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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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THE USURPERS, Part 7: by Medford Evans



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THE USURPERS, Part 7: (Continued)


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The Hopi Snake Priest




















ATON 12/11/89 #1




To my aboriginal brothers and sisters; I have returned. I am the 'light' (white) brother and I bear my half of the tablets as we parted ways from the Sipapu journey. I am sent again back that we can bring our people home. It is the time of the great cleansing and brother will join with brother in these days that the tribes of the Great Spirit Creator can gather in our great migration--in truth. Be not looking back to that which might have been for ALL simply IS and the wheel has turned back upon its endless self and the way shall be given.

I would ask all of you who read this to prepare and what we shall share of the ancient journeys, and the wisdom to use in the NOW shall be focused through your winged brother we shall call Little Crow of the Lakota--for he is my teacher and accepted the feathered cloak of burden.

I can fly beyond the dimensions in my great circled wings--beyond the hummingbird, the mocking bird and the hawk--and ye shall also come forth through that sky-window for you are MY TRIBES and I am sent that your wisdom shall be kept forever.



FRI., JUL. 22, 1994 9:34 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 340

FRI., JUL. 22, 1994

I am asked to write for the closed magazine, as we always do--one last "upfront" which usually has nothing to do with the journal in point--but nonetheless can bear any immediate information as it flows.

There IS that type of information from almost every corner of the globe but I think I shall let it go for the paper, or whatever, for the moment.

I have recently again received an abundance of copies (or originals) of documents that George Green is sending out to various people in an effort to discount both our work, our persons and allow himself to retain the thieved gold and cancel his debts to the Institute along with the journals in his possession--which he shows as being copyrighted to America West.

First, on the copyrights, to you who now inquire AGAIN. WE HAVE NO COPYRIGHTS ON ANYTHING EXCEPT SIPAPU ODYSSEY--FROM 1987. Our writings are current and dated material as you would find in any magazine or paper. We specifically demanded that NOTHING of this nature be copyrighted in any way whatsoever--we urge copying, distribution or however--we don't even care if you like it enough to CALL IT YOUR OWN.


Our full and ONLY intent in offering works of anyone--is to present that which is available (and usually long-since buried or forgotten) as a reminder that truth has been there all along--you only needed to be nudged and SHARE. There is NO CORNER ON TRUTH and beware the person who claims same for self--always check WHY they might be doing so.


George is sending around a writing of mine from October 17, 1989 (which I ask be reprinted here to see what YOU see in it). He is sending it with the writing from DUGGAH which has already been discussed.

In the writing of 1989 George is highlighting a portion of a paragraph which is going to make him look far more foolish than at present. He is sending this particular writing attached to the "Duggah" input in, I assume, some effort to validify "any" writing by "any" secretary. I have no objection to the sharing--I would, however, point out that it is foolish to assume any intent other than that which is written!

Reference on my part was in response to "any ONE person saying they are the ONLY receiver for a being--should be watched very closely--AND SHOULD BE." We have had several pass through and claim all sorts of things. Neither I, nor Dharma, has any corner on the TRUTH MARKET and surely there is no objection to every person on the globe communicating. However, be sure your communication is correct. I have had; AND HAVE, MANY receivers. I do NOT have MANY receivers to do a single job! You will, further, note that all these now claiming to commune with Hatonn--are solely focused on discounting Dharma and my work--using my own title. Is that not reason enough to suspect? If your focus is truth and validity--do you not evaluate input and judge content and discern reason for the firing squad?

The portion which George highlights is this bit of a sentence and, for the essence of me, I can't see how he thinks it helps his cause: "...Always beware of a speaker/receiver (channel) who presents themselves as the ONLY receiver for an energy--that is the evil brother shutting down your limits of accessing knowledge." I mean that statement as much this minute as I did when I spoke it and you who read my material know I have never stopped warning you of same. I have said to READ EVERYTHING--"everything" means exactly that; the perceived good, the bad, the rotten, the perfect--HOW ELSE CAN YOU EVALUATE. Without "bad" no one can recognize or experience "good"! I think the next sentence is of far more value--but I guess does not seem to serve the Green Brigade: "We of these realms would never burden a given human being with such a load nor would the remainder of the peoples be limited to access to knowledge in other locales distant from that physical outlet. Be most cautious--actually, use your God-given sense of reasoning."

I do not even discount one "Duggah"--I simply state unequivocally that that writing in point IS NOT FROM "ME"! THAT does not make the receiver lesser--but I would betcha anything you want to bargain--that that receiver is certainly a FRIEND of George's or at the least "on his side" of this debate OVER THE GOLD! IF, in fact, George doubted my truth or validity--WHY DID HE CLAIM TO THE WORLD THAT I WENT TO NEVADA WITH HIM AND FURTHER, THAT HE "STILL IS TRYING TO GET THE WORD OUT?"


It is difficult, further, to understand what value or proof of wrongdoing can be gathered in any manner whatsoever by the President of the Phoenix Institute and George's attorney, Horton, over the setting of court dates. Is not the President of the Institute (in the same way as George was responsible for the fiduciary care of that same Institute while he served as both officer and director), supposed to attend these matters--especially without legal counsel? Will someone explain to all of us why "George" would be sending these legal documents to the worldwide mailing audience?


Since George is also sending a "Bulletin" about T. David Horton to "EVERYBODY", I am also asked to comment on Mr. Horton. I think George really isn't going to like this response--and probably neither will David Horton. However, you will recall that the Nevada "reporter" who spoke with Mr. Horton told Mr. Christie that if the things are proven against Green that he "would have no problem working with Ekkers." And further, according to the reporter: "...I have found no reason to not believe the Ekkers." Now, if Mr. Horton did not say that--so be it, we can only work with that WHICH IS.

David Horton is touted as a "Constitutional" Attorney. I think that is BECAUSE he is studied in Constitutional Law and would actually like to see a legal system and a nation run UNDER THOSE LAWS. I have no quarrel with David Horton.

What would you do? George Green went to get an attorney to protect his interests and Horton took the case. He is obligated to do the very best he can for his client. Further, his own time and efforts must be paid for--for that seems to be the biggest name of this game. Truth second, pay first!

What would YOU do if a very genuine person came to you and claimed he has broken with a cult, a bunch of weirdos who are being investigated by the Feds? FACTS speak otherwise--but THOSE don't surface until MUCH LATER! WHY David continues the association is that which is puzzling to me--because he, IF he is what he claims--a Constitutional advocate--he will be working with our team. It simply is the way it will be--I am not going to "go away" and I certainly hope sincerely that NEITHER DOES HE--HONEST ATTORNEYS ARE THE ONE THING NEEDED MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE TO FACE THE JUDICIAL CORRUPTION. IF he is otherwise and working against you--that will also surface. It is, however, also impossible for me to believe that Horton actually believes Green about such as the Overton Gold--Horton did the deposition of Overton in Texas and there was no doubt of Overton's intentions.

Another point which confronts us is what a shame it is that right under Horton's nose is THE ONE who can do the most to provide legal return to the Constitution--in the legal case already set and scheduled before the court. He COULD HAVE BEEN meeting and conferring DAILY with Jackson--right in his dooryard. So, readers, I know that George is sending the bulletin to impress you with his credibility--but is actually discrediting Horton. I cannot do a thing about that nor would I effort at such a thing--Horton is too valuable to you as citizens. George is simply discrediting the integrity of the COMMITTEE TO RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION which claims to have been founded in 1965. Now it is quite remarkable, however, that John Coleman's research notes that this is only a branch of the Committee of 300-controlled groups. Is this true? Who knows? I just want you to evaluate the INFORMATION and TESTIMONY offered by this person in point--to the State Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Topeka, Kansas on August 23, 1979. This is what gained him the reference of "Constitutional Attorney".

I can assure you that the REASON George is sending the document is for gaining his own credibility through Horton and not the information--because the first page about Horton is THE ONLY PORTION SENT!


It will also be noted that only the portion of MY writing which served Green--is utilized--the best part is in the rest of the writing!!


Because George has pushed Horton to do something which was a breach of ethics--or at the least borderline. George has a HABIT of taking information before it is even settled, signed or in use, along with very private business ledger copies and spreading them all over the map. This has caused a total impasse with his own claimed friend, Leon Fort--because George Green actually gained copies of "client ledger runs" and sent them to his mailing list--negating the AGREEMENT between the Institute and Fort. This was a court-ordered privacy agreement and payments had been made--to Mr. Fort's attorney, Abbott. Abbott cashed those checks (in a very large amount) and now claims otherwise. However, the cause of action stemmed from the documents and prattlings of George Green--in the first place. I don't know why his own attorneys allow him to walk around in good health--much the less continue to make themselves look like blithering fools while claiming to SAVE THE CONSTITUTION FOR DECENT LAW AND ORDER. That, however, is for them to choose direction--and YOU to discern intent.

We assume this most recent mailing has been widely scattered and was pretty "desperate" in reaching on the part of Green. I hope this will suffice rather than individual responses. There are far too many references for us to answer individually and get anything else done. Further, and I appreciate the sequence--the letters are to ME and I honor that because Dharma has "had enough" while serving ONLY in our consideration.

If you prefer Duggah's input--it will make your way "easier", probably--for it won't give you cause to seek Truth or follow many guidelines--just BE and DO and REMAIN PRETTY BLIND!


I am not on trial in this case with Green which Horton heads--GEORGE GREEN IS ON TRIAL! He took gold which was not his; he has not honored his debts; he has formed conspiracies to ruin a valid corporation (in Horton's Nevada), and holds a whole bunch of journals which were originally set aside as collateral for the loan to George from the Institute. This is NOT the case with US&P of which Horton has no involvement TO OUR KNOWLEDGE! There is personal input, but that is not important for it is not official. George made secret agreements with US&P and then continued to act in contempt of court--while dumping all blame and even using "THEIR" attorney to effort, again, at destruction of our people and credibility. YOU BE THE JUDGE AND ALL OF YOU CAN BE THE JURY--BUT BE CAREFUL, FOR GEORGE IS THE ONE SENDING ALL THE DOCUMENTS--AND THEY ARE CAREFULLY EDITED AND THE COURT DOCUMENTS ONLY REPRESENT THE MISREPRESENTATION HE HIMSELF PRESENTED TO THE COURT! Moreover, with Mr. Horton standing there as Green's lawyer--George LIED on the witness stand, under oath, in Nevada with a roomful of witnesses. CAN THEY WIN? THAT IS NOT THE QUESTION IN YOUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM ANY MORE, IS IT? GEORGE CLAIMS TO BE "AN INSIDER" WITH THE FEDS--AN AGENT--NOW, YOU TELL ME! Funny thing, though, HE DOES NOT ACT LIKE A MAN WHO HAS SOMETHING ALREADY UNDER LOCK AND KEY--DOES HE? I REMIND YOU--"TRUTH WILL 'OUT'"--IT ALWAYS DOES, AND BADLY "USING" ANYONE IN YOUR LIES, EVEN AN ATTORNEY (PERHAPS "ESPECIALLY" AN ATTORNEY) WILL COME BACK TO EAT YOU ALIVE.

There IS GOING TO BE A CHANGE IN YOUR NATION--AND A LOT OF THE GARBAGE IS GOING TO BE SORTED! Selfish actions and causes are not going to sell well to the "old buddies" because now everything is at stake and the primary clue about people--is there is no loyalty among thieves when the chips are all cast down and in the open!


We have been asked to bring something to your attention of which many of you will already have awareness.

In Kansas very near the Nebraska border a typically horrendous thing has happened which has now been featured twice on the TV show called Current Affair. This is just ONE of thousands but is so painful as to be unavoidable in focus.

In 1991, a very bad farming year, the Krikavas (farmers--grain and pigs) had to take loans to survive. Then the bank foreclosed. Things were desperate and some pigs were sold in order to keep the remaining stock from starving. The bank claimed the pigs--AND THIS WEEK MR. ERNEST KRIKAVA WENT TO FT. LEAVENWORTH FEDERAL PRISON FOR A FIVE MONTH SENTENCE--FOR SELLING THOSE FEW HEAD OF PIGS TO GET PIG FOOD.

Mrs. Carol Krikava died during this time--of stress and, frankly, a broken heart. This farm is a three-generation holding. Son, Kevin, attends with his father, Ernest. Ernest is elderly--in his late seventies.

Current Affair is offering this plea to all listeners and readers, friends and citizens asking you to contact [Atty. Gen.] Reno and plead for a pardon for this Godly man--being destroyed by the system.

I wish it were only ONE--it is not even the only one in the immediate area of Seneca, Kansas--but it IS one which has made its full circle and placed an innocent, Godly man IN A FEDERAL PRISON--FOR A HANDFUL OF PIG FOOD!

We KNOW that our readers pitch in with support of this type and encouragement to the ones who are helpless. Therefore I again ask your assistance for these beautiful people under incredible pressure. When we can do so, we hope to establish a fund for genuine assistance to these types of people. There is funding available--it is just the "getting" it that is the problem--EVERY TIME. But one of these "times" the Feds are going to have to release it. In the meantime--if addresses can be gathered, please give support to the Krikavas remaining--Ernest (at prison) and Kevin (home trying to stay alive and afloat). [Editor's note: Krikava: Route 3, Box 96, Pawnee City, NE 68420. You may also write to the Current Affair television program at: Free The Farmer, c/o Current Affair, Box 5363, FDR Station, New York, NY 10150-5362, and your letters will be delivered to Washington, DC.]

If addresses cannot be gotten, there are some family friends, Bill Keegan and Herb Klepper who were featured and might be a conduit as well as Krikava's attorneys Lisa Lozano and Bill Chapin.

If that doesn't work--then embarrass the bank (or do both) by writing, etc., the COMMUNITY NATIONAL BANK in Seneca, Kansas.

In referring to Ernest (in prison) it is the Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas Federal Prison. Ernest's registration number for reference is: 13958047.

Current Affairs is asking that you write: Attorney General Janet Reno, U.S. Dept. of Justice, 10th & Constitution Ave., NW, Room 4400, Washington, D.C. 20530. I don't know if this will work--but over 120,000 letters from you readers to the Governor of Nevada is about to get Jackson free--and it got Gunther out of the Missouri Prison--AND relocated into a private residence for Gunther in Austria. THE PEN IS MIGHTY--BUT YOU HAVE TO USE IT.

Perhaps those two nice farmers would like to raise my grain and pigs in California--the Feds are obviously taking all the land everywhere--but tiny subsistence farms are still around if you can keep from owing the Feds anything. The land grab around California is worse than almost anywhere--and REASONS far more interesting (like mice and rat protection) and thus and so. In the Mid-West grain belt the land is now grabbed away as "wetlands". REMEMBER THE PLAN--THEY INTEND TO HAVE EVERYTHING, ANY WAY THEY CAN GET IT FROM YOU!

Indeed, Mr. Horton could really make a contribution--if he ever opens his eyes to the truth of it!

George sends Mr. Horton's information so you can all write to him for facts--I SUGGEST YOU ALL DO THAT. The street address is marked out with information to mail to P.O. Box 2107, Carson City, Nevada 89702. According to Mr. Enz's response, the street address is 105 Adams Street, Carson City, Nevada. This, I suppose, for you who would visit. Phone: 883-1966, area code 702 883-1966, Fax (702) 883-1984.


The variety of information offered in this journal is seemingly on opposite ends of the poles. No--it is so connected that I cannot urge you strongly enough--TO MAKE THE CONNECTIONS. It runs from Clintonistas, through Usurpers of other ilk to and into the Hopi (AmerIndian) projections and prophetic offerings--along with HOW IT WAS AND IS.

I remind you that PROPHECIES are only the telling of that which has been experienced--and unfolds as it WAS--the "future" is for the CREATING! The information and speakings along with perceived "actions" along the way--are TOOLS for your WISE CREATING. Wisdom is Sacred--and so, this journal will be called for identification: SACRED WISDOM.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn


July 22, 1994



FRI., JUL. 8, 1994 10:34 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 326

FRI., JUL. 8, 1994



On January 20, 1993 William Jefferson Clinton became the 42nd President of the United States. At the time, most Americans were not aware of the extent of Clinton's criminal background, nor were they aware of the media blackout which kept the information from the public.

As State Attorney General and later Governor, Bill Clinton, in 12 years, achieved absolute control over the political, legal, and financial system of Arkansas. As President he would attempt to do the same to the nation by bringing members of his inner circle with him to Washington.

The HIJACKING of America was underway. The impact on future generations would be incalculable.

Judge Jim Johnson, former Arkansas State Senator and former Supreme Court Justice (Arkansas): "Bill Clinton was born in Hope and, of course, raised in Hot Springs (Arkansas). They had open bawdy houses over there at the time and they had open gambling at the time. Clinton grew up in that atmosphere, that different atmosphere, of Hot Springs--'if it felt good you did it'.

"He was selected to go to the 'Nationals' from Arkansas Boy's State to be a delegate to the National Boy's State. While he was there he was able to meet John Kennedy and I'm sure that sparked an ambition in this young man.

"He has always had an exceptionally keen mind, a keen intellect. And he evidently early had tremendous ambition. He was gifted in so many ways. The truth is, he is one of the most charming men that I have ever met in my life. He has more energy than any ten people I have ever known. He was able to network himself into running for Attorney General virtually unopposed. And then he was able to take that position and catapult himself into the Governor's office two years later and started building his foundation."

Nora Waye, former partner of Bill's step-father: "When you think about Bill Clinton's aversion to the truth you wonder if this is because of the lackadaisical background that he has had in this area. He lied about being a Rhodes Scholar. He never completed that and yet still said he was a Rhodes Scholar. He went to Moscow and DID BUSINESS WITH THEM--against the United States Government--and he was never challenged by the Press about that. In Arkansas, while he was Governor, he said he balanced the budget 11 times, but he never did it once. Also, he said he didn't raise taxes, and he raised taxes 126 times."

Judge Johnson: "He can accommodate any situation that comes up because he's not hemmed-in by the truth. I've never felt that Clinton consciously or unconsciously was hemmed-in with morality."

Larry Nichols: Head of Marketing for Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA): "I first met Bill Clinton in the late '70s. He was an up-and-coming politician. There was a group of us. There was Jim Guy Tucker, Bill Clinton, Sheffield Nelson and myself. And we kind of ran around and palled around with each other. It was from that point that I did a lot of projects for Bill from a marketing perspective.

"In 1988 I went to Bill and said, 'Bill, I need a job to kind of relax and mellow-out.' Bill Clinton and Betsy Wright suggested that I go to work for a place they called the Arkansas Development Finance Authority and they said my talents could really be used there. It was the best kept secret in Arkansas. The fact that I was brought in by Bill Clinton meant that there was something about me that everybody had to be careful with.

"After about two weeks I went to Wooten Epes and said, 'Wooten, I think I've got enough background on this to really start marketing, what is the criteria for loans?' He said, 'Whoever Bill wants to get a loan.'

"To go back, though, to that moment in time--I had been there about a month and I realized that I was in the epicenter of what I'd always heard about all my life and what most people have heard about is--the machine. I was literally working, sitting in the middle of Bill Clinton's POLITICAL MACHINE. It is where he made payoffs, where he repaid favors to people for campaign support--I was in an interesting seat and I knew it.

"We had a board meeting and in that board meeting I was sitting at the end of the table. James Brandon, who was chairman of the board at that time, was sitting at the head of the table. James Brandon stood up, in a public restaurant, and he hollered at the Beverly Enterprises guy, Bobby Stephens, and said, 'Did you get the $50,000 campaign contribution from the client that you're introducing the loan for?' Bobby said, 'Not yet.' James then said, 'Then hold up the loan 'till we get it.' I stood up and went up to James and said, 'James, don't yell stuff like that. You don't need to be yelling it in a restaurant; that sounds real bad.' He was just burly and arrogant and said, 'Who cares?'"

Narrator: Bill Clinton sold the concept of ADFA to the people of Arkansas as a vehicle for creating jobs and assisting churches and schools. In reality, millions of taxpayer-guaranteed dollars were being channeled to Clinton's election campaigns, to his inner circle of friends and to his wife, Hillary's law firm. This may explain why ADFA had been drafted in such a manner as to keep its decision-making procedures secret.

Nichols: "If you needed a million dollars, you had to get your application handled by the Rose Law Firm and pay them $50,000 on it. There were five other companies in the State of Arkansas that were actually more qualified in bond structuring and applications but Rose Law Firm got them all.

"I started checking around and kept asking, 'Well, one thing that is bothering me,' to the comptroller of Bill Clinton, 'is, you know, how do people make payments on these loans?' He looked at me and said: 'They don't.' He thought I knew. Well, that blew my mind. It was about two months in and it was getting tough then.

"So I started gathering the documents. After everybody left I would stick around as though I was working on the annual report and that would give me access to all the documents. I made copies of them all. For about two months I watched accounts accumulate money and then in a month they'd zero balanced. I didn't understand, totally, what that meant but I thought I'd go ahead and steal the records anyway. I did.

"Soon after that I met a man named Bill Duncan. Bill Duncan took the zero balance and told me what that meant. He said, 'Do you know what that means?' I said, 'uh-uh.' He said, 'They're laundering drug money--over a $100 million a month in cocaine coming in and out of Mena, Arkansas.'

"They had a problem: they were doing so much money in cocaine ($100 million)--and this creates a problem in a little state like Arkansas. How do you clean $100 million dollars a month? ADFA, up until 1989, never banked in Arkansas. What they'd do was to ship the money down to Florida--a bank in Florida, which later would be connected to BCCI. They would ship money to a bank in Atlanta, Georgia which, by the way, was later connected to BCCI. They'd ship to CitiCorp in New York, which would send the money overseas. And here is an interesting one: a bank in Chicago--and THAT BANK, BY THE WAY, IS PARTIALLY OWNED BY DAN ROSTENKOWSKI. [H: Still with me, Ronn?] Dan Lasater would get the bonds. He would become the broker for the bonds. He would transfer money back to ADFA. He never SOLD a bond. The money would then leave ADFA and go into one of the various banks for the specific bond loan and they would zero it out. When they would zero it out they were giving it back to Lasater--less their handling fees."

Doc DeLaughter, Arkansas Police Detective attached to the Lasater affair: "During the Lasater investigation we had numerous witnesses for the Federal Grand Jury. We had extensive testimony from people connected with Lasater and drug use and everything else. Cocaine became used as a tool for sexual favors and also for business deals and to influence people. That's when we caught one boy with his cocaine use and ultimately led to his arrest and conviction."

Nichols: "Dan Lasater, who was the best friend of Bill Clinton and who went to jail with Roger Clinton for cocaine--and by the way, let me explain something: He didn't SELL cocaine--they were giving it away.

"There were huge piles of cocaine in his office. Ashtray upon ashtray full, at the parties. They would give it to young girls. That's sick! They were giving a highly addictive drug to young girls."

Doc DeLaughter: "Do you wonder what comes across the minds of a fourteen-year-old? Once there was involved a fourteen-year-old cheerleader out of North Little Rock. She was a virgin and ultimately he ended up sending her to a physician of his. The physician put her on birth control pills. He used cocaine with her and ultimately she lost her virginity and she got addicted to cocaine. The last I heard of her, when we had her subpoenaed back to the Grand Jury, she was a hooker at Lake Tahoe."

Nichols: "Dan Lasater laundered the money and, in addition to his contract to launder the money in the system he and Bill Clinton had set up to do it, he took advantage of some of the cocaine. That's why he could give it away. If you each have a $100 million a month in cocaine, they don't care if you took a bucket-full a day."

Doc DeLaughter: "After Lasater was indicted, I started to receive quite a bit of harassment from my own department, the Arkansas State Police. I knew the reason behind it because of the affiliation with the State Police and the Governor's office with Dan Lasater and his business associates."

Nichols: "Once he was convicted he and Roger went to a minimum security prison. Holiday Hotel we call them. He spent, I think, up to 6 or 8 months and then got out. Unbeknownst to anybody, Bill Clinton, the day after he got out, granted him a full and complete PARDON.

"So, if you think he is tough on crime, think about a man that pardons a man that GIVES COCAINE TO KIDS."

Bill Clinton in excerpt from TV ad: "Fear of violence is robbing our children of their future. We must take away that fear and give them hope. We must give Alicia and all our children back their childhood. Working together we can. Do something now, call 1-800 WE PREVENT [part of the ad in point]."

Nichols: "Your President of the United States not only was a part of the system that was laundering millions of cocaine dollars--your President signed off on it and he can't deny that he did. You see, because of that, there's one little catch: every loan at that bank--BILL CLINTON HIMSELF HAD TO SIGN-OFF ON IT.

"More than Bill Clinton, you can identify the people who laundered the drug money, you better identify the people in the loop for money laundering. What you'll find there are those people who went straight to Washington.

"Act 1062, if you look at it, says that ADFA was developed and created to provide low-interest bond loans for churches, schools, colleges. So look what happened to our legislature: they voted on the bill, creating this havoc, thinking they were voting on a bill giving money to colleges and schools to buy books, etc. What better way to run thousands and tens of millions of dollars--launder, clean it up--and use the cover of a state agency to do it.

"The first loan made at ADFA was made to Park O'Meter (POM). Seth Ward was the owner. As I started looking I found out that the State Treasurer was Webb Hubbell. Then I found out that Webb Hubbell was Seth Ward's son-in-law. Guess who drafted the legislation creating Act 1062, which created the Arkansas Development Financing Authority? Webb Hubbell. Guess who introduced the legislation to our legislators and got it passed through our House? Webb Hubbell. Guess who got the FIRST loan? Webb Hubbell. And imagine this: guess who did the audit and the evaluation of the applications? Rose Law Firm! You guessed it! Who signed it? Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton. You see, that's against the LAW in Arkansas--you can't investigate yourself when the good faith and credit of the State of Arkansas is involved in a bond issue. HE BROKE THE LAW! If the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise, Hubbell will be serving some time in the Pen for that one!"

Narrator: Ironically, Webb Hubbell, a senior partner of the Rose Law Firm was CHAIRMAN of the Conflict of Interests Committee at Rose (Law Firm). In 1988 he successfully advanced the Ethics in Government ACT which required Arkansas legislators to report governmental conflicts of interest. Incredibly, this law SPECIFICALLY EXEMPTED GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON, HIS APPOINTEES AND HIS RELATIVES. Clinton's appointment of Hubbell to the U.S. Justice Department exemplified the Administration's total disregard for LEGAL ETHICS. Hubbell's hasty resignation in March 1994, supposed to be over billing of Rose clients, was merely a ploy to remove Hubbell from the limelight before extensive criminal charges could be brought against him.

Nichols: "Let me tell you about Park O'Meter. The first loan was $3.85 million dollars. Never was a penny of that paid back--it was all a scam. They had, let's say, 100 employees when they started. They got 3.85 million dollars and do you know how many employees they had AFTER they got that influx of cash? 100. There's not a new building on the property--they didn't even remodel a bathroom.

"As the newspaper people started inquiring about the Park O'Meter loans, what they found was that, instead of making parking meters, POM was actually building retrofit nosecone compartments--THEY WERE BEING SHIPPED TO MENA. WE FOUND OUT THAT THE NOSECONES WERE ACTUALLY BEING USED TO SMUGGLE DOPE BACK INTO THE COUNTRY. WHAT IS SCARY--WHAT IS SO SCARY, IS THAT IT IS THE SAME CAST OF CHARACTERS. Webb Hubbell and The Rose Law Firm, I say to you, are guilty of conspiring to defraud the State of Arkansas, the Federal Government and conspired to solicit the sale (of drugs) and the laundering of money for illegal drugs. THIS IS YOUR PRESIDENT! THIS IS HIS CIRCLE OF POWER! THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT, WHEN HE GOT ELECTED PRESIDENT, DID NOT PASS GO--HE TOOK THEM STRAIGHT TO WASHINGTON WITH HIM.

"In all things holy, I think he was planning to set up and do the same thing in Washington."

Narrator: In 1982 cocaine trafficker, Barry Seal, set up one of the largest drug smuggling operations in the United States--IN MENA, ARKANSAS, UNDER THE APPROVING EYE OF GOVERNOR BILL CLINTON.

Nichols: "Barry Seal had a bunch of planes and supposedly had pilots. Barry Seal was a drug smuggler. He tried to set it up in his home state of Louisiana but they wouldn't let him. He had to come to a state who had a sleazy governor--HOOKED ON COCAINE--and everybody knew it! Yes, Bill Clinton was "hooked" on cocaine."

Bill Duncan, Investigator in the Mena affair: "In 1983 I was made aware that Sheriff Hadaway and one of his auxillary deputies, Terry K. Park, were investigating the smuggling operation going on at the Mena airport. They had an inside source of information. "Mr. Seal, our understanding was, the one who had brought the operation into the Mena airport and that had initiated the beginning of the money laundering and the illegal activity."

Russell Welch: "He (Seal) said that 1983 was the most profitable cocaine smuggling period--ever. The airplanes that he had placed at the Mena airport, a couple of Senecas and a couple of Panthers and another few stragglers here and there--he said they were purchased solely for the purpose of cocaine smuggling."

Winston Bryant, Arkansas State Attorney General: "There was, in my opinion, more than enough evidence to prosecute a number of people for crimes regarding the Barry Seal case at Mena."

Nichols: "I snuck around and crawled through the bushes thinking that I'd have to hide to catch them unloading the dope. I didn't have to. You could walk right up to the airport and they unloaded it right in front of me. They would just offload it--they didn't care."

Duncan: "A certain degree of money laundering had taken place among these people associated with Barry Seal."

Nichols: "What had not been done was to connect the dotted lines to ADFA, because once you had connected the dotted lines to ADFA you had actually connected the dotted line to Clinton."

Narrator: In addition to the operations at Mena, small clearings at other parts of the state were used as drop points for money and cocaine.

Winston Bryant: "They had special compartments installed in the side, without FAA permission, so that the door could be opened in flight and then cocaine could be dropped out of the side of the plane, in flight."

Nichols: "When you have a public which is aware of an ongoing criminal enterprise in which you have an international cocaine smuggler who is high profile; a lot of people knew that they were operating in a small area. A lot of people knew about the money laundering. It was common gossip on the street because it was so blatant. And when they see investigations ongoing for several years and they keep watching for indictments and they know grand juries are convening and they know witnesses are supposed to be providing evidence to a grand jury--yet year after year after year no indictments are returned--people lose confidence in the system."

Narrator: Clinton had integrated a number of corrupt cops, judges and politicians into high level positions to insure the continued success of the drug smuggling-money laundering operations. All was going well until on the fateful night in the Fall of 1987.

[Continued next chapter]



FRI., JUL. 8, 1994 10:34 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 326

Linda Ives, mother of Kevin: "On August 22, 1987, Kevin spent the night with his friend, Don Henry (young teens). They left Don's home around 12:30 or quarter-to-one (A.M. 23rd Aug.) in the early hours and the next thing we knew they had been run over by a train.

"There seems to be a small air strip in the area where there had been sightings and reports of small airplanes flying very low, with lights off, in the area. I believe they (the boys) saw something they shouldn't have seen. Three weeks later their deaths were ruled 'accidental', by the State.

"The Medical Examiner, Fahmy Malak, made the ruling. We disagreed with that ruling because we thought all the evidence pointed to homicide. At that point we had a lot of questions and no answers, and the facts didn't add up to what he was telling us. So we decided to get a second opinion. We met with resistance from all fronts, with the local law enforcement, the crime lab, with everybody that we turned to. We obtained court orders requesting samples of everything that the crime lab had, for second opinion, and Fahmy Malak resisted court orders and refused to obey them."

Narrator: It was later proven that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back and Kevin Ives' skull had been crushed PRIOR to the placement of their bodies on the railroad tracks. However, Malak stood by his ruling that the boys had "simply fallen asleep on the tracks". Malak had been kept in office at the insistence of Governor Clinton for a number of years despite vigorous public outcry to have him removed. Clinton's mother, Virginia Kelly, an anesthesiologist, had allegedly caused the deaths of two patients, due to her negligence. She was sued, yet Malak's rulings resulted in her being cleared.

Ives: "Malak had covered up for Bill Clinton's mother, Virginia Kelly, in some deaths there in Hot Springs. I do know that there were some damages that were settled out of court and Virginia Kelly was forced into retirement. And it appears that perhaps Clinton was protecting Malak on behalf of his mother."

Narrator: As long as Malak's rulings pleased the Governor's office or State Police, they were left to stand no matter how implausible. Malak's obvious lack of medical knowledge reached a pinnacle when he ruled that James Milum, who had been decapitated, had died of natural causes. Yet Clinton, who had the power to remove Malak from office, insisted he stay.

Ives: "It didn't seem to matter what Malak did, Clinton protected him. He made excuses such as 'he's overworked,' 'he's just stressed out,' 'he's underpaid,' etc. They gave him a $14,000 raise which was an insult to my family as well as to a lot of others in the state who, to this day, are struggling with asinine rulings in the deaths of children and other loved ones. I was outraged that [he was more interested in] protecting a political crony than that two young boys had been murdered. It didn't matter what Malak did. There were allegations of tampering with evidence in murder cases; there were allegations of perjury in different cases; there were allegations of incompetence--anything that could be alleged, has been alleged--against him. But it didn't matter what he did, 'they' protected him."

Narrator: A number of people approached the police about Don and Kevin's murders and consequently were MURDERED THEMSELVES.

Ives: "July 14th, Keith McKaskle was murdered. He knew that he was 'fixing' to be murdered. He told his family goodbye, told his friends goodbye and the night of the elections in 1988 he took two pennies out of his pocket and threw them on the bar where he was and said, 'If Jim Siegler loses this election my life isn't worth two cents.' He was murdered that night. Jeff Rhodes was a young man from Benton who was murdered in 1989. Shortly before his death he made a telephone call to his Dad in Texas and told him he needed to get out of Benton, Arkansas, that he felt he knew too much about the boys killed on the railroad tracks and the death of Keith McKaskle. A couple of weeks later Jeff was found dead. He had been shot in the head. 'They' had attempted to cut off his head, his hands and his feet, then set him on fire in the dump."

Narrator: A total of six people with information about the boys' murders were eventually murdered as well.

This woman (a woman with blanked-out features was shown in the film), a former head of the Saline County Drug Task Force, had uncovered evidence of the Arkansas Police Department's participation in the drug smuggling operation and the cover-up of the boys' murders. She was forced into hiding.

Woman: "There are no words in the English language that can describe how it makes you feel as a parent or as a citizen of Arkansas--to see what our officials are capable of doing. I think we were just kind of naive. Common ordinary people got up and went to work every day and came home and went to bed and assumed that everybody else did the same thing and tried to do what was right. I think Kevin's death has been the greatest awakening that anybody could ever have, to see what really goes on. And to see what is important to elected and public officials."

Nichols: "When Fahmy Malak finally became a liability in the campaign for President, he was forced to resign. But guess what--Bill Clinton created a $74,000 a year job, doing--nothing--just for him."

Ives: "I would like an answer from Bill Clinton as to why the main conspirators in the murder of my son, and the cover-up, have been elevated in status by creating cushy jobs for them."

Narrator: Meanwhile, Welsh and Duncan's investigation into the operation at Mena was about to derail.

Welch: "We had been so busy investigating, just concentrating and focusing, that it took a while to register that nothing was going to happen."

Duncan: "We could not understand what was happening. Neither Mr. Welch nor I were ever subpoenaed to testify before the Grand Jury to present massive amounts of evidence of wrongdoing by associates of Barry Seal. No indictments were ever returned against any of the individuals. I can tell you: there was extensive evidence."

Charles Black: "There definitely was suppression of evidence and definitely a cover-up of an investigation. Somebody should be held accountable as to why that happened."

Nichols: "Not one major cocaine bust was ever made in Arkansas, out of Mena, Arkansas. Now imagine that--nearly ten years in its running and never even one truckload ever got caught."

Charles Black: "During the 1992 Governor's race in Arkansas I remember personal staff (Clinton's) had approached Mr. Bryant and asked him to stay away from the Mena affair or the Mena matter."

Polk County Prosecuting attorney Bryant: "I've done quite a bit of investigating into the Mena-Barry Seal case myself and, quite frankly, it is a Federal problem."

Welch: "After Winston (Bryant) took office, he told me he was no longer allowed to discuss the Mena airport investigation from the Attorney General's office."

Bryant: "The Attorney General's office is not like most Attorney Generals' offices across the country. We do not have the authority to convene a Grand Jury and initiate criminal prosecutions."

Duncan: "I've always thought it was a wonderful thing to be able to serve your country as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent and for 15 years I did not encounter anything like the corruption I encountered after the Mena Investigations began."

Narrator: President Clinton's verbal commitment to a War on Drugs has been negated by his actions. During his first weeks in office, Clinton revoked random drug testing for White House staff members. He eliminated 121 positions at the Office of National Drug Control. And he appointed Joycelyn Elders as U.S. Surgeon General despite her well-known desire to legalize drugs.

Nichols: "It is important enough that, out of Mena, came certain trails. One of the trails was to the banks down in Florida. One of those trails led to BCCI and guess who started BCCI, helped form it? Jack Stephens!--of Stephens Investment."

Judge Johnson: "Jack is a major stockholder in Worthen Bank. At a crucial period in the campaign the Bank backed Clinton's candidacy $2.8 million dollars. It happened that that's the identical amount that the Stephens' Company had made on a concocted transaction that involved student loan funds under Clinton's control, less than two years before--an identical amount. It's very important."

Nichols: "When Clinton had Lasater he didn't need the Stephenses. All of a sudden in 1988, while I was at the ADFA, in came the Stephenses because Lasater was in jail. ADFA had never even put its money in a state [Arkansas] bank. It had always kept its money in banks in Chicago, Georgia, Florida. When the Stephenses came in they bought Worthen Bank and guess where ADFA assets are this minute? Worthen Bank!

"When Bill and Hillary first took over all they could talk about was how their Health Care Program was going to go after the Pharmaceutical companies. Well, lo and behold, stocks in pharmaceutical companies went down. Who other than Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton took advantage of it? They bought stock. All of a sudden then they went to Tulsa to the Governors' Convention and guess what they say? They are not going to attack the pharmaceuticals. And guess what happened? The stock goes high. I went to Mena and I say, "Guys, come on, doesn't that look a little weird? That's called, you know, insider trading..." But they said "Yeah, but they only made 10 or 12 thousand dollars, just a miniscule amount..." Think about it--that is what SHE made. Has anybody gone to the trouble to look into see how much Stephens Investment made off that?"

Narrator: One of Hillary's investments under the direction of Tyson Foods' counsel, James Blair, netted almost $100,000 on an initial $1,000 investment. A nearly impossible feat using legal methods.

Hillary: "I can't read their minds to speculate, but I had absolutely no reason to believe that I got any favorable treatment."

Narrator: Coincidentally, Governor Clinton enacted a number of State regulations allowing Tyson Foods to grow into the largest industry in Arkansas.

Nichols: "Don Tyson put in $600,000 or $700,000, all told, into all of Bill Clinton's campaigns. Guess what he got out of it? He got 10 MILLION dollars--and guess from where? The Arkansas Development Financing Authority. And he never paid a dime for it."

Doc DeLaughter, Former Nichols' lawyer: "I heard rumors of Don Tyson and his alleged cocaine use and distribution. I went through the intelligence files and came up with enough of what I thought was a sufficient amount of evidence to launch an investigation on Mr. Tyson, simply out of Arkansas State Police intelligence files, which has been accumulating for years."

Nichols: "Don Tyson was in the middle of the cocaine just like Bill Clinton, just like Dan Lasater, just like Roger Clinton and all the others. So you see, all of this incest and all of this drug running, all the trafficking sending it all over the nation--in Mena, Arkansas, right under the nose of little Billy Clinton--Governor Billy Clinton. I went to Bill and I said, "Bill, you got two weeks to tell the truth or I'm gonna tell it. You're breaking the law and I can't be a part of it. You made a mistake. I'm not one of your 'buds'; at least I'm not THAT big a buddy."

Judge Johnson: "When Larry Nichols made his disclosures and made them public, the Clinton "Spin Doctors" treated him unmercifully. It shocked those of us who had been kept in the dark through the years in Arkansas politics. The Arkansas news media had done little, if anything, to uncover anything derogatory about Bill Clinton. And for the disclosures to come out of the blue was so shocking that the Spin Doctors attacked the messenger rather than trying to answer the charges that Nichols had made. And they did such an efficient job that it caused me and others to look with less than favor on Larry Nichols as an individual, because all we knew about him was what "they" were telling and the press was printing."

Nichols: "One of the neatest things about Bill Clinton is how he handles the media. You see, Bill Clinton is an attorney and when a witness comes against his client, what is the first thing an attorney does? He tries to discredit that witness. They accused me of everything under the sun. Day in and day out, every week--every week, there was some new scandal in the paper--that I was involved in. Six or eight weeks later they would print a retraction that it wasn't me but people to this day in Arkansas think that I am some evil person."

Judge Johnson: "As a result of that, the boy had to pay a high penalty in his credibility and a high penalty in his acceptability. And then when the new evidence came out that supported everything that Larry Nichols had said, he finds himself, I think, probably in the position of knowing that he was exonerated but he has not been exonerated in the minds of the people generally, in my view. And he finds himself, probably, in the position of wondering where he goes now, to get his good name back."

Nichols: "A lot of people wonder how Bill Clinton could control a state the size of Arkansas with the absolute authority that he did. It's not hard, you see; after twelve years, after kissing the people that have the money, Bill Clinton controlled the legal system. He controlled the judges, he controlled the attorneys, he controlled the banks."

Gary Johnson, former Nichols' lawyer: "Its just a small state--a one-party state and what tends to happen in small states like that, I think, is that the longer the person remains Governor that I think the greater the abuses are. And I think the abuses were very widespread under Bill Clinton."

Nichols: "One thing that is very hard for people to understand is that Bill Clinton doesn't care about money. He cares about POWER. All he needed ADFA to do was to channel money to the big players, financially. I got tickled when the reporters during the campaign came here. They were looking and trying to find out where Bill Clinton profited. He didn't. He profited by putting money into his friends' pockets."

Gary Johnson: "The way they were doing these bond issues, the whole political atmosphere was, frankly, a scandal. But that's the way it had been historically done in Arkansas."

Nichols: "Imagine this: imagine the POWER this man has in Washington D.C. Imagine what he can do to this nation if he gets that circle of power going there, as he did here. Nothing I can do and nothing you can do, can stop it! You'll see who has the absolute power and, believe me, he will use it to have you investigated, to have you arrested, to have your company audited and that's what will happen when this circle-of-power is complete.

"When I worked at ADFA it was not uncommon for Bob Nash to call me up and say, 'Hey Nichols, the Governor needs about five grand transferred to his Travel Account so he can go see his ladies.' And we would, at ADFA, transfer five or ten thousand dollars for him to go see his girlfriends in either L.A. or New York. He had used so much travel money to go see women, out of his regular travel budget, he would even have to borrow money from ADFA, not to mention the fact that ADFA's budget was not as highly scrutinized as the Governor's budget. But he literally used the money, ADFA money--people of Arkansas-taxpayers' money--to conduct liaisons."

Narrator: During the 1990 Gubernatorial race, Larry Nichols, in a last ditch attempt to alert the public, boldly filed a lawsuit against Bill Clinton. As expected the lawsuit was eventually quashed, sealed and illegally dismissed by a Clinton-appointed judge. What Nichols didn't expect was a complete media blackout of the facts he presented.

Nichols: "Back in 1990, after all the damage they had done to me, I did something that most people wouldn't do, in Arkansas. I sued Bill Clinton. It's very important to note that, in that lawsuit, I brought out the names of five women. On October 19th I held the only press conference I'd ever held in my life. It was on the Capitol steps of Arkansas. Every news organization in Arkansas, along with TV and Radio, were there on the steps. I read the names of the five women. I read about and talked about ADFA. No one had ever made such a cold, calloused statement with Bill Clinton when he named the women (as I did). When I got through with the press conference I went through the center door and I walked, with the camera crews with me, walked all the way to the end to the Governor's office and I left the press release right on the Governor's secretary's desk.

"Not one minute of the press release made it into the local TV or the local newspapers--anywhere. It didn't show up anywhere. The reason I tell you that, is because in those days he had the circle-of-power completed in Arkansas."

Narrator: Eventually, every allegation stemming from Nichols' 1990 lawsuit and press conference were proved valid regarding Clinton's taxpayer-financed sexual liaisons, his drug usage, and his criminal activities related to ADFA and Whitewater. Gradually, the women who had carried on adulterous affairs with Clinton began to emerge. The first was Jennifer Flowers who, like all those close to Clinton, was faced with a decision to either keep quiet and receive a government job or go public and face character assassination in the press. Betsy Wright, Clinton's former Chief of Staff, admitted she had been hired to conduct media smear campaigns against anyone planning to tell the truth about the Governor's sexual habits. She was prepared to go after at least 26 women who had the potential of destroying Clinton's chance at the Presidency.

Nichols: "In the 1992 presidential campaign, I was getting bludgeoned by the media because Jennifer Flowers had come out of my lawsuit. A man called me on the phone on a Monday. His name is Gary Johnson. He was an attorney. He told me that he felt bad because I was being bludgeoned and he wanted to talk to me about handling my case. Well, I was craving an attorney, any attorney, to help me."

Gary Johnson: "You know, I saw Larry out there doing battle, so to speak, on his own and I felt like he needed some help."

Nichols: "I met him on a Tuesday. He was a special attorney--I didn't know he lived next door to Jennifer Flowers."

Narrator: For security purposes Gary Johnson had installed a video camera near the front door of his Quapaw Tower condominium.

Gary Johnson: "Looking at someone in front of my door got a perfect shot of anyone in front of Jennifer Flowers' condominium. It wasn't my intention, ever, to take pictures of Bill Clinton going in to see Jennifer Flowers. I couldn't care less who he goes to see. But it just so happened that she lived next door to me and I mounted the camera there."

Nichols: "Guess what he caught on tape? Bill Clinton walking into Jennifer Flowers' apartment on numerous occasions, with a key."

Gary Johnson: "I actually saw him go into her condominium. It wasn't that I was standing there looking out my peephole watching Jennifer Flowers' condominium. It had nothing to do with Bill Clinton. It was just that I had gotten the camera. I had the camera before Jennifer Flowers moved in. When she moved in she just happened to have some very interesting house guests."

Nichols: "Go back to 60 MINUTES when Bill and Hillary were love-and-kisses and we all heard Bill say he had never been to her apartment, that he had only called her ONCE from the kitchen and from his office. That's an absolute lie and these tapes proved it."

Narrator: The 60 MINUTES interview had been designed specifically to save Clinton's campaign, not necessarily to get to the truth.

Don Hewitt, Exec. Producer of 60 MINUTES: "They came to us; we did it because that is what they wanted to do. When I told Tim Weisert that I was persona non-grata at the White House, he said 'Why?' I said it was because of the Jennifer Flowers interview. He said, 'You got him the nomination.' I said, 'I know that.' As far as I know from the conversations I've had, Nussbaum knows that, Kerrigan knew that. Boy, Cutler knows it because Lloyd had a hand in his coming on (the show) that night. You know, it was strong medicine the way I edited it. He was a very sick candidate and he needed very strong medicine. And I'm not in the business of doctoring candidates but he got up out of his sickbed that night and walked to the nomination. And as I said to Mandy, 'You know, if I had edited it your way, do you know where you'd be today? You would still be in New Hampshire looking for a nomination.' He, Clinton, became THE candidate that night."

Judge Johnson: "When the Jennifer Flowers story broke, that story was a hundred times more credible than the story that literally knocked Gary Hart out of the campaign."

Gary Johnson: "I'd been Jennifer Flowers' neighbor and I knew that Bill Clinton wasn't telling the truth about that. Bill Clinton, I think, would do just about anything to save his political hide. People are really afraid to speak up about the whole situation with her. But, I'm by no means the only one who saw Bill Clinton at Quapaw Towers."

[Continued next chapter.]



FRI., JUL. 8, 1994 10:34 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 326

FRI., JUL. 8, 1994

Nichols: "He got threatening phone calls. He asked me, 'Will they hurt me?'; 'Well, they haven't hurt me.' I don't know why I didn't worry more about that."

Gary Johnson: "Basically what they said was, 'Mind your own business.' All it did was it made me mad. I never would have thought in a million years that anybody would follow-up on it."

Nichols: "With all the requests for the subpoenas on Thursday, Saturday morning we found Gary Johnson beaten and left for dead.

"Without getting into gory details, both elbows were dislocated, his collar bones were broken, his spleen and bladder were ruptured with holes the size of a half-dollar in them. His nose and sinus cavities were all crushed. He had been beaten by Clinton's people."

Interviewer: Were "they" (the attackers) very large?

Gary Johnson: "Yes, yes they were!"

Interviewer: Did they say, "Where's the tape?"

Gary Johnson: "Yes, they asked me for the tape."

Nichols: "Now, what's sick is, the man gave them the tape. And then they went and broke his elbows, punctured his spleen, punctured his bladder."

Gary Johnson: "They looked like State Troopers, I'll say that!

"Clinton can be a very dangerous individual in the State of Arkansas."

Nichols: "In my lawsuit in 1990 I named the lady, Sally Perdue as having an affair with Bill Clinton.

"Sally had an apartment in Little Rock. The Clinton security guards would drop him off at her apartment and go park in the woods. When Clinton got through doing his business he would flick the porch light and they would know to come and get him.

"She started 'coming out', started talking, and believe it or not, before she could talk, Clinton's people got to her and offered her a Federal job--or, break her legs--whichever one was the best..."

Narrator: Sally Perdue, former Miss Arkansas and radio talk-show host, carried on a sexual relationship with Governor Clinton between August and December 1983. State Troopers in government vehicles were used at taxpayer's expense to shuttle Clinton back and forth to Sally's home. Perdue, who today supervises a home for people with Down's Syndrome was offered a $60,000-a-year Federal job to keep quiet. She refused.

Nichols: "Now you see, that's illegal. You can't offer a Federal job to get someone to hush."

Narrator: Following her attempt to go public, Miss Perdue lost her job and started receiving threatening phone calls and letters. Live ammunition was found on the seat of her car and the rear window of her vehicle was shot out. Even though a number of witnesses had corroborated her story, the American Press had refused to print it. During the 1992 Presidential campaign, interviews with ABC and NBC, as well as an appearance on the Sally Jesse Raphael show were taped, but were never aired.

Nichols: "She had actually been on the Sally Jesse Raphael show, right after the New York Primary. Did you know the television stations around the country blacked out that program and wouldn't show it?"

Narrator: In December 1993, former body guards of Bill Clinton came forward with detailed information regarding the Governor's sexual encounters with a number of women. Larry Patterson and Roger Perry, both veteran Arkansas Troopers, boldly spoke on the record. Two other Troopers who had initially spoken off the record, were later identified as Danny Ferguson and Ronny Anderson. In April 1994 a fifth Trooper, L.D. Brown, came forward and corroborated their stories, adding that the Clinton sexual partners numbered over one hundred during the period he was employed by the Governor. The Troopers' official duties included approaching women to obtain their phone numbers for Clinton, driving him to rendezvous points in State vehicles, guarding him during sexual encounters, securing hotel rooms and lying to Hillary about his whereabouts. Phone logs and other corroborating evidence fully backed these reports.

During the period when the American Spectator magazine was preparing the story, its offices suffered three separate break-ins. They had never before been broken into in their 26-year history.

In an attempt to silence the officers, the Clinton Administration launched an elaborate counter-attack, which included urging Ferguson to change his story and leveling false accusations of insurance fraud against Perry and Patterson.

Nichols: "When Larry Patterson and Roger Perry came out, they substantiated everything that I had alleged in the lawsuit. These people were there--they were the body guards. [H: Does it now become more easily understood why and how Clinton's prior body guards would be among the "friendly fire" VICTIMS at the WACO massacre?]

"Now watch what happened. The same thing that happened to me--they planned to do to them. They roasted them in the media. They said they were committing insurance fraud."

Judge Johnson: "The evidence that these State Policemen have brought forward relative to Clinton's womanizing is being questioned by the 'Spin Doctors' as not being credible. Yet, it is more credible than the evidence on 90% of the people who are confined now on 'Death Row' across America."

Nichols: "Is this fair? Can't you all see the papers saying that the troopers were telling the truth? THEY WERE FOUND INNOCENT! Therefore the stories they were telling had a basis and they are not the scumbags that the 'Spin Doctors' for Clinton made them out to be."

Judge Johnson: "These two have had the courage to come forward and the evidence that they have presented has not only been credible but has been overwhelming. And the truth is that I'm convinced that it's just the tip of the iceberg."

Narrator: On May 8th 1991, Paula Jones, a State employee with the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission was working the registration desk for the Governor's Quality Management Conference at the Excelsior Hotel. Governor Bill Clinton was to be the main speaker.

Paula Jones: Out of the blue sky one of Bill Clinton's body guards named Danny Ferguson gave me a number. I asked him what it was as I held out my hand. He said, 'It's a number to a hotel room,' and that the Governor would like to meet with me. Well, I was surprised and I kind of talked it over with my coworker and we didn't have any reason to believe we couldn't trust him, so I agreed to go on up to the room and meet with Mr. Bill Clinton.

"I got to the room and Governor Clinton--he opened the door to meet me. It was a room that did not have any beds in it. It had couches and stuff like that. It was like a meeting-type room. He asked me about my job and how I liked it and who my boss was, and I told him. He mentioned that he liked the way that my curves were, on my body, and he liked the way that my hair went way-down my back. Then he tried to lean over and started putting his hand up my leg, which I--it happened so fast--and he tried to kiss me on the neck. It happened so fast when he tried to lean over and kiss me on the neck and he was putting his hand up my leg. I backed off and said, 'I don't want any of this and I think I need to be going.'

And then he, before I even knew it, dropped his pants and Bill Clinton asked me to perform oral sex on him. When I declined and jumped up and told him I needed to go immediately, that's when he went on to say that 'If you have any trouble whatsoever contact me immediately.' I said, 'Well, I'm late and...' and I started to proceed down the hall to the door and he followed behind me, saying, if we could 'try to keep this between ourselves.' I went down the elevator, went back to my Registration Desk and I told Pam the whole story."

Steve Jones, husband of Paula: "I can't understand how somebody can take advantage of somebody like that and then have the audacity to drop his pants--I mean, you know..."

Bill Clinton on TV: "I am not going to dignify this by commenting on it."

Steve Jones: "Paula gave an exclusive to the Washington Post and Mike [I presume this to be a reporter, last named sounded something like "Iza"] called. We were going to be as open as we could with the Washington Post. Mike told Paula that, as far as he was concerned, he believed Paula and he thought that the story should be told. Then Mike said that they were ready to put the story out and they were going to go to the Editors and present the story to them. We heard that Mike got suspended from the Washington Post and there was a big fallout between the Editors of the Washington Post and Mike."

Narrator: Paula Jones filed a lawsuit against President Clinton claiming sexual harassment. The same day a massive media smear campaign against Paula Jones was launched.

Nichols: "Think about a man who has no more regard for women than Bill Clinton has. They are just "sex things". I don't understand the feminist movement being behind Bill Clinton. He hangs women on his wall like trophies."

Narrator: A number of women who have had sexual relationships with Bill Clinton have allegedly been given major career boosts in exchange for silence. Beth Coulson received a judicial appointment to the Arkansas Court of Appeals from Clinton. Regina Blakely landed a job with CBS National in Washington covering the White House. Likewise, Debra Mathis secured a lucrative job with the White House Press Corps. Susan Whitacre was made the liaison between the Arkansas State Capitol and the White House. Elizabeth Ward obtained a position with the Clintons' close friends, Hollywood producers Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth Thomason, and Jill Jenkins was given a high level position with AP&L.

One of the most harrowing stories of Bill Clinton's attempts to keep his promiscuity hidden involves Jerry Parks, a private investigator and former Chief of Security for Clinton's campaign headquarters.

Gary Parks, son of Jerry: "My father was Gerald Parks (aka Jerry Parks). He was the head of Clinton's security for Clinton's campaign when he was running for President. My father was brutally murdered. He was on Chenal Parkway and Arkansas Highway 10. This is one of the most elite parts in Little Rock, Arkansas. Someone pulled along side of him and started shooting at him. They cornered him and stopped him on Highway 10 as he was turning left off Chenal Parkway. They stepped out of the car to block his path and shot him five times--once in the leg, once in the arm and three times in the chest. My father had a file on Bill Clinton's infidelity and his affairs. It ran approximately from '82-'83 to somewhere about '90-'91. The file consisted of pictures, times, dates, places--of where Bill Clinton was at, where Roger Clinton was at, the type of drug use that Bill Clinton and Roger Clinton were involved in.

"I was the only person that would ever go with him on private investigative work. And I remember four to five times that I was with him and that was what he was keyed-in on. I saw Clinton with a lot of different women, a lot of different types, sizes, shapes, colors--one of them being Jennifer Flowers. You know, I was just like 'WOW!' It was a little more 'neat' than anything else, that, you know, somebody that is this famous, this big-wig, can get away with this--which just 'blew my mind'."

Narrator: Shortly before Jerry's death the phone lines at his home were cut. The security system was disconnected and the Clinton files were stolen.

Gary Parks: "I believe my father was assassinated because he was the one link that could actually close everything and completely shut it. I believe Bill Clinton had my father killed to save his own political career.

"When I did contact Little Rock Special Investigative Services, they told me that they had been pulled off the case three weeks prior to that.

"That just blows my mind on how, when I hear they are making progress, I hear they are pulled off the case. Something is not right there."

Nichols: "Bill Clinton has been the way he is, ever since I've known him. He hasn't changed; he WILL NOT change. People inside the White House, today, tell me that he is running sex-capades in and out of the White House like has never been there before. It is a disgrace to America."

Judge Johnson: "If we had known of his bimbo background, the people of Arkansas would have never elected him Governor of this State. I'm charging the media of this State for not doing their duty and exposing these things that have since become matters of FACT."

Nichols: "He's a womanizing, dope-smoking LIAR and a draft dodger. [Very sarcastically!]: I don't remember those being in the Constitution as being exactly the model qualities we want in the President."

Narrator: Voters who depend on the media for unbiased information regarding political candidates have been betrayed. Much of the information concerning ADFA, Whitewater and Clinton's sexual promiscuity was known by the media as early as 1990, yet was kept hidden. The media's heavy pro-Clinton bias prior to the 1992 election was best summed up by Newsweek when they candidly stated: "Truth is, the press is willing to cut Clinton some slack because they like him and what he has to say."

In May 1994 Newsweek added: "The National Press has been restrained in its accounts of Bill Clinton's private life--and with good reason. Most of those who have made charges against him have been despicable people--jealous and stunted sorts."

Nichols: "What an indictment about the media. They knew the truth about Bill Clinton--they just didn't like George Bush. I know Bill Clinton, probably as well as anybody. We trained him how to look straight into a camera and lie through his teeth. And you see, part of Bill's pathological lying is the fact that WE TAUGHT HIM HOW TO BELIEVE THE LIE, THAT HE'S TELLING. ONCE HE BELIEVES THE LIE THEN HE CAN SELL IT TO YOU AS THE TRUTH.


Tom McKenney, Lt. Col, USMC (Ret): "Clinton can get us involved in hopeless quagmire, easily, in Europe, in Africa, in North Korea [H: I will comment on this shortly.], in any number of places because, not only because of his ineptness and his lack of understanding, but his contempt for military things. This goes back at least as far as the '60s in his college days when he not only attended, and participated in, anti-American rallies, but organized them. By the way, those were not anti-"war" rallies. Those were anti-American rallies. He has no loyalty to this nation, he has no loyalty to its fighting men. He hasn't enough integrity to have any loyalty to its population. He knows how to 'say' the right things but he has lied for so long that I really don't think he knows the difference, anymore, between the lie and the truth."

Nichols: "The media has not been able to ascertain, today, that there is a human being sitting in the Presidential chair of the United States of America that lies with EVERYTHING he says. They still believe somehow in the Office of the Presidency. They still believe there is some integrity there."

Narrator: Attempts to keep the criminal activities of Whitewater concealed were largely successful prior to the 1992 election. After that, however, the raging Whitewater rapids could no longer be contained. What the Clintons claimed as a simple "money-losing investment" was in actuality a series of complex business transactions and cover-ups ultimately costing the American taxpayers more than $60 million dollars.

Hillary Clinton, on TV: "When this is all over it's going to be the same story we have been telling for two years: We made a bad investment, we lost money, and there is really not much more to add to it."

Bill Clinton, on TV: "We have, and we have enforced higher standards against ethical conflicts than any previous Administration."

Jim Leach, U.S. Congressman: "(1) Whitewater may have begun as a legitimate real estate venture but it came to be used to skim, directly or indirectly, Federally insured deposits from an S&L and a small business investment corporation. When each failed, the United States Taxpayers became obligated to pick up the tab. (2) The family of the former Governor of Arkansas received value from Whitewater well in excess of resources invested. (3) Taxpayer-guaranteed funds were, in all likelihood, used to benefit the campaign of a former Governor. (4) The independence of the Government's regulatory system has been flagrantly violated in an effort to protect a single American citizen.

Bill Clinton: "People should not be able to raise questions that erode people's moral authority in this country."

Narrator: It quickly became obvious that Whitewater would engulf the Clinton Administration if ignored. A two-fold counterattack was put into action. The first was to win sympathy from the conservative populace, who are among his chief critics. Clinton embarked on a series of appearances partly promoting himself as a "born-again" Christian, who supports and practices traditional Biblical family values.

While the uninformed may have been fooled, those who realized what was happening were outraged at the blatant hypocrisy.

Bill Clinton, in church: "This is a place where I have come to seek Divine Guidance and Support and Reassurance."

Randall A. Terry, Director, Loyal Opposition: "You know, after Bill Clinton was in office for two days, he signed five Executive Orders shedding more innocent blood--the blood of innocent babies. Then he went on to try and get homosexuals in the military. He put Jocelyn Elders 'in' trying to distribute condoms to our kids. His AIDS czarina was promoting all kinds of vileness and yet his church pastor has not rebuked Clinton. He is still in close contact with him, he still stands by him and still says, 'He is a great Christian man!' This is an affront to heaven!"

Narrator: The second phase of the counter-attack was to appoint Robert Fiske as special prosecutor to head up the investigation into Whitewater. That same week the Rose Law Firm began shredding documents.

[Continued next chapter]



FRI., JUL. 8, 1994 10:34 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 326

FRI., JUL. 8, 1994

Nichols: "A lady came to me, scared to death. She wanted to come out and tell the truth. I asked her, 'What's the matter?' She said, 'They're shredding documents at the Rose Law Firm.' Well, I tried to tell the media. The media said there was no way that could be going on. Then in came a journalist from a Washington newspaper and he goes over and investigates what I told him and you know what? The very week he investigated, guess what they were doing? Shredding documents, right there at the Rose Law Firm."

Jeremy Hedges, Former Employee, Rose Law Firm (one of the "shredders"): "They had his initials printed all over them--everything from the box to the manila files to everything--I even saw his [Bill Clinton's and/or Vince Foster's] signature on the Rose Firm letterhead." [It appears this person is referring to Vincent Foster.]

Nichols: "You see, all of the Whitewater documents, they're getting rid of. They are getting rid of them as fast as they humanly can. It is the nerve and audacity that those two people, Bill and Hillary Clinton, have to shred documents, to destroy evidence in a Federal case..."

Randall A. Terry (To a group of people gathered outside the Rose Law Firm building.): "That is why we're here in front of the Rose Law Firm--because of the works of darkness that have gone on. Documents have been shredded here--what else is going on here? I'm telling you that there are people inside this building and right now they are saying, 'If they only knew--if they only knew!'"

Female speaker (Former employee, Rose Law Firm): "I've been very, very disappointed in the Clinton Administration. Every time I think that now they're going to do something right, something comes out that proves they have been lying and I just don't trust them any more."

Narrator: During that same week there was also a fire at the Stephens-owned Worthen Bank Building.

Nichols: "This fire was on the fourteenth floor and supposedly was started by a space heater. I want you to look at this, will you, and tell me if you think it was an accidental fire started by a space heater. [Pictures showed opened and emptied files, desks and everything junked and then every inch of the room burned--obviously AFTER having been ransacked!] This is a CPA firm and the documents that were in this office were important documents relative to Whitewater.

"If you go back to Arkansas and you look at the Secretary of State's office, everybody that's ever run for office in recorded history, you can find out who their major campaign contributors are since day one--except for one person--Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton's records at the Secretary of State's office disappeared. You see, they did it then and they'll do it now. All information pertinent to Whitewater, any notes left by Vince Foster, any personal documents that would lead anywhere to any type of criminal activity, they're just going to be destroyed."

Narrator: Fiske's initial assignment was to quell rumors regarding the alleged suicide of Vince Foster. Foster was a senior partner with Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell at the Rose Law Firm prior to his appointment as White House Deputy Counsel.

Judge Johnson: "In fact he was handling the Clinton personal legal matters while he was in the position as Assistant to the President, in violation of a conflict of interest at that time."

Narrator: A number of key questions remain in the death of Vince Foster.

According to the official report Mr. Foster shot himself in the mouth at Ft. Marcy Park on July 20, 1993. If this were true there would have been large amounts of blood at the scene. However, initial paramedic reports disclosed very little blood on or around the body. There was no gunpowder residue in his mouth or on his face and there were no broken teeth or damaged lips. Initial reports also indicate there was no exit wound and yet, remarkably, no bullet was ever found.

In addition, the gun was still in Foster's hand which would be highly unlikely due to the natural reflexes occurring in this type of suicide. Incredibly, the death was ruled a suicide BEFORE an autopsy or ballistics test had been performed. As expected, Bill Clinton has expressed no interest in finding out what really happened to his life-long friend.

Nichols: "Any credible forensic pathologist will tell you, in a second, that the man didn't shoot himself--the way they describe it. Well, if he didn't shoot himself the way they describe it--then is it not murder?"

Narrator: In March 1994 the White House released a photograph which they claim proved beyond any doubt that Foster killed himself. However, the photo depicted a gun in Foster's right hand even though he was left-handed. It also showed the body surrounded by brown leaves, yet Foster died in mid-summer--before leaves had begun to fall. And numerous reporters on the scene confirmed that there were no leaves on the ground.

More puzzling is the fact that sources for the FBI and Park Police originally announced that no photos had been taken at the crime scene.

Most disturbing was the reluctant admission by the White House, five full months after the event occurred, that four members of Clinton's staff had ransacked Foster's office the night he died.

Nichols: "Now, that team consisted of Nussbaum, his personal secretary, Hillary Clinton's personal secretary, Patsy Thomasson--and they said it was for "National Security". Well, not any of those people would have that much interaction with national security.

"Let me tell you specifically why they were there: Nussbaum was there, with his personal secretary, to scour the office and to look for anything that he might have had relative to Whitewater. Why on earth would Hillary's personal secretary be there? That makes no sense because what would she have to do with national security? She was there for one reason: and that was to check and see if there were any love notes or personal notes to Hillary from Vince, etc.

"Patsy Thomasson was the top aide for DAN LASATER when he was running his company and doing all the dope. You don't need to say that she was there taking care of Dan Lasater's interests in the White House."

Narrator: As mentioned earlier, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority had been laundering its drug money through the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), founded by Clinton's chief financial backer, Jack Stephens. This collapsed in the early 1990s. Millions of depositors and taxpayers lost billions of dollars, making it the worst banking scandal in history. Heading up BCCI was former defense secretary, CLARK CLIFFORD. The overwhelming criminal charges against Clifford were eventually dismissed by President Clinton.

The attorney for Clifford and BCCI was none other than ROBERT FISKE. Fiske knew that a thorough investigation of Whitewater would eventually lead to ADFA and his former client, BCCI. Fiske also knew that he would never be able to complete his investigation, since it is illegal to prosecute a former client. Fiske was not suggested by the Justice Department to investigate Whitewater, at all, but to simply subpoena documents and testimony, making sure they NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!

Nichols: "So you see, Robert Fiske is a scam. He knows all that. He knows more than we do about what is legal and what is not. He has one little trick and that is 'power of subpoena'. He gets anybody with any documents anywhere that he can find and he subpoenas those records and they are never seen again."

Judge Johnson: "Will those records be the same when they come out of 'their' control as they were when they went into their control?"

Nichols: "He's gone, personally, over to Congress begging them not to have a Congressional hearing because it would impede his investigation. It won't impede his investigation--it will just bring forth the evidence to the public that he is trying to hide to cover for his buddies, Bill and Hillary Clinton."

Bill Dannemeyer, Congressman: "The investigation of Whitewater is being handled by an independent special counsel whose appointment I supported. Our cooperation with that counsel has been total."

R. Terry: "Remember that everything that Mr. Fiske touches goes under the guise of the Grand Jury and then it's sealed. That is not what the U.S. Constitution calls for."

Nichols: "Now just think for a moment, if there are papers that prove you did nothing wrong, then why would you destroy them so that they don't come out? Why would you hide behind subpoenas and the cloak of secrecy? No, you see, Bill and Hillary Clinton have something to hide! And only through a Congressional Hearing does this nation have a snowball's chance of that truth coming to the light of day."


Narrator: Today, threats and harassments continue against people who want to come forward and tell the truth. In February 1994, veteran journalist L.G. Davis was viciously beaten. His attackers stole pages from his notebook which contained information about the inner workings of the Rose Law Firm. Ronald Rogers, who possessed important information about Bill Clinton, was killed in a suspicious plane crash just hours before his scheduled interview for this film.

In May 1994 Cathy Ferguson, former wife of Clinton body guard, Danny Ferguson, was found DEAD after telling coworkers that Paula Jones' allegations against Clinton were, indeed, true. Not surprisingly, her suspicious death was labeled a suicide.

Nichols: "There are lots of people that come to me who want to tell the truth. They come to me but they are afraid. They are afraid of losing their jobs; they're afraid of family members' or themselves being hurt. Don't be afraid! Bill Clinton doesn't own the world. He doesn't scare me and he shouldn't scare you. I wish all of you would do what I have done: Stand up, and stand up for the country. I want my daughter to know that if you stand up and tell the truth, you're OK. Right now all she sees is if you stand up and tell the truth, you'll be destroyed.

"If you are a pathological liar--lying through your teeth with every breath, hurting people needlessly--you'll get to be President! You want that? I don't want it! If I had anything to say to Bill Clinton, you know what it would be? 'It's bound to be a great burden to walk around lying from one thing to another and never tell the truth. Bill, tell the truth. Come clean. Oh, you might not get to be President but the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! It'll set all of us free and it'll save the nation.'"

Bill Clinton, on TV: "I've still not been accused of doin' anything wrong because I haven't done anything wrong--and I'm not gonna' do anything wrong."

Bill Dannemeyer, Congressman: "The one office that all of us universally look up to, irrespective of what Party or political philosophy we espouse, is the Presidency of the United States. Since the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, we Americans, with sadness, have learned week after week to have different stories come out from around the country, pointing up the reality that we have, in the White House today, a draft-dodging womanizer who is a pathological liar. It's a very dangerous thing for America and a dangerous thing for the world. I can only conclude that the responsible course for the House of Representatives is to introduce a Resolution of Impeachment against Bill Clinton. It is with sadness that I make this statement because this sanction will introduce something that we Americans don't want to see in our political process. But we can't continue down the course of what we see unfolding before our eyes almost every week or almost every day. And the best thing for all of us is to get it out in the open and go forward and let the chips fall where they may.

"Under our Constitution, the House introduces a Resolution of Impeachment and the U.S. Senate is the place where a trial takes place. I think, for the good of the country and the good of peace and the tranquility of the Western world, this is a course the Congress should take."

* * *

[Displayed on the TV screen:]

"We have the highest ethical standards in this White House, you can be assured of that."--Vice President Al Gore.

Americans are urged to contact their Representatives IMMEDIATELY and insist that Congressional Hearings begin at once without any interference from Robert Fiske.

If any additional harm comes to anyone connected with this film, or their families, the people of America will hold Bill Clinton PERSONALLY responsible.

TO ORDER ADDITIONAL COPIES OF THE CLINTON CHRONICLES, CALL 1-800-828-2290. In California call 1-800-633-0869.

For further information write The Citizens for Honest Government, P.O. Box 220, Winchester, CA 92596.

[End of Quoting; End of Tape.]

* * *

I would guess that the people who made and offer this film surely have a transcript of this tape. However, I ask that Rick Martin contact them and offer this transcription and any services which we may have ability to provide.


If you can't see what is happening, America, you are blind and perhaps it is time to simply also DIE.

The Clinton gang had planned a coup and war in Korea. Carter was sent to stop it--he did. Now Georgia is paying the price for that indiscretion by the deluge of water devastation--AND--Kim L. Sung was murdered LAST NIGHT!

One of the EARLY statements with the announcement of Sung's death by "APPARENT" heart attack--was: All agreements made with Carter are now "off"! That has not been repeated since dawn today--but I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE?


I also ask you to turn your attention to the ILLNESS of the representative from Japan to the G-7 meetings which has negated his presence at the most important business conferences in the world--for any nation. Shades of Bush in Japan? Shades of discipline against Japan? The LATTER with a twist of sick, black humor!!!

This horror of foul and corrupt dealings runs from the top offices to the most lowly single human citizen. (SEE THE ARTICLE BY RICK MARTIN REGARDING THE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AND PLIGHT OF JOHN SCHROEPFER IN LAST JOURNAL #101 & CHAPTER 6 THIS JOURNAL, OR 7/12/94 CONTACT WITH UPDATE IN 7/19/94 ISSUE.) There seems to be no level beneath which these scumbag slimeballs will not stoop to hurt in their neverending quest for total evil.




SUN., JUL. 10, 1994 9:16 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 328

SUN., JUL. 10, 1994


Dharma and I are just a bit "behind" as we sit to the keyboard this morning because I saw fit to have "us" do the transcription of the Clinton Chronicles video tape [see chapter 1-4] and that required a couple of days of focus on that subject--not just the tape in point.


I don't care what else you might think about Bill Clinton, Hillary, etc. These are products of total Mind-Control Programming. Both were created (born) to be prepared for their job and it is not them as individuals that should concern us--but LOOK TO THE "HANDLERS".

No, I am not going to get my scribe into a jeopardized position of KNOWING things nobody should know as a "whole". All she needs is exactly what is pouring forth--in confirmation, from ones such as Ronn Jackson. Enough to realize truth and recognize "players" in MY game but not enough to endanger self. It is now time to offer more insight as to players--TO ALL OF YOU and she will be AMONG "all of you".

There are some "players" who are "assumed" dead and gone. Bertrand Russell is among that grouping. Henry Ford is assumed among "that" group and so forth. The message I have for you and for Ronn is that some are far more "important" than are others in that there has been great interchange. For instance, Bertrand Russell, as do several others (among them Bernard Baruch) who have MET WITH ME AND KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS TAKING PLACE (or "knew", whichever eases your mind).

I am not here today to go into too much of that focus. I do want to allow Ronn to know that he is hearing very well and that on this end of the loop we are appreciative of confirmations because it has been a long five years for Dharma and "crew" with nothing much more than outrageous impact from the enemy. Those enemies, by the way, are going to rapidly start receiving their "rewards" for "service" pretty quickly NOW.

George Green ran off to Costa Rica last weekend--he might had better stay there for the PLAN they pulled around John Schroepfer is backfiring at every juncture! Set-up, friends? Indeed, the adversary fell into every trap I laid and GOT CAUGHT.


Several of you have written and asked if the George Green involved in Arkansas real estate is THE George Green who is involved here? Study the information--I WON'T ANSWER SUCH INQUIRIES WHEN INFORMATION IS THERE TO GIVE YOU ANSWERS IF YOU LOOK.


Why is George Green in Costa Rica? IS he in Costa Rica--or was that a staged program so he could pass through California and meet with attorneys, set up John's "play" and "players" and mislead? Oh, it does not matter at all--does it? But didn't we see something in the past few days about a "direct connection" between Mena [Arkansas] and Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a KNOWN hang-out for intelligence agents. Lots of them own a lot of things in Costa Rica, like banks--just as in Puerto Rico, Panama, etc. I like intelligent agents--but there are so few of them that I have to hunt and search. I really like the ones who have had intelligence enough to set the path of best course through several places such as AUSTRIA and THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Frankly, I LIKE and PREFER dealing with ones at THE TOP of the power structure for they are "bright" and have enough sense to KEEP THEIR AGREEMENTS??? THEY ALSO KNOW I HAVE ACCESS TO THE KEY PLAYERS OF THEIR OWN GAMES--ANY TIME I CHOOSE TO UTILIZE THAT PARTICULAR "CHANGE" OF MIND.


That is quite enough--because MAN will now have sufficient knowledge and REASON to look into the best course of action for his own "saving" of species, civilization and planet as a whole. Am "I" just a major "handler"? NOPE--I don't need to be a handler for in the ending--each will "handle" SELF.

I would suggest right here, however, that you of THE COMMITTEE who think you are so all-fired smart and in full power and control--ARE NOT--and you had best be looking at the advantage of doing something right--starting with America!! You children have learned and utilized a lot of interesting "future" technology--very well and good! But it is coming "out of control" and that very technology will rise up and devour you!


I'm not going to make big focus on the farce going on in Italy. All you nice readers have to do is LOOK AT THE PICTURES: BENTSEN ON ONE SIDE OF "BUBBA?" DUM-DUM, AND CHRISTOPHER ON THE OTHER SIDE! WHO DO YOU THINK WIELDS THE POWER IN THE LITTLE TRIAD? WELL, IT AIN'T CLINTON.


At first "conference" with me Ronn asked about "feelings" he had regarding a building on Wacker Dr. in Chicago. I said there were important places on Wacker and wouldn't respond--part of that was testing for me but it is important that HE realize the game is REAL and the place that is important--other than that which fits HIS needs--is 111 Wacker, Chicago! Why? Because it is the Israeli Consulate.

Now why would THAT be important? Because it is where a lot of records are KEPT. For instance, ones like Maholy, Hunt, North, etc., were well recognized record-wise there--for they served in getting key players OUT OF PANAMA--like for instance, Harari. Isn't it about time you started getting some of your own "intelligence" buddies out of their predicaments--simply because they "served"? I think Maholy may well have paid enough. Are THEY clean and pure? Of course NOT--they played in the "game" and got caught. The incredible part, however, is that their own team has done them in--I FIND THAT UNACCEPTABLE. Do you, for instance, feel simply "dispensable", Ronn? You are finally becoming VERY IMPORTANT INDEED!!! By the way, son--you keep your bargains and I'LL KEEP MINE!


Elsewhere in the paper, I assume, is a short letter from Ronn Jackson. If not I will share a paragraph with you readers which "I" find quite intriguing:

"Since the Committee of 16 ("17", I am patronizing the Commander) will most assuredly read this letter soon after it is published, may I recommend, 'Collins Brothers Mortuary' in Baltimore. Your 'Swan Song' is nearer than you believe."

Now what do you nice readers think might be found around or about Collins Brothers Mortuary??? Let's see now, Baltimore is in Maryland and Maryland is very convenient if you are flying bodies to and fro from, say, Dallas, Texas? Or, is this just a good preservation place where funerals are particularly well-DONE??

And, oh golly, gee whiz--what do "L.B.J." and "John Connally" possibly have in common BESIDES being Texans?




If any of you would sit and type every letter of every word in the paper--you would BETTER retain the information. If you typed every word as "thought" you would retain the information to even greater extent. If you then rewrite on a given subject wherein the names and circumstance are already inputted--retention and expression is easier. However, as we write--we input data--but she is not particularly interested and is NOT focused. I often find her working away [at the keyboard] for me while actually consciously planning dinner or listing duties waiting. A good "copy" typist, transcriber, or stenographer KNOWS exactly what I am saying here. The "job" becomes rote and the work is simply "performed". If the information needs recalling consciously--I can easily arrange it; she cannot, without "key" triggers. Often in copy work, if interrupted, it may take 15 to 20 minutes to find the place of interruption in text and/or "remember" the subject in point. This is NOT SPECIAL OR UNUSUAL--it is totally USUAL, NORMAL and happens to all of you most of the time.

For instance, unless I input information, Dharma can't tell you very much about the Secrets of Light, for which she is accused of gross plagiarism, any more than she can tell you about the Kennedy Assassination simply because she is from Dallas, Texas! So, is she just a computer? NO--SHE IS A HUMAN WHO RECEIVES AND RECORDS AND DOES HER JOB TO THE BEST OF HER ABILITY. HOWEVER, do not confuse KNOWING THE IMPORTANCE OR WORKINGS OF GOD AS REGARDS LIGHT--INDEED SHE DOES AND WOULD MAKE BINDER OF US&P APPEAR THE TOTAL FOOL IF QUESTIONED ON THE SCIENTIFIC ASPECTS OF THAT SUBJECT. DOES SHE UNDERSTAND IT OR FULLY COMPREHEND IT? NO--DO YOU?? THE CONCEPT IS IN POINT--NOT THE LANGUAGE OR DIAGRAMS--THOSE ARE FOR THE SCIENTISTS TO UNDERSTAND.


I am going to ask Dharma to type something out of Spotlight. It is a small "tear-sheet" type of thing which they ask you to copy and mail to "everyone". It is appropriate because of the emphasis placed on Clinton and Arkansas in this issue of the paper. I want you to read it and THINK, please. Let's see how far you are in recognition of truth in information and how well you keep up with information input from the varied directions and variety of subject material.

By the way, I hope that all of you get your hands on a recent copy [June 27, 1994] of Spotlight and look at the spread on Russian Armor on U.S. highways.

By the way, number two: You will note reference to Colin Powell--good notation--he and Schwarkopf are extremely IMPORTANT to keep in the back of your patriot minds!!!


Are any of you confused about what in the world Haiti is all about these days? Why all the boat people, problems, AIDS infection from those incoming people, etc.? You know and I know that if YOU just got out of their business the people would stay home and THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY PROBLEM--YOU HAVE MADE (CREATED) THE PROBLEM--SO WHAT FOR?? IT WOULD HARDLY BE A FAIR FIGHT BETWEEN HAITI AND THE UNITED NATIONS AS TO FIRE-POWER AND MILITARY CONFRONTATION--ONE NEUTRON-BEAM BOMB WOULD TAKE HAITI OFF THE MAP FOREVER. SO, WHAT IS GOING ON? Let us look at this article:

The tear sheet article is by a journalist who I respect greatly--but can't always agree with his "insight" into truth of circumstances. In specific point is this article which is no affront to his work or his own perceptions. It simply is an excellent discussion point for studying PROBABILITIES and POSSIBILITIES!



If you enjoyed the Cuban flotsam generated by Jimmy Carter; you'll love the coming Haitian deluge. By Mike Blair, July 11, 1994.

The Administration of President Bill Clinton is preparing for a flood of Haitian refugees to enter the United States beginning in a few weeks.

The Spotlight, through several sources, has learned that Clinton, under a more relaxed program that will allow Haitian refugees to enter the country, is believed to be preparing Fort Chaffee, Arkansas as a large temporary detention center for thousands fleeing from the island country wracked by prolonged civil strife.

For the past several weeks, according to these sources, there has been considerable construction work and other activity underway at the Fort Chaffee military reservation, which is located southeast of the city of Fort Smith, near the Arkansas border with Oklahoma.

According to one source, who asked to remain anonymous, Fort Chaffee has been quietly transformed into a detention center to hold up TO 20,000 PEOPLE. [H: I'm sorry, readers, this "teacher" just can't resist emphasizing some things to acknowledge "clues".]


This would not be anything really new for Fort Chaffee, although it does not come as particularly good news for the people around the sprawling military complex, including Fort Smith.

After President Jimmy Carter allowed thousands of supposed Cuban refugees into the United States in 1978 during what was known as the Mariel boatlift, many were temporarily housed there. Many also turned out to be convicts and dangerous mental patients eagerly tossed out of Cuba by dictator Fidel Castro.

As a result, many of these later undertook a violent uprising at Fort Chaffee and large sections of the detention area were burned.

For years since the influx of the Cubans the criminal element among them has been responsible for a sharp increase in violent crime throughout the United States, particularly noticed in Florida, New York, California and Texas, among states which have requested financial relief from the U.S. Government to help with the millions of dollars that have been spent by them to deal with the problem.

Many critics of a relaxation of barriers to a flood of Haitian refugees are fearful that a similar situation will result, plus the fact that the AIDS situation could be worsened in the United States.

Haiti has one of the very worst epidemics of AIDS in the world.


The Spotlight has learned that massive amounts of barbed wire to encompass the detention center have been shipped into Fort Chaffee, along with one report of 5,000 mattresses arriving there.

In addition, residents of the surrounding area have reported a steady flow of heavy construction equipment onto the military reservation.

There have also been reports of unusual activity in the Fort Smith-Fort Chaffee area involving foreign troops. One report indicated that some 300 Nigerian soldiers were seen in downtown Fort Smith.

Since the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is working with the Clinton Administration on the Haitian refugee issue, it is possible, sources told the Spotlight, that the Nigerian troops may be part of a UN effort to assist in maintaining or actually running the detention center. [H: IS EVERYBODY WITH ME? ALERT? ALERT? ALERT?]

President Clinton announced the new relaxed program involving the Haitian Refugees, as a result of heavy pressure from the Black Caucus in Congress, the NAACP and other Black organizations. He has appealed to the UN High Commissioner to help in encouraging other nations to accept at least 5,000 of the expected refugees. [H: But I thought they just said they were going to be able to house and expect to do so, 20,000 at Fort Chafee. And Clinton? In viewing the information regarding Clinton--just in this paper--DOES HE APPEAR TO BE THE GIVING, LOVING AND COMPASSIONATE KIND OF REFUGEE SAVIOR?]

So far, there have been few other countries willing to accept the Haitians, Canada being one of the very few exceptions. [H: Yes and it becomes very clear as to WHY!] Others may be taken by France, Venezuela, New Zealand and Australia, but most can be expected to be taken in by the United States. [H: Yes, that is WHERE you need the most "cover" for the REAL TRUTH OF THE ACTIVITIES!]

* * *

If you think this is a camp-out for refugees--you had better have your head examined--or perhaps if you are a goodly patriot--you can have that done for you on your way to the camp-out being planned all over your nation--FOR YOU!

You people can continue to debate, "ah ha--gotcha" as long as you "CAN"--but it would seem to me that it is time to take stock of what IS and stop the garbage collections.


Good grief, are we not fed up through and over the "gills" with Col. "Slo" Gritz?? I enjoy the ongoing slime seepage for he and his bunch just prove the point of "handlers" and false teachers! Listen to what he says (as lots of you are doing because I get same-day feedback). No, don't stop calling and mailing--just begin, please, to look at probabilities as with the above DISINFORMATION. We don't have to blame or insult anyone--for their perceptions. It is YOU who must discern and judge and be pleased when you realize you are seeing "through" the set-up shield.

Who is Bo Gritz? He is a product of a programming PROGRAM. He is a born-again Christian if that is suitable to his immediate needs; he is a Mormon if that helps; he is a patriot if that is a good idea; he broke open the Golden Triangle drug stuff--if that is a good speak for the moment. HE IS A LIAR IN EVERY INSTANCE! So WHY WOULD "I" BE CONCERNED WITH HIS PRATTLINGS ON NATIONAL RADIO ABOUT ATON AND HATONN? He says, "now" that it is convenient to speak in relationship to facts--that "Aton" "does, after all" exist and was/is the "Light" represented by the "Sun", etc., etc., but "beware" HE NOW SAYS, because that old Aton is really only a name for Lucifer (well, brother Bo, YOU offer honor and service in your Masonic order, Mormonism, etc.--TO LUCIFER). Are you confused, perchance?? You are doing one thing very worthy FOR ME--YOU ARE PROVING TO ALL THE ONES WHO LISTEN THAT YOU ARE BELFRY BATTY, UNLEARNED, UNREAD AND TOTALLY ABSURD.

It might be good if your own "HANDLERS" would point you in the right direction because a lot of things in which you could serve mightily are coming down the pike and isn't it time you stopped with the lies and drivel and started doing YOUR JOB?

I love you greatly, but the crew in your adversarial game to destroy me and our work--is realizing that you bothersome blockers are now not only useless--but actually are a detriment to their plans--AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS--THAT YOU ARE NOW NOT ONLY EXPENDABLE--BUT WILL BE EXPENDED!

Does anyone who listens to him regularly REALLY LISTEN? He tells you that flames are wallboard, there are no black copters, there are no Russian armaments in the U.S. and on and on and on. There is, there are and now you have SURFACE-TO-SURFACE MISSILES MOVING AROUND YOUR NATION--WITH RUSSIAN MARKINGS!! WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS, AMERICANS?? WILL YOU REALLY BE THE LAST TO KNOW--OR, BETTER YET--WILL IT REALLY BE THE LAST THING YOU EVER KNOW?

"ATON", for you inquiring minds--is simply a high-Egyptian name for GOD! the ONE, THE ONE LIGHT! I "Hatonn" am labeled a liar? By whom? Obviously it is BY THE VERY LIARS WHO HAVE PROVEN THEMSELVES TO BE SUCH OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN--HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO UNDERSTAND? I serve GOD CREATOR, THE LIGHT, THE SOURCE--YOU NAME IT! I am sent as of the HOSTS OF GOD! I don't lie, SAVE, or force--and that really BOTHERS the false teachers, doesn't it? Further, YOU DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA OF THE REALITY OR PRESENCE OF GOD! DON'T YOU THINK IT IS TIME YOU BEGIN TO ATTEND POSSIBILITIES? So be it.


By the way--for you "inquiring minds"--one of your nice large UNDERGROUND FACILITIES is under Fort Chaffee (Fort Smith). I think it's time for all of you to get your hands on our past journals--and STUDY YOUR LESSONS. WE HAVE GIVEN YOU ENOUGH TO LAST YOU, GOOD FRIENDS, AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU! As a matter of FACT, William Clinton is a product of that facility with cross genetic DNA from such as Rockefeller, et al. YOU had better wash out the grit from your eyes, citizens.

Ah, but what of:


Revelation 6:4: And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the Earth, and that they should kill one another; and there was given unto him a great sword.

I suggest you all pay attention to what is going on in what was Yugoslavia and Macedonia as relates to what is happening with that "red horse".

Remember that Clinton continued the "Emergency" in the area "there". Was that an accident? No. I suggest you particularly keep in mind: Hill 703 in Macedonia. Does anybody know what the Serbs are doing? Who are THE SERBS? Hmmmnnn...!?

What of Bosnia and importance of that area? Briefly, it is one of the most important locations on your globe. Ask the Greeks! Why, however, should the U.S. be on National Emergency because of Bosnia? Why did not the Europeans take action and do something about Bosnia? The war doesn't show signs of stopping and over half a million people have died--what's with this?

Well, the ones in charge, in reference to European intervention, HOPE that by doing nothing they will somehow be able to stall-off or stop World War III from becoming a reality. Another answer is that the Bosnia conflict is something THEY created with the planned breakup of the former Yugoslavia. The Balkans have been a flashpoint for war historically because they represented strategic frontiers of interest and influence of the BIG POWERS AND THE CONFLICTS OF ETHNIC GROUPINGS IN THE REGION.

I do not have time nor inclination to get into that arena of discussion today, but we will try to focus on its importance at another time. I would prefer you take stock of what is happening within your own place and discretion.


This term and activity is moving like wild-fire across your nation--is it viable and feasible? YES, TO BOTH QUESTIONS!! How else do you think you will change your government? Do you have to go to WAR? No, but that is not in point here!

I will leave you with a quotation from Capt. Ray Southwell, Northern Michigan Regional Militia: "We are not extremists. We are not white supremacists. But we are all concerned about where our federal government is going... and of the abolishment of our Bill of Rights and Constitution."

I would say that THAT is not a matter of race, creed or color--Citizen!! God will march WITH you when you get your GOAL AND DIRECTION CORRECT!! I don't think you even need to concern selves with THE NAME YOU CALL HIM!

I salute you who labor IN and WITHIN the "vineyard"--remember that from the vineyard comes the fruit that, properly cared for, LIGHTS THE LAMPS! SALU.



TUE., JUL. 12, 1994 8:26 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 330

TUE., JUL. 12, 1994

Dharma, there are so many important things piled up here as to bury us if we don't set priorities.

It is important that we offer, regularly, THE USURPERS, so we will need to write once a day if possible on that subject. The players will meld after awhile with that which is going on elsewhere. It is also VERY important that we offer the players in the China game. That, of course, will bring Kissinger back into your laps. There are many powerful players around and, if not themselves literally--then you will find their energy forms making massive impact--such as someone not mentioned often but nonetheless--very important: that one is Mellon and of course you must not forget J.P. Morgan! Another you will find popping up is Carnegie. These nice people will find they have a very large problem with what we refer to as the "Khazarian Sweep". But so much for that today--Ronn can begin to really fill you in on that subject shortly.

We also have a series of articles written by Eustace Mullins which are so important that we will have to take time to share them as we can do so. In view of all of your own, Schroepfer's, and Mullins' own problems, his topic of JUDGES OR CRIMINALS? is of utmost interest. We will move as quickly as possible.

You will have a bit of fun, as shall I, to learn that in 1676 some old friend was doing quite a bit of information writing in what was called HATTON'S CHRONICLES. It seems that this old friend was trying to tell you about the problems then, and they have come full circle NOW. One nice quote was: "I punish myself yet I may revenge myself upon you for your little scraps of paper." It has never been that you have been without guidance and input--IT IS, AS NOW, THAT MAN REFUSES TO LISTEN OR ACCEPT TRUTH. Well, you are moved into the time when you WILL either find truth and act upon it OR YE SHALL FALL.

Let us move to a few pages of THE USURPERS, please.

by Medford Evans

Western Islands (publishers), Belmont, Massachusetts 02178, 1968.

Continuation from Chapter IV: Washington V. C.


The Department of State is more remote from daily life, and yet--as perhaps befits the unknown--it is in its own way the most feared and distrusted of the four. [H: Ref.to: Defense, Justice, Treasury and State "Departments".] Recently civilians have learned what military officers overseas learned long ago--that in a "Country Team" the State Department representative ranks number one. A "Country Team"--for those who have not read Robin Moore's novel--is a group of United States officials in a foreign land which acts as a coordinating committee for operations of our government in that country. The Country Team for the United States itself is the President's cabinet--in which, besides the Big Four, other departments, notably that of Health, Education and Welfare, are represented. The Secretary of State, however, remains, as it were, the Prime Minister. [H: Now readers, in that capacity of "Prime Minister" at this current date resides the number "A-5" member of the Committee of 16 (17)--Warren Christopher. Just bear it in mind.]

Regrettably, the informed citizen has lost confidence in the State Department--and with reason. The decline of American prestige is due to the policy of the State Department.

The U.S. State Department, through adroit diplomacy in which the enormous military and economic power of the United States is employed to gain national advantage and guarantee national security, should be the "automatic pilot" of the ship of state. Together with the Department of Defense, it should stand between the citizen and every foreign threat, from that of a solitary brigand or pirate to that of the world conspiracy officed in the Kremlin--whether the Kremlin is the main office or a local branch. Similarly, the Justice Department should support and supplement the governments of the fifty states in protecting the citizen against crime and internal disorder. Security in his person and property is the rational justification for the citizen's taxes (which the Treasury Department is so zealous to collect) and for submitting to those infringements of personal liberty which both the Justice and Defense Departments so powerfully impose.

The crisis of our time is that too many citizens no longer feel secure in person or property. Though the cost of government mounts daily, the protection government promises is even more precarious. From riots in the streets and debacles abroad, the suggestion insistently recurs that the government agencies which ought to guard us against danger are in fact becoming part of the danger! Just before the "Battle of Oxford" [Miss.] the first person to arrive on the scene, like a director an hour before curtain time, was Ed Guthman, then public relations officer for the Justice Department. It is impossible to study the complete record of the operation at the University of Mississippi in September 1962 (when Negro James Meredith was forcibly enrolled in the previously all-white institution) without a growing conviction that the whole drama was deliberately staged--a vast and violent morality play--and that the producer was the Government of the United States itself. The Government acted through the Justice Department, then under Bobby Kennedy, whose director on location was his Deputy, Nicholas deB. Katzenbach. The cast, of course, included a multitude of actors and extras. There was an astonishing degree of Aristotelian unity in the drama.

These two, the Secretaries of State and Defense, are the obvious VIP's of the cabinet. Their historic associates, the Secretary of the Treasury and the Attorney General, are, however, indispensables. You have to tax to govern, and if you are to tax two things are essential: (1) somebody to collect, (2) somebody to punish those who resist the collection. From the citizen's point of view, the most important function of government is protection. From the official's point of view the most important function is to tax. There is a congenital susceptibility of government to take the power necessary to combat foreign enemies and domestic criminals and turn it against the ordinary citizen himself--who usually seems less formidable, and who is, in any case, the prime source of revenue. The result is that the taxes paid for governmental protection are like payoffs to gangsters. In each case the protection you are getting is just protection from the collector's own organization! The taxes you pay the Federal Government don't protect your country very well against the encroachments of Communism, but they protect you from Federal arrest.

Of the four top cabinet positions, I shall attempt to deal with the incumbents of only two--State and Defense. This selection is in part due to the inherent importance in 1968 of foreign policy--of Vietnam and all it signifies--and in part due to the lackluster character of the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry H. Fowler, and the Attorney General, Ramsey Clark. Not that they are unimportant. They are very important. So are the two zeros in the number 100. The position is what counts.

Henry H. Fowler is important because he is Secretary of the Treasury [H: Insert Bentsen]; Ramsey Clark is important because he is Attorney General [H: Insert Reno]. OUT of office, neither has really distinguished himself. [H: Forget THAT with Bentsen--but Reno is just a male/female impersonator puppet.] While it would be presumptuous to treat them with scorn, it would be reckless to treat their statecraft with respect. [H: I believe that at that time (1968) you will find the payroll status was DIFFERENT. Now these two positions are PAID by the International Monetary Fund which makes THESE PEOPLE DIRECTLY EMPLOYEES OF THE WORLD ORDER UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS, ET AL.] God made them and therefore let them pass for men (pace Portia) but Lyndon Johnson appointed them and therefore as public officials the burden of proof is on them. So far, they have not proved anything--except that Ramsey Clark is Tom Clark's son, and that Henry H. Fowler is a very prudent lawyer and bureaucrat. Fowler contrived in the late 1940s, for example to acquire something of a reputation as a "conservative." At the same time he appeared at the 1947 Hearings on the AEC confirmation of David E. Lilienthal as a quite important rebuttal witness against serious allegations that Lilienthal's TVA had been shot through with Communists. Reports of such infiltration were common in Knoxville and Chattanooga in the 1930s. Fowler and Lilienthal were on good enough terms for Lilienthal to refer to him in his Journals as "Joe" Fowler, which appears to have been his nickname, though his full name is Henry Hamill Fowler. Lilienthal writes that "Joe" Fowler wanted him in 1945 to help set up (fortunately nothing came of this) a "TVA" for the Ruhr and the Rhineland in a post-war demilitarized Germany. Sounds sort of Morgenthauesque, doesn't it? No reason to think, though, that Fowler was very serious about it. He had a job then with the Foreign Economic Administration. He seems to be a man who always has a job and does what he is supposed to do. Now he is Secretary of the Treasury. He is supposed to do what Johnson and the Establishment tell him to do. As for Ramsey Clark, he is keeping the seat warm. He is young (40) and, I believe, athletic.

Ramsey Clark and Henry Fowler represent what possibilities there are in Washington for industry and luck. Fowler has undoubtedly worked hard, and now he has a prestigious position; Clark, who also has a good job, is the no doubt slightly bewildered son of a Supreme Court Justice, who in his day as a bureaucrat was at once sharp, and assiduous, and had a perhaps calculated ambiguity. He has resigned from the Supreme Court to give his son a clear field as Attorney General. A fond hope. But I believe that young Clark, if not brilliant, is courageous. He, too, will do what he is told, even if it is sometimes personally embarrassing--as it must have been when, in 1967, he had to oppose Federal legislation against stirring up race riots, and then, in 1968, favor the same kind of legislation, with no explanation of the reason for the change.

Henry Fowler and Ramsey Clark are bureaucrats, successful Government organization men.

We must keep our attention on two kinds of Federal officials among those who made things happen, those who either are, or are at one with, the Usurpers. But for practical purposes I shall call them the Operators and the Schemers. Operators are top organization men. They help create policy. They carry out policy. They get obedience from myriads of subordinates in extensively organized bureaus. Schemers figure the angles and dream up gimmicks. They really prefer not to have direct executive responsibility, but sometimes it is thrust upon them. In practice, Operators scheme and Schemers operate, but the character of a man inclines him to be, as a rule, more naturally one than the other.

I have, in the personal analyses that follow, classified Dean Rusk, Robert McNamara, and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach as Operators. They go for big jobs--not demagogic, elective jobs, but big managerial jobs, bossing directly a lot of people.

Rusk and Katzenbach in the number one and number two jobs in State, McNamara who was number one in Defense for so long--these are the Operators of the Usurpation. A different sort of mentality and personality appears in the three Schemers of the Usurpation whom I have chosen to write about--Walt Rostow, Abe Fortas, and Clark Clifford. Yet, as fate would have it, the third of these, willy-nilly, in March of 1968, had to become an Operator himself, while his predecessor in the top spot at the Pentagon moved on up to the World Bank, where he has to scheme among the Olympians of international intrigue.

The seventh personality whom I have dwelt upon at some length is certainly both Schemer and Operator. By nature more of a Schemer, yet by position the number one Operator of the world--is Johnson himself.



"It is Rusk's veiled strength that most impresses the handful of men who deal with him regularly..." Max Frankel in The New York Times Magazine.

In April 1962, attorney Clyde Watts and I accompanied Major General Edwin A. Walker (Resigned) as he testified before the Stennis Committee of the United States Senate on the "Muzzling of the Military".

It was now a year after Walker had been relieved of his command, in Germany, of the U.S. Army's 24th ("Victory") Division--an action taken April 17, 1961, THE SAME DAY as the Bay of Pigs, and, like that bloody fiasco, still cloaked in mystery. President Kennedy, Defense Secretary McNamara, and Assistant Defense Secretary Arthur Sylvester had jumped channels to make sure that Walker was gotten out of Bavaria, though his operational record there had been distinguished. Oddly involved in that hatchet job on one of America's finest soldiers was an obscure journalist named John Dornberg, and a well-known radio commentator, Daniel Schorr, of the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Before the Stennis Committee (Special Preparedness Subcommittee of the Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate) General Walker, in a prepared statement, alluded to a "real control apparatus", a "real-decision-making apparatus", which "through the media of mass communication, the U.S. Department of State, and the information offices of the services" runs the American military. Explicitly, Walker told the Committee:

There are few more vital questions than: (a) Who controls the Defense Establishment of the United States? (b) How is the control exercised? (c) Toward what end is it directed? The Walker case shows that the apparent controls and the real controls are not the same. [The record reveals that General Walker had received words of praise and admiration for his performance in Germany from every echelon, beginning with the enlisted man and going right up to the Secretary of the Army.] It is evident that the real control apparatus will not tolerate militant anti-Communist leadership by a division commander.

Senator E.L. Bartlett, Democrat of Alaska, seemed to be shaken by the foregoing, as he ought to be. All of us ought to be. The Senator slept on it, and next day, Thursday, April 5, 1962, when the Hearing resumed, addressed Walker.

Bartlett: General, may I quote from one sentence of your prepared statement yesterday on page 3. I will quote the entire sentence. You said: 'It is evident that the real control apparatus will not tolerate militant anti-Communist leadership in a division commander.' Will you tell us just what you mean by the words 'real control apparatus'?

Walker: The 'real control apparatus' can be identified by its effects and what it is doing, what it did in Cuba, what it is doing in the Congo, what it did in Korea... the apparatus is those who wanted to see these things happen...

Bartlett: There exists in this country in positions of ultimate leadership a group of sinister men, anti-American, willing and wanting even to sell this country out. Is that the correct inference?

Walker: That is correct; yes, sir.

[H: By golly, are we actually going to begin to get some back-up proof of the "Committee(s)"?]

To the members of the Senate Committee, sheltered as some of them were by preconceptions, this thing was beginning to seem uncomfortably incredible. But the man from Juneau mushed on.

General, I think that the Nation is entitled to know the names of these men, because, according to this statement, they are traitors and ready to let this country go over to our enemies.

[H: I suggest that it is well PAST TIME to release those names, past and current, for they neither desire to actually turn the tide of your country as of today by keeping agreements which would provide assurance of same--NOR ARE THEY ATTENDING THEIR OWN PEOPLE. WE ARE ENTITLED TO PAST IDENTITY AND THE CURRENT IDENTITY AND POSITIONS OF ACTING MEMBERS OF THAT HANDFUL OF TRAITORS. I believe that the agreement was to keep quiet 'until July'--well, it is now July 12th! If the secrecy agreement was to prevent tattling of Reagan's involvement with homosexuality and AIDS acquisition along with the death by same disease of a spouse--it is too late--that is being plastered on billboards about your nation!]

Bartlett asked, and Walker told him. As men whom we would "question... with respect to our constitutional system, our sovereignty, our security, our independence," the unmuzzled "Pro-Blue" general gave the names of Walt Whitman Rostow and Dean Rusk.

There followed a moment of Senatorial consternation. Or perhaps, as I sat there at Walker's side, I only imagined an inward perturbation of Senators. For they are men good at saving the surface. But think of the implications! A general officer with thirty years of service in the United States Army, an outstanding if controversial figure in the news for one whole year, under oath before a Senate Committee identifies, as enemies of the United States, the United States Secretary of State and the Chief of the State Department's Policy Planning Council!

Perhaps the general officer is mad! This possibility, as fate would have it, was to be explored some six months later. General Walker was arrested at Oxford, Mississippi in the early Fall of 1962 at the time of the military occupation of the University of Mississippi in connection with the Meredith case. Flown from Oxford to Springfield, Missouri--under authority of a virtual lettre de cachet issued by Federal Judge Claude Clayton--Walker was held in a maximum security cell from which he would most likely never have emerged had he not had friends and family of considerable wealth and influence.

From such incarceration, moreover, General Walker would have emerged only with the stigma of madness had he not enjoyed such extraordinarily good mental health--one might say such antiparanoia--that even the actual persecution to which he had been subjected did not disturb his equanimity, did not prevent a liberally qualified Dallas psychiatrist from finding on examination that Walker's mind was functioning at a "superior level". The General was not, is not mad. He might well have said to anxious adherents of the Establishment what Hamlet said to his mother:

Lay not that flattering unction to your soul, That not your trespass but my madness speaks.

From the dutifully horrified press the response was a pretense of amused disdain. What's a reporter to do? Nowadays, attacks on Rusk and Rostow from the Left are treated with respect, but in 1962 an attack from the Right was to be disposed of in the shortest way possible. And the shortest way is laughter. For a time it seemed that supercilious ridicule would do the trick. Rusk himself greeted a staff meeting: "Good morning, comrades!"--a gasser, as Frank Sinatra might say. Yet Rusk didn't like it a bit when an aide told this to the press as an example of his boss's urbane wit. (See Roger Hilsman's To Move a Nation, p. 42.)

Among "intellectuals" the view is widespread that national sovereignty is an evil thing. But if it was, and is after all, a matter of opinion as to whether Rusk and Rostow were, and are, enemies of United States constitutional independence, there was one issue of simple fact raised in this same connection by General Walker. In naming Rostow, he identified that eminent MIT professor as one who had "been in control of the operating arm OF THE CIA--SINCE 1954."

The Richmond News Leader later observed: "Few of Mr. Walker's statements excited higher indignation." Yet, as the Virginia journal also pointed out, Walker was right, and later testimony by others, largely ignored by the press, was subsequently published revealing that the Center for International Studies at MIT was a CIA operation. At the table with Walker in the Caucus Room of the Old Senate Office Building that morning in April 1962, I knew that the General knew what he was talking about--I knew the source inside the CIA where he got the information.

Intellectual fads change as sharply, and as irrationally, as skirt lengths and hair-dos. In 1967, Mary McCarthy would write of "the sinister Walt Rostow, said to be closest to the cupped Presidential ear," would speak matter-of factly of "the ties that have come to light between the CIA and the intellectual community," would observe that "the CIA has a special rapport with the traitor (who, if he is not bought, is usually an intellectual)." That last remark appears to reflect on CIA operations in Vietnam. But philosophical Mary makes a generalization about it. What Mary McCarthy writes in 1967 is "sophisticated"! And yet when Edwin Walker correctly anticipated her by five years he was derided by the sophisticated. No fool like a sophisticated fool.

If General Walker was right about Rostow's CIA connection, was he also right about Rostow's underlying hostility to the continued independence of a constitutional United States? Actually, Rostow has been rather open about this, having written that it is "an American interest to see an end to nationhood as it has been historically defined." Fair warning, you might say. He is now at Johnson's right hand.

Walt Rostow is not nearly so important a man as Dean Rusk. Rusk was the first man Walker named. The General disclaimed detailed knowledge:

"I cannot identify those that are in complete control of the apparatus. I have identified individuals who appear to think on the same lines as the apparatus, which has been a 'no win' policy."

As a rule, General Walker knows what he is talking about. Now, six years after he pinpointed the Secretary of State as "very influential" in achieving objectives of the "real control apparatus"--now, when we have a different President, but the same Secretary of State--perhaps we are in a better position to judge how close the General was to the mark that day in April 1962.

How powerful a man has Dean Rusk been? This is a question worth asking.

One matter must be dealt with first. What do we mean by power in an individual? Not physical strength, obviously. Almost as obviously, not intelligence as such. Neither the circus strong man nor the brilliant mathematician is necessarily powerful in the sense we intend. Money brings us a little closer to the meaning. The rich man has influence. Yet in Washington individual wealth alone is not of great importance. To be sure, there are scavengers enough and to spare, from the Capitol to the Pentagon, to take from the man of wealth all he has, but there are few to give him what he wants. A billionaire is an exceptional Croesus in our time, but his entire fortune is less than one per cent of an annual federal budget. What is power?

It is self-evident that in an organized society the man of power is an organization man. So then, what confers, or implies, power within an organization? Position, to be sure, but not necessarily the top position. The visible summit may be for show. On the other hand, the indispensable base will be composed of too many individuals for any one of them to be thought powerful. There is no Atlas on whose personal shoulders the world of Washington rests.

We should remember, by the way, that full dictatorship has not been achieved in the United States, and that even our most powerful man--whoever he may be--is not all-powerful. Men vary in the degrees of influence they wield, and it is natural to speculate that there is one who is more influential--not more than all the others combined but more than any other one. Who is this Monsieur X?

I think it likely that Dean Rusk is the most powerful man in Washington. He has shown survival value, and he is undoubtedly an organization man whose organizational ties extend outside the government. His only rival for the quarterback position was McNamara, and McNamara, for all his success in humiliating generals and admirals, never demonstrated, as has Dean Rusk, the ability to express contempt for the American people as a whole, for the whole American way of life, and get by with it.

Johnson is, as Robert Sherrill has called him, the "accidental President". But there is nothing accidental about Rusk. Rusk has remained in office throughout both the John Kennedy and Johnson Administrations. This is actually quite extraordinary. Nothing is more obvious than that LBJ personally would not want the same kind of advisers as JFK. We are familiar with the differences in style between the two Presidents, and it is a matter of record that in spite of talk about continuity, LBJ has replaced John Kennedy's choices whenever he could. He would not be able to replace Rusk unless he got the word. But it is almost surely Rusk who gets the word, and gives it. It should be recalled, by the way, that Rusk was not John Kennedy's personal choice. He was the choice of Establishmentarian Robert A. Lovett. It is widely thought that Kennedy wanted to get rid of Rusk. He never had a chance to try. Today, Johnson could no more fire him than he could fire J. Edgar Hoover. Both are trusted employees. The difference is that J. Edgar Hoover is trusted by the American people, while we do not know for sure who it is that trusts Rusk.

* * *

May we please have a rest break. I think we will have to catch up a bit with items for the paper while Rick is away for a couple of days to investigate the things happening in New Mexico.

Please let the "caller", Miller, know that we will follow-up. No, the craft are NOT OURS--but the activities are related to world events. Yes indeed, a new outbreak of "Mystery" death disease can be expected to spread again. The investigation gives Rick an opportunity to meet with the Hopi tribal leaders with whom he has been working on the ancient messages--that "they" claim came from their "star" brothers. I do believe, however, that once you decipher the drawings in Sand Canyon right under your noses that you will have more information about locations and artifacts. So be it. Some day perhaps we can have a staff large enough to do it all. Until then and when we can soon turn to spiritual matters--let us just try to make it through. I cannot ask you to much longer battle the adversary under such adverse conditions--we may well have to turn the paper over to more capable hands in the "National" arena as the price exacted from our individual friends is getting far too great. Thank you.



TUE., JUL. 12, 1994 2:41 P.M., YEAR 7, DAY 330

TUE., JUL. 12, 1994

THE USURPERS, Part 7: (Continued)

We do know that it is extraordinary for any Secretary of State to endure, as Dean Rusk has done, through the terms of two such very different Presidents as John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Only a few Secretaries of State in United States history have served for any length of time under two Presidents. Among the few are Timothy Pickering, who served under Washington and John Adams; John Forsyth, under Jackson and Martin Van Buren; William H. Seward, under Lincoln and Andrew Johnson; John Hay under McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. In none of these cases was the contrast between Presidents so sharp as with John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. A possible exception in the case of Lincoln and Andrew Johnson--perhaps another of the curious parallels between the two Johnsons. In every case the Secretary of State was an outstanding man. And we can say that of Dean Rusk.

Andrew Johnson could not in practice do what any President can do in theory--simply fire one of his cabinet members. He had no reason to want to fire Seward, who alone stood with him against a hostile Congress. He certainly did, however, want to fire Edwin M. Stanton, his Secretary of War. But Stanton's support in Congress was so strong that the "Tenure of Office" Act was passed, which formalized Congressional pressure to uphold the Cabinet Officer against the Chief Executive. When Andrew Johnson proceeded to try to force Stanton's removal, he was promptly the target for formal impeachment. Only the Constitutional provision that a two-thirds vote of the Senate is required to convict on impeachment saved Andrew Johnson from being himself removed from office instead of his Secretary of War. Thirty-five Senators voted against the President, nineteen for him. Had it been thirty-six and eighteen, Stanton would have stayed and Johnson would have gone. As it was, the President of the United States in 1868 was demonstrably one of the less powerful figures in Washington--not to be compared with Charles Sumner or Thaddeus Stevens.

There is today no Tenure of Office Act, but as a practical matter it seems doubtful that the President of the United States in 1968 could, if he wanted to, fire his Secretary of State. Rusk is clearly more intelligent and better educated than Johnson. But if Rusk were soft, or if his connections were anywhere weak, then, superior intelligence or not, he could have been cut down by a computer like McNamara or a Texas diamondback like Johnson. On the record, Rusk is of an enduring toughness. To appreciate that fact, do this instant replay:

The Korean War and the Vietnamese War represent a tremendous turn in the history of nations. What interests us at this moment is that Rusk is the common denominator in both wars! These wars represent, quite possibly, the beginning of the end of nationhood (to return to Rostow's phrase)--most notably for the United States, but ultimately for all other nations as well. Since nations must be ended, they say, to make way for World Government, these strange wars represent obscurely the first serious attempts to establish a world order not centering--as did the age of British Imperialism--around any national sovereignty. For the nation most heavily committed to both the Korean and Vietnamese Wars--i.e., the United States--has refused as a major point of policy to make its own national interest the measure of its conduct of either war. The United States fought in Korea under the banner of the United Nations. The United States in Vietnam, though now under its own flag, has an even less clearly defined objective than it had in Korea. In both wars the United States Government not only refused to make victory its objective, but took punitive measures against those who sought victory--against General Douglas MacArthur, against General Edwin A. Walker. Since the day that MacArthur was cashiered, no U.S. commander in any field of combat (except Oxford, Mississippi) has sought victory. And since the series of persecutions of General Walker, no officer has even spoken in recognizable terms of national victory.

It is generally admitted now that our military failure in Korea--we did fail, General Mark Clark himself said that he was the only U.S. commander in history who ever had to surrender on the field of battle--our failure was not due to superiority of the enemy, who indeed was inferior, and not due to mistakes made by our military officers. It was due completely and solely to a deliberate decision by the Administration in Washington to avoid victory and yield half of Korea to the Communists. The outstanding result of this decision by United States politicians was to make Red China what it had never been before--a great power. National prestige is greatly affected by achievement in war.

There was widespread reluctance to believe that American Communists would betray the United States to the Red Chinese and thus the stalemate in Korea and the American willingness to negotiate were accepted as evidence of previously unsuspected power in Peking. Even publication of undisputed facts showing that MacArthur had been restrained by Washington from winning the victory he could have won did not dispel the illusion of Communist China's military power, for these facts were too bizarre to be fully realized even when they were in cold intellect accepted.

To be short about the whole matter, Washington directed the Korean War in such a way as to make Red China a great power. Red China could not make itself a great power, and Soviet Russia could not make Red China a great power. Soviet Russia, could not to that end "take a dive"--to use boxer's lingo--for what would be the point in elevating Communist China if Communist Russia were downgraded in the process? But if the more or less hidden Communist sympathizers in the American government could induce Washington to "take a dive", then not only would the prestige of Red China be abruptly and enormously enhanced, but simultaneously, through downgrading of "non-Communist" America, the Soviet Union and the whole Communist bloc would be correspondingly elevated in "world opinion".

In the area of foreign affairs it is no novelty to suggest that United States officials supposed to guard the national interest have actually operated from an international point of view. The classic case is the role of our State Department and of the Institute of Pacific Relations in the revolution in China in the early days of Communist activity there. American experts--among whom Dean Rusk was a key figure--were indispensable to the assumption of power by the Communists. The misrepresentation of Mao Tse-tung and company as "agrarian reformers" could not have been intended to deceive anyone but the American public, for everybody else either knew the truth or did not care. The truth about the Chinese revolutionaries was nearer to what the State Department says today--has said since the great Sino-Soviet "split" began to be serialized on the networks. We are asked to believe that the Chinese "agrarian reformers" of 1949 are the fanatical Stalinist extremists of the 1960s! No suggestion is ever offered as to when, why, or how this radical transformation took place. The truth is that they are Communists now and they were Communists then.

The conspirators of Peking, Moscow, Berlin, London, Paris and Washington, D.C. are disciplined revolutionaries committed to the overthrow of all existing institutions. They may assume various and superficially conflicting roles from time to time according to circumstances, in order to serve more faithfully the one common purpose of universal destruction. In the 1940s American Communists were strong enough within the Institute of Pacific Relations [IPR] to make of that supposedly learned society a powerful instrument of Communist propaganda and policy-formation, with incalculable influence on the State Department's eventually decisive position on China. No single theme or catch-phrase of IPR propaganda was more effective than repeated suggestion that Mao Tse-tung's party was not really Communist, not in the ruthless style of Stalin. The Chinese Communists, we were told in 1947 and 1948, were not actually part of the sophisticated and brutal conspiracy of the Kremlin. As we have seen, they were said to be only simple agrarian reformers, indignant at the historic corruption of China, brothers under the skin with blunt, honest Americans like General Joseph W. "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell. Stilwell's disgust with his own government's support of Chiang Kai-shek had once led him to exclaim that he would like to "shoulder a rifle" with Chu Teh, the Chinese Communist--the Chinese agrarian reformer--general.

On the staff of General Stilwell in the China-Burma-India Theater in 1945 was Colonel Dean Rusk, who after World War II rose in the civilian ranks of the U.S. War and State Departments until at the time of the Korean conflict he was in a sufficiently high position--Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs--to take a decisive part in the ousting of General Douglas MacArthur. Dean Rusk's career as a government official--but not as a power in the Establishment--was interrupted by nine years of service as chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation. He had previously been close enough to this gigantic source of largesse to support a request for a grant from it to the Institute of Pacific Relations. [H: Henry Kissinger is a big player in that sector of "Pacific Relations" and has been for a long, long time.]

As recently as 1950 Dean Rusk stated publicly that the Chinese Communists were comparable to our own ancestors at Valley Forge and Yorktown--nationalistic patriots. He feared, however, that China might be threatened by "Russian Imperialism masquerading as world Communism." This prescient forecast of the now famous Sino-Soviet split is curious in that it suggests sympathy for the Chinese side--a suggestion quite compatible, of course, with the IPR line of old, but thornily incompatible with today's State Department approach toward detente with Russia, and its nervous detachment from the rigid reactionaries of Peking.

Today, Secretary of State Dean Rusk is portrayed in the press as a hard man toward Ho Chi Minh and Mao Tse-tung, but a tolerant man with reasonable men like Marshal Tito, Wladislaw Gomulka, and Alexei Kosygin. Just when it was that the sensible not-really-Communist Communists of China and the dangerous super Communists of Russia reversed their respective roles has never been explained--not by Secretary Rusk, nor any of his subalterns in the State Department, nor any of his learned colleagues in the Institute of Pacific Relations. Even the zealots of the New Left, when they attack Dean Rusk--as they do, to the enhancement of his standing with the general public which despises the New Left--they never refer to his former benign attitude toward their revered Mao. They do not accuse him of equivocation. They simply classify Dean Rusk, as they do the whole Johnson Administration, as power-mad, ruthless imperialists, killing helpless little Vietnamese babies in order to put more dollars into their grubby pockets. This kind of inverted whitewashing has not worked very well, and millions of Americans still distrust the Secretary of State, in spite of all that the New Left says against him.

The enormous historical importance of Korea and Vietnam is reflected in the fact that these are the first major wars of the nuclear age--and in them nuclear weapons have not been used. The United States refused to employ atomic bombs in Korea although by so doing it could quickly and easily have won a victory. Political authority in Washington saw to it that the military never had a chance to use them. In spite of General MacArthur, the Establishment found a "substitute" for victory. It was "nuclear stalemate"--which did not require any actual nuclear weapons in a Russian stockpile, but just a flat policy of not using any in combat from the American stockpile--on the propaganda assumption that the Russians had a stockpile.

Whatever might have been done in Korea, it is less clear that victory could be won in Vietnam by use of nuclear weapons, for it is not at all clear what would constitute victory in Vietnam. After World War II the United States retreated from victory; in Korea the United States refrained from victory; in Vietnam the United States cannot even define victory. Thus we progress toward an end of nationhood and--apparently--toward a one world establishment.

Let's consider still further the fact that the personal common denominator of the Korean War and the Vietnamese War is Dean Rusk.

By his role in the Korean War, Dean Rusk won a job as head of the Rockefeller Foundation, and by his patience in the Rockefeller Foundation Rusk won the key spot for influencing the course of the Vietnamese War. No one has stayed more consistently with the mainline of United States foreign policy since World War II than has Dean Rusk, from the time when he was on Vinegar Joe Stilwell's staff in the CBI Theater, through civilian service in the State and War Departments (apparently a protegé of General George Marshall), through presidency of the Rockefeller Foundation, through, as Secretary of State, two administrations--that of Kennedy, that of Johnson.

If Dean Rusk is not the most powerful man in the government, his career has at least coincided with the course of all the consecutive relays of critical power for twenty-five years.

Dean Rusk was Assistant Secretary of State for Far Eastern Affairs in 1950, when the Korean War broke out, and in 1951, when General MacArthur was recalled. The Assistant Secretaryship is, as Roger Hilsman points out, "the first level at which the Government of the United States may be committed." Rusk is said to have been the first man in Washington to whom North Korea's crossing of the 38th parallel was reported Saturday night, June 24, 1950 (it was Sunday morning, June 25 in Korea) and to have recommended the plausible but fatal action which Truman took. Rusk is thought to have been the key policy adviser in bringing about the removal of MacArthur--an act which perhaps more plainly than any other points up exquisite contempt for the sentiments--of the majority of the American people. MacArthur's removal marks a watershed between the clear patriotic feeling of the people before that time, and their bewilderment after it.

Through nine years from 1952 to 1961 Dean Rusk was president of the Rockefeller Foundation, in which position he was at the precise center of those ultra or supragovernmental activities in which there is so serious an endeavor to anticipate--to control--the future. The purpose of the Rockefeller Foundation, as stated in its charter, IS "TO PROMOTE THE WELL BEING OF MANKIND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD"--a phrase which could come to stand for the ultimate in presumptuous do-goodery, justifying the maximum of self-righteous effrontery. The main medium of the Foundation is education. The Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and other foundations strongly set the course for what many intellectuals shall think, and from that the consequences are incalculable. [H: Why don't you nice people ask Ronn Jackson exactly who and what for is claimed: C.O.U.P.E.S.!!]

From the long-range point of view, Dean Rusk was presumably stepping down when in 1961 he left the Rockefeller Foundation to become Kennedy's Secretary of State. In the long run the Establishment would not have to worry over the nationhood of the United States, but as of the 1960s United States national sovereignty was still extant--to be used by "men of good will" if it could not yet be liquidated by them. Few events could more surely safeguard "the well being of all mankind throughout the world" than for a man who understood these things, as Dean Rusk undoubtedly does, to assume a position where he might well be able to prevent the United States from inflicting military or other damage on the rest of mankind? At the same time, with its fantastic productivity and artless generosity is it not, from that point of view, (if its foreign relations are expertly controlled) of the greatest hope? The United States must at all costs stand hitched.

Of all cabinet members and other high officials in Washington today, Rusk is the only one who has been continuously in the policy-shaping position since 1950. That does not necessarily mean that he is the most important of policy-makers today, or at any one time. For there may well be, undoubtedly are, men OUT of government who are, as he was from 1952 to 1961, more influential than is, necessarily, any governmental official. But, as indicated above, the fact that Dean Rusk may now IN government represent organized forces outside the government, may only increase his firmness.

The strength of Dean Rusk's position was shown and increased by the marriage of his daughter to a Negro. Only a supremely self-confident United States official would so flaunt three centuries of American history. Black Power Vietniks recognized their tactical defeat. "I wonder," said Lincoln Lynch of the marriage of Peggan and Guy, "to what lengths Dean Rusk has to go in order to gain support for his and Johnson's war in Viet Nam." (Time, Sept. 29, 1967.) The important thing here is that agitator Lynch never questioned that the interracial wedding would win political support for the father of the bride.

A student editor at an eastern college told Time the campus Liberals were embarrassed: "They had all these negative feelings toward Rusk, but now they have this charming story to contend with." Old RHODES SCHOLAR, Phi Beta Kappa, former college dean, Dean Rusk knows his campus Liberals. "Everybody," said somebody at a college in Iowa, "thought it [the wedding] was wonderful."

After John Kennedy had been elected President, but before he knew who his Secretary of State would be, Dean Rusk, then president of the Rockefeller Foundation, gave two lectures in the Claremont College annual Lecture Series in the Los Angeles area. The dates were November 9 and 10, 1960. The President-elect of the country and the president of the foundation had never met. Indeed, they were not to meet until after John Kennedy had been so nearly persuaded to offer Rusk the secretaryship and only one apparently perfunctory interview was required (December 8, 1960) to cement the appointment. The Establishment had its way.

The Claremont lectures are important because they show the way Dean Rusk was thinking, or at least speaking, at the time he was asked to take the number one post in the President's cabinet.

"I sometimes wonder," said the soon-to-be Secretary of State, "whether foundations might consider themselves to have a special parish in what might be called the future."

The phrase is, as Rusk's phrases seldom are, arresting--a parish in the future. The words occur in a lecture entitled: "Hard Advance Thinking on World Issues." One is reminded, ironically, of John Wesley's, "I look upon the world as my parish!" Reminded not because of a similarity, but because of dissimilarity.

That the gospel should be preached throughout the world, in the free marketplace of ideas, ideologies and religions, is not only logical, but the subject of a Divine command. And the various religions have their own compelling reasons for missionary zeal and good works. Furthermore, it may be a legitimate extension of compelling personal conviction to set up private charitable or educational foundation of worldwide scope. But to advocate that government should aim at worldwide missionary work is to ask people to render unto Caesar the things that are God's.

Dean Rusk, the foundation president, had words to Claremont College listeners which one can recommend to Dean Rusk, the Secretary of State:

The standing sin in our foundation business is the human temptation of trying to play God. It takes a good deal of thought and effort and self-criticism and bouncing back and forth with one's colleagues and people outside to avoid that corrupting influence on which Lord Acton and others have commented.

Rusk was alluding to the classic formula attributed to Lord Acton: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Well, if the Rockefeller Foundation, which spends some 30 million dollars a year in their piece of the worldwide parish, can tempt its officials to play God, what shall we think of the temptations within the Federal Government, which is spending in Vietnam alone an estimated 24 BILLION dollars a year, or 800 times as much? In itself, this makes the foundations sound puny, but we must remember that the Establishment, notably, the foundations--FORD, ROCKEFELLER, CARNEGIE AND OTHERS--SUCCEED IN GETTING MANY OF THEIR MEN INTO GOVERNMENT. This extends foundation influence tremendously, so that a large part of that parish in the future is to be reached through government. [H: Let me point out here, however, that the biggest mistakes they ever made were letting the Zionists into control of those foundations and thus directly into government. Indeed, I think it must be becoming clear to the "Committee" that some errors were made and it will take a heck of a lot of undoing to regain a measure of ability to reclaim anything--I repeat that YOU NEED ME A HECK OF A LOT MORE THAN I NEED YOU!]

The thing called the Establishment consists primarily of law firms, foundations, universities, and banks (commercial and investment). We are not to suppose, fortunately, that all of the people in these interlocking institutions are of one mind; yet obviously there is, in the Establishment, a consensus in favor of managerial expertise. But there is more than that: there is a discreet but ruthless elitism. The Establishment would not be the Establishment if it did not place its men in government. It is the function of these men to control the government while submitting to the control of the Establishment.

It was Richard Rovere who said that Dean Rusk is the head of the Establishment. Rovere pretends to have tongue in cheek, and in a sense the statement is absurd. But why did the thought occur to Rovere? William Manchester was not writing with tongue in cheek when, in Portrait of a President he referred to Rovere's article in The American Scholar in which John Kennedy is placed IN the Establishment, but NOT IN "the 'Inner Circle'--as, for example, Dean Rusk is."

But, wherever Rusk is to be ranked within the Establishment, the fact is that he must bear immense responsibility for what happens in the Establishment-backed tragedy in Vietnam. For, behind a quiet facade, Rusk is IN CHARGE of Vietnam--that project which, as we shall see, is being made a gateway to that vast "parish in what might be called the future" where men play God.

* * *

Let us leave this book here, please. We will take up next, Robert McNamara. However, before we do so, I ask to offer the report information that "shows how Chinese outplayed the U.S.". It is just now declassified history containing transcripts of conversations between top officials in five U.S. administrations. I can't suggest we offer all of it but you had better get a good belly-full of what is going on.

Thank you.



WED., JUL. 13, 1994 3:00 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 331

WED., JUL. 13, 1994


It has been told as scenario as to HOW China will conduct the massive encounter called "nuclear" war. It is planned and ready and there is nothing the Cosmospheres would or could do against such war--even if they wanted to do anything.

China, Korea, et al. buddies, would launch "neutron" or particle-charged warheads in full mass--but not AT the U.S. directly. They would launch the full load toward the poles--both North and South. These will be neutron loads which would be air-bursts. This would do many things--including wash [airborne] over the U.S. in a death shroud. In addition, the heat of such massive detonations will melt ice-caps and glaciers, which will then begin to devastate low-lying land masses. This will help cleanse the radiation--but will present massive waves of negatively-charged particulate which will also offer major attraction capabilities to devastating frequency transfer to the water masses which will cause all sorts of other chain reactions.

I am not here to offer chemistry or physics lectures--I just want you to know you are in major trouble and the Greenberg games are going to come to a screeching halt or I am going to have MY TEAM blow the very tops off the secrets and perpetrators. You are going to KNOW who destroyed your world, good buddies.




The only reason I write this for the paper is that the bunch of star-peepers and psychics offer you dates of 20th, 22nd, and thus and so. That means that you have a WINDOW of possibilities. I think at this point of decision making I might go with the "probability" that I AM WHO I SAY I AM ON THE SHORT-TERM CIRCUIT, AND LONG-TERM YOU HAD BETTER GET OUT OF YOUR COCOON AND GET RIGHT CORRECTLY WITH GOD!


Before we return to The Usurpers and further speak in interactions with such as China, let us offer some sobering discourses on selected places and persons--regarding China.

THE OREGONIAN, 6/15/94, by a writer for Times-Washington Post Service.



The just-declassified history contains transcripts of conversations between top officials in five U.S. administrations.

Washington--A long-secret, two-volume history of U.S.-China negotiations, released by the CIA to the Los Angeles Times, shows how Chinese leaders repeatedly manipulated top officials, from the Nixon through the Reagan Administrations, often by playing them off against their domestic rivals. [H: Can this be trusted as valid information coming from one of their own controlled papers? NO--but you CAN know that something MORE IMPORTANT IS AFOOT OR IT WOULD NOT BE PLACED IN PUBLIC VIEW. THAT IS OFTEN FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRUTH OF CIRCUMSTANCES.]

The report, written by the Rand Corp. for U.S. intelligence agencies, is laced with examples of how the Chinese handled America's foreign policy elite.

Starting with Mao Tse-tung and Chou En-lai in 1971, the Chinese used a variety of tactics--from serving opulent banquets to playing U.S. presidential politics--to advance their interests on issues such as Taiwan and Indochina.

"The most distinctive characteristic of Chinese negotiating behavior is an effort to develop and manipulate strong interpersonal relationships with foreign officials," the report concluded.

The study contains the first transcripts of top-level conversations between American and Chinese leaders to be made public. Among them are the visit of July 1971--when Henry A. Kissinger, President Nixon's national security adviser, became the first U.S. official in more than 20 years to visit China--and Nixon's own trip to China in 1972.

Until now, scholars say, virtually all public knowledge of these events has come from the sometimes self-serving accounts of Nixon, Kissinger and other U.S. officials.

The 1985 study, which the Los Angeles Times obtained under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit after five years of requests, paints a less heroic and less flattering portrait of the Americans than the accounts based on their memoirs.

In essence, the study shows how skillfully China conducted its diplomacy with the United States--a lesson demonstrated once again last month by Bejing's success in persuading the Clinton Administration to back away from its attempts to impose human-rights conditions on trade privileges.

From the earliest days of the Nixon-Kissinger initiatives, the study says, the Chinese tried to exploit individual insecurities, play off presidents against their domestic rivals and orchestrate meetings to maximize Americans' sense of "gratitude, awe and helplessness".

During the landmark 1972 Nixon visit, for example, Kissinger negotiated the "Shanghai communique"--in which the United States acknowledged that Taiwan was part of China--"late at night after a banquet of Peking duck and powerful 'mao tai' liquor," the study says. In the afterglow of the sumptuous spread, Kissinger is quoted as telling his hosts: "After a dinner of Peking duck I'll sign anything."

Chinese officials tried, usually successfully, to carry out negotiations on their own turf and by their own rules. U.S. officials invariably were at the disadvantage of having to lay out their own positions first.

"We have two sayings," Vice Foreign Minister Qiao Guanhua told Kissinger in New York in October 1976. "One is that when we are the host, we should let the guests begin. And the other is that when we are guests we should defer to the host."

Kissinger, who became Secretary of State in 1973, joked about the imbalance but volunteered, "I will be glad to start."

The report says the Chinese were masters at keeping their visitors on edge and off balance. On a trip to Beijing in May 1978, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter's national security adviser, engaged in what Rand describes as "almost comical" exchanges with Deng Ziaoping and other Chinese leaders as he repeatedly tried over two days to inform them that Carter wanted to normalize relations with China.

The Chinese acted as if they didn't hear Brzezinski or believe him. "We are looking forward to the day when Carter makes up his mind," Deng said. Brzezinski finally burst out in frustration: "I have told you before, President Carter has made up his mind."


Rand completed the study in 1985. The author, Richard H. Solomon, a Rand specialist on China, had been an aide to Kissinger on the National Security Council and was a senior State Department official in the Reagan and Bush Administrations.

The report shows clearly that during the Nixon Administration's opening to China, Premier Chou En-lai and other leaders repeatedly played upon Nixon's fear that the historic first steps might be made by Democratic leaders.

As soon as Kissinger arrived in Beijing from Pakistan on his secret trip of July 9, 1971, a year and a half before Nixon's first term was to expire, Chou quietly told him, "The time that is left for President Nixon is quite limited."

"Which time period is the prime minister talking about: 5-1/2 years or 1-1/2 years?" Kissinger asked, a reference to whether he expected Nixon to be elected to a second term.

Chou replied that when Nixon came to China, "He will answer that question."

The next day Chou let Kissinger know he had "a great pile of letters (from other American politicians) on my desk, asking for invitations."

The quotes in the study also provide new evidence of the earthy, sometimes crude personality of Mao, the founding leader of the People's Republic of China. In late 1973, Mao wondered aloud to Kissinger why Americans were always "breaking wind" about Watergate.

Two years later, Mao taunted Bush, who was then head of the U.S. liaison office in Beijing: "You don't know my temperament. I like people to curse me. If you don't curse me, I won't see you."

At other times, the transcripts illustrate Mao's philosophical side and his self-proclaimed role as the embodiment of China.

"The Chinese are very alien-excluding," Mao told visiting Americans in early 1973. "For instance, in your country, you can let in so many nationalities; yet in China, how many foreigners do you see? You have about 600,000 Chinese in the United States. We probably don't even have 60 Americans here."


China constantly tried to pit U.S. leaders against one another or to make use of frictions among the Americans, Solomon's study says.

During the Ford Administration for example, Chinese leaders played Kissinger against Defense Secretary James R. Schlesinger. The study says China twitted Kissinger for years over Deng's 1974 invitation to Schlesinger to visit China.

"Don't be jealous," Huang Zhen, head of China's liaison office in Washington, told Kissinger on Aug. 18, 1976, as Schlesinger was about to make his trip. "You have been to China nine times, I believe. You even said yourself you wanted to go to Inner Mongolia."

"But I didn't get there," Kissinger answered. "I wanted to see the musk ox of Mongolia."

The Rand report makes it plain that the Chinese divided American officials into friends and enemies.

"In at least one instance, (China) actively attempted to block the appointment of an individual they considered to be hostile to them," the study says. That was Ray Cline, a former CIA station chief in Taiwan and a strong supporter of its interests, who was helping Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign.

When Bush, then Reagan's running mate, visited Beijing in August 1980, Deng asked tough leading questions about whether Cline's pro-Taiwanese views reflected Reagan-Bush policy, according to the report. And after Reagan's election, the Chinese, fearing Cline would be appointed assistant secretary of state for East Asia, published attacks on his views.

Cline did not get the job. In general, the study concludes, the Chinese did not try to cultivate skeptical or hostile Americans. "The Chinese seem to feel comfortable only in dealing with those who share a basic inclination to establish positive "guanxi" (relationships) at the human level," it says.

Despite China's occasional scorn, the report shows Kissinger went to great lengths to preserve the close relationship he had forged with Beijing. [H: Good grief! OF COURSE--he ran banks, American Express and Kissinger Associates IN CHINA AT THE DISPENSATION OF BEIJING!]

THE AFTERNOON OF AUG. 9, 1974, WITHIN HOURS AFTER NIXON RESIGNED AS PRESIDENT, KISSINGER ASSURED HUANG ZHEN, CHINA'S DE FACTO AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES, THAT ALL INFORMAL AGREEMENTS BETWEEN NIXON AND THE CHINESE WERE CONFIRMED. [H: Informal agreements?? How long are you people going to continue to permit this? I wonder! I witness a lot of shocked eyebrows and denial as to believing--but funny thing, it is TRUTH and ME you seem to have trouble believing! So be it.] Kissinger then brought Huang in for a 15-minute meeting WITH FORD, WHO HANDED HUANG A LETTER TO MAO.

In the letter, presumably drafted by Kissinger's staff, Ford promised Mao that U.S. policy would remain unchanged, that Kissinger would stay on as Secretary of State and that Ford would give top priority to "accelerating" normalization with China.

In addition to analyzing Chinese negotiating behavior, the intelligence study was designed to serve as a secret history of the first 16 years of U.S.-China negotiations, from 1969 through 1984.

That was necessary because the classified records of top-level talks with China by the Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan Administrations were spread throughout various U.S. agencies and presidential libraries.

The Carter and Reagan Administrations had found that Chinese officials sometimes exaggerated what they had been promised by earlier administrations.

Rand was working for the National Intelligence Council, the U.S. Government's umbrella group that oversees the analytic work of the CIA and other agencies in the U.S. intelligence community.

The Los Angeles Times first sought access to the Rand report in a 1989 Freedom of Information Act request to the CIA. The CIA rejected the request last summer, releasing only part of the chronology that accompanied the study but none of the conversations or analyses.

Three months ago the newspaper filed a lawsuit against the CIA in the U.S. District Court here under the Freedom of Information Act. After reviewing the case, the CIA in late May declassified most of the study, including many of the conversations and the overall analysis.

* * *

I'm sure that the facts are that the entire documentation would be interesting--however, unnecessary because of what is REALLY taking place here. The facts are that KISSINGER and bullies ALL know that very shortly the entire industrial base, banks, corporations and other such "informal agreements" WILL BE NATIONALIZED BY CHINA. Doesn't look too comforting for such as KISSINGER, to me--but then, nobody believes an empty voice from outer space which PROVES almost ALL PREACHERS do not hear GOD--BUT SOMETHING FROM THE OTHER SIDE!



Enough for now as I hope I have given various ones plenty of thought material. I will repeat what I told Mr. Jackson: The ending is ever so much more important than the beginning--ESPECIALLY FOR YOU WHO ARE AROUND TO PARTICIPATE! If, in addition, I be Alpha--I AM ALSO OMEGA! I believe, further, that A-17 is, in the ending--far, far MORE IMPORTANT TO ALL OF YOU THAN IS A-1!

Good day and sleep well for soon the sleep may well be very long indeed!



THU., JUL. 14, 1994 10:03 A.M. YEAR 7, DAY 332

THU., JUL. 14, 1994


In any play there is a beginning and ending--not that all roles are finished in completeness or the stage is destroyed or any of the other indications of destruction of the theatre. So, what have you in sequence of perception? A beginning of some kind--which by all players and all scenarios is "already" under way and the play represents a pull-out or a scenario from within the overall master-story. Then the play progresses sequentially representing sometimes the passing of whole eons of consciousness and then in the final scenes is some kind of conclusion or "ending".

The beginning may be of interest to lay groundwork for the understanding of the sequential movement of the play and to recognize the characters and the direction or gist of the play itself. The ongoing sequential acts are unfolding the plot content which then builds to the conclusion or ending of the thought projected--to either go into sequential scenarios at another offering of ongoing story-line or to simply end the play.

Physical expression is identical in concept. The past is interesting as to beginning of YOUR play and the characters acceptable for identification and then you move on with whatever happens by either watching it, ignoring it, being victim or victimizer or whatever. You will form "beliefs" according to what you allow to control your mind-set. For instance, "reincarnation" was removed BY THE ANTI-CHRIST from your "Bible". Why? So that you would be easily controlled by the perception that once through is all there is and there could be no more. Therefore, the scriptwriters in power and control--rewrite, revise and remove that which allows the viewer or participant control over his own part in the play. Why is this important? Because YOU might not like the way the play ENDS and therefore might well take CONTROL and rewrite the SCRIPT!

Most of the masses of human beings are quite content to simply protect their roles by being "extras". I ask you--what happens to "extras" in a movie or play? Which are you? Are you a key character or simply a go-away extra? Key players CHOOSE to NOT be mere extras! They prepare, study, and yes, do the play over and over and over until they know they have the importance and capability of BEING THE SCRIPT WRITER AND DIRECTOR--AND--THE PRODUCER!

Now, actors, guess what? The ones in POWER already or wishing to attain the position of importance and power do what? They DO EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to never allow you mere actors and extras to EVER GAIN CONTROL OF ANYTHING! Moreover, they write the script so that you will never think yourselves capable of, nor interested in, changing the play--at all. Who loses and who gains? Well, THAT depends upon what is the goal and what is the desired "ending". Indeed, the "ending" is far greater than the "beginning" for if you are perceiving "it"--you are impacted by it--NOW. I can further cause notice to be taken that, therefore, the character actors NOW are far more IMPORTANT than are the beginning actors! So, for instance, in the Committee as example: A-17 becomes FAR MORE IMPORTANT TO THE PLAY THAN IS A-1!


Golly, readers, you can't even see Jupiter--much less the comet fragments--what are you talking about? God has "thought" order into CREATION--do you not think HIM capable of managing the heavenly bodies? If, indeed, you are a "play" (and you ARE), then who put such rubbish into YOUR play? Could that comet not represent a part of scripting for Jupitarians--if AT ALL? WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS? WELL, IT IS YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN CONJURED BY YOUR CONTROLLING SCRIPTWRITERS TO COVER THEIR HEINOUS DEEDS HAPPENING IN YOUR PLAY. No more and no less.


To make this worthy of your thought attention, I will have to give you a parable. I have a book which I have recommended in the past and a few of you probably have it. Terry doesn't because he sent Dharma his copy--which we will see to that he gets back--sometime. It is called DOOMSDAY 1999 A.D. by Charles Berlitz. I think we can "randomly" write about this but randomly, in point, we will pick Chapter 3: We will call this PART 1 so that if we write further on the subject we can identify our own writings on the computer and in your focus for convenience. Yes, that does mean, in fact, that you have one more thing to keep track of--but you are big kids now and the least you can do is keep up with your own doomsday predictions--although you WON'T.




CHARLES BERLITZ, Doubleday & Co., Inc. [H: And already by checking the status of the publisher in intent and control--you can know that the book is intended as false projection--not truth of even the revelations.] Garden City, New York (1981) [H: The DATE of writing, 1981, tells you even more about it. That date is not so long past as to anything but furtherance of brain-washing information in an ongoing attempt to mislead, misinform and distract you.]

Throughout the world of today, already beset by a multitude of other worries, there is growing an increasing nervousness about a cosmic event that will occur in 1982. The preview of these effects may already have begun. This occurrence will mark, by a coincidence in their orbits, a concentration of most of the planets in our solar system on the side of the sun opposite the earth. [H: JUST LIKE THE JUPITER "THING"--"ON THE SIDE OPPOSITE THE EARTH". My, my--lightning does strike twice in the same place doesn't it?] This will occur around Christmas time 1982 and, it is theorized, the pull of the planets on the sun will cause sunspots, flares, and possibly resultant earthquakes around the world and also, through the tidal effects exercised on the inner core of the earth, cause enormous earthquakes especially at the boundaries of the slowly moving tectonic plates on which the land masses and the oceans ride. [H: Anybody hear this one LATELY? LIKE FOR BETWEEN THE 15TH AND 22ND OF "NOW"? The adversary NEVER HAS TO CHANGE HIS STORY--IT WORKS WELL ENOUGH OVER AND OVER AGAIN TO NEVER HAVE TO CHANGE IT! Does this mean you WON'T have anything happen? Don't count on it--it depends on what the controllers have in mind for dumping on you. Satan CAN CONTROL THE PHYSICAL PLANE INCIDENTS, GOOD BUDDIES! HE SIMPLY CAN'T ORIGINAL-CREATE! I suspect there may be some massive things take place--not the least of which may well be a showing by the Chinese anti-anti-Christ of major importance--see yesterday's writings. On the other hand, if the intent is to test your brain-washing and cause you to IGNORE the NEXT warning--there won't even be a notable mention--including of the Jupiter destruction because there will not be any such thing as that, I promise you! THIS "Jupiter 'thing' 'on the backside (AWAY FROM EARTH VIEWING) is exactly NOTHING. Whatever happens on earth is OF earth.] These temblors, occurring along fault lines, such as that of San Andreas, may be of much higher intensity than those of the past and might initiate a self-propagating earthquake era, with disastrous results for civilization. As earthquakes have been increasing in frequency and intensity during the last decade, some scientists as well as psychic observers have suggested that the approaching global catastrophe has already started and that the great earthquakes of the sixties and seventies in Peru, China, Alaska, Mexico, Turkey, and Iran are merely the before shocks of greater seismic catastrophes to come. [H: More "frequently" than "when"? The entire face of the planet has been changed over and over again by CONTINUAL earthquakes and ebbs and flows. Ah, and here comes "Jupiter" again--so, I wonder WHERE "THEY" GOT THE IDEA FOR "THIS" ONE?]

According to British astronomers John Gribbin and Stephen H. Plagemann [H: Do you KNOW these guys?] (The Jupiter Effect: 1974), an even more dangerous condition will exist in May, 2000 A.D. for those of us who are here to observe it. At this time Mercury, Mars, and earth will be in direct allineation with the huge planets Saturn and Jupiter as well as with Pluto and the earth's moon. Venus will also be close to Mercury in this cosmic line-up. The effect of powerful earthquakes brought about by this positioning might be strong enough to disturb the earth's rotation, causing it to wobble on its axis and perhaps to bring about a magnetic reversal of the poles.

But this "worst case" situation, which is now being commented on with increasing frequency by present-day astronomers, geologists, and oceanographers was also noted and commented on by Berossus, a Babylonian astrologer-historian who lived more than 2,300 years ago [H: Babylonian??? Home of the anti-Christ??? Guess so! How many of you knew Berossus? Was there ever such a one as Berossus? HOW DO YOU KNOW?] One wonders through what telescopic equipment and what lost techniques Berossus and the Babylonian magicians (then a word for astronomers) [H: STILL FITS!] arrived at their calculations. [H: YOUR astronomers still pronounce our craft as stars and planets and do not even BOTHER TO EXPLAIN THE STROBING RAINBOW LIGHTS WHICH CAN EASILY BE SEEN WITH THE UNAIDED EYE!] The Roman poet, Seneca, related some 300 years later what Berossus originally caused to be inscribed in wedge-shaped cuneiform syllables pressed into wet clay tablets:

. . . these events take place according to the course of the stars; and affirm it so positively, as to assign the time for the Conflagration and the Deluge. He maintains that all terrestrial things will be consumed when the planets, which now are traversing their different course, shall all coincide in the sign of Cancer, and be so placed that a straight line could pass directly through all their orbs. But the inundation will take place when the same conjunction of the planets shall occur in Capricorn. The first in the summer, the last in the winter of the year . . .

Berossus, in speaking of "the year" was referring to the sidereal year, the precession of the equinoxes, which takes 25,827 of our years. (This figure is the time it takes the earth's polar axis, which changes in space from day to day, to return to its original position in space in relation to the zodiacal band. The twelve constellations of the zodiacal band as they succeed each other in the night sky have formed a convenient cosmic clock for earth observers for many thousands of years.)

Was Berossus making a prophecy or merely an educated guess several millennia in advance of his time, based on many millennia of observation and research before his own era? The astronomical observations of distant antiquity, generally connected with prophecy, were often included in legends of the gods or disguised as a code, perhaps to restrict the information to the priestly caste. The extent of the sidereal year can be recognized in the sum of the crossed diagonals of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh [H: Say what???] which give a total of 25,826.6 pyramidal inches. How did Berossus know about, or the Fourth dynasty of Egypt measure the sidereal year? [H: Well, they DID NOT DO IT YOUR WAY!] And this is only one example of cosmic information contained in the Great Pyramid. [H: And THAT is NOT "cosmic"; that is simply mathematics at worst--poor mathematics at best!]

While archaeologists generally accept the Pharaoh Cheops (Khufu) [H: Or could that be Tofu, Foofoo, Tuhu or Sununu?] of the IV dynasty as the builder of the Great Pyramid, this is questioned by a tradition held by the Copts, the purest descendants of the ancient Egyptian stock. [H: No, they are not! Who gave forth this incorrect information??] This tradition declares that the Great Pyramid was there for many centuries BEFORE Khufu, thereby inferring that Khufu may have repaired it only and then have taken credit for its construction (a maneuver not unknown to the rulers of Egypt who often "erased" their predecessors' names from monuments and substituted their own). [H: You know, sort of like rewriting history to suit the desires and then making it against LAW to speak of the truth of the matter? Sort of like the FACTS as actually happened and numbers involved in what is now recognized as the HOLOCAUST as a specific definition of something that happened which did not--as presented.]

According to a history of ancient Egypt written by Masoudi, a medieval Coptic historian, the two greatest pyramids (those of Cheops and Chephren) were built by Surid, one of the Kings of Egypt before the flood, who built them as a result of a prophetic dream wherein "the sky came down and the stars fell upon the earth." His interpreters of dreams, when queried, predicted that "a great flood would come accompanied by a fire from the constellation Leo, which would burn up the world. King Surid thereupon ordered the two pyramids to be built and to be recorded through their walls all the secret sciences together with knowledge of the stars as well as all they knew of mathematics and geometry, so that there would be a witness for those who would come after them."

[H: Ah so, now we begin to get the truth of the matter. At that time there were MESSENGERS, just like we are NOW. The people were told of the happenings which would come and that they should prepare. WITH HELP--AND I MEAN REAL HELP, massive excavations were made INTO the earth and along with the pyramids--BECAME THE SURVIVAL PLACEMENTS. THE SECRETS IN THE PYRAMIDS ARE NOT OF KINGS AND NERDS--THE REVELATIONS WILL BE OF SURVIVAL FROM THAT WHICH COULD DESTROY THE WORLD OF PEOPLE--JUST LIKE THE PHOTON BELT FOLLOWING IGNITION OF THE RADIATION BELT BY PRANA OR NEUTRON-ORGONE ENERGY--DELIBERATELY ESTABLISHED--BY EVIL BEINGS WISHING TO DEPOPULATE AND OWN THE WORLD! YOU ARE IN "RERUNS", VIEWERS! The pyramids BECAME tombs, thoughtful students! Sorry to bash your daydreams!]

Some of the other measurements and calculations yield surprising results, almost as if the Great Pyramid, as has been mentioned by Egyptian Coptic writers in the intervening centuries, is not a tomb but a compendium of mathematical and astronomical knowledge. For example:

  1. Base perimeter divided by twice the height= 3.1416. (The modern value of Pi. [H: MODERN "VALUE" OF Pi? How can you have a "modern" value of a FIXED absolute?] Archimedes, the famous Greek mathematician, who lived thousands of years later, never got closer than 3.1428.) [H: So, one or the other or BOTH are wrong--right? And YOU would place your entire existence on such stupidity?]

  1. Fifty pyramidal inches= 1 ten millionth of the earth's polar axis. [H: Really? No it doesn't!] (Some among the ancient Egyptians must have had access to information indicating the true size and weight of the earth. The shape was well known to them and the concept of a round earth in space was taught to young students of the priestly schools.) [H: Oops! Could the history and knowledge again have been REWRITTEN to enslave people? When, then, did the world get pronounced to be FLAT, IF IT HAD ALWAYS BEEN KNOWN TO BE ROUND? BETTER CHECK YOUR HISTORY BOOK AND WATCH FOR THE LINEAGE OF BRITISH KHAZARIANS!]

  1. Base perimeter= 356,240 pyramidal inches (or number of days in year). [H: Well, here again, if you go back to #1 above, the figures can't be correct--can they? Further, if you use "MODERN" calculations--the number of days in a year--cannot be correct EITHER!]

  1. Height X 1,000,000,000= approximate distance [H: "Approximate"--in finite mathematics? Approximate?] of earth to sun at autumnal equinox. [H: Ah but now you use the old argument that they didn't have no "sophistication" away back thar! No? They seemed to have done damned well--to me! Pi, for instance, would not be the value of 3.1428 or anything else--UNLESS IT WAS THE SAME EVERY TIME INTO INFINITY! I am reminded that the New York legislature once offered a bill to "round off Pi" to get rid of the annoying fractions! IS THIS THAT UPON WHICH YOU BASE YOUR EXISTENCE JOURNEYS? I THINK SO, READERS!]

  1. Weight of pyramid X 1 trillion= approximate weight of the earth. [H: Wow--another sure thing in mathematical wizardry: "approximate"???]

  1. Base perimeter X 2=1 minute of a degree at the Equator. [H: Balderdash!]

Because of the scientific information still being discovered within the Great Pyramid [H: I certainly HOPE SO!], a belief has grown among psychics [H: Ah so, now we get there--THERE IS NO MATHEMATICAL BASIS--IT IS THROUGH PSYCHICS? THEN, DEAR ONES--YOU DON'T HAVE REALLY ANYTHING UPON WHICH TO BASE ANY OF THIS NONSENSE--DO YOU?] that there must be a message of prophecy indicated by measurements of the interior passageways calculated by pyramidal inches. [H: Could it not be that the involved people made the passages convenient to get the traversing travoices through the pathways? I guess that would be TOOOOO simplistic? Well then, how about sarcoficusses?? (No, leave the misspelling for everything else about this writing from this book--is equally stupid and incorrect! By the way, what is an inch? I understand you are to be on a metric system which takes away the "inch" in favor of other countings--WHAT IN THE DAFFY-DAZE IS A "PYRAMIDAL INCH" IF YOU HAVE NO SUCH THING AS AN "INCH"?] Measurements have revealed a series of breaks and variations built into the twists, turns, and protuberances of the galleries and inner chambers which are considered as indicative of important events in the past, the present, and the future. Believers in these prophecies have included at least one well known astronomer, Charles Piazzi Smyth [H: How many of you know this one?], once the Astronomer Royal of Scotland. These predictions in stone are believed by many pyramidologists to have begun on a date equivalent to September 22, 4000 B.C., and will end on September 17, 2001 A.D., the end of the sixth millennium.

[H: Let us assume for a minute that some of you have the foresight to actually dig a shelter. Further, let us assume you do so and set it up with fine technological record-keeping equipment such as computers, etc. Now comes a biggie--and you don't have anything with which to run your computers? They now are useless things which must be gotten out of your way--so you take them and dump them where, over the eons of time, they are vanished. What would you do if you were a historian or a story teller? What will be in YOUR caves after there is no power and you are working only on oral stories and tellings of history? Will your walls not be filled with the graffiti of an experience and are those not HISTORY instead of PROPHECIES? Readers, unless you come to grips with possibilities other than that which is destructive to you--you CAN'T CHANGE!]

While remembering that this is an interpretive prophecy, mainly after the fact, it is still intriguing to observe that certain modern events appear to have been indicated in advance, that is, since the time the key was thought to have been discovered in the early part of the twentieth century--the gallery measurements apparently indicated critical events which would occur at dates corresponding to World War I, the Armistice, World War II, the Atomic Age, and crucial events of the fifties and seventies. But the measurements--and history itself--seem to break off in 2001.

A calculation by Heraclitus of Ephesus, a Greek philosopher of the Ionian school, can be interpreted as a forecast of the next world catastrophe. Ancient Greek cosmic outlook was influenced by a theory held by Plato [H: No, I do not hold Plato in positive esteem either--he was the beginning of the downfall of civilization by his incorrect and stupid philosophy which all of you bought into. It was NOT that which Socrates espoused or taught--you better go back and really check out THIS ONE!] and other philosophers that there were and would be periodic destructions of the earth by fire and flood. [H: Good grief, any being with a brain could come up with this incredibly brilliant observation!] Heraclitus, who was not influenced by Plato's account of the destruction of Atlantis, since he predated him, calculated that the world would be destroyed AGAIN in 10,800 years, counting from the last time it suffered almost total destruction. If we take Heraclitus' time span of recurring catastrophes and calculate it from a date in Plato's account of the sinking of Atlantis (9,000 years before his time) we obtain a date for the next catastrophe fairly close to the end of the second millennium. This theory was proposed centuries before our present year count began. It is one more instance of a correlation in time of ancient predictions of catastrophes, kept alive in various world traditions throughout the centuries.

Scientific expertise and cosmic information interpreted through legends mixed with prophecy sometimes occur in remote corners of the world far removed from the advanced cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Mesopotamia.

* * *

Since we are running "long" on this chapter, let us break it here and we will take up at the paragraph about the "Hopi". Thank you.



THU., JUL. 14, 1994 4:11 P.M. YEAR 7, DAY 332

THU., JUL. 14, 1994



The Hopi, a small Amerindian tribe of very ancient traditions, apparently knew that the earth turned on its axis. In a Hopi legend the axis of the earth was guarded by a pair of cosmic giants who, when they left their positions, caused the earth to falter in its spin, resulting in the end of a world and the start of a new era, eventually to be followed by still another. The beginning of the end of the present or Fourth World is considered by the Hopi to have already started and will be consummated after the appearance of a now invisible star, rushing toward earth from space. Strangely, the Hopi concept of catastrophe caused by the earth faltering on its axis is a preoccupation among certain scientists of today and yesterday who, attributing the future cause to overloading of ice on the poles, shifting of the inner magma tides of the earth, a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, or a cosmic collision or near collision, foresee basically the same results as the Hopi prophetic visions--the world's end in earthquake and fire.

Toltec-Aztec world-ending concepts also prophesied that the present world or sun would end within the present era by earthquakes, a cataclysmic denouement shared by Berossus of Babylon, ancient prophets, medieval seers, and a number of modern astronomers and psychics.

Within the Judeo-Christian religious tradition there exist in the Bible, as expressed by some of the Old Testament prophets, predictions in which although the years are not mentioned, certain conditions are specified which seem to locate the end of the present world within our own time period, very close to now, the final days being identified as the time soon after the Jews have been established once more in their own land. [H: Well, that can't be now because the Jews are NOT established in THEIR OWN LAND--THEY ARE ESTABLISHED IN PALESTINIAN AND AMERINDIAN (U.S.) LAND! But you can see here--that we are getting to desired point of view as is intentionally being established. Besides, the ones in Palestine are Khazarian Jewish impostors--not Judeans of the Hebrew.] At this time, as written in Zechariah 14, the Lord declares: "...I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle..." These prophecies are also contained within Ezekiel Chapters 36, 37, 38; in Daniel, 11, 12, 14; Joel 2 and 3; and Isaiah 23 and 24. [H: And, does it mean that all nations who are against Israel's Jerusalem as today will be gathered against those of Israel's Jerusalem? Or, does it mean that all nations who were and ever are somehow against the "Jews" will be gathered into some kind of finishing-off battle of their own? It really does make a difference how you read a sentence. Further, the Talmudic "Jews" who now inhabit Israel (Palestine's property) are not only not Hebrew in origin BUT they are "Talmudic" people--not of the Old Testament as referred to here. So, what in fact, does any of this mean--or is it basically confused and meaningless? I too like the old fun and games of speculation--but it appears that without a lot more factual historical KNOWLEDGE you can't speculate very well--much less can you base the demise of a planet.]

In the Book of Ezekiel we find a specific reference in the Lord's prophecy to Ezekiel recalling the scattering of Israel "among the heathen" in the past. But the Lord promises that He will "gather you out of all countries and will bring you into your own land..." and that "...the wastes shall be builded...and the desolate land shall be tilled..." and "...the waste cities shall be filled with flocks of men... I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountain of Israel." [H: Fine! But exactly where is ISRAEL? No, I do not mean the part of Palestine defined, stolen from the Palestinians and unlawfully given to the Khazarian Zionists BY THE UNITED NATIONS IN ABOUT 19 HUNDRED AND 48 YEARS A.D. Do you suppose those are sidereal years or calculated according to the pyramidal inch-year measurement?]

[H: Wow, now we REALLY go for it...] However, further along in Ezekiel's prophecy, we find that a great invasion shall come from "Gog" in the north and a great war will ensue when "everyman's hand will be against his brother." [H: So far so good...but...] This prophecy continues with a promise of divine intervention--"with pestilence and with blood...and I will rain upon him, and upon his bands... an overflowing rain and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone... and I shall send a fire on Magog..." and "seven months shall the house of Israel be burying them."

[H: The term "israel" does mean "God's chosen". But WHO are God's chosen? Do you actually believe it to be the self-named, self-styled Khazarian Zionists who have labeled THEMSELVES "Jews" to confuse the lineage and heritage? These are the ones who kill, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, no forgiveness only REVENGE and thus and so. Does this ACTUALLY SOUND TO YOU LIKE "GOD'S CHOSEN" IN HIS OWN IMAGE?]

These predictions have been interpreted by many Biblical students as a direct reference to the final battle of Armageddon, when Jerusalem will be attacked by many nations and the next millennium will be at hand. As this attack and threat of attack is located within the present century, if we link it to the prophesied return of the Jews to Israel, we have the feeling that Biblical prophecy is being corroborated by events in the daily press.

Hal Lindsey, author and theological student (The Late Great Planet Earth: 1970), even suggests a battle plan, based on Daniel's prophecies such as, "at the time of the end (italics added) the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind... with chariots, with horsemen, and with many ships..." A somewhat free interpretation of the above and the ensuing verses indicates to the author a Russian amphibious assault to the south of Israel, to coincide with an invasion from the northern flank to push down through Israel north to south before the final battle is joined at Armageddon. After this conflict the Day of Judgment will come: "...many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life and some to shame and contempt." [H: I suggest that some of this might well be on target, but then Mr. Lindsey goes on and does the bit on RAPTURE which is NOT EVER mentioned anywhere in any BIBLE! The Rapture you are told about by the self-styled prophets is a man-manufactured PROJECT BLUE BEAM IN WHICH A WHOLE BIG BUNCH OF YOU ARE GOING TO BE SENT TO HELTER-SKELTER STATUS IN NEVER-EVER LAND!]

The prophecies in Joel deal with destruction before a future Day of Judgment as they describe: "...wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood and fire, and pillars of smoke [H: Yep, good old Blue Beam!]--the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes." And in Isaiah, we also hear rumblings of a future doom, one with cosmic overtones: "...the windows from on high are opened, and the foundations of the earth do shake... the earth is utterly broken down... The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard... it shall fall and not rise again. The Lord maketh the earth empty... and turneth it upside down." [H: Now THIS sounds pretty interesting to me and I wonder where all the people will go?? I repeat--there is no "RAPTURE" as you are told! Further, GOD WILL NOT ALLOW EVIL BROUGHT INTO HIS PLACES--where is that going to leave YOU?]

In the New Testament the mystical and frequently obscure Book of Revelation of St. John of Patmos contains vivid descriptions of the catastrophes which will occur during the approaching period of the Apocalypse and the Final Judgment and refers to a final battle, the greatest of earth's history. This will be the Battle of Armageddon (Meggido, on the map) in which will contend an attacking army of 200,000 cavalry spouting "fire, smoke, and brimstone", which is how modern armored cavalry units would appear to a prophet of ancient times. Mention is made and interpreted by some students of the Bible as a recognizable reference to thermonuclear warfare, of the power "to scorch men with fire" and that men were "scorched with great heat and blasphemed the name of God..." and of an earthquake "such as was not since men were upon the earth so mighty an earthquake and so great," and that "...every island fled away, and the mountains were not found..." [H: But it does NOT say ANYTHING about any such thing as a RAPTURE!]


...a phenomenon familiar to observers of the effect of atomic bombs. Also reminiscent of what one hopes we will avoid in the future is a forewarning contained in the Book of Esdras of the Apocrypha which tells of:

...great and mighty clouds...shall rise to destroy all the earth and its inhabitants...and they shall destroy cities and walls, mountains and hills, trees of the forest and grass of the meadows and their grain...no one shall be left to cultivate the earth or to sow it...

In the Gospel according to St. Luke and also mentioned by St. Matthew there is a prophecy attributed to Jesus Christ which describes a period wherein "Jerusalem encompassed with armies" will be a sign of the approaching Final Judgment:

When you shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified; for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by. Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall be from heaven. And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

* * *

This is enough to finish the first part of earlier today. We will continue about these Ancient Prophecies before we go back to The Usurpers. I do, however, suggest you begin to get serious with REASON lest you lose your head--literally. You have to understand that this was all thought to be going to happen at the turn of the last millennium and the one prior to that. Indeed, I WARN YOU AGAIN--THE RAPTURE BEING TOUTED TODAY--IS OPERATION BLUE BEAM AND IT IS VERY MAN-MADE METHODS TO SOCK-IT-TO YOU BLIND, UNTHINKING "BELIEVERS" AND IT IS NOT A NICE BUNCH OF ANGELS WHO HAVE CONJURED IT FOR YOU. YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM BUTTON THAT "THEY" DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTIONS OF JOINING A "RAPTURE". THEIR INTENT AS IS ALWAYS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN--TO TOTALLY RULE THE PHYSICAL WORLD!







7/15/94 Rick Martin

When a stranger comes to the village, feed him. Do not injure one another, because all beings deserve to live together without injury being done to them. When people are old and cannot work any more, do not turn them out to shift for themselves, but take care of them. Defend yourselves when an enemy comes to your village, but do not go out seeking war. The Hopis shall take this counseling and make it the Hopi Way [from the Palatkwapi story].

In the year 1994, the Hopi are calling for help. The reason? Their sacred lands are threatened by bulldozers poised to lay the groundwork for the water and power lines. Why are the Hopi so concerned about this? Because it will be the fulfillment of their ancient prophecies, and would bring forth the last of the prophecies--namely, the Great Purification. The Hopi land is a dry and difficult land to survive on, yet they have done so for hundreds of years. What differs now from times past? Their very water table which is absolutely critical to the survival of the tribe itself is being severely sucked dry by the powerful Peabody Coal Company. It has been stated that Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is looking into this entire matter and will soon be coming out with a decision. Based on the history of the United States of America thus far, who among you believe that any ruling or decision by the Secretary will be in any way favoring the Hopi tribe? This, particularly in light of recent actions to secure water rights across the country--it would appear, at least, that Babbit's directives and agenda are not in alignment with Native Americans, or even sovereign American Citizen, interests. What can possibly be done about this situation? For one thing, prayer. Yes, I said prayer. Then, there is the possibility of an honest attorney/advocate somewhere out there who might just take on a Peabody Coal Company on behalf of the Hopi, or independently. Restraining order? A Congressional investigation? Would a Gerry Spence do it? Someone else? Who? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

What we've elected to share with you is a compilation of material, including statements made by the Hopi Spiritual Leaders at a gathering held on April 21-23; a message to the United Nations presented by the Hopi Spiritual Leaders on November 22, 1993; an article concerning water lines on the Hopi land; an article from the DENVER POST concerning the water depletion on Hopi land; the creation story of THE FOURTH WORLD; and finally, the Hopi Prophecies as told by Dan Katchongya of the Sun Clan.

The Hopi Prophecies in this issue of CONTACT have been handled as a separate insert--it was a requirement of Dan Katchongva, when originally giving the oral prophecies, that they never be sold. We honor that request and, therefore, printed them as a free insert to the paper and will make them available at no cost for those who ask [one per request please]. The article on THE FOURTH WORLD is being reprinted with permission of the publisher, University of New Mexico Press and was taken from THE FOURTH WORLD OF THE HOPIS by Harold Courlander. While we certainly want to express our gratitude to Mr. Courlander, the true credit for THE FOURTH WORLD story rests with the Hopi elders who have kept the oral tradition alive from the beginning--thank you!

Sit back now and tune in to a world seldom experienced by those not of Native descent. Open your hearts and minds and feel the urgent plea of these people. And again, pray on their behalf--for all our relations.

* * *

May 9, 1994

My Dear Friends,

Recently I met with Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma who is a Keeper of the Prophecies for the Hopi Nation.

The People are in desperate need. It is part of prophecy that Mother Earth, represented by the ceremonial land in that area, will be mutilated and that if this occurs, it will precipitate a holocaust of unprecedented proportion, Mother Earth will shake us off her breast. It will be the end of the World as we know it.

Right now bulldozers are poised over Hopi Ceremonial lands to dig water and power lines across the land, which would be a terrible fulfillment of this prophecy. The elders do not want water or electric power. Their struggle has not been heard in the Federal circles.

I send you a copy of their plea for help, prayfully asking that you write, telephone or wire your voice speaking their message. This affects all of us and the next seven generations. One alone is a single voice in the wilderness, but together we can fulfill the other part of the prophecy:

"....that we may help one another, and to help bring about a better way of life."

Your support is essential. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors. Tell your local and national media. Thank you in advance for all your support.


/s/ Kathleen Koerner

* * *


Please search your hearts, your talents and your re- sources to find what you can do. Find ways you can contribute to this urgent call. Organizational actions, liaison work, media awareness and communication strategies are critically needed. Network this communication to your networks.

Write to your leaders, your legislators, congressmen, and Senators now. Write to your president; the Department of the Interior, Secretary Bruce Babbitt; Attorney General Janet Reno, the Department of Justice. Tell them that you demand an immediate cessation of the disruption of Hopi sacred land and ancient spiritual practices.

Write to your Ambassadors and Human Rights Representatives to the United Nations. Tell them that you support the preservation of Hopi traditional sacred practices, lands, and ceremonies, and that you hold them accountable for following up on this action.

It is time to also contact your press and media contacts and tell them that this is the last opportunity to get this message out.

If the sacred lands are allowed to be disrupted, there will be no more chance to put things right. The bulldozers are on the land now, the workmen are ready to act.

In the name of the Creator, in the name of freedom of religion, in the name of our love for the Earth and for all our children, we must act now. Tomorrow is too late.

The United States Government must know that the world is watching, that we care about the spiritual practices of the Hopi Traditional Leaders.

Please send copies of your correspondence to:

Thomas Banyacya

P.O. Box 112

Kykotsmovi, Arizona, 86039

Manual Hoyungowa

P.O. Box 268

Kykotsmovi, Arizona, 86039

Wittenberg Center

for Alternative Resources

188 Wittenberg Road

Bearsville, New York 12409

We hope you will Join us--with Commitment, Support and Action--in this Vision In Response to the Message from Our Hopi Brothers and Sisters, The Cry of the Mother Earth, the Cries of our Grandchildren, For all Our Relations

* * *


From those attending the meetings with Hopi Spiritual Leaders--April 21-23, 1994.


We are entering the last days. The Hopi Spiritual Leaders have spoken their urgent warnings and message to the United Nations and around the world, yet there has been no response. The sacred lands of the Hopi are being desecrated by water and power lines. The bulldozers are on the land. Soon the Hopi will be unable to conduct their ceremonies.

Listen to their words. Then respond. The leaders say it is our turn to act.

"The Government of the United States only recognizes the illegally elected tribal council. These are not our leaders, this is not our way. We must be left alone and allowed to follow our original instructions without the interference of Western ways. We must protect these sacred lands, these sacred ways. If these instructions are not followed, the Purification will begin. Already the signs of the days of Purification are beginning: For the sake of the Mother Earth and her children, for the sake of all your children and your children's children action is needed now."

"Hopi's Ancient Knowledge and Prophecies are warning, through many signs, that we have entered a dangerous period in our lives. Mankind must return to Peaceful ways, and halt the Destruction of the Mother Earth, or are we going to destroy ourselves. All the Stages of Hopi prophecy have come to pass, except for the last, the purification. The intensity of this purification will depend on how humanity collaborates with Creation.

"We must Correct and Change our ways, go back to the Spiritual ways, and take care of Mother Earth. If we do not, we are going to face terrible destruction by Nature, wars will come like powerful winds, bringing Purification or Destruction. The more we turn away from the Instructions of the Great Spirit, the more signs we see in the form of earthquakes, floods, drought, fires, tornadoes; along with wars and corruption.

"If we do not Correct and Change these things, we are all going to suffer; there is no way we will be able to help each other after this. The world problems, and the Destruction on Mother Earth will be so terrible, there may be nothing left on this Earth.

"We do not want to see this happen.

"We hope that by bringing these Warnings to the attention of the people of this land, and around the World, that we will understand the Seriousness of this moment, that we may be able to help one another, and to help bring about a better way of Life."

Hopi Traditional Leaders: including Dan Evehema, Martin Gashweseoma, Manuel Hoyangowa; assisted by spokesman [interpreter] Thomas Banyacya.


As Brothers and Sisters from the Four Directions, we share the Concern for the Healing of Mother Earth, and of all Her people. Visions, Prophecies, Warnings, Teachings of the Traditional Leaders from the Four Directions point to the Same Message, spoken in beautiful variations.

They all speak of the knowledge of these times; of the urgent need for each of us, as individuals, to search our hearts, to recognize and act upon our serious responsibility to protect Mother Earth. We need to heal, to awaken to the danger of these times. We need to take action and sacrifice to protect our Grandchildren and all living beings.

The Elders have had final signs from Mother Nature and from the Great Spirit, declaring this time to be our last and final chance to help one another, heal and work together. It is urgent and essential that we respond in every way we can.

* * *


In Response to the Message Presented by the Hopi Spiritual Leaders at the House of Mica, the United Nations November 22, 1993


"Hopi's Ancient Knowledge and Prophecies are warning, through many signs, that we have entered a dangerous period in our lives. Mankind must return to Peaceful ways, and halt the Destruction of the Mother Earth, or we are going to destroy ourselves. All the Stages of Hopi prophecy have come to pass, except for the last, the purification. The intensity of this purification will depend on how humanity collaborates with Creation.

"We must Correct and Change our ways, go back to the Spiritual ways, and take care of Mother Earth. If we do not, we are going to face terrible destruction by Nature, wars will come like powerful winds, bringing Purification or Destruction. The more we turn away from the Instruction of the Great Spirit, the more signs we see in the form of earthquakes, floods, drought, fires, tornados; along with wars and corruption.

"If we do not Correct and Change these things, we are all going to suffer; there is no way we will be able to help each other after this. The World problems, and the Destruction on Mother Earth will be so terrible, there may be nothing left on this Earth. We do not want to see this happen.

"We hope that by bringing these Warnings to the attention of the people of this land, and around the World, that we will understand the Seriousness of this moment, that we may be able to help one another, and to help bring about a better way of Life.

"That is why we have come here, to this House of Mica, to tell you to do something, as soon as possible, to correct these things. This is the last World. If we destroy this World, which is like heaven, we will be given no other chance..

Let us consider this matter seriously, so that this world is not destroyed, so that we can continue to live and save this land and life for the Generations to come."

"Our Elders have the firm belief that as Human beings, as Brothers and Sisters coming together from the Four Directions, instead of fighting, using weapons, machinery and destroying one another, we should put this aside and talk to each other as we are today. We should share this Spiritual Knowledge we have from the Four Directions. Perhaps out of this we may bring back a good balanced Life.

"Representatives of the House of Mica, Members of various Organizations, our Brothers and Sisters from the four Directions who understand this: it is up to you to consider these matters seriously, and to follow this up with a serious investigation. We invite you to come to Hopi land on behalf of the highest religious leaders. If we work together, we can try to save as many lives as possible. That is why we are here today to give you our strong message. We give you four days, four weeks, four months to come to Hopi land and investigate these matters.

Compilation of Statements by Martin Gashweseoma, David Monongye, Manuel Hoyangowa interpreted and translated by Thomas Banyacya

* * *


To Discuss and Initiate Actions for Global Healing of Mother Earth and All of Her Children

Proposed by Algonquin Chief William Commanda, Holder of the Wampum Belts

"For the first time, we have meetings from across the Four Corners of the Continent. We have the same Opinions, which we have had being so far apart... not knowing that when we met we would understand this, being just One Heart, One Mind, and One Understanding."

--Chief William Commanda, Algonquin Nation

"It was also said in the Past, that at some point the Four Powers will come together. The people who came here [the United Nations] seem to represent those Four Powerful Sources that come to us, and it came to us here, and we as Lakota, we say whenever they came together, the place is Holy."

--Birgil Kills Straight, Lakota Nation

"All of us, consistently, every Nation that spoke understood and prophesized about the degradation of the Earth, also the destruction of the Water, the destruction of the Air we breathe, the degradation of the Family, of communities falling apart, leadership being poor, and the Elements manifesting themselves in terms of floods and strong winds and earthquakes, that have been indeed, manifesting themselves."

--Chief Oren Lyons, Onodaga Nation


As Brothers and Sisters from the Four Directions, we share the Concern for the Healing of Mother Earth, and of all Her people. Our Visions, Prophecies, Warnings, Teachings of our Elders point to the Same Message, spoken in beautiful variations.

They all speak of the knowledge of these times; of the urgent need for each of us, as individuals, to search our hearts, to recognize and act upon our serious responsibility to protect Mother Earth. We need to heal, to awaken to the danger of these times. We need to take action and sacrifice to protect our Grandchildren and all living beings.

We have had signs from Mother Nature and from the Great Spirit. Our Hopi Brothers and Sisters have had the final signs declaring this time to be our last and final chance to help one another, heal and work together. It is urgent and essential that we respond in every way we can.

We propose a Meeting of Spiritual Leaders from the Four Directions, at Hopiland. In accordance with the Hopi Spiritual Leaders' Call and Warnings, it is essential for an initial meeting to occur before the date of April 24, 1994.

The purpose of the Meeting is to join together with One Heart and One Mind, to initiate processes of Healing. We propose to create the opportunity to join together our Wisdoms, Knowledge and Prophecies, as parts of the Greater Vision of the Great Spirit. With humility in front of Creation, we hope to unfold deeper Directions. We wish to ask the Great Spirit to heal our hearts, and reveal the necessary pathways for the Healing of our Mother Earth.

This meeting we hope will initiate discussion, plans and actions that will include our Brothers and Sisters of all Races and Continents to save our Mother Earth and our Grandchildren. Beginning with healing our own Hearts; our hope lays in our coming together, to renew the Spiritual bonds that exist between us. To work again together, as the true Brothers and Sisters that we are.


We propose a small Meeting of Spiritual Elders from the Four Directions, to bring their Medicine together, to open Doorways for healing the people. This gathering would occur in response to the Hopi Call, in the time period before April 24, 1994, from approximately April 14 to 24.

The Meeting would focus on Healing, on Joining the Medicine Circle, on clearing the Hearts, on clearing the Vision, on joining Spiritual strength to find ways to lift the barriers destroying Life.

In this meeting, the Leaders will discuss Issues, envision and initiate Plans, join their Wisdom together and work ceremonially for Healing. It is hoped that new Pathways for Healing our Future will unfold.


The proposed Vision is that this meeting will Light a Fire of Healing that will expand into a larger Gathering of Spiritual Leaders from all Five Continents, along with concerned Members of Organizations and individuals working towards Peace and the Healing of Mother Earth. The Aim is to open Pathways, initiate Actions, activate Networks for Global Healing and Peace.

Through building liaisons with Spiritual and World Leaders, Healers, Organizations, and concerned peoples, we hope a wave of Interconnections and Healing Actions may develop that will envelop and encircle the Globe.

Leaders and People should come who are truly interested in Healing, who have the Vision of the Four Directions, Five Races of Mankind, Five Continents Uniting, Healing and Living in Peace.

This Vision of Healing the Heart of Mother Earth, at the Heart of the Earth in Hopi Land; for the Heart of the people to be Healed, we hope will instigate a wave of Awareness and Kindness, to Transform political and environmental destructiveness with true Peaceful methods.

ORGANIZATIONAL ACTIONS--Utilizing the Directives that unfold from the Elders' Meeting, a cohesive strategy and campaign will be initiated, for the larger conference development, for organizing and implementing solidarity and global interaction.

LIAISON NETWORK BUILDING--Linking actions between the Spiritual and Traditional Leaders, joining with Organizations working towards Global Healing and Planetary Reconciliation, including among many others: Moral Rearmament, InterFaith, United Nations nongovernmental bodies, and various Environmental and Peace Organizations around the World.

HEALING, PEACE, ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION--Actions for joining Minds and Hearts Worldwide to implement plans for Global Protection. Building input and solidarity between various Organizations, Spiritual Leaders and Individuals, through meeting and interaction catalyses critically needed momentum towards Healing our Mother Earth.

COMMUNICATION and AWARENESS--Shifting and Building Global Public Consciousness Media and Communication strategies will be developed, including Television, Video, Music, Art, to build Awareness, synergistically increasing Actions towards Reconciliation and World Peace.

We hope you will Join us--with Commitment, Support and Action--in this Vision In Response to the Message from Our Hopi Brothers and Sisters, the Cry of the Mother Earth, and the Cries of our Grandchildren.

* * *


Water Lines Threaten Hopi

The Traditional Ceremonial Ways of the Hopi Peoples, practiced for thousand of years on Ancient Hopi Lands, are gravely threatened. The Sacred Centers of the Hopi people are becoming permanently violated, destroying their linkage to the Spiritual worlds, making their Ceremonial Practices impossible to continue.

Within Hopi Ceremonial Tradition, direct connection with the Sacred energies held within their Land entrusted to them by Maasau'u, the Guardian of the Earth, is vital. The Spiritual Locations and Vortices within their Land are intricately woven into Hopi Ceremonial Practices and Traditions. Their Land is their Foundation; the Energies of the Land the basis of their entire Way of Life.

Currently, the Sacred Centers of Hopi Ceremonial Practices are being destroyed, threatened by the installation of water pipelines, bulldozing and eliminating the Spiritual areas essential to their ancient Traditional Ways. Seemingly simple, reasonable, and harmless in the minds of Western thinking, the installation of these water systems actually have very serious repurcussions. Endangering the entire Hopi Ceremonial Cycles threatens the very survival of the Hopi people. According to Hopi Prophecy, this reflects a grave threat to Human collective existence and planetary survival.

Hopi Traditional People have been courageously upholding their Traditional Practices in the face of overwhelming outside pressure from the dominant Modern Culture, and the United States Government. At the beginning of this World, the Hopi people agreed to follow the Spiritual Ways, to uphold the balance of the Planet, to uphold the forces of Nature. They were entrusted with Ceremonial cycles to uphold Life. According to Original Instructions given to them by Maasau'u, it is very important that the Land be maintained within Traditional Guidelines, in resistance to the flaws in Modern civilization.

Today, on Hopi Lands, the last remaining Village that still has these Connections intact, is the village of Hotevilla. Hotevilla was created, in 1906, by Traditionalists who desired to live their Original Lifestyle, free from the influences and effects of the encroaching white civilization. In a tragic split, the effects of which are still felt today, Hopi "Hostiles" who wished to continue their Traditional ways were evicted from the ancient village of Oraibi by "Friendlies", influenced by the attractions of the modern world.

Water, a crucial Sacred Energy, plays a critical role in the confrontation between Nature and Technology. One manifestation of the severity of this conflict to the Hopi is the impending water system at Hotevilla. If implanted, it will destroy the last remaining link of the Hopi Ceremonial Cycles with the Spiritual Forces in the Natural World. It will destroy the lifeline and base of the Hopi Traditional Culture. There is a serious conflict between the rights of Hopi Traditionalists, and those influenced by the benefits and ease of the modern lifestyle. The seeming insignificance of a water system precisely underscores the urgency of the situation, making it so difficult for modern people to comprehend its very serious implications.

A more obvious manifestation of Water in conflict on Hopi Land is the Black Mesa Coal slurry pipeline. Peabody Coal, a British company mining on Hopi and Navajo lands, currently transports coal to the Mojave power generating plant in Nevada by means of a water pipeline. The largest Coal mining operation on the planet: huge, giant excavators unearth vast areas of coal daily. Coal is powdered, mixed with water and transported two-hundred-seventy-three miles, in a slurry pipeline, utilizing water from what is called the N-Aquifer. This ancient aquifer is the sole source of water for both the Hopi and Navajo Nations. Affecting the delicate balance of the desert environment, springs and wells of the Hopi and Navajo have dried up. The slurryline drains over two thirds of the total usage of this ancient, forty-thousand-year-old source of pure water. Pumping billions of gallons per day, about four thousand acre-feet of water per year; within eighty years this source will be entirely depleted. This insane measure of untold consequences could be avoided for a comparatively minute increase in the price of coal. With simple measures, this desert environment could be protected.

Hopi Traditionalists have repeatedly and staunchly spoken out against these and many other abuses of Sacred Land and Life. Mining anywhere is against their ways. The Hopi were entrusted to protect a Sacred area of Land bordered by Four Mountains, this area being a spiritual Center of the Earth, never to be disturbed. Coal mining is only one example of the gross violations that have taken place on this Land; decades of Uranium mining, including huge amounts of untreated radioactive tailings and the largest nuclear waste spill in U.S. history, are another.

They call out to save their Nation from imposed genocide. Their opposition cites the need for progress as reason to justify destruction of the Hopi legacy. The mining is authorized by the illegally imposed United States Government Tribal Council system, designed to 'legitimize' big business interests. This system was flagrantly forced upon the Sovereign Hopi Nation. Against the will of the Hopi people, environmental and human rights violations--the coal mining, the water slurryline, a policing system--have been repeatedly authorized by the Tribal Council. In what justice system does the will of an unauthorized collective have the authority to supercede and obliterate the rights of an ancient and sacred culture? Given by the Creator, Hopi jurisdiction has never been relinquished.


According to Hopi Prophecy, the Future of our Planet rests on Mankind's ability to preserve and uphold the essential connection with the Natural worlds, with the Creator. In order to maintain the Balance of the World, it is essential for the Ceremonial processes to continue. Without this connection to the Natural and Spiritual Forces, Humanity's survival is at stake.

Today, this Knowledge is nearly lost, precipitating global environmental, social and political crises confronting the Modern world. We are seeing evidence that the warnings of Traditional People have been accurate, with the devastating effects of our civilization upon our environment, upon our social structure; in the powerful alienation of modern man, divorced from the natural world, divorced from the heart.

Hopi Prophecies have proven true with repeated accuracy and regularity. The First and Second World Wars, Hiroshima, nuclear technology, the United Nations, television, air travel, telephones; as well as clearly delineated stages within the conflict between Ancient and Modern ways are part of the precisely detailed Hopi Prophecy. Mankind is given choices, and warnings of possible and inevitable events in the Future.

The final Prophecy describes a powerful Purification that Mankind is approaching. Natural disasters and violent signs have confirmed that this dangerous time is now upon us. Unless we can change the pattern of global destruction, the Purification will be greatly accelerated, the cleansing will be devastating. This results in the Elders' great concern for the near future; not only for their people, but for all of humanity, for all of life.

In Indigenous Prophecy, Mankind is given two Paths. There are two faces the White Brother can wear. In Prophecy, we will have to choose between two Roads. We can join together with our original Brothers and Sisters, our Hearts connected with the Natural Worlds, and form a mighty Nation of Justice and Love. We can choose to continue to wear the other Face, completing the destruction our ancestors have tragically brought to this beautiful Land. The choice is up to us.

We need to make things right. We have been the contributing force behind the disintegration of Humanity's connection with the Natural World. It is our responsibility to protect this Land. Healing is urgently needed, healing within the Hopi, healing within us all.

In their efforts to maintain Hopi Ceremonial Reality and Traditional Lifestyle faithful to the instructions of Maasau'u, "Hostile" founders of Hotevilla were imprisoned in chain gangs, sentenced to years of hard labor at Alcatraz and elsewhere. Their homes were raided, their children abducted, taken by force to boarding schools in attempts to force integration into the dominant society. The Hopi have courageously resisted, defending their Traditional ways, working to protect the Natural World in the face of the indomitable influences of Modern civilization.

The results of this ongoing struggle have taken their toll. This conflict between opposing World views--the Ancient and Post-industiral--the Natural Forces, and Man-made Technological reality--is reaching its fullest height today. 'Civilizing influences of Manifest Destiny' have taken effect. Forced educational systems have resulted in the younger Hopi generations, faced with the severely painful repercussions of following the Hopi lifestyle, becoming gradually disconnected from the Ancient ways. Influenced by the advantages of Modern conveniences, programmed like the rest of our civilization, the Ancient Ceremonial Cycle has been neglected, its significance overshadowed by the towering effects of the dominant culture. It is presently maintained by a few Elders and Hopi faithful to their Ways, who are struggling to prevent the genocide of their profoundly rich Culture, and to keep the World in Balance for all living things.


Desert Aquifers Being Destroyed

Water, the Essence of Life, so precious in the Desert environment, is central in this confrontation between the Natural and Post-industrial Worlds. Maintaining the Balance of Water with the Earth is a cornerstone of the Hopi Ceremonial Systems. Hopi reality centers around the lifegiving Energy of Water for the sustenance of Life. Water is sacred, and respected.

Hopi Prophecy warns that disturbing this Balance has global consequences and severe repercussions. The near extinction of Ceremonial Ways and the survival of the Natural World are intimately connected. Danger to one parallels danger to the other. Modern technology's effects, threatening the global environment, are now manifesting in multilayered ways, resulting in the destruction of ancient Civilizations and species, resulting in droughts, weather changes, earthquakes and natural disasters.

Hopi Traditionalists call out to protect the Land and Life, to save the Spiritual linkage, which, according to Hopi prophecy, affects the entire reality of our Human existence.


Solutions need to be found. Real actions need to be developed to protect the Sacred areas of Hopi Traditional Ceremonial Sites, including constructive alternatives of the Hopi people who wish to live with modern conveniences. Serious help is needed to protect Hopi Land and Culture, to create awareness and support for the Hopi Spiritual Ways to continue.

As history has proven, great changes, great events can come about; if we have Conviction, Courage, and take Action to create a positive future. Inspite of this desperately late hour, within Hopi prophecy, miracles can still happen. If we can wake up. We have yet one chance; let us heed the warnings, let us take advantage of it.

Let us form a Network, an Alliance to help these Traditional Leaders to protect our Land and Life. It is up to us to choose and join them with our hearts, with our energies, so that, like two wings of an eagle, we can work towards the Healing of all our Future. If we choose, we can create, in reality, one of the possible outcomes within Native American Prophecy--a World of renewal.

Let us recognize the

urgency of these times.

Let us Protect

the Ceremonial

Ways of the Hopi People.

* * *


From the March 20, 1994 edition of The Denver Post an article titled the "Running on Empty" by Joanne Ditmer Denver Post Staff writer [quoting]: Kykotsmovi, Ariz.--


The tribe's water experts contend that Peabody Coal Co.'s use of underground water coincides with a loss of springs on the reservation. Rex Morgan, water rights hydrologist for the Hopis, says rainfall has been higher than usual during the 24 years that Peabody has been pumping from the aquifer. Still, he said, springs and washes are declining.


"Our tests--both the original and new--say that PCC pumping has no long-term impact on the water," says G. Irene Crawford, attorney for Peabody Western Coal Co. in Flagstaff, Ariz. "We believe that climatic conditions are affecting the surface water for the villages, while Peabody is pumping deep down."

The water that powers TV sets and lights living rooms in Southern California does something far more basic in the 12 rocky, remote villages where 10,000 Hopi Indians live.

It's the lifeline for the oldest continuously inhabited place in America--the hardscrabble reservation where the Hopis planted their roots more than 900 years ago.

Now the tribe says its very existence is threatened unless the U.S. Government checks Peabody Coal Co., the corporate giant that taps into the Hopis' water supply. Peabody, the world's largest producer of coal, shares the Hopis' naturally pure water, which comes from the Navajo-Aquifer 3,000 feet below the Earth's surface.

For the Hopis, dry-land farmers here since about 1150, this water is all they have for their homes, gardens and animals. Their land on the Black Mesa receives 6 to 12 inches of rain a year. But with no dams to capture that water, the tribe needs the aquifer to survive.

For Peabody, a business partner of the Hopis and Navajos for more than a quarter-century, the water also has a critical purpose. It is mixed with finely powdered coal to make slurry that is piped from Black Mesa Mine to the Mohave Generating Plant 273 miles away on the Nevada-California border. There, electricity is generated for customers in Southern California.

Last year Peabody pumped more than 1 billion gallons of aquifer water to move 4 1/2 million tons of coal through the pipeline.

The Hopis say that when they and the Navajo Nation signed a joint agreement with Peabody 29 years ago, they did not realize how much and how rapidly the water supply would be depleted. Ancient springs and streams have begun drying up.

D.B. Stephens and Associates, an environmental engineering firm based in Albuquerque, projects that Hopi wells will start going dry within the next 20 years if nothing changes. In Tuba City, this could happen by 2011, the consulting company said. Moenkopi Wash could be without water in 2045, and Kayenta in 2075.

The tribe is alarmed, angry and intent on stopping the coal firm from using the aquifer.

Peabody executives say their pumping does not affect the Hopis' water table because the aquifer is far below the tribe's wells.

Their conflict is in the hands of Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, who's heard much about the issue but perhaps nothing more succinct than the word of Merrill Secakuku, new chairman of the Hopi tribe.

"This must be the only place in the world." Secakuku said, "that pristine drinking water is used for industrial purposes in a land so dry."

The Hopis want the Interior Department, which has responsibility for looking out for Native American tribes, to block renewal of a permit that would give Peabody continued use of water from the aquifer.

Babbitt is to make a decision soon.

If the tribe gets its way, the federal government will order Peabody to find an alternative water source. The Hopis suggest one option is building an 89-mile pipeline from Lake Powell, where the Hopis also claim a water right. The estimated construction cost to the company would be $30 million to $40 million. In turn, the cost increase for average residential electrical users in California would be 1 to 6 cents a month. A small price, tribal leaders say, to protect a people and a way of life.

Hopi officials point to a clause a previous interior secretary inserted in the Peabody lease as the basis for forcing the company to find a new water supply. It states that if any other users of the water are damaged, Peabody must provide water for Indians or find another source for its business operations.

To help encourage the ruling they covet, the Hopis--normally averse to publicity--have invited national media to visit their reservation. They want outsiders to see the evidence of drought and perhaps, to capture the image of 10,000 stalwart people fighting for survival against a multibillion-dollar corporation. To make their case with the government, the Hopis have enlisted a cadre of big-city attorneys, the Denver office of Arnold & Porter.

The story line being pushed by the Hopis is too pat for Peabody Coal. Headquartered in St. Louis, Peabody doesn't argue that it's big business, the offspring of Hanson PLC, a British-American industrial management corporation with annual revenues of $15 billion.

Still, said G. Irene Crawford, an attorney for Peabody in Flagstaff, Ariz., it's frustrating to be portrayed again and again as a corporate bully taking advantage of a relative handful of Indians, many of whom live in poverty. "Most reporters already have written their stories when they finally call us," she said.

Peabody, feeling political pressure but confident in its position that it isn't adversely affecting the Hopis' water supply, recently completed a new round of hydrological studies. The results were shipped to Babbitt on March 1.

"Our tests--both the original and new--say that PCC pumping has no long-term impact on the water," Crawford said. "We believe that climatic conditions are affecting the surface water for the villages while Peabody is pumping deep down."

Nonetheless, the company this month showed its first sign of bending.

In a surprise announcement March 7 the Navajo Nation, a neighbor of the Hopis, said it is considering building a water pipeline from Lake Powell to Black Mesa, and that Peabody had begun a feasibility study. Secakuku, the Hopi chairman, hailed the announcement as a "productive and progressive step towards solving one of the greatest problems facing both tribes--the protection of our water resources."

But neither Peabody nor the Navajos can guarantee that the Lake Powell project will materialize.

When Peabody's Black Mesa mining project began 24 years ago, no one thought the Hopis water supply was in danger. A U.S. Geologic survey computer model of Black Mesa groundwater predicted that water pumped from the tribes' aquifer by the company would be replenished naturally.

After seeing their streams and springs drying up, the Hopis began to question that premise. Late last year the U.S. Government acknowledged that the computer model used to make the original decisions on water allocations was too crude to be dependable. "I have reservations about the validity of predictions made," wrote William D. Nichols, of the water resources division of the Interior Department.

The aquifer sits beneath both the 1.5-million-acre Hopi Reservation and the encircling Navajo Nation of 16.2 million acres. Peabody signed a contract with both tribes in 1966.

Coal mining began four years later at Black Mesa, where the slurry system is used, and neighboring Kayenta, which delivers coal by rail. Peabody's 6,500-acre mine is the largest in the United States.

The Navajo Nation, physically larger than West Virginia and boasting a population of 161,405, is not as threatened by the water depletion as the Hopis. The Navajos occupy parts of three states, and their reservation has access to water from the Colorado, Little Colorado and San Juan Rivers.

And in the dusty lands where the Navajos live, Peabody is a welcome source of jobs. The company is the nation's biggest employer of Native Americans, giving them preferential treatment in hiring. Of the 900 Indian workers at the Peabody coal mines, perhaps 885 are Navajos whose communities are closest by. A mere 15 or so of the jobs are held by Hopis.

Other gaps separate the tribes. the Hopis and Navajos have engaged in a 111-year land dispute. Water is sometimes viewed as a pawn in this conflict.

The Navajos' official position has been that Peabody isn't hurting tribal water supplies. Now, however, the Navajos have expressed interest in the alternative Lake Powell pipeline, which could be a substantial moneymaker for the tribe.

Vernon Masayesva, Hopi chairman until February, says Navajo perceptions don't lessen his worries about the Hopis' ability to survive. "Without water we die. Our culture is shaped by water....Even the games we play as little kids, we always pray for rain. My father, when he plants the corn seeds, he goes through the whole ritual of denying himself water until after lunch. He sings and prays when he plants.

"We certainly don't want to close the mine, but we can't lose our water."

The tribe's water experts contend that Peabody's use of the underground water supply coincides with a loss of springs on the reservation.

Rex Morgan, water rights hydrologist for the Hopis, said rainfall has been higher than usual during the 24 years that Peabody has been pumping water from the aquifer. Still, he said, springs and washes are declining.

"We had 500 to 600 percent of annual rainfall in January-February '93, the wettest month in years....There should have been greater springs activity and higher water levels, but instead they continued to drop."

Crawford, the Peabody attorney, knows the Hopis generally are portrayed as the underdog in this dispute, regardless of the company's research.

"Factually we think we're right," she said. "But from a business standpoint, it gets very tiring to always be on the defensive. We're all spending a lot of time and money on this, and since we do have a business relation with the Navajo and the Hopi we want to cooperate in an approach that isn't adversarial and that will be more constructive for all of us."

Peabody executives were among the guests at ceremonies last week in which the new Hopi chairman was installed. Moreover, everyone on both sides knows the company fuels the Hopis' economy.

Eighty percent of the tribe's budget comes from Peabody royalties, so the attorneys fighting the company are being paid, in part, with dollars supplied by their adversary.

Last year Peabody paid the Hopi and the Navajo $8.8 million each in coal revenues from jointly controlled lands. Antoerh $15.6 million went to the Navajos for coal derived solely from that tribe's land. Water royalties of $3.2 million were split equally.

Domestic water use for the Hopi and Navajo tribes is estimated at only 27 gallons per person per day. Non-Indian communities in the United States use 200 gallons per person daily. As the tribes' populations grow and their standard of living improves, steady or dramatic increases in water use probably will occur.

"If the tribes run out of water, we're looking at the relocation of up to 100,000 Indians in the next century, at a cost of billions of dollars to the taxpayer," said hydrologist Morgan.

Hopi chairman Secakuku said this parched, barren piece of the West is home, and he hopes that won't change.

"We don't want to be relocated from here. We go away to school, maybe to work, but we always come back here. Our destination is to take this world, protect it, take it into the future.

"We have a covenant with the Creator to do that. Our choice is predestined...to protect water and Earth. That's the Hopi way."

Vice chairman Wayne Taylor adds, "The Hopi didn't settle in this place by accident. Our ancestors left footprints to where we have traveled. Beautiful places like Flagstaff, with forests, water, animals (were in reach), but we settled here. We didn't want people to have too easy a life."


The following article, written by Joanne Ditmer, is taken from from the March 20, 1994 edition of The Denver Post :

MISHONGNOVI, Ariz.--The 20th century evaporates on a drive through a Hopi village...perched on a plateau.

Stone houses lean out to the narrow rocky lane that is the road. Fat pups lazily watch the car bump by. A woman rhythmically tosses blue corn from a shallow basket into the air to winnow it of chaff and dirt.

The world spreads out below. A vast plain of dull greens, grays and browns melts into the horizon, along with a touch of distant gold from winter grasses. Tiny plots of turned soil dot the landscape, marking where subsistence farms thrive in summer. The sense of seeing forever is overwhelming.

Nat Nutongia savors the panorama.

"It's Big Sky--lots of emptiness here. But it's ours, and we don't want to leave."

The future, he says, is only as secure as the tribe's water supply. Hopi leaders say both are tenuous these days. A coal company is tapping the tribe's aquifer, and Hopis contend the result has been shriveling springs and streams.

Several Hopi villages, by their own choice, have no running water or electricity. A few have water only from bright-red faucets that sprout from unpaved streets. Some springs are on the mountainside. Bare little stone houses are on the mountaintop. That means lots of water-toting by young and old.

Villages are named for nearby springs, many of which are sacred. Water--often doled a dipper at a time from buckets carried from the springs--grows corn, squash, beans, melons, radishes and lettuce in tiny plots that have sustained families for centuries.

On a sunny winter morning Jerry Lacapa, of the Corn and Water Clan from Polacca on First Mesa, leads the way across a gold-and-red stubbled desert hillside to a rectangular stone structure dug into the Earth. Steps carry him to a small, fetid puddle called Spider Spring.

"The water used to be more than halfway up, and it was blue, so clean you could see to the bottom. The people had gardens down there," he said, waving at a shallow sagebrush covered incline. Now it's drying up. "Now they say, 'Basha's got my garden growing,' and that's wrong." Basha's is an Arizona grocery chain.

Saba Spring is the same dry story. Lamave Spring used to fill up even in winter. Now it is more a puddle than a spring, but it sustains a nearby garden, says guide and religious leader LaVern Siweumptewa.

The village of Moenkopi sits by languid Moenkopi Wash. Residents say the land has been farmed since at least 1540, for many years growing cotton. Once this was the only village in which Hopi children knew how to swim, because the wash held so much water. It ran year-round. Now it dries out in the summer, says Russel Gascoma, surveying his dormant plot in the communal garden. Hopis have to be on a list to get irrigation water. Those who volunteer one day in the spring to clean the ditch get first chance at the water.

A village spring runs by the road on the way out. A motorist parks alongside it. The car trunk is open, and the driver is filling a 5-gallon plastic can with water to take home. He has five in the car, and is filling the last can.

"Some people say we're getting lots of money for our water from the coal company, but we can't drink money." he says.



[Editor's note: The following excerpt is quoted from The Fourth World of the Hopis, The epic story of the Hopi Indians as preserved in their legends and traditions, by Harold Courlander, p. 17-33]

IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS ONLY TOKPELLA, Endless Space. Nothing stirred because there were no winds, no shadows fell because there was no light, and all was still. Only Tawa, the Sun Spirit, existed, along with some lesser gods. Tawa contemplated on the universe of space without objects or life, and he regretted that it was so barren. He gathered the elements of Endless Space and put some of his own substance into them, and in this way he created the First World. There were no people then, merely insect-like creatures who lived in a dark cave deep in the earth. For a long while Tawa watched them. He was deeply disappointed. He thought, "What I created is imperfect. These creatures do not understand the meaning of life."

So Tawa called his messenger, Gogyeng Sowuhti, Spider Grandmother, and told her to go down and prepare the living creatures for a change. Spider Grandmother went down. She spoke to the insect creatures, saying, "Tawa, the Sun Spirit who made you, is unhappy because you do not understand the meaning of life. He says: 'The creatures are fighting among themselves. They see but they do not comprehend. Therefore I will change things. I will make a new world, and I will perfect all things that have life in them.' This is the message Tawa asked me to bring. Therefore, prepare to leave this place to enter the Second World." The creatures said, "If that is the way it must be, very well, let us depart from here."

Spider Grandmother led them on their journey, taking them to another great cave that lay far above the first one. The journey was long, and between the time they began and the time they finished, Tawa changed them into other forms of living things. When at last they emerged into the Second World they looked quite different. They were animals that somewhat resembled dogs, coyotes and bears. There was fur on their bodies, their fingers were webbed, and they had tails. They lived on in the Second World and were happy at first. But because they did not have any understanding they grew bitter and warred upon one another, even eating one another. Tawa saw how the creatures of his Second World were living. He saw that they did not grasp the meaning of life. And so again he sent Spider Grandmother to lead then on another journey.

While they travelled, Tawa created the Third World. He made the atmosphere a little lighter and gave them water to moisten their fields. When the creatures followed Spider Grandmother into the Third World they discovered that their bodies had changed again. Their fur, their webbed fingers and their tails had disappeared. Spider Grandmother said to them: "Now you are no longer merely creatures. You are people. Tawa has given you this place so that you may live in harmony and forget all evil. Do not injure one another. Remember that Tawa created you out of Endless Space, and try to understand the meaning of things." Then Spider Grandmother left them.

The people made their villages. They planted corn. They lived on. They were in harmony, and they were grateful to the Sun Spirit who had created then and given them a new world to live in. Yet things were not perfect. There was a chill in the air, and the light was only a grayness. Spider Grandmother came and taught people how to weave blankets and cloth to keep their bodies warm. She taught the women how to make pots out of clay so that they could store water and food. But the pots could not be baked and they broke easily. And the corn did not grow very well because warmth was lacking.

Then one day a hummingbird came to where some people were working in their fields. The people asked, "Why are you here?"

The hummingbird answered, "I have been sent by my master."

They said, "Who is your master?"

The bird replied, "He is Masauwu, Ruler of the Upper World, Caretaker of the Place of the Dead and the Owner of Fire. He has observed how you live here, and he says, 'The crops do not grow well because the people do not have warmth.'"

The people said, "Yes, it is true. Warmth is lacking."

The hummingbird said, "I have been sent to teach you the secret of warmth." And he gave them the secret, showing them how to create fire with a fire drill. After that he departed.

Now that the people had the knowledge of fire, they gathered grass and wood and made fires around their fields, and the warmth made their corn grow. But once they became careless and the fire spread to a nearby house and consumed it, including everything that was inside. When the ashes were cool the people found that their clay pots had become hard and did not break so easily. Thus they learned the secret of baking pottery. From this time on, the people began to cook their meat instead of eating it raw. Those who had received the secret of fire from Masauwu's messenger became known as the Firewood or Fire People. They said, "Masauwu is our relative." Now things were better in the Third World.

It was the powakas, or sorcerers, who brought disruption and conflict among the people. They made medicine to injure those whom they envied or disliked. Worse yet, they turned the people's minds away from virtuous things. The younger people grew disrespectful of the older. Husbands sought other women, and wives sought other men. Instead of caring for their fields, men spent their time in the kivas gambling. And instead of grinding corn, women went into the kivas to join the men. Children wandered about unclean and uncared for, and babies cried for milk. What a man wanted he would take from another instead of fashioning it for himself. Dissension spread everywhere. Instead of seeking to understand the meaning of life, many began to believe that they had created themselves.

In the beginning, life in the Third World had been good. But because people succumbed to the evil unleashed by the powakas, things began to change. The cornstalks in the fields withered before the ears were formed. The flowing rivers moved more sluggishly and the springs dried up. Clouds drifted over the fields but did not release their rain. Squash and melon vines stopped growing, and sickness came into many houses.

Now, those who had not forgotten that Tawa was their father worried greatly about the way things were going. Night after night they met in the kivas to discuss the corruption that was spreading in the Third World. They encouraged the lazy to work, admonished women for their promiscuous ways, threatened the powakas with punishment and sought to create order, yet nothing changed. There was evil and chaos all around them.

Tawa saw what was happening to the world had made. He called Gogyeng Sowuhti, Spider Grandmother, and sent her to the people with a message. Spider Grandmother went down. She entered a kiva where the people were gathered, She said: "Tawa, the Sun Spirit, is displeased with what he has created. The powakas have made you forget what you should have remembered. Therefore all people of good heart should go away from this place and leave the evil ones behind."

The people said to one another, "Where can we go? Is there another place?" But they did not know of another place anywhere, and they were troubled.

Then an old man said, "Have we not heard footsteps in the sky, as though someone is walking there?"

And other old men replied, "Yes, there has been someone walking above us up there. We have heard it many times when the air is still."

Other people said, "Let us discover what is there. Let us send a messenger to investigate things."

So the chiefs called for the medicine men to sit with them and consider things. They filled a pipe with tobacco and lighted it. They smoked, passing the pipe from one to another until their minds were tranquil. Then one of the chiefs said, "We must send someone to the place above the sky to see what it is like. If it is good, our messenger will request permission for us to come there. But who can make such a difficult journey?"

The medicine men pondered, and after a while one of them said, "We shall create a messenger who can perform this task." The medicine men gathered some clay and shaped a bird out of it. The placed a kwatskiavu cloth, which is the robe made for brides, on the ground and placed the clay bird on it. They covered the clay bird with an ova cloth. They sat in a circle holding the edges of the upper cloth, singing and moving it gently up and down. They placed their hands underneath, doing what no one could see. When at last they removed the cloth there was a living swallow sitting there.

The swallow asked, "Why have you called me?"

The chiefs answered, "We have called you so that you may go up to discover whether there is another world above the sky. If you find someone living in that place, ask if we may come there and begin our lives again."

The swallow flew up. He circled higher and higher, until the people could no longer see him. His strength began to flow away, but still he went upward. At last he saw an opening in the sky. But he was too tired to go on, and he returned to the place where the chiefs and the medicine men were waiting. He fluttered weakly and settled on the ground. He said, "I went up. I found an opening in the sky. It was as though I were looking up through the entrance of a kiva. But my strength failed and so I had to return."

The medicine men decided to make a stronger bird. They began again, fashioning a figure our of clay and covering it with the cloth. They sang and made medicine, and this time when they removed the cloth a white dove sat there. The chiefs said, "How can the dove do what the swallow could not do?"

The medicine men answered, "It has great strength. Let it try."

The white dove spoke, saying, "Why am I here?"

The chiefs said, "We have called you to go above us to see what kind of a world is up there. Pass through the opening in the sky and tell us what lies beyond. If anyone inhabits that place, ask if we may come to find new homes for ourselves."

The dove went up and passed through the opening. He saw a vast land, but no living things, and he returned. He said, "It is true that there is an opening in the sky, and on the other side is a land that spreads in all directions, but I saw nothing that was alive."

The chiefs and the medicine men discussed the matter, recalling the sounds of footsteps in the sky. They said, "Surely someone lives in that place. We must know who he is."

Once more the medicine men fashioned a bird out of clay and brought it to life under the ova cloth. This time it was a hawk. The hawk also went up through the sky and explored the land above, but he returned without discovering what the people wanted to know.

The medicine men tried again, and this time they created a catbird. When the catbird asked, "Why am I here?" the chiefs replied, "You have been called because the swallow and the dove and the hawk have not been able to discover who it is that walks in the land above us. You, catbird, go up, discover who makes the sound of walking up there. Speak to him. Tell him the people of good heart wish to leave this place. Ask for his permission to enter his land. Go and return. Let us know how things are."

So the catbird flew up and passed through the opening in the sky. He passed the place where the hawk had turned back. He went on. He came to a place of sand and mesas. He saw large fires burning alongside gardens of squash, melons and corn. Beyond the gardens was a single house made of stone. A person was sitting there, his head down, sleeping. The catbird alighted nearby and waited. The person awoke and raised his head. His eyes were sunken in deeply, there was no hair on his head, and his face was seared by burns and encrusted with dried blood. Across the bridge of his nose and his cheekbones two black lines were painted. Around his neck were two heavy necklaces, one made of four strands of turquoise, the other of bones. The catbird recognized him. He was Masauwu, Spirit of Death, the Owner of Fire and Master of the Upper World, assigned to this place by Tawa because he had no other place for him.

Masauwu looked at the catbird, saying, "You, why are you here?"

The catbird said, "I was sent from down below to see whose footsteps are heard in the sky."

Masauwu said, "Yes, now you know that the footsteps are mine. Are you not afraid?"

"No," the catbird answered, "for I am only a bird fashioned out of clay just recently. I don't know enough yet to fear anything. I came because the Lower World is infested with evil, and there are many good people who would like to come here to live. Down below, the rain does not fall, the springs do not flow, the corn dries up in the fields, and there are numerous persons who do not respect the virtues of life. The people of good heart ask your permission to enter the Upper World and build their villages here."

Masauwu said, "You see how it is in this place. There is no light, only a grayness here. There is no warmth, and I must build fires to make my crops grow. But there is land and water. If the people wish to come, let them come."

The catbird left Masauwu and returned to the opening through which he had passed. He went down to where the chiefs and the medicine men were waiting. They asked him, "Did you arrive there and find the one who walks in the sky?"

The catbird answered, "Yes, I found the person who lives there. He is Masauwu, Spirit of Death, Owner of Fire and Master of the Upper World. His face is terrifying to see. But I spoke with him. He said: 'You see how it is. There is no light here and no warmth. But there is plenty of land and water, so if the people want to come, let them come.'"

Hearing this, the chief of the Fire People spoke. He said, "Masauwu is our spirit. We are the ones to whom he sent the secret of fire. He is our relative. Therefore we are willing to go." Others said, "Yes, let all of us who wish to escape from evil go there. The Fire People can lead us and speak for us to Masauwu. Let us prepare for the journey."

It was agreed, then, but the chiefs and medicine men looked upward, saying, "How shall we ever reach the sipapuni [or sipapu], the doorway in the sky?"

While they were thinking about this problem, Gogyeng Sowuhti, Spider Grandmother, appeared in the plaza with her young grandsons, the warrior gods Pokanghoya and Polongahoya. She said, "We are here. We will help you pass through the sipapuni." She sent the young warrior gods to find chipmunk, the planter. Soon they returned bringing the chipmunk with them. Spider Grandmother said to the chipmunk, "It is you who have been chosen to make a path for the people into the sky. For this you will always be remembered." And she explained what had to be done.

The chipmunk planted a sunflower seed in the center of the plaza. By the power of singing the people made it grow. If they stopped to catch their breath, the sunflower stopped growing, and Spider Grandmother called out, "Sing! Sing!" As soon as they started to sing again, the sunflower continued growing. In time the sunflower stalk reached toward the sky, but just as it was about to pass through the sipapuni it bent over from the weight of its blossom.

Spider Grandmother said, "Let us try again," This time the chipmunk planted a spruce seed and gave the people a song to sing. They sang the spruce tree into the sky, but when it had finished growing it was not tall enough. So now the chipmunk planted a pine seed, and by the power of singing they made it grow tall. But the pine, also, failed to reach the sipapuni. Once more the chipmunk planted. This time it was a bamboo. The people sang hard and made the bamboo grow straight and tall. Each time they stopped to catch their breath and growing stopped and a joint formed on the bamboo stalk. And when they resumed singing the bamboo grew again. Spider Grandmother went back and forth exhorting the people to sing the bamboo into the sky. Thus it went on. The people began to fear that they did not have breath enough to do what was required of them. But finally Spider Grandmother called out, "It is done! The bamboo has passed through the sipapuni!"

The road to the Upper World was finished, and the people rested. Spider Grandmother spoke, telling of things to come. She said: "The journey will be long and difficult. When we reach the Upper World, that will be only a beginning. Things there are not like things here. You will discover new ways of doing things. During the journey you must try to discover the meaning of life and learn to distinguish good from evil. Tawa did not intend for you to live in the midst of chaos and dissension. Only those of good heart may depart from the Third World. The powakas and all who perform wicked deeds must stay behind. As we go up the bamboo to the Upper World, see that no one carries evil medicine in his belt. See that no powakas go with us. Leave your pots and grinding stones behind. Up above, you will make more of these things. Carry nothing that has to be held in your hands, for you will need your hands for climbing. When we have arrived in the Upper World I will tell you more about what is expected of you. Meanwhile, remember this: In the Upper World you must learn to be true humans." Then Spider Grandmother sent the people home to prepare for the journey, which would begin in four days.

The people prepared, and on the fourth day they gathered at the foot of the bamboo. The chiefs stood in front--the village chief, the crier chief, the singer chief and the war chief. Behind them the people stood waiting for the journey to begin. Spider Grandmother arrived with the boy warrior gods, Pokanghoya and Polongahoya. Pokanghoya, the elder, carried lightning arrows in his right hand and a thunderboard in his left. Polongahoya, the younger, carried a buckskin ball in his left hand, and in his right hand he held a nahoydadatsia playing stick. Spider Grandmother went up the bamboo first, followed by the boy warrior gods. The people moved toward the bamboo to begin their climb. But now the chief of the Fire People protested, saying, "Wait. We are the ones who are entitled to go first, for Masauwu is our special benefactor. We shall take the lead." The others deferred to the Fire People. After the Fire People began their ascent, whoever could get to the bamboo took his turn. The mockingbird fluttered around the bamboo, calling out, "Pashumayani! Pashumayani! Be careful! Be careful!" This is the way the people departed from the Lower World. They moved slowly upward, and in time the entire bamboo stalk was covered with human bodies.

As the first climbers emerged through the sipapuni and stepped into the Upper World, Yawpa the mockingbird stood at Spider Grandmother's side and sorted them out. "You shall be a Hope and speak the Hopi language," he said to one. "You shall be a Navajo and speak the Navajo language," he said to another. "You shall be an Apache and speak the Apache language," he said to a third. He assigned every person to a tribe and a language, and to each tribe he gave a direction to go in its migrations. He named the Paiutes, the Zunis, the Supais, the Pimas, the Utes, the Comanches, the Sioux, and the White Men. The people began to make camp near the sipapuni. There were a great many of them. The chiefs discussed things and said, "Surely all the people of good heart have now arrived," But more were still coming up. The chiefs said, "All those who chose to depart from evil are here. Therefore, let no more come through the sipapuni." The village chief went to the opening and called down, "You who are still climbing, turn and go back. It is because of you that we chose to leave and come to the Upper World. Do not follow us. You are not wanted here."

But the climbers persisted, saying that they also wanted to be in the Upper World. So the warrior gods, Pokanghoya and Polongahoya, grasped the bamboo stalk and pulled its roots from the ground. They shook it and those clinging to it fell back into the Lower World like seeds falling from ripe grass. The chiefs said, "Now we are secure from the evil ones. Let us make camp." The people camped near the sipapuni and rested.

Pokanghoya and Polongahoya looked around at the vast Upper World. Pokanghoya said, "Everything has a sameness. something needs to be done." Polongahoya answered, "Yes, see how it is out there. The ground is soft. It is nothing but mud." So they took their buckskin ball and their playing sticks and began to play nahoydadatsia, following the ball wherever it went, running all the time. Wherever their feet touched the soft earth it became hard. They gathered the mud into great mounds and turned them into mountains. Wherever they passed, grass, and trees came into being. They raced far to the north, and in an instant they created Tokonave, meaning Black Mountain, which in later times the White Men called Navajo Mountain. From there they ran far to the south, chasing their ball all the while, and created Neuvatikyao, which the White Men later named San Francisco Peaks. They went eastward then, making hills, mountains, and mesas everywhere. They arrived at Muyovi, which the White Men came to call the Rio Grande, and near where the Zunis now live they created salt beds, and they also made salt beds at other places. When at last they had done enough things of this kind they returned to the sipapuni.

Spider Grandmother asked them, "Where have you boys been?"

They said, "We have been playing. We have made the Upper World good to look at. See what we have done."

But the light in the Upper World was a grayness and it was not possible to see very far, so what they had done was not clearly visible.

Pokanghoya said, "We need light in this place."

Polongahoya said, "Yes, and we need warmth also."

Spider Grandmother agreed, saying "It is true, light and warmth are needed."

She assembled the chiefs and the medicine men. She said, "Let us do something now to bring light and warmth to this place." She told the people what to do. They brought out many things that they had carried from the Lower World. They took a piece of buckskin and cut it in the shape of a disk, which they then fastened over a large wooden ring. They painted it with white clay and speckled it with black. When they were finished, they laid the buckskin disk on a kwatskiavu cloth and sang, as Spider Grandmother instructed them. Four chiefs took hold of the kwatskiavu cloth at the corners, and with a fast movement they lifted it and sent the disk soaring into the sky. By the power of singing they kept it moving upward until it disappeared from sight. But after a while they saw a light on the eastern horizon, and the buckskin disk rose from beyond the edge of things and moved slowly overhead.

Now the people could see a little better, but it was not yet light enough, and the earth still was not warm enough to grow corn. Spider Grandmother said, "Let us try again." They made another disk in the same way, but it was larger, and this time they painted it with egg yolks and sprinkled it with golden-colored pollen. They painted a face on the golden disk in black and red, and all around its edges they fastened corn silk. They attached an abalone shell to the forehead, and their work was finished. As before, the disk was placed on the kwatskiavu cloth. Four strong men grasped the corners, and with a quick lifting motion they sent the disk sailing into the sky. The people sang the disk upward until it disappeared. But after a while there was a bright glow on the horizon in the east, and a moment later the disk appeared there, shining brightly land making the whole land visible. Now the people could see the mountains and the other things created by the boy warrior gods. The disk also cast warmth on the earth. The people were glad, for now they had a moon and a sun.

The sun moved across the sky toward the West, rays of light and warmth spreading out from its corn silk edges. When the sun went down over the horizon the light faded, but the moon arose about this time and so there was not total darkness while the sun slept. The people were tired from their efforts and they rested now, but they forgot to put away all the things they had brought out to make their two sky disks. In the still of the night, Coyote came prowling among these things, examining them and turning them over out of curiosity. He discovered nothing that was edible or in any way useful to him, and in irritation he took a handful of small objects and hurled them into the air. These objects soon began to sparkle in the sky. And so the people now had many stars as will as their sun and moon. Coyote also picked up the paintpots, whose colors had been used to decorate the sun and moon, and threw then in all directions. The paint splattered against the rocks and buttes, marking them with the colors they have had ever since. These things Coyote did, and the people acknowledged that Coyote was responsible.

At the end of four days the people were ready to leave the place of the sipapuni and begin the next stage of their journey. Then, suddenly, the son of the kikmongwi, or village chief, fell sick and died. They buried him not far from the sipapuni and put stones over his grave. The kikmongwi grieved. He said, "There must be a sorcerer among us." And he instructed the people to find the one with the evil heart who had killed his son. The people looked about them. They examined each other's faces. They looked for the small black spot on the end of the nose that would identify a sorcerer, but found nothing. The kikmongwi said, "Look closely to see if anyone brought medicine from below in his belt." But they could not find anyone with medicine in his belt. The kikmongwi said, "Nevertheless, we shall discover the one with the evil heart." He made a ball of cornmeal and threw it into the air, saying, "May the ball of meal fall on the evil one." It fell on the head of a young woman, the very last person who had come through the sipapuni. The chief said, "Ah, then it is you."

She said, "Yes, I am the one."

The people said, "Why have you come? For all the powakas were instructed to stay below."

She answered, "That is so. But I did not wish to stay there any more. I want to be in the Upper World."

The kikmongwi took hold of her to throw her back through the opening into the Lower World, but the woman said, "Wait, do not throw me back. Your son is not dead. He lives on."

The kikmongwi replied, "No, the spirit has gone from his body, which is buried under the stones."

The woman said, "Yes, his body is under the stones, but even so he is not truly dead, for he lives on down below."

The kikmongwi answered, "How can such a thing be? For his body is cold."

The women said, "Look through the sipapuni and see for yourself."

The kikmongwi looked down. He saw his son playing nahoydadatsia with other children in the village in the Lower World. He said, "Yes, I see that it is so. I see him there. My son lives on. Nevertheless there is no place in the Upper World for a powaka. You must return to the Lower World."

The woman pleaded, saying, "Let me stay here. Should things ever go badly I will use my powers to help the people."

There was a discussion. People argued about the matter. At last they decided. One of the old men said, "Let her stay in the Upper World. It is true that she a powaka. But she has already contaminated the place by her presence. Good and evil are everywhere. From the beginning to the end of time good and evil must struggle against each other. So let the woman stay. But she may not go with us. After we have gone on she may go wherever she wishes."

So that was the way it was settled.

The time was drawing near for the people to leave the sipapuni behind. Yawpa the mockingbird said, "There is something still to be done--the selection of the corn." The people gathered around while the mockingbird placed many ears of corn on the ground. One ear was yellow, one was white, one was red, one was gray, some were speckled, one was a stubby ear with blue kernels, and one was not quite corn but merely kwakwi grass with seeds at the top. The mockingbird said, "Each of these ears brings with it a way of life. The one who chooses the yellow ear will have a life full of enjoyment and prosperity, but his span of life will be small. The short ear with the blue kernels will bring a life full of work and hardship, but the years will be many." The mockingbird described the life that went with each ear, and then he told the people to choose. Even while he was talking the people were deciding. The leader of the Navajos reached out quickly and took the yellow ear that would bring a short life but much enjoyment and prosperity. The Sioux took the white corn. The Supais chose the ear speckled with yellow, the Comanches took the red, and the Utes took the flint corn. The leader of the Apaches, seeing only two kinds of corn remaining chose the longest. It was the kwakwi grass with the seeds on top. Only the Hopis had not chosen. The ear that was left was the stubby ear of blue corn. So the leader of the Hopis picked it up, saying, "We were slow in choosing. Therefore we must take the smallest ear of all. We shall have a life a hardship, but it will be a long-lasting life. Other tribes may perish, but we, the Hopis, will survive all adversities." Thus the Hopis became the people of the short blue corn.

Gogyeng Sowuhti, Spider Grandmother, said, "There is still one more thing to be done." She went to the sipapuni and covered it with water, so that it resembled an ordinary pond. To see it, one would not know it to be the place through which the people had emerged from the world below. Spider Grandmother said, "Here at the sipapuni the tribes will separate. We are ready to begin our journeys. When the sun rises tomorrow we shall leave."

The people slept, and when the next glow of the rising sun became visible the exodus began. Those who called themselves Paiutes, Apaches and Navajos departed, each taking the direction assigned to them by the mockingbird. Then the Zunis, the Supais, the Pimas, the Utes went out. There remained only the Bahanas, or White People, and the Hopis. As the Bahanas gathered their possessions and prepared to go, the leader of the Hopis saw that the sorceress was still there in the camp, He said to her, "Why do you remain here? Go somewhere, find your own way, for we intend to leave all evil behind."

The chief of the Bahanas said, "Let the powaka come with us. Even though she is evil she has great knowledge. We do not fear her. Her knowledge will be useful to the people." Then the Bahanas trailed out of the camping place and went toward the south, the powaka following them.

The leader of the Hopis said, "Because the powaka has gone with the Bahanas, they will grow strong. They will learn evil as well as good, and they will have secrets that are not known to us. Therefore, whenever we meet with the Bahanas let us listen with caution to what they say. Let us stand apart from their ways. However, it is said that in some distant time a certain Bahanas whose name is not yet known will arrive among us from the direction of the rising sun, bringing friendship, harmony and good fortune to our people. When the time comes, he will appear. Let us watch for him. Let the dead be buried with their faces toward the east so that they will meet him when he approaches."

One of the elders of the Fire People said, "When such a person arrives, how shall we know for certain that he is the one we are expecting? What if a powaka comes, saying, I am the one you are waiting for?' He will take advantage of us and abuse us. He will destroy our way of life and give us cruelty instead of harmony."

Thereupon he took a small flat piece of stone and carved a picture of a man on it. Around the figure he made designs. And when he had finished carving this tablet he broke it into two parts. The part containing the head of the figure he handed to the chief of the Fire People, saying, "Let the Bahanas carry this piece. Let them hold it in trust for the White Brother who will come to us."

So the chief of the Fire People sent the fragment of the stone tablet to the Bahanas, who were still moving slowly southward. The messenger gave it to the leader of the Bahanas, saying, "On a certain day, at a certain place, a Bahana whose name is not yet known will come to us from the east, bringing harmony and good fortune to the Hopis. We must be certain of his identity. When the special Bahana comes, let him bring this fragment of stone with him. We will match it with the other portion. If the two parts fit together and the broken tablet becomes whole again, then we will recognize him as the person we are expecting."

The leader of the Bahanas accepted the fragment of the stone tablet, and the messenger returned to the sipapuni, saying, "It is done."

Now, when the Fire People claimed the right to leave the Lower World first, the others had deferred to them. The migrations were about to begin, and the Hopis addressed themselves to the Fire People this way: "We are going to the place where our destiny awaits us. Because you are Masauwu's relatives, and because it is he who granted permission for us to come here, it is you who will take the lead and guide us. Direct us to do what is necessary and we shall follow."

But the Fire People did not accept. Their chief said, "No, we also are strangers here. If we take you to some place that is not good you will blame us. If the journey seems too long you will say, 'The Fire People don't know what they are doing.' If we are attacked by enemies you will say, 'The Fire People were careless. See what they have done to us.' If the corn dries up in the fields you will say that we are at fault. Therefore we don't care to lead. Choose whomever you wish for your leaders. We shall be responsible only for ourselves."

And so the Hopis selected other persons to lead them on the journey.

Gogyeng Sowuhti, Spider Grandmother, spoke. She said, "Remember the sipapuni, for you will not see it again. You will go on long migrations. You will build villages and abandon them for new migrations. Wherever you stop to rest, leave your marks on the rocks and cliffs so that others will know who was there before them. Tawa, the Sun Spirit will watch over you. Do not forget him. There are other gods here as well. There is Masauwu, the Spirit of Death, who sent fire to the Lower World. This is his land, and so people must always be in the presence of death. If you see Masauwu's face you will recognize him though you have never seen him before. If you see a flame of fire moving in the night, that is Masauwu's breath. Speak well of him but avoid him. If he touches you the breath of life will depart from your body and go down to Maski, the Land of the Dead, from which it can never return. There is also Muyingwa, the spirit who germinates and makes things fertile. When you see him you will recognize him, for his body is made entirely of maize. These is Huruing Wuhti, the Hard-Substances Woman who owns all shells, corals and metals. Also living here is Balolokong, the Great Water Serpent who controls the springs and brings rain. All such things you have to know. You will learn about the forces of nature in your travels. The stars, the sun, the clouds and fires in the night will show you which directions to take. But the short blue corn that you chose at the sipapuni also will be your guide. If you reach a certain place and your corn does not grow, or it grows and does not mature, you will know that you have gone too far. Return the way you have come, build another village and begin again. In time you will find the land that is meant for you. But never forget that you came from the Lower World for a purpose. When you build your kivas, place a small sipapuni there in the floor to remind you where you come from and what you are looking for. Compos songs to sing in your ceremonies that will remind you how the sun and moon were made, and how the people parted from one another. Only those who forget why they came to this world will lose their way. They will disappear in the wilderness and be forgotten."

* * *

I would ask that you keep something in mind. The Hopi elders, and the Hopis generally, are a very quiet and private people. They do not discuss tribal matters with others not of the tribe or clan--and they do not, as a rule, go "outside" for assistance. I am told that the Hopi, at this time, are at silence concerning many of the matters addressed in these articles. Additionally, there is concern about new-agers and false shaman-types coming to their land to perform various rituals, which only serve to distract and upset the balance of those natives living on the land.

If you feel you can genuinely assist in some manner, please do so with reverence, foresight, care, and a deep respect for the Hopi way of life. Also, pray on their behalf--for all our relations.

--Rick Martin

* * *

The Hopi Snake Priest

THE SNAKE PRIEST of the Hopi stood near the edge of Ancient Walpai and, with folded arms, surveyed the desert below.

"Thank you for the Condor feather. You say you got it from the Great Zoo? For us it is a bird of legend."

"It is that for all the tribes of the American Indian people," I told him.

Behind him the old fortress upon the mesa top made a background for his figure, beautifully clothed in his native costume. His skin, light for that of many red-skinned people, was as innocent of hair as the cheek of a young child. That fact, with this beardless people, proved that he had no blood of White Man.

For a moment we continued to stand in silence. To speak too soon or abruptly would prove only that one had little breeding in the quiet ceremonious world of the Red Man. So I continued to stare at the ancient mud-brick city, already old when the Aztec monarch first heard of White Man's coming.

"You wrote to me in your letter that you wished to speak to me of the Pale God? Of those days now, few men remember."

"That I have learned. Yet I would put those days in a book for reading so that young Red Men will remember the Ancients, the heritage of all you people."

He sighed and glanced back at the Pueblo.

"Perhaps in your book you will write of my people; of their kindness, their old traditions, their peaceful ways and their love of beauty. We belong here on the desert."

"It is a wild land," I murmured.

"It is our land, and without it, life would not be worth living."

"Ah, yes. The desert has a strange fascination."

"It is easy out here to believe in the Fire God," he said, pushing back his long hair, raven-blue as the wing of a wild bird, and held from the eyes by a scarlet head-band. "Look at those mountainous shafts of red rock, torn and shattered and twisted upward. Here is a strange sort of soul-magic; a land of weird fascination."

"A never-never land of beauty?"

"I said it was easy to believe in the Fire God. See how he crushed and mauled the mountains? Then twisted them up.

"Even the water holes, cool and turquois, are not always filled with good water. You can tell by looking for the animal skeletons."

"And the heat-waves paint strange pictures for the thirsty? Yes, I too know the desert."

"You should not have come to us in summer. It is not the time to speak of the Ancients, but there are some hints that I can give you. It is well that you move among the Nations. Ask the High Priest in winter. Perhaps he will not turn his back upon you, if he believes that you are honest and do not come to make fun of these stories. And when you yourself walk the Broad Land, remember that He was here before you. Learn to see His sign when it is carved in the canyons. Learn to know His name when you hear it spoken.

"Above all remember that He loved this beauty; for it must have gripped His heart with talon fingers when, alone in the immensity, He watched the sunrise or the sunset. Remember this when the sun-god is painting, and you go forth to speak to the people of Tah-co-pah, the Healer.

"Speak of this when you talk to the people and they will open their hearts to you when they see that your path of life is not crooked, but open and filled with beauty. They will speak and send you away with a blessing: 'May the Great Spririt walk with you down a life path of beauty even as I say it now in our ancient language: Lolomi, forever, Lolomi.

"Speak of this and you speak of the Prophet.

"Speak like this and you will hear of the Prophet."

[Editor's note: The Pale Prophet was that one known as Jesus/Esu/Immanuel/Jmmanuel. This story is reprinted from the book titled, AND HE WALKED THE AMERICAS, written by L. Taylor Hansen. We would like to thank Amherst Press, and particularly, Marjorie Palmer, for kindly granting permission to reprint.]



From The Beginning Of Life To The Day Of Purification

Teachings, History & Prophecies of the Hopi People as told by the late Dan Katchongva Sun Clan (1865-1972)

These prophecies have been printed and offered for no fee--that is, as a complimentary insert document--by CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT. If you would like a copy of these prophecies, you may request so by phoning CONTACT at (800) 800-5565, or you may write to: P.O. Box 27800, Las Vegas, NV 89126.

For those of you wishing to communicate directly with the organization originally responsible for offering this information, you may do so at the following address: The Planting Stick Project, Route 9, Box 77TT, Santa Fe, NM 87505. They will also provide these prophecies, at no cost, upon request.


Translated by Danaqyumptewa
Edited by Thomas Francis Tarbet

Dan Katchongva, the late Sun Clan leader of Hotevilla, spent more than a century in this life, in the course of which he was privileged to witness the battle between the ancient world and the modern world, in which he saw many old prophecies fulfilled. He experienced the whole spectrum, from peaceful village life to the most forceful interference the Hopi have known since the end of the previous world.

In a talk recorded on January 29, 1970, Dan told the story of the People of Peace, from the dawn of time to the attacks which led to the founding of Hotevilla in 1906, the school, money and police systems which threaten to end the Hopi Way within this generation, and the consequences for America and the world.

The thought of publishing his talk grew from the recognition that those causing this tragedy, and the millions who support them, could not persist, had they but a glimpse of the purpose behind Hopi resistance to foreign control.

Dan agreed to the publication of this booklet on condition that it never be sold, insisting that to sell Hopi teachings would be like selling his own mother.

He selected the portions to be published, and the accuracy of the translation was carefully established through his interpreter, Danaqyumptewa, with emphases given to the original wording.

Statements concerning the Coyote and Grey Eagle clans, which Dan later wanted to add, have been inserted in this edition on pages 14, 15 and 27 [of original book].

In addition to the prophecies fulfilled during his lifetime. Dan was told by his father that he would live to see the beginning of the final event of this era, the Great Day of Purification. Dan Katchongva died in 1972.--T.F.T.


Somewhere down in the underworld we were created by the Great Spirit, the Creator. We were created first one, then two, then three. We were created equal, of oneness, living in a spiritual way, where the life is everlasting. We were happy and at peace with our fellow men. All things were plentiful, provided by our Mother Earth upon which we were placed. We did not need to plant or work to get food. Illness and troubles were unknown. For many years we lived happily and increased to great numbers.

When the Great Spirit created us, he also gave us instructions or laws to live by. We promised to live by his laws so that we would remain peaceful, using them as a guideline for living happily upon that land where he created and placed us. But from the beginning he warned us that we must not be tempted by certain things by which we might lose this perfect way of life.

Of course we had advantage of many good things in this life, so by and by we broke the Creator's command by doing what he told us not to do. So he punished us by making us as we are now, with both soul and body. He said, "From now on you will have to go on your own. You will get sick, and the length of your life will be limited."

He made our bodies of two principles, good and evil. The left side is good for it contains the heart. The right side is evil for it has no heart.

The left side is awkward but wise. The right side is clever and strong, but it lacks wisdom. There would be a constant struggle between the two sides, and by our actions we would have to decide which was stronger, the evil or the good.

We lived in good ways for many years, but eventually evil proved to be stronger. Some of the people forgot or ignored the Great Spirit's laws and once again began to do things that went against his instructions. They became materialistic, inventing many things for their own gain, and not sharing things as they had in the past. This resulted in a great division, for some still wanted to follow the original instructions and live simply.

The inventive ones, clever but lacking wisdom, made many destructive things by which their lives were disrupted, and which threatened to destroy all the people. Many of the things we see today are known to have existed at that time. Finally immorality flourished. The life of the people became corrupted with social and sexual license which swiftly involved the Kikmongwi's (chief's) wife and daughters, who rarely came home to take care of their household duties. Not only the Kikmongwi but also the high religious leaders were having the same problem. Soon the leaders and others with good hearts were worried that the life of the people was getting out of control.

The Kikmongwi gathered the high priests. They smoked and prayed for guidance toward a way to solve the corruption. Many times they gathered, until finally someone suggested that they move, find a new place, and start a new life.


Now they had often heard certain thumping sounds coming from above, so they knew that someone might be living there. It was decided that this must be investigated. I will describe this briefly, for the whole story would take much space.

Being gifted with wisdom, they created birds for this purpose. I will name three. Two which are known for their strength and swiftness are the kisa (hawk) and the pavowkaya (swallow). The third was a moochnee (related to the mockingbird). His flight is awkward, but he is known to be wise. They were each created at separate times by magic songs, tobacco smoke and prayers, from dirt and saliva, which was covered by a white cape (ova). Each was welcomed respectfully and given instructions for his mission, should he succeed. The first two failed to reach the top side of the sky, but the third one, moochnee, came through the opening into this world.

The new world was beautiful. The earth was green and in bloom. The bird observed all his instructions. His sense of wisdom guided him to the being he was instructed to seek. When he found him it was high noon, for the being, Maasauu, the Great Spirit, was preparing his noon day meal. Ears of corn lay beside the fire. He flew down and lit on top of his kisi (shady house) and sounded his arrival.

Maasauu was not surprised by the visitor, for by his wisdom and sense of smell he already knew someone was coming. Respectfully he welcomed him and invited him to sit down. The interview was brief and to the point. "Why are you here? Could it be important?" "Yes," said Moochnee, "I was sent here by the underworld people. They wish to come to your land and live with you, for their ways have become corrupted. With your permission they wish to move here with you and start a new life. This is why I have come." Maasauu replied bluntly. But with respect, "They may come."

With this message the bird returned to the underworld. While he was gone the Kikmongwi and the leaders had continued to pray and wait for his successful return. Upon his return with the good news of the new world and Maasauu's permission for them to come, they were overjoyed.

Now the question was how they were to get to the top, so again they smoked and prayed for guidance. At last they agreed to plant a tree that would grow to the top and serve as a pathway. They planted the seed of a shalavee (spruce tree), then they prayed and sang magic songs. The tree grew and grew until it reached the sky, but its branches were so soft and so many that it bent under the heavy earth pressure from the top, so it did not pierce the sky. They planted another seed, this one to be a louqu (pine). It grew as they sang their magic songs. This tree was stout and strong. "Surely this one will go through," they thought. But it was unsuccessful, for its branches also bent upon contact with the solid object. Again they planted a seed. This time it was a pakave (reed). Since it had a pointed end it pierced the sky up into the new world.

Meanwhile all of this had been kept secret. Only proper righteous and one-hearted people were informed of the plans to leave the corrupt world. They were prepared to move out, so as soon as they knew it was successful they started to come up on the inside of the plant, resting between the joints as they worked their way up to the opening.

When they got to this world, everything was beautiful and peaceful. The land was virgin, unmolested. They were very happy. They sang and danced with joy, but their joy was short-lived, for that night the chief's daughter died suddenly. Everyone was sad and worried. People looked at one another suspiciously. An evil spell had been enacted. This caused great concern that a witch or two-hearted person might be among them.

Now the Kikmongwi had great power which he must use to settle the concern of his people. He made a small ball out of cornmeal which he tossed up above the group of people. The one upon whose head it landed would be the guilty one. It landed upon the head of a girl. A quick decision was made to throw her back through the opening into the underworld. The wickedness must be gotten rid of, for they wished to live peacefully in this new land. But the witch girl cried out for mercy, telling them that on their long journey they would face many obstacles and dangers of every description, and that her services would become useful, for she had power to fight evil. She invited the Kikmongwi to look back down into the underworld. He looked and saw his child playing happily with the other children in the underworld, where upon death we will all return. She was spared, but they left her there alone, perhaps hoping that she would perish by some unknown cause.


It was here that the Great Spirit first appeared to them on this Earth, to give them the instructions by which they were to live and travel. They divided into groups, each with its selected leader. Before them he laid ears of corn of various lengths. They were each instructed to pick one ear of corn to take with them on their journey, for their subsistence and their livelihood. One by one they greedily picked out the longest and most perfect-looking ears until only the shortest was left. They did not realize that this was a test of wisdom. The shortest ear was picked by the humblest leader. Then the Great Spirit gave them their names and the languages by which they would be recognized. The last picker of short corn was named HOPI.

HOPI means not only to be peaceful but to obey and have faith in the instructions of the Great Spirit, and not to distort any of his teachings for influence or power, or in any way to corrupt the Hopi way of life. Otherwise the name will be taken away.

He then gave them instructions according to which they were to migrate for a certain purpose to the four corners of the new land, leaving many footprints, rock writings and ruins, for in time many would forget that they were all one, united by a single purpose in coming up through the reed.

Now that we were on top we were each to follow our own leaders, but so long as we did not forget the instructions of the Great Spirit we would be able to survive. We were now bound by a vow to live by these instructions and to complete our pattern of migration. Maasauu told us that whoever would be the first to find him would be the leader of those who were to follow, then he disappeared.


We migrated for many years to every corner of this continent, marking our claim as we travelled, as these markings clearly testify up to the present day. On our way we stopped for rest near the great river now known as the Colorado. We had travelled far and gained a great deal of knowledge, not forgetting our instructions. The group leader was of the Bow Clan, a great chief with wisdom. But it was here that this great chief disappeared into the dark night. After putting his family to sleep he left in search of the Earth Center, where clever, ingenious people from all nations meet to plan the future. By some means he found the place, and was welcomed with respect. It was a beautiful place with all manner of good things. Good food was laid before him by most beautiful girls. It was all very tempting.

Until today we did not know the significance of this action. It had to do with the future. By this action he caused a change to occur in the pattern of life as we near the end of the life cycle of this world, such that many of us would seek the materialistic world, trying to enjoy all the good things it has to offer before destroying ourselves. Those gifted with the knowledge of the sacred instructions will then live very cautiously, for they will remember and have faith in these instructions, and it will be on their shoulders that the fate of the world will rest. The people will corrupt the good ways of life, bringing about the same life as that from which we fled in the underworld. The sacred body of the female will no longer be hidden, for the shield of protection will be uplifted, an act of temptation toward sexual license, which will also be enjoyed. Most of us will be lost in all the confusion. An awareness that something extraordinary is happening will develop in most of the people, for even their leaders will be confused into polluting themselves. It will be difficult to decide whom to follow.

The Hopi knew all this would come about. All these aspects of today's life pattern were planned. So today we must stand firmly on our belief in order to survive. The only course is to follow the instruction of the Great Spirit himself.


This Bow Clan chief had two grown sons. When they learned of their father's misdeed they were very sad. Their knowledge of the teachings which they had received from him were (?) in order. Now they were left alone to lead their people, for the very next day their father died.

They asked their mother to permit them to carry out the order of their instructions for an event of this nature. She replied that it was up to them, for their knowledge was complete. Upon agreement, the younger brother was to continue in search of Maasauu, and to settle where he found him. There he would await the return of his older brother, who was to travel eastward toward the rising sun, where he would rest briefly. While resting, he must listen for the voice of his younger brother, who would expect him to come to his aid, for the change in the life pattern will have disrupted the way of life of his people. Under the pressure of a new ruler they will surely be wiped off the face of the earth unless he comes.

So today we are still standing firmly of the Great Spirit's instructions. We will continue to look and pray toward the East for his prompt return.

The younger brother warned the elder that the land and the people would change. "But do not let your heart be troubled," he said, "for you will find us. Many will turn away from the life plan of Maasauu, but a few of us who are true to his teachings will remain in our dwellings. The ancient character of our heads, the shape of our houses, the layout of our villages, and the type of land upon which our village stands, and our way of life. All will be in order, by which you will find us.

Before the first people had begun their migrations the people named Hopi were given a set of stone tablets. Into these tablets the Great Spirit inscribed the laws by which the Hopi were to travel and live the good way of life, the peaceful way. They also contain a warning that the Hopi must beware, for in time they would be influenced by wicked people to forsake the life plan of Maasauu. It would not be easy to stand up against this, for it would involve many good things that would tempt many good people to forsake these laws. The Hopi would be led into a most difficult position. The stones contain instructions to be followed in such a case.

The older brother was to take one of the stone tablets with him to the rising sun, and bring it back with him when he hears the desperate call for aid. His brother will be in a state of hopelessness and despair. His people may have forsaken the teachings, no longer respecting their elders, and even turning upon their elders to destroy their way of life. The stone tablets will be the final acknowledgement of their true identity and brotherhood. Their mother is Sun Clan. They are the children of the Sun.

So it must be a Hopi who travelled from here to the rising sun and is waiting someplace. Therefore it is only the Hopi that still have this world rotating properly, and it is the Hopi who must be purified if this world is to be saved. No other person anyplace will accomplish this.

The older brother had to travel fast on his journey for there was not much time, so the horse was created for him. The younger brother and his people continued on in search of Maasauu.

On their way they came to a land that looked fertile and warm. Here they marked their clan symbols on the rock to claim the land. This was done by the Fire Clan, the Spider Clan, and the Snake Clan. This place is now called Moencopi. They did not settle there at that time.

While the people were migrating, Maasauu was waiting for the first ones to arrive. In those days he used to take walks near the place where he lived, carrying a bunch of violet flowers (du-kyam-see) in his belt. One day he lost them along the way. When he went to look for them he found that they had been picked up by the Hornytoad Woman. When he asked her for the flowers she refused to give them back, but instead gave him her promise that she would help him in time of need. "I too have a metal helmet," she told him, (possibly meaning that certain people with metal helmets would help the Hopi when they get into difficulty).

Often Maasauu would walk about a half mile north of his du-pacha (a type of temporary house) to a place where there lay a long rock which formed a natural shelter, which he must have picked as the place where he and the first people would find each other. While waiting there he would amuse himself by playing a game to test his skill, the name of which (Nadu-wonpi-kya) was to play an important part later on in the life of the Hopi, for it was here that the knowledge and wisdom of the first people was to be tested. Until recent times children used to play a similar game there, something like "hide-and-seek." One person would hide, then signal by tapping on the rock, which would transmit the sound in a peculiar way so that the others could not tell exactly where the tapping was coming from. (Some years ago this rock was destroyed by government road builders.) It was here that they found Maasauu waiting.


Before the migrations began Maasauu had let it be known, though perhaps not by direct instructions, that whoever would find him first would be the leader there. Later it became clear that this was a procedure by which their true character would be specified.

When they found him the people gathered and sat down with him to talk. The first thing they wanted to know was where he lived. He replied that he lived just north of there at a place called Oraibi. For a certain reason he did not name it fully. The full name is Sip-Oraibi, meaning something that has been solidified, referring to the fact that this is the place where the earth was made solid.

They asked permission to live there with him. He did not answer directly, for within them he saw evil. "It's up to you," he said. "I have nothing here. My life is simple. All I have is my planting stick and my corn. If you are willing to live as I do, follow my instructions, the life plan which I shall give you, you may live here with me, and take care of the land. Then you shall have a long, happy, fruitful life."

Then they asked him whether he would be their leader, thinking that thus they would be assured a peaceful life. "No," he replied, "the one who led you here will be the leader until you fulfill your pattern of life," (for he saw into their hearts and knew that they still had many selfish desires). "After that I will be the leader, but not before, for I am the first and I shall be the last." Having left all the instructions with them, he disappeared.


The village of Oraibi was settled and built in accordance with the instructions of the Great Spirit. The Bow Clan chief was the father of the ceremonial order. They remained under the leadership of the Bow Clan for some time, perhaps until corruptions set in. As you recall, the Bow Clan chief of the past had contaminated his standing by taking part in the changing of the life pattern.

Later the Bear Clan took over. This might have been because the bear is strong and mighty. There may have been other reasons too, such as a prophecy which told that a bear, sleeping somewhere in the northern part of what is now called Europe, would awaken at a certain time and walk to the northern part of this country, where he would wait. This group is called Bear Clan because they came across a dead bear at the place of the shield symbol. Most of the important people claimed to be of the Bear Clan, including the Bluebird and Spider Clan people.

For some reason the Coyote Clan, who migrated from Sh-got-kee near Walpi, were considered bad people, though very clever. At first they were not permitted to enter but, in accord with our custom, on the fourth request they were admitted, on agreement that they would act as a protection and in time speak for the chief should difficulties arise. But they were warned to be cautious, though faithful ones might remain true to the last. So it is with all clans, for along the way most of us will deceive our leaders for glory, which will tend to pollute our ways and jeopardize our beliefs.

The last group to be permitted into Oraibi was the Grey Eagle Clan. When they had finished their migrations, they first settled in what is now called New Mexico. Being warlike and troublemakers, they were evicted by the Pueblo Indians. When they came to this area, they first settled in Mushongnovi on Second Mesa, on the agreement that they would not cause trouble. Should they break their agreement, they were to leave without resistance.

They made trouble in Mushongnovi so they left as promised. They went by way of Oraibi, where they asked to be admitted. After several attempts they finally gained entry, promising as they had in the other village that they would leave voluntarily should they create trouble. According to this agreement the chief of Mushongnovi would then consider whether to receive them again at Second Mesa, or send them back to New Mexico, where the Pueblo people could deal with them as they saw fit.

The vow which we made with the Great Spirit obligated us to follow his way of life. He gave the land to us to use and care for through our ceremonial duties. He instructed us and showed us the road plan by which we must govern our lives. We wrote this pattern on a rock so that we would always be reminded to follow the straight road. The Hopi must not drift away from this road or he will take this land away from us. This is the warning given to us by Maasauu. Oraibi village was settled firmly. Migrating people were now gathering there and asking to be admitted into the village. The Kikmongwi and the high priests would always consider their request and base their judgment upon their character and wisdom. Those who showed signs of boastfulness were turned away and told to go to the south mesas where their kind of people lived. Only good people, humble and sincere in their prayers, were admitted.

Among the ceremonies of each group the prayer for rain was important in order for the crops to grow and produce an abundance of food. The people depended on this for their livelihood. Boastful people were not admitted so that prayers would not be polluted.

Oraibi was now firmly established. The pattern of the religious order was established. Cycle by cycle we paid respect to our Mother Earth, our Father Sun, the Great Spirit, and all things through our ceremonials. We were happy for we were united as one.


Time passed on, people passed on, and the prophecies of things to come were passed from mouth to mouth. The stone tablets and the rock writing of the life plan were often reviewed by the elders. Fearfully they waited as they retold the prophecy that one day another race of people would appear in their midst and claim our land as his own. He would try to change our pattern of life. He would have a "sweet tongue" or a "fork tongue," and many good things by which we would be tempted. He would use force in an attempt to trap us into using weapons, but we must not fall for this trick, for then we ourselves would be brought to our knees, from which we might not be able to rise. Nor must we ever raise our hand against any nation. We now call these people Bahanna.


We have teachings and prophecies informing us that we must be alert for the signs and omens which will come about to give us courage and strength to stand on our beliefs. Blood will flow. Our hair and our clothing will be scattered upon the earth. Nature will speak to us with its mighty breath of wind. There will be earthquakes and floods causing great disasters, changes in the seasons and in the weather, disappearance of wildlife, and famine in different forms. There will be gradual corruption and confusion among the leaders and the people all over the world, and wars will come about like powerful winds. All of this has been planned from the beginning of creation.

We will have three people standing behind us, ready to fulfill our prophecies when we get into hopeless difficulties: The Meha Symbol (which refers to a plant that has a long root, milky sap, grows back when cut off, and has a flower shaped like a swastika, symbolizing the four great forces of nature in motion), the Sun Symbol, and the Red Symbol. Bahanna's intrusion into the Hopi way of life will set the Meha Symbol in motion, so that certain people will work for the four great forces of nature (the four directions, the controlling forces, the original force) which will rock the world into war. When this happens we will know that our prophecies are coming true. We will gather strength and stand firm.

This great movement will fall, but because its subsistance is milk, and because it is controlled by the four forces of nature, it will rise again to put the world in motion, creating another war, in which both the Meha and the Sun Symbol will be at work. Then it will rest in order to rise a third time. Our prophecy foretells that the third event will be the decisive one. Our road plan foretells the outcome.

This sacred writing speaks the word of the Great Spirit. It could mean the mysterious life seed with two principles of tomorrow, indicating one, inside of which is two. The third and last, which will it bring forth, purification or destruction?

This third event will depend upon the Red Symbol, which will take command, setting the four forces of nature (Meha) in motion for the benefit of the Sun. When he sets these forces in motion the whole world will shake and turn red and turn against the people who are hindering the Hopi cultural life. To all these people Purification Day will come. Humble people will run to him in search of a new world, and the equality that has been denied them. He will come unmercifully. His people will cover the Earth like red ants. We must not go outside to watch. We must stay in our houses. He will come and gather the wicked people who are hindering the red people who were here first. He will recognize by his way of life, or by his head (the special Hopi haircut), or by the shape of his village and his dwellings. He is the only one who will purify us.

The Purifier, commanded by the Red Symbol, with the help of the Sun and the Meha, will weed out the wicked who have disturbed the way of life of the Hopi, the true way of life on Earth. The wicked will be beheaded and will speak no more. This will be the Purification for all righteous people, the Earth, and all living things on the Earth. The ills of the Earth will be cured. Mother Earth will bloom again and all people will unite into peace and harmony for a long time to come.

But if this does not materialize, the Hopi traditional identity will vanish due to pollution from Bahanna. Through the white man's influence, his religions, and the disappearance of our sacred land, the Hopi will be doomed. This is the Universal Plan, speaking through the Great Spirit since the dawn of time.

With this in mind, I as a Hopi do not make wars against any country, because if I do, the Purifier will find out and punish me for fighting. And since I am a Hopi, I am not sending my children across the ocean to fight. If they want to that's up to them, but they will no longer be Hopi if they do.

Since I am Sun Clan, and the Sun is the father of all living things, I love my children. If they realize what I am talking about they must help me save this world.

The Hopi have been placed on this side of the Earth to take care of the land through their ceremonial duties, just as other races of people have been placed elsewhere around the Earth to take care of her in their own ways. Together we hold the world in balance, revolving properly. If the Hopi nation vanishes the motion of the Earth will become eccentric, the water will swallow the land, and the people will perish. Only a brother and a sister may be left to start a new life.


Bahanna came with great ambition and generosity, eagerly offering his hand to help "improve" our way of life, establishing schools to teach us the "better ways" of his life. He offered us his medicine and health practices, saying that this would help us live longer. He offered to help us mark our boundary, claiming that in that way we would have more land. In all the villages we rejected his offer. He tried many ways to induce us, but failed to make us submit to his wishes, for we were all one unity at that time, believers in the instructions of Maasauu.

His next attempt was fear. He formed a police force consisting partly of certain people who had been tempted by his offers and given weapons. He threatened to arrest us and put us in prison, but we still stood firm. The threats of arrest and imprisonment were put into action. Villages panicked and weaker people began to submit. In Oraibi, our village leadership fell when Lololma (Bear Clan) made an agreement with the United States Government.

We who still had faith in Maasauu, including the main priests of the religious orders, gathered together, rejecting the Kikmongwi's request to submit. We sat down together and smoked and prayed that we would be brave enough to take our stand. We took out our stone tablet and studied it in every detail. We carefully reviewed the road plan written on the rock near our village. This is the plan we must always follow, for it is in order and complete. We recognized that the Fire Clan (meaning my father, Yukiuma) must lead, for his symbol, Maasauu, stands to the right of the reed as he faces out. We also interpreted that since our way of life had been corrupted we must move to a new place where we would be able to follow the road without interference and continue our ceremonial duties for all beings.

We smoked and prayed again and reconsidered that this village, Oraibi, is our mother village. All our sacred shrines are rooted here and must not be left unattended. We knew that the road would be hard with many obstacles. We knew that we would still be troubled by the newcomer, and that we must still face all the tests of weakness, so we agreed to stay.

The trouble commenced its course. The Government wanted all of the Hopi children to be put into schools. They said it would do us good, but we knew that this "good" would only be on the surface, and that what was under it would destroy the Hopi cultural life. Maybe they thought that with an education the children might be able to help the old people, but we knew this would not be so, because they would learn to think as whitemen, so they would never help the old people. Instead they would be indoctrinated and encouraged to turn against us, as they are actually doing today. So in order to be good according to the Great Spirit's instructions we refused to put our children into the schools.

So almost every week they would send policemen, many of them. They would surround the village and hunt for the children of school age. We could not be happy because we were expecting trouble every day. Fathers who refused to cooperate were arrested and imprisoned. Inhuman acts were imposed upon us, starvation, insults and humiliation, to force us into submission. Still, over half of the clan leaders and religious society leaders refused to accept anything from the Government. Because of this we were mocked and treated as outcasts by those who had already submitted. Finally they decided to do something about us because we were keeping them from getting certain favors from the Government.

This was when Lololma's successor, Tawaquaptewa, became chief of Oraibi. It was under his leadership that the sad event, the eviction of the faithful Hopi from Oraibi, was touched off. Since we "Hostiles," as we were called by the missionaries and Government workers, refused to follow his wishes and accept the whiteman's way of life, he decided to evict us bodily. He figured that without our interference he would be able to take advantage of the good things offered by Bahanna.


On September 7, 1906, his followers, commanded by chief Tewaquaptewa himself, entered the house where we were discussing prophecies and threw us out. We did not resist until rifles and other weapons were shown and they began beating us. Then we resisted only to the extent of defending ourselves from injury. I was knocked unconscious. When I came to, all my people were gathered to go. My father, Yukiuma, was selected to be the leader. The women and children, with a few belongings on their backs, a little food, and no shoes, were prepared to leave. Some tried to go back to their houses to get their valuables and some extra food, but they were turned back. (In the Book of the Hopi it is said we were allowed to go back and get some belongings, but this is not true. That book is not accurate.) After we had left we learned that our houses had been looted and that horses had been turned loose in our fields and had eaten our crops, which were just ready for harvest.

Thus we had to migrate once again to find a new home, leaving behind a corrupt world of confusion. We sought to start a new life, carry on our ceremonial cycles, and preserve our way of life without interference, but now we know that this was a dead dream, for the interference has continued right up to the present day.


The village of Hotevilla was settled for one purpose, to stand firmly on the Great Spirit's instructions and fulfill the prophecies of the end. It was established by good people, one-hearted people who were actually living these instructions. Water was plentiful, and so was wood, from which we built temporary shelters in which we were to survive the cold winter with very few blankets. Food was scarce, but we managed to live from the land by hunting game and picking greens. We were united into oneness, but it would again be split into two due to extreme pressure from the outside.


Hardly had our footprints faded away in Oraibi, when early one morning we found ourselves surrounded by government troops. All the people, including the children, were ordered to march six miles to a place below Oraibi. From there all the men were marched over forty miles to the U.S. Government agency at Keams Canyon, where they were imprisoned for about a year-and-one-half for not accepting the generous offer of education for our children, among other things.

The first thing they ordered us to do was to sign papers. We refused. Then they locked us inside a building without food and with very little water for several days until we were very hungry. Again they tried to induce us to sign papers, promising to feed us and let us go, but again we refused. They tried other tricks to make us sign but each time we refused. Finally they took us to a blacksmith shop, where they riveted chains to our legs with loops and hooks, and fastened us together in pairs. In this way we were forced to work on a road gang for long hours, working dangerously with dynamite on the steep rocky cliffs near the agency. That road is now the foundation of a highway still in use today.

At night we were fastened together in groups of six by means of long chains. To add to our torture, soap was added to our food, which made us very sick. When one man had to go to the outhouse all six had to go. All this time the possibility of signing certain papers was left open to those who might weaken. During this period my father, Yukiuma, was being held somewhere else so I was acting as leader.

While we were in prison, only the women and children, and maybe a few old men, were left out here. They had very little food, but as if by a miracle, there happened to be a lot of rabbits and other wild game, so on that meat diet they were able to survive the hard winter. It was very hard while the men were away. The old people used to talk about it. The women had to gather the wood themselves. My mother used to tell me how they would form hunting parties and get the dogs to help. We had a small flock of sheep which they tended while we were away. During the growing season they planted the crops, took care of the fields, and all the work that the men would normally do, in order to survive.


During this period a group under the leadership of Kawonumptewa (Sand Clan), fearing even worse pressure from the Government, returned to Oraibi to follow Tawaquaptewa and accept the whiteman's way, but they were rejected and driven out. They settled about two miles from Hotevilla, where they founded the village of Bacobi. Unable to make out independently, they asked the Government Agency for help. The Agency happily obliged with such things as housing materials. Now they almost entirely accept the whiteman's way, along with his religion. According to the Great Spirit's law they are now landless. Their only assets are their dwellings. But it is through them that the Agency obtained token permission to build a school on Hotevilla land, and with the Agency's backing they have committed land grabs against the Hotevilla people. It is also through them that the Government has built a water tower on Hotevilla land, which supplies running water to the school and to Bacobi village, while depleting the natural water supply of the Hotevilla people. Most of the people in Hotevilla refuse to use the water from this tower. Much of the trouble caused by the Bacobi people still exists today. I can recall much more than I hope will come to light.

When we left Oraibi and settled at Hotevilla, the Grey Eagle Clan came with us on the same condition they agreed to in Oraibi, which is still in force.

They have created trouble again and are due to move out. They are the backbone of the disturbances in our village, selling out the Hopi nation by their inclination to bow toward more persuasive powers for certain favors. There are two roads for them to follow, the road of the Great Spirit, or the road of Bahanna, the whiteman. They are supposed to move out to Mushongnovi as agreed, in fact the people there are waiting for them, but they lack the courage to carry out their agreement. They are cowards hiding behind the man-made law of Bahanna.

At the present time we face the danger that we might lose our land entirely. Through the influence of the United States Government, some people of Hopi ancestry have organized what they call the Hopi Tribal Council, patterned according to a plan devised by the Government, for the purpose of negotiating directly with the Government and with private businesses. They claim to act in the interests of the Hopi people, despite the fact that they ignore the existing traditional leaders, and represent only a small minority of the people of Hopi blood. Large areas of our land have been leased, and this group is now accepting compensation from the Indian Claims Commission for the use of 44,000,000 acres of Hopi land. This is in error, for we laid our aboriginal claim to all of this land long before the newcomers ever set foot upon it. We do not recognize man-made boundaries. We true Hopi are obligated to the Great Spirit never to cut up our land, nor to sell it. For this reason we have never signed any treaty or other document releasing this land. We have protested all these moves, but to no avail.

Now this Tribal Council was formed illegally, even according to whiteman's laws. We traditional leaders have disapproved and protested from the start. In spite of this they have been organized and recognized by the United States Government for the purpose of disguising its wrongdoings to the outside world. We do not have representatives in this organization, nor are we legally subject to their regulations and programs. We Hopi are an independent sovereign nation, by the law of the Great Spirit, but the United States Government does not want to recognize the aboriginal leaders of this land. Instead, he recognizes only what he himself has created out of today's children in order to carry out his scheme to claim all of our land.

Because of this, we now face the greatest threat of all, the actual loss of our cornfields and gardens, our animals and wild game, and our natural water supply, which would put an end to the Hopi way of life. At the urging of the Department of the Interior of the United States, the Tribal Council has signed several leases with an outside private enterprise, the Peabody Coal Company, allowing them to explore our land for coal deposits, and to strip-mine the sacred mesas, selling the coal to several large power-plants. This is part of a project intended to bring heavy industry into our area against our wishes. We know that this will pollute the fields and grazing lands and drive out the wildlife. Great quantities of water will be pumped from beneath our desert land and used to push coal through a pipe to a power-plant in another state (Nevada). The loss of this water will affect our farms as well as the grazing areas of the animals. It also threatens our sacred springs, our only natural source of water, which we have depended upon for centuries.

We Hopi knew all this would come about, because this is the Universal Plan. It was planned by the Great Spirit and the Creator that when the whiteman came he would offer us many things. If we were to accept those offers from his government, that would be the doom of the Hopi nation. Hopi is the bloodline of this continent, as others are the bloodline of other continents. So if Hopi is doomed, the whole world will be destroyed. This we know, because this same thing happened in the other world. So if we want to survive, we should go back to the way we lived in the beginning, the peaceful way, and accept everything the Creator has provided for us to follow.

Whiteman's laws are many, but mine is one. Whitemans's laws are all stacked up. So many people have made the rules, and many of them are made every day. But my law is only the Creator's, just one. And no manmade law must I follow, because it is ever-changing, and will doom my people.

We know that when the time comes, the Hopi will be reduced to maybe one person, two persons, three persons. If he can withstand the pressure from the people who are against the tradition, the world might survive from destruction. We are at the stage where I must stand alone, free from impure elements. I must continue to lead my people on the road the Great Spirit made for us to travel. I do not disregard anyone. All who are faithful and confident in the Great Spirit's way are at liberty to follow the same road. We will meet many obstacles along the way. The peaceful way of life can be accomplished only by people with strong courage, and by the purification of all living things. Mother Earth's ills must be cured.

As we say, the Hopi are the first people created. They must cure the ills of their own bloodline so everything will become peaceful naturally, by the will of the Creator. He will cure the world. But right now Hopi is being hurt. To us this is a sign that the world is in trouble. All over the world they have been fighting, and it will get worse. Only purification of the Hopi from disruptive elements will settle the problems here on this Earth. We didn't suffer all this hardship and punishment for nothing. We live by these prophecies and teachings, and no matter what happens, we will not buckle down under any pressure from anybody.

We know certain people are commissioned to bring about the Purification. It is the Universal Plan from the beginning of creation, and we are looking up to them to bring purification to us. It is in the rock writings throughout the world, on different continents. We will come together if people all over the world know about it. So we urge you to spread this word around so people will know about it, and the appointed ones will hurry up with their task, to purify the Hopi and get rid of those who are hindering our way of life.

I have spoken. I wish this message to travel to all corners of this land and across the great waters, where people of understanding may consider these words of wisdom and knowledge. This I want. For people may have different opinions about some things, but because of the nature of the beliefs upon which this Hopi life is based, I expect that at least one will agree, maybe even two. If three agree it will be worth manyfold.

I am forever looking and praying eastward to the rising sun for my true white brother to come and purify the Hopi. My father, Yukiuma, used to tell me that I would be the one to take over as leader at this time, because I belong to the Sun Clan, the father of all the people on the Earth. I was told that I must not give in, because I am the first. The Sun is the father of all living things from the first creation. And if I am done, the Sun Clan, then there will be no living thing left on the Earth. So I have stood fast. I hope you will understand what I am trying to tell you.

I am the Sun, the father. With my warmth all things are created. You are my children, and I am very concerned about you. I hold you to protect you from harm, but my heart is sad to see you leaving my protecting arms and destroying yourselves. From the breast of your mother, the Earth, you receive your nourishment, but she is too dangerously ill to give you pure food. What will it be? Will you lift your father's heart? Will you cure your mother's ills? Or will you forsake us and leave us with sadness, to be weathered away? I don't want this world to be destroyed. If this world is saved, you all will be saved, and whoever has stood fast will complete this plan with us, so that we will all be happy in the Peaceful Way.

People everywhere must give Hopi their most serious consideration, our prophecies, our teachings, and our ceremonial duties, for if Hopi fails, it will trigger the destruction of the world and all mankind. I have spoken through the mouth of the Creator. May the Great Spirit guide you on the right path.



Editor's note: The following special passage is taken from journal #11, CRY OF THE PHOENIX, see Back Pages for ordering information.

ATON 12/11/89 #1

The third virtue that escapes your memory is that in which you excel, chela: wowacintanka--fortitude! You have just forgotten. These things must be told and put unto the press that my people can be in the remembering. I am Grandfather Aton to speak to you.

Your mind shall be kept veiled in your consciousness for man is not yet ready to hear it all and man's tongue is attached so solidly to his consciousness that it spills over as prompted by his ego. Ye shall simply clear of all dark clowns from your space and write that which we bring to you just as you have been doing these months past. If my words bring embarrassment or a swish of guilt upon ones who are in the receiving then it is time that they pay attention. No thing more and no thing less. You walk the road of light and the messages are not always for you to decipher--much the less for you to project in your interpretation. You shall be given to understand the difference. You shall seek wisdom which is the first virtue, first in all things and the rest shall be added in properness. You shall persist in woohitika, which is bravery, for you know the best and the worst and from the worst shall rise the best. You shall also continue to put my Truth to the pages lest you fail your last test, that of wacantognaka--generosity. As Truth is given forth and ones who receive clutch it and hide it in the darkness--or sell it for earthly worth greed or putrid ego satisfaction, the virtue of generosity is lost for unless you give it forth you cannot receive of the abundance back into the beingness which is truly you within. Wisdom comes from the errors committed and not repeated. So be it.

With wisdom comes the knowledge that all things are binded together by the strands of each bound together as the cohesive whole. Wisdom is the recognition and reverence (not worship) of the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown working together and interacting in such a way as to bring balance unto that which is The Creation of that One from which you come. But simply to be in the knowing does not bring wholeness for unless there is the act of generosity and sharing--action--the fourth virtue is failed.

Heed well the remindings of the ancient teachers who have willingly come forth again to point the directions. Two thousand years past in the traditions of those you label today, the Hopi, came a warning which men ignore and yet has been repeated again and again from your great wise-men--sages: "When you see a 'gourd of ashes' in the sky you will know that the Great Purification is at hand." Whether you wish to realize it or not makes no difference whatsoever. And, two thousand years ago the Truth was again brought by one who represented Truth and you were again told, "There will be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, famines, pestilence...men fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."

You have been told before that Ages of Newness would be filled with chemical pollution. You have been told that there would come severe floods upon the lands and severe droughts; volcanoes will erupt and you will be plagued by earthquakes, massive erosion and vast inundations. There will be great and drastic activities--earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, bizarre weather patterns and these will especially be prevalent in what you call the "Ring of Fire" stretching from the south of the Sea of Peace and Japan to the Western mountain chains of North and South America.

Ah yes, chela, 'tis not only in your placement for it shall engulf the totality of the Earth-Mother. But you are given that which is in your realm of attention and existence. You shall be given those things about your world so that they can be integrated for all peoples--there are others who shall be given those insights.

There is no point in focusing upon these "things"--they are but the cleansing and the renewal and the casting off of the old--they are but the clues to the timing sequence that man can understand his slothful ways and quicken his attention. As Little Crow suggests: Quit looking into the reflection glass for that is NOT who you are--look within to the Truth of self and see who you might be hiding within that cumbersome machinery. 'Tis the journey within that is ultimate--not the reflection from a looking glass for the glass stops your vision just beyond your nose and vision must flow throughout infinity--beyond man's puny limits. There is only brotherhood within the vision quest of ones who come from the thunder peoples and the sky brothers. These ones were labeled the "Bird Tribes" for when they were labeled thusly--only birds flew within the consciousness of experience.

Oh yes, chela, I can explain these things unto you and I shall do so in many ways, through carefully chosen receivers and transmitters that they can be written in a way in which each individual entity can be made to understand.

You must place into perspective that which has occurred upon your globe of manifested experience. You watch man unearth another man from apparently another time, a skeleton, a bowl of primitive clay fragments, pieces of stone and sharp glass-like flint tools. You look and you marvel at the findings while you over-look the grandest discoveries of the cycles of time.

These places are unearthed because they represent the "beginning", not the "ending". When the old continents are again thrust up from the eons of cleansing under the seas, life shall need begin again--and man always insists on starting over. His destructive and evil nature comes forth and destroys and the Mother is forced to again cleanse so she rolls over in her bed and washes away that which is evil and without purity and that which is man-created is lost again into its elemental forms but that which was remaining of the elemental species is left for the next generation of "modern man" to find and exploit. For man must always come into the truth of it--there is nothing more and nothing less. All he can gather are his experiences and his growth in recognition of the vast infinity of the creation where he exists forever. As the old comes forth all that is brought back is the basic beginnings of what appears to be life. A few fragments of geographical locations are always left to remain that there might be continuation of a species. Man was always man--man was never a fish nor an ape--man was always man. It is always the ones of the Ancients who remain with the Earth Mother to nurture and hold to the old that again a civilization of human might be rebirthed and given opportunity to experience and grow through his virtues and repeat or renew; it is his choice, always.

The "livingness" of the Mother is brought into her radiance and those with her which have come into Truth. Those who must be taught in the lower grades are placed appropriately that they can continue in their lessons. When a planet "closes" its magnificent and ultimate cycle new lands raise from the ocean and, without the waters, the living plants and animal species perish or in some instances, adapt. However, as the old is brought for cleansing beneath the waters of the great seas, that which man has corrupted poisons the remaining oceans and the new oceans beneath which the pollution lies sunken. Some survive for it is intended to be that way. If the ending of a planet or life base is truly annihilated, it becomes a massive asteroid belt and/or an encapsulated energy form to be re-molded into whatever the creator so "thinks"--it matters not to you for you will have lost your "consciousness" and would again be without knowingness.

Again the ancient "teachers" from the universal realms are there to begin the lessons again--the first to come, the last to go--only relieved by brief periods of "lift-off" to insure re-commence of the mighty cycle. You ones in this consciousness are in the final fragments of the mighty cycle before and while the old passes and the new begins. 'Tis a wondrous gift indeed to be the selected few for the false betrayers stand to the left and right and all about you to push you from your path. I am the mother hen for all of you, my little fledglings who cling unto my feathers, for I know the path and I hold the lamp to light the way. You need no rituals to reach out and take mine hand for you have never been disconnected from me. To renew the bond is but a thought--to sever is also but a thought and even then I shall not leave of thee as you are allowed your lessons.


You as man, are in the Age of Kali--the Age of Chaos.

Your wondrous Earth stands assaulted in this age of Kali, the helpmate of evil. Forsaken are the virtues; there is no truthfulness, self-discipline, purity of body and mind, and compassion, nor is there liberality. The people are wretched and engaged only in filling their bellies, which are swollen and distorted in the lands of the famines. Those in the lands of plenty are engaged only in puny, greedy gluttony and indulgence of self. 'Tis grand and wondrous to use and hold and share the abundance of the Creation/Creator but 'tis sad to see the intent of greed and self-orientation.

Those who pose as saints are constantly engaged in preaching false doctrines. Those who have apparently renounced the world are rich in worldly possessions, and have become united in families and procreate for the pleasure of the act and not for the new life-form created. There are few remaining true bonds between husband and wife and one sheds himself of the other at a moment's whim, leaving the children to grow among the weeds of wreckage. All spiritual discipline stands consumed by the wildfire. The teachers sell their knowledge of the sacred Truth and men and women turn unto prostitution of selves to hold their unholy treasures.

The path of righteous discipline and Union with God have all but vanished from the face of your Earth in the wash of chaos. In this age the righteous men remain dejected and the unrighteous feel overjoyed indeed.

The learned spiritual leaders bless and indulge in sexual commerce with their wives and partners like buffaloes who know not other. They become expert in all manner of methods of procreating and are not at all clever in achieving freedom, liberation, fulfillment and self-discipline. The substance of life has disappeared everywhere.

Day following day, righteousness, veracity, purity, forgiveness, compassion, length of life, bodily strength and keenness of memory will spiral into decline--the four virtues will be all but forgotten, except for the few. Wealth alone will represent the measuring scale and will be the criterion of pedigree, morality and merit. What is chosen by those of wealth shall be "voted" into acceptance by the whole. It has already happened.

Brute force and power will be the only factor determining righteousness and fairness...trickery alone will be the motive force in business dealings. Capability of affording sexual delight will be the only criterion of masculine or feminine excellence--both will torment and destroy their very vehicles of body to achieve that false security of physical beauty for sexuality to draw the helpless moth to the destructive flame of destruction.

Justice will have every chance of being debased in moral basis because of one's inability to gratify those administering it. Want of riches will be the sole test of impiety and hypocrisy will be the only touchstone of goodness--digression from accepted traditions of moral ethics shall be the accepted sign of outward "beauty".

Skill will consist in supporting one's family and self for self-gratification and facade; virtuous deeds will be performed only with the object of gaining fame and ego satisfaction; and when in this way the terrestrial globe will be overrun by wicked and evil people, the person who would prove to be the most powerful amongst all will become the ruler thereof.

Robbed of their wealth (for it is already happening) and their women by greedy and merciless politicians and soldiers, behaving like robbers, people will resort to mountains and forests and subsist on leaves, roots, meat, honey, fruits, flowers and seeds. Already oppressed by famine and heavy taxation, people will perish through drought, excessive cold, storms, scorching sunshine, heavy rain, snowfall and mutual conflict. In this Age of Kali men will be tormented by hunger and thirst, plagues, ailments and mental worry without bounds.

When through the evil effects of this chaos the bodies of mankind get reduced in size and emaciated, the righteous course chalked out by the true scriptures as brought in spiritual guidance gets lost, when religion is replaced by heresy to a large extent and rulers mostly turn out to be thieves, when men take to various pursuits like theft, dishonesty, wanton destruction of life and so on; annual plants get stunted in growth and trees are mostly reduced in size to that of a small tree, and dwellings will become desolate for want of hospitality, love and trust.

In the Age of Chaos, a quarter alone of the four feet of "dharma" (righteousness, divine law or virtue) remains. Nay, due to the feet of unrighteousness gaining ground that, too, steadily declines and ultimately disappears altogether. People in the Age of Chaos turn out to be greedy, immoral, and merciless, enter into hostility without cause and are unlucky and extremely covetous.

When duplicity, mendacity, drowsiness, excessive sleep, violence, dejection, grief, infatuation, fear and wretchedness prevail, that is recognized as the Age of Kali, characterized by the predominance of sloth, impurity and indolence as a result of which people become dull-witted, unable to judge things in their proper perspective, and are voracious, lascivious and destitute. 'Tis not just the male who will fall prey, for the female, too, will turn out to be extravagant, self-indulgent and unchaste. Countries are infested with robbers, the spiritual bringers of Truth stand condemned by heretics; rulers exploit the people; and the priests remain devoted to the gratification of sexual desires, acquisition of wealth, ego strutting and intent on gluttony and self-indulgence.

Householders will need take to begging and low-minded traders will carry on business transactions and practice fraud. Even when they are not in distress people will favor pursuits which are condemned. Employees will leave their employers when reduced to penury, though superior in every other respect; and employers, too, will discharge their employee when incapacitated for service through ailment, etc., even though his whole family may have served the employer for generations.

Those who have no true spiritual knowledge will occupy high seats and preach "religion". Oppressed by famine and heavy taxation, land being divested of food grains, and stricken with fear of droughts, people in the Age of Chaos will ever remain perturbed in mind. Destitute of clothes and ornaments, nay even food and drink, bed and sexual enjoyment, they will go even without a bath and put on the appearance of a mad-man. Quarrelling even for a very small sum of money, having cast all goodwill to the winds, people in the time of chaos will kill even their own people and part with their own dear life. Mean-minded fellows will concern themselves only with the gratification of their lust and satisfaction of their hunger and fail to maintain even their aged parents and elders while parents will disown their children, though clever in all matters. With their mind perverted by heretics, mortals will mostly stop giving reverence to an immortal Lord, the once highest object of adoration for the whole universe--in this way when the Age of Chaos, whose career is so severe to the people, is well-nigh past, the Lord will appear in His Divine form consisting of purity alone, for the protection of virtue.

So be it and heed well my words for it will come to pass in your time upon this place--you are dwelling in the beginnings of the final Age of Kali (Chaos)!


And he spoke unto the people who would listen unto the words of truth but few listened nor heeded his speech.

"Take heed that no one leads you astray. Many will come in my name, saying 'I am he', and will lead many astray. And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars, do not be alarmed; for these must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famine and earthquakes and pestilences in various places; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.

"But before all this and all during it they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, and put you to death for my name's sake. And then many will fall away, and betray one another and hate one another. You will be delivered up even by parents and brothers and kinsmen and friends. This will be a time for you to bear testimony and the Word must first be taught to all nations. And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because wickedness is multiplied, most men's love will grow cold. But he who endures to the end will be saved.

"But when you see the desolating sacrilege set up where it ought not to be, then . . . flee to the mountains . . . for these are days of vengeance, to fulfill all that is written, alas for those who are with child and for those who give suck in those days! For great distress shall be upon the Earth . . . there will be such tribulation as has not been from the beginning of the Creation which God created until now, and never will be. And if the Lord had not shortened the days, no living thing would be saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened . . . For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show signs and wonders, to lead astray, if possible, even the elect . . . do not believe them. For as the lightning comes from the east and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

"And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from heaven, and upon the Earth distress of nations in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting with fear and with foreboding of what is coming on the world; for the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. And then they will see the sign of the Son of Man in heaven, and then all the tribes of the Earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And he will send out the angels, and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the Earth to the ends of heaven.

"Now when these things begin to take place, look up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near . . . when you see these things taking place, you know that the kingdom of God is near. Truly, I say to you, this generation which sees these signs will not pass away till all has taken place. Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

"But take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life, and that day comes upon you suddenly like a snare; for it will come upon all who dwell upon the face of the whole Earth. But watch at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that will take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.

"As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man . . . Watch, therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect."

Dharma, we are going to look at these prophecies very carefully that man might have his perspective focused on the truth of it. It is only in the eating that the pudding can be tested--we are going to sample the pudding and see if the cooking is perfected.

You will go now, little sparrow, for we still have great work to do before you can take of thy time in vacation and recreation. 'Tis for this you have come, Dharma--you and my beloved and faithful company of daring bringers of Light and Truth unto mankind. Yes, you shall be given the strength and persistence of the fourth virtue, Wowacintanka--fortitude, little chelas, for it is your mission. So be it and I hold you close within my wings of sunlight for I AM!


What Are The Phoenix Journals?

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