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(Please note: Publication ceased in September 2007)

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In March 1999, lacking sufficient funds to publish any more Phoenix Journals in the form of the little white books, Commander Hatonn instructed that the masthead of the newsletter should be changed to CONTACT - The Phoenix Journal; i.e., the newspaper became the Journal, or ongoing record of the Phoenix Project.  In March 2005, the masthead changed one more time to become CONTACT - Phoenix Journal Review, suggesting that enough information had been put forth and it had become time for reviewing all of the information provided.

From its inception in January 1990 through September 1991, this newsletter was known as the Phoenix Journal Express.  After a few issues as the Phoenix Express the name was changed to the Phoenix Liberator in October 1991.  Beginning with the March 30, 1993 issue it has been known as CONTACT.  Since it represents a single, continuous record of the Phoenix project, we see no need or benefit to breaking it down in any way other than by year.


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