wall Street. The reason the airline is selling out to their employees is that, the airline has done the same thing the Government has done: it has promised too much to too many. You have made "11-1/2" a share?! Take it and run. Buy Gold!

6. Oil companies are that in name only. The Government has made conditions so that it is cheaper for oil companies to buy from other nations than it is to pump oil in this country. You have it wrong. It is not the oil companies that are your enemy. It is the United States Government, that is your enemy.

7. The Supreme Court Justices (9) make $164,000 a year. The Chief Justice makes $7,000 more. The budget for last year was a little over $24 million. The court just advertised that it decided 84 cases. That makes each decision cost us $290,000. I think I will go out and vomit.

8. Well, you think there are no taxes proposed on a worldwide basis? Early next year, the United Nations will hold a world-wide conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. On the agenda is a global income tax. You already pay 25% for the United Nations. What will be done regarding the tax is what is done in this country. The tax will be very small. Just a few cents and, of course, we will okay it, thinking, we will shut them up. Then they will bury you. "One World Order" is nearer than you think.

9. Healthcare is another "Great Society" ruse. People, when elected to Federal office, lose sight of their campaign promises as their egos get in the way. The Federal Government works [is supposed to work] for the States and people and yet, every decision they make enlarges Government. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what they are doing. Government is a monopoly and must propagate itself. The Federal Government is only that, a Federal Government. It is not a National Government. These people, as in Government, passing non-positive law are traitors to the Constitution.

10. Government knows exactly what they are doing. When law is signed and placed into the Federal Code, if the Law complies with the Constitution the wording is, "United States of America". If the law does not apply to the Constitution, Government then uses "United States". A good example is the Brady Bill. Read the bill as it was passed by your Government. The wording suggests that it applies to all of this country. It does not. It only applies to Federal Territory.

/s/ Ronn Jackson


Fax Transmission July 9, 1994; Sat. 13:17 P.M.

To: Rick Martin, CONTACT

From: Ronn Jackson

I read with interest your Article of July 5, 1994 issue on page 3, "The Usurpers, Downward Spiral Of A Once-Great Nation". All of the answers on who put Lyndon Johnson into office are contained in chart #4, Part I of The Death of Camelot, which is in your possession. Had Mr. Evans had this chart, his book would have been complete and the existence of the ruling elite would have been exposed. "L.B.J." worked for the Committee of 16 [17], just as I did. So did several others. Like, for example, John Connally, the then-Governor of Texas. Like Commander Hatonn states, each item comes in a full circle and all items will fall into place. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Since the Committee of 16 (17) [I am patronizing the Commander], will most assuredly read this letter soon after it is published, may I recommend, "Collins Brothers Mortuary" in Baltimore. Your "Swan Song" is nearer than you believe.

Readers of CONTACT, please refer to last week's paper [7/5/94] pages 3-8, and draw your own conclusions. Then tell me that any part of Federal Government is constitutional, honest, or knows the meaning of integrity.

/s/ Ronn Jackson

NNCC P.O. Box 7000-8A13-RMF

Carson City, NV 89702

From Ronn Jackson



Thank you for your letter of 5/25/94 and received on 7/7/94.

Your reasons for wishing to remain anonymous are your own and I respect that. I do keep in touch but my revelations [gap in tape?] and there is nothing that I will not reveal that I have knowledge of.

Regarding CONTACT telling the truth: Being a member of MJ-12, I can so certify to the authenticity of much that they say.

As to the John Birch Society, when the Candy Man started the organization he sold such a bill of goods to so many, his board of governors consisted of some of the supposed finest minds in this country. What people didn't do was read his Articles of Incorporation and Organization. He retained absolute veto powers over any collective decision that organization may present. That is anarchy. It is also pseudo-intellectualism. Any follower that follows blindly is a fool; no I do not subscribe to nor have I ever believed in the John Birch Society. I have the ability to think for myself.

I will quote your next paragraph prior to responding to it: "Why do you think you can do anything to help America? You have given the enemy its powers all along; without you we wouldn't be in such a terrible mess. Just asking".

Response: As individuals, we are all accountable for our actions. As a former employee of the Committee of 16, I accept that responsibility and I am through with talking. The most powerful weapon known to man is knowledge. I am fortunate;

I have several other weapons and I intend to utilize every one of them.

Yes, your remarks about Grand Juries are correct. They are rigged to the extent that the system now controls Grand Juries. What you don't understand is that the Jury itself is composed of citizens of this country--but the Jury finds out they are the fourth branch of Government and they do what the Constitution empowers them to do--and it only takes one time for them to tell the presiding judge to mind his or her business. Then our country will be back on track. It is actually that simple.

I knew of robotoids a long time before I ever read CONTACT. It might interest you to know there is more than one reason for replacement.

Large sums of money have their purposes and have very little to do with the patriot movement. This country is the responsibility of each and every citizen. The answer to all problems that exist in this country lies within the grass roots and has no price tag. Money only provides conveniences and accommodations. If you wish those two items, call your local Congressmen. I will take care of the providers of truth. The truth is absolute and cannot be changed or denied. In response to the second part of your question: "Dishonesty forfeits Divine power".

Ayn Rand was a visionary. I also have a dream and my dream has only recently come into focus. I enjoyed Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead now that I understand their true meaning.

I, too, love my country and the people that are in it. That is my purpose for coming forward and I will say what is on my mind to you, to Bill Clinton, to "Butch" Reno, and/or Hatonn. What is right is Truth and I have no problem with truth; make no mistake, truth will win. [Project] Blue Beam was cancelled because CONTACT came forward. Tell me the power of honesty is dead.

Your group and their studying of hollow-Earth books should not be discontinued. You also speak of Admiral Byrd's diary in the past tense. You are incorrect on both counts.

Again, at the risk of being repetitive: as a part of "Alternative-3", MJ-12 was a part of the evacuation of Earth. However, history runs concurrent with time in our plane of knowledge and existence. It is not necessary, only a precaution. It is up to us. You and I. Your beliefs will soon become knowledge.

The Refounding Amendment is only a bandaid on a mortal wound. Your and my actions in the near future will be the determining factors.

I appreciate your interest and look forward to meeting you. All of you.

/s/ Ronn Jackson



Editor's note: Well, once again, CONTACT has received information which we feel obliged to share with you readers. However, the sharing of this letter to Linda Thompson is in the interest of NEWS.

Ronn Jackson expresses a view held privately by some, voiced by none. It is, remember, news. By printing this letter it, under no circumstances, means that we are either supporting, advocating, or recommending the action stated in the letter.

We are in the news and information-sharing business. As Commander Hatonn has often stated, "Do not say that someone at CONTACT recommends that you take up arms and march on Washington".

Reminder: The legal definition of advocate is: "to speak in favor of; defend by argument. To support, vindicate, or recommend publicly". The legal definition of insurrection is: "a rebellion, or rising of citizens or subjects in resistance to their government".

You will very clearly understand CONTACT's and Hatonn's position, concerning an armed march on Washington, by the conclusion of this issue of the newspaper. Nevertheless, in the interest of a Free Press, we will share the following information with you. Please, readers, always be discerning in your perceptions and your actions.

June 28, 1994

Linda D. Thompson

Acting Adjutant General

3850 S. Emerson Ave., Suite #E

Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

Dear Ms. Thompson,

I have read your recent ultimatum to the United States Government and wish to compliment you on your actions that have been necessary for many years.

Our Government is fraudulent and their apathetic attitude towards the citizens of this country will no longer be tolerated. I wish to inform you that your "unorganized militia" that exists within the country is rapidly becoming "organized" and, effective this date, over five million (5,000,000) armed American citizens are at your disposal. In the event you find it necessary to utilize the "militia", please use due diligence as once this action is initiated, there can be no turning back.

I ask that you keep in contact with two entities as it is they who will be in contact with me until my release from prison. They are: "Gary Ward", attorney at law, phone 806-798-7288 or "Tommy Buckley" phone 806-355-1178.

As you may be aware, I have an action in U.S. District Court, Reno, Nevada, Case CV-N-93-401-DWH that will be heard on September 13, 1994. While I'm not overly optimistic as to the potential ramifications of that action, the Judge has not dismissed the action and I have been told that the "Declaratory Judgement" that he issued, he is standing behind it. While I admit that his issuance of the Judgement is a departure from the "norm" of the judicial, nonetheless, the decision has not been reversed by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In my opinion, you have started something. This is inevitable, and the spirit of freedom and the Constitution is growing. It's time we took back control of our country and reinstalled sovereignty.

/s/ Ronn Jackson

NNCC P.O. Box 7000-8A13-RMF
Carson City, NV. 89702.

* * *


Bulletin #9
From Ronn Jackson

In the past two weeks I have received over 100 requests to put into my own words what will happen on July 16, 1994. Most questions have been geared towards the effect of Comet Levi 9 colliding into Jupiter. Over the weekend of June 24, 1994, I spoke to three members of MJ-12 and my answers are a composite of parts of those conversations.

Item #1: The planet Jupiter has a radius of approximately 45,000 miles. It is about 300 times the size of Earth; however, because of the composition of the planet, for example, hydrogen, helium, ammonia, methane, water and/or ice, acetylene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and traces of others, the density of this largest planet is only 30% of that of Earth. It completes a single rotation on its axis in approximately 10 hours, as compared to Earth's rotation of 24 hours. It had 14 known satellites, and last year two additional moons were discovered, making a total of 16. (There are 11 more yet to be discovered. They range in size from 11 to 39 miles in diameter).

The comet Levi 9 is in several pieces and contains in its nucleus ice and solid material. Actually there are several hundred pieces, but those of any size (one mile or more in diameter) number 23, with the largest being 11.5 miles across. The particles will hit the planet at 41 degrees South Latitude (near Jupiter's South Pole) and the impacts will not be visible from Earth. The speed of impact, measured in our terms, will be 145,000 miles per hour. The effect on the planet will be minimal because of its enormous size. However, if a collision of that size were to hit Earth, the results would be catastrophic. For example, if the particles were to hit the Earth with the same speed and density that they will hit Jupiter, the following results would occur: a crater 265 miles in diameter, 85 miles deep, depending on the angle of impact, would be created. The rotation axis of the Earth would change 35 degrees, moving the North Pole to approximately the location of Chicago, Illinois and would initiate the activation of all major plates on this globe, radically changing the physical location of all bodies of land and sea. All life as we know it would cease to exist due to earth-quakes, tidal waves, and eruptions of volcanos scattered all over all surfaces, in addition to the change in the weather patterns.

In addition to questions on Levi 9, most people ask whether any such occurrence has happened to our planet relating specifically to the disappearance of the dinosaurs. You're told that a giant meteor hit this planet 65 million years ago, causing the extinction of these large animals and mammals. Those hypotheses are incorrect. The animals were relocated to another area [planet] and they were an error in our overall plan. They are alive and thriving within our galaxy. Also, one other such body similar to Levi 9 was stopped from hitting our world, by others, 126,000 years ago in our plane of reference.

Item #2: A good example of misinformation that is put out by the mainstream media is the 6/23/94 issue of the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. Although this paper is one of the few which come closer to truth, it also has a long way to go to equal CONTACT.

At issue is the term "dollar" 83 times. We do not have "dollars" as a form of currency. We have Federal Reserve Notes. The "dollar" was a part of our currency and it was backed (partially) by something of substance or value, gold. The Federal Reserve Note is only a piece of paper that is a pyramid scheme designed only to facilitate control for a select few over future generations and people.

Item #3: The Federal Reserve System is a private enterprise. It is not a federal agency. Its name, alone, propagates fraud, as that institution applies to you and I as individual citizens who know that the term "federal" designates the Federal Government. A good example of their power is Russia. It has a Central Bank which, in concept, is exactly like ours. It is owned by the same people who own our Central Bank. Russia recently removed all restrictions from banks of other nations to do business in their country, with one exception: the United States. The reason is the COMMITTEE OF 16 [17] (C.O.U.P.E.S.) decided that there are too many patriot organizations that are putting out information on the illegality of the Federal Reserve System and they did not want to have the appearance of collusion. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers et. al. placed that word in our vocabulary.

Item #4: I don't like to be placed into categories; however, my personal beliefs would be compared to, in part, the conservative wing of the Republican Party. I believe in honesty, integrity, morals, responsibility, and the existence of the Supreme Being. Those who attempt to change the accepted definitions of those words are evil and are traitors, not only to the CONSTITUTION, but to you and I as individual citizens. They use the term God to give a false impression as to their legitimacy and to justify their unconstitutional acts. To name individuals would require too much space. I will do it the easy way by using two words-- Federal Government. That is only the beginning. If you believe that everything is fine, then that is on you.

Item #5: Throughout history wars have been fought in the name of religion. More people have died because of religion than any other single reason. You draw your own conclusions on Billy Graham.

Item #6: The Maastricht Treaty was best summed up by the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, when she said, "My God, what have we done"? The same comments will be uttered by us shortly (citizens of the United States), over NAFTA and GATT. Wait until you hear about the WTO.

Item #7: When the yen reaches the 94-95 range to the dollar, Japan, for all intents and purposes, is in a minus situation. Yes, Bill Clinton lied to you stating he was the Chief Executive in this country. In this case, Alan Greenspan is Top Gun. Look for a minimum of a 2% increase in the short-term interest rates. See, this is a direct result of unfunded currency.

Item #8: I do not know James Woolsey. But I do know he is in a political patronage position and is a gopher for several uninformed, bumbling fools. The Central Intelligence Agency is violating federal law in operating in any capacity in this country. There is not a single person in that organization who would know James Bond if he came up and bit them on the ass. Our Government is full of such people.

Item #9: FDA head David Koesler is part of the pseudo-intellectualism prevalent within his generation. He is also a part of the American Medical Association. He is also a part of the rank amateurism displayed by the current administration. Yes, I smoke. No, I do not intend to quit. My smoking is my business and is not a subject that government is qualified to even comment on. If I sound negative, you are correct. However, my talking phase is over.

Item #10: No, I do not advocate the legalization of any controlled substance. Your drug use is your business, until you infringe on the rights of others.


6/30/94 Rick Martin


In an article from the June 26 edition of THE SUNDAY RECORD (NJ), written by Bob Groves, "Slowly but steadily, reports of drug-resistant bacteria at New Jersey hospitals are continuing an almost four-year rise, state health officials say.

"In the first three months of 1994, incidences of enterococcus, which causes blood poisoning and surgical infections, and streptococcus pneumoniae--the source of pneumonia and meningitis--have more than tripled, compared with the first quarter of 1992, said Dr. Sindy Paul, a public health physician with the New Jersey Department of Health.

"The number of hospitals reporting patients infected with these drug-resistant bacteria also has tripled, she said.