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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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The National Conference of Christians and Jews might look into the millions of dollars being invested today by so-called or self-styled "Jews" to insure that the Talmud shall remain the axis of political, economic, cultural and social attitudes and activities of so-called or self- styled "Jews" today, and future generations. Violating the basic principle of "brotherhood" and "Interfaith" so-called or self-styled "Jews" are spending millions of dollars each year to establish and equip quarters where the teachings of the Talmud can be indoctrinated into the minds of children from the time they are able to read and write. These few news items were selected from hundreds like them which are appearing daily in newspapers clear across the nation:

"Two new Jewish Centers, built at a cost of $300,000. will be opened to a 1000 students for daily and Sunday school activities next month, it was announced today by the Associated Talmud Torahs." (Chicago Herald-Tribune, 8/19/50.)

"The Yeshiva School Department now provides daytime an approved English-Hebrew curriculum for grades 1 to 5 (aged 5 1/2 to 10). The afternoon Talmud Torah has opened a new beginner's class and is accepting enrollment of advanced as well as beginner students." (Jewish Voice, 9/18/53)

"RABBI TO TALK ON TALMUD TO SHOLEM MEN. Dr. David Graubert presiding rabbi of Bet Din, and professor of rabbinical literature at the College of Jewish Studies, will present the first of his series of four lectures, 'The World of the Talmud'. (Chicago Tribune, 10/29/53.)

"MARYLAND GRANTS DEGREE IN TALMUD. Baltimore, (JTA). New Israel Rabbinical College has been granted here authority by the Maryland State Board of Education to issue degrees of Master of Talmudic Law and Doctor of Talmudic Law." (Jewish Voice, 1/9/53.)

"TALMUD LESSONS ON AIR FROM JERUSALEM. Weekly radio lectures on the Talmud, in English, will be available shortly on tape recordings for local stations in the United States and Canada, it was announced today." (California Jewish Voice, 1/11/52.)

Earlier in this letter, my dear Dr. Goldstein, you remember reading a quotation by the most eminent authority on the Talmud to the effect that "THE MODERN JEW IS A PRODUCT OF THE TALMUD. Would it surprise you to learn that many Christians also are the "PRODUCT OF THE TALMUD". The teachings of the Talmud are accepted by Christians in the highest echelons. I will only quote one on the subject of the Talmud, the former President of the United States. In 1951 President Truman was presented with his second set of the "63 books" of the Talmud. On the occasion of this acceptance the newspapers carried the following news item:

"Mr. Truman thanked us for the books and said that he was glad to get them as 'I have read many more of the ones presented four years ago than a lot of people think.' He said that he did read a lot and that the book he read the most is the Talmud which contains much sound reasoning and good philosophy of life."

Former President Truman says he benefits by "much sound reasoning" and his brand of "good philosophy of life" which absorbs from the "book that he reads the most." His recent term in office reflected his study of the Talmud. No one familiar with the Talmud will deny that. But does our former President Truman know that Jesus did not feel the way he feels about the Talmud? The "much sound reasoning" and the "good philosophy of life" in the Talmud were constantly and consistently denounced by Jesus in no uncertain terms. Former President Truman should refresh his memory by reading the New Testament passages where Jesus expresses Himself on the question of the Pharisees and their Talmud. Will Mr. Truman state that in his opinion the Talmud was the "sort of book" from which Jesus "drew the teachings which enabled him to revolutionize the world" on "moral and religious subjects"?

Before leaving the Talmud as my subject I would like to refer to the most authentic analysis of the Talmud which has ever been written. You should obtain a copy of it and read it. You will be amply rewarded for your trouble in finding a copy of it, I can doubly assure you. The name of the book is "The Talmud". It was written almost a century ago in French by Arsene Darmesteter. In 1897 it was translated into English by the celebrated Henrietta Szold and published by the Jewish Publication Society of America in Philadelphia. Henrietta Szold was an outstanding educator and Zionist and one of the most notable and admirable so-called or self-styled "Jews" of this century. Henrietta Szold's translation of Arsene Darmesteter's "The Talmud" is a classic. You will never understand the Talmud until you have read it. I will quote from it sparingly:

"Now Judaism finds its expression in the Talmud, which is not a remote suggestion and a faint echo thereof, but in which it has become incarnate, in which it has taken form, passing from a state of the abstraction into the domain of real things. THE STUDY OF JUDAISM IS THAT OF THE TALMUD. AS THE STUDY OF THE TALMUD IS THAT OF JUDAISM. . .THEY ARE TWO INSEPARABLE THINGS, OR BETTER, THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME. . .Accordingly, the Talmud is the completest expression of religious movement, and this code of endless prescriptions and minute ceremonials represents in its perfection the total work of the religious idea. . .The miracle was accomplished by a book, the Talmud. . .The Talmud, in turn is composed of two distinct parts, the Mishna and the Gemara; the former the text, the latter the commentary upon the text. . .By the term Mishna we designate A COLLECTION OF DECISIONS AND TRADITIONAL LAWS, EMBRACING ALL DEPARTMENTS OF LEGISLATION, CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS. . .This code, which was the work of several generations of Rabbis. . .Nothing, indeed can equal the importance of the Talmud, unless it be the ignorance that prevails concerning it. . .This explains how it happens that a single page of the Talmud contains three or four different languages, or rather specimens of one language at three or four stages of degeneracy. . .Many a Mishna of five or six lines is accompanied by fifty or sixty pages of explanation. . .is Law in all its authority; it constitutes dogma and cult; it is the fundamental element of the Talmud…The DAILY STUDY OF THE TALMUD, WHICH AMONG JEWS BEGAN WITH THE AGE OF TEN TO END WITH LIFE ITSELF, necessarily was a severe gymnastic for the mind, thanks to which IT ACQUIRED INCOMPARABLE SUBTLETY AND ACUMEN. . .SINCE IT ASPIRES TO ONE THING: TO ESTABLISH FOR JUDAISM A 'CORPUS JURIS ECCLESIASTICI'."

The above quotations were culled from a treatise intended to sugar-coat the Talmud. In painting a nice word-picture of the Talmud that author could not escape mentioning the above facts also. Coming from this source under the circumstances the facts stated above do not add glory to the Talmud.

"The Talmud Unmasked, the Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians" was written by Rev. I. B. Pranaitis, master of Theology and Professor of the Hebrew Language at the Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the Roman Catholic Church in Old St. Petersburg, Russia. The Rev. Pranaitis was the greatest of the students of the Talmud. His complete command of the Hebrew language qualified him to analyze the Talmud as few men in history.

The Rev. Pranaitis scrutinized the Talmud for passages referring to Jesus, Christians and the Christian faith. These passages were translated by him into Latin. Hebrew lends itself to translation into Latin better than it does directly into English. The translation of the passages of the Talmud referring to Jesus, Christians and Christian faith were printed in Latin by the Imperial Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg in 1893 with the Imprimatur of his Archbishop. The translation from the Latin into English was made by great Latin scholars in the United States in 1939 with funds provided by wealthy Americans for that purpose.

In order not to leave any loose ends on the subject of the Talmud's references to Jesus, to Christians and to the Christian faith I will below summarize translation into English from the Latin texts of Rev. Pranaitis' "The Talmud Unmasked, The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians". It would require too much space to quote these passages verbatim with their foot-notes from the Soncino Edition in English.

First I will summarize the references by Rev. Pranaitis referring to Jesus in the Talmud in the original texts translated by him into Latin, and from Latin into English:

Sanhedrin, 67a Jesus referred to as the son of Pandira, a soldier.

Kallah. lb.(18b) Illegitimate and conceived during menstruation.

Sanhedrin. 67a. Hanged on the eve of Passover.

Toldath Jeschu. Birth related in most shameful expressions.

Abhodah Zarah. II. Referred to as the son of Pandira, a Roman soldier.

Schabbath XIV. Again referred to as the son of Pandira, the Roman.

Sanhedrin. 43a. On the eve of Passover they hanged Jesus.

Schabbath. 104b. Called a fool and no one pays attention to fools.

Toldoth Jeschu. Judas and Jesus engage in quarrel with filth.

Sanhedrin. 103a. Suggested corrupts his morals and dishonors self.

Sanhedrin, 107b. Seduced, corrupted and destroyed Israel.

Zohar III. (282). Died like a beast and buried in animal's dirt heap.

Hilkoth Melakhim. Attempt to prove Christians err in worship of Jesus.

Abhodah Zarah. 21a. Reference to worship of Jesus in homes unwanted.

Orach Chaiim. 113. Avoid appearance of paying respect to Jesus.

lore Dea. 150.2. Do not appear to pay respect to Jesus by accident.

Abhodah Zarah (6a)). False teaching to worship on first day of Sabbath.

The above are a few selected from a very complicated arrangement in which many references are obscured by intricate reasoning. The following are a few summarized references to Christians and the Christian faith although not always expressed in exactly that manner. There are eleven names used in the Talmud for non-Talmud followers, by which Christians are meant. Besides Notsrim, from Jesus the Nazarene, Christians are called by all the names used in the Talmud to designate all non-"Jews": Minim, Edom Abhoday Zarah, Akum, Obhde Elilim, Nokrim, Amme Haarets, Kuthrim, Apikorosim, and Goim. Besides supplying the names by which Christians are called in the Talmud, the passages quoted below indicate what kind of people the Talmud pictures the Christians to be, and what the Talmud says about the religious worship of the Christians.

Hilkhoth Maakhaloth. Christians are idolators, must not associate.

Abhodah Zarah (22a). Do not associate with gentiles they shed blood.

Iroe Dea 153.2). Must not associate with the Christians, shed blood.

Abhodah Zarah (15b). Suggest Christians have sex relations with animals.

Abhodah Zarah (22a). Suspect Christians of intercourse with animals.

Schabbath (145B). Christians unclean because they eat accordingly.

Abhoday Zarah (22a). Christians unclean because they are not at Mount Sinai.

Iore Dea (198 48). Clean female Jews contaminated meeting Christians.

Kerithuth (6b p.78). Jews called men, Christians not called men.

Makkoth (7b). Innocent of murder if intent was to kill Christian.

Orach Chaiim (225.10). Christians and animals grouped for comparisons.

Midrasch Talpioth (225). Christians created to minister to Jews always.

Orach Chaiim 57.6a). Christians to be pitied more than sick pigs.

Zohar II (64b). Christian idolators likened to cows and asses.

Kethuboth (110b). Psalmist compares Christians to unclean beasts.

Sanhedrin (74b)Tos. Sexual intercourse of Christian like that of beast.

Kethuboth (3b). The seed of Christian is valued as seed of beast.

Kidduschim (68a). Christians like the people of an ass.

Eben Haezar (44,8). Marriages between Christians and Jews null.

Zohar (II.64b). Christian birth rate must be diminished materially.

Zohar (I,28b). Christian idolators children of Eve's serpant.

Zohar (I.131a). Idolatrous people (Christian) befoul the world.

Emek Hammelech (23d). Non-Jews' souls come from death and death's shadow.

Zohar (I.46b.47a). Souls of gentiles have unclean divine origins.

Rosch Haschanach (17a). Non-Jews souls go down to hell.

Iore Dea (337.1). Replace dead Christians like lost cow or ass.

Iebhammoth (61a). Jews called men, but not Christians called men.

Abhodah Zarah (14b)T. Forbidden to sell religious works to Christians.

Abhodah Zarah (78). Christian churches are places of idolatry.

Iore Dea (142.10). Must keep far away physically from churches.

Iore Dea (142.15). Must not listen to church music or look at idols.

Iore Dea (143.1). Must not rebuild homes destroyed near churches.

Hilkoth Abh.Zar. (10b). Jews must not resell broken chalices to Christians.

Schabbath (116a) Tos. Gospels called volumes of iniquity, heretical books.

Schabbath (116a). Talmudists agree that books of Christians be burned.

Abhodah Zarah (2a). Festivals of Christians called days of calamity.

Abhodah Zarah (78c). Christian feast days despicable, vain and evil.

Abhodah Zarah (6a). Forbidden to observe Christian Christmas Day.

Hilkoth Akum (ch.IX). Forbidden to celebrate Easter and Christmas.

Chullin (91b). Jews possess dignity even an angel cannot share.

Sanhedrin, 58b. To strike Israelite like slapping face of God.

Chagigah. 15b. A Jew considered good in spite of sins he commits.

Gitlin (62a). Jew stay away from Christian homes on holidays.

Iore Dea (148,10). Jew must not return greeting Christian, do it first.

Choschen Ham. (26,1). Jew must not sue before a Christian judge or laws.

Choschen Ham. (34.19). Christian or servant cannot become witnesses.

Iore Dea (112,1). Avoid eating with Christians, breeds familiarity.

Abhodah Zarah (35b). Do not drink milk from a cow milked by Christian.

Iore Dea (178.1). Never imitate customs of Christians, even hair-combs.

Abhodah Zarah (72b). Wine touched by Christians must be thrown away.

Iore Dea (120,1). Bought-dishes from Christians must be well washed.

Abhodah Zarah (2a). For three days before Christians festivals, avoid all.

Abhodah Zarah (78c). Festivals of followers of Jesus regarded as idolatry.

Iore Dea (139.1). Avoid things used by Christians in their worship.

Abhodah Zarah (14b). Forbidden to sell Christians articles for worship

Iore Dea (151.1) H. Do not sell water to Christians for baptisms.

Abhodah Zarah (2a.T). Do not trade with Christians on their feast days.

Abhodah Zarah (1.2). Now permitted to trade with Christians on such days.

Abhodah Zarah (2aT). Trade with Christians because they have money to pay.

Iore Dea (148,5). If Christian is not devout may send him gifts.

Hilkoth Akum (IX,2). Send gifts to Christians only if they are irreligious.

Iore Dea (81.7.Ha.). Christian wet-nurses to be avoided because dangerous.

Iore Dea (153.1 H). Christian nurse will lead children to heresy.

Iore Dea (155.1). Avoid Christian doctors not well known to neighbors.

Peaschim (25a). Avoid medical help from idolators, Christians meant.

Iore Dea (156.1). Avoid Christian barbers unless escorted by Jews.

Abhodah Zarah (26a). Avoid Christian midwives as dangerous when alone.

Zohar (1,25b). Those who do good to Christians never rise when dead.

Hilkoth Akum (X.6). Help needy Christians if it will promote peace.

Iore Dea (148.1211). Hide hatred for Christians at their celebrations.

Abhodah Zarah (20a). Never praise Christians lest it be believed true.

Iore Dea (151.14). Not allowed to praise Christians to add to glory.

Hilkoth Akum (V.12). Quote Scriptures to forbid mention of Christian god.

Iore Dea (146.15). Refer to Christian religious articles with contempt.

Iore Dea (147.5). Deride Christian religious articles without wishes.

Hilkoth Akum (X,5). No gifts to Christians, gifts to converts.

Iore Dea (151.11). Gifts forbidden to Christians encourages friendship.

Iore Dea (334.43). Exile for that Jew who sells farm to Christian.

Iore Dea (154,2). Forbidden to teach a trade to a Christian.

Babha Bathra (54b). Christian property belongs to first person claiming.

Choschen Ham. (183,7). Keep what Christian overpays in error.

Choschen Ham. (126,1). Jew may keep lost property of Christian found by Jew.

Babha Kama (113b). It is permitted to deceive Christians.

Choschen Ham. (183,7). Jews must divide what they overcharge Christians.

Choschen Ham. (156,5). Jews must not take Christian customers from Jews.

Iore Dea (157,2 H). May deceive Christians that believe Christian tenets.

Abhodah Zarah (54a). Usury may be practiced upon Christians or apostates.

Iore Dea (159.1). Usury permitted now for any reason to Christians.

Babha Kama (113a). Jew may lie and perjure to condemn a Christian.

Babha Kama (113b). Name of God not profaned when lying to Christians.

Kallah (1b.p.18). Jew may perjure himself with a clear conscience.

Schabbouth Hag. (6d). Jew may swear falsely by use of subterfuge wording.

Zohar (I.160a). Jews must always try to deceive Christians.

Iore Dea (158,1). Do not cure Christians unless it makes enemies.

Orach Cahiim (330.2). Do not assist Christian's childbirth on Saturday.

Choschen Ham. (425.5). Unless believes in Torah do not prevent his death.

Iore Dea (158.1). Christians not enemies must not be saved either.

Hilkoth Akum (X.1). Do not save Christians in danger of death.

Choschen Ham. (388,15). Kill those who give Israelites' money to Christians.

Sanhedrin (59a). Prying into Jews' "Law" to get death penalty.

Hilkhoth Akum (X.2). Baptized Jews are to be put to death.

Iore Dea (158.2)Hag. Kill renegades who turn to Christian rituals.

Choschen Ham. (425,5). Those who do not believe in Torah are to be killed.

Hilkhoth tesch.III.8. Christians and others deny the "Law" of the Torah.

Zohar (I,25a). Christians are to be destroyed as idolators.

Zohar (11,19a) Captivity of Jews ends when Christian princes die.

Zohar (1,219b). Princes of Christians are idolators, must die.

Obadiam. When Rome is destroyed Israel will be redeemed.

Abhodah Zarah (26b)T. "Even the best of the Goim should be killed".

Sepher Or Israel 177b. If Jew kills Christian commits no sin.

Ialkut Simoni (245c). Shedding blood of impious offers sacrifice to God.

Zohar (Ii.43a). Extermination of Christians necessary sacrifice.

Zohar (L.38b,39a). High place in heaven for those who kill idolators.

Hilkhoth Akum (X.1). Make no agreements and show no mercy to Christians.

Hilkhoth Akum (X.1). Either turn them away from their idols or kill.

Hilkhoth Akum (X.7). Allow no idolators to remain where Jews are strong.

Choschen Ham. (338,16). All contribute to expense of killing traitor.

Pesachim (49b). No need of prayers while beheading on Sabbath.

Schabbath (118a). Prayers to save from punishment of coming Messiah.

In the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library, unless recently removed, you can find a copy of "The Talmud Unmasked, The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians" by the Rev. I. B. Pranaitis. A copy of the original work printed in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1892 can be made available to you by our mutual friend if you are interested in reading the above passages in the original Hebrew text with their Latin translation. I trust my summaries correctly explain the original text. I believe they do. If I am in error in any way please be so kind as to let me know. It was very difficult to reduce them to short summaries.

The National Conference of Christians and Jews need not scrutinize the "63 books" of the Talmud to discover all the anti-Christ, anti-Christian, and anti-Christian faith passages in the books which are "THE LEGAL CODE WHICH FORMS THE BASIS OF JEWISH RELIGIOUS LAW" and which is "THE TEXTBOOK USED IN THE TRAINING OF RABBIS". They can also keep in mind that, as Rabbi Morris Kertzer also points out, as explained earlier, that "ADULTS STUDY ANCIENT WRITINGS TOO. . .IN. . .GROUP DISCUSSION OF TALMUD BEFORE EVENING PRAYER." If the National Conference of Christians and Jews are genuinely interested in "interfaith" and "brotherhood" do you not think, my dear Dr. Goldstein, that they should compel a start at once to expunge from the Talmud the anti-Christ, anti-Christian and anti-Christianity passages from the Talmud in the "brotherly" way they expunged passages from the New Testament? Will you ask them?

Throughout the world the Oxford English Dictionary is accepted as the most authoritative and authentic source for information on the origin, definition and use of words in the English language. Authorities in all fields everywhere accept the Oxford English Dictionary as the most trustworthy fountain of enlightenment on all phases of the English language. The Oxford English Dictionary brings out clearly that "Judaist" and "Judaic" are the correct forms for the improper and incorrect misused and misleading "Jew" and "Jewish". You will agree completely with the Oxford English Dictionary if you consider the matter carefully. "Judaist" and "Judaic" are correct. "Jew" and "Jewish" are incorrect. "Jew" and Jewish do not belong in the English language if the use of correct words is of interest to the English-speaking peoples.

The so-called or self-styled "Jews" cannot truthfully describe themselves as "Jews" because they are not in any sense "Judeans". They can correctly identify themselves by their religious belief if they so wish by identifying themselves as "Judaists". A "Judaist" is a person who professes so-called "Judaism" as his religious belief, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The origin of "Jew" has not its roots in "Judaism", as explained. The adjective form of "Judaist" is "Judaic". "Jewish" as an adjective is just as incorrect as "Jew" is as a noun. "Jewish" has no reason to exist.

Well-planned and well-financed publicity by so-called or self-styled "Jews" in English- speaking countries in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries created a wide acceptance and use for "Jewish". "Jewish" is being used today in many ways that are no less fantastic and grotesque than incorrect and inaccurate. "Jewish" is used today to describe everything from "Jewish blood", whatever that may be, to "Jewish Rye bread", strange as that may sound. The many implications, inferences and innuendoes of "Jewish" today resulting from its commercial uses beggar description.

At the 1954 annual meeting of the St. Paul Guild in the Plaza Hotel in New York City before more than 1000 Catholics, a Roman Catholic priest who was the main speaker and the guest of honor referred to "my Jewish blood". It just happens that this priest was born a so- called or self-styled "Jew" in eastern Europe and was converted to Catholicism there about 25 years ago. It seems unique that a priest who has professed Catholicism that length of time should mention "my Jewish blood" to Catholics. The radio blasts and the out-door signs blazon "Levy's Jewish Rye Bread", in the same city at the same time. Between these two extremes are countless other products and other services which advertize themselves in print, on radio and television, as "Jewish".

This priest who talks to Catholics about "my Jewish blood" when he addresses audiences also refers to the "Jewish blood" of Mary, Holy Mother of Jesus, to the "Jewish blood" of the Apostles, and to the "Jewish blood" of the early Christians. What he means by "Jewish blood" mystifies those Catholics who hear him. They query "what is 'Jewish blood' "? They ask what happens to "Jewish blood" when so-called or self-styled "Jews" are converted to Catholicism? And in the extreme case when a so-called or self-styled "Jew" becomes a Roman Catholic priest? How is "Jewish blood" biologically different from the blood of persons who profess other religious faiths, they ask. It is hard for me to believe that there is anything biologically different which determines characteristics typical of a specific religious belief. Are the inherent racial and national characteristics determined by religious dogma or doctrine?

The word "Jewess" raises a similar question. If "Jewess" is the female for the male "Jew" I must admit that I have been unable to find female as well as male designations for persons professing any religious belief other than so-called "Judaism". Are there any other that you know? I have searched for the female of Catholicism, Protestanism, Hindu, Moslem, and others but without success. It seems very popular now to refer to Mary, Holy Mother of Jesus, as a "Jewess". It does seem unrealistic to identify the sex of members of any religious belief by appropriate designations. If the word "Jew" is regarded as descriptive of a race or a nation, as is often the case, it is equally unrealistic to indicate the sex of members of a race or a nation by a suffix used for that purpose. I know of no case in that respect except "Negress", and the Negro race strongly objects to the use of that designation, and strongly.

Another word is creating more problems among Christians. I refer to "Judeo-Christian". You see it more and more day by day. Based on our present knowledge of history, and on good sense applied to theology, the term "Judeo-Christian" presents a strange combination. Does "Judeo" refer to ancient "Pharaism", or to "Talmudism", or to so-called "Judaism"? In view of what we know today, how can there be "Judeo-Christian" anything? Based upon what is now known "Judeo-Christian" is as unrealistic as it would be to say anything is "hot- cold", or "old-young", or "heavy-light", or that a person was "healthy-sick", or "poor-rich", or "dumb-smart", or "ignorant-educated", or "happy-sad". These words are antonyms, not synonyms. "Judeo-Christian" in the light of incontestible facts are also antonyms, not synonyms as so-called or self-styled "Jews" would like Christians to believe. More sand for Christian's eyes.

An "Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies" has been established by Seton Hall University. It is actually a "one-man Institute". Father John M. Oesterreicher is the "one-man Institute". the "Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies" occupies a small office in a down-town office building in Newark, N.J. This "one-man Institute", according to their literature, has no faculty except Father Oesterreicher, and no students. Father Oesterreicher was born a so- called or self-styled "Jew" and became a convert to Catholicism. I have had the pleasure of hearing him talk on many occasions. Addresses by Father Oesterreicher and literature by mail are the principal activities of the "institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies". Father Oesterreicher also plans to publish books and circulate them throughout the world, in large quantities.

Father Oesterreicher leaves no stones unturned to convince Catholics that "Judaeo-Christian" is a combination of two words that are synonyms theologically. Nothing could be further from the truth. Father Oesterreicher impresses that viewpoint upon his Catholic audiences. Father Oesterreicher talks to Catholic audiences only, so far as I am able to tell. In his addresses Father Oesterreicher impresses upon Catholics the opinion he personally holds on the question of the dependence of the Christian faith upon so-called "Judaism". His audiences depart Father Oesterreicher's addresses very much confused.

It would make better Catholics out of Father Oesterreicher's audiences if he would "sell" Jesus and the Catholic Church rather than try to "sell" so-called "Judaism" to his audiences. Well-planned and well-financed publicity by so-called or self-styled "Jews" manages to keep Christians well informed on the subject of so-called "Judaism". If Father Oesterreicher would concentrate upon "selling" Jesus and the Christian faith to audiences of so-called or self-styled "Jews" he would be doing more towards realizing the objective of Christian effort. The activities of this "one-man Institute" are somewhat of a deep mystery. But I am certain that Monsignor McNulty will never allow the "Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies" to bring discredit upon the fine record of Seton Hall as one of the foremost Catholic universities anywhere. But it will bear watching, and Monsignor McNulty will always appreciate constructive comment.

The word "anti-Semitism" is another word which should be eliminated from the English language. "Anti-Semitism" serves only one purpose today. It is used as a "smear word". When so-called or self-styled "Jews" feel that anyone opposes any of their objectives they discredit their victim by applying the word "anti-Semitic" through all the channels they have at their command and under their control I can speak with great authority on that subject. Because so-called or self-styled "Jews" were unable to disprove my public statements in 1946 with regard to the situation in Palestine, they spent millions of dollars to "smear" me as an "anti-Semite" hoping thereby to discredit me in the eyes of the public who were very much interested in what I had to say. Until 1946 I was a "little saint" to all so-called or self-styled "Jews". When I disagreed with them publicly on the Zionist intentions in Palestine I became suddenly "anti-Semite No. 1".

It is disgraceful to watch the Christian clergy take up the use of the word "anti-Semitism". They should know better. They know that "anti-Semitism" is a meaningless word in the sense it is used today. They know the correct word is "Judaeophobe". "Anti-Semite" was developed into the "smear-word" it is today because "Semite" is associated with Jesus in the minds of Christians. Christians are accessories in the destruction of the Christian faith by tolerating the use of the smear-word "anti-Semitic" to silence by the most intolerable forms of persecution employing that smear-word Christians who oppose and oppose the evil conspirators.


Dharma, thank you for days of very diligent work and long hours at the keyboard. We can finish this subject material in the morning for you are weary and I need to be at other tasks. There is much to be monitored on your place during these critical hours. Let us pray that sanity prevails for if we have a bit more time we can bring a lot of persons into consciousness of the plight in which they have mired themselves through the vicious intent of the few who would be Kings. Of course, the would-be Kings know it also and that is one reason for the push into all-out war so that a confrontation is precipitated before it can be averted through diplomacy. Your troops are weary and frustrated while waiting and waiting in the desert sands and endless hours. This too, has been planned to wear them down and make them ready for anything just to get it over with and hopefully, home again. It must be obvious that "Peace" will have to be insured through military force so, who wins?

Good night and may peace go within as we move along upon this journey. Salu.


2/19/91 #1 HATONN


Let us move right on with our Journal for the best and quickest way to end this holocaust is to bring unto you ones TRUTH of who and how it is that you are in this situation. Then, if ye wish and come together again into the laws of God ye shall be delivered out of this lie. Dear ones, Satan has removed the portion of Truth from your prophecies which condemn you and you have seen it not. That is WHY no-one save the ones given to bring Truth unto you have seen it as it is--you try to decipher something as "Heavenly" from something which was written by greedy, terroristic MEN.

This is why, now, we must pull together the Truth of that which has come about in order that you can recognize of it and change of it--OR, allow it to proceed into Armageddon's final altar of death and sacrifice--UNTO SATAN--NOT UNTO GOD. The "Sacred Clown" (Heyoka-' Sioux') has had his fling upon your planet and you have all allowed him to make the fool of you. If you would but awaken and come back within the Laws of God (Wakan Tanka) and rebalance that which ye have put into disarray--ye could give your wondrous species again into lighted radiance for the generations which would follow.



You of human self-appointed God-judges have pronounced over the sacred people of God, the ancient 'natives' of your world, that they are Pagan and you must denounce them and destroy them--WHY? Because the Anti-Christ knew that if you would come into the Truth and balance as projected by those great teachers--HE WOULD BE ANNIHILATED. So you have turned from the Red Road and unto the darkness of the lies and the liar who romps down the Black Road--doing that which is only physical in experience while the Spirit withers in its confines of non-balance and disharmony. Do not think for one moment longer that there will be a lovely RAPTURE and lift-off of a planet overfilled with humans to whisk ye of darkness and ill-intent into some cozy hogan in the sky with crystal streets and rainbow lights. THOSE ARE ASSEMBLED FOR THE PEOPLE OF GOD-- "THAT" IS THE PLUM OF THE "RED ROAD OF TRUTH". YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO AND THAT WHICH HAS BEEN WRITTEN AND VOTED INTO YOUR LAWS AND INSTRUCTION BOOKS IS EXACTLY THOSE THINGS WHICH SHALL DEPRIVE YOU OF THE WONDROUS GLORY OF THE RADIANCE OF THE SACRED PLACES. EARTH IS A PLACE OF TESTING AND EXPERIENCE IN A PHYSICAL FORM--NO MORE AND NO LESS--HAVE "YOU" PASSED THE EXAMINATION OR DO YOU FOLLOW THE EVIL LEADER WHO HAS TRICKED YOU? SO BE IT.



It no doubt grieves you as much as it grieves me, my dear Dr. Goldstein, to see our nation's moral standards sink to new all-time lows day by day. Of that there is very little doubt. The moral standards of this nation in political, economic, social and spiritual fields are the factors which determine the position we will occupy in world affairs. We will be judged on that basis from afar by the other 94% of the world's total population. Our 6% of the world's total population will succeed or fail in its efforts to retain world leadership by our moral standards because in the last analysis they influence the attitudes and activities of the nation. The moral standards are the crucible in which the nation's character is refined and moulded. The end product will never be any better than the ingredients used. It is something to think about.

There is much for which this Christian country can still feel very proud. But there is also much for which we cannot feel proud. A correct diagnosis of our nation's rapidly deteriorating moral standards in all walks of life will reveal the cause as the nation's current psychosis to concentrate primarily on how to (1) "make more money" and (2) "have more fun". How many persons do you personally know who include among their daily duties service and sacrifice in the defense against its enemies of that priceless birthright which is the God-given heritage of all those blessed to be born American? What services? What sacrifices?

With very few exceptions this generation seems to regard everything as secondary to our accountability to unborn generations for our generation's breach of the faith and betrayal of our trust to posterity. The sabotage of our nation's moral standards is more incidental to the program of that inimical conspiracy than accidental in the continued march of mankind towards an easier existence. The guidance and control of this nation's place in history has gravitated by default into the hands of those persons least worthy of the trusteeship. This notable achievement by them is their reward for their success in obtaining effective and numerous Christian "male prostitutes" to "front" for them. Too many of these efficacious Christian "male prostitutes" are scattered throughout the nation in public affairs for the security of the Christian faith and the nation's political, social and economic stability.

A "male prostitute" is a male who offers the faculties of his anatomy from the neck up for hire to anyone who will pay his "asking price" exactly as the female of the same species offers the facilities of her anatomy from the neck down to anyone who will pay her "asking price". Thousands of these pseudo-Christian "male-prostitutes" circulate freely unrecognized in all walks of life proudly pandering pernicious propaganda for pecuniary profit and political power. They are the "dog in the manger". The corroding effect of their subtle intrigue is slowly but surely disintegrating the moral fibre of the nation. This danger to the Christian faith cannot be overestimated. This peril to the nation should not be underestimated. The Christian clergy must remain alerted to it.

The international "crime of crimes" of all history, that reprehensible iniquity in which this nation played the major role, was committed in Palestine almost totally as a result of the interference of the United States in the situation on behalf solely of the Zionist world-wide organization with its headquarters in New York City. The interference of the United States in that situation on behalf of the aggressors illustrates the power by the "male prostitutes" fearlessly functioning on behalf of the Zionist conspirators. It is the blackest page in our history.

The responsibility for that un-Christian, non-Christian and anti-Christian "cause" can be honestly deposited on the doorstep of the Christian clergy. They must assume the full guilt for that inhuman and unholy crime committed in the name of Christian "charity". Sunday after Sunday, year in and year out, the Christian clergy dinned into the ears of 150,000,000 Christians who go to church regularly that Christians must regard it as their "Christian duty" to support the Zionist conspiracy for the conquest of Palestine. Well, we "sowed a wind", now we will "reap a whirlwind".

The 150,000,000 Christians in the United States were "high pressured" by the Christian clergy to give their unqualified support to the Zionist program to "repatriate" to their "homeland" in Palestine the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe who were the descendants of the Khazars. Christians were exhorted by the Christian clergy to regard the so-called or self-styled "Jews" in eastern Europe as God's "chosen people" and Palestine as their "Promised Land". But they knew better all the time. It was a case of cupidity (cupidity: Eager desire for possessions especially of wealth; avarice; greed.) NOT stupidity you can be sure.

As a direct result of the activities of the "male prostitutes" on behalf of the Zionist program, and contrary to all the international law, to justice and to equity, anything to the contrary notwithstanding, the 150,000,000 Christians in the United States, with few exceptions, demanded that the Congress of the United States use the prestige and the power of this nation, diplomatic, economic and military, to guarantee the successful outcome of the Zionist program for the conquest of Palestine. This was done and the Zionists conquered Palestine. We are responsible.

It is well established and an undeniable historic fact that the active participation of the United States in the conquest of Palestine, on behalf of the Zionists, was the factor responsible for the conquest of Palestine by the Zionists. Without the active participation of the United States on behalf of the Zionists it is certain that the Zionists would never have attempted the conquest of Palestine by force of arms. Palestine today would be an in- dependent sovereign country under a form of government established by self-determination of the lawful and legal Palestinians. This was aborted by the payment of countless millions of dollars to Christian "male prostitutes" by Zionists on a scale difficult for the uninitiated to even imagine.

With your kind permission anticipated, I beg to respectfully and sincerely now submit to you here my comments on several passages in your latest article which appeared in the September issue of the A.P.J. Bulletin under the headline "News and Views of Jews". Deep down in my heart, my dear Dr. Goldstein, I truly feel that I can make a modest contribution towards the big success I wish you in the valuable work you are attempting, under such discouraging handicaps. My reactions to what you state in your article may prove helpful to you. My comments here were conceived in that spirit. May I suggest that you favor them with your consideration accordingly. I feel that you may be so close to the "trees" that you cannot see the "forest" in its true perspective. You may find a genuinely sincere outsider's point of view helpful to you in orienting your yesterday's attitudes to today's realities and to tomorrow's seemingly certain probabilities. I believe you will.

You realize, my dear Dr. Goldstein, that all "Laws of Nature" are irrevocable. "Laws of Nature" can neither be amended, suspended or repealed regardless how we feel about them. One of these "Laws of Nature" is fundamentally the basic reason "WHY JEWS BECOME CATHOLICS", the subtitle in your article which attracted my attention. The "Law of Nature" to which I refer is the law that "TO EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION". In my respectful opinion that "Law of Nature" is the alpha and omega of all questions as to "WHY JEWS BECOME CATHOLICS".

In your article you make this mystery sound very complicated. However, it really is very simple. The so-called or self-styled "Jews" who become Catholics today are subconsciously reacting to that "Law of Nature". The conversion to Catholicism of so-called or self-styled "Jews" is the "EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION". THEIR CONVERSION IS A "REACTION" NOT AN "ACTION". CAN YOU ANY LONGER DOUBT THAT AFTER READING THESE FACTS?

Catholicism has proven itself spiritually the "EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION" of the religious worship practised today under the name "Judaism", and prior to that name under the names "Talmudism" and "Pharisaism". What is spiritually conspicuous in Catholicism is conspicuous by its absence in so-called "Judaism". What is spiritually conspicuous in so-called "Judaism" is conspicuous by its absence in Catholicism, thank God. Anything which may be said by anyone to the contrary notwithstanding, Catholicism and so- called "Judaism" are at the opposite extremes of the spiritual spectrum.

Our subconscious mind never sleeps. It remains awake all the while the conscious mind is asleep. This subconscious mind of so-called or self-styled "Jews" is "WHY JEWS BECOME CATHOLICS". The more spiritually sensitive subconscious minds of so-called or self-styled "Jews" for 2000 years have been seeking a spiritually secure beach-head as a refuge from the terror of the Talmud. After a lifetime breathing the atmosphere of the Talmud so-called or self-styled "Jews" found Catholicism a wholesome and refreshing change of spiritual climate. They could not resist the spiritual force of the "EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION" WHICH ATTRACTED THEM TO CATHOLICISM.

Catholicism supplied a sacred sanctuary for the more spiritually sensitive subconscious mind of the so-called or self-styled "Jew" seeking security in his escape from the Talmud. [H: Please understand that which is "inferred" herein regarding the Holy Catholic Church--for it was assumed that the one converting would find that which he was seeking in truth of Godness. However, what is actually found is collusion and total usurpation of the truth in favor of the same lie--the deception has been most insidious but effective indeed!] [See Front Page story.] Before sailing into the safe port of Catholicism the subconscious mind of the more spiritually sensitive so-called or self-styled "Jew" is tossed like a ship in a storm which has lost its rudder. When the ship anchors safely in the port of Catholicism spiritual peace of mind is restored and the ship remains securely at anchor in that safe port. Many millions of so-called or self-styled "Jews" would embark upon that voyage of their more courageous co-religionists but for one reason. They fear reprisals by their co-religionists.

In your article you mention just a few of the many penalties imposed by reactionary so-called or self-styled "Jews" upon their co-religionists who become converts to Catholicism. Conversion to Catholicism has even deprived many former so-called or self-styled "Jews" from earning their living. Many families faced starvation for that reason. A convert to Catholicism must be ready and willing to suffer the economic, social and political hardships his former co-religionists will make him pay as the price for the spiritual wealth he will acquire with conversion to Catholicism.

Investigation by you will convince you that so-called or self-styled "Jews" never turn spiritually to Catholicism "BECAUSE SUCH WAS THE JEWISH RELIGION: BECAUSE SUCH IS THE CATHOLIC RELIGION", as you state in your article. A so- called or self-styled "Jew" might question the wisdom of conversion from the Original to a copy of the original. Inasmuch as so-called "Judaism" is a modern name for "Talmudism",. and "Talmudism is a name given to the ancient practise of "Pharisaism", how can you reconcile what you state that "…SUCH WAS THE JEWISH RELIGIONSUCH IS THE CATHOLIC RELIGION".

Several so-called or self-styled "Jews" who were recently converted to Catholicism are my personal friends. Not one of those whom I have asked became a Catholic because they felt "THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THE JEWISH CHURCH GLORIFIED", as you state in your article. What "JEWISH CHURCH" they ask me? I am unable to answer. What "JEWISH CHURCH" I ask you? "Pharisaism"? "Talmudism"? Surely you would not venture the opinion that the Catholic Church is "Pharisaism" or "Talmudism" now "GLORIFIED" as Catholicism, would you?

It must be quite apparent to you now that so-called or self-styled "Jews" who become converts to Catholicism do not believe that the Catholic Church, as you state in your article, "IS THE CHURCH OF JEWISH CONVERTS AND THEIR DESCENDANTS". They do not regard Jesus as a "CONVERT" to the Catholic Church. You include Jesus with others you describe as "JEWISH CONVERTS" to the Catholic Church, in your article. In your article you state, "FIRST CAME CHRIST. THE JEW OF JEWS". I never heard that designation before. Is it original? Nor will converted so-called or self-styled "Jews" concur at all with "THEN CAME THE APOSTLES, ALL JEWS", as you also state in your article. There is unquestionably too big an area of disagreement here to disregard the views of those who have become converts to Catholicism. Nor can these converts to Catholicism be made to believe as truth "THEN CAME THE THOUSANDS OF THE FIRST MEMBERS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. WHO WERE JEWS", as you state in your article under discussion here.

My dear Dr. Goldstein, as a former so-called or self-styled "Jew" for almost half your life, when you became a convert to Catholicism did you do so for the reasons you state in your article "WHY JEWS BECOME CATHOLICS"? That would be difficult for me to believe in spite of the further statement you make in your article "IN FACT THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A CATHOLIC CHURCH WERE IT NOT FOR THE JEWS". That statement appears incredible in view of incontestible facts, but these facts may not have been available to you when you made it.

[H: I believe the facts are quite obvious, in this instance, wherein you have a man who has risen to position of influencing the masses of people through a controlled media and he is simply a tool of the Zionist Elite who said: "A FIFTEENTH CENTURY 'PROTOCOL': (No. 4.) As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: MAKE YOUR SONS CANONS AND CLERICS IN ORDER THAT THEY MAY DESTROY THEIR CHURCHES." You who continue to be deceived with the facts before thine eyes shall reap the like rewards of thine ignorance by remaining in the trap whilst the master-deceivers pull you all the way into the PIT!]

If so-called or self-styled "Jews" believed what you state in your article they would undoubtedly prefer to stay put spiritually in their "JEWISH CHURCH", by which you mean no doubt so-called "Judaism". They would query why Catholics expected them to leave their "JEWISH CHURCH" to enter the Catholic Church (or any other 'church'). It might appear more logical to expect Catholics to return to the original of the Catholic Church, the "JEWISH CHURCH", or so-called "Judaism". On the basis of what you state, that would not be inconsistent.

You take away my breath when you further state, "CATHOLICISM WOULD NOT EXIST WERE IT NOT FOR JUDAISM". That leaves very little for me to say after writing these 62 pages of facts and comments. In a certain sense there is certain sense to what you state if you feel that the existence of so-called "Judaism", in the time of Jesus and since then, created the necessity for the existence of Catholicism. But in no sense can the Catholic Church be adjudicated the projection of "Pharisaism", "Talmudism", or so-called "Judaism".

We should get together in person to go into this matter more fully. I hope you will extend that privilege to me in the not too distant future. In closing this letter I sincerely request that you bear in mind while reading this letter Galatians,4:16, "Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?" And to this I add, "I hope not". I hope that we shall continue to be the very best of friends. If the Christian faith is to be rescued from its dedicated enemies we must all join hands and form a "human life-line". We must pull together, not in different direction. We must "bury the hatchet" but not in each others heads.

Looking forward with pleasant anticipation to the delight of a meeting with you in person whenever you find it convenient and agreeable for yourself, and awaiting your early reply for which I take this opportunity to thank you in advance, and with best wishes for your continued good health and success, please believe me to be,

Most respectfully and very sincerely,

Benjamin H. Freedman.


I believe I will just leave you with this to ponder at this point.

Try on for size, the moccasins that fit. The Christian Church in its lies unto the Native Americans in practice of that Christ projected action in every facet of the lie has driven thousands into confusion and ridicule of that very thing you attempted to bring unto them-- or did you? It is fact and TRUTH from onset that your antecedants intended to defraud them and "save them" from that which was balanced and harmonious within the Truth of God and Planet and mold them into your own sickness. You have a long way to go, those of you who CALL yourselves "CHRISTIANS", for it is long since you acted as "CHRISTED" beings. Ponder it for the time of confrontation is upon you and the choosing and sorting is under way--NOW!

In deference to you ones who will pick this material to pieces with toothpicks and magnifying glasses--ah, would that all of you would make such effort to find the proof and confirmation--please realize that we have utilized another's material and I give great honor and would not change it. I will make comments and if a thing be in gross error. I will most surely change of it--otherwise, it is given that you might SEE THE TRUTH AS PRESENTED IN YOUR DIMENSION BY YOUR OWN HISTORIANS.



Editor's note: The following writing is a reprint from p. 57 of the 11/29/94 CONTACT. It is a thought-provoking look at the current "Communist" goals as presented to the Congress of the United States in 1963. Read it and weep!

2/22/94 #2 HATONN


I am here accused of being "politically" incorrect in the way I present my speeches to persons with whom I disagree on matters of Truth and spirituality. What in the world do you mean? I am amused that simple language terminology according to dictionary or Biblical definement are not sufficient to keep the lawsuits from the door. Does calling a shovel a "spade" or a "scoop implement" or a "digging device" make it more a "shovel"--or less? This is what has happened to all your foundational communications resources. A "thing" in description at one time is not THE description at another time. For instance, when I said that the "swine" who would keep information of Russell from the public, etc.--it was immediately assumed and accepted as totally degrading in that I was calling those people, there, pigs. I was referring to the symbolic message of "casting pearls before swine and being trampled beneath the feet of...." Further, without specifics as to identification of "who", it was immediately established by the receivers as to "who" it "must" be. Was it accepted by the "correct individuals"? Possibly, but then, if shoes fit I always suggest they be worn if suitable.

If I were to call someone, say Georgeo Greenspanus, an "...ignorant, stupid substitute for a human who is a bore and an airhead who is a failure, spacey and dishonest"--would he likely be furious with me? What if I refer to him as a "Knowledgebase nonpossessor, cerebrally challenged, heifem who is a cerebro-atmospheric individual who is incompletely successful, somewhat differently focused and ethically disoriented?" What if I refer to a "Black" or "Hispanic" as "melanin saturated" or a "White" as "melanin deficient"? What if I refer to a bald man as "fallicularly challenged"? Or, a short man as "vertically challenged"? Or, a fat person as "horizontally challenged"? The facts ARE: it would become amusing, politically correct and no-body would know what in the heck I said. Isn't it true anymore that "Racist" actually means a politically correct way of saying " I disagree with you"? My "thanks" for the explicit definitions used above to Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf who have presented The Official Correct Dictionary and Handbook (Villard Books, $10). A small smattering of the contents have been forwarded to me from Mr. Tips whom I also thank for sharing.

What point could I be making here in the middle of "thought" discussions as associated with reality and illusion and the manifestation of either? Simple--you are trained continually to perceive EXACTLY that which is intended to disorient you and all your perceptions relative to "what IS".


"Oh", you say, "now we are going to get the anti-Semite poking and the Communist intent to take the nations of the world." Well, GOOD FRIENDS, the Semites are NOT the Khazarian so-called Jews and the so-called "Jews" in reference ARE the ones who established and continue the Communist regime so you take your druthers while I offer a thought-provoking (I hope) look at something from your Congressional Record, Thursday, January 10, 1963. I don't believe I need make comment at all for even if you are "POLITICALLY CORRECT" you may yet be able to see the intent of the handwriting on the walls of your globe.







of Florida


Thursday, January 10, 1963

Mr. HERLONG: Mr. Speaker, Mrs. Patricia Nordman of De Land, Fla., is an ardent and articulate opponent of Communism and until recently published the De Land Courier, which she dedicated to the purpose of alerting the public to the dangers of Communism in America.

At Mrs. Nordman's request, I include in the RECORD, under unanimous consent, the following "Current Communist Goals", which she identifies as an excerpt from The Naked Communist, by Cleon Skousen:


  1. U.S. acceptance of co-existence as the only alternative to atomic war.

  2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

  3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament by the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

  4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.

  5. Extension of long-term loans to Russian and Soviet satellites.

  6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.

  7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.

  8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev's promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.

  9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.

  10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.

  11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.) [H: I think most of you can name several places around your globe even more evident as example--TODAY.]

  12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.

  13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.

  14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.

  15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

  16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

  17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

  18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

  19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

  20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policymaking positions.

  21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

  22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to "eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms."

  23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."

  24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press.

  25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

  26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy".

  27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch".

  28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state".

  29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

  30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the "common man".

  31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the "big picture". Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

  32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture--education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

  33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.

  34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.

  35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.

  36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.

  37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

  38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand or treat.

  39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

  40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

  41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

  42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use united force to solve economic, political or social problems.

  43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.

  44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.

  45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction over nations and individuals alike.


So now let's look at those old Protocols in the "short" form:



From the Revue des etudes Juives, published in 1889, is again presented for you who may not have prior writings or a copy of this document:

Dear beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

1. As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts.

2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods [the law was that on becoming converted, Jews gave up their possessions]: make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

3. As for what you say about their making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians' lives.

4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.

Signed V.S.S.V.F.F., Prince of the Jews, 21st Caslue (November), 1489.

In the year 1844, on the eve of the Jewish Revolution of 1848, Benjamin Disraeli, whose real name was "israel", and who was a "damped", or baptised Jew, published his novel, Coningsby, in which occurs this ominous passage:

"The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

And he went on to show that these personages were all Jews.

Now that Providence has brought to the light of day these secret Protocols all men may clearly see the hidden personages specified by Disraeli at work "behind the scenes" of all the Governments....


Prague, 1869

1. Every hundred years, We, the Sages of Israel, have been accustomed to meet in Sanhedrin in order to examine our progress towards the domination of the world which Jehovah has promised us, and our conquests over the enemy--Christianity.

2. This year, united over the tomb of our reverend Simeon-ben-Ihuda, we can state with pride that the past century has brought us very near to our goal, and that this goal will be very soon attained.

3. Gold always has been and always will be the irresistible power. Handled by expert hands it will always be the most useful lever for those who possess it, and the object of envy for those who do not. With gold we can buy the most rebellious consciences, can fix the rate of all values, the current price of all products, can subsidise all State loans, and thereafter hold the states at our mercy.

4. Already the principal banks, the exchanges of the entire world, the credits of all the governments, are in our hands.

5. The other great power is THE PRESS. By repeating without cessation certain ideas, the Press succeeds in the end in having them accepted as actualities. The Theatre renders us analogous services. Everywhere the Press and the Theatre obey our orders. (There were no "radio" or "TV" at the time.)

6. By the ceaseless praise of DEMOCRATIC RULE we shall divide the Christians into political parties; we shall destroy the unity of their nations; we shall sow discord everywhere. Reduced to impotence, they will bow before the LAW OF OUR BANK, always united, and always devoted to our Cause.

7. We shall force the Christians into wars by exploiting their pride and their stupidity. They will massacre each other, and clear the ground for us to put our own people into.

8. The possession of the land has always brought influence and power. In the name of Social Justice and Equality we shall parcel out the great estates; we shall give the fragments to the peasants who covet them with all their powers, and who will soon be in debt to us by the expense of cultivating them. Our capital will make us their masters. We in our turn shall become the great proprietors, and the possession of the land will assure the power to us.

9. Let us try to replace the circulation of gold with paper money; our chest will absorb the gold, and we shall regulate the value of the paper which will make us masters of all the positions.

10. We count among us plenty of orators capable of feigning enthusiasm and of persuading mobs. We shall spread them among the people to announce changes which should secure the happiness of the human race. By gold and by flattery we shall gain the proletariat which will charge itself with annihilating Christian capitalism. We shall promise workmen salaries of which they have never dared to dream, but we shall also raise the price of necessities so that our profits will be greater still.

11. In this manner we shall prepare Revolutions which the Christians will make themselves and of which we shall reap the fruit.

12. By our mockeries and our attacks upon them we shall make their priests ridiculous-- then odious, and their religion as ridiculous and as odious as their clergy. Then we shall be masters of their SOULS. For our pious attachment to our own religion, to our own worship, will prove the superiority of our religion and the superiority of our souls.

13. We have already established our own men in all important positions. We must endeavor to provide the Goyim with lawyers and doctors; the lawyers are au courant with our interests; doctors, once in the house, become confessors and directors of consciences.

14. But above all let us monopolize Education. By this means we spread ideas that are useful to us, and shape ideas that are useful to us, and shape the children's brains as suits us.

15. If one of our people should unhappily fall into the hands of justice amongst the Christians, we must rush to help him; find as many witnesses as he needs to save him from his judges, until we become judges ourselves.

16. The monarchs of the Christian world, swollen with ambition and vanity, surround themselves with luxury and with numerous armies. We shall furnish them with all the money their folly demands, and so shall keep them in leash.

17. Let us take care not to hinder the marriage of our men with Christian girls, for through them we shall get our foot into the most closely locked circles. If our daughters marry GOYIM they will be no less useful, for the children of a Jewish mother are ours. Let us foster the idea of free love, that we may destroy among Christian women attachment to the principles and practices of their religion.

18. For ages past the sons of Israel, despised and persecuted, have been working to open up a path to power. They are hitting the mark. They control the economic life of the accursed Christians; their influence preponderates over politics and over manners.

19. At the wished for hour, fixed in advance, we shall let loose the Revolution, which by ruining all classes of Christianity will definitely enslave the Christians to US. Thus will be accomplished the promise of God made to His People.


I believe you are quite capable of evaluating "where you are" from measurement against the foregoing. You've come a long way, Baby!

Now how does this come into your daily lives in such a way as to be able to discern and judge circumstances? For one thing you can get the information we have offered and

STUDY it. Or, you can continue to wade through bits and pieces as presented hither and yon and hopefully get enough to have a "picture" of that which is coming and has already come upon you.

Antichrist Element Of Society



Sen. Jacob Javits' Aide

Editor's note: The following is reprinted, most recently from p. 2 of the 9/10/96 CONTACT.

9/4/96 #1 HATONN




(Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview. 1978)



(This is the most sensational manuscript of its kind.)

by Walter White

In a highly confidential interview with a Jewish administrative assistant to one of this nation's ranking senators, he said, "It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every Jew out of this country."

The Jew, Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, made this statement after admitting Jewish dominance in all significant national programs. He said, "We Jews continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands. While the naive Americans wait for Khrushchev to bury them, we have taught them to submit to our every demand."

Asked how a nation could be captured without their knowing it, Mr. Rosenthal attributed this victory to absolute control of the media. He boasted of Jewish control of ALL NEWS. Any newspaper which refused to acquiesce to controlled news was brought to its knees by withdrawing advertising. Failing in this, the Jews stop the supply of news print and ink. "It's a very simple matter," he stated.

[H: Hey, wait a minute--we are copying this verbatim so don't go off on the "same old kick" attack--YOU had better begin to pay attention! This interview in point was done in the late 1970s--today you are on the fourth day of September, 1996! What has changed, except the noose HAS NOW STRANGLED YOU, THE WORLD.]

Asked about men in high political office, Mr. Rosenthal said that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. "Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man."

In a discussion about. George Wallace, Mr. Rosenthal smiled and suggested that we note where Wallace stands today.

When the U.S. foreign policy was mentioned, the bedroom confidence of the interview was all but set aside. With disdain and mockery he sneered at the American stupidity in failing to see through the entire scope of Kissinger s- foreign policy. "It is Zionist-Communist policy from beginning to end. Yet the citizens think this Jewish policy will benefit America." He cited "detente" and Angola as examples of Jewish diplomacy. The credulous nature of Americans drew only contempt from him.

The interview continued on an almost omniscient plane. "We Jews have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we promote both sides of the issue as confusion reigns. With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene. We Jews toy with the American public as a cat toys with a mouse."

As the conversation went on into the late hours, one could sense that perhaps America deserves the reign of terror being planned for her. The Jewish mind pits every ethnic group against the other. "The blood of the masses will flow as we wait for our day of world victory," Mr. Rosenthal said coldly.

For hours after this incredible discussion, a sense of inadequacy prevailed. Is it possible that another group of "human beings" could be so treacherous in spirit, so evil in intent? Yet, the words heard and the evidence at hand are real. Is it possible that the American people can remain docile, even while their life's blood is being drained from them? It seems so.


Since what you have just read plus the lengthy interview that followed, Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal, age 29, the administrative assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits of New York was killed in an alleged sky-jacking attempt on an Israeli airliner in Istanbul, Turkey, August 12, 1976.


It would appear that Mr. Rosenthal might have "talked too freely" because although four people were killed and some 30 injured during the sky jacking attempt, Rosenthal was not killed by a random bullet as were the others. From reports secured at the time, it seems amazing and strange that of all the people involved in this incident Mr. Rosenthal should have been fatally wounded. Meanwhile, I, Walter White, who conducted this confidential interview, can now state after much investigation, expense and travel, that Harold Rosenthal was undoubtedly murdered at the Istanbul Airport, in what was to APPEAR as a hijacking-- probably by his own people.

We had no desire to hurt anyone and especially members of the Rosenthal family who had suffered enough in this tragedy. We corresponded with his mother and father in Philadelphia and his brother Mark David Rosenthal who is attending college in Northern California. In fact, it was he who advised me that Harold's friends in Washington had set up a memorial fund in Harold W. Rosenthal's name. He sent us a copy of "The Harold W. Rosenthal Fellowship in International Relations" American Jewish Committee, Washington Chapter, 818 - 18th Street, N. W. Washington, D.C. 20006. It lists some of the "who's-who" and the honorary Co-Chairmen are Vice President Walter F. Mondale and Senator Jacob K. Javits. [H: Anybody else sick yet? Do you not see how "they" work in the aftermath of their OWN atrocities from airliner crashes to wipeout of fellow politicians and co-workers? They murder and then eulogize, build foundations, etc., and weep crocks of B.S. tears while they wear their beanie bonnets and run for re-election. Well, perhaps Clinton has no OTHER CHOICES??? But what of Dole, etc? The facts are the OTHERS are caught in just about as big a black-mail disadvantage. You have become deathly sick citizens of a desperately sick world and most of you don't even know you are terminally ill.]

Out of respect, we decided to wait until a year had passed since the death of Harold Wallace Rosenthal so we delayed publishing everything he gave us on that memorable day and evening. And as stated before, the interview was lengthy--as he seemed to enjoy pouring out this information--and at times it was broken--and went on into the evening.

This writer and editor is not easily shocked but as this egotist Harold W. Rosenthal raved on and on I found so much of what he said actually horrifying--the actual betrayal of which he admittedly was a part--and he appeared to gloat over the apparent success of a Jewish World Conspiracy. This, mind you, comes from an "administrative assistant" to one of our ranking Senators, Jacob K. Javits of New York.

What you are about to read should act as a WARNING to all non-Jews throughout the world. It hopefully should open the eyes of many who knew him in Washington government circles.

It becomes indeed obvious that what he discloses is not fiction. It is not imagination! He was not pretending--as he spoke with knowledge and intelligence. Many things have been said and written about the one World Jewish Conspiracy but never has it been described so openly. It staggers the imagination. Their plans are shocking and many will be astonished at the contents of this document. NOTHING like it has ever been told before.

We prefer not to elaborate. You be the judge.

Looking back to the time of this interview and having had time to analyze Harold Rosenthal's candidness, we are compelled to think of him as a conceited, boastful yet very knowledgeable person. I would classify him as an egotist and an egoist. At times his cruelty surfaced with a venom, especially as he describes the stupid Christians or "goys" as he so often referred to "us". This surprised me because the word "goy" is not in our language and he must have known this. His mind was thoroughly immersed in the one-world plan of world Jewry. With arrogance, he boasted that the Jew's conquest of the world was almost complete--thanks to Christians' stupidity.

When asked if he was a Zionist, Mr. R. replied:

"That's a hell of a question! At the foundation of the issue is the traditional Zionist concept of aliyah, a Hebrew term meaning the 'in gathering' or return of Diaspora (dispersed Jews) Jews to the Palestine homeland. Ever since 1948 and the creation of the State of Israel, aliyah has become a basic imperative of Israeli government policy."

What is aliyah? Will you please spell it for me? He did so and we inquired as to the realistic meaning of aliyah. Mr. R. said:

"It is a permanent physical migration to Palestine, not just a visit."

We asked, what is Zionism? I've heard Jews define it as anything from permanent migration to financial and spiritual support of Israel from around the world. Mr. R. replied:

"Our first leader, former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, said that Zionism without a 'return to Zion' is phony. Not many American Jews migrate permanently. to Israel. Some say that all Jews, by definition, are Zionists. Others say that a Jew is not a Zionist unless he's a member who pays dues to an actively Zionist organization. Definitions have been tossed everywhere since the Jewish homeland became a reality."

Millions of tax-exempt American dollars are sent to Israel yearly and we true Americans do not like this. Mr. R. replied:

"The naive politicians in Washington are gullible. Most of them are not too bright so the powerful Jewish lobbyists influenced this practice years ago and there is no one strong enough to stop it. Some of that money is even returned to the United States and spent on Zionist propaganda efforts, much of it through the B'nai B'rith and the Conference of Jewish Organizations and the World Jewish Congress. The Jewish Agency is a funding arm--a sort of body of B'nai B'rith officials. There is nothing wrong with sending American dollars to Israel tax-free so long as we are smart enough to get away with it. Let's reverse this conversation for a minute. You made it clear and quite vociferously, that you don't like Jews. Why do you hate us?"

Mr. Rosenthal, I do not hate anybody. I said I hate what the Jews are doing to us and especially as it relates to any and everything related to Christianity. I hate their deceit, trickery, cunning, and their detestable dishonesty. Does that make me anti-semitic? If it does then I am anti-semitic!!

"Anti-Semitism does not signify opposition to Semitism. There is no such thing. It is an expression we Jews use effectively as a smearword--used to brand as a bigot like you guys--anyone who brings criticism against Jews. We use it against hate-mongers."

[H: It is certainly interesting to note that "out of the blue" Mr. Steven Horn against the Ekkers asked Doris "are you anti-Semitic?" Do you still think it is somehow just a battle of a "no-sale" item? He, further, presents writings such as THIS ONE as her opinion on Semitism--to the courts as if somehow being a writer makes her blind. People of the world--you are in serious, serious trouble.]

It was made clear that I despised the Jews' corruptive influence on our Christian culture-- and on our properly Christ-oriented American way of life, to which Mr. R. said:

"During Christ's time, the Jews were seeking a material and earthly kingdom but Christ offered the Jews a spiritual kingdom. This, they couldn't buy, so they rejected Jesus Christ and had him crucified."

What do you mean--had him crucified? Doesn't history prove that the Jews crucified Jesus Christ? To which he answered:

"Yes, I guess they did. I don't beat around the bush--but 2,000 years ago your people would have done the same thing to a man who mistreated them as Christ did the Jews." You speak of Jesus Christ as merely a man.

"That's all he was--a man who walked on the Earth like any other man and this myth about Christ rising from the dead and returning to Earth to visit with his disciples is a bunch of crap. The Jews who drove the Arabs out of Palestine did so to disprove Christ's mission for a spiritual kingdom. You see, instead of a leader who would make an empire for the Jews, your kind of people gave the Jews a peaceful preacher called Christ who instead of an eye-for-an-eye turns the other cheek. Rubbish! We are building and, in fact, have built an earthly empire without your kind and your disappointing Messiah."

I can see that it is you and your kind who try to get Christ out of Christmas. I feel sorry for you... to which he quickly replied:

"Don't give me that shit. I don't want your pity. I don't need it! Too many Jews do not have the guts to tell you how we live and plan, but I am not intimidated by anyone or anything. I know where I'm going."

When asked why do Jews frequently change their names he said:

"Jews are the most intelligent people in the world so if it benefits them to change their names they do so. That's all there is to it. They mix in your society which is plenty corrupt-- SO while the Jews are benefiting themselves the dumb goy doesn't realize that these Jews with non-Jew names are non Jews. I know what you're thinking--about Jews in the government who use non-Jew names. Well, don't be concerned because in the foreseeable future there will be no Presidential power in the United States. The invisible government is taking strength in that direction."

To your knowledge, are the Jews in Russia really persecuted or are they given any kind of freedom? To which he said:

"Most Jews throughout the world--I'd say more than 90%, know what is really happening to our people. We have communication unequalled anywhere. It is only the jerks, the ignorant and misinformed and degenerates who can find peace in your society--and you bastards hide your sins by donning sheep's clothing. You are the hypocrites--not the Jews, as you say and write about. To answer your question--in Russia, there are two distinct governments--one visible and the other invisible. The visible is made UP of different nationalities, whereas the invisible is composed of ALL JEWS. THE POWERFUL SOVIET SECRET POLICE TAKES ITS ORDERS FROM THE INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT. There are about six-to-seven million Communists in Soviet Russia, 50% are Jews and about 50% gentile--but the gentiles are not trusted. The Communist Jews are united and trust each other, while the others spy on one another. About every five or six years the secret Jewish Board calls for the purge of the Party and many are liquidated.

When asked "why"? he said:

"Because they begin to understand too much the Jewish secret government. Russian Communists have a Secret Group Order which consists of Jews only. They rule over everything pertaining to the visible government. It was this powerful organization that was responsible for the secret removal of the center of Communism to Tel Aviv from where all instructions now originate."

Does our government and the United Nations have knowledge of this? He replied:

"The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World's immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N."

When asked why the Communists destroy the middle class or educated and their entire families when they invade a country Mr. R. replied:

"It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing government, their families and relatives, but never Jews. They destroy all members of the police, state police, army officers and their families but never Jews. You see, we know when a government begins to search for the Communists within its borders--they are really attempting to uncover Jews in their area. We're not fooled! The invisible rulers in the Communist countries have a world control over the propaganda and the governments in free countries. We control every media of expression including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. EVEN YOUR MUSIC! We censor the songs released for publication long before they reach the publishers. Before long we will have COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR THINKING."

The way you boast, if this is true, it is frightening to think about our future, and that of Christianity, to which Mr. R. said:


After reminding him that we thought he was intelligent but now realize that he doesn't know what he was talking about he replied:

"Judaism is the unequalled culture, with nothing, nothing anywhere in the world to compare with it. Your so-called Christianity is an out-growth of Judaism. The cultural and intellectual influence of Judaism is felt throughout the entire world--yes, throughout civilization."

Asked whether he thought we faced a problem eventually with the Blacks because of their startling population increase he said that the Blacks are helping to serve "our purpose" which might mean several things.

We discussed the Black "invasion" of city, county and state jobs and their prominence now in television. Also how ridiculous it is for the Blacks to become converted to Jews--like Sammy Davis for instance. Mr. R. replied:

"That doesn't mean anything. We know that a Black cannot become a Jew and that Sammy Davis is still Black. It may have been to his advantage to become converted. In reality he still remains a nigger and not a Jew."

I told him of my in-depth study of the Jews and that there were few who have done more research on world Jewry than have I, and about my unpleasant discoveries, reminding Mr. R. that there is no morality among the Jews, it would seem. He replied:


We discussed the tragedy of Watergate and corruption at all levels of government and suggested that government representatives practice more openness and candor in dealing with the people. Mr. R. said:

"What good would it do? What the hell does the public know about the running of government? The great majority are asses--horses' asses!!"

May we quote you on that?

"I don't care what you do, as I said, few have the guts to speak out. We would all have better understanding between each other--Jews and gentiles, if we spoke out more openly. Your people don't have guts. We establish your thinking, we even place within you a 'guilt complex' making you afraid to criticize Jewry, openly."

In the quietness of this enlightening conversation it became clear that the understanding poured forth did not come from a novice. Mr. Rosenthal was asked how Jews gain acceptance so easily among other races. His answer was long and thorough.

"At a very early date, urged on by the desire to make our way in the world, Jews began to look for a means whereby we might distract all attention from the racial aspect. What could be more effective, and at the same time more above suspicion, than to borrow and utilize the idea of a religious community? We've been forced to borrow this idea from the Aryans. We Jews never possessed any religious institution which developed out of our own consciousness, for we lack any kind of idealism. This means that a belief in life beyond this terrestrial existence is foreign to us. As a matter of fact, the Talmud does not lay down principles with which to prepare the individual for a life to come, but furnishes only rules for a sumptuous life in this world. It is a collection of instructions for maintaining the Jewish race and regulating intercourses between us and the goy. Our teachings are not concerned with moral problems, but rather with how to 'get'.

"In regard to the moral value of the Jews' religious teaching, there exist quite exhaustive studies which show the kind of religion that we have in a light that makes it look uncanny to the Aryan mind. We are the best example of the kind of product which religious training evolves. Our life is of this world only and our mentality is as foreign to the true spirit of Christianity as our character was to the Founder of this new creed 2,000 years ago. The Founder of Christianity made no secret of his estimation of the Jews and the fact that he was not one of us. When he found it necessary he drove us out of the temple of God, because then, as always, we used religion as a means of advancing our commercial interest.

"But at that time, we managed to nail Jesus to the cross for his attitude towards us; whereas, the modern Christians enter into party politics and in order to win elections, they debase themselves by begging for Jewish votes. They even enter into political intrigues with us against the interests of their own nation.

"We can live among other nations and states only as long as we succeed in persuading them that the Jews are not a distinct people, but are the representatives of a religious faith who, therefore, constitute a 'religious community', though this be of a peculiar character. As a matter of fact, this is the greatest of our falsehoods.

"We are obliged to conceal our own particular character and mode of life so that we will be allowed to continue our existence as a parasite among the nations. Our success in this line has gone so far that many believe that the Jews among them are genuine Frenchmen, or Englishmen, or Italians, or Germans who just happen to belong to a religious denomination which is different from that prevailing in these countries. Especially in circles concerned with government, where the officials have only a minimum of historical sense, we are able to impose our infamous deception with comparative ease. Therefore, there is never the slightest suspicion that we Jews form a distinct nation and are not merely the adherents of a 'confession'. Though one glance at the press which we control, ought to furnish sufficient evidence to the contrary, even for those who possess only the smallest degree of intelligence."

When questioned about the ways in which the Jews have gained power, Mr. Rosenthal said:

"OUR POWER HAS BEEN CREATED THROUGH THE MANIPULATION OF THE NATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM. We authored the quotation 'Money is power'. As revealed in our master plan, it was essential for us to establish a private national bank. THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM fitted our plan nicely since it IS OWNED BY US, but the name implies that it is a government institution. From the very outset, our purpose was to confiscate all the gold and silver, replacing them with worthless non- redeemable notes. This we have done!"

Asked about the term "non-redeemable notes", Mr. Rosenthal replied:

"Prior to 1968, [H: Check that date of 1968 because this is the exact time "period" of establishment of such as Peruvian certificates concerning GOLD--i.e., the "Bonus Contract". It was all set up and authorized by these SAME people--check out the names in New York at the time and JUST WHO DID THE TRANSACTIONS!] the gullible goy could take a one dollar Federal Reserve note into any bank in America and redeem it for a dollar which was by law a coin containing 412-1/2 grains of 90 percent silver. Up until 1933, one could have redeemed the same note for a coin of .25-4/5ths grains of 90 percent gold. However, since 1968 the dollar Federal Reserve note is not redeemable. All we do is give the goy more non-redeemable notes, or else copper slugs. But we never give them their gold and silver. Only more paper," he said contemptuously. "We Jews have prospered through the paper gimmick. It's our method through which we take money and give only paper in return." [H: And upon which interest is demanded for the worthless non-redeemable PAPER trash.]

Can you give me an example of this, we asked?

"The examples are numerous, but a few readily apparent are the stocks and bonds market, all forms of insurance and the fractional reserve system practiced by the Federal Reserve corporation, not to mention the billions in gold and silver that we have gained in exchange for paper notes, stupidly called 'money'. Money power was essential in carrying out our master plan of international conquest through propaganda."

Asked how they proposed doing this, he said: "At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of ALL SCHOOL MATERIALS. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies."

Asked if the Jews felt any threat from the "silent majority", he laughed at the idea, saying: "There is no such thing as the "silent majority" because we control their cry and hue. The only thing that exists is an unthinking majority and unthinking they will remain, as long as their escape from our rigorous service is the opiate of our entertainment industry. By controlling industry, we have become the task masters and the people the slaves. When the pressure of daily toil builds to an explosive degree, we have provided the safety valve of momentary pleasure. The television and movie industries furnish the necessary temporary distraction. These programs are carefully designed to appeal to the sensuous emotions, never to the logical thinking mind. Because of this, the people are programmed to respond according to our dictates, not according to reason. Silent they never are; unthinking they will remain." [H: Any arguments so far?]

Continuing his thought of Jewish control over the goy, Mr. R. said: "We have castrated society through fear and intimidation. Its manhood exists only in combination with a feminine outward appearance. Being so neutered, the populace has become docile and easily ruled. As all geldings in nature, their thoughts are not involved with the concerns of the future and their posterity, but only with the present toil and the next meal."

It was obvious that the excitement of Mr. Rosenthal was triggered when mention was made of the nation's industry. "We have been successful in dividing society against itself by pitting labor against management. This perhaps has been one of our greatest feats, since in reality it is a triangle, though only two points ever seem to occur. In modern industry there exists capital, which force we represent, at the apex. Both management and labor are on the base of this triangle. They continually stand opposed to each other and their attention is never directed to the head of their problem. Management is forced to raise prices since we are ever increasing the cost of capital. Labor must have increasing wages and management must have higher prices, thus creating the vicious cycle. We are never called to task for our role which is the real reason for inflation, since the conflict between management and labor is so severe that neither has time to observe our activities. It is our increase in the cost of capital that causes the inflation cycle. We do not labor OR manage, and yet we receive the profits. Through our money manipulation, the capital that we supply industry costs us nothing. Through our national bank, the Federal Reserve, we extend book credit, which we create from nothing, to all local banks who are member banks. They in turn extend book credit to industry. Thus, we do more than God, for all of our wealth is created from nothing. You look shocked! Don't be! It's true, we actually do more than God. With this supposed capital we bring industry, management and labor into our debt, which debt only increases and is never liquidated. Through this continual increase, we are able to pit management against labor so they will never unite and attack us and usher in a debt-free industrial utopia.

"We are the necessary element since we expend nothing. Management can create its own capital and keep the cream--the profits. Its business would grow and profits increase. Labor would prosper as well, while the price of the product would remain constant, the prosperity of industry, labor and management would continually increase. We Jews glory in the fact that the stupid goy have never realized that we are the parasites consuming an increasing portion of production while the producers are continually receiving less and less."

As the hours rolled on in this intense, but cordial, interview, Mr. R. exposed his thoughts concerning religion:


"Religion, too, must be taught, and through this necessity we have labored. With our control of the text book industry and the news media, we have been able to hold ourselves up as the authorities on religion. Many of our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed Christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the Christians' stupidity in receiving our teachings and propagating them as their own. Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every "Christian Church" in America. Through our propaganda the Church has become our most avid supporter. This has even given us a special place in society, their believing the lie that we are the "chosen people" and they, gentiles.

"These deluded children of the Church defend us to the point of destroying their own culture. This truth is evident even to the dullard when one views history and sees that all wars have been White fighting White in order that we maintain our control. We controlled England during the Revolutionary War, the North during the Civil War and England and America during World Wars I and II. Through our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant White Christians in wars against themselves which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and political harvest. Anytime truth comes forth which exposes us, we simply rally our forces--the ignorant. Christians. They attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families.

"Through religion we have gained complete control of society, government and economics. No law is ever passed except its merits have previously been taught from the pulpits. An example of this is race equality which led to integration and ultimately to mongrelization. The gullible clergy in one breath instruct their parishioners that we are a special, chosen people while in another breath proclaim all races are the same. Their inconsistency is never discovered. So we Jews enjoy a special place in society while all other races are reduced to common equality. It is for this reason that we authored the equality hoax, thereby reducing all to a lower level.

"We have been taught that our current economic practices are benevolent, therefore Christian. These pulpit parrots extol our goodness for loaning them the money to build their temples, never realizing that their own holy Book condemns all USURY. They are eager to pay our exorbitant interest rates. They have led society into our control through the same practice. Politically, they hail the blessings of democracy and never understand that through democracy we have gained control of their nation. Their book again teaches a benevolent and despotic form of government in accordance with the laws of that book, while a democracy is but mob rule which we control through their Churches, our news media and economic institutions. Their religion is only another channel through which we can direct the power of our propaganda. These religious puppets' stupidity is only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily."

Rarely does any man confess the intimacy of his soul as did Mr. Rosenthal. Hindsight suggest that there was a greater force compelling this man to reveal what has been written here. The remainder of the interview seems to confirm this.

"Since we do not believe in a life after death, all our efforts are directed to the 'now'. We are not as foolish as you and will never adopt an ideology that is rooted in self-sacrifice. Whereas you will live and die for the benefit of the community, we will live and die only for our own individual self. The idea of self-sacrifice is abhorred by Jews. It is abhorrent to me. No cause is worth dying for since death is the end. The only time we unite is to preserve our individual selves. As a group of wolves unite to attack a prey, but then disperse after each is filled, so we Jews unite when peril is pending, not to preserve our community but to save our own skin.

"This attitude permeates our entire being and philosophy. We are not the creators for to create would only benefit another. We are the 'acquirers' and are interested only in satisfying the 'self'. To understand our philosophy would be to understand the term 'to get'. We never give but only TAKE. We never labor but enjoy the fruits of others' labor. We do not physically live within any society, but always remain spiritually apart. To work would be to produce and the highest form of that labor would be to create. Your race has always worked for the satisfaction of what it produces. We would never work for anyones' benefit, only for what we can get. We have used this Aryan attitude to achieve our greatest prosperity. You will work for the enjoyment you derive out of producing, while never being concerned about the pay. We take your productivity for a paltry fee and turn it into fortunes.

"Until recently, the pride of workmanship exceeded the quest for high incomes. However, we have been able to enslave society to our own power which is money, by causing them to seek after it. We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest. Thus, they are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants.

"Your people never realize that we offer them only worthless baubles that can not bring fulfillment. They procure one and consume it and are not filled. We present another. We have provided an infinite number of outward distractions, to the extent that life can not again turn inward to find its definite fulfillment. You have become addicted to our medicine through which we have become your absolute masters.

"On the first and fundamental lie, the purpose of which is to make people believe that we are not a nation but a religion, other lies are subsequently based. Our greatest fear is that this falsehood will be discovered, for we will be stamped out the moment the general public comes into possession of the truth AND ACTS UPON IT. It is becoming apparent that an awakening is occurring even here in America. We had hoped that through our devastation of Christian Germany that any subject dealing with us would be a fearful TABOO. However, there seems to be a resurgence here in the one nation that we so strongly control. We are presently malting plans for a rapid exodus. We know that when the LIGHT BEGINS TO DAWN, there will be no stopping it. All efforts on our part will only intensify that light and draw focus upon it.

[Editor's note: See the little news clipping below that surfaced amidst stacks and stacks of good material sent to us. This particular gem was sent many months ago by a dear friend, Angela ("one of the Angels"), and was clipped from the 10/9/96 issue of the San Francisco Examiner.] vol. 19 #10 Title German Air Force Invades New Mexico

"We fear that light is coming forth in movements across this land, especially yours. It has amazed us how you have been successful in reaching the people after we closed every door of communication. This, we fear, is a sign of coming pogrom [Webster's Dictionary: to slaughter or kill] that will take place in America soon. The American public has realized that we are in control, which is a fatal mistake on our part. THIS NATION COULD NEVER BE THE LAND OF THE FREE AS LONG AS IT IS THE LAND OF THE JEW. This is THE REVELATION that will be our undoing.

"The American people have been easily ruled through our propaganda that the pen is mightier than the sword. We virtually get away with murder and all the goy do is to talk about it, which is ineffective since we, the masters of propaganda, always publish a contradicting account. If the Aryan would review history and apply those lessons of the past, then the pen will be thrown down in disgust and the sword wielded in the heat of passion. Thus far, we have escaped the sword, when the only reprisal is some periodical of no repute, or some pamphlet with limited circulation. Their pen is no match for ours, but our constant fear is that they may open their eyes and learn that no change was ever brought about with a pen. History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial or book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. We understand this principle and are continually propagandizing the people to write letters to the President, to Congress and to their local media. We are safe to continually exploit, intimidate and disenfranchise the White American as long as they are preoccupied with the illusion of educating the masses through printed material. Woe be unto us if they ever see the futility of it, lay down the pen and employ the sword.

"History confirms the fact that the passions of an aroused minority, no matter how small a group, have exerted enough power to topple the greatest empire. The movements that control destiny are not those that rest on the inactive majority; but on the sheer force of an active minority. Will is Power, not numbers, for a strong Will will always rule the masses.

"Again, we are safe as long as our Will is stronger, or the Will of the people is misdirected, scattered and without leadership. We will never be deposed with words, only force!"

The wisdom of Mr. Harold Wallace Rosenthal has been set forth.


I would note here the author's comments in excerpting a few paragraphs from his writings on this subject:

"Mr. Rosenthal, a former influential Jew in his own right, prided himself in being a vital part of the admitted control of the media, of their invisible government, no political power is without Jewish approval, the American people have no guts and they sneer at the stupidity, the Jews' power through their money and the money power affording them a 'master plan' for international conquest through propaganda. Let us remember Rosenthal's remarks about an 'unthinking majority' , the Jews' treachery of pitting labor against management and that Christ was just another man walking on Earth. That they are admitted parasites who have gained control of our society, government and economics through their religion, also the 'chosen people' myth exploded and the confessed 'big lie' that the Jews are a religion and not a nation. And we must not forget what Mr. R. said about their fear of being discovered FOR WHAT THEY ARE."

So, do you STILL want to dabble around the point of such as the new Gulf debacle? ARE YOU TOTALLY BLIND?

Is it too late to change? That depends on YOU and how and what you want to change. Most seem happy enough being in the grandstand whooping on the players and getting your children KILLED in some foreign intrigue over an oil PIPELINE owned by some criminal Elite. You are already enslaved--BUT, YOUR CONSTITUTION HAS ONLY BEEN DUMPED--NOT DESTROYED. What do you WANT TO DO? It doesn't show in the "polls".


Indeed it is true. Not only was Rosenthal murdered to silence him but he gave this same speech dozens of times so that his egotistical blatherings could not be missed. Yes, he was murdered and so, too, were those who had the information from original notes with witnesses and tapes to back up the verbatim discussions. The man was only spouting off the Protocols of Zion, no more or less. It IS the PLAN 2000 and so take note--there are only some 3-1/2 years to "getcha". Since they have already "GOTCHA", they are just playing out the organization plans.

And, NO, it is not my purpose, duty or intent to change anything in your world--save perhaps YOUR MIND. I can't even do that--all I can do is offer you factual truth and you will do whatever you shall, with it.

Before closing, however, I am going to offer a letter written by a man called James Zakoib that I find more than worthy of sizing up, very, very well:

[Received on or about August 25, 1996]



"And they said, come let us build ourselves a city and a tower whose top will reach into heaven and let us make for ourselves a name." Gen. 11:4.

The purpose of the modern U.S. Project has been the same as its Babylonian prototype as it has centralized national government under one supreme power center.


President Nixon signed Executive Order 11490 on Oct. 28, 1969. This Executive Order carries the title assigning EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FUNCTIONS to FEDERAL DEPARTMENTS and AGENCIES, ALSO IT AUTHORIZES THE PLANS AND ASSIGNS THE RESPONSIBILITIES FOR COMPLETE TAKEOVER BY THE GOVERNMENT OF EVERY FACET OF LIFE IN THE UNITED STATES. Because of these facts that Executive Order 11490 has been labelled A BLUEPRINT FOR TYRANNY. Therefore, the situation in which we find ourselves in is where the President, through the use of Executive Orders or Emergency Powers, could assume dictatorial control of our country at will. [H: That was JUST PROVEN day before yesterday in Iraq. Ah, but did President Clinton make the decisions? No, he only made the public announcement. His foreign agents and advisors made the decisions and acted on them--CLINTON WAS ON VACATION CAMPAIGNING FOR HIS NEXT PUPPET TERM. YOU, U.S.A., STARTED A WAR WITHOUT BENEFIT OF EVEN CONGRESSIONAL INSPECTION MUCH THE LESS PUBLIC NOTICE.] He could do it without consulting Congress and without the need for any further declaration of national emergency, as President Bush did a while back with Iraq and a few other countries in wars of GENOCIDE. The many thousands, who died at Pearl Harbor and the long war in the Pacific, had little knowledge that their sacrifices were arranged to serve a global power scheme.

During the Nixon years, government had daily increased in size and in power. Who can deny it? With Bush head of the C.I.A. under Nixon, he has worked hard for the fruition of the New World Order. That would take place exactly twenty years later with Bush as its Dictator. Who can deny it that more and more government has led to total government, and we are heading in that direction exactly as many great nations have done before us?

For generations brilliant and ambitious men have been hard at work to establish dominance over the entire globe. A major part of their effort has been directed toward the imposition of tyranny over the United States. As has been shown, the Blueprint for Tyranny is already an accomplished fact. It could be implemented at a moment's notice by the man who has been elected and is the chief executive in our land, Bill Clinton. Let us now add our belief that the ultimate goal of this great conspiracy in our land is world rule and the present leadership of the United States is a party to it. Finally, let us draw the obvious conclusion that the imposition on the United States from within, of totalitarian rule, is the last step of any consequence remaining before the conspirator's ultimate goal is achieved.

There are two ways to achieve TOTAL GOVERNMENT here in the United States. The first way is the lightning quick takeover which could be accomplished by ENACTMENT OF THE EXECUTIVE ORDER. The second is the piecemeal acquisition of power by which all elements of the Blueprint for Tyranny could be accomplished separately in a manner that would also destroy all will to resist.

It has been said that a conquered enemy must be continually reconquered because he will keep on resisting. A campaign that brings about subversion to such an extent that the victim is induced to beg for his chains will result in a much more secure tyranny.

As this whole drive for power was not exposed and destroyed, has not the day now come when even previously uninformed Americans will realize that all of it has already been accomplished right under their/our noses and that resistance would be folly? There will be no lightning quick seizure of power. None will be needed, for all will have been done in very gradual steps, each of which seemed necessary and reasonable at the time. Now in the end, TOTAL GOVERNMENT WILL BE THE OUTCOME--AND FREEDOM WILL BE GONE.

As Bush's popularity and deeds dwindled it was not by accident that Rhodes Scholar and C.F.R. member Bill Clinton was elected president with only 34 percent of the popular vote. Clinton has surrounded himself with Rhodes scholars that he can count on for support and advice as he unleashes his NEW COVENANT on the unsuspecting American people. Whether as an unwitting dupe or conscious participant; we shall soon see that Bill Clinton is also part of a massive and historical conspiracy to establish a WORLD GOVERNMENT.


Agree or disagree, you have a big problem here and it would appear that you get closer and closer to that "Waterloo" right at the Euphrates River. A prophesy came forth from a great seer that when there could be dry traversing of the River Euphrates--the Armageddon would be close behind. Well, there is a great dam which now dries-up the Euphrates AT WILL.

Can you ever realize the balance of the WORLD revolves around a puddle of oil, money, and greedmongers?

I suggest you FIND OUT ABOUT THAT SUPERFUND OF BUSH! He established an outrageous manner in which to gain control of the world--economically. That same manner is not in YOUR HANDS and you seem to simply hiccup and belch and pass gas while moving on into your DREAMLAND activities--of what? Doing nothing, mostly. Or, perhaps you wait for me and my team to fix it for you? It won't happen that way. The point you miss is that this "new" invasion of Iraq is but a test of you-the-people, a trial balloon to see what you will tolerate and how you will take such a major usurpation of your Constitution and moral fiber. Ah, and look how pleased they must be today to see that you-the-people fall right behind the LIES and hoist up the demons to even greater position and power. Shame, shame--AMERICA.

There is a very BIG error in Mr. Rosenthal's outbursts that the pen is not worthy of a "win". Forget it, Rosenthal--pens set forth TRUTH and it is TRUTH THAT OFFERS FREEDOM, not force nor guns! How much more blood of a species will be spilled before you see and learn?

This has become a very lengthy writing and I apologize to my secretary for not allowing even a break, but, YOU ARE OUT OF TIME, CITIZENS! The glass is empty, awaiting the turning--and who shall turn it? And, except for the willing fingers to type the words, there can be NO "WORD" for there are too few of the Oral Tradition to long bear the only lamp for a darkening world.

Salu, and may you each give serious thought on these matters. Hatonn to clear, please.



MON., JAN. 19, 1998 10:23 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 156

MON., JAN. 19, 1998

We come to write and I am reminded that we have, on several occasions, already run the Protocols in their full translation as well as, many times, short versions. So why do it again? Because I WANT YOU TO STUDY THEM and STUDY THEM CAREFULLY. I need you to know what IS IN THEM.


As an example of what I mean, you who watched 60 MINUTES last evening will recall that the first segment was on the atrocities and massacres in Algeria--against the Islamic families. If you think two people in the Simpson case with throats cut and blood all over the place was disconcerting, try families of 15 or 20 all slashed, throats slashed, and even burned. Babies are even put into ovens in the apartments/houses and burned alive. I tell you no lies, chelas--this was on your news. And just who is doing it? The Police and Military. Why? They claim to not be able to tolerate Islamic people. Some of the killers claim to be separatist Moslems and some, oh horrors, are CHRISTIANS.

Can you now begin to see the irony in the names you give to groups and people? Do you REALLY think Christ would do such terrible things? Do you actually think the United Nations will do anything to help? Of course not, for think again: how many babies have been deaded in Iraq?

All this atrocity in Algeria is taking place in the very shadows of the biggest billion dollar oil refineries and cracking towers in the world--owned by the Elite, none of whom are Algerian. The companies belong to Great Britain and the United States of America. And moreover, some of the perpetrators are already in intelligence squads trained by Mossad, British Intelligence, the old KGB (also Mossad and British Intelligence), and CIA under the United Nations.

Now, before moving on, let us look at the MAJOR drug/chemical/medical houses and look at what is happening to the world medicine supplies. And, why don't people on medication ever get better? Well, 60 MINUTES, again, gives you insight. There are branches of drug packagers set up under alias names who supply a "less expensive" line of drugs. These drugs are purchased by lots of into the millions of dollars--using dollars--and are sent to developing nations, third world countries, struggling countries, and even into the United States and other developed nations. In some instances there was NOTHING in the capsules. In some instances there was only, say, 50 mg of medication where the dosage should have been 250 mg PER CAPSULE OR TABLET. In other instances the capsules and tablets would be the correct color coded and labeled--but had NO active ingredients. In one batch of medications to Haiti, 80 children WERE POISONED AND DIED FROM WRONG SUBSTANCE IN THE CAPSULES.

The medicines are mainly used in clinics and hospitals and it is not possible to monitor every medication. There would be no way to tell if you have bad medicines until there would be no response from even major dosages of medication given--or the patient would go downhill and die.

In Iraq, where medications are allowed there is monitoring at the shipping points, but none of the real medications even so much as reach anywhere inside the country--much less, get to the needy. It is said, and you had best believe it, that Jewish-Israelis are the inspectors and monitors under the auspices of the U.S.(UN).

How many of you are aware that almost all of the Cabinet posts for Billy Clinton are headed by JEWISH PERSONS--some of them foreign? A foreign person (non natural) person cannot be President, but they sure can be lawfully in total CONTROL OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT! This takeover and evolvement are all right there in the PROTOCOLS, but nobody seems to give a damn. Therefore, information is available, but we are not going to cram it down your proverbial throats, nor are we going to cut any throats--so I suggest you pay close attention and give care to your choices.

We are going to move right into the PROTOCOLS as translated. The translator made a special effort to give some topics within each Protocol and it will help you do a rather rapid search if you wish to do so.

I don't like it, but you may well find that using a different copy of the Protocols will note slight differences in content, never in concept. There are one or two places whereat you will find a sentence missing and we will take another copy and fill in the blanks as much as possible. Our thrust is not toward letter-perfect copy, but we will, to the very best of our ability, NOT CHANGE ANYTHING THROUGHOUT THE DOCUMENT. Remember, please, that people all along the way have been threatened, shot, murdered by other means and have found that producing these Protocols has brought pure HELL upon the heads of those efforting to present these copies.

Some of you may well have had earlier copies as were compiled by SONS OF LIBERTY in California. That copy may vary somewhat in some places. Remember that in the days of presenting these original translations they had to be copied by HAND, individually. All copies the governments and the authorities could find WERE BURNED. It has been a tremendous task to get enough original script to be able to insure total accuracy from one copy to another. Bear with us, please, for we are going to offer what we have that is the most up-to-date available WITH some references and notations.

A couple or so years ago a box of new books from which we are utilizing information was sent to us with no identification as to sender or any further information regarding the works. The books themselves have no reference for tracing and you may well have a copy already. The book cover is basically red, the title is in red on a white background, with the other print in black. The back cover is red and has no print.

There is a picture inside of Sergius A. Nilus but there is no picture of Victor E. Marsden. We do, however, have a picture of Marsden from an older document and we'll see if a COPY would be presentable enough to reprint.


[QUOTING, Part 13:1






Right lies in Might, Freedom--an idea only. Liberalism. Gold. Faith. Self-Government. Despotism of Capital. The internal foe. The Mob. Anarchy. Politics versus Morals. The Right of the Strong. The Invincibility of Jew-Masonic authority. End justifies Means. The Mob a Blind Man. Political A.B.C. Party Discord. Most satisfactory form of rule-- Despotism. Alcohol. Classicism. Corruption. Principles and rules of the Jew-Masonic Government. Terror. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". Principle of Dynastic Rule. Annihilation of the privileges of the Goy-Aristocracy (i.e., non-Jew). The New Aristocracy. The psychological calculation. Abstractness of "Liberty". Power of Removal of representatives of the people.

............ Putting aside fine phrases we shall speak of the significance of each thought: by comparisons and deductions we shall throw light upon surrounding facts.

What I am about to set forth, then, is our system from the two points of view, that of ourselves and that of the goyim (i.e., non-Jews).

It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorization, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power; everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

What has restrained the beasts of prey who are called men? What has served for their guidance hitherto?

In the beginnings of the structure of society they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards--to Law, which is the same force, only disguised. I draw the conclusion that by the law of nature right lies in force.

Political freedom is an idea but not a fact. This idea one must know how to apply whenever it appears necessary with this bait of an idea to attract the masses of the people to one's party for the purpose of crushing another who is in authority. This task is rendered easier if the opponent has himself been infected with the idea of freedom, so-called liberalism, and, for the sake of an idea, is willing to yield some of his power. It is precisely here that the triumph of our theory appears; the slackened reins of government are immediately, by the law of life, caught up and gathered together by a new hand, because the blind might .of the nation cannot for one single day exist without guidance, and the new authority merely fits into the place of the old already weakened by liberalism.

In our day the power which has replaced that of the rulers who were liberal is the power of Gold. Time was when Faith ruled. The idea of freedom is impossible of realization because no one knows how to use it with moderation. It is enough to hand over a people to self-government for a certain length of time for that people to be turned into a disorganized mob. From that moment on we get internecine strife which soon develops into battles between classes, in the midst of which States burn down and their importance is reduced to that of a heap of ashes. [H: Well I will say that it is handy that they reduce the States to ashes for that finally allows the Phoenix to birth again.]

Whether a State exhausts itself in its own convulsions, whether its internal discord brings it under the power of external foes--in any case it can be accounted irretrievably lost; it is in our power. The despotism of Capital, which is entirely in our hands, reaches out to it a straw that the State, will-nilly, must take hold of it; if not--it goes to the bottom.

Should anyone of a liberal mind say that such reflections as the above are immoral I would put the following questions: If every State has two foes and if in regard to the external foe it is allowed and not considered immoral to use every manner and art of conflict, as for example to keep the enemy in ignorance of plans of attack and defense, to attack him by night or in superior numbers, then in what way can the same means in regard to a worse foe, the destroyer of the structure of society and the commonwealth, be called immoral and not permissible?

Is it possible for any sound logical mind to hope with any success to guide crowds by the aid of reasonable counsels and arguments, when any objection or contradiction, senseless though it may be, can be made and when such objection may find more favor with the people, whose powers of reasoning are superficial? Men in masses and the men of the masse, being guided solely by petty passions, paltry beliefs, customs, traditions and sentimental theorism, fall a prey to party dissension, which hinders any kind of agreement even on the basis of a perfectly reasonable argument. Every resolution of a crowd depends upon a chance or packed majority, which, in its ignorance of political secrets, put forth some ridiculous resolution that lays in the administration a seed of anarchy.

The political has nothing in common with the moral. The ruler who is governed by the moral is not a skilled politician, and is therefore unstable on his throne. He who wishes to rule must have recourse both to cunning and to make-believe; we have cunning and thanks to the Press we have make-believe. Great national qualities, like frankness and honesty, are vices in politics, for they bring down rulers from their thrones more effectively and more certainly than the most powerful enemy. Such qualities must be the attributes of the kingdoms of the goyim, but we must in no wise be guided by them.

Our right lies in force. The word "right" is an abstract thought and proved by nothing. The word means no more than: give me what I want in order that thereby I may have a proof that I am stronger than you.

Where does right begin? Where does it end?

In any State in which there is a bad organization of authority, an impersonality of laws and of the rulers who have lost their personality amid the flood of rights ever multiplying out of liberalism, I find a new right--to attack by the right of the strong, and to scatter to the winds all existing forces of order and regulation, to reconstruct all institutions and to become the sovereign lord of those who have left to us the rights of their power by laying them down voluntarily in their liberalism.

Our power in the present tottering condition of all forms of power will be more visible than any other, because it will remain invisible until the moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning can any longer undermine it.

Out of the temporary evil we are now compelled to commit will emerge the good of an unshakable rule, which will restore the regular course of the machinery of the national life, brought to naught by liberalism. The result justifies the means. Let us, however, in our plans, direct our attention not so much to what is good and moral as to what is necessary and useful.

Before us is a plan in which is laid down strategically the line from which we cannot deviate without running the risk of seeing the labor of many centuries brought to naught.

In order to elaborate satisfactory forms of action it is necessary to have regard to the rascality, the slackness, the instability of the mob, its lack of capacity to understand and respect the conditions of its own life, or its own welfare. It must be understood that the might of a mob is blind, senseless and unreasoning force ever at the mercy of a suggestion from any side. The blind cannot lead the blind without bringing them into the abyss; consequently, members of the mob, upstarts from the people, even though they should be as a genius for wisdom, yet having no understanding of the political, cannot come forward as leaders of the mob without bringing the whole nation to ruin.

Only one trained from childhood for independent rule can have understanding of the words that can be made up of the political alphabet.

A people left to itself, i.e., to upstarts from its midst, brings itself to ruin by party dissensions excited by the pursuit of power and honors and the disorders arising therefore. Is it possible for the masses of the people calmly and without petty jealousies to form judgments, to deal with the affairs of the country, which cannot be mixed up with personal interests? Can they defend themselves from an external foe? It is unthinkable, for a plan broken up into as many parts as there are heads in the mob, loses all homogeneity, and thereby becomes unintelligible and impossible of execution.

It is only with a despotic ruler that plans can be elaborated extensively and clearly in such a way as to distribute the whole properly among the several parts of the machinery of the State; from this the conclusion is inevitable that a satisfactory form of government for any country is one that concentrates in the hands of one responsible person. Without an absolute despotism there can be no existence for civilization which is carried on not by the masses but by their guide, whoever that person may be. The mob is a savage and displays its savagery at every opportunity. The moment the mob seizes freedom in its hands it quickly turns to anarchy, which in itself is the highest degree of savagery.

Behold the alcoholized animals, bemused with drink, the right to an immoderate use of which comes along with freedom. It is not for us and ours to walk that road. The peoples of the goyim are bemused with alcoholic liquors; their youth has grown stupid on classicism and from early immorality, into which it has been inducted by our special agents--by tutors, lackeys, governesses in the houses of the wealthy, by clerks and others, by our women in the places of dissipation frequented by the goyim. In the number of these last I count also the so-called "society ladies", voluntary followers of the others in corruption and luxury.

Our countersign is--Force and Make-believe. Only force conquers in political affairs, especially if it be concealed in the talents essential to statesmen. Violence must be the principle, and cunning and make-believe the rule for governments which do not want to lay down their crowns at the feet of agents of some new power. This evil is the one and only means to attain the end, the good. Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end. In politics one must know how to seize the property of others without hesitation if by it we secure submission and sovereignty.

Our State, marching along the path of peaceful conquest, has the right to replace the horrors of war by less noticeable and more satisfactory sentences of death, necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission. Just but merciless severity is the greatest factor of strength of the State; not only for the sake of gain but also in the name of duty, for the sake of victory, we must keep to the programme of violence and make-believe. The doctrine of squaring accounts is precisely as strong as the means of which it makes use. Therefore it is not so much by the means themselves as by the doctrine of severity that we shall triumph and bring all governments into subjection to our super-government. It is enough for them to know that we are merciless for all disobedience to cease.

Far back in ancient times were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", words many times repeated since those days by stupid poll- parrots who from all sides round flew down upon these baits and with them carried away the well-being of the world, true freedom of the individual, formerly so well guarded against the pressure of the mob. The would-be wise men of the goyim, the intellectuals, could not make anything out of the uttered words in their abstractness; did not note the contradiction of their meaning and inter-relation; did not see that in nature there is no equality, cannot be freedom; that Nature herself has established inequality of minds, of characters, and capacities, just as immutably as she has established subordination to her laws; never stopped to think that the mob is a blind thing, that upstarts elected from among it to bear rule are, in regard to the political, the same blind men as the mob itself, that the adept, even if he were a genius, understands nothing in the political--to all these things the goyim paid no regard; yet all the time it was based upon these things that dynastic rule rested; the father passed on to the son a knowledge of the course of political affairs in such wise that none should know it but members of the dynasty and none could betray it to the governed. As time went on the meaning of the dynastic transference of the true position of affairs in the political was lost, and this aided the success of our cause.

In all corners of the Earth the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm. And all the time these words were canker-worms at work boring into the well-being of the goyim, putting an end everywhere to peace, quiet, solidarity and destroying all the foundations of the goya States. As you will see later, this helped us to our triumph; it gave us the possibility, among other things, of getting into our hands the master card--the destruction of the privileges, or in other words of the very existence of the aristocracy of the goyim, that class which was the only defense peoples and countries had against us. On the ruins of the natural and genealogical aristocracy of the goyim we have set up the aristocracy of our educated class headed by the aristocracy of money. The qualifications for this aristocracy we have established in wealth, which is dependent upon us, and in knowledge, for which our learned elders provide the motive force.

Our triumph has been rendered easier by the fact that in our relations with the men whom we wanted to have always worked upon the most sensitive chords of the human mind, upon the cash account, upon the cupidity, upon the insatiability for material needs of man; and each one of these human weaknesses, taken alone, is sufficient to paralyze initiative, for it hands over the will of men to the disposition of him who has bought their activities.

The abstraction of freedom has enabled us to persuade the mob in all countries that their government is nothing but the steward of the people who are the owners of the country, and that the steward may be replaced like a worn-out glove.

It is this possibility of replacing the representatives of the people which has placed them at our disposal, and, as it were, given us the power of appointment.


I certainly do realize that this is outrageous in concept, and therefore difficult to believe that there could be such a plan, and yet we haven't even hardly begun.

I ask that after each Protocol that you pause and think on what has already transpired JUST IN YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT HAVE OTHER INPUT. Where are you in this world arena, political arena, even in the military arena? YOUR soldiers are somewhere else while the majority of the troops IN TRAINING are foreign citizens using your facilities and being trained by United Nations-appointed instructors. [Editor's note: See the little news clipping pages 59-60 that surfaced amidst stacks and stacks of good material sent to us. This particular gem was sent many months ago by a dear friend, Angela ("one of the Angels"), and was clipped from the 10/9/96 issue of the San Francisco Examiner.] Also remember the UN CHARTER which only allows for a Soviet Russian to head military operations. Therefore if you think your troops are actually headed by one of "yours"--look again. Is not your very own Secretary of Defense, a Jew (William Cohen)? I also believe you will find your Secretary of the Treasury, PAID DIRECTLY BY THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, is a Jew (Robert E. Rubin). Your Attorney General, Janet Reno, is also paid directly by the IMF. So you are already hook, line and sinker under the Charter of the United Nations--NOT UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (States united). Then, of course, your Secretary of State, Madeleine K. Albright, is also a Jew but typical of Protocol-following Jews, claimed that she didn't know of her lineage.

Just how well do you think Madeleine REALLY gets along with those Arabs? How about the Moslems? Chinese? Well, she seems to hornswoggle all you Christians.

Now for you inquiring minds: What was Mr. Cohen doing in Djakarta? Do you know where Djakarta is? Well, you had best find out because it is in Indonesia where the big fit is hitting the shan over economic collapse. But WHY the Secretary of Defense?

Frankly, if we worked day and night without breaks, we couldn't catch you up in WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW THAT CERTAINLY WILL HURT YOU. Once history is lost or CHANGED, there is no way to ever even know a thing, for after the third generation passes there is no memory or challenge to whatever it is the thugs want you to know. But for now, you only have to look around while there is even a remnant of information against which to relate things taking place before your eyes--and KNOW. Once gone, readers, it's over as far as your freedom, and when the wars finally end there will be nothing left save the dark ages. Once captured and enslaved through the mind--you CAN only have "dark ages". You become exactly what you are trained to believe. Waving a flag does not freedom make! You don't even know which flag to wave, do you? Do you go get one with a gold fringe, one without, one in blue to match the UN, one for Israel which Dershowitz has publicly made known, as spokesman, the U.S. now the HOMELAND of ISRAEL AND THE JEW.

Do you give a damn?

There is a warning I would give you who jump to judgments and "kill the whole of the lot" attitudes: DON'T get caught in that trap ALSO LAID FORTH BY THIS SAME ELITE COVEN OF THUGS. I can give you several examples of why it is not smart to lump every "Black" into a category, or any "White" into a category and do NOT lump into Jew all those who are somehow connected to Judaism or Jewishness.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, author of EMERGING VIRUSES: AIDS AND EBOLA is the very best example I can offer. And if YOU haven't availed yourself of his information, you are walking on the edge of a cliff intended to eventually swallow you as you topple off the edge. These citizens did not know anything about what was coming down and, moreover, THEY are in the first chosen group to be annihilated. This would bury the evidence of such a plan as Plan 2000 and push blame off onto anyone else other than the deed-doers of the genocidal activities.

The Jews run Hollywood, hook, line, and sinker, and I mean the Elite of the Antichrist. However, alcohol and drugs destroy as many or more actors and performers as in any other group or race. These black bards and widows will do anything, say anything, or persecute anyone--to gain their wealth and power-oriented passions. And you all march right to the ticket windows and offer up whatever is asked without complaint or boycott. How could any picture of a sinking ship take $200 million to make? How many mouths would be fed by $200 million? WHO GETS THAT MONEY? DO YOU?

You may have noticed that we offered quite a long writing on the topic of the Pharisees. Then Sananda related a writing to the topic of Pharisees. I am now questioned about that again.

May I please just refer to a part of the writing of Dr. Freedman to Dr. Goldstein: [QUOTING:]

The eminent Rabbi Louis Finkelstein, the head of The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, often referred to as "The Vatican of Judaism", in his Foreword to his First Edition of his world-famous classic The Pharisees, the Sociological Background of Their Faith, on page XXI states:

. Judaism. . . Pharisaism became Talmudism, Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism, and Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout these changes in name. . . the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives, unaltered. . . From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia, and Eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered. . . demonstrates the enduring importance which attaches to Pharisaism as a religious movement. . ."


We can certainly take up this subject again but it is a distractor at this point. Good afternoon.



TUE., JAN. 20, 1998 7:38 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 157

TUE., JAN. 20, 1998

I must take just a minute to make a statement to the surveillance team monitoring this computer. I had been told that no later than on January 15, 1998, there would be full opening of accounts at IMF with full identification numbers which would merit status of ready, willing and ABLE to remove any stay of operations. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN AND I WANT A FULL REPORT AS TO WHY THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN. YOUR PROBLEMS IN CHINA AND INDONESIA ARE NOT MY BUSINESS--OUR NEGOTIATIONS AND AGREEMENTS ARE MY BUSINESS. My representative has now been told "mid- February"? I suggest you get Mr. Rubin, and for that matter, Mr. Cohen, and get this error in judgment resolved. I am no longer patient.

You have lied continuously about putting no pressure on Indonesia through the IMF--say what? Then why is Mr. Cohen making a round of all those nations suffering at your hands?

Now, what is he doing in Beijing if he has no intention of doing anything "yet" with the Chinese? If Hong Kong is in trouble, it does not follow that China needs to have a joint military force WITH either the United States or the United Nations.

I note another atrocity taking place and that is in South Korea. How can you account for the large loans intended for "the" Korea(S) while George Soros and a group of large offshore hedge funds are buying South Korean bank debt--CHEAP?

My silence is NOT BOUGHT, gentlemen, through this kind of destructive intent or action. You have a Jihad to attend in the Middle East, so must you be so intent on getting your stuff caught in the wringer in the Pacific and Asia? China is a no-no! China can, at this moment in time, march across the entire world and flatten everything you ever thought of holding and, yes, plans to do so. "Joint army" my ass-umption. Nobody is that blind, you idiots of the Angel of Death.


You don't think I am serious or do not exist? Oh I exist, and shall continue right on uncovering your lies and thieving just as fast as we can put it forth. I told you I would leave it alone with that which was already present IF YOU MET YOUR OBLIGATIONS AND AGREEMENTS--IT DOES NOT PAY TO TRY TO FOOL MOTHER NATURE OR YOU GET THE BUTTER SPATTERED ALL OVER YOUR FACES AND DISCLOSE YOUR REAL INTENTIONS--AND, I AM QUITE HAPPY TO BE OF ASSISTANCE IN THIS LATTER ENDEAVOR.

Staff: Just leave the above for the paper for I am weary of playing slime-sucker games with these intruders from alien lands. At this point I will leave the basic information lay, but if this is not cleared up by mid-February, we will offer the entire package to the public, especially to those nations wherein these scoundrels are stealing the very life-source from the nations they pass.

Along the lines of information, let us continue with the PROTOCOLS and see how much worse it truly can get, readers.

Readers, you NOW have all the proof you ever shall need about the coalition of Fundamentalist so-called Christians and the fact that there is NO JESUS-CHRISTOS INVOLVED.





You may here think I am nuts? Sorry, it was on your establishment news! Mark the day, January 19, 1998.

Mr. Yahoo echoed the very concept of "...no longer needing the Jew in America...". His meeting with Mr. Clinton had been cool and formal but the reception he got from your Christians just about blew the roof off. The stuff is in the fan and the game is about up with Billy. Have any of you LOOKED at Mrs. Jones' (Paula) profile? "Just a cute little innocent chick from the South?" Not on your life!

And just who is financing Mrs. Jones' struggle and all her Jewish attorneys? That's right, a "Christian" organization. However, they have their own problems for Mr. Clinton is fighting back with IRS AUDITS of the organization AND Mrs. Jones.

Now, isn't this just the nicest, kindest, gentler world of Mr. Bush?

I told you years ago, and repeat it frequently, Jerry Falwell made statements while serving IN THE WRITE HOUSE that "I am a Zionist and proud of it!" So be it. The statements made about money indicated that the "Christians" always meet any obligation proposed by Mr. Falwell and it is expected that funds as high as into the billions of dollars will EASILY be forthcoming. Read it and weep, brethren.




Economic Wars--the foundation of the Jewish predominance. Figure-head government and "secret advisers". Successes of destructive doctrines. Adaptability in politics. Part played by the Press. Cost of gold and value of Jewish sacrifice.

It is indispensable for our purpose that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains; war will thus be brought onto the economic ground, where the nations will not fail to perceive in the assistance we give the strength of our predominance, and this state of things will put both sides at the mercy of our international agentur, which possesses millions of eyes ever on the watch and unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves.

The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisers, specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world. As is well known to you, these specialists of ours have been drawing to fit them for rule the information they need from our political plans from the lessons of history, from observations made of the events of every moment as it passes. The goyim are not guided by practical use of unprejudiced historical observation, but by theoretical routine without any critical regard for consequent results. We need not, therefore, take any account of them--let them amuse themselves until the hour strikes, or live on hopes of new forms of enterprising pastime, or on the memories of all they have enjoyed. For then let that play the principal part which we have persuaded them to accept as the dictates of science (theory). It is with this object in view that we are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories. The intellectuals of the goyim will puff themselves up with their knowledge and without any logical verification of them will put into effect all the information available from science, which our agentur specialists have cunningly pieced together for the purpose of educating their minds in the direction we want.

Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words; think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism, Marxism, Nietzsche-ism. To us Jews, at any rate, it should be plain to see what a disintegrating importance these directives have had upon the minds of the goyim.

It is indispensable for us to take account of the thoughts, characters, tendencies of the nations in order to avoid making slips in the political and in the direction of administrative affairs. The triumph of our system, of which the component parts of the machinery may be variously disposed according to the temperament of the peoples met on our way, will fail of success if the practical application of it be not based upon a summing up of the lessons of the past in the light of the present.

In the hands of the States of today there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. The part played by the Press is to keep pointing out requirements supposed to be indispensable, to give voice to the complaints of the people, to express and create discontent. It is in the Press that the triumph of freedom of speech finds its incarnation. But the goyim States have not known how to make use of this force; and it has fallen into our hands. Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade; thanks to the Press we have got the gold in our hands, notwithstanding that we have had to gather it out of oceans of blood and tears. But it has paid us, though we have sacrificed many of our people. Each victim on our side is worth in the sight of God a thousand goyim.


The Symbolic Snake and its significance. The instability of the constitutional scales. Terror in the palaces. Power and ambition. Parliaments, "talkeries", pamphlets. Abuse of power. Economic slavery. "People's Rights" Monopolist system and the aristocracy. The Army of Mason-Jewry. Decrescence in the Goyim. Hunger and rights of capital. The mob and the coronation of "The Sovereign Lord of all the World". The fundamental precept in the programme of the future Masonic national schools. The secret of the science of the structure of society. Universal economic crisis. Security of "ours" (i.e., our people, Jews). The despotism of Masonry--the kingdom of reason. Loss of the guide. Masonry and the great French Revolution. The King-Despot of the blood of Zion. Causes of the invincibility of Masonry. Part played by secret Masonic agents. Freedom.

Today I may tell you that our goal is now only a few steps off. There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolize our people. When this ring closes, all the States of Europe will be locked in its coil as in a powerful vice.

The constitution scales of these days will shortly break down, for we have established them with a certain lack of accurate balance in order that they may oscillate incessantly until they wear through the pivot on which they turn. The goyim are under the impression that they have welded them sufficiently strong and they have all along kept on expecting that the scales would come into equilibrium. But the pivots--the kings on their thrones--are hemmed in by their representatives, who play the fool, distraught with their own uncontrolled and irresponsible power. This power they owe to the terror which has been breathed into the palaces. As they have no means of getting at their people, into their very midst, the kings on their thrones are no longer able to come to terms with them and so strengthen themselves against seekers after power. We have made a gulf between the far-seeing Sovereign Power and the blind force of the people so that both have lost all meaning, for like the blind man and his stick, both are powerless apart.

In order to incite seekers after power to a misuse of power we have set all forces in opposition one to another, breaking up their liberal tendencies towards independence. To this end we have stirred up every form of enterprise, we have armed all parties, we have set up authority as a target for every ambition. Of States we have made gladiatorial arenas where a host of confused issues contend... A little more, and disorders and bankruptcy will be universal.

Babblers inexhaustible have turned into oratorical contests the sittings of Parliament and Administrative Boards. Bold journalists and unscrupulous pamphleteers daily fall upon executive officials. Abuses of power will put the final touch in preparing all institutions for their overthrow and everything will fly skyward under the blows of the maddened mob.

All people are chained down to heavy toil by poverty more firmly than ever they were chained by slavery and serfdom; from these, one way and another, they might free themselves, these could be settled with, but from want they will never get away. We have included in the constitution such rights as to the masses appear fictitious and not actual rights. [H: By the way, recognize in these latter days when constitution is applied, it is the United Nations One World Order (under their control) CHARTER.] All these so-called "People's Rights" can exist only in idea, an idea which can never be realized in practical life. What is it to the proletariat laborer, bowed double over his heavy toll, crushed by his lot in life, if talkers get the right to babble, if journalists get the right to scribble any nonsense side by side with good stuff, once the proletariat has no other profit out of the constitution save only those pitiful crumbs which we fling them from our table in return for their voting in favour of what we dictate, in favour of the men we place in power, the servants of our agentur... Republican rights for a poor man are no more than a bitter piece of irony, for the necessity he is under of toiling almost all day gives him no present use of them, but on the other hand robs him of all guarantee of regular and certain earnings by making him dependent on strikes by his comrades or lockouts by his masters.

The people under our guidance have annihilated the aristocracy, who were their one and only defence and foster-mother for the sake of their own advantage which is inseparably bound up with the well-being of the people. Nowadays, with the destruction of the aristocracy, the people have fallen into the grips of merciless money-grinding scoundrels who have laid a pitiless and cruel yoke upon the necks of the workers.

We appear on the scene as alleged saviours of the worker from this oppression when we propose to him to enter the ranks of our fighting forces--Socialists, Anarchists, Communists--to whom we always give support in accordance with an alleged brotherly rule (of the solidarity of all humanity) of our social masonry. The aristocracy, which enjoyed by law the labour of the workers, was interested in seeing that the workers were well fed, healthy and strong. We are interested in just the opposite--the diminution, the killing out of the GOYIM. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because by all that this implies he is made the slave of our will, and he will not find in his own authorities either strength or energy to set against our will. Hunger creates the right of capital to rule the worker more surely than it was given to the aristocracy by the legal authority of kings.

By want and the envy and hatred which it engenders we shall move the mobs and with their hands we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way.

When the hour strikes for our Sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned it is these same hands which will sweep away everything that might be a hindrance thereto.

The goyim have lost the habit of thinking unless prompted by the suggestions of our specialists. [H: Boy, have they got this one right!] Therefore they do not see the urgent necessity of what we, when our kingdom comes, shall adopt at once, namely this, that it is essential to teach in national schools one simple, true piece of knowledge, the basis of all knowledge--the knowledge of the structure of human life, of social existence, which requires division of labour, and consequently, the division of men into classes and conditions. It is essential for all to know that owing to difference in the objects of human activity there cannot be any equality, that he who by any act of his compromises a whole class cannot be equally responsible before the law with him who affects no one but only his own honour. The true knowledge of the structure of society, into the secrets of which we do not admit the goyim, would demonstrate to all men that the positions and work must be kept within a certain circle, that they may not become a source of human suffering, arising from an education which does not correspond with the work which individuals are called upon to do. After a thorough study of this knowledge the peoples will voluntarily submit to authority and accept such position as is appointed them in the State. In the present state of knowledge and the direction we have given to its development the people, blindly believing things in print-- cherishes--thanks to promptings intended to mislead and to its own ignorance--a blind hatred towards all conditions which it considers above itself, for it has no understanding of the meaning of class and condition.

This hatred will be still further magnified by the effects of an economic crisis, which will stop dealings on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. We shall create by all the secret subterranean methods open to us and with the aid of gold, which is all in our hands, a universal economic crisis whereby we shall throw upon the streets whole mobs of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe. These mobs will rush delightedly to shed the blood of those whom, in the simplicity of their ignorance, they have envied from their cradles, and whose property they will then be able to loot.

"Ours" they will not touch, because the moment of attack will be known to us and we shall take measures to protect our own.

We have demonstrated that progress will bring all the goyim to the sovereignty of reason. Our despotism will be precisely that; for it will know how by wise severities to pacificate all unrest, to cauterize liberalism out of all institutions.

When the populace has seen that all sorts of concessions and indulgences are yielded it in the name of freedom it has imagined itself to be sovereign lord and has stormed its way to power, but, naturally, like every other blind man it has come upon a host of stumbling blocks, it has rushed to find a guide, it has never had the sense to return to the former state and it has laid down its plenipotentiary powers at OUR feet. Remember the French Revolution, to which it was we who gave the name of "Great"; the secrets of its preparations are well known to us for it was wholly the work of our hands.

[H: I suggest you not go forth now and say, "Well, this can't be an original text when we are talking about things such as the French Revolution... etc." Even if you don't catch the drift, this set of Protocols was and is continuously updated to always be informed about "where we are" at any given moment in The Plan. You will find these dates used as consistent with the turn of the century. Remember that the FRENCH Revolution was in the 1789-1799 while the Russian Revolution began in about 1917.]

Ever since that time we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they should turn also from us in favour of that King-Despot of the blood of Zion, whom we are preparing for the world.

At the present day we are, as an international force, invincible, because if attacked by some we are supported by other States. It is the bottomless rascality of the goyim peoples, who crawl on their bellies to force, but are merciless towards weakness, unsparing to faults and indulgent to crimes, unwilling to bear the contradictions of a free social system but patient unto martyrdom under the violence of a bold despotism--it is those qualities which are aiding us to independence. From the premier-dictators of the present day the goyim peoples suffer patiently and bear such abuses as for the least of them they would have beheaded twenty kings.

What is the explanation of this phenomenon, this curious inconsequence of the masses of the peoples in their attitude towards what would appear to be events of the same order?

It is explained by the fact that these dictators whisper to the peoples through their agents that through these abuses they are inflicting injury on the States with the highest purpose--to secure the welfare of the peoples, the international brotherhood of them all, their solidarity and equality of rights. Naturally they do not tell the peoples that this unification must be accomplished only under our sovereign rule.

And thus the people condemn the upright and acquit the guilty, persuaded ever more and more that it can do whatsoever it wishes. Thanks to this state of things the people are destroying every kind of stability and creating disorders at every step.

The word "freedom" brings out the communities of men to fight against every kind of force, against every kind of authority, even against God and the laws of nature. For this reason we, when we come into our kingdom, shall have to erase this word from the lexicon of life as implying a principle of brute force which turns mobs into bloodthirsty beasts.

These beasts, it is true, fall asleep again every time when they have drunk their fill of blood, and at such times can easily be riveted into their chains. But if they be not given blood they will not sleep and continue the struggle.


And, students, guess WHOSE blood is fed to the "beasts" as described by this Antichrist? That's right, the blood of Jesus who no longer even represents the Christ for they have so degraded the very name as to render it totally without merit. By the way, to you who still use "Jesus" in the context of the true Christed being and within your hearts know the difference between human expression and spiritual intent, God doesn't mind the error. But when you place your irresponsible actions onto the being of any other, and in this instance, a pure and innocent man, so you don't have to do a thing in Truth, you are REALLY MISTAKEN IN YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS. There is no rapture to heaven with God of Truth, Love and Light. There is a PROMISE of something that has no way of coming to be. There will be mass killings and your children will not even know the difference--except in the soul essence of that which will cause you to wish you had done your journey differently. There is not even "Rapture" in your twisted and tainted Bible. That was conjured directly from such as Jerry Falwell, Hal Lindsey and others who interpret anything any way they choose.

There will be NO RAPTURE as described to you--but Mr. Falwell just sold a LOT OF TICKETS to that blackest day in history, in behalf of Israel.

Thank you and good morning.



TUE., JAN. 20, 1998 12:49 P.M. YR. 11, DAY 157

TUE., JAN. 20, 1998


Continuing directly, The Protocols of Zion

[QUOTING, Part 15:]


Stages of a Republic. Gentile Masonry. Freedom and Faith. International Industrial Competition. Role of Speculation. Cult of Gold.

Every republic passes through several stages. The first of these is comprised in the early days of mad raging by the blind mob, tossed hither and thither, right and left; the second is demagogy, from which is born anarchy, and that leads inevitably to despotism--not any longer legal and overt, and therefore responsible despotism, but to unseen and secretly hidden, yet nevertheless sensibly felt despotism in the hands of some secret organization or other, whose acts are the more unscrupulous inasmuch as it works behind a screen, behind the backs of all sorts of agents, the changing of whom not only does not injuriously affect but actually aids the secret force by saving it, thanks to continual changes, from the necessity of expending its resources on the rewarding of long services.

Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is. Gentile-Masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.

But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon Earth. This is the reason why it is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of minds of the GOYIM the very principle of Godhead and the spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs.

In order to give the goyim no time to think and take note, their minds must be diverted towards industry and trade. Thus, all the nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain and in the race for it will not take note of their common foe. But again, in order that freedom may once and for all disintegrate and ruin the communities of the goyim, we must put industry on a speculative basis; the result of this will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through the hand and pass into speculation, that is, to our classes.

The intensified struggle for superiority and shocks delivered to economic life will create, nay, have already created, disenchanted, cold and heartless communities. Such communities will foster a strong aversion towards the higher political and towards religion. Their only guide is gain, that is Gold, which they will erect into a veritable cult, for the sake of those material delights which it can give. Then will the hour strike when, not for the sake of attaining the good, not even to win wealth, but solely out of hatred towards the privileged, the lower classes of the goyim will follow our lead against our rivals for power, the intellectuals of the goyim.


Do any of you who have followed our own trail through the past years doubt the validity of THIS above statement? If anything will getcha the likes of Green, Abbott, Horton, et al., IT IS A LITTLE BIT OF GOLD!

Moreover, could it be that Green promised so much out of the Overton/Phoenix Institute gold, to attorneys and such as the likes of Tuten, Fort, etc., that he has not PAID HIS ATTORNEYS OR ANY OF HIS AGREED UPON DEBTS TO SUCH AS US&P, ET AL.? Come on, we are not talking about the gold of the world--only the gift of one man in Texas who wanted his legacy to be Truth and therefore gave some gold to the Institute--only to be stolen and secreted away by Green. Do you not think that in the long journey that Overton will see the fruits of that gift, even if it not be in the measure he anticipated? A lot of evil activities and intent are going to be totally uncovered before these encounters are finished!



Creation of an intensified centralization of government. Methods of seizing power by Masonry. Causes of the impossibility of agreement between States. The state of "predestination" of the Jews. Gold--the engine of the machinery of States. Significance of criticism. "Show" institutions. Weariness from word-spinning. How to take a grip of public opinion. Significance of personal initiative. The Super-Government.

What form of administrative rule can be given to communities in which corruption has penetrated everywhere, communities where riches are attained only by the clever surprise tactics of semi-swindling tricks; where looseness reigns, where morality is maintained by penal measures and harsh laws but not by voluntarily accepted principles; where the feelings toward faith and country are obliterated by cosmopolitan convictions? What form of rule is to be given to these communities if not that despotism which I shall describe to you later? We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws. These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the goyim, and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any goyim who oppose us by deed or word.

We shall be told that such a despotism as I speak of is not consistent with the progress of these days, but I will prove to you that it is.

In the times when the peoples looked upon kings on their thrones as on a pure manifestation of the will of God, they submitted without a murmur to the despotic power of kings; but from the day when we insinuated into their minds the conception of their own rights they began to regard the occupants of thrones as mere ordinary mortals. The holy unction of the Lord's Anointed has fallen from the heads of kings in the eye of the people, and when we also robbed them of their faith in God the might of power was flung upon the streets into the place of public proprietorship and was seized by us.

Moreover, the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all of which the goyim understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity. In this respect the Jesuits alone might have compared with us, but we have contrived to discredit them in the eyes of the unthinking mob as an overt organization, while we ourselves all the while have kept our secret organization in the shade. However, it is probably all the same to the world who is its sovereign lord, whether the head of Catholicism or our despot of the blood of Zion! But to us, the Chosen People, it is very far from being a matter of indifference.

For a time perhaps we might be successfully dealt with by a coalition of the GOYIM of all the world; but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up. We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the goyim, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself. We are too strong--there is no evading our power. The nations cannot come to even an inconsiderable private agreement without our secretly having a hand in it.

"Per Me reges regnant." ("It is through me that Kings reign.") And it was said by the prophets that we were chosen by God Himself to rule over the whole Earth. God has endowed us with genius that we may be equal to our task. Were genius in the opposite camp it would still struggle against us, but even so a newcomer is no match for the old-established settler; the struggle would be merciless between us, such a fight as the world has never yet seen. [H: Well, you surely are about to see it now.] Aye, and the genius on their side would have arrived too late. [H: Nope, WRONG.] All the wheels of the machinery of all States go by the force of the engine, which is in our hands, and that engine of the machinery of States is--Gold. [H: Ah, but a TWO-edged sword can be honed with GOLD!] The science of political economy invented by our learned elders has for long past been giving royal prestige to capital.

Capital, if it is to co-operate untrammeled, must be free to establish a monopoly of industry and trade; this is already being put in execution by an unseen hand in all quarters of the world. This freedom will give political force to those engaged in industry, and that will help to oppress the people. Nowadays it is more important to disarm the peoples than to lead them into war; more important to use for our advantage the passions which have burst into flames than to quench their fire; more important to catch up and interpret the ideas of others to suit ourselves than to eradicate them. The principal object of our directorate consists in this: To debilitate the public mind by criticism; to lead it away from serious reflections calculated to arouse resistance; to distract the forces of the mind towards a sham fight of empty eloquence.

In all ages the peoples of the world, equally with individuals, have accepted words for deeds, for they are content with a show and rarely pause to note, in the public arena, whether promises are followed by performance.

Therefore we shall establish show institutions which will give eloquent proof of their benefit to progress.

We shall assume to ourselves the liberal physiognomy of all parties, of all directions, and we shall give that physiognomy a voice in orators who will speak so much that they will exhaust the patience of their hearers and produce an abhorrence of oratory.

In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the GOYIM lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in matters political, which it is not given to the public to understand, because they are understood only by him who guides the public. This is the first secret.

The second secret requisite for the success of our government is comprised in the following: To multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another. This measure will also serve us in another way, namely, to sow discord in all parties, to dislocate all collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us, and to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative; if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord. We must so direct the education of the goyim communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative they may drop their hands in despairing impotence. The strain which results from freedom of action saps the forces when it meets with the freedom of another. From this collision arise grave moral shocks, disenchantments, failures. By all these means we shall so wear down the GOYIM that they will be compelled to offer us international power of a nature that by its position will enable without any violence gradually to absorb all the State forces of the world and to form a Super-Government. In place of the rulers of today we shall set up a bogey which will be called the Super-Government Administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions like nippers and its organizations will be of such colossal dimensions that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world.


Monopolies; upon them depend the fortunes of the goyim. Taking of the land out of the hands of the aristocracy. Trade, Industry and Speculation. Luxury. Rise of wages and increase of price in the articles of primary necessity. Anarchism and drunkenness. Secret meaning of the propaganda of economic theories.

We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, reservoirs of colossal riches, upon which even large fortunes of the goyim will depend to such an extent that they will go to the bottom together with the credit of the States on the day after the political smash.

You gentlemen here present who are economists, just strike an estimate of the significance of this combination!

In every possible way we must develop the significance of our Super-Government by representing it as the Protector and Benefactor of all those who voluntarily submit to us.

The aristocracy of the goyim as a political force, is dead--we need not take it into account; but as landed proprietors they can still be harmful to us from the fact that they are self- sufficing in the resources upon which they live. It is essential therefore for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land. This object will be best attained by increasing the burdens upon landed property--in loading lands with debt. These measures will check land-holding and keep it in a state of humble and unconditional submission.

The aristocrats of the goyim, being hereditarily incapable of contenting themselves with little, will rapidly burn up and fizzle out.

At the same time we must intensively patronize trade and industry, but, first and foremost, speculation, the part played by which is to provide a counterpoise to industry; the absence of speculative industry will multiply capital in private hands and will serve to restore agriculture by freeing the land from indebtedness to the land banks. What we want is that industry should drain off from the land both labour and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world, and thereby throw all the goyim into the ranks of the proletariat. Then the goyim will bow down before us, if for no other reason but to get the right to exist.

To complete the ruin of the industry of the goyim we shall bring to the assistance of speculation the luxury which we have developed among goyim, that greedy demand for luxury which is swallowing up everything. We shall raise the rate of wages which, however, will not bring any advantage to the workers, for at the same time, we shall produce a rise in prices of the first necessaries of life, alleging that it arises from the decline of agriculture and cattle-breeding; we shall further undermine artfully and deeply sources of production, by accustoming the workers to anarchy and to drunkenness and side by side therewith taking all measure to extirpate [destroy utterly] from the face of the Earth all the educated forces of the GOYIM.

In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the GOYIM before the proper time we shall mask it under an alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes and the great principles of political economy about which our economic theories are carrying on an energetic propaganda.


Object of the intensification of armaments. Ferments, discords and hostility all over the world. Checking the opposition of the goyim by wars and by a universal war. Secrecy means success in the political. The Press and public opinion. The guns of America, China and Japan.

The intensification of armaments, the increase of police forces--are all essential for the completion of the aforementioned plans. What we have to get at is that there should be in all the States of the world, besides ourselves, only the masses of the proletariat, a few millionaires devoted to our interests, police and soldiers.

Throughout all Europe, and by means of relations with Europe, in other continents also, we must create ferments, discords and hostility. Therein we gain a double advantage. In the first place we keep in check all countries, for they well know that we have the power whenever we like to create disorders or to restore order. All these countries are accustomed to see in us an indispensable force of coercion. In the second place, by our intrigues we shall tangle up all the threads which we have stretched into the cabinets of all States by means of the political, by economic treaties, or loan obligations. In order to succeed in this we must use great cunning and penetration during negotiations and agreements, but, as regards what is called the "official language", we shall keep to the opposite tactics and assume the mask of honesty and compliancy. In this way the peoples and governments of the goyim, whom we have taught to look only at the outside of whatever we present to their notice, will still continue to accept us as the benefactors and saviours of the human race.

We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us; but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertakings; the words should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.

We must compel the governments of the goyim to take action in the direction favoured by our widely-conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly prompted by us through the means of that so-called "Great Power"--the Press, which, with a few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands.

In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan.

[H: If that doesn't fry your blood, nothing should.]


Ambiguous employment of juridical rights. Assistants of the Masonic directorate. Special schools and super-educational training. Economists and millionaires. To whom to entrust responsible posts in the government.

We must arm ourselves with all the weapons which our opponents might employ against us. We must search out in the very finest shades of expression and the knotty points of the lexicon of law justification for those cases where we shall have to pronounce judgments that might appear abnormally audacious and unjust, for it is important that these resolutions should be set forth in expressions that shall seem to be the most exalted moral principles cast into legal form. Our directorate must surround itself with all these forces of civilization among which it will have to work. It will surround itself with publicists, practical jurists, administrators, diplomats and, finally, with persons prepared by a special super-educational training in our special schools. These persons will have cognizance of all the secrets of the social structure; they will know all the languages that can be made up by political alphabets and words; they will be made acquainted with the whole underside of human nature, with all its sensitive chords on which they will have to play. These chords are the cast of mind of the goyim, their tendencies, shortcomings, vices and qualities, the particularities of classes and conditions. Needless to say that the talented assistants of authority, of whom I speak, will be taken not from among the goyim, who are accustomed to perform their administrative work without giving themselves the trouble to think what its aim is, and never consider what it is needed for. The administrators of the goyim sign papers without reading them, and they serve either for mercenary reasons or from ambition.

We shall surround our government with a whole world of economists. That is the reason why economic sciences form the principal subject of the teaching given to the Jews. Around us again will be a whole constellation of bankers, industrialists, capitalists and--the main thing--millionaires, because in substance everything will be settled by the question of figures.

For a time, until there will no longer be any risk in entrusting responsible posts in our States to our brother-Jews, we shall put them in the hands of persons whose past and reputation are such that between them and the people lies an abyss; persons who, in case of disobedience to our instructions, must face criminal charges or disappear--this in order to make them defend our interests to their last gasp.


We will take up the next writing with No. 9.

Continually I must remind you that these Protocols for Plan 2000 were written CENTURIES AGO. They were simply translated from Russian by Nilus in 1901.

It must be obvious to you-the-people that the "puppet-master" is on YOUR doorstep and has the strings tied and aligned while you danced to his tune. I think you will see that everything outlined herein--HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED!

Where do you go from here? I don't know where YOU are going; I only know where I AM going.


I have a whole book here on who said what regarding these people, even as poorly identified as they have been through the ages, the Pharisee is never overlooked. Even that one they dubbed erroneously, that "Jesus" Christ, said when speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St John (WII:44):

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own; for he is a liar and the father of it."

How about Mohammed, in the Koran:

"Whoever is a friend of a Jew, belongs to them, becomes one of them; God cannot tolerate this mean people. The Jews have wandered away from divine religion. They are usurpers. You must not relent in your work which must show up Jewish deceit."

And what about George Washington whom we spoke of only a day or so ago and who was also a Mason? Don't think the Masons liked the usurpers much better than anyone else from whom the thefts were made.

In Maxims of George Washington by A.A. Appleton & Co.:

"They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in... It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America."


The hue and cry of the Christian. churches and that of the Catholic Church is that there is a drifting away from the churches themselves as the hypocrisy rises more and more to be seen--especially by the elderly and by the young who can see that Christ has been betrayed and, thus, GOD HAS BEEN BETRAYED. This movement away from your organized churches will continue, for the LIE becomes too obvious and actions always will speak far louder than the rhetoric from the false teachers of the pulpits. May God have mercy. Salu and Adonai--oh yes, some of you may recognize that as Adonay.



WED., JAN. 21, 1998 8:53 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 158

WED., JAN. 21, 1998

First question from this keyboard of "fingers" is, "What does 'Birthing the Phoenix' mean for it obviously has some meaning different from what was expected as we move on into topics being covered these days?" It means that in the delivery process of the baby in any circumstance there must be a nest, a time of gestation, a delivery and a time of actual birth upon which to move forward in clearance of abilities and capability. We are in labor and of course that means that the time of birth of our baby bird is at hand. This may well have no meaning to most who read it, but to my team it will have great meaning since we have gone through this gestation and labor with great difficulty. Many things can ease our way now into a smooth delivery and birthing. We have to make sure the ashes have produced the perfect bird which, when fully fledged, can soar into the heavens. Isn't it wondrous that from this vineyard we don't have to deal with grapes but rather, LIFE? So be it and have JOY for we draw near to that for which we have worked so diligently.

We will move right on with the Protocols and, yes, before we are finished we will have presented far more than most people will even realize is available. For instance, in 1977 from an ABC news broadcast (January 2, 1977), an interesting broadcast was issued: "The British Government is withholding Cabinet papers dating back to 1946 which relate to Palestine and the British Mandate before the creation of the State of Israel. They won't be made public for another 30-years. The papers were due to be released yesterday under a 30 year rule, but they are still regarded as too sensitive to be made public. A BBC correspondent says the documents concern a year of diplomatic and political activity which, if made public thirty years later, could be harmful to international relations and to individuals who were involved in the creation of the Jewish State."

I would tell you in advance that even the word Zionism was barred from use at that time to protect THE PLAN. A term of "ZIMUNISM" was fabricated as the code-name.

All the way back in 1939 you will find that Henry Kissinger was a major player in the top-of-the-line leadership.

By the way, you must remember something that was told to you long ago, even again at the Waco incident, that Zyclon B gas when exposed to air changes to produce cyanide gas. Yes, this is the same Zyclon B gas peddled to the Germans in the camps by your current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

The term Zimunism is simply a compilation of Zionism-Communism to confuse everyone involved for the end result would be Zionism and world control.

We will get to that, but for now we will stay with the Protocols of Zion in order for easy reference and confirmation of that which has come before and after.


I would, before we begin on this, also state that we will be doing, in series, a recent presentation of Calvin Burgin which is mandatory for your understanding, and more especially if you have followed Nora Boyle's writings as well.

The document which is now available is entitled:



This document is not in "book" form yet, however, so we can't yet offer a published work to go with our own information, but we have arranged a way for you eager beavers to obtain a copy of the manuscript.

We have made arrangements with Mr. Burgin to issue, in manuscript form with a cover of spiral binding, the information as would be ready for press. He can do this and is willing to do so. The cost is $15.00 which will barely cover copy and shipping. He is willing to go through the inconvenience as his contribution. He is willing to do more--we are not willing for him to do this work AND bear all the expenses. It is time for everyone to take responsibility for their own education and help these weary hands and minds who do the work ever willingly in service.

I ask that the paper please run this information separately for convenience of reference. However, Mr. Burgin's information: CALVIN C. BURGIN, 404 Gate Tree Lane, Austin, Texas (TX) 78745. Phone: 512-443-9129, Day: 512-454-3003, FAX: 512-452-4770, e-mail: wrldline@texas.net.


I want to also comment on the new publication, WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach, Vol. I.

You have moved into "Big Time" now, readers, and if you do not understand the SPIRITUAL connections, you are never going to be able to participate wisely in anything else taking place, for it is a time in your world where Spiritual RIGHTNESS is GOING TO COME THROUGH and the LIES ARE GOING TO BE REVEALED IN THE LIGHT OF GOD.

This volume is published by America EAST Publishers, Inc. (never to be confused with America West, and George Green).

We cannot sufficiently offer appreciation to the party making this work available, so for now we will simply say that this is a blessed individual who has grown so greatly within Truth that it does a Father's heart to be filled with Joy, for we must never use pride as a term, for that indicates a lessening of the gift of the one by replacing a part of that tribute to self.

This party also will be offering this volume in French, and eventually in other languages.

I would suggest that you first go to your local bookstore(S) and ask for a copy. When they don't have it, demand they carry it, for it will be a BEST SELLER on all listings very quickly. ISBN: 0-9661921-0-9; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 97-77792. For further information for the bookstores, the volume is printed in Canada. The only way we will get our books recognized from such as this, to the Phoenix Journals themselves, is to DEMAND that they be carried in bookstores. This is an easy one with which to begin for it is both copyrighted and listed.

I know there will be separate information regarding this book elsewhere in the paper [Editors's note: In the United States, the volume is available through Phoenix Source Distributors (see Back Page for contacting information). In Canada, the exclusive distributor is the Preferred Network Inc. 1-800-294-5250. Any other questions can be directed to America East Publishers, Inc. P.O. Box 794, Champlain, NY 12919.] and I am sorry that the full-color presentation of the cover cannot be reproduced here. ALL IS LIGHT, READERS, AND IN EACH RAY THERE IS POWER BEYOND YOUR RECOGNITION, AND THROUGH THE PERFECT PRISM COMES PERFECT REFRACTION AND EACH RAY BECOMES DISTINCT (AS WELL AS ALL COLOR TONES IN BETWEEN). FURTHER COMES THE BLACK COVER, FOR FROM THE BLACK COMES THE PULLING OF ALL LIGHT LEAVING THE VOID OF NO COLOR, NO POWER, NO ABILITY TO HAVE LIFE.

We are humbly grateful for the hours and hours (nearly a year in preparation) spent by individuals making sure everything is properly done and stated so that only TRUTH is borne forth. Dr. Young has contributed a Preface and introduction covering some 100 pages, and made sure that all compiled information is factual and verified.

You, as readers, will find great peace and joy in the experience of this volume. If you have to let something else go in the interim, do so, for this is truly a book you will want for the long-haul in the hard times.

Since the very first book has been presented with love to Dharma and E.J., and thus to myself, I can only, on behalf of them, say we are humbly grateful. To Ekkers it was a total surprise in every way [as it was intended to be something nice, for a change!] and shall be forever treasured among the priceless gifts. And to our friend at America East, there are no appropriate words, of course, beyond "thank you". You have presented something which CAN go public in a time of acceptance of Angels and Guides without great quibbling over possibilities and harangue from the adversaries.

We must bring information to the world, yes, in our effort to offer possibility of change. However, the real mission, and that which each must confront, is the connection of SELF to/with/within GOD. And, you need a little help no matter who you might be. Dharma read it, cover to cover, the very evening she received it and frankly, because of it, we can go on with the task at hand which is consuming days of nothing but presentation of nasty information hour after hour. This is borne out by an 84-page CONTACT just beginning to summarize and tie up ends in the task in point.

These are "impossible" presentations, readers, but note: IT IS POSSIBLE FOR THIS TEAM, AND THE SUPPORT TEAM CREATES THE MIRACLES--THE HARD WAY; WE WORK FOR IT. There is no magic, no mysterious things or beings--just hard work with abundant backup for each thing we bring forth--and hours and hours on the part of every member to see that this is the most perfect work we can present to our best ability as human beings under the firing line.

We can do this, however, because of the willing-to-risk truth-bringers who have come before. Just know, friends, that the grapes are ripe and the baby full-term. THE TRUTH WILL CONFRONT THE LIES AND THE LIARS WILL FALL. SO BE IT!


[QUOTING, Part 16:]


Application of Masonic principles in the matter of re-educating the peoples. Masonic watchword. Meaning of Anti-Semitism. Dictatorship of Masonry. Terror. Who are the servants of Masonry. Meaning of the "clear-sighted" and the "blind" forces of the goyim States. Communion between authority and mob. Licence of liberalism. Seizure of education and training. False theories. Interpretations of laws. The "undergrounds" (metropolitans).

In applying our principles let attention be paid to the character of the people in whose country you live and act; a general, identical application of them, until such time as the people shall have been re-educated to our pattern, cannot have success. But by approaching their application cautiously you will see that not a decade will pass before the most stubborn character will change and we shall add a new people to the ranks of those already subdued by us. [H: And it didn't. The ranks of the Christians were added to their ranks and Jerry Falwell just announced the full usurpation and integration.]

The words of the liberal, which are in effect the words of our Masonic watchword, namely, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", will, when we come into our kingdom, be changed by us into words no longer of a watchword, but only an expression of idealism, namely, into: "the right of liberty, the duty of equality, the ideal of brotherhood". That is how we shall put it, and so we shall catch the bull by the horns... De facto we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own, although de jure there still remain a good many of them. Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion and by our direction, for their anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us.

For us there are no checks to limit the range of our activity. Our Super-Government subsists in extra-legal conditions which are described in the accepted terminology by the energetic and forcible word--Dictatorship. I am in a position to tell you with a clear conscience that at the proper time we, the lawgivers, shall execute judgement and sentence; we shall slay and we shall spare; we as head of all our troops, are mounted on the steed of the leader. We rule by force of will, because in our hands are the fragments of a once powerful party, now vanquished by us. And the weapons in our hands are limitless ambitions, burning greediness, merciless vengeance, hatreds and malice.

[H: I suggest none of you go whooping off in wrong perceptions. The so-called "Christians" are not the only targets of these people calling themselves Zionists. So too are ALL OTHER RELIGIONS SAVE THOSE OF SATANIC PRIVILEGE. DO NOT FOR A MINUTE THINK YOU ARE EVEN THE MOST ANTAGONISTIC ENEMY-- FOR YOU MUST CONSIDER THOSE OF THE TEACHINGS OF MOHAMMED (SPELLED ANY WAY YOU LIKE, EVEN MUHAMMAD of our Nation of Islam brethren). The point has been to claim the Christians and Heysoosians for the cause AGAINST THE MOSLEMS AND ISLAMIC PEOPLE. ONCE EVERYONE WHO CLAIMED CHRISTIANITY WAS THOROUGHLY STEEPED IN THE FOCUS ON A MAN, JESUS, THERE WAS NO LONGER A PROBLEM OF BACKUP AND SUPPORT OF THE REST OF THE MISERABLE TAKEOVER PLAN. This is the part of the game in which the opponents will NOT GO DOWN without abundant bloodshed from both sides of the issue. As for prophecies dumped on you-the-non- thinking-people, it is now the time of ARMAGEDDON AND APOCALYPSE. NO "RAPTURE" IS GOING TO "SAVE" ANYTHING OR ANYONE--FOR THAT IS THE LIE IN WHICH TO GETCHA TRAPPED.]

It is from us that the all-engulfing terror proceeds. We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, restoration monarchists, demagogues, socialists, communists, and utopian dreamers of every kind. We have harnessed them all to the task; each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of authority, is striving to overthrow all established form of order. By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace; but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international Super-Government, and with submissiveness.

The people have raised a howl about the necessity of settling the question of Socialism by way of an international agreement. Division into fractional parties has given them into our hands, for, in order to carry on a contested struggle one must have money, and the money is all in our hands.

We might have reason to apprehend a union between the "clear-sighted" force of the goy kings on their thrones and the "blind" force of the goy mobs, but we have taken all the needful measures against any such possibility; between the one and the other force we have erected a bulwark in the shape of a mutual terror between them. In this way the blind force of the people remains our support and we, and we only, shall provide them with a leader and, of course, direct them along the road that leads to our goal.

In order that the hand of the blind mob may not free itself from our guiding hand, we must every now and then enter into close communion with it, if not actually in person, at any rate through some of the most trusty of our brethren. When we are acknowledged as the only authority we shall discuss with the people personally on the market places, and we shall instruct them on questions of the political in such wise as may turn them in the direction that suits us.

Who is going to verify what is taught in the village schools? But what an envoy of the government or a king on his throne himself may say cannot but become immediately known to the whole State, for it will be spread abroad by the voice of the people.

In order not to annihilate the institutions of the goyim before it is time we have touched them with craft and delicacy, and have taken hold of the ends of the springs which move their mechanism. These springs lay in a strict but just sense of order; we have replaced them by the chaotic license of liberalism. We have got our hands into the administration of the law, into the conduct of elections, into the press, into liberty of the person, but principally into education and training as being the cornerstones of a free existence.

We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated. [H: Try Einstein! Einstein set back true physics ten thousand years by his false presentations. He did his job exceptionally well and still continues to hold the chair for the senior tenured professors.]

Above the existing laws without substantially altering them, and by merely twisting them into contradictions of interpretations, we have erected something grandiose in the way of results. These results found expression first in the fact that the interpretations masked the laws; afterwards they entirely hid them from the eyes of the governments owing to the impossibility of making anything out of the tangled web of legislation.




If this doesn't freeze your blood, readers, you are already dead and moved on into the sublime place of insanity. This PLAN is already IN PLACE and ready to blow on a split- second's notice. In addition to cities, all the major dams in the WORLD are also set with bombs. The teams don't want into Iraq to look for weapons of Saddam--THEY WANT IN TO FINISH THE JOB OF PLACEMENT OF DESTRUCTIVE MASS KILLER AND DESTRUCTIVE-TO-INFRASTRUCTURE BOMBS. Who is going to inspect and discover the suitcase-sized bombs being carried in by the inspections teams? I'm warning you, and all the Arab nations, that the time is at hand for the destruction teams are laying their final toys for detonation. These terrorists have infiltrated every one of "your" nations, Arabs, and those cute little death squad games in such as Jordan and Egypt are signs that each nation pin-pointed is now ready for destruction. The deeds are done, the bombs are placed and the signals given in full light of day for all the others to see and KNOW.

Oh, yes indeed, they have been able to accomplish this for the Super-Government through Mr. Bush's SUPER-FUND. Now, how about that apple orchard full of apples? Bitter fruit? Well, I guess so!

Let us continue the good news right on with Protocol No. 10. I would tell you now, before we go further however, that there are at least 24 of these to offer you, with each one being a bigger "OUCH" than the one before. There were originally 26 PROTOCOLS; one to coincide with each letter of the English alphabet so that when completion of the plan was at hand there would only need be a statement of "from A to Z it is finished". When publication was made, however, there had to be attention given to change of the layout to more clearly integrate with "prophesy" as presented in Revelation and also to make the original truth- bearers incorrect. We don't care how they number their stuff; it says the same thing and they have accomplished their mission--all but the last major fireworks display. You have no idea how much that coup meant to this world-grab, this Falwell presentation to Israel. WAKE UP PEOPLE!



The outside appearances in the political. The "genius" of rascality. What is promised by a Masonic coup d'etat? Universal suffrage. Self-importance. Leaders of Masonry. The genius who is guide of Masonry. Institutions and their functions. The poison of liberalism. Constitution--a school of party discords. Era of republics. Presidents--the puppets of Masonry. Responsibility of Presidents. "Panama" Part played by chamber of deputies and president. Masonry--the legislative force. New republican constitution. Transition to Masonic "despotism". Moment for the proclamation of "the Lord of all the World". Inoculation of disease and other wiles of Masonry.

Today I begin with a repetition of what I said before, and I beg you to bear in mind that governments and peoples are content in the political with outside appearances. And how, indeed, are the goyim to perceive the underlying meaning of things when their representatives give the best of their energies to enjoying themselves? For our policy it is of the greatest importance to take cognizance of this detail; it will be of assistance to us when we come to consider the division of authority, freedom of speech, of the press, of religion (faith), of the law of association, of equality before the law, of the inviolability of property, of the dwelling, of taxation (the idea of concealed taxes), of the reflex force of the laws. All these questions are such as ought not to be touched upon directly and openly before the people. In cases where it is indispensable to touch upon them they must not be categorically named, it must merely be declared without detailed exposition that the principles of contemporary law are acknowledged by us. The reason of keeping silence in this respect is that by not naming a principle we leave ourselves freedom of action, to drop this or that out of it without attracting notice; if they were all categorically named they would all appear to have been already given.

The mob cherishes a special affection and respect for the geniuses of political power and accepts all their deeds of violence with the admiring response; "rascally, well, yes, it is rascally, but it's clever!... a trick, if you like, but how craftily played, how magnificently done, what impudent audacity!"

We count upon attracting all nations to the task of erecting the new fundamental structure, the project for which has been drawn up by us. This is why, before everything, it is indispensable for us to arm ourselves and to store up in ourselves that absolutely reckless audacity and irresistible might of the spirit which in the person of our active workers will break down all hindrances on our way.

When we have accomplished our coup d'etat we shall say to the various peoples; "Everything has gone terribly badly, all have been worn out with sufferings. We are destroying the causes of your torment--nationalities, frontiers, differences of coinages. You are at liberty, of course, to pronounce sentence upon us, but can it possibly be a just one if it is confirmed by you before you make any trial of what we are offering you." .... Then will the mob exalt us and bear us up in their hands in a unanimous triumph of hopes and expectations. Voting, which we have made the instrument, will set us on the throne of the world by teaching even the very smallest units of members of the human race to vote by means of meetings and agreements by groups, will then have served its purposes and will play its part then for the last time by a unanimity of desire to make close acquaintance with us before condemning us.

To secure this we must have everybody vote without distinction of classes and qualifications, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes. In this way, by inculcating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the goyim the importance of the family and its educational value and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off; for the mob, handled by us, will not let them come to the front nor even give them a hearing; it is accustomed to listen to us only who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way we shall create a blind, mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents set at its head by us as leaders of the mob. The people will submit to this regime because it will know that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratifications and the receipt of all kinds of benefits.

A scheme of government should come ready made from one brain, because it will never be clinched firmly if it is allowed to be split into fractional parts in the minds of many. It is allowable, therefore, for us to have cognizance of the scheme of action but not to discuss it lest we disturb its artfulness, the interdependence of its component parts, the practical force of the secret meaning of each clause. To discuss and make alterations in a labor of this kind by means of numerous votings is to impress upon it the stamp of all ratiocinations and misunderstandings which have failed to penetrate the depth and nexus of its plottings. We want our schemes to be forcible and suitably concocted. Therefore WE OUGHT NOT TO FLING THE WORK OF GENIUS OF OUR GUIDE to the fangs of the mob or even of a select company.

These schemes will not turn existing institutions upside down just yet. They will only effect changes in their economy and consequently in the whole combined movement of their progress, which will thus be directed along the paths laid down in our schemes.

Under various names there exists in all countries approximately one and the same thing. Representation, Ministry, Senate, State Council, Legislative and Executive Corps. I need not explain to you the mechanism of the relation of these institutions to one another, because you are aware of all that; only take note of the fact that each of the above-named institutions corresponds to some important function of the State, and I would beg you to remark that the word "important" I apply not to the institution but to the function, consequently it is not the institutions which are important but their functions. These institutions have divided up among themselves all the functions of government--administrative, legislative, executive, wherefore they have come to operate as do the organs in the human body. If we injure one part in the machinery of State, the State falls sick, like a human body, and... will die.

When we introduced into the State organism the poison of Liberalism its whole political complexion underwent a change. States have been seized with a mortal illness--blood poisoning. All th