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The Phoenix Journals are intended as a "real time" commentary on current events, how current events relate to past events and the relationships of both to the physical and spiritual destinies of mankind.

All of history, as we now know it, has been revised, rewritten, twisted and tweaked by selfishly motivated men to achieve and maintain control over other men. When one can understand that everything is comprised of "energy" and that even physical matter is "coalesced" energy, and that all energy emanates from God's thought, one can accept the idea that the successful focusing of millions of minds on one expected happening will cause it to happen.

If the many prophecies made over thousands of years are accepted, these are the "end times" (specifically the year 2000, the second millennium, etc.). That would put us in the "sorting" period and only a few short years from the finish line. God has said that in the end-times would come the WORD--to the four corners of the world--so that each could decide his/her own course toward, or away from, divinity--based upon TRUTH.

So, God sends His Hosts--Messengers--to present that TRUTH. This is the way in which He chooses to present it, through the Phoenix Journals. Thus, these journals are Truth, which cannot be copyrighted; they are compilations of information already available on Earth, researched and compiled by others (some, no doubt, for this purpose) which should not be copyrighted. Therefore, these journals are not copyrighted (except SIPAPU ODYSSEY which is "fiction").

The first sixty or so journals were published by America West Publishing which elected to indicate that a copyright had been applied for on the theory that the ISBN number (so necessary for booksellers) was dependent upon the copyright. Commander Hatonn, the primary author and compiler, insisted that no copyrights be applied for and, to our knowledge, none were.

If the Truth is to reach the four corners of the world, it must be freely passed on. It is hoped that each reader will feel free to do that, keeping it in context, of course.


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For our Arab oil friends I ask that the information on the early dealings with the Arab nations, offered several years ago, first by Lindsey Williams on such as Chase Manhattan Bank, be RUN FOR THEIR DIRECT INFORMATION.

Next, I want to offer this bit of material for all of you who invest, expect to win something financially, do business with these big banks (actually NO CHOICE ABOUT THAT) and never seem to see handwriting scratched like nasty graffiti everywhere.



Chase Manhattan leads the DERIVATIVE SPECULATION BUBBLE with $62 in derivatives for every dollar in equity capital. Chase alone has a derivative exposure equal to the U.S. annual gross domestic product. A Bank for International Settlements survey shows 79 financial institutions with a collective $82.6 TRILLION in derivatives, banking's highest RISK VENTURE. [END OF QUOTING]


In Spotlight, March 2, 1998, pg.3, is an Editorial that I feel is so excellent that I would like to share it with you in this time of total insanity. Then I would like to share a Front Page story on the Arabs. And thirdly, I would like you to note a "commentary" on page 3 of that issue of Spotlight but I don't have time to reprint it here. My focus is on the Author of that article, Michael Collins Piper, author of FINAL JUDGMENT, available through Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.

I believe that Michael has done some of the best work in researching some of the most chaotic topics of your day and in this commentary has proven himself again at the top of my list. We will see if we can squeeze it in somewhere this week for you who can't get SPOTLIGHT.

[QUOTING, EDITORIAL, SPOTLIGHT, March 2, 1998, pg. 3:]


As the SPOTLIGHT--alone among every other newspaper in the United States of America--has said from its first issue in 1975, and as its publisher, Liberty Lobby, has said for almost 43 years, this country's foreign policy is fundamentally disastrous.

The one and only correct foreign policy for the U.S. is nonintervention in the affairs of other nations. This policy was first laid down by George Washington. It was sane, sensible and correct then and is even more so now.

America's interventions into other nations' wars have brought us nothing of value and, contrarily, almost all of the troubles--foreign and domestic--that we now have.

Interventionism--internationalism--is totally flawed and unworkable. In the end it has to result in America's absorption into a world government: a turbulent morass of calamity, chaos, violence and tyranny with American sovereignty a fondly remembered dream in the minds of a few still able to think rationally.

It means the end of the Constitution, American law, American standards and values and the end of the American language. The full results of internationalism are so horrid to contemplate that most Americans prefer to look the other way.

At this writing, we stand on the verge of being commanded into another aggressive war, a war against Iraq which has absolutely nothing to recommend it insofar as our national interests are concerned.

This war is totally the product of the demands of the leaders of a foreign nation and American traitors--Zionists and Zionist-kissers--who put the imagined interests of a foreign nation above ours.

In many editorials we have warned about the irresponsible stupidity of fighting other nations' wars--wars in which we have no legitimate interest whatsoever.

Strangely and sadly, NO OTHER PUBLICATION in the entire expanse of America has joined with us. Amazing, eh? True: Everyone is out of step but us.

[H: No, this is NOT TRUE, there are many papers just like THIS one, CONTACT, that has taken all the same blows as has Spotlight while every effort conjured has been thrown against us to get us deaded. We honor and support Spotlight but we can't just let the accusation of "no other..." stand without objection for we can name 10 to 12 other publications doing the very best they can, although I think they might well be considered newsletters or magazines. We also have regular journals but we are not, in this paper, a magazine or pamphlet. We have sometimes as many as 90 pages in our weekly publication and in our home state we are considered a fully-fledged (tax-wise and that must mean something) newspaper. We are not tax- free or non-profit--although we have NEVER made it to the ranks of even so much as "paying our way". We had to decide whether to have a paper with TRUTH or a rag with nothing of value. We CHOSE TRUTH.

The facts are that SPOTLIGHT refused to run any advertisement for CONTACT as being too radical and "far out". This was when George Green was still here and we had such INSIDE INFORMATION as to boggle minds. YOU can't have it both ways. Our people have been shot at, blasted by helicopter lasers, the property seized, brought into court in a dozen different matters--and from some who claimed to be the highest level of "Christians". One nice Christian leader said the Churches would drive us out of town for considering that we were also "Christ-ians". They left nice messages on machines calling my writer a "slimy puke" and another few who said "be concerned every time you turn on your car ignition--and say goodbye".

Our Editor has been around the block a few times and has had top-level research jobs in MAJOR places along with holding several doctorate degrees in physics, engineering and science.

We, like Spotlight which we have supported from upstart with both advertising and funds (we don't make a big deal of it), will hang in there until all we hounds are hanged OR we develop incentive of people to wake up and DO SOMETHING. And yes, we do know the way and have the way--IF SUCH AS SPOTLIGHT would bother to listen. All of us out here in the hinterlands beyond the beltway are struggling every hour of every day to do something to thwart the takeover plans of the New World Israeli Zionist Order. We would welcome a bit of help. However, we have learned very well to NOT EXPECT IT so, if not us--WHO?]

No politician, no leader of any sort has had the guts to say what is right for America. Believe it or not, the Establishment is locked securely within iron chains of Zionist command. No one dares to say the obvious--the truth.

Of course, the limp, corrupt and lying "news media"--including every great daily paper in America--has gone along totally with the SCREAMS for American aggression, American genocide--for the sole purpose of backing up the aggressive designs of the gangster leaders of ISRAEL.

The "religious" spokesmen, such as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham ad nauseam are perhaps the worst of the bunch. Their tongues are so sore from licking the boots of their Israeli masters they can hardly even explain that they hope that American intervention against Iraq will result in the BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON AND THE MASSACRE OF MILLIONS.

These lunatics seriously believe that such a horror is foredoomed by their interpretation of an obscure passage in the Bible. People like this deserve a straitjacket in a padded cell, not an audience of impressionable American Christians.

In this morass of deceit, corruption and evil we are glad to welcome the opposition of the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Egypt to Israel-Clinton war plans. In spite of the bribes and lavish wooing by Missy Halfbright and her distinguished superior, "Zipper" Clinton, they are united in saying, "Get out of the Mideast and leave it to we who live here."

Our intervention and aggression against Iraq is not merely a repudiation of everything America stands for and a continued violation of sanity in foreign relations, it can only wreak evil for this country.

We covered this aspect in our editorial on page 17 on February 9, and urge you to read it over again. It further explains INSANITY AS FOREIGN POLICY.

by Martin Mann

NATIONAL INTEGRITY WILTING. Once upon a time, America was the only country the Arabs trusted. Then our government lost its integrity.

The Arabs did not trust the Germans who were unknown newcomers. Neither did they trust the British who were too well known. The only outsiders they trusted were, believe it or not, Americans. [H: This may well be questioned, but this is Mr. Mann's article, not mine.]

"I had never fully realized the extent of the prestige and popularity we Yanks enjoyed among the Moslems. They freely gave us information and help--we were the only people who never had to resort to bribery to get the Arabs to do something special for us."

Those are excerpts from the memoirs of Kenneth Pendar, a Massachusetts-born intelligence officer who served as a U.S. secret agent during World War II in various Arab countries from early 1941 through the late summer of 1943.

"The Arabs also admired our apparently boundless power but did not fear it, because even the most unlettered among them somehow knew that Americans were kindly people, who would never join the long list of their oppressors and exploiters... This sense of power and admiration clung like an invisible halo even to the lowly control officers such as myself," Pendar wrote.

More than half a century after the young intelligence officer recorded these gratifying observations, the vast Islamic world's proven reserves of goodwill, trust and admiration for America have been squandered by a succession of abjectly pro-Israel administrations.

The extent to which the U.S. has forfeited the respect and support of both leaders and ordinary people from Lebanon all the way to the oil-rich, geostrategically vital Gulf, has been strikingly brought home in recent days, when just about every Arab opinion-maker and publication denounced the Clinton administration's military preparations. [H: Bet your controlled media didn't tell you all THIS, did they? And no, I am not an "American", I am a Universal citizen in authority over quite a few more cosmic attitudes and endeavors. I am, however, an equal opportunity employer but the pay is not much--just FREEDOM, HONOR, INTEGRITY AND CITIZENSHIP IN A RATHER UNIQUE GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION.]

In legal terms "The use of force against Iraq amounts to brutal, unequivocal aggression... Clinton has no international authority, let alone a UN mandate, for such an attack," proclaimed Dr. Hassan Naafa, a respected Egyptian legal analyst and commentator.

"A strike against Iraq will be a rehearsal for one against Iran," warned Rose el-Youssef, the important Gulf daily, in a conclusion that was widely shared by Islamic policy analysts.


In an unprecedented call for Islamic unity, a number of editorials urged that Arab nations abandon ancient regional rivalries and join forces with Iran against U.S. military intervention.

"Iran must warn the U.S. that Iraq will not be alone if it is forced to fight... If the Arabs and Iran act together, some sense may enter the head of the U.S. president," urged Al-Shaab, another major Gulf publication.

A peaceful settlement of the Iraqi crisis is the "only way to prevent the Middle East from sinking into chaos", asserted Al-Ahram, Egypt's moderate old-line daily, regarded as the largest and most influential publication in the Arab world.

There is no truth in the U.S. claim that Iraq must be bombed in order to "diminish its capability to threaten its neighbors", Al-Ahram noted. In reality, "every Arab state with the dubious exception of Kuwait" opposes such an attack. [H: Note that Kuwait is totally controlled by Israel/Bush/Britain. By the way, these nasties have to bomb one of you nice Arab States to get Armageddon going for the Zionist-Israel. It is known that neither Arabs nor ALLAH will allow such abuse and lop-sided victory again and again for these ANTICHRIST gods of the oil business.]

Arabs will oppose any such military intervention even if the UN Security Council comes around to endorsing it, cautioned Al-Ahram, because the loss of U.S. leadership and moral authority has also undermined the world forum's influence in the Islamic world.

The U.S. has "hijacked" the UN Security Council and strong-armed it into an Israeli-inspired strategy of all-out war against ISLAM, the influential newspaper told its millions of readers. (Al-Ahram is published in English and French editions as well as Arabic).

"As for Iraq, the UN is now attempting to induce the international community to legitimize Iraq's destruction by the U.S. As for Israel, the UN aims to ensure that all is still and quiet as Palestine is destroyed. Both rivers flow to one sea: Israeli hegemony in the region", concluded Al-Ahram on the 17th of February. [H: Right on, and as always there is a distancing of what APPEARS between the U.S. Administration and Israel's Mr. Yahoo, et al. This is so typical that when it happens you KNOW a biggie is about to drop on you. And worse, this time when the Yahoos came calling, even the Jewish community denied him their sheckles--but he went to Evangelist leader Jerry Falwell and got not only a commitment for long-term alliance but immediate and BIG financial backing.]


Dismissing another attempted U.S. justification for bombing Iraq--the claim that Saddam Hussein is in violation of some UN resolutions--the newspaper Al-Mussawar pointed out that "Israel has not only ignored UN resolutions, but it has also refused to implement agreements signed on the White House lawn in the presence of the U.S. president.

"But Israel is America's darling," Al-Mussawar asserted, "and the Arabs are expected to prostrate themselves and thank the U.S. for the presence of 'POOR LITTLE ISRAEL' WHICH POSSESSES ONLY 300 NUCLEAR WARHEADS, ARSENALS OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS, THE LATEST WARPLANES, THE HEAVIEST BATTLE TANKS AND THE LONGEST-RANGE GUNS."



Dharma, I believe Mr. Piper's "commentary" is so important as to take the time to repeat it here for our readers, and hopefully for those friends we have out there in Arab-land and in the GLOBAL COMMUNITY. And yes, what you must do, all of you, is join within a GLOBAL COMMUNITY and never mind the United Nations of the Israel-U.S.-Britain (with colonies) coalition. For goodness sakes, PLEASE, put it OUTSIDE the United States and off of Rockefeller's land and never mind collecting "dues", which bind you more deeply, from the United States and allies. You DO NOT have to have a WAR to gain peace and prosperity--you need a Godly community based on RIGHT VALUES AND MORALITY.



Some interesting questions are bring raised about the "how" and "why" of the behind-the-scenes forces that are pressuring President Bill Clinton to take action against Saddam Hussein. COMMENTARY, By Michael Collins Piper for SPOTLIGHT, Mar. 2, 1998, pg. 3:

Once upon a time there was a popular young American president who was bound and determined to prevent a scrappy Middle East state from developing weapons of mass destruction.

The American president reportedly had an eye for the ladies (despite his marriage to a high-profile First Lady who publicly remained loyal to her husband). The young president became engaged in a high-stakes, behind-the-scenes game of diplomacy and power politics to achieve his goal of preventing a nuclear buildup in the Middle East.

However, the American president's Middle East counterpart remained intransigent and refused to buckle under. The leader of the Middle East state was determined to make his nation a nuclear power--the American president be damned.

So far the story sounds awfully familiar and quite timely. Is it Bill Clinton and Saddam Hussein we're talking about? No, we're talking about John F. Kennedy and Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.

We know how the saga of John F. Kennedy came to a close. He was shot and killed in Dallas and, upon his death, his successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, turned a blind eye and allowed Israel's controversial nuclear weapons development program to move forward not only unimpeded but covertly assisted by pro-Israel elements in the American CIA.

Although it is an "open secret" that Israel has developed a massive nuclear arsenal--in contravention of John F. Kennedy's wishes--Israel has never signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and continually refuses to do so. Israel officially denies that it has nuclear weapons and therefore, so Israel's partisans say, Israel has no reason to sign such a declaration.

In the meantime, however, Iraq--under Saddam Hussein--has signed the treaty and yet, as a consequence of Israeli pressure, there is an ongoing campaign by pro-Israel partisans who dominate policy-making in the Bill Clinton administration to force Saddam to open up his own weapons arsenal to United Nations inspection. If Saddam refuses to abide by the demands, it is threatened, Saddam and the people of Iraq will be subjected to a massive military assault.

[H: It must be inserted here that NOW there is supposedly an ONGOING CIA mission (READ MOSSAD) to get Saddam himself. This is not the first time and the other time this was so botched as to catch U.S. shooting down U.S. planes. These pigs from these "intelligence" quarters even blow up our own things to make it appear as if they have been damaged. It has happened over and over and over again--from ships to gassings, even to a so-called HOLO- CAUST which did NOT happen as it has been projected through the next half a century.]


What makes the situation all the more incredibly ironic is that the so-called "ABC Gang" in the Clinton administration--Albright, Berger and Cohen--all have ethnic and emotional attachments to Israel and, as a consequence, have no regard for the desires and interests of the Christian and Moslem people of both Iraq and the U.S.

(Incidentally, what few Americans know--with the exception of SPOTLIGHT readers--[H: CONFOUND IT, WRONG AGAIN!] is that Iraq has one of the highest percentages of Christians among its diverse peoples. [H: And these might well be considered "CHRIST-ians" and not the diverted, false "Christians" as that has come to be for almost all of the "Christian" religions since before the Crusades and manmade Inquisitions of Satan. The most of the alien-false Christians reside in the United States of America now under control of the Antichrist calling themselves "Christians" and "Judeans". How do I know? I KNOW CHRIST.] Some of the oldest Christian churches in the world exist in Iraq today, although at least one of the most prominent ones was bombed to rubble by American planes during the last Persian Gulf War. This fact was reported exclusively by the Spotlight's editor, Andrew Arnold, following his fact-finding mission to Iraq in the wake of the Gulf War).

[H: Oh my goodness, here comes another reminder. The flag of Israel bears a blue star of David and two blue stripes. I again remind you that the stripes represent the Euphrates River and the Tigris River--with full public notice that all lands between the two will be the property of ISRAEL. This represents the BLUE TURBAN of the Antichrist of Nostradamus, good friends!

In addition, the aliens from "out there" "somewhere" came in Christ-ness to your place in that area of Iraq once known as (SUMAR) Sumaria--among other places not relevant at this writing, but, we'll get there if you stay tuned-in. And NO, I don't care who has told you something else.]


One can only imagine the reaction among the adherents of Israel in America if President Clinton's three top foreign policy advisors [H: read: RULERS, HANDLERS, CONTROLLERS.] were Americans of Arab descent. There would be cries of "conflict of interest" from the major media and demands for a "balance" in foreign policy making. But President Clinton's top advisors are NOT Arab-Americans.

If Saddam Hussein must be forced to open up his arsenal for inspection, should not the same thing be required of Israel, so as to ensure that Israel will never use its nuclear weapons against some enemy--real or perceived? Is that question illogical or does it simply run contrary to what is "politically correct" to say and think in America today? Should we not also be concerned about Israel's potential use of weapons of mass destruction?

Is the ongoing "sex and perjury" scandal that the media has been hanging over the head of President Clinton actually a high-level operation designed to force the president's hand on behalf of Israel--and against Saddam? [H: YES INDEED.]

Frank Gaffney, director of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, has suggested that "it would seem, at a minimum, that the president has been in a compromised position, one that was susceptible to exploitation by a foreign intelligence service."

It is known, for example, that President Clinton has been accused by many of Israel's hard-line "right-wing" forces of having "turned his back on Israel" and that these accusations were erupting just prior to the media frenzy that accompanied the revelations of the president's relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. [H: It is now said that Billy Zipper has said he had ONLY a kissing relationship with Ms. Lewinscat. Kissing what? And is Hilarious so "trusting" of her Zipper Billy that she just "stands by her man"? No, if Billy goes, so goes Hillary--out of power and onto the scrap heap right alongside the dude with the zipper problem of long standing, no pun intended.]

With this in mind, is it just a coincidence that the New York Times--the staunchest and most strident media voice promoting Israel's interests in America--is the one newspaper that most often has been linked to anti-Clinton "leaks" in the so-called "monica-gate" scandal that threatens to bring down Bill Clinton?

Is it likewise a coincidence that Newsweek (joined by its sister publication, the Washington Post)--both published by the pro-Israel Meyer-Graham empire, which has long been close to the CIA and its allies in the Mossad--has also been marshaling the media assault upon Clinton?

If President Clinton fails to abide by Israel's demands that Saddam be destroyed, will a "smoking gun" emerge in the scandal that will, once and for all, bring down Bill Clinton? [H: Well, it appears to me that about the only claim of LIFE Billy has is his refusal to sign that order to war in this matter. Suiciding of this President might be even worse for these bastard pillagers than killing off Saddam--at this time--but they will very well probably try it for it has worked for the Clintons--why not the enemies of Clinton? Old Vince Foster probably didn't really want his brains blown out either!]

These are just a few questions, among many others, that might be pondered as an American president once again finds himself trying to thwart a Middle East state from developing--and perhaps using--weapons of mass destruction. [H: The brainwash term set for your constant mental engraving.]


Please don't go away, readers, for when we next write we will take up the PROTOCOLS--yet again.

Many write and ask, "Why didn't you tell us all this information sooner"? WE DID and Nilus offered the Protocols in 1905 after they had already been around for a VERY LONG TIME. These topics from the INTERNATIONAL JEW were PUBLISHED in a public Newspaper by HENRY FORD in the early 1920s. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

The next Protocols topic we shall speak about is on the Jewish Plan to split society by "Ideas". If you don't think these are dangerously timely--then go back to sleep but please don't call on GOD to save your assets when the final shackle is put onto you.

And people: any BLOOD that runs in the desert of Iraq IS ON YOUR HEAD--know it! And what does this mean? It means that if you shed blood on that place--it shall be shed BY YOU IN YOUR PLACE! IT IS CALLED UNIVERSAL LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. Adonai.



SAT., FEB. 28, 1998 10:26 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 196

SAT., FEB. 28, 1998


I must keep mentioning these two things over and over for if you are a recent reader you may miss the punch-line. There are a LOT of new readers among Arabs, Islamic and other religions outside any "White" populations, but THEY, TOO, ARE GENTILES. The Jew has only two categories of people: JEW and GENTILE(S). No matter what your color, your creed, your nationality, your race, your origin; YOU ARE GENTILE if you are not JEW--PERIOD. No slack is cut for any of you-- but a "Jew" can be from any of these categories above. How nice to set your own rules and definitions for a world you plan to RULE and ENSLAVE.



The method by which the Protocols work for the breakdown of society should now be fairly evident to readers of these articles. An understanding of the method is necessary if one is to find the meaning of the currents and cross-currents which make so hopeless a hodge-podge of the present times. People who are confused and discouraged by the various voices and discordant theories of today, each seeming to be plausible and promising, may find a clear clue to the value of the voices and the meaning of the theories if they understand that their confusion and discouragement comprise the very objective which is sought. The uncertainty, hesitation, hopelessness, fear; the eagerness with which every promising plan and offered solution is grasped--these are the very reactions which the program outlined in the Protocols aims to produce. The condition is proof of the efficacy of the program.

It is a method that takes time, and the Protocols declare that it has taken time, indeed, centuries. Students of the matter find the identical program of the Protocols, announced and operated by the Jewish race, from the first of the century onward.

It has taken 1900 years to bring Europe to its present degree of subjugation--violent subjugation in some countries, political subjugation in some, economic subjugation in all--but in America the same program, with almost the same degree of success, has required about 50 years. Certain mistaken ideas of liberalism, certain flabby ideas of tolerance, all of them originating at European sources which the Protocolists had completely polluted, were transported to America, and here under cover of the blindness and innocence of a false liberalism and tolerance, together with modern appliances for the swift acceleration of opinion, there has been worked a subjugation of our institutions and public thought which is the amazement of European observers. It is a fact that some of the important students of the Jewish Question, whom Jewish publicists are pleased to damn with the term "Anti-Semites", have been awakened to the existence of the Question not by what they have observed in Europe, but by what they have seen in the swift and distinct "close-up" which has been afforded in American affairs.

The center of Jewish power, the principal sponsors of the Jewish program, are resident in America, and the leverage which was used at the Peace Conference to fasten Jewish power more securely upon Europe, was American leverage exercised at the behest of the strong Jewish pressure which was brought from the United States for that purpose. And these activities did not end with the Peace Conference.

The whole method of the Protocols may be described in one word, Disintegration. The undoing of what has been done; the creation of a long and hopeless interim in which attempts at re-construction shall be baffled, and the gradual wearing down of public opinion and public confidence, until those who stand outside the created chaos shall insert their strong calm hand to seize control--that is the whole method of procedure.

Putting together the estimate of human nature which obtains in these Protocols, and their claims to a rather definite though as yet incomplete fulfillment of the World Program (these two comprising the themes of the previous two articles), some of the aspects of this propaganda of disintegration have become clear. But not all of them. There are yet other aspects of these methods, which will be dealt with in the present articles, and there are yet future reaches of the program which will be considered later.

The first point of attack is Collective Opinion, that body of ideas which through men's agreement with them, holds large groups together in political, racial, religious or social unity. Sometimes we call them "standards"; sometimes we call them "ideals"; whatever they may be called, they are the invisible bonds of unity; they are the common faith; they are the great overarching reason for group unity and loyalty.

The Protocols assert that here the first attack has been made. The history of Jewish propaganda in the world shows that also.

The first wave of attack is to corrupt Collective Opinion. Now, to "corrupt" in the real sense does not mean anything unsavory or unclean. The whole power of every heresy is its attractiveness to the good mind. The whole explanation of the strong hold which untruth has gained upon the world of our day is that the untruth is reasonable, inspiring and apparently good. It is only after a long discipline in false ideals--which are reasonable, inspiring and good--that the evil fruits appear in acts and conditions which are unreasonable, destructive and wholly evil. If you will trace the idea of Liberty as it has appeared in Russian history, from its philosophic beginning (a Jewish beginning, by the way) to its present ending (a Jewish ending also), you will see the process.

The Protocols claim that the Gentiles are not thinkers, that attractive ideas have been thrown at them so strategically and persistently that the power of thought is almost destroyed out of them. Fortunately this is a matter on which any Gentile may apply his own test. If he will segregate his ruling ideas, especially those that center round the thought of "democracy", he will discover that he is being ruled in his mind by a whole company of ideas into whose authority over him he has not inquired at all. He is ruled by "say so" whose origin he has not traced. And when, pursuing those ideas, he finds that they are not practicable, he is received by the explanation that "we are not yet sufficiently advanced." Yet when he does see men who are sufficiently "advanced" to put these very ideas into operation, he recoils from what he sees them do, because he knows that "advancement" such as that is deterioration--a form of disintegration. Yet every one of the ideas were "good", "reasonable", "inspiring", "humane", to begin with. And, if this Gentile will observe a little further, he will see that they are the most persistently preached ideas in the world; he will also see who the preachers are.

The Protocols distinctly declare that it is by means of the set of ideas which cluster around "democracy" that their first victory over public opinion was obtained. The idea is the weapon. [H: Now, speaking of "weapons of mass destruction", here you really get it going.] And to be a weapon it must be an idea at variance with the natural trend of life. It must indeed be a theory opposed to the facts of life. And no theory so opposed can be expected to take root and become the ruling factor, unless it appeals to the mind as reasonable, inspiring and good. The Truth frequently seems unreasonable; the Truth frequently is depressing; the Truth sometimes seems to be evil; but it has this eternal advantage, it is the Truth, and what is built thereon neither brings nor yields to confusion.

This first step does not give the control of public opinion, but leads up to it. It is worthy of note that it is this sowing of "the poison of liberalism", as the Protocols name it, which comes first in order in those documents. Then, following upon that, the Protocols say:

"To obtain control over public opinion it is first necessary to confuse it".

Truth is one and cannot be confused, but this false, appealing liberalism which has been sown broadcast, and which is ripening faster under Jewish nurture in America than ever it did in Europe, is easily confused because it is not truth. It is error, and error has a thousand forms. Take a nation, a party, a city, an association in which "the poison of liberalism" has been sown, and you can split that up into as many factions as there are individuals simply by throwing among them certain modifications of the original idea. This is a piece of strategy well known to the forces that invisibly control mass-thought. Theodor Herzl, the arch-Jew, a man whose vision was wider than any statesman's and whose program paralleled the Protocols, knew this many years ago when he said that the Zionist (cryptic for "Jewish") state would come before the Socialist state could come; he knew with what endless divisions the "liberalism" which he and his predecessors had planted would be shackled and crippled.

The process of which all Gentiles have been the victims, but never the Jews--never the Jews!--is just this--

First, to create an ideal of "broad-mindedness". That is the phrase which appears in every Jewish remonstrance against public mention of the Jew and his alleged World Program: "We thought you were too broad-minded a man to express such thoughts;" "We thought Mr. So-and-So was too broad-minded a man to suspect the Jews of this;" "We thought the daily or weekly or monthly such- and-such a paper was too broad-minded editorially to consider such material." It is a sort of keyword, indicative of the state of mind in which it is desired that the Gentiles be kept. It is a state of flabby tolerance. A state of mind which mouths meaningless phrases about Liberty, phrases which act as an opiate on the mind and conscience and which allow all sorts of things to be done under cover. The phrase, the slogan, is a very dependable Jewish weapon. ("In all times people have accepted words for acts."--Protocol 5.) The reality behind the phrase the Protocols frankly admit to be non-existent.

[H: Let us pause long enough here to also consider the "ideas" of holidays. You will note if you have any historical study at all, that Christmas comes at a JEWISH time of celebration. Easter is set to coincide with Jewish Passover. In Europe in the Orthodox sects you will find both Christmas and Easter being, at the least, a week or so after the American-British-Jewish celebrations. Can't anyone tell time or has your "time" perhaps been altered to suit the needs of the "takers"--like by, at the least, 8 to 11 YEARS?

And what of this tradition of "Lent" and the celebrations going into this supposedly sacred time of the year? Last night closed the famous pre-Lent celebration called Mardi Gras in New Orleans. This also is a pagan Jewish HOLIDAY. This year, it is said, everything got so out-of- hand that the police just let it go--with naked people squirming in the streets and "sexual acts" taking place in the middle of the streets and near riot conditions of squirming, writhing masses of people out of control. Is THIS your idea of CHRIST? Shame on you. You are hypocrites and liars and your "own" will make you pay dearly for these attitudes and misgivings for they too one day will want to control YOU. These misfit activities bring the most basic scoundrel attitudes of human species to be your accepted normal "fun" holiday spending and acting. All of the reverse attitudes of GOD's instructions are the accepted NEW ATTITUDES OF MODERN TIMES, it is said. Fine, then you shall all end up in the dung-heap foundationed by these Antichrist humanoids without compassion, Truth, or souls.]

Nothing has served to create "broad-mindedness", a state of mind whose breadth indicates its lack of depth, so much as the ideas of liberalism which the Jews are constantly teaching to Gentiles and on which they never themselves act. We need a new sort of allegiance to the reality of life, to the facts as they are, which will enable us to stand up under all cajoling to "broad-mindedness" and assert a new intolerance of everything but truth. The terms "narrow" and "broad" as they are used today represent lies. The liberal man ought to believe more, he ought to be deep and wide in his beliefs in order to merit that name; but as a usual thing he believes nothing. He is not liberal at all. When you seek belief, belief with a foundation, belief with vitality, you must seek it among men who are sneered at, under this false Jewish-promoted notion of liberality, as "narrow men". Jewish propaganda, in common with the Protocols, is against men who have dug down to the rock; they want "broadminded men" who can easily be shifted about the surface, and thus serve the invisible scheme in any manner desired. This type of men, on their part, never imagined but that their "broad-mindedness" is a mark of their superiority and independence.

[H: This again reminds me of the presentations regarding last night's escapades in New Orleans. It was said that most of the sexual acts themselves were between homosexual partners or "anyone" they could grab off the streets. The word coming forth was, "Oh boy, this is probably going to set back the slowing of AIDS by about two decades!" (Laughter...) Laughter? Are you nuts, people? AIDS will kill you and guess who foisted off that onto you? Who made it purely and simply OK to be and do anything you chose and anything that "feels good"? You see what happens in a Godless society? You have no respect nor care for LIFE in its most simplistic format. You go out of your foolish way to destroy all beauty and wonderment from the very act of "being alive", that wondrous of gifts FROM CREATOR. Shame rests like a black shroud upon you as a species.]

Now, see what follows. Men are born believers. For a time they may believe in "broad- mindedness" and under the terrific social pressure that has been set up in its favor they will openly espouse it. But it is too shallow to satisfy any growing roots of life. They must believe, deeply, something. For proof of this, notice the undeniable strength of the negative beliefs which are held by men who fancy that they believe nothing. Therefore, some who are highly endowed with independence of spirit, root down into those prohibited matters which at some point touch Jewish concerns--these are the "narrow" men. But others find it more convenient to cultivate those departments which promise a highway whereon there shall be no clashes of vital opinion, no chance of the charge of "intolerance"; in short they transfer all their contemplative powers to the active life, even as it is written in the Protocols--

"To divert Gentile thought and observations, interest must be deflected to industry and commerce."

It is amazing to look around and see the number of men who have been actually browbeaten into committing their whole lives to these secondary or even tertiary things, while they look with great timidity and aversion at the vital things which really rule the world and upon the issue of which the world really depends.

But it is just this deflection to the materialistic base that offers the protocolists, and similarly Jewish propagandists, their best hold. "Broad-mindedness" today consists in leaving vital matters severely alone. It descends quickly to material-mindedness. Within this lower sphere all the discord which distresses the world today is to be found.

First, there is the ruin of the upper circles of industry and commerce:

"To make it possible for liberty definitely to disintegrate and ruin Gentile society, industry must be placed on a speculative basis."

No one needs to be told what this means. It means, as everything about us shouts, the prostitution of service to profits and the eventual disappearance of the profits. It means that the high art of management degenerates into exploitation. It means reckless confusion among the managers and dangerous unrest among the workmen.

But it means something worse: it means the split-up of Gentile society. Not a division between "Capital" and "Labor", but the division between the Gentiles at both ends of the working scheme. Gentile managers and manufacturers are not the "capitalists" of the United States. Most of them have to go to the "capitalists" for the funds with which they work--and the "capitalists" are Jewish, International Jews.

But with Jewish capital at one end of the Gentile-working-scheme putting the screws on the manufacturers, and with Jewish agitators and disruptionists and subversives at the other end of the Gentile-working-scheme putting the screws on the workmen, we have a condition at which the world-managers of the Protocol program must be immensely satisfied.

"We might fear the combined strength of the Gentiles of vision with the blind strength of the masses, but we have taken all measures against such a possible contingency by raising a wall of mutual antagonism between these two forces. Thus, the blind force of the masses remains our support. We, and we alone, shall serve as their leaders. Naturally, we will direct their energy to achieve our end."--Protocol 9.

The indication that they are highly satisfied is that they are not only not doing anything to relieve the situation, but are apparently willing to have it made worse, and if it be at all possible for them to do so they would like to see this coming winter, and the privations which are scheduled for it (unless Gentile flabbiness before the Jewish power, high and low, receives a new backbone) [H: And it didn't.], bring the United States to the verge of, if not across the very line of Bolshevism. They know the whole method of artificial scarcity and high prices. It was practiced in the French Revolution and in Russia. All the signs of it are in this country too. [H: And everything in the world as to economic chaos and stress are AGAIN even more prevalent than in the 1920s to be sure--by big bunches.]

Industrial problems for their mental food and light amusement for their leisure hours, these are the Protocols' method with regard to the Gentile mind, and under cover of these the work is to be done--the work which is best expressed by the motto, "Divide and Rule".

Read this:

"To divert over-restless people from discussing political questions, we shall now bring forward new problems apparently connected with them--problems of industry.".-- Protocol 13.

Has not everyone been struck by the divorcement which exists in this country between the mass- thought which is almost exclusively devoted to industrial questions, and the party-thought which is endeavoring to keep the field of pure politics? And is it not a fact that our friends, the Jews, are strongly entrenched in both fields--in politics to keep it reactionary, and in industrial circles to keep it radical--and so widen the split? And what is this split but a split of the Gentiles?--for society is Gentile, and the disruptive influences are Jewish.

Read this:

"We have included in the Constitution rights for the people that are fictitious and not actual rights. All those so-called 'rights of the people' can only exist in the abstract and can never be realized in practice... The proletarian gains no more from the Constitution than the miserable crumbs thrown from our table in return for his votes to elect our agents and pass our measures. Republican rights are a bitter irony to the poor man, for the pressure of daily labor prevents him from using them, and at the same time, deprives him of the guaranty of a permanent and certain livelihood by making him dependent upon strikes, organized either by his employers or his comrades."--Protocol 3.

This remark about strikes is not at all puzzling to anyone who has studied the different types of strikes in this country. The number fomented from above the working class is astoundingly large.

Read this also:

"We will force up wages which, however, will be of no benefit to the workers, for we will at the same time cause a rise in the prices of necessities, pretending that this is due to the decline of agriculture and of cattle raising. We will also artfully and deeply undermine the sources of production by instilling in the workmen ideas of anarchy."-- Protocol 6.

And this:

"We will represent ourselves as the saviors of the working class who have come to liberate them from this oppression by suggesting that they join our army of socialists, anarchists, communists, to whom we always extend our help under the guise of the fraternal principles of universal human solidarity."--Protocol 3

"Broad-mindedness" again! In this connection it is always well to remember the words of Sir Eustace Percy, heretofore quoted, words which are sponsored by Jews themselves--"Not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy, but because no existing Gentile system of government is ever anything but distasteful to him."

Or, as the author of The Conquering Jew says: "He is democratic in his sentiments, but not in his nature. When he proclaims the common brotherhood of man, he is asking that the social gate now closed against him in so many quarters shall be open to him; not because he wants equality, but because he desires to be master in the social world, as he is showing himself in so many other spheres. Many an honorable Jew will, I doubt not, dispute the accuracy of this distinction; but if he does it will be because he has lived so long in the atmosphere of the West that he is unconscious of what is bred in the bone of his Eastern race."

It is not difficult, therefore, to see the genealogy of the Jewish ideas of liberalism from their origin to their latest effects upon Gentile life. The confusion aimed for is here. There is not a reader of these lines who has not felt in his own life the burden of it. Bewilderment characterizes the whole mental climate of the people today. They do not know what to believe. First one set of facts is given to them, then another. First one explanation of conditions is given to them, and then another. The fact-shortage is acute. There is a whole market-full of explanations that explain nothing, but only deepen the confusion. The government itself seems to be hampered, and whenever it starts on a line of investigation finds itself mysteriously tangled up so that procedure is difficult. This government aspect is also set forth in the Protocols.

Add to this the onslaught on the human tendency toward religion, which is usually the last barrier to fall before violence and robbery unashamed stalk forth. In order to bring the condition about at which this World Program aims, the Fourth Protocol says:

"It is for this reason that we must undermine the very principles of God and Soul, and replace these conceptions by mathematical calculations and material desires."

"When we deprived the masses of their belief in God, ruling authority was thrown into the gutter, where it became public property, and we seized it."--Protocol 14.

"We have taken good care LONG AGO to discredit the Gentile clergy." --Protocol 17.

"When we become rulers we shall regard as undesirable the existence of any religion except our own, proclaiming One God with Whom our fate is tied as The Chosen People, and by Whom our fate has been made one with the fate of the world. [H: Yes, and that god would be Jehovah-Lucifer-Satan.] For this reason we must destroy all other religions. If thereby should emerge contemporary atheists, then, as a transition step, this will not interfere with our aims."--Protocol 14.

This will probably offer matter for reflection by the "broadminded".

It is curious to note how this religious program has worked out in Russia where Trotsky (as loudly heralded in the American Jewish press) is said to have no religion, and where Jewish commissars tell dying Russians who ask for priests, "We have abolished the Almighty". Miss Katherine Dokoochief is reported, under a Philadelphia date, to have told the Near East Relief that Russian Christian churches have been subjected to the vilest indignities by the Bolsheviki, details of which she gives; but "the synagogues remain untouched, meeting with no damage."

All these lines of attack, whose object is the destruction of the natural rallying points of Gentile thought, and the substitution of other rallying points of an unwholesome and destructive nature, are assisted, as we saw in the last article, by the propaganda for luxury. Luxury is recognizedly one of the most enervating influences. Its course runs from ease, through softness, to flabbiness, to degeneracy, mental, physical and moral. Its beginnings are attractive, its end is lasciviousness in some form, testifying to the complete breakdown of all the strong fiber of the life. It may make a theme for a more complete study some day, this lure to lasciviousness through luxury, and the identity of the forces that set the lure.

But now, to conclude this general view of the method, rather this part of the method, the confusion itself, which all these influences converge to produce, is expected to produce another more deeply helpless state. And that state is, Exhaustion. [H: Dharma claims right now to have reached this state.]

It needs no imagination to see what this means. Exhaustion is today one of the conditions that menace the people. The recent political conventions and their effect upon the public fully illustrate it. The people believe little and expect less. Confidence is gone. Initiative is nearly gone. The failure of movements falsely heralded as "people's movements" has gone far to make the people think that no people's movement is possible.

So say the Protocols:

"To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except an appeal to our money and power."--Protocol 10.

"We will so wear out and exhaust the Gentiles by all this that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority, which by its position will enable us to absorb without disturbance all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government.

We must so direct the education of Gentile society that its hands will drop in the weakness of discouragement in the face of any undertaking where initiative is needed."--Protocol 5.

The Jews have never been nonplused. This is the true psychic characteristic of those who have a clue to the maze. It is the unknown that exhausts the mind, the constant wandering around among tendencies and influences whose source is not known and whose purpose is not understood. Walking in the dark is wearing work. The Gentiles have been doing it for centuries. The others, having a pretty accurate idea what it was all about, have not succumbed. Even persecution is endurable if it is understandable, and the Jews of the world have always known just where it fitted in the scheme of things. Gentiles have suffered more from Jewish persecutions than have the Jews, for after the persecutions were over, the Gentile was as much in the dark as ever; whereas Judaism simply took up again its century-long march toward a goal in which it implicitly believes, and which, some say who have deep knowledge of Jewish roots in the world and who too may be touched with exhaustion, they will achieve. However this may be, the revolution which would be necessary to unfasten the International Jewish system from its grip on the world, would probably have to be just as radical as any attempts the Jews have made to attain that grip. There are those who express serious doubts that the Gentiles are competent to do it at all. Maybe not. Let them at least know who their conquerors are.

Issue of August 14, 1920


The next topic is quite amusing in itself; "Did the Jews foresee the World War?" That would be World War I of course. Did they foresee it? They MADE IT, they made it and the wars prior to it and following it from national revolutions to other national revolutions. Their money-changers (from your hands and pockets to theirs) made it possible and paid for it. You Gentiles just provided gun fodder and target practice for the enemy you didn't even have in the first place.

The effort to "dumb-down" students and society as a whole in the "new world" areas is so effective that you only have stupid robotic zombies moving about pretending to be alive. You ceased as a society to THINK many years ago. You move as a swarm of locusts devouring every luxury and thing you can get on credit and act as if there is never to be a time of accounting. Well, the controllers LIED TO YOU and the time of accounting IS UPON YOU. I don't think many of you will make it through that accounting. Oh well!




SUN., MAR. 1, 1998 12:27 P.M. YR. 11, DAY 197

SUN., MAR. 1, 1998


Truth is quite painful, even agonizing, when you have learned to worship the lies.

[QUOTING: FROM THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, Issue of August 21, 1920:]



Before proceeding to a more detailed study of the connection between the written program of the documents which are called "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", and the actual program as it can be traced in real life, we shall now view those plans which were future when the Protocols were uttered. It must be borne in mind, however, that what was future in 1896 and 1905, may be past today [H: And a very long 78 years past TODAY.], that what was plan then may be fulfillment now. To bear this in mind will be in exact accord with the expression of Protocol 22--"I have endeavored to indicate carefully the secrets of past and future events, and of those momentous occurrences of the near future toward which we are rushing in a stream of great crises." Some of those "momentous occurrences" have come to pass, and with them a brighter light on the Question which we are studying.

An illustration of this which is fresh in the minds of all was furnished by the Great War. Jewish comment on this series of articles has made much of the fact that one of the articles was devoted to the then prominence of the Jewish Question in Germany, and it was sought to mislead the people to think that this series was really a part of subtle German after-the-war propaganda. The fact is that articles on the Question in a number of countries were set aside in order to bring the Question itself prominently before the minds of Americans with the least delay. The postponed articles will appear in due season, though out of their order. Germany is today, with perhaps the possible exception of the United States, the most Jew-controlled country in the world--controlled within and from without--and a much stronger set of facts could be presented now than was presented in the original article (the facts of which were at first denied and later admitted by the Jewish spokesmen in the United States). For, since that article was written, public sentiment in Germany has swept the Jews largely out of public office. German public opinion exerted itself to the utmost to put German political administration back into German hands. But did that liberate Germany from the Jews? Not at all. For their entrenchments stretched further and deeper than mere display of official power. Their hold on the basic industries, the finances, the future of Germany has not been loosened in the least. It is there, unmovable. In what that hold consists, the reader will be told at some convenient time.

Germany is mentioned now, in connection with the Jews, for this purpose: It will be remembered that it was from Germany that the first cry of "annexations" came, and it came at a time when all German war activities and war sentiment were admittedly in Jewish control. "Annexations" was the cry that flashed across the world one day. And back across the world, from the United States, a nation that was not even a party to the war at that time, the word flashed back, "No Annexations". Thus by a dramatic play the whole question was thrust before the world.

Soon the people of all countries had forgotten the blood of battle, the war profiteers and every other vital point, and were discussing a matter which belonged to the end of the war and not the beginning, the question of "annexations". Now, when it is known who were controlling the formulation of war-aims in Germany and who were the chief counselors of the foreign policy of the United States at the same time, the projection of this question of "annexations" into the world's mind becomes interesting; interesting but not wholly intelligible.

Not until you read the Protocols do you get a full light on this--and this report of the Protocols which is now given the world probably dates from 1896; there is absolutely ironclad proof of the date 1905.

The Second Protocol begins on the note of war, and its opening words are these:

"It is indispensable for our purpose that, as far as possible, wars should bring no territorial advantages. This will shift war to an economic footing, and national will perceive the strength of our superiority in the aid we render."

Who was thinking, between 1896 and 1905, of the new "no annexations" rule to be applied to war? Were you? Do you know of any statesman who was? We know that military men were concerned about the appliances and operations of any future war that might occur. We know that statesmen, of the more responsible sort, were working to consolidate a balance of interests that would make war extremely improbable. Who had outdistanced them all in foresight and planning sufficiently to lay down a definite program of "no annexations"?

Fortunately the clue to the answer is supplied to us by unquestionable Jewish sources. The American Jewish News, of September 19, 1919, had an advertisement on its front page which read thus:

by Litman Rosenthal

Many years ago Nordau prophesied the Balfour Declaration. Litman Rosenthal, his intimate friend, relates this incident in a fascinating memoir.

The article, on page 464, begins: "It was on Saturday, the day after the closing of the Sixth Congress, when I received a telephone message from Dr. Herzl asking me to call on him."

This fixes the time. The Sixth Zionist Congress was held at Basle in August, 1903.

The memoir continues: "On entering the lobby of the hotel I met Herzl's mother who welcomed me with her usual gracious friendliness, and asked me whether the feelings of the Russian Zionists were now calmer.

"'Why just the Russian Zionists, Frau Herzl?' I asked. 'Why do you only inquire about these?'

"'Because my son,' she explained, 'is mostly interested in the Russian Zionists. He considers them the quintessence, the most vital part of the Jewish people.'"

At this Sixth Congress the British Government ("Herzl and his agents had kept in contact with the English Government"--Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 12, page 678) had offered the Jews a colony in Uganda, East Africa. Herzl was in favor of taking it, not as a substitute for Palestine, but as a step toward it. It was this which formed the chief topic of conversation between Herzl and Litman Rosenthal in that Basle hotel. Herzl said to Rosenthal, as reported in this article: "There is a difference between the final aim and the ways we have to go to achieve this aim."

Suddenly Max Nordau, who seems at the conference held last month in London to have become Herzl's successor, entered the room, and the Rosenthal interview was ended.

Let the reader now follow attentively the important part of this Rosenthal story:--(the italics are ours)

"About a month later I went on a business trip to France. On my way to Lyons I stopped in Paris and there I visited, as usual, our Zionist friends. One of them told me that this very same evening Dr. Nordau was scheduled to speak about the Sixth Congress, and I, naturally, interrupted my journey to be present at this meeting and to hear Dr. Nordau's report. When we reached the hall in the evening we found it filled to overflowing and all were waiting impatiently for the great master, Nordau, who, on entering, received a tremendous ovation. But Nordau, without paying heed to the applause showered upon him, began his speech immediately, and said:

"'You all came here with a question burning in your hearts and trembling on your lips, and the question is, indeed, a great one, and of vital importance. I am willing to answer it. What you want to ask is: How could I--I who was one of those who formulated the Basle program--how could I dare to speak in favor of the English proposition concerning Uganda, how could Herzl as well as I betray our ideal of Palestine, because you surely think that we have betrayed it and forgotten it. Yet listen to what I have to say to you. I spoke in favor of Uganda after long and careful consideration; deliberately I advised the Congress to consider and to accept the proposal of the English Government, a proposal made to the Jewish nation through the Zionist Congress, and my reasons-- but instead of my reasons let me tell you a political story as a kind of allegory.

"'I want to speak of the time which is now almost forgotten, a time when the European powers had decided to send a fleet against the fortress of Sebastopol. At this time Italy, the United Kingdom of Italy, did not exist. Italy was in reality only a little principality of Sardinia, and the great, free and united Italy was but a dream, a fervent wish, a far ideal of all Italian patriots. The leaders of Sardinia, who were fighting for and planning this free and united Italy, were the three great popular heroes: Garibaldi, Mazzini, and Cavour.

"'The European powers invited Sardinia to join in the demonstration at Sebastopol and to send also a fleet to help in the siege of this fortress, and this proposal gave rise to a dissension among the leaders of Sardinia. Garibaldi and Mazzini did not want to send a fleet to the help of England and France and they said: "Our program, the work to which we are pledged, is a free and united Italy. What have we to do with Sebastopol? Sebastopol is nothing to us, and we should concentrate all our energies on our original program so that we may realize our ideal as soon as possible."

"'But Cavour, who even at this time was the most prominent, the most able, and the most far- sighted statesman of Sardinia, insisted that his country should send a fleet and beleaguer with the other powers Sebastopol, and, at last, he carried his point. Perhaps it will interest you to know that the righthand of Cavour, his friend and adviser, was his secretary, Hartum, a Jew, and in those circles, which were in opposition to the government, one spoke fulminatly of Jewish treason. And once at an assembly of Italian patriots one called wildly for Cavour's secretary, Hartum, and demanded of him to defend his dangerous and treasonable political actions. And this is what he said: "Our dream, our fight, our ideal, an ideal for which we have paid already in blood and tears, in sorrow and despair, with the life of our sons and the anguish of our mothers, our own wish and one aim is a free and united Italy. All means are sacred if they lead to this great and glorious goal. Cavour knows full well that after the fight before Sebastopol sooner or later a peace conference will have to be held, and at this peace conference those powers will participate who have joined in the fight. True, Sardinia has no immediate concern, no direct interest at Sebastopol, but if we will help now with our fleet, we will sit at the future peace conference, enjoying equal rights with the other powers, and at this peace conference Cavour, as the representative of Sardinia, will proclaim the free and independent, united Italy. Thus our dream for which we have suffered and died, will become, at last, a wonderful and happy reality. And if you now ask me again, what has Sardinia to do at Sebastopol, then let me tell you the following words, like the steps of a ladder: Cavour, Sardinia, the siege of Sebastopol, the future European peace conference, the proclamation of a free and united Italy.'"

"The whole assembly was under the spell of Nordau's beautiful, truly poetic and exalted diction, and his exquisite, musical French delighted the hearers with an almost sensual pleasure. For a few seconds the speaker paused, and the public, absolutely intoxicated by his splendid oratory, applauded frantically. But soon Nordau asked for silence and continued:

"'Now this great progressive world power, England, has after the pogroms of Lishineff, in token of her sympathy with our poor people, offered through the Zionist Congress the autonomous colony of Uganda to the Jewish nation. Of course, Uganda is in Africa, and Africa is not Zion and never will be Zion, to quote Herzl's own words. But Herzl knows full well that nothing is so valuable to the cause of Zionism as amicable political relations with such power as England is, and so much more valuable as England's main interest is concentrated in the Orient. Nowhere else is precedent as powerful as in England, and so it is most important to accept a colony out of the hands of England and create thus a precedent in our favor. Sooner or later the Oriental question will have to be solved, and the Oriental question means, naturally, also the question of Palestine. England, who had addressed a formal, political note to the Zionist Congress--the Zionist Congress which is pledged to the Basle program, England will have the deciding voice in the final solution of the Oriental question, and Herzl has considered it his duty to maintain valuable relations with the great and progressive power. Herzl knows that we stand before a tremendous upheaval of the whole world. Soon, perhaps, some kind of a world-congress will have to be called, and England, the great, free and powerful England, will then continue the work it has begun with its generous offer to the Sixth Congress. And if you ask me now what has Israel to do in Uganda, then let me tell you as the answer the words of the statesmen of Sardinia, only applied to our case and given in our version; let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward: Herzl, the Zionistic Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created.'

"Like a mighty thunder these last words came to us, and we all were trembling and awestruck as if we had seen a vision of old. And in my ears were sounding the words of our great brother Achad Haam, who said of Nordau's address at the First Congress:

"'I felt that one of the great old prophets was speaking to us, that his voice came down from the free hills of Judea, and our hearts were burning in us when we heard his words, filled with wonder, wisdom and vision.'"

The amazing thing is that this article by Litman Rosenthal should ever have been permitted to see print. But it did not see print until the Balfour Declaration about Palestine, and it never would have seen print had not the Jews believed that one part of their program had been accomplished.

The Jew never betrays himself until he believes that what he seeks has been won, then he lets himself go. It was only to Jews that the 1903 "program of the Ladder"--the future world war--the peace conference--the Jewish program--was communicated. When the ascent of the ladder seemed to be complete, then came the public talk.

A similar illustration of this is to be found in the fall of the Czar. When that event transpired it was an occasion of great rejoicing in New York, and a Gentile of worldwide fame made a speech in which he lauded an American Jew of national reputation for having begun the downfall of the Czar by providing the money with which propaganda had been made among Russian prisoners in Japan during the Russo-Japanese War. The story came out only after the success of the plot. It is not at all out of keeping that the last men to see the last act of the plot carried out, the actual murder of Nicholas Romanovitch, his wife, his young daughters and his invalid boy, were "five Soviet deputies, the latter five all Jews". What began with the assistance of an American financier, finished with Soviet deputies. [H: Let us note here as well that if these "mouths" jump the start and spout off prior to the proper timing THEY PAY WITH THEIR LIVES, LITERALLY.]

Did International Jews in 1903 foresee the war? This Rosenthal confession is but one bit of evidence that they did. And did they do nothing but foresee it? It were well if the facts stopped at foresight and did not run on to provocation.

For the present the reader is invited to retain in his mind two points in this Rosenthal article: "Perhaps it will interest you to know that the right hand of Cavour, his friend and his adviser, was his secretary, Hartum, a Jew." This is the way the Jewish press speaks of its own. If this paper, or a Chicago paper, or a New York paper should go through the list of the secretaries of the men of power in the world today and make the note after the names--"His secretary, a Jew", the Jewish Anti-Defamation Society would send letters of protest. There is one rule for the Gentile and one for the Jew, in the Jewish mind. Writing in the public prints about Hartum, he would be described as an "Italian".

Were the Jewish secretaries who abounded before the war, during the war and throughout the Peace Conference of less brilliance than Hartum? Were there not Hartums in England, France, Germany, yes and in Russia too (in the United States there were many), who saw the "program of the Ladder"? Did Max Nordau who saw it so clearly in 1903 forget it in 1914 and 1918?

We know this: The Jews in their Congress at Basle in 1903 foresaw "the future world war". How did they know it was to be a "world war"?

We know this also: The Protocols, perhaps as early as 1896, certainly not later than 1905, foresaw the policy of "no annexations".

The World War came to pass.

"No annexations" came to pass. What was then future in the Jewish world program, is now past.

In the Protocols there are two forms of declaration. One is, "we have". The other is, "we shall". If somewhere in the world this summer the high secret spokesman of the World Program is addressing his class of International Initiates, he will have to say "we have" in many places where the spokesman of 1896 said "we shall". Things have been accomplished.

"We will represent ourselves as the saviours of the laboring classes." That has been and is being done. "We will deflect the thoughts of the Gentiles to industry and commerce." That has been done. "We will create a strongly centralized administration so as to grasp all the social forces strongly in our hands." That has been done. "We will adopt for ourselves the liberal side of all parties and all movements and provide orators". That has been done. "We will at the same time cause a rise in the price of prime necessities." That has been done. "We will also undermine the sources of production by instilling in the workmen ideas of anarchy." That has been done.

"To demonstrate our enslavement of the Gentile governments of Europe, we shall show our power to one by crimes of violence, that is, by a reign of terror."-- Protocol 7.

Who that sees Russia and beholds the attitude of the premiers of England, France and Italy toward the Soviets, the "enslavement" of statesmanship by a condition that tangles more gnarledly the more it is dealt with--who that sees the prostration of Europe before a wound that is deliberately kept from healing, can forbear to say: That too has been done!

"Our plans will not upset contemporary institutions immediately. Their management will only be altered and consequently the whole procedure of their activity will thus be directed according to plans laid down by us." That has been done.

"We shall saddle the press and keep a tight rein upon it." That has been done. The rein is being strongly pulled in the United States at this moment, as many an editor can testify.

"Even if there should be those who desire to write against us, no one will print their writings." In large part, that has been done. It has been done completely with the profit-making press.

"We shall, as an incentive to speculation, encourage among the Gentiles a strong demand for luxuries--all-enticing luxuries." That has been done.

"To each act of opposition we must be in a position to respond by bringing on war through the neighbors of any country that dares to oppose us, and if these neighbors should plan to stand collectively against us, we must let loose a world war." (Protocol 7). The term "world war" is the same as that used by Rosenthal and Nordau. "Herzl knows," said Nordau in 1903, "that we stand before a tremendous upheaval of the whole world."

"We must create unrest, dissension and mutual animosities throughout Europe and, with the help of her relationships, on other continents." This has been done. This passage continues: "There is a double advantage in this. First, we shall command the respect of all countries by this method, for they will realize that we have the power to create disorder or establish order at will." This too has been done.

Truly did the spokesman of 1898 speak of "those momentous occurrences of the near future toward which we are rushing in a stream of great crises."

Not only was "no annexations" achieved "as far as possible", just as the Protocols outlined it, but a host of other plans have matured in achievement along with it. "No annexations" as a matter of political morality is one thing; and "no annexations" for the reason that "this will shift war to an economic footing and nations will perceive the strength of our superiority in the aid we render" is quite another thing. The world was with the "no annexations" program as a matter of political morality; the other program, which used this morality as its vehicle, was hidden.

There are still other matters in his group which must receive attention, but another article will be necessary to do it. In the meantime, it is natural to wonder whether, with the program as outlined in this report of the Protocols having received fulfillment in so many particulars, the new Protocol, or a further unfolding of the Ladder has been made by the Wise Men to their Initiates; and whether any additional unveiling will ever come to the knowledge of the world. It would seem that a proper estimate of the knowledge now available would lead to such an awakening as to nullify the present program and make all future ones impossible. But Gentiles like their ease, and Judah is beckoned on by a bright star.

Issue of August 21, 1920


Thomas Babington Macaulay: "Either some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the reins of government with a strong hand; or your republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the twentieth Century as the Roman Empire was in the fifth--with this difference, that the Huns and Vandals who ravaged the Roman Empire came from without, and that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your own country by your own institutions."

And in closing: The great thinker is seldom a disputant. He answers other men's arguments by stating the truth as he sees it. And when the truth as he sees it is actual TRUTH, there is no dispute after all.

Salu, Adonai



SUN., MAR. 1, 1998 2:15 P.M. YR. 11, DAY 197

SUN., MAR. 1, 1998

[QUOTING: FROM THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, Issue of August 28, 1920:]




The Soviet is not a Russian but a Jewish institution. [H: !!!!!!!!] Nor is it the invention of Russian Jews of the present time, a new political device which has been set up as a vehicle of the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky; it is of ancient Jewish origin, a device which the Jews themselves invented to maintain their distinctive racial and national life after the conquest of Palestine by the Romans.

Modern Bolshevism, which is now known to be merely the outer cloak of a long-planned coup to establish the domination of a race, immediately set up the Soviet form of government because the Jews of all countries who contributed to Russian Bolshevism had long been schooled in the nature and structure of the Soviet.

The Soviet appears in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion under the ancient name of KAHAL. In the Seventeenth Protocol this passage occurs:

"Even now our brothers are under obligation to denounce apostates of their own family or any person known to be opposed to the Kahal. When our kingdom comes, it will be necessary for all subjects to serve the state in a similar manner."

Anyone who is acquainted with contemporary Jewish life knows what this denunciation of apostates means. The bitterness of the persecution which falls upon a convert to Christianity, or upon the Jewish son or daughter of an orthodox family who chooses to marry a Gentile, is without parallel among men. Very recently in a western state a fine Jewish girl chose to marry a Gentile, who was a newspaperman. From the time of her announcement of intention, the girl was treated as an apostate. Had she died a most wretched death, had she descended to a status of most ignominious shame, the feelings which her fate would have aroused could not have been more terrible. A darkly solemn funeral service was held for her, and on her bridal day she was declared to be dead to her people.

The case is very far from being unusual. Perhaps one of the most moving descriptions of it is to be found in the life of Spinoza, the great philosopher whom modern Jews are fond of holding up for exhibition as a great ornament of their people. Spinoza's studies led him to question many of the dogmas the rabbis taught, those "commandments of men" of which the New Testament speaks, and as Spinoza was already a person of influence the very common Jewish tactic of bribery was tried upon him.

There would be some hesitation in using the words just set down--"the very common Jewish tactic of bribery"--if they were not known to be true. There is no desire to cast aspersions which grow out of malice. But Jewish history as written by Jews provides mountains of proof that bribery was, while present knowledge amply testifies that it still is, the favorite and most dependable weapon of the Jews. A Jewish writer, Jacob Israel De Haan, a Dutch lawyer resident in Jerusalem, has recently stated that one hope of a settlement of the Arab agitation in Palestine is the case with which the Arab press can be bribed. His words are: "There is a strong agitation here among the Arabs against what they call the Zionist peril. But the Arabs, especially the Arabian papers, are open to bribe. This weakness will cause them, in the long run, to lose out against us."

So, young Spinoza was offered an annual stipend of 1,000 florins if he would be silent upon his convictions and from time to time show himself at the synagogue. This he refused with high-minded scorn. He made ready to earn his bread by polishing lenses for optical instruments. Upon this, he was excommunicated, a proceeding which is thus described:

"The day of excommunication at length arrived, and a vast concourse assembled to witness the awful ceremony. It began by the silent and solemn lighting of a quantity of black wax candles, and by opening the tabernacle wherein were deposited the books of the Law of Moses. Thus were the imaginations of the faithful prepared for all the horror of the scene. The chief rabbi, the ancient friend and master, now the fiercest enemy, of the condemned, was to order the execution. He stood there pained, but implacable; the people fixed their eager eyes upon him. High above, the chanter rose and chanted forth in loud lugubrious tones the words of execration; while from the opposite side another mingled with these curses the thrilling sounds of the trumpet. And now the black candles were reversed, and were made to melt drop by drop into a huge tub filled with blood." (Lewes: Biographical History of Philosophy.)

Then came the final anathema. "'With the judgment of the angels and of the saints, we excommunicate, cut off, curse and anathematize Baruch de Espinoza, with the consent of the elders and all this holy congregation, in the presence of the holy books: by the 613 aspects which are written therein, with the anathema wherewith Joshua cursed Jericho, with the curse which Elisha laid upon the children, and with all the curses which are written in the law. Cursed be he by day, and cursed be he by night. Cursed be he in sleeping, and cursed be he in waking, cursed in going out, and cursed in coming in. The Lord shall not pardon him, the wrath and the fury of the Lord shall henceforth be kindled against this man, and shall lay upon him all the curses written in the Book of the Law. The Lord shall destroy his name under the sun, and cut him off for his undoing from all the tribes of Israel, with all the curses of the firmament which are written in the Law... And we warn you that none may speak with him by word of mouth nor by writing, nor show any favor unto him, nor be under one roof with him, nor come within four cubits of him, nor read any paper composed by him.'" (Pollock: Life of Spinoza)

"As the blasting words were uttered, the lights were all suddenly immersed in the blood, a cry of religious horror and execration burst from all; and in that solemn darkness, and to those solemn curses, they shouted Amen, Amen!" (Professor J.K. Hosmer: The Jews.) [H: Still think they are non-Satanic?]

[H: It is my observation that the poor man was very well off to be rid of the scumsucking blood leeches.]

That is a commentary on the decree of denunciation. It also throws a very strong light on the pressure which is brought against many Jews who would cry out against the anti-social ideas of their people, but who dare not because of the penalties it would bring.

This denunciation, as Protocol Seventeen orders, is to be made against anyone who is "known to be opposed to the Kahal" or ancient Soviet system of the Jews. [H: Again: This says "SOVIET" and does NOT say "RUSSIAN".]

After the destruction of the Jewish state by the Romans, the Jews maintained a center in the Patriarch; and after the dispersion of the Jews out of Palestine this center of nationality was preserved in the Prince of the Exile, or Exilarch, an office which is believed to persist to the present time, and which some believe to be held now by an American Jew. In spite of all assertions to the contrary, the Jews have never ceased to be "a people"; that is, a consciously united racial group, different from all others, and with purposes and ideals which are strictly of the Jews, by the Jews and for the Jews in distinction from the rest of the world. That they constitute a nation within the nations, the most responsible Jewish thinkers not only declare but insist upon. And this is wholly in accord with the facts as observed. The Jew not only desires to live apart from other people, but he works with his own people as against others, and he desires as much as possible to live under his own laws. In the city of New York today, the Jews have succeeded in establishing their own court for the settlement of their own questions according to their own laws. And that is precisely the principle of the Soviet-Kahal.

From the first century forward, as any reader can see by consulting the Jewish Encyclopedia, the "community", "assembly" or "Kahal" has been the center of Jewish life. It was so earlier, in the time of the Babylonian captivity. And the last official appearance of it was at the Peace Conference, where the Jews, in accordance with their world Program, the only program that passed successfully and unchanged through the Peace Conference, secured for themselves the right to the Kahal for administrative and cultural purposes in addition to many other privileges in countries where their activities had been a matter of protest. The Polish question is purely a Jewish question, and Paderewski's failure as a statesman was entirely due to his domination by Jewish influences. The Rumanian question is likewise a Jewish question, and all Rumanians speak of the United States as "the Jews' Country" because they know through their statesmen the terrific pressure which was exerted by American Jews against their country, a pressure extending to the very necessities of life, and which compelled Rumania to sign agreements which are as humiliating as those that Austria asked of Serbia, out of which the World War grew. [H: You know--and like those perpetrated upon Iraq TODAY.] The Jewish Question is written all over the forces that provoked the war, and over all the hindrances to peace which the world has since seen.

Under the Kahal or ancient Soviet, the Jews lived by themselves and governed themselves, doing business with the government solely through their representatives. It was Communism in a more drastic form than has been seen anywhere in the world outside Russia. Education, health, taxes, domestic affairs, all were under the absolute control of a few men who constituted the ruling board. This board, as the present-day Jewish hierarchy is supposed to be, was self-perpetuating, the office often passing in an unbroken line of hereditary succession through many generations. All property was in common, which however did not prevent the leaders becoming rich. These Kahals or soviets existed in Rome, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Rumania, Turkey and England. In the United States the idea has developed around the synagogue and around national and international secret societies of Jews, of which more will be said in succeeding articles.

The Kahal is the traditional Jewish political institution during the dispersal of the race among the nations. Its international aspect is to be seen in the higher councils. These councils enlarged as the Jews spread over the world. The Jewish Encyclopedia cites the Council of three Lands, the Council of Four Lands, and the Council of Five Lands, showing an international relationship in earlier years. But like all such records, public view of them is not easily accessible so far as they relate to modern times. The recent Zionist Congress in London, where doubtless much business was done that pertained to the Jewish people throughout the world, though not in public halls by any means, may be called the Council of Thirty-Seven Lands, for the delegates to that congress came from all parts of the world, from points remote as Lapland and South Africa, Persia and New Zealand. The purpose of these World Councils was the unification of the Jews, and the records of their assemblages run back through the centuries.

It is therefore no new thing that has arisen in Russia. It is the imposition by the Jewish revolutionists upon Gentile Russia of a form of control in which Judaism has been schooled from the earliest times of its contact with the world. Soviet Russia could not have been possible had not 90 per cent of the commissars been Jewish. Soviet Hungary could not have been possible had not Bela Kun, the chief Red, been a Jew, and had not 18 of his 24 commissars been Jews. The Jews are the only group schooled in the erection and administration of the Kahal.

An Associated Press dispatch under date of August 12 throws a light on the congeniality of the Soviet system and the Jewish mind. Speaking of the Polish towns and villages occupied by Bolshevik forces in their recent drive, the dispatch says:

"The local Jewish parish populations already are said to be setting up Soviet and Communist governments."

Of course. Yet this is in strange contrast with what we are constantly told through the press of the sufferings of the Jews under the Soviet form and of their abhorrence of the Reds. However, most of what we read concerning this in the public press is Jewish propaganda, pure and simple, and the reports of men on the spot contradict it all. One relief worker testifies that relief work in Poland is frequently "hung up because some Jew landlord asks an exorbitant rent for his premises", while another testifies that though railroad fares in the supposedly famine-stricken districts have gone up 1,000 per cent, the best and highest-fare trains are "exclusively occupied by Jews". He adds, of his trip through Hungary, "The Hungarians have no money any more, but the Jews have."

"But American Jews abhor Trotsky and sovietism," is the plea sometimes made.

Do they?

On page 9 of the American Jewish World, of July 30, a letter signed "Mrs. Samuel Rush" appears. It is headed: "Are We Really Ashamed of Trotsky?" Read a few excerpts from it:

"I have read of late several laments from editors of Jewish publications that the Jew is now libeled as a radical.

"It is true that many Jews are radicals. It is also true that some of the radical leaders are Jews.

"But before weeping over the downfall of the race, let's think a bit.

"Trotsky himself has never been represented as anything but a cultured man, a student of world economics, a powerful and efficient leader and thinker who will surely go down in history as one of the great men our race has given to the world.

"...Very few of us doubt any longer that behind the absurdities written about Russia is the great truth that Russia is in that unsettled state which always attends reconstruction. There is a plan behind this seeming disorder, and out of the upheaval will come order. It will not be utopia, but as good a government as the undoubtedly high-minded practical idealists who are building for Russia can build with the necessarily imperfect materials--human beings--with which they must work.

"And one of the leaders is Leon Trotsky!

"Are we really ashamed of Trotsky?"

The lady is evidently not ashamed of Trotsky, or Mr. Braunstein, as his real name is.

Or take Judge Harry Fisher, of Chicago. While drawing a salary for work in the court, Judge Fisher went abroad on Jewish relief work. His plans were changed somewhat after his departure and he landed in Russia. He asserts in several interviews that he was permitted to arrive in Russia on condition that he leave political matters alone. There has been no such restriction placed upon him since his return to the United States, for he appears as an open advocate of full trade relations with the Soviet Government of Russia.

The Chicago Tribune thus quotes him:

"'We must leave Russia alone' he said in summarizing his views. 'We should resume trade with the Soviet. The Bolshevist Government is permanent... While there are only 700,000 members of the Communist party, the peasants, who represent almost 100,000,000 people, are solidly back of the Lenin regime.'"

Among the Soviet devices which the 100,000,000 peasants of Russia are said to be "solidly back of", is the following (it is particularly interesting in view of the fact that Judge Fisher is judge of the Morals Court of Chicago):

"'Some time ago it was published that the women of Russia had become national property,' he said. 'That is untrue, but the ease with which marriage and divorce may be effected makes for rapid changes. Everyone wanting to marry goes to what we would call the city hall and registers.

"'Inducements to marry are great. When people are hard pressed for clothes and food they sometimes make a pact to wed for a day.

"'The next day they go down to the city hall and register again. This time their names are put side by side in the divorce book. That is all that is necessary to be divorced, and they have had a good feed in the bargain.'"

Judge Harry Fisher, of Chicago, who has returned from Jewish relief work abroad, evidently is one with the others in not being ashamed of Trotsky.

Also Max Pine, for many years secretary of the United Hebrew Trades of New York, has been abroad in Soviet Russia as "a labor delegate". He too had many good things to say of the Soviets, among other things the strange contradiction that the Jews are doing very well in Russia but are not pro-Bolshevik!

Here are three persons from widely different spheres of life, yet each one of them indicates a natural liking for the Kahal or Soviet, an admiration of its methods, and a distinct good feeling toward its rulers. For Sovietism is the rankest form of autocracy, and the marriage laws of Soviet Russia are in full harmony with the program stated in the Protocols--

"We will break down the influence of family life among the Gentiles."

Whether the Soviet-Kahals of Russia will succeed in completely undermining Russian family life is extremely doubtful. The weakness of Soviet rule is the same as that of the Protocols--a moral weakness which must eat like a cancer until it destroys the institutions which it infests.

Russia today, viewed in the light of the Protocols, does not represent the Judaic state, but it represents the Gentile state seized by Jewish forces. There are three degrees of action set forth in the Protocols. There is first the secret process of breaking up the integrity of society by the admixture of alluring but disruptive ideas. This is a work in which Gentile agitators are used. When the ideas have worked sufficiently to break up society and explode in a crisis, then as in Germany, the forces that have worked in secret come swiftly to the front to take the reins and guide the riot. In Germany this immediately occurred upon the collapse which followed the armistice, but the Germans were wise enough to know the meaning of the influx of Jews into all the official positions of the former empire, and it was not long before they were politically ousted. In Russia, however, the Jews sprang immediately into official positions and have succeeded in remaining there. It began with Kerensky compelling the Czar to lay aside his crown; it continues with Trotsky and his armies at the throat of Europe.

But this seizure of a country, as was attempted in Germany, and as was not only attempted but succeeded in Russia, is not the end of the Program. It is only the beginning of its open or public phase. The Soviet-Kahal makes for the complete breaking up of society, the entire cutting off of co- operation and communication, the ruling of each little section in the way desired, until the whole country lies helpless in isolated bits. The process includes, of course, the disintegration of industry also, the massing of Gentiles into an army, and a general destruction of morality and order. It is the Protocols program in its last stage before the reconstruction begins which shall make the conquered country a Jewish state.

The world has not seen that last stage yet. It has not come, even in Russia. If the Russian people waken from the daze into which they have been thrust, it will not come. Jewish voices loudly proclaim that Soviet Russia has come to stay. The only authoritative voice on that subject is the voice of Russia, and Russia has not yet spoken. Today the world is trembling on the very verge of Real Russia's awakening, and with it a retribution most terrible upon the Sovietists. [H: Couldn't happen to a nastier bunch of thugs.]

The program of the Protocols once came near succeeding in the French Revolution, but its essential immorality overreached itself. It has come a step nearer success in Russia, but there too its defiance of the moral law will be its undoing. The Jewish Question of today is being fought out in Russia and Poland, and the strength of the Jewish forces is largely and mostly supplied from the United States of America. No wonder those small East European independencies which are fighting for their lives refer to our country as "The Land of the Jews". [H: I suggest you go back and REALLY read that paragraph about ten times.]

"We will show our power to one," say the Protocols. "In order to demonstrate our enslavement of the Gentile governments of Europe, we shall show our power to one of them by crimes of violence, that is, by a reign of terror." (Protocol Seven.)

One by one the Gentile nations of Europe have been compelled to withdraw their troops from Russia. One by one the premiers of Europe have submitted to heavy shackling of their official hands with regard to the Russian question. And today the world looks on while little Poland, apparently the second country on the list of Soviet victims, is made to feel heavy vengeance for her daring to be independent of Jewish power. Russia has been made to pay for her attempted independence of the Jew; Poland is now being made to pay. It is a flame, the Jews of Eastern Europe hope, and many Jews of America also, which will sweep round the world.

If the ruling Jews of the world wished the Russian people freed, if they wished the flames of Bolshevism to be quenched, if they wished Jewish participation in revolutionary movements to be withdrawn, they could accomplish it in a week. What is going on today is going on by permission of the Jewish world powers.

There is apparently no desire to curtail a movement which largely originated in American Jewry. This is the program of "showing our power to one", and the program will be followed out. The "showing", however, is twofold; it is a showing of power, but it is also a showing of the people who wield the power, and in the end it might have been just as well had the power never been coveted, attained, or used.

Anyone who desires to test the exactitude of the Protocols' estimate of human nature may do so by observing his own reactions to the Russian Bolshevist situation. It is undeniable that there exists among all classes of Gentiles in America a kind of admiration for the coup which Lenin and Trotsky have managed on such a massive scale. The audacity of it, the ability to stay afloat thus long in defiance of so many laws, have conspired to draw out unwilling applause.

Consider then this passage from the Tenth Protocol:

"The people feel an especial love and respect toward the genius who wields political power, and they say of all his high-handed actions: 'It is base, but clever! It is a trick, but how he played it! So majestic! So impudent!'

"We count on attracting all nations to the constructive work of allying the foundations for the structure planned by us. It is necessary for us first of all to acquire the services of bold and fearless agents, who will overcome all obstacles in our pathway.

"When we accomplish our governmental coup d'etat, we will say to the people: 'Everything has gone badly, all have suffered. We will eliminate the causes of your sufferings--nationality, frontiers and diversity of coinage. Of course you are free to pronounce sentence upon us, but that can scarcely be just if you do so before giving a trial to that which we offer you".

This is very well conceived, and this is the way in which, up to this time, it has worked out. But there will be a strong reaction set in. False promises like chickens come home to roost. The real origination, the real purpose of the movement hidden behind Bolshevism will become evident. And then the world will crush out again the World Program which at times has seemed so near success.

There will probably be more light upon this World Program as a result of the Russian Kahal-Soviet system than from any other attempt to realize it. For five generations the world has lived in a false light supposed to be shed by the French Revolution. It is now known that that revolution was not the Revolution of the French People, but the disorders of a minority who sought to impose upon the French People the very Plan which is now being considered. It was the French People who ultimately put down the so-called French Revolution. And France, as a result of that upheaval of well-organized minority, has been bound by Jewish control ever since.

The Russian Revolution will go down in history with no such false halo of romance around it. The world now knows it for what it is. The world will soon know whose was the money and whose were the brains that fostered it, and from what part of the world the principal impetus came. The Russian upheaval is racial, not political nor economic. It conceals beneath all its false socialism and its empty mouthings of "human brotherhood" a clear-cut plan of racial imperialism, which is not Russian, and which the common sense and interest of the world will speedily stamp out.

Issue of August 28, 1920


Indeed you people owe Henry Ford so much more than shallow thanks for a horseless carriage. And for you who see Tesla's fingerprints over all of this material, it should be noted that these articles were the product of these major intelligent minds at work. Tesla helped write most of the work but it was decided that only Ford had the paper as a carrier to the public and because of his stature and acceptance already taken from Tesla, that there would be this routing of the information. WISE MEN AT WORK--MAY EACH OF YOU READERS USE SOME OF THAT WISDOM.

It would come to pass that Walter Russell would be destined to lose his position after taking and responding to the "siren's call" and would be without a legacy for his work would be plundered and finally, devastated. It has come to pass. In the latter's case the SCIENTIFIC aspects have been totally lost to the New Age One World Religion of Mysticism. This is the worst end to come to a man of Truth. Ah indeed, choices--always choices.

Good afternoon, Adonai



MON., MAR. 2, 1998 7:35 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 198

MON., MAR. 2, 1998


I know readers, just when you think you might be finished with "JEWISH" stuff, here comes some more.

The Constitutional Law Center had several major purposes when it was established, and before Mr. Green, Anderson, et al., diverted the funds sent for that business. One of the major top-of-the-list programs to set forth was a "Court, to provide arbitrations for disputes that could be handled in a Common Court, a People's court, or any civil matter recognized out of the Governments' Courts, a settlement by a panel or a jury". This would lessen the lengthy time consumed in the governmental courts AND take away backlogs from those courts along with cutting the expenses involved by incredible amounts.

We couldn't get it done and for our efforts it seems we just got pounded on over and over again. Mr. Dixon even had arranged a place where this court could be established right in Bakersfield, California, and people to run it. It would of course be open to all citizens.

Some observant reader sent the following:

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Saturday, Feb. 28, 1998.

[QUOTING:] [H: The sender has noted: "A nation withIN a nation. An official public notice."]


The Southern California Board of Rabbis has created its first Jewish court, or beit din, to provide arbitration of disputes within the region's Jewish community--the second largest in the nation, with about half a million members.

The entity, which will offer an alternative to costly, often divisive civil court procedures, will be distinctive in the Los Angeles area, spokesmen said, because its panels of three rabbis will be chosen from Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Orthodox clergy and will serve claimants from all branches of Judaism. [H: The "justice" will, of course, be based on "Talmudic Law".]

Existing Jewish courts--both permanent and temporary--usually serve only their own wings of Judaism, said Rabbi Lawrence Goldmark, president of the Board of Rabbis. The board enthusiastically voted in November to form the court, he said.

"This is important, because it affirms our belief that there is ONE Jewish people," said Rabbi Aaron Kriegel, who proposed the idea.

"Jewish ethics are not divided by denominational lines," he said. "This will allow the Los Angeles community to recognize our unity at a time when that unity is being challenged." [H: Guess what, though, readers, that unity is only being challenged within the various "denominations" of the very Jewish people they serve. Some of those "JEWS" want out and this will further restrict them to a bound and non-separation grouping.]

Mr. Kriegel is not only senior rabbi of Temple Ner Maarav in Encino but also an attorney.

Acknowledging that certain disputes are too controversial within Judaism to resolve, Kriegel said the court will not handle disagreements, for example, over kosher practices, religious conversions and same-sex wedding ceremonies. But cases involving various business, medical, legal and "non- ritual religious issues" will be accepted, he said.

The first case to come before the beit din will concern a dispute that Kriegel learned about early last year between an individual and a Jewish institution. Rather than go to civil courts, the parties decided to wait for the Board of Rabbis to form the Jewish judicial body, he said.

Each party will choose a rabbi for the beit din panel, then those two rabbis will select a third panelist from their own ranks, Kriegel said.

"We should be rolling within two or three weeks," he said. Rabbi Paul Dubin, who recently retired as the longtime executive secretary of the Board of Rabbis, will serve as secretary of the new court.


One comment about this that is apparent to everyone who has been caught in the trap of Judges, attorneys, lawyers (yes there is a difference), and any legal institution is that "What difference does it make--everything in the Judicial system is based on Jewish standards from the Kol Nidre to the very Bar Association demands for "the brotherhood". Yes indeed, and there is no longer any suggestion or denial otherwise.

If you watched 60 MINUTES last evening you will have noted a program on the NEW Russia in Moscow. It is based on the Beverly Hills, U.S.A. concept of money changing, expensive duds and necessities, "girlfriend"-based marriages (sometimes "boyfriend"-based) and operates on such a commercial level as to require that the biggest single personal job is that of bodyguard to these newly- rich bandidos. One of the big moneymakers said he came over to America to take notes and lessons on how to run his big-money business and expected to meet people like "LP. Morgan, etc., and et al." He met nothing except lawyers, lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers and never met any other business parties AT ALL. The lawyers have taken over America," he said, "and it is destroying America." He continued: "Russia will be the economy and growth nation to surpass all world focus in the next ten years--if we don't allow the lawyers to eat us alive like in the U.S." It was noted that all the business people AND THE LAWYERS are ALL JEWISH!

And just think, YOU guys out there object to our even sharing such as the Protocols of Zion which is the very outline of how to TAKE A WORLD. Good business? No, for "good" indicates goodness and you have no goodness left in your big business. So, we write for the ones who have "inquiring minds and want to know...".



The real estate speculations of the Jews are familiar to all, but unfortunately do not constitute their entire land program. Many American cities have changed their characters entirely during the past 15 years by reason of Jewish speculation in residence property, and it is a fact established in the larger eastern cities that the recent exorbitant and extortionate rise in rents was largely a matter of the Jewish landlord. The governor of one of the most important of our commonwealths was loath to sign a bill regulating rents. His hesitancy was encouraged by very heavy pressure brought to bear upon him by the weightiest Jewish financial interests in his own and neighboring states. He finally decided that he would sign the bill and give the law effect, and the fact that decided him was his personal investigation and the investigation of his personal agents into hundreds of cases of abuse where he discovered that it was a common practice among Jewish landlords to transfer the same piece of property round and round to every member of the family in turn, each "transfer" being the excuse for a new increase in the rent. Men have their eyes opened to the Jewish Question in various ways; this was the way a governor had his eyes opened.

[H: Let me point out something which "they" don't want you to KNOW, readers. You wonder about the explosion and collapse of the market. THE MARKET IS NOTHING EXCEPT A CLUE-LINE OF MANIPULATION.

YOU are headed for a deflationary depression. But, you will note rents and prices remain high. They will remain high until the market manipulators get all their ducks in a row and then collapse the market. But, nobody will be able to pay for things, so foreclosures by government on tax delinquency and mortgage arrears will be the thing of the day.

Now, you might think that these "disaster loans" are helping you? No, the bigger the money- owner the bigger the loan, which is quite obvious for much more land and property is damaged for these independent growers. But how are those loans BASED? They are based on the lending value the BANKS wish to set for the property--NOT the GOVERNMENT. The migrant farmer's little house will merit only a pittance which of course will have to be "written off" later. But when those payments come due--foreclosure on massive amounts of acreage by large farming operations and dairy farmers, cattle raisers, etc., will be basically confiscated, and into the pockets of the Jewish landlords they go.

Much land in these low-land areas which are flooded once every three hundred years will be marked (condemned) as wet-lands and taken out of use and private holdings--except for the Bankers, of course. The PLAN takes all lands that had any standing water at all even after 53 inches of rainfall. Even in the deserts that will comprise new "wetlands". And, while you are at it--KNOW that this is the way to introduce SMUT into your grain crops and other disease into your garden crops. You are in far worse a position as a citizenry than you can calculate from your private veranda.]

That, however, is not the peculiarity of Jew landlords alone; Gentile landlords have played the same trick. But landlordism is peculiarly a Jewish ambition and distinction; the Jew is the Landlord of America. Any group of tenants almost anywhere in America, except the West, could testify to this.

Nor is landlordism itself reprehensible, things being what they are, unless it is anti-social and anti-American. [H: Now since war and killing is "American" and nothing seems to be considered, within the country, "anti-American", you don't have any recourse, do you, citizen?] And just here is where it gets pointed. Some of the oldest and most sacred shrines of Americanism in the East have entirely lost their character as such by the invasion--not of "foreigners"--but of Jews.

The more one sees of this invasion, the more one utterly distrusts the statistics given out by Jews as to the Jewish population of the United States.

[H: Please realize that while your administration and congress argue and fling hatchets and rattle sabers over Iraq--EVERY DAY thousands of people from Israel are pouring into the U.S.A. and are, and will, be considered "refugees" eligible for PERMANENT citizen status. This non-war is going to be the basis of "terror" against the Jews and everyone who wishes to immigrate, and some who do not, will be reestablished for USE, by the controllers--wherever they are sent to relocate. THIS IS A MAJOR PART OF THE "PLAN" FOR THIS PART OF THE NON-WAR.]

Do you know that the one nationality on which the Government of the United States is estopped from asking questions, either for immigration or census statistics, is the Jewish?

Do you know that when the Government of the United States wants to know anything about the Jews, it must go to statisticians which the Jews themselves support? [H: And just as the "Polls" of today--the numbers come out ANY WAY THEY WISH.]

If a nation claims that it is no nation with respect to the United States Government, as the Jews claim, and has no national statistics which it will permit the government to collect in the official way, why should it treat itself as a nation and keep its own records?

The Jews of the United States, like the Jews of every European country, are a nation among themselves, with their own government, their own policy, their own records; and the United States Government does business with the Jewish Government in America through chosen Jews--no doubt of that.

It is, however, a digression. The matter of Jewish statistics will come up again. In the meantime a glance at the rapid changing of so many American cities in all parts of the land leads to the belief that the Jewish statistics furnished by the Jews for Gentile consumption entirely misstate the facts, and this belief is strengthened by the knowledge that the statistics given by the Jews for Jewish consumption are very different from those supplied for the outside world.

Landlordism may be explained by the inclination of the Jew toward speculation, and we know that real estate has been made one of the most speculative of occupations, disgracefully, almost disastrously so. The Jew cannot be condemned for becoming a landlord, for becoming the most conspicuous landlord in America; he cannot be condemned apart from his Gentile co-offenders for the abuse he has made on his advantage as landlord. But it is a matter for American concern that the cities to which, in the schoolbooks, our children are taught to look as the birthplaces of liberty and as still the spokesmen of Americanism, should become Semitic cities, financially and politically, and the recruiting grounds of the world's Bolshevism.

Until recently, however, the Jew in America has not cared for the land. It is a characteristic. The Jew is not an agriculturist. Lavish fortunes have been expended to make him so, but the productive work of farming has not had, and does not now have, any appeal to him. His choice in land is this: land that produces gold from the mine, and land that produces rents. Land that produces mere potatoes and wheat has not directly interested him.

[H: Forget that in these days of the '90s. You will find BIG BUSINESS, JEWISH BIG BUSINESS, behind all those farms NOW. The little farmer is taken out and corporations such as Archer Daniels Midland will control the crops, purchase of crops, sale of crops and the decision as to what lands can be used--funnelled right through your government halls of injustice. If lucky, a farmer might get an opportunity to operate his little farm but usually it is far easier and less noticed if the farms are taken, merged into a conglomerate and operated with massive equipment, low-wage immigrant farmers and the homesite either demolished or leased to the operator-manager. I will take up this subject again later where it is better seen and understood. Right here in this area in this year--there is a massive flooding problem and hundreds of acres are lost which were already growing major crops of ORGANIC CROPS. THIS IS MASSIVELY EXPENSIVE TO BOTH THE GROWER AND THE LANDOWNERS.

Yes indeed, "our" local "farm plot" had water standing and running through and within the fields. But I asked that a crop NOT BE PLANTED in the Fall last. You listen to the reports and you do not plant if you KNOW el Nino IS HOVERING OFF THE COAST. So, our land is dormant awaiting tilling for Spring crops which will, this year, be used by a major Organic grower to make up for some of his lost acreage. You have to understand that these large growers already have commitments for their crops before planting. It is part of the big and officious market options and commodities game.

This does mean, however, that the lease for land will not cover the lease of the farm, so it doesn't work out fairly but it does save the cost of losing crop and seed, and for a year we will have about the only "stored" spelt around the country in our little bins--which would have had to go for planting and loss.

The farm is the least of our problems but gets to come back into being one of the biggest problems to the Ence gang. The equipment was vandalized, and witnesses say it was by them. The "Landlord" left equipment on the property that Mr. Ence took unlawfully and, in fact, sold. The landlord is very, very upset NOW because he had use for the equipment to lease to growers. He just discovered this major inconvenience which negates the statute of limitations on his prior actions regarding that farm. At any rate, since the vandalizing of the tractors and crop equipment, the working of the land needs more equipment so the best option is to lease the land this year--to people with massive equipment and let's see if Mr. Ence wants to dink around with THEM.

For you inquiring minds who are reminded of the EXTRA ongoing saga; their lawyers are working, as we write, on fundamental information about the program which was run last Spring. It seems the Ences, Fort, Beam, Tuten and George Green with attorneys were the culprits who FED THE PROGRAM'S DIRECTORS AND PRODUCERS THE FALSE INFORMATION. Ence even went on the AIR in shadow disguise stating that Ekkers and the Institute have an arsenal of weapons and tons of ammunition stashed--at the farm yet. EXTRA says they won't sit still for that kind of trashing of what they like to consider a clean magazine-type of television (international) programming.]

It is true, of course, that the land question has been distinctly Jewish in countries like Poland and Rumania. No law against Jews owning land in those countries has ever been effective in preventing their control of whole provinces. Not that the Jews demanded the right to farm the land, their choice was to farm the farmers. By devious methods and the use of "Gentile fronts" they could always secure control of the land, and thus dominating the peasants they could create almost any condition they wished. That is what they actually did. That is the Jewish Question in those parts of the world. Not for farming purposes, it must be understood, but for the purpose of controlling the main source of wealth in agricultural countries and for taking the control of the people away from their natural Gentile leaders.

These two things always go together in countries where there is intellectual or landed aristocracy to which the people look for leadership: the Jewish program is to destroy that leadership by gaining control of the land. It is profitable, of course, but when you survey the outworking of the plan you always see something other than profits involved. The consummate perfection of the Jewish plan for world Control is that it does not involve sacrifice as have other plans; it is immensely profitable at every stage, and the greater the profitableness the more surely the purpose is being achieved.

In America there was no aristocracy to be cut under by the gaining of land control. Jewish activity in the United States until recently has confined itself to the control of land products after they have been produced: that is, so to say, Jewish interests do not engage in trapping, but they control the fur trade.

Speaking of furs, it is very funny to see how some affairs turn out. During the war there was a great to-do made about the German control of the American fur trade. It was true that the fur trade was controlled from Germany, but not by Germans--by Jews! And then a great to-do was made about seizing, confiscating and absolutely selling out that "German" fur business to Americans, and the "Americans" who bought it were--Jews! The actual control has never changed; the profits still find their way to the "International" purse.

But furs is just an example. Jewish interests do not engage in raising grain, but control the grain that others produce. The need of the United States is a "Who's Who of Jewish Financiers" that the people may identify the men about whom they read as having made this "corner" or sprung that "coup". These interests, which have simply grabbed American-produced wealth and made American consumers pay and pay and pay, have been able to operate almost openly as they read their newspapers. And, of course, while the American newspaper will gladly inform you that this man is an Italian and that man a Pole and the other man a Briton, it will never tell you that the fourth man is a Jew. There is a Jewish organization in every city, large and small, to prevent it--and they prevent it by methods that are violent and wholly subversive of the American ideal of liberty.

So, until recently, the plan in the United States has been to seize the commodity at just that point in its passage from producer to consumer where the heaviest weight of profit can be extracted from it--at the neck of the bottle, so to speak--and control it there. It is not service that the people pay for; they pay for seizure.

But a new movement has begun in the United States. Jewish millions are now being used to secure immense tracts of American lands. Formerly it was enough to control the cotton, as the bread was controlled, but now the movement is toward controlling the cotton lands. The operations are carefully guarded; "Gentile fronts" are used almost exclusively, but follow the trail through all the "blinds" and "false scents" and you come at last to the International Jew, whose throne is set up in London.

Many Jews have written The Dearborn Independent saying that they do not know about these racial plans for world control. It may well be believed that they do not. One purpose of these articles is to tell them about it. But this every Jew rejoices in--the movement of his people toward power. And it is this sentiment that the International Jew implicitly trusts, and because this sentiment exists The International Program secures a maximum of success at a minimum risk of exposure. Jewry is not a democracy but an autocracy. Of course the ordinary Jew does not know! The question is, why should he revile the Gentile who tries to tell him? If a Jew will not seal his mind against the statements made in these articles, he will find in his own knowledge sufficient corroboration of their principal features, and he will be in a better position to assist in the solution of the Jewish Question.

It is with amazement at certain men's conception of editorial honesty that The Dearborn Independent has read some of the reports made of these articles. Under cover, principally of the Yiddish, alleged translations of these articles have been flung broadcast among non-English speaking Jews, translations which not only bear no resemblance to the original, but actually insert whole paragraphs of matter which never appeared in the original at all. Is there a fear of permitting the average Jew to read this series? Nothing is more desired by those whose purpose is to lay foundations for the solution of the Jewish Question in America than that every Jew in the United States should know exactly what is being printed here week by week. The Jew has been deceived by his leaders long enough.

The fact is, then, that there is a definite and already well forwarded movement toward the control of the cotton lands of the United States. The first step was to depreciate the market value of these lands as much as possible. Pressure was brought through certain BANKS to limit the cotton farmers' efforts. They were told that if they planted more acreage to cotton than they were told to, they would not be financed.

Cotton production was to go down while cotton prices were to go up, and the profits were not the farmers' but those who controlled the course of cotton from the first market to the wearer. Cotton farming was to be made less profitable, while cotton speculation was to become more profitable. The public was being compelled to supply the money by which the Jewish controllers were to buy the land. In brief, it was to be made more profitable to sell cotton lands than to sell cotton. [H: Every farm land owner and farmer can give you better tales today about subsidies and removal of guarantees for this or that reason than I could possibly present one on one.]

These statements are being deliberately restricted to the traffic in cotton lands. Jewish financiers in New York and London know these things, even if Jewish editors and rabbis do not.

This movement has been within the knowledge of certain classes of businessmen for a long time, indeed some have been forced by what used to be called "the pressure of circumstances" to serve the movement. But they were not able to interpret its meaning. It is only recently that the more important Gentile businessmen of the United States have been able to interpret certain things. The war was a potent eye-opener.

Those wonderful documents known as the Protocols, with their strong grasp of every element of life, have not overlooked LAND. The Land Program is found in the Sixth Protocol, which is one of the briefest of these documents and may be quoted in full to show now the relation it bears to certain excerpts made in previous articles:


"We shall soon begin to establish huge monopolies, colossal reservoirs of wealth, upon which even the big Gentile properties will be dependent to such an extent that they will all fall together with the government credit on the day following the political catastrophe. The economists here present must carefully weigh the significance of this combination. We must develop by every means the importance of our super-government, representing it as the protector and benefactor of all who voluntarily submit to us.

"The aristocracy of the Gentiles as a political force has passed away. We need not take them into consideration. But, as owners of the land, they are harmful to us in that they are independent in their sources of livelihood. Therefore, at all costs, we must deprive them of their land.

"The best means to attain this is to increase the taxes and mortgage indebtedness. These measures will keep land ownership in a state of unconditional subordination. Unable to satisfy their needs by small inheritances, the aristocrats among the Gentiles will burn themselves out rapidly.

"At the same time it is necessary to encourage trade and industry vigorously and especially speculation, the function of which is to act as a counterpoise to industry. Without speculation, industry will cause private capital to increase and tend to improve the condition of Agriculture BY FREEING THE LAND FROM INDEBTEDNESS FOR LOANS BY THE LAND BANKS. It is necessary for industry to deplete the land both of laborers and capital, and, through speculations, transfer all the money of the world into our hands, thereby throwing the Gentiles into the ranks of the proletariat. The Gentiles will then bow before us to obtain the right to existence.

"To destroy Gentile industry, we shall, as an incentive to this speculation, encourage among the Gentiles a strong demand for luxuries, all-enticing luxuries.

"We will force up wages, which however will be of no benefit to workers, for we will at the same time cause a rise in the prices of prime necessities, pretending that this is due to the decline of agriculture and of cattle raising. We will also artfully and deeply undermine the source of production by instilling in the workmen ideas of anarchy, and encourage them in the use of alcohol, at the same time taking measure to drive all the intellectual forces of the Gentiles from the land.

"That the true situation shall not be noticed by the Gentiles prematurely, we will mask it by a pretended effort to serve the working classes and promote great economic principles, for which an active propaganda will be carried on through our economic theories."

The local and passing element in this is "the aristocracy of the Gentiles". That is to say, the program is not entirely fulfilled by the passing of aristocrats. Jewry goes on just the same. Its program stretches far. Jewry will retain such kings as it desires as long as it desires them. Probably the last throne to be vacated will the British throne because what to the British mind is the honor of being Jewry's protector and therefore the inheritor of the blessing which that attitude brings, is to the Jewish mind the good fortune of being able to use a world-wide empire for the furtherance of Jewry's purpose. Each has served the other and the partnership will probably last until Jewry gets ready to throw Britain over, which Jewry can do at almost any time. There are indications that it has already started on this last task.

But the permanent elements in the Protocols are the Land, the Jews, and the Gentiles. A word of explanation may be necessary on this inclusion of the Gentiles as permanent: The Protocols do not contemplate the extermination of the Gentiles, [H: Just the genocide and extermination of SOME of the races as in "Judean"--"common" (their description, not mine), Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and "useless eaters".] nor the making of this world a completely Jewish populated world. The Protocols contemplate a Gentile world RULED BY THE JEWS--THE JEWS AS MASTER, THE GENTILES AS HEWERS OF WOOD AND DRAWERS OF WATER, A POLICY WHICH EVERY OLD TESTAMENT READER KNOWS TO BE TYPICALLY JEWISH AND THE SOURCE OF DIVINE JUDGMENT UPON ISRAEL TIME AND AGAIN.

Now, look at this whole Program as it concerns the Land.

"Owners of the land... are harmful to us in that they are independent in their sources of livelihood."

That is a foundation principle of the Protocols. It matters not whether the owners are the "Gentile aristocracy", the peasants of Poland, or the farmers of the United States--land ownership makes the owners "independent in their sources of livelihood". And any form of independence is fatal to the success of the World Program which is written so comprehensively in the Protocols and which is advancing so comprehensively under Jewish guidance in the world of actual affairs today.

Not "tillers" of the land, not "dwellers" on the land, not "tenants", not an "agricultural peasantry", but "owners of the land"--this is the class singled out for attention in the Sixth Protocol BECAUSE they are "Independent in their sources of livelihood".

Now, there has been no time in the history of the United States when apparently it was more easy for the farmer to own his land than now. Mortgages should be thing of the past. Everywhere the propaganda of the question tells us that the farmers are growing "rich". And yet there were never so many abandoned farms!

"Therefore, at all costs we must deprive them of their land."

How? "The best means to attain this is to increase land taxes and mortgage indebtedness." High taxes to keep the land at all, borrowed money to finance the tilling of it.

"These measures will keep land ownership in a state of unconditional subordination."

We will leave it to the farmers of the United States to say whether this is working out or not.

And in the future reference to this subject we will show that whenever an attempt is made to enable farmers to borrow money at decent rates, whenever it is proposed to lighten the burden of "mortgage indebtedness" on the farm, Jewish financial influence in the United States steps in to prevent it, or failing to prevent it, mess it all up in the operation.

By increasing the farmer's financial disability on the one hand, and by increasing industrial allurements on the other, a very great deal is accomplished. The Protocol says: "It is necessary for industry to deplete the Land both of laborers and capital."

Has that been done? Have the farms of the United States been depleted, both of laborers and capital? Certainly. Money is harder for the farmer to get than it is for any other man; and as for labor, he cannot get it on any terms.

What is the result of these two influences, the one working on the farm, and the other in the cities? It is precisely what the Protocol says it will be: Increased wages that buy less of the materials of life--"we will at the same time cause a rise in the prices of prime necessities, pretending that this is due to the decline of agriculture and cattle raising."

The Jew who set these Protocols in order was a financier, economist and philosopher of the first order. He knew what he was talking about. His operations in the ordinary world of business always indicated that he knew exactly what he was doing. How well this Sixth Protocol has worked and is still working out in human affairs is before the eyes of everyone to see.

Here in the United States one of the most important movements toward real independence of the financial powers had been begun by the farmers. The farmers' strong advantage is that, owning the land, he is independent in his sources of livelihood. The land will feed him whether he pleases International Jewish Financiers or not. His position is impregnable as long as the sun shines and the seasons roll. It was therefore necessary to do something to hinder this budding independence. He was placed under a greater disadvantage than any other business man in borrowing capital. He was placed more ruthlessly than any other producer between the upper and nether stones of a thievish distribution system. Labor was drawn away from the farm. The Jew-controlled melodrama made the farmer a "rube", and Jew-made fiction presented him as a "hick", causing his sons to be ashamed of farm life. The grain syndicates which operate against the farmer are Jew controlled. There is no longer any possibility of doubting, when the facts of actual affairs are put alongside the written Program, that the farmer of the United States has an interest in this Question.

But this is not all.

Any writer who attempts fully to inform the Gentile mind on the Jewish Question must often feel that the extent of the Protocols' Conspiracy is so great as to stagger the Gentile mind. Gentiles are not conspirators. They cannot follow a clue through long and devious and darkened channels. The elaborate completeness of the Jewish Program, the perfect co-ordination of its mass of details wearies the Gentile mind. This, really more than the daring of the Program itself, constitutes the principal danger of the Program being fulfilled. Gentile mental laziness is the most powerful ally the World Program has. [H: And of course today it is KNOWN that less than 1/5 of the population CAN READ what is offered and the other portion has been so pointedly and deliberately "dumbed down" as to cause no problem to the controllers--for pure junk is provided for the population, controlled information--and who, after all, is going to read this "rubbish"?]

For example: After citing the perfectly obvious coincidence and most probable connection between the Protocols and the observable facts with reference to the farm situation, the writer is compelled to say, as above, "but this is not all". And it is a peculiarity of Gentile psychology that the Gentile reader will feel that it ought to be all because it is so complete. This is where the Jewish mind out-maneuvers the Gentile mind.

Gentiles may do a thing for one reason: The Jew often does the same thing for three or four reasons. The Gentile can understand thus far why Jewish financiers should seek control of the land in order to prevent widespread Agricultural Independence which, as Protocol Six says, would be "harmful to us". That reason is perfectly clear.

But there is another. It is found in the Twelfth Protocol. It contemplates nothing less than the playing of City against Country in the great game now being exposed. Complete control over the City by the industrial leverage, and over the Country by the debt leverage, will enable the hidden Players to move first the Country by saying the City demands certain things, and then move the City by saying that the country demands certain things, thus splitting Citizens and Farmers apart and using them against one another.

Look at the plainness and the boldness, yet the calm assurance, with which this plan is broached:

"Our calculations reach out, especially into the country districts. There we must necessarily arouse those interests and ambitions for independence on the part of the provinces. It is clear that the source of this will be precisely the same, and that it will come from us. It will be necessary for us before we have obtained full power to so arrange matters that, from time to time, the cities shall come under the influence of opinion in the country districts, that is, of the majority prearranged by our agents..."

The preliminaries of the game are here set forth--to jockey City and Farm against each other, that in the end the Conspirators may use whichever proves the stronger in putting the Plan over. In Russia, both schemes have been worked. The old regime, established in the Cities, was persuaded to lay down power because it was made to believe that the peasants of Russia requested it. Then, when the Bolshevists seized power, they ruled the peasantry on the ground that the Cities wanted it. The Cities listened to the Country, now the Country is listening to the Cities.

If you see any attempt made to divide City and Farm into antagonistic camps, remember this paragraph from the Twelfth Protocol. Already the poison is working. Have you never heard that Prohibition was something which the backwoods districts forced upon the cities? Have you never heard that the High Cost of Living was due to extravagant profits of the farmer?--profits which he doesn't get.

One big dent in this Program of World Control could be made if the Citizen and the Farmer could learn each other's mind, not through self-appointed spokesmen, but directly from each other. [H: This of course is a LEGAL RESTRICTION. NOTE THAT NOBODY WITH AN ATTORNEY CAN EVEN SPEAK TO ONE ANOTHER--EXCEPT THROUGH THOSE ATTORNEYS.] City and Farm are drifting apart because of misrepresentation of outsiders, and in the widening rift the sinister shadow of the World Program appears.

Let the Farmers look past the "Gentile fronts" in their villages or principal trading points, past them to the real controllers who are hidden.

[H: And 78 years later IT IS TOO LATE TO CHANGE THIS.]

Issue of September 4, 1920


I must close this as it is far too lengthy and the paper must be done today. However, one of the most important things upon which you of the United States (and the WORLD) must focus is the UNITED NATIONS and the NON-PAYMENT OF THOSE INCREDIBLE SUMS OF DEBT (DUES) OF THE U.S. TO THAT BODY. You can probably now see why those are outstanding. This controls the "body" and determines when and if the very payment would lose control entirely. The money itself has to be LOANED FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE and that means FROM THE JEWISH INTERESTS--NO I DON'T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND TOO WELL, READERS, EVEN YET.

And you will applaud and laud some "Turner" who "donates (???)" a billion dollars over some long period of time. Don't you understand that that one donation assures him and Hanoi Jane the ability to write off four times that amount in one lump sum--in tax savings? Yes indeed, this Antichrist has done a superb job of fooling all you people all of the time. Truth can set you free--but will you find it in time to save anything? We shall see. Adonai.



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TUE., MAR. 3, 1998

On the topic of:





and, from HOMER:


and, then, from Diogenes and Plato:


The modern humans taking the name "Jews" are the proverbial Hypocrites of the ages. They were in the temples of God 2000 years ago and they remain in all of our temples TODAY. And just as Hypocrites, the "Jew" knows no race, creed, color or race. He has become the representation of all that is not Christed. "To show an unfelt sorrow is an office which the false man does easy." And: "With devotion's visage and pious action we do sugar o'er The Devil himself." --Shakespeare

It appears the more meaningful observation needs some thought: "It is not uncommon to charge the difference between promise and performance, between profession and reality, upon deep design and studied deceit; but the TRUTH IS, THAT THERE IS VERY LITTLE HYPOCRISY IN THE WORLD." --Samuel Johnson. (Just idiots with engraved opinions and wrong assumptions spouting great egotistical garbage while calling it words of wisdom.)

And on topics more personal it is quite easily observed:

Men use thought only as authority for their INJUSTICE, and employ speech ONLY TO CONCEAL THEIR THOUGHTS.





The purpose of this article is twofold: To set forth what the Protocols have to say about the relation of the Press to the World Program, and to make an introduction to a study of Jewish influence on the Press. [H: Please keep in mind that in 1920 there were media limitations. Media control came into full glory with the television and modern motion picture capabilities.]

The Jewish race has always been aware of the advantages to be derived from news. This was one of the factors in the control of European commerce from the earliest Christian times. To be informed beforehand, to know what was coming before the Gentiles among whom they lived knew it, was a special privilege of the Jews, made possible by the close communication in which widely separated Jewish groups kept themselves. From the first they were inveterate correspondents. They were the inventors of the news-letter.

This does not imply, however, that the Jews were the forerunners or even the sponsors of the modern Press. It was no part of their purpose to distribute news among the people, but to keep it for themselves as a secret advantage. The political, economic and commercial news which sped with such remarkable facility throughout Europe, from Jewish community to Jewish community, was in reality the official budget by which each community informed all the others of what was transpiring, as to war, trade currents, rising emergencies, or whatever the matter may have been. For centuries the Jews were the best informed people on the continent; from their secret sources in courts and chancelleries, from privileged Jews who were placed in every position of vantage, the whole race was informed of the state of the world.

Scouts were kept in motion everywhere. Far down in South America, before the British or Dutch colonies in North America had hardly secured a foothold, there were Jews who served as outposts for European trade interests. The world was spied out in the interests of their race, just as today the entire planet is under the watchful eyes of Jewish agents--mostly Gentiles, it must be said--for any hint of new gold discoveries.

An interesting and historic illustration of the Jews' appreciation of news is to be found in the career of Nathan Rothschild. Rothschild had laid all his plans on the assumption that the Emperor Napoleon, then banished to Elba, was finally eliminated from European affairs. Napoleon unexpectedly returned, and in the "Hundred Days" it seemed as if the Rothschild financial edifice might collapse. Feverishly the financier aided both Prussia and England, and as the Battle of Waterloo approached, no one was more interested in the outcome than he.

Rothschild was a man who shrank from the sight of blood; he was physically a coward, and any sign of violence unnerved him; but so intense was his interest in the battle on which his whole fortune seemed to depend, that he hastened to France, followed the British Army, and when the battle began he hid himself in "some shot-proof nook near Hougomont" where he watched all day the ebb and flow of battle.

[H: Typical; the Jews send off the Gentiles to do their wars and bleeding while they hang out in hidden bunkers watching their "money" investments.] Just before Napoleon ordered the last desperate charge Rothschild had made up his mind. He said afterward that his exclamation at this point was, "The House of Rothschild has won the battle."

He hurried from the field, galloped wildly to Brussels, communicating not a word of what he knew to the anxious people he met by the way. Hiring a carriage at an exorbitant price, he galloped away to Ostend. Here a fierce storm was raging on the ocean and no sailor was willing to set out for England, about 20 miles away. Rothschild himself, always afraid of danger, forgot his fear in his visions of the stock market. He offered 500, 800, and at length 1,000 francs to the man who would take him across. But no one dared. Finally one sailor proposed that if Rothschild would pay 2,000 francs into his wife's hands, he would attempt.

Half dead the two men reached the English coast, but without rest Rothschild ordered express post and hurried away to London. Whip and spur were not spared on that journey.

There were no telegrams in those days, no swift communication. England was anxious. The rumors were bad. And on the morning of June 20, 1815, when Nathan Rothschild appeared in his usual place at the Stock Exchange and leaned against the column, England knew nothing of what he knew. He was pale and broken. The sight of his face led the other financiers to believe that he had received bad news from the front. Then it was seen that he was quietly selling his securities. What? Rothschild unloading? The market dropped disastrously, a very panic seized the financiers, the market was flooded with consols offered for sale--and all that was offered, Rothschild's agents bought! [H: Still works that way doesn't it?]

[H: In fact right here I want to insert some thought fodder: How many of you remember McCain of Arizona? You know, that Senator who was among the Keating Five. The same one who was a prisoner of war in the Asian sector BUT SOLD OUT HIS BUDDIES TO THE ENEMY. THAT ONE?? WELL, HE IS NOW PUSHING WAR IN IRAQ--THIS SAME MAN WHO SCREWED HIS BUDDIES, AND YOU-THE-PEOPLE IN THE S&L MULTI- BILLION-DOLLAR LOSSES--NOW WANTS A WAR IN IRAQ TO SCREW YOU AGAIN-- AND AGAIN--AND AGAIN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? McCain and all his "friends" in crime were working DIRECTLY WITH GEORGE BUSH AND THE BUSH TWIGS. THESE THINGS MAKE THE NEWS--SO WHAT ARE YOU OFF DOING DURING THE NEWS?



So it went on, all day the 20th, and all day the 21st. At the close of business the second day, Rothschild's heavy chests were crammed with securities. Then in the evening a courier galloped into London with the news that Wellington had won and Napoleon was a fugitive. But Nathan Rothschild had made $10,000,000 and the men he did business with had lost that much--all as an affair of news!

There was a little incident in Washington during the war--a "leak" of news, it was called. The wise men of Wall Street sometimes whisper that even between 1914-1918 there were men of Rothschild's race who showed his same appreciation of "news", with the same profitable results. And not only the men of "Rothschild's race", but some of their "Gentile fronts", also.

There were times during the war when no Gentile knew what was going on in certain countries. The Jewish leaders always knew. Some very interesting testimony can be presented on that point.

Aside from its own interest, this Rothschild narrative fully illustrates the statement that while the Jews were very early news-gatherers, they were not publicists. They used the news for their own benefit; they did not disseminate it. If it had depended on their influence, there would have been no public Press at all. It was in France, which had no newspapers outside the capital, that the French Revolution was possible. There being no reliable exchange of news and opinion, the people were kept in ignorance. Paris itself did not know that the Bastille had fallen until next day. Where there is no Press, minorities easily gain control--as the Jewish-Bolshevist revolution in Russia illustrates.

One of the most dangerous developments of the time is public distrust of the Press. If the day ever comes when swift, reliable and authoritative communication with the entire people shall be necessary for public action in the interests of public safety, the nation may find itself sadly crippled unless a new confidence in the daily Press can be built up. If for no other reason than that a free press is a safeguard against minority seizure of control, such laws as the zone laws, or any restrictions on the freest and fullest communication between various parts of the country, should be absolutely abolished.

But, the Press being in existence, and being largely an Anglo-Saxon creation, it is a force not to be treated lightly, and that is the point where the World Program and Jewish Control come in contact with it.

The Protocols, which overlook nothing, propose a very definite plan with regard to the press. As in the multitude of other matters with which these remarkable documents deal, there are the two phases--"what we have done", and "what we will do".

As early as the Second Protocol, the Press comes in for attention. It is significant that it makes its appearance in the same Protocol in which the "No Annexations" program was announced 20 years before the World War, in the same Protocol in which it is announced that Gentile rulers will be allowed to appear before the people for a short period, while Jewish influences were organizing themselves behind the seats of power, and in the same Protocol where Darwinism, Marxism and Nietzscheism are claimed among the most "demoralizing" doctrines which Jewish influence has disseminated. These are very curious statements, but not stranger than the actuality that has come to pass.

Says the Second Protocol:

"There is one great force in the hands of modern governments, which creates thought movements among the people, that is, the Press. The presumed role of the Press is to indicate supposedly indispensable needs, to register popular complaints, and to create discontent. The triumph of 'free speech' (babbling) rests in the Press. But governments are unable to profit by this power, and it has fallen into our hands. Through it we have attained influence while remaining in the shadow. Thanks to it, we have amassed gold, though it has cost us torrents of blood and tears."

In the same Protocol "our Press" is spoken of as the agency through which are disseminated "those theories of life which we have induced them (the Gentiles) to regard as the dictates of science".

"To this end we shall certainly endeavor to inspire blind confidence in these theories by means of our Press."

Then follows the claim made concerning the three most revolutionary theories of the physical, economic and moral realms, namely, Darwinism, Marxism and Nietzscheism.

In the Third Protocol the claim is made that this control of the Press is being used to break down respect for authority:

"Daring journalists and audacious pamphleteers make daily attack upon the personnel of the administration. This abuse of authority is definitely preparing the downfall of all institutions, and everything will be overturned by blows coming from the infuriated populace."

Again, in the Seventh Protocol, discussing the progress which the World Program has already made, the part played by the Press is indicated:

"We must force the Gentile governments to adopt measures which will promote our broadly conceived plan already approaching its triumphal goal, by bringing to bear the pressure of stimulated public opinion, which has in reality been organized by us with the help of the so-called 'great power' of the Press. With few exceptions not worth considering, it is already in our hands."

Thus twice is the claim made to control of the Press. "It has fallen into our hands," says the Second Protocol. "It is already in our hands," says the Seventh. In the Second Protocol the Press is represented as furthering revolutionary physical, economic and moral philosophies; while in the Seventh it is used to create the "pressure of stimulated public opinion" for the purpose of "forcing Gentile governments to adopt measures which will promote our broadly conceived plan, already approaching its triumphant goal."

A word of comment may be made here upon the claim of the Second Protocol that "thanks to it (the Press), we have amassed gold, though it has cost us torrents of blood and tears."

This is a statement which can be illustrated in many ways. "Though it has cost us torrents of blood and tears", is an admission upon which the Protocols throw light, a light which also shines upon the Jewish argument regarding responsibility for the recent war, namely, that Jewish World Financial Power could not have willed the war seeing that Jews suffered so heavily in Eastern Europe. The Protocols frankly recognize the possibility of Jews suffering during the establishment of the World Program, but it consoles them with the thought that they fall as soldiers for the good of Israel. The death of a Jew, we are told in the Protocols, is more precious in the sight of God than the death of a thousand "seed of cattle", which is one of the delicate names applied to the Gentiles.

The reference to the amassment of gold is very clear. It does not apply to ownership of publications and a share of their profits only, but also the use that may be made of them through silence or outcry to promote International Jewish Financiers' schemes. The Rothschilds bought editors as they bought legislators. It was a preliminary of nearly every scheme they floated to first "fix" the newspapers, either for silence or claque boosting. In matters of war and peace; in the removal of administrations inimical to Jewish financial or political plans; in the elimination by public exposure of "Gentile fronts" whom their Jewish financial masters wished to be rid of; in the gradual building up of reputation and influence for "rising men" who had been chosen for work in the future--in these and like matters the Press very greatly aided the International Cabal in attaining its end.

All the details of the foregoing paragraph can be illustrated at length by instances which have occurred in the United States within the past 15 years.

There was once a Senator of the United States who--but that story illustrates another point also, and will be reserved until that point is reached in this series of discussions.

The Twelfth Protocol, however, contains the entire plan of Control of the press, reaching from the present time into the future when the Jewish World Government shall be established. The reader is invited to read carefully and thoughtfully the deep and wide outreaching of this plan.

Keep also in mind the boast that has been made for generations that no publication that has handled the Jewish Question in a manner distasteful to the Jewish powers has been allowed to live.

"What role is played at present by the Press? It serves to inflame the passions of selfish partisanship which our interests require. It is shallow, lying and unfair, the most people do not understand what end it serves."

In that quotation we have the same low estimate which was noted when we studied "the estimate of human nature" which the Protocols contain.

Now, for the Plan of Press Control: We separate the points for convenience:

"We shall handle the Press in the following manner:

1. "We shall saddle it and keep tight rein upon it. We shall do the same also with other printed matter, for of what use is it to rid ourselves of attacks in the Press, if we remain exposed to criticism through pamphlets and books?"

2. "No one announcement will reach the people SAVE UNDER OUR SUPERVISION. We have attained this at the present time to the extent that all news is received through several agencies in which it is CENTRALIZED FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD."

A sidelight on the first sentence above may be had from the Jewish statement regarding the British Declaration relating to Palestine: "This Declaration was sent from the Foreign Office to Lord Walter Rothschild... It came perhaps as a surprise to large sections of the Jewish people... But to those who were active in Zionists circles, the declaration was no surprise... The wording of it came from the British Foreign Office, but the text had been revised in the Zionist offices in America as well as in England. The British Declaration was made in the form in which the Zionists desired it... " pp. 85-86, GUIDE TO ZIONISM, by Jessie E. Sampter, published by the Zionist Organization of America.

3. "Literature and journalism are two most important educational forces, and consequently our government will become the owner of most of the journals... If we permit ten private journals, we shall organize thirty of our own, and so on. This must not be suspected by the public, for which reason all the journals published by us will be EXTERNALLY of the most contrary opinions and tendencies thus evading confidence in them and attracting our unsuspecting opponents, who thus will be caught in our trap and rendered harmless."

This is most interesting in view of the defense now being made by so many Jewish journals. "Look at the newspapers owned and controlled by Jews," they say: "see how they differ in policy! See how they disagree with each other!" Certainly, "externally", as Protocol 12 says, but the underlying unity is never hard to find.

Besides, one way of discovering who are the people that have knowledge of the Jewish World Problem, or who can be convinced of it, or who will write about it, is just to start a paper which "externally" seems to be independent on the Jewish Question. So deeply is this thought shared by even uneducated Jews that a rumor is today widespread in the United States that the reason for the present series of articles in The Dearborn Independent is the desire of its owner to forward the Jewish World Program! Unfortunately, this scheme of starting a fake opposition in order to discover where the real opposing force is, is not confined to the Jewish Internationalists, although there is every indication that it was learned from them.

This idea of a misrepresentative front for certain secret purposes is expressed at length not only with reference to the Press, but throughout the Protocols in other relations. But in Protocol 12 it is fully developed with regard to the Press, as the following quotations show.

(a) In order to force writers into such long productions that no one will read them, a tax on writing is proposed--"on books of less than 30 pages a double tax". Small articles are most feared. Therefore doubly tax the pamphlets of less than 30 pages. The longer articles fewer will read, so the Protocols argue, and the double tax will thus "force writers into such long productions that they will be little read, especially as they will be expensive." [H: And so it came to pass in the days that followed--and right up through TODAY in every way, but especially now that people coming out of school neither have capability nor inclination for reading long or short articles. And then, to get "on-line" or get information through the mails bears almost prohibitive costs, doesn't it? And, for all public mouthpieces, including such as even Ollie North--a "journal" BOOK is on the shelves for public consumption--BEFORE THE MAN EVEN HAS A CHANCE TO READ THE PROOFS FROM THE SAME WRITERS AS WRITE THEIR SPEECHES AND PLAN THEIR ACTIVITIES. HOW NICE TO BE KING! THEN YOU GET A TALK SHOW TO FURTHER DECEIVE THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.]


"That which we ourselves shall publish for directing the public mind will be cheap and widely read. The tax will discourage mere literary ambition, whereas the fear of punishment will make the writers subservient to us. Even if there should be those who may desire to write against us, no one will publish their writings." (How many American writers know this?)

"Before accepting any work for printing, the publisher or printer must obtain permission from the authorities. Thus we shall know in advance what attacks are being prepared against us and shall be able to counteract them by coming out beforehand with explanations on the subject."

That is largely the situation today. They do know in advance what is being done, and they do seek to disarm it beforehand.

[H: Here is another good example to use here. Why don't the Jewish controllers make a big play for shutting down such as CONTACT and these Journals? One major reason is that there have been so many years of publicity on their activities via these routes that any assault NOW would end up with worldwide attention to the work in progress, namely, giving away their secret PLANS. A major court confrontation would undo THEM, not us, this time.]

(b) Here are the Three Degrees of Jewish Journalism which are not only stated in the Protocols but are observable in the everyday world of the present.

"The leading place will be held by organs of an official character. They will always stand guard over our interests and consequently their influence will be comparatively small.

"The second place will be held by semi-official organs whose aim it will be to attract the indifferent and lukewarm.

"In the third category we shall place organs of apparent opposition. At least one will be extremely antagonistic. Our true opponents will mistake this seeming opposition as belonging to their own group and will thus show us their cards. [H: And don't you see this of EVERY panel-type show on all the networks?]

"I beg you to notice that among those who attack us there will be organs founded by us, and they will attack exclusively those points which we plan to change or eliminate.

"All our papers will support most diverse opinions: aristocratic, republican, even anarchist so long of course as the Constitution lives... These fools who believe they are repeating the opinions expressed by their party newspapers will be repeating OUR OPINIONS or those things which we wish them to think.

"By always discussing and contradicting our writings superficially, and without touching upon their essence, our press will keep up a blank fire against the official newspapers, only to give us opportunity to express ourselves in greater detail than we could in our first declaration. This will be done when useful to us.

"These attacks will also convince the people of the full freedom of the press, and it will give our agents the opportunity of declaring that the papers opposing us are mere wind-bags, since they cannot find any real arguments to oppose our orders."

[H: We are always happy to note that, on every Wednesday after we publish on Tuesday, the DAMAGE CONTROL squads march forth all over the map--to refute, rebut or just to "spin" the information we present. Now it happens daily, as information is going onto the Internet. We always enjoy the obvious--even to now using the term "Zipper" with dear sweet slick Willie. I coined that phrase to make sure we would know who is reading OUR MATERIAL. THANK YOU, WE SEE THAT MANY ARE READING OUR INFORMATION, NOW, EVEN TO THE DEATH OF DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES. You just can't ever know, can you?]

Undoubtedly that would be the case were all the papers controlled. In the case of the present series of articles, however, the tables appear to be turned. It is the Jewish Press which has so signally failed to bring forward disproof either by fact or argument.

"When necessary, we shall promulgate ideas in the third section of our Press as feelers, and then refute them vigorously in the semi-official press.

"We shall overcome our opponents without fail because they will not have organs of the Press at their disposal.

"The pretext for suppression of a publication will be that it stirs up the public mind without basis of reason"--a pretext which has already been urged time and again, but without the legal power to effect suppression, although without legal power the Jewish interests in the United States have effected a pretty complete suppression of everything they do not desire."

How far does Jewish influence control the Newspapers of the United States?

In so far as the use of the word "Jew" is concerned, the Press is almost completely dominated. The editor who uses it is certain to hear from it. He will be visited and told--contrary to everything the Jew is told--that the word "Jew" denotes a member of a religious denomination and not a member of a race, and that its use with reference to any person spoken of in the public prints is as reprehensible as if "Baptist", "Catholic", or "Episcopalian" were used.

The Jew is always told by his leaders that regardless of religion or country of birth, he is a Jew, the member of a race by virtue of blood. Pages of the paper could be filled with the most authoritative Jewish statements on this point. But what the Jew is told by his leaders, and what the Gentile editor is told by the Jewish committee are two different and antagonistic things. A Jewish paper may shriek to the skies that Professor So-and-So, or Judge So-and-So, or Senator So-and-So is a Jew; but the secular newspaper that should do that would be visited by an indignant committee bearing threats.

A certain newspaper, as a mere matter of news, published an excerpt from one of The Dearborn Independent articles. Next day a number of advertising accounts dropped for lack of copy. Inquiry developed the fact that the reticent advertisers were all Jewish firms and the cause of their action was the really unimportant excerpt which the paper published. It developed also that the advertising agent who handled all the advertising for those Jewish firms was himself a Jew who also held an office in the Jewish secret society, which office was concerned exclusively with the control of newspapers in the matter of Jewish publicity. It was this man who dealt with the editor. A lame editorial retraction followed which faintly praised the Jews. The advertising was returned to the paper, and it is just a question whether or not that editor was rightly handled or not. Certainly he has been made to feel the power. But the diplomacy of it was bad. The editor, along with hundreds of others, has only been given the proper background for estimating the Jewish power in its wider reaches.

This is not to say that every editor should enter upon a campaign to expose the secret power. That is a matter for personal decision. Every editor, however, is so situated that he can see certain things, and he ought to see them, note them, and inwardly digest them.


Jewish publicity in response to these articles is very easy to get in almost any newspaper. Some have fallen most lamentably for lying statements. Others have opened their columns to propaganda sent out from Jewish sources. That is all very well. But the Gentile interest in the question has been largely ignored, even in cases where the editors are awake to the whole Question. This too affords a vantage from which the average editor can view what is transpiring in this country.

If a list of the Jewish owners, bondholders and other interests in our newspapers should be published, the list would be impressive. But it would not account for the widespread control of the Press as observed in this country. Indeed, it would be unfair in such a connection as this to list some of the Jewish-owned newspapers of the United States, because their owners are fair and public- spirited servants of the people.

Actual ownership does not often account for much in a newspaper. Ownership in the newspaper business is not always synonymous with control.

If you wish to know the control of the newspaper, look to its attorney and the interests he serves; look to the social connections of its chief editors; look to the advertising agents who handle the bulk of Jewish advertising; and then look to the matter of the paper's partisanship or independence in politics.

Newspaper control of the Press by the Jews is not a matter of money. It is a matter of keeping certain things out of the public mind and putting certain things into it.

One absolute condition insisted upon with the daily Press is that it shall not identify the Jew, mention him, or in any but the most favorable way call the public's attention to his existence.

The first plea for this is based on "fairness", on the false statement that a Jew is not a Jew but a church member. This is the same statement which Jewish agents in the United States Government have used for years to prevent the United States Government from listing the Jews in any racial statistics. It is in direct contradiction to what the Jews themselves are told. A flabby "fairness", a sloppy "broad-mindedness", a cry of "religious prejudice", is the first plea. The second is a sudden cessation of Jewish patronage. The third is withdrawal of patronage by every Gentile concern that is under the grip of Jewish financiers. It is a mere matter of brutal bludgeoning. And the forth act, in a community thoroughly blinded to the Jewish Question, is the collapse of the offending publication.

Read the Jewish Encyclopedia for a list of some of the papers which dared open up the Question, and ceased!

When old Baron Moses Montefiore said at Krakau:

"What are you prattling about? As long as we do not have the press of the whole world in our hands, everything you do is vain. We must control or influence the papers of the whole world in order to blind and deceive the people."

He knew what he was saying. By "blinding" the people he only meant that they should not see the Jew, and by "deceiving" them he only meant that the people should think certain world movements meant one thing when they really meant another. The people may be told what happens; they may not be told what was behind it. The people do not yet know why certain occurrences, which have affected their whole lives, should have occurred at all. But the "why" of it is very definitely known in certain circles whose news service never sees print, and sometimes not even writing.

Statistics as to the space given the Jews by newspapers concerning the things they want to get into print would also be an eye-opener. A minority nation, they get more publicity than any ten of the important minor nations of Europe--of the kind of publicity they want!

The number of Jewish contributors to the Press of the United States makes another interesting statistical bit. It would be sheer prejudice to make objectionable mention of many Jewish journalists and writers, and they come within the scope of this study only as they have shown themselves to be the watchful agents and active servants of the System. This is what many of them are. Not the ambitious young Jewish reporter who runs around the streets gathering news, perhaps, but the journalist at the seat of news and at the necks of those two or three important international runways through which the news of the world flows.

The whole matter, as far as extent of control is concerned, could be visualized on a map of the United States, by means of colored pins showing the number of Jewish-owned, provably Jewish- controlled papers, and the number of Jewish writers who are directing the majority thought of the various sections of the country.

The Jewish journalist who panders to unrest, whose literary ambition is to maintain a ferment in his readers, whose humor is sordid and whose philosophy is one of negation; as well as the Jewish novelist who extols his or her own people even while the story sows subtle seeds of disruption in Gentile social or economic life must be listed as the agents of that World Program which would break down society through the agency of "ideas". And it is very striking how many there are, and how skillfully they conceal their propaganda in their work.

Here and there in the United States it is now becoming possible to print the word "Jew" in the headlines of an article, and tell the Jewish committee which calls the next day that this as yet is a free country. Quietly a number of newspapers have tested the strength of this assumed control, in their communities and have discounted it.

There is no reason for fear on the part of the editor who has his facts. But the editor who backs down will more and more feel the pressure upon him. The man who courageously and fairly holds his ground will soon learn another thing that is not so generally known, namely, that with all the brilliance there is a lot of bluff, and that the chain of control once broken is felt throughout the whole system as a blow.


Issue of September 11, 1920

The International Jew


The reason we are still operating is that we don't publish anything that we suspect to be false--except through accident, being totally and/or intentionally misled. Therefore if the assaults against us are made the adversary making the assault has JUST OFFERED US A PLATFORM FOR A HEARING, AND FALSE ASSAULTS END THE PARTY ASSAULTING INTO A CONFRONTATION BEFORE THE COURTS OR BEFORE THE ONES, I.E., EXTRA, THAT HE HAS DAMAGED FAR MORE THAN HE HAS US IN HIS IDIOT ATTEMPTS AT SELLING LIES.

This is also the reason that we DO NOT take random advertising, for once you are held hostage by an advertiser you are rendered useless.

It is interesting that to internationally recognized EXTRA the cute little pimps and prostitutes, in addition to the basic lies offered, said that Gaia and Phoenix PRODUCTS WERE NOT ONLY WORTHLESS BUT EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND COULD KILL. Well, most of the products of general nature come from very reputable producers WHO IN THE NEXT WEEKS GOT SOCKED WITH BEING ALL OVER THE NETWORKS AS INVESTIGATIONS TOOK PLACE ABOUT MINERALS AND VITAMINS TO COLLOIDS.


Perhaps, Mr. Martin, here would be a good opportunity to again run Jewish ex-Judge Jason Brent's letter to George Green--after lying and denying any communications with the blood-sucker flukes of the "other" side. Also, it might be nice to again share with the readers this same Jew's attitudes through Mensa the "brilliant" club's presentation on depopulation and killing off of the old, infirm, and stupid. A category he obviously through EGO doesn't realize he fits all of the requisites. This Judge also placed ads in the paper TO JEWS, to join with him to form a Jewish political CLUB in town. Later he got a partner in his law firm and advertised his services thusly: "A SHARK? YOU BET!" He lost that partner, name withheld to protect the foolish, and now has another: an Ex-Judge who had a "dancer" suspect in his office on weekends--to DANCE FOR HIM. He was defrocked from the bench--and NOW WORKS AS A PARTNER WITH JASON BRENT!

Hard feelings around these parts? Gosh no--who would ever have had such opportunities otherwise as we have gained through this routine type of judicial criminal behavior? Our realization is that at some point in historical movement forward TRUTH WILL OUT--JUST AS IT IS "OUTING" IN IRAQ'S POSITION AS WE WRITE THIS MORNING. Truth will bury the lies and the liars--just give it time.

And to suit those who object to the use of Adonai as possibly representing something inferior to something else as a meaning given (by the Jewish tamperers) as to "my Lord" I will close with:

Adonai, Aton (ONE WITH GOD, WITHIN GOD, AND IN RESPECT OF GOD). Any further arguments?

I would also note that you who like to close your notations with "Me Agape"--I sincerely hope that is a state of God, Love and Respect--and not a "state of being". Good morning.



WED., MAR. 4, 1998 7:26 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 200

WED., MAR. 4, 1998


It is said that, "We pre-judge what we do not know and we hate what we do not understand."

This is a good observation but doesn't quite fit the circumstance when you begin to know and to understand. "Hate" under any circumstance is a waste of time for usually with hatred comes the desire for some sort of revenge, for you note not that which has not affected you personally. To pre- judge is only one step from being judgmental if you have no knowledge. In both instances it can only pay one handsomely to become INFORMED--then, at the least, you can discern what is and what is not. In either instance you can only deal with that which becomes known or visible.

It is also said that I write on "hate-presenting" topics such as this when learning of the Jews. No, this CANNOT be so for when you know and understand--there is NO ROOM FOR HATRED. There is no reason that man cannot individually GROW up through whatever negative circumstances exist for, once you see, you too can use the methods within the law and within that intent and LAW OF GOD which serves well the GOOD as well as the adversary.

I feel I need to identify a word or two for you who spew "evil" and condemn as "sin" what you observe.

EVIL: That which intentionally pulls yourself or another from the path of goodness and into the breaking of laws, the "use" of another for unrighteous deeds and thoughts and, in general, that which is negative in WRONG ACTIONS, DEED, THOUGHTS.

SIN: An "error". This is usually an error in judgment that allows for misdirection of intent and actions.

You SHOULD abhor evil, recognize sin, and try to pull both into the LIGHT to be judged or discerned, for always either one will be attached to some human or HUman entity(s). But JUDGMENT is NOT YOURS TO USE except in the recognition of actions perpetrated. Evil is intentional while usually sin is simply something that IS.


Even if you can't seem to find redeeming graces evident in the Jewish control gained over your own beings, you need to consider, very carefully, your WRONG ATTITUDES ABOUT THE MATTER.

Why do you allow the NEGATIVE attitudes to take over your world? Have you been so warped of mind that you cease to find the glory and creative capability of GOD CREATOR WITHIN SELF? Killing or disposing of your enemy doesn't do anything save warp self. You can use the positive tools and attitudes which allow one to rise strong and tall and thank the perceived "other" for the gifts of laws set forth--THAT ALSO SHELTER YOU and YOURS.

A good example is the use of incorporation (we always use Nevada for privacy) to protect self and assets. This was set forth by the most wealthy to protect themselves and their business from prying eyes and leeching government. USE THESE TOOLS, FRIENDS--PLEASE, USE THESE TOOLS. They are legal and they are NOT AGAINST THE LAWS OF GOD. It is INTELLIGENT. Anything that breaks either of the "LAWS" is not intelligent and will end you up in the human's prison if they can arrange it against you.

You will note a surge in the reporting about radical clans as in KKK, Skinheads, etc. These are, at the least, IMMORAL for they are based on hate, inequality, and stupidity. But why all the sudden interest in them? To cause unrest in your dooryards until world foment can be better established to confuse you. ANY VIOLENT ACT AGAINST SELF OR ANOTHER IS IMMORAL--AT THE VERY LEAST IN JUDGMENT OR DISCERNMENT.


On the topical Question involved here--learn and you shall prevail in change--in goodness. All can prosper when you KNOW what is taking place. You most surely do not need go forth with your sword and chop off heads--even your own.

PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SHOWN THE BETTER WAY. It is a FACT that a person will always move, first, away from pain. Then he will move toward perceived happiness where perceived pain is absent. Killing everybody along the way is not a solution and therefore wars can NEVER be a solution. The BEAST, however, will always grab the seat of power, so you must learn to judge and discern very carefully--and that means PARTICIPATION IN YOUR OWN LIVES.

IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT: GOD DOES NOT GIVE ENERGY TO WRONG. BUT SATAN AND HIS ARMY DOES. RIGHT OR WRONG HAVE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY TO GROW AND BUILD. ONLY GOOD HAS ABILITY TO "CREATE"--WRONG TO DESTROY, CONFUSE, AND MANIPULATE TO SERVE AND SUIT ANOTHER. Human tends to be absorbed by the evil side of disposition while HUman retains the capability of creating and replacing that evil with positive energy and goodness.

Goodness is not created to SUFFER! That is a total MISPERCEPTION placed on people through RELIGIONS. Religions are of MAN; Spirituality is of God Creator. You are, in the physical manifestation, of man--therefore your Spirituality must always direct your human being toward LIGHT and Spiritual growth lest you become entrapped in the very thing you claim to detest. But as babies learn to walk, talk and master growth--so too must each come to learn and know what IS and what is wrong that a society becomes unbalanced. The controllers like it as it is without your input-- that is why you are kept ignorant and deceived. Do you simply want to wake up and smell the toast and coffee--or do you want to HAVE for self some of that toast and coffee? It is up to you. You cannot be an electrical engineer until you LEARN HOW ELECTRICITY BEHAVES.



Little has yet been said in this commentary on the Protocols about the political program contained in them. It is desirable that the points be taken separately in order that when our study turns to actual conditions in this country, the reader may be in a position to judge whether the written program agrees with the acted program as it may be seen all about us. The World Program as outlined in these strange documents turns upon many points, some of which have already been discussed. Its success is sought (a) by securing financial control of the world, this having already been secured by the overwhelming indebtedness of every nation through wars, and by the capitalistic (not the manufacturing or managerial) control of industry; (b) by securing political control, which is easily illustrated by the condition of every civilized country today; (c) by securing control of education, a control which has been steadily won under the blinded eyes of the people; (d) by trivializing the public mind through a most complete system of allurement which has just brought us into a period which requires the new word "jazz" to describe it; and (e) by the sowing of seeds of disruption everywhere--not the seeds of progress, but of economical fallacies and revolutionary temper. All of these main objectives entail various avenues of action, none of which has been overlooked by the Protocols.

In leading up to what the Protocols have to say about the selection and control of Presidents, it will be enlightening to take the views which these documents express about other phases of politics.

It may be very interesting to those Jewish apologists, who in all their pronouncements never discuss the contents of the Protocols, to know that so far from their being a plea for monarchy, they are a plea for the most drastic and irresponsible liberalism in government. The powers behind the Protocols appear to have absolute confidence in what they can do with the people once the people are made to believe that popular government has really arrived.

The Protocols [instruct] in frequent change. They like elections; they approve frequent revisions of constitutions; they counsel the people to change their representatives often. [H: I changed the word above from "believe" to "instruct" because these are the very points upon which you lose face and battles. A set of papers with words on them can't BELIEVE anything--only the people believing in the instructions and acting upon them. This is a "silly" thing, but in today's world whole nations revolve around such rubbish.]

Take this from the First Protocol:

"The abstract conception of Liberty made it possible for us to convince the crowd that government is only the management for the owner of the country, the people, and that the steward can be changed like a pair of worn-out gloves. The possibility of changing the representatives of the people has placed them at our disposal and, as it were, has placed them in our power as creatures of our purposes."

Note also how this Use of Change is buried in this paragraph from the Fourth Protocol which describes the evolution of a Republic:

"Every republic passes through several stages. The first is that of senseless ravings, resembling those of a blind man throwing himself from right to left. The second is that of demagogy which breeds anarchy and inevitably leads to despotism, not of a legal, open and consequently responsible character, but an unseen and unknown despotism, felt none the less because exercised by a secret organization. Such a despotism acts with even less scruple because it is hidden under cover and works behind the backs of various agents, the shifting and changing of which will not harm its secret power, but serve it, since such changes will relieve the organization from the necessity of expending its resources on rewards for long service."

This "changing" of servants is not unknown in the United States. A former Senator of the United States could easily testify to this if he only knew who did the "changing". Time was when he was the tool of every Jewish lobbyist in the Senate. His glib tongue lent charm and plausibility to every argument they wished to advance against the government's intentions. Secretly, however, the Senator was receiving "favors" from a very high source, "favors" of a financial character. The time came when it was desirable to "detach" the Senator. The written record of his "favors" was abstracted from its place of supposed secrecy, a newspaper system that has always been the ready organ of American Jewry made the exposure, and an indignant public did the rest. It could not have been done had not the man been compromised first; it could not have been done without certain newspaper connivance; it would never have been done had not the Senator's masters wished it. However, it was done.

In the Fourteenth Protocol, which begins "When we become rulers", it is pictured how hopeless the Gentile peoples will have become of any betterment of conditions through changes of government and therefore will accept the promise of stability which the Protocolists of that time will be prepared to offer:

"The masses will become so satiated with the endless changes of administration which we instigated among the Gentiles when we were undermining their governmental institution, that they will tolerate anything from us... "

The official who is changed most quickly in the country is the man who questions certain matters which come from Jewish sources. There must be a small army of such men in the United States today. Some of them do not know even now how it happened. Some are still wondering why perfectly legitimate and patriotic information should have been lost in an icy silence when they sent it in, and why they should have lost favor for sending it.

Protocol Nine is full of the most amazing claims, of which these may serve as illustration:

"At the present time, if any government raises a protest against us, it is only for the sake of form, it is under our control, and it is done by our direction, for THEIR ANTI-SEMITISM IS NECESSARY FOR KEEPING IN ORDER OUR LESSER BROTHERS. I will not explain this further as already it has been the subject of numerous discussions between us."

This doctrine of the usefulness of anti-Semitism and the desirability of creating it where it does not exist are found in the words of Jewish leaders, ancient and modern.

"In reality there are no obstacles before us. Our super-government has such an extra-legal status that it may be called by the energetic and strong word--dictatorship. I can conscientiously say that at the present time we are the lawmakers."

In the Protocol this claim is made:

"De facto, we have already eliminated every government except our own, although de jure there are still many others left."

That is simple: The governments will exist, under their own names, having authority over their own people; but the super-government has unchallenged influence over all of them in matters pertaining to the Jewish Nation and particularly in matters pertaining to the purpose of The International Jew.

The Eighth Protocol shows how this can be:

"For the time being, until it will be safe to give responsible government positions to our brother Jews, we shall entrust them to people whose past and whose character are such that there is an abyss between them and the people; to people, for whom, in case of disobedience to our orders, there will remain only trial or exile (from public life), thus forcing them to protect our interest to their last breath."

In the Ninth Protocol again is this reference to party funds:

"The division into parties has placed them all at our disposal, inasmuch as in order to carry on a party struggle it is necessary to have money, and we have it all."

There have been many investigations of campaign funds. None has ever yet gone deep enough to inquire into the "international" sources of these funds. [H: Note the current events regarding THIS one, and yet, once again, NOTHING IS DONE EVEN WHEN THE EVIDENCE IS ON THE TABLE--BUT NOTE THE CONTINUATION OF "PARTY" GARBAGE.]

Now, in the United States during the last five years we have seen an almost complete Judaized administration in control of all the war activities of the American people. The function of the regularly organized United States Government during that time was practically confined to the voting of money. But the administration of the business end of the war was in charge of a government within a government, and this inner, extra government was Jewish.

It is, of course often asked why this was so. The first answer given is that the Jews who were immediately placed in charge of the business administration of the war were competent men, the most competent men who could be found. This was actually the answer given to an inquiry as to the reason for so large a part of the foreign policy of the United States depending on the counsel of a certain group of Jews--they were the men who knew, no one else knew so much, the officials chosen by the people had a right to select the most efficient and able counsel they could find.

Very well, let that stand. Let the explanation be that in all the United States, Jews were the only persons to be found who could handle the emergency with masterly ease. We shall see more of this phase of the matter at another time. The war is not under discussion in this article, merely the fact that in an emergency the government became distinctly Jewish. [H: Any argument THIS WEEK?]

But the Second Protocol would appear to throw a little light on the matter:

"The administrators chosen by us from the masses for their servility will not be persons trained for government, and consequently they will easily become pawns in our game, played by our learned and talented counsellors, specialists educated from early childhood to administer world affairs. As we know, our specialists have been acquiring the necessary knowledge for governing..."

The language is a trifle raw, as it usually is when Gentiles are under discussion. But the same fact, namely, that Jewish specialists have come to the aid of Gentile administrators in an emergency, when uttered for the consideration of the general public, may be very beautifully phrased.

The untrained Gentile administrator must have help; his unpreparedness makes it necessary. And who knows it better than those who have the help to offer? The Gentile public has been taught to suspect the man who has had experience in politics or government. This, of course, makes the whole situation doubly easy for those whose specialty it is to give "aid". Just what interests they aid most will give, when discovered, a strong light upon their zeal.

But in all that the Protocols have to say about the political angle of the World Program, nothing is of so great interest as that which concerns the selection and control of Presidents. [H: PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, READERS.] The whole plan is outlined in the Tenth Protocol. The fact that the President of France seems to have been in mind is a localism; the plan is applicable elsewhere; indeed has elsewhere its most perfect illustration.

This Tenth Protocol, then, leads gradually up to the subject, tracing the evolution of rulers from Autocrat to President, and of nations from Monarchies to Republics.

The language of this passage is particularly objectionable, but no more so than can be found in current Jewish literature where boasting of power is indulged in. Unpleasant as the whole attitude is, it is valuable as showing in just what light the supporters of the Protocol Program view the Gentiles and their dignities. It must be borne in mind that the Jewish ideal is not a President, but a Prince and a King. The Jewish students of Russia marched the streets in 1918 singing this hymn--

"We have given you a God;

Now we will give you a King."

The new flag of Palestine, now permitted to fly without hindrance, bears insignia, as does every synagogue, of a Jewish KING. The Jewish hope is that the Throne of David shall be set up again, as doubtless it will be. None of these things is to be decried in the least, nor to be regarded with anything but a decent respect, but they should be borne in mind as a sidelight on the expressed contempt for Gentile Presidents and Legislatures. [H: Surely you didn't think the Israeli flag with the Star of David was generated just to satisfy a need of a new stolen State called Israel.]

The Tenth Protocol reaches the theme of President thus:

"Then the rise of the republican era became possible, and then in the place of a sovereign we substituted a caricature of him, a President picked from the crowd.... Such was the foundation of the mine we laid underneath the Gentile people, or more accurately, the Gentile peoples."

It is with something of a shock that one reads that men with a "past" are specially favored for the presidential office. Men with a "past" have become President in various countries, including the United States, there is no doubt of that. [H: And boy, did they pick a good one with a "bad past" in Zipper Billy.] In some instances, the particular scandal that constituted the "past" has been publicly known; in other cases it has been hushed up and lost in a maze of rumor. [H: Come on, people, never mind the sex-trashing; Clinton was a very BAD BOY. He dabbled in crime and drug-running from the time he was a child--and worked in coalition with the CIA and George Bush to further importation of drugs right through Mena, Arkansas. The sex-stuff and the war on Starr is to keep that part of his "past" from coming out because it will reflect on others of high positions. Clinton is using BLACKMAIL at the minute and Hillary is even more into blackmailing some of the players. But sexual indiscretions are the least of Billy's problems.] In at least one case it was made the special property of a syndicate of men who, while protecting the official from public knowledge, compelled him to pay rather stiffly for their service. Men with a "past" are not uncommon, and it is not always the "past" but the concealment of it that concerns them most, and in this lack of frankness, this distrust of the understanding and mercy of the people, they usually fall into another slavery, namely, the slavery OF POLITICAL OR FINANCIAL BLACKMAIL.

"We will manipulate the election of Presidents whose past contains some undisclosed dark affair, some 'Panama', then they will be faithful executors of our orders from fear of exposure and from the natural desire of every man who has attained a position of authority to retain the privileges, emoluments and the dignity associated with the position of President." [H: Ah-hummnnn....]

The use of the word "Panama" here refers to the various scandals which arose in French political circles over the original efforts to construct the Panama Canal. If the present form of the Protocols had been written at a later date they might have referred to the "Marconi wireless" scandals in England--though on second thought, they would not have done so because certain men were involved who were NOT Gentiles. [H: Dr. Ed, I think you can see right here where Mr. Tesla fits into this puzzle.] Herzl, the great Jewish Zionist leader, uses the expression in The Jewish State. Speaking of the management of the business of Palestine he says that the Society of the Jews "will see to it that the enterprise does not become a 'Panama' but a 'SUEZ'." [H: Everyone still with me?] That the same expression should occur in Herzl and in the Protocols is SIGNIFICANT; it has also another significance which will be described at another time. It must be clear to the reader, however, that no one writing for the general public at this day would refer to a "Panama" in a man's "past". The reference would not be understood.

It is this practice of holding a man under obligation which makes it needful on the part of the true publicist to tell the truth and the whole truth about aspirants for public office. It is not enough to say of a candidate that he "began as a poor boy" and then became "successful". How did he become successful? How explain the "rise" of his fortunes? Sometimes the clue leads deep into the domestic life of the candidate. It may be told of a man, for example, that he helped another out of a scrape by marrying the woman involved, and received a sum of money for doing so. It may be told of another that he was implicated by his too friendly relations with another's wife, but was relieved of his predicament by the astute diplomacy of powerful friends, to whom THEREAFTER HE FELT HIMSELF IN DEBT OF HONOR. It is strange that, in American affairs at least, the woman-note is predominant. In our higher offices that has more frequently occurred than any other, oftener than the money-note. [H: Ah but you see something came about that CHANGED the moral attitudes of the whole of the citizenry--so there has to be something far worse than adultery, philandering and sex-oriented stuff. You have to be set up--and then wiped out by something really important like money games.]

In European countries, however, where the fact of a man's being entangled illegitimately with a woman does not carry so heavy a stamp of shame with it, the controlled men have been found to have "pasts" of another character.

The whole subject is extremely distasteful, but truth has its surgical duties to perform, and this is one of them. When, for example, a pivotal assemblage like that of the Peace Conference is studied, and the men who are most subject to Jewish influences are isolated, and their past history is carefully traced, there is almost no difficulty whatever in determining the precise moment when they passed over into that fateful condition which, while it did not hinder them of public honors for one hour, made them unchangeably the servants of a power the public did not see. The puzzling spectacle which the observer sees of the great leaders of Anglo-Saxon races closely surrounded and continuously counseled by the princes of the [recognized] Semitic race is explained only by a knowledge of those leaders' "past" and those words of the Protocols, "WE WILL MANIPULATE THE ELECTION OF PRESIDENTS WHOSE PAST CONTAINS SOME UNDISCLOSED DARK AFFAIR."

And where this Jewish domination of officials is glaringly apparent, it may be safely assumed that the custody of the secret is almost entirely with that race. When necessity arises, it may be a public service for those in possession of the facts to make them public--not for the purpose of destroying reputations, but for the purpose of damning for all time the most cowardly practice.

Politically, so the Jewish publicists tell us, Jews do not vote as a group. Because of this, so we are told, they have no political influence. Moreover, we are told, they are so divided among themselves that they cannot be led in one direction.

It may be true that when it is a question of being for anything, the Jewish community may show a majority and minority opinion--a small minority, it is likely to be. But when it becomes a question of being against anything, the Jewish community is always a unit.

These are facts to which any ward politician can testify. Any man in political life can test it for himself by announcing that he will not permit himself to be dominated by Jews or anybody else. Just let him mention Jews in that manner; he will no longer have to read about Jewish solidarity; he will have felt it. Note that, in a vote, this Jewish solidarity can accomplish anything it wishes; the Jew's political strength is NOT in his vote, but in the "pull" of, say, seven men at the seat of government. The Jews, a political minority so far as votes are concerned, were a political majority so far as influence was concerned, during the last five years. They ruled. They boast that they ruled. The mark of their rule is everywhere. [H: Note this was written in 1920, so the controlling rule has been since, at least, in the U.S., totally held since 1915.]

The note which everyone observes in politics, as in the press, is the fear of the Jews. This fear is such that nowhere are the Jews discussed as are, say, the Armenians, the Germans, the Russians or the Hindoos. What is this fear but reflection of the knowledge of the Jews' power and their ruthlessness in the use of it? It is possibly true, as many Jewish publicists say, that what is called anti-Semitism is just a panic-fear. It is a dread of the unknown. The uncanny spectacle of an apparently poor people who are richer than all, of a very small minority which is more powerful than all, creates phantoms before the mind.

It is very significant that those who most assume to represent the Jews are quite content that the fear should exist. They wish it to exist. To keep it delicately poised and always there, though not too obtrusively, is an art they practice. But once the balance is threatened, their crudeness instantly appears. Then comes the threat, by which it is hoped to re-establish the fear again. When the threat fails, there comes the wail of anti-Semitism.

How strange this is, that the Jews should not see that the most abject form of anti-Semitism is just this fear which they are willing to have felt toward them by their neighbors. To inspire fear--what is more dreaded by the normal man, and yet what more delights an inferior race?

Now, a great service is done when the people are emancipated from this fear. It is the process of emancipation that Jewish publicists attack. It is this they call anti-Semitism. It is not anti-Semitism at all; it is the only course that can prevent anti-Semitism.

The process involves several steps. The extent of the Jewish power must be shown. To this, of course, strong Jewish objection is made, though no strong disproof can be made.

Then, the existence of this power must be explained. It can be explained only by the Jewish Will to Power, as it may be called, or by the deliberate program which is followed in the attainment of the power. When the method is explained, half the damage is undone. THE JEW IS NOT A SUPERMAN. He is bright; he is intense; his philosophy of material things leaves him free to do many things from which his neighbor draws back; but, given equal advantages, he is not a superman. The Yankee is more than his equal any time, but the Yankee has an inborn inclination to observe the rules of the game. When the people know by what means this power is gained--when they are informed how, for example, political control is seized, as it has been in the United States, the very method takes all the glamour from the power, and shows it to be a rather sordid thing after all.

This series of articles is attempting to take these orderly steps, and it is believed the complete effort will justify itself to reasonable minds, both Jewish and Gentile.

In the present article one important means of power has been described on the authority of the Protocols. Whether the method laid down by the Protocols is worth considering or not depends entirely on whether it can be found in actual affairs today. It can be found. The two tally. The parallel is complete. It were well for the Jew, of course, if no trace of him could be found in either the written or the actual program. But he is there, and it is illogical for him to blame anyone but himself for being there. Certainly it is small defense against the fact to heap abuse upon the one who discloses the fact. We have agreed that the Jews are clever, but they are not so clever as to be able to cover their work. There is a certain element of weakness in them which reveals the whole matter in the end. And even the revelation would not mean much if the thing revealed were not wrong. But that is the weakness of the Jewish program--it is wrong. The Jews have never gained any measure of success so great that the world cannot check it. The world is engaged in a great checking tactic now, and if there are still prophets among the Jews they should lead their people in another path.

The proof and the fruit of any exposure of the World Program IS THE REMOVAL OF THE ELEMENT OF FEAR FROM THE PEOPLES AMONG WHOM THE JEWS LIVE.

Issue of September 18, 1920


So, can the nations, say, the United States, be changed? Yes. Easily? NO! And the change will have to come from outside the typical government you HAVE in place. You haven't a prayer of changing the one you have or replacing it with something new and honestly honorable. When the whole barrel of apples is spoiled and rotten, you will have to consider a whole new approach--but that can be accomplished in the U.S. as in no other nation already usurped and controlled by these elements of Elite One Worlders. But, indeed there are a WHOLE BIG BUNCH of people in very powerful nations who would change if shown the way and to recognize the problems. Most KNOW the problems--except you sleeping masses under the mind-warp processing.

It only requires insight, foresight, long-range sight and the ability to CREATE THAT WHICH IS NECESSARY--and THAT comes from recognizing the absolute LACK OF ANYTHING BACKING ANY OF THE ELITE'S HOLDINGS.

So, now we know who "they" are and that isn't a bad start for today is it? "They" have presented AN ILLUSION of money, value, moral acceptance and thus and so. But, they have also incredibly incited the hatred of those in opposition and bearing the brunt of their outrageous crimes and deceptions.

A massive change could come about simply by the turning unto Truth and God but, logically and reasonably speaking, it won't. Therefore there will be some of the old arranged prophecies that have to come about for the writers of the prophecies will have to see to it that it does--EVEN IF IT IS AGAINST THEMSELVES--BUT TO EVERY MAN A CHOICE!

When a man gains LOVE, he changes within self and stops the hatreds--AND STARTS THINKING. When thinking men are then shown "a way", they will take it and create that which they desire, and when this is done in the name of GOD--not some trumped-up idol to worship--there is no enemy anywhere who can do a thing to stop its happening. So, to you dear ones who find it difficult to wait and can't see that things are being accomplished, I can't make you see, hear or experience--I can only assure you, in my own loop, that we are making incredible and beyond-your- dreams inroads into the solutions at hand. But the team is tired and no matter how hard or fast we run--so far the enemy is able to make the run difficult and miserable. However, GOD chooses carefully, and those he has placed in responsible positions will make it through one way or another-- a bit frazzled and worn--but WE shall make it for some of you out there have made it POSSIBLE.

There is always the presence of the DISTRACTORS, even right among us, and the desire to be distracted, so the two get together and great amounts of time and energy are expended where it should not be. But, it IS and so be it. Until you of the nucleus realize the distractions AND the distractors you will slow the progress. It is always quite easy to cast about and discern "another's" problems or distractions but RARELY YOUR OWN. Why? Because YOUR distractions are not considered by you to be distractions.

Let me example a personal focus--with the coming of e-mail capability--E.J.'s work load has DOUBLED OR TRIPLED. Dharma's is again out of control because everything from arguments to kiddies' problems are handed off to her. But it is through the computer networks that we can get viewing and hearing--so we really can't negate the computers can we?

Now our audience is more predominantly global and foreign than ever, so that more time is consumed, constantly--but with necessary business and interchange. We have foreign diplomats of such high importance as would stagger you, WAITING FOR EACH PAGE TO COME FROM THESE FINGERS. There is no substitute, therefore, for this task and no way to assemble help at this time. So, we keep right on moving and when we can't stagger another step, someone will be ready to take some load and then more load and finally we will have a larger TEAM. But it starts with the mundane because we need no more "help" steeped in their "own ways and directions" and who can't move beyond the meditation phase and actually do the work itself.

I am told that if we just had MORE MEETINGS "we could get our energy renewed and our focus reestablished." Well, interestingly enough, Dharma is running as hard as she can and she has to be there if we have a meeting--doesn't she? Not to bring the cakes, for someone else could do that, but just to speak--and lungs that can't hold air can't allow for long speeches but can allow for lots of finger exercises. Moreover, WE HAVE EXPERIENCED AND THUS, LEARNED, that our enemies are AMONG US and our strategies and just our own daily privacy is totally invaded and moved out of the privacy of our family to be spun and twisted in the hands and minds and publications of the very adversary himself.

Who restores Dharma and who, save two or three, continues to shore up the financial needs for the work here? This in no way is a reflection on you who send to keep this paper going for it would have been over long before now if you had not stepped in and saved the day with your contributions above subscriptions.

I find that around here there are almost none who will watch the very news coming forth more than once, if that much, a day, and then turn it off because you "can't stand it". I ask Dharma to leave this keyboard and every minute not at this typing she is studying the broadcasts from every direction and every channel and talk show. It is THEREIN you find what is REALLY happening. So, you guys say, "Well, we get it from CONTACT or these writings." Fine, it is then apparent that you don't want meetings quite badly enough to give relief to the production point. And yes, you are right, the circle spirals around and, surely enough, the cost of mailings rises and we don't have room for more information anyway, and stay alive at all. This IS THE PLAN at work and the very best example we can offer. Many people within our circle are running for our lives so, please, this example is exactly that, an example using something to which you can relate.

Arguments about material do not accomplish anything and we have no time for debates. I KNOW WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS TRUTH, so an argument with me is useless as most arguers state right off the top of their letters. I chuckle as I recall early on over the topic of And They Called His Name Immanuel that the publishers of some of the same materials started large arguments with Green about the materials. I responded. So, the next arguments came from the "committee" appointed to "handle that E.T." and that insane receiver. However, the letter started with: "Don't have Hatonn respond because he can just blow out our arguments--because we are not so quick of wit". No, I am not kidding you. Either I Am or I AM NOT. So, IF I AM NOT, doesn't that scare you a bit that Dharma is so "quick of wit" as to out-think and out-run the entire world population? She makes no claim of such. But she will be first to tell you that she has gotten a REAL EDUCATION in just about every subject there is--and even Dr. Young would probably give her an honorary degree in quantum physics as well as qualifying as a "writer" which she still claims to NOT be. Peculiar isn't it?

She is not a Jew BUT IS A SEMITE. But she is pale of color and yet is Egyptian of origin--in THIS particular job. Interesting? Not really, once you KNOW what life is ABOUT and IS. Do "WE" have some bond? Beyond all human realizations as do I with most of you who read this material and know the reality of this time and this place in historical sequence. We are already woven as the threads into a finished tapestry with myriads of colors and textures, and even if taken apart we do not lose our DNA "picture" engraved forever upon the timelessness of eternity and universality.


E.J. and Dharma don't even bother to STUDY the heavens as they once did for they know where GOD IS LOCATED and the trappings and show of a few moving objects has no longer much interest. Appreciation is always present--having to meditate on one star or another--or even the belly-button, wastes valuable production time. So we do that sort of thing only when the balance has been blown by some of the necessary distractions that REQUIRE handling. Others are the same; once again I only use EXAMPLES. Moreover, it is understood that all ones entering the circle must "catch up" but you who have always been within THIS circle and haven't "caught up" are not in such good standing.

Most RIGHT HERE UNDER OUR NOSES do not even read all the material--now, don't you who can't wait to get it into your hands and heads find that shocking and appalling? No, I don't; I find it typical. Most people would join any group just to search, usually for betterment of self's acquisitions, be they human or material. There is little interest in accomplishment beyond that "job" and the "pay" therefrom. People, there isn't even a "group" here to hold anyone as in "membership", and if you cease to study the truth as we bring it--you don't have ANYTHING HERE. I repeat, you don't have ANYTHING HERE. And some, if the pay were cut off, would not even consider staying a day longer and that would be blamed on the excuse of having to work--when some were not working when they came here. Good, it is an excellent sorting tool.

Am I not afraid that some will see this and be offended? No, the ones who would be don't read the "stuff". The others know their positions are set in cement and would work days to support themselves and give all night to serve God if that were necessary. And, in some of the jobs, that is THE CASE, only the service itself is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and sometimes doubled up at that.

I do not deal in what-ifs or ifs or shoulds. We deal here with WHAT IS and that is all we have in the here and the now. We do the best we can with what IS. Good "strokes" are nice but we work mostly without anything except complaints and gigantic efforts to insult, discount, discredit and destroy us. But the love and support of the rest of the team and crew suffices, and even if they be few, they are IN TRUTH and IN LOVE and it is sufficient unto our needs. We KNOW that what we do is TRUTH AND WHAT WE DO IS RIGHT. THERE IS NO ENERGY STRENGTH GREATER THAN THAT.

We chuckled when Dr. Ed sent up a note AND ANOTHER BOOK TO BE TYPED and inquired as to whether or not Dharma had worn off the letters of her new keyboard yet. The "funny" thing is that, yes indeed, they were going, going and going--but this time she got smart and weekly lacquers over the print. We laugh because she can certainly tell by looking at the keyboard which alphabet letters are the most used. We also find it amusing that people say and think we have a great consolidated membership game going here daily. Dharma has not even SEEN most of the people here who work daily on the same projects in WEEKS and, as with Dr. Young--in months.

So please, readers, when somebody calls this a "cult", will you please turn about and confront them. Call them to their faces what they are: uninformed, ignorant or simply "you are a liar". It works every time--TRUTH WILL WORK EVERY TIME IF YOU SIMPLY USE IT. WHEN YOU MAKE STUPID EXCUSES YOU HURT SELF AND EVERYONE WITH YOU. AND, UNTIL YOU ARE NOT ASHAMED OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE--YOU HAVE BIG PROBLEMS.

Adonai, (´~') hAton­­­n. The Greeks will know what the symbol means.



THU., MAR. 5, 1998 7:25 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 201

THU., MAR. 5, 1998


Sometimes you truly do have to walk, or fall down, in that Valley of Shadows before you stop long enough to look around and see and hear.

I look for anything and everything that will help you to see and understand what is taking place. That must come from seeing what has TAKEN PLACE. You CANNOT live again in what is past-- but you MUST KNOW what is historical past--IN TRUTH--or you are destined to be enslaved.

The Elite One World Order (under "their" rule, of course) have been around since the days of the very beginning of history as you might recognize it and, as hard as it may be to swallow--they ARE the very ones who came forth calling themselves the Serpent People. They took on the sham of nationalities, races, creeds, religions, and other ingratiating personalities to enable them to take on control of the world. A BIG Plan? Oh yes, a very big plan.

God, on the other hand, gave you LIFE in physical form that you might experience, grow, and BECOME what you would or what you will. Free-will choices were your gift of gifts. You would choose your pathway without force or coercion for it would determine what later you would come to be. Just as Mr. Ford created his automobile, God created YOU. Flimsy example? No, for Mr. Ford could not determine what his car would go forth and do or be. It could become a family freedom vehicle or a DEATH WEAPON. God offers you the opportunity to be a freedom vehicle or a DEATH WEAPON. BUT, now you have a burden of the vehicle having its manual direction-finder replaced by a guided missile system with warheads of destruction.

And worse, the top level echelon (hierarchy) of the Adversary's team is located in what was once considered (although it wasn't) the "Land of the Free"--as world puller and pusher. The WAR mongers with the most power are settled into America and these days you can SEE what is taking place in chaos and determined push for war against the most helpless of people half a world distant. And YOU bow to them, push them to kill--but you will find it is YOU and THOSE OF YOURS who will kill and maim--not the ones who order the bloodshed. THEY DO NOT GO FIGHT--IF THEY GO, THEY SELL OUT.

Even George Bush, as a pilot--bailed out and left his crew to DIE. He has now been called a hero. Senator McCain of the Keating Five criminals--was a prisoner of war--who SOLD OUT HIS FELLOW PRISONERS. He is now called a war hero.

There are only TWO groups of people according to these High Rollers: Jews (a coined term meaning very little) and Gentiles (everyone who is not a Jew). This means, people, that there is no singular race, religion, creed or color for EITHER GROUPING.

I am not here to speak of religions except in a most impolite manner. Religions are of MAN and they have destroyed more souls than any other one weapon ever taken up AGAINST MANKIND. The most outrageously absurd things are told to you, on faith, which can only deposit you in a death trap. You cannot, for instance, in physical form--sit atop a cloud--nor can you live in the belly of a whale for days without being digested or dying for lack of oxygen--in the physical form. Noah COULD NOT have had two of every animal aboard his boat--for he could only reach out to a very, very limited space and time in his experience. So, the examples are good parables and partial truths for examples, but they are written now to fool you-- the-people all the time if possible.



Great leaders come and, if they listen to me at all--they have no bone to pick with me. GOD DID NOT CREATE INEQUALITY--MAN PRODUCED THAT TO SET HIMSELF ABOVE ANOTHER. I take no note of religious relationships other than to notice them as being unfair, pretentious, bigoted and money-gathering--as expressed. I only SEE and HEAR that which is Spirituality of "A" man or woman and listen to the wisdom of the child--until the adults ruin his precious all-knowing mind. But I do recognize that the worst offenders to the word of God are the FALSE TEACHERS who present as total hypocrites and adorn themselves in robes indicating status when the most believable servant of God unto His people is the most humble and non-pretentious. This too, however, is a way to get past the "guards" and within the circle of hearing. For, you are people of the LIE. When you turn about and become PEOPLE LIVING WITHIN TRUTH--magnificent freedom will be yours.


I don't care what you call ME--No-Name (pronounced Noname) is fine, better, best--for you have no distraction to the Truth you receive. Certainly you don't want to trip around after my typist for she has a load of her own to carry.

One GOD, without intermediaries save truth-bringers, is all you really have, so don't be fooled by the great trappings or temples or those who claim authority and above-and-beyond status. YOU JUST HAVE GOD--AND YOU! EVERYTHING ELSE IS "SOMETHING" ELSE. AND, MOREOVER, YOU HAVE WHAT "IS" AND RARELY WHAT YOU JUST "WISH" IT TO BE. TO BE PERFECTION REQUIRES YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND CREATE A BETTER "IS".

I do not care which man you choose upon which to place your "faith" for, if it is NOT GOD CREATOR--it has no meaning except what YOU give it. And, frightening as it may be to you-- GOD WILL ONLY HAVE THE PLACE IN YOUR LIFE PHYSICAL --THAT YOU GIVE UNTO HIM. GOD IS NOT AN INTRUDER--HE WAITS FOR AN INVITATION. AND YOU WHO CALL HIM TO WIN WARS, EXCEPT TO NEGATE THEM IN PEACE, ARE WAR-MONGERS AND YOU MAY "WIN" BUT YOUR SOUL WILL LOSE THE RACE. YOU CAN BE AMONG THE HUMANOID "humans" or you can be among the HUmans (Higher Universal MAN). Are you going to live in the radiance reflected from the ONE LIGHT OF LIFE or are you going to grovel in the slime of the mud-pots and blood-cups of man's basest self? Only you can choose and, in these times of decision--your choice must be made clearly, for the middle of the roadway or on the fence is no longer a third choice. YOU ARE JUDGED BY YOUR ACTIONS, AND INDECISIONS ARE AS OBVIOUS AS BLOWING UP BUILDINGS OR FALLING ON YOUR KNEES BEFORE SOME ASSUMED HIGHER PERSON OR BEING. GOD DOES NOT WANT YOU ON YOUR KNEES--HE WANTS YOU ON YOUR FEET MOVING TOWARD THE GREATNESS AND PERFECTION YOU WERE CREATED TO BE.

God never leaves you, and if you are wasting time sitting on your backsides or being on your knees--HE MUST BE ON HIS KNEES OR BACKSIDE TRYING TO DRAG YOU AND OTHERS ALONG INTO REALIZATION OF THE TRUTH OF IT. All of us sitting and doing nothing causes God to have to piddle around with us--so let's get on with learning TRUTH and then we will KNOW what to do to repair that which we carelessly have damaged.

We just had a friend of mankind make a very long journey around the globe while even his citizenship within the U.S.A. is threatened--TO FIND TRUTH IN VISITATION. All have no way and could not gain audience as can this man who is willing to lead and share and speak Truth in spite of the threats and assaults, and therefore, when he speaks we must learn to listen and discern for ourselves. We do not set him up as a Messiah in that "saviour" sense of the word definition. We listen to a man who tries to bring Truth and express what he perceives while expecting his audience to have WISDOM in the receiving. And, NO, he is not the only one--but he is "a" one willing to share. Never mind what he wears to show respect to Allah or Aton-- LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS. It is YOUR wisdom that is at stake here--not a speaker's.

I have been sent an article from The Final Call, March 3, 1998 that is worthy of reproduction and distraction because it deals with RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE, and YOU. It needs no further commentary and it matters not what YOU call God.



Minister Louis Farrakhan

Editor's note: The following text is excerpted from a message delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Feb. 22 during the observance of Saviours' Day 1998 in Chicago, IL. The full context of the speech is available on audio and video tape.

[H: OK, listen up for the very first speaking is far more true than any of you want to believe.]




In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

What is Islam? The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us that, Islam is the Sun of law and truth. He said, Islam is everything in the universe--Islam is Freedom, Justice and Equality. He said, Islam is that which was taught by all the prophets of God. Islam is the means by which men and women enter into complete peace with God. Islam dignifies. Islam civilizes. Islam brings man and woman into Perfect Union with God. Islam is access to power. Islam is the basis for building a world that will never see an end.

[H: I hope that you will see meaning in this as "Islam" is a word denoting an ideal, a state of being in CHRIST, if you will. It bears, further, a label of a "religion", but so too does "Christianity". The reality of the expressions are reflected in the individual being as to whether or not you are Islam-ic, Christ-ian, Buddha-ist, Bahai-an, Tao-ist or whatever you chose as your label. So if you believe ONLY in the man "Jesus", be careful--for you will be sold a bill of goods of unworthiness. I keep telling you that "Jesus" was NOT "Christ's" name as you would call it. But I remind you again and again, it matters not what you call a per son for it is the energy, the intent, the Truth of that which is within which blesses or deceives. You can call me Sam or Joe if you wish--for I know the difference, and INTENT WITHIN is the name of God's game.]

If this is Islam, then why haven't I heard of it before? And what does it mean? The word Islam, in terms of language, is a gerund; and a gerund is a verbal noun. Islam is the name of a religious system that demands action on the basis of belief. Islam is peace and contentment of mind. I hope that I have not offended you who say you are a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, Confucionist, Taoist, Believer in Jesus Christ, Moses, David, Solomon, Ibrahim, Ishmael or Muhammad (PBUH). But ISLAM only means COMPLETE SURRENDER TO ACTIVELY DO THE WILL OF GOD.

To my dear family who are Christians, Jesus said, don't be hearers of the word, but be doers of the word. You can't do the word if you are not in obedience to the word. The word contains the Will of God. Moses told Israel that if you will do and obey all the laws, statutes and commandments that I give you this day, these will be your blessings. Simply talking about Jesus or talking about Muhammad (PBUH) or talking about the prophets is not enough. It is only when WE DO THE THINGS THAT BRING PEACE, THAT BRING JUSTICE, THAT BRING RIGHTEOUSNESS, THEN WE ARE IN OBEDIENCE TO THE WILL OF GOD.

Every prophet taught a method and a manner of strengthening the will to obey God. And each prophet that brought a manner or way of devotion, that manner or method became concretized in ritual. The method of believers in Confucius, or the method of worship of the Taoist, or the Bahai, or the Buddhist, of the Hindu, the Jew, the Christian or the Muslim, these methods and ways of devotion are different. But if you look at the method and the manner and extract the truth that is in it, then you will find that all the methods, manners, and rituals were designed to strengthen man and woman in their will that they would begin greater obedience to God.

AMERICA IS AT WAR WITH ISLAM. Sometimes it is covert, sometimes it is overt. But she does not want Islam to survive. In this war I have chosen to be on the side of Obedience to God. This means that my government is at variance with me, and I am at variance with my government. I respect those in authority. This is a great country. But something is wrong here. America started wrong. She killed off the original owner, the Indian, the Native American, and put those who survived on reservations. You brought us (Blacks) here, and you know that you have not treated us right. You made us build the country but we have not enjoyed the best fruit of it. You don't mind us being drug addicts, prostitutes or homosexuals. You don't mind anything that we do in disobedience to God. But if my brothers (Muslim F.O.I.) are out here with a (Final Call) newspaper in their hand that will wake up a sleeping human being, you run them off the street; but the dope peddler is still there peddling. [H: But dope peddlers ARE THE PRODUCT of the Serpent--the TRUTH is his death sentence.]

Inside America and other parts of the world there are a few people who have united to control the economy of the world and dominate the wealth of the world to their advantage and to the detriment of the weak and the poor. At the start of this century, Europeans met to decide how to divide up Africa and its wealth. Today, they are not talking about just dominating Africa; a group has met to take COMPLETE CONTROL AND DOMINANCE OF THE EARTH AND ITS WEALTH.

The Christians sing a song that says, "He's got the whole world in his hands. He's got the whole wide world in his hands. He's got you and me, brother, in his hands. He's got the whole world in his hands." What are you talking about? YOU'RE THINKING IT'S JESUS, BUT IT'S SATAN. SATAN HAS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS. HE'S GOT YOU AND ME, BROTHER, IN HIS HANDS. AND EVERYWHERE I WENT ON THE EARTH, I FOUND SLAVES. RICH SLAVES. POWERFUL SLAVES. HEADS OF STATE AND GOVERNMENT SLAVES.


Today I serve notice on all the leaders, Black and White, Jew and Gentile, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, if you are not going to lead in the Way of God, then you are either going to sit down or you will be sat down. A friend of mine talked to me about a pyramid... and in this highly competitive environment you push away others that are competing against you as you climb to the top of the pyramid. When you get to the top, you look down on those whom you pushed aside, and sometimes you look down on those who helped you to get where you are. When you are on top of the pyramid you can stay on top by kicking others down who are trying to get up, or you can stay on top by helping those at the bottom in their climb.

If you are at the top helping those at the bottom, then you expand the pyramid and you keep growing higher and higher, because when you reach the top of the pyramid there is nothing else for you to climb up on. Then it becomes a spiritual journey. It's a journey from the top of the pyramid to meet with God in the air. The growth and expansion of the pyramid is the only way that those on top can get closer to heaven. And the only way those on top can get closer to heaven is to be a servant of those at the bottom--to be a servant of the poor, the weak and those who don't have what you have to expand the economy to include those that have not the skill to expand it for themselves.

I talked to some powerful people in government--thirteen Heads of State, a few heads of government, prime ministers, foreign ministers, ministers of information, ministers of trade and commerce, deputy foreign ministers, scholars of every type. They all know what is going on, but there is a silence because they are afraid. America frightens them. They fear bombs coming down. They see and fear lightning bolts coming from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury Department. All of these are instruments of America's foreign policy. And these governments hear a loud voice coming out of the American administration saying, "Do what we say or we will kill you and your children!" This is America.

But there is another group in the country that is saying, "No, this is not the way the only remaining superpower should behave." We (the Nation of Islam) are among that group. There are many Christian brothers and sisters in that group. There are many political leaders in that group.

They say that I'm an anti-Semite. I'm not anti-Semitic. I do not hate the Jewish people. But there is a saying that there is good and bad in every race. I agree. White folks want the "good Negroes" to attack the "bad Negroes". And the "bad Negroes" are those that White folk don't like. I guess I'm one of those "bad Negroes". But there is a growing number of White people who are listening to Farrakhan, who see beyond the poison of the media. I want to know: When will the "good Jews" stand up against the "Jews that are not good"? [H: Now readers, THAT is a mouthful in reality.] When will the good Jews point out the bad Jews and say, you are a disgrace and a discredit to your race and to your culture and to your religion? [H: Well, the elusive beast here is that these are neither from a "race", a "culture" OR A RELIGION, except when it serves the purpose of gaining control of wealth. Another question I would answer right here and now: "Is Farrakhan in touch with your people, Sir?" NO, nor should he be. Protection of God's people is dependent on each of us and YOU protecting the brother and sister--no matter who they might be. Louis Farrakhan would NEVER put my scribe in such a position or focus--but do WE know one another? This is a far different question of which the answer, of course, is YES. My name is Aton, and HE KNOWS ME WELL INDEED! That, however, is for another writing, so please let us move on.]

Jews have a very small number of people, but they are the most powerful in the world. They have the power to do good, and they have the power to do evil. There are ten million Jews in the whole world. Five million of them are in the United States. There are fifteen hundred million Muslims, which means that for every Jew there are 150 Muslims. Now what do the Jews do best? They have been the best in finance that the world has ever known. They are a little better than the Chinese. The Chinese come second, but the Jews are best in the world in finance.

What I want to say to you today is that there are a few people of like minds who have taken Africa. (These are called in our lessons the 10 percent.) The Africans and so-called Third World countries want to develop but they don't have the money. So here comes the United States behind the IMF, the World Bank and the Federal Reserve. These financial institutions say they will give these countries billions of dollars, but they make these countries devalue their currency. What is currency and what is current? Current is the flow of electricity from a source to that which receives it. And when that which receives current receives it, it has power to create motion, light, heat and energy. To diminish the current is to diminish the power coming from the source, which means less light, less heat, less energy, less motion.

When the IMF says, devalue your currency, they are literally weakening that nation's ability to provide strongly for itself. Then the IMF says, after you devalue your currency, you must privatize. Privatize means you must sell off the things that government owns as representative of the people so that private companies can buy your gold mines, your uranium, buy even your means of electricity, gas or water so that outsiders now own the means of production of wealth in that country. So the whole country is working for the IMF and the World Bank, and behind the loan is America buying the leadership so that when she needs a vote in the United Nations, they will not speak out, but they will abstain. Africa is enslaved now by debt. You see new roads being built but the price of the new road is that they have given up the gold. They have given up oil concessions.

But what if the Muslim world decided to tie their currencies to gold so that they would not be the victim of a floating currency that can go up and down at somebody's whim. If they tied their currencies to gold as a stable anchor for currency, then they could probably break the back of these world serpents.

Believe it or not, the world serpent, the head of it, is right in America. America is at the top of the pyramid, and whoever can control America will control the world. What is happening to America? Have you noticed there is a dumbing down of the American people? The average American, reading at a fifth-grade level, doesn't like to read, so the American people become slaves to television, slaves to radio, while corporate giants are buying up the television and radio stations. There was a time when you turned on your radio you would get some music but they also had intelligent discussion going on that would raise the level of consciousness of the people. Now all consciousness is taken off the radio. Why? Because the aim is to make you dumb so that you will never be able to challenge the world serpent.

Black and White leadership is in a comfort zone, and they won't challenge those who fight obedience to God and the liberation of the people. So, here we are. Master Fard Muhammad (the Great Mandi) came and He began a nation that is committed to Obedience to God. A nation committed to obedience to God is the only force that will destroy the world serpent. Why do I say this? If the whole nation stops smoking, then cigarette companies will shut down. If the whole nation stops drinking, the liquor stores and distilleries will close. The deaths from drunken driving, the deaths that take place because people lose the faculty of reason, stop. If we stop using drugs, the drug dealers close down. Only obedience to God will close it down.

[H: But how many of you are simply idealistic enough to believe that this will happen unless the entire circumstances are changed first? YES, this COULD work but it WON'T work until people KNOW TRUTH TO THE EXTENT OF KNOWING THE WAY TO GO AND THEIR OWN GOD POWER.]

If you obey God, we can take down a world of unrighteousness and bring in a world of righteousness. If you refuse to engage in filthy and indecent entertainment, and if our women decided to cover themselves, then we can begin to bring the world of the serpent down. If you just learn to love each other, you start bringing the world serpent down. And in our unity, we begin to pool our resources and start to build our world inside their world, so that a rising force will pull down and destroy a falling force.

This world has to come down and righteous world has to replace it.



I take exception to the last statements above for no, you do not have to bring anything DOWN to accomplish your growth UP THROUGH. GOD CREATES and never mind that which is between the effort and the GOAL. If your Goal is perfection in intent--GOD WILL SEE TO IT THAT YOU GET THERE--IF YOU LISTEN AND USE THE TOOLS GOD GIVES YOU FOR THAT SUCCESS. Eventually the serpent will eat himself, tail first, if you simply allow us to prevail.

God will not give "all" the answers to any one person, leader or otherwise, for ALL are God's creations and EACH must have a role, if indeed each will accept it. The obvious point is also that if only ONE has all the parts--then all the adversary has to do is TAKE OUT THE PARTY and it's over. You of God, by whatever sect labels you call yourselves must come into some kind of unity of desire to change before anyone will BOTHER to change. And you must stop challenging your leaders with "do it for us" or "I'm helpless but you are so strong..." and "Let's just see you do it and then maybe I will come along." No thank you, we will not DRAG anyone or anything along. You are given the way, the means of accomplishment, and you have the people if you get rid of their fear and terror. YOU NOW HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ACCOMPLISH THE FALL OF THE SERPENT--SO, WHAT WILL YOU DO? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ARE YOU ANALYZING AND CRITICIZING FARRAKHAN'S ROBES OR DO YOU HEAR HIM? YOU HAD BEST GET THOSE EARS AND EYES TUNED UP FOR YOU AT THE FINAL CALL.

By the way, readers: WHO TOLD YOU GOD WAS WHITE? STUPID ASSUMPTION, ISN'T IT? Salu and Adonai, hAtonn.



THU., MAR. 5, 1998 12:06 P.M. YR. 11, DAY 201

THU., MAR. 5, 1998



"In a world of completely organized territorial sovereignties he (the Jew) has only two possible cities of refuge; he must either pull down the pillars of the whole national state system, or he must create a territorial sovereignty of his own... In Eastern Europe, Bolshevism and Zionism seem to grow side by side... not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy but because no existing Gentile system is ever anything but distasteful to him."

We shall now briefly interrupt the commentary which we have been making on the Protocols to set at rest once and for all certain misstatements which are made for Gentile consumption.

To learn what the Jewish leaders of the United States or any other country think, do not read their addresses to the Gentiles; read their addresses to their own people. On such matters as these-- Whether the Jew regards himself as destined to rule the world; whether he regards himself as belonging to a nation and race distinct from every other nation and race; whether he regards the Gentile world as the legitimate field of his exploitation by a lower moral method than is permissible among his own people; whether he knows and shares the principles of the Protocols--on such matters as these, the only safe guide is to be found in the words which Jewish leaders speak to Jews, not in the words they speak to Gentiles.

The notable Jewish names which appear oftenest in the Press do not represent the spokesmen of Judaism at all, but only a selected few who represent the Department of Propaganda Among the Gentiles. Sometimes that propaganda is in the form of donations for Christian charitable organizations; sometimes it is in the form of "liberal" opinion on religious, social and political questions. In whatever form it comes, you may depend upon it that the real activities of the Jewish hierarchy proceed under cover of that which the Gentile is invited to observe and approve.

The statements offered in this series are never made without the strictest and fullest proof, confirmation and corroboration in the utterances of Jewish leaders. This is one of the strange features of the multitude of Jewish attacks on this series. They are attacking what they themselves stand for, and their only reason for the attack must be their belief that this investigation has not been able to penetrate through to that which has been kept hidden from the world.

The most persistent denials have been offered to the statement that Bolshevism everywhere, in Russia or the United States, is Jewish. In these denials we have perhaps one of the most brazen examples of the double intent referred to above. The denial of the Jewish character of Bolshevism is made to the Gentile; but in the confidence and secrecy of Jewish communication, or buried in the Yiddish dialect, or obscurely hidden in the Jewish national press, we find the proud assertion made-- to their own people!--that Bolshevism is Jewish.

Jewish propaganda has only two straws to grasp in the terrible tale of murder, immorality, robbery, enforced starvation and hideous humanism which make the present Russian situation im- possible to describe and all but impossible to comprehend.

One of these straws is that Kerensky, the man who eased in the opening wedge of Bolshevism, is not a Jew. Indeed, one of the strongest indications that Bolshevism is Jewish is that the Jewish press emphasizes so fiercely the alleged Gentilism of at least two of the revolutionary notables. It may be cruel to deny them two among hundreds, but merely saying so cannot change Kerensky's nationality. His name is Adler. His father was a Jew and his mother a Jewess. Adler, the father, died, and the mother married a Russian named Kerensky, whose name the young child took. Among the radicals who employed him as a lawyer, among the forces that put him forward to drive the first nail into Russia's cross, among the soldiers who fought with him, his Jewish descent and character have never been doubted.

"Well, but there is Lenin," our Jewish publicists say--"Lenin, the head of it all, the brains of it all, and Lenin is a Gentile! We've got you there--Lenin is a Gentile!"

Perhaps he is, but why do his children speak Yiddish? Why are his proclamations put forth in Yiddish? Why did he abolish the Christian Sunday and establish by law the Jewish Saturday Sabbath?

The explanation of all this may be that he married a Jewess. The fact is that he did. But another explanation may be that he himself is a Jew. Certainly he is not the Russian nobleman he has always claimed to be. The statements he has made about his identity thus far have been lies. The claim that he is a Gentile may be unfounded too.

No one has ever doubted Trotsky's nationality--he is a Jew. His name is Braunstein. Recently the Gentiles were told that Trotsky had said he wasn't much of anything--in religion. That may be. But still he must be something--else why are the Russian Christian churches turned into stables, slaughter houses and dancing halls, while the Jewish synagogues remain untouched? And why are Christian priests and ministers made to work on the roads, while Jewish rabbis are left their clerical privileges? Trotsky may not be much of anything in religion, but he is a Jew nevertheless. This is not mere Gentile insistence that he shall be considered a Jew whether or no; it is straight Jewish teaching that he is, and is considered by all Jewish authorities to be, a Jew.

An apology must be made here for repeating well-known facts. Yet, so many people are not even now aware of the true meaning of Bolshevism, at the risk of monotony, we shall cite a few of the salient facts. The purpose, however, is not alone to explain Russia, but to throw a warning light on conditions in the United States.

The Bolshevik Government, as it stood late this summer when the latest report was smuggled through to certain authorities, shows up the Jewish domination of the whole affair. It has changed very slightly since the beginning. We give only a few items to indicate the proportion. It must not be supposed that the non-Jewish members of the government are Russian.

Very few Russians have anything to say about their own country these days. The so-called "Dictatorship of the Proletariat", in which the proletariat has nothing whatever to say, is Russian only in the sense that it is set up in Russia; it is not Russian in that it springs from or includes the Russian people. It is the international program of the Protocols, which might be "put over" by a minority in any country, and which is being given a dress-rehearsal in Russia.

It is not the economic experiment, so-called, that one objects to in Russia; it is not the fallacies, the sad delusion of the people. No. It is the downright, dirty immorality, the brutish nastiness of it all; and the line which the immorality and nastiness draws between Jew and Gentile. The horrible cruelty involved we will not deal with, leaving it merely with the explanation which has found utterance in the Jewish press that "it may be that the Jew in Russia is taking an unconscious revenge for his centuries of suffering."

"But," asks some reader, "how may we know that all this is true?"

Bearing in mind that we are speaking of Russia, not for the interest of the Russian situation at all, but to indicate the international character of those who are responsible for conditions there, and to identify them for the protection of the United States, we shall look at the evidence.

There is, of course, the evidence brought to light by our own United States Senate and printed in a Report of the Committee on the Judiciary. We do not wish to spend much time on this, because we prefer in these articles to use Jewish testimony instead of Gentile. But we shall pause long enough to show the nature of the testimony brought out by our own government.

Dr. George A. Simons, a clergyman in charge of an American congregation in Petrograd at the time the Bolshevik terror broke out, was a witness. Parts of his testimony are given here:

"There are hundreds of agitators who followed in the trail of Trotsky-Bronstein, these men having come over from the lower East Side of New York... A number of us were impressed by the strange Yiddish element in this thing right from the start, and it soon became evident that more than half the agitators in the so-called Bolshevik movement were Yiddish.'

"Senator Nelson--'Hebrews?'

"Dr. Simons--'They were Hebrews, apostate Jews. I do not want to say anything against the Jews, as such. I am not in sympathy with the anti-Semite movement, never have been, and do not ever expect to be... But I have a firm conviction that this thing is Yiddish, and that one of its bases is found in the East Side of New York.'

"Senator Nelson--'Trotsky came over from New York during that summer, did he not?'

"Dr. Simons--'He did.'

"Later Dr. Simons said: 'In December, 1918...out of 388 members, only 16 happened to be real Russians, and all the rest Jews, with the exception possibly of one man, who is a Negro from America, who calls himself Professor Gordon...and 265 of this northern commune government that is sitting in the Old Smolny Institute came from the lower East Side of New York--265 of them.

"'I might mention this, that when the Bolsheviki came into power, all over Petrograd we at once had a predominance of Yiddish proclamations, big posters, and every- thing in Yiddish. It became very evident that now that was to be one of the great languages of Russia; and the real Russians, of course, did not take very kindly to it."'

[H: Please recall from prior JEWISH writings that Yiddish is NOT Hebrew. Yiddish is a language created for the self-styled parties who came to call themselves Jews and to suit the needs of the TALMUD AND BE UTILIZED IN THE PROTOCOLS. It is much like using a code as in World War II when Native language was used and could not be deciphered. How much to you think, as a Russian, you might understand of Lakota Sioux? By using the Talmud and Yiddish--everyone, including the Hebrew-speaking Jews, could be fooled until it was too late to change horses.]

William Chapin Huntington, who was commercial attache of the United States Embassy at Petrograd, testified:

"In Russia it is well known that three-fourths of the Bolshevik leaders are Jewish... There were some--not many, but there were some--real Russians; and what I mean by real Russians is Russian-born, and not Russian Jews."

Roger E. Simmons, Trade Commissioner connected with the United States Department of Commerce, also testified. An important anonymous witness, whom the committee permitted to withhold his name, told the same things.

The British White Book, Russia, No. 1--"a Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia, presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty, April, 1919," contains masses of the same testimony from many sources, all of them eyewitnesses.

In that very highly respected magazine Asia for February-March 1920, is an article which contains, among other important ones, these statements: (the italics are ours)

"In all the Bolshevist institutions the heads are Jews. The Assistant Commissar for Elementary Education, Grunberg, can hardly speak Russian. The Jews are successful in everything and obtain their ends. They know how to command and get complete submission. But they are proud and contemptuous toward everyone, which strongly excites the people against them... At the present time there is a great national religious fervor among the Jews. They see in the spread of revolution the fulfilling of the Scriptures: 'Though I make an end of all the nations, whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make an end of thee."

Now, if Gentile proof were wanted, the files of The Dearborn Independent for a whole year would not begin to contain it. But Jewish proof is better.

There has been a strange vacillation in Jewish opinion concerning Bolshevism. At first it was hailed with delight. There was no concealment whatever in the early days of the new regime as to the part which Jewry had in it. Public meetings, interviews, special articles poured forth in which very valuable elements of truth were mingled. There was no attempt at concealment of names.

Then the horror of the thing began to take hold upon the world, and for just a breathing space Jewish opinion fell silent. There was a spasmodic denial or two. Then a new burst of glorification. The glorification continues within Judaism itself, but it now carries on the Gentile side of its face a very sad expression labeled "persecution".

We have lived to see the day when to denounce Bolshevism is to "persecute the Jews".

In the American Hebrew, for September 10, 1920, an article appears which not only acknowledges and explains the part which the Jew plays in the present unrest and upheaval, but justifies it--and justifies it, curiously enough, by The Sermon on the Mount.

The writer says that "the Jew evolved organized capitalism with its working instrumentality, the banking system."

This is very refreshing, in view of the numerous Jewish denials of the economic fact.

"One of the impressive phenomena of the impressive time is the revolt of the Jew against the Frankenstein which his own mind conceived and his own hand fashioned..." If this is true, why is Jewish "organized capital with its working instrumentality, the banking system" supporting the revolt?

"That achievement (referring to the Russian overthrow), destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of the World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct."

"This rapid emergence of the Russian revolution from the destructive phase and its entrance into the constructive phase is a conspicuous expression of the constructive genius of Jewish discontent."

(This, of course, requires proof that the constructive phase has appeared. The implication here is sheer propaganda. The Protocols, however, have a reconstructive program. We have not reached it as yet in this series of articles, but it is clearly outlined in the Protocols--DESTROY GENTILE SOCIETY, and then reconstruct IT ACCORDING TO "OUR" PLANS). [H: And keep in mind: There are two kinds of people by Jewish demand: JEWS AND GENTILES--period!]

Now read carefully:

"What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart ARE TENDING TO PROMOTE IN OTHER COUNTRIES."

Trsf yjy shsom/ Ejsy zkreodj ofrs;od, smf zkreodj fodvpmyrmy/// [H: We are stopped here because the worst has happened--fingers on the wrong keys and sometimes I think it is suitable to laugh at self and then move on. Sometimes we have almost a full page of this "alien" writing, and like all things mysterious, it is not mystical, and once discovered is no longer a mystery. So, to try again please.]

Read that again. "What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia!" Just what was that? And just how did it "powerfully contribute"? And why are "Jewish idealism" and "Jewish discontent" always linked together? If you read the Protocols it is all very clear. Jewish idealism is the destruction of Gentile society and the erection of Jewish society. Was it not so in Russia?--Yiddish proclamations on the walls, the ancient Hebrew in the schools, Saturday substituted for Sunday, and the rabbis respected while the priests were put to work on the roads! All "powerfully contributed" to by murder, rapine, theft and starvation.

Our author is more candid than he realizes. He calls this linked idealism and discontent "the historic qualities of the Jewish mind". The Dearborn Independent is indebted to him for this clear confirmation of what it has been saying for some time.

But even that is not all. "These same historic qualities of the Jewish mind" which "contributed so powerfully to accomplish in Russia" the Red Terror still existing there, are declared by this author to be tending to promote the same sort of thing in other countries. He says so in so many words--"tending to promote in other countries".

But we knew that. The only difference is that when Gentiles said it, they were overwhelmed with the wildest abuse; but now a pro-Jewish writer says it in a leading Jewish publication. And he says it apologetically--listen to him:

"It was natural that...discontent in other parts of the world should find expression in overemphasis of issues and overstatement of aims."

What discontent? Jewish discontent, of course. Discontent with what? With any form of Gentile rule. And how did it find expression? "In overemphasis of issues and overstatement of aims." What were these issues and aims? To bring the Bolshevik revolution to the United States.

No, they did not overstate their aims; they exactly stated them--they simply selected the wrong country, that's all. [H: Sorry, but so far it is certainly THE very country!]

There are Russian Bolshevists in this country now, hawking about the streets of New York the gold cigaret cases which they stole from Russian families, and the family jewels, the wedding and birthday rings, which they filched from Russian women. Bolshevism never got further than the pawnshop and burglar's "fence" idea. The proof of this traffic in stolen property is going to drive some people into hiding before long. It will be a long, long time before America will be taking orders in Yiddish, or American women will be giving up their jewels to "the chosen race". [H: Yes, it might have even taken another 78 years, but it has all but come to pass.]

However, that happens to be only the most recent acknowledgement that has come to hand. It is significant for its confession that "Jewish discontent" was "tending to promote" in "other countries" what it has "so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia".

And with such a link between the American Hebrew, Russian Bolshevism and the Protocols, there are still Jewish publicists with the crust to say that only crazy people could see the connection. Only blind people will not see it. But that is only a minor connection. This series of articles does not rest on anything so accidental as the Jewish New Year's apology for Bolshevism in the great Hebrew weekly of the United States.

Issue of September 25, 1920


Well, now I really am in trouble. It seems there were two chapters left in the book and we had miscounted. We have a choice, however, of doing it now or doing it in the night and I think intelligence will prevail. I believe, however, that we need a new file reference.

Stop the long faces, readers. Rejoice at finding Truth for there is no longer fear in KNOWING; it is the ignorance that becomes problematic.

I am asked by those who think themselves to be Jewish: "What in the world do we call ourselves?" HUmans and Americans, or Italians or Greek or Russian or whatever you choose. If you are not THIS KIND OF JEW--then for goodness sakes call yourself a Gentile. What's the big deal? A name doesn't do a thing. Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you--unless YOU LET THEM. Readers, FACTS ARE FACTS AND ALL THE WISHING IN THE WORLD WILL NOT CHANGE A BREATH OF IT.

The facts are that the world has been handed a "bill of goods"--you have been "had". So what? Are you going to just wallow and cower in the holes allowed to you? Get up off your assets and stop the nonsense.

Thank you, Salu.



THU., MAR. 5, 1998 2:09 P.M. YR. 11, DAY 201

THU., MAR. 5, 1998

FROM: THE INTERNATIONAL JEW--The World's Foremost Problem.

Vol. I: Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles appearing in The Dearborn Independent from May 2 to October 2, 1920.

Published by: THE DEARBORN PUBLISHING CO. Dearborn, Michigan, Nov. 1920.

Republished May, 1976 by:

Liberty Bell Publications, Reedy, West Virginia 25270.



"Out of the economic chaos, the discontent of the Jew evolved organized capital with its working instrumentality, the banking system....

"One of the impressive phenomena of the impressive time is the revolt of the Jew against the Frankenstein which his own mind conceived and his own hand fashioned....

"That achievement (Russian Bolshevik revolution-Ed.), destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of the World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct....

"What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries....

"Shall America, like the Russia of the Czars, overwhelm the Jew with the bitter and baseless reproach of being a destroyer, and thus put him in the position of an irreconcilable enemy?

"Or shall America avail itself of Jewish genius as it avails itself of the peculiar genius of every other race?

"That is the question for the American people to answer."

From an article in THE AMERICAN HEBREW,

Sept. 10, 1920

The American people will answer that question, and their answer will be against the disruptive genius of dissatisfied Jews.

It is very well known that "what Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia" is also being attempted in the United States. Why did not the writer in the American Hebrew say the United States, instead of saying "the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart and tending to promote in other countries."

"Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent" are not directed against capital. Capital is enlisted in their service. The only governmental order the Jewish effort is directed against is Gentile governmental order; and the only "capital" it attacks is Gentile capital.

Lord Eustace Percy who, if one may judge by the full and appreciative quotations of his words in the Jewish press, has the sanction of thinkers among the Jews, settles the first point. Discussing the Jewish tendency to revolutionary movements he says:

"In Eastern Europe Bolshevism and Zionism often seem to grow side by side, just as Jewish influence molded Republican and Socialist thought throughout the nineteenth century down to the Young Turk revolution in Constantinople hardly more than a decade ago--not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy, but because no existing Gentile system of government is ever anything but distasteful to him."

And that analysis is absolutely true. In Russia, the excuse was the Czar; in Germany, the Kaiser; in England it is the Irish question; in the numerous South American revolutions, where the Jews always had a ruling hand, no particular reason was thought necessary to be given; in the United States it is "the capitalistic class"; but always and everywhere it is, by the confession of their own spokesman, a distaste for any form whatsoever of Gentile government. The Jew believes that the world is his by right; he wants to collect his own, and the speediest way of doing so is the destruction of order by revolution--a destruction which is made possible by a long and clever campaign of loose and destructive ideas.

As to the second point, every reader can verify the fact from his own experience. Let him recall to his mind the capitalists who have been held up to public scorn in the Jew-controlled press of the United States--and whom does he find them to be? Whose forms have you seen caricatured with the dollar-mark in Hearst's papers? Are they Seligman, Kahn, Warburg, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, or any of the others? No. These are Jewish bankers. The attack is NEVER made on them. The names made most familiar to you by newspaper denunciation are the names of Gentile industrial and banking leaders [H: Of which you have no more.]--and Gentile leaders only--the principal ones being Morgan and Rockefeller. [H: I find this most amusing for these are among THE biggest and most recognized "Jews", "Zionists", "Banksters" of this day. Therefore, here you have proof that "Jew" has no race, a nasty creed, no religion, really, and certainly no COLOR LIMITATIONS. OR, COULD IT BE WE ARE SEEING SOME OTHER FACTIONS OF THIS NEW WORLD ORDER FINALLY PRESENTING ITSELF? With this intent of ownership, wealth, controlled manipulations (and oh yes they have--ask Nikola Tesla about J.P. Morgan, et al.) they cannot fall into the classification of Gentiles by pure definition. Therefore, if there is only ONE OTHER CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO THE JEWS-- THEY HAVE TO BE JEWS. No? Well, you WERE right--but the originals of these people ceased to exist so that you are now dealing with tools of these Elite hounds of hell.]

It is a well-known fact that during the French Commune when men of wealth suffered severe losses in property, the Jewish Rothschilds were not injured to the extent of one pennysworth. It is also a well-known fact, capable of proof satisfactory to any ordinary mind, that the connections between Jewish financiers and the more dangerous revolutionary elements here in the United States are such that it is most unlikely that the former stand to lose anything in any event. Under cover of the disorder in Russia at the present time, Jewish financiers are taking advantage of the stress of the people to gain control of all the strategic natural resources and municipal property, by methods which they fully expect to be legalized by Jewish courts when the present "Bolshevik regime" announces that it will give way to a "modified communism". The world hasn't seen the end of Bolshevism yet. Like the World War, Bolshevism cannot be interpreted until it is seen who profits most by it, and the profiteering is in full sway now. The enemy is Gentile capital. Not any other. And "all the wealth of the world in our hands" is the unspoken slogan of every Jewish outbreak in the world today.

The quotation at the head of this article represents the position which the Jews are now ready to take with reference to the Russian Revolution. They have always been charged with responsibility for what has occurred in that unhappy country, but at first their spokesmen denied it. The denials were most indignant, and were usually accompanied by the typical plaint that the charge was "persecution". But the facts have been so overwhelming, and the government investigations have been so revealing, that denials have been abandoned.

For a while an attempt was made to distract attention from Russia by a tremendously powerful propaganda concerning the Jews in Poland. There are many indications that the Polish propaganda was undertaken as a "cover" for the immense immigration of Jews into the United States. It may be that some of our readers do not know it, but an endless stream of the most undesirable immigrants pours daily into the United States, tens of thousands of the same people whose presence has been the problem and menace of the governments of Europe. [H: And TODAY, on pretext of fear of Iraq--thousands and thousands are being brought directly into the United States without need of even passports. Fair? Doesn't appear to be fair to me. But then, citizens, it is your country and you don't seem to object, while at the same time, you are sending mothers back to Mexico without their natural U.S. babies. You have lost sense of JUSTICE and the courts have long ago come under the control of Talmudic LAW.]

Well, the Polish propaganda and the immigration movement are sailing along smoothly, and the United Sates Government is assured by the Jewish ring at Washington that everything is quiet along the Potomac (it is quiet there, quiet as the Jewish ring could wish), but still the Russian fact persists in calling for explanation.

And here is the explanation: The Jews created capitalism, we are told. But capitalism has proved itself ill-behaved. So now, the Jewish creators are going to destroy their creation. They have done so in Russia. And now, will the American people be good and let their Jewish benefactors do the same in America?

That is the new explanation, and, typically Jewish again, it is coupled with a proposal for the United States--and a threat! If America refuses this particular service of the Jew, we "put him in the position of an irreconcilable enemy". See quotation at the head of this article.

But the Jews have not destroyed capitalism in Russia. When Lenin and Trotsky make their farewell bow and retire under the protective influence of the Jewish capitalists of the world, it will be seen that only Gentile or Russian capital has been destroyed, and that Jewish capital has been enthroned.

What is the record? Documents printed by the United States Government contain this letter: Please note the date, the Jewish banker and the Jewish names:

"Stockholm, Sept. 21, 1917.

"To Mr. Raphael Scholan:

"Dear Comrade:--The banking house, M. Warburg, opened an account for the enterprise of Comrade Trotsky upon receipt of a telegram from the Chairman of the 'Rhein-Westphalian Syndicate'. A lawyer, probably Mr. Kestroff, obtained ammunition and organized the transportation of same, together with that of the money...to whom the sum demanded by Comrade Trotsky is to be handed.

"Fraternal Greetings!


Long before that an American Jewish financier was supplying the funds which carried revolutionary propaganda to thousands of Russian prisoners of war in Japanese camps.

It is sometimes said, by way of explaining the Bolshevik movement, that it was financed from Germany, a fact which was seized upon to supply war propaganda. It is true that part of the money came from the United States. It is the whole truth that Jewish finance in all the countries was interested in Bolshevism as an All-Jewish investment. For the whole period of the war, the Jewish World Program was cloaked under this or that national name--the blame being laid on the Germans by the Allies, and on the Allies by the Germans, and the people kept in ignorance of who the real personages were.

It was stated by a French official that two millions of money was contributed by one Jewish banker alone. [H: People, back then can you imagine how much was $2million?]

When Trotsky left the United States to fulfill his appointed task, he was released from arrest at Halifax upon the request of the United States, and everyone knows who constituted the War Government of the United States.

The conclusion, when all the facts are considered, is irresistible, that the Bolshevik revolution was a carefully groomed investment on the part of International Jewish Finance.

It is easy to understand, then, why the same forces would like to introduce it to the United States. The real struggle in this country is not between labor and capital; the real struggle is between Jewish capital and Gentile capital, with the I.W.W. leaders, the Socialist leaders, the Red leaders and the labor leaders almost a unit on the side of the Jewish capitalists.

Again recall which financiers these men most attack. You cannot recall a single Jewish name.

The main purpose in these two articles, however, is to introduce the Jewish testimony which exists as to the Jewish nature of Bolshevism.

"There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism."

In the same paper, of 1920, is a report of an address made by Israel Zangwill, a noted Jewish writer, in which he pronounced glowing praise on "the race which has produced a Beaconsfield, a Reading, a Montague, a Klotz, a Kurt Eisner, a Trotsky". Mr. Zangwill, in his swelling Semitic enthusiasm, embraced the Jews in the British Government in the same category with the Jews of the Hungarian and Russian Bolshevik governments. What is the difference? They are all Jewish, and all of equal honor and usefulness to "the race".

Rabbi J. S. Magnes, in an address at New York in 1919, is reported to have said:

"When the Jew gives his thought, his devotion, to the cause of the workers and of the dispossessed, of the disinherited of the world, the radical quality within him goes to the roots of things, and in Germany he becomes a Marx and a Lassalle, a Haas and an Edward Bernstein; in Austria he becomes a Victor Adler and a Friedrich Adler; in Russia, a Trotsky. Just take for a moment the present situation in Russia and in Germany. The revolution set creative forces free, and see what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service. Socialist Revolutionaries and Mensheviki, and Bolsheviki, Majority and Minority Socialists--whatever they be called--Jews are to be found among the trusted leaders and the routine workers of all these revolutionary parties."

"See," says the rabbi, "what a large company of Jews are available for immediate service." One ought to see where he points. There are as many Jewish members of revolutionary societies in the United States as there were in Russia; and here, as there, they are "available for immediate service".

Bernard Lazare, a Jewish writer who has published a work on anti-Semitism, says:

"The Jew, therefore, does take a part in revolutions, and he participates in them in so far as he is a Jew, or more correctly, in so far as he remains a Jew."

He says also: "The Jewish spirit is essentially a revolutionary spirit, and consciously or otherwise, the Jew is a revolutionist."

There is hardly any country in the world, except the United States where denials of this could be made in such a way as to require proof. In every other country the fact is known. Here we have been under such a fear of mentioning the word "Jew" or anything pertaining to it, that the commonest facts have been kept from us--the facts which even a superficial knowledge of Jewish writing would have given us. It was almost a pathetic spectacle to see American audiences go to lectures about the Russian situation, and come away from the hall confused and perplexed because the Russian situation is so un-Russian, all because no lecturer thought it polite to mention "Jew" in the United States, for, as some day we shall see the Jew has contrived to gain control of the platform too.

Not only do the literary lights of Jewry acknowledge the Jew's propensity to revolution generally, and his responsibility for the Russian situation particularly, but the lower lights also have a very clear idea about it. The Jew in the midst of the revolution is conscious that somehow he is advancing the cause of Israel. He may be a "bad Jew" in the synagogue sense, but he is enough of a Jew to be willing to do anything that would advance the prestige of Israel. Race is stronger than religion in Jewry.

The Russian paper, On to Moscow, in September, 1919, said:

"It should not be forgotten that the Jewish people, who for centuries were oppressed by kings and czars, are the real proletariat, the real Internationale, which has no country."

Mr. Cohan, in the newspaper, Communist, in April, 1919, said:

"Without exaggeration, it may be said that the great Russian social revolution was indeed accomplished by the hands of the Jews. Would the dark, oppressed masses of the Russian workmen and peasants have been able to throw off the yoke of the bourgeoisie by themselves? No, it was precisely the Jews who led the Russian proletariat to the dawn of the Internationale and not only have led, but are also now leading the Soviet cause which remains in their safe hands. We may be quiet as long as the chief command of the Red Army is in the hands of Comrade Leon Trotsky. It is true that there are no Jews in the ranks of the Red Army as far as privates are concerned, but in the committees and Soviet organizations, as commissars, the Jews are gallantly leading the masses of the Russian proletariat to victory. It is not without reason that during the elections to all Soviet institutions the Jews are winning by an overwhelming majority... The symbol of Jewry, which for centuries has struggled against capitalism, has become also the symbol of the Russian proletariat, which can be seen even in the adoption of the five-pointed star, which in former times, as it is well known, was the symbol of Zionism and Jewry. With this sign comes victory, with this sign comes the death of the parasites of the bourgeoisie... Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood."

This confession, or rather boast, is remarkable for its completeness.

The Jews, says Mr. Cohan, are in control of the Russian masses--the Russian masses who have never risen at all, who only know that a minority, like the czar's minority, is in control at the seat of government.

The Jews are not in the Red Army, Mr. Cohan informs us, that is, in the ranks where the actual fighting is done; and this is strictly in line with the Protocols. The strategy of the World Program is to set Gentiles to kill Gentiles. This was the Jewish boast during the various French social disasters, that so many Frenchmen had been set killing each other.

In the World War just passed, there were as many Gentiles killed by Gentiles as there are Jews in the world. [H: Go back and read it AGAIN.] It was a great victory for Israel. "Jewish tears will come out in sweat of drops of blood."

But the Jews are in the places of control and safety, says Mr. Cohan, and he is absolutely right about it. The wonder is that he was so honest as to say it.

As to the elections, so-called, at which the Jews are so unanimously chosen, the literature of Bolshevism is very explicit. Those who voted against the Jewish candidates were adjudged "enemies of the revolution" and executed. It did not require many executions at the voting place to make all the elections unanimous.

Mr. Cohan is especially instructive on the significance of the Red Star, the five-pointed emblem of Bolshevism. [H: The most impressive and expressive symbol of Satan that exists in your world. I wonder how many of you Californians note there is NOW A RED STAR IN THE WHITE FIELD OF YOUR STATE FLAG. SUBTLE, AREN'T THEY?]

The Star of David, the Jewish national emblem, is a six-pointed star, formed by two triangles, one standing on its base, the other on its apex. Deprived of their base lines, these triangles approximate the familiar Masonic emblem of the Square and Compass. It is this Star of David of which a Jewish observer in Palestine remarks that there are so few among the graves of the British soldiers who won Palestine in the recent war; most of the signs are the familiar wooden Cross. These Crosses are now reported to be objectionable to the new rulers of Palestine, because they are so plainly in view of the visitor who approaches the new Jewish university. As in Soviet Russia, so in Palestine, not many Jews laid down their lives for the cause: There were plenty of Gentiles for that purpose.

[H: I would tell you a little tale about this very small town of Tehachapi. Over the non- Catholic cemetery here someone laid out a cross on the hillside. It contained flowers and somehow denoted the area as a cemetery. Along came the Jews and objected. They not only objected, but by law the township was required to remove the symbol. So, now there is the bottom of the Cross with no top--just a "T" for, I suppose, Tehachapi. There was a flap over that too as being outrageous in snickering compliance--but there it is, with only stones and no flowers. My, my aren't we cute? Do you REALLY think the dead people care about the flower beds? Well, I guess most of them are complaining about the hot-feet.]

As the Jew is a past master in the art of symbolism, it may not be without significance that the Bolshevik Star has one point less than the Star of David. For there is still one point to be fulfilled in the World Program as outlined in the Protocols--and that is the enthronement of "our leader". When he comes, the World Autocrat for whom the whole program is framed, the sixth point may be added. [H: I doubt it because the red pentagram is the symbol of Lucifer and that is who is set to be enthroned. And who, good readers, also goes by the name of Satan.]

The Five Points of the Star now apparently assured are the Purse, the Press, the Peerage, Palestine and Proletarianism. The sixth point will be the PRINCE OF ISRAEL.

It is very hard to say, it is hard to believe, but Mr. Cohan has said it, and revolutions especially since the French Revolution confirm it, that "with this sign comes the death of the parasites of the bourgeoisie... Jewish tears will come out of them in sweat of drops of blood." The "bourgeoisie", as the Protocols say, are always Gentile. [H: Ah, but the Global Parasites are Jews, not bourgeoisie Gentiles. Yep, the old hot-feet symbol may well be that which the blood-suckers feel after they start this next war against GOD. Remember: GOD TOO HAS A PLAN 2000 AND HE ALWAYS WINS!]

The common counter argument to the invincible fact of the Jewish character of the Russian revolution--an argument which is destined to disappear now that Jewish acknowledgement is coming thick and fast--is that the Jews in Russia suffer too. "How can we favor a movement which makes our own people suffer?" is the argument put up to the Gentile.

Well, the fact is this: They ARE favoring that movement. Today, this very moment, the Bolshevik Government is receiving money from Jewish financiers in Europe, and if in Europe, then of course from the International Jewish bankers in America also. That is one fact.

Another fact is this: The Jews of Russia are not suffering to anywhere near the extent we are told by the propagandists. It is now a fact admitted by Jews themselves that upon the first sweep of the Bolshevists across Poland, the Polish Jews were friendly with the invaders and helped them. The fact was explained by American Jews in this manner: Since Bolshevism came to Russia, the condition of the Jews there has greatly improved--therefore the Polish Jews were friendly. And it is true--the condition of Russian Jews is good.

One reason is: they have Russia. Everything there belongs to them.

The other reason is: the Jews of Russia are the only ones receiving help there today.

Did the second statement ever strike you as significant? Only the Jews of Russia have food and money sent to them. It is one form, of course, of the support which the Jewish world is giving Bolshevism. But if the suffering among the Jews is what the propagandists say it is, what must it be among the Russians? Yet no one is sending food or money to them. The probable truth of the whole situation is that Jewish Bolshevism is laying a tax on the world. Any time it may be required, there is plenty of evidence as to the good condition of the Jews in Russia. They have all there is.

Another source of confusion is revealed in the question: "How can Jewish capitalists support Bolshevism when Bolshevism is against capitalism?"

Bolshevism, as before stated, is only against Gentile capitalism. Jewish financiers who remained in Russia are very useful to the Bolsheviki. Read this description by an eyewitness: "A Jew is this Commissary of the Bank, very elegant, with a cravat of the latest style, and a fancy waistcoat. A Jew is this District Commissary, former stockbroker, with a double bourgeois chin. Again a Jew, this inspector of taxes; he understands perfectly how to squeeze the bourgeoisie."

These agents of Jewry are still there. Other agents are among the Russians who fled, getting their lands away from them on mortgage loans. When the curtain lifts, most of the choice real estate will be found to have passed into Jewish control by perfectly "legal" means.

That is one answer to the question, Why the Jewish capitalists support Bolshevism. The Red Revolution is the greatest speculative event of human history. Besides, it is for the exaltation of Israel; it is a colossal revenge, which the Jews always take where they can, for wrongs real or imaginary.

Jewish capitalism knows exactly what it is doing. What are its gains?

1. It has taken a whole rich country, without the cost of war.

2. It has demonstrated the necessity of gold. Jewish power rests on the fiction that gold is wealth. By the premeditated clumsiness of the Bolshevik monetary system, the unthinking world has been made to believe still more strongly that gold is necessary, and this belief gives Jewish capitalism another hold on the Gentile world. If the Bolshevists had been honest, they could have dealt Jewish capitalism its death blow. No! Gold is still on its throne. Destroy the fiction that gold has value, and you leave the Jewish International Financiers sitting forlorn on heaps of useless metal.

3. It has demonstrated its power to the world. Protocol Seven says: "To demonstrate our enslavement of the Gentile governments of Europe, we will show our power to one of them by crimes of violence, that is, a reign of terror." Has Europe been sufficiently "shown"? Europe has, and is afraid! That is a great gain for Jewish capitalists.

4. Not the least of the gains is the field practice in the art of revolution which Russia has offered. Students in that Red school are coming back to the United States. The technique of revolution has been reduced to a science according to the details laid down in the Protocols. To use Rabbi Magnes' words again: "See what a large company of Jews was available for immediate service." The available company is now much larger.

Issue of October 2, 1920


Please don't lose sight of the fact that this was written in 1920, only a couple of years after the Russian Revolution STARTED. I also want you Americans to remember what LENIN said about the U.S.: "We will take them without firing a shot." AND, "They will sell or give us the rope with which we hang them."

Before we close down for the day I want to remind you of the myriads of lessons we have had on terminology, words, meanings, confusion, shifting and IMPLICITNESS.

The way the JEW works is to take a good word, and for his own purposes, change its meaning--180 degrees if necessary--causing it to have a directly opposite meaning to that which "was". When a word like Bolshevism is outdated, it became Communism, and when Communism no longer served, it became Democracy. Nothing along the way changed except to get more and more enslaving to the Gentiles while the Elite have gotten richer, richer, and richer and the society collapsed into a heap of poverty and rich. The rich make no bones in Russia that their biggest service industry is Bodyguard, right after "call girl". Well, "call companion".

And the rest of the world of Gentiles of every race, creed, color and human form--IS TERRIFIED. You noted that the Middle East countries of the Arab Nations, as expressed by Rev. Louis--is that they are filled with FEAR from the Great Satan, America.

Well, we shall see, won't we? We certainly will see!

Adonai, hAtonn.

This closes out Vol. I without fanfare, so we will move right on to Vol II with even less fanfare. Thank you.



FRI., MAR. 6, 1998 7:22 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 202

FRI., MAR. 6, 1998


As Commander Hatonn notes below, the story is copyrighted, so we don't want to wander into a calculated trap by presenting their entire outlay. However, you judge for yourselves from what is presented. Shall we take this event as another compliment for our wake-up efforts or what? Always there will be clues!

--Dr. Edwin M. Young

Editor-In-Chief of CONTACT

I can cover about three OBVIOUS observations in this one paragraph: Parasitic whiners, Henry Ford, and controlled-media networks. However, the point I wish to make here is not the three topics but CENSORSHIP.


Copyrights should and must be used ONLY for fiction. Truth cannot be copyrighted; therefore, the moment I see a copyright on something like the following topic, I KNOW, and you can KNOW, it is a fabrication and will end up with the publisher trying to sue the daylights out of somebody.

This is the same type of "stuff" as was the FICTION material in SCHINDLER'S LIST which is now shown as DOCUMENTARY MATERIAL in public schools as mandatory watching. Mr. Spielberg announced right off at the beginning that the story idea "was taken from..." but was a FANTASY and nothing more than a "motion picture" based "somewhat on historical stories".

Now we have another thing which to me is atrocious in its own right and aimed directly between our (CONTACT) eyes. Well, Truth and Right are going to someday have to be confronted and you readers might just as well begin to face it NOW.

Two things are happening: Information is breaking through the dam like a sieve and filters aren't working for "them". And, Easter is coming! Easter is NOT the celebration of the life or death of ANY Christ, not even Jesus (Heysooz). It is an ancient HOLIDAY of celebration of very NON- CHRIST activities--look at Mardi Gras. It accompanies PASSOVER, kiddies, just as ChristmasTIME is chau...(well, since no one can easily spell it, it is called Hannuka). All the better to deceive you. It is well noted that both Christmas and the Easter celebration regarding this "Christ" in the orthodox religions are, at the least, a week following the U.S./Jewish holidays. Both of the holidays in point here are HIGH SATANIC RITUAL DAYS, probably only second to Halloween and May 1-2.

Since WE HAVE NO PERMISSION TO PRINT THIS MATERIAL we will only give highlights and certainly not more than the base limit of 150 words, for security reasons, but for you inquiring minds you can find it on the "Net". I don't have the call-up code here.


March 4, 1998




NEWARK, N.J. (CNNfn)--Survivors of German forced labor camps have sued Ford Motor Co., asking to be paid for their work at a Ford subsidiary during World War II.

...The suit is "seeking disgorgement of all economic benefits accrued" by Ford and its....

[H: This is a very long article which states that Ford knew Hitler and that Ford vehicles were also built in Germany, called the "Werke" company.

The suit states that Jews were diverted to the plant to work on Ford products while prisoners. But I thought they just honored Schindler for diverting Jews to work details rather than killing them!!?? Are we now saying that what is good for Schindler would not work for saving Jews by working on vehicles? OK, so let us move on and see why, right now, with us presenting THE INTERNATIONAL JEW, might come this continuing harassment of Ford.]

"Henry Ford's notorious anti-Semitic pamphlet, The International Jew, a Worldwide Problem, was published in Germany in 1921," the suit says. [H: Pamphlet? We have four VOLUMES of these research papers. But to make my point about saving lives to be moved to factories, read on.]

"...The main plaintiff is Elsa Iwanowa, a native of Rostov, Russia, who was 17 years old when she was abducted by the Germans in Rostov and 'compelled to perform forced labor' at Ford Werke's Cologne, Germany, plant. Iwanowa now lives in Antwerp, Belgium.

"...this action, and others to follow, will seek final justice for hundreds of thousands of victims enslaved or forced to work for the benefit of the German war effort during the Second World War..."

"...Her work was supervised by Ford security officials and Ford foremen." [H: ALL JEWS.]


We don't need any more suits for publications OF THE JEWS as was US&P, so you will have to research for self. This "work" was back in 1942 and the contracts were already in place so what is argued here? Selectively they are going to sue only Ford, who just happened to have told the Truth about the International Jews? Fine, it can only help the cause of the International Gentiles and TRUE Semites.

The suit ends up saying that Iwanowa says she was never paid. How about that, you who are owed "back wages"--perhaps and maybe? It also says that "attempts to escape were met by execution or transfer to Buchenwald." Obviously such as Iwanowa ends up safe and secure, and making money, in Antwerp, Belgium, not having a hair of her heady, head, head damaged one iota. THIS IS ONLY ONE OF THE THINGS WRONG WITH YOUR WORLD!

The article says that Ford knew Hitler and therefore...! Well, I KNOW SATAN AND HIS PEOPLE--THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME SATANIC!

GLOBAL PARASITES is too nice a term to identify these parasites on Humanity. Of course this is just a bit of journalistic opinion--Ed Op.

Shall we let this stop us from our appointed rounds as with stopping the mail? No. We are Shemites (Semites) and most of "them" are NOT. There is a Jewish Question whether or not the Zionists like it and TRUTH is not copyrightable and Free Speech is still alive even though it has been gutted and hamstrung. Besides, these Jew Dudes have had control of the Ford Motor Company and the Ford Foundation for so long I won't weep much over their misfortune to have their own steal from them.

You will, I remind you, note how near Passover this new garbage is being publicized. It happens several times a year. Remember about three years ago the Jews upped the number of Holocaust Jews killed to over 7.5 million? They had to withdraw the number and go back to 6 million because there were hardly that new number of Jews IN THE WORLD. But more Jews are getting paid off than there were Jews at the time of WW-II. Does anybody find THAT interesting? And "this" cute deal was over half a century ago. WHEN DO YOU GET SICK ENOUGH OF THIS POISON TO STOP TAKING IT--IT IS KILLING YOU, YOU KNOW!


The news is talking of the new outbreak of strep, flesh-eating, and fatal microbes killing off people RIGHT NOW, in Houston, Texas. Prior outbreaks of "flesh-eating" have been mostly staph. Never mind the scientific garble--the point is that the assaults are getting thicker and faster.

What we have finally had to resort to here with Dharma is a dosage of one ounce Oxysol with 1/2 tsp. of MSM with one tsp. of Gold, Silver, Titanium, and 2 drops of Copper COLLOIDS. She has been taking this regime and using it also through the nose as drops and spray, and in three days the symptoms are evaporating. She takes triple quantities of Giandriana and AquaGaia. I'm sorry, I wish you had other resources for getting some of these items to keep the hounds off us.

I ask that Dr. Young again run the material on Gaiandriana. I do not expect you to understand the scientific information for I offered it, yes, through Dharma, for scientists. "I" brought her, directly, the drias to start the nursery, and we asked Dr. Hoffmann (not in California) to do the research so we wouldn't be hounded by George Green. Then to protect Hoffmann we had to move it again. It is an immune-system builder as well as rebuilding damaged cells. It is all explained in the paper we will present. We are NOT trying to sell the stuff on the market--but our people like it and times are not getting BETTER, readers. We had to have something available to help when the going is getting rougher and rougher. [Editor's note: That technical article is in CONTACT issue March 10, 1998.]

Oxysol is a catalytic conversion into what we call liquid-crystal diamonds. After the "action" stops, you have a nice soothing liquid which can wipe out every microbe on your globe at this time. But, know that new mutations are being seen (on their own) and through the mixing and matching by the depopulators.

When you have such major damage to the heart muscle and lungs as has Dharma--you know the enemy is at hard work--but the healing has been remarkable--from about a half cup of space for air without ability of the lungs to absorb and use oxygen--we have almost full intake capacity and far fewer negative heart responses. She has gone from one of those alien purple-blue people eaters to a typical pink person.

Is she healed? No. But the lungs are now rebuilding and the disease process, if not reinfected, is reversed. Spontaneous remission? Well, I guess that is what a physician with a "degree" might say.

I let it get just about as bad as it could and many of you sent things which did help for you will note that we didn't miss much writing but simply couldn't hold enough air to do many meetings over the past couple of months. That was also PLANNED THAT WAY; I'm sick of our enemies getting our information before we make it home from even a Board Meeting for the Institute. The rooms are bugged, the phones are tapped and, frankly, we are just tired of getting nothing in return except more hounding from those dogs of hell. We have had a full decade of the Jews and Christian (- claiming) Jews, like George Green-berg as has been suggested, stealing and thieving, lying and cheating, and frankly we now have to dive into the mess from International network carrying EXTRA about us as they related to Heaven's Gate suicides. Sorry, Georgie boy, Abbott, Horton, Brent, et al. We do NOT have a suicide anything here--so know it and weep--we are NOT going away. And I am assured that you will get the publicity you need for as long as you continue to act in such judicially criminal manners.


There is another "interesting" article being talked about on the news, etc. It seems to be about a "Heaven's Gate-type of cult" in Garland, Texas.

Heng-ming Chen, it informs, says shining, golden balls of light floated down from the sky and told him God was coming to suburban Dallas.

Specifically, God is supposed to descend from heaven on March 31 at 3513 Ridgedale Dr., Garland.

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were any of you and I wouldn't go to Garland unless you happen to live there. In fact, TEXANS ALREADY THINK GOD IS IN TEXAS! Don't argue with them about that point--they live in a world of their own.

It is true, however, that several Anti-Christs DO live in Texas, and since they seem to do ok, we have to assume that the Texans may have their story a bit twisted from time to time. I am reminded of a young officer who stopped LBJ (President Johnson) for speeding on a highway near his ranch. When the window was rolled down and the officer saw LBJ, he said "Oh my God..." LBJ said: "Yes, and don't forget it." He rolled up the window and sped away. So much for God "landing" in Texas or anywhere else.

Perhaps golden balls will fall from the sky? Who knows. Stranger lights than those appear frequently over Phoenix.

The group also believes God will make a March 25 television appearance on channel 18 across North America. Then, six days later, God will take Chen and split into hundreds of clones so he can speak with everyone at once.

With great bloodlust, Chen was asked if there would be suiciding involved. He disappointed them by saying NO, they were not into suicide. Further, he said that God would move into himself, Chen, and perhaps nobody would recognize him.

Well, since God is WITHIN ALL THINGS AND BEINGS, who knows? The man has, at least, made a truthful observation no matter what happens this March. Perhaps he will see Truth on March 31 and actually FIND the GOD within.

Again, is this true? Well, let's see with my rule of thumb for you: The article is from the Associated Press and is COPYRIGHTED without permission to reprint, publish, rewrite or otherwise distribute, etc., etc., etc. So what do you think about possible HYPE and a bit of exaggeration built on whatever Mr. Chen might have said.

I would guess that if Project Blue Beam visions of God in the Sky to suck you up goes like this last Desert Thunder of the Satanistas, it might not provoke more than a "nothing showing".

GOD DOESN'T NEED MIRACLES, FRIENDS; GOD IS THE MIRACLE and those miracles are EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK AND EXPERIENCE. YOU are HIS miracle, silly-heads. Now, however, the BIGGER MIRACLE will happen when YOU REALIZE IT.

We are going to now begin on Vol. II of THE INTERNATIONAL JEW and hopefully, pick up even more problems for the tangled-web producers.

There is no way I can honor deceased Henry Ford more than by offering HIS WORK and appreciate the time, research crews, and financial output to present this material in the first place. But I'm sure that, as you read, you SEE IT IN EVERYTHING AND IN EVERY SYSTEM WORKING IN THE WORLD FROM THE IMF, WORLD BANK--TO STATE GOVERNMENTS. Willie has a lot bigger problems than his Zipper, I promise you, and around Arkansas, Atty. Starr is dredging it up bit by bit. All he has to do, in fact, is find Larry Nichols' work and read COMPROMISED by Reed and Cummings about such as CLINTON AND BUSH and perhaps God may not arrive--but the sky may fall.

I remind you, however, that the fall of Clinton is IN THEIR PLANS and you of this nation will pay dearly if they win this little game. Remember that keeping you from bombing Iraq is in Clinton's hand and it is his ONLY TRUMP CARD LEFT AGAINST THE TAKEOVER CREW. THIS IS UGLY POLITICS, READERS, NOT A TELEVISION RERUN. This is as typical an International Jew-ish play as I have witnessed and it has NOTHING to do with Billy's sex life--ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. THAT LITTLE GAME WAS JUST TO GET YOU TO WATCH IT.


FROM THE INTERNATIONAL JEW--The World's Foremost Problem:

Vol. II: Being a Reprint of a Series of Articles appearing in The Dearborn Independent from October 9, 1920 to January 29, 1921.

Published by: THE DEARBORN PUBLISHING CO. Dearborn, Michigan, Nov. 1920.

Republished May, 1976 by:

Liberty Bell Publications, Reedy, West Virginia 25270.

[H: This begins a new volume so we will start right with the FOREWORD and PREFACE.]


In the year 1920 Henry Ford, Sr. published The International Jew, a comprehensive survey of Jewish power in the United States and throughout the world. This four-volume work was originally serialized in THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, the house organ of the Ford Motor Company.

These books have been best-sellers in many parts of the world, and have been translated into the languages of most civilized countries. Sadly, there are many countries today where possession of these books has been made punishable by confiscation or worse. In Germany, for example, a person who wants to borrow The International Jew from a library must first prove that he needs it for historical research. In other words, an ordinary tax-paying member of the public who supports the public library with his hard earned money is unable to further his knowledge or satisfy his curiosity in this regard.

[H: The only way we can use this material is for journalistic research purposes. The material was intentionally left uncopyrighted so that historical investigations could be made. It seems to me that since the Jews have accomplished exactly what they have strived to do for to the many years, that they would be happier with the publicity than they seem to be. THEY treat truth as something AGAINST them somehow, but wouldn't you think that to become controllers of the world, their goal, would merit accolades? What is with calling us "hate-mongers", doing hate crimes and generally persecuting them? We shall see, won't we? This is not our original work in any way, shape or form--we simply are reprinting articles from an accepted newspaper of 1920-21 offered by an OUTSTANDING MAN OF THAT TIME AND ONE WHO REMAINS ONE OF THE GREATEST INDUSTRIALISTS OF ANY DAY, MR. HENRY FORD OF THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY. YOU WOULD STILL BE WALKING OR PICKING UP HORSE POOP IF IT WERE NOT FOR HENRY FORD! We honor Mr. Ford by reprinting these observations and research projects. We are not bashing anyone, any race, any creed, any color of people. If shoes fit, congratulations.]

It is therefore in the interest of spreading truth that we republish these books in full so that new generations shall see for themselves how our problems of today are the same problems which have "mysteriously" occurred since the turn of the century. The fact that even the wealthy Henry Ford, Sr. could be forced to withdraw these books starkly illuminates the power of the Jews, even in the 1920s. To reprint The International Jew now, when the Jews are so much more powerful, is some indication of the tremendous courage of the publisher.

Every American who loves his country should make it his duty to buy sufficient copies for donation to libraries, universities, business associations, etc. Most important, every American parent should have at least one set at home to pass on to his children.

In further support of the findings and conclusions of The International Jew, an excellent companion book, The Dispossessed Majority, by Wilmot Robertson, exposes the rapid increase of Jewish power since the first publication of Henry Ford's great work. No conscientious, thinking American should be without these amazing, fact-filled books.

The Dispossessed Majority is also available from this publisher. [H: This was in 1976 so we don't know if this is true today. Check it out. Dharma, however, will pay you not to send it to us. We, however, will be delighted to have a copy--for research purposes and historical review, of course. We do have something else, however, that I am asked to use even though it is out of sequence, and that is a booklet THE PLAN IN ACTION by Col. Edwin M. Hadley which was printed in 1934. Perhaps we can interrupt the articles in this series by offering a reprint of that book before we start the next article and following the Preface. I think we can do that since we are now in 1998 of PLAN 2000.]


A former volume, containing the first twenty articles in the series of Jewish studies which began their appearance in The Dearborn Independent of May 22, 1920, dealt largely with the theory of the Jewish World Program. The present volume gives a general view of some of the evidence which illustrates and substantiates that Program. As the first volume brought the subject forward a step, the present volume brings it forward another step. The Question is a very big one, the material is of mountainous proportions, so that it is very desirable that there be simplicity of method. The method therefore has been to lay the observable everyday facts alongside the Program, to see if they agree. It will be time enough to take up the authenticity of the Protocols when the parallel between them and the activities of the Jewish leaders is shown.

The articles thus far printed remain unanswered. They have been denounced and misrepresented, but not answered. A favorite evasion of Jewish editors is to say that the statements made about the Jews could be made about any other race, and that no race could refute the statements with facts. But these statements have not been made about any other race and could they be? If they were made about, say the Hungarians, Poles, Rumanians, Italians, English, Scotch, Irish, Russian or Syrian in our midst, could they not be met?

Not the mere fact that certain statements are made about the purposes of Jewish leaders, but the fact that people can see wherein the statements agree with actual conditions, is what gives strength to the statements. The same statements made about any other group would fall because the people could find nothing to sustain them. Say-so and hearsay have no weight at all. Neither has abuse or prejudice. If the statements made in these articles are false, they are of a nature which can be refuted with facts. If there is no parallel between the written Program of the Protocols and the actual program as followed under Jewish leadership, surely that can be shown. If it has not been shown, it is because the parallel exists, and Jewish leaders know it exists.

The following chapters take up numerous matters, chiefly the interference of the Jew with educational and religious interests of the majority of the people; the moral menace in the Jew-con- trolled theater and movie; the fight of the New York Stock Exchange against Jewish domination; a discussion of the question whether the Jews are a "religious denomination" or a race, only Jewish authorities being quoted; and a very slight beginning on the endless subject of Jewish influence during the Great War. Bernard M. Baruch, although secondary in the real Jewish counsels, proclaimed himself to a Congressional committee as "the most powerful man in the war", and the records show that he was.

This volume does not complete the case. It is issued to meet the demand of new readers who call for the articles from the beginning. The editions of The Dearborn Independent being long ago exhausted, the publication of these two volumes was undertaken to enable readers to begin with the first article. The omission of several single articles from this compilation is in the interest of compactness, and may be restored in another volume. The omitted articles are "The Jews' Complaint Against 'Americanism'", Oct 23; "Gentile Fall Involved in Hope of Jewish Rule", Dec. 25.

April 1921.


Now, for an Aton-Bomb or two: And yes, Aton IS THE central atom of your very structure and being, so please don't try the further gameplaying with me, readers. I do not offer anything that I can't back up with confirmation and proof--in proper sequence of my chosen events. Study this well and then rejoice or weep, whichever grabs you.

Now, readers, let's blow your ears out a bit and smoke up your eyes.

I am not going to get focus changed to please the GUILTY so don't ask for more than we will give. Are we real? Is George Ceres Hatonn (Gyeorgos) REAL?

In the 1940s, I MYSELF MET WITH EISENHOWER, BARUCH, and one of your most renowned Catholic Cardinals (we will leave unnamed at this writing), also a Jew. They had a whole entourage. We had set a meeting at Edwards Air Force Base--but the meeting was changed a couple of times, and on two occasions we met personally--with craft--once at Langley, Virginia and the second location is going to be left unnoted, also, at this time.

This is no secret among the intelligence community--even the times and dates. But the information was sealed and placed in my own Beyond Top Level Intelligence files. The access codes are now ABOVE A-6.

I only speak of this here because Baruch played such a major role in Jewish take-over that I am finding it necessary to conceal the identity of the Cardinal in this event--because he did argue FOR REVEALING THE MEETINGS AND OPENLY TELLING THE PEOPLE WHO WE ARE AND WHY WE COME. OBVIOUSLY, HE DID NOT BECOME A POPE, a Polish Jew made that throne. Perhaps this is no time for humor?


I felt you inquiring minds might just like to know this information and hopefully Mr. Bush and his Brigade of bandidos might like to listen up. My compatriots and myself have attended many of what you call Summit Meetings, whereat at the last PERSONAL meeting it was tried to capture and incarcerate us. Having capability of not "being visible" at all times, it was really some interesting fun and games--which humans LOST quite quickly.


It most certainly is time you people WAKE UP and recognize Truth for you are about to be blown back to the age of caves and you DON'T KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE.

Oh my, be patient with my secretary for she has dreaded beyond dread the day I would make this announcement. This puts her more at risk than poor Mrs. McCurrie, Clinton's secretary, or Rosemary for Nixon.

DID YOU REALLY THINK GOD WOULD NOT HAVE A COUNTER-PLAN FOR THE ANTICHRIST'S ANTICS? Shame on you. These little antichristletts have known all along. That is why they lie, cheat and steal to keep it from you. That is why you are terrified by Mr. Spielberg's and Mr. Lucas' outrageous projection of what your BROTHERS are like. They make stupid little childish monsters--TO PANIC HECK OUT OF YOU AND PREPARE YOU FOR THE WAR OF THE WORLDS--B.S., THE ONLY WARRING TRIBES ARE ON PLANETS AND SPECIFICALLY THE MORE SHREWD CRIMINALS ARE ON WHAT YOU CALL "EARTH" BUT IS NAMED SHAN. "EARTH" IS A GENERIC TERM MEANING EXACTLY THAT--DIRT ON THE GROUND.

If the U.S. is STUPID ENOUGH to bomb one more Arab nation, you are going to see HELL before your eyes and in YOUR DOORYARD. This ungodly game is going to blossom into that old Armageddon the Jews DEMAND and the rest of you better get your face and minds out of Billy's zipper and start seeing WHAT IS GOING ON TO FULFILL SATAN'S PLAN 2000!

Get well, Dharma and Crew, stay well, for you are about to enter the most incredible time of our journey. And, YES INDEED, I now know Saddam Hussein well and he made a lot of mistakes, most of which were trusting his then partners in crime and power, the Bushes, Bakers, Bentsens, and the BANKSTERS with their criminal lawyers. I didn't say "criminal" law attorneys--I said CRIMINAL lawyers. We don't even have to speak here of Kissinger, Eagleburger, Scowcroft, Maggie or Lizzie or the other hounds out of Hell.


Go take a break, Fingers. We've dumped enough ballast for this trip. God rests His LIGHT upon you, chelas.

Adonai, (´~') h-ATON-n. [Sorry, no Egyptian or Greek symbols on this keyboard.]



SAT., MAR. 7, 1998 7:31 A.M. YR. 11, DAY 203

SAT., MAR. 7, 1998


Before I turn to writing on our topic this morning, I am going to comment on one of the worst atrocities I have witnessed from your CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT, U.S.

Jew Madeleine Albright, your so-called Secretary of State, just went to the Ukraine. She left there having threatened those Russian people to the point where they had to withdraw assistance for electrical power production through nuclear means--TO IRAN, which broke a CONTRACT AGREEMENT BETWEEN THOSE TWO NATIONS. What is wrong with you people that you continue to allow these war-mongers freedom of travel around the globe? The people of Iran are dying because of lack of power and now you set your poison pens upon their backs. May GOD forgive your ignorance for I find it difficult to forgive openly such atrocities. The Great Satan has struck again!


My goodness, only a couple of weeks into our topic and the sky is falling Hennie-Pennie. By the way, "You and all your readers are anti-Semitic," say a couple of the writers, "this is hate literature..." and "Tell us again your definitions because these writings are made to look like research."

I don't care what they look like, readers. I am using material researched in the early '20s. I don't, nor did I, make the rules of action for those calling themselves Jews. I don't call them Jews; they named themselves that over a thousand years after Immanuel, the one you call Jesus, was long gone. They priorly called themselves "The Serpent People", also known as Khazarian (many spellings of this word), and when a "religion" was required of them--they took up the Judean "faith" (misdefinition). They were commercially oriented and warriors, with the more blood spilled the better--and they called "that" sacrifice. They never pretended to be Semites until in the modern last century and a half when it could be used as a tool against Gentiles. There is no recognized "in-between"; there are, according to the self-styled, self-named "Jews", ONLY JEWS AND GENTILES.

You see, readers, I can't help it if you know NO HISTORY--for it is all available for your investigation.

If we deal with this confusion, also realize that CONFUSION is the number one tool of this group of nomadic peoples.

SEMITE: 1. A member of any of the peoples supposedly descended from Shem, the eldest son of Noah. (So the "Jews" of today ARE NOT SEMITES, nor are the Judeans or Hebrews.) 2. a Jew (but note this is only a MODERN classification in the Encyclopedia). 3. a member of ANY OF THE VARIOUS ANCIENT AND MODERN peoples originating in SW Asia, including the Sumerians, Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, and ARABS.

SEMITIC: 1. An important SUBfamily of AFRO-ASIATIC languages, including Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew.

SEMITICS: The study of the Semitic languages, literature, etc. [H: So, perhaps this is where they get bent out of shape for, in studying the languages, history and literature, we find that the "Jew" does not fit into these categories--as Semites.]

SEMITISM: A term coined to refer to the "modern" Jew. It is a word or idiom peculiar to, derived from, or characteristic of a Semitic language. [H: But YIDDISH is a separate language MADE to fit the Talmudic people and laws.]

So, the controlled meaning set forth by the so-called Jews: A disparaging or antagonistic attitude or hostile act toward a Jewish person, Jewish organization or the religion of Judaism. [H: This, further, only refers to the "Yiddish" "Jew" and not the Middle East Judeans or Semites. Remember that Semites come from the Tribe of Shem--and these people in point DO NOT.]

Covert Intent: Used to disarm, intimidate and confuse Christians (GENTILES OF ALL RACES, CREEDS, COLOR) into submission to Jews at the expense and eventual destruction of Christianity.


JEW: The word "Jew" did not appear in actual use until over 1000 years after the resurrection of "Jesus". It means someone who adheres to the religion of Judaism (modern PHARISAISM). The modern "Jew" of "Jewish Culture" has NO RACIAL SIGNIFICANCE. "Jews" are some of the most racially MIXED people on Earth due to their multi-national history, their practice of interracial marriage, as well as their contemporary international bias. Over 90% of "Jews" today are descended from the ancient Khazars--a racially NON-SEMITIC people from East Europe.


We need one more definition:

GENTILE: The modern CONTROLLED MEANING is anyone who is not a Jew of the above classification.

TRUE MEANING: From the LATIN word "gentilis", meaning "of the same gens, clan or race". In the Bible the more modern word Gentile is a mistranslation of the actual Old Testament Hebrew word "goy", and the Greek New Testament word "ethnos"--both meaning "NATION OR PEOPLE" (ANY nation or people).

So, the use of the word "Goy", which is obvious in Protocols and older writings, is the same used definition of Gentile, or, anyone who is not Jew.

Is this "hate" literature? How could ANYONE interpret an objective study of people of achievement above and beyond all others, as in Gentile, be considered "Hate"? The JEW is superior in every type of commercial practice and has come to, literally, control the money of the world. At the best in complaint you could claim "Sour Grapes by the Gentiles". It is obvious, however, that these JEWS consider themselves to be evil or they would not, or could not, object to historical review any more than could books on Native Americans, Italians, Russians or any other peoples. COULD IT BE THAT THE JEWS HAVE LIED ALONG THE WAY? OH NO!!

I have been asked to put the next writing out of chronological order before I start on the second series of articles from Vol. II of the series.



This next material is from the booklet: CAHILLA UNMASKED, by Col. Edwin Marshall Hadley, 1934.:


Someone once said that we pre-judge what we do not know and that we hate what we do not understand, and that, therefore, there can be no tolerance until we have a full understanding of what is tolerated, since ignorance, suppression, silence and winking at wrong-doing or guilt, are not evidences of toleration but are positive promises of destruction. The purpose of this article is, therefore, not to persuade the skeptic that a racial or religious bogey exists which requires a challenge. Its extent is merely to acquaint the reader with certain irrefutable facts that have been unearthed and compiled over a considerable period of time, explaining why we cannot have a rehabilitation of the United States until the citizenry as a whole is made aware of the existence of the predatory element in the body politic that by the evidence revealed, as well as by its own testimony, is proven responsible for the depressed times upon which the nation has fallen.

Many Americans of sterling worth wield vigorous pens and raise clarion voices against the "red, pink and yellow" enemies within; however, for some unaccountable purpose these attack other patriots, just as sincere, who have reason to include the Jew as being in the forefront of the subversive movements. They act as though they were heaven-sent and have, as their mission, the prevention of the raising of the specter of "race hatred". They refuse in their championship of the Jew, per se, to admonish him, as did Oscar Strauss, to be about the task of cleaning out his Augean stable.

It both shocks and stirs the layman at first, to be told that America harbors a people who are not content with merely enjoying its hospitality and its free institutions on a basis of sportsman-like competition with all other races, but who actually cherish attaining rule over the entire Earth, imposing their own peculiar brand of civilization and culture on all countries everywhere, whether these countries like it or not.

As the story unfolds, the scope of this morbid craving and the ramifications of progress towards its accomplishment present phases so fanciful that the average sane individual wonders if the whole thing is not a fantasy and if the scores of investigators who have made tremendous sacrifices to ferret out the facts may not have been drug addicts.

The whole cabal is so colossal, and its underlying motives are so utterly foreign to anything in Christian psychology, that one becomes mentally befuddled before the recital has gone very far, and rejects the whole nefarious program as a nightmare of vicious relators.

Unfortunately it is this reaction, this wholesome mind-defense mechanism of the average Christian, which over the years has contributed more than all else to the plot's success. If a man or race of men propagate a big enough plot, normal people will decry it as preposterous and refuse to give it credence. Thus they really reveal the extent of their own limitations. They would never think of doing such a thing, therefore it cannot be possible that any one else would do so. So long as they have this inherent inhibition, it is comparatively easy to keep them persuaded that the plot is a myth. And so long as such an assumption is successfully encouraged the predatory program can be pushed to full accomplishment. When these normal and wholesome-minded people later awaken to the fact that it has by no means been a myth, it may then be too late to do anything about it, for conditions may have been brought about where all opposition to the plot can be suppressed and the slightest protest or remonstrance punished with death--as has been shown to have occurred in the country once known as Russia.

Regardless of what may be said to the contrary by these radical marplots whom we shall describe presently, we are NOT anti-semites--as the term is commonly accepted. But in probing into the true causes behind the dreary times that have come upon the world, a stupefying array of facts has been unearthed about the Hebrew people. Such information has not been gleaned by prejudiced busybodies listening at key-holes. Most devastating of all, corroborating evidence has been found in the writings and speeches of representative Jews themselves. All of this builds up a staggering case in logic, confirmed by daily events throughout the whole world, but particularly in the United States, that the time has arrived when the Jewish people prophetically accept the promise that all non-Jews will come under the hegemony of Judah.

Non-Jewish peoples laugh at such an idea as utterly absurd. But no Jew is laughing at it. And no Gentile who is aware of the facts as to what is going on, is laughing at it either. So long as the Jews have a plan, and are working collectively as a race with such an objective, Christian patriots can do very little to save the nation from its present economic and financial morass. Because, at every turn, they find a mysterious obstruction blocking constructive rehabilitation. If they combine in organization to get business done enmasse, soon Hebrews are knocking at their doors and inviting themselves into their ranks, demanding and receiving full social equality and official recognition. Whereupon elusive, disintegrating mischief begins to manifest itself. Quarrels appear and are multiplied. Doctrines are subverted. The effect and force of the effort is emasculated. Soon the whole movement has become abortive and no one can definitely put a finger on just where the trouble started, or exactly what nurtured it into such disastrous channels.

[H: I am going to interrupt right here to do a little test with you readers. I am going to tell you a couple of "jokes" going around on television and by journalists and TV commentators with great laughter and glee--about your sitting President, Zipper Willie. Could you ever imagine that one of YOUR Presidents would be referred to so crudely? Well, you should have for his label in Arkansas was Slick Willie. You have to also KNOW that the Bilderbergs CHOSE this man to defeat Bush so that Bush could be doing other things like unlawfully gaining massive funds for the "Superfund" to bring Jewish rule to the world.


Clinton, by the way of reminder, is a Rockefeller by bloodline and an illegitimate child, half Jewish by lineage. Therefore he is One of "them" and yet they do this to him. Well, his CRIMINAL past, even with Bush, is SO GREAT AS TO INCLUDE SANCTIONED MURDERS, DRUG TRADE, ETC.

Now, these Jews want to change him out so they can move in their own team-mate into the slot of President. So, the insidious jokes and continual and constant reporting on the topic wears out the public and nobody wants to even watch the garbage--but is as affixed to the reporting channels as if they are shackled by cuffs.

So, touted in prime time: "Boy, that Clinton is really something; he's like a Timex watch." "Oh, how so?" "He takes a licking and keeps on ticking." And: "Let's play the Clinton game..." "OK, what is it?" "Swallow the leader."

These are told so that when CNN is projected into Iraq and the rest of the world--you are the blunt point of ridicule.

Clinton can't stop this and he knows that, if he doesn't bomb Iraq OR SOMEONE, he is dead. But, he also holds back his Ace in the Hole, if you will, that is of signing the orders for war, for it is all he has left with which to deal.

Another silly joke is also going around in prime time news casting: "Willie is holding his Trump card because he lost his ace in the hole."


Another notable point was made by Billy Graham on Larry King: King: "Billy, do you forgive Bill Clinton?" Response: "Yes, of course, he is a virile and vibrant young man and we all yield to these temptations... of course I forgive him." This is NOT a joke, readers, THIS WAS YESTERDAY.

Graham forgive Clinton? Why in the world and how in the world can Graham FORGIVE someone else? For what? So far what is there to forgive if the man is innocent and how can someone unrelated to the incident and who has not been touched do any such "forgiving"? And more especially and specifically--to Larry King and the WORLD?

Why would Graham be so quick to forgive and make excuses for Clinton? How many of you know that Billy Graham had many affairs and had one which all but ruined his marriage AND CAREER? Perhaps "forgiveness" comes easy?

Back to the "Plan":]

Nevertheless, people of a studious turn of mind, in many instances the Foreign Offices and Military of the great Christian governments, have not been content merely to admit the elusive existence of such subversive influences; they have taken it upon themselves to trace these factors to their source. So, it has come about that dozens of entirely reputable historians, and hundreds of official espionage officers and agents, all working separately, unknown to each other and at different times, have finally arrived at the same staggering disclosures and conclusions. This article is more or less a brief compendium of authentic data that they have brought to light.

Among some of the staggering facts that have been brought to light, certain conclusions are of paramount importance as fundamentals for the details which follow.

The first of these is: That the Jew through history has not been persecuted because his religion is a denial of the Christ as the living Messiah, nor because he is an overly smart business man. These two items count very little in searching out the reasons why Jews of all times and all countries have periodically suffered from suppressions and pogroms.

The Jew was and is persecuted [H: If indeed he were persecuted.] because he is primarily unsocial, or rather non-social, in so far as other races are concerned. He will not play the great game of life according to the rules. Furthermore, confine him to a given code of religious, social, or business ethics, and make him abide by it, and a dozen races outstrip him with ease. Because this is so, he has built up a code of ethics and morals of his own, whereby he considers it entirely correct for him to conduct his whole world by the Law of Expediency. As the colloquialism has it: "Anything goes that he can get away with!" In this respect, the Jew is on the whole unmoral. He cannot understand the Christian code of ethics, however much he affects to do so intellectually. [H: Therefore, the Christian religious have come down to the level of the Jewish demands.] Hundreds of Jewish writers admit that tolerance and gullibility in non-Jewish races are merely evidences of weakness, of which it is entirely fitting and proper for their race to take full advantage.

[H: Now you nice Judeans of Hebrew lineage who object to this information--YOU ARE INCORRECTLY CALLING YOURSELVES "JEWS". SORRY ABOUT THAT.]

The secret history of all nations in consequence, discloses that Jews have suffered persecution because of their own acts and practices--excepting in many instances in the Near East in the past hundred years when pogroms have actually been instigated by JEWISH leaders themselves, conniving to get their own people slaughtered that Jewry as a world influence, for loot, may be drawn the tighter together and function the more effectively. In other words, it has been disclosed that many leaders of world Jewry have not wanted Jewish persecutions to cease entirely before their program of world conquest is achieved, since Jewry would thereby be deprived of one of its greatest assets, martyrdom, making for solidarity in such conquests.

This seems paradoxical and preposterous to believe. But to understand it, we must accept another fact--this time ethnological and not ethical--that the Jew is not a White man but an Oriental. It is generally known that the blood of the three great racial divisions of the world, White, Yellow and Black, all test differently under chemical analysis. But it is not generally known that the Jew's blood test falls under the heading of "Yellow" when such analysis is assayed. [H: This is simply true because the Khazars were originally of Nordic, MONGOL, and Rus bloodlines. But this is only the "Jew" bloodline. The Judean/Hebrew "Jewish" line has a different blood on testing. There are some genetic malformations which can be created in the embryos of this group (Tay-Sachs disease) found in Ashkenazi Jews just as "Sickle Cell" anemia is only found in the "Black" blood-line. These are simply medical facts and preclude argument.]

We have to confront, and assimilate as we can, disillusion after disillusion in popular acceptances, when we get into this field of human research. Notions which have been promulgated for so many years that they seem part and parcel of our consciousness, have to be torn out painfully and discarded.

For instance, the original people of Israel consisted of twelve tribes, of which the Tribe of Judah is only one. For a thousand years after the migration out of Egypt, they were not heard of. Not until Solomon's death divided the kingdom into a North Kingdom and a South Kingdom did Jews as we know them today begin to appear. The true Israelites scattered all over the Eastern world, but the small and insignificant Tribe of Judah at once usurped its present position as representative of all Israel, and took unto itself sole credit for the illustrious past of the whole [Judean] "Semitic" peoples.

The word Semitic does not describe a blood-race but the people of a locality--exactly as all the peoples living in the United States are classed roughly as Americans. That does not necessarily mean that the Dutch of Pennsylvania or the Swedes of Minnesota were actually descended from North American Indians. At the same time the modern Jew came into prominence, he was labeled Semitic because he was resident of the Arabian Peninsula. [H: The rest is for Jew convenience as a tool against Gentiles.] All peoples who inhabited the Arabian Peninsula were known as Semites. The Arabs ARE PARTICULARLY SEMITIC. It has NOTHING to do with the Hebrew bloodstream at all.

[H: Now it would seem that to better clarify this very large and integrated GROUP, the term ZIONIST would better fit. This is because the Mormon Church is made of mostly NON-JEWISH people--BUT ARE THE BRANCH OF THE JEWISH LINE IN RELIGION WITHIN, FIRST, THE U.S., AND THEN SCATTERED, AS ZIONISTS. Sorry, Mormons. "MORMON" in the Orient, specifically in Japan is: Devil or Satan. Therefore the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when in Japan and parts of Asia--do NOT refer to themselves as "Mormon".

Please note the reference here to "Jesus" Christ. The religious rituals are based on Illuminati and Masonic ritualism and secret "stuff" by those who hold Lucifer as their GOD and JESUS as that which will reside atop the Illuminati pyramid and will be the forthcoming cornerstone of the Masonic temples. It is on U.S. currency of the Fed. Reserve and is used in other governmental focii. The entire city of Washington D.C. is LAID OUT IN MASONIC SYMBOLS.]

Students of the Jewish Question frequently run across astounding bits of historic record full of proof that the "Jewish Question" has been recognized as existing down through the centuries. In THE ORIGINAL MR. JACOBS, the Minerva Press, in 1888, presented the findings of a trial instigated by the French King, St. Louis, known as "The King Without Fear", who determined to ascertain for himself the cause of the complaints and bitter animosities against the Jews.

"This great and good king, who had an inexhaustible love for justice, sought to know why the Jews were the object of the hatred of all. Upon the demand of Pope Gregory IX, whose attention was also called to this fact, he caused the TALMUD to be examined in a solemn assembly, over which presided William d'Auvergne, and in which the Rabbis were invited to take part. 'It was in Paris, in the beginning of summer, the 24th of June, 1240, when this memorable council took place. The Court of St. Louis was presided over on that day by Queen Blanche... A few volumes, covered with strange characters, attracted the attention of the curious, and it became known through Nicholas, a converted Jew, that the characters were Hebrew letters of a sort, and that the books were the TALMUD. But soon more interesting spectacle attracted the attention of the assembly. Four Rabbis had just entered the room. They were Jechiel, of Paris; Judah, son of David; Samuel, son of Solomon, and Moses, of Coucy, son of Jacob--the latter a famous orator known throughout France and Spain. They entered, sad and uneasy, into the palace of the King, while the assembled Jews scattered themselves about like a flock of 'sheep without a shepherd'. Every opportunity was given to the Jews to defend themselves, which they did with courage and ability. They, however, were forced to acknowledge that the TALMUD contained precepts not only contrary to the good of Christian society, but of every civilized society. Passages were read which horrified the listeners. The book said that Jesus Christ was plunged into hell, into ever-boiling mud; that the Divine Son of the Holy Virgin was the fruit of adulterous intercourse with a soldier named Pandara, and that the ministers were no better than howling dogs. Other passages were read that increased the fear of the Jews and the indignation of the Christians. ...St. Louis, the King, displayed an extraordinary amount of moderation. As Jechiel was trembling with fear, one of the officers of the King said 'Jechiel, who thinks of doing any harm to the Jews?' The TALMUD alone was condemned, and all copies that could be found were cast into the flames."

[H: You must see that as is typical of these people--they OVERDID their cause by continuing to exaggerate, manufacture, and increase the lies. Never minding "Jesus" or "Christ"--the lies got the better of them so that NOW, when they want to RECLAIM "Jesus" as the one headed back to suck in all the Christians, they have problems with people WHO KNOW THE TRUTH. THEY SIMPLY CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!]

Students of the Jewish Question in analyzing the "chosen people" angle to the problem are driven to certain conclusions. If the Hebrew people had been chosen for the express purpose of exemplifying to the rest of the world all the faults which it is possible for any nation to commit, they could hardly have acted otherwise than their Scriptures record of them. One redeeming feature of the race lies in the fact that, up till two thousand years ago, there arose from time to time members of it, with the vision to see the right, and the courage to warn the wrong-doers, in which no fault was hidden or glossed over and no attempt was made to make wrong appear right. The greatest kindness which the nations of the Earth can do to the Hebrew people is to take warnings by their example, and do the very opposite of that which their histories tell of them.

Jews were not yet known as such in the world until about 220 years before the advent of Our Lord. Even then they were a retrogressive clan, even old Ezra putting into the Lord's mouth the criticism: "Thou are a stiff-necked people." It was the Sadducees' priestcraft, organized as Sephardim for purely temporal power, that proceeded to give the Jews a racial consciousness down to modern times. And terrible indeed has been the growth of that organized temporal power unto the present day. Instead of being a small religious oligarchy over a restive and non-social people in a corner of Palestine, as it was in the day of Christ, the Sephardim had now branched out and become world-wide, under the name WHICH FEW GENTILES ARE EVER ALLOWED TO HEAR: THE CAHILLA! [H: GO RIGHT BACK AND REREAD THAT LAST SENTENCE.]

Wherever the Tribe of Judah has penetrated, there trouble has arisen for political authority. We have not the time in this article to trace a careful history of the Jews (The Cahilla). It is enough to begin the story with the disgust of Titus, the Roman Emperor, who in 70 A.D. determined to blot out the Sephardim as an unhallowed power for political mischief in his empire, by scattering the Jews to the four corners of the world.

Again other commentators say, "The authority of the Jewish leaders in the time of Augustus had been widely extended by a learned but unscrupulous priesthood, over an ignorant, superstitious people. In that age while a struggle was going on between two rival sects, Pharisees and Sadducees, certain political clubs were formed which concealed under a religious mask the grasping aims of a clique. [H: This is the same category where you will find the Mormon Church club.]

These clubs were not slow to take advantage of their country's misfortunes. A few years later during the siege of Jerusalem by Vespasian, they won by the betrayal of the Jewish cause, the favor of the Roman Conqueror, and were subsequently entrusted by the Imperial Government with the administration of Palestine.

Moreover, with the sack of Jerusalem, the destruction of the Temple, and the death of the patriotic leaders, the common people found themselves utterly dependent, in spiritual as well as civil matters, upon these same self-styled societies of the learned, who alone possessed the secrets of the priesthood and copies of the sacred texts. By interpreting, altering and augmenting the rules and rituals these texts contain, and by a system of espionage and assassination, the new rulers established a strict control over the daily lives of their co-religionists.

Thus having taken hold of the Jewish people through the medium of the Roman authority, this clique easily placed its laws above the Ten Commandments and formed a government whose control over its subjects was absolute. This government became henceforth known as the "KAHAL".


The dispersion of the Jews [The Cahilla] which followed in 135 A.D., instead of destroying the Kahal [Government of The Cahilla], served on the contrary to set it on a new and firmer basis, on which it has continued ever since. Wherever Jewish immigrants settled, they founded communities apart under the direction of the fraternities, and held to the precepts of the Talmud. Each community has its miniature Kahal. The different aims of these communities always found themselves intimately related with those of the Central body upon which their existence depended.

So it was possible for the Jews to develop and operate a perfected system of espionage which they still maintain. In olden days as now, they sent agents to watch over Jewish affairs at police stations and other agents were posted at the doors of shops, hotels, business houses, law courts, and even in private homes to get advance information of all kinds. In this manner all kinds of things became possible, even blackmail, with which all kinds of political pressure could be brought to bear on Gentiles who had political influence in the Roman Government at that time. Hence, it is easy to understand the reason for the concentration of trade into Jewish hands with all these instruments of political pressure and advance business information at their finger tips at all times.

There is a colloquial term that should always be coupled with the Dispersion. That is "Der Tag", or "The Day of Redemption", when World Jewry shall be gathered together again under one head, with all Gentile nations subservient to this world-wide Jewish empire whose governing seat is to be in Jerusalem. [U.S.A. and Jerusalem, Palestine.] (ZIONIST MOVEMENT)

Millions of gullible Germans, as well as millions of gullible and illiterate Christians everywhere, thought back in 1914 that Der Tag meant the Day of Recognition for Germany as to her place in the Sun as a nation. [H: Every day we learn more, don't we? And keep in mind, this article was written in 1934.] It was a phrase and a term artfully "sold" to the German people, or rather, put in their mouths. Really it was Hebrew in meaning, indicating in the secret councils of Jewry that having provoked and produced the world war (one), with the White pariah nations thus engaged in slaughtering one another by the hundreds of thousands, the outcome could only mean the achievement by the Jews of an age-long goal: winning to the pinnacle of world-wide political and economic power.

So the Germans, French, English and Russians went forth to fight this war of self-extermination, not knowing that in greeting Der Tag they were playing the game of Jewish world imperialists--as will be explained and authenticated in more detail further along.

[H: I want to interrupt right here before the writing regarding WW-II, to remind you that Adolph Hitler was a JEW. Wow, and now you know. He was going to have a MASTER RACE OF SUPERIOR PEOPLE BASED ON THE CAHILLA. As "local" (loco??) Judge Jason Brent has stated in his great depopulation article in Mensa magazine: "The worst part of Hitler's reign is that he ruined any chance of ever having a Superior Race." How does that grab you people?]

The true story of the rise of Hitlerism to power in Germany, how and why it could get the support of the whole German people and why the Jews are execrating it all over the Earth, is really the story of how the Germans discovered the Jewish influence about the Kaiser that worked to project the world war, not only from Berlin, but from Paris, London and Washington. Real Germans are smashing Jewish influence, weeding it out of Germany. Because of this setback to their plans, world Jewry is turning the full blast of its temporal power and control of instruments of publicity in all countries against Hitler to vilify, misrepresent, and destroy him. This too will be dealt with later.

[H: You may well end up equating what is happening to the U.S. Government and Clinton to what happened to Hitler. Both were put in place as Jews and Jewish tools. When it is expeditious to "sacrifice" them, THEY ARE MURDERED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, IN HOPES THE TRUTH WON'T "OUT". BUT TRUTH ALWAYS "OUTS" SOONER OR LATER, AND IN THESE LATTER DAYS IT IS USUALLY "SOONER". There are no qualms whatsoever over killing off their own--to gain more loot and power.]

The point to be registered here is, that from the Roman Titus through the long line of medieval monarchs to Queen Isabella and Ferdinand, wherever the Jews have won political or financial prominence in a country, seeds of disruption, unrest and sedition have been sown to such an extent that in a greater or lesser degree monarchs have had to deal harshly with the people in consequence. [H: This is so obvious in World War II in Germany. READERS, THE JEWS--THE JEWS--LITERALLY DECLARED "WAR" AGAINST GERMANY, AND STILL ALL THE GERMANS DID WAS TRY TO CONTAIN THEM AND MOVE THEM OUT OF GERMANY AND INTO SAFETY IN PALESTINE WHERE THEY "SAID" THEY WANTED TO GO. The MOVEMENT TO PALESTINE was the FINAL SOLUTION, not doing anything "else" to the bunch of hate-mongers. Moreover, the NAZI [from "AshkeNAZI) party leaders and concentration hierarchy were also The Cahilla--or "Jews". It was hoped that the world would never find out TRUTH. I think you can certainly see why that would be.]

To counterbalance or suppress such unrest or sedition, one of three expedients has been resorted to: Jews have been either expelled from such royal domain, or "dispersed", or they have been confined in restricted areas called Ghettos with orders not to leave the same under pain of death, or they have been butchered in massacres called "pogroms". [H: Watch it right here, where you have "pogroms"--later the Jews took the word Holocaust to replace an already accepted term.]

Jewish publicists by the thousands have trained the Christian public to believe that this "persecution" is a chastisement inflicted on this people by Almighty God, and that it has resulted from religious prejudice or the competitive cleverness of the Jew, which Gentiles fear or resent. Delving soberly and clinically into the facts, we discover that such persecution has come about from far different causes.

Jews are everywhere persecuted, and have been persecuted consistently throughout generations, as mass reprisals against THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR AND THEIR OWN PREDATORY OR SEDITIOUS ACTS. There are ample admissions by Jewish authorities that this is a statement of fact. [H: Mostly the persecutions came of self-inflicted garbage to fool all of the people all of the time, if possible--but it isn't possible is it? Only SOME of the people can be fooled ALL THE TIME and the most easily fooled are the ones "thinking" themselves to be Jewish in this instance. (The "Poor" Jew). Their term, not mine.]

In 1923, Maurice Samuels, a Jew, wrote and published a disastrously frank book called I, THE JEW! In it he stated "We Jews are born revolutionists. God made us and constituted us so that even if we achieved any of the ends which we so professedly desire, we would at once set about the overthrow of them as a matter of policy," and more to the same effect.

The Jew, Dr. Munzer, in his book THE WAY TO ZION boasts as follows: "We Jews have spoiled the blood of the races. We have tarnished and broken their power. We have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed and decayed."

The Jew, Dr. Weizman, in a pamphlet entitled "Great Britain, Palestine and the Jews" states: "Here we are, just Jews and nothing else, a nation among nations."

The Jew, Isaac Adolphe Cremieux, the founder of the Universal Jewish Alliance, says: "Our union is not a French one, nor English, nor Swiss, nor German. Nay, our union is Jewish and it is universal. Living in lands of dispersion, we cannot be concerned about the changing aims of those lands which are strange to us until the time when our own aims, both moral and material, are in danger. If you realize that, in spite of your cover nationalities, you form only one and the same people, if you believe that only Judaism constitutes the religion and political truth, you will listen to our appeal and you will accept it."

The Jew, Theodore Herzl, in an address, said: "It is our opinion that the Jewish question can be solved by the Jews themselves. We no longer want to wear the mask of any other nationality."

The Jew, Disraeli, in 1844, in his book CONINGSBY said: "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

Later, in his book LIFE OF LORD BENTINCK (PP 497-8) Disraeli says in regard to revolutionary outbreaks: "The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of man and the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form proviso governments, and men of the Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God cooperate with atheists; the most skillful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low caste of Europe! And all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name and whose tyranny they can no longer endure."

The Jew, Walther Rathenau, financial adviser to the Kaiser and agent of the Rothschilds, in the Weiner Press, December 24, 1921, said: "Only 300 men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of Europe. They select their successors from their own entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of any State which they find 'unreasonable'." On June 24, 1922 he was assassinated. [H: Typical Cahillian damage control.]

This sort of testimony is not manufactured to advance race prejudice from religious or economic spleen. It is the testimony of representatives and responsible Jews themselves.

Wherever Jews are cliqued together, in any country, there they are traditionalized to bring about in some form the emasculation of that country, that the worldwide Zionist government may eventually be realized.

Let us see briefly where this conspiracy began.

In the twelve centuries that transpired between the dispersing action of Titus, and the 1306 expulsion fiat of Philip IV of France, world Jewry had taken on a two-fold aspect. Jewry out of the Tribe of Judah and presided over in a temporal way by the Sadducean Sephardim, had in a manner of speaking, split into two parts or racial divisions. One-half migrated northward out of Palestine into what is now the Soviet Ukraine. Here they interbred further with Asiatic and Tartar Mongols, and caught in the western onrush of the horde of Genghis Kahn, they were swept in vast numbers through Poland into the Danube Valley. They became in time the ASH'KANAZI, or Mongoloid branch of world Jewry, comprising the great mass of Russian and German Jews. [H: Please refer back to that article you all wanted to deny, by GARY WEAN, where you said there were no such things as "Mongol Jews".] We have them today throughout America, roundheaded, grasping, alternately whining and arrogant, strict materialists, who openly consider Jewry to be not followers of a religion but a world-wide political State, in other words, a nation competitive with all other nations.

The other branch of Jewry migrated westward through countries adjacent to the Mediterranean, particularly throughout North Africa, where they intermarried with the Moors and Berbers and later with the Spaniards and the Portuguese. This racial division is known as the Sephardim Jews. Because of their strong infusion of Aryan blood, these Jews have the cleanly cut Grecian features, the cherry-black eyes, and the general characteristics of Spaniards and Arabs. They represent all that is finest and best in Jewry as we find it in the world today. Sephardim Jews are artistic and esthetic. They hold generally that Jewry is a religion and not a political State, though by no means are they adverse to standing with their AshKanazim brethren in presenting a united Jewish front against the Gentiles. Nevertheless, there is a certain schism fundamentally between these two major divisions of world Jews, and internal rivalry between their leaders has been responsible for more changes in international politics among the world's Gentile nations than the layman dreams. [H: If you think the differences are noted elsewhere--in today's Israel it is so pronounced that Sephardim Jews are outcasts. How do we KNOW, here, that this can be so? Well, when we first wrote about these things several years ago the efforts were full-bore to get the books and writings (mine) from here banned and many were stopped at the Canadian Border as "hate" and "revisionist" material. Funny thing is that the "revisionist" material came directly from the revising Jews and not from outside input. We have only brought forth HISTORICAL fact and revised no part of it.]

In world finance, economics and politics, the Mongoloid Ashkanazim Hebrews are represented by the great banking families of the Rothschilds (or Mayers) of Germany, the Sassoon families of Baghdad and the Orient, and the Samuels families of London. The Sephardim Hebrews are largely officialized by the Ginsberg families of France and Spain.

In the substance of the foregoing paragraph, if the Christian layman only knew it, lies the key that unlocks the seemingly inconsistent moves making for war or peace in scores of the world's Gentile nations.

About 1492 King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella found their kingdom in the same compromising situation, from Jewish encroachments, as earlier monarchs had confronted since the year 70 A.D. and which they had uniformly solved by consigning this non-social trouble-breeding people to live in Ghettos.

The well known edict of Charles VIII of France in 1489 ordered all Jews to embrace Christianity and become loyal citizens and good subjects or suffer forfeiture of their goods and chattels, also expulsion from his domain.

The heads of Sephardim Jewry thereupon wrote in their extremity to the Elders of Zion, the Sanhedrin then sitting in Constantinople [now Istanbul], asking for advice as to what they should do. The mischievous reply to this appeal has come up across the years of history, and shows itself as being directly responsible for the growth of the Zionist Movement throughout the Earth. These Constantinople Elders responded:

"Dear beloved brethren in Moses:

We have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians; do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts. [H: You know, intelligently handle that old Mark of the Beast.]

As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods; make your sons merchants, that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.

As for what you say about their attempts on your lives; make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians' lives.

As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues; make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.

As for the many other vexations you complain of; arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of State, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.

Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power."

Such was the direful and subtle Protocol of 1489 whose authenticity has never yet been successfully refuted of honestly denied by well-informed Jews. That it was acted upon in the Southern European countries with manifest success, the pages of history will attest. Jews everywhere penetrated the Catholic Church and arose to Christian religious power. The entire Jesuit Order, responsible for so much Catholic mischief throughout the world, was founded by a Jew, Ignatius Loyola. Out of Jesuitry came Adam Weishaupt and his infamous Illuminati, the vast and terrible secret society of Europe founded upon an introvert form of the Jewish CAHILLA, which at one time swept millions of Gentile Europeans into its murderous net.

The society, strongest in Germany where it had its home and where it perverted and subverted Christian Masonry through the machination of Frederick the Great, introduced what is known as the Grand Lodge Orient to Europe--or the co-Masonry against which every European monarch has set himself from time to time. Mussolini being the last to excommunicate its political intrigue. The most complete, detailed, and authenticated history of the movement, how it was financed by Jews as a gesture to get their release from European Ghettos are recounted in the works of the famous historian, Nesta H. Webster, author of The French Revolution, World Revolution, Secret Societies & Subversive Movements; and The Socialists Network.

The Illuminati, under the renegade Weishaupt, became in time an openly destructive Satanic Society, with everything in its doctrines and rituals the exact antithesis of Christianity. Enticing its victim into the first initial degrees by the most beautiful and altruistic of fraternal ideals and noble aspirations, gradually it wove about them a net of murderous Satanism. Implications in secret rites at length bound them securely to the organization with chains of steel. As Mrs. Webster has shown, the "ideals" of Illuminism were:

  1. Hatred of God and all forms of religion.

  2. Destruction of private property and inheritance.

  3. Absolute social and racial equality, promotion of class hatred.

  4. Destruction of all forms of either monarchal or democratic governments, including civil liberties, such as freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly and of trial by jury. [H: How many of you realize this is the point when "Talmudic" Law is referred to in court or among lawyers discussing how it "should" be?]

  5. Destruction of all nationalism, love of country, patriotism and allegiance to civil or political rulers.

  6. Abolition of marriage and practice of free love.


On page four of report No. 2290, Seventy First Congress, III Session, investigation of Communistic propaganda in America, the same articles are advanced as the definition of Russian-Jewish Communism in its fundamental aspirations. Indeed, the Jews, Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, in their nefarious works on Socialism and the instigation of the First International, "borrowed" the Illuminati program bodily, a flagrant plagiarism from Weishaupt's Satanism which has not been generally revealed.

The point we are getting at is, that the Ghetto-imprisoned Jews beheld in Illuminism exactly the weapon they needed to effect their emancipation. This brand of revolutionary philosophy further suited their inherent revolutionary temperaments. So we find indications of the German Jews embracing and helping to finance Weishaupt, until it became such a danger to the throne that the Illuminati was ordered to be disbanded. But it never disbanded. This edict but sent it underground. Thereupon, speaking figuratively and literally, the Ashkanizm Jews "took it over", and the history of Europe for the next hundred years, from the effects of this control, reads like a nightmare.

Mrs. Webster has brought out the full manipulations of the Illuminati Jews in organizing, conducting, and later suppressing, the French Revolution and Reign of Terror when they had accomplished their hidden purpose and removed certain royal personages who stood in the way of their ultimate command of Europe. We cannot enter into that long and sordid story here. But we must pay some attention to the escape of the German Jews from the Ghettos and the rise of the House of Rothschild or "Red Shield" in Germany. It presages the active identification of the most terrible international Jewish organization of modern times, the CAHILLA to which we will give much attention in a moment.

When William the Landgrave of Hesse came to power in Germany he was somewhat fanatical in the pursuit of his hobby, the collecting of rare and precious coins. In the adjacent Ghetto lived old Amshel Mayer, with five sons and five daughters. This Jew set himself to cultivate William and win his favor by presenting him with precious coins.

A strange and intimate friendship grew up between the two. Then comes a fearsome event, too little known to patriotic Americans. George III needed mercenaries to fight the revolting Colonials in the Americas. A deal was made with William the Landgrave for the use of 17,000 Hessians for which George III was to pay the sum of $20,000,000. Amshel Mayer was secretly in touch with the Colonial situation through American Jews, particularly Haym Salomon of Philadelphia, who made it possible for Robert Morris to finance the colonials who thus unwittingly placed themselves under obligations to the Jews as the following will show.

Observe what happened and how the pernicious circle of international events was maneuvered to spill the blood of colonial Americans, that the Jews might escape the Hamburg and Frankfort Ghettos. George III did not have the English soldiers requisite to fight a successful war with the colonies, yet was egged on by predatory and scheming Hebrews in the New World, of whom American historians are careful to make no mention. The Colonials were revolting and George III had to do something about it to maintain the prestige of the Crown. William's 17,000 Hessians were "offered" him. But only recently has it become known that back of it all was a deal whereby Amshel Mayer "Red Shield" (Rothschild) was to get the loan of that $20,000,000 for 20 years.

Naturally Haym Salomon, now eulogized for his great financial services to the struggling Colonials, was agreeable to backing them. By producing the Revolution in America, it meant that George III would have to use those Hessians to put down the insurrection. That meant that William the Landgrave would get the twenty millions that Amshel and his strategizing Jews could and would use to make the Ghettos things of history and finance his progeny and compatriots into important banking positions among the squabbling Christian monarchs of the continent.

So America had Bunker Hill, Yorktown, Valley Forge, Monmouth and Brandywine. When the smoke had cleared away and the dead were buried, in spite of all Jewry could do to the contrary, our founding fathers, after great hardship and political chaos, brought forth a Republic. A Republic is the Golden Mean between an Autocracy (where the few rule) and a Democracy (where the many rule through direct action). When some of the delegation to the Constitution Convention tried to inject the nostrums of Democracy into the Constitution, George Washington arose in anger and said: "Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The event is in the hands of God." [H: And after all, what did George Washington have to say about the Jews? "They (the Jews) work more effectively against us than the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America".]

Our Constitution provides for a Republic. A Republic is poison to World Jewry. On the other hand, it is easy for those with evil designs to gain control of a government which operates as a Democracy, hence the steady assault on the Constitution. A sleeping America has allowed its plan of government, as guaranteed in the Constitution, to be tossed aside and have embraced the phobia of Democracy by adopting the intitiative, the election of judges, the referendum and the direct primary. In doing this we have opened wide the gates for Internationalists to promote their campaigns against the Republic of the United States.

Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention. Our founding fathers repeatedly warned us to avoid this type of government. Our Constitution means to the science of Government what the digits mean to the science of arithmetic or the chromatic scale means to the science of music: In other words, it is the key to the science of government. In a Republic, the few are protected from the many, and the many from the few. "Jewocracy" or, in other words, Communism, easily takes a Democracy, turns it upside down, makes the many think they are to govern themselves, but in actuality the many are controlled by the worst sort of Autocracy. It is in that direction we are drifting today. [H: Well, now you know where you are in 1998--your "drifting" is over--you have arrived.]

Amshel "Red Shield" Rothschild got his twenty millions and freedom for his people from the Ghettos. Whereupon Jews immediately scuttled like cockroaches all over Europe. All the five sons of Amshel immediately made themselves solid with the leading bankers of five great continental capitals, and the five daughters were artfully married off to various foreigners and political Big-Wigs. France was an especial goal of exploitation where the German Jews wanted to "dig in" and entrench themselves against any influences of the more esthetic and spiritual Sephardims. So utilizing the nefarious Illuminati again, the French Revolution was subtilely precipitated. For a fuller history of Jewish manipulation of the Red Terror, read Mrs. Webster's books.

At any rate, when the French Revolution had accomplished its purposes, Count Cherep Spiridovich tells us that it had to be halted. So a conscienceless young Corsican was found who would have no compunction about shooting down his own people if it served his personal vanities and the aims of his military career. Napoleon was "chosen" by the "Red-Shields" (Rothschilds), equipped, financed, and sent forth to serve the further continental aims of International Jewry.

Napoleon is everywhere acclaimed as a great military genius. Nowhere except in the world's secret history is it revealed that "Red-Shield" (Rothschild) gold preceded him, made his military pathways as easy as possible without giving away this secret alliance, and made and unmade monarchs as it pleased the House of Rothschild to have them toppled around. But note that when Napoleon broke with the Jews and gave evidence of co-operating with the Catholic Pope, the skids were mysteriously put under him and he found himself on Elba. He staged a return and came to Waterloo. De Grouchy "mysteriously" was delayed in supporting him and his star had set. Meantime, Nathan Mayer, son of Amshel, on Sunday the Eighteenth of June, 1815 on the battle field at Waterloo, noting that the battle had gone strictly according to his plans, mounted a horse, rode to the coast, got a fast boat across to London, and sprang a panic on the English Exchange simulating a victory for Napoleon, which tumbled stocks down to zero where Nathan's agents scooped them in at panic prices. Next day, when the real truth became known, Nathan didn't need any more German loans to finance international Jewry. He had cleaned up in one of the greatest stockmarket coups in modern history.

So the "Red-Shield" (Rothschild) fortune which proceeded to make and unmake political regimes on the continent up to the time of the World War, was first founded on the dead bodies of American patriots and then securely established on a colossal lie which beggared thousands of Englishmen.

Incidentally, when Amshel came to pay back his loan to William the Landgrave, the Jew was made a present of the interest. Figured even at 4%, the interest on that amount for 20 years amounts of itself to 16 millions of dollars. Quite a tidy sum to receive as a "gift". [H: Well more recently they learned they could compound interest on certificates at 44%. My, that do add up, do it not?]

So the Rothschild fortune was launched, and its repository in America today is the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb & Company, whose late president Jacob Schiff presented Lenin with a cool million dollars to finance Russian-Jewish Bolshevism, now known as Communism, and whose younger generation helped to formulate, through Paul Warburg, the Federal Reserve banking system. [H: Note that these SAME parties came to own a monopoly on the pharmaceutical-chemical companies of the WORLD. Still feel safe with your prescription drugs and your "Association"-trained medical practitioners?]

With these facts as background--facts, by the way, that have never been denied by International Jewry--is it not rather patent why we cannot make headway in cleaning up America until this pernicious element is shorn of its power?

But there is yet a more fearsome factor in world Jewry of which the average layman knows next to nothing, which must be now considered:

The ancient Sanhedrin, that Jesus had excoriated in language that left nothing to diplomacy, and that had sent the pleasing response to the Sephardim Jews being "persecuted", had by no means been inactive throughout this time. Outgrowing Palestine, capitalizing on all Jewish "persecutions", effectively carrying on the fight for Christian tolerance toward this scheming, predatory people, it began to adopt a world-wide aspect after the admirable maneuverings of the Mayer clan. Thus do we arrive at the impressive construction of the CAHILLA.

Americans living in New York frequently hear of the Hebrews giving Cahilla parties in various city blocks, but that the Cahilla is a vast network of espionage and predatory actionism for worldwide Jewry, and that it correlates the progress of the Jewish nationalists all over the Earth, has only been authentically uncovered since the Boer War, mostly by British military and secret service agents.

Try to grasp fully what now is to be disclosed.

In the time of George Washington there were about 4,000 Jews in this country. Most of them were already well-to-do traders. In 1783 the United States became the first country to grant them full civil equality, and ever since then they have enjoyed political equality. [H: Well, you recognize that they are treated more equally than everybody else.]

Today there is said to be, taking the Jew's word for it, 18,000,000 Jews in the world, and about 4,400,000 of that number are in the United States, where they control 60 percent of the vital interests of our country.

Taking the word of the military of the various countries, instead, however, it is probable that the figure of 23,000,000 Jews for the whole world is the more nearly accurate. Whether the true figure is 14,000,000 or 23,000,000, when the statement is made that they are entirely and effectively controlled by one international organization, so constructed that one man rules it from the top, the information is labeled fantastic. But wait! Listen to what espionage agents of several countries have attested before responsible committees:

The Jews of the world divide the Earth first into two hemispheres, the Eastern and the Western. As the United States lies in the Western Hemisphere, we will confine ourselves to that alone.

THE CAHILLA is constructed on the symbol of Seven.

First, however, over each hemisphere is put a PRINCE of Jewry known as a SPONSOR. There is a SPONSOR for the Eastern Hemisphere, and a SPONSOR for the Western Hemisphere. Reliable authority has attested, by the way, that the SPONSOR for the Western Hemisphere is none other than "a pinch hitter for Presidents", which explains why this gentleman occupies his position of such tremendous economic, financial and political importance in American State affairs. He is the absolute overlord of about ten millions of Jews in this Western Hemisphere. He orders their lives and their affairs and they in turn make it their business to see that he is kept ensconced in his power over American Officialdom.

The SPONSOR for the Eastern Hemisphere is not of consequence in this article. But do not miss the very important fact that both SPONSORS for both hemispheres are accountable only to AKAD HA'AM, the Unknown and Uncrowned King of Jewry throughout the Earth, whose identity is kept a guarded secret.

AKAD HA'AM rules the Jews of the Earth by an effective and devastating system. He has, as has been said, his PRINCE-SPONSOR in each hemisphere. Then under these PRINCE-SPONSORS falls the seven-times-seven organization.

Under each SPONSOR there are SEVEN ARCH-CENSORS.


Under each MINISTER there are SEVEN HERALDS.

Under each HERALD there are SEVEN COURIERS.

Under each COURIER there are SEVEN SCRIVENORS.

Under each SCRIVENOR there are SEVEN AUDITORS.

Under each AUDITOR there are SEVEN MUTES.

This figures out to 960,800 influential Jews in each hemisphere (or a world total of 1,921,601) organized into a tight, rigidly-controlled body, every man knowing all the men under him but only the one man above him, and all responsive to the PRINCE-SPONSOR at the top.

There is no Jew of consequence in North America who is not involved in this terrible organization--terrible at least in its power for predatory control of Christian society--or who is not listed somewhere down the line on the roster of its obedient adherents.

Until this organization is broken and stamped out of American life, the United States can know neither peace nor stability, not to mention safety. For its control puts it in perfect working mechanism with all the influential Jews of the European continent and the Orient. At this moment it is making and unmaking governments, starting or stopping wars at its pleasure, controlling the most intricate dealings of the League of Nations, dominating political officialdom, determining the money standards of nations, including America's, directing its economics, intimidating or controlling the nation's newspapers, radio, and movie screen, so that nothing can be released by any of these that is inimical to its far-flung interests.

Careful students and economists who are not in its pay, have traced the prevailing depression in America directly to its threshold. Presidents have been elected by its money. Its directing heads and their satraps often camouflaged politely in press and Congress as "International Bankers" have been assiduously engaged at Buying-in-America at bankrupt prices, completely looting and eliminating the United States permanently from its pathway as a major power, reducing it to the status of a third rate vassal state subject to their officers--Isaacs, Sassoon, Samuels, et al.--in the so-called "British" Cabinet.

This is the atrocious cabal to whom President Wilson referred on his return from Versailles when he said that "there was a secret power in Europe with which he could not cope." This is the terrible power that had started the World War in furtherance of its schemes, so powerful in British as well as German affairs that the statement is made on reliable authority that orders were given to the British Admiralty and air forces that at no time during the war were Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfort to be raided, shelled or bombed, because their homes and families were there and they had no intention of suffering physically or jeopardizing their lives in this war which they had conceived for their own world plans and financial profit.

Sir Douglas Haig, English Field Marshal, strictly under the thumb of his CAHILLA-agent secretary, Philip Sassoon of the family of Baghdad Jews, gave it out that the English were too "humane" to bomb cities holding innocent women and children. That suited gullible Christians, and heaped full odium on the "Germans" who ordered such atrocities from Berlin to be perpetrated on London.

Small wonder that with the whole Christian world, hoodwinked into an international war, killing each other's nationals off by the hundreds of thousands, that the CAHILLA Hebrews celebrated Der Tag, or the day of Judah coming into its own, when the Christian corpses were buried and that many ordoriferous Christians were removed from terra firma. [H: Do you begin to see better WHY the Jews insist on a bombing of Iraq (Baghdad) and Saddam Hussein?]

The CAHILLA officials had perfected their power over Germany and the Germans long before the outbreak of the war. In fact, their ascendency dates back to Bismarck, the half-Jew (Bismarck's mother was the Jewess Louisa Menken) who saw to it that Germany was turned over to the PRINCES of Jewry back in 1870 exactly as America is being turned over to the PRINCES of Jewry in 1934.

The Youth Movement of Germany, smashing this oligarchy, will be viewed in the proper perspective as one of the great social phenomena of our times. Consider the war situation and its aftermath in Germany.

The Jews were the only people who were able to use Bismarck so that all liberal reforms in Germany would turn out to the profit of the Jews.

An industrialist who visited the Prussian War Ministry in September, 1914, told with amazement that he found Jews predominating in this high office, and not German officers and military officials as he had expected.

Herr Walther Rathenau, a Jew, sat in a large room, at an enormous secretary writing table and "dispensed" or gave away army contracts. Around him were seated, almost without exception, Jewish clerks and Jewish business people.

The feeble government under Emperor Wilhelm II, which had already favored Jews in all important positions, allowed this to happen, owing to its embarrassment and perplexity. In the course of the war, the fact arose conspicuously to the surface that since the beginning of Wilhelm II's reign, the Jews had been the real rulers of the German Empire.

For the previous 15 years those in immediate personal contact with the Kaiser were mainly Jewish financiers. Jewish manufacturers and Jewish merchants like Emil and Walther Rathenau, Balin, Schwabach, James Simon, Friedlander-Fuld, Goldberger, Guttman, Hulshinisky, Kaisenstein and others.

Upon the change from the old regime to the new, that is, from the monarchy to the so-called republic, the cabinet composed of six men, which substituted the Ministry of State, was dominated by the Jews Haase and Landsberg. Haase had control of foreign affairs. His assistant was the Jew Kautsky, a Czech, who in 1918 was not even a German citizen. [H: Sounds like the U.S. state of the Cabinet in 1998.]

Associated with Haase were the Jews Cohen and Herzfeld. The Jewish financial Minister of State was Schiffer, assisted by the Jew Bernstein. The Secretary of the Interior was the Jew Pruess, with the Jew Dr. Fround for his assistant. The Jew Fritz Max Cohen was government publicity agent.

The Kingdom of Prussia duplicated this condition of affairs. The Jews Hirsch and Rosenfeld dominated the Cabinet, with Rosenfeld controlling the Department of Justice and Hirsch the Department of the Interior. The Jew Simon was engaged in the Treasury Department. The Prussian Department of Justice was wholly manned and operated by Jews. The Jew Kastenberg was Director of the Department of Art. The War Food Supply was directed by the Jew Wurm, while in the State Food Department were the Jews Dr. Hirsch and the Heheimarat Dr. Stradthagen. The Soldier's and Workmen's Committee was directed by the Jew Cohen, with the Jews Stern, Hertz, Katsenstein, Lowenberg, Frankel, Israelowicz, Laubenheim, Seligsch, Laufenberg, Heimann, Schlesinger, Marz and Weyl having control of the various activities of the Committee.

The Jew Ernst was Chief of Police at Berlin. In the same office in Frankfurt was the Jew Sinzheimer, in Munich the Jew Steiner, in Essen the Jew Levy.

It will be remembered that the Jew Wisner was President of Bavaria, his financial adviser being the Jew Jaffe. Bavaria's trade and commerce were in the hands of the half-Jew Brentano. The Jews Lipinsky and Schwarz were active in the government of Saxony; the Jews Thalheimer and Heiman in Wurtemburg, the Jew Fulda in Essen.

Two of the delegates sent to the Peace Conference were Jews and a third was notoriously the tool of Jewish purposes. In addition, Jews swarmed through the German delegation as "experts" and "advisers"--Max Warburg, Dr. von Strauss, Morton, Oska, Oppenheimer, Dr. Jaffe, Deutsch, Brentano, Struck, Wasserman and Mendelsohn-Bartholdi.

Is it any wonder that with such a state of affairs obtaining, little should have been espoused by the pure-blooded German people as a leader who would rid them of this CAHILLA Frankenstein, whose American arm has already become quite as offensive to enlightened persons here in the United States.

[H: And come on, readers, with this PARTICULAR ruling government--do you REALLY THINK THAT THE JEWS DID NOT CONTROL THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS? Come on back to Earth, little children, and get out of La-La Land. Then AFTER the war the worst of these Cahilla physician monsters, and scientist-physicists who came with the atom-bomb--came directly from the heart of these Cahilla Kahal. Note that this was in 1934 so the Second World War had not been staged but the preparations were laid as you will see.]

Hitler preached a doctrine of "Germany for the Germans" [H: But he was half Jewish.] and we should preach a doctrine of "America for Americans". Hitler used a steel wedge to "split a hardwood block" and immediately when he had gained power and started breaking up this CAHILLA monopoly, the CAHILLA set its machinery at work all over the world to vilify and misrepresent him, suggest boycotts, and to introduce resolutions in houses of government that if acted upon would easily have led to war. It is obvious that the public CAHILLA press--which constitutes about 90% of American metropolitan newspapers--the radio and the screen, received their orders to acclaim Hitler as a monster and "persecutor" who had "set Europe back into the Dark Ages". [H: Not unlike what is being done with William Clinton as we speak. Do you really think the Iraqis and the Arabs think the U.S. is so all-fired humane? They recognize you for what you have become, a Jewish Satanic Empire.] Protest meetings were held, the old whine about Christian tolerance for God's Chosen People was dragged forth again, dusted off and made to do service in stirring up protests. Hitler had thrown a big monkey wrench into the CAHILLA'S machinery in its steady progress for international domination, and with characteristic lack of any sportsmanship, the Jews began to gather around a new wailing wall and fill the air of the nations with their hypocritical lamentations. Wherever a Jew is blocked in the accomplishment of a predatory scheme against Gentiles, he will immediately whine "persecution or "lack of tolerance". [H: But my goodness, Gentiles, you just don't seem to ever run out of tolerance, do you?]

The story of what happened in England, placing England in Jewish CAHILLA power, is too long to be told here, but Great Britain's vassalage to the Sassoons, the Samuels, the Monds, is quite as complete as that of pre-Hitler Germany. The conquest of Russia by them, resulting in Jewish Communism, would require several reams to be told completely.

It is obvious that here in the United States, since 1917, the oligarchy has been conducting affairs with a very high hand, until America has been pulled down to ruin and near-chaos.

Under "The Pinch Hitter" are:

Judges Brandeis and Cardoza, Stephen A. Wise, Samuel Untermyer, Eugene F. Meyer, Jr., Otto Kahn, Felix M. Warburg, Felix Frankfurter, Edward A. Filene, Bayard Swope, and a host of lesser luminaries. High in the government service we already have over a score of Jews while the offices of the various "Recovery Administrations", as well as diplomatic posts, are crowded with them, to say nothing of the numbers of Jewish unofficial advisers.

At the peak stand the following:

Bernard M. Baruch--Adviser to the President.

Henry Morgenthau, Jr.--Secretary of the Treasury.

Jesse Isador Straus--Ambassador to France.

Mordecai Ezekiel--Economist--Department of Agriculture.

Alexander Sachs--NIRA--Economist (Research and Planning division).

Rose Schneiderman--NIRA--Labor Advisory Board.

Sidney Hillman--Labor Advisory Board.

Charles E. Wyzanski--Labor Dept. (Solicitor of the Dept. of Labor).

Samuel Rosenman--Unofficial Adviser to President.

James Paul Warburg--Treasury Department.

Herbert Feis--Brain Trust Adviser.

Charles W. Taussig--Brain Trust Adviser.

Samuel Goldenweiser--Director of Division of Research and Statistics (Federal Reserve System).

Nathan R. Margold--Solicitor--Department of Interior.

Robert Straus--NIRA--Assistant to General Johnson.

Lloyd N. Landau--General Solicitor of Public Works Board.

Maurice Karp--Personnel Director--NRA (Trains recovery employees).

Robert Kohn--Special Adviser of Public Works Administration.

Isador Lubin--Director, Bureau of Labor Statistics (Dept. of Labor).

David R. Lilienthal--Tennessee Valley Authority Counsel.

Jerome Frank--Counsel--Farm Relief Administration.

Celeste Jedal--Delegate to London Economic Conference.

Leo Wolman--Chairman--Labor Advisory Board.

Louis Kirstein--R.F.C. Adviser (Member, Industrial Recovery Board).

Lawrence A. Steinhardt--Ambassador to Sweden.

Samuel Meisels--Special Investigator Tennessee Valley Authority.

Ferdinard Pecora--District Attorney General--Dept. of Justice.

Wm. C. Bullitt--Ambassador to USSR.

Simon E. Sobeloff--District Attorney General.

[H: Please pay close attention to this next:]

It is obvious that the sack of the United States Treasury, the collapse of American Industry, the taking of America off the gold standard, the repudiation of its fiscal contracts by the Federal Reserve [H: Hold that one in your hearts--because they could NOT repudiate that which was a U.S. debt prior to the turn of the century.], the agitation for the cancellation of the war debts--are naught but carefully laid maneuvers for so emasculating and undermining Christian America that she can never again offer effective resistance to Europe, or to Jerusalem, when the latter city has been made the Capital of a completely Judaized world.

With the foregoing as a brief background, you will grasp to some extent, the scope of the rehabilitation which MUST be accomplished in America.

Oscar Strauss was coming across the Staten Island Ferry to Manhattan one morning, some months before his death, when he was joined by a Gentile neighbor who noted the distress on the old philanthropist's face. He gently interrogated Mr. Strauss as to what might be depressing him.

"It is my people," returned the Jew and he wagged his head in unutterable sadness. "I'm telling you, my friend, that if my people do not mend their ways and be good citizens in fact, PRETTY SOON THE TIME IS COMING WHEN AMERICA IS GOING TO SEE POGROMS BESIDES WHICH THE POGROMS OF EUROPE HAVE BEEN NOTHING, NOTHING!" [H: LISTEN UP FOR NOW THESE POGROMS ARE CALLED HOLOCAUSTS AND WHAT IS PLANNED IS BEYOND DESCRIPTION FOR YOU-THE-PEOPLE.]

Nothing is the matter with America but the aliens who have been admitted to her hospitality, and who have shamelessly abused Christian sportsmanship and tolerance to sack her commerce and debauch her institutions.

[H: Face it here and now: The Cahilla ARE the ones from the Cosmos without recognition of God Creator or the Christ concept. They never went beyond pretense to be anything else. They were from the Serpent Races and called themselves Serpent People when they were placed on this planet. They now call themselves: Jews, even usurping the very heritage of some HUmans already on your planet. They serve god Lucifer-Satan and facts are facts.]

It only remains for enough Americans to grasp the facts which are daily becoming everywhere more patent.

What will happen then?

We must sweep out our half-baked radical theorists with whom we have been tolerant too long... We must not persecute a minority group and, on the other hand we must not permit such a group to enslave the majority. The radical theorists should find no shelter in our schools or churches where they spread of their poisonous doctrine among the young.

We must sweep from our legislative halls the tainted and dangerous meddlers and replace them with practical men who know the difference between an unworkable theory and workable fact.

We must acquire the sturdy stamina of our forefathers whose grim determination knew no compromise with the forces of Anarchy wherever found.

It is true that there is no time to waste; but before we act, we must be in possession of the facts that have been withheld.

These facts have now been spread before the reader for his examination and his verdict.

The hour for decision has come. America's fate hangs in the balance. Whether we are to continue an orderly march towards a higher and even yet higher civilization or are to witness the overthrow of our progress, depends upon the actions we take not next year nor next month but upon the actions we take today. [H: But nobody listened, did they?]

The situation will be corrected when the now unorganized majority realizes that our times demand that the majority must organize and, matching organization against organization, regain the ascendency because of their superior numbers. The hour has passed for disputations. "Actions, not words," must be our motto.

It was through actions, following straight thinking, that our country was fashioned and formed and only through action and straight thinking will America be preserved.

If loyal Americans, the majority of the population, organize without further delay to combat the organized subversive minorities that have made headway only because of organization, the menace of Internationalism, Socialism, Communism and all other anti-Americanisms, and anarchy will be stamped out and real liberty will be preserved.

Any further delay will be fatal. The perpetuity of our ideals and our institutions depends upon immediate action and immediate organization of right thinking, patriotic Americans. We must drive from control those organized minorities who are conspiring to overthrow the Republic and the Constitution of the United States of America.

And surely no one can deny that the American Constitution has been and is the victim of assault by those whose vagaries would wreck a world.

Awake, Americans, before it is too late!!!


I can't leave this dangling since obviously there have been many wars and more tightly wrapped take-over of all portions of your lives in America, not to mention the destruction in so many ways of the whole of the rest of the globe.

I am going to remind you that these CAHILLA mercenaries brought the slaves, have usurped everything from the Blacks--only recently taking everything from other races as well in the U.S.A. I will tell you now that you cannot recover this mess without the NATIVE AMERICANS who still, at least, sit on some sovereign lands which are being taken fully from them as we write today. This last offering was written in 1934, some 64 years ago. That is half a century, more than two-thirds of a lifetime for you humans.

They have lied to you and even taken YOUR CHRIST and you let them while supporting their outrageous thefts. You wallow in some "Rapture" with irresponsibility as its foundation based on BLOOD. The PLAN is to dead you foolish people and it might well be too late. The hope is that those people already "taken" will cease to tolerate the thieving and my dear people--THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM AS TO STAGGER YOUR THOUGHTS.

You may well think that nobody can do anything because these Cahillas control all of the MONEY in the world. No, they DO NOT for their MONEY is based on nothing. It is empty of value--it is based on NOTHING.


Adonai, Aton.


Hatonn has asked us to run the Freedman letter to Goldstein, [Facts Are Facts, From One "Jew" To Another; Long Buried Truth Must Be Revealed] OFTEN [A letter from a Jew to a Jew covering information that is critical for all to know if we are to restore any political freedom to our dying world]. It offers good information along with excellent reference material. HE FEELS IT URGENTLY NECESSARY TO KEEP CONSTANT REMINDERS BEFORE OUR READERS, AND THE JEWS, THAT WE ARE ONLY REPRINTING INFORMATION. THIS IS OUR KEY TO SURVIVAL AS A PAPER AND AS PEOPLE.

In this letter Mr. Freedman covers many topics several of which are: Jesus Was Not A Jew-- Some Of The History Of The Modern Day Jew And His Origins--Some Of The History Of The Talmud [Some Very Important Quotes From It Including Permission For Sexual Attacks Upon Babies, Etc.]--The Kol Nidre Oath. The Very Harmful Influence The Talmud and Kol Nidre Writings Have Exerted On The Entire World For Centuries--The Jews Are Not Any Part Of The "Lost Ten Tribes".

This letter takes over 100 pages in a Journal so we will only give the sources for it: Phoenix Journal #223 BIRTHING THE PHOENIX, Vol. 2 & #233 RISE OF ANTICHRIST, Vol. 5 or CONTACT March 17, 1998, Vol. 20, #4.

Appendix Of Definitions

Excerpt from HATONN writing 3/7/98 #1:

My goodness, only a couple of weeks into our topic and the sky is falling Rennie-Pennie. By the way, "You and all your readers are anti-Semitic," say a couple of the writers, "this is hate literature..." and "Tell us again your definitions because these writings are made to look like research."

I don't care what they look like, readers. I am using material researched in the early '20s. I don't, nor did I, make the rules of action for those calling themselves Jews. I don't call them Jews; they named themselves that over a thousand years after Immanuel, the one you call Jesus, was long gone. They priorly called themselves "The Serpent People", also known as Khazarian (many spellings of this word), and when a "religion" was required of them--they took up the Judean "faith" (misdefinition). They were commercially oriented and warriors, with the more blood spilled the better--and they called "that" sacrifice. They never pretended to be Semites until in the modern last century and a half when it could be used as a tool against Gentiles. There is no recognized "in- between"; there are, according to the self-styled, self-named "Jews", ONLY JEWS AND GENTILES.

You see, readers, I can't help it if you know NO HISTORY--for it is all available for your investigation.

If we deal with this confusion, also realize that CONFUSION is the number one tool of this group of nomadic peoples.

SEMITE: 1. A member of any of the peoples supposedly descended from Shem, the eldest son of Noah. (So the "Jews" of today ARE NOT SEMITES, nor are the Judeans or Hebrews.) 2. a Jew (but note this is only a MODERN classification in the Encyclopedia). 3. a member of ANY OF THE VARIOUS ANCIENT AND MODERN peoples originating in SW Asia, including the Sumerians, Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, and ARABS.

SEMITIC: 1. An important SUBfamily of AFRO-ASIATIC languages, including Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew.

SEMITICS: The study of the Semitic languages, literature, etc. [H: So, perhaps this is where they get bent out of shape for, in studying the languages, history and literature, we find that the "Jew" does not fit into these categories--as Semites.]

SEMITISM: A term coined to refer to the "modern" Jew. It is a word or idiom peculiar to, derived from, or characteristic of a Semitic language. [H: But YIDDISH is a separate language MADE to fit the Talmudic people and laws.]

So, the controlled meaning set forth by the so-called Jews: A disparaging or antagonistic attitude or hostile act toward a Jewish person, Jewish organization or the religion of Judaism. [H: This, further, only refers to the "Yiddish" "Jew" and not the Middle East Judeans or Semites. Remember that Semites come from the Tribe of Shem—and these people in point DO NOT.]

COVERT INTENT: Used to disarm, intimidate and confuse Christians (GENTILES OF ALL RACES, CREEDS, COLOR) into submission to Jews at the expense and eventual destruction of Christianity.


JEW: The word "Jew" did not appear in actual use until over 1000 years after the resurrection of "Jesus". It means someone who adheres to the religion of Judaism (modern PHARISAISM). The modern "Jew" of "Jewish Culture" has NO RACIAL SIGNIFICANCE. "Jews" are some of the most racially MIXED people on Earth due to their multi-national history, their practice of interracial marriage, as well as their contemporary international bias. Over 90% of "Jews" today are descended from the ancient Khazars--a racially NON-SEMITIC people from East Europe.


We need one more definition:

GENTILE: The modern CONTROLLED MEANING is anyone who is not a Jew of the above classification.

TRUE MEANING: From the LATIN word "gentilis", meaning "of the same gens, clan or race."

In the Bible the more modern world Gentile is a mistranslation of the actual Old Testament Hebrew word "goy", and the Greek New Testament word "ethnos"--both meaning "NATION OR PEOPLE" (ANY nation or people).

CAHILLA: The ones from the Cosmos without recognition of God Creator or the Christ concept. They never went beyond pretense to be anything else. They were from the Serpent Races and called themselves Serpent People when they were placed on this planet. They now call themselves Jews, even usurping the very heritage of some HUmans already on your planet. They serve god Lucifer-Satan and facts are facts.

YIDDISH: NOT Hebrew. Yiddish is a language created for the self-styled parties who came to call themselves Jews and to suit the needs of the TALMUD AND BE UTILIZED IN THE PROTOCOLS. It is much like using a code as in World War II when Native language was used and could not be deciphered. How much do you think, as a Russian, you might understand of Lakota Sioux? By using the Talmud and Yiddish--everyone, including the Hebrew-speaking Jews, could be fooled until it was too late to change horses.

3/24/98 #1 HATONN

Keep the following definition handy for continual reference please:

ANTICHRIST: 1. a particular personage or power, variously identified or explained, who is conceived of as appearing in the world as the principal antagonist of Christ. 2. An opponent of Christ, a person or power antagonistic to Christ and/or Christ's teaching. 3. A person or power who discounts or denies or ignores the presence or teachings of Christ in God's instructions and which or who practices that which is considered to be not "christian" in attitude or function. 4. Satanists and those of any "order" who discount goodly and socially acceptable, as "christian", attitudes and set themselves up as authority to present interpretations of behaviors and teachings other than those of Christ as accepted as the Spiritual attitude of goodness.




"CHRIST": A Spiritual "state of being" in goodness.

"ANTICHRIST": That which is humanistically related to non-Spiritual thought and actions. Teachers of the Christ "way" in the human physical form are classified as "christians" but the beings most prominently offered as "Christs" are NOT. They are teachers assuming the laws of God/Christ. This includes Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc. Most of these laws as written in the accepted "Holy Books" are grossly tampered and misrepresent the actual instructions of God, in order to more closely fit the wishes and desires of the human individual or social "order" of any group or groups.



Antichrist has no selective ethnic, racial, national or color identification. Creed is the deciding factor and that is recognized in intent and/or action expressed.

Antichrist is usually defined as Atheistic, Agnostic, Unchristian, Immoral and Unlawful, a Usurper, and several other directly identifiable attributes within or expressed by an individual in a negative consideration.

Antichrist is basically that which is in opposition to the accepted teachings of Christ/God within the laws as accepted as guidelines expressed as the Ten Commandments of the Christian following of the New Testament or the Hebrew teachings of the Old Testament.

Any CHURCH or person who deviates from these accepted laws as presented and accepted as Christ principles is, by definition, Antichrist. A person may proclaim Christ as an entity, but Christ is only an individual "state of being in Spiritual awareness".

CHRISTED: One who is SPIRITUALLY in alignment and intent within God Creator and deviates not from the moral, ethical, and lawful aspects of Christ-like teachings.

This could go on and on for pages into the hundreds--but suffice it to say that you have two working "parties" in human expression: those who are Spiritually accepting of soul as relative to God, and those who deny that relationship and are basically limited to Humanistic intent and thoughts.

Bad and good, good and evil are accepted terms defining intent and actions of individuals and often erroneously applied to groups. A group is made up of individuals who usually adopt a singular or very similar ideology. In every instance a group is a gathering or clump of individuals--perhaps bearing no similarity.

JUDGMENT: Only ACTIONS of individuals can be judged. A person is simply a person from which actions take place through intent: good, bad, or otherwise. To judge another is but to judge SELF for SELF is the only basis upon which JUDGMENT can be made--utilizing the laws as set forth by man in legislative forum or as accepted societally as being goodly laws of Deity or Spiritual Acceptance. In a court of law a PERSON should not be JUDGED, but rather, the actions of that INDIVIDUAL or MULTIPLES ACTING IN ONE EXPRESSION AS A WHOLE, are the factors for JUDGMENT. INTENT to ACT, until action is verified, is not a judged offense unless that intent is EXPRESSED IN SOME MANNER. MAN WORKS ON PHYSICAL EXPRESSION ONLY AND GOD/CHRIST WORKS ONLY ON THE MERITS OR DEMERITS OF "INTENT" IN CONNECTION WITH EXPRESSED THOUGHT OF/TO ACTION.

Now, I am asked for some examples. Fine, there are so many examples of every little illicit and unlawful action taking place in high places as to be a mass of confusion. The actions are all you have with which to consider INTENT of any individual. So, let us consider President Bill Clinton and his seemingly unique approach to sexual relationships. He goes to Church and it seems ANY church is fine with him. He clutches his "Holy Bible" in one hand and his "pretend" loving wife on his other arm. But he goes forth and breaks EVERY ONE OF THE LAWS OF GOD, even as laid forth by man as acceptable behavior.

Perhaps you need refreshing as to those Ten Commandments. I can do that but you will see that some of them are simply tossed in for the CONVENIENCE AND POWER CONTROL by MAN over others desired to be under control.

* You shall have no other gods before Me.

* You shall not misuse the name of the Lord, your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses His name.

* Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.

* Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.

* You shall not kill.

* You shall not commit adultery.

* You shall not steal.

* You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

* You shall not covet that which is another's. You shall not covet another's spouse or any property of another.

I have chosen to briefly outline those given in Exodus of your Old Testament for those are the ones which should be identified as being Hebrew oriented. I use the term "Hebrew" for I know no people calling themselves "Jews" who adhere to these laws today.

I, further, note most Christians not adhering to these Commandments TODAY.

Please note that even in the Old Testament the commands are not ended with "EXCEPT IF, WHEN, BUT, OR..."

Now, readers, IF THESE ACTUALLY BE THE INSTRUCTIONS OF "THE LORD", WHAT HAVE WE GOING HERE TODAY? AND if these be the accepted teachings of JESUS CHRIST, what can you make of the deviations FROM THESE LAWS? And how do you equate your opinions or interpretations against, or within, any OTHER religion than your own who assembled your opinions FOR YOU?



All written material is MAN-MADE. THOUGHT is of God and one can proclaim that his thoughts or the written word comes from God—but language and the activity of writing is human physical action. The actual expression in writing is that which must be JUDGED, not even the writer or printer or seer can be judged--ONLY THE WORD.

Now, let us consider and use some simple deductions in REASONING and LOGIC. We are now talking about two groups of individuals forming identifiable groupings OF RELIGION AND RELIGIOUS ASPECTS: Jews and Christians. This is to keep our writings from being confusing, if at all possible, for we are not going to discuss, here, OTHER RELIGIONS.


Now, also consider this: the Hebrew Israelites did not and do not accept EMMANUEL ESU OF THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH AS THE MESSIAH. Saul of Tarsus then labeled the man, who was thought to be Christed, Jesus. This happened AFTER, long after, the absence of the actual Emmanuel Esu of the House of Joseph. So, we can call him "Jesus" if that pleases you--or you can call that individual human energy form ANYTHING YOU PLEASE. But HOW you call him is the point of the writing here.

It is then made clear that the NEW TESTAMENT was written some 300 years AFTER the moving on, whatever, of this person, even if you call him Jesus. The Gospels were compiled, as was the New Testament, into Arabic, Aramaic and some Hebrew languages, then into other languages such as Greek, etc. The final translations were into German and the German scholars chose and assembled the New Testament. Then the books were further tampered with and translated, as to please the wondrous King James, into ENGLISH. Now, there are hundreds of versions of re-translated material to suit every sect and cult that comes along.

The point here, however, is that the Israelite Hebrews believed in the Old Testament and honored a book or scrolls they called the Torah. The Christians honored the book called the New Testament. So, from these opposite and estranged ideas of one denying this Christ messiah and the other accepting this Christ messiah AS THE GOD--how do you come to a merging of these opposing ideas? Well, THE WAY YOU DO IT IS TO DENY AND ACCEPT BOTH AS ADJUSTED TO THE NEED OF THE PRESENTER AND PRACTITIONER. And, in that tradition, the Christian accepts everything good or bad in the Old Testament which supposedly was no longer valid with the birth of Jesus. But Jesus wasn't the "MAN'S" name. Then later you find that this after-named "Jesus" is the expected MESSIAH of the Illuminati and the Freemasonic cornerstone of their temple. WHOSE TEMPLE? The TALMUDISTS! They call themselves Jews-- but they are NOT. They call themselves anything and everything they choose to make their humanistic practice of Luciferian behavior the LAW OF THE LAND.

In this evolvement BOTH Hebrew and Christian ideals have been totally usurped and LOST. It does not matter WHAT you call the opposing entities--the facts remain the same, don't they?

Just as a little rule of thumb on these topics as to religion, spiritual, or whatever you are doing: they are THREE DIFFERENT THINGS, OF WHICH, USUALLY, NONE ARE GODLY, BUT RATHER, STRUCTURED AND GUIDELINED BY SOME HUMAN PERSON.

HUMAN is conceived and birthed (created) knowing right from wrong as part of his very being. So what happens? Indeed, what does happen to that perfect soul and mind?

Salu, Hatonn.

[The list of definitions will be added to in future Journals as they are revealed to us.]

What Are The Phoenix Journals?

Many people have asked us what the PHOENIX JOURNALS are. They contain the true history (His-story) of mankind on this planet as well as detailed information about the most asked about and wondered about subjects (i.e., Spirituality, E.T.s, our origin, our purpose here on this planet, etc.). Commander Hatonn and the other Higher Spiritual Teachers who have authored these JOURNALS, weave spiritual lessons and insights throughout the unveiling of lies which have been deceptively forced upon us, throughout time, by the Elite anti-Christ controllers. These JOURNALS are the "DEAD SEA SCROLLS" of our time. Their importance in the growth of mankind cannot be overstated. They are the textbooks of understanding which God promised us we would have, to guide us through the "End Times".

Here is what Commander Hatonn has said about the PHOENIX JOURNALS. Quoting from JOURNAL #40, THE TRILLION DOLLAR LIE, Vol.II, pgs. 47 & 48: "Some day in the far recesses of the future experiences of another human civilization—these JOURNALS will be found and TRUTH will again be given unto the world manifest so that another lost civilization can regain and find its way. God always gives His creations that which they need when the sequence is proper. It is what man DOES WITH THESE THINGS which marks the civilization. WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE????? I focus on current activities which might turn your world about in time to save your ecosystems and your sovereignty as nations and peoples. You cannot wait to be filled in on the lies of the generations lest you wait until too late to take control of your circumstance presently within the lies. YOU ARE A PEOPLE OF MASSIVE DECEPTION AND WHAT YOU WILL DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IN ACTION DETERMINES YOUR PURPOSE AND GROWTH IN THIS WONDROUS MANIFESTED EXPERIENCE—WILL YOU PERISH PHYSICALLY OF THE EVIL INTENT, OR WILL YOU MOVE INTO AND WITHIN THE PLACES OF HOLY CREATOR? THE CHOICE IS YOURS."



1. SIPAPU ODYSSEY ISBN 1-56935-045-0




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9. SATAN'S DRUMMERS ISBN 1-56935-054-X

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