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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four comers of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.



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THE TALMUD UNMASKED, Part 1 by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis



MON., MAR. 6, 1995











MON., MAR. 6, 1995


Subject: RITUAL MURDERS (Sacrifices)


TUE., MAR. 7, 1995








WED., MAR. 8, 1995


APPENDIX II (continued)







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WAR FRONTS, by Bonne L. Fisher







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TRACKING DOWN THE KILLER, PART 3: By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)




THU., MAR. 16, 1995



TRACKING DOWN THE KILLER, PART 4: By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)







FRI., MAR. 17, 1995

TRACKING DOWN THE KILLER, PART 5: By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)









FRI., MAR. 17, 1995




TRACKING DOWN THE KILLER, PART 6: By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)











SAT., MAR. 18, 1995

TRACKING DOWN THE KILLER, PART 7: By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)





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HYDROGEN PEROXIDE--H202 (35% Food Grade)








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WHAT SHOULD WE BE TAKING? by Sandra Tulanian, D.C. 3/3/95


MON., APR. 17, 1995



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To Bonne L. Fisher who "tried", some 65 years ago--to bring you truth and FACTS. You don't have to "know" this party in point--but this author will be remembered in the annals of LIFE as having made the effort, in valid truth, to share same with humanity.

Can a salamander be made to "see"? Of course, just as soon as you bring him out of the dark caves and holes in which he lives his entire life. When the need to see arises, it will take on "visual" ability--AND SO WILL HUMANITY!

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The sponsors of this Journal chose this means of expressing their thanks to all those involved with producing CONTACT and the Journals. We appreciate being awakened to make wiser decisions and to act in a way to save our Constitution as well as return the USA to the God path our forefathers designed for us.



SUN., MAR. 19, 1995 7:47 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 215

SUN., MAR. 19, 1995


A gift is something "given" but to be valid must also be "accepted" and the giving-accepting circle completed. A gift is anything from a thought to "whatever physical" you can conjure. Some gifts come from higher consciousness in order to defend or protect or are simply to allow you to experience and appreciate--or teach, or learn--whatever you "accept". Often you do not know and cannot see the gift buried amongst the debris of that which is painful and among the faded memories as the enemy would have you TOTALLY FORGET.


We are making every effort to bring to your attention those things which are "past" and integrate them within that which IS so that you may move onward in your quest for higher truth, experience and knowledge. I could lecture all day on the total perfection of a pinhead size flower but I doubt it would do much for Mr. Snell who awaits execution in only a few short days. So TODAY we must leave the flower to God and the Horticulturists.

In our quest for assistance for Mr. Snell and his death row "awaiters" of execution--four for the month of April--in Mr. Tucker's Arkansas silencer system, we have to face that which is beyond the obvious and supply you with answers as to WHY! We will do that today as we can but first I have need of finishing this recent series of information writings so that ALL OF YOU who would live in sanity might have options IN KNOWLEDGE of circumstances, intent of your enemy (which is your own government and Elite controllers), and what steps you can take to rectify damages thrust off upon you. Research for all I offer is available--I can only touch the high points, give you resource and subject and offer solutions to problems. People come forth and make a whole life's work of studying and researching a single facet of experience or item. I cannot do that--we have not the luxury. Dharma, for instance, now knows a little bit about so many subjects that her mind wishes to park in neutral with the emergency brakes tightly locked.

With all things comes humor, however, as you witness and experience--ENJOY IT FOR ITS WONDERMENT. Let me example. I have been writing and pounding on her, and you, for the past many days about such as beriberi and food intake and the established PLAN which SUCCEEDED, by your enemies--the Would-Be-Kings of a One World Order. Well, there are two or more elements JUST TO THE ELITE PLANS--AND THOSE FACTIONS ARE NOW "AT EACH OTHER".

For you, however, you have to consider selves and how, under massive pressures, you can help self and loved ones. So day before yesterday Dharma announced she was starting a NEW PLAN of health recovery. She "marketed" and came home with a fortune in fresh vegetables, chicken, beans, etc. Now, we are going to make a little soup. Therefore, in the evening into the slow cooker(s) went beans and chicken for the slow and savory ingredients for this nonexistent recipe. Then morning came and we wrote, then back into the kitchen mid-morning to make BREAD with the whole grains of spelt along with sprouted spelt. Then back to the soup pot--interrupted only by the very necessities of a squirrel nesting under the wood box, which she assumed stuck because of the insistent chirping. Now the day is passing and even with modern miracle equipment, in only three hours she had everything into an 18-quart roaster-oven. Only it was "running over", the bread was pushing open the bakers and there was nothing in the kitchen that was not now dirty and piled all over. By now she was not caring much about "health" except that between her ears.

She was trying to get all this done because our precious Sandy and Jack T. are due to have a babe (on the 15th) and Grannie is a hypnotherapist and this is our delivery focus.

Just as we are about to finish up the things for John's apartment (This is for you who follow John Schroepfer.)--he is now in a small apartment where Patricia lives beyond the common wall, with all the things you need for STARTING WITH NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO AND LESS. Well, he is beautifully outfitted right to the Lazy-boy chair he always wanted and Patricia zipped him off to where she works and he could putter for a few hours around the "lamp" assembly area--A NEW MAN! Lots of love, GOOD FOOD, Gaiandriana and love, caring friends and love--and I don't think his ex-family is going to like it much from here on in to their entrapment for the heinous things done unto John.

At any rate, back to a "healthy" day. In the midst of almost making it through and looking forward to a cup of soup, AFTER the cleanup, and an evening (yes indeed, you ladies know how it goes as the hours pass) of catching up on tapes and videos of which some thirty are piled up waiting--OOPS!--E.J. goes forth to check the birds and carry some grain, slips and sits atop his buckled foot and broke his leg and will be "laid-up" for weeks for all practical purposes.

DO YOU SEE? LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS WHILE YOU ARE MAKING THOSE OTHER PLANS. The story is not important and the humor is obvious [not to E.J., I must interject!]. I just use this as example so that you can see there are indeed "lessons" but they are not great or monumental. At each step through the day--there were choices to make and made. There is now enough soup for survival of the weakest, all of them, for a month, and Doris has the wondrous expectation of getting exercise for two running up and down the stairs between offices and "home".

Now, did the incapacitation to E.J. bear a lesson? Did it happen to prevent his doing other things he has in mind? Again, only "example", for probably it meant--he slipped and broke his leg, nothing more and nothing less. However, when you do begin to think of possibilities you will find yourselves healing more quickly, doing away with self-pity and creating better ways of doing things under handicap, sharing that which you forget to share because in "wholeness" ones tend to absorb into their own directions and choices. Often you just need to STOP and take stock of where you are and WHAT YOU ARE! You are HUMAN and you "break". You are HUMAN and the mind wearies from the load as you see that which is overwhelming, surging at you in overwhelming wonder.

However, precious ones, in the first and the last--if you put your hand in the hand of the MAN from God, within God and within TRUTH, no matter what the bombardment of any day (for that too shall pass), there is peace within which allows the journey to move on and the heart to rejoice in the accomplishment of experience.


This message journal is going to be printed in its most reasonable format for it must reach as many as will hear and see. You think that your diet-mongers, your "shape-you" directors and your "food expert" teachers are showing you the way. NO, they are NOT. You are becoming a planet of insane and deficient humanity. You have even crippled the very animal and plant life upon your place. IT IS ALL A PART OF THE NOW FULFILLMENT OF THE "PLAN". YOU ARE DYING AND BECOMING TOTALLY INFIRM BY MALNUTRITION. IN THE "REAL WORLD" YOU CAN'T EVEN OBTAIN THAT WHICH YOU NEED AS THE PLAN HAS WORKED ITS MISERY SO WELL.


Since the most of this journal will be about beriberi and the various deficiencies of food as tampered with, we will give you a definition as presented to us--actually before we put to press the subject. That makes it all the more valuable and interesting for "great minds" are getting on the same tracks. Rick brought it to us and I can't be sure who sent it originally.

The more interesting thing is that this little short write-up about beriberi comes from, of all things LAST thought of: United States Army Institute for Military Assistance, ST 31-9113, US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES MEDICAL HANDBOOK. p. 238:


BERIBERI: Caused by a deficiency in vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride) and other vitamins, and is found in areas where the diet consists primarily of polished rice, white flour, and other nonvitamin-bearing foods. Increased need for vitamin B1; fever, high carbohydrate intake, or alcoholism may lead to deficiency.

S. Onset is usually gradual with progressive weakness of the most used muscle groups (most commonly in extensor muscles of the thigh). In many instances, patient is unable to rise from the squatting position. [H: Now own up, readers, HOW MANY OF YOU ARE IN THIS KIND OF DISTRESS AND JUST CALL IT OUT-OF-SHAPE?]

O. Atrophy of the muscles most used. Sensory disturbances (hyperesthesia or hypoesthesia) usually appear at the same time but are usually less prominent. In severe cases, many muscle groups may be affected and you see flaccid paralysis, muscular atrophy, with or without evidence of cardiac enlargement, and tachycardia. [H: Muscular dystrophy? Multiple Sclerosis? Think about it! Alzheimer's and other "confusion" and memory loss dis-eases? Elderly senile dementia because the elderly usually don't eat and if they do it is the WRONG food? I leave it to your assumptions and possibilities.]

With a more serious form (wet beriberi), the clinical picture is predominantly that of acute congestive heart failure with relatively little evidence of nervous-system involvement. The onset is frequently rapid and acute, and the marked edema may mask the presence of muscle atrophy.

[H: Whole ARMIES have been totally wiped out and continue to be, by compromising circumstances in the battle areas, i.e., the "Middle East Gulf" where there was heat, a LOT of sweating without PROPER replacement, and "rations" and junk food. Add a little tormenting chemical sprays and mists and a few new strains of parasites and bacteria--and you have a slow and certain death with miserable loss of body functions of all kinds. Then, soldiers return and what they are fed in hospitals or in the general diets only enhances the factors attacking their bodies. Mystery diseases are no longer "mysterious" when you have a good eye and knowledge. Of course YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW and, worse, WE are not supposed to tell you.

These are not just diseases, however, of you-the-to-be-slaves, the Elite are also now at stake and due to the Elite desire for the soft life and luxury--continue their own demise. However, they don't have to do much and the more insane and mentally twisted they are the more danger to humanity. You can know, however, that every time you see Clinton or any of these politicians shuffling along on their jogging runs that there is lots more than meets the eye. Often Clinton is "coming home" from a jaunt in the proverbial Hay somewhere and doesn't want Billiousary to know. In addition, for every hamburger you see him eat, he is fed supplements. It isn't enough, however, and the minds are quite feeble.

Another use for the "drugs" such as cocaine is to enhance the desire for sex for with a bad and deficient diet the last thing the body wants is the "joy of sex". So, there are artificially enhanced "mental" traps involved. Well, this could be a whole lecture so let us move on.]

A. Vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency (beriberi). Differential diagnosis: Tabes dorsalis, post diphtheritic paralysis, and acute heart failure resulting from other causes.

P. Thiamine hydrochloride, 20-50 mg orally, IV(enus), or IM(uscle) in divided doses daily x 2 weeks, then 10 mg t.i.d. Well-balanced diet of 2,500-4,500 calories a day when tolerated.

Prognosis: "Recovery is rapid and complete in infants and small children. Recovery is slow in adults, and there may be permanent disability, such as muscle weakness or flaccid paralysis, due to nerve cell degeneration. In the acute form of wet beriberi, deaths are frequent".


Please keep in mind that the above is from a basic "field"-type manual--but it does RECOGNIZE THE ACUTE NATURE OF THIS BEAST. The "cure" or ongoing "treatment" is totally ignored for obvious reasons. Number one, in the Army you can't choose nice whole-grain bread and there are no such health rations around. Note further that the treatment demands IV and IM INJECTIONS. You the people don't have that until you are hospitalized and you WON'T be getting vitamins--you will be further deprived of nutritional treatment as a matter of FACT. Then the worse the patient gets the worse becomes the food allowed while the doctors treat EVERY-THING except the actual problem. Is it their fault (the doctors)? Yes, but not directly--they only do what their professors tell them and get almost NO NUTRITIONAL-CENTERED CLASSES. Dietitians may well get more information in training--but the hospitals budget for given foodstuffs and that ends that.


The next point in civilian society is to keep you pushed for a higher and better "Life-Style" to the point that there is no way to make ends meet without everybody working. When that happens, just to survive, you give up something--it is food preparation and balanced meals you forfeit for quick foods and no-work foods. Working parents simply do not have four hours or four days to make soup. You may well have ability now to put a bread mix into a bread-maker but you are only baking the same ingredients which have no nutritional values. Yes, I do know; you are caught between that proverbial rock and hard place. Actually you are caught between the Devil and Satan. God of Light has long ago been weeded out of your garden of nutrition.


In fact, I marvel at the haphazard way you accept this treatment while begging for more. You watch O.J. Simpson trials and watch them lie, cheat and find 37 different non-evident possibilities of anything, much less the murder of two people. Most people are so bored they simply complain about missing the soaps. And what about those soaps? There you learn 37 different ways to cheat on your spouse with every loose and brainless "other" of any or all sexes--in the middle of the afternoon--when you COULD be baking whole grain bread. Then there is the other choice for an afternoon TV break--THE TALK SHOWS. If there is ANY intelligence around it is not shown often, even by the hosts. When Phil Donahue made it to hosting Larry King Live last week you should have noted the "circle" closing for total disinformation. And when you can watch three lawyers arguing, on Larry King Live, over who lies the most and who is responsible for the most lies and thus and so, you can be sure the closed circle encloses BRAINS.

Are we getting results from our writings? Yes, in fact one dear and faithful (and very close) reader called in to CANCEL CONTACT. I believe this was due to some input from Grandma or about Jackson or something or other in THIS soap opera. GOOD LUCK HUMANITY--YOU SURE DO NEED A LOT OF IT.

When are you going to realize that you have reached Arthur Clarke's Childhood's End and the overlords of BOTH teams are around? One is pushing you into the mental maze of existence and we are trying to get you to awaken from that hazy confusion to see what lurks around you. If, in fact, you read Clarke's Childhood's End you will have to conclude that the "Overlords" HAVE OVERLORDS!

Another observation I receive is that, well, that bunch around you have all the advantages!?!? What advantages would that be? All the ones I see, including Dharma's "folk", even if they don't think her NUTS, find what is offered to be far too much of a bother, if nothing else. One in-law is a just-born-again Mormon Temple attendee and the family is falling apart. The spouse of that one is far more interested in jet skis than whole wheat berries. Then there are the others who just TRY to make it--not the least of which is WITH parents who cause the cops and everyone to WATCH every move they make. Then there is the alcoholic or four and all of them with totally twisted views of sex, priorities and what have you. Sound typical? Yes indeed. "Be damned if you do and be damned if you don't".

Then there are the friends and relatives who have served in high places, military security and thus and so. These ones don't DARE even make contact and some have actually been replaced in this instance. WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW about your own relatives?? WHAT, IN FACT, DO YOU REALLY KNOW about what YOU have done all those years before?? When did you start to REALLY LEARN what is actually going on and HOW? A LOT OF THE ONES SERVING HERE DIDN'T BLINK AN EYE IN SERIOUS EFFORT UNTIL SEVEN YEARS AGO AND ARE STILL SHOCKED WITH EACH PASSING DAY. Who in their "right" mind would ever guess a world could be conquered simply by removing the bran from grain? Who could guess that a world would fall to evil by the placement of a few tamperings in the "instruction book of rules"?

All in all, I can only pray that you will find this journal worthy of notice and possibly worthy of giving some of the ideas a "try". If not, I apologize for diverting attention from the James Bond intrigue around you. I can hear it now--"Well, white bread is better than no bread and all bread is really alike and besides I can't afford all that special stuff." You can have several loaves of FOOD for the price of a garbage motion picture these days. It is all in responsibility and priorities. You have my blessings either way but one day--your children will rise up to smite you for your neglect in the name of "love". Is "white" bread better than no bread? NO, NO AND NO! To fill the stomach with garbage is in the long run no more worthy than feeding pure garbage and violence to the mind. The body will act out the sick mentality of that deprived mind and ones will wring their hands and say, "Oh, he/she was such a 'nice' person." Ah, in-deed.

Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



FRI., MAR. 3, 1995 6:55 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 199

FRI., MAR. 3, 1995


Come on, readers, don't hide under your covers thinking what a good thing that no one is tampering with the Constitution by not passing the Balanced Budget Amendment. Sorry! It has NOTHING to do with the Constitution. It has everything to do with collapsing the government, banks and nations. From Argentina to Africa to America the BANKS are being shored up VERY METHODICALLY.

If that Balanced Budget Amendment HAD PASSED yesterday you would be in TOTAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. The Treasury Department HAS TO ISSUE THOSE TREASURY BONDS TO BOOST THE NEW YORK BANKS (INTO THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS) THIS WEEK AND, HAD THAT BILL PASSED--THERE WOULD BE NO ABILITY TO GET THEM ISSUED. As it is they will be "silent debt". That means that YOU-THE-PEOPLE are not supposed to know until sometime in the future and you are going to be simply given a new set of numbers. There will be a bit of hoopla like with the S&Ls and Derivative markets and then you will just come into the acceptance that you no longer have a country. Well, dear ones, YOU DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY--NOW!

Let us look benevolently and with charity in our hearts at your goodly Congress today. They can't tell you-the-people what is really "up" and they certainly can't tell you what is "coming down" so, in their place, what would you have done? If you don't follow the Constitution which already demands annual balancing of the budget (and the states picking up the tab for the overdraw--go read your Constitution) what do you think an "Amendment" would do? Yesterday, however, Congress was faced with instant financial collapse or HIDDEN COLLAPSE AS FORECLOSURE TAKES ITS FINAL FLING. YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW REALLY BAD IT IS. You are, people, AS WE WRITE, drawing up the paper instruments to pay off trillions of dollars to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers--THE BANKS. It is just that you don't know it.


So, you are angry? So you think that it is good to go get a gun and defend selves? Against WHO? I speak of phasers, lasers and tasers and urge you to be most careful for "they" have bigger guns and KNOWLEDGE is your only remaining weapon. You write back and tell me I am "full of it" that those are weapons of Star Trek and other outlandish fantasy tales. One writer even suggested that there isn't any real problem going around--"you just want to sell papers". That would be nice also. It is that I don't know where you are that you don't KNOW about these things.

Right in SPOTLIGHT there is an interesting ad stating that "THE TASER IS BACK!" (Where had it gone?). It goes on to say you shouldn't delay in ordering while this product is still legal, this "THE STUN GUN ON A WIRE". It is touted to deliver a high voltage knock-out punch from a safe distance. I wonder how "safe" Cathy O'Brien thinks these guns are--in the hands of your "protectors"?

What else does the ad proclaim? "Compressed air blasts two small probes attached to 15 feet of TASER (registered trademark) into your astonished target. Small hook-like barbs attach to clothing and instantly transmit a T-WAVE electric signal that jams your attacker's central nervous system. This 50,000 VOLT STUN INSTANTLY RENDERS YOUR ATTACKER IMMOBILE, EVEN THROUGH 2" OF CLOTHING. Air taser IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE NON-LETHAL SELF-DEFENSE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD AND IS, IN A WORD, "AWESOME".

Sounds good? Well, for $240 you can have one. But, you want to know what is interesting? The gang members being trained to "help" in time of riot and disorder--are getting these as "standard issue". They are told to use these as first defense when going house to house in search teams--and--if the tenant still continues to threaten--shoot them.



What happened to Ken Vardon? As I understand it he simply ran out of money and had some $6,000 plus in phone bills he couldn't pay. There comes a limit beyond which we can't longer operate. A FAX network with no phone line(s) is no longer! We face the same thing--a paper, with no ability to continue to "press", is no longer!

In many ways it is good for Ken because his protection of person comes WITH the crack-down HARD AND with finality, on the "PATRIOTS" and their armed groups and networks. The government (Janet Reno and her BATF) plans to take care of all you "Patriots and Militias" around the 25th to 27th of March. Blue Beam imaging is still on track for 16th through 18th (with the U.S. excluded for the images) of March. Will these things happen? I don't know, it depends on what you people do. Some of the patriots call you to arms and you grab whatever is near and run to the battle. Reno laughs and tells her chums, "Stupid is as stupid does".

The next question comes, "What about CONTACT"? We don't know about CONTACT but we have no banditoes, no SWAT, no BATF and no RENO on our doorsteps--so far. The problems we have been plagued with are with the efforts of those to try to INDIVIDUALLY destroy. Why? Because we are NOT "patriots as defined today", we are NOT "Tax Protestors" as defined today, we are not "subversive" as defined today, and we are NOT, NO MATTER WHAT MAY BE THOUGHT--RACISTS OR RADICALS. We have no "groups", no cults, and we do not speak ill of the Jewish people--we tell the TRUTH about the Zionist Khazarian Mishpucka. Wouldn't it be good for "those" to get rid of us? I don't think so for when they trounce upon MY PEOPLE, they trounce upon ME and the adversary anti-Christ KNOWS ME AND MY PATIENCE LIMITATIONS.

What if:!?! "They" came for the patriots and there were none? What if they come for the "militias" and there are no guns and no groupies? Check to see WHO is rallying the troops to FIGHT and BATTLE AND THERE IS YOUR WORST ENEMY--WEARING PATRIOT CLOTHING. EVEN YOUR PATRIOT CRIES AND CLOTHES ARE BRITISH! AND YOUR SYMBOLS: FREEMASON ILLUMINATI. You can SEE that you cannot do a thing with that Government in Washington DC. Don't concern with just "where" to set up government--it doesn't really matter. When there is no blood for the parasites to suck--you will have lots of places. The problem with waiting is that you won't be alive AND WELL enough to do much of anything. I hope that I "incite to thought", not ever incite to "thoughtless riot". Insurrection is that which is defined according to the rules and definitions of the Big Boys--not what a dictionary says. Although you will find, my friends, that the modern dictionaries have strangely added definitions that FIT THE BIG BOYS--NOT YOU-THE-PEOPLE. If "they" have established a "government" under Satan and "they" have the big guns, then the definition of "government" is according to "their" desires--not the Constitutional truth of it. You are not actually the United States of America--you ARE the United States of the United Nations, Western Hemisphere--ONE WORLD ORDER. This IS the "tribulations" through which MAN must pass or sink. The "horses are out of the barn", beloved ones; there is no need to rush now to nail shut the doors and windows of the barn lest you can't get the stock back in when you find them.

Will there be intelligence enough on the part of the "people" to make this passage in a state of "being alive"? No. I see ones with fingers on triggers, on bomb buttons and on saber-tasers itching to get it started. No, I fear "intelligence and wisdom" will not be the mode of action for the day--but some of you, enough of you, will use wisdom in actions and walk through this. I do not share the secrets of the satanist evil-barons to have you go kill them (there are too many of them). I want you to know WHO THEY ARE so you QUIT honoring them and voting for them. I, for instance, can't change the past actions of a Lamar Alexander or a William Bennett--BUT I CAN WARN YOU THAT THEY ARE BAD NEWS IF IN POWER. You can STILL work in pretty good circumstances within the laws even as projected upon you and you can change the direction of your nation by utilizing their own loopholes built in to insure "their making it". Small scale? Perhaps--but small things grow when nourished and tended. You do not HAVE TO BECOME evil to recognize evil. In fact until you are NOT EVIL in intent--YOU CANNOT RECOGNIZE IT. Money, for instance, is NOT OF GOD--"money" is something conjured by man. Therefore it would seem quite reasonable and wise to handle money as "man" pronounces upon you his rules for his money. If you go to war--he ends up with you dead--AND THE MONEY. Likewise, GOLD is neither good nor is it bad--it IS. So, it depends on what you choose to value such product, that it has value or NO VALUE. As long as it has value as "money" it will pay to consider that the enemy wants all the money, so attend gold to the extent that you need it for electronic circuitry or monatomic gold for cell rehabilitation, etc. If you are to make passage within God then you are going to have to do the things OF GOD--not the negative things of Satan who can only use and destroy. GOD CREATES. So, what do we do? We start CREATING! WE CREATE THE WAY.

"But won't the enemy tear down our creations?" Yep, a lot of them--but he cannot uncreate--only destroy. IF WE CREATE PASSAGE--HE CANNOT DESTROY IT. My suggestion is that we create a whole bunch of things for him to tear down--for he can't tear down that which is REALITY--he can only sweep you into HIS ILLUSION. Creation is "thought" so let us "think" wisely and CREATE through wise THOUGHT that which shall come to pass.

You don't need books to show you the way--but it undoubtedly helps as you come into understanding through the use of KNOWLEDGE. You have to also understand your "enemy" and the rule-books by which he SERVES Satan. In a small attempt at offering more insight into that rule-book I have to bring forth commentary on the subject of THE TALMUD of the MEN OF ZION from which came the PROTOCOLS OF ZION. The HOLY BIBLE, AS ARE ALL OF THE "BIBLES" OF YOUR RELIGIONS, was WRITTEN BY THE SAME AUTHORS! Your truth is within the holding MINDS of yourselves as you INNATELY KNOW TRUTH TO BE. I can point out the errors and deliberate deceits of these "books" and the "authors" but YOU HAVE TO DISCERN AND JUDGE.

Along this pathway of example I have been graciously given an excerpt from a book called THE TALMUD UNMASKED--written in 1892, by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis.

In 1985 James K. Warner offered the volume with additions. I only want to use one portion of the additions, APPENDIX II. I am NOT going to go back and explain anything from the texts so when citations are given--YOU WILL HAVE TO GET THE BOOK AND CHECK IT FOR SELF. However, the only reference I have for obtaining same is The Imperial Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg. I understand that the Christian Defense League was able to get a portion of a library of one Col. Sanctuary which held several files translated from this named text.

Since the added material deals with your own circumstances as you will see it unfold, I think you start here and work backwards. I believe you will see that the latter is not NECESSARY.

[H: CONTACT editors: The stars (***) which will appear are as shown in the document. Since they are "there" we will copy as best we can, realizing that the same series of stars is usually indicative of my input to you personally, for instructions. If I need to interrupt with instructions we will have a series of ### so that you can recognize same.]


by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis


Ps. 101,7: "He that worketh deceit shall not dwell within my house: he that telleth lies shall not tally in my sight". We make no apology for selecting this portion of a Psalm of David in preparing this appendix. In the Contemporary Jewish Record for July-August, 1939, Ben Zion Bokser has an article, entitled: "Talmudic Forgeries, a Case Study in Anti-Jewish Propaganda". From that we take the following: "Czarist Russia made its contribution to this gallery of literary swindlers in the person of the notorious Justin Pranaitis, a Catholic clergyman.*** It was in 1912 during the trial of Beilis on the ritual murder libel that Pranaitis drew world notoriety upon himself by offering his services as an expert to the prosecution. *** Beilis was, of course, acquitted, but the prosecution remunerated the star 'expert' with 500 rubles".

The American Jewish Year Books, in the Jewish Section of the New York Public Library, for the years 1913-1914, and 1914-1915, contain a number of references to this famous trial in which Beilis was the defendant. These will be condensed as much as possible for lack of space. "At the request of Mackevitch, Committee appointed to examine all books in library of St. Petersburg Ecclesiastical Academy for reference to the use of Christian blood by Jewish sects. *** Ministry of Justice orders bringing a new indictment against Beilis at approaching session of court. Public prosecutor assures Beilis that trial will take place in May. Professor Troitsky, Christian authority on Jewish law and customs, declares it an unfounded myth. *** Mackevitch completes report on Yuchinsky case, comprising 8 volumes of 500 pages. Minister of Justice orders further inquiry. *** Second indictment against Beilis confirmed by Kieff Judicial Chamber. Indictment mentions ritual character of crime. The Retch fined 500 rubles for criticizing indictment of Beilis. *** Prompted by Beilis trial, the Holy Synod requests Missionary Council to study life of religious Jews and of those who no longer adhere to principles of the Talmud. *** A. Stolypin, brother of the late Premier, appeals to Jews to buy peace by confessing the existence of a sect practicing ritual murder. *** At Irkutsk, preacher at the cathedral in special sermon, eulogizes prosecution of Beilis and attacks defense. *** Minister of Justice concurs in desirability of tracing real accusers of Yuchinsky but opposed steps against Cheberick as this would be interpreted as 'abandonment of the 'ritual' theory of the murder', which he regarded as proven. *** At St. Petersburg, anti-Jewish press charge that Jews bribed officials to destroy all documents against Beilis, and are about to burn secret books concerning code of ritual murders. *** The Russkoe Znonya states that Jews have destroyed the Zohar which contained blood libel code. The Novoe Vremya continues to publish threats that acquittal of Beilis will not be accepted as Jews are masters of the court and Christian witnesses are all terrorized. [H: Please keep the circumstances and murders involved within the O.J. Simpson case--IN MIND, PLEASE, as we go through this "ritual murder" discussion. Are you not finding that the WITNESSES who would come forth with TRUTH--to be terrorized? You will also come to see that the murders themselves, from the people involved (murdered) to the very number of slash-wounds and methodology are ritualistic reality.] *** The Novoe Vremya, in article on Yuchinsky case, in reply to British protest, states that Jews ought to welcome arrest of Beilis as an opportunity of arriving at the truth. *** The Novoe Vremya hints that experts in the Beilis case were bribed by the Jews, adding that 'after the part played by the banking House of Rothschild, nobody will be surprised at the Kieff mobilization of all savants and judicial authorities'. The Zemstchina charges that Papal Secretary of State, Cardinal Merry del Val, was also bribed into authenticating Papal bulls against blood accusation. *** In a letter to Lord Rothschild, Cardinal Merry del Val, Secretary of State of the Vatican, certifies to the authenticity of Bulls of Popes Innocent IV, Paul III, Gregory X, and Clement XIV [H: Please understand that these names are NOT the true names of the persons involved but are actually alias labels given by the Church to fully hide and secret the true identities which are then eventually lost to history.] which declare ritual murder a baseless accusation and wicked invention".

From the last page, 376, of Albert Monniot's "Le Crime Ritual chez les Juifs", 1914 edition, which book is in the Jewish section of the New York Public Library, we obtain a brief resume of this famous Beilis case: "By virtue of all that precedes, Menachile Mendel Teview Beylis, bourgeois of Kiev, 29 years of age, is accused of having killed, in company with other persons unknown to the law, Andre Ioutchinski, age 12 years, with fanatical religious intent. The foregoing boy was seized March 12, 1911, while he was playing in the brickyard at Zaitzew and dragged into the yard, where by the consent of Beylis, tied the hands of the boy, closed his mouth and killed him; the head, neck and trunk showing 48 wounds *** causing the body to become bloodless".

In this Beilis case there were two points to be considered by the jury: first, was a ritual murder committed? second, was Beilis guilty of the crime? On the first charge, the jury voted unanimously that Yuchinsky had been the victim of a ritual murder, but on the second, the jury voted six to six, which was a verdict for Beilis. Returning to the American Jewish Year Book, we find an interesting item: "Appeals on behalf of Professor Troitzky to permit him to return to his post at the Theological Academy, St. Petersburg, unavailing". Mr. Bokser did not tell his readers that Father Pranaitis after the trial continued to occupy his chair at said Academy. Again, Mr. Bokser, for obvious reasons, failed to mention that the government, in the Beilis case, put into the record the celebrated Saratov case.

1853. Saratov. Two ritual murders are involved this time: one, a 10-year-old boy in Dec., 1852; the other an 11-year-old, in January, 1853. After a flood, both bodies were found on the bank of the Volga, pierced with many wounds. Eight years afterwards, two Jews, Schiffermann and Zourloff, were duly tried for these murders and convicted. They were sentenced to 28 years labour in the mines and they died during their imprisonment. This being a juridically decided case, the sentence which passed for "killing two Christian boys and having them endure martyrdom" by the Senate and submitted to the Russian Empire Council, is, of course, not mentioned in Strack's book. Authority: Monniot's Le Crime Rituel chez les Juifs, 1914, p. 157 (From Mr. Leese's book: Jewish Ritual Murder, p. 28)

Arnold S. Leese, London, England, has written a booklet of 57 pages on the subject of Ritual Murder. [H: It is still in circulation.] In the effort which Mr. Bokser makes to ridicule Father Pranaitis, also that he quotes two Popes, Innocent IV and Clement XIV, we quote from Mr. Leese, who in turn quotes from the Catholic Bulletin which shows that the Bull is in two parts, the first sums up the case as presented by the Jews themselves. *** The second part, which alone expresses the Pope's mind, is as follows: "*** not wishing, therefore, that the said Jews be unjustly harassed, whose conversion God Expects in his mercy *** we wish that you would show yourselves benign and favorable towards them. Restore to their proper state those of the mentioned matters that you find to have been rashly attempted by the said Nobles against the Jews, and do not permit that in the future they should be for those or similar pretexts unjustly molested by anyone"! Says Leese: "Jews must consider Christians to be very critical and gullible if they think they can be induced to accept this document as a papal declaration that ritual crime does not exist. It is obvious that the Sovereign Pontiff merely gives instructions according to general principles, ordering that the Jews should not be unjustly oppressed or molested. He makes no pronouncement whatever regarding the truth or falsehood of the specific charges. *** None could know better than he that it was not the teaching of the Scriptures, but the infamous teachings of the Talmud that caused people to look upon Jews as a grave danger to society. Only three years before the appearance of his letter, namely in 1244, he showed plainly what he thought of the Talmud by pressing Louis IX to collect from his subjects all the copies he could obtain and consign them to the flames". Continuing with Leese: "Before leaving Innocent IV, I ask the reader to realize the typical Jewish cunning exhibited by Rothschild in exploiting the answer of Cardinal Merry del Val regarding the authenticity of the letter as confirming an interpretation of that letter's contents by Rothschild--How Jewish. Gregory X in a Bull of 7th October, 1272, is a little more explicit than Innocent IV; the same exhortation is made for legal trial of all cases, but he says that they should 'not be arrested again on such groundless charge unless (which we think impossible) they are captured in flagrant crime'. Gregory thus does not deny that the crime exists; he says he THINKS it is impossible. *** Then we come to Clement XIV (named by Mr. Bokser--E.N.S.). Before he became Pope, he was Cardinal Ganganelli. He was dispatched by the Inquisition in 1759 to investigate Ritual Murder charges in Poland against the Jews, and he wrote a long report about it. *** From the beginning to the end of Ganganelli's report, there is nothing that a scientific investigator would require as evidence that Ritual Murder was NOT practiced by the Jews. *** Definitely, and far from being able to refute the charge of Ritual Murder against Jews, Ganganelli admits the Ritual Murders of St. Simon of Trent and St. Andreas of Rinn in these words: 'I admit, then, as true, the fact of the Blessed Simon, a boy three years old, killed by the Jews in Trent in the year 1475 in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ'; and 'I also admit the truth of another fact, which happened in the year 1462 in the village of Rinn, in the Diocese of Brixen, in the person of the Blessed Andreas, a boy barbarously murdered by the Jews in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ' ".




MON., MAR. 6, 1995 7:19 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 202

MON., MAR. 6, 1995


This is actually one of the more "common" parasites. However this has, if you do a bit of research, become recognized as a serious health threat. It is devastating to the HIV carriers and other immunosuppressed living organisms. In already compromised persons it can and is causing death.

A "healthy person" can tolerate up to a thousand or so active wormlike intruders before becoming symptomatic of compromise. This tolerance is not possible for an already compromised person because the cryptosporidium causes problems which can totally overload an immune system..In an "AIDS" patient, for instance, only a very few of these organisms can cause death. The demise is then MISDIAGNOSED.

The symptoms are common and the parasite is THE major cause of gastro-intestinal attacks in people who travel because many water supplies have the infestation. This is now prevalent in major water supplies and of course, in small communities where you have reinfestation from sewage treatment plants and--once present--almost always present. Right now, as we speak, many cities such as New York are totally infested through the drinking water. It is becoming so widespread as to cause me to caution you healthy readers AND WARN you who are suffering any disease whatsoever.

The very term "spore" in the label indicates that the cocci-like creature can travel in almost any medium, even air. The little spores (which live in nice hard cells) can be scattered by coughs, dirty hands, bathroom contact, water and food intake, anything.

This has always been a problem for it is especially hard to treat water in such a way to the spores of this little beastie yet not damage the people who intake the treated water. This problem is now recognized in the media as relatively "new" so you can know that the carrier organism is now upgraded in strength and availability. It has been endemic in many world areas and, with modern travel--it is now pandemic.

The worst part of this little beast is its adaptability and its capability of becoming a carrier for all sorts of species of virus and coccus, bacillus, clostridium... but it can transform part of itself to every recognized yeast form or fungus. IT IS THE CARRIER OF CHOICE FOR DESIRED WIDESPREAD INFECTIONS OF IN-TENTIONAL INFESTATION.

Its disease is technically called cryptosporidiosis. It is a diarrheal disease caused by protozoa of the genus Cryptosporidium. Cryptosporidium parvum is the most common species in human infections. The disease was first described in humans in 1976. Travelers to endemic areas have an increased chance of becoming infested with this organism. The typical infection, in immuno-competent individuals, causes explosive diarrhea and abdominal cramps following an incubation period of four days up to a lingering 14 days; these episodes will usually last from one day to five days or on up to eleven days to two weeks... sometimes lasting well into a second month with seeming "re-infection". Indeed, the little fellers are multiplying and you are being reattacked. In immuno-compromised patients the disease often causes death. This disease is commonly seen in patients with AIDS and in those cancer and organ transplant patients who are immunocompromised.

In the normal patient there is no effective specific treatment, and the disease is self-limiting. In the immunocompromised patient the only effective therapy is reversal of the immunologic defect.


This Cryptosporidium is a genus of protozoa classed as a coccidian parasite. It can be easily "adjusted" or tampered with genetically in terms of DNA alterations to carry ANYTHING desired into the body and set it free in full "spore" "showers". Its very name tells you the awful truth:"Crypto" as in cryptotoxic means by its name to have unknown TOXIC properties. "CRYPT" indicates that it is carried in a sack or module, in this case a very hard cell which is all but impervious to intruders.

When you hear of cities--such as "the" Milwaukee contamination a while back, it will be these little buggers. All sorts of MISDIAGNOSES are being made, readers, and this little guy does not just go willingly away.

Cryptosporidium is carried by livestock, especially young stock. Sewage run-off washes the eggs or "cysts" into rivers and lakes and most municipalities get water from surface supplies like these rivers and lakes. NOT only are the cysts hard to detect with the usual tests, BUT THEY ARE NOT KILLED BY STANDARD CHLORINE DOSAGES.



Now there are several things you can do to confront these little buggers but your only real fighting chance comes from getting rid of them and having a regular plan for continually ridding your body of them. Maintenance programs as such are not long effective because the organism itself builds immunity to the cleansing products.


There are several things you can do such as the following:

1. Boil your tap water for at least 20 minutes, just in case. [It would also be a prudent measure to add 10 or more drops of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide to all your drinking water as well as in water used, say, for soaking/washing fresh salad vegies like spinach and lettuce.]

2. Consider a home filter that removes organisms as small as .5 microns in size.

3. Skip salad bar(s).

4. Do not eat raw, rare or under-cooked meats, fish, or pork.

5. Scrub under your fingernails where cysts can lodge.

6. When traveling, choose well-cooked or peeled fruit and vegetables.

7. Consider using a portable water filter for both traveling and camping.

8. Wash your hands after handling your pet.

9. Cook with lots of garlic, onion, sage, cloves and fennel.

10. Keep away from SUGAR.


You can live in a glass bubble and do all of the above listed things and still find yourself slipping behind in health status. Why? Because the organisms feast on the nutrients you think are helping YOU. They thrive especially well on a well-overdosed health-nut vitamin-taker. When megadoses of vitamins are given to shore up the body all leftovers move into the detox centers and are finally washed out in the urine or feces. This means that overabundance is not just "washed out" of the body as would be found in a body without these parasites. They thrive in that environment and multiply and divide incredibly quickly and become staunchly strong and healthy while the host (YOU) is devoured from within.


They cannot survive in the presence of hydrogen peroxide treated water. They can't survive in Ozone overload. This is WHY both Oxygen therapy (Ozone) and Hydrogen Peroxide are so hated by the Elite medical profession. These are just facts, readers, and when you see things being BANNED for use--KNOW THAT IT IS BECAUSE THEY "WORK".

They ARE VULNERABLE to the, for instance, GaiaCleanse program. [See pages for more information] I cannot speak for other products. We developed this program to do the job as I KNOW IT NEEDS TO BE DONE--RIGHT TO THE SPELT HULLS WHICH ACTUALLY DISLODGE (SCRAPE) THE INTESTINAL TRACT LININGS. Expensive? At any price it is CHEAP, but it is not expensive and compared to the debilitation of the diseases which will become ever more prevalent--you are home free. Getting rid of these attackers once is NOT ENOUGH--they come back in full force because they just settle down in their little cysts and stick around--literally. They are the very ones the staff chose to use as a "funny" beside Mr. Kissinger. They are not the "fluke" but are of that family rather than the typical intestinal "worm". They can carry and dispense any known micro-organism and/or toxin. Their spores can live FOREVER!


I hope you are a bit frightened about now because it is upon you--the "carrier of choice". The recently unusual areas of heavy rainfall and flooding, especially flooding, will bring epidemics of what the doctors will classify as intestinal flu or "G.I." upsets. There is no way to NOT contaminate the water resources. BUT, the worst problem is with the deliberately infected organisms now being INTRODUCED into the water supplies. These little "suckers" like to settle out in the nervous centers as they move out from the intestinal tract. They especially like feasting on the substance that CONNECTS the brain nervous system. This causes confused and slow function of the brain. Part of the problem is the toxic substance released which blocks the natural nerve response.

Now for you who refuse to take the cleansing products because the wormwood is bitter or whatever: you are playing "Russian roulette" with yourselves--as this plague grows exponentially and pandemically. The FIRST diagnosis considered in any illness these days--should be Cryptosporidiosis and a cleanse offered FIRST. You who think you have beaten the HIV assault will carry the HIV positive substance for as long as you continue to have the carriers in your body. Antibiotics tend to enhance the parasite as you remove the bacterias which would assault the organism and thus give the Parasite a nice new fertile field and fuel supply. This is the most adaptable organism around. The planet, as a whole, is 100% infested.

In the above listing there is a final thrust against sugars. Well, I am not so much into that negative approach for several reasons, one being that the "free" overload of sugar will distract the parasites and they will not ATTACH so deeply in the vessel walls or linings.

If you have a diabetic person in the process of sloughing the parasites, the blood sugar will be horrendously high during the process because you will find the little blood-suckers are letting go. The "sugar" is only a symptom or guideline. If followed closely an overabundant supply of sugar is, in a healthy body, simply excreted in such converted manner as to be harmless and non-toxic. In EVERY CASE OF OBESITY--THERE WILL BE THESE PARASITES. The sugars will convert to a bit of energy--but mostly fat as the body TRIES to shore up against the aggressive parasitic invasion.

Once clear of the parasites, the body will have a tendency on its own behalf to cease craving the destructive elements such as goo and sugar. You have been programmed to feed the beasts: Get rid of them and the body will balance itself--hopefully on the chubby side to sustain through other types of assaults or deprivations.

GIASCEND (Trade Name)

I have asked the technical people to put together a product which will boost the release of these depleted nervous system-necessary substances. It is purely organic and herbal and it has no side effects if taken as suggested. The only side effect if overingested is possible nervousness. You are not taking this as a substitute for opium or something, readers, you are taking it for the offered repair to the body. However, you WILL GET A FEELING OF "HIGH". I believe the kids of today are calling it "Cloud 9" or something of the sort. What is happening is that the brain synapses are able to have that which they need to make connection. Synapse [or a synaptic function] means a/the point at which a nerve charge passes from one basic reaction cell unit to another. In other words, you are recharging your synapse system. This is not good news for the ones who have and continue to render you brain-dead. Also, there is nothing wrong with feeling GOOD while you are healing and replacing damaged systems. These are the things THE secret CLUB MEMBERS OF THE ELITE DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW OR HAVE FOR USE. I will tell you here and now, as well, that you cannot pray these things away nor wish them away. You have created a physical manifestation and you will treat it in the same context. You are not living in a world where you can live in a tucked-away bubble--YOU WILL BE INFECTED OR INFESTED WITH THAT WHICH THESE CONTROLLERS PUT UPON YOU. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY AND ATTEND YOURSELVES. YOU CAN LIVE ALONGSIDE THE BEAST HIMSELF AND NOT BE TOUCHED BY HIM. IT IS UP TO YOU.


One reason for the planned incarceration camps is that you can be placed, for ANY and ALL reasons they choose, in order to basically isolate you and disallow you to have the choices of self-care. It will allow for the tampering and deliberate infecting of great numbers who will then, upon release, infect others and the chain reaction is continued.

You who think you can BEAT THIS BEAST come upon you--with guns and demonstrations--are NOT THINKING! Do you think for one minute that a parasite-cleansing program is going to be offered at Leavenworth prison? No, but the parasites will be enhanced and programmed to accomplish whatever is desired by the controllers. The spores themselves can be introduced, AND ARE, right through the ventilation system and water supply.

Once cleansed, regular recleansing programs are mandatory and good hygiene is required. Don't think that by getting rid of pets it will solve anything for children--it wont because the spores are EVERYWHERE. The pets are better for the children than a sterile environment. It is better to HAVE THE PARASITES AND THEN GET RID OF THEM BECAUSE THEY WILL CONDITION THE BODY TO CALL UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM WHEREAS ONE WHO HAS BEEN UNTOUCHED--CAN BE TOTALLY OVERWHELMED IF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM KNOWS NOT WHAT HAS HIT IT.

Readers, I would not take a Monday morning [so close to press deadline] to outlay this IF it were NOT IMPORTANT!


You may well think that these "space" Shuttle jaunts are studying upside down fish and flies. No, they are studying ways to infect, infest and bury you from "above" so you can't do anything about it.

Now, you may believe me or not--THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM. But you who ask and desire to know TRUTH--this is it as regards this subject. This is not comprehensive nor do I intend to get more comprehensive. Your choices are your own and you can research this matter on your own volition.



Thank you for your attention. Salu.



MON., MAR. 6, 1995 12:17 P.M. YEAR 8, DAY 202

MON., MAR. 6, 1995

In Part 1 of Appendix II of THE TALMUD UNMASKED; The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, by Rev. I.B. Pranaitis, St. Petersburg, April 13, 1892, we had last copied the reference to a three-year-old boy "killed by the Jews in Trent in the year 1475 in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ..." and, "Andreas, a boy barbariously murdered by the Jews in hatred..."

The above is only for the purpose of reference to move into Part 2 for the interruption in typing came in the middle of a subject causing possible difficulty in continuity. Since this is an "Addendum" to a text it does not contain headings as such or Chapter designations. In the interest of time and space we will simply take up directly where we left off, please.



Subject: RITUAL MURDERS (Sacrifices)

Says Leese, page 46: "And what of the Popes who have supported the Ritual Murder accusation by their acts? There are many. Sixtus IX approved in his Bull XII, Kal., July, 1478, of the conduct of the Bishop who dealt with the Jews in the St. Simon case at Trent. The Jews endeavored to enlist Sixtus IV on their side by pointing out that he had suspended the cult of St. Simon of Trent; this was done by Sixtus IV solely as a disciplinary measure, for Simon had not yet been beatified by papal authority, but was being made the center of a local cult.

(In the Book Review of the New York Times--Rare Books--Dec. 19, 1937: "There is an amazing collection of works on the inquisition beginning with a long manuscript of 614 pages written about 1478, 'Prozess gegen die Juden von Trent, 1476-1478.' This account of the 'Ritual Murder' of Simon of Trent in 1475 is one of three contemporary records of which the other two, in Latin, are in the Vatican and the National Library of Vienna. This is the only example known in German and it was made for Eberhardt I, the Bearded, first Duke of Wuerttemberg. The codex is a record of one of the cruelest examples of the persecution of the Jews in the Middle Ages, and it is almost the only detailed authority of a great medieval criminal case. * * * The notorious case had its origin when a 2 1/2- year-old child, Simon, the son of a cobbler, was found dead in the river near the house of Samuel, a Jew of Trent. Immediately all the members of the Jewish community, including women and children, were arrested and accused of having murdered the child in order to use his blood for the Passover ritual. Persuaded via the torture chamber into a 'confession', the Jews were executed and all the women and children were forcibly baptized or otherwise punished. Various people interceded for the accused, but after hearings before a Papal court of juriconsults the case was finally declared, in a Bull of Sixtus IV of June 20, 1478, to be 'rite et recte factum’ ".)

"Gregory XIII recognized Simon as a martyr and himself visited the shrine. Sixtus V ratified the cult of St. Simon in 1588, allowing the celebration of mass in his name. This is confirmed as a fact by Benedict XIV, who in a Bull Beatus Andreas (1788, Venice, IV, p. 101 seq.) beatified both Simon and Andreas, two boys murdered by the Jews 'in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ'; 'the Jews', he said, 'used every means to escape the just punishment that they had merited and to escape the just anger of the Christians'. How significant of the methods of the advocate for the Jew, to note that in Strack's book, no mention whatever is made of Benedict XIV's Bull, although the actions of Sixtus IV are willfully misinterpreted. [H: Surely doesn't sound to me as if one is one whit or iota better than the other and this, readers, IS NOT OF GOD IN EITHER INSTANCE.]

"Pius VII, 24th November, 1805, confirmed a decree of the Congregation of Rites of 31st of August according to the Church at Saragossa the right to honor Dominiculus, killed by the Jews in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ. He also authorized for the Church at Toledo the same privileges in respect to St. Christopher, the boy crucified by the Jews near that place in 1490. [H: Nice picture don't you think?]

"In 1867, the Congregation of Rites authorized the cult of Lorenzino, at Vicenza, Padua, ritually murdered by the Jews.

"Gregory XVI, also, gave his support to the anti-Jewish accusers when he honored Gougenot des Mousseaux by making him a Chevalier of the Order of St. Gregory the Great in reward for writing his book, Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, in which Gougenot des Mousseaux devoted a chapter charging the Jews with Ritual Murder of Christians for the sake of their blood.

"Pius IX refused to see the Jew Montefiore when the latter was returning from his visits to Egypt and Constantinople, where he had bribed the Khedive and the Sultan so that the Jews at Damascus could escape the consequences of their guilt of the Ritual Murder of Father Tomasi and his servant; this in spite of the shameless Jewish persistence which has been fully described in Sir Moses Montefiore's biography. That showed what Pius IX thought about it, and he himself was of Jewish blood.


"To sum up: The Popes who have appeared to disbelieve the existence of the Ritual Murder crime have, with the exception of Clement XIII, been those who lived in the least enlightened times; many later Popes have given very clear evidence that they hold the opposite opinion. * * * Remember that although other murdered boys, victims of Jewish Ritual Murder, have been regarded in many places as saints without papal authority, there is no record of papal disapproval of these cults except in the case of Sixtus IV, already mentioned, whose action was purely disciplinary, and who himself specifically approved of the conduct of the Ritual Murder Case to which the matter referred. Such locally beatified 'saints' or martyrs were St. William of Norwich (1144), St. Werner of Oberwessel (1286), St. Rudolph of Berne (1287), St. Richard of Pontoise (1179) and St. Hugh of Lincoln. In every such case it is quite obvious that the cult had the full approval at least of the episcopal authorities over the places mentioned".

(With reference to these ritual murders at Norwich and Lincoln, we have corroborative evidence from John Foxe in his Acts and Monuments of the Church (1563), quoting from Mr. Leese, page 49, where Foxe says: "For every year commonly their (the Jews') custom was to set some Christian man's child from his parents and on Good Friday to crucify him indespite of our religion". He described the ritual crucifixion of British children by Jews at Norwich and Lincoln, before the expulsion).

"Those who condemn the Blood Accusation as a wicked invention for the purpose of persecuting Jews and robbing them, must at the same time condemn wholesale some of the highest dignitaries of the Catholic Church, men against whom nothing is known beyond that they had excellent characters, like William Turbe, Bishop of Norwich, to give an English example. [H: Let us not get "carried away" with the excellence of these "characters". I am NOT HERE TO BASH JEWS ANY MORE THAN ANY OTHER SECT OR CULT, READERS. KHAZARIAN ZIONISM ANTICHRIST COMES IN ALL DENOMINATIONS, ALL COLORS, ALL RACES, OR ANY OF SAME. THE "JEWISH" persons simply got caught up in the entrapment because it was JUDAISM THAT WAS CHOSEN BY THE SERPENT PEOPLE FROM THE KHAZARIAN TRIBES. THIS IS ALL PART OF THE ONGOING (FROM THE BEGINNING) PLAN TO TAKE THE WORLD INTO FULL CONTROL OF LUCIFERIAN SATANISTS.]

"Many of the earliest records we have of these Ritual Murders come from the pens of Catholic historians, such as the Bollandists, a body of Belgian Jesuits; a list of the principal works, Acte Sanctorum ... historical record between 1643 and 1883. The volumes in which they recorded various ritual murders by Jews are mainly those writ-ten in the seventeenth century.

"Father Creagh, Redemptorist, publicly accused Jews of the practice of Ritual Murder, on 11th January, 1904, in a speech at Limerick. Authority: Jewish Encyclopedia (1904), Vol. VIII, p. 89".

Perhaps I may best wind up this chapter by giving the names of the twelve members of juries who investigated, considered and condemned the Jews in the Ritual Murder case of la Guardia in Toledo, together with their qualifications; (1) Maestre Fray Juan de Santaspiratus, Professor of Hebrew, Salamanca University; (2) Maestre Fray Diego de Bretonia, Professor of Scripture; (3) Fray Antonio de la Pena, Prior; (4) Dr. Anton Rodriguez Carnejo, Professor of Canon Law; (5) Dr. Diego de Burgos, Professor of Civil Law; (6) Dr. Juan de Covillas, Professor of Canon Law; (7) Fray Sebastian de Huerta; (8) Licentiate Alvaro de Sant Estevan, Queen Isabel's corregidor for Avila; (9) Ruy Garcia Mansio, Bishop Talevera's provisor; (10) Fray Rodrigo Vela, head of the Franciscan Monastery, Avila; (11) Dr. Tristan, Cabnon of Avila; (12) Juna de Saint Estevan. On the findings of such men of standing we surely have every right to reply.

IT WAS NOTED THAT POPE LEO XIII BESTOWED DISTINCTIONS ON EDOUARD DRUMONT, AUTHOR OF LA FRANCE JUIVE, WHO ACCUSED THE JEWS OF RITUAL MURDER THEREIN. DRUMONT WROTE THE PREFACE TO A MINNIOT'S LE CRIME RITUAL CHEZ LES JUIFS, 1914. Minniot reproduces long extracts written from a book written in the Moldaian language by a converted ex-Rabbi in 1803 which was published in the Greek in 1834 by Giovanni de Georgio under the title Ruin of the Hebraic Religion. This converted Rabbi called himself by the name of Neophyte. Extracts from his book were quoted in Achille Laurent's Relation Historique des Affairs de Syric Depuis 1840-1842. "This extract gives very full information, confirms the murder, crucifixion and bleeding of Christians by Jews for Ritual purposes, and the use of the blood for mixing with Passover bread; and says that the practice is handed down by oral tradition and that nothing appears about it in writing in the Jewish religious books".

Returning now to Minniot's book, especially to the Beilis trial: "Professor Troitzky, the expert for the defence, was asked how then are to be understood the two following texts: 'Every Goim (anyone who is not a Jew) studying the law must die' and 'even though he be the best of Goim". Mr. Troitzky declared that he admitted uncondi-tionally the existence of these two texts in the writings of the Jews, but was at a loss to determine their influence in the life of the Jews or on their relations with Gentiles. Although always denying the use of the blood of Christians by the Jews for ritualistic purposes, Professor Troitzky declared that he never considered this question other than a point of view held by Jews-Talmudists. When it came to expressing himself unequivocally on this question, as envisaged by the Jewish mystics, the professor declared himself to be incapable to do so, having but a very vague idea of the subject. (Cf, 191, 231, Vol. VI).

"IV. The expert Pranaitis differed emphatically with Professors Glagoleff and Troitzky. Having studied the religion of the Jews in every form, he discovered the existence of the so-called 'blood tenet' among the Jews. The Catholic priest Pranaitis based this conclusion on the following facts: All the rabbinical schools, in spite of their divergence in many questions, meet on common ground in their hatred of non-Jews, who, according to the Talmud, are to be regarded as 'beasts in human form'. This feeling of hatred and malice which the Jews harbor towards all men belonging to other nationalities and religions reaches its apex where Christians are concerned. This feel-ing prompts the command to kill the non-Jews given in Talmud. The celebrated rule 'thou shalt not kill' pertains to Jews ALONE.

[H: As you read the following keep O.J. Simpson, et al., in mind, please.]

"However the feeling of hatred is not the sole motive that conditions the relations of the Jews with the Gentiles in the indicated sense. The extermination of non-Jews is identified with religious heroism, prescribed by the law. According to the mystic law especially, every death of a non-Jew hastens the advent of Messiah, to which every Jew should aspire. The death of a non-Jew also has the value of a sacrificial rite, a rite which was the most important one in the cult of the Jew. The blood sacrifices could not be performed after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and the altar. To replace these sacrifices the extermination of the non-Jews and Christians, these latter in particular, was inaugurated. In killing all non-Jews a certain method indicated in the KABALAH was recommended. THEY WERE TO BE KILLED 'WITH THEIR LIPS COMPRESSED, AS BEASTS THAT DIE VOICELESS AND WITHOUT A CRY', AND 'TWELVE KNIFE WOUNDS AND A FINAL BLOW WHICH MAKES THIRTEEN, ARE TO BE INFLICTED'. Now in citing this text from the “ZOHAR” [H: Listen to the similarities, Ranos.], the mystic book in which this method of death is given, expert Pranaitis repeatedly brought the attention of the presiding judge to the fact that the mouth of Youtchinsky was compressed and that there were thirteen wounds on his right temple. [H: Care to check the number of cuts on Mr. Goldman? You only THINK Mr. Goldman was a "Jew". I remind you that being a "Jew" has NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING JEWISH OR HEBREW JUDAIST. There are so many clues as to the ritual murder of Nicole and Ron Goldman as to boggle the mind. She was, in fact, sacrificed as would be a Kosherized animal by the severing of her throat through all vessels to the spinal cord--WHILE ALIVE. Sorry that this is "grossly gory"--TRUTH AND FACT ARE OFTEN QUITE DISTASTEFUL. Do not expect to find the same in every "crime" for there were other things involved here in the "Simpson" case that give loud messages to different receivers. If you haven't yet read Gary Wean's writings on THESE MURDERS, I suggest you get them--NOW. You are being set up for massive riots in the aftermath, if it waits that long, of this trial in slow progress. Mr. Simpson COULD NOT HAVE KILLED THESE TWO PEOPLE.] * * * Pranaitis, after considering the ritual murders known throughout the history of mankind, arrived at the following conclusion: Murders of Christians by Jews for religious purposes do take place as a perverted cumulative effect of the entire Jewish religion. As for the murder of Youtchinsky, the circumstances under which it took place, the method by which the wounds were inflicted, their disposition, the draining of the blood from the body, the time of committing the crime, all these give to it the characteristic traits of a typical ritualistic murder (Cf. 243, Vol. VI.).


I need to leave this now so we will pick up Part 3 right here when we return. Thank you for your attention, truth is not easy to witness from the "dark side" but KNOW IT you must. You cannot “change” that which you do not KNOW exists.



TUE., MAR. 7, 1995 6:49 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 203

TUE., MAR. 7, 1995


Of you who are keeping up with the O.J. Simpson circus of the stars, how many are also keeping tabs on the Larry King Live EXPERTS? One of the permanent panelists, as you note, is Dick Thornburgh. This is the same Dick Thornburgh of MONARCH fame. This is the same Thornburgh that is apparently a child molester and pedophile.

Ah, but on the subject of ABUSED SPOUSES he has tears in his eyes and "can't abide domestic violence". This is the same man who was in charge of EDUCATION. THIS is the "AUTHORITY" on the "LAW" that Larry King sets forth as expert professor of law. Does he beat his wife? Who cares? Is not "being a pedophile" worse than beating your immediately available spouse? The point is who these are STILL the SAME ONES WHO RUN YOUR NATION.

I can respect and, yes, even honor anyone who truly believes within his being that he is doing the right thing in the hopes of homeland and peaceful unification of nations and people. Perhaps, even, Dershowitz fits in that category--somewhere right under the category of "money". The DELIBERATE ABUSE of the "INNOCENTS" of your world has no redemptive qualities--that is evil in its raw and purest form.


You who receive the direct orders of Mr. Jackson to go sign up with an "unorganized militia": WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME ABOUT IT?

All I see of this "unorganized militia(s)" is total flaunting of the laws and threats--and DISorganization. I hope that CONTACT is not placing such on its telephone call-line. We try to get INFORMATION spread quickly as is possible. We have just again been blasted by Grandma who blames CONTACT and Dr. Young for no information from her. She claims she got many hundreds of calls about her money and how many MORE she would have gotten if we were still spreading truth and didn't work for the CIA. I believe she doesn't have the foggiest idea of what is going on--it is one of those "things"; she doesn't subscribe to CONTACT, has insulted and ordered around our staff until they do not wish to hear her name and STILL WE RAN A COUPLE OF THINGS SHE FELT WERE IMPORTANT--AND THAT IS THE ONLY REASON SHE GOT ANY CALLS AT ALL!

Now, in response to the pile of recent letters regarding Ronn Jackson and his CLAIMS: Readers, I cannot help WHAT Ronn Jackson claims.

"Are there (does he have) 31,000,000 people on his mailing list"? NO. "Is he the reincarnation of Judge Roy Bean"? If so, he should NOT be proud of it. "Can he lead our nation into freedom and new government"? Not if he so thoughtlessly urges you to hook up with "unorganized militias" wherein you get on the arrest list. "Why does he have a newspaper that only projects his 'Rush Limbaugh' egotistical opinions about everything"? Because it is the only way he can get his "Rush Limbaugh" opinions out to you-the-people, I suppose. Also, he had to have funds to cover phone bills and secretarial services. "The signature on his edicts and speakings don't really have his signature so who is the ghost writer"? I don't know but I believe it to be the signature of Betty, his secretary. "Why does she sign"? I don't know, I guess those are his orders. "We are losing respect for you, too, Commander, as we watch the never-ending lies of Ronn Jackson"! Wow, then you haven't REALLY HEARD a word I've said. Ronn Jackson is a prisoner in a prison in the State of Nevada. He has been railroaded Constitutionally by the authorities. He is paying for crimes HE COMMITTED--fraud and con-games. The points of LAW are not on the crimes but his lack of representation, the total irresponsibility of his files and case attention. He was promised concurrent terms and is receiving consecutive lockup. "Is he a bull in a china shop"? YES. And perhaps even dancer in a buffalo herd. What has that to do with anything?

Why do I honor him and offer to "serve" his Constitutional cause? Because he has the strength to get things done and the willingness to work night and day to accomplish a task. Do I agree with everything he does or says? NO! Hardly anything EXCEPT the proclamation of regaining Constitutional LAW! Do I actually "think he can produce funding and help"? Yes, he already has proven that he can do a far better job than I of getting you-the-people to pay him for far less than you would receive elsewhere. Beyond that I suppose we all wait and see if he is or has ANYTHING. My duty is to NOT JUDGE THE MAN!

While you are distracting yourselves with wondering about Ronn Jackson--why don't you shift your mailings to Ron Carlson, head of Phoenix Project Committee of 50 States? My understanding is that Dr. Carlson has a group who could help him open and sort mail--so you could get your voice HEARD there and he is free and able to get something done. So too can America East and Dr. Clautier. When the push for Ronn Jackson's organized efforts were underway--he THOUGHT he would be free momentarily. He still believes he will gain freedom--however, seeing how the courts work--it is not likely. From our first contact he was going to be out "tomorrow". Life is what happens while we make other plans. You have been sending your ballots of support to somewhere, TO the name of "CONTACT" BUT CONTACT IS NOT RECEIVING THEM! I am told that they are being diverted to "save us the bother"! I don't have other comment--they are not flowing as addressed, apparently. Ronn claims over 31 million pieces of mail which were mostly addressed through CONTACT but I understand there haven't been more than a couple of hundred passing through--I have no further information on the mail-route. You will have to ask Mr. Jackson about Mr. Jackson. Our paper staff is getting so many complaints, however, about the continuation of the notice in the paper that perhaps the flow of petitions should be directed elsewhere. "What about the money sent for the project"? I have no idea--we watch more support moving in that direction and nothing returning and have to assume that you are either supporting Ronn's project or he has funds somewhere. I am not in charge of Ronn's financial adventures. He has offered and promised to deliver some funds to help us with our projects when he attains freedom. For that I greatly appreciate the offer and am confident that if he can ever do anything--HE WILL. I have NO CONTROL NOR VERY MUCH INPUT INTO WHAT RONN JACKSON AND/OR HIS SECRETARIAL POOL AND STAFF PRESENT OR DO. You, however, do continue to ask ME what you should and could DO? In all fairness and realization of that which we can't "seem to do", I can only suggest other avenues of BEING HEARD--so, REDIRECT YOUR MAIL. Ronn believes that all 31 million of you are HIS FOLLOWERS. I can't believe that to be so--since you responded at our request. I would hope that YOU ARE GOD'S FOLLOWERS AND DESIRE FREEDOM WITHIN YOUR WONDROUS NATION. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU WOULD FOLLOW A JUDGE ROY BEAN WHO WAS "THE LAW (ACCORDING TO HIMSELF) WEST OF THE PECOS"! BEAN WAS JUDGE, JURY AND HANGMAN!


Bo Gritz said to me once, a few years ago: "What kind of a warrior are you"? when I didn't proclaim arms and violence and marching into war. I AM THE KIND OF WARRIOR WHO WINS WARS!! I DO NOT GET GOD'S PEOPLE KILLED THROUGH FOOLISHNESS! We do not censor the news--we offer the news-- both sides, so that YOU can choose your direction among the various avenues of actions and passage. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN A MILITIA, ORGANIZED OR DISORGANIZED, DO SO--BUT DON'T SAY, EVER, THAT WE SO MUCH AS SUGGESTED THAT YOU DO SO. I SUGGEST THAT YOU DO NOT DO SO!!


What you are REALLY asking me is, "When are you SENDING the money for your projects"?--so you can make movies, do gardening, build bungalows and thus and so. I could ask you: "When are you going to fund these projects we need"? I didn't say, "I have it!" Gunther Russbacher said he could fund everything! Ronn Jackson says he can get everything funded! Many have said they could do these tasks but they have not. That is all there is to it, readers. They said they could--they haven't. Does this make them good or bad? Neither. They either can't do what they say--or they will do what they can when they can--no more and no less.


Stop picking and look at some things which are happening as we speak. THE OLDEST BANKING INSTITUTION IN ENGLAND, SOLD THIS DAY FOR ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS!!! TO A DUTCH BANK NO LESS. Does this seem a bit odd to ANY OF YOU? My, my, if we had realized there was a possibility of purchasing that institution--WE WOULD HAVE BID AT LEAST FIVE DOLLARS! While you quibble over Jackson and go to the O.J. Simpson circus attraction in L.A., U.S.A., things are happening! Moreover they ARE NOT GOOD! THIS is what should be on hot-lines and FAXED far and wide--NOT INCIDENTAL URGINGS TO JOIN UNORGANIZED MILITIAS. REMEMBER: there is a GLOBAL ECONOMIC PLAN 2000 and a GLOBAL IDENTIFICATION PLAN 2000, A ONE WORLD RELIGION PLAN 2000 AND ON AND ON AND ON--AND THAT IS HAPPENING. I DON'T EVEN LIKE RONN JACKSON'S PLAN 2000 BECAUSE FROM SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY IT CEASES TO BE SIMPLY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW--IT BECOMES JACKSON'S PLAN 2000, OBVIOUSLY BACKED BY ARMIES AND POWER PUPPETS. You must discern and judge--I SHALL NOT DO IT FOR YOU. WE DO NOT LOLLYGAG AT RONN JACKSON'S FEET--WHY DO YOU? IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT HE OFFERS--QUIT SUPPORTING IT. "Does he work for God"? THAT IS BETWEEN HIM AND GOD!! More importantly, however, is WHY DO YOU ASK ME? When you do something I request--YOU MUST DISCERN THAT IT BE "RIGHT" AND "CORRECT" AS RELATIVE TO GOD'S AND CREATION'S LAWS. I WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO BLINDLY DO ANYTHING. I am not judge and jury of what God may well have in mind for ANYONE--EXCEPT MYSELF. Ah, but you say, "...yeah, but God won't let YOU fall or get caught..." Won't HE? I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ME TO HIM. I will not let me fall!

Never mind getting letters and newsletters to and from Ronn Jackson--take a couple of $20 bills and get Millennium 2000 about PLAN 2000 from Jordan Maxwell or keep CONTACT IN PRESS.


Knowledge will bring your freedom--not listening to an incarcerated man's urgings to run off and join the army of disorganization. THE GOVERNMENT UNDER JANET RENO PLANS TO ARREST ALL PERSONS ATTENDING AND ASSIGNED TO ANY PATRIOT GROUP OR ACTIVE MILITANT ORGANIZATION--AND MILITIAS ARE AT THE VERY TOP OF THE LIST OF GET-THEMS!!

We only have time left here, Dharma, to do a couple of pages on the copy of Ritual Murder so could we do that, please?


Picking up directly where we left Part 2:


Referring to the converted Rabbi who called himself by the name of Neophyte: A copy of his book was found in the Library of the Theological Academy of St. Petersburg. Leese then tells us: "This work was translated from the Greek at a Court Session by one of the experts, Professor Troitzky, who held a professorship in the same Academy. The Neophyte affirms in his work that Judaism holds an awesome mystery which is not revealed in its books and which consists in the fact that Jews murder Christians to obtain their blood for different purposes. If a Jew is in need of blood, he must not cut, but 'prick and pinch'. The opinion that the use of blood as food is forbidden to the Jews is quite erroneous, since there are in the Talmut indications to the contrary. * * * Excessive hatred which they feel toward Christians and which makes them believe that in committing such crimes they offer a sacrifice to God; the second reason is the superstition which they harbor about the blood, attributing to it magic potentialities; finally, the rabbis who hesitate to affirm that Jesus Christ was not the real Messiah think that they will be saved if they spill the blood of christians. Having obtained the blood of Christians, they use it for different purposes. The rabbis consider it to be an excellent medication for eye and skin diseases which afflict the Jews so often. Blood is also used in the ceremonies of marriage, circumcision, and burial, but first of all in making of unleavened bread. For this last purpose they kidnap children before the Passover, lock them up and then kill them to obtain their blood. The murder is always preceded by tortures. The Jews prick the children, believing that they are torturing Jesus Christ.

(Leese tells the readers, p. 53 of his book: "Colonel Lindbergh's son was missed on 1st March, 1932. The Jewish feast of PURIM was on 22nd March. A child's body was found on 12th May, dead at least two months, according to the experts, with the skull fractured in two places. I cannot see that it has ever been proved that the body found was that of Colonel Lindbergh's son". We divert here to mention that in Emile Gauvreau's book, What So Proudly We Hailed, the last picture in the book is supposed to be that of the Lindbergh's boy lying on a slab. Any observer will note that the body is very badly decomposed, that one leg is missing from the knee and that the height of the body, we are told, was four inches longer than that of the missing boy.- E.N.S.)

Resuming the translation of Minnoit's book: "The supreme mystery known only to rabbis, savants and Pharisees, and carefully concealed from the people, is this use of the blood of Christians. A father on his death-bed transmits this mystery under an extreme oath of secrecy to one of his sons. Neophyte says that this mystery was transmitted to him by his father, who exacted from him an oath never to reveal it, not even to his brothers. But having been baptized, Neophyte held it impossible to remain silent on this point".

Quoting from p. 48 of Leese's book: "Martin Luther seems to have had an inkling of the true nature of the Jew when he said: 'How the Jews love the Book of Esther, which is so suitable to their bloodthirsty, revengeful, murderous appetite and hopes. The Sun has never shown on such a bloodthirsty and revengeful people, who fancy themselves to be the chosen people so that they can murder and strangle the heathen'. (From the Erlangen edition of Luther's Table Talks, Vol. XXXII, p. 120.). This seems plain speaking enough; but we find the Jew, C. Roth (Ritual Murder Libe1 and the Jew) citing Martin Luther as having condemned the 'libel' of Ritual Murder 'in unqualified terms'. However, the Jewish Encyclopedia, (1904), Vol. VIII, p. 213, definitely states that Luther charged the Jews with Ritual Murders".

"At Madgeburg, in 1562, a Protestant history of the Christian Church was compiled, called the Madgeburg Centuries; it was compiled by a number of Lutheran theologians headed by M. Flacius, and was first published as the Historia Ecclesiae Christi. This book records the ritual murders of Blois, Pontoise (Paris), Braisne, Fulda, Berne and Oberwesel".

(The McMillan Company, New York, 1906, published in four volumes, A History of the Inquisition of Spain, by Henry Charles Lea. In Vol. II, p. 42, we read: "In 1490, Davilla went to Rome in his eightieth year. Since 1461 he had been Bishop of Segovia and, in spite of Jewish descent, his family was one of the most influential in Castile, intermarried with its noblest blood. He had given ample proof of pitiless orthodoxy, in 1468, when, at Sepulveda, the rabbi, Solomon Picco, and the leader of the synagogue were accused of crucifying a Christian boy during Holy Week. Bishop Davilla promptly arrested sixteen of those most deeply implicated, of whom seven were burnt and the rest hanged, except a boy who begged to be baptized--although this did not satisfy the pious Sepulvedans, who slew some of the remaining Jews and drove the rest away).


Let us just take up here next time.



WED., MAR. 8, 1995 7:26 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 204

WED., MAR. 8, 1995

APPENDIX II (continued)




Page 28 of Leese's book, supra: "Sir Richard Burton, the great explorer and orientalist, who was English Consul at Damascus 30 years after the Ritual Murder (of Padre Tomasi,--E.N.S.) studied the whole question of the Blood Accusation, and eventually wrote The Jew, the Gipsy and El Islam, of which this author has the edition edited by W.H. Wilkins and published by Hutchinson in 1898. (I have a copy of this book which was bought in London in 1937.-- E.N.S.) This work contains a damning indictment of the Talmud, and a list of Jewish Ritual Murders, but Wilkins, in his preface (p.X) says: 'In the exercise of the discretion given to me, I have thought it better to hold over for the present the Appendix on the alleged rite of Human Sacrifice among the Sephardim and the murder of Father Thomas; the only alternative was to publish it in mutilated form'".

Continuing, Leese writes: "Let us therefore follow (1) the Book, (2) the appendix on Ritual Murder.

(1) The Book. This is easy; it is well nigh impossible to obtain.

(2) The Appendix on Ritual Murder. What happened to it? This is what happened to it:

"'See D.L. Alexander versus Manners Sutton, King's Bench Division, 27th March, 1911, reported in the TIMES the following day. Herein, D.L. Alexander, a Jew and President of the Jewish Board of Deputies, was able to show that they had obtained an assignment of the manuscript from the surviving executors of Sir Richard Burton. The executors had sold them to a bookseller, who, in turn, sold them to Mammers Sutton; and he (Sutton), not knowing of any assignment, made arrangements for the publication of the Appendix. D.L. Alexander brought the action to stop this publication from taking place, claiming copyright and delivery to him of the manuscript. The Jew won his case.'" [H: I repeat for all you who think you can simply copyright TRUTH and have it buried. If the information be truth in the beginning--there ACTUALLY can be NO VALID COPYRIGHTS. However, the point I wish to make is that unauthorized parties will get information and then copyright it and it then becomes the most effective way to CENSOR information. This is the main reason a book needs an ISBN number for registration purposes, but journals and papers should never be copyrighted if you EVER want real truth TO BE KNOWN. If the "original" work be truth, in science most especially, or a new religious or historical work, it is only fair to have the information made public and someone, hopefully, will come along at some point in future days, to take the works and make them available somehow-somewhere. I take this opportunity to readdress this very topic as concerns the Phoenix journals. The first of the journals, prior to severing relationships with George Green of America West Publishers-Distributors, bear his America West copyright. These journals were not and are not his. Never were they his and they were to NEVER BEAR COPYRIGHTS for we have no need of same since these are simply journals for the gathering of information. The facts are that the imprint is equally as phoney as is Mr. Green. The journals are not copyrighted and are free for any and all to use in any way they might find worthy.

In the instance of this book called THE TALMUD UNMASKED, the copy before me is simply a reproduction of the Appendix. The entire volume is around somewhere, I understand, but we at this desk have no copy. Do I fail to offer this work because it may have copyright? I don't know; it is a book written and produced in April, 1892 (over a century ago), from St. Petersburg (Russia??). Further, it is written in by a Master of Theology and Professor of the Hebrew Language in old St. Petersburg. Who, if not God, has rights? It simply is a point to ponder as we effort to bring understanding and historical review to the attention of mankind. Therefore, just let us move on.]

"From the Preface which is before us, we copy the following: 'The Jew, Burton, collected most of the materials for writing it from 1869 to 1871, when he was Consul at Damascus. * * * Disguised as a native, and unknown to any living soul but his wife, the British Counsul mingled freely with the motley populations of Damascus, and inspected every quarter of the city--Moslem, Christian and Jewish. His inquiries bore fruit in material, not only for this general essay on the Jew, but for an Appendix dealing with the alleged rite of Human Sacrifice among the Sephardim or Eastern Jews, and more especially the mysterious murder of Padre Tomasi at Damascus in 1840. There is little doubt that his inquiry into these subjects was one of the reasons which aroused the hostility of the Damascus Jews against him; and that hostility was a powerful factor, though by no means the only one, in his recall by Lord Granville in 1871'".

(On page 5 of the New York Times Book Review, April 11, 1937, there was a cut of Sir Richard Burton, and an article titled: "That Homeric Character, Burton of Arabia". That review stated, in part: "Burton was very much a man of earth, reveling in subjects not discussed in Victorian drawing-rooms. * * * He was broken on the wheel of official intrigue in India at the beginning of his career, lost the consulate of Damascus almost at the end for somewhat the same reasons. * * * He was both impetuous and honest, the two blackest vices in the consular service". The following week, April 18, 1937, in the Herald Tribune, reviewing the same book, Clare G. Stillman wrote: "Burton was a man of invincible moral courage and integrity, of wide enlightenment, the outspoken enemy of stupidity and hypocrisy, too outspoken for his own good. * * * His encyclopedic Oriental erudition included an unsurpassed knowledge of erotic philosophies and practices which he loved to discuss in detail.")

[H: I am considered to be comparable to such men who are too outspoken for their own good (or that of their press). I wonder, however, who might it really, then, be good for? If I be too outspoken for my (our) "own good", is it not for the very reason of "good from mankind"? As you read about ritual murders and life instances from the pain and total agony of a Cathy O'Brien, do you find it erotic or painful in its truth? Ah, "both", you will respond. What is that feeling within that pronounces itself valid but you think it perhaps to be "erotic"? IT IS FEAR! "There but for the Grace of God, GO I."]

"With this introduction, we now cite some parts of Burton's chapter dealing with The Jew and the Talmud" (p.77). According to the Talmud (Chap. IV., SANHEDRIN, of the fourth Mischnis section, or order Seder Nezikin), the Gentile sanctifying the Sabbath must be put to death without asking questions, [H: Golly-gee, it sounds like truthbringers and patriots of your year 1995, and on....] even as the Lord said to him, "Thou shalt not rest day or night. The Oral Law is superior to all others".

P.81. In the books of Moses [H: HISTORICALLY, you will find NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE OR TRUTH IN THAT THERE EVER EVEN WAS A "MOSES".] we find that blood is used as a purifier. * * * Human blood is not used by us in its pure state: nor can we (Sic Burton. The Hebrew scribe is supposed to be speaking) call it human for the Gentiles are mere vermin, and of their daughters it is said, "Cursed be he that lieth with any beast". [H: Would this not give you full input and knowledge about just WHO THE BASTARDS WERE WHO PRO-NOUNCED THE NATIVE AMERICANS TO BE NON-HUMAN? WHITES, AS SUCH, WERE NOT THE ENEMY OF ANY PEOPLE--FOR ALL PEOPLE NOT BEING "JEWS" ARE GOYIM (not human). This is NOT "revisionism", readers, this is original historic FACT--by the very words and pronouncements of generations of the NOW SO-CALLED "JEWS". "Jew" is actually defined as Khazarian Serpent People falsely calling themselves everything from Christians to (J)ews. Those wishing rights to "everything" refer to "Jew" as a religion when convenient, a "race" when convenient and on and on. They take from ALL to utilize for selves.] It [blood of the Goyim] must also mostly undergo through manipulation a change in essence. Nor is it administered indiscriminately, but only to the most zealous. On the eve of the Passover the chief Scribe attends the oven, and mixes what he pleases with the cakes, which are then sent around to the congregation.

P.98 of Burton's Jew, See the MISCHNAH [H: Mishpucka??], fifth part, tract Edonyoth, i. art. 5 et seq. This is a fair answer to the host of contradictions and the general charge of inconsistency leveled by anti-Talmud writers against the Oral Law, and it enables the modern rabbi to make almost any assertion that he pleases con-cerning disputed points. Thus, one will find in the Talmud that Christians should be put to death, the other that they should be treated like brothers. This is certainly very convenient.

P. 104. The large space given * * * to the unhallowed practices of magic and necromancy, the summoning and conversion with devils and spirits, the advocacy of astrology, charms, and philters served as a pretext for Pope and Inquisition to attack it. In A.D. 553, Justinian proscribed it (Talmud) by Novella 146 as a "tissue of puerilities, of fables, of iniquities, of insults, of imprecations, or heresies, and of blasphemies". It was destroyed by Gregory IX, in A.D. 1230; it was burnt in Paris by Innocent IV, 1244; and it was proscribed by Clement N, by Honorius IV, and by John XXII.

(This Pope [Honorius IV] in 1286 wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury, directing him to have a care lest any one read a book from which all evils flow. Pope Pius IV, when authorizing a new edition, expressly stipulated that it should not be published without the title of Talmud, which appears to have been a kind of Shibboleth, Si tamen prodierit sine nomine Talmud, talerari deberet. Such was the terror which it inspired in the ecclesiastical mind.

A. is the father of B. B. told this author that A. started his education in Europe with the idea of becoming a rabbi but that when he had started his studies of the unexpurgated edition of the Talmud and found what it taught concerning Christ and Christians, he not only discontinued his studies but later was a convert to Christianity and out of this experience told B. never to read an unexpurgated copy of the Talmud).

P.115. Obviously such cruel and vindictive teaching as that recounted in the previous chapter must bear fruit in crime and atrocities. * * * From earliest ages to these modern days, and not in one place, but all the world over, the hatred of the Jew against the non-Jew has been the fiercest. Those who are so ready to admit and deplore the mighty provocations which aroused a spirit of retaliation in the Rabbinical mind should equally make allowance for the natural feelings of the unfortunate Gentiles and heathens when the "People of the Synagogue" had their wicked will. * * * In A.D. 614, the Hebrews of Galilee, according to Eutychius, joining the Persian army under Chosroes II, caused a great slaughter of the Nazarenes. When the Holy City was captured, they bought at a cheap rate those taken by the Persians, especially from the Monastery of Mar Saba, for the sole purpose of butchering them. Burton then continues, giving thirty-eight other cases of ritual murder, ending with page 127. On page 122, he says: "According to the Cronica Serafica (della vita di S. Francesco d'Assisi, Opera del Padre Damiano Cornejo, 1721, lib. i., chap. 1) the Jews superstitiously used the blood of Christians in childbirth, and sent it in a dried state to China and other places, where they had synagogues, but where worshippers of Christ are not to be found. Hence the Jews were eventually expelled from Spain and Portugal".


In closing our reply to the accusations of Ben Zion Bokser, the reader is directed to that Christian classic: The History of the Christian Church, by Dr. Philip Schaff. In Vol. I, p. 59, he writes: "The Talmud (i.e., Doctrine) [H: There, again, readers you have your clue as to WHO are these people you can't call Jews or a "race" or a "religion"--they are a "doctrined people" following basic Satanism--"TALMUDISTS". That is the truth of it and that is the definition of the people participating.] represents the traditional, post exilian, and anti-Christian Judaism", and then says on page 156 of the same book: "Such was the Jewish religion at the time of Christ. He was the only teacher in Israel who saw through the hypocritical mask to the rotten heart. [H: Why don't YOU just try to get a full UNEDITED copy of the TALMUD! Also, while in the searching try to get copies of the rituals of the temples of the MORMON church. (In Asia the very word "mormon" MEANS: SATAN!, then by all means go find the doctrine instructions for the church of satan.] None of the great Rabbis, no Hillel, no Shammai, no Gamaliel, attempted or even conceived of a reformation; on the contrary, they heaped tradition upon tradition and accumulated the Talmud rubbish of twelve large folios and 2947 leaves, which represents the anti-Christian petrification of Judaism; while the four Gospels have regenerated humanity and are the life and light of the civilized world to this day". [H: Well, forget the latter in its exuberant overstatement.]

In Vol. I, p. 110, of George Foote Moore's Judaism, Harvard University Press, 1932 he says: "Down to the rise of Karaites in the eighth century and their revolt against the Talmud, there was nothing that deserved the name of schism". Again on p. 91 of the same volume, quoting Justin Martyr, who was a native of Palestine (Schechem) and a contemporary, he says: "Bar Cocheba took dire vengeance upon them (Nazarenes, or followers of Jesus Christ) if they refused to deny Jesus their Messiah".

About a thousand years later, 1759, Leese tells us, p. 40 of the book we have cited: "A converted Jew, J. J. Frank, formed a sect called the Frankists, at Lemberg. These people were all Jews who had become Christians in revolt against the evils taught in the Talmud. They said it was the Talmud which was the root of all troubles between the Jews and Gentiles. Prince Etienne de Mikoulissky, administrator of the archdiocese of Lemberg, instituted public debates between the Frankists and the Talmudic Jews. A debate held in July took place in which various matters were dealt with point by point until six points had been settled: the seventh one was the Frankists' declaration that 'the Talmud teaches the employment of Christian blood and he who believes in the Talmud ought to make use of this blood'. The Frankists said they had learned this in their youth as Jews. Under the heading Baruch Yavan, the Jewish Encyclopedia , 1903, Vol. II, p.563, admits that the Frankists brought the blood accusation against the Talmudists; also in Vol. VII p. 579, under Judah Lob ben Nathan Krysa. There is a large bibliography with reference to the Frankist community, of which the following two works may receive mention here: La Malfaisance juive, by Pikulski, Lvov, 1760; and Materiaux sur la question relative aux accusations portées contre les Juifs a propos des crimes rituels , by J. 0. Kouzmine, St. Petersburg, 1914".

Psalms 106, 36-38: "And they served their idols: which were a snare unto them. Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils, and shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood".

With reference to the death of Father Pranaitis, Mr. Leese, replying to this author's question on this, wrote me as follows: "The statement that Pranaitis was shot by the Cheka comes from the same eye-witness (who was a witness in the Beilis case). Eye-witness seen by me (Leese) personally; cannot give his name".

* * *

With the concerted persecution of this editor, especially by those whom he expected would be his friends on the record of his life and service, we now dare affirm in our effort to present the truth that we are not apprehensive of the final result and base our statement on Romans 8, 36-37: "For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us".

E.N.S., Nov. 20, 1939


The next is from the same documents and is worthy of special attention please:



(Henry Field, writer of the article below, is curator of physical anthropology at Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. He was recently awarded the degree of Doctor of Science by Oxford University. He has been with the museum since 1926).


"* * * members of the Field Museum anthropological expedition to the Near East in 1934 * * * According to their tradition the Jews of Iraq have lived in Mesopotamia since Sargon of Assyria brought their ancestors from Samaria in the eighth century B.C. * * * They mixed with other racial groups, absorbing their physical characters. What is popularly termed the 'Jewish' nose was thus acquired from the Hittites * * * To the protected southern slopes of the mountains of Kurdistan cling many villages where the struggle for existence combined with a constant dread of attack has ingrained in the inhabitants a tenacity of purpose and religious zeal which has few modern parallels. Jew, Kurd, Armenian and Nestorian remain bitterly aloof, the Jews suffering much at the hands of the Kurds from a constant intertribal warfare. Moreover, belief that the Jews use a Christian blood at the Passover sustained between Jew and Sephardim Jews who observe the Mosaic law * * * Seventy-two items of ritual are observed."-- Asia Magazine.


May you walk in LIGHT that you KNOW wherein you are walking at all--TRUTH IS!



SUN., MAR. 12, 1995 7:09 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 208

SUN., MAR. 12, 1995




Doris has a letter--indeed, she also gets letters. This one brings too many questions for adequate response. This one is from a person who is showing some "failure" symptoms, is diabetic and has a kidney (we assume) transplant. She petitions as to what may be done for her? She comes via a friend. First of all, readers, we cannot give much advice but right off the proverbial "bat" we will say to not do ANYTHING to jeopardize the immune system to endanger the transplanted organ.

Doris spent over ten years in the Dialysis and Transplant Division with the top Pediatric Nephrologist at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Please do not rock A STABLE BOAT.


We are already under scrutiny to find whether or not we can classify as practitioners of some sort. NO, WE ARE NOT. WE CURE NOTHING, WE DO OFFER A FEW LIFE PRODUCTS AS TOOLS FOR YOUR USE--NOTHING MORE. I ask that that information be sent along to our friend.

This does, however, cause me to finally take things into my own hands as to "information" regarding deficient intake of proper nourishment. I have asked Dharma to find me something on beriberi and a few other "outdated" dis-eases and, lo and behold--not very much in your literature. Then, comes a little manuscript by one Bonne L. Fisher which was reprinted in late summer of 1959 and the sender calculates that the original was written in 1929. The subject is basically the New World Order--but ah-ha--check closely and the writer tells you how the subject was approached for the unfolding--through a research of beriberi.

You see, we CAN offer that which is already written on a subject; we cannot tell you what you should do.

My feelings about the Gaia products are, of course, that they supply what you need in a most remarkably USEABLE form which allows instant merging into (within) compromised cells. That, however, is not my subject for this morning.

Before we go off into the subject of Beriberi, I can also tell you that, unless necessary, I am not advocating being a total vegetarian. Why? Because with today's circumstances you will become deficient in so many nutrients as you go through routinely practicing such dietary restrictions as to bring more damage than help. You have BECOME a meat-eating species. If you choose carefully your products for intake you DO NOT NEED MEAT OR LIVING/DEAD "FLESH". In fact, it is in living/dead flesh that parasites thrive--and within the blood supply of those muscled species.

Never mind that for the moment, however. That is not your most critical problem as you move through routine life-style. You are in a pandemic plague of beriberi which can be treated in less than a week.


Get rid of the parasites, intake high-level whole grains (rec: Spelt, Spelt bran and hulls) and extra B-vitamins, then keep your systems whole with Gaiandriana cell reproduction products and you will have a clean, disease-free body--without any drugs, artificial chemicals or whatever. If damage is already present, or as with the actual removal of organs as with kidneys, those things will not "regrow" because the original organ has been removed. However, in the case of transplants, there is no reason if there is not rejection that that organ does not become a living part of the host blueprinted system. There aren't any "miracles" but you may well think you have experienced some if you will take the time and discipline to utilize what is available in the most basic food-source additions.

The reason I take exception to most planned programs is that you end up treating yourselves as if you are on some kind of a "diet", medical routine, or other ridiculous programming process. No, it is the way you were intended to function and thrive and it is nothing related to medicine, chemistry or unusual biological regime. When you become overly preoccupied with ANYTHING it becomes worse than the cause of the discomfort in the first place. This is true of exercise as well. You can exercise your way into total imbalance and it becomes an addiction worse than the sedentary status if you allow fanaticism to program your mindset. If it helps you, fine, use it--but do not claim that it is the only way to good health because it isn't. Just about the time now that most of you are hooked on outrageous and programmed exercise programs, what do "they" tell you? That it is not healthy to overexercise. Everything in moderation is what you seek--IT IS CALLED BALANCE.

This aside, I think I can get information to you who seek and ask by offering that which is available and then YOU will have to take it and do that which you will. I repeat that WE OFFER NO CURES FOR ANYTHING, NO MIRACLES. IF YOU WISH, WE DO HAVE THAT WHICH CAN ASSIST YOU IN ATTENDING SELF. Just as a Chiropractor can replace/reposition a vertebra which is misaligned and give relief, so too are there ways to give relief and balance to a body existing in a deprived state.

With this in mind we will simply offer what we have here right from the author's gracious sharing.



by Bonne L. Fisher

Circa 1929. [H: This becomes more interesting as you get into the realization of world problems as related in this old writing.]

Eighteen operations. Each time the knife had given relief and renewed strength for a time, and determination to persevere until a complete cure should be achieved, each time daunted by the development of infection in other areas.

With my life's savings exhausted [H: Isn't it always the way with doctors and lawyers?] and the reserves of energy almost spent, the desire had grown keener because of a growing desire to solve the mystery of the rapid increase of this deadly sinus disease. Once I had seemed to be one of the few affected. Now the crowded waiting rooms of the nose and throat specialists evidenced a very plague of the disease.

I had lost all interest in reading except that which pertained to health and an equable distribution of the means of life and health. Going to the library for books on health I had found Dr. Lorand's book, OLD AGE DEFERRED advising both the eating of meat and the abstinence from the same, ending with the advice to consult the appetite about eating. In a book on "rickets" I had seen a mention of a disease called beriberi, but all was vague.

Once I had presented a paper on Sinus Affection, in which I used the word beriberi, to a printer who had been in the plague-ridden regions of India. This printer had become much interested. "Beriberi," I heard him say, as if to himself. "Here I can trace it," and he turned to Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, but I was then too much interested in trying to get my paper printed to catch the significance of the remark.

[H: Dharma was amused this very morning. When she wasn't sure of the spelling of hari-kari, she turned to the trusty six-inch thick Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary for information. The term was there--without any definition whatsoever! Beriberi had a bit longer definition which we will share:

Beriberi: A disease of the peripheral nerves caused by a deficiency of vitamin B1, characterized by pain in and paralysis of the extremities. and severe emaciation or swelling of the body. It is common in China, Japan and in the Philippines.

Well, without diagnosis, it is the most prevalent in the United States of America and expresses itself in chronic fatigue, organ failures and mental confusion. It is ACTUALLY the primary cause of senile dementia and almost all "patients" in an elderly care facility are affected! Most elderly mental confusion will be immediately cleared by supplementation by vitamins, minerals and whole grains.]

Sitting in bed in Stanford Hospital, stunned by the sentence, "Incurable", the thought came to me to find out something definite about beriberi. Maybe something lay hidden in that quarter that might reveal a new line of attack. I asked a doctor, superior in my department, said to be an "Italian", "Doctor, what is beriberi"?

A sudden start on his part registered itself in my mind. He hurried away leaving me uninformed.

Again I said to another "Italian" doctor, "Is there something wrong with our food supplies that so many are coming to the hospital and so many are sick that cannot come". He argued, "It is not the food," and made the remark, "We find plenty of mineral salts in the food. We find deposits of it when we operate". (The first I had heard about mineral salts in relation to disease).

At another time in the presence of a dozen doctors, heads of departments, I asked my "Italian" doctor first mentioned above if I could get a book on beriberi there at the medical school. He directed me to the city library and quickly changed the subject. I protested that I had tried public libraries, and had no strength for an extra journey, but no one offered help or suggestions. After many weeks I was able to go to the great city library in San Francisco where I again found only a mere mention of beriberi.

"Go to Stanford Medical School for information about disease", said a librarian, assuring me that it was open to the public. I found it not one hundred feet from where I had three times asked for information. Two librarians served me with paragraphs marked. I read day by day the little that my strength would endure.

I grew furious. I had been misdirected and hindered in the effort to save my life.

"Beriberi, Asiatic PLAGUE, abroad in our land. Symptoms identical with "colds, constipation, indigestion, rheumatism, neuritis, influenza, scurvy, pellagra and insanity, with tendency to SUICIDE OR MURDER. AND PROVEN TO BE THE RESULT IN DEFICIENCY IN THE FOOD OF CERTAIN MINERAL SALTS WHICH DEFICIENCY IS CAUSED BY OUR CUSTOM OF SIFTING, PEELING, AND PARBOILING AND DRAINING AWAY THE LIQUIDS FROM OUR FOOD".

Notes taken in the library. First from an old work.


Acute form, Symptoms: Stages in order:

Indigestion; constipation; Nasal affection like a "cold";

Lassitude; heart palpitation; hard breathing;

Usually ends with death from heart failure.

Chronic Form; Early stages as above.

Later stages: Weak eyes, falling hair, skin sores

Stomach ulcers, kidney affection, chronic

catarrh, asthma, cough, heart enlargement, numbness,

paralyzed parts, dropsy.

Results of examination: "Microscopic examination of tissue reveals a corroding agent. The sheath of the nerve is invariably attacked in this disease and even cells of the brain have been found to have been destroyed. The bones and teeth lose lime".

Notes taken from Later works: Discovered by Voit in 1882 that pigeons fed white bread, or polished rice, lose lime from their bones even to the extent of perforation of the skull. Their wings and legs become paralyzed. They recover if fed whole grain meal or bran.

In 1859, Dr. Tikaki, Surgeon General in the Japanese Navy was made a baron in honor of his discovery that soldiers fed whole, unpolished rice do not contract beriberi.

A group of native Philippine Soldiers suffering from heart palpitation, hard breathing, pains in the nerves and coming down in numbers each day with paralysis, were quickly cured with bran from rice.

Discovered by the U.S. Health Service to the Philippines in 1905 that ANY grain robbed of pericarp and germ will produce beriberi, and that fresh bran will cure the disease in the earlier stages.

A plague of beriberi on Culion Island of the Philippines was quickly checked, cures achieved in ninety days and the disease wiped out in nine months by the use of bran from rice administered as medicine.

Two of the doctors who effected the above cure then went to Siam where a railroad was being built and secretly experimented upon laborers--artificially producing beriberi within sixty days by feeding part of the camp upon polished rice, the rest having natural rice.

Those eating natural rice could not be made to catch the disease by any means of contact, even to the swabbing of their throats with phlegm from the throats of the sick. The diet was then interchanged. The well men now had polished rice and the sick group had natural rice. The sick immediately began to improve in health. The second group became sick within sixty days. The tabulated results of the above incidents and experiments were sent to the United States Government, to the American Medical Association, and to Harvard and Columbia Universities. THE REPORT WAS PRINTED IN A U.S. GOVERNMENT BULLETIN BUT WAS GIVEN NO FURTHER PUBLICITY. (See Science of Keeping Young and Science of Eating by Alfred W. McCam for above statements and the number of U.S. Bulletins).

It was not until 1910 that Alfred W. McCann, a food chemist in the employ of the United States Government heard of this report of the U.S. Health Service to the Philippines while en route to China. When he returned to America he searched out the report from among records at Washington. Then he began feeding tests to prove the truth of the report, and chemical experiments to find scientific reasons.

In his feeding tests he found that bolted corn meal, white flour, polished rice, and pearled barley will produce in animals symptoms similar to those of beriberi.

In his chemical tests he found that the inside portion of grain produces acid in the process of digestion, and that sugar, oils and albumen also produce acid, and that the use of these acid-producing substances without the materials found in the bran, peelings, germ, bones, glands or supplied in large quantities from fresh fruit and vegetables to neutralize this acid, overcharges the body with acid which, having an affinity for lime, phosphorus and other alkaline substances of the body, attack the body tissues and cause the symptoms known as RHEUMATISM, "COLDS", NEURITIS, AND PRODUCE SWELLING, PARALYSIS AND OTHER AFFLICTIONS KNOWN IN THE ORIENT AS BERIBERI.


McCann tried to get permission to tell doctors' conventions about his experiments, but was refused. After a long and expensive struggle he and a small group of doctors were able to secure legislation in New York on the subject of food demineralization. This fight on food demineralization was reported in the newspapers as a fight on FOOD ADULTERATION and secured non-effective "pure food" laws.

In spite of these efforts which should have advertised the cause of human disease to all the Earth, demineralized food was continued in the hospitals.

At the entry of America into the World War, McCann laid before the U.S. food comptroller the above facts, even to the Government bulletin, mentioned above, which stated that the removal of only 4.4% of the grain in bran would produce disease; and asked that as an educative measure, as well as to save grain, whole grain flour be adopted as a war ration. He received the answer, "It isn't the business of the war department to educate the public". 76% of the grain was adopted as a war ration. (See Journal of the American Medical Association of 1917).

McCann gives it as his opinion that consumption, diabetes, cancer, and other more deadly diseases, as well as all our most common ailments, are but stages in the development of beriberi, or Asiatic Plague, acknowledged by the medical profession and by Webster's dictionary to be food deficiency diseases.

He recites the following dramatic incidents:


In April, 1945 during the World War, the Kronprintz, a German raiding vessel, landed in American waters with 110 paralyzed men on board. This vessel had plied between America and France capturing vessels carrying food to the Allies. The crew had kept for their use prepared foods--white flour, lard, bacon, syrup, rice, oatmeal, cornflakes, etc., and sank the rest.

In 225 days, 110 of the crew of five hundred men had become paralyzed. The ship sailed into Newport News Harbor and called for help. Many doctors came to the call. By order from Van Bernstorf, head of the German armies, newspaper men were not admitted to the ship. Alfred W. McCann, though a newspaper man, got on board by strategy and was invited by the ship's physician, Dr. Perennon, to prescribe for the stricken men. Through his prescription, which consisted of preparation from potato peelings and wheat bran and the use of apples, oranges, egg yolks, cabbage, turnips, mild and fresh whole wheat bread, 47 of the 110 paralyzed men were on their feet in ten days, and not a man was lost after the beginning of the treatment.



Twelve life-term prisoners in the Mississippi Penitentiary were offered their freedom if they would submit for sixty days to a feeding test. To their surprise they were given the best quality of white bread, macaroni, mashed and fried potatoes, white rice, rolled oats, sugar, coffee, syrup, meat and butter substitutes, canned milk, crackers, cake, cookies and, once a week they were given green collards or kale.

In a short time one of the men tried to commit suicide. Soon another man tried the same. When asked why, the first said he didn't know. The second said he felt so bad that guards had to be stationed to prevent still others of these men from destroying themselves. In forty-two days several of the men had well defined pellagra. Their hearts palpitated, they breathed hard, they had pains in their nerves, and some of them had swelled ankles. The governor of Mississippi pardoned the men without awaiting the limit of sixty days.

Simultaneously with the above experiment twelve factory women were undergoing a feeding test. They had nothing but whole wheat bread and water for sixty days, and experienced no symptom of disease or any discomfort.


I was now sure I had found the cause of the continued sickness of myself and family. We eliminated from our diet the four classes of food that McCann had reported to be acid-producing.

  1. Meat and fish.

  2. White flour and all old cereals, macaroni, polished rice, tapioca, peeled potatoes, etc.

  3. Extracted sugars.

  4. Extracted oils and fats. Also every form of manufactured or canned food.

Reading in a government report that the germ of grain spoils in about a week after the grain is ground, we began grinding our flour for bread and cereals fresh each day on a hand mill. We found, even as McCann had reported, that fresh ground whole wheat is an almost perfect human ration.

[H: Whole grain SPELTA IS a whole product food. If, by the way, you get your Spelt bread mix from Gaia (us), you are getting freshly ground grain right off our mill. If your whole grain mix or flour fails to raise properly to your desires, add a teaspoon or so of water, substitute in a tablespoon of vinegar (preferably Kargosic/Kambucha vinegar) for a tablespoon of water and add at least 1 rounded tablespoon of WHEAT GLUTEN. It is the absence of gluten in common spelta that causes lack of rising. If you have allergies (which you won't if you try this bread) then just don't have such fluffy bread and add no gluten. Dharma ALWAYS also keeps sprouting spelt of the common variety and, just as it pops the seed, uses at least half a cup of the burst grain in each loaf of bread. If you are using a bread machine, add it right at the beginning of the cycle. This one addition almost DOUBLES the value of the bread.

Then in every soup or stew or wherever it is desired she adds wheat bran, oat bran or spelt hull. The addition is totally unnoticed if added to cooked refined cereal--except in almost immediate improvement in health. You would prefer the "bran" of spelta but we don't have any "bran" as such to any great extent because I have asked that the spelta NOT EVER BE REFINED. The hull is great but it is quite fibrous and sometimes objected to in other foods. Bran is totally absorbed. The people around here have made pasta, cookies, even cakes from the spelta flour and although the product is "heavier" than refined, especially cake grind, flours--it is especially tasty when fresh. The lovely thing, however, is that if you make sure you get an abundance of bran and whole grain products—you can have those treats of refined variety as you wish. The problem here, of course, is that the overindulging in refined foods will pile up the unwanted pounds.

When we speak of balancing a diet, however, you are going to have to cleanse out those parasites because the parasites are feeding on all the nutritious foods you are intaking. They enjoy the refined foods but only as discard. 100% of the American people carry parasites (intentionally) and because of the focus on junk food, there are not enough nutrients reaching your systems to sustain a healthy body. Get rid of the parasites, stay rid of the parasites and eat plenty of whole grains, preferably spelta, and you will be amazed at your well-being, memory pick-up and thus and so. It will help to get yourselves some of the other products offered here because I have balanced them to your needs and supplementation. You could survive FOREVER on a couple of pieces of buttered spelt bread, a few lentils and Kargosic/Kambucha tea and remain in EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD HEALTH.]

For a long time we preferred it (whole grain product) in bread and mush to any other food. We even liked it first (the whole grain berry) raw and would sometimes make a meal on raw wheat meal with a little milk. We quartered our potatoes and cast away the "hearts", the starchy part, to compensate for the excess of starch which we had been consuming. Sometimes we would put the flour into a sugar or salt sack and shake out the starch to give a stronger percentage of the alkaline compounds of the grain. We ate our fruits and vegetables raw and unpeeled, in moderation at first.

We were astonished at the results. In two weeks it was plainly discernible that the whole family were improved in health, and the improvement has continued for the three years since. I, who had been practically an invalid for ten years, prematurely old, losing my memory, and with a chronic cough, have so far recovered as to be stronger than in the "prime" of my life.

I had been saved from the fatalism that had hung over my life, but my youth was passed, my mission in the world thwarted. There was left to me now but one purpose--to save others from a like fatalism.




TUE., MAR. 14, 1995 6:50 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 210

TUE., MAR. 14, 1995


We are to the middle of March, 1995, and some people find the edition of CONTACT today--to be "interesting". That is not "exactly" the words but I prefer to repeat some of the phrases actually encountered. One resembles most closely: the "confetti" hitting the fan in a 100 mph wind!



I am told from several sources that Operation Blue Beam has been called off for your Southern Hemisphere. Well, OPERATION WORLD CRUSADE has not been called off--at least not YET. It is due day after the morrow and I DO find it interesting what is taking place "around" the staging centers. It is difficult to have a worldwide cosmic event with half of your satellites inoperative. So, in return, the California food supply has been wiped out. NO, it is not Cosmic aliens--OR GOD. In addition to wiping out your garden food supply--whole orchards of surface-feeding nut trees have BLOWN down in the high and devastating winds. A lot of "trailer houses" can be purchased really CHEAP in California and, for that matter, all across the U.S. today. However, they are either upside down or have trees fallen across them or things blown into them. You are witnessing a master's touch at work but it isn't God of Light. Storms (weather) are the easiest of all "natural phenomena" to control and manipulate through technology. "Natural disaster" is now easier to accomplish with far less effort than bombing and nobody notices.

Ah, but you might say that relative to war, few lives are lost if that is the desired accomplishment. No, it is not desired in the initial hit--that comes with the cover for excused plagues and famine to follow.

How can you tell that it isn't GOD doing all this terrible damage? Because when our "God" decides to take action it won't be in these fits and curses against all of mankind--it will be a mere turning off of your capability to produce POWER. When that happens, good friends, ALL ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRIC SUPPLY WILL GO "OFF-LINE"--ALL power. Not even your automobile motors will run. WILL YOU BE WARNED?? YES, YOU WERE!

The subject of beriberi was so well-received that I have been asked to share the remainder of the information in the journal. Since it was written in the 1920s, the subject matter is incredibly more appropriate TODAY than ever. The Evil Plan 2000 has been under way for a very long time and is reaching culmination.


By Bonne L. Fisher, Circa 1929



As soon as I was sure I was improving, I began to consider how I could most quickly get the news to other sufferers. I was still reporting occasionally at the Stanford Medical School, and thought to give the hundreds who were coming there daily the benefit of our experience by telling doctors, nurses and students. I found their minds prepared to combat the idea. I made engagements only to be dismissed at the first hint of my business.

I dragged myself to the Labor College in San Francisco to tell the Socialists. A short dark woman interrupted me and ranted that I wanted to reduce the workers to a diet of bran, but that they preferred beef steak. When I tried to explain, a motion was made and carried to adjourn, and the meeting broke up in astonishing confusion.

As soon as I was strong enough I wrote a paper on food demineralization--The Broken Staff--and tried to get doctors to read it. At first I was told at Stanford Medical College that the school would publish the paper. It was held there four months, and was handed back without comment. Meanwhile I had rewritten it and changed the name to Correct Eating.


As soon as this paper was printed and sent to the Copyright Office there was begun in the newspapers and magazines, by lectures and over the radio a very deluge of MISinformation concerning food and health. [H: Does it perhaps become more fully realized WHY I ADVOCATE NO COPYRIGHTS AND/OR PATENTS? When you send your work or invention to these Federal Agencies--you walk right into your enemies who will use all of your work and all of your ideas and products--FIRST! They can simply take them and you have no REAL defense. You might have some small advantage over another hapless writer or inventor--but THE BIG BOYS WILL ALREADY HAVE IT, USE IT AND DESTROY YOU IN THE PROCESS IF NECESSARY.]

Ignoring the facts of the robbery of vitamins and minerals from the food, there were discussed "Food Combinations", "correct Menus", recipes, exercises, "Health Thoughts", breathing, baths--and warnings against dieting except under the direction of a licensed physician. Lectures in the name of Dr. Fishbeien sarcastically dismissed the idea of "new fads" in eating. McCann complained of similar tactics used to block his efforts.

He suggested that it seemed an enemy to the government was hindering the spread of information concerning the food discoveries. He begged us to read Isaiah and other portions of the Bible which he indicated, but since I needed no religious incentive to cause Me to use the correct food, I did not look up the references. Now, I too began to be suspicious of an enemy.

But the mind works feebly in a body poisoned with acidosis. I was still too much absorbed in the scientific principles of food chemistry to give much thought to a possible enemy when....


....whom we had known for twenty years. He was shunned by many people as a religious fanatic, but I found him interesting.

He was a peculiar person, kind, gentle, just. Still it seemed his trade to honor Jesse James and to condemn the working man. "Satan has a right to his change", he would say when he spoke of injustice to labor. He would accept nothing as a gift. He said, "There is a curse on it". He refused most of our food preparations, saying, "It is what people eat that makes them sick". When we asked for explanation, he quoted scripture. He had had for twenty years an explanation for all our ills and perplexities, "You are in the war". "You are in the hands of your enemies". "It is the end of the world". "We have to go to another planet to live". He told of a place in Seattle where men learn how to separate the spirit from the body, temporarily. (Effect of drugs?)

I explained to our friend our new dietary and the chemical reactions of the alkalies and acids of food.

After a peculiar silence he said, "Yes, you have found out a part of the truth, but a part of the truth won't save you. Go ahead and perfect yourself."

Another time he told a story of a tribe of people who were made slaves because of trespass, and were set to work in the fields and kitchens of their captors. Punished when they did not grind the grain fine enough to suit their "proud" master, they invented the sieve and sifted out the fine white part of the flour for their master's tables, while they themselves, ate the coarse brown part to save the labor of more grinding.

The master class became "foolish" and quarrelsome, and later when the slaves finally realized the cause of this condition, they further demineralized the food by soaking, parboiling, and draining away the liquids from meats and vegetables.

The master class became more and more "foolish" and helpless in the hands of the slaves until, entirely unable to manage their country, some killed their own children. Procreation gradually ceased, and the race died off in seventy years.

I said, "Why, that sounds as if it might be the story of the fall of Babylon."

He said, "It was Babylon."

"Did you make up the story?" I asked. He answered, "No, it is in the Bible". "I never read any such story in the Bible. Where do you find it?" He answered, "In Isaiah and in other books, but you couldn't read it". "How do you get it then"? He answered, "I'm a Sheeney."

"But what is a Sheeney"? I asked. He turned and looked at me for a moment in surprise. "Don't you know what a Sheeney is?"

I protested that I had never heard the word.

"A Sheeney is a Jew."

Another silence, then he answered, "Yes, I am--a half Jew". And he told the story of his childhood home; then continued: "You can't read the Bible. The books of the Bible are CLOSED BOOKS, all but the book of JOHN. John isn't trying to cover up anything."

"The book of Isaiah is seven fold. It contains seven separate stories. You have to be instructed to read the Bible. You have to be perfected to read it all". Here he took a hearty laugh at the idea of preachers explaining the Bible. "Nobody ever read the Bible unless a JEW TAUGHT HIM, OR GOD ALMIGHTY, HIMSELF", he added.

I told this man how the doctors at the medical school had acted about my paper.

He exclaimed, "That wasn't fair. It is promised that if they can find out the truth, they shall be saved, and you had a right to tell your people", and he recited a torrent of scripture.

I asked him if they--the Jews--did not organize the many religious sects. He answered, "The Jews have organized ALL the churches, each for its particular place in God's plan".

"THE MASON LODGE, too"? I asked. "Yes", he said, "and all the other lodges that ever amounted to anything". A Mason in high standing had told me this twenty years before, and that there are degrees in the Mason Lodge to which only Jews may belong.

I asked my friend if the Italians who run nearly all the business in California are not just Jews?


He answered, "Most of the people around here are Turks. And when the Turks get you you will know you are in the hands of your enemies. They will rule with a rod of iron and don't you forget it."

Once at a gas station this man remarked as he stepped into his car, "They are working here, there is their sign." I asked who were working and what sign, but he did not answer.

This story of our friend, his many years of warning, "You are in war;" his statement concerning the Jews as organizers of religion, lodges, etc.; his suggestion concerning the Turk in America; the "Italian" doctor's nervous reaction at the mention of beriberi, and certain strange maneuvers of the great World War and the plague of influenza that followed; now associated themselves in my subconsciousness, and I saw a war on my race that included the fallen civilizations, superstition, witch-craft, fortune-telling, race suicide, unnatural marriage laws, asceticism, and the fooleries of our educational system.

For years a Socialist, I now sensed the source of our many betrayals. But I must find evidence.


To be continued.



WED., MAR. 15, 1995 6:50 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 211

WED, MAR. 15, 1995


I am not going to give our quibblers any more attention, readers. We did our note of focus on the Russbacher encounters, Grandma's irritation with us and, yes indeed, I certainly DO back Jackson and as he realizes more and more what has and is going on in actuality, I serve him more and more readily.

Can Jackson disappoint us? Of course--I or anyone, including God, can disappoint you. You are an individual and unique. You will form opinions which clash with that of another's. That is "life". Disagreement does not mean a put-down is necessary for any party--it does mean that more information has to flow to both parties involved with EACH (all parties) forming agreements in order to fully function toward a single "goal". Each has to be open to input, flexible and cooperative. Robots on autopilot are not one of the good alternatives to FREEDOM for there are always those who would deprive you of yours--either intentionally or unwittingly.


As is always the way with the Controllers, they go ape when the curtain falls and they didn't get the academy award for "good guys". But, have you noticed in the past few years how many "bad guy" roles win the award? There is a big purpose in that exercise so please don't miss it.

The facts now are that April is to be a very big death month in Arkansas as if killing and burying the evidence is the answer to the facts and truth--just get rid of the guys framed into crimes and all will be hidden forever more. No, we have stacks and stacks of paper all about Governor Guy Tucker and his association and illegal dealings with Clinton.


YOU apparently got the Blue Beam project pretty much postponed as Graham has "come down" with some mysterious illness reported by "close" parties to the minister. Mr. Jackson tells us it is Graham's "mistress" of many years and is cancer of the prostate. I don't care to comment. He is the only one around, however, who could focus the people to a single event of religious nature. The Pope used to be able to get that kind of attention, but no longer. Besides, there are a lot of satellite units now in a dysfunctional debris path.


Snell has been given an April EXECUTION date. This was his last stay and no other delays are expected. Mr. Tucker wants to go out in a blaze of God-playing and he has been ordered to get rid of evidence--which means, have a "hanging party" and, therefore, there are four Arkansas "Death Row" inmates scheduled for the "block". [Address to write to: Richard Snell SK897, 2501 State Farm Rd., Tucker, AR 72168-6708--Mrs. Mary Snell, Box 6708, Texarkana, 7X 75505-6708--Governor Jim Guy Tucker, State Capitol, Little Rock, AR 72201.]

I object to any murder, be it a criminal or otherwise—but in these cases it is the Governor and President who need the hanging for crimes of highest TREASON, FELONY DRUG DEALING, ROBBERY, PERJURY, CONSPIRACY AND MASS MURDER.


GUY TUCKER IS REPORTED TO BE A SHOOTING BUDDY, SNORTING BUDDY, BUSINESS PARTNER AND FELLOW SCALLYWAG WITH CLINTON AND HIS BROOD OF BUMPKINS. Prostate cancer is quite suitable for the consequences of his misuse and abuse through his little plaything(s). It would be quite nice if all their "toys" fell or were separated from them.

My intent has never been to turn loose criminals, duly tried and convicted for intentional acts of lawlessness. However, when men are set up to die for the heinous acts of another, and those others are guilty of all manners of deceit, crime and morality abasement I see that the doing nothing is a reflection on the very thing that MAKES FREEDOM.

One of the men on death row at this time and who expects to be executed is Gene Perry. Gene is an artist of great talent and will be leaving a legacy of truth which I hesitate to even share at this time. I realize that the reaction would be mostly negative as the "big boys" try to get the circulating information hushed. But hanging in the prison chapel (all prison chapels) is predominantly one painting of Jesus (or, the Christ intent), the Satan. The original painting of the man depicted is unmistakable in its presentation of likeness as THOUGHT the Christ to have appeared. IT IS NOT! The picture is by Warner Sallman and is widely displayed. There are some 120 hidden images painted WITHIN the strokes of the painter's brush. ALL ARE REPRESENTATIVE OF SATAN AND HIDDEN SYMBOLS OF THE "DARK SIDE".

Prisoners go to chapel to gain peace and desire to live cleanly and under the law--only to have confusion and distraction follow them to and from chapel visits. This is NOT an accidental perception, friends, this is the kind of rehabilitation built into the system.


I don't want you to MISunderstand what I am going to say here. Just because I am going to suggest that Janet Reno might well take a look at some of the things coming out of Arkansas and connections through Florida, etc., does not mean that I suddenly am cuddly with her/him/them. It means that as Clinton FALLS he is going to bring a lot of people WITH HIM to the garbage bin and Janet Reno is right up top to fall with the Billiaries. The President and her husband, Bill, are very, very deeply mired in the misadventures, as we write. Therefore I suggest that every letters to Guy Tucker be copied to Snell's attorney AND JANET RENO--WITH DEMAND FOR CLEMENCY AND STAY OF ALL EXECUTIONS UNTIL BILL CLINTON AND GUY TUCKER ARE INVESTIGATED. Only YOU can make a difference here by focusing hundreds of thousands of letter of demand from far and wide upon this terrible miscarriage of justice and common decency. Thank you.

Back, now, to our topic already underway. We will try to present it as quickly as possible in order to move forward. I note that we continue to hear daily from Jackson and I ask that the page for his messages be left open.

I note, further, that he plans to do a side by side comparison of several "constitutions" alongside the New States constitution and including the United Nations papers. We have done all that several times so perhaps you will want to assist him and his secretary by providing all the documentation we have gathered on the subject. Indeed we will be pleased to run his observations again in CONTACT. Readers can't possibly get too many lessons on what has happened here and what can be expected in your perceived future.

I am continuing to be asked if there is some big rift between Jackson and myself. I cannot speak for anyone other than self and I perceive no problems or even disputes more than possible disagreements in some areas of experience and/or terminology.


I am told that Ronn didn't mean to actually go and join a militia to shoot someone when he suggested you patriots get hooked up with a militia. Well, that is what Militias are set forth to do--defend something or go to battle--so even if erroneous in acceptance of same in perception I find that this is the first idea received by the "enemy" of freedom and government. That would be that you plan in a militia to bear arms against intruders or offenders--in the form of government or United Nations forces of some kind. Government will certainly, right or wrong, ASSUME SUBVERSION. I have no control or pressure on anyone, probably the least over Ronn Jackson. Jackson's actual frustration and thrust is to somehow get you-the-people to TAKE A STAND. MILITIAS ARE CONSTITUTIONAL AND YOU MUST STAND FOR LAW AND ORDER AND A STANDING MILITIA OF YOU-THE-PEOPLE IS PART OF THAT CONSTITUTION OF LAW FOR ORDER.

I ask that you be VERY CAREFUL for the Militias are being shutdown as we write and patriots are ending up, at the least, in jail facing prison or long and miserable (and expensive) defense in the IN-justice steamrooms. REMEMBER, READERS, THE LAW AS HANDED DOWN UPON YOU BY THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS MADE POSSIBLE BY EXECUTIVE ORDERS WHICH ARE MADE CONSTITUTIONALLY LEGAL BY YOUR "STATE OF EMERGENCY". You have to remove the State of Emergency and the War Powers Act which means the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act--for as the economy slips you create a new State of Emergency. Even the natural disasters CONSTITUTE A STATE OF EMERGENCY WHICH LAWFULLY SETS ASIDE, DURING THE COURSE OF THE EMERGENCY, YOUR CONSTITUTION.


Just as "Jew", "Christian" and other confusing terms such as "democratic" vs. "democracy", you have two very differing meanings in perception of the term "patriot" just as of the term "Republic". What are you as citizens to then call selves if you are a patriotic citizen? Are you Patrician? How about a Patriotian, a Patriotor, a Patriotee? Now turn to the believer and citizen of a Republic. Does that make you a Republican? Oops--there we go with the implicit assumption that you belong somehow to the Republican PARTY! So, are you a Republitor? How about a Republicanee? Do you follow my thought? You have ambiguous pronouncements and meanings--one offers you freedom to continue your work the other pronounces you to be of a mob advocating disruption and government OVERTHROW. Truth does not enter the cause of Satan, Elitist or governments under Emergency management orders. The same takes place where "militia" is concerned. Would you be a defendor of Constitutional Law or a member of an organized, or disorganized or unorganized assemblage of citizens intent on violence? You say peaceful group of citizens for Constitutional Freedom. The Big Boys will call you unauthorized and unlawful illegal treasonists advocating overthrow of a government through armed violence. They have the bigger guns and all the media under their control--so, you have a problem that is not as simple as arguing the point of truth vs. "what I meant..."

Many feel that counter-force and weapons are the only defense while hoping changes can be accomplished without open armed battle. The Big Boys, however, are not going to let you get that far without arresting and making examples of many, many fine and honorable men and women. Right or wrong has NOTHING to do with this confrontation, readers--NOTHING at all!

Since we end up with a copy of a letter from Ron to Ronn regarding the issue at hand I would please like you to share the thoughts involved. When mature and thoughtfully INFORMED men take leadership--you have POWER.



March 8, 1995

Dear Ronn,

This is a personal note for you and me. I really respect who you are and what you have done in life, and the connections you have. Please know, that one soul to another, we work for perfection in the return to a "righteous civilization", and by "Righteous" I do not mean that B.S. Religious Righteousness!

The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights represent for me the highest attainment in the secular domain of the protection of higher universal man, that is human beings, from the dark, unenlightened, might makes right attitude. The spirit knows what is right and wrong. We have been clouded, programmed, conned, hoodwinked into believing that we do not!

TO TAKE UP ARMS AT THIS TIME IS TO DESTROY THE WORK WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TO DATE. They will do what they will to "PATRIOTS" when and however they wish! They are allowed by Creator-God to have this at this time. It is part of God's Plan 2000, for all work for Creator-God whether they like it or not. Our thoughts, breath, movement, being is a gift from Righteous God or Origin, and we must recognize and affirm this. No other conversations can take place until we acknowledge this truth, and if they do, they place emphasis upon the inappropriate actions.

I am aligned with you and the mission of truth WITHOUT FORCE OF ARMS. The "militias" be the wrong tunnel, for I believe that the Demons of Doom are encouraging this avenue!!! As they will co-opt the "Sovereignty Movement", and I sense they have by their parroting in Washington, they do use the militias as a means of entrapment. Therefore, I neither belong to nor advocate militias. I shall, however, protect myself with the Light of One God, the God of Origin.

We must keep the integrity of the Mission true to the Light!!!

This is your mission and mine and that of the true Patriot, for, I believe, there are many false, who wish to use force and the resources of others; these be the false patriots!

I think that the Founders worked hard for themselves and their families, asking not for others to financially support them, and that, even though they were forced to, did not advocate arms. They knew the importance of self-defense, yet advocated not killing without needful defense. They knew truth, justice, and liberty would prevail, with the Grace of Almighty God, and they were willing to work for it, even if it meant that they had to bear arms.

We are in a new age and time, for our connection with God is now demanded individually; and from this point we may connect collectively. Truth and Power come from that connection, not force nor threat of force. All we must do is expose this mis-action and misdeed on the part of government, which you are so gifted at accomplishing.

Please, keep close to the CONTACT and the Commander, for the Commander represents that "Creator-God connection" that is so vitally important.

As with any mission of Truth and Light of God, be they diverse yet in unity of ONENESS, we can be misled. This is where the rub is, and we must adopt an attitude of collaborative cooperation rather than "I am right and you are wrong". I trust you know where I am coming from, for so do you.

May the Creator God, The God of Light and Truth, allow you abundance, guidance, protection, and Divine Light always.

We love you Ronn Jackson!

Ron Carlson, for the Committee.

Suite 108, 4400-4 Kalanianaole Hwy., Honolulu, HI, 96821. Fax/& Tel: (808) 732-4081.



The definition of "patriot" is perfectly easy to understand and is usually succinctly presented. The facts are, however, that as the Controllers change to suit their own meanings of terms, they destroy the "righteous" meanings and use the labels to recognize dissenters. You are and should be proud to be Patriots of and to Homeland and God as respected as Higher Resource. I do not pick at the terminology of "I am a Patriot". HOWEVER, your worst nightmares have come true--such "terms" are used by the enemy of freedom to corner you into a category which eases their task of sorting you. As I said above, if you use the terms running around you are stuck with the definitions the more powerful entities place upon those terms. There are now "patriots" who advocate military groupings and "patriots" who stand for change through Truth and return to Constitution. THEY have caused ONE to be ILLEGAL AND UNLAWFUL and they still fear to deliberately damage the OTHER. The "other" is left to the wiles of attacks and, pretty much, verbal assaults. However, as long as the persons involved are acting WITHIN THE LAWS OF THE LAND--it is very difficult to attack forcefully with-out calling undue attention to the hideousness of their deliberate criminal actions.

I don't advocate FIGHTING anything or anyone. I believe in giving information, countering lies, suggesting truth where I KNOW IT TO BE and using the CREATIVE POWER of Creator, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights--ALL WITHIN THE LAWS OF THE LAND, AS UNPLEASANT AND SEEMINGLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL AS THEY MIGHT BE. REMEMBER THAT UNLAWFUL UNDER THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT MAKE ALL THEY DO AGAINST YOU OR THE LAWS OF THE LAND "ILLEGAL". They have the votes and the guns--so what they do is made legal by the force, not lawful. YOU are not given such privilege and they lay in wait for you to flub and stub your toedies.

Can you regain freedom and Constitutional Law without WAR WITH WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION? YES! Will you? I doubt it for the mindset cannot seem to give up defense through other than force. What really happens, however, in this world of opposites and misdirection is that, by forming militias wherein "they" have made laws of their own against them, you give opportunity to by-pass the Constitution AGAIN by inflicting more martial law and National Emergency--Constitutionally extending legal control by Government. I KNOW the only way to gain the goal of freedom and Constitutional law is through giving them NO RECOURSE INTO THE POSSIBILITY OF USING THEIR STOLEN POWERS.


When I stated that I would prefer the terminology, "Year of the Republic", that does not mean that I complain loudly about Jackson's using "Year of the Patriot". It is simply sad that hang-ups happen over such trivia. I gave you my "reasons", nothing more. How about we take up REAL meaning and make it "1995" is the year of the Patriot for Constitutional Republic.

Truth in information DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE as, for instance, we are told that Operation Blue Beam (and this is only an example) has had to be negated. The excuse is Billy Graham's health preventing the massive global Crusade as originally PLANNED. Is it off? No, but I doubt anything will be greatly noticed as well over half the necessary satellites are inoperable as of Monday last. No, we did not do it! The "enemy of your enemy is NOT YOUR FRIEND" but he often serves same. Choosing the lesser of two evils--DOES NOT A "RIGHT" MAKE! It may well save you to serve "another day", however. This is called, in selective measures, using WISDOM.

Let us return for half an hour or so to the subject of:

By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)



In the Socialist Party meetings we had discussed the possibility of an enemy getting possession of the country by buying up the resources. Could it be possible that Jews or Turks already control the corporations? [H: Again, you have a lot of non-specifics regarding classifications and no one seems to be able to delineate properly. That is always intentional on the part of the would-be-kings so that you don't end up with any idea at all as to what you are doing versus what the newly accepted definition might be of some term affixed. I cannot see one whit of betterment of a "Socialist" over a "Jewish Party", a Marxist Party, a Democratic Party and thus and so on and on into infinity. The difference is solely measured by the definitions of the ONES IN POWER!] Or that Jews controlled by Turks are putting over a program of extermination of other races? Could this birth-control propaganda and Eugenics be of their planning?

I had read a book by Goldberg, entitled, HAVELOCK ELLIS revealing that Ellis was paid a salary for his writings, the chief principles of which--"Free Love", "Easy Divorce", "Companionate Marriage", "Elimination of the Unfit", "Birth Control", etc., have been ascribed to the Socialists, and have been the chief cause of the persecution of this order.

Goldberg says that Ellis, his wife, and certain others mentioned below formed a "Bohemian" social clique, and interested themselves in methods of suppressing procreation among the lower classes in America and France.

That there was plenty of money for this cause is shown by the many journeys back and forth between France and America, and by an expression of Mrs. Ellis that "We could use thousands of dollars right now to employ women to interest other women in decoration, the earnings of money, etc., to divert the maternal instinct. She insisted that it is all right to divert the maternal instinct, but that she didn't believe in vivisection for the control of birth, which shows that this subject was at that early date being discussed in the "upper circles".

Goldberg states that the "feminist movement" (women in business, politics, and labor) had its beginning in the efforts of this clique. He also reveals that the members of this clique joined certain Socialistic cooperatives and then became "disillusioned", which cooperatives soon after failed. (Socialists are acquainted with this form of Betrayal).

Goldberg says, "It was not an accident that the Ellises met the Sangers, Keys, and Schreiners. And he drops the information that Eleanor Marx, daughter of Karl Marx, was also one of this clique.

Page 358, vol. 8, Jewish Encyclopedia, reveals a gross betrayal of the working people by Karl Marx, father of Socialism, a Jew. Except for this and similar betrayals the Socialists might have adapted the government to the Machine Age and have inaugurated a system of justice for all.

"100 YEARS OF BIRTH CONTROL" in Current History for June, 1929, reveals that the women mentioned above were "Pioneer birth control advocates". The record shows them Jews. The above-mentioned article states that when one of these brave pioneers was arrested she was quickly bailed out, and that even the fear of torture did not daunt them.

Every white community in America has been affected by this birth-control propaganda to the reduction of the White Race. That it is not intended primarily for inferiors is shown by the fact that college women were first to receive instruction.

(In Without Prejudice Zangwill shows that this interference with women's instincts is a form of war. He says, "Humanity will then come gently to an end". He also suggests methods of breaking down character as a means of warfare. We may see that the "Crime Wave" is the result of certain of his suggestions).

The Jewish Encyclopedia under the heading, "Jewish Peddlers" shows that this "peddling" was to be of propaganda in favor of the "Elixir of Life" and of cosmetics. He throws out hints that show the extreme feminine styles and habits since the war (and therefore) are a part of a program of war against the White Race.

I had been worried over the tone of birth-control propaganda and I determined to know whether my religious friend knew anything about birth control warfare. With but a hint, he replied:

"Then you think my little sister (a woman preacher) is doing harm instead of good"?

"Does she preach birth control"? I asked.

"Sure she does. It is the end of the world. Time to close up the books. God has promised this world to other people".

I then told him how they were taking the world. I showed him records of secret asexualizations with the pretense of "rejuvenation" and cases done entirely without the knowledge of the victim that an operation of any kind had been performed, under the pretense of a physical examination--a plumber, an electrician, a dentist, an importer, and a long list of other middle-class American men. And I showed him the book Sterilization for Human Betterment where it states that these operations are of doubtful benefit to the health, but which also shows that normal men and women are being secretly sterilized for financial and other reasons, and shows that the operation is often done secretly.

He was disturbed and excited. Next day he began preparations for going away. First, he painted out the strange figure that decorated his car--an inverted shield or helmet--the same seen on fronts of banks, post offices, on post office money orders, on the highway, on trains, and on the fly leaf of the Apocrypha (books of the Bible withheld from Gentiles).


Before our friend had gone, a woman came selling books.

"What kind of books"? I asked.

"About the kingdom that is being set up".


"Right here".

When"? was my next question.

"Just exactly when it was prophesied that it would happen".

I bought Comfort to the Jews, War, Crime and The Kingdom, and read--"The end of the world means the end of Gentile rule. The 'millenium' means the time of setting up a worldkingdom of the 'Jews'. "The period of Gentile rule on Earth ended exactly August 1, 1914."

"The World War was a fulfillment of prophesy". "It is time for God's people to take an active part in bringing about a fulfillment of his plans".

"The wartime influenza was a great benefit to the Jews. Six times as many died with the Flu in six months as were killed in the World War in four years".

And it was stated that a war more terrible than the last is to break upon the world in the immediate future, and that nothing can now avert that war, by which was probably meant the present war of unemployment and starvation. [H: But that was NOT what happened after all, was it? Hind-sight is always an excellent measure of prophesy.]


We need to interrupt this writing and this seems a good place for a break. I want to avoid separation of the content of the next writing because it is going to show you how the "Bible" is but a WAR PLAN and means of instruction for the Taking Control of the planet, a PLAN OF WAR AGAINST MANKIND BUT SPECIFICALLY THE SO-CALLED "CHRISTIAN GOYIM".



THU., MAR. 16, 1995 7:30 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 212

THU., MAR. 16, 1995


As I feel your own intuitive nudge to get back to "today's" material and share about militias and pomp and circumstance, Dharma, I would remind you that there is NOTHING NEW TODAY EXCEPT THAT HALF YOUR DWELLING IS WITHOUT POWER.


I have been sent some pictures from tabloids and actual newspapers with great signs in the sky of crosses and figures made up of spacecraft, etc. No, none of the visions are OURS. These have been simply to test holographic imaging getting you ready for this "Operation Blue Beam". The giant "craft" CROSS over Jerusalem can be checked out easily. Did everyone see it? Was there any sound? Did lights change colors or "shoot" beams? Visions are silent and can APPEAR to change lights and colors but cannot CREATE the source without all remote control "bouncers" operable. I can also promise you that we will NOT turn up in the typical symbols of the secret societies. So, whatever they are "showing" you is in preparation for the so-called alien invasion or rapture readiness. The logical place to present mass interpretation is over the "HOLY" places where the people are already steeped in religious mindlessness. Jerusalem is, remember, "Jeru-Salem". The very source of the word "Jew" as in "Jewru" and "Salem"--the place of Satan (witchcraft). The "cross" IS NOT a "Christian" symbol and never was--it was simply appointed (appropriated) to fit the need of the Christian isolation or separation. Things of God, if you will, in upstart symbology was, of course, the rising sun (son) which has also been usurped. YOU WILL KNOW WHEN WE SHOW UP AND THE MEANING WILL BE QUITE CLEAR INDEED.

At this time we are positioned in a state of "station" and that way confusion will not be part of the show-and-tell as to God's Hosts and visitors vs. the illusioned magic shows. The bad children are having a whole lot of PROBLEMS getting their magic show off the ground and a simultaneous show is now totally out of the question. We note there are some satellites remaining which could bounce off a primitive partial image but I think the images that will be presented are going to be quite shocking to the senses of the perpetrators. What you aren't being shown around the SKIES is more interesting TO US than our O.J. trial is to you. You should see the mess over Australia and New Zealand.

Let us just go on about our work today while the electric power problems are being repaired. Thank you.


By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)



I turned to Isaiah to see if I could find any indication of a program of war. There it was, plainer than I had expected. Strange anyone ever thought ISAIAH ANYTHING ELSE BUT A WAR PROGRAM. There was reference to "That seventy years" (that it took to destroy Babylon) and to the use of poison and the destroying of 125,000 persons in a single night. "I will feed thine enemies their own flesh" (Zangwill shows in very covered-up style how water may be poisoned by putrid flesh. He says, "Shall we make peace? Seventy years are long to wait".) Esdras of the Apocrypha--part of the Book of Isaiah--says, "As for the sacrifices, they sod them in brass vessels and set them before all the people and afterward they prepared for themselves and their brethren". Brass is poison. A Millennial feast!

;Isaiah 3, v. 1: Behold the Lord taketh away the stay and the staff, the whole stay of bread and the whole stay of water" 9-20. "They shall snatch on the right and still be hungry. They shall snatch on the left and not be satisfied". 37-3: "The children have come to birth and there is not strength to bring forth". (Isaiah) "Their bones rot".

"I will give babes to rule over them", that is, the children fail to attain maturity of mind on demineralized food, which is a fact.

There are promises of reward for faithfulness in this war "houses and land and the glory of the Gentiles", and the refrain, "MY hand hath found as a nest, the riches of the people and one gathereth eggs that are left have I gathered all the Earth; and there was none that moved a wing, or opened the mouth or peeped". [H: IN 1929 THERE WAS NO NOTION ABOUT RADIATION FROM A-BOMBS AND ACCIDENTS!]


Picking up the current number of the Sunday School paper while the teacher finished her rhapsodies relating to Semitic sanitation, I read:

"Proud Race, I count ye as naught, though ye live. For what is there of man but for a time to seem to prosper well,

And having seemed--to Fall"?

The subject at this same church that evening was "Prejudice", and we Gentiles were taught our duty to our "adopted races".

When a relative came home from school in San Francisco that week she said, "What do you suppose I heard in school today"? A white teacher had made the remark, "Well, it's time for the White Race to go out". Another had said, "I'm afraid it's a lost race". Still another had said, "It's just like the fall of Rome". (Repeating the propaganda of the Sunday School lesson, I, myself, heard the words in a beauty parlor, "You know a white face isn't considered particularly beautiful any more").


To test whether or not the Jewish masses are conscious of a concerted program against other races, I said to an intelligent Jewess: "The Jews may have been persecuted in other countries but in America they have been treated as well as anybody. Now, why should they try to displace us"?

Instantly she answered without embarrassment, "We are the chosen peoples of God."

When I drew attention to the egotism of the idea, and the probability that the deterioration of the White Race is in some way the result of treachery, she said thoughtfully, "Then you don't believe it is capitalism or God, you think it is just the scientists."

Astonished at her voicing my suspicions that a definite body of people are conniving against the peace of the world, and that the theory of diminishing returns had received its strong support as a scheme to delay action against an unjust social order until too late, I answered with sudden inspiration: "Yes, I think scientists are helping. They are misleading our doctors. They got up the idea of blood-letting for the cure of disease that murdered our people for a hundred years. They have caused us to use wrong food. They had prescribed wrong medicines.

"I think these same scientists are stirring up turmoil in the world, misleading and confusing the people; dividing their ranks; setting man against man, women against men, children against their parents, the people against their rulers, the rulers against the people. I have seen the force at work in the schools, teachers' institutes, farmers' meetings, women's clubs, and in the churches. I think these same people have been responsible for the saloons, the tobacco and dope evils and for the making of poisons, explosives, poison gas, and all the wars".

"But it is in the Bible", said the woman.

"Yes," I said, "I have been reading Isaiah lately. I wonder we have not read it before".

I had been greatly interested in psychology before I lost my health and I now tried to explain to this woman how simple is the science of mental control and how even babies learn to control their parents, and how those who live from the work of others come instinctively to exert themselves to control the minds of others. How secret war might be made through misleading, confusion and through suggestions of crime, disloyalty and selfishness. I showed how religion, hypnotism, spiritualism, are merely artificial control of mind and sex, and when understood are as simple as arithmetic. I explained that it is easier to control people when their glands are depleted through starvation, and how iniquitous is the demineralized banquet as it is today as a preface to the making of most important decisions. I told her I believed our law makers were under-the-mental-control of an active enemy, and that the same enemy was directing the masses of the people through the church and newspapers. I showed how it might be possible that her people, as well as mine, were being misled by a secret enemy, and that no matter what race should possess the world, peace would be impossible so long as the present idea of the scientists of "survival of the fittest", and the right of the fit to decide who shall survive, shall be the guiding principle.

"Yes," I said, "The enemy are scientists: They understand psychology. They suggest crime through the newspapers. It has been just war. The World War and the other wars have been part of it. The closing of the banks and turning the men out of work are also part of it. They could never have put it over had,our people not first become feeble-minded through devitalized food. That, too, is in the Bible. They carry out the plan of confusion mentioned by Isaiah by changing street numbers, telephone numbers, forms of receipts and legal documents, by 'daylight savings plans', etc. No, I do not believe that God is doing it".

I was merely thinking aloud. The woman was thinking too. She surprised me again by saying, "I would help in just one movement. That would be in the destruction of all religion". She saw the relation.


Stupefied by what I had heard and read, I went to Dr. Blank of the University of California and asked:

"Dr. Blank, are about half the doctors of the world Jews"?

"Well, now, I wouldn't be surprised if a larger proportion than that are Jews", he said.

"Are they at the head of the profession and in authority"?

"Oh, yes," said Dr. Blank, "The Jews have developed medicine. They are at the head of all science".

"Is Margaret Sanger a Jew"?

"Yes, Margaret Sanger is a Jewess".

"Is Paul Popenoe a Jew"?

"Yes," he was acquainted with Dr. Popenoe, and thought him a Jew.

I asked questions concerning E.S. Gosney and the bank in Los Angeles in which are deposited gifts for the "sterilization" of the "unfit" and the law supposed to govern asexualization in California! It is admitted that these are not regular laws, but are "POLICE ACTS". [H: PLEASE REMEMBER: THIS WAS OVER 60 YEARS AGO WHICH MEANS THAT THINGS WERE ALREADY TO THE POINT IN THIS WRITING TO BE FULLY OPERATIONAL!--BY 1929.] Asexualization has no legal status. California voted against the Anti-Vivisection bill, being told that this meant merely the giving of the medical profession the right to ex-periment upon animals. Popenoe states that the people by this act sanctioned the principle of sterilization by the state. But Dr. Blank like many other Eugenists had not had time to read these laws. (See Act 1648, Calif. Civil Code of 1917, and Calif. Penal Code of 1917). Only an enemy, or men under the effect of drugs, could have been induced to make such laws at any time, much less in the face of war.

In our investigation, we found that Dr. Fishbein, Czar of the American Medical Association, is a Jew. That the head of the Maternal Service in San Francisco is a Jew. That the Social Service is chiefly in the hands of Jews, and that the Board of Health in San Francisco are nearly ALL JEWS.

Dr. Betts of 320 Superior St., Toledo, Ohio, charges that Dr. Fishbein, mentioned before, refused to allow important health news printed in the literature of the Medical Profession. He claims that after 152 scientists had testified in the Government Aluminum investigation that aluminum vessels, spoons, etc., give off into the food the compounds, aluminum sulphate and aluminum hydroxide--which are POISONOUS—Dr. Fishbein refused publication to this news. Both of the above mentioned chemicals are being extensively used as water "purifiers".


I went to the library to find who, or what influence, has been responsible for the demineralization of the flour and rice supplies of the world, since I now saw that this was not the result of mere ignorance. The encyclopedias in general use are almost blank on this subject. I found that experiments were made in Paris as early as 1811 for "purifying" the flour (names withheld). A "philanthropist", Ignace Paur, an "Austrian", had invented a machine for separating the parts of the grain.

I asked for books by Jewish authors and received Dreamers of the Ghetto, Voice of Jerusalem, and Without Prejudice, by Zangwill.

References from these books led me to THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, a massive work of twelve large volumes, to AU PIED DU SINAI, by Clemenceau, leader of the French armies during the World War, and to the Bible Dictionary.

As soon as I began reading these books I gathered a group of loyal friends, and together we began an investigation of food demineralization and other secret war fronts. Valuable time has been lost trying to get help for a more extended investigation; trying to save the sick; trying to make teachers, preachers and statesmen understand; and rushing through pamphlets not complete enough to be fully understood.

The studies that have contributed to the preparation of this paper are as follows:

  1. Miscellaneous works on beriberi studied in Stanford Medical School.

  2. A paper contributed by a rice milling company in India on the subject of how much of the pericarp can be removed from rice without producing beriberi.

  3. The Science of Keeping Young, by Alfred W. McCann.

  4. The Science of Eating, by Alfred W. McCann.

  5. Article on the decay of teeth, Current History, 1929.

  6. The Development of The Child, by Oppenheim.

  7. Glands Regulating Personality, by Berman.

  8. Books on Behaviorism.

  9. Rejuvenation, by Norman Haire.

  10. Life Shortening Habits and Rejuvenation by Lorand.

  11. Old Age Deferred, by Lorand.

  12. Problems in Eugenics being reports of The First International Congress of Eugenics (See Jewish Encyclopedia for derivation of the word. "As", "is", "ieu", "eu", and "ew" equal "JEW", "EUGENICS" MEANS "JEWGENICS").

  13. Eugenic Reform, by Leonard Darwin.

  14. Sterilization for Human Betterment, by Popenoe.

  15. Reports on Eugenic Sterilization in Social Hygiene, 1927.

  16. The Voice of Jerusalem by Zangwill.

  17. Dreamers of the Ghetto, by Zangwill.

  18. Without Prejudice, by Zangwill.

  19. Ghetto Comedies, by Zangwill.

  20. The Grey Wig, by Zangwill.

  21. The Melting Pot, by Zangwill.

  22. Comfort to the Jews, by Rutherford.

  23. Prophecy, by Rutherford.

  24. Crime, by Rutherford.

  25. War, by Rutherford.

  26. The Kingdom, by Rutherford; "Israelites of the House of David" literature.

  27. "100 Years of Birth Control" in CURRENT HISTORY, 1929.

  28. The Malthusian Essay written to order by Malthus.

  29. Race Improvement, written to order by Havelock Ellis. Concordance to the un-authorized version of the Bible. Bible Dictionary.

  30. Havelock Ellis, by Goldberg.

  31. Isis Unveiled, by Blavatsky.

  32. Evolution, by La Marque.

  33. California Laws for Asexualation.

  34. Back to Methuselah, by Bernard Shaw.

  35. Wars of the Crusades in Myers Medieval History.

  36. History of Rome, period of Hadrian, Nero, Constantine.

  37. Commune of 1871, by Eleanor Marx.

  38. Innocents Abroad, by Mark Twain.

  39. The Next Age of Man, by Edward Wiggam.

I have also attended Eugenic lectures in San Francisco, and have visited the homes of crippled children in San Francisco and vicinity, where thousands that should be the stay of the present generation and the parents of the next, lie helpless invalids--victims of the X-ray, radium, and demineralized food. I have interviewed thousands of unemployed men and talked to returned soldiers. I have talked to, but not with, Eugenists. (They have no word to say.) All of which experience has contributed to my preparation of this paper.


I want to insert something here because I am being a bit nagged by readers as to why I haven't shared this with you prior to now. Because we have enough TROUBLE JUST STAYING IN PRINT AND PRESS WITHOUT THIS "HEALING" INPUT. We are getting to topics as quickly as Dharma can type and do all the myriad other things which everyone seems to think to be her tasks since she works for me most directly. I can't help that to any great extent and when she "gets enough" I suppose she will stop the overload. I am not going to ask her to do all the planning, baking and perfecting this time, however. Why do all of you think I request you to change to whole grain spelt and bothered to introduce ability to get bread machines at discount, flour and MIXES? We have to do these things properly, under regulations which are set to STOP us, not help us. We do the best we can and you are going to have to do your part. The very disease "Polio" was predominantly a "deficiency" disease wherein there was also introduced a viral microbe and bodies were left with no ability to recover without permanent damage.

You will note that the nice white-bread producers HAVE TO FORTIFY (ADD) VITAMINS AND ESPECIALLY "THIAMINE" to product. That is no accident as the facts WERE SO OBVIOUSLY INTENTIONAL that the deceivers couldn't get away longer with avoiding notice. There were laws passed requiring fortification of bread and, as people stopped making bread at home, the noticeability of "dis"ease was more and more obvious as to cause. As ones go back now to bread machines for the "impression" of baking from scratch--the disease will heat up again--from overmilled flour in the prepared mixes and flours. REMEMBER--I CAN ONLY "SUGGEST" AND GIVE YOU "REASONS". YOU MUST DO WHAT YOU WILL DO! The people HERE have made available at minimum expense the things as we present them. If you choose to not use them we cannot help it--for choice is yours.

As with aluminum cooking pots, we can, I suppose, carry glassware pots or stainless steel cookware but it is readily available in all markets. If aluminum is covered with non-stick or anodized, you can use it--especially for non-acid foods.

Now, for other toxic minerals which you have already used predominantly and now reap rewards, i.e., aluminum, etc., I suggest you use "fluoridated" tooth paste. This gives just enough to counter the toxic minerals of minute parts of aluminum and lead and, if kidneys and liver are not already too damaged, will produce "salts" which can be excreted by a normal body system.

You ones have lived like this all your lives and now you want to BLAME US for not telling you? Good grief, people, THIS VERY INFORMATION HAS BEEN AVAILABLE TO YOU SINCE 1929. Further, nobody comes along and relieves us of having to go to weekly court sessions, work with NO INCOME, keep us from LOSING everything to people like George Green(berg) and Rayelan Russbacher. Perhaps we can get more quickly to these things if somebody helps us struggle through these problems and helps pay the lawyers' fees. So far a tiny handful have had to do the struggling, do the offering, do the giving and do the paying. The complaints of our shortcomings are getting a bit wearing on the receivers of same.


I'm sorry, readers, but your children are being immunized right into seizures and hyperactivity and total incontrolability. This is ENHANCED by poor food quality intake--in favor of the things "they like" and the junk they have to eat because there is nothing else offered. I can promise that such as "Josh" will be a CHANGED CHILD after only 10 days of intake of high whole grains and either remove milk as you get it in the stores or make sure it has added acidophilus. Put butter on his WHOLE grain (not the colored stuff you get called whole wheat) or pure spelt bread mix or whole ground spelt flour pasta (get a machine if you don't know how to make pasta) and mothers and fathers are going to have to start sharing responsibilities of homemaking, cooking and/or allow the mother to stay home and attend the home and children. One or the other seems to be the HARD choices but you have lost your desire for nurturing in exchange for having things and making a standard of living up to your own wishes at the expense of the children's welfare. It may well be "necessary" but it is not paying off in quality of living.

Success does not come with being "just" able to stay home, for look at the total disaster of welfare homes--do you think food stamps go for buying the whole grains and vegetables for health? No--the whole point is to allow the welfare recipients the same INCREDIBLY BAD LIFE-STYLE AND FOOD STYLES OF THE RICH--to dumb-down and stupefy and sicken them.

The last thing you need to do, however, is go through the total silliness of dressing in long dresses and aprons and move to the primitive wilderness. You need to do what you do in the environment where you live. You don't have to move to the country and knead bread from a wooden bowl. However, it doesn't really work to have a bread machine in the wilderness where there is no electricity. Can't you figure out the wisest way to utilize the GOOD THINGS of your generations without dropping out of the universe? One thing you can do is stop wasting money on exercise machines and go hoe and till and plant a garden, paint your house, clean your floors and do some WORK instead of spending your money for which "YOU HAVE TO" WORK TWO JOBS TO spend on foolish machinery and memberships which only add weight and lining to the pockets of what turns out to be your enemies.

If your bag is mountain climbing for sport, cycling for sport, surfing for sport--try balancing on a "charging machine" for energizing batteries or climbing up and down a ladder with a paint can and window-washing mop. I HAVE NO PATIENCE WITH ANYONE WHO SAYS, "I CAN'T"!





FRI., MAR. 17, 1995 7:08 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 213

FRI., MAR. 17, 1995

Please let us move directly into Tracking Down the Killer. I want to run a series of articles from last year's offering in the Arkansas Gazette by some superb writers regarding their esteemed Criminal Governor Guy Tucker. The documents were pulled off the Internet and sent on March 13, 1995 to my attention.

I had hoped that Mr. Tucker would do something reasonable and rational about Richard Snell and others, possibly, who have been both falsely accused of crimes and now reside on DEATH ROW awaiting SILENCING. I would have thought that Janet Reno, if no one else in high places, would see the merit of our NOT running this information. However, it appears otherwise.

Therefore we will leave other topics to other people and move through this Killer material and right onto serializing the Tucker/Clinton material.

By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)



Before going further let me here insert the explanation which drives to the heart of this most monstrous of all conspiracies against the health and peace of the world.

A close study of certain statements of the Jewish Encyclopedia corroborated by the concordance to the unauthorized version of the Bible, the Bible Dictionary, the Webster's Unabridged, reveal that the term "Jew" is used in two ways.

One to denote a branch (or a whole) of the Semitic race, acknowledged in Zangwill's books and other Jewish literature to be synonymous with "Moor", "Saracen", "Ottoman", and to include the Gypsies and which is revealed through a study of certain of their outlaw bands, of which the Order of the Assassins has been one of the most noted to be a cross between the Mongolian and Ethiopian races.

[H: Here again I must interrupt to remind you that the LIE is carried through here as MISrepresented. These "Jews" as stated in the prior paragraph ARE NOT SEMITIC. In "taking" the term "Jew" they also chose to present another "opposite" for the confusion of you-the-people by also calling themselves Semites (the very opposite of that which they are). This is the mode of operation, readers, take the opposite of each definition. For example, while swearing to speak truth the ACTUAL OATH (Kol Nidre) states a SWEARING TO LIE AND NEGATION OF ALL OATHS IN THE COMING YEAR (this is the FIRST oath of the Holy Days). The term "Jew" was INVENTED, ESTABLISHED, MADE-UP, CONJURED--IN THE LATE 1700s TO SUIT A MOST TIMELY NEED FOR HIDDEN RECOGNITION.]

The other use of the term "Jew" is to denote a people of adoption produced by the Semites through securing, in various ways, children of other races--notably the White Race--and raising up white and half breeds to a fictional history, tradition of oppression by the Gentiles, and a fictional religion, the chief tenet of which is a divine promise that they shall one day possess the Earth--the purpose being to carry out a program of secret invasions and a secret exterminating war against the peoples of the world for the benefit of the Semites or real Jews.

[H: You have to understand that, once established as they proclaimed themselves to be, they functioned under the TALMUD and presented as Semites or "real" Jews. You will recall a few years back that the Israelites were making raiding RAIDS and kidnapping Ethiopians the raiders claimed to be "Jews" and bringing them out of the "bush", or anywhere, loading them aboard planes and hauling them off to Israel--most to become bond-slaves. When I say a "few" years ago--I mean like two or three.]

"Utocthenes" is a word in Jewish literature and by our half-Jew friend mentioned heretofore, to indicate the "remnant" left after each "dispensation" or period of world destruction (by the god, or government) of the real Jews, as their literature reveals. Some of the adopted Jews of white and mixed blood are no doubt descendants of the Greeks and Romans, white people, as is shown by the ancient play Encymion and certain of Shakespeare's plays. Both Greece and Rome were destroyed by the Jews, as is shown by Jewish Encyclopedia and by "Voice of Jerusalem", the "Islam" Dictionary states that Greece was destroyed by the Tartars, and elsewhere states that the Tartars were Turks.

The Turks obtained many white children through the CHILDREN'S CRUSADE and through the secret treaty which ended the wars of the Crusades, by the terms of which Europe (in reality the Church) delivered to the Turks one thousand European children per year, and which agreement was actually complied with for ten years (Myer's Medieval History). [H: So the now-called "Jews" revised history for centuries upon centuries to suit their wishes and needs. One day they would take Italians, the next Greeks, the next Palestinians and this year, the Americans (all). They were well established in England--and the ROYAL CROWN IS ALL INTERTWINED WITH THEM.]

The veiling of the women of Turkey and the mysteries of the harem have their explanation in this movement to produce a people, who under the domination of the Turks should be able to penetrate the nations and act as pioneers in campaigns of invasion and as buffers between the real Jews and the people being invaded and dis-placed. These adopted ones are, of course, taught that obedience is the chief virtue.

The early success of the scheme led to the proselyting of the banished and persecuted of other races--criminals, political offenders, etc., and using them also as agents.

The rite of circumcision and other secret methods of asexualalization regulated procreation among this class, for as Jewish Encyclopedia states, "This rite can be performed so as to be on a level with human sacrifice--eunuchism". [H: How many of you male readers were circumcised and had your boys circumcised because a doctor (usually Jewish) told you it was medically the thing to do and then gave you a bunch of garbage reasons? That one act of ritual has caused more sexual disease and sexually-oriented misbehavior than all the other erotic trash around.]

Catholic walls were instituted to contribute to this program. The more beneficent some of these institutions, the more crime to be covered up in others. Zangwill says "Catholic Jewry was the solution".

The fundamental secret by which the real Jew saw the opportunity to one day possess the Earth was that of food demineralization, the effect of which, as a slowly dementalizing, demoralizing, devitalizing agent they had seen so dramatically illustrated in the destruction of Babylon. The accidental discovery of this principle was the key to the science of chemistry which became the gateway to the knowledge of other sciences--mathematics, physics, astronomy, medicine and the arts of brewing, extracting, making of explosives, etc.

Control of their debilitated masters during the destruction of Babylon, Greece, Rome and other civilizations, has led to a perfecting of the science of psychology, or mental control, to an extreme degree: Note the ease with which Gypsy fortune tellers have been able to rob their victims. (Merely by concentrating the attention of the victim elsewhere.) Egyptians gave the Jews clues to sciences and arts that perhaps account for some of the "inventions" of the last hundred years. Stories in Ezekiel reveal the synagogue as a place of chemical experiment. Greek books against the Gentiles make up the Bible. Part of the teachings of Jesus, (whoever he was) were taken from the Bible during comparatively recent times and put into the Koran (Turkish Bible). [H: Sorry about that!]

The books, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zacariah, and some other books of the Bible are merely war communications written in code. One of the keys comes through the knowledge of food devitalization, one through Eugenics, and one through the statement made directly and by various undercover suggestions that "black is white", meaning "Read by opposites". Past tense is used for future, Jew for Gentile, etc. For example: Isaiah, "I will loose the loins (penetrate the abdomen) of kings, to open (close) before him (in front of the male) the two-leaved gates (the bi-lateral vases), and the gates shall not be shut (will not open again)"--the vasoligature, sterilizing operation. This operation can be done while the victim is fully conscious without his knowledge, under the pretense of nerve testing, or other body manipulation, and except in rare cases without arousing suspicion.

The term, BLACK OXEN (name of a book on sterilization), is an example of this method of the use of words of opposite meaning. Seven different subjects (as our friend stated) are treated in the same text. It cannot be read consecutively, but must be studied by subjects.


The Bible war program was re-adopted in convention assembled-- The Basel Congress in 1897.

Isaiah provides for the exchange of children placing Jewish children in homes of power with a mark for identification. The story of Moses taken into the royal house of Egypt is a SYMBOL of the method to be used for this purpose. Zangwill leads us to believe that Jews have been so placed into the royal families of Europe.

The seduction of kings by beautiful Jewish women, as per Esther, and Judith (of the Apocrypha) is a symbol of methods of closing the mouths of the ruling classes. Make them guilty. To the largest extent possible the "upper classes" in America have been drawn into the Eugenic Program and into graft for this purpose. The most illogical reasoning has been used. Cripples—victims of the X-ray, have been exhibited as results of inheritance from the moron (persons classed as a grade of intelligence above the feeble-minded), to secure sanction for asexualization.

We have been taught that the Jews are descendants of Abraham and his aged wife, Sarah. Jewish Encyclopedia shows this to be fiction. It states that Sarah's children were adopted, that she filled her house with adopted children. It next gives a dissertation on illicit relations and illicit children of Sarah--merely a hint that illicit children may be used. The idea that Sarah was "very fair" indicates white children.

There is a statement that "Jews do not like to be called Hebrews". I look up the meaning of the word and find, "Descendants of the Ass". Here is given a list of stem syllables that mean Jew--"As", "Is", "Ieu", "eu", and "ew". (The milk of the ass and of the cow, or issi, being used to feed the adopted waifs, they were called the children of As and Is). There is also the statement that "Jew is a war term", and we see that this term is to apply to those, and those ONLY, at war with the Gentiles.

Under the heading of "Islam" is the following: "The state law of Islam has accordingly divided the world into two categories--the territory of Islam and the territory of war, i.e., the territory against which it is the duty of the faithful to lead the community in the "Jihad"--religious war. (Perhaps religious controversy to divide the ranks of the people).

From a statement that there is a BIBLE that is all capital letters, I take the hint to look up capitalized words, from which I traced a number of noted Jews to Gentile Ancestry, others to Jael, which might be spelled Jail, seen to be a hint to use prisoners. A reference from here leads to a description of a vast cave where a large number of persons were stated to have been hidden. From here a reference led me to the LAW, and other gateways to a monstrous underworld of crime that should be investigated by a stronger force than our little band could muster.

It seems that Jews, (real or adopted), or criminals in their power, are, in some degree at least, in control of the prisons, reform schools, homes for the insane and feeble-minded, etc., and that they use these in various ways in their war. Criminals are saved from punishment to serve their rescuers. Even executed men are sometimes resuscitated to become the loyal slaves of their benefactors and deadly enemies to their own governments.

A case that seems to come under the above category is that of a Jewish woman in San Francisco, who has charge of the delinquent boys of that city. A large part of her work is the finding of jobs for the boys finishing her school. Her influence in finding jobs is known to be far-reaching.

FEAR is instilled into the minds of these young boys, and their resistance by the feeding of the white bread, macaroni, rice and demineralized stew. If a boy refuses to eat his plateful he is given a double portion and is forced to eat the whole. One boy was whipped mercilessly in the presence of teachers and pupils assembled at the lunch table for buying ten cents worth of peanuts with the excuse that he owed ten cents at school for lunches. (The boy was unconsciously trying to save his life against the acid-producing food.)

This woman has it in her power to place the boys in positions of trust on parole and while still legally under her supervision. Raised as they are in deadly fear, they have no way of knowing when or whether her supervision ends.

The City Manager Plan of Government of the cities, obtained through much newspaper propaganda, and the scheme of bringing in persons unknown to the communities to act as chiefs of police, school superintendents [H: JUDGES!], etc., are adapted to the needs of this criminal underworld government. It would seem that our experience with saloon-managed politics would have warned us against such schemes. Only national loss of memory can explain such lack of foresight. A boy from reform school, an outcast woman, or a doctor who had made a serious mistake in practice, placed in a responsible and lucrative position would be compelled to obey the mandates of his benefactors or have his past exposed.

Our systems of incarcerating large numbers of persons for any reason will be seen to be too dangerous to be continued. The criminal, delinquent, deaf, blind, insane, and all other public wards should be cared for in their own communities, where in most cases they can earn their keep instead of being an expense, and where society can protect itself from having these persons used by an enemy.

The Bible provides for the training of prisoners to fight their own people (See Isaiah). There is evidence that this part of the war program is also being reenacted. The release of the prisoners contributed to the terrors of the French Revolution and the "Commune of 1871". The severity with which we have been led to treat Mooney, Sacco, Vanzetti and others, has been to harden prisoners and their friends against the ruling classes.

With this explanation and deviation, I shall continue using the word "jew" as it is used in Jewish Literature, except where it is necessary for clearness or justice to use the terms "real Jew" and "adopted Jew".


In Jewish Encyclopaedia under the heading "Bread", I found the statement, "White bread reduces the feces, (causes constipation) and feeds the brain". We find that this means "starves the brain" for it is stated both directly and indirectly that "black is white" (read by opposites). Twelve elements proved to be necessary to health and thought are removed from the grain with bran.

A reference given leads to the statement, "The tree of knowledge Adam ate from, was wheat". Being referred again, we find, "The flour in ancient times was fine or coarse as it fell from the mill, from which a finer flour was separated by a hair sieve. The idea that the flour used for the sacrifice was different from that in general use is not warranted". But another reference leads to a statement that shows that the flour used for the sacrifice was different from that in general use, for fine flour is designated, and it is shown distinctly that "sacrifice" means that which is given for charity. There is the command: "If thine enemy hunger give him bread, i.e., the bread of the law". A reference from here leads to "Cookery" and a line of recipes which any food scientist would know were not intended to promote health. From which we find that "bread of the law" is not health bread. "Scraps" is mentioned.

Tracing references through "Hadrian", "Rome", "Nero", "bath" and "charity" we become certain that Rome was led to her fall by a secret enemy and that demineralized food, poisons, and the hot bath were instruments in her fall. The dole given at the breakdown of Roman finance was not a free distribution of grain as we had been taught, but was demineralized bread and other devitalized food similar to that which is being given today in bread lines and soup kitchens in America.

Through the manipulation of finance, and beginning as in America with the lowest stratum of society, the people are brought, stratum by stratum, to the acceptance of charity. The needy were forced to eat devitalized food. Bread, their staff of life through the ages, was the chief article consumed. Plague, diabetes, influenza, cancer, rheumatism, sinusitis, dropsy, abnormalities, feeble-mindedness, and selfishness have followed in the wake of "improved flour mills and the rice polishing machinery in Asia, Europe and America. The people become feeble minded, which accounts for the terrible cruelties of the latter Roman period.

Passages from the Bible and hints from the Jewish Encyclopedia indicate that Jesus of Nazareth was trying to stop the plague that finally destroyed Rome, and that this was the reason for his execution. Zangwill says: "He was hindering the success of our war." [H: You will also, however, note that his name was not Jesus but Esu Emmanuel regardless of what he was doing at the time. Saul of Tarsus staged the name-switch after Esu was GONE from the area. I don't even want to get into the run-around over his perceived "death" or exile in this writing.] Theosophist literature says that Jesus was a physician who had obtained knowledge from in-scriptions in Egypt which caused him to teach the Jewish secrets of healing to all.


Zangwill shows that the Jews were in power in Rome to a greater extent than the Romans realized, in Dreamers of the Ghetto, he says of the CATACOMBS that "They were at first hiding places for the Jews by day", but that after a time "The Jews came out, and the others went in". In this connection he refers to lime as an agent for bringing the "millennium" (explained as the time when the Jews shall set up a world Kingdom). We find an explanation of this use of "lime" in a book, Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain. This tells of a trip by the author through the Catacombs of Rome, and refers to the strange custom of the Romans of burying their dead under the city and stacking the bones--leg bones in one pile, skulls in another, feet in another, etc., and pictures the scramble that must ensue when the last trumpet shall sound and murdered Romans, or of Victims of the plague, the bodies begin to assemble themselves. These bones carried there to conceal how many were dying of the plague. Quicklime is used to decompose the dead bodies. Hadrian, Ruler of Rome, issued a decree against Jews burying Gentiles. There may have been methods of murdering wholesale and hiding the bodies under the city. There is evidence of underground work in some of our cities today. In her Commune of 1871, Eleanor Marx speaks of the feeble-mindedness of the people never to have inquired from whence came these skeletons.

The California laws for the government of State homes for the feeble-minded give room for wholesale murder or asexualization of normal citizens. "Other persons" (than the ones rightfully belonging) "may be admitted when there is accommodation". Inmates may be transferred, or dismissed and recommited without authority outside the institution. There is no authority that has the legal right to even inquire the names of the inmates. Special laws exempt these institutions from inspection, investigation or interference, either with the inmates, employees, officers or property of the institution, by the State Board of Lunacy, the only agency provided for the supervision of these institutions. Therefore, while supported by the state at great expense, they are in reality private institutions that may, and do, asexualize the inmates without the necessary authority from outside the institution. Popenoe, head of asexualization in California, states in the official report of 1927 (printed in SO-CIAL HYGIENE) that there are a large number in the homes for feeble-minded who are of average intellect, but he says, "None leave without sterilization", for he says, "Feeble-mindedness is not a biological concept. It is a social concept". He represents that for purposes of the state those who cannot make a living are feeble􀀃minded. Under present management, as was the case in Rome, most of the citizens are of this class. (Eleanor Marx in THE HISTORY OF THE COMMUNE OF 1871 refers to institutions for the insane as being hot-beds of crime).

[H: Let us take John Schroepfer as a good example, from here. His wife and her son wanted to GET RID OF HIM. He had tended her hand and false-invalid foot for so long that he was failing mentally--FROM BAD DIET, NO MORE AND NO LESS, A PRIME EXAMPLE. The point is that they were able to cause him to be bonked on the head, rendering him, not to their wishes, dead--but unconscious. Then he ended up in hospital and then they gained CONSERVATORSHIP over him and with cooperation of a DOCTOR put him in an ALZHEIMER'S center. The diagnosis WAS NOT EVEN ALZHEIMER'S. There he was kept prisoner. He, in the beginning, pleaded with his friends for vitamins and when these were supplied HE IMMEDIATELY BECAME BETTER AND VISITORS WERE EXCLUDED 100 PERCENT. JOHN WAS PLACED IN ISOLATION AND THEN SECRETLY MOVED HALF A STATE DISTANT. HE FINALLY HAD TO LITERALLY "BREAKOUT" IN ONE OF HIS MORE LUCID MOMENTS AND "RUN AWAY" JUST AS PLANS WERE APPARENTLY MADE BY THE "MANAGERS" TO TAKE HIM AWAY PERMANENTLY. John literally got out on the same day as an elaborate plan was put into action which would have cost him freedom FOREVER, less than half an hour later. At the "home" involved, the "visitor" coming for John was identified as his "younger brother" but appears to have been possibly his "son". John said he got out and then got away and hitch-hiked his way to what he thought would be home. He tried to reach his nephew using a gifted coin. He was found with nothing except the very clothes on his back, no identification, no nothing. Total strangers had picked him up, fed him and gave him phone money. IS THIS EVIL? YOU BE THE JUDGE! WHO WAS BEHIND THE PLAN? ELEANOR (THE WIFE) SAID "GEORGE GREEN" (???). It is too long a story for this minute--however--with supplements and GOOD DIET WITH LOTS OF WHOLE GRAIN SPELT--JOHN IS RECOVERED TO SUFFICIENTLY REMEMBER ALL THE DIRTY-DEEDS AND THE PLAYERS!!]

The White Race, mentally debilitated (because living off on food robbed of materials necessary to thought), are keeping no account of individuals. They do not know what may be happening to the thousands who are being enticed from their homes by too interesting geography teaching, by real estate campaigns, and by information of free foods in missions and free rides on the railroads.


Through the money system, which the Jews invented and have always controlled, they are able to dominate American food markets, milling industries, and even the restaurants. One Gentile "manager" of five hundred California restaurants admits that he has not the right to change a single menu. Acid-producing food forms the larger part of these menus. Oils, starches and sugar are served in every possible way. Even when whole rice, or whole grain or bran bread advertised they can rarely be obtained. They are "out". Vegetables and fruits are priced unnecessarily high. The foods are overcooked. That the stubborn resistance of restaurants, hospitals, and newspapers to facts discovered concerning food is not for profit but is the work of an enemy is shown by the many, and evidently expensive, articles in newspapers and magazines to mislead the people and turn their attention from food devitalization.

Charity headquarters in California are in nearly every instance in the hands of Jews. The funds of mentally starved millionaires given for asexualization of the "unfit" is in the same hands and known as "charity". Money given to the Community Chest for the relief of unemployed men has been, in some cases at least, used to found birth-control clinics, for the purchase of Christmas dolls, for street decoration, Christmas trees, and for the hiring of foreigners to cook for the few men fed upon old refuse of the bakeries and grocers. Every effort to give fresh whole natural food as charity has been obstructed.

The people were told not to feed the needy at their doors but to send the cases to the Community chest. Single men applying were told, "We help only men with families". Married men applying were told, "We care for families on condition that the man gets out and hunts a job". Women with families were told, "We help a woman provided she works and helps to earn the living, (thus displacing the men)". Charities in the small towns have said, "We only care for our own". Farming communities have been urged through the newspapers to "keep the work for home labor". The State-sup-ported employment agency in San Jose, Calif., telephoned for local men to take jobs while hundreds of "drifters" waited expectantly for work. Women have been hired to pass out the propaganda that any man can get a job who wants it. Soldiers' wives in Berkeley, Calif., were told that unless they, the wives, held jobs, their husbands would not receive their Soldiers' compensation. These and many other acts prove that present unemployment is war. The fact that white men are the ones chiefly affected shows that it is war on the whites. That some of the dark people among the unemployed are paid spies can he easily ascertained.

[H: Now, look at how things have changed between the late 1920s and 1930s and NOW. You can't get help UNLESS you stay unemployed and the majority are dark-skinned receivers. However, as you read this material NOTE THAT ITS TIMING IS AT THE ONSET OF THE "CRASH" IN THE MARKET AND THE "GREAT DEPRESSION". DO YOU SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO ACTUALLY ORGANIZE THESE SCOURGES?]

The frightful increase in the number and size of hospitals, infirmaries, homes for cripples, tubercular homes, homes for the blind, for the feeble-minded, for the insane, of graveyards, crematories, and the increased demand for flowers for funerals, speak of the stage to which the plague has already developed.

The information that has been given us during the last twenty-five years, that the span of life is increasing and that new discoveries of science are improving health, are the misleadings of the enemy and are by no means true. In his book, SCIENCE OF EATING, Alfred McCann, ex-U.S. food expert, shows that as early as 1912 large numbers of persons supposed to be in perfect health--nurses, doctors and laborers, tested perilously near the limit of acid toleration.

That this mis-information concerning health is being actively distributed is proved by the vehemence with which inexperienced nurses and young boys working in the clinics protest that the health of the country was never before so excellent.


In Dreamers of the Ghetto, I read:

"It works, Huldah, the idea works. I shall live to see it".

Answer: "But won't the heathen find out the program, if you translate the book to English"?

"If they were shut within an enclosure, and it were written on the walls, the fools wouldn't read it". [H: Ah-hummnn???]

The "IDEA" being discussed was "RACE IMPROVEMENT", as a means of bringing the "millennium". Such expressions as "Controlled evolution will give the world to the Jews", and "The human race will be improved when it is all Jew", make sure the meaning. Reading further, I come upon an account of a convention of "delegates from the twelve allied tribes--and two other tribes, and from every important country of the world--doctors, scientists, bankers, railroad magnates, and many other millionaires". "Each had thrown off his chameleon characteristics, and become, for the time, all Jew"--who swore with solemn oath that Judah shall rule and occupy the Earth... and formed a government, adopted a flag (the lion rampant on a shield, with twelve stars for the twelve tribes) and a war program--the general order was to proceed along the lines of prophecy, and to repeat history. Many expressions of this congress were highly treasonous to the countries from which these delegates had come.

The outstanding purpose of the convention was to form a government for the Jews returning to Palestine, but the President acknowledged that Palestine was but an afterthought, AND THAT AMERICA WAS NEARER CORRECT AS A NATIONAL HOME FOR THE JEWS.

Some of the other expressions of the president were:

"Let them stay in their cozy nests. Palestine is all the land on both sides of the River Jordan, so far as Jews inhabit." [H: The current Israeli flag indicates that entire land mass—and we do mean "mass", not just little designated "Israel". Remember, it would be over a quarter of a century and a world war later before the United Nations pronounced Israel a nation out of Palestine.]

"We have to proceed along the lines of prophecy in order to keep the help of the Saturdayites" (Gentiles who are unwittingly helping to bring the Jews into power).

"It were well to appoint a forty years wandering in the wilderness to organize or kill off the rabble". (This "wandering in the wilderness" is explained in the Jewish Encyclopedia as CODE for mental darkness—the natural result of demineralized food).

"Judah has nothing to say to the mob, either Jew or Gentile, but will speak to kings in their palaces and prime ministers in their cabinets".

Zangwill says:

"The Shofar was sounded connecting this convention with that one far-off divine event, toward which the whole of creation moves", and the Jews formally announced themselves the rulers of the world and the Jewish government the supreme being. Said the president: It has been prophesied that the Messiah will be born on the 29th of August. Today is the Messiah born--THE CONGRESS". [H: HOW DO LIKE "THEM APPLES"?]


THAT AMERICA IS A CHIEF OBJECTIVE AND IS BEING INVADED IS SHOWN BY THE FOLLOWING: (See, Voice of Jerusalem, page 276) "The Ito has even tested the point by opening out of a new immigration area via Galveston. Within a few years ten thousand souls were settled in a territory they had never heard of".

And page 305: "The latest statistics show 37,000 Jews arriving in New York... departing to join their relatives in the West. It would thus seem that the Galveston work was more successful than one would have imagined, and that exactly as designed, the 10,000 souls planted in the West are now operating to attract immigration".

Zangwill several times refers to "World Fairs", such as the Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis Exhibitions, as "Millennial Exhibitions". (They open the gate for foreigners). The Marathon races to be held in California in 1932 are to be "Millennial" in character. "Messengers" have been prophesying that in 1932 God would hand over the U.S. government TO THE JEWS, and have been urging the "faithful" to cooperate to bring about a fulfillment of his plans. (Zangwill gives the date as 1934). [H: Well, it goes right along with the Federal Reserve Act, the State of Emergency and martial law which has existed in the U.S. since 1932-33 and all of the other movements away from the CONSTITUTION. YOU just didn't seem to take notice.]

The Newspapers have been reminding us that the present period is strangely like the Fall of Rome. [H: Well, you've passed "that one" and now have achieved the strange appearance of Sodom and Gomorrah!]

Of the destruction of Rome, Zangwill says: (Voice of Jerusalem, p. 230) "The fight with Rome was for the hemogeny (control) of the world. A fight inspired by two centuries of Apocalyptic teaching... The Jews presumed to put it to the test of the sword. They sought to force the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

"Judas Macebeaus had beaten back the gods of Greece... why should the gods of Rome be more powerful?

"Already the 'chosen' people had seen the passing of the empires of Egypt, Babylonia, Chaldea, Persia and Greece... the legend was of the conquering Jehovah--not the conquering Jew. His devotees were to be found increasing among the heathen. Why should he not be given the occasion for again manifesting his material might? Why should not Rome fade and pass like others"?

Also, "The Jew is not satisfied to record the crimes of Christendom. He is out for victory. He will overrun the Earth. The face of Israel will shine with power when the name of Europe will be difficult to remember". He quotes Exodus 23, 29-30: "I will not drive them out before thee in one Year, lest the beasts of the field multiply against thee. By little and little will I drive them out before thee till thou be increased and inherit the land", and exclaims, "What an admission that the possession of Canaan came about by natural means".

It is evident that "Canaan" is used as a symbol for America, for it had just been stated that America was the suitable place for founding a Jewish national home. Zangwill also refers to Judges in the Bible where it is found that the Canaanites were put to tribute and to the Bible concordance which states that the Canaanites were given tasks, that is, were enslaved. So this is what is planned for Americans.

Tracing the term "Armageddon" (often used by Zangwill) we arrive at the above passage in Judges which says that we are to be slaves. Various statements show that "Armageddon" is the present war of unemployment and starvation.

In America, as in Falling Rome, unemployment has been brought about by "natural means".

Throughout manipulation of finance the Roman farmer has been prevented from cultivating the land. When the enemy could not entirely destroy the farmer otherwise, they began to give food away in the cities. The farmer could no longer sell, and was obliged to abandon the land, join the ranks of the unemployed, and accept the "dole". This is shown by Jewish Encyclopedia to have been demineralized bread, and not a free distribution of grain as we have been taught in our histories. With the farmers undone, the whole population was soon at the mercy of the enemy. Those accepting the dole were openly given inferior food, as in the case in America today. The result was plague.


History is being repeated in regard to the American farmer through competition with products of "state" institutions run at public expense but permitted to sell in the open market [H: Gosh, TODAY makes 1929 look like paradise for farmers and consumers doesn't it?]; through products of Southern Pacific and other "company"-owned land and through imports from islands where it is warm and foods can be produced more cheaply than in America. Bananas are being permitted to displace American-raised apples. Sugar and candy displaces fruit to a very large extent. The markets are being manipulated for the express PURPOSE of making war on the American Farmer. Fruits are held in the market at unnecessarily high prices and are destroyed rather than reduce the price, while candy is made so cheap that it is hard to see where there can be any profit in it. At some of the factories, candy is given away by the box to all who ask for it. [H: Not today, however, for all they had to do was wait for the addictions to take over.] (More for its direct effect upon the consumer than as an instrument of war against the farmer.)

The people have become so mentally helpless through food robbery that they allow the penitentiaries to displace free labor. How should we hope to escape slavery?

We have also permitted foreign-controlled corporations to displace American business men. When a few of our people (led however by the enemy) have tried to check this movement and correct the deficiencies of government, the enemy have reported them as "Reds". When we shall at last see our mistake, we are expected to all join the "Reds", and bring the enemy into power by popular vote.

Zangwill refers to "The vast new Arabic kingdom which is being set up simultaneously", which shows that the "End of the World" movement is not confined to America. Europe, China, Japan and India are also victims.

How this vast movement can be managed from one head is shown by the bit of history related in Jewish Encyclopedia, and by Zangwill.


This seems a good place to end this writing as it becomes too lengthy to finish the document in this sitting. We will take up and hopefully complete the material next session and begin with THE MESSIAH OF 1665.

Thank you for your patience and endurance.



FRI., MAR. 17, 1995 3:44 P.M. YEAR 8, DAY 213

FRI., MAR. 17, 1995


Yes ma'am, the banks are folding to the right and to the left. It is fine that you aren't keeping up, Dharma, and questioners are just going to have to get what they can from between the lines. You should have known "IT" was over with Barings and now the printing of trillions of yen to last-ditch an effort to hold Japan is a sure death-knell. More important for you who must live to struggle another day in clarity of thought and reasonably good health, is this information. If you will turn to better food intake you can get pretty much back on your feet in 10 days to two weeks. The "enemy" has ruined your garden crops in California and it will become more and more expensive to eat properly--so do stock up on available supplements and, by moving to whole grains in ABUNDANCE with added bran, you can make it. Add Gaialyte and Kargosic drink, a bit of vinegar and lots of whole grain spelt bread or cereals and you will be healthier than you could dream. CLEAN OUT THOSE PARASITES BECAUSE THEY ARE NOW "KNOWN CARRIERS" FOR ALL SORTS OF DEADLY VIRUSES AND KEEP CLEAR, KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM IN UPGRADE WITH THE DRIAS AND YOU WILL BE FINE. You don't need great quantities of anything for you don't need to become fattened up, just balanced and healthy. You are going to LIKE the things you use so much you will have a tendency to overeat for a while--never mind for you will find you are becoming more satisfied with less quantity as your body dumps off the acid and has resources from which to pull supplies. Keep the water purified with Hydrogen Peroxide because it will kill the parasites where chlorination won't in the amount used for safety of tap water. It can be filtered through a charcoal filter and be tasty as spring water. It is the time for attending these things and now you know what happened and why you must change for selves for there is no one in the GOVERNMENT who will do anything to HELP you-the-people!

Can New Gaia supply enough? We don't know but everybody is working double-time to make every effort to do so. We all also make every effort to stay as out of sight as possible so that our own can have supply. We would like to be able to pay the paper and the journals out of that income but we aren't wishing to bring any focus here as we effort to stay alive and out of the line of warfare.


Let me give you an idea of how confused and non-conforming everything is in the metals market and what you can expect as we move along here with the monetary and banking crises. One of the North-Eastern dealers from whom E.J. gets collateral CALLED HIM to ask if he would consider selling back some of the gold coins--the place had run out of product. Now readers, you can't know what is going on because it is intended that you be the LAST to know. I can't do a running market-watch daily--it is neither my interest nor my task. What I am doing is MY MISSION AND MY TASK. There is little left to report except that the One World Order PLAN 2000 is coming down and 1995 was to be the year of the final coffin nails so that operations under the New World Order would be working smoothly by year 2000. I am not going to talk about watching to see if Jesus' face appeared over Tu-Tu, South Africa or in the Out Back of Australia--YOU HAVE OTHER PROBLEMS YOURSELF THAN TO KEEP DISTRACTED.


Good grief, Inquiring Minds, NOT I, nor we, suggested that Grandma "slept around" with Ronn Jackson! What in the world are you talking about? I said we would present the material in this fizz-bang assumed war. It is a totally one-sided war in which I haven't any interest whatsoever, nor do our people, care--WE ARE NOT GOING TO ATTEND IT FURTHER!

By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)



Zangwill says, "About 1665, one Sabbatai Zevi (a Jew) thought he was the Messiah. He was supported in this by scientists who performed seeming miracles, making it appear the work of Zevi. Jews gathered from all over the world. He divided the world up among his followers, who actually departed to their appointed missions (to become "merchant princes" and other agents as Zevi should direct). Zevi was then captured by the Turks and separated from his supporters. Then he discovered he had not divine power. He turned Mohammedan to save his life. This confused his followers and many of them turned Mohammedan".

The Jewish Encyclopedia says that the scriptures upon which Sabbatai based his beliefs were forgeries, as proved by the fact that mention was made therein of the Crusades and other happenings of more recent date, and that Sabbatai turned Christian. It reveals also that part of the teaching of Christ was borrowed and put into the Koran.

Under "Anam" there is mention of a reformer, evidently Zevi, who was captured by the Turks and forced to write according to the dictates of the Sultan.

Under another heading it is stated that Sabbatai was bribed to write at the dictates of the Sultan. Also that Sabbatai went with certain followers to Salonica, and that from Salonica the first "Elijah" edition of the Bible appeared in Hebrew in 1743. And it states that "the Apocalypse was furnished with the edition mentioned above, in order to make the prophecies appear to accord with the changed times and conditions". (See Apocalypse). No doubt other religious literature has come from the same source.

We see that Sabbatai Zevi was set at the head of an organization, the members of which were distributed about the world, and then this Zevi was brought into the presence and power of the Sultan of Turkey while he was yet in control of this organization. It is clear that he wrote the "Elijah" edition of the Bible under the direction of the Sultan.

The Jewish Encyclopedia states that in the days of the "millennium" a false Messiah shall first rule, then the true Messiah, i.e., the adopted Jews shall win the world, then being as ignorant of the real enemy as the Gentiles, and having only religious food rites instead of scientific food knowledge, they too, can be displaced. Zangwill's statement, "The world darkens the face of the Jew", shows for whom the white Jew is making war.


A "confederacy" of the Jews with ancient Gentile rulers is revealed in Maccabees of the Catholic Bible, in which the rulers promise to give no grain to enemies of the Jews.

An example of Jewish "confederacy", sometimes translated "conspiracy" is given in "Esther" of the Bible and "Judith" of the Apocrypha. The Jews represent themselves as a downtrodden class, persecuted by the ignorant masses. They ingratiate themselves into the favor of Kings or ruling classes, and influence them to misrule; then through the activity of spies they obtain evidence of dissatisfaction with this misrule, which evidence they report to the rulers, arousing fear of the masses. From this advantage they widen the cleavage between the classes by accentuating the short-comings of the masses with evil suggestions of their unfitness.

The tendency of people upon a re-alignment into classes is to make the difference seem as great as possible. Fear and contempt for the masses is associated with the cruder, coarser material of their living. To be different, the upper classes resort to a higher degree of artificiality, which, in the case of the food, undermines them, making them mentally unfit. Meanwhile, as at present, "science" and finance effect an alignment through fraternities and clubs of those with a growing feeling of superiority on account of culture and wealth. In their meetings these people dare to discuss with our ancient enemies problems of their lower classes and even the asexual-ization of the "Unfit". Vows are taken, and contracts signed while these "superiors" are mentally debauched from the devitalized banquet and are scarcely conscious what they do--at least not remembering or connecting the salient facts of history. They are abnormally imprudent in their positions of trust. Zangwill says, significantly, in this relation, "The worst thing that can happen to a nation is conspiracy". [H: Well, it has certainly been the worst thing SO FAR, for all the nations.]


Before 1912, highly paid speakers began to appear at teacher's institutes and doctors' and lawyers' conventions bringing "scientific" ideas that turned upside down all our traditions.

It was represented that Burbank had produced a new species of daisy by artificial selection. The probability that the ancestor grew in last year's cow dung was ignored. The Shasta daisy was declared to have been produced by saving the finer, and destroying the poorer, individuals. The "upper classes", fat, stupid, and suggestible, from deficiency of iodine, manganese, phosphorus, etc., filched from their refined food, accepted the idea, and "elimination of the unfit" received their sanction. (See Problems in Eugenics).

In 1912, July 24-30, there was held in the University of London, THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF EUGENICS.

It was proposed in this convention to clean up the slums and wipe out poverty by the asexualization of those unable to make a living for themselves. The acceptance of charity, even to free milk at school, was declared to place an individual in the class not desirable for parenthood. Unsigned articles in the appendix to the reports of the convention discuss methods of "sterilizing" human beings.

One speaker declared in this meeting that if account be taken of 100 lawyers, doctors, and teachers, and of an equal number of farmers, ditch-diggers and boot-blacks; that in just 22 years the former and their progeny will be about half the latter and their descendants; and that, "genetically speaking to save their skins", the upper classes must control the procreation of the lower classes. (This is to arouse jealousy).

One speaker declared that "High wages are not conducive to race improvement, since they only permit the lower classes to breed their kind". Another declared that for children to help earn a living tends to make the families larger, and must be discontinued.

"Universal compulsory school attendance with compulsory medical supervision with a view to the elimination of the unfit", was advised. This is the reason for holding children in school nine or ten months per year, and not anxiety for their education. For simultaneously it is being taught that the purpose of the school is not so much development, as selection. (See CLASSIFICATION OF SCHOOL CHILDREN by Terman of Stanford University).

One speaker objected that the "unfit" of the farming classes could not be reached by Eugenic methods, since these rarely go to the hospital. He was answered, "Some way will have to be devised for finding these and operating before they leave school. [H: Well, you've got it--it is called compulsory immunizations.] (See PROBLEMS IN EUGENICS, reports of this CONGRESS, and EUGENIC REFORM by Leonard Darwin).

This is the chief reason for "reform schools and other pretenses at salvaging the deficient, the SOCIAL SERVICE and IMMUNIZATION are also answers to this demand. MANY AUTHORITIES STATE THAT STERILIZATION CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED BY THE INJECTION OF A SERUM. THE DOCTORS AND SOCIAL SERVICE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY INJECT.

One speaker developed the idea that life has been too easy for the lower classes, and that unfit that should have died, have lived, thus increasing imbecility and feeble-mindedness, and that in the interests of race improvement this must be reversed. It must be made impossible for these to breed their kind. The answer to this demand is the present extensive unemployment of white men. People of other races are employed even to cook for the soup kitchens.

From the work of this "congress" and many similar "congresses", an international agreement has been entered into by the "scientists" of different countries according to the inability of the people to take certain mental tests and to make a living under difficult conditions. This is the meaning of the propaganda for keeping up to the standard of living. This scheme of de-population is known as a "peace" measure. "Peace Congresses" of recent years are meetings to discuss peaceful elimination of the unfit.

[H: I suppose you NOW KNOW where in the world one "Jew" Judge Jason Brent (alias of Hyman Berkowitz) would come up with a PLAN for and through MENSA HIGH-IQ SOCIETY for just "killing off the old, infirm and stupid". He of course forgot one thing: he fits into almost all three categories.]

The unfairness of the above contract is apparent when we consider that the Jews control Science, that the Jews warn their people against accepting charity, (There's a curse on it) and that their scientists have mistaught food chemistry to American doctors and to the public through the medical colleges, text books, and the press, thereby leading our people to feed so as to reduce them in fitness. That the hospitals serve devitalized food has been the greatest obstacle to overcome in the teaching of correct diet. That it is given in the hospitals would seem to prove it correct.

The Eugenic Program constitutes the most dastardly of all the many conspiracies of the ruling classes with the Jews, against the common people.


That by some rite of secret society or other arrangement, there is an agreement which the Jews recognize as corresponding to the Ancient contract to withhold grain from "enemies of the Jews" as indicated by several incidents of recent date: A teacher in San Francisco was removed from her classes. She was offered reinstatement if she would "drop the health work". Again she was told that they "could use her if she would forget the health training". Her health teaching had been to carry wheat to school and get the children to taste it, and to explain the good value and cheapness of grain as food.

"The people can eat something cheaper than wheat", said a superior physician in San Francisco whom I was trying to enlist in a campaign to warn the people against devitalized grain products, and he recited:


Malthus, being employed to write to order, (as were also Havelock, Ellis, Darwin, and some other "scientists") just after the French Revolution published a treatise on the subject, that since the Earth is just so large and cannot be increased in size, the time must come when the area for raising wheat cannot be increased, and that therefore it would be necessary at some time to limit the birth rate in order to prevent starvation.

This theory of Malthus seemed to the common people merely a foolish fancy, but it was agitated among the ruling classes, chronically hungry because of their refined diet, and it appealed to their subconscious hunger fear.

American doctors, ignorant of the possibilities of soil fertilization and the fact that practically the whole of the wheat crop is wasted by the removal of the bran, and led by suggestions of the enemy, have feared to advocate grain as food even after they have learned that it is a whole, complete ration. Its potency for increasing the birth rate of the "lower classes" is perhaps one of their objections to its use. Jewish Encyclopedia under "Mazza" gives a recipe for making bread with an extra portion of bran, and says, "Mazza is an antidote to Egyptian Slavery". Its cheapness and consequent power to release slaves is perhaps another objection to whole grain as food.

The theory of Malthus is given in Current History, (100 years of Birth Control) as the foundation of the idea of birth control. The passing out of information concerning contraceptive methods and asexualization, already secretly begun among the upper classes by Jewish doctors, received impetus by the Malthusian Doctrine. Dr. House says in MEDICAL BRIEF, January, 1907, "Five hundred thousand women of France were rendered sterile by the surgeon's knife during the fourteen years preceding 1900". And he adds, "These were of the best blood of France. It was not possible that half this number could have needed an operation of any kind".

Theodore Roosevelt wrote a series of articles about 1912 warning of the decrease in the birth rate in America. [H: But note that there is INCREASE in the illegitimate birth rates to enhance the welfare rolls. Those people are destined to be annihilated in other ways when the system stops feeding them and declares it time to wipe them out. They are needed to accomplish the goals as set forth by these Elite Controllers and it will be Hell on Earth when the designed plagues of untreatable disease descends upon them. Free sex and pay-for-children on welfare have dumbed-down two ENTIRE generations of poorer class people and the care of them has reduced the "middle-class" to total poverty as the daily jobs go away--and yet there will be no welfare system to attend those who actually paid for their own care all these years! Indeed, people, you have "very interesting" times ahead.]

Controlled by subconscious hunger, fear and suggestion of the enemy, our own doctors become dangerous. Demineralized food produces an insanity to destroy life.


Following the theory of Malthus, what is known as the theory of Darwin began to be advocated. This theory represents that only by the elimination of the unfit can race improvement be accomplished. Lamarck, discoverer of Evolution (100 years before Darwin), shows that life advances in perfection through adaptation, or experience--acquired knowledge. But this idea leads to the Divine right of the individual or democracy, so Lamarck was ignored by the Scientists. (See Bernard Shaw's Back to Methuselah).

Darwin wrote letters protesting against the incorporating into his work of the very idea now known as "Darwinism"--that acquired characteristics are NOT inherited--and it was necessary to wait until after his death before publishing this theory in his name. It is stated that "He was, however, accorded the honor of the discovery", and, "This principle was necessary to prove certain theories".


Zangwill says "The Jews have been the wealthy minority who have financed everything, even to their own persecutions--by way of the Crusades". He says of the Poles, "They could not even engineer a Pogrom without the help of the Jews", and then he proceeds to show that the pogroms have been for the purpose of forcing the masses of the Jews to stand together against the Gentiles.

Corporations headed by Jews use tactics similar to the above. Wherever opposition seems imminent they start a war upon themselves, lead it, collect money, and use it against the subscribers. Many times have the Socialists been thus betrayed. Money collected to get justice for Tom Mooney has been used for directly opposite purposes.

A "Quitclaim" receipt has been found that proves conclusively that the Jews furnished the Pope of Rome the money with which to finance the wars of the Crusades against themselves.

(Invasion costs more in life and finance than defense). During the three hundred years of these wars, the flower of European manhood was destroyed. The tactics of the World War were so similar to those of the Crusades that many people remarked upon this similarity. The atrocity stories of the World War, of the Cru-sades, and those of the Apocrypha, are easily recognized as coming from the same source.

In THE WAR FOR THE WORLD, Zangwill refers to the World War as "This latest war of Cross versus crescent", which means that Jews made the war. (That Jews, Turks, Saracens, Ottomans, Moors and Gypsies are the same--see Zangwill's works).


The capture of CERTAIN PROTOCOLS caused the Russians to cease participation in the World War. The censoring of the mails prevented the spread of this and other important news. [H: PLEASE GO READ THAT AGAIN!!]

Clemenceau, leader of the French armies having discovered that the war was not what he had supposed, tried to tell the people through the pages of a little book, AU PIED DU SINAI. He says: "The Semitic race has a program for the extermination of other races and the peopling of the whole Earth with their own blood. Their zeal for this cause is such that in comparison with this nothing else matters at all. For this cause no sacrifice is too great, no suffering too terrible. It is now too late to exterminate the Jew in order to rob him of his power for evil over the nation. It is only the cooperation of the Gentile Nations that makes this power possible". Clemenceau advises that the nations make more equable laws for their people (in relation to marriage, etc.) to give them a chance in competition with this race.


I came upon the statement in Jewish Encyclopedia that "The Jews worship a god whose name is YHWH", and a line of reference that leads to the following statements: [H: Forget getting angry at me for offering this--yes indeed, that is the SAME old friend you pronounce as YAHWEH. And all the while all you nice Christians thought you were worshiping GOD OF LIGHTED CREATION! SORRY ABOUT THAT, FRIENDS; THIS COMES RIGHT OUT OF THE JEWISH JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA!]

"YHWH" is equivalent to "the name" as used in the scripture and is translated in the Bible "The Lord".

"The anointing of the king makes him YHWH".

YHWH is derived from the initial letters of "Yee Hah Wee Hah" (readily recognized as the bray of the ass).

Reading the last statement above, I remembered the figures of the laughing ass as I had seen in show windows in San Francisco, worked by electricity. I had said to my family, "An enemy is laughing at us. The World War was part of the Joke". [H: Keep in mind this was written in 1927-29 so the subject is WORLD WAR NUMBER ONE.]

Tracing the next reference, sure enough, I came upon a crude outline, as if drawn by a child--of a laughing ass, with the statement that "the Jews have been accused of worshipping the ass," but that "The ass knows at least his master's crib", (hint of our food follies).

A reference given along with the above statement leads to a picture of an ass nailed to a cross. And I perceive that Gentiles as well as Jews are being accused of ass worship.

Under the above picture, the words "Israelite" and "Asraelite" are used in close relation to show that they mean the same. Also, the statement that "The Jews do not like to be called Hebrews". I looked up "Hebrew" and find the definition "Descendants of the ass". Here is given a dissertation on the ass as a milk-giving animal and a reference that leads to the definition of "Israelite" as descendants of Isis. (Egyptian for "cow".)

I now see that I have been led this long chase after words to be told that the Hebrews, or Israelites, are adopted children of the Jews--orphans, babes nourished upon the milk of the cow and the ass. [H: In other words, as usual, the Jews did-in and do-in the "Jewish Hebrews" FIRST!]

Perhaps some of the Hebrews are descendants of Roman children whose mothers had died with the plague or become too feeble-minded to care for them. "Stolen by the Gypsies" was a common phrase in Europe at one period. Perhaps these and children stolen in later days, have been brought up to think themselves Jews and to be used in the Bible War program.

"Who is a white man"? was recently said to me by a man who was evidently white, but who thought himself a half-breed. "I guess I AM A JEW. I was born of Jewish parents", said a blue-eyed, fair-haired girl in Los Angeles. Many of these are being used in the program in California.

Jewish Encyclopedia says "The ruler of Islam is the head of the Jewish Church". Also, "The State Law of Islam has accordingly divided the world into two categories--the territory of Islam and the territory of war".


So we close another session. I believe we can finish the document in the next writing. I sincerely hope you pay close attention to these writings because your very existence and continuation depends upon what choices you are making NOW.

May you walk in ever-increasing LIGHT and INSIGHT as GOD OFFERS HIS TRUTH TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH THESE DAYS OF SEEMING INSANITY. There truly is no way, readers, that you could have known these things for the plan is too old and the workings too shrewd. YOU ARE DEALING WITH THE ANTI-GOD--KING OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD--WHO NOW VIES FOR THE TAKING OF ALL THE ETERNAL SOULS INTO HIS TRAP.

He lies and tempts you into the shackles of physical sensing as he misleads you as to that which is to be joyful and "interesting". With his push come immorality and ever increasing loss of peace and satisfaction in any experience as you have come to expect from the advertising. Will mankind of God Creator awaken? Yes, but it may well be too late for the changing.

In love and lighted RADIANCE I take leave this evening.




SAT., MAR. 18, 1995 7:10 A.M. YEAR 8, DAY 214

SAT., MAR. 18, 1995

By Bonne L. Fisher (Circa 1929)



In the Jewish Encyclopedia there is a picture: a frail, delicate white woman stands shading her eyes as if confused, not knowing the way. Two children cling to her garments, as if sensing danger. Behind and overshadowing these, is the spiritual presence of a black woman in an attitude as if urging them on.

"We know no race, creed or color--detectives wanted", reads an advertisement in a recent number of a San Francisco newspaper. Private detectives wait on American street corners and guard the unemployed. These are being gradually changed from white to dark men. "The Jewish Espionage System is the most perfect of any in the world", says Zangwill.

"He will rule with a rod of iron, and will have nothing to say to the mob, either Jew or Gentile", ruler of Islam--worshiper of Moloch, if we will but continue in our present trend. For "The evil is already sown". We shall see who were the slave traders who, through the management of the church, conducted African Slavery in America. Who raised the hue and cry that led to the freeing of the slaves with the shedding of white blood, and engineered to murder the man who had completed the plans to give them a separate house? "Sold to do mischief", as the records state.

Worshippers of the ass (artificial feeding)--Israelite and Gentile. Denatured food, denatured religion, denatured education. Ever holding our own people to ideals of life, we make no effort to impose upon our guests, living by standards by which we cannot hope to compete. Slavery promised for our autochtenes.

"Bread is their staff of life", explained the "prophet" to the wise ones. "When I shall have broken the staff of their bread, though ten women should oversee its baking on one oven, they shall eat and not be nourished".


What can a nation do WHEN IT IS INVADED, not only in territory but in the bodies, minds and morals of its people?

WHEN THE PUBLIC VOICE IS THAT OF A DECOY of him who makes war with poisons, who "for leading gives misleading" and "confusion", who would "dash the heads of little ones against stones", who "loose the loins of kings", and when these have grieved for an heir has turned their jealously against those of their race not yet in power? WHO ENGINEERS TO BREAK THE STAFF OF LIFE, and when we as little children at the feet of father Science have asked for correct bread, he has given--corroding acid? WHO THROUGH THE CHURCH GIVES ORDERS THAT IT WAS GOD'S WILL that we take the African slaves and teach them the word of God, "Sold to do mischief" (to cover invasion)? WHO BRINGS FROM THE PAST A PROGRAM OF SAVAGE WARFARE and in stealth executes this to destroy popular government and to found in its stead a world kingdom [H: "Ding-dum" would far better describe the circumstance as in "ding-(bats) and dumb-(dumbs).] under his long-lived tyranny to be peopled at last from his own harem.


"WELL, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT"? asked one of them when pronounced guilty at the trial of the Sugar Corporation.

There is much which might be done to prevent a repetition of the fall of Rome, the crimes of the arena and the reign of Nero, if we could but concentrate OUR DEPLETED MENTAL RESERVES UPON THE MATTER OF SAVING OURSELVES, OUR NEIGHBORS AND OUR RACE.


Disregarding the threat, this is our only chance.

We could warm, feed and shelter every human being in the world in the churches and schools, each race to itself.

FRESHLY GROUND GRAIN IS A COMPLETE HUMAN RATION. The UNBROKEN staff of life is our cheapest, simplest, most nourishing food. We have it in greatest abundance. We could make of our schools and churches, colleges of scientific feeding, by serving all who would come (not the employed alone) freshly ground whole grain bread with one raw fruit or vegetable. We could add if we chose--but elaboration would cloud the issue. Bread and one other natural food at a time is "abundant".

The five or ten cents a meal that many would pay to be cured of consumption, diabetes, cancer or to prepare for a natural birth, would feed all that might come. Here the young might get some real knowledge of life as they should watch the pallor pass out of the cheeks marked for death.

With the churches opened to the care of the unemployed, we could give clean reading. Not religion but true life literature. There is such. With proper food and proper reading the crime wave would subside in a month. The churches must compensate for the harm they have done in concentrating the attention of the people away from the problems of life while the enemy filched them of their possessions. Otherwise, we, like Russia, may destroy them with their own hands. Church buildings and organizations should be purged of the enemy influence and be made to serve the purposes of life. [H: Too late! You will now have to have little "pods" and then secret away your supplies, mostly in places remote or scattered so the "strippers" don't have access. Always leave some storage of things to be taken. It is time to again consider "building methods", "insulation methods" in new buildings and get those plans on the board. A lot can be done with no funds if ones who wish to participate later are willing to produce now.]

But "a part of the truth will not save us". The war is a literal re-enacting of the Biblical War Program, and there are TEN WAR FRONTS (symbolized by the "ten horned beast") any one of which would destroy a people.

We must look to our gates that the floods of invasion be checked.

We must call off "millennial" sports that would subject our shores to the hoards of the enemy. [H: Boy, it is REALLY too late for this one.]

We must close the mills that devitalize the grain, or run them with management and labor of undoubted loyalty. They must grind but one week's supply in advance. The germ, most vital part, spoils in a week after the grain is ground. (Report of U.S. Food Experts.) [H: Also too late for this one until AFTER the collapse and then you won't have funds to attend it.]

WE MUST FREE THE PRISONERS AND NOT LEAVE THIS TO THE ENEMY. We must restore them with the life-giving vitamins of the grain and with our sympathy. They have died by the hundreds in their efforts to warn us that the enemy is fortifying against us with their labor.


We must give each race that deserves it at our hands a home of its own, and engineer exchanges that loyal people, though of mixed blood from whatever part of the world, may return to the protection of our flag. Those who prefer to live in other lands to abide by the law of that land, that our land may be free from foreign entanglements.

The taking of slaves and the gaining of foreign dominion by America have been tricks of the enemy. ZANGWILL AND THE JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA SHOW THAT THE CHIEF SLAVE DEALERS HAVE BEEN SEMITES. THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTHERN STATES WERE TOLD BY THE CHURCH THAT IT WAS THE WILL OF GOD THAT THEY TAKE THE SLAVES AND TEACH THEM THE BIBLE AND CIVILIZE THEM. WE WERE TOLD THAT IT WAS A MERCY FOR AMERICA TO CONTROL THE PHILIPPINES AND CUBA, TO PROTECT THEM FROM THE CRUEL SPANIARD. WE WERE FOOLISH AND SUGGESTIBLE FROM THE USE OF DEMINERALIZED FOOD AND HAD NO MEANS FOR KNOWING THAT A WHOLE RACE HAD FOR ITS CHIEFEST PURPOSE OUR UNDOING. WE MUST UNDO THESE WRONGS BY GIVING THE NEGROES A HOME AND THE ISLANDS THEIR FREEDOM. Other races would prefer homes in their own lands. The nations can compromise upon the division of wealth and send the people of each race to homes in their own lands. Each nation must be supreme in authority in its own land. If this work is inconvenience to rich Internationalists, it is not more than others are having to suffer by present arrangements.

THE MONEY SYSTEM CAN BE CHANGED AND TAKE THIS MAJOR POWER FROM THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY. Loyal script could serve an emergency as it has many times served. For instance, the Mormons lived without money. Printed cards stood for merchandise at the church store. [H: This is ONLY an example for you all must realize that the MORMON church does not serve GOD in these instances and it, as a foundation unit, represents the "RELIGIOUS" arm in the U.S. of the Elite One World Order.]




The principles and morality of these latter-day protocols are as OLD AS THE TRIBE. Here is one from the fifteenth century which JEWS CAN HARDLY PRONOUNCE A "FORGERY", seeing that it is taken from a Rothschild journal:

The REVUSE DES ETUDES JUIVES, financed by James de Rothshild, published in 1889 two documents which showed how true the PROTOCOLS are in saying that the Learned Elders of Zion have been carrying on their plan for centuries. On January 13, 1489, Chemor, Jewish Rabbi of Arles in Provence, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which has its seat in Constantinople, for advice, as the people of Arles were threatening the synagogues. What should the Jews do? This was the reply:

"Dear beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by a great pain to hear it as yourselves.

"The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

"1. As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians; do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the Law of Moses be kept in your hearts.

"2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods (the law was that on becoming converted the Jews gave up their possessions); make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

"3. As for what you say about their making attempts on your lives; MAKE YOUR SONS DOCTORS AND APOTHECARIES, THAT THEY MAY TAKE AWAY CHRISTIANS' LIVES.

"4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues; MAKE YOUR SONS CANONS AND CLERICS THAT THEY MAY DESTROY THEIR CHURCHES.


"Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

"Signed V.S.S.V.F.F., Prince of the Jews, 21st Caslue (November) 1489".

(The foregoing is quoted from PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION, Third Edition reprinted from the Edition of the Briton Publishing Society, London, England, by American Publishing Society, Bremerton, Washington).


I have asked that full information be given on Gaiandriana along with writing on products which WE HAVE MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU--FOR RECOVERY OF YOUR HEALTH. You are going to have to begin your program with cleansing of the parasites you carry within. This is easy to accomplish but it is mandatory. Why? Because the parasites utilize your nutrients that "accidentally" make it past the "neutralizer of good food" and are now being USED AS VIRAL AND MICROBE CARRIERS to "getcha". Then, you are going to have to attend intake enough to get balanced. I further advise good supplements and then ongoing attention through the "gaias" and "drias" to maintain, and shore up continually, your immune systems. We can't get all the information into this journal but we can get enough that you can begin to utilize the information immediately. I am asking the crew to rev-up the motors to hopefully better meet demand. We are not in major marketing of anything--we don't even WANT TO BE. We want to be able to share with you for as long as allowed. In that way we will be left alone for the most part.


This is a WAR you CANNOT win with the sword. Salu.



FRI., DEC. 25, 1993 11:30 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 131

FRI., DEC. 25, 1992

All below (to end of book) are EXCERPTS


I am herein making an announcement of God's gift to you, HIS faithful. I have worked hand in hand (actually mind to mind) with our most beloved Wendell Hoffmann (for I desire that he have credit and appreciation for his open willingness to "give me a hearing") and we have ready for you something which none other on the planet yet has in its "whole" form. My blessed children are working as quickly as possible here and are working hours without end to arrange to get this to any who desire it--immediately as the mails can move it. There is much to be worked out but we have been petitioned to NOT hold the supplement for details. YOU NOW HAVE THE "WHOLE" SUBSTANCES WHICH WILL GIVE RECREATION TO YOUR CELLULAR STRUCTURE INTO WHOLENESS AS RENEWED.

The basic structured product is to be called: Gaiandriana. The substance made with this addition was added to the "bread" substance sustaining the children of Moses in the desert, called "manna". As our children will package it for you, the mixture can be added to "Life Crystal" so that the product already in possession can be utilized without loss to any of you. Instructions will be given. The details shall be given directly but OUR ONES JUST BACK FROM WITNESSING AND MAKING ARRANGEMENTS ASKED THAT WE GIVE YOU "KNOWING" TODAY, CHRISTMAS.

The next question will obviously be, "Will it be marketed widespread through stores, etc."? I would guess that, to meet your regulations, it most likely will, at some time, be offered--or through a network or something similar. The point is to offer to ALL who wish healing and better life quality in bodily stamina, etc. We also must be sure that all costs are covered for ones have gone without resources to accomplish this task. We are not through perfecting the "products" but we know that you do not wish to wait for perfection of packaging, etc. "If" ones will take the new product, supplement, with chlorella, with or without the addition of hydrogen peroxide, you have all that you MUST have to begin the re-creation of perfection in the cellular structure and recovery of imperfect immune systems. All substances utilized are pure and simply substances without chemical additions. This is WHY there will be effort to stop the flow of the product itself. So, use discretion in how you speak of this supplement so that we can have the value without the "war". Thank you. Perhaps a notice will be readied for this paper's edition--the holiday interruption makes it difficult for the workers to handle the added load. Kathy and Dave, Diane and Jack have volunteered to do the work and I bless them for their continued service without complaint or stinting. KNOW, chelas, that in the "giving" comes au-tomatically the reward in like kind. Ah, if man would ever but learn this simple fact of "being". When the receiver is ready for the GIFT--so then shall GOD provide!



Yes, for you who are waiting for the supplement: We are working as fast as little hands can move. We do, however, require protection of the products and full control over all advertising so that nothing is done or said which takes this out of the supplement category. What seems most appropriate to do is integrate capability of utilizing that which you already have acquired from this resource and shift over. Supplies are being built but it takes time to meet regulations of labels, etc. Be a bit patient, please. We will also be bringing forth a chlorella with introduced cellular programming specific to each consumer. The DNA will reprogram its crystal-program to individualize. This will be a "whole food" product--not drug, not "chemical" and fully NATURAL. It will reclaim in wholeness the cellular structure specific to type of cell within the body. This means that the immune system will reclaim itself.

There will be specific supplement already programmed for various compromised organs, i.e., liver, kidney, etc. But that will need more attention before it can be released without being stopped in allowed distribution.

Since the supplements will reclaim the immune system, the immune system will function without being compromised so all mutant-cell diseases and viral activities will be targeted and the body will reclaim itself.

Remember that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Well, also, when the people are ready for God to assist--HE will not fail! Please do, however, allow us to work out things properly and KNOW, PLEASE, there will likely have to be many changes in these early stages of labels, packaging, pricing, etc. The INTENT is to keep this within our own operation somehow, in order to disallow greedy marketers from ripping-off the public. We desire to get the pricing such that ALL can have the supplements and this is really difficult in this world in which you live because a natural item is easily copied.

We MUST have a healthier "living" citizenry or we will continue to have a dying nation and world. The chemical/drug houses have destroyed the well-being of all bodies on the globe.



THU., JAN. 14, 1993 11:16 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 151

THU., JAN. 14, 1993


I honor ones who have worked and served in the past in this presentation of substance--it is, however, imperfect to now and greed has entered into EVERY circumstance to now. He who lives by greed shall perish in greed--therefore, we shall serve God in all instances.

This means not that ALL men will not gain benefit from that which is offered--but NO MAN shall be allowed to divert, take unto himself for grievous use or cause this natural substance to be given into the hands of the Adversary. Therefore, ALL caution and care will be given in ALL instances to make NO CLAIMS other than "support of better physical and emotional states of being" as in "makes you 'feel' better as would balanced nutrition".

I am not at this time, however, interested in offering you a bunch of hoopla on "nutrition". I KNOW what the body needs to balance its cellular reproduction and recreation to its original blueprint (DNA/RNA mapping). This Gaiandriana IS the catalyst which gives the varied "instructions" to each individual structure.

I do not practice medicine, law, nutrition or any other so-called "professional" career activity. We do not deal in any type of produced drugs or chemicals as presented through any pharmaceutical development or offering. We do not claim "cures" or any form of induced "healing". At any rate, man "heals" self--supplements, be they natural, chemical or impacting in any manner--are only tools to assist in such "healing".

I do need to point out clearly, that the "mind" is in ALL instances the "directive" order-giver. This means that the physician or teacher can lead, teach, hope and pray--but the individual "mind" will do the work or it won't get done. Therefore, I suggest that with all substances and supplements that any individual utilizes that the mind give the instructions to the remainder of the vehicle. In other words, just as adding various solutions to your gas tank in your car--the various weighted liquids will go to various places of work--i.e., cleaners to the carburetor, gas to the combustion chambers, lubrication to this or that, etc.

Gaiandriana changes and integrates with any and all cells and becomes the perfection of THAT particular cell. The Gaiandriana will actually take the shape suitable for structuring or recreating the cellular "whole". The introduced cells will immediately go to wherever there is malfunction or mutation--just as does the proper cells of the immune system. I have no intention of giving you scientific breakdown on this paper for if I do, the distraction will cause you to improperly use the supplement. I will, however, share these technical properties as we find time and space--my scribe has neither at present.

We do not wish to longer hold the product awaiting perfection of instructions save to make sure you understand how best to utilize that which you will have. YOU CANNOT OVERDOSE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE--HOWEVER, there is enough natural product which would cause you to not "feel" very well if you gulp down the whole bottle at once. It might even ultimately be better for you to do so but you might find yourself nauseated and wishing you had not done so.

For you who already have what is called "Crystal Life"--you have a good base for "mixing" and therefore can utilize whatever liquid you have remaining. I do suggest, however, that as you begin to use the new product that you start with a bit different regimen. You who feel good and have noted response already--are out ahead. There-fore I suggest you simply continue on with 8-10 drops of BOTH under the tongue as you have been doing. If you are suffering from an assault, such as a "cold" etc., you will want to hit it hard with say, one to two ounces a couple of times in a day. If you take it in juice, say apple, you will neutralize the stomach acids to some extent and that will allow the Gaiandriana to pass in more quantity into the intestine where it can then rapidly move into the circulatory system.

You who knowingly suffer from viral (and HIV) caused debilitation or active mutation of cells as in malignancies--give your body a break--take as much as you can tolerate without nausea several times a day for the first three days and then taper it. The little friends reproduce themselves to their own perfection so overdose won't help--just waste. To an already compromised system, however, the need is great so treat it likewise.

We get constant responses of "miraculous", "total resolution" of all manners of insults to the body--however, we decline to accept this in such terms--you have only given your body what it needs to create its perfection in working cellular recreation. What, actually, represents good health to you? Is it not "feeling good--or 'fit'"?

Remember also that, as the reclamation becomes active, there can be symptoms that you might think "illness" as the radicals and mutated cells are cast off. There are items which will assist you if you want them. There is a natural combination which we CAN offer you and which I have asked to be put on "hold" for we have no intention of being in the healing "business". And, further, we do no advertising through the paper except for those things made available through other entities. We will never offer you any "solutions" without means of obtaining use thereof. To tell you "baby buntings" will cure arthritis and then not tell you where to get "baby buntings" would be insult to your intelligence. I can also promise you in guarantee--that you will always be given, through anything we suggest, that your costs will be below anything on the market and the quality, perfection, or as nearly perfect as hands can make it to be.

We must help in healing one another that we might serve our Father and for THIS cause HE allows our sharing. We also ask that you be as patient as possible as our children take on this massive job of distribution for in the beginning there is no resource for mass "anything". I will leave it to the ones who must bear the work to give instructions as to acquisition.

Now, in addition, our "researcher in charge" is working with me directly--to produce various medium "bases" which will automatically produce "target" Gaiandriana. One will cause immediate awakening of the estrogen producing glands. If you are interested in obtaining specific target gaiandriana product--please inquire. I believe the cost will be minimal and can simply be introduced WITH the "regular" product. It is not necessary except wherein the present structures have ceased to function. Of course, if the structure, say the glands themselves, have been surgically removed--I think you are not ready for full reproduction. That is, of course, up to you! It is imperative at this time, surely, to have at least one blueprinted cell intact even if non-functional in your own system under discussion. Again, we make no claims of any sort other than a better feeling of well-being.

I know that chlorella is available through this resource and, again, it is a whole-life substance which has protein necessary for good muscle stamina and fuels body function. At this time we won't pre-introduce Gaiandriana to the chlorella for there is no need for you who already intake Gaiandriana--it will introduce itself.

However, there are a couple of other things which I would suggest. One, if you wish, is get Gingko. It is massively important to the free use of mitochondria which converts "sugars", etc. I have written about this before and will not bore the audience. I have asked that THAT be also made available to you.

Then, the one that I have on "hold" is a basic anti-oxidant to handle the free-radicals released from the toxins sluffed off. We can make it available if enough of you tell us you want it.

Hydrogen Peroxide is very important but with this NEW Gaiandriana is not nearly as important as before. The new product has a medium base that produces H202. I think, however, that with a compromised body or in the instance of arthritis, Alzheimer's and/or some of the "elderly" symptoms--it is necessary to have larger amounts until symptoms seem improved. Again, that is up to you--we certainly are NOT in competition with any profession. I certainly am not in competition with Chiropractic--because aligning the skeletal structure will enhance all body reclamation.

A damaged "nervous system" and injured spinal cord are capable of "repair" or, at the least, improved function if intact at all. All we are doing is offering the body some necessary tools to repair itself at a cellular level.

I have noted, however, on occasion after occasion--those who expect miracles--cause miracles--and you, after all, are THE greatest miracle of Creator. He would never give unto you his perfection and keep from you, forever, the means of maintaining that perfection--BUT NEVER EXPECT HIM TO PERFECT OR RE-PERFECT THAT WHICH IS DEDICATED TO THE SERVICE OF HIS ENEMY--GOD NOR HOSTS WILL SERVE "SATAN". If your intent be "right" your reclamation will also be "right" for you shall have the balanced state of being which will allow reclamation. If your intent is simply to "heal" enough to continue with your unGodly actions and intent--I think you would probably simply sluff off the cells.

Can this "stuff" be actually "seen" or is it one of those "spiritual gimmicks"? It not only can be microscopically seen in individual cells--as they multiply and program but they can visually be seen growing into cellular "strings", "clumps" and membranes of living form. No, they won't grow up into puppies, toads or chirping pets. They will never be more than individualized programmable "cells"--exactly what they are created to be.

Herein, please, let me sketch a few specifically individualized cells and you can get an idea of various recognizable forms. These can be seen and isolated under a microscope.

I could agree, that the product is so mild in taste, and quite pleasant to bland, that you might be fooled into thinking "Willard Water" or some other inoxious "stuff". No, it is quite viable and quite provable and exceptionally "useable".

Just a side idea: Ladies, take a teaspoon amount and "wash" over your face. Now, take a "liquid" vitamin E solution (not oil and not thickened supplement--just liquid "E" as you will find in a dropper bottle from "Schiff" or a "GNC" store) in the amount of a few drops. Smooth this over the face immediately. You will "not believe" the results in a matter of hours. This same exercise on rashes, stretch marks in pregnancy, etc., will note very pleasing results. USE GOD'S PRODUCTS--EVEN ASPIRIN (A NATURAL SUBSTANCE FROM THE WILLOW BARK). Aspirin used properly relieves pain and regulates the blood viscosity.

Many of you ask for nutrition input. I don't want you all going off the "deep end" on anything. I am not a touter of "meatless" or, any other extreme. Treat your body properly to balance it and the rest will take care of itself, precious ones. Good nutrition is, of course, a fine goal. But, you may find times when you cannot practice that which you desire. Be prepared with that which will give you sustained energy and whole-cell access.

We are now growing here, right now, spelt. This is "Triticum Spelta" as separated from "Triticum Sativum" (which is wheat). So, it is a form of wheat but it is the oldest known grain to man. It is not a hybrid so can produce its own seed, etc. It can be gotten easily in health food outlets or ordered.

I suggest, if you want to give it a try, home-made (or purchased) spelt bread. If you have facility for grinding--get the whole grain and grind it into flour and use as you would any flour of wheat. You can purchase the whole grain flour I'm sure. Tinker with your bread-makers, you who have them, or any way you desire to use--but have the equivalent of at least two large thick slices, or cereal, or whatever grabs you--EVERY DAY. More would be better. Butter that bread with BUTTER! if you have it. You need what is in the natural butter. If you have a hang-up about it--put anything you want on or "nothing". Why? Because spelt has a large supply of cyanogenic glucosides or Nitrilosides, called the "anti-neoplastic Vitamin B17". (Enough said?) This is best utilized "broken down into useable form" in the presence of substances found in "butter".

Also, sprinkle your diet liberally with soup made from RED lentils. If you can't get "red", use "brown"--but what you are wanting is what makes the lentil "red". Isn't all this fun? By the way, CHUBBY is BETTER than SKINNY! It is said that "You can't be too skinny or too wealthy." WRONG!! ON BOTH COUNTS!



P.S.: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OTHER THAN NATURAL SUBSTANCES--PROBABLY FOUND IN 99% OF ALL PANTRIES IF YOU KNEW HOW TO USE THEM--AND THEN, THE WONDROUS GIFT OF LIFE ADDED TO THIS AMNIONIC LIQUID. GOD has returned this gift to you for your use in this journey in its proper sequence--HE CAN ALSO TAKETH IT AWAY! The life-forms themselves are as old as "time" itself and it is precious indeed--don't abuse this gift, I petition you. And remember, there is no place for "greed" in the house of the Lord. So be it.



MON., JAN. 25, 1993 11:52 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 162

MON., JAN. 25, 1993


In 1986, the J.D. Bernal Peace Library organized a conference on the dangers of biological warfare research. Ritchie Calder said then that among the weapons being stockpiled were some designed to bring about genetic changes. He said the "doomsday bug was under wraps" and that there was "a conspiracy of silence about germ weapons because the implications were so frightening".

He told the British Daily Mirror after his address that "somewhere in the world a germ is being cultured to which we would have no natural resistance and to which there would be no sure defense". [H: Ah so--and therefore there must be something presented which will create its own defense while targeting the very mutated cells introduced. Remember that the HIV virus MUTATES WITH EVERY INDIVIDUAL IT INFECTS--THEREFORE PROVING IT TO BE SELECTIVE IN ITS ABILITY TO CONFORM AS NECESSARY. SO, TO ALTER THAT PATH OF DESTRUCTION YOU HAVE TO INTRODUCE SOMETHING LIKEWISE CAPABLE OF INDIVIDUAL SELECTION WITHIN THE VERY CELLS CONTAINING THE VIRUS AS WELL AS GIVING FULL RESTORATION OF THE VERY IMMUNE SYSTEM AFFECTED. THAT IS WHAT IS OFFERED HERE--GAIANDRIANA--THE VERY STRUCTURE THAT CHANGES ITSSELF INTO THE IDENTICAL PERFECTION OF THE DNA/RNA BLUEPRINT OF EVERY LIVING CELL. IT HAS BEEN RETURNED TO YOU--BY US, THE HOSTS--AND WILL BECOME EVEN MORE PROFICIENT IN ITS SELECTION AS YOU ENTER INTO THAT DAMNABLE "PHOTON BELT" AS IT THRIVES ON THE INVISIBLE HIGHER ULTRA VIOLET FREQUENCIES. Simple? Indeed! But, you aren't going to get it in a hospital ward, chemical house, pharmaceutical house of death drugs, or in the pits of Gay-ville or Lower Somalian food lines. By the way, do you ones realize that almost NONE of the needy villages in Somalia have received any food help AT ALL? What might that tell you about that Somalian operation? Villages have been simply driven by and passed up to get to the media directed towns selected for show and tell.]


There are other products which support and aid in the workings of Gaiandriana which we shall also make available, but, if you can only have ONE--get the Gaiandriana for it renews the very cellular structure of your own body and then, all the rest can be utilized to perfection.

We are receiving reports daily of ones who have witnessed improved function in everything from Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, to simple improvement in the feeling of "well-being"--and this in only a couple of days of intake. Miracle? YOU are the miracle! May insight be your guide.



I would remind you ones of MY mission so that you might better understand why our presentations do not always match your own perception of what should be done and in what order to accomplish same.

Ours is to prepare, bring Truth out of the shambles of the tampered-with disinformation and misinformation--in other words, we call it THE WORD.

Next, we must awaken the sleepy-heads who do not see that which has come down upon your globe through powerful, controlling influences in a totally humanistic issue of slavery/master.

We must speak of that which is WRONG, analyze it and then when we see and understand that which has come to be--consider what can be done to counter the rolling blob of would-be freedom and Truth killers.

The enemy must be identified and his modus operandi studied and a defense planned, orchestrated, and instrumented.

Further, it means that to regain individual sovereignty--you MUST start where you CAN DO SO. You must see what can be done at community, county and then state levels of organization of government--THEN, you can bring pressure to bear on the Feds. The government has become totally topsy-turvy and you are now run by the government, not the government by you-the-people. In addition--you are forced to pay for your slavery.

In addition to these insights, we are to point out some changes of natural evolution--i.e., this so-called "Photon Belt" now creeping upon you with very damaging X-rays (for lack of better definition in understanding). Yes, we can and have brought information and structured substance to allow you to do very well in those frequencies of light rays. The same thing will allow cellular good health and enhancement of the living immune system.

I note that Chlorella is listed first in the discussion regarding some recommended "things" to assist you to good health. That is error in placement for it would indicate its priority of importance--it is NOT first in importance--it might well be last. It is a natural algae and could be substituted out with other algae forms. ANYTHING with Gaiandriana (this is not just a trade-name) is FIRST and LAST in importance. If you had nothing other than this one substance you could do nicely.

Our staff, in an effort to "underplay" the significance of the offering to keep clear of regulators--are not ever going to give you more than a smattering of its importance. I am now, however, writing on the subject and shall continue to give you a full explanation of what it is and how it works. I have given explicit and very technical details to the researchers so that testing and perfection of product can be accomplished. Phenomenal claims are pouring in from ones who suffer the debilitations of a myriad of malfunctions from Diabetes, Carcinomas, etc., to head-colds. I am happy to share the results but I remind EVERYONE--Man cures self and anything utilized by Man is simply a tool. It is simply a giving of the substances "missing" which accomplishes the ability to reclaim a measure of good health. If you go forth and claim "miracle cure"--you will be in gross error for you will simply make sure you DO NOT HAVE IT FOR YOUR USE.


These improvements in health and well-being are nice--but the thing we need attended is that allowance of the cellular structure as is to be able to speed up its frequency levels to more nearly match the rays pouring in upon you--that is what is made possible with gaiandriana--a living cellular structure which duplicates any DNA blueprint in every and all living cells. Instead of mutations when attacked by something or other such as a virus--the cells are able to destroy the virus because of the capabilities naturally of a strong immune system. These little friends match an individual's cellular DNA according to body location and individual. The cells can cross cellular walls and reach the invading virus, etc. It acts just the opposite of what could be exampled as the HIV virus which mutates to every individual attacked. The invading virus, for instance, is a "foreign" influence and must be discarded or devoured--the gaiandriana perfects the cells and does the foreign body removal--just as do the normally operating immune system cells. EVERY "disease" is caused by "foreign" invasion and/or MALFUNCTION. This can occur at any time from conception to day of death of the body. If genes are damaged then some cells will not produce and reproduce. If this occurs in formation of a fetus--obviously you have malformations. Nothing is apt to help that which is not formed--but anything formed and caused to malfunction by foreign body intake--can be given proper recovery of itself. This will not, however, be true of some heavy metal poisons, radiation death of cells, etc. However, it can allow restructuring and recovery of all DAMAGED cellular structure. This will assist in all sorts of a myriad of incapacitations.



Before we close out these updates, let us consider Gaiandriana and T-Cell count improvement. We have many responses that utilizing the Gaiandriana is giving almost immediate response in numbers of T-Cells--but with the lowering of amount of intake the count will not maintain itself and falls off. This will not happen if utilized with at least 3 tablets of Gingko per day. There is a direct and immediate response to the addition of the Gingko in this arena. Ones are finding the best results come from four ounces of Gaiandriana liquid in a day followed by daily intake of one ounce per day for the following 12 days. During this two weeks period also intake 3 Gingko tablets per day. After this two weeks (13 days actually) continue with 8-10 drops of Gaiandriana under the tongue for about three minutes AND continue the 3 daily Gingko. If the T-Cell drops--do another run-through of the 4-1-1 etc. To maintain the level of T-cell improvement this is the best approach. After a while it will balance itself out if other impacts are not present. It takes a while for the body to improve and reverse its functions.

Many are claiming miraculous results--please do not do this for if there are "miracles" happening--YOU are the miracle. You are simply restructuring and normalizing the normally functioning original cellular structure of your body.

As to your inquiries regarding the use of Gaiandriana in "Valley Fever", I would suggest the same regimen as above for you need a good immune system in any event. A specific target Gaiandriana "little friend" is being targeted for study--but a healthy immune system is the goal to achieve at any point. Valley Fever is a fungus, Coccidioides immitis (a cocci). Cocci are more vulnerable to destruction by our little "Pacman" gophers than are the viruses because there are no cell walls to resist passage of a countering element.

What is happening with these newly discovered and hybridized agents of disease is that they overwhelm the immune system and actually have no known countering agent (antibiotic). It is always the concomitant "disease" process which kills in AIDS--not the little lazy HIV virus. "Cure" should not be in ANY medical or even natural healing practice or even self-healing practice. ONLY THE BODY/MIND CAN HEAL OR CURE OF SELF--everything else is only a tool. Further, it has to be established that the tools do not damage as well. In the instance of Gaiandrianas--they are fully natural little cellular forms which are simply specific use tools. This does not mean they cannot be used for many jobs (i.e., a hammer or pliers) but there can be specialized pliers for different tasks--as example. If our offering makes you feel better and seems to enhance your well-being, the pleasure is ours. God bless and keep you in HIS hands for it is from HIS HANDS that these things come forth for your blessing.

Take this from the computer and we will effort to get on with more writing for the ending of this week may require that you be elsewhere most of the time.



What do I suggest? GAIANDRIANA! There is no known "cure" for Valley Fever! If your immune system is debilitated--Valley Fever will run to epdemic proportion SOON. Why? Because like other "harboring" diseases--once in the body--ALWAYS IN THE BODY--JUST WAITING! If you people don't get that IMMUNE SYSTEM working properly--you will not make it as they dump one thing after another on you. Remember those soldiers coming back from the "Desert Storm"? Chelas, you are in constant jeopardy from these hidden death-dealers. I have no right nor wish to pound upon you blind lambs--but you are going to need to do something or you are going to perish, it appears, at the hands of the would-be KINGS.


Please, you nice herb-users--Chaparral is now removed from the "quantity" health food outlets and herbal stores. What does this tell you? THAT IT IS DAMNED EFFICIENT AS A HEALTH RESTORATIVE. ONE BY ONE "THEY" DEPRIVE YOU OF THAT WHICH YOU MUST HAVE TO SURVIVE IN A DE-LIBERATELY SICKENED WORLD.

There is irony herein, however--for Chaparral is simply a name meaning a "thicket of small low-growing shrubs". What the point is, is to get the Creosote bush (Larrea tridentata of the caltrop family of Mexico and the Colorado desert) away from you. Now, if you live in this area affected with Valley Fever you will note that it is thriving near the desert areas--which is overgrown with creosote bushes! Use your heads, chelas, and save your lives! Should you rush out there and start grazing on these bushes? I wouldn't suggest it because you can make yourselves very, very sick by such unintelligent use--of anything. But, you CAN find ways of helping your own health--so investigate those ways. I DO suggest you help yourselves with a little gaiandriana and mitochondria (Aquagaia). It is better to have a healthy immune system which can handle these invaders than all the "treatment" and proclaimed "cures" in the world. So be it.

FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1993


We will be, very shortly, offering more "in-depth" information regarding Gaiandriana as we have had it available long enough to get the next bombardment of response and inquiries from you readers. We find that many are taking too much, others not enough--others simply do not follow directions. In all instances, we must remember, that there are two types of, say, "cancer" cells and causatives--artificial (or "constructed") and "natural". The "natural" bothers are things such as caffeine in coffee, etc. The "constructed" and worse are the additives of "constructed caffeine-like substance", say, in the cola beverages. Gaiandriana allows immediate attack of your immune system against the "naturals" (especially if not overwhelmed by great intake) but it is all but impossible for a "natural" substance to break-up and dissolve the causative agent when "man-made" through genetic/DNA manipulation of the invader--IF THE RECIPIENT CONTINUES TO ABUSE BY CONTINUED INTAKE OF THE DAMAGING AGENTS, I.E., OVERUSE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES (SURPRISING AS IT MAY SEEM, EVEN THOUGH ALCOHOL IS DAMAGING IN ITS OWN RIGHT) IT IS THE "ADDITIVES" WHICH CAUSE THE MUTATION OF CELLS, TOBACCO ADDITIVES, ETC. Further, please note--that if you use Mogu (Mugu) tea--do NOT overdo it. If you drink it like you would a juice or a drink of water--you defeat the work of the Gaiandriana as it will move directly to take up residency and fuel supply from the ingested tea which is often it's very living foundation. Why work on "aliens" if you keep abundantly supplied in your favorite life-fuel? Also, MANY THINGS cannot well be adapted in conjunction and either negate the other or simply are not compatible.

We find, especially ones with HIV are so eager to get better that they are swamping their bodies with everything and while they are "feeling" better are not showing sufficient increase in the immune cells. The researchers are going to take the whole of this week to work on variations to increase the Gaiandriana per unit, reducing the solution's "fuel" supply to cause better intervention of the cells as they move into the body. You must understand that as this passes through the stomach--30 to 50% of the cells are killed. To help avoid such massive loss--a bit of apple juice is suggested but most ones forget to use it. Also you must remember that many "patients" continue to take medications which are chemically damaging to the cellular structure as it efforts to move within its own DNA structured cells.

I can equate this somewhat to a sperm efforting to get past all the birth control devices to fertilize an ovum. I told you not to EXPECT miracles--YOU ARE THE MIRACLE and it requires your own cooperation. If you continue to abuse and insult the body you are working not only for the disease invaders--but the disease enhancing additives in your intake. Ones who have been pronounced "terminal" are showing massive return of good health but also show willingness to balance their intakes of "body debilitating" substances. We will ask our Doctor to draw up a listing of harmful substances. If you can't give up your "addictions" then begin to "taper off" and as you feel better the nagging addiction CAN come under control. It will mean you will have to invest in greater intake amounts (of the correct items), not just at random "overtake" anything. Also, if you are showing no, or poor, results--change your intake methods to hit very hard with under the tongue amounts four to five times a day--leaving the liquid under the tongue for at least 3 minutes. If you are working with a child or animal of whom you can't require this--use many times a day under the tongue and it will take up into the bloodstream.



So, what has Dharma been doing that she couldn't trip through and over the keyboard? We have been perfecting the Gaiandriana and that which needs go WITH IT for full-bore offering. I spoke of it at length on this past Sunday so will not be repeating here. We will be writing about IT and also that which is suggested you do along with the Gaiadrianas and drias. We have waited for ones of your place to meet our needs and offered to meet theirs--but we only get more conflict and discrediting. We are not interested in "saving" anything but will offer God's gifts to anyone who desires to share in HIS work and journey. We are going to offer to do so in convenience and pricing which will be less than anything you can purchase anywhere.

A MAJOR part of my suggested "program" is SPELTA BREAD. Spelta is a grain all of its own unique being. It is the best fiber resource, has large amounts of B-17 (anti-carcinoma)--it is the grain GOD gave to the planet as "manna" when you were put upon it.

The Spelta is more mildly flavorful than wheat and even ones allergic to wheat will have no allergy to Spelt. It is, however, VERY EXPENSIVE for it was all but removed from the market. We will arrange to find a conduit and keep you informed. We are finding that, in general, the cost is upwards of a dollar per pound--even in large batches for the most part. This means that in some health-food resource stores it is $2.50 a pound and up.

Our people need another job like the proverbial hole-in-the-head but we see no other way to make this available to you. We can consider packaging in smaller than the usual amount of 25 (min) pounds of the flour. As we grow and harvest from our own fields we can grind it and offer it for less but, with Mr. Green's antics this year, we lost most of the harvest quantity. We are indebted beyond measure to the Millers, who made an irrigation system available albeit almost too late to salvage the fields. Don't worry about keeping "track", people--GOD KEEPS GOOD RECORDS!

In addition to the above, the PLAN is to offer a good bread-making machine at below cost of even the discount markets--direct from a manufacturer. It looks like perhaps the best turbo machine may come in at well under $200 (it sells for $300). This is NOT set yet--I am only mentioning it for you who diligently effort to follow necessary instructions.

I have had Dharma into the Gaiandriana preparation but also standardizing a recipe which can be utilized in any machine or, at the least, TWO varieties (the round and the square leaders on the market). It is difficult for whole-grain Spelt is harder to deal with than is whole-grain wheat. The loaves will be "heavier" but after dozens of loaves of bread she has developed one that appears to package into individual machine-ready ingredients for a large loaf of just around, or just under, two pounds. To get better "rising" we are of necessity adding a bit of bread flour from wheat so all should keep that in mind when ordering the pre-packaged ingredients. We have not been able to establish costs for the product because we haven't reached a stabilized recipe.

By the way, the ones who have served you so well up to now, Kathy, Diane, Jack and on and on, are willing to run the extra load of accounting and ferreting out the machines and will offer them on a "time" payoff arrangement if possible and it appears to be possible. Of course, you will be able to utilize the ingredients by hand as well so don't get up-tight about it. Also, you can get Spelt flour and make cookies, muffins, biscuits or any flour product. This other is simply for convenience and FOR MY PURPOSES--FOR I PREFER YOU HAVE BREAD WHICH YOU CAN SLICE AND THEN TOAST. In the toasting comes a release of the substances which make the grain so incredibly good in the first place--AND THEN, BUTTER IT. I said BUTTER, not margarine. There is a substance in BUTTER which allows utilization of the important substances and allows the body full utilization--no other oil has it.

As we get closer to being able to offer the full-range regime and do the labor (for we have to "nursery" the drianas and other mandatory life-forms and it takes TIME for full growing cycles) we have no facilities and even though there are willing hands to help, we remain limited by ability to get "quantity" and the preparation of thousands of packages by hand is an overwhelming prospect for these already overextended people. Your patience will be appreciated and we know that you will be gracious and understanding as always. We are hopefully looking forward to early or mid October to begin.

Do NOT concern that the product you have will be outdated--it won't--it will be the same as utilized for "maintenance". I believe, especially for you CONTACT subscribers, there is a special offer which is being set up in some manner. It will henceforth PAY ones to subscribe because there will be ongoing discounts, to ones who do so, on everything which is accepted by the CONTACT to back publicly--the JOURNALS also.

We will keep you informed as we move along here.



Please, readers, understand that this is NOT Dharma's only task--writing for me or my compatriots--I have her actually putting together the life substance resource of Gaiandriana that you might have that which WE know to be necessary and correct for all purposes of good health. Someone has to do the actual measuring and testing and she is NOT a chemist or scientist any more than she is an author. She must also perfect the required product of SPELTA (Triticum spelta) and not Triticum aestivum or (T. sativum) which is the grain of what you call WHEAT. This is done so that YOU will be able to utilize the product in some measure of success since the grain seems to be highly "hidden" (because it is a most wondrous product sent to you from God). It is the most delicate of flavor, surpassing wheat in its flavor and unmatched in its health-positive perfection.

She is working to perfect right proportions for what I demand as well as a product that you can utilize in your bread machines, by hand (in your oven), or in other cooking. "We" are "there" with the bread loaves--it is just the final product testing daily and the problems of packaging which confronts her now and, here, she has help so it should move right along. We have a typical "team" in working here--she takes credit for the "good" baking and causes "me" to look bad with the "hockey pucks"! Ah, a ghost gets no respect! Worse yet--there have been lots more "hockey pucks" than soft, fine loaves of manna. She plans to offer you some other recipes as the flour becomes more available. It is very expensive to purchase--WHEN YOU CAN GET IT--and must be utilized as "whole" grain product to be suitable.



APRIL 27, 1993



As we sit to pen this information I am at a loss as to how to keep you from thinking me idiot-material. However, you who already have past information, say, regarding Hydrogen Peroxide and its antiseptic-antibiotic properties, please be patient while we offer information to those who have not received same. Further, Summer is upon you and such as Gaiandriana and the Mo-Gu starters and-or tea need updated care instructions.

We have gotten back from ONE who said he had the "stuff" tested and found a few bacteria, a virus or two and some E. Coli in the test-run. If it were the Gaiandriana I question that result very, very much. It is important for you to know that in the culture medium utilized there is a combination of items which CREATE AND PRODUCE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE in the Gaiandriana transformation. This will purify the liquid. This does not mean that you cannot contaminate the bottle in some manner. However, since intake decreases, usually, let us consider the "setting" bottle, etc. Of course it is recommended that you store the larger quantity in refrigeration facilities.

HOWEVER, if you have no refrigeration facilities, etc. Place the equivalent of 10 drops of food-grade (35%) hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a small quantity (approximately an ounce) of water (to first dilute the H2O2) and then add this diluted H2O2 to the 32-ounce Gaiandriana or Aquagaia bottle. Remember to scale down the number of H2O2 drops utilized for the smaller 16-ounce and 8-ounce product bottles. The Gaiandriana or Aquagaia will continue to thrive and the unwanted bacteria and-or any virus will be destroyed and then actually removed by ingestion by the Gaiandriana or Aquagaia activity.

The "tea" (Mo-Gu) is a very different matter. You are making a very sweet growing medium for the membrane and in addition you are growing it in a warm condition (necessary) and further you are setting it for a couple of weeks or so, give or take a bit. What do I suggest? Well, I suggest that probably you won't want to ship much "tea" during the hot months because of lack of refrigeration in route. But, you CAN purify the water used in making the tea with the general rule-of-thumb water-purification formula of 7-10 drops of 35% food-grade H2O2 per gallon of water—which will additionally help enhance the membrane growth.

Then, later on, as you process or "harvest" the finished Mo-Gu tea product, and store it in the refrigerator, add another 7 to 10 drops (say, for a gallon storage container of Mo-Gu, with scaled down number of drops for smaller storage containers) of the 35% food-grade H2O2. Again, first dilute the H2O2 in some water before adding to the Mo-Gu. You will not taste it and neither will it hamper the value.

I always suggest, in adding any 35% food-grade H2O2 to anything, that it be DILUTED FIRST. Just as you must NEVER drop concentrated anything into the mouth (for it would damage living cellular structures), neither do you dump it full-strength into living culture medium. Dilute it in a bit (say, an ounce) of water first and STIR rapidly whatever it is you are dumping the diluted H2O2 into for purification purposes. Naturally, if just purifying a gallon of water, there is no need for active stirring, though a little closed-container agitation (a few shakes) won't hurt.


Another question: What about that slimy goo in the bottom of the bottle of Gaiandriana or Aquagaia if left out of refrigeration? GOOD GOO! I suggest you now go get some FOOD-PROCESSED ALOE VERA LIQUID. Take a half cup or so of it (some of it is even orange or lemon-lime flavored, etc.) and dump in the "goo" and last portion of a Gaiandriana or Aquagaia bottle. Or, strain the "goo" out of its original bottle and place it into the new aloe vera "home". Leave set for a couple of days and you will have a concentrated batch of Gaiandriana or Aquagaia product which will be an addition to the original bottle.

This is NOT a replacement for the original batch you get for it will not contain all you need. However, in ones who intake products which tend to kill off a portion of the Gaiandriana in the body (like caffeine in coffee)—this will enhance the potency--even if you just drink a little. Remember, Aloe Vera itself has a tendency to make some people feel "queazy" so DO NOT OVERDO how much of this you drink!! However, a full-blown AIDS victim could take ten times a "normal" amount and only improve--for perhaps "feeling good" is a very relative state of being.

Some people are going to run fevers and have "crisis" symptoms as healing takes place. If this goes on for very long, look to other health problems for the cause. First, treat the "liquid batch" with hydrogen peroxide as above described. THEN start on a regimen of hydrogen peroxide according to the instructions given again herein [following after next paragraph].